Nov 29 2009

Hard Bodies Workout

Hi everyone,

When I was thinking about what to call this workout, I remembered the movie Burn After Reading where Brad Pitt was playing a guy who worked in one of those corporate super gym chains. He looked and acted so funny in this movie that I decided to name this workout “hard bodies” after the name of the gym where he worked in the movie. We also really need your help – it’s getting to the point where it’s becoming a challenge to come up with an original name for each workout :) We don’t want to name our videos something boring or lame like “lower body workout” – we like the less traditional kick ass names like “fast death” – you get the idea. Please give us your ideas for cool workout names – don’t be shy – the wilder and crazier the better.

I felt like I had to take a day off yesterday, but today I hit it again hard with a great workout and some new exercises. I would like to give a shout out to TheUndergroundLab video that is on YouTube. There is a girl who is doing all kinds of great exercises and some of them I have never seen before – they really inspired me. The jump from the knees to jump tuck exercise seemed to be some kind of impossible move when I first saw her doing it. I was sitting in front of my computer wearing jeans, but I had to try it immediately so I went down on the floor to give it a try. It wasn’t easy, but I did it and it was incredible. I know you will laugh, but I felt like a ninja :) The second exercise that was new to me is the Dynamic Push Up which I find to be a lot more fun than the regular push ups – it’s also a little bit harder. One Arm, One Leg Bridge requires a lot of balance and agility. Today was also the first time I tried One Leg Burpees. Why didn’t I think of this exercise before? It is amazing exercise and 5 reps on each leg were just enough.

I completed this workout in 22 minutes and 13 seconds. There are 5 rounds of the five following exercises:

1. Ninja Jumps – 5 reps


Start on your knees. I prefer to kneel on my exercise mat. Get ready to force your body up into. It is a dynamic movement and you will have to engage every muscle in your body.


Jump up and land on your feet into a squat. As soon as you land, jump up again and tuck your knees in. This counts as 1 rep. Complete 5 reps of Ninja Jumps.

2. Elevated Bridge Leg Lift – 10 reps on each leg


Lay on your back and put the heels of your feet up on a chair. Lift your hips up to get your body in a line. Lift one of your extended legs up with your toes pointed and knee locked. Drive the leg as far as your flexibility allows you.  Do 10 reps on each leg.

3. Dynamic Push Ups – 5 reps


Start in a plank position with your body completely rigid.


Drop down to get your chest as close to the ground as possible while jumping with your feet wide apart. Immediately push up jumping your feet back together. This counts as 1 rep. Complete 5 reps of Dynamic Push Ups.

4. One Arm, One Leg Bridge – 20 reps total


Lay on your back with one knee bend. Sit up and push off of the standing foot while supporting yourself with your arm on the same side and push your hips up. This counts as 1 rep. Complete 20 reps total by switching the sides after each rep.

5. One Leg Burpees – 5 reps on each leg


Start by standing on one leg. Bent over and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Jump with your foot back into a one leg plank position. Jump with your foot forward towards your hands and then jump up reaching with your arms towards the sky. This counts as 1 rep. Compete 5 reps of One Leg Burpees on each leg.

Enjoy this workout and try to beat my time ;)



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  • Cynthia ツ

    August 27, 2014

    Took me 28 mins. I couldn’t do the ninja jump. I did a get up from knees instead.

  • Ginger Snaps

    20:44! I was not sure if I could do the Ninja Jumps but I did! Was super happy! :D Five Burpees for the team – barerly! :D

  • Lenka Slovakia

    Runing for 25 min and score fror this w/o. 28 min 36, Thank you it was great

  • Anonymous

    ,Did this today in 15:13 min and beat my old record what was 19:25. :)  

  • Melpompeer

    I dont know how long it took me cause my girls played with the timer but I did 6 round
    and now Im exausted!! i though that I will be not able to do the ninja, and I did so Im very proud of me!!

  • KatieGoneFit

    Still have a long way to go, but OK for now, have a great bodyrocky’ n day everyone!:*

  • Veronica Styles

    Zuzana you are amazing!

    I finished the workout last night in 22:34. I had to substitute the ninja jumps with 20 backward lunge and kick. I tried the ninja jumps at home before I went to the track and was able to do two so I thought I was set and once I got there I could not do them. I was so upset but I did not give up. I could not think of anything on the spot than the first thing that came to mind was the backward lunges and kick.

    Oh and this my first burpees. I am so happy about that. The first time I found your site like a month ago I tried the burpee (big mistake). You had a 100 burpee challenge but I could not do 15 so I was so proud of myself last night!!!!

    Anyway tonight I am doing 600 rep workout from Nov 19th, 2009.

    Thanks for the workouts! Its great to love working out again!

  • Anonymous

    I picked this one for today (July 13th, 2011). Sadly, I couldn’t finish it (only made it through 2 rounds). I had to mod the ninja jumps so that I power “rolled” onto my feet from my knees, then did the jump (otherwise, I couldn’t do them at all). I managed (barely) to do the elevated leg lifts the first round, then I had to do regular leg lifts the second round because I just couldn’t hold my weight up anymore. The dynamic push-ups were okay. I did those the regular way, though I can’t get down as low to the ground as other people. I get about three quarters of the way down. The one arm/one leg bridges were brutal. I couldn’t lift myself as high and straight as Zuzana, but I just did the best I could. Usually I’m okay with burpees even one leg burpees (depends how many I have to do, lol). For some reason, I could only do the one leg burpees the first round, then regular burpees the second round. I was just completely worn out today and couldn’t get further. My time was horrible, too. 21 minutes, 27 seconds for only 2 round. :(

    Oh well. Just had a bad, tired day. Tomorrow is a new day. :)

  • Anonymous

    19:25 !!! I’m so happy! :) I push it trough without breaks. “Slithering in the sweat ponds.” ;D 

  • Erika

    23:32 with modifed ninjas after the 2nd round and I did reg pushups from the toes instead of the dynamics.

  • Sherine

    it does not look as hard as it really ninja jumps….i could not jump from the ground I had to point my toes on the floor to lift myself……but i did 4 rounds in 23:00min…am glad I could do all though…Il save another try for next week…..

    It is way harder than it seems..I hope for you to repeat it these days …am interested to see if you can do it faster

  • ange

    Completed this morning in 20:10. My ninja jumps in the last two rounds weren’t as “tight”, but I did them all. I’m really proud of this time. Zuzanna, I’d be curious to see you go back to this one and see how much you’ve improved. My guess is… a lot! Another great workout. Thanks guys. I love going back and finding some of the older ones. The only problem is, I can’t decide which one I want to do next. A good problem to have.

  • Paige

    28 minutes and 34 seconds. only five minutes behind zuzana this time. i peeked and saw that i was already at 23 minutes after the 4th round. so that last round i REALLY pushed myself so i can get the best time possible. and you know what? just taking teeny breaks when i need them isn’t THAT much harder than taking long breaks after each exercise. soooo i’m gonna aim to do better tomorrow :) some of the exercises (the one leg one arm bridge) took a while to figure out, while others (ninja jump) i never got and had to modify. hopefully i can get stronger and stronger every day.

  • Jennifer

    Did this one today and pushed really hard, even though my legs were pretty sore from all the ninja jumps I did during yesterday’s workout. (The Viral Sweat video you guys just put up yesterday. BTW, I love, love, love the new real-time format. I always compete against Z’s reps to make sure I’m really pushing myself, but actually seeing her do the workout seemed to make me push it even more.) Anyway, my time for my workout today was 16 minutes and 51 seconds. I’m pretty happy with that score. Keep up the great work!

  • Nina

    This workout kicked my butt today! Finished in 25:59 and loved it :) Can’t wait what my time is gonna be next time :) Thanks for this one :)

  • Thijs

    Hi Zuzana,

    For a while I was only focussing on riding my MTB. But now I want to take it to the next level. Meaning riding longer and harder, for this to accomplish I need new workouts helping my complete body, not just my legs. You really helpt me in this way.

    I’m browsing your website for full body workouts I can do at home.
    Just one disadvantage… You have so many ;-)

    Thanks for your hard work and effort you put into this website.

    Thanks so much and keep fit!

  • Kaila

    I finished this today in 17:11:0. Now its time to clean the whole house, woooo *sarcastic* lol

  • Isidora

    Did this today: 22:40 .. though i didnt add the rest time but it wasnt long, not more than 3 min in total :)

  • RED

    This was a challenging one for me. Esp the one-legged-burpees. But I loved the Ninja Jumps – alot about understanding the technique and going with the momentum.



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  • Carolyn Pilates

    I had to guess about the reps today. The site was a struggle and I didn’t make those notes in my binder in Nov.

    I was terrifically challenged. Here’s what I did….
    4 Rounds
    Ninja Jumps (assisted): 5
    Elevated Bridge Leg Lift: 15 ea lg
    Dynamic Push Ups: 10
    One Arm, One Leg Bridge: 30 total
    Single Leg Burpees: 10 ea lg

    I’d give my time but my battery died in timer, although it was about 40 min. I have added the Z reps to my notes and I’ll do it again to evaluate my time.

    In my stretching today, I practiced the new single arm piece from the Bikini Body workout with both arms. It was a nice extension/chest opening piece using both arms for a set of 8.

    To warm up, I did shoulder bridges and roll overs. I also practiced each of the moves to make sure I had them before getting started.

  • Squirrel

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,

    I know that you already mentioned that you will put some pictures for the hot quickie workout. This workout looks great and I’d like to try it. I was just wondering if you could put just the reps for each exercise without pidtures for now.

    I know you’re already busy with the new website :S
    By the way, love the new home page!

    Thx a lot!
    Have a great week

  • Ciera

    i did it in 16:54 but also missed the laying down after each bridge. it definitely wasn’t one of your harder workouts imo. i’m gonna save this one for lazy days, and do 10 ninja jumps and 10 push ups each time.

  • Audra Gatti

    Finished this workout in 21:55 and man was it brutal! Still can’t do the ninja jumps and had to assist with my arms so I don’t blow out my knees. Definately gonna work on em though ;)

  • Janet

    Did this in 17:23, but in playing the video I see I missed lying down between each crab lift and slightly altered the plank leg lift by doing extensions without dropping back to plank. Penalize me 3 minutes :) . Knew there was a reason I improved by 6 minutes. Next time I will watch the video first! Guess I will have to try again.

  • Eddie

    Not sure if you’ll read this Zuzana but I just wanted to let you know your a real inspiration. I’ve only just turned around my diet and fitness routine and I’ve never felt better.

    I really wish you’d make a wallpaper section on this site as I’d love to have you on my desktop for motivation :)

  • Lisa

    I missed this workout when it was posted so I did it today. My time was 22 minutes and 53 seconds and I was pushing it. I have to say the hardest exercises for me were the Elevated Bridge Leg Lift and the One Arm, One Leg Bridge…so tough for me. I loved the Ninja Jumps, the Dynamic Push-ups and the One Leg Burpees. I have done these before and am seeing so much progress in my workouts that it is exciting. Thank you so much for posting these workouts-it has changed my life!

  • Claudiu

    Nice abs. Love to see your training, in fact every day I try your training because it’s so fun, and I like “the names” you give them :) )).

  • Johnny Sturtdog

    Love your workouts… still trying to do reverse push up! How about names like formulas, since you give us formula for good bodies. Example: AB2 (squared) for like abdominal workout with 2 sets,etc. Wild Dog Workout – Boulder (Bolder) Shoulder Workout – Gam (old expression for nice legs) Slam Workout – Buttisimo Workout – Pec Decking (building chest muscle). Ever think of a fan photo Before/After section? Probably a lot of space and work, but would be cool. I’d love to show off my abs due to our workouts… you wouldn’t beleive I was 54 looking at them. Keep the workouts coming, ou’re the greatest motiveator!!!

  • http://none Shahab Maslehati

    finished in 5 mins… on my third set. thx for the ideas.


  • Cam

    Just come across your workouts gave this one a go was good fun did it in 16mins. I own a studio in Sydney and am really impressed with your website and presentations we want to start posting workouts too from our studio down under. Will keep following your daily blogs they are fanrastic

    Keep up the great work
    All the best in health

    Cam the Aussie

  • Tina

    Hi Zuzana,

    today I finally did this workout and it took me 19 minutes to complete it! :D
    I am so happy and feeling great. It was great workout :D , thank you!

    Have a nice sunny day,


  • Ren

    You know…that looks a lot easier than it actually is…. lots of fun, though. =)

  • Nick

    great work out. you are a very beautiful woman

  • Tanya

    I’m glad I found this! I am going to hit the gym now and try it!


    Sorry about that,my pc did something weird. Anyway, to Adriana;I also have an old back injury due to an on the job accident that caused 3 point damage in the cervical,thoracic,and lumbar regions as well as persistent nerve and muscle damage. I didn’t laying on bed all day either. Plus,I had ADVERSE EFFECTS to the 3 kinds of medication the doctor had me try (separately,of course). I WAS IN A LOT OF PAIN FOR A YEAR! But, during that time I forced myself out of the bed with my knees elevated onto the floor and did yoga back exercises. Not in a strenuous exercise mode,but slow and deliberate to ease out of the pain and discomfort. It really helped me A LOT. Plus,using lots of heat/cold pads. Can purchase these in stores and are rather cheap. They can be put in the microwave to heat and in the freezer for the cold therapy. It worked for me. I still get pain when I sometimes reach for something or vacuum,but I know what to do to alliviate the pain. I’m not into taking pills for everything that ails you but rather seek more holistic,natural methods. It’s a fact that doctors generally don’t know how to treat pain,it’s something that is still being studied. I sugggest if the medication your on is making you sleepy all the time or giving you headaches,it’s not treating the pain;just masking and or causing other symptoms. Please consider other alternatives. If your injury was other than just a back sprain or back strain,which will go away with rest and maybe aspirin; a true back injury NEVER 100% HEAL. It’s a life time commitment. I know this for a fact and I’m certain others can attest to that. I was injured in 1980 working in a coal mine field down in south Texas. GOOD LUCK.

  • Sunitha

    Zuzana, all your excercises rocks i practice your excercises regularly for abs, shoulders it worked fabulously thank you for the terrific guidance.

  • Lacey

    What are the name of your shoes and how do they compare to other sport shoes you’ve tried? Thank you Bunches!

  • Carla

    aaaaauuuuuu!!! so it took me 23.19 to do this. next time I am so beating this time! :) )

  • Erica Ax

    hi Alison,
    Alot of very fit athletes do get your period, even thought they eat extremely healthy and excersize. Most of the times the ones who lose it are runners, running in excess raises cortisol~erica

  • KG

    I really liked this workout! I was being lazy and was only going to watch the video today and workout tomorrow, but I just had to try the exercises immediately!

    Wow, everyone has really been creative with the names.

  • Roq

    Hi Zuzana,

    I first saw your Ninja Jump at the website. It’s just called Kneeling Jumps there. I like the Ninja name better ;-) He does have some interesting exercises you might like to incorporate. You should also check out He is really doing a great job. I bought all of his books and like Infinite Intensity the best. There are a lot of exercises and workouts and there is a sample 50 day program. Your exercises remind me of some of the things he does. I do mix in his strength workouts with your workouts as well as some yoga practices. I really think you would like what Ross is doing. He used to have videos of himself on his website. I don’t see them now, but they are still on youtube (Ross Enamait). He’s really fast and strong. It’s ridiculous to see him using the ab wheel. You might also like to check out Ginastica Natural on youtube. Reminds me a little bit of Prasara Yoga. I think they use some of the same moves. I also like what Celciusss posts on youtube. He focuses on bodyweight exercises.

    I always look forward to your videos. It’s like having a training partner of sorts :-) I sometimes find it hard to be consistent in my training. It’s easier now that I follow your website. Still a struggle though, but I’m getting better at it :-) I educate myself a lot about training but implementing it is more of a struggle for me. This is turning into a great community. Great job :-) !!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Roq,

      I was found his website about a year ago and have some ebook from him. I like him too.


    A few more names to consider: LUCKY 21= any combination of 21 exercises done nonstop,each 21 reps. or- BURNING BUNS=just for the butt. or- DIRTY DOZEN= 12 Different Exercises in 20 minutes. or-TRIPLE THREAT= Sumo woodchops with 15 pounds, 15 pounds wide stand waist twist,15 pound dead lifts with overhead reach. The TRIPLE THREAT 20 REPS EACH as many as can be done in 15 minutes!?!

  • Sebastien


    I really enjoyed the 28 minutes it took me to complete the 5 series of your work-out. I’ve been taking some of your exercises in my gym work-out for awhile now. Today is raining hard and lot’s of wind so I decided to stay home and try one of your work-out. Really fun. I would like to know what you do for warm-up and stretching. Thanks.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Sebastien,

      Check out my workout routines, I have posted some warm ups and stretching in the past.

  • James- Sylvania, USA

    First a comment then a question.
    This is a difficult workout…since I have been athletic my whole life I thought I’d try one of your workouts and go for it. I started with this one and found it was really tough. In fact I did my first set Monday …was dissatisfied with my performance, practiced all the moves through the week and am going to give it another shot tomorrow and really am looking forward to it. (Thanks)
    Now my question…Zuzuana you have no ‘reference’ point. If I follow your workuts each day adding a new workout how do I know how much I have improved? Say for example, If I run around a track today and complete it it 1 minute, then in a month I run around the track and complete it in 45 seconds I have improved by 15 seconds. Thus providing motivation, and showing the results of my ‘efforts’. By not having a standard to come back to, there is no basis for the workouts…How often do you repeat a workout?, or is it your call that you would have us stick with one for a period, then come back to it in 2 weeks or a month to see our progress?


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Jim,

      I am not Zuzuana :) but that’s ok, I guess you are new. I am coming back to all of my workouts, so if you beat your personal record each time in any workout, then you know you are obviously in better shape. Let say that you do 10 different workouts in a row and then you try to beat your personal best from the first workout. If you beat your personal best for your first workout, then it means that the previous 9 workouts helped you to get into better shape. It is like a spiral. My workouts are usually working the whole body and you work your muscles as well as your cardiovascular system. Just the exercises are varying. With this system you are constantly checking your progress. Every time you try to beat your personal best in any given workout, you are checking your progress, because the workouts are based on the same principles.

  • Alison

    Erica and Sarah,

    I am with you on the medical textbook answer of why we menstruate. I am a registered nurse with my masters. I am also an educator/practitioner on natural birth control. Trust me, I have researched this to the hilt. Elite athletes DO conceive even though they have exercised induced amenorrhea.

    Just for a moment step out of your paradigm and think. Why would it be that the healthiest females don’t menstruate. We can get into all the biochem but just think about it. Animals in their natural environment don’t menstruate. It would be quite easy for their predators to find them. It’s only when animals are domesticated (fed cooked pet food and not free to roam/exercise as much as they would) that have a menses.

    The reason I ask Zuzana this question is because I have had the same experience. When I am super fit…I don’t get it but as soon as I fall off the band wagon Aunt Flo comes right back to town.

    A funny joke my hubby says too (and Zuzana please delete this) “You can’t trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn’t die.” LOL!

    Zuzana don’t post this if your not up to it…I totally understand. Some people are just so stuck in their paradigms that they can’t see out.

    Oh and one more interesting note…it also explains morning sickness. When menstruation ceases because the embryo is embedded in the uterus and the mother is unable to detox through hemorrhage…morning sickness arrives which is certain to help anyone detox!

  • kristiana

    i am new on this site.and i am so good when i find this site.

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  • Chris L

    Hi Everyone,

    And encase you are wondering about the music in the UGL vid it’s DJ Tiesto and it’s called Empty Streets. I play his mix of “Color my eyes” a lot during my workouts.


  • Chris L

    Hi Tonny,

    I think you could try “Lady UGL”. I’m not sure this is the vid Zuzana was talking about…


  • Sarah

    First of all,
    Thanks to Zuzana and Frederick for giving us this great site. It’s a pleasure to learn with you.

    For Alison, I believe the term you are referring to is “amenorrhea.” Delayed or abnormal absense of menses frequently occurs in female endurance athletes. Recent evidence suggests that excessive training can interfere with the NORMAL menstrual cycle in some women by inhibiting the release of gonadotrpin-releasing hormone. Menstration is not the body’s way of detoxing. It is the body’s way of releasing unfertilized eggs and is far from not healthy.

  • Victoria

    Hi Zuzana,

    Here are some more workout names:

    – Sweaty Betty W/o
    – Rocky Balboa W/o
    – Alive and Kicking W/o
    – Spartan Training W/o
    – Tough Nut W/o
    – Tight Assets W/o
    – Catch me if you can W/o
    – Sky is the limit W/o
    – Mad, mad day W/o
    – You’re in the army now W/o
    – Gravity is Overrated W/o
    – Iron Maiden W/o
    – Champions in making W/o
    – Think You’re Tough W/o
    – No Pain No Glory W/o
    – Beating Winter Blues W/o
    – The Alcatraz W/o
    – The BossaNova W/o
    – Fire and Ice W/o
    – Burn, Baby Burn W/o
    – NRG Shot W/o
    – Giant Steps W/o
    – Heaven and Hell W/o
    – Shaolin Monk W/o
    – The Wicked Game W/o
    – No Mercy W/o

    Hope you like them. Many thanks to you guys for your excellent work!!!

  • lina Siegert

    hello,,, i´m going nuts with this workout,,,!!

    Workout names:
    -the sum of all my fears
    -are you gonna give up?
    - cold drop
    -empire/realm of the senses
    -fire skin

    Hope you like it…. gracias

  • Janet

    Did a 40 minutes run up the hills with my dogs…then tried to teach myself to jump rope for first time…heh! good stuff but needs work! Then tried this. Had the most trouble with the one leg lift ups cuz I blew up a hamstring a couple years ago. After painfully stretching and running on it for those 2 yrs- in 2 weeks- noticing improvement with your exercises!! I am so happy and have hope it will go away soon. I think it is fabulous the way you isolate each arm/leg, so if a weakness exists you will correct it. I am noticing several other imbalances that I am fixing thanks to 52 this is great news as I love all my sports and don’t plan to stop til I drop. Your workouts are AWESOME! Keep em coming! Love those ninjas! I can feel a big difference already! STOKE!! 23:23 with quite a bit of fumbling around to improve my technique…I’ll be faster and stronger next time even if that’s tomorrow! YEAH!!!

  • OM

    Wow! Great workout! How did you finish yours in 22 minutes? I had a hard time finishing under 25!

  • bohdana

    That was good one!! 22min10s
    I was really worried yesterday , being gone for 5 days I couldn’t wait to katch up with you and I was trying to go to the website yesterday but it didn’t opened all day. Did old rutine 1leg gypsy.
    So first think this morning and your site is UP!!!!!!! and much faster. Happy to be back, and again this one was good , thanks guys.

  • Erica Ax

    Alison, that is not true at all, having your period is not from detoxifying, having your menses is from ovulation, you shed the lining on your uterus that would have been used to support a baby. Not having your period simply means you are not ovulating. And if you are not ovulating there is a problem, because it could mean that you are eaither stressed out, or not eating enough. Anyways I just wanted to let you know its definetly not a detox its ovulation!!~erica

  • Erica Ax

    This workout was great!! got me sweating in less then 19 minutes, i finished it in 19 minutes 32 seconds :) I am suprised I finished it so quickly. I guess my working out is paying off, I am getting stronger. Thankyou so much for all the great workouts!!~erica

  • Adriana


    Thank you all so much for your answers. I appreciate it and I will consider all your advices.

    For Zuzana, since I am from Romania(Transilvania) the land of vampires I think you should do a workout at sunset or in the night and you should call it “Count Dracula’s workout” or maybe you should use the real name of Count Dracula that is Vlad the Impaler.

    Best wishes,

  • la bruja ;)

    Hola Zuzana!

    Muchas gracias por darnos tus ideas, tu animo y todo de ti y de gratis! Hago mas ejercicios viendote q haciendolos…;) a veces no quiero hacer ejercicios pero pienso en ti, y q es por mi, mi salud y ademas ensenar los ejercicios tuanis q saco de tu website…;) pero si practico Artes Marciales…bueno espero no te presionemos mucho, se ve cuanto amas hacer esto y ademas compartirlo y me alegra tanto q pides ayuda de tus fans…
    p.d endorphin junki is funny!…(I laugh so much with his creative names..)

    Thank you so much for giving us your ideas, your exhilaration and all of you and for free! I do exercise the most by watching you ;) sometimes i do not want to exercise, but i think of u, and I think this is for me, my health and yes I like to show off the cool moves i learn from ur website…;) i also practice Martial Arts, well I hope you don’t feel a lot of pressure from us, I can see how much u love to do this and I thank u again for sharing! and he makes me happy that you ask your fans for help :)

    La bruja

  • Gerri Thronburg

    I am so thankful for finding this website while searching for clean eating recipes. With my job and kids it is very difficult to get a workout in, unless I am at the gym or out running at 4:30am, which I do. But I LOVE that finally all the workouts I wanted to do I can do at home!!! My body is very thankful for the extra sleep, my pocketbook is thankful for the savings!!! The workouts are incredible a little plyometrics and conditioning!!
    Thank you to you and your husband!!

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  • Chris L

    Hi Adriana,

    I might help a little. I have three points of injury on my spine. One at the 5th Lumbar from a childhood fall from a 40 foot tall Maple tree, one mid-back from a 10 foot long 2 by 4 hitting me and the other in the neck from Rugby. Anyway, yes work on your back muscles, but also work on your abdominals when your doctors say you are well enough. A strong core will help keep everything inline.

    And Zuzana here are more ideas for workout names…

    Sweating Monkey
    Nudist summer workout
    Sexy Chick
    Ball Buster
    Psycho Workout
    Sleige Ride
    Endorphin Junkie’s
    Devolution (you would start out upright and end on all fours maybe with alligator push-ups)


  • Katie

    Zuzana! I had left some ideas for your workouts in a comment under WindyCityKatie and they aren’t here! :( I changed the name because I noticed a lot of other people had a cool name when they posted. Anyway, what gives? Do you think I just got blocked from your site?
    Love your workouts. I’m considering to not renew my gym membership and just workout from home like you. I like the gym but lately when I’ve incorporated more of your workouts in my routine, I get a LOT of stares. haha. It’s all in good fun though—the gym is for getting buff, not social hour anyway!

  • Niko

    Hey Zuzana,

    Thanks again for another intense workout, I especially liked the first and third exercises. I found it very challenging but I do those jumps all the time because I actually am a Ninja ;) ha ha.

    Have a great day x

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  • Alex

    Zuzana, today was my first time to try one of your workouts and it was awesome! I hit 19:58 but man, it was a-hurtin’. Every time I looked at my HRM I would see 173 bpm. The heart doesn’t lie!!!

  • Nata

    My time was 27:19, but that includes going up and down the stairs 5 times :) The One arm, one leg bridge was hard to get used to, so it took me a long time to get it right. It was harder to do with my left arm for some reason, like my body twisted in a weird way

  • Alison

    Thank you for all your vids! I know I can always come to you for my Tabatas.

    A personal question: Do you still get your menses/period? New info that I am reading in the area of “natural hygiene” says that getting your period is normal but not healthy. It is a way for the body to detox. But when you get super clean with your diet and are really fit that it ceases. Just like animals in nature. Please answer if you can/want to.

    Thanks again,

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Alison,

      that is interesting, I have never heard about that. I thought that if you don’t have your period, then you can’t have kids anymore. Where did you get this information?

  • Jean-Sebastien

    Hey Zuzana,

    First, im speaking french normally so ill do my best to write my words in an understandable way :) . Ive been working my body for 14 years, karate, gym, swiming etc. But you have bring my training to another level with those awesome exercises! I really do love everything about your website, tricks with meals and exercices. All of it is presented in a cool way !

    I have a question to ask tho, what are your stretching exercices and cardio before training ?

    And heres my favorite prefix to an intense exercice: “Epic”
    Like “Epic squat” would be an really intense way to do squats :P


    and thanks to you and Frederick for all this !

  • Dalila

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’ve been doing your workouts for awhile now. I am addictive!!! I Wakeup really early in the morning to do your workouts. Thank you so much!!! You are great motivation. I would love to look like you some day!!!

    My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, I am really affraid I won’t be able to do your workouts as soon as I get pregnant. I don’t want to stop working out!!! I also run but I get tired of just running. What do you recommend? I just want to start getting myself mentally prepared for a different type of workout. I have a tendency to gain weight easly. I don’t want to be a fat cow when I am pregnant. I am thirty one, so I know it will be harder for me to lose the weight if I don’t take care of myself throught my pregnancy. Please Zuzana, advise. I am addictive to working out.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  • P90CardioX

    I love the names, much more interesting than just a description. Crossfit names their workouts after people, I guess the people that suggest them.
    Here are my ideas:
    Cariac Arrest (my idea to name a really tough ski slope)
    Heartbreak Hill (from the Boston Marathon)
    Lance’s Folly (from Lance Armstrong- the greatest Tour de France winner ever)
    Conan’s Barbarian Workout
    Labors of Hercules – 12 Exercises, one for each of Hercule’s Labors
    Samson’s Hairy Workout (OK that’s just stupid, Delila got the best of him anyway)
    Amazon Workout
    Gladiator Workout
    Caveman Workout

  • Nick

    Hi Adriana,
    Sorry to hear about your back. The best bet for you would to get into a physical therapy program. They are experts and can help do treatments and exercises to get your back strong so you have more support. You also want to focus on your core, because that helps support the back as well. And remember stretch before and stretch after a workout! Tight muscles are more prone to injury then flexable muscles. But DO physcial therapy, hosptials usually have the best programs and usually require a doctor’s referral.

  • Adriana

    Dear Zuzana,
    I am following your videos and articles every single day. I started exercising 6 months ago after I saw one of your videos on youtube. You definitely triggered my appetite for exercising and you are the one that motivated me and plenty of my friends to keep on. I started following your workouts and I really started to feel so good and also I could see some real progress to the way I look. My boyfriend definitely loves me even more now. Everything was going great and according to plans until one Saturday when I suffered a back injury… I helped a friend carry something pretty heavy… I am 26 years old and this accident has a big impact on me. Now I am not allowed to exercise and I have to rest allot in bed, I hate this, I miss so much exercising and I am very depressed because of this. I am an active person and this period is very hard for me. I did not think to write to you until this unhappy moment…I want to ask you if you have knowledge of some workout that will help me recover and get back in shape after my “rest in bed” period ends. I would like to concentrate on my back muscles, I do not want to live with a lifetime back injury. I am determined to recover 100%. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

    Best wishes,

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Adriana,

      I am really sorry for you and I would like to help, but I am afraid that I don’t have the right knowledge. I am sure that you can find online a lots of stuff about exercise therapy tho. I hope that you will be ok very soon.

  • Violet

    Hi Zuzana
    as many people, I love your videos.
    It is not very hard for me eating healthy (I really enjoy eating fish, fruits, vegetables, oatmeal…)and I also enjoy working out. I’ve been practicing sports for 7 years, 2 or 3 times a week, or more when it was possible for me.
    The last year, i gained a little bit of weight, it wasn´t that noticible, but it was to me and it made me feel really uncomfortable with my body, so I started to working out more, and try many different ways to do it. I wasn´t very happy with the results, although i’ve been always able to not gain too much weight.
    When I realized that my goal was to loss fat, and look more atheletic, i started to investigate better (i think), and I found your site. I loved it! I like the way you share with us the way you experience working out, the way you enjoy it, and how much you enjoy also cooking and eating well, and also, that you share the difficulties you had: changing habits is not easy for anyone, is nice to know you are not acting like you’ve always been the perfect example of fitness and healthy. we are all human!, is nice that you even share when you curse Tabata, haha.

    I’ve found really inspiring everything you’re showing us here, I aprecciate it a lot, hope you keep doing what you are doing, and oh! by the way, i’ve been following your routins (changing them acording to my mood, time, etc), and I’m so happy to tell you that even if my weight loss is not that much (3 lbs in 5 weeks), my bodie looks much better, my abs are more defined, and my arms (that i’ve always liked) look so good now =), my legs and butt are the hardest, but i’ll keep on the workouts, cause they’re not only effective, but so fun and challenging also!

    well, sorry about my english, but i’m from chile
    have a nice day! or evening or afternoon, i have no idea what time is there =)

  • James

    Zuzana, You may have to work out in a tuxedo very soon. For the past week or so, I’ve found it hard to access your site. I keep getting “Server not available” messages. So many people trying to access the site at the same time!

  • barbaraG

    I have a question – How do you breathe during dynamic push ups? I wasn’t sure about that. Some more tips on breathing during complicated exercises would really be helpful!
    Thanks and all the best!

  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    Playing off of Jezawix’s suggestions…

    Critical meltdown
    Monkey Dance
    Core Burn
    Dynamic Pain
    Bullet dodging


  • Julia


    I really appreciate your clean and healthy way to be fit.

    But there’s one thing I have to mentioned: You are always jumping on a hard ground. I guess that might be not good for your joints.

    almost dead workout
    no mercy workout
    hell on earth workout
    who’s a wimp? workout
    no limits workout
    no tears allowed workout
    harder than steal workout
    elevator to hell workout
    endless sweating workout
    there’s no exit workout
    countless repetition workout
    explosive dynamit workout
    maximum power workout
    no human beeing workout
    stronger than ever workout
    get completely exhausted workout
    pain is my friend workout
    fit – fitter – zuzanna workout
    it burns like fire workout
    beat my time! workout
    let your muscles grow workout
    melt the fat workout
    discover your power workout

    P.S. My purposals above really have no meaning.

  • antonio

    hi zuzana, I did it in 23 minutes and 27 seconds ja, I’m tired, after it i needed 2 liters of water ja, this workout was great, I liked it, the One Arm, One Leg Bridge was the most difficult for me
    names for the workouts, what about:
    terminator body fat
    evil workout
    reloaded body 1.0.0
    titanic fat burner
    ultra dynamic workout
    wild burner
    extinguisher fat body
    archi recontra ultra mega asesina y mutiladora rutina de zuzana ja
    some examples

  • Laura

    I completed in 18:38 but didn’t lay back down in the 20 bridges dang it (I wish I did–could have gotten sit-ups in!) & for the leg bridge my chair wasn’t as high as yours so that definitely accounted for the quicker time. I found the ninja jumps to be very exilerating! There’s another workout name btw;)

  • Kay Kay

    I’m new to the site also, and I love it by the way. I saw that you were looking for some new names for your workouts, I absolutely love old rock music so I thought maybe you should name some of your workouts after them. Here are a few examples.
    1. Highway to Hell
    2. Back in Black
    3. Bad to the Bone
    4. Born to Run
    5. You Really Got Me
    6. Born to be Wild
    7. Lets Go Crazy
    8. Welcome to The Jungle
    9. Sabotage
    10. Iron Man
    11. I Love Rock N Roll
    12. Rock You Like A Hurricane
    13. Taking care of Business

  • barbaraG

    No ideas for names from me – I just finished this workout and my head is empty :) ))
    No really, I thought about quitting already after the third round but I pushed my self. ok, the last ninja jumps weren’t like yours, but still… Even if I thought that it lasted for hours, I finished it in 26,5 minutes and now I am very proud of my self and want to say thanks!!

    By the way, the exercise One Arm, One Leg Bridge looked so simple when I watched the video – hahaha the gravity really likes my bum and I fell on it a couple of times :) ))
    good I have a nice new thick fitness mat to train on :)

  • ES

    Hi F&Z,

    Just finished your workout, it was my first full one of yours. I am 47 and Damn! I never even considered that I could do those Ninja Jumps but they went ok! my time was not that good at 26:11 but seemed strong just winded, and I know that will come along nicely always has.

    Thank you guys for getting me back into the fray.

  • Laura

    ‘Sexy Bitch’ workout…’That’s hot’ workout for a light workout Paris Hilton style hah…’xmas present’ workout~the gift to your sig. other……I will be conjuring up more for you if I think of them..<3 O–Million dollar workout aka feel like a mill afterward <3

  • Michelle

    Hi Zuzana,

    You are an inspiriation to your audience. You are a born leader. I am thankful that you are using your natural qualities and strengths to be an advocate for becoming fit, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    I have a basic work out regimen that I follow. Seeing your variety of work outs has intrigued me. I find that your dynamic workouts are not only good for sculpting and toning my body more, but they also make working out more enjoyable. Not boring, you’re right!

    It would be beneficial, if I could know your knowlegde more, as to what muscle groups you are using in each exercise. It would be great if you showed what parts of the body that is being built and toned.

    Thank you for yor amazing style, energy and heart. You are great to watch. You are serving the world well with your wise video contribultions. Keep it up!

    All the way from Canada,


  • Christy

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! Thanks you for the great workout and recipes:)

  • Louise

    Hi Zuzana,

    You only do workouts like the ones posted here and you get your body from that?

  • amy

    Great workout!! I was wondering where you get your cute workout tanks??

  • Tania

    Hey Zuzana,

    How about:

    The Crucifixion
    Kill Bill
    Gumby (It seems your joints can take on anything)
    Comatose (The way I felt after this workout)
    Phases of DEATH!!!

    Love your site!!!

  • Laura

    ‘in Those jeans’~lower body workout inspired by ginuwine

  • Laura

    ‘Sanity’ Workout: keep sane by getting the endorphins flowing this winter! <3

  • Laura

    How a/b a “Kiss my Hard Ass” workout? aka for a workout involving glutes =)

  • Nick

    Workout Names:

    Rain of Fire – referring to how much you will be sweating!
    My Doctor Diagnosed Me with Myalgia
    The Barney Workout, no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this workout
    Frederick’s Workout – he needs one named after him
    I Workouted Out with Zuzana and Survived, I want a Certificate….
    Your Muscles will have Muscles
    The Adipex Substitute
    The Cardiac Collapse
    The Muscle Melter

    Or you could use the title to ask a daily question for people to post on.

  • Laura

    Hi, I am bout to do this exercise later today. I am wondering, why are you so sweaty pre-workout? Did you practice b4hand I’m guessing? Thanks, I’ve been wanting to know for some time now.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Laura,

      I had my warm up before the workout.

  • Ruth

    Hi guys!

    My time was 21:50. Those ninja jumps are HARD! I can’t seem to do them with good form. I had to will myself to just jump.

    Some thougts on names… you could name them after lyrics in songs: Sweet dream-beautiful nightmare; Pump it up a little more, Get your body movin’, Final countdown, etc…

    Or, for December, maybe name some after the 12 days of Christmas, like: Partridge in a Pear tree workout, Two turtle doves workout, etc… Maybe Chanukah has some thing similar and you could have the whole month of December covered that way… you could also do something like this for valentines day, and other holidays from around the world, there is probably a holiday being celebrated somewhere everyday.

    Some other random thoughts on names:
    Falling on my ass workout, Face plant workout, Jump ’till you puke workout, Kiss my ass workout, I’m gona be hot workout, The Crusher, Give me your soul workout, I love skipping rope workout, Birthday cake killer workout…

    Just a few korny names for ya, lol. It was harder than I thought coming up with names, you guys have done great!


  • Tonny

    I’m trying to pull Underground Lab video on YouTube. I get everything but exercise. Does anyone have a link or can you tell me if I have the name wrong. Zuzana, I’m jealous.
    I wish I could do that first exercise you did. Looks brutal which is what I like but I have to watch those kind of moves due to chronic hamstring issues. Looks like a great workout, I will modify that move and try the rest!

  • lina Siegert

    I just love every workout you haved published…. i think it´s a great opportunity for those that hate going to the gym and for people like me that are always looking for exercises that might help improve our performance in competition and professional sports.By the way, i´m sorry for my english… thanks suzana. Very nice blog!!!

  • Carolyn

    And I thought the Fierce Workout was tough!

  • Tina

    Hi Zuzana,

    this looks like a really though one routine!
    Today I have my rest day because I don`t feel very good, I have a period and yesterday I had this really intense workout of yours (older one) – snowboarder&core exercise challenge (15 minutes) and I was pushing myself really hard. I did 17 rounds, which is 4 rounds more than the first time, yaaaaay!

    Best wishes,


  • Liz

    Hi Zuzana,

    Thanks for this workout. Won’t be able to do the Ninja one for quite some time (if ever) but will be trying the rest of it. Love, love LOVE your workouts. Had been in a rut for quite a while with my exercise routine and finding your workouts has been a revelation. My body still has to thank you but it’s too sore at the moment. Keep up the great work.

  • Marina – Russia

    WoW! 21mins 40sec here!

    This is one of your best workouts Zuzana (not mentioning 500, 550, 600 reps ones of course, oh, yes, and the Fast Burn one ;-) )! Amazingly intensive, fast and hard, and totally enjoyable!

    Thank you so much!
    I have been following your routines for quite a while already, and must say I started seeing the results again (before I did mostly weights and felt there was quite a plato there already).
    Must also mention the carrot-apple cake, that I have also made – is just way too delicious!
    I make it in the form of muffins btw, way easier for me to control the portions that way ;-) )

    Have a great week ahead guys!

  • Mike P

    Just finished in 17:21. I must say that for the last few weeks I have really been enjoying theses workouts. I originally started them because I am for two months a stay at home dad and can’t go to the gym for my regular workouts. Even though fun and tough, I still had no real way of measuring the results these workouts were having…until yesterday.

    I went to the gym and did one of the crossfit benchmark workouts “FRAN”. It is on YouTube. I amazed myself and destroyed my personal best. I think it is in great due part to all the lower body workouts presented here. Keep them coming!!

  • Jezawix

    LOLZ @ all the suggestions :) good fun reading them :)

    My ideas…

    Steaming Monkey
    Raging Dragon
    Bunz O Steel
    Critical Core workout
    Deadly Riposte
    Defy Pain
    Disciplined Stance
    Earth Shaker
    Endure Pain
    Power Frenzy
    Savage Stamina

    He he :) enjoyed that :)
    I pulled my shoulder again :( Doin santanta push ups…
    gonna have to miss arm excersises for a few days now :)
    Keep up the good work guys :)

  • Melanie

    Hi, Zuzana.
    Like everyone on this site, i find you really amazing!!! I ve just found your website by chance and i think that you and your husband are doing a really great job!
    Since yesterday, i am watching all of your videos. Do you think that we, as your “workout students” we need to follow your videos from the very beginning to have a chance to follow your incredible pace if we want to start now? I mean, it seems very hard for me (and even harder with the ninja movements today!!:)) But I will have a try for sure because you are motivating me so much!!
    I wish you both all the best! Many many thanks XXX

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Mel,

      you can start with any workout you like and you can start to follow my new workouts any time you want. If you find some workouts too intense for your current fitness level, then choose another one. Enjoy :)

  • Todd Beattie

    Just watched this video and I’m going to do it today! Love this workout… can’t wait to do it.

  • a

    Suicide work out for the next one you’ll do…

  • Nadja W.

    Okay, after round 1 I realised I could either do this fast or with good technique. So it took me 27 min, 31 sec. :-)
    How can anyone do this in under 20 minutes? Whoa… well, more to work on.
    Here’s what I wrote on facebook:

    “That workout should’t be called “Hard Bodies”, but “Pure Torture”. After round 1 I was exhausted, after round 2 i wished I was the kind of person who just gives up, after round 3 my clothes were completely soaked, in round 4 and 5 there was no more thinking – only pulling through.
    One shower later and I’m back to being happy :-)

  • Angelica

    Hi Frederick and Zuzana,

    I am glad to be able to see you again. I have not been able to access your website for the past 7 days, due to a server error. I have a lot to catch up with!

    Anyways, life was hard without your insights ;o) you are a true inspiration.

  • Juliana

    Hi, Susana. I´m Juliana. Sorry my terrible english. I´m from Brazil and I´m living in São Paulo. I see your videos every day. You give me energy and courage to train always that I´m fed up. I talk for every friend I have about you.

    Loveeee U.


  • Ashley

    Hey Zuzana!

    Thanks for telling us about TheUndergroundLab Video. I really enjoy seeing what all kinds of people are doing to get fitter, stronger and faster. That chick is seriously intense! You picked a bunch of really challenging exercises body weight exercises from her video. Thanks :)

    I managed to finish the workout in 19 minutes and 6 seconds, although my energy levels felt really low today. I ended with some chin ups. My max is 4 now. I know, not amazing, but I`m getting there!

    Take care,

  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    This looks like a great workout!

    Here are a few ideas for names of workouts.

    gratis pain (free pain)
    gratuitous sweat (free sweat)
    Lucifer’s hammer
    scorched earth
    rebel yell
    Grease burner


  • Kamillzyna

    I’ve just completed this workout – i finished at 19;37 all of my rounds were done in less than 4 minutes & 56 seconds — my rounds also took a progessively shorter time than the other.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout.

  • Samantha

    Morning Zuzana

    Thank you for another very different workout – its great to try all these different moves (you should have seen me, hubby and my ten year old trying the Ninja Jump this last night). Finished in 22:49.


  • Carla

    Mercy!!!! I am trying this out tomorrow! can;t wait. Today is my day off.
    Way to go Zuzana :)

  • Hanne

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!
    This looks like a really hard workout! Can`t wait! :-)
    I just have to tall you about my progres!!! I`m so proud of myself!
    I started to work out using your videos, 3. november. I did the “Rock your body” workout, and I did it in 31 min. I did the same workout this saturday, and I did it in 20 min, 44 sek!!!
    Zuzana.. I can se my bum!! I didn`t have bum before! :-D
    ( And I`ve baught Lululemon pants… Loooove them!!! ;-) )

    So I just have to say thanks.. You are both a great inspiration!
    I bow to my sensei! ;-)

    Big hug from Hanne! ( Norway )


    I checked out THE UNDERGROUNDLAB video,she’s awesome. And she did it wearing a weighted vest. WOW!

  • EB

    I agree with Endorphin Junkie… “Zuzana wants me dead” would be a great name for this work out :-) I tried it this morning and really struggled with the Ninjia Jumps… but I loved the workout!!
    Thanks a lot!

  • Nadja W.

    I absolutely love Endorphin Junkies suggestions.
    Will do the workout later today and post my time :-) wish me luck!

  • SausalitoMike

    Zuzana and Frederik,

    I have to say that I love your site. Other Fitness junkies are fine, but your workouts are beginning to give me the lean, tight body I’ve always wanted without the extra bulk and huge muscles. Keep up the great work.


    The Ninja Jumps is one exercise I won’t be doing right now. I’ve gotten a little stronger that I know I can do all the others but,those Ninja Jumps will probably reactivate knee pain. I’ll substitute regular jump squats with knee tucks. As far names to your workouts how about: CRAZY MONKEY. DEATH MARCH. STEEL ABS. SKIP-A-THON. JUMP OVER THE MOON AND BACK. BUTT-A-LICIOUS. GUNZ & BUNZ. STEP’N OUT. HELLS BELLS. JAILHOUSE ROCK.

  • Nicole D Lopez

    Maybe you could do a workout that is really hard on the glutes and call it the Triple A Workout: Amazingly Awesome Ass

  • Danica

    Good ideas by Endorphin Junkie…especially How to Regret You Were Ever Born and My Neighbors Think I’m Nuts. Mine do think I’m nuts! I finished this in 19:50, but needed to assist myself for the first part of the ninja jumps for now. It was a good workout, but I’ll be doing it over soon b/c I felt like I was kind of sloppy with it. I made the Breakfast Bread this weekend and also the Potato Cakes. I completely forgot to add the cinnamon for the bread! haha. I sprinkled it on afterwards, but not the same I’m sure. I guess I should have refrigerated it ? b/c I made it Thurs and had it in a plastic container on the counter. Today (Sunday) I went to eat a piece and it smelled like it was going bad so I threw it out. Potato cakes were good!

  • Rochelle

    Hello Zuzana,

    I want to say that you’re videos are very inspiring as far as making pushing me to go to the gym more often then I have already been doing.
    But I have a question about “crunches” I notice you go almost all the way up when doing this…how far do you have to go to get the full work out. I have an issue where I can’t bring my shoulders very high off the ground and this always discourages me from wanting to do any core or ab workouts because I feel I am not doing anything for myself if I cant do a full crunch.

  • Jim Jütte

    Hi Zuzanna,

    I just found your website. It was on Youtube. I normally watch little animations with my children and it was showing as one of the most frequently watched. Anyway, I saw the exercises you were doing and realized that you were not using any weights. You were able to do all this exercise in a very small space and it made me think… wow… if she can so this with a mat and a chair, I really have no excuse (nobody does really).

    I wanted to add that you are a tremendous example for people. Please keep doing these. It shows that people can stay in great shape with very little space and nothing more than household items for support. Thank you again.

    Have a wonderful day. And thanks to your husband for taking the time to ensure viewers can see how to do the exercises properly. I have shown some of my children and they also think this is fabulous. I am going to see about sharing this with our local schools because I think it is such a great example.


  • Blanca

    hello there! wow, you really impressed me =) i’m going to start your exercise routines. I had a baby one year ago, and now i want to get back in shape, mostly my abs. Thank’s for the great tips and exercises. Is there anything else you recommend for the bulge a baby leaves on the stomach!? =) love, blanca =)

  • mariemarie

    You could name a workout after the name of the gym in a Ben Stiller’s movie (Dodgeball), wich are Globo Gym and Average Joe’s. :)
    I also really like the idea of Endorphin Junkie «Sadistic Czech»

    The name of your workouts are really cool, they make me smile and motivates me… I mean, when it’s says «Drag me to hell», I know I’m going to suffer!

  • Ona

    So helpful that you now have a description of the exercise underneath with photos, I will definitely have to give this workout a try! Currently it feels like every muscle in my body is sore :) what a good burn it is.

  • Jamie

    I love your workouts . . . so inspiring. Also, I LOVE your outfits. Where do you find your fitness clothes?
    Thanks : )

  • Mary Liz

    Hi Zuzana!

    I am kind of a country girl so the names I came up with are probably a little different than most people would:

    -rodeo rendevoux Workout
    -spring shovelin’ dalley Workout
    -rough and tumble Workout
    -gettin’ muddy Workout
    -rockin’ rodeo Workout
    -Mustang Maddness Workout
    -Pushin’ Loco Workout
    -Buckin’ Bronco Workout
    -Bustin’ Stalls Workout
    -Courtin’ Quarterhorse Workout
    -Log Jam Workout
    -Bustin’ Skid Workout
    -Log Skiddin’ Workout

    ok… hope some of these work for you.

  • WindyCitykatie

    ideas for workout names—

    buff ‘n brutal
    serious sweatfest
    you can rest when you’re dead…
    intense body machine
    slim and trim
    hale for the Holidays
    party perfect pump

    ok, so these are really silly, but feel free to use them! can’t wait to see what others come up with.

  • Louise

    Hi Zuzana,

    I am new to your website. I was just wondering if you could tell us more about how this website came about? How did you become so fit? I would love to be as fit as you. I workout reguarlly I just have a hard time eating the right foods.

  • James

    ok you asked…
    midsection mayhem
    torso torture
    cardio blast
    instant burn
    killer quads
    upper body sizzle
    quick pain
    cardio breakthrough
    arm fry
    quick blast
    instant pain
    colossal shoulders
    legs do die for
    treasure chest
    back blast
    gluteus maximus
    thighs to die for
    body wreck
    complete dungeon
    beyond pain
    torture x2
    harder than hell x2
    well those are a few…I have a lot more if you want em :-)

  • Christine

    Great workout today Zuzana! Thank you! Also, do you know when the Apple iphone “BodyRock” application will be back up and running? I enjoy youy on the computer, but having you on my phone during my workouts sure helps out while at the gym. Everyone is asking about my workout and I always pull up the pictures of yours and inform them to go to

    Keep up the great inspiration and motivation to us all!


  • Endorphin Junkie

    You need ideas for workout names?

    Sadistic Czech
    Whining Irishman (that’s me)
    How to regret you were ever born in 32 minutes or less (a new name for your 500 workout?)
    Zippy the Maltese Goat
    I think I need a doctor
    Why can’t I walk?
    Zuzana wants me dead
    You’ll pay for sleeping in
    Nothing good ever happens on Youtube
    No pullups now means no cookies later
    My neighbors think I’m nuts
    And you thought you had the day off

    Anyway, if you’re really desperate for names…

    You could alphabetize the workout routines – the best combinations of movements, and just assign “pilotspeak” names – alfa, bravo, charlie, delta…

    … or you could assign country or city names – Albania, Brussels, Czech, Denmark…

    Really, the names aren’t that important. Variety and intensity matter so much more than finding the perfect routine to follow. You guys always have the good ideas for training.

    Kevin the Endorphin Junkie

  • Timur


    so easy to do and so effective, Thanks Zuzana your the best!

  • honza

    cau zuzko, great routine! Even though I didn’t beat you I enjoyed it a lot :) I even decided to start working out with you. Hope I’ll survive at least one week ;) btw “ty jo” at 1:09 in the video is priceless

  • Amanda

    Hi Zuzana!
    I have recently discovered your workouts and have become a HUGE fan! I’ve always loved workouts that kick my butt and yours really do!
    Just a quick question. Have you ever experienced knee problems of any kind or are you genetically blessed with pain free knees??
    Thank you, and I’m making sure to spread the word of your awesomeness to fellow workout enthusiasts!
    Keep up the great work and workouts:)
    Sincerely, Amanda

  • CanMan

    Ohhh, this workout seems really hard. It sure I will give it a try, but when I will be more advanced.

  • never smiling

    I show your videos to my friend who just lie fallow for few months. few seconds after watching he started to do push-ups on 1 hand.

  • diana

    Hi zuzana,

    Actually this question is for your husband Frederick. I love photography as a hobby, and I like the picture quality and clarity of Frederick’s photos. Could he (or you) tell me what kind of camera/lens he uses to create such stunning videos for your website? Thank you! =)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Diana,

      we are using Nikon D5000 18 – 105mm lens for the still pictures. For the videos Frederick is using a little Canon HD camera.