Aug 10 2009

Workout for Absolute Beginners 1/6

If you are taking your first steps towards working out and getting in shape, then this workout is for you. 

I have been hearing from a lot of people who want to start to workout, but don’t know where or how to start. If you have never worked out before, or if it’s been years since you last exercised, jumping into a workout routine can be intimidating. Making the choice to start exercising is a huge first step, but one that needs to be followed up with action. I have created this new workout series to guide you through a beginner level workout – it is easy to follow, and I will be doing all the reps and sets with you. This workout requires minimal equipment – you will need a pair of light free weights and an exercise mat.  

This workout is designed to get you moving. It will develop your flexibility, co-ordination and agility. It will boost your strength, burn fat and spike up your metabolism. A good tip for beginners is to use a chair for support and stability. Placing your hand on the back of a chair for balance will help you get started, and before you know it you won’t even need it anymore. 

The good news if you are a complete beginner, is that beginners tend to make fast progress with basically any form of fitness activity that they start to do. Even if this is your first workout in years, it is really vital that you focus on your form – it’s more important to do the exercise correctly than quickly. The great thing about this workout routine is that once you master the basic forms of these exercises, you will be in a position to make the jump to more advanced workouts.

Be mindful of your body awareness. When you get to the point where you can easily complete all the sets and reps, push it to the next level and either increase the weight that you are using or increase the number of reps / sets or both. As you start to pay closer attention to your body, you will feel your energy and strength increasing – it can be a very powerful discovery!

There are 5 parts to this workout, so check back frequently for updates. To truly maximize the results that this workout will deliver you really should back it up with smaller portion sizes and more frequent meals – eating small portions 6-8 times per day will have a dramatic impact on your metabolism. Take a few minutes to go through the diet and nutrition section of the site to read about the eat-clean diet – taking this approach will absolutely supercharge your fitness efforts. 

Finally, if you know anyone who would benefit from this workout – family, friends etc I hope that you will share it with them .




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  • Natasha

    I found beginners videos! Yay!

    Even though the new workouts have version of each (almost, anyway) exercise for beginners, I found that I need to change the routine often not to get too discouraged. When I feel tired, it’s easier to push myself to do something new, maybe because I don’t know yet how much it’s going to hurt :-)

    Love the site!

  • Natasha

    I found beginners videos! Yay!

    Even though the new workouts have version of each (almost, anyway) exercise for beginners, I found that I need to change the routine often not to get too discouraged. When I feel tired, it’s easier to push myself to do something new, maybe because I don’t know yet how much it’s going to hurt :-)

    Love the site!

  • Fitnessdvdqueen

    What size weights is Zuzana using in the beginner videos? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    We will be adding the beginners routine soon. You guys can do the new workouts – we have beginner video tutorials for each exercise in the newer workouts.

  • Ivory

    I was just wondering if this video is still available I can’t see it any more but it could be my computer.

  • stephania

    hi zuzana,

    im new to your website and it is amazig, im not athletic wat so ever so im planning to start with the begginer workouts. what i wanted to know was should i do 1-6 in one day or should i break it up thorugh out the week. Thank you so much for ur great videos and fitness advice.



  • Natasha

    What happened to the videos?

  • Nuria

    Hi Zuzana!
    I’m from Spain and I’ve been following you since this summer, I find your workouts awesome, but I moved to Germany few days ago, and since then the website is changed and I can’t open your first videos (beginners workout, warm up routine…) just the new ones, which I find a bit harder for me yet, can u please tell me if it’s only my problem or if you haven’t upload them yet??
    thank you so much!!
    You’re becoming famous where I live because of my great results and I have to keep them!! :D

  • N

    Hey Zuzana,

    Its my first time on this site and it looks great. I am in desperate need to work out again after a long hiatus due to my studies. Bad schedule, junk food and not much exercise for more than a year and i’ve gained oodles of weight.
    I wanna start with beginners but can’t seem to locate the video on the page. Can you please help?


  • nora

    Hi guys,
    I have been viewing your site for a good 4 months now.
    but didnt have the will to try your workout.
    Until yesterday!!!!!!
    i finally tried your beginners workout and let me tell u ..when i used to exercise for 2 hours i didnt feeel the same as i did your workout.!1
    I mean the results that i got with muscles burning is unbearable!!!
    Thank u once again! U GUYS R AWESOME

  • jacob

    Zuzana, I have lived a sedentary lifestyle for quite a while now. I forced myself through this beginners 6 part workout yesterday. It was very hard. I stretched afterward. My legs were shaky into the third part. I am so sore today that I’m just going to have to take a walk. My legs were so sore that I could barely stand up out of bed. I had to support my upper body by putting my arms on my knees. yesterday my muscles were contracting all by themselves for no reason. I was afraid to go to bed, fearing i would get a charlie horse. I am like a sub beginner i guess. Anyways. I felt great all day yesterday and I’m disappointed that i have to wait to do it again. I don’t understand how you could go through this workout and obviously not break a sweat. Thats amazing. Thanks for being a positive influence.

    • Jacob

      Hey Zuzana,
      I am so sore. I have been doing other exercises but my pain led me to do a little reading about muscle recovery. One of the articles i read was here:

      I’d like your opinion. I’m not sure if you’ve covered this before since I’m new on here. I figured It doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • Tracey

    Hi guys
    After almost 12 weeks of not being aloud to put full weight on my bad leg i am now able to start and i just did this workout and with some slight moderation so my leg doesn’t give way i made it through part one! I am going to buy some new sandshoes and a camera so i can track my progress but i can not wait to feel as fit and healthy as i once did! You set a goal for September to workout every day, i am going to have an SFS – sugar free september! I keep eating crap sugary processed food which always makes me feel like shit so i have decided to give it up for the month – who knows, by the end of september that kind of food may look like dirt to me :) Thanks for the vids :)

  • Débora

    Hi Zuzana
    I have some questions…
    I was a really healthy girl, but after some emotional problems I started to think that I was fat and started to try to lose weight but what happened was the opositte. Now I´m in a exchange program in Germany and with so delicious and fat foods I got really fat, unhealthy and …unhappy.
    I don´t know how many times I already tried to lose weight, but I just can´t control my month.
    The point is , I found your videos and it´s gives me some hopefull =) But I don´t know when is time to change the excercise? I play soccer twice a week but I´m still thinking that I´m not able to do the intermediate ones.
    How can I be healthy again?
    thank you very much for be so amazing and help us.
    Best wishes

  • Diana

    Hello Zuzana,

    I want to start doing your workouts especially this one since I am going to be a beginner but I have a question. I am starting school again (i am a college student) and I want to know how many days a week should I do it? Hope to hear from you soon and thank you so much for making a website like this!


  • dadasam

    Thank you so much for this site. I’ve saved the beginner vids to my favourites and have taken a pic of myself for a before shot. I like the ‘share/save’ feature at the bottom of each video. Makes it very convenient to put them into a folder for quick daily use. Thank you also for the recipes.

    Freddie, hope your foot gets better quickly.

  • Mudasir

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’m a guy and I was wondering if these workouts are good for me? I don’t want to look like a body builder, just athletic and cut. So I’m just wondering would I do anything differently? Like a heavier weight or just stick with your plan?

    Thanks a lot

  • khad

    hi zuzana…thank u for your great video

  • indu

    hi zuzane….i am absolute beginner. earliers i use to do push ups…but now i just cant do it…i fall down..feel like i dont have enough strength in my arms…can you help me to start again…any easy way….

    • RMaSTeR

      Hey, ive found this site at 5min ago, but i think i can help u. If u fell tired or had a long day, just make push-ups on ur knes, or on the wall =)

      Sry for my bad english xP Havefun!!

  • Christina

    Hi Zuzana, I just want to thank you for these wonderful workouts! I originally found your site Googling something for ankle weights and abs. I had no idea for 2 weeks that you had a beginners workout and I was suffering (in a really good way!) through your OMG Sexy body and pure torture (good name by the way) workouts. I found the absolute beginners workouts and feel so strong! I am on my 6th video and not even winded! I love your workouts (and your abs!) and really apprecitate you posting something for every level and giving us all something to look foward to, which is a better healthier body.
    A couple questions when the beginners workouts become easier but the other workouts are still too hard would you suggest using ankle weights or slightly heavier weights on these exercizes? What is the heaviest you would go so that it doesn’t build bulk but still tones the body? Also, I work out after work before dinner and am absolutely STARVING when I am done! Would you suggest more protein or more carbs to boost the metabolism? And lastly, how often should I be doing these? I am sure as I get stronger and less sore every time I should do it daily but when we are really sore should we push through and work out or would you recommend a day to recover?
    So much to learn!!! Thank you again!

  • Kristie


    I was curious if beginners are advised to do this workout everyday for a week, then move onto one of the advanced workouts, or is it more or less based on how you feel as opposed to a general time frame. I’m asking because I don’t want to rush into things.

  • Oksana (NYC)

    Hi Zuzanna.
    Hi Fredrick.

    Thank you for your wonderful, resourceful and “alive” website. I am so happy I have discovered your place more than a year ago. I exercised (at the gym only); then there were all these moving, changes in my life I couldn’t attend gym any more. I was track and field athlete in a high school and hated it – hate distance running up to now. I consider myself already in a beginner “area” because I haven’t been exercising regularly for about a year.

    I love your beginners exercises and I wish you would include some type of “Level meter” for each exercise routine. I don’t want to just kill myself and want to progress and get stronger slowly and steady.

    I wish you and your wonderful project the greatest longevity the Internet community has ever known.

    Take a good care of yourself, guys and good luck.

  • Sarah

    Hey Zuzanna!! Thank you so much for putting these workout videos together. I am an ex personal trainer who wen through a hard time physically and haven’t worked out in over 3 years. Am extremely out of shape. I watch your videos and it’s given me inspiration and motivation I’ve needed to get back into shape. I am going to do this beginners work out tomorrow morning before work. I LOVE the fact that you use body weight exercises I think they are the best for you (and you can do them anywhere :) )

    Hope your having fun in Rome :)

  • Madelaine


    I’ve been bicycling/walking and doing yoga & pilates for the 2-3 months, but I will start on your “workout routine for absolute beginners” videos. My question is since there’s 6 videos, as a beginner should I do it for 6 straight days??? Do I need to also do the “stretching” and “warm up” videos?

    great job with the site

    • Frederick

      You do the videos one after the other all at once.

  • Magdalena

    Hi Zuzanna and Fredrick!

    I have just completed your exercises for Absolute Beginners : ) All six parts + your Worm Up Routine and Ultimate Stretching Routine. It took me 55 min to do this all. Its been hard at times but I finish it and I love it! Thank you so much Zuzanna for your motivation and great workouts and for great videos and photos to you Fredrick! You both rock : )

    Thanks a lot!


  • Anna


    I am just watching your workout for beginners and going to start it tomorrow. I just have a question, maybe you already talked about it somewhere, if you did sorry for bothering you but I didn’t find it. I just wonder when is the best time for doing workout, after or before breakfast. I feel really bad if I do not eat anything after waking up :/ Or maybe there is any other time during the day which is good for doing exercises. Thank you for the answer and inspiration in advance!


  • Tanya

    I was wondering how many times a week does this exercise have to be done?

  • Ash

    i love your website its helping me alot. Have been using the tips – very useful!! Just wanna loose weight during summer!!!

  • lenka

    Ahoj,tak dnes už je to osm dní co jsem začala cvičit.Nevynechala jsem ani jeden den.chci se zeptat,kdy mám přejít od začátečníka k dalšímu cvičení:) díky a hezký den:)

  • lenka

    Ahoj,minulý týden jsem objevila vaše skvělé stránky.Dneska jsem poprvé cvičila,Vzhledem k tomu že mám dost nadváhu a žádnou kondici,začala jsem s videem pro úplné začátečníky.Zacvičila jsem si podle šesti videí a pěkně to cejtím:) hlavně teda stehna.Budu cvičit každý den,pokud to bude možné,abych se brzy mohla pustit do dalšího cvičení.Potřebuju zhubnout asi 20kilo,takže mám co dělat:)Doufám,že budu mít úspěch.
    Děkuju za vaše super stránky::):):)

  • jelline

    I just started this workout and I really like it. DO you know how many calories are burned during this workout?

  • LeX

    I stop the routine for 2 days becose my righ leg was killing me; but today i done a heavy warmup in the stationary bike and then i go trought the 6 vids, and tis time my legs dont complain, so i think for me i need a heavyer warmup!
    Catch with you tomorow… in the vids workout of course!

    Best wishes!

  • Niquie

    Hello Zuzana!

    I have decided to help the woman of my family get back in shape.I think that some of these beginner exercises will be perfect for the ones that are afraid of weights (and sweat). I will be keeping track of their efforts on a blog so they can show off their hard work when we’re done. We have two months to get in better shape and then its off to the beach for our family gathering.

    Wish us luck!

  • LeX

    Hi, im LeX and i have 35 years old, i was an ciclist atlete long time ago, almost 13 years in the past, and in that time i do 2 first years of the Fisical Education colege; i am from Brazil and i just finish your 6 vids for absulute beginers.
    i have 1.80 m of high and weight 120 kg
    I have some doubts…
    Im realy lazy in the last few years, no gimn, no Bike, no walks at all (just working in computersand foof)and i feel that you need to put a little warm up before your 1 absolute beginers video, becose maybe people like me that are a little heavyer, can have some problems with last exercice here in the first video, i feel some pain in the right leg, so i stop the exercice, relax for a litle and do 3 minutes of light bike spining, then i could do the rest os the exercices in the other videos.So i think maybe some people like me need a heavyer warm up before everything.
    And by the way, i feew that i can use something more aerobic together with this 6 vids sequence, do you have something aerobic for beginers???

    I feel realy inspired to workout watching your videos, keep with the good work.
    Hugs from Brasil.

    Sory for any mispeling.

  • Steffi

    Hi Zuzanna, I used to be a martial artist for many years but have not put myself through the physical paves in amny years. I got up yesterday (Sunday) extremely motivated so I started my training yesterday. I am so pleased to see that yo have an Absolute beginners section!! :S

    Yesterday your beginners videos would not load so I linked 2 of your warm ups together and did half an abs and upper body programme and half a bum and legs one…but from tonight, I will be doing the 6 x beginners videos together. Thank you for such great work-outs…your body is fabulous and gives me something to aim for!x

  • darina

    ahoj zuzana,

    ako vidim vasa stranka sa trochu zmenila – k lepsiemu. Videa su zoradene co je super, uz sa viem v tom orientovat. Hned od zajtra zacinam cvicit. Obdivujem ta!!!

  • Georgia

    Hi Zuzana. I’m having trouble viewing the second part of the beginner exercises. It says something about database connection. Is there another way to see it?



  • Bianca

    Hi Zuzana!

    I love your site! But most of the workouts look so hard. But now I found this beginner workout, and I want to start with this one.
    Certainly I have a question. Which weight has the two pilates balls you used? Can I also use some normal dumbbells?


  • Tiffany

    Hi Zuzana,

    First of all let me say thank you for the great videos. I was browsing through them the last few days and they look amazing. I can’t wait to try them all! But right now I am a beginner and wanted to try your Workout Routine For Absolute Beginners. I was going to start doing them today, but it seems I can’t get access to them. I did have your first one bookmarked and I was able to get to in that way, but when I go to the archives to look for the rest of them, an error comes up. I tried clicking on other things and they work fine. I was wondering if you could send me a link to the individual pages to see if that would work instead. Also it would be great to have a schedule like Joseph said, that would really help a lot. Thanks!!!

  • Joe

    I can´t see this videos, only de first is accesible. Another link give a following error:

    Error establishing a database connection

    Please! Can you check de links?

    Thank You

    • Steffi

      I have this a lot too :(

  • Joseph

    Hi Zuzana,

    Your workouts are, I think, the best workouts I have ever found. I like to let my wife know your routines. Do you have any suggestion of a workout schedule for these routines? For example, should she do the workout from 1 to 6 on a given day and repeat all 6 parts for 5-6 days a week, or each part per day for a week (so 6 days workout/week)? Please give me your advice on the schedule. Thank you so much, you are absolutely amazing!!

  • Sharon

    Hi Zuzanna and Frederick,

    I just wanted to say thank you for this website and all your workout ideas. I love them and you are an inspiration to me! Please continue to keep posting workouts and diet tips. I also like your fashion videos, they are cute!
    The only complaint I have about the site is that some of your links don’t work. Other than that, I love it!!!

  • Gina

    Hi Zuzana,
    Hi Frederick,

    yesterday i did the workout for the fouth time. I also did some other workouts from your website and in gymclass during the last two weeks, and i can already see the changes.

    My balance is getting better and better, my hips and my tummy are smaller and in gymclass i was able to do a exercise, i couldn`t do 4 weeks ago.

    Can`t wait till my interval timer arrives, so i can try out the Triple X Workout.

    Thank you so much for your workouts, you are amazing!


  • Tania

    Hi Zuzana, well, i´m nervous, cuase im not speak enlglish very well, im from mexico, and i want to say that your website is amazing, you´ve a beautiful body and your energy it has inspired to me, im 23 years old, I measure 1 meter 56 centimetres and i am thin, i used to do alot of exercise when i was in the school but I had to stop doing it because I have an osseous disease in my arms and the doctors prohibited me definitly not to make exercise to try to avoid some fracture in my arms so in the actuality, i dont like the way i look, and i started to run 4 days to week, but i think that i need more, so i decided to beging with your workouts…….Anyway….ummmm, i have a doub, this workout how many times to the week I must do it and by whichever weeks???

    I have to leave, congratulations by your website and to inspire to many people. See ya

  • Victoria

    Hi Zuzanna,

    I love your website and the great work you are doing!!
    I also love your yummy recipes…I looooove the quinoa salat. Its perfect bc its very tasty and light.

    Well, I am writing because I am doing the beginners workout since about 2 weeks and I really like it.
    I did a lot of yoga before and I used your work out to get back on track. Everyday it became easier and easier. So right now I am at the point that I would like some variety or try another of your work outs. The only thing is, I dont know how to continue…I dont want to start a work out which is too hard and then loose motivation. What would you recommend?

    I would appreciate your tips and thank you so so much for all your great work!!!

  • Carol

    I love your videos. You are the reason why i’m starting to work out & your site is amazing and helpful.

  • Brooke

    I just want to tell you I admire you so much! I have been looking at all your workouts, even though I am not in the best shape to do the advanced I am going to start the beginner tomorrow and I know with all your help I will be able to do all the advanced! I cannot wait to be in the best shape I have ever been for the summer! Thank you so much for all your videos. I will give you updates along my journey with you :)

  • Gina

    Hi Zuzana,

    thank you very much for this website.
    Yesterday i did your Beginners Workout for the first time, and i swear today i can feal every muscle in my body.
    I can`t wait to be fit enough to try out your other workouts.

    So, thanks again

  • Carm

    Hi there,

    I was just curious, but is it alright if I do the exercises without the weights. I do not have any weights at home right now, but would really like to try these exercises. What can I do to still get the same results without using any weights?

    Thank you.


  • Savvas

    Great workout!I started today and I could say that I already feel the difference.My body woke up!

  • Kenichi

    Hello. Zuzana.
    I am a Japanese engineer named Kenichi Yoshida.

    Please tell me.
    How long should I do “Workout For Absolute Beginners” for advanced work out?
    I will do two to three weeks.
    It is short? long?

    My physical data is that
    my height is 180cm(5.91 feet),
    my weight is 140kg(308.65 pound),
    my age is 28 years old.

    And my ultimate goal is to win and well-proportioned body.

  • Bruno

    I would like to know what is the weight in kilograms of each ball. Thank you! =)

  • Ashleigh

    I just completed all 6 of your beginner workout videos back to back and I’m in love! This workout is amazing. I felt like I was getting a great full body workout, but it was paced enough and simple enough that I could actually finish it! I look forward to continuing on to more difficult workouts in the future.

  • Just Starting Out


    First I’d like to say how inspirational and motivational you are! There are many gorgeous, in-shape women out there, but not many that are willing to help others acheive the same results. So, thank you for that. :-)

    My question is about the squats… I’ve always heard/read that you shouldn’t bend your knees past a 90 degree angle. May I ask why you apparently feel it is not an accurate “rule”?

    Just Starting Out

  • Valeriya

    Thanks for the workout. Started doing it today, and wonder how long should I keep doing this? I’ve got the same questions as Gabriela Esparza, when do I need to move on, how frequently should I do this, every day, or every second day? And I have a problem with gaining wait, I hope it will help me to solve it in some way. Thanks ahead!!!

  • Helen Howard

    Thank you for your beautiful passion for fitness and for your site. I found you on YouTube and after watching a couple videos on your site, I was so motivated by your training style that I worked out right then — at midnight! It was the easiest ever to get up the next morning and workout again! I live in Tennessee and my best friend Decyna, lives in Texas. With your site, we can work out together again! Many thanks to you and your team! (De, isn’t God AWESOME?!!)

  • Gabriela Esparza

    I did all the 6 parts for this workout, and Oh my goodness My whole entire body hurts like crazy.. which means it working right? ^-^ Yesterday I didnt have time to do the sets, but today I am. But I was wondering if you have to do the whole workout every day? or when can you change the routine? I mean when should I stop after a month 2 months??? Like when should I move on? :D Im sorry if I wrote too much! THANKS AGAIN for your work!!

  • Scott Wallace

    Thanks for this easier start! First steps are always the hardest, but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

    Thanks guys!


  • Annelie

    Hi Zuzana!

    I just want to say that I’m so thankful for this website. I’m currently in a small village were the gym closes before I go from work and the temperature outside have been abut -30 degrees C all winter. So now that I’m all out of shape and still have nowhere to train exept for in my room (cant even get my own apartment here), I thought that there was no way for me to be able to train since I dont know very much about training at all and my free time is allmost non existant. But when I was looking at random videos on youtube I found this and so far it has changed my outlooks by so much. You are also such a good inspiration and I feel as though you have a true interest in helping people which I admire.

    Many thanks /Annelie

  • Caroline

    Hi Zuzana! Hey, while I was watching some of your videos, I started wandering how much training you have to do each day. Although these routines are suicidal I guess that you don’t workout just 20 or 30 min per day. How about an hour or more? Maybe I would end with my lungs in my hands but I don’t know, you tell me hahaha Thanks!

    • Frederick

      Hi Caroline – what we post is all we do for that day. We don’t like to spend a lot of time working out to be honest – and if you push really hard you can get a killer workout in 20-30 minutes.

  • marian

    hi! i like so much your website, it’s very amazing!
    I’m a beginner on this and i want to know wich exercice you could recomend me after the Workout for Absolute Beginners 1/6
    i just started on saturday 20 evening and i was making 1 to 6 of absolute beginners and i don’t really know with wich exercice continu ……. and is it normal that i have muscular pain? or maybe it’s because i didn’t work correctly my exercices??

    thank you so much and sorry for my english, is no good :)

  • Westhills Mommy

    Hi, Oh my god THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOU. Sob story to follow: I am 35 years old and just had a baby well 1 year ago, and wanting to loose my weight bare with me, I am 5′ 6″ and weigh 260!!! I weighed 116 before having my 1st born and its been hell trying to get back to my regular size I tried a lot to loose the weight but as you can see not successful. I am now going through a divorce, only days after giving birth to my 1 yr old daughter i found out my husband had been cheating on me. I live in California and can not afford to pay for a gym so thank for this. this past year off&on I walk 2 miles a day (brisk walks). NOW MY QUESTION IS: What do you recommend for someone who hasn’t worked out in years. Do I do all 6 work outs in one day and for how many days. Please HELP thank you!

    • Jocelyn

      hey, you story is indeed a sob story but it sounds as though you’ll also be an inspiration to many. if you do all 6 workouts, one right after the other, you get better results and there is no gaps where you will sit down and squander the energy needed. granted im a single mum trying to lose weight as well, my kid is 13 months old, so i know exactly what you are saying. i do the six videos every two days, and it’s helping immensly.
      Good luck!

  • steven

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,
    I just saw your video on Youtube, and I will now follow your video to workout day after day to get in good shape!!

    It is such a wonderful video and I will share to all my friends in Taiwan.


  • Rosalyn

    Hi Zuzana

    What pound ball is that you’re using?

    • Frederick

      Hi, I think it was just a 1 pound ball.

  • Anna

    Hi Zuzana,

    I stumbled upon your excercise video and its really amazing. You really have nicely toned body. After looking at your video, I have decided to loose that last 5 pounds that I wanted to loose for last couple of years. Today I started working out starting with warm up routine.
    I have a office job where I will be sitting most of the day at computer desk. Do you have any excercise which I can do at desk?

    Thanks for sharing all this wonderful videos and information here.


  • Britney

    Im a biginner on this and ir want to know how many days do you have to work out do you work out every day? And do i do all the beginers work outs in one day the 1/6 i need your help on this im so confused.

    P.s i love your vidios/ and please reply back
    If you can.

  • Al

    Can you make a video for Calves and the back of your legs?? I want bigger calves…also what’s the best thing to do to get rid of cellulite??

  • denise

    Hey Zuzana!!! you are amazing!!! i just discovered ur web site and frankly it is so inspiring, as all the people says.. i have some questions for you, if u dont mind..
    1. How many times a day should i do this beginners routine? or how many times per week? is it ok if i do it 2 times a day?
    2. How long should i do this routine before moving to the next level?
    3. What kind of exercises do u recommend for the next level?

    thanks very much!!!! and keep going!!!! sure i will!!! Denise

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  • Taina “Ty”

    OMG I just discovered I am so out of shape! I have definitely been looking for something like this for a while, I feel that this beginner workout is just perfect, its slow enough for me to follow so I don’t feel left out and lost. Thank you so much. wishing that I had won those pants you had on ebay, i need to get me some thing comfy.
    Again thank you so much for posting these! Taina

  • Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead

    Ok, it’s official. I’m on the BodyRock band wagon lol. I just posted about my challenge for myself and my readers on my blog and hope to get a bunch of them to join in on getting themselves fit in 2010.

    Other Zuzana readers and BodyRock fans, please feel free to drop in and tell us about your experiences too.

  • Lisa

    Zuzana, i have been looking for a very long time for something or someone to inspire me to get healthy again, and i ran into you :] i am most impressed with your positive attitude and un-intimidating style of teaching. i am going to do your beginning workouts starting tomorrow morning, and in the (hopefully) near future i will be excited to move on to your more intermediate/advanced workouts! i have been in excellent shape before, but let myself go. it’s been 7 years since i looked and especially felt fantastic…it’s also been 7 years since i have had any real inspiration come my way. well, here you are and i am so excited to get moving again!

  • Maggy

    Hi Zuzana! Thanks for these videos! I’m trying your workout for beginners tomorrow morning! I just know it’s going to hurt, but I’m more excited about trying something new than anything!


    Keep up the good work!

    With love from Mexico

  • Ophelia

    Hey I just stumbled on this site and it’s awesome! I have two questions. Do I have to do all 6 excercises in one day and how long should I be on this routine until I change into a more advanced one? Thanks for all!!!!

  • Ivan

    Hi Zuzana! I ran into one of your videos on youtube, and I must say that now I’m a big fan of you. Your videos are really helpful and encorage me to work out. I’ll start to follow your videos to get results. I’ve never had the six pack on my abs, so If you can it do I can do it either. Congratutalions from Mexico. =) Happy New year!. You’re very pretty. Bye.

  • beatrix

    Hi zuzana!

    I have just discovered you and i am really happy that i did! :) i was looking for some exercises to get back in shape again and i found some but once i’ve seen yours i dropped the others. i did dancing for 7 years and i have taken aerobic classes for one year and i have always been an active person and i really enjoy all kind of sports but all stopped a few years ago when i got into university. i decided to start with your exercises for beginners (which i enjoy a lot because they are very similar to the ones i’ve been doing in aerobic class) but i want to ask you for how long do i have to repeat these exercises and with what type of exercises can i continue? i am asking this because my aerobic teacher mentioned that you always have to change or add more exercises to your routine after a month because your muscles will get used to it. maybe you already answered this on your site but i haven’t managed to read all your tips yet. and i also want to ask you if you could explain to me a little about cardio? i know you have to combine the exercises in a way that you do cardio and strenght exercises and others but i feel i’m not understanding it totally and i am a bit lost when it comes to making a program which i would follow.
    thank you for your simple but very active and well chosen exercises and great videos!

    thank so much, beatrix

  • Maria Greenwall

    Hi zuzana

    im maria from usa

    im 180lbs gain to much after my delivery its been 5 mos already and im 5″1 and decided that i need to lost 30lbs of my weight …i just wanna ask would u help me ? what i need to do fro beginners and do u have those compilation off all you workouts so i can follow from beginner to advance…

    maria greene

  • Nicole

    Hi Zusana

    I’m new to the exercise game and I love your videos, but I was wondering could you do some more workouts for beginners, that would be a great help to me. I’m going to start doing these videos after Xmas but I would like some more workouts to move on to after I’ve done these ones for a few months.


  • Maria Greenwall

    and if hope you could help me which video do i need to watch first…coz my prob is my fat arm,my belly and my leg

    hope u could help me zuzana

    thank u …

  • Maria Greenwall

    hi im newbie i have problem after i deliver my son coz i gain alot and planning to lose 30lbs of my current weight is 180lbs and need to cut down all the fats …

    this probably would help me alot…

  • Inga

    Dear Zusana,

    being away for some days I wanted to go on with the beginner workout – but it took a while to find it – I thought you had a button in the top menue with workout routines? May be I’m wrong – how can I find this quicker then going through the archive and what would be the best to go on with after the absolute beginner routine?


    Inga from Germany

    p.s. thanks for the great side!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Inga,
      I can try to organize it to make it easier to find, for right now it’s in Archives.

  • Mellie

    Thank you Zuzana for putting this great website together!

    I’m so glad I came across this website while on YouTube – this is perfect! I was looking for the motivation to start getting into shape for my upcoming wedding. I did this beginner workout tonight and I feel great! Can’t wait to mix in some cardio.

    I will visit often to keep my motivation up! Keep up the great work! And I love the recipes, I really enjoy cooking and I can’t wait to try them!

    Best wishes,

    Mellie from Canada

  • John L Rice

    Hi Zuzana,

    I love your workouts, very inspiring! Thank you for sharing. I’d be happy to buy DVD’s full of all your videos, please consider putting some out! ;-)

    If you weren’t so far away I’d consider hiring you as a personal trainer but alas, Tacoma WA is much too far. :-(

    I wish you much peace, success and happiness! :-)
    John L Rice

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  • Angela

    Hi Zuzana,

    I came across your Killer 550 reps video on YouTube this morning and was amazed and inspired with your routine and ability. I’m an overweight beginner so I’m really happy to have found this beginner workout because I’m not quite ready for the killer series :)

    I’ve done 1 0f 6 twice today and I love it!! I have one question: I have been taught to inhale while exerting or moving the limbs away from the body and exhale as the limbs are brought back towards the body. I noticed that you do the exact opposite and I’m wondering if you can explain why you breathe in this fashion while exercising. I tried to copy your breathing pattern but am not able to perform as well this way. I may just need to practice a bit, but still I’m curious.

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing your videos.


  • Maria from Ukraine

    Hello, Zuzana!

    I bet that nobody from Ukraine has thanked you for this wonderful site yet. So I’m saying that on their behalf ))

    You look just fabulous and that inspires a lot!

    Also, I’m writing to ask you for advice.
    I came across your videos on YouTube not so long ago. And I’ve been doing your exercises, the ones for absolute beginners, for 7 days already and I do feel good ) The tricky thing is that I do not want to loose any weight. I’m 173sm high and my weight now is about 56kg.
    Moreover I do not want any part of me to become smaller ) But the only thing I want is to make my lower body more firm, preserving the size )) and to make the upper body not so skinny. Should I continue doing exercises for absolute beginners? Or should I switch to other workouts of yours?

    I’d be grateful for you advice!


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Maria,

      exercising will make your body tighter, but you will be burning more calories which might lead to weight loss. It is impossible to choose if you want to loose weight on your upper body or lower body. If weight loss is not your goal, then you will have to adjust your diet. You can choose whatever workouts from my site that you are comfortable trying. Best of luck with your fitness :)

  • Gabby

    Hey Zuzana,
    I’m a 18 year old girl, from Canada. I am not in great shape, and i am working on getting more fit! And i just did your work out for Absolute Beginners! It was amazing, i want to thank you a lot for sharing your knowledge about this. I will diffidently be doing this work out everyday. You have inspired me so much that when these work become easier for me, i will go on to more advance work outs that you posted. :)

    Thanks so much,

  • Melissa

    Hi Zuzana! I just wanted to thank you so much for having this site and helping everyone out! I just recently was able to get my asthma under control, after 5+ years of simply falling asleep and waking up to attacks 3 or more times a night. I’m working as hard as I can right now to at least get into better shape so I can start jogging. Unfortunately, my boyfriend isn’t very supportive of the whole thing, so the only change in my diet is I was able to buy myself some lettuce and a few vegetables. But I’m cutting down my portions, and exercising as often as I can. :) I’m definitely a bigger girl at 210lbs and 5’6, so losing even a little weight would make me happier. Thanks again!

  • Paulette

    Hi Zuzana,

    Is there a cardio routine that you recommend for the Absolute Beginners?

    Thank you!!

  • Samantha


    i have a few questions i’m 5’8 155 pounds i was wondering these 6 beginner videos is it bad to do all 6 videos 7 days a week. i haven’t started yet i was just wondering how i should go about doing the videos should i split them up maybe 3 one day and 3 the next day or what lol. also i have no problem with getting a six pack i think its sexy lol but i have very broad shoulders for a woman and large arms they are not tone but still large most womens sleeves on jackets and such leave no room to breath i am worried that working them out to much might give me man arms and i dooo not want that i don’t care about some sculped but not to where they look manly and i’m afraid that will happen let me know what you suggest thanks. :)

  • Paulette

    I noticed in all of your videos that you have amazing balance. I know that I have to work towards that but if I follow all of your workouts from beginning to end will I develope the same strong sense of balance?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Paulette,

      Just like strength, speed and over all agility, you will develop better balance the more you train :)

  • Paulette

    I’ve been trying to click on the workouts to see the workout video but nothing is coming up. I accidently stumbled upon your website and I can’t wait to get started. I’ve been going to your YouTube videos. I’m 43 yrs old (almost 44) and out of shape. It’s time to make some changes and you’ve inspired me to get started now!! Also, am I suppose to start with the 1st workout video for beginners and do a the 2nd one the next day, etc. or am I suppose to try and make it through workouts 1 through 6 in one workout? Thank you in advance :~)

  • ahmad

    this workout for male or female ?

  • LaDonna

    All I can say is I completely stumbled upon you and your workouts through youtube today. For the last 4 hours I have been on this website reading articles and watching the workout routine for beginners. I made the decision this morning to start working out and your website is perfect! I am 128 pounds- 5’2 but looking to tone and define. I even put my bathing suit on and took a before picture. I am starting this today and I will keep you informed on the progress. Thank you for keeping it simple!!


  • Mae

    Hi Zuzana, your website is simply amazing. You’re such an inspiration. I’m currently on my 5th day of the 30 day challenge lol. & for me Im looking at it is only the beginning to my healthy habit. I’m completly out of shape, and as I was starting to do some of these exercises I noticed for like the squats with the leg lifts, I am unable to go down all the way into a perfect squat without losing balance, and without my knees going over my toes…so my question is if I can only go down just a tiny bit would it still have an effect and then one day I would be able to obtain my balance and posture?

  • Ritesh

    Your website is so amazing. I am sure many people have said this before, but I can’t help but congratulate you for putting so much of good information and friendly videoes for everybody to access. Very big thanks !!

  • Tania

    Hi Zuzana, i love and am grateful for all the videos! i’m an absolute noob with exercise, can i clarify that do i need to follow all the 6 videos in a day? can i just pick 2 to 3 videos? please help… thanks :)

  • Renee

    Hi Zuzana!

    This is a fantastic workout for the beginner and I love that you count out the reps! It makes sure that I’m doing the exercise slow enough to really benefit me. You really inspire me to get my workout in!

    Thank you very much and please continue to post because I’ll keep coming back!

    All the best!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Zuzana,

    I love this workout…. I was just wondering what weight size is the pilate ball you are using for this work out???

    Thank you and you are such a great inspiration…Thank you

  • Carlos

    Hi Zuzana, i just want to say THanx for all ur videos, and all the time u have dedicated for us!! hope to chat w/ u soon! ciao!

  • Ernesto

    hi zuzana my name is Ernesto im from Ecuador, im searching a beginner routine for my sister, and i find your website, first i start saying you make a great work helping a lot of people. The onlye thnig i dont understand is how many times per week she should do the worjout, the six videos is one day session? thanks a lot !

  • oudai

    Hi Zuzana

    thank u so much about your video

    hmm ok can i use book .. like unversity’s books ?? or something heavy ?

    and thanks again ^_^


  • Luciane

    Hi Zuzana!

    Love your videos! Love it! Love it ! Love it!!! :)
    I found your videos on youtube by accident and for the past three days that’s all I care about on the internet! I’m hooked!! Your site is fantabulous!!!!!!!!
    You not just look amasing, but is talented and generous. I can’t tell you how inspired and motivated I’m about working out after checking your amasing videos! I just joined a gym close to my house!
    Thank you and Frederick so much for your hard work and keep up, you’ll go far!

    Great sunglasses! Love it!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Luciane,

      I am happy that you found us and you are very welcome here :)

  • Amy

    Hi! Zuzana
    I was just wondering how long did it take for your body to get in shape like that?

  • naveed ahmad

    i have only one thing to say and that is MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOR THIS,,, i need something like this that too free for so long..i am a graphics designer and tummy is always a problem while sitting all day long in-front of the computer, i do exercise but has no effect on me dnt know why…now i have planned to start from here and reach the next level :)

  • Julie C

    Hi Zuzana,

    I am not too sure where this should be posted but I wonder if you do one on one training. Where in Canada are you located?

    Would love for you to be my trainer.

  • Dustin

    No go on the back specific or ‘core’ workouts?

  • alyssa

    hi zuzana love ur siteee!!!!! i like to eat avocados with fat free milk and stevia every day. what is your opinion on dairy? do you think it is bad?

    also, every morning i do weights and then 45-60 minutes of steady state cardio then weights and interval cardio at night. i’m trying to lose 15 pounds in 2 months.

    do you think this is too much? my body doesn’t feel strained at all.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Alyssa,

      there are different opinions about dairy products out there and I personally love dairy products, but I always stick with fat free or low fat yogurt, milk and cheese. If you feel that you have a lot of energy and you see that you are making progress, then there is no reason to be worried about over training. Just make sure that you keep track of everything and if you see some decline of your performance, you should take it easy for a few days before you go back to your pace.

  • serena

    hi zuzana i love your site soooo much!!!!!! I’m recommending it to all my friends and family.

    I notice you do a lot of push ups in your videos. I have breast implants and one trainer told me that other clients who also have implants were advised not to do push ups since it might move the implants. Should I leave out the push ups in your videos or you don’t see a problem with it & what can I substitute in place of push ups?

    Also, I’ve heard that for females it’s not good to do oblique exercises since it might make your waist disappear do you think this is true? And are you going to be putting out an exercise DVD? Please do that would be awesome!!!!!! Thanks for keeping this site free and I ordered a gymboss timer because of you. Can’t wait to try your workouts!


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Serena,

      you shouldn’t be doing any demanding exercises for your chest if you just had the operation. Your doctor will tell you when you are ready to do push ups and other chest exercises. There are many fitness models who have implants and they train very hard and do difficult exercises for chest, so you don’t have to be worried. Oblique exercises are perfectly fine for women.

  • Ashley P

    Thank you very much Zuzana :)

  • Ashley P

    Hi Zuzana,
    I was wondering how often should I do this routine a week?
    Is it good for me as a beginner to alternate or just stick to this one for a while?
    I’m 125 and 5’4.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Ashley,

      Try to do this routine 3 times a week and do something else like jog, fast walking or some other light workout in the days between. It is always good to alternate the routines but as a beginner you will make a progress even from one routine 3 times a week and some cardio. Diet is crucial, so make sure that you eat small portions often, drink a lots of water and get enough sleep. If you follow my advice you will get nice results in the first month and you might be able to start with a little more advanced workouts from this site.

  • Dustin

    I really enjoy the new site but am trying to find your some of your more beginner videos. Specifically the core/back exercises. There were about 18 of them if memory serves me. I am in the process of rehabbing a back injury and found them to be very useful but since the new look of the site, I can no longer find them.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hailey

    I’ve followed these workouts and have eaten healthy and in 2 days my stomach is already soooo much flatter!

  • Carmen

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’m 133 pounds right now and I want to lose 13 pounds in 1 month. Is this possible?
    I have a fast metabolism but i basically sat on my butt for 2 years and ate like crap so I gained the weight. I’m thin but most of my fat is stored in my belly and thighs. Which workout would you recommend for me first? i still want to look thin, toned and not too muscular. Also I like my big butt and I don’t really want to lose it, will most of your butt workouts just perk it up or eventually I will lose my booty?

    You are an angel and your body is amazing. You have my dream body!!!! Thank you sooo much for this free site. My boyfriend is a personal trainer and he loves your site. I would like to become one and I live in the states, can you tell me which type of certification you think is good?

    Thanks doll!!!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Carmen,
      please check out my Fitness F.A.Q. - How to begin using workouts on BodyRock.Tv. It is possible to loose 13 pounds in one month but it is not the healthiest way of loosing weight. You won’t loose your booty if you keep working those glutes ;)

  • Michi


    I’m sorry I wasn’t clear on the ‘eating well’ part, let me clarify. Basically a month ago I was eating a lot of meat, fats (like saturated fats, tranfats) and sweets. Now, I eat mostly vegetables and veggie burgers, fruit, soy milk instead of regular milk, whole whole bread and so on. The only type of meat I eat now is turkey, and maybe chicken but not very often. However, I do admit that I haven’t been very strict with myself, so I would eat some sweets or have some alcohol – that happens at least once or twice a week. So I guess that would be a reason towards my body fat problem?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Michi,

      that might be a problem or it could be the sizes of your portions. I talk about portion sizes a lot in my videos so check them out so that you know what is that all about. Also I can recommend you to keep a journal of your diet. If you keep track of your meals during the day, you will become more aware of your diet and you can easily adjust your diet according to your progress.

  • Michi

    Hi Zuzana,

    Thank you so much for uploading these beginner workout videos. They’re now a part of my exercise routine. :)
    I have a question to ask you about body fat…sorry if this isn’t an appropriate place to ask. I’ve been working out at least 3 times a week for the past month and keeping tracking of my weight and body fat percentage. I’ve noticed that my body fat goes down one day, and then goes up extremely high the next day, and this continues even though I exercise and eat well most of the time. It’s beginning to really irritate me. I usually try to weigh myself first thing in the morning, without drinking any water or anything, but it’s not always at the exact time during the week. Please help.

    Thanks again!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Michi,
      what does it mean exactly that you ‘eat well’? I am always sceptic when people tell me that they eat well or eat healthy, because most of the time there are just little things in their diet that they don’t pay attention to and it sabotages their efforts.

  • Shannon B


  • Aya

    After doing that workout, i had a pain in my legs muscle the next that normal?and why i had that pain?is it mean that i didn’t do it in the proper form??
    please, try to upload the rest of the workout as soon as possible so i can do it all..many thanks

  • Tuuli

    Wow it is so generous of you to make this workout :) I wish it was available when I started. I started straight off with your first Rock your body workout and I remember suffering through it every other day, calming myself down by repeating a mantra: “I have all day to do this exercise, it doesn’t matter if it’ll take me three hours. I’ll get through this and then I’ll feel great”, and I’ve never till this day skipped a workout! Today i have to, since I’m sick :< The good thing about starting so heavy was that I had ridiculously good progress during the first month, and it was amazingly motivating, but now that I think about it, I was very lucky not to have any injuries…

  • Nick

    Evening :D

    A little question on your diet. Do you eat plenty of small meals throughout the day and a big meal later on ?

    I myself stick to munching on Fruit and veg throughout the day and have my meal at the end of the day.

  • mona

    thx very much….

  • mona

    thanks for the help…
    iam very glad that u answered mee…

    regarding the pain thats exactly what happened when i have pain i lay down for about 10 min like the position u told mee and the pain go away….

    and u are right when iam sitting or standing i keep my shoulders up but i never bull my abs muscles up and i will do that from now….

    i will start from today doing the butt and abs exercise…..

    id like to thx u very much for ur help….

    but i have questionif u can answer me … which time is the best for doing exercise and if i feel tired during sport or bach pain shall i stop and continue the next day or its ok??

    thx alot….

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      the best time for exercising is when you feel fresh. This could be different for every person. If you feel pain in your back during exercise, you should stop and continue the next day. Keep your workouts shorter and don’t push it to complete exhaustion. Always make sure that you maintain a good form during exercise.

  • Yelena


    Thank you sooo much for this video. I’ve been talking about you non-stop to my friends and showed your website to everyone I could. As for the beginner’s workout, do you have advice for how to break it up weekly? I understand that this is only the first part of the routine and you’ll have more videos up soon, but just as a heads up, can you recommend how many times/what days to do these exercises? I’d like to show this to a beginner and give more comprehensive info.

    Again, thanks a million!!!!

  • mona


    my name is mona
    iam 23 yrs old..

    i saw ur website and i like it soo much..
    but i have problem to choose the suitable program for me becouse i have back pain alot….my dr. told me i need exercise to balance my back and stomach muscles soo the pain of my bach will go becouse its weak….

    soo plz i neeed yr help becouse iam thin and i have stomach and its bad…

    by the way my weight is 58 and iam 168 cm tall…

    thxx alot for ur time…
    and iam looking forward to ur answer…

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Mona, you can do the butt and abs workout and this workout for beginners (as soon as I update with all of the parts of this workout) and you should engage in a regular cardio as well. You can try some of my workouts for intermediates and see if you can do them, if not then stick to the exercises that you feel comfortable with. In addition to exercise you should pay attention to your diet and also your posture. Whenever you are walking or sitting, always keep your back straight and pull your abs in to contract them. If you will consciously correct your posture during the day, you will see results in no time. Another two tips I can give you is to give up on your pillow and stretch the back of our thighs frequently. That is something that helped me personally, when I was suffering with a lower back pain.

  • peter barker

    hi zuzana my name is jack I just recently told my wife and Zuzana are we loose more weight and fat training in the morning thanks and im happy fr you videos .

  • FlaviaRJ

    Those combinations are exelent!! GReat workout!! \o/

  • http://www.GlamourGirlTX/ Samantha

    Great workout! Can’t wait for the next installment!

  • Vânia

    Hey Zuzana! :)

    I have a question about muscle soreness. Do you get sore after your workouts? and if so, is it wise to workout while you’re still sore, or is it better to work that specific muscle group only when the soreness subsides? Wouldn’t we be overtraining if we kept breaking those fibers over and over without giving our body enough time to heal?

    I appreciate your feedback! Thanks. :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Vania,

      this is a very common question. If you have a muscle soreness from your previous workout, you should take it easy and have a light workout that will help your muscles to recover. If you push through the pain and have another intensive workout, you can injure yourself or overtrain. On the other hand it is not good to have a day of a complete rest either. Cold shower is also a great help for sore muscles.

  • tanya

    Hi Zuzana! Thanks alot for all your videos thery are very motivating! I am a 23 year old girl and im very slim but my only problem is tummy fat. How do you get rid of it? I eat healthy and worout 4-5 times a week and i have a baby which is also a workout!! But i cant get rid of the cellulite onmy tummy. Can it go away with more excersise? If so what would I have to do? Thanks so much! .. PS ..You are gorgeous :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Tanya,

      our bodies usually store fat unevenly but when it comes to burning that fat away it is the exact opposite. That means that you have to focus on getting your whole body in a great shape in order to loose the last little bit of fat on your problematic area as well. Your tummy will be the last part of your body that will slim down so keep going ;) My body stores fat on my butt and thighs so we all have or we feel like there are always some things about our body to improve. That is not a bad thing, because these little goals that might seem shallow, keep us usually moving and that is always a good thing.

  • Yay

    Hi I love this video and I long to be as toned as you Zuzana your body is like ideal perfect amount of definition but not too masculine. Thank you so much for doing these videos I’m totally going to follow all of them and hope my fitness level gets up to where yours is I’m a beginner right now but I’m working hard. Where’s part two???

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Yay, we will be updating with the rest of the parts in the next little while. I hope you will enjoy this workout and that you will be soon trying all of the workouts for intermediates ;)

  • Aya

    that’s exactly what i begginers tend to be confused about what workout to start with..u know what, i live in Egypt and i never stop sticking posts (ADS) about ur website everywhere in the city i live my college,country club,…even my Facebook status. God bless u.. u r the best ;)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Aya, thanks a bunch for your support. We will be posting the rest of the workout for beginners soon.

  • Barbara

    Can’t wait to see the rest of videos!!

  • jenessa

    Hi Zuzana,

    awesome website! are all ya videos on your youtube channel? Also, i don’t like the look of a six pack on me i just think it looks too harsh and masculine on a girl, i just want a flat stomach wit the 2 lines down the sides. are there any special exercises i have to avoid getting a 6 pack? or what do i do if i’m satisfied with my stomach when it’s flat, do you i maintain the same reps and sets?

    also, please come out with ya own dvd! thanks!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Jenessa, usually everyone is asking how to get the sixpack and not how to avoid it :) My guess is that you would have to stick with high rep low weight workouts. Personal trainer of Madonna who is training Gwyneth Paltrow as well says that in order to stay slim and tight and to avoid too visible muscles at the same time, you should be doing at least 50 reps per exercise and a lot of interval cardio. The hardcore circuit training workout is one of the routines that you want to follow in order to meet your needs.

  • fiel

    thank you zuzana so much! i just started doing your 6 week summer program and so far it has been (tough, but) very fun :) even though it is challenging at the moment, after I have finished the routine I feel so great :) i can’t wait to try this workout too! btw, i am also trying to stretch the splits (again, i’m ex-gymnastics) so all stretching videos would be nice too :) have a nice summer!

  • Bruno Sérgio

    Forgot to say that I am in Brazil.

  • Bruno Sérgio

    Hi, Zuzana! I love their videos and articles. I am a physical educator and I am developing my own site, I wonder if you allow me to translate some articles to put his on my site, of course I put a link to the original article on your site. I hope that you leave. Thanks and a kiss from your fan.

  • chris

    I’m so psyched that you’re creating a workout for beginners! Like Becca above, I had a tough time trying to do your other workout routines – you make it look so easy! :) I can’t wait to try this one out and see out it feels. It looks safe enough for even my mom to try out too. Keep up the blogs and videos!

  • Angeline

    Greetings from Singapore!(A tiny independent city country in South East Asia)

    Zuzana you really are such a gracious and giving person(:

    I finally got my mom to move her butt after you put up your fitness for absolute beginners video.She’s been worried about her health and suspects that she has diabetes because her weight has been increasing dramatically even though she still eats the same amount.I’m incorporating alot of your tips,recipes and exercises into my family’s daily lives. She stood infront of her laptop and started doing the exercises.That’s a great start.I will be motivating her more!

    Really grateful to you and your hubby.

  • Jana

    Ahoj Zuzko, vse nejlepsi k svatku, hodne stesti a uspechu v kariere i v osobnim zivote!!! Moc diky za vse co pro nas vse (zadarmo) delas!!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Jani, diky moc za prani k svatku :)

  • Erik

    Hi Zuzana!

    Thank you! I’m a beginner (not absolute) but I feel like.

    Some grandma remedy for legs pain?


  • Charles

    Thank you Zuzana for the video. This shall help me improve.

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    This is great. Just what I’ve been waiting for in this site, I can’t wait to get up to the level of fitness in your other workouts. Looking forward to your other video’s for this workout.

    Question: Is it necessery to make a change from eating white pasta to whole wheat pasta. Or is white pasta okay?

  • John

    Last w-end I have send your site to a friend, who quite smoking 8 months ago, and wants to start losing weight, and get in shape ;)

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    Hi,Zuzana are we loose more weight and fat training in the morning?

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    I just recently told my mom about your website b/c I have been following it and I love it. I am definitely going to tell her about this one! Thanks so much for posting such diverse workouts!


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    thank you!!! this is perfect. im just starting to work out and most of your other routines seem pretty tough. thank you for toning it down for beginners =)
    keep up the GREAT work!

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    This looks awesome and even though other four parts are not posted yet, I’ll do part 1 three times tonight instead of going running on the college track. Thank you!