Nov 16 2009

My Warm Up Routine

I have pointed out many times that warming up before your workout is important especially if you are stiff or not so flexible. I don’t warm up every time which means that I may be putting myself at risk of  a potential injury. This is something that I am working to improve – taking enough time each workout to prep the body with a few minutes of light moves that will ensure the body is ready to go. I wanted to share one of my basic series of moves here with you today so that you can start your workouts with a proper warm up. The warm up usually takes about 5 minutes and you can do the same routine before every workout.




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  • Eyalgonn

    thank you thank you im a big fan ill take pic from now and after i belive in work nothing come easy love you for this videos thanks

  • Kristina A. Petrakova


  • Justbreathe428

    over weight 20 year old american female, who has been in need of some advise and guidance with a daily workout and diet. today was the first day I’ve tried your workouts and I’m already hooked. I’m actually taking before shots and looking forward for the monthly afters. thank you!

  • Theprophecygirl

    That warm up reminds me so much of the one Cindy Crawford does with her trainer, Radu, in her second workout video. Pretty vintage vid, but a quality warm-up.

    • Anonymous

      You are the first person who noticed that :) that’s exactly where I got the inspiration for this warm up. Her workout video had a huge influence on me when I was 17 and I still remember every detail about her routine.

  • Melania

    Hi Zuz,
    I can not watch the videos :( (

  • Melania

    Hi Zuz,
    I can not watch the videos :( (

  • Phina

    hi my name is phina and i’m 16yrs old but will be 17 in bout a month time. i really love you guys workout and everything you guys do here and i really need your help.
    i just started university/college and started athletics. the only problem is that ever since my parents barned me from sports 5yrs ago my fitness has declined. i feel so self concsious because every one in ma club are so fit and lean and i’m bulky which is stressfull on top of the stress of college stuff. i am currently 148lbs and wuld like to reach my goal of 120 by christmas…its will be the ultimate christmas present..:D
    i really do need you help please reply….please.

  • Jeronimo

    Hi, Zuazana: I’m a 34 year old surgeon. When I turned 31, my BMI turned 31 too. That means that I was obese, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and my only excercise was to open the fridge. Since then I’m trying to be in shape because don’t want a heart attack. Now I excercise regularly and practice karate 3 times a week; Jorge (our sensei) discovered BodyRock some weeks ago and now we’re BodyRocking ourselves. Sometimes the kicks and the punches are lighter than the workout!
    We love you! Muchas gracias!

  • Sophia

    Hey Zuzana I’m just wondering where the video or pics are for the warm up ? i don’t know if there were any, but if so, why are they not here?

  • http://bodyrocktv Teresa

    what happened to your warm up video routine?

  • Marcy

    Love your videos and will give your diet tips a try. I am 29 so I am seen how you need to watch what you eat more carefully.

  • John

    Hi Zuzana,
    I just finished watching the movie Bourne Identity starring Matt Damon and Franka Potente. You and Franka Potente look so much alike that I thought I’ll write you and let you know.

  • Nati

    Why I can’t see any video on your website???? There is only a written description of your exercises without videos.

    Thank you in advance

  • Dahlia

    First off; I would like to thank you for offering such an outlet for exercise enthusiasts; it is a great gift to have all of your videos available to the public.
    My question for you is: Would you be able to post (or tell me if there is already one available) a ‘cool-down’ work-out routine? I enjoy your warm-up routines but would like a variety for the cool-down process.
    Thank you for your time and dedication to the importance of exercise.

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  • Alberto

    Hello, Zuzana.

    I recently started watching your videos and I have to say I love them. I’ve always liked to exercise but it’s also because of the way you explain everything, very slowly and very easy to understand. Thumbs up for you and Freddy.

    I was interested in exercises to warm up before the daily training and I found this video, but for some reason I can’t watch it either here or in youtube. It just doesn’t play and the screen remains black. Do you know why this happens or how to solve it? Can I watch it anywhere else? I watched your other warming up video and liked it a lot.

    Keep up the good work. You just got a new admirer.

    Thank you very much.


  • Amber

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy :D

    Firstly, just wondering what you guys do for a living?
    And also i’ve been working out and was wondering zuzana if u cud let me know if you got your boobs via working out or another method :P
    Don’t want to overly work out for something ill never acheive :D

    • Megan

      No, Amber, exercise will not make your boobs bigger, but eating donuts might.

    • Ellis

      Amber, you might want to try the same recipe that is working for your ass. Try rubbing some toilet paper between your boobs to make them bigger. Really Amber, is that seriously your question.

  • amberrose

    You’re like my NEW idol!!I’m going to start eatting healthier now!!And doing your workouts everyday!!But I’m a vegetarian and i have ALWAYS had trouble eatins veggies, could you help me with that? Like maybe on your recipes put a video up for a vegetarian meal??THAT WOULD BE OHH SO AMAZINGG!
    I LOVE YOU!!!


  • David

    Hi Zuzana. You have really inspired me to start getting in shape with your videos. I was wondering if you could make a video for a cool down routine also?

  • Jessica Fontenot

    Zuzana you are amazing and amazingly caring for doing this for us! Not just your amazing fitness and instruction, but your incredible spirit and attitude help me keep motivated. If you ever end this website, please let me know well in advance because I know tons of people who would gladly pay you for what you do! I know you run advertisements, but do you guys take donations? Thank you for being such an inspiration and advocate for health & fitness :)

  • Ekaterina

    to Zuzana!

    Hi Zuzana, I really like your workout videos and I am trying to do them at home to get fit :) but I have a small problem, I think that I’m not breathing correctly. Can you help and tell me the regulations to breathe right ?

    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,

  • Olga

    Love it! thank you!

  • eli

    thank you for all of the work outs im going to start doing them all one each day this year i have 2 daughters and at the begining i didnt gain weight but now i started to gain fat but no one likes that (right??) how can i gain muscle and lose fat at the same time i want to keep my weight (but in muscle of course )any especific rules to follow??????? please answer ;)

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  • waleed

    What exercises i can work for the muscles in the chest and removed swelling and Burned fat in my chest??

  • waleed

    hi Zuzana ,

    i am waleed

    I was fat, but i do diet and weight have decreased

    But I have a problem in my chest

    Is still very swollen

    I do not know what to do

    Help me please .

  • Arthur

    Hi Zuzana,
    I didnt know where else to post this but do you think it’s good for you to drink during excercising? Some say that it’s good to but some not.. i’m a kickboxer and our coach always yells at someone if he sees anyone drinking during training. With the idea that the more you drink during excercise, the more you’ll want it the next time..well for boxers and other that type of sportsman it’s important to not get thirsty during the match..drinking water during the training leads to that..but what is your opinion?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Arthur,

      I always have water with me, but I can never drink too much when I workout anyway. I always get incredibly dry feeling in my mouth and burn in my throat, so it helps to have a sip of water. If your coach is telling you not to drink during the training, then he must have a good reason for that. It makes sense that you should get used to this. You can’t just stop during the match to have a sip of water. I am not a professional athlete and I am not training for any kind of match, so it’s different.

  • Jonathan

    You are incredible! You inspired me to start training again!! I used to train athletic five times a week, but during my time in the army this was reduced to once every month.

    I also have an eating problem, I hardly gain any weight. I lost 8kg (from 72-64kg)during my time in the army. I weigh 61kg today (181cm tall) and starting to get really skinny and doesn’t have much energy to do things. (Help!)
    What do you think about nutritional supplements & sport nutritional? Never used it before.
    PS: Any workouts about how to gain speed?

  • kaylee

    you have inspired me to get into shape and i wanted to thank u 4 that.also will these exercises work if you r 13 yrs old?

  • ciara laverty

    You are amazing, i am new to trying these fitness techniques and finding the ones that require alot of upper body strength very hard, but i will get there, thanks for your help :)

  • Reyhana

    Hi Zuzana,

    Im so glad I found your site. You are truly an inspiration; Im in the process of transforming my body and I think I am halfway from reaching my goal. Just by watching your videos and awesome routines, I may reach my target quicker than I thought.

    Please keep on making the videos!

  • Barbara

    How many seconds do you do with each exercice? I believe that the last ones are around 2 minutes.
    Is it 20 sec each for the rest 3 minutes? Hehe

  • Colt

    Just have to say you have an amazing blog site. You’re giving me motivation to work on mine. thanks and great workouts keep it up.

  • Edgar Irizarry

    Hi Zuzana i am a guy (28) who looks to have a nice midsection. I knew about you a few weeks ago as a result of a search on youtube and i have to say thank you thank you you have inspired me to work really hard in the outdoors without going to the gym and the results are growing fast. I live in Puerto Rico and maybe not many people know here about you and your web page but i know that i will tell everybody the good things that i have learned here with you and the fabulous video presentations. Take care and remember keep doing this because you are our inspiration to get our bodies in shape.

  • Pavel

    Hi Zuzana, you really great lector but I must thinking of your accent, you sound like Czech or Slovak… it’s familiar to hear your voice.
    Btw. those exercises are really helpful

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Pavel,

      I am from Prague and I am glad that you find my site helpful.

  • christine

    Do you have the names sequence of the warm-ups your doing?

  • Jezawix

    Hi Z x Thanks for puttin this up, rather appropriate really, I usually don’t warm up either, tho i know I should… and on Tuesday.. while doing the flow workout, I pulled my trapezius muscles and i can barely move now :( touch toes at 90 did it… Gutted… I had a great regular routine in place as well, workin out with you and now I can’t really do anything.. too much pain.. I’m not even able to move much :( So I have really learnt my lesson and will warm up before my workout in future… so people learn from my mistakes… warm up eh :) or you really are taking risks :( yours painfully J x

  • Andrew

    Carlos: Spot reduction is a myth. Fastest way to lose weight in the belly is the fastest way to lose weight anywhere–consuming less calories than you burn daily. Increase your calorie consumption through activity, reduce calorie intake by watching diet and eating healthy foods over high-calorie or greasy ones.

    You can do core-toning exercises, which will make a slightly flabby stomach look a little less so.

    Zuzana, I don’t suppose you have or can create a list of the names of these warm-up exercises. I like to have something to call things, so if anyone asks me what I’m doing, I don’t just say, uh-this-thing-like-this.


  • Nathalie

    Hello Zuzana,

    first and foremost i want to tell you are awesome, you look so great and your body is…wow! But you already know.
    What i wanted to ask is how long did it take till your body looks like this. And how often do you do your workout? Every day? I want a body like yours. How often do I have to train and how long will it takes? my height is 5’10 and 136 lb’s

    Thanks alot

  • Carlos

    What is an exercise routine that you can recommend to loose weight on the belly area the fastest?

    Thank You

  • Yelena

    Great routine!!! :)

    Normally I use your original warm up routine. It really warms me up haha

  • Kazim

    Hi Zuzana, Good day to you…

    show me the excercise to reduce hi hips

  • Nick

    Here are some thoughts on caffeine. They have some research on this and found that small amounts of caffeine is good for exercise performance and sports. Of course that is in moderation, to much caffeine will have the opposite effect. That doesn’t mean drinking a pepsi before a workout because it has to much processed sugar in it.

  • ChicaVer

    I am exiting to go to your web site everyday to see your new workout! You are great at this!!!
    Just found your site 2 weeks ago, and I love it!
    Thanks for sharing!


  • Julie

    Dear Zuzana,

    thank you so much for all your efforts to keep us all fit ;-) .
    I was wondering what happened to your iphone application? Does it still exist? I can`t find it anymore and now that I actually have an iphone I would love to get your application :-)

    Best regards, Julie

  • CL

    Hi Tali,

    Why do you think Coffee doesn’t have natural caffeine? It comes from a Coffee plant not a factory.

    I’m sure Zuzana as many folks here have drank Green Tea before. I use to sell cups of it and make espresso drinks in a restaurant, thus know a little about both.

    So the question is: exactly why do some folks here think Coffee is bad and Green Tea is good? I would think it is all in where the plant matter came from and how it is prepared. I have researched this subject a some and as far as I can tell Coffee has just as many health benefits as Green Tea and I personally prefer Coffee.


  • lisaG

    just wanna say that i find that warm up rOutine mOre mOtivating than the Other. i gOt bOred with the Other One but i’m sure i wOn’t get bOred with this One.

    i did the 550 reps killer wOrkOut again but because i dO nOt have lOads Of time, i did 220 reps tOtal. still great anyways. and i did it in 14 minutes and 56 secOnds which is just the time i can spend wOrking Out because i fOund anOther jOb.

    thanks Zuzana, yOu are my herO.

    with lOve, LisaG

  • lisaG


    i had some of your breakfast cake just now and it delicious.

    best, LisaG

  • Tali

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have read some posts in the Diet section of the site and I saw that you tend to drink like 3 cups of coffee.Personelly I dont drink it,(I’m only 17),but I just wanted to help and ask,is it the taste or the energy boost that makes you drink coffee,If its energy you should try drinking green tea,very healthy and has natural caffine,doesnt taste so great,but after drinking it for 4 days I got used to it,(I drink it with no sugar).Hope to see many more workout posts,your a great motivation Zuzana!

    Yours Truly,Tali

  • gela

    love you guys! ya site is awesome

    can you do a stretching routine for after the workout?

    thanks gorgeous

  • Wil

    wow… great warmup.. you are really a great trainer. where do you find inspiration for your routines and techniques?

    recently found your site…. and now look at it daily for your workouts… so i thought id let you know… its truly great what you do for people.

  • Brianna

    Hi Zuzana :)

    I like this warm up routine a lot. What I hate about is my usual stretching/crunching/jumping warm up routine is that by the time I’m done, I’m already tired! LOL

    I’ve got a question that I can’t seem to get accurate answers to ANYWHERE.
    I don’t know if it’s just dimples under my legs, or if I’m not too young to have cellulite, but what are the best exercises to smooth and tone underneath the butt to kind of lift it, and tone the back of the thighs? I can’t get rid of these lump-like dimples underneath my butt and on my thighs., even with all the running I do! If you could help, thanks so much.

    Little Bri <3

  • Laura

    Zuzana I hope you post your workout too for today because I am looking forward to whatever you conjure up. Good luck getting your medicine ball. I ordered a chin-up bar today & I already can’t wait to get it <3

  • Nicole D Lopez


    Wonderful, thank you. I’ve always heard it’s a good idea to warm up and cool down and I used to do it all the time but now that I don’t have a coach forcing me to do it anymore I pretty much stopped.

    I also have a quick question about coffee :)
    How do you drink it? I ask because It’s obvious that you are very committed to your health and I absolutely love coffee and was wondering if there’s a better way to drink it. I used to just mix it with 2% milk but I recently discovered half and half so now I use that.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Nick

    So let me know if you agree with this. Your warmup up is dynamic stretching, were you aren’t holding the stretch. Is your postwork out more of a static stretch? That is the way I stretch, dynamic pre and static post workout. Ive read alot of research that says that can help prevent injuries.

  • FlaviaRJ

    Zuzana, could you help me? I don´t know were to post my question, I have some fat in the low part of my abdome, in the sides and in my lower back… I do a lot of exercise, lift weights, but this fat doesn´t leave me! =P And I eat well too…
    What can I do? Is there some exercise in special for this area? If there´s not, I think it´s just a matter of time, isn´t?
    Thanks Zuzana! You´re in great shape!! Congratz!!

  • ltinag

    hi zuzana,
    thank you for the warm up. can u show us your basic stretching after each workouts. thank you for free workouts.

  • Melissa

    When will we see Frederick work out? :D

    • BMK

      I was kinda wondering the same lol

  • diana

    zuzana… do you have a twitter account?