Feb 19 2010

Sweet Body Burn Workout

Hi guys,

How is your 30 day challenge going so far? I hope that you are holding on. I have to say that I didn’t suffer from any cravings yet, so it’s all good. Today’s training was really hard. It was a full body workout and a time challenge, so you will need again some timer. I am using my Gymboss Interval Timer. I totally forgot how brutal this workout was. It might seem sometimes when you look at the older videos and pictures that the exercises look easy, but you can be really mistaken. I think that I pushed really hard today and yet I was able to beat my old personal best only by 8 seconds. I still count that as an accomplishment. By the way, don’t forget to touch the ground with your back knee when you are doing the jump lunges. It is easy to do scissors but real jump lunges have to be with contact. Just be careful not to bang your knee against the floor and keep the movement under control. For the full explanation of this workout with pictures click here.

Enjoy and have amazing weekend!



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  • Cynthia ツ

    October 7, 2014

    Finished this in 19 mins. Explosive push ups were done on knees and I did not use a skipping rope.

    On September 8, I finished in 30 1/2 mins.

  • http://delightfultastebuds.com Jos

    I’ve been itching to do this workout when I saw you posted on your FB for flash back workout and I did it today! Finished in 21:03 all in proper forms!
    After rewatching the video, I realized I did the box jump and knee up a
    bit differently. Apparently, I was supposed to jump then do 5 steps up
    on each leg FIRST before doing another jump. What I did was I did the
    jump before switching the legs, so I did extra jumps than what it
    supposed to be :)

  • Mary Lou

    My phone died and I can’t find the charger (6 yr old or klepto cat?) so I couldn’t access my timer and had to rely on the clock. Just over 22 minutes! I did the clapping push ups on my knees without dying or smashing my face in to the floor so I guess it’s time to move on the the ‘big girl’ version. Yay!

  • Dheana

    Amazing time Chris! You really pushed hard – thanks for the inspiration as I’ll be tackling this baby on my lunch hour tomorrow! :)

  • Dheana

    Did you ever think when you were living in Malta that you’d be a red-head in LA a year later?! Amazing where life takes you when you’re following your passion huh?!

    This will be my Monday workout – first time and looks like a gooder! Can’t wait to post scores later – thanks for suggesting this “Flashback” workout. I always find it helps to get psyched for a workout…makes me push that much harder. 

    Happy Monday all!

    • Dheana

      Egads! That was TOUGH!

      I thought I’d mastered the skip rope, but it’s a whole other ball game on one leg! I think that’s where I lost time -oh, and the jump lunges, which I always find to be just tortuous…

      In the end, it took me 23 mins on the nose. Thanks for the awesome sweat-a-thon, as usual!

      Love to all! :)

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!! I just did this one and I am so proud of myself! I beat my PB by far. I keep on improving for this one. It is an intensive one (my body is dripping) but short.
    My first PB was 20’42″ (April 2010), then 19’13″ (august 2010), 18’59″ (October 2010) and… 16’26″ Today!
    I even make it a little bit harder by doing a jump squat after completing 5 step up on one leg (instead of one jump squat after you have completed 5 step ups on each leg)
    It makes my day! I don’t stop improving these days! Thanks so much Zuzi and Freddy!!

    • Mary Lou

      Wow! Fantastic improvement!

  • Ash

    I have a herniated disc in my lower back. Is there any workouts I can do without hurting myself?

  • http://30bananasaday.com Windlord

    Knew I wasn’t rope proficient enough, so just one leg hops


  • Charlie D.

    I blew my last time away!! 21:44:94 last time and 18:43:23 this time!! And that was not even two months ago. I’m so impressed with the progress I’m making and so grateful for you two and all you do to keep this site up and running and fantastic. I never used to work out this much, but your workouts are so fun and it’s so great to compete against you and the community and myself. Thanks to all of you.

  • http://www.crazylady.deviantart.com Rain

    Hi Zuzana,

    I watched this workout when I first discovered your website 8 weeks ago, and I thought to myself, “Crap. I’ll NEVER be able to do explosive pushups or those upside-down pike press thingys.”

    Last Friday I did the whole workout…very slowly, but I did the whole thing, with explosive pushups and one-leg pike presses. SUCH A BUZZ!!!!!

    Thanks for body rocking, please keep it coming. More explosive push-up workouts, please!!!!


  • Amandafit

    And thanks to you too Frederick!!!

  • Amandafit

    Great workout! I love the expolosive jump onto the chair before the step ups! You are the best! My time was 12:22. I am getting in much better cardio shape because of you! Thank you Zuzana!


  • Denis

    wow! tough workout! 36 mins

    Love your Videos!

  • sol

    hi well but the sugar in the fruit is not the same sugar is fructose , and also if you stop to eat sugar at all you can get sick is not for everybody and people need to know that .

  • redspy

    you mentioned that I would be able to see more description,pictures and number of repetition in your website. I was not able to find it. Could you help me out?
    I found your site extremely great.Thank you very much for sharing your fitness knowledge.

  • http://www.PortOrangeJuice.com Janis Gagliardi

    Another great workout!!! Thanks for the tips, also what type of running shoes are you wearing. I love them!

  • Monique from the Netherlands

    This one was HARSH!! Especially since I did the 550 rep workout yesterday. My time? 22:19. I haven’t been sore for a while. I reckon this one will do the trick.

    Thanks so much for all your great work! I am loving how I am feeling after starting these workouts 3 weeks ago. My clothes are a little looser and energy levels definitely higher. Whoop!

    • Monique from the Netherlands

      ps – I couldn’t do the explosive push-ups with my full body weight so I had to resort to 5 explosive (or perhaps in this case, small pop? :-) ) push-ups on my knees.

  • Shushan

    You are such an inspiration! Lately, I have been so bored with the gym. I used to go religiously 5 times a week and now I just can’t stand the place anymore. Your workouts were exactly what I needed to get me motivated again. They’re short but super intense. I get more of a workout in your 20 min or less routine than I did working out for an hour and a half. Thanks Zuzana! :)

  • amberae

    I did this for the first time, and my time was 32:31. insane workout, I can’t wait till I improve.

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  • rita cho

    I am on day 8 of my challenge.
    Today is okay but yesterday I wanted to kill someone.


  • Maryam

    omg! zuzana, guess what!?! this is the FIRST time ever that i beat ur time! the first time i did this workout on december 16, my time was 33:16. Yesterday, i did it again and my time was………….16:35!!!!!

    i cant tell u how exciting that was. the time went by so fast n i enjoyed it a lot. i was so surprised though. Thanks to you and all ur brutal workouts :)

  • SL

    Wow she so beautiful. Also coffee bad for you too. :)
    Also just heard the lunch truck siren LOL….

    • Kairi

      Actually, black coffee is really good for you. It’s when you start adding all the sugars, flavored syrups, cream, whipped cream, etc that it becomes bad for you. ;)

  • http://resultsonly.com phoenix personal fitness

    I like your workouts!!!Its great and cool..I go to gym everyday and I even hired a personal trainer for me to have progress on what I am doing..And now I that I visited this blog I think I wouldn’t need my personal trainer anymore and instead of going to gym..I will just do my workout in our house..

  • Douglas

    Hi guys,

    It was harder than I thought, the skipping part was difficult and my balance isn’t very good. My time was over than I expected but I got through it. By far my favorite workout is fat assassin, I feel so good aftewards :) Thanks guys for the motivation!

    I have a question about chocolate, im reading a book on food cures and they say ditch the milk chocolate and go for the dark (cocoa). I love my chocolate and I don’t want to lose my best friend lol. thanks

  • Marissa

    Hi, I was just wondering how often you do your workouts and what kind of a diet you follow other then your current ‘no junk food’ one?
    thanks :)

  • obispa

    Thanks guys, very motivating!
    Zuzana you are great, I’ve been following you for 3 weeks already, though not regularly. I gave up the gym, as it’s really time-consuming.
    However cutting on sugar, even not sugar itself but cakes and sweets makes the most difficult.
    Can you give a few ideas in terms of motivation? I live in Crimea, but thinking of bikinis doesn’t really help.

  • usama

    hi zuzana,
    r these exercises for us i mean for boys also or not

  • Dolores

    i would like to make this exercise but i have a tendinitis since a year on my muscle, what kind of exercises ca i do_?

  • Dali

    Hi Suzana!
    One week without sugar or any industrial food for me ! I really like you webside and your workout and I will try my first one (not a hard one) tomorrow morning!
    Thank you for sharing all this and sorry for my bad english (I’m french!)

  • Dave

    Is there anyway that you could also give a written form of the workout? I’m trying to see how many of each exercise is being done and in what order and I have a hard time gleaning this from your vids.

  • Debrina

    I am so happy today I did this workout and beat my personal best by more than 5 minutes. My old time 25:09 my new time 19:15. Thanks Zuzana I would not be recording my workouts and challenging my self if it were not from you wonderful advice. Thank you

  • Mandy

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have been watching & following your daily workout for a while now, and I love your Nike shoes in this video. I have searched online & went to the stores without any lucky. Do you happen to know the model# of the shoes.

    Thank you so much for your time!! :D


  • Rosie

    Great workout! I definitely did better on the jump and step ups than the first time we did this workout.

  • May

    sugar challenge ho!

    fruits help a lot.

    What helps me a lot also, is hot green or black or orange pekoe tea – I have my hot tea, whatever kind, with ginger and/or cinnamon, and now I toss in (dissolve), a sugar-free cough drop to soothe my throat after the tough breathing that happens with a workout (pant pant)

    GREAT burns on this one! Forgot to thank you for a super workout. Good heavens what could they be thinking dreaming these things up?


    And Yeouch – pushed hard for it, stretching helped afterwards. My time was way slow, but I did manage the hand clap pushups; I’m getting stronger and faster every day.

    Liked to knock me down the first several I tried, now I can get through them, so all I do living my life is so much better because I like my body again. Thanks for your help.


  • Nick

    You talked about avoiding chewing gum. What would you recommend for a substitute for chewing gum?

  • Jose Rosete

    You are an inspiration not to mention a beautiful person. I do have a question. I’ve hit the dreaded wall, I weighed 258 lbs, in April 2009, I now flirt around 200 and 204 lbs, but thats been for the past 3 months now. I work out 4 days a week 5 days a week I jog 2 to 3 miles. What do I need to do to start losing the weight again I would like to weigh ultimately 175 to 180 lbs. My diet still the same low fat high protien but I just cant seem to drop anymore lbs. Thankyou so much for all your help. Jose

  • Christy K.

    Hey Guys!
    I’ve been reading all of these wonderful comments!! I have noticed that there are a lot of young-uns (15-16 yrs old) that are taking an avid interest in this! All I can say is KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! I am a nurse in the mid-west U.S. and I have noticed an increase in the teenage population that have NO interest in being fit! These girls and boys are walking around with “spare tires It’s not about being “skinny” but maintaining fitness and health! I take care of a lot of morbidly obese patients, and it is HARD!! Physically and emotionally. I have found this to be very motivating with myself, and my mission to maintain a level of fitness as I get older (just turned 36:( You have to decide early on to make the EFFORT to take care of yourself, and instill this into your children! BE FIT PEOPLE!! So, go ahead and be selfish, give yourselves permission to embrace your body, your healthy lifestyle, and love yourselves enough to give this gift of fitness to yourself!!
    Thanks Zuz & Frederick!!KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

  • MzSlyde

    Zuzana -
    Thank you for everything that you post. I love to visit everyday and see what new post you have.
    In regards to the 30 day challenge – I have a question????
    OK so you mentioned the whole gum thing. I personally chew sugar free gum so that is no problem anyway.
    BUT – What about Jelly/Preserves and also Raisins. I love to eat my mixed nuts with a few raisins. What do you think about this?
    On the weekends I cook breakfast for my hubby and me – we enjoy this because we both work full time and cannot do this during the week so it is something special we share -However, with our breakfast I will have a piece of toast with either Honey (which you already said was cool) or some jelly/preserves (which is usually homemade from our garden and canned). What do you say on this as well?
    Thank you so much

  • Luke

    When I try and avoid sweets, I like to have some dried fruit on hand. You don’t have to worry about it going bad, and it is naturally sweet enough to suffice. Maybe even alternate between that and unsalted nuts and sun flower seeds.

  • Mickela

    Rasa the video you linked was really interesting and educational. I really agree with the fact that sugar is a drug and one must be really careful when consuming it.

    Sugar is not really a problem for me. Alcohol is I love wine, but I guess alcohol is sugar. I will join you guys and drink tea without sugar.

    If you eat a lot of fruit, the cravings for candy and cakes will go away.

  • annabelle

    Hey all! Love the workouts…and the clothes!! I searched many comments to see that people are saying your outfits are from Lululemon, but I cannot find the v-neck bra-tops. Can someone help?



  • Audra Gatti

    Hi Zuzana,

    I beat my last time by 1:45 for a PB of 18:02 for this workout. I was making all kinds of noises on the last set of pike presses. LOL :)

    Thanks Z ;)

  • Sarah

    I did not want to see my skipping rope again after trying the one legged skips for the first time! Was tempted to avoid this workout but just cracked on and did it in 24:08 – not great but I’ll try and beat my time again in a few weeks!
    Thanks again for a fab challenge!

  • Sam

    I finished this workout in 18 min 42 seconds!

  • Luis

    Hello Zuzana!!
    Thank you so much for the great work-out videos! Could you recommend a simple work-out to increase my energy levels – please send your reply to my attached email. Thank you!!
    O and I’m a sugarless kind-of-guy too and LOVE coffee w/out sugar!

  • Theresa

    Hi Z
    With the push up and clap, could you do this against a wall or put two plates (the ones for barbels) against a wall flat on the floor, and then put your feet just behind the plate touching so you cant slip back??
    Let me know what you think, useful or useless?

  • Jennifer Uranga

    My first round was 11 minutes…second round was 10 minutes. Found that I was better on my right foot than I was with the left with the jump rope! Over all killer workout. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks!

  • GM

    @ Jeff, I would like to know this as well!

  • Kristin

    Wow, forgot how suprisingly brutal this one was 18:26.

  • HotChilli

    Day 6 for me on the Challenge. Going strong no cravings yet.

  • Jennie

    Hey guys,

    I just discovered your website via youtube and I am in love with your awesome website. I fell off the working out bandwagon for a while and wanted to start back but I just wasn’t motivated! Than I stumbled upon your website and I was so pumped to start!! This is the first workout i did from the website and well.. it surely kicked my ass.. but I felt great!! Anyways, I just wanted to tell you how fantastic your website is and thank you for the motivation i needed to jump back on the workout train!! keep up the awesome work!!!
    p.s I am attempting the 30 day challenge however i have a huge sweet tooth but i promise to do my best!!

  • fahad or pepe

    hi zuzana and everyone

    i sow ur videos in youtube and i like it alot

    but is it good for women only or for both men and women?

    and another question iam training now in a local gym lifting wights and do some aerobics and i feel iam improving but

    my trainer advised me to control my foods and i asked him about some proteins (which some friends advised me to it as well) and he said its ok like procomplex or whay protein, is it good ???? is there any side effects ???

    i hope u answer me thanks

  • Anna K

    I’ve tried parts of your workouts here and there, but this is the first time I tried to do the whole thing.

    I did one round in about 12 minutes (but normal pushups and a normal jump instead of onto a chair). The step ups were the most challenging!

    Next time I’ll try 2 rounds, but that was tough enough for now ;)


  • Jasmine

    So I am only 16 years old and I just saw this today and I have been trying to find some motivation to kick me off sugar for awhile now. Which my family is a bunch of sugar junkies, so I thank you so much for this no sugar challenge. I am going to add time in the end since I started pretty late. But, I am extremely excited to follow along with this. :D

  • Marly

    Hello Zuzana..
    Good I Am beginning Now
    And he wanted to know of some Hints.
    Some Foods.

  • Gabriela

    I just wanted to say that you look gorgeous with that hairstyle! Totally different girl, soooooo beautiful! Love it:)

  • AlkemiaFitness

    Fantastic!! I just became a new fan of your site (came across accidentally searching for workouts for my clients ~im a trainer in NYC) I luv to combine movements in the same way and found someone who loves the psychokiller challenge that I love….Thank you !

  • Alyssa

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,
    I was SO excited to get a comment from you both on my blog jimandalyssa.blogspot.com
    I discovered your site in October and did your workouts religiously for 3 months straight. Since we started travelling in January throughout Central America, we have kept up with the workouts as best we can, although it is not always easy. I have told everyone I know about your site and even got my mom doing daily workouts!
    If you plan to travel through Central America, let me know and I can give you all the details. Good luck with planning your travels!
    Also, since you have given me great tips and a real desire to stay fit, I would like to invite you to a lakeside cabin in Muskoka, Ontario the next time you visit Canada. It is a beautiful location to do your workouts and would make for great photos for your website. You can check it out at http://www.lighthouselanding.ca

    Thank you again for your comment! Keep up the great workouts and advice.


  • Anna


    I love your site, the exercises are really great and challenging. I was wondering if You could add in your nearest workout an ‘instruction’ ;) how to do Side V-Crunches, because I have a problem with doing that exercise, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    Thanks for help and being my inspiration :)
    Ania from Poland

  • Ticket

    Hi sweetie! It’s my first day following your great site.I am definately going to be here for the long haul, actually planning on doing everything the same as you during the next year or so.

    The workout at hand was tougher than it looked. A lot tougher actually. I thought that there’s no way I’ll beat your time, but actually menaged to complete the entire thing in 21 mins 39 sec.

    The only part that required me to take breaks in between were the lunges.

    I have picked up on your no sugar challange and will stick to it at least till the end of march.

    Much love from Poland (and sorry for the inevitable miss spellings).

  • Carolina

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share a delicious hot cocoa recipe that you can try after finishing your challenge. And it’s healthy since cocoa (not chocolate) is one of the 5 brain foods. So… you mix a tea spoon of cocoa powder with a little bit of cold milk and blend it, then add a cup of hot milk, sugar ( I use turbinado raw sugar) and then you sprinkle cayanne pepper on top. Delicious! you can also add s little cinnamon.I think it’s called “The drink of the Aztecas”
    I have decided to quit taking antidepressant after 9 years and I have found amazing information about food and its effect on our brain.Cocoa is one of them.

    take care!

  • simona

    Viem ze cvicit budem musiet celý zivot :) ) ak budem chciet byt taka akou sa snazim byt..:) velmi ma to baviii :) ZATIAL a dufam ze aj bude keby niet tejto stránky a toho ze som ju chvalabohu nasla urcite by som sedela pred televizorom a dala si cokoládu… :) lenze nie nie je tu 30 dnová výzva ktoru musim dodrzat :) dnes sme boli na oslave bolo tam miliontisictristo kolácov a tort ale ja som si NEVZALA a len vdaka bodyrock.tv and 30 days challenge :P asi poprvýkrát som na seba pýšnaaa vdaka tebe ZUZI dakujeéém!!!! :) )

  • audrey

    looking at all these exercises…fantastic….really want to get going….but feel overwhelmed as where to start.
    is there a method to your madness :) is there a sequence i should follow? or should i just pick any workout and go from there??
    totally fell apart on the no sugar thing. yesterday i ate everything that was BAD in site. :(

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Pick any of my daily workouts or just start following my posts from one day to another. It’s up to you just do something different every day and keep track of your workouts, times, reps, rounds, etc. so that you can track your progress.

  • Jukka

    Great to see you and your exercise videos.

    So far only worried thing what I have started to notice is that you do exercises to the limits, sometimes even over. Your joints might not stand long especially with those amounts of repeats what you are doing. Wear multiplies in certain movement positions, definetly when using weights and/or lot of repeats in a less optimal positions (bicyling, climbing, powerrunning, etc).


  • Tina M

    hello again.. actually I meant to ask what size jeans does Zuzana wear.. she always looks great in them


  • thefightertiger

    the challenge is so good but it’s harder for me becuz i have been baking cheesecakes for the last three days and i have them in my place, which is a heartbreaking…. other than that, it’s amazing, i havent felt that much alive since last time i was in shape, two years ago…
    but the best part is i got to eat more fruits, it’s a blessing….thanks for this challenge!!!

  • Charlie D.

    This workout rocked! I wasn’t TOO fast – 21:44:94 – but I really tried to be controlled on the way DOWN from the stepups rather than just letting gravity do the job.

    Re cravings, this may be counterintuitive, but I find it helpful. If I want, say, chocolate, I think about it: I don’t want A Square of chocolate, I want like 5 chocolate bars, a piece of cake, a milkshake, and an M&M cookie. So without the chocolate, I feel unsatisfied, but if I let myself have a square or two, or a few bites of some dessert, I will STILL be unsatisfied. So why bother? It’s the same as my bad mood workout strategy. You know when you’re just feeling down and don’t want to work out? Well, you can either be down and have missed your workout or you can be down and have done a great workout. You can’t always control how you feel, but you can control what you do.

    Thank you guys again for all your motivation.

    • Canadian Charlie

      Ah, thanks… I needed that pep talk.

    • relle

      great advice, very positive! i’m going to keep that in mind :)

  • Capricornia

    Hey Zuzana.
    I train in the Gym for two years now, but I would like to have more muscles, but my trainers don’t allow me to do more weights, so I have to train at home, I want to use your workouts…
    1 question, how many days of not training do you have the week? no one? because I’ve heard somewhere, that I shouldn’t train everyday.. I’m not sure about xD
    sorry for my bad english

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      You can train every day, you just have to do different workouts. I do train 5 times a week and I have 2 active rest days.

  • maggie

    I also agree with jeff’s question about an ab routine that can be rotated over a 5 day span and repeated week to week. and also… how do you get those AMAZING shoulders! so jealous.

  • GH

    I just saw your vids on youtube and now I check out the website. I love your workouts……I honestly think it’s better to be creative instead of going to the gym…..You give me a lot of ideas on my workouts at home. Thanks

  • jeffrey

    sup with those autographs sent to boston?? haha you know, just a couple of those freeze frame pics above for her huge fans!!

  • jeffrey

    Freddy you are the man!! haha i wish zuzana replied to as many comments as you do!! lol shes gonna hate me now

  • Heather

    Crazy that you did this work out today because I picked this one to do also! Before I checked your website out! Funny, we are thinking alike!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-UnioN/345055365073 Cris Far

    Hi guys! My time for this one was 24:57. Was very good :) Hey and guess what? On day one of the diet I sinned! OMG I ate a chocolate donut! :( But I really dont crave for sweets, so I have been a good girl after that :) By the way, do chips (like doritos) count in the one month challenge? Or maybe popcorn? I fall more for the salty stuff…what do you think? thanks!

  • http://www.candygloss.blogg.se SHOAKAN ☆

    yeeey Im going to be thiin

  • Amanda

    We all know that Zuzana and Frederick are amazing, but I just wanted to add that Gary Breuhan at Gymboss is amazing too!!! Thanks for everything that you guys do. I love you!!!

  • Ivana

    Hello, Zuzana
    I want to thank you for all that you are doing for us.
    I have one question – do you drink nescafe or black Turkish coffee? and is there so big sin if I drink that two kind of coffee with milk?

  • Judy

    Hey Zuzana!

    I`m with you 100%!!!! No sugar, no junk for 30 days… we can do it!!!

  • Jeff

    Do you have a core set of exercises that can be rotated over a 5 day span and repeated week to week?


  • Maria

    can you put the link for this workout?

  • Regan P

    I’m on day three now as well and I’m starting to realize sugar is added into almost everything that I look at.

  • Montse

    I bought myself a lot of strawberries too :) !
    my mom calls me crazyy for doing this becauseee
    im only 16 but i love this challenge
    and i love working out
    i have little brothers so its hard to see them
    bring the chocolate once in a whilee
    but im not a quiter ;P

    feeling goood is great.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

    Hi Zuzana and Everyone,

    I have a friend with an old exercise book with some Chinese moves for the lower back. The problem is on several of them they just assume you know how to do the exercise.

    So I’m asking you folks to come up with what these three actually are.

    Scaring the Tiger

    The lazy Monkey

    The Raising Phoenix

    I hope you can help,

  • Dave

    Hello I just found your site for the first time a day ago and I’m excited to use your workouts. I just watched one of your videos and you asked about a Tattoo. I heard it put best once. “You don’t put a Bumper Sticker on a Mercedes” and I’d have to say your a Mercedes. Thanks for the Videos.
    Dave (Northern Indiana)

  • simona

    perfect! :) i LOOVE BODYROCK.TV

  • simona

    toto bolo zabijáácke!!!!! this was killer!!!!! :D DDD…right? :D D omggg!!!!! ufffffff i did this workout at 9pm my time:40 minutes….sorry im just 15 years old :D D…BIIG SORRY FOR MY ENGHLISH SORRY I DONT SPEAK ENGHLISH VERY GOOD….:D….spek enghlish is my dreaam :) …Im 4 days without sugar,chocolates,icecreams,cookies,bonbons,and wihtout fast-food (mc donald) too! :D its awesome for meee THAAAAAAAAAAANNNKK YOU ZUZANA MY LIFE IS GREAT :) ) I DRINK TEE WITHOUT SUGAR ITS A BIG STEP FOR MEE :D but i like it thnakss

  • Will

    Good workout.

  • Amber frm Canada

    I have been exposed to more junk food since i started the 30day challenge than i would normally. I am happy to say, it hasn’t been that hard to avoid it. For example at a friends Birthday Party I stayed clear of the Table, and only went in to grab a piece of bread (to help absorb the alcohol) and some fruit. What helps me get past the cravings/temptations is to just tell myself, i’m not eating junk ‘right now’ there will always be junk available in the future, i’m not missing out on anything, i can have it later.

  • Katie

    great workout! i finished in 16 min :) ) this workout was so intense! I am also doing to no-sugar thing, but for lent, so i’m right there with you! it hasn’t been too difficult yet.. And I agree with you Zuzana, fruit REALLY keeps the cravings down :)

    can’t wait for the next video! :)

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    This was my third time on this workout, and the first time I tried doing all the jump ropes one legged. I fumbled A LOT and tried hard not to get really annoyed when the leather rope would slap me. I did it in 22:09, and it was a great workout. My other times were faster cuz I did regular jump ropes: 18:35 and 20:00 a month or so ago.
    No sugar…trying hard not to think about it! You are definitely cranking up the heat on us!! I don’t want to think about where you are leading us next :)

  • Lupi

    I’m doing the 1 year sugar challenge. =D

  • Teresa

    Hi Zuzana,

    I really enjoy your workout videos. Where do you get your workout clothes?


  • Mickela

    link to the pictures and exercise info. I really like this workout http://www.bodyrock.tv/2009/12/16/body-burn-workout/

  • James

    Sooo, I wasn’t going to do the 30 day challenge simply because “I can’t imagine my coffee without sugar”. Now that you’ve said the same – but now you can’t imagine having coffee with sugar – I have to do it. I’m a couple days late on the 30 day challenge, but that just means I’ll add a couple days on the end.

    This is my 1st email to you & Frederick, but I have been following you guys for about a year. I live in LA, I’m a gym rat and I love to travel. But when I am traveling or in a foreign country, it is difficult keeping up with my daily exercise – to find a place (or space), find exercise equipment and/or find the time.

    Your exercises are perfect – you can do in a small space, with no exercise equipment and they are short, intense workouts so I can have more time to have fun on my travels.

    Thanks to both of you!

  • gerri

    I have been doing really well with the workouts. If I have cravings i drink water, tea, or workout. I was going to blog that I accidentally cheated, I was away this last week for work and the had made organic carrot/walnut muffins so I thought I had cheated, was terrible, when I realized what I was doing I spit it out.
    Thankfully I am home now..
    Thank you

    • Frederick

      close call!

  • Knowles5

    repeated this workout from Dec 17th and took 4 minutes off my original time. so much more motivating can it get?!

  • Daniela


    i am doing the challenge as well and i can say when you have cravings try this:


    it sounds very very strange, but it works, i am very surprised!!

    rock on!!

  • Xtina

    No cravings for me! And the chocolate I have bought right before you started the challenge is still on my kitchen counter! But once the switch has been turned off… Have a good week-end!

  • Kathryn

    Brushing your teeth works for cravings! I do it too :) When your mouth tastes minty fresh you no longer want to ruin it with chocolate or other sweets – besides, the toothpaste flavor would just ruin the sweetness, so there’s no point.

  • Greetings from Finland! :)

    Your workouts are lovely and addictive. :)
    I have been followed your exercises first from youtube and nowadays I do almost every workouts you send here in bodyrock.tv.
    But I little bit suspect how active these workouts really are. If I follow your daily workouts 4 (sometimes 5) times a week, do I really get as good fit as you? Of course I know you have worked hard and long time to get in that shape. It just sound so strange that about 15 minute workout could increase muscle. I can imagine that these workouts help lose weight but I don’t need because I’m thin and pretty good condition. I still want more muscle and better shape (but I don’t have enough money to go gym because I’m poor student :) ).
    You look gorgeous and you really motivate me! :)

  • diana

    i got my gymboss in the mail yesterday i wish i had it when i started working out its great thanks for the heads up on it thanksl
    i could not do the pistol so i so i changed it to a one leg squat with leg crossed if anyone has trouble
    thanks for all you do

  • Megan

    Hi guys! I was just wondering, are you and Frederick personal trainers and how long does it take you to recover from a really intense workout? I did the Fat Assassin on Wednesday and just today I am no longer sore! Do you recommend more stretching or anything. Thank you for all of the wonderful workouts! I’m giving up sweets for Lent so I’m there with you on the no sugar month:)

    • Frederick

      Zuzana is a certified PT – I am an enthusiast :)

  • Megan

    I know it’s hard to stay away from sugar, but I’m trying to think of a reward at the end of the month, other than looser pants, haha:)

  • Tina M

    Hi Zuzana,

    Just wondering what size are you? weight?


    • Frederick

      Hi – Zuzi is about 54kg and 166cm.

  • alice x

    Hey zuzana
    im from freezing england
    your workouts have helped me a lot
    i went from being 9 1/2 stone to 7 1/2 stone
    yes i am only young 15 to be exact but i felt my body was being taken advantage of by myself so i stopped eating junk and eating healthy and i feel great. i love me my water which in my school is strange but i enjoy taking care of my body. :)
    however yes i did lose weight and i do like my upper body but my legs still look chunky and big because i have big muscles, i know there is not a magic solution but i was hoping for some tips if you have the time.

    you have changed the way i see about looking good and feeling good
    btw i do not wish to be a skinny girl i love my curves they make me who i am, i like being individual.
    Sorry about the long question i hope you can answer.

  • Nadya

    I am sort of confused on the 30 day challenge in the sense what sugar to eat and not to eat. Does the sugar in something like yogurt count? Cereal? or is it just sweets and foods with a LOT of sugar? Please help! I started the challenge and eat a ton of fruit and veggies but i am confused on certain foods!
    Other than that, since i started doing ur workout, ive noticed strong improvements in my body. thank you!

    • Nadya

      Sorry guys, I started writing my comment when the video was loading, so i posted the comment and then heard her talking about the foods that were and weren’t allowed. Sorry!

  • Sarah

    Completed this morning in 24:44 but I did 5 explosive pushups instead of 3. VERY intense workout!

  • http://google tiffany

    good morning, its cloudy here in texas, but i love to eat super early like 6:00 and i have to eat yogurt with fresh blueberries for breakfast. Always keep blueberries on hand cause you will start to crave them, instead of junk food. I would love to learn how to dance with a jump rope like on that show Americas best dance crew…have ya’ll ever tried to do something like that? If so can you show some realyy fun tricks so i can learn to.. thanks alot for all the help and great advice.:)

  • Samantha

    Hi – my time for this one today was 17:52 and I beat my previous time which was 20:08. Still no choccie cravings yet…..

  • Sumre

    A handful of raisins are an excellent way to curb a craving for sugar!

  • Gregor

    Hi Z.
    Today i’ve done my own workout routine. It is:

    -Jump lungees 20 reps

    -Push up with legs on the chair 20 reps

    -prisoner’s squat knee up 20 reps

    -Turkish get up 10 reps

    -Side plank lifts 20 reps on each side

    This is one set and i have done five in 28 minutes. So if you want to do this workout routine, give it a try and let me know your resoults. I think you will beat my resoults, because right now i am not in so god shape, parties and stuff :)

    Thank you again for your inspiration, bye.

  • Antonia

    By the way I like the new background on the charliejames1975 channel is very good. Can you please tell us that dont know, what does Charliejames1975 symbolic of? Its a cool name.

    • Frederick

      ahh – that’s a secret!

      • Tina

        Haha! I know the secret, I know the secret! OH, I am too smart! Hahahaha, joke!

      • Kristie B

        Charlie- dog’s name?
        James- Frederick’s middle name?
        1975- Frederick’s birth year?

        • Frederick

          You win Kristie. But don’t tell anyone because it’s suppose to be a secret.

        • Antonia

          You dont really beiieve all that about the dog..middle name and birth year ect..? No..too easy. He is just trying to throw you off track…

      • Antonia


        • mandy

          charlie is the name of their dog and 1975 is the year fredrick was born, im not sure about james though…

    • Ivana

      i like it to, great!!!

  • Antonia


    I eat alot of fruit. I eat red and green grapes and I put them in the freezer and eat them frozen alot and also very cold in the fridge.
    I buy frozen blueberry and blackberry and pinapple because I like it better and its cheaper. I put all three frozen in a bowl and eat it and after a few bites it begins to thaw.
    In the summer I eat alot of watermelon, canalope and fresh strawberrys.
    In the summer I have a lot of pure fruit smoothies and I never add any sweetener. I will put some juice in the blender and a some frozen fruit and Ice and blend.

  • amberae

    My challenge is going really well so far. I feel like I have a craving for unnatural sugar, but it has not got me yet. If a craving gets bad, I eat a fresh orange. I was having issues with gum yesterday, but I decided it was sugar free so it was alright. Although no other sugar free products are ok, for example: diet soda. Thanks, you’re keeping me inspird to stay stong.

  • Iris

    Hey hey hey,day 4 and still no sweets or alcohol!!!!!!:-)))))))

  • Darya, Latvia

    Hi, Suzanne.
    Thanks for great workouts.I have started my trainings again and after 2 weeks i can notice, that there is small, but results not only in the shape of my body, but in the quantity of energy.Very hard was to start doing workouts at the mornings, because i got used to exercise at evenings.
    Thanks to your and mine persistance i did it and now i don’t feel weird exercising in mornings.
    Thanks a lot.
    P/s I was watching this workout and listening the music..and it looked very nice.Hope, you will like it

  • http://www.topsportsgroup.nl Daphne

    Hi Zuzana and Frederique,

    Thanks for the great work outs and the video’s about your daily life.

    For todays work out, the explosive push ups are really MASTER but sooooo difficult….

    Do you have an alternative for this, in case I really am not able to do the explosive push ups? Just normal push ups but more frequently?

    Thanks for your answer,

    have a nice weekend,


    • Frederick

      hi – you can do regular pushups (more reps) or try an elevated push up (feet up on a chair).

  • Rasa

    Hi Zuzana,

    Funny that someone said that brushing their teeth helps them to over come cravings for sugar :) there is sugar in our normal toothpaste, so nothing strange that someone goes for it instead of a cake. Check it out. I recommend buying toothpaste that does not have sugar or rots your teeth, Kingfisher brand for example. My story was that I had bad ecxema for a year to the point where i had no skin left on my palms and I gave up sugar, including fruit, honey and anything else, plainly without cheating and guess what? I was well in about two weeks. I strongly reommend watching a video on sugar, it is very impowering http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjxyjcvW7RE&feature=related there are nine parts of this video. Enjoy and live sugar free life for ever, cause only this way we are truly healthy :)


    • Frederick

      Thanks for the link!

      • Rasa

        No problem Frederick,
        After you have watched the on about sugar, you can watch another one about what WE CAN DO in order to avoid ANY disease :) it’s that simple. Knowlede is power.
        Click on the video, then play, then the silly poker advert will pop up in a new window, close that, go back to the video and PLAY. This is the only free link I could find to this wonderful movie. Enjoy being healthy, always. Maybe let me know what you think?

  • http://bodyblog.tv Lish Weese

    I remember this one! Very difficult for me to do the pushups before, let’s see how much better I am?! Hopefully…. Whenever I have cravings for sweets I drink a full glass of water with either lemon squeezed in it or vinegar (2 T). It helps curb my cravings everytime. Or making a smoothie helps too. With banana. I was wondering Zuzana, where do you get most of your protein from because you said you eat little meat. Oats, bread, or eggs? Or all of these? I am having some trouble with getting mass in my arms…my butt is looking much better and even fuller but my arms aren’t as defined in comparison. Please just a quick reply :)

    • Frederick

      Hi Lish – we eat all 3 of those foods on a regular basis.

  • Roq

    For cravings frozen grapes are the best!!! Yummy :-D Just be careful if they are really hard ;-)

  • MikeK

    I haven’t cheated yet, when I read your challenge I had to dump about 1 1/2 liters of chocolate milk down the sink. LOL
    I had 2 bananas, it satisfies my carvings for sweets.
    This will be easy for me since I am allowed to have fruit.

  • Shakti

    Hi Guys,
    I have a little question (if it’s not too personal)!
    Are you guys on vacation or is this simply your way of life? I am asking this because I am moving in a few weeks to our house in the nature and planing to organize workout seminars and retreats, selling organic food baskets and starting a fitness blog :D
    But let’s just say that everybody here in Europe is not too enthusiastic about the whole idea (I moved here, in Croatia from Montreal a year ago…). Just wondering what is your experience like and if you have any tips and advice.
    Have a good one :D

    • Frederick

      Hi Shakti – it’s just the way we live :) Good luck with your project – if you are passionate about it then I am sure you will do well.

    • barbaraG

      All the best in my home-country :) )
      I’m studying abroad but looking forward to coming back!
      If you manage to find a way to deal with our mentality, you can be very successful there, I meat more and more people there who are into healthy domestic food.
      Good luck!

  • Me

    You are the best!!!

  • Stania

    Ahoj Zuzko a Frederick
    Dekuju za super cviceni a za vcerejsi radu na jednodusi postol drep.Mam dotaz snazim se delat drepi ale zacalomi krupat v zapesti a to sami v koleni neni to pokazdy ale dost je to neprijemny nevis cim to muze byt a jestli je na to nejaka cure.A jeste jeden dotas jakej mas nazor na Treidmill jako soucast cviceni a jestli je to dobry napad tak jak dlouho bych mnela behat a jak casto dekuju.Tesim se na zitrek.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Me taky obcas krupne :) nic to neni pokud to neni provazene bolesti. Jestli citis nejakou bolest pri tom krupnuti tak je neco v neporadku, ale to uz musis zajit k doktorovi, jelikoz ten je opravdu jediny kdo ti rekne co to presne je. Rozhodne se neptej osobnich treneru pokud mas nejake zdravotni potize, protoze ty ti nepomuzou (pokud nejsou vystudovani doktori).

      • Stania

        Dekuju ja sem to nikdy predtim nemnela ale jako mlada sem hrala hazenou a ty klouby dostaly asi zabrat.Ja sem si spis myslela ze si se s tim setkala v prakci ja bydlim v UK a tady doktori nic moc A jak si psala kdyz to neboli tak to snad neni nic vaznyho.Jeste jednou dekuju a tesim se na novy work-out.Cauky

  • rose

    hi zuzana!yes this was brutal and i loved every second of it!…about going back to old workouts……the reason they’re not as “easy” as we think they will be is that, the better shape u get into, the more muscle you have, the more CONTROL over your muscles you have and therefore, the harder you work….the workouts will ALWAYS be challenging if we keep progressing and getting stronger.the stronger we are, the harder we work because we can FEEL our muscles more and have more control over our bodies and how they function.its just like someone with no abdominal strength doing ab work…….they can do a hundred and just START to feel it…….but if you have a good mind body connection with your abs you can be burning after ten reps if you have complete control over every contraction….i love the fact that i can feel EVERY exercise and i convey to each and every client exactly WHERE they SHOULD be feeling it……
    well then…..enough chat……..thanks for the workout.have a great weekend u two!!!

  • Ocelan


    I didn’t start my 30 day challenge until today since yesterday i had a friends graduation party with cake and i had to “eat off” some of the sugary foods i happened to have since as a poor student i can’t really let them rot (yes, sounds like excuses). So i now overdosed with sugar yesterday and hopefully won’t feel many cravings in a while now. Though i’m going a bit easier with the challenge. I’m not eating any sugar but i can have some salty treats, even though i’m trying to keep those to a minimum aswell.
    The reason for this is that i already was without any treats, sweets or salty goodies for the whole of january. And i must say i felt really much better and i was eating a lot healthier then. Didn’t actually even have cravings many times and when it became february i didn’t even notice. It wasn’t like i had been waiting when can i have treats with my hand already reaching for chocolate the second it hits past midnight.

    Many people think that when you do a thing like this, when you don’t eat treats or junk food, you have to eat bland boring food. But that’s not at all the case. You can eat so good foods that are healthy.
    I love tomato soup and have recently started making it myself. Also every day i eat salad with various vegetables including red onion which gives it a really nice stronger taste, and i add balsamic vinegar and cottage cheese on top and i just love it.

    Don’t have to eat like a leaf of lettuce with nothing on it to eat healthy and lose weight, on the contrary, that isn’t even healthy eating and when a person eats too little the body starts trying to keep even a stronger hold on its fat reserves.
    For some reason most weight loss programs in womens magazines tell that we should eat very little to lose weight, when in fact the key to weight loss is making your metabolism faster by eating the amount you need throughout the day.
    Most men who try to gain muscle and lose fat use the carbs in the morning, protein in the night system. They eat a lot of carbs in the morning, both carbs and protein in the day and only protein in the evening.

    Anyway, i got a bit sidetracked there since i myself am not even trying to lose weight. People, eat well, good foods, and you won’t even feel like you want to eat sweets. And just like Zuzana said, fruits are the thing that really make a difference. I love fruit, theyre healthy and actually i have a lovely ripe mango waiting for me for my next snack time :)

  • Lorrie

    Use xylitol sugared gum. It deters oral bacteria and research indicates it deters bacterial infections of the sinus, oropharyngeal area and ear. It does not raise the blood sugar like sugar. Also, carmelized onions are a good fix for something sweet. Actually, any roasted veggie will satisfy a sweet fix. It concentrates the natural sugars in the veggies.

  • Adriana

    I love your workouts, but this not all you do right? I imagine you go to the gym also and lift weights? How many times a week do u train and what kind of training do you do?

    • Frederick

      This is all we do Adriana – no gyms for us :)

  • jana

    Hi Zuzka,

    it´s been the third day of the sugar-free challenge and I have no cravings too. In fact I thought that it will be much more difficult to cut all sugar. Yesterday I put on trousers that I bought 3 months ago on e-shop and it fits me better:o)) Hurray!!!

    Thank you very much for this blog. Take care. Jana

  • Laura

    Hi Zuzana!

    The 30 day challenge is going great for me, I decided to also avoid honey as much as possible but since I woke up with a sore throat today I’m gonna have honey in my morning tea. This workout seems brutal. I don’t think that I could do even one explosive push up – that’s just nuts :D

    Have a good day everyone!

  • Robin

    NO to chewing gum Zuzana, course the sweetener in it are worse than sugar.

  • Shawna

    I gave up sugar starting January 1st for my New Year’s Resolution. I also started to eat 6 small meals a day, and work out more. I lost 6 pounds so far, Woohoo! Your videos keep me inspired. Also, I don’t miss the sugar at all, and I feel healthier. My goal is to get abs like Zuzana’s! If I want something sweet, I have trained myself to sweeten with Stevia. Sometimes Almond Butter or Peanut Butter hits the spot when I crave something. Thanks guys for all your hard work!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jambalover Ciera

    16:04 those jump lunges after all those step ups are killer. hope the next workout works our upper body more–my legs need a break from this week!

    thank you zuzana and fredrick!!!

  • cecille

    and yeah u look great and your place looks awesome..

  • cecille

    i really cant wait to give birth to do your workouts.. i miss them..

  • Nivea

    Hi Suzana, I am fan of yours and I just have called my boyfriend and told him the chalenge that you are into. You know…. the Sugar abstinence… We both agreed to start on monday, february 22, I can tell you… I know I’ll cry. Because I am crazy about chocolate bars, chocolate milk or Hot chocolate every single day, I just have to have it! But also I am very excited to see how my mind and body will react to it! I WILL GET THAT BRACELET and will write on it: YES! I MADE IT!30 DAYS, NO SUGAR!

  • Debra M

    PHEW! Second workout today. I did the Slap Your Ass workout too…This one was harder. Definitely more cardio. Those box jumps are brutal…especially when the chair is questionable!

  • Julie B.

    Hi, i’ve been addicted to your site for many months now. Can’t go a day without it, but never left a comment before. I will apply the 30 days challenge to my problem, so i will cut on the munchies during the evening, as for the rest i will do my best. Chout out from Monrtéal

  • diana

    I dont know about anyone else but i would love for you to tell what a couple days food intake is for the two of you just so we understand what your diet is to fuel such brutal workouts

  • Anne

    That’s so funny…it had done this workout this afternoon just because it’s one of my favorites. I managed to do 10 explosive pushups each time though!!!
    my time was 19m 40s.

    As for the sugar…i am definitely a sugar addict (thank god i’m also and exercise addict to compensate). Recently, i was eating some form of desert daily, if not multiple times a day…so you came at the right time. it’s day 3 now and i am going strong.
    great idea!!

  • Cece

    Hey Zuzana great workout & the trip with your husband fantastic can’t wait to travel as well. Have a great weekend looking forward to your new workouts!!!!

  • Linda

    I was just wondering where you get your sports bras? They are stylish and practical. I love that halter style and I’ve looked everywhere…no such luck…please help!

    • Frederick

      they are mostly lululemon – but we heard that they discontinued this particular style.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jambalover Ciera

    oh found it by looking through past workouts. http://www.bodyrock.tv/2009/12/16/body-burn-workout/

  • http://www.facebook.com/jambalover Ciera

    am i missing the link with the reps/sets and such? i don’t see it…

  • Sarah O

    I just purchased a Gymboss interval timer, and it asked me, ‘how did you hear about us’. I scrolled through the options and saw Zuzana’s name! It’s so incredible how popular your site has become.


    I made it a week and I cheated. There was a birthday party for a co-worker and I had cake. I need a reminder every day. I will even pass on the girl scout cookies. Cheaters never prosper and the summer is coming fast, so NO more cheating

  • Michelle

    Hi Zuzana,

    I think it would be really interesting if you would make up a biography of yourself. Written or on a video. I think that it would be great to read, and would allow your audience to know who you are more. Such as where you grew up, do you have sibling, things you have overcome in your life, what inspired you to work out, what age did you start working out, things of that nature.
    SUPER job on your workout, your legs are AMAZING!!!
    I am trying to gain weight and muscle.

  • Cindy

    oh my! i haven’t watch this before… please don’t kill yourself, we don’t wanna lose you :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/brockhiddenagendainc Brock

    Yes! this is the one I was looking for ! Its a tough work out but very doable.

    I thought I was doing a good job with the “no sugar” challange.. but…I still use Splender in my coffee and some of my high protine bars made by Balance have sugar in them. (like one of my favs cookie dough..yumm)I chew Trident sugar free gum. I totally gave up other junk food like chips and donuts and snicker bars. And thanks to Frederick, I almost totally cut out fast food. I might go to a burger chain once a month now whereas before I was going once a week sometimes twice.

  • Canadian Charlie

    This one looks brutal, but I’m looking forward to it.

    What I’ve been eating when I really crave something sweet is a nice smoothie.
    I put into the blender
    1/2 cup frozen strawberries,
    1 fresh banana,
    1 1/2 tbsp of chia seed/ Salba,
    3 tbsp of Astro balkan style plain yogurt,
    1/2 cup of soy milk,
    a small hand of oats,
    and about a tablespoon of honey. It’s really satisfying as a treat or post workout. I usually have about a cups worth and save the rest in the fridge.

    Enjoy :)

  • Candy Cane

    I am a huge sugar junkie and when I have a craving I will make sugar free fat free chocolate pudding and eat it with a chopped up banana. I will also drink a glass of crystal light or black tea with a little sugar free vanilla creamer. Fruit helps like you said or I will get some fat free ricotta cheese and put a little coco powder, splenda, and vanilla in it, it sounds weird and gross but it kills a sugar and chocolate craving in one snack.

  • Mortah

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have tried this exercise before and I will try to bet my old recored.

    Could you provide an update on your diet, I have seen all your old posts from Canada but how has your diet changed since living in Gozo. Do you still eat quick oats, soy milk and Salba for breakfast have you eliminated anything else from your diet to become more healthy and …

    It would be great if you provide some info. I am also doing the 30 day challenge and I have red grapes to curb my cavings :D

    Have a great weekend !

  • Jax

    Have you read the China Study?

    • Frederick

      no what is it?

      • Rawkins

        It changed my life, so I’ll help to explain. If a Pollen book is a beach read on nutrition The China Study is the textbook. It takes a scientific approach to nutrition and the diseases of the Western World, researching why certain populations have the level of diseases that they do (heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, etc.) based on the food that they consume.

        It is a bit more hard core than a Pollen book in the sense that it advocates cutting out meat, dairy, peanut butter, soy, etc., and living more of a vegan lifestyle. With your interest in nutrition and nutrition research I think that both you and Zuzana a(and everyone else who visits this Web site) would find the book informative.

  • tatichamp

    to reduce cravings for sugar i eat chicken

  • Maryam

    Hey zuzana and frederick,

    my challenge is going great! i almost had a couple of cookies at the end of the first day, but i put them back–it was hard to do, but i felt so powerful!

    and a week from today, i had started really being consistent with everything, and guess what?! i have lost 3.5 lbs this week! i wasnt starving myself, just watched what i ate and worked out 6 days. i feel rely good cuz i have been trying so long to get in shape, but nothing has worked…i didnt rely follow any specific guidelines from any diet or even you *in a good way*…this time, it is so personalized…just everything i can stick to every day without having to battle with myself or anything like that.

    thanks for everything as always…u r a great help =D

    • Frederick

      Congrats on your success Maryam! Keep pushing strong!

  • Diane

    Hi Zuzana
    I want know how many sessions abodominaux you do for a week. Are you working all the days or how many times a week … Is this a specific training for abodominaux or you do sets at the end of your training.
    Thank you for answering my question and thank you for your workouts really superb. Sorry for English, it is very bad.


    • Frederick

      Hi Diane – we don’t do any extra ab / core training – just what is included in the workouts :)

  • Debrina

    I like to have a banana and natural peanut butter (no sugar or hydrogenated oil added). This small meal or snack makes me feel like I am cheating and I imagine that I am having a chocolate Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup. Or other times I just have a cup of chocolate soy milk. I add pure cocoa powder(no sugar added) and unsweetened soy milk.

  • Tigger

    Hey Zuzana
    Im new to the site but I jumped on board with the challenge as of yesterday. I changed my diet too, just finished my salad. ; ) But I really just wanted to share with you that you’re my new inspiration and just watchin the workouts keeps me motivated. I think i can really reach my goals for this summer…finally. I’ll keep you updated. Stay cute..till next time….-Tigger ;o)

  • Jennifer Uranga

    I think I will join you in the 30 day challenge! I’m a little late, but as they say, “better late, then never” :)

    Here goes nothing! I have heard the tip about brushing your teeth, and that seems to help me too. Shopping and massages work well too! hahaha

  • Kevin

    Hi Again,
    Sometime could you give a tour of your home? You gave me the idea of what to do in my kitchen with all the tile!

  • Matthew

    Just a quick comment.
    I know the gymboss is your favorite but for those “crackberry” addicts out there (like myself) there is a free download available called “Mobile Interval Training Timer” which works great. I like having everything in one place and my Blackberry never leaves my side so this thing is perfect for me. Just thought I’d share that. As you were…

  • Christine


    I love chocolate & sweets but so far I am doing ok with the 30 day challenge. It does keep me motivated knowing someone else is suffering along with me! :) Your website is amazing, thank you so much for all the inspiration. I can tell you (& Frederick) put a lot of work into your website – great job!!!.
    I’ve only been doing the workouts for about 3 weeks and I love that I can do everything at home. Also, I got my Gymboss timer yesterday & I love it! Now I can focus on the exercise (not the time or rest time).
    You are in incredible shape and very beautiful, thanks again for inspiring me to work hard!
    (San Diego, California)

  • maryh

    I’m trying to go off things for lent too so its great you also are doing this at this time.
    What helps me is to buy a bottle of ‘shloer’ red grape juice & freeze it in an ice-cube tray/ice cube bag and then it is almost like an ice-pop.
    Its great because your supposed to drink this in three days anyways because it has no preservatives & because it is kinda expensive i dont’ feel like i’m wasting it. It feels like a little treat to me. Also available on the market are ‘pear-tisers’ and ‘Apple’ ones too. I’ve never tried these though.
    Also…i like yoghurts and a sugar-free polo mint sometimes if i want a desert after a meal.I’m undecided about dark chocolate for now..since it doesn’t have much sugar but i dont’ know..it still feels kinda ‘indulgent’ for some reason. What is other peoples opinion of this? i was also wondering whether or not to use the sugar substitute ‘fructose’ in baking and things.?? Havent’ decided yet about this too. It was just an idea. I’d love to hear what helps other people too.

    Just wondered Zuzanna what color is that eye-shadow you wear??? ..i just can’t decide if its blue or silver for some reason :$ It looks really nice…i want to copy.:P

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      My eyeshadow is silver :)

  • simona

    uplneeeee mooooooc dakujem za ODPOVED!!! mam nadherny den teda tu na opacnej pologuli NOC :) DAKUJEEEM jeziiis dakujem velmi velmi velmi moc!!!!!!kazdy den cvicim 100 brusakov plus tvoje workouts dufam ze sa pomaly tak aspon sa pol roka zacnem “TEHLICKOVAT”dakujem ti velmi pekne ze si odpisala ani si nevies predstavit aku radost mi to spravilo to bol moj sen :) … DAKUJEM!!!!!!!!!!!!inak tebe kolko tak trvalo kym si ziskala postavu aku mas??? ak sa budem vyhybat cukrom,sladkostiam a sladkým napojom odzrkadli sa to na mne nie?….plus of course cvicit,cvicit,cvicit milujem to zacala som od pondelka a neviem preco som necvicila doteraz aj tuto stránku som objavila min.tyzden a je to uplneee WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW preááááááác ze ta otravujem prosííím…….DAKUJEM

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ha:) Simco, udrzet si zdravi a hezkou postavu je stejne tak narocny jako dostat se do formy. Je to neustala snaha ktera se vyplaci, takze si nemysli, ze budes cvicit a jist zdrave jen dokud se nedostanes do formy. Je to na celej zivot.

  • Lundon

    Ummmmm…I was in mcdonalds and I was so tempted to get 2 apple pies and it was just killing me inside and to let go of the craving of it for like 10 seconds I walk my friend to the corner but the BAD thing is I had food there.OMG I might as well got the apple pie but im PROUD thanks zuzana and this workout looks good!!!

  • Amanda

    Hey Zuzana,

    love your website of course. Thank you and Freddie so much for providing such great information for free, you really are heros and tottaly inspire me to be more fit. As a young mother of two being fit is very important to me and your challange to cut out suger really is tough so when ever i get cravings i have a hand full of raisins, they’re sweet and healthy plus the kids love ‘em too which is a bonus:) thanks again for the web site and keep us posted on how you deal with cravings


  • gibris

    im new to your blog and i love all your workouts you inspired me and i just joined a fitness camp here in el paso texas in the usa! hopefully i get to my goal which is just like you since im getting married in june this year!
    you are awesome and you rock!

    love gibris

  • Sandy

    You are so awesome! Your body rocks! Could you please put the link on your website. The ‘click here’ link isn’t working for today’s workout. Thank you!

  • Jayne

    Hi Zuzana, I always love your workouts because they kill my legs and that is a tough area for me but your challenges really make me push through it. The no sugar challenge is so hard I am a little blah about it because I love sugar in my coffee it is no fun with out it but I hope I get use to it like you said you did. I Loved those puffy socks things you had on.
    Question: Are you any smaller since you use to use weights before or still maintain the same body weight?

  • Agata

    I hold on and I also support myself with fruits. Today I ate peaches from tin. But I had to LEAVE HOME when my boyfriend started to make pancakes with: bananas,chocolate and sweet cream.oh, it wasn’t easy to me.

  • keilyn

    my 30 day challlenge is going great even if im 13 its awesome i havent eaten chocolate or any sugary stuff and ive cleaned my face so my face is clearing up even more now thanks so much

  • Tina

    Hey! :D

    I am being a goog girl so far! The things that helps my sweet tooth are mixed nuts with raisins and dried plums and figs! Love them :D . And all fresh fruits. And some really good bars with 60% sesame seeds and 40% honey. Soooo good! You should try it, I am sure you can get these on Malta too (they are Turkish I think!). I eat them all the time, also when there are no challenges for me ;) :) .

    Have a great time,


    • Tina

      So, I did this workout this morning, it was my third time doing it. First time – December, the 17th (21 min); second time – December, the 26th (19 min 33 sec) and today I did it in 16 minutes and 16 seconds. Very happy. All times I was doing 5 explosive push-ups instead of 3. And today I lenghthend my jump rope a little bit and it was a very smart choice. So easier to jump!
      So, I had to brag a little bit, you know! ;) I am proud of myself. And the form was perfect, I did touch the flour with my back knee at those lunges.
      I feel great now. It was a 5+ at the intensity scale! Huh! Love it!

      Thanks you guys, love you!

      Can`t wait for the new workout!!! :D :D

      Have a great day and say hi to your dogs :D