Sep 11 2009

How long will it take for me to get in shape?

This is one of the most frequently asked fitness questions that I get. Of course we all want to know how fast we can get in shape and how quickly we can transform our bodies. The most realistic answer that I can give you without actually having evaluated your individual fitness level and starting point is that your progress will be linked directly to your level of effort. If you are serious about getting fit, then it is absolutely vital that you educate yourself on the basics of training and diet. BodyRock.Tv is loaded with articles and information about diet and efficient ways to train your body that will give you an incredible starting advantage over the majority of people who want to get fit but don’t have any of the workouts or information they need to make an effective start. Getting fit and then staying there is a life long journey – not a one way ticket. No matter where you are starting from it’s a tough process – but when you focus on the journey – the little workout by workout victories – you can actually learn to start enjoying fitness for what it is – an important part of your life. There are no short cuts and you have to realize that getting the body you want takes time and effort. I started to take my fitness seriously about a year ago and I am still not where I would like to be. If you are serious about getting the body you want, then you have to be prepared for the life long journey. There is always room for improvement and even if you achieve your goal, you have to work just as hard to maintain it. The next time you catch yourself wondering how long it will take you to reach your fitness goals don’t sweat it – it’s a life long journey to success. 


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  • brenda

    I am 54 years old 5’4 and 210 lbs i am also a diabetic and my bone density level is low i want to live a long life and i smoke i can’t leave that out please help i watch your video and at the wieght i am now i am not able to do those exerises please help

  • Yota

    hi Zuzana i wondering where you like to be, i mean when you say ” I am still not where I would like to be” because i cant see you in better good shape jejeje… what is you goal? and how long do you think can take you?

    Yota.. your fan from Venezuela ;)

  • kady

    you’re awesome! i love your videos. i’m trying to lose weight but i gain more weight im 5’4 15 and i weigh 200 pounds help me please!


  • jenne guillermo

    hi suzana,
    i need your help to loose my fat in my stomach…i need to loose it..bocoz people around me that i’m like a pig..bcoz i’m small and verry please tell me wat can i do…
    thankz…please replt me….


  • Josephine So

    Dearest Suzana and Frederick
    I just want to let you know how grateful and proud to say that you have made dreams come true. Since October, 2009 and at my age 48, I am able to continue accomplishing a legacy to helping people live healthy at their best with Bodyrock by my side. My house is already up this time after the fire broke last Feb 6, 2010 that brought down everything including my gym place. Because of Bodyrock’s existence, I am able to surpass the challenges to keep up best in my craft I had during these times. Bodyweight it is and good food like you do that are really worth working for life. I have been applying your workouts to myself and also to a student whom I have been training for 2 years (her goal to lose weight and get pregnant). Yes it’s been a long journey yet you have helped made this person achieved the goals and successfully conceive right now after 7 years of wait (she’s on 6 weeks and 3 days). Hope and Faith made this happened. You guys have helped me made that person self fulfilled. I will keep BodyRock my best friend and by my side. Thank you and always keep the strength. May The Force Be with you always. love, Josephine

  • Vijay

    Hi Frederick and Zuzana,

    Thanks a lot or this article. I had previously asked the same question on this website. I know that getting and staying fit is a never ending process, but sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else. Now I’ll not care about time-frames and just workout regularly, keeping my goal in mind.

    Thanks again,

  • Yuni

    Hi Zuzana!
    Ever since I found your website I’ve been addicted to it! Your articles are so thoughtful and completely takes me to a new way of visioning health and fitness. Anyway I’m 15 and I really want to be fit and feel great everyday. I’m a really busy person so I’m always tired and exhausted, I do eat a lot of food for energy but sometimes I can’t control how much I eat because I never feel consistent in my health. So I started using your exercises every morning, but I only chose one to do everyday. I found your other videos so challenging and just impossible for me, I find my self in the wrong posture and timing because I’m not built like you. If you could will you give me a routine that will help me build up to your daily exercises, in a way catching up to you?


  • Chau

    Hi Zuzana & Frederick,

    I just stumbled onto your site a day ago and already loving it. I like how you guys are straightforward and honest about everything.

    Just a few questions: So am I correct to say that your workout routine/philosophy is pretty much HIGH INTENSITY for ~30 min a day, ONCE a day, but CONSISTENTLY for 6-7 days a week plus a balanced/wholesome diet?

    What is the purpose of the timer thing that Zuzana always wears when working out, and how do I to use it? What is the general concept of it?

    You guys rock!

  • Milena

    Hi Zuzana,

    I really like your website. However, I am just starting to exercise after a long period and most of the workouts are too difficult for me. I hope to get back in shape, but, in the meantime, do you have maybe something for beginners?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Frederick

      There is a beginners routine in the workout archive section of the site :)

  • Debbie

    Hi Zuzana!
    You said you started to take fitness seriously about a year ago, but before that, you used to do something didn’t you? I mean, you didn’t start from 0?? Because from my point of view, if I can be as you are in 12 months it’s really good news, I don’t think it’s a long time at all! But I don’t know how you looked like a year ago.
    I’m not starting from absolut 0, I’m more or less on my weight now and I take 2 (really hard) dance clases and 1 pilates class a week. I started just a week ago working out every day (but sunday) with your beginners workout and eating healthier and I lost 1kg =D
    I feel so proud of myself and I’m very motivated, so I’m not going to give up until I get my purposes… and then maintain it!
    But I’d really like to know more about you when you started, becouse I am taking you as a model and inspiration!

    Thanks Zuzana!


  • Zubi

    Hello, I have been seeing your videos on, and you are just beautiful and inspiring!… :)
    I have a question… I am 26yrs – hight 5’3 & 134.Lbs and I feel uncomfortable with my image.While I would like to lose fat weight, i know eating better and excersize in important. What i need to know is how to increase fat burn? do i do cardio 7days a week, alonge with weight training 3days a week? or do I do cardio every other day and weight training on those days as well or just twice a week. My gole is to get small but strong as well… could you give be your best ideas for my delima?
    Also, your videos are Great! never DULL!… Every other persons workout videos are just BORING and i lose intrust. Thank you for that!

  • Marcy

    Hi, i wondering how often should i workout,everyday or every other day,how much a day? So i can get my body like yours! I love how in shape and toned u are. Thank you!

  • Jenitart

    Question: Do you really only do one 20 min workout per day???

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      YES! Absolutely. I believe in consistency and intensity.

  • Amanda

    Hi. I’m new here and I love how in shape and toned u are….i was wondering wat kind of excersise moves i should do to get well defined curves…cuz i am as straight as a ruler… thank you! ;)

  • MSLaurenVictoria

    When I ran track in high school, which I graduated 4 years ago and our coach always told us it would take us 14 days to get in moderate shape if we were dedicated…. and 6 months to be in awesome shape.

    is this sorta true?

    obviously there are a lot of varibles, diet, work out plan, bla bla bla…

  • Marina

    Please tell me how often should I be working out? Everyday or every other day? And How much a day? one hour. two hours, three hours?

    Thank you

  • http://www, Anita

    Hello ….i am new here and i have one question….i think u are perfect and i like your body …i think every girl won to have body like u……i work out but i stop for 1 month now and i am coming back……so my question is,,… it posible to have body like u if i do just your work outs ? i don t need to go to work out in fittness?Becouse i am little bored in fittnes alredy so i need change ….i hope u can help me with this…..if u say that your work out is all i need for body like yours i will start to work out with you every day……and how many cardio do i need ? thx and i hope u give me an answer sory for my english

  • Dani

    Hi I write from Mexico
    I like you tell me which are the specific exercises for to eliminate the fat of my waist
    o well which are the videos that I can see.

    I wait you answer.

  • Lavi

    Hello Zuzana!
    I was wondering, in the beginning, did you do your exercises like :o ne day legs, the next day abs and arms, to let legs rest and muscle to grow?
    Do you need a day rest?Or can you work the same muscle every day?

    Thank you!

  • Cassidy

    You are an inspiration to us all! And your body is killer!

    I’ve been working on my fitness for about a year now, and have dropped about 20 lbs (i was skinny fat), and about %16 body fat (went from 32% to 16%).

    Your body is what I aspire to look like…
    You have always been thin, and you also said you’ve recently started taking your fitness seriously; but for those aspiring for a figure like yours, would you be able to tell us your fitness stats?
    This would help me to outline a body fat percentile goal :)

    Thanks in advance hun!
    Keep up the great work; and thanks for all the great cardio ideas!

    xox Cass.

  • stevie

    I would like to give some words of encouragement that I figured out for myself by watching Zuzana’s workouts. I am an out of shape mother in the worst way. Have had no workout routine for years and Zuzana inspired me to start. I have felt very tired all the time and when I did the workout (short version of course) even only 10 reps/exercise, it gives me energy instantly. This alone, I think, is going to keep me doing the workouts, besides wanting to look like the total fitness godess Zuzana. Thanks a bunch Zuzana and keep the vids coming ;)

  • jaeden

    Hello, Im a mom of two ages 1 & 11. Im trying to get back in shape. I would like some helpful hints on how should i get started. One more thing for the moment im a stay at home mom with the 1 yr old.


    • Frederick

      Jump right into the workouts – there is a beginners routine in the archives section you could try :)

  • gracy

    hi Zuzana
    this is the first time i’ve seen your videos on youtube and u look amazing, i’ve been trying to work out..ok it’s weird bc im really skinny i have Flat butt..Really flat..
    and evrytime i try to gain weight i always gain weight on my stomach only… can u tell me what kind of excercise i should do to get bigger butt and also lose stomach fat..pleaseee

  • shelby

    hello zuzana. I just wanna say that your beautifula nd i wish i had your body! but, i need some exercises for my butt cause well its kinda gross i haev some cellulite an no matter how hard i try it doesn’t go away. Can you give me soem of your exercises that will show resluts and high heart rate exercises that will burn the. Im up for anything because im pretty in shape up to the butt.

    thank you very much

  • Abraham Aviles

    hi zuzana i would like to know that I can supplement my routine to eliminate fat in the abdomen.
    I do a simple routine with a wheel that subject with his arms clutching me slip in front.
    with this routine I see changes in my abdomen but very gradual.
    Completion could tell me that this time I’ve already been working on this.

  • Alejandra

    Hello Zuzana!
    I wanna tell you I long to work for a body like yours. Right now I’m very skinny (I weight 48kg and I’m 1.72m tall), and i wanted to know if your workouts work also for people who want to gain muscle volume, and could you give me any tips for a diet?

    I love your hard work, you have earned that hot body!

  • Cecilia

    I just made your recipe Vegetarian Salad with Chick peas.
    It was very tasty with the cumin and apple…And I felt healthy after my meal. Thank you for the recipes and I’ll try your workouts, too.

  • Sascha


    nice greetings from germany. I am very impressed what you do there. You give me the motivation to do sport. I have a question, do you have a movie with your exercises complete? Something like a training dvd?

    Thanks alot and excuse my english.


  • Barbara

    Hey Zuzana. I have a big question to ask. I was wondering how long is considered good enough for a day’s worth of work out? Like 20-30 minutes?

  • Ross wilson

    hi there!

    I am an older guy living in the north of England, and am immensely attracted by bodyrock’s devotion to exercise over short periods of time without much equipment.


    1. how is it best to begin?
    2. I am 51 – i am active and go to the gym, but what do i need to think about in terms of my age
    3. How can i organize my workouts properly, over time, from the site?

    Ta – in anticipation of reply


  • Diana

    I know everyone loses weight all over there body including the breasts, not trying to be rude but how do u keep urs? I’d really like to know considering how fit u are, most woman lose them. I’d really like to keep mine as well when i work out, it would be helpful to know if there are some exercises woman should stay away from?

    Also, do u know anything about those new shoes called Easy-tone shoes from Reebok, i was curious if they really work or not. Thanks bunches for ur time.

    Please respond, i believe it to be a need know for every woman who wants to keep her equipment-lol. Thanks!!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Diana, I didn’t keep my chest this way by nature. I don’t know anything about those Reebok shoes, but it sounds already like a gimmick :) maybe I am wrong and someone has an experience with them? If they work I want them! :)

      • Heidi

        When you say, “I didn’t keep my chest this way by nature” mean that you had a boob job?

        • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


          • Kaitlyn

            lol i like that you are honest! im losing mine sadly:(

      • Debbie

        I left a comment about this “Reebok easy-tone” And I’d like to tell you (after you read my coment) they are not recommended for exercise when it requires jumping from side to side, so they won’t be good for some of your workout rutines!!!
        Just in case!! ;)


    • Debbie

      Hi Diana!! I bought a pair of the “Reebok easy-tone” months ago, I can’t say they are a miracle, of course, but I feel different when I walk or run wearing them, I feel less work in my feet and calf and much more work in my butt and quadriceps. I recomend you to try them on in a store and walk for a bit, you’ll see what I mean! They cost just a little bit more than any sneaker or even the same.


  • Michi


    you look super and i like your style!

    I don´t under stand how guys can have problems with their bodys if they whatch your videos!



  • daisia

    hey i am thirteen year old native /african american girl and i am 5 6 and i way 245 pounds and i am very pretty but the only pretty thing is my face not my body help me ouuuuuuuuuutttttttt

  • Alison M Leigh

    I am new to your blog and website, but I love it. Please give your protein recipes such as the chicken lunch, and not just the sweet breakfast and the cakes and cookies. Plase also say where to buy your timer that you use on the workouts because I cannot find such a timer in a sports store in the U.S.A.

  • Andreea

    Hi Zuzana,

    First of all i would like to thank you for all the videos you are perfect. I want to ask you a question i have a good body though and im not much skiny but im skiny what would you recommend to go on healthy food and practice to have a body like yours or just to practise all the time? All my life i wish to have six packs how you can have them? i went to gym almost two years but there is not much diffrence :)

    Thank you

    Have a nice day

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Andreea,

      just go through my blog, I am sharing everything that I know and you can also start following my daily workouts.

  • Alison

    can i ask something?i am e/f cup(breast) i want to loose some because its hard to find clothes and im shy to go swimming beacuse people wil stare and i hate it.what can i do too loose them?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Alison,

      regular workouts and maybe some adjustments in your eating habits will help you to loose weight – but you will loose fat all over your body not only in your breasts, no matter what you do.

  • Judith Kays

    Hi Zuzana, i really like your website and video. But i have a question as i seriously in need of help and advice.
    I’m slender but i’m not properly toned. And recently i’m gaining some weight and fats at the back of my waist (side belly or love handle, i don’t know what you call that) But i hope you get what i mean, i’m seriously getting annoyed with the fats at the side and it’s making me looks like as if i have a chunk of fats flipping out. Can you please advice me what kind of work out will get rid of this fats? Or maybe some diet? Hope to hear from you soon.. Thanks a million..

    Judith Kays..

  • Jennifer guz

    Hi zuzana, first at all I will like to said that I love ur website because it motivated at lot of womens like my self to get in shape and to get healthy. Now I’m 128 lb but I feel fat and without no shape. Is not that I feel but of my self , but I will like to get more tone and shape.
    My question is what is the best ways to get started?
    I will really thanks any responds or advice.

    • Maria L.

      I have the same question as Jennifer.

      Suzana, what’s the best routine or workout to start to get back in shape? I love any kind of workout and I don’t really eat much but my progress is kind of slow. I’m short below 5′ but may weight is playing from 125-128. I just started walking for 5x a week. When I started I was 132 lbs. You think your Sweat Burn will gonna help me? How should I start it with my schedule, I’m working from 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight. Is there any rules? Please help!!!….. Thanks SO much for you and your site. Really loves it. :)

  • Martina

    Hello Zuzana

    I’m from czech republik.I’d like to strengthen your character and shape but do not know exactly how nato.sleduji your video and you’re probably my role model. But I have one problem about how to read and my English is lousy so I want to ask whether the ste never had anything in the Czech language?
    Thank you in advance :-)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Martino,

      to byla moc dobra czenglish a ja jsem ti nahodou rozumela uplne vsechno :) komentare klidne pis v cestine. Bohuzel v cestine stranky zatim neplanujeme. Pokud se neco zmeni tak to budu hlasit.

  • http://none Filip

    Hello Zuzana,
    I’m from czech republic. I would like be at least a little muscular but I’m thin. I do some exercising from your website but there are a lot of videos. I need help for my push-off. Can you help me please?
    Thank you in advance :-)

  • Agata

    I always do your workouts in equal 15 minutes, is it enough? I just remove the video to the begining and do it again and again, so Im trying to follow your tempo.

    What do you think about this tactic? I think it works. Anyway I feel it.

    I,m looking forward for a new video!
    Your body is a perfect motivation!I needed it!
    And you are so kind girl:)

  • J


    This is my first time commenting on this site so I’m a little shy. First I want to say that you are very beautiful and your abs are getting tighter with every video you post. Second I was wondering what is a good way to tell if I am in shape or not? I do a workout that i think is kind of similar to your workouts and I get winded quick. Does this mean I am out of shape or is this just a good workout. If you could test this workout and give me feedback that would be great or you could use it and maybe add something to it to make it more fun so you can put it on your website. My workout is doing 100 jumps. I jump as high as I can and I stretch straight up in mid air. I do 10 jumps then rest 10 secs then do 10 more. I do this 5 times then pause for 2 minutes then I finish up and do 5 more sets. Again if you could comment back I would greatly appreciate it and I hope you keep getting healthier and tighter.

  • canni

    hi zuzana , I REALLY NEED HELPP!!! thank you for your website is very informative! I really need your help . Im a 5′ lady. i have skinny legs and small butt and my arms, back and shoulders are really fat. So i need your help to shape my body kind of like yours =) i want to give my body a shape and balance. I DONT WANT TO BE FATTER IN MY UPPER BODY I LOOK FUNNY SINCE IM REALLY SHORT =( AND MY SELF STEEM IS REALLY BAD SO I WANT TO KIND OF HELP MYSELF TO FEEL BETTER LOOKING BETTER . I feel really heavy from my upper body. my chest is small. and i would like to lose the extra fat from my upper body(arms, shoulders, and back)…. But I want to shape my chest which is very small so i dont want to lose it more =). Can you help me with that? I also want to tone my legs so they loook bigger and i want also my butt to look bigger!. how can i do that? Please I would appreciated a lot your help! . Thank you very much for this oportunity of sending you a message. THANK YOU ZUZANA! =)

  • nOha

    Hi Suzana!
    First, I wanna thank u alot for ur helping us Psychologically and physically..,
    Second, I am training aerobic from ages but I have aproblem with my body.., All my
    body is perfect except my arms.., they’re huge more thanall my body.., and I am
    trying more and more but I feel no change in them.. I don’t know what I have to do!!!
    Do I resort to surgery?!!! Please answer for me cause its my big problem!!!!!!!

    Ta Thank you,

  • john birch

    hello zuzana,

    i’ve always been an active person, from an early age i love to swim,run,ride a mountain bike,press up,sit up, etc but no matter how much effort i put in i could never get the six pack .

    • Leena

      Zuzanna I wanted to know if and what type of supplements you take…PLEASE PLEASE let us know, thanks.

  • canni

    hi zuzana , I REALLY NEED HELPP!!! thank you for your website is very informative! I really need your help . Im a 5′ lady. i have skinny legs and small butt and my arms, back and shoulders are really fat. So i need your help to shape my body kind of like yours =) i want to give my body a shape and balance. I DONT WANT TO BE FATTER IN MY UPPER BODY I LOOK FUNNY SINCE IM REALLY SHORT =( AND MY SELF STEEM IS REALLY BAD SO I WANT TO KIND OF HELP MYSELF TO FEEL BETTER LOOKING BETTER . I feel really heavy from my upper body. my chest is small. and i would like to lose the extra fat from my upper body(arms, shoulders, and back)…. But I want to shape my chest which is very small so i dont want to lose it more =). Can you help me with that? I also want to tone my legs so they loook bigger and i want also my butt to look bigger!. how can i do that? Please I would appreciated a lot your help! . Thank you very much for this oportunity of sending you a message. THANK YOU ZUZANA! =)

  • Alice

    Dear Zuzana,
    I have gained a bit of weight recently (primarily my stomach and thighs). I used to do a lot of circuit training and running, but have replaced it with aerobics and only a bit of circuit training.
    Do you think I should revert back to my old routine? Perhaps the aerobics I do is not as effective at burning fat. If so that is quite annoying as it is really fun (it’s Christi Taylor aerobics) but I really want to lose the extra weight.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you so much,

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Alice,

      aerobics are great for your cardiovascular system and health in general, but it will do nothing for you in terms of loosing fat. Aerobics are just not intensive enough to boost your metabolism for the rest of the day. Circuit training and strength training in general is the best method for burning and loosing fat.

  • Cindi

    Hi Zuzana!

    I have a question. I want to start using your videos but I don’t know where to start. Should I just start from the way beginning? Does your videos have a certain pattern to it? [like Monday - Chest, Tuesday - legs, Wednesday - arms, etc] Or do you just upload whatever you feel like doing that day?

    Thank you!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Cindi,

      there is no particular order for my workouts. You can just jump right in if you want and start following my workouts on a daily basis. You can also start from the beginning. It is up to you. You can also skip workouts that you don’t fee like doing. The important thing is that you enjoy the workouts and that you are consistent. I suggest to do 5 workouts a week if you want to see results. I usually do 2 or 3 workouts in a row and then I have one day of active rest ( I do some light activity like a nice long walk with my dog for example). I update with every workout that I do so that people can see exactly what I do to keep myself in shape which should encourage them to do the same thing.

  • Alan

    Hi, Zuzana. My name is Alan and I’m from Mexico. I would like to say that your videos motivate me a lot. It seems you really enjoy exercising and that is very nice. Well, I have a question for you. To be honest I don’t like diets or caunting calories. I just try to avoid junk food and i like to exercise daily, so without any especial diet or calory caunter:how much time should I exercise daily?, or well, Is it dangerous to exercise several hours a day? Thanks for your videos and information.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Alan,

      It depends on how intensive your workouts are. I keep my workouts short but intense so I save myself a lot of time. I don’t count calories either. I am just avoiding junk food like you. There are athletes who workout several hours a day, but I personally think that it’s one thing if you are training for the Olympics, but for general conditioning and fat loss it is absolutely not necessary.

  • KAY

    Hey Zuzana Im a big fan of yours, You really inspire me. :)
    I had a question for you Im about 5`1 and weigh 120
    I want to get in shape and I love to workout but I find that my legs, thighs and hips are the hardest to get in shape, any suggestions?

  • Gaia

    Hi Zuzana!!

    I happily found the “The Splits – Getting flexible” video on YouTube.
    But I can’t find the training you mention to achieve this goal here on your web. There don’t seem to exist any videos posted for getting to do the splits, neither a “stretching” tag or section as mentioned =(… I searched through all archives with no luck….
    Are they still available??? I am very interested on following this training and reach this goal. Please send me the link or let me know how to find them.

    Anyways, I’m VERY happy to have found this web. I’m definitely following the daily routines!!!
    Thanks a lot for all!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    Hi Zuzana,
    first of all i would like to say many thanks for your workouts and diet tips, i am very impressed by your physics =)
    I am trying to keep fit by exercising 4 times/week and 1 day-cardio, my workouts are pretty long (2 hrs) and not that hard although i know i lost some weight and got tighter but i was just wondering does it matter how actively you spend the day after workout, if you are not moving much (like being working in the office, sitting in front of computer most of the day)?
    Do you need to have more intense workouts if you are not moving much during the day?
    Another thing i didnt mention is that i eat only 3 times a day, because i simply can not imagine myself in the kitchen 6 times a day especially if i am working that day, can not get so many lunch breaks! =) But i eat pretty clean, so i thought it shouldnt matter much if i eat 3 or 6 times a day, right?

    Thank you!


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Anna,

      doing shorter yet more intensive workouts is going to get you further. Intensive workouts will spike your metabolism and your body will be burning more calories for the rest of the day even if you will be just sitting in front of your computer. Long moderate to light workout will burn calories only during the workout. The reason why I eat so many times a day is to first of all keep my portion sizes small and to keep my metabolism at a higher speed throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you eat clean, because if you eat too much, you will put on weight. If you eat only 3 times a day, then you can’t eat just small portions because you would be starving and that would make you exhausted. Maybe I am wrong and it works for you this way. I am just talking about my own experience and what works for me. Listen to your own body and keep a diary to track what you eat and if you are making any progress.

  • Christian

    Hi Zuzana,

    Today is the start of my transformation and I am following your website to do it. I am jumping in and following your daily workouts. I have removed all non real food from my home and will be eating real food. I took pics yesterday so I have a old me pic and will take one every month after. I want to thank you for all the great info on your site and the videos rock.

  • Sandra

    holla Zuzana!
    I seem to have the same question as coco.. but im actually skinny trying to gain weight, im on weight gainers and im at 95lbs now :( , and im hoping to look like u some day!(your my new hero lol) i want to be toned and stronger but i dont want to lose my (b cup) lady lumps.. lol sorry im not sure how else to put it.. how do you keep your body so amazingly proportioned? please help im serious.. ive been working out with you everyday and im noticing my lady lumps flexing when i do puch ups or arm workouts will they vanish?

  • Jennifer

    Hey Zuzana!
    I just found this website, and being quite UNconfident, I’m REALLY looking forward to keeping up with you and your videos and blogs.
    I just have a question.
    What’s the proper way to start exercising?
    I’m only 19, and by no means overweight, but I have some excess I would LOVE to get rid of.
    Ive never been very big on exercising, but now I feel like that needs to change. Should I start with cardio for a couple weeks, and then get into the real workouts, or does it matter?
    Please please help!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Jennifer,

      you can jump right in and start to follow my own workouts on a daily basis.

  • Anneliis

    Hei Zuzana!

    I need some advice or an oppinion. I have been working out in a gym for a year now doing weight exercises. I have gained some plain strenght on lifting weights. But as it turned out in this last couple days (from last sunday), I am not that fit at all as I thought. I started doing Your Summer Fit – 6 Week exercise Program to get an idea of the load of these workouts. I managed to do only one part of the weight training… and only 8 reps. I MUST admit, one of your exercise managed to get more out of me than a year in gym.

    My question is: are the 6 week program exercises enough to train the whole body and to prepare for the next level of training? For me it is quite important to gain a certain level of body strenght and endurance ( in other words very good shape) for next July (upcoming tests for police academy).

    Best regards from Estonia

  • Kala Martin
  • Louis

    Hi Zuzana,

    How are you? Love your site, is great, Thank You for your efforts.

    I have a question about Abs training, maybe you can give me some help.
    I have read some books and article about abs training that muscle is underline the fat, if we are training our abs wihtout lossing our stomach fat, it would only make our stomach getting bigger and would not able to make us get in shade. Is this truth?

    If it is true, what exercise we can do to loss our stomach fat? And when I should start my abs training?

    Thank you for your time and your help


  • Anca

    Hi everyone , pls need help !!!! I would like to find a way to download or buy Zuzana’s videos …don’t know hot to do it…. Can anyone help pls? Zuzana , I am going away to work abroad and I am ot going to be able to acces internet all the time so would be so much easyer if I could make some dvds with your work out programs … How to do it?

  • Anthony

    I used to play alot of basketball when I was young I have a daughter who is 6 now I am 36 but I need to get in alot better shape. I am a computer internet addict and I need to start getting out if I am going to stay healthy to raise a little girl. I thought alot lately about how good I was once at basketball. I used to beat guys that were starters for my high school team I just never had the grades for it as I struggled in school, I had my mind on the wrong things back then as so many have but I was in good shape then. I want to get back there I wouldnt say im fat by along shot but im not skinny like I was then. I used to have alot more energy aswell. My eating habits are horrible but I am very picky about what I eat. I would love some advice from you gorgeous or for you to draw out a simple little plan for me. I will say I have not worked out in a very long time. I saw this comment spot and I thought this would be a good place to start.

  • Barbara

    Zuzana, you anwser to this question is the best I’ve ever heard

  • Tom

    Hi there zuzana, just discovered the great work your doing on your youtube channel.You will probably have a large female audience but are your workouts meant for women more than they are for men? Just wondering because I’ve been really motivated to get back into shape after seeing the website.

  • Martin

    Hello Zuzana I was told when trying to get big muscle and get built you have to have more body fat not less body fat is this true and eat lots of food that has lots of calories is this all true ?

  • Christine

    Zuzana…I am a 42 year old female that just recently stopped smoking after 29 years. I stopped on September 27th and have since been following your guidance on everything! I am now eating healthy, I gave up diet coke and all sweets, and I am exercising daily and running every other day. I just located a website yesterday that I registered to: that allows me to log everything that I eat and what cardio and weight training that I do. It seems to be a pretty great site, but I also took your advise I went out and bought and begin using “The Eat-Clean Diet Workout Journal” and “The Eat-Clean Diet”. I am truly excited about my new lifestyle, THANKS TO YOU, and after just two weeks of complete focus, I am LOVING it! My question is, do you have an online journal that shows your daily food intake and excercises? I am trying to get into some sort of routine so that I can learn all of these excercises, but there are so many to choose from that I am feeling overwhelmed when it comes to deciding what to do next. It is taking up moe time to decide on my next routine when I could have a plan in place to just GO! Any help and guidance would REALLY EALLY be appreciated! I have seen so many others attempt to teach their personal fitness program, but I have never been hooked or interested the way you came across and made me WANT to learn, strive and better my body and lifestyle! Thank you for your motivation and dedication to helping others! Sincerely, Christine (A major Zuzana Fan)

  • Mladen

    Hi Zuzana,

    I was wanting to ask you if you ever go to the gym, or do you just do workouts at home or outdoors mostly without any heavy equipment? The reason why I am asking this because I am experiencing some negative effects of going to the gym and lifting heacy, so I would like to find a better way. I’ve been going to the gym for about 7 months now and have grown quite a bit. I was skinny before but with smart eating and a lot of lifting packed lots of muscle. I rarely lift the maximum that I can but about 80% of what I could lift for 6-10 times. Last week though I tried going a little more heavier but had to quit because I was experiencing some odd pain in my skin and my arms were more swollen than usually, something I had never experienced before. Two days later I noticed a few stretch marks under my right armpit, it’s nothing bad (thank God!) but still I’m a little frightened now because I don’t want any more of those on visible spots. This is the first time they’ve appeared and I have grown quite a bit. Since I have gained maybe 2 pounds in the last 20 days it can’t be from growing too fast, so it must be from lifting too heavy, my body really does swell up during exercise. Since I’ve gained all the muscle I want and still have some small amounts of fat to lose, I was thinking of adopting lighter weights and full body workouts because I think that should be enough to keep the muscle, but burn the rest of the fat (of course, I eat properly). I’m bored with the standard gym workout solutions so could you perhaps give me some alternatives? I was thinking of combining lighter weights in the gym, some workouts with body weight only at home and swimming for my college team. Any other sports, maybe kickboxing? That would be much more fun than what I have been doing now.

  • qianhui

    Your arms are awesome! lean and not too muscular! my arms! They are flabby with muscles! i hate them! i have been training on weights 2 time a week with running and sprints. I’m in dragon boating so i have to train on my strength. Therefore, my arms became big rather than lean coz i heard if you want to get lean, you have to do more reps and lesser weights but that won’t do me any good in strength. What should i do? The bottom link is a pic of my arm. Sigh…

  • genie

    hey Zuzana,

    i just recently stumbled upon your channel on youtube and am glad i did. I am 5 feet 2 inch tall and weighed 58kgs. i started working out on my own and have come down to 47kgs. My main issue is that though i have lost weight, my skin around my tummy has loosened. I worked very hard for almost a year now but still this “loose” feeling is very disheartening. Can you please answer my two questions-

    Abs- how can I make my waist smaller because i want flat ab muscle, not bulky. i do exercises but the muscle seems to be growing. also upper belley fat is almost gone but the lower abs looks protruding. kindly help with the set n variations. i dnt know many sets and repetitions i must do.

    general body- i want small muscles. my butt and thigh are very huge compared to the rest. can you please tell me how can i reduce the size of a muscle.??? also increase the size?? how many variations and repetitions must be done.??

    we dont have gym nearby i have bought home gym. kindly help as i am almost near to achieving the goal but somehow i am losing faith.pls pls help me..thanks

    god bless and keep fit..

    loads of love..

  • Allan

    Hey Zuzana!

    I have been training for 4 years, I have gone from 70kg to 115kg just doing my own thing progressions intensity etc. My Sister has been training along side me for the last couple of years, she has made considerable gains in power and strength but is struggling with shoulder shape and development. Is there anything you can recommend to help her with this? as i think what i do is just too much for her! Just want a woman trainer prospective, as i am just applying what has worked for me to her! dont know if this is right or not :S

    Any help would be great


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  • Katie


    What do you think about people mostly falling in to 1 of 3 different body types? I know people are usually some combination of 2, but in terms of shaping your body, how does this impact the reps and weight you work with?

    I consider myself to be in good shape, I can follow your sample advanced workout program and I don’t have weight to lose. However, I have muscle and muscle shape to gain! I would say I’m Ectomorph 60% Mesomorph 40% and I’ve been thinking about changing my routine to be higher weight, lower rep until I am able to build some muscle mass. What is your opinion on this? Does it even matter and do I just need to be more patient?

    Thanks! Your website is so informative. I really enjoy the workouts.

  • TexasNicole

    Hi Zuzana,

    I absolutely love your workouts. I’ve been training for about a year now consistently and felt like I’ve just kind of hit a wall. I’m trying to drop 5 more lbs and they seem to be pretty stubborn but your challenges have re-motivated me and have given me new ideas to my workouts rather than the dreaded boring ones.

    I do have a couple questions. . First, My “love handle” area seems to be incredibly stubborn, how can I shed fat from that area? Also I have such a hard time building calves but my thighs are a lot larger so I wanted to know what exercise will build calves but slim down my thighs. Last questions, I broke my left collarbone a few years ago (doc advised me I didn’t need rehab) and now when I workout (chest press, pushups, etc) I can only do a few because my arm starts to tingle and go numb. Is there a more gentle exercise that you could advise to build great shoulders?

    Thank you! You are so awesome & inspirational!!

  • Jessica

    Does anyone know of any good supplements for lean muscle? I’ve been taking CLA and Greens+ Lean body.
    I eat very well and exercise but desire to be leaner….suggestions??

  • Dominic

    Thanks FlaviaRJ!

    I almost have to make myself eat often and properly. The quick protein shakes help. I am amazed this time around at how quickly my body has responded to the weight lifting – and it is correct eating that makes the difference. I keep adding weight and reps…I did another set today “just because”. :) It is satisfying to see great progress in the mirror.

    I was starving my muscles all those years. I would often work right through mealtimes out in the fields or on the road, skipping lunches all the time and never snacking – going all day on breakfast until a late supper of peanut butter sandwiches. Gotta eat right. number one secret after lifting weights. Do them both and you can’t lose.

  • fitgirl

    Why do you need to lose weight Zuzana, your body is fine the way it is.

  • FlaviaRJ

    Great post Dominic!!
    It´s all true and my case is the same as yours, but i don´t have any injury, but as you, I have to eat a lot to gain muscle, and I´ve been all my life working a lot!!

  • Jessica

    I love your website and think you have an amazing body. You are very inspiring.
    I have been working out 5 days a week for about 4 months now and I can FEEL a difference in my muscles but do NOT see the muscle tone yet. I am 5’8 and 130 pounds. Do you think I need to lose a few more pounds of body fat to be able to see the tone, or just work out harder?
    Perhaps diet is the issue, I eat clean as well, take my healthy fats and protein.

    Are there any supplements you recommend I take to burn body fat for more definition? Or should I be doing more cardio?

    It it is all a bit confusing, hope you can help me out! Thank you!!!

    Keep up the amazing work.

  • http://[email protected] myra

    dear zuzana,

    have a nice day. im alwaysfollowing your new exercises video in internet and follow it. can you help me about my problem? i want a bigger hips and rounder butt what exercise is good for me.
    thank you and more power.

  • Tina

    Thanks for your answer Zuzana. I think I will reduce my number of workouts too, because I do not want to be over-trainer again. It will not be easy, but I will try! :)
    The very difficult thing for me will be to choose between all these great workouts of yours! Each day something different, I think. And I have to pay attention to those exercise where I want to improve myself, such as – dive bomber push-ups, burpees,…!

    Best wishes,


  • Michelle

    Thanks for the advice–I will definitely be incorporating more unilateral movements into my routines from now on–thanks again!

  • Tina


    thank you a lot for your answer! You are right.
    My biggest mistake is to work too much. I will have to be careful about that, once or twice already happened that I did over-trained myself.
    Too much of enthusiasm have to be under control.
    How many workouts have you in one day? One, two, maybe three? I am so curious about that :) .
    Take care, I am reading your site on a daily bases,

    Best wishes,


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Tina,

      I workout once a day, 6 days a week. I realized that if I follow the basic rules of clean eating, one workout a day is enough for a general conditioning and keeping the body fat low.

  • Dee

    I really like this post!

  • liz

    Dear zuzanna,
    I have been watching your vids from the day 1. And I love all ure vids. I work out on a regular basis 5-6 times a week. I work out two diff muscles groups everytime I work out. And I do cardio as well. But I have a question for you. Is it ok for me to train my abs every day.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Liz,

      it is ok to train your abs every day. Try to vary the exercises from one day to another.

  • Tina

    Hey Zuzana!

    One qestion: I started to work out on an empty stomach every dan – for about a half an hour – today, for example, I did Best 20 minutes workout. I do something different every day, every workout actually.
    I want to ask you if you are also doing some workouts first thing in the morning – so on emptys stomach?
    And this morning session is not my only workout in the day. I also do an afternoon workout and if I have time also an evening. So about 60 minutes total of workouts a day. Please, comment if that make sense to you. I have six packs, I want now my butt and legs to get ripped. I know that will not be easy…all of my body fat is stored there and there is a lot of it :( . But I enjoy working out!!! And love your routines! I just have to do something different every workout, I written down all of your workouts and now I have a great base to work with. Thanks in advance for your answers!


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Tina,

      you seem to work really hard and I admire that. Just make sure that you are always using your best judgment to avoid over training. Remember that if you experience any decline in performance, then it might be a sign of over reaching. I don’t workout before my breakfast because I always wake up with hunger, so I do eat a light breakfast and then I go for a longer walk with my dog and then I have my workout. Some trainers do not recommend to workout on an empty stomach at all and other fitness professionals believe that it is totally individual and that we all should listen to our body, which is also my opinion.

  • Dominic

    It is also good to remember that “in shape” is a somewhat loose definition. Meaning one thing to someone and another to the next person. The overweight person might see simply losing weight as getting “in shape”, while the scrawny toothpick-type might see bulking up and adding muscle as getting in shape. Two opposites with the same term of reference. I think that we have to be convinced of the body image we wish to project in order for any fitness program to succeed in the longterm. If this is a runway model twiggy look, then fine; if it is a muscle bound “Arnold” look alike, then fine. If it pleases you and it is something you are physically capable of, then you must go for it. You will be much more fulfilled in life if you are confident of the image you present to the world. The added health benefits from an active healthy lifestyle necessary to accomplishing either of these goals, or variant of the same, will serve as an added boost.

    I have always been skinny, a lot of hard work and a dubious eating routine left me a toothpick but strong. I tried lifting weights in high school then stopped; ten years ago I started again, but was busy and got discouraged when I saw little results. This summer I decided to start again and give it at lest a year of strict training combined with correct EATING. The eating part is so critical, and is the reason why I saw little result in previous attempts. Diet is half of adding lean muscle mass. When I began this time I started eating right and immediately lost 5 pounds, from 145 to 140 then within two months had gained back the 5 pounds lost and added 2. Lots of organic veggies, protein, fibre, not too much meat, lots of dairy, eggs, protein, …..protein. I get a rush now when I see my progress in the mirror.

    I have scoliosis and a work related injury (torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder) and so have to be careful when I lift weights. There are some things I cannot do without excruciating pain – so I avoid them and try to work those muscles some other way. I think any disability is often used as an excuse to put off getting “in shape” but in truth, with a few exceptions, this is pure procrastination and lack of will. Whatever “in shape” means to you, go for it. There is no stereotypical “ideal” shape – no matter what television or magazines try to tell you. You are your own shape, make of it what you will!

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  • M.Sphinx

    How long will it take for me to get in shape?

    Short answer: Longer than you’d like.

    Great long answer, Zuzana.

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  • Tam

    Hi Zuzana,

    You have no idea how much your website has inspired me, I’ve used to be over weight before but then I knew it was time for me to do something about it and i did!
    I used to weigh 90 Kilos and now i weight 72 Kilos and I’m still trying to lose all the extra fat, the only problem that most of the fat is gathered in my thighs, I’ve tried all types of cardio and honestly they just bored me to death, ever since I started doing some of the thigh and abs exercise that’s on your website, it’s been three weeks now and i can see my body getting toned! The only thing is I really got so bored of cardio, and by that I mean running on the treadmill, just anything that required a lot of repetition I get bored from it.

    My question is, would it be okay if I just did weight exercise on daily basis with 3-4 minutes of skipping rope in between exercises to keep my heart rate high? or would it best that i do 30-45 minutes cardio such as jogging, biking etc… after or before my exercises in order to get the best results?

    Thank you so much! x

  • TS

    Hi Zuzana,

    Great workout :) I think I’ll need to go pick up a baseball bat to follow the beginning part of the exercise.

    Anyway, I hope I am not bothering you but I had a question. My upper abs are getting the workout with everything I do, however, I know you cannot spot reduce, which is why I do plenty of cardio on the side, but is there any exercise you know of that slims your sides down the fastest? Like your core and obliques.
    I feel like I have almost “back fat” and the only places on my abs that are getting toned is the front of my stomach.
    I don’t know what to do to work my obliques and slim down my sides as quickly as possible.

    Thank you.)

  • Michelle

    Since we are on the subject of muscle gains, I thought I might ask if you found that one side of your body developed more quickly than the other; it seems that because my left leg is dominant, it is experiencing the greatest amount of visible growth of both the quadricep and bicep femoris muscles–the right leg just seems to be lagging behind. Is this something that will eventually work itself out through continued strength training? Should I, for example, focus on isolating my right leg more often, adding in more reps on the right side only, or shifting my weight to the right side during squats? This imbalance has existed for a long time, as I used to run everyday with my left leg dominating my stride, but I am concerned that it may become more pronounced over time. Are there isolation exercises that I might incorporate that would speed things up? Any advice would be greatly appreciated–thanks for your time!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Michelle,

      we all have one side of the body that is more dominant then the other and it is important to pay attention to this, because it could really get pronounced and even lead to an injury over time. You can incorporate unilateral exercises into your workouts to fix this problem. Unilateral exercise means that you are working only one side at a time. For example instead of regular squats, you can do one leg squats starting with your weaker side. Your goal is to activate the muscles of your weaker side while maintaining the muscles and strength of your dominant side, so if you have just completed 5 reps of pistols with your weaker leg, do not exceed this amount of reps with your dominant leg. One more thing, it is recommended that your workouts are not entirely made up of unilateral exercises but rather a mix of bilateral and unilateral exercises.

  • Coco

    hey Zuzana,

    i love ur website!!!it helps me a lot in my keep fit plan. here i have a question to ask you.
    being a woman, i think we have maintain certain amount of muscle and fat in our body in order to look sexy and healthy. i kown there is no way for me to control which part of my body to stay with fat while other parts lossing weight. however i have a concern that if i work out and lose weight, then my breasts will be smaller (which i do not want). i think you are looking stunning. i want to ask you how do you maintain a balance in ur body! thankss!!!

  • Mandy

    Hi Zuzana,

    I didn’t know where to post this question, so I just figured I should just post it on your newest post… My question has to do with diet, exercise, but also about birth control. Many women notice weight gain when they are taking oral contraception but even though this isn’t scientifically proven, muscle loss is. It is proven that it is harder to gain muscle and retain it for women who are on birth control. (I’m going to guess that the weight gain comes from having less muscle mass, leading to lower metabolism) Personally, since I have started taking birth control, I cannot lift the same amount of weight (and reps) as I could 6 months before I started, and I feel it takes a lot more effort to improve myself. I am just curious if you (or anyone out there!!) has ever experienced this as well… I’m guessing that there are many women out there who have noticed this kind of change since it is proven through research, but I haven’t been able to talk to another person who has noticed this before.

    I guess my main questions are: Have you heard of this/ experienced this before?, Do you know how to combat it through a diet change (more protein??)?, Or is this just something that women who are on birth control have to accept?

    Thank you.

  • Natalia

    Hi Zuzana. I wanted to say thanks for answering my other question. What are some things
    that inspire you or motivate you to keep training and eating healthy? I’ve straggled with eating disorders since high school and now at 22 years old, I really want to conquer my battle with it. Your website is helping me so much! Thank you for being such an inspiration! :)

  • Monica

    Hi Zuzana,
    I have a question about lifting speed. I know that to get toned muscle it is important to put the muscles under sufficient tension. What will make sure the working muscle is under the most tension? Explosive concentrics? Or controlled speed as in about two seconds concentric as well as eccentric?

    Also, will doing more sets for a muscle lead to faster gains since it will be out under tension for a longer total time period?

    I am not looking to get big muscles, just dense, firm and shapely like you :-)

    Thank you.