Apr 2 2010

Sexy Jeans, T-shirt, and Dress from Pepe Jeans

Hi everyone,

Just a few hours before my brother’s graduation ball I went downtown for a last minute shopping trip to buy a t-shirt and new pair of jeans for the after party. While shopping for the jeans and shirt in the Pepe Jeans store I found a new black dress. I loved it immediately and decided that I was going to buy it and wear it that night to the ball. I call it a dress, but honestly neither I nor the sales girl knew if it was actually a dress or a long top. It works well as both, and it also looks great with my jeans.

The girls at the ball were wearing a wide range of styles. About half of the students were wearing long gowns, and the other half wore a variety of different styles – from knee length to mini. There were an equal number of family and friends at this event and they were for the most part dressed in a less formal style. Think sexy cocktail party or fancy nightclub and you will get the idea.

Freddy wore a black shirt and black pants from Zara with a belt and boots from FCUK. He looked very handsome without being too stuffy. James Bond on his night off :)

This was the first time that I have done any serious shopping in Pepe, but I think that I am hooked. It’s rare to find jeans that fit just right and that offer this level of comfort. I hope you guys enjoyed this haul :)




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  • tony

    Obviously, you must get this all the time but i have to tell you. You are gorgeous Zuzi. Great personality, very positive attitude is what does it for me.

    Thanks for your site.

    New York, NY.

  • Charles

    You are very beautiful, sensual and strong!

    Kisses from your fan from Brazil …

  • Hoss

    You are unbelievably hot with the combination of great, toned body and super jeans. But you would look good in a potato sack.

  • Steve Hannan

    I have never seen anybody look more amazingly beautiful in jeans than you. You work so hard at getting a well toned body and I can see from all the postings on here that everybody seems to appreciate what you do. Seeing a stunning woman such as yourself makes my heart skip a beat. And the fact that you are willing to show the world how to become healthier shows me that you are a very caring woman as well. I agree with one of the postings on here, your photos make me want to see more of Prague. Please include backgrounds of your Country along with pictures of you. I think we would all like to see where you come from. Keep up the great work.

  • Melanie

    I really like the purple top it’s elegant. You are incredibly beautiful woman. I admire you so much.

  • D

    I love these jeans! Where can I find them in the US? I know someone else asked but is there an online site for the US? Any recommendations for jeans that look similar? I can’t seem to find a brand that I would love but if I could picture them…this is what they’d look like. I love the low rise, lower back pocket look. Looking forward to responses! Thanks!

  • Carolina

    Haha! My first designer jeans were Pepe (as a young teen). Loved them! They had a flower vine up the left leg and were very fitted. Didn’t know they were still being made.

  • michael john

    your really gorgeous. regards.

  • http://taiman.deviantart.com Lilly

    I love those butt-photos =D You say “sexy clothes” but I must say, anything looks good on a properly muscular body! When you look at the tiny emaciated models after seeing how good clothes look on lean, shapely muscle, it makes you wonder why the heck fashion designers don’t try to revolutionize the clothes-advertizing population. ^^
    You have a great taste in clothes too! Simple yet refined. And, that last statement made me laugh – behind the yearn to be fit and healthy, I admit, we all probably want great jean butts.. =D

  • laura

    is there a way to buy Pepe jeans stuff online if your in the US?

  • http://www.myspace.com/rikakir Rika

    Really like your photos. Good lighting, nice background, gorgeous motif :)
    But it also makes me want to see more of the town and country. I have never been to Prague yet, but I have heard so much nice about it :)

  • Edith

    Hello Zuzana and Frederick. Love your web site, can u tell me what kind of camera you have and zoom. Thank you.

  • Diane Drmandjian

    Hey! We both have a very similar figure. You should definitely try on some Frankie B. jeans! You will look even more amazing!

  • A.

    I love everything you bought. You should be a model for pepe Jeans. The jeans fit you perfectly.

  • Pam

    You. Are. Inspirational!
    I found your site on youtube a couple days ago :D
    and im so hooked… for the first time im actually committing myself to getting fit!

    I think you have such a wonderful personality, your positive energy is contagious!

    You make me say, yes i can!!!

  • michel

    that´s right

  • Malisha

    Zuzana, you are my inspiration, looking your videos makes me feel I can do it too!

  • Guy

    You look great Zuzana! i think I’m in love!(chuckles)
    thank to you, watching you do your workouts made start my own regime!! waiting to see more and again thanks!!!
    from Canada

  • Alina

    i m looking for a long time at your exercises…there are very good indeed…the problem with me is that i love to eat..:)..who don t..
    so…i need at least one hour exercises to be in shape..it s dangerous if i combine 2 sets from your workouts? sometime i feel pain in my knees and i am not sure if i have this from extraworking..sorry for my english..
    greatings for both of you..:)

  • Alina

    you are very nice to share with us your tips..:)

  • Moooingcow

    You are so darn cute. Normally, women could be threatened by such a fit cutie, but I have turned on a lot of my women clients to you and they think you are the bomb too. Much success to you and hubby! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing more of your challenging workouts!

  • http://www.margaritavailas.com Margarita

    good thing you saw this dress. it’s way nicer than the other one!

  • vik

    simplemente fenomenal

  • Tania

    Wow…your so right! That dress is wonderful! Thanks for showing us. =3
    They should pay you to advertise and model their clothes. Haha. ^^

  • Jon

    Zuzana, This dress is much more appropriate for your brother’s ball. You look great!! I am active, work out almost daily with my wife and after incorporating some of the exercises that you perform I can feel the difference.
    Thank you for the inspiration,

  • http://nil asim

    very nice physics looking very beautiful.

  • Monique

    Hi Zuzana!

    Oh I LOVE all of the outfits! You look amazing in them! The prices are a bit steep for my taste (90 dollars for a T-shirt – ouch!). However, I must admit that even I would probably have caved in too cause they all were so beautiful! :-D

  • Moe

    Great Videos! Beautiful Body! Great Motivation! Amazing and simple style.

    Thanks from USA

  • Kirstin

    Zuzana, I absolutely love that black dress/top you bought from Pepe. Is there a name or item number on the dress? I would really like to purchase one online since I don’t think there is a store anywhere around where I live, but I don’t know where to find it online. Any help would be great. I also wanted to let you know I finally got on track with eating healthy and exercising because of you. I am hoping to someday soon have a body like yours. Thanks so much!!!

  • http://bodyrock.tv Suzanne

    I must say that is really cool how muscles give the body such curves and visual interest compared to skinny sticks I see all the time. Especially your hamstrings make your legs look so good. I am hooked on you. I am 52, thought I was reasonably fit until I started doing your work-outs. Got up this morning at 5:00 to do a work-out before work and it feels great. People love you- how you look, your sincerity, your committment. I think you could be very marketable as a fitness guru but for your personality as well. Waiting to see you on Oprah- xo

  • Alejandra

    Hi Zuzanna!
    Im from Mexico, City Iam 31 years old, and Iam a singer, I begin to see your videos, and now Iam more motivated to have a better shape of body. Because my work depends 100% the look, actittude and a fit body.

    I think, your are beautifull, kind, and good person, it’s wonderfull to see your videos, Iam beggining to workout at home because of you, I was going to the gym, but now I want fo follow every step you make haha!

    Really, you have fans around the world! it must be so exciting for you! I wish u the best and hope that someday my body could be like yours, it’s my goal for the year!

    Best wishes for you from Mexico City

  • Yayeri

    Wow Zuzana, I love your website and your simple approach to a healthy lifestyle…your body is amazing – a study in muscular anatomy. Thank you so much for being so generous with your workouts and tips – I only wish I had found out about this sooner…THANK YOU!

  • Oskaroz

    Hi.Zuzana you are gorgeus,,Biutiful Body,,, wow!!!

  • Nathalie

    hello Ms Gorgeous

    gratulations how you look-and for sharing with us!
    I was looking for a suitable circuit training at youtube-
    and found you ;) lucky me!

    I would like to keep in touch, get some answers maybe about diet, routine’s etc.. – you seem the one to talk to! pls let me know,

    looking forward looking like you ;)

  • Andrea

    You look like an angel in these pics! Both outfits are stunning and look comfy enough for a night out. By the way, are you a personal trainer? Just curious.

  • Scott

    I really love your video’s. Watching the fashion hauls and your everyday life gives your site a more personal feel. I enjoy them the most. keep up the great work.

  • Euthie

    I love the first and 5th pictures of you, the area you are in just looks so quiet, and aside from that the pictures really showcase those perfect heels with that casual yet sexy outfit.

  • Marilyn

    Hi Zuzana,

    Oh you look so gorgeous in your new fashions. Everything fits like a glove on you and it’s just perfect. You have what I call a “Perfect Body” without question. Since Christmas I’ve gained seven pounds and have been down on myself, I’ll lose a pound then gain a pound, go figure. Plus, I have not been doing my execrise because my doctor told me I have sciantic nerve, but I have been doing these slow execrise and it’s been helping so, I’m going to rest this week and see how I feel next week. Well, good luck Zuzu, keep on motivating us!!!!!


  • Ashley

    I love the outfit you look great!!! how tall are you? what size jeans do you wear?

  • http://www.myspace.com/freaky_zekey Name Here…Zeke


  • Josef

    Velmy si pekna Zuzana, Kompliment…;-))

  • Laura

    maybe consider a natural perfume? The big names are heavy with carcinogenic chemicals and synthetic scents filled with phytoestrogens. You eat so well, and treat your body like a temple, please don’t spray yourself with chemicals.
    Check out http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ and search under ‘skin’ then ‘fragrance’ scroll down to ‘body spray’ to see ratings from 0-10 on most perfumes on the market.
    I hope you find something you love and that won’t do harm.
    By the way, I like the 2nd dress much better, though both are smokin’ hot!

  • Jesus

    Your you are my inspiration…

    I admire you. I love you…

    Jesús García from Mty, México.


  • Léa

    Hi Zuzana,
    You’re body’s perfect and Prague seems very nice.

  • Alana

    TOP MODEL so gorgeous……….

  • http://bodyrock.tv Tania


    I think the choice of dress/tshirt was an excellent one for the graduation. Sexy yet not too revealing. Sexy is not always about showing all your assets. Sometimes concealing them in just the right way makes a sexier statement. On that note, one of your bloggers mentioned that you should cover your arms. WHAT??!! Is that person serious? I think you have the most beautiful arms and every time I workout a visualize my arms looking like yours. “Power of suggestion” :) I hope you continue to go shopping and show off your physique which is what you work so hard for. When you go on your perfume fashion haul I think you should try “Lola” by Marc Jacobs. Very sexy scent. Hope you get to post some pictures or videos of the graduation ball.

  • Dakota

    Okay folks, This girl has it all. She is a fitness guru, loves fashion, can model what she buys (and does it so tastefully), cooks, and cares about others and loves pets. Is this the perfect woman or what? I’m a happily married man and love watching this girl transform us into thinking better about ourselves. Way to go Zuzana! Keep up the inspirational attitude and positive motivation…..Rock On!

  • Sam

    Hey, to be honest with you i was looking through youtube about some special exercises which i used to do in da army , and by chance i got to your videos.
    i liked the way u do your exercises with passions plus you’ve got the most amazing body ,, rockettttttttt.
    those tops are amazing on you and also the jeans… u r neat , stylish , stunning girl…keep it up.

  • Gaby

    You look gorgeus!!! I love every single piece… thank you for sharing!!

  • cedu

    perfect body = dress
    and you are very grate and super cool


  • Kris

    When are these shops going to start giving you free clothes?! You keep modeling their stuff, you should get some things for free :D You look great Zuzana, I hope I can look like you for my wedding in 6 months O.O

  • Vicky

    Hi Zu!

    Note this down for when you go perfume shopping :
    Ocean Pacific (OP) Juice, it’s a tall pink bottle with a rubbery outer-layer :)

    It smells delicious and fresh without being overwherlming (perfect for summer!)

    Here’s how they present the smell :
    Introduced by fresh, crushed raspberry leaves, this innocent bouquet of freesia, jasmine, apple blossom, lily-of-the-valley and wild cyclamen rests on a medley of summer melons, drenched with cool morning dew. It is further enhanced by a final abundance of velvety amber and precious woods, entwined with transparent musk.

    This is THE favorite I always come back to!

  • Federica

    amazing outfit! i think I’m going to visit Pepe Jeans store asap!If you don’t mind, what size are your jeans?
    Happy Easter!

  • Matea

    Hello Zuzana.

    I follow you on youtube, and I follow your workouts, trying to get myself in shape. You are an inspiration.

    There is something I’d really like to know – where did you get all those super hot sexy various color sport bra? What brand are they?

    Greetings form Zagreb :-)


  • http://http/www.bodyrock.tv Karmen


  • http://http/www.bodyrock.tv Karmen

    it is a pitty you don`t want take in consideration what i am writting to you!i am dissapointed!there are rules in fashion that never have to be broken if you are a fashionista!

    1.never wear white socks at any shoes even if they are for training
    2.do not mix diffrent materials that do not match toghether .
    3.never wear shoes with wood hells to a formal night
    4.never combine golden details with silver details
    5.if you have a cleavage do not wear short skirt or dress..that makes you look cheap

    it is up to you …how you want to dress

  • angelica

    hey your website is really inspiring i’m doing your workouts and i’m already losing weight after like 2 weeks. Your awesome! thanks for these great work outs! i’m even thinking about making a blog too ^_^

  • Peťule

    Zuzko, your legs seem to be very thin in that lovely black dress!! You must have lost some weight recently, haven´t you? Maybe that dress just makes you thiner. I don´t want you to be very thin, cause it is quite easy to achieve this, but to have beautiful body with vyrýsovaný muscles like yours, that´s my motivation!! :) At one of your videos you said you want to make your legs thiner, didn´t you? I hope your WILL NOT do this! ;-)
    Regards from Prague surrounding

  • Audra

    Zuzana I would have to highly recommend “Dolce & Gabana THE ONE” perfume for you. Trust me, it’s a VERY SEXY scent you’ll love.

  • http://[email protected] MinnieV

    Hi Zuzana,
    You look fantastic in your dress,denims and tee shirt. Honestly with your figure you could wear a sack of potatoes and wear it well. Your arms are awesome. Dont change anything . Everything about this website is great,refreshing,inspiring,eductional and funny,right now those are the words that come to mind when describing you guys. Thanks again.
    P.S. After all this time I just ordered my Gymboss and a mat for the floor work. I’m sooooooo excited. I also found the dip station but will have to wait a week or so to get it. One more thing, recently I did 2,600 skips with a jump rope. 100 @ a time. I’d skip 100 times as fast as I could then would count to 15 slowly and begin another round. Great workout took me 33 minutes. Dont really know if that was good time but sure felt good. When I get my GYMBOSS I’ll really be working it properly. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maya

    wow!!!!!!!!! you look great and sexy. i love ur abs….. so keep up the great work tht ur doing for all of us..xoxo love u

  • Alina W


    You look amazing as ever in your new clothes! Please can you do another diet video…I know you have before, but you have progressed so much since the beginning and are much more ripped now, so could you do a video diary of your diet for just ONE entire day? please? oh, and I think you should enter a figure or bikini (fitness) competition…you would place first if you entered one tomorrow! Seriously, you look incredible:) Keep up the good work!

  • Susanna

    I like this dress better than the last one. It is definitely prettier and more fashionable.

    Just wanna say, you’re the biggest inspiration to me in working out. I actually like working out now, and it’s so easy to fit my workouts in during the day. I just print out the workout, and when I have time, I do it!

  • Jasline =)

    I liked the other black dress better :( I guess it’s because it fit your body so much better, i mean you have a great body and you shouldn’t be wearing anything that looks baggy on you, so…
    Excellent work out website by the way ;)

  • Kirstin

    Zuzana, does that black dress you got from Pepe have an item number or name to it. I absolutely love it and want to by one online if it is possible, but I don’t know how or where to look for it. I love your workouts and hope to have a body like yours someday soon. Thanks!!

  • Agata

    cool photos!!

  • Mickela

    you are soo stunning. Love the way you look in those photos.
    thank you for sharing you lives.

    : )

  • Jekaterina

    Happy and Light Easter Frederic and Zuzana!
    The dress very good model in a dress is even better simply super!
    Really it would be desirable to learn why you have started fitness? Or always in it were engaged? I think it would be interesting to know and it would inspire many.
    My favourite perfume:
    for summer is
    VERSACE Bright Cristal
    for winter is
    DIOR Miss Dior Cherie =)

  • Eve

    Awww I remember shopping and the great feeling of finding those perfect jeans and sexy shirt to go with it.

    That jean outfit is sexy on you. The shirt is showing just enough…just a sexy casual look. I like it.

    I like both black dresses but it seems you felt sexier in this black dress.

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Was hoping for a new workout, but nothing yet today so I did the last workout over again so I could work on my jump rope and abs too :)

    I had some thoughts on the jump rope issue from a trial and error perspective:

    I found it helps to keep the weight on the balls of my feet and lift from the toes rather than the heels, unlike when you run. I usually fumble by not keeping my hands low, or not snapping the rope into the ground with my wrists (letting the rope lose momentum), or by dragging my toes instead of lifting up. I like to think of the ground being hot and trying to ping off it rather than jumping up (mentally easier image for me). I still have the hardest time with the jumping jacks. I’m liking the high knees now that I can do them better. If I am doing a series of reps and I can’t do the fancy style eg jump jacks, I will alternate with one set regular style super hard and fast for cardio followed by one of a fancy style which challenges my coordination. I found the longer rope a little easier than the short. The leather one made me work harder than the plastic because of the weight of the wood handles and leather. Leather seemed to tangle less. So many trade offs! Really looking forward to becoming a jump rope pro :)
    If anyone else has any hot tips on this please let me know! Thanks!

  • kim

    I was just wondering why my comments are not posted..is it because I am not all gaga over Zuzana?? I guess I am more interested in exercising than how great Zuzana looks. It is too bad not all comments are treated equally… probably time to look for another site for exercise tips and routines. I do very much admire your wonderful work ethic Zuzana.


  • Sarah

    Wow…in some shots you look like a model! O_O

  • Nicole D. Lopez


    Where did the T-shirts go? The Bodyrock.tv T shirts? I never got a chance to buy one and now I’m sad :(

  • Big Tex-Dallas

    What, do they not sell or use fresh paint in Prague?


    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      It looks more romantic like this :)

      • Tiffany Stephens

        I agree my husband is a photographer and he is always looking for a background like this. You and your hubby did a great job on these photos.

  • d.

    ughh i LOVE your outfit, those clothes look absolutely amazing on you. and for only $90? man i wish i could find an outfit that looks like that, i’ll have to go spring shopping :)

    but idk if you have this store but in america theres a place called Bath And Body Works, where you can find body sprays,perfumes,hand sanitizers, soap, etc, and they have this perfume called MIDNIGHT POMEGRANATE,and it smells incredible.. plus they have a bunch of other perfumes that you might like, and they don’t cost over 30 bucks so they really are a great deal.:)

    but anyways thanks for the workouts, they totally make me feel more confident when after a hard week of training with your exercises i start losing inches on my waist and fit into my jeans better!! just always keep this site updated and never get rid of it, ok?? ha idk if i would be able to make it without your motivation, lol.

    can’t wait to see what workout you’ll have go through today!!


  • Hannah

    Hi Zuzana, I love everything you bought. I love this dress a lot. It looks way better than the other one. It looks great on you. The jeans are hot and so is the purple top. Hope you had fun at the ball.

  • Xtina

    I agree with everyone else that all outfits look great on you, but I like better the new black dress. I am a silly follower of the fashion principle that if it is revealing one place, should be covering more elsewhere.

    I told my trainer yesterday about your blog – surpringly, he did not know.

    You are so lucky to be spending this Sunday with your entire family! Have a happy treat!

  • Simone

    You should be a model :)

  • http://bodyrocktv jason landers

    when you gonna have a fashionhall for lingerie? lol just kidding plz dont be mad, just trying to be funny. you look great as always. well its the 3rd so im gonna start my30 day no sweets challege, wish me luck!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      good luck

  • raeNYC

    My favourite fashion haul thus far, very classy & cute outfits.

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  • http://ikarusgreatdanes.goods.officelive.com Claudia Danes

    LOVE THE T-SHIRT!!! It’s sexy yet very comfortable, that was a great buy. Good thing you tried it on, I’m sure it doesn’t look that great on a hanger, but that is definetely fashionable. Also love the black dress, I think it looks better than the other for the ocassion, the other one is great for clubbing, but I don’t think you want to go clubbing again…LOL


  • Brianna

    you should be a model! i really liked those pictures :)

  • Adrian

    Love the look, I am a bit particular when it comes to my jeans to the point that I drive my shopping assistant (aka stylista friends) crazy. This is inspiring me to do some more workouts to fit into my tighter jeans.

  • thomas

    90 bucks for a t-shirt or did i misunderstand her?
    and i thought the czech republic is cheap(er)

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Prague is not some cheap place. It used to be cheaper some years ago, but not anymore.

  • shelly

    I love the shirt and the jeans put together!!
    great butt as well!! haha
    keep up the great work!
    you guys are what keeps me going! :)

  • eloso

    I like this black dress better. The tight one as a little too much wear to a family event. Keep up the good work and keeps us all motivate to look even half as good as you.

  • Christina

    You look ridiculously amazing. I’m off to do my workout now if I will end up look like that! LOL

  • Rose

    thank you for the fashion haul vids,it help’s to know what to look for when shopping.By the way you have amazing arms they are perfect and if I had sexy firm arms like yours,I would flaunt them too.Someone commented that you should cover them,I think they just like their arms to look skinny fat,which to me is not sexy.

  • Amanda

    I like this dress better than the other one. :-)

  • Mia

    Love the new outfit, expecially the jeans, I might get something similar…
    I know it is not related to the topic, but I read a comment posted by someone back in October, and I thought I bring up the subject. Don’t you guys think it would be a good idea to insert a Forum on the site? I am sure the communication would be much more effective for you and us aswell. What do you guys think?

  • cutie

    Gorgeouuuuusssssssssss!!!!!! :D :-)

    It reallly fits u well; I LIKE the t-shirt and the dresss :D

  • Denise

    I love that dress/shirt! Very cool indeed!

    You really do rock!
    Denise :D

  • Vera

    Best fashion haul ever!
    DKNY (that one of the green apples)
    Kenzo Flower

  • Vera

    Best fasion haul ever!
    Perfume: DKNY (that one of the green apples)

  • Oli

    Fantastic + awesome + incredible + wonderful + amazing + stunning + ravishing + engrossing + crashing + much more, which cannot be expressed by words!!!!! Nice, I”d like to have such a nice butt, too!!!!!

  • Rosario

    Hi Zuzana, I love love love those jeans, and I completely agree, Pepe Jeans has a perfect fit. Do you mind tell me what size are the jeans you bought? Thanks, and you look really pretty. ;)

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  • Lindsey

    Dearest Zuzana,

    Why are you not a fitness model?

    Seriously, get on that!

    I mean it!

  • mistike

    Ah, yes. This dress is almost perfect ! And I love the jeans. Of all your fashion hauls, I think jeans is what you wear the best. Don’t know why ;)

    Love the little pink top too. Both it and the dress showcase your arms perfectly without being too obvious. The whole thing is very feminine.

  • Antonia

    I love this dress (too)! The first thing I thought of when I saw you was ..sweet.. your hair your face and dress. You have a soft face meaning not hard looking like women can get its natural and very unusual. Both of the dresses suit your personality and style. I love your hair it really looks amazing in the photos. Your husband is a great photographer, really. The rustic buildings (funny where I live many people try to make things look rustic)and you in the 21 century ..I think these are the most amazing pictures I have seen. I really think you must be one of the most beautiful women who have ever lived.

  • Ivana

    you look beautifull!

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    Perfumes I Love:
    Dolce and Gabana: the one
    Channel: chance, mademoiselle and my all time favourite: Coco
    Narciso Rodriguez

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  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    LOOOVE the dress! I guess I am going to visit the store again!
    Oh and the shirt, I JUST bought the exact same shirt and I am in love with it.

    I was in South Africa for a week and did a serious fashion haul @ Guess. They have some awesome skinny jeans and i also found some gorgeous high heel silver sandals and a sweet peep toe pair of black high heels.

    It is official that I am in love with Guess.

    Great haul! Are we going to see F’s look?

  • Arny

    Doufám že nevadí když ti píši česky :) , promiň ale angličtiny tu je fakt dost a jsem si jist že krapet češtiny tu nemůže uškodit XD. Máš můj obdiv, jsi opravdu krásná a tvoje cvičení nemají chybu, obzvláště některé cviky jsou obtížné i pro muže. Jakože už nějaký ten pátek cvičím, a některé tvoje cviky jsem zakomponoval do sestavy :) ). Nuže hodně zdaru v nadcházejících cvičení a ať se ti daří nejbestovně.

    PS: České holky se ve světě nikdy neztratí ;)

    S pozdravem rodák z vinného kraje Moravy :)

  • http://www.bodyrock.tv N

    i just have to say…you always look great in your training videos, but when i saw you with the pepe jeans, the replay black high heels, and the black top…. puffvvff!!!!!!!! no words!

    ladies: you all must follow the zuzi training method. here you can see the results!!!!

    perfume: Chance by chanel, Delices by cartier

    • Rea

      I am not much of a perfume girl, but Chanel Chance is my scent.

      It is not too sweet and very gentle.

      There is a new version of it now, called “Chance Eau Tendre”.

      This is what I would call “Fresh”.

      • http://www.bodyrock.tv N

        i will follow that indication…
        my girl will recive chance eau tendre soon…
        …and I’ll enjoy it !!!!

        thank u Rea


      • Rea

        OK just got informed that it is not the newest Chanel Chance, there is one called “Chance Eau Fraiche”, which is apparently the fresh one :)

        Also, one of the best scents I know is what my sister uses:

        Dolce and Gabana – Light Blue

        Very nice scent for spring.

    • laura

      Whats the zuzi traning method??

      • laura

        nevermind. wow i can’t believe I didn’t realize you were talking about zuzana until I clicked submit.

  • Natalie

    And thanks for motivation!

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

    Ha, I got a very similar dress (in two similar styles) as that one. Very comfy, isn’t it? And very nice jeans, but the bum in it makes it look cuter :)

    Happy Easter or Veselé Velikonoce (hope that’s right?)!!

  • titi

    I’m 14. I’m no lesbian and bisexual too. Your butt looks great! I too have a great butt (or so everyone says so :) ahaha). Any case it’s very nice: EVERYTHING!!! The pockets of the jeans are super perfect ,the cut is very nice too is, but nothing can beat your first GUESS jean that is in my opinion THE BEST JEAN THAT I EVER SAW (and i mean it, i’m a big fan of jeans and allways look, when i go into shops, at the jeans ! AGAIN: So that’s why i really mean it! The cute black dress is sexy but quiet formal: so perfect for such an event!!!And of course, what could i say about about that nice flowy top!! You look GEARGOUS in it!! EVERYTHING FITS YOU LIKE A DREAM!!! So, thanks for sharing! It’s a pity we couldn’t see your brother: but it’s just as well in the end, i might have fallen in love with him:) hahaha!!!I was wondering if you could maybe do one video someday when Freddy does he’s workouts? And also on how you style your hair( do you do somthing to it, or is it naturel?) and put on your discret make-up?? I’m a real talkative, so sorry that i talked too much:) Sorry also for my bad english, i’m french:) have a super good day. ps: thanks also for all the workout they are so nice!I do them with my mother who finds that they work very nicely (compare to other “workouts” that she had done before):)

  • Sónia (PT)

    Ola, love the dress, looks so much better to the occasion than the other. The jeans are amazing, I want one to…and the shoes go so good with the jeans. Thank you!

  • samantha

    Your new clothes are great Zuzana and you look gorge in the still photo’s I love the way they’re taken, awesome work Freddie.

    For everyone else re: the much sought after workout bra’s Zuzana wears – I got an email back from Lululemon saying that while they like to bring out new styles they do revisit old favorites – so come on ladies get emailing them and tell them we want the Lift and Separate back now PLEASE!!!

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  • James

    Wow!! You look fantastic in that dress n pants n shirt!! You have a great fashion sense. Your nature in from of the camera is wonderful n contagious!! Thanks for showing us this stuff!!!

  • Rutele

    hi Zuzana, all clothes looks nice on you, doesnt matter what you gonna wear, will be amazing :) Really fits everything on you, its my opinion :P )
    By the way,if you have some free time, can you do some videos about diet? Do you still enjoy healthy breakfast recipe? I found this recipe, almost about year ago, I really happy, and its so tasty, and is amazing, how works to eat small portions,and eat more often,
    I feel better,i can see results, oh and TABATA method is such a great thing, which I ever done in my life.
    Firts time in my life i feel so happy :) I love my body, :)

    Thank you Zuzana :)

  • Alexandra

    Thank God !!! This T-shirt dress looks so much better on you than the little black dress. In my opinion you need to cover a little bit your arms because they look so strong. Sorry. I like all the things you bought. Have a nice day.

    • Antonia

      I am glad we are allowed to talk here. The other new dress is not better in my opinion, it says something different, not better. I cannot believe you would think her arms look too strong and she should hide them a bit? I want my arms to be like this so I can wear sleveless! She doesnt have big arms like a body builder woman as your implying. Its good to be Strong and sculpted is so beautiful. If I could have her arms and everything for one day I would be wearing the first dress everywhere.

      When comments like yours end like that with a tone, somethings bogus.

    • Virginia

      Ridiculous!! Beautiful arms. Zuzana’s physique is an obvious result from her kick-ass fitness lifestyle. We should refrain from making such negative body image comments to anyone. Us ladies need to support one another.

  • Lang

    Love the modeling shots….You should really consider modeling as a career.

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  • sophie

    i have to say that i found u sexy and i am straighter than an arrow. those exercise paid, u body is rocking. just wanted to say that i thing u should start another business venture where u design ur own sport apparels and u as the models. love this dress better than the other one for your brother’s ball and congrat to him, keep u the great workout

  • Natasya

    Damn girl you are gorgeus and cute. The jeans fit u realy nicely.

  • Naama

    I love the jeans, purple shirt and shoes… but you should _at all times_ wear your hair up. in my opinion. it’ll give your neck length and you’ll look like a butterfly.

  • peter

    nice fit. you earned it.

  • cs2010

    I always find it challenging to look sexy and classy at the same time, but you have such a great body, you really can wear anything. And with your sweet personality and good heart, people will always like you no matter what you’re wearing. You are rockin those jeans and both dresses are fun and sexy. Love the top too. You’ll get a lot of use out of them.

  • Kaitlyn

    Zuzana you should do a workout clothes haul! That would be fun!:D Your outfits are way to cute! Your amazing girl!

  • yasemin

    I love your sweet little girl excitement when you show us your new clothes!!! All of them are very nice and even look nicer on you:)) Have a lot of fun….

  • Maxim Sokolov

    Cool. I love that dress much better.
    Have a good day!

  • Jax

    Great dress and top Zuzana. Very classy. You look very beautiful in that–it’s a more subtle sexiness. You can also wear the purple top with a pencil skirt that would look amazing with your body and is a great outfit to have for more formal occasions, affording you the chance to also wear it with jeans. You are very cute in the way you introduce your clothes :-)

  • Liza

    I love the purple top on you, Zuzana. :) Nice outfit!

  • John


    Your new fashion haul outfit makes you look…”Hotter than a popcorn fart in a sauna”!

    Seriously though,if you don’t walk into a room and create that WOW factor,I’d check the pulse on the people in the room to see if they’re actually alive!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hot,hot,hot!!!! ;-)

    Two words….Yeah Baby!

    Freddie,or should I call you “Bond”,is one hell of a lucky guy!


  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Yes, I can see all your hard work pays off! Gorgeous haul, well exhibited and photographed, as usual. Will you please fix my closet while you’re at it?? :)

  • Ashley P

    You look very pretty.

  • Jim Hammond

    Zuzana, you look amazing! I love those jeans. The zippers in the back are a great touch, and the large belt loops in the front set them off nicely. I like the shirt. It would look great with a small diameter waist chain (Silver of course to match the zippers in the jeans). But the black dress was the ultimate dress. You made it look like it was designed to look. Love the legs and your arms were curvy and perfect. Total package no doubt. Thanks for sharing. Once again, bye for now, Jim from Ohio.

  • Nadine

    Nice pics Freddie (:

  • http://bodyblog.tv Lish Weese

    I adore the jeans and the butt you have is made for these jeans ;) Or the jeans are made for your butt!! I love lavender on you, makes your eyes look more blue and I like this dress better than the last…glad you found what you wanted! Have a good wkend!

  • alina

    hey zuzana!
    i love when you do fashion hauls and i loved it when you used to do your coffee chats! you should really consider doing some more! i think you have a great personality and i loved getting to know the girl under all those awesome muscles! LOVE the outfit by the way!

  • Natasha

    That colour is beautiful on you! I am looking for low rise jeans just like that. Your butt is what I’m aiming for….. You look great in anything but I love the fashion haul videos, keep them comin’!

  • Maria

    I really like the new dress you got. I think it looks so much classier. Still sexy, but somewhat conservative. I love the new top and jeans also! Again, the top is very sexy. I think the rule of looking classy is to have either tight jeans and a looser top, or a tight top and looser jeans. Skin tight all over is usually a bit too much. :) You look great in all of it though!!! You rock!! :)

  • Michelle

    You should be a fasion model in hollywood.

    You got style, you got class.

    I LOVE your outfits!!

  • Lvette

    Hi Zuzana & Frederick,

    Z you look marvelous…I convert your legs. Brittney you don’t need to qualify your comment (as women, we should be able to admire and compliment another woman’s beauty without fear.) Not every compliment is sexual. I am sure not every man that says Z is beautiful wants to get in her pant.

    Zuzana, is the purple top also from Pepe? Thanks for motivating me to commit to looking my best when I step out of my house. I was beginning to get too comfortable in my comfy clothes.

    Ps. Figured out what was wrong with me not being able to post a comment…I was putting my email address where my name should be lol. I can’t believe I did this for almost two weeks; goes to show I need to be more present in my life.

  • heather

    I really like both outfits! I’m glad that you chose to wear the second black dress. I think it looks classier than the one you showed us the other day. Thanks for all the great videos. We all appreciate them!

  • chely

    hopefully one day i will have a nice rear end like yours or CLOSE to yours! lol=P
    i like the 2nd dress better! it was not see through at all.

  • doctor9

    you look great no matter what you wear

  • Lindsey


    I LOVE that top! Purple is my favorite color, I would run out and buy it if only I had boobs… ( : But if I had the boobs like you then our styles would be exactly the same because I love every item of clothing you’ve ever worn in your videos. I like watching the fashion hauls because it is inspiring to see what one day I could look like in clothes if I keep up my fitness and healthy eating.

  • chubbiebonnie

    thanks for taking us with you….I love hearing what you have to say!…oh…I have my timer now so far have not made it though a workout without dieing!! And yes they are fun. One thing, I was allways wondering was why you did not have mussick, but now I know. I had some on, and had to stop and put it off. It was getting in the way of the workout…your workout need 100%. thanks so much. !!!

  • Jenny

    Cute jeans!! I love the whole outfit :D Very cute

    • chely

      i like how simple she is. she does not overdue it. you know what i mean? even with her makeup.

  • Monifah

    You are so cute Zuzanna in the way you show your new clothes!!! Looking very good as usual :o )

  • andrijana

    Very nice Zuzana.You look gorgeous.

  • brittney

    ok im not a lesbian or bisexual but i gotta admit you have got a nice ass girl lol. and i love the outfit of the jeans black top n the heels they are so sexy and very sexy on you. now i have a couple questions again. 1.have you always been fit or did you get into fitness bcuz of being heavy? 2.i no you might of answered this one before but i wouldnt no were to look but how often, what , and how much do you eat? thanks xoxo

    • chely

      i was wondering when she was going to answer that cause i’m really curious about that too!

    • kaTharine

      Z, i am also wondering have you always been fit?

    • Eve

      I have to ask….Why do we as women have to have a disclaimer about not being lesbian or bisexual in order to genuinely compliment another woman?

      I know this is way off the subject but I’m just curious why cant we just compliment each other and still feel comfortable in our womanhood. It should be feel natural to compliment a beautiful woman. And on the other hand why is it sometimes difficult for some women to accept a compliment from another woman without thinking…oh she must be a lesbian.

      Nothing against you Brittney…I’m just curious why people say what they say.