Mar 4 2010

12 Minute Killer Workout

Hi guys,

Today’s workout will take you only 12 minutes. Many people who are new to this site are asking me if these workouts are the only exercise that I do. Yes these workouts are keeping me in shape and can get you in shape as well. There is no need to spend hours in the gym if you want to loose fat and get visible muscle tone. The shorter the workout is the harder you can push which will result in very intensive training. You will be building muscles, burning fat and sculpting your body. Whether you will be tiny or big depends on how much you eat. Either way you should eat many times a day. At least 5 times. If your goal is to be strong but small, than you should stick to small portions and include lots of vegetables and fruit in your diet. If your goal is to build big muscles, than you have to feed them with bigger portions and a lot of protein.

My goal is to keep my body strong but small so I have to keep my portion sizes small as well which is kind of a challenge. For me it’s hard to eat small portions not because I feel hungry, but because I like food and I have constant cravings. Some days I am doing pretty good and some days not as much. If I was being really disciplined with my diet, my arms, and legs would be smaller which is my goal for the summer.

if you want to reach your goal faster, then you should know exactly what you want and write it down. Follow the basic rules that I have mentioned above and you will see nice changes happening soon. At the end is all just about discipline, because the rules are simple.

For today’s workout you will need an Interval timer. I am using my cool Gymboss Interval Timer that keeps track of the intervals and rounds automatically and lets me know with sound and vibration when to switch exercises. I am also using my new Ultimate Body Press equipment for bodyweight training which gave my workouts a real boost, because I am sore in a way that I haven’t been in a long time. It is good to incorporate new challenges into your workout. This basic equipment is not a gimmick. It requires your muscles to work really hard. Lifting your own bodyweight is never an easy workout. This equipment just allows you to do it in different ways.

Enjoy workout and have fun with it,


1. Part  of this workout; 4 minutes (8 rounds) : 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds of maximum effort. Switching between the two exercises.

Push Ups On the Rings ( for those who don’t have this equipment, do legs elevated push ups, because this exercise should feel really hard)


Jump Lunges

2. Part of this workout; 4 minutes (8 rounds) : 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds of maximum effort. Switching between the two exercises.

Military Pull Ups


Low Jumping Jacks – these are not regular jumping jacks, so stay low with your knees bend at all times

3. Part of this workout; 4 minutes (8 rounds) : 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds of maximum effort. Switching between the two exercises.

Oblique Knee Raises on the Torture Machine (in other words Dip Station)


High Knees with Jump rope


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  • Sarina L

    Finished 12 Minute Killer Workout
    Elevated Push Ups 10 10 9 8
    Jump Lunges 16 18 18 18
    Military Pull Ups all assisted 7 6 5 5
    Low Jumping Jacks 23 20 19 22
    Oblique Knee Raises 10 11 11 12
    High knee without jump rope 60 62 60 54

  • Stephanie

    Ohhh I had SO much fun with this workout!!! Loved it, I am SO grateful to both of you, Freddy & Zuzka for giving us this archive and keeping it all online for us… I’m so thankful, you have blessed so many people. 
    Scores on the doors !~~
    Elevated Pushups – 9-9-8-6
    Jump Lunges – 14-14-13-15
    Military Pullups(assisted) – 4-3-3-2
    Low Jump Jacks – 35-39-38-43
    Oblique Knee Cross(w/pullup-bar) – 7-7-7-7
    High Knees – 49-47-47-50

    I just ROCKED my BODY! :D

    + 4 burpees! 1 for Erin. 1 for Zuzka. 1 for Freddy. 1 for Sean,Jess&Kyla to share ;) x

  • Anonymous

    I did this today, great workout!

    my scores:
    1. Push ups w/ balance ball: 12 9 9 9
    2. Jump lunges: 17 15 18 15
    3. Military pull ups (I really have to work on it): 4 3 3 2
    4. Low jumping jacks: 20 20 20 20
    5. Oblique Knee Raises on DS: 12 7 8 9
    6. High Knees w/ JR: 52 49 53 47
    + burpee for Erin <3

    nice evening, bodyrockers!

  • Vivi

    First time for me for this one.
    To be more challenging I did the 3 part without rest, I made 24 round in once.
    1/ PU legs elevated :
    2/ jump lunges :
    3/ pull ups :
    4/ low jumping jacks :
    5/ Oblique knee raise :
    6/ High knees jump rope :
    And after I did “all I want for christmas is abs wo”

    • Anonymous

      Just wow, Vivi!! :) so impressive! you rock! great numbers @ the pull ups!

  • Kay

    heat wave in toronto! missed a couple days because of it. so stifling! back into it today. 
    1. elevated pushups: 6/5/5/3
    2. jump lunges: 9/11/11/12 (still have to take my time cuz of my ankle. this was my first day jumping)
    3. military pullups: 8/7/6/9
    4. low jacks: 12/14/15/13 (went slow with these as well cuz of my ankle)
    5. oblique knee raise: 8/8/7/8
    6. high knee jump rope: 44/44/44/36

  • Nathalie

    Good Evening BodyRockers,
    I did this workout today and it was tough, as always. But very enjoyable at the same time. Questions for you guys out there. I’ve noticed that my right calf is bigger than my left and also one side of my body if stronger than the other. Does anyone else have this issue? And if you do, how do you try to balance it out? Any advice would be appreaciated.
    Thank you as always for a great workout:)

  • cbwealthformula

    That workout looks intense! I would last 2 minutes…seriously.

  • sharan

    this is my first post, &i’m sorry it’s not more relevant, but-
    OMG the last picture is sooo adorable! ((:

  • samantha R

    My pull up bar arrived so I gave this a go today (had to modify it last time), it was very intense and I had to use the chair for every pull up apart from the first but I’ll get there! Thank you yet again, I’m on my 11th day of my 50 day challenge and I’m finding it so much easier than last time and I can definitely see changes.

  • Dora

    Suzy, I started looking at your workout videos and I liked them because you dont need fancy workout machines to get in shape. I would like to know which is your beginner workout or if I need to do them in a particular order? Thanks. Dora

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  • Christophe

    I am most amazed by the fact that you have Charlie trained to coach you through your cool down stretches. And he even participates!! ;)

  • Elston

    Your exercises seem difficult for bad knees. What are your suggestions for people with arthritis in the knees? By the way, I’m glad to know that you’re sharing truth when it comes to burning fat. A common myth is that we could target areas of fat to burn. Thanks and God bless you.


  • Daniel Munday

    Perfect! Just proves that the I don’t have the time to workout excuse just doesn’t cut it. 12 mins is perfect fat burning opportunity.

  • Lola

    I found ur website by chance.
    I hope that someday by body will look as amazing as yours.
    Thank you for the motivation :)

  • Sophie

    Hi Zuzana,

    I first found your videos in youtube, and glad that I discovered your website today =). I am 5’4 and about 106 pounds, I am intrested in getting healthier and to increase my fitness level. I don’t have a lot of muscle in my arms and abs, and I still do have a little fat all around my body. Would working out with your daily workouts about 5 times a week would be enough to get rid of the fat or would I have to do some extra cardio? Thank you so much =).

    P.S I think that you are truly inspiring and beatiful inside out =D!

    • Frederick

      Hi Sophie – check out the recent Fitness FAQ video we posted a few days ago :)

  • Emily

    Loved this workout! didn’t have the dip bar so I used the pullup bar and just did hanging knee raises but instead of straight up I did it side to side.

  • sweet monkey

    what a difference 12 minutes make! just tried it and i feel great! because i don’t have the same exact equipment, i modified the exercises and made my own “torture machine” using 2 chairs to do the last set for the abs and did pushups with my feet elevated. instead of pullups, i used some free weights and did military presses.

    I don’t have a stopwatch, so I found one online and turned set it to “auto-start” and “loop” at 30 second intervals and checked to make sure the “sound” was “on” … I like the drumsound. (See timer stopwatch settings

    I wrote my workout plan on a big whiteboard in front of me so I could remember my plan….

    1st Set: pushups / jumping lunges
    2nd Set: military presses / low jumping jacks
    3rd Set: abs / jump rope jumps

    Not to sound crazy, but honestly, by the last set, I could already see the definition in my muscles!! No joke. I’m gonna try to do this almost everyday for a few weeks and see what happens. I think I will vary the exercise moves and do triceps/backs/etc for another session.

    Remember to take those 10 second breaks and have enough fuel/food in you ahead of time so you don’t pass out. You will need the energy. Don’t uinderestimate the intensity of this workout!

  • May

    Hi Zuzana,
    I am trying out your 6 videos for beginners now. I feel good as my body is aching. Was wondering where do your workout attires are from & what do you wear underneath the sexy workout top? Thank you

  • Jim

    Great workout. glad I got to see this one it will be part of my rotation for a long time to come. I like the last picture up there it looks like youve got a training partner and hes showing you how to get a good stretch in.

  • Seb

    Tried the workout. Very good. To add a little resitence on the low jack I did it with 10 lbs dumbells in each hands and also did regular jumping jacks but kept my legs bent. Try it it’s pretty nice and it works the shoulder at the same time:)

  • Eric

    okay so what i’m about to share with you is in no way suppose to be mean. I just finished your fat burner assassin workout and towards the end of the workout, the chair leg ups, I said…”this bitch is crazy”.

    I am soooo sorry for saying that!!! I am not sorry for finishing it and being all out of breathe and feeling all my muscles ache though. THANK YOU so much for being a crazy bitch. (in a good way)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I love that comment :) I might use it as a name for my next workout.

  • Victor

    Hey Zuzana

    you are very inspiring, I would just like to know the name of the machine that you use for the push-ups. the one with the black frame and strap handles. it looks like it would be very usefull.


    • Frederick

      Hi Victor – there is a blue link in the post :)

  • Brooke

    Did my first body rock workout yesterday! It kicked my butt. Had to take a little bit longer rest periods. Excited to try the next workout!

  • Ben

    Hi Zuzana,

    What is the make of your intival timer?


    • Frederick

      Hi Ben – there is a link to the timer in the post :)

  • teresa

    hi zuzana! i wish i could do this workout but i don’t have the equipment! would love it buy it i am just afraid i wouldn’t use it as much as i should!!

    i know that a HUGE part of your success is because of your diet and i was wondering if you could maybe log a food diary for 2 weeks or so for us? like maybe take pictures of the portions you eat at each meal so we could see how much you eat in one day….i know you eat clean and eat lots of fruits and vegetables with small portions but i think it would really help us out a lot to see…plus would make for a great entry!!

    thanks! you are such an inspiration!

    • Hannah

      I totally agree on the food diary. You work hard and burn a significant amount of calories yet you are building and maintaining muscle. It is easy to say eat smaller portions of clean foods 5x day but there are so many people out there (including myself)that would love to see exactly what that means for you (and translates to) for them. A week-long food diary with pictures and types of foods/drinks would end..the endless questions about what you eat:) I hope you will take us up on this..I know it’s a pain in the butt but like all things it will pay off when you can refer someone to that area of the site! Please??

  • Kathryn

    Charlie is cute! Is there any way to get the best of both worlds? I think muscular legs and butt is sexy, but I don’t want big, bulky arms to go along with them… Can I just focus my strength training on my legs and not work out my arms so much, and that should do the trick?

  • R

    Hi Zuzana:) Im am really impressed by your disipline,strenght and the way you push yourself to maximise each set.I tough I now enough exercises for a lifetime,but you actually learned me some more :) Im 1.75cm,84kg-trains kettlebell,rings and more,but want to get even more toned in my body.I eat oak,egg white end oliveoil 5 times a day, but I need to train more cardio(like you),crossfit a-like,do you have some tips for diet?I train 6times a day,2 hour a day (strenght+25min cardio)You are the definition of fitness,your body is really toned,and you are so positive!And you also is stunning,I must say. Keep up the good work(out)

  • nina

    hi zuzana

    do you think you will do any unedited workout videos so its easier to work out together? :) thanks.

    • Chris L

      Hi nina,

      Maybe this full workout would be better included in a DVD than as something on the web.


      • Cricket

        Definitely a better idea I think…keep to the short versions on the web. I like to just quickly get a chance to see an exercise and its form if I’m not sure about it, and it’s easier to so that in Zuzana’s current format.

        • Cricket

          oops, I mean “do” that in the current format

  • andreas

    Excellent workout, what is your max number of pull ups now?

    Time to have a test

  • Danielle

    Hi Zuzana, could you please suggest an alternative for the military pull ups and the oblique knee raises? I would like to do your workout today, but I do not have the equipment needed to perform these exercices.
    I saw tht you advised to do the leg elevated push ups in the 1st part of the workout,so maybe you could suggest a few more? :-)
    Thank you in advance!

    • Nic

      Second this!

      The main appeal of bodyweight exercises to me is that I don’t need to buy equipment and can get a great workout at home easily. The body press looks amazing, I feel so tempted to get it, but.. it’s kind of pricey. It’d be great if you post alternatives to all exercises that require some kind of equipment!

      But great workout routine as always, thank you so much! And get well soon, both of you!

  • Crystel

    Hey Zuzana,

    I was just wondering what is the best diet? I have the normal problem with my belly, i have tried and tried to get rid of it but it just doesnt go away. Do you have any tips or food choies for me?? Btw i love your workouts…they are very unique.

    Thanks, Crystel <3

  • Joshua

    Hey Zuzana,

    I have been checking out your videos and I was wondering if you have ever thought about recording and sharing the entire workout. That way people can follow along and make sure that their form is correct. I realize that not everyone will be as quick as you the first time around, but over time, maybe. You might even make some money off these workouts if you bundled them and sold them through your website in specific sequences. Just a thought.


  • Mark

    Running is an essential part of my week -I love it. I look to your site for the speedy toning workouts & recipes, but I need help on stretches for the upper body just prior to, and after running. My legs are doing incredibly well (thanks to a switch to barefoot running), but I often have deep back and shoulder pains (notably in the rhomboids and the right-side Teres major) after hard sprints. My current warm-ups don’t seem to reach these muscle groups well and I fear that it limits my speed potential.
    Additionally, do you have any recommendations/ archives for pack lunches that are high in protein & carbs? Sounds crazy when I look at it…
    Thanks for your site!

  • Brady

    Wow! I found your site through a link on YouTube. You are the hottest woman I have ever seen!

    This workout is a frggin’ torture fest. I just started it this morning and could only make it halfway through the entire routine. But my goal is to make it through the whole 12 minutes and keep it a constant part of my weekly regime.

    Thanks for the great tips and keep rockin’ that beautiful body.

  • Tarrah

    Hi Zuzana,
    I found one of your videos on the youtube homepage and was just amazed! I am super excited about trying one of your routines out tomorrow and was wondering if you, or any member of this site, had a good recommendation of which workout to start with.

    • Frederick

      Hi Tarrah – just jump right in anywhere :)

  • Montanna

    Hey Zuzana!

    Great exercise! I ordered the same equipment, can’t wait to do the exercises with the equipment! They are awesome.
    I had a question, do you have any recommendations to keep the energy up during the day? I have my tea in the morning and afternoon, eat 5 times a day, but i still find myself tired, any recommendations?

    You’re Awesome!

  • Tiffany Stephens NEXT workout song!!!

    katy perry – i kissed a girl .rar, you liked morning after dark (Timbo) you’ll like this too

  • maryh

    I would like to add what i know about Caffeine for the question that Marinaki asked.
    Some health & weight loss experts i’ve read have wanted a complete ban on coffee in particular. The reason they gave was that it has an unfavorable effect on blood sugar levels and insulin if drank to excess.
    However i’ve also read that a coffee can help prevent low blood sugar in diabetic people and that it also helps to burn extra fat and expend more energy during work-outs so there is alot of conflicting advice out there.
    The conclusion is really that no more than two coffees a day is recommended if you have serious health goals.
    As for me i get a big slump in energy if i drink a coffee on its own and not part of a meal.
    As for cellulite..i dont’ know..the best advice i heard was just to try to drink more water, lose excess weight(if over-weight) and include lots of fresh foods like berries and essential fats like avocado, fish oils..etc and dry skin brushing. I think its due to your over-all lifestyle, not just caffeine. Detox enthusists always seem to demonize caffeine along with the usual suspects..i.e. Alcohol, dairy, sugar, white flour and processed foods.
    Also i heard coffee has excellent properties for your liver and is also a good source of anti-oxidants too. Best wishes deciding whats best for you!.. :)

  • Marissa

    Hi Zuzana, What are some good exercised that will help me get rid of fat on my inner and outer thighs as well as the back of the thighs?? Thanks

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Unfortunately there is no proof that it is possible to burn fat from particular body parts. Our body tents to burn fat from all areas at equal rate. The best workouts for burning fat are full body intensive workouts that I do. For the problematic areas it just takes more time before you will see results, so be patient and stay consistent with your training.

  • Just Starting Out


    I’d like to look through the FAQ’s, but I can’t find the page. Is that section still on your website?

    BTW, love the site; very motivational and informative. :-)

  • Marie-Christin

    hey make a cook video

  • Charlie D.

    Ha! I told myself I wouldn’t go to bed tonight until I’d done this workout – I actually managed to push it past 10pm in hopes that I’d give in, but I was relentless – I feel great. Thanks.

    By the way, I’ve been getting so many compliments on my body and my posture and my energy lately – I have to pass them along to you. Thanks so much for all you both do.


  • Michelle

    My oh my Zuzana,

    What a stunning beauty you are! You are well rounded, confident, graceful, strong, determined, and the ultimate role model for your viewers. Keep it up woman! You’re absoltutely AMAZING! I love you lavender top, it’s a pleasing color on you. I love the hard work outs, they’re leaving me SO SORE!!!! haha I am learning to like the pain.

  • Evita

    Hi Zuzana.
    Another great workout :-) I love all of your workouts and can´t get enough of them. Think that my body isn´t bad and I feel I am getting stronger and slimmer with every exercise. I am a student, spending lot of time by my PC writing seminary works etc. and my only problem is my ass and thighs whose are much bigger than I would like them to be. I would like to ask/please you to place some exercises for losing the “volume” of those problematic parts of many women, I think. I would be very grateful :-)

  • Charlie D.

    I have a question about portions: you always seem to emphasize small portions, but what if it’s super low-calorie, high-quality, high-fibre food, i.e. fresh veg? Are you still as vigilant? I looked at the size of my salad tonight and thought: hmmm…

  • Lisa

    Ooops… went through ‘older comments’ and saw it there. Sorry.

    Well, now that I’ve said it – any chance of giving us alternatives to those workouts when you use that equipment? The whole point of ‘home workout’ is to do it at home.

    If I want to do this latest workout, I have to do it in the gym, which kind of defeats the purpose.

    Just a suggestion… :)

    • Chris L

      Hi Lisa,

      Zuzana has offered alternatives and some of us regulars do as well.

      You just have to look around at various comments or advanced google search such things.


      • Lisa

        Hi Chris,

        Thanks for your reply and I realize that she has given alternatives in the past. However, I have not seen any alternatives to this equipment… unless you mean the broom handle through the chairs? Or a wall to hang from for chins? Unfortunately, neither of those work in a condo.
        I’ll have to do those workouts in my gym I guess.

  • Lisa

    Hi Zuzana,
    Why did you delete my comment? I thought it would at least prompt you to address the equipment you use and maybe give newbies an alternative. Unless, of course, you get paid to use and promote the equipment. Then I guess you wouldn’t be allowed to suggest alternate methods?
    That would also explain why you heavily promote them.
    It really does leave a large portion of people out though, just an innocent comment. I don’t think you should have deleted it or ignored it all together :(

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Lisa, I don’t know which comment you are talking about. Our spam filter often catches links to other websites in comments, so that might be your case. I really don’t care which equipment are people using or not. I am only sharing what I use for my own workouts. It also could be that your comment is still waiting for me to read it. It takes time to read through the comments.

  • Kati

    Hi Zuzana,jak jsem po krátké chvíly zjistila jsi češka=)miluju tvoje videa a snažím se podle nich cvičit,ale bříško jako ty asi nikdy mít nebudu.Jsi úžasná a moc tě obdivuju=)Přiznám se že jsem celý tvůj blog nedočetla není moc času=( Chci se jen zeptat jestli žiješ v ČR asi ne že?Jak jsi vlastně k tomu všemu dostala?Moc děkuju za odpoved a měj se krásně!
    Papa Kati:-*

  • Alča


    na tvoje workouty jsem přišla úplně náhodou, a jsem z nich opravdu nadšená :) .

    Zajímalo by mě, za jak dlouho si myslíš, že by se člověku mohly začít rýsovat svaly? Když bude tedy dodržovat životosprávu.

    Moc děkuju a přeju hodně zdaru :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Po mesici kdyz se budes snazit tak uz muzes videt zajimavy vysledky.

  • Nicole D Lopez

    Dear Zuzana,

    I don’t want to come off sounding rude or disrespectful, but when you say that you want your arms and legs to be smaller it makes me sad because you are my body idol and I think everything about you is perfect. Everyone who knows me know that I want to look exactly like you and I envy (but work hard to acquire) the way your arms and legs look. I understand that everyone has their own preferences about how they want to look, but I was just always so satisfied thinking that you were completely comfortable with your size and look. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that you just adore your body (otherwise you wouldn’t be doing what you do), but maybe I’m just not understanding what you mean about making your arms and legs smaller. Do you mean shrinking the muscles?

  • simona

    teraz som si precitala to pod videom :) Dakujeem :) to bola moja kazdodenna otazka :) ) a odpoved je uz tu! :) Dakujem

  • Zena

    Hi Zuzana,
    I just started looking at your videos, and i’m trying to follow all of them. But, after one work out my body was aching. Do you have slightly easier workouts for newbies. You are doing a great job.
    Thanks Zena

    • Carla

      Check the workout archives.

  • Julie

    Hi Zuzanna, i’m following your workouts since the end of december and i really love them. However, i’m always a little sore, all the time… Not enough to keep me from training but still, i was wondering if it’s the same for you, since you really seem to gave your all all the time. If not, should i rest more?

    Thanks and much love,

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Julie,

      You don’t need to rest completely if you are sore after the workouts. It is better to have some very light workout because that will help with the recovery process. It is better to move every day even if you do some light activity like yoga for example.

      • Janine from Jerusalem

        It also helps to stretch before and after the workout, a good 10 minutes of stretching might be all you need to ease away the soreness.

        • Julie

          thanks Zuzanna and Janine. Maybe you are right Janine and i just don’t strech enough… I’ll keep both of these comments in mind for now on… = )
          And i’ll keep moving! Yeah!

  • Marinaki

    Zuzana I thank you, we thank you for everything. I have no words to describe you. You are a wonderful person inside and outside. I am praying for you everyday to continue this trip on earth….

    I have a question for you and if anybody else could help I would appreciate it.

    I love tea but also I like coffee too even if I rarely drink it. I don’t know if this is true or not but is coffee good or bad for us? and especially for women because I read that coffee causes cellulite. Is that true or a myth? Because I want to enjoy coffee more often and without “fear”, I don’t want to avoid it because of that.

    I would appreciate your knowledge and advice.

    So sorry for my English.

    Thank you so much my hardworking bee :)

    Have a nice day
    Marinaki :)

    • Ruta

      For me, I started to work out, drink a lot of water and icluded coffee in my diet, I lost my cellulite, before I wasn’t drinking coffee and was having that on my legs. So I belive everything is in workouts,water and clean eating!

      • Marinaki

        Thank you SO much Ruta :)

  • Yosef

    I’m going to do this work out right now….I can’t wait. Also, I love the last picture with the doggy in it!!

  • simona

    :) uzasny workout

  • SpanishGirl

    Zuzana, two questions:
    - What do you think about protein powders? All fitness sites recommend them( bodybuilding, oxygen mag…) in shakes but I’m concerned about them.
    - Can you build a bulky butt (Jlo, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian…) by exercising or it only would go harder and smaller??
    Thank you!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I don’t use any protein powders – I get enough protein from food. You can build bulky butt if you want but not by exercising only. You would have to eat a lot to get big bulky muscles. The more you eat the more bulky you will be. Exercising can sculpt your muscles, but if you don’t feed them, they can’t grow.

    • Audra Gatti

      Hi SpanishGirl,

      Don’t be afraid of protein powder especially whey protein.

      I put a scoop in my morning oatmeal and sometimes if I’m in a hurry I’ll drink a Muscle Milk Light to get in a meal when I don’t have time to prepare one. But I always put a scoop in my oatmeal cuz I don’t like to just mix it with milk or water, yuck. It helps my body burn fat while keeping that lean muscle I build while doing Zuzana’s workouts.

      I myself am starting to compliment Zuzana’s workouts with heavy weight training for my lower body. I do squats, deadlifts and lunges with very heavy weight to build a better butt and legs and it’s working well. My butt is getting tighter and firmer and cellulite no more. Don’t be afraid to use weights.

      My two cents :)

  • Jake

    Odporucim priatelke :-)

  • Carla

    Just did this one after doing 1100 kettlebell swings. Ouch! Why would I be doing this many swings? because I have entered a challenge in which I need to complete 10.000 swings in a month. I was ill for a few days and had to catch up.

    Now for a long shower and then taking my babies for a walk.

    Have a nice weekend!

  • Daniela

    is the first time that I write to you since I started following your site, (sorry for English and all the mistakes, but I am Italian and I used Google Translate to translate).
    I tried to buy gear the same as yours, I wanted to take advantage of the offer that’s on the site you indicated “Full Package” Power Tower “Set – Over $ 120 Off Retail”, but warns me that in Europe not send this offer but only the “Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar”, so I wanted to know how did you buy all together!
    Thank you you are fantastic.

    Hello Daniela

  • Anthony

    lol, The pic with Charlie is really cute :)

  • Tina

    Charlie`s downward dog posture wins :D . He`s just the cutest and certanly knows how to strech properly :) . He is a real help, ha? :D

  • Johny


    thank you for the info (just order it). I hope it wasn’t already there. ;)

    You should really do a section for the equipment your using.


  • FlaviaRJ
    Looks!Like your clothes Zuzana, and there´s a hair that´s alike yours!!^^

    just for fun!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Thats really fun site :)

    • Sandra_Brz

      Hi Flavia, I see you are from Brazil?

      I am Brazilian :) and I looooove Zuzana’s workouts and ideas about everything. She could fit right in the Brazilian life style too.

  • Chiquis

    HI Zuana, ur workouts seem interesting. I wanted to ask how long for someone to see results? Are we supposed to do them everyday? and when u say 30 day workout, what results should we expect (of course if we follow the rules). I’m a mother of two and I’m thin but have stretch marks on my belly area and loose skin as well. I really want to tone my body and wondering if there’s hope for me to tone my body especially my stomach. Thank You for your time. hope to hear from u soon.

  • Ruta

    Zuzana, have you ever ever had that called – binge eating? It sometimes happens to me, but latley it is not so often anymore.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Yes it did happened and it happens to people when they feel down or bored. It’s good to be aware of it. What helps is to shift your focus on something that you enjoy doing. When you are doing something that you like and you are having a good time, you don’t think about eating incredible amount of food.

  • Janet

    I wanted to keep up by getting the workout equipment you are using but they are sold out til April 1– I think you cleaned them out!! :) Also they wanted over $60 to ship it to Hawaii, so I put the idea on hold. So I am going to remain a purist (no clutter!)
    So for me the ring push ups were done with my feet elevated. The pull ups I did on my closet pole set up (gloves are a must to avoid splinters and blisters). The obliques I did balancing on a couple of very wobbly plastic tables (test of balance and strength). And in case I really missed out I added a few more ab exercises and anything I thought I needed an extra dose of.

  • Lissie

    OMG! This workout kicked my butt, I really need to work on my pull-ups. I’m totally addicted to your site, I can’t wait for another great workout. Tomorrow I’m going to do the turbo fat ass blaster and then it’s off to belly dance.

  • SoCal949

    Zuzana can you do double unders? What do you think about them. Seems like you can do singles pretty fast. DU’s are more like a sprint.

  • Rain

    Hi Zuzana,

    Just wanted to say, I think your arms are the absolute best part of your body. I’m eating tiny amounts of food and working out 6 days a week (and mostly feel like I’m killing myself) so I can have arms that sculpted.

    Don’t try to make them smaller. :)

    • Rea

      I agree. Your arms are perfect the way they are Zuzana.

      Many women have skinny, shapely arms – yours are special. You look strong yet feminine, which in my opinion is the best way to look :)

      BTW this workout is one of my new favorites!

  • Marissa

    Hey Zuzana! Yet again, fantastic workout! Thank you so much for all ur hard work, motivation, and inspiration!!

    Question for you – I’m happy with my body/fitness but would like to focus on my thighs and hips – any recommendations? Are squats going to add muscle and bulk? What are some ways to slim this area?

    Merci Beaucoup!

  • Kaitlyn

    Hi Zuzana
    Where do you buy your sport bras they are adorable:)

  • http://bodyrocktv jason landers

    hey z, i thought maybe ill tell ya my wife & daughter ordered pizza tonight, and i dident touch it!! i had baked fish and rice instead. i just thought ill tell ya.

  • Corinne

    Whoa, that 12 minute workout kicked my butt, and I loved every second of it!!! Your workouts have strengthened and toned me. I can’t thank you enough for creating this site and sharing your workouts, diet tips and overall health info with everyone. You guys are awesome!!!

  • Lori

    Where do you get those workout equipment from? I don’t know if you can get them in New Zealand? More home workouts without equipment please as I don’t own many equipment only dumbbells and skipping rope.

  • http://[email protected] Carolyn Pilates

    The new Gynboss app worked like a charm…can’t believe what I have been missing!

    Warmed up included some Marriage Proposal lunges to get ready for the jump lunges.

    Used my Reformer Tower end for the pull ups and the Tower springs for the Push ups. I used the Wunda chair press up bars for the Oblique knee raises. I love adapting my Pilates equipment for these workouts.

    Finished with stretches for trunk and legs in multiple planes.

  • Marissa

    Hey Zuzana, I am really inspired by your workouts and I’m planning on trying out a new workout regimen for the summer. However as I was looking through the workout I didn’t find anything that would target inner and outer thighs. Those are the most common trouble spots for women and I would be thrilled to see one of your workout which would focus just on the inner, outer and the back of the thighs. Let me know if you will decide to make this kind of workout. Thanks for everything!! You are an inspiration to us all :)

  • Sookie

    if u dont have the body weight training epuipment, what can you use to improvise?

  • Kandi

    Zuzana-I have a favor to ask of you, cuz your’e awesome :)
    Okay, here’s the deal. I am doing a persuasive speech on the Tabata Protocol, and I need to do an interview with someone who is experienced with it. And…your’e pretty experienced :P I know y’all are really busy and do a lot of stuff for us! And thank you very much for that :) It shouldn’t take more the 10 or 15 minutes though.
    Thank you! Love, Kandi *mwah!*

  • Hannah

    The only thing I would add to this description of you and your workouts is that you put on a good deal of muscle by lifting weights prior to these bodyweight only exercises. People keep asking you over and over how long this took you, what do you eat etc, etc. I have been a regular to your site for a LONG time and remember back to your outdoor workout (after your augmentation–it was outdoors). You were thinner/less muscular (even had recently quit smoking!) and if I recall properly, you were still in the somewhat early stages of working out intensely. Many of your workouts involved weights and equipment..even the gym equipment. are maintaining those muscles and still working them through these bodyweight exercises. Amazing, indeed! You look fantastic!
    But I do fear you are setting some people up to feel failure when they don’t understand why their body isnt transforming like yours just by doing these intense 15-20 minute workouts. Esp. beginners.
    You might consider making a blanket statement about this fact and maybe even providing your transformational photos over time. You were probably almost “skinny-fat” first (with what you referred to as cellulite-which I find hard to imagine), then you added in the weight training workouts and a cleaner diet where you were transforming, adding muscle etc..

    This way, people could see you before, then during the intense weight training and now after doing interval/bodyweight maintenance. I believe it would be very helpful and important especially to people new to the site and exercising in general.

    Don’t you agree that people just starting out and doing only these type of workouts every day is not going to have muscles like yours?? Especially women! They need to include some weight training (not Barbie weights)…and of course eat a clean diet.

    Keep up the amazing work..I love the both of you and really have enjoyed the journey.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      You are totally wrong. My bodyweight workouts is very heavy weight training. Have you ever tried pull ups? How many of them you can do? Did you know that many guys that are lifting weights at the gym can’t do a single pull up? Do you know why? Because it’s really hard. It’s a heavy training and that’s why people can get really ripped from these exercises. Also all of the burpees and jumping in a fast pace will create muscle tone. Do you know any sprinter athlete? If not, then try to check them out on youtube. These athletes are ripped just from sprinting on a daily basis. Hannah I know what I am talking about and I am not the only person on the internet who is getting amazing results with bodyweight workouts.

      • Angel

        Hi Zuzana, mi first post since a lot of months i´ve been following your workouts.

        what your tell is completely true, I was a heavy weight lifter and I started to apply your exercises to my routine, and i have to tell, it is very hard and exhausting, even with years of heavy weight workouts.
        Have to say, I use a few and light equipment (now) just for some muscles, im a man hehe. But i dont use the heavy weight equipment as i used some months ago, your exercises do the job and a prety hard one.

        Pd: a love to see you both going outside, its a way to know you and the beautiful places you visit

        Greetings from Mexico!

    • E.E.

      hi~yeah, I can actually say that bodyweight workouts really do work and even 8 minutes a day when I’m really on the run will make such a huge difference. Bodyweight workouts are great because they seem to really develop the functional aspect of the body. something about it helps in making the body more naturally efficient in difficult physical tasks and heavy duty work! I mean, they work multiple muscles and give you a vast range of motion. And one last thing, these workouts created or inspired by Zuzana have given me results so steadily when weights took alot longer in showing those results. Give it a try if you haven’t yet! :) And Zuzana, don’t be discouraged because you and I both know what you have been teaching us and showing us is the real deal.

      • Rachelle

        I was a beginner.. and IT WORKS!! I wish I could post a picture of my arms…dang.. muscle. I have great great tone, I am constantly rubbing my triceps cause I am surprised that their are multiple bumps..not just the common one. I am loving my biceps too…and my Legs, they are starting to look amazing! I am constantly randomly flexing, I am so obsessed with these new muscles I am achieving. So, IT WORKS FOR ME!!!!!!!

    • kim marie

      i have been doing Zuzana work outs for 3 mounts now and I have seen fantastic results getting really good muscles definition, I am amazed, I use to spend ages working out and never saw results like this and I haven’t even sorted my diet out properly yet. But if I keep with Zuzana workout and eat right I think I could definitely be as ripped as Zuzana.

  • Blanka

    Hello Zuzana!! =D before that nothing I wanted to congratulate to you and to Frederik for your web, is incredible. Well, I am Blanka, I’m 18 years old and am from Spain (so I’m sorry about my english). For 2 years I have realized the good thing that is the sport and the healthy food, and well that makes me feel it =). I go approximately 3 or 4 days a week to the gym and I take a healthy diet. I wanted to ask you about my case; I measure 1,65m and weigh 58kg, now in the gymnasium I do only cardio because before giving form to my muscles I would like to lose approximately 4 kilos. Do you believe that I do well? Which is the proportion brought near between height and weight to be in form like you? Being strong and thin to. I would like that you were answering the message to me =). I send you a great embrace. Thank you for the whole Zuzana, at this moment you are my inspiration, are so nice externally as within ^^. Thank you very much and good-bye!!

  • Courtney

    In some of your videos you use a clubbell. I don’t know what that is or where to get one. What can I use as an alternative?

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  • Matthew

    You might find this post too long to approve but I thought some of your readers might find it helpful.

    I like to keep track of your workouts so I can easily choose which one I will do each day. Each time I find one I like (which is most of them) I copy and paste the details into a word document which I then import into my Sony eReader. I use the eReader as a reference as I’m working out.

    Anyway, here’s the list I have so far sorted by time.
    If you approve, your readers could copy and paste this list into their own notes

    BodyRock workouts Sorted by time

    15 Minute workouts

    Extreme 15 minute workout
    1. Snowboarder – 15 reps
    2. V-Crunch – 15 reps
    Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes

    15 minute killer cardio
    1. Jump Lunges – 10 reps
    2. One Arm Push Ups – 2 reps on each arm
    3. Half Burpees – 10 reps
    4. One Arm Push Ups – 2 reps on each arm
    Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes

    15 minute Hot Body
    3 five minute rounds 55 seconds on 5 seconds rest.
    Side Jump Lunges
    Reptile Push Ups (switching sides)
    Prisoner Half Squats
    Hanging Knee Raises

    Drag me to hell
    15 minutes – as many rounds as you can
    Prisoner squats with knee up – 20
    Pull ups – 5

    16 minute workouts

    Sexy Beast
    Six rounds each 30 seconds on 10 seconds rest
    Set timer for six rounds of two intervals
    You can take a short rest between exercises
    Total 16 minutes (if you don’t rest between sets)
    1. Dynamic Squats
    2. Reversed Push Ups (bar between two chairs)
    3. Dive Bombers (ducking under the bar)
    4. Prisoner Get Ups

    Smack Your Ass Workout
    Two rounds each 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest – Total 16 minutes
    Squat Down Pistol Up
    Side Lunge Jump
    Jump Rope – High knees
    One Leg Bridge
    Backward Lunge and Kick Up right leg
    Backward Lunge and Kick Up left leg
    Side Jump Squat
    Plank Get Up

    18 minute workouts

    Fat slaughter workout
    6 rounds each 30 seconds on 15 seconds rest – total of 18 minutes
    Touch the wall squat
    Sumo pushup
    Jump lunge
    Reverse pushup

    20 minute workouts

    Body weight interval workout
    4 rounds each 15 seconds on 15 seconds rest
    Low jacks
    Dynamic pushup
    Jump squat
    Half burpee
    One leg side jump lunge
    Pull ups
    Step jumps
    Dancing crab
    But lift and toe touch
    Twist jump

    Fat Assassin
    6 rounds each 30 seconds on 10 seconds rest – Total 20 minutes
    Ninja Jump Tucks
    Half Burpee with Push Up
    High Knees and Drop Down – 10 high knees then drop to your belly and get up again.
    Reversed Crunches
    Side Step Ups

    8 rounds each 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest
    Burpees (with push up and jump up)
    One Leg Dead Lift and Jump Up (switch legs after each interval)
    Mountain Climber
    Side Crunch (switch sides after each interval)
    Side Lunge Touch Down

    Whoop Ass
    5 rounds of this circuit:
    1. Skip Rope 40 seconds
    Chin Ups 20 seconds
    2. Skip Rope – 40 seconds
    Push Ups – 20 seconds
    3. Skip Rope – 40 seconds
    Reversed Push Ups – 20 seconds
    4. Skip Rope – 40 seconds
    Hanging Knee Raises – 20 seconds

    Time challenges

    Beat The Meat Suit
    Burpee with push up
    Jump sideways with feet together
    Side lunge.
    This count as 1 rep.
    Do 50 reps

    Sexy Monkey
    100 skips
    5 Hanging Knee Raises
    100 skips
    5 Elevated Push Ups
    100 skips
    5 Pull Ups
    100 skips
    20 Jump Squats
    Complete the 3 rounds as fast as you can.

    500 Rep
    1. Prisoner Squats – 50 reps
    2. Sit Ups – 50 reps
    3. Forward/Backward Lunge – 50 reps (25 on each leg)
    4. Push Ups – 50 reps
    5. Reptile – 50 reps (switching legs)
    6. Turkish Get Up – 50 reps
    7. Side V-crunch – 50 reps (25 on each side)
    8. Split Push Ups – 50 reps ( switching from wide stance push up to close stance push up)
    9. Jump Forward And Two Jumps Back – 50 reps
    10. Reversed Plank Knee Tucks – 50 reps (switching legs)

    1. Low Jumping Jacks – 20 reps
    2. Pike Press – 6 reps
    3. Mountain Climber – 30 reps
    4. Tricep Leg Lifts – 10 reps
    5. Superman – 10 reps
    6. Toe Touches – 20 reps
    7. Laying Leg Lifts – 10 reps

    After the Leg Lifts, reverse the order of the sequence and move directly to Toe Touches and then move your way exercise by exercise to the Low Jacks. This counts and 1 round. You can take just a short break after each round.
    Complete 4 rounds

    300 rep nightmare
    3 rounds of the following exercises in this order:
    1. Snowboarder – 20 reps
    2. Pull Ups – 5 reps
    3. Side V- Crunch – 10 reps on each side
    4. Dive Bombers – 10 reps
    5. Hanging Knee Raises – 10 reps
    6. One leg Side lunge and Back Lunge Jump – 10 reps on each leg
    7. One Leg Burpee with Santana Zuzana Push up – 5 reps on each side.
    8. One Leg Squat to Roll Back – 5 reps on each leg

    Ab Blitz
    1. High Knees with Jump Rope – 500 skips
    2. Leg Lift, Star Crunch, and Butt Lift as one exercise – 30 reps
    3. Jump Rope Jacks – 500 reps
    4. Side Plank Lifts – 25 reps on each side
    5. Scissors with Jump Rope – 500 skips
    6. One Leg Bridge, Leg Lift and Toe Touch as one exercise – 25 reps on each leg.

    Body Burn
    Skip rope on one – 60 reps on each leg
    Push up with clap – 3 reps
    Repeat previous two exercises
    Jump up on a chair with your feet together and do 5 step ups on each leg.
    Repeat this 10 times.
    Push up with clap – 3 reps
    Complete 30 reps of Jump Lunges
    One Leg Pike Press and I did 5 reps on each leg.

    O face
    1. Scissors With Jump Rope – 100 reps
    2. Leg Elevated Push Ups – 15 reps
    3. Sporty Crab – 20 reps
    4. Plank Up Exercise – 30 reps
    5. Sumo Squat and Front Kick – 50 reps
    6. Pull Up Knee Raises – 25 reps
    7. One Leg Burpee with Reptile Push Up – 15 reps on each leg
    8. Side Step Lunge with Side Kick – 50 reps
    O” Abs Exercise – 30 reps
    Butt Pincher – 25 reps

    Eight Exercise Drill
    Repeat the entire sequence twice.
    Walking lunges – 30
    Squats – 15
    Side lunge – 30
    Mountain climbers – 50
    Push ups – 15
    Step ups – 30
    Backwards lunge – 30
    Plank and row – 15

    Fast Burn
    Climber’s Lunges – 50
    Pike jumps – 100
    Lay on back with legs up. Lower to each side and back up. – 50
    Leg switch – 100

    Eight Rounds
    Prisoner squat with knee up 20 reps
    Santana pushups 10 reps
    Jump rope 100 rep
    Plank knee tucks 20 reps

    Fierce body workout
    4 rounds
    Jump squat w/diagnal touch – 20 reps
    Skater -15 reps
    Reptile -20 reps
    One leg hop kick – 20 reps

    Burn Fat
    1. 30 reps of this sequence
    2 walking lunges
    4 backward jumps
    Half Burpee with Jump Up (no push up)
    2. Step Ups and One Leg Elevated Squat – 30 reps each leg
    3. One Leg Bridge – 2 sets of 15 reps each leg.
    4. One leg wall sit – 2 sets of 30 seconds each leg.

    550 rep muscle murder
    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (25 reps on each leg)
    2. Walk Over Push Ups – 50 reps
    3. Mountain Climber – 50 reps
    4. Sumo Squats Knee Up – 50 reps
    5. One Leg Bridge Leg Lift – 50 reps
    6. Side to Side Squat Leg Lift – 50 reps
    7. One Arm Side Push Up
    8. Star Crunch – 50 reps
    9. Diagonal Touch Down – 25 reps on each side
    10. Side Plank Lifts – 50 reps
    11. One Leg Wall Sit – 25 reps on each leg

    • Monifah

      Thanks!!! Very usefull :o )

    • Tiffany Stephens….THAT’S GREAT >>>>THANKS


  • Claudia Danes

    Hi Zuzuna, I am following your workouts as much as I can, it is kind of difficult for me because I have 5 young children. Can you please help me a little bit more on how you eat. I am trying the small portions, but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. Maybe you should make a full video on everything you eat in one particular day, from morning til night, so that we can get a better idea of what you are doing.

  • Lisa

    Great workouts, Zu, but I think you’re leaving a lot of people behind that don’t have this equipment. I don’t even have decent doorways in my condo for the pullup bar!

  • Karin

    Greetings from Mexico.

  • mia

    Awesome workout!! I love that it’s a powerhouse in only 12 minutes!!! More like this!! I am SO impressed with the transformation of my body!! Thank you Zuzana!! Stay AMAZING!

  • Cox’s95

    hey what is charly looking at ? :o
    in the last picture lol !

  • Sarah

    Hello Zuzana,

    I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your website. You are a complete inspiration for an overall healthy lifestyle. No matter what your website puts a smile on my face. Just wanted to say thanks for the workouts and the motivation! You are an amazing person inside and out!

  • Alfiya

    Hello Zuzana,

    Thank you so much for keep inspiring us with your new workouts. So far, I am progressing very well and getting stronger since I follow your workout routine :)
    Unfortunately, I don’t have a ultimate body press equipment. I wonder if I can substitute push ups on the rings with clapping push ups or more challenging one.
    Also, substitute oblique knee raises with similar exercise you would suggest.
    Thank you :)

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  • kestrelk8

    i wish you would post more of your workout music!

    • Marissa

      If I may, some of my fav workout songs are -
      “percussion gun” white rabbits
      “D.A.N.C.E” Justice
      “dance wiv me” dizzee rascal
      “bedrock” young money
      “gifted” N.A.S.A.
      “shove it” Santigold
      “around the bend” the asteroids galaxy
      “right here, right now” fatboy slim
      “ditch that..” the dream

      And the BEST song of all:
      “whatever you like” anya marina

      just thought I would share… music makes such a difference! pushes me to work just harder, longer..

      all the best!

  • Ray

    Pull-ups/chins etc: If you don’t have enough strength to pull yourself up, try Negative training or Eccentric training. Use a chair to get fully in the up position and then lower yourself down. Then keep repeating the process. If you keep this up for several days/weeks you will find, hay presto, you can pull yourself up unaided. There is a video on YouTube explaining this effective method.

    Love Ray ;-)

  • Mickela

    I just found this interesting article that might be of interest to some of the ladies or all of the ladies here.
    It is about getting bulky or not.

    • Rachelle

      That was a very interesting article. I use to be one of those women who didn’t want to look muscly. Now, my views have completely changed. I LOVE being FIT! If feels amazing to be able to go on killer hikes with my husband and keep up. I love how able my body feels. I love being in shape. Body Building is still not my style, but I still find it impressive…as long as it’s done NATURAL.

    • Carolyn Pilates

      Mickela, thanks for sharing the article. My favorite line…

      “Realize that no training will make you look like someone you want to look like. You have to look like the best version of yourself.”

  • Matt

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have looked for something I can do in a hotel room (I am on the road alot) and have found nothing until now. I’ve been doing your workouts for the last 2.5 weeks and am seeing AWESOME results! I am 39 yeas old and almost in the best shape of my life!



    • Janet

      photos please? :)

      • Carrie

        Yes, Matt, photos PLEASE! ^O^

  • Christin

    Aloha Zuzana,

    at first i am from Berlin and I think my English is not the best :-) Whatever…
    My boyfriend found your side a long time ago and i am very happy about it and glowing. You look so good…

    I usually make fitness every day (endurance and muscle training) but i have a child, he is 18 month and sometimes it is hard for me to make fitness. So you know Parents need perseverance:-)
    I eat 4 – 5 times a day and a lot of fruits, vegetable, protein, shakes and few carbohydrate. So my question is: how can you stay strong and consequent?? What is your tip?

    I be look forward to hear from you…
    kind regards from Berlin

  • Cassidy

    Wow Zuzana!
    I must say!!! Even after just following your website for 2 weeks, your body has progressed in just that amount of time!

    Your abdominal region is perfect! I can’t wait until mine looks like that!

    Thanks for all the excellent cardio ideas.

    Keep up the amazing work!
    (PS, what’s your body fat percentage)

  • Canadian Charlie

    I love the photo with your dog Charlie. My dog always believes that I need a spotter when I am doing my work out. ;)

  • Dakota D. From Canada

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!

    I’m still with you on the challenge. I’ve had cravings and sometimes my body was going to mindlessly have that “piece of cake”…but my mind stopped it! There’s no way I’m going to blow this. I feel great and my skin looks better! What stops me from having a little “junk treat” is knowing how guilty it’s going to make me feel after I have it. It’s not worth it, so I immediately refuse to take it. It’s hard sometimes, but what I do is just reach for fruit or boil a pot of jasmine green tea. It’s sweet and truly delightful (plus it doesn’t cost me guilt!)

    I did this workout yesterday and I was BEAT. I forgot whether or not I already completed the 8 rounds for part 1 and part 3, so I might have done an extra 2 rounds! LOL

    It’s funny because when I’m working out I go into this mode of INTENSITY. I am so focused on working hard, I forget what number I was on and how many I did. I didn’t mind doing extra rounds though. It makes me feel better!

    Thank you so much Zuzana and Frederick for keeping at it! We all appreciate it!!

    Today I’m going to be doing the Perverted Punisher! Bring it on

  • Tiffany Stephens

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy, I feel great having watched my sweet intake so far. I have slipped but just having the challenge put in front of me gave me a reason to reduce greatly!!! I see that I have the will power and it wasn’t that hard because I knew you guys were supporting me and because knew Zuzana wouldn’t like me to go bizerk. My butt is shaping up so wonderfully. I am slimming down and I too need to work harder on my intake so I can get to my goal weight. I am pleased with my results so far. You guys are the greatest. I love your video “going home” What made want different for yourself?

  • Angie

    Hey Zuzana,

    Amazing workout, I can’t wait to try it!! I was wondering, do you have another job or are you a personal trainer for a living? Do you work at a gym or are these workouts done on your own time before or after work? You’re an inspiration to us all! Keep those intense workouts coming:)

    Write back soon,

  • Julia

    It’s been almost a year since I started watching your videos and I’m so glad I did. I was at 120 lb, which is not good at 5’1″. Now I weigh 105 lbs and feel stonger and better than ever! Watching you has helped me get motivated about taking better care of myself. I really want to get your abs or at least get close. Thanks to you I really feel like I can reach my goals!!

  • Gina

    Hi Zuzana:)

    I am so grateful that i have discovered this website. I cannot beleive this is all free lol. I have a few questions which i am hoping you can answer. I hope it is not too much for you:(

    -I have no clue where i can find your FAQ.
    -I do not accpect you to put older pictures of yourself on this site, however you say you had cellulite but not anymore, how much cellulite did you actually have. You are rock hard.
    -I would really like to concentrate on my legs, what can you suggest for me?
    -I do workout 3 times a week. I thought running was the best for me and that is what i did. When i tried your workout, i was DRAINED lol. What workout on your site do you suggest i start with?
    -Are your fat blasting workouts great for cellulite?
    -What age did you start working out, since you had i 6pack at 17?

    I wanna thank you and Fred for this website. I hope when you make DVD’s that they will be sold in South Africa, i would be heart broken if i could not get a hold of them.
    You have an AMAZING body and INCREDIBLE disipline!!!!!

  • P

    your dog seems like he’s providing good encouragement! they’re so cute how they watch you.. my mini-poodle is always right there by my side whenever i workout. it’s like he’s saying “you can do it!”

  • Audra Gatti

    Hi Zuzana,

    It must be difficult to keep up with all the comments now considering how popular you are getting. Most of my comments are still in “moderation” mode from two days ago :(

    It must feel amazing! Congrats on your success :) It just goes to to show how effective your workouts are. You are changing so many lives. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my body would look the way it does now. I’m so grateful to have found you.

    • Dakota D. From Canada

      Never in MY wildest dreams did I think my body would look this way! I totally understand how you feel. =D

  • Natalie

    if we dont have that equipment, what can we do instead??

  • Tegan

    You really inspired me to work out a lot! When I would study for my x-ray certification I would take a brake and do one of your workouts, and they are tough. You should make a dvd of your workouts I think a lot of people would buy them, I know I would!


  • Tania

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have the gym master pull up bar you are using, but I don’t have the dip bar you are using for your push-ups. Is there any alternative push-up you can do during the 20 seconds that will target the muscles I see you working with this contraption (ex: chest flyes). Please advise.

    Thanks again for a great workout.

    • Audra Gatti

      Try Floor Flys: Use a towel on a hard floor or cardboard/plastic plate for carpet. Start at push up position with towel or cardboard/plastic plate under one hand. Slide that hand out while keeping the other hand stationary. When at wide position, push up to narrow position again. Alternate sides or do 2 or 4 at a time on the same side then switch.

      • Tania

        Thanks Audra. I will try it.

    • Rea

      Hi Tania

      How about putting each of your hands on a 3kg medicine ball (or two basketballs)?

      You can go further down than you would on the floor, and you have to use stabilising muscles, as well as your pecs.

      • Tania


        That’s a good one too. Thanks.

  • mickela

    Good workout for this one since I don’t have the torture machine,
    I used 2 chairs for the oblique knee raises, it was a bit ackward, but I made it work.
    I really need to work on my back muscles to get to do pull ups or chin ups of any kind, I am ashamed to say I only got 2 in and assisted. gotta keep working.
    for the push ups I used a chair.
    what is the name of the exercise in the picture that Charlie is doing? it’s kinda like a downward dog but way cuter.
    Thank you 2 again for the love and encouragement.

  • Lydia VICENZI

    I’ve been following your daily workouts for a few months now but in the last two videos your are using material that for once I can’t find in france (at least not the model you’ve got) so I was wondering if all your new routines are gonna require these items because if thats’s the case…well I’ll be very disappointed !
    From Lydia

  • Ruth

    I love these workouts, they go by so fast and yet I feel like I got my butt kicked! Thank you! :)

    Also wanted to thank you for the diet advice. My 30 day challenge has been rocky, to say the least… I really need to stop feeling sorry for myself because I cant pig out!

  • ell

    Nice intense workout.Well done! :)
    But what about those who don’thave your equipment,we won’t be abble to do your workout.
    And by the way I am a big fan of Tabata.Keep up the good workouts ;)

  • Oliver Tweed

    It still frustrates me to see how many people jump on the treadmill or bike for hours of unproductive exercise that leads to frustration because they are not getting the results they want. There needs to be a shift in thinking and I believe it needs to start with the schools. Kids should be learning about how to work out rather than the rules to volleyball. What’s going to be more useful in the long run?

    A workout like the ones on this site is beneficial in so many more ways than the same time on a treadmill. There’s still a misconception that strength training results in bodybuilder-type muscles. This is nonsense! And I’m not really sure why public perception has not kept up with fitness and body science.

    On second thought, let them stay on the treadmills. Gives me more space on the floor of the gym to do my workouts!

  • Mariana

    Hi. I hope i get the answer this time!
    Congratulations on your site!!! You´re great inspiration for me.
    I wanted to ask you about Body Systems´s programs. I practise Body Combat, Pump and Attack and do some of your routines as a complement.

  • pinda

    any chance you can get us a discount if we purchase the pull up car or press and mention you? i don’t have either and there aren’t really modifications. thought it was worth a try.

  • Jessica D.

    Hey! I love all you workouts, especially the ones for your abs. I am trying to get my figure back after having my little boy, and I am half-way there. Your exercises are really wonderful.
    Sure I cannot do them all because I have scoleosis, but I am really trying hard. My birthday is in 10 days and I have started your “no sweets” for a month and I am at day 5 and do not crave any sweets at all.
    (For my b-day I am wanting to get at least half-way in shape).
    Thank you so much for these.

  • Gem

    Never mind, I just found them all :-) Sh*t your awesome!

    • Carla

      LOL :) )

  • Stephanie

    Thanks, Zuzana:)

  • Gem

    Hey Zuz

    Could you please do a short video showing us your ‘before’ stretching and ‘after’ stretching please.

    Thank you kindly

    • Carla

      she already did. check out the daily workouts

  • Frank

    Love the downward dog stretch in the last picture.

  • Cricket

    Hi Zuzana, my favourite sentence is “At the end it’s all just about discipline, because the rules are simple.” You should have typed this in big bold letters! Smart girl! I always find it interesting how people think there is some trick that they don’t know about. There isn’t…willpower and discipline are it. Period. I strongly agree… We are all accountable for our own individual actions. Procrastination, cheating on workouts, and giving in to cravings too often just sabotage personal goals. There’s no trick or EASY road to looking like Zuzana. The rules really are simple. Success comes with knowing that you’ll feel better, look better, and perform better if you stick with daily exercise and eating well. Thanks for sticking to the basics, Zuzana!

  • Hanka

    Hi, Zuzka I love your workouts but I am not able to do the latest ones cos I don’t have the new equipments. :(

  • Jennifer

    Hi, I was wondering if you can show us an alternative to some of the exercises if we don’t have the ultimate body press

  • Jayne

    Oh my what a great workout. I love the oblique knee raises. Leg raises is one of my favorite because it is difficult and I really feel it for the entire abdominal muscles. But I really have to tell you I hate the jumping rope. It is just so hard for me. It might be the rope I am using because I just keep tripping the rope and have to start again. I can jump fine with high knees everything I just can’t get the rope to act right and go under my feet or something. lol
    Thank you for the blog you are always motivating to me. :)

    • Peter Naish

      So, just do it without the rope !!

  • clutchtx

    Hi Zuzana & Fredrick!
    First, thanks for the inspiration. You rock.
    Second, I’ve noticed many, many comments over the past few months ask the same questions – “are these the only exercises you do? how big are you? where do you get your clothes? where do you get such-and-such equipment?” etc. Have you considered creating a FAQ that new visitors to the site can reference before posting a question?
    Third, will you incorporate (or fix the current) search function on the daily workouts/archives page? Sometimes I want to do a specific workout from a previous month and need a refresher on proper form, but it’s hard to find the right video.
    I appreciate your hard work (both of you!) and have recommended your site to friends who want to start exercising and looking great. They see my improvements and always ask “what are you doing?” It is easy to send them to your Facebook page :-) Quick, minimal equipment, bodyweight workouts at home work so well for us Moms with little kids around. So glad I found your site. Thank you!

    • Marie

      I second the request to get the Search feature fixed. I always go back to previous workouts but it makes it hard to navigate when you cannot quickly use the Search function.

      • Marcin

        I am surprised that you would censor comments providing input on the functionality of this website. I have posted on two different occasions and both times my comment was not approved. Hey, sure, it’s your website…

  • Juanette

    Never mind I see the link for it lol:0

  • Dawn Paoletta

    You are an amazing chick. Love your workouts! Keep up the great work. God bless you and your husband. And if I ever see you I promise to talk to you and ignore your husband lol!Just kidding. You are a great team. I work as a trainer and GFI in the US and love your no guts, no glory style!

  • Juanette

    Hello Zuzana,
    This looks like an awesome workout!!! What is the name of the piece of equipment you use for the push ups and knee raises and Where can I purchase one?


    • Carla

      please read the posted text closely and you will find that there was already an answer to your question.

  • BeeLee

    nice w0rkout…

  • lyca70

    bless you always! you decerve to have a nice life,nice body, and good future and great husband as well! goodluck!

  • Lilian

    Hy Zuzana

    I have a question. I do your workouts every week and I love them. I has worked out for the last 3 months, but I can’t see a result. I followed a clean diet and eat small portions every day. What should I do now? I’ve got one area which I want to change. It’s my butt. I have no idea what I should do. Can you help me? (Sorry for my english!)

    Greetings Lilian

    • Cricket

      Don’t give up! Keep it up daily and don’t get discouraged. 3 months isn’t that long, actually. Here’s my thoughts, take it or leave it… Remember Zuzana’s advice of eating many times a day. Yes, it’s good to have smaller portions, but whatever you do, don’t starve yourself and wait too long between snacks and meals. If you do, your body will definitely be more stubborn to let go of fat. It will keep it on as a reserve since it can’t decide when you might eat again. I’m just giving this as an example…The more consistent you can be in eating often and at the same times each day, the more your body’s metabolism will increase. It will start to release the fat you don’t need. Drink a lot of water and add fresh-squeezed lemon for an easy natural, ongoing detox. Also, you could add walking as part of your daily program. Walking is under-rated. It should get more attention in the workout world. It drains your lymph, gets rid of toxins (also stored where fat is stored), and is easy to add to Zuzana’s program without overworking your muscles. Lastly, try to stay away from breads, pastas, or heavy starches for your last meal of the day. Eat a larger breakfast. Hope this helps. Sometimes a few small changes can make a big difference. Keep smiling and having FUN!! Best of luck!

    • Gaby

      Hi Lilian, what worked for my butt like nothing else was the pistol squats, they are amazing for it.. I saw results very quickly.
      I hope this helps.

      • Lilian

        Gaby and Cricket thank you so much for your help! I will try it

        • Cricket

          Also, Lilian, please don’t focus too much on the one part that you’re not happy with. Look at all of your achievements over the past 3 months and be proud of yourself for keeping up with working out (when many quit) and the fact that you’re improving your overall health! Besides, almost every woman has a part that they are not completely happy with, and yet, if you ask someone else – they would probably say it’s perfect!! We are our own worst critics… Keep smiling!

  • Johny


    I love your dips stand , or how it’s called. I would really like to buy one. It’s simple , easy to store and i guess it’s not expensive too! So what do i need to ask google to search for?

    I tried lots of word to describe it and on the bodybuilding e-stores and sports stores i have found only big ones and really expensive.

    I liked your traction bar too , but that one i actually managed to find.

    Thank you for all your movies and your energy in doing this.


    • Marie

      Hi there,

      Zuzana mentioned it in her description. So type Ultimate Body Press in your search and you’ll be on your way!


    • Carla


      You really should read the posted text more closely. If you did, you would not be asking about what to search for in Google, as Zuzana or Friderick have already put a direct link to the company that sells the ultimate body press

  • Michael

    This is a great workout. Especially for those who do not have 60 minutes every day for a workout. Studies have actually shown that brief high intensity workouts like this actually burn more fat than running 1 – 2 hours every day. Plus it builds nice lean muscle. So you get the benefit of fat burning and muscle building at the same time.

    • Lucy

      I agree. Plus it’s boring to do long workouts, at least to me. It’s harder to motivate myself when I know i’d have to spend 1h or 1h30 on a workout. Now I spend around 30 min in total and it makes me want to push more as I know in a few it’ll be over, lol, i’m such a lazy bum.

      • suecia

        It’s great! I also get motivated knowing that it will be max 30min! Not many people could hold up 1h30/day 6 days a week.. I’m also happy that other people are doing these workouts with me ^^

  • Monifah

    And what is a modification for oblique knee raises for people without the dipping station? Thanks..

    • Audra Gatti

      Do them hanging from the pull up bar (if you have one). It worked great for me. Or just do alternating oblique V-Ups on the floor.

      Hope this helps :)

      • Monifah

        No i also don’t have the pull up bar, unfortunately the doors don’t have such a frame here (difficult to explain), not allowed drill holes in the walls and have no other place to hang from :o (. But the oblique v-ups I will do, thank you for helping me out!!

      • Rachelle

        I am going to order the “torture machine” but until then I just put two of my chairs back to back, draped blankets over the backs for padding and that worked great for me.

  • Z

    I love your workouts!you really inspire people!
    I would love too see more,why don’t you start a dating project to?show guys how to aproach girls like you,i am sure that many of your viewers would be happy to hear this kind og stuff from you!
    Keep up the good work!(outs)

    • Carla

      LOL that has got to be the craziest idea…

  • Marcia

    Hi Zuzana,

    I´m glad to follow you on your website. I´m ordering this equipment to myself! I think that´s great idea! And I have a question, are they really great quality? It seems like excellent quality. You know, taking advantage from you bought, i need to know from you. You know, i will buy, but i can´t not follow up some of your exercises right know, i might wait for 9 months, because i ´m pregnant!!! But low intensity no problem!!! So come to visit Spain! it´s a beautifull country!!! Bye ,luck, and my best!!! See you!!

    • Carla

      congrats Marcia! :) )

  • janine

    Hi Zuzana,
    I really like the look of this workout, but I have two questions!

    1) what can we substitute if we don’t have a skipping rope or somewhere to do pull ups?

    2) you have said before on this site that you work your legs 2 x week with weights and 4 x week with plyometric cardio. are all of your workouts which don’t involve weights classed as ‘cardio’? some of them are really hard on the legs which is why i’m asking – i don’t want to get too bulky from doing too many hard leg exercises! or will they slim my thighs down?


  • simona

    ahoj vadí ked to nezvládam tak ako ty a musim si dat aspon 20 sek. prestávku?? to aj ovplyvní učinok cvicenia ked mam dlhsiu prestávku?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Pokud citis, ze si musis dat delsi prestavku, tak se neda nic delat, ale tvym cilem by melo byt tu prestavku zkratit. Casem se to zlepsi, uvidis.

  • Ericka

    Hi, I want to know if it’s possible to Zuzana to write to us her diet plan, I mean, what you eat every day, an example. Your abs are incredible. I eat good food (but I’m vegetarian so I take shaker of protein) and I’m fitness teacher so I do sports every day. But it’s interested to see what another person eat. Thanks for your answer.

    • ~Mary Liz~

      I eat meat, but lately I haven’t eaten much meat.

      There are great ways to get protein without meat. Quinoa has more protein than meat does, it’s a very awesome food. Also, you can add beans, Barley, penut butter, or nut (almonds, cashews, etc.), Oatmeal, potatoes, whole grain breads…there are lots of options.

      Good luck, I’ve been doing well not eating meats lately, I’m sure you can too!

  • Olga

    Charlie is streching on the last pic!!! ))))))
    He should make a next work out for us!!!

    • Antonia

      Ha Ha!

  • AnnaSirena

    Great equipment! =))
    But I don’t have it – just jump rope and dumbbells – that all=)))

  • MarinaGR

    i kinda did this workout cause i do not have the equipment…the elevated push ups did the job though…i also have a confession to make…i broke the no-sugar promise and splurged into a chocolate cake yesterday…ooops ;)

  • Elena Cristiean


    Love your workouts and your website. It would be great if you can give your opinion on your workout sneakers . Thanks

  • McDO

    Hello Zuzana & Fred,
    Thanks for your hard work everyday. I like your site lots! This site inspires and convince me that I can look good and healthy without joining the gym. With my busy schedule going to the gym is impossible. I’ve recommended your site my my friends, they LOVE it.


  • Anneliis


    The last pic is so cute :) . I love animals. It’s as if your dog is stretching with you. I have two cats. When I’m doing a workout, one of them thinks that now is the perfect time to give and get some love. So, sit ups are almost impossible to do when a cat lies on my belly :D . But that is ok, cause I love them so much. Do your dogs sometimes think that it is play time when you are exercising? Do they want to “play” along?

    Hugs to your pets,


  • angeline

    Zuzana, would it be possible to post some variations on the workouts that you are using the equipment? I think those of us who do not have the equipment would be very grateful for that (:

  • Tom W


    super website; you are really helping me add variety to my workouts…

    BTW a LOT of folks on the web use “loose” when they mean “lose”

  • Mark

    Another great workout Zuzana! Since you’re always looking for new ideas, here’s a fitness test you could try: Do a set of 5 chinups (unassisted) every 2 minutes. Keep up the pace as long as you can. Record how many sets you can finish. You could do the same with sets of 20 pushups, or any other bodyweight exercise. i’ve tried it with pushups … can’t quite finsh a 3rd set yet. :) It’s SOO tough!

  • FlaviaRJ

    srry for my mistake

  • FlaviaRJ

    It´s so great and incredable how you sculpted your body in workouts that sometimes like this one, only takes 12 minutes!!
    I really envy you!
    Your body is so muscular and hamonious, not bulky legs or arms…

    I´ll try this one for sure!!

  • mercier jj

    THe last picture is very funny!!! Love it!!

    I’m now experiencing severe back pain so treadmill only for the past 2 days… can’t wait to feel better and catch the workouts i’ve missed.

  • Yobi

    Do you and fred have jobs?

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  • Angelina

    The last picture is so cute with your dog!!

  • Christie

    Ok I am really going to have to buy this equipment now, I can wait!

  • ~Mary Liz~

    I love the new workout. It will be great with my new Gymboss Timer :D .

    I just started jump roping again and my ankles were bothering me. So, I took my shoes to the athletic shoe store to get new insoles for them because I thought it would fix the problem. The guy there said my tennis shoes had worn out so I tried new insoles and he was right, the front cushion of my shoes had gone hard because they were running shoes and had the foam cushion in the front. I only had the air in the back.

    I haven’t seen much about shoes in your blogs before but since I got my new sneakers I am surprised how much better my feet and legs feel after a workout. It’s really increased my time and comfort level working out. I really needed new sneakers. I got Nike air max, they have gel in the front and back so they are great for interval training/jump rope etc. and last longer because they are air and not just foam in the front/toe area.

    I don’t know if anyone else has been having issues with ankle/foot discomfort when jump roping or in general working out but the new and improved sneaker I have now really made a difference for me compared to my old running shoe.

  • Ashley P

    Lol Charlie.

  • Nicole D Lopez

    I Love that last picture!

  • Genevieve

    Hi zuzana, Great workout! I have to admit being diciplined is really really hard. I’m doing the 1 month challenge with you and I started on March 1 because that is when I found out about it but I am craving sweets super bad.
    My goal is to stay small and strong and I know that my diet has to be small with a lot of fruits and vegetables. But it’s so hard because my mom cooks the best food ever EVERYDAY!! It’s soo hard to resist. It’s sooo frustrating. I feel like I’m not alive (if that makes any sense) because I love food, especially good food. Do you have any cheat days? Days where you will have whatever you want to eat?

  • Maja

    hey! that was lots of fun. it went by so fast!
    I noticed over the months i’ve been following you, many times you get asked the same questions over and over. If i may make a suggestion – maybe you could have a Frequently Asked Questions section that can address the questions you guys get asked a lot but feel are important to answer. (like- is this all you do for workouts? how much do you eat? etc.)
    I now have a question for you guys. :-) maybe you’ve been asked this before… how are you two able to dedicate yourself to this website and travel like you do? are you sponsored? funded by the ads on your site? Obviously I understand if this is personal and you don’t want to answer it. i’m not asking for you to tell in detail, just a general idea. What ever it is that allows you guys to do it, i’m hugely grateful for it! you guys rock. You’ve made a huge impact in my life. thank you

  • Kaely

    rofl @ the last picture <3

  • Samantha

    I LOVE your workouts and visit your site everyday. :) One of these days, I’d love to have your body. It’s refreshing to hear that you have constant cravings too. You seem to be VERY disciplined though. How do you push through the cravings??

    THANKS for your thoughts. :)


  • Katie

    Charlie is adorable!

  • autumn

    umm..could u do some more bodyweight workouts..(using just the body)..plz..plz..plz..plz….

  • Sarah

    Charlie is so cute! :)

  • autumn

    looks great but i cant do equipment:(

  • Brianna


    Zuzanna I am sooo jealous of the size of your arms and legs..

    I’m getting really strong but my arms and legs are long and and very lean. (I’m 5′ 8″ and 125 lbs) I am soo much stronger than I look.. Over the past two months I’ve almost completely gotten rid of the only body fat I had (just around my stomach and love handles)and I love the abs that I can see, I can even see my lower abs theres just a tiny bit left to lose before I can claim I have a true six pack.

    I’m wondering if there is any way possible I can get more muscle mass on my arms and legs and bulk them up a bit without gaining back any of my belly pooch. Is it just a balancing act of how much I feed my muscles… just enough to let them grow but not anything more?

    If you have any suggestions or tips it would be greatly appreciated!!!

    I love your site! I’m addicted!

  • Jen

    Hey Zuzana~
    If I ever think I am in shape, I do your workout and am reminded how far I have to go. The 12-minute workout was a little longer for me because I took a quick break halfway at 2 minutes each set. Thanks for kicking my butt!

  • Nadine

    Good to see Charlie is doing his stretches (:

  • Kandi

    Dude the last picture is so cute!! Your dogs are adorable :)

    This…looks reallly hard xD I can’t wait to try it!!! I’ll have to do some improvising though, I don’t have the workout station yet. I hope I can get one

  • S

    Hey Z,

    There’s a Facebook fan page for Bodyrock that posts as if you’re posting. Do you actually run this page or is it just someone else?

  • Diana


  • Jess

    Those oblique knee raises are insane!! You make it look like it takes you no effort! Wow… You truly continue to inspire me to become stronger every single day. Thanks so much!

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  • Jenn

    Your abs look incredible! Love how Charlie is showing you how to stretch. LOL

  • Summer

    aaawwwwww Charlie came to stretch with you

  • Sandra T

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick, I love you two!!
    You both remind me of me and my husband -young, happy and enjoy working out.
    I have a question, Zuzana says in her msg above that her goal for the summer is to have smaller arms and legs… well my goal has always been to get my arms to be thinner!!! What exercises do I do to target them to get smaller?? They only get bigger and thicker when I work them out…so I avoid working them out as much as I work out my lower body..

    • Frederick

      A lot of it has to do with how much you eat.

  • Renee

    This is my favourite out of all your workouts. Keep more coming just like this.

  • dierra

    heyy where did u get the pull up thingy and the other bar??

    • Frederick

      There is a blue link in the post :)

  • Joni

    Aw I love the last pic with Charlie in a Downward Facing Dog!

  • Yelena

    HAHAHA I’m dying over the Charlie pic.

    Great workout!

  • Minnie V

    Love the torture machine,going out to buy one right away.
    Zuzana,I’v said this before but it seems I have to say it again,thank you so much for posting this website. You’ve helped me sooooo much. I’ve become stronger and can see the changes in my body. My denims fit better and I’m so much happier. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Fleur

    Hi Guys,

    That’s an hard one.

    I like it Zuzana !

    I am looking forward for doing it. Obviously there will be some new challenges for me. But as you said it is only 12 minutes of pushing, crying and swearing and then it’s done.
    So far I love what your workouts have done to my body and I can say: It worth the pain :)

    Thant you very much and have a great weekend.

    PS: Charlie is so cute. Would you mind giving him a hug for me (and to Cali too so no one will be jealous)?

  • Brianna

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have a quick question. I hope you can get back to me I know it is very busy! I cannot find legit information anywhere because nowadays everyone insists that you buy their product and they “guarantee” that it works when it really doesn’t.

    If your Ultimate Body Press is working for you, would I get the same results doing these exercises without that equipment?
    I know the swinging oblique exercise may be better WITH the Body Press because it can target areas that my own body weight can’t. The only equipment I’m working with for this exercise is my Iron Gym that you have on the door frame.

    Thanks so much if you could help :) I’m working hard!


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Brianna,

      You can get in shape even without this equipment. It is just nice to add variety, that’s all. If I was in position where I didn’t have the option of using any equipment what so ever, I would always find a way around it. The important thing is that you are moving and exercising, not the equipment.

  • FRAnkfurt

    hello zuzana,

    i would like to ask if you have checked ur body fat percentage lately ? it looks like you have zero fat on ur body !
    you are so thin and you want to become smaller and i wonder how you will manage that, it must be impossible coz you already have such a perfect body…

    all the best

  • Nathalie

    Looooooove the last picture :)

  • garrett

    Hello all,
    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before but just in case it has not… There is a free iPhone app for the gymboss interval timer. It helped me get started on these great workouts sooner than I would have if I had to wait until I could pick one up at the store.

    • Carolyn Pilates


      Thanks for the heads up on the timer. I just loaded onto my Ipod.

  • maryh

    Gosh..the duration of these workouts are very encouraging.
    I worked my tail off yesterday and today i am very sore all arms, legs..i can hardly bend down or wish to move much at all. I think this is called having the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Ouch! Is there a remedy?
    I just wondered if you ever felt like you appetite increases when you work out extra hard? Or is it just me!!! :D Thx for the all the advice.