Nov 30 2009

Guns and Buns Workout

Hi Everyone,

First of all – thank you for all of your ideas for the workout names. We were laughing our heads of when we were reading your comments :) Some of the names even gave me new ideas for workouts that would match with them. Today’s workout is called Guns and Buns because it’s not brutal enough to call it  ”Zuzana wants me dead workout” :) and you will indeed work your guns and buns in this routine. Texas Cindy came up with the name – thanks! :) Keep them coming guys, you have great ideas.

I did this workout for the first time on October 29 and my personal best from that day was 19 minutes and 48 seconds. Today I managed to beat my old personal record and I have completed all 6 rounds in 15 minutes and 16 seconds. Can you beat this? :) Let me know.

There were 6 rounds of the following 3 exercises:

1. Cross Over Lunges – 10 reps total


Step forward and across your standing leg into a lunge. Stay in the lunge for 3 short bounces.


Bring the back knee up and to the side, then lunge back across the standing leg again and get into the starting position. This counts as one rep. Continue the second rep on the other side

2. Santana Zuzana Push Ups – 6 reps


Squat down and put your hands on the ground in front of you. Jump your feet back and get into a plank. From the plank position, bring your body down until it  almost touches the ground and then perform one push up. Remember to keep your hands underneath your shoulders, and your shoulders down and away from your ears. Keep your abs tight and don’t arch your back.


Rotate your upper body into a side plank and place your hand behind your head. Try to keep your body in one straight line. Bring your upper elbow down towards the hand of the supporting arm and then reverse the movement and get back into the plank. Jump your feet forward towards your hands. Push off of your feet and rotate the whole body towards the opposite direction as you jump up. Push off of your feet and rotate the whole body towards the opposite direction as you jump up.

3. Side Lunge Jump – 5 reps on each leg


Start in the side lunge position as shown on the picture. Try to get your thigh parallel to the ground. Don’t let your knee reach over your toes. Keep your back straight, chest up and shoulders down.


Push off of the standing leg and jump up, bringing the heel of the other leg towards your butt. Land softly on the ball of your foot and return to the starting position. This is one rep. Complete 5 reps on each leg.

My Workout Clothes

Many people have asked me about my workout clothes and that’s why I am sharing with you today what I’m wearing and what kind of clothes I prefer. Maybe it is because I am young or maybe because I am Czech :) , but I just really like clothes that are sexy and make my body look good. I find it really hard to find pants that make my butt look nice. Lululemon pants are still the best in my opinion, but my new pants from  Adidas can easily compete with them. The cut is really important. I think we all agree that round butt looks better than flat butt. I am not talking about size – I am talking about the shape. I think that most girls butts look best in pants that have a short seam going from the crotch and ends at the hip level.



Check out my new gloves.


Too cool for school :)


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  • Cynthia ツ

    August 28, 2014

    I finished this in 18 mins. Did the push ups on my knees for the last 3 rounds.

    On July 30th, my time was 24 mins, all push ups on knees.

  • Ginger Snaps

    This was intense! I had to catch my breath a few times!

    20 total rounds of crossover lunge, 12 total rounds of santan zuzana pushups, and 10
    total rounds of jump lunges – 6 times! Woo!

  • Brittany Verner

    12:24 was my time! I was kicking buttt today!

  • Isidora

    I did this in 16:15 min. And i added a 2 free weights, 3kg each, for the first exercise. :D  

    + a 5 min bonus countdown of:
    1. Star jumps over bench (In something similar to a bench, sit on it in cowbow position with your hands holding the bench, then jump ur feet up from the floor to the bench, then go back down into an squat, almost touching the bench with ur butt) 10 reps
    2. elevated plank get ups (get up from elbow position to plank position viceversa) – 10 reps

    i did 4 rounds + 3 star jumps. 

  • Daniela(Duovka)

    I have done this workout today in 12 minutes and 44 seconds yayyy!!!!!!beat my last time:)))
    Have a nice day to All!!!

  • tee

    just tried this one today wow only made 3 rounds  the santana zuzana push ups killed me! lol 13 min 47sec!  started and followed with 5 min of skipping!

  • Felisha

     This was my first bout with this workout … 14:29. I had to watch you do the cross over lunges soooo many times to be sure I was doing them right, lol.

  • Bohdanam

    2009  14min25sec
    june 2011 13min 07sec
    august ’11  10min40sec

  • Sarah G

    16:38, this is definitely harder than it looks! Dayum! At the beginning I was just getting the hang of these moves, but after that, I felt on fire! :D Thanks Zuzie and Freddy

  • Anonymous

    8/15/11 vacation workout #8, the last one :(
    13:33, followed with abs assasin. My jump rope broke, again during and assasin. I used a hiit timer on my phone, & loved it. Followed with a lake swim, & Erin’s burpee.

  • Anonymous

    8/15/11 vacation workout #8, the last one :(
    13:33, followed with abs assasin. My jump rope broke, again during and assasin. I used a hiit timer on my phone, & loved it. Followed with a lake swim, & Erin’s burpee.

  • Anonymous

    Another awesome workout.Took me 18.23 Min. 

  • Nina_CZ

    OMG this killed me! My legs are dead, I don’t know how to walk anymore!
    I was walking around Prague yesterday for MANY hours and when I got home I did the Crazy Monkey Challenge and today this workout was on my schedule and I was like “okay, this will be a piece of cake, that looks easy.” I was so wrong! I am pouring sweat and my legs hate me :D
    My time is 17:11 and I didn’t do this workout before, so I have no score to compare to. Glad it is over!!!

  • Мария Давлеева

    14 minutes 09 seconds plus a burpee for Erin asking God to help her in this struggle, and bodyflex as well.

  • Anonymous

    Coworker lunch workout.
    14:58, including brief moments of instruction…I bet 14-14:20 is more accurate.  I must repeat…

    Followed with 10/20 cardio interval, + 2 min abs (1-leg leg lift, butt lift, star crunches) & cool down.

  • Thijs

    Very nice workout! Thanks.

    Yes, you make those pants look good indeed :)

  • sola

    Ok, I am starting to see improvements. First time I did this workout (January 2010) it was in very bad form with lots of breaks and I needed 37 minutes to complete all 6 rounds.

    Just now my time was 23 minutes and my balance & form was much better ;-)

    I do bodyrock workouts 5 times a week plus a little yoga and outdoor running – nothing more. It really works!

  • Erica

    What a sweat-er!! Drenched!! I finished 7 (!) rounds in 18:16… i didn’t do that extra round because it wasn’t hard enough… but I tell myself if i forget if i’ve done 4 or 5 rounds, i have to go with the lower number. So the last round I timed how long it took me (2:30-ish) so I must have done 7 rounds… No more losing count for me!!
    Plus a tip for small space workouts…(i work out in a 1x3meter space!!) For the pushups, instead of doing a half spin, i try to do a full one & continue doing the pushups in the same space. Just a thought for your Prague hotel…

  • olivia

    2nd workout of the day bumping is very very difficult oooooooooh my….

  • sarka

    Ahojky Zuzko,
    umim sice anglicky,ale tak nejak bych se radsi chtela vyjadrit spise v cestine. Musim ti proste napsat, ze jsi me silene nadchla a kazdy den se nemuzu dockat,az skocim na tvou stranku a necham se inspirovat. A hlavne se nemuzu dockat,az si zacvicim tve napadite serie a cviky. Chodim sice do fitnesu asi 5 let, a vlastne cely zivot jsem delala nejaky pohyb,ale tohle, co delas ty, je pro me neco noveho, neznameho….no proste jsem z toho vedle. Je to ted porad v me hlave a ty jsi ma inspirace. Moc ti za to dekuju. Ted jsem docvicila a nejradsi bych do toho skocila zase, i kdyz vim,ze jsem vycerpana.
    Chtela jsem se take zeptat, zda cvicis jenom jednou denne a nebo treba i dvakrat?
    Dekuji za vsechno, co delas.
    Ahojky SARKA

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Sarko,

      jsem moc rada, ze te to cvico tak bavi. Me to bavi taky, ale abych cvicila dvakrat denne takovej silenec zase nejsem :) to jedine kdybych mela pred sebou nejakou specialni udalost kvuli ktere bych chtela byt co nejstihlejsi a pekne vyrysovana. Zrovna mi nejaka holcina psala, ze se chysta na soutez krasy v bikinach, tak kvuli tomu bych treba ty dva treninky denne zkousla.

  • autumn

    Ugh great workout.. i finished in 14 mins and 47 seconds but i wasnt watching my form but i did good

  • Rebeka

    Hi Zuzana, you are great, thank your very much for your website, thanks and please, please – don´t stop with this – very nice day

  • Janet

    no “sweeties” for me either…glad to hear your appropriate response! You’ve got a great thing going with a dedicated following who take the time to read what you have very carefully made perfectly clear.
    I tried this after my run and did 15:32. I think I can go deeper on the lunges to really get a thigh burn!
    After all the push ups you’ve put us through this was no big deal on the arms! What improvement: thank you!!!!

  • Jean-Sebastien

    Wow, did this workout today ! Nice for burn, butt and quads ! 13min 54sec for me !

  • Marie-Alice

    HI. Great workouts!
    However, I travel a lot to places where i do not have access to Internet, so do you have DVDs? or is there a way I could take some of the routines on my laptop and use it without having to have Internet?

  • Igor

    Zuzana is cool, beautiful and inspiring. I like you!

  • Chris

    Hey Zuzana, can you tell me the full name of the Adidas gloves and the Nike jacket? I like the way they look plus i need new weightlifting gloves lol :)

  • Chris L

    Hi Naama,

    Welcome to the small club of spammers here. Actually, what would appear to be an innocent pairing of words can put you in the spam filter here and I see why they block certain words.

    On your problem: are you saying that your wrists are weak? If that is the case try as Zuzana suggests and try working specifically on your wrists with Forearm Curls with light weight dumbbells.


  • Barb

    Yes Zuzana, you are Too cool for school :)

  • Kat

    Hello, Zuzana you are looking beautiful with every workout. I was wondering do you have any pictures of what you used to look like before you started to work-out? (that you would not mind sharing with us) Also how/what made you start working out? what was it that you did that gave you the motivation to take it to the next level? Also what are the main foods that you keep yourself away from? My biggest problem area is belly fat and my hips, I have been following your workout regimen (at-least the ones I can do) :) … and try to eat all the healthy foods that I can, I see a bit diffrence nothing big but I wish I could see faster results. What do you recommend I do/change whether it’s food related or exercise your advice is much appreciated. Thank you, and keep it beautiful.


  • Jana

    Hi, I’m new to your website and I love the exercises! Their not the same boring thing over and over again. Do you do a new exercise routine everyday or do you have some specific workouts that you repeat from time to time…..I love all the different workouts you have, but there are so many, I don’t know where to start and keep going….

  • arnold

    Hi Zuzana,

    Your routines are very helpful to me, thanks for the great ideas.
    Also I’m definitly more motivated now with some friendly competition.

    Thank you!


    I’m with Emilia. I HATE IT when some idiot calls me “SWEETY”,as if “he” (more often than a she)were putting me “in my place.” Zuzana doesn’t need your program,she already has one that works marvelously.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Thanks Cindy and Emilia,
      I like that you girls stick with me :) it’s fun.

  • bohdana

    14.25min. Thanks Z

  • Naama

    Hi Zuzana :)
    I (thought ) I left a comment few days ago, and from time to time I checked to see it and your answer… but eventually – I don’t know why, it was never posted. I hope I didn’t say anything wrong and from some reason I was blocked. anyway, I’ll keep it short, because I really need your advice\ answer to my question. but – first of all, I just wanted to say you’re amazing, inspiring and a real beam of light for me, and I guess for so many more. You’re … ahh! I said enough. you’re fantastic! :)
    my question is this – I don’t have enough power in my hands to do proper push ups.. and it’s really frustrating. I think I’ve made a real progress during the last three monthes or so but I still can’t do the pushups correctly. Could you tell me on what to focus or what to do so I finally can do push ups?

    thank you so much.
    LOVE YOU (don’t we all :) )

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Naama,

      I am sorry if your comment wasn’t posted, it wasn’t intentional. It must have ended in spam by mistake. I wasn’t able to do a single push up about one and half year ago, so I know what it takes to get there. Start practicing on your knees and if you can’t go all the way down to get your chest towards the floor, then just do your best. You have to incorporate push ups regularly into your training otherwise you will get detrained like me with the pull ups. Try to do 3 to 5 push ups every morning and every night. There is a good tip for push ups that I can give you. Focus on flexing all of your muscles in your body throughout the movement. If your body is completely rigid, then it will be easier to do this exercise. Don’t push from your shoulders, but rather from your armpits.

  • tess from Canada

    Zuzana, I’ve been doing your daily workouts everyday for the past two weeks and I can see and feel results already. I’ve tried many routines and programs but I have to say that your workouts are the best. I can do Push ups now and feel the strength in my core, which is amazing (I really used to hate doing them and now not at all). I still can’t do one leg squats but I’ll keep trying! You rock! Oh and thanks to Frederick for the great pics – they really help.

  • Emilia

    Please Lt dont be rude!…as women I hate when someone calls me “sweety” or something like that! not cool at all!!..and if a visitor of this site takes a little time to check it up will realize that there is a complete and professional advice for fitness what includes warm up, resting days, diet, and several other subjects which are crucial for a secure and complete workout!..along my life I have had personal trainers and I am able to recognize when someone is a professional or amateur and I am sure that Zuzana doesn’t need your program Lt!
    Well, it seems true that the common sense is the least common of all senses!:))
    As always great workout Zuzana and thank you for share it for free with us!

  • Krysalyn

    Hi Zuzana,
    My daughter told me about you and she’s right – You have great workouts!!! I have a short attention span and like constant variety in my workouts. Thanks for sharing and keeping it fresh…. Cheers :)

  • Kar

    Don’t pay attention to that zuzana you have always been very clear about warming up, the ones that regularly follow you already now to warm up,not only you have a warm up routine but you mention at the beginning to not forget to warm up. Some people talk without knowing and they also hate. You are AWSOME ….

  • norbert buchmann germany

    hi suzana, today morning 5 o clock i just woke up and saw you first time of my life on net.
    i am really amazed about how your doing exercise. no instruments alone anywhere really nice.
    actually i think you give too much pressure to yourself. enjoy it with more sensitivity. bye.

  • Josef

    Girl, your body is stupendous.

  • Bethany

    Yep really needed the guns today for those push-ups – but I’m getting better so its good to be challenged.


  • Danielle(:

    Hi Zuzana!

    I came across your website when I was looking at something totally different on you tube! I am so very happy I did, I absolutely love your website and how you inspire people through your wonderful videos and articles. I myself love fitness and nutrition, and you inspire me as well. It can be hard to stay focussed when there is so many things going on in my life, stress can be a big issue to staying fit, even though I am only 18 haha. This was the first exercise I tried of yours, and I am super sore!! Love your website, keep on going! Cant wait to try more.


  • Chris L

    Hi Everyone (especially newcomers),

    It never hurts to look around a site like this before asking a question. Like at the top is Fitness FAQ ( where Zuzana and Frederick have placed many good answers to your important questions!

    On searching here: I suggest using the advanced Google search and use the domain name ( with your terms (like “warm up” or “cool down”).

    Hey and another name “The Sweaty Sweety workout”.


  • Chris L

    Hi bunnie,

    That is the exact line of thinking I have. Maybe you should suggest it to Adidos! A while back I suggested that very thing to Powerblocks (they make variable dumbbells). But, I could just as easily see Lululemon, Nike or Adidos sponsoring!

    Best wishes,

  • Just a visitor

    Hi Swee… ahm Zuzana

    I don’t have a specific comment to this workout. I just want to tell you that it’s great you do all this work (videos, homepage, …) for free. Are you a sport student or something like that?
    I found bodyrock while searching a one-leg-squat-instructional on Youtube. I noticed that there are a lot of videos from you on Youtube that are not on bodyrock. Is there a special reason for that? (just wondering)

    Greets from Switzerland

    I use this for interval training. Saves you the money to buy one. (They can be ridiculously expensive.)

  • Lt

    Hi Sweety, one thing you forget before all training,is heat up youre body by doing a litle soft exercices, cause if you dont later you will regret doing this without heating up(réchauffement) your Body, cause this is the key to long life and making sure not to have any injurys ;) If you could make a video to show how to do it and telling every one that is the most important thing to do before any exercices. I think youre exercices are great and really effective but you miss that part. If you want i can send you my program for that if that can help you.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      first of all I am not your sweety, and secondly I have shown a warm up routine before and everyone who is regularly following my posts know that I do warm up before I workout, I just don’t show it on the videos to make them shorter. If you are here to promote yourself then do it at least with some respect.

  • Tina

    Oh My Gosh Zuzana, you are improving a lot!!! I am sad, because I was slower than you :( ;) .
    I can tell you that I will push myself way harder now, you have really pissed me off with this time of yours!!! Aggggrrrh!!! ;) :)

    First time we had the same time – 19 minutes. Today I did it again and I have finished it in 17 minutes :( . Not as good as you! But anyway, better than the first time! But it is not enough, not anymore for me, hahaha! I really have motivation now to beat you. :D

    How is your pull-up challenge going?? I have to tell you that today I bought my pull up bar!!!!! Sooooooooooooooo excited!!!! I am starting with practicing pull ups now! I can`t wait! :D

    My camera is still on its way, they ran out of the model I ordered couple of weeks ago, so now I will receive some other model, perhaps this week. Can`t wait to record some of my workouts and show you.

    Have a nice day,


  • karin

    thanx!! took me 15:56 …

  • Rachelle

    Thanks!! Awesome burn!!
    Keep em coming sexy lady :)

  • Nata

    ok, so I totally got this workout wrong today. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I think when I wrote down the exercises for today, you had not posted the reps for each one, so somehow I thought it was just one rep for each except the last one which said 5 reps on each leg. Anyway, I finished the 6 sets in 8 minutes, and then I said, wait a second, that can’t be possible. Also, I wasn’t tired, so I just continued to see how many I could do in 17 minutes. So anyway, I did 13 rounds of Crossover Lunges (1 on each leg), Santana Zuzana Pushups (1 on each arm) and Side lunge Jump (5 on each leg)

  • Kendra

    15:53…this was great cardio for me!

  • Albenna

    it was my second time doing this workout. i think the time issue is mostly coordination haha. brain work more than bum work!!! eh, if i get smarter and fitter from it i’ll let you know. first time my time was 20:57, today it was 14:27 and i didnt lose shape or form towards the end :)

  • Chris L

    Hi Everyone,

    You don’t think it might be more the nice butt makes the pants look good?


  • paspas

    Thanks for the challenging workout and detailed info about your awesome looking gym clothes.
    A single workout video of yours takes over 20000 hits daily. I hope it gets higher and you get a sponsorship from companies like Nike, Adidas. :) It would be great to see you wear and present new workout clothes and sneakers every day. I think you do it very well.

    About the still images; I think the colored still images look better than the black-white ones and I agree with people who demand wallpapers. It would be great if you posted the full size images. Putting them on a free image hosting site like will prevent them costing you extra bandwidth.

  • Tess

    Hey Zuzana! I have been fallowing your workouts for awhile! But have never left any comments! I am a trainer as well, and even trainers sometimes need that extra inspiration. You for sure help me with that! Also your workout pants are super cute! But I cant find them anywhere online! Do they have a name?! Lulu is defiantly the best, but I also just found this other brand called 59 splits. You should check it out! They make your booty look amazing! even though you dont really need the extra help!

    thanks for the great workouts!

  • Yana

    Hi Zuzana! My time is 16.48 for the first time. Also i wanted to ask: what type of workout is it? Cardio or it is that one which improves your metabolism? I checked out a lot of information but still didn’t understand – is cardio and aerobic the same thing? Does this workout improve metabolism? I know that trainig with weights does, but does this mean that workout with your one weight speeds up metabolism when you are not exercising. Thanks a lot))))

  • barbaraG

    Great workout as always! and the pants of course also :) )
    My time was 15min 55sec…

  • Nick

    Zuzana is correct. If you dont menstrate, you aren’t ovualting, which means you cant get pregnant. Anyways that website claims your menses will be lighter, not absent.

  • Vera

    Zuzana, you would like “Diesel” jeans (expensive, but worth more than many cheap jeans)! It has a really nice cut for butt and legs.
    In Portugal there’s also a brand called “Salsa” with very very nice jeans too, but I don’t know if you can find it in other countries.

  • Marianne

    Hi, great wee workout. Didn’t try it the first time around, but did it today… 14min 56sec! You could name a workout “Sweat, or You’ll Regret”, “Catch Me If You Can”, “Death Race”, “Lean Mean Fat Loss Machine”, or “Fight to the Death”. Not the best, but i;m just after doing the workout lol

  • Laura

    I made 16:08 w/ good form. Last night we did a ton of lunges back and forth 15/leg x3 so I am still recovering from that! Watching this workout it looked easy but I will tell u that I am sweating and had to catch breath in bt last round! <3

  • ES

    Hi F&Z,

    Fun workout! Done in 18:10. Next time I think it will be much better just cause of the coordination factor. Kinda slow out of the gate.

  • Vitek

    Ahoj Zuzano,
    náhodou jsem na Youtube kliknul na Tvoje video a musím říct,že jsem koukal:-)Nejdřív na hezkou sexy kočku a pak na Tvoje cvičení:-)Promiň za špatné pořadí,ale jsem prostě chlap a líbilo se mi oboje:-)Zašel jsem pak na Tvoje stránky BODYROCK.TV,prohlédl si je a zkusil si i nějaké cvičení.Jsi fakt dobrá,stěží jsem Ti stačil a něco vůbec nezvládl,budu muset cvičit,abych si napravil sebevědomí:-)Jak jsem odhadl a pak si i přečetl,jsi bývalá Pražačka.Mohl bych se Tě zeptat,jak ses dostala do Kanady?Jak jsi tam dlouho,jaké byly začátky a podobně?A jsi tam nastálo nebo jen na čas?Jezdíš někdy do ČR?Hodně by mě to zajímalo,přemýšlím o tom,že bych odešel pracovat do zahraničí,tak sbírám informace a od Tebe by to bylo přímo od člověka který má současnou zkušenost.Možná bychom mohli přejít do kontaktu,abys mi poradila.Měj se zatím fajn a díky moc za odpověď.

  • Laura

    *Ultimadum Workout
    *Redemption Workout for after a day of rest
    *Trick it Workout for keeping the body guessing
    *Hit it & Quit it Workout for a quick one

  • Laura

    haha that was funny your ‘yes yes yes’ good job=) i am doing this one very soon… <3

  • Marinaki

    Zuzana & Frederick ==> “Two angels on earth!!!”


    Visit the website (
    Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv Says:
    December 1st, 2009 at 7:58 am
    HI Alison,

    that is interesting, I have never heard about that. I thought that if you don’t have your period, then you can’t have kids anymore. Where did you get this information?

    Marinaki :)

  • Val

    just out of curiosity, from a person who just likes being better then the rest:

    i have been doing martial arts for half a decade, and i know that there is a difference between how strong a person is and how many times you can lift yourself depending on muscle/strength/weight ratio. Basically the less you weight the easier it is to lift yourself.

    Heres’s the 100 dollar deal. How much do you think you can compete in a higher weight class.

    Example: you weight x lb; you can match strength/endurance/agility with a person say….20lb heavier then

    I am proud to say that at 145lb i can outperform people as much as 40lb above me in any category; can go toe to toe with people that have trained all their lives.

    Ex2: i have a combined grip strength of 130kg( proud of this), can run the 42km marathon with a record of 5.2 minutes/ km…etc

    I just love having a killer body


  • Aaron

    No of reps here:

    1. Cross Over Lunge with Knee Up – 10 reps, 5 on each leg
    2. Zuzana Push ups – 6 reps (3 for each side?)
    3. Side Lunge Jump – 10 reps, 5 on each leg

  • O. Weging

    Body-Workout is a fine Thing.
    I am now at the Age of 47. And still every Week do my 1 Hour Body-Workout.
    Before and after I drink Vitamins and feel EXCELLENT from it. From the whole Body-Workout.
    I support Your Action for Body-Workout.
    Go Ahead!

  • mag

    HOW REPS ARE IN Cross Over Lunges?
    AND IN 2. Santana Zuzana Push Ups??

    it doesn’t say anywhere
    please tell me because i want to do this workout
    bye! thanks!

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  • Amanda

    How many reps per exercise for this workout? I don’t see that anywhere.

  • H2O Boy


    I have started to look into your work outs but I am not there yet. I was close to 300lbs and now I am down to 210. I did a marathon first week in November and love to run. I like how you explain each step of the work out.


  • bunnie

    You should get these clothing companies to sponsor you, free work out clothes and a paycheck just for sporting their clothes in your videos.

  • Janet

    how many reps on one and two???? hurry!!! I gotta do this now!! thanks!

  • Lucy

    Hi Zuzana, you rock girl, do you by any chance have any DVD’s that you guys sell? You look absolutely amazing by the way! I love love love your work.



  • Samantha

    Hi Zuzana

    Another great workout thank you once again – I hadn’t tried it when you posted it on 29 Oct which is a shame because I’d have liked to have a time to beat but I finished today in 15:40.


  • MarinaGR

    What about a killer workout named “The Masochist”… I feel like this many times :)

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  • Leslie

    yea can you please tell me the style of your adidas pant – love them !

  • Angelina

    Hi again!
    Here are som new ideas for Workout names:

    *Close to hysteria
    *Zuzana’s carousel
    *Frantic 15 (min)
    *Manic Monday
    *Triumph makes us strong
    *Every breath you take
    *Shoot for the moon
    *Live bravely
    *Too short for excuses
    *Follow where this leads
    *A gift you give yourself
    *Might be considered dangerous
    *Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful
    *Smells like sweat
    *Such a rare find
    *Scream if you wanna go faster
    *Like an illegal alien
    *Push the river
    *This will never go out of fashion
    *Life is a roller coaster
    *Get high on life
    *Let you freak flag fly!

    ”Good luck!!”

  • Keith

    It is my opinion that you will have a very hard time finding pants that will NOT make your butt look good. Your body to clothes is like bacon to food. It makes everything taste (look) good.

  • J B

    You’d look divine in just about anything. (I’m glad the skull and crossbones have gone mind you.)

    As I watch your videos, simply beholding your beauty is a life affirming joy in itself!

    Bless you.


  • candie

    Hey Zu. They say the dumbest question is the question you never ask so I’m asking…lol
    What purpose do the gloves serve?

  • Kamillzyna

    i ‘ve just finished this workout at 14:15 !! the first time i completed this workout at 18:something(somenumber). And i know you mean about fit, i usually wear my jeans at an ultra low rise, it’s more comfortable for me. And nice jacket! — Thanks again & tomorrow’s workout better kick my ass.

  • Ashley

    Hey Zuzana!

    Nice bum shot! You are too cool for school. lol.

    Last time I finished this workout in 13:30 and today I did it in 11:46! WOO! It definitely feels good knowing I’m getting faster, stronger, more efficient overall.

    Take care,

  • Tali R.

    Hi Suzana, thanks so much for you free workout, i love them. (i live in Israel, working out with you 3 -4 times a week) i just had my 3 baby girl 3.5 months ago. whats hard for me is that with my 2 other girls i worked out as nurmal all the 9 months, so ufter the birth i got back to do sport fast. the last pregnancy my dr. told me i can not work out need to be in bed. so now it is so hard for me to do the same workout im used to do and my body is not the same :-( . i have few more kilo in places i did not have before and still can not do the same workout i did before pregnancy (i work out with dvd of cathe friedrich)
    im just thinking maybe you have an advice for me.
    Thanks Tali

  • ada

    how many reps did you do for the first 2 exercises. BTW great job!

  • LisaG

    hi Zuzana,

    the day i’ll have your ass, i’ll sure show it to every one.
    i’ll be sooooooooooooooo proud of it. LOL

    i don’t have money at all so i can not buy this kind of clothes. but as soon as i get some money for myself i’ll buy one or maybe 4 of them. LOL

    take care, LisaG

    PS: today i’m going to do the hard bodies workout. wish me luck. :-D

  • Angelina

    Thanks once again Zuzana!
    I totally agree with having nice workout clothes, although at the moment I don’t feel very comfortable with my body, so I’m more trying to hide it rather than “showing off”. I have been injured for more than 2 months now, but that doesn’t stop me from checking out your site every day. I still have to take it easy and going to my physio, but your workouts really make me eager to get better soon!
    Thank you so much! One day I hope to beat you Zuzana!

  • Andrew

    “Yes, yes, yes!” lol too cute!

    You modelled the clothes well – Given how many people subscribe to you on youtube, and how many of the tech guys on there get loads of freebies, I hope some of the sports companies throw some free kit at you for training. It would certainly be a good bit of advertising for them.

    By the way, how about inluding hanging leg raises in one of your routines – I find them a brilliant ab workout.

  • Lang

    Yup, I must agree, those new workout pants sure do make you Butt loook fantastic. :)

  • Trixie

    Aduh…i really like your pants . Wonder if they already come out here in Indonesia.

  • enolate


    Thank you for your new workout. I’be been watching your workout for about 6 months now. I tried to start, but i fail. I bought special CD’s to workout at home (save money instead of going to gym) but i did only 2 out of 5 CD… i started one of our workouts–but then i failed. Then i’ve stared again and failed to continue again. Now I am afraid to start. Now, i desperatley need motivation and i just dont know how to start. Moreover, i am afraid to start because i feel that i will fail myself again and again… i am embaraced to write this out in public, but i feel if i do, you might advice where should i start and…. perhaps that will help me.
    I am not overweight, but I am not in my best shape as well. I am very busy with work, school and family, church activities etc…. Sometimes i feel beautiful sometimes i feel discused even by looking at myself. I am tierd of this.
    Thank you for listening.

  • Christy

    Freakin cute workout outfit. You sport all of it well:) Thanks for the workout can’t wait to do it tomorrow. Have a good day:>)

  • Sxean Lee-David

    Hi Zuzana,
    What kind of athletic shoes are you wearing ? I’m looking for new workout shoes, and I like the heel tread on your shoes, they look very supportive for cross training.


  • Karla

    Forgot to mentioned that the first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is to go to my computer to look for your new workout you are very inspiring to me. Greetings from Austin

  • Timur


    I want to ask you, can I have your workout pics in good quality for wallpaper? :)


  • Karla

    Hello Zuzana,

    First of all you’r amazing =) I really love all your workouts and I always try to do them. Thank you for sharing. I need to know if there are such a thing like exercises to make your butt bigger, I am 115 lbs. and thin complexion and I really need to firm up my butt but also will like to make it rounder and better. I am Thin and need to really tone my entire body.

    Please let me know take care and keep up the great work.

  • Cricket

    Hey Zuzana What about your tops that is what I was really wanting to know about. I’m like you I like to look good in my clothes. But your tops that you wear I can’t seem to find anywhere. You have some that look like they hook in the front and have a razorback. Please let me know where to purchase them. Also I am having problems everyday getting on your website until late at night. I really miss being able to get on your website during the day to workout. You are a great inspiration to me and my family. Keep up the good work.

  • Rachelle

    ooh, I am excited to try this tomorrow!!

  • Ashley from Canada!

    You look great Zuzana! I love your choice in clothing, very practical and looks great!

  • Kaushi

    Hi Zuzana, Thank you so much for this work routine and also sharing your workout ” outfit of the day ” as well. I love love your style , and recently became a Lululemon fan as well. I love your bra as well as the nike jacket …. Do you know in what type of places I can find a similar bra for workout ? it’s soooo cool and same time very sexy and also amazingly enough it does the job !! maybe you should call it the ” power wonder bra ” for ultimate work outs …

    Anyways I would like to ask you a really important question on work out routines. I used to work out on regular basis ,2 hours everyday .. but for some personal reasons I had to stop going to the gym … since then I have gain about 8 Kgs and again I have started to go to the gym , and use your work routines. However much I try my muffin top and my thighs are still looking really big compared to the slim fit figure I used to have. I have moved from size 6 to size 10 now.
    My question is I remember you had a workout routine that was focused on thighs as well as mufintop /love handles . But I can’t seem to find this article about the workout routine anymore on your website.
    Is there any chance you will be able to put that on to your website again ? or have a workout routine that is specialised for these areas ?

    Thanks Zuzana ,

  • Diamond Bean

    you are to good let me tell you. i love it ! i love those gloves. i must get them lol. i have been doing your workouts (the daily ones) since you started them and i love them. they are different every day and challenging. i kind of missed lifting though so today i started lifting again, but im hopping to do both – one week lifting – one week yours? im caught in between because I want more muscle growth and tone and I feel like lifting will get me that. but i also love your workouts. thats why im a little confused right now. also for christmas are you going to have a cheat day?
    your awesome ! keep it up. all of us girls are gonna keep working till we get that butt of yours ! its fricken perfect lol along with every other body part. you work hard. you should be proud. im trying !!!

  • Lish Weese

    ha ha! I was going to ask about your pants too…I absolutely agree about the cut and the booty shape and the style. I am young and I am American but that is the preference of ALL my workout attire. Glad you see the importance here…keep strong

  • SausalitoMike

    Good one! How many reps are you doing per round of the first two exercises?

  • Philippe

    Hi Zuzana

    Am I blind or I don’t see how many reps?

    I’ll imagine it’s 15 reps per exercise:p

  • James – Sylvaina, USA

    Gloves…oh ya Zuzuana, it was the gloves we noticed!!!
    How bout…
    Insane cardio
    Ab Blitz
    zuzuana’s kitchen
    Fredricks lingere’ show (JK)
    Fredricks torture chamber
    Insane asylum
    Complete pain
    Try This
    Abs the easy way
    Metabolism Inferno
    Burn Zone
    Zuzuana’s Godzilla workout
    Sweat till you bleed
    Shredded Sweetness
    Wheel Wonder (leg routine)
    Ultimate Blitz
    Killer Cardio
    Power Sweat
    Guilty as charged
    Calorie Friendly
    Bicep Buster
    Controlled Mayhem
    Rockbody testicle buster
    Life Threatening
    Easy as pie
    Bust a gut!
    Make you cry!

    Enough, for now, good luck and keep up the good work!

  • DFerg


    You should rename this workout to “Chest and Cheeks”. These are the body parts you are actually working out. If you incorporate some isolated bicept/tricept and glut exercise then you could call it “Buns and Guns”. This is still a wonderful type of workout. Thanks for everything and stay motiviated.


  • Abe

    Hi Zuzana

    Cool workout… Finally something I might be able to do… I have a question: How long or how much effort I need to remove the fat in my abdominal and obliques (love handles)?

    Thank you and cool clothing… You are amazing… Keep it up…