Mar 27 2010

Bootylicious Workout

Hi guys,

We missed three days, and didn’t post any workouts, because we were looking for a flat in Prague and yesterday we were moving out of our hotel and into our new apartment. We were also without internet for the whole time so we have fallen behind with the comments :( but don’t worry – we are on it! We have settled in and are getting used to the new place, and now we are going to keep pushing towards the summer with new workouts. It’s really coming down to the home stretch – we have had some nice days of warm weather here in Prague, and you can sense the summer is creeping closer and closer. Many of you have recently successfully completed your 30 day challenges – and I just want to say congratulations to everyone. Make sure you reward yourself with something nice to celebrate your success – just not a whole cake ;) For those of you who stumbled (like me) keep going and do your best. Remember fitness and health is a journey – not a destination.

Today’s workout:

You will be doing 3 rounds of the following routine.

1. Dive Bomber Push Ups 5 reps

2. Pull Ups 5 slow reps ( I am using my pull up bar from Ultimate Body Press that you just hang on the doorframe)

3. Interval training: 6 rounds of two 20 second intervals (4 minutes total). You will need an interval timer to keep track of the time for you. I am using my Gymboss Interval Timer.

first 20 second interval – Squats

second 20 second interval – Air Chair

You will be going back and forth between these two exercises until the 4 minutes are up. 20 seconds of Squats followed directly by 20 seconds of Air Chair exercise.

Enjoy your workout and see you tomorrow.


Dive Bomber Push Up. Get into plank position and move your feet apart more than shoulder width (picture 1). Push your hips up into downward dog with your back straight and your arms and legs extended (picture 2). Bending your elbows and bringing your chest down to the ground first, slide your body forward (picture 3). As your chest is moving up and your arms are extending, your hips are moving down towards the ground (picture 4). This is one rep. Do 5 reps and move on.

Pull Ups. Grab your pull up bar with your palms facing away from you. Hang onto the bar and pause for a second or two before you pull yourself up. Don’t use any momentum. After you have pulled your body up so that your chin is over the bar, pause again for a second or two and slowly lower yourself into the starting position. Do 5 reps and move on.

Squats. I am using a 16kg kettle bell that Freddy named “Karel” for this exercise, but you can do it with your own bodyweight. Get into squat position keeping your weight on the heels, shins vertical, back straight, chest up and shoulders back and down. Push up off of your heels and stand up. Drive your hips forward at the top of the movement. Repeat as many times as you can during the 20 second interval and than move on directly to the Air Chair.

Air Chair. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart or a little wider and push your hips back and down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. In this position you will be doing a tiny little movement with your hips up and down during the 20 second interval.


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  • celine


    avez vous une page sur facebook?

    je vous admire beaucoup!
    vos exercice sont tres bien, dommage qu’il n’y a pas de traduction en francais!!:)

    je suis tres tres loin derriere vous!!!!!:)

    j’espere avoir une reponse de votre part


  • celine


    avez vous une page sur facebook?
    je vous admire beaucoup!!!!c’est genial ce que vous pouvez realiser!moi j’ai encore du boulot!!:)

    j’espere avoir une reponse de votre part.


  • Brumaster

    Zuz I just wanted to say I’m highly impressed with your work ethic in discipline and exercise. I have a question for you , I injured my back several years ago in an accident ,but before my accident i was strong and healthy. I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for exercises with my core i could do to strengthen my lowback again .

  • Carl

    I really enjoy your workouts, I am a disabled guy and am able to do most of the exercises but just miss the standing and lunge and standing type sets. What would you suggest I replace them with?

  • unanimous

    I just came across your workout videos on youtube. I must say wow, and you can tell a lot of work and disipline went into that body. Keep it up! and keep on inspiring!

  • Lala

    Dear Zuzana l have been watching your videos, i can’t belive some of the things you body it’s capable to do… i am a mom of two boys. i am 1.53m and about 57kg. all of my life iam struggling with skinny legs. Everything out there it’s how to get slim. how can l gain some muscle? how can l make my legs fuller and toned i would love to have a nice round butt and beautifull legs. l love to work out, but every time my legs just get lean and fit, please, please, please help. help, help,.. ! l never wear tied jeans or little skirts anything at all above my knees… it’s anything posible for me that you may have, thank you so much in advance..

  • Selena

    I have a question about abs. I am a young mom of two, my youngest is 19 months. I have been working harder then I ever have at the gym and even though I am smaller now then I ever have been I still have fat and slightly sagging skin under my belly button. I am at a loss. I don’t know if core exercises will even help me. I am very frustrated!!

  • Jill


    What exercise do you suggest I can sub for pull ups? I will probably purchase a pull up bar in the future, but do not have one right now.


  • lydia

    Sorry the message was sent before I could finish it : I WANTED TO THANK U FOR CHEARING ME UP WITH BODY WORK AND YOUR GOOD MOOD….

  • Charlie D.

    Whew! I did this one again today – 10Kg again – and I again I think my thighs are on fire. I think I was better about keeping my core tight this time though rather than just wondering if I was going to die.

    I’m going to the beach this weekend and I’m so so excited! No cover-ups for me! You two rock.

  • catalina

    Hi!! Do you speak spanish? Sorry I don’t speak english help me please

  • Damian

    Hey Zuzana

    I just found your sight and I love it! I I were to start from ground zero with your workouts where should I begin?

    I am very much looking forward to learning your techniques and incorporating them or adding them to my workouts as I too love interval training!

    Happy Birthday by the way (a little late maybe?). mine is on the 28th ;)



    • Frederick

      Hi Damian,
      Just dive right in and pick one of the daily workouts :) Zuzana’s birthday is on the 29th :)

  • Heather

    I have been researching on your website for the past few days and love all your routines!! I am going on vacation in about exactly a month and want to tone up as much as possible! I am very active but just not very educated on what exercised to do and when? I was hoping you would beable to tell me where to start! I really need to do a lot of fat burning extercises because I work out with heavy weights a lot but just have a high body fat percentage so im not very define! Thank you!
    O and you are absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring!!:)

  • Sara

    Wow!!! Awesome workout! I decided to hold one dumbbell in my hands like a kettlebell, and my back wore out before my legs did… I’m not sure what I did wrong, maybe leaned forward too much. But when I divided up the weight on two dumbbells on each hand on either side of my legs, my back wasn’t wearing out as fast any more, and my legs got some exercise! =)
    It was a great workout! And it’s so generous of you to share them with us! The only critique i have is that I think that the workout was very tough on the quads, but not as much on the upper body. A better balance between lower body and upper body would have been good. But that is my personal opinion, and I easily balanced it out with more reps for the upper body exercise.
    Also, I miss you rating your exercises in grades of toughness!

    Lots of love,
    Sara from Sweden

  • Charlie

    Zusana, You’re very attractive!


  • Erin

    Zusana, thank you so so so much for this. I have 10 months to get to the figure I want, I’m committed, and have been jogging/eating right for about a month and a half, I have to say, I started doing you’re workouts about 3 weeks ago, and I’m just now starting to see/feel better results than with just running alone. Thank you so much, this is keeping motivated, and making me feel so much better about myself. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  • Enrique

    hello zuzan, routines are very good that you put, and let me know if you heaveto make glutio for men.

    I hope you can send me some, because we want to have pomp also ok, take care and greetings to you and your people.

  • rose

    this progame is realy very good ilike it very much.thanks

  • Jessica

    I have been following your videos since December! They are awesome! You motivate me to do some type of work out, anything even if its small, every day.

    I am wondering how long you will be in Prague for? I live in the U.S. and will be visiting Prague this summer and would be thrilled if i ran into you at some point! I will be there around the time i will be turning 19…it would be the best birthday surprise!

  • Carla

    I am going to feel my butt tomorrow!!
    I also used my 16 kg kb.
    Feels good to be back :) )

  • ozziepossum

    My comments don’t appear to be posting so I will try again…. I have to say, 16kg Kettlebell doing 4 minutes of the Squats and Air Chair without a break is utter madness! But we all know you are Superwoman Zuzana!

    But I completed this workout using a 4lb medicine ball and I thought I was going to die! I can’t imagine how I will go using my 8kg kettlebell when it arrives tomorrow!

    Plus I did tricep dips instead of pull ups as I don’t have anywhere to do pull ups/chin ups.

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, squat squat squat …….. argh!

  • Grace

    I didn’t want to buy a Gymboss Interval Time so I checked on my iPhone for the application…just wanted to let y’all know they have one for free! :)

    • Malou

      I bought my gymboss and they shipped it already. I can’t wait for it. I also found interval timer for phone but it’s better to have the gymboss based on all positive feedbacks I read online. I want to keep the safety for my phone. Doing workout with Gymboss timer is a perfect match the way I see it.

  • Burton

    Dear Zuzana,
    I am a Physical Education teacher for 7th & 8th grade students in California, and I am very impressed with the simplicity and the effectiveness of the workout for today and this workout. The students I work with tend to be lazy, and often overweight. I have been creating routines like yours, and will add in some of your great ideas. I want to thank you for the work you are doing, and for sharing this with the rest of us. You are inspirational!
    Many Thanks,



  • Lauren

    OKAY I AM IN LOVE WITH DIVE BOMBERS!!! I did them in the gym today (as well as the whole routine), and definitely got some attention from the trainers I’ve had a crush on. Thanks Zuzana! just kidding (ok partly).

  • http://none El rito

    Love your workout me and my girlfriend are doing it, and is getting very fit,
    From México!

  • carlos

    how hevy is that kettel ball that you are useing in your air chair.

  • Natasha

    Zuzana your wonderful workout I really like, and your desire for a healthy lifestyle is very nice.Hello from Russia:)

  • M7M

    Dear Zuzana I first saw your videos like a week ago and since then you have inspired me to look my best Im super thin but since I saw your vids I said to myself if I work out I’ll be thin but also toned I love your body I hope to get like that someday LOL, Long story short I shared the vids with my sister in law and my husband and now we’re all working out together me for toning and my husband and sister in law to lose wait and get fit..thank you for posting such helpful inspiring videos! Keep it up we love them! Your Newest Fans the Pinedas

  • Diane Gaskins

    I discovered your site at the end of 2009. I was immediately hooked. As a personal trainer, now fifty, I am constantly looking for new and different ways to keep fit.

    I am amazed at my results. I have lost 20 lbs! TWENTY! I am the most lean and sculpted I have been since a decade ago when I looked like a competitive bodybuilder. Your workouts are intense and THEY WORK!!!

    Thank you ever so much!!


    Diane, your fan in the USA

  • O

    Re: questions on subs for pull-up bar –

    In a crunch, I’ve used a door for pull-ups — the same kind that’s also in your doorway! :) Put a door jam in so the door doesn’t swing closed, and put a towel over the top of the door so your hands don’t get destroyed. If you need an assist, put a chair behind you rather than in front of you (since there’s a door in front of you!).

    You’ll find that the positioning of your arms/elbows can be a little awkward and takes some getting used to, but then you don’t have to shell out any cash for new equipment either…

  • Cathy

    Dear Zuzanna,
    I’m a faithful reader from Taiwan!! I love your workouts and I’m so done with ellipticalling everyday! I juts have one quick question. Where I come from girls seem to be very very skinny and have small body frames. I’m 1,64m tall and weigh 116 lbs. And I’m considered a “big girl” here. I exercise a lot and I have string muscle tone but I dont think i’m big!! What’s your secret of reminding yourself your own beauty from others’ standards? I feel soooo troubled…

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Cathy,

      I think that being different than others is always cool isn’t it? if everyone else where you live is little, than you should be proud to be tall :) If I was you I would be only happy to look original. At least everyone you meet will remember you ;)

  • Kaitlyn

    HI Zuzana:)
    Do your knees ever hurt when doing squats or after? If they do what do you do to help that problem? Thanks for the awesome workouts:)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Kaitlyn,

      My knees never hurt. They used to and the reason why was my bad form. If you pay attention to your form, you can actually strengthen your knees over time with exercise. If you are experiencing pain in your knees during exercise, you should stop. Unfortunately I can’t tell what exactly is going wrong with your knees and even if I saw you exercising I could only correct your form, but that’s about it. Only doctor can tell you what’s exactly going on with your knees.

      • Kaitlyn

        Thanks you! Ill try to watch my form really well to see if it helps my knees and maybe i won’t squat as low. Thanks again for the reply:D

        • Melinda

          Hi Kaitlyn,
          Do your knees hurt after 30-minutes of walking as well? I used to have that problem. My arches in my feet are very high, and my knees got inflamed as a result. I had to go to physiotherapy and get arch supports. My knees rarely hurt any more. Check this out if you have the same problem.


  • Adrian

    I wish I could do the workouts, but I’m sick for the third time this month (it keeps going around at the office)… It’s kind of funny though that even if I don’t work out I watch your videos to see what’s new.

    Do you have any workouts specifically for your posture?

  • Amber

    Hi Zuzana,

    I am a faithful follower of your blog, but I cannot do pull-ups. I have tried using the chair, but then I find that I cannot do them without the chair. I try to just go down slowly, but I still cannot find the strength to pull myself up. So, I went and spoke with some personal trainers at my gym. They told me it is extremely rare for women to be able to successfully do pull ups because women have half the upper body strength of men. Now, two men told me this so immediately I thought they were biased. I mean, you do pull ups, but then maybe you are simply the exception to the rule. I just find it difficult to believe that women simply cannot do this exercise because of our anatomy – it just doesn’t make sense to me. They basically told me to give up on this endeavor or just to use a pull down bar/machine – but I know this does not work multiple muscle systems and is less effective. Also, many women fear the doing pull ups will simply bulk them up. Perhaps this is why it is so rare for women to be able to do a pull up – they are scared of the result. I don’t really know if what I was told is true, or a stupid illogical answer these men dreamed up. I was wondering if you knew anything about this. Also, how can I successfully do pull ups as you do? Of course, I am out to prove these men wrong, so your help would be amazing. ;)
    Thanks and keep your amazing workouts coming!

    Amber from Louisiana

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Amber,

      It is possible for women to do pullups and every bodyweight exercise. It is like if someone would tell you that only guys can be bodybuilders. Look at gymnasts for example. Every female gymnast can do pull ups and not because they are exceptions, but because their training is exceptional. It is really only about regular training. I remember when I couldn’t do a single pull up. It is not long time ago. I started to train regularly and soon I was able to do 5 pull ups with no problem. I was blown away by that. The same is with pistols or handstands. I still can’t do a handstand but I know that the only reason why, is because I do not practice it regularly. I hope this helps and that you won’t give up.

      • Zebie

        @ Amber :) – Prove all the boys wrong and keep working at the pull ups!!!! It wasn’t long ago that I could do any and now I can knock out short but frequent sets. It does take time and hard work, but it’s a fun challenge and worth the effort!

        Also, I used a chair for a long time without making much progress. It’s great for the beginning, and you can use it on the way up but go down just with your own strength (negatives). Even then, what really boosted my reg. grip pull ups was getting the guts to struggle to the top of the bar! haha. No really, even if you can do one – one is more than none…and soon become two…and three…and the sky’s the limit :) Using the broom stick and two chairs can also help you a lot with wide grip pull ups. The more I do the ‘assisted’ version, the better my regulars get.

        Thanks to Zuzana and Frederick for all their inspiration and hard work!

    • Tania

      Hi Amber,

      The personal trainer who gave you that information is very ill informed and in my opinion should not be a trainer. Women can do pull ups and some better than men. As Zuzana stated you have to train yourself. I myself am in the process and am seeing a lot of results in my strength and ability to pull my body up. I have learned this tip from the “Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises”. I highly recommend it : )

      Set a bench under a chinup bar, step up on the bench, and grasp the bar using a shoulder-width underhand grip. From the bench, jump up so that your chest is next to your hands, then cross your ankles behind you. Try to take 5 seconds to lower your body until your arms are straight. If that’s too hard, lower yourself as slowly as you can. Jump up to the starting position and repeat. Do several repetitions. Continue to do this for about 2 weeks and then try to perform a regular chinup you will surprise yourself.

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  • Katrya

    I am a cross-country runner and am just starting out with your website to boost my strength and overall body tone. I do not currently have access to a pull-up bar, are there any alternatives?

    – Katrya :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Two chairs and a broom stick is a good alternative :)

  • PiterJankovich

    My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Absolutely! I love my site.

  • Windlord


    45lb db SQ reps: 57/63/64

    towel pullups
    those burning pulse sits were far from parallel

    Divebombers are great; looking forward to seeing them again soon!

  • Danik

    Zuzana my brother want to know how you can take on your chest ??? stupid question

  • Bella

    Wow, you just moved to Prague! I live there too! And indeed, the weather has been beautiful. Makes one think of the upcoming summer… that certainly gives me a boost to follow your exercises more thoroughly and get in shape. Although my body is not as slender as yours and I know I will never look like you, I feel more confident everytime I look in the mirror after doing your excercises; my curves are getting more toned lately … ;-)
    Well, enjoy Prague and who knows, I might even bump into you!
    regards, Belle

  • alice x

    I couldnt cut all sugar out but i did cut chocolate out for 30 days and im still not having it untill my easter egg on sunday :D feels good to achieve my goals :}

  • Mickela

    Hi Maria that top that Zuzana is wearing is from lululemon but they don’t make those anymore. I was able to find some on ebay, they are really nice.

  • Mickela

    my upper body is sore from all those dive bombers, but I had an awesome time mastering those babies.

  • Dakota

    As a guy, I have incorporated some of your programs into my routine. It’s just not for girls! This is hard even for us guys. I’m not interested in gaining size (since I am a swimmer) so this kind of work out is great! Thanks for the help….

  • Petra

    Great workout Zuzana!
    My tights are inflamed now!!!
    I also notice that your arms are getting much leaner:) Cutting down on food?

  • Klára


    I’ve just discovered your site through youtube, and I absolutely love it! I don’t like aerobics so I’m so happy that you do simple training elements and with few or no equipment! I love it!!!! I added you immediately to my favourites and I now know for sure that I’m gonna be a beautiful mermaid for the summer thx to you!!!
    Klára from Hungary

  • Maria

    Hi, does anyone know what brand or where does Zuzana buys her workout tops? Thanx!

    • SM
    •!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina


    • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

      They are Lululemon mostly, I think some tiimes she puts over a regular tank top that has been cut short, Its her own cool style. Most of these tops are currently discontinued by lululemon however you can find them on or Ebay carries alot of Lululemon so be sure to customize your search for what u want to save time and happy hunting. :D

    • Audra

      Lululemon, but they discontiued that particular style she’s wearing in this video.

    • Chels

      probably lululemon/nike/addidas

    • Cassie from Toronto

      Lululemon website….

    • samantha

      Hi Maria

      If you mean this particular bra top Zuzana has on for this workout its a Lululemon Lift and Separate but they don’t stock them one anymore :( (( I emailed them to see if they’re bringing it back as they’d get loads of sales via

    • Erika

      she buys all her workout clothes from lululemon

    • Canadachic

      I think most of them are from Lululemon in Canada. The clothing is great, and very functional and flattering!

  • Matt

    I’m proud of you Zuzana, it wasnt that long ago when you couldnt do unassisted pullups, way to work!!

  • Alicia

    Hope the move wasn’t stressful. I hate to move. yesterday I did the Fat terminator work out again instead of active rest because its my favorite and beat my personal best!

    Enjoy your new place:)


  • Mexerik

    do you rest in this workout?
    what do you think about soy, and soy milk?
    Thanks for everything

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  • zorobabel

    “Monifah said:
    March 27, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Hej Z and F.
    I was acting like an addict checking the site out 80 times a day and worrying why there weren’t any uploads and comments added, i thought the worst. So it is official.. i am ADDICTED to your workouts and to checking out a million times a day. Mmmm. should I be ashamed or proud ;o)..

    Happy to see you again, and happy to have all your workouts saved om my comp now!! Have a nice weekend!

    Groetjes M”

    That comment made me laugh because i had the same reaction, and started to create my own workout with the same principles of slow exercises and interval training .
    I found one exercise very effective, the sit thrus “”
    So now i have some created workouts of my own in case .
    Anyway, this one was terribly difficult,i had to stop from time to time because the burning was unbearable.


  • Sheila

    Hi Zuzana,
    First I just want to get it out there that I LOVE your workouts and your site!
    I have a question. Forgive me if this has already been asked.
    With push up’s, is it better to do them on your knees and take your chest all the way to the floor, or be on your toes even if you can’t go all the way down?

    • Paul


      A wider range of motion is always the better option. In this case you may want to built up to performing “traditional” push-ups by starting off on your toes and going as close to the floor as you can until you feel the fatigue starting to set in then switching over to your knees and making sure you keep perfect form while going as deep as you can. If you have the Ultimate Body Press that Zuzana has then you can take it off the door and lay it on the ground to get deeper pushups with. Zuzana may have more insight on explaining deep pushups than I. The thing you really need to focus on when doing push-ups is keeping form. For the times you practice on your toes make sure to keep your body straight, it is easy to arch the back when you first start off. Also keep your eyes fixed on a spot about 1 foot in front of you to keep your head in line with your body while doing them.

      Another option you may want to try to help train up to do traditional push-ups is; doing a “Plank Hold” for 60 seconds at a time. It will build up your core muscles used in push-ups. To do a plank hold you get in a push-up position keeping your body straight, but instead of putting your hands on the ground, put your elbows on the ground and just hold yourself there, in the “up” position for 60 seconds.

      Hope that helps,


  • Winnie

    Hi Zuzana,

    My question for you is regarding the length of time of workouts vs. the intensity of them. I’ve read in several reports that it’s best to get 30 mins-1 hour of physical activity in order to lose/maintain body weight. However, I also read that doing shorter, more intense workouts are just as effective.

    I’ve noticed that all your workouts are short but very intense. Do you think that the most defining quality of a good workout is the length of time or the intensity of it? Do you think its ok to do just a short, 20 min workout or would it be too straining to do an intense 40-1 hour workout?

    Thank-you for inspiring me to get active!


    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      It depends on what your goal is. If you want to have a lot of strength, and sculpted lean body, than intensity is more important than length of your workout. There was research that shows that people who’s workouts are intensive have also better endurance. If you are going for slim figure like a fashion model without too much muscle tone, than longer and less intensive workouts are better.

      • Paul

        Zuzana, May I add that intense interval workouts is scientifically proven to burn more calories (overall) than a moderate-consistent longer workout. However the consistent moderate workout will burn more calories during the duration of the exercise. The reason behind this is that the longer moderate-consistent workout (such as a 5 mile jog) only burns calories as your performing the exercise, whereas if you raise intensity to max reps, or max speed for short durations with rest in-between then your body is working for a longer period of time after exercise to help repair and rebuild those muscles used in the intense exercise. Thus the more intensity the exercise involves, the more calories or “fat” you burn overall. If anyone expresses interest in my sources then I can cite them when I get home from work just let me know.

        Hope that answers your question/clears things up for you.


      • Rhys

        I would also like to add that anything is better than nothing. if you can only manage 20 minutes or so instead of the hour then that would be great… Zuzana’s workouts are fantastic as they are high quality, shorter (in time) than most, and focus on many different parts of the body so it gives you a fantastic workout with little equipment needed. Its just great to get active :o ) Also thanks Zuzana for the help and inspiration for exercise.

        I would also like to say that what Zuzana says about the intensity issue is spot on.

  • Minka

    Zuzana and Frederick,

    I’m curious approximately how many times should I repeat the whole workout? 2,3, or 4 times? I really enjoy doing your workouts!

    Thank you very much,

    • Audra

      HI Minka, somewhere in her blog (usually the beginning or end) she’ll state how many rounds. This one is 3 rounds so you’ll be doing the whole thing 3 times.

  • Jax

    lovin’ the workouts…
    Any trips scheduled to tour Prague yet? I”m curious about the cuisine and if you are going to find it challenging to stay lean with what I would imagine is heartier food

    • Carla

      Zuzana cooks her own food. As for going out, I am sure one can always make a healthy choice :)
      That is what I do anyway.

  • astrothsknot

    That’s a hotel suite? It really looks like a little compact flat. best of luck in the new place.

  • Mire

    Hi, i love your site, i have been trying to do ur workouts as often as i can. I just have an issue, when i excesise i try to breath through my nose, but i don’t always can, so sometimes i breath through my mouth, and my throat is a little inflamed, is there something i could do? thanks.

    • Carla

      Hey Mire,

      I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. If I breathe through my mouth, my throat becomes so dry it gets sore.

  • Alejandra

    Love your videos. I am more motivated now than ever to really go through with that thirty day challenge! I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate lately, and I feel disgusting. Even my workouts can’t fix the feeling. Hope you guys have a great time at your new loft! Where’s Charlie?

  • susan

    Zuzana, you are beyond the definition–beauty. my godness…
    I fail my 30 days challenge three times, now start again.
    I am getting addicted your website, hope to start your workout once we got my Gymboss Interval Timer.

  • Janet

    I searched all over for my milk jug kettlebells, but they must’ve got thrown out. I had it all figured out: my milk jugs and a backpack with about 15 pounds of stuff in it would do the job for 16kg. So after looking around for a replacement weight I had to settle for hugging a 40 lb bag of dog food for the squats and air sits. Not the best, but it worked. I may have to break down and find a kettlebell somewhere.

    Good thigh burner today! So nice to have you back on line again…really missed you! Glad you found a good apt!

    • Chris L

      Hi Janet,

      It’s not hard to make a temporary Kettlebell. I know several people have expressed reservation on buying one maybe because they want to explore what weight they could use without the 40 to 100 dollar investment.

      Anyway, I made one with some old PVC I had kicking around and some wrist weights with generous use of duct tape. The handle could be made out of may things. I used the PVC because I had it from an experiment in making a gymnastic ring out of plastic. I have several images at my Flickr page. In one image I show how you could make a handle of pipe without bending it. It could be PVC parts or Steel. If PVC was used it wouldn’t need the gap shown.


  • Janine from Jerusalem

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’ve been doing your workouts for a few months now, but some exercises I can’t do because I can’t afford the equipment. Specifically the pull up bar. Because i live in a New York City apartment, I don’t know how I can go about doing pull ups without one. What exercises do you suggest I do instead to work the same muscle group? I usually just do push ups or tricep dips instead, but I don’t think I am getting the same benefits.

    Thank you!

    • Kyra

      I bet reverse pull ups would be a great sub.

  • Laura V

    That was an awesome workout. My legs are shaking and I’m exhausted. I had to skip the weight on the third round. Looking forward to your next workout !

  • Brrian

    hey you workouts are great.

    one bit of advice though. when you do the kettle bell squats you go way too low. if you dont want to have knee problems in the future only have you leg bend at a 90 degree angle

    love your videos!!

    • Carla

      eh Brrian,

      That’s not quite right. Look at our daily life and you will see that very often we do things that include bending the knees much more than 90 degrees.

      Kettlebell training actually teaches us to make full use of your knee joint. it really is all about ” use it or lose it”

  • Tina

    Zuzana and Freddy, when are you going to post some new fashion haul? Love it!!!!!!!!! Or coffee talk! So great! Please do some! :D


  • becca

    omg zuzana idk how you do this with a 16 kg. weight. I was using only one 15 pound weight, which is like half of that and i was on fire!! i couldnt do back to back reps without a few seconds rest in between each round. I would stop and make a tally before each new round. I had just gone all the way thru once and was already dying, then i realized there were two more round:)

  • Jenny

    Haha, i accidently did sumo squats and “sumo air chair” if there is such a thing, haha. I realized after the first round that I did it wrong but MAN, i felt the burn for sure lol.
    Love this workout! Great job guys! Congrats on the new place :D

  • Brina

    hey :)

    What do you use for a TIMER on your sport-bra ?
    Have you a specific brand ?

    it would be awesome when you can help me :)
    best wishes from germany :)

    • Frederick

      Hi Brina – there is a blue link to the timer in the text post under the video :)

  • Jessica


    Specifically, videos regarding a daily food intake for Zuzana and ratio intake of fat/carbs/protein!

    I am trying to incorporate healthy carbs into my diet but do not want to gain any weight… I want LEAN MUSCLE!

    Please help!

    Thanks a lot Fred + Zuzana!


  • Hanne

    Doing this workout in a minute. :-)
    Done with my 30 days challenge, and I`m going to reward myself with a remix hoodie from Lululemon. :-D
    Hugs from Hanne!

  • Elizabeth S

    I know that with all these daily workouts you probably wont have time, but would it be possible to have workout routine like that 6 week summer challenge but for beginners
    Or if its not possible what workouts would be best for me to do as I have about 20kg to lose (ive already adapted my diet just need to exercise) and I am limited in equipment (dumbells, curl bar, skipping rope, and a machine that has a lat pulldown, cable rows, leg extensions and butterfly press)

    Thank You

    • Carla

      Hey Elizabeth,

      I suggest you simply start as the workouts are posted and adapt as you need.

      Pull ups for example, you could replace by reverted push ups (rows). The more you practice, the better you will get.

  • Samantha

    Hey Zuzana

    I have been working out for a long time now but the only thing that seems to be happening is I keep gaining and losing the same 5 pounds! This seems to be a monthly occurrence. Do you think it’s possible that this could have something to do with my menstrual cycle? Too be honest, I really don’t have much weight to lose to begin with. Just a jiggle here and there…my lower abs and thighs are the main problem. I’m just frustrated because sometimes I get so bloated I can’t even fit into my jeans :( I don’t know if you can help but you’re the first person I thought to ask so any advice you have would be wonderful!

    Thanks to you and Frederick for all that you do!

  • Diana Y.

    when did you get your issa certification
    was the test hard i am seriously thinking about it have looked it over on line i answered my own question about the online coarse. I am still trying to get rid of thAt little jiggle under my belly button any suggestions i have almost cut out all fat and its still there
    everything else is firming up nicely you help would be greathave a great day !!!!!
    thanks DIANA Y.

  • Raina

    hi guyss,
    i’m so glad u r back, I must say I was a little worried about you, but everything is ok!
    I have a question concerning the portions of food. I’m following your diet, eating real food and about every 2 or 3 hours. It really works but when it is about fruits i can’t calculate the portion. The fruits i usually eat are green apples, oranges, kiwi and maybe bananas.
    Is one fruit one of your meals? or is it too little? Sometimes i eat 2apples for one meal, i ‘m confused with fruits:S
    Please help me:)

    ps I think it could be a nice idea to make an article or something about portions on every food because now more people are concerned about their diet and eating habbits:)
    Summer is coming:)



  • Charlie D.

    This rocked. I think my thighs are actually going to catch on fire right now. Those air chairs were rough! I’m so glad to see you back again after the 3-day break. And I’m so glad you found a flat you like. All the best. And thank you again so much for all that you both do – you are really changing lives and you should be so proud of yourselves. I appreciate you both more than I can say. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • Aline

    Hi zuzanna
    I followed all your work, I saw all the video and try to do everything you do but still can not believe and who one day will get to be like you, ten of the fifteen years I see your videos and now I’m seventeen.
    I get the ass hard as a rock and turned belly like yours.
    Your ass is hard as a rock?

    Thank zuzana, I love you

  • Sandy

    Your body is so amazing Zuzana! You have a great glow to your skin…do you use any particular product? Or what type of lotion do you apply on your body to get that super nice glow? I am very curious cause it looks awesome. Please reply. Oh yea, what kind of camera do you guys use to record your videos? PLEASE REPLY! Thanks guys!

    Sandy, Beverly Hills, CA

  • Oli

    I am so happy to have you, Zuzka and Freddy! I love love love your workouts so much! All the stuff here! I always fall in love with with the new video, article, everything… I am still watching the previous videos, doing them, pushing myself.. even if I fail sometimes, I always come back to continue your workouts and all the tips. And thanks your daily updates I am not in stuck, I am still shuffling forward, not just in my workouts, but especially in my mind! Incredible atmosphere here. So positive… I’m so glad, you have found each other and made this great project. You spread the positive energy so much… and everytime I think about being negative, I remember you and I just can’t… I suddenly realize, it is all about attitude and working on myself hard… Thanks again. Now, I’m not going to the destination, I’m going just to enjoy the way to be better…

  • Klaudia

    Hey Zuzana & Frederick,
    I have a question. Will you be posting more recipes like you did in the past because all the ones that i have tried are delicious =)

  • rikku

    I totally stumbled. I went to Madrid this week and not only did I eat like a pig, I didn’t do workouts at all. I am starting the 30 day challenge again tomorrow.

  • Nick

    Hi Zuzana,

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on soreness. I completed your 600 rep workout in 47 min. 2 days later, I am still very sore. I can barely reach the bottom of the back of my neck without feeling a major stretch in my left tricep and lat. The stretch is also really close to my elbow, so hope there are no joint problems Would it be okay if i completed an easier version of this workout through the soreness? Or would it be unsafe?

    Thanks for the workouts.
    All the best in your new apartment.


  • Nicole D. Lopez

    You guys are awesome. I talk about you two so much – probably too much ;)

    I’m so tired from work today but I can’t wait to workout anyway. Today is day three of my new 30 day challenge to workout everyday :) Woohoo!

  • ozziepossum

    Hey, I’m back

    So I think you can disregard my last comment. I think I misread….But I have to say, 16kg Kettlebell doing 4 minutes of the Squats and Air Chair without a break is utter madness! But we all know you are Superwoman Zuzana!

    But I completed this workout using a 4lb medicine ball and I thought I was going to die! I can’t imagine how I will go using my 8kg kettlebell when it arrives tomorrow!

    Plus I did tricep dips instead of pull ups as I don’t have anywhere to do pull ups/chin ups.

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, squat squat squat …….. argh!

  • janine

    hi there!
    i want to buy a pull up bar but live in a rented apartment and dont want one that will scuff the walls.
    does the one you guys use do that, or is it safe for rented flats?
    thanks so much and keep it up i LOVE the site!

  • Mike

    you need more strenght i remember you challenging us after you did 12 pull ups under a stair case common girl! assisted dips are not for you:) (just for fun because nobody challenge you here peace!)

  • ozziepossum

    Hi guys,

    Glad you are back with us and all settled in your new place. I must say that your hotel room seemed very large too!

    Just wanted to check todays workout…. the squat intervals, is that 20 seconds of squats, 20 seconds of Air Chair then 20 seconds of rest for 4 minutes, or no rest between each. As the description states 4 minutes but 6 x intervals…..

    Anyway, about to try this, without the breaks….


    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Just kill me now!

  • caroline

    hi guys what gr8 amazing workouts – I am a personal trainer and have found you Zuanna so very inspiring thanku both stunninly beautiful and fit but so honest tku. Would you mind shaing what inspired you to start training tku again caroline x

  • Ivo

    (nepočitejte chyby) hej zuzano toto cvičení je akorát pro začátečníky. nechci krytizovat (bez urážky) ale v blbém judu jsem makal víc toto je nebo spíš bylo jen jako rozcvička ale už není protože jsem si zlomil klíční kost na závodech.pak mi špatně srostla a po 3 měsících jsem začal trenovat (v judu) no a zas jsem si ji zlomil ale teď pro moje potěšení jsem nic necítil jen štípnutí pak jsem to zjistil doma před zrcadlem měla trochu jiný tvar ale tentokrát jsem i ji nezlomil ale rozdrtil (dnes už tam mám jenom nástrojovou ocel místo klíční kosti)(nerez) dohromady 6 měsíců jsem necvičil. a je změ sračka a tyto cviki skusim cvičit abych jse dostal do formy. ale i přesto nevjeřim že tyto cviki fungují protože 7 let cvičim v judu. přesto je skusim ale ty cvičičíš jen na vryrysuvání svalů a na výdrž ne na sylu na (silu jen trochu v poměru na výdrž) a taky nechápu jak z tohotuo cvičení můžeš mít takové svaly to nechápu ale to by chtělo aby aspoň každá 10 byla takto akorát namakaná jako ty a né jen jedna na světě (nemluvim o kulturistkách) jinak. vy padáš dobře narozDíl od Těch jiných

    (Errors do not count) Zuzana hey, this exercise is just for beginners. gossip want (no offense) but I’m stupid Judo Makalu this is more or maybe it was just a warm-up but it is not because I broke my collarbone on my závodech.pak poorly fused and after 3 months I started to train (in judo) and no again, I broke it but now for my pleasure, I just did not feel anything bite then I found out at home before the mirror had a slightly different shape but this time I also broke it but crushed (now there have only tool steel instead of the clavicle) (stainless steel) together 6 months, I practiced. had changed and it sucks and they practice exercises skusim I subscribed to get in shape. But despite nevjeřim these exercises because they work for 7 years I practice Judo. Yet skusim but you just cvičičíš vryrysuvání muscles and the stamina not to sylu on (power only slightly in relation to endurance) and I do not understand how the exercises can be tohotuo those muscles do not get it but would like to at least every 10 was just so namakaná like you, and not only one of the world (talking about bodybuilder ) otherwise. You fall for good unlike those other

  • Marilyn

    Hi Zuana & Freddy,

    Glad you guys got settled in. I appreciate Zuzana your speaking on the 30 day challenge. I too have also failed, but tomorrow is another day. With this in mind, I will take it an hour at a time then a day at a time then a week at a time. I feel each day I will get stronger. I’ve lost 1.2 pounds last week, with six more to go. I guess I’m starting to make more wise decision wiht my diet and execrise. I have not had too much trouble with my execrise, for the past four years I have been execrising five days a week, I guess you wonder how did I gain, well I ate more then I was buring, of course you knew that. Hurray! I’m back on track. Good luck in your new flat. I got 45 minutes of running on the threadmill and your execrise to do today. See you later!!


  • Anza


    I completed Your 30 days challenge – it was really nice to do it and I have a lot of fun with it so I decided to make my own challenges – perhaps “no cheese” will be next one – and I’m going to repeat “no sugar” one for sure in a couple of months. I bought a whole new outfit for reward (jeans, 2x blouse, vest etc.) – I can’t remember when I was buying some clothes for myself last time so shopping was another fun part for this challenge time.

  • Katy

    Thanks for all your great work outs you guys! I did this work out the other day and was only able to do 2 rounds of 20 reps of each exercise. My time was 25 minutes. Dang, these workouts are killer, but I’m determined to be able to do the whole thing! Thanks again!

  • DGuy

    Great workout, and the new place looks cool …

    Just curious, how big a factor was having a room large enough to perform the workouts?

  • Mickela

    Hi everyone, looks like we are all getting focused around here, puts a big smile on my face.
    warm up skipped rope 130 times really fast. neighbor wasn’t around so I took advantage of the situation.

    I just finished this workout. I changed things up a little bit and added somethings as well since I am feeling strong and in good spirits, I must say that I didn’t have a 26lb kettle bell, so this is what I did
    10 dive bombers kicked my butt
    3 chin ups
    2 not so great pull ups, think I managed 2 good ones the whole 3 rounds
    3 knee ups no weight
    2 knee ups with 8 lb weight
    all three rounds which bloody sent me straight to muscle burning hell.

    squats w/ 18lb kettle bell
    side lunges I got sloppy towards the end
    that really kicked my butt.

    Thanks for the encouragement. you 2 are “health angels”
    get it? ;)

  • http://bodyrocktv jason landers

    hi z glad your back, wounderfull workout. the kettle bell is tough hu? see ya later!!

  • Cricket

    So do you love this blog, and yet at the same time it makes you a little crazy?…just my sense of humour, you don’t have to answer. lol. :) xo Thanks for all you both do.

  • Danik

    Hi Zuzana,i’m start one of yours workout and now I have pain in my abs what i should to do, if my abs will pain tomorrow to ??? i should train tomorrov or not ?? sorry for my bad english

  • benno

    hey zuzana
    you have really nice workouts.

    is it possible that i saw you on tv in when you were driving a blue car?

    if so
    how long did you take to get like you look now?

  •!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

    I woke up this morning thinking to have a rest day after a very intense weight lifting routine yesterday. However, I ate slightly more today so I thought ‘mmm if there’s a new workout uploaded on I’ll do it!’… and what a wonderful surprise!

    Beautiful workout. I completed in in around 15 minutes. Time for a shower, some fresh dinner and a glass of red ;-)

  • Jayne

    This work out looks great I can’t wait to try it out. Is it hard for you two to get use to a new place when you move? Does it take a while or do you just feel at home as long as you are together?******

    • Frederick

      This place felt right to us as soon as we walked in the door. It has a great vibe – there is a real creative energy here :)

      • muguet

        it is the colour :)

  • Lour

    I also completed my 30 day challenge!!! I’ve never felt so good!!! I feel so STRONG and CONFIDENT and LIGHTER and HAPPIER!!! I’m gonna do another 30 days (I’m getting too addicted to fitness and health haha).

    Thank you SO MUCH for both of you for doing this!!! You are CHANGING peoples’ lives for the better!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU.

    YES, I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU. mwaaaaaaaaaa. xxxx

    • hooked

      Finished my 30 day challenge a while ago too. I am now 20lbs lighter and I JUST DID MY FIRST PULL-UP!! I’m freaked out. You guys rock!


    • Tina

      YEAAAAH! That`s like my words exactly! I agree with Lour 1000000….%,

      LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

      P.S.: I decided few days ago that I will do another 30 day challenge also, cause it just feels so gooood! Power, energy, strenghth, confidence…inside.

      • Carla

        Very inspiring! I am joining you on this one!

  • SG

    And you are back!
    So I finished my 30 day challenge. I noticed that now i dont crave sweets and pastries as much as before! (lets see how long that lasts)
    Still trying to lose that last bit belly fat! I work out 6x a week. I would rather add more W.Os than to eat less hehe (I love food)

    You guys should write a book, or do a DVD! And come to california!

  • rose

    nice workout!haha…….karel… guys are funny…….just a question……zuzana, have u ever thought about doing a figure competition?you should consider’re pretty much ready for one i think!!(if you’re into that kind of thing).most people that compete go through cycles of bulking and dieting and leaning out, etc, etc,…..because u eat clean all year round i would say that you’re ready to be up on a stage somewhere showin off that bod!!(but then again, u get to show it off on here, so………)
    just a look wonderful!!

  • Ivana

    im having deaficulties whuit pull ups, im practicing pull ups for 3 mounths now and i only can do 3 in a row its so hard and frustrating.

    anyway, thanx alot again for nice workout

    love an kiss

    • Thandi

      Tell me about it….

    • Slavka

      Congrats to making 3 pull ups! They are very hard to do. I will be happy to do one UN assisted pull up in 12 weeks! That’s my challenge.

      how did you start training pull ups? how often?

      thank you

  • Ro

    hi guys, I just want to say that thanks to you I’m exercising more now

  • Ashley from Canada!

    Your new place looks lovely! Looking forward to this workout today! XOXOXOX

  • Laura

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering, if there is an alternative to the pull-ups in this workout (I can’t afford to spend any money on gym equipment right now, but I hope maybe in the future I will be able to purchase the pull up bar Zuzana uses in some of the workouts, and some other equipment too :) ,

    Anyway, I really wanna try this one, but I need some help with substituting that one part with the bar to a pull-up type of… exercise? (Not sure what I’m talking about here right now, did one of your workouts this morning and I’m still recovering)

    Thank you (and I hope this request isn’t too much trouble :)


    • Frederick

      Hi Laura – reverse push ups and back rows are a good place to start…

      • Laura

        Thank you! Will try them.

    • Melinda

      I get under my dining table, grab the edges, and pull myself up. It is key to let your legs just touch the floor without assisting with them. And your desk/table needs to be sturdy. I have to get creative in my dorm room.

  • Lori

    So, what’s the verdict on the new equipment? Do you feel any or all the new pieces (dip bar, pull-up bar, kettlebell) are worth the expense and space?

    If you lost all your gym equipment, which items would you replace first? Meaning- of all the equipment you’ve tried, which gives you the best bang for the buck and you’d run out and repurchase asap ;-)

    Lastly, have you used any of the elastic cable things (like Lifeline gym or Bodylastics) and if so, what do you think of them?


  • Gaby

    thank you for the great workout!!!! I did the squats with two 15 pounds dumbells and it was very challenging,for the last round I had to drop one dumbbell and do it just with 15 pounds.. I did an average of 6 squats per set and 20 air chairs per set..I hope you start posting your reps again.. because that is a great reference point for me to know how good I am doing… Thank you!!!!! and congratulations on your new place!!.

  • Audra

    A great burn for the lower body Zuzana 8~)

    I had to ditch my 30lb weight in the last round due to muscle fatigue & do the Tabata speed squats instead.

    So I here I was for the past 3 days worrying about you guys thinking you fell off the face of the earth and all along you were looking for a flat. You could of gave us all worry worts a heads up in the last blog. Glad you guys are back in business ;)

  • Katerina

    Congrats on your new place. I just wanted to say thank you for the videos and articles, as they really inspire me to get fit and I am taking up a challenge to lose 5 kg till June and reduce my body fat. I hope you guys don’t mind, I put up a link to your blog on my blog, as I am following your workouts to achieve my goal! If it’s ok with you I’d like to post a link to every workout I do. Thank you!! :-)

    • Frederick

      We don’t mind at all :)

  • Alyssa

    I love your workouts, especially the challenge in them. =) It’s cool knowing at the end of them that, YAY I did it! It’s good positive reinforcement that you accomplished something today, even if it may seem like a small one.
    I was curious if there was some other exercise I could do instead of the pull ups because the place I’m at right now doesn’t have anything I can work with to accomplish them as far as I know. I was interested in getting the bar you have but I’m just renting off this place and won’t be here much longer so I don’t want to have to haul it along with me at the end and just wait till I’m more settled elsewhere.
    Any suggestions would be great.
    Best wishes. =)

    • mistike

      Hi Alyssa,

      Zuzana or Fred will surely have some idea, but, me, when I can’t do pullups, I replace them with reversed pushups. Zuzana did them a few days ago on her “torture machine” ;-) but you can use two chairs and a broomstick too. I believe she did that when in Malta…

      They don’t work the back exactly the same as pullups, but they do work it well !

  • Kristýna

    Hi, I´m very curious what you are doing in Prague. Are you there for work or just a holiday?:)
    Enjoy for stay.

    • Carla

      They are living there

  • Thandi

    Hi Z, I need a new sports bra. Would you recomend any??? I like yours with the clip in the front. :-)

    • Mary Liz

      Marika makes a very sturdy sport bra that is adjustable around the rib cage. It’s been really convienient for me since I am shrinking, and it’s really cute and comfy too! :D

  • chely

    are you going to post videos like you did last time about the place you are living? i really enjoy those videos!
    =P thanx for the workout

  • Mary Liz

    Hi! I am still doing my 30 day challenge with you :D .

    I had to get a full body composition done. It tells you all kinds of cool stuff like your true body fat %, how much muscle you have in each arm, leg, and trunk, plus your water contents etc. I was shocked! I have always known I was just small, smaller than most women. Right now I wear a size 25 waist 34 length jean. They fit nice, not very tight and I am only 5′ 2″ (around 63cm I think) tall. I found out my true weight was 121 which is a little high for me, but no biggie I don’t look bad. The doctor and myself about fell out of the chair when it gave my body fat %. It was 29%. The generic body measurments at the regular office were telling us I was about 21 or 22% right now, way off! My muscle mass is right about 100% of what they recomend for my body size so I am technically overweight and they recomended I lose 8.5 lbs of body fat. The doctor said he felt wierd about telling me to lose weight because I am so small but that my bones are so tiny, I was just meant to be a really small size person. It really helped with my fear of being too small. I understand now why my weight falls like a snowball rolling down hill when I get to a certain point, and when someone comments in the future I will not care because right now, as healthy as I may look, I am 1% bodyfat away from heart disease and insuline dependent risk. It makes sence now that after basic training, or working a very physical job etc. I was floating around 100lbs which seemed so small at the time, people always thought I had an eating disorder (I didn’t :D ). I promise I do not have fat hanging over my jeans, I guess I distribute fat very evenly because it’s an illusion even to myself, I thought I looked great, and underneath the illusion, I must have been very unhealthy. Especially since I just had the composition done now, and cut portions and began diligent workouts 6 days a week many weeks ago now. I don’t even want to know how bad it was 5 weeks ago.

    It’s a huge inspiration and I have real, clear cut goals now. For anyone else who is not exactly “in shape” yet, I would recomend going and getting a real and accurate body composition done. It was worth it for me, granted I was forced by my doctor but they offer them at gyms and such as well. I know I shouldn’t be excited about being “technically” overweight and having a 29% bodyfat, but I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m really ready to push through and get myself in phenominal shape, no matter how tiny I may look when I get there. I truely realize now, big or really tiny this is my body, and if it is a tiny body then I am going to love being tiny for once in my life. It really doesn’t matter what other people think. I want to be healthy, I want my son to love the body he has, and now I can finally be a good role model for him. I will make this tiny body of mine the best it can be.

    Thanks for the workout… I’m ready to sweat :D

  • Mickela

    I missed you guys. glad to see a new workout in a new place.
    I have been keeping myself busy by doing some of your older workouts and practicing my kettlebell swings.
    I can now do 2 full chin ups without any assistance.

    The workout above is exactly what I need for My Saturday workout.

  • Claudia Danes

    Zuzana, are you using Fredrick’s kettlebell? It looks really big.

    By the way, the apartment looks really nice, how are you guys adjusting? Is it difficult relocating often?

    Just like everyone else, I’m addicted to your website, I hadn’t been so motivated about working out in a long time so thanks!

    Best Regards,
    Big Fan of Good Living

  • mary

    Do you do any other workouts in addition to the ones you post like running?

    • Tina


    • Carla

      check the FAQ video

  • Polyxena

    Great to have you back, congrats on the new place!

    Can’t wait to try this workout. : D

  • RN

    His Zuzana,

    Your body seems to be getting leaner by the week. Do you or have you ever experienced plateaus? You said you used to be heavy in the thighs and butt. When you were trying to lose that weight, did you find that at some points it seemed no more fat would come off? What did you do in this case?

  • Moni


    Great workout as always. I incorporate your cardio interval workouts as my morning (on empty stomach) cardio and also in the gym between my weight training. Love your ideas.

    Do you take any nutritional supplements? Vitamins, whey protein, etc? How often do you eat? Can you give us a sample of what you usually eat? I know diet is a very important part of staying in shape (about 70-75%) so you can exercise all day long and if you eat crap it doesn’t help.

    Would love to hear more advice on proper diet along with your workouts.

    Thank you so much!

    • Carla


      There is a tab with the word “diet” which I dare suggest has some information and advice on diets.

      Also, with regards to your questions, if you browse the daily workouts, you will find a video on FAQ.

  • Monifah

    Hej Z and F.
    I was acting like an addict checking the site out 80 times a day and worrying why there weren’t any uploads and comments added, i thought the worst. So it is official.. i am ADDICTED to your workouts and to checking out a million times a day. Mmmm. should I be ashamed or proud ;o)..

    Happy to see you again, and happy to have all your workouts saved om my comp now!! Have a nice weekend!

    Groetjes M

    • Pamela

      great to see im not the only one that is addicted to these workouts :) i love them and wait as a child on cristmas evening for a new one :) .

      •!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

        Phew, what a relief!! Count me in as one of the addictive ones too!

        • Cindy

          yep! me too! love em

        • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

          Guilty! This site is my favorite Its half cause of the excitment I get to do these work outs and half to see your doggies! I just wuv them! You guys rock!!!

    • Eva

      lol, me too as well. For once, that’s a good addiction that i don’t want to cure :p

    • Charlie D.

      Absolutely. I get so so excited for a new one!

      • Carla

        LOOL add me to the club hahaha

  • Lish Weese

    I like that summer is nearly here too! I am feeling in great shape and you guys keep me going…glad you got settled in your new apt. too. Hate moving, we are getting ready to do that but we have two little toddlers to take with us ;) Thanks for all the booty workouts…helping me out!!! Lish

  • Ami

    For some reason there was a strange echo on this video. I could not hear the words you were saying clearly. Perhaps it’s the new place??

    • Frederick

      It might be the room….

  • Bethany

    I noticed your kettlebell has 16 kg in it, have you moved up in weight or are you going between the 8 and 16 kg bells for different exercises?

    • Frederick

      Hi – she was using mine for this workout :)

      • Antonia

        ha ha her is stwanger dan you now! Super-woman!

  • Adriano

    Hi Zuzana, congratulations your body is perfect!
    But are you crazy? Thats exercises are so so hard to me.


  • Mari-Therese

    Hi Suzanna,
    I am a big fan and try to follow your workouts, which sometimes arent so easy. But i just have to put your videos and i am motivated. I love your methods, your determination and your passion towards your fitness journey. You are an example and a positive influence. And lets not leave out your adorable husband who supports your vision. Fantastic team, a blog to follow on a daily basis.
    peace from France

  • Tracey

    What an AWESOME killer workout!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Lorena

    Congratulations on your move….I was wondering where your bigger dog is….I don’t know his name..sorry. I am a big dog lover, I have 4 of my own….
    Thanks for all of your workouts!!


    • Frederick

      Right now he is asleep in his kennel…

  • mistike

    Congratulations too ;-)

    Now this is a workout i’ll definitely be doing once i receive my KBs. Except maybe for the pullups, i tried some yesterday and just couldn’t do even one chinup. My alltime record on chinups being only 4 anyway ^^. I’ll try again and again until they come back, and replace them with inverted rows if they don’t.

    Is the sound in the video not as good as usual, or is it my laptop speakers playing up ?

    Keep up the good work ;-)

  • Stephen

    Congratulations on getting a new place…I wish you all the best…I’m looking forward to the summer as well, and am enjoying your workouts very much…Thanks so much for all you do…I am curious about getting a list of your home gym equipment, as I am wanting to create my own home gym so I can follow you at home.
    Until Next Time
    Be Safe
    Have Fun

  • Maria


    I left this comment already but didnt get a reply so I hoping this time it will get
    I have a question:
    can you say what the best exercise for love handels (like you said that the pistol squat is the best for the butt)?


  • Rv

    Ho… I was thinking you went to the beach on holiday. The beach is very far from Prague, I know.
    So, here we go.

  • barbaraG

    Don’t worry, we had enough workouts to choose from :)
    I love my new kettlebell but having problem choosing a name for her (or him?) haha

    I’m impressed how fast you found a new flat and moved, good for you!

  • D.

    It’s nice that you’re back :) I really like your workouts, best regards!

  • Paula

    You definitely look fantastic!!!
    Can you put your pictures before you started to do exersises ( if thats ok with you)? I am just very curios..
    And one more thing – I live in flat, so i do not know what kind of inventory to use to do pull ups ( i cannot use like yours, because my door is different from yours://

  • Pikmin

    Hope you guys are happy in the new flat!
    I’m gonna try this WO today replacing regular pull ups by leg assisted ones on a stepladder.

    While looking for some further Air Chair demo on the net I found this:
    (break dance move)

    Hope it doesn’t give Zuzana a new excercise idea though :) :) :) !


  • Noel

    “Great” intense workouts by the way i ordered a 25 lb kettle bell, dip bar, and gymboss timer it jus got here and they are great ; ).keep up the hard good work ,im telling everyone about ur excersises

  • Noel

    Hello zuzana and frederick, i wrote a commecnt before but i dont think it posted, if u can give me some advise, i have a pretty good diet but i love to drink juice and ofcourse it contains sugar goal is to have a solid shape and defined muscles, will drinking juice stop me from reaching my goal ?

  • Ian Geda

    I really love this workout, It seems easy and effective. You are a great inspiration. Just graduating from high school and being 3 yr varsity letter man on the weightlifting, I needed to get back in shape and your site really helps me.s
    Thanks you for doing this.:)))