Jan 26 2010

Rock Hard Abs Workout (bye, bye love handles)

Hi guys,

So this is the last workout for six pack abs and your homework will be not only to complete this workout and try to beat my time, but also recap everything that we have talked about in the two previous posts regarding six pack and love handles.

In today’s workout you will be doing 7 rounds of the following exercises for time.

As usual I used my cool Gymboss Interval Timer to keep track of my time for this challenge and my Gymnastic Rings for the hanging knee raises.

1. High Knees to Mountain Climbers (10 reps + 10 reps) x 5 rounds

2. Hanging Knee Raises 5 reps

3. Ninja Jump to Half Burpee 5 reps

I completed this workout in … watch the video :)

I hope that you will enjoy this workout as much as I did and thanks a lot for your comments and your opinions. Also thank you for keeping our conversation interesting yet very nice and positive.





(10 High Knees + 10 Mountain Climbers) x 5

Do 10 high knees as fast as you can and then drop down and do 10 mountain climbers at maximum intensity. Repeat 5 times.


Hanging Knee Raises 5 reps. You can do this exercise by hanging on just about anything. I am using gymnastic rings. It is harder to do this exercise on the rings, because they tent to swing a lot which you are trying to avoid as much as possible. Your hands should be griping the rings about shoulder width apart. Make sure that you are hanging. The rings can be easily adjusted so that you can pull them up higher. Pull your knees up as much as you can as if you were trying to touch your elbows with your knees (that’s my goal for the future). Bring your knees down in a controlled movement to avoid any kind of swinging and momentum. Don’t just drop your legs down.






Start by kneeling on your exercise mat. Jump from the kneeling position into a squat. Put your hands on the floor in front of you and jump with your feet back into a plank. Keep your whole body tight in one line and don’t drop your hips. Jump with your feet forward and again back into the plank. Remember to keep your abs contracted throughout the entire sequence. Repeat five times.


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  • http://twitter.com/bentlightnvegas Russell Davis

    I’ve read studies that have said that men are attracted to a specific body type.  Take the waist measurement and multiply it times .72 and that is the ideal waist.  Coincidentally this is the ideal weight/height proportion for optimal fertility.  Implying that men are genetically engineered to be attracted to women that are skinnier than than average American woman.  Most men aren’t even aware why they are attracted to this ideal because it works on such a primal level the conscious mind doesn’t register it.

  • Anonymous

    I just went old school with this one. Wanted to save the 1000 rep workout for the weekend to mentally prepare for it:)

    This took me 19:25.

    And to think, I was imagining a 12 minute wo today. I saw this and assumed I could get it done in 12 minutes or less. You know what they say about assuming! Very deceptive once you get going. My heart rate was up there? I feel great today!

    Live healthy,

  • Maria Sweden

    Did this workout today and I really liked it. I used my dip station for knee raises. My time: 17:43. :D

  • http://delightfultastebuds.com Jos

    14:39! Wow I couldn’t even believe it myself! I did knee raises using my dip station.

  • KatieGoneFit

    15:26 smiling, happy, sweaty mess:)
    Rock on everyone!

  • Jenny

    I did this workout yesterday.
    It left me soaked in sweat.
    Gross and… AWESOME

    20 minutes 39 seconds

  • Ash

    Well like I said I would post back and tell you how I did.

    I’m not impressed with my time which was 35:39. I was completely wiped out with this work-out. I want to try harder to beat that time. I really do.

  • Montro

    You are one hot muscle machine!!!!

  • Robert Brewer

    I don’t think skinny means pretty or sexy. I think a bigger misconception is that people think that skinny means you’re healthy.

    There was a skinny model on Dancing with the Stars and her partner made the comment after she kept gassing out during the workouts….your are deceptively unfit.

  • Ash

    Looking back at these theme week workouts… how cool that was. Maybe you guys could do another week like this for old times sake.

    I think I will do this work out next week. If I do I will let you know how I did.

  • Michael

    Another great workout!

    Coffee talk comment… women, you are all beautiful in your own way. Seriously. You ladies are your own worst enemy the way you obsess about looks. Who cares what 30 year old guys who troll bars for women during happy hour think!

    I do think a women that has the determination and stamina to gut out one of these bodyrock workouts must be special (and pretty darn fit!).

    Stick to these rocking workouts. They are motivating! Shallow talk about superficial beauty is not cool!


  • Kitty

    Just did this workout today in 12:48:35 and beat my previous time which was 18:45:28 back in April!


  • http://supercoloncleanse.us Super colon cleanses

    You areawesome! This webpage is really excellent. I really wish much more individuals go through this and get what youre declaring, mainly because let me tell you, its essential things. I by no means wouldve assumed regarding it using this method unless Id run into your blog. Thank you for placing it up. I hope you have excellent accomplishment.

  • Nam Nguyen

    16:53! awesome

  • Vilivil

    18:39. Normally I would be a little bit ashamed, but I am just happy I finished. I am a little bit sick, I had fever too, so at first it was difficult to breath. But after workout I feel much better, I feel like a winner, who didn’t gave up :D

  • Shelly

    Personally, I think real women have curves. Here in Toronto, boys like big butts and big boobs. My guy friend told me that he wants a girl with a bit of fat on her body so that he doesn’t break her :P

  • Erika

    In Mexico we have a saying that goes like this…
    Men like to look at skinny but they like to “grab” fat…

    BTW, I just got my pink Gymboos timer and can’t wait to start using it tomorrow!

  • Slavek

    Super workout!
    I have add 7x10push-ups and 7×5 pull-ups to your workout and it took me 20:06 together.

  • Yolimar

    I don’t think the every skinny woman in pretty, also I think there are some plus size woman that look amazing, the point is how you feel and what you project….
    I have a question for you?? I want to drop some pounds, 5 to be exactly, I love these exercises can I do them every day??

    Thanks I love you web


  • Lvette

    Hi Zuzana,

    Do you consider yourself skinny? I am a little bit confused about what is considered skinny. For example, I consider your body type to be athletic and same for Madonna; Jackie Warner; Angela Bassett and Jessica Beil just to name a few.

    Zuzana, I am in total agreement with you about Beyonce, Eva Mendes, being beautiful sexy women. I will add to your list a few more women with varied body type that I considered to be sexy, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Uma Thruman, Julianna Moore, Demi Moore, Isabella Rosilinni, Gabrielle Union, queen Latifah, Helen Mirin, Kate Winslet, Michelle Obama. I could go on and on and on. The list is endless.

    I think to be beautiful and sexy is how we carry ourselves and how comfortable we are in our own skin. I personally think Tom Ford is one of the most sexy human being on earth today. I say this not because of his physical beauty (which he is beautiful) but because if he walks into a room in any given country people are bound to take a second look at him. They will take a second look because he is impeccably put together and walks in with confidence.

    My petty goal in life is to be or fake being Tom Ford (I’m not taking about sex change.) As a woman I want to strut into a room with that type of self confidence and awareness. I will walk in with my head held up high, shoulders straight, stomach pulled in with the song “I’m to sexy for myself” playing in my head.

    Unfortunately, knowing me I will probable fall down and knock out all of my front teeth and that is definitely not sexy. I hope if I do fall, my fake Tom Ford ass will get up and pretend like nothing happened.

    Love yourselves people. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  • Lori

    I Love your workouts! I am having trouble with the ninja exercise. Can you recommend an alternative exercise or something else that can be done to help work up to being able to do the ninja?

    Thanks so much for your workouts!


  • Laura

    I really love your website and all your workouts, I couldn’t have discovered them at a better time! I work at my gym and am getting seriously bored with all the equipment and cardio that it has to offer. Now I write down your workouts, go into the group fitness room alone and I’m done in a matter of minutes rather than hours like before. They are so much fun and they are challenging! Thank you

  • Anna

    Hey, I really want to lose my love handles and im wondering that while im doing this workout is my tummy suppose to burn? Because I already have done 3 sets of this and i don’t feel it burning. What am i doing wrong?

  • Fi

    These workouts are so awesome, I love them all because they’re all so different from what I’m used to doing!
    I’m having problems with the ninja jumps. Is there any exercise that works up to it so once i’ve developed enough strength I can master the ninja?
    Thanks :)

  • Bubzy

    Hi Zuzana,
    I am having issues with losing the baby fat I have on my lower abs. I have tried almost all of your workouts for abs and they hurt everywhere but my abs! I am doing your 30 day challenge and it seems to be tightening my abs a little, but I fear that I won’t be able to have the baby fat gone soon enough.



    • Amira

      I know this reply is a few months after the fact, but I’m also a mother. I was able to get my six-pack back several months after giving birth to my son. I wore a sweat belt every day to tighten the skin around my midriff and to burn off any stubborn fat in that area. I took vitamin supplements (vitamin E is great for helping skin cells to replenish and heal) and rubbed cucumbers on my stomach twice a day. I know this sounds weird, but I have friends that use cucumbers to reduce the appearance of cellulite so I figured it could do the same thing for that mommy pooch you’re left with after having a baby, lol. When I was able to work out again, I started off with a very cardio intensive training schedule which burned off most of the baby fat and switched to a low-carb and high-fiber and -protein diet. Another really helpful thing that you can do to tighten up that area quickly is to continuously tighten your stomach muscles whenever you’re idle. I hope this helps you and other mothers. A lot of people told me while I was pregnant that it would be impossible for me to get my pre-baby body back so I was extremely motivated to prove them wrong and now I’m in even better shape than before I gave birth, lol. I love Zuzana’s workouts! She really inspires me and her routines are so challenging which is what I’m really looking for from my workout program. :)

  • Cathy

    This was my first time doing this one and actually just starting doing the bodyrock workouts, but the Ninja Jumps were very hard for me get get off the floor! Any suggestions? I just kept trying hopefully I will get to where I can do it correctly. I have been doing the P90X workout since July of 2009. Determined :) :)

  • Lana

    I do not think that all skinny girls are pretty because most don’t have a shape and for some people just skinny sometimes seems anorexic. But girls with either curves or muscles seem healthier and prettier in my book. By the way I never realized how literally “World Wide” the web was until I saw places like omgpop.com and I people would say there from Beijing, New Zealand, Ontario etc. Oh, and I’m 14 if your wondering about the omgpop.com reference. :D

    - Louisiana, U.S.A.

    • Kay

      That’s nice to see that another teen girl actually knows the difference between anorexic and being skinny & healthy!

      - Kay Ontario, Canada

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    I has been a month since I first challenged myself with this. It was just as gnarly-intense as the first time, but I was nearly a full minute faster: 15:32. The high knees are brutal! I sounded like a locomotive! Awesome stuff…thank you!!!

  • ingrid

    Hi Zuzanna,
    Well I’ve asked my boy friend this before and he has said to me that its very attractive to a man to see a woman who takes care of her body, it shows a man that she is the type of person who isn’t going to let her self go and it also it can give you a common interest and also help motivate the other person to achieve a active lifestyle. It not about a perfect body but more about not given up on life and enjoying what life has to offer and if your out of shape that will affect your energy,moods,love life and goals in life. It also in my opinion is a comfort to a man to have a strong co-pilot in life because when things get hard you know you have some one strong to have by your side.

    • LA

      I very much agree!!! It’s pretty much exactly what I told my boyfriend, and he is athletic so we are pretty much on the same page. When I am winding down for example running up a hiking trail i was getting tired and he made me continue and when he stopped i told him nope lets keep on going (my lil way of getting him back) but in a good way. Its fun =].

  • Amandafit

    This one was tougher than it looked! Time: 20:23

    Thanks for another workout that pushes you to the limit!

  • Amandafit

    I don’t think being skinny automatically makes you beautiful.Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know many beautiful girls that aren’t rail thin. I personally think women look better that are toned and in very good shape. I think it looks healthier and more attractive. Skin and bones is not sexy!

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  • http://www.sesinhotel.com Sinan


    First congrats for great work! and after,

    about being skinny and curvy, Curves are always attractive and ofcourse Beyonce is awesome but İf I see BEYONCE and Jessica Alba in the same club from BEHIND (I mean not the face) I would go for Jessica thats the point!
    Being skinny with curves like yours is the Ultimate Choice for majority I suppose…


  • Sarah Hagen

    Zuzana, the fact that you’re talking about this says so much about you as a person. You’re amazing at what you do & are a great role model, as well. I think women should worry less about what they think men want to look at and just focus on being healthy. If you’re healthy, you’re naturally going to work with your own body type, not against it. Women too often try to be what they’re not. That’s unhealthy. We need to learn to embrace how unique we are.. I agree that the curvier women you mentioned all have amazing bodies. Your body is not like theirs, but it is equally just as beautiful. :)

  • Kim

    I have a question about getting a 6 pack…I can see my top 4 abs, but I want to see my bottom abs and get them more defined. I eat a healthy balanced diet, and I was wondering to speed up the process does it involve more fat burning workouts or diet? Is there any tricks to really getting your abs tight?

  • ugur

    as being a man, i can say that skinny is not more beautiful by default, however, thinner is always preferred to thicker at first glance. skinny, in my humble opinion, is too slim to be with. i met many girls who seemed to be consisted of bones only, however i slept with those who had some flesh to feel in my hands. this might be considered as they picked me, or i put much more effort in dragging them to bed. latter sounds better for me :D

  • Dereck

    I dont think skinny girls are at all attractive, unless it is a toned body from exercise! I am a Group Exercise Instructor in Melbourne (Australia) and have been in the fitness industry for 11 years. I have been a Personal Trainer previously, but gave it up as I could not handle obsessive girls desperately trying to maintain a stick insect frame. Your figure is something I would hope more girls would aspire to, with solid symmetrical muscle and great posture. It would be better for women to learn to accept thier genetic heritage and work with it to attain the ideal shape for them, and not try to look like somebody from a fashion magazine – who are usually hungry looking teenage girls with poor posture. Middle age spread is inevitable for everybody, however with the right attitude and training anybody can maintain a great looking frame at any age. My biggest issue with skinny girls/women is that they generally have no ass (nothing a few dozen squats a day wouldn’t fix!), and they have an aversion to doing exercise to the right intensity or at all! Curves and softer lines on the body are far more attractive on women than an exposed ribcage a flat ass and knees that buckle inwards.
    Good job with your site, it is the best I have been directed to. I hope more girls pick up from you and find the inspiration they need to get the best from themselves in thier training efforts.
    :) Dereck

  • kaleio

    I have done Maxwell’s Maxercist #2 workout and it’s definitely very challenging, Zuzana. Again, I would LOVE to see you do something similar. :D

  • kaleio

    Rock Hard Abs workout is the inspiration behind what I came up with using Steve’s flow sequence:

    Position yourself into a Ninja position in front of a pull up bar, rings, etc, do one Ninja squat, stand upright, repeat Ninja squat, stay in kneeling position and thrust your legs back into a pushup position. Perform two pushups and jump back to the squat position. From this low squat,look up and leap up to the high bar and do a pullup. As you lower yourself down from the pullup, lightly drop to the ground without a break in the flow and right into a Ninja squat repeating this flow for 15 minutes.

  • kaleio

    Okie dokie, Zuzana. :)

    First, I’ll post Steve Maxwell’s Maxercist #2 and then I’ll post what I came up with in the following post.

    Zuzana, no clip was ever made, so I think it would be an awesome challenge for you.

    Steve Maxwell’s Maxercist #2:
    The Maxercist is a combination exercise that I came up with a few years ago. It’s basically three difficult exercises strung together in a ‘flow’. It’s a sophisticated version of the old 8 count squat thrust or ‘bodybuilders’ used in the military. I was looking for a whole body, systemically fatiguing exercise that had elements of upper body pushing and pulling, strong leg and core involvement and a real cardio kick. It couldn’t be to anerobic, but sustainable for 15 minutes or so. I also liked the idea that there is a fair degree of co-ordination and flexibility needed. The three base exercises are the deck squat, squat thrust with a pushup and a pullup. It’s important to have a pullup bar that is higher than your reach. I perform this exercise in the following manner;
    Standing in front of a high pullup bar, roll back into a deck squat, touching your feet over your head to the floor and roll back up to your feet in a deep squat position and stand completely erect. Rock back into a second deck squat and this time, as you come back up to the squat, thrust your legs back into a pushup position. Perform two pushups and recover back to the squat position. From this low squat,look up and leap up to the high bar and do a pullup. As you lower yourself down from the pullup, lightly drop to the ground without a break in the flow and right into a deck squat. This is a very strenuous exercise and extremely cardio. The first thing to go for most people is the pullup strength. You can compensate somewhat by using the monentum of the jump to aid your pull. Pacing is important as is timing and co-ordination. It is difficult to maintain breathing dicipline and one finds themselves panting and gasping for that precious oxygen. After wrestling for an hour with my jiujitsu class, I performed the Maxercist for fifteen minutes non-stop. I averaged 4 reps per minute. That gave me a total of 60 pullups, 120 pushups and 120 deck squats in fifteen minutes. When I am fresh, I will go for 20 minutes. I have 12 different versions of this exercise that I will share with you at a later time. If you are looking for something different or a new challenge, give it a shot. It’s a very complete workout that developes many athletic attributes.
    Steve Maxwell

  • kaleio

    Hi Zuzana,

    I just finished this tough workout! It’s an excellent workout. Thank you!

    Zuzana, I have come up with a workout based on Maxwell’s Maxercist #2 flow workout. Can I email you the original Maxercist #2 workout and the workout that I came up with?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      You can post it here in the comments so that everyone can see it :)

  • Carolyne

    I love this, thank you so much for your website. Honestly, it has helped me a lot so far.

  • Tanja

    Hi Zuzana,

    First of all I have to say I love your workouts and you are my inspiration. I have a question though, how can I learn to do the ninja jumps?


  • GiGi

    Hola Zuzana,

    Let me start by saying that you really are an insperation!! I wanted to comment on this topic… most people assume that a girl with curves is not considered skinny, to us normal people the definition of a skinny girl is one that does not have love handles. Having curves is just a bonus and most of us would kill to have them.


  • Justin

    When men say Skinny they generally do not mean ‘anorexic’ skinny.

    Beyonce for example to me is ‘Skinny’

    I think women and men have a different definition of skinny.

  • Jenn

    Hi Zuzana,

    Amazing workouts! I am addicted to them. Very challenging and constantly challenging. I have been trying to do the Ninja jump and I can’t seem to complete the movement. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this movement or any alternatives that will produce the same result would be very helpful!


  • Thorvald

    Hi Zuzana,
    Great videos! I really like your approach, both to fitness via bodyweight/anaerobic exercise, and understanding our motivations. Kind of a cross between Pavel Tsatsouline and Oprah Winfrey, I guess. Works for me!
    I am so old I can remember when sugar was expensive and families only had one car, and likely no TV. Very few people were fat. Don’t believe me? Look at your old family photos from 1963 or earlier. I am single again, and I still look for slim women. My personal preference is: slim, fit, women with the sylph look. (And if you can think of anyone…)

  • Jane

    Of course being skinny doesn’t automatically mean you’re pretty, because ultimately what completes the package is having a great personality. Physical wise, skinny can be pretty, if you’re talking about being fit and not skeletal. As a personal preference though, I admire curvy bodies and coincidentally I love Monica Bellucci’s body. All females can be pretty at whatever body shapes exist out there, just as long if they’re happy and healthy.

  • Mandi

    What if you can’t do the ninja jumps?? I just can’t get from knees to my feet and I’m just scared of landing on my ankles wrong…. what could i substitute for them??

  • Candace


    18:24!! and that was even FOLLOWING 18:15 mins of the “Fierce Body Workout” (couldn’t beat you on that one…haha).

    Zuzana, I love that you post your time to appeal to the competitive side of people (mine is HUGE haha).

    I’m also trying out your eating habit advice on only filling yourself 1/3 full with food (only real and healthy of course) (6-8x/day) allowing water to be added afterwards without being completely full. I hope this does the trick…

    I work out like a maniac (obviously if I do 2 of your insane workouts in a row) but still can’t quite drop that last 10 pounds (uuuuurrrrggghhhh!!!) any special advice?? OR anyone else have any special advice for that??

    Thanks SO much for being a wicked-ass motivator!!


  • Andrea P

    Hello Zuzana!

    24:28 for me today, plus your warmup routine. I found that by round 5, I was way more pumped (probably because I wanted this to be over, ha!)

    I don’t think that skinny automatically equals pretty, but I do think that pretty often means skinny, or lean at the very least. Now when I say “skinny”, I don’t think of skin and bones – I mean fit and healthy. Someone who takes care of themselves.

    I also think Monica Bellucci is one of the sexiest women ever. :)

    As many contributors have said, we have physical traits that we look for in a mate. This is a generalization, bit I’ll say it anyway: millions of years of evolution have made most of us attracted to lean, fit, healthy people than to overweight or underweight people, because odds are they will produce healthy children.

    I’m really enjoying the coffee talk portion of your videos, in addition to the workouts. Keep it up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=2062300 Emanuel Alex

    Dear Zuzana, just wanted to thank you for all the great fitness supplements. Your plyometric training is just what I needed to get a competitive edge in the upcoming Collegiate SkimBoarding Nationals.

    In regards to “do prettier girls have it easier?”: From a college male’s perspective…yes, pretty girls take advantage of hard working guys here at the University of Florida…but I see studly males taking advantage of studious females just as much. The dynamics are different but the mentality is the same.

    Thank you again, Emy

  • Britney

    Sorry i was wondering wish one is for the love handles and wish one is for the abs?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      both are for the same thing.

  • http://- Varion

    Ahoj, náhodou jsem na internetu narazil na tvá videa a podle mnoha faktorů usuzuju, že jsi původem z česka, je to tak?:) Jinak super postava..

  • Amanda

    Hi, I was wondering how many times you do this workout in a week/month to achieve the results that you have?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      On average I do about 5 of the workouts here on the site per week.

  • Michael G

    Hello Zuzanna,

    I think that most men find skinny, slim, or fit attractive. However, skinny, slim, and fit are not the same. When I think of skinny, I think of a typical super model’s body that has no muscle tone. I personally do not like skinny. I prefer slim or fit. However, I would always choose skinny over obese. I just find obese to be a huge turn off. Not just because of the appearance. It also tells you a little bit about the person. They don’t take care of their health, they are not very active, and they don’t have much self-discipline. The women that you mentioned, Eva Mendes, Monica Bellucci, and Beyonce, are not skinny. But they are also not fat. They are fit. They have nice, toned muscle shape. So, it’s not that just skinny is attractive, it’s that most men think skinny, slim, and/or fit is more attractive than fat.

    Looks have a lot more of an effect on attraction between people than our society likes to admit. When you see someone at a club, the first thing you notice is their appearance. This applies to both men and women. If you don’t like how they look, you don’t go over to talk to them. You never say to yourself, “Well, I don’t think they are very attractive, but I’m going to go talk to them anyway. Maybe they have a good personality.” That just doesn’t happen.

    The fact is that looks matter. Anyone who says that they don’t matter is afraid to admit that they do. I saw something on a talk show a while ago where they took a Playboy playmate and her attractive, model boyfriend and had them walk through a mall and ask random people questions like, where a certain store was, if they could take a picture, if they could help them pick out a gift, and other things like that. People did not hesitate to help them at all. They were very friendly to them and actually wanted to help. Then they made the two models ugly by making their skin look bad, made them look fatter, put wigs on them with bad hair, changed their posture, and put them in clothes that were not as nice. Then they went out into the mall again and asked the same questions to random people and everyone just kind of ignored them, they said that they didn’t know where a store was, when they did know, and were not very friendly to them. That just proves that looks do matter.

    Well, I just thought I would share what I observe as I go through life. By the way… I love your site! Thank you for all of the advice. I have tried some of the workouts and some of the recipes and they are great! Keep up the good work :-)


  • Bacon369

    Skinny does not automatically mean pretty. But remember, we have genetic signals that we listen too and the outer body is a reflection of the inner self. Healthy looking person = healthy mind.

  • Sara

    Hi zuzana,
    this is my first time visiting your web page.I do admire your beautiful body and ur effective training system I am going to follow up with you from today .about your topic today I have to say that I was a model 3 years ago till I started to get depression and gained weight around 10 KG and my agency call me off.I actually could see when I used to go out that my friends get more attention than me.even I have friends who are not as pretty as me or u can call them ugly . so I guess for most of guys its important.
    any ways from today I am hitting the gym and I will follow up with your exercises. please show more of fat burning and cardio


  • RobbieR1967

    In addition to these excellent ab exercises try this.

    25 meter uphill sprints.

    Tip: When you takeoff for the sprint keep leaning forward as long as you can and drive hard with your legs.

    What you’re doing with an uphill sprint is BRACING your abs as tight as you can. This is the key for developing a fully functional core. Couple this with a lean bodyfat mass and the result is ripped abs.

    You can see with zuzana’s exercises they’re all full body dynamic movement with ab bracing to maintain both her core stability and her enhancements ;) .


  • alex

    hi zuzana
    first off your workouts are excellent & i hope they will help me back too fitness..i am one of the people in a relationship that has let myself go..and i am in terrible shape..but i am going too change by doing some of your workouts & change my diet..i have too change
    as i am not giving a true reflection of myself…all the best alex..

  • Linda

    hi zuzanna….or is it suzanna? lol…I’m not sure of your name…anyway I am new to your website and I came across the interesting conversation about being skinny is beautiful?? Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes…really its about loving who you are and accepting for who you are. I have a couple friends that are overweight and they are conatantly going to the gym ….will they ever be skinny …probably not! because they are both naturally curvy. I even look at myself and I know I’m a average petite woman…and crave a body that is well…pretty much like yours…lmao!! sorry ….but I know it’s a long way off!lol…..I’m very athletic ….but the point is I excercise almost everyday because it makes me feel better for who I am. Everyone is different and if they are happy for the way they look then nothing else matters. Let me know what you think….I love to be inspired by people
    Thanks again….love your website!!!


  • Privyet1

    Hi Zuzanna,
    From a male perspective, in a bar we veer towards a skinny/slim/slender/fit girl because subconsiously we are thinking – maybe long term relationship, marriage, kids and the big question that hasn’t been asked. Will she let herself go? A fit girl like yourself has motivation and willpower to stay in shape and also if you give birth.

    Keep up the good work.

  • G

    Hiya, I wanna reply on ur question…I dont think that skinny is beautiful. When u want to look on the meaning of the word it means Being very thin,and what can be nice on that? Its something else if you are naturally thin even that doesnt make you beautiful. I think that beauty doesnt really have a shape. Coz if you are looking after urself,and u feel good about urself its shows,who cares if u have some extra pounds. But that is just mine opinion.First what most of as should do is start loving ourself like we are,and if we dont like something we should do something for it but the healthy way.

  • J Dub

    Love your videos on youtube. Very inspiring! I heard you were married. Is this true? I can hear a thousand hearts breaking if you are =P

  • helen

    wow thank you very much. your website is what i’ve need!!

  • adelle

    with this workout i do
    10 mt climbers and 10 high knees

    you do this 5 times

    5 knee raises
    5 ninja to half burpees

    then do this all 6 more times?
    sorry just making sure i read this right

  • Paola

    Zuzana where do you purchase your workout bras? I love them.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      These are from lululemon.

  • Jose

    I saw you on youtube and I was looking at your work out routines. Good work. You look amazing. I love your abs. Anyways, I saw the last part of this work out where you talk about skinny girls. I wanted to say that I prefer a woman with curves, skinny is not always attractive. I think proportional is more attractive. I live in Miami, we have some of the most beautiful women in the U.S. Most guys don’t mind a few extra pounds…a few.
    However, I would like to say that you have been able to keep muscle an still have your femininity and you look awsome and proportionate.

  • Teresa

    Hello Zuzana, this workout is great and challenging (for me atleast). I was wondering – if one does not have rings, or any other form of an apparatice to do hanging knee raises, is there something else you can recommend. Also, is there a modification for those Ninga jumps (those are quite tough).
    I know I am definitely not at the fitness level as yourself, (as I do aspire to it) but was just wondering if there were possible modifications.
    Also, will you be incorporating any further workouts with weights for the upperbody? I would love those arms and shoulders!! :-)
    I really love your workouts and your inspiration. I appreciate all the details you give for each exercise.
    Thank you. Teresa

  • You are great!

    I love your videos! I wish you made DVD’s!

    Denver Co

  • bianca

    please tell me how you succeeded to have these breasts!!! is there an exercise for the breast, because yours is amazing!! thanks!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      They look amazing because they are enhanced :) I wasn’t blessed with big firm breasts by nature

      • Nataliya

        lol thats just tooo funny :)

  • Bariir

    While searching some exercises tips, I came across your videos. They are great and more easy to follow. I’m not trying to loose lot of wait but I want to look sharp. Please suggest more information.

    Thank you suzana

  • Debra M

    19:20! So close :)
    I had a really hard time starting my workout today (I was sick all week, and I was feeling blue this morning), but I started with your warm up and then about halfway through this workout I felt really great. My mood is much improved. My hanging knee raises felt really strong today, and I felt like I was bringing my knees up higher.

    Feeling stronger is very empowering, physically and mentally. Thanks for the boost today, Zuzana!

  • Anais

    i started your workouts two weeks ago
    and i was lookin a stomach this moring and i was soo amazed
    my stomach is flat no more fat
    thank you sooooooo much for your workouts

  • Lincoln

    Thank you for posting the three recent videos on ab exercises. Is it best to do all three of these ab workouts during a week? I’m trying to figure out what workout schedule you are recommending.


  • Erica

    I started using these workouts a few weeks ago & have seen a pretty nice change so far. Keep up the great workouts. Just a suggestion… as much as I like the “coffee talk” parts, I find the workouts to be extremely motivational. When I can’t seem to get myself pumped for my morning workout, I just watch the videos of Zuzana working out & immediately throw on my shoes and have a great workout. I’m a little bummed that the workout piece is so short now. Could you add another minute or so before cutting to “coffee talk”?? Watching someone work that hard, makes me want to work hard too.
    Thanks for the amazing website!!

  • Jason


    I don’t know if you have access to a basement but to do the hanging knee raises I’m using bicycle hooks which screw into the rafters on the basement ceiling. They’re designed to store heavy objects and as they’re screwed in to the ceiling they don’t swing at all when I do the hanging knee raises. A little hard to grasp but with gym gloves it’s okay. 5 bucks at the hardware store.

    Thanks for the workout!

    Malden, MA USA

  • amanda

    Hello :)
    I was reading on a website yesterday and it was talking about achieving abs. It said that not everyone can achieve them because of genetics. I NEVER heard of this I figured if you eat right and do AB exercises and Cardio then you will eventually see results. But it got me a little confused because if genetics play a role I dont know if I will ever reach my goal stomache… ??

  • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates

    This was perhaps the toughest BodyRock.tv workout to finish for me. I had to play mental games with myself just to get to the seventh round!

    I am happy to report that by round 7, I was able to do the ninja jumps without any assistance, although I had my toes flexed!!!!!! I thought THAT would never happen.


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    • tz

      To reply to your question: i dont think skinny is automaticly beautifull. In fact i wish there where more woman with curves like beyonce, and more woman that are as strong and toned as you are. I really love it when a girl is trained healthy and toned. Keep on the good work, you look truly perfect!

  • izzah

    hey can you talk about stretch marks? i used to be really fat before and now ive lost a bit of weight and i have loads of it. they say even when you work out you cant get rid of it. do you have any suggestions? i see celebrities loosing and gaining weight like a yo yo but i dont see stretch marks at all! but some of my friends that is in the same situation as me have them too! so please help! thank you.

  • http://www.medicalweightlossphiladelphia.com Michael

    Another great routine!!Your workouts are never dull and keep me excited for the next workout.

  • Simon

    Found your website not too long ago. Excellent workouts, may look simple but definitely tough.

    How often do you workout per week? How long is the workout per day? Do you train several sessions each day?

    I actually train weights then followed by cardio each day. So now trying to fit a combination of your workouts as cardio. I’m trying not to clash your workouts with the target muscle trained for each day.

  • Dave O

    High intensity workouts are amazing. felt so good doing this workout. thanx again zuzana!

    regarding skinny girls: opinions are what fuel these stereotypes. the majority happened to love skinny women and thus they became the “go to” women from magazines to movies. If you happen to like voluptuous women, more power to you. you happen not to be a statistic.

    personally? I’m a voluptuous loving man. :P

  • Lee

    Hello Zuzana,
    I am just commenting on the skinny being pretty thing. I agree that if you are skinny that does not necessarily make you pretty. There are plenty of women who are what a lot of people call “skinny fat”. Women who are skinny, but have no definition or tone to their body. But then on the other hand you have women who are a little larger than what most people would consider “skinny” but they are toned and beautiful. Most women who are professional figure or bikini models, if you actually look at them, a majority are not completely skinny. They are super lean, but also have a pretty good amount of meat on them. Especially around the legs, shoulders, and arm areas. Have a good weekend!

  • Chico

    good stuff…
    question: do you ever consider giving up cafe? My wife is going to for this new diet and I heard Sting say that he is no longer drinking the java. Your thoughts?
    - Chico

  • Martin

    Zuzko seš moc krásná ženská…. Jak dlouho cvičíš?

  • celina

    well,let me tell you i admire your work and like it a lot but i ha have a lot of question ,for 6 months i been doing the atkins diet and i have lost 48lbs.my doctor said that i need to lose fat in my core and i have lost 7 sizes but my body doesnt respond to my abs workout,my belly still pouchy not a lot but i need to tight it more what can i do or what is the correct workout for someone with the upper body than the lower body ,since i tend to gain weight on my core more easily whatever you tell me please send me the mesaje to my mail,please

  • http://ftgo.blogspot.com/ Lexey

    Near the end the Mountain climbers were hard. I finished this in 18mins and 15seconds.

  • Jérôme

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’m a man from France, and I specially enjoy your exercises.

    Now you are my personal coach for fitness, and it seems to work good. I don’t want to lose kilos, but I look for better forms, particularly abs.

    I make my exercises when all my 4 childrens are sleeping. It’s really better than watching TV, and exercises are not requering much equipment.

    I think some of your exercises are easy, but others are really hard (I remember one of them that consisted in push up – jumping – Squat, whow!!)

    I don’t know how you find these exercises, and how often you practice it all, but it seem to work very good when we see your perfect body.

    Thanks, and please continue. Good bye.

  • Aino

    I completed this workout in 16:37 :) I have been following your workouts since last july and now i thought I’m brave enough for leave a comment. So thank you for your both work. PS. Have you taken some yoga lessons or improve your skills on your own? Have a nice weekend:)

  • Sofia

    Hi zuzana.
    I’m new here and i’m now a begginer in the fitness world. I liked that you could give me some advice on how to start. Which exercises should I do, if I do always the same exercises or vary. I really need help.


  • http://adamdouglasphotography.com Tiffany Stephens

    I don’t think sinny is beautiful all the time. But if someone looks nice in what they were…like you said “have some curves”. I think if someone looks like a stick, well were is the sexy in that. I like tone and slender.

  • Jorge

    Hi Zuzana,
    Let me start out by saying you are gorgeous. Not just physically but I can see you have an amazing attitude about life which is really half of your over-all beauty. I ran into your web-site about 2 weeks ago and been working out with your videos since with pretty good results so far. I’m a 29 year old man (30 in 2 weeks) and I live in Miami, FL. As to your topic, there are many beautiful women down here. I think as far as where I live, gorgeous girls do have it easier. There is a lot of “flashing lights” and men down here with money get all the hot girls who have done nothing to deserve their luxuries. It’s almost impossible to find hot girls who aren’t looking to be gold diggers (at least from my experience). Aside from that, right now I am not in the worst shape but I definitely have a lot of room for improvement. I work from home so I have time in my day to work out a lot. My question is (sorry it took so long), would you say doing one of your abs workout videos a day is enough or should I do more?

  • Audra Gatti

    Hey Zuzana,

    I FINALLY figured out how to do the Ninja Jumps!

    First of all I used Janet’s great tip from above (Thank you, Janet ;) and one more thing.

    I had a hard time with the tip of my shoes grabbing the floor cuz I always kept my foot flat so, I kept my foot flexed and who knew all this time I could do perfect ninja jumps now!

    Such an awesome feeling!

    Just thought I’d share that with you (I’m a dork, I know)


  • Annika

    Hi Zuzana,
    I’m wondering do you eat more if you’re stressed out?
    I usually eat quite healthy but as soon as I have a stresseful time I crave sweet and fatty foods. What about you? Don’t you have that? And if yes, what do you do?
    Maybe it would be a good idea if you make this a topic of some of your videos. Would be great!
    Thanks and keep on the good work!

  • Christian

    Hey Zuzana

    My name is Christian, I come from Denmark.
    Firstly… I’m amazed by what you do, your blog, and the results you have.

    Secondly, I’m looking for a workout-program for my girlfriend.
    She has been playing tennis and because of that, her knee got worse, and is now unable to do hard physical activty(squad etc.) on her left knee.
    She’s very intrested having a home-workout-program, which focus on getting slim, making her butt look more firm, and burning some fat from her legs.
    She has very strong legs, because of her previous training with tennis, but she would like to make her leg muscles more visible, and firm.

    Personally I’m training a lot, but my training is based on heavy weights, and is affraid of giving her advice on how to train. I would like a professional to help guiding a workout-program for my girlfriend. :)


    - Christian

  • Rich K.

    Hi Zuzana
    I’ve just watched your vid and thought I should share my thoughts with you.

    We guys do generally look for ‘slim’ first. But skinny is not really desirable to a man. A ‘skinny’ girl makes alarm bells ring! Think undernourished, prone to illness, bad moods, over critical of others etc. Men know that skinny is not truly healthy.
    Healthy slim girls are most attractive to a guy beacause the sub conscious mind says she is energetic and willing to make the emotional and physical effort required to get where she wants to be.
    A man looking for a partner needs to know that she’s not a quitter and I’m afraid a muffin top and double chin screams LAZY. And I mean lazy in the mind as well as the body.
    Im 40 and I train in Karate four times a week with my 10 year old daughter. The amount of people, mainly women, who quit after a couple of months is incredible. The quitters are the fat ones – there’s no two ways about it.
    So, what guy can possibly find a girl attractive if he’s 99% sure she will quit if the going gets tough?

    Our ‘obesity time bomb’ is getting a be a serious problem here in the UK. Moderately large parents are bringing up even larger kids and it’s heart breaking to see. There’s no mystery here; poor food choices and no ‘real’ exercise.
    Some of our students are very disappointed that our karate system is not quite the same as the computer games!

    I run a small construction company and therefore find myself regularly working in other peoples’ homes. Larger women are prone to be late leaving for work, untidy, frustrated with the world around them etc, etc.
    Healthy body= healthy mind= attractive to the opposite sex.
    Regards, Rich K.

  • http://www.adriajourneys.com Shakti

    Amazing workout!
    I love the idea of having shorter intense workouts, I improved all of my workouts by adding some of your exercises and techniques and feel much stronger and powerful! Did you ever think of organizing a boot camp?
    I’m pretty sure that you would get lots of candidates :)
    Have a great day :)

  • Bobby

    your exercises are great. however, these exercises play a minimal role in the reduction of love handles. i think you should stress how important your diet is in regards to the visibility of your abs and the reduction of your love handles.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I have actually mentioned the importance of diet in the first part of this six pack and love handles theme. Check it out here.

  • Kasia

    Last time got no answer so ask again because I’m curious…:

    “I’d like to know is there a name for the type of training that you do? I mean all daily workouts, not this particular one…”

    Thanks in advance

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      High intensity bodyweight workouts

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  • Nata

    wow I had to run upstairs in between each exercise to do the hanging knee raises, and on the third round, I was dying. My time was 21:23

  • Luis

    Impressive, while doing the hanging leg raises a ripped 8 pack abs can be seen.


  • shelby

    Hi Zuzanna- I love your workouts and because you are in such good shape you are very motivational. I have been doing your workouts and just wondering if those workouts that you post is the only training you do. I guess I am asking because I am wondering if you do any strength training with weights outside of what you post. Sorry if this is a stupid question but whatever you are doing is definitely working. I can’t wait for your 1 on 1 with Zuzanna is up and running.


  • Maribel

    It was my first workout it took me more than an hour it was awesome i could feel the workout pain. Thank u for ur encouragement ur doing a great job

  • Luisa

    Hi Zuzanna – can you tell us how old you are. I’m sure that I am at least 20 years older than you, but you have motivated me to be in the best shape possible. I love your workouts.

  • Mike

    Skinny does NOT necessarily mean attractive. Also, I agree with other posters who have mentioned the very significant difference between being unhealthily skinny and toned, healthy skinniness. For example, I have a major issue with female fashion models (the type you would normally see walking down the runway of some fashion show). I do NOT find this kind of body attractive, and indeed I would easily prefer a girl who was a bit overweight to a girl that is too underweight. The most important thing is that a girl looks HEALTHY. Even if a girl has a certain amount of visible fat, it is easy to tell if she exercises or otherwise treats her body right. Also, there is the entire other dimension of personality and attitude that are HUGE factors in the attractiveness of a woman. As far as I’m concerned, if you are living healthy both physically and mentally it will be very evident and very attractive. The best part is, this definition of attractiveness puts a lot in the hands of the individual…you can be born without a particularly beautiful face or something but by living a genuinely healthy lifestyle I GUARANTEE that many respectable people will find you attractive.

    For what its worth, this is coming from a long-time resident of southern California. I don’t see any reason why this advice wouldn’t generalize to everywhere else in the world.

  • diana

    Hi Zuzanna, I was wondering why is it that sometimes after I post and then go back to read it, its not there anymore? I never post anything bad so that can’t be the reason.Thanks

  • SisterWorks

    Hi Zuzana,

    I find it interesting that the two women you mentioned are “women of color:” Eva Mendes and Beyonce. I am an African American woman and I feel that “skinny” is a cultural determinant and is relative in many ways.

    I am not amazed that many of your reader comments speak to your “beauty/skinniness,” in a very European sense of the word. Obviously, you’re European so it makes sense. :)

    However, I don’t relate to skinny or to you because of your skinniness/beauty. You are right that Beyonce is a beautiful woman. She’s curvaceous and fit, and her body type is very similar to mine. In my circles, she’s got it going on body-wise – an hour-glass figure. This is what stops the Black men that I know. They are looking for the curves! I’d pick her body over skinny any day of the week.

    Also, skinny isn’t always beautiful, particularly when it’s devoid of muscle and shape. Again, this is my opinion.

    You may find it interesting that I have never looked at you as a “skinny” woman. I see a lot of posts with this comment. I was most interested in the fact that you looked fit and healthy, and you had a lifestyle that focuses on making health a positive part of your daily life.

    Truthfully, I’d never have your “look” no matter how much weight I lost. Matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever said I want your body or any skinny body as I reflect on my thoughts. I mostly think: wow, “I hope to have her strength one day.”

    Honestly, I think that many White women obsess over being “skinny” and will sacrifice health to obtain it.

    I’m glad that you’re brave enough to bring this topic up. I’m also glad that you serve as an example of fit over skinny. Your beauty (inside and out) is a refreshing change.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I agree that african american women in general have more curves and I think that also more self confidence. I have realized from all of the new comments that what people meant by skinny pretty wasn’t about underweight skinny, but healthy skinny and sexy. In that case Beyonce and Eva Mendes fall into the skinny category as well.

  • Karlie

    Hi! I just started following your website and can’t get enough of it! I was wondering what kind of exercise suggestions you have for really getting those lower abs? I have a hard time targeting them when I am doing my different ab routines. Also- I love your workout clothing! Where do you get them?! :) You’re my fitness insiration!

  • D.

    Love what you guys are doing here. Please don’t chew the tin foil!! Great videos, and the “coffee talks” are great too…more personal.
    On the topic of skinny = pretty, my personal opinion is that sexy has more to do with the way a woman moves – you can tell if she feels sexy, and it shows. Curves are nice too. Some women have a bigger frame, and are very voluptuous – they wouldn’t look right if they were skinny. ( Raquel Welch )On the other hand, too skinny is very unattractive and looks more insecure – because it is unnatural to look like that. And then you have the middle ground, with a figure that is sculpted with focus and discipline – and a dash of genetics – which is the best of both worlds. Bravo to you, Zuzanna – Keep up the good work!

  • Bill

    I’m new to the site, so someone might have mentioned this before. I love the fact that the workouts are demostrated in a small space with minimal equipment. That means that all of these can be done in anybody’s home.


    • Ivana

      i agree whit you. great!

  • Laura

    HI! I’m a girl from Italy and I always watch your workout! they’re really hard, in particular this last one. I do a lot of gym and I’ve added your workout to my training. so thank you for your work and also because you help me out with learning english!! :)

  • R

    Hi Zuzanna-Loved both themes butt and abs. Would you consider doing thighs as one of your themes including some moves for inner, outer thighs and hamstring? thanks.

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      These things are already addressed in good old fashioned exercises like squats, romanida deadlifts, bulgrian split qsuats, (jump) lunges, ninja jumps, one legged squats, etc, etc.

  • cease

    HI!!! did it in 13:09. instead of knee ups, I did straight leg pikes hanging. it’s a lot tougher that way.You need flexibility though. whew!!!

  • JESS419

    my time was 27min 40seconds, wow the was crazy..lol

  • Mortah


    I looked over the exercise and though its OK but Ninja jump I kindda just froze there…
    I am not sure where to exert the force and how to let of power to land on my feet, my first attempt I almost landed on my head…
    It would be great if you could provide some steps on how to perform this jump!


    Mortah, Toronto

    • Rebecca

      Hi Mortah,

      DOn’t feel bad, I did too. It’s funny how my 42 year old husband who never works out can do the ninja jump with perfection, but me the exercise queen can’t. Appears it takes getting past fear, having good balance, coordination and strong legs. I watched my husband do it 5 times and still can’t get my body to move together. I will not give up on it though! And you don’t either. =) Zuzana did say that for those of us who couldn’t do it, do jump squats instead. Good Luck! -Rebecca, Atl Ga.

  • Rebecca

    Better yet, as an intermediate, how do you complete 8 rounds of intense exercises in that little time, keep form and not go into cardiac arrest? LOL

    Atl, Ga.

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca Kettmann here from Atlanta, Ga
    I plan on doing this workout tomorrow. I don’t have anywhere right now that I can do hanging crunches, is it ok if I do 10-20reps of V-crunches as a substitute????Also, I did one of your other ab workouts and was only able to complete 5 rounds in the same amount of time it took you to complete 8 rounds(24min).LOL! What is ever wrong with me? I felt I was going at a quick pace. Or atleast my heart rate was. So how do you complete 8 rounds of intense execises in 24 min(or in little time) and keep good form? I suppose this is something alot of people not as Advanced have to work at so I’ll not be discouraged. Any suggestions?

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      practice, practice, practice ;-) )

      • Rebecca


  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femininity Hampton Sailer

    I must complement you on this video shoot. I can see that you have used black drapes to cut down on the soft reflected light from above. The net effect is to use more of a point source of light, which enhances the lines and muscle definition of Zuzana’s arms and upper body. The result looks great. You have taken a perfect body and making it look even better. Congrats!!

    Could you change from using the term “skinny” to the term “slender”? “Skinny” can imply someone who is thin and without muscle, who almost looks sick. This is not a picture of best health. “Slender” can imply the image of a person that has little fat, not as extreme as “skinny”.

    No one would accuse you of being skinny. You carry a substantial amount muscle on your frame, and their are curves. You represent both power, and femininity.

    May God bless you.

  • http://www.bodyrock.tv Paula

    this was hard, very hard my result 29:09!! that is not ok, but i did every excersise. those ninja jumps took almost half of time.

    thanks for workout:)

  • http://myveganway.myblog.de/ Kathy

    Hi Everyone,

    I have always thought, that in Germany, most men loves skinny girls and women. But the last time I had many discusses about this and now I think, that most of men who are looking for a girl doesn´t only look at the body itself. They see the mood of the girl, the charisma. A skinny girl without any curves can be nice, but only if she likes her own body. Same thing in my life:
    I have lost 25 kilos in the last 18 month. I am definetly not skinny or slim but I feel much better with my body and i like my curves right now and I think that other people can see and feel that. My best (girl)friend has less 10 kilos than me at the same height but she hates her own body. She has blond hairs, blue eyes, a nice body and a super sweet smile but most men she meets can see, that she does not like herself. If she would, she could have every man she wants.
    I like feminin women. With curves, with charisma, with a healthy body. In german:
    Echte Frauen haben echte Kurven und echte Männer wissen das :-) )

    PS: Sorry for this, my english is not the best ;-)


  • Julia

    hello Zuzana!

    in My opinion “skinny girls = pretty girls” – it is just a common STEREOTYPE coz of Glamour magazines and movies

    My choice is TO BE HEALTH-SEXY-SPORTY ,
    but never deadly skinny

    all the Best!

  • http://www.exiteugene.blogspot.com Mandy

    I did this amazing workout with a time of 18:24. When I first tried to do the Ninja Jumps a month ago, I was not even close. At first I was actually scared to try. You might try it at first on your bed, give yourself a little bounce so you can get yourself up and you don’t have to worry about falling. Then you know what it is supposed to feel like you can do it on a mat. At first I always had to put my hands down for balance, but now I’ve practiced enough that I don’t have to.

  • Meggz

    I think that now in our society that people do view skinny automatically as being beautiful, I’ve felt this before, so much that I suffered from anorexia nervousa for many years; However through exercise, strength training, and eating good organic foods for a healthy lifestyle I’ve learned this is not the way to see things and personally have not relapsed in months. But I think a fit person like yourself or celeb example Jessica Biel, are what people should look too see as beautiful instead. I think it is so much more attractive to be strong and conditioned rather then a twig. I agree with you that people like Beyonce are also beautiful and very pretty, so maybe people as a whole just need a wake up call from the media coma they have been in.

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  • Mayvelyn

    I just want to let you know that your website is very informative and helpful. You are very inspiring and motivates me to start working out again. I don’t need to loose any fat but needs to tone my muscles. Keep up the great work and your body is so nice.


  • Kristine


    I finally finished all of the rounds of one of your workouts…I persevered! Yeah!

    I was trying to use my new Gymboss timer, but by the end of my workout the timer was at 4 sec.! So apparently I didn’t set it properly! :(

    I think I did it in about 25 min. so I think I’m definitely moving along!

    Just wanted to share my progress.

    Thanks :)

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

      Hi Kristine,

      Well, I just wanted to share my congratulations!


    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      well done!!

  • Alexandra

    Hey Zuzana!

    I’m a student in college right now, and often times I find it very difficult to balance working out, keeping up with my studies, work, and my social life. Usually something has to give, and I’ve been known to skip class to go running, b/c it’s the one thing that always keeps me energized and feeling great.

    You seem to be able to balance everything so well. Do you have any tips or advice on how you balance everything that life throws at you?


  • Mickela

    hi Zuzana and Frederick
    I just finished this workout in 24 mins approx. I really could not get the rhythm of the ninja jumps my brain and body did not want to go there so I did a full burpee instead. I really want to learn them, maybe when your 1 on 1 is up i can get a lesson or 2, for now, I will watch and practice with your video.

    I used my bathroom door for the hanging knee raises I think one of the members here mentioned that and it actually worked really well. Some day soon I shall get those rings.
    My cat doesn’t like to see me doing these exercises she gets scared. :)


  • Kaycee

    Hi Zuzana!
    Just wondering how I can get rid of the pooch of fat on my lower abs. I can feel my abs getting harder, but there is still a thick layer of fat over them! Any tips?

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      check the diet tab

  • Slava

    Hi guys,

    I love your blog and videos and am using lots of your workouts!
    Two ideas – one, did you ever consider printing posters or calendars or something of that sort? You have great shots and I am pretty sure they would sell well – it’s great motivational material. The other question – would you consider sharing with us your pictures from your pre-Perfection time?:-) It’s not because I am nosy:-), it would be just so cool to see where you started (wait, was there even time when you looked different?!:-)) – you rock guys!

  • MountainLionMan


    I think on a scale of attractiveness, no pretty face can make up for a fat body, and no thin body can make up for an ugly face. BUT, a girl with nice facial symmetry and a heavy build is not as attractive as a girl whose face isn’t a pretty but who has a tight body. I think part of it is that a fat girl with a pretty face has no excuse to be fat, in my mind. If she’s large and in charge and happy with life, that’s awesome and power to her. But if she’s upset that she’s not skinny, she should start following your programs.

    You can’t do much about your face, it’s genetics and makeup is all that can really be done. But your body is yours to command, and body shape shows a lot about a persons motivation, determination, drive or simple luck.

    • http://bodyrock.tv Tania


  • DreadlocCowgirl

    Can you do a Kettlebell workout routine?

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      Although I am a huge fan of kettlebells myself, I think such a workout just restrict the number of people who can follow her workouts.

  • fuory

    it toke me long time to finish it !!! very long
    41:59 !!


    thanks Suzanna

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      You can cut down on the rounds if you need to. Your workouts don’t need to be this long. You can always add more rounds as you get fitter.

  • Charlene

    It seems that I am the only one having difficulties doing the Ninja jumps. Anyone there could give me some help and tips?

    • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

      keep your back straight rather than hunching over, use your arm swing hard for lift, and really punch it. Don’t look at the floor; it will make it harder.

      • Charlene

        Thank you, Janet. I’ll give it a try.

  • Ariane

    Thanks Zuzana. I have been practicing your workouts 4-5 times a week since the first week of December, and have gone from a size 8 to a size 6. I love the variety and intensity of your workouts. Thanks from me and my fiance (who very much likes the bounce I have back in my muscles… ;o)

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      That’s awesome! Congratulations and keep on rocking ;)

  • Will

    This last set is HARD to do in 19 minutes. But I will keep trying.

  • http://2lola.over-blog.com/ lola

    Did this workout in 18mn and 37 sec.
    I enjoyed this crasy intense workout.


  • Anthony D

    Hi Zuzana,

    OK here’s my cut at attraction.
    Let’s take YOU for instance .. My favorite pic in your workout is “Plank” and you know what I look at first ??

    Your Face ,, PERIOD ,,

    I always look at the face first because if it’s gorgeous and attractive to me then everything else falls into place ..
    You can’t project your soul, heart or personality across a room.

    Frankly I know a lot of guys who were just constantly on the prowl .. and different “Parts” would motivate them ..

    Not me.. a good looking guy that’s cool, will always always look, face first ..

    And by the way your Face, Zee, is you best asset ..

    Love your Workout Tony

  • Velina

    hi there, i did this workout in 24min. After the third round i begin to do instead of mountain climbers i did jump lunges-i found it far more challenging.And also , because i don’t have rings , or anything that i can hang from, i did V-crunches 10reps. So, these changes of my workout might slowed me, but i fitted it for me and i’m glad with myself. Right after this workout , i did also the “8 exercerses-wourkout of the day!
    So, i’m quite proud with myself and i can sit down , relax and save energy for tomorrow’s challenge:))
    Take care Zuz&Fred , many kisses

  • Nicole D Lopez

    Healthy = Beautiful.

    Who can disagree?

    I love your site and your ending comments about the tin foil. Great job guys, you make me laugh out loud quite frequently! …maybe a little too much?

  • Tasha

    Love this workout, but I had a hard time jumping into the squat from kneeling. Not sure if this is because I do not yet have the strength, or because I am quite tall 5’9″ and have really long legs (36in.inseam). Do you have any suggestions. I Almost fall on my face every time. And by the way I am one of those skinny girls and I am trying to gain tone and shape. I weigh about 1201bs. and would love to be sexy, tone, and slim not skinny, and to all you nay-sayers out there all of us can’t help it that we naturally have very high metabolisms.

    • fuory

      same here the jump was difficult !!

      • http://bodyrock.tv Tania

        Me too. IMPOSSIBLE! Attempted it and nearly ate my tiled floor. Not to mention my right knee felt like it became part of my shoulder.

        • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

          Hi folks,

          Can I suggest trying the jumps with your arms extending out in front. You might also swing them up or sometimes down as you jump to add some momentum. This should help make it easier to do them.


  • wormer

    I hate listening how girls are wining about how “guys like skinny girls”. Girls should look at themselves – I know few fat guys, and as far as I know not many girls consider them atractive.

    Also – guys prefer fit girls over skinny girls. Fit girls have nice round ass, fine abs, great legs etc. Skinny girls have flat ass, and just skinny legs. So its not skinny what guys want, it’s fit.
    But since not many girls are in shape, they are calling fit girls skinny.

    For example:

    Fit girls:
    Eva Longoria
    Natalia Oreiro
    Nadine Velazquez
    Monica Belucci
    Jessica Alba
    Jennifer Lopez
    Eva Mendes
    Olga Kurylenko
    Hayden Panettiere

    Nicole Richie
    Kate Moss
    Paris Hilton
    Keira Knightley
    Victoria Beckham
    Angelina Jolie

  • http://damn-ilookgood.blogspot.com Lindsay

    Forget about whether skinny makes you pretty!
    This workout was DAYYYYYYUUUUUUM challenging.
    The only workout so far I’ve had to take a break during … after set four … had to take a full five minute rest … making my finish time 25:38.

  • http://pathtoradianthealth.com Miko

    Luv the top. Where did you get the top in this video? What brand is it?
    And thank you for all the inspiring videos.

  • diana

    I think that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone has something to offer and something that makes them stand out. I respect everyones opinions but it also sucks to here that skinny is not attractive because some people are just naturally really thin even though they try to change that. For example, I am very small and people are always calling me skinny and saying how I am so tiny, but its not like I am starving myself to look this way. I actually have problem areas just like everyone else but maybe they are not to obvious with clothes on. It just bugs me to be categorized as unhealtht for the sole reason of being skinny. All the comments put me down as well and make me feel unattractive. So for me its not a good thing to be skinny but its also not my fault. This is the reason that I am working hard on my body to make it better and look fit instead of skinny. Zuzanna you are the best!!!

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  • http://www.thebusinessxcelerator.com Sean B.


    In the video you mentioned that you were going to give details on your blog for developing a six pack, but all I see are tips on executing the exercises themselves. From what I’ve studied and read on the subject, only diet and intense cardio will get you lean enough to produce the definition of a six pack and exercising (spot fat reduction) a particular muscle or group of muscles won’t get rid of the fat around it. So my question is, what kind of diet and cardio do you recommend to get as lean as you are?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Did you read the previous workouts for six pack that I have recently posted? I have explained everything in there and I am constantly posting about my diet and the basic principles that I am following. Just go through at least the recent posts on diet and daily workouts, because I am basically repeating the same things over and over :)

  • Jana L.

    Hi, i like your ideas and things which you think about…
    It really surprised me that men going to a bar look for skinny women. I always thought that most men of men like curvesome women.
    But what i think is that they like them just for a one night stand or short relationships. And for serious relationships they look for women who aren’t skinny. In the case it’s not about appearance but character.
    (vyzáblé dívky sice nemusí přímo znamenat hloupé nebo nepraktické, ale je to všeobecně známý předsudek.. takže pro vážný vztah nejsou ideální)
    sorry for my english:)

  • Mary

    Skinny Girl look ill!!!!!!

  • Sam …


    Given your success in fitness, I am eager to ask about your recommendations for guys interested in not only having a higher fitness level, but also building muscle. For example your workouts never include much emphasis on biceps – even though they are covered with pullups, etc. Would you recommend any modification to these workouts for men?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      You don’t need to do bicep curls in order to get bigger biceps. I think that my biceps are pretty muscular and I am a girl. Girls don’t even have the advantage of growth hormones as men do, so if my workouts work for me, then they will definitely work for any guy. I focus mainly on functional exercises that work more muscle groups at the same time and small muscles like biceps will always take care of them selves.

      • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

        Hi Zuzana and Sam,

        I agree with you completely, Zuzana. People seem to think the bicep is some large muscle that needs focus when in fact any bodyweight workout that uses the arm is pretty much working the biceps.

        But, if Sam wants to focus on the bicep even with this advice I suggest doing Tricep Dips, Plank Ups and Elbow Curls. All bodyweight exercises that will focus on the parts of the arm and make it stronger and function as a unit when you do other exercises that use the arm like, Pull Ups and Push Ups.


  • David


    It is certainly true that each of you beautiful in your own way. There is truly someone for everyone. However, men find certain shapes(ratios)attractive/desirable. Sure, some men like round women or flat women but, most men like a woman with a healthy weight who has nice curves and is fit. According to the research (LOL) done by the show Manswers, men find a woman’s body most desirable if it has a waist to hip ratio of .70 to .60 or so, i.e. waist 24″, hips 36″ (24/36=.666 ratio).

    P.S. Men are simple creatures! If you want a guy to notice you, when he looks at you, smile at him and say hi. If he is looking, he is interested.

  • autumn

    how do you burn fat from your arms without them getting muscular with lots of fat on them making them even bigger?

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  • Rob

    It’s not automatically pretty to me. If a girl has a really nice body she’s not “pretty” to me unless she has pretty face too.

  • Becky

    Interesting topics today and the replies even more so. People can really get on tangent about this…..

    I had another question to ask you. I was wondering if you ever felt a “high” after working out? Many times after doing your work outs I feel an adrenaline rush and feel pretty invincible. I sometimes continue on with other workouts…. So you know much about this- and is it best to just stop and rest or keep going if you feel the energy?

    It’s amazing sometimes on the second set of your routines I feel as though I will burn out by the end- but out of no where I find this burst of energy and it really gets me going! I tend to speed up towards the end where I think I would normally be dying.

    Thanks for your workouts- the best I have ever done. You really push me with beating your/my times. Keeps me motivated and very competative with myself.

  • Kristin

    Dang, this workout kicked my butt! 23:34 I was pretty suprised I was able to do the hanging knee raises on rings, your workouts must be working!!! :)

  • Ciera

    my time was close to 18 mins (17:5- something… my timer erased it before i could write it down)… but i didn’t do the rings, instead i did 10 reverse crunches laying down, which i’m sure cut a lot of time.

    also, could you clarify if during the mountain climbers and high knees, it counts as one everytime your left leg comes up, or everytime either of your legs come up. some of your workouts say each L&R set counts as one, but others just every time your feet touch the ground count as one.

  • Danielle


    I was wondering where I might find more intermediate workouts of yours. I’m guessing they’ll be in your Archive section, but I don’t see them there. I am unable to even squeeze out one push up. I’m not overweight or anything, but not strong enough in my upper body to bust out a push or pull up. It makes it hard to keep up with your current workouts (I can’t do the 1 legged squat, either). I know that you’ll be having the 1 on 1 with you soon, too, but in the meantime I’d really like to try more intermediate workouts so that I can build up to the advanced workouts.


    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      hey Danielle,

      I’d start by doing incline push ups and if they are still too much put one knee on the floor. If that is still too much, put both knees on the floor.

      With regards to the one legged squat, you could try going half way, if it is still too much, I’d go for bulgarian split squats. it works one leg at the time and allows you to build up some strength.

      My two cents!

  • Kev

    I think it (being skinny) has become more like a competition for women.Yes, I mean AMONGST themselves.

    If you allow me to science you for a lil bit,
    the vast majority men are looking for three different things (as far as physical attraction goes, we’re not talking relationships):

    – youth characteristics (self explanatory)

    – health characteristics (eg. simmetry)

    – waist – to – hip ratio (it differs in some cultures + individual taste is a factor, but most of the time 0.7 is considered the most attractive)

    Why do we (supposedly) like “skinny” so much then?What’s the big obsession, what’s the deal here?
    The answer is, of course :)
    Because it’s a fashion’s whim, like everything else :)

    But that’s NOT what MOST men react to.
    Most men react to a physique that is healthy and feminine, not to some fashion law that three moguls decide on a meeting in Milan around a round table twisting their moustaches.
    And that (femininity) comes with estrogen, and men are constantly (unconciously) looking for cues that indicate high estrogen level(so next time, don’t be too hard on a guy whose eyes linger on your cleavige for just a bit too long… give the poor bastard a break).
    Nature’s way, baby ;)

    Mischa Barton is not hot, I’m sorry.

    Men have evolved to be phisically attracted to a woman who has a great body, not to what society dictates to them.

    (And in case you were wondering, Beyoncé is hot… I mean, HOTT)

    One last word though.

    You’ve been probably wondering why Your friends say what they say, or act as they may.
    Even if, it seems, none of their past girlfriends have been like that…
    No, it’s not because they didn’t have a choice, no :) (you little devil you)
    I would rather think that it’s peer pressure, as much as it is society’s influence.Now, what do I mean by that?
    Let me elaborate.

    It is not just You girls, that is under pressure when it comes to introducing a new boyfriend to the girls.Or even just picking up one and being seen with him.
    It concerns us guys just as much.

    Is she hot?Is she not hot?
    Is she hot enough for my friends?
    Will they like her?
    Will I ridicule myself in front of them?

    The inner dialogue is there, the bs is there.

    Aaaaaaaaaand that is my two cents.

    Peace out

  • alondra

    hello Zuzana’ve done your 2 previous training and are very good, now hare this training.
    You know Band-Aids calories burned in workouts and make some other type of training than those who show us in your page?
    These super, adios.

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Oooooh! Nasty! This was so freakin’ intense!! I wanted to quit right from the start. Haven’t much concern over my abs at the present moment; more concerned about my heart lol!! I did this in 16:24 (yes, 7 sets) and it was one of your more intense cardio sessions. Gnarly, gnarly, gnarly! (Love every sweat drenched moment, keep em coming!).
    Skinnies are beautiful? Nahhh…beauty is in the balance: lean, strong, healthy, happy = radiant beauty! Thanks for the challenge! :) )

  • Evan Owen

    First, thank you for your wonderful workout video. I am 56 and try to keep in shape (I earned my black belt in taekwondo last year), and it’s great to watch someone who shows how fitness is done.

    Now to your question, “Are skinny girls pretty?” The answer depends on the man. Me, I tend to be attracted more to women who are a bit more fleshy, with some padding — but of course, with muscle and strength underneath. :-)

  • John

    Excellent work Zuzana!

    My workouts primarily concentrate on heavy weight/high blood volume workouts.

    I’ve been needing some core exercises to apply to my “off” days or the tail end of my workouts. These are perfect!

    I’ve noticed some fatigue and pain in my lower back. These seem great for exercising those fast twitch muscles that I need to get back in shape.

    Thanks for your work.

    You look great; looking great is feeling great. Keep it up!

  • Salma

    Hi Zuzana,

    I just started reading your blog and watching your videos and I love your workouts. Some are very tough so I was wondering if you can offer some variations for those who are not as strong as you yet. For example if you can do the one leg squat the way you do it (i.e. lowering all the way down) what if I can only go half way?

    My other question is if you’re planning on providing some exercises for the arms.

    Thank you for sharing your blog and fitness tips!


  • Adela

    The idea of skinny = sexy or beatiful has come from all those anemic supermodels, those photoshopped cover girls and all those media icons. I was recently discussing these theme with my mom and my grandma. And as we go back in history, we can easily see that skinny did not mean bautiful or attractive. In those times, usually, the body shape was influenced by the money status. Most of the rich people were fat and obese, because they afforded it, and the poor ones were skinny. For example when i was debating this thing with my grandma (she lives at country, and i was raised by her in the time period when my parents were divorcing). And at country there is an expression “beautiful fat” (traducing it word by word). And she told me that her mom (my grandgrandma) was payed with money and food (like oranges, sweets and other things like that) to take care of an immportant man’s child (so only important people could eat “decently”). Back in time, most of the families had at least 5 members (5 was the minimum limit), and most of them had “a job” in agriculture and animals raising, so they couldn’t get enough money to eat sugars, and fats, and exotic fruits. And from these and other nonsense stories i conclusioned, that this idea of skinny and beauty has changed in time. In the past, the beauty was associated with being fat and rich, now it is associated with being skinny, and usually being a well gromed person (that takes time to go to the gym, or tries any diet to achieve “the beauty”)

    Great job with this site! Keep going on!

  • Laina and Joe

    Hey Zuzana,
    Just a thought on the whole “skinny dilema” I personally think that there are all kinds of attractive body types, and what it really comes down to is whether or not that person looks healthy. Ive seen skinny women who look like hell with bony arms and stringy hair and curvy women that may have a few pounds but have a beautiful complexion and full healthy hair. I personally love curves on a woman and would much rather have someone with a few pounds on them with great curves(i.e. Kim Kardashian) as opposed to a woman that resembles a 12 year old child.

    My wife and I love your website and are big fans! Keep up the good work and I love the coffee talks!

  • soufiane

    my life changed because of you, the first video I saw is hot celebrity butt, Im not girl I don’t want to have hot ass hhhhhhhh but your speech makes me think a lot, about what I want to be, looking for motivations……, and believe that “what I want is what I deserve”, and from that I start to practice some of your exercices on my daily routine and add some other exercices for my hands and ckest,and Im very interesting to see your new video.

  • Gina M.

    It’s been a long time since my last comment, but I’ve been following your workouts and still love them :)
    I was just wondering if Zuzana did seven or five rounds of this workout. Both are written. I just wanted to have an idea about the time.
    Thank you!

    • Gina M.

      I did seven rounds in 19:50

      I really enjoyed it! I like workouts with few reps but intensive and with a fun “twist” like the ninja jump.
      I don’t have time to get bored ;)

      I also like the fact that you don’t use any, or very little but mostly accessible, equipment.

      Congratulations on your blog.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      There are 5 rounds of the first exercise, but 7 rounds total.

      • Carol Freed

        First of all, thank you thank you thank you!! I just found you the other night on youtube and have tried a few of your exercises (love them), but I can’t seem to understand where I find your blog. And to see all of your exercises, do I just go on this website and look through the archives? I would really love to make a program for myself using your workouts, but I don’t want to miss any good moves. Please Help!!
        And thanks again…you are beautiful, and an inspiration!!
        Carol Freed, R.D.

        • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

          This site is the blog that I am talking about in my videos :) you can jump right in and start following my daily workouts.

  • Zebie

    ninja jump = almost impossible…any modifications or is it just the fear that’s eating me alive?! thanks!!!!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      It’s probably the fear. I had it too don’t worry. If you don’t feel like doing them, then do jump squats instead.

  • http://tamara.guntmarwolff.com TammyLillian

    I completely agree with Katrina…Eva Mendes, Monica Belucci are skinny people but if one means anorexic skinny then that is another issue. Beyonce is not terribly skinny but beautiful all the same.

    I think that one has to focus on being a healthy size and fit. On the other hand, clothes do feeeeeel great when there are no love handles. which brings me back….I had a great work out today thanks to you Zuzana. I used to run every other day 5km but your workouts ROCK. Keep it up.

  • Sammy

    I agree that in our society skinny=pretty. When I was in high school I was really athletic and I was in great shape. I was definitely considered skinny some people even asked me if I was anorexic. I was 5’3″ and about 103lbs. I got a lot of attention from guys and I was even on the homecoming court. Towards the end of high school I started gaining a little bit of weight (about 20lbs)so I was around 120-125lbs which to me is still pretty small and suddenly there were no guys interested in me. One guy even made a comment saying, “What happened to you, you used to be so hot!” It really hurt my feelings but it definitely shows that in general skinny=pretty.

  • YeSs

    Hi ZuZ!!! I’m a beginner and I’m asking me if is correctly that I do this workout!!! I have done your workout for absolute beginners, but I want to know if I can do this workout, because my several problem is in this area!!!

    I will wait for your answer!!!!

    Thanks for all your posts, really you’re my inspiration!!!

    pd.: Sorry for my english but I don`t speak very well!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      I would just start and see where you get to. Practices makes perfect and that is really how it goes. if you don’t have a place to hang onto, then do leg raises while lying on the floor. Make sure your abs are braced and your back stays on the floor. this means that if you are not strong enough, you need to go as far as you can without creating a hollow back.

      The Ninja jumps are just practice and overcoming fear. What I found helps, is when I have my knees on the floor, I make sure my toes are under my feet and my heels face the ceiling. use your arms for momentum.

      Hope it makes sense.

  • Tali R.

    Hi Zuzana,

    i wanted to do this workout today, but i have to problems
    1 i did not get my pull up bar yet, hope to get it tomorrow. 2) the Ninja Jump – i just can not do it. everytime i try to jump something stoping me, im afraid or something, can you help me and others im sure to learn how to do it?
    in the end i did the first workout for this week, i got 25:17 and i think after few months working out with you this one is one of the hardest and amazing workout you did for us (and you)

    about the skinny women, sorry but i do not believe this is beauty, unless it comes with muscles.
    moddels look to skinny some of them or most of them are anorectic. curves are beautiful… healty body its the most important, don’t you think?

    good day

  • Lisa

    At one time, “skinny” was laughed at. Young thin women were overlooked for more volouptous curvaceous women. Young men were pushed around and ridiculed for not being strong and manly looking.

    Times have changed.

    We now have an influx of over-volouptuos figured girls and big bellied boys who are hearing that they need to lose weight and/or get in shape. At least, the egging is for a better reason. Being in shape is far better than being skinny.

    “Skinny” will never be the “in” thing. There are skinny people who are equally out shape as fat people. Funny how the two extremes have something in common.

    Our media teases us with unhealthy foods and then mesmerizes us with pencil thin models wearing the “hottest” fashions. This is supposed to drive the viewers to the malls to buy burgers to stuff their faces which keeps a lot of them from squeezing into the skinny jeans! Talk about ineffective! Maybe it’s a war between the fast food and fashion industries?! Hmmmmmmm…..,

    Anyway, “skinny” is a term that should not be a part of one’s goal to look good, be healthy, and have the strength and ability to do various physical activities without becoming breathlessly tired. When one is fit, the body comes into a shape that is most attractive. We all see it in many before and after pics of various fitness programs – not talking about the “retouched photos”.

    Dump the “skinny” – concentrate on the fitness, diet and healthy habits.

    Thank you Zuzana for giving us an excellent example to follow!

  • Tina

    Hi guys!

    This is really some workout, I agree!

    It was craz for me! It took me 17 min. and 22 sec., but I just wasnt trying hard enough! It could be 5, but I did it fot 3 on the intensity scale! Next time…

    Thanks a bunch and cant wait for any kind of new video!



  • Paul from Malta

    Hi Zuzana,

    I personally do not like skinny girls. What I really, really like is the curves and everything that makes a woman feminine. Femininity is what I find very sexy.

    Apart from Beyonce, Monica Bellucci and Eva Mendes, i’d like to add someone who is surely vuloptous and sexy – Kim Kardashian. She’s simply gorgeous!

    You are pretty too Zuzana and yet you are so humble! I admire you!

    I’ve seen a couple of other videos – you are currently residing in Gozo right? Xlendi is it? Beautiful place!

    Thanks for the vids and work-outs

  • Audra Gatti

    Hi Zuzana & Frederick,

    I completed this workout in 20:05.

    Do you have a suggestion/alternative to the ninja jumps cuz I seem to barely land on my toes and so my knees are extending way past them and I don’t want to injure my knees.

    I had to use my daughters mini chairs on each side so that I didn’t fall forward on my knees doing them. Don’t know if thats ok, but I just didn’t want to give up on them you know?

    Awesome workout guys,

  • yvonne

    I don’t agree that skinny = beauty. Many skinny people are ugly too. I do believe that women try to please other men and women too often and end up feeling bad about themselves. Honestly Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all of us are attracted to different things. And haven’t we all seen a less attractive person in the looks department be irresitible because of their self confidence?

  • Brett

    I truly enjoy the energy you have for your site, workouts and the infectious enthusiasm you have while sharing your passion for fitness and health!! This is a very well done site! Since this is under the abs training section and you have spectacular ab definition, this is a pretty silly question but I was wondering what your body fat percentage is?

  • Katt

    Zuzana excellent training, I’ve made to sweat from the first minutes, it hurts the whole body exept the lashes, not a complaint unless the contrary.
    that exercise can make to quickly burn the corn of the walker or the waist?
    waist not want to have chicken pls.
    we keep working hard.
    K @ tt

  • Lisa

    Hi Zuzana,

    I think your coffee talk today was interesting because I once too thought that if I were skinny like skinny minnie thin, then all the guys would be more attracted to me. However, this is not the case with the guys I know. They are actually disgusted by skinny women because they have no muscle tone; just skin and fat on their bodies. Plus most women are not supposed to be Kate Moss thin and are disgusted at what lengths these women go for to attain their skinny figure ie through anorexia or bulimia… The men I know say fit women are the most attractive probably because it means that she is healthy and takes care of herself.

    BTW I love your youtube channel! You keep me on my toes and your workout design is fun and challenging :D

  • Lisa

    No, skinny does not automatically equate to pretty. Men are biologically hardwired to be attracted to skinny women because evolutionarily (yes, I made this word up)…thin equals good health or physical fitness which males want in a mate. From an evolution standpoint, these women are in better health, have a better ability to bear offspring, care for offspring and overall carry on his genetic line. And, maybe for the sake of this argument skinny is not exactly the appropriate term.

  • http://www.myspace.com/tanyaphilipovich Tanya

    Hi Zuz,

    Lovelovelove you by the way. And the ball of tinfoil comment finally inspired me to contribute.

    I really don’t know what the fascination is with skinny. Perhaps it has something to do with POWER: If someone is thin in a day and age where most people struggle with their weight, it means they are in control of their situation. They have the power within to eat well and exercise. Now, being skinny does not always mean they are eating well and exercising, it could indicate sickness, frailty or lack of self confidence.

    Personally I focus on strength, because this to me is the most sexy!

  • http://- Kadir

    Rutele when you feel pain then it is better for you when you are have a rest day.

    Zuzana have completet it in 18.14.78min:D I have beat you ^^


    Coffee talk! ha!ha! priceless!

  • http://Beachbodycoach.com/dirigo Jerry D


    I absoluely love your ab development and am looking forward to worki g off some access Holiday cheer so I can see mine again. I love the twist you seem to put on so many of the classic exercise . The ninja burpees are an example from this week . Just awesome! Appreciate all you are doing.
    As far as skinny girls being pretty I can say that certainly a girl who takes care of herself and has obvious self confidence is a big attraction to me. Many skinny girls are way too skinny. I’d much rather have someone who is lean and fit thanjustplaon skinny. Many girls who are either extremely skinny or overly plump are very self conscious and that is never sexy. Great discussion!

    Hey Matt just use your pull up bar. You can get a nice set of rings at ringtraining.com . They are a great workout tool.

  • Ivana

    great, great agan! Love, love you two!!!:)))

  • Foxy

    YAAAY! My time: 19:08. I finally beat you. I was always slightly behind you but today was my day…YES! Just being proud of myself ;-)
    I have so much energy that I would go for few more rounds…but I have to go to work.

  • Juliana L

    I want tell you that not all boys love skinny girls.
    How do i know? I’m skinny.
    Ok, maby that’s not completley true….they do love skinny girls but not all of them. And what about personality?
    I think that woman should have curvs but must be in shape!!!
    For ex.-Marissa Miler is perfect)))

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    I just wanted to stop by and say that my abs hurt! :) I worked out this morning “-)

  • Ruth

    Hi Z&F,

    Another awesome workout, what did I do before you guys???!!! :) My time was 15:32.

    Thanks for the coffee talk, I posted my thoughts earlier but wanted to say that I really like the new format where we all get to “chat,” I enjoy hearing your take on things and everyone elses too!

    Thanks again!


    • Frederick

      Hi Ruth – we have been really enjoying the coffee talks too. It’s cool to hear what everyone thinks.

      • http://bodyrock.tv Tania

        Hey Frederick & Zuzana,

        Really enjoying “coffee talk”. While on the subject of is beauty really measured by your weight, I have an ongoing different point of view with my sister on the following. Should a spouse/boyfriend/significant other get upset if the person they fell in love with was fit when they first got together, but over time has let themselves go and changed in appearance. My sister thinks it is shallow for someone to be upset and that if you truly love them you should accept their new “body”. I of course disagree and think that if their body was one of the features that attracted them to the person, they should make an effort to maintain themselves fit, granted there are no health issues involved that makes them gain weight or unable to exercise. What are your thoughts? I hope you would touch upon this subject in your daily blog.

        Love your site!

        • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

          That’s a great topic that I would love to talk about and here other’s opinion. Thank you for this idea Tania. Does your sister have an experience with this? Is she in a relationship where on of them have changed physically? Are you in such a relationship?

          • http://bodyrock.tv Tania

            Thanks for your reply Zuzana. No, I am not in a relationship like this, on the contrary my husband and I have always worked out together and maintain very healthy fit bodies and life style. My sister is the same way. We just got in this heated discussion several years ago and it still hasn’t ended :) I think we ran into some friend whose wife gained a tremendous amount of weight and shortly thereafter got a divorce. We will never know if that was the cause but that is how the subject came up. I defended the fact that you should keep yourself fit for yourself first and foremost but also for your partner. She disagreed and felt that if you don’t like to diet or exercise and your body changes your spouse should accept it. What are your thoughts?

            • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

              I think that you both are right in a way. I wouldn’t leave Freddy if he would gain weight thanks to his laziness, but I wouldn’t be happy about it at all. I would push him to workout and take care of his body. It is not just that he would become less attractive for me, but it would change our lifestyle. Right now we are both very active and we are both enjoying all kinds of activities. if he would become lazy, then we wouldn’t be getting along anymore. I think that when people get lazy and fat after their marriage, it is like giving up on life.

        • Danny

          I’m with you on the topic of significant others letting themselves go, Tania.

          Obviously people’s appearance changes over time, and love is what keeps people together, and accepting of each other no matter what. After all, if a person’s partner’s appearance changes – a disfiguring accident, etc. Then that person will still love them just as much.

          Wilfully neglecting your appearance, however, is a different story. Surely if you love someone you want to look your best for them? Not to try to take care of your appearance is disrespectful and a show of disregard for the person you claim to love. If a person doesn’t try to look good for their partner isn’t that equivalent to saying “hey, I know what you really like, but I’m intentionally not going to be that…” Wow, how loving.

          Of course circumstances and situations change the amount of effort one can put into one’s appearance. Nobody is going to look their best all the time, and nobody should expect them to. But to let yourself go over time and not even try is a pretty poor attitude to a relationship.

          • http://bodyrock.tv Tania

            Danny, I agree. A disfigurement or any health issue that changes your appearance is just a stroke of bad which hopefully won’t change how a partner feels about you. I wanted to touch on the subject of letting yourself go and not caring to stay attractive for your partner.

  • ashleyfromtexas

    Hi Zuzu, I think that would be hilarious if you ate a ball of tin foil! I definately don’t think that skinny means pretty. Maybe we hear skinny and immediately picture a victoria secrets model in our heads so we see pretty also. I am a curvier girl. I am 5’7 at 135-140 pounds and of course I wish I could be back to 125 like I was before kids and marriage. I think some women say “skinny, pretty” because so many of us wan’t to achieve our goal weight because we think that may make us prettier. We may be talking about other women but in our heads really thinking of how we would feel if we were thinner. Just being honest. I remember being out with some college friends and heard the guys were commenting on girls and they were saying she had fp. I was like what is FP??? They told me that was fat potential.! I almost died! These guys were looking at girls to see if they would be fat after a few years or what a baby would do to them. While I don’t think all men are that shallow it is scary to see that some are! Bottom line, beauty lies within! Yes, I do believe we should work hard to take care of ourselves but I don’t think looking a certain way will make you any happier. I see women all the time at the gym killing themselves to be sticks. It’s sad really. The happiest and most beautiful women I know are not skinny, they are happy, genuine, caring women who shine from the inside out – like how you described your aunt. That’s a beautiful women.

    • Frederick

      Hi – Never heard of “FP” before…crazy!

  • Vegan_Laura

    My time was 16:12 good cardio I rate this one 3.6/5 on intensity. Laura

  • http://... Ad.

    Hi Zuzana ,

    I’ve following your exercises , you look great , great to show best sport for people and benefit them ,as much you do great as much you be greater .

    you look sooooooooooo beautiful , I love sporty girl .

    wishing best success for you .

  • Alfiya

    Hello Zuzana,
    Great workout!
    Regarding the ninja jumps, could you please throw couple tips about doing ninja jumps properly? Like you showed video on one leg squat.
    I had hard time to do it even it was 5 reps.
    Thank you :)

  • Chloe

    It is also very interesting that you’re touching on the subject of being skinny, which is what my whole career is about. If I were to gain some weight, I doubt my contract would be renewed in a years’ time. I don’t think skinny=pretty, but skinny does bring you some advantages. E.g. looking good in almost any clothes or new fashion pieces, and pulling off pieces like harlem pants or leather tights easily. But I would say that curvy looks great too. In addition to the women you mentioned, there’s Hilary Duff, Tyra Banks, Doutzen Kroes, Megan Fox as well. It’s being overweight that isn’t too pleasant because it may affect how others perceive of you – lazy, slow etc when you’re not.

  • Chloe

    Dear Zuzana,

    I’m really inspired to work out like you do. However, I really don’t wish to bulk up – and i don’t mean body-builder style. You look great and chiselled but I’m a skinny person and a model and I don’t know if this happens in other agencies as well but I was specifically told not to look like ‘a Madonna’. I’m just wondering if I follow your workouts, will I end up with a six-pack and such too, which is what I don’t exactly want?

    I hope you get what I mean. Looking forward to your reply! You’re such a great inspiration to me to stay fit and healthy and enjoy working out.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Chloe,

      if you are not interested in any muscle tone, than you should avoid my workouts. I would suggest you to do just very light aerobic workouts and a lot of walking and light jogging only. You can also incorporate some yoga and stretching. In your case the major focus should be your diet. I read that Madonna’s workouts are apparently longer and less intensive which means that she doesn’t even work as hard as I do :)

  • Marinaki

    I hope you are ok Zuzana & Frederick.

    I would appreciate your opinion about the following question because we had in our family yesterday this theme as a discussion and some of us disagreed some of us were agreed.

    Well my question:

    Is it better to say jealous or admire someone. I prefer to say admire someone and not jealous because I don’t feel something bad for him/her I am just happy that someone has something special whatever it is and I just praying for him/her to continue with that way and all the best.

    Sorry for my English very bad I would appreciate your opinion.

    Have a nice day
    Love you

  • Vegan_Laura

    Hi Zuzana,
    Heavier women usually have to try harder to be pretty because I do think society subconsciously or not idk equivocates slim to more beautiful most of the time…if you understand my point idk but that is what I think: It comes down to this: pain=pretty. For example, in Brazil I think the slender women there are prettier than here in America because American women are used to thinking they are automatically above the grain for simply being thin while in Brazil they are still striving for the beauty…striving to be prettier than the woman next to them, who is most likely thin as well where as here in America you look next to you and 2/3 times it is an overweight woman you have less motivation because you might think you are already at a good enough level of physical attraction in comparison. So I think that not only can an overweight person be as pretty as a thin person but that if that overweight person got thin they have a high probability of being more beautiful than the same life-long, naturally thin person. <3 Laura

  • Martin

    Hi Zuzana,

    it was interessting to hear, that all comments agree with, that skinny girls have it easier in life. I think, this oppinion is typical for people who are interessted in cardio and fitness. And your subscribers are for sure interessted in fitness. So it might be not the oppinion of all people. I also like nice shaped women, and they can have curves, but not too much. For me it depends how the face look like, because this is, for me, the important thing.



  • cecille

    hi Zuzana! awesome workout as usual too bad cant do it im 6 mos pregnant.. i really miss doing ur workouts (used to follow them everyday before i found out i was pregnant, helped me allot) i still exercise everyday but i follow the pre-natal ones, yours is not advisable for my condition lol… so please please dont delete the workouts that I have missed, im worried that they will be gone after i give birth.. Thank you so much.. You guys really are inspirational.. God Bless

  • rebecca

    I have been following your ab workouts, as well as the butt workouts. My question is, Which exercises help to build mass in the butt? I barely have an ass, and I am trying really hard to get a cute little ass through exercises. I just don’t know where to start.

  • Marius

    I think you make a mistake by thinking that only skinny girls are considered beautiful. When you say skinny i think mainly at girls which starve themselves. What you probably mean is that men prefer normal women. Of course when a guy walks into a bar, first he make a try for a normal girl and not a over-weighted one. And the examples of women given by you are just normal women. Women which are beautiful. Beautiful doesn’t mean skinny. In fact i think skinny girls are those girls from the catwalk. And to be honest i consider them ugly.

    My choice will fully go for a women with curves which look similar like the ones described by you. But i would love her even more if she is able to maintain her shape over the years.

    PS: i’m a guy in case you are wondering

  • optimystika

    hello zuzanna and fred,
    my name is inna and first i have to tell u, i love your channel.do you wanna know why??bcz u look exactly similar to me.we could be twins.
    i am russian girl 26 years old , but i living in germany for ages.
    if u need a double some day – let me know;)
    i tried to upload a photo of me.but dont know how to do it here.but its not that important..
    back on toppic.i was very skinny till a year ago.which means my weight was: 42 kg.and i should tell u not many men were interested in me!!! as i was looking like a child..surprised?? i was very confused about that, as i felt sexy and thought many guys wants to have a slim girl friend..i asked my father and he said a russian expression, which is very true about man : ” men are not wolfs, they do not prefer/love bones”( hard to translate in english ;) )
    you know zuzanna, it was like i woke up from a bad dream!
    girls please dont stress yourselves! i am sure man love curves! zuzanna and u inspired me not to be skinny anymore.. you re very beautiful !
    so now i have 50 kg.. and very happy about that! and i have more attention than ever from man, as i look healthy now!
    my little secret:
    i was in prague too, bcz in your country are good and cheap doctors ;) i have done a plastic surgery. / which is very interesting point!
    so maybe thats why i have more attention though???!!
    anyway who knows??
    its good to talk to u- but know its time for workout!
    sorry for not a perfekt english ;)
    kind regards

  • http://none Dana Whitfield

    No skinny is not sexy but fit is. All of the ladies you talked about are fit. When a man or woman see’s a heavy woman they think un-fit. Fair or not that is how we are wired. Now if a man is looking for a solemate then those factors don’t come into play as much. Sure we will notice but it will not make us turn away. The fit or fat is a factor for playboy’s looking for women to bed.

    P.S. Please go back to your blond hair.

  • Amanda

    Good point. It is a subconscious connection to link skinny with pretty. I think we mistake pretty with image. People notice the image first. Skinny, clean, good posture, and put together. Then people notice if they have a pretty face or not. They don’t have to have a pretty face, but can still have the eye-catching image. Then comes personality. Of course there are ugly skinny girls and beautiful overweight girls.
    I really respect your hard work.

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  • Charlie

    Oh my goodness!!! 18:55:72!!! You have no idea how excited I am. Granted, you look fresh and fantastic at the end of yours and I am a sweaty monster. I love your comment: “this workout was really…something” – Amen! I never imagined that the high knees/mtn climbers would be that tiring!

    Re skinny women: I think that people – men and women – are attracted to confidence. I think that a lot of people tend to feel and act more confident when they are in good shape. Taking good care of yourself is, I think, a good indication of what sort of partner you will be. Are you slovenly? Do you tend to let things slide that you know would be good decisions but aren’t necessarily easy? That said, fit doesn’t always equal skinny – I know plenty of skinny girls who couldn’t do a pushup if they were offered one million dollars.

    I know I’ve said this before, but this site is really such an inspiration for me – I look forward to each and every new workout and I just can’t thank the two of you enough for posting such high quality routines. You make my life better!


  • Charlie

    19 minutes? Are you kidding? I just looked at this and I feel like it’s going to take me 19 years!! I’ll let you know.

    A question: I have things I can hang from, but none so high that I can hang fully extended – is it ok to bend my knees so my ankles are crossed and behind me?

  • sara

    hi zuzana and freddie, had a bad stomach bug for 5 days and couldn’t do any training, so kept checking your blog for the new ab workouts , this made me feel better because it gave me something to look forward to for when i got better. anyway today i flet more like my old self and did the 1st ab work out did it in 26.56 was pleased with that after being ill. doing 2 on thurs and 3 on sun so will let known how i get on . had a practice of the ninja jumps and cant do them very well is there an easyer way. will keep practicing tho. thanks for coming up with great workouts. sara.

    • Frederick

      Hi Sara,
      Glad you are feeling better. The ninja’s are tough no question. I had to just keep practicing until I got them…

      • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

        Are you lifting UP rather than forward? I find that helps

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    Ouch! I think my body is still recovering from the crazy trip. THAT HURT! Especially the knees up with and mountain climbers. my time: 19:53.

    With regards to today’s topic… personally I am not into the skinny look. I like the toned look. Your body Zuzana and my own (yes I like my own body. I work hard for it) A body that shows its owner works out, takes care of herself and better yet, eats properly.

    Skinny, yeah whatever. Of course there are pretty skinny girls. But do I automatically associate skinny with beauty? No, most certainly not. In fact, nothing aggravates me more than seeing some skinny chick on the cover of a women’s fitness magazine. Thankfully magazines like Oxygen don’t do that.

    Ribs showing? not my thing. Six pack? yes please!
    And quite often there are skinny fat girls. the ones who look thin but have a higher fat percentage than so called fat girls.

    Eva Mendez is gorgeous, curvaceous woman who still has some tone. I like Beyonce most of the time although there are times she lets herself go too much and gets too bootyllicious for my taste.

    But indeed there are some men who like skinny girls no matter what. I remember being at a Kayak World Championships once and my team mates, all well built athletes were busy making derogatory remarks about women from other teams. Why? because they were apparently “too muscular”. Their crime? they had a six pack. Well, yes of course you have a six pack if you are a serious olympic kayaker. if you don’t then you need to reconsider your eating habits!

    Anyway, what i found quite interesting is that all these men had skinny girlfriends. You know, the type who come to a river race in high heels and get stuck in the mud. I don’t know but I suspect it has to do with your own will to have a woman who isn’t too strong (i am not saying skinny women aren’t strong!) because if she is an athlete she will be busy with her own training and races and won’t have all the time in the world to adore you and tell you over and over again how amazingly big your muscles are.

    I don’t know, maybe men like small/skinny women, so they can get all protective, feel stronger and bigger. But then again… I have one at home who loves my muscles and is my biggest fan ;-)

  • Sophia

    No, I don’t think skinny means pretty. You can’t JUST have a great body to be considered attractive. You need a attractive face as well. That’s why there is the term coined “butterface” (but-her-face) You need both! But, I’d also like to say that in the way that most girls with attractive faces who are overweight are overlooked and not given nearly as much attentions as attractive girls with skinny bodies, body is important.

  • Matt


    Where can I get the rings from? or can you offer an alternative to the exercises that use the hanging rings?

  • Rutele

    Hi i want to ask you, i was doing 2 days workout for abs, but today i feel pain :) )) and even little exercise i can’t to do. :) ))
    Maybe its better to do rest of one day?
    thank you :)

    have a great day :)

  • Yulia

    Hi Zuzana, I’ve been following your website for over a year now and I noticed that recently you seem to have lost some weight in the hips and face. Was it your goal? I’m of the same body type as you and when I start working out more often, my face becomes skinny and everyone starts telling me that I lost a lot of weight, that I should eat more etc. I really hate it because my body is in a good shape but face is too thin. I look better when a bit chubby. So I’m really wondering what to do now..

  • barbaraG

    I don’t identify skinny with pretty. Maybe because I don’t come from America, we don’t have so much fat people here so that you can really differ girls on their faces, fit-level, clothes and most important – charm! I think Charm is the little something that makes us attractive.

    Could you please give one alternative exercise to leg raises? Or somebody else?

    • Scott

      If you dont have rings, I would say a good alternative would be to do 100 bicycle crunches instead. Be sure to maintain formwith your legs and make sure your elbows touch the ground and knee with each rep.

      If you don’t feel like you were punched in the gut after 100, do more. ;o)

      • barbaraG

        Thanx Scott! Will try it today.

  • Lorrie

    O.k. I am going to touch on the scientific nuts and bolts of why men gravitate towards “skinnier” women.

    Yes, it is on a subconscious, primal level that men (and women) consider skinnier women more “fit” for breeding. Yes, it boils down to that. Men are scoping out women based on who would be the “healthiest” to breed with. There is a percentage (and I can’ remember what it is) of hip to waist ratio that men subconsciously look for. When they see that, that is what they find attractive. Of course, big jugs are always a plus because that means they can feed their young adequately. Body and facial symmetry is also subconsciously taken into account and the personality really doesn’t matter because, as all us women know, men are like Tom Cats and only care about doing the deed and on to the next..hehehe…But seriously, women take into consideration how faithful, strong, protective, loyal and caring men might be to take care of and protect the family and young, along with how physically fit and healthy their prospective mate is also. However, I have seen raging coke head men be totally cut…is that a good mate? I don’t think so.

    So, when wrestling with the question if skinny automatically means pretty…well, even mediocre looks will pass as long as the body says “this is good breeding stock” There is an entire science concerned with “pretty” also that involves the geometry of the face and particular attributes that men find attractive. Men are looking for, again, symmetry, full lips, healthy looking eyes and hair but all of these things can, nowadays, be changed by cosmetic surgery so, again, are people really getting the beautiful stock they think they are getting. The woman or man could have obtained so much cosmetic surgery that he/she is a shadow of their former self and your baby comes out butt ugly…LOL.

    Now comes the area concerning deception of all of the aforementioned attributes. Women have plastic surgery, boob jobs, nose jobs, lipo, etc, etc (although, men do too but looks are not the paramount thing women are looking for on a basic level) So…are men really getting the genetic stock they think they are getting. Women may be unhealthily skinny because of anorexia, drug use and a plethora of things that can lead to the deception…so men, ask yourself, are you really getting the good, healthy genetic stock you think you are getting. Another point…and this pertains to both sexes and many other species. The idea of trickery. It is natural for both sexes and many species to use trickery in order to gain a mate. That, in itself, can be considered (by nature) as an advantage when winning a prospective mate. You see it working to the advantage of the trickster all the time in nature and with humans. Oh, and FYI, jealousy is an innate drive that will never be changed. It is meant to deter your mate or prospective mate from mating with someone else.

    Yes, society plays a huge role in how skinny is skinny. It seems like today, whippet thin women are the most desirable and valued. That is the way society is going but I don’t understand how a woman could carry a baby healthily if they are that thin. It appears, at times, that our society’s pendulum swings wildly from one extreme to the other. There was a time when a rubenesque physique was the desired form.

    Anyway, I have rambled…again..interesting subject.

  • mariam

    I have found this add in my facebook account. I thought you may like it.Casting in LA trainers 4 fitness & weight loss reality TV show presentation. Email ur body shot, bio & YouTube footage @[email protected]

  • -Noemi

    Zuzana & Freddy Hi,

    I first found out about your website, looking up exercises on youtube, and been addicted ever since.
    I love the work outs they are so intense and people at the gym look at me as if Im crazy for doing it. haha….. Its funny how the personal trainer was amazed about the reptile push ups and one leg burpee. He said he would try to put it together in his next routine.
    Now I have some questions… I am 23 years old, 5’5 140 lbs. I work out very hard, but don’t seem to get the results Im looking for. I cut down on my red meat intake, I drink lots of water, green tea,I try to sleep as much as possible, but I find my self in the same weight. Is there any more information or tips you can give me to help me out? how bad is it to eat at night time?…I work at a fast food restaurant and sometimes I work the night shift and I get home like at 3 am and get hungry I don’t know if eating right before going to bed is what’s keeping me from getting my six pack hehe HELP PLEASE!!!
    Thank you so much, sorry this msg is too long.

    • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

      I find eating for the last hours before bed tends to stick with me

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      Check out the diet tab. It isnt about removing red meats from your diet and leaving everything else as is. In fact if you read through, you will find that you need to eat as clean as possible. No processed foods, no sugars other than honey or agave. Stay clear from the sodas and i found that fruit juices in packages are troublemakers.

      Eat 5 to 6 times a day with loads of veggies, lean meats, fruit, nuts, drink loads of water BUT make sure you stick to small portions.

  • Carlos Angel

    Perfect. Just a Great Tainner and Great training session. Thank you, Please keepup the Superb job.

  • Henny

    Sweet Zuzanna
    What a sad story you told today – perhaps your friends are single because they go after the size and not the mind?

    Personally I’m overweight as you know, and once when I was 22 kg lighter – yes I was treated differently. Men where much more interested in helping!

    And yet – I have never had any trouble talking to men in bars or other places. And I think that is because I felt pretty and sexy.

    I really think that the feeling you have inside is the feeling that will show on the outside – so you don’t have to be skinny or filled with make up or wearing the latest fashion brands – be yourself and the guys will automaticly see what they get…

  • Miss_P

    This is a comment for fuory who said :”I am 51 kg and I am 162 cm, and I am watching you and following you to become 44kg or less.”

    Why on earth would you want to weigh so little??
    I’m 163cm and weigh 52kg and am the healthiest I’ve ever been.

    Many years ago before I knew anything about fitness and health I weighed 40kg!!I was terribly underweight.I didn’t have an eating disorder(thankfully) but I was eating no fats(not even the good kind) and was doing very long cardio sessions everyday but no weight training.

    This resulted in me burning fat aswell as burning muscle.The lack of muscle tone is really what brought my weight down.
    I was so skinny that a complete stranger asked my dad “don’t you feed your daughter?”.

    Quite honestly,I can’t say I ever received compliments when being so skinny.Even when I weighd 45kg my friends still thought I looked too thin.

    So been there,done that and it’s not healthy to be so underweight.
    As long as you are building lean muscle you won’t be able to lose all that “weight” as you say.

    What is “weight” anyway??

    Think of it this way,rather be healthy and fit than being skinny and mulnourished.

    • fuory

      miss_p, thank you sooo much for replying to me ;)
      your so sweet,

      and about my goal, to be honest, I am not happy like this I used to be thinner, and all my size 0 cloth used to fit well, but after I got married and started Open uni at home I gained weight, and couldn’t go back to normal.

      and I feel like my husband used to love the way I looked before

      so I feel bad :’(
      when someone tells me things like what you just said, I wake up
      and after a short while I go back thinking ”I have to be skinny again !!”

      but I’ll try to eat more healthy starting from today ;)

      thank you,

    • Mary Liz

      This is just awesome, I think your making a huge point! I suppose if you had a lot of weight to lose, having a weight loss goal would be a good idea.

      However, your so right when it comes to losing 5 or 10 lbs we should really be worried about how we feel, enjoy being healthy and strong…ignore the scale. muscle weighs a lot more than fat does so weight means nothing really. If we feel better inside our body and our jeans who cares how much we weigh right.

  • Bushido

    firt of all hi
    i think that beauty is a balance betwien look , inteligence and most of all personality … but at the end that´s just my opinion¡¡¡

    sorry for the writing but my english is not to good¡¡ :D
    oh and thanks for the wock out tips¡¡
    i´m staring to doing it , and ouchh ¡¡¡ they work , but hurt hahah in a good way¡¡

    see ya
    take care

    • fuory

      we can understand :) dont worry

  • Genoveva

    You are amaizing!!!! I love your site and your workouts! You are my biggest inspiration! (From Hungary)

  • Danny

    It’s interesting to see how the pendulum of opinion swings when the word “skinny” comes up in conversation, and how the definition of the word “skinny” changes entirely based on the context in which it’s used.

    Almost all of the comments so far on this post are assuming that skinny means underweight or having no feminine curves, yet when used in other contexts people tend to use the word skinny interchangeably with slim, toned, fit, or even just plain not-fat. The two definitions are poles apart, and this seems to be where a great deal of confusion comes from.

    All too often when a guy says they prefer “skinny” girls they don’t mean underweight, but rather they mean moderately slim. This may indeed have been the case for Zuzana’s male friends. In this context “skinny” people include girls with curves, just so long as they’re proportionate (which means that under this definition Beyonce, for example, is skinny – just look at her waist for goodness sake!).

    It even goes for females: for example I once heard a female of my acquaintance referring to a group of girls as “skinny b!tches” because she was overweight and these girls, while far from underweight, fell into the slim and attractive classification, evoking immediate jealousy from this person!

    This, naturally, is a cause of confusion – in many contexts people’s reference to “skinny” people means people who are significantly underweight or disproportionately thin for their height. This is not an attractive trait, but many people, making the semantic mistake of misunderstanding, immediately think that ridiculously thin must be more attractive!

    I have been asked before whether I prefer girls who are fat or skinny, and I always say “skinny” but this doesn’t mean I like underweight girls! Given only two options the kind of girls who are generally considered attractive fall in the “skinny” definition, because the other option is “fat”, and as one of the previous comments mentions, fat is rarely attractive.

    The posts which likely incited this very topic generally spoke of attractive people as skinny not in terms of underweight or even “skinny fat”, but were merely contrasting with the opposite extreme – overweight.

    Worth remembering when using the word skinny, which is why I avoid it where possible.

  • Stephanie

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,
    I appreciate the distinction that everyone is making between “skinny” and slim/in shape; however, I seriously doubt that men in a dimly lit bar or night club could or would make this distinction. Of course I think it is great that men and women alike favor fit over emaciated! I also agree with the people who said that a woman can be pretty/beautiful no matter her body size.

    I was thinking, fitness is something that we have control over or at least more control over than facial beauty. With some effort, albeit sometimes considerable effort, any woman (or man) can get into decent shape; makeup, however, has only a very limited ability to improve one’s appearance. I can pluck my eyebrows, but without surgery I cannot make them higher on my face.

    I think privileging fitness (something that we have control over) along side beauty is a good thing; otherwise all the plain girls in the world have no chance at all of improving their body image or their chances of finding a guy without going under the knife.

  • Jessica

    Hi Zuzana

    I love your site =) Thanks for all the tips.

    I was wondering whether you can do workout series on the back area, i think that’s just as hot as the butts


  • Leo

    Oh, no way that skinny is automatically pretty. What about the face, the hair, eyes, lips, cheekbones, the posture, hips, too? There are some girls that have no breasts and no hips. There are levels of skinniness and some just have this naturally gorgeous foundation whereas others, no matter how much they lose weight and tone themselves up, there is still something lacking. But it is also important on the purpose with which you’re about to hit on a girl if you find her attractive. I mean if she’s all hot and skinny in the body, but not so pretty face, and you want to consider developing a long term relationship with her, perhaps having a family as well. Thoughts like “what about our children? what might they look like? do I wana wake up looking at this face for the rest of my life?” But for a few dates or somethin, perhaps just the body is good enough ;)

  • Mary Liz


    This might seem wierd but when I am very skinny I feel less attractive. I have a lot of guy friends and they say when they go to the bar, they do look for a good body because they are not looking for long term, so the face so to say doesn’t matter much. (gross right?)

    Anyway, I think for most people the first thing you look at is body shape, then face, then attitude and personality. I have found when you know someone for a while they either seem more beautiful or tend to start looking ugly depending on their attitude and personality, do you notice that too?

    My best friend of all time has always been a heavy girl and I don’t mean curvy (she’s very big). We would go out and her amaizing self confidence would show and attract tons of attractive guys all of the time. She was very outgoing and usually started the conversations though.

    I think it’s true thin women get more initial attention, but women who have more to them than a tiny waist get the QUALITY attention all women want, even when they have “a little more to love”. :D sound about right?

    • Rex

      Wow, what a great post. As a guy I have to agree with most of what you said, with one exception… To me it always goes face, then body, then personality. But, as you said, in the end personality is the deciding factor.
      I dumped the best looking girlfriend I ever had because she was, well, mean… Just plain mean. The true long lasting relationships are based on what’s inside, because that’s the only part that really lasts.

  • john c

    hi zuzana ! i love these six pack/ love handle workouts ,since i want the first and have the latter! ha! i read everrything in your blogs about the workouts and diet needed to acquire the physique that i have been dying for but i have a question. lets say i do these 3 workouts on consecutive days .being that im going to be working out 6 times a week should i do similar full body workouts the other 3 days or do some kind of resistance training or something else??? am anxious to get started and transform my body so please help!!!! i will send before and after pics and you can post them on your site.thank you in avance for any help you can give me.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Just follow my daily workouts – full body, short, and intensive.

  • Amanda

    First off, I love your site and I think you are beautiful, not only physically but otherwise because you not only take care of yourself but are also trying to help others do the same for themselves.

    I know society tends to associate beauty with weight and figures, but I think nowadays it is coming back that curves (within reason) are not a bad thing but are womanly and sexy. There are plenty of men who like their women with some meat on their bones, but there are still men who are all about the body and nothing about personality first. Healthy is beautiful. Confident is beautiful. Conceit and an “I’m better than you cuz I’m thinner” attitude – not beautiful. I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes, but it is also in presentation. If you present yourself with confidence and are self-assured, big or small, you will exude beauty. Thanks for all you do!! I recently came across your site and am trying to ease into the workouts as I am in need of some weight loss to be healthy and enjoy this life I have been blessed with. No more excuses!!

  • Barbara

    All in form of shape can be beautiful. Even if that women has a man’ shape, she can be even more beautiful than most hot women we encounter.

    Every women are unique and each of them has something beautiful to admire of.

    It comes in the inside. How they act, how they think, how they express, their personalities, their defects. All.

    Now, if we’re seeing men’s point of view or how women think what men looking for a woman, hence the skinny= beautiful, well, it’s just fudged up.

    It depends on the taste of men. Some hot men like obese, some men like hairy girls, some men like tiny or big breast, some like big muscles on women. Whatever.

    Why should we *pleaase* what men wants in a woman if they have different taste?

    If you all believe that skinny is beautiful, well, good. Be skinny. But only for you. Not because of *them*. YOU want to be skinny because it’s beautiful.

    And that’s how it should be. If a hot man says to you: “SOrry, I like obese woman”. Well, fudge him. You want a man who likes who you are because you feel good for yourself because there’s nothing wrong with you. Look somewhere else. Or don’t look, just have fun with life.

    Hey! Queen Latifa is damn beautiful! I loooove her! God! lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      LOOOOL!! GO Barbara!

  • S

    Hi Z & F :)

    Loving the themed workouts!

    Since you’re only posting 3 workouts per week, I was wondering if you are doing old workouts on the other days?

    Also wondering if you were thinking of adding anymore new full workout videos in the workout archives.

    Thanks for all your hard work!
    I love the videos.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I do try to beat my old personal bests in my routines from Daily Workouts for the rest of the days.

      • Kari

        Hey Zuzana- Do you really only do 20-30 minute workouts each day? I work out atleast 2 hrs/6 days a week at a pretty high intensity and don’t even come close to looking like you do.

        • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

          I am sorry to hear that. Maybe your workouts are lacking of intensity, or maybe you hit a plateau. It is also possible that your diet is not exactly what it should be. One thing is sure – 2 hours of working out a day is insanity and if that was the only way to get fit, then I wouldn’t be in the shape i am right now.

  • Allandeh

    Amazing workout I’ll try it tomorrow.

    In high school the skinny girls have it way easier, they get lots of attention from the boys and most of the time they’re not that pretty. The big girls however don’t get that much attention in fact they don’t get noticed at all even if they’re pretty and they get made fun of a lot by the skinny girls and the boys too. I see it happen all the time at my school and I think it’s unfair how they get treated.

  • Katrina

    Just because you have curves doesn’t mean your not skinny Beyonce and Eva are both skinny. Its true there not model thin but they are smaller then most people. I truly think there is an idea that skinny= beautiful I think its been ingrained it to most of our minds that you can be pretty if your not thin but you cant be beautiful. Sad but true of what most people think.

    • http://bodyrock.tv Tania

      Hey Katrina,

      I agree. I have met Eva Mendez in person and trust me she is not as voluptuous as she seems on camera. She is quite tiny in height and weight. I would categorize her as skinny. However, what it all boils down to is that thin is in and will always be. Pick up any magazine, watch any movie etc. and everyone is trying to be skinny. Skinny is an obsession and yes, unfortunately beauty is categorized by weight. I know a lot of women out there who are not attractive, but because they are skinny they are categorized as beautiful. I wonder why so many of us believe this. Take for instance, if you are looking at a baby, cat or dog for that matter and they are chubby/fat one will find them adorable. Yet when a person past the age of 5 is carrying a little more weight than average, suddenly they are not desirable or accepted. I have witnessed this in kids as young as preschool. It is sad but it is not new and I don’t think it will ever change.

  • Ellie

    hi Zuzana!
    first of all- awesome workout.. cant wait to do it..
    kk so i have a doubt and need ur help.
    K so i aim to get lean body muscles. so for that i do every possible thing right. I eat 6-7 times, I workout hard( more reps) and intense workouts. But i noticed that my thighs are getting way to0 bigger! I mean I understand that i will get little big if i get muscles, but my thighs are gettng a lot bigger and everyone notices that and the saddest part – even my jeans are tighter now:(… I asked few people and they said that its probably that ur muscles are tryng to adjust but zuzana what do u hv to say bout it? is it some kind of phase of mass development??? I am eagerly waitng for ur reply!

  • maryh

    i think slimmer girls can wear nicer,more fashionable and prettier clothes to start with and also usually more revealing clothes…too much **cleaveage** (ahem :P ) on a heavier person just looks too much. Nicer clothes=more body confidence presumably and more attention.
    Also i think guys may prefer petite/slim ladies as it can make them feel like a ‘bigger’ man somehow..
    its just my observation. i’ve seen alot of men who seem to loveeeeeee tiny little almost girl-like figures. :$
    IMO they seem to prefer smaller framed ladies. I find it almost weird and wonder why this is? Does it bring out men’s protective-ness or what?
    I’ve heard men say often how much they dislike women with muscle BUT i think they only mean this if she looked generally ‘big’, and hulky overall…not if she was slim w/good muscle tone (Eva Mendes)

    Personally i think theres a real shortage of rugby player type male body shapes around,,guys that look strong..lol..a girl can only dream of Russel Crowe in gladiator :P And if there are any..they’ll be going out with the tensy girls. mmmmhhh i wonder!! Sighhhhh…

    Please correct me if im wrong you guys out there!!!

  • Hannah

    I think that when people say ‘skinny’, these days that means ‘not overweight’. You’re either fat or skinny, there doesn’t seem to be anything in between anymore. So when people refer to “pretty, skinny women”, I think they are simply referring to women who aren’t overweight, because it’s true that few people are attracted to overweight people. Some are, but most aren’t.

  • esha

    Hi zuzana,

    skinny so does not equal beautiful, for me personally. I am not a skinny girl, more curvy but i get plenty of guys looking at me. However, i agree that girls who are on the slimmer side not necessarily skinny, do get more attention from the male of the species as they look more attractive in their clothes or bare more skin and men being visual creatures i guess find that more appealing. But at the end of the day, looks and body size are all very superficial things. Its whats on the inside that counts in the long run. For me Monica Bellucci has always been the most beautiful women for me. She is curvy and sexy and soooo beautiful and if guys pass her over for skinny bitches, then something seriously must be wrong with them. Don’t you agree Frederick? The funny thing though is that i read one of her interviews and she mentions that guys tend to look at blond women more without knowing what the face looks like..like mandy’s story…lol

    By the way, on a different note..i abosolutely, completely lurve your blog. Its incredibly inspiring but most importantly you guys give us the strength to pursue our own personal fitness goals and thus improve our lives for the better. So from the bottom of my hearth to both Zuzana and Frederick, a very heartfelt thank you.

  • bohdana

    Good one!
    Thanks guys

  • autumn

    umm..i think skinny doesnt mean automatically pretty..because i know alot of girls in my school that are skinny and butt ugly…im not saying im the prettiest but im not ugly nor am i skinny…im thick but not fat

  • Melissa

    Greetings Zuzana-Loving-Villagers!

    20:28 – thought I would puke at one point :) Great workout. I added push-ups to the 1/2 burpees because I hadn’t done push-ups in a couple weeks.

    Also, I don’t have anything to hang from, so I did 10 leg-lifts (or reverse curls) sitting on the edge of a chair.

    Bless you Zuzana – I feel strong and sexy thanks to doing your workouts for the past 8 weeks.

    Oh, we’re having a health week at work and I’m offering three classes based on your techniques. I’m developing the classes myself to make them assessable – I’ll tell you how it goes :)

    Peace-out, Melissa

  • Rebecca

    oh and i would also like to request for more interval timer workout for different parts of the body…seems more fun :) …so that i can work different parts of my body every everyday…thanks! i dont see a lot of arm workout..maybe i missed it somewhere…but i will look for it :) you guys are awesome!

  • Patty

    Ya i understand the SKINNY problems these days… i am thinking that because a while back people kinda all looked the same i mean by size, no one was REALLY fat(obese) and no one was REALLY skinny(anorexic), they concentrated their attention on personality and brains. I also think a person looks pretty only at a certain time and place like after make up or a body transformation but i HIGHLY doubt that there is even one person that looks actractive/pretty 24 seven naturaly. I personaly am a healthy fan, i dont care is some is not PRETTY as long as they are healthy.I wonder how guys think they personally look?….pretty! hahaha :)

  • http://bodyrocktv Ramona

    Could the reason men notice skinny girls in a crowd is because of all the mental conditioning they have had with the barrage of visuals associations with skinny girls and attrativeness in advertisement, media, magazines, posters, calendars, movies, swimwear, etc. Most of these women are skinny, at least for the picture, photoshop and airbrushed so they look attractive. So perhaps men have been conditioned that skinny is pretty and therefore sexually inviting.

    Or perhaps men think that skinny girls are easy and are wanting of men because of the sexual appeal in media (Playboy, Sport Illistrated, Victoria Secret, GO Daddy, Busch commericals, etc.)that they protray to the male gender. You don’t see unfit, extra poundage models selling sex for a product therefore there is no connection mentally to a man that these kind of women would want him – only skinny people want sex (or sell sex). I find that sad!

    So its all about sex appeal and visual simulation. Why have so many women sold their body/looks so cheaply and left a wrong impression on men. It’s very hard to properly raise young teen boys (or girls for that matter) in our society.

  • Rebecca

    is your very first post back in october 16?? i was trying to find your old workout so i can have a routine to follow… you do make my workout a lot of fun and easy thank you so much… :) i am waiting for my gymboss timer… very excited… and i am curious to how long it will take me to get my arms to look like yours!!

    • Frederick

      Hi Rebecca,
      We have workouts going back over about 16 months or so – maybe even more….

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  • Miranda

    You crazy lil monkey you! lol

  • Katya

    Ninja Jumps!!!!!!!!!!!! this is SOMETHING!!!!!!! took me a real effort to even try and do the first one!
    Thank you! This is a great one!!!


  • Gaby

    Hey Texas Cindy where are you from??? What part of Texas?

  • Gaby

    Hi Z!

    YOu did a great job on love handles! Wanted to request our next “theme” I am sure you get a million requests but youve done butt and abs next how about “bra bulge”? you know the fat that pops out on your back below and above your bra(…well you dont know but youve seen girls with it im sure!) to have a sexy defined back( I always think of Hilary Swank in that blue gown!) THanks for the daily inspiration!!!!!!!!!


  • Rayne

    Oh I guess I was off subject a little… I did answer the question on youtube though. lol Sorry for the random question(s)!

  • Damon

    Hey there,

    I was wondering if you do any weight training at all? All of your workouts seem to focus on plyometric (body weight) workouts. Do you do any weight training at all? I’ve gained some weight recently and am really just looking to cut down on weight and not add muscle mass quite yet. In addition to a healthy diet, would you recommend simply using your body weight to exercise as a means of losing weight? Any beginner programs you can direct me to would be greatly appreciated! Love your videos.

    – Damon

  • Mickela

    I wanna see both of you working out together,mmm but who will operate the camera?

    In terms of skinny; bony unhealthy skinny is not attractive,
    I see a lot of models walking around in NYC (where I live), and it’s sad to see how thin some of these girls are, they look like holocaust victims, I just want to feed, them.

    Trim and healthy on the other hand is sexy, and it does attract, because it makes the person with that body feel confident and happy which in turn is attractive.

  • Rayne

    Hi Zuzana, I love your videos so much thank you for taking the time out to share your workouts with us. I have a really big favor to ask you. I am short and pretty lean but my thighs have always been a big problem. I am a size 25 inch waste, which I believe is a size zero or one here in the US, but I still get comments on how “thick” or “large” my legs look. I want to do some of your leg routines but I gain muscle really easy there (pear shape) and I was wondering what I could do to keep the muscle lean? What calories should I aim to stay in to keep from building my muscles too large? I am 5’3 and 113 pounds. If you don’t mind me asking, I am curious how tall you are and how much you weigh, also do you keep count of your calories? I realize muscle weighs more than fat so I am not scared to gain weight but I do want to look leaner especially in the legs. I would deeply appreciate an answer to this because I have been searching for one for years. Thanks again for everything I can’t wait to do one of your ab workouts tomorrow!

  • Seth

    I just want to start off by saying i love this site, and the content seems to be top notch. From the videos to the step by step instructions this is just what i need to start getting back in shape. I’ve been reading and watching this site for some time now, but today i finally tried the daily workout. Half way though I was feeling the burn, and I knew this was going to be a great workout. So thanks for everything, and I will definitely try to squeeze these in with my daily routine.

    • Frederick

      Hi Seth,
      Glad you gave it a try!

  • Maryam

    i have a suggestion for the topics u discuss…you should talk about ‘my fitness journey’ or something similar. wut i mean is that any person who makes a committment to being healthy or fit or just losing weight goes thru “phases”…starting from believing in all the fad diets or tricky, but promising exercise machines to being super hard on yourself, etc. i know a little abt ur ‘journey’ from visiting ur blog: going from counting calories, calculating all ur “numbers” n low-fat diet, to eating clean with strict protien+carb rules, to simply being “natural n healthy” etc….for some of us (like me) we are still going thru those phases, tryin to find wut is the best way for us. i think it would b really good to hear from a lot of people on the topic n see a common pattern maybe or perhaps that all of us have different ways, even if the goals are similar.

    i hope u take some time to talk about this

    ps. wut is ur favorite athletic footwear?

    • Frederick

      Hi Maryam,
      Nice topic suggestion – we have to start making a list of all the great ideas! To answer your question about shoes, both Zuzana and I tend to wear Nike.

  • Russell

    There are some good comments here about the skinny vs. fat debate. I think all female body types are equally beautiful and as a average guy I appreciate all of them. I personally think a woman’s body that may be outside of the skinny range but still healthy is the best. If you’ve seen the Dove campaign for real beauty some of the cutest girls are on there an are size 8-10. Of course, everyone has their own opinion, but I wish not all woman would feel the need to be skinny, and some would stay at a larger size.

  • Stephy

    I don’t personally think that skinny is pretty. I think that there are a lot of men that love curves and really dislike skinny women. Men want something to grab onto…lol. I do however think that a healthy body is beautiful.

  • http://www.thebusinessxcelerator.com Sean B.


    I think you are confusing the word “skinny” with the concept of not overweight. Beyonce certainly isn’t “skinny” but she is lean, in shape and carries herself with the the confidence that only an in shape person can. Low body fat is certainly a part of “pretty” in much of western society, and to me a heterosexual male, it makes a difference. I remember 10 years ago, reading a study on what men find attractive and they did a study comparing Marilyn Monroe to Pamela Anderson, and though Pamela Anderson was skinnier than Marilyn Monroe, the one common factor they had was a nearly identical bust to hip ratio. So, while “pretty” is a package deal, certain macro elements do apply. I have known plenty of skinny girls I did not find particularly attractive because they have the body of a 10-year-old boy. Not desirable. Anyway, those are my thoughts.

  • Shannon L.

    Okay you don’t have to chew a ball of tin foil because im here to leave a comment, so you can put the foil down now :)
    It’s so weird how we as a society think that being skinny automatically makes you pretty. It really blows my mind sometimes.
    It’s kind of the same concept as when girls have blonde hair. I don’t know if its just me, but if Im at a store shopping or at bar, it doesn’t matter where im at, and I see a girl that has long blonde hair I automatically think to myself “oh she must be really pretty” and I have to get a look at her face just to see what she looks like and most of the time, they don’t look any prettier than any other person, its just the fact that they have blonde hair that makes them stand out more.
    It’s the same thing with “skinny” girls, they stand out more because most girls arn’t that skinny.

    But being SUPER skinny isn’t very attractive and I know this for a fact because I used to be very, very skinny. Like a size 2 skinny and I didn’t really have curves like I do now.
    Around the time that I was thinner, I was best friends with a girl who had a hourglass shape, she had big boobs and a big butt and she had a small waist but she didn’t excersize and she didn’t always eat the best foods, but (damn her) she looked really good. She has a really pretty face to. Whenever we went out, guys were always trying to get her number and talk to her, but not so much me because I was just way to skinny, Im a pretty girl to but I think that just because I didn’t have the big boobs and the round butt guys didn’t really find me attractive. I really hated not having curves so you know what I did?…. I made myself gain weight and I did tons of butt workouts and I weight trained, now 15 lbs later I have meat on my butt, but its nice and perky and round and I have curves and now im actually trying to loose a little bit of weight around my waist.
    Oh and I get lots of attention now, it’s wonderful. I don’t ever want to be thin like that again… ever.

    You know also, the first thing I notice when I look at a girl is her butt. Im not gay or anything and I don’t know why I do this but having a really nice ass that sticks out and you have a small waist to go with it, makes the girl look that much hotter. Even if your not that good looking, just having a nice butt makes all the difference. At least thats what I think. Maybe it’s because I never really had a nice ass before and now I do so I notice them more :)

    Sorry for the long reply, I have a lot to say I guess.

  • Samantha

    Great video! I love the ninja jumps.

    When it comes to the correlation between skinny and pretty, I think most people would agree (some grudgingly) that we as a society DO associate them together. In the past, larger, Rubanesque women were valued for their beauty. At that time, a larger figure represented someone who didn’t do physical labour, was wealthy enough to afford luxurious food and a woman who was built with wide hips for having many children.

    Now, a thinner more toned physique is considered pretty. Perhaps this has to do with our changing ideals. We now value women who can multi-task numerous activities (for instance, work and working out). Fatty fast foods are now cheap where as healthier and organic foods are more expensive, leading a fit figure to be associated with wealth. Having child-bearing hips is now less important than having a career.

    As food for thought, an elite-level female distance runner once mentioned that life is unfair for women in high-level sports. As male athletes train, they become closer to the male ideal; stronger, more muscular. For elite female athletes (especially distance runners), they too become more muscular, losing their feminine curves. As male athletes near ‘perfection’, female athletes have to deal with insecurities about looking like pre-pubescent boys. So even the fittest, skinniest of female athletes battle with body issues surrounding their lean forms. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side :)


  • http://www.jsthorn.com Jean-Sebastien

    Hey, did this one in 15 minutes 50 seconds, and it was REALLY intense, thanks to both of you!

    Keep working hard, live easy

  • Michael

    Hello-Too skinny is as unattractive (to me) as too fat. I like an athletic body type that exudes strength & feminine power. Usally (not always) when something is “extreme” (skinny or fat) there is an underlying “extreme” behavior that has helped the condition exist in the first place….in my opinion that is where the problem is. If you are skinny by nature..fine…but if you do crazy, unhealthy things to acheive that….it will never be attractive.

  • Nicole

    I think that skinny doesn’t necessarily mean pretty, but that being skinny is sometimes confused with being fit, and that being fit and healthy is what is most desireable. There is a girl I see at the gym who clearly has an eating disorder. She is TOO skinny and looks weak and sick. I don’t think that any guy would find that look attractive. In addition to looking good, I think that if someone works out and really takes care of themselves, it likely means they have self confidence, which men find attractive.

    By the way, I loved this week’s set of workouts for abs, and I can’t wait to try them! Keep up the good work :)

  • Kat

    Being curvy doesn’t make you “fat”, it means you are proportioned properly like an hourglass. In scientific studies the ratio from hip to waist to chest causes attractiveness in women. The more evenly distributed weight draws a mans eyes even if she is stick thin or got a little meat on her bones(like most women should in my opinion). Curves mean you can bare children without complications. This is what is ingrained in us since the first human. We prefer symmetrical faces and physically fit bodies. Those “skinny” girls may be 10 pounds lighter than the “curvy” chick next to her, but their hip to waist to chest ratio is possibly better than the curvy girls, so guys are drawn to them.
    Now I am sure that may be like 70% of the reason mean might gravitate toward a “skinny” chick. They also see a girl who takes care of herself and possibly works out, but just cause you are skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy. Skinny fat vs. skinny fit comes in here. So wait till those dudes find out she starves herself all day to weigh that much or to lose those extra pounds she “thinks” she has to lose. That isn’t attractive….or I hope it isnt.
    I also think that confidence plays a role as well. Girls who take great care of themselves give off a strong, independent vibe that attracts a guy. and I’m not saying “skinny girls” only. Any woman who is confident in herself is attractive. Period.
    Great workout! I did the first Abs and Love Handles workout from a few days ago tonight and it rocked. My new kitten loved it too :) She started running around like crazy thru my feet.

  • Tiffany

    Hey Zuzanna,
    I loved this workout by the way. For someone to say, Oh skinny and pretty girls have it so easy, Is the most wrong assumption someone could ever make. Does anyone not watch and DO your videos and watch you sweat and burn your buns off???? It’s not being skinny is what is beautiful it’s the hard work and dedication it takes to get that way and stay that way so that you can live a healthy life and enjoy it while you have it. You only get ONE BODY!!!! Just ONE!! It’s not like you can just get fat and then you can go buy another one. IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT! Women who in peoples perception that are beautiful are women who actually take the time to bust there ass and work out, take showers, brush there teeth, put on clean clothing, and hold there head on top of there shoulders and have a great outlook on life. Being beautiful doesn’t come easy for anyone. It takes knowing what your eating and having common sense. Being happy with your self and letting your body be healthy is what is beautiful.

    See you in the morning Zuzana (work out time),
    Tiffany #1 Fan :o )

  • Rich

    That’s because to men, thin, in shape, not necessarily skinny, is mainly what attracts a man. Women seem shocked that a man can consider a woman hot, sexy or pretty without even seeing her face. That’s because men are equally as attracted to a woman just because of her body as her face, where as women are almost all face oriented. A beautiful face might take a man’s breath away, but her BODY is what turns him on sexually and that’s even more important to a man, but we certainly prefer both but most will take a face that’s maybe not quite up to par but with a hot body to make up for it rather than the other way around.

  • Pilar

    Fabulous routine today, Zuzana. Hey could you please tell me where you buy your clothes for exercise!’s Beautiful! I wish I had clothes like that … Tell me where you could buy?


  • kayla

    wow! never thought about it in that sence all I know is that im always trying to get thiner and decreace my body fat percentage..but now that you mention it I guess thats the way I look at it 2. I was asking myself y I wanted to be so thin and the answere was to be more beautiful and let my abbs poke through. But I also no some girls who I think are beautiful but they r far from skinny..so idk..but you deffinatly gave me something to think about and I think im going to try and look at being beautiful in another light.

  • Sim

    Hi Zuzana & Frederick,
    Along with 3 new Workouts you said you will be also posting tips for your workouts and diet. Will this be in your next video or there will be an article ?? Anxiously waiting for your tips and diet.

    One quick question : Is it ok if i perform my exercise after breakfast ??My Breakfast time is between 8AM-9AM n i do my exercise around 11AM , OR should i do the exercise first and then have my breakfast to get fast result?
    How you do it Zuzana??Is it after breakfast or before ??
    I hope you will answer my question …b’coz till now i havn’t got a single reply to all my previously asked questions…

  • Abby

    Wow! Zazuna! Thankyou so much for all the work that has been put into making these videos for the public.

    Im 15, and was 120 last week, then I started following your workout videos, and I have seen such a big difference in my body, I can now do full push ups !! lol
    not to mention I’m 116 this week !

    Your workouts and blogs have been such an inpiration to me, So thankyou guys :)

  • Natram

    i do not agree about skinny pretty, it all depends on the individual, there are skinny healthy, skinny bonny, same as fat obese, or just fat ;p, either way a person can be pretty yet nasty as a person, rude, mean, and just a f**kup, same can be said for an ugly person. I’ve learned not to judge someone by their looks period. Everyone has their own defects in life, it’s just a matter of dealing with it and learning to accept one another.

  • cutie

    I don’t think skinny automatically means pretty :) A pretty woman is first about what she is inside….and then the appareance can go with it or not…..

    If people focus on the appearance…at least i Think they should look at the face to tell if someone is pretty or not…not at the body shape automatically….

    Of course, when i look at someone, i see the face first, but for me, someone pretty = 95 % of psychological skills and 5% of appearance … :) :)

    have a nice day :)

  • chrisitne

    Hi Zuzana,
    in my gym i have to wait in line lol to be able to use hanging knee rise so can i do the other 2 workouts and complete 7 round then do the hanging rise for 7 round at last?

  • Brooke

    Personally I connect “skinny” and “pretty” with completely different things. If someone is “skinny”, that, to me, means that they have a low body fat percentage and are small or lean. That’s skinny. “pretty” is something i would connect with their face. If someone is ‘pretty’ then i would assume that they have a nice face, maybe or maybe not along with a nice body. If someone is ‘ugly’ they might be skinny as well but they are not blessed with great facial features. If someone is curvy it does not mean to me that they cannot be pretty. Curves can be a good thing as well. I dont know if anyone else looks at it this way, but thats the way i have always connected those things!

  • http://kicksboxes.blogspot.com Kicksboxes

    You guys are all nuts! Pretty girls (skinny or otherwise) have it ‘pretty’ tough. 1. They never know if other people are actually interested in them as a person or just attracted to their looks. 2. They are forced to always wonder if they got a job because of their actual qualifications and experience or because the boss wants to stare at them all day. 3. Even if they are highly qualified for a job, many people will just assume that they got the position because they’re attractive. 4. People tend to pay more attention to how they look than to what they have to say. 5. As we age, our looks will fade; This is really tough to face if your entire life is based only on the way you look. 6. Beautiful people are often objectified and only thought of as ‘living dolls’ not actual people. Even though we worship beauty in our society, the truth is often not so pretty.

    At least that’s my opinion… Now Zuzana please put the ball of tin foil down!

  • Mihaela

    Dear Zuzana, please do not eat tin foil, it’s not good for you!
    We’re all here, hopefully keeping the balls of tin foil at bay.
    About your topic – does skinny equal pretty? Hell, no!!!
    As a relatively skinny girl (173 cm, 54 kilos), I always considered curves to be sexy and I’ve been working my ass off to build some muscle everywhere, but especially on my spaghetti arms.
    However, I do see heads turning for the skinny girls, but that’s just how men are wired I think. They probably believe that a skinny girl will be easier on the wallet, what with them eating less food and requiring smaller clothes. Well, they haven’t seen me eating, let me tell you!
    Joking aside, sexy and attractive comes from your confidence and how you carry yourself. I know quite a voluptuous lady at work, and she is super sassy, very intelligent, extremely funny and she has a great outlook on life. If I was gay I’d date her. Heck, I’d date her if I wasn’t already committed to my man :)

    All the best Zuzana, you rock!

  • Maurice

    Hey guys

    Love the site, visit it everyday. Just wanted to give a little of my own input and opinion on this subject.

    I would defiantly say that skinny does not mean attractive or even healthy for that matter. I think what your male friends are looking for when they scan the room for attractive women is the silhouette of someone who may poses the physical and lifestyle qualities that they are looking for. There are MANY women who are very beautiful with nice curves and voluptuous bodies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those women would make good partners.

    I will admit that I myself hold a pretty face as a large determining factor when looking for a potential partner, but I also look for a certain degree of health and lifestyle. Does she take care of herself and is her health important to her? Many women, especially at a younger age, can afford to eat terrible foods, do very little exercise and still maintain a very desirable physic. When I see a women in her early to late twenties who is very sexy and voluptuous, I think of how well she really takes care of herself. What are her eating habits like and will they clash with mine if we get into a long relationship?

    I dated a girl in the past who was very fit and beautiful, but she ate like total crap. She and I often had disputes about where to eat and what to eat. So, even though she was very pretty AND fit, she still had qualities to her that clashed with my own. So, even though I may find a very attractive woman, voluptuous or fit, it still may not workout because of lifestyle differences. The flip side is that skinny women are not always fit. A lot of them simply have a strange form of malnourishment. I knew a woman who was interested in me who was very thin, but once again she took terrible care of herself. She ate very little, nutrient empty foods and NEVER worked out. She refused to see the issue in her choices for her health. She was pretty to some, but down the road she would be facing clear health issues and I personally found her grossly thin body unattractive, even though she insisted that she had a “Victoria’s Secret” body… Skinny does not equal pretty in my book.

    The reason I scan the room for the thinner body type is because it gives me the highest possibility of meeting someone who does care about their health and who will not only fall easily into my lifestyle of eating Clean, Real Food, and who exercises regularly and also will pass that mindset onto our children.

    Looking for thin women in the crowed gives you a higher chance of meeting someone who treats themselves, their partner and their future children with an eye open for health and the importance of it in life. That’s just my two cents

  • lucky

    hi i like ur workout videos.. i noticed that u have gr8 round shoulder.. can u upload some shoulder workout videos plz.. or u can give me some advice .. i ll appriciate it.. thanxx

  • Yanna

    This may sounds stupid, but when you say contract – do you mean suck in or push up? I’m sorry I don’t grasp that concept. =/

  • Heidi

    Zuzana I like your website a lot. I wanted to just say that not all boys think skinny is hot. Most do, but my boyfriends comment when I asked him about if skinny girls means hot was not what I expected. He said that it doesn’t matter if they are super skinny as long a they try taking care of their body. He said he wants a girl with a pretty face cause after time body shapes can change due to lack of motivation, pregnancy, or other factors. I was glad to hear that because I am not super skinny, but am fit. We workout together and both have gotten our personal training certifications together so I think we have fun trying to improve each other in that area.

  • algeria

    well you are great zuzana i admire too much and i hope to have your body so with sknny peaple i dont know in my coutry men love women with a good butt and brest for they women with that description are everything

    i love you zuzana

  • Ashley from Canada!

    Ewwww ball of tin foil!
    Speaking of skinny, I feel like you would have to define what skinny truly is. Skiny as in fit or skiny as in cachectic. I feel that men probably gravitate to women who have curves because prehistorically this can appear as a woman who can procreate. Having the hourglass figure represents a woman who can give birth safely (wide hips) and provide milk for their babies. And men probably gravitate to women who appear healthy, who take care of themselves, who eat the right food, and these women normally turn out to have normal BMI’s or otherwords ‘skinny’. It all depends on the unique case. I feel that if men look at women who are over weight, this may signal to them that these women are unhealthy, engage in unhealthy behaviour, and therefore represent what they will put forth in their future. I think men really look at healthy.
    Great topic Zuzana!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-UnioN/345055365073 Cris Far

    zuZanoo and FederikooOO00!! I am doing yesterday’s workout today, I cant wait! Anyways, Frederiko thanks for replying, Can you guys give us Zuz’s measurements? I know I will get very upset and jeallous once I know! haha! but that will absolutely draw a goal line, since me and suzano are same height and almost same weight ;D (5’5, 120 lbs) or are you willing to send them to my email instead if you dont want to post them? :D pleEEEase or I’ll cry :( …My measurements are (how embarrasing…) in cm:
    84 bust, 65.7 waist, 75.24 lower waist (arghhhh) 85 hips, thighs 47.3, calves 28.89 I know, Im weird :/ I hope you can do this!!! Thank you I cant wait for my workout for today! :D

    p.s. Hey since Frederiko is replying to half of the posts, how cant we actually see him? WE WANT TO MEET FREDDY! YEAH GO FREDDY!! we want to see you! :D :D:D

    • Frederick

      I’ve been in a few videos and there is a pic of me on the site…. somewhere haha

      • http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-UnioN/345055365073 Cris Far

        :’( :( ((((((((((((((((( Im a week old to this site!!!!!!!!!! buaaa!!! I guess I’ll have to look since u dont want to say :/ btw, I dont believe “skinny” are attractive nowadays, because no one really is, I mean, majority of people here in america are fat, so the media now targets “bigger” stars, because in the actual culture food is all about “fast and easy” which equals fat and cancer. The way I see it, always guys tend to get attracted to girls with big butt and boobs, dont matter if they have cellulitis (which I believe is a big deal) but of course also if you put a barbie girl next to her, they will also feel attracted, but those girls are really not seen out there as often, so I guess every random guy falls more for the average chubby girl…saddly this is now seen as “normal” which with all respect, it is NOT. Obviously not all girls can be “skinny” because it also has to do with how your body and bones are shaped, but I dont believe there are excuses to let your body shape get stored with fat just because you want to have a big but!!!! Send me measerements pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssse or I’ll kick you both :D

      • Ashley from Canada!

        We love you freddy!

      • fuory

        Hey Cris Far, Frederick,
        I agree :’( we want to see measurements ;) plz plz plz =)
        Fred, I think we should see you more :)

        thank you

    • Audra Gatti

      Yeah he’s in the post under “LIFE”

      “Hair cuts, hair colour and 3 awesome new workouts” I think…

      Sorry Frederick! :-D

    • Audra Gatti

      I meant “3 KILLER new workouts”

  • Philippe

    Hi zuzana !

    Thanks for this great workout ! It came just a bit late so i decided to go for the 500 rep workout instead ! I did everything but the turkish get up in 20,08 min ! But are 50 turkish get up even possible lol !

    Like you said, beauty has a lot to do with confidence and to be confident means to be certain of your abilities. Your are surely beautiful doing those workouts ;)

  • http://bodyrock.tv Pacou

    Hey Zuzana!! your little comment at the end of each videos, you know, the “visit my blog or i’ll…” really craks me up everytime! love you, your workouts, your team, keep rockin’:) as for the subject of skinnyness, i can tell you a lot about it… i’ve always been skinny and everybody would make fun of me up through high school. at 25 i had a child and after that i would still be skinny but with a little belly and as years would past by, i was getting flabby everywhere even though i would still be skinny,(i’m now 38) i know it sounds weird but its true. maybe you know women like that…anyway i always ate as much as possible in hopes of getting bigger but the fat only goes in my belly and my waist line. my point being that even though a girl lots skinny i dosen’t mean she’s healthy or dosen’t have some fat hiding somewhere. so as for me i started working out a few years ago to build muscle and tone my body, it’s going pretty well except for the belly… i discoved your site a few weeks ago and now i’m convinced that i will lose that belly fat with a better diet. thank you so much you’re my biggest insperation (i haven’t found one close to me yet..!!) :)

  • Joanka

    Hi Zuzana,
    Just had a quick question about upper body… you’re upper body is so toned, however it seems that most of the workouts focus on lower body/cardio, etc. Are the pushups the only upper body exercises you do ?
    Thanks !


    Hey Z!
    1st I don’t have the hanging rings so I did full body crunch. Great workout! I have been stuck trying to get rid of the last 10lbs for 2 months. My problem is my diet. Could you give me a sample of your meals for a day. I seem to be starving by six even though I have eaten every two to three hours. HELP!!!

  • Diana Ruiz

    Hi Zuzana. I just love, love your workouts. I actually look foward to working out with your videos and that is the first time that I have felt like that. I just think they are fun and workouts that I have never seen before, but they are so intense.I hope you do something on building great legs. My dream is to build big legs but was wondering if could give me more info on that to my e-mail if you want or can.I also enjoy your topics very much. I get told too often how skinny and small I am more then being called attractive. I am the kind of person that doesn’t like to be called skinny. I would much rather be fit and strong looking but that is why I am doing your workouts. Thanks for everything!!!

  • gemma

    I think to an extent skinny girls mean they are pretty.

    The first thing is that not really ‘skinny’ is what we are going for, but more ‘slim or lean’. When girls say they want to be skinny, they mean slim and at a healthy weight, not bone rail skinny as some models are today.

    Secondly, being beautiful is two way: inside and out. On the outside, it is true we are looking for a pleasant body, but what really is striking is how comfortable the woman is in her skin. If she is overweight, she has a higher chance of being uncomfortable with her shape, and if she is than so are others around her.

    And it is possible to be both skinny and not pretty, as well as not skinny but pretty. I know people that can fit in those categories. Therefore, I don’t think skinny means pretty (or slim) but if we were to only look at the exterior of a woman in today’s society, it is true that thinner is considered more beautiful, regardless of a woman’s face. It is secondary in terms of first impressions.

    Thanks Zuzana for the workout! Do you have any alternative to the ring thing, because there is not where in my house that I can do that kind of move. Is there some kind of replacement that will target the same muscles and still work them that you could offer? Thanks!

    • Audra Gatti

      Hi Gemma,

      I have a pullup bar that I purchased at Sport’s Authority and it’s called the Iron Gym pullup bar and you can hang it in any doorway. It hooks over the door frame and it’s really convenient. Don’t know if you have access to this but it’s the next best thing for me because when I’m done I just unhook it and put it away. Anyways, I thought this might help you. ;)


  • PaM

    I personally think that pretty doesnt mean skinny…
    but pretty can mean healthy
    if your healthy, your body feels stronger, lighter…lively…therefore you feel better so you can show it, and normally, people who feels good about themselves, look good on the outside, and that for me its pretty
    maybe thats why those women that you mentioned look beatyful and sexy…because thats how they feel
    also…what is beautiful to some is ugly to others..so
    thanks for your videos
    you are my body inspiration :)

  • Antonia

    Hi Zuzana!

    I love coffee talk and I am drinking my coffee. I cannot speak for men and I do not understand them or how they think. I dont associate skinny with pretty. I am thin because I run but I want shape and tone as you have. So this is why I work out. I see many times skinny as weak because I dont see mostly health or firmness when I see skinny girls/guys. So I dont see pretty. Maybe it is because it is so hard to lose wieght that people connect it with pretty and find it admirable. I am curious if some guys would leave comment as to why they feel that skinny is first. I agree with the stars you named and the shape makes them gorgeous. My vote is a definate no.

    I was wondering if there was a point in your life that inspired you to say you are going to get in the best shape of your life. I doubt if you were never in good shape but if there was something that brought you to the point and not going back or giving up? Hair and makeup haul would be nice sometime but I love love love the cloths/shopping.

  • Alan

    For me an attractive women has shape and muscle tone.Manny guys seem to care only if a women is skinny,but I think women without tone look unhealthy and underdeveloped.When I see younger women that get allot of attention because their skinny I feel bad for them,because they have a misconception of beauty and health,and it will effect them for the rest of their lives.

  • Mandy

    Hey Zuzana what can a person do if they don’t have anything to hand from for the hanging knee raises???

  • Sara

    Hi Guys! I just did this workout. I would like to know how many calories you burn when you do this exercise. I know it depends on your body but I would still like to know a range. And as for body shape I think that fit is WAY sexier than thin! Thanks for the great workout. Have a good day.

    • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      HEy Sarah,

      I’d say, get creative. I have just bought me some gymnastic rings but haven’t installed them. I have a bunk-bed in my guest room and hand there to do my leg raises.

      Check out a sturdy door in your house and if all else fails, lay on the floor, hands under your butt, abs in, back flat on floor, legs extended (towards the celling) lower your legs (open and close them as you go down) to the floor and then pull your legs up towards the celling.

      Hope it helps and that it made sense!

      • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

        oops Sara,

        this answer was supposed to be for MANDY.

  • Alex

    I had a question about one of your workouts, I just did the one you posted most recently and I was curious about one of the exercises you demonstrated. The Hanging Knee Raises, isn’t if bad for your shoulder to be hanging on them in that fashion?

  • tanya

    Hi Zuzana, i think people in general male or female will look towards someone who looks as though they take care of themselves.thats just my opinion. I do also think that people who arent skinny and toned are beautiful as well. Thanks for the ab workouts! Are you going to show us how to get fabulous arms now ;) :D !

  • Shauna

    Just wondering how you do the ninja jumps? I assume you are using only your core and arms to pull you to the standing on your feet position? I just have a vision of falling flat on my face and knocking a few teeth out.

    You have me thinking……..how many times have I heard (and possibly said) about someone who is overweight ” She sure is pretty, too bad she isn’t skinny/skinnier”. Maybe we do associate the two without even realizing it. I will pay more attention to my words/ thoughts as I now feel a bit judgemental for thinking that way as there are some very beautiful women who are overweight.

    • fuory

      I tried to do the ninja jump

      but they didn’t looked the same to me !!!

      she’s the pro ;)

      but one day I might be able to do them right


      thank you,

  • http://bodyblog.tv Lish Weese

    You look absolutely the picture of health and vitality and what a fit girl should aspire to look like! I have never been considered by friends and family or men to be unattractive and yet I have been skinny with little to no muscle and I have been curvier before I started working out 10 yrs ago. I have now developed muscle and am around 110lbs. I have problem areas like every girl but am getting those fixed thanks to these amazing workouts! I was complimented all through my 20′s on my appearance. A complete stranger came up to me at my gym and said I was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. He was not hitting on me but he told me to keep working out and that it was easy on the eyes and enjoyable to look at a woman who was fit and lean and confident. That didn’t happen to me when I was just SKINNY. I think that the majority of my compliments have come during the time I was muscular and fit and trim. Like now. I personally think that being skinny is not equivalent to being pretty and a lot of my guy friends would agree. Being fit and strong and healthy and confident is very attractive.

  • Chris R

    I don’t think skinny automatically means “sexy” or “beautiful.” We as a western culture have decided that “thin is in” and idolize the thin/skinny human body.

    It used to be that women who were overweight in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance were looked on as being beautiful. Look at those paintings and you do not see many women who would be as thin as many are now. They believed that women who were more curvy or had some meat on them meant they came from families that could feed themselves and therefore had a lot of money. The opposite is true now. Men and women who have a lot of money have the ability to be skinny because they can afford the gym memberships, the expensive health food, the personal trainers etc. With all of the horrible processed foods, fat has become the norm and skinny has become the new thing.

    Personally, I am gay so it’s hard to judge the idea on women, but from the men I know, they are automatically looking at the thin girls to see IF they are pretty or not. An example of this came the other night when we were downtown where I live. I saw this very thin girl that had a model’s body…but her face looked like a horse!

    When I am looking for guys, I look for thinner boys but one’s that are lean and in shape, not just skin and bones. Hope this helps.

  • Purple Apple

    Oh and for the topic I think skinny is just what is in? I guess you can say? Because if you notice in the 50s 60s Beyonce’s Hour Glass figure was in style because of Marylin Monroe. But then in the 70s Twiggy (a famous English model) was the look. She was too skinny and she has admitted that had eating disorders. I think its just what society puts out in the world with those adds portraying the “Sexiest Women” not that they are not but it’s just what is being promoted. Girls are striving to look like them and in return just end up hurting themselves. And its highly unlikely to look like a model only like 10% or less of the population do because you have to be 5’10ft and thin. I mean how many girls you know that are at least 5’10ft? I’m probably just blabbering now but one thing i know is i like being fit, because it just feels good to have all that energy and still look good.

    thanks Zuzana

  • Jezawix

    NoOOoOOOOOoOO……… I’m always visiting your blog… … PLEASE……. don’t chew the tin foil :**********( I can’t even bear thinkin about it!!!!

  • fuory

    I agree, I like getting skinny !!! I am 51 kg and I am 162 cm, and I am watching you and following you to become 44kg or less.
    because every body I know like skinny girls, I even me I want to be too skinny

    skinny = hot prety sexy ;)

    thanks for the exercises

    • Suzanne

      Dear fuory,
      JUST MY OPINION: 44kg for your height would be TOO thin, especially with the muscle that you can build with these workouts (muscle weights MORE than fat on the scales).
      How about a hard-core fitness goal instead?

    • Gunta

      i am 163cm and year ago my weight was 47kg,believe or not but when i weight so little i didn’t look good, only bones and nothing more.because i weight so little, there were problems with my heart, and i got anaemia and my doctor didn’t allow me even run.and after a year i still have problems with my health and believe when you weight so little you lose something more than kg you lose joy to live. if you don’t agree with me then go to doctor and doctor will explane you better.i hope you will do that:)

  • NGB

    Hi Zuzana & Frederich – just hoping for clarification on the following comment/disclaimer means under your “About” section?

    “…..The statements made on this website, and in our videos are intended for entertainment purposes only…..”


    • Frederick

      Hi Gabby,
      It means that Zuzana won’t really chew the ball of tin foil :)


    No,I don’t automatically believe that “skinny” means beautiful. My opinion is that skinny means unhealthy. There’s a big difference between “skinny” and a slender healthy body. One can tell by just looking if a “skinny” person’s body has muscle tone and definition which would indicate a healthy body NOT necessarily a physically beautiful person. Whereas, just being “skinny” and ones ribs can be seen, with skin loose and flabby,and skin color that looks unhealthy to the point of appearing ill is not beautiful at all even if the girls face is pretty. I know lots of “skinny” girls and I would not classify any of them as beautiful. They just don’t look good. They also have the attitude that they don’t need to exercise,because they believe that “just” being skinny makes them beautiful. NOT!

  • http://www.dragontemple.typepad.com Damien

    Curves and athletic beats skinny every time. In fact practically anything beats skinny if a skinny body has been aquired by unhealthy ‘diets’ and worry over self-image. All my male friends and my gorgeous wife feel that curvey and athletic is healthy and beautiful (and sexy).

  • Bill

    How frequently should we do these workouts? Do you suggest a day in between? Should we do workout 1, rest a day, workout 2, rest a day, workout 3, rest a day and back to workout 1?

    Or are they varied enough from one to the next that we can do them with no rest? (It’s easy to be ambitious while I’m watching the videos.)


    • Frederick

      Hi Bill,
      It’s whatever works for you. Zuzana and I tend to workout 5x per week on average. For us it just depends on what we have going on and what our schedule looks like. No hard and fast rules :)

  • Jenna

    Hello ….
    I think “lean” is that instant eye-catch attractive. I’ve seen plenty of skinny females that have no muscle definition so they tend to appear more “skinny-fat” in my mind, and that’s when I think a few more curves would do a girl some good!

    Quick question: do you have an alternate suggestion for the hanging knee raise? I don’t have the equipment or gym membership for this.
    Also, what would be a great way to progress and get stronger for the Ninja jump?

    Loving the workouts!

    • Frederick

      Hi Jenna,

      Not that this is the same exact exercise or as intensive, but as a variation you could try a reverse crunch (leg lift or knee raise while lying on your back).

  • Ruth

    Ok, chewing a ball of tinfoil is just gross!!! ;)

    So, I think that when people say “skinny” they really mean height/weight proportionate. I may be assuming too much with that but I think generally they are not refering to people who are just skin and bones. Beyonce and Eva Mendez are good examples of individuals who are curvy yet still height/weight proportionate. They also have beautiful faces. Which brings me to my next point… people can have a pretty face but not so pretty figure… those with both are more attractive. We can do a lot to make our faces more attractive, makeup being a big one, so it’s easier to be overall more attractive if you are skinny/thin/fit (how ever you want to put it).

    About guys in bars… I am assuming, again that may be too much, but here it is anyway, that guys in their 30′s who are not married and are still going out in groups to bars to talk to women are not looking for the love of their lives but to have a short fling or one night stand. In this case, sex is what is going on in their minds (altho, really, when isn’t it, LOL ;) and therefore a better figure will take presidence over a pretty face.

    Also, if two equally interesting women with equally pretty faces were to be in a man’s life I would bet that a man would choose the thinner one if he needed to choose (maybe because he really did want to settle down). An attractive girlfriend or wife is a status symbol, like their job and how much money they make. So, I’d guess, the more attractive the better.

    There is so much more that could be said on this topic, but I’ll leave it at that for now… :)

    This workout looks kick ass, can’t wait for tomorrow morning to try it! Ninja jumps are still the bane of my existance but I’m going to give it my all… :)



  • Purple Apple

    Ahhh your too cool! I think im addicted to your site love these type of conversational topics. Keep up the good work! =]

  • mag

    hi zuzana, great workout!
    i have a question, it’s ok if I eat at
    9:00 am / 11:00 am / 1:00 pm / 3:00pm / 5:00pm / 6:30pm
    and nothing more?
    could you give me your hours to eat please?

    :D i love this site!

    • Frederick

      Hi Mag,
      If those times work for you and your schedule then go for it. Zuzana and I don’t really have a fixed timetable for our meals – we try for every 2 hours or so but the times don’t always workout perfectly. We just do the best we can. Zuzana tries to stop eating around 7pm – but again it all just depends on how crazy our day has been.

  • Amy

    What brand is that sports bra? And where can I purchase one like that?

  • Bianca

    i have just completed this workout in 20 minutes and 2 seconds however i had to change the hanging knee raises to bum lifts with a crunch which was hard but im excited to try and beat it in a few months time. thanks for the workout and i was wondering if you knew any good seeds that i could snack on through the day because the ones ive tried i dont like that much. thanks x

    • Suzanne

      Hi Bianca,
      Thought I’d write as I am a seed addict!
      Which ones have you tried?

    • fuory

      I’ll do the same

  • Madia

    Hi Zuzana,
    I’m assuming those guys find “skinny” girls attractive automatically, because in their mind it means a girl takes care of herself and isn’t lazy. Basically she takes pride in her appearance.

    In my mind and I’m a woman, athletic or even curvy women are beautiful. Skinny does not always mean a girl takes care of herself. I’ve known plenty of “skinny fat” (size zero) girls in my life. Meaning if a “skinny fat” girl and I were in a race, I would leave her in my dust and I’m a size 6-8.

    Perception is interesting. Thanks again for another kick ass workout!

  • Candy

    I don’t beleive that skinny equals beautiful but I do beleive that you would be hard pressed to find many women that are fat and that men find attractive. Now as far as women shaped like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian well they aren’t fat they are normal sized with curves and I think that is the body type that most men find attractive.

    • Tha Forkmaster

      Word! Curves make women look sexy! Slim, well shaped girls can for sure be attractive, but I think that curves is what makes them sexy. There is a differense! At least from my point of view.

      Keep up the good work Z, your are for sure in the category of sexy women! ;-)


  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    Thank you for this great workout! I finished before you downloaded it and beat you by two minutes…8-) Just kidding…I’m not a time traveler…well not any differently than everyone else is…

    Seriously will try it in a day or two.

    Best wishes,

  • http://www.karateinutah.com Tony

    From a guy’s perspective, namely mine, seeing a woman who is in shape speaks volumes non-verbally. It says that 1. she isn’t afraid to work hard, 2. she cares enough about herself to make sure that she looks good, and 3. isn’t afraid of fun physical activities that might make you sweat a little.
    Now the reason why I said in shape and not skinny is just because you are skinny doesn’t mean that you are in shape. It’s what I like to call, “Skinny Fat.” These are women who are skinny naturally, however have no muscle mass. They might look like they have a great stomach, but there are no abs underneath. What’s the point! To me it’s like owning the body of a Ferrari and having the engine of a lawn mower. Great to look at, but can’t do anything with it.
    My wife is a perfect example, beautiful woman, in shape, and keeps me on my toes! It really is a lot of fun knowing that if we go mountain biking, hiking, skiing, etc., that she can do it and more often than not beat me doing it. I hope this makes sense.

    • Pavlina

      So true Tony! And funny *engine of a lawn mower* lol

  • Linda A

    I don’t think skinnny is pretty at all. There is something about a skinny face that makes it looks empty and cold-something about skinny (unhealthy skin) makes it lose its glow
    There is a big difference in facial features between a woman who is even chubby and a woman who is skinny( Not slim)
    When a person is fat, they tend to look older (few exceptions)-somehow when they lose weight, they lose ‘age’ appearance too. Skinny, if not to the extreme, makes the face look more pleasant-of course, that is if the face still has its glow. But too skinny makes the person look old and stressed. It really depends on your definition of ‘skinny’ skinny slim, skinny average (when you’re fine but people still call you skinny for some reason), skinny fit, or skinny because you’re just skinnny.

    Each is different
    All is relative to the skinny definition

  • http://www.myspace.com/radicalchristiansoldier Gabriel

    I think us dudes are more superficial and go for the woman who we think we are physically attracted to. That’s why men go to the so called skinny chic. and not to mention hollywood and what is the so called norm now.. u know.. and please don’t eat a piece of ball of tin foil..lol

  • Finally

    Hey Zuzzana,

    I have heard that in the past when food was not readily available, people that were heavier set were seen as attractive because they were seen as rich and healthy. Now that food is everywhere we find thin figures more appealing because it shows control & health.
    I’m am really enjoying your commentary & the shopping trip was fun, nice music too. But hope to keep seeing you workout, watching you put in so much effort gets me off of my butt.

    You Rock, keep well


    • Janet

      Me too. I love seeing a new workout posted. I listen and think about the other topics, and they are valid toipics and interesting, but you have a real gift at motivating people with your fitness program. It is very unique, authentic, well presented and effective…I love it!

  • Pati

    Great workout, thanks Zuzana and Frederick! Your workouts are so tricky! You naturally look like a pro when you’re completing them so I think to myself “easy,” and then when I actually attempt them, it’s incredibly hard!!!
    I think any body type can look sexy as long as it’s toned and taken care of. I do prefer the skinny type myself but there are all kinds of body types and as long as women keep fit and toned, I believe that all bodies can look hot and sexy. I agree that Beyonce is a great example.

  • Masha

    I have this one funny story… I was hanging out with my brother and his friends.. and we pull up to a gas station and ther was this sexy skinny woman in a mini skit pumping gas but all was saw was her body.. she looked incredible.. so my brothers friend was all wow shes hott.. and went over to talk to her… as soon as she turned around she looked scarey.. he actually jumped back.. it was so mean of him but it was the weirdest thing.. because just by judging from what her body looked like we all automaticly thought she was beautiful but as soon as she turned around her face was quite scarey looking… lol so ya its true alot of people think skinny is automaticly beautiful because they think if she takes good care of her body then she must be beautiful. But I think inside beautfy is WAY MORE IMPORTANT then outside beauty. If your not that good looking but your personality is wonderful then that makes you look beautiful on the outside to. But if you look gorgous with an ugly personality that sure makes you ugly. So in this case yes you have to take care of you body and atleast look descent but personality is by far the most important.. in my opinion. Looks disapear in age… but the personality stays with you until you die… that is what my hubby says =)

  • Ciera

    I don’t think it’s being skinny, but being physically attractive and fit. all those women you named are not skinny, they are definitely not fat either. they are definitely fit and you can tell they work out… they are not UNFIT, or fat by any means. it’s natural to seek out a mate that takes care of his/her body. just like in nature when animals seek out the strongest/most fit mate… or the one with the brightest colors, or whatever the case may be to that particular animal.

    I will do this workout when i get home today… is there a different excercise i can do instead of the hanging knee raises? i don’t have anything i can hang on.

  • Yulia

    Hi :)
    I am 17 years old and i think you just made a great point, i am not skinny but i am not what people would call fat (nowadays you don’t know though) i have curves, my hips and waist are pretty defined. I do not think i am supper pretty or something but i am not bad looking either, i have REALLY noticed that loads guys are mostly atracted to really skinny girls, they just RUN! to them. I feel really bad because of it because it makes me feel like i am not even pretty, it is just AMAZING how guys see girls now, it is like the more skinny you are the most likely you will get noticed, i feel it is just sad how shallow people can be, THIS! is what causes eating disorders, lack of confidence and a bunch of other c#&p in women, people are just so influenced by hollywood and other places like that so they automatically form the idea that ” skinny = pretty/beautiful ”
    The idea of “PERFECTION” is what makes us so insecure and i think it is overated for sure
    anyway thanks for your videos, they have really helped me a lot :)

    • Sha

      Hey Yulia, I’m 19 and I completely agree with your comment! I’m very much like you too, neither skinny nor fat (hahaha, I think) and I feel so down and affected how thin is still in among youngsters. It’s a vicious cycle really, everyone chases it and prize being waif like all time time. I myself have been victim to bouts of purging and exercise bingeing in hopes of achieving that ‘ideal’ body type, only for my efforts to slap me in the face when I gain it all back, and even more.

      But now that I’ve discovered bodyrock.tv I’m inspired to take a more rounded approach to my health, my fitness and my body. It’s a pity though, despite physical and health education in schools many youngsters don’t really get it in their heads of what is actually healthy and not damaging to their young bodies and minds.

    • fuory

      I like your opinion ;)