Mar 23 2010

600 Rep Sexier Body Workout

Hi guys,

Today I did one of my older workout routines and beat my old personal best. This time I was paying more attention to my form and I didn’t take any longer breaks between exercises. The last time that I did this workout, I pushed hard but my form wasn’t the best and I had to take a lots of breaks in between the exercises. You can see from the video that my Prisoner squats were a lot deeper this time around and for the jump lunges I was making sure to go all the way down to touch the ground lightly with my back knee. I managed to complete this workout in 32 minutes and 11 seconds. I am using my ultra fabulous Gymboss Interval Timer as a stop watch.

Your can find the original workout here.

Today’s Workout:

1. Half Burpees With Calve Raises – 60 reps

2. One Leg Push Up – 60 reps (switching legs)

3. Jump Lunges (all the way down and touch the ground slightly with your back knee) – 60 reps

4. One Leg Dead Lift – 30 reps on each leg

5. Crunches With Leg Extensions – 60 reps

6. Prisoner Squats and Front Kick – 60 reps (switching legs)

7. One Leg Tricep Dip – 60 reps (switching legs)

8. One Leg Jump Knee Up – 30 reps on each leg

9. Chest Lift – 60 reps

10. Over The Chair Kick – 30 reps on each leg

Half Burpees with Calve Raise. Start by standing with your feet about hip width apart, squat down, put your hands on the ground in front of you and jump with your feet back into plank. Your body has to be in one straight line. Contract all of your muscles and don’t drop your hips or arch your back. Jump with your feet back into a squat and as you rise up, extend your arms towards the sky and lift your heels up off of the floor. Repeat this exercise 60 times and then move to the next one.

One Leg Push Up. Get into plank and raise one leg up off of the floor. Bring your chest towards the ground, bending your elbows and keeping your body in a straight line. Push up, switch legs and repeat. Do 60 reps total (each push up counts as one rep) and move directly to the next one. As you can see in the video, I had to eventually start doing these from my knees.

Jump Lunges. Get into a lunge position. The shin of your front leg should be vertical, and your thigh parallel to the ground. Try to keep your back straight and your chest up. Keep the weight on the front heel and touch the ground lightly with your back knee before you jump up. Switch legs as you jump up and land softly on the balls of your feet and get immediately down into a lunge as you land. Repeat this exercise 60 times and move on to the next one.

One Leg Dead Lift. Stand on one leg and bend the knee of the other leg. Find your balance point, and start bending over, pushing your hips back and keeping your back straight. Bend the knee of your standing leg slightly and touch the ground with your hands. You have to keep all of the muscles in your standing leg, abs and core contracted. Do 30 reps on each leg and then move one to the next exercise.

Crunches with Leg Extensions. Lay on your back keeping your legs and your shoulders just a few inches off of the ground. Engage your core muscles and bring your knees and chest together in a jack knife motion. Repeat this exercise 60 times and move on.

Prisoner Squats with Front Kicks. Squat down until your hips are lower than your knees. Your toes are pointing slightly outwards and your knees are tracking your toes. Keep the weight on your heels and your shins vertical. Keep your chest up and your shoulders back and down. Push off of the heels and drive your hips up. Thrust your hips forward as you kick one leg in front of you. When you are kicking the leg up, make sure to raise your knee up first to get your thigh parallel to the ground and then extend your leg pushing through the heel. This exercise should be a fluent motion. Do 60 reps total switching legs after each rep and then move on.

One Leg Tricep Dip. Get into a crab position as shown in the first picture and then raise your leg up bending your elbows. Do 60 reps switching legs after each rep.

One Leg Jump Knee up. Shift your weight on one leg and drive the other leg behind and across the standing leg. Push your hips back until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Push off of the heel of the standing leg and jump driving the back knee up. Do 30 reps on each leg and move one to the next exercise.

Chest Lift. Lay on your belly and clasp your hands behind your head. Squeeze your butt, and as you inhale lift your chest up off of the mat. Bring your chest back down as you exhale. Repeat this exercise 60 times and then move on.

Over The Chair Kick. Stand behind a chair slightly sideways and kick the inside leg up and over the chair. Keep your core muscles tight, chest up and your shoulders back and down. Do 30 reps on each leg.

Congratulations, you have finished this workout. I hope that you wrote down your time so that you can beat your personal best the next time.


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  • Cynthia ツ

    October 22, 2014

    I completed this in 37 mins. Push ups done on knees.

    On August 21st, I finished in 39 mins.

  • kat<3bodyrocker4life

    I did this one just a little different instead of doing 60 reps each I did it 30 reps each 2 x thru so basically still completed 600 reps =)  My time was 24:38  Thank you so much for this Amazing Workout XOXO

  • Anonymous

    9/12/2011 – 36:17
    22/12/2011 – 32:02

    I did all the reps without any modifications, but i had to take a lot of breaks in between. That only means I can beat my time again by taking less breaks :)

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know the button pants she is wearing here? I love them! 

  • Anonymous

    35:11. 8/5, vacation workout #1. I did this way slower than last time…but I did all the 1-leg push ups full, & made sure my back knee touched down in my lunges. I did this workout from our dock, which has a very pretty view. I’ll try to attach a picture.

  • Lenka Slovakia

    LOVE this work out… Was searching for some w.o whitch i havent done jet. and i found one:} and it was briliant… It took me 46:45 no modification wich i am very happy about but THE TIME could be better… next time wanna be done in 40 minutes…
    Number 5 The cranches were very very hard… 60 of them there were 60! :o ) I did first 20 in one go and then break them to the parts of 10 and 5…
    Oki, off to shower and lunch…

  • Kay

    WOWOWOW! even with having to take my time with the burpees cuz of my ankle, i finished this workout in 34 mins!! Thats 28 mins faster than the last time i did it! (took me 62 mins the first time i did this a while back) wow i’m amazed at my progress!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Did this one this morning at the first time. Brutal! After yesterdays 7min burbee-push ups, I could do the one leg push ups only from my knees. This took me 32:40min. I’m happy whit that. :) Thank you! ♥ 

  • Zoe Quixote

    3rd time: 44:30… again, all of my burpees had a full push-up, ’cause that’s how i did it the first time. and all my one-legged push-ups were full! so, i wish it were faster, but i’m still happy!

  • Lamya Layal Guellim

    Did this one today :) in 31: 28 thanks it was a KILLER :D

  • Tara Fox

    tough but well worth crossing the finish line – my time was 31:23

  • Anonymous

    I repeated this workout with my husband today. I love this one! I beat my score from Saturday by a little. Saturday I completed it in 30:37, today my time was 30:29. I’m happy with that, considering that I did the “Fat Assassin” workout today at my lunch break.

    My husband completed it in 39:00

    **Only 6 of my push-ups were full**

  • Anonymous

    I did this workout in Las Vegas before hitting the pool. This was tough!

    30:37. Only 10 of the push-ups were full, the rest I had to do from my knees. I followed with 16 minutes of skipping,

  • Zoe Quixote

    yay!! ok. 40:56– not a great time, but it’s 11 minutes better than last time (2 weeks ago) and i did a push-up with every burpee, because i did that last time without realizing, and couldn’t beat my time if i changed it :D DDD

  • Chelsea Schuur

    Just did this workout for the 2nd time :) My first time in Oct 2010 was 33min, this time? 23min! =D

  • ZoeRocker

    I just tried this workout for the first time and it took me 38 mins and 14 seconds. It was really tough and because the reps are so high for each exercise I got really slowed down by some of them (push ups, I did 30 regular and 30 from my knees.) I am sweating buckets!

  • Gabitaspecial

    wow. This is great. everything that you do here is great. You are ‘killing’ me with that training, but i’ll do it anyway. I love the way you look and I apreciate the fact that you are an ‘action girl’. Most of the girls don’t like to sweat. I love your muscle. And in spite of the people who said that this is not for the laddies, I can say that you are gorgeous and very feminine.
    Sorry if I misspelled any word.
    So, greetings from Romania.

  • Aiymie Black

    OMG!!!! the first time I did this workout i did it in 39 minutes and 43 seconds. this time i got to 39 minutes and i was only halfway through the workout. what happened??? i thought about it and determined that there are several factors that might come into play:
    1. I didi this workout first thing when I woke up. I usually workout in the evening a few hours after i woke up (had to do it early because the family is taking a trip that will take all evening)
    2. I haven’t eaten anything yet
    3. I’m at a higher altitude. I’m looking at this one as the most likely cause. The town in which I have done all of these workouts is at 97meters and the town i’m in right now is at 1298. I was reading in an article that cardiac performance takes a hit when there’s a 1000m difference.
    4. I took a two day break from the workouts.

    so what do you guys think? are any of these factors enough to slow me down THAT much????
    In any case, I’ll be trying this one again tomorrow!

  • abbas

    i am very great full i like your face and sexy body

  • veronica paola nieto

    hola mi nombre es paola y soy de argentina cordoba ,me gusta mucho tu guimnacia ,siempre te estoy viendo espero que me puedas dar algunos ejercisios para leventar la cola te mndo un beso y gracias!

  • veronica paola nieto

    hola!mi nombre es paola y soy profe de guim de aerobica pero me gusta mucho tu guimnacia siempre te estoy viendo soy de argentina mi probincia cordoba capital.quisiera ver movimientos para los gluteos te mando un beso y gracias por escuchar mi comentario,espero que puedas entender ya que no hablo ingles


    it’s so brutal but I finished in 38 min… Is it too late?????

  • mf

    Did this one for the first time today, and it’s immediately one of my favorites. So challenging.

    I had to modify both the pushups and the crunches at is still took me 51:42. Terrible! ;)

  • sharon

    simply rocking..

  • Christina

    Wow, this work out is amazing! Thank you!!

  • Ashley Smith

    Hey another amazing workout …much harder than the 550 …..but I think the 550 workout gave me the strength to do this one. I did it in 19 mins 35 seconds..
    I’m going to try all of your workouts they make me feel great.

  • Kik

    Great workout. I was surprised to finish in 29:53 considering I paused for water and exhaustion a few times. Can’t wait to do better next time. I’ll have my husband do your Italy interval version of this workout tonight.

  • Michal

    Hi Zuzana!
    This work out is grete. I went to holiday to Poland 3 weeks ago and I do this work out every day except weekends. This is incredibly !!! I lost a lot weight I feel stronger and much better. My body has been change a lot. This work out is always exciting for me and I waiting evry day for work out time. Whole my life I had proble with overweight! Now i feel more atractive and convinient. I met somebody. Thank you for new life :) ))

    You are wonderful person! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge !!!

  • Chloe Blanchard

    Hey there I’m a personal trainer, I just did it in 24.48min, I could done it with much better form…I cheated a little, i split it up into 2 rounds of 300reps. But I’m impressed with my time, it’s really good workout!

  • Caesar

    really intensive workout. i could do it only in about 50 minutes.. it was really hard for me to do it without a lot of breaks

  • Sage

    That was brutal! I loved it!

  • Nova

    I love this work out! It’s the next day and I’m feeling it in all the right places :)

  • angie292

    Great workout! Modified as I was running short on time before a meeting so only did a 300 rep workout. Best part was I could do the whole thing in my office with music going and no one was the wiser :) Thank you

  • Andrea

    I´ve just finished this workout and it really kicked my ass I did bad my score was 54 minutes and 12 seconds I tried my best but I enojoy it and I feel awsome:D


  • jabisk

    OMG! I was a dripping wet mess when I finished this workout. I really pushed myself and completed it in 36:37. Awesome workout and I love your website! Keep up all your efforts :)

  • Brittany

    This is my first workout with you and it kicked my ass! Thanks, it’s just what I needed.

  • Cricri from the French Riviera

    Hi Zu and Frederick,

    I choose this workout for today, to continue the 2 months challenge wth you ;)

    Last time, i do it in 39′ ….
    and today in 31′ ……. ;) ))))) Im happy !!!

  • Hatice

    I finished this workout about 5 minutes ago.. managed to do it in 34 minutes 88 secondssss. This was one of the most intense workouts i’ve ever done. Even running 45 minutes straight on a treadmill isn’t as strenous lol

    but my neck was hurting more than my abs while i was doing the crunches with leg extensions.. i think my form was bad or something

    anyway thanks Zuzana for the workout and Freddy for the pics and filming :)

  • kelly

    i just finished the workout in 30 minutes. sweat is pouring down my face.. this workout made me feel so good, thank you!

  • Borge

    Here are my recent times:

    26.03.10: 33:42
    10.05.10: 30:11
    31.05.10: 30:07 (16 kg kettlebell on the one legged deadlifts)
    27:06:10: 29:30
    31.07.10: 28:34

    I try to do this one as a test once a month. Basically I vary between your tabata-style bodyweight workouts (and a few of my own), regular weight lifting and intervallic/long distance running. I try to work out 5 days per week.

    I have rediscovered TRUE motivation, the one that comes from within, and can’t imagine another way of life – I love alI the positive side effects of physical exercise and “conscious eating”, and sometimes I like to say that it’s the regular training that keeps me sane! ;-)

    Keep up the good work and keep smiling! :-D

  • Kasper

    Hiya… this is embarassing.. I normally workout 3-4 times a week in the gym (training for more body strength and mass), but this program completely devastated me. I’m not used to do so many reps and so many exersises using the legs… so my time was 1 hour and 6 minutes (including 10 minute warming up and checking out how to do some of the exercises).. I know I will do better next time, but wow.. it was extremely hard and good!

    • Kasper

      Just tried it again, I managed to shave off 12 mins from my previous time :)

  • Cassidy

    Uhm i have a question.
    For someone who is beginning to workout would it be appropriate to cut the reps in half as to make the workout a little bit more achievable? Because I’d love to workout daily but your level of strength is far beyond mine and the workouts you say are hard are near impossible for me.

    • Kasper

      @ Cassidy; I wouldn’t cut the reps in half, you will lose too much intensity. Instead prolong the breaks between the sets … or/and you can modify the exercises to be less hard – like taking the pushups on your knees, dont go all the way down in squats, do normal situps etc.
      Also do them slower for more control.
      I couldn’t do it as fast as she did, and I prolonged the break between the sets but kept the amount of reps.. it was still extremely hard and sweaty work!! ;)

      But I would keep the amount of reps as they are. Hope you can use this reply :)

  • Caleb

    I finished 5 of the 10 workouts before I went to work at in n out burger and almost threw up. I finished the other last five workouts after work. I think I need to eat better before I workout. How long do you wait after eating, in order to workout?

  • Codie

    I just had a few questions and it looks like people have already asked.. But i was just wondering how long it took you to look the way you do. When did you first notice you were getting toned?

  • maria

    I have loved your workouts so far. I haven’t been very strict with them, because I do 12 hour shifts and am burnt out when I get home, but I love them when I have time off and do your workouts days in a row. Feels great! I am also worried b/c I am pregnant now, only 5 weeks, but worried I wont be able to keep up. Do you have any advice?

  • john

    Just did this workout again and shaved 7 minutes off my previous best. In my last post after completing this workout I asked “how in the hell did you do this in 32 minutes?”. Well, since I was able to get my time down to 36 minutes, I guess it can be done.

  • Brennan

    I LOVED this workout! Got me out of a workout rut! Thank you SO much for publishing this!

  • Francesco

    wow! I’ve just tried this workout first time.. It’s great!
    Thanks Zuzana!

  • Giselle

    Just want to let you know I completed the workout in 43min..not too bad for the first time. It was for sure very intense!!!!! couldn’t help but to catch my breath..definitely better than a trip to the gym! =)

  • Renee

    33 minutes…first time ever. Though I did do it differently by splitting the reps in half and doing the sequence twice. Same amount of reps though I’m sure not as much intensity. I’ll work on it!

    Zuzana – can I ask what kind of door frame pull-bar you used in your last apartment? I just bought one today and it’s terrible! It’s supposed to mount without screws but as soon as I tried to do a dead hang on it I came crashing to the floor! I can’t actually do a proper chin up or pull-up yet but I’d really like to develop the strength to do it by the end of the summer! Any suggestions for strength training to do at home to build up those muscles for doing a pull-up in the interim while I get a better chin-up bar that doesn’t fall off?

  • Sarah

    ok, i have decided to do this every evening. and i wanted to thank you for making these helpful videos available. hopefully it works!!!

  • blanca

    its so awesome that you have pictures for this workout, i wish all your workouts had these pictures because i printed them out and did your workout at the park using the pictures as workout cards! loved it and love your workouts!

  • Matias

    Hello, I am an upcoming model in my country, and I wanted to get my bod into a better shape than it was, so a friend of mine recomended me this site. i just wanted to say thank you for posting this workout up as it definately worked. But I also have a question, my balance still isn’t what I’d like it to be, do you know of any workouts to help improve it? Thanks again.

  • Lauren

    45 minutes…damn i’m outta shape :(

  • Amber Lilley


    Krásná Kočka! You look incredible! You work out hard! You motivate others! You share your insights and experiences! You make it look effortless, when it’s really not! Truly, you are an inspiring woman! Thank you for your web site x (now I just hope my husband doesn’t find this site because you are too hot for words!)

    x Hezký České x

  • Mavi

    This is one of the best workouts EVER… YOU ARE GREAT! THANKS SO MUCH!! you are the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue

    Hi. I have been doing interval training for a while and LOVE it. I have a question for you though. First of all, I had knee surgery, so I have to slightly alter some of the moves so I do not aggravate my injury (the jump squats put too much pressure on my knee =( ) . My question is if you are unable to do the entire 60 reps is it more effective to push yourself and sacrifice form or switch your stance to an easier version (eg. push ups switching from toes to knees..) to maximize effectiveness. Should I do less reps and work up to the 60 or try to get the 60 in no matter what and just change my stance? I would really appreciate your advice. LOVE the site BTW!!!!

  • Rebecca

    I completed it right at an hour’s time, including my five minute warm-up. I’m used to working out daily, but this one kicked my hind end. (I fell flat on my face during the one armed dead lifts!)
    Thanks for giving my boyfriend a laugh, and keep up the good work! You’re awesome!

  • Rose

    Well i just did it again and my time was 37 minutes. I think I need a nap.
    Thanks Zuzana!

  • Renee

    Pull-ups? Hi Zuzana (or anybody else reading this). I haven’t done this workout but I have done other ones of yours. I wanted to ask about pull-ups and chin-up. I recently started taking a trapeze course and you really need to be able to do those to be able to do some of the tricks and I am so embarrassed to be the only one in the class who can’t even do ONE pull-up or chin-up.

    I know that the only way to be able to do them is to keep on practicing but I don’t have a bar at home (I intend on getting one), no gym membership and I only take this trapeze course once a week so I can’t practice there and even when I’m there, I’m usually doing other stuff. I’d feel a bit like a predator going to the local playground and using the monkey bars as well!

    In the mean time, are there any sorts of strength-training that I could do at home that can be done to help build up the strength in the muscles that are needed to do pull-ups and chin-ups? I tried doing pull-ups on a door, but the swinging of the door made it really hard to do.

    Anyway…any help would be greatly appreciated! I’d like to not be the only weakling in my class who can’t even do one chin-up or pull-up. =(

  • Juanita

    I did this workout this morning. It was the first workout I was trying from your website. It felt so much harder than my gym routines! I felt wiped out but it was awesome! It took me 42 minutes. I did most of the pushups on my knees, gotta work on that upper body strengh…I’ll definitely be giving this workout another try to see if I improve!

    Thank you for all the great inspiration, your site is wonderful! Have a great vacation!

  • David

    Excellent workout routine. Excited to try for first time this morning!

  • Danijela

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’m confused…why the 55 second interval if you counted by doing 60 reps? Thanks.

  • Rose

    40 minutes! First time I’ve done it. I loved this workout! Every muscle in my body feels abused :)

  • Bobbi Kaye

    Ah! I didn’t know you had posted a new workout today after I watched your video about being drunk in Rome…lol I did an old one and now I’m sad cus this one looks way more awesome! ^_^ I would do it if I wasn’t already pooped from the other workout I did. I wouldn’t make it 5 minutes into this before I was a blob of jello at this moment. But on the up side at least I have a killer workout to do in the morning!!!!! <3
    ANother thing I love about you guys' workouts is that it's not only a physical test of strength it's a mental test as well. People forget that it's a mental thing too when they work out. I see people all the time start and then just give up part way through just when you have to tell yourself to keep pushing. Can't wait to see more of your trip!

  • Steve O

    The first time i did this (abt 2months ago) my time was 57min…My NEW TIME IS 38min!! Thx so much! that shows that im obviously in better shape.

  • Safiyyah N

    25 minutes and 19 seconds, i did the one leg push ups on my knees though ( i still need to build my arm strength :/)…im an excersize maniac :p i ran a mile before doing this as sort of a warm up and i think im going to do your latest workout after this :)
    -Love from Texas <3

  • John

    I just completed this workout in 43 mins. I have been doing your exercises, not your exact workouts, for about a month and I thought I would blast through it but as always it kicked my butt. How in the hell did you make it through in 32 mins?!?!?!?!? I’m gonna have to try this one again. I’m gonna try your 550 rep workout next!

  • DK Stangeland

    I’m a stay at home mom and I love your workouts – 42:22 something to shoot for eh?

  • Aleksandrina

    After having completed the Brutal 8 Exercise Drill Workout for 11:49 I had some energy left and decided to perform the 600 reps workout. I completed it in 32:46 min. I don’t think I will be able to walk properly today…. Thanks one more time

  • http://bodyrocktv ana

    zusana hi first of all I love your page and since January realizp is exercise that you really are a role model, I usually exercise in the morning before going to college at 5 am or at night when I get to study and work and conducted five days a week but now I have to work full time but I get tired and want to know if 4 days is sufficient magnitude if I’m not combining well and I do Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday now combine several of your routines and I feel very well but I know that you recommend in terms of food for days and not feel exhausted.

  • William Heyer

    Good workout, im always looking for something different, to keep me from being bored with regular workouts. Was able to complete it in 23:00

  • Catherine Michelle

    Thank you for the pictures!! I’m on dial-up internet, so it’s hard for me to follow the workout with streaming. I’ve to write each movement on paper or go by memory. I really really appreciate this option. As I’m a beginner (and this workout is not for me yet), I would LOVE to see the beginner workouts presented the same way!! I’m really impressed by the quality of your work and by your generosity. Also I really appreciate the simplicity of your presentation, without loud music or strange camera effects!!!!!

    You’re my inspiration!!!!!

    Catherine from Quebec, Canada

  • http://bodyrocktv ana

    I like this routine a lot thanks Zuzana!

  • Vilivil

    31:14, for the first time, but I’ve never been so close to give up. And I did in a way, because my muscles were exhausted by yesterday’s 550 Killer reps, and I played badminton too (really intensive), so I could do only 20 reps of one leg push up, then I had to do them on my knees (both of them), but next time it will be better. :D

  • ozziepossum

    Hi guys,

    Today I decided to plunge in head first after a few days off and attempted this workout for the second time. I honestly didn’t expect to complete in as good a time as before but I actually improved on my time by 1 minute and 21 seconds (31:43)

    I was feeling very weak and actually felt a bit sick at one stage. But I turned on the fan, had some water and pushed on. Very happy that I did. Today was the first time I’ve been able to put some training shoes on in almost 2 weeks! (I had very deep, nasty blisters on one foot)

    Zuzana, I hope you are feeling better. we are missing you.


    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Puff Puff Puff!

  • Ru

    More positive news to deliver. I did this workout for the second time today. The first time i did it was on 3-26-10 and my time was 34mins29secs. Well i am pretty stoked to say that just shy of a month later, after doing only your workouts 5-6 days a week, i finished it in 28mins33secs! That’s 6 minutes faster, and totally made my day. Thanks Zu ; )

  • jennifer

    Zuzana, this one is GREAT!! It is the first time I tried it and it took me 38:04. I have to say that the burpees and the one leg push ups were the worst! Your form is perfect! Keep the workouts coming, they’re awesome!!

  • Aimelie

    I love it how u can see that Zuzana has more definition in her muscles when u compare it the time she did the orginal video coz obviously her workouts are effective. I’m just starting her workouts and I love it how I have a selection to choose from each day and I know I won’t get bored. Many thanks!:)

  • Crystal

    Did this workout today. I really had to push myself to complete all the reps and I’m quite sure I’m going to be sore as heck tomorrow. Very proud of myself though I finished in 44.4 minutes (not including a break or two I had to take)

    Can’t wait to be as fit as you Zu!

  • Tabatha

    Hi Zuzana, Thanks for replying to my post. On Tuesday I did this workout, and I felt so out of shape. Though I work out 4 times a week, I havent done this kind of workout before. I was only able to do between 30-40 reps of each exercise. I completed it in about 45 mins (including warm up time). Yesterday I tried the damn sexy body work out and that was a huge challenge! Then I did this one again today and did anywhere from 35-40 reps of each exercise in 43 mins including warm up time. Doing it a second time felt easier because I felt more confident having done it before. Thanks!

  • Jeff

    I did this one last night with a friend. We did it in 20 mins. Took 10 sec breaks between exercises.

    • Steve


      Your doing it wrong then!

      • Steve

        Jeff even hahah

  • any

    this workout is hell, did it firs time yesterday, but i could complete like half of reps for each exc., but i am just starting, so i will get better :)

    • Ruth

      I am with you Any…
      I only could handle 20 of each set for right now – we will get better!

  • Jeff

    well, your in better shape then most us Firefighters. 52 min. I will work on it ;)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Thats cool :)

  • harjit

    Hi Zuzana,

    Can you also tell what muscles are working and how its going to improve the shape the body when working out.



  • Tabatha

    i go to the gym 4 times a week … i found this workout you posted and thought id try it, but had a question: would you recommend doing this all four days of my workout schedule or to incorporate other of your workout routines as well? thanks!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I think that you should mix it up for best results :)

  • Desire

    Hi Zuzana:

    I am extremely confuse between the daily workouts and the workout archives. Am I suppose to do the daily workouts everyday?… how about the workout archives? How would you recommend spreading this workout so I can get the best out of them? I love this website, your body and all this workouts? I just need to know who to orgaize my workout through out my weeks?



  • Gregor

    Hi. I’ve copleted this one i 30 minutes. This was my first attempt, so i expect i’ll do better next time. My goal is around 25 minutes. Zuzana you still look great as you do all the time and keep up with good work, bye.

  • Julie

    Thank you for the workouts. Did an intense 90 day thing loved it but got bored tring to do it a second time around. Your workouts are awesome. In this workout you did what I do and the secret to enjoying the pain. The joy of progress. That smile you had when you looked at the time is beautiful. Your still pushing perfection to a new level everyday. Your awesome.

  • Emily

    Just wanting to thank you for your commitment to health and fitness providing your own efforts along with this platform to display and inform the masses, like myself. You motivate and inspire me everyday, I will forever be grateful. I’ve just become a personal trainer and I use a lot of your workouts with my fellow trainers – and I get the “wow” factor for your innovated/challenging routines- always giving credit where due- promoting your website at every opportunity. You are appreciated! :)

  • Long

    1st attempt: ~50′ .. 2nd attempt (4.8.10): 36’55″

    yay… getting better. love your circuits. :)

  • Sarah

    So I tried this workout for the third time today. It took me 31 mins! :D As opposed to 42 mins(1st time), and 35 mins(2nd time).
    It is definitley a good idea to write down the times for your workouts! It’s encouraging to see your own improvements! :D And it shows that your workouts truly work! Thanks to both you and Fred! :)

  • Mary

    Hi, I was trying to access your diets page, but it’s pulling an error page instead. I was wonder what your diet consist of every day. Thanks!

    • Chris L

      Hi Mary,

      I’m pretty sure their diet consists mainly of food! 8-)

      Seriously, what would you expect Zuzana to say? She eats small portions about 6 times a day and drinks plenty of water. There is no secret to this. I have lost a bunch of fat since I returned to eating 6 half meals a day, drinking about a gallon of water in a day and I workout 6 days a week as well. I don’t think I would have lost as much weight without the exercise.


  • Monique

    I love your workouts it will just be hard to ever get in shape like you….your freakin ripped…go girl!

  • Charles

    So Zuzana all the reps in this workout equal to that amount? Wow that’s a challenge! I’m 12 years old and so far I’ve kept up with your workouts. I feel as strong like metal. Thanks for the website.

  • Michael

    Hi, I normally train via martial arts, but wanted to find another routine to condition my body further and luckily I cam across your routine. Since it was my first time I only did it at 50% (30 reps per position). My total time was 57 minutes, I realize that I’m used to training leg stuff and arm stuff but I need to imrpove my abdominal strength and work on my cardio and stamina. At the start I didn’t think it was too bad but after I got to the One leg tricep dips I was huffing and puffing away. It is intense! I’m going to keep with this routine until I break myself into it! Thanks!

  • Michelle From Canada

    I completed this workout in 29 minutes and 54 seconds. It was tough but I loved it. Thanks Zuzana for changing my life!

  • heather

    wow just pushed as hard as i could i dont know how u do it im gonna try this workout again in six weeks let u know how i did then but tonight my reps in order were 30,20,20,20 each leg,15,30,30,30,20,17 each leg by the way thx to ur workouts i weigh 149 lbs i havent been that low since before i had my first child five years ago and i just had my third nine weeks ago and due to eating clean and working out 4 nights a week i just keep losing weight woohoo!!!

  • nikol carlson

    Just started doing a workout a day on here preping for our beach vacation. Thanks for providing the workouts!

    Wish they were a little less sexy so that I would not feel like an idiot subscribing on youtube…

  • ozziepossum

    Zuzana, you’re killing me! I attempted this workout a few days ago and gave up at the push ups as I didn’t feel well. Yesterday my boyfriend made some cookies and I’ve eaten more than more fair share! I’ve had some days off from exercise as I wasn’t feeling the best but now I’m back (and feeling very guilty for all those cookies)

    I completed the entire workout in 33 minutes and 4 seconds! *Happy Dance*

    I had to improvise on a couple of exercises though, one leg push ups I ended up on my knees, the one leg knee up, I switched legs every 15 reps (still did the 60 total reps though) And the chest lift, I alternated between your original move of pulling my arms and shoulders back to the hands behind my head.

    All in all, very happy to have completed it! But now very tired!

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, shower shower shower (drip drip drip)

  • Shawanda

    I completed this work out earlier today. It was my second time attempting it. The first time I tried it, I drastically reduced the number of reps and substituted the jump lunges with standard alternating lunges. It took me 58 minutes to complete this workout today. It took a while, but I feel so accomplished just for doing the 600 reps!

  • Malou

    Hi, I did try this workout yesterday but I cannot keep up the number like Zuzana did. I think just a half of that number or less. How often should I be doing this workout? Should I need to this like Monday to Friday or have to be alternate days? Please reply. I am dreaming to get Z’s body but I need help. Pls…pls…pls… reply… I’m confused which workout/s should I be doing and keep it OR have to be different workout everyday. Please HELP!

    • Hannah

      If I were you, I would do this workout on tuesday and thursday and then a different video of Zuzana’s on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then on the weekend work on flexibility and balance with yoga which will help improve your form in the exercises. Remember to eat 6 small portions of food each day with a 2-3 hour space in between each meal- Zuzana has meal videos if not on this website, then on her youtube channel.

      I hope this helped!

    • Rainbow

      Hey Malou,

      I am not Zuzana, but my guess from what I read is that you should do as much as possible varied and different workouts every day, so you challenge your body differently every day. So just rotate with all the great and different workouts on the site!

    • April

      Hey Malou, as far as I know there s an FAQ Video under “Fitness Tips” where Zuzana replies to this kind of question :)

  • http://bodyrocktv jim

    i ran across your site and i am going to give it a try use to work out alot but have not in 7 years and now iam so out of shap and not in good health i weigh 236lbs and 5.5tall i have gottin brocides every year for 3years and my wast is 38in and iam good to keep you form of how iam doing i need to do this because i have 2 woundeful girls and thay are 6&7 and like to keep up with them iam 44years old hope to hear from you and ill let you updated on how iam doing
    thank jim

    • Jellybean

      You gotta work extra hard now

  • DK Stangeland

    Loved this! I did it in two 30 rep sets and it was great fun and hard work. Thanks!!!

  • DK Stangeland

    Loved this – I did it in two 30 rep sets and it was great fun and hard work. Thanks!!

  • Mario

    TOday i have leftmy comment on abs assassain workout, but i have beaten my PB on this workout, and now it is 48:25..this is awesome… 2 minutes faster than last time…

    I love you Zuzana

  • Kristin

    I love the 600 rep workout, it left me sore for a week! Lately my muscles have been getting used to it…I love the concept on the fixed reps, it forces me to work hard. Can you post another 600 rep soon? I want to find a way to change up the workout so I don’t get used to it. Thank you so much for the site!

  • Cinthya

    This seems amazing, haven’t tried it yet since I am building up to it. I found a “killer 550 rep” video of yours on youtube, I can’t find it on your site, would you be able to post it up with instructions please???

  • David

    My first try was 42m22s
    I was not belive you made it in 32m11s…i said to myself she just cut her time.

    Today(one week later) i made it in 33m17s
    really close to your time

    ok now i beleive you ans worship your workouts

    Thanks for your wonderfull website full of good tips.
    You have a great body , it gives me a lot of motivations

  • Jenny Kim

    and how long did it take you to start seeing results because your in great shape, and to be honest ive been trying to get in shape like toning and all but never get any results but im going to try out your workouts and see if i do but if you can give tips on toning that would be awesome!!

  • Jenny Kim

    I just recently found out about your website and this workout was very intense and not really time consuming but its excellent and i will be looking forward to trying all of your workout programs^^

  • Marissa

    Phew! This was a beast! I only did 50 reps of each exercise instead of 60 and it took me 40 minutes 43 sec. Next time I will for sure go for the full 600 reps.

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  • Melissa

    My workout partner and I did this workout today in 25:51. We raced each other and we’re both really fit. (She can do handstand pushups!). That being said, it was REALLY difficult.

    Love this site, your workouts kick my butt and make me leaner every week.

  • Crystal

    Hey Zuzana, This workout is awesome. This is my first time posting, but I have been following your workouts for about thre months now, and its about time I thanked you for your hard work and great workouts! I have done this workout before, but never timed it. I just finished it again(this time with time) and completed it in 32.21. Kepp it up. =)

  • Kali

    so brutal. completed it in 33:09.

  • Jason Bjelkengren

    I tried this workout the first time and it took me 50 minutes to complete. I was shocked by how hard it was! I run half marathons and train 5 days a week with weight and plyometrics but this workout challenged me so much.
    I repeated it after one day of rest and was able to complete it in 35:54. A huge improvement but still so difficult. I will try to keep up with you and try to get it done in 30 minutes or less!

  • daniel

    i’m from brazil, and i feel me very glad for knewn your sistem of training, only doing for feel like is powerfull and efective, thank’s

  • Bella

    45:45.45! Funny time, not the fastest but i am very pleased to say i have completed my first of your workouts! It kicked my butt!

    Thanks to the both of you.

  • Shelly Brown

    58 minutes! Loved it! Sparked myself then ran for 25 minutes came back and did this amazing workout! Took a few water breaks but plan on beating my time next go around! WOOT WOOT! :)

  • Oleg Nikitin

    It was very difficult

  • Oleg Nikitin

    i’m finish this 56 minut
    Forgive me for the my rude language.

    I’m from Russia )

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  • Denis

    pulled it off in 33:48 but could only do half the reps for exercise #8 and #9

    love your workouts they are very challenging.
    thanks and keep up the good work.

  • http://none Big Daddy

    Love you in this video…Body is the bomb!!!

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  • John Sullivan

    I am loving your workouts and have gained strength, flexibility and lost 10 pounds. I have turned my brother onto your site. He was doing no real working out except for push ups, lunges and situps and he started doing this workout and has got immediate results. keep up the good work and keep those workouts coming.

  • Courtney

    I did this work out in 39:11 but I skipped the one leg jump knee ups and I could only do half of the push ups and the jump lunges but I HURT all over today, even my abs. Oh, and I came across the 60 day challenge about taking a picture and then just working really hard and then taking an after picture and all that and I thought it would be a good motivation for me so as of today, I have started my 60 day challenge.
    Thanks for such awesome work outs, I know I’m getting somewhere when I can feel my muscles even before the next day.

  • Isabelaki

    I’ve been trying your different workouts and, seeing as I am such an out-of-shape wimp, I’ve been modifying them a bit. Like this one, I think I’m going try my hand at the 300-rep workout (like I said, soooooo out of shape), but the moves seem simple enough that I am sure I’ll get the hang of the 600 version in no time at all.
    Thank you for getting me motivated to work out!

  • Susie

    i did this yesterday but i had to do just ordinary push ups and had to do 20 of them over 3 times. I also did Halos with my new kettlebell instead of the one leg knee up and used my kettlebell for squats instead of the prisoner squats cos i just got it yesterday and wanted to use it :)
    But i finished in 35 minutes and today I’m struggling to walk!
    Love it!
    Also today me and my boyfriend started the 30 day challenge – bit late i know but thats ok.

  • Shayne{Rick]

    This one rocks for sure.

  • Maria L.

    Oh, this workout I can do during my lunch break at work instead of just brisk walking and don’t need of any equipments. Thank you, Zuzana and Frederick. As always, you guys, ROCK! :)

  • Kristin

    Hi Zuzana,
    I just found your website yesterday through youtube. I was spacing out and just randomly clicking, and I fell over one of your videos :) I have watched a couple, but I really like this one :)
    In your video you say, you finished it in 32 minutes, and obviously you’re in great shape, and then there is all these people saying, they finished it in 30, 40, 50 minutes, so they must also be in great shape, right?
    I am an absoloute beginner in workout, and i could do less then half of the training-program using the same amount of time as you. So, when can I expect to be able to pull the entire program off in 30 minutes? How long must I train? And also, is it overkill to actually be trying to do this, when I barely have a muscle (with strength)? After I did it yesterday, I felt dizzy and litterally fell asleep in my bed. So is it responsible to even start out with this workout, or should I go with an easier more beginner-friendly workout-program?
    Whatever program I end up going with, how many times a week should I do it?

    Then I would also like to know, what exactly is the 30-day-challenge about? I’d like to go on it :) I have desided that I will take a before- and after-picture of myself in these 30 days, because I figure, I am going to loose weight fast ;)

    Thanks for the videos and the website and also for your help both of you! It really is great! :)

    Regards from Kristin :)

    • Louise

      Kristen, First of all congratulations on your workout that is great!!! Zuzana and Frederick will tell you as a beginner to do the best you can, keep at it and your fitness and time will improve. The 30 day challenge is “no sugar” for 30 days that is chocolates, candy, cakes, bon bons, etc. The next thing is look at the top of the page and click on ‘workout archives’ there is a section and several workouts designed for beginners. You can do it, before and after pictures are great! You will lose weight, your stamina will improve, your stregnth and muscle tone will improve, your time will improve, and you will feel better! CarolynPilates said she modified this workout to do 30 reps instead of 60. Just keep at it… the only other thing I will say is be realistic about the amount of weight you want to lose. Keep an eye on your diet. Micheal Pollan’s books are good “In Defense of Food” I got it from the library. Do not be discouraged if you don’t see “fast” weight loss results look at the other markers I mentioned above. Read the sections on this blog about diet and fitness tips as well. Everyone on this site is supportive you will do great. Good luck and Conratulations once again :-) .

    • Chels

      Kristin, if you go in the workout archives Zuzana has many different workouts for all fitness levels, you should be able to find a good match there. I cannot help with how often you should do it, I know she’s told others to do the workouts for 5 days and see how they feel. Just play around with it and do what feels best for you. As for the 30 day challenge, it has to do with sugar. For 30 days you avoid all sugar foods such as cakes, chocolate, candy, and so on. Foods with natural sugar are fine though, such as fruits.

      Hope this helps you !!

    • Courtney

      Kristin, you may want to start with Zuzanna’s 6 week summer fit program first. I have been exercising on and off for about 2 years. When I found this site, I knew most of the workouts would pretty well kill me so I started with the 6 week program and I was sooo sore the first week. But now I can do work outs like these but they are still super challenging for me and it took me 2 months to get to this point. Also, you may want to stretch quite a bit, that is the only thing that got me through the first 2 weeks.
      I hope this helps a bit for you.

    • Rain

      Hi Kristin,

      If you are an absolute beginner at working out, I highly recommend you hit the “Workout Archives” tab or the “Daily Workouts” tab at the top of the screen and go back and start with some of Zuzana’s earlier workouts. You may find them a little easier to start. The 600-Rep looks like an absolute Beast. :)

      I am currently in the middle of doing a 12-week diet and fitness challenge, and I am now able to do a lot of Zuzana’s workouts that I couldn’t do 2 months ago. So you can improve quite quickly.

      I find with a lot of Zuzana’s workouts, I have to modify the exercises slightly to make them a bit easier so that I am able to complete all of the reps. You might find it easier to do this also. Basically, I do as many as I can properly, and then I modify (for example, if I’m doing jump squats I might cut out the jump after 30 reps, or if I’m doing push-ups I go to my knees after 20 reps).

      It’s perfectly ok to modify the exercise if you can’t complete all the reps – as long as you keep moving! As long as you’re moving, you’re burning calories and getting fitter. And you will find that every time you do the workout, you are able to do more reps properly and less reps the easy way. :)

      Hope this helps you some.


  • Carolyn Pilates

    After being sick in bed, I was excited to get to work today. I warmed up with 15 min Pilates.

    1/2 way into the Burpees I was feeling sick and dizzy. I slowed it down and completed 30 reps of each vs the 60. I will have to conquer this one another day.

    300 Reps Bit Sexier Body Workout – 24:26

    I noticed I stronger in the dead lifts, still working on my balance. I used the lat pull variation for the chest lifts. And I got my hips to my heels in every prisoner squat.

    Stretches were of barre variety for quad, glutes and hamstrings. I finished with forward, side and back bends on the barrel.

  • Anne

    Did it in 31:48 shaving almost 3 minutes off my time AND doing deeper squats and lunges this time as well. It really makes the exercises so much more challenging!
    I really miss these workouts that you were doing in the fall. (500/550/300/body burn/turbo fat blast) I love all of your workouts, but they are definitely my favorites!

  • Regan

    I’ve been doing your workouts for awhile (and attempting to change my diet). Today I did this one but I only did 30 reps of each and I did it in 14:35, so I’m assuming that it would have taken me also around 30 minutes if I were doing 600 reps. Love your site!

  • Jon

    Do i do this workout every day?

  • Ivka

    Hi ZUZANA!

    34 minutes and 6 second! I hope:), I will catch up with you. I agreee, you are an inspiration for us all! :D

  • Yuri

    Your workout is amazing!!! i will be trying it out! :) you look great!

  • Nicole

    I did a modified version of this, lol. Instead of 60 reps, I did 30. I finished in 22 minutes and 15 seconds with 10 secomds breaks here and there. This was my first Body Rock workout, so I didn’t want to over due it. This is a great workout, and I’m sweating even though I did 30 reps instead of 60. These are great workout for when I don’t want to go to the gym. I love using my own body weight!

  • Triona

    Seriously guys put a limit on the comments 160 characters only it would save you sooooo much time instead of reading forever!!!!!!

  • Agnieszka

    Oh!You great!

  • Maria

    Loved the work out!! I did my first one in 39 minutes and today I did it with my husband in 35 . I love this kind of workouts because I don’t have equipment. Hopefully soon!! But thank you

  • Zed

    Hi Zuzana!

    I don’t know if you know this or not but for everyone who owns an iPhone or iPod touch, Gymboss has created an interval timer app for free! It works great! And of course the best part is the free part!!

    Thanks so much for all the videos! You are an inspiration to us all! :D


  • Tara

    Hi, I have just discovered your awesome site within the last month and have been incorporating some of your workouts into my routine and it’s a nice change. Thank you! I wish I could “favorite” this site on Facebook! More people need to know about this site! Thanks again! :D

  • Steve O

    LMAO! So i finished in 57:49 LOL. At least i finished it. I think the problem was i split it into 3 sets of 200reps each. Great Workout anyway. Your Stuff is amazing! For the lunges, i take it 1 lunge is 1 rep.

  • Rea

    Am I having problems or is the site having problems?
    I have not seen a new workout since this one on the 23rd…

    Hopefully you guys are feeling OK.

    I ordered a Gymboss timer last week, I am supposed to get it on Sunday. Can’t wait.

    I sure hope you are getting some good money when we state your name under “How did you hear about Gymboss” :)

  • Rohin

    i tried ths workout today with a friend. . . .had to break it down and do 3 sets of 20 reps. . . . completed it in approx 35 minutes. . . .and it was HARD!!!!! how long have you been training this way??? im loving all your routines and have been using them to make up my own as well!!!!!
    keep them coming!!!

  • Tina


    I really, truly hope you are OK.

    I needed a rest, so I decided to take a week off and do no workouts. I am soooo exausted. I need rest badly. I hope you are doing the same thing if you feel tired.

    YOU ARE THE BEST; YOU ARE OUR STAR AND TRUE ROLEMODEL, one in a million. Hope you are doing fine,

    All the best to you and Freddy,


  • Samuel

    Hey Zuzana, I just started your 600 resp rutine, obviously in much more time than you do, and i’m so tired that i can’t even write.

    Thanks for the home solution for the body working and i promise that I’n gonna get you updated for the results after 40 days.

    By the way you’re so damn hot.

    Greets from Mexico, c’yaa!!!

  • Luisa from Canada

    Z and F

    Hope you guys are okay.

  • Sarah

    Wow, when I first watched the video, honestly, I didn’t think I’d be able to finish the whole workout! But I tried it anyways, and I completed it in 42 minutes *victory dance*, with 10 seconds for a break as a maximum when my muscles gave out! (Only happened twice)
    And I did 10 regular one leg push ups, but after that, it was on the kness all the way! lol Those were killer!
    I really enjoyed this workout! I really appreciate workouts like these that use no equipment, as I do not have any equipment and am only 17, so I don’t really have the $ to buy any either :(
    Thanks so much for posting these workouts! You are super inspiring and motivating to me. You are living, breathing proof that eating right and being active are the best ways to a better bod! Keep it up! :)

    <3 Sarah

  • Carolina

    Wow! I just finished! That was hard. I just modified the one leg jump, since I have surgery on my left knee and it bothers sometimes. I did it in 35 min. Loved it! Thanks Zuzana.

  • becca

    Whats going on you guys? :) its been 3 days since a new post, lol i am going on vacation and i need you guys!!!
    i hope everything is okay over there

  • Marilyn

    Hi Zuzana,

    Hope all is well. I’m stating to get callous on my hands, so I need some gloves. I’m going to look tomorrow. Some of the execrises I have to modify, boy you are in excellent shape whew! This is a real kick butt work out, keep on kicking butt girl. Thanks keep up the excellent work.


  • Paula

    Great workout:-]
    My masles are all shaking but is great 34;05 and it will be better:-}}}}

  • Kyoko

    Hi Zuzana! your workouts are great! I’ve been training judo for 12 years but since I’ve move to Australia to study commercial cookery I left every exercise routine. But, the other day I was surfing over youtube and I found your videos so I’m exercising again! I want to lose 10 kilos (the last year I already lose 10) and of course feel great!
    thanks for the inspiration!

  • http://[email protected] MinnieV

    Hi Zuzana,
    Just wondering if all is well with you. I haven’t seen a new post/workout in a few days. Miss you,MinnieV.

  • francielle



  • André

    When I recovered from my cold, I need to try it absolutely. Thank you for all the workouts – they are great.

  • Denise

    Hi Zuzana!!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I HAD to buy those pants you are wearing!!! And the only place I could find them was on ebay from a seller in the UK!!!

    Needless to say… YOU are a trend setter!!! Love those pants!!!

    xx, Denise

  • the rookie

    nice workout. i gave up very early but next week or month or year i hope i will make it through :) ))))))))))))))) u a good inspirator!!

  • Katie

    hey zuzana,this workout and every other work out you do is AMAZING. my body always hurts the next day lol, which is a good sign. I’m getting better results with your workouts than i did when i was going to the gym. Anyway i was wondering what kinds of foods do you eat and what do u steer away from. Is there any kind of meal plan that you try and stick to?

  • E.E.

    oh just ONE more question! do exercises like the pistol (esp. with weights) drastically bulk the calf muscles? wow those are killer. I tried a full pistol with an 8lb medicine ball all the way down and up and it was awesome. I think i’m trying to progress more like that instead of starting heavy.

  • E.E.

    hi Zuzana! :) I had a minor concern..or more like question. Is there aaaannnyyy way whatsoever from keeping the calves from growing alot? My calves aren’t exactly big but I’ve always had a little more fat on there–now I actually have alot of muscle of course, but still some underlying fat. I know it also has to do a little bit with how our frame/structure is, but do you have any advice for that? And do these exercises overall lead us to grow very big calves in the very long run? I really like how your calves look :] and they don’t seem to have grown, or have you noticed changes? I’d appreciate any responses Zu (or Fred)!

  • Danielle

    It took me one hour! But I have 2 kids that distracted me alot!! Thank you for this website. I love all your workouts. Keep uf the good work! You are my hero. :)

  • Venesa Rhodes


    Hello from Alaska! This is my 3rd week following your workouts and let me just say you are really awesome. I have been struggeling with 2.5 hour workouts and was wondering how I was going to keep it up 5 times a week!
    After finding your routines, I don’t feel like working out is such a burden.
    I have missed you the last few days, so I’ll do one of your older workouts today.

    Venesa Rhodes

  • Liz

    Hi zuzana
    I know you don’t count calories… But I wonder if you could tell me approx how many calories you would consume in a day? Please please would you answer this question for me.. Thanks

    • Frederick

      Zuzana says “I don’t know and I don’t care” :) We honestly just don’t pay attention to these numbers – it’s not how we roll….

  • Hannah

    Hello Zuzana and Frederick, I finished this workout in 40 minutes and I was drained! I have a question about food intake. I know you said that you prefer eating 5-6 small meals a day and portion control over counting calories, and I tried the small meals a day and it didn’t workout for me. What seems to work for me is having 2 meals a day (breakfast and lunch) and one snack which I guess would be my dinner. This way of eating works for me because I am always on the go so eating 5-6 times a day is very hard for me. My question is, is this ok? To not eat so often but when I do, I have a healthy meal without overeating? Please help me because I really need to figure out what a good way of eating is for me because I want to get in shape for the summer. By the way, I hope your 30 day challenge is going great. I am actually getting used to it. It’s almost over, can’t wait.

  • Sónia (Portugal)

    Olá Zuzana, nice workout, but I only did 40 rep for each exercice, so I call it the “400 Rep Sexier Body Workout” is that ok? I did it in 28:28m. Thank you!

  • Yasmina

    Is it bad when you do your workouts without shoes?

  • Jeff T

    Great workout! Finished in 30:44.

  • Audra

    What happened? It’s like your website has been frozen in time for the past 3 days?

  • Amanda

    The one leg pushups hurt my supporting knee. I think I am locking it our. Is that bad?

  • Vicki

    This was a fabulous workout. I did the whole thing, but the burpees were definately the hardest! It took me 35:30 to do it, so I have a nice challenge for the next time. I am so happy that I found this site and am looking forward to trying more workouts!

  • elizabeth

    thank you thank you i’m taking back my figure aganig!! thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • Ashley in Sweden

    Hey Z/F,

    So, this is a huge comment but it’s about something you might find really interesting. It seems like you’ve been having trouble with the site lately, so hopefully this gets to you :)

    I’ve been hearing a lot about a new term called ‘orthorexia nervosa’. Have you heard of this? I don’t believe the ‘disorder’ is recognized by the Diagnostic Statistic Manual but it is making a lot of noise lately.

    According to Wiki (not a reliable source, I know, but everyone uses it now and then) it refers to “an eating disorder characterized by excessive focus on eating healthy foods”. Apparently a questionnaire used to assess the symptoms asks…

    “Do you care more about the virtue of what you eat than the pleasure you receive from eating it?… Does your diet socially isolate you?” [16]. Other questions concerning those who may be suffering from orthorexia provided by Davis on the WebMD (2000) website are: Do they spend more than 3 hours a day thinking about healthy foods? When they eat the way they’re supposed to, do they feel in total control? Are they planning tomorrow’s menu today? Has the quality of their life decreased as the quality of their diet increased? Have they become stricter with themselves? Does their self-esteem get a boost from eating healthy? Do they look down on others who don’t eat this way? Do they skip foods they once enjoyed in order to eat the “right” foods? Does their diet make it difficult for them to eat anywhere but at home, distancing them from family and friends? Do they feel guilt or self-loathing when you stray from their diet?”

    AND apparently if you answer yes to two or more of the above questions you may have a mild case of orthorexia.

    After reading Michael Pollan’s book “In Defence of Food,” it seems to me you would have to answer yes to at least two of the questions to be eating what he calls ‘real’ food. I definitely feel more in control when I know what I’m eating and where my food came from. I plan meals ahead of time and have become stricter with what I eat. I feel better about myself when I eat healthy, physically and mentally. To be honest, I do think a lot of people who eat fast food almost every day are unaware to what their really consuming or just uninformed of healthier options. I definitely find myself skipping foods I once enjoyed in order to eat real food and isn’t real food the “right” food to eat? Consequently, if I want to eat real food, that means I do have to eat at home, but I don’t find eating at home socially isolating at all. I eat with my husband and we have nice conversations and we often invite friends over for dinner. Lastly, if I start to eat a bit of dark chocolate every day I do start to feel guilty and think twice the next time. Does this mean I’m an obsessive compulsive orthorexic or a healthy person trying to eat ‘real’ food?

    There are always going to be people who take things to extremes and maybe some of those people do have some kind of serious eating disorder, but for the most part it seems like a dispute over definitions and beliefs.

    What do you guys think of this new term ‘orthorexia’?


    • Carolyn Pilates


      I also came across this “disorder”. I think you have to ask yourself if you are helping or hurting yourself with your diet and approach to it.

      If your doctor notes an acceleration of bone loss to due to extreme diet, that’s hurting yourself. If you feel “isolated” at Easter dinner because your family is Southern and there is animal fat in every dish, including dessert, your diet views might be viewed “extreme”by them but seem to help.

  • Alicia

    Hey guys!

    36 minutes and 1 second!

    Not bad. I will catch up to you one day I hope:)

    This was my favorite work out this week!

    Thanks again for all your awesome work


    PS just got my gymboss timer in the mail. So exited to use it!

  • Naseefa

    Hello Suzana,

    I just discovered your website today, and saw a few of your workout videos. Your workout seems to be very effective and I will definitely start following your routine tomorrow. You have a great body and you seem to work very hard for it. Your website is very helpful and your doing a great job.

  • Rick Lohre

    Great site guys. Found you on YouTube by complete accident doing a Search Test for my wife’s videos. You all have a great set of videos here and have produced them very well! Trying to do a similar thing for my wife Julie. You have inspired us to get our house in order! Great job and best luck to you both!!!

  • Susie

    I got my gym boss bout 3 weeks ago… i love it so much- I’m a personal trainer and it helps so much.
    Your such an inspiration.
    Thanks for ur workouts..
    Im bout to try this one. wish me luck

  • Shad Finney

    I would like to start by saying I enjoy your workouts.
    I also would like to give a constructive idea, for your video’s.

    When you make your videos, perhaps ad sub-titling that discribs the name of each new exercise as you change your exercise positions. You might also enclude sub-text that show’s the number of sets or rep’s of each exercise.

    example: 1st sit-up’s, 4 sets of 10/ sub-texted on the video.
    then the next fram when changing exercise postion
    example: 2nd leg lift’s, 4 sets of 10 rep’s/ sub-titled on the video.

    I love your workout’s. When displaying sub-text, I belive you are helping your viewers follow your workout.Your viewers will learn more from you and actions.

    Faith and sweet!!
    Shad Finney!

  • kendall

    best work out EVER..its my 1st time and it took me 50 mins

  • Sarah

    Hi Zuzana great workout! It kicked by butt I feel great now.

  • Sara

    Hi. This workout looks amazing! I’m new to the site (and will definitely keep coming around to see what’s new) and can’t wait to try it… once I can walk again. The reason I’m looking around is because I can’t do the workouts I’m used to doing because I had foot surgery last week and have to stay off of it for the next few weeks. I need some help, though! I want to stay in / get in better shape while I’m out of the gym. Do you have any routines that cater to being off your feet, but are still effective for the lower body as well as the rest of the body? Thanks! Sara


    original workout!

  • Borge

    33:42. Promise to do it again in just one week and beat this time!! :-D

  • LeYYa

    Hi Zuzana, Thank u sooo much for inspiring, ive been injecting some of your exercises into my own workout, and trying out this one above for the first time. Did 40 instead of 60reps all except for the 30rep ones. I am blown awaY!!!
    My boyfren comlpemented me this morning after just doing this and another of your workouts..thanks to U!
    How about allowing these workouts to be downloaded so we dont need the net to do it..
    Ill be looking for one of those interval timers today instead of my sillyphone..

  • Mélanie

    Hi zuzana….I would like to know how many times you took for begin in top shape????Do you have just take a workouts or you go in to the gym too??? Me I begin in a gym and i find your workouts is so cool!! Seriously congratulation for your website is very nice. I dont go at the gym anymore. Sorry for my english i’m french ans i have a difficulty in my english!! Thank you! :)

  • rally

    ouufff 30 minutes!!:)
    i referred your site to a friend a couple days ago and shes really excited to get started on the workouts

  • ADA

    Hi i just wanted to say that i saw your website a couple of days ago and i think you truly are an inspiration, i wrote all your workouts down and we will be doing them in my college’s fitnes class..thank you so much and keep up the great work, you look amaizing.

  • Charmaine

    Hi guys,

    Something un-workout related … Most Haunted Live is in Prague tonight. Have you guys seen any ghosts?!

    Thank you as always for the workout. I managed to improve on my previous time of 42:38 by doing it in 36:07 today with better form too so yay!

    Have a great weekend.


  • Karen

    I had to cut this one down to a 300 rep workout. 120 pushups all in a row is a bit much for me right now :) I might try a 600 rep next time by putting the one legged pushups towards the middle of the workout instead of right after the burpees.

    thanks for another great workout. you inspire me :)

    (by the way, i haven’t been able to get on your site for a few days, or it takes a long time to load, if it does let me on. just wanted to let you know in case there’s a server problem. hopefully it just means you have a lot of people checking you out!)

    • Charlie D.

      I think maybe you read the instructions wrong. (Or I did…) I don’t think there *are* 120 pushups in a row. The burpees are w/o a pushup, and the one-legged ones, I think you count each pushup as one of the 60 reps. Anyone else?

  • Ashley

    Wow,I tried this workout and its great!!! Your body looks great!!! How tall are you? What size jeans do you wear?

  • Jill

    Hello Zuzana,
    You are exactly what I’ve needed. 10 weeks ago I had a baby and although I’ve been working hard, I’ve felt like nothing was happening. I am so excited by this workout and I can not wait to be back to being sexy again. Thank you so much!

  • chelsea

    Thank you for the great workout!!! This was my first BodyRock workout and I loved it! My time was 45:46. Although I completed the whole workout, my form and stamina need improvement. I dig the combination of moves, simple rep count (60 reps of 10 exercises) and no need for equipment. Fantastic!

  • Jess M

    Hi Zuzana, great workout. This was the first time I have done one of your workouts. I completed it in 48 mins. I’m trying to access your other workouts but it says database error? Its been like this for a few days now. I can’t access anything except for the homepage and this page. Is it just my computer?

  • Miriam

    Zuzana, what is your opinion on the P90X program???

  • Monifah

    I have been posting these already before but they never appeared so I am posting again, if you already have them than sorry i have been posting twice :o )
    Buzzing Bum
    Aching Ass
    Abs on Fire
    Total Body Inferno
    Bite my Buns
    Body Beater
    Pleasure n’ Pain
    Total Muscle Mayhem
    Good Morning Kickass (my own morning workout routine..)

    • Frederick

      Nice – keep those names coming!

  • KT

    Is there something wrong with the website? I cant open daily workouts or the archives.. I can get into the Fashion haul tab.. but not the older videos..

  • Rosie

    This workout was very hard. I was totally wiped out afterward. Thanks!

  • Janet

    And, to Frederick, that back and forth in the video is a very cool idea that must’ve taken some time to set up. Thank yo for going to such trouble for us. It is very exciting to see that sort of progress before your eyes.

    • Frederick

      Thanks Janet – I have been meaning to tell you for a while that I absolutely love your paintings!!!!

  • Janet

    When you first posted this workout back in November or so I felt so lucky I had dodged a bullet by starting your workouts after that point. Then you brought it back and I could no longer avoid it…UGH!…all those push ups and thigh burners!
    So loosened up with a 45 minutes hill jog and came back to this with a more positive mindset (“only a half hour of pain, how bad can it be?)
    Good news is, I survived! 26:45 I even shocked myself managed to make it through all 60 push ups without falling to my knees. The ab crunches were killer. In fact, it was all killer. Don’t bring this back too soon :)
    I am sooooo happy I did it!!!

  • olga

    I am having problems accessing all of your links. Some work, but most don’t, giving me a “database error” sign. Is this something everybody has been experiencing?

    • Frederick

      We are having issues with our site – we have outgrown the current system and design. We have a new design process underway, and we will be making major changes and fixes.

      • becca

        yea a lot of times i see a white screen that says database error, but if i refresh 1-4 times it usually ends up loading.

  • RaeNYC

    Hey Frederick & Zuzanna,

    I have to try a few times to get onto your site. And once in and viewing your workout archives, I was having the same problem. It says, “Error establishing a database connection”. Not sure if this is on my side or yours, just thought you’d like to know.
    BTW, I think the 600 reps workout is magical, makes me sore but I feel stronger. Its embarrassing how long this took me to complete. I will try this workout again sometime just to see how fast I am. Thank you for this workout!

  • Amber Rose

    I Love your work outs. I do them over here in Afghanistan : )

    • Frederick

      Hi Amber – you are our official ambassador in Afghanistan :) Keep safe!

  • Feather

    This was a tough workout! I finished it in 43:12:83. Those leg extensions and crunches were burning so bad! I hope I can shave that time down, next time around! Thanks for the workouts!

    South Carolina

  • Mike V

    Heys Zuzana

    Great workouts and great exercises, just completed the workout in 33 mins, its a killer alright.
    Another change to the prisoner squats with front kicks, is to substitute the front kicks for side kicks, work the obliques hard with these kicks.
    Great workout keep them coming your an inspiration to trainers like me, and clients alike.

  • Ema

    Awesome! This is so brutal! I am really looking forward new workout! I hope it’s coming soon! :)

  • Mikkel

    Ok i dident even get halfway through and i felt like i was gonna throw up my lungs and well throw up in generel .. im soo not in good enough shape for this kind of stuff.. :/ .. but im gonna try again another day with just doing 20 reps insted of 60 .. and then work my way up or something..

    loong way to go *sigh* ..

  • Dawn

    hey! ;D the sun has been shinnig lately so I did this workout on my back porch the other day, and I loved it! I got it done in 31mins 48 secs and this was the first time I was able to do all of the pushups without doing any modified girly ones!

  • Jessica

    Hi Zuzana & Fredrick!

    This was my first day working out after some time off to travel and it was ROUGH! I could only do 1/2 the reps in the same amount of time it took me to do this whole workout last time. OUCH! Although, I think I did about 500 “prisoner get-ups” with a 40lb backpack on my trip, so I guess that counts for something.

    I am starting my own 30 Day challenge as of today: No Meats or Sweets. It’s exactly 30 days until my college ends and I start training to teach Yoga, so I figured it’s the perfect time to get a nice clean fruits and veggies diet going.

    Thanks so much for your site! I love your workouts and you give great common-sense advice! Keep it up :)


  • Andrea

    Hey Zuzana and Frederick

    Just wanted to let you know I got in the car this morning to drive home from work and they mentioned you on “102.1 the edge”, the Toronto radio station.

    Frederick should know that station, I think.

    • Frederick

      Thanks for the heads up on the radio station! I listened to 102.1 when I was living in Toronto and going to Ryerson :) Very cool. I hope they said nice things about us.

  • Silvia

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick:)

    I have been following your workouts for about 2 or 3 monts. And guess what??!?I have to buy new summer clothes because most of them I have are too big!!!Yepeeeee!!And that´s all thanks to you and your site!This has never occured to me before:) Again, BIG THANK YOU!! x x

  • Belinda

    I’ve been following your workouts for the past month and they are fun and intense. Keep changing it up, it keeps me coming back for more. =)

  • Kathryn

    nice effect splicing the two workouts :)

  • Antonia

    Ha ha ha.”fall down from and ugly tree, hitting branches along the way and landing in a pie” was enough motivation for me to start gettin a little tougher with myself..Im serious. Lol!

  • Beatrice

    Hello Zuzana,

    Many thanks for these fantastic workouts! Always challenging to the max, never boring, I loooooove them! Even if I sometimes feel I’m gonna die in the process of getting into shape ;-)

    I managed to complete this workout (it’s my first time doing it) in 38 minutes 25 seconds. I pushed as hard as possible, it’s deadly, great workout!

    One question please: when I start getting really tired after 30 to 40 reps in those exercises, can I do 30 reps of the next exercise to avoid wasting time and taking too many breaks, and then finish the first exercise, and keep on doing like this until the end?

    Thanks in advance for your reply, and thanks for inspiring us every day, keeping us motivated and positive! Best, Bea.

  • Sandra p

    How often do you do this workout? How many times per week??

  • Amberae

    you look so happy with your improvement. I’ll be trying this for the first time next monday! it’s ganna be rockin.

  • Kimball

    Hey Zuzana!
    Just wanted to say your workouts are very intense and keep them coming. Also, my fraternity wants a poster of you to put up in our chapter’s gym. Can we make that happen :) It’d be appreciated!

  • Chris K.

    How the heck do you workout like this in pants; seems so uncomfortable.

  • Windlord

    This was a toughy–though you might get me this time, Z :)
    By the end of only the jump lunges, I was like, how long is this gonna take today?


    1 leg Pushups–full form, all reps
    all else as prescribed (RX’d)

  • Shawanda

    Love your videos. I tried the Fat Exorcism workout today. Can’t wait to try this one. However, judging by how poorly I executed the Fat Exorcism, I think I’ll have to scale this one down to 100 reps then work my way up.

  • Summer

    loved it!! BRUTAL, and i mean that in the best way possible LOL :) xoxoxoxo

  • Adriana

    DO you know if sugar from fruits turns into fat?

  • Tania

    Great workout, but I miss your cool recipes and coffee talks :) !

  • kitty

    FYI, your site has been showing “error establishing a data base connection” when trying to open anything other than your home page. I know it’s not my computer because I don’t have a problem with any other site. I noticed some other similar comments. Could this be a virus of some sort?

  • d

    haha i’m kinda confused by the finishing message of falling into a pie off a ugly tree(?!)
    but i’ve been very sick lately, ughh i won’t go into detail, but anyways i don’t want to use that as an excuse of not working out now because i feel a lot better but i’ve noticed that if u aren’t consistant with working out u kind of drift away from staying into a good routine, or at least that’s how it is for me. but i just want to feel good this summer when the weather is nice out so i can enjoy it with some new spring clothes or something:) but i don’t want to keep boring you with my conflicts, lol, so thanks for your amazing workouts, because without you i wouldn’t be able to push myself through this kind of stuff!!!
    Thanks a lot zuzana and frederick for being the good-natured people that you are <3


  • Kim

    Hi Zuzana…(or anyone else can answer)

    I was wondering what your favorite brand of shoes is for training??

    Thanks : )


  • jenna

    i did it! my first workout i wanted to do form this webbie and i chose this! thanks so much zuzana! you are my motivation – wont be near enough as hot as you or as fit but its great!!!!! did it it 40min 34sec…(hilariously tiring)

  • Vicky

    Great KILLER workout! I was able to complete only half the repetitions for all of the exercises, I have a big headache and my heart started racing in a weird too fast manner right after the last one! I guess that’s the body’s way to say enough for today!

  • Cece

    What a challenge of a workout, I will do it till I hit the 600 mark- totally different for me since I am an athlete but train differently & this help with more of what I need, terrific– the only thing is one does have to be in great condition to do this, this might be a challenge for those that have limitations or age factors that have stop training , I think there can be some modification to help others that are not at this stage. Have you thought of doing one sessions with modification to help those that may have some trouble?? Just a suggestion, Great workout bye

  • Tania

    Hey Zuzana,

    Just wanted to know if you decided not to do coffee talk anymore? I personally thought it was a good addition to your site.


  • Korie

    I am going to have to say that the crunches and the one leg triceps dips where the most difficult. However, I really enjoyed this workout. Thank You

    My time to beat for next time is 40:57.

    Bring on summer!!!

  • Christina

    my wrist is in a cast ; and i was wondering what you would do for the push ups ; and for the one leg tricep dips ?

  • Kristen

    I’ve done this workout twice in the past two days. Last night, it was 3 rounds of 20 reps each exercise. This morning it was just like you did them…60 all in a row. Both were really really great workouts. I look forward to re-doing this exercise in the future.

  • Britney

    Hey, it took me 39 min to complete…my goodness that was tough. Thanks again for all of your posts and comments. You are awesome.

  • Mickela

    guys I just wanted to mention that after this workout stretching is really important, or you will really feel sore and uncomfortable for a day or so.

  • Chris L

    Hi Frederick and Zuzana,

    I love the editing of the old with the new!


  • Vivienne

    Still looking for new titles for your workouts? How about Flab-you-less?

  • Andreea

    Hi Zuzana,

    I finally got my pull up bar and when i tried it on my doors it didn’t feet at not even one,,,so i’m so upset and dissapointed that i can’t do your workouts so i really don’t know what to do….i was happy because i had finally found it and now i can’t do anything….i feel like quiting…and i really don’t want to because of the last month and a half….it just brings my moral down…could give me some piece of advice…i was thinking of going back to the gym and try to do pull ups there because it has a pull up bar there ,and the exercises for abs…i don’t know…thanks!!!…but i will do this workout tomorrow is really interesting

  • Agata

    I really like your sentences at the end of the video before Thery’re funny and clever.
    I like this workout,I’m gonna do it in a while but I’m afraid of these 60 push ups. If You do it in 34 minutes I’ll finish it after 134 min:/
    whish me luck!


  • Paige

    OMG! just finished! and I agree, this should be renamed “zuzana wants me dead” like becca said. it was tough! i’m looking forward to being sore tomorrow and sexy for marathon season!!

  • Daphne

    Hey Zuzana, needless to say that your workouts are very inspiring and motivating. Also you are able to convince me to buy all the stuff you are using… This means that I now have the dip station and pull up bar, the gymboss trainer and I am going to buy a kettlebell!

    Another thing I find very inspiring about you, is the fact that you have changed your (way of) life radically during the past 3 years.

    You have mentioned this in several video’s I watched.

    I do not know exactly why it has changed? Were you forced to make the change or were you just fed up with your previous way of life?

    And do you mean with a change of life in terms of job – financial comfort zone – or in terms of skipping bad habbits and replacing them into good habbits like giving up smoking/drinking or unhealthy eating and an inactive life?

    I think many of us will face the question “what am i doing, does it make me happy and will it keep making me happy in the future” at least one time in life…

    But I am also convinced that only a few will have the guts to actually make the change. It takes a lot of courage to leave your comfort zone (in whatever area, be it financial, relational, etc.)…

    Would you be willing to explain more about how you found the courage to change your life? And what is the biggest change you have actually made? Were you scared about the consequences of these changes?

    Hope this is not too personall, I am just wondering how you become such a strong and happy (at least it looks that way) person you are today.

  • Eve

    Okay I’ve been doing the workouts for about 2 weeks and understand I’m not where I want to be but am making strides to get there. I’m really working hard. I was talking to a friend of mine and she asked me why I’m working so hard I’m already skinny. Well first of all I had to tell her. I’m not skinny..I’m slim.:-) Second, being slim doesn’t not equate to being fit. Big misconception. Anyway

    For now I’m doing half the workouts until I’m strong enough to do the entire workout. I feel good and feel it wont be long before I can do that.

  • Stephanie

    Hi Zuzana, I was just wondering, I was trying to navigate around your website, but it keeps saying “database error” and I cant see anything. Are you having problems or are working on your website?
    Thanks :)
    Great videos by the way, me and a few friends all get together to do them! :)

  • Iman

    Loved this workout, but the tricep dips kicked my ass. ;) Finished in 27:48. As an athlete I have to say this was a great off day workout!!

  • Eve

    I was ready for my next workout until I saw this! J/K but not really. I already know I’m going to have to break this workout up into 2…

  • Shelli

    That was killer! I finished in 33:52 but I am totally spent and could only do 20 “real” pushups before I went to doing them on my knees. That was the hardest workout you have posted in the several months I have been doing them! But thank you for pushing it… I am starting to see results I want and know I am getting stronger because when I started I couldn’t even do 5 pushups in a row!

  • Rita from Palestine

    I loved this one, thank you. i’ve noticed results after a week!

  • Tim A.

    Wow! This was one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. I finished in 43:39. The entire time I kept thinking I was not going to finish all of the reps, but I was able to complete everything. In the gym, the people around me all had expressions that said, “that guy is insane!”

    I am 18 days into the one-month challenge: no sugar, no junk food. I feel great and I’ve lost two kilos. 12 days to go!

  • Ashlie

    Hi Zuzana – wow!!! What a workout. I’m a new mom (just delivered 9 weeks ago), and I was on strict bedrest – meaning no walking, no exercise at all!!! – for the last 4 months due to some complications. I was back to my pre-preg weight 3 weeks ago, and actually 3 pounds below, but was anxious to get into the best shape of my life, and I’m confident this is the workout to do it. Because of the shape my body is in (after all, it is recovering), I decided to do only 30 of everything, except the crunches, which I had to modify as my abdominal wall was separated by the pregnancy, so I did 30 crunches, and then 30 leg extensions.
    Thank you for inspiring me, and for showing me a great workout to do with a costly gym membership! It was amazing to put my little boy in his chair in front of me while I did the entire workout! If you have ANY suggestions for other great ways to strengthen my core, I’d love to hear them!

    Thanks again!! You’re saving my body :)

  • Ciera

    31:01 but i only did 30 prisoner squats. i did a killer glute work out yesterday and am a bit sore from that already and dont want to be so sore tomorrow i cant do another workout.

    great work out as always!! thank you SO much zuzana!

  • Sultanna

    Thank you very much..It’s my first workout with you,but I’m feeling each muscle already! It’s hurt…but of this pain I’m getting know that I have my muscles and they are still with me :) ) lol..Thank you very much! See you tomotrrow :) )

  • Alain

    Hi Zuzana!!
    First of all , sorry for my english!
    I´m from Spain, i started 3 years ago “building” my body and i´m actually playing soccer in a team…but it was nearly impossible to me to finish this workout!!

    I have to thank you for all the exercises in this web, and for giving us an inspiration to exercise everyday!!


  • Tali R.

    Hi Zuzana,

    i did the workout this morning i loved it. thank you. i am happy to say that i bit my old personal best in 8 minuts !!!!!
    have a wonderful day, can’t wait for tomorrow new workout.
    you are truly amazing.

  • Mishel

    Hi Zuzana:), your page is seriously great, very good idea by encouraging people to carry something to do. Since I found your site I try to exercise more and I feel much better:). I wonder if you have time to write back to me as do you do when you taste the sweetness of trying to completely eliminate or at times also when you give then some exercise? Sorry if my English is not the best but I am from Slovakia.

  • Kasia

    This was really brutal… I finished this workout in 42 minutes… not impressive, but I wanted to do everything in the most correct way so I didn’t do any pushups on my knees… though I had to do some breaks, especially in doing crunches, this was probably the hardest part for me…
    Also I really enjoyed the form of this video, I mean mixing “then” and “now” :) Thank you for you great work :)

  • Chasity

    I just wanted to thank you for the motivational post you have been making lately it sure has helped! I have been doing your workouts for about 3 months now on and off. But after reading your post have decided this summer will be different and I will fit in to a bikini. I am 27 and have 4 kiddos under 6, so my time is limited. Just wanted to let you know that all these exercises and helpful info you post for free sure is a blessing to those of us who can’t get to the gym or spare a lot of time. My shape is similar to yours so hopefully after several months I will start to see results.

  • Cat

    Dear Zuzanna
    Thanks For being such an inspiration and for sharing all your great work with us!! I helped me alot. I really like your short but very intens workout rutines – makes it possible for a busy mom like me to stay fit :o ) I was wondering if you have any “before” photos you might want to share with us? I think its so motivating to se the body transformating, and yours are truly beautiful. I envy you ;o) Thank you in advange ;o)

  • Kristin

    Wow, this was killer! 32:39 Great workouts, I have been pushing myself hard, thanks for the new workouts mixed in with old, keeps my muscles guessing.

  • Jon

    Hi Zuzana. A few months ago my girlfriend started accompanying me to the gym. She would head straight over to the area where they had some mats on the floor set up, look at a little piece of paper she brought with her, and start doing burpees, crunches, lunges, everything.

    I don’t know why, but only now did she tell me where she was getting her workouts from. I just wanted to thank you for doing these workout routines. It’s given my girlfriend a whole new level of self-esteem, and now we both do things like running and hiking together. I’ve gotten her started with a little bit of weight training (at her request), I hope you don’t mind ;) .

    It’s improved almost every facet of our relationship (yup, even THAT one), so again, thanks so much for these!

  • Chantelle

    Zuzana, it was awesome. Those one leg deadlifts are insane. You dont think they would be. My rear end is sore today!!!!

  • Treena

    Hi Zuzana I just want to tell you that you have brought the excitement back into working out for me! I love all your workouts and I am very inspired by you! Thank you soooo much. I feel confident I will be looking fabulous in my bikini this summer!! (for once) I am writing from Calgary Alberta Canada and I am 38 years old.

    PS: I love my interval timer and I just bought a 15lb kettle bell and I am waiting for the press to arrive. :)

  • Melodie R

    One more thing! (Sorry! Please forgive me!)
    Do you have any recommendations for exercises that target your upper and lower back muscles?

  • Melodie R

    Zuzana you are amazing! You have really inspired me to start working out again for my health (and not to mention how great it makes me feel!)
    I was thinking maybe you could write an article about breathing while exercising. I know it may sound dumb but I’ve caught myself not breathing properly during my exercise. Just a thought.
    Thank you for your great exercises! You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

  • Laura S

    This was awesome! I had to split it in half to get it done (do 2 rounds of 30 of everything) and i ended up blasting through the second round of it!
    Not thats great, but I’ll definitely beat it next time!
    Thanks for the workouts!

  • darya

    i’m following your workouts since a few months and the results are awsome. i’ve never been as fit as i am today and i see changes in my body i had never been able to achieve before with regular exercise (regular cardio …).
    it is the new year in my country (Iran), so i’ve had 4 days of “free eating” with no exercise! will get back on track very soon, and thank you both for your great workouts, and happy nowrooz (the iranian new year).

  • Lish Weese

    I did this workout last night and today I am the sorest girl in my house!!! Ouch…you continue to help me get myself in better shape, even if it is a difficult journey sometimes. Doesn’t help that I woke up with a bellyache. Do you still recommend chocolate milk as a post workout drink or snack of choice? Just curious, thanks you two for all you do!!!

  • Ese

    Zuzana and Fredrick, Great work out!! Because I didn’t want to comprise my form, for most of the exercises I went down to 30 and pushed myself and focused on great form! BRUTAL, but efficient!! Love it!!

    Ok, I have a question for the both of you, this has been on my mind for a while and would love to know your input. Since muscle weighs more than fat, should I ignore the scale for a while? I am eating super clean, and very committed to my workouts, I drink about 1 1/2 a gallon of water a day if not more, and the scale doesn’t seem to tip much. I do feel the difference and know that I’m getting stronger, some definition here and there etc, but the scale just seems to want to stay around the same place. One week, I may drop like 6 pounds, and another week I may put back on two pounds. I know a lot has to do with water weight, but just want to know from you guys what your thoughts on this topic.
    Thank you so much, I look forward to hearing back from you!!

    By the way Zuzana, you are my inspiration! I’ve never seen another women as committed and work as hard as you. A lot of people say they want it, but are not willing to put the effort and push their bodies in order to achieve excellence along with diet and nutrition.
    Thanks for all you do and I wish you and Fredrick lots of success!!!


  • Liz

    36:00 Zuz!! yayyyy

  • Maria

    BRUTAL!!! is the only word! thanks for those amazing workouts! Time: 36:03

  • samantha

    Hi both. So I messed this up today :( My last time was 31:52 and today I stopped the Gymboss at 34:15 – then I realised that I’d done 60reps on each leg of the one leg jump. This must have slowed me down loads because I was in tatters, I’ll have to pay more attention next time!

  • Lyn

    omg, i just finished this workout and i`m sweating like a waterfall! My time was 35:19

    looking forward to your next workout, Lyn

  • Ivana

    and i forgot to say love you and kiss !:)

  • Ivana

    it took me to long, maybe i was tierd, but one leg push ups and Crunches was so hard, any way i finished in 38 min and 34 secends i hope next time ill do better

  • Toria

    I noticed the first response was never addressed-are either of you certified in the fitness field? Did you go to school for training? I am very interested in where you gained your knowledge-or are you a self starter?

    Love the website, love the workouts-keep them coming!

    • Frederick

      Hi Toria – Zuzana got her PT certification from ISSA.

  • Gaby

    Hi.. this almost killed me, but I am so glad I didn’t give up.. I finished it all in 31:07, what a great day to start my day I feel like a champ!! =)
    Thank you Zuzana and Fred.

  • Anneliis

    Zuzana, this workout looks very brutal. If you are sweating allready after first exercise, i must be dead after 30 reps :D .

    I’m gonna try this workout 30reps/2rounds way.

    By the way I LOVE your shoes. I tried to find them on Nike homepage, but couldn’t.

    I wish you a lot of strenght,


  • jennie k

    Hi I’m a first time viewer and wow do I wanna have an amazing body like yours! I have a gym membership and all but don’t know routines to do to get into shape. I had a baby 6 months ago but I had to have a c section and I try to do ab workouts and i cant its still sore. I really want to try your workouts! Any advice?

  • Taya

    Hi Zuzana,

    I tried this workout today, as a Week 2 Day 6 of the Summer Fit Program. It was incredible! The sweat was dripping of me and I loved it. I have to admit though, it took me a long time to complete the whole routine: 46 min and some change. It was painful and had to make breaks to think “Do I want to stop at 30 reps? Would that be ok?” But I pushed hard and did 60 of every exercise :) I promise myself to try this workout again next week and do my best to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 33 min 38 sec :) …Thank you for the inspiration! Taya

  • Monique from the NL

    Oh my, this one was KILLER!

    I had to take several breaks between and during the exercises. But, I still tried to push myself and managed to finish in 27:05.

    Like Zuzana, I had to use my knees at one point during the push-ups. So brutal!

  • Julie

    Dear Zuzana, I know that does not wonder to a woman, I don’t know where else I could ask this question, but How old are you ?
    I am a french woman, and I would like to begin your workout for beginner, but I try to have a baby in this time so and I don’t think if it’s the good period ! ;-)
    Have you any children ?

    I would like to know too if sport is YOUR JOB or if you have an another job except sport ?
    Thanks for your reply, thanks a lot for your workout and congratulations for you body you are amazing , nice and VERY beautiful!

  • Mihaela

    This workout looks like it’s going to kick my butt :)
    Got my 1st kettlebell this weekend, and I was soooooo excited to start working out with it. It’s pink with a black handle, and I named it Roxy, ‘cuz a little birdie told me that’s what you do when you get your first. You name it.
    BTW, for all Canadians looking for kettlebells: Treadmill Factory has amazing prices, comparing to other stores, on-line or otherwise. They sell them at $2 per pound, so my foxy Roxy caused only a damage of $40, as opposed to $60 or $70.
    I find kettlebells fascinating, and as I found out other people do too. I took mine to the Track & Field for a “spin”, and people came out of the woodwork to ask me about it and the exercises. Please, please don’t start working out with kbells until you learnt the proper form and technique. I spent my weekend researching, and watching videos ( is an amazing resource for those), and then I attacked some of the easier exercises. Start easy and be smart about it.
    I’ll be enjoying Zuzana’s torture today, thanks again to both of you for doing such a great job with this website!!!


  • Gina

    Zuzana, I just wanted to say that today is the last day of my 30 days of no junk food. I cannot believe I have done it. Despite the recent torture my sister put me through by sitting next to me eating a large moist triple chocolate muffin, I have successfully resisted all forms of temptation.

    I have now gone off most cravings. I will however continue to eat little and small portions of only my favourite junk foods as I do not believe in depriving myself of anything. I have learnt to snack on healthier options and feel that I do not need the daily “sugar kick”.

    The only thing is that I have not decided on the reward to give myself for doing this. Any ideas?

  • Rachel

    I did this work out in 29 minutes, but skipped the overchair kick and one leg jump knee up. My legs couldnt take any more!

    Totally awesome workout though. I am going to try it again next week and see if i can incorporate the moves i missed.


    Hello zusana and husband, I just continue loving your website. You guys keep me in motivation to drag the fat to hell…. :) Kisses from Brasil.

  • Charlie D.

    30:49:75 – only 20 seconds faster than last time. But still faster! That was awesome! I am going to feel this tomorrow. What am I talking about – I feel this right now. Thank you thank you thank you.


  • gaurav

    zuzana , the cap looks so amazing on you … wow!!

  • Michael

    Great workout! My time was 40:05. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • zorobabel

    ho yes i remember that one.
    I’ll do it tomorrow.
    I noticed you really changed these last weeks, more muscles.
    Ypu already looked athletic, but now even more, it is very beautiful.
    Today, for the first time, someone asked me if i do sport, so i was very flattered that finally my efforts are visible.

  • Mina from Belgium

    Hello sporty couple,

    I’ve been following you for a few weeks now and all I can say is Thank You!
    Thanks for the inspiration, the motivation, the good sweat, the positive thinking and, most of all, for giving us all that for free!
    I’m having health issues and it’s hard for me to stay positive and focused but you brought me back to training and taking care of myself :-)

    I was wondering what you guys live from. You keep moving from one place to another so you can’t be in a regular job.. and yet you’re always positive, well dressed and look like everything was easy for you..Do you actually live from this website? I hope you don’t find this question rude. It’s just that if you do live from this website, you’re not just a very healthy and inspiring couple but also a pair of genius for having such a good idea!

    By the way, I call the chestlift exercise: Superman. Just extend your arms and fly away ;-)

    Looking forward to a good sweat.

  • Sandra


    The conditioning in your arms has improved a lot since the “before” footage. Both your biceps and your shoulders look stronger and more dense today.


  • Mia

    I only did 40 reps for each and I completed the workout in 27 minutes and 9 seconds, which is not bad considering the fact, that I did this one for the first time. Wow, really challanging workout you guys. Thank youuu!!!

  • Sarah

    I’m going to try this workout at lunch time but to be honest, I did the booty moving workout with the kettlebells yesterday and my inner thighs are sore?? i wasn’t expecting taht but perhaps is the new angles i was working at?!
    I’m nervous as it looks brutal but i’m going to complete it if my life counts on it!

  • raina

    i just finished it! omg i was too slow, my time was 42min and 12 sec! but i really enjoyed it!!! i ll do your stretching now:)
    thanx xxx

  • Salma

    This was a hard one!! it took me 33:40 but I had to break it up. I did 2 rounds of 30 reps for each exercise so at the end it was still 600 reps. I noticed I was starting to loose my form after 30 reps so I decided to break it up but was still a killer!

    Thanks for the great workouts and tips!!


  • Pedro

    Hi Zuzana, cute lol, i’ve just find your blog, i’m from spain so sorry for my english.

    So i’m a begginer but i have done abs for about several years, most of those years i was’nt be constant but i think that i have a little of experience.

    I have going to a gym in the past too, but about 2 years.

    I want to be disipline now and start a good workout, i think that you have good material here but i don’t know where i should start.

    I have a little gym at my new house, 3 statics cycles, 1 elliptic, 1 chest bench, 2 bowed abs bench and 2 multi workout machines, i hope made myself clear because i don’t know the right names of the things on the gym.

    Please give me an advice where i should start.

    Thank you and congrats for your website, you work and your amazing body.

  • Christine

    Ooooh i can`t wait to do this one :-)

  • Thandi

    Hi Z, I need a new sports bra. Would you recomend any??? I like yours with the clip in the front. :-)

  • Elthea

    I just need to say thank you for posting photos aswell, since I am on the net from work ;-) I get blocked from watching any type of videos, so now I can still stay with you and understand all the exercises through the pics, thanks!! I aspire to look like you one day!! Just seriously need to get my eating habbits under control!! LOL! Will be doing this exercise tonight after training and work.

  • Dani

    Btw i just want to comment on your amazing muscle definition! i’m pretty toned myself but i am going to make sure i get as much muscle definition as you have! i have always had a major passion for fitness but ever since i found this website, it just makes me appreciate fitness evern more! thanks for being such an inspirational person :)
    and Btw, i would love to see new recipes, fashion hauls etc! :)

  • Dani

    i already repeated this workout like a few weeks ago and im so glad i did because it was soo challenging! the 60 reps part kills it!
    you should create more of these types of workouts :)

  • S

    Awesome editing on this video F.
    Z, your form improved so much from the first time!
    Oh, and I just got a pull up bar :) (can’t do one yet though)

  • Hana

    Oh wow!!! This was one of the toughest workouts I did so far with you since the beginning of the year!!!! It took me like 36 minutes but i had to take breaks between the exercises :-)

    You look like you are getting slimmer!!!! looking good for the summer :-)

  • Vijay

    With breaks and some minor modifications 38 mins.

  • Charlie D.

    Can I just say that you’re looking fabulous these days? Totally strong and confident and beautiful. Congratulations.

    I’m super excited to do this workout this afternoon because the last time I did it was almost 3 months ago and I was feeling kind of tired that day. I am so getting a new personal best today.

  • Delcio

    My goodness, you are just looking as tighter and fitter as I’ve ever seen you. Why can’t God bless us all, and make every woman work as hard and be as dedicated as you. Keep up the sensational work. Ciao!

  • Anya

    hi Zuzana! The work out seems to be really tough.I’ll be doing it tomorrow. I have a question about you lifestyle. I remember reading about your previous habits like smoking and occasional alcohol… I wanted to know, did you just decided to go @cold turkey@ and switched to a new Zuzana in one day or you took baby steps? Please let us know how exactly you got to the point you are right now. I understand that people make up excuses all the time for their bad habits but some of those excuses are quite reasonable. I have one too. Since I have a 2-year-old boy, a husband and school to go to and no help from mom or dad(they live across the ocean) I find it very difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Especially in the evening, when my body wants to sleep at 8 pm and my son wants to play till 10pm. In this case I find myself eating carbs and sugars just not to fall asleep. I can’t drink coffee,because then I will not sleep till the next night. The only thing I have been good for the past 5 years is sports. Before I found you I was exercising 3-4 times a week. Now it’s every day. But I started noticing some fat here and there. I guess it’s because of my diet. I eat plenty of raw and cooked veggies, complex carbs, not much meat and some dairy. But when the night comes and I am tired, I would eat anything bad. If there is none in the cupboards, I woulld make some cookies or a pie. So please, tell us about how you did it. By the way I am 26 / 168 cm/125lb
    And thank you again for your great workouts and posts.

  • Kaitlyn

    Hello Zuzana
    If you dont mind me asking have you always been a thin person? Im asking this because I used to be over weight but my stomach will not become flat from everything i use to do. I dont know if its skin or fat and iv been following the clean eating, portion control, and i have been doing your workouts 7 days a week for a month. Do you think this will get me a flat stomach?

  • Asher

    Hey Frederick, where are you hiding? I wanna see you and Zuzana go head to head!

  • bohdana

    Hi guys
    I want to share with everybody that if you have an Iphone , you can download free app for GYMBOSS interval timer.
    It is great!
    Btw , finished my sugar free month last wednesday! and bought myself a pull up bar !
    Thank you both for keeping us motivated.

  • phoebus

    Hey! Wanted to tell u ages that u’ve made huge, obvious progress on your body since u started to do body weight workout in Malta.
    appreciate ur good work n also the effort of ur filming crew – Frederick! Cross mixing the older scenes with the new onces reinforces the changes!! (both Z n F)
    keep up the work!
    Because of you, I am addicted to “workout”. Thanks~

  • Chervony

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,
    I have been following your daily workouts, and some older routines, for about two months now. I am trying to tone up my body for spring break and this site is really helping! But anyway, back to the point: this workout was THE HARDEST workout I think I have ever done. It took me just over 50 minutes (I took breaks). And right now I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get up in the morning, but I’m glad I pushed through it. Haha great site! Thanks

  • La

    awesome editing! I am really looking forward to this one for tomorrow- I think I did this one once or maybe one similar but I have to go back and look. I have kept a log since I started your workouts back in January:)


  • Jennifer

    I could only do a 1/3 or 1/2 of the reps in 30 minutes! I haven’t worked out regularly in over a year and just found this site through youtube. I’m looking forward to trying this workout again and improving every time!

  • Mickela

    ooOh my whole entire body is shaking. I am proud to say that I did this workout in 41:25. I am so happy that I was able to do all of those 60 one leg push ups without using my knees.
    The prison squats I didn’t do the kick, but really payed attention to my form. I can’t jump in my flat so I had to modify the jumps a bit.
    I like how the workout ended with the over chair kick, I felt like a super hero after this workout, 3 months ago I would not have been able to do this entire sequence, I would have died or something.

    I am so glad I clicked on your website 4 months ago. stay strong and sweet.

    peace and light

  • mimi

    This workout was intense. I finished in 31:39.. HOWEVER, my form is not as perfect as yours, Zuzana. This is where I can continually improve. Keep them coming! Im going to Spain on holiday and Im taking your workouts with me.. no need to skip a beat. Thank you both Zuzana and Frederick – Wishing you success and happiness! XO, Mimi

  • Shawna

    Nice editing work. I loved that you went from the new to the old workout, very very cool!

  • karen

    super bien

  • gibris

    my sister is joining me with the workouts! really you are an inspiration!
    hellos from el paso tx

  • Celina

    Hi great workout. I just had one question. If for example, I am unable to do all 60 reps (mostly for the burpees and one leg push ups), which would you suggest? Should I, do as many as I can, then rest for a minute or so. Do more, rest if I need to. Until I finish all 60. Or . . . should I split it up and say, do 30 first, and then go on to the next exercise, and at the end of the workout finish the reps I couldn’t do.
    Is one better than the other? I am just thinking about if working the one muscle group all at once is better than splitting it up.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Manicka

    Ahoj Zuzko,
    presne tohle jsme delali v matersky skolce. Hrozne moc jsem se snazila, ale 9:24 se mi dneska nepodarilo prekonat.
    Snad se mi to povede priste.
    Mej se moc hezky Manicka

  • Bea D

    I love all of the rep workouts (500, 550, 600). Please do more! If there are more than these three in the archives, then please let me know.

  • Laura V

    Zuzana, Great workout, it was brutal ! 34:05 was my time but I only did 30 burpees. 60 reps of everything else. Your workouts are great and you inspire me to keep working out even when I don’t feel like it. Please keep them coming. I am seeing the results! Laura

  • diana

    This workout was killer. I am dead right now. I could not do the one leg knee jump up because my knees make a horrible noise and something feels like its ripping. I have dealt with this forever and I take supplements for my joints. Do any of you or Zuzana deal with this. Any advice?

    • Dem

      Oh Diana! I have the same problem – my knees make horrible creaking/tearing noises whenever I do sumo squats or step ups or lunges – anything where they are key in the exercise. All I know to do is take glucosamine to support healthy joints – I imagine that is what you are taking also (?), and I also take calcium. I’ve tried strapping them for the added support, but I find it doesn’t do much…

    • Alicia

      I had the same problem and went to physio for 3 months to strengthen my vastus medialus (inside of my quad) as it wasn’t supporting the knee joint properly. I did all the exercises she gave me to do every day and bought more supportive shoes (New Balance) and now I have no problems. It has been 6 years.
      Just remember, physio only works if you do the exercises they give you religiously.
      Good luck with it! Hope it works out:)

  • alfeel

    i’m following for some weeks! you’re great! :) amazing workout! keep on it!

  • John from Arizona

    Thank you for your website and free access to your daily workouts. I’m a true believer in the Tabata workout routines and really appreciate the inspiration! Was wondering if you will be doing a workout program (6 to 8 weeks) similar to the 6 week summer fit program from last year? It was nice to have a program to follow rather than trying to piece together individual workouts.

  • Mercier JJ

    awsome workout!

    approx 50 minutes… I guess i will not have a problem beating that next time… I took breaks. Lots of them…

    really liked the one leg dead lift… it was the first time 4 me doing this exercise. :)

  • Lupi

    It would be cool if you would put tags for each new different exercise in the video. It would be easier to describe.

  • becca

    hey this workout should be called “zuzana wants me dead” lol it earned the name. The first few exercises are the hardest and i had to rest a lot. It took me 37:10 to complete this work out but i did all the reps, even tho it kicked my butt i really pushed thru

    Thanks nd have a good day:)

    • dheana

      “Zusana wants me dead” That’s funny! While I was doing the burpees I was thinking “60 of these?! Is she kidding?! She seems so sweet – but she must be at least a little masochistic”
      Thanks Zusana, as usual you (lovingly, I’m sure) kicked my butt! ;)

  • Katy

    I just got the Gymboss interval timer in the mail, but it’s kind of tricky to figure out how to use it!

    • Pati

      Go over the instructions multiple times and you’ll eventually figure it out :)

    • Emma

      I got the timer too!! Love it. Go to the Gymboss site and they have instructions there and also youtube links!!

    • Louise

      Katy, go to youtube and enter gymboss interval timer there is a step-by-step video on how to set it up (very easy :D ). I hope this helps. Good Luck!

    • http://n/a Jodie

      Hey Katy, I agree the Gymboss time is tricky at first! Here is a link to the site that was really helpful for me. It includes step by step instructions via video on setting the intervals, stopwatch, etc.


    • Susie

      its simple once u play with it a few times. You’ll love it!

  • noy from israel

    hi zuzana,
    I’ve noticed that you are useing your “Gymboss Interval Timer” alot and i have a question for you about it.
    when you set up the time for example: 30 seconds reps and then 10 second of rest. can you set up the timmer so every 30 seconds it will beep and then after 10 seconds it will beep?
    if it too complicated i will ask you differently.
    can you set the timmer for 2 different times at the same workout?
    hope that you understood me. because i really want to buy one of this!

    admire your motivation your work and your amazing body

    • Frederick

      Hi Noy, the timer is capable of 2 different intervals at once :)

      • noy from israel

        thank you so much…i really got lost with my own guestion

        so glad you understood me!!

  • Mike

    wow that one was HARD i finished in 45 min :( haha at leat i did it all!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carina

    Hy Zuzanna!
    I’m a new commer on Your site!And admire You and your work.
    Gave me a lot of inspiration, but a month later I had a seroius injury with my knee & can’t do any sports whit my leg for another month.But despite You give me a lot of ideas.And i would like to ask: in this video You wear a white sport top (which looks like a bikini top)so I would like to ask the brand of it, if it is possible.

    Thanks a lot!!!

    • samantha

      Its a Lululemon Lift and Separate but unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore…..perhaps if we all email them we can persuade them to stock it again.

  • Elaine

    oh my god! i finally finished the workout – in 43 minutes. I decided to split it into 2 rounds of 300 reps, cuz my legs were seriously going to die on me after my 23rd burpee. By splitting it, I managed to actually complete the workout. Thank you so much for pushing us to look our best for the summer!

  • Vigdis


    I’m looking on your site for detailed descriptions of some of your older Daily Workouts, but I can’t find them.

    Have you removed them?
    For example this one

    I would like to try it, but I can’t find any description of it on

    Thank you for the great workouts, it’s really inspiring to follow you.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      If you click on the Daily Workouts category and scroll down you will find Previous entries button. This way you can go through all of the workouts in this category – there is a lots of them.

  • Alys

    Hi Zuzana (and Frederick)

    First, I’m sorry for my english, I’m a french Canadian so I speak french! Your website is amazing and I want to know, when do you decide to training hard, I mean, when do you say “I will change my body, I want to be in health” Are you always love training and be in shape? Before your website, were you a trainer in a gym or something like that ? And do you take protein or fat burner ? Next september I will enter to the university to study fitness and sport, I always love it and pratice sport ! You are a source of inspiration and motivation Zuzana! Thank !

  • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

    Have you gone mad??? :D

    • RaeNYC


  • mistike

    Wow, this must be the toughest workout ever. Just watching the video makes me want to go away, hide and cry.

    60 pushups. Uh huh.

    About the lunges, did you count one reps after doing both legs ? e.g. 120 lunges total ?

    • Frederick

      No, it is 60 reps total.

  • Anwar

    I just wanted to THANK YOU!
    You really made me feel like working out is a cool thing, I wanted to loose weight so bad and now I have a great motivation from your videos and blog. I find all your tips really helpful.

    Thank you so much and keep up the good work :)


    Frederick, great job integrating the before and now shots.

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  • Ashley from Canada!

    Hey Zuzana! I’ve just noticed that your arms and shoulders are looking are looking larger. They look great because like you say it makes you waist look smaller. Have you noticed this as well. Maybe it is the new kettlebell moves :) . I bought my kettlebell today, I am still trying to think of a good name for her. :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Ashley, I haven’t noticed that. I don’t think that my shoulders and arms got any bigger :) I guess I should cut down on my portions. It’s true that since I have been in Prague I wasn’t really keeping my portions sizes small – Czech food is delicious :)

      • yana

        darling i think she means more muscular, your muscles are fine and you do not need to get more thin!!!!! we love the way you are!!! =D

      • Ashley from Canada!

        Hey Zuzana, I know you probably didn’t take it this way, but I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t interpret what I said as a criticism. I wanted to say that you have an amazing physique, and your hard work is definetly paying off and showing :) I shouldn’t have used the word large, I meant to say toned and defined. I really admire you Zuzana! And I also just wanted to say, that not only do you inspire others to reach their goals in fitness and health, but the principles you teach also affect other forms of our lives, like our work and personal life. And that is true greatness. So thank you for that. :)

      • Antonia

        I dont see that you got bigger at all. But you look fantabulos and superistic. I really wanted to ask you before I read this comment what your fitness goals are? I mean by this one time you said you were not where you wanted to be. Im not kidding how can you improve? I mean maintain I understand but how can you improve on already being completely fit and just right? This is not a fake question I really want to know? Thanks.

        • Frederick

          There is no endgame to any of this – it’s a lifestyle, there are always new ways to improve, new challenges to face, new workouts to put together….

          • Antonia

            Ok love that idea-its encouraging and motivating-thanks!

      • Antonia

        Hi I know you might not be able to answer but if you can ..what is the difference between czech food and what about maltese food(is malta in Italy therefore, italian?)

      • Janet

        Don’t forget you are in a colder climate now so you need to eat more :)

  • Rainbow

    Dear Zuzana, Dear Frederick,

    Thank you for your wonderful site. I do the workouts every single day and I enjoy it so much, I check the website many many times a day for updates :)

    I have a question, if you have some time, I would be extremely grateful for your thoughts on this. I am trying to PUT ON weight: I am 167 cm and 48 kilos. I am willing to put on nice, healthy muscles and not just unhealthy fat. Do you have any advice for me? (you surely dont get that very often as opposed to people trying to lose weight!!) Thanks so much!!

    • Sarah

      Hi Rainbow,
      i would suggest eating slightly larger portions 5-6 times throughout teh day. Still has zuzanna does but just larger portions and as long asthe food is clean, you shouldn’t put on any unhealthy looking fat.

  • autumn

    omg…yay..i can finally do this equipment..!!!!

  • Pikmin

    Nice video editing (the 2 workouts mixed)!

    As I’m following Z’z daily workouts site section from start, I did the 600 W/O on Sunday, the one from the November post. As an outcome, I couldn’t raise my arm at all while blow-drying my hair :) I was also tired from a previous double workout (I go wild on W/E trainings as I have more time).
    Managed to complete it in 0.35.58, struggling, but not cheating (except from baby push-ups, but that’s no cheat as Z is doing it as well eh eh eh).

    As for lunging till ground, I think I still lack the control, once I nearly hurt it and I got a bit scared. I was thinking to get volleyball knee-pads (could come handy for some other exercises too) but maybe in order to perform lunges properly and safely what’s best is just gain full muscle control by practice. Your thoughts are welcome!

    p.s. Tomorrow it’s HARD BODIES W/O time for me (I keep thinking about the Coen movie and laughing) :)

  • AbbyLina

    Props to Freddy!
    Love the way he incorperated Zuzanas first try at this workout and todays workout, lets us see exactly how her form was better this time around

  • Elena

    This work out is WORKOUT!!!! the best
    Эта тренировка Лучшая!!!! Спасибо!!!!

  • Eva

    I like this workout and it was very hard, I couldn’t do as many reps as you did, even if I took my time to do them properly.

    Anyway, I was thinking that what always helps me when I workout, is looking good. I mean, I need to be in a nice outfit, having nice hair, stuff like that. I know it sounds stupid but it helps me having more confidence and reminds me how I want to look like. I just notice that after almost 10 ys of working out at home :-)
    I steal some ideas from you, hehe !

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Don’t worry I totally get your point :)

    • Janet

      Let’s just say I am very grateful nobody is videotaping my look and outfits!

  • Rea

    Ok I’m not even going to write down how much time this workout took cause it’s shameful. But! I kept my form tight and really pushed hard. Gotta say, I took your advice about the one leg squats (working 3Xday for a week) and I still cannot do them un-assisted, however, jump lunges were so (relatively) easy today I couldn’t believe it.

    I think as I am getting stronger your workouts take me more time, just because I keep better form and it gets harder to go through the exercises fast.

    Thank you :)

  • Slavek


    Mam co zlepsovat :-) )

  • Marťaska

    WOW, perfect punishment workout :) It will hurt so much tomorrow. And btw you look amazing, Zuzko!!!

  • D.

    that’s awesome! :D

  • Mannan

    Zuzanna I have a very important question that really needs answering. I lost 16 pounds in six weeks! I did exersize hear for two weeks and then stopped. I had a cheat week because I was stressed about exams. But really I’ve been eating healthy. And it’s my own diet. Calorie restriction I just eat less and I eat healthy foods. I’ve been eating half a whole wheat pita bread every day. In the morning I have honey water and lime before I eat anything. Then I have 18 almonds and an apple most of the time. Then I would have a turkey burger while eating just half a whole wheat pita. My total is half a whole wheat pita a day bread wise I don’t go above that. Then later I have a grilled chicken breast with grilled peppers or salad with nothing. Or I’d have a salad with grilled chicken and minced vegetable in olive oil type dressing. Is this healthy. I haven’t accidentally fallen into doing Atkins have I? I am a male. I started on the seventh of february at 188.4 and yesterday I weighed myself and I was 172.2 and the scales are reliable. Can you tell me if what I did was healthy. I thought personally that it was very practical. I’ve even started incorporating some 0 fat yogurt four ounces in my diet in the morning. Is all this safe? Is my diet safe? Is it healthy weight loss? It’s not Atkins without me knowing is it? Cuz I don’t wanna do low carb for weight loss!I thought my approach was conventionally healthy! It’s not a diet really it’s a way of eating! My half a whole wheat pita a day is 16 carbs! Please help me! Please Zuzanna!

    • Chris L

      Hi Mannan,

      You should consult with a doctor if you feel you’re losing weight at to high a rate to be explained by your diet. But, an average of 2.666 pounds a week isn’t that alarming normally. Just increase you caloric intake a little and see if that slows the rate. And usually a person will drop some pounds then plateau.


  • Monica

    i started doing your workouts a few weeks ago and im hooked i love them they are a challenge but there great! i have always worked out as long as i can remember im 20 but i am more fit then i have ever been. keep up the good work! you keep me motivated and its awesome to see someone who loves working out as much as i do!

  • Brie

    Hi Freddy, the editing was really cool with cutting in the segments of the last time Zuzi did this workout. Keep up the good work ;-)

    • Frederick

      Thanks :)

    • raina

      yeah, i loved this too, great job!

  • RN

    Hi Zuzana,

    Your body and your workouts are so inspiring. I actually enjoy working out now and look forward to the next workout. (I never have before and I’ve been working out for more than 3 years). My problem is losing weight. No matter how much I try, I can’t seem to lose more than 2 or 3 pounds and then I put it back on. Your calorie determining link on one of your older posts does not work. According to so many calorie counters out there I need about 1500 calories a day, so to lose weight I need to go down to 1000 calories. This is way too difficult. How do you determine approximately how many calories you need? Also, if I was doing one of your workouts 5-6 days a week, approximately how much of a burn can I account for that?

  • Rv

    Pffff…. I’m exhausted.
    I can’t do this workout. I tried to explain to my mirror is useless but he don’t stop remind me of my failure reason. He can’t wait this summer…

  • Galina

    Hi F and Z!

    Here’s the deal, I have been doing your workouts religiously for about 2 and a half weeks and saw tremendous results in terms of my muscle definition and overall body tone as well as strength! However..when I get on the scale it’s about 5 -7 pounds more than what I usually weight and my healthy eating habits have remained the same.

    I am certain it is from the muscle, but should I be worried? Does the scale matter?


    • Geodfreid-Manson

      No the scale does not matter.
      Get rid of that scale and concentrate on your eating habits.and keep doing Zuzana’s exercise routines consistently.
      Consistency matters most.
      (Not doing the same exercises over and over again),
      But consistently changing up the exercises to shock your muscles.
      If you do the same thing over and over again your muscles will adapt and will not change anymore. And if you do not give the muscles that you just exercised enough time to recuperate and rebuild,then your muscles will start getting smaller and smaller.

      Your body fat level is what counts.

      If you must have something to measure your fitness level,
      Listen to your body, How great do you feel when you keep exercising?
      Every one knows that per volume, muscle weighs more then fat.
      So of course if you are getting exercise and you are gaining muscles then you will weigh more.
      And of course the more muscles you have,,,the more calories and fat your body will be burning throughout the day,even while you are at rest.

      Think of your muscles like an engine, the bigger your engine is the more fuel your engine will be burning.

      But if you are losing fat and gaining muscle then your shape will change for the better.

      Using a simple body fat caliper to measure your suprailliac point, which is located approximately one inch above your right hip bone.
      It is so simple that anyone can keep track of their own body fat level.

    • mistike

      (i hope it’s ok for me to answer, please Zuzana & Frederick tell me)

      I think the scale doesn’t matter. You’ve gained muscles, lost some fat. The overall result is that you weight a bit more, but are certainely leaner.

      I’d say, just use the scale once a week or less for general trend, and take your measures with a tape. Write them down, and after a while you’ll see you’re actually slimer, even if you weight more. The goal here is to LOOK better, not weight less.

  • Audra

    OK I have to say that this has to be the most, if not one of your most brutal workouts.

    I had to finish the pushups on my knees after 40. :(

    I usually can do jump lunges with no problem but the leg switches on the pushups made my knees sore so I did walking lunges :(

    After 20 full body crunches I had to put my arms at my side :(

    I managed to finish this workout in 31:14 but somehow I feel defeated cause I modified it to finish the exercises. I’m sure my time would have been worse if I didn’t modify the exercises above and I just found myself taking too many breaks in between reps without the modifications is that OK?

    I definately would like to see more of these kind of workouts maybe once a week to change up the routine.

  • meredith

    I’ve kept revisiting this workout about once a week ever since you first posted it. This is one of the best!

  • Debbie L

    Nice workout and nice work with the 2 videos mix!!

  • Evalula

    Hi Zuzanna, can you add a PDF FILE with the workout and photos, so I can print it?

  • Natasya

    Loooved the workout.
    Hmm where can I buy those gloves u have. In sport stores? How are they called? I have only the ones for bike.

    Tnx for reply,

    • ozziepossum

      Hi Natasya

      I’m not sure what sort of gloves Zuzana wears but I used to wear regular workout gloves but found that bicycle gloves were better as they have more padding in the palms.

      Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Oy Oy!

  • http://---- Dánika Vázquez

    Thanks I love this workout =)

  • Brina

    hey :)

    I am 16 years old and from germany and I want to start to workout like you :)
    My questions (about your timer) are:
    Where is the timer from?
    Have you a brand from the timer?
    In some Vidoes your timer is pink and in others its black…is there any difference?

    I have searched for a sport-timer… but I can´t find something like you have ö.Ö
    …I hope you can help me :)

    Best wishes

    PS: great videos ö.Ö …but you here it probably all the time ;D

    • raina

      hi brina,
      if you see zuzana’s videos here, she always writes under the video that she is using the gymboss interval timer and she gives the link if u want to buy it:)
      She has black and pink, the color doesn’t matter, u choose what u like!
      I bought this timer too!
      Actually i got it before 2 weeks in pink color and i’m very happy! I can follow zuzana now in all of her workouts!!!
      i hope i helped:)

    • samantha

      Hi Brina

      The timer is a Gymboss, they come in grey, black and pink (only the colour differs they all have the same functions) – Zuzana usually posts a link in the main body of text for each workout as there is for this one. They’re a fab.

      Hope this helps.

      Sam x

    • Anneliis

      Hi Brina!

      Zuzana uses a Gymboss Interval Timer. She writes about it in every beginning of a workout. It is the same timer she uses, she just has it in different colors. Read the introduction to this workout and you will find a link to the webpage where you can purchase the timer.

      Take care,


  • Jenn B, Pueblo Colorado

    Hello Zuzana and frederick!
    This is the first time in my life that im going to be ready for summer i have been following everyday since Oct 2009.when i started i was in a 36size jean.Yesterday i went shopping and fit perfectly in a size 26jean i dont know how much weight i lost but i look good im made a commitment to myself to stay active all summer. next week im starting a 28 day fitness boot camp to shred the little bit of fat i want to get rid of but i still going to do my workouts with you 3 days a week…
    THANX for the guidance im on the way to bein in the best shape ever……….thanx to you 2…

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      That’s awesome! Congratulations and keeping going with your training.

  • Tiffany

    It just started working again… never mind. lol Maybe it is my computer! Keep up the great workouts though!!! You keep me so motivated!!!

  • Tiffany

    Hi Zuzana!

    Great job on your increased strength here!! Just wanted to inform you that for some reason I cannot access your workout archives…I’m currently doing the 6-week challenge and can’t access it. I’ve been on it everyday so I’m wondering if it is just an issue on your side. Can you please check that out? When I click on it it says: Error establishing a database connection.

    Thanks! : )

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      The workout archives seems to be working just fine at this moment.

    • Chris L

      Hi Tiffany,

      I notice this again happening with the whole site. I believe it’s the “pipe” is to skinny to allow all of access to the site at once. I find if I wait till late at night it’s fine.


  • Brittney

    Wow. so i got a reality check today. i am incredibly out of shape and summer is just around the corner. my exercise bike broke today so i thought i will go on Bodyrock and try one of her work outs to fill in for my daily ride. well i couldnt even get through half. isnt that pitiful! I guess i havent been pushing myself so i am going to start trying to do a bodyrock work out three times a week hopefully it will help me get past this stupid platue i have reached.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Do it 5 times a week and you will see results shortly.

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  • Tali R.

    hi zuzana
    i love this workout. i hope to bit my personal best too.
    i just finished another workout of yours so this one will have to wait for tomorrow. i can not wait to to it.
    thank you so much for your time and amazing workouts. today i looked in the miror and i started to see my sex pack!!!! i know and bileve that i can do this, juar have to losse some more body fat.

  • Rv

    PPfffff… I’m exhausted.

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  • samantha

    I did a 40 round tabata today with squats, jumping lunges, plank push ups, butt lift/toe touch then burpees which has totally destroyed me so going to try and beat my personal best with the 600 rep tomorrow if I’m not too sore;)

  • Lilu

    hi Zuzana! thanks for all your wonderful workouts. I really enjoy the ones like this. Those that you have to beat your time to prove yourself. I do not have any equipment like the push up bar or the other station, but I just replace the excersise for another one that doesn’t need it. I hope I can still work my ass and push my self to the next level for this summer… I want that little
    g-string for the beach… I live in Miami and a huge part of woman use it and I promise my self that I am not going to wear the towel all day ,as you say before lol, or stay at home or use a pant at the beach… I have making your workouts from about a month and I can feel I’m faster and stronger than before. You are my inspiration! If you come to Miami one day let me know I can get discounts for hotels etc! Blessings!

  • Larissa Lopes

    I am Brazilian and I liked a lot of the videos, I was surfing in internet whe I looked the photograph, so I watched, I am a teacher Physical Education. I would like a lot of to received more videos or subjects about the body and health plis. Write me as possible thanks.

  • Jana

    Wow, your body just keeps looking better and better just when I thought that it cannot possibly improve anymore! You’re my inspiration!!!
    Can’t wait for the next fashion haul!
    What vacation are you guys planning for the summer? I remember your post from a long time ago where you went to what seemed like Adršpašské skály, so I know you enjoy a good hike.

  • http://deleted zixo

    you’re amazing, congratulations.

  • tara

    Ive been doing your workouts for awhile and they kick my ass. they beat me up so bad i have to take 2 days off. My Question is: Should I do your workouts every other day, or monday through friday, and take the weekend off? love you Zana!

  • Katie


    I am dead after this work out. Nice:-)
    I beat my personal best:-)
    Anyway, how do you like in Prague? What abou weather? It is not so sunny and warm like in Malta, yee? And how long guys you wanna stay there? Do you already plan some different place?
    Thank you for this work out, was great.





    • Sarah

      HI Ivana,
      Why don’t you try 20mins of HIIT. Warm up for 4mins and then do a steady jog for one min and then an all out sprint for 1 min and keep doing that for 6 rounds and then cool down for 4mins! much better than steady state cardio if you want to add that in!
      or you could do a few rounds of tabata training in the morning iwth your skipping rope to mix it up?
      Zuzanna has mentioned that consistency is the key so breaking this up with her workouts hours apart will be more effective than doing them directly after oen another.
      Hope this offers you some help.

    • Chris L

      Hi Ivana,

      You can search via Google using their advanced search option where you restrict the search to a single website.

      I hope this helps,

  • Ivana

    love this vidio and u make me smile in the end, ill try to beat my time later and tell how i did it. love you;)

  • V.

    I love when you post your workouts this early!

  • AnnaSirena

    I just want to say two things:
    1 – I SO MUCH LOVE YOU GUYS!!! :)
    2 – Very powerful and extreme workout, I’m dying to try it! =)))

  • CANadine

    Hi Guys!~

    It’s amazing to see the difference between your two videos.
    To see how much more stronger and flexible you’ve gotten, it looks like you do the exercises with so much more ease.
    Really good idea, very inspiring.
    I was wondering about your sunglasses, what brand they are?
    I’ve been trying to find a nice pair of wrap around sunglasses, but can’t seem to find a pair mad for a petite face.

    Love you guys, watch you every day, keep up the good work!
    P.S. Where’s Charlie?? He’s usually bounces by (: