Dec 5 2009

Hot Burn Workout

Hi everyone,

I took it easier today with this workout, so if you feel like you need something really intensive, feel free to do the more challenging workouts like 500 workout. I just didn’t want to destroy myself today, because  my butt was still little sore from Death By Workout. Those Side Jump Lunges really attacked my rear end. One of the common questions that I get is also about post exercise muscle soreness, so here is your example. I haven’t been sore from workouts for some time, but the last workout really got me. It would be a mistake to skip my workout today altogether because that doesn’t really help the muscles to recover. A light workout like today’s workout on the other hand is a great way to stay active and speed up the muscle recovery process.

By the way tomorrow is our first lesson of rock climbing, so I will try to take some pictures to show you where we went and what we did. I will take my ipod nano with the little camera and maybe I can do a little video to share this experience with you.

Have a great weekend and enjoy this workout :)


Hot Burn Workout

There are 5 rounds of the following exercises.


Start with toe touches. Each time you touch the box (or another elevated surface) counts as one rep. Do 30 reps total.


5 reps of Reptile Push Ups – Get into plank and bring one knee towards your elbow. Hold it there and do 5 push ups. Switch the legs and do 5 more on the other side. After this exercise do another set of 30 toe touches.




10 reps of One Leg Dead Lift – each leg

Inhale while extending your arms overhead and bringing your right knee up. Exhale while bending over and extending the right leg behind you. Place your hands on the floor in front of you and do 5 short pulses up and down with the extended leg. This counts as one rep.  After this exercise do another set of 30 toe touches.


20 reps of Laying Scissors and Toe Touches

Lay on your back and lift your extended legs off of the mat. Press your lower back into the mat and engage your abs. Lift one leg up until it is vertical towards the ground. Lift your shoulders up off of the mat and touch your toes. Lay back on the mat and scissor the legs. Repeat the same on the other leg. Each Toe Touch counts as one rep. It is important that you keep your feet up off of the ground the whole time ( if you can).  If you feel that you can’t keep your lower back pressed into the mat while keeping your legs in the air, then try to lift them higher or just put them down completely.

This was one round out of 5, so go back to the first exercise and repeat all of them 4 more times in the same order.


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  • Cynthia ツ

    September 1, 2014

    I completed 5 rounds in 28 mins. Push ups were done on one knee.

  • Anonymous

    I love the dead lifts… a lot of my activity involves strength training but if those stabilizers aren’t also in shape then even the “easier” balance exercises can be brutal.
    26 minutes, 24 seconds.

  • Anonymous

    I love the dead lifts… a lot of my activity involves strength training but if those stabilizers aren’t also in shape then even the “easier” balance exercises can be brutal.
    26 minutes, 24 seconds.

  • Lisa

    Did this one for the first time today. My time 18:02…just one second slower than you, Sarina! I was surprisingly sweaty after this one, even though it wasn’t as intense. Those reptile pushups were the hardest, for sure.

  • sselcann

    i did this in 21:36 :( not good at all. but that “death by workout” i did yesterday killed me.

  • Мария Давлеева

    My time is 20min 42 sec plus one burpee for Erin.

  • Estelle-France

    This is one of my favourite workouts and I have to say it is quite deceiving.
    I mean, of course, I expected the reptile push ups to be hard, but certainly not the other exercises.
    Especially the dead lifts. At the beginning, I was wondering what the point of this exercise was . But now that I have done all 5 rounds, I feel exhausted.
    This is really a fantastic workout !

  • kat

    Just did this one!  Great Workout (:  
    My score 18:39 ( I did high knees instead of toe touch) 
    Thank you so much Zuzana and Freddy

  • Anonymous

    I repeated this today barefoot in a hotel room & hungover (bad…). I still beat my old time!
    17:21 today vs 21:18 5/26.  I subbed high knees for toe touches.

  • Chelsea Schuur

    My time? 17min and 04sec :)  

  • Anonymous

    I should ALWAYS watch the video before my workouts…whenever I don’t there’s a little detail I miss.  Tonight, I did the ab exercise wrong.  I kept the low leg on the ground rather than floating it.  Oh well…I should have known by the lack of intense ab burn that I was doing something wrong!  On the other hand, I should be happy that this exercise, which would have been very challenging for me at one point in time, is not now.

    I subbed high knees for tow touches, & did all push ups full. :)

  • Erika


  • Paige

    i’m a little disappointed….i took minimal breaks and worked my ass off and i still finished in 30 minutes and 3 seconds. why does it take me so loooong. even without breaks. oh well, i liked this workout.

  • Charlie D.

    I have a website suggestion: in the “daily workouts” section, would it be difficult to include a “page 1 2 3 4 etc.” rather than just “older workouts” and “newer workouts”? It would be quicker to browse on days when you don’t post a new one. Thanks! As usual, you guys are fantastic. I was almost busted admiring my abs in a public bathroom mirror today.

    • Frederick

      Hi Charlie D, suggestion noted :) We hopefully will be starting a redesign in the near future.

  • Charlie D.

    This took me kind of a long time – 23:26:52. But I was really careful of my form, so I don’t feel bad about it. I was totally hoping to beat you though. Next time!

    • Charlie D.

      I did this today in 17:44:08 – a whole lot faster than March 9th’s 23:26:52 – whoa. I actually didn’t think it was hard at all, although it still got me moving, which I needed. I tried not to touch the ground at all (just keep my fingers a few mm away) during the dead lifts so I could use my core moreI thought something lighter today might be nice because after 18 minute S&M and Rude Boy, my bum is in rough shape. But now I might jump rope and do some hanging knee raises or something to make myself feel better. It’s wild that in just a few months I can be so much more in shape. And honestly – I always THOUGHT I was in shape BEFORE I started your site. You guys are the best.

  • Debbie

    Hello Zuzana,

    I just did this work out today. Two days ago, I did the death by work out, my rear was also sore. The next day I jogged almost 3 miles with my husband. When I did this work out today, it took me 13 min and 2 sec. When comparing yoru time to my time, I think I am doing it too fast. Should I slow it down and focus on strengthening my muscles while I do the exercises? What am I doing that is different?

  • Samantha

    I came back to this one today and managed 18:45 – beat my previous of 20:32.

    Thank you for the ginger cookies recipe, I made them today and they’re sooo tasty.

  • somakat

    Bonsoir Madame!
    I did this workout today after work cause I was too late today in the morning. Needed 23:03 min. Very nice workout, I liked it very much and I like the sunny weather you have in Malta! It´s really cold in Luxembourg at the moment – brrrrr…

    Thanks for the great workout can´t wait for new vids!
    Bonne soirée

  • natalia

    ahoj zuzi,
    vdaka za super workout, na zaciatok nieje velmi narocny (kedze som uz vysla z cviku) tak, skusim kazdy den aspon taky mesiac haha

    a statny novy rok!!!

  • http://don'thaveonejuste-mailaddress vivian lippens

    Dear Zuzana,
    you mentioned before, doing your workouts inside in the future. Personally, I enjoy watching
    you doing your exercises outside. Not all of us have the oportunity to have a spot outside. I
    live in Canada in a big city and it is winter here so I started working out for the 1rst time
    in my life. I never had to before. Even if it was summer there are too many wierdos so it is
    pleasant to look up at the computer screen and see the outdoors while some of us are doing push
    ups on our living room floor.This is the first time I see a video that makes me want to work out
    My bone density is only o.k. Should I avoid jumping up and down? My ankles are weak.What
    can I do to make them stronger? How many years have you been working out? I am so happy to have
    found your site. Many thanks, Vivian P.S. You are very beautiful.

  • Ashton

    I just wanted to say that your videos have been SO informative. You are a very smart woman, and it’s always refreshing to see women so into fitness without looking as if they’re bulking up for a muscle-man competition. =P

    Happy Holidays!

    Ash xo

  • Madeleine

    23:17. Proud to be just 1:21 after you! Competing against you and myself is getting me in shape, thanks!

  • Kathy


    Just wanted to know where you work out, the background is amazing?

  • Stephanie Teixeira


  • Beatrice

    Hey Zuzana,
    Today I did the HOT BURN WORKOUT, and what a burn it was for me, I did three rounds, then I intergraded some of the 500 reps rountine in my workout like jump forward then two time back, one leg squat, side v crunch and one leg thigh raise, I bend over at the waist with my knees bent and extend my right leg side ways while in a bending position, it really work your enter and outer thigh cause you also are balancing on one leg while extending your other leg. Anyway this was a real butttttttt kicker for me, my buns are in pain.

    thank you for your workouts and the people who share their.

  • Marina – Russia

    I agree with the point of Chris L for Mirko regarding the Frederick’s videographic style. Luckily there are no standards neither in camerawork nor in photography.
    And I am absolutely sure, that it was exactly the Frederick’s filming style, that has taken a big part of Mirko’s (as everyone else’s) attention when he 1st passed by the
    Moreover, since long time already, I wanted to say thanks to Frederick for his constant progress and for always showing the best of Zuzana, which in the context of the site’s subject, is a beauty, great shape and the body forms (which, above all, is the main thing (apart of the health reasons) everyone aims to, when doing the workouts).

    And regarding the “complicated critique/suggestions” of Mirko I must say, that it was (is) the simplicity of the Bodyrock, that makes it so great – you can start from every workout, continue with every workout and it’s cool. There are tones of boring sites suggesting you those huge “split programs”, that after a while are getting way too boring. And I am so happy that guys made it so different here!

    Have a great weekend Zuzanna and Frederick! And thanx again for all that you do here :-)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Marina – Russia,

      Thank you very much for you kind support – it means a lot to us. I am glad that you are one of those people who gets what is all about.

  • Mandy

    Hi my sister and I just completed this workout in 16:46. Great workout!

  • Natasha

    HI Zuzana, i just tried your Hot Burn Workout lol i was only able to do one rep… i just had a baby three months ago trying to get back on track and in fit, this work out made me feel amazing even with only doing one rep, now having a new baby i dont the chance to go to the gym i was wondering can you do a work out that is easy to do at home yet is challenging at the same time. Love your work outs

  • Izabelle

    I love this viseo and i’ve done the exercises. But i have a bit of a problem… I am not fat, but i still need to lose some fat, and make my skin look good because it has some imperfections, and i’ve heard that exercising helps if i want to get rid of these imperfections. The problem is that i’ve been visiting this site for 6 months now, and have done most of the exercises that I can do, every dat, and still I haven’t lost a pound. not a centimeter. I am a bit anoyed by this, because I’m working my self out every day, in the gym, and on my way to school I run but I see no actual change. But I am thinking maybe my eating habit is bad… my parents never asked me to eat in the morning and never told me when it’s good to eat, so my bad habit is that I don’t eat when I wake up in the morning, I eat a little sandwich if i get hungry, then I don’t eat the rest of the day till the next day.. i’m use to eat only when I.m hungry, and don’t seem to have a problem… but I have… could you give me an advice?? what am I doing wrong?? besides the eating habit… and what should I do to get rid of the fat on the belly:D:D:D

  • Brett

    5 rounds, full reps. 33 minutes. Took my time so I could get the form right throughout the one leg dead lifts.

    Whats nice is I woke up this morning and wasn’t sore after all the squats from doing the metabolic inferno workout last evening. Some stretches and not stiff all day. Body is starting to get used to these types of workouts.

    Happy Holidays.

  • Alejandro

    Hi Zuzana
    If I have shore muscles the next day I practice this…should I keep on doing them or wait till the muscles get normal again?

  • BADE

    Hi Mirko and Chris L,
    Thank you for your responses.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong in critiquing the site. I just think you could have expressed more sincere appreciation and understanding in your critique. This level of appreciation and understanding is usually gained when one takes time to get to know something before critiquing it. So, even if you were to write a private email to the authors/moderators of this site, I think it would be important to take this into consideration.

    @Chris L,
    I agree with you that making suggestions is a good thing. I even said this in my post here: “The reason why I am responding to your post is not because you had suggestions about the site, but because I was struck by the manner in which you said everything.” I maintain (as I did in my post) that I was taking Mirko to task on his tone and not based on the principle that he had criticisms of the site.

    Actually Chris, something you said captures my exact point. You said, “…an honest critique can also help when constructive and well meaning.” I just simply thought Mirko’s tone in his post undermined any possibility of it being constructive. Thus, I did not think it was helpful. If you have noticed on this site that several regular visitors, such as yourself, make suggestions and point out perceived problems, but the tone in these comments expresses more understanding. I have noticed that these types of constructive comments usually generate a positive response from Zuzana or Frederick (i.e. they are warmly received). On the other hand, one of two usually happens to the suggestions that are not constructive: (1) Zuzana or Frederick do not respond at all (granted, just by shear virtue of the volume of the comments, it’s difficult for Z & F to respond to every post) OR (2) They respond expressing justified frustration. Here’s an example: Read the responses to this post.
    I’m not saying this is the reasoning every time (after all, I cannot read Zuzana & Frederick’s minds). Still, these are simply my observations.

    I just wanted to explain myself a little more. Keep in mind, that this is all just my opinion. I did not make any wide sweeping statements that suggested that EVERYone should have the same values. This is also the last comment I will make about this as I would prefer to direct my energy towards other issues on BR TV, like performing the 500 workout 30 minutes from now. (Wish me luck :p)

    Peace :D

  • Jean-Sebastien

    Supporting both of you in your work Zuzana and Frederick ! Like Bade say, you guys are philanthropists in your own right. And I asked myself many times, how come it’s free ?! Like you say it takes time and money, but even if I may anticipate the answer, why do you guys keeps doing it completely free ? Do your sponsors support is enough to do it this way ?

    If I can suggest, you guys can add a thing like paypal donations… so im pretty sure some people and I include would be more than willing so support you guys.


  • Mirko

    To Chris: excellently said. Good job! Thanks. My initial idea was to help to improve the site look, not only to criticize. That’s all. M.

  • Chris L

    Hi Bade,

    I didn’t read your reply before replying to Mirko’s comments. I think pointing out errors or problems is a good thing and an honest critique can also help when constructive and well meaning. Some of Mirko’s critique reads as being condescending true, still over all it seems to be well meaning.

    Like some of what Mirko says is spot on, but misses the whole point of the site. You can get most of the things Mirko wants here elsewhere on the web. And as Frederick and Zuzana pointed out they are moving things around. Like the FAQ wasn’t the same as Tips till recently. I can see why incorporating them might make sense as they are nearly identical in nature.

    Anyway, Zuzana and Frederick have their own take on things with I think some humor and freshness that other fitness sites often lack. An example, you never see those others fail to do something in a video then laugh about it and try again!

    And more for Mirko on Frederick’s videographic style. It’s his own art and shouldn’t be given up for “clarity” as anyone can just ask for that clarity from Zuzana and Frederick if you feel it’s not there. Or go looking for other videos with the correct form…good luck on that for some of Zuzana’s special moves! 8-) Having a very different close up style and not leaving errors on the cutting room floor are wises concepts I think as they delineate between others and this site. And the errors make people feel able to keep up with Zuzana when doing her workouts.

    Best wishes,

  • Lisa :)

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’ve been loving your work outs. Thank you for taking the time to share with us your work outs, eating habits, life, and comment replies. This must take a lot of your time.

    Just curious about two things if you want to share. Do you and Fredrick work outside the home (doing what)? Also, just been wondering why you weren’t able to bring your weights with you on the move, and will you have them again at some point? I’ve enjoyed both working out without them (and doing my own lifting after) and work outs you do with weights.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work! You are in great shape and helping many people do the same.

    Best of luck to you,
    Lisa :)

  • Mirko

    Oh oh, my boy BADE
    Do you see ? The authors, unfortunately gave not another possibility to write them, only through common accessible comments. Their choice. This is the reason, why I am strictly against such type of talking about problem. Trust me my dear, that if I had an opportunity to write to Zuzana or webmaster through another channel, I would do it really.
    No matter what reaction will follow, I hope that Zuzana will think about it. I don’t want to continue to talk about it by such a way, It’s not constructive. One very nice proverb for this situation exist and I believe that Zuzana know it very well: ” If you are satisfied with my work – say it to your friends. When not – say it to me”.
    Nevertheless, I wish to all around this project, namely Zuzana et al great succes in continuing. Cordially.
    Sincerely yours, M.

  • Yana

    Yeah thanks for an advise. i read the description of One Leg Dead Lift very fast and didnt understand that you should do total 50 reps for one leg and i did only 10. Now I won’t skip the descriptions!

  • Chris L

    Hi Frederick,

    I know Zuzana gets a lot of “you’re my inspiration” from folks. Well, I think you’re inspirational in your own ways.

    Support? But of course! Didn’t you know I’m a pillar of the community. 8-)

    Seriously, a recent comments box sounds great!

    You folks do seem to work long and hard here! As Bade has also noticed you seem to burn the midnight oil at times. Or as my Mom would say to me, “Christopher, you are burning the candle at both ends!” That was her shorthand to say sleep more and take care of my health as that is really all we have.

    Take care,

  • Chris L

    Hi Mirko,

    I’m not sure exactly what you are say.

    Frederick is having fun shooting video of his wife. True his images are often very close in and focus on some part of Zuzana and not the whole body. But, I have never found it very hard to figure out the proper form for each exercise Zuzana is shown doing. Because Frederick even with his close shooting style uses several angles which add up to a clear picture of the totality. I’m again not exactly sure I understand what you are saying about the B/W stills and Color stills. Something you seem to be missing here is this is entertainment as much as “instruction”! I mean Zuzana isn’t our drill sergeant! A cute image of Zuzana with a NCO’s uniform on popped into my head! 8-)

    On languages: have you looked in French, Spain, German or other languages for similar blogs with exercises? If they exist why duplicate it? But, a person can use Bablefish or Google to translate this website into many other languages. True this isn’t a perfect solution, but nothing is.

    Darn! Now I can’t get that image of Zuzana in Campaign hat out of my mind…

  • bohdana

    It was easier one but I can still feel ” dead lifts ” today:)
    thanks guys for keeping it fun . I hate boring and repeating same old same old.

  • Jake

    The video and explanation show immense ways to completely work out hard and intensly. The videos are tremendously inspiring and motivational!

    My fitness website has helpful tips to get beginners ready to workout, basic tips to increase your calorie loss and muscle gains. And how to get insane abs. Check it out if you enjoyed these videos!

  • BADE

    @ Marko
    You cannot be serious. Wait, are you serious? I suppose you would not have written such a long comment if you were not serious. But I’m a little taken aback by your post. It is likely that you didn’t intend to give this “subjective impression” but you sound as if you were invited to review the site and almost as if Zuzana and Frederick should be grateful that you have graced them with your presence and expertise.

    Re: Viewing this site in different languages: Unless you are offering to translate this entire site into 3 OTHER languages, then it’s probably not a viable suggestion. You do realize that translating takes an incredible amount of time, right?! And also, the numbers of people accessing this site have continued to increase and even those who count English as a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th language have been able to understand the basic gist of this site. Many have even posted comments with the help of (free) online translators, such as the one offered by Google.

    Marko, I just think you’re missing the concept of this site and my feeling is that having a section on “principle rules” would not help you with this oversight (as most of us get it and did not need to read about “principle rules”).

    The reason why I am responding to your post is not because you had suggestions about the site, but because I was struck by the manner in which you said everything. Your ‘congratulatory’ introduction seemed perfunctory and the rest of your comment seemed pompous.

    Perhaps, in the future, you should not act in haste and rattle off a bunch of criticisms. There’s something to be experienced when one does not react based on first impressions, and instead is measured and thoughtful.

    I do maintain that this is simply my “subjective impression” of your comment. Peace to you, Mirko & to all! :D

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi BADE,

      thanks for the supportive comment. This site is largely a work in progress and there are so many cool things that we are planning to do, but everything takes time and money. We know there is always a room for improvement, but I appreciate when our visitors demonstrate a little bit more patience and understanding. We started this blog from scratch. Thanks again.

  • BADE

    Hi Frederick,
    The new features that you mentioned sound GREAT!! I’m thrilled that the site will become even more user friendly than it already is. In particular, I’m excited about the upcoming “Recent Comments” section as it will likely be something I can subscribe to via RSS. Thus, I will be able to read comments as you and Zuzana post them (instead of sifting through all of the comments on each post). Also, it seems like it will cut down on a lot of the redundant questions that you & Z are subjected to.

    Also, I just wanted to thank you and Zuzana (AGAIN) for your generosity and commitment to the BR TV community. I’m very grateful for this site and all your hard work (because editing videos and maintaining websites like this takes A LOT of work). If I have my time zone calculations right, there have been many times when you have posted the videos at 3 AM (@#$@!@#!@) in Malta. That means, rather than delivering workout videos a day after Zuzana performs them, you are working long into the night to upload them on the same day. Wow, that’s a very impressive work ethic.

    You guys may not realize it, but you are philanthropists in your own right.

    Peace to you and to all. :D

  • Rachelle

    Thank you!! That was very refreshing, i enjoyed the balance training. I love how you are constantly mixing up your workouts!!

    I completed 6 rounds, (I did 6 cause it was just feeling soo good) in 23:18.

    YANA, I personally think the time difference can be as simple as how long you are holding your leg pulses, or how long you hold your toe touches in the scissor crunches ect. Personally, I try to hold the movements and move through them with a slow controlled movement, I want to feel the burn as I move through the motions. Hope this helps!! Happy working out!! :)

  • Chris L

    Hi Frederick and Zuzana,

    It might help if you changed “Archives” to read “Workout Archives” and change the contents to the way the old Workouts looked. In that there was only a short text description of the workout instead of a picture and text. This way you can have many more on one page and maybe you need to make the previous workouts button on the bottom also appear at top of the page.

    Anyway, I like the changes. It cleans up the site a bit.


    • Frederick

      Hi Chris,
      We will be moving some sections around over the next few weeks because we want to introduce some new features – namely a recent comments box, our twitter feed and some other things that we are working on. Thanks for your support :)

  • ValeriaOpaOpa

    Hi! Zuzana!)))

    I find yuor videos very unusuall and useful! Tnx a lot!

    Am I wrong or your daily workouts are – interval trainings? that make fat burns?

    As I can see your working hard for a few minutes, and then take a pause for few minutes? and that is the complete round? am I right?

    p.s. i’m sorry for my english, i’m from russia =)

  • Kim

    Hi Zuzana,
    I love the way you explain your workouts.Your voice is really sweet .
    I’ve been seriously inspired by your videos (and by Zuzana’s body, to be honest). I had been doing some exercises at home for a while, but not very regularly. My height is 4’11″ and weight is 100lbs.I feel that my arms and legs have more fats than my body .Please suggest me what exercises i should do more to reduced fat .I follow your Upper and lower body workout on alternate days and at least two times each in a week,but still i find no improvements and no muscle definition. Please suggest me something!!
    Anxiously waiting for your next workout :)


  • barbaraG

    I just read what I wrote – of course I meant minutes not seconds :) ))

  • barbaraG

    23:37 seconds!

    here is a challenge for you – doing the 10 One Leg Dead Lift without putting the foot on the ground the hole 10 reps :)
    I was really trying and round 3 and 4 I really managed all 10, that gave an extra kick to this workout :) )

  • Simone

    Hey Zuzana. I’m a 16 year old girl, and I want to ask you, if you could make some exercises for the hips. I’m very tired of the “extra” fat I have on my hips, so I hope you will make a video, where you make some exercise for that. Thanks ^^

  • Yana

    Hi! Zuzana I completed this workout in 15 49. And im a little bit confused about it because i cant understand why it took you much more time… I think i did all exercises right but the were really short.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Yana,

      I can’t help you if I haven’t seen you doing the workout. Check if you did the right amount of reps and rounds.

  • Carolyn

    After completing the Hot Burn workout, I wanted something light for dinner.

    Asparagus Rice Bowl

    2 cups cooked wild rice blend
    (I use Lundberg Wild Blend with Long grain and sweet brown, wild, wehani and black japonica rices.
    2 cups asparagus,sauteed or steamed
    2 tablespoons butter (I used white truffle butter)
    1/4 cup toasted walnuts
    Hard cheese shavings (I used Manchego with a potato peeler)

    Melt butter over medium heat. Add asparagus to coat with butter. Mix in rice and nuts until heated through. Divide into serving bowls and add cheese shavings.

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  • Henny

    Hello Zuzanna – I have just survived your first workout not just for beginners – great workout.

    When you 6 to 8 times a day at what time do you eat the last time – I mean how many our before you go to bed?

    Henny from Denmark

  • mag

    i did 32 minutes!
    what it’s your time zuzana??

  • jo

    ok never mind i got it you have to click previous entries at the bottom.. sorry to bother you thx again and you are wonderful!!

  • jo

    i dont find the old routines eihter even in archives?

  • Jana

    Hi Zuzana,
    i am from Czech Republic too:) I’ve just found your videos on youtube and it’s inspired me a lot. I’m going to do exercising everyday:) Your workout is very simple and easy to do even for me- beginner:)
    Thank you and – Pozdrav z Čech:)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Jana,

      I am glad that you like our blog. Zdravim do Cech! :)

  • Vanessa

    Hi! That Death by workout really destroyed my behind too!!! I couldn’t believe it, two days later and I am still hobbling around! I was suprised since I do a lot of leg work different types of squats,etc. Great workout!

  • MarinaGR

    Thank you, Zuzana :) The perfect workout to do in my hotel room before work…

  • Chris L

    Hi Naz,

    You don’t have access to a refrigerator at work?

    If so I can relate. I often work outdoors and in lots of different offices so it’s hard to keep removing food from one refrigerator only to put it into another. So my system is a small older black computer bag I use as a cooler. But, what is more important is…I fix food for a couple days or even the week on Monday morning and put it in small plastic containers each day to carry to work.

    And I always have a couple apples or some similar pieces of fruit in the bag with a zip lock baggy 1/4 full of nuts and raisins as reserves to prevent those junk food cravings from materializing and being acted on.

    I won’t mind knowing what other do concerning food at their work situations.


  • Rich

    Zuzana: You are my personal trainer. And you’re really cute, too! I was using P90X, but after I did a few workouts on, my body is now in your hands. I wrote you earlier and asked what happened to the page listing all bodyrock workouts. You replied that you moved it to the Archives section. I checked. The page listing all of your workouts is not on the archives section. Can you help me (I mean, more than you already have!)? Thanks.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Rich,

      all of the videos that were in the old workout routines are now in Archives. You just have to go through the pages like you would in the daily workouts category. Click on any video and you will see right underneath the post thumbnails and links to the related videos for that particular workout.

  • Alex

    Hello from Toronto! It’s easy to see that you take pictures with Nikon D5000… However, it’s not clear what camcorder do you use to tape the videos?


  • Albenna

    hi Zuzana, i did this workout. i guess i stunk today. my time was 26:08. i dont know what i did wrong or i was just weak. i did do the deadlifts on a trampoline to use the uneven surface as an added challenge.

  • jodi

    Hi Zuzana
    Youve mentioned before that you use to be thin with no muscle definition, how long did it take you to go from that to the way you look now. I dont need to lose weight I need to tone up, you and your videos are so inspiring and motivational

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Jodi,

      it doesn’t take long if you work hard and on regular basis.

  • DeAndrea

    Hi, I hve been following you for a couple of months, and just now getting into doing the workouts. I have to say I love them! I just did the hot burn workout. I dint time it, but I did add 10lb kettlebells to the beadlifts nd 9lb medicine ball to the ab workout, and instead of 30 stepups, I did 1 minute each time, it really got my heart rate up and sice I track my calories with a heart rate monitor. anyway thank you for sharing your hard work, and looking at your fblous fit body is inspiration!!

  • Kamillzyna

    After a day & a few hours of procrastination I’ve finally finished this workout; at 16:05. I really feel like doing another workout. Always after a take a rest day which is usu. once a week i feel like doing 2 workouts & i usually do. anyway those Scissor toe touches were a killer on the abs. Can’t wait to see the next post & your next outfit!

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  • Nik

    Following your workouts as well as continuing with my normal workouts has helped me to shed my baby weight! I have lost 60 pounds! and am back in my size 3 jeans!! my abs are looking very toned again! Thanks for the workouts! keep em coming!

  • Mirko

    Hi, Zuzana,

    thank you for your response. First of all, I need to vindicate myself for using Czech, but it‘s native language for both of us, isn’t it? And my notice concerning your English was directed purely to your perceivable Czech accent, nothing else. Moreover, there is no reason to express (so far from publish) some, rather out-of-workout comments in the commonly accessible medium. Okay, let’s go:

    Your site I found as very useful, friendly made and suggestive. Within plenty of fitness gym services being offered today you are great with an extremely simple outfit and with fabulous and inventive exercises. Congratulations. But:

    1) Because of possible entry onto “BodyRock-zone” :) through any web site link, not only via YouTube, I really feel some disorder. Between tens (or more) videos available on YouTube, Viddler and another, I found no system structure signs. An opportunity to solve this problem was individual web site. However, not so perfect as I expected. Try to go direct to as a newcomer and you will see… I was looking for some introducing part, but no one was found. Maybe it’s problem of your webmaster’s site organizing style? The main site bar rollouts FITNESS TIPS and FITNESS FAQ leads to the identical section, the searching procedure (at the right upper window corner) does not fully work etc. Prompting me to search the FAQ section for identification with basics I gathered as “out-of-place”. Why should I look for principles between plenty of general remarks? You have to admit you are often answering the same questions (those of mine for example), you know. I believe, that you will manage it subsequently.

    2) Regarding the BodyRock’ web site language version: I understand that English is one of most common – universal language used ever. But French, Spain, German for example? The general question is, whether all English not-speaking people, are “discriminated” in some sense by that way or not. Well, what can we do now? Perhaps any supportive participation on your workout results – like web sites authorized by yours? Or some unauthorized copies translated? The principal rules and explained reasons for doing your job as you do I would like to find in some special web site section.

    Finally, let me give some subjective impressions:
    * Camera operator has improved evidently its technique and video quality in comparison with older videos, still available on YouTube. Bravo. But: operator sometimes doesn’t succeed to catch the right useful view on exercising person because of showing the excessive body details. Therefore, some parts of shots acts rather disruptive in the course of the whole video. Do you need an example? Fitness – Death by Workout, Hot Burn Workout and many others.
    * In some workouts I noticed a too long presentation. Repeating of all rounds of one exercise I consider as unnecessary. Look at Cardio Exercise Workout 2 for example.
    * The web site DIET section is useful. I have to commend the author for contribution to this theme. At last something little from your Frederick-and-Zuzana’s cuisine. Thanks.
    * The latest B/W static picture series with a comprehensive comment is interesting, but another extreme with comparison to the current videos. The particular combination – certain arrangement of videos, complemented with comment like this should be most useful, I think.

    Good luck to you!

  • Pantelis

    Hi Zuzi….i just wanted to ask if it is possible 15 Kg in two months to loose.I am male and in the last year i have 15 kilos overweight.From 70 to 85 Kg.So is it better more Cardio training for me and do i have seriusly watch what i eat?Ok that`s it….thank you and Congratulation for your site…realy great work!!!!!Bye.

  • Sandra H

    Hi Zuzana,

    Loved your workout, just did it for the first time :-)

    If tomorrow is gonna be your first climbig day, i’m sure you are gonna love it! I’m hooked on rock climbing for two years now, it’s the best sport there is!

    bye bye

  • Samantha

    Hi Zuzana

    My ass also still hurts from the Death by Workout (Tina – I’m feeling your pain big time)!! Completed in 20:32 – so pleased you posted this one as I’ve been able to do if after my little boy has gone to bed as he’s been poorly all weekend:( All the workouts are great for if you only have a little bit of ‘free time’ so thank you both again and I hope you enjoyed your first climb – looking forward to the photo’s (and dying to see what you wore!!).

  • Lizaveta

    Hi guys and, in particular, Zuzana!

    Just wanted to say a big “Thank you” for your gob! I’ve been seriously inspired by your videos (and by Zuzana’s body, to be true). I had been doing some exercises at home for a while, but not very regularly. Now you have given me a push and I’m working every day because I’m eager to complete the previous programs and start one of yours.

    So I have some questions to ask Zuzana:
    1) Is there an obligatory order of your programs or I can just choose the one I like?
    2) I have problems with health – I get ill very frequently (sometimes twice a month!) and I have terrible pain in my back during my period (however, yoga helps). I wanted to know if you do some changes in your training when you feel not so awesome as always? Do you follow the yoga recommendations to give yourself a rest and not to have exhausting training during a period? How long do you stay in bed when you get cold?

    Thank you in advance!
    And pardon for my English – I hope it’s at least partly understandable

  • Salazar-Florida

    Hey Zuzana, nice workout..but I did the 500rep one :)
    I had a question though, I think the main reason why I take a really long time to finish your workouts, it’s because I’m not breathing right, so I was just wondering if you have any advice?

  • Laura

    Ahoj Zuzka,
    akurat som prisla na to ze si z Ceska :) Ja som zo Slovenska a tvoje videa som zacala pozerat len pred tyzdnom a su naozaj skvele teda hlavne tie cvicenia.
    A dakujem ti ze si ma dostatocne motivovala k tomu aby som zacala tvrdsie na sebe makat lebo ja robim akvabely a dost to potrebujem,takze pomaly skusam tvoje cviky! :)
    Tak pokracuj v tom co robis lebo ti to fakt dobre ide!!!
    Pozdravujem zo Slovenska :)

  • ES

    Hi F&Z,

    I was traveling this weekend and thought about just taking it easy, but I was down at the beach where a bunch of people were working out and decided to go for it. Couldn’t remember the Death By Workout routine exactly so I did a 20 min timed routine of 4 pull ups, side crab (is that the right name?) over about 15 ft, 5 burpees with push up, side crab back, 5 knee ups on rings. Start again. I was beat and only managed 12 rounds, but the side crab in the sand is tough. Went to a Bikram class this morn before heading to airport.

    Thank you Guys for creating an excitement again in working out, I will do a Death By Workout when I get back and see how I stack up.

  • Sunitha

    Hi Zuzana,

    I follow regularly work out routines please help me with it.

    I could not find it.


  • Katya

    Great workout at least for me,cause im getting over a flu and i didn’t exercise in a week or so.It took me an embarrasing 30 min 17 sec to finish it.But i still did it)))
    I have a little question.I try to eat small meals every 2 hours.and i workout when my son is napping.which is usualy at around 12:00.But my lunch ends up being around 12:30 or lunch is not big,but its still alittle biger than a snack.I was wondering if i should eat my lunch or just snack on something and wait an hour?I do your daily workout every time you post them which is 5 times a week.(except last week).i would really appreciate your advice.i am trying to loose my last pounds of baby fat and i dont want to mess it up))
    Thanks a lot

  • Natali

    Why does the video was removed:((((
    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!!I adore your workouts and I try to follow the every day,but some times I feel pain in muy muscles like today so I will folow this routine today,but i cant do regular push ups,I can do only with my what do you suggest me for these workout instead of pushups?I work a lot and I am satisfied with my body but not with my abs,I have strong abs but they arent visible bicouse I have extra skin on them:(((what do you suggest me for that?I do cardio wit my skipping rope but my stomach is same for years.Please help!!!Thanks a lot for your videos and advices.Best wishes from Macedonia

  • somi

    I forgot to mention my weight goal that is 110 lbs

  • somi

    Hi Zuzana and Federick,

    I had commented yesterday and asked few questions regarding the workout. Today I checked to see your response…but looks like there was some technical problem and I’m guessing my comment probably got deleted?
    I just had a question regarding your workouts…whether they are good for building muscle like what Zuzana has. I know you have been doing it regularly so it’s sort of silly of me to ask that but I believe you already had muscle to start with. Recently I have started incorporating your workouts into my routine and they are great! I am 5’2, 22 yrs female and weigh 103 lbs. I have mainly lean muscle but am wanting to put on some more muscle to get to desirable weight because I am a lil skinny. Also could be that I am not eating enough to put on extra weight. With that in mind and upping my calories…will I be able to reach that goal if I were to do your workouts on daily basis or should I still incorporate other weight training? I’d appreciate your advice…thanks!

  • Julia

    Hi Zuzana,

    do you follow the clean diet every day in the whole year? Even if somebody present you with sweets (at x-mas)?

  • Edita

    Ahoj Zuzko,
    myslim si dobre,ze jsi ceska? Ptam se jen z jednoho prosteho duvodu a to zda je mozne Ti psat cesky, nejsem az tak dobra v anglictine a nerada bych si takto verejne udelala ostudu:-)).Jinak se mi moc libi Tve cviceni a od te doby co jsem na nej narazila,nakukuji temer denne.Klobouk dolu, fakt parada.Zdravim z Cech.Edita

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Edito,

      muzeme se bavit cesky jestli chces a dekuju za komentar.

  • Naz

    Hi Zuzana,

    Sorry to bother you but i was wondering if you could help me with my diet problem. (sorry i dint know where else to put my query)
    I work long shifts and sometimes its impossible for me to get breaks every 3-4 hrs, sometimes i can go for 6-7 hrs with no breaks and then i get so hungry and i eat crap :( . I really want to try doing 5-6 meals a day but struggling. Help pls.
    Could u also suggest foods i can take with me to work ,which wont go off?

    I am trying to lose 40 pounds and because i am struggling with diet, its not happening :’(

    I will appreciate any tip you give me.

  • tommie

    hi zuzana,

    i hate you. i have one round of death left. my legs are like rubber. i’m sweating like a pig. i’m ready to pass out – and today is football sunday!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Tommie,

      good for you :)

  • Mathilda

    Dear Zuzana and Frederic,

    I discovered your site the day before yesterday. Me either have to start again after a long stop.
    Now I saw the working routines, so I could start with the beginning section.
    But today I cannot find these on your site. It seems that the daily workout and archives are pretty much the same.
    Will you put the schedule back online?

    I hope in some time I can go along with your schedule and measure times….

    Best regards


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Mathilda

      all of the old videos are in archives. Daily workouts is the program of workouts that you can follow on a daily basis. If you want to follow the old workout routines then look in the Archives.

  • kevin

    What happened to the video of today’s workout?

    You are an inspiration,


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Kevin,

      we have to re upload the video, it will take about an hour to do that.

  • Naz

    Hi Zuzana,

    You are doing a great job !! Keep it up!! Thanks for all the tips and exercises

    Btw, i cant seem to access this workout…it says video removed by the user????

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Naz,

      the video will be up soon again.

  • mag

    when I click play the video says
    —-> the video has been removed by the user

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi mag,

      the video will be uploaded again soon.

  • mag

    zuzana i’m gonna die!
    i was doing about 3 weeks the clean diet, and it was perfect
    but yesterday I have a birthday and I eat cake!, I feel so bad now, please tell me waht can I do! thanks!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi mag,

      don’t panic! :) it’s nice to enjoy your birthday cake and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that. You will have plenty of days to eat healthy.

  • Mizfit

    Hi Zuzana,

    First of I have to thank you for all that you for us,you have changed my attitude towards working out the last 8 weeks approximately ,that I bumped into you :-) ..I had plataued with my work-out and very frustrated ,I was hitting the gym after work and days off but no results,I was about ready to purchase all crazy diet pill etc,but now I see changes.I do shift work so it tricky finding the right time of the day for exercising now I am so excited that I wake at 4:20 am to work-out before I leave for work and when I work on night I work out with before going to bed..I am also watching what I am eating ,a woman at the gym mentioned and even my husband said I look great.By the way you have become a household name in my house my son and my husband see me online and mention Zuzana..I really do thank you.I noticed yesterday you have removed the routine work-out/archive off your website.I did like to combine weights and cardio that you used to do,since you use weights anymore I have to go to other sites ..Ones again thank you I give you all the credit for starting this new me…

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi MizFit,

      I am glad that my blog is helping you, it’s nice to hear that :) I still have the old routines. They are in Archives.

  • M.V.


    I need some diet advice. I am 4’11″, 27 years old, and currently weigh 115 lbs. I know you don’t calories for yourself, but I do. I eat 5 small, clean meals a day and consume between 1200-1300 calories. I always make sure that I combine a protein with a complex carb except for dinner when I eat a protein and a non-starchy veggie. I also lift weights 6 days a week, but do very little cardio. What do you suggest that I do to begin losing weight? I had my body fat measured with calipers, and it was 20%. I’d like for it to be 16%.


  • Jan

    Hi Zuzana, this is the first time I did one of your work-outs. (the Hot burn workout 25:07).
    It was great but not so easy for me. I noticed I had problems with the laying toe touches ans scissors to get my leg up as high and straight as you do and towards to end I could not touch my toe’s :-) Maybe if I strech more often I can get the 90 degree angle you seem to get with a straight leg. Still I felt the burn and it was great. Thank you. Jan

  • Rich

    Zuzana, What happened to the page listing all workouts, like Rock Your Body, 40 Min. WO?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Rich,

      it is still here. I just moved it in Archives.

  • imran khan

    i see ur fitness site its very nice
    my name is imran khan height:5.9 age:23 weight:76kg
    tell me who to lose my weight.

  • Yulia

    Hi guys,

    Have you heard about facial exercises to tone the face and get rid of the wrinkles? Face has a lot of muscles so it can (and probably should) be exercised regularly. What do you think?

  • Emma

    Hey, this looks good! im starting a whole new life i suppose tommorow, i found this website and im hooked!! i have a complete new ambition and a body to work towards! i have noticed that i cant find the work outs page- i was hoping to stert off on the beginers video but cant find it this morning, will the work out video’s be back up soon?

  • Tereza

    Ahoj Zuzko,
    tak sem se dneska kopla do zadku a zkusila to,kdyz tenhle trenink je i pro zacatecniky:)a parada!diky Terka

  • Tina

    Hi Zuzana :D

    I wish you two a nice climbing Sunday. :)

    I dont know why, but you “beginners” workout are almost always intense for me!
    So was these one! I just did it and i am sweating a lot! It was intense…those dead lifts, they really kicked my ass! I have to tell you that my bum is also sore…a lot! Two days from that other (Death by) workout and I still have troubles sitting down on chair or toilet, haha.

    This workout above is great, I did it in exactly 20 minutes!



    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Tina,

      good for you :) glad you enjoyed it. Tomorrow’s workout isn’t going to be that easy. Climbing was awesome, I have some pictures to share later in the post.

  • Jezawix

    Thanks Z :) Another top lookin workout! :) My rear end is still pretty sore from yesterday so i’ll try this one tomorrow. :) It’s my time of the month too, do u ease up when its your time of the month? as you are suppose to take it easy no? Hey guess what!! :) I have been doin the workouts for about 2 months now and i have lost half a stone and im back into my size 10 jeans!! :) It means the absolute world to me the inspiration you guys have given me to get in shape so uber LOve to U xXx

  • Shikita

    Hi Zuzana, first of all Congratulations, you have the best page of fitnes in the hole world.
    and its amazing that you have upload constantly videos for more than one year.

    Im 21 years old, in two months i will be 22 :D
    The bad thing is that im less than 1.70 m tall and more than 70 kg. and im a sedentary person. most of my time im in the university and work… and because im always hurry i eat on the street (pizzas, hamburgers , etc) next week i will be on vacations and …

    I choose you like my hero.

    your body is art ….

    I wish someday have my own art :D and share it with my boyfriend :D

    hope next time i comment will be for giving thanks :D

  • Laurinsh

    Hi Zuzana!
    I’m new to your site. I found your workout videos on youtube, God bless!
    I love your way of thinking when it comes to working out at home! I’m a gym member, but not for long, thanks to your site! I have lost almost 10 kg with the Body4Life program, but I went to the gym 6 times a week…Now I’m gonna do my butt kicking at home! I bought some basic equipment and will start tom! Your body definition is awesome!!! Keep up the great work!!! Best wishes…Oh, and this workout will be my first! :)

  • http://- Kadir

    I will trie it now:D

  • Lieschen

    Great site and workouts!!

    I’ve even gotten by boyfriend to join..he loves to watch you as well as the workouts (not sure in which order)!!

    We leave in the ‘bush’ (Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa) and are involved in Live Wildlife/Game Drives broadcasting via the internet, quite similar to your site in terms of broadcasting although we are 24/7 live. Check us out, if you like (’d love to get you out here for a live bush workout!

    Thanks again, enjoying the rock climbing and have a good weekend.

  • Sarah from Cali

    First of all, Zuzana, the pig tails you’ve been rocking lately are super cute! :)

    Also, thank you both for developing a site that has helped me lose inches and feel confident that I WILL live in the body of my dreams in 2010.

    I can’t wait to experience the Hot Burn!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  • Sunny

    This was a good beginner level workout, which is great! Nice change-up in intensity — thanks Zuzana. I will share it with a friend and help your blog/website grow even more, congrats!

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  • Sarahi Cali

    Hi Zuzana & Fredrick!
    Nice workouts and nice body… i hope to be like you someday. I already am happy with my body (5’6 120lbs) but cant get rid of the little bit of belly fat i have, and its hard to make the six pack come out from its cave. =P I eat fairly healthy but even when I was unhealthy I wasn’t fat. I like it when the endorphins kick in. Oh i just did your death by daily workout I know I am going to feel sore for a couple of days. Did it in 19.36min
    I was wondering do you think that you can do a daily workout that involves more ab workout?


  • Philippe

    Push ups often hurt my wrist after a while (often the left one). I have to do them on my fists.

    And you’re lucky being in Malta, it looks like the temperature is always nice there. Here in Montreal it is all rain cold and snow right now. On top of that I’m now getting my third flu in two months! Everyone at work is sick and making everyone else sick. At least when I workout I feel like I don’t have the flu:p

  • EB

    Thanks again for a great work out! … have fun rock climbing you two and I am sure you’ll love it!!! I think it’s one of the best outdoor (and indoor) sports you can do because it is challenging your balance, strength, and your mind and it’s a lot of fun.
    By the way, I love! your outfit Zuzana!! You look great!

  • Megan K

    Hey great workout!
    I just noticed that the workout portion of your website is gone (sadface!)
    I really liked the rock your body workout what happened?
    P.S. Keep up the good work! I love your site!! =)

    • Frederick

      Hi Megan K – the old workouts section is now the archives section :)

  • Diamond Bean

    o god no !!!! where are the videos for the workout routines that you used to have ?? ! i love the daily workouts but sometimes i still use the other ones.. PLEASE TELL ME THEY ARE STILL HERE SOME WHERE !!please loll :)

  • Sara


    Thank you for doing an easier workout! I’ve been searching your archives for easier workouts and modifying them as needed. I’ve only just recently (past 6 weeks) been trying to keep up a regular workout routine. I will try this one, but since my flexibility is poor, I may have to modify it some.

    You have excellent control over your muscles. It is rather amazing!

    Thank you for making this website and sharing these videos with us for free!

  • Hrafnhildur

    This is a great workout, I felt so good afterwards. :) Took me a while longer to do it than you though :) lol.

  • Kasie

    Yeah I only did half the reps and half the time on the Death by Workout and Im SOOOOO sore and stiff. Hopefully I can work up and be able to do the whole workout someday? Thanks for the workouts and good luck with the rock climbing!

  • Jen

    Wow your work outs are intense I really badly want to get in good shape aswell but i always fail in my attempts because I hate doing things alone any my friends are not the active type. I guess I’m just maing excuses but the sooner i get in shape the better it seems as if working out becomes harder everyday especailly in terms of motivation. I guess Im not sure how much of a work out I should start off with.

  • Ruth

    Hi Zuzana,

    Yesterday you were wondering how girls were beating your time. I’m not sure why but you do seem tall and that could be the reason. I’m only 5’1″ so it may take less time for me to get up and down off the floor, reach down, etc… just a thought cuz you are in really good shape. Sometimes it really surprises me when I beat your time. Another thought I just had is that we know your time so we have something to try to beat, so competition may play into it too…

    This workout looks really good for a Sunday active rest day for me, I’ll do it in the morning and post my time!




    i was just wondering,
    i am 15 year old, i weigh 128lb and i am 5 feet 3.
    i been trying to lose weight for a long time. first i started off with just doing cardio on the treadmill, but i did not see any change in my body. then later on i started strenght traing by either just my body weight or lifting light free weight. i have not lost the fat on my body. then my father was telling me that i need to stop excercising because i will damage my body in the future, will i be damaging my body? i need to learn how to eat smaller meals, but then my mother critize me for eating too much if i try to eat small meals six time. i need your help where i can still work out, get the fit,tight & toned body i want and not damage my body. i workout 5 days a week!
    thank you

  • amanda

    Hello Zuzana:
    I have always loved to exercise but recently I got out of my routine. I started exercising again and am more sore than ever but for some reason I feel like I am actually gaining weight and not losing it. Is it normal to feel fatter once I start working out again. Im so you have any advice?

  • Emily

    Wow, I’m really glad I’m not alone on the soreness. I went to bed last night totally feeling sore in my glutes and hamstrings and I woke up feeling the same. But, I still really wanted to workout and you hadn’t posted a workout yet (oh my gosh…what was I going to do? haha) so I did some running/walking incline intervals. I’m happy I worked out regardless of how sore my butt is. And I owe it to you… you inspire me so much! So, thank you :)

  • Kimberly

    Hi Zuzana, your workouts helped me break my plateau, I was sitting at the same weight for 5 months until I tried some of your routines. Thank you! Also, I was just wondering what saunas do? Will it benefit me in anyway? Theres not much info available!!

  • CanMan

    Rock climbing is very fun. Use rock climbing shoes, it makes all the difference.

    I hope you’ll enjoy.

  • Manuel Gamboa

    First off, I want to say you have a really nice body. I’ve been watching your show and like the workouts you do. I have also put them into my work out. They have been doing great for me. I hope everything is working out for you. I wish you and your show the best.
    Merry Christmas

    Manuel Gamboa

  • Somi

    Hi Zuzana and Federick,

    first of all, thanks for the great workouts! I enjoy doing them and they kick my butt! :)
    I was wondering if these daily workouts (I believe they are circuit and body weight training style) are good for muscle building as well? I am female, 22 yrs and wanting to build muscle like Zuzana has, to gain 5 – 6 pounds. I currently weigh 103 lbs and am 5’2. I have lean muscle but want to build some more to achieve my desirable weight and I also eat clean healthy. So, if I were to do these workouts on dialy or regular basis, will I be able to put on more muscle or should I include other weight training? I’d really really appreciate your response. Thanks!

  • mlbm

    hello ,

    id like to ask some advice on how to do pull ups , i can do push ups and i cannot do pull ups to save my life :(
    i dont know if theres a certain way you must breathe or do to do a pull up :P

    tips will be most grateful X)