Mar 11 2010

Full Body Assault Workout.

Hi guys,

Knock on wood we are over our colds. I am feeling so hyped to be back doing my workouts it’s ridiculous. You know that feeling when you have missed your workouts for a while… I start to feel so slow and lazy – the force of gravity seems to double for everyday I miss being active. This workout gave me the shake I needed to get back into full swing again and get moving forward. The summer is on it’s way, and I’m going to ride your asses to workout with me so we can all get into the best shape of our lives. This workout is a real full body assault – push hard and give it everything you can because the summer isn’t taking any prisoners and no one wants to hide under their beach blanket another year :)

As usual I am using my cool Gymboss Interval Timer to automatically track the intervals for this workout. A lot of you guys have been asking about my timer – you can find it by clicking here. I am using my Ultimate Body Press pull up bar. You can check it out by clicking the blue link.

This workout takes only 20 minutes and it is divided into 5 rounds. Each round is 4 minutes long and comprises of 6 exercises. You will be doing as many reps for each exercise during each of the 30 second intervals. Then you have only 10 seconds to get ready for the next exercise. Set your timer for 6 rounds of two intervals: 10 seconds of rest followed by 30 seconds of max effort. I call it rest, but in reality it is just enough time to right down your reps and get ready for the next exercise.

1. Burpees

2. Side Jump Lunge

3. Jump Rope Jacks

4. Pull Ups

5. Hanging Leg Raises

6. Ninja Jump Tucks

Burpees. Start standing, squat down, put your hands on the ground in front of you and jump with your feet back into a plank. Do one push up. When you are doing the push up, remember to engage all of the muscles on your body. Your body has to be in one straight line and move as a unit. Don’t drop your hips and don’t push them up in the air.

Jump your feet back into a squat.

Jump up just few inches off of the ground and land softly on the balls of your feet. Bend your knees slightly as you land and go directly into the squat to continue this exercise.

Side Jump Lunge. Start in the side lunge position with your hands (fingers) touching the ground. Push your hips back to get into the position and try to keep your back straight. Your extended leg should be locked at the knee and the shin of the standing leg should be vertical. Push off of the heel of the standing leg and jump up switching legs. Land softly on the ball of your foot and then shift the weight onto your heel as you push your hips back.

Jumping Jacks with the jump rope. Remember to keep your core muscles engaged and always land softly on the balls of your feet. Bend your knees slightly every time you land.

Pull Ups – Military grip. Start by hanging on the pull up bar, don’t swing and don’t use the momentum to get yourself up. The movement should be controlled. It helps when you squeeze the pull up bar with your hands as hard as you can and  engage all of the muscles in your arms and on your back.

Pull yourself up and until your chin is over the bar and then lower yourself down in a controlled movement. If you can’t do regular pull ups, you might want to use chair for assisted pull ups.

Grab the bar and get ready to do pull ups. Put one foot up on a chair in front of you and keep the other foot on the ground. As you pull yourself up with your arms, you can help yourself to push off of the chair with your foot. The other leg is always pointing down to the ground ready for you to step down and away for safety.

Hanging Knee Raises. Great exercise for your abs and for improving your pull ups. Grab the bar and hang there with your knees bend.

Engage your abs and your core muscles to bring the knees up  as far towards your chest as you can. Avoid momentum and swinging. Keep the movement under control.

Ninja Jump Tucks. Start by kneeling on your exercise mat with your abs and core muscles engaged.

Explode up from the kneeling position into a squat. I wish I could make this exercise easier for you guys, but it honestly just takes some practice. You can cheat getting into the squat from your knees by pressing your hands down on the ground for support and balance if you need to.

From the squat jump up and tuck your knees up in mid air. Land softly on the balls of your feet and bend your knees slightly as you land.


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  • Anonymous

     I did this one today for the 7th time and thought I would die!! I love this one – so brutal! And I love the 20 min HIIT so much!
    Anyways, it was the first time I used a pull up bar for pull up and hanging knees – I used to hand against my door for both exercises which is way easier. I was so excited to do them with a pull up bar this time. My score is not as good as last time as a consequence but I am still happy ;) I made this workout more challenging for me as well by selecting one of your most brutal exercises:Burpees: 8/6/6/6/8Jump Squats (instead of side lunges): 17/16/16/16/17Front Jump kick (instead of jump rope): 64/60/60/66/70Pull up: 6/5/5/5/6Hanging knees: 8/8/8/8/8 (could not get a nice grip)Ninja: 7/6/6/6/7

    I hope you are not too jetlagged and are enjoying your first days on LA!!

  • Squirrel

    I did this workout today. I love the 20 min IT – they are my favourite! I have to say that the hardest ones are the ones for which you have to do all the rounds for one exercise in a row and move on to the next one instead of going from one exercise to another and repeat it for a number of rounds.
    I should try to do this one the hardest way (i.e 5 rounds in a row of an exercise).
    Anyways, today I did the easiest version (6 exercises back to back x5). I changed a little bit some exercise to bring an extra challenge – replacing the jump rope by front jump kicks and the lunges by jump squats
    Here is my score:
    burpees with PU and jump up: 8/7/7/7/7
    jump squats (instead of side lunge with touchdown): 19/18/17/18/18
    front jump kicks (instead of jump rope): 68/68/68/68/70
    pull up: 7/7/7/7/8
    Hanging knees raise (dip station – they are harder for me on dip station rather than against my door): 10/10/11/11/12
    ninja: 7/7/8/8/12

    My abs were working a lot!

  • Paul Gibson

    Hi there!
    Tried this workout today after work and I loved it. I didn’t have the skipping rope so i substituted wide star jumps.. 1- 7,7,6,6,6 2-18,22,23,23,24 3-29,30,31,30,29 4-8,6,5,5,5 5-10,9,9,6,6 6-6,4,5,5,5
    Thank you again!!

  • PF

    Zuzana, God bless you :)
    your workouts have not only made me lose 10 pounds in 1 1/2 months (never lost that much weight EVER), not only have they toned up my body and revealed my awesome muscles, but they have improved my game in basketball a lot! I’m faster, I can jump higher, and I don’t ever get tired during a game. And in cross country, I can handle a lot more stress than I used to.
    I use your workouts 6-7 times a week. It’s amazing; im not the kind of person who can stay sitting for a long time. I have to workout, it makes my day that much better. Your workouts are only 12-30 minutes long! And I get amazing results!
    In the beginning, I couldn’t even finish your workout and in one week i lost 5 pounds. I’m not obese. My weight is actually normal, I didn’t have a belly, but I did have some extra flub :) now, i look SMALLER. like in the mirror it’s like there’s a little me :D It’s awesome! So for those who are even thinking twice about doing her workouts, DONT THINK TWICE. I didn’t even finish her workouts and I lost weight! My diet didn’t change, i just ate a bit less but not much less.
    Thank you so much! You have changed my perspective of my body and fitness in general– anything is possible. It’s the stupid excuses that we make that get in the way.
    These workouts are challenging but really fun. I don’t know how you do it but KEEP IT UP :) I’m so pumped and excited after all these amazing results!
    Once again, god bless you
    You’re #1 Brazilian fan :D

  • Isabelle from Canada

    I re-did this workout today.. and its still brutal :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your website! I’m literally addicted :)

  • Alexander Grochowalski Silveira (Brazil)

    Hi Zuzana, i was started your routine on last weekend, (begginer off course!), and i really happy to train. Sometimes i post my evolution.

    So my best words: NO PAIN NO GAIN!

    See you

    Alex from Brazil!

  • Nam Nguyen

    I train 6 days a week with high intensity Cardio/Cross fit/Kettle bells.
    I’ve given this a go today and it was Good. Highly recommend it!
    Keep it up!

    Nam Nguyen

  • Ben

    Hey, how long should we rest between the rounds?

  • Wendy78

    I’ve been holding off this workout because of the ninja jumps. But today I gave this workout a try and I can finally do ninja jumps! and I was able to do five rounds, yay!

    • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

      That is Awsome Wendy!! It was the same thing for me until last friday when I finally did one of the ninja jump work outs, I found they really werent as hard or as scarey as I had first thought. We need to spread the word! :D

  • Gerry Rosas

    Hi Susy! you are great!! it’s my fisrt time in your site, thanks for what you doing for us!!! I’m beginer, do you have session for beginer’s? how it’s the best way to star! and what do you recommend to start a diet? I want to start routine of ejercice and good healty diet, but i don’t know, I never did before! Thans in advance for your help.

    • darina

      hi there,
      I’d like to start but dunno how and whats the best way…I have same quiestions as Garry.
      thank you

      • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

        Hey I thought I would let you two know that in the workout archives there is a program for absolute beginners. Its great if you havent worked out alot before and dont feel you can jump right into the daily exercises. If you want though just jump right in, dont be afraid to modify the exercises to fit your current level of fitness. Look under the daily work out tab to find the warm up routines, also there is a cool down routin listed there. If you go to the very first page under daily work outs (I think its 9 pages back) some of the first ones listed are a bit easier to follow. Just explore the site, find exercises that work for you and jump in! As for diet just start eatting clean as much as you can, Give Zuzannas diet section a read to learn more. Good luck you two!

  • Lisa g

    As a mother of three young children it is hard to work myself to extreme limits or really want to anymore. I love feeling good and rest is quite important to me. I have been faithfully practicing and teaching yoga for 7 years. It is perfect for me and works well for my body. I am strong and limber and am fine with that, but sometimes the flab creeps in over the muscle when I least expect it – during the winter time!

    I just started trying your workouts and love that they are full body, work (mostly) without equipment, use your own body weight and are quick! As you said, who can’t work out for 15-20 minutes a day. I am making my husband join me. He also does yoga faithfully with me daily, but this burst is great a great addition to our routine. We both used to row in college and the workouts were extreme. The mindset was that you needed to workout hours a day to look good. I am glad that isn’t the case any longer. Thank you for that!

    Now for some questions? Have you considered using Sun Salutations as a warmup before your workout? I noticed you said you have a friend that does yoga? What method does she follow/teach? Are you paid for these workouts? Or are you sponsored? Just bought the Timer and put you as the reference.

    Hope you don’t mind all the questions. I am a curious person! You and Freddy are awesome. Thanks for your inspiration to get my butt in gear.

    • Frederick

      Hi Lisa g,
      We have a full warm up routine on the site as well as a post workout cool down / stretch video. Our friend practices / teaches Bikram yoga :)

  • Carlos Vasquez

    I am practicing the Ninja Jump Tuck for tomorrow. Boy is it tough.

  • Maria

    Ohh I LOVED IT!, but again, I NEED SOME HELP with the ninja jump tucks, I can do them perfectly y I start with mi toes towards the floor. Is that good, or that won’t make me get there? pls let me know!

  • Krys

    Awsome workout loving it! Ive been weight training for 10 years but Ive never been as lean as Ive wanted to be. You are the perfection of that and your cardio workouts have helped. I would love to know more about your personal diet since Im sure that has a lot to do with how you look, per example your daily calories and such. Thx

  • Windlord

    no rest between intervals,
    jump rope singles, as I haven’t learned jumpjacks coordination

    [534 total reps]

  • Windlord

    no rest between intervals,
    jump rope singles, as I haven’t learned jacks coordination

    [534 total reps]

  • Margarinchik

    Sorry about my english, I am a russian girl.
    I am admired! But whether I can how you?
    Every day I look your videos of training.

  • BR

    We LOVE you!!!!

    From Brazil…


  • Rous

    Thank you very much Zuzana for that incredible website!its very usefull for my training.
    Sorry about my english, i am a spanish girl.

    I will do my promise too!

  • Maria L.

    It’s hard for me to do pull ups and hanging leg raise using chin up bar, is there any tip or alternative for that? My hands get hurt easy. :( Please help!!!

  • mila

    hey zuzana i think you are a amazing, you give me so much motivation to wake every morning early and do my workouts even iàm tired,I love your`s interval trainings, so more those but whitout the dip thing because those workouts I can`t do cause I don“t have it :) and you body is awsome I hope my body looks like same when sommer comes heh.. so thank you very much to this blog:)

  • Mickela

    I finished this workout earlier today. I had to make some modifications, I am still gearing myself up for the ninja jumps, and working towards my pull up and chin ups.
    so I am taking each challenge one baby step at a time.
    1. burpee 11 10 10 8 6

    2. side jump lunge 24 23 23 24 25

    3. jump rope jacks (neighbor didn’t complain) 38 37
    32 33 36
    4.chin ups 4 3 2 2 1 oh my skinny arms : )

    5 hanging leg raises 11 10 11 10 10

    6. bicycle crunches 40 37 38 33
    my stretch was poses from my bikram yoga class. then shower
    and some miso soup with a side of apple pieces and blueberries.
    good workout Happy

  • redfrank

    Hi Zuzana! Your workout was so great, i used to combine all your workout is so great and fun using your workout., thanks again, redfrank

  • Taya

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,

    First of all, thank you for the great guidance to workouts. My friend and I recently found your website and started doing the Summer Fit Program. We are now through the first week. We have also set a challenge for ourselves – 2 weeks without sweets or junk food (decided to start with 2 weeks, because we were not sure if we would last a whole month :P ) My friend got a little bit sick, so I had to train during the 6th day of the program by myself. I used your Full Body Assault that day :) I still don’t have an interval timer, but I set a minimum limit for reps and I tried to do them as soon as I could…
    Today is my 7th day, but I don’t feel like resting at all. I’m about to go try your kettle bell training. I will be altering it a little bit though. 1) two-hand swing 2) single-leg dead lift, 3) two-leg swing, 4) get-up-sit-up, 5) two-hand swing, 6) “meet-the-queen” lunge, 7) two-hand swing, 8)renegade row…
    What I think is one of the greatest things about your website is the fact that you are able pass on the excitement about fitness. I am now curious about what my body can do, how far can I go, what I can develop myself into…And your positivity is contagious! :) I’ve been feeling down for a while (having problems finding a job and I am away from my family and friends in a foreign country). Being active again certainly enables me to see things in a brighter light…So, once again, a heart-felt thank you! Taya

    • Frederick

      Glad to have you in our community Taya!

  • maya

    i like your workout, great job….love keep it up thanks

  • Roberto

    Z- Thank you for your lifestyle. I was searching for high intensity workouts online and stumbled upon That was about 2 months ago. Since then you have inspired me to take those workouts to the gym. I still lift med weight (hi-reps) but instead of standing around to recover, I do burpees, step-ups, jump rope and some of the other exercises you do in between lifts. Let me tell you that people can’t believe that I work out this way. I even catch people doing the exercises. It’s so cool and you have helped me to keep it interesting. Thanks again, Roberto

  • Carla

    Oh man the combo burpees and Ninja jump tucks is hectic!
    loved this workout. just did it this morning :)

  • Grace

    Hi Zuzana,

    I did the Full Body Assault Workout today at 6:30 AM, I am not a morning person, but determined to set an am workout schedule before work! I ended up doing 6 rounds for 37 minutes. Next time, I’ll push myself more for 5 rounds. I substituted High knees instead of jump rope since I can’t jump rope well yet and I also substituted High Knees for the Ninja Jump Tucks.

    Please help, I’ve tried to do them, but just can’t. How can I practice to get myself to do them?



  • Chris

    Hi Zuzanna,

    Welcome back!! Keep up great work!!



    hi, Thank you for the small paragraph on the timer ;) I was on the site and I am going to buy it.
    I like your blog, I go there everything in daytime and I takes it for example
    Thank you for everything

  • Jen

    Why aren’t you posting my BOOTY comment?????

  • Charlene

    Yeah for Zusanna!! My hubby and I just finished your archived 6 week summer shape up workout and I lost 7lbs, and 6% body fat and my hubby lost 7 lbs and 13% body fat!! We are so stoked and totally committed to kicking butt for summer! I want my abs to pop like yours…thanks for the motivation and inspiration!! Now it’s time to kick it up with your recent workouts, Thanks a Million!!

    • Carla

      Go Charlene!
      Awesome results

  • http://na Tanya

    I don’t know where did my comment go. I was so happy to announce that now I too now have a chin pull-up bar that hangs off the door frame. So, finally I was able to do this workout, and I enjoyed it immensely. I can definitely feel my biceps and backmuscles because of the military pull-ups. I hope that I’ll improve in a couple of weeks because at the moment I’m doing them chair assisted. But since I’ve improved tremendously with push-ups in the past 2 months, I hope for the same with pull-ups.
    My reps for this workout are:
    1. 10-7-6-7-7
    2. 30-30-28-30-30
    3. 84-72-74-64-68
    4. 7-8-12-10-9
    5. 12-11-10-7-12
    6. 6-6-6-5-6
    The difference is due to the fact that sometimes I really needed slightlky more than 10 seconds rest.
    Thanks for the workout!

  • Ilonka

    You two make a fabulous team! I love the simplicity of it all; the top notch presentation of the exercises, Zuzana’s calm and interesting delivery of all that she wants to share with us, the photography, the lighting and the website! Your site rocks. It is simple and well organized. What can I say, I’m addicted. Even though I hope it stays free, I would become a subscriber even if you went that route. The only thing left to do is for my husband and I to do the workouts. The visuals are great so we’re gearing up mentally first and you two are great motivators. Thank you!

  • Andreas

    I promise to get in shape too. I am ready girl!!!! Lets do this:)

  • Marianne

    Came across you website 2 months ago, I love working out and try and switch up my routine every once in a while. I can only say that this website is my bible! Zuzana- you look exactly what I think is fantastic, toned, slim, just perfect. I have done so many of your workouts and feel amazing. My arms are defined, and abs are almost where I wanna be. Thanks to you. Frederick and Zuzana- what a brilliant website, I youtube many workouts and by far none even can compare to this one. I am spreading the love and believe me, people are loving it! OH and btw- I have a gym membership but don’t care to go..I workout anywhere, anyplace…it’s awesome. Keep it up! Zuzana- damn girl you are doing everything right!

  • CanadianGirl

    Hi Frederick and Zuzana.
    I am currently training for the Women’s Canadian Tackle Football team that is going to Sweden this summer for the first ever women’s world championships, and I wanted to thank you for giving me a little extra boost before my last tryouts. You are a great inspiration and I find you very motivating. I’m currently studying Kinesiology, and so I am very interested in all of your posts, advice and exercises.
    I tried this workout today and absolutely loved it.
    Thanks again! (:

    • Frederick

      Good luck with your training!

  • Mexerik

    hiiiiiiii =)
    I got a cold :( and sore throat to.
    still watching you ;)

  • AnnaSirena

    Thank you for new workout! – I was sweatty=)
    My results:
    1 – 6-5-5-5-4
    2 – 23-29-30-30-30
    3 – 54-53-54-50-54
    4 – I did tricep exercise becouse I don’t have Body Press – 20-20-20-21-23
    5 – (on floor)16-16-18-17-16
    6 – 5-4-4-3-3

    I’m really scared about ninja jump=) What, if I broke my legs? =))

    And – I give you my PROMISE, that I will wirk hard with you!=)

    Please, Zuzana, give me answer: What are you working? =))))

  • http://n/a Tanya

    I’ve got myself a chin pull-up bar, guys! I’VE GOT IT! So finally I did this workout, and I can tell you that I feel all of them. my muscles. And pull-ups are a real challenge. Push-ups hav nothing to do with being able to do pull-ups. I was doing chair-assisted pull-ups but still enjoyed it immensely.
    My reps are here:
    1. 10-7-6-7-7 (was pushing real hard)
    2. 30-30-28-30-30
    3. 84-72-74-70-68
    4. 8-8-11-10-9
    5. 12-11-10-8-12
    6. 6-6-6-5-6

  • Anne

    Great workout, once again!

    burpees: 7 6 1/2 7 9 8
    sjl: 23 25 24 28 26
    jrj: 52 65 67 70 71
    pull ups: 6 7 7 7 7
    hang lr: 9 9 9 7 9
    ninja jt: 5 6 6 6 7

  • Charlie D.

    This was just what I needed today. I find it awesome that I no longer dread burpees. I like watching my arm veins bulge while I do the pushups. :)

    Say, re the kettlebell workout you just posted, would it be ok to just use a barbell? 5K? I don’t have any kettlebells.

    You’re an inspiration. Thanks.

  • Max

    Hey guys
    I’m having some trouble following your exercises.
    First, I can’t do nearly as much reps as you can. Okay, that’s not the problem, it’s just me not trained. But I’m not sure whether I should just do like half the number, or push me to my limits in every exercise. Can you give me advice?
    Second, since I live in a rather old house, I can’t do much jumping in my appartment without disturbing the people who live beneath. Do you have any ideas what I could do to replace the jumping parts?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Frederick

      Hi Max – like you said you can reduce reps and sets to a level that is still challenging. Try the jumps on a few pieces of carpet – it dramatically reduces noise.

  • Melinda

    I’m relatively new to this site. I’m 5.4 and 129 pounds, and I feel a bit out of shape. I want to get much more lean!

    Just two short comments. First I found it weird to hear your breathing so loud and clear, but when I started doing the exercises I found it very helpful actually to get my own breathing right. I’m one of those people who tends to hold my breath when exerting myself – very bad!
    Also, I love to see that you are working hard and we can see that this stuff is not supposed to be easy and without sweat.

    Thanks for the videos, keep up the good work!
    Aloha from Hawaii.

  • Emily

    Hey Zuzana,
    What kind of sports bar is that that you’re wearing? It looks incredibly supportive and I just love the cute styling and color of it! Where can I get it?

  • Jen

    GREAT, THX, and there is some nice BOOTY as well :-) !!!

  • raeNYC

    Hi Zuzana,

    Regarding the Ninja Jumps, I am really struggling with this exercise. Instead of my butt resting on my feet for the starting position, I am lifting my butt a few inches off my feet (pulsing a bit) and then exploding upward. My question is whether this is wrong and completely defeating the purpose of this exercise? Or is this on the right track. I know a few other people are having trouble with this too and thought I would mention this, looking forward to your response. Thank you for all of your help! You really truly inspire me *_*

  • Heidi Hess

    Hey Michelle from Canada,
    Thanks so much for ur input, you have a point. I know diet is more important than exersice, I just want to see results so bad, I do need to watch my portions more, and Im starving after a good workout, I’ll make a protine smoothie with bannana and natrual peanut butter, It hits the spot hmmm. Your right I did it once I can do it again, I am turning 27 April and my age might be slowing the metabolism. We’ll see I’m starting to do Zuzanas workouts, I just feel like it won’t be enough for me to burn of alot of extra pounds.

    •!/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      I don’t believe that age needs to be associated with weight gain. Not as much as people make us believe.

      of course our hormones change and therefore our body composition, but i firmly believe it has to do with lifestyle.

      As a child you move around, play outside, jump, run, rollerblade (at least that’s what we did when I was a kid. These days many are playstation monsters and don’t have any body awareness. scary!) anyway, I digress…as we grow older we get other interests. Some focus 100% on school, work, families, etc.

      if you look at the life of the average joe: wake up, eat breakfast = sit down. Drive to work = sit down. work = sit down. Go home in car = sit down. Dinner= sit down. Watch Tv= sit down. Some go to the gym and even there the machines get you to, yes you guessed it… sit down…

      We sit, don’t move as much as we did and blame it on age. I am going to be 34 next month and although I was an athlete many years ago, I can honeslty say that overall I am leaner than I was back then.

  • Ryan S

    I get a workout at my job, but when I’m not working I do your workouts and I love them. The most recent one I have done was the full body assalt workout. I think that is my favorite so far. Though I like to mix it up! I am a male, and prefer doing your workouts rather than lifting all the time. I love your body! You are an inspiration!

  • barbaraG

    I forgot to post my question
    Could you or someone else explain to me what is the difference in the position on hands when making pull ups…
    I usually keep my hands facing to me ( I have a regular pull up bar) but i saw that you could have them facing away from the body…
    thanx in advance!

    •!/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla


      if you do your pull ups with your hands shoulder wide and facing you, then you work more with your biceps. Of course your back is also getting a workout but your bicepsare getting a serious beating.

      if you do it the other way around, you “switch off” your biceps and require a great deal more from your back. Especially if your grip is wider. I like to mix and match.

  • Lish Weese

    I have been slacking a little lately on the workouts , missed 2 days too as I had 11 stitches put in my chin! :( I am excited to try this workout, it is rainy and this will cheer me up and give me some energy for the day! Glad you guys got over being sick~love your site!

  • Samantha

    LOVED this workout!! PERFECT and intense way to start my morning. :) YAY!! Thanks so much!

  • barbaraG

    Yeah, I promise too!
    You were so sweet and motivating in this video that I could promise you anything :) ) Thats why I want to point out that the most important thing is to promise to one self, or maybe better – to make a strong wish for your self to be in best form this summer. All our wishes come true – if they are made strongly. I trully believe that and had really good experience with strong wishing lately :)
    Probably because I made that wish I found your site and you kicked my ass :)
    When you were sick, I made old workouts which I skipped before – the perverted punisher workout made me sore for 3 days :) )
    Have a nice weekend!

  • Heidi Hess

    Hi Zuzana and hubby, I love to workout and coming across your site is great cause gives me new ideas and extra motivation. I use to do long runs followed by full body strenth moves to get in shape, it took me from 200 pounds to 114 pounds at 5 feet 4 inches I was proud, but in the past two years my diet hasn’t been clean and my weight has gone up gradually to 160 :( . I’m very ashamed and I no longer run the same cause of the weight. I was wondering if u had advise PLEASE , I’ve been working out hard for the past two months, doing two workouts a day. I’ll do cardio for 30 min in the am and go to the gym at night after working all day with clients( I do hair:)) and do another 30 min, cardio and follow with 45 minutes of strenth training in a circut mode, I’ve seen no real results and I’ve only lost 3 pounds it’s very frustrating,
    Do you think I’m working out to much,? Im also eating cleaner and more often, I’m really sad cause my husband even comments on my weight but adleast I’m trying, please Help me guys, even alittle

    P.s I’ve also done some of your workouts i love them but some moves I really couldn’t do if my life depended on it especially the ninja tucks lol
    any advise on building up to it fully thank so much xoxox

    • Michelle From Canada

      Hi, I just wanted to say that is great to be going from 200 to 114! Your my height and i have never weighed that low although I actually think that may be to skinny. I weight around 125.

      Also your question about if you work out too much, I would say YES. And then you are over eating because you are. I found that when I did just cardio (like tredmill or step) I would over eat and never lost any weight because I was ALWAYS hungrey so I over ate.

      However thanks to finding this site (Thanks so much to Zuzana and Fredrick) I have found I eat less because the workouts are shorter so I dont ever feel the over hungrey feeling. Thanks to this site I have lost 5 pounds already and diet is SO IMPORTANT!! It is more important than exercise.

      I have found that food can be an issue for me and if I stress about it and try to eat foods that really dont appeal to me, I will end up eating way more food than I really need. Like Zuzana said keep your portions smaller and eat tell you are half full.

      I really have never heard it put so simply before. I have been eating sortof healthy foods, stuff I enjoy eating so Im satisfied and I have noticed I dont need to eat until Im full and I havent overating since I have found this site (thanks to Zuzana).

      Anyway, sorry for rambling a bit but I really understand where I think you are coming from and you just have it in your head that working out like crazy is the answer when its not. I wish you good luck and you know you can do it you lost 86 pounds before so you know you can do it again.

  • Tali R.

    Hi Zuzana,

    glad to see you are feeling better.
    i did this work out today and i almost did not do all 5 round but i pushed my self and i did all round – make me feel great.
    4)8-8-7-6-6 (with the help of a chair)
    6)5-5-5-4-4(i feel amaznig been able to do this ninja jump – tool practice and faith)

    about the kettlebell – i got one few months ago and did not really use it so i sent it back to the shope!!!! :-(

    thank you
    have a great day

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  • Mannan

    Fred forget about getting Zu a charm for her bracelet. You should buy her a ruby ring. Because when you’re fit like Zu is the fire is burning inside without you having to push it. Fred why don’t you yourself show us how to prepare a recipe for once huh lol? You MICHAEL KEATON FACE!! I’m SErious about Fred making the recipe though! It’s not fair that Zu busts her ass in front of the camera. Fred could atleast cut an onion here and there! How’s that for a bodyrock for you! Crazy Canadian haha! Please respond. I think Canada is interesting and have a respect for Canadians though lol!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      He can’t be in front o the camera simply because I am terrible behind the camera :) and there is just two of us.

      • Michelle From Canada

        I think that is so sweet that its you and your hubby that put this together, by the way Im just curious do you guys work? Sorry if thats crossing the line.

        • Michelle From Canada

          I meant work at other jobs other than bodyrock

        • Frederick

          We are secret agents :)

  • Mannan

    It’s the best gift anyone could offer. I know this is gonna sound abit sexist and weird but I don’t care so here it goes. Zuzanna motivates the shit out of me because she is a girl. I believe that guys are better than women at certain things. And I believe that we all were created equal but that is not indicative of present so that means in actuality we are not equal in certain things. And even though Zuzanna is this kick ass extreme chick still in the back of my mind I wanna push hard because I know I can surpass her deep down but I love the motivation! Even though Frederick doesn’t do the exercises without both Zu and Fred none of this would be possible. THANK YOU GUY’S SO FREAKING MUCH! ZU I’m TAKING YOUR ADVICE IN THIS VIDEO!! I WILL TRANSFORM!!!!YEAHHH!!!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I like your comment and I don’t see it as anything sexist at all :)

    • Michelle From Canada

      I completly agree, although I just found this website about 2 weeks ago, I feel the changes and look forward to my workouts like never before and Zuzana you are the most motivating person. I have even really been focused on my diet and eating very good healthy foods. Which usually results in me binge eating because I feel like Im too restrictive with my eating. But not now and I think it is because I love your workouts and the fact that you do them and you look like you do, muscular but feminine.

      Also the fact that you get that women can get bulky, most other fitness professionals say that women cant bulk up and it bugs me because yes women can get to muscular and not at all feminine.

      Anyway long post but I just wanted you to know that you have changed my life, I feel better about myself in every way even just doing your workouts.

      Sorry one more thing, you are the greatest person ever to not have started charging for your site once you saw that it was popular, that is very admirable.

      By the way I love your accent and I cant believe some people in pervious posts I read said you should learn how to speak english without it, that is truly ignorant.

      I am sorry about the long post but I wanted to say everything I wanted to say, hehe

  • Chelsea

    Zuzana and Frederick!

    Thanks again so much for the work outs!
    It’s quite funny actually, I had been following the one month no-sugar challenge, but took a break yesterday for my birthday. Because I had cake and sugar though, my body wasn’t used to it so I felt awful afterward, and today I feel like I have a sugar induced hang over or something. Hahaha.
    Off to work out and I promise to work my hardest and get ultra-fit!
    I’ve already lost ten pounds!
    Thanks =)

    • Mannan

      Chelsea I wouldn’t cut out sugar completely. I have been enjoying honey which tastes better than sugar to me. It’s pure honey and I have a teaspoon or tablespoon of it in the morning mixed with juice of half a lime and 7 oz of mineral water before I eat anything and it’s a great fat loss tip which I was hoping Zuzana or Fred Keaton could address lol. And today I tried some Comb honey with the comb in it. It was absolutely delicious and I had like a small piece. Try the honey it’s awesome and if you mix with olive oil and rub it on your face you won’t get wrinkles! Look into honey though it’s a great idea. If you miss chocolate snicker bars what I do is I take eighteen almonds put it in a ziplock bag and put a plastic spoonful of pure honey in it. Close the bag and mash the almonds up. Open it mix it up and put it in half a whole wheat pita. It reminds me very much of snickers and it’s delicious!

  • Paulina

    Hello Zuzana!!!
    I have discovered your website a couple of weeks ago, and I must say that is really amazaing!!! I love your workouts and also all your motivation! That is so necessary to keep going and achieve that body that all people wants… You are an example for me, and I promaise to follow all your new routines, tips, etc.
    Greetings from Chile!!!!!

  • Gaga

    Dear Zuza,

    It is greate to hear from you again…. We are glad that you are getting better!

    Congrats for what you have done. I do not know whose idea the blog was, but it is awesome and I wanted to thank you for bringing smile to my face (your slavic accent sounds just brilliant !!!)
    I admire your progress, can You tell , how long did it take you to get in this shape? I am skinny, never could get any fatter no matter what I eat. I weigh 48 kilos and am 165 cm long and am completley weak. I’d love to have my muscles more visable. I’m wondering, would I be ready in 3 months of hard working?

    All the best
    Hoping to hear from you soon,


    • Frederick

      Hi Gaga – we will have been doing these workouts for 2 years this June :)

  • MarZ

    Hey Zuzanna, I’m looking forward to getting my new Timer & my hubby’s getting me a Pull up bar…won’t be as fancy as yours..but should still give the results…I hope.heh
    Always looking forward to your new workouts.Cheers

  • http://bodyrocktv jason landers

    what up z!! glad yaw feeling better missed ya, look i promise ill push 100% as long as its not in the morning. lol! i will get in the best shape of my life this summer. see ya later.

  • Lá Mary

    Hey, yeah i will promise you to work to be in shape for the summer.

  • Susie

    I am glad to see you are feeling better. Thank you for the new workout. The ninja jump tucks are suck a killer!

    I saw this question in some of the other comments but I also would like to know what alternatives I can use for the pull ups and knee lifts? I live in one of those new-build properties in the UK and to be honest, if I attach a bar to the door frame the whole thing will pull off the wall. I also move around a lot and I can’t buy lots of equipment.

    Will elevated push ups work as a substitute for the pull ups, and maybe do the knee lifts lying on the floor?

    Thank you very much for the workout.

  • Shelly

    WOW! I was just going to ask the same questions as Jen!!
    which do you recommend? your summer program or daily work outs?!?!
    Also you motivated me to get a gymboss timer and I absolutely LOVE it!! your workouts are way more intense because you aren’t focussing on time!! thanks for the tip! :)

  • Triona

    I promise, I promise :-) ))) I already feel I am in the best shape of my life thanks to your w/o’s and vids look forward to the next post x0x0

  • Miška

    ahoj Zuzka , velmi by som sa ta chcela opytat za ako dlho sa ti podarilo sa dostat takto do formy co sa tyka svalov a tehliciek naozaj obdivujem tvoju postavu napriek tomu ze som chude 16 rocne dievca fakt ma velmi laka to pevne brusko a pevny zadok a prsia a fakt by som sa velmi potesila keby si mi odpisala asi za ako dlho si toto dosiahla, ci ti to naozaj dlho trvalo plus velka trpezlivost alebo je to mozne aj za kratsi cas dakujem :D

  • Justyna

    It’s nice to see you well again :)
    And: “I solemnly swear to push really hard and get ready for the summer!” :)

    Burpees: 7,6,6,6,6
    SJL’s: 29,28,30,28,29
    JRJ’s: 32,46,50,53,47
    PU’s: 3,6,6,5,6 (I can’t do military pull-ups, so I did regular ones with chair)
    HLR’s: 9,8,9,8,8 (I can’t believe that a month ago I could just do 4!)
    NJT’s: 5,5,5,6,6 (cheated with hands on the floor)

    Thanks for the workouts and your hard work. I can see how my body is getting stronger by the day, I’m improving my times and it keeps me motivated. Every day I can’t wait to do another workout :)
    But I have to admit that small portions are still a big challenge (I DID cut their size, but I’m sure they could be smaller ;)

  • Lour

    Dear Zuzana,

    I have been doing your exercises nearly daily for the past 16 days, along with eating healthy (no junk food at all. everything is home-cooked). I can see amazing results! Even my face looks thinner… I’m so amazed!

    Thank you so much for all of this. You have given me hope for getting the body of my dreams! You are my hero.

  • Anya

    Why are my comments always awaiting moderation?

    • Frederick

      Because we had a tech glitch with the comments and it prevented us from approving them right away – we are working to get caught up :)

  • Julie

    OMG! I think you just helped me kill both my arms… ; )
    A very fun workout thank you, even if i have to type this post with my toes… ;) Can’t wait for tomorrow’s brutal routine (dont know why but feel so good to do them..!)
    Thanks again!

  • Rayz

    You should practice a martial art, with a body like that you’d be be incredible

  • Mickela

    those ninja jump tucks are making me crazy, but I will practice till I get them right.
    you make it look so easy Zuzana.

  • Lvette

    Glad to see you guys are feeling better. I did this workout in 25mins but with a lot of modifications since I did not have a hanging bar, jump rope and could not do the Ninja jumps like Zuzana.

    Instead of pull ups, I did reversed push up with a stick between two chairs. The hanging knee raises, I replaced with reversed crunches. Jumping jacks with jump rope, I did just jumping jacks and I cheated by placing my hands on the floor in front of me so I can get off my knee during Ninja jumps.

    Please someone let me know if my modifications still work the muscles as Zuzana’s original workout. I think they do, but I could be wrong.

    Another great workout guys.

  • Tim A.

    This was one hard workout! I could barely put my socks on when I finished. Here are my numbers:

    Burpees 10-8-6-8-6
    Side Jump Lunge 16-15-15-16-16
    Jump Rope Jacks 20-20-30-50-50 (I couldn’t really do these)
    Pull Ups 10-8-7-6-5
    Hanging Leg Raises 11-11-11-9-8
    Ninja Jump Tucks 10-7-6-6-7

    I tried doing the Jump Rope Jacks, but just could not. I finally just did regular rope jumping. I also adapted this a little to my goals by adding one 4 minute set of regular pushups at the end. I did 66.

    I am back on the 30-day challenge after my cake and ice cream slip this weekend: 5 days so far and feeling great. I also just got that book you suggested in your FAQ, “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan. It looks great so far.

  • AbbyLina

    Well I had made my promise on a previous comment
    unfortunately it seems that I really didnt post it or something.
    Im making my promise to workout to get into shape for the summer!

    Im working on getting the pullup bar and the timer to keep up with the intervals, like that my workouts will be more effective.

    Looking forward to doing your new workouts
    Thank you for them :)

  • AbbyLina

    Well I had made my promise on a previous comment
    unfortunately it seems that I really didnt post it or something.
    Im making my promise to workout to get into shape for the summer!
    Im really hoping to me a motivation and support for my sisters because they want to get into shape too
    Im working on getting the pullup bar and the timer to keep up with the intervals, like that my workouts will be more effective.

    Looking forward to doing your new workouts
    Thank you for them :)

  • Katrina

    I promise I’m really going to push hard for the summer, but i can’t do a single pull-up. Hopefully with your help i should at least be able to do one pull-up for summer:D

    stay well

  • Dakota D.

    Welcome back! =D

    I’m in the middle of eating my breakfast and I’m already so excited to work out! Full Body Assault woooot

    I am right beside you in this Zuzana and Bodyrockers! I’m going to DO MY BEST every time I workout so that I can finally have a kickass summer. I am already looking up swimsuits that I’d like to wear!

    Let’s do our BEST so that we all can be rocking our hot bodies in the summer!

  • Tata

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’ve been following your workouts for the past couple of weeks and I’m already seeing great results. I feel more energized, strong, and my endurance is a lot better. Thank you for posting these great workouts and for keeping me motivated!

  • SpanishGirl

    Do you still try to keep the proportions on carbs and protein? And do you eat complex carbs in the morning, and veggies late in the day? You changed a lot your suggestions and advices from your first post… And I wonder if you still stick to the principles you used to.
    Thanks! Always a wonderful web.

  • yasemin

    Dear Zuza,
    You are really becoming a celebrity. This morning you were in the internet site of one of the most famous Turkish newspapers. It was news about the web-world, and was something like that ‘everybody is watching this pretty young woman’ and in the attachment was one of your videos with a green top:)))
    Keep up the wonderful work…I am working out with u everyday…Thanks to you both guys, God bless u:))

  • Jen


    great work out!!! I wanted to know, if my goal is to look my best for the summer…… you recomend your older summer fit program…..or should i your daily work outs such as this one…..
    Also what could i do….if a dont have anything to to the pull ups……..or he leglift form a bar??

    Thank you for all best wishes,

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana & Frederick,

    There’s not a lot of Audra’s out there so for now I’m gonna leave out my last name…

    Anyways, I’m glad you talked about getting back on track and getting serious about working out. During those days you were sick with a cold I felt blah. I wasn’t sick or anything but I felt like I lost a little motivation which is not like me.

    But, I’m sure it had a lot to do with looking forward to seeing your daily workouts. I’m glad you two are feeling better cuz I’m ready for more so, that said, bring it on baby!

    Am I the only one who felt a little blah while Zuzana was sick?

    Here are my numbers for this workout:


    Ahem, Zuzana? What were your numbers like for some extra motivation pretty please?

    • Dakota D.

      I felt a little blah as well!

      I tried my best to keep working hard, but I really missed Zuzana and Frederick =(

      You’re not alone.

    • Farmgirl

      Hi Audra,
      I felt blah too! I had some serious family issues going on and now that Zuzana is back so am I. Thanks for posting your numbers, I am ready to workout and my goal is to beat your numbers! (LOL!!) I will post mine when I finish. P.S. I am horrible at pull ups!!

  • Ali

    Hi! This workout looks amazing, however I do not have a pull up bar. What could I do instead of the pull ups and the hanging leg raises to get the same results?

    • Michelle From Canada

      Hey, Hope you dont mind me responding to your post, if it was me and I didnt have a pull up bar, for pullups I would do heavy dumbell rows (something else could subsitute the dumbbells if you dont have them) and for the hanging leg raises maybe try lying on your back and with straight legs lower to the floor and back up to vertical.

      Just suggestions.

  • Chelle

    I promise to rock with you everyday and get in shape for summer! :) I bought a new bikini as motavation.

    • Kris

      Hi Chelle,
      Ive got an idea, dont forget to take a shot of yourself before starting to exercise hardly as well as of your final shape, u could post it on the net and show us a link if you would be satisfied with your body. :)

  • funkybumpkin

    If you ever want to try something harder than hanging leg raises. At Crossfit (which I no longer go to), we use to do something called knees to elbows. You have to pretend to pull the bar towards you as you attempt to rock your body so that your knees touch your elbows. I can only do a few in a row and then have to stop. Can’t wait to try this routine.

  • Juliette

    Im two weeks into your workouts. 5 days a week.. havent done too good on cutting my food.. but am getting results already. Im very happy i found this website.

  • julie

    I promise I am going to work harder than ever. I’m going to take this workout to the gym with me. I feel like I’m in awesome shape, but then looking at your abs I can see I need more definition. Where do you get those sports bra’s…they are so cute.?! Thanks again, and i think you guys rock!

  • Jensel

    Thank you again for another great workout video. I promise I will work out 6 days a week :-) To get in the best shape of my life for this summer. Thabk you for being a great inspiration.I want to ask you, how can I get my knees stronger? I been hurting everytime after my workout, please give me some tips to get my knees stronger so I can do Ninja jumps and side jump squats with out so much pain. :-/

    • Michelle From Canada

      I would say squats are a great way to strenghten your knees, just make sure your knees never go past your toes and only go as low as comfortable for you and in time you will be able to go ass to the grass low

  • Paul

    haha did you look into burpees after my comment, or did you guys already know about them/use them in your routines?

    Either way they are a great full body exercise and easy to perform just about anywhere.

  • Corey

    FYI :: If you don’t have a Gymboss Interval Timer but have an iPhone, you can download the app for free! Customizable for all your interval workouts. My music and timer work together on the phone. So I never miss the beeps of the timer as the music plays. Worth checking out fo shizzzzle. I would also check into wireless headsets. Helps workouts to be easier and fun without the wire getting in the way. Perfect 3some: iPhone, Gymboss app, wireless headset. :D

  • Kris

    Hi Zuzana,
    I like your last photo where your braids look a little like two antlers, it s quite funny of course in a good way … and that was a compliment :)

    One would say that a person who takes exercises so often will never be cold … How long have you been cold ? Do you think the flu influenced your power, I mean, do you feel like your organism is weaker that you cant do as many reps as you did ?

    thanks, looking forward to watching the next video of yours.:)

  • Alka

    Hi, nice to see you back on track. You were probably going out of your mind in those 3 days without exercising.
    I wanted to ask at what age did exercise become a habit? How long have you kept at it?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Janet

    I managed to squeeze this in before work at 4:30 this morning…ouch! Glad I did. Discovered it is absolutely impossible to jump rope any style when the brain is in bed. I had to REALLY abbreviate the warm up, which does not help matters. So..thank you again for the to a cold shower!

  • Amber

    I just thought you should know that I have HOOKED at least 10 other people on to your site! I don’t expect a check in the mail right away but when you start raising your advertisers rates a 15% commission would be appreciated! LOL :-P

    • Frederick

      haha. thanks for being a ambassador :)

  • Minnie V

    Forgot to mention I noticed your not wearing that beautiful silver bracelet cuff. I am on a quest to find one like it. I’ve seen a few but not with the substance yours seems to have. David Yurman makes one kinda like it but very pricey. Also saw another in the Sundance catalog ,again a bit pricey. I’ll keep looking. Love yours, looks great on your wrist. You could start trends, you look great always.

  • Jennifer

    I have a quick question, how many of these interval can you do in a day. I need to drop rapid weight for an upcoming vacation next month and I was wondering if I do like 2 or even 3 of your daily workouts throughtout the day; would it be too much for me. I am a petite person so 15 extra pounds looks too much.

    • Chris L

      Hi Jennifer,

      How much weight are you trying to lose? Some people can do two or three of Zuzana’s workouts in a day, but truthfully unless your that fit I wouldn’t advise it.

      It’s better to try both diet and exercise together to reduce body fat and have realistic goals that don’t endanger your over all health. After all you don’t want to be sick on vacation!


  • Anya

    HI Zuzana! I am glad you are feeling better. About workout. I am not strong enough just yet to do the pull ups. Is there anyway I can still do them but in an easier way?

    • Frederick

      Put 1 foot up on the seat of a chair to take some of the weight off of your arms :)

      • Chris L

        Hi Frederick and Everyone,

        And if you still can’t do a pull up with one foot on a chair try both legs taking up most of your weight till you can work to just one leg, then in short order you should be able to do full bodyweight pull ups.

        Also try a few different hand positions as if you do wider grips than you can support it makes it harder to do a chin up or pull up.


  • Minnie V

    Hi Zuzana,
    Glad you and Frederick are feeling better. Sometimes we all need a break. Love hearing you talk about the kettlebells,can’t wait for a workout where your using them. I,m doing well and again thank you for your help,I don’t go to the gym any longer. I work out in my basement following you’re workouts. I don’t always follow them exactly I must admit, I modify the workouts and am getting the results I want so it’s positive. You give me great ideas that help break up the staleness that we all get into when we don’t change things up a bit. I also want to say that I downloaded that book you spoke about “In defense of food” by Micheal Pollan. Great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristyna

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!

    Thank you for this websites!
    I need to loose weight til summer so I follow your workouts and they are just great.

    You said that it is important to eat small portions at least 5x a day.
    My problem is that I don’t know what a small portion is.
    Could you please help me with this by describing me your eating habits?

    Thank you very much for answer,
    Kristyna :)

  • Dakota

    I’m not an early bird for the mornings. My blood don’t flow till I have my second cup of coffee :-) I’m an afternoon buff myself. I need to kick my own butt! huh? I understand morning is a good time to do cardio. As a swimmer, I need to listen to you. Am I confused or what? In order to get to my job on time, I leave early in the mornings. I think that is why I cannot do the morning thing. BTW, glad to see you bounced back from the cold. Hope Freddy is doing well also….

  • AnnaSirena

    Than you for new workout! – I was sweatty=)
    My results:
    1 – 6-5-5-5-4
    2 – 23-29-30-30-30
    3 – 54-53-54-50-54
    4 – I did tricep exercise becouse I don’t have Body Press – 20-20-20-21-23
    5 – (on floor)16-16-18-17-16
    6 – 5-4-4-3-3

    I’m really scared about ninja jump=) What, if I broke my legs? =))

    And – I give you my PROMISE, that I will push hard=)

    Please, Zuzana, give me answer: What are you working? =))))

    • AnnaSirena

      P. S. – Sorry for my mistakes – I’m hurry)

  • Selin

    hi Zuzana
    i love your videos and i want to be my body like’re awsome

    whats your weight and height?



  • Rosie

    This was a fun workout, and I finished all 5 rounds! I really hate doing pull-ups, but I know they are so good for my muscles. :) Thanks. I’m glad you are feeling better.

  • Kenny

    Thanks for the website and all you do. I really enjoy it. Question- I notice that you seem to drink a lot of coffee, as do I. Do you have any thoughts on the health effect, positive or negative?

  • Gaby

    Hi Zuzana.. it is so good to know you guys are feeling better.. I looved today’s workout, I woke up one hour earlier than normal to do it and I feel great!!! I have waking up earlier for a month now and it makes a huge difference in my whole day.. I am totally commited I am with you !!!! Can’t wait for the next workout.
    Have a great weekend !

  • Kali

    Hey Zuzana! I bought a Gymboss interval timer just like you and experimented with a workout I created yesterday. Try this out if you have time, you’ll feel it mostly in your legs but overall it’s a good full body workout. set the timer for 20 rounds with 2 interval times of 40 seconds and 20 seconds. go through each pair once and then repeat again 4 more times for a total of 20 minutes. there is no designated rest periods which makes the workout quite intense. good luck!

    40 seconds: squats
    20 seconds: squat hold

    40 seconds: push ups
    20 seconds: plank

    40 seconds: backward lunge to knee-elbow touch (alternate legs)
    20 seconds: mountain climbers

    40 seconds: bridges (modify to one leg if ambitious)
    20 seconds: bridge hold (option to modify again)

    • Frederick

      Thanks Kali!

  • Simone

    Hey Zuzana.
    I was wondering. What muscles do you use when you do the ninja jump tucks?

  • Lyn

    Hi Zuzanna

    i was sick last week and it was hard geting back to workouts again, but its motivating to see you pushing hard again,after a few days of rest.
    I promise i`m gonna try hard to workout and get in good shape for the summer.
    (sorry for my bad english, greez from Switzerland=)

  • Daniela

    Hello Zuzanna!

    Thank you for a great workout!

    I want to give you a tip of something I did when I was working out to reach a specific goal. I took before and after pictures of my self (I had a summer goal, so I was in my bikini).
    And by doing that I notised al the little changes that I haden’t seen before. It was very satesfying to see the results that clear.

    Now I’m doing the same thing again. And thank you for beeing such an inspiration!!! x)

  • http://htpp/ Karmen

    The last picture is very funny!

  • Tanja

    Hi Zuzana!

    I can’t wait to do this workout today. I’ve been slacking the past week too and I don’t like the feeling at all, but I’m doing great on the 30 day challenge. Thanks for reminding me that summer is getting closer and closer. I hope I still have enough time to get in shape and I promise you I will work really hard from now on, starting with today.

    Best wishes,

  • Nimer

    Hi zuzana, that’s an awsome workout’ it looks really hard!!! i was also sick the all week so i wasnt able to excersize and felt exactly the way you feel…

    I want to ask you something about my Gymboss Interval Timer!!! i just got it on mail on HOt PInk its so cute. I Understand how to set the intervals but i dont know how you set the amounts of rounds i want each time, ive been playing with it and i wasnt able to find the rounds, if you can help me resolve that it would be very helpfull
    thank you and keep rocking and inspiring so i can train other people better!!!!

    waiting 4 your answer



    • Frederick

      Hi Nimer – there is a great overview on the gymboss site that explains the functions :)

  • MarinaGR

    Zuz, I did the ninja jumps! Don’t I deserve some chocolate for this???? ;)

    • Frederick


  • Mandy

    That workout should have been called 20 minutes of hell!
    Here’s my numbers:
    5,6,5,4,4 (assisted)
    7,5,5,5,7 (assisted)



  • Trixie

    Hi guys,

    Thanks again for the workout videos. I have been continually following your workouts for the last 8 months and am a physically active woman. However, I just came to understand that my husband and I are being blessed with a second child. I am now 2.5 months pregnant.
    I am not a personal trainer nor any pro in fitness world. I would like to ask you i it would be okay for me to keep on continuing the daily workouts you’ve posted.
    When i was pregnant with my first child I kept on going to the gym ( elevated walk on the treadmill, yoga, swimming) but didnt do your type of workouts.
    Maybe you could give me some suggestions. Id like too keep in shape and love doing your workouts but dont want to harm the bean. Thank you so much.

    Trixie (Indonesia)

  • Joana Pereira

    The last photo is so great… your “tótós” in the air like that… uau!!!

  • Naama

    you are so strong. hope you’re really over that nasty cold – you seem strong, but your face is tells you’re still recovering. take care of yourself. lots of hugs.

  • Monique from the Netherlands

    Here’s my written promise, no going back now! :-D

    Besides the beach (which I live close to), I need to fit into my beautiful wedding dress which is, at present, slightly snug on me. So two motivations to keep me going!!

    Thanks again guys!

  • Dilyana Hristova

    Hello guys! I`m glad to see your new intensive workout! :) I promised to push hard and to give everything, because the summer is coming and i want to be in the best shape of my live. Actually i still doing my 30 day challenge like you Zuzana and i`m realy happy because i realized that i don`t need any sugar in my coffee:)
    Thanks and have a good day .

  • Stania

    Ahoj Zuzko A Frederick ty ses opravdu moje velka inspirace ja se musim priznad poslednich par tydnu sem necvicila jsem na tom psychicky spatne a nemuzu se na to soustredit vymluvi nemam naladu ale slysela sem uz nekolikrad ze cviceni je na to dobry lek ono kdyz jsou v tom deti tak cloveka to nejak polozi ale diky tvojemu bloku a to ze se snazis nas ostatni motyvovat mne dost podporuje tak moc dekuju a snad uz ti bude lip ono u nas to pocasi nic moc ja ziju v UK tady to zatim jde.Tak se drzte cauky

  • Raina

    I skipped my workout for 2 days because i dyed my hair and didn’t want to get sweaty and ruin them:) This is difficult, i’m always thinking of my hair… And i feel sooo bad about this, I just wanna make a new start again with no cheats!
    I promise i will not skip my workout again and i will push hard for the summer! Thank u sooo much zuzana, u give me strength and courage for this with your promise:)
    I reaaaally wanna be in my best shape for the summer!!!
    I’ve already made progress and everybody is telling me wow u got thinner:) I promise i will keep it! I will be thinking my body first and second my hair lol…
    I’ve also ordered my gymboss interval timer to follow u as close as i can:)
    Thank u so much freddie and zuzana, i love u!!!

  • Ceb

    First post here. Glad to hear you are all feeling better! Just wanted to thank you for all the great workouts and especially your motivation and positivity. I think what you’re doing here is perfect, and wish you both success, it seems to be really taking off!
    Also, I wanted to say that I accept your challenges. I started the no sugar challenge first of March, as well as getting up early for a daily workout before work. It is going well, although the Girl Scout cookies we ordered two months ago came yesterday, I about died! They’ll have to wait. We have work to do, yes?


  • Koo

    I love your video~
    My life went through a lot of changes during the recent years.
    you always inspire me. thanks to your help.^^

  • Fit4Life

    I can relate to that feeling, I have been a little sick myself and it’s crazy how fast we get tired and lazy!!!
    Summer is on it’s way & I promise that I will push myself to be active on a daily basis (as I usually am)!
    I can’t wait to see your new workouts…
    Take care you guys :D

  • erwin

    i’m stuck at my weight i need to loss 10 more pounds but i’m stuck. they call it plataeu effect. i could net get to lower than 166 lb. any suggestions. i love you workout a less intense workout than p90X. keep it up.

  • crystal

    Hi Zuzanna,
    What do you think of the pull-up bars? Is it really worth investing in one? And do you get knee pains while doing the ninja jump tucks? i get a sharp and intense pain when i do it. =/.

    • Frederick

      stop if it causes pain!

  • Iris

    Hey you 2!I am still holding on with the 30 days challenge!No sweets,no alcohol.I am feeling really stronger and more fit than ever-also throughout your workouts.Thank you!:-)A few days ago I was running and I was so surprised,cause normally I run about 1 hour.I was running 1,5 hours!!!I never thought I could!—Thanks for still reminding us for summer-cause I really want to loose a little bit more fat and I will try to cut my portions down a little bit more.
    Glad your back and you are well again!

  • Mary Liz

    First of all, you rock!

    I eat very healthy and I do work out regularly but I have to confess something. I have not in the past pushed myself very hard with excersise. I wear a size 24 Jean (size 2 I think) normally and keep my body fat at around 24%. Simply said, I am 5’2″ and have very small bones. I am so scared of losing weight and body fat because I don’t want to be so scrawny a size 0 (been there) is baggy :( . I have been scrawny most of my life and for the last two or so years have maintained a larger body frame with the higher body fat %. I am already very small and I do not think I am fat but recently found out my body fat was up to 25.6% which I believe is borderline overweight. I want to be in shape, actually healthy and I want to have muscle tone show in my stomach, legs, etc.

    Losing the fat and being much smaller is a huge fear of mine, but I am ready to just do it anyway and the people in my life who think I am too small when I reach my goal are just going to have to get over it. I promise to eat clean, healthy portions, and workout fierce so I can have the healthiest, sexiest body of my life this summer, my 30th summer :D . I really promise to get over my fear, push my body to new heights, and suceed!

    •!/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

      hello Mary Liz,

      With 24% of body fat you really need not to be worried about losing it. I’d start worrying about losing body fat if I were lower than 12 percent or so, but then again I like being very lean.

      Zuzana is small too, she is very leana and I am sure she does not qualify as scrawny. ;-)

      keeping a clean diet, working hard should build muscles and lower your body fat and help you look awesome :)

      good luck!

  • Marjorie

    Hey Zuzana… loving your workouts… i have a question regarding the Ninja Jump Tucks, my right knee is not very strong, sometimes hurts a bit… is it recommendable for me to do this or do you think that i should skip it…? i appreciate your wonderful workouts and look forward to the answer. tHANK YOU

    • Frederick

      Hi Marjorie – any hint of pain means skip it :)

    • Daniela(svunk)

      Hi Marjorie,I have exactly same knee problem and I had pain when I started to do these workouts,but now I am ok,no pain,because by these workouts you also made your muscules around knee joint stronger and it’s what the knee jonit needs,but as Freddy said,don’t to it when is pain,do any other exercise to make your knee stronger…:))

  • Kit

    I came across your blog about 3 weeks ago? And, needless to say, it has changed my fitness routine in an amazing way. Currently I am 2 months into my “fitness progress” and since adding your workouts, I have become seriously inspired! I have the interval timer, I’ve started to read “In Defense of Food” and I just purchased the ultimate body equipment. Ha! Currently my husband is deployed, so I’ve got around 4 more months before seeing him again and to get to my peak condition. I’ve never been in bad shape, or overweight, but never been in peak shape and damnit! I want to look amazing for my husband when he gets back. Freddy is a lucky man! My lifestyle has changed dramatically in the past two months in such a positive way and I’d like to pass on a thank you to you and Freddy for your hard work to making this blog so awesome and inspiring for viewers like myself. My personal trainer is really impressed by you as well and is happy that I’ve found a website to be so excited about! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Frederick

      Thanks Kit :) I’m sure you will be in peak form when he gets back!

  • FlaviaRJ

    This video was made for me, last month I was not acomplishing my goals, and I got sick too, but I´m already healed and yesterday I did 60 pull ups, 60 hanging leg raises, and 60 one leg squat, divided in 3 sets, and for extra exercise I did 20 (for each leg) lunges and an exercise with weight for my shoulders… I did that workout in 34 minutes! That was a way to shake and wake my body up again to back to hard train. And when I saw zuzana in the end of this video I felt she was just talking to me =), because I made the same promise here in my home, for myself, even here in Brasil we are not going to summer, we are going to Autumn, but it´s never too late to be in shape!! (The summer here is in January and February, and it became really hot, that was one of the reasons I didn´t have energy to train too hard, it felt so exhausting to do anything with temperatures at 45 celsius!!)

    I wanna ask Zuzana, what do you think about those big series (with so much repetitions) of so hard exercises?
    (I took care to choose the exercises that I felt push harder for each group of major muscles of our bodies)

    This is a really great workout, gonna do this today!!
    It´sa shame I can´t buy this pull up bar but I try to improvise something here at home! ^^
    Congratz and the best, ALWAYS!

  • Stefanie

    Hey guys :)

    Cool workout ! I am doing your workouts now for about 1 week now, which is cool and exhausting ! Hope my body is getting in shape until summer .. got some big goals ;)
    just tried that workout, and i kind of screwed … was not my best this morning

    oh and i promised to myself two month ago already to get in the best shape ever !! :) I am working out 6 days a week …
    I easily stay motivated with some pics of my role model (Jessica Biel) … everytime i take a look at them it gets easier to push harder through the exercises :)

    But in Fact I´ve got a few questions, cause i am trying to get this whole clean eating concept into my daily routine, and I do like it, but I can´t find the Salba thing. Where do u guys get that from, cause i really wanna try it !!!

    And do u guys know if the lulumon clothes are also available in europe or not … i just love them !! :)

    • Frederick

      We first found Salba in Canada :)

  • Ellissab

    lol, I missed you – welcome back! I lost my gymboss, two tears.

  • Maria

    hi guys !! glad u got better !!

    i started working out with the fit for the summer programm a few weeks ago and though i love it i would like to “mix it” (is it well said?? sorry my english hope u get what i mean) and thought of this one but i dont have the enough strenght to do the pull ups… can i replace it with some other excercise ??

    whats your advice… should i chose a dif workout every week or just stick to the fit for the summer for a while ?

    • Frederick

      experiment – try mixing it up :)

  • Michelle

    Hi Zuzana,

    I love you site. You’re my inspiration. I thank God I found you. I’ve been working out on and off for the past 3 months. I’ve been getting over a bad break up, and the only thing that makes me feel good. When I work out, I relieve myself from heartache and sadness. I get pumped when I watch your workouts and do some of the exercises. I am building back my confidence. I do intend to be in my best shape of my life this summer. Bring it on I say!!

    • Frederick

      Hi Michelle – we are glad you found us :)

    • Daniela(svunk)

      Exactly my feelings Michelle!!!!I see is many people like we are….I made a photo of me in January and I can see right now I’m looking better and in summer I have to be the best lol:))

  • Stacey B


    I don’t have a pull up bar, and I’ve tried using my door but its not sturdy enough. When you do exercises using different equipment, do you think you could give us an alternative exercise that would be the best substitute. I will usually make something up but I’d like to keep the workouts as intense as you are aiming for.

  • Dawn ;)

    I am so happy I found your workouts! I have lost an inch around my tummy in less than a month. WOW thank you. That is my hardest part for me to lose and my arms and legs are starting to get defined. My boyfriend even has said he can tell. You are the best. ;)

  • Mercier JJ

    I’m so excited about this summer! Thank you Zuzana for kicking my butt with your workouts and inspiration!

    While watching this video I realised that makeup is a issue in my workout disciplin. Let me explain: I have a very dry and sensitive problematic skin and it is impossible for me to take 2 shower a day (actually my doctor recommand to wash myself with a towel soap and water and to use a shower every week OMG!! Impossible when you workout every day.)

    SO. When I workout during the afternoon,I NEED a quick shower after and If I go out at night I would have to do my makeup again and well wash my face at night again!! So no good for my skin…

    SO.. ( sorry long story) If I disciplin myself and do my workout with you FIRST thing in the morning I would not have this problem…

    Here it is,my promise:
    I will have to earn my makeup… No workout, no makeup… so that makeup would not keep me from working out.

    I know this sound unusual but hey…this is me;)

    Happy to know you and Freddy feel better:)


    P.S I really like your pants! They make your Butt look nice! If I were you I would cut em right under the knee… it would look better and Im sure feel better… just a suggestion…;)

  • Lee

    I can’t do the ninja jump, where you leap from kneeling to a squat position. Too Brutal! Do you have a suggestion on an intermediate exercise that would train me to eventually do the jump?

    Thanks for all your videos! I’ve almost completely quit doing other workouts to just do yours. (I still do a little weight lifting.)

    • Frederick

      lean forward onto your hands and help yourself into the squat position :)

  • Claire

    Thanks for this workout! It’s fierce.
    I notice that your body has changed a lot since you started focusing on Tabata training. Is there any chance you would share a photo of yourself from before you started weight training? I’d love to see the transformation.

  • Hannah

    Hi zuzana and Frederick, I’m glad to know you guys are feeling better. I promise myself and you that I will workout very hard everyday and I plan on working out twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I am also doing the 30 day no sugar challenge. If I workout twice a day without skipping a day for 30 days, I will buy myself something nice along with something for the 30 day no sugar chaellenge. That is my promise to you guys and myself. I didn’t enjoy last summer because I was insecure about my body, but not anymore. I will get in shape and enjoy this summer!! I love your workouts and I feel like I workout with you everyday. I just have a request if it’s not too much to ask. I love your workouts but not the interval ones. It’s something about the 20 seconds-10 seconds thing that distracts me and I can never put my full energy into it. Can you do more of the workouts where you have like 50 reps for every exercise and it’s just one round, Or something like that? If not, it’s ok. Thank you for inspiring me and my friends. We love you guys!

  • Shanna

    I’m going to try this workout tomorrow, your an inspiration!! thanks for the summer reminder, sometimes when slacking, it’s hard to tell yourself you can start over and push yourself again, but it’s all about those first few days of getting back into the habit that are hard, then it’s cake! :) going to get back to business! thank you for the new workouts! can’t wait for more

  • Sandy

    Promise that I will work hard with your workouts! You are such an inspiration! I feel so great after every workout! Thank you Zuzana!

  • raeNYC

    Thanx for the tip/cheat for Ninja Jumps. I’ve been having a hard time with these!

  • http://bodyrocktv kim

    I love the workouts.. I waas wondering if there is an alternative to the pull up since I haven’t the equipment to do them. Any suggestions? Are there any other exercises that can work the same muscle area?


  • Marianne

    I bought a Gymboss interval Timer in your name Zuzana and the pull up bar!!
    I honestly don’t think the timer is worth 20 bucks though, haha. But its cool.
    I like the last pic! You look like your super high in the air

  • Jenn

    did you get so lean by just doing what your doing every day? do you do weight traing at all?

  • LK

    you took the door off!! lol…Im assuming the pull up bar works better on that side =)

    great workout indeed

  • Karen

    Okay, I promise! (aaaaaah.) cool workout pants. maybe i should get some to help me keep my promise! :)

  • Kaitlin

    (I replaced the Ninja Tuck Jumps with squats w/knee ups.)

  • Kaitlin

    Hi Zuzana! Great workout. I did all 5 rounds except that I couldn’t, for the life of me, do the Ninja Tuck Jumps. I would like to do them some day. Do you have any advice for how to do an easy/intermediate version of this move so that I could build up to doing it?

  • Diana

    gotta tell you still a little afraid of the ninja jump i see me face first on my floor how did you learn them if you would share those and the jump rope jacks my feet get in the way of the rope please!
    thank you

  • Cecily

    Ha ha…I did the older, non-interval, version of this workout this morning before you posted the new video. I guess I picked the right workout…although I think I will like the interval training better. I am super excited for the summer and am making ‘the promise’ to work hard to prepare for it!

  • Fleur

    There you are !
    Welcome back on tracks.

    How is your life so far in your Sweet country ?

    Wish you a wonderfull weekend.

    Fleur ;)

  • Christie

    Ok Zuzana, I promise that I will work my ass off to have my best beach body this year :) I wanna see my six pack!

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  • Janelle

    So I have almost completed two weeks of your workouts and I love them! I got myself one of your cool timers and have tried hard to clean up my diet (still have a bit to go on that one!) I have changed from working out in the evening and get up early to get my workout done. I am totally committed to getting into the best shape of my life! I would love to have a muscular lean build like yours but am wondering if that is a realistic after two kids and being almost ten years older than you!

    With that being said……One quick question…do you think it would be too much if I were to do your workouts in the morning and then lift weights in the evening? I was lifting weights 5 nights a week focusing on a specific body part each night and doing zero cardio since that was what was suggested to me on a body building forum. I really want a lean, muscular, sexy build for the summer!

    Glad you are feeling better and looking forward to your new workouts!

    • Frederick

      whatever works for you – these routines are completely open to modification :)

  • Kaitlyn

    I promise! I hope i can because I use to be overweight and now i have some excess skin so hopefully it will tighten up from your workouts. Iv been doing them for 3 weeks straight now and feel way better! I think my abs might be getting a little tighter and im still doing the 30 day challenge. Iv been eating really clean but I have had a few chips. Well anyway thank you so much for inspiring me and giving these wonderful workouts and wisdom to help us all. Your a great person! and your body is my goal right now:)
    Always a fan of yours

  • Annie

    I promise that im going to be in the best shape of my life for this summer. Thanks for being such an amazing role model :)

  • Olia

    Zuzanochka, thank you for your new workout!

  • La

    whoo! Just did this one and it felt awesome! Really great combination. I feel strong and out of breath and sweaty and everything. My score was

    burpees 7, 6, 5, 5, 5
    jump lunges 23, 23, 22, 22, 24
    jump rope jacks 22, 33, 38, 30, 31
    pull ups (assisted with chair on the way up) 9, 6, 5, 5, 4
    hanging knee raises 8, 14, 10, 10, 10
    ninja jumps 6, 5, 5, 5, 6

    Not bad for the end of a long day:) What were your numbers Zuzana?

    Have a good night!


  • Emily

    I’m going to do my best to push hard. My goal is to have arms and abs like yours. I’m usually on the ball when it comes to workouts, its the eating I have a hard time with. I eat clean but making sure my portions are small and I don’t go back for seconds is usually a challenge for me, but I’m working on it.
    Thanks for the encouragement I always appreciate it.
    I’d love it if you did some more diet related videos with some pep talk on portion sizes etc. That’s were I need the most help. ;) Thanks again love your site your encouragement always helps give me that extra boost.

  • Sarah O

    Thank you for your dedication and intensity! I am totally with you in preparation for the summer!!

    I am struggling with eating better, but I have improved 10fold in motivation & doing my workouts consistantly.

    Diet changes will come slowly thru practice but the change WILL come :) I’m very excited about a healthier, fit ME!

  • Marilyn

    Hi Zuzana,

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Now, do you really think anyone can do that Ninja Jump Tucks? Only you can do that. I was down on the loor preparing to attempt it, but couldn’t move (hahha). But each morning I run for 20 minutes then I do a body workout for another 20 minutes. But I eat all that I’ve done. I always seems to undo my accomplishment. Can you give me any suggestion. OOps, I slipped again, had some sweets, well tomorrow is another day. Thanks, I’m glad you feel better hope Freddy is feeling better also.


    • Frederick

      Hi Marilyn – try the cheat for the ninja tucks.

  • Amber frm Canada

    HeHe, I promise both myself and you Zuzana, I will continue to work as hard as I can. ;) I am loving the shape i’m getting into….it would be a shame to slack off now.

  • Randi


    I found your website a couple weeks ago and love it!

    I am working towards getting my personal training certification while finishing up Human Kinetics at our local college. From there I’m looking to go into Physiotherapy with some training on the side.

    Also, I am going into my 9th year of coaching track and field. Your exercises have been wonderfully implemented into our club, and into my workout routine.

    I feel great when I do them, and I know the results are going to come.

    Thank you so much for your videos and incredible knowledge of body weight exercises!


    p.s. I was wondering where you get your sports bras. I have a larger chest and can’t seem to find ones that works for me! Any suggestions?

  • Joshua

    Nice workout. What is the make and model number of the timer you use?

    thanks! keep it up!


    • Frederick

      Hi Josh – there is a blue link in the post to the timer site :)

  • Brett

    Another awesome workout. Thank you for the continued inspiration + the work put into the site.

  • d

    zuzana, i totally agree with u, and i’m going to make a promise to you,frederick, and all the other bodyrockers that are ready for a positive body change that i will reach my goal by the time summers here, which will be around the time that i leave school for my summer break. and i hate breaking promises so i promise that i’m going to get into shape and be happy and healthy!!


  • katia

    I too was falling behind been a little lazy lately cause three days ago I pushed myself too much exercising and was really sore!!! but now I promise although I am a beginner my goal is to loose 20lbs and will start tomorrow friday by getting up earlier. I am so glad and feel you are with me too, you are a great inspiration thank you!!!

  • Tara

    i feel special we were both sick at the same time zuzana…. and today was my first day back too. haha

  • Katie

    I too want to enjoy my summer. I guess I never looked at it that way, but it’s so true, I would enjoy my summer 100 times more if I were in my best shape. Thank you for ‘waking me up’. This will definitely motivate me. I enjoy all your videos and tips. It’s been one of the most helpful sites on the internet. Right now, I am out oh shape and need to lose weight, about 10-15 lbs. I would really like to know how tall you are and how much you weigh, but I know it’s a personal question and I understand that you would want to keep it to yourself. If I could know your measurements, I could estimate mine because you are my inspiration.

  • lil

    Hi Zuzana!!!

    Congrats for your awesome website…I LOVE your daily workouts!!!! But I was just wondering how you do your streaching?? It must be important too right?


    • Frederick

      Hi Lil – we have a full stretching routine in the daily workouts section :)

  • Azier-’di

    I just finished the workout and it was very intensive. I did the best I could. I was able to conquer the Ninja Jump Tucks. Zuzana, my arms are the weakest part of my body. I had problems doing the pull ups; I could barely pull myself up but I did not give up (YAY ME) LOL. Can you tell me how to overcome this?

    btw……I’m so glad you and freddy are feeling much better :-)


    • Frederick

      put 1 foot up on the seat of a chair to take some of the weight off of your arms – it will make the pull up a lot easier :)

      • Azier-’di

        Thanks, I’ll make sure I do that :-)

  • Abby

    I am making my promise!
    I really want to get into good shape this summer
    and i want to be a support for my sisters to do the same thing.
    Im working on getting the pull up bar and the timer so that I can do your workouts better.
    Ive worked up my strength and I feel great after my workout.
    Ive been doing my workout around noon, Ive thought about doing them in the morning also so that im pumped for the rest of the day, I think ill give it a try and see how it works, because if I do I have to be up by 5 a.m, which isnt easy.

    Thank you for all your help, and keep up with the workouts so that you can push us to push ourselves.

    Abby :)

  • Cassidy

    I’m excited to try this!
    I can’t pull my own body weight yet – well, I’ve never tried, but, maybe I will this time!

    Here’s my promise! Down 2% more in BF and 3 more inches on my midsection!

    I hope I can get this done by the summer.

  • cat

    been following your workouts and think they r FAB!! just wondering where you get your workout clothes from as i am in dia need of some new stuff and ur attire is rather cool! cheers.

    •!/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla


  • Dai

    You said you were going to workout in the morning, will you eat breakfast before or workout on an empty stomach?

  • Brianna

    Hey! Thanks to your workouts and your advice on food and all of your fitness tips I already love the way my body looks! It’s hard to imagine it looking better but when I look at you, especially your six pack I know that I have MUCH more that I can do and you make me feel inspired! Can’t wait to kick my ass in this workout and let you know how I did :) My 30 challenge will be one on March 17th but I’m going to take only a week off and maybe start another one over again.. Cutting out the sweets has really made a huge difference! Thanks again!

    • Brianna

      My 30 day challenge will be done* on March 17th

  • Ruth

    Hi Z&F,

    Thank you for keeping on our asses about the summer… it’s easy to loose sight of that, but I promise that I will keep training hard and eating well so that I have the best summer of my life, at least fitness wise ;)

    Can’t wait to do this one tommorrow, TY!

  • silvia

    this workout is so hard!

    Thank’s for your motivation..

  • Katy

    Wow you guys are so awesome! I’m stoked to do this work out tonight at the gym! You are such an inspiration Zuzana! Thank you to both you and Freddy for making this site and these work outs! I am determined to get in shape. And this is my promise!
    Much thanks,

  • Daniela(svunk)

    Cau Zuzi,
    je super ze uz se citite oba lepe a muzes nas zase zacit zasypavat cvicenickem :)
    Plne souhlasim a prisaham,ze ze sebe dam vsechno abych tohle leto vypadala tak jak jsem vzdycky chtela,jinak jak spravne rikas,leto bude stat za prd,jelikoz se budu stydet nekde svleknout..ehmm.No ja si ted planuji kazdy tyden trosku rozmanite,asi 3-5 dni tvych workoutu,ktere stridam nebo kombinuji s behanim nebo plavanim asi 40 minut abych se zbavila jak nejrychleji tech speku na brise(jde to fakt pomalu),jak si sama rekla ve videu odpovedi na otazky,je potreba drit tolik az to v danem a chtenem miste bude videt,coz je pravda,ale ja bych asi musela cvicit od rana do vecera a do toho jeste prace a to nelehka,ale proto prave myslim ze to jde pomalu,jsem na tihu proste zvykla….s dietou mam porad trochu problem,snazim se jist tak jak ty,”non processed”,ale je to tiha a neda se vzdycky,nejak to placam no,ale potom co jsem vas poznala uzivam zivota lepe,takze DIKY JO…kisses to YOU BOTH.

  • Christine

    Hey Zuzana! The ninja jump is so hard… I can’t do it, so I put my hands on the floor to get from my knees to my feet and then I jump. And I can’t do 1 pull up…so I do the same mouvement with my arms with 10 pounds dumbell.
    Thanks for the new work out!

  • becca

    Hey zuzana:D I am with you 100%, I am going to be busting my butt along with u haha nd my body is going to be uhhh-mazing by summer.

    I have been following your workouts everyday since the new year, nd have seen crazy progress. My ninja jump tux r so much better compared to the first time i tried them in the hard bodies workout. The past few days wen u have been sick i went back and did the “O” faced workout, hot body intv. training, 550 killer reps, and the new 12 min. workout. I have been going pretty good, but now its officially time to kick it up a notch. I will be focusing more on my portions, and keep them small while eating often.

    Its really so cool to have u as our own virtual personal trainer lol no way would i be doing anything as great as this by myself. You come up with the greatest workouts that i actually look foward to doing.

    Anyway I was dripping by the end of this workout. I can only do 1.5 pull ups unassisted, and have really not been doing the assisted ones correctly, it was more of a jump. I thought doing them w my foot on the chair the whole time would be too easy, but it is so much more effective than the way i was doing before. I can feel that i am going to make much more progress on them.

    O yea it would be really cool if u would post a yoga routine that we could do on a day we need rest, but still keeping lightly active.

    I will be back everyday and sticking to this intensity lol XD

  • Chantelle

    Hey Zuzana,
    What time do you normally wake up in the morning and do your workouts?

  • Scott

    Every time I watch one of your workouts, I am amazed by your level of fitness! As for me, I’m NO where near that yet. The best I think I’ll be able to manage is the “Absolute Beginner’s” workout in the Workout Archives (barely). I’m hoping that, along with my physiotherapist’s guidance (I have some back problems as well as being overweight), and some diet changes, I will get closer to where I want to be.
    Thank you both for creating a refreshingly open, honest and helpful website! It has truly meant a lot to find and feel inspired again.
    Many thanks,
    P.S. I think I’ll make that promise – I’ve always wanted to be in great shape for summer – enough procrastinating: I want to make 2010 the year.
    P.P.S Picked up “In Defense of Food” yesterday – fascinating read!

  • Renee

    I was amazed at how hard the Ninja Jumps are. I went to attempt this excercise because you make it look soooooo EASY! Lets just say, I was not able to make it up.

  • Rebecca

    i couldnt thanks you enough for creating more interval workout as requested a while back… i just feel like i get more out of it this way…..all of your workouts kick my butt…but i love it!. thank you again for your awesome work…

  • Mickela

    Hi guys I am so glad you are back on track. I was looking for a new video all day long. in terms of working hard and getting ready for the Summer, I am glad to have you as my mentor, guide, it will make the task of being fit and healthy a lot more exciting and will keep me from losing focus and drive to achieve as you say the best shape possible.

    I have been keeping up with some of your old workouts, and am keeping track of my improvements. I am so much stronger and it feels really good. I am also keeping up on my diet, eating 5-6 healthy meals a day.
    I see many many changes in my physique, so I will keep going this is a great challenge. I also must add this is an amazing mood enhancer.

    Cheers so glad that you are back on track and ready to kick some butt. ninja jump tucks I seriously need to work on those and the pull ups.


  • Leonora

    To say a promise is much, but I will say those words. I accept that challenge with my pleasure. You give all your effort to explain us how to get into a good shape and you are so kind. I actually feel a whole lot better when I exercise, so why wouldn’t I try harder? The feeling when you look yourself in the mirror and you feel completely satisfied with yourself is really worth. And especially when you wear summer clothes that reveal much. Is cellulite and fat fun? No! That’s why we should all keep up with workouts and eat less. You get a lot of advantages. You can find more various clothes if you’re thinner. And in the end you feel like you accomplished to fight against a major problem in your life:)

  • Lauren

    Hey Zuzanna and Frederick!

    I am so pumped and motivated by you! I promise to stay diligent in my workouts. Thank you for being such an inspiration.


  • GoForThisWorld

    Question about eating pattern, last meal of the day, and morning workouts: If one does not eat a heavy meal before going to bed, how will one have the energy to workout first thing in the morning? When one eats many small meals throughout the day, doesn’t each small meal give nourishment that lasts for about 2 to 3 hours only, and, if last meal of the day is a small meal about 2 hours before bed-time, won’t one be close to under-nourishment when one wakes up, and not be able to workout immediately on waking?

  • Solveig


    I am waching your videos and it is so inspireing for me. I made a propimse to myself in january that I would get stronger this year and get in better shape for the summer. And now I am very excited.

    Thanks for shareing :o )

  • oliapgh

    Zuzana, can you please give me the number of reps you did for each exercise in each round. thank you much.

  • vivian

    my single major issue is when i get back from my 12 hr night shifts working in the intensive care unit. i feel so worn out and stressed that i eat emotionally and all my motivation is gone until i wake up from my sleep or work out. i work three times a week, so those three days hinder my progress. this is my obstacle i must beat!!

  • Rachelle

    GIRL!!! I am sooo down with you!! You COMPLETELY motivate me!! I LOVE the constant SUMMER IS COMING…cause it’s true!! I bought myself an adorable yellow bikini, my goal is to totally look smashing!!

    I got my Gymboss!!!!!! I LOVOOOVEEE it!! Like slightly obsesed, it’s so fantastic, I love the vibrate option, cause I am always rockin out to loud music while I workout. Totally fabulous.

  • Eve


    I’m a Domestic Goddess, (okay “at home mom” if domestic goddess is too much for you. HA!) At this time I’m not comfortable with going to the gym and leaving my son in the care of someone else…soooo I started working out a home. Started to get really bored with my workouts and went on a search for something more challenging and different. Finding is a blessing. Zuzana and Fredric thank you so much for your time and effort. The giving of your knowledge of health and fitness is helping so many.

    I KNOW I’m going to be sore tomorrow. This is so cool. Thanks for bringing back the soreness. :-)

    Peace and Love from Texas


  • Mark

    Thanks for another great workout. I know you get tons of questions everyday but my simple question is, do you workout as soon as you wake up with nothing in your system except for water/coffee??

  • Maggie DeGroat

    I want not only to promise that I will work my butt off to achieve the body I would like to have, but to also make myself know that I am a hard-won prize of a woman, who works determinedly for what she wants. I work to make others work, and so far, it is fun. Thank you Zuzana, you are my hero for the quality exercises you bring to the table.

  • Radovan


    I want to ask if the pull-up bar would hold also if there was no door frame. I mean if it is holding on the other side of the door on the frame or is it just pressing against wall. I’m asking because my door frames are completely built in the walls.


  • LeeMarie

    I am so excited about this workout! I have to go buy one of those pull-up bars for the doorway. I’ll do that tomorrow on the way home. You have my promise on getting in the best shape this summer! I have been doing great so far. Thank you for the awesome motivation. I hope your sugar challenge is still going well. I am starting another one on the 20th. I am glad to see you are feeling better. :)

    -Lee Marie

  • Brianna

    i’ve officially decided i’m not letting another summer go by where i don’t have my six pack! thank you for fully motivating me into this, and providing great workouts and fitness tips as always.

    p.s. i love those pants! i know they are lulu but i couldn’t find anything like them online :( do you know the name of the pant and where do you get your lululemon stuff? thanks :)

    I’ve made my promise,

  • Vicky

    Thanks for the awesome workout guys; I am looking forward to completing it tomorrow morning!

    My partner and I have just recently switched to 6 small portions a day and we are both feeling better for it already. I haven’t got him doing the workouts yet but I’m sure he’ll join in when he sees how well it is shaping me up for summer.

    I promise that I am going to step it up a gear and do my best to get in shape for summer. I still have a bit of baby weight to lose but I love that I can feel muscles that I’d forgotten I had, as a result of doing your workouts for only a couple of weeks. More importantly I feel fitter already and more alive. Finding your site has been the kick I needed to get out of my unhealthy rut, thank you :) x

  • Tiffany Stephens

    I had to leave you in my dust.. I’m glad you’re back!!!

  • Chelsea

    Oh! and how are you doing with your new 30 day challenge? Did you start it over? I am on day 16…still going strong, but I’ve been having some pretty major chocolate cravings! Brutal! More than half way there though. :)

  • Chelsea

    Promise! :)

  • Carla

    hello, hello
    I see you are feeling better :-)
    The push up picture is awesome.
    Will try this out tomorrow.

  • Regan P

    Hey, your such an inspiration and I will also wake up earlier for my work outs. I’m going on my first trip in ten weeks and want to look my best. With your help I believe I can do it.