Apr 4 2010

Body On Fire Workout

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Frederick and I went to play Squash for the first time in our lives. I really didn’t know anything about this sport at all, and I must admit that I felt kind of intimidated at first. I was intimidated by the people who work at the club, the more experienced people who were playing on the other courts and the sport itself. It was just like when I first went to the gym and started working out. Anything new that you have never tried before and makes you step out of your comfort zone can create resistance inside. If I hadn’t pushed through and just made myself go and try it, I would never have discovered how much fun this sport can be. Both Frederick and I were laughing our heads off the whole time while we ran around the court trying to hit this little ball that looks like a plum without smacking each other with our rackets. We just played for one hour, but by the end of the 60 minutes we were both soaked. If you ever get the chance to try Squash, we highly recommend that you give it a shot. We were talking on the way home about how much of life is exactly like this experience. We both have things that we missed out on, because we were too afraid or intimidated to make little changes. We both agreed that life slips by way too quickly not to step out and take these little adventures that can bring so many rewards.

Todays workout will take you only 20 minutes and the only thing you will need is your interval timer. I am using my Gymboss Interval Timer which helps you focus 100% on your training by automatically keeping track of your time and intervals. Set your timer for 6 rounds of one 40 second interval, which gives you a 4 minute long circuit.  You will be doing the following exercises back to back. As soon as you hear the beep from your Gymboss, move directly to the next exercise. No rest until the end of the 4 minutes!

1. Over and Under (from left to right) 40 seconds

2. Over and Under (from right to left) 40 seconds

3. Happy Dancing Crab 40 seconds

4. Tripple Knee Tucks 40 seconds

5. Pistol and Kozacek 40 seconds

6. Swimming Push Ups 40 seconds

Repeat this 4 minute long circuit 5 times.

Over and Under exercise. Imagine that you have and obstacle right next to you and you want to step over it. It is quite high so you need to lift your heels up off of the ground and get on your toes. As soon as your step over the first obstacle, there is another one. This time you will go to the opposite direction and under. Imagine that the second obstacle is at your waist so you will have to bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground and bend at your waist forward keeping your back straight. This is one rep. Do as many as you can during the 40 second interval.

Happy Dancing Crab – This is a fun exercise to do. Get into the starting position, keeping your weight on your heels and your hands. Your arms are extended and your shoulders are away from your ears. Push off of one heel and bring your hips up while lifting one leg and the opposite arm. Do it again with the opposite arm and leg and then get into a squat. As soon as you get into the squat, push up off of your heels and jump up just a few inches off of the ground. Land softly on the balls of your feet and bend your knees slightly as you land.

Tripple Knee Tuck. Get into plank and engage all of your muscles to keep your body tight and in one straight line. Don’t drop your hips or arch your back. Lift your left foot off of the ground and bring your knee out to the side and as far as you can towards your elbow. Turn your head and look at your knee. The foot of the leg that is supporting your weight is not moving or turning.

Bring the foot back on the ground and immediately drive your knee straight forward towards your chest. Bring the foot back down and drive the knee towards the opposite elbow. This is the triple knee tuck. Repeat the same exercise with  the other leg.

Pistol and Kozacek (Russian Dance). Get into a one leg squat as shown in the first picture. Extend the other leg and both arms in front of you. Try to keep your weight on the heel and your shin vertical. Try to keep your chest up, shoulders away from your ears, and your back straight. Your back won’t be exactly straight, but your goal is to keep your back from rounding.  Get comfortable in this position and when you are sure that you found your balance, push off of the heel and drive your hips up into the standing position. Squat down, find your balance and push off of the heel again to do a small jump switching the legs in mid air (if you can’t do the jump, simply skip it and switch legs). Get up into the standing position on one leg and repeat as many times as you can. We have talked before about some of the different ways you can assist yourself while doing pistols. You can place your hand on a sturdy chair beside you and use it for balance  and to take some of the weight off of your leg. For those of you who have the Ultimate Body Press dip station – this is an excellent tool for assisting yourself with pistols. Pistols are challenging, but I keep coming back to them because I have found them to be one of the absolute best exercises for shaping and toning the butt.

Get into a plank and do a regular push up. As you get to the plank again, make a big circle backwards with one arm. Do another push up and backwards circle with the opposite arm. Do as many reps as you can during the 40 second interval. This movement reminds me of swimming – that’s why I called it Swimming Push Ups.


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  • Cynthia ツ

    October 24, 2014

    I only did 3 rounds. Chair assisted Pistol & Kozacek, push ups are still done on knees.

  • Anonymous

    hey  worked on this one today,slept in a bit, so had to cut it to three rounds but was still covered in sweat!

    kick over & duck under – 9, 11, 10
    kick over & duck under – 10, 9, 8
    happy dancing crab – 5, 4, 4
    triple knee tucks – 6, 8, 6
    pistol & kozacek – 5, 6, 6 (done inside my dip station to hold on)
    pushup -6, 7, 6

    plus burpee for erin!

    have a great day!

  • http://zoe-in-wonderland.blogspot.com Zoe Quixote

    1. r over and under (over hiiiigh, under loooow): 9, 9, 9, 10, 10
    2. left: 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9,
    3. happy dancing crab: 6, 6, 6, 7, 8
    4. trip. knee tuck: 9, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10
    5 kozarica: 6, 7, 8, 7, 7
    6. swimming push-up: 9, 9, 9, 8, 8, 8
    followed by 5 pull-ups and 10 burpees for erin!!
    thank you!!

  • Kay

    all done! i set my timer for 40 sec work, 5 rest so i can write down my reps. and i took a little break in between rounds if i needed it to drink water. so all that inclusive it took me 26 mins
    1. over under L-R 13/13/13/12/12
    2. over under R-L 13/13/13/12/13
    3. dancing crab 16/17/16/12/14
    4. triple knee tuck 8/11/12/12/12
    5. pistol kozacek (i cant go all the way down to the floor yet) 10/13/13/13/13 
    6. swimming push ups 10/10/9/9/8

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  • http://www.facebook.com/simonetti.stefano Stefano Simonetti

    Hi there again.
    Do you think that this workout could be good for newbies in your approach to fitness??
    Best regards.

  • Mary Lou

    I did this one while waiting for the new Body on Fire workout. Those alternating Dancing Crabs are tough! I just did 1 leg alternating squats, in the doorway still, for the Pistol & Kozacek move. Jumping from one leg to the other in a squat is definite face-plant, or at least butt-plant material for me right now. I wonder how long it took Zuzana to learn how to do that?

  • Kelly

    WOW. This workout is way harder than I thought it was gonna be!!! I was sweating and panting after I got done and felt like throwing up.

    I’m gonna try to stick to it! :) Thanks Zuzanna!!

  • Michaela

    This is a really nice workout. I liked it very much !

  • Dema

    Im wondering whats your Bra size Suzana?

  • shannon

    WOW!! Loved that one ! Even my knees are sweating!! LOL ! I am new and started an 8 week challenge for myself when I found you. I am 1 week in and really feel great !
    Thank you Zuzana and Fredrick!!

  • Stephanie

    Hey guys,

    I have to say, out of everything you do, all exercises, the “Pistol and Kozacek” move is by far the most impressive….I can’t even balance down there with one leg out and switching and them lifting up on one leg???!!!! You’re amazing! So motivating!

    Thank you!

    This workout is awesome. I am so glad you do so much cardio cause that is the number one thing everyone should be doing and I think everyone needs to focus on. I know I want to lose more fat and your cardio workouts are giving me awesome results!


  • Erica

    This is one dangerous workout!! I was sweating so much & thought I was going to slip & fall on my face!! I was pouring buckets!! FEEL AWESOME!!

  • mandy

    I love your site. To see someone really doing a workout and busting tail is very inspirational. I love the variety! I get bored so easily with working out. I think this site is just what I need.

  • Skrepy

    I have to say I am so happy that I found your videos and website. I love to workout but equipment can get expense. Plus who has room for all of it ? :) Its wonderful to be able to workout and get results without spending large amounts of money. Keep up the wonderful work. My goal is to attain a body like yours. Good job girl!!!! :)

  • manueltm2usa

    where you from you in euro or you in usa
    i just wonder

  • manueltm2usa

    thank you for all the amazing workout you are the inspiration of my daily work out for real keepit up girll you pass i give you 100%100 = 100+

  • manueltm2usa

    thank you for all the amazing workout you inspiration of my daily work out for real keepit up girll you pass i give you 100%100 = 100+

  • http://30bananasaday.com Windlord

    sub: strap assisted Pistol/Koz
    (whew! how long did it take you to learn this full move freestanding, Z?)

    [60/64/64/65/67 reps, respectively]

    counted reps as whole movements: ie: the 3 tripples on a side = 1 rep; both Crabs+jump = 1 rep, etc

  • Eva

    Hi Zuzana !
    I think all your videos are very helpful for people like me who wants to lose some weight and get some muscles ! :)
    But I wondered, the exercises are different everyday ? I mean, we have to do a different Workout everyday ?
    I’m sorry, I’m french and sometimes I don’t really understand english very well.
    I feel so stupid now ^^’…

    Thank you for your great work.

  • Jake

    Nice workout

  • Monifah

    Sweeeeett!!!! Really fun workout, did you make the exercises up yourself?? Feel great, and sun is shining so nothing can beat me today ;o). Have a great day!!!

  • Amy M.

    HEY! i just tried this workout and it was tough but i really felt good doing it. so since my first comment on your site, i have gone from 128 pounds (i think) to 115. my goal is 110 or 105, somewherfe between the two. thanks alot because you really inspired me to get into shape! i no longer am tired after climbing stairs! haha

    xo, AMY!

  • Juan Ri

    Hi Zuzana,

    I had back surgery about 6 months ago, and had been looking for a workout to get me back into shape, that allowed me to just use my own body weight. I have to modify step 5. Pistol and Kozacek, to just a normal squat, but my body loves and thanks you for it. Thanks for the great inspirations!

  • Liny

    Hello Zuzana,
    again thanks for your workout. Went well except the pistol and kocacek – no chance for me. So I helped myself with a chair on each side.
    Keep going this great workout-inspirations! :-)

  • Mike

    I tried this yesterday and only made it through 3 of the 5 sets. A great workout, and the Pistols absolutely stopped me in my tracks each time; those muscles might as well have not existed, and I will definitely be working on that.

    Good stuff, and I’m glad to have found this site.

  • Rabia’

    great workout i’m going to try it after work today.

  • http://www.beachbodycoach.com/coachjodyj Jody

    Hi Zuzana,
    I recently discovered your site and thik it’s fantastic! You offer practical advice and have developed workouts that can be done at home. I’m in Chicago, but can see how people all over the world already know how amazing you and your workouts are. I did this workout yesterday and had to modify round 5 (not strong enough yet). I feel my muscles today and am so happy! For those that don’t have an interval timer like you, I found a solution. I downloaded an interval trainer application from iTunes and it was perfect. It alerts you when the round is over and you can even play your music simultaneously.
    Thank you!!


    are you in the chec republic, i once drove a skoda? i travelled in yugoslavia when i was about your age.

  • Natascha

    Hello Zuzana!

    I love your videos, i am new here and so far i had watch a few. So far i really like them. I am super curios about the Gymboss Interval you used. I am in the website right now.
    One of my best friend is from Slovach she is from KOSICE. She is beautiful! when i saw you, she came to my mind and I was not in shock you also where from Slovach. I will pass your website to my friend.
    Good Job Zuzana!

  • http://www.saltandlight3.com DK Stangeland

    This one rocked! Even my kids are joining in (it’s limited though since they are 3 & 4) They love you as much as I do. Thank you!!!

  • Alice

    Ahoj Zuzko, tvoje videa jsou moc zajímavá, snad se k tomu tvému cvičení taky dokopu, vypadá to fakt náročně. Škoda, že nejsou v češtině, rozumim sotva půlku…:-(

  • http://www.saxonpc.com Jason

    Those pants are the shizzle! I have been working on doing the pistol ever since I saw you do it, to be able to do them as effortlessly as you seem to on these videos. Now you introduce the Pistol and Kozacek, good luck to me to try those. Even the pistol is more a fear thing than strength. I did try the ninja jump ups which were fun. I have weight lifted for many years but I thank you for teaching me some new things that really improve my core strength.

  • Veronique

    Hi zuzana
    i lové you workout. I modifies thé russian dance for jump squat for this workout but i love it. I read lots of things on you site and lots of workout but i still curious about your story. For how long havé you been working out? Since went do you havé this amazing body? Are you on strict diet. Will lové to know what you eat in a day. Thanks so much

    • Jennifer

      That would be an awesome idea to post a daily menu of the things you ate for the day, on a daily basis, as you do for the workouts. I’m always looking for new recipes, or ideas, plus it would give a lot of us an idea of what is needed for proper nutrition, etc.

  • Jennifer

    Your workouts are awesome!!! My huband and I started doing them starting a couple of weeks ago, and I am always sore, I love it!! My husband and I are already seeing results. So much in fact that we have recruited a friend to do the workouts with us every night, he is excited about it to. My husband used to be on the US ski team, and I am a dancer, mostly ballet, so we are not new to working out, but your workouts are perfect for our busy schedule. Thank you for doing such an awesome job, and offering free workouts, both you and your boyfriend. p.s.-I am not able to access your archive videos

  • http://www.advocare.com/10034871 Juanette La Forge

    This is my favorite workout to date!!! I performed it yesterday and my body is on fire today:) I love to know and feel that I worked hard. Thank you for all the workouts you post. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. You always keep me guessing and on my toes ;)

  • Esti

    Hi … ever since I found out about your site.. I have been a fan… your workouts are awesome and I thank you for sharing these… I am learning alot from you… I am curious.. do you have any suggestions in regards to nutrition… ?I want to follow your workouts, but I know nutrition is a very important factor in shaping the body as well…

    Thanks You Rock!


  • Aimelie

    I just got my Gymboss timer today….And I will try this workout tomorrow…good luck to me!

  • Alexandra

    Hi susana, i have a question that does not have anything
    to do with the workout but i’m damn curious xDDDDD
    what type of camera do you have? :D
    im sorry hahaha i had to ask i love all your pictures, :D
    also, i dont know about others, but i personally would like to see workouts that would focus on the butt… :(
    i wanna activate those behind muscles… :)
    any suggestions?

    thanks, :)

    p.s im a big fan of your workouts :)

  • SJ

    great job
    very nice
    keep it up

  • Thomas Metzenthin

    As i was trying your exercise “happy crab” which i enjoyed, it occured to me that you can add a twist in the exercise by reaching your hand over/across your body as your leg follows suit by reaching overand across your body too.
    thanks so much for the exercises, you perform them well and keep up the good work improving your body for the rest of us to learn from.

  • thomas m

    as i was trying your exercise “happy crab” which i enjoyed, it occured that you can add a twist in there by reaching your hand over your body as your leg follows suit by reaching over your body too.
    ps thanks for the exercises, you perform them well.

  • Vasil

    I have a question.I see you have a big variety of workouts.Can you tell me are there any for losing bellyfat and if there are which ones.Tried to find them my self but im not much of a pc guy :( .

    10x from now :)

  • Samantha

    uhm no one else published their reps? the 1st set: 16,16,23,9,6,14/2nd 12,10,23,10,7.5,10/3rd 11,10,26,10,8,19/4th 12,8,23,11,9,11/5th 13,11,26,11,9,12

  • SierraWave

    Great workout for the soccer (futebol) core muscles! The entire team of 10/11 yr olds enjoyed it.

  • Jan

    Hi Zuzana,

    Hello from Arizona…”Oh My God” how lucky was I to run across your website. I love your accent, your body, your strength, your workouts. I am going to start to emplement your exercises into my workouts & look forward to the results.

    Much success & happiness to You!


  • Svetlana007

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick. I wanted to ask you what happened to your “DIET” posts? Seems like you only have posts there up until end of February 2010, but what about the rest? I went in there today looking for an article you had on food, actually I was looking for the name of the book you were reffering to and if I am not mistaken, it had a picture of a bunch of salad tied with a measuring tape in a middle. If you happen to know the name of the book and/or author (or anybody else who reads my comment and knows what book I am talking about) please post it here as a reply. Thank you, I would greatly appreciate it. If not, then please recommend something good to read about the good/bad foods. Thanks again!

  • Roxy

    Do you believe in workout disorders?
    I usually take your workouts to the gym and practice just fine not to mention how fun these routines are! But if I try to practice them at home they seem impossible and I use any excuse to stop. What’s wrong with me? Am I addicted to the stinky air in my gym? Or is it the energy I get from others?

  • Natram

    i luv your creative ideas with exercise :D

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,

    Congratulations! AS I write the number of views of this workout at youtube is 3,206,240 in three days!!!

    You two are just incredible, but we should also acknowledge all those people!

    Take care,

    PS Maybe this is why Bodyrock.tv has been hard to reach!

  • sola

    Did this workout yesterday and had a lot of fun with it! I am quickly turning into a BWE enthusiast ;-)

    One question I have meant to ask for a while now: Zuzana, can you do a Straddle or Tuck Planche Pushup? I have started to work towards that, just to set visionary goals for myself, but somehow I think you might already be able to do this tough exercise. Am I right?

  • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

    Im so glad to find out its not just me who is having issues with the site. I cant wait to see the new one your working on. Im not haveing a problem right now so Im going to prepare my workouts from the “daily workout” list for the next couple of days. That way if the issues start up again I will already have go to work outs to do. Thanks for all you two do! Your amazing and we miss you!

  • sameeya

    Hey guys,
    A quick question for Zuzana; I believe you wrote that doing two, 15 minute work outs a day (one in morning and one in the evening)is better than a 40 minute workout in one stint. Do you still believe this?


  • Jenna

    Hey … when will we be privileged with a new workout??? You’re workouts add such great variety and things I wouldn’t otherwise think to put together …
    Excited to see the new site changes you mentioned too (though I think this already has great format!)

  • KT

    This was an awesome workout though I cant do a pistol to save my life.. I thought I had strong legs as a girl (can deep squat 160+ lbs, leg press 500lbs) but wow… this is tough. I modified it using a low bench and doing a singled leg squat jumping up from the squat position to switch legs.. it was still tough.

    When is the next video. How often do you put a video up anyway?

  • Dee

    I love your site and cant wait for the overhaul…. Dvd’s are next right…..

    I am looking for new shoes for working out in, I was wondering what do you wear? I have tried on a few different pairs and none felt just right…

    Oh one other thing, I would love to see a work out video from Frederick. See what he does to keep in shape..

  • titi (again the “french girl”) :)

    Could you a “fashion” haul on your sport clothes??? Please! Like were you buy your bras, pants etc?? Because your sport (and of course casual) outfits are just great( and sexy and look so comfortable!! PLEASE DO IT AND PLEASE RESPOND!!! thanks sor much..

  • Shayna

    Hey where do you get your work out outfits? I came across this site and LOVE the workouts. Ive been doin them the past few weeks and they are def butt kickers! I always have a hard time finding good workout clothes and your tops are amazing! So if ya could let me know where to find ones similar to what you wear, that would be great!! Thanks!

  • Andrew

    had fun with this one. did one minute intervals because it was easier to time with my iphone and adding :20 to each exercise was an esy way to get in an extra 10 mins by the end.


    swapped out the P+Ks for one leg squats b/c my knees couldn’t take the abuse.

  • Filippo

    Hi, first at all thank you for your valuable tips and exercises, I can really go through them very clearly. I would like to propose you a challenge (not so huge for an AAA grade professional like you).

    Leant on a door frame, get down till your quads are parallel to the floor putting your whole weight on the legs (the back leant to the door is just to not fall down). Keep the position as much as you can. Please let me now your time after your first try (I exceeded 120 sec after some months.

    Many thanks again and an hello from Italy.

  • eilleen

    hi, is the website down? been trying to access it for days for older exercises and they prompt that” Error establishing a database connection”

  • simona

    ahoj vlemi surne potrebujem schudnut boky nie pretoze ideme na jednu sutaz kde potrebujem mat boky aspon 64cm co nemam mam 70 no a nie ze by som bola tucna ale mam velmi uzky pas cize boky fakt ze vyniknu :( ake cviky su na to dobre zdvihat nohy?? alebo ja nwm prosim napis fakt je to pre mna velmi velmi velmi dolezite dakujem! :)

  • Veronika

    Ahoj Zuzko,dnes jsem náhodou našla tvé stránky.Strašně moc ti za ně děkuju,jsou úžasné.Jen co se mi zahojí zlomený obratel pustím se do cvičení,zkusím ty letní cviky.A chtěla jsem tě poprosit,jestli bys mi nedoporučila nějaké cviky na zhubnutí stehen,liposukci se zatím vyhýbám.

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  • Mary L.

    Hi guys,

    Wanted to say that I’m doing your 30 DAYS CHALLENGE and that I’m doing pretty good as well! I’m on day 22! And it wasn’t that hard! Except the sugar in my morning coffee cup lol It’s not the idea of losing weight, but the idea to get control on your mind. You know what I mean? It’s like you want to stop smoking? Then just control your mind. It’s a question of will.

    I really do like your triple knee tucks! And the one leg squat still impossible, but I’m getting closer each time I try theses!


    Mary L.

  • Daniela(svunk)

    Hi guys,
    I MISS YOUR WORKOUT!!!I finished all of archive daily workout,nothing to do now!!!!Where are you???Miss you,Love you!!!

  • Elthea


  • Krista

    Hey guys!

    Crazy workout… whew! I definitely had to modify some of it, but I love it because it gives me a starting point and then I at least don’t have to come up with the WHOLE workout :) Also, if a workout is too advanced for me, I just pick an older workout and do it, I love it, its so awesome! You guys are such an inspiration! (I’m sure you get that a lot, but there it is again!)

    Zuzana, I was wondering why you don’t wear shorts more often? Sorry is that a weird question? You have the most amazing legs! I think you had mentioned in an earlier post that you wanted to work on them for summer (maybe I misinterpreted) what did you want to change about them?

    Thanks again you guys, you are doing such amazing work!

    Can’t wait to see the new and improved website… go Frederick!

    Hugs and Kisses from Canada

  • Rhiannon

    How long should you or do you rest in between the 4 minute circuits?

  • Mexerik

    Hi, i got a question that i hope you can answer please please please:
    Zuzana said that she do her workout in the morning just after her coffee right?
    do you Frederick do the same?
    don’t you eat anything else before you start the workout? and after you finish it, how long do you wait to eat something?
    the thing is that I ‘m doing my workouts just after i get up from bed, with nothing in my stomach, and i want to know if this is good or if this can negative for me.
    thank you.
    you guys rock!
    (i hope you can understand my strange English)

  • lily

    Will this workout help me get like you in 2 months, if i do it everyday for an hour.I use to workout everyday till i had my son. Am trying to get back in to shape.

  • autumn

    Zuzana please keep doing workouts like this..no equipment!

  • autumn

    yay!!..another only body weight workout..idk y but when you only do body weight workouts it motivates me more..!!!!

  • d.

    i was on youtube this morning, and i was looking at the homepage until i noticed that this workout video was the “most veiwed” of the day or something like that, so congratulations, your websites a hit!!! :D


  • Klaudia

    Zuzana where are you!! I must admit that I am completely addicted to this website and I check it constantly for updates on new workouts. If there isn’t an update for at least two days I always go back to your older workouts for some motivation and inspiration to get me going on those lazy days. Anyways I just wanted to know if you will be putting up another summer fitness program. I know there is one or something similar to it in the workout archives but I want to challenge myself as much as possible =)

  • Lori

    I love Zuzana’s workouts, you are a real inspiration!

    Is anyone else having problems viewing the videos over tis week? Also, if there is a REAL Bodyrock/tv facebook site can you post the link. There seems to be many now created by others- fans.
    I don’t want to lose the connection with having access to these great workouts.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Lori, we have no official facebook site anymore.

  • Shawna

    So yesterday I tried the Pistols for the first time. I did 3 sets of 8. OMG I can’t walk today haha, I can’t even get out of a chair! I cannot believe the intensity of those! I felt muscle fatigue directly after I finished them. Unbelievable. Also, a pull-up update, I did three on my own today without any chair woohoooooo!!!!! I have never done that in my life! I haven’t eaten junk food since December, and I am working out regurlarly and looking awesome. Thank you for your continuous inspiration!

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Your website has been inaccessible for a couple days now, so I am living in my pyjamas, eating Haagen Dazs by the pint on the sofa, and the dog is chewing on my jumprope. It’s beginning to feel really good….hope you guys are doing the same, but I doubt it.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Janet,

      We have new workout for today, it will be up soon. I love your paintings by the way, so peaceful and beautiful. One day I would love to have one of them in my house. Once we settle down :)

      • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

        So relieved you are back on line and looking forward to your upgraded site; congratulations on your much deserved success!
        Glad you enjoy the paintings! My site is always changing with new pieces. I would be very honored for you to have one of my paintings in your home, but perhaps you need to visit Maui so you can choose one, since I may not ever get to Chzeckoslovakia…. I owe you one!

    • Rea

      This was a funny comment…

  • Katy

    Is anybody else having problems accessing this site? When I try to nagivate through it, it keeps saying “Error Establishing Database Connection.”

  • RMU

    I love what you guys are doing. I would love to see a new website and/or DVD’s if you ever thought you might create them. I also would like to offer my assistance if you need it. I am currently not working and have the time and would be honored to work for you. (will work for “free” as well)

    • Frederick

      Thanks! It’s unfortunate that people just can’t move on and accept that others have done so and changed the direction of their lives for the better :)

      • Cyper

        You are so right, Frederick. It doesn’t matter what we have done in the past – it’s about who we are now and the decisions we make now. Both you and Zuzana seem to have a very healthy outlook on life. I just wanted to thank you guys for sharing these things – not just the exercises, but also the experiences (for example I was touched by Zuzana sharing the story the other day about swimming across the lake. I assume she’s stopped smoking now though?).

        I keep pretty fit anyway: I cycle a lot, I do karate (this is great for building muscle and fitness, like nothing else I know), I play badminton and indeed squash. I was doing your exercises maybe once a week at first, to compliment my other exercises. Now I’m doing them every day.

        This summer I am going to go cycling with my partner, across Europe. I am scared by this prospect because I think I will let him down as he is amazingly fit. But I agree that “life slips by way too quickly not to step out and take these little adventures that can bring so many rewards”. This is why I will train hard and will be able to keep up with him. I’m the only one holding myself back by worrying about it, and life is too short. We should always strive to be the best we can, mentally and physically.

        I don’t know of any other website like this one. Thanks a lot you guys. Anything which helps people not only be fitter but also have a healthy attitude to life is most certainly a good thing in my book :)

  • Lauren

    I just want to say wow, what a workout. I stumbled across your site, and being familiar with crossfit and bootcamp-style workouts, I thought I’d have no problem with yours. Boy was a wrong. This workout kicked my BUTT. I was panting and sweating at the end of the FIRST interval and completely exhausted by the fifth. An excellent workout! Thanks so much!


  • Mickela

    Hi I wasn’t able to access you guys for the last 2 days. seems intermittent. sometimes you click on something and it says that it is unable to access the page. Hope this comment gets posted. the above exercise is really different from all the previous ones, and as Zuzana mentioned it is a lot of fun, to me it was like a dance routine.
    I have been doing your workouts really consistently, no more than 2 days off in between workouts for the last 4 months am really noticing a big difference.

    I ran on the bridge yesterday and really pushed myself, it felt so great to be able to run at a really fast pace and not feel like I was gonna puke on people.

    I was able to do the pistols, not as well as Zuzana but I’ll get there, also my chin ups and push ups are a lot easier, looks like I need to jump to the next level.

    Thank you guys send some more brutality my way.

  • Brandy

    Frederick! I have troubles with your site too! Especially getting to older workouts, recipes, or anything. It says there is a problem connecting to the server, or something like that. It has been this way for about two weeks now.

  • Audra

    I liked the creativity in this workout :)

    Do you think maybe we could see more intense torture sessions like the 500-600 rep workouts?

    I love the timed aspect because you push yourself to the limit with these workouts and afterwards I get a good muscle pump & the fat seems to melt right off. Bikini season is around the corner now & it”s taunting me because the closer it gets the more I need to push it to the limit.

    Keep up the good work Zuzana & Frederick, you have a great thing going here :)

  • Andy

    Hi Suzana, I am having trouble loading pages on your website, I just hope that we are not going to lose you.
    I am from Gatineau (Québec) and I have been following your workouts seance last summer… it is crazyyyyyyyyyyy and I love every second of it. Thanks you so much. :-)


  • Valeria

    I am in urgent need of advise, I recently injured my knee, while running. Running is my number one passion but in the past 3 months I have been alternating with your workouts, I went to the doctor and he said it “might be” tendonitis. I have rested for 2 weeks and cannot wait to work out again. Do you have any advise as far as a particular support for my knee, of how to modify the exercises? Well I hope you can give me any tip, it would mean a lot to me. Last but not least I love ALL of your workouts, and although sometimes my husband looks at me funny because he only sees a hot girl, boobs, and butt. I love your body and look at it for inspiration, but if I was a man, “you are hot” :)

  • Kristina


    I’d also be in for a good butt exercise!! I’ve been training for your exercises for like two months and it’s done wonders with me, that’s my last ‘trouble zone’. More specifically, it’s the lower half of my butt and my thighs just below it, if it’s clear enough this way. :) (I have to sit a lot at work.)


  • Sandy from Beverly Hills, Ca

    Did this workout today. At first I didn’t think it would be that hard. But when I got to the third round, I was dripping sweat. Boy, was this a workout! Thanks Zuzana and Frederick!

  • R

    podle přizvuku jsi češka? pokud ano, odpovíš :)
    Kde jsi v Čechách začínala? Praha? A máš vystudovanou nějakou sportovní školu? S těmahle stránkama opravdu dobrý nápad. Přemýšlej o reklamě u nás: tvář World Class či holmes place, o nebo něco podobného.
    Je to fakt super

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Lndzy1? Lndzy1/SWED

    Suzi hi, let me first thank you and Fredrik for a really good job, as we all are experienced out, and the benefit that will give us better health then before.
    I’ve trained my body with your best exercises since March. In any case, I would ask you for a great service. I want to expose my bum to torture exercises. Would you be able to do many different exercises that are attacking the whole butt muscles? I want to focus only on the seat muscles so that my butt is rounder, firmer and more pushed out because it feels like my butt is joined with the thighs. I want so hard exercises that I can’t go days there on: D I’ve been training lower-body for two weeks now but it does not feel that I really train out my seat muscles to 100% I would be grateful for it, from all my heart, I want it so bad before the summer is coming.
    Remember to tell us like you always do, what the exercise you perform is good for: volume, size, tone …etc.


  • Simona

    Hi Dear,

    I have trouble with wieving to read comments, when I would like to read it, it does not appear in my pc any, so could you please let me know, where is problem?

    Than you so much, you both are ultrasuper:)


  • Jana

    Hi Zuzana,
    I’ve had problems accessing your site and archives in the past two days and cannot see comments of others at all. Are you working on your site?
    I was able to view your site just fine a few days ago…
    Right now I’m viewing your workouts via YouTube.
    Please let me know when it’ll be back up, I miss you guys!!!

    • Frederick

      We are working on the site – the comments have been giving us a lot of trouble lately, but the good news is we have started a complete overhaul and re-design of the site that will solve all of these issues, plus add some great new features.

      • Jana

        Thank you for your reply, Frederick! I can view the comments today! Yey, I’m stocked. Looking forward to the newly re-designed site! \(^_^)/
        PS I’ve been doing the 6 Week Summer Fit Program only for 1 week and my pants are getting looser. Love you, guys!!!

  • Tinna

    Why is it that when you click on a link on this site this is all that turns up most of the time: Error establishing a database connection? :(

  • Bbln

    Can’t believe that no one left a comment. This is such a fun workout, my two year old did it with me and laughed his butt off :D

  • Bella


    Great workout thank you!
    I’m not sure if other people are having trouble with the site but i have been having some trouble loading pages, especially when it comes to looking at previous workouts. :{

  • Louise

    Great workout Zuzana and Frederick!!! I could not do the pistol and Kozacek so I substituted low jumping jacks; I will work on my pistols.

    I have decided to challenge myself to do one of your workouts 6 days a week for the next 6 weeks. Then do some fun activity on my active rest day like basketball, skating, or power shopping :D . Thank you for all you do!

  • Lucy

    Hi Guys, I can’t even perform the Pistol and Kozacek move, kinda bummed me out. But it’s ok. Can you let me know a modified version so I can work up to it?!!

    • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates


      Find a door frame that will accommodate you performing the pistol squat next to it with your hands pressing in on both sides. Try to maintain as upright a position as you can and use your hands as little as possible.

      Another is to find a chair or other surface that is knee height or lower. Sit on it. Extend one leg and stand up. Use your hands to press off if necessary. Continue to lower the surface until you can do the squat on your own.

      An isometric phase would be to get into the down position of the exercise and hold for 20-30 seconds to build from there.

      I am also unable to do this. I take a resistance band and wrap it around a pole about hip height and pull against it to help me up and down. I just learned about the door frame development exercise and it really worked for me as well. I also saw someone recommend you do them 5x a week until mastered.

  • Charlie D.

    This workout made my day.

  • Ray

    Zuzana I was interested by your comments posted on 04 April 2010. “…step out of your comfort zone…” and “…because we were too afraid or intimidated…” This reminded me of research on stress and belly fat. Please check this out on


    Here is a excerpt from the article. Ongoing research at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), is showing that it doesn’t even matter if a body is otherwise thin; if stress levels are high, ab fat will increase. “People called ‘high-stress responders’ [those who secrete more cortisol in response to stress than others] have more central fat, regardless of body weight,” says Elissa Epel, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the psychiatry department at UCSF and the author of several studies on stress and eating behavior in premenopausal women.

    Zuzana and Frederick please keep up the excellent work, love and best wishes Ray

  • MarinaGR

    Hey Z,

    great workout! At first it looks easy but it’s not…so much sweat! but i still cannot do the Pistol thing…i only did it half way down :(


  • http://marqs.dl.pl Marqs

    Hi Zuzana!

    Thanks for another workout. I must tell you that You motivate me to work on my body and start to be healthy and sporty. Sorry for my English :) I starting since today evening jogging and stretching :)

    Best regards and big `HI, THANK YOU` from Poland!

    Marek, also known as Marqs

    postcriptum… You Are Great!

  • Kaka

    Hi Zuzka,

    I would like to ask you a question. I need to buy a bra (top) that would be really effective and hold my breasts tightly when exercising. Could you give me advice,please? I like that kind you are wearing e.g. in this video. Could you tell me what brand name it is or if I can get it here in the Czech Republic?

    Thank you very much.

  • Stephen

    I was impressed by the one legged squats, but the Russian dance is just down right INSULTING….LOL….You are amazing young lady…..Don’t you quit…EVER!!!! :)

  • Tali R.

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,Good morning to you both. I did this workout yesterday morning and i loved it, it was a lot of fun like you said. the hardest part for me was the one leg squat. the switching of the leg was okay but the spuat its self was hard. but, practice makes perfect so i believe that i will do it right soon.
    I hope you will post another workout todya

    Have a wonderful day




  • Eve

    Okay whoever this Kozacek is, we are going to have to meet later. I’m still getting to know pistols.

  • http://www.pterodactylfossilsforsale.com/ Kenneth James Wegener

    Wow ! Zuzan has my attention , Love your acent ! Hey an idea Karate side kick practice and front kick ! Where you stand and swing your leg fast and high in effort to build muscle in opposite leg , balance , swiftness and kicking hight! 5 repitions for side kick’s 10 for front kick’s and the kick should be more lick swinginging the leg without notice or telegraphing, lust A slight wieght transfer and swing ! The actual kick’s you step into for forward momentum, yet the work out builds hard to isolate muscle’s
    Love ya !

  • yasemin

    HAD SO MUCH FUN DOİNG IT:)))))))))

  • Rob

    Yeah, I think I’m going to have to start taking you seriously from now on. Those jump pistols and whatever the hell is going on at 3:50 are no joke.

  • helloshekky

    Hello Zumma. I have been watching your workouts for a while and decided to try this one when I got home from work. I thought this was something I would easily get through. I was wrong but it felt so good to get through it. I really enjoyed the challenge and am going to recommend your site to a few friends of mine.

  • M

    I was just wondering why, and if anyone else has the same error message when you switch pages on the site. And I was wondering what causes it? “Error establishing a database connection” Just wonding if it’s my computer or something else.


  • http://youtube.com Trang

    I have this graduation party next month and i want to lose some butt fat and gain some abds in my stomach so can u plz show me some rlly easy but effective butt and abs exercise for a beginner
    thanx luv ur videos

  • BelaCoracao

    Day 5 of following your workouts. And all I can saw are two words. Ow and wow!!!! :D

  • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates

    Body On Fire – a great post-holiday workout, especially after indulgences of wine, grilled cheese sandwich and dessert on the part of this fan over the weekend.

    I liked working on the switch and balance for the pistol variation. New combos on the push up with arm circles, knee tucks and crab dance were terrific enhancements. I also liked pushing myself another 10 seconds for 40 second intervals.

    I took a one min break in between sets. By the end, I was pouring sweat and breathless.

  • Violete

    great workout!!!
    and so much fun! loved it. the triple knee tucks were so hard!!!!, it didn’t look so brutal as they felt. the pistols were very very challenging, I could just bend to the middle of the way, i’m far far away from doing them the way you do. I also loved the swimming push ups… very very fun, i loved that they were all very creative exercises.

    kisses for you both !

  • vanessa

    Great workout- I love the concetration that this one takes to really feel the over and under. Also, pistols are very challenging for me- but I can almost do them, so this means that I have improved! :)

  • http://none Francois

    Thank you , a very informative video.

    For the Tripple Knee Tuck , I can not seem to lift my full body weight with only the single leg. Any advice on how to strengthen my legs so that I can accomplish this exercise?


  • Andzia

    I just tried this workout and I must admit that I totally underestimated it! I’m sweating like crazy and after the third round I really had to push myself not to give up!
    But that’s good :) Thank you , Zuzana for sharing your workouts with us!!!

    And happy Easter ;)

  • gemma

    Hey! Thanks for the great videos, I love all these different ideas you are giving me to switch up my routines. I have a question, what does your warm up look like?


  • ng

    great workout. fabulous and amasing

  • Alex

    Is it normal to feel like you want to vomit after doing this exercise? I feel TERRIBLE!

    • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates


      There are several reasons you are experiencing exercise induced nausea. Overexertion, stopping to quickly (lack of adequate cool down), pre and post nutrition needs not being met, over or under hydration, blood pressure and oxygen levels, etc.

      I recommend my clients reduce the pacing upon feeling sick and use deep inhalations in the rest phases. Take a look at this list and see if any of these might be the culprit.

      Live to fight another day. Unless your a competitive or paid athlete, no reason to stress the body and induce vomiting during an exercise session!

  • Erika

    Killer killer workout, much harder then any of the 550 or 600 reps!

  • Ivana

    great wourkout and great pictures!

  • Mickela

    Cool new workout. This one is not noisy so I can do it on my rooftop.
    where did you come up with the first exercise?, it looks so cool like a dance move.

  • Gaby

    Hi guys thank you for the workout, the Pistol and Kozacek almost killed me that was definetly the hardest exercice for me but I enjoyed it all, it was very challenging.
    I also want to thank you for the inspiring note about how rewarding it is to get read of our fears and try out new things, I have already told my husband I want to go play squash..lol.. thank you for all you do!!

  • Megan

    Wow! That was really a body on fire workout:) Fun though! I know I’m gonna feel that for a couple of days, haha;) Since I’ve been following your site and working out with you I’m finally strong enough to do real pushups, so thank you for all of your creative workouts.

  • Lastutu

    Hello Suzana,

    I have great doubts about the number of times that there should be a sequence of exercises like this.
    Once a day, seven days a week?
    4 times a week?
    The doubt is in fact how many times can we make this sequence or any other without compromising the body while ensuring a safe level of muscle growth and burn body fat.
    I would appreciate an answer on this.
    Thank you.

    * Congratulations on the excellent example that has shown to maintain this site.

  • michelle

    hi guys! another fabulous workout as usual.. i wanted to thank you guys (again) for helping me. i dont think you realize the effect you have had on not only my life but the lives of alot of other people. my workouts have totally changed. and as a result so has my body. in only 3 months. ive lost approx 8lbs that i have STRUGGLED to lose forever. i thought my body just couldnt lose weight! i wasnt heavy at all but i just wanted to be a bit more defined. learning to love bodyweight exercises and skipping made all the difference. i am a different person and everyone has noticed. thanks sooo much.

    • Audra

      Congrats on your success Michelle!

  • Dakota

    I guess you have to be younger to do some of those quick moves. If I tried that, I’d blow out a knee for sure. I like some of the new stuff in this video. I spent most of the Easter weekend working in flower beds around the house. Wife’s idea…I’m a bit sore from that…Yuck! I’m guessing Zusi is getting more ripped. Way to go! It’s back to the gym, pool, and bike. C-ya!

  • Arionna

    I love your workouts, Zuzana. Where did you learn about this type of workouts?

  • Ashley in Sweden

    Hey Z/F,

    I’m really looking forward to trying this workout. I’m so impressed with the way you continually come up with new and exciting exercises. Where do you get your inspiration from?

    Thanks for everything!


  • Amberae

    this workout is amazing! I love sticking to your workouts! I’m seeing such a difference.

  • Shaune

    This was a great workout! Different moves and really great cardio! Thanks !!!!

  • Ekaterina

    hi Zuzana,
    my partner and i just did this workout, wow it seemed simple enough on the 1st couple of rounds but the last ones are tough! we worked up quite a sweat! and by the way those Cossac dance squats are brutal, i couldn’t believe how hard it was, you made it look so easy to hop from one foot to the other, i’ll practice doing them from now on. as always thank you for the inspiration, you always make it hard to find excuses not to train :)
    all the best for this week

  • Jenny

    I just found your vids a few days ago & tried some today. I never know my butt is so heavy to lift until I tried your workout, LOL. I do squats all the time & I still can’t do that one leg squat. You are one hell of a strong girl, Zuzanna! I love your vids & I’ll keep trying the new stunts :D

  • Rob

    that workout felt like it only took five minutes. I am tired though.

    Great stuff. Thanks

  • Susan

    Hello there,
    There are a few pages created by your fans on Facebook, I couldn’t figure out which one is the real Bodyrock.tv fan page. How do I know?
    Also does Fredrick workout with you too?
    We want to see him also.
    Take care guys.

    great new workout!

    • Frederick

      Hi Susan – we are not on facebook – just here :)

      • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

        Hi Frederick and Susan,

        I think “The Zuzana Light and BodyRock Appreciation Group” is pretty cool and have joined it.

        Others seem a bit disrespectful.


  • Christina

    Zuzanna and Frederick,

    Thank you so much for always including photos and descriptions in your workouts and e-mails! I never truly appreciated them as much as I have now after moving from North America to China. I haven’t been able to access youtube.com yet since arriving (*whimper*), but your detailed descriptions and pictures have allowed me to still have one heck of a work-out today.

    Thank you!!

  • Craig

    Zuzana, enjoying the training ideas. I was wondering about “your favorite”, jumping from shins onto the feet. What is the benefit? I have been doing them, it’s fun! I’m putting them in a circuit with tire flipping and push-ups for my clients this week. Always great doing new things.

  • Lisa E

    I can’t wait to try this out tomorrow morning. Thank you for all your inspiring workouts. I absolutely love your pink daisy pants. Thanks again!!!

  • phoebus

    hey z~
    if u dont rest until the 1st round of 4 mins, how can we keep record??? just curious… since u mentioned track keeping was important…



  • Jen

    Zuzana, I love all your workouts! You totally motivate me. :)

    One thing I always struggle with is nutrition, especially pre and post workout. I strength train and do cardio (and I incorporate alot of your exercises into my routine as well). Just wondering..what do you prefer to eat pre workout and also what do you eat post workout for recovery? Do you do protein shakes at all?


  • RaeNYC

    Dude… You guys seriously ROCK!! Keep up the awesome work. I am very grateful for you site, it is really helping me transform my body to what seemed impossible.I have only been using your exercises for less than two months and I use it approx.3days a week(more or less according to my days,my daughter is my sorry excuse). I had a baby and gained weight because I never exercised even before I had the baby. Even though I still have a long way to go, I am more fit than I have ever been since a teenager. Thank you Bodyrock!

  • Samantha

    this workout was great!!

    I couldnt do the Pistol and Kozacek though because i am not strong enough to… but i did a prison squat with a front fick instead.. i hope that is okay.

    Thanks for the great workouts!!! :) i have already seen significant changes in my body!

  • Jim Hammond

    I love this workout. I especially liked the ‘Tripple Knee Tuck’. It is a real Glute buster. I’ve seen it bringing the need straight in. But I love the outer and inner twist you put on it. Thanks Zuzana for another ‘Keeping it fun workout’. Jim from Ohio, bye for now.

  • Natasha

    I love the first comment about Squash being like life, that is so true. And you seem like you are a very confident person, and I was wondering how you get your confidence? I’m very shy and although I am proud of some things about me, I don’t like a lot of stuff. Where do you get your confidence from?

  • Tony

    Happy Easter!

  • http://bodyrock.tv kacy and jonathan

    My wife loves your pants with the pink flower. Where did you get them?

  • Dayanna Marrero

    Hi! I like your exercices rutine, it’looks hard to do. but i’ll try.
    I’ would like to know where you get the workout clothe is realy unique. I wuold like to have some of those..

  • http://www.topsportsgroup.nl Daphne

    Hi Zuzana,
    Great work out! The pistols are still very difficult though. I really hope to be able to do them as perfect as you one day…

    I have one question for you:

    Since I am doing interval training and bodyweight workouts, I am very happy with the development of my belly and my upper body. But my legs have become too heavy to my taste.

    My figure is a bit like this: the upper body is slimmer than the lower body. Probably (at least partly) genetic, but do you have some tips for me as to what I should do for exercises and what should I eat and what should I not eat?

    I now eat 4 to 5 times a day, but I eat a lot of dried fruits and bread in the 5 meals. Should I perhaps skip these items for a while (lets say, should I follow something like the south beach sort of diet for a while?)?

    Thanks for your advise,


  • AnnaSirena

    Pistol is hard! =)) I did it with chair=)

  • http://ikarusgreatdanes.goods.officelive.com Claudia Danes

    Hi Zuzana and Fredrick, I definetly know what you mean about trying something new. Sometimes we get so stuck in our comfort zone that we think it’s a hassle to try something new and step out of our routine. You guys have no excuses to try new things, you are both young and have no family (meaning children). Because once you have kids, your priority switches from you to them. So right now is the time for you both to enjoy life and try new things. I’m not saying that you can’t at all when you have kids, but it’s just not as easy as when you don’t. And of course it’s true what they say about having children, it’s the most wondering life altering experience you can ever have. Well on that note I will say good-bye till the next workout. And thank you for all the hard work on the workouts and the website, it is greatly appreciated. Have a Happy Easter Sunday (Passover), I think everyone is “pigging out” today because of the holiday….hehe
    Be Well & Happy,

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    I realy like these just bodyweight workouts, but wouldn’t mind some more Kettlebell workouts as well. 8-)


  • Darrell

    Well done both; squash is a great workout and outlet! So many angles and styles of shot available. Great game, great site!

  • Marta

    it’s really a lot of fun. really happy and dancing:) thanks again for an inspiration for my fitness classes

  • Jana

    Ahoj Zuzko,
    could you please write under the exercises’ description what muscles are being targeted? I suspect that in the Triple Knee Tuck, for example, one of the target muscles are the obliques but am not sure as I have a roll of fat in my midsection and the only muscles that I really feel working are my shoulders that are supporting my currently hippo-like body. Since I cannot tuck my leg as close to my body as you, I don’t feel that I’m working on my obliques at all, so I wonder what exactly am I working on…
    Otherwise I’ve started your 6 Week Summer Fit program last Monday, and believe it or not, at the end of the week, my push ups were already starting to feel a lot easier than in the beginning of the week. It’s amazing how the body responds quickly when you are being consistent & exercise every day.
    Thank you very much for all that you do for us!!!

  • Rea

    Hi Z & F!

    How are you guys?

    This is an interesting workout – on my way to try it!

    I want my partner to workout with me (he started asking about your workouts recently) and I have questions for you two:

    When you prepare your workout, who does it first?

    Does Frederick workout after he videos your workout?

    Do you try your workout on Frederick first and only then do it yourself?

    Do you watch him while he works out or does he workout alone?

    Strange questions, I know :)

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    I am soooo almost there on those pistols..I grab the toes of my right leg as an assist for my feeble left leg. I like this better than using a chair, because I have to try harder. The right leg is a champ; up to 5 reps at last challenge–yahoo! I liked the leg swap hop..helps me forget left leg failure. Gotta balance this out soon or I’m going to have one round bum and one flabo bum!
    This was a pretty mellow workout so I did my long hill run first and a surf/paddleboard session afterwards…thanks for the break on the gnarly workouts! Happy Easter Sunday!

  • Natasha

    Hey Z and F,

    How long did it take you to be able to do those pistols? Could you always do them? I need some words of encouragement for those!!!!

    From Vancouver, B.C.

  • Tiffany Stephens

    you little show off, with the one leg hop. Love the outfit’s they interchange nicely.

  • hexatje

    I miss the coffee talk…

  • Lour

    you are so continuously inspiring! great workout!!!

  • Emily

    You were right, this workout is hard but really fun! The time flew by, too. I made one slight modification, because I’m not strong enough yet to do the one-legged squats. I did a deep squat, and then alternated kicking with one leg on the way up. Not exactly the same, but it really got my heart rate up.

    Thank you so much for posting your workouts. It takes a lot of time, effort, and expertise to develop so many great routines. We really appreciate it!

  • Nana

    yay!! I know what you mean…
    it has happen to me
    I am good at soccer just not at volley ball so when ever i play volleyball in school i get nervous and i don’t want to be the one that ruins the whole game for everyone but then i get the hang of it and it becomes fun( i still suck but i practice to become better)

    Anyways Ty for the workout

  • Zanyk

    Ahoj Zuzi, musím pochválit tvoje cvičení jsou fakt perfektní, snažím se podle tebe cvičit, ale nezvládám náročnost některých cviků, takže cvičím po menších seriích, obdivuji, jak to skvěle zvládáš, jsou to opravdu dost náročné cviky :) .
    Neumím až tak dobře anglicky, tak jsem se chtěla optat, jestli ten tvůj pípák, co používáš, ti nějak měří i ten, nebo to nějak neřešíš? Já se snažím tedy redukovat svoji váhu, bylo mi tedy řečeno, že si tep hlídat rozhodně mám, jen při těchto cvičeních mi většinou vylítne dost vysoko, musím tedy po hodně malých sériích. Co bys mi poradila, určitě se v tom vyznáš lépe než-li já :) . Děkuji.

    PS: Jak dlouho ještě budete v Praze? A hodláte tu nakonec zůstat trvale?

  • dheana

    You’ve outdone yourself again Zusana – both with this inpired workout and with your brilliant preamble.
    Your best work yet on both counts!
    Thanks so much,

  • Mel Davis (Cutchswife from youtube)

    Hi Zusana,

    Happy Easter! I hope you celebrate, if not I hope you are resting well.

    I do not wish to alarm you hun, but I couldn’t help noticing that when you were doing the press up that you had a mole in the middle of your back. (You know we subscribers notice every little thing) I just wanted to say keep an eye on the mole and get it checked out every so often to make sure you’re okay. Since you exposed to the sun when it’s hot then make sure you are wearing SPF.

    Okay, enough noseyness! Take care :-) You can always disapprove this message if you don’t want people knowing I noticed your mole!

  • Heidi

    hey, i love doing your workouts! i try to do them every other day :) not in as good shape as you are but ill hopefully be there one day!

  • MoMo

    Intense workout, but VERY enjoyable! :)

  • Marie

    Greetings from Cape Breton
    My ARSE does ache (:

  • The RedOne

    You state that you only rest after the 4 minute trail, for how long does one rest in between the 4 minute trails?

    With kind regards,

    The RedOne

  • PaulaW

    Thank you so much for all your videos and for posting the instructions for each exercise with pics. This really helps! Love it!

  • Lauren

    hey zuzana, i just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for doing these videos every day. for the past month i’ve been trying to get an awesome body for prom that’s coming up (april 24th!!) and i’ve been religiously doing every one of your workouts. they help SO MUCH!!! i actually feel good about how i look and it’s all thanks to you. thanks again girl!! you rock!
    p.s. i got one of those interval timers and its AMAZING hope much it helps!!! i love it and would have never heard about it were it not for you. :)

  • http://bodyrock.tv Cindy

    well, i did this workout today and it is a challenge- even bigger when you get confused on the interval and circuits. I started out okay then for some reason got confused and began doing 4 minutes of one exercise before moving onto the next exercise. When I rechecked the instructions, I see you repeat the circuit 5 times…there was my error. I will do this one again tomorrow. I still worked up a good sweat none the less.

  • Rutele

    Hi, thank you for a good workout video.
    By the way, its ok if I do in mornings based on Tabata interval training workouts,? And I do in evenings weight training, So i try to split workouts,
    I feel really good, i have some active rest days. It keeps my metabolism on fire all day long.
    What about abs, how many exercises i have to do per day? I try to do with cardio my abs, my abdominal became strong, but for 6 pack i have to do more and more workouts, I little confused, How many reps and set is the best for abs?
    Good luck

    Happy Easter

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    hello again . . im anna from greece. .im in love with your website. . it was exactly every thing i wanted for my daily workout. . im a dance teacher and i love your workouts. . i also have some ideas. . i ve seen the most of the comments and people out here are following your programm.. so. . it woult be nice creating a chapter for us ,, showing to you our body transformation with your exercices. . . keep going .. you are an insiration.. (sorry about my english) im waiting for u at greece..have a nice day. . .

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    Dear Zuzana and Frederick,
    Have a happy Easter and thank you very much for all your work! I have been working out for almost 2 months now, I am 45 yrs old, however, the changes in my bodyweight are noticeable and I FEEL GREAT!
    Warm regards,

  • caroline

    brilliant and fab and so creative !!! TKU so much x

  • heather

    happy easter!!!!!

  • Theodora

    can’t wait to set my body on fire with this workout !! oh i recently got a body fat monitor and I am curious to know what Zuzana’s body fat level is…please let me know !!
    thanks and kisses from Greece !!

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    How did you mastered “Pistol and Kozacek”??? I felt agile like a pinguin when i’ve tried to do it… Thank for inspiration! Wich books you read about personal coaching?

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    Hi zuzana,

    Love your workouts! But where do you buy your fitness clothes?? What brand is it? I have been looking for great workout wear for a long time, but I can’t find them…
    Thank you!!!

    Kind regards,

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    Great photos, but would it be possible to get them a little bigger for desktop wallpaper use?

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    Zuzu, you were sweating your butt off! Looks like a fun workout. Today is my day off! I still need to catch up on the fat assassin and then will definitely take on this one.

    You look amazing. Your summer body is coming along nicely!

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    Pistol and Kozacek are just crazy, i can´t even go all the way down bcs I immediately lose balance :D You are just amazing (prostě machr po česky to vystihuje nejlíp:D).

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    I was thinking of a workout for today – now I know what I’ll be doing. Great! Lots of fun and lots of sweat!
    BTW, what’s with this video – am I the only one to have poor quality?