Jan 10 2010

Ginger Cookies and Tattoos

Hi guys,

You have been asking me a lot about my diet, and what I eat, so I decided to explain it more in this video. Besides the grocery tips I made these really delicious ginger cookies and I have the recipe for you as well. It’s very simple and very fast to make – which basically describes every one of my recipes. I am not an experienced cook, so I have to keep things simple. Making these cookies reminded me of Christmas again. I used to really enjoy the time when my mom was baking the Christmas cookies and I was just hanging out with her in our tiny kitchen and chatting about all kinds of things. It was quality time that we spent together. Baking is so relaxing :) I got so relaxed yesterday that I started to talk about tattoos. I am very curious about your opinions. I just wanted to let you know that I will do exactly what I want anyway ;) I am a stubborn Taurus.

If you try the recipe at home, let me know how it turns out for you, and if you have any thoughts or strategies about shopping for food please share it with me and everyone below. Enjoy!


Ginger Cookies


You will need these ingredients: 1 egg, 1/4 cup of unsalted butter, 2 tea spoons of natural molasses, 1/2 cup of raw cane sugar,  3/4 cup whole wheat four, 1 1/2 tea spoons ground ginger, 1/2 tea spoon ground cinnamon, pinch of baking soda, pinch of salt. Oh, and I have also used about 2 handfuls of oats.


Mix together the flour, ginger, cinnamon, baking soda and salt.


In another bowl, stir butter and almost all of the sugar except 2 table spoons – leave that for the end. The butter has to be soft and the sugar should be mixed in very well.


Beat the egg and add it to the mixture.


Mix in molasses.


Add dry ingredients and keep mixing until you get cramps in your arm :)


I added 2 handfuls of oats for more texture and it turned out very well. Don’t forget to mix it in very well.


Shape the dough into 10 to 12 balls. I had 11 of them, but it depends on how big you want them to be. I think that mine were the perfect size. I flattened them a little bit and they flattened more in the owen. If you add the oats and the dough is thick then you will have to flatten them yourself  before you bake them.


Sprinkle the remaining sugar over the tops of the cookies before you put them in the preheated oven. Bake at 375 °F (190 ºC). Leave them there for about 20-25 minutes. They should be crunchy and crinkly on the top and doughy inside.


Enjoy your ginger cookies and remember to share with your  loved ones. Eat one at the time as a treat. I mean it!


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  • http://www.beautifulsheetmusic.com piano tutorial

    I’m going to make these :)

  • Paulina


    those cookies are incredible, they smell and taste wonderful. thank God you included this recipe on your website :) they are my number one!

    greetings from Poland

  • http://www.livingbudgetwise.blogspot.com Jill

    I found your workouts on YouTube and did your 550 rep workout this AM as well as another one of your workouts a few days ago. I’m a spin instructor and consider myself quite fit but have about 10lbs,mainly around my mid-section that I would love to be rid of! Just watching your video’s spurs me on to be more consistent with working out, outside of the classes I teach at the gym and being more consistent with my diet! I’m making these cookies this week in hopes my family likes them! As for the tattoo, go for it. I’m getting a tattoo this summer on the top of my foot and my children’s names on my wrists…take care!

  • maggie

    I have a similar recipe for ginger cookies… My recipe has the same ingredients than yours (except for the oats). I thing oat will be a great ingredient for this recipe and I will try it as soon as I can!!
    Thanks!! =D

  • sierra

    just made them and they taste really good!:)

  • http://www.squidoo.com/heart-tattoos-for-girls Lane Hausteen

    I adore tattoos and don’t for a second regret getting any of them, I’m currently getting a dragon tattoo done down my right arm can’t wait to get it all done! as can only afford smallsessions at anytime. My artist is very good and also extremly expensive but, he’s worth it! Fantastic site btw

  • Mary

    I’m gonna try this recepie for sure!!!Thank you very much)

  • http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/rss-author.cgi?id=328277 Ernestine Waltemath

    I love tattoos and don’t for a second regret getting any of them, I’m currently getting a dragon tattoo down my left arm can’t wait to get it all done! as can only afford shortsessions at a time. My local artist is very experienced and also very expensive but, he’s worth it! Fantastic site btw

  • Blak

    Being a stubborn taurus myself, my only advice on the tatto subject, is to get something that means something special to you, (fun, loving, memorable, whatever) if it’s special to you, you will never regret it.

    and ofcourse, find a skilled tatto artist to do it, ask around. And just as info.. Red colours can not be removed;)

  • Krista Doyle

    Hey! I am also a Taurus!!! AND, I got a bull to remind me of my strong will. But bewarned, if you get one….you will want more :) I have four, and I love each and every one of them, but they all took me a long time to get, because I wanted to make sure I could live with them for the rest of my life. Also, my tattoos are in places where I can cover them if I need to….a good thing to think about when deciding to get a tattoo. YOU ARE THE BEST! Your positive attitude and your amazing workouts having literally changed my outlook on my life. Thanks!!

  • Angeline

    I think that if you want to a get a tattoo then you should go right a head! It is completely up to you! I love your idea of getting your Taurus symbol. I did the same thing a few years ago and got my Pisces sign. I love the meaning behind my sign and believe that it really does fit who I am. What I did though was give it a little twist by having a Celtic flair to it. I absolutely love studying about history, mythology and ancient cultures that it just seemed like the perfect combination for myself. So instead of just two plain fish chasing each other, they actually have some personality. Pretty much think of what a Celtic knot looks like but instead of the knot it is a fish.
    I know some people think tattoos are trashy but I think it is a personal decision. I love my tattoo. I wouldn’t ever go out and just get any random tattoo, I actually put a lot of thought into it (two years infact) before deciding on getting one and what I wanted. I think that it should mean something to you.
    I’m definitely going to make these cookies for my family when I go home to visit. They look amazing!

  • Maria

    i would looove to trythis one but I just cant find the molasses in my supermarket, is there anyhing I can replace it with? pls let me know!

  • Shawnie

    Tattoo? It is such a personal issue it is really hard to comment, so as not to offend anyone! But in MY opinion, they can be beautiful or trashy!

    I have heard that tats on the hand or forearm are considered “prison tattoos” b/c prisoners give them to themselves when they are bored. IDK, i’ve never been to prison!

    Somewhere discreet seems safe so if you end up hating it you can forget about it! Like your lower back!

    My sister got a tattoo on her shoulder blade when we were in high school and she tried to cover it up every summer with a band-aid so our parents would not notice and get offended! Tee-hee-he, such a lil’ rebel! She regrets it now that she is 43 years old.


  • Jenny

    In my own opinion i don’t think you need a tattoo. You are absolutely beautiful in every way shape and form. Tattoos are big attention getters and hon, you don’t need a tattoo to do that, haha.
    I’m not against them at all though, on alot of people they look pretty good but others, no.
    Im just not for them for myself personally. I get bored of things easily and i know that if i finally got a tattoo, i would hate it in a week and id want to change it, haha.
    I could go on and on about them but i personally think you are absolutely gorgeous without ink and i don’t think you need to have one…you’re beautiful as you are. :D Take it or leave it haha.

  • http://www.RafaDelirio.com Rafa

    Hi Zuzana,

    Love your tattoo idea!!
    Most tattoo artists are “not so friendly” with clients. Most people find it a bit disappointing experience.. You just have to be some what lucky and find a nice artist. Me, I feel the same way you do about the whole thing, so I had my last one made by a friend whom I knew from before he started inking (I used to train him and his girlfriend two or three years ago, when I was still a personal trainer). We did a Swallow flying over the sea in my core region, as a symbol for freedom. He’s really a very nice guy, very friendly and open-minded. That’s why I chose him to do mine (because I was just tired of all the “diva like” artists you so easily find tattooing; no offence meant…).
    So anyhow if you guys ever come to Barcelona in Spain, maybe you’d like to talk with him about your ideas (between those two, I think Frederick had a point about the forearm, and I also think the horns should aim at your fist!).

    I recently discovered your work (yesterday, actually XD). Wow!! I’m really impressed! Very nice work altogether!!! Congrats to both, you created a great project! Plus, I think it’s a very nice way of living you made; it works for you while you help others at the same time… I find it beautiful!

    Take good care, and keep up your great effort!!
    Rafa (BCN, Spain)

  • http://www.smilewithtulip.co.uk Kezza

    Just come across your vids a week ago. Iv done some of the workouts and they are fab. I cant afford all the equipment at the mo but I have a workout mat, a skipping rope and some weights for now so I will improvise for the rest. I just wanted to say… you should get your tattoo some can look trashy but the right tattoo in the right place and look really nice. Ive got a flower on my lower abdomen it looks super cute in the summer when iv got my swim gear on and its a fab way to keep me motivated to eat well and work out as I wanna be able to show it off.

    Thanks again your a real inspiration.

  • Paige

    Hi Zuzanna! I found your videos a few days ago, and I have loved them. You are such an inspiration and I appreciate what you’ve done here so much! I am really interested in eating Clean. I am only 17, so of course, I’m going to have to try to talk my mom into helping me with this. For a normal family, this would seem to be an easy feat, but I assure you, it is not. :) My mom is strangely anti-healthy haha… she doesn’t want to buy healthy foods, she says they are expensive. And she buys all kinds of sweets and chips and junk food every week. Yeah, I know, I don’t understand it either.
    Well, anyway, I want to get healthy and if I do it, I want to change every aspect of my health, not just the excercising. I want to eat healthy as well. So I am planning on attempting the Clean diet, but the recipes you have are for many portions (especially your portions!) So I was wondering if you could explain how to cut down the recipes so that it would be just for me. I will be happy to eat a meal for a couple of days, but I don’t want to be eating the same meal all week, you know? And I figure if I have good information when I bring the idea of my eating Clean up to my mom, she will be more likely to help me do so :) . So I was wondering if you had any suggestions about this.
    Thanks so much!

  • Kenzo


    PLEASE DO NOT get a tattoo.



  • nina

    i heard forearm tattoos fade faster

  • Raina


    Please come up with a cookbook! Please ^_^

  • alice

    being young helps

  • Tim

    About the tattoo,
    I am also a Taurus and I always wanted a tattoo that is Taurus related. Taurus people have grounded personalities as you know. I decided to go ahead and get a ground symbol on my shoulder. It is very simple looking and my plan for it was to always add to it every few years.
    So my suggestion…start with something simple and something you can build ideas off of and add onto in the future instead of getting a final product right away.

    Also, I would like to share my experience with everyone about how I lost 20 pounds in 2 months only by changing one thing. It is not harmful and it has been easy to stay with ever since. I would like to be able to explain everything fuller detail but I’m afraid it will take up too much text and scare people off. I guess just let me know if anyone’s interested.

    • Lauren

      Tim I am really interested to know what you did to lose all that weight.I am very fit and eat quite well but always strugle with a few extra kilos that just stick around would really appreciate hearing what has helped you thanks

  • Bella

    I agree with Jorge^^. Why put all the effort into making your body beautiful and eating healthy food just to poison yourself with ink? Seems counterproductive. Maybe try temporary tattoos first!

  • Jorge

    You are a beautiful young lady with an incredible body. In my humble opinion I would not ruin the masterpiece that you have going. The curves, the muscle tone, the different shadings when you flex, espcially your abs. Unbelievable. I want those abs. Good Luck with whatever you decide.

  • Rasa

    Hi Zuzana,

    Thanks for sharing this video.

    About the tattoo. I have one and at the moment I am getting rid of it. I had it for like 10 years and at the time it seemed like a good idea, now I am over it, simple as that. I guess if you really want it you get it, end of and if you ever change your mind you can get it erased. Note, blue and black are the easiest to erase, coloured ones are not so easy. I reckon it will take me about two years to get rid of it as in 8-12 sessions… Something to think about. Good luck.


  • David

    i wouldnt put the tattoo on your shoulder or on your forearm, tattoos dont have to be trashy it just depends where you put them. if i were you i would put it on your lower abdomen on your right or left side, that would be so sexy! if you put it on your shoulder or forearm it would look a bit trashy

  • Tom

    Hi Zuzana, I just discovered your youtube page about a month ago and I was very impressed. I have been training as a powerflifter since I got out of highschool so most of my workouts have consisted of heavy weight power training. However I have let my cardio and my core go. I started using your workouts about 3 times a week for the last month tho, in addition to my weights and I have seen great results so far. Your workouts are amazingly intense and I just wanted to thank you for helping me get back into shape! As for the Tattoo, I think you should go for it. I have a few myself and I think that if you have your mind set on it then you should go for it. The tattoo that you described sounds very tastful and seems to be very meaningful for you. So I think you should definatly get it and wear it well.
    Thanks again,

  • Jayne

    I agree with Sean. I am very bios because I think that tattoos really mess up the beautiful body. I like the organ called skin and how God made it and I do not think that anything unnatural should be done to it unless it is for medical purpose. You can get a key chain or a favorite t-shirt and that way when you are feeling down or something you just wear your t-shirt and then you are reminded of your strength. I like to surround myself with what makes me feel good like my favorite color is green so I have a green journal and purse and shoes and favorite dress. I have green bed covers and toothbrush and stuff like that. Good luck with your decision.

  • Travis

    just stop in to the tattoo shop and talk to they guys. every tattoo artist i have met have been a very cool person! they should be able to draw it on spot and possible do it that day.

  • sean

    Please don’t get a tattoo. They’re so 2006. I’m a glamour photographer and they are so off putting. the tattoo trend is not your friend.

  • Ines

    Hi Zuzana,
    Just a note;
    I have read that frozen vegetables have as many vitamins as fresh ones and sometimes more, because they are frozen in right away.

  • Ivory


    I just thought I would share a baking tip with you. When I want to bake cookies but I don’t want to have a whole batch which I would undoubtedly eat I go to a place called http://allrecipes.com/ (I have an account there I love to cook) and search for particular cookie/sweet I wish to make. The reason I do this is because you can change the serving sizes which will automatically adjust the ingredient amounts for you. If you can not find the recipe you like you can submit your own and once published you can change the serving size and it will show you the new measurements. That way you don’t worry about getting carried away with sweet eating.

    • Jerica

      Or! You can just make the whole batch but only bake half of it and freeze the other half. Then you’ll have to bake the already formed cookies 5 min extra :)

  • Jennifer


    I have a tattoo of the Metis flag. Many people think that it’s just the infinity symbol on a blue background and likely think that it’s tacky – but to me, it’s very important because it’s a part of my ancestry. I say who cares what others think. If it’s important to you, I say go for it.

    BTW – I think your site is awesome! I want to start taking better care of myself. I’m currently at 170 lbs, 5’7, 28 yrs old. I have an athletic background, but I’ve been inactive for the past 4 yrs and my eating has also gone by the wayside.

    You are such an inspiration and I want to thank you so much for all of your posts and videos. They are very motivating and I think that these are just what I need to get myself back on track.

    Thanks again,

    By the way, your dogs are adorable!

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  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    So when are you heading off to Spain to reconnoiter the Tattoo Studios there?


  • Hanna

    Definitely get the tattoo!!

    I’m Sagittarius myself and I took an arrow tattoo onto my left ankle six months ago to remind me of that optimistic, fiery, persistent sagittarian spirit I possess. When ever I feel down or lost I just look at my tattoo and remember that I’ll ALWAYS find my way. My tattoo is very important to me because of what it symbolizes.

    If people think it’s trashy then it’s completely their headache, not yours. So go ahead and get your tattoo :)

    Oh, and thanks for this recipe! I’m making it tonight.

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  • http://www.rezvp.com Polina

    Hello fellow Taurus!
    I think its great to be that sign, I surely love mine but for some reason everyone only remembers one quality about us- being stubborn, when there are so many others, like being well grounded, caring, reliable , hard-working, nurturing, empathic…

    And the thing with tattoos – there are SOOO many reasons people get them and have been doing it for milenia. Warriors of ALL kinds have been tatto-ing themselves as a sign of rank, advancement or just spiritual enlightenment.
    People in various groups have been putting the signs on themselves to distinguish themselves from others and emphasize their loyalty to one thing or the other.
    I personally have 3 tattoos. All of them are my designs and I worked on the designs for many days before I was satisfied with each one of them. As a rule of practice – when I finally happy with the design – I carry it with me for many months before I make it permanent to see how much I like looking at it. So far I am happy with all my designs on me and the longer I go the more I love them. They become a part of me and they signify a landmark in my life. A certain stage that I passed.
    I don’t think its anyone’s place to advise anyone on wherever they should or should not get a tattoo, but only on what it means to them.

  • Vanessa

    I am a hairstylist – and keep seeing this new trend of women getting tattoos on the back of their neck, right below their hairline.. I don’t even like them on women for the most part, but thought it was a great idea as its an area that can obviously be hidden, but still with them.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I was always wondering what is the purpose of getting a tattoo if you can’t even see it on yourself :)

  • William

    NO Tattoos, You look stunning and have wonderful smooth skin. Get a temporary tattoo. If you do get one put it on the top of your foot so that it is hidden. It is a “tramp stamp.” You are way too classy for a “tramp stamp”.


    HI ZUZ!


  • Phoebe

    I had so much fun making these and wow are the cookies tasty. I promise I only had one! I found your site a couple of weeks ago and I love hose inspiring you are for each one. Thank you so much for doing these!

  • Bibi

    Hi Zuzana…i just found your website and started to incorporate your workouts and i love them. i cut out separate cardio and to be honest when i am done with your workout i have no energy left. The biggest challenge for me and i am sure most people is diet. is there any way possible you can add recipes on your website in an orderly fashion as you do with ‘workout archives’ that would help alot since you have already put a lot of thought in to what you eat and have a plan in place for the most part.

    PS…i love to watch you workout as it movtivates me alot and i want to have the same type of body. i’m already slim but have all my fat in a central location which is my midsection. i’m what u would call a skinny fat person :-) even when i dont workout i have a tone body except for the midsection.

  • Andy

    Hey Zuzana,

    Love the site and the cookies! On the tattoo front, you should go for it! I had one down last year on my forearm on the inside(where your thinking of getting one) and never looked back, as you say you can always look down and see it, and its also pretty discreet place to have one.

    Gooo for it!

  • http://www.votrevu.com/julieleithner Julie

    If you want a tattoo, get one. You’ve got the right idea about picking something that means something to you. I also have my zodiac sign tattooed on me. It’s on my left shoulder. Since I can’t see it and it’s covered during the day, my co-workers don’t know I have it. Some have seen me outside of work and maybe I’m wearing a tank top or tube top so they see it and it’s like a secret I’m hiding. No one really knows ALL of you ;) Also, because of where I have it, I tend to forget I have it until someone points it out.

  • Dave O

    Zuzana, your beautiful, skip the tattoo. If it means a lot have a painting made for your living room. In the end it is your decision and no one will think more or less of you for it.

  • Kimberly

    I think you should get the tattoo especially if it meant to inspire you. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into it and have decided on something that will truly move you. I have a tattoo across my back of snakes wrapped around peonies. I love it as it reminds me that I can be both fierce and powerful like the snakes and gentle and delicate like the flowers. I used to struggle with finding a place for these character traits within myself. As I got older I found a balance and got the tattoo to symbolize my acceptance of who I am. Seeing the tattoo gives me power and I have never regretted it. I do find that strangers give me dirty looks sometimes, but I did not get the tattoo to inspire them, and at the end of the day who are they to me? They are just strangers. I hope this helps you in your decision.

    Be well,

  • http://inkbutter.com Lenny | Ink Butter

    Hi Zuzana,

    In regard to getting a tattoo I say go for it.

    If you absolutely have your heart set on getting your tattoo done in Spain I would recommend looking into the work of tattoo artist Robert Hernandez. You can view some of his pieces at http://www.myspace.com/roberthernandeztattoos.

    Otherwise if you’re open to other tattoo artist suggestions feel free to shoot me a message.


  • Nick

    Hi Zuzana.

    Call me old fashion. I personally do not have any tattoos. You shouldn’t get one, you have a beautiful body the way it looks.

  • Ivar

    Hi Zuzana.

    This recipe looks really good, how many calories do you think the dough is?

    Anyway i really wanted to comment about the tattoos.

    I have two tattoos, one memorial tattoo in memory of my grandmother, her astal sign an aries/ram and her date of birth and death. The other one is the beginning of a full sleeve mixing my persian and scandinavian heritage.

    Personally i love tattoos and on women i think it only adds to a womans good looks.

    My recommendation is find something that has meaning to you and you won’t regret the tattoo ;)

  • JennyMae

    Tattoos have been around for a a few millennium. I doubt they’re going to go out of fashion. I see tattoos as art to enhance the beauty that is already present in the body, and there is nothing wrong with it.

    I totally think you should get the Tattoo…it sounds amazing, and it really means something to you. I think that’s awesome!

  • Haylee

    I made these cookies, and I didn’t have raw cane sugar, so I just subsituted it with brown sugar. I only cooked them for 15 minutes at 375 degrees F, and they came out a little on the dry side. But if you eat them with tea or some other hot drink, it tastes really good!

  • Nadine


    I’ve been following your site for about a month.
    Waiting for your 1on1 (:
    Just wondering where you got your shoulder bag, I love it!

    Nadine (:

  • Slavka

    Ahoj Zuzka

    you mentioned that you do not count calories but listen to your body. I believe that your goal is to maintain your figure, strength etc. however, what advice would you give to people who try to loose weight for example last stubborn 5kg?

    Thank you for your time.

    Keep up a great work and keep inspiring and motive us all

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Slavko, it’s the same thing. Eat small portions, don’t overeat and listen to your body. Learn to recognize the difference from cravings and hunger. I don’t eat unless I feel a little bit hungry. However you have to be careful because feeling a little hungry and starving is a huge difference. You shouldn’t be starving yourself. I also don’t eat until I feel that I am going to explode either. Eat and drink to be half full is my rule number 1 when it comes to diet.

  • Debby T

    Zuzana, I just now saw one of your YouTube video’s and this cookie making video and your website for the first time. I am really impressed. Regarding the tattoo… you don’t need one. Your entire body should be a daily reminder of your strength and beauty. Don’t mess up your pretty skin.

  • http://adamdouglasphotography.com Tiffany Stephens

    I’m a Taurus, May 3. I have a bull head on my right shoulder blade….very sexy i think. Have it done like you said by someone you’ve seen there work and truly admire them as an artis because you want to admire it always. Also, put it somewhere you won’t feel awkward about when you’re 80 something…you know what I mean.

  • http://tallamemoris.livejournal.com Irina

    I’m from Russia. Thank you for your routines. It very hard and sexy. And your video makes me sure that perfect form is possible today like ten years ago.

    About tattoo I think that it makes women some more brutal. And in some time you may want became more female, sweet and soft then feel yourself at that day. However – do what you want to do. Cause regret about something done better then regret about something doesn’t done.

  • Erin

    I’m a commercial artist for films, and I love art, but I don’t have any tattoos. The reason for me is that there are so many beautiful designs out there, and my taste is constantly changing. Just as I don’t wear the same style of clothes from ten years ago, I also don’t like the same designs that I liked ten years ago. Tattoos are permanent and for some people whose tastes don’t change as quickly, maybe they don’t mind having the same tattoo for decades. Tattoos are a permanent scar under the skin, and laser tattoo removal is even worse. I would agree with Tony in that they are so common, it is more distinctive not to have one. Markone makes a good point too. You can always wear jewelry, but you can never take off a tattoo, even if you grow tired of it. For some, they mean a lot and are part of their identity. I respect that. For me they are art, and I would not permanently cover part of my body with something that obscures the beauty of my form unless it was very important and meaningful. I respect and revere the human form, and seldom would I want to disturb its natural beauty. A symbol on your arm won’t make you more beautiful, but it may have a deep enough meaning that is worth it to you.

  • ashleyfromtexas

    Hi Zuzana, I got a tatoo ten years ago. It is on my ankle and to be honest, I forget it is there. I was so upset the first month after I got it, just cried and cried – I even tried to scrub it off! Over time though, it feels like apart of me and my experiences in life. I would never get another one but I don’t hold regrets. If you want one, just do what your heart tells you. However, your skin is sooo beautiful, it would be like painting over a di vinci masterpiece!

  • Markone

    On the subject of a forearm tatoo:
    It seems you sometimes work out with a bracelet on one wrist. You could commission a Spanish silversmith to design and craft for you a bracelet that features a bull motif in the design. It would be where you could see it for inspiration, yet give you more flexibility than a tatoo.
    Have a healthy day!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      That’s a good idea actually, I would like that.

  • Hunter Gatherrs

    Tattoos definitely don’t hold the same meaning that they used to…I would probably remove mine if I had the financial means. Simply put, it’s like the first comment said, not having one is the ‘it’ thing now!

  • http://www.ILoveKangenWater.com Keith Carey

    I noticed in your video that you seemed a little guilty about drinking water from the bottle. Visit my web site to see how you can avoid using plastic and get the freshest alkaline ionized micro clustered water on the planet. Love your videos BTW…Keep rocking your body!

    Keith Carey

  • jane

    dear zuzana,

    pls dont get the tattoo :(

    yours truly

  • Lang

    tattos can be sexy, but they can be bad too…better make sure you think long and hard on it :) …eitehr way, im sure we’ll all still love you no matter what you decide :)

  • Grace

    You definately have the right idea about getting a tattoo..in that it means something to you, it inspires you…Getting it in Spain is a great idea as well. I am 35 years old and I got my tattoo at the age of 16. I am a dolphin trainer and I have loved dolphins all of my life, and so I am sure you can guess what I got. I think placing it on your forearm with the horns facing out to the world is a great idea. Remember you will have this for life, so think about how you will feel about it there when you are 40, 50, and 60 years old. If you think you may not want it out in the open when you are older, maybe think about a place on your body that would still be a power place for you, but in a more discrete area….Just a thought. Thank you sooo very much for sharing your journey and your wisdom, your inspiration and dedication with us. You are changing peoples’ lives all over the world.

  • mary

    hi zuzana! i wanted to share the recipe of the cookies i’ve just made, they’re really great!

    You need: 65g whole wheat flour; 65g butter; 65g dehydrated coconut; 75g oat flakes (i used unsweetened muesli instead); 50g brown sugar; 1 table spoon of water; 1/2 tablespoon of honey; 1/2 tea spoon of baking soda.

    Mix well flour and butter, then add coconut, flakes and sugar. In a little bowl, mix water, honey and baking soda, and then add it to the mixture. Mix everything really well with your hands, then form a ball, wrap it in cellophan and let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.
    In the meantime, heat the oven at 150°C. Unwrap the mixture, strech it on the table (use a bit more of flour cause it’s a bit sticky), so that it’s about 5mm thick. Cut the biscuits, giving them the shape you want (i used a simple coffee cup). Put them in the oven for about 25 minutes, till they become a bit darker.

    Let me know what you think!

  • stellarsoulartist

    I think you should try henna tattoos. I don’t have tattoos, but I just think ‘you are stuck with it forever’, and as a creative person, that would drive me crazy- I like changing things up. I do like the look of tattoos, so instead of perpamenet ink, when I feel like having a sleeve, I go henna, and eventually it comes off- it is all natural also, it is plant. There are shops here that do them- spas owned by Indians or Middle Easteners. This way, you get the look of a tattoo (though they are more tribalistic than say a picture of mom or something, they have a nicer color than ink, no expensive touch up necessary as it fades, no trying trying to fix the bleeding of the ink when it gets olders and the ink spreads and lines loof fuzzy…because henna comes off eventually, so you are more versatile with your body art!

  • Rick M.

    You’re beautiful as you are…don’t spoil it!

  • http://don'thaveonejuste-mailaddress vivian lippens

    Zuzanna, (about butts & tattoos)
    1.I would opt for a temporary tattoo. They are fun and you
    have such a beautiful body, I might be old fashioned but I
    think they belong on men not on a woman’s body. Some tem-
    porary RED HORNS could me cute; you just get alot of the
    same.Your Taureau Power you keep inside to do what you do.
    A lot of people start with 1, than another.Looks cheap.
    2.Jessica Alba did alot of what you are doing because the #1
    photo I saw she was covered in cellulite holding a baby.
    She must have done your W.O. I would trade my ass 4 yours.

  • liliana

    hello Zuzana. Espero que estes bien, well I tell you to change your country I’ve gone a little weight before lived in Colombia, now living in Italy I could not have or exercise are recorded in good vat ue to the gym since I sat with the ability to my body and my appearance have another figure, not where to begin … I feel sometimes as much pasta avoid what goes up, but now I feel fat m have come back …. besides I am in despair that all makes me feel like it’s winter .. like chocolates and a bit of candy

  • Ray

    Subject: Tattoos. My grandfather was a kind, gentle-man, but made of tuff stuff. He was a fisherman and stoker on fishing drifters and at the age of 19 was ship wrecked in a furious storm of the east coast of England, he survived. He was in the merchant navy during the second world war, aboard minesweepers, and this time a German U-boat sunk the ship he was on, once again he survived. I think someone had got it in for him… As a sailor he had tattoos, those old pale blue ones. One of a sailing ship under full- sail, and one of a mermaid. When I was a young man I was going out with a girl whose grandfather was the local and famous tattooist. People would come from all over the country for a tattoo by him. He often would offer to do one for me, and I asked my grandfather for advice, he said “in his opinion, a tattoo is a sign of a lack of will power”. By this I understood he meant not being influenced by social peer pressure. I would like to suggest you think long and hard about this. I have male and female friends who regret having tattoos on their bodies. One of whom lost a lot of work as a fitness model and actor due to his tattoo.

    Zuzana you are perfect as you are, love Ray xxxxxxxxxx

  • Eva

    Hi Zuzi. I like your videos with workouts and recipes much and I wanna thank you so much for this cookies-recipe. I definitely LOVE any cookies and these are awesome! I made a little “upgrade”, added cutted hazelnuts, seeds and raisins. Today I had the cookies for breakfast with yoghurt and can only recommend them to everyone ;-) Thanks and go on like you are going ;-)

  • http://www.fitisrich.com Jade Fit

    I agree about wanting to know the person who does your tattoo. And Spain sounds like a great idea!

    It is good that the tattoo means so much to you. Can you see the exact bull in your mind already?

    One thing that I thought about as far as the placement and design is that you should think about all the places you would like to go (a fancy ball, a Zen garden, rock climbing, scuba diving, an opera, a family dinner) and make sure that the tattoo would look beautiful and that you will feel at home with it anywhere you go.

    I have some little blue and pale green flowers tattooed, they mean so much and I am so glad that they feel at home in every occasion.

    Will you draw the bull yourself? Or Frederick?

    Good luck! Oh! And the henna ink (I think) is more chemical free. So you could ask if they have henna based inks (or organic ink maybe). Just to be safe :)

    Are you thinking it will be a black silloete? or colored? or an outline? An auburn outline? Or a brown? Or Red? The possibilities are endless.

    Very fun!


  • Raven

    Hi Zuzana
    Like most people here I would like to start with a huge thank you for your workouts. I started doing them a few weeks ago and have noticed a big difference in my energy levels and overall tone and strength. They also really compliment my Tae Kwon Do training which is a big part of my life.
    As far as tattoos go, I have two which I have had for several years. I love them now as much as when I got them. They are both very symbolic and meaningful to me and I think that is very important rather than just picking something that looks ‘cool’. My tattoos continue to inspire and motivate me if I’m ever feeling down. Obviously you’re putting a lot of thought into your tattoo. Also, I too would strongly recommend having something drawn up just for you so that you’re not picking a design off a wall that hundreds of other people have – I love knowing that my tattoos are unique to me.
    Thanks again.

  • joy

    Frederick I have the same problem with Paula. Love your site.

  • rose

    hey again!!!where can i email you some photos????

  • rose

    thanks guys for the ginger cookie recipe…and yes,…i get the “shwetty balls” joke….im canadian, what can i say?…ps.-tattoos are wonderful!make sure its what you want….i was going to get one on my arm, but thankfully i waited and decided on my back…if you need to cover it up you can…its not always appropriate (like church)haha….so i will email u a photo of my tattoos….im not done yet….take care!!!!…if you want i can come to malta and sit with you…we will have lots to talk about…im a personal trainer and we have alot in common….haha…shwetty balls….heehee….take care!!!

  • http://www.noordinaryhomestead.com Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead

    These cookies sound really tasty and FAR healthier than the chocolate chocolate chunk cookies I made earlier this week >:) My mom brought ginger snaps with her from America last year and I’d forgotten how much I like them. When we get our ginger growing again in our garden I’m definitely going to try out this recipe! Thanks!

    Love all the new cooking ideas and other stuff you’re sharing lately…and the new archive format is fabulous!

  • Allen

    Thanks for taking great cultural recipes and altering them to make them healthy! Maybe you could do a cook book.

  • Katie

    I tried the recipe and my family enjoyed it so much that I ended up making three batches to last us the week.We very much enjoy this as a treat to satisfy our sweet tooth. Thanks a million!


    I feel that it boils down to a deep sense of knowing yourself.

    If you’re the type that is often affected by what others might say or think then you might find yourself regreting your choice. So looking back over you life you might ask yourself have you frequently made choices you later felt completely different about.

    If you’re the type that doesn’t need validation or acceptance from others and rearly makes a rash decisions that you later have regretted then you’re probably not going to this time.

    I beleive a tattoo is a deeply personal change and should be well thought out since you’ll likely have to live with it for a long time. I thought about mine for 8 years… making several sketches etc. I didn’t feel ok or want to just pick something that someone else had drawn. For the money and sacrifice of skin I wanted it to be unique. Ultimately I interviewed four different artists before I finally pulled the trigger. 15 hours later I had permanently changed myself. That was five years ago. I’m 36 now and I don’t regret it one bit. I’ve gotten lots of compliments since then (not that it matters to me if I didn’t)so I feel strongly that I did it for the right reasons.

    Remember location and the style of the tattoo has a lot to do with a long term positive relationship with your tattoo. DON’T get anything that has a lot of detail because over time that detail will fade a little and your “little snow flake” tattoo will likely turn into a big dot.

    However if you choose something thats deeply meaningful to you and you have a confident strong connection with who you are and who you expect to be then I say do it.

    Sorry for the long comment. Hope this helps.

  • Donna

    Love the video can’t wait to make these.

    Tattoo’s are a personal choose but here they’re
    starting to go out of fashion. There’s even starting
    to be a stigma and there’s a new term called tramp


  • Paula

    I am having a hard time viewing the workout archives. It keeps saying I am a non-member. How do I become a member… Is 1ON1 with Zuzana up yet too? I did subscribe before but have never gotten any emails. Pleasse I am worried I won’t be able to view the archives. I’m freaking out… I’m addicted!

    • Frederick

      Hi Paula,
      The 1on1 should be open this week (fingers crossed) :)

  • Kim

    Hi Zuzana , i tried your Ginger cookies today and it came out soooo well…I’m just loving it ..:)
    I tried something to avoid stickiness..U simply need to put little bit of water in your palm n then take the dough to make balls …i think u knew this tip ..just incase ..:)
    Thanks a lot.


  • Stephanie

    Hi zuzana!

    I wanted to say first of all, Thank you for your workouts and your inspiration. I’m from Puerto Rico and me and my sisters love your videos and are always sore!

    I have a few questions for you…

    first; Are sweet potatoes really healthy to eat? Can I have it in most of my meals? I usually bake them and then add a bit of olive oil (which I too use in all of my meals) and a bit of garlic salt. I just want to know what the benefits are and if this really helps my diet.

    second; I eat a lot of salads,(thats most of my diet) but the problem is that I feel hungry all the time, and I just ingnore the feeling. I don’t know if I shoul eat something else to feel like I ate a satisfiyng meal or If i should keep ingnoring my hunger and like train myself to keep eating lots of salads.

    third; whats the best time to have your dinner? Cause some people say that you should not eat after 4 pm or 6pm and that confuses me. Whats the difference?

    I would be very happy if you could take some time to answer my questions,

    thanks in advance!!


    • http://www.myspace.com/contortionisterica Erica Ax

      Hey stephanie, I read your comment, I think that just eating salads is actually unhealthy a salad does not have every nutrient your body needs, and ignoring your body is a bad idea, stop listening to the clock, listen to your body and don’t ignore your hunger. You want to get anough fats and protiens, nitrients, and complex carbs in your diet just eating a salad will not do that. If I just ate salad I would be hungry all the time to :( ~erica

  • Jenny

    Hi, Zuzana
    Do you count daily calorie intake?
    If you do how much do you consume and do you regulate carb intake? I’ve been working out vigorously lately and it is making me more hungry than before. I am scared to eat more according to my hunger since it might put weight back on me. I would appreciate your reply.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Jenny,

      I don’t count calories, I eat small portions and listen to my body.

      • Carolyne

        Your lucky..I’m obsess with counting everything that goes through my body. I do have bulimia..but i’m trying to get better. I have a youtube account ; myfitnessgoal21. I would appricate your feedback.

  • Paula

    I’m a Taurus as well, and I also want a tattoo on my forearm. I want a tattoo of a cool Latin phrase that’ll inspire me and give me the determination to do my best in everything I do. Haha, just sharing :)
    Anyway, if you want a tattoo, go for it! I think it’ll look badass… In a cool way of course :)

  • http://thestarkfiles.blogspot.com Tony

    …I wouldn’t get the tattoo. I’ve had one for about 12yrs now, but I think they are cliche nowadays. Not having one is the equivalent of what it use to be to have one.

  • FitDiva7

    Spain?! that’s an awesome idea Zuzana. I would love to go someday to visit my ancestry home. The tattoo idea is great, it makes sense in getting it. I was thinking of gettin the Capricorn.

  • Balance

    Perhaps a combination of your western and eastern signs, or a picture of your personal chart which is unique unto you, and which the universe will not repeat for over 4,200,000 years. On a personal note a tattoo representing your birth would be preferable to the other change you’ve made.

  • Mary

    I got a tatoo few months ago who says: Energy on my arm. It reminds me who I am and all the power I have. It’s also reminds me what kind of energy person I want in my life and also, what the energy and mind can do… So, if this tatoo means something for u, don’t mind about other people and do it!

  • http://x Sabine

    This video was made in Canada, wasn’t it? Did you move back to Canada or somehing like that?

  • Tom


    I would recommend that you not get a tatoo, metaphysically and energetically it it is not good for your body, can link you into a lot of negativity. You have work so hard to perfect your physically body it would be unfortunate to tarnish it with a tatoo. My girlfirend and I have “tuned into” the tatoo issue in the past and I can can’t find all my notes right now but will send you more detail later. Best wishes and I enjoy your exercise tips, I am a former swimmer at university and masters and do lots of different exercise routines these days.


  • tanya

    Tatoos are sexy! not trashy .. unless its something trashy on a part of yur body that shouldnt be ya know :) . But i think it would look great on yur arms because you have amazing arms!! :) good luck on yur decision and thanks for a yummy recipe! YOU rock!

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  • Marina – Russia

    In my opinion your body is too good for a tattoo, honestly :) )
    In the way you look there is this perfect mix of pure strength and femininity, that doesn’t really require the presence of any additional components, even though they are somehow connected to one of these subjects.

    All this made me think of the famous “rule of 12″ in regards of the accessories, that one wears.
    It’s when you are ready to go out somewhere, and you count all the buttons you have on your clothes, and earrings, and bracelets, and rings, and necklaces, and altogether they are over 12, then it really gives a strong impression that you have way too much on you.

    But yeah, Taurus is a damn strong sign ;-) ) So I will hope for at least a temporary tattoo for the start ;-) )

  • Raisa

    I have the same Zodiac sign =]
    …Its up to you if you want a tattoo, I like looking at them on people but I wouldn’t get one done.
    At least your tattoo wont be pointless it means something to you. Coz i dislike when people just tattoo themselves with pointless tattoo’s all over their body it looks ugly.
    Make sure you dont get addicted!

  • Mel Davis (Cutchswife from youtube)

    Noooo please no tattoo’s I HATE them but as you say you are a stubborn Taurean so you’ll just do what you want anyway, You look great the way you are. In England we call them ‘tramp stamps’lol ;-) those cookies look amazing.

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  • Antonia

    I am not going to give you my opinion about your decison. Because to me you will still be the same person who has alot of inner stregth. I am encouraged that you did say you need stregnth and motivation and just knowing that you feel this way makes me know that every thing good requires continued endurance and is not easy. I am older than you but am motivated to try new things in my fitness routine even though I cannot exactly do your workouts..I do incorporate things you say and do though. I feel you are extra strong for your age and am interested if you might ccmment on where you got the drive and determination that you do have? And knowing that you are considering the tatoo for future strength knowing in your self you are not super human or perfect and are looking down the road, is interesting too. Thanks for filming the shops also, it is interesting and seems like a nice place to live with alot going on?

  • http://visionimperative.com Andrew

    i have a tattoo on my wrist shoulder and trap these are all relevant in my life and i think there a great reminder of who you are.
    thanks for the cookies.

  • http://www.wakeupskinny.com/ Michael

    We made these cookies last night and they were delicious. Don’t get a tattoo. Everyone you see has them now and I am sorry to say quite a bit of the art work is poorly done.

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  • Mike

    I dont think it can be said better than Jerry put it. “if it’s not broke why fix it” We spend our time working out and trying to make our bodies a work of art. Why cover up perfection with a tat. My wife had a tattoo on her belly button before she started getting serious into working out. Now that she is in great shape she regrets having it. She is less reluctant to have her stomache show than she would be without it. It is a personal decision but a permanent one. Good luck and thanks bye the way for helping my Wife and I strive for a fit lifestyle.

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  • J

    I’m not a big fan of tats but I have been inside a tat place and you have nothing to worry about. As soon as you walk in and say hi they will show you photos and of the work they do and ask if you want to draw your own tat and they’ll let you browse their computers for pics of tats and they should be really friendly because they understand you are meeting them for the first time and they want you to feel comfortable. At least that is how it is in America. As for your butt video, I am not much of a butt man either but I did see one butt at the gym that was phenomenal. I think her workout was more focused on her hips and not her thighs as she did a great deal of squatting while slowly raising her legs to the side. She also arched her back up while she did abs. On top of that, a great workout for your hips is to lay on your side with you bottom leg perpendicular to your body and the bottom knee at a 90 degree angle. Keeping your top foot parallel to the floor, raise your leg with the knee straight as high as you can and back down ten times. Then keep your leg hovering and move it right over your heel and do 10 more. Then repeat over your calf, then knee, then above knee and go back down. Do this with both legs and remember to keep your top foot parallel to the floor. I know this make your hips throb.

  • http://[email protected] Jerry D.

    Haven’t posted here yet but thought I’d add my opinion about the tat.

    Honestly I’m torn by the alure of them myself. When I walk into a shop and I see someone with a tat I can’t help but admire it. I wonder what thought in their mind drive them to do this to themselves. I have a good friend who got into tat’s a couple years back. At first he had a simple one on his shoulder. now just two years later he
    s got them all over the place. Once you get one its can be very addictive to add something to complinment it or keep working to make it “perfect”. I think this one idea keeps me away from doing this to myself.

    As far as wanting to show the world you are strong. All they need do is take one look at your body and this point is perfectly clear. No need for a tatoo to tell people the obvious. People don’t walk around looking like you do without busting butt and committing to taking care of themselves. So if the only reason you are getting this tat is to tell the world you are strong and commited to a healthy life. Well the message is already spoken loud and clear.

    Good luck with your choice. Search your inner voice and the message on whether this is right for you will become clear.

    Appreciate all you and Frederick do to inspire us.

    Make it GREAT


  • Rebecca

    Go for it Zuzana! You are your own person, and only live once – if you’ve given it a lot of thought and really want the bull then get it, at the end of the day it’s your body and your choice. It doesn’t matter what other people think.

  • Brian

    What you may want to try before you get the tatoo is one of the air brush temp tatoos to see what it would look like on you. This way you can see if you like it on you arm or any other part of you body,or you may not like it at all then if you had a permanent one put on you would be stuck with something you don’t like.You may change your mind and want some other symbol that represents you. It’s kind of like trial bases before you get the real deal.

    But in my opinion the way you Sculpt your body looking so great is a reminder enough for you to keep going.You have an art of beauty within yourself to not need a tattoo.

    The cookies look great good job in create them. ;)

    Keep Fit

  • Henny

    Dont get a tatoo – there is no reason to change something that is allready perfect ;-)
    By the way I dont think, that the spanish people are taking good care of there bulls – bullfighting?

    What do you decide?
    Hugs Henny

  • Justin

    Hi Zuzana,
    I just want to say thank you for uploading all of your workout videos on a daily baises. I know it probably takes some time out of your day but I have been following them consistently and I see results and I feel much better about my health! thank you!

  • Christina

    Hi Zuzana, I have been following your blog for a few months now and would like to thank you and Fredrick, I’ve always been in very good shape but have a tendency to get bored with the gym so your workouts inspire me. You’ve also inspired me to work on my 6 pack! About the tattoo I have tattoos on both my inner forearms, they are not sleeves and I don’t have many tattoos so they are the only visible ones and I get nothing but compliments on them, just make sure that it is very well done and if you would like to be able to hide it with a long sleeve shirt get it a couple of inches above your wrist (mine do stick out even when wearing a long sleeve shirt)

  • sophie

    hi zuzana and frederick.
    i have a few friends who are aren’t overweight at all but keep cribbing about the supposed ‘fat’they have all over their body.. which made me feel a little uncomfortable about my body for a while. so i decided to work out and get toned and burn some fat i might have. but while i ate healthy and worked out these girls went on a ‘liquid diet’ which composed of protein shakes and fruit juices.. the diet had hardly any food in it!.. they say they lost a lot of weight but their body fat percentage seemed to have remained the same. just a lil saggy..
    so my question is.. do liquid diets really help? or is it just a delusion! cuz i think otherwise…
    take care xx

  • Aeneas

    Get the tattoo

  • Marcia

    Hi Zuzana,

    Please do not get a tatoo! They have become so common, everyone has one. Be different and don’t get one. All you have to do is look down at your own body to remind yourself of how strong you are. Or watch the videos of you working out, only a strong person could make it through your tough workouts!

    Having said all that I would like to thank you for inspiring me to keep up with my workouts. You are truly an inspiration and my fitness mentor. I have discovered so many new moves and exercises from watching your videos and it keeps my workouts fresh and challenging.

    Hugs and giggles,

  • TomM

    Go for the tat if you really want it. I personally think MikeyY summed it up perfectly, and I agree it would be a backwards step and does seem alittle different to your mantra. But at the end of the day don’t die having any regrets.
    Love your work!

  • Chantelle

    Hey Zuzana,
    I am all for tattoos. I have three. I certainly dont agree with some of the comments telling you to “be you”. What if having a tattoo is you. You are strong beautiful, and I am sure you will make a proper decision on what you want to have on your body for your life.
    You are able to donate blood with a tattoo, there is jsut a waiting period, and depending on the parlor you go to, the ink they use on not as harmful to your body as they used to be, you just have to take the proper measures to keep it sanitized.
    In the end you will make your decision on your feelings towards it not others, and that is how you should base your decision is on what you want and not what other people want you to want.

    By the way love your workouts!!!!

  • Chandra

    Do it! If you’ve considered it, you should get it done! Since this is your first please take this advice, because I wish someone had told me when I decided on my first tattoo! Go to all the local tattoo shops, they should have albums of tattoos by all the artists at their shop. Have a look at all the different artist, their styles, and their prominent artwork. You will be happier with your tattoo if you find an artist you feel you can read and connect with. Trust this artist. Give them a vague description of what you would like. Then you have to trust them! The tattoo may be nothing like how you imagined, but hopefully if you picked the right artist, you’ll like it better! Don’t get a really small tattoo, they end up looking terrible after a few years.Take their advice when it comes to placement and size, they know best, they do it for a living.

    Thanks to T for the recipe by the way, I can’t wait to try it!

  • http://www.SavageRandy.com Randy Savage

    You should absolutely get a tattoo!!!

    As for location, that is for you to decide. I would think you would prefer it not to be so visible to the world however. (just my thought) Perhaps to simply have it for yourself (and Freddy of course :)

    FYI.. thanks so much for all the workout advise you share (food advise is a bonus). You are an inspiration to many!

    Thanks so much you guys!!!

  • Timea

    Hi Zuzana!
    No tattos for me. I always change my mind. That is why I am not interested in them. I think small tattos are ok but really don’t like the big ones. You have a beautiful body and I recommend you to think first. I saw a few women with big tatoos and I don’t think they are attractive.

  • natalia

    I keep reading your recipes and getting all excited about the food you’re making, but I have yet to tried them.

    As for the tattoo.. I’m a taurus too.. I know very well what’s it like to have my mind made up and feel so strongly about it, almost nothing can change my direction. But.. there are times when I’m not certain. For 6 years now I’ve been thinking about a tattoo or piercing. I tend to like them sometimes on other people (not always) but I’m still not convinced I’d like them on myself. Not because they’re not pretty but because.. they’re foreign objects incorporated into my body… something I guess I associate with intrusion.

    I appreciate my body and feel like it is my “temple”.. so as long as I’m not sure about doing something permanent to it, I won’t.

    Good luck to you on your thought process and picking up a design if that’s where you’re at now.

  • http://www.kiplingerpandy.com Lori

    Draw the tattoo on with a Sharpie and live with it for a few weeks to see if you still like it before you take the plunge ;-)

  • Lori from Alberta

    Oh Zuzana, please don’t get a tattoo. If you do, only get a tiny one. You are such a pretty girl and you work so hard at your body. I don’t like tattoos as it’s on your body forever and I honestly think they may a person look dirty.



  • Ashley P.

    Right now I’m not the type who would get a tattoo, but I don’t mind if other people do. I think it is great that you’re getting the bull. Especially for the reasons you choose. Be sure you’re sure this is right for you though. Because this is something you really can’t take back so easily.

    Also that’s cool that you can make your own sauses.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    Oh, I soooo knew you were a Taurus! So yeah, greetings from ANOTHER Taurus :-) I recognise the strength, determination, doing your own thing anyway ;-) Are you an April or May Taurus? I am from April.

  • maya

    Dear Zuzana,
    Big YES to tattoos. I have one in the same place that you are considering. I love it even more with every day. It’s simple, and very feminine, and i did it for the same reasons ;) it’s like the most beautiful and precious jewellery, that no one can never take away from me :) though some people that it’s banal, i don’t care. Only i know how deep emotional, philosophical, intelectual, religious meaning it has, only i know how many memories relate to it, how many important moments, and what it’s supposed to remind me of. I am so happy that i did it in a place which i can look at every moment i want to see it. Just a sight brings a smile on my face. Apart from the deep meaning i just simply love the design, so it’s purely an aesthetic pleasure to look at it!
    you are mature enough to know what you want, and what you need in your life, and what makes you happy. To me it was like a gift for myself! I felt like a child during christmas when i got it! So if you feel it, go for it! I hope that your tattoo would become a source of joy and energy, as it was in my case (i can send you a pic just for a bit of inspiration :)

    Apart form that i must say that You and Freddie are doing such a great job! Thank you, you are my inspiration, my motivation, and you are always so fun to watch, i love your sense of humour, and a lovely accent. best to You and Frederick!


  • Rebecca

    u should definitely get it in henna first to see if u like it. if you dont, it will fade away in a few weeks and it wont be a mistake u regret. But if u rly do like it after that time, u can get it for real.
    good luck in ur decision :)

    • BADE

      I was going to say EXACTLY the same thing, Rebecca. Definitely try it with henna FIRST, Z.

      I was also going to send you a bunch of links of celebrities with tattoos in highly visible areas. I have to agree other comments that it clashes with a polished look and ends up looking tacky. Here’s an example. Compare these two starlets in the same dress. Which one looks better? Well, yes they have different physiques and are wearing different accessories. But one of them has highly visible tattoos while the other one does not. I think that you’ll find that the tattoos on the one are so jarring that she is quickly disqualified, thus making it easy to champion the other one as the better-looking in the dress:
      I say “go for the tattoo”! But, ultimately, I think you’ll regret it later if you get a it in a highly visible area.

      I have a tattoo in the region right above my ass crack, now known as the “tramp stamp”. I have had it for nearly 10 years, so way before “tramp stamps” came into popularity. Anyway, I do not regret my tattoo, but that is solely for two reasons: (1) I can conceal it very easily and (2) it is in my native language (not English), so no one knows what the hell it says. Hehehe. It’s fun exercise to play guess what it says with friends. We come up with all sorts of lewd and funny ones such as, “Closed for business!” “Try the other entry way first” Anyway, in all sincerity, it’s bliss to have a tattoo for me and only for me.

      I’m probably going to get another one when my hair length reaches my shoulders. I want the tattoo to be on the back of my neck. It will be a symbol of some sort, again–another tattoo one that can be easily concealed, this time with my hair.

      :D Peace

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    Love the boots!! Will try the cookies as soon as we get back to NL

  • hipretty

    Dear Zuzana,

    With all due respect…I am sorry you felt the need to censure out my post…you did say “anyway I would like to hear your thoughts on this idea.’ and I felt you had an idealized fantastic view of Bulls in Spain. I am sorry if you did not want to hear this, but you asked for opinions…and I gave it.

    • Frederick

      Hi Pretty,
      We didn’t delete your comment on purpose!!!! We were reading it and we both felt it was a great comment, but I just clumsily hit the wrong button and poof it was gone. Sorry that you got the wrong impression :(

      • hipretty

        Dear Zuzana & Frederick!

        OK… I hope it was accidental, and that you guys took my letter to heart.

        I really do not normally preach on any issue.

        I do feel tattoos are a completely personal decision and I cannot add anything to What Zuzana and you are entertaining thoughts about.

        She would be beautiful with or without.
        She is extremely focused with or without.
        She shows herself respect with or without.

        But I do feel strongly about the treatment of That animal in that country, and it would not be a feather in your cap Nor pay homage to The Beautiful and Strong Bull in anyway to get a tattoo of one in Spain.

        I hope you guys watched the video…NOT pretty but The Bull’s Sad Reality.

        I come from respect for the two of you and your work. And I come from Love for that animal as well. I feel there is no excuse for abuse or mistreatment. I hope your deletion of my post does not in anyway affect how you will view my further posts.

        Thanks you.


  • Geodfreid-Manson

    I once watched this great little video of this painted lady walking through the streets of a town in Hungary, That looked much like the streets and buildings there on Gozo.

    This painted canvas was nicely accentuated by little accents,fine lines and fine strokes that accentuated the curves of that beautiful canvas.
    This painted lady walked around the streets ,had some great fun, But when it was all over, that beautiful canvas was showered clean and the canvas was still as beautiful as ever and is now being sculpted by lots of hard work and clean living and has greatly improved.

    • BADE

      Hi Geodfried-Manson,
      I didn’t see the video, but I saw the pictures. And what a transformation, right?! I always think of her old pictures when I hear comments that body type is static and cannot be changed whatsoever. With lots of hard work, she catapulted from a pear-shaped body with thick thighs and buns to the lean muscular physique we now see. Now if that isn’t evidence that with hard work and persistence we can see results that defy conventional knowledge, then I don’t know what is!! Truly, truly an inspiration. I will forever be grateful that I stumbled upon this thing called BodyRock TV. Peace

  • Tess

    Hay guys,

    Ginger cookies look yummy. Go for the tattoo. Before you Choose an Artist have a close look at there other works on people, most tattoo Artists have files of photos of pieces that they have done, Look Close at the detail and if there is any scaring in the tattoo, its hard to see but you can notice it. I got my Two tattoos done by a friend who is an amazing artist, He did one for me and my sister, we got matching ones, a small infinity sign, hers on her wrist and mine on the back of my neck, and my other one a happy little star, on my ankel. i drew my star and my sister drew our sign. But i have a point, Be careful with who you choose, Both of my tattoos Tickled!, i had hardly any pain. My Friend that did it told me that some tattoo artists think that they need to really push into the skin, and this in turn can cause more pain and take longer to heal which can cause scaring. thats why im telling you to have a look at the photos and if you can have a look at someone who just got one done there.

    as for you design. go for it, Just think about later on in life, i got small, black and white tattoos that i can cover up and hide if i ever have to( i work in hospitality so i have to think about that sometimes) and they mean alot to me they have personal meaning and thats what makes them special and not trashy. BUT. on the other hand, i have a friend that went out one night, got really drunk, and got matching tattoos with some random guy she met that night on her innner arm, Its compleatly random, huge and colourful,but its really cool, because of the story behind it, she hasnt met the guy ever again after that night but she knows that some were out there there is a guy with a tattoo just like hers thinking, Who was that chick?

    my point is. Its not trashy if it means something to you.

    GO for IT. but be selective.even try drawing it using tracing paper.

  • whitney

    i think you should get a tattoo, they are beautiful
    i have 2 and i love them…love love love them=) dont let

  • Ellie67

    Hi guys

    Like you said there are no miracle foods out there and as long as we stick to the basic principles of eating the right foods and exercising our efforts will be rewarded. I am forever grateful to my mother and father for teaching us the simple rules of eating properly and cooking what we eat. They have no education in nutrition but that is the way they were also brought up. Takeaways were always a treat when we were growing up and we only had them once a month and that is the way I am also bringing up my children. I allow them certain treats just not on a daily basis and I am always cooking from scratch. Im Meditteranean so this way of cooking and eating is instilled in us from childhood. Im 42 and people are always amazed when I tell them this proves that we are what we eat and how we feel on the inside will reflect on our outer image. As for getting a tatoo I don’t see why not its your body your decision and Im sure you will still look gorgeous. My fiance has lots of them but I am not so brave. Im looking forward to your next post. Best wishes to you both :)

  • SisterWorks

    BTW, my husband thinks it’s trashy to get a belly piercing at nearly 40. I told him if I come anywhere near a six pack – a two-pack or a can and some change will suffice – I’m getting pierced just like Zuzana.

    (BTW: I’d be showing it off every chance I got, too.)

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI SisterWorks,

      when I got my belly pierced I was only 16. It reminds me of my younger years, so it’s already a part of me.

  • SisterWorks

    Hi Zuzana,

    Whenever I think about a tattoo, I think about being 80 years old, sitting with my husband or talking with my grandchildren. If the tattoo will have the same meaning in your “seasoned” years, then go for it. I imagine that you’ll be the fittest, coolest 80 year old so, heck yeah, go for it if it’ll make you happy. :)

  • http://2lola.over-blog.com/ zorobabel

    Tattoos are intimate decision, and i don’t think it is bad.
    In new caledonia, there are more people having tattoos, than people not having them.
    It’s tribal, custom.
    You’ve been thinking about it carefully, and you’re not in a rush .
    It is not something incompatible with a healthy life stile.
    People have been doing this for ages,it’s not trashy,it’s like pearcings,or wearing jewels to me.
    I have no tattoos, for the same reason i never wear jewels, because it reminds me of the past.
    4 years ago,my sister in law tattoed her foot when she met my brother in law. Unfortunately he just died of cancer, and i bet she’s glad she made the tattoo now.

    Thanks for the recipe.

  • Whitney

    These cookies look great I’m definitely going to try them!
    Oh, and I totally support your decision to get a tattoo. I want one myself, a lion on my ankle =) Besides it’s your life and your body, do what you want. Thanks again for being such a great inspiration. I’ve been following your workouts for a few weeks and I’ve already been getting great results. I’ve run two marathons and dabbled in weight training, but i’ve never gotten results like i have from following your routines. You rock!

  • http://www.phibetafit.com Tracy

    I loved going along on your shopping trip and making cookies.

    I wish you wouldn’t get a tattoo but that’s just me. However, if anyone could make it work, you could. :)


  • Isabel

    Hi Z&F
    I vote for no tatto, you dont need it., your body is amazing, if you start now with a tatto next time you want more and more, that´s is not a good idea..

    But is your own decision..
    big kiss!!

  • N

    Sr. Frederick,
    why dont you like my comments?
    i think they are not offensive in any case
    if so were, was not my intention.
    i am a day by day visitor
    i admire the work you both are doing

    i wont trouble again



  • Madann

    Hi Zuzana
    I think that tattoos are special (if one doesnt go mainstream). Your tattoo is all yours, part of your body, artistic, and a reminder of something important to you. It is an ancient thing.
    I think that you have thought about it enough, and will have it proudly on your skin, so go for it. Some people have a dislike for tattoos, but its ok. We dont have to love the same things, do we?
    I like the idea of the bull. I’ve recently drawn a bull for my friend’s tattoo, its his zodiac too.
    I have a tattoo at the bottom of my stomach representing balance of power.

  • Nat

    It seems that everyone has their own opinion in regards to you getting a tattoo, and about tattoos in general. The best thing I can say, since I have tattoos myself, is do it if YOU want to do it, and if YOU desire to do it. There is nothing wrong with them, I love mine, but that is because they hold a lot of meaning, and I cherish them. This is something to think about for sure, but go with what your gut is saying. If you have any second thoughts, them step back.

    Thank you guys for everything

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    I love ginger cookies! Never seen molasses that looked like chewing tobacco before! You might add just a little water to this mix next time to make the cookies flatter.

    A Taurus (♉)? I would have never guessed! 8-) So your birthday is only about four and a half months away! An aside: You folks want to get her something special?

    I think you would look great with a tattoo, but make absolutely sure you have it in the right place and you seem to have thought hard about everything important.

    I think they can be very sexy…maybe you don’t want one…you top the meter right now so adding more sexy might blow our poor little boys mind’s …completely. 8-)


  • Jenny

    Whatever you get make sure it’s what and where you really want it… I got a tattoo when I was 18 on my ankle and now I hate it. I really just wish that I had gotten it somewhere that I could cover up if I wanted/needed to. That’s my only suggestion… make sure it’s what and where you really want.

  • Ocelan


    I just took a small tattoo in my chest a few weeks ago. I am a woman aswell and many of my male friends told me not to get one. They said i would ruin my beauty with it, but i did not listen to them.
    It is not anyone elses business than mine if i do get a tattoo or not. The tattoo is for me only. Sure it’s in a spot where someone else might catch a glimpse of it but it’s not right in their face all the time.
    I considered getting a tattoo for 2 or 3 years before i actually did it and had drawn it on myself every day for about a month or 2 before aswell. I liked it then and i like it now. I’m happy about my tattoo and i’m not going to listen any bad comments people might have about it. I’m proud of myself and my tattoo, and it’s not making me one bit trashy.

    Get a tattoo and show it off with pride if that’s something you want to do, or then just keep it for yourself.
    I think i’m as beautiful with my tattoo as i was without it, if not even more now. And i know you will be just as beautiful aswell. :) It’s good you want to spend time planning the tattoo and also knowing the person who makes it. These kind of things should be thought through and not be done in a rush.
    I’m sure yours will turn out great and it will give you even more strength :)

    Oh and when it comes to pain, i don’t know if i just can take a lot, but the stories i had heard about how much it hurts to take a tattoo are in my opinion highly exaggarated. I don’t know if you guys here have ever used an epilator, but i would compare the “pain” tattooing is to epilating. I personally thought it would hurt a lot more, but it was mainly just slight discomfort. Of course it varies from person to person and depends on the spot you take the tattoo to, but mine was done on bone and it hardly even hurt. Good luck with it :)

  • Marlon

    Hi Zuzana,

    If I may I would vote for no tatoo. Why put graffiti on the temple walls when it is already beautiful?

    Keep up the great work!

  • wilson manpole


    You are unbelievably beautiful. Please do not get a tattoo. You are too perfect.

  • Alana

    Am a taurus to YAHH :) I have two tatoos, I love them it becomes an addiction so you must make a promise to yourself as to how many you want lol and stop after you get it.
    I would maybe add one more thing to the cookies Flax seeds.

  • gavtatu

    do it do it do it!!!! x

  • Jo

    i love the idea of the charging bull towards your hand! What colour would you like? if you have a favourite artist maybe you could get it in their style. I reccomend researching different studios at looking at their portfolios so you can get an idea of what their work is like! id love some tattoos, im really undecisive though, so i just stick with the peircings :-) those cookies look yummy, i love ginger!

  • Jenn B, Pueblo Colorado

    hello again,
    I think after watching what you buy at the store.im doing a pretty good job of making the right choices in the food department.when i decided to make these simple changes to my diet I have to say it totally worked im so happy about the way i feel and the way my body looks cant wait to post the before and after pic to show you what happens when you apply your daily workouts and healthy little meals.i must have really been ready for a change because i dont find it hard to eat right and to workout everyday or have some kind of activity that i do.
    As for the tattoo i think you should get one if you want one.”just be sure” im 32 and i do have a few tattoo’s and it’s just something you have to be ready to see for the rest of your life.But on the other hand if you don’t ever get one and you have always wanted one you might regret it in the end….until 2marrow my friends have a good day!

  • autumn

    cookies look great…how come you dont upload workouts daily anymore?

  • Morgan

    Tattoo’s are awesome! They can totally be a representation of your inner self. I love body art and tattoos can be so sexy. I hope it works out!

    I am a Taurus-Gemini cusp and I have a tattoo of a moth, which is the Gemini animal with bull horns in the wings.

    Anyways, you should always do what makes you happy!

  • Kat

    Tattoos are wonderful! They are a great expression of inner self. I have several tattoos that remind me every day of how to be strong and one particular tattoo even tells me, “live to love, love to live!” Mine can be covered up by clothing, which I kind of prefer, but everyone is different.
    If you want a tattoo, go for it! Especially if it has that strong of a meaning behind it.

  • SandyPhilly

    I have tatoos, I think they are the best when thought out and have meaning as yours will. The only people I know whose had any regrets about them, got them when they were young and without really thinking about the meaning their particular tatoos would have. People always say, “oh don’t mess up your body.” Just because, like everything else-if they haven’t done it, then it ain’t right…yet. As you see in ife already, people will ALWAYS have something to say about something.

  • http://kendralyris.blogspot.com KLyris

    Hi Zuzana,

    Recently became a fan of your workouts, thank you so much for posting really interesting, body-rocking workouts for free! (My goal is to complete the 500 by the end of March and get myself on track!)

    I’m into tattoos, but they are permanent. After I got my first one, I liked it so much I made a rule that I had to know what I wanted for a year before I was allowed to get it, that way I wouldn’t get something on a whim and get tired of it quickly. It sounds like you know what you want and I think it’s a great idea if it will make you happier. I must say I also agree with Lulu about making sure you get a good artist. It’s true that you don’t want to spend a ton of time with someone you don’t like, but it would probably be worse to hate the tattoo you came out with!


  • Marinaki

    Frederick and Zuzana ==>

    Zuzana with all my heart I really strongly love you so much I just cant explain it to you…

    4 ur question:

    Just close your eyes take a big breath and go to the past see how you was and how you became and have changed… what I mean? It was your decision to change and with your strong will look at you !!! you have changed. You are now an angel, you took the right decision and you have fought for that and still fighting and walking to the right road/path.

    Each of us is different, it is good to take opinions for knowledge, it is good to respect others opinions but at the end follow your own opinion because each of us is a different character/person and with a different life. Each of us walking in a different road/path.

    When you have started fighting food for your health just think about it how many temptations you had and still have (food, friends opinions, acceptance, jealousy etc) but look at you, you said STOP,ENOUGH, I WANT TO FEEL FREE, I am going to follow my dream my road/path, my own way of life because that makes ME happy and so goes the same for tattoo YOU are the one who is going to decide what to do (for yourself and own life) whatever makes you feel happy, is not going to hurt anybody is not bad but is your dream JUST DO IT. You are the only one who knows the why/the reason/the feeling….

    If your husband Frederick ( btw hi Frederick :) ) is with you and agree with you and so your family who really truly loves you and respect/accept you then just do it.

    I am with you whatever is your decision because I love you, because I accept you, I respect you.

    SO sorry for my English, I tried.

    Marinaki :)


  • JP

    I see you had some trouble accepting the garbage strewn about on the beautiful beach…why then put a tattoo (boo) on a landscape as beautiful as yourself?

  • Janina

    I like tattoos, I would like to get one for myself. However I would only get it for me, therefore it would(if ever)be hidden. You have such a clean and lean physique-perhaps a tattoo would be distracting?

    I would say NO or hide it.

    But its your life-live it!


  • wormer

    Tatoo is preety cool idea but:
    First of all – the most important is the skill of tatoo artist, not the place where he is born, or where the tatoo is made.
    Second – Spain is place where people torture and kill bulls for their own entertainment, so I wouldn’t really connect those two together.

  • Roma

    Hey zuzana… about the tattoo thing… you know, they actually K I L L the bulls in Spain… and in a barbaric way too… i am a vegetarian and a nature lover and i can’t manage the thought of torturing and killing animals… but you don’t have to be a vegetarian to understand the craziness of this thing…this shouldn’t be human nature… so getting your tattoo in the country where all this insanity is their national sport?!?!… maybe you should think twice about it… i’m a taurus too, and i can’t bare the thought of having my sign designed by people that have no respect for God’s creatures…

    anyway, keep up the good work…


    xxx, Roma

  • Antonia

    Cute Boots! I want a gingerbread cookie!

  • Chris

    Please don’t get a tattoo! Your strength of will is evident in you body, look no further than at who you are already. You’re beauty will be diminished by a tattoo.

    The cookies look scrumptious!

  • Erika

    Hi, about the tattoo issue. Well firts of all it is your decision to make. You will always find people who are in favor and against it. Don’t let rude comments about how it looks trashy or it´s too permanent or whatever else comes through their limited minds to stop you from doing what you want. I waited a long time before I got my tattoo, I designed it myself and I placed in a part of my body where I would feel confident to show it or keep hidden depending on the occasion. This is something I haven’t regretted and definitely won´t ever regret. A tattoo is not for everyone though. Make sure it is what you want.
    wish you the best.

  • Ericca

    nice cookies, wanna try those :D

  • ivana

    no tattoo.. ya body looks great plus it’ll be so distracting if we see you working out with a big bull on ya arm =[

  • Erin from NY

    Hi there,

    Those ginger cookies look really yummy! Thanks for the recipe. Ginger is very good for the digestion and for increasing circulation too.

    My vote is a huge NO on the tattoo!!! LOL I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that. You said you’re stubborn but maybe you’re also the kind of person who wants to do opposite of popular opinion just to show you make up your own mind (like me sometimes):) I understand your reasons for wanting that tattoo, although I think I would go about it in a different way. I have many reasons for saying no – I’ve never seen one I’ve liked seeing better than what God created when it’s healthy and fit and properly cared for. And your body is all that – you don’t need a tattoo, it would only distract from your natural beauty.

    The other big reason, which you probably aren’t aware of, is that the ink used in tattoos is full of mercury. Mercury is the most poisonous and toxic substance on earth, that we are aware of. The skin is our largest organ and it sucks in & absorbs everything we put on it/in it, which then gets into our organs and positively or negatively affects their functioning. For this reason I hope you’ll do your own research to help decide whether or not you want poisons in your skin for the rest of your life. If I think about it, all the older people with tattoos don’t look very healthy. You take very much care and devote tons of time to your workouts and eating healthy and whatnot, I hope you’ll consider the ramifications to your health in this area too.

    All the best,

  • MikeyY

    By the way, no one’s commented on setting off the alarm. Was your workout for the day running from security? :)

  • Alys

    Hi Zuzana !

    Hi Zuzana!
    My name is Alys and I watch your video from Québec, Canada (So I don’t speak english very well sorry, I speak french)! I really love the exercices you show in the video!

    For the tattoo, just really think about what you want and ask to yourself if you will like it in 10 years! That’s what I do and I make my first tattoo this summer he is in Latin it’s ” Ad astra per aspera” in english it’s should be something like “To the stars by hard ways”!

    Thank you for the exercice ! :)


  • mausyo

    NOooo don’t get a tatoo. Except the fact it is trashy like you said, once you will make the first one you will probably start to collect more and more.

    I wouldn’t make a tatoo but is all up too you. If i were to make a tatoo i would make a temporary one or something like that. Or i would choose a more hidden place.

    Anyway this is only my opinion which probably you will barely notice.

  • Mihaela

    Hi Zuzana,

    Great to find out your sign, I’m also a Taurus :)
    I have a tattoo on my back and I’d love to get rid of it – I was really young and foolish when I got it, and I just thought I was being rebellious. Thing is…I was being stupid, and looking back I wish I thought less about making my mom angry and more about the fact that the tattoo was going to stay with me forever.
    There’s nothing wrong with getting a tattoo if you really want one, just make sure it’s something you love, something that has a meaning to you.
    If I could get rid of the one I have on my back I’d get a small one on my arm, across my “dangerous” tricep :)

    side note: I’m a passionate baker and I love the cookie recipe!!!Thank you!


  • Dee

    I think if you want a tattoo, it is your body and you should get one. Just be sure you really want it, as I don’t think they are easy to get rid of (if you can at all!).

    Can you tell us what you normally eat for breakfast?

    Thanks for all the information you give here!

  • Joana Pereira

    Hello Zuzana, I love your blog and am completely addicted. I come every single day to see what’s new.

    I’m addicted to the gym and I can’t live without training. When I feel lazy I do an intense workout for 15 or 20 minutes instead of 1 or 2 hours at the gym. Thank’s for that excelent idea.

    I have a question for you … what is the best bra or top for the chest? Too tight or not? I usually use two to run or jump in class “power jump,” because otherwise it ends up hurting me.

    What do you recommend?

    (sorry my bad english)

  • Lloyd

    Thanks for taking us on your grocery shopping trip, very interesting, it is a little harder for us to go daily since we have three kids but still a good idea. Have you ever thought about creating a recipe book, one that would have like a week or two of meals…. I know I for one would buy it?

    As for the tattoo, I am 39 and just got my first tattoo last year. I did it then because there was something I had always wanted since I was in the Marine Corps but never got but finally got to an age where I do not care what others think….to a degree, if you know what I mean.

    So if you really want one and know of something you want on your body for the rest of your life then I think you should go for it. The only two people you should be listening to is yourself and Frederick. Thanks again.

  • MikeyY

    Been a while since I’ve posted on here, but had to put in my vote for NO tatoo.

    Many of the reasons are listed in the previous comments. But the biggest reason is that since you work so hard on your body, take such price in every little curve and line of definition, why would you cover them with ink? Your body is already decorated with the most natural gifts of all, why add something so artificial? Doesn’t this go against much of your way of life? Your eating habits, your training habits, etc.?

    The point is, stay simple, natural, and just be you, as long as you can. You don’t need tattoos to make a statement. All of your work, your hard work, has been your statement.

    Thank you and Frederick for everything.

    • Matthew

      I agree with MikeyY 100%.

      Zuzana, if you ever need something to remind you of your strong will just look into a mirror.

      You could not have sculpted such a perfect physique without an iron will.

      Your entire body is already covered in a tattoo that screams of will power.

  • t

    Also about the tattoo issue, it’s great to go to the parlour a couple of times before you get your first tattoo. You will meet an artist, talk about your design, draw it out together, get a rub on tat and wear it for a couple days to make sure you like it and it’s a good placement. If you get someone you don’t like it’s very important to ask for someone else; I don’t think they would be offended. Getting a tattoo is a very intimate thing, and once they start inflicting pain on you, you will get to know each other very quickly! I love the bull on the arm; it’s not something I’ve seen before.

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  • Chino

    Please no tattoo. You have a perfect physique that you’ve accomplished deservedly with strong will no doubt. You didn’t need the bull tattoo to get to this point before, why now? lol. You obviously are very health conscious of what you put in your body. Have you researched what risks the ink may have on your health? Not even sure you can donate blood after you get inked.

    I have friends that regret many tattoos. Me personally have never thought of it. Although, I do agree it looks trashy yet sexy. I do recall from past girlfriends, but it’s just too permanent. Sexy can also be natural and believe you me you don’t need any more help in that department. In the end the decision is yours.

    Why not try a temporary tattoo, or even bull charm for a necklace. How about a bull belly piercing. Just suggestions that aren’t so permanent. Good luck.

  • http://Www.wallpaper.blogs.ie Claire

    Hi again

    I was really impressed with your food comments; there is no magic list, and simple is best!

    I was saying to my laptop, “Don’t get a tatoo!” just as you predicted, but your idea of a bull sounds really good. Go for it!

    Right, I’m off to do my own workout now; see you tomorrow!


  • t

    Hi everybody,

    I wanted to take advantage of this community of health concious indidviduals to talk a bit about a subjuct that I did a little research on: vitamin d! For those of us far north of the equator, it’s an important subject at this time of year(we can’t all be lucky enough to live in sunny, sunny malta!). I’ve discovered that for those of us who have limited sun exposure due to weather or work the reccommended daily amount of vitamin d is 1000 ui, and that the average daily intake for most north americans is 100 ui. Ouch! I read an article in Scientific American where people with extreme deficiencies in vitamin d showed reduced cognative abilities. Lack of vitamin d is also thought to be a contributing factor in seasonal affective disorder, which can cause extreme fatigue and mood disorder. Maybe why some of us are feeling less motivated these days? Many nordic countries experience higher than average incidence of SAD, but the big exception is Iceland, which has very low occurrence of the disorder. Experts think this may be linked to their high intake of fatty fish, the main dietary source of vitamin d. Interesting. So since I am newly living in London, have very short days, and have been feeling really fatigued, it’s time for a fishy experiment. Here’s one of my fave recipes for :

    Miso Salmon Salad with Carmelized Onions

    2 med. yellow onions thinly sliced, or eqiuvilant in shallots
    olive oil
    salt and pepper
    1/4 cup of liquid: stock, balsamic or white wine

    mayo (1tbsp per serving)
    miso paste(2tsp per serving)
    thinly sliced onions(a couple slices per serving)
    salmon fillet(one per person)
    japanese rice vinegar or white wine vinegar

    salad greens
    cucumber thinly sliced in half moons
    cherry tomatoes

    heat your oven to 350 f

    heat oil in a frying pan on med heat and add onions, salt and pepper to taste. When onions become nice and golden (8-10 minutes) add your liquid of choice. Simmer gently until all the liquid has evaporated and onions are nice and sticky-mushy-brown. If you used stock or wine i reccommend adding a little splash of vinegar at this point.

    While your onions are reducing mix whatever amount of miso and mayo you need for your salmon. Make a shallow cut length-wise on your fillet and smear in mayo mixture, spreading the remainder across the top of the fillet. Place each fillet in its own foil parcel with a couple slices of onion. Bake until rare and juicy, about 8 mins. You can test by putting a knife in the centre and put the tip to your tongue. If it is just warm, it’s done.

    Reserve the juices from the foil and add in rice vinegar to make a dressing. Toss veggies with dressing, make a mound on top of sweet carmelized onions, and place fish on top. Drizzle a little extra dressing. Yum!

    This is a great meal with some nice grainy seedy bread. I hope you’ll give it a go, and please let me know what you think! I’d be very happy to contribute more recipes in the future if you guys like this one, as my way of giving back for all this site has done for me!

    All the best in beating those winter blues.

  • http://www.ice-nine.org/jrrs jared spiegel

    your approach and thoughts on a tattoo seem great to me. you’ve put thought into it, specifically what you really want, why you want it, where you want it, and where you want it done. for these reasons i suggest to not let anyone discourage you from doing it — seems like the ‘yes’ decision is already made :)

  • •:*¨¨*:•Kimmie•:*¨¨*:•

    Hi Z&F!
    I would like to thank you so much for taking your time to post wonderful videos everyday. You have no idea how much it has helped me.. You have allowed me to set goals for myself (my goal= your abs! hehe) and you have helped me aquire a ‘good’ habit of working out and eating right everyday. Thank you Z & F!!

    I had a quick question…
    I love to eat korean rice cakes which is made out of sweet rice powder and sugar.. if i make it at home, i don’t use a lot of sugar (i use stevia or honey powder..etc.) but it is mainly sweet rice.. i didn’t know if sweet rice was fattening/bad for you and if there would be an alternative to get that sticky dough.. well thank you again so much!!

  • lulu

    Hey Zuzana!

    I’m 21 and in a few weeks i will be getting my 5th tattoo! Once i started getting them, i was hooked. My advice to you would be to take your time looking around at different tattoo artists and there work and deciding who would be best at creating something unique and beautiful for you. I think its best when you bring in some pictures/ideas for them to work from and let them draw up something thats one of a kind. Have you seen the movie “Taken” with Angelina Jolie? I really like the style and look of her tattoos in that movie. Just take your time to gather inspiration from different sources to make sure you’re getting something thats absolutely perfect for you! Good luck!

  • Hampton Sailer

    Zuzana, needless to say you are a very pretty woman, and have a body so fit it’s just amazing. That is a compliment, and you certianly earned it. How can you improve on perfection? I would not recommend getting a tattoo, it would only be a distraction.

  • Angela

    You should ask Red Bull to sponsor your tattoo :-)

    Great recipe, I have to try it now, I love sweet stuff.

    We vegetarians have it a little bit hard about main meals. Everytime I heard fit people talking about chicken and fish, I think of how much egg and legumes I have to eat to get my protein.

    Thank you for being there, you’re wonderful.

  • http://na Tanya

    I’m Taurus as well. And I love tatoos. I’ve got one already, a black puma on the small of my back and wanted another one on my shoulder but my hubby wouldn’t agree. He’s Taurus as well, just a stubborn as I’m. Says I;m already too old for tatoos. Hahaha!

  • mariam

    Tatoos are miserable!!! Think! As Ciro said, too. So many regret them as long as they grow older. I’ve heard and seen one of my friends which has removed one, because she regreted it. It left a big scar and she advice and talk about it as she goes to war. You are perfect the way you are and with the money for that tatoo you could buy another thing nice for yourself as you said in one statement, that you use the money for something bad to get better staff.
    If it is a fix in your mind right now, I understand. I could not stand for hair cut. :) ))

  • Roq

    Tattoos don’t have to be trashy. Taurus on the forarm would definitely not be trashy. I don’t necessarily think they are badass. I don’t think they’re anything special. It’s too commonplace to get a tattoo for it to be anything special. It’s more special not to have one…LOL…I think it’s a good idea to have it drawn first before you make up your mind. But keep in mind that your tastes will probably change as you grow older, if that wasn’t the case tattoo removals would not be so popular today.

    I’ve only seen two tattoos in my life that I thought were absolutely gorgeous. A woman that had the scorpio on the top of her foot and another woman with an absolutely gorgeous white tattoo on her back. Not very noticable but very flattering. Just like jewelry.

    A few years back I wanted a tattoo. I am so glad today I never went through with it. My sisters have tattoos and want more.

  • sara

    Hi Zuzana, I have seven tattoos and love each one i think you have to choose something witch relates to something you like or your life, i have desinged a coulpe of my own tattoos like my dolphin and my unicron they where for my two children.Hope ths helps, recipe looks really nice going to make them on my day off for the family treat.

  • Agata

    Zuzana, I’m also against tatoo. Your body is so good, pure and natural, that tatoo would disturb your perfect appearance.
    But if you really want it, do sth small on the hidden place on your body;)

    Cookies look tasty I’m gonna try it. I love everything with cinnamon!

  • Tkb

    oh- and get the tat. I have always wanted one, but have put it off. Do you think 43 is too old to get one?

  • Tkb

    Thanks for sharing! Great advice. I must try those cookies.

    Hey- where is your other dog?

  • Marlene

    As far as I can understand, Zuzana doesn’t need a tattoo to remind the world who she is, she just needs a reminder for herself. It would be something like the bracelet she bought some time ago to remind her of her strong will, just a permanent bracelet, a kind of talisman, but part of her body this time. I do agree in this sense that a tattoo on your forearm would accomplish this task perfectly, it would be very discreet, an intimate message.
    I would say tattoos aren’t trashy at all, what happens to be trashy is picture, dimensions, style of drawing and meaning they should represent. I wouldn’t have for instance a coloured and too detailed tattoo done on me, they look too much like kids’ tattoos; I find black and more or less abstract tattoos more elegant and even capable of aging as human beings should be able to age, getting rich in ‘ages’ and meaning, and not simply “going off”, but that’s a question of taste of course.
    Tattoos can be little works of art, just let’s make sure they get as close as possible to that : )

    Thank you for this delicious recipe, I’m going to try it tomorrow.

  • Adil

    Hey if I were you I would not get a tattoo. But I’m not you haha.

    Remember you can always change your body, your clothes, your fashion, but a tattoo is pernament. And to me never looks right. A temporary tattoo could be fun thou. I would have to be forced to get a real tattoo lol. I;ve never understood why people want to paint on their perfect natural bodies. We have paper for that haha.

    Anyway ignore me, do what YOU feel like doing, and enjoy. Good luck :)

  • Niki

    Hi Zuzana!Thanks for the recipe,they look delicious:]
    Btw do not get a tatto!You are perfect like you are!:p

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  • Eva

    I ate three of them.


    Please, make us some recipes we can actually EAT!! :)

    Like your soup, or salad… Vegetables recipes, you know.

    Hope there will be a workout video today!!

  • Tahlee


    Yay for Taureans! ^_^

    I’m so glad you shared your thoughts about getting a tattoo. Everyone has an opinion on them but for me, they are a deeply personal expression, so if you want one – go for it. And of course good luck to anyone trying to stop a Taurus once they’ve made up their mind. ;)

    I love the idea of getting a symbol to represent an aspect of your health and personality. I made a commitment to myself that I would get a chest piece of a botanical drawing of a dragonfly when I reached my goal weight. It’s a very abstract concept, but to me, my dragonfly represents health, authenticity and self determination. I have now reached my goal and am saving the money for the job.

    I totally understand you wanting to find a tattoo artist that you connect with. Their artwork is on you for life and it is a very intimate experience so, for me, the connection was important. You are trusting this person with your body and it is very painful (but worth it).

    I was lucky that I know quite a lot of people with tattoos so I was able to get a recommendation for an artist by a friend.

    Otherwise, why not try and search online for some tattoo parlours in Spain and see what kind of artwork you like. Everyone has a distinct style and often that’s what helps to bridge the connection.

    Good luck. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done ^_^

  • http://palmea.ning.com Vlad

    :) Hi ,Zuzanna. You can avoid sticking cookies to your hands by putting your hands in the water before you actually mess with dough.

    Btw,I have a question for you.Can you tell me what kind of camera your husband uses to film you >?:) Can you tell me ?Because it is of very good quality and i would like to use it by myself.

    Cheers from Israel :) We love you.

    • Frederick

      Hi Vlad,
      We use a pair of Canon VIXIA HF200 for our videos.

  • Manu

    Hi Zuzanna,

    I love your website and have been following your workouts for the past months. I already have two tats and I know that if you really want to have one you will get one sooner or later ^^. But i`ve got a few things you should think about before getting one yourself: the most important thing is to find a really good tatoo artist, there`s nothing worse than having a tatoo which is not well done, so take your time choosing an artist, even if he is not that sympathetic, and the other thing you should be aware of is that many people especially bosses ;-) aren`t that fond of tatoos where everyone can see them (like on your forearm).

    Keep going and I really like to see the tatoo some day,

  • http://www.rebirthing-milano.it mark

    Greate recipe! About the tatoo thing: why doing something permanent? You can have a temporary tatoo (with some skin ink) and change the draw whenever you want according to your mood! Your skin is so beautifull without any draw, the way mother nature did it.
    See U!


  • Hanne

    Hi Zuzana!
    If you want a tattoo, get the tattoo! :-)
    I`ve got two, so I`m twice as trashy! Haha!
    I like the advice above about the kids tatoo. My big dragon is on my upper right arm. I`ve had it for 12 years. I love it, but I wish I didn`t get it there. I see it all the time, and I now feel that if I wear som really nice clothes, it does`nt match at all!
    I got married in a long sleeved dress because I didn`t want the tattoo to be in the pictures.. :-)
    So think ahead, that`s my advice.

    Hugs form Hanne, Norway.

  • Marianne

    Hi Zuzana, The cookies look delicious, I’m afraid to make them tho, cos I’d probably eat more than 1…probably all of them – still working on my will power lol!

    As For the tattoo, the sign it’s self is nice coz the meaning will never change, but think very carefully about where you get it. I have 3 tattoos. My 1st was when I was 18. I was born in 1982 which is the chinese year of the dog. So this would never change. However I got it on the top of my arm (where you pointed to first), I now wish I had got it somewhere that was easier to conceal if I wanted, because of this I don’t like it any more. When I was 19 I got a creeping salamander in the middle of my back (half way up), I still really like that one because of where it is. My final one was when I was 23 and it’s a vine with a couple of purple flowers, I have it at an angle coming down my ribs, this is my favorite. I love tattoos, but they can be addictive, so beware lol

  • barbaraG

    here is another vote for no tatoos :)
    You are beautiful anyway so you can allow yourself a tatoo but tatoos are for me absolutely NOT feminine.
    And the forearm?? I understand your point – you want to have somethink like a reminder of your strong will close to you so that you can look at it as often as possible, but I assosiate forearm tattoos with prisoners and unemployed people…
    Of course you should do as you like. You will be beatutiful with or without it :) And, you can allways get it removed after some time :)
    Looking forward to one on one – when is this starting and can you give us a hint what it is going to be about? (I’m checking the site everyday hoping it’s started)
    All the best

  • Tina

    Hi Zuzana!

    I love tattoos, I have mine for 4 years now. I have beautiful butterfly (I can really connect with these animals), very colorful and its a pretty big picture. Its on my lower back and I like it a lot, I am watching it in the mirror often, haha. I am thinking about one more butterfly, on my shoulder (really big one!), for a long time now, I just cant find the right time to do it…well, I am Gemini and I get along with Taurus very well.



  • Walter

    Hello Zuzana,

    I’m new to this website and this is the 1st comment I leave.
    First of all, thank you. Thank you for being so inspirational and for sharing so many useful tips and recipes. I’m committed to start following your workout routines … but it’ll take some time to get decent times in your 500rep workouts :)

    I have a sweet tooth (but … most of the time I manage to keep it under control) so I’ll give this recipe a try. About the tattooos … for me it’s a no-no. I find them sexy but also “cheap” most times, so I would not want one on my partner.

    Best regards to you and Frederik,

    • Frederick

      Hi Walter,
      Welcome to the site :)

  • Anna

    For some people, tattoos are intriquing and interesting. I find that tattoos take the focus away from the actual person and are distracting, not to mention how awful they look as a person ages. Zuzana, you don’t need to “brand” anything onto your body. Who you are and what you represent is clearly evident without a tattoo. Lastly, our lives are a work in progress. How we live and think today will not be the same 10-20 years from now, which makes sense why many people want tattoos removed over time. All the best in your decision.

  • http://myspace.com/davidlucasguitar David L.

    there was once an old man that was asked”if you were going to get a tatoo,what kind of tatoo would you get?” he answered and said ” I would get a beautiful womans face” he was asked “where would you put it?” he replied ” on my wifes face” lol just a little tatoo humor for you.

    • Frederick

      Haha. Very funny :)

  • Daniela

    hi zuzana!! hi frederick!!

    the recipe looks delicious. i will try it.

    bout the tattoo:

    i have 9 tatoos from a pro (8 on my right arm, 1 on my torso)
    and 2 made by myself ( thanks god, they almost disappear ;-) )

    i like tattoos very very much!! this one who call it trashy don´t know about what they are talking!!

    3 points you should think about:

    first: under the tattoo you could not see your muscles as well as without one. i mean, when you are standing in the right light, and shadows fall unter your muscels, and you can see them in the best way you could look at them. with the tattoos…..this is not able in the same cool way

    second: it is a sing and it sings you. you cannot disappear as before. just anybody will remember you. you cannot change your image, as you want it to. it is a way for classification. everybody who is watch at you, thinks he can make a estimation bout you, and think he knows you

    third: in fact it is an addict ;-) )))

    so be aware!!!!

    so: go on and thank you for your good work!!!

    daniela from austria

  • tm

    one of my tattoos is on my wrist. its not very big but its noticable. its very meaningful to me which is why i chose to put it there – like you said… so i could see it!! tattoos are very personal and should have strong meaning to you, that way you will never regret it or get bored of it. i wouldn’t recommend a zodiac sign because its not very personal, but if the bull has so much meaning for you and if you know what you want and are ready for it… i say go for it!! you seem like a woman who is in touch with herself, when you are ready, you will know!! i did what others have suggested and had a temporary one done first before my first tattoo – that helped alot. good luck and thanks for the great workouts, you rock! :)

  • http://[email protected] rspaige

    OK, if you are going to get a tat…(I have several). put it on your body where you can cover it up with summer clothing. Back, upper shoulder, etc… You never know what the future holds! But, yes get a tat, I love mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Say noooo to tattoos! LOL

    This coming from someone who LOVES art, that also includes graffiti, but I’ve never seen any drawing that I would want to keep on my body forever.

    If it’s part of your culture, like some Polynesians, then that I would understand. I understand maybe a tattoo with the name of a child or some sort homage to your parents or someone who had a tremendous impact in your life.

    If you’re going to do it, and it looks like you’re set on it, make sure it have a lot of meaning to you first. That’s my 2 cents.

  • Shannon

    i was doing a archive workout last night… i’m at home cause i’m helping my mom after she fell and broke her two wrists. anyway, i was doin my workout and my dad came in… and he doesn’t know i have tattoo on my lower back. i got it was i was 21 i’m 24 now. its just best to not show him..for his sake. anyway, i kind of regret it now anyway. then i was thinking, zuzanna’s back looks nice w/o being tatted up. thats just my opinion. tattoo’s are over-rated and not having one is almost more original than having one. yup…so see ya on the next workout!

  • http://www.fotolog.com/flaviarj FlaviaRJ

    Ohhh, I was very sad to read so many people talking for you not to do a tattoo… Still today there´s lots of people who doesn´t like, but anyway every people has the right to like or dislike anything… but it´s cool to see that everyone respects each others…And there´s also a lot of people that likes too, can´t complain! <=)
    Well… I´m suspitious to talk about tattoos, I´m a tattoo artist and I obviously love tattoos…
    The advice I can give you about tattoos are: Choose the design very well, because it has to be a unique art, I never do the same tattoo, always draw a unique design for each client I have because it´s something that will stay with you for all your life… Other advice: choose the tattoo artist carefully, it has to be someone who can draw, who is very clean and use disposable material, even the litlle pots where the tattoo artist put the ink, it has to be disposable too, the needle, the stem where the needle is solded, it all has to be disposable… all the places has to be covered by a plastic film(including the chair you´ll use), and also the machine, the clip cord, it also has to be protected by a plastic film, also the place where the tattoo artist dispose the things… Don´t use vaselin (petrum jelly), it´s made of oil and our skins are ot compatible to oil… prefer to use a greasy balm that prefencially have some smooth anesthesic (because tattoos doesn´t hurt a lot, it´s the same feeling as a scratch, and the balm help with this feelling)the balm also helps the needle to slide in the skin…
    What i can tell more? hummm.. Also choose very well the place, because I see a lot of people taking very carefully the choose of the draw and don´t pay attention to the place the tattoo will be done… the place is very important too! ^^
    Another thing, colored tattoos are more sensible to sun, because of the increase melanin, when we stay a lot in the sun, the melanine rises… and with the time (some 5, or 6 years) starts to modify a little, because of skin natural scalin (peeling, donno the exact word), but it´s more a problem for places where I live, the sun here is toooooooo toooooo strong and hot… O.O (today the weather was superhot, more than 44degrees celsius)… black and gray tattoos are a litlle more resistent to sun and time effects. <=)
    Other thing is about the tattoo artist techniche, tattoos doesn´t bleed, it´s story of people who doesn´t know how to tattoo, it only bleed if the tattoo is giant and with lots of laers of colors, feminine tattoos never supose to bleed, when it happens it´s because the tattoo artist doesn´t has a good techniche, and the power suplly (the little box where the clip cord conects) doesn´t have to be adjust for more that 8,or maximum 10.. because when it´s too strong, it will cut the skin violentally and the final result is not good… more hurt during the tattoo, worse to heal…
    Well i think I wrote too much about this topic, sorry, but that´s my specially and I love it sooo much! ^^
    Any doubt, if you want, make yourselves confortable to ask.. I´m a tattoo artist for more than 8 years, I have some information about this!

    By the way: It´s too late here for me to go to cook, I´ll try this recipe tomorrow!! ^^ I´t seems very taste!
    Thanks a lot again for sharing!

  • http://thedragonmansion.wordpress.com/ Tali Katzman

    Hey Zuzana,

    I found a great low fat recipe for oatmeal cookies with honey.here is the link:


  • ozziepossum

    Hi Zuzana

    I have two tattoos and love one hate the other. Thankfully the one I hate is on my butt so never see it! A tattoo is such a personal thing, and I believe it should mean something, don’t go out and get some trivial symbol! A bull sounds great!

    One of mine in on the inside of my wrist and it HURT! But it was worth it! The one on my butt hardly hurt at all.Generally the less fat/muscle the more pain!

    Dee (Australia)

  • Aj

    Life is about expression of your being. Tatoos are a intersting way to do just that. Having gotten inked, I will say you should give yourself some time before you pull the trigger. If after a few months you still really want one, get it! Why not? Screw what other people think. And get it EXACTLY where you want it. “you should get it where you can cover it …” nonsense! What’s the point of being ashamed of yourself? Your thoughts? Your ACTIONS? Our bodies are our partners on this spiritual journey. Honor, cherish, and decorate them. Why else do we where clothing that compliments our figures? Thank You, and Good Luck.

  • http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/chikichan1127 Daniela

    Hi Zuzana,

    I love your blog, workouts and your lifestyle. I also eat healthy and enjoy sports together with my husband, so I resonate with your thinking and what you’re doing. My husband exercises every morning for some years now and looks really good, sexy and fit, especially for his age. (56)

    We get inspired by your blog and I wish I discovered it earlier not in the last few days… anyway, I will be a faithful reader from now on and have more variety on our workouts due to your postings. I love you for it.

    Regarding the tattoo, one of my friends is a tattoo artist, and a very good one, but …. he lives in Tokyo. Actually I also live in Tokyo. Please check out his site: http://graphictribe.com/tattoos/
    You might get a feel of it. In Japan, contrary to western expectations, society does not accept tattoos well because of the yakuza image of heavily tattooed mafia ring members. One most relevant example is the fact that no one with tattoos can go to public hot springs (Japanese word for it is ONSEN) even if the tattoo is a small letter or innocent 2cm flower. The rule is very strict and unless there is a way to put a band aid over it so staff and other people won’t notice, you get kicked out of the onsen.
    It happened to my friend, she had a small one, still it got her into trouble.

    Mineral hot springs are so good for the skin and health that I would advise anyone against tattoo for this reason only. I go to onsen every week and soak there for a couple of hours to relax and remineralize. It’s the best feeling in the world for me. At onsens, you can always find saunas, and body treatments. My favorite is the Korean akasuri, they practically scrub a layer of dead skin off your entire body, so you feel smooth and shiny. Also salt scrubbing saunas, sesamy oil lymph body massage and cucumber and milk face packs, and so many other pampering treats a woman can get at the onsen spa.

  • FW

    No tattoo :) :):) but that’s just my opinion.

  • Mel

    nice boots!thanks for the recipe, I can almost smell the ginger from just watching the video! I got a tattoo at age 33, the tattoo refelcts my views on health, fitness & life…it’s on my lower belly, near the hip. Can be covered if I want, and exposed when I want. Personally I don’t think they’re trashy at all, & it sounds like you’ve thought about why you want one. Maybe try picturing yourself when you;re older (a lot older!) and ask yourself if the tatoo is where you want it. The forearm is a very cool place for a tat, but just envision it; the suggestion of a temporary tattoo is a great idea. I never did that, just went for it, it was virtually painless, more like a vibrating itch, no regrets and it sure motivates me to keep a flat toned belly! Good luck Zuzanna & thanks for the workouts, etc.

  • Maryam

    Hi Zuzana,

    I will be sure to try these cookies!

    I wanted to share a website with you for a while and I keep forgetting…I think this woman really tries to make recipes healthy and she’s indian so she also shows how to do indian food and her pictures and directions are really good too. Her recipes like Herbed Wheat Orzo Pilaf, Baked Asparagus with Kamut Pasta, and Baked Quinoa and Bean Croquettes are really nice and healthy. you should definitely check it out!

    let me know what you think of it:



    I don’t think you need a tattoo to remind you of your inner strength. Your fortitude can be seen in the reflection of your eyes;so just look in a mirror when you need to remember what GOD has granted you. I used to work in a nursing home as an LVN,and many elderly residents have tattoos;I asked them if they ever regretted getting one and the majority would answer “yes”;most not even remembering why they got it in the first place. But memories aplenty they have in their hearts of youth, loves,special occassions,etc. Plus,they DO NOT look so hot on wrinkled skin no matter the body location. Thank you for letting us share our opinions and thanks for the recipe.

  • Angie

    Hey Zuzana,

    Great recipe, I’ll have to try it sometimes, though i think I’ll hold off on the cookies after having Ukrainian Christmas! I love tattoos, as a whole, I think they are truly beautiful ways to express ones feelings, dedication and love towards family, companions and life. Hey, if you ever are in Canada- you should have my sister do it for, she’s an amazing tattoo artist!!

    Take care,

  • http://www.united-fit.com Roy Koyama

    It sounds like you’re getting the tattoo… good thinking to make sure it is well thought out and means a lot to you. Do you have a sister around your age whatever that may be??? LOL

    You are just about everyman’s dream… Keep up the great work!

  • http://www.youtube.com/skylinewolf79 Andrea

    not too Kean on tattoos… but given the meaning that i recon is a valid exception! fore arm?? no please…too much in u`r face..u`ll get tired & hate it.. on the left hand hip pointing at u`r stomach… that is the hardest part of the body to shape so it shows determination and strength..lets not forget in a woman is were life begins and there is no toughest challenge than that!! All the hardest emotions in life r felt like a hit in the stomach..a fist doesn’t show the strength in a person! is how many punches a person can take and still stand that shows how tough she is!! And there is always visible when u r training if done just above the bikini line or low cut jeans!! take u`r time and let me know if u need a scatch as ideas!!! ;-p

  • Chanel

    A trick I like to use when baking cookies for myself is half the recipe and then only bake a few cookies and freeze the rest of the dough. That way Im not tempted to eat the whole batch and then next time i want some the dough is already in the freezer i just need to unthaw and bake it.

    I think a tattoo is a great idea!

  • Alina W

    I look forward to trying this delicious ginger cookie recipe! First of all, I LOVE ginger cookies so a healthy recipe for them sounds wonderful b/c occasionally I buy the triple ginger snaps at Trader Joe’s, which are delicious, but I like knowing exactly what and how much I put into my recipe…As for the tattoo, I think you should get it if you REALLY want it! I’ve been wanting to get one for a while now, I have it drawn up and ready when I am. I’m not so sure about on your shoulder or forearm tho, I know you will do what you want but a bull is STRONG and makes a statement already, and having it stand out on your shoulder or arm seems a little too much…You are a beautiful woman who has femininity and class, and I just don’t think a bull that visibly matches that. Someone earlier said something about hip or foot or ankle or back, I think those are great choices. Nevertheless, you are awesome and inspiring and I know you will do whatever you want! Look forward to what’s next! ~A

  • Goldenboy

    Hi Zuzana, great vidz and hats off to your man behind the camera. He’s doing a great job :)

    As for the tattoo I think you should design your first one. That’s what I did and you’ll feel better knowing that your first tat came out exactly how you wanted it. If you’re not artistic, maybe you should hold a youtube contest to design your bull.

    I also think you should have the tattoo on your wrist a little before the palm of your hand. I don’t like the idea of having it on your forearm because a small tattoo probably wouldn’t be ideal there and your arms are great so there’s no need to put something big there. Think how it may look professionally too…

    Another place I think the tattoo would look great is near the hip bone going up towards your rib cage. That way it could be a little bigger and wrap around a little from your back to your abdominal area. Make sure the tattoo is colorful!

    Golden Boy

  • http://athletesbooks.com rocoach

    Tattoos always look like a kid has drawn on you with a marker pen.

  • http://youtubemolero64 Ralph molero

    HI Zuzana!!
    What a wonderful recipe with the ginger cookies. As well as the sweet cake recipe too,
    I’ve always loved working out but I’ve been taking it very seriously and watching your videos,work for me thanks a lot and can’t wait to seee your next workout!
    about your tattoo just pick a good picture or draw something unique that really means something to you and want to remember and keep for the rest of your life,
    good luck and cant wait for next workout I really like it
    LOL from U.S.A Ralph

  • Joanna

    Hey Zuzana, The cookies look really great. About the tattoo, I have two myself. Everyone told me not to get one, but it didn’t matter. When you have made up your mind about something its not easily changed. I will warn you by saying the are addictive. As a person who prides herself on having self control, I have a weakness for tattoo’s. Luckily my tight budget has not allowed funds for another. But a third tattoo isn’t far behind. lol.

  • ljm

    Don’t get a tattoo! You are too classy and besides they have the potential to spread HIV, and hepatitis. The thrill of getting one will be short lived and you will want another, it is an addictive behavior with no redeemable value.

  • Jax


  • Mandy

    I always think it’s kind of scary to permanently mark bodies :( … my boyfriend wants to get one too and I don’t really want him to get one either… But he’s also a Taurus… and we all know that taurus are stubborn and they will do whatever they want hahaha. I guess my advice would be to just really think it out (the design, the placement, the size, the artist) and make sure that you aren’t getting the tattoo out of compulsiveness.

    I had a dream a while ago that I went in and got a tattoo of a wine bottle (… ugly, I know…lol) on my shoulder/ upper arm… everyone told me it was really cool, but after I started second guessing it, everyone was agreeing with me that it was horrible. I was crying and freaking out and when I woke up I had to check my arm to make sure it wasn’t there…. LOL. Terrible dream. I had to share :)

  • Don

    I find tattoos ugly. Even pretty ones.

  • Heather

    I think tattoo’s are beautiful! I have a butterfly on my back and it has no meaning, it’s just pretty! I do want to get another one that represents my children. I have 3 and one that was a stillborn, not sure what I want for that yet? I was thinking of getting footprints, but that’s a lot of prints! Any ideas?

    As for shopping for groceries, we walk the perimeter of the store and that’s about it! Everything on the inside is usually packaged crap!

  • Jed

    I like the idea of getting a temporary tattoo to try out the idea for a while first. The only thing that I would change would be that instead of getting the bull that you want, get what it will look like in twenty years, a multi colored bruise where the ink has bleed together to make it unrecognizable. Before you get a tattoo, look at all the grandparents with tattoos and decide if that is really what you want to look like.

    A tattoo would be a terrible thing to do to your beautiful skin.

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Sounds like a great simple recipe I have to try! Thank you for reminding me to “not overeat” :) which is the reason I usually avoid baking cookies in the first place.

    Tattoos? If it means something to you, and you truly believe it will always (!!) mean something to you, by all means. I can see your strength just fine, though. No clues needed.

    Are you thinking of this as a reminder to yourself to be strong, or a caution to others that you are strong? If it is only a reminder to yourself, I would do it in a less permanent way because some day the reminder won’t be necessary, and you don’t want to have your latest condition running up your forearm like a thermometer!

    Strength is its most powerful form is in restraint rather than charging. (Kinda like strength in NOT giving in to getting a tattoo, or strength in me NOT eating 20 ginger cookies lol) Tattoos are not as easy to change/remove as pulling out an earring.

    I would be careful about putting a tattoo out there for the world to always see, because the world can be a very judging place, and you want to be seen as a larger book than just your “cover”. Your current “cover” is pretty fabulous, by the way :) .

    I am not a good one for tattoos…if I had’ve chosen one ten years ago I am 100% positive I would be wishing for something different by now. My life has changed in so many ways over the years I am very glad I don’t have to wear my personal history for me or the world to read. I am happy to be private. It keeps me focused on the present rather than an old past. But that is just me and everyone is different.

    You know what to do! Whatever you choose you will be happy with it I am sure, because that is how a Taurus is!

  • Ashley

    I think it’s important for you to realize tattoos are only trashy if you make them trashy. If you get a tattoo, stand behind the meaning that you got the tattoo then there is nothing trashy about it. There are millions of American woman with the same tattoo in the same location of their body that has ZERO meaning to them, makes it class-less. You are a classy person that is strong willed and have a reason as to why you want this tattoo and what it means to you. PERSONALLY, I wouldn’t put it in that location because I would want to hide the tattoo if wearing a dress, but we are all individuals, and that’s your choice. Thank you for every post, I am very inspired by your workouts and I realized that in one of the first videos of yours I watched. Your strong will and determination is visible to all of us, with or without that tattoo!

    Thanks for all the workouts and diet tips!

  • Radovan

    Ahoj Zuzka,

    v prvom rade vdaka za videa a za Tvoj priklad, co sa da dosiahnut len cvicenim s vlastnym telom. Pre mna je to dostatocna motivacia a po rokoch som zacal o5 cvicit (posilovne ma nikdy nebavili)

    Co sa tyka tetovania, tak moja manzelka uz dlho zvazuje, ze sa da tetovat, ale nie je si ista, ci to vlastne chce atd.
    Ked sme sa o tom naposledy rozpravali, tak som jej navrhol nech si spravi docasne tetovanie na skusku, aby videla, ci sa jej to bude pacit. Samozrejme to je hladanie kompromisu medzi kvalitou a tou docasnostou. Ako najzaujimavejsie sme nasli tetovanie normalnou tetovacou pistolou, ale bez inkoustu. Vraj vydrzi az rok, kym pomaly vymizne, je vsak bezfarebne. Skus si o tom precitat na webe. Tym budes mat samozrejme este tazsie hladat tatera, lebo by s tym mal mat skusenosti.
    Ja si vsak myslim, ze by si sa tetovat nemala. Ak si chces pripomenut silu vole(vule, bez diakritiky sa to blbo pise), staci sa pozriet okolo co vsetko ludia dokazali a co ste vlastne dokazali Vy s Frederickom. Alebo odporucam citat biografie ludi, co toho vela dosiahli, napr. Winston Churchill. Sila vole(vule) sa da ziskat tiez len pravidelnym cvicenim, podobne ako sila svalov. Nejaky byk je len docasna pomocka, ktora Ti po case aj tak prestane sluzit.

    Ak by si chcela nejake zaujimave audio (mp3) na danu temu, tak mi posli email.

    Prajem vela stastia a tesim sa na 1on1 kategoriu

  • http://www.bodyrock.tv N.

    …just an spanish opinion.
    Z. asked our opinion, so i just give mine.
    i like either the bull and the Cancer.
    i think shoulder is too common, so i would prefer it in the forearm. That is a great idea.

    But the most important is that you have to be really really really sure about it. if you have almost a little doubt, is better to wait until you have none.

    personally, i love tats. i have right leg all tattoo.
    you are really pretty without a tattoo. but mr. Freddy´s forearm idea is great!!!

    enjoy your decision.

  • Hayley

    I have the cookies in the oven now and they smell delicious!!!

  • Brianna

    Hi Zuzana!

    I just wanted to let you know that since you’ve supported me all the way through, every time we spoke before bodyrock tv got this busy, you always supported everything I’ve done and given me the best advice. I don’t care if you wanted purple hair and a mohawk with a tattoo of a turkey on your face. (Then again, maybe I would care because I don’t want you to mess your beautiful self up like that! but anyway,) I support your tattoo idea 100%! I think it’s wonderful to get it in Spain. I’m an Aries and we are very strong willed as well. I’m probably going to get a tattoo of a ram pretty soon since that’s my sign. I think you are doing an awesome job at what you do, and I look up to you more than anyone. I hope my message inspires others to better themselves. I’d love to see this posted somewhere! I’d love to tell the world how awesome you are and I’ve been going to the gym, watching my diet, never lounging around on the couch, and everything else because you’ve given me the motivation to get the body of my dreams… and I’m almost there! Can’t wait for the next workout! ;)

    Little Bri :)

  • rebecca

    I hope you opt not to get a tattoo. You are so naturally beautiful and I think you would regret it as many people do regret their own. I have one and hate it.
    I have changed so much throughout the years that I just don’t hold a lot of the same views as I did in my 20′s….(I’m 34). I want to have it removed and have for a long time, just haven’t looked into it yet.
    I vote NO!!!! :)

  • http://www.tanyaloca.com Tanya

    I might just try making those cookies. :)

    As for the tattoo!! Go for it! I have one myself. But you really really have to think about where you really want it, which is one of the big things I had to decide on. I have mine on my back…on my left lower back.. on the muscle. I put it there because I want the option to hide it when I get old and wrinkly.

    I’m excited for you! Can’t wait to see your tat!

  • Federica

    Thanks for the recipe, I’m gonna try it, it looks yummy!
    As for the tatoo, I think that on your forearm, close to your wrist, is the best place to have it done, just make it sure to have a small one, it’s more feminine. Two friend of mine have one: a butterfly and a colibrì, and I like them. I have been thinking for months about having one done in the same place, but I can’t find the right subject. I think that a tatoo should be express something, as the taurus for you, I know peole who don’t know the meaning of their tatoo…this is trashy, not the tatoo itself!!

  • http://www.goforthisworld.com GoForThisWorld

    Try a temporary tattoo for about 6 months. You will find that it does not do what you think it will do, and you will no longer want one. Tattoos are not attractive.

  • d

    yah it would be really cool if ya got a tat!! especially the reason tht u want to get one. i wouldn’t get a gynormous bull thing on ur forearm though cuz it might look a little gaudy, maybe like a 2 inches big kind of deal or one on the inside of ur hand,ughh tht would be cool!! haha i kno u’ll get one where u want though so my opinion doesn’t matter, but it’s an idea :) i’ll have to try the cookies sometime though,i LOVE baking! thanks a lot and can’t wait to seee your next workout!


  • oscar

    zuzana if you are going to get a tatto think very well about it. i hate my first tattoo.. and you also need to be careful in the place you going to place it.. please it is a very important decision. also if you really really want it don’t get a ”book tatto” it has to be something unique that really means something to you and want to remember and keep for the rest of your life.. bye

    greetings from venezuela

  • Ellie

    hi Zuzana

    first of all i love the recipe.
    I think you should get a tatoo if u want and especially the bull- its awesome. I am a taurian too and i want to have tatoo. I was wondering what tatoo will refect my personatilty and at the same time give me motivation. thanks to you, you gave me an option to get a bull tatoo..

    Good luck and cant wait to see your tatoo…………….

  • Tracy

    you are so cute and funny haha. crack me up everytime. :)
    i enjoyed seeing you shop.
    i was wondering what your thoughts are about coffee?
    a lot of people say its good for you if you drink it in moderation?

    keep up the videos :) ))

  • Agnieszka

    Hey Zuzanna

    I think that If U want to get a tattoo U should definetly do it!!
    One thing U should do is to plan graphic/idea of Your tattoo, because it’s many kind of art and so on. So when U will choose one idea wait about hmmm I don’t maybe a week or even month and see if You’re not bored with it. If U decided that this idea is the one and the best then go to the tattoo studio. Really it’s very important, I know it by myself. I wanted to do rose and the day before I went to studio I found the prettiest one.
    To sum up: it’s very important how Your tattoo should look like, what technic, is it going to be, with shading or without, colourful or black… big/small

    I really enjoy watching Your website ;]

  • SG Hollywood

    Yay I can’t wait to try your cookies!

    Oh and for the tattoo’s go for it. I use to work at some shop but then i got more into school. Just a bit of advise in spain there are a few tattoo shops compared to were I live but the people are nice. (been to only one forgot the name) Generally tattoo artists are nice to clients and should make you feel comfortable. I don’t think any tattoo artist would like to be working on a client they don’t get along with. So they may be scary looking on the outside but they are usually nice friendly people. Oh and make sure the shop is clean that is a big thing! New needles every time, ink, etc. Because of the exposed blood of different people and what not. And yes it is painful, just depends on area of body, and the person’s pain tolerance. Wrist hurts and places that are close to the bone like shins. But i think you should be fine =]
    good luck and cant wait for next workout!!!

  • Nay

    Beautiful recipe. I love you that allow little treats into your lifestyle (notice I don’t use that filthy 4 letter word – DIET!! UUGGHH it’s such an ugly word, people associate it with deprivation, celery sticks and starving themselves!!).

    About the tattoos – I have 3 and I love each of them. They all mean something special to me, and each of them are in a spot when I can hide them if I need to or show them off. My advice – get something meaningful to you, maybe a saying or a powerful word or a picture that represents the kind of person you are. My friend has a Phoenix (bird) tattoo – it represents a person’s inner fire and zest for life. The Phoenix bird epitomizes rebirth and resurrection from the ashes. She has it because it’s symbolic of a tough time she went through, now she is all good and stronger and ready to tackle life.

    Have a beautiful day guys :)

  • Natasha

    Hi Z.
    Those cookies look yummy & I bet they smell amazing.
    Like you I have been wanting a tattoo for some time(My hubby has 3). However, I vasciliate back and forth on whether or not it’s something I truly want. I then recently heard a quote (not my own) that cinched it for me. It was, “You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley.” Not that my body is necessarily comparable to one but….youknowhatimean :-) . Having said that, I don’t think that tattoos are trashy or that people shouldn’t get them. In fact, I like your idea and the reasoning and thought you’ve put into your possible tattoo. I do believe it would suit you well. & if you decide not to… you’re tough, and beautiful no matter what. Your fabulous muscles attest to that!
    Thanks for the recipe,

  • nick from nyc

    Hi! Great recipe. It seems really simple yet very tasty. I definitely have to try it. Oh, about tattoos, I can honestly tell you that nearly everyone I’ve known with one wants to get it removed after the novelty wears off. In fact, here in NY the tattoo removal business is booming with customers, and yes, it’s very painful, ouch! Sorry;)

  • Candy

    When one on one with Zuzana starts will it include daily workouts? I love your workouts but I would love it even more if there were new workouts everyday.

  • SierraWave

    Good cookies! I’d advise against a tattoo. My great grandmother had a tattoo, and it didn’t look so hot when she was 90! Seems like you have wonderful motivation without the tattoo!

    Here’s an idea: Have an artist create your vision and turn it into a temporary tattoo — kids type tat, or maybe the new disappearing ink with 1 laser treatment. This way you can go without in the future, or change your vision. A custom fake tattoo sleeve made from cloth might also fulfill the curiosity and vision.

    40% of young Americans get tats, and I bet the tat removal business will be hot in about 15-20 years :-)

  • Katharine

    Hi Zuzana! I love your tatoo idea! I don’t think that tatoos are trashy; tatoos are badass (as long as you don’t have too many). Keep it to one or two and your good. I also like the bull idea, with the whole horns pointing toward the world thing. I am 18 and afraid that my parents won’t love me anymore if I get a tatoo (just kiddin) so I don’t have one yet but my opinion on them is that the first idea that comes to your mind about them is what you should do. Don’t overthink it..stick with the bull! haha, looking forward to your next video.

    BTW, can you do a yoga-oriented video sometime? Thanks!
    Much love,

  • http://bodyrock.tv Tania

    Hey Zuzana,

    I agree with Ruth. Try a temporary tatoo for a week or two and see how you feel. My brother is a tatoo artist who owns a couple of tatoo shops. The majority of his clients are beautiful young girls who want tatoos on their arms just like Angelina Jolie. He tries to pursuade them not too because it resembles gang members and sailors. However, in the long run you should do what you feel is best for you. I think you are perfect the way you are and you come across as a very strong individual. In my opinion your strong will and determination comes across very clearly to most of us and I don’t think a tatoo is necessary to make that statement.

    Best regards.

  • http://www.experiencerelief.com Kindra

    If you want a tattoo, then I think you should get one!
    A tatto showing your strength is a great idea! You are consistently mentally stronger than most people and I think that should be celebrated! :)
    One question:
    I know portion sizes of a meal varies but when I’m sore from a workout, I notice that I am much hungrier. Should I take advantage of my increased metabolism during this recovery time and stick to my small portions even though I’m still very hungry or should I eat a little bit more because my body is trying to tell me it needs more nutrients to recover from my workout? My goal is to lose body fat.
    I would assume that I should eat a tiny bit more and listen to my body, but for some reason hearing it from you validates what I think is right! I know you don’t have time to answer all questions and I appreciate it very much when you find the time to share your thoughts with all of us! Thanks! :)

  • Caleb

    I those cookies look so good, I’m gearing up to start taking my health and fitness seriously again. (stopping is never a good idea. shame on me) I remember that anytime I wanted something like cookies or cake, making it myself was a great way to not over do it. and i totally agree with how you shop, way to go.
    tattoo’s are pretty cool, for me i can’t do it though, i can never make up my mind about something i would want on me forever. I like your idea though, and how you want it to be someone you know doing the tattoo.
    If it makes you happy go nuts XD

  • John

    Great recipe, don’t like tattoos.

  • Maja

    ps- i didn’t watch your video until after i wrote the comment. my last sentence in my comment might of come of as rude. I wasn’t trying put down the idea of you wanting a bull.
    As i can hear from your video you have put some thought into where it’s placed and why. and even where you want to get it. I think it sounds great. when you were describing your ideas the first image i got in my head was the black outline of a bull, lines showing all the muscle and definition. plus a bit of shading.
    good luck with you idea. hope you find something that you like

  • April

    This is so awesome we are both Taurus and trust me i love tattoos but I hate pain :( and i want to share my recipe with you about my Choco-Carrot cookies.

    1 cup whole wheat flour
    2 eggs
    1/4 cup margarine
    1/4 teaspoon rock salt or sea salt
    1 cup brown sugar
    grated carrot (any amount desired)
    1/3 cup oats
    1 bar of Hershey’s Dark chocolate (melted)
    6 heaping scoops of chocoalte or cocoa powder
    1/2 teaspoon baking powder
    3 tablespoons skim milk

    All you do mix the dry ingredients first, then add eggs and milk and mix until it seems like a nice dough
    add chcolate powder and melted dark chocolate
    and allow to bake in your oven until the cookies become slightly hard but you fork can stick into it without residue coming up on the fork. this is probably 25-40minutes. Enjoy

    P.S you can modify this recipe if you like :)

  • bjorg

    Hey Zuzana!

    your cookies look so good. You have thougt me to make a healty tasty food.
    Helping me in that way to reach my goals.

  • Big Tex-Dallas

    Bleh, I think visible tattoos are tacky, trite, and conformist these days since everybody’s been getting them. I enjoy being more individual and non-conformist by NOT having a tattoo. An exception: a tattoo that only your lover(s) can see is perhaps more fun and sexy. It’s still not for me though.

  • mariemarie

    - I am a stubborn Taurus.
    That would be a great workout name… I’m a stubborn Taurus too ;)

    About tattos, I would never get one. Back to my younger days (LOL), I had so much body piercings… I get rid of all of them (except for my belly button and my tragus) because I was tired to see them.
    I always wanted to have a tatto but in regard of what happened with my piercings, I change my mind. At the time, I was so sure I would keep them forever! I was relieve to see that I could put them out without any trace… a tatto anyway doesn’t forget.

    I still think it’s very pretty and I hope for you that it doesn’t hurt too much :)

    Bon courage!

  • Maja

    Hi there,
    I think tattoos are great just as long as you put a lot of thought into it. I have one tattoo and i got it a long time ago around my 18th birthday. I didn’t want my parents to see it so i decided to put it on my ‘upper’ butt. lol
    (without saying, they found out) anyways, i was a bit drunk when i got the tattoo and it was a nicely detailed drawing of a blue bull. I got the idea because i’m a taurus and it just so happened to be the image on the bottle of wine i was drinking that night! really stupid but it has a story so i don’t really feel like i want to remove it or have serious regret. So my advice, is think about it.
    make sure it’s something that has deeper meaning than just your cosmo sign.

  • Thomas

    Get a beach related tattoo like a sea turtle.
    I am not sure if I’m the only male who watches your videos. But, you inspire me to workout when I do watch them.
    I learn many new ways of working out through you and I thank you.
    Doing the same workout everyday gets boring and kills my motivation sometimes. Thank you for reading, goodbye :-)

  • iva


  • Natram

    hi Zuzana & Frederick nice video :) , so inspirational and about the tattoo, it’s up to you, i want to get one myself, but i guess i haven’t found the right moment, i’ll let you guys know, when i actually get it :D

  • Jessica






  • Sarah O

    Great recipe, looks tasty :) About tattoos. I have 2, one on each wrist. They were extremely addicting, the feeling of having it done. But now that they are there (have had them for 6 years) I kinda don’t feel excited about them anymore. I still get compliments about them, but I still get denied some jobs because of them too. I guess what I’m saying is tattoo’s are ok, just don’t over-do it, and I really reccommend getting one in a place that won’t be seen easily.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=771075044 Ruth

    Hi Zuzana!

    So I haven’t had time to read everyone’s posts yet, so forgive me if someone has suggested this to you… go grab several of those fake kids temporary tattoos in about the size you want your tattoo and wear them for 3 weeks or more in the area that you want your tattoo. I think that will help you decide if you really want one on your forearm. I love tats and want to get one myself (I don’t think they’re trashy at all:)), I have a couple of piercings but have never been able to decide what I want to get. My sign is cancer and is represented by a crab… they don’t quite represent the same energy as a bull, lol… but I think the bull is a great idea, and I also agree with Freddy that on your forearm, or on the inside of your wrist maybe, is a good place to help you to remember. Though it would be hard to cover it if you ever wanted to.

    Thanks for another great video! The ginger cookies might be better to make for the baby shower I’m going to next weekend… hmmmmm… maybe I’ll make both the recipes, ginger cookies and Zeml Baba!

    Best to you all!

    Ruth :)

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Ruth,

      If I find some nice tattoo of bull for kids I will try it :) Cancer is a great sign – one of my favorite actually.

      • http://www.goforthisworld.com GoForThisWorld

        Hi Zuzana,

        Here’s one place where you can order even just 1 temporary tattoo: http://www.straytats.com/ Depending on how long you plan to try the temporary tattoo idea, you are likely to need more than 1. Googling brings up other places such as http://www.tattoosales.com/ (Disclaimer: I have no business dealings with any of these sites; in fact, I personally do not find tattoos attractive.)

        Thanks for your shows, and you enjoy this exploration into what you like!

  • Farrell

    How do you access the member section of your site? I’d like to see the Best 20 minute Cardio workout, but it says it is for members only. I just don’t see how you become a member.


  • Niomay

    Ahoj Zuzko,

    some people say that it´s good to draw the tattoo on your skin first and have it there for some time, so that you can see if you really like it and can live with it for the rest of your life.If you do, get the real one, if not, you can simply wash it off.

    I´ve always wanted to have a tatto on my ankle but never actually find courage to have it done.

    Have a nice evening.


  • spider

    hello thanks for you diets zuzana i hope i can respond
    i will train hard make a challenge to you.
    you are beautiful and strong,
    geetings and blessings from mexico.
    awating you response thanks

  • Megan K

    Hi Zuzana!

    These cookies look amazing! I love to bake and can’t wait to try this recipe out!! =)

    I think your tattoo idea is excellent! You thought of the perfect spot to get it on. It is a good thing to keep you going =) I think you should get it forsure! It would look so good!

    -Megan K

  • ozziepossum

    The recipe looks wonderful. But I seem to be having issues with your video not loading :(


  • Katya

    I like tattoos.I have 2)I guess im trashy))And i want more)they r addictive.But dont do a big one on your arm though.
    P.S.Nice recipe))

  • Simone

    Hey Zuzana.
    First of all, thanks for everything. You really inspire me. I’m a 16 year old girl and I love to could food and eat it :) When I shop, I usally go for the organic produkts, because they taste better and are better for the enviroment. But I also by “normal” produkts, if they don’t have it in organic. If I want cookies or cake, I don’t buy it, I make them myself. It taste thousand times better. I don’t buy diet food – I hate that. It doesn’t taste that good. I LOVE coca cola and popcorn, so it’s hard to not drink/eat it, but I only drink/eat it the weekends.
    Again, thanks alot and keep on the good work! ;)


  • Nazzie

    Hello Zuzanna,

    I have three tattoos (two of them are on places people can’t see!) :) I think a bull on your wrist would look nice. Just make sure that they follow all health regulations! Here’s a helpful link: https://www.msu.edu/~krcmari1/individual/get_health.html
    Your videos helped motivate me to work out. I’ve just started but I was wondering if I should be doing anything different than you since I’m underweight. And because I’m a beginner should I be working out everyday?

    Thanks for your great website!

  • Sandra

    Don’t get the tattoo. Everybody has tattoos so there is nothing unique about getting a tattoo anymore.

    • sarah

      I agree. Everyone of my friends has at least a full sleeve. I have always wanted a tattoo, but as I have grown older and my friends have become more tatted up I decided I was the rebellious one NOT getting the tattoo. The bare human body is so beautiful as it is. Some tattoos are very beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but i believe nothing beats bare skin. Beautiful. Classy. Timeless.
      Those cookies look yummy!

  • ciro

    hi zuzanna
    been watching you for about 6 weeks. very nice site and love the workouts.
    do not get a tattoo! God made us each perfect the way we are. i know a lot of people, including my dad, who when they get older regreat thier tattoos.

  • Michelle

    Hi Zuzanna !

    What a wonderful recipe with the ginger cookies. As well as the sweet cake recipe.

    That is so funny that you mentioned that you are a taurus! My mom and I were wondering which signs you were in the zodiac and chinese sign. You are determined, great physical shape, beautiful, and soft spirited. We figured that you were a TAURUS. It’s excellent that your husband allows you to have the spot light. Your stubborness showed a tad bit in past videos, which is nothing bad! If you know you can do something, you do it! You don’t need help. It also feels great knowing that you can do something on your own, it’s empowering (climing the steep hill without your husbands help) =)

    I look forward to what you come up with next.

  • Aundrea

    Hey Zuzana!
    Nice recipe! I’ll have to try it.
    So, I’ve always loved working out but I’ve been taking it very seriously the last 2 weeks. I am dedicated to working out, but I’m low on motovation at the time…….

    can you lend some advice on how to stay motovated please?
    You guys are awesome! (:

  • Jarka

    Zuzka, vyzerá to skvele. Ja si tiež myslím, že pečenie je relax a človek si pri ňom oddýchne a zabudne na všetky problémy. Chcem sa spýtať, pracuješ ako osobná trenérka?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Jarko,

      jako osobni trenerka nepracuji. Jen jsem si udelala kurz sama pro sebe.