Nov 10 2009

Five Hundred Rep Workout

Hi Everyone,

Today’s workout was awesome! Very intense, but also quite long. It took me exactly 35 minutes and 55 seconds. It might sound strange, but I was actually enjoying the pain from the burn. Now I feel that I really deserve the active rest tomorrow.  So what was this workout all about? I did 10 different exercises and 50 reps for each of them. It is a time challenge so try to be moving through the exercises without taking any long breaks. What slowed me down were the push ups and although I started with regular push ups – I had to switch to the easier variations. The turkish get ups are also quite brutal and took me the most amount of time.

I am very sorry that I don’t have any pictures for you today. It is Cali’s fault – she wouldn’t let me do a single picture.


I hope that you will get the idea about the exercises  from the video alone.

Five Hundred Workout

  1. Prisoner Squats – 50 reps
  2. Sit Ups – 50 reps
  3. Backward/Forward Lunge – 25 on each leg (one time back and forward counts and 1 rep)
  4. Push Ups – 50 reps
  5. Reptile (Plank Knee to Elbow) – 50 reps switching the legs
  6. Turkish Get Up – 50 reps
  7. Side V – Crunch – 25 reps on each side
  8. Split Push Ups – 50 reps total
  9. Jump Forward and Two Jumps Back – 50 reps total
  10. Reversed Plank Knee Tucks – 50 reps total

I hope that you will enjoy this workout as much as I did and that you will let me know how fast you completed it.

My best,



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  • Cynthia

    August 15, 2014

    I completed this in 44 mins. Push ups were done on knees and get ups were done with a 5 lb dumbbell.

  • Ginger Snaps

    31:03! I had to do modified pushups but I am a hurting unit! Woo! Feel great and empowered! Used 10lb kettle bell for Turkish getups!

  • Caroline

    41 minutes with 10 pound kettle bell for 30 of the get ups, then 20 with just a 3 pound. sweating bad!

  • rox

    February 14th 2011 – 49’55″ (push ups from knees)
    June 29th 2012 – 38’16″ (all push ups from plank) yes! :) )

  • kat

    Finished mine in 24:19
    also did 5 Healing Burpees :)

  • Kristen Williams

    I did this workout today. 21 min 29 seconds. Down over a minute from the last time :)

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  • zsukam

    Ahh, this was something ! Love it! I sweat like a pig :) 35:02 Stretching & I go to the shower!

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    WoW :) your outfit is SO BEAUTIFUL I loved it :D

    BR Beth

  • Annebel Wind

    My God.. Did this in about 50 minutes.. how can people be so fast.. I had to stop in all of the exercises about 3 times to get it done.. even more breaks with the push ups.. So it took me long.. But did finish it.. Thanx…

  • Ms.Giginka

    37:21 :) nice hard workout :)

  • Bohdanam

    modified #2)sit ups with 8 lbs ball             #3) turk. get ups?8 lbs ball
    23:22 min

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  • Kay W.

    i so wanted to cry and give up but I’m so happy that i pushed through it completed this workout in 36 mins and 23 secs

    had to do easier variations for both push ups

  • Kay W.

    i so wanted to cry and give up but I’m so happy that i pushed through it completed this workout in 36 mins and 23 secs

    had to do easier variations for both push ups

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I beat my old PB with almost one minute today: 18:35!
    My arms were super sore already, so I was only able to use 3 kilos in the Turkish Get-ups.
    But a great sweat :)
    Love, Maria

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  • Мария Давлеева

    My time is 28 minutes 45 seconds. I did regular push ups & split push ups. then I did 5 minutes of Russian twists with 5 kg water bottle = 263 reps then 6 pack Abs workout in 4 minutes 22 seconds.

    • Bohdanam

      What is russian twist?

      • Мария Давлеева

        Bohdana, sorry for a late answer. here is link
        it’s an ex for obliques.

        • Bohdanam

          Thank you Maria, great video
          do svydanija

  • Mindy McT

    This one is killer. My time was 34:46 but I did many modifications. I was sore coming in to this workout from yesterday so All the push-ups I did with wide leg knees (frog legs), I did regular get-ups instead of Turkish get-ups, even plank with knee I had to drop to my knees for part of it because my arms were still burning from the push-ups! Next time I will come to this workout at 100% instead of 80 but all and all I feel great now, sweaty with numb arms :)

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Finished in:
    What a GREAT sweat ;)

  • Vanessa

    It was insane… lol, i did in 35:56 minutes, i couldn`t complete the Turkish Get Up – 50 reps, only 20. :-(

    I love it!
    I`ve been training since 3 weeks ago and already i can see some results, it`s incredible it!

    Thank you Zuzana and Fred

  • Laura

    19 DEC 2010 – It took me 39:17:46. I used 5lb weight for turkish get ups.and I wish I would have practiced the movement beforehand because it took me a while to get it down. Those were brutal and took forever!! I got to 25 and thought OMG, only half way done??!! Thanks for a great workout that just hit everything…I’ll do better next time!!

  • Paige

    why did it take me so long :( 56 minutes…..i’m so disappointed

  • elise

    took me exactly 37:00- i did the turkish get ups with 5 lb weights so i was slowed down a lot. the backward forward lunges were way more brutal then you make them look and it is a day later and i definitely feel them in my legs :) . i have a question- should i work out if i’m a little bit sore? great workout! <3 <3

  • sheniye

    it’s a great and very hard workout! it took me 23′ 15”. turkish get up takes a long time. #8 was nearly impossible to finish! anyway, i really enjoyed it! thanks.

  • RED

    38:14:05 – no cheating. But its now one day later and most muscles in my body are in divine pain. good pain. great session. Can’t wait to do the 600.

  • RED

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy,

    I have been doing your exercises for 5 weeks – 4 to 5 sessions per week along with my 1hr long Ashtanga Practice and trying to go for a run 3 times per week.

    Recently, I have been feeling so tired and I was thinking of dropping my running as I have also heard it is bad for your joints and to be honest I was just using it to try to burn fat.

    Just wanted some feedback on your thoughts on running/jogging for weight loss. ie. half an hour 3 x per week.
    Do you think it would be better to stick to just your workouts and put my 100% effort into this instead of trying to do it all with diminishing returns.
    I just feel worried that all the great results that I am seeing will become less if I don’t run.

    By the way the new format is brilliant. I think it is great to get your breakdown on the poses ‘face-to-face’ and you are looking amazing these days.

    P.S. A good book on going veggie is Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousins.

    Keep it flowing


  • Stacey

    I did this workout yesterday…well, until I vomited…I thought that would be a good stopping point.

    I completed the prisoner squats, sit ups, lunges, pushups, reptiles, side v crunches, and reversed plank knee tucks- it took me 18 minutes and 30 seconds. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to squeeze out the get ups, jumps, or 50 more push ups. THAT WAS INSANE!

    Thanks for the great workout Zuzana and Freddy

  • Dolly Orone

    I’m so glad I randomly found your blog. It is so cool.

  • Maria

    ohh GOD those push killed me! 35:43

  • Lvette

    First day of my vacation. I did not have the weights to continue with the New Rock Your Body which I started on Feb 15 and planned on doing for 4 weeks. Did 500 reps this morning, it took me 40 mins to complete. The push ups and the split push ups did me in and slowed my time.

  • Ariana

    Whew! i just finished this for the second time. It was my goal to do all the pushups from my toes…and I did! My time was 31:06…over four minutes off my original.

    Thanks for all the great work you guys. You kick my butt almost every day!

  • Debra M

    I repeated this workout today and my time was 31:52. I cut over ten minutes off my original time from January 8. And I beat you ;)

    Woo! Watching the timer made a big difference. I did the first 50 pushups on my toes, and in the second set of 50 I did 10 on my toes and 40 on my knees. Last time I did only 30 out of the 100 pushups on my toes! Thanks for kicking my butt into shape.

  • Nyt_Ryder

    Curious, is there a pic or a video of you when you first started? just as a comparison. btw you’re workouts are ungodly torturous, but the results speak for themselves ;-)

  • Heather

    I did a new version on the 500 reps workout today. I’ll call it the 500 reps sequel!
    1. 50 step ups on right leg
    2. 50 step ups on the left leg
    3. 50 push ups
    4. 50 pelvic thrusts (man these burn my buns!)
    5. 50 reverse crunches with toe tap to floor
    6. 50 jump lunges
    7. 50 tricep dips on chair with alternating leg extentions, my arms were shaking by the end of these!
    8. 50 bicycle crunches
    9. 50 squat with alternating front kicks
    10. 50 surrenders, I started with a 5 lb weight in each hand but soon had to drop the weights and just keep my hands in the air

    I finished this work out in 24 minutes and 27 seconds. It was a great work out, you should give it a try and tell me what you think!
    Have a great day,

    • Rachelle

      Hey, I would love to try your workout. Could you please clarify what “pelvic thrusts” are, as well as “surrenders”

      • Heather

        Pelvic Thrust- lay on your back with your feet(heels) up on a chair, legs at 90 degrees, lift up your bottom as high as you can go and squeeze your butt then lower back to the ground, that is 1 rep

        Surrenders- start with your legs hip width apart holding a 5 pounds weight in each hand, bend your right leg until your knee is on the floor and follow with your left leg, now you are in a kneeling position (both knees on the ground), rise up with your right leg and follow with your left leg until you are in the standing position again that is one rep, now lower down to your left knee and follow with the right, and then stand up with the left knee and then the right, keep alternating legs, it sounds confusing but just do it and you will see what I mean, the weights stay over your head the entire time, I couldn’t do it with the weights for too long, I ended up just putting my arms over my head.

        Reverse Crunch with Toe Tap- lay on your back, feet are off the ground knees bent 90 degrees, you want to crunch the lower half of your body so you lift up your butt and squeeze your lower abs, don’t swing, then bring your toes down to gently tap the ground, that is 1 rep

        Step up- I used a chair that was knee height, start with your right leg, put it up on the chair and it stays there the entire 50 reps while your left leg comes up and taps the chair and then taps the ground that is 1 rep, keep going on the right leg until you’ve done 50 then switch
        to the left leg and do 50 reps on the left side leaving your left foot up on the chair and bringing your right up to tap the chair and then down to tap the floor.

    • marissa

      hey heather,
      i would like to do this workout but can you care to collaborate alittle bit more with exercises 4,5,10 and the step ups.?
      thank you :D

      • Heather

        Read above! Have fun! :)

  • TaylorMae

    WOW! No wonder you’re in such good shape!

    It took me 40 mins, I had to break down a lot of the stuff into 5 sets of ten otherwise I was going to die. I can’t do 50 push ups in a row!

    Great work, I got a fab cardio workout in half my usual gym time, and all in the comfort of my kitchen!


  • Rashu

    thanks Z and F…
    This was really really hot and painful…. its damned cold here in India , and I was the ONLY person in teh gym who managed to sweat right through my T shirt AND sweatshirt :D

    PS : I have a minor question, ppl here ask me to help them do the same exercises. Normally I would give them the link to here, but most dont use a computer very often, and would not be able to understand the website…. Can I cite you for the workouts and then tell them how to do it? I would feel uncomfortable saying no to them or stealing your ideas without saying where I got them…

  • Morgan

    Holy cow! This was really difficult for me! I completed everything in 39:31 but I only ended up doing 30 Turkish get-ups, so we could probably just add ten minutes to my time ;-) I really feel like I am starting to improve though! I could do a lot more reps in a row of every exercise than I could have done when I first started!

    You two totally rock!

  • Daniel & Astrid from Germany

    wir finden dein training super.
    und wir werden dran bleiben
    mit freundlichen grüßen aus deutschland

    Astrid & Daniel

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hallo Daniel and Astrid,

      danke fur deine.. message. Ich spreche nicht deutsch.. unfortunately :) Merry Christmas!

  • farshid

    dear zuzana
    i hope find my body like your

  • charlie

    awsome workout, really needed this !! thnx

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  • Charlie

    Wow! Thank you so much for posting this! It is so much easier to get through when I know that all you other people did it too! Otherwise I would have never done all those get-ups or the jumps. Or the pushups for that matter. 33:09. The pushups were hard to do all at once. A hint for getting through the get-ups: I was listening to an audio book and kept count by moving a stack of things from my left to my right. Thanks Zuzana! You look beautiful, as always.


  • Jennifer

    Dear Zuzana,

    Thank you for your daily posts. I am very inspired by your workouts and watch your site daily. Please do let us know if you make a full video. I would buy them!

    Thank you for sharing,

  • Crawarr

    hey :) try to do 150 reps of every workout in this video

  • Jalal ad-Din

    Peace Zuzana,

    I’m a 22 year old engineer and health/fitness addict (some addictions can be beneficial right? :) . It’s become a hobby of mine of sorts…

    I performed your workout (which I appropriately christened the Brutal Zuzana 500) after my cycling and my weight lifting regiment for my back (which includes several types of pull-ups). I was able to complete it in 24 minutes and 25.1 seconds. Performing the 50 Turkish Get-ups was like walking through hell–quite literally! The Reptiles weren’t a joke either. I felt so proud and accomplished when I finished it: it was like a breathe of fresh air. Moreover, my body felt so good, almost euphoric! This is the sort training I’ve been looking for to break up the monotony of my workout routines! I always love trying something new!

    I’m looking forward to performing your 600 rep workout, which I will call the Austere Zuzana 600. I greatly appreciate what you’re doing with this site. You have become an inspiration for aspiring fitness gurus–like I someday hope to be. Keep up good work!

    ~Jalal ad-Din

  • Phillip

    Hello Zuzana,

    I’m a 22 year old college student, soldier, and overall health nut. I’ve fallen in love with your website. I tried your 500 rep workout to after my leg workout. It was so hard it burned so good lol. People were watching the whole time by the time I finished in 40 min (I got hung up on the forward and backward lunges cause my legs were already tired) I was covered in sweat. I’m looking forward to doing the 600 rep monster you have created :) You keep the world fit one video at a time.

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  • Jessica

    Can’t believe I did it. It looked so intimidating but it just really takes concentration. 35 minutes for me :)

  • Joanna

    hy…….u are very good.I have a problem,I have 21 years but every thing i do doesn t work :( . i ve tried every thing,and i was thinking maybe with these exercises might work.The problem is I don t know where to start…if u could give me a hint i would be gratefull…..many thanks !

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Joanna,

      start with any workout that you feel comfortable with and if you want you can jump in start to follow my daily workouts.

  • Jean-Sebastien

    Hi again !

    Did this workout today and It was Awesome, did 34min 10 sec. And this weekend ive tried your bruchettas and pear chicken. Both were very nice and pleasing to eat ! Thanks again to both of you !

    Looking forward to see your next workout ! Hope your climbing session was very fun! I may start interior climbing this winter at the end of this university session of hell !


  • Eli

    Hi, I started doing your workouts and I feel AMAZING! I’ve been going to the gym for the past 4 mos and did not see the results I wanted until I did it in conjuction with your workouts. I have 5 kids and my body looks better than ever. You are my inspiration. I purposely go to your website twice a day , especially during my lunch break ; just so I can stay motivated. Thanks.

  • Janggoon

    I just completed the 500 rep workout…and I must say, WOW! My triceps, gluts, quads, and especially obliques were literally feeling the burn. I just stumbled upon your youtube account last week…and I will continue to follow and workout along with you. :)

  • Maizie Carrington

    Do you have a DVD? And if so, where can we get it? It is hard to do these exercises from a computer.

  • Carlos

    I was able to complete the 500 reps in 29 min and I’m exhausted

  • Tania

    Hey, I loved this work-out!
    Turkish Get Up was a challenge but I loved every minute of it!

  • ania

    Well bleeding stopped so I managed to exercise (oh and I can type normal now – not like yesterday when my cat kept jumping on my laptop – therefore it was hard to understand what i meant to type haha)
    so done the workout – took it slowly and completed it in 48 mins very very long but hey I’m still recovering

  • ania

    Thank you so much. It’s like you’re reading my mind ha . I had to stop because I guess I can’r take it slow (always have this “oush harder” monster in my mind”
    Anyway iof any of you guys are are on facebook
    we should have a a page for oursleves….
    I am anna mason (durham) if anyone wnaths join me

  • allison

    wow! thats amazing mary liz congradulations on your kid and your hard work :) i never knew you would be able to do those kind of things pregnant

  • CL

    Hi ania,

    Ania, you should just do lighter exercises or stretch that won’t pull much on the jaw muscles, but your head’s muscles are pretty much involved in any upper body lifting, pushing or pulling. Stationary bike at lower revolutions could be okay for some. Be careful for at least a couple of days and check with your dentist about what you can do.

    If you’re patience you will be back to normal shortly!

    But, bleeding after extraction shouldn’t go on beyond 24 hours and is a serious issue if it continues for much longer. We only have so much blood and it isn’t made that fast. If you feel faint headed or dizzy please contact your doctor! Also you should see that you are getting enough iron and other important ingredient of blood in your diet.

    Seriously my best wishes,

  • Mary Liz

    Hi! This is kinda for Jana. Above everything listen to your doctor, but if he says take it easy, I’d get a second opinion.

    I was active duty in the military when I was pregnant, so they made my husband and I study this subject. I ran my whole pregnancy, in fact I did 100 crunches and ran 3 miles up and down hill the night before I gave birth. I felt great the whole pregnancy and because I didn’t stop working out and running the birth was a piece of cake. Seriously I kept waiting for the awful pain everyone always talks about, it never came *wink*.

    The general rule is, if you were doing it before you got pregnant, you can continue doing it while your pregnant. The first trimester there are no rules, in the 2nd and 3rd there are twisting limitations and exertion modifications your doctor (and many pregnancy books) can explain in detail when they apply to you.

    The biggest risk you have while working out and being pregnant is getting off balance. Your body will eventually carry more weight up front. Your blood flows differently. Your hormones and such cause changes in you. So, if your running and get dizzy and fall down, there is a high risk of hurting the baby. If you are jumping rope and trip, you could fall down and hurt the baby. See where I’m going with this? If you use common sense with your workouts, you will do great. Don’t give up on your body especially when the best thing for your baby is the fresh blood flow and awesome “feel good” hormones you get from working out.

    Good Luck and CONGRATS!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Mary Liz,

      that sounds like an incredible advice and I have been wondering about this for a long time. It’s great to hear that women can keep up this level of activity during pregnancy. Thanks for taking the time to write such an inspiring comment.

  • ania

    Thanks Zuzana
    My tooth was bothering me for last few months and finally I decided enough is enough. Actually I wasn’t expecting to have it done straight away but my dentist said “well I’ve got 10 mins before the next appointment so I can do it now” hah
    anyway I decided I try to do some light workout – sth very stationary like simple situps, biceps exercise etc.
    If it bleeds then I’ll stop :)
    Off to get change and warm up :)

  • ania

    Hiya Zuzana and Frederick
    I was really looking forward to doing this workout last night but… one of my wisdom teeth decided I wasn’t going to do anything. I had it pulled out last night and it was fine. It took like 30 secs, no pain nothing. But then everytime i tried to exercise it would start bleeding again.I am so sick of it, I feel handicapped not being able to do anything.I was just wondering how was your tooth (or the socket after it was removed), when will I be able to exercise?
    I am desperate as I get bored and organize little trips to the fridge haha – and this is NO GOOD

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Ania,

      you are so lucky, because I didn’t have it pulled out yet. I went to the doctor and he didn’t want to do it because it was still little bit swollen so he told me that we have to make another appointment later. But I know that if it won’t bother me, I won’t go and have it pulled out :) I know that it must be really bothering you, but I think that if you would take it easy just for two days, it might heal, and then you can jump into the workouts again.

  • CL

    Hi Zuzana and All,

    I forgot to mention that the 2.5 liter bottle Zuzana used in the Turkish Get Ups would have weight about 5.5 pounds. So you folks in the office or home without even a simple Dumbbell have no excuse not to lift “weights” as many of us can buy a 2.5 liter bottle of water practically anywhere now days. After you’re done using it in place of a Dumbbell, please drink it!

    Best wishes,

  • Sarahi

    Holy moly!
    Good workout took me 38 min… weak arms but strong legs.

    I am a runner/biker =P

    Nice job Zuzana

    Pain is weakness leaving the body! haha

  • Adrienne

    I did this hellish workout and I cheated! LOL…26 Turkish Get Ups and I decided that one more rep would make me insane!

    I did all of the rest though. The personal trainers at the gym were yet again giving me the dirty eye!

    I am sore from a combo of this workout and my new yoga-dance class this week. My yoga instructor has a group of us performing yoga and dance to music. She is Russian (used to be a rhythmic gymnast) and her name is Zhanna…sweet woman but tough as nails. I worked muscles that I didn’t know I had.

    Anyway, I am always saying that I gotta get my Z’s…Zuzana and Zhanna! My body is progressively getting better.

    See my progress at my FB page:

    There are before and midway (now) pics. I am trying to get down to 20% body fat. And it is no joke for me to say that I look better this week than last week when I posted that pic. I love these workouts!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Adrienne,

      thanks for sharing your photos, that’s awesome! I am glad that the workouts are helping. Keep it up.

  • Nata

    I did it in 38 minutes, but I only did 30 reps of the easier variation for the push-ups. There is no way I can do 50. Before I started doing your workouts, I had never done push-ups before, so it’s very hard for me to do them. Also, I’m not sure I got the form totally right for the V crunches. They felt kind of awkward, but they hurt.

  • Kyla

    How much weight do you recommend for the Turkish get up. I started with 8 pds but had to switch to 5…phew

  • Maaiken

    hey Zuzana,
    Love this workout! I did it in 41´42´´. I haven´t got enough strength in my arms to keep going. I had to stop during the push ups and the split push ups! But I did 50, so I am proud. Is is better to reduce the amount and then do the routine twice or is it better to try and push through?

    Thanks for this great workout!

  • Elina

    Hi Zuzana! I am so thankful for taking the time to response to my comment! I agree with you 100% that weights dont give overall body streanght, today is the first time that I challanged my self to do your daily workout. I split it into two sets however first I did every exersice 10reps x2 and without a break repeated the same routine again 10repx2 for each exersice….I sweat it like a pig and I feel GREAT!!! My muscles are still shaking a little bit but wow ! I just have to say what a difference…You know I will from mow on challange my self to do your workouts everyday. Pushups; for now I do modified with the support of my knees, but one day when I get stronger I will be able to do it!! Thank you again….your are marvalouse. Oh, I couldnt stop thinking about this idea I had in my head…you publishing a book, or releasing a national DVD for sale..or both..With the greatest potential that you and your husband half, you are half way there…writting skills, professional photos, being able to instruct infront of the camera, and so on.. You know America will never be tired of a better, newer solution to a better body. Plus I take it that your husband and you know a lot about nutrition which is great to the workout plan. Let me know what you think..parhaps you already started it. I will be your first customer.
    Last thing besides all that I mentioned above you have the most important, a community of people that already trust you, and ,follow your routines,and have succeded, so any publishing company should take you with out a problem. So here a encourgment for you from the botttom of my heart. AFTER ALL, YOU WANT YOUR HARD WORK TO BE PAID OFF. Sorry for the whole essay I just had to tell you what was on my heart.
    Best Regards,

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Elina,

      I appreciate this kind of supports from our readers, so thank you for the kind comment.

  • bboyturtle

    good workout, i only got to 350 b4 i crashed, but well see what the next day will bring.

  • Ahmed

    thanks very mush fro your advise
    kind regards

  • CL

    Hi Zuzana,

    I feel you two have contributed a great deal of fun and inspiration to a lot of people’s lives and are worthy of compensation for your efforts. I note you didn’t tell how to send money.

    Best wishes,

  • Jana

    Hi Everyone,
    I’d like to thank you all VERY MUCH for your answers regarding exercise during pregnancy, I appreciate it! It looks like we are becoming a supportive community here and it feels good to have friends that help! Right now running and swimming completely alleviate my nausea and tiredness associated with pregnancy, I feel great after my workout. I am still going to do some of Zuzana’s routines and will definitely try her recipes that she will post in the future.
    Thank you again!!!

  • Heidi Hess

    Hi Zuzana I love your site, the workouts are short and tough it’s my first time sending a comment I did the 500 rep workout. But I was only able to do 25 reps of each move so it was 250 reps it took me 30:10 sec I need to work on it and lose more weight I started to eat cleaner and smaller portions I feel better already. I weigh 163 now and want to lose 30 or 40 pounds within a year do u think it’s a healthy time frame please let me know your advise
    Love Heidi :)

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  • Nick

    That was a great workout Z! Thanks! I was actually only a minute slower than you 36:50, so Im pretty happy about that. I didn’t have to go to my knees till the split pushups, I was aiming for not going to my knees at all, but it was just to many pushups.

  • Sunday

    Okay Zuzana, I just did this horrible exercise for you, lol. Did everything except only 10 of the turkish get ups, those made me want to quit! I tried for doing the other 40 after I finished but I didn’t have it in me. Took maybe 35 minutes, but a lot better than what I could’ve done last month. I enjoyed this one. :)

  • Kamillzyna

    i would love to hear you speak your language — i know i’d love to speak some different languages ^o^

  • Robert M.

    Hi Zuzana,

    Even though you haven’t had any equipment to workout with, your muscle mass and definition looks very much the same to me as it has over the past several weeks. Do you feel that you are getting the same results or perhaps better results with your body weight only routines?

    Thanks, Bob

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Bob,

      i am very happy with my muscle mass and definition already. I don’t think I want any improvement in this regard, otherwise I might start to grow hair on my chest :) My goal is to get stronger and faster, which has impact on your muscle definition, but when you are already toned, then you won’t see that much improvement. Anyone who is just starting to workout or who needs to loose weight and tone up, will see results in much faster rate then me. I will be happy to stay where I am and just gain some strength endurance.

  • E.E.

    33:35–but to be honest, I replaced the pushups with pikes :) i’m not sure which one’s hardest and I’m still wondering what parts pikes work out. do you know zuzana?

  • Yelena

    How about some Russian too? Hehe

  • FlaviaRJ

    I thought I was in shape, but the truth is that I did the workout in 50 minutes, I didn´t even got close to you, but I´m trying, hehehehe…
    the worse exercise was the Lunges! It´s killed my legs, but it´s good!! \o/ hahaha..!
    This is a great workout!

  • Kate

    Hi, i have been looking on your site for months now and have regularly done your sessions and find them very good, you have some fantastic ideas for training, thank you i really enjoy the short intense training.

    i managed this session in 25 minutes and 37 seconds, thinking this was a little too fast i thought i had not done enough of the backward forward lunges and was meant to do 50 each leg, so i did, the same with the side v crunches…..oops! this took me to 27 minutes and 56 seconds. my legs burned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now realising i have done too many feel good for finishing in my time.

    Thank you and keep them coming please!

  • E.E.

    hi Zuzana! I know this sounds maybe too demanding. But, do you think that maybe sometime in one of your videos, you can speak just a liiiitle bit in your language, Czech? Like, for a few seconds? :) I think it’s such an intriguing place and language. I’ll try this here soon, can’t wait!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      that’s a funny request :) but this is also really strange, because I was actually thinking about it today. I have got some nice comments from czechs and slovaks so I was thinking that it would be nice to say thank you in my language.

  • CL

    Hi Zuzana and Everyone,

    When I saw the title of this workout I figured you were going to do 500 of 500 skips or something like that! 8-)

    I’m kind of to sore from redoing the one leg squats workout to do this one for a day or two. I wasn’t happy with the form of my squats and did much better the second time, but they focus heavily on the quadriceps! And I have a physically demanding job with lots of squatting involved…ouch!

    Now to something completely different: You know folks if you are inspired and/or grateful for Frederick and Zuzana’s efforts at providing a fun and useful spot on the net…you could use Paypal to send them a small token of your appreciation.

    I just past a small mile stone with my forth deposit of ~25 dollars to their account. The way I figure is if I was a member at a gym it would cost me a lot more and this is no more than an once a month act on my part. Figure up what you could give and seriously think about a gift of whatever you could afford. Be it a one time gift of 10 or 20 dollars or much higher and more than once. 8-)


    PS. Zuzana can give out the hotmail address to use for Paypal.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Chris,

      I appreciate your support really, but that comment sounds almost like I wrote it myself :)

  • zorbabel


    i did it in 37min and 24 seconds .
    1. Prisoner Squats – ok
    2. Sit Ups – ok
    3. Backward/Forward Lunge – i had to stop sometimes to soothen the burn
    4. Push Ups – did 20 by 20 and soon ended on my knees, easier.
    5. Reptile (Plank Knee to Elbow) – stopped to ease the burn .
    6. Turkish Get Up – ok
    7. Side V – Crunch – that was tough,really tough
    8. Split Push Ups – stopped several times and everything on my knees
    9. Jump Forward and Two Jumps Back – ok,but i think my jump sucks
    10. Reversed Plank Knee Tucks – did wrong exercise,because i did kind reversed reptile exericise and left knee with right elbow.

    I enjoyed doing these exercise and have troubles to write cause my hands are shaking.


    OH MY GOODNESS!! 38 minutes 21 seconds!!! GET OUT! I am so excited. I did it without adding any additional cardio like I usually do. I didn’t have to. This workout is bombing. Those turkish get ups were the most difficult. But I persevered. I did not want to quit. I did have to slightly modify it by using a chair to stand up,because of my painful knees,and it was still hard. A testiment to your method of providing us with tips for strength trainging our arms to do push ups. I did them nonstop and was able to do the reverse plank knee tucks easily. This is such a victory for me. A big hug to you Zuzana and Frederick. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Okay, what’s next? I’m ready. Let’s go.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Texas Cindy,

      it seems that everyone else is getting in better shape then myself :) I am happy that you guys are doing so great.

  • Mr. Nobody

    Just finished. 26:29

    Great workout! I love your workouts because I can access them on my phone and do them anywhere. So there’s no excuse! Now I’m off for a quick run.

  • Kamillzyna

    i didn’ t have much time to do this workout this morning but i did most of it in about 25-27 minutes the only thing i left out were the split push ups i only had time to do about 15 of them. And i was still super late.
    Can’ t wait for the next workout!

  • Nicole D Lopez

    Hi Zuzana!

    I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying these workouts lately and I really love that you are not using any heavy duty equipment and just body weight! It makes working out way less stressful for me because I don’t have much equipment. So thank you very much and I hope you continue these kinds of workouts! :)

  • Yelena

    In regards to pregnancy, there is also Pre-Natal Yoga. A woman I know was pretty active all throughout her pregnancy. 2.5 months after giving birth, she’s pretty much back to her pre-baby weight. She fit into her normal jeans about a month after birth. I attribute it to her healthy lifestyle and activity levels.

  • Li

    Hey Zuzana!

    Thank you verry much for your Website!
    I love it!

    My question is: Is it good to make a workout every day or 5 times a week?
    My husband says its not so good, its better for the muscles when you make 3 workouts a week. What do you think about?

    I have problem not eat chocolate its so hard, but i wish to see like you!

    Sorry my english, its not so good!

    thank you so much for all and i wish you all the best!


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Li,

      you can workout 5 days a week if you are changing the intensity of your workouts. That can be done in many different ways. I currently do 2 intensive workouts in a row and then I have one day rest. You can find more information in my fitness f.a.q’s

  • Yelena

    I don’t run either, except that I AM lazy haha! I just really hate running, also I think it’s just really bad for the knees, it completely destroys them. I mean, I would never try to talk anyone out of exercising, believe me. I have a ton of respect for dedicated runners, but it really scares me how many runners have knee injuries. My bf just had knee surgery in May and he’s still not fully recovered. It was terrifying! The poor guy couldn’t do ANYTHING for a good month. It was just awful. I’m definitely traumatized by his experience and now I am so careful with how I treat my body. I’m really aware of how I stand too. I notice I used to put so much weight on one leg and now I’m very careful not to.

    I can tell you one thing though: the jump rope has REALLY improved my endurance and stamina. Thanks Z!!! In fact, the other day I had to run after a bus (again, I do NOT run/jog) and I swear it felt like nothing. I could not do that for even half a block a month ago! I couldn’t believe it! I realized it’s from the jump rope :) I LOOOOVE it.

  • Tina

    The forward/backward lunges was waaaay the hardest for me!…than the push-ups.
    All the other exercises was not that big problem for me and I do not know how but I can do the Turkish get-ups pretty well. Side V – Crunches are my favorite, I can do them easily and really feel the burn. Better not to talk about the burn at forward/backward lunges — OMG, I thought I would die, I didn`t feel the legs in the end but I am stubburn enough to do it without any rest between reps.

  • Tina

    Yes, I did it! I can`t believe to myself, but believe it or not, I did it in exactly 26 minutes!
    It was just great workout, nothing to say! I was all tired because of the whole day and I usually do the workouts in the morning, but today I didn`t have time. I thought at first that I shouldn`t do it, better tomorrow morning, but than I thouht of you Zuzana, and of your challenge and it really pushed me to do it! Now I am really glad I kicked my ass, because I feel so much better now, so energized. The best workout. :)
    And I think I was pushing myself harder, because of the whole challenge thing…Next time you should beat me and I know you will!

    Have a nice evening,


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      noooooo :) you are my main competitor right now, but don’t worry – I am just warming up ;)

  • Kyla

    Loved this workout!!!!
    I was just wondering if you do any steady state cardio, as in running, biking, swimming, etc.?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Kyla,

      I don’t do any running – i guess I am lazy :) I do like swimming but I haven’t been for a while. I love biking, but I don’t have a bike at the moment, so I am relying solely on my workouts.

  • Tina

    Hey Zuzana,

    wow, that seems like a really great workout! I am going to do it right now and I will let you know about my time result later!

    Thanks again for a new workout!

    Best wishes,


  • SausalitoMike

    great workout guys!

  • Tracy

    30 minutes and 48 seconds. Actually, I forgot to set the timer until after I had already done 17 prisoner squats, so I added 45 seconds to my end time. Definitely not accurate. I had to switch to pushups on my knees about 40 pushups in, though.

    I was just rewatching the vid to make sure I did everything right. Do you count the split pushups as one rep for the wide and close stance together, or do you count one rep for the wide and one for the close? Also, I was doing the Turkish get ups by tucking both feet up close to my hips and standing up on both legs evenly. Do you think this will hurt my knees? Should I do them the way you do them?

    Anyway, that was awesome. Thanks. I just finished a 12 hour shift in the factory where I work, and I wanted to workout before I went to bed. I think I’ll sleep like a log now.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      the split push ups – you count every rep as one so you do 50 push ups total. Turkish get ups – You can do it if you are able to keep your knees from turning inwards and reaching over your toes. It might get really hard after few reps to keep a good form. The way I did it is easier on your knees and form.

  • Kath

    Wow. That feels great (now that it’s over!). I completed it in exactly 40 minutes. I did all of the pushups on my knees, though. Those Turkish get-ups were beast, even though I used a 3lb dumbbell.
    I have to admit, my feet kept slipping on the last exercise so I ended up just doing parallel leg drops.
    Thanks so much Zuzanna!

  • Mike P

    24:48 for me today. I am used to doing tabata/crossfit type workouts, but this was one of the harder one’s I’ve done in a while. I have never even heard of a reptile or reverse plank knee tucks. It’s great to try new exercises.

  • http://www.idbootcamp Todd Beattie

    I love this workout! I’m going to do it this Friday… so my clients will think of exercise over the weekend.

  • david C

    After the 3OO spartans workout which was pretty intense. zuzana suggest us to do a further more intense workout : the 5OO reps workout. Never give up never surrender! mad girl .. you’ve called me mad girl? … no this is booodyrock ^^ . i really like this workout, especially the reptile because of the feeling of oblique squeeze . i’ve tried it yesterday and i can feel the muscle pain especially in my legs.unlike other blogger here i won’t tell you how much time it took me to do the whole workoot (male pride i think ^^ )
    Thank you “for the pain”

  • Gabi

    Ahoj Zuzko,

    Zdravim vas oba, schovej bundu kdyz chces utect zime, prilette sem do australie, nam tady zacina leto. (mno, i kdyz ja letim na vanoce s rodinou do CR za dva tydny)

    Zdravim ze Sydney!

    By the way, love your workouts and your website!.. I have 3 women as role models when it comes to working out; Madonna, Pink and Zuzana!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Gabi,

      Ty se mas! :) Taky doufam, ze se jednou do te Australie podivam. Diky moc za komentar.

  • Ashley

    Hey Zuzana!

    I agree with Suanne on her WOW! statement. This was a really challenging workout. I had to mentally prepare myself for 100 pushups! Thanks a lot for kicking my ass into gear. I managed to complete the workout in 30 minutes. I used a 2.5kg weight for the Turkish getups and also started doing V-Pushups from my knees after about ten of them. Now I’m feeling super energetic and loving life! WOOOOOO!!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Ashley,

      thanks for sharing your experience with the workout. I better start to get really serious about the time challenges – seems like everyone is kicking my ass :)

  • Oceana

    HI Zuzana,

    I’m pretty new to strength training, so I only did #1 to #5, cut down lunges to 10 on each side and did a bench push up (easy variation) instead of the one you’re doing. Still it took me 15 mins to do it. It’d take me years to get that strong… I’ll totally come back and give this another try in a few months…

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      I think that your approach is right, it’s good that you are not trying to destroy yourself :)

  • Marianne

    Hi Jana, I’ve looked into exercising whilst pregnant. In the first trimester (while your pregnancy is still supported by hormones), it’s best to take it easy while exercising, limit extensive jumping (especially if you’re new to these exercises). Light resistance work is safe provided you feel energetic enough and you don’t feel any pelvic discomfort. As for running, if you ran regularly before you were pregnant, it’s generally considered safe during pregnancy. However, it would be best to discuss your exercise plans with a doctor or midwife. In addition, it’s very important to keep hydrated during any exercise while pregnant. Listen to your body. It is recommended that you continue to strengthen the pelvic floor, core and abdominal muscles to support the growing baby. Cardio is important too for your own health. As the baby grows it will put more strain on your heart and lungs, so having a strong and efficient cardiovascular system is really benefical.

    Hope this helps

  • Ahmed

    Dear Zuzana,
    here i am again,
    you made a great different for all people they see and work with you
    i want ask you some thing hope you can find an answer to me,
    like you know i play roller hockey and i have important match tomorrow at 21:00
    i need you to advise what i can eat tomorrow from morning till the match and when i stop eating
    and what kind of food should i tack to be fit and energatik in the match
    noting that i eat for over 10 weeks ago just fruit, vegetables and grilled chicken
    i lost about 6-7 Kgs.
    now i am 68 kg and i am 159 cm
    please check and advise
    kind regards
    Ahmed Rashed

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hello Ahmed,

      I appreciate that you are thinking of me as an expert, but Ahmed, I am not an expert :) I am just a blogger girl who likes to workout and eat healthy. If I had an important event coming up, then I would choose food that is light and gives me energy. That is something that you should know about your own body, because we are all little bit different right? I wouldn’t eat anything hour and half before the match. That is slightly different for everyone as well. I noticed that if I wait 2 hours after my meal before I go to do my workout, I get hungry. For me hour and half is perfect. I wish you good luck with your match, I hope that you team will win :)

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  • FlaviaRJ

    Sorry but I was out of internet for some weeks.. but, did you get better of your thooth problem?
    I had the same problem and I know how hard it is!
    Have to mention that I saw the video when you explained that you´d had to rest with the workouts, (obvious because we all could see how big your face was) but I didn´t saw anything saying you got better.. but I can imagine you already get better because you are posting workouts…
    Don´t get me wrong, i was just worried because I had a lot of pain with the same problem and I wanted to know if you recovered well!
    Thanks! ^^

  • Don

    Hi Zuzana, Awsome as always ! Thanx from AZ

  • Nicolai

    Some text was cut out from my comment. Where I said “one!”, it was supposed to say: `left leg’ `right leg` “one!”

  • Nicolai

    Wow, this was a wonderful routine. I did it in 34:28, but I didn’t have to talk to a camera, so I’m very impressed with you, Z.

    I also split the sets into two like Anne above, thinking that would allow me to blast through it, but it was still tough! By the end and I think my body made the house a few degrees hotter :)

    Are the reptiles, split push-ups and the knee tucks supposed to be counted once each time you do both sides? (like: “one!”) If not, there were a couple parts where I may have done too many, because I started counting both sides as one instead of two.

    I like to work out for 45minutes, so I followed it up with some pull-ups, calf raises, barbell curls and jump rope to make it that much harder on me. After my timer went off I had to walk around the block to cool down, my heart was going to pound out of my chest. Now I feel great ♥

  • Cassie

    DeAr ZuZaNa & FrEdRiCk,

    SuNdAy MoRniNg I Woke Up to a VeRy WaRm DaY In ToRoNto CaNaDa, a HiGh Of 18Degrees Celcious pluS. UnUsAl FoR NoVeMbEr. I dEcIdEd THaT I WoUld Go To ThE PaRk To WoRkOuT aT ThE KiDdIe PlAyGroUnd. I ToOk My YoGa MaT, a PaIr Of 10 llb DumBbeLL and My WeIgHtEd JuMp RoPe….

    I DeCidEd To Do aLL 3 Of “ThE KiCk AsS ChALleNgE as A CiRCuIt..ToOk Me 45 Mins….

    A MoM aNd HeR DauGhTer (about 3yrs old :) CaMe To ThE PaRk. BoTh ShE AnD HeR MoM Was MesMeriZed By My WoRK OuTs So Was ThE OtHeR PaReNts and OtHer PeOpLe At ThE PaRK ( walkers, joggers and bike ridders).

    ToWaRdS ThE EnD oF My WoRkOuT I WaS DoInG an ExTra SeT of BuRpeEs For XtRa ChAlLeNgE..ThE little GiRl LeFt HeR Mom aNd WaS ImiTaTiNg My WoRkOuTs. I AsKed HeR WoUld YoU liKe To JoIn Me ShE DiDnt Answer HoweVer I aSkEd Her WoUld You LiKe to Help Me sTreTch. She SaT doWn neXt to Me in a SeAtEd PoSiTioN StReTcHiNg HeR LeGs The SaMe WaY I WaS DoInG It.
    I GoT Up aNd StArTeD JuMpIN aGaIn aNd To My AmaZeMeNt sHe StArTed JuMpIn As WeLl and WaS ReApeAtInG “JuMp” WiTh Me….

    I JuSt WaNt To Let YoU KnOw ThAt YouR WorkOut HaVe NoT OnLy InsSpIreD Me (My running have improved and my Burpees are getting better and I share your info with my LAZY Friends) BuT haVe AlSo CaUgHt ThE InTeReSt Of a 3yr OlD GiRl..aNd I tHinK that Is When wE ShOuLd InsPiRe and EncOuRaGe ThEm At An EaRlY AgE.

    I ThAnK You GuYs For ALl ThE HaRd WorK TiMe aNd EfFoRt PuT InTo THeSe DaIly WorKOuTs.

    HuGs To YoU GuYs FrOm ToRoNTo CaNadA (Home of the Vancouver 2010 and Pan Games 2012).


  • marissa

    hey zuzana,
    i completed all 500 reps in 29 mins 45 sec.
    it was great! but i wanted it to end already.
    thanks for another great workout.

  • Sueann

    Hi Zuzana? Frederick, I did this workout today, one word “WOW”, those pushups killed me! but i luv it and the results are incredible, keep it up! One question, please explain what iz bugul? is it a rice or pasta? I am in the caribbean, can u recommend a substitute?

  • Nick

    Here is some info for Jana on pregnancy. The general rule is that if you were exercising before pregnancy then it is healthy and good for you to continue to do so. There are some exrecises that should be avoided though and full sit ups and running should probably be avoided. Mild to moderate jogging is ok though, as long as the heart rate doesn’t get above 140. If you didn’t exercise much before you got pregnant and want to start you should probably start off with just walking. It isn’t a good idea to tax the body to much while pregnant but it is ok to exercise at a level you have already achieved and can help prevent gestational diabetes and help with labor/delivery. But listed below are some activites that are good and some that should be avoided. And this website is a very good source of info as well.
    Hope that helps.

    There are certain exercises and activities that can be harmful if performed during pregnancy. They include:

    -Holding your breath during any activity.
    -Activities where falling is likely (such as skiing and horseback riding).
    -Contact sports such as softball, football, basketball, and volleyball.
    -Any exercise that may cause even mild abdominal trauma such as activities that include jarring motions or rapid changes in direction.
    -Activities that require extensive jumping, hopping, skipping, bouncing, or running.
    -Deep knee bends, full sit-ups, double leg raises, and straight-leg toe touches.
    -Bouncing while stretching.
    -Waist-twisting movements while standing.
    -Heavy exercise spurts followed by long periods of no activity.
    -Exercise in hot, humid weather.

    The safest and most productive activities are swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary cycling, step or elliptical machines, and low-impact aerobics. These activities carry little risk of injury, benefit your entire body, and can be continued until birth.

    Tennis and racquetball are generally safe activities, but changes in balance during pregnancy may affect rapid movements. Other activities such as jogging can be done in moderation, especially if you were doing them before your pregnancy. You may want to choose exercises or activities that do not require great balance or coordination, especially later in pregnancy.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Nick,

      great answer as usually, I appreciate your help.

  • isabel

    hi zuzana and fred.

    i have a question, what kind of excersice can i do for my back,shoulder,waist,and breast, because that part are fatter than other parts of my body, or what you recommend to me, for eat? in the rest of my body i dont have any problem (i think) by then of it I cannot use with plunging neckline clothes.


  • mandi

    just finished this one…so proud of myself… muscles will be thanking me tomorrow morning…

    i did this one in one hour fifteen minutes……phew!!! this is great.

  • Lisa

    Hi Zuzana,
    You’re a slave driver! Just a wee correction – you have push-ups as number 4. above, I think you mean sit-ups.
    I’m off to do this workout now, will let you know how I get on. Wish me luck!

  • *aNnA*

    i’m done! this was intense, brutal, and… pure awesome-ness!
    i felt so good afterwards and was drenched in sweat!

    it had a lot of push ups and i was kinda of worried all the push ups might make my shoulders big.. i have really broad shoulders ( i guess just the way my bone is made) and didn’t know if push ups or any other arm excercises will make it worse..hmmm..

    well, i can’t thank you guys enough for this great site!

  • byron

    hi zuzana tough workout

  • Swen

    Ahoj Zuzko!
    Přicházím domů ze školy sice až večer, ale vždycky se těším, až najedu na tvé stránky, kouknu na workout a hupnu na to :) …vaše skvělá práce je přínosem pro tolik lidí, v četně mě , a já opravdu smekám kloboučkem včetně tupé ;-) a děkuju :) …díky vám už cvičím pomalu dva měsíce. Nikdy za tu dobu jsem neměla dvoudenní přestávku, protože Ty mě k tomu vždycky nakopneš svým novým workoutem:)…cvičení mě baví čím dál víc a jsem pyšná za celý Český národ, že jsi vzorem pro ostatní.
    Dnešní cvičení bylo skvělé!!!Miluju tu rozmanitost!:D…a bolest při výpadech, Turcích, klikách (vlastně při všem ) jsem si užívala…myslím,že si to budu užívat i zítra až mě budou bolet nohy :D
    Nemůžu se dočkat na další ,juchu!:D
    Mějte se krásně, užívejte si teplého počasí (protože tady v Česku je pěkná kosa :) )
    Zase se ozvu ;-)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Dear Swen,

      Thank you so much for such nice comment in my native language. It makes me really happy to see that people in my country are actually following my blog. By the way – tady se tedka taky pekne ochladilo – uz jsem vytahla i zimni bundu a ja myslela jak ty zime utecu :) Jeste jednou diky.

  • Ondra

    Hi Zuzana, i’ve just seen few your movies and webpage.
    You’re really inspiring and i recommend your pages for my clients and friends.
    Thank you very much! Please continue..
    All the best and greetings from Brno!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      your support is appreciated :)

  • Endorphin Junkie


    I got a little confused over what a rep is, went a little further than I should have, and ended up taking 47 minutes!

    You should have done Turkish get-ups with the puppy! How about a whole series of workouts featuring the puppy? I regularly substitute my 22-pound poodle for a medicine ball…

    …ah forget it, that’s probably against the law in Malta!

  • FlaviaRJ

    This is great!!
    I can´t wait to do this!

  • Mercy

    HI Zuzana,

    I just finished these workout. Wow It was really intense….I did it in 37 minutes but only did 20 of the Turkish get up because my 2 year old was all over me, but at least i had a good workout and he had fun with his mommy:)….Thanks again, U and ur hubby rock. Enjoy ur active day off. Hope to see you tomorrow.

  • Jaia

    Hi, Zuzana,

    I’ve been doing your workouts for about two weeks now and I must say… woah! I’ve been running, running, running, running in circles and running in forests and my weight and size hasn’t budged an inch. My entire family is naturally just THIN and I’m the biggest out of all of them. I’m about 5’10″, 168 lbs. I’ve been borderline or overweight all my life. I’ve tried pretty much everything, but I get bored in the gym. I’m glad I stumbled upon your workout videos online because I’m not only seeing an improvement in my energy, but I also lost about 4 lbs., so far. Of course, it was simple things I needed to change: my family eats hi-fat, hi-carb foods and I’m always trying to sneak veggies in the pot, and I pretty much keep a bottle of water beside me at all times. I just stopped eating what they eat and make my own meals, now (it was kind of hard to do because my parents get offended).

    Anyways, sorry for the essay. I really thank you and your husband for posting these workouts. They’re fun, hard, and fast, like Katya said and as long as you post them, I’ll keep doing them!

  • Katya

    I’ve been visiting your site for half a year i think.But i was doing dvd workouts that i have at home.I finally desided to give your workouts a try about a week ago and i love them.They are fun,hard and fast.Thats what a stay at home mom needs))
    Thanks a lot,

  • lisaG

    I fOrgOt tO ask yOu, when dO yOu think yOu’ll cOme up with a stretching rOutine fOr after the wOrkOut?
    i really need tO knOw what tO dO after the wOrkOuts.

    please answer me.

    with lOve, LisaG

  • lisaG

    Hi Zuzana,

    i did the whOle wOrkOut in 44 minutes and 07 secOnds. i’m pretty prOud Of myself.

    i had just One questiOn, are yOu gOnna put sOme mOre diet videOs sOOn? this week i’m eating Only soups because i dOn’t seem tO be lOOsing weight with my dad’s fOOd. it’s just tOO gOOd On the tOngue.
    sO yOu have tO pOst sOme new diet videOs.

    thanks fOr that wOrkOut, it rOcks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    give a kiss tO yOur dOg fOr me.

    best, LisaG

  • Laura

    Hello, brutal workout for sure today. I used a full rice-milk for the Turkish get-ups (2L) but did the regular push-ups on all. 37:21. I feel amazing! The feeling however, is well deserved!!! <3<3<3

  • Danica

    That was a tough one! Almost killed me :) I’m pretty sure I looked closer to death than you did after I was done. Those turkish get ups seemed like they’d never end. 35:01 and I had to do the pushups on my knees halfway thru…those reptiles were a killer after the pushups! The rest of my day will be better thanks to a great start. Thanks for the great ideas…

    • Frederick

      Hi Danica,
      The Turkish get ups just kept going and going FOREVER. It felt like I had climbed a mountain by the time I was done.

  • Tania

    Hey Zuzana,

    You make me giggle whenever you struggle with some of your exercises. It is great that you let us see the difficulty that you also have when performing these workouts. Thank you so much! Your site is the best. BTW, I like the new location of your workout ;)

  • v@ne =)

    Hi zuzana

    can i do the push ups with the legs on the floor?

    i think i can´t do this how u do


  • Anne

    Hi, Great workout! I halved everything and did it twice (25 reps). The push ups really killed me, I was even in the modified position the whole time! and I am not sure about the reverse plank knee tucks, they felt very awkward, seemed to hurt my knees and elbows. Anyone else? I didn’t time myself, just wanted to get use to the motions!

  • Jana

    Ahoj Zuzko,
    I’ve been doing your routines for a month now and have definitely tightened my muscles as well as lost weight. Your routines have been getting more difficult for me lately and yesterday I’ve found out why – I’m pregnant. I don’t want to stop exercising though I’ll ease on the number of rounds and reps. As a personal trainer, do you know if I can keep doing sit ups? I know you’ll tell me to ask my doctor but my appointment isn’t until two weeks from now and I don’t want to lose my momentum since I’ve come so far.
    Does anyone have experience in exercising and running (I run 5K 3x/week) during pregnancy?
    Your answers are MUCH appreciated.
    Thank you!
    PS I’m 34 years old but have been doing sports pretty much all my life.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Jana,

      first of all congratulations for your pregnancy, that is such a great news! :) I have been trying to get some good source of information regarding exercising during pregnancy, but I didn’t find anything. I mean there are certainly many different ways to exercise for pregnant women like aqua aerobic, yoga, pilates etc., but nothing about strength training. I wish I had my own experience to give you some advice :) I have seen some dvd workouts for pregnant women, so maybe you can check that out. I think that you should definitely avoid jumping and all ballistic exercises – maybe running is not such a good idea, but that is just my opinion which doesn’t mean that it’s right. I have a friend who kept herself in amazing shape during her pregnancy thanks to swimming. She would go almost every day to the pool and I swear that she had only the belly – the rest of the body was all toned up. Her kids are healthy of course :)

  • Greg Clark

    Hey Zuzana,

    I came accross your site while looking for jump rope workouts. Your daily workouts do they cover the total body? Are they different everyday? I just like the no thinking about what I need to do and as a bonus no weights required. Any feedback would be great!


    • Frederick

      Hi Greg,
      The daily workouts tend to be full body workouts – sometimes they might focus down a little bit more on one area, but for the most part they are full body killers.

  • Oceana

    hi zuzana,

    what do think of hulahoop? is it any good?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Oceana,

      I think that hulahoop as a form of dance is great. It could be great thing to do on your active rest day.