Dec 17 2009

300 Rep Nightmare Workout

Hi Everyone,

I had another intense workout today and to be honest I am already thinking to take it easy tomorrow. I know I said that I will do 3 intense workouts in a row, but I will rather listen to my body then be a hero. It is important that you do the same thing. You are more then welcome to follow my daily workouts, but remember that we are all individuals and we all know what’s best for us. If you feel tired for whatever reason, then take it easy and don’t push yourself too hard just because I have updated the site with a new workout. There are many things that can affect the amount of energy we have during the day. It could be the weather, stress, lack of sleep, environment, or food that is rubbing us of energy. I think that 2 intensive workouts in a row is pretty good accomplishment, so let’s take it easy tomorrow. What if we do something like 1500 jumps with a jump rope and see how fast we can do it? It’s still an amazing cardio, so we don’t have to feel like we missed something.

Now let me show you what is this 300 Rep Nightmare workout all about.

************* UPDATE: Sorry guys but the video crashed out on us. We were working all afternoon to get this up for you and the computer froze and locked up. When we restarted the projects files were toast :( It was too late to start again with this video so we are going to take another run at this one later. If you can follow from the pictures below then give it a try or you can go back and try to beat your own personal best for a previous workout. **************************************************************************************************************

There are 3 rounds of the following exercises in this order:

1. Snowboarder – 20 reps


2. Pull Ups – 5 reps


3. Side V- Crunch – 10 reps on each side


4. Dive Bombers – 10 reps


5. Hanging Knee Raises – 10 reps


6. One leg Side lunge and Back Lunge Jump – 10 reps on each leg



Start in the side lunge position and then jump up on the standing leg. Do a back lunge and jump up again on the same leg. This counts as 1 rep. I did 10 reps on each leg. You will feel the burn.

7. One Leg Burpee with Santana Zuzana Push up – 5 reps on each side.


Start by standing on one leg, squat down and jump into a plank position keeping one leg in the air the whole time. Do a one leg push up and then twist into a side plank position as you can see on the picture. Bring the elbow down towards your supporting hand and then reverse the movement. Get into a one leg plank and jump into a squat, then jump up on one leg.  This was one rep, I did 5 on each leg.

8. One Leg Squat to Roll Back – 5 reps on each leg


Do the one leg squat and roll on your back holding your foot and keeping your leg straight. Roll forward and into the squat again. Get up on one leg while still holding your foot. I did 5 reps on each leg.


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  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    13:42 :)

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    13:42 :)

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi everyone, did this one today.. It totally killed me! my time was: 33.18 minutes. Did everything in good form.. did have to stop to move stuff around. so that might have slowed me a bit.. Nice one! X

  • sheniye

    21’10! avec 2′ de pause. + 1 burpeerin!!!

  • Mary Lou

    Nightmare, indeed!
    11:14 end of 1st round
    22:51 end of 2nd round
    34:33 end of 3rd round
    Those rollback squats just may be the answer to me figuring out 1 leg squats! Excellent! Pull ups still all assisted but at least I can ALMOST do unassisted chin ups. Slowly but surely.

  • Mary Lou

    Nightmare, indeed!
    11:14 end of 1st round
    22:51 end of 2nd round
    34:33 end of 3rd round
    Those rollback squats just may be the answer to me figuring out 1 leg squats! Excellent! Pull ups still all assisted but at least I can ALMOST do unassisted chin ups. Slowly but surely.

  • Isidora

    Did this workout for the first time. (actually i done it once before but i changed the pull ups and hanging knee raises cuz of no equipment.) I put a bamboo stick (a fat one) between 2 doors and it worked perfect.
    First round i did 4 reps, then 3 reps and lastly 3 reps. 

     (i took out the side crunches :D ) and the santana push ups, when on the plank position i just lifted my hand up instead of doing a side crunch. I just didnt have alot of time so thats why i did it like that.
    Heres exactly what i did:

    1. Snowboarder 20 reps / 20 reps / 20 reps
    2. Pull ups 4 / 3 / 3
    3. Dive bombers 10 / 10 / 10
    4. Hanging knee raises 10 / 10 / 10
    5. L lunges 10 e/s / 10 e/s / 10 e/s
    7. One leg burpee + santana push up 5 e/s / 5 e/s / 5 e/s
    8. One leg roll squat: 5 e/s / 5 e/s / 5 e/s

    first round: 7:53
    second round: 8:24
    third round: 9:22 
    TOTAL: 25:40 min.

    My upper back really felt the dive bombers after the pull ups! When i finished i was SOO hungry! great workout! 

  • Vivi

    I did it after O face wo.
    My time is 17.44 min.
    I discovered the one leg squat to roll back, and 5 on each legs is really enough !!!!

  • Мария Давлеева

    24:48. So enjoyable!
    Plus a burpee for Erin.

  • Bohdanam

    today 9-12-11 took me 20:17min
             in ’10     took me 23:20 min and 22:55min
      and in ’09     it took 31:56 min
    still great workout!!!!!!

  • Zoe Quixote

    holy cow!!!! i really beat my time–by 9 minutes!!!!
    i can’t believe it!
    thanks so much, guys!!

  • Zoe Quixote

    wow!!!!! this is my new favorite workout ever!! i didn’t do so hot on time, but i can’t believe all the things i’ve become able to do in just 4 months of body-rocking! i never thought i’d do a one-legged squat, and i did all the pull-ups, dive-bombers, and push-ups with no assistance!!!
    thank you so much!!!!!!!

  • kim marie

    i haven’t been able to access the sight properly for 3 day :-( is any one else havin this problem.

  • Charlie D.

    I’m totally pumped – on April 24, I did this in 36:00:42 – I was really disappointed. Today, I did it in 29:03:42, which, although it’s still not faster than you, is a lot faster than I was the last time. In my defense, it’s 36 degrees here. The Color Purple is not just a Pulitzer prize-winning novel, it’s also my complexion right now. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was this sweaty. Cold shower time. And next time I do this…I’m going to beat you.

  • Tab

    Everyone already says this, but whatever, I’m sure one more appreciative person isn’t ever unwelcome.
    Zuzanna and Frederick, thank you so much for this site. I’ve always kept myself in shape, but I was limited to 4 exercises: jogging, sit-ups, lunges, and push-ups. It got extremely boring with no variety. You’ve taught me so many new exercises, and made my work-outs fun again. Also, you’ve introduced work-outs for different muscles that I’d formerly neglected, and so I look and feel better than ever before. :)
    Also, Zuzanna’s accent and smile make it fun to watch the videos–you seem so sweet and friendly, even when your tooth is in great pain, haha.

  • Charlie D.

    I am totally embarrassed about my results. I did this in 36:00:42. Which is about 3 weeks longer than I expected it to take. Well, it’s something to beat next time I guess.

  • rikku

    I had a very tiring day so i decided to do only 2 rounds. (better than nothing philosophy!) I finished them in 17:37.

  • Channy

    I really appreciate your workout! I’m never able to do it all the way, but i’m trying anyway! ^^ One day, i’ll be able to follow ^^ Good Job and tahnk you for all your work!

  • Mariusz PL

    Hey Zuzana, I did this workout :) After 20 minutes I have finished only first round but I’m not giving up! One day I’ll finish all of the 3 rounds at this time. I really believe it – thanks to YOU!! :* :)

  • Lolly

    Blimey, am I the only person on here that doesn’t have knees made from steel.
    I am unable to do the Ninja Jumps due to knee problems so if anyone could suggest what could be substituted for this exercise I’d be grateful, thanks, anyone, please!

    • Charlie D.

      You know, I bet you’ll be able to do them eventually – why don’t you try a variation where your arms help a little so the landing isn’t so rough. You could kneel between two chairs and put an arm on each for support as you need it.

  • http://What'sthebesttimeforthedentist? Brent

    Tooth Hurty. Remember, do not drink through a straw, it will unlodge the clot and could cause another infection.

  • Janet

    I had to do this again because I left the hops out of the burpees last time. It is a bit of a focus challenge to remember all the moves in the heat of the moment! This time I did it right, and with better form and less agony :)

    Thank you for keeping me motivated..I look forward to tomorrow’s challenge!

  • Rose Saal

    I just happened upon your site, and am so thankful!

    I hope to start following your workouts daily.

    Happy New Year!

  • Jaime

    Hello fron Spain Zuzana

    you are very beautiful and looks strong whit that exercises.Its the first time I enter in this blog but wont be the last :-)


  • Janet

    Tried this again and got 22:04 but when I stopped I realized I had conveniently forgotten the hop in the burpee. But I will not do it over again!!!

  • Predrag

    You are Just COOL ! :)

  • Kindra

    I’m so excited!
    I can FINALLY do a one legged sqaut!
    I’ve been struggling with that one for awhile but this excersie where you roll onto your back and then back up on one leg was great training for the mind/body connection to get the correct form down!

  • Heather

    Was doing this workout and on the side lunge my carpet slid and I seemed to have pulled a muscle in my groin area. I am going to have to postpone this one. Very disappointing.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Heather,

      sorry to hear that, I hope you will be ok soon.

  • Audra Gatti

    Hi Zuzana,

    I finished this brutal workout in 29 min 55 sec. Again, thank you so much for these great workouts. Your the BEST there is!

    Your my inspiration,

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  • lucky

    aww you look cute with longer hair :)

  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    You swear? You probably run all night long…ask Fred. 8-)


  • Chris L

    Hi Everyone,

    I guess my Christmas Gift idea is antithetical to you all’s interest in having new workouts throwout the season. I had hope we could let Zuzana workout with Frederick as a team or listen to some nice music while sweating.


  • john

    hello zusana

    I’m new here, I’ve seen your videos and really are amazing

    and I see that you have exercised the right abs that you’ve been exercising with your workouts, but why your abdomen has those squares marked?

  • Gabby

    What can you replace rings with? Cuz it is so cold wherer I live and I live in a one,story home so there’s no place I can hang them. Please, I really want to strt doing pull_ups again:)


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  • Maria

    Hi Zuzana,

    Do you do any cardio workouts outside of the workouts you publish? I just can’t imagine you being so lean without exercising all day long. You have the perfect body! Really.

    What makes you prefer the body weight workouts versus using weights?


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      I swear that I don’t do anything else besides the bodyweight daily workouts. I love them because I can do them anywhere and I am getting great results without having to spend money on weights. I think that weights are great and also necessary if you want to be lifting more weight then your own bodyweight – like power lifters for example. If you are able to handle your own bodyweight then you are already very strong. Take the pull ups, push ups, one leg squats or handstand push ups (I am not that strong yet). You can always make bodyweight exercises more difficult. In terms of cardio, I am getting incredible cardio already with these workouts.

  • Sean ‘The Passion Man’

    Hi Zuzana and Fredrick,
    Thank you so much for all your efforts to provide the world with such high quality workouts, videos (99.9% of the time lol), descriptions and genral health related information. As you can tell from the interest and comments YOU ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

    Thought your followers might appreciate the GYM JONES website that originated the ’300′ workout. Based on the challenge that the actors from the movie were ‘invited’ to takje after their gruelling 4 months of pre-filming training!

    Beware it is not for the faint hearted…remember the old adage that “Pain is weakness leaving the body!…Gym Jones lives and breathes it!

    Love to you both and all your followers. Happy holidays however you celebrate them, do it with passion!
    Sean The passion Man.

  • Jay

    “300″ Workout with weight incorporation.

    Alright here is what we utilize as out “300″ workout. The primary use for this is an assessment tool to gauge your increase or decrease in fitness. It sound ruthless because it is. I make sure I emphasize form and focus to anyone who I have starting out. With anything speed comes with better form and fitness.

    You take a break as needed, with over all goal being able to knock these out in one set.

    25 Pull Ups
    50 Push Ups
    50 Dead Lifts (weight at 135 lbs)
    50 Floor Waivers (hold bench press @135 lbs and conduct leg throws)
    50 Box Leaps (at 24 inches)
    50 Kettle Bell Cleans (weight at 25 lbs)
    25 Pull Ups

    I am not sure what the adjustment would be for a smaller body type but I guess just make your own trial and error to see what works. I’ve move up in weight on the dead lifts and kettle bell, but its mostly because I’m trying to increase what I get out of it now. I’ve been doing this for over a year and a half as an assessment tool for myself and only recently implemented it into my unit as well. My first session I attempted took me a grueling 40+ minutes and some not so great acid reflex. My best session took me 16:45 and from there I have opted to go up when I do it now.

  • Albenna

    Hi Zuzana, I want to try this one but i am confused, the 3rd exercise says one leg squat with a back roll but the picture shows side crunch. and the 8th exercise is the one leg squat with the roll. Could you please clarify! thanks

  • la bruja ;) (Nicaragua)

    Hola chicos…!

    Zusana…#3 is the same as #8? I did the one leg squat,(one leg back, I can’t do the leg in front..;( yet…lol), and as i go to roll down the same leg goes forward and up and touch the toes..repeat the other leg, is that how is supposed to be? Thank u so much. ;)

    Muchas gracias otra vez Z y F..;)

  • Vegan_Laura

    I really want the video for this workout b/c I can’t comprehend some of the pics for what to do exactly & the vids are easy to follow. Thanks!! Laura

  • bohdana

    please could you guys explain #3 move? Were those side v crunches and how many instead of 1leg squat to roll back? thanks B , I’m recommending your website left and right ( they will kick me out of my gym soon :)

  • Rebecca

    hi zuzana,
    i see that #3 and #8 are the “one leg squat to roll back” but #3 has a picture showing something else…..just wondering exactly what #3 is supposed to be.
    thanks so much!

  • Chris L

    Hi Everyone,

    Who would love to give Frederick and Zuzana a Christmas Gift…

    We should come up with a list of workouts we liked the best from last year (years) Fred and Z can put them up each day (not near as much work) and we could do them from Monday the 21st till the the 4th of January. That would be about 12 days of actual workouts with several active days of rest. There should be plenty to choose from as there are more than 200 so far (that I know of) that Zuzana has shown us.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • alexis

    sorry Zuzana for mispelling your name.happy holidays :)

  • alexis

    Hey Zuzuna!I’m 22. I love your website sooo much.I have always been athletic and always had a good body but never my dream body. I have been following your workouts and FINALLY have my dream body!My cousin is 15 and saw my results and wanted to start your workouts and do them with me. Would your videos be ok for anyone under the age of 18? Thanx!

  • Katya

    Hi Zuzana
    Today is one of those rainy gray days when you just want to lay under covers and watch tv.But i did pull myself out and did your workout))It took me 29 min 01 sec))After that i went back to lying down))
    Thanks for the great workout again)

  • Ericca

    Hello Zuzana.

    I’d appreciate to hear your thoughts about the impact that some exercises that you show us may cause to some individuals in their joints and what would one could do in order to avoid any harm we could do to us.
    Thank You.

  • Janet

    miss the video..thanks you for all the effort you go to for us. please know it is greatly appreciated…maybe you could post a low grade version with you little i pod til you get the bugs worked out? We will appreciate you that much more when you return in hi definition!

  • astrothsknot

    PULL UP BAR. Bloomin’ heck, I can write in English, I swear.

  • astrothsknot

    Does anyone have any alternatives to the rings or a push-up bar? My landlord won’t let me put a bar up (don’t think my walls could take it anyway) and nowhere to sling rings over. I’m missing out a chunk of the routines due to this.

  • http://[email protected] tim barr

    Dear, folks while I am using your site for info. and inspiration I think it only fair to give you a gratuity or tip of some kind. What do you think? thanx Tim

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Tim,

      it’s very kind of you and we really appreciate your support. To be honest, at this point, the best way you and anyone else can support our blog is just by telling your friends and the people that you come into contact with about us. Thank you.

  • mag

    hi zuzanaa, i did 28 minutes in the last workout,and in a few minutes I will do this!
    nice color hair! ;)
    I want to know your opinion please, about:
    I take everyday a yogurt at 18:00pm or in my breakfast, it’s god this?
    or is better take the diet version? or change it for milk? or just eliminate it from my diet?
    please tell me what to do about it!

    and do you drink yogurt and milk often???
    byebye :D

  • Erika

    Ahoj Zuzi!

    Pisem prvy krat a neviem presne ako to funguje preto po slovensky. Pred tyzdnom som nasla tuto stranku s Tvojim cvicenim. Je to super! Velmi sa mi to paci a tiez by som chcela byt v takej forme ako Ty! Mohla by si mi prosim este poradit ohladom stravovania? uprednostnujes bielkovinovu stravu nizkosacharidovu, ked si tak super vyrysovana? Vopred diky!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Eriko,

      dekuji za komentar. Ja se snazim vyhybat trvanlivym potravinam a jist hodne cerstve zeleniny, ovoce, celozrnne pecivo, vajicka, maso, ale take tucne syry a mleko. Nepocitam kalorie a je mi uplne jedno kolik gramu proteinu moje jidlo obsahuje. Ja si rada jidlo uzivam a jedine na co si davam pozor jsou porce. Snazim se jist casto, pravidelne a po malych porcich. Zadne spalovace tuku ani protein v prasku nepouzivam.

  • Niko

    Thanks for another great workout. You’re right, I really felt the burn on those jumping lunges! Also, those rolling squats were really tough too.

  • Mark

    Thank You so much for your site! I look forward to each workout. I am a big believer in bodyweight workouts. You are the best! I am really glad I found this site. It motivates me to improve myself each day. Thank you again!

  • Georgeanne

    Hi Zuzana & Fredrick, I hope you don’t mind me making a suggestion to some in the market for a piece of equipment similar to the rings that they can use just about anywhere.
    It is a relatively inexpensive purchase suggestion for people who don’t have gymnastic rings or place to hang them it’s called The Door Gym. It is available at most fitness stores, online, or small deptmartment stores,it goes on sale too, so prices will vary. You can also purchases straps for it, etc. Here is a link to see what it looks like better than my explaination
    My husband and I have our garage converted into a work out space with equipment and weights but we use this item in the house and it is actually in the kitchen doorway, lol! Zuzana you have me practicing more than ever to get good at this, my husband like most fit men can sail through upper body routines with seemingly no effort at all….grrrr! It is a great piece to travel with since you can hook it to any doorway instantly and you can do various exercises on it not just pull-ups. Hope this might be helpful to some and it is not too late to put it on your holiday gift list.
    Warm regards and best wishes

  • Sunitha

    Hi Zuzanna,

    Is there any alternative for pull ups we live in USA there is no facility to hang because of wooden houses.

    Please advice if any alternate excercise can help.


  • Wesley

    Hi Zuzana,

    I stumbled on your website the other day and I must say I love the way you train as they are short, very intense workouts that gives you a muscular and cardio workout that for your average working person is great!

    I play professional rugby so we do similar excerices just with light weights to stay fit and in shape during the season.

    I noticed that you said that your are taking it easy your next session as you a bit tired and you thinking of doing 1500 skips for time? An alternative that you can do that is super fun is someing called a 2min challange.So basically you choose 4,5 or 6 workouts like skipping.push ups, pull ups , squats ,crunches ect and for 2min you go full out to achieve as many reps as you can. Once you done you rest for 1min and move to the next excercise for 2min and repeat the 1min rest and move to the next excercise…In the end you total your reap for all your excercises to see how many you got. So you can adapted the excercise time wise, excercise wise and rest wise to suit yor needs.

    The two min is pretty rough even for a off day but for us its like heaven.

    let me know what you think?



    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Wesley,

      that’s a good challenge, I can imagine that I would be done with push ups after 30 seconds :)

  • Lisa :)

    Lisa G, I’m glad to hear I am not the only one sore after yesterday’s work out. I did pull ups yesterday, and that is the part of me that is sore.

    I did a variation of today’s work out from what I could gather from the photos for 28 minutes.

    Later today and tomorrow I will be doing yoga to work out the kinks and prepare for more Zuzana “torture”. :)

    Sorry you had computer troubles, I’m sure that was disappointing with all the time and work that you put into this site. Thank you again,

    Lisa :)

  • http://- Kadir

    Hoooo no video

    I´ll do a older workout:D

  • Tina

    Hi Zuzana,
    I am so so sorry for your video :( , I hope you two are not too angry and sad…
    sometimes these things just happened, don`t even bother, next time will be a blast!

    I did this workout but it seems I mixed up things a little bit. I did Side V Crunches for fourth exercise (25 per side) – I don`t know if this is correct.
    It was very difficult to exercise for me today, tomorrow i will have an active rest day. Today I really didn`t sleep well and I am so tired.
    Anyway, my version of this workout took me 31 minutes! Jesus :) ))

    Have a nice evening,


  • Niki

    Loved this workout! finished it in 22 mins! The burpee with Zuzana push up was the most challenging for me! I really had to dig in each round on these and remind myself that it was only 10 reps! LOL.. The dive bombers are ALWAYS hardest for me to get through! Pull ups and hanging knee raises really are the most fun, I always up the hanging knee raises from 5 to 10 reps when they are included in the workout! I ended this workout with my 10 min ab routine and called it a night! Keep up the great work! I am SO EXCITED when I see a new workout on your blog! they really have helped me to break through my plateau and finish losing the baby weight! thanks to your workouts I have gone from 174 pounds (day of delivery) to now at 110 pounds!! and my belly is back flat and I’m seeing definition in my abs again! THANKS ZUZANA!!

  • chrissy

    Zuzana, just wanted to say thanks for all of your help and awesome workout routines. I’ve always been one to go to the gym….but I would always follow the same routine day after day and I forgot what it was like to be sore again lol. If it wasn’t for your videos I’d probably still be stuck in the same boreing workouts I’ve been doing for years now. Your a real inspiration to me….soooooooo THANKS! :)

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  • lina Siegert

    zuzana… hi!!! is it possible to have a yoga challenge??,,, i just love yoga and think it´s an amaizing wourkout.. i´ve seen two videos of you trying asanas so i would love to see a yoga routine at this web site. …ahhhhhh by the way,i´m a fitness and pilates teacher, so if you need some new excersise i might post them; just let me know…bye bye and thank you.

  • Heather

    For the snowboarder you write do 20 reps, does that mean 20 reps to each side, or 10 reps to each side totaling 20?
    By the way, I love your workouts! I have always been a fan of intensive interval training and I am so happy I found your website! I have lost about 65 pounds and found myself hitting a wall and your workouts are helping me climb over it!

  • Ruth

    Oh wow, I can still barely breath… should probably cool down a little more but completed this workout in 20:59. My form was horrible, I think I need a rest day too!

    Thanks you guys, loved it! Your workouts just keep getting better all the time!

    Oh, and I wanted to thank you, Zuzana, for sharing a little about your breast implant experience. Women don’t open up enough about their experiences, at least, I don’t hear any but the negative ones. I’ve thought about getting them but glad I didn’t. I’m not sure I could handle the pain or the couple months off from working out, I’m such a workout-junkie.


    Ruth :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Ruth,

      it’s ok, I got used to people talking about my chest all the time :) The pain is really horrible and the time off from working out is another downside of this. I looked like a dumpling before I could do any exercise again. Soft dumpling with firm boobs.

  • Jay

    Hey I am new posting on here but just wanted to say that I have incorporated some of your routines into my “non-lifting” days. So twice a week instead of sparring or hitting the weights I like to to these short but effective workouts in addition to cooling down with yoga, basic stretching and breathing exercises. Every Thursday before I go to bed I look up a routine you do and throw it in for my Friday workout to keep it interesting.

    Here is my question to you. Have you or Freddy tried the “300 workout” before? I know there are many different variations to the so called “300″ but I’ve been using it once a month for over a year to assess my physical fitness and to show some of my soldiers and fighters how to gauge it as well. I would be more than happy to show/share with you what we consider our “300″ workout and see what your thoughts are on it.

    • Frederick

      Hi Jay,
      It would be great if you would share your 300 workout with us.

  • xavier

    hi Zuzana,

    I don’t do your workouts but I steal some ideas from you to use in mine :-) I guess you are tired of answer this, but do you think that this kind of workout is enough or eventually you should come back to do some free weights for a while (kind of off-season training)?
    don’t get me wrong. I love body weight excercises, but even this dude Pavel Tsatsouline uses a lot kettlebell


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Xavier,

      I used to workout with weights, but as I am getting more familiar with bodyweight workouts, I must say that I really like it and I love the results. I like that I am basically independent from free weights and gyms. I can do my workouts anywhere and get outstanding results. I like athletic looking bodies like gymnasts have and those guys don’t workout with weights. It is more than possible to get strong and lean with bodyweight workouts.

  • EB

    hi Zuzana,
    today I decided to do my cardio outdoors and because I live in the Alps and it snew the whole night I went cross country skiing (hiking up with the ski and ski down). It was so great and it is the best cardio ever!!
    I wanted to leave you my workout which I think just summarizes the “Best of Zuzana” :-)

    I did
    60 Prisoner squats with knee high
    60 elevated push ups with leg lift
    60 one leg dead lift/ leg
    60 jump lunges
    60 v- crunches
    60 superman
    60 reptile
    60 side-v- crunches
    60 mountain climber
    60 snow boarder.

    that’s it and I nearly died! I realized that it wasn’t the best idea to put the snow boarder at the end I shoud have put the superman there to cool down a little bit. … + it took me nearly 40 minutes to complete the workout becauese I took long breaks in between :-(

    Thank you for all the great exercises. You keep me in a good shape. My body has changed a lot since I started following you and I am feeling really fit and healthy.

    thank you


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Esther,

      this looks good! Thanks for sharing the workout.

  • Nina

    Hi Zuzana

    I’ve been visiting your site for a little while and I’ve tried some of your workouts which are real killers!

    This year around summer I started doing some workout videos, mainly the T. Anderson videos which got me pretty nice results. Specifically because I don’t want to get visible muscles or six pack abs. I managed to work out four days a week which is an accomplishment for me because I’m easily distracted and didn’t use to prioritize working out, but since july this year I’ve worked out non-stop. I’ve dropped to size 4 and I’m really happy.
    My problem is that I can’t really do any high impact cardio because I live on a second floor and my downstairs neighbor works from home so I can’t jump up and down or she’ll kill me. I got my skipping rope and covered the floor with playroom tiles but no :( our building is 100 years old and it feels like it will crumble. I live in Québec so as you know, right now it’s impossible to go outside..

    So I was wondering if in the future you could give out some tips on how to get some alternative cardio without the jumping, I’d be eternally grateful. My results are lacking in that department. I tried you 20 minute cardio with the Tabata Protocol which is really good but is that enough?

    Thank you!

  • Becky

    Good morning! Could you post more specific instructions on how to do the one leg squat roll back. Do you do a side crunch while on the floor?

    Thanks- Becky

  • mag

    hi zuzanaa, i did 28 minutes in the last workout,and in a few minutes I will do this!
    nice color hair! ;)
    I want to know your opinion please, about:
    I take everyday a yogurt at 18:00pm or in my breakfast, it’s god this?
    or is better take the diet version? or change it for milk? or just eliminate it from my diet?
    please tell me what to do about it!

    and do you drink yogurt and milk often???
    byebye :D

  • Violete

    Hi Zuzana!
    I’m gonna try this workout today, looks very intensive.
    I have a question, I’ve been following your daily routines, and the 2 last weeks i’ve been doing it everyday, cause they are so much fun. I wanted to know (specially because yo talk about this in this post) if that is bad for my fitness goals, I think if i feel motivated to do my workout today i have to do it, and also it doesn’t feel like a torture to me, i have so much fun, and usually i’m very happy to do my workout of the day. I’ve been careful listening to my body, so i don’t feel like i’m hurting myself, but anyway, i wanted to know if you think it a is a bad thing taking less rest than you do. I want to lose more body fat, so there’s another reason thar encourages me to keep on, even tho i’m so glad with the results, is incredible to see the changes in the shape of my body in a short time.

    Thanks for another great workout!
    And is is not that big deal that you couldn’t show us a video, most of the exercises are already familiar and we can follow it =)

  • Martina


    promin, ze pisu cesky, nejak se mi dnes nechce morit se s prekladem :) V souvislosti s uvodnim clankem – jednodussi workouty mam radeji. Preci jen jeste nejsem v nejlepsi fyzicke kondici a kdyz jsou ve workoutu cviky, ktere udelam stezi jednou, tak si je musim upravovat a to me trochu otravi. Moc fajn jsou ty sestavy, kde jsou jednodussi cviky, ale hodne opakovani, treba. A i to muze byt svym zpusobem narocne… Diky za Tvuj blog, je to motivujici a zabavny :)


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Martino,

      to je v poho klidne pis cesky, hlavne ze pises :)

  • daniel

    Sorry about the vídeo. Could be a great idea post a clasic workout vídeo regards

  • sa

    damn where is the vedio girl :)

  • Stania

    Ahoj Zuzko a Ferderick chci se zeptat jestli to co ty delas na tech kruhach je a ma stejnej vysledek(ucinek)jako na pulL up bar ja sem si koupila tu iron gym bar vsimla sem si ze si ty kruhy zacala pouzivat docela casto.Jenom dodatek ted chapu prOc si se odstehovala tam kde je porad teplo ja ziju ve UK dneska tu napadl snih a jeste ktomu mrzne.Vsimla sem si ze kdyz je hnusny pocasi tak se mi nechce nic,no nejak to musim vydrzet.Co si myslis o P90X chtela bych vedet tvuj nazor protoze mas zkusenost.A to dnesni cviceni ja si myslim ze ke kazdymu cviku pisete dostatecne vysvetleni a to to neni cesky ale mi vime jaky jsou lidi co mluvi(jenom)anglicky bez urazky (tvemu manzelovi)
    Dekuju za predchozi odpovedi a drztese

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Stanio,

      pull up bar nebo kruhy, to je v podstate jedno, ale je fakt, ze na tech kruhach je to obtiznejsi. Ja jsem si sama poridila ze zvedavosti p90x a musim rict ze se mi to v celku libilo az na to, ze kazdy workout je na me moc dlouhy. Ja davam prednost kratsim a intenzivnejsim. Taky se mi nelibil jejich cardio workout protoze to byl spis takovej aerobic, coz teda ja vubec nemusim. To je ovsem vec nazoru. Jestli se me ptas zda ti p90x muze prinest dobre vysledky, tak pak musim rict ze ano – pokud vydrzis a nezacne te to po case nudit.

  • Shakti

    Hi Zuzana,
    Your workouts are amazing, I am used to doing cardio followed by some weight to tone my body.
    I have noticed that your workouts are short and intense and that many of them last 3-5 minutes. In this case, do I need to repeat the exercises for additional sets or does the workout last 5 min. total?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Shakti,

      my workouts don’t take 3 to 5 minutes, that’s some misunderstanding. I say at the end of each video how much time did the workout take me to complete and it is about 20 minutes on average. This particular workout took me about 25 minutes. You do all of the exercises in that order as I have posted the pictures and you do 3 rounds. Read the post carefully and see how many reps I did for each exercise before you start the workout, so that you get the most out of it.

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  • Ania

    Hi Zuzana
    This workout should be called 300 Rep Spartan Workout – Noone will survive
    but seriously it’s great, i love it. Will give it a go tonight and I can already predict I will need a long rest after it

  • lisaG

    hi Zuzana,

    for me today is an active rest day because i’m really sore from yesterday’s workout. i’m gonna clean the whole house and start getting my sute case ready to leave to SA.

    have a nice day, hope you’ll fix the video.

    best, LisaG

  • Lupi

    It should be illegal to have a blog entry without a video of Zuzana.

  • Sxean Lee-David

    Today I went to me Ol’Elementary school to work out on the Swingset-jungle-gym apparatus. Kid’s just don’t know how lucky they are in comparison. Anyway, here’s my workout I made up
    as I went along, actually I didn’t even know I was going to workout today, but the Playground compelled me:

    1) Walk around the playground once while doing deep breathing exercises, and chi kung kidney massage.
    2) Do 15 push ups, yep that’s good enough. lol
    3) 10 minutes on Swing set, really, just sit there and swing, it’s really fun. :)
    4) 15 dips on dip bars, then 15 leg raises all the way vertical.
    5) 5 minutes on Swing set, while upside down. serious, the health benefits are more than science can fathom.
    6) repeat #2 & #4.
    7) hang on pull-up bar and shake body like there’s no tomorrow. ( better than a laxative )
    The end.

    Thank you,

  • ana

    how often and for how long do you exercise each day

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi ana,

      You can see exactly how long and what I do each day if you follow my daily workouts. It is the category on the top of each page. I update the site on a daily basis.

  • Nay

    Hey guys,
    You both put so much effort into designing and uploading these photos and vids every day, for us to use for free, you don’t have to apologise if for just 1 day it doesn’t work!!
    Thanks so much, your workouts are awesome. I had only a little bit of time today to do a session, so I put one together, not unlike one of your previous ones. It was 20 jump lunges, 20 V-crunches and 100 high knee skipping rotations – as many rounds of this as I could do in 15 mins. I was sweating like crazy! Thanks again for your continued inspiration and efforts :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Nay,

      thank for your understanding. Sounds like you had a good workout.

  • Ashley

    Oh, and how long did this workout take you?

    Thanks again,

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Ashley,

      it took me 25 minutes and 31 seconds.

  • Ashley

    Hey Z and Fred,

    Sorry to hear about the video. That must have been really frustrating. I get all of your descriptions except the one leg squat to roll back. This doesn’t look like any exercise you’ve done before. It looks like you might do a one leg squat then roll onto your side to do a side crunch but I’m not sure. I’d really appreciate it if you could you give a more detailed description for this exercise.


  • FlaviaRJ

    This workout is identical to the ones I do… I always do bodyweight workouts in this way: 10 exercises, more or less 10 or 15 reps in easy exercises and in the dificoults I do 5 or 6 reps, and 3 rounds.. ^^
    Loved! But I still can´t exercise because of my neck!
    I wish I could do some mental exercise, because I´m always visiting the site! hehehehe!! Maybe it works… =P

    Very Good Work!
    Congratz! (Your har is really great, the pics are amazing!!)


  • Kamillzyna

    this might be a ‘dumb question’ but where is the 4th workout or is there a fourth workout?
    & it really does help to see the video..

  • Sandra.V

    Love love your website! Did one of your workouts today! Could you give a rough outline of what you eat in a day? Thanks!
    Blessings Sandra

  • d

    hey, is there anything i can use to replace those gymnastics rings. i mean they look fun and stuuff but i can’t buy or have anywhere to put them.. and i love ur website a lot, and i’ve been following it since the end of october and seen amazing results. hopefully the holiday food won’t ruin my figure, cuz i’m starting to get it the way i want it..
    btw do u have any way to satisfy cravings?
    thnks, and i like the new look ;)


  • Stefan

    Hey Stefan again, this is my abs workout:
    40 x Crunches, 30 x Crunches whit legs in vertical position(forgot the real name), 20 x Twisting Floor Crunch(bout sides), 50 x Floor Leg Raise,20 x “O” Abs Exercise( whit bout legs circling in “O”, 10 one side of rotation 10 other, in basic you are making lying number 8),15 x Side Crunch(bout side),40 raps of Abdominal Air Bike, 15 sec break, 20 x Seated Leg Tucks,10 x Hanging Leg Raise, 100 raps whit jump rope, 10 sec break and her we go again.
    I am doing 3 round of this.

    Thx for getting interest in my problem.
    All best:P