Nov 14 2009

Workout – 550 Killer Reps

I completed this killer 550 reps workout in just 32 minutes and 46 seconds. I am getting really competitive lately and it is totally thanks to you guys. You are always posting your times to let me know how you did and that’s great motivation for me. If you don’t find it challenging enough to beat my personal record, you can try to beat Frederick’s. He completed this workout today in 24 minutes and 4 seconds. It was an amazing workout and it is impossible to describe the feeling when I finished the very last rep. You have to try it and experience what it feels like when you kick your own butt. Enjoy the workout, push hard, and try to beat my time!


There are 11 exercises in this workout and you will do 50 reps for each of them.

1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (25 reps on each leg)


Start by lunging backwards. Don’t let your knee go over your toes and keep your chest high and abs tight. Rise up and kick the back leg up as high as you can. This counts as one rep. Do 25 on each leg.

2. Walk Over Push Ups – 50 reps


Get into position and do one push up. Then get back into plank and walk with your feet and your hands one step over to the side. Perform another push up and then walk back over to the side where you started from. Each push up counts as one rep. Do 50 reps total. If you can’t continue to do regular push ups, then go down onto your knees, but just remember that you will have to get up on your toes again to walk over to the side.

3. Mountain Climber – 50 reps


Get into the starting position and then just jump up to switch legs. Do 50 reps total.

4. Sumo Squats Knee Up – 50 reps


Stand with your feet wide apart and squat down. Bring your weight towards one side and bring one knee up. Return to the sumo squat again and do the same on the other side. Each knee up counts as one rep. Do 50 reps total.

5. One Leg Bridge Leg Lift – 50 reps


Lay on your exercise mat and put both feet flat on the ground. Lift your hips up, so that your shins are vertical to the ground and your thighs parallel to the floor. Extend one leg out and raise it up so that your toes are pointing toward the sky. Lower your leg down and then repeat 25 times. Do the same thing on the other leg.

6. Side to Side Squat Leg Lift – 50 reps


Stand with your feet wide apart and squat down. Bring your weight to one leg and lift the other leg up and extend it. Put the leg down and now shift the weight to the other side and repeat. Do 50 reps total.

7. One Arm Side Push Up


Lay on your side and place your hand on the floor next to your bottom shoulder. Place the hand of the bottom arm on your top shoulder. Now push with your hand into the ground to bring your upper body up and extend the elbow. Do 25 push ups on each side.

8. Star Crunch – 50 reps


Lay on your back and lift your extended legs up towards the sky. Extend your arms out and above your head. Lift your upper body up and reach with your hands forward between your legs. Open your legs wide and then bring them together again as you lay back down.

9. Diagonal Touch Down – 25 reps on each side


Position yourself in a straddle stance and shift your weight towards the back leg as you squat down to touch the ground right next to your back foot.


Rise up and twist your body in the opposite direction as you reach with both of your arms up towards the sky. Do 25 reps on each side.

10. Side Plank Lifts – 50 reps


Get into the starting position (see the picture above). Your supporting hand should be right underneath your shoulder. Don’t shrug your shoulders. Your legs are extended and crossed for better balance.


Lift your hips up so that you create a straight line with your legs and upper body. Lower your hips down again – this counts as one rep. Do 25 reps on each side.

11. One Leg Wall Sit – 25 reps on each leg


Sit with your back against a wall so that your thighs are parallel to the ground and your knees are above your ankles. Extend one leg out and start pulsing up and down. Do 25 small pulses on each leg.


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  • Caroline

    27 minutes! Full pushups! These are my favorite workouts because they have a lot of variety. I have trouble doing the same workouts over and over with multiple rounds.. This was great! I’m covered in sweat.

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  • elisa

    Just did this one in 34:55 ! Aimed for under 35 min, and did it!  I did modify the push-ups on to my knees after a while but did 50 reps from knees.  Great work out, gotta love!

  • Lauren Daniels

    I did this in 35 mins and 18 sec and best my PB EVER!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Aletinita

    you definitely will! keep it up!

  • Rcha79

    Zuzana i beginner in this the workout´s but i have only a one question, the 11 exercises are only one? You are amazing thanks for sharing your experiences. I´m following from Mexico. 

  • Anonymous

    about 19 minutes…. forget my old time :s
    i don’t think my mountain climbers were as precise :s
    and my side planks could probably use a little bit of work!
    i did the pushups without variation… but i had to stop at 25, then take about 5-10 second rest… i finished by doing sets of 5

    (or myabe cause i paid attention to form? ahaha…)

  • Anonymous

    36:15 on this. Likely one of my best times! I am so happy I feel that I am getting stronger. I did do a few modifications with this: I just did regular pushups and I had to assist myself on the one arm side pushups– those were much harder for me than they looked. Jijiji. But great start to the day.

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  • Ms.Giginka

    I did this workout today and my time is 31:19 and I did regular push ups not from the knees so I’m proud of myself :) killer workout :)

  • Anonymous

    First time a month ago only 462 reps in 47:30, today I did all 550 in 40:20.

  • Mary

    I did this again yesterday and beat my May 25 time by 3 minutes!  (25:12 > 22:03) I was able to power through the lunge kick-ups, sumo squats, side to side squats, diagonal touchdowns, and wall sits without taking a break during those, which I was really happy about. 

  • Yasmesita


  • Adammorton11

    Woohoo!!!!!!! First time doing any of these exercises (except sit-ups and regular squats). Pulled an 18:34. I don’t think it helps that I’m a guy, but at 17, I like to think I’m in pretty good shape. Still, hurt like hell! 

  • Viridis

    47 minutes. I’ve been working out for about two weeks now, I’m proud of myself :D

    (with girly pushups)

  • Anonymous

    Did this workout today after being off workouts for 2 weeks because of craziness going on in my life. I’m still a beginner just started these workouts a month ago but I’m already improving I think. Total reps for each exercise as ordered in workout: 50, 12, 50, 25, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 25, 50. Total of 462 reps in 47:30. I felt sick doing the sumo squats so I only did 25, I couldn’t get proper form for the side planks so only 25, and I have awful upper body so pushups were on my knees and only 12. Not working out for 2 weeks really sets you back. Hopefully I won’t end up having to do that again. I had an injury and then traveling and then family wedding in 2 weeks, it was just crazy busy, but I’m super happy to be back.

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  • Chelsea Schuur

    19min and 36sec *phew* took about a minute longer than the last time I did it, but I really focused on correct form and reaching the top in those side plank lifts :)  

  • Anonymous

    Well Suzana/Freddie,

    I am nowhere near beating you, however I did it! Actually this is my second time, but I didn’t time the first one.  I know my second time was better anyways.  32 minutes and 09 seconds :)   and I feel amazing! Thanks Guys

    Also, thank you to Caspa and Rusko for helping me power through.

  • Erika

    Completed in 39:43 had to do modifed push ups and plank lifts.

  • Leo

    Genial la rutina, great workout! the only problem is how to remember the complete sequence ha ha. Además… qué buen producto hacen, you are the best ;)

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  • Maria, DK

    Phew, this was an amazing and brutal round!

    The Walk Over Push-ups killed my arms completely, so I can’t wait for them to strengthen even more.

    Thanks again, beautiful Zuz ;)

  • Paige

    omg!!! i thought that this one would take an hour :( since the 500 rep workout took 56 minutes. but i really pushed myself this time. it felt like it had been at LEAST an hour with all the breaks i had to take (i felt soooo dizzy all the time) but i got the whole thing done in 38 minutes and 31 seconds :) ))))

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  • DC

    Great workout and I was sweating by the end…oh typing this reminded me that i forgot to stretch. Anyways I finished in 40 minutes and 10 seconds.

  • CW

    amazing workout :)

  • Emma

    I am too embarrassed to share my time, but I can say that I completed the workout. I could not do the one armed pushups but I would push myself up and hold for 10 seconds and then do it again for a total of 10 per arm. Then I had to do knee pushups for the others and did not move side to side. But I am proud of myself for trying.

    I am going to browse your site for some beginner videos and work my way up to this one… which I am bookmarking as my future goal.

    Thanks for the neat site.

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  • Nikki

    This is a great workout. I’m a complete beginner so I could only do a few reps (up to 20 on some) for the exercises. My muscles are exhausted…haha. Will definitely be trying this again =) I love your workouts!

  • Ashley Smith

    Finished in 14 mins and 33 seconds fantastic workout ……so many new and challenging exercises on all your workouts.

  • AKH

    Awsome workout.
    I finished in 29′ 35″.
    You are my inspiration. I can’t believe I am doing better with you than with my trainer.

  • Red Fox

    This is one of my favorites. :) Today my time was 26:46. But instead of walk over push ups I did 50 baby push ups (didn’t do that walking thing).

  • anna

    hi there,
    i went back to this workout today to show a freind how grueling these can be. we actually did it in 22 mins but did most of the pushups on our knees and swapped the star crunches to an easier abs exercise.
    still excellent and im going to be sore tomorrow!

  • Stacey

    I did this workout yesterday in 33 minutes and 44 seconds

  • Adrianna

    just finished it ! took me 33 mins 11 seconds !:)
    i’ll try 2 beat it the next time !
    Amazing workout !
    Thank you so much :) )))

  • Rachel

    My first attempt today – 36:21! Man, this is tough! But I love your exercise. Look forward to trying another one tomorrow!!! :-)

  • Charity

    First off, GREAT site!! I’ve been following your videos for about a month, and gave this one a shot today. “Sweat is free, spend some.” :) And with this workout – I sure did! I finished in 28:04, and modified some of the pushups. The one arm side push-up is great!! Once again, love your site and your videos. You are an inspiration! Keep ‘em comin :)

    • Charity

      Just beat my time.. 22:14, racing against myself rules :D

  • Carmen R.

    Hi guys,

    I recently just moved from south Spain to Zürich Switzerland, with all the moving stuff I couldn’t workout since a while, so when I was sort of settled started to look internet for Billy Blanks, I use to be her fan and to do his workouts, and then suddenly discovered you!!!!!
    There is a couple of weeks now that I am completely hooked with your workouts and like you Zuzana say, trying to beat you.
    I completed this workout in 28,36 sec, The push ups just like you I couldn’t complete them from the toes all the reps, I started on my knees on the 25 rep, anyway I am very, very happy and trying to get better and be in good shape for the coming summer.

    Like everybody else, thank you very much for being there, very inspiring plus motivating.
    Big thanks!!!!!

  • Razzi

    I’m not sure how everyone is getting their finished times to be in the 20′s … but either way, I’m happy with my time of 37 minutes. I did 50 reps of each except for the 10th one, which I did only 30 reps of. The last time I did this workout I only did 30 reps of EACH exercise. So, I’m happy with myself for going all the way … =)

    Thanks for inspiring me to push myself with these workouts!!

  • Ingrid

    Hi Zuzana,
    I attempted your 550 workout this morning and it took me forever but I will shorten the time once I get used to the routine. Granted I had to use modifications to your workout since I have become out of shape but I know with persistence I will be up to the regular routine soon. Even though I used modifications I still did every rep or more to even the score.

    Thank you for your inner and outer beauty inspiration!

  • Marzy

    Cant wait to try this today!
    keep those workouts coming

  • Keeny

    amazing workout Zuzana .. just completed this in 34 min ..

    this is my first attempt to any workout from your site .. and it sure rocks ..

    completed this with proper push-ups and everything as as on your vid .. i noticed you’re on 24+ min now on this workout .. i will reach there .. ;)

    btw you got amazing abs .. great inspiration of what can be achieved ..

  • Vilivil

    28:14, with real push ups, but I had to modify the star crunches (I made 5 star crunch, 50 regular crunch, but with the legs lifted, after it 50 leg openings, with the upper body lifted). The one arm side push up was really hard for me, because I have really really short arms, but I managed it somehow. But for my surprise the one leg wall sit was easier then ever, maybe because my favourite i’minhurry workout is the one legged gypsy workout.

  • Aimee

    Hi again –
    Just left a message earlier about a database connection error – the error is gone now, no worries!


  • Moli

    your site .. ohh.. is paradaise for me! I love this workout .. and everything else :) You are very very nice person , you are inspiration , you kick my ass .. thank you!! :) I need sombady like you :)

    • Ingrid

      I agree with you wholeheartedly!

  • DiDi

    Oh my… just finished in 29.20 and my hands are trembling while I’m writing this :) )) It’s a good sign for a great workout! Love it! Good job guys!

  • marissa

    I looooove this workout!
    You are the reason I work out every day (almost), Zuzana! So inspiring!

  • La_ Traviesa

    Holy Bujesus what a workout. I absolutely love all the workouts you post but this one by far takes the prize for me. Completed it in 33:45:02…maybe next time I’ll get your reach your time ;-) Thanks for all the good stuff! Keep’em comin!!!

  • douglas

    wow great workout. just starting to get into shape. my time was 31:51, thanks for the workout and god bless you.

  • DK Stangeland

    great workout! loved it for today. just what I needed.


  • Nenya

    Hello Zuzana,
    This is come form Taiwan, and it’s my first leave a reply.^^
    so, if my grammar is wrong, I hope you don’t mind… and thank you with your pointing out.
    Today I do this workout, just finished!
    From my previous exercise already passed through nearly one month.
    It’s not I am lazy, actually is I’m too busy about my work and studies.
    So, I’m quite joyful right now!
    Because I return to your arms..hahaha!!

    A while back because too tired, and too much pressure, and inability to exercise, cause weight gain….
    but I’ll start to do your workout (for a while),
    I just want to say …….
    you are so great~~and your dear too.^^

  • Ron York

    you guys are amazing .i love watching your work every week.i work as atrainer..and its always nice to see the healty energy that you guys bring to each video.i also learn allot. i been watching your work for the last 2 year.and you guys are just getting better. Don’t Stop. Xo Xo..Ron

  • alexandar

    Hey Z&F,

    just finished this workout, great one !!!!!!!!

    my time 22:21,I loved those pushups

    All the best for you both !!!!!!!!!!

    Aca faca

  • man100

    zuzana makes it look so elegant. I am like a buffalo rolling around on my living room floor!

  • Hanan

    I have a question, the side to side squat leg lift, do you consider each leg lift as a rep or both legs one rep?

  • Kitty

    I don’t know what happened but I must have transferred the reps wrong into my log. I ended up doing double the amount of walk-over push ups and double sumo squat / lift. My time was still good, considering this blunder (29:33:00). I didn’t mind doing the extra sumo, but i definitely won’t do that many pushups next time. My arms were in shock and it made it very difficult to do the one arm side push ups and side plank lifts.
    Hope you are feeling better every day.
    Freddy, let’s get you on video! I’ve got my husband testing out some of your routines but he won’t do the “girlie” exercises, absolutly not, even if no one is watching!!
    Looking forward to the next challenge.

  • Kay

    Oh my god…those pushups are killer.
    But I had to stop because my mom came in and told me to stop exercising because she says my thighs and calves are getting fatter/bigger because I’m doing too many squats/exercises >_>
    I’ll do this again when she goes out :D

  • VikiSil

    46:01:63 in total. Guess I was taking too much time in between exercises. My first time at this though. Thank you for being an inspiration for me, Zuzanna :) oh, my dear thighs, they are gonna be sore tomorrow…

  • Carlos Vasquez

    Great workout! I managed to do it in 25:37. I love it!

  • Amber Harding

    This workout was AMAZING! I just finished, and I can’t believe how great I feel. Definitely one of the more challenging workouts I’ve gotten from this site, but I know I’m going to feel really good about myself for the rest of the day. The walk-over push-ups were BRUTAL! I had to do the last 25 on my knees.

    My time was 29:22!

  • Isidora

    I LOVEEED THIS WORKOUT! my time is 24 min… the only exercise i changed was the star crunch cuz i did that a while ago in another workout of yours and my hips hurt badly..

  • LauraHapper

    WOW! I’m out of shape! This took me about 1 hour! :( Must get to it!

    Zuzana, who is your boobie doctor!? I want to have my breast enlarged and yours are amazing!

    Take care! Love your videos! <3

  • Natasya

    Am shaking all over ;)

  • Danielle

    Great workout, and I just noticed that in one of the pictures (during the bridge leg lift) there’s a really cool view of the cathedral in the background. Beautiful!

    Thanks for everything you guys are doing on this site, it’s helping me out tremendously!!


  • Asma

    Finished it in 28:03 (I must admit though i’ve taken lots of breaks to catch my breath). Great exercise I feel fabulous =D
    You’re an inspiration. Keep them coming =D
    Much love from Dubai !

  • Maria

    it wasn’t funny! :) I did it in 24:57, woke up yesterday hurting from pushup so today was a killer on the second exercise!

  • Paulina

    This is an amazing work out. I just finished it and it took me 33 minutes exactly, although I did take breaks inbetween the excercises. I bet that next time it will be easier. THANK YOU so much for posting your excercises you are a true inspiration.

  • Kristtie

    Absolutely brutal mate! Salutations to you for being able to complete it, i’ve got a long way to go ;)

  • Darby

    I completed this workout in 33 min. and 22 seconds. It was very hard but good. I know I’m having fun when I start to giggle during a workout. I don’t know why but I do! The walk over pushups were the hardest. After 30 reps I had to finish with 30 regular pushups. I could not do the Side Plants so I did Side V-ups instead. Fantastic, thank you! ;)

  • Mélanie

    I have complete this workout 30 min. and 9 sec…but i did juste 25 rep. walk over push ups….because its so hard for me!!But I’m going to do more the next time! sorry for my english i’m so bad!

  • Jess

    The first time I did this routine was 2/12/2010 in 34:10. I just now finished it again in 24:16!! I even added 50 reps of side v crunches to make it an even 600 rep. Talk about improvement!! I have you two to thank for this!! THanks so much:):)

  • Aleksei

    Damn!! Today was my first day on this…
    I have trained tae kwon do for years but not for 2 years, now today i´m fat above 20 kg from my combat weight… so i found thos exercise and i just can´t, it´s not my past body so i have inspiration from zuzana and i will conquer the 30 minutes time….
    so zuzana i would like to meet you, i´m from mexico and if you wanna add me here i´m
    [email protected]

    see ya and good luck

  • Mia

    30 minutes and a few seconds (didn’t count exactly), BUT I have to be honest, I have to admit I didn’t do the exercises as perfect as Zuzana. As my arms are very weak I failed at the pushups, but I did my best at those aswell and right now I am shacking so badly, I don’t even think I will be able to wake up tomorrow. :D D I love this workpout and I decided I will do this for at least 2 times a week, and do some lighter ones in the remaining 5 days.

    And as this is my first reply on this site, I would like to take the oportunity to say THANK YOU THANK YOU AND AGAIN THANK YOU Zuzana for everything. I started your workouts and losing weight almost two months ago and you are my nr one inspiration ever since. I lost 8kg in these 2 months and I begin to see some muscles on my abs aswell. Hope I will achive my goal by May or so. I want to lose 3 or 4 more kg and built some more muscles.
    So thank you and I will continue to follow your blog every day.

    Much love from Hungary!!!

    • Frederick

      Thanks for sharing your progress Mia!

  • Jenna

    23.14 Zuzana! I am so proud of myself! I work out with you every day!

  • Angela

    wow this was difficult! great work out. i completed it in 29 minutes

  • Dara

    Great routine (550reps)! 1st workout after 3 children. I had to modify the side arm push up since I could only do 2 per side and the side plank lift since I could not even do one! However I completed the routine and I feel great. It took me 43 mins.

  • Laura

    Hi guys!

    Did this workout for the second time and decided to time it aswell: 32 minutes! I am disappointed cause I pushed it hard even though I had sore muscled from yesterdays psychopath workout :D Next time I’ll try to beat 30 minutes..

  • The Girl in Grey

    About 36 minutes. This was really hard!

  • Katrina

    WOw…I did this in 25:00.04 which is crazy because I’m a beginner!!! I had to use my arm on the side pushups, my butt was on the floor for the one bride leg lift but it was super hard. Thanks Zuzana for this amazing workout. You are my inspiration to work harder:D This was killer. I’m off to take a long water break and eat a spinach salad. Thanks for helping me change my lifestyle:D

  • TheoCoach

    I just completed this workout for the first time. I did in in 35:03 and I am sweating like crazy. I did push myself to complete all reps but I did longer breaks between each exercise (about 40-50 seconds).

    Really good – especially the walk over push ups. The one arm side push ups made my triceps really burn – i liked it a lot.

    Thanks again for another brutal workout

    Theodore from Greece

  • Quinn

    Hey Zuzana!

    I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, but this is the first time I’ve ever commented. I just completed your 550 Rep workout, and I am happy to say that I completed it in 27:43!!! I was going to go to the gym, but then I thought to myself, ” All Zuzana needed was an open space to do this workout”. So i moved some chairs and pushed my coffee table against the wall and I did the workout looking out my huge window. :) I am a student at Indiana University in the USA. I am a senior graduating in exercise Science. Health and fitness is my world. I must admit, being a senior in college is hard. You are constantly battling for personal time. There are some days where I cannot even workout because I have to study or work. I used to be a varsity athlete and I was used to 2-3hr workouts for team practice. I have stopped since then and got into a lazy period. I’ve recovered thankfully, and started working out on a regular basis and after viewing your quick and efficient workouts, I don’t feel guilty about going to the gym and not having enough time to get a great workout.I am inspired and motivated with good friends, family, heart pumping music, and a little healthy competition.

    Thank you!

  • Michael

    after stumbling across your website a few weeks ago i finally motivated myself to try one of your awesome workouts – 550 workout above. This was a real challenge for me particularly the pushups and side pushups which I had to modify to complete the entire set. I have been looking to find some strength/cardio workouts to supplement my triathlon and yoga pursuits. I completed this routine in 38minutes 24seconds while my wife and daughter were out shopping and my two other young children were taking an afternoon nap. You are an inspiration. My goal is to do one of your workouts every other day. thanks for the inspiration- You rock!

  • Melanie

    WOW!!! I loved the setup of this…I consider myself athletic, but WOW…was I weak after this…thanks…oh and it took me 36min, going to work to beat 30 : )

  • Parii

    Hey Zuzi…I completed in 28:40 first try, and I’m actually surprised because the 50 rep push ups killed me!

  • Jennifer

    This was my first time doing this workout and I completed it in 31 minutes. Your workouts are just the challenge I needed. I was sweating like crazy when I finished the workout.

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  • Christy K.

    You should change the name of the “Killer 550″ to “Feel Like A Wet Noodle”, because my arms and legs are jello after this one!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ZUZ!!!!!
    My time is 34:12. I had to modify walk over push up half way through! Keep up the GREAT WORK!! I’m gonna go faint now!LOL

  • Julie L.

    Wow, that looked tough. Thank you for showing all the parts of your video like the times you had to stop for a breath, modify the movement, etc. Your other videos make you look like a machine! In this one, you’re human haha no bad intentions at all with that comment, just noting that I like seeing how you have to pause like us to get through your workouts. Counting down to almost being done…pushing yourself and making it happen.
    Thanks Zuzana!

  • Tutsi

    @Frederick: I must compliment you on your awesome shape. Really inspiring when somebody like you is encouraging other to dive into the water as well :-) .

    So, should I take a break from weight-training for a week and give this routine a go for that week and then go back to my 3 Day split weight-training routine and alternate between the two?

    What I’m asking is, can I do this….

    Week 1: Weight training routine.
    Week 2: Your routine.
    Week 3: Weight training routine.
    Week 4: Your routine.

    Will this solve my dual purpose of gaining lean muscle while maintaining/developing my body shape/cuts and abs?

  • Stephen

    24:14:04 thought i was gonna vomit. Good workout!

    • Geodfreid-Manson

      HaHaHa well don’t feel bad ,,,Because I did.

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  • Kayla

    Sweating like crazy and there was a bunch of things I couldn’t do due to a recent fall. I liked the side one arm push up and the sumo squat. I found the back lunge with the high kick difficult due to my lack of balance. Overall I give this work out a big thumbs up!

  • Tutsi


    I’m a guy who’s into weight-training for gaining some lean muscle. Although I’m not “fat”, but I would like to add definition to my body and also work on my abs. I suppose a muscular body with good definition and abs would be an awesome combo :D .

    Can this workout be followed by a guy who does weight training as well? If yes, then, Can you kindly advice how can I incorporate it?

    • Frederick

      Hi Tutsi – just jump in and start… the water is warm.

  • Jenna

    Hi Zuzana! I just did this workout, it was brutal! I was wondering how many days a week do you work out? I want to work out as many days as possible, but I also don’t want to overtrain myself and burn out. What is your suggestion?

    • Frederick

      Hi Jenna, we workout on average about 5x per week :)

      • Carolina

        Hi Frederick, regarding your answer to Jenna, do you guys leave a resting day between workouts? or is this a myth and thanks a lot for this wonderful website. The workouts are amazing!

  • Nikki

    Hi Zuzana…just did the 500 rep workout. Killer! I agree with Mary from the 12/31/09 post. I cannot do the side pushups due to major hip pain even with a cushion mat and towel as well. Those side planks were killing me too–I have a strong core, but I feel completely out of sorts on that exercise. The rest of it was great though–even got my hubby to participate. Thanks again!

  • Jen a bug

    Hello…I am pretty new to your site…but man am I inspired… You are beautiful…not just physically either…and yes I am straight. Happily married with the sweetest 7 year old daughter ever. I teach a bootcamp class and am always looking for new ways to spice it up. Some of my girls cant do this type of workout yet, but most of them can. While I dont do your workouts in the same format as you do, I sure do love the new ideas I get for different exercises. I like to bring something new to our workouts each class and to be honest I was running out of creative ideas… so thanks…I am inspired all anew.

  • Dana

    Hm…nevim jak to nekterym mohlo trvat jen okolo dvaceti minut! Me to trvalo 33, a to jsem byla prekvapena, ze jsem byla tak blizko k tvemu casu (jsem fit, ale jeste za tebou, plus piju a kourim…). Formu jsem dodrzela, ale ty side planks jsem musela delat jako uplnej novacek – chudacek zapesti!!! Push-ups jsem take musela delat na kolenou…

    Vcera jsem si konecne koupila GYMBOSS – moc se tesim na utery, nebo na stredu, kdy mi dojede :) ))

    Dik a cau

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      No jo, tak to se nedivim. Ja kdybych neprestala kourit a pit tvrdej alkohol tak je ze me asi uplnej vrak :)

  • Beck

    Hey Zuzana!

    Please tell me what you do to keep yourself from snacking during the day. I know u eat meals often, but how do you get yourself to stop eating like nuts or something? I love walnuts and raisins, and once i start eating them, i cant stop. Lol i kno its healthy food, but too much definately is not. This could apply to like any snack food tho. Please let me kno what you do to stop yourself from going back to the kitchen??

    Thank you

    • Chris L

      Hi Beck,

      I just love Walnut and Raisin as a snack! Try drinking a big glass of water while you eat them. It works for me.


  • Erica

    I did this one in 23:04. I was a little surprised that I did it so fast. I usually use your time to judge how long it will take… I had to go back to make sure I did everything properly. Besides the pushup walkovers (killed me!!!), everything was great!! Love the 1 arm side pushups- always been one of my favorites!!
    Thank you for creative motivational workouts!!!

  • Janet

    Revisited this one after running 10 hill reps. 20:45! No breaks needed and all boy pushups!

  • Carla

    Workouts like this one should be forbidden!! LOL!!! No, I am kidding of course but I almost killed myself and my other half in the process this morning.

    Anyway,my time: 22:49 :) )

  • Eric

    This workout is by far one of the toughest I’ve ever attempted. So far I’ve managed to work my way up to (15 reps x2) or 30 reps on each exercise in 20 minutes. I am an avid cyclist and weight train regularly. This workout seems tougher every time I do it. I can’t wait to reach my goal of completing the entire workout in under 30 minutes.


  • Audra Gatti

    Hi Zuzana, I finished this workout today in 30:01 and girl I’m beat! I was waiting all morning for a new workout when I decided to do this one. Phew! Thanks again Zuzana!

    My inspiration,

  • Yana

    Today i did this workout… Although it was much easier than the previous time i did nearly in the same time. i think the reason is that i didn’t push myself as hard as then. and i didnt write down my time when i was doing this workout for the first time so i hadn’t real challenge. but now i did))) It is 25 min. 27 sec. So next time i’ll try to beat this))

  • Mary

    I just did it and that was brutal! I did’nt use a timer cauz I had to take some breaks at few times but its about 40 minutes. I could’nt do the one arm side push up cauz it’s too painful for the hips even if I put a towel under! So thanks a lot nice workout, so hard!

  • Kasia

    I did this workout today and my result was 31 minutes :D

  • Haylie

    You are awesome! I love your workouts! Keep it up!

  • Idalid

    hi, Zuzana, you are a follow example, i’m a mexican girl, and my body is the medium complex, my husband say, “you can” and now you are my impulse, if you can help me i will be very happy, my english is worst, sorry
    hugs Idalid

  • Roq

    When I read the comments with this workout and see how easily a lot of people seem to beat your time I can’t but wonder if they all make sure their form is good. It’s the little things that matter and sometimes it’s hard to be aware of all of the nuances of each exercise, especially when we don’t have anyone qualified to look at our technique and don’t know what to look for ourselves. As an example, simple exercises like push ups are unfortunately rarely done correctly.

    I didn’t manage to beat your time in this workout. I’ve been in better shape before and weighed less so hopefully when my strength increases and I don’t have to move around this extra weight I’ll manage to beat you ;-)

  • http://none Virgil

    Hi Zuzana!! I stumbled onto your videos on youtube and one of the links led me to this video. First off, I want to say you have the most incredibly fit body I’ve ever seen and after trying this workout, I realize why…. not only did it take me well over your time to finish but I was completely exhausted in the end. I’m inspired to have rock hard abs like yours. I’d like to ad, I’m 5’10 170lbs and have an athletic build, but this workout really put me to shame :)

  • Mandy

    Hi! My sister and I just barely completed this workout! It was amazing! We got a time of 28:29! We are so proud of ourselves!!

  • oli

    wow, this block almost killed me but it’s really effective
    thank you Zuzana! will follow your workouts.

  • Jason

    Hi, I started doing this workout about 2 weeks ago and I love it! How often should I do this though? a few times a week mixed with other workouts? Thanks..

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Jason,

      I am updating with a new workout almost every day, so that you get variety.

  • Bri

    27:35!!!!!! Aww yeah baby!!!!

  • Marco

    LOL I know why I took so long! I have been doing 50 reps for every one sided movement haha. I really like this work out and Im going to stay doing the way I started. Great great site!
    I still would like to know if you drink any coffee? As this is a great butt kick in the early morning after one cup of coffee and empty stomach! Thank you Zuzana

  • Meghan

    Hi Zuzana
    Well I just got tuned in to your website through my sister she had tried one of your workout and she said it nearly killed her. I just tried your 550 rep killer workout and a killer it was but great, I loved it. It took me 45 minutes but thats ok I will work on my time. I just wanted to say thanks I love your site. You are a great inspiration.

  • Ynobe

    This workout kicked my glutes!! Good stuff! This is definitely going to be included weekly.

  • Jim

    20 minutes. I did it right after my one hour workout of push-ups, pull-ups & dips and was already tired but enjoyed it overall.

    Thank you for the great ideas!

  • Mac

    So I tired the 550 Rep workout and (oops, forgot to do the diagonal touchdown) did pretty good for my first time. Only, how many calories did I burn. My HR/calories watch said only about 50, and I know from other sites, that is takes a lot of work to burn calories, but it would be nice to have estimates for the different workouts. I will also try the 600 rep workout. I stumbled across this site, when my son sent me something else and I like the exercises. I nice alternative from my weight routine on Mon-Wed-Fri. Certainly gets the cardio going, HR deom 120 to 150 over the length of the workout. From a guys viewpoint, watching Zuzana demonstrate the work-outs doesn’t hurt. Plus as ripped as she seems, so see her take a break, doens’t make me feel so bad.
    Thanks. I’ll keep plugging away at it.

  • Kristy

    I tried this workout yesterday morning – 35:52! My abs are SO sore today. Thanks for kickin’ my butt every single morning Zuzana! Thanks to you my arms finally have the definition I’ve been looking for and my tummy muscles are starting to really show, you rock!

  • Bri

    This is really one of the best workouts! I love it!!!!!! Today i finished with a time of 33 minutes and 35 seconds! I am proud of that time ( for now hehe) as i have finished faster before but not with as good of form. Today i really concentrated on the intensity and tried to keep good form all the way through :) Thank you so much Zuzana for the great motivation you provide! I strive for the perfection you exemplify and i will beat your time!
    I was just wondering if it would be o.k to do you 15 min cardio workout in the afternoon or would that be overdoing it?

    Thank you again :)

  • Melissa

    23:12 :D

  • Maryam


    I repeated this workout today after like a week from when i did it first time. last time my time was 47:37 and this time it was 40:45! Close to seven minutes better :)

    I’ll do it again next week and see how much i’ve improved!

  • kurt

    I’m a winded 54 Yr old male from West Coast USA
    WOW, a tough work out to say THE LEAST!!!
    Did a 25% routinee in roughly 18 min. Sounds good but
    hey i’m 54.. How bout you kids post your ages!
    Wow you girls that do the whole 100% in 28 min and under
    Z-girl… Love the simple yet challenging way you are training us.
    Blessings on you and yours!
    Happy Thanksgiving ALL

  • Ekaterina

    hi Zuzana, thank you for this challenge! I got my training team to try it, we had great fun! my time: 20:49, it kicked my ass and made my day :) you’re always an inspiration, we’ll try the 600 challenge today with my partner
    all the best! Kia Kaha (stay strong)

  • bohdana

    I’m little behind your routines , but this one just took me 25min 40s.
    Good one again.
    I used to the go to gym 5 times a week but with your “dates” I don’t have to. And it’s chances every day.
    And I can read your and everybody’s posts.
    Every day I can’t wait what will you come up next.
    I still go to the gym and box and do the weights and run with my dog , but I’m addicted now:)

  • Nilds

    Hi Zuzana,

    I did this workout in 29 minutes! I am very proud of myself for beating your time =) but my flexibility is not as great as yours. I stretch at each workout but it seems I need something extra to make improvements in that area. Can you do a flexibility episode in the future?

    Keep up the awesome work! I look forward to seeing new videos being posted almost everday – keeps me very motivated. Thanks a bunch to you and Frederick!


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  • Mrs. A


    I stumbled across your website looking for alternate exercises for my outdoor bootcamp and I must admit, I really do enjoy your workouts. I incorporate a couple of your moves into my classes and my students find them nice and challenging. I successfully completed today’s routine in 24 minutes and 16 seconds. It felt awesome completing the last set. BTW, you look amazing!!

    Mrs. A

  • einat

    hi zuzana, im einat, im from israel and im russian too. i watched your workouts and i was amazed!!!! you are such a greate model for me. your doing these workouts for long time now and i realy admire it. so, im 14 years old and i 57 k”g 1.65 m’ and i decided to start working out. so thank you very much for helping me to decid the right thing to do.

  • Marco

    wow everyone seem to beat me! im starting to wonder more if its because of weight difference. im 6′ft, 8% body fat run a 4.5sec 40m sprint and weight 205lbs… im will definitley try harder… im only wondering if every one is doing correct form or sloppy movement lol… im sour now, maybe its showing… and going to put extreme effort in next time. lol

  • Marco

    Z!!! that was friggin cool. A few questions. I sprint 3-4 times a week and do full body light training the other days a week.I consider myself in sport ready shape! I did this workout in the morning empty stomach. It kicked me I did absolutley perfect form but took 45mins???

    1.I think I need a cup of coffee before doing this again if in the morning and empty stomach. Do you take caffine before your work out?

    2. Do you train in the morning or later after you have fueled up?

    3. The core training has improved my sprinting technique. I do 60m 100m and 200m sptints only going full speed at the very end. Do you ever do short sprints or any at all?

    Thank you in advance, I know you’re busy. great site Z!!

  • Sara

    Wow. Great workout! I completed this workout just around 26min… not to boast, but I did this just after my 8 km run. =) But I can point out that I’m far from being as flexible as you are. It would be great if you had a video on your stretching routine.
    Love what you guys are doing! Keep up the good job!


  • Nick

    Hi Simone,

    Try doing the side planks from your elbow instead of your hand until you build up enough strength to do them with your elbow extended.

  • Sean ‘The Passion Man’

    Hey again Zuzana and Frederick,
    Brillaint site and attitude from you both!
    I am a 43 yr old male in average (I think) shape and took on your challenge.
    Did 5 mins warm up as per your cardio skipping workout, then completed in 550 in 18 mins and finished with 4 mins of 16kgs kettlebell two arm swings before warm down.
    Thanks for the challenge…keep ‘em coming and have you thought of incorporating a few kettle bell challenges?
    Thanks again….you guys are brining something special to the world!
    Sean ‘The Passion Man’
    Passion Coach and Energiser

  • Jenaé

    I’m agreeing with Jonathan! Zuzana, I’m a HUGE fan!! You inspire me and I love your attitude. Just as Jonathan said, you should be a fitness model! But to be honest, I love the passion and the personal touch ALL your videos have. It makes you feel like anybody can do these workouts anywhere! I love everything you’re doing just the way it is. I’m so glad you keep your workouts simple and not complicated! Keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve shared your site with everyone I know!!

    I tried this workout and completed it in 49 minutes. My goal is to do this workout enough times that I can finish in the amount of time that you did!

    I send ALL my American love!

    -Jenaé Plymale

  • Janet

    I warmed up with lamb chops, kombucha and cheesecake. Didn’t loosen the hamstrings enough I noted. Did the set in 24.38. I like it. Now I am ready to shower and go to bed. Thanks..I will be checking back for more challenges. Good stuff!!

  • Maryam

    sooo…i almost forgot to post my times.

    it was an embarrassing 47:37 minutes! but i was having trouble breathing (im on medication for it though)

    but i hope to at least encourage those who think that they arent fit enough to do ur workouts :)

  • Tracy

    Hmm, after posting my comment, I read back through the thread.

    I think my stopwatch must be broken. :S

  • Tracy

    17 minutes and 35 seconds.

    I was only aiming for 30 minutes, because I still have this cold clogging me up, but after sleeping for like 18 hours yesterday, I guess my body was recharged.

  • Simone

    Like other people who have commented before me, I finished the workout in a shorter time that Zuzana. I think I need to pay more attention to my form so I am going to repeat the workout tomorrow and see how it goes. I found the Side Plank lifts very hard… any tips?

  • shelly

    aloha Zuzana
    did the 550 workout this moirning. took me 39 minutes…a bit disappointed in my time, so I will be working on it. thanks for all the great workouts. what is your background? just curious…how old are you? I am 54, personal trainer and yoga instructor. some of your workouts I get through easily and others kick my butt. Loving it. thank you again

  • Nata

    I did it in 30 min and 7 secs, but I only did 30 push-ups and on my knees

  • ruth

    I always feel like a warrior when I do your workouts, lol! This one was great, my time was:

    I was surprised that I beat your time, I’m in very good shape but surprised myself on this one. Thanks for the awesome kick butt workout this morning, I’ll do this one again! :)



  • Mike P

    18:36 for me today. After many years working out, it’s the first time i ever tried star crunches or sumo squat knee ups, I love trying these new exercises and movements

  • Juanette

    Hello Zuzana,
    This was a great workout. I did it in 29 min and 29secs.
    Have a great day!


    Hı Z

    Really thx you fırst of all becouse chck your web sıde bofer wrkıng days then ıt has been gr8 for me becouse ı wrk out evrymornıng same exercıse whıch ıs soooo borıng .
    thx agaın and ı follow you a soon as pos everymornıng .

  • Megan K

    Hey Zuzana!

    I love your site! This workout is a killer! But that is the kind of workouts I love! I love to work hard for my body! =)

    I noticed you telling LisaG to jump rope after workouts.
    How long would you suggest to jump rope each day?
    How much cardio is needed daily to burn fat?
    I gain muscle easily and need to find a cardio routine that will not bulk me up!

    Megan =)

    P.S. Keep up the good work! I try to beat your scores =P

  • Emily B

    Hi Zuzana!
    I finished in 27 minutes and 51 seconds! I must have been doing something wrong; I have no idea how I finished so quickly! This workout was super hard. I feel so much better after doing it though. I plan on doing this or the 500 rep workout three times a week! Thanks Zuzana for everything you do!

  • Nick

    This was a great workout. I was gasping for breath the whole time, but I was really pushing myself and keeping good form and got 28:05. It was really hard. The pushups killed my shoulders, very hard. I had to lay down and rest just to get energy to do my post stretch haha. Have a good day evening all.

  • Bryan

    Hi Zuzana,
    I would like to thank u for your exercise, which always gives me a lot of motivation.
    I wish to have the belly, like your is, obviously in man’s shape.
    Could u also make a short movie, about your belly, I mean, how it works, how the belly button curves in motion…with more details.It’s really amazing to watch you :)
    Thank you and good luck for you.

  • CL

    Hi Zuzana,

    Hum, I did this in 32 minutes and 15 seconds, but I also stopped a couple times to “rewind” the vid at different points to check my form to your’s. Of course your’s was better most of the time.

    Right now my shooulders are very warm and my hips hurt a little and my workout clothes probably need to be washed again as they are drenched in sweat. I loved it!

    BTW, your diet cake I think tastes better, frig cold and with some milk over it.


  • Darn

    Thanks Zuzana,

    This is a great worm-up, completely killed me the first time, 40mins and I thought I was going to die. I can’t believe this felt tougher than my 10km hill run…I guess it’s good to mix things up and not let your body get too used to the routine. Thanks again for a great workout and great fitness advice


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  • pimnni

    Hi ,^^

    now i feel my body fit fit fit 555 ;
    i exercise all most every day i really like it and now i lose my weight 6 kilos
    coz i have motivation from your website when i didn’t see your website i couldn’t concentrate on exercise and on diet well ,I adapt your exercise for me ^^ and It’s very incredible that i’m strong now ^^ i have more muscle^^

    +++++++i like that you post your exercise every day +++++++++++++

  • amanda s.

    killing workout! loved the push! hard to do after a week of workouts already, but wanted to see how a girl like me could stack up against you two buffs…. 18:55! yeah! keep up the challenges!! i wanted to know because i love clean eating as well, where do you guys get your recipes? i have such a hard time with my diet because i’m gluten intolerant and can’t even have oats or brown rice. have you tried the quinoa pastas? they stack up nicely against the wheat alternatives.

  • Laura

    Hello Zuzana,
    Unfortunately I got an unavailable phone call in the middle of the workout & didn’t get the time but lets just say I had to put my t-shirt back on to do the wall sits in order to keep our wall clean; I made sure to keep good form & am pretty sure I could have tied you. After those push-ups I was at 7:30 which I found easier just to rest and do regular sets of 10-15. Great workout yet again!

  • lisaG

    well i’ll have internet there. dO yOu think i can dO the 20 minutes cardiO wOrkOut every 2 days? is that gOnna help me tO lOse fat?

    thanks fOr yOur Others advices.

    best, LisaG

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      why would you limit yourself to only one workout? What will help you to loose fat is regular exercise and variety. You can do one day workout and one day rest, but that’s the minimum, because if you want results, than you have to work for it. Don’t scale back on your workouts, I am sure that you can find 20 minutes at least every other day to do your training.

  • Marianne

    Right I decided to move a few tables and chairs to make room cos I was determined to give this a go! And I can’t believe it… 28mins 59sec. Guess it just takes that competitive edge. Thanks girls x

  • Sam

    Hi Zuzana

    I tried this after a week off following a very painful tooth infection/extraction that had no consideration for my fitness routine! I managed to complete it in 27:40 but had to go to kneeling press-up after 17 as I find press-ups difficult at the best of times.

    Thank you for a great web-site and for encouraging me to ditch my expensive gym membership. Keep up the fantastic work.


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Samantha,

      great job! And now you can spend the saved money for some cool exercise clothes ;)

  • Marianne

    Hey, Just want to say I’m loving the friendly competition, it’s good motivation! I’ll have to try this workout and see how I compare. (not that either Zuzana or Tina need fear more competition from me). But I’ll sure try my hardest. Though my excuse is that Belfast isn’t really having very good weather (not like Malta, which looks gorgeous).

    Can I ask Tina, where are you from?

  • lisaG


    I just finished the wOrkOut nOw, my muscles are still shacking.
    sO prOud Of myself, i did 32 minutes and 51 secOnds.

    thanks Zuzana fOr that great wOrkOut, i lOve the pain.

    enjOy yOur day

  • Tonny

    This workout was awesome! I loved it. I did it with may workout partner because we really motivate each other. We did it in 19:??, but less than 20 minutes. My only question was on the mountain climbers. Does each leg count as one rep or is a right and left one rep. We did each leg as one rep. The walking pushups were a kicker and the side plank crunches at the end about broke me. I love your site Zuzana and look forward to the workouts everyday. I instruct my own fitness bootcamp and use some of your exercises in my classes. You help me with new ideas/exercises to keep my camp fresh. Also, I know you said you miss your medicine ball. When you get one, I have a great 3 exercise circuit using the med ball. One of the exercises in it came from one of your workouts and I added the ball(curtsy lunge pulses w/ knee drive. I take the med ball overhead on the knee drive. Would love to share it with you.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Tonny,

      I am glad that my site is helpful and I will be happy if you would give me ideas for the exercises with medicine ball. I don’t know yet when exactly I will have the time to go shopping for the equipment, but I will mention it on the site for sure.

  • Swen

    Ahoj Zuzi!!
    This workout was amazing!! I completed it in 33:47…(a sama čumím!!:D )…but the Walk over push ups was killing me…and Side plank lifts too. But i enjoyed every painful moment of this workout. Thanks for it!! :) …Now i´m going to make a pórkovou soup :) …since yesterday i´m looking for it.
    Have a nice den :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Swen,

      thanks for sharing :) enjoy your soup.

  • Kate

    Hi Zuzana,
    Another fantastic set of challenging exercises, you are very clever in your formulation of these workouts, thank you for the regular challenges you set us.

    I managed this work out ion 19 minutes and 13 seconds, bear in mind that i do not have to talk to a camera or even attempt to look as good as you do while doing these exercises, i plowed on through them one after the other with very little rest to see how hard i could push myself.

    Looking forward to the 600 REP challenge next, bring it on!!!!

  • Maria

    Hello Zuzana. First of all, i love your power,your strenght…
    (I´m about to try this workout..I´m excited…)
    I have a question… All the jumps ,all the squats… Can they be bad for my ankles? The last few days,im feeling some pains in that area…

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Maria,

      you have to be careful with jumps and squats that’s for sure. You have to be always aware of your landings, because you can land badly and hurt yourself. It is not a good sign to feel pain in your ankles during exercise and I think that I would try to avoid exercises that are causing me pain. It could be just a tight muscle that needs some stretching. If you pay attention to these things right from the beginning you might avoid some more serious problems in the future. I know that this sounds too general, but that’s really all I can advise.

  • lisaG

    HI Zuzana,

    I need yOur help!!!!!!!!!

    i need yOu tO help me find a wOrkOut that can make me lOse fat ( On my belly, my lOwer back and my laps and the back Of my laps). the wOrkOut rOutines helped me a lOt already but i’m leaving tO sOuth africa in abOut 4 weeks maybe 3, it depends On when my visa arrives, and it’s summer Over there. i’m wOrking Out 6 days a week sO i can’t dO more. i’m eating 5 tO 6 times a day, small pOrtiOns, i dO nOt eat a lOt Of sweet stuff, i drink mOre than 2 litres Of water a day.
    i need a wOrkOut that i cOuld dO 3 times a week and which burns Out fat.

    please help me, Or if anyOne else On the site cOuld help me it wOuld be welcOmed.

    thanks tO all Of yOu

    with lOve, LisaG

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi LisaG,

      If you will have an access to the internet then you can still be following my workouts. If you won’t have an access to the internet then I suggest that you write down for yourself 6 workouts that you can rotate and if you will be able to workout only 3 times a week then I suggest that you take a skipping rope with you a do some cardio after your workouts or every other day. Try to eat less on the days when you don’t workout because your body won’t be able to burn the calories as much as on the days when you do workout. I am sure that you will be fine with your workouts ;)

  • jonathan

    why the hell aren’t you on the cover of fitness magazine or something? your body is rocking.

  • Elthea

    HI Zuzana!!

    I love your workouts!! I did the 5ooreps and barely survived, but will defenitely do this tomorrow morning and let you know how it went!! Thanx for posting everyday, you are a inspiration!!

  • Danica

    I took 2 days off after the pullup/prisoner squat workout. Only 8 rounds, plus 11 squats in 15min, then I finished the 9th round. I’m still sore from those pullups. So I did this today. 29:08 was my time. I need to work more on pullups. I was disappointed in those

  • Sarah

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!

    I’ve been working out with you for just about a week now, and today was the first day I actually completed all of the reps in a workout! :) I’m so happy I finished all 550 KILLER reps! It took me 48 minutes, but I’m just so happy I finished, I really don’t care how long it took me. It was 48 minutes of kicking my own ass, and it was pure bliss! Tomorrow is my active rest day, so I gave every ounce I had, and I’m so glad I did. I can already feel my strength and cardiovascular stamina increasing after just one week of trying my best to follow along. I’ve never felt more amazing in my life. Thank you for setting me on the path of health and fitness. I love you guys! :)

    With gratitude,

  • Ariana

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,

    I discovered your amazing site just over a month ago. This is my first time posting, although I’ve been doing most of your workouts for awhile. I love them! They’ve made me look forward to my workouts and giving them my all no matter how tired I might be. I’ve learned new things, lost a few inches, and am starting an exciting journey into clean(er) eating! So thank you!

    As a side note, I did this workout in 27 minutes and 20 seconds. It was fabulous! (PS – Your Drag Me to Hell workout was pretty much that for me – hell. I’m new to pullups and have a LONG way to go.)

    Looking forward to the next workout! : )

  • CL

    Hi Zuzana and All,

    Okay the difference between Hindu push-ups and Dive Bomber Push-ups is subtle, but there is a difference. In the Hindu Push-up you don not bend your elbow on the return thus engage more muscles than in a Dive Bomber Push-up. Tho you do use your biceps more in the Dive Bomber Push-up you just reverse exactly what you did on the return.

    I will let you know how long this workout took afterwards.

    Best wishes,

  • Lindsey W

    Wow! Another great workout!! I love what you guys are doing here. I really enjoy your workouts. I did this one a little bit ago in 24:19. Thanks again :)

  • Kat

    That was fun! Blast some good music & jam it out…
    My time was 22:45. Thanks for the challenges Zuzana, keep them coming, please!
    (bit shaky now– need to stretch…& dry off)

  • Philippe

    I’ve been following this site for around three weeks. I’m a complete beginner. I am in good health, I eat well, etc., but I needed to work out more. I’m 5’8″ and for years I weighted only 125lbs and could never manage to gain weight! Now I managed to go to 132lbs (still a lightweight:p) in a few months by eating more complete meals. And after just three weeks of following your site I’m surprised at the results. I am not able to follow the routines completely day to day, since my cardio is crap and I’m a beginner, but in due time I’ll get there.

    I’m not posting my time tho, it wouldn’t motivate you anyway:p

    But don’t push yourself too hard, in the end you can only compete with yourself.

    Thanks for the work you put into this site!

  • marissa

    hey zuzana
    i completed this workout in 25.20secs.
    what a burn :D
    cant wait for the next workout.

  • Maryam

    Hey Zuzana,

    Im doing ur workouts daily but I never get close to ur timings…I am usually like half of ur speed! and then I just say of course…she is in a GREAT shape and I am overweight, so there is gonna be a difference.

    Im usually too embarrassed to post my times. but im sure i will get more motivated and challenge myself more if i do that. so, even though this workout looks IMPOSSIBLE, i m gonna do it and i will post my time (for this one and every workout from now)!

    by the way…i couldnt do a single push up (military style) when i first started following ur workouts. i always had to do them on my knees. now, in ur 500 rep workout, i did 50 pushups and i could NOT believe it! i had to split up the reps into 10 or 5 pushups at a time, then some other exercise, and then another 5 or 10 pushups, and so on. but i completed the 50 push ups!

  • Jill

    Love your workouts! And I love your workout wear! I must know where you get those workout bra tops. I would love to buy one! Thanks.. You inspire me. I am a personal trainer in Nor. Cal and I love to incorporate your workouts.

  • Nico

    Yes! I used your times as a goal and completed in 22:35! My face must have been purple during the wall sits but I was determined to finish in short time ☺

    When I did the ‘brutal 500′ workout I was sore immediately, and the days afterward I had trouble walking because I was so sore. I don’t feel immediately sore after this one (though I’m sure I will be tomorrow), so I can tell my body has already made progress. Come to think of it, my arms feel very tired, they will hurt tomorrow :)

    Zuzana, are these workouts all you do for exercise? It is hard to believe that doing simple exercises like these will make my body as fit as yours… so do you exercise during other times of the day? or lift weights maybe? One other question, for Frederick, are these the exercises that you do to stay in shape, or do you feel it is necessary to do something different or additional because you are a man?

    I appreciate this site more and more each day. I’m so happy it is free. It is motivating me towards thinking I should start a blog of my life as well.

    Time for me to go eat some of my breakfast cake…

  • lucky

    HOLY issh! this work out is bananas and i’m going to try it tomorrow morning, god willing! i’ll repost how long it took my chubby @ss to finish. you are such an inspiration!!!

  • Miranda

    Hi Zuzana!

    Love your workouts! i check your website everyday to do your workouts, but man..this workout nearly killed me,haha im so weak now and im relaxing on the couch trying to get all my energy back, ill have to be awenest i dont think ill ever do this workout again lol, im very tired and im going to feel this is the morning…without any breaks,continuous workout after the other i finished this workout in 18 minutes and 32 seconds, i was so shocked when i finished and looked at my timer, but lets say when i got up to walk around…i did not feel good lol, cant wait to see your next workout!!!!

  • Dani

    hey Zuzana:) i got 28 mins and 10 seconds:) but it was really challenging lol,
    i was just wondering, do you design these workouts and exercises yourself? they’re awesome:)

  • Mary Liz

    Ok I felt like I missed an exersise, but I re-checked and did 550 reps. I completed in 20 minutes and 56 seconds.

    I did just complete a 2 month extreem core and weight training class at the college, but I am shocked. I admit, I am shaking and really sweaty right now… and maybe doing most of these exersises with weights for the last 2 months helped me out I don’t know. Oh, I did over half of the push-ups on my knees. Maybe next time I’ll just force myself to stay on my toes. :D

    This was an awesome workout Zuzana I loved it, Thank You!!!

  • Kate

    Wow..I just completed in about 33 was so tough, but I feel so great now :) I think the push-ups/planks were the hardest for me. I did end up having to come down to my knees. Thanks for the great routines..I’ve had fun looking through your website!!

  • Katya

    Great workout!!It almost killed me and Im still shaking)))Somehow i did it in 29 min and 10 sec.I never knew i was competitive)))
    You keep me motivated,thanks alot

  • Kamillzyna

    i did this workout in 25 minutes. Everyone seems to have done really well in time which really motivated me.

  • allison

    that was a really tough workout! great job tina and ashley :)

  • Katherine

    Hi Zuzana!
    This workout was really challenging. At the end I almost felt a bit faint. I completed in 28.45min. I can not believe that you could keep a good pace in the 50reps star crunches, they slowed me down a lot..
    A question, where can i find more information about you? What´s your story? Your training technique i brilliant.
    I can do more pullups than you ;)
    Thank´s for you inspiration.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Katherine,

      thanks for sharing your score. You can read my story everyday on this site :)

  • Tina

    Hey Z.,

    It is such a nice thing that we are competing this friendly and funny way!

    Last week I have ordered a small camera (just for a joke) and when I will get it, I will record myself for you to see me working out, haha, this is really fun!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Tina, that’s awesome! I hope that you will let me post it here :)

  • Nicole

    I will try it later today and post my time!

  • Tania

    Hey I have a question regarding your workouts. All these workouts are great and very intensive but I am aware that you need cardio in your workout regiem, do these workouts include some sort of imbedded exercises that would be considered cardio?

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzko
    Ja sem se chtela jenom zeptat jestli bys mi mohla poradit po dvouch detech bych se chtela zbavit rikame tomu pneomatika ja sem zacala cvicit ale nejak nevidim rozdil v teto casti jestli mas nejaky typ vim ze se neda cvicit jenom jedna cast ale jestli vis nejaky uciny trik.Dekuji a pokracuj jses inspirace(zavist) pro honde lidi.
    Cau Stana

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Stano,

      pneumatika zmizi sama pokud budes pravidelne cvicit a snazit se dostat do co nejlepsi fyzicke formy. Kdyz se budes snazit byt silnejsi, rychlejsi a ohebnejsi tak se to co nevidet odrazi na tvem zevnejsku. Ja osobne mam tendenci ukladat nejvic tuku na zadku a na stehnech, ale bohuzel tyhle partie jdou na radu az posledni a proto se jim rika problemove :) nicmene je mozne i tyhle casti tela pekne vyrysovat kdyz se clovek snazi. Pravidelny cvico a neprejidat se ;)

  • Ana Paula Brasil

    Hey Zusana,

    I’ll try to beat your record and honestly this is the first time since I met your website that I’ll try it. I’ve just simply putted your training routine into my fitness routine at gym. But I feel drawn to the fact to motivates you to continue exercising. You can count on me!
    I’ll make some adjustments to the exercises because I have a physical limitation on the right knee that prevents me from doing certain movements and also I don’t have enough strength in my arms for the pushups, but I will do my best, believe me!
    I’m still unable to move my arms properly because of pain due to training “drag me to hell” but so it reduce i’ll go deep in training. I wasn’t used to do pull ups than you can imagine the pain that I’m feeling in my arms and in my back. ( hehehe feels wonderful!!!)
    My husband as a bodybuilder since 8 years ago keeps me saying that I’m must keep doing your routines because it’s realy good and makes me foucused.
    You changed my way of seeing fitness style.
    Thanks again for beeing such a great inspiration and motivation for me.

    Have a nice dimanche…sunday!!! =)

  • shishko

    Hello Zuzana,

    Its a great workout, welldone and thnx!

    I have a question here for you about loosing weight and its really important for me.
    My weight was 60 kg last year. In the meantime i am not working anymore in my old job and have gained 20 kg within 1 year. I wonder how much I can loose per month in a healthy way. What would you say how much I can loose healthily within 1 month…5-6 kgs maybe? I definitely want to reach my old weight again but I want to do it in a way that my body my skin etc. donot suffer from any damage. I know that the best way is doing it in 1 year time but I would like to do it as fast as healthily possible. Do u think its ok 3-4 months time ?? I m 31 yrs old by the way.

    Thank you sooo much

  • Ashley

    Hey Zuzana,

    I seriously have no idea how it happened, it must have been a combination of the breakfast cake I made this morning and feelings of super competitiveness against you and Tina, but I finished the workout today in 21 minutes and 4 seconds. I did it at the gym in front of the mirror to make sure my form was good, but I really tried to power through it. After 15 push-ups I did them on my knees until I felt like I had the energy to do them with straight legs again. I probably did 25-30 in total with straight legs. They were by far the hardest thing for me. I guess I’m use to lifting a lot of weight while doing leg exercises so I don’t feel an urge to rest when doing them with just my body weight. I really did enjoy this workout and I’m still breathing heavy now!


  • CL

    Hi Zuzana,

    Today is my active day of rest so this workout will have to wait till tomorrow.

    Malta has very beautiful cloud formations and the view from the rooftop seems really cool.

    I was researching push up variations and in one youtube vid they show Hindu and Dive Bomber Push ups and I couldn’t exactly tell the differences between them. Do you have a good idea of the differences?

    Also, I have been doing Walk Over Push Ups with a Medicine ball in the middle position which is much more challenging!

    Best wishes,

  • Tina

    Hey Zuzana :D ,

    t was a really nice surprise to hear my name in the end! Hahaha!
    I thought at first that it is just my imagination, so I really have to listen to it one more time :) ).
    I am afraid of writing down my time because I will make you angry :( ;) . Well, let me tell you anyway that I have the very same time as your husband! Yes, 24 minutes! (I never watch seconds)…I can`t believe it how fast I was, but I can comfort you that I can`t stretch my legs like you, especially not at star-crunches. And yes It is just the warm up – right? So, let me know when you will be doing it for real, haha :) .

    Have a nice day,


  • FlaviaRJ

    It´s really amazing how you can kill us with exercises that doesn´t need a single equipment!!
    Bodyweights exercises are great! Love them, I felt my balance improve a lot with those exercises you teach!
    Thanks for being a trully inspiration!! ^^
    Keep going!! =D

  • http://awesome Jon

    I doubt Frederick can look as good as you do doing this workout, but if he is MORE fit than you, we need to see him too. Seriously, Zuzana, grab the camera!

    Many thanks, Jon

  • Lindsey

    Hey Zuzana! I competed the workout in 28 minutes and 22 seconds! It was killer. Thanks for your website, I love all of it and you are an inspiration! Keep up the good work!

  • Kayla

    First you are amazing!
    and no i didn’t beat you lol i got 43 min. This is a GREAT work out! thank you

  • Laura

    Hi Zuzana,
    Fierce! I will have to do this workout either tomorrow or Monday & I will let you know my time. Tonight we drove to the Y but it was closed so instead we stopped at the tennis courts & did 11 rounds of 6 pull-ups (he did 8 reps) & some free weights at home–shoulder, bi, tri. I wanted to do 11 sets specifically of pull-ups to see if I could, since I didn’t have the equipment to do them when you did in your 15 min workout w/ the squats. <3

  • Leena

    Zuzana, I DEFY you to try my workout!.

    It is 2 super set of these exercises:
    (can be done with bodyweight only, I use 5lbs dumbells)

    30 walking lunges
    15 squats
    30 side lunges
    50 mountain climber
    15 pushups
    30 step ups
    30 back lunges
    15 plank + row ( jump, go into a plank, row 1 time for each arm, get back in starting position)

    I do this, 2 times, in 29 minutes.
    I challenge you!!! :) (I posted it on your youtube, but I dont know if it worked :( )

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Leena,

      thanks for challenging me I will make it one of my daily workouts!

  • Kristen

    Hi Zuzana & Frederick! I’ve been following your workouts for a week now and I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much. I look forward to this workout on Monday and I’ll be 100% satisfied if I can get 32 mins. 47 seconds! haha Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  • Katie

    What kind of warm up do you recommend for these workouts?

    And, did you say that was just your warm up? That would be a lot for me! Should I be doing more?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Katie,

      I was just joking. Of course that this would be too much for a warm up :) I have a warm up routine that you can try.