Dec 1 2009

Crazy Monkey Workout

I think that we are a good team. I have a new workout for you called Crazy Monkey. Believe me that today I really didn’t feel like exercising at all, but I was so excited to use the names that you guys came up with that I decided to do a short workout just for the fun of it :) It takes only 15 minutes and it goes really fast. There are only 3 exercises in this workout and I do 4 reps for each of them. If you need to take a short break, then do it after you complete a full round. Make the exercises flow from one to the another. I realize that the Hanging Knee Raises might be too challenging for some people who haven’t been practicing them, so I wanted to ask you – the more experienced folks, if you know about a good variation of this exercise . I think that if you can’t do the knee raises, then you can at least practice the dead hang. Just hang on the rings or a pull up bar and hold yourself there for just a few seconds. If you practice the dead hang regularly, then as your strength increases knee raises will become an exercise that you can handle as well. Pavel Tsatsouline is a trainer that I respect and look up to and he believes that these hanging exercises are the very best overall abs and core exercises that exist. Once we mater the hanging knee raises we can move on to the hanging leg raises, but then I would have to change the name of this workout to the Zuzana wants me dead workout :)

Now I would like to share with you one comment that I got on my last post and I would like you to read it and give this girl a little support. Give her your advice and share your experiences. You can make one person happy just with one nice comment. Here is what Enolate wrote:


Thank you for your new workout. I’be been watching your workout for about 6 months now. I tried to start, but i fail. I bought special CD’s to workout at home (save money instead of going to gym) but i did only 2 out of 5 CD… i started one of our workouts–but then i failed. Then i’ve stared again and failed to continue again. Now I am afraid to start. Now, i desperatley need motivation and i just dont know how to start. Moreover, i am afraid to start because i feel that i will fail myself again and again… i am embaraced to write this out in public, but i feel if i do, you might advice where should i start and…. perhaps that will help me.
I am not overweight, but I am not in my best shape as well. I am very busy with work, school and family, church activities etc…. Sometimes i feel beautiful sometimes i feel discused even by looking at myself. I am tired of this.
Thank you for listening.

Dear Enolate,

Please read the comments below this post. I believe that our great community is full of positive energy and their amazing stories will be the inspiration that you are looking for.  I believe that there is always a major shift that happens in your life anytime you reach your big goal or dream. Getting into shape is the easiest thing to do, because you have already everything that you need to do this. It’s not like starting a successful business for example. You have your body that gives you enough resistance to train, you have the space around you to do the exercises, you have 20 minutes a day to do your workout,  and you have internet access to watch our videos and share in the great community and supportive people here at the site ;) I can guarantee you that if you get in the best shape of your life, you will get some bonus out of it as well. I can’t tell you what it will be, but maybe some great job opportunity, new friendship, love, or something else that will open a new door for you.

Crazy Monkey is waiting :)

The 3 following exercises count as 1 round. I completed 28 rounds. Try to beat my personal best and enjoy this workout.


4 reps of Hanging Knee Raises


4 reps of Monkey Squats


4 reps of Sexy Monkey Dance :) haha


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  • petra

    cau cau i just finished,was nice and short 1)57×2)70×3)67x……………………i see u maybe tmr …………….petra london

  • Bohdanam

    38 rounds + 3 knee raises
    old ( exercise) but good))))
    and 10 B for E

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    Did beat my PB: completed exactly 37 rounds (old score was 35). This body weight challenge felt easy after the many days of working out with sandbags and UGI balls, but I still sweat like a …monkey :-) .

  • Anonymous

    I did this one yesterday, and it was great! Not so hard, but very intense, which was perfect since I was already sore from the Sexy Body Breakdown workout I did the day before. :)
    Last time I did only 20 rounds, and this time I did 27 rounds plus 4 HKRaises and 4 Saquats, so almost 28 rounds.. Yey!! :D

  • Jos

    33 sets + 4 hanging knee raises (dip station) + 4 monkey squats
    Did 10 sets of pistols on each leg afterward

  • Nina_CZ

    27 reps just today :) I did knee raises with dipstation. I just came home from Prague (still not “home” in Prague), visited 3 apartments, one was canceled, first one sucks, second is too small, the third one is the most amazing place ever, I hope I will get it *fingers crossed!* Will know on Tuesday = 3 sleepless nights :D

  • Мария Давлеева

    my score is 36 sets & 4 knee raises 4 monkey squats

  • Anonymous

    This was my second workout for this morning. And also my second time to do this workout. My old score was 24 rounds. And today I did 33 round !!!! :) This was like dancing – so much fun!! :) ♥ 

  • Mindy McT

    This workout was so much fun!! I could have gone on for another 15 min but i stopped at 15. I completed 31 1/2 sets :)

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    While Z&F are busy moving, I didn’t hesitate to select a few good lookin’ older workouts to try. This one was very much fun, suspiciously so. I completed 35 full rounds and 1 additional knee raise. I wonder if my great scores are the result of me not being able to ‘dead hang’ but only hang with my knees bent (from my door-frame pull up bar). I felt my abs working hard, so I couldn’t have made a big mistake.

    I followed the workout with 30 minutes of mostly moderate skipping including 555 intensive high knees spread within the boring half hour. I feel like I’d deserve a whole cow with a potato field for dinner, but I think I’ll just go for a green smoothie and a quick cheese toasty.

  • Erika

    22 rounds:( I could have pushed more I had wanted to complete 24 in the 15min

  • Isidora

    This workout was great i did it yesterday! my butt and thighs are sore today..

    i added more reps tho and changed the first exercise

    1. Elevated push ups – 5
    2. Monkey squats – 8
    3. Sexy monkey dance – 8

    in 15 min i did 21 rounds!! :)

  • Mary Lou

    This one looks like fun! I’m going to try it soon!

  • RED

    wonderful to beat monday morning blues. Was really concentrating on the form and really lifting up in the monkey dance.

    22 rounds in 15 mins.


  • Erica

    I did 24 rounds plus 4 knee raises. I had to use my door for the hanging knee raises. My fingers & arms were killing me…. definitely slowed me down. After 20 rounds I had to switch to an easier version (not much easier tho). I laid on my bed with my lower body hanging off, straightened my legs to barely touch the floor & pulled my knees to my chest. Very tough!!
    Great workout!!

  • Tania

    Short and simple – I like it!
    i have new record
    i change the hanging knee to sits up
    i haven’t that a bar to hang
    but i did today 31 rounds in 15 min
    i feel awesome that’s my new record
    i feel stronger now thanks

    xxx Tania
    i love yours work out Zuzana

  • Tyson C

    I love the sexy monkey dance :) lol zuzana you rock keep em coming!

  • alice

    I did 29 reps of this exercise, it really kicked my behind, i feel so acomplished to have beaten your score, you are my icon so keep up the good work.

  • Sequoia

    hey zuzana.. i love your workouts im just wondering if you have your great body from these.. im sure you have always been fit and tone. if not tell me what you did! i have been running doing starjumps (for cardio) and doing your body weight exercises.. i do 20 knee raises a day aswell 10 in the morning and 10 at night i am sure i can handle more! do you ever eat chocolate and how do i know how many calories im burning??
    im sorry for all the questions but i would love to have a tone body like yours (L)

    thanks for being a great inperation and motivation thankks

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Sequoia,

      I have got amazing results from bodyweight workouts that I started to do in October. I do eat chocolate occasionally. The trick is to exercise almost daily and keep you portions small. That’s what always worked for me. I don’t need to spend hours of exercising if I workout 5 days a week and my workouts are intense. Also I really watch how much I eat during the day.

  • Jade

    This was a great workout as I had very little time this morning but I feel as if I have had a sufficient workout for the day now. Great workout style or busy people. This would be great to do on your lunch break, you would still have time to, shower, and eat afterwards and get back to work. No excuse not to exercise really!

    Also would be good if you are feeling fatigued from a workout the day before but still want to do a little something.

    I completed 30 rounds in 15 minutes.


  • Tania

    Short and simple -that’s the way I like it!
    i change the hanging knee to sits up
    i haven’t that a bar to hang
    but i did 23 rounds in 15 min
    i feel awesome

    xxx Tania
    i love yours work out Zuzana

  • Ethan

    Thanks Zuzana and Frederick :)

  • jackie


    i’m gona give you some tough love. there is no such thing as trying – either you DO IT or you DON’T!!!!!!!!

    Instead of sitting there trying to motivate yourself to work out – you just

    DO IT like NIKE says.

  • Chris L

    Hi Enolate,

    I like that name and I think you should keep it.

    You know all this outpouring of kind and motherly advice helps us all. I mean I find it hard at times, like when it’s freaking 28 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors! The only place I can jump rope near my house. So all this “keep on keeping on” (most of the advice in a nut shell) helps me pass the cold time easier. Cures the Earth’s axle tilt! 8-)

    I have a Google Alert on and saw something about the iphone app just a couple days ago. Here is the address: Which has a link to: Maybe it doesn’t download or work?


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Chris,

      we took the app down on purpose. Can’t explain why, sorry.

  • Ruth

    Ok, just getting around to posting this… I did 30 rounds plus 4 abs & 4 monkey jumps…

    LOVED this workout!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Enolate

    Dear Friends and Zuzana!!!

    Fist of all, I am saying this with tears in my eyes, I AM SO THANKFUL for what you did, Zuzana. I expected few kind words from you and motivation, instead you gave me way more than I could have ever imagined. All these nice people, around the world, that could relate to my situatio provided me with so much support! All this kind words and personal examples, made me believe in me. Made me realize that I CAN do it …. For me, for my husband! And I WILL!!!!

    I want to thank everyone who spend time and answered to my deep inner cry! I realized that I need to slow down with all my life things that going on and go to bed an hour early to wake up an hour early for work outs.

    You know, when Frederick and Zuzana posted a post about clean eating, I went and ordered one magazine (fist was free). My husband wanted me to get iPhone for two years now, but I was so against it, I even said that I will never ever get it, but when Zuzana said that there is application on iPhone of, I gave in. So as soon as I had iPhone in my hands I downloaded free app of (by the way, the apps is not working now, and I cant find it anymore on youtunes). My family and I try to eat right. I cook homemade food, no sodas etc… it just…it just…. I had (have) problem sticking to the routine and doing it everyday. Once I “take a day off” I end up “taking” 4 days… and then one more.. etc… then after a week or two I want to exercise but I am afraid that same think will happen…. And I’ve tried that more than 4 times…. It’s like this happens every month!!!! I know, ridiculous. That is why I felt that i had to yell for help!

    I want to be realistic and I am afraid to promise to all of you that I will exercise 30 min everyday forever because I know that I won’t be able to. But I want to try. I SOOOO WANT TO TRY!!! I am setting a small goal; I want to try to work out for 21 days at least 4 times a week. After 21 days, I strongly believe that my body will lead to to my workout area….

    Again, thank you very much for all your support. I’ve read and printed out every single post!!!! I will read them before I go to bed in order to be motivated to wake up early! Zuzana, you’ve done so much for so many people. May God bless you! (huge hug)

    With love,

    Enolate (aka Mrs. K)

    (I am premed student, and “enolate” came from my organic chem. book. After watching “guns and buns” workout, I could not find peace inside of me, and I realized that I need to “spit it out” if I want to change. This really helped me… Now I can’t wait to finish working and go home, change into workout clothes, and experience that rewarding body pain that one can only get after great exercise!!!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Dear Enolate,

      I am so sorry for the app! :) we will look into this again and find some solution so that you and everyone who has the iphone can watch our videos on it. I am glad that you read all of those amazing comments. I knew that there are still good people in the world somewhere who care about others without judgments and are willing to help. I wish you the best of luck with your new goal and whenever you need an extra motivation just let us all know ;)

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  • Pingback: Crazy Monkey Workout | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health … | HEALTH CHOICES

  • Sashi

    Hi Elonate

    To me it seems the problem doesn’t really have anything to do with working out but your fear of failure,which probably translates into other areas of your life as well.
    Many people have this very same problem,they would rather not try something because they fear failing,so if they don’t try at all then they can’t fail.

    This is something that you really need find a way of dealing with and keep reminding yourself that there is nothing to fear.No-one is perfect and no matter what you do it takes time and patience till you get better at it.If you fall off the horse,just get back up and try again!!

    As others have said,you must start out small and then slowly work your way up.You are not a failure,you just need to keep perservering ahead!

    It may also be a good idea to make goals/challenges for yourself which will help keep you motivated.

  • thuan

    suggestion for a name for workouts (ill add more if i think of more) :)

    The Thunderfury

    why? just cos it sounds cool! haha.. its the name of a legendary (very, very rare)sword that was in world of warcraft and very cool looking :) save the name for a very special workout that kills you! haha (not literally! :P )

  • thuan

    to enolate :)

    i could write pages about how to help u get motivated.. but ill try to keep it brief! this is just from my experience and may be different to how other ppl do things, but it works for me. i’ve been exercising regularly every day now for about 3 or 4 years and i never miss a day unless something comes up that just cant be avoided :)

    the hardest part always.. is just starting that day. thats the hardest part. during the exercise, it can be hard.. but nothing is more difficult that psyching yourself up to get started to workout that day. once you start, the rest is easy (relatively! these workouts are tough, no doubt about it).
    the way i do it to get started, cos i do the exercises in my room.. is i click on youtube and start playing some motivational songs that are great for exercise.. i have them on a playlist in youtube. stuff like eye of the tiger, or ‘heart of a champion’ by nelly.. anything like that. once i start playing this music.. it means im gonna start exercising. you can totally skip this step if u like.. but it helps me… cos it makes exercise more fun… and the right music can pump u up.

    and then.. its just a matter of starting the first exercise and doing all the sets! i cross off each round by marking it on a piece of paper.. it helps me. if its 4 rounds.. and i’ve ticked off 2.. then i know im halfway.. and it feels better :)
    and once you’ve finished the work out.. you can feel proud of yourself!
    now theres some extra things. if you want a great body.. you have to work for it. zuzana said something once that i have always remembered.. she said you dont to pay all this money on .. well i forgot what she said you dont need to pay money on.. but the main part was she said ‘sweat is free’. and i really like that. if you wanna get a good body… prepare to sweat for it.
    another key thing for me is.. at the start of the day.. or during the day.. i decide how much exercise i wanna do for that day.. like if i think.. im gonna do one of zuzana’s workouts.. and then maybe walk the dog.. then i AM going to do that that day. if you say to yourself you are going to do this amount of exercise that day.. then you’re gonna do it. its not even a question of maybe will you do it.. or not. and dont make it an unrealistic amount.. make it something u actually think you can do that day.
    yeah anyone can exercise 1 day.. but its doing it regularly.. on the days you dont feel like it.. or fitting it in on days when you are superbusy that makes all the difference. once you start exercising regularly.. its hard to stop.. trust me. i HATE it if i have to miss a day of exercise. but if you ever stop for a few days in a row.. its hard to start again.
    i hope you can do it.. so much if it is mental. but if you can stick with it.. you will get results.. and you will feel so great :D
    yeah all this stuff is just how i do it.. you can do it however you like.. so long as you do it :)

  • Nata

    I really loved this workout, but I wished I had used a real pull up bar. I used one of the steps under the stairs, and holding on to it killed my fingers. At the end I still had a lot of energy, but I had to slow down because my fingers hurt, and I couldn’t hold on. Anyway, I did 23 rounds


    I don’t have a bar to hang from so I did knee tuck jumps. Love your videos! I hated cardio before you came along! Good job!

  • alaa

    Hi Zuzana

    first I want to say that I love your site soooo much simply becasue your workouts are fun and challenging and whenever I get bored with my workout routines I always go to your website to find new and fun challenging workouts so thank you so much, ok now I have a question :

    I workout almost 6 days / week and I have decided to go swim on my day off is this a good idea ?? sometimes I do 30 minute stretch on my day off so if the swimming is a good idea should I swim then stretch or the opposite ?

    by the way your body ROCK

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Alaa,

      I think that swimming is great activity for active rest. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if you do your stretching before or after swimming. You should be little bit warmed up for your stretching. 5 sun salutations will do the trick.

  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    More names for workouts:

    Crazed Ape
    Crazy Frog
    Psycho Monkey
    Monkey Girl
    Not For Boys
    Psycho Killer
    Nothing More Than This
    Boom Pow
    Boom Boom
    Bam Pow
    Wham Bam
    Rock’em Sock’em
    Play Hard
    Hard Play
    Playing Hardball
    Rough Tough
    Buff Tough
    Buff, Tough and Rough
    Chimp Swings
    Working Crabs
    Crab Walk
    You’re Nuts
    Flexi, Dexy
    Little Monkey

    Some of them work really well with Sexy in front and Workout in back…8-)


  • Tess


    I just found you today and i love your blog, i have been looking for exercises to do that just use bodyweight(gyms are expencive) and your blog is full of them and in easy to follow workouts. I just moved overseas and have been backpacking for the past 4 months and not exercising and eating way to much food. before i left home i was training 2-3days a week with weights and working 15 hour days,im a chef so it can be a little full on most days, and i had the typical chef diet of coffee,bannana for breakfast, coffee for lunch, another coffee,as a snack, and then a bowl of steamed greens and maybe a slice of pizza at the end of shift, OH and all the chocolate.

    SO My plan is, just to start moving!!to follow your daily work outs, i dont have much equipment but i have a skipping rope:).i have started running for 20 min every couple of days, what do you think of running? and streching, i must strech!

    i have already started eating quite well, but still room for emproviment,(i know what to eat and how to make it, its more me being lazy and endulgent)i will post some recipes one day.oh and only one coffee a day(expresso)

    my goal is To be Strong and healthy and loose the excess body fat that i have gained over the last few months.
    I am Aiming to workout 5 days a week for at least 30min, but your workouts look like compact fun.

    Just wondering? What do you do when you train? warm up? one of your daily work outs, then a cool down? how long do you train for each day? and how often will you work out for over 20 min?

    I will continue to follow your blog, I think you are great and i will try your one Legged Gypsy work out tomorrow,
    Keep up the great work im happy i found you and your blog.

    Just wanted to thank you!!

  • BADE

    Hi Zuzana!
    The workouts have been great as usual. How about a new Tabata routine using one of the innovative names that BR TV members have suggested?! As part of my current 4-week workout program, I am doing a Tabata routine that I created from exercise moves that you have provided: (1) Jump Rope (2) Touch down squats (3) Plank with knee tucks to alternating arm (4) Side Jump Lunge (hopping version) (5) Pike Press. It’s a killer! Thanks again, Z & F. Peace to you & the BR TV community.

  • Anicholi

    Is there anyway to see a picture of how you keep track of your workouts, from your journal?

  • Kindra

    Hi Enolate!
    I’m sorry that you feel so discouraged! But you should give yourself some credit for just being interested in getting into shape!
    Also, you should define what ‘fail’ means to you. Do you feel you failed because you couldn’t complete 15 minutes of a workout or because you couldn’t perform one of her exercises correctly?
    We are all at different levels of fitness. When I first saw some of Zuzana’s workouts, I thought, “is that even physically possible?’ And when I first tried some of her moves, I couldn’t do them at first. I wasn’t strong enough or I didn’t have the mind-body coordination yet since I had never performed these moves before. But within a very short period of time of consistent practice….I could do it! The feeling of accomplishment is enough to get you to the next workout to see what else your capable of so don’t give up!
    Also, you may want to ask yourself what is menatally distracting you from focusing on your fitness goal. Don’t let negativity creep it. Set small, realistic goals. You don’t have to workout every day or for very long when you do.
    Just focus and try your best and I promise, you will improve and before you know it, your self esteem is though the roof and you will be happier which we all know makes the rest of our lives better! :)

  • Cajthaml

    Zuzka, Kristen, the point is in food, the problem could be hunger. When the body starves, it saves energy in fat (when eating), no matter how much you exercise. Kristen shoud concentrate on timing of the food, 6 meals a day (every 3 hours), healthy food, a lot of proteins, the main food is breakfast. You won´t be able to eat much in this 6 meals, so never be afraid of quantity of food (priority is never to get to feeling of hunger). (sorry, my experience, maybe I shouldn´t intervene in this)

  • Maryam

    w.o. name ideas:

    Watch me burn!
    I know you hate me
    Jump on it!
    My hips don’t lie :)
    Hell is not THIS hot!

  • nick from nyc

    Hi Zuzana,

    Awesome workout! I really enjoyed it! Just want to ask you about the monkey squats: Are you supposed to lean over so far forward in the squat?? I was always taught that you have to sit back in the squat. Am I wrong? Love your Web site! Thanks!


    I really enjoyed this workout. It was fun! THANKS, Zuzana


    Elonate, Every effort is a success. Not completeing a workout is NOT A FAILURE. Perhaps your expectations are too high. Not seeing results the next day or the following week may not be reasonable. Everyone is different and will eventually see results,however slight they may be. Like a little more contour to the biceps and waist even thought the weight scale has barely moved one inch! Each time you start go one minute longer and soon enough you will do the whole workout. Your stamina and endurance levels will increase along with your self esteem. One thing I mentioned to some one else was,”BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER.” Stop listening to those negative comments that are sequestered in your head. Replace them with positive input. Most importantly tell yourself,outloud,”I deserve this for ME. I deserve this FOR ME. I deserve THIS FOR ME. I DESERVE THIS FOR ME. I DESERVE THIS FOR ME.” Believe in yourself and your inner strength which you have already proven by having started 2 of Zuzana’s workouts. YOU CAN DO THIS. DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF,ELONATE. YOU ARE WORTH IT. Zuzana is a wonderful exercise enthusiast and motivator. Enjoy these workouts and don’t think of it as just another “job” to do. The one chance you have been praying for here. TAKE IT!

  • Paulie

    Cau, mozna spatne hledám, ale vsechno, co vím a co jsem nasel je to, ze ta kocka na tech videich se jmenuje Zuzka a ze umi cesky. Tyto stranky se mi moc libi. Zajimalo by me pijjmeni, kde se to toci, kdo je kameraman, co je cilem. Kde najdu odpoved?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Paulie,

      ja se jmenuju Zuzana a pracuji na tehnle strankach spolecne s manzelem Frederickem. Cilem techto stranek je inspirovat lidi aby se hybali a zacali cvicit. Ja cvicim asi 5 krat tydne a delim se kazdy den o vse co pro svou postavu delam, aby kazdy kdo ma zajem se dostat do formy tak mohl ucinit v pohodli sveho domova. Me treninky jsou kratke ale zato velice intenzivni.

  • Maryam

    hey enolate,

    i’ve done the same thing as u many times. but i try to make my faliures count TOWARDS my goal rather than against it. i know its easier said than done but u should try to figure out wut makes u want to workout n keep those things around often. for example, for me, i like having fast beat music to move to, so when i m not in the mood to workout, i just put on music–fast n loud–while im doing other things. n before i know, i m moving around n redy to workout!

    another thing that helps me is having nice workout clothes :) i feel like the more i like my workout clothes for the day, the better i workout.

    i also put a mirror in my workout area cuz sometimes, just seeing myself workout motivates me. for one thing, i know i want a better, more fit body than wut i see in the mirror, and secondly, im so happy that my squats, for example, are so much better than last time!

    lastly, a journal helps. this was hard for me to get used to though. i’d just write my score on a scrap piece of paper and misplace it. but then when i wanted to repeat a w.o. i’d get rely mad for not having my previous score. this happened many times b4 i m finally writing down everything in one place.

    ps. dont let anything stop u. just keep moving n dont let the so-called “faliures” get in ur way. it will take some time, but u will get there :)

    pss. btw, i m not a fitness freak yet, im on my way there =D in case u were thinking i’ve been doing this forever. i still struggle here n there everyday.

  • Maryam


    i couldnt open ur website for so many days! i didnt let that stop my workouts though (which was very likely to happen, cuz i was so into following all ur stuff daily)

    so i made a workout routine from ur previous workouts. i m thinking about following the same routine for three weeks and seeing my improvements in those workouts. then i ll make another routine for the next three weeks using ur newer workouts.

    here’s wut it looks like:

    MONDAY: Kick ass w.o.: 300 skips, 20 burpees, 40 backward lunges with a kickup (time challange for two rounds)
    TUESDAY: Interval cardio (tabata style)
    WEDNESDAY: Kick ass w.o.: forward lunge with 10 lbs 20x, sumo jumps 20x, dive bomber pushups 5x (20 min)
    THURSDAY: 15 min JR cardio (the one with 100 skips = one round)
    FRIDAY: kick ass w.o.: sit ups w weights 20x, squats w weights 15x, one-arm pushup 5x/arm (20min)
    SATURDAY: Light w.o. stretch and tone (no time challange)
    SUNDAY: active rest day.

    wut do u think of the plan, zuzana? should i b expecting a lot of improvement in 3 weeks? im on thursday of week one so far and its going pretty well, and personally, i think it works better for me if i know the plan for the week (or weeks!). i stay on track better that way :)

  • Simone

    This workout is a whole lot of fun!
    I reached 22 rounds and I was sweating by the end
    Keep it up!

  • Nadja W.

    did the workout today – 31 rounds :-)

  • Tina

    TheLamutka: are you from Slovenia?

    Zuzana, I just did this workout and it was incredible! Great cardio, really!
    I was enjoying it so much. :D Great feeling afterwards :) .

    I was using my brand new pull-up bar and it is great!
    I did 31 rounds. :)



  • Albenna

    hey Zuzana, great fast workout! i have a question. is there a reason you prefer mostly bodyweight exercises over weights? sorry if you’ve answered this question before :)
    my sets: 31 + 4 knee ups.(thanks, normally i do my own challenges but its so much better to go against someone good because i push much MUUUCH harder and i dont take water breaks :)

  • Rachelle

    Zuzana, THANKS!!! Seriously I love you and am slightly obsessed, i swear by you to anyone who will listen to me rave!!

    Enolate, My advice would be try to find a workout that you enjoy. Also, don’t be too serious to not laugh at yourself. I can’t tell you have grateful that it’s zuzana doing the examples on video, not me. Although I might be funnier, watching me roll around, falling to the ground ect. lol. Personally my key to not quitting is not allowing myself to miss a day. I notice that one day turns into two days then all the sudden a week has passed. So, like tonight, i got home around 10pm, and really really wanted to be lazy, but I didn’t allow myself to even think it. I went straight into my room to change into my workout clothes grabbed my water, blasted the music and just DID IT. It has taken me 3 years of complaining and whining, till I finally got sick of listening to myself and decided enough was enough. I either want this or I don’t. I know how to get it, and lovely zuzana makes it soooo easy for us. Turn her on and follow the leader. I hope you can find what you need in all these comments. I am sooo grateful for zuzana and fredrick helping the world get heathier. This really is such an amazing fitness community! Just do your best and forget the rest!! Live in the NOW :)

  • t

    whoops, sorry for the misspell Zuzana. You’d think I’d know better by now, haha.

  • t

    So, I missed my workout today because of a cold, so here I am looking through the daily workouts and trying to decide what I’ll do when I feel better, and I realize that I’m sitting in front of my computer watching Zuzanna huff and puff and I’m chowing on a big bag of chips all the while (in my jammies no less!)… my god… what would Zuzanna say?

    In response to Enatole’s plea for motivation, all I can offer is that I am a little 100 pound weakling, and always have been. I haven’t had any regular exercise since I took boxing classes in my teens, we’re talking ten years ago! But recently I realized that I’m 25 and if I don’t start forming some good habits now I’m gonna be vulnerable to all my family history of heart disease, diabetes and back problems. If you would see my weak little attempts at exercising, you would laugh your butt off; I’m no Zuzanna. I do her little 5 minute warmup and I feel like I will have a stroke. I just get through the beginner’s workout barely standing on shakey legs. The only reason I keep doing it is that I know I am doing something good for myself. Being in shape is going to dramatically improve my quality of life for a long time to come (I’ve already seen a big difference in my bad posture!). Point is, this has to be the reason for working out- to do something good for yourself. I truly believe that with any other motive I would fail at anything I tried. Always remember to make your happiness your main priority. Everything else will fall into place on its own. Truly.

  • Vlad

    Cool! The first time I’ve seen such a beautiful and such … strong girl! This is really cool! A pity we have in Russia, I have not seen such girls.
    P. S. from Russia with love! : -*

  • karena


    All the comments above are motivating and comforting, but my comment is opposite, as its what was said to me by a true friend. I was complaining that running was hard, and that I couldn’t do it. I complained and mopped and whined to her constantly about all the reasons as to why I should just give up. This is what she said to me. “Karena, you have no physical aliments, and if you are not a robot, then you are able to make your own choices. You are currently choosing not to do it. You may not do it as fast as me, or what you see as your ideal running time, but either you choose to try or you choose to fail, either way it is a choice. Its always a choice.” She said it with the most love a friend could say. I thought about it, and she was right. I choose to say I was too busy, too tired. They were all excuses. I had to look really deep and be really honest. TWO years later, with some trial and error, I have just signed up for my first marathon, which is in May. Exercise is hard, it hurts, its time consuming and for those who don’t do it, they just don’t understand. If it were easy, everyone would be thin, muscular and endurance off the charts. Its rarely easy, but it is always a choice. Choice doesn’t demand perfect, it demands you to try. My motto: Feel the Fear, Push Through it, Do it Anyway. (I heard it said once on the biggest loser and I have adopted it.)

    The above said is with love from one person who keeps on trying to another who I know has the strength to not give up and choose to move forward. None of us can do it for you. But all of us are here to motivate you to keep moving forward! Zuzana especially. Thank you and Fredrick for all the work you do to keep all us followers motivated, entertained and always challenged.

  • kristen

    I can’t seem to find an exercise plan that quite works for me. I’m a 17 year old girl who’s about 4’10 in height and can’t hardly lose a pound through hard exercise. I’ve tried for a couple years now to lose weight but it seems nearly impossible for me. Don’t get me wrong, i can lift the bed of a truck up by myself but it seems like the fat just stays on over the muscle! Between nightly exercises, waking up and hauling hundreds of pounds of wood at about 4Am, and then going to school and playing my hardest in P.E., you’d think I’d lose SOME weight but nope. i just seem to swell like an overstuffed teddy bear. i keep trying desperately to lose weight but all seems hopeless. Now, due to my overly large frame, I’m being ridiculed by my sister who’s well…let’s just say the perfect one of the family and being called lazy when I most certainly am not. I’m about to pull my hair out here. Is there any workouts i should target more than others?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Kristen,
      I haven’t seen you working out, or eating but I would be surprised if the basic general rules that work for everyone wouldn’t work for you. First of all, pay attention to HOW MUCH do you actually eat. Do you eat big portions? Could you cut your portions in half and drink more water, and eat more fiber to fill up your stomach? Look, if you will eat less and exercise more, your body won’t be able to keep the fat and bulk. I know that this will sound boring, but if you will eat mostly fruit and vegetables and keep your portions small, you will lose weight. You don’t have to be lifting heavy weights. You can just follow my bodyweight workouts that will work your muscles and cardiovascular system at the same time. Believe me, that I am the type of girl who can get bulky and fat as soon as I stop trying. I am still fighting with myself to keep my portions small, but I have seen the difference on my own body many times by following the same patterns. In the summer 2008 I was very very slim and I ate just about anything. Chocolates, cakes, french fries, hamburgers, junk food and I was loosing weight, because I was eating tiny little portions. I had hardly any muscle definition and strength tho. Then I went through a period when I was avoiding fat and junk, but I couldn’t keep my portions small, because I wasn’t simply satisfied with my meals. I had to find a compromise. Now I don’t avoid fat, and I have occasional chocolate but I am including a lots of fruit and veggies in my diet. I try to cook tasty meals that will keep me satisfied so that I don’t have to overeat anymore. I hope this helps.

  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    You should try one of the other Pavel approved abs exercises…the Janda* Sit-up.

    How to do them: With your rings or your husband. In the case of your rings lower them to just below knee level and slip your feet thru them. Now scoot back so they apply some pressure on the calf just below the knee. With your hubby have Frederick hold your calfs just below your knees. But don’t have him resting on your feet. Now try to sit up. This is what Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Pavelizer” does and it is a very hard and focused abs exercise to preform!!!

    *Created by Czech exercise physiologist, Dr. Vladimir Janda

  • Ruth

    This was an AWESOME workout… I got 32 rounds plus 4 hanging raises and 4 monkey jumps.

    Great way to start the day :)

  • Tania

    Hey Zuzana,

    I just introduced my brother to your website and he was in awe. We went through all of your workout routines, which I forgot about a few of them and how amazing they are. I have a question which I hope you would considering answering. If you had to select out of all the workout routines you have done and posted, which would you say was the most challenging? Just curious. BTW loved the potato pattie recipe! Hey Frederick, which would you choose as your most challenging routine?


    • Frederick

      Hi Tania,
      It’s so hard to say…they are all killers. Sometimes I am so wiped out and sweaty that I swear I was just through the worst, but then the next workout knocks me on my ass again :)

  • Ana

    Thank you SO MUCH, Zuzana!

  • WindyCityKatie

    I got 32 rounds! I was so happy this morning. Zuzana–you are awesome for posting your time and rounds because it’s much easier to be on this end with a goal in site. You have the hard part–you have to push yourself. We have you to push us! Thanks for all you do.

    Also–a good sub for the hanging leg raises might be a reverse crunch on the mat. It still works the lower abdominals. I know it doesn’t help with the grip and arm strength with hanging–but in terms of getting your abs stronger, the reverse crunch is great. Plus, you can modify how high you go up with your strength level.

  • Elizabeth

    Hey Zuzana,

    I come to your site every day… but for the past couple weeks it has been down and I have to go to you tube to watch your videos. There are some moments when it is up, but most of the time recently it hasn’t been working. I was just wondering if you knew about this? Thanks again for being an inspiration to us all! :)

  • candie

    Zuzana & Frederick, this message is for Enolate. Please excuse the long reply.

    Enolate, I can relate to what you’re feeling. In fact, it’s the same thing I struggle with. If I could give you three pieces of advice, it would be first to “never quit”, second “discover what your ‘why’ is”, and third “don’t be afraid to fail”. It’s ok to fail as long as you refuse to quit. Just get back up & keep trying. How long do you keep trying? You keep trying until you exercise regularly…until you eat right…until you get enough rest…until you become more & more disciplined…until you succeed. You keep trying “until”. We all fail. We all fall short. Why do you want to be fit Enolate? Why do you want to look & feel better? Why do you want to be healthy? If your ‘why’ is big enough it’ll keep you motivated & inspired. We all get lazy, we all have bad days, bad weeks, bad months & sometimes even bad years. But if we give up, we not only give up on our dreams and on ourselves, but we give up on those who may be counting on us. Seeing Zuzana be all that she can be with her physical body inspires me to be all that I can be with my physical body. I keep this website in front of me daily for inspiration. Not just for myself so I can feel better about “me”, but for those in my life who are overweight & tired & sick. Hopefully changing myself for the better in an effort to inspire others to do the same. What a contribution. Instead of settling for the easy road now, and paying later with bad health. Why not pay now, and enjoy good health now & in the future? We’re going to pay now or later. Either way, we’re going to pay. The pain of discipline is far easier than the pain of regret. Remember what Frederick said in his “Cheating Days” post in the Diet section of this website. “The longer you hold to a discipline the stronger that discipline becomes…he also said I am never going to reach my fitness goals unless I maintain my discipline – and in the end reaching my goals is more important…” It won’t be easy Enolate, starting again will probably be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. But it’ll be so worth it. I heard a jet plane uses half its fuel supply just getting off the ground because of the gravity. But once it’s in the air it soars on a fraction of the fuel that it took off with. The same thing applies here. It’ll take everything we got in our heart, in our soul, in our mind & in our strength to achieve the things in life that are worth while, but as long as we never quit, as long as we know what our ‘why’ is and it’s big enough to almost make us cry, and we’re never afraid to fail…we’re bound to succeed. I wish you much success.

  • FlaviaRJ

    This was very very funny to do… It really flows… I did 23 rounds, not as much as you did but I think I was good… <=)
    I´m not good at names, but I´m loving the people´s ideas… <=P

    congratz! ^^

  • LisaG

    dear Enolate,

    i was like you before. i wanted to train but evrytime i started i stopped the next day, telling myself that it wasn’t worth it. but seriously it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’ve been training with Zuzana’s workouts for a bit more than 2 months now and i can see my abs. well i can’t see my abs like Zuzana does, but i’m going there.
    just take a minutes one day, take a piece of paper, a pen and just right on the paper WHY you wanna workout. the next day, you just read that paper again and think about what you told yourself the previous day. the 3rd day you read a part of Zuzana’s blog. i can tell you, the motivation will come on its own.

    just take the warm up routine for the beggining. i mean you don’t have to start with the Hard Bodies Workout, just take it easy and when you feel that you can go a bit harder do it.
    tell yourself that any kind of workout is good for your health (and for your mood).

    take it easy girl, don’t blame yourself and you’ll see that you can do anything you want.

    take care of yourself, LisaG

    PS: Zuzana, you killed me with the Hard Bodies Workout!!!!! but it was just awsome!!!!!

  • Natasha

    Got a few more:

    ~The Black Widow
    ~The Widowmaker
    ~Love me/Hate me
    ~Wish I wasn’t born
    ~Nirvana Body
    ~Heavenly Body
    ~Flesh Fiend
    ~Sweat Suicide
    ~Dante’s Inferno (Zuzana’s Inferno?)
    ~This aint your Momma’s workout
    ~The Tearjerker
    ~Come Sweet Death


  • Carla

    Hey Zuzana,
    quick question, where did you buy your rings? to what are they attached to and sis you install them yourselves?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Carla,

      I bought the rings online, but I don’t remember the website. You just hang them. I have hooked them up on my balcony.

  • Natasha

    Hi Zuzana.
    I thought of a couple of names:
    ~Zuzana’s Revenge
    ~The Z
    ~ZZZ (just the name triple Z, whatever it would be, would intimidate me~cuz I know you’d work me to within an inch of my life).
    It’s fun that you’re getting people’s input on the names…some of them are so cute/funny!


  • Jenny

    I used to be 100lbs heavier than I am now. I know you said you weren’t overweight and that is really why I’m telling you this…if I can do it anyone can. Honestly, I was lazy and I ate whatever I wanted. That’s how I gained so much weight over time. One day I decided that I wanted to change all wasn’t easy at first and I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing. Zuzana is giving you the tools you need free of charge(thank God!!). You just have to decide you’re going to to do it. Set small goals for yourself (workout twice a week for 15-20 min)and eventually ramp it up. My life is 100% better since I lost weight and got in shape. It’s been almost 4 yrs now and I’m still at it. YOU CAN DO THIS! So get out of your own way and just try.

    Zuzan…thank you so much for posting all these awesome workouts!! This is my new favorite site!! LOVE IT! You have completely changed the way I workout! I used to spend 2 hrs a day in the gym (weights and cardio) and now addicted to your website! Thank you SOOO much!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Thanks Jenny :)

  • ES

    Morning F&Z,

    24 rounds for me! I am getting closer Z! Frederick, do you follow the same routines?

  • Kamil

    Very nice workout. Especially the Sexy Monkey Dance!

  • liz

    Wow this looks really good – Love the name “Crazy Monkey” – will try this tomorrow!!
    Please would you do an update on your daily eating plan for one day! So we can get an idea how to put together a meal plan – this would really help in conjunction with the workouts that you are doing. The last one you did was quite some time back, so it would nice to see how and if you have changed it in any way.
    Thanks so much for the brilliant workouts Zuzana! You are such an inspiration to so many people… I really lost interest in going to the gym for quite some time (even tho i kept going)!!! In the last 4 weeks you have inspired and motivated me so much, so thank you for taking the time to share a small but intrinsic part of your life with all of us.
    Liz x

  • Roy from Mexico

    Hi Zuzana. Ifound your site a couple months ago and I felt in love. your workouts are really complet. I usualy workout with different movements and now with your routines I’m gonna improve above all with this last routine. see you.
    excellent site.

  • Samantha Kinch

    Hi Zuzana,

    I go to my work gym 5 times a week and they do monthly challenges that i enjoy and love taking part in. This week they are raising money for a charity and doing an Octathlon challenge. Its the hardest work out i have ever done and i know you would love the challenge! The rules and guidleines are taken from this website and is worth checking out.

    Maybe you could do something similar for us guys at home rather than restricting it to the gym?

    Let me know your time if you do it, im sure you would kick ass!

    Love Sam x

  • Carrie


    I just wanted to tell you to keep at it. If you are starting, then you are not failing! The only way you can fail is if you don’t try. Just keep starting and eventually you will make it through an entire workout. Zuzana’s workouts are meant to be intense so start, do what you can, and each time it will get a bit easier and you will get a bit further.

  • Ana

    Hello Zuzana, I wish to ask you if for the days when I do the cardio I can choose whatever daily workouts on your website or it is necessary to chose only the cadio routines (those with the skip rope for example)?

    Big fun of you! I do all your workouts but for instance I finish 2 minutes later than you :-) ))

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Ana,

      my workouts will work your muscles and cardiovascular system at the same time. I workout 5 days a week and have 2 days of active rest.

  • Ocelan

    To Enolate

    I know how you feel and i’m not just saying this to make you feel better (even though i hope i can). I was in the same situation as you just 2 months or so back. I didn’t work out or anything. Only went for short…ish walks with my dog.
    I had tried starting working out for ages but gyms were too expensive and i couldn’t drag myself out to go running cos i hated it. I would get a sore neck from the crunches or whatever excersises i was doing and i felt awful the rest of the day after trying. I must have done something wrong.

    Now hopefully you will read this far so it doesn’t all sound bad. I found this site and the excersises here via a person who i follow in YouTube. She mentioned these amazing workouts that this beautiful woman has here and i just had to go check it out. The workout of the day was then the ‘Prison cell workout’ where she said it only needs very little space. I thought this is exactly what i need. So i put on some music and didn’t even change to proper workout clothes. I did 2 rounds of the workout and couldn’t do more at that point, but i was happy about myself. I did atleast something, and i was craving to do more the next day. I repeated the same excersise almost every day (had a few rest days) for like 2 weeks and in the end i could do the whole was it 4 rounds(?) Of course it gets a little boring to do the same thing all the time so i checked the other videos that had appeared during that 2 weeks and i was sold.

    Now i follow the workouts every day, checking what’s new and even if i don’t feel like working out that day Zuzana inspires me to do it anyway. Like today i was only supposed to do jump rope or go running (Yes, i go running with my dog also now, or have done so a few times atleast. Strangely, now i like it too.) but again i think i just have to do the monkey excersise cos it just looks so cool. Even though i dont have the rings or a bar of any kind so i will have to think of something to substitute that excersise.

    I have already gotten some results. The strength in my arms especially has increased a lot. My abs are more visible and i am moving towards a nicer figure i think. I wasn’t overweight or anything to begin with. I’m not doing this to lose weight, just to be healthy and strong. And i’m not doing this to get men to like me. I do this for me. I don’t get back and neck aches or even headaches nowadays almost at all and i used to get them a lot.

    And i only do these Zuzanas excersises + some jump rope before and after the workout. I have only just incorporated the jump rope maybe 2 weeks back. I used to feel dead after just 100 skips in the beginning of the workout and 100 after, but now im moving towards atleast 200 skips in the beginning and 150 in the end of the workout quite easily. Today i probably can do even 250 and 200.

    I feel great and i think i look better too! I used to have no self confidense but since i ‘changed my life’ about 2-3 months ago i’ve noticed a big change. I didn’t only make changes with excersising but also about actually going to places and doing things. I used to just stay at home, hate new things and not have friends. Then i chose to change 2 things: Say ‘yes’ more often and do something new every day, even if it’s just a small thing. I feel happy now and i feel i’ve gotten a lot more attention from men also. Even though i’ve chosen to take things slow if anything was to happen with any guy. I am choosing to live _my life_ at the moment, in the moment. Not anyone elses.

    I still have some confidense issues since this is the first time in my life that i actually have some confidense in myself. I mean that literally, since i was bullied in kindergarten and school as far as my memories can reach. I no longer care what people think for example about how i look. I’ve started wearing and doing things that are more ‘me’ and have actually gotten good feedback.

    And Enolate remember, you don’t have to do as many reps or as many rounds as Zuzana does. Do as much as you can and then stop. Don’t push too hard. The next day you can already do some more if you keep up with it regularly. The results come surprisingly fast. I was amazed, and now i don’t even want to have days off from excersising. Some friends of mine have thought i’ve gone mad ;)

    Sorry for making such a marathon post. Hopefully atleast someone reads it.

  • Richard Hasting

    It is hard to tell exactly where your problem lies, but it seems that you start a routine and then can’t hang with the routine all the way through and then get disgusted and quit. You need to understand that these people, like Zuzana, are PROs. They do this for a living. You can’t keep up with them, you aren’t supposed to. Zuzana makes it look easy, and it isn’t. I am in pretty good shape but I’d give out after about five to eight minutes if I were following her routine in the same manner. But then I’m forty five, still no excuse:-) There was a time eight months ago that I couldn’t do two minutes of any routine.

    Your goal should be to start on an easier routine. Take longer breaks between sets, and when your body reaches failure point, you are done. Your goal is to push your body to failure, whether after 2 minutes or twenty minutes, the goal is the same. You should fail, so to speak, at the end of every workout. When I am finished with a workout, if I have touble walking, I know it was a good workout. So when you can’t hang on the entire workout, that means that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.
    It also helps to have a workout trainer, whether a friend or a professional, it helps to have someone to help you get started.
    But everyday, you have to get started. Starting and struggling is a sign of success. Failure comes when you don’t start in the first place. Get busy!

  • Abe

    Dear Enolate,

    I can entirely sympathize with you. The first thing I would say is that there is no such thing as failure in this case. Any progress is good progress and unlike much of the world, you WANT to move forward and you’re trying to move forward.

    I have started and stopped workout programs for a long time, and I generally do feel bad about it when I don’t continue. For reference, I am not, and have never been in terrific shape, but I’ve learned to deal with it. I’m at around 240lbs right now, and trying to work down, but it IS hard. Look at it this way – if you were the only person to have this problem, humanity would be in MUCH better shape than it is now. Don’t be embarrassed, and don’t be afraid of not making it. Set small goals – try to do a work out two days in a row. Work out three days a week, or just one day. Put up reminders. Spend lots of time on this site, or another place that motivates you. You deserve to spend time with your body, and the more you do, the easier it will get.

    Given that you’re short on time I’d suggest the “best 20 minute cardio” workout ( and just get as close to the complete workout as you can. At the moment the best I can do is half of the eight reps on each exercise, but it feels good to do in the morning, and after a week, I AM starting to notice a difference.

    If “working out” doesn’t work, go hiking with someone who makes you laugh, or organize an active church event – just try to be more active on a daily basis, and NOTICE THE THINGS YOU DO RIGHT (that bit is important :P ). I hope my rambling is helpful.

  • Mike P

    Not a long workout but a very good cardio, 28 rounds for me.

  • Katya

    I misspeled the name.Sorry!

  • Katya

    I want to do this workout,but i have a flu((
    You and your site made me addicted to workingout)))i’ve been doing your workouts for only a month now,and i allready see diffenition in my arms,my butt is tighter and stomack is flater))
    thank you)

    Anolete let me tell you a story.I was always thin and had a good body.I was 105 pounds when i got pregnant.I was 186 pounds when i went to labor.I never thought that i will gain that much weight.But all i wanted to eat were cakes and yogurt.i know that yogurt is good,but i never ate so much sweets before my pregnancy))After my son was born some of the weight came off by itself.But i was still 160 pounds.Keep in mind that im only 5’2”.I have all kinds of workout dvd’s,i did them but it got boring.I even started to go to the gym,and i loved spining classes,but then my husband got deployd,and i had noone to leave the baby with.So i had to stop that.Than i stoped working out alltogether cause i “thought” i didn’t have time with the almost 2 year ald runing around,dogs,house etc.Than i remembered gave it a try.And i LOVE Zuzana’s daily workouts.They are very hard,but they also work and they are short.And one look at Zuzana’s body keeps me motivated))I am now 120 pounds.i am still not where i want to be,but i will keep trying)and me and my husband want to go on vacation when he’ll be back(wich is gonna be in april next year)so i want to look my best in the bikini.
    I think we all fail and quit at some point.But you have to find that inner strength and think of exsercising not as a choir,but as a treat that you doing for yourself) Good luck!
    P.S. sorry for the big post))

  • Jeff

    Hi Zuzana,

    Greetings from Halifax, Canada! Thanks for posting a lot of great workouts. I really enjoy the variety of exercises you demonstrate: I’m continually amazed. After two years of weights in the gym, I’ve had muscle soreness almost everyday for the last 3 weeks since I found your site. That tells me I’m doing something right!

    Also, looking at the pictures on this page, how can anyone not think your body is incredible: you’d be a sleeper hit at any of those womans fitness competitions!

  • Kamillzyna

    Jst fnished the workout — i love those monkey squats & i accually did this workout by rounds of 9 b/c my cell phone timer automatically stops at 9 so i did go a bit over time just 16:00. Anyway, i did 3 of 9 rounds which ends up being 27 rounds total. i was so close.

  • Melanush

    For the Hanging Knee Raises beginners can lift their knees up to hip level or where they can if the back hurts. Another variation, but that doesn’t engage the core as much thus making it easier to perform, is lifting one knee at a time, switching them; so I would do 8 reps total.

    Hope this helps someone!

  • Tami

    HI Enolate,

    I’ve been here before so many times and know how distressing it gets. You know what you have to do but you just can’t seem to get started!!I had already found this site and much like yourself weatched the video’s and didn’t really do them until I found the Summer fit program. I loved this because workouts were only 15 and 20 minutes long ( and thats true of most workouts on this site). So I made a promise to myself. I dug out an old pair of jeans that I couldn’t fit into anymore, bought a note book ( a nice fancy one that I knew i would love writing in ) and deciced that I would be a sexier, healthier and more confident me by my 30th birthday. ( now 2 weeks away!!) I filled in that book daily until I had to buy a new one that’s almost full already too. I find keeping a workout diary is more incentive giving than keeping a food diary. To me, it is almost a physical manifestation of your efforts and it drove me to want to do better. And unlike a food diary you cant cheat and not wirte in that peice of cake you forgot you had ; ). In no time the fat was falling away and my body was changing. Suddenly i looked forward to my next workout sesh!! Just like Zuzana I began to see the fun in challenging myself. I started using all the exercise equipment I had gathered over the years and never used. I got into my jeans well before my target date and now I’m concentrating on toning up. I have also come to realise that exercise and healthy living is more a way of life for me and not just a means to an end. Get into the mindset of making this a lifetime change. Don’t look for an end. Just keep on going. On days when I just can’t be bothered, I take a rest, but as soon as I’m energised, I’m straight back in there. Another thing that helped me is visualing what you want to look like, how people will see you, the good feelings you’ll have from compliments, SHOPPING!!! lol Concentrate on the good feelings, you’ll soon be where you want to be. And ofcourse, visit daily. Just marvelling at Zuzana’s physique should make you want to work out right?! So my point I guess in a round about way is that you just have to start, even just 3 days a week to begin with, just start.Even if you can only manage one round, thats one round more than you did last week right? Make up goals and targets and treat yourself when you meet them. I really hope you do this. Think of it as a present that you will give to yourself and have fun with it!!! Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t finish stuff, just do better the next time. Stop worrying about it and start doing it. : )

  • TheLamutka

    Hello everyone!

    I am checking the site every single day but I´m not an active writer. The reason I´m writing is Enolate´s post.
    Enolate all I can say is, that the main and most important thing is that you enjoy in working out. I´m exercising almost every day from May (I´m doing Zuzie´s workout routines, earlier I was only jogging) and I´m getting the body I want… It takes time, but it is definitively worth of effort, sweat and time! But that´s not all. I know I am getting stronger, healthier and that is even more important.
    This ˝hobby˝ is not for everyone, because you must really have a strong will and as I´ve already said: you must enjoy in it. If you don´t, the results won´t show and you will fail again.
    I just can´t wait to get home to do today´s workout! :)

    Have a nice day!

  • Stephanie

    Hi Zuzana,
    Great workout :)

    I know what it is like to be busy! For a while I was going to school and working 50-60 hours per week as well. It can be very difficult to stay motivated when there are so many other things that could easily occupy all of your time, but the truth is that we make time for the things that are important to us. For me, fitness is important, but loving myself is the most important thing. I workout because it makes me feel more confident, but I think you have to love yourself and your body even when you are having bad fitness days, weeks, or even years! That being said, if fitness if an important goal to you separate from loving yourself, I think you need to figure out what makes you quit working out. Someone smarter than me said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So are you making it to 21 days? If not, make that your goal; if so, do you become bored with your routine? Discover the underlying cause of your failure to continue. I like variety, lots of variety, so if I had to follow the same routine I would become bored quickly. Maybe the problem is that you aren’t seeing results and therefore become depressed and unmotivated to continue. I had that problem the first 2 months that I started exercising. I didn’t see any results until I changed my diet.

    It is possible that your goals are too large and abstract. Try setting smaller goals that are easier to achieve in a short period of time. Then, offer yourself rewards for successful completion of these goals. For instance, you could set a goal of being able to do 100 pushups and offer yourself new workout clothes as a prize. Try using multiple methods of gaging your achievements such as a tape measure and a fitness journal where you accurately record each exercise. If that doesn’t work try getting a fitness buddy (even an online one!) or signing up for a public event like a race so that you have a goal to work toward. Good luck and remember that we are all rooting for you!

  • Salma


    i like ur bodyrock and i was seeking for real traning to get healthy body and fitness coz i’m not fat coz i have Appropriate weight ,Appropriate length but i wanna to get in shap too so thx alot for ur avery special vidoes and good luck in ur life ;)

  • Pao

    Dear Enolate:
    I had this same problem before till i realized its all about beliving in yourself and enjoying this time as yours, as a selfservice, as a way of loving and respecting your body, of caring for it. This is a good motivation, being healthy. In the website you will find a workout for absolute beginners, this is the one I started with…. (thank you so much ZUZANA)…. Little by little you will improve your condition. Do not try to do the advanced rutines at the begining; this is a call for failure. Plan a long term gol, then divide it into several mini gols; Celebrate and enjoy each of the gols you are reaching. Keep a log to track your improvement; you will surprise on your advances. Do not make excuses, take control! Do not give up! If we can do it so can you!

  • Marco


    There are some names for your workouts: “The exorcism of body fat”, “Get muscle or die trying”, “Never back down workout”, “No easy way out workout”, “Heart’s on fire workout”.

    Thanks for your attention, take care.

  • Nadja W.

    Hey Zuzana,
    this workout looks like a lot of fun, can’t wait to give it a try
    One question though – how did Frederick get the camera above the Pull-Up-Rings? ;-)
    And without costing you some of your 15 minutes to wait for him to get up there.

    Now Enolate:
    I can totally relate to what you’re saying. A couple of years ago, I couldn’t do a lot of exercises and couldn’t stick to any program.
    What helped me is finding a sport that I like (martial arts) and DOING IT WITH PEOPLE. Working out with others can be such a motivation on days when you don’t really feel like it. When I signed up for martial arts, I didn’t know anyone at the martial arts school, but there were extremely nice people (I realised that the moment I stepped in).
    Now I’m a black belt.
    And as I’m a lot fitter I get even more ambitious. Now I do extra workouts at home and it’s so much fun.
    Couple of years ago, it wouldn’t have been.
    So I hope you find one kind of sport that you think is fun and do it partly for the sport itself, and not only to get fitter.
    Good Luck to you!

  • Philippe

    Hi Zuzana

    I am 5’8″ and weight only 135lbs but I’m working out more and more and have been gaining weight (but my metabolism is really fast so it is difficult for me to gain weight, I have been weighting 125lbs for years). But my body is a bit particular; I am skinny, except I have the butt of a girl (seriously), and it seems no matter what I do it stays the same! In fact quite often when I do butt-targeting exercises I feel nothing at all. It’s like there is no muscles. The only time it feels like it works is if I don’t bother for a long time, and then suddenly workout my ass, the next day I can feel the muscle have be working out. But if I do so regularly I feel nothing and see no difference. So for a guy who doesn’t weight much, it really sucks that I basically have more ass than a lot of girls I know! If I’m wearing boxers it looks nice, only because you can’t tell it’s not firm:p

    Squats only feel like they target my thighs. If I do push ups, when I’m done, I feel my biceps are tired. There must be an exercise that can target my ass as easily as I can with my arms.

    What am I supposed to do?


  • Marco

    Dear Enolate:

    I know how hard is to start with a workout, ¡I really do! because took me like 15 years to put myself on track! I got this dream since i was like a 13 years old: “a hard rock abs”, I used to watch Sylvester Stallone movies (Rocky!!!) and i used to say that some day i will have a six pack abs like him but i quit a lot of times, but trust me on this, if you really want something you have to fight for it! don’t let that anyone or anything takes your dream away from u!, unfortunately sometimes the people around us try to keep us down but u can’t let them win!, you’re a beautiful and unique person and u deserve everithing in life, believe it!! your new body and your new life are awaiting for you to show up!

    I see at your post that you go to church, then i promise you this: tonight i’m going to say a pray asking god to gives you the will and the strength that you need to get the body that you want (and this is only the beginning of a lot of good things that will happen to you in the closest future i am sure of it).

    I believe you can do it , you just have to believe it too!

    P.D. When i feel like i don’t wanna workout anymore I put Rocky movie theme and that makes me feel renew and ready to go! (yeah i know it sounds childish but it works for me :) .

  • Lucka Mantra

    Cau Zuzano!

    This girl is like a ninja, I thought you might find it interesting. She must get a pretty crazy plyometric workout from it too!

  • Angie

    Hey Enolate,

    I’ve been exercising for around two years now and have gotten into pretty good shape, loosing a grand total of twenty-six pounds all thanks to Zuzana. There were times when I wanted to give up too, but then I thought about the progress I’ve made and will make in the future- which still keeps me going today. I’ve never felt better and wake up each morning eager to get active and stay active. All it takes is determination and optimism, sure you may not see the results right away and wonder whether its just a waste of time- but eventually you’ll achieve the goals you’ve set out. It just takes some time, like a sunrise, and I’m sure your dawn will shine beautifully.

    Take care,

    P.S. Great work out Zuzana!

  • Lucka Mantra

    Dear Enolate,
    One tangible source of inspiration that I get every month is a copy of Oxygen magazine. The articles are really good with solid emphasis on ‘clean eating’ as well as interesting workouts and success fitness stories from everyday people. Even if you are not surrounded with people who are passionate about fitness in your daily life, this can be a good way to remember that there are lots of people out there who are and who you can learn from and be motivated by!

    This web sit is a great tool for motivation also, and Im sure that Zuzana would agree that we are all here to learn, share and support each other! Let us know how your progress goes :)

  • Cheryl

    Hi Zuzana,
    I just had a quick tip for you. When keeping track of your rounds it’s much easier if you draw 4 lines and then on the 5th round draw a horizontal line through the 4 lines, that way when you are done you can just count in groups of 5! Try it you’ll see. Love the workout by the way.

  • starssmylove

    dear enolate,
    well i just want to say that i went through the same troubles as u are goin through :( some days i would feel like i just messed up everything by eating something too much or feeling run down and not motivated.
    what i think thats been helping me lately though is doing some good stretching in the morning,eating lots of fruits and vegetables for the vitamins needed, and when u work out start out slow;like going for a walk and then increasing the acceleration or the distance.

    honestly though, what i think that has really been helping me is zuzanas workouts, because she goes through the routines step by step and shows that she,like anyone else in a intense workout, shows some struggle but her strengthening along the way.. nothing a bought cd would ever show, because they are pretty much acters getting paid for their videos,and don’t show their improvment of them along the way.

    so i think the best thing that will help you get motivated is starting off slow, maybe some stretching to help you get ready, and go out and do it!! getting back in shape will take a lot of work but has great results, as i have been appreciating after pushing myself to just do the workout. plus what they call the “happy brain boosters,” maybe there called serotonan but i’m not positive, but anyways wat boosts can improve your mood is after you get some good breathing from a good workout, which for the rest of the day should help you get more motivated.
    well i hope that wat i had said helps you out Enolate. good luck :)


  • Kay

    Hey Zuzana,
    I really enjoy your workouts! They’re extremely challenging!
    I was just wondering how long it took you to get your abs and which exercises were particularly helpful to ..well get them. :P

    Thanks! Hope you have the time to read and reply to this! :)

  • Brianna


    This workout is soooo funny but I love it!! It was very easy for me but probably because instead of hanging leg raises (since I have nothing to hang from) I used a barbell with 20 pound weights on it plus my ankle weights for that move. It was really incredible cardio. Great job :) I am much more confident in myself and thanks to you. I notice my body changing!

    My mom and I tried your breakfast cake! It was awesome! Mine was a little ugly looking but here’s a picture HAHAH

    Little Bri

  • Cornelius

    I wanted to write a comment to Enolate:
    From your comments it sounds as though you are feeling defeated because you haven’t been able to stick with your plan when you started it. It seems to me however that there is another way to think about this. You ay not have stayed with your plan but you did start it 4 times. That means that you really do want to make a change. The problem maybe that you are seeing the breaks as failures. When you first learn to walk it doesn’t just happen the first time you try. Falling down is part of learning to walk just as failing off your practice is part of establishing a practice. It takes a number of stops and starts to establish a regular program. There are so many things that you are trying to figure out. When should i work out, how often/ where with whom. Be thrilled that you keep starting and learn from the struggling to stay regular. When your learning to walk it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down it only matters whether or not you get up. Be proud of trying it with help you build the self esteem to succeed.

  • Ale- from Mexico

    Hi Zuzana
    I was reading the message that you share from Enolate and that make me remember how I felt a few days ago because all that wrote is the same way I felt , looks as I wrote this, and I understand her feelings very well. Enolate: I think first you need to know why you want to follow a workout routine, why you want to be in shape ? If you want to be in shape just to like to some one else or because people tell you your body is getting fat or diferent, this is wrong , just you need to be sure that this is you want because you will look better and that make you feel so good , also exercise can give you good health and that is very important.
    Just remember this :”If you fall 7 times , get up 8.” Good luck :) PD: Sorry for my English, Spanish is better for me , lol..

  • Victor Smith

    I was a “Crossfit” fan, but now, you are the bomb! I really appreciate your intense and extreme workouts…plus watching you certainly doesn’t hurt. My wife has even become interested in your workouts, very motivational for sure. Keep them coming please. Thanks so much!!!

  • Jeff

    Hey Enolate,

    Life is short. Be yourself and have fun!

  • Amanda

    Hi Zuzanna!

    Thanks for posting the workout–love the name by the way ;) I was wondering, when you began working out for the first time, did your knees go over your feet/ankles when you did squats? I am starting again with routines and trying to get into a smooth schedule but am discouraged with the little challenges coming my way with the workouts! Such as that and the fact that my knees also pop when i do squats. Lunges are tough but i’ve been doing some of your older routines & taking it down many notches. Thanks Again!

  • fitgirl

    Hi Enolate,

    I think most people have motivation problems at some point. I work out regularly and I consider myself pretty athletic, but I find it frustrating when after skipping 2-3 weeks of workouts due to sickness, travel, or too much work, I realize that I am not nearly in such a good shape as before.

    In your case, it’s great that you are motivated to start. It seems that if you can stick to it for a couple of months, it will become a habit. To do that, you need to be consistent, working out regularly at the same time – such as 10-20 minutes first thing in the morning – so that you don’t find excuses while thinking whether you should work out today or not. Or you could find an exercise partner, to keep each other on track.

    Also, if working out is not working out for you :-) , you could try some other activities that you enjoy, such as bicycling / tennis / swimming, you name it.

    Zuzana, could you possibly do an all-out ab workout, without other exercises in between? The problem is that oftentimes, although I get tired from the workout as a whole, I feel like my abs didn’t get enough challenge. And if you need naming ideas, here are a few :-)

    500 situps challenge
    abs on fire
    situps, leg raises, and … situps

    Thanks ahead of time!

  • Garrett

    Wow! A friend of mine showed me one of your videos and you’re impressive. But you already knew that. Anyway let me begin by saying Hello. I am an upstart Bboy so exercise is important and a part of a routine that comes with a lot of the moves we do. My biggest problem is not strength or tone or anything along those lines, it is control. I have a hard time controlling and putting torque on my hips and legs. Bboying is all about momentum. What kind of exercise would you recommend to work on these areas? By the way your abs are fa-nominal.

  • Erin – Australia

    Dear Enolate

    I completely sympathize with your prediciment. I know better than anybody how hard it is to get motivated to do physical exercise (whether its to lose weight, tone up or just to make yourself feel better). For me it was to lose weight. I was the fat girl at school, and while all my friends were out there being skinny, enjoying their teenage years with boyfriends and parties etc I sat at home fat and miserable. I tried every diet at least once and only lasted a few days on each. But one day something just snapped for me. I didn’t want to be that fat girl anymore, but this time I didn’t want to be the fat girl that just gives up when it gets to hard. And it is hard. It was one of the hardest things to do to change your own personal habits, but believe me it is worth it! When it comes down to it, it is just up to you. I have the greatest respect and support for anybody who just gets out there and gives it a go. The very first step is the hardest, but its easier if you just don’t think about it. Just put your gear on and go! :)

    All The Best

    P.S I’m 5’2″.. I was 110kg (242 lbs) and now I’m 55kg (121 lbs).. Zuzana’s blog wasn’t around when I was sweating it out, but I totally wish it had have been, because at least then I would have had fun doing it :) Great work Zuzana & Frederick :)

  • Tania

    Hey Zuzana,

    This workout looks short and fun. Will try it tomorrow. I wanted to give a variation on the hanging leg raises for the more experienced. As you hang move your legs simulating the motion of riding a bicycle. This is very intense! The idea is to keep the motion without swinging your body for a count of 20 reps (1 rep= motion completed by both legs). Try it and tell me what you think.

    All the best!

  • antonio

    hi zuzana, ja the workout sounds loco, I’ll try it tomorrow morning, but 28 rounds sssss, I’m not sure about that, o.k. I’ll try to do the best.

    about Enolate,you can do the zuzana’s workout in the morning before everything, if you don’t have enough time, and you will feel different during the day, I do that, you have to do a habit of it, that’s the important, don’t worry if you fail, after some days try it again, and again until you do it from habit, that is the difference, it’s hard, but if you want, you’ll get it

  • ellie

    oh wow!! this workout seems very intresting and fun! i am goin to do it tomorrow morning.
    Here in Canada its getting colder and the great thing about this work out is that u dont have to step out of home. I am so excited to do this workout!
    thanks zuzana for this great workout!

  • naomi

    omg i love ur body you are a tough women man i wish i had ur body!!!!!! i have been seeing ur workouts and i am getting abs i am very excited toodles thx for posting videos ! um….. i wanted to ask if u ould post a video of how to get abs cuz i keep doing the same workouts and i dont think its working anymore well anyways thx bah bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole D Lopez

    Dear Enolate,

    Sometimes I feel the same way but here are some ideas to help make things easier:

    1) Always wear workout clothes and athletic shoes so there is one less step to starting your workout.

    2) Eliminate all junk food in your house so you are not even tempted.

    3) Buy something Nike with the expression “Just Do It” on it.

    4) Meet a workout buddy and set up times with them to work out. You can actually post ads on craigslist for things like this.

    5) Watch Zuzana’s videos to get yourself psyched about working out and then do it.

    6) Tell somebody that you’re going to workout today so that you feel more obligated to keep your word.

    7) If one of Zuzana’s videos seems crazy hard just try it and make up your own variations. I didn’t used to be able to do even one real push up so I was scared out of my mind to do some of her workouts but then after a few days of doing a variation of a push up I was able to do many of the real ones – in a row :)

    8) If you feel like there isn’t enough time in your day to spend less than 30 minutes working out, multitask one day while you are driving or eating or something like that and think of something you can substitute for working out. Maybe it could be taking a shorter shower, working out while watching your favorite show, or something like that. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

    9) Don’t feel like you have to be a perfectionist at everything. If you can’t do the whole workout because you’re just too tired then don’t. Tell yourself good job for doing anything at all.

    10) Ask someone to take pictures of you wearing the same outfit everyday or week or something so that you can see your progress.

    Good luck and I hope this helps!

  • Kim

    Hello Enolate,
    I read your comment and I think you described how many many people feel. I really understood how you felt when you said “I’m tired of this” and that sometimes you have trouble looking at yourself. Body image can be a very difficult and exhausting thing to deal with. I can proudly say that 10 years ago I overcame an eating disorder that I suffered with for 10 years. Although I am healty now I do struggle to live a balanced life where exercise and food are not controlling my thoughts. I have learned that it is important to live a life of balance and not to be extreme about anything. That includes accepting ourselves for who we truly are even if that means we don’t look or behave perfectly. Zuzana’s videos are very fun to do and to watch and she has wonderful advice, but please do not compare yourself to her. We all have our own unique strengths in life and you need to be proud of yours, whatever they might be. One last thing, instead of pressuring yourself to follow a DVD or exercise program without giving up, why don’t you try to live an active lifestyle that includes all sorts of different activities. That way you won’t put yourself in a position that you view as failure.
    Give yourself a big hug :)
    Kim from Montreal

  • Ruth

    Dear Enolate,

    I want to congratulate you on sharing your feelings with Zuzana and opening up. This must have been very difficult for you but it is a terrific step in your transition to being a happier person. For motivation, what I think is the only thing that works is continually remembering why you started to work out in the first place. If it was to look better to yourself in the mirror then that is what you need to remind yourself of every time you want to quit. It sounds like you’re a very busy person, feeling better about yourself will help you in all the aspects of your life. You will be happier and it will show up in your work, school, family life, etc. I really hope that you find peace with working out, it is how I keep myself sane… the more I work out the better I feel about myself, even on days where I don’t want to look at myself, which just happens from time to time. Please keep going and dont look at stopping as failing. The fact that you’re still here is proof that you have not failed.

    Much Love,


  • tommie

    thanx – i tried a couple of your workouts – i’m no slacker, go to the gym regularly. your workouts are hitting muscles i never knew i had. i’m spreading the word.

  • Nick

    Hi Enolate,
    I know this sounds silly, but dont be afraid to fail! I worked out with my trainer Saturday and it was so hard, I got nauseated and sick and had to stop for a few minutes to collect myself. Sometimes we have to fail in order to succeed. So just set a goal for yourself to get fitter and healthier and tell close friends and family about your goal so you are invested and have support. You may not achieve your goal right away, but you will be one step closer.

  • P90CardioX

    Substitute Exercises for Hanging Leg Raises:
    1) Do one leg at a time
    2) Do leg raises on incline board (weight bench or Total Gym, etc)
    3) Hold tuck position while supporting yourself on push-up bars (little parallel bars). Then lift knees similar to end movement of Hanging Leg Raises
    4) Even easier, sit cross-legged in “yoga” position between push-up bars (mini-parallel bars). Support yourself while lifting legs but holding cross-legged postition. Hold for as long as possible. You can try to lift legs/kneew slightly, or even try to extend legs. Eventually you may be able to hold legs out in “L-position” while supporting yourself with push-up bars.

  • Peter

    heh.. more like 15 rounds in 28 minutes… but I’m working on it :)

  • Jeff Palmer

    Dear Enolate,
    I understand the difficulties you are having with motivation and time for workouts. I’ve had some experience coaching people to fitness levels for Black Belt and beyond. I can tell you with authority, nothing is beyond your grasp.
    First, you must stop punishing yourself for what you percieve as “failures”. They are roads taken that you haven’t completed yet. As long as you continue to breath, you can always pick up your bags and start walking again. I urge you to remember this phrase: “The Past does not equal your Future”. No matter how many times you failed, history has shown you can succeed at any age and time.
    Second, if you can’t handle the motivation yourself, find a workout buddy. Someone who will join you on a workout program. The more, the better. When you HAVE to be there because they are expecting you, you will be more inclined to stick with it.
    And last, find an image of what kind of fitness level you want to achieve. Maybe even Photohop your head on the body. Put it in places you’ll see everyday. Feel that level of fitness everytime you look at the photo and your subconscious will help to push you there.
    Good luck.

  • Ana

    Eek I love this workout, definitely going to try it out :)
    and I can relate so much to Enolate, all throughout high school, I was overweight..and I’d start working out then fail, start again then fail…, over and over again.
    Once I graduated, I found an interest in the military, and wanting to join, I was I knew I had to lose weight, I used to be at 185lbs in 2008, right now I’m between 140-145lbs, by the way I’m 18 years old. I don’t have a workout partner, nor someone there by my side..telling me I can do it when I feel like I just can’t anymore, I started watching Zuzana’s workouts about 7months ago or so, and that was/still is enough motivation for me to keep going, and never give up, and it makes me feel so good and proud of myself when someone tells me that I look thinner, and that I’ve lost a lot of weight, makes me want to keep going and try even harder. You can start with any of Zuzana’s workouts, they’re awesome :D I always feel sore after every workout I do of hers, it is a ridiculously great/awesome feeling hah. You don’t have to necessarily do 20-30mins, it can be 5mins or 10, whatever makes you feel comfortable. I know you can do it..and you will :)
    Hope this helped..and hope to hear from you soon and how great you’re doing ;)

  • James – Sylvaina, USA

    First if you are watching and working out with zuzuana means you did not ‘fail’, it just means you had a setback. But you do not ‘fail’ until you give up. Let me shed just a little light on this…back in 1878 Thomas Edison was told by all the scientific community that electric light was not possible, he was unable to get any funding for such a ‘wild and crazy’ idea. He had to pursue it on his own, but in spite of 4,999 ‘attempts’ and ‘setbacks over 2 years’ he continued…When asked Why do you continue with so many failures? Edison said “I have not failed one single time, I have simply found 4,999 ways that didn’t work” and oh his 5,000th try he had the light bulb. Can you imagine the scrutiny he faced, by his friends, family, coworkers, associates but he believed and never gave up…thank God.

    As for workouts…perhaps you are trying to run before you can walk. Start with the easy stuff, make sure you are eating clean…drinking plenty of water 1gsllon per day ~4liters (water is your friend) and getting enough rest. These are very big steps and very crucial to workouts. Once you have all that in check for a couple weeks…All the while you are watching Zuzuana to ‘fuel’ the fire. Then when you start, do so in moderation, don’t try to keep up with the ‘crazy monkey’ or ‘zuzana wants me dead’ or…well you get the idea. Start with Going for a 20min walk, and doing easy pushups, crunches etc. Establish a base line…workout the same for a week same time and go for a certain distance…use a log book to record your workouts take pictures, and measurements…after you have done it for a week average them together. Then next week seek small improvements, nothing huge just maybe same distance as the average but shoot for 19:45, one or 2 more pushups from your average. and seek to ‘maintain’ that for a week. Then the following week again small improvements…then after you get your time down to say 17 minutes, add jogging same thing establish an average and push the limit ‘slowly’,(more pics and measurements) Now you are ready to add more of zuzuanas stuff. Just try some of the ‘exercises’ don’t try to incorporate the entire workouts just master the movements, practice practice, practice, by this time you are shedding weight and adding cardio fitness. After some time and patience you will begin to see ‘huge’ results….Now you can incorporate Zuzuana’s routines.

    The whole process is fun keep it fun and work with it. You will see drastic changes and regular photos and measurements will motivate you also use this site as motivation…but, “Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense” Sir Winston Churchill.

    Make Zuzuana proud…

  • Chris L

    Oops, I meant: DO NOT blow it’s importance out of proportions1


  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    Looks fun! Us monkeys will love this one! 8-)

    Hi Enolate,

    Interesting name! We all feel like you do at one time or another. Sometimes we have to fail and it is not the biggest problem in exercising. Do blow it’s importance out of proportions! It just means you have higher goals and must work past the little failures. I mean I’m working on one arm push-ups so I must expect to land a nose plant once in awhile! How else would I know I have made progress? 8-)

    (BTW, Zuzana, not that I’m competing with you or anything…but I can do it with my arm elevated only 2 feet off the ground. For those who have paid attention to my rantings I was at about 4 feet (45 degrees) off the ground a few weeks back.)

    Enolate, if you just start with simple workouts you will progress past the current failures. If you can do 2 DVDs then just keep doing them till you find your self interested in doing number 3. But, if you also try Zuzana’s workouts and fail then your in a truly big friendly group of people! Be proud of your failures, see them for what they are and move on to even bigger ones! Also, if you tell us exactly where you fail it is possible to help you move past them more precisely.

    Best wishes,

  • Sarah O

    Hello Zuzana. I found this site yesterday thru YouTube, and I’m very excited about it. Thank you so much for all the helpful information and guides, and for free. It’s such an incredible resource.

    Today I tried a workout with you. In 15 minutes I only did 18 sets, but I am really pleased. I look forward to doing this every day. I am hoping these quick workouts (as compared to the 50 minute or more workouts) will be just what I need to stay committed.

    Thank you again!

  • Daniel

    I have started to exercise again because of you. You look so fit. You are beautiful. And I’ve learned so many new exercises. Especially for the core, like the “reptile” it really tires your oblique and abdominal.

    You are a living proof that you don’t have to go to the gym to be fit. Your exercises its way better than anything I’ve ever done in a gym. Those machines are way too static and you don’t get any muscle coordination or balance.

    My goal is to look like Bruce lee and to get rid off most of my body fat. Do You have any tips.

    What shall I eat? There’s a lot of people saying different things, I don’t know what to listen to.

    Should I eat a lot of carbs so that I feel good and have the energy to work out allot or should I eat mostly protein. How about just drinking soya milk and different types of fruit juices? Can I survive on that? Or do I have to eat food? What do you do to keep your fat percentage down?


  • Samantha

    Hi Enolate

    Please don’t feel like you have failed – sometimes watching other people or going to a gym can feel very intimidating and you can sometimes expect too much from yourself too soon. If you really do want to do some exercise you go for it, it can be a truly rewarding experience. We all start somewhere – setting realistic personal goals is a good motivator, until recently I could only perform two (very pathetic and probs funny to watch but who cares) push ups but I set myself a goal (just a small one) and have now surpassed this goal which is such a good feeling! Pop on some music you love and pick out a workout you think you will enjoy and just go for it, if you need to stop please don’t think this is failure just note in a journal what you’ve done and try and beat it next time and varying routines is good so you don’t get bored.

    Another idea is to perhaps try something relaxing to start and build up a base fitness, there’s all sorts to choose from (dancing, pilates, brisk walking, swimming etc.). I hope my comments are ok (I’m in no way an expert but have been training for more years than I want to comment) – you seem to already have the motivation as you are following this site.

    Best Wishes


  • victoria

    dear zuzana,
    you are really inspiring! i love to workout and i do your workouts everyday along with my own workout. i just wanted to say that i really enjoy your workouts and keep up the good work!!

  • Angelina

    Short and simple -that’s the way I like it!
    Thanks Zuzana!

  • Laura

    I kept swaying on my damn pullup bar lol…

  • Laura

    Shiettt this one was challenging on the time. I got 27 rounds!!

  • Charles

    Dear Zuzana,

    Great workouts, thanks.
    To add a little bit difficulties to your so call “MONKEY” workout,
    for the first one, hanging knees raise,
    1. you can use either only 3 fingers or even 2 fingers with 2 arms,
    or one arm only with full grip.
    2. change knee raise to straight leg raise.
    in order to be a real “MEAN” monkey.


  • Lightening

    Hello Zuzana

    I love your workouts and have been incorporating them into my own to add spice. I am just curious – I am following a weight training routine and have been adding in your workouts as cardio on weight days and doing longer cardio on non weight days – I am concerned that if only use your routines I will not be burning enough calories due to the length routines for weight loss. It seems impossible that only 15 min will get the job done for me. For someone that has extra lbs to loose I want to use my time effectively and your workouts really seem to hit the mark. Thanks for all the inspiration and very cool killer workouts! I have been spreading the word around about you as well!


  • Marianne

    Hey Fredrick, did you use a different camera today? It looked like different quality.

    Will definitly try this workout tomorrow!! Looks fun!

    Enolate, after reading your message I hope that I can help in some small way at least. The thing that struck me most about your message, apart from what you were saying, was the way you were saying it. The tone and choice of words you used were very negative and almost depressed (you wrote the word “fail” 4 times). You describe many commitments in your life which I’m sure are hard to fit in. Maybe what you’re lacking is the freedom and permission you need in order to give yourself “me” time. If you have other people relying on you to follow through with commitments then it’s hard to say no to them, and yes to yourself without feeling guilty. Maybe I’m totally off the mark here but the fact that you mentioned these commitments leads me to believe these are a problem. While it is important to have a network of friends and support through church, it’s easy to become burdened because you say yes to things (sometimes) out of fear, rather than love, and resent them quietly (causing stress). And sometimes, if you’re known as a “yes” person, others can take advantage of this. It’s ok to say no. What good are you to anyone if you aren’t happy with yourself.

    Motivation is difficult to obtain and keep if you’re under a lot of stress.

    Can you tell me, when you start the workouts what thoughts are going through your head before you stop? For example, do you feel like you have so many other things to do? Is it frustration with technique? Or do you constantly measure yourself against other people and beat yourself down mentally until you don’t see the point in trying?

  • Laura

    Hello I know how you feel. The best thing you can do is take small steps. Instead of saying okay I have to run 2 miles tell yourself it will be fine that you walk it slowly. This will get you going and give you motivation. Be easy on yourself. If you do not remember to workout one day, it will be okay. Just resume. The important thing is that you just do something whether it be small or not. Much luck 2u. Laura

  • Honey

    wow i really like this workout! i actually just searched workouts today. i’ve been in bed with a back injury for weeks. i have no strenght or good cardio! you really inspire me to get fit! today was the first day my back doesn’t hurt. hoping that this new year i can get the body i want and thank you so much for sharing these workouts!!!!

  • Ally

    Hello Enolate…
    I must tell you that if you have tried… than you have not failed. One workout is better than none at all, do you see what I mean? Even if it isn’t as consistent as you would want it to be. I believe that we all go thru phases or times in our life where working out takes a back seat to life in general. Sometimes the phase only lasts days, for others- months. The good news is, that it will always be there, you can always try again. Maybe you just haven’t found what clicks with you… don’t be afraid to try new and different ways to exercise…
    Keep your head up and keep pushing forward!
    “Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.”
    “There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.”
    -Tom Krause (motivational speaker)