Feb 22 2010

Round Booty Workout

Hi everyone,

I know that some of you guys are working long hours and when you come home from work, you are already too tired to do some physical activity. I think that you should just rest in the evenings and enjoy the time with your family. Imagine that you start a new routine and wake up just half an hour earlier and do your workout before anything else. Warm up 5 to 10 minutes, workout 20 minutes, and stretch 10 minutes. Then have  your shower and breakfast and you will see  that this new discipline makes a huge difference in your overall energy. You will be in a much better mood when you go to work, you will get a feeling of accomplishment from your workout, and everyone around you will notice your positive energy. This kind of discipline could honestly change your entire life. I woke up today earlier then normal a did my workout first thing (after my coffee). I feel great and my day hasn’t even started yet. Why don’t you give it a try and let me know how was it?

Today I did one of my older workout routines that you can check out here.

I am using my cool Gymboss Interval Timer as always.




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  • http://www.tc-dancestudio.dk John Farinella

    haha, I love dance it´s so great exercise!

  • Amandafit

    I just revisited this workout. The last time I did it was on 05/30/2010 and I completed it in 10:08. Today I completed it in 8:23!!!! (My original time on 04/17/2010 was 18:04) Your new workouts are getting me in super shape! Thank you for all your hard work Zuzana and Freddy!


  • http://digitaldrew.org/reviews/adultaccessnow-review/ Luvenia Blotsky

    Thanks for sharing this with us

  • http://www.schoolblog.Co.CC Clint Rolfes

    Just wanted to say you have a great site and thanks for posting!

  • Mélanie

    Today i’m so proud of me! I beat my old personal best. The first time I did this workouts my tim was 19,02. It was march 5.And the april 11 my personnal best was 18,55. And today I do this workouts and my time is 13,29!!! :) :) I’m so excited because I see the evolution and i’m so happy! Then have nice day and thank you very much to be with us!

  • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates

    17 min…good gracious, amazing. I came in at 28:51.

    I can be proud of the progress I’ve made since doing this workout in Nov. I didn’t have the timer then so I have to evaluate performance. Skill wise, my form on all exercises was excellent. I was able to hover my chest with my elbows at my sides AND perform the leg movements with the Tricep Leg Lifts. I could not do this and lift my legs in Nov.


  • sandro martinez

    hello Zuzana, my name is sandro and im has gastric by pass, im working hard on gym,like cardio and zumba clases, but i see ur videos on you tube and ur page, can u give me a orientation what or how can i do to improve my excersice adn have a tide body,please im rally need cause i do not want to looks a fatty skiny.

  • Jamie

    Thank you Zuzana! :) These workouts SUPER!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/HealthyLo Lauren

    hi again, frederick and zuzana!

    i was excited to get in the gym and use my gymboss interval timer tonight for the first time! i did this workout in 24:18 and really focused on my form. i’m confident that i’ll be able to improve my time on the next go around. i really love the tricep leg lifts. i’ve never done those before! i also love the pike presses, those get the muscles in my shoulders that i find are hard to work with only using your body weight. very creative exercises!

    As I’ve mentioned a couple times, I am so thankful for what you offer here. I am currently on my spring break – I’m a naturopathic student in Portland, Oregon. I’m far away from home – my whole family is back in Colorado and they are celebrating Easter tomorrow. I’m the only one that isn’t able to join the family because I’ve been seeing patients. In all honesty, your workouts have kept me afloat. My spring break has been enjoyable because I look forward to your workouts each day. It’s been the highlight of my break. My mom asked me tonight if I was doing alright since I’m not able to join the family, and I told her about your website and that I’m doing just fine because I’m loving my workouts! That’s how much you’ve helped me =)

    I hope you have a great Easter and blessings from Oregon!


  • Billy

    Have you ever looked into EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) training? Some doctors talk about it like it’s phenomenal! What do you think about it?

  • Monica

    I love this workout. I am amazed at how when I try one of your workouts for the first time, I think I can’t do it. But over time I get better and better! You should sell some fitness dvd’s. I would buy them all. I mean God forbid you should ever discontinue your website!

  • Veronica

    Hey, looked back on some older routines (actually I wanted the link for dip bar, which I found now) however, you said you had incredible chocolate cravings in this video, and I wanted to tell you something I recently learned. Chocolate cravings can occur due to need of magnesium, which you can find a lot of in pumpkin kernels. So next time you have chocolate cravings it might be an idea to try to eat magnesium rich better food :) When working out and sweating you loose a lot of magnesium.

    • Frederick

      Thanks for the tip!!!


    i would like to try your round booty workout but for some reason the routine doesn’t come up on the link i would apreciated if you e-mail it to me. i have been doing your rutines for a week now and i love them. thank you.

  • Yulita

    Hi Zuzana! Just want to let you know that this link http://www.bodyrock.tv/2009/12/27/rock-your-body-flow-workout-beating-my-personal-best/ appears to be broken.

    Stephany from Mexico, the link I mentioned above has answers to all your questions, but as I said the page is broken now. While it’s being fixed you can use Google’s cache of this page here:

  • Jennifer

    Hi again. Just wanted to mention that your search box on your website doesn’t seem to be working. If you’re not using Google search or Google analytics, my husband recommends it. It’s free. Thanks again for your hard work with the site.

  • Stephany

    hi io am from mexico and i cant hear how many repetitions i have to do for each exercise and how many time i have to rest …. can someone answer me???
    thanks kisss

  • Avneet Thapar

    What do you do to warm up? I wandered on your site accidentally but i love it already. Cant wait to try it out. Please let me know what should i do for a quick 5-10 min warm up.

    • Frederick

      Hi – We have a warmup routine or two on the site you can check out :)

  • Dejay

    I wake up earlier in the morning to workout before work and I woudlnt have it any other way. I havent started your workouts yet, but I plan too as soon as I am done with the cycle of workouts I am currently in. I even got my own GymBoss timer :0) I love the fact that your site is free, makes me very happy :)

  • Jenny

    You’re workouts look awesome and you’re body is amazing!!
    How many reps and rounds do you in this video? Your link doesnt work :(

  • Billi-J

    Your workouts are intense but I see results after only a week.
    Thanks Zuzana =)

  • Daisy

    I really want to do this workout :-( but the link isn’t working. Please let me know when a correct link is uploaded.

    I love your site and am enjoying getting in shape!

  • Kristina

    Hi, the link doesn’t work for me either, but I am very much interested to do this workout. Could you please do something about it?

    I have just recently tried doing your workouts, but they are quite effective (though not easy at all). :)

    You really are motivating, thank you for this site!

  • Lisa

    Hi, for some reason the link isn’t working for me (the link for the workout). Is it just my computer or is it disfunctional?

    I love your videos, keep up the amazing work!

  • vanessa

    hi i’m a lite confused on how many reps and how many rounds do you do.
    would you let me know thanx!
    oh and thanx for our hard work!

  • Evie

    Looking forward to the post about emotional eating!!! Thanks for the preview Frederick!

  • Gina

    Tried the round Booty workout for the first time and loved it! Now I will have to work on perfecting the form and getting my speed up! Thanks for the challenge…. LOVE (and hate) it!! :)

  • Tatiana

    I’m kind of surprised that you do your workout without eating your breakfast, I thought it wasn’t so good for the metabolism…Do you think it’s okay even on a daily basis?
    Thank you for these great work-outs, (even if theyre too difficult for me at the moment!) :)

    To Kristina: Here’s a nice series of articles by Gala darling I find interesting about body perception: http://galadarling.com/tag/the-playgirls-guide-to-radical-self-love/

  • Kristina

    Could you guys do an article on weight loss for those who have suffered from an eating disorder? I’ve been following Z’s workouts for 5 months and even though I’ve lost a good amount of fat, its nowhere near where I should be with the discipline I’ve shown or the effort I’ve put in :( I think it has to do with the fact I starved myself for a year when I was younger. The weight all came back and I havent been able to shrink. It’s starting to affect my mental state again and I’m getting depressed when I see women who look the way I used to when I wasn’t eating.

  • Roger

    Where is that place? Thank you for all your videos and tips!

  • Desiree

    I strated your workouts like two weeks ago and i fell and see the diference all ready. I also decide to do the challegue because chocolate is my weakness.. i eat chocolate every day.
    thank you for you nice work zuzanna!!!

  • Neshy09

    Hi Zuzana, I started doing your workouts today and is a little hard realy, but I like it very much.
    I have a cuestion… If Im new in this workout, where I start?

    thanks, por your answer!!

  • Jenna

    Hi Zuzana!

    I am so thankful that you make these workouts. I love them beacause they are really brutal and I really have to push myself when I’m doing them. Also, you are a great motivator. I’m looking forward to trying out your next workout.
    This workout I completed in 20 minutes and 29 seconds. But hey, I’m only sixteen so I’m really happy about my time ;)

  • Mary

    I am trying the no sugar challenge but am not sure I understand the details. I have cut out added sugar and junk food but do breakfast cereals count ( I choose low sugar content cereals) and what about carbs like bread and pasta are they permitted?

    thanks for all your hard work! fabulous workouts. I love crossfitnation.com too!


  • Elena

    Hi beautiful.
    What does your warm up consist of?

  • http://bodyrock.tv leon turner

    The workouts are good and they help me to push myself to
    do better, you are very nice looking!!! p.s. keep doing what you are doing.

  • http://bodyrock.tv leon turner

    The workouts are good and they help me to push myself to
    do better you are very nice looking!!! keep doing what you
    are doing.

  • http://bodyblog.tv Lish Weese

    I started doing your workouts a few months back and following your blog. I just am feeling so confident and inspired today, thanks to the improvements I have recently started seeing in my physique. It’s incredible!! I just slipped on a favorite pair of shorts for fun and couldn’t believe the difference I saw in my legs and bum. My husband keeps commenting on my ab muscles and this is so cool! It sort seemed to happen overnight but I know it was in progress day after day of your fantastic workouts and clean diet. I can’t find the words really, I have to settle for a major THANK YOU for making this site and all your physical sweat and energies you put into them for yourself and Frederick and US! :) My hubby got laid off so I didn’t have the $$ for a gym membership and wasn’t seeing results from hours on the elliptical. Then I found your site. My workouts are short and intense and just the thing I was looking for! I am smiling today, thanks to you guys~ Lish

  • Joy Hokx

    So, I am 13 years old and 128 pounds :S
    I want to start doing my workouts before school even though i have PE in school. I personally love physical exercise, my only problem is food. but I will try my best. Thanks for your inspiring workouts, a real motivator!!

    • Jennifer

      I am just curious how tall you are, to give me an idea of your BMI as I am about the same weight as you (130lbs)

  • angela

    I love watching your workouts. I am weight training and doing various exercises and have been for about 12 months now. Always great to see new things. thanks a lot

  • Barbara

    I guess I could post something on emotional eating as well as I now a non-binging bulimic ( I think you never stop having an eating disorder, it’s like being an alcoholic).

    I believie it’s a wide topic for you to write on it so I am looking forward to reading an commenting.

  • Rosie

    Wow! This workout was harder than I thought it would be. It feels great! Thanks to your workouts, my muscle tone is way better than it was during 3 years of working out at the gym…go figure.

  • Maria Lola


    So I saw one of your videos and you really inspired me. :’D I’ve struggled with weight for a long time now and have become more and more depressed about it. The funny thing is that I started getting depressed about it when I was 140lbs… now I’m close to 180lbs (I’m 22 years old) and look back at my pictures of when I was 140lbs and cannot believe I was depressed then! I was so beautiful. I can’t continue sitting here and crying over it… I have to get up and do something, like you said. What work out would you recommend for me to start with? Should I jog first to get rid of some pounds before I get started on workouts such as yours (so intense!)?

    Thanks a bunch!!

    • barbaraG

      Hi, I just want to give you some encouragement. Of course you can loose the weight and be happy with yourself. There is no big plan behind it, you just have to make a strong wish and just choose some of Zuzanas workouts, get your sport clothes on and go.
      Already in a couple of weeks you will see changes and will start feeling better.
      Good luck!

  • Mickela

    A small suggestion from a habitual user of bodyrock.tv

    We need to do a spring is coming workout, something along the April showers bring May flowers concept. All our hardwork will show in the late spring and summer.

  • Pierre

    I workout 4 days a week for about 1h:15 (weights and cardio) plus I play hockey once a week 1h:20. I’ll like to trim a few pounds and be leaner. Should I increase my weight work-out or cardio work-out

  • http://[email protected] Karmen Braaten

    Hi Zuzana my name is Karmen and I am from Oregon, USA – I just started watching and I am so inspired by your multiple body moves.
    I am a busy soccer mom of two, business owner and a 2nd time college student. Time is a high commodity in my life. – I love working out and want to maintain my fitness if not continually improve it:) I am struggling to maintain my 5 day gym routine. My friend recommended your website. I will do my first workout with your round booty workout today!

    • Frederick

      Welcome to the site Karmen :)

  • Raynedrop7

    Hi,Zuzanna … I have been following your website for over 6 months now. You have become my inspiration as you have a very toned body .. just like i want mine. I have always wondered your stats. (e.g. height, weight, BMI,etc.) I even read comments to see if you ever mention it, but you never do even when someone asks you. Its just curiosity … i won’t use it against you. :)

    • Frederick

      Hi – Zuzi is 166cm tall and about 54kg.

  • Marie

    My post seems to be in perpetual “Awaiting moderation”. So I am trying to post it again.

    I beat my personal best by 3 minutes!! I couldn’t believe it. I have been following your workouts diligently for a few months now and I am obviously seeing significant improvement.

    Thank you for keeping up with the blog. It’s been a great inspiration.


  • Lady in red

    I agree with you, morning work outs are the best even though at the beggining is tough now that I have gotten used to it I wouldn’t go back to working out in the evening for nothing.

  • maria

    hi im maria from argentina I like this rutines and your exercises. there is some killer routine of arms?? I WANT to have the arms of madona

  • alexandra

    hi zuzana! i’m from romania and i love your workouts, are very helpful .i have a question for you i am 14 years old and i’m dooing workouts since i was 11-12 and im very fit just like you :D because i work very hard every day , but my mother disagrees with this, she say that when i will grow up i will look like a man and i argue with her every day, its that true? because you look very good and sexy .love your site;)

  • flavia

    I did this work out two days in a row and today I’m feeling quite sore. I’m not sure if I should work out today or have a day of rest. So I guess my question is should you work out when your muscles are sore?

  • Dakota

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!

    I did this workout on the 23rd and it was I N C R E D I B L E! It killed my arms (The part where we had to do the Pike Press, Mountain Climbers and Tricep Leg Lifts)! I was working so hard, I didn’t have the time to think about how sweaty I was hahaha

    Your workouts are amazing Zuzana, I cannot even begin to say how thankful I am. I have ab muscles, arm muscles, leg muscles and they all show beautifully. Women who used to judge me and look down at me now are fiercely jealous of me. Not that it’s the only reason I’m doing this, but to me it means something. I’m feeling pretty sexy.

    It’s Day 9 of the Sugar/Processed Food Elimination and I’m already seeing the effects. I lost about 7 pounds! I think it has something to do with how I’m being more food conscious and drinking WAY MORE water. I’m loving this.

    I had cravings for the first week but I treated myself to a few sticks of gum instead and drank even more water. I’m keeping strong!

    Anyways, I can’t wait till your next workout Zuzana and Frederick!

    I’m right beside you.

    • Dakota D. from Canada

      I just noticed there is another Dakota! I will start being more specific in my name now.

      On having a few sticks of gum when I had my cravings I have something to say…

      I am not going to chew gum in replacement of my cravings anymore. I just did it 2 or 3 times, but I realize now that I don’t really like gum (and it has that artificial sweetener. It doesn’t make me FEEL good)

      Elaborating on the weight loss, I’m going to explain why/how I lost those pounds so fast. =D

      Before I took this challenge, I was stuck at a weight for a few weeks (I believe that was because I was “treating” myself every day to chocolate and sweets). Once I stopped and took charge of what I ate and drank more water, it FLEW OFF. I’m lighter than I have EVER been in years.

      Having those little treats really affected my “Becoming the best Woman I can be” journey!

      You know what? I have been thinking of abstaining from all the junk food FOR LIFE. I probably will have a treat, but that should be very, very, very, very rare. It would have to be organic and the closest it could be to a health food (Organic DARK chocolate with almonds)

      Keep strong every one!

  • Dakota

    Well forget about mornings. I can’t do anything without a pot of coffee and a push out the front door first thing in the morning…lol I’ll give up the Ho Ho’s in the evening with my wine. My work outs are pretty intense and my appetite is more intense…Thanks for the advice. I’ll start with more fruit! Keep up the good work!

  • Kaci

    Love your workouts so much! Thank you from Ukraine, you’re the best!

  • IDA

    hey! I just wanted to say that I love your site. You two ar the best! Your so cute together ^^

    I´m fallowing your diet to zuzana, I have 26 days to go, he he. I feel great, but I have some gravings! oh… its hard, but I will finish the diet :)

    love, Ida

  • Sophie Edmundson

    Hey Zuzana! I have been understudying you for 3 months and i have done every workout. But im not getting and results like abs or arm muscle. How long did it take for you to get those??

    • Frederick

      How is your diet?

    • Sophie Edmundson

      Its very healthy. I dont eat junk food at all or get near it.

  • Matthew

    Interesting article on Yahoo today

    The article talks about the benefits of interval training but then dumbs it down with this statement:

    ‘Intense interval training means working very hard for a few minutes, with rest periods in between sets. Experts have mostly tested people running or biking, but other sports like rowing or swimming should also work.

    Helgerud recommends people try four sessions lasting four minutes each, with three minutes of recovery time in between. Unless you’re an elite athlete, it shouldn’t be an all-out effort.

    “You should be a little out of breath, but you shouldn’t have the obvious feeling of exhaustion,” Helgerud said.’

    If you’re getting “a little out of breath” for four minutes and then resting for three minutes are you interval training, or just taking it easy?

  • Samantha

    I finished this workout in 13:10… I rolled really fast from one to the other. I especially like doing the double on the leg lifts right into the toe touches.

  • Juan

    Your voice is so cute and your work outs are hard but they pay off so well. Keep up the good work my friend.


  • Juan

    I love your work outs, you are the best.


  • Matthew

    I always work out in the morning. I get up at 5:00AM and I’m warming up by 5:10. I do my TKD forms as a warm up and that takes a little over 10 minutes to do 13 forms. Then I either do one of your workouts or 20 minutes of weight training followed by some stretching. I’m in the shower by 5:45 and I can hit the rest of the day knowing that I’m off to a good start. It was difficult to get into that routine though. It requires me to get to bed by 10:00PM which I find hard to do and I am not normally a morning person.

  • Amanda

    Hey Zuzana and Frederick,
    I am still trying to stay away from chocolate!! OOps I always thougth M&M’s were a dried fruit in that there trailmix!!

    I am an emotional eater…and I work long hard days wearing baggy scrubs…you can eat away at all the dastardly things women and patients bring into work…and those forgiving scrubs don’t let you know you are gaining weight!!

    No my best method for success is to wear my workout clothes to work complete with sneakers. Right after work I drive straight into the gym. Even though I mostly do your routines and no longer have need of all their equipment I know I am doomed if I go straight home. All the emotions of the day will have me in a chocolate chip bag in no time. I figure if my kids are all at their sports practices and there is delicous food cooking in a crockpot, I can be at the gym for a quick workout. The best thing is I feel relaxed and energized for tackling the last few busy hours of my day with dinner, homework and four kids!!

    I get up a half hour early in the morning to look at your website and write down in my notebook what I will do after work! I think about it all day and am super excited to give it a go at the gym. I have to be honest, I enjoy having people come up to me and ask me if I am a professional trainer and want to know what I am doing. I just say, “BOdyrock.tv”!!!

    Thank you both so much!!!

    • Frederick

      We are working on a post about emotional eating… stay tuned.

  • sarah

    i have watched ur workout so many times but i just tried then onli one time ,,,, but i coudnt make the wholeroutine u make … i used to practise for over 5 6 years but i just do running and some cardio workout ,,, i think ur routine require more musculs than i have ,,,, i dont know realii
    wat about u make some routine tht is a littel bit fun with some music or something like cootcamps ,,, i know tht u have u own type but i think alot will love it
    dont take ma words bad .. i loved u already realiii
    im from egypt hope u come oneday here u willlove it im sure
    tke cre and i will b happy to reply me
    say hii to Frederick

  • Jessan

    Hi Zuzana!

    I just have to say that it’s so fun to watch your videos, it really gives me motivation :D !

    Have a nice day!


  • Vilivil

    No craving yet. Fruits just do fine. However yesterday I ate yoghurt cheese with apple chunks and cinnamon. It was so good that I could hardly believe that I’m not doing anything wrong.

  • Nicole

    wow, what an inspiration!!

    I started training about 3 years ago, lost about 15 kg and I’m in the best shape of my life (which isnt very difficult coming from what I looked like 3 years ago). I started doing some of your routines last year before summer, and what an improvement!! I train in the mornings 3 times a week, the rest of the time just in the afternoons. This website and your tips have really changed my workout routine fom being boring and repetitive, to challenging and fun. the women at my gym are even asking about the excersises I do!

    Gym 5am is fun again!

    thank you

  • Christine

    Hi Zuzana.

    When did you you start to train like you do,and how long did it take to look like you do now?
    It seems i have come to a halt with my weight loss,and i eat healthy,often and small portions.and i train almost every day.
    any tips?

    kind regards
    Christine :-)

    • Frederick

      Hi Christine – Zuzi says from across the room to “look at your training intensity level and see where you can push it harder” I’m on comment duty :)

  • Anneliis

    Hi Zuzana!

    My day starts usually at 6.30 in the morning – I wake up, then I have about an hour to get myself ready for work. Isn’t it too early to workout if I’d start at 5.30-5.45? In the evenings it would be between 6-7. So I would like to know if 5.30 too early for workout?


    • Antonia

      Hi Anneliis,

      I dont think Zuzana would tell you its too early..the main thing is you work out. In todays faced paced world some people have to workout at midnight-not ideal but better no workout. Your good.

  • samantha

    hi i am a big fan and im getting ready to start your work outs for the first time and i have a bigg favor to ask you so i have the slimmest legs and butt could you do a work out for us girls who want a bigger butt and bigger legss please you would be a total life saver thank you xoxo sami

  • http://www.bodywork.tv Melanie

    Hey Zuzana,

    Saw your video by chance and checked out this website. Thank you! You are in inspiration. With your help and happy gentle words, I have begun to work out again….

    You’re awesome!



  • Lindsey

    Zuzana or Frederick,

    I have a question! a fitness question. You see, I am in a rut and I really want to be able to do more pull-ups. I have been practicing every day and can’t for the life of me do more than one at a time! I feel like I am never going to improve. My arms have always been the weakest part of my body. What else can I do to improve my pull-up ability?

    • Frederick

      Hi Lindsey, you can use a chair and do assisted pull ups. Put one foot up on the chair so that it takes some of the weight from your arms. You can find a balance point that allows you to use your arms to their max ability while the chair takes the rest of the weight. Keep one foot ready to touch down on the ground so that you can safely step away if needed.

      • Lindsey

        Perfect thank you! Should’ve remembered seeing Zuzana showing how to do that in an older video oops

  • Joan

    Is it easy for you to workout after you drink coffee? It seems to get my heart beat pumping a bit too fast and I get scared sometimes, what are your thoughts about caffeine and working out right after the intake?

  • Ashlea

    Hey Zuzana!

    I was thinking back on my progress with your workouts. In the first week I noticed a difference in my muscle tone! I would love to see more!

    How can I increase my strength effectively if I’m finding some of the workouts too challenging?

    Would you suggest following the one challenging workout for a week and then switching up my daily workouts after that?

    Looking to improve my fitness,


    • Frederick

      Hi Ashlea – try switching things up and see how that works :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/brockhiddenagendainc Brock

    Lmao! Way to go Zuzana! Proud of you!

  • Kitty

    From one Fitness/ Health enthusiast to another… I LOVE what you guys are doing!! Your presentation is fantastic. You know how to market your body and assests and you are very sweet and authentic. Bravo! Your videographer is very talented. You’re an inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  • http://www.destinationeurope.com.au Andrea

    Just when I thought I was getting fitter you give me this workout, which had me completely out of breath from start to finish. My time: 21 minutes and 41 seconds.

  • Carol

    humm… well i read all the blogs.. and i believe im the only one that has given into the temptation of sweets :(
    I had Chips & Queso, BUT I will restart TODAY! Day 1 –> 30 more to go

    I work about 42-46 hours a week in front of a computer… and wake up at 4:00 just to exercise. i REALLY want to look good and I feel proud of myself when im done. I have more energy for the day also!

    I also tried to eat every 2 – 3 hours. OH and I bought SALBA & rolled oats!!

    ZUZANA… Also I LOVE your workout TOPS. The V ones… did you get those off ebay also, what brand are they I’ve looked everywhere!

    Carol S.

    • Frederick

      Hi Carol – I think that they actually stopped making those tops.

  • Dannie

    I have a question. I started doing your workouts last week and I having a hard time trying to do a time challenge…will I still see results from your workout if I do them at my own speed and gradually work into trying to beat my own personal time?

  • Kristýna

    Ahoj Zuzko…
    koukám ty si fakt ,,incredible” …. Fakt velký obdiv :) docela mě překvapilo, když jsem koukala na tyhle videjka že jsi češka :) … fakt neuvěřitelně závidím to krásné tělo bez jediného sebemenšího špíčku…
    Já sem 18-ti letá holka… a mám dosti velký problém s váhou se zdravým stylem života… a vůbec nevím jak se do toho dostat :( … před 3mi lety jsem se dostala do anorexie a pak s jojo efektem hrozně přibrala. :( a teď nevím, jak se z toho dostat…
    Prosím tě o upřímnou radu … Ty teď asi žiješ v cizině viď? :)

    Hrozně zdravíím
    a děkuji Ti předem za poradu…

    Měj se hezky


    • Frederick

      Ahoj Kristyno,

      projdi si moje stranky mam tady spoustu rad co se tyce zdravych stravovacich navyku. Precti si clanky v kategorii Diet – je tam toho hodne. Preji krasny den.

  • ingrid

    Hi zuzana
    It’s been about a week know since i found your site and i love it. I’m trying to get back in shape after a broken tail bone that had me at a halt for 3 months.I was running daily before my accident and its amazing how your work out push me more and make my heart race more then laps around the track. Thanks so much. P.s. I’m also a cook and i wanted to share this fish recipe i made the other night and it is so easy.

    Spinach Fish Bake
    4 White Fish fillets (any type will do, i used Pollock)
    One package of frozen spinach (pressed dry)
    1/2 cup any cheese you like (I used organic moneteray Jack)
    Parmesan cheese (just a little for sharp taste)
    1/3 cup good whole grain bread (made into crumbs)
    1/4 cup fine chopped walnuts
    1 egg
    onion powder (to taste)
    salt and pepper
    1 tbsp x-Olive oil

    Get a baking dish lightly rub with olive oil.
    mix everything together in a bowl but the fish and also save a bit of the bread crumbs for the end on the top.
    Then place a thin layer of the mixture on bottom of dish.
    Then lay fish fillets on top in a row.
    Then lay remainder of mixture on top of the fish then top with left over crumbs. Bake for 12-15 min at 375.F of until opaque and the top is a bit crispy.Yummy!!!!!!!!!

    • Frederick

      Hi Ingrid – thanks so much for the recipe :)

  • Gloria

    Hola Zuzana
    I was just reading the article about women and weights. Do you have a workout I caan do at the gym with weights?


  • Christine M.

    Great workout! My time – 22:58

  • http://timothychenallen.blogspot.com Tim A. from DC

    I did this workout today in 18:24… so I did not beat your time of 17:10. But I was very pleased with the workout, I was very tired when it was finished!

    I am also five days into your no-sugar/no-junk food challenge. I have had a couple of rough moments (like when my co-worker offered me a donut!), but I have been able to keep with the challenge. I can already tell a difference, mainly my digestion seems a lot better.

    Thanks for the website and the fantastic workouts!

  • Tiffany

    I’m going to try it tommorrow morning and I’ll let you know. I do no one thing if I don’t do it early I usually won’t do it at all. I find myself making excuses once it’s late, so will see! Tiff

  • hi zuzana

    hello..im 250 pounds as of today last 2 weeks i was 265 and that’s because ive decided to change my eating habits i ran across your workouts on youtube and thought i’d see what workouts you did that might help me and im seriously thinking about using your morning workout plan…im more dedicated then ever about my diet and ill be letting you know how it all works out when i start..im currently sick right now and will start your plan as soon as im better…i will keep you posted on how im doing…thank you so much zuzana for taking time to help others such as myself.

    • Frederick

      Congrats! Keep going!

  • Seb

    Hi guys,

    What do you eat for snacks ? I really need some ideas. By the way coffee without sugar is not that bad after all :) I have not start the challenge yet but should start on march 1st. I need to detox from sugar first :)

    • Frederick

      Mostly fruit to be honest :)

  • Arionna

    I Love love love your workouts Zuzana! Do you come up with these yourself? They are awesome! I would like to know if you do cardio also on the days that you do some of these brutal workouts? I did the Earn Your Shower workout today and it was Awesome!

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  • Evelina-91

    Hi Zuzana!
    I have a wish for you, I wonder if you could help me, by showing som exercises that is good for my lower stomach muscle, you know, under your bellybutton. And I also would like to know any good exercise for my inner thigh!
    Please help me Zuzana!

    Btw! Today I have started your challange with no sugar!

  • http://mileh.blogg.se Mileh

    Hi Zuzana! I love your website and all of your workouts!

    About the cravings… I have been following this challenge myself and I haven’t had any cravings what so ever, at least not yet. Don’t know my secret but I believe that it’s simply that I’ve been following your directions to eat smaller portions abuout every third hour.

    Great workout by the way! Don’t think I will beat your personal best, but I surely will try to do it tomorrow!

    Thanks for a wonderful site!

  • Marie

    I beat my personal best by 3 minutes!! I couldn’t believe it. I have been following your workouts diligently for a few months now and I am obviously seeing significant improvement.

    Thank you for keeping up with the blog. It’s been a great inspiration.


  • Sarah

    wow, i found this workout really challenging!! i was tempted to give up after 2 rounds but fought through!! my gymboss didn’t start so i was disspointed i didn’t get to see my time :-(



  • Alex


    this website is perfect :) Thank you for inspiration :)

  • Sneha

    Dear Zuzana,

    First of all, Thanks a million for starting such a website.
    I just discovered your website through You tube and I think its a very good initiative. I was planning to change my daily routine and start working out in the morning :) . But some how not able to make it. Now I think you gave me the required kick :) and from tomorrow onwards I will wake up in the morning, do my workout and keep you updated about how much I am able to push myself. :)

    Wish me luck :)

    Take Care

  • onďák

    ahoj Zuzano.
    přečet jsem si, jak mají lidi přistupovat k rannímu cvičení, když se jim do toho nechce. bodejť by jo. cvičení samo o sobě je naprosto nepřirozená činnost. někdo by si mohl dát tu práci a vymyslet luxusní postup, kterak člověk dělá běžnou denní činnost a přitom vlastně cvičí, ani neví. to se dá přece praktikovat při koukání na televizi, žehlení, přikládání do krbu, nakupování v Bille a tak. starý pán, skladatel Eben například cvičil u zpráv (co taky dělat během sledování takovýho balastu). jenže by si u toho běloh ze severní polokoule připadal tzv. trapně, nedůstojně, divně. v dobách, kdy člověk musel vypochodovat na pole a obdělat hroudu, ho nějaký důmyslný ranní tréningy ani nenapadly, protože hejbání tělem byla automatická činnost. až nový věk z toho udělal nový náboženství. ty sis z toho vytvořila krásnej proces, asi jako když někdo musí každý ráno zasednout ke klavíru, jinak je nesvůj. ale ti, co omdlívají při pomyšlení, že by se měli pohnout, ale na druhou stranu zase chtějí mít svaly a malou prdýlku, si k piánu sednou jenom pomocí rákosky přísnýho učitele, a nikdy k nástroji nepřilnou. toť muj názor. přeju ti chuť do práce a při tom jiskru v oku. tvuj Onďák

  • mary

    It’s just impossible for me to exercise in the morning. I have to wake up at 6 a.m. to go to university, that means i should set my alarmclock at 5.30. Well, I tried, but I really don’t have phisical energy to getting out of bed and starting exercise straight away, I need some time. That would mean I should wake up at 5.00, but then it would definetly affect my productivity at university.
    So, no morning workout thanks. I’d like to, but just can’t.

  • Mikek

    I already dropped a few pounds by stop consuming sugar.
    I use the Perfect Pushups and crunches for some muscle building. I also do martial arts for cardio which also involved stretching.
    I am really hooked on doing push ups, my goal is 100, I have no clue when I will get there.
    We all need goals, I set a goal and start taking action. What really helps with me is to visual how I want to look.

  • ilynna

    hi zuzana,

    i came across your site through one of your youtube videos late last year and just started following your workouts on a daily basis or at least as much as i can earlier this month and they’re great… they’re challenging but very well worth it! thanks for all the variety and motivation =0D

  • amberae

    Mt challenge is going really well! I’m going to keep going till easter. Thanks for the motivation!

    I find that oranges help, they seem sweeter than apples.

  • Sara

    I try doing the morning workout too it does work you feel amazing throughout the day!!! The other thing is that working out in the morning also helps you burn stored body fat..

  • Kit

    I’m interested in purchasing an interval timer, however I’m a bit confused whether to buy the gymboss or a watch with the interval function on it. Would you recommend the gymboss timer over say, the ironman watch? Why?

  • http://www.edwardholder.com Edward

    I love this one! 10:14 for me. I will probably switch the one movement for pushups to make it a little more challenging. Keep them coming! I wait for tomorrow!

  • marina

    hello, I would like to buy the gymboss trainer you use, I went to the website but they have different ones, which one should I get to follow your exercise routines?

  • Chantelle

    Hey Zuzana,
    I am so excited!!! I did this workout on December 27th and did it in 23 minutes. This time today I did it in 16:09!!!! This is the first workout that I am able to look back and try to PB and I didnt think up until now that I was improving but my time sure says different.
    Thnks so much for the workouts.
    Looking forward to the next one!!!!
    Love you guys

  • http://rjmelville.com Rachel

    Is there an alternative way to do the tricep leg lifts? I’m not strong enough yet to hold myself in lowered plank position and was having a hard time figuring out an alternative exercise that would serve the same purpose. Any ideas?

  • Christine M.

    MUST. STEP. AWAY…FROM THE DARK CHOCOLATE-COVERED ESPRESSO BEANS!! I need to hide them from myself. Still holding strong on the challenge though!

  • Mariana

    You´re amazing and a fresh inspiration for me. I´m a big fan and very constant which is great to see results.
    I practise Body Pump, Body Combat and Body attack and do some of your routines too.
    What do you think about body systems?

  • Jessica

    O M G….I did it twice I loved it so much. I look for your workouts daily, have lost 2 percent BF in less than a month since starting your routines….14% as of Saturday!! LOVE THIS SITE!!!!
    With Love from Fort Lauderdale.


    i tried doing your workts but its really hard and i did the workout for beginners but its really easy so idk what should i try? what are your suggestions? i have been running on ma mini trampoline and i been wanting to know if you think its a good equipment to work with?

  • Runya

    Hello Zuzana and Frederick,

    Thank you for your workouts. I am enjoying it. I have been doing your workout for almost 3 months. I feel a little muscle on my abs when I see it at mirror. And my booty is getting hard. I am glad for that.

    My lower body, however, is a different. Since I can remember, my legs have always been fatter and bigger than the rest of my body, especially around the knees and the ankle. But now I see the my calves is getting bigger plus these fat. I do not want it. I really want to reshape my legs and make them thinner.
    Can I really change the shape of my legs with nutrition and exercise? If so, what am I doing wrong, better yet, what can I do better?? Desperately looking for an answer..

  • Wes

    I thought I saw on your site that you mentioned what kind of timer you had. I have a watch with a timer on it, but I’m sure it can’t do the same stuff your timer can do. What was it called and how could I get one of those?

  • Alma

    The morning workout sounds great. I love your videos. I’ve been working out with you for past 3 months. I have become leaner. I’ve been in great shape, but I looked leaner after the 3 months. I can’t do your workouts anymore because I am pregnant. I am very excited but confused about the workouts that I can do. I’m 12 weeks pregnant. We are a young couple just like you two, our first baby and it’s exciting. Do you have any suggestions, or maybe your readers. I just miss that exhausted, yet amazing feeling after one of your workouts.

  • MexErik

    I will try, I promise, cause yes, in the evenings i really feel tired affter a long day of school, specially when i got tests.
    thank you for everything

  • http://www.poplove-designs.com Andrea

    Hey Zusanna,
    I just discovered your site last week, and I’ve tried a couple of the workouts already and they’re incredible! If you’re having trouble with the chocolate cravings, I’ve read that eating raw nuts can help. Apparently chocolate is high in magnesium which is also found in walnuts, almonds and other nuts. I hope it helps!

  • Monifah

    Haha, I was just looking at one of your ‘older’ workouts (the summer fit one) and what a difference between what your body looks like there and how your body looks now!! You look quite bulky in those vids and not as lean defined as you do now. I like the look you have now better but am just wondering what it is you have changed. Only change in workout (only bodyweight now) or did you also change your diet from than til now??
    Let me know.. And can you please tell me when the *search* function on your site will work?? Thanks to you and Frederick for providing us all with knock-out workouts.

    BR Monifah

  • http://getrich.shirtcity.com DeLavell

    Try this on. one medium onion, one medium green pepper, one large green apple. chop and mix all in with fat free italian dressing. grill or bake one large chicken breast cut in half, with two leaf lettuce for two whole wheat taco soft shells, warmed in microwave. lay lettuce on shell then chicken breast add mix wrap and enjoy.

  • http://bodyrocktv jason landers

    im gonna try to workout in the morning, its gonna be realy tough , but ill try it and let you know how it goes. oh boy!

  • simona

    prosim a ty bývas V amerike alebo anglicku tusim sa v nejakom videu spominalo ze si zila v kanade? :D alebo som zle rozumela nie som si teraz ista kde vlastne byvas aj koli tomu ze som si pozerala starsie videa a na nich je ina kuchyna :) prepác ze sa tu stale dookola vypytujem asi aj nepodstatne veci ale ked ma raz inspirujes….som tu len 2 tyzdne tak prepac :) ))

  • Nancy

    I just discovered this site and I love it. I am scared to do one of these workouts! But I would like to try, even if I do only 3 reps in 30 seconds. I look at you and think, “that’s what I want to aspire to!” Thanks for the inspiration…

  • Rebecca


    I saw your tweet on twitter. You poor thing. =( Did you schedule a doctor’s appointment? When you’re in pain, it just affects everything. I hope you feel better soon. love, Rebecca

  • Emma

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick !
    I wanted to thank you guys for this incredible website, it makes my 18yrs old girl training life so much easier between school and everything else :) (I’ve been using it since a while now but it’s my first comment !)
    Zuzana I gotta say that you are clearly an inspiration for me, to keep doing my workouts for as long as I’ll be able to do them; I’m only 18 (and I’ve been doing fitness for 2 yrs and I love it), and I hope to be in an as good shape as you are now when I’ll be your age !
    I’m definetely going to try to exercise in the morning and I’ll let you know. As for the challenge thing I’m so disapointed because I need my Nutella so bad when I study for my exams but I do try to eat just a little of it.

    Have a great evening and I hope you’re feeling better,get well soon.

    Best from a French/Italian mediterranean living girl :)

  • Nat

    I have to say that BodyRock.TV has changed my life, so first of all I want to thank you guys for your dedication, motivation and all the effort you put into this website.

    I have been doing your workouts for exactly a month (I’ve tried to do them at least 4 times a week) and although I’ve made only slight changes in my diet, the results are just awesome! I look into the mirror and I can’t believe that it’s my body! The funny thing is that I used to workout at the gym for over 10 years and I never managed to achieve this kind of results that I’ve got in just one month, which is amazing! I’ve decided I’ll never go to the gym or fitness classes again – I don’t need to! I”ve never thought that working out at home can be so beneficial!

    I think I’ve even got addicted to these workouts and the changes I see (not only in my appearance but also in my strength and flexibility) make me work even harder.

    For the first time in my life I’m absolutely sure that soon (I mean in a few months) I will achieve the results that I’ve always dreamt of.

    Thanks once again and greeting from Krakow in Poland (which is just about 130 km from the Czech Republic) :D

    PS. I hope to send you the photos of my body changes in some time to show you what I’m talking about :] And of course I will pay more attention to my diet now, because I can see that it’s as important as exercise.

  • Dawnylou

    Hey Zuzana & Frederick!

    I want to both thank you and congratulate you on such a wonderful site! A friend pointed me in this direction just a week ago but I wish I had come across this a long time back!

    I am at a healthy weight and BMI but seem to have fat stores around my middle and thighs. I eat quite healthily and was doing around 5 hours of aerobic dance mixed with pole dancing per week. However I think I had become stuck in a rut – the exercise was making no difference to me in weight or inches.
    After 1 week here my trousers are a bit slacker and I am 3lb lighter!! Also I know this might sound sad but every night at 10pm I log on to see if you have posted a new workout so I know what I have to look forward to in the morning!! :)

    And today I am very excited because my Gymboss arrived!!! :) No more fiddling around with my mobile!

    I want to thank you so much for all of the help that you have provided for me and so many others out there. My sister-in-law has promptly been directed here as she wants to tone up for her holidays and I have sent a link to Mam for the beginners workouts.

    However I wondered if you could answer me one thing…Are your workouts predominately for girls? If so do you have any suggestions on how my husband can beef up a bit? He wants to gain a little weight but have a bit muscle definition in his abs and chest :)

    Thank you in advance

    Oh btw I just love your accent!! x

  • http://N/A Marlon A Ferguson

    Girl you rock that’s all I can say…just did your “round booty workout” was only able to do two rounds. And I was grunting on every exercise. Took me 20 minutes, 10 minutes a round. Like to kill me!

  • Grace

    This is one of my favorite work outs because I improve so much each time! I’ve done it about 3 or 4 times (maybe 5) and started out finishing at about 20 min. Today I did it, while listening to Otis Redding, and finished in 16 minutes and 48 seconds! Hell-to-the-yeah!


  • Jennifer Uranga

    First time to do this exercise. I don’t have my gymboss timer YET! But roughly 18 minutes. I love it. Thanks again!

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    This felt so much easier than last time! A couple minutes faster, too :) 15:58 cruisin’

  • http://unbridledenthusiast.com Yelena

    I started doing it this week (back to working out after literally months of not) and I find that it’s the optimal time for me. First, I have great energy and I’m not tired. Secondly, I can have my time in the evening and I’m not plagued by the dread of working out.

    This obviously does not need to be said, but… it’s so hard to do the routines after not doing anything for a couple of months, it’s amazing. I mean, I couldn’t even get through them and I’m sore beyond belief. Ugh. Terrible.

  • Hope

    Hey Z
    I just discovered your website and I LOVE it! It’s so intense and I love that I can do the workouts at home. I was wondering if maybe you could do a video of what you do to warm up and then what you do for stretching. My biggest problem is I have NO flexibility at all! I was also wondering how you keep your wrists from hurting during all these exercises. Thanks alot and keep up the great work!


  • Mili

    Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for motivating me to live a healthier and better life. want to try this work out, so how many reps of each set are you taking??
    Thanx again :D Greetings from Norway!

  • Jonathan

    I added a medicine ball on to the low jumping jacks and got more resistance.

  • Brianna

    so you exercise in the morning before eating anything? I feel funny about exercising on an empty stomach but I guess if it’s first thing in the morning and I eat directly after it should be fine… I trust you! I’ll give it a try :)

  • Chris

    Hi Zuzana,

    Have you guys ever thought about creating a podcast for itunes? I’m sure you would get lots more attention.

    Your website is one of my favs.


  • SierraWave

    Excellent work out. Back at it after the flu. Only 3 rounds at 17′. Ouch. You might look at Stevia as a sweetener. It’s a sweet spice without the bad glycemic response.

  • http://www.transparentfinancialgroup.com Joe

    That’s awesome you can work out on the beach! Is that somewhere in Italy?

  • Mirela

    Great Blog and Workouts! Since I found them (2 weeks ago) I started exercising almost daily; I already feel toned, run up the stairs, etc.
    The 1/2 hour-wake-up-early schedule is working well so far but even if there is not enough time in the morning I try to divide the workout in smaller ‘portions’ throughout the day, when possible.

    Thank you for your excellent example, motivation and encouragement.
    You are an inspiration!

    Cheers from Canada!

  • Canadian Charlie

    I did this one for the first time today, and my time way 21:47. I loved this one. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger. I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I got a big burst of energy and powered through the last round. The 30 day challenge is going well. I was joking with my husband last night that this challenge has been more difficult for me than when I quit smoking cold turkey last year.

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  • Will

    I just can not get myself physically ready for a morning workout. I am very consistent though in my evening workouts. So I think there are “morning people” and “evening people”. This may change :(
    My wife wants to start doing your programs but only before she goes to work. And only if I do them with her. I know that I should tell her she has to do exercises for herself and not force other people to enable her.
    However, after 22 years of happy marriage I have learned:
    “I can be Right – or I can be Happy”.
    So I will be getting myself out of bed so that we can do these programs together.
    Question – do you have a Gymboss Timer with a snooze button? ha, ha

  • lucy

    I have one question: For the sake of I don’t have enough possibilities to do all Your workouts every day. When I cannot do workouts from your blog, I do approx. 100 push ups every morning (on days when I don’t fulfill workout from Your site) and on evenings approx. 100 or more exercises for abdomen (of course every exercise comes from Your blog). I mixed my morning’s push ups with exercises for legs. Is it good approach?

  • Stephanie

    Are these daily workouts you post all the exercise you do? Do you do additional weightlifting or cardio?
    I was watching something the other day on TV and saw that “the average celebrity works out 3 hours a day”
    I thought, “hmmm maybe they need to watch bodyrock.tv” LOL.

  • Hannah

    I started sugar-free with you the day you posted. I am a serious sugar lover so it has been incredibly hard! I have had intense cravings as well and was laughing when you said you keep eating apples because I have been doing the same thing! It doesn’t always help though and I feel like I am still on the search for that “thing” that will cure the craving;) I use peanut butter (no added sugar) on my apples and I think that helps me to feel more satisfied. But this has made me realize how much I unconsciously am sticking things in my mouth that are not good for me (choclate, treats etc.) And I am STILL having 2 splendas with my coffee, small glass of OJ and even sugar-free (but still some some added sugar, Yoplait yogurts)but just no direct sugary treats as those are my serious downfall. They are what needs to go whereas I don’t think the one yogurt or small OJ is the “bad” food in my life. Keep forging ahead..stay strong..they say it takes 10 days to kick a habit and that you will see changes in insulin that will lessen the cravings overall. I know that after 30 days things level-out substantially and you will no longer crave the sweets. I have done this before and it only gets much easier as time goes on. WE CAN DO THIS:)

  • Jess

    WOW!!! This workout really kicked my ass! it took me 23 min including a little rest time in between rounds.
    I workout 6 days a week, always first thing in the morning. I find its so much easier to workout in the morning, because by the time the evening comes around I’m too tired to lift a finger. Morning workouts really give me a great amount of energy, and put me in a fantastic mood for the whole day. Its weird but I always get a natural high from it that makes me feel great! I find that I don’t get that feeling if I wait til later to exercise.
    Thanks for the great workout! I can’t wait to try it again in a couple weeks to try to beat my time :)

  • Mortah

    Got up early in the morning and completed this exercise
    took me 18 min 33 sec!!

    Feel so good :D

    Thanks Zuzana and Frederick!

  • simona

    ahoj zuzi chcela som sa ta este opýtat ci mas svoju postavu taku aku mas len vdaka tvojim workouts a zdravej vyzive alebo ci je za tyma j neico ine posilka aerobik a neviem…..mnoho “spoluziacok” mi hovori ze nemam nato dosiahnut postavu ako ty pokial nezacnem chodit na 4 hodiny do posilnovne no ja neviem ako to je preto ti pisem bola by som rada ak napises DAKUJEM ZA DOTERAJSIE ODPOVEDE VELMI SI TO VAZIM :) )……ps:30 days challenge! :)

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Me cviceni bavi a taky se rada o vse co delam delim na s ostatnimi na mych strankach. Moje sestavy jsou to jedine co delam. Zdrava strava je samozrejme take velice dulezita, takze ja se snazim jist zdrave, po malych porcich a casto. Zkus to a uvidis sama.

  • ~Mary Liz~

    You are such an inspiration… Thank You even though I might not feel very grateful when I get up early tomorrow morning haha. I’m going to try to get up earlier to do my workout, I promise. I so often actually skip out on doing any workout at all it seems. I say I am too busy but it cannot be true. It is still very very cold here, but tomorrow I am going to get up early and workout anyway. :D

    I ordered my new Gymboss interval timer yesterday. It should be here soon YAY I’m so excited!

    Question: Does anyone else get crazy cravings and feel super hungry after eating meat? Especially beef, I feel like my blood sugar drops and I have to eat something else to stop the hunger (yet I have already ate enough).

  • Mickela

    I woke up an hour early this morning and started to workout after coffee, warm up skipped rope and then I tried the slap your ass work out again. My energy level was quite slow and I didn’t even finish.

    It is raining here in NYC and it’s damp and dreary, so maybe that had something to do with my stamina.
    I will try this again and begin with some yoga breathing, which I really suggest to all while warming up.

    Now I have to finish my workout in the evening. I am not giving up though


  • Isabelle

    LOVED the concept of this workout ! Makes it that much funner and more difficult to go from one exercise to the other without a break. I have a love/hate relationship with the ‘Tricep Lef Lifts’ ;)

    Keep on doing what you are doing ! You two are an inspiration and definately a day-to-day motivation ! :)

  • Liz

    I always get up early and do my exercise – I always feel so much better afterwards. My job is busy so doing any exercise in the evening is out for me. Keep up the great work.

  • Melinda

    Hi Zuzana & Frederick,

    I absolutely love your workouts (and the recipes as well) and like to add them to my usual cardio regimen which is spinning and boxing. I’ve been noticing quick changes since then because I had reached a plateau-phase and I had stopped losing weight/toning but your website is just the perfect solution!
    I have an idea that you might like for your website: you should make a part where you post before & after pictures of people who have been following your workouts so they can share their success stories.

    All the best,
    Melinda (Netherlands)

  • Michelle

    Hi Zuzana, hi Frederick!

    I also work out in the morning, for me there is no other way. It puts me in such a great mood! It also motivates me for the rest of my day, especially now in winter when I haven’t been seeing the sun for about a month!! This time of year sometimes I wake up feeling like I don’t want to do anything, don’t want to go to class or go to work, and then I work out and wow! I am ready to conquer the world!!! :)

    Michelle from Montreal

  • Courtney

    The whole morning thing for most people is true. I’m not much of a morning person but I have pretty well faithfully gotten out of bed 6:30 ish most mornings to do your summer fit program. I find if I don’t do it in the morning, I’m a lot more apt to get frustrated with things and I’m slower too especially with my skipping.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  • http://www.kickspike.com colleen

    Love all your workouts and your transformation gives me hope! I am trying to gain size and it is just as hard as losing weight! I am 5’6″ and 115lbs…I am already in shape but want to get up to 120lbs with muscle. I dont see you do a lot of weight work so is this not necessary to achieve mass? I am told it is mainly diet…Eat more protien..so I am trying that too.

  • Samantha

    I’m a week into the challenge and doing ok so far, I don’t know if any other ladies have this problem but I get terrible choccie cravings at a particular time of the month and they were quite bad this morning. I had a teaspoon of honey and it seemed to do the trick, pine nuts seem to quell the cravings too.

    Anyway – finished the workout in a record time of 16:02 today, went for it big time and knocked three minutes off my previous time which I can hardly believe, I can’t have been trying hard enough before!!;)

  • Deborah

    Hey Zuzana!

    I recently found your website and I just wanna say that I am officially addicted to it! I used to run 4 days a week and do some weights, but that wasn’t really working for me – I seemed to stop losing weight after awhile/ I hit a plateau. But I have just begun to do some of your workouts and wake up early to complete them before I start work, and I feel great! Your workouts really do feel like they’re working, and I will keep you updated in a month or two how it goes(:

    A question though, is it advisable to do one of these routines and run on the same day since I just started out on the routines and am training to run for a marathon, or do I need to give my body some time to adjust?

    Would appreciate if you reply, but even so keep up the great work! You’re my inspiration(:

  • Natram

    I’ve been doing good, for my sweet tooth i have been eating fruits like apples, grapes, and banana. I also bought a grapefruit yesterday so i might have it today, if not i’ll go with the banana or apple depends. :p

    The only day i messed up was on my brother in law’s birthday Sunday:/, i only had wine, beer, and white russian creme liquor :0, and just a tiny taste of the cake, i actually didn’t get a nice piece of it:/ i actually took the spoon and just scooped a bit just to taste! so i will just add an xtra day to my challenge :)

    Today here in the Bronx is actually cloudy somewhat dark and raining!
    Zuzana by the way just wanted to compliment you, that you look beautiful and glowing :D .

  • Soňa

    Ahoj Zuzko,
    moc se mi líbí Tvé stránky, jsem z nich nadšená, ale mám pořád jeden pro mě velký problém. Cvičím pravidelně, kondičku mám dobrou, ale trápí mě celulitida, nemohla bys mi na ni poradit nějaké cviky? Nebo se jí už nezbavím? Snažila jsem se i o změnu mého jídelníčku, ale zatím to nepomohlo. Je vůbec nějaká naděje, že se jí zbavím? Nebo se už mám jen snažit o to, aby to nebylo ještě horší? Měj se krásně :)

  • Madeleine

    Hey Zuzana, my challenge went great till the weekend hit, I had to restart my challenge on the 21st Feb after a very naughty round of junk food, but all isn’t lost, I’m working 10x harder and have upped the stakes by making my reward a shopping spree for some badly needed new clothes from all the weight I have lost doing body rock and following my diet! You are a star, thank for the motivation and competition, always needed a challenge to achieve my goals, I haven’t beat your times yet, but i hope the day will come soon!

  • gerri

    I have to get up and workout in the mornings. I recently tried to fit it in other times and was not able now I am playing catch up to lose weight UGH!! I also started a desk job 8 months ago, been rough, back to mornings as of yesterday, its rough, but it will be beneficial in the end!!

    Found a new way for my cravings to stop, usually I am bored or just brain tired, whatever..anyway I started listening to meditation music for about 5min, great relaxer and helps me refocus.

  • Ivana

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick i have really small question for u 2:D. Do you still eat peanut butter, i relly love it?

    i culd be eating it on infusion:)


  • Jess


    I’ve done sports most of my life and they all started at different parts of the day (crew at 4*30 am, swimming at 3*30pm, karate at 6*00pm) and maybe it’s in my head but I find I get a boost of energy when I need it (in the mornings and afternoon) and if I exercise in the evenings I just get tired. My preference is for am but I just go with when I have time.

    I started the 30 day challenge by accident the same time Zuzana and the rest of you BodyRockers did: someone brought in a beautiful glazed pastry in and I turned them down, which is sooooo not like me, I figured it was a sign when I saw the challenge posted here. To be honest I haven’t had any cravings except for peanut butter of all things! Hope I didn’t just jinx myself!

    P.S. This workout was the first one I did when I first found the site and it remains one of my favorite. I can almost do all of the Tri-leg lifts now. My PB stands at 27 minutes because of them.

  • Melanie

    Didn’t you say in some article that the best way to do the “exercice” is to eat breakfast first and then do it? Well, according to some researchers. That it’s like a vehicle; if you don’t put oil, it would fume. SO the best way is to put oil so that vehicle would work. Same goes with the body.

    Or it really depends on the people, then? It doesn’t work for you?

  • Ed

    Zuzana, you look great, but do you ever do any free weight training?


  • AndreaZ

    Hi Zuzana,

    I am currently doing your 30 day challenege with you. I am doing OK…maybe have a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar a day. I love you site and have shared it with my friends at work and at the gym. I hope to have abs like yours before summer!!! Take care : )

  • Nadja W.

    Hey Zuzana
    I decided to not drink any alcohol for one month (because sugar isn’t my problem – but I noticed that having a glass of wine with my dinner was slowly becoming a habit – time to break it before it settles). And it’s going really well – can’t believe it’s already been a week :)
    Made some more changes in my diet as well (trying to make pretty much everything from scratch myself and eating tons of veggies, lot of fruit, some low-fat milk and yoghurt, a little white meat, very little but very good fats and almost no sugar except for what’s in fruit and honey), but the alcohol thing is the only “no exceptions” part right now.

    Still don’t know what I’m going to reward myself with though.

  • Charlie D.

    Awesome. Thanks. 17:15:69 – not bad – I can feel my arms getting stronger since the last time I did this. You guys – what would I do without you!?

    I had this great moment where I finished the tricep leg raises and then rolled over to do the toe-touches and then remembered I hadn’t done the supermans and so rolled over again and then thought – no wait, maybe they come after this and rolled over again and then remembered that of course they don’t and rolled over yet again. I looked like a fish – how is it that your workouts always end up making me laugh?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ha :) Laughing is healthy

  • Cumacek

    Ahoj Zuzano, velice se mi zalíbio tvoje cvičení, ale bohužel neumím a nerozumím moc anglicky, nemohla bys mi poskytnout nějaké bližší info česky?? Díky

  • Maria

    Hi, Zuzana!
    As for starting the day with a workout – is a great idea.
    I’ve been following your rutines for more than three months already. So, yes, it is really hard to push yourself to workout at the end of the day. But tell me one thing.. I’ve been told by people working out that eating in an hour after a workout increases your weight (muscle weight I guess) dramatically. And vice versa if you don’t have your meal right after rutines. Is it really so?

    Thanks for your answer!

  • Zebie

    I think I love bodyrock more and more each day :) You guys have done so much work since the beginning – the basement days! – and it’s evident that you do it all with a passion. Loved the work out as usual…but can’t quite figure out how you got it done in 17 min! lol Rock on :)

  • Hanne

    The Challenge is going great so far.
    I`ve had baaaad cravings, but I`ve been sooo strong! I`m proud of myself!! :-)
    Now I`m going to drink my coffee, and do this woerout.
    I`ve soon followed your workouts for 4 months, and I can`t belive the changes my body is going through!!!
    Keep up the good work! You are wonderful people!!!!

  • ana p

    Hi, Zuzana

    Two months ago I finished a “bulk phase” with my coach in order to put on some muscle. Being very dissapointed about the result I gave up and try to continue by myself the diet and the training. I do your workouts 5 time/week et eat small portions but my weight doesn’t seem to decrease at all. As I gained 7kg during my “bulk phase” I’m really desparated about my body. When I saw my image in the mirror and my weight which is the same about few weeks I think I’m going crazy!

    During a whole year I used to practice weight training (weights & machines) but I’m really dissapointed about the results because my coach wanted to build too much muscle (for me) so, the diet and the training weren’t adapted at all to my fitness goal. Now I’m really “bulked” and I don’t like it because my goal is a soft fitness body.

    MY QUESTION FOR YOU: I saw that when you first begin with your site (that I love !) you already looked very well and were in very good shape! I understand that now your diet and training allows you to maintain your results but I’d like to tell me what have you done BEFORE (your coming on the website) in order to look that great?

    As I gave up with weight training do you think that doing only your workouts can help me to reach my goals et burn enough fat ? Should I incorporate onother type of training as I must drop about 10 kg?

    I really hope that you could answer me because all these drive me crazy and I don’t even recognize my body in the mirror…


    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      My workouts can help anyone to burn fat and build muscle. It’s only about how much effort you put into the workouts, how often you exercise and how good you are with your eating habits. If you look too bulky for your taste, then you have to cut down on the amount of food that you eat. Make your portions even smaller then they are and eat more often. If you won’t feed the muscles too much, they won’t grow. Stick to healthy food and make sure to include a lot of vegetable into your diet. I don’t like to be bulky either so for me it will be always challenge to keep my portion sizes small. I like to have muscle tone so I keep my workouts short and intensive.

  • http://www.fotolog.com/flaviarj FlaviaRJ

    I have to learn to wake up early!!
    Have a ig difficoult with it!!
    It´s one of the things I want to chance personally in my life, and one of the notes in my book of: Things I have to improove in life! ^^
    I´ll give it a try!
    But today is my birthday and I´ll only enjoy it!

    Congratz fot the great post!

  • Eric


    You’re right, doing some training in the morning is great. It makes you feel relaxed for the rest of the day. But sometimes it’s also hard to get up ealier than you have to. Then I skip the training or do it at night…

    Have fun!

  • Sven

    I’m managing with my own version of the sugar-free plan. I cut my sure-in-coffee by half and the only sweets I eat are the little biscuits I get at the café with my cappuccino.

    Was great meeting you guys, and I hope I didn’t freak Frederick out too much!

    PS: I tried some fresh, raw salmon as a lunch snack yesterday. I think it might be a great source for protein!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      So that was you? :) Hi!

  • barbaraG

    working out in the morning is great. Though it depends how early I have to wake up, before 6:00 is for me too early to train. Another problem is, that I sweat much more than you so hair drying takes some time…
    Anyway, I read somewhere that it is better to change your daily exercise times so that your body gets an extra kick every time you do it. I don’t know if it’s true, but it works for me – the most important is that I did my workout that day :) )

  • http://bodyrock.tv Row Nguyen

    Hi Zuzana,

    Really love your workouts! It’s a heck of a challenge for me! I would like to have a body like yours :) Thanks!

  • Slavka

    i have never been a morning person but thought to give a go to morning training…and i am hooked! when i don’t train in the morning, it reflects on my day’s performance.

    I have noticed that you mentioned that you worked out after a cup of coffee? You don’t have any snack? i also must have my cup of coffee but a piece of fruit as well.

  • Sara

    I wasn’t working out before much at all- running sometimes when I could fit it in. I’m a really busy mom going to school full time. Thanks to you and your awesome site, I have found a way to fit in a workout in the morning. I never knew how before, and assumed I didn’t have enough time, and I am way too tired at the end of the day. Now, I alternate running and interval training on the mornings when I have less time, and it is PERFECT!! I am so in love with your site, thank you so, so, so, so much for all of your killer videos and instruction. This site is EXACTLY what I needed!!!! I will be thanking you and blowing you kisses when summer gets here!!

  • Amber frm Canada

    30day challenge going well! already feel like I’ve accomplished something and it hasn’t been a week yet. I am so much more aware of what i eat.I love telling people what I’m doing…they think I’m crazy, lol. Crazy maybe, but healthier, definitely!

  • Dani

    how many coffee’s do you have a day on average?

  • Kristen

    Hi Zuzana,

    I would love to be able to work out in the morning. However, I am a shift worker. 7 days on and 7 days off but the days I work are 14 hours and I have a night shift rotation which I find is really hard on the body. I found your website a few weeks ago and am currently doing the summer fit program which I have been able to do after work everyday and in the mornings on my days off. The first week I did need 2 rest days but I can already notice a difference! :) You are very motivating and your site is wonderful! I am going to start the 30 day challenge as well! Thanks again to you and Fredrick for the helpful site!

  • Alexander

    i want to give a suggestion for a name for the no name ab workout. it looks like “extension kicks” would be perfect. what ya think? and your workouts are bang-a-rang! terrific training for core muscles. thank you!

  • Chantelle

    Hey Zuzana and Frederick,
    I am so excited because I got my new Gymboss timer in the mail today. Gunna be a great workout!!!!!

  • Tara

    Zana and freddy…a question for both of you…
    whats your favorite ab exercise? i love your hanging leg raises their extremely hard! (you guys kick ass!)

  • Audra Gatti

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have a new PB for this workout at 16:47 thats 1min & 18sec faster than my last time. Don’t know how I did that but I’m definately happy. ;) I truly feel like a Bodyrock soldier now. Thanks Zuzana & Frederick!

  • Minnie V

    Hi Zuzana,
    I have to agree with you that working out first thing in the morning is a great way to jump start your day. I am a 50 year old woman who just retired from law enforcement. For the last 14 years my day began at 4:45am. I’d wake up have a cup of coffee,sit for 20 min. or so watch the morning news,then shower and get to work at about 6:00 am.
    I’d run 4 miles shower and get dressed. I’d walk into the locker room from my run feeling like a million bucks,and would tell everyone how great it was. My co-wokers were streaming in all blearly eyed from sleep and there I was talking about my incredible run trying to recruit running partners. I’ve always enjoyed the routine. Starting off the day with exercise sets the tone for the rest of the day. This gave me an incredible amount of energy. Most times during my lunch break I would follow with weights. Now that I’m retired I’m not awake as early but….. I’m still exercising,(in the morning)I believe it’s a cure all for anything that ails you. I like change and in recents months I’ve discovered your website and at the moment am enjoying this new way of working out. Thank you.
    Minnie V.

  • Mike

    to work out in the morning you must have an office job,im a plumber an its impossible for me to play with 4 inches iron pipes and 48 inches pipe wrenches after 1 of youre work out.I prefer at night its my escape time my own buble. peace ty for the routines :)

  • Becky

    i’m a newbie to this site. I’m 32 have two daughters 5 and 1. i’ve been at the gym for a month now – nights 3 days a week and noticing a difference in my legs butt and arms. I’m only 5’3 and 127lbs so i’m thankful that losing weight isn’t an issue. It’s toning whats left!! I’m kind of getting sick of the gym and want something more exciting. I really like what you’re doing here MY ONLY QUESTION are these ‘daily workouts’ good to do in the morning – any of them or is there a special order i should be doing them. – anyone can answer if i dont get a response from Zuzana. Thank you good luck to all of you!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jambalover Ciera


    I agree that working out in the morning is the best. It makes me feel accomplished all day not to mention I tend to watch what I eat more closely if I have worked out that day.

  • Dai

    I had really bad cravings today. I felt very close to snapping at someone. I mean I was at work getting very annoyed I wanted chocolate bad. For some reason I felt like eating some red meat might make my craving go away so I had a few ounces of steak and my chocolate craving went away.

  • Alpiya

    Hello Zuzana,

    I actually haven’t eaten chocolates for more than 60 days.
    Usually, when I have bad cravings for chocolates I eat cantaloupes and honeydews. Also, I eat mandarins (satsumas) a and bananas :)
    Thank you for inspiring us!

  • ana

    yees, I’m so happy, today was the first day I actually didi the same amount of reps and finished the workout without resting alot between the reps and sets, and the time is pretty good too, 20:32, after I had done 40 minutes of cardio, actually 20 before and 20 after:) I’m gonna definitely improve my time and thank u so much for showing us these amazing workouts.

  • Mel

    I am several days into the 30-day challenge, and I am, surprisingly, getting used to having coffee without sugar already. A suggestion for you and others getting sick of eating plain apples: Trying sprinkling cinnamon over fresh apple slices or chunks. Eat as is, or nuke them in the microwave for a bit if you are craving something warm and soft.

  • FL

    When I crave chocolate I mix honey with cocoa powder and a some water or all natural peanut butter? This makes a little chocolate sauce. You can mix it with raw nuts and/or a few raw oats. Would this break your challenge?

  • Dawn ;)

    I have a question and maybe you have talked about it before but i am new. Besides your great workout sight here, what do you and frederick do for a living (work)? Just wondering. Im always interested in what peoples jobs are.

  • Sandy

    I just recently discovered your website and absolutely adore it! You have such an amazing body. I was wondering, what are your daily eating plans? Can you put together a list on what your meal plans are for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • http://twitter.com/sasmasterb Sarah

    Im keeping up with you on the no sugar challenge. I too was craving chocolate but somehow I have managed to stay on the straight and narrow.

    I think Im going to purchase the gymboss interval trainer. :) I see it comes in pink!!

    ALSO, can you please make this into an iTunes podcast? I would love to take this with me on the go. :)

    XOXO – Sarah

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  • Rosario

    Hi F and Z, great workout today. I just want to write this post to say that I cheat on my 30 days no sugar challenge, but not a little bit, but big time, so what to do…well I really get discourage but then I saw Zuzana´s always positive attitude and I said to myself that the only thing left to do was start all over since tomorrow. So thank you very very much Zuzana. And for all of you that felt like me just keep trying and the reward will get to you. ;P

  • Mickela

    Hello Zuzana Frederick and all. I just finished this workout
    I did it in 17:39. I am getting stronger I can feel it.
    I also skipped rope 100, after the workout and practiced my pistol squats, I did 3 very poor pistols, but I really want to learn these as well as the ninja jumps which by far are the most challenging mentally of all your exercises.

    In terms of the sugar I just have the wine to worry about, I am limiting myself to wine only once a week for now, maybe none in the near future, I know that alcohol is not good if you are trying to build muscle and reduce fat especially in the mid section.

    good luck to all with your month challenge.

  • Luisa from Canada

    Unfortunately, I can’t do early work outs because I start work really early (7:30am) so I workout in the early evening. It works for me.

    Since finding your website just before Christmas, I have been inspired to change my life in many positive ways, I follow your workouts daily, I think about everything that I put in my mouth and I feel so much stronger. Thank you so much Zuzana and Frederick for your dedication to health and fitness.

  • Jennifer

    How many reps of each exercise are you doing??? I really want to do this workout and need to know!

    • Frederick

      Click on the blue “here” link – it will take you to the post with all the info :)

  • Carmen

    Hey Zuzana – I love your workouts. I’ve tried a couple of them. I gave up chocolate for Lent. I’ve also given up any type of junk food sweets. I usually get craving for something sweet in the evening after dinner. I made this easy recipe last night and I wanted to share it with you. I made the no chocolate version. After Easter I may make them again using the chocolate.

    I just eat one and it does well to satisfy the sweet craving. Enjoy. Carmen.

    Peanut Butter Protein Balls
    Ingredients: 1 cup plain instant oats, 1 cup honey, 1 cup natural peanut butter (drained), 1 1/4 cup vanilla protein powder
    1.) With peanut butter still in the jar, drain the oil off of the top
    2.) Mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl with a spatula
    3.) Wash your hands and continue mixing the ingredients until there are no dry spots
    4.) Roll up balls of the mixture about the size of a half-dollar and place them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper or parchment paper
    5.) Cover with wax paper or parchment paper and refrigerate
    Optional: You may also melt down two cups of semi-sweet chocolate morsels and dip one side of each ball in it before refrigerating
    Servings: approx. 24 balls
    One serving, plain= 103 calories
    3.5g fat
    11.5g carbs
    7.5g protein
    6g sugar
    One serving w/chocolate= 138 calories
    5.5g fat
    17g carbs
    7.5g protein
    10g sugar

    • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates


      I love this treat…thank you for sharing it.

      I am going to try mine with almond butter and agave nectar and raw honey. I wonder if unsweetened cocoa powder will adhere to the balls?

      Half dollar is about 2 tablespoons?

  • autumn

    yea i get up a hour earlier for school..I feel great after..and can just relax after school..its great..but it really hard to get out of bed…but once you get moving it fine.

  • Canadian Charlie

    I agree, I much prefer to work out first thing in the morning. I have much more energy, and a more sunny disposition throughout the day.

  • diana

    this sounds great to do and might justy try. My only problem is that i have insomnia sometimes so I don’t want to wake up early. I was wondering,are you suppose to eat something before you workout, or do you workout on an empty stomach?? thanks

  • Tiffany Stephens

    So far I’ve actually quit the sweets. My husban has bought nothing in the house related to sweets. Even now as he walks in the house just now he has no sweets That’s one week and one day!!! I don’t do a lot of sugar anyway but I can’t believe I even gave up the splenda in my coffee. I listen to you say you got Fredrick to do it and knowing what a peanut butter junkie he was, i said I know I can do it. Not bad but takin it one day at a time

  • jenny

    what’s the secret to a happy marriage?

    • Ruth

      Patience and respect.

  • khris

    Hello, I was wondering if its possible to gain some bigger ass just by working out. lol im not sure if this is a silly question. being asian and skinny and all, I’m wondering if I can work my way to a nicer booty. Thanks.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

      Hi khris,

      It’s a muscle so sure you can make it bigger.


  • Igor

    Beautiful picture. I suppose I could saw something like that about 20 years ago as a dream of future human. It looks futuristic. Open air, plain sands and dark sky below the sea look amazing. It is prooved that art which reminds us about death is the most heart-touching. This landscape does this. Keep doing videos like that, and we’ll see how the “fitness art” develops.

  • Angie

    What muscle groups does this workout target?

    • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates

      Joe Pilates used to get this question…he would respond in his thick German accent loudly, “All of them!”

      One of the things I love about Zuzana’s bodyweight and interval training is the marriage of mental focus with physical effort, what Pilates referred to as Whole Body Commitment.

      Muscle Focus, if I may:

      From a whole body health perspective, Zuzana’s workout is one of her balanced best…all major muscles groups (legs, arms, core and back as well as shoulder and pelvic girdles)…there’s ab and adduction of the legs…multiple orientations…limbs/body and upper/lower co-active to execute the exercises.

      I ask myself sometimes…does intellectually understanding the kinesiology or anatomy really help me do a better squat?

      Angie, thanks for spurring me with your question to revisit that for myself.

  • Paul

    Yes, waking up earlier instead of trying to do it after a day’s work is the way to go. I used to go up an hour earlier during the week so I could practice music before work, as I wasn’t accomplishing anything worthwhile in the evening.

    And that also answers a question I had been wondering about for a while, which is if you ate before your workouts or not. Thanks for all the workout ideas and motivation, and y’all keep training!

  • Anza


    I found Your website a couple of days ago and just completely fall in love with this place ;o) You inspired me to start working out with taking it really seriously this time. I’ve started with some program for abs and checking out Your workouts for beginners but I guess soon I’ll try to do some of Your daily workouts too. Also I’m going to join You with this super-cool 30 days challenge counting from tomorrow because I already ate some sugar today.

    Greetings from Poland ;o)

    • Rabia’

      you inspired me to start workingout again. i found your site in January of this year i feel like i’m behind. i’m going to start the 30 day challenge tomorrow. Cinnamon tea may help with the chocolate cravings. good luck!

  • Sarah O

    Im doing ok with the challange so far, I’ve been staring down the pack of reese cups in my pantry but haven’t opened it or even picked it up! (they are my favorite candy!)

    I have tried to wake up earlier to do a workout, but 5am is already so early for me 4am feels impossible. I will give it another shot next month – free time from school. :)

    Until then I will continue workouts in the afternoon, it doesn’t bother me to do them after work/school.

  • Mickela

    I think getting up in the morning and working out is a great way to start the day. It is quite difficult for me, because I am such a sleepy head.
    I think I will start now though. Even if I can only do short workouts at the beginning.

    I really don’t mind coming home from work and working out. I am usually in an office and getting really hyper, that by the time I get home I need to do something with all the energy that I haven’t expended throughout the day.

  • Marcin

    That’s what I have started exactly doing! Getting up at 6am and working out. Somehow I eat less every time I work out the same day in the morning, yet have more energy throughout the day! With an office job it makes a huge difference. I can feel my sore muscles, but it’s a pleasant pain :-)

  • David

    Hello!! Love your site. Especially love your ab exersises!!

    There is no way possible that I can work out early in the morning. I have tried in the past and I get very sick to my stomach and feel week and tired the rest of the day. I always have to do all my exercising in the afternoon or evening. That is the best time of day for me, both physically and mentally.

    Keep up the good work! You look amazing!!

  • phyrepsy

    you should stop drinking coffee, and drink more tea!! i made the switch not too long ago and its awsome!!! you’re in for a treat!!!
    i am really big into martial arts and i just wanted you to know that i follow your workout routines and they are perfect for me and my lifestyle!! its really helps that you are hotter than all the girls in my dreams too, what a workout partner!!
    oh yea, tell your husband that i am your future ex husband so he better watch out!! thanks-josh!! :)

    • http://bodyrock.tv Tania


      Unless you suffer from high blood pressure there is no reason to stop drinking your coffee. Coffee is loaded with anti-oxidants more so than some teas and boosts your metabolism (now being sold as a supplement). Recent studies show that it helps with memory, contains anti-aging agents (now being used in many wrinkle creams), and is being hailed for its benefits in the prevention of alzheimers. So drink up girl :)

  • Gina

    I would loooooove to workout in the morning, though I’m already getting up at 4:30am for work to make it on time (I have a rather long commute to and from work). I’m very tired when I get home and sometimes it’s a struggle to get myself motivated to doing a workout. However, once I start I pep up. Until I find a different job I’m stuck doing my workouts in the evenings :(

  • michelle

    i normally workout in the AM. thanks for this workout its really been gr8 working out with u. i am liking the changes i see as i change up my workouts.

    fabulously fit from chicago, IL

  • Juanette

    I always workout in the morning because it prepares me for the rest of the day. I have tried working out mid-day and evening but I don’t have the same energy and motivation as I do in the morning. I totally recommend working out in the morning. Start your day fresh:)

  • http://ozziepossum-diyhealthfitness.blogspot.com/ ozziepossum

    Hi guys,

    I tend to do my workouts mid morning or mid afternoon, depending on what shift I am working. Unfortunately, if I’m working day shift (starting at 6:45am) I would have to be up at 4:15am to do my workout. And I know I would wake my housemate so that’s not really an option.

    I’ll be moving house soon so I might try the super early workouts then. I still manage to fit them in when I can (most days) So I’m not making excuses!

    About to do one now!


    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, AFTER my coffee!

  • Raina

    Wow what a coincidence!!!
    Today I woke up so early too and I did the same workout too!!! =D
    And zuzana, I agree with you, working out so early really made my day!!! I will change my biological timer and start to sleep early and wake up early! It’s the perfect way, feels so good when you see the time, it’s still early and you have already completed your workout for the day!Great feeling!My 30 day challenge goes so well! When i have appetite for cravings I’m thinking of your words that summer is coming =D
    Thanx again for your amazing workouts!!!
    And also I’m sooo excited because I ve just ordered my gymboss interval timer (in hot pink :D )!

  • Jodi

    Hi Zuzana!

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and have quickly become addicted. I’m curious if you (or any of your other readers) have any health/fitness blogs that you read regularly and that you would recommend?

    • Mike

      i jodi chek out undergroundwellness made by Sean Croxton really good about nutrition and work out idea peace :)

  • Marissa

    Hey Zuzana, I love this site and I’ve done a few of the workouts so far. I think you make a good point. I just got home and the last thing I want to do is work out, but I know I need to exercise more. Even though I am not a morning person at all, I think I will try getting up earlier to work out, and then try to go to bed earlier at night. :)

  • Ramona


    i’ve tried this approach once before, but it didn’t work out then, but hey, then I didn’t knew you! :D I’m going to try this this week and I’ll tell you afterwards if it worked.

    have a nice day!

    greetings from the Netherlands.

    • Ksenia

      Hi Zuzana when you craving chocolates is very good go fora a dates,they are very sweet and good for you.Take care Ksenia