Jul 23 2009

How do I reduce my body fat percentage?

1. Keep your portion sizes small. You can easily do that and still consume enough food to keep healthy and satisfied if you eat at least 5 to 6 times a day. Eating this number of times requires advanced planning and some preparation on your part, but it is by no means an impossible obsticle. Everything worth while takes effort – but developing a schedule and plan for eating much smaller meals more frequently will have a tremendous impact of your ability to shed body fat. Better progress can be expected by eating 6 to 8 times a day, and keeping portion sizes tiny, which will dramatically increase your metabolic rate. You can see an example of the portion size I serve myself at a typical meal by watching this diet video.

2. Eat clean and avoid junk food. Everyone knows this rule, and it’s simple. The difficult part is to commit and be consistent. Learn more about Clean Eating from our article on eat-clean basics  in the diet and nutrition section on BodyRock.Tv.

3. Exercise regularly. If you are after great results, then be determined and 100% consistent and do not skip your workouts. Consistency is vital to reaching your fitness goals. Make the choice to invest time every single day to work on your body. You don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership. You already have everything within you that you need to succeed and accomplish your fitness goals. I am talking about determination, will power, commitment and raw desire. I am consistently updating with new workout routines filled with great exercises that will absolutely deliver you the body transforming results that will change your life. We are here for you with all the advice and workouts that you need to make this happen – what you need to bring to this is a consistent effort. 

4. Drink plenty of water. Drinking enough water is essential not only for fat loss, but for your over all health. Don’t drink anything less than 2 liters of water a day. That doesn’t include coffee, tea or other beverages. Read more about the importance of water in your diet, in my article water for fat loss

5. Get enough rest. Your health depends on 3 things: diet, exercise and rest. All of them have to be in balance in order to stay healthy and fit, so make sure that you get enough sleep.




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  • Natalie

    HI Zuzana(: Im about 5 foot 3, im 13, and i weigh 121 pounds. I know that isnt overweight or a bad weight, but im not comfortable with it. Can you give me some advice on what exercises i should do and some basic food that will help me lose weight. I want to be at least 115 pounds.

  • http://www.aroundrochestermn.blogspot.com Michael lewis

    It’s very simple. Don’t think of the idea of a diet, but think of it as a new life. Instead of eating foods high in sugars, white flour and saturated fat, go with fruits, vegetables, whole wheats, fish, lean meats, nuts and beans. In addition to eating less, you also need to exercise more. Start off at 1-2 times per week and work your way up to 3-5 times per week.

  • Marie

    Zuzana, I want to increase my body fat percentage; I need to gain weight. So while I eat more, what sort of foods do you recommend? I see a lot of your workouts use ‘fat loss’ exercising, are these still okay to do while trying to gain weight and keep in good, curvy shape? :) Thanks, many blessings. – Marie

  • Jennifer H

    Question about portion size. Would a medium sized apple and 25 almonds be considered a small portion?

  • http://www.melatoninfaq.com Ally Kee

    When you are trying to lose body fat, the best way to do it is still by proper dieting and exercise. Avoid taking slimming pills at all cost, they do more harm than good.

  • Kimberly

    I am having a hard time calculating my body fat. Which version of the calculations are best? I used several online calculators (US Navy body form, YMCA derived, etc.) and have gotten a calculation ranging from 17 to 31%!

  • Mandy

    Hi Zuzana

    I’m new here. First I want to tell you that you look incredible! I have been trying to lose the baby weight from my last baby for one year now. I have gone from a {Canadian} size 11/12 to a size 7, but my goal is to be a 6. I am 5’6″, and my current weight is 135 lbs. I am planning on attempting your ab torture tomorrow. Currently I do cardio 2 – 3 X/day (running, skipping, indoor bike, swimming), weight train upper body on mondays, lower body on wednesdays, and core on fridays. and do yoga/pilates on tues/thurs. Saturday’s I run between 1 and 1.5 hours. Sundays I rest. I have plataued of late. I am still holding on to some belly fat, although I have not been breastfeeding since October 2009 (I have been told that while breastfeeding sometimes the body holds onto belly fat). I also still have very noticeable saddle bags. What would you recommend I do to change my workouts to get better results? Thank you so much for your time, I realise that you cannot answer everyone’s inquiries, but I would really appreciate your advice!

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  • Abby

    Hey Zuzana, see, I have this problem where I would lose 5 pounds, then gain it back, then loose an other 10 pounds, then gain back 5 pounds. And this would keep happening every 2 weeks. I was just wondering how I can keep steady weight loss. And I’m also curious where you find the inpiration and commitment to make working out such a big part of your lifestyle.

  • Johan

    Dear bodyrock.tv team,

    Congratulations on the great website and youtube exposure. (that is how i accidentally discovered this website)

    I am not very interested in loosing weight (in the contrary) but it wouldn’t hurt to lower body fat a few percentages i guess. Therefore i read the article and now i am a little bit confused. Perhaps someone could clarify this?

    You explicitly wrote:

    “Don’t drink anything less than 2 liters of water a day. That doesn’t include coffee, tea or other beverages”

    What is wrong with drinking tea or coffee? I never drink water but i do drink a lot of tea. Is tea not basicly water with a different taste?
    Are there alternatives that could substitute for tea without switching to pure water? Something like Karvan Cevitam syrup in example?

    Thank you in advance

    Best regards,

  • JaimeLynne.

    heyyy Zuzana!

    i used to be a state swimmer but once i hit college i havent really worked out that much. now im trying to get back into the swing of things. im having trouble loosing cellulite right below my butt and getting abs i have this stubbor little pouch at th bottom. id love to have a flat stomach for beach season. can you help me

  • Marissa

    Hi Zuzana!
    I was wondering, have you always been a “clean eater”? I really got into it this past summer but, I went away to college this fall and keeping a clean diet is very difficult! Any suggestions on how i can maintain a clean,healthy diet while living in a dorm??

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Marissa,

      I haven’t been always paying attention to what and how much I eat. Why is it difficult to eat mostly veggies, fruits, legumes, eggs, nuts, meat? Everything is possible, trust me.

  • Per

    So if I go at your execersises, and follow thru with serious determination, one month is all it takes bofore I will begin to see results?

  • Marisela

    Hi Zuzana, Love, Love, Love your website. I am a very active person and have been working out really good for about a year now. I just wanted your intake on my diet: Breakfast: 2 wheat toast with 2 egg whites and cheddar cheese, coffee, snack: apple, yogurt, nature valley granola bar, and if i get hungry before lunch i will have slice of wheat w/peanute butter, lunch: salad with lots of different vegetable and chicken breast, snack before dinner slice of wheat w/peanute butter and dinner: is about the same as lunch, maybe chicken sandwich on wheat. Is there anything that you would change about my diet. Oh and i only drink water. Thank you for what you do. God Bless.

  • Lucy

    hey Zuzana…. i so much admire your work outs……..
    My main question is what exercise can i do to reduce my breasts which are sagging and big…..
    please Help.. I really need to feel good about my body.

    Thank you!


  • Emily

    Hello Zuzana.

    I love your videos. You are such a strong and beautiful girl. You are an inspiration to many people.

    If you know, please answer this question. I am 5’4 and 125 pounds. I have fat around my stomach and thighs. I ride my bicycle a lot so my thighs are a lot of muscle, but I would like to tone my stomach and my thighs. Now, my arms and upper body are very thin, and I barely have a chest. The more overall weight I lose, I will look scary thin on the top. You can already see most of my ribs. What should I do? Which exercise video of yours should I start with?



  • thomas

    hi Zuzana,
    i have always been wondering what your body fat percentage is?
    and since you are on the strict and clean diet, does your weight fluctuate much, if at all?
    thank you

  • Maryam

    thnx once agn zuzana. i do fast every year for about a month and i have been writing down everything but usually i just write it on a paper and then end up misplacing it. but today, i put together a notebook solely for the purpose n i will keep track of everything from now on (and know where it is!). i never used to keep track of anything in high school n i always knew that i was abt 135 lbs. which i wasnt happy with but at the time i didnt care but then the next time i checked my weight, it was 156!!! i didnt know when the lbs came on. some of it was from my health problems but i was never active or anything. i tried to take care of my health but nothing was helping and my highest weight went up to 167. now i m 157 (height: 5’6) and finally the weight has stayed the same for a while now instead of increasing w/o any reason! n though my primary goal is to loose weight, my long term goal is to be healthy n fit. this rely means a lot to me now b/c i recently lost my mother n she was only 50. she had a heart attack n she was THE closest person to me. a lot of other extended family members before have died from heart disease or diabetes. some of it is genetics but i cant put the entire blame there. so now, i m 19 and i have decided that i m not gonna end up the same way as the rest. i told myself that my goal would b to loose the excess fat by my 21st b-day n then keep getting healthier n live a more healthy life style. n i found ur site at a very good time!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Maryam, I wish you the best luck to reach your goal and I also hope that you will find joy in being active a lot.

  • Maryam

    hi zuzana,

    actually i’d still eat smaller portions on normal days but rite now, i m fasting (its religious). this goes on still for another 2 weeks or so. u might think its bad but rely for me personally, i rely enjoy fasting n among many other things its the best way for me to learn some self control n decipline cuz it the only way that i’d stop myself before eating up the ice cream in the fridge or the cookies/cakes. its kinda like the zig zag effect in a way and other stuff too works out very well n i feel fine so its not that bad. i could go on but i guess u get the point.

    but back to my diet…i add almonds, yogurt, eggs, n other rely nutritious things. i luv healthy food now anyway. greasy or rely junky stuff makes me feel sick now (other than desserts, which r my weakness) i think i m on the right track but i cant understand y i never loose weight, especially from my belly area. my arms n legs r better. i got a gym membership abt 3 weeks ago n worked out regularly (for an hour or more) n lost only 1 pound (maybe…sumtimes its just the scale going up n down with water weight, etc). i do have digestive problems but i m tryin hard to take care of that, so hopefully now that i m trying ur approach (w/ the 6 wk program), i might see better results. i m rely tryin to stay motivated even though i m seeing almost no results of my hard work n i m not supported much by family either so it can b hard at times…

    sorry i made the post so long. i will let u know how i progress thru ur workouts. thnx so much btw, i rely appreciate that u care =)

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Maryam, I was just wondering if you have done this fasting before, and how often. I think you should keep a diet log during the fasting period as well and track your progress. You might find out for example if you have lost some weight during the fasting period, or you can also track how does your body reacts after the fasting periods, when you start to eat normal again. Keeping a diary can help you a lot. If you fast every year, then you can always look into your diary and see what did you do the last year during this period and what helped you to get the best results and what mistakes you want to avoid this time.

  • Maryam

    hi zuzana,

    i have a temporary situation (for abt another two weeks) where i am only eating two meals. i eat only clean, healthy stuff but b/c i m only having breakfast and dinner these days, i m not sure how to keep my diet working still. any advice? for now, i m having oatmeal or yogurt w/ fruit and a toast w/ tea for breakfast and in the evening, a fruit and some clean dinner (usually a salad w/ beans or salad w/ meat/fish). i do my workout b4 breakfast.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Maryam, why did you decide to eat only twice a day?

  • Pinto

    Thanks Zuzana,

    I will definitely follow all your advice and workout to see a better me.
    Right now my hubby and You are the only motivating factors to me.Once again thanks a lot. will update you once i start to see any changes.


  • Pinto

    Hi Zuzana,

    I started to workout very seriously after i weighed 168lb in 2007. Then slowly i started losing weight up to 143lb. This is my current weight and my target weight is 120lb. Now I’ve been stuck up with this weight for nearly 6 months and still i am watching my diet also workout regularly 5 days per week. Please help me to reach my goal. I am disappointed and getting demotivated.


    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Pinto,
      how does your diet look like? Are you changing your workouts from one day to another? In order to loose weight you have to burn more calories with exercise then you eat. Keeping your portions small and eating more often will help you to boost your metabolism and burn fat at a higher rate. Try my workout routines and kick ass challenges. It is possible that you have hit a plateau because you are not changing your training enough. Read through the fitness F.A.Q.’s because I have covered basically everything that you need to know in those answers.

  • Sima

    Hi Zuzana,
    I was wondering what is your heart rate during exercise? I know that probably it is going to be lower than most ppl, because you are so fit.

  • Esmeralda


    I am 22 years old, 5’4 and weigh 154lbs. I gained around 10lbs after getting married. I use to work out and i can lose weight easily, but i find it really hard to continue my exercise. One reason is that I am not sure what to do or how to begin. I began doing just walking to lose weight, and i planned to do the stability ball after i lost some pounds. I have lost 3lbs just walking, but it’s been a week since the last time i exercised. I want to reach a weight of 140lbs. How can i do this successfully? What do you recommend i start with? I want to lose weight and than tone my body. Please help!!!! I want to come up with a schedule or just a routine to lose weight and than tone. I dont want to gain weight like crazy and forget about myself just because i am married now. I have written to you before, but i cannot find where i wrote it to see if you replied. I hope i can see a response this time. thanks for everything!


    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Esmeralda,

      I understand what you mean, it seems to be really hard for people to start with training because they don’t know where to begin and what to do. I try to make it really simple for everyone. On the workout routines page, when you scroll down you can see all of the workout routines with a brief explanation. Most of the routines are now for intermediate and advanced. I am currently working on more routines for beginners. Because you are young and haven’t been completely sedentary, you can try any of the intermediate workout routines. It is important to vary your workouts and intensity of your training from day to day. Which means that some days you will work harder than others. This will allow you to workout more frequently and avoid over training. Light workouts and active rest should substitute days of doing nothing. Keep and exercise log where you can track everything about your training. Name of the workout, reps, sets, intensity, rest periods, the amount of weight you worked with, exercises, and length of the workout. You are tracking all of those details to see if you are getting fitter, stronger, faster. You are basically tracking your personal best. As you get fitter, stronger, and faster your body will automatically change.

  • whitney

    You have been my inspiration from the day I found your videos on youtube, one month ago. I follow all your exercises and diet tips. Thank you for all the help. Im trying to reach my goal and so far I have lost 10 pounds. Thank you again:)

  • gaurav

    thanks zuzana,,
    love ya

  • Rey

    Zuzana, Thank You for all the great tips that you give,nothing but the truth. Many websites are just complete scams to sale you their programs or diets. Most are trying to sale you some supplement. I love your knowledge and prospective to fitness and health. It is truely a lifestyle not a diet or punishment. Your workouts kickbut and I definetly incorporate many of your stuff in my workouts. You are an inspiration to me and others. Since I have seen your website I have seen you become in better shape. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Thanks for your support Rey, I hope that you will keep enjoying the workouts. Get ready for new kick but workout ;) I have put together another brutal 20 minute interval cardio workout and the first part will be up today. This time we decided to show you guys the whole routine and see how I did through out the whole workout. It’s not pretty:)

  • CL


    Thank you Zuzana for the diet tips. I tried the 6 meal a day thing a few years back but found myself on a very busy day not eating two or three time in a day.

    How do you solve this problem? Bring several small meals with you for such minor emergencies?

    Also on holidays with family I found it hard not to eat what was put before me, without offending someone.

    Still I will try it again and find ways around these minor problems.

    Thanks again!

  • D†

    Straight to the point. Nice article. People often forget that it takes mental strength as well as physical.

  • Brynnae

    Thanks Zuzana! You really help me stay focused and motivated ;)

  • Brynnae

    Hi Zuzana,
    I’ve been working super crazy hard to reduce my body fat %. I started out around 25% but would like to get to 15% or a bit less…

    How long did it take for you to see results in your body fat loss???

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Brynnae,

      If you follow all of the advice that I have posted above, you can make an outstanding progress in one month. But you have to be serious, consistent, and excited about your goal.

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