Dec 16 2009

Body Burn Workout

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I promised you an intensive workout for today and I think that the Body Burn Workout delivers. If you are looking for a brutal cardio and strength training routine, then you are on the right website, because this workout will give you the benefits of both. Today I incorporated an exercise that is new for me – the explosive push ups. It was hard and that’s why I didn’t do many of them, but they are a lot of fun. If you are a regular visitor of our blog, then you already know that I am not doing any other workouts beside those that I am sharing with you. New visitors ask me a lot if I do anything else. Sometimes I am just shaking my head when I read these comments, because to be honest, most of the time I am just happy when the workout is over. Believe me, I wouldn’t even think about doing anything else except some stretching or yoga. It is important that you guys understand that you don’t need to spend hours training if your only goal is general conditioning, fat loss, and nice muscle tone. If you are not a professional athlete, then why would you want to torture yourself with hours of endless cardio and weight lifting? The key is in consistency and intensity. If you can commit to train 5 times a week, then these workouts will do miracles for you. I am achieving fabulous results with just bodyweight workouts. The results and versatility made me fall in love with bodyweight training. I don’t even want to go back to weights.  You are the one who decides how intense your workouts are going to be. That’s why the time challenge is so effective. The more energy you put into your workout, the more calories you will burn, and the more muscle tone you will get. Some people think that I don’t have to workout as much, because I’m in shape already. That’s actually not true. You will notice yourself that as you get fitter, it will be harder and harder to see more visible changes on your body. You will have to really push the limits to get any further. If you are following my routines, then remember that every time you feel that you had a really hard workout, no matter how long it took,  you are on the right track.

The Body Burn workout goes like this:


Start with skipping on one leg with a jump rope. Do 60 reps on each leg and then move on to the next exercise.


These are the evil explosive push ups and I chose to do only 3 at a time, because that is my current limit for this exercise. If you are stronger, go ahead and do as many as you can. Start in plank position, bend your elbows and lower your body near to the ground as if you would do regular push ups. Push up off of the ground with all the power that you have so that you have enough time to clap your hands in the air. I think that I did more reps when we were shooting the pictures, because I really wanted to have a nice image for this exercise  and it wasn’t easy to capture it. I am glad that we have managed to get the photo where you can clearly see what clapping hands in the air looks like.

Now repeat these two exercises one more time (another set of skipping and explosive push ups) and then move on to the box jump and step ups.


Jump up on a chair (the one I used was at my knee level) with your feet together and do 5 step ups on each leg. Repeat this 10 times. As I said in the video – it’s killer cardio.

After this exercise do another set of Explosive Push Ups and move on to the Jump Lunges.


Complete 30 reps of Jump Lunges. Every time you jump into a lunge, bend over and touch the ground in front of your foot.

Every touch down counts as one rep.


Last exercise is the One Leg Pike Press and I did 5 reps on each leg.

This was only one round, so now repeat all of the exercises in the same order one more time. Let me know how you did and share your thoughts on the exercises.

Have a great workout,



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  • Cynthia ツ

    September 8, 2014

    Did this in 30 1/2 mins. Explosive push ups were done on knees and I did not use a skipping rope.

  • Мария Давлеева

    last time 16.09.11 my time was 22:07. today i did it in 18:19, I’m so happy! this routine is one of the hardest and awsome!!!!

  • Мария Давлеева

    OMG!!!! Honestly… I hated everybody while completing this WO…. was gasping for life… it was one of the hardest WOs I ever did from this site….. I even wanted to give up after the 1st set but I politely asked Brutus to step out & completed it. BTW the 2nd set seemed to be easier. I’m glad I did it. My time is 22 minutes 07 seconds. I totally recommend this amazing cardio killer WO!!!! I did it after the Bodyflex WO that was aimed to the ABS but survived :-)

    And of course a burpee for Erin! Hope you feel better. Waiting for your video updates. And especially from your wonderful children!!! I hope my girls would compete with me one day))) my 1 year old daughter was trying to skip today watching me doing one leg skipping)))))) 

  • Bohdanam

    12-16-09 took me 25:35 min( with hang over)/ no jump rope
    09-11-11 took me 16:53 min / still no jump rope
    and sweating like a pig
    thanks guys

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    16:21 after doing today’s Wow Body workout in 15:09
    I loved both routines, I feel great. Thanks, guys.

  • Sarahi Gomez

    Wow i cant beleive i finished this in 16min and 18 sec!
    I did assisted evil pushups. But everything else the same, maybe a higher chair but i love jumping high anyways =P
    Sweating like crazy!

  • Paige

    omg! i beat zuzana by a few seconds. however, while zuzana was kicking ass and taking names, i had to modify every exercise :( but like she says, it’s important that it’s intense for YOU! i didn’t have a jump rope, so i just pretended. for the explosive push-ups, i couldn’t get high enough to clap, so i did regular military-style pushups. for the jump ups, i didn’t jump on my chair. i just couldn’t bring myself to do it X.X i just stepped up everytime. for the jumping lunges with touchdown, i could do the touchdowns for a few of them, but other than those, i only did regular jumping lunges. and for the pike press, i just did regular pike presses. so i believe those modifications cut down my time a LOT! but i did take several breaks (ESPECIALLY during the jump ups) so those definitely added some extra time. well, i’m extra sweaty now and really wanted to give up and throw up in the middle of it (i had a big meal right before….never again). i’m glad i did everything though. 22 minutes 21 seconds.

  • Aphrodite

    I loved this! i had to do the jump rope switching legs cuz i have a bit of periostitis and jumping on one leg so many times puts too much pressure on it ..

    the jumping lunges were killer after all those exercises!

    first round: 8:52
    second round: 10:54

    total 19 min :D

  • Steve O

    I completed this workout in 33mins. i just wanna say in response to all the ridiculous times like 10mins or 13mins…It is impossible cos no matter how fast u do everything else, the chair step ups need to be done 10 times in each round and that will eat up your clock so ppl please read the instructions WELL.

  • C

    thank you for all you guys do i been following you since january before that my fitness levle was poor i didn’t exercise now fitness level is great exercise 6 days a week feel strong healthy an ready for the next challenge thank you keep up the great work :)

  • Eva

    Thank you guys for everything. Really. Everything. You are amazing. This whole thing really works. I tried another options to do some sport or aerobic or something to lose weight, have a good shape and keep fit but what you are doing Zuzana, is really amazing.
    I guess you already know this, but I thought I have to tell you and say thanks.. :)

  • Serena

    hey there!

    i stumbled across your page yesterday and it’s really amazing! congratulations this page and your workouts are really great!

    and i’m really thankful because i’ve been promising myself for the last 10 years that i’d start working out, needless to say that i’ve never put it innto practice…

    until you came along

    i just finished the body burn workout, it tokk me about 30 minutes
    i’ll admit that i made it a bit easier because i’m barely able to do 10 push ups as it is so i changed the explosive push ups and the pike presses into normal push ups and i cut the lunges back to 20

    nevertheless i’m rather proud that i’ve finished it and i hope you keep up the great work

    so thanks again and see you tomorrow^^

  • Rachelle

    i am SHAKING and SOAKED. Completed this workout in 18 mins. Those last set of jump lunges my legs almost gave out. Amazing workout, will be doing this one again soon! Thanks so much again Zuzana!!! You are unbelievable!!

  • Sophiia

    Heyy Zuzana
    i first seen your videos on youtube then i followed along on your site. i havent done any of your workouts YET. im about to do this one in 5 mins lol. i dont have a jump rope, so is there anything else i could use until i have thte money to buy one? could i just jump as if i had one? or what should i do?
    you have an amazing body and your my inspiration to getting healthy and fit :)
    you truly are amazing and the best ive ever seen
    keep your videos coming, you are GREAT!
    i hope one day i could meet you and we could do a workput together
    it would fun :)
    well please reply thank you :)

    • Frederick

      Hi Sophiia,
      Put a shoe box or stack of books on the floor and jump tapping one foot up on the top :)

  • zorobabel


    This one is the most difficult workout i did.
    i felt dizzy , saw blank , so i had to sit a bit before continuing.
    I’m looking for a way to perform explosive push ups,because i could just jump 5mm from the ground(so no way i can actually clap in my hands).
    But when i look at your previous videos ,there were exercises you had troubles to do like one leg push ups, so it is really encouraging.
    And one leg jump rope is challenging.I had lots of fun doing this workout.

  • Spiece

    Great video ! Thank you. We are all one family!

  • E.E.

    hi zu & fred! what muscles does the PIKE PRESS work out exactly? thank you and appreciate your work! :D

  • Avish

    28:25 … and i thought i was semi fit..

    guess i still have some work!

  • rhys

    hey Zuzana, i know this has been up a long time but wanted to comment anyways, i think it is fantastic that you are sharing all of your workouts on here, so many people/companies try to show us one thing and then they do another. But i am trully gratefull for fantastic honest people like yourself and Fred. I will say also that you should take it as a compliment that people think you must be doing other workouts as you have phenomenal physique so it is only natural to think this. but you are right honest hard work is all thats needed.
    Thank you for your site and for sharing your workouts with us all.

  • Tabitha

    Great workout! Thank you very much. I just found you 2 weeks ago after my gym membership ran out. I’m able to get up early, workout in my own house and get ready fo work here instead of in a locker room. I appreciate how easy you make everything look and how gorgeous you are. Great motivation. I’m hooked!
    I wasn’t able to do an explosive push up. I was afraid I’d fall on my face. I’ll keep working on it!

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  • Zebie

    Just wondering, would you be able to post a list of what and when you’d normally eat in a day? Naturally the needs of everyone vary and it would need to be adapted to an individual, but you talk so much about clean eating and eating often that I’m curious to know more about it. Yes, every couple of hours, but what and when and la de da de da…even for one day would be amazing. Does Frederick eat the same way all the time too?

    Question about your challenge – why is honey allowed? Yes it’s natural but most store bought honey is too processed to be considered anything but sugar. In that case, would unsweetened cocoa be allowed? Such as in the aztec drink recipie, yet made with honey?

    I’m taking up my own 30 day challenge in a few weeks, with both choc and alcohol,my fiancé is leaving for a 4 month military tour and I’ll need something to focus on other than his not being here! And naturally, we’re getting together friends prior to their departure, thus, starting now would really be a super challenge as where we live not accepting the rare, and often expensive wines offered by our hosts would be a pretty large slap in the face :/ Nevertheless, I’m stoked to start!

    Thanks again, enjoy your day~

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  • ciro

    hey z

    you rock
    did it in 33:26 i’m exausted!!!

  • rae

    ? in regards to Stretching:
    I exercise in the morning, is it okay to do my stretching later at night when I have the time as I have a toddler and cannot stretch right after my workout. Thank you!

    • Frederick

      You can stretch in the night, but it’s always good to stretch after your workout – if this is not possible then just stretch when you can :)

  • Gregor

    Todey i did body burn workout again and i completed it in 16:20, thats 1 minute and 55 second faster than i did in first attempt. yeeeah i’m improving :)

  • Slavka

    ….those jumping lunges are killers but I am loving that burn. i am not used to jumping with a rope, so I spent a lot of time to finish 60 reps :-(

    i also like this workout because the order of exercises focusing once on upper body and then lower body which allows time for one part of the body to recover whilst working out other part ;-)

  • Ivana

    my time was 21:22, i love this one!!! great u2:)!!!

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  • mercier jj

    60 right leg
    60 left leg
    push ups
    60 right leg
    60 left leg
    push up
    chair jump and 5 each leg
    push up
    jump lunges 30x
    elevated press 5 each leg.

    2 rounds of this?

    I’m confused…It took me 10 minutes and 58 seconds to do 2 rounds… (I almost spit my heart out)

    was it 2 rounds or? more?
    The only difference is that i do not have a jumping rope… i just jumped as if i had one.


    • marissa

      yes thats how i did it the first time and close to the second time.
      and yes its two rounds.

    • Sam

      The instructions up above say 10 times of “chair jump and 5 each leg”
      I don’t know if that’s what Zuzana’s doing in the video, but it would make sense for the longer time she mentioned.

  • Cortney

    Awesome workout Zuzana!!! Did it in 17:48.9 and I’m pretty smoked. Just found your site today and I love it. Keep the hard workouts, great fitness, and love of life going.

  • MarZ

    wow Great Workout!! Sweating like Craaazy….very Challenging…loved it!

  • alice x

    Did this workout in 15:31 and now i am shaking aha.
    Thank you.

  • AleGgSss

    oh, girl
    that was damnly difficult
    I did 20:13

    i’m dead!

  • Elizabeth


    I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think your workout are! : )

    But I do have one question, do you do more than your warmup, workout and cool down through out the day? Like do you add in extra cardio?

    Not that these exercises are too easy, I just wanted to know what you do.


    • Frederick

      no extras :)

  • becky

    Whoa! Just discovered your website and amazing workout but what a killer! Glad no one else is in the house to hear me grunting and swearing :)

    I wussed out on the chair too, but tried the second step in my hall for a medium height option, worked out alright I think!

    Look forward to improving my ability to actually get through your workouts! (Did one round but couldn’t face a second!)

  • keilyn

    my 30 day challenge is going great even if im 13 its awesome i havent eaten chocolate or any sugary stuff and ive cleaned my face so my face is clearing up even more now thanks so much

  • autumn

    i had 22:05:43..that was beacuse i didnt jump up on the chair because i was to scared that i would fall and bust my ass!!…GREAT WORKOUT…

  • Gregor

    Hi Z,

    I’ve done this set for the first time and I completed it in 18:15. I did 10 explosive push ups and 10 one leg pike press. In this workout the jump on the chair was the hardest for me. I also must tell you that in all your workouts is one exercise that “kill” me, so once i’m going to put all the hardest exercises, such is turkish get ups, burpees, dive bombers, pull ups, push ups with legs on the chair and so on in one extreme workout and i will let you know my results.

  • Danielle

    Well I decided to try your workouts…and this was my very first one that I just did…and I feel horribly abut it..i made it through one entire round and only one round of the skips and i had to stop….i couldnt make it any further than that….I have been working out for over a year and this was way intense…i hope the next time i try i can complete it fully.

    Awesome workout though.

  • Lori

    The touch down exercise looks scary rather do one leg push ups.

  • marissa

    i trip on my way jumping on the chair my leg (the front of the calve) i had to stop the workout and move to something that didn’t acquire using the lower body but i still didn’t completed i feel bad. :/
    im gonna try as soon as i heal.

  • Aundrea

    You should do a ab workout thats called “Kiss my abs”. I made up one and I’d love to see what you would come up with. Thank you for keeping this site updated and everything. Really appreciate it.

    • Frederick

      Great name!

  • Alfiya

    Hello Zuzana,
    I followed your suggestion on getting a workouit log.
    It’s amazing. I did this workout a month ago and did only 1 round in 17 min.
    Today I finished whole workout program 2 rounds in 13 min 26 sec. I am so happy to see my progress in fitness.
    Thank yu so much for your efforts and time.
    You inspire me so much.
    One day I would love to meet you in this small world.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Thanks :)

  • Sylvee

    18:26. Totally beat my 24:04 time from a while ago. Zuzana and Freddy – you’re making me so much more fit! Phew, but that’s still a 5 for me — I’m soooo sweaty! Thanks!

  • RJ

    awesome workout!
    gave myself more of a challenge.
    First round did 10 push ups, elbows in en palms near chest. last set 5 push ups.
    did 15 box jumps.
    jump lunges just wasted me, last round, could only do 20 during last set, legs gave out.
    did routine in 13m24s

  • Heather

    This is by far the hardest workout for me from all of yours that I have tried. I think it was Dec. 17 the last time I did this and I finished in 19 min and 38 seconds, I did it today 1-8 and finished it in 18 minutes and 36 seconds. I am so out of breath by the end, and my legs are just aching. On a scale of 1-5 5 being the hardest, I rate this one a 5! The hardest part for me is the chair jump ups and then single leg steps. OUCH!

  • Janet

    And I confess I had to eat two peanut butter cookies after completing this challenge!

  • Daniel P. Mello

    Great workout! I try to do but s very hard…I start now to look your workout in youtube…Suzan you make I great job…thank you for help me to take out all this fat

    see you and happy new year

  • Julie-Anne

    Amazing workout, very challenging and fun. THANKS!

  • 16kid

    Hi Zuzana,

    This workout killed me, DAMN! ….. thanks a lot! I did it 30 min :( ,that’s a quite bad results.
    I’m 16 and I only use to run 30min in the gym to get in shape but this one was one of hardest one.

  • Marie

    Ahoj Zuzko,
    to byla celkem mrskacka jak rika moje kamaradka. Hlavne ty explosive push ups, vzhledem k tomu ze sem se do nedavna vymlouvala na slabe zapesti.To uz davno neni pravda :-) Diky. Ale hlavne jsem se chtela zeptat jestli bys mi nemohla trochu vysvetlit na jakem principu vlastne funguje cardio exercise. Muzes to napsat i anglicky, at z toho neco maji i ostatni. Diky moc a Merry Christmas

  • kayla

    Do you ever run?

  • Ruth

    Hi guys,

    So I did this one again today since it’s been a couple days since you’ve put up a workout video and I beat my old time by 1 minute and 38 seconds! My time, this time, was 17:28! I don’t know how I did it but after it was over I was sweating like a piggie!!!


    Ruth :)

  • Luca

    Suzana..It nice to c ur workouts on the net .i have just find them a couple of days back and started working out regularly…i used to be really over wait about 2 years ago..i shred 55 lbs in 3 months by working really hard in the gyms……it really paid off.since then i started gaining wait gradually as i stoped working out regularly……..your videos have motivated me again to regain the fitness…..and i hope i will have 6 pack really soon once again ……..
    Chaoooo. Luca

  • Liza Michelle

    So using my bodyweight can let me have nice muscle without going to da gym???

  • http://none Laina&Joe


    We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your work by you and your husband. This has been exactly what my husband and I have been looking for after years of training and athletic sports. I am so excited to go to the gym each day and can’t wait to see what you have posted! Thank you a million times over!

    Laina & Joe

  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    Well, that explains everything! 8-) Unfortunately there is no clinical name given to the horror movie phobia…and I unfortunately have a bad case of Coulrophobia with you! Just kidding… 8-)

    Next time someone fears a number just subtract one from it so 666 would change to 665. Then tell them to turn three time counterclockwise and repeat it’s okay three times. Sure they will look crazy, but all will then be well in the world again, right.

    Changing the subject back to the workout: I love “Explosive” Push ups! Can I make a suggest? To protect your wrists you use a piece of rug or throw rug to absorb the shock. I’ve done these on concrete and tile floors before and it can cause pain later.

    Best wishes,

  • katia

    i saw the video god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was you were here i need your madness with me doing workouts
    you are great thats for sure
    bye i will try it

  • Cherry

    i realized i missed one round. //blush so, i did this again today. i finished it by 16’45″, better than yesterday. but i reduced explosive pushup from 15 to 10. for total of 6 sets of explosive pushups, i was glad i didn’t stop during each set. One leg pike press is fun, the first time i did it, i almost fell. :) never did it before.

  • David Ngog

    Hi Zuzana

    Absolutely love the site! I’m not always able to get the latest daily workout so I like to keep a reminder of some of my favourite ones with 1-page PDFs I’ve been making. I find it really useful and was wondering whether you’d like to take a look at some and see if they’re worth posting for others to use?

    Either way, keep up the good work – hopefully I’ll have abs like yours one day!


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  • Tanya

    You are such an inspiration!!!! I am going to hit the gym and try it out now. I’d say I am in pretty good shape save for some fat here and there. I am a capoeirista and have been doing Capoeira for about almost two years now. I feel that i need to do more strength exercises and more cardio so I can play Capoeira for longer periods.

    Take care and keep the workouts coming!

  • Chris L

    Hi Everyone,

    I wrote a really long reply to Mija and in response to your removing the number from the title, Zuzana. But, it was a very angry and rude comment so I deleted it myself.

    Should I point out that the number isn’t always 666, but has also been 616 or that it could be referring to the Roman Emperor Nero and not Satan?

    It’s only a number Zuzana and you shouldn’t just capitulate at the least sign someone can’t take a joke. Beside, this all has to do with Armageddon the Book of Revelations and a time and place that isn’t right now and here. Wait till 2012 passes and we find out the Mayans just ran out of space on the stone…8-)

    Numbers are truly cool and your use of them in titles of workouts is also really cool, please don’t be afraid of foolish nonsense.

    Best wishes,

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Chris,

      I guess that I am just messed up from watching different horror movies :) of course you are right. It was just a knee jerk reaction, that we feel kind of silly about now.

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  • Pingback: Body Burn Workout | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health … | Drakz News Station

  • bohdana

    Why you guys took “666″ from the name of this workout ? Don’t tell me someone complained (…haha) about that.

  • Cherry

    Hi, Zuzana,
    This was a good workout! I completed it tonight in the gym for 12’05″. i did 15 explosive push-up, aka clapping pushups? this is my first time to do this kind of push-ups too, so, before i really started this routine, i tried a few, felt okay. when i did my second set of explosive pushups, i had to take a break with plank position during the middle, so did the third set. I might have done 11 times of jump box and knees up. i was distracted for a few seconds when i was in my 9th rounds, so, i didn’t remember if i already finished the 10th or not, so, i did it again anyway. by the end, i was tired when doing the jump lunge, took two of 2,3 seconds of break with lunge position. Thanks for sharing!


  • Janet

    I am still fumbling with my jump rope skills so one footers are beyond me, and I have to do a lot of stop/starts to meet the quota using both feet, but improving daily–stoke!!! Finished in 18:35, after an hour shuffle that was supposed to be a “run” but just wasn’t. Amazed I could do the explosives and the chair hops (I used a picnic bench with a yoga mat and have decided crocs are the premier workout shoe cuz I can spread my fat little toes and balance better!). The icing on the cake was the lunges – OWEEEEEEEE! I am seeing daily improvements and I am so thrilled:))) Should’ve been doing this years ago. My surfing is stronger, too! This stuff is GREAT!


    OMG!! I did this in 23 minutes! I did the explosive push ups-no problem. My first effort to do the jump chair knee ups,welll-only my right foot landed on the chair,the left didn’t want to go. Then on the second attempt,the left foot landed and the right foot did not. LOL. Okay,I had to make my brain work the feet together and on the third attempt I landed both on the chair-whew! The jump lunges were easy,my thighs and knees are apparently getting stronger and I didn’t have any knee pain during or after. The pike press I managed to do the push up half way but I did them all. Then after the 2 rounds I did the 20 pike presses (?) without elevation on chair all the way down. It was slow going but I need to practice the push ups and make sure I get low,lower,than the half way point. I also did 30 more explosive push ups but on my knees. Even this way they were hard;I needed that extra practice. This was another great workout,Zuzana. Frederick, that was a fantastic shot of Zuzana in explosive push ups. Happy holidays to you both.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Texas Cindy,

      30 explosive push ups is a lot even from your knees. Happy holidays! :)


    Having fear the devil will get you because you used the numbers 666,indicates YOU BELIEVE SATAN HAS MORE POWER than GOD’S POWER. Please don’t allow yourself to be drawn into that circle of fear.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Texas Cindy,

      now you guys got me completely confused! :) we just wanted to lighten it up.

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  • Druidek

    I found accidentally this website and I tried your workout… I didn’t count the time, but I am sure I made it in about 40 minutes. Now my body is shaking and I am all wet… excellent =) Thank you for your time and effort with this project,

    PS: English is not my maternal language, therefore I am sorry for the mistakes .)

  • Audra Gatti

    Hello Zuzana!

    I love, love, loved the Hot Body Burn workout! I don’t have a jump rope so, instead mimicked it with one legged hops. I also couldn’t do the jump lunges (have bad knees) so instead I did step-back toe-touch lunges. The pike presses and explosive push-ups were intense too! I finished in 18 min 45 sec. and the fat keeps on melting…

    You are my inspiration,

  • Nilds

    Hi Zuzana,
    I did todays workout in 21 minutes and my only modification was with the explosive pushups- I did 5 on my knees. Also I only try to comment on the workout itself but I have to say, you have AMAZING legs! We always see your stomach which is by all means also AMAZING, but most of the time your legs are covered. I’m in awe with picture #1! I know it took a lot of hard work to get there so Congratulations, you deserve a compliment at the very least!
    Thanks again! See you tomorrow!

  • Samantha

    This is a fab workout thank you – I didn’t do it yesterday as I didn’t think I’d be able to perform the Explosive Push Up but its bugged me so much I just went for it today and managed to do them. I loved the chair jump too. Finished in 20:18.

    Just a quick message to Nixstar – I have implants and mine were put above the muscle and I now wish that I had had them below as I think they do look better (I suspect that Zuzanna’s are below the muscle) as with mine you can see the outline of the implant. It is also so important to look into everything properly and make sure if you do go ahead with the operation that you are in a hospital and not a clinic. For me I was unable to do anything for one week and it was only a couple of weeks before I was back to normal.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      and how did you like to walk to the bathroom after the surgery? It was the first time in my life that I actually fainted from pain :)

      • Janet

        I sprinted 10 hill repeats, whole thing took 45 minutes with the jog there and back. Then thought I’d revisit this workout. 22 minutes, so took 3-1/2 minutes longer. Lunges were so gnarly on the thighs!!! I think I should be more piked in the presses, too. Still working on my jump rope…it’s going to take a few more weeks before I can do one leggers. Simple two leggers is all I can do, and plenty of fumbles in that:) Think I’d better google how to jump rope!

  • Patty

    Hey Zuzana, you put forth so much effort to help others get motivated that i think i should give some motivation aswell. I think you can totally do 5 of the explosive push ups with no problem!
    GO ZUZANA you are amazing! :)

  • Ellen

    Hi Zuzana,

    How long DID it take you to get in such good shape?

  • Kamillzyna

    and i did keep the name — i am getting signs but all GOOD signs but i don’t know if that has anything to do with the workout. i think it’s best to just live life as much as possible without being supersitious. Just Keep it chill, & go with the flow and be a little more laidback.

  • Kamillzyna

    i’ ve finally complete this workout — it accually wasn’t that bad in my opinion, although it was an intensive killer cardio. my time was 16:36

  • Igor

    Why did you change the name of а workout? Are you afraid of devil to attack you?))

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Igor,

      yeah, I got scared :)

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  • Greg

    I’m one of those ‘new visitors’ and I’m amazed to learn this one workout is the extent of your training. Thanks for sharing. You’re is making a difference.

  • nick from nyc

    Hi Zuzana,

    I did this workout after work today, and boy, did I need it! You know, I came home so hungry this evening, but I fought the hunger and did just one round of this workout, and you know what? My hunger practically vanished … I basically ended up eating half of what I would have eaten had I not done this workout at all. Thanks for turning me on to something magical here. I think I now know what to do to lose those extra 15 pounds.

    Buon Natale!!! Merry Christmas!!


  • Big Tex-Dallas

    Zuzana – Have no fear about the satanic numbers thing — it’s just superstitious mumbo jumbo. It’s certainly not proven by science — no scientist has used the scientific method in a science lab to run a scientific experiment that made “Satan” appear. There is no reason to live life in fear of such artificial human constructs as “Satan” that have no basis in scientific fact.

  • John

    Good video, im gonna give it a try instead of using weights

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  • Marsha

    It took me close to 30 minutes to do this workout. Most of my time is spent rewatching the video and looking at the photos to make sure I am doing the exercise correctly. My second set went by much faster than the first set. Thanks for sharing your workouts….I am more out of breath and sweat more than when I run 5 miles!

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  • Christie

    OH girl I don’t doubt that they don’t work, they kick my ass, my upper body is so sore from the Turbo Fat Blaster workout. I just figured maybe that’s why people are always questioning if you do more, because it’s not what they would expect to do to get in amazingly good shape, they are probably like no,there has to me more hours of torture.

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  • http://Nope Victor Guerra

    Damn. I almost gave up at the middle … but I did until the end.
    My time was 19min and 38secs.
    But I did it with 5 explosives push ups and just 20 reps of Jump Lunges.
    Great Workout. Thank you very much for share.
    I have a question: Does your husband/partner does that workouts too? or he does something else?
    Thanks again.


    Nixstar.. These are questions you MUST ASK YOUR DOCTOR. And I strongly recommend you talk and ask these questions with a FEMALE DOCTOR. I am a retired nurse and it is very important you get answers form someone who understands your point of perspective;whereas, male doctors tend to care ONLY for the visual aspect.(my opinon from experience) You need information regarding the internal healing as well as the external healing process. It’s not just about silicone/saline etc. You must prepare yourself emotionally and physically for the fact that you will NOT BE ABLE to do much in physical movement much less exercise. Although,if you have a good doctor, get him to refer you to a physical therapist that works with post-op breast surgery as soon as possible. The longer you remain immobile the more the muscles will atrophy. However,if your doctor feels or tells you a therapist is not necessary,PLEASE,PLEASE get a second opinion and or another doctor;or go to a Physical Therapy facility that does not require a doctors referral and works with post-op breast surgical clients. I don’t know where your from but some countries have laws that protect a patients rights regarding in hospital care and post-op treatment. Please do lots of research before the surgery should you finally decide that’s what you want or need. Most importantly, make sure the doctor performing the surgery is licensed to perform breast implant surgery in that hospital. And have the surgery done in a HOSPITAL,I know many are performed in a doctors “clinic”,but you must protect yourself incase something goes wrong;you will be in a hospital where emergencey procedural care can be facilitated. I so hope your desire for these implants are to enhance your body type(maybe your overall body frame isn’t in proportion.) and not JUST for making you look “sexy”. I strongly feel women need to help other women in issues of such importance;even though, breast implant surgery is performed “every day”. I apologize if you feel I have been insulting or have intruded needlessly.

  • Amy from California

    Awesome workout! I finished it in 26 minutes and 50 seconds. I am sweaty and feel good. I have to get use to jumping on chair for step ups though. I jarred my kneck a little doing it and I think it’s because the movement was controlled because I was nervous, but I did it and awesome job!

  • Joel

    Hi Zuzana…Great workout!!!!!!

  • Heidi

    I love your workouts :) I was just wondering do you still show the full list of workouts somewhere with summer fit, upper/lower body workout etc, i can only seem to find the daily workouts and ab torture ones


  • SpanishGirl

    Ey Zuzana, I just wanted to know what is your body fat percentage at the time. I want to get an visual idea of the numbers. And what was the body fat rate that you started froM? Thank you for answering

  • Ellen

    sorry for my previous comment, my questions were a bit vague ;) . Here they are again:

    -could you please tell me how your day to day meals look like? Breakfast, lunch, eveningmeals and snacks in between, I would like to know what is the best food.
    -And I want to lose overall weight, and especially wanna build a strong abdominal core, like yours ;) . what are the best exercises for getting this.
    -My next questions may sound stupid to you, but I was not sure about this. How often do you workout? Are you doing 1 workout per day, or several? And so, maybe in what combination.
    -How long, from my point, do you think it would take me to be able to have a flat stomach?

  • Ellen

    Hey Zuzana,

    I would like to say, after viewing a few videos from you, that they seem very good! Now, I would really like to start doing workouts. But since I don’t really know much about fitness, I would appreciate it, if you could answer some of my questions.

    I weigh 60kgs, am 170cm tall and i’m 16 years old, so thats not what I call very well shaped. So that means I would like to lose some weigh.

    -Could you please tell me how your day to day meals look like? Breakfast, lunch, eveningmeals and snacks in between, I would like to know what is the best food.
    -And I want to lose overall weight, and especially wanna build a strong abdominal core, like yours ;) .
    -My last questions may sound stupid to you, but I was not sure about this. How often do you workout? Are you doing 1 workout per day, or several? And so, maybe in what combination.
    -How long, from my point, do you think it would take me to be able to have a flat stomach?

    Lastly, I have to say that I play (field)hockey, so it’s not that i’m not trained at all, just not as much as I would like.

    I would really appreciate it, if you took the time to answer my questions.
    Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad English ;) .


  • Vera

    Ahah Zuzana, Michael Jackson would be jealous of the second picture!

  • Katya

    Great workout as always.Finished in 23 min 12 sec.Those explosive push ups really are evil)

  • jesal

    zuzana awesome work pls do more jumprope cardio videos. ya amazing. u look beautiful as always but i like the other blonde more on you. i feel like this color looks too ashy and doesnt brighten up ya complexion like the other color.

    also frederick is such a cutie

  • autumn

    wow this workout was great!!!!!! I couldnt jump p on the chair so I just stepped up…and finshed in 22:05:43 amount of time..keep the great workout coming plzz!!

  • ES

    Hi Guys,

    I have run into a dilema. Having followed the routines (+ my own 20 min weight work afterwards) for almost 2 months now I have reached a pretty good level of fitness, having been in pretty good shape to start with. The problem is this, as my fitness has increased my ability to “cheat” effectivly has also increased resulting in dramatic time drops. After taking almost 4 min out of Z on the “Perverted” workout I realized that while still an awesome workout, most of the streanth benefit was lost in that 4 min. So I have decided to stop competing time wise but concentrate on doing each excercise the very best I can, much like a Bikram class and use Z’s time as a benchmark of the fastest I should be. I also know from Bikram that my cardio workout will also increase with this effort.

    Am I on the right track? Thanks again for everything.


    PS, In the spirit of the “Rocky” movement going on here I abandonded my weight bar and started using a big ball of marble (wife calls it artwork, shhhhhhh) that weighs about 50lbs for my weight work, it has a hole that I stick a plunger handle through.

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  • http://bodyrocktv Judy

    I love your workout outfits. Where do you get them?
    I’m a busy mom/wife and only exercise at home (indoors mainly).
    But my main question is: “Is it safer to wear shoes when exercising or be barefoot/sock-feet”

  • Nazgul

    Zuzana, I noticed that you in the end of every video tells us the time of your completed workout. Does it really matter if I do it in 10min or continue working my butt off and complete it in 45min? Will I get quicker in shape if I train 1 hour, doing my best, than if I train 22min?

  • Barbara

    Loved the workout, very challenging. Thank you

  • Niko

    Hi Zuzana, thanks for another great workout. I’ve been using your site from about a month or so before your daily workouts started, following each workout as they appear. Before this I lapsed my training but now feel fitter than I have done for ages, and also much happier and healthier too. They’ve also benefited my work as a farmer which can be pretty physical at times, wrestling my sheep that weigh about 80kg! You guys really have made me turn over a new leaf of discipline and fitness, thanks so much!

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  • Luciana

    Wow, 27.08 my best time (i did five push ups but i´m almost dead)! It´s a killer cardio.
    Keep up the hard work, Lika.

  • Vegan_Laura

    Everyone has abs but they are not visible due to diet because as the saying goes “abs are made in the kitchen” so try eating both more nutritiously and less calories. Make sure to eat portions every few hours or your body will think it’s starving & store useless fat.

  • Janet

    holy moly I am in trouble!!! I am already suffering from the last one with the tuck pull ups. This is turning into some serious work. I will psych up for another hour before diving in! I think I need a massage first!

  • Nelya

    Hello Zuzana and Frederick,

    I wanted to thank you for everything that you guys are doing. I know this has been said many times, but I can not express how wonderful it is that all this great advice and workouts are free and so helpful! In only a couple of weeks I see my body getting leaner and stronger, what a great feeling :) I really hope you keep this going for a long long time, there are a lot of fans who really need you to keep themselves motivated and reach their goals! Thank you once again!


  • Jamie

    I was soaked in sweat and my time was 22 mins :) )

  • Niki

    Loved this workout! I completed it in 23 min and 35 sec! My only question is on the jumping lunges… I was wondering how you kept the weight in your heels and not in your toes? I found it nearly impossible which putting the weight in the toe of course puts pressure on the knee.. so how did you minimize the impact on your knees with this one?
    also.. I loved the chair jumps! I was nervous about these but found they were alot easier for me to do then I had expected! and of course I added in my usual 10 minute ab routine afterward ;) Keep up the awesome workouts!

  • Ruth

    WOW! The title is deserved! I was a pile of slobering sweat when it was over! My time was 19:06.

    I love your routines because they are so creative. This one was one of your most difficult, at least for me, and I LOVED it! I liked all the exercises, even the jump ups which were a killer. Also, thanks to you I’m getting good at jumping rope, I never did it as a child and didn’t think it was really for me but you guys make it fun! I only messed up one time!

    Thanks for all the work you do on the site! I can’t wait to see what you have for us tomorrow!!

    Best always,


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  • http://na Tanya

    A monster workout! Great! 27 minutes (with a brief break to answer a phone call). Enjoyed it immensely after a day off, however, the jumping bits are really hard on my knees. Gotta think of some alternative.
    Thanks again for yet another chance to challenge oneself. Keep the sunny side up!

    PS. You both look real cool with those new hear styles.

  • shelly

    aloha Zuzana,
    I have a new workout for you to try.
    It’s 10 rounds for time, with 10 exercises.
    the first round you do 10 reps of each exercise, the second round decrease it to 9 reps of each, the third round decrease to 8 reps and so on, till you finish with 1 rep each in the last round.
    It took me 34 minutes today. here are the 10 exercises :
    1. low jumps
    2. mountain climbers (both feet counts as rep)
    3. toe touches w/ feet to sky
    4. side plank to pushup to side plank other side
    5. sumo squats up on toes
    6. spiderman pushups (similar to reptile, switch sides after every one)
    7. front lunge/back lunge (complete one side then switch to other)
    8. squat w/ feet together (butt to heels)
    9. box jump
    10 scissor leg lift / toe touch

    I hope you get to try it. It’s fast and fun. No stopping between rounds.
    You can pick any 10 exercises and try this…

  • Lisa :)

    This work out was great, it challenged me to try things I have never done, such as the chair jumps, pike push ups, and explosive push ups. I was surprised that I was able to do all three of them. I pushed through the work out without stopping, and finished in 16:34 huffing and puffing, but not as bad as some of the other work outs.

    The chair scared me at first, but when I learned I could do it, and the more I did them, the easier they got. I found the clap push ups to be hard on landing, so I landed and went right down into the bottom of the next push up for the three reps.

    Fun, fun, fun! Thank you for your hard work and honesty!

    Lisa :)

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  • Sherry

    Love all your bikini and workout tops like the green one and the white one with the flowers. where do you buy them?

  • Laura

    Greetings from Finland! I have followed your website about three weeks and I just love it!!!So inspiring and fun. Keep up the good work!

  • Sherry

    Who is your doctor in Prague??? I really want to see him so i can be happy lol

  • Sherry

    I love your upper half it is so perfect who is your doctor i am so scared to get some but i would go to your doctor. What is his name and where is he located? Please leave me a private message to my e-mail thanks

  • Jeff


    Thanks for the reply about the daily workouts.

    Would you suggest a certain group of your workouts to start the first week or just keep it completely random?

    Thank you

  • Sylvee

    24:04. My body’s shaking, now that was a good workout. Thanks Zuzana!

  • Peter

    Hey guys you know how to attract readers :)

    I would like to ask a question:

    How do you choose the exercises for a workout? By feel? Or do you have some rules to follow?
    I have ideas about planning daily workouts, but would be interested in how YOU pick the elements?

    Thanks a lot!
    See you tommorrow :)

  • Shawn

    This is one of the best fitness websites i’ve come across. The workouts are very creative and effective.

  • WindyCityKatie

    18 minutes, 20 seconds!

    I noticed you do your push-ups with a closer hand position, with more emphasis on using the triceps for the push motion. I currently use a wider hand position—and I think this answers my question of how you have such developed triceps! I’m going to have to shift my hand position slowly to build those triceps.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout!

  • Nimer

    Zuzana hi, this workout looks really good!!! im looking forward to do it. I want to say something about that people ask you all the time if you do something else more than this workouts. YOur workouts are super intense and effective, no question about that!!!i think anyone that would do this bodyweight workouts will feel its a real challenge even the biggest bodybuilder ever!!! what i want to say annyway is that not everyone that would do your workouts like you- will look like you. It seems pretty obvious but people tend to think that if they do the same workout as you they will have a body like you, and that is tottaly not true. Everybody have different genetics and everybody’s body works differentley, for some like you, only doing this workouts will really change their body get it toned and loose fat, for others- they will have to spend 2 more hours working out aerobiclly to get the same result at the same time. What i’m trying to say is that pepole confuse bitween doing the workout and the result they will have from it. NO question about that it is effective and great exercise for everyone!!! but people have to break the illusion about the results because everyone is different!!!

    Hope i made a point i know you understand what i’m talking about :)

    (sorry it was such long comment)
    Love and will keep watching you


  • mag

    and do you drink yogurt and milk often???
    thanks byebye

  • Lauramyster

    This workout is some tough love on the stems dangg. Took me 30 minutes & the box jumps required some breaks in between after doing 100+ jumps/leg. Not feeling 100% today but be ready for closer competition next time;) Laura

  • tiffany gatten

    Just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into putting these workouts out. I use them all the time in my boot camp class. You are the best!

  • Garry

    Another cracking workout. Those explosive push-ups are tough regardless of how fit you are and they do take quite a while for your body to accept them to give you that explosive power required to get air between your hands and terra firma.
    Good job and look forward to your next posting.

  • Mija


    it’s absolutely clear that You know everything about fitness,unfortunatly I know something about satanism. I wish I could laugh about those names of Your workouts. It’s scary because I guess You don’t know what it means or You don’t believe and think it’s a joke and don’t take it serious, but I can tell that it’s not a joke.And I know this from my horror experience.I wish I could never had such experience, but i have:(:(:( I don’t criticize You and not judging You,my advice-take it serious,they are not only names, it’s not a joke and stay away from that as far as possible.
    This is amazing site and I also like many others want to say thank You for all what You do,I started follow Your workouts about one month ago and the best thing is that-not even fat afraid from Your workouts,also depression is afraid of Your workouts.
    Thank You and I hope You will understand me right,i’m not against You,

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Mija,

      I have never thought about it this way. Wow, scary! I am changing it right now.

  • Becky

    I survived! I looked at this workout and thought- no way! I will die…… but, I beat your time by 20 sec! Thanks to you I notice that I am getting stronger everyday. I have more indurance and strength over all. I love your workouts.Plus, I loved the explosive push-ups

    I am a tall girl and “big boned” if you call it. (I do not have a tiny frame.) I have been working out for years and I finally think I got it. By body is leaner and I my clothes fit better. Your workouts and the SMALLER more frequent portions work! I am 32 have two kids- I thought I would never get back to my old body- I could get close. But, now I am in the best shape I have been in since college!

    Every morning I am so anxious to get your next work out! THANK YOU- Keep the BURN going!!

  • mag

    hi zu, nice color hair! ;)
    I want to know your opinion please, about:
    I take everyday a yogurt at 18:00pm , it’s god this?
    or is better take the diet version? or just eliminate it from my diet?
    please tell me what to do about it!

    the last workout I can’t did Plank Up Exercise , sooo sooo hard:(,and Pull Up Knee Raises becaose I don’t have rings :( , well today I will do this workout!

  • WindyCityKatie

    I have a request for one of your “articles”. You talked about this again briefly in your intro and I think it would be good to put the whole issues to rest—why you can both workout at home using bodyweight exercises and workout for a short, intense period of time–with great results!

    I’m about to make a decision–do I renew my gym membership? I have been doing your workouts on and off for the last few months and then for the last 2 weeks, I have done them everyday–no gym time. I’ve been trying to prove to myself that I can still get a good workout at home and stay motivated! However, it takes a while to unlearn certain things. What you are doing on this website isn’t radical–but it is very different. Most people are told (and believe) that the gym is where muscle is built and kitchen is where this hard work is complemented and maintained. Along with this, is the idea that a great body requires a LOT of time in the gym. I’m guilty of this too–for years and years, I’ve been going to the gym and finally trying to un-learn some of this thinking.

    I’d like to hear your argument, once and for all, why you believe that short, intense workouts with bodyweight in your home are just as good, if not better than what many people do in the gym. I see that you get a lot of comments about this and it would be nice to put this idea to rest. We are coming up on the time of year when people make New Years Resolutions–many of which involve losing weight or getting in shape (and joining a gym!).

    Thank you for this site–it is not only saving me time, but proving to me that I can workout at home with the same (if not better!) results.

  • Darren

    Hi Zuzana,

    I am a Personal Trainer from Ireland and am loving your website i came across it about a month ago and am, well impressed with tour routines it saves me from having to think to much at work on days im feeling lazy lol lol.. Have u did any fitness related courses yourself?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Darren,

      yes I am certified personal trainer. I did my course with ISSA.

  • Elthea

    Hi Zuzana

    This must sound silly, but for the life of me I can’t jump rope, I have tried and tried numerous times, but just don’t seem to get the hang of it… :-( ( What can I do in place of the rope jumps?? I reaaally want to do this exercise

    Thanx for your videos I love it!! Please do more stuff like 500reps etc. I have done those a couple of times now!! LOL

  • Sven Neumann

    Hi Zuzana,

    I love doing short, impromptu workouts during the day. I work at home and do a couple of minutes whenever I feel like it. I don’t have any equipment, which is why especially appreciate your body-weight workouts.

    My question is, what can I substitute for the jump rope? Can I simply do the hops without the rope? Or perhaps substitute knee-ups or jumping-jacks?


  • Chris L

    Hi enolate,

    You want to talk about the number? Things about 666…it’s the sum of the first 36 numbers that is 1+2+3+4…+36=666. In roman numerals it’s DCLXVI which uses one of each symbol with a value under a thousand.


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  • lisaG

    Hi Zuzana,
    i did the workout and i couldn’t do the explosive push ups but i’ll try a bit everyday and i’ll let you know about it.

    best, LisaG

  • Rebeka

    Hi Zuzano, thank thank you for your website very much !!! You are very nice, you are very sympathic and for me is the best idea, that you get all of your video free and that you are very good inspiration for all people, which don´t like go to in the gym and want to make an exercises only at home. I´m running and now I doing your exercise every day – please please, don´t stop and more of them :-) . Can you please tell me, what is the best for me ( I want some of fet down and more strong body), the running before the exercises or runing evening and rockbody morning, or together? I´m running now every day about 40-60 min.¨(one marathon for one year). Thank you for your answer. Very nice day for you and one more thanks….

  • Ashley

    Hey Zuzana,

    Just finished your awesome 666 workout in 20:43. It was really intense. The box jumps and lunge jumps were brutal! Awesome job! I started doing 4 explosive push ups but then I dropped to 3 because it does add up to a lot, and I wanted to save my chest for the pike push ups.

    Just wondering, did I inspire you to incorporate plyo and pike pushups with my suggestions last week?


  • Tina

    And I was doing 5 evil Explosive push ups instead of 3. I was very surprised.


  • Tina

    After workout – i`m dying…O my, that was more than pervert and brutal…

    21 min.

  • Charlie

    21:22! I thought those step-ups would never end! Although I realize now that I look back at the pictures that I was just stepping my other foot up to touch the chair – not lifting my knee like you did. Cheater!, right? But I’m not going to go back and do them again right now. :) I just won’t gloat about beating you today. The clapping pushups are a lot harder than they sound. Also, they’re a little rough on the shoulders, aren’t they? I think this is just a girl problem. I have kind of a small frame and so it was nice to start with a low rep so I can build up that kind of plyometric power in my shoulders gradually and (hopefully!) without injury. Thanks so much for posting these every day! Going to spend Christmas with people you haven’t seen in awhile is so much nicer when I know I’ve been working hard and look like it. You rock!


  • Skip

    Z and F: Thanks for providing this innovative and imaginative site. Z, I love your workouts because they (a) challenge me, (b) make feel energetic for the entire day, and (c) they are putting muscle mass on my ectomorphic frame. One suggestion for new users of; If a workout seems particularly long and difficult break into two or three parts you can complete on days when Zuzanna does not post a workout. I think Olivia Newton John said it best, “Let’s get into physical. I want to hear your body rock, your body rock!” You guys rock and thanks for rocking my body. When can I buy my t-shirt?

  • Carla

    Love the workout’s name 666!! hahahaha it looks awesome and I am trying this tomorrow. Will be back with my results.

    Now let’s just hope that nobody comes out and complains about the name :-) Today, I look forward to the O workout.

    And Zuzana, I so want to thank you for the daily workouts. You have inspired me to try different things. After years of exercising and partaking in kayaking competitions (professionally) i got quite bored with the gym. By all means, I kept on doing it because sports is a drug to me. But now, I do it with a great deal more of enthusiasm. I have readdressed my food intake and my body fat has gone way down again. Heck I can see all my belly muscles again! yaaaayyy!!!

    I also look forward to going on my 3 week holiday to Costa Rica knowing full well that I will still be able to exercise and enjoy myself.

    Thumbs up from cold and snowy Netherlands :) )

  • ~N

    Hello Zuzana,

    Great workout. I was able to do 10 step ups for the box jump exercise. Also, and I was surprised and happy, I was able to do 5 explosive push ups. I guess I felt motivated today.

    As usual, thanks for putting together a little challenge. I feel great & seeing results after only a week and a half. You get what you put in. :)

    Keep up the strong efforts.

    Best, ~N.

  • Tali R.

    Hi Zuzana,
    Thank you so much for this workout – it was HARD. i did regolar push ups, could not do the one you did. also thank you for answring us about your rutins. like others i also was sure that you keep working our without the camera. im working out with you for 2.5 months now – i started to see results. i have 3 kids at home one is 4 months and i do not have time for long workout that i was doing before the pregnancy (60-90 minuths) so yours are perfect. and is is soooooo nice to see results and to beileve that if i keep it i will go back to “myself’ before the pregnancy.
    one more thing – is that okay that i do the skeeping with out the jump rope it self?
    my time was 26.04 minuts.(that inclod stoping few times to talk to my girls)

    Thank you

  • Anneliis


    In the recipe where the “or” is should be ” or regular potatoes, you just need to cut them and start boiling them before the vegetables”.


  • Anneliis

    Good morning Zuzana!

    It’s 9.22 a.m in Estonia. I must say this workout DOES look like 666. At the beginning of the One Leg Pike Press I thought you were standing on the chair, but ofcourse the picture wasn’t right.

    I really like the way Frederic captures the video, moving around and showing You from almost every angle. This gives very little chance of error doing the exercises.

    The skipping rope part is a bit tricky for me to do at home cause the ceilings of my house are too low. I could do skipping outside, but it’s -20C and 10 cm snow here. I have to come up with some kind of solution with that.

    I do have a recipe. It is one of my favourite soups, it’s easy to make and tastes really good.
    You just need some vegetables on your own choise, some milk, salt and curry.

    Yesterday I used:
    frozen vegetable mix (broccoli, carrot, cauliflower)
    3 potatoes (leftovers from day before) or
    some milk (maybe 300 ml)
    salt and curry

    I made it like this:
    I had some boiled potatoes from the day before – leftovers in other word – so i didn’t need to cut and boil them. I boiled the vegetables until they were done, added the potatoes and then mashed the whole thing into a puree. You can also use a blender for this, I do not have one. Then added a fiew cups of milk, a bit salt and curry and heated it again until to boil. And ready it was.

    Now, how much water and milk, and what vegetables to use is up to you. The more water and milk the more liquid the soup will be. I like it rather thick so I didn’t use that much water. You can also cut out the milk from the recipe, the soup is still tasty. Well, at least to me. Or you can replace the milk with some cream.

    Best regards,


  • benno ridder

    thank you for the fast response.
    and offcourse for the help
    i will follow your blog every day now because you workouts look like a real challenge. and more fun than being in the gym with machines.

  • Natalie

    Perfect !!

  • enolate

    Hi Zuzana,

    Thank you for new workout! I have a question, why did you call your workout 666?

    P.S. your hair looks good, new and different… Also you and your husband look alike =)


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Enolate,

      I have got this name for workout from Juanetta who posted a comment with her workout. Of course for her workout it would make more sense because she was doing 3 exercises by 6 reps. I just really like the name because it indicates an intensive workout.

  • JasonW

    Thanks for this amazing workout, have been following your routines for a couple weeks now and already I can tell its working great! What do you suggest we do on days when we get home and find there is no video posted? Does that mean we should assume you took the day off for rest, and we should too? Or should we do an old routine? That may be a dumb question, but when there’s no new workout I start getting real nervous, like a lost child wandering around the streets. You should also post a note letting us know you guys are OK, because you sort of become part of the family after several weeks of doing this.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi JasonW,

      when we don’t post a video, it means that I didn’t workout that day. It is up to you if you will take a day of rest, active rest, or if you try to beat some of you personal bests.

  • Jenaé Plymale

    Wow, Killer workout!! LOVE it :) Your outfit is awesome by the way. But I liked your hair better blond! But Your pig tales are always so sexy-adorable!!

  • Daphne

    Hi, first time visiting the site and I must say I’m impressed of the variety. Just a random question, before doing this routine…what I must eat? I mean I’m planning doing this in the morning since I have spare time…what you recommend? Please it sounds stupid but nobody, not even my ex-couch could give me an answer.

    Hope of having news from you and thanks!

  • elegantzie

    Your new hair color looks beautifulll~

  • Christie

    People that are new may be asking if this is all you do because they are not sure if this type of body weight exercising is all you have done to achieve the level of fitness you are at. Because before you moved you did all kinds of videos with equipment to achieve your fitness level. They may think you went from unfit to fit with only the body weight exercise.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      I have been living in Malta since the beginning of October. If these workouts wouldn’t work, I would loose the shape that I was at. It takes a lot of work just to maintain your level of physical fitness (especially as you get older) and I have improved since then. It is way easier to get out of shape then to get in shape. Believe me that anyone could get in shape with bodyweight exercises only. I know people who have never used weights in their life and are in tremendous shape thanks to bodyweight workouts, swimming, jogging and biking. I used to workout with weights and my workouts used to be long, but not as effective as these short intense bodyweight routines. If I felt that these workouts don’t work, I would be working out with weights the way I used to. I am happy that I found a way that is perfect for me to workout and I am just very passionate about this and I like to share it.

      • nay

        Ahoj Zuzko.Takze to znamena, ze jsi tuhle formu a vypracovane telo ziskala predevsim diky cviceni s vahami a stroji? :( ted jsem zmatena. Myslela jsem, ze to bylo diky temto cvicenim, proto jsem je zacala provozovat, protoze jsem chtela dosahnout stejne tak pekne vyrysovane a stihle, ale zaroven fyzicky silne postavy jako ty. Posilovnu jsem opustila, protoze take zatezovala hodne ma kolena a ostatni klouby. Asi nemam moc sanci dostat se na tvou uroven jen bodyweight cvicenim?…Muzes se podivat na mou fotku ted (v odkazu)… myslis,ze bych mohla mit nekdy postavu jako ty? Mam siroke boky a hodne tuku na zadku a brise, chjo… dekuju. Chtela bych hlavne vedet, jestli teda musim zaradit opet posilovnu, abych si vypracovala postavu jako ty a pak delala uz to bodyweight… jsem dost prekvapena z tohoto komentare.

        • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

          To jsi me spatne pochopila. V tom komentari jsem uvedla, ze bodyweight mi prineslo od rijna uzasny vysledky a ze jsem se nejen udrzela v te kondici co jsem uz byla ale dokonce jsem se i zlepsila. Pokud nezvladnes cviky s vlastnim telem, tak podle me nema smysl zacinat s cinkama. Nejdriv se dostan do poradny kondice skrze bodyweight a pak si zacni zvedat tezky cinky pokud to teda jeste budes potrebovat. Kazdy se muze dostat do vyborne formy diky pravidelnemu cviceni, ale vysledky se nedostavi pres noc. Chce to trpelivost a hlavne silnou vuli. Hodne stesti.

          • nay

            dekuju Zuzko, jen jsem byla zmatena z toho prvniho komentare. Dekuji za tip. Uz bych se nechtela vracet ke strojum. Znicila jsem si tam kolena, ze ted mi pri kazdem drepu v nich lupe, ale byla to ma vlastni hloupost. Skoda, ze jsem na tyhle stranky nenarazila driv…Nicmene tve workouty jsou vyborne a po absolvovani nekterych z nich mohu rict, ze jsou opravdu tvrde, ale o to vice je mam rada. Uz me nebavilo travit ty nekonecne casy v posilovne. Nejvice ocenuji na tvych workoutech, jak jsou stale jine a tim i zabavne, nemohou omrzet. Take ti preji hodne stesti a dekuju za kazdodenni inspiraci.

  • ISIS

    I am hooked on your workouts. I love that every morning i can do a different workout. What is the best way to loose body fat? what are the foods that i can eat to achieve this?

  • Nixstar

    Dear Zuzana – you are simply an inspiration!

    I’m wondering if you could discuss your experience with breast implants & exercise. In particular, whether to go above or below the muscle, saline/silicone, round/tear-drop, possible limitations/compliations, etc.

    I am currently considering surgery but adore my exercise and don’t want it to get in the way of my fitness. I hope you don’t mind me saying but your (o)(o)’s are perfect!

    Many thanks in advance

    Nik :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Nixstar,

      You would have to discuss this with your doctor, I can only tell you that it was very painful and I didn’t exercise at all for about 2 months after the surgery and I couldn’t do push ups until 6 months after the surgery. I got out of shape in this period of time. I had cellulite and no muscle tone. Now I am very happy tho, I like the way it looks and I have no scars visible. My doctor in Prague did a very good job.

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  • Jeff

    Honest question. How often a week do you do the same workout? Do you change it up in between your video posts or just do the same for 5 to 7 days or do you switch it up? Thank you for the inspiration and lifestyle changing advice.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Jeff,

      I do the workouts on a daily basis as I upload them. That’s why I call them daily workouts :) I change it up from one day to another.

  • Nicole M-H(Trinidad, Caribbean)

    Hi Zuzana,
    You look smoking hot.
    I know you already share so much of your life with us,
    but I was hoping you’d also share what you eat on a daily basis.
    Thanks so much.

  • Ale- from Mexico

    Hi Zuzana..
    A year ago I was in shape because I was doing good workouts on the gym , a few months learning capoeira and that was great for me because i really burned fat, but now I have some days seeing your routines and I tried to do it, but I really can´t do them because are hard so i am desperated and I wanted to ask you about how I can start to be hard and do your workouts? running? I dont know , just tell me good tips to star and get in shape soon please .. You have a nice web site , congratulations!!! and you really are in shape and look really hard . I hope some day look as you are now
    Thanks in advance. have a great time .. = )

  • FlaviaRJ

    Hey Zuzana! great workout!
    I can´t wait to do this one! I´m still taking care of my neck but I´ll soon be able to exercise again, while I can´t, I´m still seeing your videos and your site. =)

    I was looking the pictures of the exercises and something came in my head, you write how to do exercises very carefully, and for lots of exercises it´s obvius what musculars groups they work.. but there´s some exercises (that are VERY effectives) that are not so obvious, like dancing crab for example.. when I saw the picture I thought it only worked the shoulders and the glutes, but my lower back worked hard too when I did it. So I´m asking you if you could tell us in the explanation of the exercises what part of the body the correspondent exercise works. I know that bodyweight exercises works a lot of musculars groups in the same time, and it´s great, because it balances the hole body (I´m addicted to bodyweights exercise too) and sometimes I put togheter a lot of diferents routines to make my own, and that´s why I´m asking you to tell us about the parts the exercises works..
    Hope I´m not being incovenient, It´s just an idea I had… Thanks a lot for those great workouts one more time and for the great inspiration, and now you inspire us more, because we can join you in your every day workouts!!
    Thanks a lot Zuzana and Frederick!

  • Brett

    Could feel the cardio in this one for sure. Thank you for another great workout.

    Happy Holidays.

  • Emily

    Finished in 22:08! Great workout! It was really hard and honestly, I didn’t think I’d make it for the second round… but I did. I’m proud of myself :) My favorite was the one leg pike press, though… those were super fun! Thanks.

  • Michael Kinlan

    I look forward to trying some of your workouts. I have been training for quite some time now and I find that I must cycle my training periods throughout the year. If I don’t I end up sore in my joints and eventually I have even hurt myself. These type of bodyweight exercises combined with cardio are just the ticket. I love the time challenge also. I will let you know how I do-Michael K

  • Nata

    hey! this work out really killed me. I replaced the explosive push ups for pull ups because my wrists have been hurting with all those push ups, and I really need to work on my pull ups. My time was 23:57. It was my first time doing one leg pike press too. It was really hard, so I didn’t go all the way down like you.

  • Lauren Kalene

    Ouch !! This workout kicked my butt!! I just want to let you know that you inspire and encourage me to continue working out and never quit :) and I want to thank you for that. With your help and these kick butt workouts I’m sure I’ll achieve my dream body !!

  • Ellie

    oh wow! this is very intense workout.. cant wait to try it

  • Ella

    Wow. You are very amazing. I admire you a lot! Keep on rockin :)

  • Aira Pratama

    Hi Zuzana, I really love your workout series, especially your daily workout series.

    One of my goals in 2010 is to have the ideal body, and I hope to achieve with the exercises which give Zuzana.

    Currently I weight 51kg and 173cm tall, according to Zuzana what the proper healthy weight for me?

    Oh yes, I’m a guy.

  • Jean-Sebastien

    Hi zuzana, did 20min 45 sec and I RRRReally pushed myself to beat you this time cause the chair exercise was killing me! I am completely dead !

    Thanks for this amazing workout !

  • Allen

    Love the workouts, they are always fun so keep up the great work!
    How about incorporating an exercise that works your back or shoulder muscles?


  • Guillermo

    hey zuzana have u ever tried working on your breathing techniques wen working out?

  • Jonathan

    Thank you Zuzana for sharing this new intensive workout with us!
    I’ve watched many of your videos and I must say that you’ve inspired me to start training again.

    I used to train athletic five times a week, but during my time in the army this was reduced to once every month.
    I lost 8kg (from 72-64kg)during my time in the army. I weigh 60kg today (181cm tall) and starting to get really skinny and don’t have much energy to do things. (Help!)
    What do you think about nutritional supplements & sport nutritional? Never used it before.

    PS: Any workouts about improving coordination and balance?

  • Natali

    You look amazing!This workout is great!thank you.I have a wish:))I would really want to see you in a dress or in some elegant clothes,becouse we alwaus see you in sport clothes or in jeans.If you wear some sexy dress somethimes please take some pictures and post them.Happy new year,Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Natali Macedonia!

  • Natalie

    good workout =) i know this doesnt go for this workout, but in your other ones you do pull ups with the rings, what can we use if we dont have those?

  • Rosario, Chile

    Hi Zuzana, I really suffer/loved today`s workout. But I have a question. Is it bad or in any way unhealthy that beside the daily routine I run 30 minutes to? I ran before I discovered your blog and I really love it, but maybe I need to combine or run less time?
    Thanks :) , and again amazing workout.

  • Colleen

    I like the new hair color!!! Thanks for this awesome work out– I can’t wait to try it tomorrow! I have never had a six pack before in my life and I definitely am getting one because of these workouts! Guys at the gym are asking me how I’ve been getting such definition! :o ) Thank you!!

  • Robert

    Wow, I don’t know if the pike press or the clap pushups are more impressive (both!!!)
    Thanks for posting all these vids, you are really giving us all a gift.

    P.S. I don’t know why, but every time you step up, or jump or tap your foot on something, it sounds almost like the click of a really good keyboard to me. I like it! :)

  • Stefan

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick

    Hello, I just want to say, that your workout routines are great, I started watching them 3 mounts ago, and they really put me back in shape after 2 years in hospital, I got my endurance and strength 100% back. And now I have a problem, my abs tone, are not getting better, and I am one of those people that have abs after 5min workout. I do your workout routines every morning, and I started to go to gym 2 weeks ago, every part of my body is getting better, just my abs, they are stronger, but they don’t get that muscle tone, I work my ass off when it comes to them. I even think that they getting worse, from six-pack abs I got 4 now, like I say they are stronger, but they are losing tone, my question is should I still do my 120% when doing abs, or taking it easy, or maybe you have some third option???
    PLS HELP!!!

    P.S.This workout lucks hard, can’t wait to try it.:PPP
    All the best


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Stefan,

      what exactly do you do to work your abs?

  • Diana

    Wow this was pretty intense!! I did it in 30 minutes which was not that bad I guess. The box jumps and step ups were the hardest and what took the longest!!!THanks so much for your videos. You are my inspiration!!!

  • chrissy

    Hey, great workout! Can’t wait to try it tomorrow. Also, nice new hair colors btw :)

  • Carmen

    Hi Zuzanna I cannot watch the video. Has something changed? Love your workouts. Carmen.

  • Alexander

    Hi Zuzana!

    I have few questions. If we do an intensive workout like this daily, is 20-30 minutes of this kind of workout enough for one day to build a fit body? Also what is the best time for this kind of workout? Morning, afternoon or evening? Is there a difference if you do this kind of workout in different parts of the day or it doesn’t mather?

  • Danielle

    Wow, looks crazy! I have to get another jump rope though…because my dog chewed mine in half lol. But great work out!!

    Ps. love your new hair cuts :D

  • Vanessa

    This was such an amazing workout!
    I follow your workouts every day and I love the fact that they’re quick, convenient, and very effective.