Apr 15 2010

Sweet Punishment Workout

Hi Everyone,

For today’s workout you will need only your interval timer and an exercises mat, because the entire workout is made up of bodyweight exercises only. I am using my pink Gymboss Interval Timer for keeping track of my time and intervals. This workout has 2 parts.

In the first part of this workout you will be doing 4 minutes of interval training. Set your timer for 6 rounds and 2 different intervals. The first interval that you need to set is 10 seconds (your rest interval) and the second interval is 30 seconds. Try to complete as many reps as you can during each 30 second interval. Your timer will let you know when each interval starts and ends. The exercise that you will be doing is the Backward Lunge Jump Up and you will switch legs after each 30 second interval. After completing these 4 minutes of interval training, take a short rest, have sip of water and move on to the second part of this workout.

In the second part of this workout you will be doing 3 rounds of 3 different exercises and your goal is to complete them as fast as you can. Try to beat my personal record of 14 minutes and 9 seconds.

These are the exercises that you will be doing:

1. Reptile Push Up – 10 reps

2. One Jump Forward and two back – 30 reps (one jump forward and two jumps back counts as one rep)

3. Side Crunch – 20 reps on each side

Enjoy your workout and let me know how you did.


Backward Lunge Jump Up – 4 minutes of interval training. Six rounds of 10 seconds of rest and 30 seconds of maximum reps. Switch legs after each interval.

Reptile Push Up – Start in plank position. Bend your elbows, and bring one knee out and towards your elbow while lowering your body towards the ground. Push Up and get to the starting position. Remember to keep your whole body rigid. Don’t drop your hips or arch your back.

One Jump Forward and two back – Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and make a big jump forward. Bend your knees as you land and push your hips back until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Do two smaller jumps back keeping your knees bent.

Side Crunch – Lay on your side put your arm behind your head. The bottom arm is on the mat by your side for support. Your legs are on top of each other and knees bent. Squeeze your abs and bring your legs and upper body up at the same time.


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  • Lisa

    Great workout from way back when! I have a list of old workouts in the back of my workout book that I want to try and this was one of them. My scores:
    Part 1: 17, 18, 17, 17, 16, 16
    Part 2: 10:06
    I kept my feet off the ground for the side crunches. Killer! Thanks for a great, short workout!

  • Vivi

    I did it yesterday (after Death to workout) but forgot to put my score !

    Part 1
    Bw Lunge & jump : 20-19-18-19-20-20

    Part 2
    3 Round in 6.34 min

  • http://exercisefoodpoo.wordpress.com Luke Says No

    My Score:
    16 x 35/10
    1. Backward Lunge Jump Up: 16, 16, 16, 16
    2. Reptile Push Up: 10, 12, 10, 13
    3. One Jump Forward and two back: 9, 10, 10, 11
    4. Side Crunch: 17, 16, 19, 20

  • Kay

    this was tough after doing the triple x workout yesterday!
    Part 1
    Backward lunge & jump (L) 11/11/12
    Backward lunge & jump (R) 13/12/12

    Part 2: finished in 14 minutes!

    Thanks for another great workout Zuzana!

  • Anonymous

    8/1/2011-Lunch workout – Overall I beat my plast score

    Part 1: Backward Lunge
    RT 15-13-13 (18-14-13.5 old) change = -4.5 :(
    LT 15-13.5-14 (14-15-12.5 old) change = +1
    net fewer than 5/7…but I really focused on touching my knee to the ground.
    Part 2: 11:59 (13:42 5/2/11). No knee pushups.

  • Anonymous

    Just did this on lunch break with a coworker.
    13:42. reptile p/u from knees.

  • Crystal

    This workout was amazing! I don’t have the gymboss timer yet so I’m just doing your workouts with a stopwatch, but my gymboss timer should be arriving in the mail soon and I can not wait to be able to use it!

  • http://www.johannaboberg.net Johanna

    The “Hot Quicky” workout, right before this one, still does not have any intsructions underneath it. Can you add the reps for that one?

    I love doing these workouts and i’m going through them all!! Love it.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you guys.


  • jussa

    Did this workout today for thr first time because I thought it would be nice and easy, I had a hard workout yesterday and didn’t feel like doing two tough ones in a row. Now I have to admit it was not as easy as I expected it to be. Before I started, decided to do this twice ( it was supposed to be nice and easy after all) and half way through second part I new it would be hard, but as promised to myself, did it twice, had to that was the plan.

    Part 1: strange, but all 17
    Part 2: 12min 12s (first round) and 11min 16sec (second time)

    When I finished I couldn’t trust my thights to do a light cool down.

    I know, your 12 minute workouts are very intensive and can leave you on the floor, but I am always curius if I can push myself further then I thought possible, so very often doing your workouts I like to do extra round or two or perform it twice. I noticed something, usually when going through a workout second time in spite of feeling tired I am able to hit it even harder. Why, I don’t know.

  • Candy

    This was punishment. I thought the hard part would be the reptile push ups and the side crunches. Boy was I wrong. The lunges and the jumps were torture. You make it look so easy. Well, first time ever here are the numbers for me:

    Part 1: 13,11,8,8,7,7
    Part 2: 18:15:30

    I look forward to getting better.

  • murray

    Much appreciate the detail and description of the workout, which is noticeably rare in “workout” info on the net. Seems most other sites want $$ for the detail – which is a huge red flag for me to stay away. So I guess the detail and honest delivery is why I return. Just wish I started the workouts at the very beginning.


  • http://spamspert.com Jared Kimball

    That was a great workout!

    Part 1: 13,13,13,13,11,11

    I finished the second part in 13:30:59. I didn’t think I would beat your time, but I can tell that following your workouts has really helped me. Keep up the amazing work! Have fun in Rome!

  • Amelie

    12min 02 seconds! not bad for the first try, right? :)
    Keep up the great work outs! they’re so much fun!

  • Ana

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy,

    Zuzana, I love ur workouts, and I would love to have a body like urs! I have a question- how long did it take you to get to where you are at today? I have been working out for a year and I spend an 1 1/2 at the gym, I see results, but not the results I would like to see despite the fact I’m at the gym six days a week.

    Can you plz do a workout on how to lose the back fat, right below the shoulder and also, and I know a lot of us women have this… that peice of fat between the boobs and armpit! I’m almost losing hope that it’s always going to be there! I’m getting married in October and I’m going to wear a tube dress and I want that fat gone. HELP!

  • Selina


    Wow…my legs feel like jello. My scores were
    pt 1 – 13,13,11,11,13,12
    pt 2 – 13:29

    Thanks again for an amazing workout.

  • Peevey

    Hi Cool Buff Fellas (Z&F),

    Just did one of your 20-min routine yesterday and man I’m so sore this morning, had trouble getting up for work! – which was sssweeeet! I can feel burning sensations on my mid and lower section and that really makes me think that the routine was really really effective..Anyway, I’ll still try one of your routines later (to hell with the sore – this really got me motivated) but will still keep in mind not to over work my body.

    Just dropped by to say thanks for this sweet punishment you’ve given me. Please continue to punish us some more =)



  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

    After a couple of weeks off following bodyrock.tv, I’m back on track. I had some work done on my teeth too so I greatly sympathise with you Zuzi (and with Freddy for feeling so helpless). Hope you’re feeling much better now, after all you’re a birthday girl in few days and we all want you to be healthy by then! :)

    My time for the second part of this workout was 15min 8sec. I underestimated the one jump forward-two back, so I made a mental note to be more careful in future.

    Lots of love,

    one commited BodyRocker

  • Ruben

    Hello Zuzana i did this workout it was really awesome btw i got 11:49 on the 3 round part it was really intensive just like all your workouts. Also your workouts are insane and very crazy and i love each and every one of them keep doing what your doing. I love how u have something new every time its awesome

  • zainab

    Hey zuzana I love your body I wish I becam like you but there’s no hope .

  • alexandar

    Hi ,

    I’ve done this workout for the second time , and I’ve improved my time ,so I did 6×16 for the first part and 7:47 for the second part of the workout

    Thanks S

  • Joy

    I have just started your workouts and I am so fired up about them. You are a real inspiration. I have never been so excited to workout in my whole life. Thanks for motivating a 47 year old gal! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Ana

    It was my first time doing this one, 14/12/11/13/10/12 for the first part, and 2nd part it took me 20:43, took a few breaks in between [2ndpart] but I never stopped the watch, but I hope to get better in time :)
    You’re my inspiration, not a day goes by that I don’t go on your website even if I’m not working out that day lol.

  • Erika.hueso

    Cassidy congrats on your engagement and for finishing the work out after !!!lol, must be hard after the propose,love it:)

  • Cassidy

    Well! This workout has new significance to me now!!!

    I am so excited that I had to share!!!

    I was in the MIDDLE of this routine! and my boyfriend drove 3 hours to come down and surprise me in the gym and propose!!!
    Got down in one knee in the middle of the gym and in the middle of my ‘Sweet Punishment’ workout!!

    After I was finished jumping around, shrieking, and crying! He said… “Okay, now finish your workout!”

    I don’t think I worked so hard to finish it faster than I did that time!!! 11:07 was my time!!!

    Thanks Zuzana for an awesome workout! And for keeping my fit for my man!!

    <3 xo Cassidy

    • Frederick

      That is the coolest comment I think that we have ever gotten on this site!!!! Zuzana and I and I am sure everyone here offer our congratulations!!!

    • barbaraG


      • http://www.facebook.com/#!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

        Congratulations to you both!! That is really awesome news!

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

      Hi Cassidy,

      I just wanted to also Congratulate you and hope you two have a wonderful long life together!


  • Diana

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity of doing something good for myself ! I was so glad when I discovered your videos on YouTube and so I found your blog.I haven’t been on the gym for a long time because it’s too expensive.So,I can do some workout at home for free because of you ! I’m doing my best to do all the reps because I love this kind of exercises and I want to look good at any age :P .
    Many thanks from Romania

  • Lisa

    I did and average of 15 per round on the first part and completed the second part in 12 mins 25 seconds. Not clear if you added the first part to get your time of 14 mins 9 seconds. I can do the reptile push-ups no problem. The hard one for me was the jump squats. My legs are still burning from yesterday’s fat assassin chair step-up high knees; so those jump squats were tough! Thanks for the fabulous workouts!!!

  • http://Hello Evelyn Nohemí

    Hello i am Mexican.
    you have one bodie perfect ¡
    me like make to exercise too in my home first I’ll tell you my routine please tell me if it’s okay first jump rope to warm body weights after I do legs and buttocks scissors dumbbell 3 sets of 12 repetitions on each leg. and then do sit like 3 sets of 12 repetitions of gluteus after I exercise with dumbbells with the same sets and reps and then arm exercise carried out with dumbbells. that’s every other day and I do abs every day I just want you to tell me that would be most effective abdominal mark my belly like yours can you tell me what things I should eat and which not? to help make more please my belly like yours.

  • danielle

    Waw, it was much harder in real life than when i was looking at Zuzana, but then again, is it not allways the case? First part I did each time 13. The second part I did in 11:26. Now I will go outside and do the 15 min rope skipping workout from a while ago. I do it on a regular basis, because i really love this workout. It’s the 4 x25 reps skipping workout. My record now is 15 rounds. Thanks again for the inspiration! Wish my body looked a bit more like yours..(although I am lacking discipline concerning eating habits, so I guess I can not complain).Thanks again :-)

  • aimee

    hi zuzana first off all you are my inspiration i wanna look like you!! im only 14 but iam A whooping 67kg so im loseing weight
    i di this in 8.08 but thats only because i dont have very good teqnqie so mabey you could do a video on how toget some things perfected
    xoxox aimee

  • bohdana

    good one
    happy b. day

  • Mickela

    I did this workout on my roof while the sun was setting over Manhattan.
    I was so sore from running the day before. the first part was brutal to my legs I averaged 7 to 8 on the rounds.
    the second part I did in 13:33. I am really proud of my results.
    cheers to all.

  • J

    This is the 1st workout I’ve completed. I forgot to count reps during the interval exercise, but I fonished the 2nd part in 17:54. As a guy, I noticed I didn’t have much problem with the pushups, but those jump squats really tired me out.

  • mari


    I just finished this workout and i am still out of breath and still a little shaky, i finished in 12:03:52. I feel really good right now. Thanks Z&F!!

  • Emma

    hey i was wondering how long have you been into fitness and how long did it take you to get such good abs? x

  • http://www.themusicofyoga.com Laura

    Hi Zuzana!

    I have been such a fan over the past month, doing your workouts almost every day, and I am so proud to say that I just beat your personal record for the first time! I completed this workout today in 13:28!!!

    Thank you so much for what you are doing for the world. You are an inspiration to us all.

    Love Laura

  • samantha

    14:44 yikes, that was tough. Thanks!

  • Salma

    14:56 for the second part…I added interval jump rope skipping in the beginning of the workout and another one after the 3 rounds. Great workout! The reptile pushups are much harder than normal pushups!


  • heather S.O

    awesome quick work out !! love it !!

    training for life:)

  • Mickela

    I substituted the side crunch with star crunch bum lift and did 40 rounds because I had already done the side crunch in the psychopath workout yesterday.
    by the way, on those jumps, landing on your heels is really not good for your internal organs, the heavier you are the harder on the body it is. lightly land on the balls of your feet, then lower to heels.

  • Tanya L.

    I tried to beat you but found myself cheating. My jumps were getting very sloppy, i.e I started to lean forward instead of getting a nice squat. Also, reptile pushs-ups are a nightmare. (Just thought I’d throw that out there). You’re form is wonderful. I’m not there yet… So, for now, I’m not focused on beating you instead I’m focused on completing the exercises w/ as much form as possible. I love how strong you are. My new goal…Thanks

  • http://www.smilewithtulip.co.uk Kezza


    I have just completed this work out… i didn’t count my reps for part one but part two took me 17min. Not as good as some people on here but I am pleased and I know I am gonna feel those side crunches tomorrow.

    Thanks again for another fab workout.

  • Iesha

    It would be cool if you guys tagged your excercises. Like what ever exercises you do tag the name. Like abs, dips, pike jumps etc…just whatever you do.

  • ana

    yayyy, I did it, it was really good cardio too,so in the 1st round I did total of 80 reps, the second part I finished in 12:09:02 min. Out of breath. tomorrow I’m gonna start no shugar 30 day challange.

  • Vilivil

    Part A 17-14-15-14-16-15.
    Part B, well first time I asked my sweetheart how many reps are there, and for the jumps he told me 10 reps, so I finished it in 8:34. I thought I can’t be that fast, I’ve must been doing something wrong, so I checked and I realised I have to do 30 rep. So I made it all over again, a little bit upset, but still, my time was 8:37. I still can’t believe it.

  • Howie

    What parts of the body does a reptile push up work on. What is it specifically good for, abs ? Anyone know

  • Jenny

    Hi,just wanna say that I love your website,really,your workouts motivate me so much that I do everyday this challenges and also fitness…Your body is very beautiful,it´s glad perfect…but how long did you work to have this wonderful body??

    Best wishes from Luxembourg

  • Lana

    Happy B day!!! And you totally don’t look 28! Good luck with the ten year workout thingy. :D

    - Lana always :)

  • Kera

    OMG…I am so like beat in the greatest way after this one. I have to say that you are amazing for doing all you do for us for free. Z&F keep up the good work!!

    I am a bit heavier working off baby weight and well just plain extra jiggle and I feel alot better tho after having been doing your workouts for just over a month. I am not as winded doing things like going up n down the stairs with groceries or my daughter and thats a great thing. I did on average for the first part 11 per interval per leg so I was pretty stoked with that. I ended up with 20 minutes 15 seconds. I had to take a few breaks because my medicine if I work too hard will kick in thinking my blood pressure is too high and I get super light headed. So I am pluggin along and am sticking with your workouts. I have the endurance to do the tougher things just gotta keep the motivation going which having you as my home page for the browser helps. I am using you as a tool to keep the blood pressure in check which is a family problem I was blessed with. So please keep up the good work…you are a true inspiration to us all.

  • 321

    What a workout!!! Probably wouldve gone faster if I wasnt choking back throw up!! HAHA! :P

    Took me about 19 mins to complete–seriously considered giving up or halving the number of reps but I stuck it out and “slayed the beast” Hah!
    Thanks for a great workout, Zuzana and Frederick :)

  • autumn

    the workout looks great..whats even better is that there is no equipment necessary.!..ZUZANA HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED MAKING WORKOUT TAPES.???…I WOULD SO BUY THEM.!

  • http://thecheesegoddess.blogspot.com Karla

    Zuzana, I love your workouts– you offer something for both the beginner and the bad-ass athlete like yourself! I appreciate that your exercises don’t require a lot of extra equipment. You make exercise fun, simple and real. An extra bonus is your charm and encouragement along the way!

    Thank you.

  • E.E.

    Hmmm if I may suggest any additions to the website…perhaps it would be a really nice touch to put up pictures/descriptions of all the muscle groups that each exercise in each routine targets. Maybe somehow you’d know how to make that look cool? :) But it’s just an idea so help everyone have more focus/knowledge about the workouts and ideally have greater results and outcomes.

  • http://lucky2505.jimdo.com Simone

    I did 17 – 15 – 15 – 15 – 14 1/2 – 14 reps in the first part and finished the second part in 12:28 min.
    Great workout! I ate ice cream today, so I added 4 min of Jumping Jacks at the end =) – they were great!!!

  • Barbora

    well i got 15min 18sec…i had to take breaks in between the sets…this was hard! lol…especially the reptile pushups…omg your form is so good on those :) i have to practice now!
    thanks for the workout Zuzana, enjoyed it very much!

  • Mackenzie

    15:38! thanks again for a killer quick workout. Now I must catch my breath. See you next time!

  • Lvette

    Finished this workout 30 minutes ago..

    Part one, I did 14-14-15-15-16-16 for the 4 mintues.

    Part two took 15 minutes to complete. Took 5 very short breaks in between. I could not push myself up after pushing down the last 2 reps of my reptile push ups.

    Total time is exactly 19 minutes. Body was shaking at the end and my husband heard me calling out OH ZUZANA, OH

  • Squirrel

    Great workout. Fast and intense!
    19/18/18/18/18/17 for the 1st part qnd 15min47 for the second one…But I just did 10 reps in total (5 each for legs) for the reptile push ups. Should it be 10 on each leg?
    Thank you!

  • Aimelie

    i just finished this workout: 14:48 :46 …………she makes it seems sooo easy!!! :) ) im sweating soo much…thank you for this routine.

  • Nour

    Hey Zuzana :)
    I just wanted to drop by a comment saying I really like your workouts. They are actually fun and I can really feel my muscles being used.
    So far I did the Hot Quickie Workout last Tuesday, and this one today.
    I can’t post my score, cuz I didn’t count for the first part, and the second part i accidentally refreshed my timer.
    I’ve been subscribed to you for a while on youtube, and now that I’ve joined in I really hope to keep going on with your workouts :) should I mention again that they are fun? haha XD
    Currently I’m of average size, but I have a 28% body fat, so my goal is to try to lower that number.
    I won’t set any dates or precise numbers, because from my past experiences its only led me to disaster and becoming upset at myself when I don’t reach that goal how I want to, so I’m just gunna keep enjoying myself and see where it goes :)


  • VS

    Hello zuzana!
    This post is not really related to the workout above. :) I post it here because I have no other way to ask: Did you ever go to a commercial gym in the process of developing your body or did you do it all in your home gym from day 1 you started working out to today with all your own equipment and techniques?

  • VS

    This post is not really related to the workout above. :) I post it here because I have no other way to ask: Did you ever go to a commercial gym in the process of developing your body or did you do it all in your home gym from day 1 you started working out to today with all your own equipment and techniques?

  • Theresa

    Hey Z,

    I did this workout this morning, and my time including the 4minute intervals was 13mins and 30 sec. Beat that!!!!

  • Tuomi

    I only found your website a few weeks ago and I have incorporated your bodyweight excersices with my kettlebell training. Results have been great and it’s really motivating to get more variation to my workouts. I have even worked out a few times with only skipping rope and bodyweight which I thought I would never do because kettlebells are my “thing”. Thanks a lot and keep these wonderfoul blog posts coming! Tuomi from Finland

  • Josiane

    Hi Zuzana!
    I’m in love with your site! I’m doing every single workout. They are just so great and so fun! Thank you so much…
    Are you giving the right time for this workout, because I did it in 7min 14 sec!!! It was good, but short! I love it. Me and my sister are doing a trial every day! Thank you very much! It was genius your idea fir that website! I hope you are making good money out of it!


  • http://couponpassport.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-very-1st-blog-award.html Jennifer

    I have fallen in love with your website. I nominated you for an award on my blog. Your workouts have given me a new excitement for working out again, and are already showing me results after only doing a few of them. Keep up the awesome work!

  • alexandar

    Hi there,

    I’ve been doing your programs for weeks and I’m so excited because I finally found programs that I need.

    I just finished your new program and my time was 10min 27sec, 14-14-16-16-15-15 :)

  • Raina

    Hi zuzana!
    My time for this workout part2 was 17min and 09sec, the jumps were killer cardio! I really enjoyed it!

    I have also a question, which is the right way to calculate my body fat? How can i do it by myself? is there any way?


  • tera

    zuzana can you plsssssssssss get the text back up on the hot quickie workout? i would love to do that today. also pls fix the search tab for the new site and i agree, if you are going to repeat an exercise, pls dont change the name of the workout bc i notate it in my notepad and i get confused sometimes.

  • Anutka

    14s for the interval part, 16:54 time :) not sweating buckets like i usually do, hm..

  • http://ozziepossum-diyhealthfitness.blogspot.com/ ozziepossum

    Zuzana, I look forward to trying this workout as soon as I’ve recovered (blisters and all) from Oxfam 100km.

    Inspiration is important, like a number to aim for (for example your times) It gives each of us a chance to aim for some realistic time! (?! we all know you are a freak of nature though Zuzana)

    I’m not sure my legs will cope for another couple of days at least. But it looks fun and intensive!


    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Oy Oy!

  • steilalva1

    Hello Zuzana

    Yesterday I became 36 years old and I have firmly made me to start with your workout. This is a gift from me to me, that I the time take me to do something for my body. In the last seven years, I was taking me only to children, House and farm. I discovered your website two months ago and again considered. I find it very professional and versatile. Unfortunately, I have watched more than implemented. I know don’t exactly at what workout I should begin, but I find still out. I will begin in any case, that I will waive the best chocolate of world (Swiss chocolate) for 30 days! Wherefore, I write you so I myself can comply better with it. But this is hard! Unfortunately, I can almost no English for Rätromanisch (the fourth language of Switzerland). I wish you all the best and a nice day.

  • Tali R.

    another great workout of yours. thank you.
    the last 4 weeks were hard for me, i have 2 guests in the house, for two more weeks…. i love them but its hard. they are sleeping in the room i do sport and for the last 4 week i had to improvise. so today i did this in the girls room and its small, no room for proper push ups and the jumps – i almost bump my self in the closet… so im waiting to be able to go back to my room for the workouts. and in the tame left i keep doing what i can.

    the second part took me 15:55..

    have a good weekend

  • Charlie D.

    This workout is a lot harder than it sounds. I loved it of course. I just wanted to thank you – my upper body is so defined lately and I know it’s because of the workouts I do here.

    Also – a tip for the small-busted women – I’ve seen a few comments out there and I have my two cents to offer: I think (if possible) I may be getting even smaller and rather than feel bad about it, I found a store that sells lingerie made in Japan – the sizes are really small, but the bras are so pretty and make me feel dainty and sexy rather than small and pathetic.

    Thanks again for all your inspiration and dedication.

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Yesterday I tried a new kind of one hour all major muscle groups hyperworkout that reduces you to a shaking lump of jello. (Supposed to be fabulous for building great strength without bulk, cardio, and healing injuries). It was only 24 hours ago (you only do it once a week), so I did not feel too peppy today but I thought I’d try anyway to see what happened. I got through the first intervals doing 10-12 each time, but was really happy each time the buzzer went off!!. The second half I really fatigued on the jumps (I notice you get right down into a squat on the landing-UGH!) My legs didn’t have it today, so some of my squats were not so hot. I finished in 12:18 but I’ll have to retry this when I am not so sore everywhere because my form was subpar.
    And Zuzana’s push to do pistols every day has got me up to five on each leg. For some reason I can do them in running shoes with a higher heel, but not barefoot, and only with difficulty in flatter shoes.
    And I don’t think you have a single thing to worry about with respect to getting old and frumpy :) )

  • Howard

    Great workout. I never thought I could be sweating this much after such a short workout. As I type this I am still out of breath.

    Finished in about 9:02. Those jumps after the beginning part was killer. The only question I have is if we should be going for more height or distance?

    Keep up the unique workouts.

  • Tracy

    Hey Zuzana,

    I tried to post this comment earlier but I think it didnt work, so I apoligize if this is a repeat :P

    I absolutely love your website. I thinik what you’re doing is great. Please, please, please keep up the great work. I have been doing your workouts for about 2 weeks now and I have managed to lose those last 5 lbs!!!! I am an avid step aerobic fan and I love to run, but your methods have brought my workouts to the next level. I am so impressed!

    I just have one quick question, how often do you do each workout or do you just do a different one everyday?

    Thanks so much,


  • Valerie

    Hey Zuzana and Frederick,
    love your site and that you can do everything at home within just a few minutes. I just started a couple days ago to get in shape for the summer.
    Concerning your new webdesign – drop me a line what navigation parts should be in and I try to make a layout. I`m a Berlin based Graphic Designer ;-)
    So far your site doesn`t look bad. The logo could be improved and placed better. But like I said looks quite good already. Best, Val.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the great workout. I completed your workout after my endurance training…

    17-16-13-13-12-12 and 13min 58sec, thanks again for the punishment!

  • d.

    that looked like a great workout! even though it’s almost ten where i live but idk for some reason i like to workout at night on the weekends, hopefully it’s as affective as it is in the morning. but anyways i wanted to know how many reps you did for the first part of the workout?? i couldn’t find it anywhere! but it would be cool to know how many back lunge foreward jumps you did for each of the 6 rounds, because as you said in the video; that it’s more competitive when you know the other contestants score ;)

    d. <3

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/lindilindi/ Melinda

    Regarding your plans for the future of this website:
    I would like to see a better way to follow replies to comments. Maybe a forum-type layout would be better, or some sort of notification system.

    Also a repository of workout links in alphabetical order (in a layout that doesn’t require much scrolling) would be very easy to set up and very useful!

    Thanks for offering all of this for free, and I hope you make a good living from ads :) )

    • Frederick

      We are working on a visual index of the content so that it’s all in one place and it should make it quite a bit easier and faster to locate / select older workouts and articles etc.

      • nirta

        I remember this has been suggested before, so I would just like to bring up the idea of a “bank of exercises” again.
        If this is what you are meaning here, then please excuse me.

        And just another “cannot thank you enough” for your constant inspiration and motivation.

        So much for now.
        Keep it up!

  • Audrey

    Hey Zuzana!!

    Great work out, totally burnt off that ice cream I had today haha!!

    Did it in 19mins 30 secs, Ill keep working hard to beat you!!

    Keep up the great work outs, you are really a great role model!

  • Angie

    Hello zuzana! I see you have gotten yourself the Nike yoga mat! I have the one in purple (:

  • Lindsey

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,

    Normal pushups aren’t a problem but for some reason those reptile push ups make it so much harder! Gonna need to practice those. I’ve also been practicing pistols so I don’t have to modify them when I do your workouts!

  • Nata

    first part: 13 13 12 13 14 14, and 2nd part: 13:45.

  • Amy

    Just wondering but how many hours did you work out a week while trying to reach the level of fitness you are at now?

  • Elisa

    OMG…still sweating, can hardly breathe…18:09 and I’m thankful I’m still alive.. :) Thank you! That was amazing!!!

  • Claudia

    oufff!! 15 min 19 sec!! It was freaking hard!! but it’s done!! I’m so proud it’s been 15 days only 35 to complete de 50 summer bla bla bla…

    Merci beaucoup ma belle! tu a fait un grand changement dans ma vie!!


  • Danielle

    You both are so inspiring in yourselves!! What you do here is amazing! The fact that you allow so many people into your life and document it, not just exercises but your travels as well is so kind of you! Everyday that I exercise I look at you Zuzana and find the strength to keep going even after I’m exhausted. Thankyou so much!!! Though I was curious as to what either of you do for work if it’s not too nosy to ask. Do you have to pay to keep the site going? Because it’s a very nice feature that all you advice is free ^_^.

  • Carlos Vasquez

    Great workout. The jump motion killed me. 12 hours later, I’m still feeling it. Keep bring the pain!

  • http://www.peacefulbend.com/kT Katie

    I’m a beginner to your workouts, and have a long way to go! It took me 29 minutes to finish the second part. But at least I finished it!

    I wanted to ask you a question…on those lunge jumps. After I finished four I just could do anymore for that 20 seconds. Is it better to go just half way down to the ground with the back knee when you are starting out and keep going throughout the 20 seconds? OR do you think form is more important and do them just as you do even if you can’t do the whole 20 seconds? I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.

    I decided to go ahead with the half way down back knee and do the whole 20 second thing, but in retrospect I wondered if that wasn’t the right decision. Thanks!

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  • http://naomi-tsang.blogspot.com Naomi

    Thanks for the workout!! 14, 12; 12, 12; 12, 11 for the first part, 11:45 for the second part. My lizard pushups weren’t as good as Zuzana’s – I can’t do the ones with the elbows tucked in, almost parallel to the body. I can only do the ones where the arms are perpendicular to the body, if you get me (: Time for a shower!

  • Squirrel

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,

    Ok finally I decide to write a comment. I wanted it for a while but had so much to say and at the same time could not find the words to thank you both!
    I first discovered you on youtube, but the video had been modified: bodyrock.tv was hidden with another website and Zuzana had been replaced by Adriana (I don’t remember the exact name) ;)
    Anyways, at the end of the video, there was the sentence “Visit my blog at…” but again the name had been deleted…So impossible to find the website. Honestly I searched for it for hours…trying to google (sorry for the brand) “adrianna” or any other word linked with workout ;)
    Anyways, I don’t know how I was able to find your blog but it was worth the search!!

    I had stopped working out for 2 weeks and wanted some changes in my workout routine…I whad been working out 5 days a week at the gym for 1h30 but lost the motivation: too long and too boring as I did always the same exercises.
    Anyways, I have been working out with you for 1 month and just love it: short and very creative! I did your previous, as the recent ones require sometimes some equipment. I bought a jump rope and received my gymboss on Monday. I really enjoy interval training.
    I have so much fun doing your workout even if it intense, I just love it! And I have always been motivated as they are so innovative, and always different! And I know that they will be short…Well it’s up to me!

    Anyways, my weakness lies in my arms…I am really struggling when doing push ups or other arm exercises…And usually I am 10 minutes behind you (when you perform it in 20 min and the exercises includes ersp with arms), but when there are exercises for the legs and abs, I am pretty close to your time! So proud!! :)

    I love the fact that you are genuine and generous.
    Thank for everything!

    By the way, last night I had a nightmare: I don’t exactly why but you could not keep on doing your website and posting your workout routines…I was just crying!
    Well, it was just a dream!!

    Thanks so much.
    I’ll do this exercise tomorrow morning! Looks great: can’t wait!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      We would cry too :) There is a reason for everything and even the logo in our videos, it’s not to bug you guys, but so many people are stealing our videos and it makes it harder for them when our logo is right in the middle of the screen.

  • http://30bananasaday.com Windlord

    92 reps

    (subbed 40 Leg Raises for the 20×2 Side Crunches)

    I’m seeing some B-day thoughts flying around, so I’ll add my best wishes, too! Have fun!

  • Kitty

    Part 1: 16, 16, 17, 17, 16, 16
    Part 2: 12 minutes 15 seconds.

    Definitely went anaerobic.
    It took longer for my warm up / cool down and stretching!

    I’m going to think up a Part 3 to add…any suggestions? No legs though they were completely fried. Actually, everything felt depleted but could squeeze in another 4 minutes of fun.

    I don’t drink any coffee, my only source of caffeine comes from chocolate which I have only on occasion, but only best quality dark over 75% cocoa. The point is that I’ve been feeling so wired since doing your style of training. (This is a good thing). Getting more stuff done throughout the day.

    Someone left a comment saying that they keep checking the site anxious for the next workout. Though you have a plethora of routines to choose from, I too find myself in the same boat. Waiting for the next challenge. Good thing this addiction is a healthy one.

    All the best. Looking forward to the next workout.

  • Montse

    I love you guys,
    :) and i was wondering …
    do you guys get paid for putting any of this up?
    or youu guys have you know normal jobs and are happy to do it for free
    haha i was just wondering

  • Janandra

    When I saw the workout my mouth dropped. I remember one of your workouts you had us doing 2 walking lunge/4 jumps back/half burpee with a jump. The 4 jumps back is what got me. That simple move backwards had my legs screaming. So when I saw the jump forward and two jumps back, I stopped breathing for a second and then laughed at myself.

    I appreciate the challenge Zuzana. I’ll have results later on tonight.

  • Samantha

    Your workouts are the BEST way to start my day! Thanks SO much! Keep up the amazing work. The jumps kicked my butt. :) You inspire us all! Have a great weekend!

  • Jess

    Hi zuzana, I am amazed by your figure. It has great proportion! However, i dont know if other ladies experience this but when i work out and get more sculped, i tend to lose weight on my bums and chest. Is there anyway to lose fat without losing feminine features?

  • Eva Evelina

    This was a great workout – Thank You

    PART 1:
    Left Leg: 14-14-14 (3 rounds in a row)
    Right Leg: 15-15-13 (3 rounds in a row)

    11 min and 3 sec
    (since I did a lot of push ups in the previous 2 days, I did not go as deep compared to you so that might have been the difference:-)

    Thank you/Dekuji again for your inspiration,

    Eva Evelina

  • Madison

    Hello Zuzana and Freddy,

    Thank you for another great workout. I love the challenge of trying to beat Zuzana and then my own personal best. Hope you guys have a great and relaxing weekend. I am getting some amazing results and I have only started doing your workouts for 2 weeks.

    I *heart* Bodyrock!

  • Zuleika

    Hey Zuzana:

    Just found your site, and I think your excersies can be very helpfull to me. I need to lose about 20pnds and haven’t found anything that really works. I have always led a very lazy lifestyle so I don’t have any exercise background. I hope you can help me change all that!!! Also how do you recomend I start????

    Hopeful form Puerto Rico,


  • Renee

    It is nice to see a getting back to basics workout, without any equipment.

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  • Rebecca

    I have been doing your workouts for about a month now, and this is the first one that I have actually totally completed without decreasing the number of reps or anything! I’m so happy!

    Thank you so much, you are amazing!

  • Diana Y.

    im sure this does not mean anything to anyone else but practice did help i mastered high knee and jacks with rope and treated myself to a better thicker adjustable rope and gloves the rope is much better than the $3 one i’v been using.my next goal is anothet tattoo after i tighten that lower belly button jelly hopefully by end of next month going on vacation yaaa!!!! (44 and loving workouts everyday )
    about how many questions do you answer a day? mine still in moderation mostly it seems i know it must take forever to go through them all .and thank you for coffee talk again enjoy you both while having mine before workouts
    my dogs dont have much to say haha
    love ya

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  • WearyAtlas

    That was not advanced. After this workout i completed Ab Torture + some free style arms.
    Looking forward to really advance workout like 550 killer reps.

  • Ese

    Amazing workout!!! I love, love, love, love this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Very effective, and straight to the point!! I really enjoy the workouts with utilizing our own body weight, as it provides many of us who travel options on the road!!!
    YOU GO GIRL, and keep up the awesome job!! Oh, you go boy (Fredrick) as well..:)

  • Alitha

    I just got my gymboss in the mail today! I love it! I cant wait to use it in my workouts!
    THANKS! :D

  • Niko

    Phew! Great workout, thanks as always.

    I admit, I thought “oh no!” when I saw the backward lunge with a jump lol :)

  • Ivana


    this are my score:
    13, 13, 13, 12, 11, 12.

    and the seconde part 14:25 min.

    Thank you Zuzana for impresive body that you have and great wourkouts!

  • ciro

    Did it in 17:03. What a work out!
    Sweeting real good. I’ll beat you next time!:)

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I averaged about 12-15 reps on Part 1 and my time for Part 2 was 12:37. The hard work is finally paying off, Thanks Zuzana :-D

  • razzi

    Okay I just completed it. It took me about 16 minutes.
    I tried my very best, so I’m happy with the time…
    I just recently started doing all your workouts. I’m skinny enough already, but I’m not as toned as I’d like to be. I never thought your workouts would be so much fun either!
    Now time to shower =D

  • Chantelle

    Hey guys,
    Great workout, I totally understand what you are saying, if I didnt do a workout for like 2 days, I feel just icky. hahaha… Your mind is always on the fact that “ugh, i didnt do a workout i feel gross” haha…
    On another note, just curious if you have put anymore thought into getting a tattoo.
    Can`t wait for today`s workout!!!!!

  • BenL

    I’m a male in my early forties. Lately, I’ve had trouble with my knees and ankles. I’ve given up jogging and am pretty much resigned to ride a recumbent bike. I’m looking for other ways to work out. I like your exercise method, and was wondering if you could develop a routine that is lower impact for people with knee problems (lunges are out of the question). Please help, I’m starting to feel like I can’t exercise anymore!!

    Love your site, keep up the good work(outs)!!!

  • Chaniii


    i recently dislocated my knee cap and it is healing up now,
    i cant do the jumps because of my knee is there anything else you would recomend me doing?

  • Nimer

    HI ZUZ ANd FReddy

    13, 14, 13


    I checked the exercises again to see if i did them the right way cause i was amazed on how fast i did it!!!

    Do you mean the time od the 3 rounds+ the 4 minutes Tabata? or without the 4 minutes tabata?

    with the 4 minutes tabata it took me 15:00 minutes

    Thankx keep doing that amazing job, its changing lives and bodies



  • samantha R

    ooo – and I ordered my pull up bar yesterday so that should be here tomorrow, I’m so excited as I actually managed my first unassisted one on the climbing frame at the park last week!

  • Isabelle from Canada

    Often times, I look at your workouts ahead of time and don’t think they’ll be difficult. 2 minutes after I start, you proove me wrong every time :)

    Thanks again for your work outs Z & F !

  • samantha R

    How Doooo! This was good today my scores were, 14, 14, 14, 15, 16, 15 and finished three rounds in 12:39.

    I made the oats this morning for my brekkie and added a few sultanas instead of the cranberries, I crushed some nuts and added them along with a teaspoon of honey, it was gorgeous thank you.

  • Andrea

    Thanks Zuzana and Frederick for your awesome site and workouts! I stumbled upon your website about a month 1/2 ago and am hooked! These workouts are just what I was looking for because I really need a challenge! Thanks so much and this was another great sweat workout!

  • lydia

    yeii!!! im gonna try this workout tomorrow!! :D so let see!!

  • Ruth

    I just want to say, again, that your workouts really are superior, I’ve been trying a few others lately and they take twice as long (or more) and don’t leave me nearly as sweaty!

    At first I thought 4 minutes of the lunge jumps were gonna kill me but you’ve gotten me to a point in my training where I could actually do them and not die, lol! My time for the second part was 11:34… and now I need a shower *grin* :)

    Thank you !!

  • Tiffany Stephens (50)

    I’ve been doing really good since the 30 no junk food challenge, but I’m offically starting the 50 day challenge with you today. I’m logging it everyday so that I can account to someone other than myself :0) so bad. Sweet Punishment brought the burn… Thanks for the abs!!

  • http://rathernotsay Sabrina and all three sets in 17.10 I didnt beat Zuzanna or anyone else here but I am soooo Friggin proud of this score. Today marks exactly 8 weeks of your work out for me and I wasnt exercising before I started 8 weeks go. whooo Hooo thank you Zuzanna!! xoxoxo

  • Sarah

    I was really ready for a new inspiring workout as was getting a little slack so this really did it for me! thanks! i really had a lot of fun with this!

  • Marcin

    Finished my “punishment” this morning, now I’m eating the “go banana” for breakfast :-)

  • Verena


    do you eat carbs in the evening? I have heard that it is not good, because the fatburning stopps. You have to it them in the morning and to lunch. I’m very confused, what I can eat. I’m afraid to eat something bad, beacause i don’t want to be fat! I want to have muscles like you, it looks great. I think I can get it. What is your opinion? Thank you in anticipation!


  • http://google Verena

    hi zuzana,

    how long did you train to get this body??

    I hope not so long :)


  • AJ

    I absolutly LOVE your site. I am an aerobics instructor, so I am in pretty good shape, however, your workouts are awesome and kick my butt! :) I really enjoy the variety of your workouts and the different variations of diong each exercise vs. regular push ups or alternating lunges.
    This one I worked really hard with no breaks and completed it: 17,17,15,15,15,15 (My legs were on FIRE!) and the 3 rounds in 9:41
    I can’t wait to try the next one!


    I am, also, looking forward to seeing what you guys are doing for the new/revised site :)

  • Dakota

    I will have to wait till tomorrow to do this work out. To much going on. I must say tho, you want a challenge? I can barely get through one of your workouts You win! Lol. I see a competitive spirit in you coming out? How cool! I’ll have to kick my own butt just to finish the routine. I have a swim meet to get ready for at the end of the month and I’m using most of your routines to prepare for it. I hope it works! c-ya later! Rock on!

  • Lorena

    Thank u very much!

  • Jen

    Hi Zuzana & Fredrick,

    On your go banana’s episode you asked for ideas for the new website. I would like to see maybe a tips section (tip of the day), and when you do your routines what muscle group the exercises are working. Also, maybe a section showing proper foods, you mentioned on a previous post about complex carbs maybe you can list good carbs vs. bad cards and what one should eat prior to a workout and then what is proper to eat after a workout. I know you should eat within 2-3 hrs post workout but what is the best thing to eat besides a protein drink. Also, will you be doing anymore workouts with weights? Maybe you can have weight workout section for those of us who like to use weights and a body weight section for those who like the routines you’ve been posting lately. And a section with recipes every once in a while I’ll find one on the web but I can’t seem to find that section on your website. Well that’s all I got for suggestions keep up the great work I love what you’re doing and most of all that you genuinely care and love what you do!!


  • Salma


    I have a question and I really hope you’ll answer…I’ve been doing your workouts 6 days/week and incorporating some weight lifting. Although I’m getting very strong (i.e I can do 50 pushups in a row without putting my knees on the floor…finally!!) my muscles are just not getting bigger. I’m getting toned but I want my arms to get a little bigger…I feel like they’re just tiny right now. Any tips? How did you get your muscles to grow the way they are?

    I also want to thank you because your workouts have done wonders to my stomach…I finally have a flat stomach and I can see my 4 pack haha! You’ve been an amazing inspiration for me!


  • Rosie

    Whew!! That was a really good workout! That first part burned like crazy!

  • Brooke

    Hello Zuzana and Frederick :)

    I am dying to try your workouts but unfortunatley I have a slight knee injury, not sure if it happened when I started a running program before I found your website. I do not have any health insurance so I cannot be seen by a doctor.. I have been very upset that I have not been able to start, summer is getting very close and I am tired of feeling bad about myself. I already bought my gymboss timer, and the total package, Pull Up Bar, Dip Station with rings. I even went out and bought a kettle bell. Not sure what I should do :( Please help

    • Frederick

      Hi Brooke,
      The most important thing is to fully recover before you start – give your body the time to heal. The workouts will still be here waiting for you :)

  • Indra, Latvia


    I’m posting a comment for the first time and I may not be original, but I still feel like I must thank you both for the great website and inspiration you give people including me. Nevertheless, I believe that good words can never be too much, right? I’ve been following your site approximately 2 months now and have completed several workouts. I simply love them, it makes my body work really hard :) You can add one more addict to the list ;)
    My best regards to both of you and the great community members!

    Stay positive and fit,


  • Gaby

    Hi guys.. I just finished this workout and I feel great.. It gave me so much energy to start my day.. thank you!!. Here are my scores: 15 backward lunges every time, and the second part took me 13:02. :)

  • http://n/a Tanya

    I really enjoy these combos! 12-13-13-12-11-11 for the interval part and 13 min 43 sec for the second part. Sweating like hell! THANK YOU!

  • bebi

    Hello, i’ve been doing your exercises for a week now. I feel better, i lost some weight also:P, which is good. i don’t have a special timer like you do, but i am using my timer from the phone. Your exercises are just great and i could say i’m no beginner: i have done tae-bo, fittnes, working at gym etc, also i was a tennis player for about 7 years, but your workouts are the best…i love to feel that my body it’s really burning. thank you for your excellent work, i hope that, as you said in one of your videos, in june i’ll be ready to go for my first swim looking and feeling better that ever.
    Kisses and keep up the good work :) bye

    • Aimelie

      u should get the interval timer!! its very helpful and great!!! :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/lillypipin Jezawix

    Hi Z & F :) Happy birfdee Z BTW :) Many hugs and love to you! and u will defo be a hot 60yr old :) I have a Question for Z, I am a little bit unsure about something and I was hoping you could shed some light on it. Time of the month, periods, do you rest on those days or workout lightly or carry on working out at the same pace as normal..? I worked out on the last day of my period and caused pain and more than normal uncomfortable bleeding (only once) but it’s made me apprehensive to workout on my periods now.. and I really want to… I’m just not sure what the best thing to do is, I saw a doctor when that happened but I have been fine since… What do you do? It would be really helpful to know :)

    Anyway…….. I LOve you guys :) I have never maintained working out consistently until I found you guys and I have been training with you since last October :) and I can see a six pack forming!! woOOt!! I been recommending you to friends and now they are working out with you too!! :) thanks from all of us!!! BIG LOVE & RESPECT! Hampshire SOUTH UK

    • http://www.myspace.com/lillypipin Jezawix

      I would still love to hear what you do Z, but I found this article online and it was very helpful :)


    • http://bodyrock.tv Tania

      Hi Jezawix,

      I read your comment and took the liberty of responding to it. I don’t suggest intense workouts on the day when your menstrual cycle is heavy. You could suffer from dizziness and greater blood loss. Not a good thing. You may want to try one of Zuzana’s stretching workouts which will still give you a significant sweat but without the strain. Or try a little yoga but with no inversion poses. If you find that when you excercise while your are menstruating you experience pain and heavier bleeding, I recommend that you see your gynecologist and request a pelvic ultrasound to rule out the possibility that you may have any cysts. Good luck!

      • http://www.myspace.com/lillypipin Jezawix

        Thanks 4 replying that’s very helful :)

  • E.E.

    Hi Zuzana! How are you? Seems like you’re enjoying Prague :) I really hope you can answer this question~do you know anything about calves and slimming them down? Are all exercises bound to make our calves bigger? It feels like my entire body is fine (rather small) but my calves feel like they’re getting bigger, or almost heavier, and it’s rather odd haha. Thank you and looking forward to your response! Btw, I loved the XXX workout it was really hard and enjoyable.

  • http://bodyrock.tv Reta

    Hi Zuzana,
    I am a new viewer of your website. I normally run and do other weight exercises at the gym (I went back to the gym recently). Is it necessary to go to the gym to achieve great results, or are your exercises good enough? Do you use machines to exercise along with your workouts?

    P.S. I absolutely enjoy your exercises and think it is great that a website like yours exists :)

    Thanks, Reta

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

      Hi Reta,

      Frederick and Zuzana and quite a few of their fans do just bodyweight with some Kettlebells just to mix it up.


  • Crystal


    I’m finally overcoming my shyness to tell you what an inspiration you are. I found your website a few months ago, I bookmarked it because I knew I’d be able to do your workouts eventually.

    In the last year I’ve been working with a personal trainer and becoming more and more fit. When I started I was obese, I have 2 metabolic conditions that make weight loss slow and difficult, now I’ve lost 42 lb and I’m in the best shape of my life though I’d like to loose quite a bit more weight. Over the last month I’ve started doing your workouts, sort of “Faking it till I can make it” if you will.

    Tonight I’m celebrating because its the first time that I’ve completed one of your workouts, every rep prescribed (albeit not quickly). Keep up the good work, you’re an inspiration and you’re doing good things for peoples lives all over the world.

    • Frederick

      Congrats Crystal! Good for you!

    • Kitty

      Hey Crystal!

      I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you…sending you support. You are more than on your way. I had read your comment before I did this workout today and you came to mind during my workout. You were MY inspiration!
      Sending you strong spirit power.

      I was very ill last year and couldn’t do anything except walk quickly for exercise (for about 9 months) but mostly didn’t have the energy or desire to do much of that. So I know how hard it can be to get going AND I’m someone who actually loves to exercise. It’s so hard to motivate oneself at the best of times, but when you have to contend with illness too, well that’s a whole other ball game.

      Keep up the good work! You Rock!

    • Charlie D.

      Congratulations on being brave and ambitious and on your improvement. Keep it up!

  • Juana

    Hello zuzana,we barely went over your web and your workout is awesome it inspired my daughter and me to start working-out again. I’m 32 and I think it’s going to be hard to get on the shape I was when I was single even though I’m not that fat. So can you recommend me workout to start with. Thanks☺

  • Monifah

    I can’t sleep (it’s 4.15 am now) and i just had to check bodyrock tv while eating my zuzana banana midnight ‘need-to-fall-asleep’ snack, hahaha. If i am not too tired later today i will definately do this workout. Hope you sleep tight ;o), and that i will too soon (with a belly filled with oatmeal, banana and raisins)


  • sp

    Hi Zuzana..so glad to have found your work out videos. I am a 32 year old gal who recently started doing the beginners workout from your website. I have really weak and thin wrists..if i measure my wrists circumference..its 5 inches (my waistline is a different story..its big)..anyways I was using 2 lbs dumb bells for the workout and had to slow down after 2 weeks because my wrists hurt especially when I do the mat exercises of beginners video 2. Would love to know your suggestions on strengthening my wrists. I really want to continue working out. Is there any alternative to using dumb bells?Thank you!!

    • Jennifer

      A good way to strengthen your wrists is to take either a thick stick or a dumbell bar and tie a rope to the middle of it, at the end of the rope or tie, etc., attach a weight plate or something heavy. Take both hands and roll the weighted rope by using your wrist motion, until the weight gets to the top of your stick or bar, then roll it back down the same way, just the opposite direction. I used to be a gymnanst, and these were great excercises for me becuase I also have very small wrists but a large musculature, and tall, so a lot of weight on the wrists. another good way to strengthen the surrounding muscles is to get a hand squeezer(not sure what the real name is), you squeeze the small handles (one for each hand) and this is great for strengthening the hand/wrist and forearm. I hope this helps.

    • http://30bananasaday.com Windlord

      here are some strengtheners for you to play with, at your own pace and level, of course:



      also consider getting some basic pushup stands (example below) that will allow you do floor work without having to bend your wrist:


    • Charlie D.

      Be careful of those wrists, because tendons take a long time to heal and you’ll be sad if you can’t do any workouts (let alone type, chop veggies, write, pick up your kids, etc.). Try to keep your wrists (and really all your joints) strong and stable, but free from tension while you’re using them. Sometimes we really clench and that creates a lot of unnecessary stress on the joint. Make sure you warm them up first (circles, shakes, etc.) and that you really stretch and shake them out afterward. Ice can sometimes be really nice, as can filling up one half of your (hopefully divided?) kitchen sink with ice water and the other half with warm water and alternating. Also try to pay attention during the day to other things you might do that put stress on your wrists – are you an unhealthy typer? A tense driver or cyclist? All the best.

  • Heather S.O

    you both have GREAT “JUJU ” !!! I love all your work outs! AND thoughts ””’What day is your b-day ?? Are you an Aries OR Taurus ?? YOU ROCK SISTA …..

  • Erika

    11 mins 46 secs!!!

  • http://30bananasaday.com Windlord

    great job, z
    I’m sure I’m just overlooking it, but what was your personal score for the Interval?

  • Rosie

    I dont understand. Is this part of your 50 day in shape routine. Or were we supposed to stay working out with the XXX?

    • Frederick

      Hi Rosie – you can do any of the workouts on the site :)

  • Mortah

    Hey Zuzana and Fredrick,
    Thanks so much for the work out…I didn’t go the gym today and when I came home I though “I am just too tired” but after checking out your blog I got up and did your work out :D

    I feel great THANKS SO MUCH!!

    Finish time 13 min 2 sec beat that :P

  • becca

    hey z i am on the 10th day of my 50 challenge til summer, and i have been doing amazingly with workouts and small portions. Anyway, i have been following these workouts since the new year, and i was wondering if you practice certain exercises such as pull ups or push ups besides your workouts. lol dont worry, i know you only do one of these workouts a day, but do you ever do a few push ups during the day just to really improve on them. Not like another total workout or anything. If so what do you do? i have been trying to do a few chin ups after each workout, just so i keep improving them, what are your thoughts on this?

    • Sarah

      Hi Becca,
      Pull ups are something i want to improve on so i will make time aroudn these work outs to bang a few out. normally first hting in the morning and afternoon.
      if its somethign you want to get better at then its something you have to do?
      if you want to improve on pull ups tho, these are really hard so i wouldnt’ suggest doing them after the workout as you will be exhausted by that and you want to give it 100% of your energy! do it first or a completely seperate time of the day! consistancy is key so perhaps doing them a few hours later or before would be more beneficial!?
      hope that helps a little

  • Azier-’di Oxendine

    OMG……I just did the workout and of course it was a good sweat…..I was thinking “man, this is going to be easy” it was kind of hard to do the last round. The first part I did 14 11 10 11 11 11{I could have did better}My legs are still really sore from the Hot Quickie Workout. The second part I did it in 15:49, I guess that’s alright. I enjoyed the workout as always :-)

  • Dewey

    Good workout!
    Part A – 13 reps, 10 then 10
    Part B – 13 minutes 19 seconds

    Thanks ZU

  • http://[email protected] john e fox

    sweet punishment workout was pure punishment for me!

  • Sequoia

    18.42.. :) quite pleased exept i realised when i finished i was doing 20 reptile pushups instead of 10 but oh well.. cant wait to beat my time… good workout, cant wait till tomorrow :) – iv also been doing some yoga.. which is so good for felexability and breathing technique :)

  • Sequoia

    really good.. im going to try it now. give you the results when im done :)

  • Rainbow

    Hi Zuzana,

    The problem is that we like you so much, that when you dont post a workout for some time we get unhappy :) We are totally addicted to bodyrock.tv!! (I am sure I am not just speaking for myself..)

    I went crazy for two days refreshing the page every hour to check for a new workout! Thanks!!!
    I am trying it out now!

    Kisses from Boston

    • http://linamarquez.com lina

      i feel the same way. i love watching suzana’s videos, and i enjoy the challenge of attempting to do the same.
      i’m drinking some coffee now (with a little sugar), getting ready to do (attempt) suzana’s workout for today.
      ; )

    • Canadian Charlie

      here here!
      Sorry guys, but she speaks truth. :)

  • Vegan Laura

    Hello Zuzana! Cannot access parts of your site right now, saying ‘access denied’ type thing fyi. Best, Laura (ps/now I sign everything Best because of you! hah)

    • Clelia

      I’m from Brazil, I was very happy to discover your site, loved your workouts, you are well, congratulations!