Dec 10 2009

Turbo Fat Blaster Workout

Hi Everyone,

So today we had to shoot our workout inside for the first time since we moved to Malta. What you can see in the video is part of our living room. I prefer to do my workouts outside on the roof, but it got really chilly and it looks like winter finally caught up with us even here. It was really great to do a workout submitted by you guys. A special thanks to Tina I am sorry I meant Tania :) Thanks for correcting me trough your comments – who put this routine together for us and took the time to post it in the comments. A lot of you left some really great workout routines and from now till Christmas I want us to work really hard together and do some really intense workouts so that we can relax and enjoy all of the great treats and rich foods that come with the holidays. You are always very welcome to leave me your workout ideas – just keep in mind that I don’t have any equipment here except my skipping rope and gymnastic rings. Today’s workout consists of 10 exercises. I found that you can move through them very quickly but depending on your individual strength and agility some of the exercises might slow you down. I hit the wall with the tricep dips.

Enjoy today’s workout and thanks again to Tina :)



Turbo Fat Blaster Workout


1. Plie Jump Squats – 30 reps

Stand with you feel wide apart, squat down and then jump up. Repeat 30 times.


2. Taping Push Ups – 26 reps

Do a push up and then in the plank position tap the opposite shoulder. Do 26 reps total switching arms.


3. Deep Walking Lunges – 30 reps

If you don’t have enough room to do regular walking lunges, then you can do the same thing as I did. Lunge forward and immediately back. Stay low the whole time and do 15 reps on each leg. I counted a rep every time I stepped forward or back.


4. V-ups – 25 reps

Try not to place your legs on the mat through out the exercise. At the top of the movement your body should be in the V position.


5. Get Ups and High Knees – 30 reps

Do 5 high knees and then drop down onto your belly. As soon as you touch the ground with your whole body, get up and repeat.


6. Leg Lifts – 25 reps

Lay on your back and lift your legs until they are vertical to the floor. Keep your lower back pressed into the mat the entire time.


7. Mountain Climbers – 60 reps

Your foot doesn’t touch the ground as you bring your knee towards your chest. Do 60 reps total.


8. Tricep Dips – 25 reps


9. Skaters Jump Lunges – 30 reps

Try not to touch the floor behind you when you go into the Skaters Lunge position.


10. Knee Assisted One Arm Push Ups – 26 reps

You can switch your arms after each rep to decrease the challenge and do 26 reps total.


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  • Cynthia ツ

    September 6, 2014

    I finished in 22 mins. Push ups done on knees.

  • Ginger Snaps

    Managed this in 14:58! Woo! I did assisted leg raises (put my hand right behind my butt!) but otherwise everything was all me!

  • Irish3

    Wow, did this one today … 20:25 and sweating pretty good.

  • Diane

    I did it today!! 14:41 Whooooooooooooooo, i’m sweating buckets!!

  • Ingrid

    16.43 minutes :)

  • Мария Давлеева

    Damn, I did 30 reps each leg of Deep walking lunges)))))

  • Мария Давлеева

    16 minutes.

  • Bohdanam

    lunges with 35 lbs bag
    + 10 b(urpee)’s for E

  • Charlie D.

    I’ve been having a really rough time lately – I’m not sure what the deal is.  I lost a lot of time today from my time a year ago – 13:35:58 then and 17:03 today.  I can’t figure out what’s up.  Anyone have any ideas?  I think my weight is about the same, etc.

    • Bohdanam

      It’s just one of those days. Don’t worry , next time you’ll try this one again , you will be faster.

  • Lisa

    Did this one today at my sister’s house, we’re visiting…my husband finally joined in with me! We pretty much finished at the same time: 10:51/10:57. We did squats at the end instead of the one arm pushup, his choice. Good, short workout! I’ve introduced Body Rock to my sister, too. She just had a baby, but is ready to start working out again. 

  • Anonymous

    like usual, your workouts leave me drenched in sweat… I just completed this in 21 minutes and 35 seconds. Absolutely brutal!! No modifications.
    THank you so much Zuzana!
    Much love,

  • Anonymous

    18:17min. I did the Taping Push Ups by knees. Dips were extra hard for me. ;)  

  • Anonymous

    This was a fun, challenging workout.  16:51, with coworkers at lunch.  I did all push-ups from my toes. :)  
    Thanks Zuzana & Freddy!

    • Miss Rebecca

      Wow!!  :-)

  • Erika

    23:33 I can’t believe how much trouble I had with this workout, but it was a great challenge and I feel good for completing it.

  • Paige

    17 minutes and 12 seconds. just a half minute over zuzana’s time. those get ups really killed me. and i could only do the tricep dips five at a time. i had to modify the one arm pushups (i had two arm’s support but put all the weight on one arm at a time if that makes sense) i’m just not strong enough to do it on one arm, even if i use my knees,. omg i’m so sweaty. i’m so proud to do the workout in so short of a time. haha hardly any breaks. thanks to tiana for the workout and thanks to zuzana and freddie for the site. this is actually getting me to workout regularly 4-6 days a week. i’m starting to see individual muscles in my arms XD something i never thought possible

  • Nina

    I did this workout today, it took me 16:18, but I did taping pushups on knees, only 15 tricep dips and I skipped the one arm pushups, cannot do them!

    Zuzi, can you maybe explain the right technique for these one arm pushups on knees? I would like to learn to do them.. Thanks again for kicking my butt! :D

  • Krystal

    Zuzana, what was your time for this workout. It took me 20 min. Kind of long but I had trouble with push up today.

  • Charlie D.

    I beat my pb today, although not by much. 13:35:58 today and 13:58:16 on March 13th. I was struggling a little with my abs today – including trying to balance on the skater jump lunges – they were tired from yesterday’s workout. But I can tell I’m getting stronger, which I love. Thanks again for this site and I hope your vacation is still going well.


  • La

    wait no! it was 18 min and 15 secs lol

  • La

    I just revisited this one and completed it in 18 minutes and 55 seconds. This has always been one of my favorites on your site:) Thanks and hope you are having an amazing time in Italy, looks like it!!

  • Red Fox

    This was my workout today and I’m very pleased. My time was 17:11.
    Last time when I did this workout (1.3.2010) I had to change V-ups to regular crunches because I couldn’t manage even one V-up! Get Ups and High Knees I did only 15 reps and Tricep Dips 15 reps also. My time was at the time 18:12.
    So today I did ALL the repetitions and didn’t modify anything and still I was minute faster than three months ago! I’m VERY excited and proud of myself. :)

  • anna

    great workout zuzana!I barely walk!haha 19′ 07”

  • Laura S

    i looove this workout. And i just kicked my own butt! The first time I did it, it took me 22 minutes, and i finished it the second time, just then and i did it in only 16:06 minutes!! OH YEAH
    If it wasn’t for your workouts, and your incredible motivation, i would not be as fit as i am now! Thank you!

    those high knees and get ups really get me. I have to do them in 3 groups of ten in order for me to get them all done! But it’s totally worth it. :)

  • Amy

    18:54. First time doing one of your exercises and it was great! Thanks so much for posting these! I am totally hooked, and plan on doing them daily!

  • Maria

    result: 18:21 :)

  • Kelly

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!

    I too love your workouts! I go to the gym 5 days a week and 3-4 of those days I do your workouts. My only question is…every trainer I have ever had has told me that you have to workout for 20 mins before you even start burning fat. Some of your workouts only take 16 mins. So does this mean I have to do some cardio on top of this to get into the fat burning zone???

    Thanks. Kelly

  • Samantha

    Would you every consider coaching people??

  • Isidora

    second time i do it and it took me 14:20.. is that normal?? the only exercise i changed was the 1 arm push up .. i did 2 arm push ups knee asisted .. but thats it.. the first time i did the same and it took me 18 min =O…

    anyway i love this workout! :D

  • Nat

    Hi ZuZanna,
    you are such a inspiration!! I’m almost 40 with 2 young kids , always try to feel,be and look my best. Your workout are just so perfect for me. Weights became a risky bussiness ( i have a hernia). So that type of workout are so greath to poeple who want to push themself without getting hurt.
    I notice in your last pictures that discribe the movement you have sexy look ( you eyes) : YOu don’t need to do that! You don’t need to seduce us , we love you already !!! unless you want to target horny men?!. Honeslty , you look good , you are in shape and i like you spirit. Really wish i could meet you and do a workout with you!!
    sincerly , thank you

  • Laury

    Hi Zuzana!

    I’ve been doing your workouts for 2 weeks every other day I work 12hrs a day so is pretty hard to work out due to my work schedule, I love your blog and you motivate me a lot. All I want is to be healthy and fit of course, I’m 138lbs and 5″3. Is this every other day thing enough for me?

    Take care!

    • Frederick

      Hi Laury – it’s enough if you are seeing the changes to your body – if not then you should increase the sessions :)

      • Laury

        Thanks for your response, I greatly appreciate it.

  • Alyssa

    Thank you for showing me a way to work up a sweat with such a short amount of time. I don’t have a lot of time in my schedule so this is absoutely perfect for me. Keep up the great work, guys!

  • Brianna

    Thought I’d try this one again! This workout was a very difficult one for me HAHA.
    I finished in a little over 16 minutes!

    Thank you for another great workout :)

    - Brianna

  • Marina

    this turbo fast thing is absolutely crazy zuzi :) Love it…

  • Jennifer

    Oops – make that “Zuzana!” :)

  • Jennifer

    Hi, Zuzanna!

    After finishing this work out a moment ago, I’m so shaky I can barely type!

    I just found your website yesterday, but I already made your tuna salad with coriander (I loved it!) and have completed two work outs – the round booty one and this one.

    My question is this: I am starting your workout after having taken up running to get into shape. I’m not overweight, but am definitely in need of all-over toning, which running wasn’t providing. Now I am trying to decide if I should divide my workouts throughout the week between running, or if I should just try doing your daily workouts for a while. Would you suggest continuing to run alongside these, perhaps alternating days, or do you think your workouts provide enough cardio? Judging by my heavy breathing and heart rate, I think they may…

    Thanks for the input in advance! I haven’t been this excited about working out in a long time. Thanks for all the motivation! :)

    - Jennifer

  • AnnaSirena

    Oh!)) I just finished this workout!)
    I loved it – thanks Zuzana and Tania=)))

    It tooks me 31 min – I know – I slow=)))))

    • Jenny$1983

      Not if you did it all with perfect form, because that’s what really matters :)

  • Jesi

    I meant ‘you’ not ‘yo’…i feel so dumb haha

  • Jesi

    I love doing lunges Lol i always do them for my warm up =) More ab workouts would be great though IF yo have time. Good Luck with getting settled into your new home.

    and btw I didn’t know what to put down for the ‘Website’ i just put my myspace URL

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  • Muriel

    Totally brilliant workout! Without any fancy equipment!!! Thanks a lot!

  • ari

    hey! i found your blog a couple weeks ago and have tried a few of your workouts. i LOVE them! quick and to the point.
    do you do any form of cardio? running or biking or elliptical or anything? or are your daily workouts just the ones you post on the blog?

  • Jennifer

    Hello Zuzanna!

    You are much appriciated! Your workouts are short, but they work everything and getting the heart rate up. In the above workout, are you wearing ankle weights? What size are they? Thank you!


  • Ellen

    Awesome! definitley a challenge. Couldn’t do the v-ups though, so substituted leg lifts.

    -you’re so inspiring! thanks!!

  • Jen

    30 min…….NOt bad……i have only been doing ur work outs for a week………love ur work outs my body is changing so fast!!!!!
    I have always been FAT……my top weight was 218 pounds or 99 kilos… :S Horrible i will send pictures if u like!!
    I lost weight by diet and cardio……..i lost a lot of weight…….but my body was very flacid…or soft….not pretty… i weigh 154pounds or 70 kilos…..Your work out is tranforming my body to be hard….i had no muscle…..I am so happy…..I am not stoping till muy body is rock hard….
    Specially because all my live people have always said….ooohhh you are so pretty to bad u dont have a nice body…..And it is true….it is a shame….but now i am working hard to have both!!! (=

    Thank you for everything

  • Matt

    Your high intensity workouts are fantastic. I did todays in 13.50. Ouch! Great site you guys. Thank You!

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  • Damaris

    24 min was my time. The get ups was a killer and the one arm push-ups. It was soooo hard for me cause I’m overweight by a LOT and what helped me is that I have very strong legs. I need to loose like 60 pounds. I love your work-outs and have stuck to them for two weeks now. I’m going to feel them tomorrow. LOL!! I was wondering what do you do for recovery after an intense work-out?

  • Amanda

    Your workouts are amazing and your determination keeps me motivated. Thank you so much for posting the videos.

    I was wondering if you could offer some advice. Before I had my son who is about to be 3 I weighed about 98lbs. I am 5’0ft and now weigh 115lb. I would like to get back down to 105-110lb, what I would like to focus on is tightening up my tummy and sculpting my arms, back,and legs. You have a lot of great exercises on here but which would be the best to get the greatest results before summer. I am a vegetarian so I eat really healthy, I just want to tighten my problem areas up. Thanks so much, you are gorgeous and an inspiration.

  • Dactrin

    I love this workout! You showed it beautifully and made it very simple.

    I was wondering a couple things though:

    1. How many sets do you do? Is it just one?
    2. Is it safe to do this everyday or at the minimum 6 days in a row? Is it safe to do it with 3 sets?

    Thanks so much. I love all of your stuff but this is one of my favorites!

  • linda

    I really love your videos. As I see more videos like these, I am confident that any part of the body can be moulded to perfection. That is especially true when I see videos of female bodybuilders whose everypart is just pure muscle and no fat. I find that very impressive.

    You are a great inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others. It would be absolutely great if you can make a video showing how to tone the butt region in women. A lot of women have cellulite and I would love to know the exercises one can do to build muscle on the butt and get rid of all the fat there. Second I also wanted to know of exercises one can do to firm the breasts, and especially if one breast is sagging slightly more than the other.

    It really would be great if you can make a couple of videos addressing these two issues – and I am sure plenty of people will benefit from that. THanks.

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  • ingrid

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was so hard and i love it. it took me 19 min to complete. I could not do v-ups so i did leg lifts. thx for a great workout.

  • Nicole

    hey, do your workouts help lose alot of fat?? and how long do u think for results? =(

  • Lorena

    Hi Zuzana! I moved to the US from South America a year ago since that I have gain 20 pounds (the food is very different), I joined the gym the last december but I’m not loosing any weight I seems that I’m getting ticker…I feel already unmotivated… I will really appreciate your advice..

    • Iharas

      American food is crap =/ Although there are some good places like whole foods. After 20 years of living here you learn to avoid all fast food joints.

    • Iharas

      But don’t worry! Just do Zuzana’s workouts at least 3 times a week and don’t eat fast food or soda and you will for sure lose some fat. Its hard to get rid of soda in your diet, (i don’t know if you drink it regularly) but its way worth it in the long run.

      Good luck! =]

  • Amina

    Hi Zuzana. Fantastic workout!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m a beginner and I would like to lost some fat in my belly and the fat between my legs. Could you please advice which workout should I do?


  • Bozhidara

    Fantastic workout!! Thank you, Zuzana! You’re such an inspiration:)

    Greetings from Bulgaria

  • Eunice

    Do you think you could start posting a condensed list of the exercises? I only ask because it takes me some time to keep scrolling through during the fast exercises.

  • alice x

    Did this workout in 13 min 53 sec.
    Alice. :)

  • Mary Liz

    I know this is an older workout but I’m going to try it in the morning. I recently had a relaps in a neck/shoulder wound from sliding on ice down a 60ft drop over a lake last year in my truck. I broke a small bone in my shoulder/neck area and sometimes it acts up so I can’t use it…and it HURTS very bad. I wasn’t able to work out for over a month yuck.

    I started up skipping rope last week, and I am a go for a workout YAY!! I need it, the sympathy holiday snacks were very abundant this year lol. Although they were all healthy, I just ate too many of them haha.

    Thank You for being so great and keeping up with your workouts, it’s so inspiring! I am ready to get back in shape, we’ll see how tomorrow morning goes.

    Happy New Year!

  • Tahlee

    22:56 was my time. I have bought a small notebook for an exercise journal so I’ll certainly be doing this workout again to try and beat my personal best ;)
    The high knees and get up were the hardest for me too…

  • Stephanie F

    Hi Zuzana

    I have been doing your workouts for a while but recently I have been getting stuck with certain challenges that I can’t do. Such as the knee assisted one arm push up, pull ups because I can’t install the bar in my apartment(any ideas, my molding is too thick) My question is should I keep changing and following the workouts even though I can’t do some of the workouts or should I keep doing the workouts until I get them and then move forward? I have also been struggling with my diet. I know you don’t count calories or measure your food but I still think I am eating too much, I just keep gaining weight. I have been eating clean for 5 years and I one point I was 120 but now I am 140 Help Please!!!!!

  • alice x

    i completed this workout in 11:25 but i couldnt manage the last exercise i will have to practise that one. x

  • Tracy

    Loved this. Mostly I’ve been running lately, because running is the one thing I’ve never been able to do. (I’m up to 2 miles without stopping Woohoo!) So, it’s been awhile since I commented on one of these. Today I only had a few minutes to work, so I found this workout with no pullups, since I have to workout inside today, and finished in 13:35. My heart rate never got up to 160, though, so I think maybe I wasn’t working hard enough. Don’t really know how I could’ve worked harder, though.

    Love your site! I rec it to everyone who asks for workouts.


  • Sarah

    You have GOT to say where you get you’re sports bras…they all seem to hold your breasts in so well while still being so cute! And actually, all of your clothes in general, not even just for working out but regular clothes too are so cute! Where do you shop?

    • Sara

      I believe most of them are from lululemon. A quick google search will reveal their website.

  • abraham

    thankyou, really you change my lyfe

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  • Angelina

    Thanks a bunch. Also I really like how you put pictures with instructions on rep. and how to do it underneath your videos.


  • chrissy

    So how many rounds are in this workout….I completed one round in 20 min so I’m thinking there has to be more to it, but still not sure. Any one know?? Great workout tho! Love your videos Zuzana, you seriously rock!!!! Keep it up!

  • http://[email protected] ginit badu

    l hope this helps to merk me to loose …FAT… MY.SOUMAK IS FAT ..

  • Kasia

    Hello! I’m doing your workouts 8 weeks now and i’m so grateful for what you’re doing. Have to say that you’re motivating me so much every day! My body is changing although i am rather thin person but i have never had visible muscles:)) and now i can see something is growing here and there and that’s something huge for me, because i’ve never been doing regular exercises. PS. i’m talking everyone about you and your website and im trying to make them eat real food and do exercises.

  • Angelina

    Hello Zuzana,

    I am beginning to work out again after months of not doing anything and eating horribly. I want to do your workouts because they really work. Keep in mind that I am 210lbs and my BMI is 33.3.

    Several things,

    First I can’t complete all of the workout, I can’t even get close at my level. How should I know how much I can do? I mean do I keep going even when the lactic acid is burning in my muscles, do I keep going even if I get exhausted, or do I push through and do all of it and take as much time as I need to. If I take to much time is the workout still effective.

    Second how many calories do these workouts burn?

    Third, to develop an exercise routine involving your workouts, should I exercises like yours every other day, then do some cardio like running, and then do weight training on alternate days.


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Angelina,

      if your goal is to loose fat and get fit, then you can just follow my bodyweight workouts. You have to commit to workout at least 5 days a week. One thing that you will notice as a beginner or someone who has not been active for a long time, that you will make a progress by doing just about any activity. Anything that is new to your body will be affecting you metabolism and weight loss. First of all focus on your proper form. If you are too tired to keep a proper form, then better stop. Your workouts should feel intense. If there are some exercises that you can’t do or don’t feel comfortable doing, than skip them or try some alternatives. If you can’t complete all of the reps as I do in the workout, than you can either do less reps or take longer breaks in between. I personally think that it is better to cut down the reps then be taking a break. It is better to keep moving through the entire workout. Choose any of my daily workouts that you feel like trying and try to follow the basic principles. You can always decrease the intensity as you need to. Be consistent and try to do one workout a day, every day. Instead of taking a day of a complete rest, try to do some light workout. Light workout means that the workouts was easy to complete. I hope this helps.

  • Darby

    I did this workout today and really enjoyed it. The 30 reps of 5 high knee and dropping to floor & back up was the hardest for me. It actually made me feel sick to my stomach! hahaha. Guess that’s the sign of a tough workout. Thanks!!

  • Katie Wygant

    You are my new idol! I love your exrcises and your body, it’s so lean and amazing. I am a trainer in WA state. Are you on facebook? Put me on your mailing list please :)

  • Kamil

    Your workouts are just perfect!

  • Danica

    Hello. I did this last night (late) and didn’t feel like working out. As usual, I’m glad I did. I prefer to workout in the morning, but it doesn’t usually work out that way since most days I have to get up at 4:30am, work a 12 hour shift, come home and take my dog for a ride in the car (he gets depressed…you understand) then do a million other things. It helps to know that other people are still busting it out, so I don’t want to seem like a slacker or anything haha. Finished this in 18:07. The night before, I did the Perverted Punisher (which I still say was the hardest, for me anyways) so this one seemed easy compared to that one. I mean, I wasn’t about to die, although it seemed difficult at points at the time. That new “O Face” one looks killer though! I love it.

    • rebel


  • Ramsy

    OMG this is soooooo hard but in the end i bet it will
    work for me
    thank you,

  • paula

    I love it:-}
    Meny thanks

  • karlee

    Hey Zuzana and Frederick,

    What time of day would you both recommend for exercise?
    I have heard so many different things. It would be nice to hear from a professional point of view.

  • diana

    I was wondering if these workouts are enough to gain some muscle or do I have to lift weights. I love your workouts but just wondering if body weight is just more for maintaining?

  • Naama

    Great Workout :) 15 min 31 sec…really fun! I felt like a kid doing the highknees with get ups :)
    after that I couldn’t help but doing another routine (15:31 is just too short for me..) so I did a version (more intense) of the full body blast workout.

  • Sequoia

    i am 14 and i was looking for a challenging workout to get back my summer body… cos its summer over in australia! this took me around 17 minutes to complete but i didnt do the V one so it took alot of the challenge out! this was challenging and i was shaking after! but i didnt feel puffed! but i feel light.. so i am not sure i did these exercises completly right! thanks for the great workouts your my hero :D i am probly fatigued but i dont mind.. but i am not puffed like after a run.. so thanks :D i enjoyed that!

  • Dani

    i got 17:15, i really struggled with one arm push ups i ended up doing regular push ups in the end because i just didnt have the strength

  • Zaga

    Thanks Zuzana, I’m trying other alternatives, my doctor told me to make fix bicicle… anyway, I’ll try finding an alternative rutine, if I can catch one, maybe i will suggest it to your begginer or injured fans! ho

  • Carla

    mercy! this took me 18:17 to complete.

  • JUAN

    ZUZANA Hello!

    I am Brazilian and my life has always been focused on bodybuilding, training for years. And I’m a big fan of yours! Congratulations for the work! And one more thing you’re beautiful to ++++++++++.

    my English is not very good, but it’s worth the message!

  • Kristin

    I just tried your workout for the first time and LOVED it! My husband is big on crossfit but I wanted something a little more tailored to me, bodyrock is exactly what I was looking for. I did todays workout in a little under 20 minutes but I am so excited to do more workouts with you and improve my technique, thanks for doing this.

  • Nicole

    You are such an inspiration for me!
    I left the gym after 3 months, because all the exercise materials were getting boring…
    But I have so much energy that needs to go out. :)
    I feel really unfomfortable with my opper legs and my bellyfat.
    Do you have a good idea to start with, but really helps good at the same time?
    My weight is 61,6 kg and 165 cm tall.

  • barbaraG

    Nice workout! I found myself a new challenge – one arm push ups. I can go only half way so now I’m determmined to work on them. This site is great, every day I find something new motivating me and I got real addicted on exercise :) ))

  • Sylvee

    I see what you mean by tricep dips. Aaah! I had to stop about twice while doing those. Anyways, 19:06. You’re good, Zuzana :)

  • Zaga

    Hello Zuz!

    I’m a little bit depressed, because I hurt my knees and right ankle during my daily exercises, and now I don’t now what can I do besides of abs to burn all the fat of this christmas parties!!! =( What do you recommend when somebody has problems with knees and ankles ?

    Thank u and have a great day!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Zaga,

      I guess you can still practice pull ups, and do some ab exercises. If you need help with the knee pain, then check out

    • Aneta

      Hi Zaga,its funny when you said you hurt your ankel during your excerise.I had he same problem and i had black and blue on it actually it was a bit sprained,so i went to doctor and said no more running or jumping.My heart just droped.I didnt let this get to me i did warm and cold compress and move my ankel around.I didnt work one day that time but next i was jumping for short time and running .I have scoliozes,knees,ankel problems,i gess this is gotto do with my bones.I am taking vitamin d because i checked my blood test it showed its low,so that is it.Some of Zuzana workouts are to mu for my back that i cannot fix.But i love you and your workouts you are my motivation in everyday.But one thing i need to get it straight what nationality are you?

  • Petr

    Zuzko,moc pěkné video je to moc zajímavé,asi by jsi mne dala hodně do trika,kdybychom cvičili spolu:)

  • DiEsel – egypt, alexandria

    hii zuzana
    well you are working outs and you are great …
    i was wondering like ur more of famous now :D , and gr8 coach but like u have fans(am one) why dont you have like page on facebook so ppl can be fans of u .. there is group but like small one and like have some info about here or there.
    and like is that working out just enough like used to gym and was pro sport but stop cos of studyin and stuff and since stoped like used to go to gym but regular like go for 2 month and stop for like othere 2 but was doing real hard weight training .. so now like am not a t shape like before now am 100kilo when am fit am like 90 … so keeping doin ur work out and diet would be enough and yea didnt work from 3month and i could do that one in 16 min but was dying.. thank u so much and u simply rock

  • Nata

    17 min and 12 secs. I did pull-ups instead of the taping push ups. I’ve been feeling like I need to workout my back more. Also, my wrists have been hurting a lot with all the push ups.

  • Sara

    Hi Zuzana,

    I am just starting to do your workouts and it takes me much longer to complete the workouts. What can I do to stay motivated? I have a small frame but such a fatty abdominal area and it is sooo hard to think that it will ever go away…


    This was great! Should we say TANIA THE TORTURER? After doing 10 of the TAPING PUSH UPS in plank I had to do the rest in the modified knee position. The UPS AND DOWNS tired me out,I just wanted to stay down for the count. The TRICEP DIPS I thought would give me problems,but I surprised myself and did them all without falling on my butt. I struggled with the KNEE ASSISTED ONE ARM PUSH UPS,aaaaahhhh…I made myself go completely up,could feel my arms shaking at the halfway point. But,I finished!

  • Jeff

    I’m curious about cardio. I tend to believe that cardio- as it’s generally thought of- isn’t of much benefit. Bodyweight exercise seems to provide all of the cardio, conditioning, and muscle building a person needs. Do you perform cardio work-outs like target heart-rate training or HIT? Does a fat person need to perform cardio or will bodyweight exercise suffice?

  • Gary in Minnesota

    You are why cavemen drew on walls. OK, I stole that line from a movie, but it’s true.
    You are FINE!!! I wish you much success!

  • Cherry

    To William: Still not sure about UFCs. googled it, didn’t find anything. would you explain it more? Thanks!

  • Cherry

    i was not gonna workout today, but right before i got off the work, i found this wonderful website and workout routine, which just inspired me to give it a try. so, i headed to the gym after work.
    Did this one for the time of 13min 51sec; then, i took 5 mins of rest, and did “Metabolic Inferno Workout”, which was next newest one. i used 16min even to finish it. after finishing both, i felt very good, sweating but felt awesome! so, my plan is, repeat “Turbo Fat Blaster Workout” twice or pick any three of those fancy workout routines as my cardio workout.

    for “Turbo Fat Blaster Workout”, #1 and #5 are challenging. i’ll definitely put those and #2 of “Metabolic Inferno Workout” into my circuits workout. Thanks for sharing the workout!


  • Joni

    Thanks for another great workout and for taking Tania’s workout and making it look so fabulous!
    I wasn’t going to get to workout today but because of your versatile and quick routines I didn’t have an excuse not to!

    Love, love, love the site!

  • Brett

    Finished it in 34 minutes. Nice workout.

    V-ups were defintely the hardest to maintain form at the lowerback.

    I’ve done leg lifts all the time in workouts, but I had to rest a bit after the 30 get ups, because lower back felt really tight when I first tried the leg lifts. I did a good set of stretches before the workout, but took a minute to stretch out the back again, then completed the rest of the exercises no problem.
    Feel great.

  • DFerg


    I have just returned from Afghanistan, your work outs have kept me going since being back home. However, in our down time, my team would keep in shape with the “Five Point Palm Exploding Heart” work out. This name was inspired by Kill Bill, Vol 2.;

    1. 5 Count Body Builders; 1. Start in the Standing Position, 2. Drop down to Push Up-do one, 3. In the Up position, spread feat/legs shoulder width apart and back together, 4. Do another Push up, 5. Back to standing position. 5 sets

    2. Pyramid Pull Ups/Lunges; Start with one Pull up and Lung on each leg. In numerical sequence work up to 5 Pull Ups/Lunges. Then back down to one. I notice you use rings, although we use a pull up bar, either one is fine.

    3. Hello Dolly’s; Leg lift position, heels 5 inches off the ground, spread feat/legs shoulder wide apart and back together is one rep, 25 reps completes 1 set.

    4. Rock n Roll Push Ups; Start in Push Up position with your butt in the air, rock forward so that your chin and stomach touches the ground and the roll back to starting position. This should be done 5 times for 1 set, 5 sets.

    5. Body Twists-Start while on your back, legs 90 degrees in the air, arms spread straight out, move your feat to the right,center,left of your body touching the ground each time, 4 count exercise 5 reps, 5 sets.

    We got our time down to 15 minutes. The faster you go the bigger the explode. If you walk away, take 5 steps and your heart explodes then you have done it right.

    Thanks for the moto,


  • Dani

    Hey Zuzana, i am planning on trying this workout tomorow, just want to leave you a workout of mine:), this workout may look a little long, but believe me once your into it the exercises go really quickly, the longest it should take is around 25 minutes depending on fitness level, very intense:)hope you try it, so here it is (keeping in mind you will need a jump rope)

    150 jumps-skipping rope
    20 squats
    150 jumps
    20 squats
    150 jumps
    20 push ups

    (small break if you need to)

    150 jumps
    20 crunches
    20 push ups
    100 jumps
    20 squats

    (small break)

    100 jumps
    10 tricep dips
    15 walking lunges
    150 jumps

    (small break)

    20 side crunches
    100 jumps
    20 push ups
    150 jumps
    10 tricep dips

    all the best

  • Brandi

    Hello Zuzanna

    You are my idol, I check out your site daily and try to do all your routines.

    When is the DVD coming out?


  • Jay Dimenio

    Hooooooly Smokes…. this looks way easier than it is. i just finished… get ups and knee highs were Awsome!!! Krushed me… fuuuuuuuuun stuff!!
    thanks for your inspiration, you’re awsome!

  • Sarah O

    Wow that was fantastic. It was really a challange for me, I loved it. I finished the routine in about 16 minutes (didnt have a second timer). I didn’t keep perfect form on some of the sets though. I can really see where my strengths and weaknesses are.

    I had a hard time doing the V-ups and the leg lifts. I think my stomach needs a bit more work to make those easier.

    The tricep dips were just.. arrgggg. They were so hard! But so fun :)

    The past 2 weeks I have been trying hard to limit my portion size while eating. It’s so difficult! Almost nothing you purchase comes in a ‘good’ portion size. I keep forgetting to repackage things at home.

    A baggie from home filled with snack or food in a reasonable portion is much easier to stop eating than a huge bag of whatever-it-is.

  • Eric

    You’re lovely! Congratulation for your website and all you do ;)

  • Maja

    Today was an interesting day. I wasn’t very motivated to work out and wondered how I would get myself to push hard. Then my motivation walked right up to me…
    While I was getting ready to do this workout at the gym someone came up and made a comment about the exercises i’ve been doing lately ( workouts). He said he didn’t think they looked that challenging to him, especially since they didn’t take very long. So I challenged him to do the work out with me and try and beat me. He agreed and I was able to beat him by a couple minutes. I ended at 14 min 22 secs. He was drenched in sweat and said he wanted to try again. I directed him to your website and told him we could compete again. So hopefully you will have another fan today! :-)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Maja,

      that’s so cool that you guys are competing at the gym doing my workouts! :) Thanks for spreading the word. I hope that you will beat him the next time again.

  • Colleen

    Nevermind– found them in the archives… Thanks!

  • Colleen

    Hi Zuzana-

    I’m sure people have asked, but are you going to be putting your other workout full routines back up– like the rock your body workouts? I miss them and would refer to the different full body/ upper/lower body routine regularly versus your daily work outs.

    Thanks!! You have been such an inspiration!

  • WindyCityKatie

    great workout today! still can’t do the 1 arm push-ups. :( My guess is that the only way to be able to progress to this point is to do regular push-ups often? I wonder if there is more to it that I should practice. I just did regular push-ups at the end instead. I think the 1 arm push-ups may require greater tricep strength–something I know I need to work on. It’s funny that the tricep dips don’t kill me, but when I try to do other tricep specific exercises, I can tell they are weaker.
    Zuzana, did you just practice push-ups and then slowly move in to the 1 arm push-ups? Also, I’ve been meaning to ask–how did you progress to doing 1 leg squats? Did you use a chair or table for support initially? That exercise is also very challenging for me. I think it is in part because I’m very tall for a woman and trying to find my center of gravity.

  • Jezawix

    WOW!!! Z you are lookin super cute in these pics… love the way ya lookin at the camera.. im a straight girl.. but U is damn HOT! Keep workin it babe x ;) Nice one Fred :) Great work!

  • Laura

    lol I think its funny that you are so insistant on lisag a/b knowing ‘what exactly did you do w/ the weights’ you tell her! j/k <3Laura

  • Janet

    Took the dogs on an hour cross country jog before checking your workout, so I was suffering after the first few plie squat hops! Survived in 10:52, but it wasn’t a pretty picture. Gotta work on my balance on those v ups so I can keep my arms perfectly overhead like you show. I find it fascinating that certain muscles (e g right arm that I know is stronger than the left) will fail me with your tricky routines; makes me focus in on form more. Loving this stuff!! Bring it on!! I’m sure glad nobody is capturing me on film!

  • Cherry

    Wow, how come i just got to know this wonderful website!!! gosh! but it’s never too late to learn. let me just catch up today’s workout and post my time later on!!

  • Elena

    Hello Zuzanna!

    This is my first time doing one of your workouts. I’ve completed this one in 20:46 – I know pretty slow but I’m positive that I’ll do better next time!
    Btw great shoes! Where did you get them from?


  • myra

    great work out. I LOVE IT! this is the best site i’ve found and it keeps getting better. thanks a ton. i was just browsing the archives looking for a good back, chest, arms routine… i love the new layout but i miss being able to see a list. either way, i look forward to your site every day! happy holidays!

  • Erica Brown

    Thanks for getting back with me so quickly. Thanks for the information. I don’t want a knee injury to stop me from reaching my goals. Thanks again for the awesome workouts!!


    Wow, Tania. Looks like a great workout. Zuzana,you looked like you were having a little difficulty. I’ll do this one later today and I’ll probably LOTS OF DIFFICULTY! LOL. P.S., Don’t you just love this cold weather!? Down here in S. Texas we’re not accustomed to the cold,so when it hits below 40 degrees F.,we’re “FREEZING”. Best holiday wishes to you and Frederick. Has it been too cold for ya’ll to continue mountain climbing? Take easy,we wouldn’t either of you getting sick.

    • Frederick

      Hi Texas Cindy,
      It has gotten slightly more chilly here, but we still have another rock climbing lesson booked for this weekend. I think we might have to bundle up!

  • ASH

    OK this may be a silly question, but do you run through this routine once, or should I do it 2 – 5 times over? THANKS!

  • david in atl

    i’m new to your site, have done your workouts for a few days and i have a few questions.
    is there an advantage to doing the workout fast? is that to get a cardio workout as well? if i did them at a slower pace am i missing something? and (ok, so i more than a few questions)…aside from your workouts, do you do cardio as well? btw, i love your site.

  • Jamie

    Hi Zuzana,

    I accidently arrived here and i have to say..’wauw’, great site, amazing workouts,…
    I already watched a few workouts and i have some questions.
    I noticed that in many of your workouts you are using just your bodyweight and no weights.
    Did you arrive at this stadium ( the way your body is right now) by doing only these workouts or are you also working a lot with weights?
    How long did it take to arrive at the perfect body you have now? ( when did you start, how many times a week and how long each time you train).
    Are you on a special diet or do you eat whatever you want?

    Maybe some answers on this questions are already on your site, if it is so, sorry for that!

    Thanks a lot.


  • Jean-Sebastien

    Oh my gosh zuzana, I never tought I could do this kinda time. wooo, I did 11min 59 sec.

    And by doing this time, I wonder if I should do more training to achieve a total time of a least 15-20 min per day? Is 12 min enough to get great result in long term ?
    Tell me if im right of thinking that it depends how much effort you put in it ?


  • Melanush

    16’40″. Yesterday my dad bought me an exercise mat and it couldn’t have been at a better timing for all those abs and push ups. Off to eat my mom’s peruvian style noodles with pesto, yum! A small portion of course ;)

    Thanks again for the daily posts.

  • Gabriel

    Hey Zuzana Awesome site love it.
    I’m not really in shape but i do practice Krav Maga its an Israeli self defense.
    anyway ive done your workout in about 20-30 min.
    ill recommend it to my pp’s its really awesome as a burst cardio workout.
    i do have one request i wona loss a little lower ab love flap ;D
    ill appreciate if you will make/point me to a workout.

  • Katya

    Great workout!Finished in 18 min 22 sec.Filing energized now)))
    Tania thanks)
    Zuzana you awesome!

  • nick from nyc

    Hey Zuzana, Every time I watch one of your newly posted workouts it’s like opening a gift at Christmastime! Thanks so much! I’m gonna have a tough time doing this under 17 minutes-;) Wow! Personally, I’ve been able to improve my pushup rep numbers through the use of those rotating pushup stands, because they also help strengthen the shoulders, preventing injury. Have you ever tried them? BTW, my family is from southern Italy–not too far from you guys–and the weather should start getting better over there even around February, so that you can go back outside again:) Ciao!

  • Marianne

    Hi, just a random query. I live in the uk, which is only 1 hour behind in time (I think), yet when I look for the workout for today eg: 11/12/09 I get yesterday’s? Surely we should get the updated one if the time difference isn’t much? Does this happen to anyone else?

  • Nilds

    Great workout! Thank you Tania, Zuzana and Frederick. I did this workout in 18 minutes. For the v-ups and leg lifts, is there an adaptation of these exercises I can do once I get tired? It was very difficult to keep my form in the latter reps and I would like to know if I can make an adjustment to these without compromising the benefits.

    Thanks again.

  • Jamie

    I like the variation in the workout. My time was 15mins :)

  • Janilyn

    OMG. i pulled through!! yesssssss. feeling great now even though exhausted. i thought i wldnt be able to last but i pushed through and i did! AWESOMEEEE!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      congratulations, wait for today’s torture :)

  • Cris


    I am from Belgium (Europe) and accidentally hit this website, … and I have to say, … impressive, nice, … (do you live from it?).

    I have read that you are coming to Europe to? Where? I am also a professional sports-teacher (every sort of sports and paragliding) and have to say I like your exercises! It is a nice way to inspire much people!!!

    For the moment I have a broken feet, and I can not wait to try this and see my times!!! Within a few month I will catch up :-) Perhaps you can put a good workout without the need of the right feet :-) )

    It is in my favorite website now, and I will visit every day (and put some comments).

    (sorry for my English, not my language)

  • Tania

    Hey Zuzana,

    Since most people travel during the christmas holiday, some (self included) will be unable to log on to bodyrock tv and exercise with you. I wanted to share a quick portable routine anyone can do to help keep off the added poundage of the holiday eating. All you need is a complete deck of cards to complete a plyo routine. Jokers can have the value of 1 or 11; Aces have a value of 10.

    Start by flipping 3 cards over and adding them up. Once you have a total (Ex: 24) you will complete 24 reps of a plyo exercise. Continue flipping 3 cards at a time until you have used up all 52 cards. You can restack the cards and continue the routine as many times as you like. Do the following exercises in the following order.

    Jumping Jacks
    Push Ups
    Jump Squats
    Jumping Lunges (alternating legs)
    Push Ups
    Mountain Climbers
    Push Ups

    Happy Holidays to all!

  • Erica Brown

    I totally adore this site. Thanks so much. I have struggled with my kness, but I think through your workouts I am definitely getting stronger but my kness still hurt. Any advice??
    My friends and I are so excited to get your daily workouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Erica Brown,

      knee pain is a problem. If your knees hurts during exercise, then you should stop immediately. I used to have some knee pain in the past and I had to avoid certain exercises that were putting too much stress on the knees. Eventually the knee pain was gone after 2 weeks. Light stretching of your legs after each workout also helps a lot. Check out this site

  • Irina


    I love, love, love your workouts. I never had patience to exercise, I always ordered videos, planed my workouts everyday but could not stick with any program. I hate long workouts, I hate wasting time in the gym, I would rather spend time with my son working out together, he is only nine but so into your exercises and I don’t have to worry about injuries. You are inspiration to all of us. Now every day I look forward for your videos hoping and praying that you will be there for us forever.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Irina,

      thank you for such a nice message. I am glad that you like our blog and videos so much :)

  • Ruth

    Great Workout! Thanks Zuzana & Tania!

    I completed it in 14:15… The Up downs were great, the V-sits killed me (but I was able to do them which was a really nice boost to my ego, lol) as well as the one armed push ups! Oh, and the taping pushups were a fun variation, I’ll do more of those in the future to change things up… :)

    Thanks again!!!


  • Faryal

    Hey Zuzana,
    I have to tell you your workouts are amazing,You guys have really got my interest back into working out again! I’ve a question,what can I do to reduce my love handles? It’s a major problem area for me and I just don’t know what work out I can do to target that specific area.I would really appreciate your help.
    Thank you so much!

  • scottpee

    sexiest woman alive! Frederick….you lucky S.O.B.! lol…love all the workouts too!

  • muky

    hello zuzana,

    i would like to ask you how tall you are and ur weight ?? you look so slim and i guess you have almost zero fat on ur body :) ) honestly i wonder how heavy ur muscles are ..!?


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi muky,

      I am 166cm tall and I don’t know my current weight. I don’t think that my weight has changed much since the last time I checked it – 54kg.

  • Vanessa

    Hi, I did this workout this morning! It was great, the high knees and getting up and down fast really get your heart rate going. I split everything in half and did it twice. I can´t do 26 taping push ups in a row with good form, so I did 13 x 2! That gives me a little bit more rest for each muscle group, I will work up to do it all together.

  • Mike P

    That was a good start to the holiday push, well thought up Tina. I completed it in 11:07. I had a lot of stamina today, I think it helped that I didn’t work out yesterday and gave myself a break. For my cool down, I think I will go shovel the 30 cm of snow in my driveway.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout.

  • Jana

    OMG, you look so hot in street clothes (in the beginning of this video)! Could you guys post pictures or a short video of Christmas decked out Malta with you? Something similar to the post “Going Out for Dinner” from August 19, 2009 in your section called “Life.”

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Jana,

      thanks :) sure we can show you what’s going on here in Malta. It’s actually really cool place to be.

  • Laura

    Hello Zuzana,
    Great workout! 15:35. Those Leg-Lifts after the V-Ups were touuugh. Keep them coming I know I will be eating more xmas in 2 weeks; doing some open-faced sandwiches & snacking on just fruit/veg in the meantime. <3

  • Lizaveta

    Zuzana, dear, I need a word of support from you!
    Yesterday I fell down a moving stairway in metro and hurt my leg. It isn’t broken or something, but it hurts when I bend the knee. I don’t really want to injure it even more.
    I’m so depressed, ’cause I feel like doing buns exercises so much!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Lizaveta,

      I found this website where you can read about knee pain so check that out. I hope that you will be ok soon so that you can brutalize your buns :)

  • Emily

    I think you are an amazing person. I’m 16 and I’ve been trying really hard to get in the shape i want to be in(i.e. maybe like you one day) and I just wanted to thank you for being an inspiration and a role model. I’m 5’6″ and weigh about 135. I’m not fat but i do want to tone up and build some mass. Do you have any suggestions? Keep up the amazing work :)

    Emily ^-^

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Emily,

      thank you. My advice is that you start doing what I am doing and I believe that you will be very happy with the results. Jump right in and follow my daily workouts.

  • lisaG


    i did the workout but i didn’t do the push ups. i used weights for it.
    hope it’s ok.

    take care, LisaG

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      why didn’t you do the push ups? What exactly did you do with the weights?

  • Lesia

    It seems there isnt much “pull” type exercise which I have heard gives more slim waist look. Is there an angle I don’t see? I saw on one video you saying you havent practiced the pullup and it was harder for you. Is there a reason it isnt in your routine more?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Lesia,

      I did pull ups in todays workout so check back later today for the new update.

  • Samantha

    Another great one thanks Zuzana and Tania. Finished in 14:35.

  • http://- Kadir

    Are you really doing that Workout who have someone post it here?

  • Tony

    hi Zuzana :)
    I commented on a previous article of yours but you never answered me , I guess u don’t check old articles anymore !
    Ok I have some questions for u that I have been struggling with for along time. Am a 23 year old man, and I have always learned that building “muscle mass” for a man requires lifting heavy weights with low reps ( about 10 reps ). and to produce muscle “tone” and “definition” I need lighter weights that allow me higher reps ( about 25 )

    1- is that completely false or is there any truth to that ?
    2- if am only trying to get muscle definition and tone , should I do reps until the point of Failure ? does that work for both muscle mass and for definition ?
    3- if am going for definition and tone , is that dependent only on your food proportions ? and if yes, what if I lift heavy weights and eat “small proportions” but with a lot of protein intake ? would that increase muscle mass ?
    4- does building muscle mass and muscle definition need the same technique to produce them (lifting heavy weights) or are there different techniques to use ?

    I know about losing fat so the muscle can show and etc…
    PS.. I am not looking to increase muscle mass at all at this point but I do want to look lean and NOT bulky.. the look I want is like the one that “Cam Gigandet” has from the movie “never back down”

    I came across ur videos on youtube, I think am becoming a fan :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Tony,

      good questions. I will take your comment and reply to it in today’s post so check back for the new update.

  • amanda


    HELP>>i have to wear a strapless dress. What are the best exercises to get really cut arms that show off my shoulders delts and bicepts? Should I do 1 hour of cardio each day also?

  • Tina

    Haha, you also have to make the correction in your last sentence under the video…

    I just did this workout and I have finished it in 14 minutes. :)
    Good workout, my favorite exercise was – Get Ups & High Knees – great exercise, Tania!

    Best wishes,

    ups, sorry, I meant…
    Tina :) )

    Zuzana, sorry, just fooling around ;) :)

  • Lisa :)

    Great work out! THanks! I’m sweatin’ like crazy now! :) Keep up the good work, burning off cookies here.

  • JasonLee

    oh and time for workout was 19 mins, 33 seconds :D

  • JasonLee

    My God that workout kicked my ass, through in some more Taping Push Ups, cuz i still cant do those 1 Arm Push Ups, even with the knee assist :D

    great work out, now im going to die in the shower .. if my legs can actually get me there :)

  • Kamillzyna

    i just finished the workout my time was 11:22 i have to say that after the tricep wrkout i could only go half way with the one arm pushups, Thanks & — i already can’t wait for the next workout

  • Stania

    Ahoj Zuzko and Frederik ja sem to udelala za 22min ale musela sem davat mensi prestavky i kdyz sem prestala kourit pred dvouma rokama tak porad jeste plice trpi.Mam otazku jakou mas profesi zvedavost a proc se neprihlasis na fitness souteze urcite bys byla uspesna mas skvele vytvarovanou postavu ale nevypadas jako body-builder stalo by to za zkousku.Sleduju tvoji stranku kazdy den a prejuti vsechno nej je skveli jak lidem dokazes poradit a ses velka motivace(inspirace)pro hodne z nas.Co Je super ze kazdy den cvicime neco jinyho takze te to neomrzi jako je dvd ja delam Taebo je to super ale potrebuju zmnenu takze to kombimuju ale tvoje je lepsi je kradsi ale i tak dosahnu vysledku.Dekuji a preju vam Vesele Vanoce a Stastny novy rok

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Stania,

      Dekujeme a take prejeme Vesele Vanoce and stastny Novy Rok 2010! Ke tve otazce co se tyce soutezeni, tak nemam vubec o neco takoveho zajem, ale dekuji za kompliment.

  • Marianne

    Hi, was feeling more energetic today so I did your cardio (skipping) workout before this one, then I completed this workout in 16:58! Trying to get my other half to compete with me, but think he’s scared to lose to us girls lol ;)

  • astrothsknot

    is there any difference between doing push-ups with a wide leg as Zuzana shows here or legs together? Is it really just preference?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      it is a difference. Try it yourself and you will notice that having your legs together while doing push ups is harder.

  • Emma, Sweden

    wow, that looks hard!

  • lisaG

    Hi Zuzana,

    i talk to my dad and we decided that from today until the 24/12, we are gonne cook everything without using any butter or oil. and my mum said she is not gonna buy any biscuits or sweeties from today until the 24.

    i’ll keep on exercising everyday for myself. i hope it’s gonna help me burn the fat i’ve on my butt.

    have a nice day gorgeous

    best, LisaG

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      that sounds like a progress. I have the same goal as you :)

  • Tina

    Love the new snickers and outfit, especially – “gamaše” -> things on your ankles :D !

  • Garry

    Hi Zuzana & Fredrick,
    Terrific workouts. First time I’ve posted but been following the routines for a while. I intersperse them on my off-days from lifting weights to give more definition and movement. My wife loves them also as they offer a great variety of challenging exercises.
    Keep up the good work and a Merry Christmas to you both when it arrives.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Garry,

      Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for the nice comment.

  • Ashley

    Hey Zuzana!

    Thanks for posting Tania’s awesome workout. I really enjoyed it and found it super challenging. I especially liked the Get Ups and High Knees. They’re like a lot of rugby drills I’ve done.

    I really focussed on my form today and was pleased when I still managed to complete this workout in 15:28.

    What did you think of the plyo pushup suggestions I made? I know most of them are advanced but I think the easier ones could be done on knees.


  • Tina

    Hi Zuzie :D ,

    I will gonna watch this video in a sec., just want to tell you that this routine was written down by Tania, not me…two names starting with T, it`s easy to mess up ;) . It look like crazy routine!!!
    And can`t wait to see you doing mine too :) ,

    enjoy your day, I am looking forward to do this routine today!



  • Tanya

    Thanks to both Tina for the workout idea and Zuzana for showing yet another way to kill oneself. Tricep dips are something out of this world. I enjoyed that immensely. I wonder what my arms will feel like by the end of the day. Ha-ha!
    I also wanted to ask you, Zuzana, how to improve my push-up skills. I can do quite a lot with my knees on the mat, about 20 in a plank position, and one-arm push-ups are still something I keep dreaming about. I don’t see any real effect from weight-lifting or rather from working out with dumbbells. My shouldres, biceps and triceps look nice and sculpted but that doesn’t increase my push-up capabilities.
    Thanks and have a nice day!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Tanya,

      the push ups and most exercises are not only about strength, but also about a skill. If you want to get better in push ups, then you have to practice more push ups. Lifting weights won’t do anything for improving your push ups.

  • Stephanie Biggs

    Wow, this workout was intensive. I can hardly walk, lol

    My push-ups are getting better as well as the leg lifts. In the beginning i could hardly complete the push-ups and leg lifts but now i can do 30 and more. I love the change i can feel in my body.
    The Knee Assisted One Arm Push Ups was awesome. Great workout as always. I look forward to your next video!

    Stephanie Biggs
    [email protected]

  • Jason

    On the ‘Ups and downs’ exercise shouldn’t you alternate the legs you go down on to balance out? Maybe you are, but there’s no explanation. x Jason

  • jared spiegel

    new sneakers!

  • Alexandra

    Hey Fredrick & Zuzana-
    This workout, this whole website, is incredible! I have been on a fitness plateau for a while now, this has truly helped me leave it. These workouts are fun, HARD, and energizing. Thanks for the whole site. The diet tips are great, too, and they have helped me refocus. I’ve been doing the workouts for about a month now and am seeing wonderful results, just don’t have time daily to post here. Keep them coming!!
    Thanks so much!

  • JasonW

    OK, that one really got the heart rate cooking, and it kicked my ass all over the living room. It seems to me that your entire workout system never calls for any days of long medium-intensity cardio training. I am talking about an hour run, swim, or a couple hours on a bike, or something equivalent. Isn’t it important to throw this in the routine every now and again to really build a strong aerobic base? I am talking about something harder than an active rest day.

  • Abe

    Oh I see it now… the reps…
    Sorry, my bad… Keep it up, you are my hero…

  • Abe

    You are amazing!!!
    How many reps for each workout?

  • Ashley

    You mean Tania? I’m pretty sure Tina posted a different workout.

  • gabby

    ughhh omg i can’t even tell u how much tht workout made me feel better! it started to get really intense in the middle but then mellowed down in the end.. thnk u tina! and thnx zuzana, u really put this website together nicely. this was my first workout on it and i feel the sweat on my face and i feel like i can breathe,lol..

    gabby :)

  • Guillermo

    looks like fun…r we still doin for time?…hope u warm up soon

  • katharine

    hi zuzana. what other kinds of exercising besides weight bearing do you like. I mean like cardio-wise. do you like to run or cycle?

    thanks. love the videos, i am currently trying to work my way up to your level!

  • Mauricio Hdz

    Today was a very sunny day here, but i didnt got time for work out myself:( it is a dangerous season cause all the chritsmas parties hahaha!

  • FlaviaRJ

    Sooooooooo envy of everyone who is exercising!!
    I still can´t move my neck! But I´m here wishing the best for all people!!
    GReat workout! It´s very similar to the ones I´ve been doing… ^^
    But I do 3 rounds of 15, 20, 25 reps (depending on the exercise)… I want those Zuzana´s arms and abs!! heheheheh…

    You´re very beautiful Zuzana… congratz!

  • aga79

    Great workout!!!!!!
    I have one for u:
    squat/back lung combo 25 each leg
    plank push ups 15 each arm
    plank jacks 50 reps
    squat and side kick 25 each leg
    lateral leg raises 50 reps
    plank squat thrusts 50 reps
    plies with alt calf raises 50 reps
    high knees 50 reps
    russian twists 100 reps
    plyo push ups 15 reps (clapping hands together)
    front/back kick 25 each side
    scissors 100 reps
    let me know if u need further explanation….love ur website and u look amazing

  • ltinag

    Great workout. I tried it tomorrow morning. Thank u and have a nice day.

  • Beatrice

    Hi Zuzana,
    I have been doing your work out at the gym, cause I was getting bored with the regular cardio and lifting weighs. You are a inspiration to me because I am a size 16 and I do your workouts, but I don’t time myself yet. It takes me a little longer to do the workouts and it is still fun for me. I am still challenging my body and building muscles and my endurance is improving a lot, cause I try to repeat the same workout twice in a week like Monday then try it on Wednesday. I can see my endurance is getting better because the second time I do the same workout I can go through th routine a little faster.

  • William

    I love your site… here’s one of my workouts and if you have a chance let me know what you think… thank you..

    2 to 5 rounds

    1.) Squat to back lunge alternate – 20 reps, to execute this first you squat, then do a reverse lunge on left leg than repeat on right and that counts as one.

    2.) UFCs – 20 reps, to execute this first start in squat position, drop one knee, then drop other knee, then bring one up, then bring the other knee up and that’s 1 rep. stay in a squat position throughout. Do as fast as possible.

    3.) Squat jump w/stabilization – 15-20 reps, to execute jump extend arms overhead, land soft in a squat potion and hold for three to five seconds and repeat.

    4.) Mountain climbers – 50 total

    5.) Burpees – 10-15

    6.) Rope skip – 1mintue or 100 skips

    7.) Push-up to side plank – 15-20 total

    8.) Bicycle crunch – 20 reps total

    9.) Reverse crunch – 20 reps total

    10.) Floor knee tucks – 20 reps total

  • William

    I love you site… here’s one of my wort outs let me know what you think…

    2 to 5 rounds

    1.) Squat to back lunge alternate – 20 reps, to execute this first you squat, then do a reverse lunge on left leg than repeat on right and that counts as one.

    2.) UFCs – 20 reps, to execute this first start in squat position, drop one knee, then drop other knee, then bring one up, then bring the other knee up and that’s 1 rep. stay in a squat position throughout. Do as fast as possible.

    3.) Squat jump w/stabilization – 15-20 reps, to execute jump extend arms overhead, land soft in a squat potion and hold for three to five seconds and repeat.

    4.) Mountain climbers – 50 total

    5.) Burpees – 10-15

    6.) Rope skip – 1mintue or 100 skips

    7.) Push-up to side plank – 15-20 total

    8.) Bicycle crunch – 20 reps total

    9.) Reverse crunch – 20 reps total

    10.) Floor knee tucks – 20 reps total

  • Natalie

    good workout! can you post some more exercises that works the abs? specifically the lower, and the inner thighs. =)

  • Tania

    Hi Zuzana,

    This is another workout routine I often do. I think you might like it. I call it “Meltdown”

    10 reps – 3 way lunges (front, side, back) alternating legs (5 each side)
    6 reps – Cliff scalers to push-ups (alternating sides)
    6 reps – Turkish get-ups with high jumps (alternating)
    6 reps – One leg balance squats (alternating sides)
    6 reps – Crab with knee lift (alternating sides)
    6 reps – Box squats (jump onto box or step. Squat when you land on top, jump down and
    squat when you land on floor.
    6 reps – Side plank knee to elbow (Position yourself on a side plank, elbow on floor
    feet stacked. Bring top knee towards top elbow while remaining in a plank. Do
    6 reps ea. side.

    All the best to you and Frederick!


  • Natasha

    Do you do any other cardio other than this everyday? Like jogging, walking or biking? And, these workouts are INCREDIBLE

  • Jean-Sebastien

    It seem Real nice, Thanks to Tina and to you. Can’t wait to do it tomorrow !
    Ill write back for the time ;)

  • Cherry

    This workout is BRUTAL WOW! I completed it in 46min and 21sec I am pretty new to this type of training so it would take a bit of getting use to and by the way Zuzana I love your sneakers what type of Nike is that?

    Thanks for demonstrating and Tina for sharing

  • Randy Savage

    Think you guys will ever do a “podcast” that people can subscribe to through iTunes?

  • Tania

    Hey Zuzana,

    WOW!! I feel honored that you did my routine. I boasted about it to my husband and the funniest part of it is that when I played the video of you doing the Turbo Fat Blaster workout, you called me Tina instead of Tania :) He got a kick out of that. Anyway you breezed through that routine! You are the best!!! Thank you so much for letting your fans share their workouts with you.

    All the best,


  • kevin from wisconsin

    That’s a cool brick wall in your living room! nice new shoes by the way too

  • Adrienne

    On my way to do this workout now. I will report back…it looks like torture.

    Also, whenever you get access to equipment again, can you make a Kettle Bell Workout? You can call it “Kettle Hell” or “TnT Kettle Workout (It’s Explosive)”.

    Thanks to both of you for providing these wonderful resources. You guys are the best.