Jan 16 2010

Fat Loss and Butt Workout

Hi everyone,

I hope that you are having a great weekend. Today’s workout is going to work your heart and your ass :) This is the third and the last workout of this weeks theme. If you want your bum to look like it’s out of a movie, then start doing the one leg squats alias Pistols if you wish. I know that this exercise might seem impossible, but trust me, you can do it. I will be explaining how to do the exercise in the 1 on 1 training zone when it’s ready, so that even if you are a beginner you will be able to practice and learn it.

I am sure that you all are aware of what is going on in Haiti and that many of you have already contributed to help this country. We are going to buy some things at Lady Gaga’s website on the 24th of January, because on that day, everything that you buy from her site will go directly to Haitian Earthquake Relief. You can check out her site here.

Fat Loss and Butt Workout

I did 6 rounds of the following exercises in 19 minutes and 9 seconds. I was using my Gymboss Interval Timer – that’s the cool pink thing that I am wearing in my workout video.

1. Side Jump Lunge – 30 reps (each jump counts as 1 rep)

2. Pistols – 5 reps on each leg

3. Jump rope skipping – 25 skips with feet together, pause, 25 skips alternating legs (jogging), pause, 25 reps feet together, pause, and last 25 reps of jogging. So all together you will do 100 skips. It is important that you put as much energy as possible into each set and then pause for just few seconds to reset for another 25 reps.





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  • Cynthia ツ

    September 18, 2014

    Finished this in 17 1/2. I did not use a skipping rope and pistols needed assistance with a chair.

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    Can U please share your diet/meal plan for the day? thanks !

  • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates

    I only had 15 min for warm up, workout and cool down today. 1 round of this was a perfect centerpiece to warming up with jackknifes and calf raises and cooling down with triceps push ups, back bends and criss cross!

  • Blaer

    Well 1st I’d like to say I really love your work outs and I really admire the way you look. But I’d like to know how you stay motivated for this. A year ago I lost about 40 lbs maintained it and then I discovered your site about April 2010 and have been doing your works for about 2 months after in an attempt to lose the last 10 lbs. But since the middle of July and all of August I’ve really lost motivation to keep working out.
    After months of keeping a routine…I guess I’ve gotten bored. I’ve gained weight and it now it’s just really frustrating. I didn’t loose all that weight just to gain it back! How do you do it? How are you able to keep going strong?

  • Blaer

    Well 1st I’d like to say I really love your work outs and I really admire the way you look. But I’d like to know how you stay motivated for this. A year ago I lost about 40 lbs maintained it and then I discovered your site about April 2010 and have been doing your works for about 2 months after in an attempt to lose the last 10 lbs. But since the middle of July and all of August I’ve really lost motivation to keep working out.
    After months of keeping a routine…I guess I’ve gotten bored. I’ve gained weight and it now it’s just really frustrating. I didn’t loose all that weight just to gain it back. How do you do it? How are you able to keep going strong?

  • i wanna workout

    I love your clevage! And your ass! LOL! And Im not a lesbian, just a workout junkie who has so much respect for what you do. Your body is beautiful and Im glad that you have the confidence to show it proudly!!!!!! GO GIRL!!!

  • Ven

    My legs are a bit sore from yesterday but managed to do 3 rounds! Nice workout, but hard one!

  • Lucieflo

    i did this workout for the third time today. the first was on may, 20th i did 23’22, the second on june 3rd i did 19’39 and today i did it in 13’22!! i’m so proud of myself because i can do pistoles up and down with only a chair as support to get up ;) great progress in my case!!! :D
    see you soon. xxx

  • Charlie D.

    Whoa – the last time I did this – just over 3 months ago – my time was 17:16:74. This time – in spite of the fact that I had to go check something on the stove in the middle – my time was 14:27:79. I’m so so proud of myself!! I remember those side lunges being killer – today they were fun. Now I just have to hope my grape leaves turn out as well as my workout!

  • Vilivil

    I made it first time a day before yesterday, my time then was 14:43:8, today I was a little bit lazy, and I wanted to make a really fast workout, to know that I am over it, so I thought I am doing it again, and as I was without any mood I pushed myself really hard and I hurried, so my time was, yes, I still can’t believe 11 min 57 sec! :D :D:D Ok, my pistols aren’t perfect, but they give a great burn :D Now my head hurts like hell, and I find easer to have second thoughts before I take an another slice of Easter cake :D HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL!

  • Scott

    Appreciate the pep talk at the start – you have no idea how much I needed that right now!
    Many Thanks,

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  • Diana

    hi kyra, i so your videos and i said… ok i want see me like this woman!! i will make your videos and make my best thanks for all the work out, please tell me youst what is your diet! i promess i will be follow you! thanks a lot and my best wishes
    thank you kyra

  • http://www.saxonpc.com Jason

    The best thing about this site is how honest you are with your feelings about fitness, life and where you draw your energy. Your speech before this workout is excellent.

  • ozziepossum

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’ve no been able to complete this workout as yet because I can’t do the Pistols. It’s SO frustrating! So I was determined to find a way to practice these and I think have it!

    Using a fit ball up against a wall with a chair beside you to hold onto if you need it. Get into position and lower yourself down as far as you can (without using the chair, it’s really only for balance) and back up again.

    I seem to be making a little progress with this way of training myself!

    Dee (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Bang, Bang, Bang!!!)

  • Kate

    I just came across your website today and I have watched many of your videos to give me some new workout ideas. I just wanted to tell you that not only do you have GREAT workout exercises but your positive outlook on life and personal well-being, whether its beauty or fitness, is very inspiring. Thank you very much for the website. I will be referring back to it many times for positive inspiration to keep me going throughout my strive for fitness and to reach my fitness goals.
    Thank you again, Kate

  • Pilar

    Hi Zuzane,

    I tried this routine for the 1st time today at my gym. It was imposible for me to do the pistols. I was sooo far to do it, that I thought about writing you and asking you for a “beginners” way to do it. If someone know how to do it please leave a comment.

    I love this website. It’s real and VERY motivating…yor comments and, of course, your shape make a HUGE diffrence. I hope you’ll keep it like this..I’m living in the U.S and every health program seems to be created just to take your money away and sell you “quick results” that always fails…they’re so fake.

    I hope you continue empowering people around the world.



    • Kyra


      I can not complete the pistols unassisted either. What I do is put a chair directly behind my bum, go down as far as possible without losing control, and then grab the seat of the chair for help sinking all the way down and for giving myself a bost coming back up. Try really hard not to depend on the chair; I find that as I work through the rounds I start relying on it more and more even though my muscles haven’t necessarily reached fatigue.

      If you find you need more assistance I bet you could preform the exersize against the wall. This would offer a lot of support.

      Best regards,


      • Pilar

        Thanks Kyra! I will try it with some support as you recommended me. I guess it’s a matter of practice…and discipline..
        Thanks again,

  • Amandafit


    Thanks again for a great leg and butt workout. I have doing one each Saturday before I go to the gym and I finish it off with some weighted lunges, leg press and dead lift. It is nice to know the hard part is out of the way! :) I completed this one in 19:30, I did everything great except for the pistols. I couldn’t go down quite as far as you. Does it just take time?

    Thanks again for the great workouts and motivation!


  • Addie

    I love your site!!! YOur workouts are fantastic! I am an athlete, but I always feel like I could be thinner and more toned! I was wondering if you have any tips on lossing fat. I seem to have trouble with that. Thanks!

  • http://find-travel-deals.com Jeffry Delcarmen

    I just really like Lady Gaga, so adorable. I have yet to see the girl in concert. I hope soon.

  • Alisia

    Completed in 21 minutues! Another great workout. :) :)

  • Jitka

    Ahoj Zuzko,
    myslím, že jsem se nesekla, že slyším i češtinu :-)
    Na Tvé stránky jsem narazila náhodou, ale musím uznat, že fyzičku Ti mohou i chlapy závidět. Před 2 lety jsem na sobě také hodně makala, ale teď se do toho nemohu vůbec dostat zpátky a najít motivaci.
    Jsi hezká inspirace. Měj se krásně a hodně štěstí.
    Jitka z Prahy

  • Veronika

    Ahojky Zuzi, nesmírně Ti to tady sekne, jako všude samozřejmě ;-) . Nevím jestli můžu, ale smím mít dotaz? Jak často cvičíš aby jsi vypadala, tak jak vypadáš?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Verco,
      Cvicim asi tak 5 krat tydne a delam jen to cviceni co vidis v Daily Workouts. Kratke ale za to velice intenzivni – setri to cas ;)

      • Monika

        Ahoj Zuzko, pořád si lámu hlavu nad tím, proč na tebe tvoje cvičební sestavy tak fungují. Protože na většinu smrtelníků, obávám se, fungovat prostě nemohou. Neopochybňuji efekt body weight exercises. To je bez debaty. Ale někde uvádíš, že high instensity cardio = fat loss. Jenže je přece oběcně známo, že tak to bohužel není, protože dochází ke spalování ne podkožního tuku, ale především krevního cukru. Ke spalování tuku dochází naopak při nižší tepové frekvenci a až po 20-30min tréninku. Tedy tvoje cardio cviky jsou sice super pro kardiovaskulární systém, ale sádlo prostě nespálí. Pro někoho, kdo jí opravdu velmi málo jako ty (což právě my obyčejní smrtelníci, kteří třeba chodíme do práce a staráme se o rodinu, nejsme), je to možná dostatečný trénink, jinak se obávám, že jsme odkázaní na staré dobré dlouhé cardio jako je běh, rychlá chůze, …
        Jak by to bylo krásné, vystačit si s těmito kraťoučkými tréninky!!! Závidím a děkuji za případný komentář, klidně anglicky.

        • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

          Ahoj Moniko,

          To, ze ke spalovani tuku dochazi behem mene intenzivniho cviceni jako je treba aerobik, je sice pravda ale taky je pravda ze budes ty tuky spalovat jen a pouze behem toho cviceni. Takoveto cviceni je uplne k nicemu jelikoz ty calorie spalene at uz z tuku, sacharidu nebo bilkovin tve telo opet nabere hned jak se zase najis. Intenzivni cviceni ti zvysi metabolismus takze budes tuky spalovat po cely zbytek dne i kdyz budes v klidu and navic high intensity cardio te nepripravi o svaly, prave naopak. Svaly jsou spalovace tuku samy o sobe.

  • Christine

    Hi Suzanna,
    thank you very much for your respond i realy appreciate.
    have a nice day.

  • Chanel

    Your workouts are amazing. I have a question. I am a model and I want to work out my butt in an attempt to lose a few inches in my hip measurement. However I am nervous about certain workouts because I do not want my butt to get bigger. which of your bun workouts would you recommend for someone like me? also what exercises should i stay away from?

  • Rachel

    Hi! Zuzana I have a question Im a Teen mom.Only 18 years old and I really need Help loosing weight. I feel fat and i need your advise. How can i sart?

  • waleed

    hey everyone,i want to ask about trunk felxtion extension,trunk lateral felxtion extension and trunk rotaion. If you plz see me how these exercises doing, and thxxx thxxx :) even u cannot explain to me.

  • khrystyna

    Oh my goodness! I give you major props for doing all of these impossible exercises! I am a swimmer, and I’m trying to get a bit more toned, and your videos are extremely helpful! Thank you for everything and keep up the amazing job.

  • elizabeth

    hello, i just wnat to know if you can give me any advaise for loss fat i really tray alot of things but i feel nothing is working, i used to be really slime and two years ago i put on weight like 12 kilos!!! i’m so depresse becouse of that,i realy appreciate your help.

  • http://vflegal.com dsparks

    lmao – loved the first part off this and the still shot for the video. awesome.

    Beat you again! 14:56:56. Albeit I cannot do pistols like you. I don’t think anyone can. Mine were modified with one leg behind knee.

    And fittingly to your commentary Gaga, just dance, came on for the last two cycles – nice.

    peacee. sparks.

  • Rachel

    I just did your work out this morning it was great completed 6 rounds in 30 min. Keep it coming! After the work out I stretched for 15 min. You are a big motivation!!!

  • Gary

    Zuzana, I saw you back in your basement days when you were starting. I fell in love. However, your videos did a better job of demonstrating the exercises back then. They would should a full body picture so the exercise could be seen with a few closeups of you to illustrate the results. Now the close ups predominate with only limited illustration of the exercise itself. Please go back to your old way. You are still great but were better before the gadgets (like the interval timer). Also, I remember you explaining your “rounds” system and marking each 1 off on your whiteboard. Everything was clear. Now, it is not nearly as clear to anyone who already doesn’t understand the movements and concepts of sets/reps.

    • http://stinkyfoods.blogspot.com Martina

      Yes, I agree. I love your videos, but find you go through some of these exercises too quickly to follow.

  • Nkosi Dumisani

    Pistols? You did Pistols I’m flabbergasted, but for real though good work Pistols sweet

  • Sophia-Chicago

    Hi, I can not do the one leg excercise, my knees hurt. I was doing lunges for a while but I had to stop my knees were hurting to the point where I couldn’t bend down to pick something off the floor. Thank you for putting the bun excercises, PLEASE keep them coming. I put weights around my ankles when I do glueus kickbacks along with other excercises but I do not know the name of the different kickback excercises. I will your bun excercises. Thank you.

  • mamina

    hi! could you tell me how to reduce legs? i have problems with that, i do alot of cardio but i dont see any changes! help

  • katherine

    hi i would you to get more details for your work out that you did on november that you remember the day that you went to buy the jeans and boots at guees. please
    that was so fast.


  • Chrisitine

    Hi Suzanne,
    thank you very much for your respond but are you a trainer or are you giving this advise on behalf of Zuzana.
    and also i don’t sweat that much and i have heard that i have to sweat till i get the result and tha’s why i was wondering should i do cardio first in order to sweat and then do the workouts or just warm up and workouts are enough and i will see the result even if i won’t sweat.
    thank you again very much for your quick respond.

    • Suzanne

      Hi Christine,
      No I am certainly not giving a response on behalf of Zuzana, I have just seen her views on this topic and am repeating them. But yes I am a trainer, and this is what I have learned. Sweating isn’t always a measure of your workout either, climate and genetics make up some of how much you sweat. Anyhow, check her warm up out if not already. Strength then cardio is just MY recommendation. If you are really concerned, maybe see an expert face to face? Have fun.

    • http://deleted Kyra


      I have been doing Zuzana’s workouts for the past three weeks and find that I sweat different amounts with each exersize. I think there are a lot a variables at play: the amount of fierceness I put into the workout, the level of nutrition I have in my body, the time of day, the amount of cardio present in the workout, and my familiarity with the moves that I am doing.

      This is what I have done in order to try to make each workout maximize my personal potential: eat a light balanced meal about an hour to an hour and a half before my workout, study the workout that I am planing on preforming by reading Zuzana’s instructions/watching the video/and reading users coments for hints and times posted, get my workout area set up with water and any equipment nesessary, and finally do my five minute warm up.

      Each person is different but I think one of the most important key to getting the maximum potential out of the time you put into working out is to stay strong. Zuzana’s workouts are more challanging than a lot of other programs I have been on in the past but they are super short. Find your inner reserve of heart pumping energy for 20 to 30 minutes by; grunting, yelling, or just reminding yourself that it will be over soon’ : ) Remember to congradualte yourself on every set completed: when I reach the half-way point I usually let out a hoo-rah.

      If you reach the end of your workout knowing that you pushed as much a possible who cares if you sweat or not; you rocked it out!

      I hope this helped answer your question : D


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  • amy

    where do you buy your workout clothes?

  • O

    Hi Zusana – Love your site! I’ve been into fitness for a long time but got out of shape for a while and was looking for a different kind of work out to do. I love the fact that you do short, intense workouts using primarily body weight for resistance. I find the workouts even more challenging than when I was going to the gym and lifting heavy weights!

    Question for you re: recovery time. I’m trying to get back into shape and am trying my hardest to stay consistent with working out 5-6 times a week but I’m finding that I so sore after a workout that I’m starting to have to take breaks of 2 days in between workouts. It seems less than optimal to workout so infrequently. I am stretching & doing light exercise (brisk walking) on the days in between but find myself so sore I’m limping.

    Any thoughts re: what I can do to speed up recovery time? I know the soreness will get better once I get into better shape, but what do I do until then?

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

      Hi O,

      It seems to me maybe you need to reduce the number of reps you’re doing till you’re stronger again and have less soreness.

      Almost every workout Zuzana has makes me a bit sore afterwards and I cool down and stretch for at least ten minutes after. Also a really warm shower can aid in recovery.

      I hope this helps,

      • O

        Chris L – Thanks for your levelheaded response. You are probably right – I’m probably just being a bit overzealous for my current fitness level! :)

        • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

          Hi O,

          It doesn’t take long to get up to speed, but you need to have some patience otherwise you could injure yourself.


      • sylvia

        chris when you take warm shower after intense workout doesnt it cause more inflamation to your muscles? i am asking because i am a long distance runner and am always told that hot or warm shwer should be avoided since it slows down recovery.

        • Charlie

          Alternating between hot and cold water in your shower feels horrible while you’re doing it, but supposedly makes your muscles feel better. When I used to run distance, after a long run (and I’m sure you could do this after one of Z’s crazy workouts) I used to run cold water into the tub while I was stretching and then once I was al stretched out, I’d dump ice into the bath and get in and make myself sit there for 7-10 minutes. And THEN I’d take a nice hot shower. Getting in takes some serious willpower, but it makes your muscles feel really nice.

        • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

          Hi sylvia,

          You are probably right about slowing recovery. But, it helps in the short term. And as Charlie says you can alternate between cold and warm showers.


  • Ela

    Hi Zuzana,
    I love your exercise – really great!
    A taky doufám, že jsi ještě nezapomněla česky a že ti snad udělá radost,že na tvoje stránky úúúplně náhodou narazila jedna Češka, co je taky nadšená do posilování :) Best wishes for you, keep doing what you do, it helps us all :) Ela

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Vzdycky rada uvitam ceske komentare :) takze diky.

  • Katrina

    OMG!!! So I’ve done this work out twice this week and its tough. I didn’t realize how challenging it was the first time I did it it took over an hour cus I got so out of breath (I guess that what i get for not working out for two months) but I got though it, and this time it took me 33min I was so proud of myself. :D

  • Tiffany

    Hey Zuzana, love your site, my sister Tabitha turned me on to it! What kind of jump rope do you recommend? (hope you haven’t already answered that question a million times!) Thanks for the shake up to my workout routine.


    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Speed rope that is light and made from plastic will allow you to turn the rope faster which gives more intensity.

  • Marianne F

    Dear Zuzana,
    I love the encouraging words that you say in your videos. It helps Alot. Your very real and it reflects through your videos. Keep doing what your doing girl

  • http://- Anon

    Hi Zuzana, I have been watching your workouts and website. I think your fanbase is growing s lot, and it is much deserved.

    Keep up the great work, we love it.

  • Chrisitine

    Dear Zuzana,
    i’ve been waiting everyday to get a respond from you but i haven’t i know you are very busy but can you please help me out.
    Before i do your exercises do i need to do 20 minutes warm up meaning running on treadmeal or do a stair master (cardio) or not cause i don’t want to get tired befor exercise and also if i want to do both your but and full body workout should i first go with butt exercises finish and do full body or i have to do them on seperate days.
    when i am doing abbs exercise i am not getting sore is this ok or i will not get a result .
    and the last question if i won’t sweat does it mean i am not getting any result?
    i would reay realy appreciate if you respond to my question.
    i love your workouts so very much thank you million times.

    • Suzanne

      Hi Christine,
      If you go to Workout Archives, there are warm ups in there, about five minutes is all you need as long as you use your whole body and raise your heart rate. Sorry I’m not Zuzana, but I have been taught that it is best to do your cardio after strength workout (so long as you warm up) as you still have the strength and energy to perform the moves correctly. Also, if you relly feel you need to, and are able to do the full body and butt workouts on the same day, my advice would be to just listen to your body, try it out and if too much, cut back. Happy torturing!

  • Marco

    Hi! Can you tell me what type/brand of jump rope you use? I’ve tried many but cannot find one that is heavy enough to jump quickly without twisting. Thanks!! Love your site, your body, your workouts, everything!


    • Andrew

      I believe it’s a Nike Speed Rope (FE0117-085). I actually bought one for my wife when we lived in Malta (worked there for 13 mths 2007/08!). Then we find out that Zuzana and Frederick have moved to Malta and I start to see that same rope on the videos! So funny. If I’m wrong about the rope, let me know, but it looks exactly the same!


  • Samantha

    Love the intro comments. LOL
    Too funny! Keep up the hard work! You constantly inspire me to work harder!

  • Mihaela

    Hi Zuzana and everybody,

    OH MY GOD, if I can do the one legged squats Zuzana style (going sooo impossibly low), I think my boyfriend would propose on the spot!!!!
    Not that there’s any pressure from me baby, in case you’re reading this :)
    I’d love some tips to help in preping for those pistols – I can go really low in the prisoner squat, my bum can touch the floor, so now all I gotta do is forget I have the other leg.
    Any help from Zuzana or you folks that can do them would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a bright day!


  • Alan

    Hi Zuzana
    Thank you

  • Pantelis

    One leg squat…..veeeeery dificult.

  • marta

    Hi there,
    I did this workout in 15 min and 34 sec. It was quite easy :) Yeehaw! I’m getting stronger! :) ))

  • M.T

    Hi Zuzanna,

    I was on you-tube and i watched one of your videos then I went to BodyRock.tv i started watching the videos you’ve posted and they look perfect. I was just wondering if your exercises work on guys too. Coz I am a guy and I’m facing problems with burning fat.

    Take care and keep it up

    • Frederick

      Hi M.T. – these workouts are great for guys as well – give one a shot :)

  • Agata

    Czech Republic ;)

    This workout was horribly tough, and this previous also.Probably because of many skpis and Pistols. I couldn’t walk the next two days,especially downstairs.I had to do the day off after it, but only one;)

  • Samantha

    I’m missing you this week Zuzanna and Freddie, in the workout way I mean… Suffering…..withdrawl..symptoms……;) Going to go back to a previous workout today – going to pick something to blast my abs.

  • natasha

    hi zuzana!
    i want ask you about one leg squat,if they the best for butt,and please tell me some more exercises for butt, i need the best exercises for butt.:) kiss!!!

  • carmen

    hi zuzanne,
    I’m from switzerland and have to give you a big compliment. Your workouts are great. Also the positiv thinking from you I like a lot,and…. you have’the perfect body’ :-)
    I walk 3 times a week to the fitnesscenter and i’m looking what I eat, but I have a tissue weakness.
    Do you have me an idea what I can do. I have heard that only with massages it improve? if so, do you know which products could help me.

  • Abigail

    G’Day. Thanks for some great ideas for exercises. I use your exercises where I work and the clients “HATE” them!!! The clients and other trainers ask me where I get the torturous exercises from!! You have a great range of exercises and most of them are achievable. Thanks so much for posting your ideas on line. It has made my job a lot easier!!!

  • Luisa

    Hello Zuzana,

    You are an incredible inspiration to me. I have been doing your workouts for the past 3 weeks and I can really see and feel a difference in my strength and energy level. I visit your blog every day and have tried some of your recipes and loved them (breakfast cake). I am so grateful that I just happened to find your website on YouTube – there are no accidents, I was meant to learn and be inspired by you.

  • Hannah

    Hey Zuzana!
    I wanted to know, is it healthy to lose 30Ibs in 30 days?.. Because im dying to lose weight, and i just have to lose 30 more to be confident.. its been a struggle to know where to start. It will be very helping if you write back : ]


    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Hannah,

      It’s apparently not healthy to loose weight this fast. In my opinion, if you change your eating habits and start with regular exercise, your body will loose the weight organically. I wouldn’t recommend some drastic diet. Healthy eating habits are important.

      • Hannah

        i didn’t lose 30Ibs in 30 days. I knew it wasn’t healthy.. and i talked to my doctor about it. My diet is blueberry’s which is my obsession in the morning with a bottle of water.. later on the day if i get hungry before lunch i eat rice snacks and nuts. By lunch i eat grilled chicken with salad. I dance, and run mostly an hour everyday. And I’m losing weight.. slowly. But hopefully it will all come off soon! I watch your videos everyday, your my inspiration.

    • Heather

      2 pounds per week is the most a person should lose. That’s a lot of weight right there and if you are eating right that is all you should be able to lose. If you lose more than that you are cutting into your muscles and you don’t want that.

  • J.T.

    Zuzana, I haven’t been following your videos for very long so I was wondering where your accent comes from.

  • Amber

    Is this the only type of resistance training you do,the body weight workouts that you post up? Because you look like you do weight training as well, especially with your upper body. Just curious how often you use weights.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Amber,
      I don’t use weights, my body is heavy enough and I am still struggling with many bodyweight exercises so I don’t see the point of lifting weights if I can’t even handle my own bodyweight.

      • Amber

        thats what I thought. My coworker was saying that there is no way your body could look that good and muscular and only do bodyweight. And I defended you and argued because I am a personal trainer and I use your workouts for myself and my clients and I know how amazong only bodyweight exercises are so, Thank you for replying that settles the disagreement :)

        • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

          It’s true Amber I didn’t make this up. If I was working out with weights, then I would be stupid not to do it on the videos as well.

  • tammy

    hi zuzanna i was just wondering what time do you post your new workouts i look in the evening up til 7 or 8 pm and don’t see them and also are there certain days you post the workouts. please reply back. thank you so much for setting up this website .i look forward to hear from you.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Tammy,

      it takes a lot of time to post the videos, and many times we don’t go to sleep before 2am so that we can do the update. Some days I take a day off from my workouts, and some days I do one of my older routines. You can do the same thing. If you feel that you need to take a day of rest, then listen to your body. You can also pick whatever workout you want from my daily workouts and try to beat your personal best. It’s completely free style ;)

  • http://www.youtube.com/quantumkate Kate

    AH HA HA HA HA! “If you have been paying any amount of attention…. the theme is actually… the ass.”
    You’re hilarious. You saucy minx.

  • http://www.hertscaninetherapy.com Lou Johnston

    Hello Zuzana,
    Thank you for your great website, I love doing your tough workouts.
    I know you are only posting 3 new videos a week now but could you just write a quick note of which workouts you do on the other days.
    There are so many to choose from, it would be nice to see how you mix them up to get a balanced programme.
    If it’s not too much trouble, thanks

  • Gee-Gee

    Hey Andrea; Im a fellow Canadian too and also a fan of Zuzana’s. her workouts are great and there a challange as well.

  • kim

    with the skipping with the alternate jogging is it after both feet touch the floor = 1 rep, or each foot touching the ground counts as 1 rep?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      one foot = one rep

  • Rachel

    Hey Zuzana!
    I love your workouts!!! I have done every one of them and cant get enough… What you said today really touched my heart… Thank you for all the inspiration… Peace and love from Cali :)

  • KG

    Thank you for such a positive message!

  • kate

    Hi 11 Minutes and 53 seconds, this one i blasted through and loved it, what a great feeling to have completed it. thank you.

  • Andrea

    Hey Zuzana and Frederick,

    Being a fellow Canadian (like Frederick), I was just curious how Zuzana came about to living in Canada?

    And why did you guys choose Malta to move too?


    LOVE LOVE LOVE your site. I’ve been a fitness buff myself for a few years, changing how/where I worked out as I got bored of things. I had been just watching your site for a few months and then I actually started doing your daily workouts before Christmas. I can see my body transforming, getting that “hard body” look – it’s awesome! Thanks! Great, well put together site, on all fronts.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

      Hi Andrea,

      I have a theory on how they met and how they moved to Canada… The skinny of it is Frederick and Zuzana met in Prague and they moved and married in Frederick’s homeland of Canada. They both liked the idea of life in the Maltese Archipelago so why not move there?


      • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

        It wasn’t like this :)

        • Ashley from Canada!

          My Theory is Zuzana came to Canada for school. Frederick went to the same school and ever so romantic Frederick swept her off her feet with his charm and video taking capabilities. Frederick also could not resist the beautiful and intelligent Zuzana and they fell in love. lol
          In any case, you guys are the epitomy of a great couple. Seeing you two makes me just want to love my man even more. It is really great to see how a couple can have fun, be healthy and be so in love. I think you guys are the perfect match and perfect match for this website. You guys actually remind me of Bette Midler song Wind Beneath my Wings. haha
          Ash :)

          • Ashley from Canada!

            P.S. Zuzana you site is becoming addicting and I might need to go to A.A. soon.

          • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

            Well, your’s sound romantic, but then I gave mine in a very bare bones way.

            But, you need a villain and some climatic points in your story. Maybe her evil step brother tired to stop them because he felt Frederick was trying to marry Zuzana for her inheritance. Which would be millions from the family business of making really skin revealing/tight fitting sporty clothing. Of course, there would be this Brunette Vixen who wanted Frederick for herself and would stop at nothing to have him! And with the tragic and mysterious death of the Brunette Vixen the police arrested poor confused Frederick. Just before the authorities hang him for a crime he didn’t commit Zuzana brings proof her evil step brother was the murder! A happy ending with the evil step brother put away for life and they marry…

            And this would all take place on the Canadian moors in the heath and harebells on horse back!


        • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

          Hi Zuzana,

          Okay, it was a theory based on very little data.

          You know me I like to guess things of this nature. I did correctly guess you were moving to Southern Europe. Give me better data and I will make another guess.

          Which part is wrong or is it all? 8-)

          Maybe the more interesting question is who proposed?


  • Suzanne (Zsuzsanna)

    I was doing this workout today. I don’t even write it down, how long it took me. And I couldn’t do the pistol. I supported one of my legs a bit higher (so I can’t put weight on it), but I don’t think it was right. I will try again later.
    Keep up with the good work!!

  • Mrs Nilsson

    I Just want to tell you that you are my new inspiration when it comes to working out!!!
    Before i met my housband i was a supertrained hottie. But i lost my inspiration and then i had two children in 2 years, so now im not so hot anymore. ;)
    BUT i have found your website and i have done one week of the 6 week summerworkout. My body has responded great! I am going to look so hot this summer. :) Unfortionately i got a cold right now so i cant work out. :(
    But when i feel better i just have to try these fatloss and butt workouts! :)

    Love you!
    Keep up the good work!
    Hugs and kisses! :)

  • Daniel Vyskočil

    Zdravím Zuzko z České republiky :-)
    Konečně tu je nějaká pořádná stránka s posilováním :-)
    A co znamená to klívidž, klívidž, klívidž….?

  • Chrisitine

    Hi Zuzana,
    Can you please tell me before i do your workouts how long i have to do warm up lets say if i do 20 minutes treadmill or stair master is this enugh or i have to do just a stretch before doing the exercise.
    thank you very much.

  • Lisa

    Hi Zuzana,
    I have just discovered your website and I can’t wait to try your routines. You are such a great inspiration. How do I become a member so I can have access to 1ON1 with you?


  • Scrap

    Hi Zuzana, what do you think about creatine and glutamine for taking some muscle mass? Im a man, 5’6 140lbs and i want take 10 lbs and i have less energy since some month (winter maybe).. so what you think?

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

    Hi Everyone,

    On doing One Leg Squats (Pistols):

    I’m sure Zuzana will be giving tips on how to do Pistols (One Leg Squats) in her 1 On 1 when it’s up and running, but here is one way that should help some. Use one hand on a support (chair, counter top or table) to aid and stabilize.

    I hope this helps,

  • Arnold

    Don’t listen to those jealous women; cleavage puts asses in the seats baby!

  • Laura

    i don’t know what’s wrong with me… i can do pretty much everything that you do in your workouts but not one single pistol!! what should i do?:(

  • Taka

    Hello Zuzzna!!
    Nice to meet you! Im from Japan Tokyo!Wow I’m so impressed with your workouts! You look really healthy and hot and most of all..you are so CUTE:))
    With your gentle and kind heartful teaching, I became fan of you, really!!
    I am doing pilates and teaching, but your workouts are so great! I wish you were my coach. I will always look up to your site from today!I love to be one member of this place and I will workout too.
    It was really nice to know you.

    Best regard,

  • rebecca

    hi Zuzana,
    wondering if you were still going to post your own daily workouts? Loved it when you did.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Rebecca,

      on the days when I don’t post a new workout, I am beating my old personal bests :) people seemed to be bored when I was repeating the old workouts and making videos of it, so I rather post just the new workouts and you guys can choose whatever workouts you want to do for the rest of the days. You have already plenty to choose from.

  • Nic

    Hi zuzana!

    I posted a comment yesterday but it didn’t appear, so I’m trying again.
    Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to zuzana for your wonderful workouts! I look forward to new workouts everyday, and i check this st almost religiously haha.
    I’m a 19-year old girl, and I want to have a nice toned body with curves, just like you(: My problem is not that I’m overweight though. In fact, I’m really skinny. I need to put on weight, but definitely not flab!

    I’ve heard that I can still do these “Fat-loss” exercises, just that I need to eat more. But will I gain curves (boobs and butt!) this wayy, or just muscles? Should I eat more fatty food? Or maybe exercise target areas?

    Please help, thank you!!

    • Nic

      I guess there is no way to gain curves without putting on more fat right..? In fact, once we’re past puberty, I guess body parts like the boobs and bum pretty stay put at the same size? ):

      Anyway, still want to thank you for the workouts(: I will be doing less though, don’t want to burn all my curves away!

  • elizabeth

    hola zuzana!!! thanks a lot i star this year whit the workout!! and your’s are so amazing!! sorry for my english i’m colombian!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    I did this workout in 19 minutes and 32 seconds.


  • anonymous

    Hello Zusanna:

    I have been looking at your workout videos for a while now. I think that your workouts are a lot better then my personal trainer, off coarse im not gonna tell him. I am a latino singer and i really do think you have what it takes to be a celebrity’s personal trainer. If you lived in the united states, i would hire you personally. As a professional singer from my behalf i want to say, keep up the good work. Behind closed doors i do your workouts, and i get comments from my fans about my hot body. You are truly something else and it’s people like you that makes the world different and a better place for others to be in your company and part of your life. I am truly one of your number one fans. XOXO

  • Eva

    I will do the pistols! One day!!! I will try and try until I can do it! Thanks Zuzanna for the great workout :)

  • http://question Carolina

    hi! Im from argentina, you are INCREIBLE budy!!!
    I have a question, Which are your measures? (Height pay waist hips)
    (sorry for my english)

  • Rhiannon

    I just discovered this website yesterday and today I just tried to do this workout and I couldn’t get past the pistols. I can’t do even one of them! My legs just give way. They don’t look very hard but they are TOUGH!!!
    I’ve only watched a number of your workout videos and they are really good. I really admire your determination and strength.
    I’m going to look for the beginners workouts now!!

  • Samia

    Hey Zuzana,

    This is more of a girlie question and I hope it’s okay to ask this here. I was wondering if you ever happened to miss your period for 2 months or so when you started doing hard body weight workouts 5 days a week. I started your workouts in December and I noticed my periods stopped. I weigh 105 pounds at 5’3. Is this common for people working out a lot? I’m starting to get concerned since it’s been 2 months and I workout regularly 5 days a week and try to have a rest day after two days of working out. If this happened to you, I’d appreciate if you could tell me how you overcame that…Thanks!

    • Nic

      This used to happen to me. According to the doctor, when your body fat percentage drops too low, your hormones are affected, which stops you from having your period. The doctor advises AGAINST exercising everyday actually.. hmm makes me wonder whether other women who exercise a lot, like Zuzana, have such problems too? ><

      • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

        I still have enough fat I guess :) I never had this problem. I also exercise only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week and I do eat regularly.

        • Pavlina

          Same thing happened to me I lost my period for about 6 months while I was training hard, after I slowed down and gained about 5 pounds my body went back to normal.

          • Amber

            Its a big deal if you are wanting to have children, i didnt lose periods but my hormone levels dropped to wear i couldnt get pregnant, so i had to gain some weight and body fat.

        • http://bodyrock.tv clarissa

          Is it ok for a 14 year old girl to do these kinds of exercises?

    • Shannon L.

      You seem to be slightly under-wieght for your height, the average weight should be around 110-125 for women at 5’3″. As a female and as someone who has always been active and done dance and sports all her life, the only thing I can think of is that when you workout as regularly as you do, your menstural cycle can become irregular. Although, excercise and staying healthy can help regulate your periods, on the other hand, excercising too much can overstress your body and can have a negative effect on the hormones to the extent that mensturation can cease.
      If I were you, I would check with my doctor to make sure that it isn’t a more serious problem like cysts on the ovaries because that can cause your period to stop to.
      Or it could be a new medication that you are using?
      Either way, go see your doctor and maybe all you need is to just give your body a rest or gain a little more weight even if its just a few pounds, it makes all the difference :)
      I hope I was able to help some. Good luck.

      • Ralph Havens, MD

        Regarding amenorrhea (losing your period).
        To be honest, most docs would only recite what they learned in medical school, and most docs were not competitive athletes in college, or at any time before or after med school. So, I would take that advise accordingly.
        The key component most docs would fail to realize is that trends matter. The OP (Samia) asks a very important question. It seems that she is doing the exact same exercise that Zuzana is, so why the different adverse effect (losing her period)?
        I am going to make a conjecture here. I would say that since December Zuzana has actually gained a bit of weight, as she continues to develop her physique. Probably 2-3 pounds of muscle mass. Maybe a pound of fat loss. In essence she is in an anabolic state (gaining mass), whereas Samia has likely lost several pounds, and is now only 105. She would then be catabolic (losing mass). The only way to lose mass is to ingest less calories than you burn, thus ‘relative starvation’ can lead to amenorrhea. This is likely the cause of the problem.
        One other point. I would hesitate to focus on weight. You want to be healthy. Health is measured by fitness level and performance. Someone who has done it correctly ends up with a body like Zuzana and little risk for injury or adverse effects like amenorrhea. She demonstrates that being grounded and healthy is sexy, even if mainstream media emphasizes stick figures with ‘boobs’.

        • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

          Thanks for your input on this topic Ralph.

      • Samia

        Hey…thanks for all the comments and advice. Yea, my body fat dropped quite a bit but my weight hasn’t changed much tho since I gained lean muscle and I have been active all my life and was doing weights before these…I did however switch to a much healthier diet and probably in the process reduced my calories since I eat lots of veggies now instead of starchy stuff. I will definitely up my calorie intake to gain more weight.
        Glad to know that I can get my periods back…it kinda freaked me out a little! Either way I shall also visit a doctor just in case. Thanks again.

        • Charlie

          You know, the same thing happened to me and I thought it was so convenient I never really told my doctor. I know – stupid. Two years later with no menstruation at all (I know – stupider), I ended up getting a stress fracture because, when your hormones aren’t in balance, you can’t process calcium properly, as I understand it. I discontinued birth control pills, tried to incorporate a lot more healthy fat into my diet, ate more often, and tried not to get so stressed about things and it has made all the difference in the world. Please don’t ignore this – it’s really a sign that things aren’t working as they should.

    • alice x

      Same thing happend to me i didnt have a period for 3 months as i was exersising everyday with no rests, it puts a lot of strain on your body you just have to take a break and ease up on exersising everyday for the next couple of weeks your body goes back to normal after a while.
      I hope this helps. :)

    • Heather

      If I were you I would slow down and go to the doctor to make sure things are fine. Then when you get the ok from them I would start back up. I have never had this happen, I still have plenty of body fat to go around though!

  • http://(Thesame) John

    Well, zuzzie, I could add that it`s true what you said aboult be possitive, and I think that oneself must accept his personal situation & think to give a chance to oneself too, and get on the road…
    I wished ask you if you have an exercise that i saw, with a chair and moving you leg down & up, with a towell.

    And, I leave you an spanish comment, an exercise for your tounge…, let`s see if you can say it: parangaricutirimicuaro…. (faster and all together)


  • Shawn

    Hi Zusanna,

    Love your videos, you look great. Keep up the good work.

  • adam

    Just stumbled across your youtube video. You have the most amazing body I have ever seen!!! Perfection.

  • Yasemin

    Dear Zusanna,
    I’ve just discovered your blog and ıts amazing. So kind of you to share all this..
    About the cleavage…if I had one like yours I would be cleavage all the time too:)) But I do not anymore…, after giving milk for over one year. So I wonder if u could prepare a video for firming the breasts…I know there is no muscle there but I am sure there must be exercises to make ıt look better. There is a lot of us out there who want firmer breasts without plastic surgery..
    Thanks in advance and from now on I will be following your wonderful blog…

  • Rob

    Where can we find the pictures that are on the youtube videos like the top of this page?

  • heather

    I love your website! I used to hate working out but you motivate me because your workouts are always fun and exciting. I feel so much better about myself and I’m so thankful for your inspiration. I’ve been working out for a few months now by following your workouts. Thanks!

    PS. I LOVE Lady GaGa so I was very excited to see you mention her. :)

  • Toruk R

    Zuzana: you are the greatest!
    I exercise on a daily basis, but, you are one of my inspirations… because every morning when I wake up I feel kind of lazy, you know… 6am…. then I think… hmmm Zuzana by now MUST have exercised… so I JUMP out of my bed and start doing my thing!!
    Personally I row indoors… then I do some of your workouts…
    Now on a more guy note….You are beautiful… sorry,….I dont mean to disrespect or anything… but you are a goddess….you should get that a lot… but hey! I had to say it!

    And personally… we want to see more butt takes…. also cleavage like you said hehehe

    Well… have a GREAT day and it was nice commenting on your SUPER GREAT BLOG!

    Toruk R

  • Nic

    I love your workouts! I follow them almost religiously haha.

    I want to get a nice toned body with curves, just like you. My problem right now is not that I am overweight though. I am very skinny. I need to put on weight, but I don’t want to put on flab..I know if I eat more and work out consistently, I will gain muscle weight. But, question is: Will I gain curves too? (boobs and butt)

    What do you recommend for my diet and exercise.. should I eat more fats or perhaps work out certain areas less/more to gain weight in the form of nice sexy curves? :P


  • Honey

    Hi Zuzana,

    i´ve been working out with your vids for a few days, and i really feel better now :D
    but now i hit the wall with the leg squats…o you have any tips for me as a beginner, who is really unable to do those pistols :(


  • stellarsoulartist

    I love this work out- it is a real ass buster…
    as for your addressing the cleavage commenter- I thought you addressed it excellently- in fact I had to tell people I know- eaveryone has had a good laugh, so thank you! :o ) I have been directing people to your site- because I think your tips are great and your workouts are really excellent, and your attitude is fun and your have great energy! What I find most inspiring about you isn’t your body actually, but your attitude, and how you handled that commenter was a perfect example.

  • Chantelle

    Hey Zuzana,
    i have just a quick question for you. Hopefully you will be able to get back to me before I leave. I am going on vacation to Mexico for one week. I am just curious if there are any exersise that will be doable when I am in a hotel room. Should I just follow some of your older work out videos for the week? We will be doing a lot of walking because the resort is big, but I was curious on your input and what you do when you are away for a while.
    Thank you

  • Jitka

    Ahoj Zuzko, máš skvělá videa, ráda podle nich cvičím, tak jsem se tě chtěla zeptat, jestli bys v nějakém příštím videu nemohla pozdravit svoje český fanoušky v češtině? Měj se hezky! Dík

  • nick from nyc

    Hi Zuzana,

    Can’t wait to try this quick and efficient workout. I’ve been complementing your workouts with a DVD exercise series called P90X. Your aerobic-type workouts are great to do on upper body days in order to burn some extra calories.

    Oh, and I also want to tell you that I really enjoyed your comments about self-confidence and doing the right thing. You know, I’ve beaten myself up a lot too over past experiences that I now regret, but your words of encouragement really hit home with me, thank you. And the timing of those church bells was just perfect. I think the Man upstairs also agreed with you;) BTW, Lady Gaga is from right here in NYC, her hometown. I swear I saw her in Greenwich Village one time;)

  • christine

    hi Zuzana,
    you rock girl.
    i wish i had your body .
    i can’t do the single leg squate all the way down what can i do any suggestion?i realy want to work on my butt.
    should i do all this butt exercise every day or i can do it 3 times a week cause i can’t do it at home and i have to go to gym.
    thank you very much for your nice workouts.
    love Christine.

  • Daniela

    Cauky Zuzko,
    taky by me zajimalo a urcite mnohem vic inspirovalo kdybys nam ukazala co jsi dokazala………..mi to uz vidime,ale ten Tvuj zacatek,bylo by to mile…diky
    Mate uz ten server spraveny?porad to nejak blbne,porad se mi ta moje zprava dneska rano ukazuje ze neni zpracovana,tak nevim…..:))

  • r10

    Hi Zuzanna!
    I have a rather curvy lower body. My butt, thighs and calves look disproportionate with my upper body and I’m pretty sure it’s just genetics. It runs in my family.
    But I was just wondering if you have any workouts/ exercises that might slim down my entire lower body? I’ve been doing some of your workouts for about two weeks now but I’m not sure if it’s working for me yet. :(
    Please help!
    Thanks Zuzanna! You’re a real inspiration to all of us.

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      R10, two weeks of workout and you expect results already? I am afraid it doesn’t work that way. It takes consistence, discipline, hard work and a proper diet.

  • Vegan_Laura

    Hello Zuzana,
    I finished this workout in 16:44 nearing cramps towards the end but it was a nice workout that left me feeling good & energized for the day. I am almost parallel to the floor on my 1-legged squats but need to work on those. <3 Laura

  • Tracey

    Hi Zuzana,

    Great workout!! Did it in 17:06 however, my form on the pistols isn’t as good as yours…my left leg is much stronger and didn’t need the help of my right leg as much as I did on my right leg..but I’ve definitely gotten a lot better since I started doing them when I first saw you do them!! Thanks for sharing your life and workouts..they are awesome and you are such an inspiration!! Can’t wait for the 1on1!!!



  • Iriletta S.

    Hi Zuzana,
    I found your site 2days ago from youtube and I saw most of your videos, as I am interested to have your body! Now, I ‘d like your advice on how to fix my programm! I am 22 years old, very thin and I am excersing some months with weights and bicycle. I try to eat more proteins and less fat. I like your videos but I noticed that you do lots of cardio between the exercises to burn fat, as you said. Do I have to do so many cardio even if I am too thin? Well, I have no strenght, so I will try some of your cardio to improve that. But I am confused to the way I have to fix my programm, because till now I was doing 2 muscle groups every day and 10min bicycle. How do you recommend me to group my excersises? Do I have to dedicate a whole day to cardio?
    I am waiting your advice so I can begin my new schedule from tomorrow!

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      Hey Iriletta,

      I would start by making my life very easy and simply follow Zuzana’s workouts. It isn’t just about cardio. The fun thing about body weight workouts is that they build of your muscles very nicely. you dont have to worry about muscle groups because many groups are trained at the same time in her workouts.

      It always amuses me to see people ask for tricep exercises when they are following Zuzana’s workouts, I mean you train your triceps with push ups, burpees, pull ups, …. so many ways…

      Personally I think that weights should be lifted when and if a person can handle their own body weight, but I diverge…where was I? :-) )

      You need to check out your food intake my dear. Check how much you do eat. write it down, you’d be surprised by what you find out. Check out Zuzana’s diet tab on her blog.

      Hope it helps.


      • Iriletta S.

        Dear Carla,
        Thanks for your reply! I made a programm where I will be doing Zuzana’s workouts in turn day by day, including one day for cardio every week. I think that will work!

        Also, for the diet you mentioned, I haven’t found any specific information on this site about what should I be eatting (Ι have obviously not found where exactly this is written). But I generally don’t eat o lot, eat 5-6 times a day and I have a healthy diet.

        Anyway, sth that make me curious is that Zuzana is sweatting in all her workouts and at the other side I was just hot when I did the first workout today! The exercises where difficult enough,but I didn’ t sweat at all. I believe that the temperature of the country counts! And in general I don’t sweat! :P


  • la bruja ;) (Nicaragua)


    Zuzana..si…Escote, Escote, Escote!!! ;) Im just sad this coment made you answer this sad person, I’m almost positive (and sad) it was a girl, instead of admiring and being positive…this criature decides to be sour..oh well, I love your site, and I am so proud of you, that you take such a good care of yourself, and your discipline, and on top of all that you share! My time is far, far, far from yours, but i do finish the workout,the pistols…Im having a hard time, i can’t go as low as you..yet…;) thank you Zuzana for sharing, muchas gracias.!!!!!

  • http://www.thebusinessxcelerator.com Sean B.

    Definitely have no problem with the cleavage. Of all the blogs of on the Internet, if someone chose yours to complain about cleavage, if anything you should be flattered. Keep up the good work. You’re inspiring and motivating.

  • Daniela

    Cauky Zuzko,
    taky by me zajimalo a urcite mnohem vic inspirovalo kdybys nam ukazala co jsi dokazala………..mi to uz vidime,ale ten Tvuj zacatek,bylo by to mile…diky

  • Stacey B

    Thank goodness I stumbled upon one of your videos!!! I randomly found it and I think it was an older video (20 min. skipping rope and crunches-as many sets as possible), but I was immediately hooked. I went to your website and its super exciting to look for which workout I WILL do tomorrow! Yeah- your body is beautiful and from all the videos I have watched, you seem like a down to earth woman that enjoys life! Its been like 2 weeks since I have begun and you are my ultimate inspiration right NOW! I am excited to see the progress I make. I am living abroad and have at least 4 more months before I return home and show my family and friends my new look!!! Keep the videos comin’, I GOT SOME SWEAT TO POUR!!!!
    Stacey B. 26, Taiwan
    (from America)

  • Patty

    hahaha i love the cleavage come back hahaha
    But seriously thats what makes a real women “cleavage”
    and a “Package down there” a man!
    so basically that comment would have been saying women women women women women which is wat you are so….they are probibly flat chested and filled with jealousy!!!

  • Brett

    I completed all three of this weeks buns and fat burning workouts.
    I’ve been visiting your site and doing the workouts for about two months now.
    I can really feel and see the results.
    Thank you for your postive attitude and dedication to helping people drive for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

  • Cece

    Hi Zuzana amazing workout, my goal is to be able to do the one legged squat & Yes I am a fan of Lady Gaga. Yes lets all contribute to Hati

  • http://www.myspace.com/alysimpson Aly

    I just wanted to start by saying thank you. Positive energy and encouragement really does go a long way. I have been watching your videos for months and challenging myself by attemping and completing most of your workouts. I am 5’10 and I have a lot of trouble losing weight. I am not overweight; however I am not happy with my weight, but you have helped to realize it is not the weight that matters but my health. I am working out now because I want to be healthy and happy with my body. So thank you for inspiring me.

  • Endorphin Junkie

    My wife hit me in the head when I showed her your video! At least she’s working her shoulders and forearms…

    …maybe I can get her to swing a frying pan next time – we have a nice heavy cast iron one that really “works the core.”

    Seriously though, those one-legged pistol thingies make me wonder which circus you worked in? Forty-one-year-olds just don’t bend that way.

    Age well my friend – time is hunting us all.

  • Kamillzyna

    this was a really good workout(: i finished in 12 or 13:something mintutes, altho i do wish i went lower more often in those pistols — cant wait for the next workout(:

  • Zac

    Dont worry about those haters Zuzana there just jealous!

  • Sanu

    Hey Zuzana,

    Love ur workouts .Keep up the good work and keep inspiring.Hey I was wondering is it as effective to run on the treadmill for a few minutes than jump ropes.Please let me know.Thank You.

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      thats not as straight forward I am afraid Sanu. Jump rope can be very intensive and you will burn more calories doing and intensive 15 min than you would jogging for 15 min on the treadmill. and of course vice versa.

      Treadmills can be really good if you are doing interval training. My only thing with the treadmill is it requires that I go to the gym (dont have one at home) which takes time (i could be done with my jump rope workout by then); my knees don’t enjoy running very much anymore; and i find it boring.

      I guess the answer is, do what you like best and make sure you keep your intensity high enough.

      hope this helps

  • Mickela

    Hi Zuzana
    I just finished this workout. I have a new jumping rope but it kept getting coiled around itself just as I was getting momentum, the one leg squats are really difficult and require a lot of concentration, I just have to keep trying them till I get stronger.

    I am still waiting for my timer so I can keep time. Great workout once again.

    cheers Mickela

  • Roman

    Cau, rad bych zacal cvicit tak trochu podle tebe. Napada mne jedna jedina otazka, jak je to s dychanim. Kdy nadech, kdy vydech. Dik a Cau

  • nina

    hi zuzana,

    i am new to your site and i have started doing your workouts. some of them are 20 minutes long. do you add anything else to these workouts this length or is this what you do and its enough for some days? i know some of your workouts are longer but i am just wondering.

  • Adil

    I really love how you truly try to give great advice (which it is!)

    Thanks for your videos, very inspiring.


  • Josiane

    Hi Zuzana!

    I want to get myself a Gymboss. So I went on them website and they ask me for what type of workout i’ll use it… Is it important or they’re all the same?

    Thank you very much for sharing your workouts with the entire world!

    P.S. Sorry for my English is not very good but i’m from Québec!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Josiane,
      they are asking just out of curiosity. All the timers are the same.

      • http://www.thebusinessxcelerator.com Sean B.

        Josiane, I found a Gymboss iPhone app that works great! It is actually easier to use than the real gymboss IMHO.

        • Andrew

          Hey Sean B. Thanks for the heads up on the Gymboss iPhone App! Was just using the normal timer until now. Cheers!

  • oliver

    I am interested how tall are you, in cm please if you are planning on giving me an answer.

  • irene

    hi zuzana,

    thanks for all the great videos. in your earlier videos, you used to do exercises with weights. in your more current videos, you basically use your own body weight or no weight at all. i’m just wondering if you still exercise with weights like dumbells/barbells?

    i look forward to you reply. :)

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

      Hi irene,

      I know the answer to this one. Zuzana is very much into bodyweight workouts right now. They do offer some advantages over free weights or machines. Like you can do them in the middle of any open space. As an example: say you’re staying in a hotel or motel for a conference or vacation or something. you could do them in the room without going down to the Gym if the place even had a Gym.

      To tell you the truth I wasn’t convinced that bodyweight exercises would be as good a free weights ones, but you can see Zuzana looks as good a she did when she was also using weights.

      This of course doesn’t mean you should stop using weights. I alternate workouts…so like today the 19th I will be doing one of Zuzana’s bodyweight workouts and probably sweat a gallon and be sore a day or two afterwards. 8-)

      I hope this helps,

  • sebastien


    thank you for you site and all these nice exercises.
    Can i ask you to make a video to workout chest for men and women?

  • http://www.davidandersen.com David

    You, Zuzana, and your blogger’s are truly inspiring. I started your workouts the first of the year, I’ve been journaling and posting them on my website and my facebook. I notice, i’m able to do more and more everytime, however it takes me 28min and 36sec to do 4 rounds. that’s with stars and blurry vision. That’s one more round than i could have done two weeks ago. I must admit it took me 6 months to get past your first comment in this post. Guilty as charged, i was just an admirer too. Once I started the workouts….holy smokes…I feel great and inspired. empowered to achieve that Hugh Jackman body. It’s mine, I can feel it waiting.
    Thanks for all you do.

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      Great stuff David!!! :-) Keep up the good work. The blurry vision will disappear as you get fitter.

  • Tina

    Hi Zuzana :)
    I just want to ask you if you got some “cellulite” excercices so i can get rit of it. Btw i am only 20 years old so it is quite depressing that i have to deal with that already.

    • Geodfreid-Manson

      “The fat depots in women’s thighs and buttocks are activated during specific female stress situations, pregnancy
      and lactation. The hormones of pregnancy cause the fat-depositing enzymes to be more active. Pregnant women sadly attest to this fact as they watch their thighs get fatter. But then, once the baby is born and breast-feeding commences,
      whoop-de-doo, those thighs start to shrink. The hormones associated with lactation seem to be the only mechanism that activates the release of fat from the thighs.

      We need to take a second look at where the energy for muscles comes from during exercise. You might well exclaim, “Haven’t you been telling us for the last umpteen chapters that the energy comes from burning fat and glucose?” It does and it doesn’t. The energy you get from fat and glucose is actually used to make a famous molecule called adenosine triphosphate or ATP. The energy from ATP is then used to contract the muscles.
      Don’t wince and close the book! When you think about energy and ATP, think about those old wooden matches we all used to use in the kitchen those wooden sticks with a blob of blue stuff on the end and a little dot of red stuff on the blue stuff. Both the blue stuff and the red stuff are phosphorus, an element with so much latent energy that it virtually explodes when scratched. The red stuff is the most explosive, so it ignites first when you scratch it on the side of the box. It bursts into a very hot flame that ignites the lower-energy blue phosphorus. The blue phosphorus, in turn, lights the wooden part of the match.
      Pretend that you struck such a match but immediately plunged it into water to put it out. Pretend that only the red phosphorus burned off the end, leaving the blue phosphorus and the wooden part intact. In theory you could send the match back to the factory to have the red stuff put on again. In that case you could use the match over and over. And in fact that’s how muscles work. Each muscle cell has a store of ATP-matches. They arelong, sticklike molecules (adenosine) with some low-energy phosphorus tipped with high-energy phosphorus. The high-energy phosphorus loves to jump off, giving you a little jolt of energy, but also doesn’t mind being put back on.
      And luckily, muscle cells can do that. That’s where fat and sugar metabolism comes in. The energy to put the
      phosphorus back on comes from the burning of sugar and fat.
      Now you can see why I say it’s sort of true and sort of not true that our muscles use sugar and fat for energy during exercise. Sugar and fat are burned, but the energy released is used to make ATP-matches.
      Muscles burn fat and sugar, but it’s ATPmatches that really make them move.
      ATP-matches are produced and used in every cell in the entire body. Even making saliva requires ATP; to take fluids out of the body and produce spit, the salivary glands need energy. Whether you’re making more hair, more fingernails, new skin, or even a whole new person during pregnancy, you need lots of ATP. When a mother is breast-feeding her baby, the breast cells must convert vitamins, protein, and fluids from her blood into milk. That takes lots of energy, so breast cells use lots of ATP. Producing breast milk demands even more ATP than pregnancy.”

      This is a quote from “Smart exercise” from Covert Bailey.

      I Love you,
      I am sorry,
      Please forgive me,
      Thank you.


      • Geodfreid-Manson

        There are ways to trick your body into lactating without getting pregnant. “)

  • http://bodyrocktv jason landers

    hater’s, there everwhere!! thanks for the workouts, and you are one of the hottest chicks on the planet.

  • http://facebook Evelyn

    love you workout !!!!!!!!!! i like the music and video!

  • Melissa

    You go girl! Rock that cleavage!

  • http://bodyrock.tv haleigh


    keep em coming

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

    Hi Everyone,

    Here in the USA it’s Martin Luther King day. Some of us are making this a National Day of Service and Remembrance and I would like to suggest we here make it an International Day of Service and aid to Haiti. The people are really suffering in Haiti and they seriously need our help right now!

    But, Haiti should be a awake up call for everyone on Earth. Earthquakes can happen anywhere at anytime. I know some of you know I live in Seattle, but few would know I live within a hundred yards of a major fault line and I was here in this house in February of 2001 during our last major quuake! We had glass break and quite a shaking for a minute. We plan for these things because we have them often.

    But many don’t plan for such a disaster. Yet, we all live on a planet with a lithosphere broken up into many tectonic plates so anywhere on the surface could experience a quake at anytime. In fact everywhere has in geological time. An example: Gozo and Malta had an Earthquake measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale in November of 2006. All I’m saying is store some place safe plenty of water (not in glass containers) and enough canned food to last several days for you and your family (make sure you also store a can opener).

    Take care all,

  • http://n/a annick

    Hi Zuzana,
    I really enjoy your exercises. thanks for have your website available to everyone.

    I would like to know more about the new section 1 to 1.
    Thanks a lot,


  • Teresa

    I think you are very inspiring and I look forward to watching all your workouts and recipes. I just wanted to ask if you could do a post regarding the Haiti victims…I know it has nothing to do with your blog…but since you have such a huge following…you may help raise some money to these very unfortunate people right now. I have put together a video and some information on how to donate. Just go to my blog to view….here’s the blog address: http://remaxams.blogspot.com

  • Gemma

    damn! those one leg squats are hard! Girl you go ahead and show your cleavage you are hot and you can! By the way I want to thank you for the videos and all the new exercises that you are teaching. I needed to switch up my routine because I am in the gym alot, so I cut the gym out one day and started doing your videos once a week along with the gym, and they are great! you are such an inspiration thanks so much and dont let anyone try to bring you down they are just insecure about themselves. By the way I eat pure food grass fed meat organic eggs and so forth and have tried the chicken pattty pear sauce recipe and it was great! Thanks so much!

  • Kayla

    Awesome workout! I would love to see how you would make the pistols ‘assisted’ because I didn’t want to use a chair (after all its a butt workout and not an arm workout) so I just didn’t go down all the way.

    Also I’m loving the new layout for the older workouts, it makes loved workouts easier to find on the blog, however I’ve been getting a lot of ‘page connections errors’ lately and as far as I can tell it’s only on this site. I don’t fully understand computers and the programing that goes into them so I don’t know if it’s a problem on my end or yours.

    Until next time

  • Anne

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy,
    I posted a comment yesterday and haven’t seen it aappear yet, so i’m trying again.
    First off, this workout took me just over 22 minutes because of the pistols. They are soooo hard.
    I actually had to hold my elevated foot with my hands to keep it off the floor as i got further down. Is this considered loosing form OR a good intermediate way to do it??

    I love this workout and found it extremely challenging!! I thought it was the most challenging of the buns and cardio series.


  • Rebecca

    Dear Zuzana,
    i finished this workout in 18:51. One legged squats are literally impossible for me right now lol so i did ten assisted. I loved how u addressed that negative comment in the beginning of this video haha some people are too jealous:) anyway thank u for this site it is amazing. and as for workout themes, you should definately do an abs themed week! I was also wondering how much food do u eat? I know its all healthy and stuff but im wondering how you control your portions etc.
    Thanks nd u r amazing!!

  • Matt

    Hey Zuzana,

    I have to say I stumbled upon your videos on youtube and was taken by you energy and how much thought you seem to put into these vids…I started working out again about a year and a half agon and lost 35lbs…and for some reason stopped again. Gained most of it back and couldn’t get my motivation back. After having watched your videos and hearing your comments I have been inspired to start up again and get back into shape. I hope to give you a run for your money in workout times soon…

    BTW your physique is one of the most impressive I have ever seen…of anybody…it is apparent how much hard work you put into it..

    Keep up the good work

  • gisela

    Hello, I do love the tops youre wearing. Where do I get them xo xo gisela

  • Mel

    Funny you talk about Lady Gaga, I also think she is defintely more than just a great voice and her shock value is about sending a message. But boy can the girl sing…amazing! Saw a very cute licence plate today, it said “BPOSITIV”, not sure if it’s the person’t blood type, or their attitude about life, or both! Still working on One Leg Squats – you make them look easy :) , I have very strong legs but still need practice on these, they are tough!

  • hairmuch

    hey great workout, I enjoy your challenging and humbling workouts. Keep up the great and inspiring work!! Today I also did your chest workout routine. Love your vids. I just turned 29 and am a little bummed about being 30 soon so I took the negativity and turned into something positive, I identified 30 things I would like to improve on and fitness was #2 and I am so glad I found you!!
    Thanks for everything!

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    My time this morning was 17:20.
    I am still not good at doing one leg squats so I had to ASSIST myself up each time. Even so, my heart was pounding like crazy.
    Great stuff :-) and now to the beach. Only have a few more days left.

  • Angie

    Hey Zuzana,

    Great workout, I can’t wait to try it! I was wondering what you normally eat after a workout? Is it protein based and do you ever take extra protein in either capsule or powder form to develop the definition of your muscles? I’m really looking to increase my muscular definition, so can you tell me how I may accomplish this as you have?


  • Bethany

    Lady Gaga is awesome !! I learned some of the choreography off of her music videos. So those 1 leg squats are such pistols hopefully I can soon do them properly, I used a wall to help me. Great workout I can definately feel it in my ass for sure!
    … and Cleavage people!! ha they are jealous!

  • Erica Brown

    If I had your cleavage I would show it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are amazing and inspirational.

  • http://www.phibetafit.com Tracy

    I did this workout with my team this morning. We did 6 rounds in 19:42 however.. we were not hitting very low on the Pistols. That’s something we are going to work on.

    I’ve had this group since summer so they are very competitive. It was hard work!

    I’d love to see you do some of your training on a BOSU balance trainer. I know you’re keeping the equipment minimal but the BOSU amps everything. I’ve done a few of your workouts modified on BOSU and it brings a whole new realm of core.

    You are very creative! <3

  • Texas Raquel


    Great workout today very simple but very intense.. Im going to do that today when I go to the gym.. On the pistol workout, do we need to go all the way down?? It looks tough>>

    Thanks again!

  • nastya

    Hello Suzana!
    This is my first comment for you but just so you know that I have been admiring you for a very long time.
    I just have to say this: YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!!!
    I don’t need to look at some bleach-assed celebreties because they only look good in their videos but in the real life they look like shit.
    I workout every day for the past 3 years and every time before I go to do my daily routine I think of you and your body and I try to do my best to look like you.
    You are my inspiration and I only pray to look like you.
    Thank you!

  • Bri

    Zuzana i love you!!!!! I wish i had your cleavage! Jealousy gets you nowhere people!!!

    Z, your great attitude and professional in depth knowledge of exercise and fitness has been such a blessing to me. Thank you so much for all you have done for all of us! I am in the best shape of my life because of you.

    You are my celebrity inspiration!

  • Gaby

    Happy Monday!
    Hello! Well I wanted to throw this out there because if I didn’t I know I would be upset with myself. First let me say I LOVE your site, I LOVE your work, and I look up to your BODY X 1MILLION!!!!!!! You’re awesome. This 1on1 sounds great and I am sure tons of your followers would be in in a split second. I wanted to suggest that you maybe have one day for everyone to see and navigate this new feature so that they know weather or not they are interested. I would personally like to see what the new feature holds before committing. I am sure I would love it as well as anyone else. But it’s just a suggestion. Keep up the good work. THANKS!
    P.S. I love the themes…could you possibly have a theme to target lower abs/love handles/lower back….you know the muffin top from the back of your jeans—well of course you don’t have that problem-but I would love the help! :)

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Gaby, I will do my best :)

  • Melina

    Oh, and by the way, show that cleavage, girl. That comment sounds like jealousy speaking ; )

    You look great!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Vivat cleavage! :)

  • Melina

    KILLER workout!!!
    Holy shit!

    I almost beat you.
    My time is 19:14.4

    Much love, Goddess!

  • http://www.margaritavailas.com Margarita

    Zuzana you’re so amazing. haha.. people are just jealous.. you’re great, your videos are great.. keep it up!!

  • Audra Gatti

    Hi Zuzana,

    Finished this workout in 19:15.

    That was the first time I did a pistol!

    I wouldn’t have been able to do them a couple of months ago but thanks to the motivation you give me to push myself everyday with your workouts I can see and feel the difference in my body and how it’s changing.

    Thanx ;)

  • Samantha

    We were having a giggle last night about your response to the cleavage post. Nice to hear good words about Lady Gaga (a lot of people just think shes nuts) she’s fab and I like her attitude and her music – Disco Stick is a great track to workout to.

    I completed this workout in 17:34 and really enjoyed it thank you. My husband and his mates used to do pistols as a ‘man test’ when he was in the army! If anyone is struggling a good way to work towards doing them is by using the stair/step method instead of holding onto something i.e. back to the stairs with heels against bottom step. I’m rubbish at explaining but hope it makes sense.

  • lisa-marie

    where do you get your tops from ?? they are so cool ?? its so hard finding sexy sports wear ??

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      lululemon :) I know it’s hard, I don’t like the boring workout clothes either.

  • Rachel

    Hi Zuzana, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your workouts. I have been struggling with my weight for a while, due to my unhealthy eating habits and not feeling motivated enough to workout. I also get bored easily with the same old workout, so when I found this site I was excited to see such a variety of workouts that don’t require any gym equipment. Seeing you work hard makes me want to do the same. I’ve started working out on a regular basis and started eating a lot healthier. I’ve lost 5 lbs. already and am excited to keep on going. Thanks!

  • Dana

    =) Moc se tesim na pristi weekend – jedeme pryc s holkama z prace – a moje prcinka bude trochu vice “hec”, nez posledni cas.

    Mejte krasny tyden!

  • delene s

    you continually sculpt your body with such grace and enthusiasm…i would love to see a photo of when you first started…to current

    • sarah

      yes. I would love that too. I am getting closer to what I was this summer, yes!,But even stronger… So I too would love to see the progression. BTW. I thought I had strong legs.. one leg squats, ALL the way down. IMPRESSIVE!!! You are a true inspiration! WOO HOO.

    • Angela

      I also want pics from before! :-)

      About the negative comments: Napoleon Bonaparte had said that ‘envy is a declaration of inferiority’, and I believe he was f**in’ right.

    • Nicole D Lopez

      no joke, me too

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzko a Frederiku
    Dekuju za komet ale upremne sem rada ze to nedelalo problem jenom mne ale i kdyz sem to nedelala presne jako ty.Ale citim svaly tam kde sem uz snad vetsi zatez na ne namohla dat zase si mne probrala(a dokonce se mi o tom i zdalo)coz ukazuje ze sem snima aspon nejak cvicila je to ta bolest jako kdyz zacinas nenavidime ji ale pritom ji milujeme.
    Dekuju a tesim se na dalsi video

  • Ivana

    GREAT!!!! love you Frederick and Suzana!

  • Joana Pereira

    I really hate you right now… I can’t feel my legs… and most off all… my butt is crying for help lolol!
    I’m doing some of your workouts and my butt muscles hurt’s a lot…

    Today i’m going to train my arms, so, tomorrow i probably would not write.

  • Nay

    LOL! Great response to the cleavage comment to Zuzana! I totally get GAGA! She’s awesome, there is nothing cooler than just being yourself and flipping off anyone that doesn’t like it!
    You go girl, keep doin’ your thang!

  • Silvia


    I did this one yesterday and omg..I am so sore I can barely walk today:)The pistols is one of the most painful and most efficient things I´ve ever tried:) Oh, and surprisingly I managed in 18mins 21 secs:)

    Thanks for the great motivation Zuzu!!:) When I started to follow your blog beginning of Dec I only picked certain easy wrkouts as I thought I could never make the harder ones like this one with the pistols..And now as time passes I do every single one:)It´s just you wakening the enthusiasm in myself and giving me the right kick and determination to push myself:) Thank you so much:) You´re fantastic:)

  • Matti

    Hi Zuzana!

    Yesterday I left you a comment in which I shared my inspiration. It didn`t show up, so I suppose that it went to spam. If you ever look through spam you may find it:)
    Anyway, my inspiration is Ayrton Senna, an F1 driver.
    His attitude was to always seek for perfection. To work hard and to be 100% dedicated to what you do.

    1.“ It`s basically learning about yourself, learning about your own limitations, your strength, your qualities and trying to make, as a whole, a smoother person. I think from it you can get a lot of energy, even if you go through pain sometimes, you can cope with the pain. If you are well-prepared, if you are well-focused.”
    2.“If you are not able to admire somebody doing something good because he`s just competing with you, you`ll be throwing away a possibility of improving yourself.”
    3.“You train your body to do what you want it to do, not what your body wants to do, so you put your body on the limit in many occasions and you train your mind for the same thing – to do what you should do as a professional, as an athlete, as sportsman, and not what your mind wants to do.”

    Greetings from Poland!
    Zuzana, you`re great. Thank you for what you do. Take care!

  • yvonne

    Hi Zuzana, those pistol squats are brutal and I could only get halfway down without feeling like losing my balance. Seriously, how can I train to be able to do those? They seem impossible!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Yvonne,

      try to get comfortable at the bottom position first, with your shin vertical and weight on your heel keeping the other leg extended in front of you. Keep this position for few seconds and then try to get up driving off of the heel. Try to keep your back straight, but don’t expect it to be completely straight.

  • Henny

    Amen – your so right girl – stop crying and do something about it – I love that!

    I am really looking forward to your 1 on 1 so I can do all of your workout with me extra kilos, which of course are slowly coming of ;-)
    Have a nice day both of you.

    Friendly hugs ;-)

  • Cindy

    Hi Zuzana! just love your website, i watch your posted videos most of the time i’m free, i can follow some of you leg and bum exercise but ofcourse i can’t beat your score, i just wanna ask why my arm can’t keep atleast 3 push ups. i think my arm are weak.. and do you eat rice? just wanna know. thanks for your time reading this. hope to hear from you soon. God bless and Good luck

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Cindy, I do eat rice, but not often, because I am not too crazy about it.

  • http://gallery.me.com/cordesign1 jw

    Great comment response! Good workout, although the pistols are really hard for me to balance… any tips? I cheated and raised my foot behind me and lowered myself until my knee touched the ground. My butt’s sore though, so I guess I didn’t really cheat.
    Good words of advice too!! It’s pointless to be ashamed of past mistakes, especially when you’ve corrected them. Anytime you change the course of your own life and emerge a better person for it, that’s something to be proud of.
    Oh… I have a theory on the “cleavage, cleavage, cleavage” comment. I think you misunderstood. I think maybe they were just complaining that they wanted to see more butt. (I didn’t actually see the comment… was it signed “Seymour Butts”?)

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      haha :) thanks

  • Sarah

    Love the the work out for the buns! You always have awesome fitness wear by the way, where do you get it?

  • Natalia

    Hi, your videos really help me out, So thanks. Do you have any videos that have workouts for triceps? I was looking on your youtube channel and couldnt find any.

  • http://www.myspace.com/contortionisterica Erica Ax

    hey i finished this workout in 20 minutes and 49 seconds, Its really kicked my butt cause I have been doing easy wrokouts for the past few weeks. But I liked it it was intense :) I agree with what you said we need to be more positive cause if you want to change something and you do not, you are giving in to defeat, I hope everyone trys to be the change they want to see in the world, I saw that quote today, thanks for the workout video :) )~erica

  • Antonia

    When I came home and put your channel on I was so happy. Its like the medicine I needed. I started excersizing and running in 2007. I was on xanax 2mg 3x a day for five years. I also had major depression. This is where negitive thinking about myself got me and hearing judgmental people leading to such low self esteem. You are so right about what you are saying. It doesnt take you anywhere or give you anything. For some its an everyday fight not to give up and keep going. I have to say that even if I feel there is no hope hanging on to fitness when you feel there is light though the cloud is the best medicine. I was down yesterday because I retain fluid in my face from autoimmune hormone disorder and it brings me down as we all want to look pur best( the excersize helps alot most of the time).
    To me what you said all of it just gave me hope and I wanted to cry as you are like an angel. How did this come just at the right time just when you feel alone?
    I loved your introduction so much and it was so cute. Your a little doll really. Its so funny and right on when you said it was about ASS! It really could be taken more than one way regarding the commenter who sent you the comment. THANK YOU ZUZANA! You are really awsome and you do it with class, class, class and more class !!! *_*

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      This was a really touching message, I feel lucky to have people like you watching my videos. xoxoxox!

  • Neil

    I think what your doing for these ppl is great! get @ me girl. your beautiful!

  • Emily

    Hi Zuzana! Great website!

    Can you talk about post workout snacks? I keep hearing that you should consume whey protein right after a hard workout because the amino acids will help muscles recover faster. However, I don’t really want to spend the extra money on supplements if they aren’t needed. Is whey protein a must? What do you eat after a workout?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Emily,

      I will be honest with you, I don’t eat any supplements what so ever, but if anyone decides to take them it’s their decision. Some girls wrote me that they love supplements, so I don’t want to be judging people who are taking it. I used to take them, but didn’t see any difference plus I prefer food over pills and powders. I guess it’s everyone’s personal choice.

  • Dr. Ralph Downey III

    Thank you so much for your inspiration and exceptional teaching!

    Your workouts are just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.

    If you can share with me sometime, by email, some of your professional efforts to put together your awesome website I would truly appreciate any time that you could spare. I am working on a blog for health sciences. I think your site and blog are exceptional models for the work I want to do for the public.



  • Dr. Ralph Downey III

    Thank you so much for your inspiration and exceptional teaching!

    Your workout are just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.

    If you can share with me sometime, by email, some of your professional efforts to put together your awesome website I would truly appreciate any time that you could spare. I am working on a blog for health sciences. I think your site and blog are exceptional models for the work I want to do for the public.


    Ralph Downey III, Ph.D., DABSM, FAASM

  • Elodie

    hey zuzana!
    hope you are fine.
    i tried you’re workout today. just a question,is it normal to feel pain in the lower back while doing side jump lunge??

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Elodie,

      it is not normal to feel pain when you exercise. If you feel pain in your lower back then stop the exercise immediately. It is possible that you don’t have a proper form while doing this exercise or there is something that prevents you from having a proper form. I will be explaining all exercises in detail in my 1 on 1 training area when it’s ready, but if you have a problem even with a proper form, then I suggest that you visit a doctor.

  • http://bodyrocktv Judy

    I too would like to know what kind of jumprope you have. Please tell us!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


  • erika

    hello zuzana!!
    first of all i love all ur work outs rutines i just think they r great!!! but i wanted to see if u can help me get some really good work outs for my pear shape body!!! i really hope u can help me :) thank u

  • Dai

    I really thought I was doing one leg squats then I went and did them in front of a mirror and realized I was barely moving down LOL. I still fill it in my glutes though.

  • Drew

    What a great monologue Zuzana! You guys have taken this fitness/modeling thing from an erotic concept into something you can both be very proud of. You’re such an inspiration. I hope it’s working out great for both of you.

  • steve

    Hey there, great website, actually unbelievable site.
    I was just wondering should a guy change out some of these exercises or increase the reps, or even use weights in your workouts?

  • Lissie

    I couldn’t do the one legged squats properly, but I tried my best. Now I have another goal, lol. Also, I have no idea where my jump rope is, so I improvised, when I find it again I’m definitely going to do this workout again. My boyfriend told me to use a chair first for the pistols, then a bucket and then without, so that’s what I’m gonna do. Can’t wait for another workout, I’m completely in love with them.

  • Raphael

    Could u please post a warm up video or at least show it in ur next video?
    I’ve been folowing ur workouts for a 2 weeks now and its really helping me but i still have no clue how to warm up
    It would help me a lot…
    thx for everything and keep with the good work

    sry, my english is bad.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I have posted two warm up routines here.

  • Marianne

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick, I was just wondering that as you guys have got so popular, do you have links with other like-minded sites/blogs? I have started my own little blog just to help motivate me to achieve my goals and as a hobbie. Though I don’t have the same camera presence as you :( or figure for that matter. It’s amazing how different I look on video (not good), hense the motivation! Do you have any god advice about starting a blog?

    ps Will the 1-on-1 zone be for a charge?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Marianne,
      I think its great that you are enjoying blogging and that it’s your passion. Don’t get yourself down, I wasn’t confident about my presence in front of the camera for over a year of making these videos. It takes time to get more comfortable. Blogging is all about passion. It’s personal, so the more of yourself you can put into it, the more you can expect from it as well. Everything takes time and practice. There is no reason to feel down, just enjoy your blogging. 1 on 1 will be for charge, but it will be very reasonable.

  • Hannah

    Zuzana, you don’t have any “before” and “after” pictures, do you? I am looking for some motivation and am having a hard time with patience. I love before and afters.

  • Larissa

    Hi Zuzana,
    Just wanted to say how much I love your workouts, and what an inspiration you are. I wanted to ask a question about temptation. I eat clean , but i still have my weakness for sweets once in a while, any suggestion or tips on how to stay away and keep on a eat clean path. Do you ever have these temptations and what’s your secret?

    keep up your amazing work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=name&id=1217678790 Ozgur

    Heey Zuzana,

    Whell that video was beautiful
    And im not just talking about you
    You really talked the truth about the people right there
    By the way i like Lady GaGa’s music a lot
    So you and i have a good flavour for music
    Anyway the sentence that you said :’Everyday for you can be a new start, a fresh start, you can decide what you want, and if you put your mind in to it you can do anything!’
    I like that style of thinking it really gives you the motivation to do and give everything you got!
    I Like your work outs and you of course..

    By the way you have a nice butt hahha

    Take it easy and suprise me with some more great exercises


  • Maria

    Hi Zuzana,

    I loved what you had to say about staying positive! You have no idea how inspiring your words are and how much I needed to hear that today! I would love to hear more about how you stay motivated to take such good care of yourself and how you handle difficult emotions. Take care, can’t wait for your next video !

  • d

    could we make next workout’s theme the six packer~ABS !!? :)


  • Anne

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy,
    of the 3 workouts this week…this one was the most challenging for me. It was the one legged squats…they’re killer. It was also my favorite workout of the week because I love a challenge!

    For the one legged squats, for me to get as low as you do, i have to hold my foot. Would you say that was still good form???

    oh yeah, my time was 22m 10secs! and i was huffing it!

    thank you!!! i love your workouts.

  • Nata

    Hello, My time was 15:09. I also don’t go all the way down on the one leg squats because it hurts my knees. Also, I hold on to a chair.

  • http://www.kiplingerpandy.com Lori

    Wow….My legs are jelly now! Mostly my thighs. I had to do assisted pistol squats (okay….SERIOUSLY assisted pistols ;-) but I got through the jump lunges and jump rope fine. Only did 5 sets because I was loosing form and it still took me 29 min. 3 sec.

    But then, legs are currently my hardest part to work so this was especially good for me. Considering I’ll be 49 soon, I did fairly well, but looking to do better.

    I’ll give myself a pat on the back for actually keeping a workout journal for the past month.

    Since I cook for my family, I know we all eat well and only eat out occasionally. The next thing to tackle is my sweet tooth….

    Thanks for another great workout…and glad I can do these indoors – the cold and slush aren’t so inviting.

  • http://bodyrock.tv Jorge

    hello I´am a men and whant to loss a several kilos can you help me

  • Kristine

    Hey Zuzana,

    Just wondering what kind of skipping rope you are using? I bought one and it doesn’t seem to be very good (i.e. not enough weight on the rope and so it doesn’t turn over very well).

    Thanks :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      Hey Kristine,

      I have a great jumping rope. I bought it at a sports store specialised in boxing and kickboxing.

      My rope is from the Rumble brand. it is quite heavy and can be adjusted to your height.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    Hey Zuzana,

    You are such a hard ass!!! LOL cleavage, cleavage, cleavage. Mercy, that people actually go out of their way to write junk like that.

    I agree with being happy with who you are. You also need to treat others with respect. Life is not a rehearsal it is a full on premiere and you need to give it your all and the show is never over until the fat lady sings.

    With regards to fitness, I always feel like my work is never done. There is always something to improve and by that I do not mean a body part, I mean how strong I am, how fast I can do something and as matter of fact my next project will be doing the 1 leg squats PROPERLY.

    I am such a HUGE GAGA fan. I was browsing the net for one of her shows but ALL of her shows in Europe appear to be sold out.

    Keep up the good work you guys. You have touched many lives including this one right here :-)

  • Ivana

    hi, z
    i just whant to thank you for your website, you are helping me a lot, i visit it every day looking forward a new exercise.
    you are my inspiration :D
    i looooove your workout.
    i whant to be like you one day.
    how old are you, sorry Im ask,but im curious :D
    Im 27
    thanx again, and keep going
    all best from Ivana

  • http://www.facebook.com/amanda.nallie Amanda

    Hey girl! Thanks for the inspiration… I love thinking positive!! WEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Chris

    You are sooo beautiful and you have a great work ethic. you’re an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

  • iris

    Hallo Zuzana,hey wow today I did your workout in 20 min.,and those Pistols are absolutly the killer!;-)How can I improve it?I could only go the half way down and had to help with one hand by putting it on a chair beside me.But this really rocks!!!YOU ARE-in german:ECHT DER HAMMER!;-)Thanks for all

  • http://bodyblog.tv Lish Weese

    Hi Zuzana,
    I was just curious, is Zuzana 1 on 1 going to cost something?? Just wondering how it will work…thanks!

  • Ashley from Canada!


  • Daniela

    Cau Zuzi,
    ja jsem napriklad na Vasem webu zacatecnik,ale mam za sebou uz prvni tyden ze 6 summer fitu….huraaa,presto se zitra vrhnu na Tvuj dnesni workout.Myslim,ze mam docela dost silny svalstvo stehen a zadku,ale ten SQUAT je teda orisek,nemam nejmensi problem s drepnutim,ale vstat to nedokazu……:((taky me stve ze se muzu snazit jen na jedne noze,jelikoz na druhe mam poskozeny predni skrizeny kolenni vaz a kdyz jdu do drepu tak mi v koleni strili a strasne to boli a zpatky si tu bolest ani nechci predstavit a navic v nem nemam stabilitu:(
    Neni jeste jiny cvik kterym by se dal nahradit Pistols??samozrejme bez drepu:).Strasne me to stve,ale i tak se to chci naucit aspon na te jedne noze:))
    Zdravim vsechny :-*

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Danielo,

      zkus si normalne drepnout a pak vysun jednu nohu dopredu a vstan na jedne noze. Nekomu to jde lip kdyz ze zacatku trenuje jen to zvedani. Taky se muzes behem dne zkouset zvedat ze zidle na jedne noze a uvidis ze i to ti pomuze.

  • George King

    Hi Zuzanna
    I really like your workouts. I recently ruptured a disk and I am having a hard time recovering. I am currently receiving shots in my back, but they only seem to last a brief time. I need to strengthen my core without too much strain on my back. Do you have any workouts that you could recommend to help me get my strength back.
    Thanks, George K.

  • Tina

    Hey Zuzie!

    You are great, thanks for this speach and all the other motivational speaches you made these days…they have really helped me! My motivation is back, all thanks to you and your site.

    I just love this pants / are they new / Lululemon? They make your butt and all your lower body looks PERFECT.
    Did you buy them on e/bay too? They are my favorite of all of your pants. Perfect lenghth, material and great design and also color! I would really like to have one!

    This workout was great, thank you a lot. I would give it a 3 on an intensity scale.

    My time was 15 min. and 01 second.



  • http://n/a Tanya

    Side lunges… mmmm! I was doing the DEATH BY WORKOUT yesterday so today I felt like deja-vu. And pistols – a real challenge, especially when your body wants to fall down and rest on the floor for a few minutes. Hahaha!
    Love your sportswear. Just LOVE IT! Things I see in our sports shops are too often depressing. 20 min 29 sec

  • Ellie

    hey Zuzana
    i totally agree to what ever u said in the video!
    well sumtimes i dnt like my body at all. i want to get toned up and sumdays wen i eat junk i start thinking that i hv no control on wht i eat and i’ll never be able to achieve the toned up body that i want.
    but well said Zuzana “every day is a fresh start”. its Monday tomorrow in canada. I’ll start with a fresh day tomorrow and i’ll try to focus more of my energy and concentration on what i want!


    have a good day
    take care

  • Newdawn 1981

    Hi Zuzana,
    I just want to say I have just found your site a week ago and have already seen amazing results. I am so impressed by your outlook and the positive energy you put out. You are so right the past is the past and live for the today. I was overweight and out of shape and was depressed and cried about it and that helped me lose not one pound. I got off my bum and did something about it and now I have nothing to cry about!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

  • mrozowa

    hey zuzana.
    i´ve a question: what can i do alternatively, when I have no skipping rope and no place for skipping ?! are there some other moves which I can do, when I have no rope?
    Thanks a lot. I love your workouts.

  • Gillian

    Hi Zuzanna,
    I have been following your workouts and doing them for the last few months and have been getting great results. I’m sure you hear this dozens of times a day, but, you are such a huge inspiration for me. You have a wonderful attitude about fitness, and life in general. I too share the attitude that positivity will get you everywhere in life, and for me, so far so good. :)
    Also, thank you for addressing the nasty comment, it made me laugh quite a bit. It is too bad that not everyone can take inspiration from your effort, and I truly believe that those people are missing out on life.
    Keep up the good work.
    You’re changing lives.

  • Ludmila

    Hello Zuzana!
    My name is Ludmila I am 25 years old. I was born in Kazachstan and I am living for 15 years in Germany.
    First of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great work! The workouts are really intense and your blog is just awesome. So thank you and Frederik fort this great work.
    About two weeks ago I found your blog and your workot-videos since then I do exercise everyday (except sunday) and Ilove it. Ilove your way doing the workouts, I love the intensity and the variation. I didn’t think that sports can be such fun. I am a student so I really apreciate that I can watch your workouts for free. Thank you very much!
    Best regards

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Did a 45 minute hill run at good tempo then this. With all the running I do you’d imagine I could do the pistons, but not so! Guess that’s because you don’t bend your legs that far when you run. Those pistons were impossible without using a crutch. I needed 2 finger support to make it back up, but I survived. Your form on them is perfect and I am very impressed!
    Amazingly, I did all the one leg jump ropes! Sometimes they were two or three at a time, but I was getting the hang of it–finally!!!
    So..19:25! I felt this in my quads rather than my butt.

  • LeeAnn

    Hi Zuzana,
    I come to bodyrock every day to see your new workouts and to be inspired to continue working out. I have an awesome opportunity to teach others in group fitness situations and I incorporate some of your moves into my classes, the participants seem very receptive. Thank you for all the work you do for people like us.

    I’ve been wanting to know something about you for a long time. I don’t know what your personal spiritual beliefs are, but in today’s video you came so close to mentioning that there is something bigger than us, and a reason why we don’t have to feel guilty or have regret about bad choices that we’ve made in the past. Your site reaches so many people, many who feel like there is no hope, and I want to encourage you, that if you are a believer (and here I’m talking about God, Jesus) share that with your audience. Sometimes, when people inspire us, they can also challenges us to look a little deeper into who we are, what we believe, and what we want out of life.

  • kayla

    Hey! hahah I loved your clevage, clevage,..ect no its about ass! I laughed =).

  • Natali

    What does it mean cleavage?I mean did I wrote it correct?Can you write cleavage so i can see in dictionary what does it mean:)))?Thanks,you are great.

  • Maryna

    Hi Zuzana! I am so glad to come back into my training after the winter holidays ))))… It’s so hard, but I’ll try, I promise! Yesterday looked clip Timberlena-song just super! By the way my husband to the new year, gave the interval timer .. now able to fully deal ))))) Here’s decided to share with you my little joy))) I am always with you!!

  • Anphernia

    Hi Zuzana,
    Will you be able to put your videos for download with a lower quality on this website or a file sharing website? It is possible to download from youtube, but actually it is frowned upon by youtube! In fact the youtube terms of services says no download by third party.
    You know sometimes people need to exercise while they are offline! for example outdoor.

    Take care

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      write the workout down. that’s what i do when i workout outside.
      first i check out the video a few times to make sure i picked on the technique.

  • Amanda A

    I have an idea for one of your comments at the end of the vids: Spice up your life, visit bodyrock.tv or get pumped! Visit my site :)

    You should get a HUGE server since the # of visits probably doubles daily :)

  • Debbie

    Cleavage cleavage… Well as a woman, I think your cleavage is beautiful. You are beautiful and toned and your body rocks. So leave the haters at the door and do what you do best. I appreciate the womans’ body and trust me yours is a 10 out of 10. ( I am happily married mother of 3)

    On another note tell me, Is it possible to get results with only 15 – 25 mins of your routines? For a beginner who needs to lose weight.

    P.S. Tattos rock also, I just got my 2 tattoos at the age of 37. Didnt listen to nobody, but my heart. Got the haters and the lovers, but did what I wanted..

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Debbie,

      that’s nice :) thank you. As a beginner you can do basically anything and you will get results fast. Advanced trainees have much harder time to make changes because they don’t have so much room for improvement as beginners. I am very happy with the results that my workouts are giving me and I am sure that everyone can benefit from them.

  • joy

    I have done only the fist butt video. But I just finished doing the 20min tabala cardio. I really enjoyed doing the workout because I did it with you Zazana. I did every step and move with you. So please can you show us the whole video so we can do them together. 1-I won’t get bored on my own.2- I try to keep up with you.3- I look at your beautiful body and I force myself to keep going.

  • AZ Jason

    These workouts are awesome!! I have been doing a workout basically everyday for the last two weeks. I know I should be taking a break here and there but they are are soooo much fun. On the days I feel a little tired I might just do a 15min jump rope invertal. Its only 15mins of my day and it really get my blood pumping. Then the next day do like 500 rep workout. I have been tracking my times so I can see improvements. I also threw away the scale :) This was really helping me to drop some fat and put on more muscle. The last couple of days I stopped eating grains and processed foods. I CAN SEE ABS. Here they come!! I always had some, but not that defined. Fat is melting off now. I will probably starting eating grains again once I get a little bf% Although, it will be in moderation.

    Thanks for all of your daily workouts. THESE WORKOUTS ARE EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE IF DONE DAILY. It only takes 20mins a day!!

  • Lorena

    Zuzana, thank you so much for your workouts. I visit this site everyday to see what new videos you have put up. I can see my abs! But, after having a baby 2 years ago, I’m left with stretch marks. Do you have any tips on how to get rid of them so I can show off my abs this summer?

  • LaLa

    Thanks for the tips. I love your vidoes.

  • La


    These people are right, you are such an inspiration and your approach to life is refreshing. You and Frederick are helping a lot of people and keeping us going. The person who posted that comment is doing the exact opposite of being positive and good to others. I have a little “wish box” made of wood that I received as a gift from my aunt and uncle several years ago. When you first receive it you make a wish and then you keep that box and that wish. Several times a week I touch the box and repeat the wish which is “To live my life to the fullest and enjoy every moment without distraction. To have a good strong will and be kind to myself and treat others kindly.” It is a great way to remind myself how I want to live life:)

    Thanks so much,


  • Naama

    and I also really like your clothes :) it’s such a shame I don’t have a Lululemon store around :(

    • Stania

      I live in UK and I find theirs web side so you can buy it on line.Good like

  • Naama

    Hi Zuzana (sory for writing Suzanna sometimes. I’m trying not to do that mistake)

    talking about feeling bad about your body
    I want to shre my story,

    well, I used to be a fat girl when I was growing up. I really hated my body. I literally hated sport class, because I was so bad at it – since I was fat. I also used to cover myself from head to toe. My mom, I remember, was really worried about me, that I will forever stay in my solitude. the worst part is that both my brothers were thin, and I was the only one fat (I got it from my dad… you see, my mom was genetically thin). I went to doctors for so many health problem – breathing problems, and not developing breasts, and fat problems etc. all the doctors told me that I just eat too much and I don’t train. I was so depressed because I never thought I eat that much, definately not more than my sister! and she’s so skinny! how could it be that THAT’S the problem?? I really really hated my body. but at age 16, I went to a doctor that gave me a list of what NOT TO EAT, according to my blood type. he never said I eat too much, “You only eat things that are bad for you, and you’re more sensitive to food, and that you should be thankfull for having a body that’s telling you where you’re doing wrong”. I realised he was right, after merely 6 months, eating according to his plan. I never ate little than before. I only changed my habits regarding food (THAT WAS DIFFICULT, but I didn’t starve myself or felt on a diet) – and things ONLY STARTE TO CHANGE. the big difference was that at some point I was able to enjoy sports…I found it challenging, and by the age of 20 I found kickbox – and I even became a trainer myself (I’m not doing that anymore though) and it comes to nowaday when I can eat once in a while things that are “bad for me” but my body accepts them. he “knows” I’m friends with him :) . all my last years’ “new” friends look at me shocked when I tell them I used to be fat. they want avidance… so I bring pictures and they just can’t believe it’s possible. fact is that they all think I’m naturally “sporty”, and that I allow myself to eat everything I like because they only see me on parties once in a while when I let myself .. I’m actually getting better as years go by, and I always remind myself that. even after I will have my childern… which is something me and my husband started to think about – I KNOW I CAN ONLY GET BETTER.

    but you know, it’s everyday challenge.
    and I do feel pitty for myself, (a little too many times) for not being with a body like your :) which is… amazingly beauty.

    Love everything you do.

  • Juozas

    I am from Lithuania, I have the feeling that you just do not make anything more physically active. You need to have a lot of time and conditions to train. I have a considerable abdomen as the fat removed. I want to be a potbelly.! I hope to translate well into English.

  • Kasia

    Hi Zuzana. I love your website.
    For last few months I was doing mainly cardio exercises. I want to loose weight, reduce fat and firm my body. After these few months my body looks worse and my body fat increased 5%. I feel so dissapointed. Now I am trying to follow your workout. Do you think it will help me? What else can I do? I am loosing my motivation. I am trying to change my diet. I have looked at your previous videos and articles, this is a good help. Thank you very much. Have a good Sunday :_)

  • Agata

    6 rounds?? So 600 skips, My calfs are disapointed..:p
    But yesterday was more:p

  • Agata

    Thanks God today is only 100 skips, my calfs say “Thank You Zuzana!” ;)
    NIce workout, as always:)

  • http://bodyrock.tv Maria

    Hello Zuzana my husband introduced me to your website and this is the first time in my life that I have followed some routine , I’ve been working out very hard since I was very young and I thrive on keeping myself in good shape. But I’ve always lack the good form and that has been my challenge. So I have made a commitment with myself that I have to follow exact directions and you have been a great inspiration. Thank you so much.

  • Ruth

    Oh, I meant to say that I bought the pink Gymboss timer yesterday. Now I won’t have to race accross the room to hit my timer… I can wear it in my CLEAVAGE, CLEAVAGE, CLEAVAGE!! LMAO!!!!

    ;) Ruth

  • Ruth

    Hi Z & F!

    I completed this one in 15:23 minutes :) With the Pistal Squats I can’t squat down nearly as far as Zuzana, yet, but they are a little easier than the last time I tried them…

    Awesome workout! Thank you!

    Ruth :)

  • Gabriela

    Pistols are ass kicking. I can do just a half of one such pistol and just on my left leg :P
    Waiting for 1on1 with you, master Yoda:)

  • Julie

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’m glad you put that person in there place! They are just jealous, you are beautiful on the inside and outside. If they took a second to listen to you they would realize that. I love your website! I too am in the fitness industry, and you are a great resource! You do a great job talking through each exercise, as well as the pictures to go along with it. You are Fredrick make a great team:) I also love the “on location” videos, what a beautiful place to live. Keep up the great job, you two ROCK!


  • Diane

    Your message today was lovely and so very true. It’s pointless to dwell in the past and things you could have done differently. I just turned 56 and believe me, I’ve made lots of bad choices along the way, but the older I get, the more I’m able to let go of the past and concentrate on the here and now. I wish I’d been able to do this years ago because I could have saved myself a lot of heartache.
    Anyway, the work you and Frederick do for us all on this blog is absolutely spectacular! I love your workouts and do them on the days when I have no time for the gym. They’re quick and very, very effective.
    Thank you both again so very much for the positive energy and kind spirit as well as the killer workouts!
    Best to you both,

  • Minnie V

    Dear Zuzana,
    Thanks for all the great workouts,I look forward to watching and learning everyday. It’s the first thing I do in the morning. Recently you’ve spoken about the 1on1 with Zuzana for premium members,my question is how do I join? I don’t want to miss anything. I also want to mention how inspiring you are. I’ve learned so much,one thing I recall is where you said that you should keep your body tight and focus on form. I’ve always done that with weight workouts but never thought about it with these workouts.Well…..that said when I applied that thought it became a bit easier. The workouts are intense and very effective but…. with that thought in mind when preforming the exercise its better. Thanks again for all you share.
    MinnieV. IN NY

  • Rob

    Please dont have any regrets about anything. You were beautiful then and you are beautiful now (inside and out) You have been our inspiration since we found your website a few months ago.

    Rob and Victoria

    PS. I think you should sell merchandise! We would definately buy some… and would love to see more modeling type pics

  • Charlie

    ps – re the cleavage comment – forget it! No one should have to apologize for being beautiful! Women need to stick up for each other!

  • Charlie

    17:16:74. My calves are going to mutiny. I can’t keep my balance if I go down far enough on the one legged squat, so I hold on to both doorknobs on either side of an open door and just try to use my arms as little as possible. Is that legit?

    Thanks so much for your reply to my question about 6-pack vs. scar tissue. I’ll work harder on being really strong. That’s just what I needed to hear – no excuses, right?!

    Thanks also for the Haiti tip. It’s nice to know that you’re not only ripped and beautiful, but sensitive and aware as well. Good for you!


  • Matti

    Hi Zuzanna.

    Recently you were talking about motivation and inpiration to workout. I wanna share my inspirations and things that give me strengh.
    I have to say that I`ve never had an endurance for long-lasting efforts like jogging for instance. After having a 15 minutes of uninterrupted run I was on the edge of exhaustion. I was very envy when I saw my friends running long distances. Then I decided to change my lifestyle and start workout. I started to jog. To break my own limit and to become fit and strong.

    I am inspired and motivated by Ayrton Senna – the Formula 1 driver, who died in 1994. He was a great and wise person, dedicated to his profession, and always willing to win. He said: “Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.” He was always seeking the very best. And that become my attitude in live, whether it`s sport or any other activity in life.

    Here are some of his lines:
    “You`re just a human being, you fail sometimes, you succeed some others,(…) but the main thing is to make sure that you learn through your mistakes and get better.”
    “ Together with the fun, you have to apply yourself, you have to put up with things that not always are very nice. But it`s part of it. I believe in ability of focusing strongly in something, then you`re able to extract even more out of it. It`s been like this all my life and it`s been only a question of improving it and learning more and more as there is almost no edge. It`s very interesting, it`s fascinating. “
    “If you are not able to admire somebody doing something good because he`s just competing with you, you`ll be throwing away a possibility of improving yourself.”
    “You train your body to do what you want it to do, not what your body wants to do, so you put your body on the limit in many occasions and you train your mind for the same thing – to do what you should do as a professional, as an athlete, as sportsman, and not what your mind wants to do.
    “I have experienced a lot of pain, already. Many times. I remember the go-karts – I had an accident, a very bad one. Although it looked like I wasn`t hurt, I was badly hurt, inside. A lot of pain. And I didn`t think I could drive following day, when was that event of race. Once I sat in a go-kart I realized that going slow I had all kids of pain and I couldn`t rally drive, but then I tried to push little harder and drive fast – the pain was somewhere else I don`t know where, not in my body.
    “ It`s basically learning about yourself, learning about your own limitations, your strength, your qualities and trying to make, as a whole, a smoother person. I think from it you can get a lot of energy, even if you go through pain sometimes, you can cope with the pain. If you are well-prepared, if you are well-focused.”

    I`ve been jogging for 5 months now and I become to be able to run 15 kilometers. In March I will attednd a halfmarathon.

    Zuzana, I like your workouts very much and keep it up, you`re great!

    Greetings from Poland.

  • Madann

    Everybody knows, that positive thinking is good. Than why is not everybody happy? Because they don’t know how to handle it. I’ve seen a dvd called: The Secret (the law of attraction), it has radically changed my point of view of my life. Zuzana, you might have seen it too, if not, than check it out. Its definitely worth seeing. I warmly recommend it to all of you guys.

  • Lizaveta

    Hi Zuzana!

    Thank you so much for what you do for all of us! This set of videos will definitely be my favorite (I also do your Buns’n'guns and Prison cell trainings – they really make my ass burn. i love it %))) ).

    You asked us to share our inspiration with you and I want to show you a photo of someone (it should be a very happy person): http://www.flickr.com/photos/46584517@N08/4280910703/
    This photo has been my top inspiration for 3 years or so (and you’re the first who could replace it :-* ). I hope you’ll like it %)

  • Mags

    Hi there Zuzana!

    Great website and amazing workouts!!!
    Keep it up!

    PS. Saw Kristal water – are you staying in Malta now?


  • Hannah

    Hi Zuzana, I love these workouts they are so inspiring and I love hearing about what motorvates you, it reminds me of why I am working out and keeps me going for longer, thank you!

    The only problem I have is that I get bad knees, and so doing anything squat-like tends to be very painful. Do you know of any exercises I can do that work the same muscle groups but without putting too much stress on the knees?


  • http://- Kadir

    Completet it in 15.26min :D

    wish you a good weekend

    Mfg Kadir

  • Mija

    very like how you combine your workout clothes colours. All is perfect, everything goes together and looks very, very good. Perfect also from that point of view:)the real colours can make a miracle, make more beautiful.
    And thanks again for this workout,skipping rope for me is a challenge, because i jump like an elephant.
    Thank You!

  • Stefan S.

    Hi Zuzana,

    I can’t open your link to Lady Gaga’s website – do you know the reason?! Wish you all the best! :-)


    • Stefan S.

      now it works! :-)
      don’t know the reason…

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    Lady GaGa is a pretty amazing woman and so are you! If we didn’t have some regrets in our pasts we wouldn’t be human. I think it’s what we make of our mistakes that make the difference. It’s good that you remain positive even having lived thru crazy times. Like I’ve said before you should write a biography.

    On people not liking how you dress…well I can’t say it here without getting in your spam filter, beside there are youngsters who come here. A person can always just find another fitness guru/coach/trainer/buddy elsewhere if they don’t like you or Frederick. Can’t they!

    I will try this workout in a couple days and post back how I did. Today I did the Extreme 15 Minute Workout, but added 15 pushups to the Snowboarders and V-Crunches. I’m seriously to embarrassed about my number of rounds to post them here. I will try it again sometime next week and see if I can’t break the single digits for rounds barrier!

    My best to Everyone,

  • Roq

    Your little chat in the beginning of your more recent videos are really nice. You are a person that I like a lot. Cleavage and all…LOL (I’m a woman who likes men so that was not a sexual comment!! :-)

    I just want to mention what helps me when performing the one legged squat since I’m having a hard time performing it. I have enough strength and enough balance but I am stiff as a plank which makes my body roll backwards if I go down too much. Which also means I can’t go all the way down when I do two legged squats with my feet together. What does help me is to hold on to a dumbbell in front of me (straight arms) to counterbalance this tendency.

    I don’t know if you do it on purpose or not but I really like that you have a lot of dynamic stretching in your workouts because it helps people like me that are not very flexible.

    Congrats on your great work here on this site!

  • Theresa

    Go you. :)
    The person who sent that comment must have been jealous.
    So if they are jealous they should put some work into themselves and shut up,instead of putting time into writing.
    Keep up being you and continue being an inspiration.
    i look up to you. :)

  • Niko

    Ahh, dammit you beat me by 7seconds! Fantastic workout again, so thanks.

    Oh yeah, “cleavage” lol :p sorry….

  • Alex

    Hi Zuzzana :) )))

    I won`t be talking about how AMAZING you are and how great inspiration you workouts has been for us…as that`s just obvious ;)

    It seems my comment is first today so I take my chance, before it disappers in the complete tangle of other messages, and ask you: Zuzanna, what about adductor muscles?? (I meant those muscles of thigh)? You don`t seem to commit as much time to those muscles in your routines as for all the others groups of muscles, right?

    Please tell me how do you train this musles, as they look great on yours legs..or maybe you just don`t give them this much attention on purpose??
    anyway, please tell us what`s the deal with this inner group of thigh muscles.


  • k13

    Hi Zuzana,

    Just did this workout this morning… Major killer! Unfortunately no matter how I tried I couldn’t do the one legs squats:( So instead I replaced them with the last training’s one leg bridge. Either way my butt is feeling it! :) Thanks for the great workout!


  • Mary

    Hey, youre right. Positiv thinking make us feel better and open all doors…
    I started to think positiv and my life is better…all my wishes came true…really!!!!

    One Question that i ve got….how much water do you drink a day?
    I´m drinking 2-2,5 L. a day…

    Your workout ist very good. It makes my butt burn.. ;-)

  • vanessa

    hey zuzana,
    i like your workouts♥
    when is this “1 on 1 with zuzana” site ready??
    these squats are the most intensive exercises of all!
    I have a question:
    I´m not skipping, i´m just jogging…how long do i have to jogg??..

    thx vanessa♥

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  • Tali R.

    Hi Zuzana, i just finished the 3rd workout for the week, it took me 17;35 i always making sure my posture is right because it is so important for the resultes on the body. the only exercise i could not do 100% was the one leg squats. i did it as much as i can but i could not go all the way down like you. (maybe this why my time was so good).
    but now after i did my workout for the day i feel great and i can continue with my daily things to do.
    Have a wonderful day both of you.

  • Cindy beadlady

    You are amazing! You are so generous to do this for us and take the time. I appreciate it. What an inspiration! Cindy

    • Laroncha

      Well, I’d say that this is as good for her as for us… :-) Zuzka’s got a great motivation to exercise like this very often. I think this job is great for both sides.. :-) Anyway, it is great that Zuzka does this. She will at least open eyes for those, who didn’t know how to exercise at home and stuff. Now they know and lot of people feel happy someone showed them how easy is to get fit just with cost of your own energy. Well done and YOU, who decided to get fit…..NEVER GIVE UP. :-)

  • Jo Anne

    Hi Zuzana,

    I was really touched by your inspiring words. You are a great person, inside and out!!! Those people giving negative comments are just jealous.

    Keep it up!!! What you and Frederick are doing is great!! You are helping a lot of people.

    Jo Anne

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzko a frederik ja sem se chtela zeptat mam problem s tim drepem na jedny ryce muzes mi poradit jak mam zacit a postupne se zlepsovat problem je koordinace a vubec se zvednou na ty jedny noze,jestli se muzu ze zacatku pridrzovat a nebo tu nohu ne uplne napnout uz jenom snaha zvednout a cejtim tu nohu jak trpi ale nemuzu vstat ani za boha.
    Dekuju cauky

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Stanio,

      nez zacnes s timhle workoutem tak zkus udelat nejdriv par cviku na aktivaci tech svalu ktere te maji z toho drepu zvednout – minimalne bys mela nekolikrat aspon zatnout zadek :) Pokud se z toho drepu nemuzes zvednout, tak se nejdriv nauc se do toho drepu dostat, tzn. ze to nenechas na zemske pritazlivosti ale budes se aktivne priblizovat k zemi tim ze budes zatinat hip flexors to jsou ty svaly nahore na predni strane stehen. Zvedani se ze drepu muzes nejdriv trenovat se zidli. Zkus nejdriv parkrat vstat na jedne noze ze zidle. Pokud se pri tom drepu naklanis do strany tak to znamena ze ty svaly na zadku a na bocich poradne nezatinaj. Mozek vysila signaly do svalu, takze pokud se budes mysli soustredit na zatinani tech svalu, tak uvidis ze ti to pujde lip.

      • Mikojan

        Ja bych Ti poradil, abys delala ze zacatku drep na jedné noze a opirala (pridrzovala) se rukou o nějkou oporu. Drep nedelej tak hluboky, ale stací abys mela mezi steheni a lytkovou kosti uhel 90 stupnu. Takhle jsem zacinal ja a po tydnu uz jsem potreboval oporu jen k udrzeni balancu a za dalsi tyden uz vubec. Ten uhel zkus dodrzovat, kolena Ti za to v budoucnu podekuji.

        • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

          Nezlob se ale s timhle ja nemuzu souhlasit. Drep se ma delat az dolu aby ti za to kolena podekovala, jelikoz kolena jsou nejstabilnejsi kdyz jsou bud propnuta nebo uplne pokrcena. V te dolni pozici se o stabilitu postara zadni strana stehen pokud se drep dela ve spravne forme. Navic to prospiva zadku ktery se pri drepu namaha nejvic prave kdyz jdes az dolu a silnej zadek taky prispiva ke zdravym kolenum. Kdyz neni zadek silnej tak to kolena kolikrat odnasi.

          • Mikojan

            Promin mi, ale nemohu souhlasit, jelikoz posilovani svalu z krajnich poloh koleniho kloubu je zakladni chyba. U kolena je to nadmerne zatezovani menisku. Navic ani jeden nevime, jak na tom je Stania po fyzicke strance. Pokud ma jeji stehno vetsi objem, tak po dosazeni spodni polohy, tak jak to ukazujes, dojde dokonce k vyvraceni koleniho kloubu. Jo a ten uhel je v rozmezi od 90 do 100 stupnu, aby stehna byla rovnobezne s podlahou. Se stabilitou ji zprvu pomuze opora.

            • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

              nemas pravdu.

  • http://www.adriajourneys.com Shakti

    Great workout :)
    I have to say that you are my biggest inspiration at this point. Not only are fit and motivating but I also like your approach to life and your positive attitude.
    What is 1 on 1 with Zuzana and when is it comming up?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      1 on 1 with Zuzana is going to be a premium area for those who are interested in getting extra tips and coaching for my workouts.

  • Jarka

    Ahoj Zuzka,

    skvelé cvičenie! Ale drepy na jednej nohe do rovnobežky s podlahou ešte nezvládam. Pomôže mi k tomu strečing?


    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ahoj Jarko,

      strecing je urcite dulezita soucast kazdeho workoutu, ale pokud chces zvladnout drepy technicky tak je musis trenovat. Je dulezite abys byla flexibilni v bocich a v kotnicich jinak by mohla trpet tva kolena a to pri jakemkoliv drepu.

  • Sofia

    My first time commenting =]

    I did those side jump lunges the other day and boy are they killer! My glutes were sore for days after =]

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for the wonderful workouts & recipes that you share with us. I look forward to visiting your site each day–your passion & enthusiasm for healthy living really rubs off!

    p.s. I love your jacket! What brand is it?

  • Alex

    Hi Zuzzana :) )))

    I won`t be talking about how AMAZING you are and how great inspiration you workouts has been for us…as that`s just obvious ;)

    It seems my comment is first today so I take my chance, before it disappers in the complete tangle of other messages, and ask you: Zuzanna, what about adductor muscles?? (I meant those muscles of thigh)? You don`t seem to commit as much time to those muscles in your routines as for all the others groups of muscles, right?

    Please tell me how do you train this musles, as they look great on yours legs..or maybe you just don`t give them this much attention on purpose??
    anyway, please tell us what`s the deal with this inner group of thigh muscles.


  • akne

    Hi Zuzanna!

    You are absolutely right about the attitude to the life. We have to be always positive and focus on what makes us happy every day.

    And thank you for your web side. I visit it every day looking forward a new exercise. :)


  • Tali R.

    Hi Zuzana,

    so i was really sick for two days i was in bed, and one of the things i was thinking the most of, was that i cannot work out with you and that im missing.:-) i feel better today so im hoping to workout now the 3rd part of this week workout (missed no. 2 – maybe i can do it later this week). i will let you know my time with i finished.
    the one leg squats is a really hard exercise i hope i can do it right. (waiting for 1 on 1 with you)
    bye for now

  • http://www.girlinyourshirt.com Jenaé Plymale


    I can’t tell you how much this video touched me by what you said in the beginning. I really needed your strengthening words that you spoke as I’ve been going through a rough time lately, and this past week I’ve completely blown my diet that I had kept faithfully for a month straight and I also stopped exercising this week after nearly 3 months straight of it (except for one day this week I ran 4 miles only). And it’s ironic to me that you mentioned Lady Gaga being your ultimate inspiration lately, because I recently have also discovered the great person, artist and role model that she is as well! When you said her name you took me by complete surprise because I’ve been thinking SO much about her as well and I completely agree with what you said the message is that she portrays.

    I just wanted to sincerely thank you and let you know that you are my role model when it comes to fitness and health. The work you do on this blog is priceless to me and I’m so glad that your main workouts are free. Your body and your workouts are an inspiration to many, including myself. You are a beautiful portrayal of what a strong, powerful and confident woman is, and I love to follow your lead and try to gain these personality traits in my own self as I follow your workouts and keep a good diet. I’m determined to pick it back up again this week and do my best to put my past mistakes behind me and to look to the future with hope and optimism.

    Your biggest fan at heart,

    - Jenaé

  • http://- Kadir

    Haii Zuzana

    I will do that Workout now.

    I have a question on the last workout Burn Fat and Tighten… it was the 14.January when you have post that workout but im can only see that workout in the next day like on the 15.January.

    And today you have post it on 16.January and we have 17.January:D Now im doing all the Workouts in the next day when you have uploadet it, is that normal?

  • http://www.esipati.lv Laurinsh

    Talking of inspirations-YOU are mine! And a great motivator! I incorporate some of your exercises in my fitness routines at the gym (I’m a personal trainer). Thank you for your work! You are amazing!
    I come from Latvia, also former Soviet Union country, so I can relate to you and also your training (back to basics, using your own bodyweight, skipping rope, etc, as when we were kids, when we didn’t have those cool gyms). :)

  • Brooke

    Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass!!

    haha, kidding. I thought it was funny how that cleavage comment made you mad!
    I also had a question for you: what are your thoughts on going gluten free? I was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s disease which means I can’t eat anything with gluten (mainly anything containing wheat). I’ve learned that even people without the disease can benefit from eliminating gluten from their lives because gluten is a binding protein that acts like the glue that holds breads and other things together, which can clog the intestines. What do you think, in terms of your own life, about eliminating gluten from the diet? Thanks and best!

  • Fe

    Hey Zuzana,

    I have been diagnosed with osteopenia which is one step above osteoporosis. My doctor suggested I start lower back exercises. Can you please do a routine that focuses on the lower back? Thank you very much. BTW, I love your vidoes, you are such an inspiration.


  • Natasha

    I very much appreciate the heads up about Lady GaGa’s Haitian Relief Effort. Thanks for that. I too am a fan of hers.
    I will be doing this workout tomorrow a.m. & while I have yet to beat your time on ANY workout, Zuzana, I haven’t given up trying. ^-^

    NICE t&a, btw!

    You’re cute & funny,

  • Ale- from Mexico

    hi Zuzi
    You are a great inspiration for whatever person who visit your blog , you did a great job with your body congratulations
    Also i want tell that i love your workouts , specially because dont need any equipment, that is important when the person does not have time to go the gym or money to buy them, so thanks for that … and for each workout i do i like to add before do it a great movement that is the principal on “capoeira ” i love it because really helps to burn fat specially butt and legs ,name is “GINGA” (maybe you know it or if not you can see on you tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqznVS1CWZ0 Regards

  • Zazu

    I really liked these ‘theme based’ workouts and was wondering if you have an abs themed workout to come. If you do, I would like to see workouts that target the love handles.

  • M.

    You are such a riot Zuzana! What a great comeback! Remind that commenter of the saying… if you don’t like it… don’t look at it! :o )

    I thought it was very interesting that you commented about Lady GaGa as I admire her very much for her ideas and inspiration. Like you said she actually has a profound message when you sort through it all. Ironically, I actually thought about commenting about her bum when you were asking about celebrity ass inspirations this past week. She has a nice bum and her energy is incredible.

    Once again thank you for your honesty and frankness. You help the average person realize staying healthy and fit takes work, but is doable with perseverance and a never give up attitude. Thank you for keeping it real.

  • Kmac

    Your body is incredible and people are just jealous!!!! Keep the videos coming! Cleavage and all! hahaha….. :)

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  • Ashlynne

    Hey Zuzana,

    I just want to say that you are a true inspiration yourself! It is apparent through your videos that you are a beautiful person inside and out, and whenever I am feeling like I don’t want to workout or like I’m just dragging through my day, I’ll log on to your site and find inspiration in you and what you do.
    Thank you for this awesome site!!!

    P.S. I love The Gaga too! ;)

  • Klaudia

    Czesc Zuzana
    Well my opinion about comments like those is : if you got it, flaunt it:) putting everything aside I have a great breakfast recipe for Fat-Free Protein pancakes that i would like to share with you and all the Bodyrock.tv viewers. Its a simple and quick recipe. What you will need is 1 cup of oats, 1 cup of egg whites (or 1 cup of egg substitute), 1 cup of Fat-Free cottage cheese, and 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract (this gives the mix it sweet flavor). Blend all of the ingredients in a bowl until a the consistency of the batter is that of cake mix. Next pour into a non-stick pan as pancakes (cooking spray may also be used). The pancakes should cook for about 2 minutes on each side, depending on what kind of pan you use. And finally ENJOY =)

    Servings: 11

    Zuzana I know you mentioned that you don’t really count calories but i just wanted to post it for those who do. Also instead of vanilla extract, any other extract/ flavor can be added to the mix. I hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as I do. This recipe has alot of protein in it so it will fill you up quite quickly so controlling the portions of this recipe should not be a problem. Have a wonderful weekend

    Greetings from Poland and New Jersey =)

  • d

    yeah i’m starting to really like lady gaga too. shes just so different from every other pop star or singer because she just acts like herself and isn’t trying to fit in with the style of music these days.but i’m a rock and roll music lover so hearing something different like her once in awhile is kinda nice:)

    thnx for the workout!


  • Ruth

    OMG! I nearly fell out of my chair from laughing at your response to the cleavage post, LMOA!!! HA!!!

    A kinda weird thing, when I logged in to see if you had a new post up my youngest daughter was blaring Lady GaGa videos from the other computer … I thought that was an odd coincidence since she doesn’t usually watch youtube videos. anyhoo….

    I loved your message on being positive, you are so right. Sometimes it is so hard to be positive but it’s in those times that we need it the most!

    Looking forward to the torture tomorrow… One leg squats AND jumping lunges, help! ;)

    Btw, in the third picture, with the jump rope at your side, you look like a modern day Wonder Woman , heehee! You go girl!

    Ruth :)

  • http://www.bodyrock.tv Angel (Angelique)

    hey zuz i thought since u have a dog maybe some ways to incorporate exercising our selves along with our dogs. just a suggestion i was thinking could be fun im forever trying to keep up with my own fitness regimes and the dogs !!
    P.S. the comment that you adressed was a jealous person for sure .. you are doing an amazing job and inspiring me and all my friends !

  • http://www.bodyrock.com Jasmin Campos

    hi well ive been trying to lose weight for quite some time and nothing seems to work. just today i was looking at your workout vids and well it seems like i should start doing what you do i used to be very thin and now… well im not in the best shape that i would love to be in. im a beginner and i would like if you would tell me how should i start. and well your my motivation