Nov 26 2009

Fast Burn Workout

Today’s workout is going to give you a nice burn especially in your legs :) There are 4 exercises with a lot of reps that you have to complete as quickly as possible. Try to push yourself really hard and beat my personal best. I completed this workout in 19 minutes and 28 seconds. I am not exactly proud about this result, because I know that I could have pushed harder. I just wasn’t trying hard enough. So make sure that you don’t make the same mistake and really squeeze what you can out of this workout. If you have a name for the ab exercise that I was doing – please post a comment and let me know. I also wanted to let you know, that we lost some comments when we were transferring our hosting. I am sorry for that , because I know that most of you spend a lot of time writing great comments which I am very grateful for.

Have a great day and workout, Zuzana.

Fast Burn Workout

1. Climber’s Lunges – 50 reps


Start in a lunge position. Jump up and switch your legs in the air. Land into a lunge position.


Place your hands in front of you on the ground and do two jumps switching your legs in the air and keeping your hands on the ground. This counts as 1 rep of the Climber’s Lunges. Do 50 reps.

2. Pike Jumps


Start in a plank position with your feet wide apart.


Jump your feet together and forward into a pike position and then back to the plank. This counts as one rep. Do 100 reps.

3. Ab Exercise – 50 reps


Lay on your back and bring your legs up towards the sky. Lower your legs towards the ground keeping them extended. Keep your lower back firmly pressed into the exercise mat. Raise your legs back up. Now bend your knees, rotate your lower body towards one side and extend your legs. Reverse the movement and get back to the starting position. This counts as 1 rep. Do 50 reps (switching from the left to the right)

4. Leg Switch


Sit on the ground with your legs bend and support yourself with your arms. Your hands should be underneath your shoulders and fingers pointing towards your toes. Lift your butt off of the ground and try not to sit down throughout all of the reps. Kick one leg up as far as you can and then switch the legs as fast as you can. One switch is one rep. Do 100 reps total.


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  • Cynthia ツ

    August 25, 2014

    I completed this in 24 mins.

  • Ginger Snaps

    21:47! Now I know for sure I did this one right and she totally beat my score! This was really hard cannot wait to see how I do next time.

  • Amanda S.

    21 minutes. Ouch.
    I did that back in 2010 and it took me 16 minutes, but I wasn’t going completely into the climbers lunges. :)

  • petra

    i just finished and this workout was really hard,my time about 22min………………………….petra london

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi everyone, Just did this one.. Really nice burn for my abs.. My time was: 16.58 minutes.. Soooo proud to be fast once.. :D   Up to the next oldy… Love doing the olders workouts… Working out with Zuzka is the best…

    • Anonymous

      hi annebel, I have filled my workout log until the end of january with older workouts that I have never done before. I might switch them out with any new one that freddy posts, or add what freddy posts to what I already have planned. I have missed working out with zuzana! this way I get the best of both worlds! good bodyweight workouts, a workout scheduled every day, and doing some new stuff too! maybe I’ll meet up with you here in the archives! I’m supposed to be doing this one tommorrow It has pistols and kozacek in it, I’m going to try them inside my dip station, so I can hold on!

    • Anonymous

      hi annebel, I have filled my workout log until the end of january with older workouts that I have never done before. I might switch them out with any new one that freddy posts, or add what freddy posts to what I already have planned. I have missed working out with zuzana! this way I get the best of both worlds! good bodyweight workouts, a workout scheduled every day, and doing some new stuff too! maybe I’ll meet up with you here in the archives! I’m supposed to be doing this one tommorrow It has pistols and kozacek in it, I’m going to try them inside my dip station, so I can hold on!

  • Laurenl

    21 minutes exactly. kiiiiillllllerrrrrr.

  • Anonymous

    8/27/11: Repeated this barefoot in a Vegas hotel room with a friend.  Time was 18:35, but I stopped quite a few times to show my friend what to do.

  • tee

    did this one today! I did fast death first then went into this one!  I think most of my time went into the climbers lunges!  I wish I had looked at your video right before I think they would been easier. I did 2 jump lunges and 2 mountain climbers because I kept switching legs.  but I did the pike jumps wrong as I counted each jump as one instead of an in and out as one.
    It took me 20 min and 33 seconds.
    and one burpee for erin!

  • Bohdanam

    2/12/09   17:01min
    8/15/11   12:52min modified #4 to kick ups
    and 10 B for E

  • Anonymous

    OH my… Did this one and I pushed so hard. Beat my old time what was 21:42min – today I did this just in 13:45min!!! :)  

  • Aletinita

    24:00 ufff gotta get better!
     but i am happy !
    yay !
     oh plus one burpee for Erin!

  • Anonymous

    8/7/11 vacation workout #2
    17:28 me, 28:43 him… This was his first be workout in over 7 weeks due to an injury. We did this on the lake dock. My jumprope just broke, so I will swim instead. Thanks!
    + 1 burpee for Erin.

  • Мария Давлеева

    20 min 10 sec plus Bodyflex. Ab ex was brutal….

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    11:58 – great short burn and sweat :)

  • Kay W.

    21:56 it was killer… i was shaking my head a lot… but it felt good.

  • Marion

    My shoulders brun !!!!
    This is an amazing workout ! I love bodyweight ones :)

    Thanks for this great one as usual

    Keep the sweat ! And smile ;)

  • Teena-fb

    16:35 was my time.

  • Anonymous

    This was workout 2 for me today, & I am really happy about it.  My husband & I did this 5/3/11, & we each beat our last time:

    old 19:02 today 18:17
    old 23:00 today 21:44

    That’s two new personal bests for me today :)

  • Vivi

    My time is 11.02 min !!!

  • Kay

    15 minutes. but I think i did the climbers lunges wrong. i did the jumping lunge but forgot all about the mountain climber type movement after that. 

  • Miss Rebecca

    Mountain climber lunges were too tough to do 50 in a row, so I broke up the workout into two parts.  I did half the reps of each exercise and then went back and did it all over again.  It STILL took me nearly 28 minutes to complete!!  I’ll do it faster next time…  :-)

  • Anonymous

    Round 2…this workout was especially difficult as a 2-a-day.

    Me: 19:01 + only 2 min interval skipping
    Him: 23:00 + ~5 min interval skipping

  • Anonymous

    I think I may have done the pike jumps wrong, & the ab exercise too. However, if it was hard it must have been okay!



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  • Paige

    28 minutes 30 seconds. not the best time in the world. but my most-of-me hurts!!!!! this coupled with the 5 week diet challenge makes me feel sexayyyyy….and sore! now to figure out why i keep gaining weight

  • Cristina

    I finished this workout in 16:21.
    great workout! kisses!

  • Kaila

    I finished this earlier today in 17:07.4. I call the ab move the mermaid just because it reminds me of a mermaid. Fun workout :) one of my favorites as it leaves a nice burn all over!

  • Elsa

    I did this workout today and it took me 22 minutes.
    I wasn’t pushing so hard even though I was dripping with sweat because it’s like 35C hot here!
    I keep saying to myself that if I repeat these workouts in autumn then I’ll get better records haha

    See you!

  • Johanna


    Im calling it “Core Triple Kicks”.


  • anna

    love this workout!I have just completed it in 14′ 36”! pretty good don’t you think?!kisses!

  • esmeralda

    good job you are in good shape keep it up

  • Sunny

    You could name it-”the windshield wiper” :)

  • Maria

    Ok so I got messed up with the abs exercise, ONE rep is on side and one in the middle? meaning you’ll do 25 for each side? Cause it took me 19:32 the whole workout but I did 50 reps, counting 1 as: 1 to the left, one on the middle and one on the right. Hope u can make this clear to see if i’m doing it right. Thank you guys!

    • Laila

      Actually, one rep starts in the middle and finishes in the middle: middle-side (left or right)-middle. So you do 25 reps on one side and 25 reps on the other side and 50 in the middle. I hope this is clear enough!

      (lower your legs towards the ground keeping them extended. Keep your lower back firmly pressed into the exercise mat. Raise your legs back up.(MIDDLE) Now bend your knees, rotate your lower body towards one side and extend your legs. (SIDE) Reverse the movement and get back to the starting position. (MIDDLE))

    • Emma, Sweden

      jesus, you did 100! i was cramping after 45!

  • Jenny

    omg….i thought your ab workout was going to kill me, hahaha. I have pretty good abs but no 6 pack like yours. I thought my abs were in pretty good shape till i tried that workout. lmao, oh well, thanks for the amazing workout!!

  • Luz Egremy

    Hi Zuzana, i’ve been doing your workouts for 3 weeks and i feel great, i know results are coming later but i feel my muscles are in better shape.
    I wanna ask you if it’s normal that weight stays still after 2 weeks of excercising and eating little less than i used to before starting.
    I hope you can answerme!

  • Meghan

    Hey Zuzana! You’re my new inspiration! I am already thin (runs in the family) but want good cardio/joint health and great tone.

    Where do you get your workout clothes from??

  • Bethany

    Just picked out this as my workout for tomorrow morning, and had an idea. Well, a question really, if you had a kind of members area where we could keep track of our times on particular workouts like this one. Maybe there’s a way to do it on youtube. I’ll check there.

  • Debbie

    I have a name for this “No name abs exercise” it’s “The 2 legged can-can” I do it in Pilates all the time ;)

  • Sónia (Portugal)

    I like this one very much but my time wasn’t good. I did 29:28. Next time I do better.
    you are an inspiration

  • Jenitart

    OMG I read the assignment wrong and did 100 of each of the exercises. Kill me now!

  • Willen

    wee this one is a killer. one day I will manage to do it completely. I tried it today and died somewhere around my third pike jump. BUT when I get my breath back, hehe then I probably will die again;) but one day…one day…

    greetings from sweden

  • Katie

    Hi! this is my first post, I have been lurking the site for a week or two. This is the first workout I have tried, did it in 26 min. better luck next time. Whew! those lunges kicked my butt! You are such an inspiration, I want your abs! thanks!

  • Mayelyn

    i found the right exercise for me. thank you. hopefully i can loose my flab! :)

  • Juan

    Have you always been so fit and active?

  • Juan

    you have the perfect stomach,, so tight.

  • Leslie

    When will you begin the 30 days without sugar?

  • Leslie

    When does the 30 day challenge start?

  • Janet

    I did this in 15:24…checked to make sure I included everything and it looks correct. The lunges were beasts!

    I did the “one month challenge workout” first because I lost a day and had to catch up.

    I actually think it helped because I already in the mental groove and just powered through. I am really pleased with this!

  • Lola

    giving this one a whirl today :) loving all your stuff so far…
    as for the ab exercise-how about
    The Zuzana Twist??

  • Katrina

    Wowza, those climb lunges were hard. Thos pike ones, even harder. I was so sore I couldn’t even attempt those ab thingy’s. Thanks for an incredibly hard workout Zuzana:D

  • Rosa

    Saw this one and really liked it. It really got my heart rate going. I did it in 28 min 43 sec. I realized I was doing the ab workout incorrectly. I was actually doing more than I should have for 1 rep. But thats even better for me lol! Thanks for this one, and to Guillermo, great name haha! But I think it should be called Im-ready-to-puke abs!

  • Angela

    great work out – my time was 22 minutes :)

  • Marianne


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  • Jamie

    You do these workout in the morning right? Do you eat breakfast before the workout and what kinds of foods are eating? Some health articles say that if you do for example cardiovascular exercise while your body is in a fasted state that you will burn more fat and not just carbs. I’ve tried both ways eating before and not and overall i think i have more energy if I eat something. Just wondering what you think :)

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  • Karina

    Hi, Zuzanna!!!
    Thanks so much for this workout! I am just getting ready to do it. Looks like a lot of fun=)))

    Hi from Russia=)

  • Shaune

    I am having trouble getting two of your moves. The ninja jump and the pistol one leg squat. Could you tell me how to practice to get them? I really want to be able to do them. Thanks so much, Shaune

  • Katie

    Hi Zuzana!

    I love your workouts :) I am trying to get in a little better shape by summer and look a little more like you! :) Thanks for all your great tips, they really help.

  • Michelle

    I am absolutely obsessed with doing your workouts! Especially love the fact that they require little to no extra equiptment
    Theyve really helped me get in shape, thanks Zuzanna!

  • alice x

    I did this in 14 min 45 sec my times are improving so much, these workouts really are working.
    thank you :)

  • SandyPhilly

    My time was 23min,42sec. Those lunges were challenging, when trying to go down into a mountain climber over the top part of your leg/knee there’s a big jump effort…wow.

  • alice

    I did this workout in 15 minutes 38 seconds it really hurt my legs when i had to do the pike exercise but its all worth it.
    Can wait till tommorows workout.

  • Stefanie

    Hey Zuzana and Frederick,
    I’m not terribly new to the site, but I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to try one of your awesome workouts for quite awhile! I managed to do this one in 25min and 57sec. Sadly I was only able to perform 25 of the ab exercises though. While I’m a little disappointed about my time, I’m proud that I finally completed (most of) this workout!

    Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  • Dee


    You could call the ab workout “T-Extensions” since you’re lying in a T position and extending your legs. BTW – Love Love Love you and Frederick! You guys ROCK;)


  • Kat

    Hi Zuzana! I just wanted to say how glad I am to have come across your website recently! I love your workouts!! They are a great addition/change to my own. I hope that by doing your workouts regularly I will be able to get to that toned point that I’ve been striving for, for a few months now. Keep it up! Absolutely love everything!

    Thanks for having a body that rocks!

  • Anonymous

    is there only one round or what?

  • Angie

    Your workouts are very interesting and I am going to try them. Just wanted to know if you have a background in fitness or if you just have developed these from being a fitness buff.

  • Chanel

    Hey! This is a great workout! I really felt the burn when i tried it. I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow but it was worth it! :)
    That ab workout is really difficult but i’m modifying it until i can do it fully. I have a suggestion for the name. How about The Leaning Tower Ab Exercise?

  • Laura

    K i had to psych myself up for this one. Took me 23:36 but I am glad I did this one today b/c I almost didn’t do anything. <3

  • bohdana

    17.01min. C. Lunges are hard ,but great..

  • Jax

    Oops, spelling…meant “Cabaret Crunches”

    • Cassandra

      Cabaret crunches is the best name I have seen so far! It also reminds me of a Pilates move called the Can Can. You could call them Can Can Crunches, lol.

  • Jax

    Caberet Crunches–the little twist reminds me of that kind of move…

  • H2O Boy

    For your know name Ab workout I would call it Leg Ligt Windmills.

  • Jim

    I came up with a name for the abs’ exercise no.3: “Dynamic body twisters” or something like that. :)

  •,152.html Marta

    Exercise 3 – you can name it “rainbow”, hovewer original “rainbow” means semicircles.


    Marissa, In order to break a bad habit, you must replace it with a good habit. For example: I used to eat potato chips they were coming out of my wazoo. Now,I have almonds,walnuts,or fruit instead. Eventually your body will receive the message that it no longer requires non-nutritional foods. I literally DO NOT EAT POTATO CHIPS ANYMORE. I no longer have that craving. Change in any form takes times. Don’t give up on yourself. You are a unique,worthy person and have lots to offer. But,you must tell yourself,literally, outloud-”I am worthy. I deserve to be physically healthy. I deserve this for me.” Be your own cheerleader,sweety. You’ve gone this far,don’t stop.

  • Yanna

    up-down-side lifts & tucks – ab workout name

  • Maria from Ukraine

    During workouts like this one I do regret that I have not died after the previous one )))
    Thanks ))

  • LisaG

    hi Zuzana,

    i just did this workout again and i completed it in 18 minutes and 57 seconds. not bad, what do you think??


    best, LisaG

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI LisaG,

      Not bad :)

  • Sygale

    Hi Zuzana! This is my first time to your website. I am soo excited to incorporate your routines into my weekly schedule. They ( and you) look amazing. However, I was wondering where to find the stretch routine to help with flexibility you mentioned on you tube. thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

  • Danica

    Hi Zuzana!

    I’ve been wondering about the diets. Like I haven’t tried your workout just as yet because I don’t have the time to but I LOVE rice and like I could just eat rice with anything I can find in the fridge. Will this type of meal interfere with the time to see the results?

    THANKS! PS: You are wonderful!

  • Man100

    Oh yes, I have taken a picture of my belly so when I get my six pack I can show you before and after….thats part of my motivation to be honest! Maybe you could run a competition…thanks

  • Man100

    Dear Zuzanna,

    After one of your routines today I felt really sick any tips to kurb that feeling?

    Also I cant keep up with you whatsoever. I kind of feel bad for that…should I just do as much as I can?


  • Tina

    Hi Samantha,

    I agree with Zuzana here (one short & intense workout in the morning and one in the evening).
    But if you have lots of energy (like me) – there are this two options, really ;) :

    - You are eating too much
    - You are not doing the routines as fast as you can and with perfect form.

    This is just my opinion. But believe me that you will see more results on your body if you will just cut down your portions a little bit more than if you will add some additional routine to your working day.

    Best wishes,


  • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

    Hi Samantha,

    If you feel that you have enough energy to do 2 workouts a day, then go for it. I don’t think that it would be worth it tho if you got yourself exhausted to the point that you couldn’t do anything the next day. It is more efficient to workout frequently. Also I can suggest that you do one workout in the morning and the second one in the afternoon. After weight training you won’t have the energy to put as much effort to this workout as you would if you were fresh.

    • Robin

      Super Zuzana this answered my question for some days ago, and now i cant wait to get my gymboss this week, i hope, and then i will start to do your workout 2 times a day.
      Your are awesome.

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  • marissa

    challanging and wanting more; is my feeling.
    15.01 im getting faster at this, but i see no progress with my body :/
    z, any advice on how to keep food cravings from my mind?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      you need a stronger motivation that will keep you away from junk (or overeating). If you know what do you exactly want and why do you want it, then it is easy to go for it. It is psychological so don’t even try to look for some worthless pills that would stop your cravings. Many times we are using food to make us feel better when we are bored, sad or stressed out. Set your goal and start to work towards it. If your well being is not enough of a motivation for you then try to think of something that will give you the right emotional charge.

  • Kamillzyna

    i really like the Zig zag crunches name — that’s the name i used, just saying. Can;t wait for the next wotkout i hope it will really kick my ass.

  • Daisy

    Hey guys,

    How about W-Ab extensions (for WoW thats gonna hurt tomorrow), or The Anchor (you get that sinking feeling after only a couple of reps).

    Keep on keeping on.

  • victoria

    You can call the ab-training for ” the mermaid” or “mermaid-splits”

  • Yana

    Zuzana, thank you SO much for your workouts! It is pretty boring to exercise every day during 40 minits or more. Your gorgeus exercises are a real solution for me. After 20 minits i am tired much more than after my previous 40-minit workout!))) Your workouts are so challenging! And they are really especial, i have never seen such exercises before. Thanks a lot. Hi from Russia)

  • Joni

    THAT was awesome! Thanks for the great workout today! I feel like a better person already!

  • Nata

    19:29 :)

  • sassyras

    How about “3-point leg extension or leg lifts” for the ab move?

  • Tess

    I loved this workout – it was harder than I thought it was going to be but it really got my heart rate up and made me sweat. I do have a question about exercises that strengthen the lower back muscles. Last week I was doing the “chest lift” exercise but felt really weak doing them, as though I could not pull back far enought to get the benefits from this exercise. Is this a good exercise to focus on for strenghtening the lower back muscles? Thanks.


    Hello Zuzana,
    I onced came across with the almost the same exercise you do and it was called “oblique rotation”. Does it fit? I have noticed that zou do many exercises for obliques. Aren’t you scared that obliques can make a waste line wide, at least this is what i read in books for bodybuilders. I like your workouts, but this one i didn’t try, too many jumps and i am scared of knee joints(((.

  • Georgeanne

    Hi, great routine, love your workouts! Name the excercise, how about Lying Leg-ups with bent-knee side-twist leg extensions. Boy oh boy that name is a workout for our tongues as well, lol.
    Best Wishes!

  • Douglas

    Awesome workout.

    How you did it without ending up looking like a “sweaty mess” I will never know

  • Samantha

    hI Zuzana

    How about Ab-solute torture!!!!! Finished in 21:01. A quick question – I know you don’t have time to answer all question but if anyone else can give me advice that’d be great. I’ve heard differences of opinion as to whether you should do a workout such as this on the same day that you perform a weights based workout (which is what I’ve done today) and that you should do them on separate days. However, I’ve a friend who is Britians natural strongman who will do workouts like these as a ‘finisher’ after a weights workout on say two days per week. I end up with so much conflicting information it hurts mine (and my hubby’s) head!

    Thank you – can’t wait for the next killer workout.


  • MikeR

    Hi Zuzana,
    absolut great workout. You asked for a name for your abs exercise. I know a quite simmilar exercise from power yoga (a dynamic version of hatha yoga) called crocodile. Though the yoga exercise is only pendling with your legs from one side to the other with the possibility to vary the intensity by lowering your legs more or less and your exercise is much more challenging and dynamic, call it “excited crocodile”. This is a little bit a funny name and I’m excited every time I check your new daily workout. Have a great day.

  • Liz

    Hi Zuzanna,

    I loved this particular workout. I did it this morning, although not as many reps as you, nor as fast! Over the last few years I have put on weight and I am determined to lose it and your exercises are truly inpsiring me! The great thing about a lot of your workouts are, they can be done at home, no gym required.

    Thank you so much.

  • Marianne

    Hi Zuzana, Just wanted to update you on my progress with my diet. I’ve totally relaxed my attitude to measuring macronutrients and I am doing as you do…back to basics. Small regular meals. I think it’s definitly helped, feel far less stressed and more free. Unfortunately haven’t been able to exercise due to a big flare up in my arthritis, but this is what happens sometimes. Will catch up with the new workouts when I feel better! :) Hopefully even beat you…or even Tina lol ;)

  • Janilyn

    hey Zuzana!
    how about abs side twist leg extensions for the abs exercise? ((:
    i love this set of exercises! killed my both legs .
    the after burn does feel AWESOMEE!!

  • Tina

    “- 15-MINUTE CHALLENGE from 19th of October (when you have problems with your wisdom tooth) – core exercise and low jumping jacks. I was better than the first time for 2 rounds! First time I did 25 rounds in 15 minutes and second time I did 27 rounds in 17 minutes! i WAS SOOO HAPPY :) ).”

    I MEANT 27 rounds in 15 minutes of course (not 17)!

    Best wishes,


  • Ashley

    Hey Zuzana,

    I finished in 16:33. The first two exercises killed my legs!! Loved them! Still thinking of a name for that abs exercise…


  • Nathaneul

    hej Zuzana i love your workouts they are crazy awesome. i subbed to you on youtube and decided to visit your site. you said you didnt have a name for that ab work out you did in yournewest video i do that too inmy room and i call it range leg raises. so if you like it you can call itthat or rainbow raises lol just came up with it. but yea i really want my gf to do your work outs she has a nice body cause she use to work out but she stopped. she is natural skinny and kinda has abs and yea she looks great but i really think your work outs are healthy and just help any and everyone out who does them so yea i want her to do them lol. i accually sent her oneofyour videos a few months ago and she did it butnow shes to busy and lazy. but im going to start doing your workouts :)

  • camille

    i have to say… i am hooked on your website… i have started doing the 20 minute cardio and i am just feeling really encouraged just checking your site everyday.

    also, amazing black and white photography as well… kudos to the camera person too.

  • Lilit

    Hey Zuzana,
    If possible, when u post new excersizes, can u post the whole thing. Not being shortened. It encourages me to do it with u the whole time :) THANK YOU!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Lilit,
      These videos are not meant to be like a regular dvd that you can follow rep by rep. It woudn’t make any sense. These are challenges for all people of different fitness levels. You can achieve way better results if you try to go faster then me instead of keeping my pace.

  • Nicole

    Nice workout routine.
    I was hoping that you would also put the meals you have for the day with your workout. It is so hard for me to come up with meal plans everyday.
    Thanks a lot for all your hard work.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Nicole,

      I used to have the same problem as you. I didn’t know what my ‘daily meal plan’ should look like. I used to be concerned about the right ratios of macronutrients in my diet. Then I decided to go back to basics. I can’t explain everything in one comment, but you can read my latest articles on diet to get the idea. Basically I eat mostly fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, some meat, eggs, nuts, some dairy products (not low fat), mushrooms, etc. Whatever would my grandma recognize as food. I eat small portions which gives me energy throughout the entire day. I never feel tired or heavy after I eat. Read the articles and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

  • *anNa*

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone~~!
    Im about to do this excercise and am pretty excited about it!
    Perhaps its because i ate a huge buffet dinner and feeling very guilty about it! HEHE =p

    well i was thinking about the ab excercise.. how about T-Benders? it just sounded easy and catchy

  • kristie

    i’ve called the ab exercise “Can-Can” (like the dancer) but it did not include the leg lower to the center.

  • JulianP

    I’m totally burnt out from this routine, lost track after 2o mins. I was so worn out, I think you should consider the name “The Jalapeno” coz it burns.
    Great stuff
    Thanks and keep it up

  • Kendra

    I did this workout this morning, which was especially important since today is Thanksgiving here in the U.S.! By doing this workout, it reminded me to really be aware of what I am putting on my plate so that all the hard work I did wasn’t a waste. At the end I added 30 step ups using a bench, 100 jumping jacks, 30 squats and some shoulder presses with 15 lbs. weights…I knew I would need the extra workout with Thanksgiving dinner lurking around the corner. I must say, I am officially wiped out after that great workout. Loving the site…and the best part is everyday is a new challenge and new exercises to keep everything fresh and all body parts working in different ways! :) And I can’t wait to try the new recipe you posted…it looks yummy!

  • ania

    Hi Zuzana
    I managed to complete it in 16:43 and I was soaking wet. Great workout. Will do it again
    I was so pumped after it that i done another 15 mins of abs hah.

  • Tyvon

    i think you should call the no name excersise ” Crucifiction Leg Lifts”

  • OMAR

    hello, today i found ur web site. very cool web site im happy,i have a question, Can i do the same workout, the same number of sets or are differet for male or not aply.


    • Frederick

      Hi Omar,
      A lot of guys including myself follow these workouts just as they are and they are very effective regardless of gender. That said you can always modify them or do more reps/sets to increase the challenge.


    SARAH, Zuzana’s workouts are for those of us who can’t afford or don’t live near a gym. You most certainly can continue your exercise routine,just do them indoors. Pick one of many of Zuzana’s workouts and you will feel the burn without all that “fancy gym” stuff. NO EXCUSES!!


    The ABS exercise looks like a variation of the WINDSHIELD WIPERS EXERCISE. Which is done keeping the legs straight when taking them down on each side.

  • Jimmy

    Hi Zuzana! The ab exercise you did looked a lot like an exercise I did in the “300 Workout” called floor wipers. If I was going to explain this workout to somebody, I would refer to the ab exercise as “floor wipers”.

  • Tina

    Oh, and I wanted to say that I was not sweating, although it was a though one routine! Funny.

  • Tina

    Hey, It is I :) again :) ,

    I did this workout in exactly 16 minutes! I feel great now, although I think I could do it even faster if I wouldn´t feel a little sick because I ate too much of those potato cakes :S. They were so good but three were obviously too much although I ate them 2 hours ago from now! Next time only two, like you.

    “See ya” tomorrow with new workout I hope (my legs really hurt so please – have that in your mind when doing a new routine haha :) ),


  • Li

    Wow after this workout i’m done!
    the nameless exercise is very strict i do first 30 then the rest of the workout, on the end the last 20!
    Thanks for your video

  • Yas

    The sit ups should be called “Super-man (or girl) sit ups”! I say that because with your arms out like that and your legs going to the side it’s kinda like you’re flying!

  • Tina

    Hi Zuzana,

    Now I am going to do this workout, it looks very challenging and great at the same time. :D
    I am really looking forward to do it!
    Last two days I did some of your previous workouts, which I already did, but I did it again to compare my time…cause I didn`t manage to open your site last days…so I did some old workouts second time. I did:

    - 15-MINUTE CHALLENGE from 19th of October (when you have problems with your wisdom tooth) – core exercise and low jumping jacks. I was better than the first time for 2 rounds! First time I did 25 rounds in 15 minutes and second time I did 27 rounds in 17 minutes! i WAS SOOO HAPPY :) ).

    - BALANCE, STRENGTH AND AGILITY WORKOUT from 16th of October. I was faster than the first time for a minute :) . First time I did 4 rounds of those 4 exercises in 18 minutes and yesterday (second time) I did it in 17 minutes. It`s a great way to compete with myself. :)

    I will let you know how I did with this workout too.

    Best wishes,


  • Kamillzyna

    just finished the workout, i loved the Climber’s lunge & pike jumps — when i got up to 30 of the lunges felt as if my legs were going to clapse – really intense exersize that gives you that good sort of feeling (while doing &/or after finishing) & is hard to explain. i know throught this workout i kept keeping the concept of the more /harder the work = the better the results. anyway i finished this workout at 16:30.
    Whenever i go out i have to walk up/down about 4 flights of stairs and i’ve realized that i’m getting faster coming up/dwn the stairs with/o having to catch my breath. — So thanks again & i hope everyone has a nice thanksgiving.

  • Natalie

    Zuzuana Shoes question


    WOW, awesome job girl! Just a question. If I work out in my home, do I need to wear shoes? And if I do get some new shoes for the sorts of workouts you do on the site, what are the best type to get. I have very narrow feet and I get shin splints easily.

    Thanks and keep it up, you are SO inspiring!


  • Tran

    The ab exercises look like a variation on floorsweepers!

  • Maria

    Zuzana,how about ” switches”? ab switches? too bad?

  • Jaia

    I really like ‘zig-zag cruchens’

  • Mike P

    I completed it in 15:57. When i saw the routine i didn’t think it would be that tough but i was definitely surprised by the difficulty, especially by the ab exercise, which perhaps could be called the “east to west crunch”. I think I will go ice my knees now, they don’t recover as fast as in my 20′s.

  • victoire

    juste to said that your workout are very good….and its very nice to have you with me every day …i love trainning…..and sport in generale…..i am froom spain…..and i make a lot of publicity for you around me good luke for you…see you of course tomorow….victoire /( french girl)

  • Victoria

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,

    Thank you for another very challenging workout. I loved it a lot. My abs are so going to hurt tomorrow :-) )

    I also wanted to comment on the quality of the photographs. Frederick does such an amazing job! I was impressed by his impeccable sense of style and composition. The abs exercise photo was a real masterpiece!!!

    Well done guys and thank you for what you are doing for us.

  • karin

    great workout! took me 19:30 min!
    i just love to open your website and find another colorful and ceative workout =]

  • lisaG

    hey Zuzana,

    just did the workout. i completed it in 22 minutes and 08 secondes. i start to think that i’ll never be able to beat you. LOL

    take care, LisaG

  • ioana

    Great workouts (and challenging) and great web site!
    Name for the ab workout – could it be a variation of the “can-can”?
    Love your insight on fitness and nutrition.
    Keep up the great work you do!

  • Jay Dimenio

    You are awsome.. and inspirational to soooooooo many… thank you.
    And your 600 Rep work out had my legs sore for 2 days!!
    i think you should call that ab excercise… Crucifix Leg Kick Outs =)

  • Lang

    Did I ever mention I love your belly Jewelry? hehe.

    How about we just name that Ab workout “Zuza’s Leg Lifts” Pretty catch to me.
    I’ll have to try them out later today. Thanks for the video

  • lisaG

    hi Zuzana,

    yesterday i did 4 rounds of 150 steps up with 2 kg in each hands, 20 regular push-ups and 20 star crunches. but today i do not feel any pain in my muscles. not i’m wondering if what i did yesterday was worth it.

    today’s workout is gonna kill me before a get to the second exercise, but i know at the end i’ll be just really happy and feeling good.

    thanks for everything you are doing for us.

    with love, LisaG

  • Fogo

    Workout is great :) Not to hard not to easy I liked it.
    And name for the ab exercise could be 3way ab routine…I usually do it :) )


  • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

    Hi guys,

    I am getting a lots of comments. I like to read them, but I don’t have time to answer them al so I will try to answer some comments on my new posts. Thanks.

  • Carla

    Zuzana, you gorgeous person you :-) )
    Awesome workout. I am a very fit person but I swear your workouts have given a whole new boost to my training. awesome! I am doing this tonight and will come back with my results.
    hugs from The Netherlands

  • Nathalie

    Hey Zuzana,

    nice workout. Need to try that when my sore is gone ;)

    The name for your Abs workout, what about “Zig-Zag Crunchens” ?


  • sarah

    Hi Zuzana! I have been looking at your videos on youtube for quite sometime and finally decided to check out your website! I love all your workouts, I think they are great. You are really inspiring!! I workout out 5-6 times a week by going to the gym and incorporating some at home workouts (yours!)…this weekend I will be leaving town to visit my boyfriend for the next week and half. I always struggle with working out because I do not have my gym there, he lives in an upstairs apartment, and it will be super cold out when I go! I hate to sound like I’m making excuses but I feel it is difficult to workout and it really bothers me. Do you have any advice, ideas, suggestions on what I can do?! Thank you so much!! Keep up the good work, LOVE what you do! Thanks again.

  • S

    I’ve been looking for a top like that (the sleeves).
    Where can I find something like that?
    Great workout today :)

  • Mana

    ohhhhh, I´ve forgotten … the instructions and the photos are a ingenious idea ! The are really helpfully !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mana

    This is great ! It´s 9:30h in the morning (in germany) and I tested it. The workout is hard but I feel great now and very good prepared for the day … and for my studies. Thank you lots and lots of time. You are the best ! Lest that you look gorgeous :) ))), you can explain very good and it makes amazingly fun to do your workouts (and feel the progress)! To dine today I´ll test your hot potatos; I´m very happy about your recites … I´m vegetarian and most of the sond soooooo good.
    You are the limit !!!!