Feb 27 2010

Tour of Our House and Packing to Leave!

A few of you guys have been asking for a tour of our house in Malta, so we thought what better time to give you a walkthrough of where we have spent the last 5 months on the day we are packing to leave. Zuzana and I have been on the move quite a lot since staring BodyRock.Tv almost 2 years ago. When you move around a lot from country to country the only thing that makes any sense is to travel as lightly as possible. We both have this anti-stuff mentality that we have developed from hauling incredible amounts of useless items through airports every time we travel. We both vowed that this time it would be different. It’s not that we both don’t enjoy having nice things – it’s just that we are trying to to limit the amount of physical clutter we have around us so that our time and energy is not drained off by having to drag this stuff around with us. The ideal balance that we are working towards is to have a few very nice things that we enjoy and value – the rest is just excess baggage.

Moving always presents challenges and it can seriously disrupt your eating and sleeping patterns not to mention your exercise schedule. Once we get settled in our new apartment in Prague we will be back into the swing of new daily workouts. Look for the first one tomorrow. Until then we hope you will enjoy a first and last look through the house we called home for the last 5 months while we were living in Gozo, Malta.


Frederick & Zuzana


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  • Beth Dennis

    Hi guys, this may be personal, but out of curiosity, why always moving? Are you living in Victoria BC now? I love your video’s Zuzana, you are so inspiring, you’ve got me motivated to work out even harder. I really, really love that I found you, and I really love that you both are so sweet and caring towards animals, (baby mice) I love your two dogs.

    Take care,

  • Ana

    Does Frederick understand Czech or only English?

  • mark

    Hey don’t delve too much into other peoples lives. They give enough already. What do you mean what they do for a living this is it. sell ads on this site look at how many people watch it. Other videos that need to go away, will in time stay positive. Its amazing how much quality muscle you have put on since you’ve been working out. Healthy life creates health bodies. Stay strong.

  • http://www.forexstrategysite.com/ Sharri Crankshaw

    you two rally make a lovely couple.

  • http://phlook.com/memberprofile.aspx?username=jinnlost5 Alana

    This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

  • DrJohn

    F & Z –
    I hope you’re enjoying Prague!

    I just discovered bodyrock tv a week ago – impressive!

    I’m a chiropractor in Las Vegas – thanks for sharing such motivation & great info! Ever come to town – let me know – dinners on me!

    • Frederick

      Thanks DrJohn!

  • paul

    i posted a reply but cant see it??

  • Susan

    Hi Zuzi ;o)
    Kde presne jsi na Malte bydlela?..Taky jsem zila pul roku na Malte (v St.Julians), ale to horko v lete a vysoka vlhkost vzduchu na me byly moc ( a pro psa taky rozhodne ne idealni ), takze jsme se prestehovali zpet do Vidne.
    Mimochodem Tva videa jsou fakt cool! Very good idea! ;o)
    Lide to zerou ;o)
    Preji Ti, at se Ti dari – jen tak dal! ;o)

    S pozdravem Tva jmenovkyne Zuzana ;D

  • Honza

    ahoj Zuzko

    tvoje cviceni se nam s manzelkou moc libi pravidelne sledujeme nova videa
    tva modni inspirace je take uzasna manzelce se moc libila slazena kombinace kabelky a lodicek v matne modre kovove barve. dale se nam strasne libi zelene kalhoty vojenskeho strihu z tohoto videa. nemohla by jsi nam napsat co je to za znacku ? predem dekujeme.
    drzime palce s vymyslenim dalsich novych cviku.

    s pozdravem
    Honza a Hanka

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      jsem rada, ze se Vam videa libi. Ty kalhoty jsem kupovala v Kanade a je to znacka Kamakazi.

  • http://www.mudancastucuruvi.com.br içamentos


  • Pamela

    Seriously! What do you two do for a living? My husband and I want to move around like you two do but have no idea how to go about it! We’re in our early 20s and want to live somewhere else but have no idea how to go about getting a job in another country.

    I love your videos :) Thanks for sharing.

    • Frederick

      I keep telling you guys that we are spies with a side line in assassinations etc. Have you seen the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Where do you think they got that idea?

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  • James Hankins

    Zuzana, I cringe a bit when I hear you denigrate chocolate and just lump it in with sugar and other junk foods. Surely you must know that DARK chocolate is rich in flavenoids and antioxidants, and small portions can have numerous health benefits including lowering blood pressure, reducing low density lipoproteins and just providing all the benefits of any substance rich in antioxidants (such as strawberries, blueberries, etc.) Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for milk chocolate if that is your preference, but small amounts of dark chocolate in your diet is touted by numerous health professionals for its beneficial properties.

    • Frederick

      Hi James – our weakness is for milk chocolate :)

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  • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates

    I cannot imagine moving with only luggage. Last move filled an 18 wheeler! 2 cars, 2 bedrooms, 1 library, 1 living room, gourmet kitchen, 2 bathrooms, artwork, etc.

    However, Doug and I are taking a tour of Panama to consider a relocation. We are also discussing the idea of packing our stuff here and just taking our clothes. You’ll serve as our inspiration.

    Happy landings in Prague.

  • Karol1

    Good luck guys, I can’t wait to see your next place. Maybe you can come and visit Australia one day. What a great lifestyle you guys have. I love the fact that your are so sweet to each other. Thanks for sharing your life God bless. Your mum must be so excited. You need to do a video and how you guys met and wedding photos please please.



    I love your dogs! They are so cute and loveable! They look like they
    are lots of fun to have around!

  • Paul Dale

    What a dear presentation! I feel sad watching this one, but it is a good sadness. You have connected with me and many others, I am sure. Best wishes in all your endeavors. Much success. I raise a toast to you all the way from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Thanks for your contributions to health and wellness. I am new to your site and plan to follow your lead to get in the best shape of my life! I like your attitude toward material things. Love is all you need.

  • Kristi

    Until this video I didn’t realize that you are actually going to move away from Malta. I though that you are going to Prague just for a visit. Are you going to stay here is Czech Republic or is this just a rest point before moving on to your destination.

    I for sure hope that you’ll continue with this reality show :-) I have kind of got used to working out with you and I need your support to finish my 30day challenge.

    Good luck with everything!

  • hipretty

    Wow!!!! I thought by your video footage around Malta you guys were going to Prague to visit Zuzanna’s Mum. I had no idea you were moving to Prague!

    You guys are so adventuresome…I love it. My Husband and I were also very pick up and go B.C. (before children :-) !!!)) I yearn for that spontaneous lifestyle!

    I wish you many Blessings in Prague!
    Mnoho požehnání v Praze! :-D

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Thank you :)

  • Natasya

    Both dogs are cute ;)

  • Amber

    why do you move so much and what do you do that allows you to be able to move/travel so much? I would love to do that!!

  • http://BODYROCK.TV Kim

    Just wanted to say I have been enjoying the workouts Zuzana has put together. Zuzana, you seem like a very sweet person. I am 41 and have had four kids. I have alway exercised. These workouts have added a challenge to my daily workouts. Not all workouts give me that total feeling like I have actually exerted myself. These workouts do that for me. I notice you haven’t answered the question of what you do for a living? Maybe it’s none of our business, but I guess people are intrigued with your lifestyle so it prompts the asking. And I like what you told the so called producer Frederick. Don’t ruin a good thing.

  • http://www.tangle.com/view_video?viewkey=fe63411f6cc09415675d corey

    I’ll miss your ocean view Malta vids! Looking forward to seeing you do some workouts in prauge and sharing some fun city tours!


    PS – this video is for your dogs! Its hilarious! Put your dogs in your videos more…we love them! Use them as weights or something…they have get put to work in the family biz right?

  • Marty

    Zuzana and Frederick,
    Are you interested in discussing shooting a reality Show Pilot?
    I am a Producer in California and think with what I see between you two and zuzanes dedication to fitness I CAN make a reality show about you two.
    If this is something you are interested in please contact me. I have sold 2 projects last year and 2 have been optioned.
    I DO NOT want money as we have a full production facility and all expenses would be handled by us.
    Contact e-mail: [email protected]
    Good luck on your travel’s and enjoy Prague.

    • Frederick

      This is a reality show :)

      • http://www.crazylady.deviantart.com Rachel

        Hah! I’ve been waiting for TV to find you two. Just wait until Biggest Loser gets a load of BodyRock.tv. They’ll want you guys to whip all those overweight Americans back into shape. Lol.

        • Vivi

          Why not guys? This is a greta opportunity, I think you could consider this!

    • Carolina

      A Reality TV show may bring you some extra money but not only it will take the control of your own show away, I think it may also attempt to destroy the intimacy of a beautiful loving couple that are happier than any of us, doing what they love, and enjoying life as they want and at their own pace. That is priceless.

  • Jeanne

    Hey Zuzana, love your pants and would like to know what brand they are. I’m a personal trainer in Houston Texas and love viewing your videos for new ideas and ways to keep my/my clients workouts fresh. Be safe on your trip!

  • emily

    I’ll come to prauge no problem !! (but ony if you guys pay :) )

  • Minnie V

    Loved your home,thanks for sharing .Can’t wait to see your new home. You guys are so entertaining,refreshing,inspiring,intelligent,funny,good looking and humble. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to your next workout .

  • John S

    How did Fred (dude from Canada) & Zuzanna (chick from Czech Rep) end up living in Malta?

  • d

    god your home in Malta was beautiful! hope u find a place like that in Prague :) good luck.


  • May

    HEY YOU TWO ! Have safe travels.

    Next time you move, you might auction your clothes and the other things you would leave behind anyway, on ebay.

    Fair winds and following seas, as they say in the Navy.


  • Debra M

    Thanks for the video. I agree with not being attached to stuff. My motto (I found on a packet of Yogi Tea) is

    “Live Light, Travel Light, Spread the Light, Be the Light.”

    Safe journeys, and we’ll see you in Prague!

  • Kirsty

    thank you for shring Malta with us, i really look forward to seeing the sights of Prague thru your eyes.
    happy travels, Kirsty ***

  • Diana

    That is a very nice house. I wish I had big terrace were I could work out and sun bath… Wait – I live in Sweden and here it is unfortunately to cold for that most of the time…

    But seriously I will miss your workouts in the sunshine. They are so hot!

  • Rae

    When it comes to stuff my motto is; think with your head not your heart. I love Zuzana’s cargo pants, what brand are they? Looking forward to Prague :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=name&id=1136201724 jw

    Best of luck in Prague and safe travels! I hope you show some hiking areas outside of Prague. I saw one video a long time ago but can’t remember the name of the park you were at. I think it involved a little climbing and a great view at the top.

  • Neferet

    Ahooj! Takze spet do Prahy?!! super, ja od tohto tyzdna budem v Prahe kazdy mesiac, zacala som studovat Tradicnu Cinsku medicinu. Cvicim s tebou uz 2 mesiace a si super. Neskutocnu inspiraciu mam od teba a konecne som zistila co som pri cviceni robila zle predtym. Ma to aj donutilo sa ist konecne poradit aj s odbornikom na dietologiu, tak snad v buducnosti bude vidiet aj tie svaly pod tou vrstvou…
    Si velmi mila a sympaticka a mozes byt vzorom pre kazdeho.
    Nech ti dobre dopadne stahovanie, dufam ze havkom sa bude pacit v novom a vsetko dobre!
    Karolina z Bratislavy

  • Corinne

    Thanks for taking the time to show us your home in Malta. Hope you (ad the furry babies) have had safe travels!

  • simona

    pockat pockat az teraz som si pozrela video a precitala po dnim vy sa STAHUJETE? aj neviem ako ci to je u vas obvykle lebo tuto stranku som objavila pred mesiacom ..vy ste taky cestovatelia alebo moj preklad zlyhlal a idete len na navstevu do prahy a spet na GOZO??…

  • simona

    ahoj mas strasne pekne retiazky :) ) a chcela by som sa opytat na tu kratsiu co nosis skoro stale mas na nej ak dobre vidim :D nejaky kruzok a potom nieco co tam visí neviem za nic na svete prist na to co to je tipujem ze bud to kde sa retiazka zatvara ibaze to mas opacne obratene alebo to tam je ako dalsi privesok a zapina sa to inde :D torska zlozite ja viem kazdopaaadne je krááááááááásna a uzasne to ukaze nech je to uz akokolvek prosim ta odkial ju mas je uzasnaa!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gareth


    I hope that someday we would be able to meet and cu again in Malta. I also hope you enjoyed your stay here, it’s a pity you are going now as the weather is getting better and better everyday. almost everyday sunshine we have!

    cu from Malta :-)

  • Aj

    Hi guys :)

    really nice house ya got!

    Its sad you`re leaving, well already sold the place at malta?, else i want to buy it, haha ;)

    Greetings from Holland!

  • Vicky from Cambridge

    It is so sad to see you leave. I hope you have a safe and stress-free journey and have great time in Prague. I love you guys. Thank you for sharing your life and work with us. I’m looking forward to your new videos.

  • lovelyla

    So what happens to the stuff you do not take with you? Isn’t that kind of a waste of money as well? You could donate it.

  • Oli

    So you are moving to Prague permanently? Wow, I thought, you are going to live in Malta… such a beautiful place, perfect appartment, terrace, weather… So now you are moving to Prague, it’s not just a trip, right? I am not sure, I would like to change such a lovely place by the sea, but the family is very important, I understand you as well!

  • http://htpp/bodyrock.tv Karmen

    HEY…i’ve noticed that Frederick has converse shoes ,they are the best,for you too Zusana ,you can wear them with your straight jeans and your future new sunglasses from ray-ban…..:)!they are so cool because you can wear them with everything you want…even with the blouse from miss sixty that you have!take a look at this sites they are the best online clothes shopping, if not buying just to see what is in http://www.netaporter.com or http://www.luisaviaroma.com .

  • Monifah

    What are your jobs?? Did I miss that somewhere?? Is bodyRock your work?? Don’t understand it no more.. Maybe someone on here knows this?? But nice life I must say..

    • Jenny

      I’ve been curious about that too… what you do for a living. My husband and I would love to travel and live like this for a little while (before kids) but can’t because our jobs are here (USA). But it would be so cool! It was fun seeing Malta through you guys…thanks! Look forward to seeing Prague :) Happy traveling!

      • Pavlina

        Well of course their job is BodyRock! :)

  • Mickela

    It is sad to see you leave such a nice place. watching this video, I really felt like you 2 are friends saying goodbye.

    I really hope that you have a safe and easy trip to Prague and i am looking forward to seeing where you’ll end up.
    I will also be in Prague come the spring.

    xoxo to you two

  • Tiffany

    I think that it’s beautiful that you are able to travel together and enjoy life in the same sense keeping your life so simple and not getting attached just being attached to one another and your two kids. Also I was impressed with how you were intune with your wife’s emotions “that was beautiful”! Don’t stress much and have a safe trip! Tiff

  • stellarsoulartist

    so, you guys were living in Canada before going to Europe? Frederick, have you ever taken Zuzana to British Columbia? Or to the rockies? If not, Zuzana, you must make sure you guys plan that trip!! The east coast is incredibly beautiful, too (like Nova Scotia). Hello from Canada by the way guys…there is still plenty of snow here where I am, however, I’m not so much in a place you would want to visit anyway! do you guys ever plan on coming back to this country?

    I look forward to seeing Prague.
    I love to travel, and I am finding your videos very cool, like ‘virtual travel’ when you take us on little tours- so please, will you take ‘us’ to see some interesting things in Prague?? Zuzana must know where all the really fascinating stuff is at…

    safe travels and blessings!

  • Kevin

    Thank you for being so humble and sharing your life. You have a wonderful sense of lightness. Moving is often more emotionally hard than physically. It is something in our spirits that desires home so much. Blessings in your search and your new home!

  • Lvette

    Safe journey on your travel to Prague. Zuzana, going back to mama is great…I am sure she’ll be trying to force feed you. My mom does that very month that I visit her.

    Frederick, I understand not wanting so much stuff. My husband finally got me to this position. We are off to Las Vegas for 2 weeks and I am only taking 5 clothing items, 1 dress shoe, 1 sandals, hat, my workout top/pant and running shoes. In three years we’ll be moving from one end of Canada to another and the plan is to take one suitcase each. It’s so liberating not to have clutter around our condo.

    Looking forward to the new scenery from Prague. I wish the both of you a most enjoyable time there.

  • http://bodyrock.tv Nancy S.

    What great memories you are making. Enjoy this time, keep travelling, it gets a little more complicated if kids enter the picture ;-) . It would be great if you could film some workouts outside in Prague, I am so glad I had a chance to see that beautiful city. Funny story…. our first night in Prague we had dinner at a restaurant (about 8 blocks from the city center). Shortly before 10 pm the wait staff went around handing out day old jelly donuts and at 10 pm a full on jelly donut war commenced. Our kids still talk about it. The walls of this restaurant were completely tiled so cleanup did not seem to be an issue! Looking forward to living vicariously with you in Prague.

  • Judy

    See you in Prague!!!
    Take care !!! :)

  • Linda

    I enjoyed watching you in Malta. I am excited to see Prague again. I’ve been there twice and love it. I’ve visited a few places in Czech Republic and many countries in Europe, but Prague is by far the most magical place :)

    Greetings from Toronto! It’s cold and I’m glad you spent time in Malta during this weird winter.

  • Pikmin

    I’ve heard buddhist monks only own 8 items total. That’s my goal too, except for clothing items, of course :) If I could make my closet/wardrobe count as 1 item (yeah, right :) , I’d be probably nearing the 8 list already.
    Have a safe trip home!

  • IDA

    well well, I hope you´ll have a great time in Prague! :) And Zuzana; I love your videos, keep on going girl!

  • http://www.destinationeurope.com.au Andrea

    You guys have a great lifestyle! I just watched this video about vagabonding and experiencing more when you travel by staying a while and not just spending a couple of days in one place. I found it really inspirational and it’s motivated me to get moving and find a new country to live in.


  • nanoth

    I know both Malta and Prague…and I don’t understand why you leave this very pleasant island!!!!!!

  • Amber

    What do you do that you move around so much? Do you plan on planting roots down some where? How long have you guys been together? You guy seem to have this wonderful, youthful, carefree attitude; It’s so refreshing to watch you guys. Keep up the great work!

  • Niomay

    Ahoj Zuzko,

    welcome back home :)

    How long are you guys planning to stay in Prague? And why have you decided to leave Malta?

    Anyway, enjoy your stay here.



  • Sophie

    Hey guys, I don’t know how you do it. When we moved from Canada to France a few years ago, we had to rent a huge container to bring all our stuff with us. Even though half our things are now still in boxes in the attic cause they are just plain useless. I think its hard to choose what to bring and what to leave behind, because every little thing I have has a story :D

  • Kimberly

    I am planning to go to the Czech Republic this summer, or perhaps next summer! I have a lot of family there which I would love to visit. I’m excited to visit vicariously through your videos!



  • Roq

    You are leaving for good?? I thought this was going to be your home for years to come :-) I’ve been to Prague once. I thought it was very nice. I stayed only for about 4 days so I didn’t see a lot though :-)

  • Maria

    I lovee those trouser Z.!

    • Gordana

      Me too.

  • Anna

    I thought that you were just going on a trip to Prague! But you are moving there!

    That will be exciting- for you and us visiting this website. =)

  • Agata

    May I ask you?Why actually you move to Malta for these 5 months? Just for fun or you had to because of eg work?
    I think that moving to different countries gives incredible experiences.

    Good luck and thanks for your workouts, don’t stop to do it, coz I’m addicted to bodyrock.tv!;)

  • Sven

    I hope you enjoyed your time in Malta! Come back for a visit in Summer, when Malta really shines!

  • Mads

    Heh.. I have that exact same range hood as you guys did.

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzan a Frederick
    Ja sem si myslela ze jedete jen na dovcu ale vy se stehujete coz sem pochopila s tohodle videa.Ja sem taky rada cestovala(nez sem mnela deti)a jak nejlip poznad ostatni kultury a zivot jinych lidi nez s nima zit.Opravdu vas obdivuju protoze svatba a stehovani je pry dve nejvice stresujci veci v zivote proto vsechna cest ale je to asi zajimavy styl zivota a povida to hodne o tom jak hezky vztah mate.A jakou zemi navstivite po rodne zemi tve tam asi chcete aby Frederik poznal jak to tam chodi.Mozna se mu tam bude libit hlavne v Praze tam je opravdu hodne historie a vy to asi mate radi.Uzijte si to a preju prijemnou cestu a snad to nebude na vase pesany moc.

  • Roma

    Hey guys!… incredible house!… and with the option of a pool?!1?… WOW!!!…. so, if i may ask, what was the rent for it?… and did you pay by month?… i appreciate if you answer… tnx and have a nice flight… :)

  • Antonia

    Hi again..

    I was curious before why you moved to Malta? In the states where I live if I want to move I would not just sit down and say..um how about malta? I mean you must not have either. How did you decide on it? It is so beautiful the buildings around your place..how old do you think they are? Thankyou for taking us inside to see it. Its really pretty nice. I am like that too..simple living…

    Miss noseybody

    • Frederick

      Malta just seemed like a nice place, and we wanted to escape the Canadian winter :)

  • IDA

    Why do you want to move from this beautiful house? :(

  • Lorrie

    Oh, I would hate to leave also. It is beautifully sunny and the weather is nice. I loved the terrace and the old limestone is gorgeous. I will miss Malta also. Thank you for sharing it with us = ) I bet Prague is beautiful though. We are all looking forward to that also.
    Travel safely!

  • buket

    Great to hear that you are coming to Prague. so maybe we can meet sometime around and I will have a chance to thank you both face to face :) by the way if you do personal training in Prague, ı would love to work out with you happily. thank you and get home safely.

  • Patricia

    Hi Frederik and Zuzana

    It is admirable that you do not let the amassing of ‘stuff’ bog you down mentally and physically. Frederik, I would probably be like your mother in that I have a lot of stuff. I would like to think, however, that if I were to lose it that I could say “Ah, well”.

    All the best to you both in Prague.

  • Vilivil

    Hi Frederick & Zuzana!

    I was just thinking about why I feel a little sadness for you two leaving Malta. I guess through you two Malta became a part of my life too. But and end means a new beginning too. Have a nice and safe trip. :D

  • http://lucky2505.jimdo.com Simone

    This is such a lovely house with so many opportunities to exercise =).

    I would like to share my very first INTERVAL workout with you. I just got my Gymboss Interval Timer!
    So, here it is:
    Set you timer for 24 rounds, 15sec rest and 30sec of training, that means 4 exercises with 6 rounds of each.

    1. Squats with Wall Touch (alternating sides after each interval): 18-18-19-19-20-20

    2. One Arm Push Ups on knees (alternating sides after each interval): 16-17-18-18-20-21

    3. One Leg Step Ups on chair (alternating sides after each interval or your leg will burn ;-) ): 20-19-18-20-19-21

    4. Reversed Crunches (raise your legs in a 90° position, lift your hips a few centimeters = 1 rep): 12-13-13 1/2- 13-13-13 1/2

    Try this one and tell me what you think about it.

    Best wishes,
    Simone from Germany =)

  • Antonia


    I didnt know you were moving, I just thought you were going on a trip..ohhhhhhh. I felt sad that is over here too as you gave us the tour..but change is good. I was wondering if you knew your stay in malta was just for the 5 months and did you intend to go to Prauge? Are you going throught the world? Just askin..

    • Frederick

      We originally had planned on staying for 1 year. Prague is where Zuzana grew up and it has become my home away from home in Europe.

  • maaruliic

    I thought u are just visiting Prague. Even I got sad that u are leaving. :)

  • Dagmar

    Thank you for the walktrough, it was nice to see where you’ve been living. Good luck with the moving, I know how difficult it is to travel light. You always accumulate so much stuff you don’t really need but can’t part with for some reason. I hope you have a save trip and I’m looking forward to the next video. My sport is survival and I was already working out a bit similar to the way you work out but since I’ve started watching your videos (I’ve been watching you since the early beginnings of your clips) I’m so much stronger. I combine it with running and biking, because I need a lot of stamina for my sports, but your training has brought me to the next level so thank you for that. And at the age of 35 I am looking better then in my twenties. People even sometimes come up to me and my boyfriend in the street to compliment us on how fit we look (I find that so funny) and then I will give them your website. I’m a true fan (although I don’t reply much, I just use your workouts and enjoy it to the max) and please keep doing what your doing. I’m a big fan,

    Regards, Dagmar (Netherlands)

  • Vicky

    That is a lovely place, I think I would be a bit sad to leave too.

    I understand exactly what you mean regarding the accumulation of stuff. I am in the process of moving at the moment and am being ruthless about donating most of my stuff to charity. Even so, I am still amazed at how much I feel attached to, even though I don’t use it! Crazy, huh?

    Have a safe trip to Prague :)

  • simona

    velmi pekny dom,
    a ked vy byvate v nom,
    krajsi je este,
    dobre ze ste. :) )

    Skoda ze nebývam v CR :) 100% by som chodila po Prahe a hladala vás :D ….vaše videá mi dodaju strašné stastie energiu :) ) a workouts ani nehovorim! :) Dakujeem!!

  • Dee

    OMG! So sad. I wish I knew how to adopt an anti-stuff mentality, it’s so weighing on life and truly represents baggage…

    Malta looks beautiful and so does your house there. It’s nice to be able to live in other countries and have great experiences, especially with your loved ones.

    All the best guys,

  • Rutele

    Hi, its very nice, bright house :) I believe its so sad to leave a nice place. Are you gonna come back? How long you will be Prague? Prague its so beautiful city , and old town,history, amazing, Prague looks very similar like Vilnius, capital of Lithuania.
    Take care :)

    Lots of love

  • Daniela(svunk)

    Hi both,
    How long you planning stay in Prague?I’m a bit sad about you leaving that amaizing place:((but maybe I will meet you in Prague,I’m going 21.4. for home visit:))Freddy will love the Prague,I’m 100% sure.
    Kisses to You guys and have a nice landing:))

  • Tina

    Hey Freddy and Zuzi,

    thank you so much for everything and also for showing us your house.
    I don`t know why, but I feel so sad right now, when I just have watched the video. :(
    You are leaving, goodbies are never full of joy and happines I guess…no matter what.
    But, on the other hand, I am so happy that I can go in Prague with you!!! :D Sooo happy! Cause I really love you guys and I would miss you so much if I couldn`t see you anymore. Really strange, haha. :O
    Your lifestyle is very appealing to me and so it seems so much fun, fullfiled life. You are enjoying every moment of LIFE and that is all that count in the end. You are incredible. I wish me and my boyfriend could live like this. I mean, we do, but we are not moving around, we are not travelling. But I would like to… Hehe, well, we have 3 dogs :D , that would be fun for sure. :D
    What is your plan for the future? Where you will be living for the next 3 or 5 months or maybe for the next year or so? Are you ever planning to settle down somwhere or this is just not in your plan? I would be so happy if you would share your strategies or plans for life…is internet your whole business? This is so great…to be anywhere in the world and to be able to do the job…if that is the case. I LOVE THAT.

    Thank you again, I love you so much.
    I am wishing you a safe flight to Prague and looking forward to hear and see anything from you.

    Wish you two (four, acctualy :) ) all the best in the world,


  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    So you guys are now settling in Prague? good love with the move. and may you find a lovely spot to call home :)

  • Hana

    I love the house :-) It is really pretty… I think you just chose a wrong time to move to Prague. It is still cold up there :-) Good luck with moving!!!

  • Rhys

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!
    I’ve been following Bodyrock.tv for several months now, I’ve read all the articles and comments, paying attention to all your advice, just to find out how I can improve my body and my life.
    I’m doing your amazing workouts, eating clean, the results are coming, but I’m not under any time pressure, because it’s the way I want to live my life, not a diet. Actually, Z., the only reason I’m not joining your one month challenge of giving up sugar is that since I’ve found your site and learned more about clean eating, I’ve simply gave up sugar for good, so it’s a life time decision for me and I feel great, I don’t even have cravings anymore, I just don’t even think about it.
    My body is saying “thank you” to me, so I had to say the same to the ones that motivated me to this, I owe it all to you guys.
    So, thank you for everything you do and for sharing bits of your life with us.
    Malta was a wonderful experience, but I’m sure you two will feel great whereever you go. In my country there is a saying that would translate approximately like this: “It is the people that make a place sacred, not the other way around”.
    Prague is amazing, I’ve visited it last summer, can’t wait “to join” you, through Bodyrock, there, in that beautiful location.

    Have a safe trip to Prague and God bless you and all your loved ones!

  • Kasia

    So you’re moving to Chech Rep. for good? I thought it’s just a visit…

  • Robin

    If you guys leave Charlie and Cali, i will buy the house and take care of them c¨,).
    And maybe showing your workouts that i am doing, its kind of sad, but i really appreciate that you are sharing this with us.
    I wish you guys a god trip, and look forward to see some more workouts from you and ofcourse some of Prague :) .

  • barbaraG

    Wish you all the best with finding the new place in Prague soon! I heard somewhere that moving is the third big stress in life after death in family and divorce, but I think you guys have enough experience and do enough sports that minimise stress, so I don’t worry about you :)
    Good luck and looking forward to new exercise in a new space!
    Now I’m off to beat my old personal best in one of the routines…

  • rose

    oh my goodness u guys!!!you’re actually MOVING!!i thought you were just taking a trip for a while!oh, good for you!!its so hard to move around.so i really look forward to seeing Prague in your upcoming videos!get some rest and i look forward to some new workouts again!safe trip!!

  • Robin

    Dear Zuzana and Frederick.

    Are you really moving from Gozo for good, i thought it was only on vacation you guys was going :( .
    Hmm, i was planning on going to Gozo in april-may and stay on grand hotel near by the ferry, rent a car and take a look on all those beautiful places you guys showed us.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      That hotel is a 10 minute walk from our old house :)

      • Robin

        After some study, i found out that you guys was living in Ghajnsielem, with the old parish church “pjazza loreto” in the background of your home, did you know that Ghajnsielem means: Ghajn’(spring of) and is-sliem’(peace).
        So when i get there i will take a look at the place, and i wont forget your favorite cafe coffee jubilee, it’s worth a visit to.

  • Niko

    Wow Zuzana, you live with Jason Bourne?! Cool!

    Seriously though, hope the move goes well :)

  • Maria

    So, what keeps you two moving so frequently? Cant wait to see the new place…

  • Tali R.

    Hey Guys,

    Thank you for sharing your life with us, it is nice too see you, and your house, dogs and just both of you.
    i hope you will find a nice house in prague that you will like and feel at home. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO COME TO ISRAEL FOR FEW MONTHS, WE WILL LOVE HAVING YOU HERE:-)

    Take care both of you

    and hope to see you soon and your new house and new workout. can not be without you Zuzana i am hooked.


  • Bohdana

    Pozdravujte Prahu, jestli to vyjde , tak se tam podivam v lete.

  • http://sxeanleedavid.z1space.com Sxean Lee-David

    Bye Suzanna, we’re going to miss you,..sniff…

    Nice place,…are you both traveling the world ? If so, you might find some good tips from this guy: (Tim Ferris)


    you probably already heard about him.


  • cindy

    HI Zuzana and Frederick , I want to thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to myself and alot of people who want to start on the right track of healthy living . If may be so forward as to ask why you guys move around so much ?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Cindy – we are just trying to see as much of the world as we can :) and we love traveling.

  • Roci

    Hi! Zuzana & Frederick
    I just want to say , I wich that you have
    a Good luck in your new place!

    God Bless Both of you!
    : )

  • Rosario

    hi, there´s any reason way you guys move that much? Is it for fun or job? Just asking :)

  • Jax

    So, you have to explain why you are leaving Malta and going to Prague

  • chapcai8

    gosh, i luv your house in malta. its nice. i thought u guys were going to prague jus for a visit? ur not coming back to gozo? thats sad. or maybe i have my facts wrong.
    anyway. looking forward to see prague with u guys. feels like im the one going to prague.
    keep up the good work guys.. oh yeah better put a special hi to zuzana. take care…safe journey..

  • Kenneth

    Hope you guys enjoy your new home when you get there be safe.

  • http://bodyrocktv jason landers

    well charlie looks like hes ready to go, and that was so cute how the little one was sitting on the luggage. that was a nice video you did to show us your home. and i got the feeling right away that suzanna looked a little depressed that she was moveing. i wish you two well have a safe trip and a great new beginning at your new home.ps. when’s the house warming party!!

  • Jana

    Stastnou cestu, at dobre doletite!!!

    Bon voyage, have a peaceful flight!!!

  • Runya

    how nice couple you are.

    have a nice trip.

  • Mélanie

    Hi…..I have a question for you.Why always you move???
    You had a beautiful house!! But i wish you a new good life to Prague! :) Me I live in Quebec! :) And I feel so well to live here!! Maybe see ya :)

  • Al G.

    Have a good trip you guys and don’t forget to get an apartment that is big enough to accomplish your workouts because it’s cold in Prague and you’ll have to exercise inside all the time!
    Nice house btw…

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    I had the impression you were returning to Malta after a brief trip to Prague, so it was a surprise to see you packing up everything. Ironically, I read your discussion of “having too much stuff” the afternoon after we had loaded our 2 dogs and “valuables” into our two trucks to evacuate up the hill in case the tsunami hit Hawaii. Fortunately, the tsunami was uneventful and we were able to return home to our clutter after three hours of watching and waiting from higher ground. I decided I have not been moving enough to rid myself of clutter, so I will await the next natural disaster to clean my closets for me. I admire your ability to walk away from junk instead of letting it accumulate until you have to drown in it to be free!!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I’m glad you guys are ok and safe!

  • Alex

    Thank you for sharing! Have a safe and happy trip to Prague!!! i love that you are living the life of the international nomad…something that i wish i had done more of before having my kids! you guys wicked rock!

  • http://www.fotolog.com/flaviarj FlaviaRJ

    I was reading some things about coutries in Europe and most people says that the people in europe doesn´t like to hug each other, doesn´t make friends very easy and that people are most worried about their own problems and not too much to help each other, I disagree in most because of you guys, you both are always supporting each other and are very happy and kind people even answering the comments, and there are lots of comments, must be a hard work and you are always kind, why does european have this bad fame? =(
    For people like me, who is interested in move to Europe those kind of information just disappoint us…
    Again Lucky for you guys!! ^^

  • sarah

    You two makes me envious as I don’t think my job will allow me travel so. I look forward to retire and someday be able to travel the way you guys can.

  • Kay

    So beautiful! When I’m in Malta, I’ll be sure to say “hello” as well as a great big “Thank You!” if I happen to run into you two! ;)

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    You should have moved to Torrance, California where there are many great beaches.

  • Stephanie

    Be safe and looking forward to your next work-out !

  • Nadya

    what breed is charlie? very cute

  • Jac

    Exciting! What prompts your moves and how do you decide on your homes’ locations?

  • Lori from Alberta

    Have a good trip Zuzana and Frederick. I’ll be tuning in once you are in Prague. Now be careful when you talk to strangers;)

  • Jennifer Uranga

    wow! Thanks for sharing…I always wondered, but never asked for sake of privacy, but I appreciate you guys giving us a tour. AND…I never thought I would meet anyone else with a dream of having everything you own fitting into a duffle bag. Awesome. Looking forward to the new place! Safe travels everyone : )

  • Ashley

    Thanks for the tour! I feel like I have travelled to Malta with you and now I get to see Prague. Good luck with your packing and have a safe trip.

    Take care,


  • becca

    awww i can’t believe you guys are moving, that house was so nice lol so you will be settling in Prague? Good luck whatever you do nd i hope you continue on with your workouts

  • http://www.fotolog.com/flaviarj FlaviaRJ

    You both live in a big house there! ^^
    very nice place!!! \o/

    It´s very cool to move from one place to another, I passed lots of years of my life living like you guys, but one time I felted I needed to put down my roots somewhere and I´m living now in Rio de Janeiro for over 7 years.. Don´t you ever feel that kind of need?
    But if don´t I understand, nowadays I´m feeling again that wish to breath fresh air, I´m wanting to move to somewhere in Europe!!
    Do you have any ideas for a tattoo artist to go?
    I´m serious!! hehehe

    Well.. wish you both the best luck EVER in your trip and in this new phase on your lives! (Because every new place is a new phase, new people and new places!!)
    Kisses for everybody there!! (including the 2 kute puppies!!) – they are sooooooooooooooo beautiful!!

  • http://[email protected] maryy

    hi zuzy your house are very cute why you leave it? you gone on cross the worl that will be amazing you should be in hollywood!!!!!!!! and i like your hair why you dont paint your hair red you look so good too!!!

  • Natram


  • Nicole D Lopez

    Wow, I didn’t know y’all weren’t there permanently. Lovely house, I can understand how you would be attached to it.
    Would it be too much to ask why y’all move so often? Do you just enjoy moving a lot or is it because of jobs or something like that? (No pressure lol.)

    I can’t wait for a new workout. I just got my Gymboss in the mail yesterday and even though I was exhausted and sore I just had to try it out so I did the “Body weight Interval Training” workout which was so totally worth it! I love my Gymboss!

    Good luck with your travels!

  • Nancy

    Hey, why are you guys moving to Prague? Why did you move to Malta? Just curious. Do you guys have other opportunities there that you follow or do you just love globetrotting?

  • Leticia

    thank you! it seems that it´s becoming a reality :)
    it´s great i like it!
    what your jobs? i mean it´s not easy to move so often when you have a job, so how do you manage to have that kind of life?
    good luck, and if you come to Argentina some time, let me know, you have a friend here, byee..

  • Heather

    Why are you leaving Gozo?

  • Leena

    Is it too personal to ask why you move around so much? Is it for work? What kind of job do you guys have? Do you live off the money you make with the website?
    Sorry if these questions are too personal I don’t mean to pry or be impolite!

    I cant wait to see Praha with you!

  • Pearl

    Hi Zuzana,

    While watching the video, I felt a bit sad. You seem like you have a nice life and family. What made me sad was that you can’t establish friendships with people, because you are always on the go. Moving from place to place, doesn’t provide a stable lifestyle. Taurus women need that stability.
    Best of luck with your move, enjoy your journey together.

  • http://www.exiteugene.blogspot.com Mandy

    Why are you leaving? Do you just travel around a lot?

  • d

    you guys are moving already?! Man it seems like yesterday tht you just moved to malta. What’s in prague , and wats wrong with malta. Well watever hope you like where ur going to move to, just tht you guys move a lot, lol. Good luck in Prague! :)


  • Shawna

    I just wondered, where do you guys actually live, Canada? Are you doing a travel across the world for a certain amount of time? I love it.

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    good luck in Prague!!! :D