May 5 2010

Stereo Love Workout

Hi Guys,

So yesterday I had quite an active day and I really enjoyed it. I did my workout earlier in the day and then we went bouldering for a bit. Bouldering is something that I find incredibly relaxing even tho it’s physically quite challenging. When I am climbing the wall, it’s like I go back to my childhood, when I was climbing trees, walls, and rocks almost on a daily basis. When I was a kid I couldn’t understand why the adults are not climbing the trees with us. When exactly do we lose our interest in such fun activities, I wonder? Bouldering is basically the same game we played as children just with certain requirements like proper equipment, clothes and shoes.

When you are climbing, it’s almost like you put your body in the middle of a giant jigsaw puzzle – it brings the mind body connection into practice, because everything has to work together or you will loose your power and fall. It’s all about functional strength, but your body alone won’t be enough to progress on the climbing wall – your mind has to be present and sharp. I guess life is also a lot like that :)

Home workouts are something that you can do on a daily basis and trying different activities on top of  your workouts will only make you want to work harder on your physique, strength and fitness in general. Yesterday I did a workout that took me 27 minutes and 8 seconds. It is one of the longer routines here on BodyRock.Tv, and although I felt like I had a great training, it wasn’t something completely exhausting. This time I used my cool Gymboss Interval Timer as a stop watch and my goal was to complete 3 rounds of the following exercises as fast as possible.

Today’s workout was inspired by our new favorite song “Stereo Love”

This workout consists of 4 different exercises and skipping with jump rope.

1. One Leg Wall Sit – 25 reps on each leg

2. Jump Rope Skipping – 40 reps

3. Left Leg Crawl with Pike Press and Push Up – 5 reps

4. Jump Rope Skipping – 40 reps

5. Right Leg Crawl with Pike Press and Push Up – 5 reps

6. Jump Rope Skipping – 40 reps

7. One Leg Toe Touch – 25 reps on each Leg

8. Jump Rope Skipping – 40 reps

9.One Leg Dead Lift Jump Up – 20 reps on each leg

10. Jump Rope Skipping – 40 reps

One Leg Wall Sit.

Your thighs should be parallel to the ground and your back pressed against the wall. Keep your abs tight. Extend one leg out and bring it up to the level of your other knee. Start doing small pulses up and down with the extended leg. Each lift counts as one rep. Do 25 reps and switch legs.

Skipping with Jump Rope.

Do 40 skips after each exercise. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can do jumping jacks or high knees.

One Leg Crawl, Pike Press, and Push Up.

Get into the starting position (picture 1 above) with your hips pointing up towards the sky and one leg in the air. Keep your back straight and your abs engaged. Bend your elbows and bring your forehead towards the ground (pike press – picture 2). Press up and take a few steps with your hands forward until you get into a plank. One leg stays up in the air at all times (picture 3). Bend your elbows and lower your body towards the ground and then press up (picture 4). This was one rep. Do 5 reps on one leg, then do 4o skips with the jump rope and do another 5 reps on the other leg.

One Leg Toe Touch.

Lay on your exercise mat and bend one knee. Extend the other leg out and try to keep it just an inch or two above the ground. Squeeze your abs and bring the extended leg up as you lift your shoulders off of the ground. Try to touch your toes before you get back to the starting position. This was one rep. Do 25 reps on each leg and than do another 40 skips with your jump rope.

One Leg Dead Lift and Jump Up.

Stand on one leg and bend the other leg in about a 90 degree angle. Bend in your waist and keeping your back straight, try to touch the ground with your hands. Squeeze your glutes, straighten up from the bend over position and  jump up on the standing leg just a few inches above the ground. This was one rep. Do 20 reps on each leg and then do another 40 skips with the jump rope.

This was only 1 round. Have a sip of water if you have to and keep moving to complete the last 2 rounds in the shortest time possible.




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  • sselcann


  • Hannah

    30 minutes ;D and I had that thing when you drink water and then you can physically feel it like a washing machine in your stomach! :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m laughing now!  I looked at the video again andI thought I was supposed to do one leg skipping as well!  For me, not easy! ha ha!  I only made it through one round in 15 min 20 sec!  I found the one leg jump torture as well!

    gerri lee, you killed me! lol

    • http://BodyRock.Tv Gerri Lee Schafer

      that’s what happens when you are half asleep and trying to work out….I do it every morning except Mondays…LOL…one leg skips are pretty damn hard though

    • http://BodyRock.Tv Gerri Lee Schafer

      that’s what happens when you are half asleep and trying to work out….I do it every morning except Mondays…LOL…one leg skips are pretty damn hard though

  • http://BodyRock.Tv Gerri Lee Schafer

    did this one Dec 9, 2011…just what I needed…didn’t strain my soar lower back….did HKS w/rope  my time was 21:41…..could have done better…was doggin’ it a bit this morning

  • Kay

    27 mins. the 1 leg deadlift jumps slow me down cuz i keep losing my balance :o P

  • kate

    please make a workout video wearing something that covers at least half of your boobs. It’s disturbing seeing innapropriate clothing while working out.

  • haitham27

    great workout

  • Alex

    did this workout today, completed it in 21:45. The single leg toe touch was the hardest part for me!

  • Sidra

    first time i tried this w.out my time was 41 mins n 1 sec n next day it was 30 mins n 46 secs ( no cheating)

  • http://n/a Mel

    Hey there Zuzana, I am a gym junkie and I was wondering if you could maybe make a few workouts that didn’t involve too much balance. I have brain injury and can only walk short distances. Skipping or hopping is a big no no for me. I can do a few free weights, stuff on a crosstrainer and use a stationary spin bike or use a treadmill for walking (not running lol) I love your enthusiasm and what you have done! All the best!!!

  • Mariana

    Hi Zuzana!
    I discovered your website a while ago. It is really really good. I love it. I’ve been looking for a long time for a site with good and relatively short workouts, cause i’m so busy and I don’t always have the time to go to the gym. And honestly, your workouts are much better than going to the gym and lift some weights:) Days when I don’t manage to do your workouts I go to the pool and swim, that feels so good too.

    Wish you all the best!

  • Marissa

    Oh, in my last comment, I meant that *I* have to work on my cardio some more, not that you have to do more in your workouts. This workout definitely had plenty of cardio ;) I am getting better at this jump rope thing!

  • Marissa

    Gahhh this workout kicked my ass! Harder than I was expecting. I felt like I was going to vomit for a while afterwards; I think I definitely should’ve waited longer after eating. :P I liked the different exercises. Still gotta do more cardio, I think.

  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    C89.5 (my favorite radio station in Seattle) in the last week started rotating Stereo Love! First time I heard it in the mix I was working out with the stereo on!


  • Michelle

    26:45! Excellent workout, harder than I thought it would be. Thanks again!

  • Ann

    I did this workout today after enjoyed mother’s day celebration yesterday.My time was 30:18:25,cant beat you though I had so much fun and sweat :) Thank you for a great killer rountine!!

  • Charlie D.

    I beat you! 25:29:13. Ok – not by much, but I’ll take what I can get. I have two form questions:

    1) You bend your standing leg on the dead lifts. Is this because of flexibility problems or is it better that way?

    2) I try to squeeze my shoulder blades AND my hips off the mat on the toe-touches – is that ok? It helps me keep my abs always engaged.

    I read your post about just eating fruit for breakfast. My body tends to need some protein in the morning or else I feel very sluggish and VERY hungry later in the day. Do you think that’s just a matter of habit or could we just have different nutritional needs?

    Thanks a ton for these workouts. I was at the beach yesterday and it was so nice to feel so confident.

    • Charlie D.

      24:35:70 today! I’m getting faster!

  • Vicky

    Amazing! You should now create a ”This is my life” workout!



  • Lyana

    Wow this workout was brutal, haven’t done such a long one in a while, thanks for sharing this routine with us :)

  • lena

    wow this was a toughie. didn’t come close to beating you…29:02:44, darn. thank you so much for continuing on this journey with all of us!

  • Kate

    Hi Zuzana,

    I did this exercise today and finished in 31 min 15 sec. I will try it again later in the week to see if I can beat this time and get closer to yours. The dead leg lift jump was soooo hard! I have to get better at my balance.

    I also did the SM workout the day before. This was a little easier for me, but I was still breathing hard!

    Thanks for such great workouts! My husband and I have both purchased the Gymboss timer, just waiting for it to arrive!

  • Marzy

    awesome workout did it in 31 mins! whoop felt great afterward!

  • Mickela

    Hi all I found out why my back was sore from the SM workout.
    not only was I not using my core and keeping my back flat on the mat while doing the leg lifts, but I didn’t stretch my back after finishing the workout which really helps. simple yoga poses like downward dog really help.
    So like Zuzana says, it is really important to stretch.

  • SG

    I don’t know why this song ( motivates me when i am not in the mood to work out… Now im off to do this work out ;)

  • Florence

    Thanks for your nice workout. I really enjoyed this one. My time is not so good as your (28’26), but i stopped exercising for three weeks because of my exams in the university. I hope next time i’ll beat my and your time!
    Anyway, thanks for all your advice and workouts. I just love them! You’re a very inspiring person.

  • Gianna

    Well i have to say that i have been following your web page for about 3 weeks now and i have tried about a 10 of your workouts and i have to say that i have been sore from everyone i have attempted! today i used this workout at the gym and i was really impressed on how hard the one leg toe touch really is… i had to change the number of reps i did… so i could finish the workout! thanks for the great workout

  • Corinna

    Hi Zuzana,

    very well your training.
    I want to loose 5 kilos.
    Best Regards from Germany


  • http://n/a Tanya

    A nice workout really – a good way to alternate with interval training. This one took me 34 minutes and 35 seconds. The One Leg Crawl-Pike Press-Push-up was the hardest for me. Especially the pike press part. PLus I always count doubles for my skipping sets – that means that 40 reps for me actually mean 80 jumps. Is that ow you count skipping reps? I do the same for jumping jacks and scissors and high knees.
    Thanks again!

  • Margo

    This was great, thank you so much! This is my third day in a row doing your videos and I am loving it. I am so happy that you have condensed a full workout into a short period of time and I can get it done quickly before work…your site is wonderful, keep up the fantastic work :)

  • Evelyn Grace ~

    Hey Zuzi and Freddy!!

    I have done this work out 2 times. And the first time, i completed 3 rounds in 30.00 minutes. And I did it again yesterday and I completed it in 26.04!!! :)
    I really pushed myself a lot harder, and I just thought I would let you two know!!
    Thanks for an awesome workout!! :)
    You are a great inspiration!!

    Evelyn Grace

  • Nancy

    you look good before and after.

  • SM

    Finally did this workout today…but I couldn’t beat you :( 27:32. There is always next time ;)


  • Anicka

    oh my goodness!!! lol… i tried this one yesterday and dear GOD my upper body is so sore from the leg crawl/pike press push up. you make it look so easy but MAN oh man was it a challenge! i work out alot at home with The Firm videos, i have a huge collection… but ive been checking out your workouts for a couple weeks and i could just tell this is the real deal! i finally got brave enough to try your stero love workout and i tell you now im HOOKED. theres something so much more challenging about your workouts then my videos, which is AWESOME! i can FEEL it… if I stick to your workouts im going to get the results i want.

    also, yes you are right, eating only fruits in the morning on a empty tummy (and our beloved coffee of course hehe) WORKS to burn fat! then stick with LOTS of fruits and vegges throughout the rest of the day and try to eat as little meat and bread as you can stand. mixing this with your workouts WORKS. plus, i gave up cheese two months ago and its finally paying off… as cheese kept the weight on me. I LOVE it.. had to let it go.

    zuzanna, you really are a cool chica for doing this site for free. there is soooo much juicy stuff here; workouts, diet tips, etc and you really make it lovely and let us health addicts get it all for free. someone is going to hire you on with thier company one day, i swear it, lmao. im very glad i discovered this site, it is gonna be the key to my ultimate fitness! :) )

    Anicka, Dallas Texas

  •!/photo.php?pid=638462&id=678365922 Sheila

    Hi Zuzana, I just finshed your Stereo Love workout. My time wasn’t that great :( 32:03…I guess one women’s nightmare can be another women’s easy workout ;) . I am proud however, that I completed the entire workout using good form and no cheating…there’s the positive in that.

    I’m really enjoying your workouts. I’ve committed to doing only your workouts for six weeks (and some cardio – outdoor runs and eliptical trainer)for six weeks. I started that in April but had to stop due to a family matter but started back at the beginning of May. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I love your site Zuzana and Fredrick! Keep up the great work!


  • Dipanjan Mitra

    hey zuzana n fred,
    got i question…could u recommend any abs workout with weights? pls tell if u have any videos posted on it. lookin forward for ur reply :-)

  • sara

    hi zuzana n frederick

    your videous arent just good for the well being of the body, they have helped me improve in all aspects of my life. i really try not puttin off not just exercise but anything that i am supposed to do. i have started studyin for my degree too:D:D:D you guys have really taught me the importance of “today”.
    thanks you two!
    God bless

  • Ericka

    Hi Zuzana…I wanted to know if you had lose weight cos’ you look most skinny on your pics?
    So it’s finished with your chocolate? Lol!
    You look good…Me too I want to loose 2 or 3 kilos so I’m going to try it now.

  • Natasya

    Heeelow ;) ,
    I’ve been doing your workouts for 2 months now and i can see so much improvement visual and physicall.
    But my love, since elementary school, is running. The last few times i went running i noticed my back hurts. I didn’t know whats worng. Then i noticed you don+t do any exercises for the back. Since i included some back exercises in my workouts, my problems went away. Maybe it’s just me, cuz before i couldn’t do one push up and could run 15 km. :) ))

    Have fun,

  • Mrs Nilsson

    Great to see that you are back on track again! Keep up the good work! You are the best! :)

  • Ilo

    Ahoj Zuzko,
    jsem rada, ze je ti uz dobre a ze jsi mohla zacit znovu cvicit.
    Od te doby co jsem zacala delat tve cviceni, tak se me telo opravdu meni. Nicmene vaha nejde dolu…za 4 tydny mam dole pouze pul kilo. Nevim, jestli to neni tim, ze me svaly maji pamet diky kulturisticke minulosti nebo co. Pozoruji na sobe, ze mam vetsi silu a telo se zacina rysovat, ale vaha proste dolu nejde a nejde. Momentalne mam 57,5 a merim 161cm.
    Dalsi vec, kterou jsem s tebou chtela konzultovat je, ze mam velmi svalnate nohy k pomeru k horni casti tela a celou dobu se snazim zmensit objem ale marne. Tva cviceni jsou skvela, ale trosku se bojim, abych se neosvalila jeste vice pres stehna, jelikoz tam davas spoustu vypadu ruznych stylu… A co bys mi popripade poradila?
    Diky za odpoved. Pa I.

  • TheoCoach

    Nice workout Zuzana. Not so hard but made me sweat good.


    Theodore from Greece

  • Xtina

    I need to share this! Stereo Love is the creation of a guy from my native country. So proud! And he is not the only one that has become popular across the world and known for his music.

  • Carla

    Oh man, today wasn’t good! spent a great deal of the workout looking for my balance :) but hey it is all good. time to improve myself.
    My time: a scandalous 30 minutes! (scandalous for me!)

  • Xenon

    Nice Romanian song! Go Edward!

  • Katie

    This one took me 32 minutes to complete, but I’m so excited that I did real push ups instead of doing any on my knees. This is the first time I’ve been strong enough to do the real push ups all the way through! I’m hoping I can keep that up in future workouts. It’s so fun to see improvement, don’t you think?!?

    Thanks so much for posting up all these workouts – they are really making a difference for me!

  • Heezer

    Will you also become strong doing these exercises?

  • Ivette

    Hi – Have you guys considered doing some wear? I’d love a tee with a really nice flattering cut and maybe a little bling. You can also offer a tee that says on one side and “beat your personal best” on the other. And I’d love shorts or yoga pants with your logo along the leg (I’m a bit old for the on the butt lettering, but cute for others). If you don’t want to get too complicated, you can always go through cafepress or something like that. Just please do it – cool stuff for your fans and more well-deserved $ for you. I’d gladly spend too much on a tee shirt to thank you for what you’ve done for me. Of course you could reward the fan that gave you the inspiration with some freebies. :) xoxo

  • Sandie

    Got my Gym Boss last Friday. Thanks for noting GymBoss brand in your blog. There order process was effortless and delivery was quick. Now I can really get into your workouts. Love them BTW.

  • Maria L.

    Looks like fun. I’ll do this tomorrow.

  • Lvette

    Hi Valerie,

    I think this is what you wanted.

    1. Jump Lunge: Get down into a lunge. Keep your chest up, back straight, shoulders down and back. Make sure that your knee doesn’t reach over your toes. Push off of your feet and jump up, switching legs in midair. Land softly on the balls of your feet in the lunge position and repeat. There is one important rule to remember. These are not scissors but lunges and you have to always touch the ground with the back knee. You have to be very careful, so that you don’t bang your knee against the ground. This way you will avoid momentum and jerky movements. Make sure to keep the front shin vertical and don’t buckle your knee in. Keep your chest up and upper body straight. Avoid bending forward.

    2. Reversed Push Ups: Make this exercise easier by keeping knees bent and heels on the floor. You can do a more challenging version by extending your legs out. You can try to put a very sturdy broom stick in between two chairs if you don’t have the dip station. Just make sure that everything is strong enough to hold your weight. This exercise is also a great substitute for pull ups. It’s easier than pull ups.

    3. Jump Squat: When you squat down, push your hips back, keep the weight on your heels, chest up, and your back straight. You have to get to rock bottom squat so that your hips are lower then your knee caps. Then push off of the heels and jump up just a few inches off of the ground. Land softly on the balls of your feet and get immediately into the squat.

    4. Push Ups: Now is your chance to give regular push ups on your toes a try. Keep your body tight and in a straight line. Don’t drop your hips or bend your back. Bring your chest down towards the ground bending your elbows. Your body moves down as a unit. Power up as you exhale.

    • Valerie

      Thank you Lvette :) , it’s what I was looking for :)

  • FlaviaRJ

    Great Workout, I´ve been absent for a while but always exercising and getting note of the workouts!!
    Congratz! ^^

  • Marce

    Hi Zuzana, I love your workouts. I being workingout for the past 7 years but your exercises makes me feel better with myself. I really enjoy it.
    Thank you,


  • Lvette

    Hi Valerie,

    I’m not sure if this will help you to do the Hot Quickie.

    The routine is to do as many rounds are possible in 15 minutes.

    1. Jump lunge – 15 reps make sure to your knees touch the ground. Take care not to bang your knees on the floor.

    2. Reverse push ups – 5 reps

    3. Jump squat – 5 reps

    4. Push ups – 5 reps

  • Ashleigh

    This workout kicked my butt! I did your absolute beginner workout for about a month and have started attempting your regular workouts. I still have to modify some of the exercises, but I am building strength so quickly and have definition in my arms for the first time ever! Your workouts and diet tips have changed my life. Thank you : ]

  • Mickela

    I just finished this workout. It is 8:24 PM in NYC.
    I changed things up a bit.
    the pike press I did one leg elevated push ups 10 reps
    and the dead lift I did the same amount of reps but without the jump and holding and 8lb weight, I also added 5 chin ups, my total time is 34:20.
    This workout required a lot of concentration. I really made sure to stretch a lot after finishing. I have noticed that stretching really helps with the healing process, which in turn helps me work hard with out too much pain.
    Again, I can’t thank you both enough for helping me stay focused and motivated.

  • Lvette

    Completed this in 34:26. The one leg crawl with press and push ups almost killed me(could only do 4-3-4 on each leg.I did the Banging Body Workout the day before and was feeling the soreness of the one leg elevated push ups from that(completed the 3 rounds of BBW in 25mins.).

    I would love to try bouldering,but I’ve a fear of heights…maybe it’s time I conquer that fear. Nice to see you guys having so much fun in general, it’s infectious.

  • Jen

    Is there anyway that these videos can be downloaded so I can put them on my ipod?

  • mari


  • MYK

    you’re so creative in your workout. It’s really nice and it saves a lot of time.

  • jason landers

    i wish they had something here where i lived to climb that looks fun z,& cool workout, and by the way do you ever go running? im getting ready to try and reach my goal, im running 10 miles this weekend. wish me luck!

  • Antonia

    Hi zuzana,

    Went to my local sporting good store -no timers that do what is needed-so I just ordered the gymboss and refered you, should have done it in the first place-thanks!

  • The work out freak!

    Here are one good work out playlist for you, check it out here spotify music for 4-5 days good music i listen then i running and working out. :-)

  • Nicole Brown

    Hi Zuzana! Thank you for all your posts! One question though, Ive been trying to view your “daily workouts” bc I’m trying to find some specific workouts you did. Every time I click on the “daily workouts” it goes to that error page. Are you guys working on fixing that or are they permanently gone?

    Thank you!


    • Frederick

      They are being fixed :)

  • Polyx

    Did this one in 15:33:00

    I must have done somethingw rong to have such a fast time.

  • Steve O

    Hey I Love that Video. It’s on my Running playlist. So is Yves Larock – Rise Up
    Black Box – Ride on time
    Keri Hilson – Energy
    Coldplay – Speed of sound, Cemeteries of London & Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)

    I hope u like those tracks. Ur Site and Videos have helped me so much at a time when i can’t afford Gym membership so i hope i contributed to ur music library ;-)

  • Rea


    I love the way your form is always perfect, so I really took my time with this workout trying to watch my form and my time was 33:35! You thought you were slow…
    The 1 leg wall sit was hard, the dead lift was brutal and rope skipping is just something I dont do very well.
    But I did notice an improvement since I practice my skipping.

  • Ed

    Zuzana, I think you lose the want of climbing trees and rocks when you fall out of them…

  • Patricia

    I’m new to your website and I really enjoy it! However, I have one question for you, do you also workout with heavy weights or mostly body weight? Being that I’m working out at home I don’t have heavy weights only light weights.

    Thank you,

    • Frederick

      Mostly just body weight exercises :)

  • Paula

    Hi! Liked this workout!I’ve lost 1.5 kg since i started regular trainings with You 3 weeks ago:D Just this and regular small/medium size meals! It works, and I’m ipressed:D Thankyou Zuz and Frederick:D I’ll keep the ball rolling;) and with You its easier than ever!

  • karla

    Hi zuzana!! i love your videos! there great!! i was wondering what excersises do you recommend i should do iam 5’3 and mainly all the fat goes to my hips and arms=/

    how long did it take you to get in shape like you are?? :)


  • Dipanjan Mitra

    hey zuzana.
    loved this workout….did the one leg toe touch…quite amazin for abs workout thou…i do 5-6 types of abs workout 3-4 times a week along with weight trainin…but was searchin for a differnt one since im doin the same abs workout for 3-4 mnths now…tried ur one arm push ups…really struglled doin dat..:P…enyoyd it…guess im gonna do da One Leg Crawl, Pike Press, and Push Ups too…keep postin..!! :-)

  • Mickela

    SM great idea for a workout. what is the ice skater jump lunge?
    the squat sounds like a nice exercise.

  • Jess

    wow this was a good workout
    thanks so much zuzana!

  • Gaby

    Hey Zuzana and Frederik and your two dogs =).. I did this workout first thing in the morning and since you said it was not too challenging I thought.. It will be easy.. but wow it was preeety hard for me it took me 26:45 to finish it all and I was out of breath in the end, I guess that means that I still have a long way ahead of me I can’t wait to do this workout in the future and when I finish be able to say, it wasn’t that hard =).. Thank you though I loved it!! Happy Thursday!

  • Deborah

    Hey ZUzana- great motivation for me. I have been working out for a long time and I dont have any weight to lose and am already pretty thin but i am wanting definition in my arms and a firmer toned butt. I get frustrated because i dont see any results. I am stronger but how do I get the definition in my arms like you? I eat a clean diet but you are so lean and there is hardly no fat on you at all. I have read your diet articles but do you eat lots more protein than carbs to keep so lean. Please let me know. I have worked so hard for the last 2 or 3 months and it is coming down to the last month before my 20 year reunion and I just can’t believe I am not seeing the results I have been working so hard for. Do I need to keep doing weights or should I just do your workouts, right now I am doing both. Thanks for anyones help

  • Adela

    yay…after adding up all those dates in my logbook i realised two days ago i had my #100 workout after starting working out on a regular basis. On this reason i stoped and wanted to say THANK YOU for all the help and information you give us.
    When i first started working out i was just doing lots of situps even 300, then doing the wall sit about 1 and a half minute and maybe tryin’ to do 2 to 5 correct pushups. And after the first 5 days i found the right path, the road to a healtier life and a better looking body:

    Thank you!

    • Frederick

      Congratulations Adela!

  • george

    hello!very nice and usefull exersises!please post a video with before and after pictures!it will be very usefull for us to see the diferences in your body!thank you very much

  • Carina

    I love your videos, and I love how you take so much care of your health and phsyique. I am about as motivated as a bean bag, but would love to follow your videos. I just don’t know where to start, how to actually -want- to put myself through phsyical strain. Mentally the motivation is not there, its just a wish that I could do as well as you.


  • Gabija

    It was hard on my legs

  • gia

    hey guys thanks for all you do, so glad you are feeling better zuzana.

    i really love that randomize workout button that another bodyrocker mentioned also, it would be great if you had a section where other members can submit new workout ideas, just in case those days you dont have a new one up.

    also will you be incorporating any new workout routines zuzana? i feel like ive been doing a lot of the same moves in my workouts.

    luv u guys! cant wait for the new site. pls take us bikini shopping!

  • Daniela(svunk)

    todays workout in time 31:07!!Is it good,bad or so so??HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

  • Samantha R

    Hi both, the climbing looks great fun. This workout is one of my favourites especially on a sore day I finished in 24:18. Thank you.

  • Andreea

    Hi zuzana,

    my computer is dying for a couple of days and i didn’t reaise till these last couple of days that at first it was a matter of will to do your workouts and now i get so upset if i don’t manage to fix the computer because i want to do the workouts…last night as an example i didn’t do your workout after i tried for 4 hours to fix it …and i was so pissed off …and that’s when i realised that i have to do something even if i can’t do your workout so i went for a run at 8 p.m. it was kind of late….but i felt so good after the run ….i felt proud of myself that i managed to develope that power of will that we all need it…so thank god that i received last year when i turned 18 a laptop from my parents and that i have some neighbours that have wireless internet and i can “steal ” so that i can see your workouts and do them…by the way i told my brother about your website and the little creep showed my mother one of my comments and my mom was like:so, should i understand that you want workout clothes like Zuzana’s ?! and i Was like: if you want to, i won’t mind at all…they are comming home on the 4th of august (they live in london) in romania …so i can wait …oh and i told her to by me a gymboss interval timer because i’m having a hard time with my stopwatch that i have on my phone….hope i didn’t bored you too much…if i did …then sorry…

    keep up the good work you and freddy!!!

  • Bobbi

    Love the song. I attend an aerobics class once a week, (along with doing your workouts the rest of the week) and the instuctor plays this song for the workout. I just want to break out dancing!
    I discovered your website about a month ago. I am really enjoying the workouts. I am doing your six week summer workouts from last year, that way I know what I am doing from day to day for the next six weeks. Great site, great workouts. Keep them coming!

  • Daniela(svunk)

    Hi there,
    Last year I was on holiday in Greece and this song was on first place of top 10,I love this song and be serious I’ve got it on my MP3 long time,is super song for backround when I am doing exercise…..GOOD CHOICE!!!by the way,I love greek food..mnami mnami:))
    I go to try todays workout,thanks for that….kisses!!!

    • ARIS

      hello daniela im from greece . . have u tryied to eat greek guros..?

      • Daniela(svunk)

        Hi Aris,I eat GYROS and it’s so tasty but very fat food and I am not eat that anymore :) )

  • Valerie

    Would it be possible to write the workout routine for “Hot Quickie” the exercises aren’t written :( , I’d greatly appreciate it :)

    • Bella

      I happen to have that one written down.
      1. Jump Lunges – 5 reps
      2. Reverse Push Ups – 5reps
      3. Jump Squats – 5reps
      4. Push Ups – 5reps

      (as many rounds as you can do in 15minutes)

      • Valerie

        Thank you very much, I appreciate it :)

  • Rutele

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick
    I would like to ask you, i do my workouts about two monts, but the last two weeks are so hard to me, i do daily workouts, usually with weights, and cardio, but now i cant finished full sets and reps, and its makes me so nervous, i feel not energised, :(
    I eat small portions often, the real food, i lost nearly 6 kg,
    Do you have any advise? Thank you Zuzana

    • basmati

      Maybe your body needs more than you´re giving to it…
      I used to had the same problem, I was eating small portions but it wasn´t enough for me; I felt without energy. So I started eating a little bit more and I´m feeling fine again :)

    • Kristina

      I had the same problem a week into my exercises and was told to make sure that my intake of sodium and/or potassium was sufficient. I’ve changed my diet so it would have all the nutrients/minerals and noticed the difference right away. Plus I’ve heard that carbs are important when you do a constant burn exercise. Hope this can help :)

      • Rutele

        Thank you for advices :) I try to add good carbs, i found pure coconut water in healthy food store, taste nice, has only natural sugars, and helps to feel more energies, I hope i will feel better :) Its really hard period.

  • SM

    Awesome workout! I’ll have to try it tomorrow…today is my weight lifting day :)

    A friend told me about this workout and I tried it yesterday and I really enjoyed it. So here it is if anyone wants to try:

    The workout consists of 7 exercises and you do 20 reps per exercise. The goal is go through all 7 exercises as many times as you can for 20 mins. I was able to complete 3 rounds and the first 2 exercises. You can just use your body weight or get a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell to make it more challenging.

    1- Ice skater jump lunges
    2- Dynamic push-ups
    3- Squat with weight rotations on the left
    4- Jump rope or high knees
    5- Squat with weight rotations on the right
    6- Side v-ups on the right
    7- Side v-ups on the left

    For the squat with weight rotations, you get in a normal squat position then bring the dumbbell (or whatever weight, I used 6 kilo dumbbell) to the outside of the right knee with both hands, you then stand straight and twist your torso to the left. You repeat the same exercise on the other side after the jump rope. Hopefully it makes sense. Zuzana did the same exercise using only her bodyweight in her 550 rep workout.

    Zuzana I’ll let you know how I did with your stereo love workout tomorrow…my goal is to beat your time ;)

    Have a great day!

  • marco sperdin

    hallo zuzanna. 2 questions please. do you do streching after your wrkouts which all by are awesome. i guess your workouts can also push a man hard so are they designed for both woman and man? thanks so much and greetings from austria. marco

  • Raina

    hey this song’s videoclip is in greece! Haha it’s from our island, glad to see it! Looks beautiful!
    I like the song!
    Also I wanted to tell: I’M FINALLY ABLE TO DO NINJA JUMPS!!! YAY! I was trying for them before christmas but i just couldn’t lift my body. Yesterday I tried one workout from you with ninja jumps and when i tried to do the first one, i just did it!!! I’m so happy and proud:)

    Thanks a lot:)
    Lots of love
    from greece

  • Luis

    I have been following this page for the past couple of months and have been really impressed. Keep up the great work.

    PS – That song is awesome! :)

  • Lish Weese

    So opposite of disappointed…amazing!!! My sis just asked me about what I do. You guys are what I “do” So, that is it. I do and am amazed daily with my results and my compliments. You guys have everything in one package, and you’re not even really selling it! I found you, followed you, and I am finding no need to look you know how good that feels!? These workouts are incredible, very doable, take up less time, and are effective. Go Bodyrock! I will never do anything else to maintain Zuzana’s physique BUT this…simple, bodyweight exercises that require very little of our daily effort :)

  • Audrey

    Just wanted to say great workout and I fell in love with it just by the name haha, LOVE LOVE LOVE STEREO LOVE!!!! How did the song `inspire` you for the workout?

  • Marlon

    Hi Zuzana,

    Thanks a lot. You are a great inspiration. You are awsome! I have a question for you. Do you run (jogging)?

    I noticed your workouts are cardio intensive since you do not rest too much between sets. So, are your workouts all we need for aerobic/cardio excercise or should we also include some running (say jogging or running in the treadmill)?


  • http://good DRUSSO

    muy buenos ejercicios,


    Hi my name is octavian and i just wanted to know in reference to my work out when do i run(jog)? is it better to run before i lift weights or after and how much time between running and lifting weights? thanks

    • Lauren

      It depends on your personal style and motivation levels because the best exercise is always the one that you will do. But generally, better to do cardio after when your metabolism is spiked from the strength training and you are burning more calories.

  • Lauren

    Hey Z!
    I just want to say that you look extra gorgeous today in your “coffee talk” intro to this workout. Not sure why, but whatever it is, it’s workin’ for ya! Also, you’re starting to look extremely lean and thin, so I guess what you’re doing to prepare for summer is working (or maybe because you haven’t been able to eat well because of your tooth =( hopefully that’s not it lol)

    As always love what you do, keep it up!

  • Sasha

    I’ve already done my workout for today, but am looking foward to trying this tomorrow. I have a question, if someone could help with the answer, I would greatly appreciate it. What is the best type of exercises to do to slim down the lower body? I am 5ft4in, so kind of short, and have pretty short, stocky legs. I always have wanted long, lean legs so much. I know there is nothing I can do about the length of my legs, but at least if there was a way to slim them down to make them for sleek, defined, and feminine. I would love some help with this. Also, do you think diet plays a part in my bulky legs? I workout out 3-4 times a week and overall eat pretty healthy, but just am having trouble slimming down my lower body. thanks.

    • Carrie P

      Some people hold more weight in their legs, whether its muscle or fat. You can’t spot reduce. Just keep on working out and keep your diet in check. Your legs will slim when you reduce your overall body fat. We’re all different when it comes to where your fat comes off first. Legs may be the last place for you.

  • Nicole D Lopez

    Hey guys!

    I did this workout in 32 minutes, although, I must say, it’s not my fault it took me so long. I live at an apartment complex and so there is a gym and a swimming pool right next to each other. While I was doing this workout, some guy from the pool came in and started bugging me lol. He was so intrusive and annoying, but I’m not the type of person to be mean or shoo him off lol. So, next time I do this workout, hopefully I should be much faster :)

    That bouldering looked extremely fun! Thanks for sharing with us!

    P.S. When will we see your birthday celebration like you promised ;)

  • stephanie

    Your are in great shape! Do you have any kids? I have 3 kids and weigh 140 and I want to lose 20 lbs. I just found your videos and am going to try your workout today. Wish me luck!

  • Shayne{Rick]

    I think you look leaner now.
    nice work staying on top of your diet.

  • Carolyn Pilates

    Sunny and windy day here in Vegas so I did this one outside! 46:23

    Jump rope skips: mixed these up with jogging and single leg. For round 3, I laid the rope down to do sets forward/back and side/side, double and single leg.

    By mistake, I did Sgl Lg V Sit Ups for the Sgl Lg Toe Touches…corrected only because I couldn’t get that high up on the last set!

    Enjoyed this one…shoulder bridge with legs in parallel and straddle on heels, supine spine twist, stretches for hamstring, quads, hips. calves and IT band, and breaststroke back extension for cool down.

  • Samantha

    Hey! Love your workouts!! I’ve been doing them everyday for the past month. How is that you’re able to get so lean and ripped doing these workouts? Is it possible to get your look without lifting weights and doing hours of cardio?? I’ve been doing your training 6x a week, but others keep telling me I won’t get your physique this way. Were you able to build muscle with these workouts or did you already have it and are now maintaining? THANKS SO MUCH!! PLEASE tell me they’re wrong!!

    • Frederick

      Hi Samantha – this is really all that Zuzana does :)

      • sara

        i can add. I am seeing results finally …. it took a while.. but i am seeing them.. I was never a fat person, I had a normal physique with a 20% body fat. . I am 6 feet tall, and was 145 lbs. now i am 142 now, and now my abs are more defined , i use to have a flat butt, now i dont i have a bit of a hump :D …. i started working out with bodyrock since mid feb of this year…

        I also must add, i hav been working out for 10 years.. (since i was 16), i even had a personal trainer for 2 years, but i like the way my body looks now more than ever before. :D so it works just give it time,,, its not over night results of course.

      • Maud

        Maybe i’m wrong, but I’ve seen in the videos of the workout archives that Zuzana already have this shape before the bodyweight exercises and the interval trainings…So, for those who don’t have this shape at the beginning, it is possible to get in shape like Zuzanna only with this type of trainings?

      • Jess

        this may be all that she does NOW, but I think she’s asking if this was all that zuzana did to get in the shape she’s in now. I’ve watched all the videos and in the old ones she mentions how she used to go to the gym, and she also lifted weights, none of which she does anymore. So, what did she do TO GET to where she’s at now? Considering she went to the gym, there must be more to it than just these workouts. :)

    • Maz

      Hi Samantha,

      It is possible to get this lean, without hours in the gym or doing cardio. However, Before Zuzana started these short workouts and small portions, she had a period where she was eating more calories than she needed (as ahe admitted once) and doing a lot more exercises with weights.

      My point is, that during this period she was able to build a lot of muscle, which has given her a higher metabolism and thus burn fat. It has also allowed her to get super lean when she cut her portions (and inevitably calories), striping what little fat she had left.

      Building dense lean muscle (not bulky) is a vital component of getting this lean. And you need to eat enough to do this to start with. Lifting heavy weights or training with heavier Kettlebells are some of the faster methods to do this.

      I’m sure these exercises are probably all Zuzana does NOW, but she only needs to maintain what she previously built. And she even admitted once that she thought she had gotten “too bulky” for her liking back then, so she has probably lost some muscle mass since then from cutting her calories. If you’re starting out, you need all the muscle you can get to burn that fat.

      Muscle is key! Hope this helps you :)

  • Rosalia Delgado

    Thanks for the awesome workouts. I also love the music.

  • Jenny

    Here’s more techno songs im sure you’ll like. Thats all i work out to and listen to is dance and techno. :D Ill always be around to let you in on some really good music. lol

    Plumb – In My Arms (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)

    M’black – Heartbreak (Radio Edit)

    Dada Life – Let’s Get Bleeped Tonight (Moguai Remix)

    Tiesto – Escape Me [Ft. Cc Sheffield]

    Morgan Page – Fight For You (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix Radio Edit)

    Kaskade & Seamus Haji – So Far Away

    John O’Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky

    David Guetta Ft. Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over

    Bad Boy Bill Feat. Alyssa Palmer – Falling Anthem (Bad Boy Bill Extended Mix)

    Deadmau5 Ft Rob Swire – Ghosts N Stuff

    • Chris L

      Hi Jenny,

      I love your choices! I often listen to a local radio station, that plays top forty dance, when I workout. You can listen to them online here:

      C89.5 btw is run by high school students!


      • Jenny

        Hey Chris,

        Thanks for the radio station!! I usually listen to the dance channel on tv or i listen to the radio stations on iTunes but this site has very good music too. I looovvveeee to workout to dance and techno, its so energizing. :D


  • Eddy

    Greetings from Mexico!
    Keep up the good work zuzana! ;D

  • Claudia

    30 days, workout e-v-e-r-y day, and not even 1/2 pound lost!! why!!!!

    • Frederick

      How is your diet?

      • Claudia


        ouppss, maybe that’s the problem…diet…but, still, I never eat chocolate,cakes, cookies always drink only water…but don’t ask me to stop eating bread or pasta…I would probably die….the problem it’s that when I only eat stuff like vegetables, I feel empty, sad, I really don’t enjoy that….It’s not that I don’t like, “c’est juste trop fade” =(

        what if instead of 20 min I would be 30 daily??? =)

        • SM


          You can try and substitute pastas for good grains like quinoa and bulgur or even whole wheat couscous. Also brown rice or whole wheat pasta is much better for you than regular pasta. Just try it for a week, you’ll see a huge difference and you’ll get used to it. I hardly eat normal pastas (unless I’m on vacation to italy ;) but I was amazed by the changes in my body and how much weight I lost just by making these simple substitutions. Also, whole wheat bread is better and not too much. I limit myself to one or 2 slices the most. Portion control is key!

          Check out the diet section on this website. Zuzana and Fredrick have very nice recipes and great tips.

          Good luck!

  • Anna

    So many people have different as to whether you should continue to work out when you’re sore all over or take couple days off. What do you recommend? I started you’re workouts and have been so sore I can’t walk or even move my arms, not to mention sit. Do you recommend I should continue try to do some lighter workouts or should I give my body a rest? Thank you.

    • SM


      I recommend taking a couple days off and just do some light jogging or some jump rope skips that will help release some of the muscle tension. I also recommend taking an anti-inflammatory medicine like Advil in the states. But keeps your body moving. If you keep sitting the muscle will get more tense and more sore. Long walks are good too. Hope that helps :)


  • Dave

    27 min right, this old man got it done in 34min.
    Thanks for the workout . ; )

  • Roxane

    Hi Zuzana & Fred!

    I just completed the workout! I did it in 34 minutes…:-( …but I’m stil glad because I was really tired of my day and I wasn’t feeling like working out at all!!! But I did it and I pushed myself as hard as I could!!!
    And now I feel great!
    Love working out!


  • jo

    Hi Zuzana,

    great you are back! i was just wondering you look slimmer in you videos afther the one week without working out! you look realy good :-) anyway i dont know if you lost weight, but wanted to ask you if you had a realy strickt diet during these days or may it be because you lost some muscles?
    beacuse i want to slimm down a littel more myself, but i am not sure if shoul watch my diet even more and just not work out so much to slim my muscles down, or train harder. i workout 5 days a week.

    thanks for all the inspiraition and information!!

  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’ve a book recommendation for you: Gym Climbing by Matt Burbach Actually almost any book from the Mountaineers is great (!

    Not that I’m bragging, but the sport you where doing was “invented” here in Seattle. Look up Vertical Climbing Gym 1987 for some history.


  • Slavik

    Nice workout !
    I will try it tomorrow

    Btw , there is something wrong with your ‘diet’ section even in google cache it’s “db error”

  • Brianna

    Love the pike push up and jump rope. I do that at home. Thx.

  • Cinthya

    Hi Guys,

    I love the integration of the movements you are using. I love doing single leg workouts, they are really great for fat burning and combining them with push-ups, it’s twice the fat burning combo!!!AWSOME!! thank you for your continued dedication to making workouts fun for all.

    I am currently doing 2 workouts a day to help prep me for summer (got a late start). I have seen some changes begin. Any advice would be wonderful. By the way, I have gotten so good with the jump rope, thanks!!!


  • Ru

    This workout was just what i was looking for today, not super intensive but still challenging. I thought for sure that i would beat Zu’s time but i was bummed to finish at 28mins27secs. Next time i will push way harder. Not that you don’t look great all the time but you looked extra beautiful today. Don’t hurt me Freddie! ; )

  • T.O.S

    Hello Charlie/Zuzana,

    What workout routines do you recommend for someone like me, who is trying to gain muscle?
    I do not have the frame or DNA to look big. I’m a regular guy who wants look good for my wife.
    I have started doing the 6 wk program on your site. Is that the right routine to follow if I want to gain muscle?

    Thank you for your time and help.


  • Jasmine

    never mind, haha i clearly cannot read

  • Jasmine

    Hi, I want to do this workout but i dont have a skipping rope, what do you suggest to replace that ? would jumping jacks suffice?

    • Sarah from USA- SC

      It says in the description of the jump rope part that if you don’t have a skipping rope, do high knees or jumping jacks.

    •!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

      Jasmine, have you read the descriptions beneath each exercise? If you do, you’ll see that Zuzi recommends doing jumping jacks or high knees if you don’t have a jumping rope. And even if she didn’t say that, it is fine to make sure you suit your workout so that it works for you.

    • Chris L

      Hi Jasmine,

      This is a FAQ. You can do jacks or run in place or pretend you have a rope and just go thru the motions. Some people hold small weights when doing the latter to add to the workout.

      Any exercise Zuzana or anyone suggests here can have a substitution. It’s just fun to follow as closely as possible what she does to see if you can best Zuzana at her game. But, some things really hurt my knee or stress my back to much so I do other similar variations. What I’m getting at is: You have to know your own limits and learn to protect your body. In this way you will stay healthy and have fun while getting in great shape! Summer is fast approaching! 8-)

      I hope this helps,

    • Jenny

      Just do the same movement, just without a jump rope. I didn’t have one either so that’s what i did. lol

    • cole

      i think in the video, zuzana suggested replacing skipping rope with jumping jacks or high knees. both still challenging. :)

    • Ana [Florida-Honduras]

      It’s on the description of the exercises, you can replace it with jumping jacks or high knees ;)

  • Eva Evelina 0104


    I agree, climbing in general is a great sport. I have always been a bit hyperactive and have alwasy had problems with concetration, mainly as a kid in deep communism, which was a problem as well as being left handed:-) Climbing was the first sport for me, which helped me to imporove my focus as one small mistake could be fatal. I love Adrspach Rocks its one of the best places in Czech for climbing. And the Chief Mountain in Squamish, BC is also a great challenge. Kepp it up girl!!!:-)

    EE 0104

  • Smashley

    Hi guys, never have left a comment before but just wanted to thank you two for all of your hard work and efforts and for sharing them with us. If you guys are still taking suggestions for the new site I would like to recommend a random workout button on the home page or something similar. Say we get on the site looking for a new workout but you guys are taking a rest day, there could be a button to click which would randomly load an older workout. Just takes the guess work out of selecting an alternative workout. Slightly useless but I know I’d use that feature, once again thank you guys for everything you do!

    • cole

      LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of having a “random button” workout generator on the site! there are SO many awesome workouts to choose from and sometimes i have a hard time making a decision! Pleaseeee consider for the new website!!

      • Nana

        I agree completly, LOVE this Idea! Please put in a “random button” workout!

      • Samantha R

        Smashley, what a smashing idea! I’d love this too. Sx

    • Jess

      I like that idea. I have 2 journals full of zuzana’s workouts and it takes me a while to pick one if she hasn’t posted a new workout. I’d definitely use that kind of feature :)

  • Janet

    Ahhh so nice to get the workout done! The pike push ups are challenging! My jump rope needed some focus. 28:04 I liked the ab stuff! This was a well rounded workout; another great one! Thanks!

  •!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

    Wow, I managed to surprise myself with completing this workout for 34min 40sec!? Bearing in mind I did the pyke press/push ups on one knee for the second and third rounds. And I must admit, I had too many water breaks *blush*.

    The important thing is, the time doesn’t really matter as long as the exercises are performed correctly and enjoyably. Mind you, that one leg dead lift with jump took my ass on fire!!

  • Jacob

    Hello :-)

    This is my first time on your webstite, but iam already growing fond of it.

    You seem to update your website very often which is very good :D The videos i have seen of your training sessions seems very serius and ofcourse you are not particularly ugly ;-)

    I think i will try 1 or 2 of your workouts and report back :-) and then i might keep this site as a favorite

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      cool, thanks :)

      • Jacob

        I tryed out this fitness program today, and found it very good :D !
        During the Weekend i will look at some more Programs
        – This webstite is definitely a favortie !

  • Mackenzie

    27:17.. almost got you boo.

  • Klaudia

    Stereo Love is one of the few songs that i have on replay when i workout. I absolutely love it and when i hear it, it reminds me of summer and motivates me to workout better

  • Heidi

    Hi Zuzana,

    Another awesome workout! It took me 33:40. I found the Crawl w/ Pike Press & Push Up a bit of a challenge at first. I look forward to beating my time in the near future. I found your site on Youtube last November, was not to consistent until I made myself write everything on a calendar to track my work. My goal is to have everyday filled with exercise, even my rest days need to be active thanks to your great advice. So now when I look at my April calendar I can see where I need to improve for May. Also want to thank you for your recipes and portion tips. You are an awesome inspiration to me and I am glad your back from your tooth recovery.

  • Micky C

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy

    Interesting adding the skipping into this. I am just going to do the same with the One Leg Gypsy workout. On a related note but not to make this about climbing…for bouldering get to Fontainebleau down from Paris. For some atmospheric sport, trad and multi-pitch (if you become hooked) then you can’t go wrong with El Chorro in Andalucia.
    Some of the sweetest moments of my life have been on a rock face…but then they have also being on the waves. Don’t get into surfing. It’s even more addictive than climbing. You’ll end up packing the whole website in ;-)

    • Janet

      This is so true!…Surfing is the most addictive sport yet…made worse by having to wait for the conditions.

  • annoula

    plase fredy and zuzana take a look at this video about malta. . . im laughing all day. ..

  • Ericka

    HI, I’ve just done your publicity for on the Jennifer Nicole Lee’s facebook (I don’t know if you know her but she wonderfull too) and she just done the same thing than you (if you want to see it!).

  • http://http/ KARMEN

    hey this is a romanian song!:)

  • Mickela

    I made up something slightly similar for my workout last night. Yours is more varied though and I will try this tomorrow.
    today I ran on the bridge for 27 minutes, towards the end of the run I sprinted which was a lot of fun.
    Then I did 5 pull ups.
    My lower back is still sore from the SM workout I over did it with that one.
    Are you guys still having problems with the comments being eatened? mine never seem to post.
    love you guys for being so inspiring and for sharing your very interesting life.

    • Blair

      At Mikela: My lower back is sore from the SM workout as well! Which exercises in that sequence might be contributing to that? Or maybe my form is off? Zuzana? Frederick? What do you think?

      • Rea

        Hi Blair,

        My lower back is also sore from that workout (did it yesterday) and it is definitely due to bad form. Our body is designed to perform compound movements and it only hurts if we do them the wrong way, in my opinion.
        My lower back was too weak to perform these exercises with good form and speed.

      • SM

        My guess would be from the leg lifts. A full minute of those are hard and you might have arched your lower back while you were lifting your legs. You’re suppose to keep your entire spine ironed to the mat while you lift the legs up and down so all the power is coming from the core, especially the lower abs.

        The prisoner squats could have also been the reason for the lower back soreness. When you put your hands behind your head you’re automatically activating the the back and when you get tired you might end up using the lower back to pull you up instead of the strength of your quads.

        Finally, with push-ups if you had bad form, it can affect your lower back. usually people will get tired and drop the hips down. It is very important to keep a good form in push-ups. If you get tired you can always bring the knees down and maintain your form. Abs are always engaged in push-ups as well.

        Hope this helps :)


        • Blair

          Thanks to both of you!! This really does help! Sometimes during interval training, I get so focused on trying to get as many reps in as possible that I lose sight of good form, especially as I get more fatigued.

  • deni

    great workout as always! Thanks zuzi :*

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I finished this workout in 24:37 :)
    This was a perfect mix of cardio & strength training.
    I find that the jump rope routines burn the most fat off my body. I would like to see more of these routines since summer is only 4 weeks from now & I’m trying to look shredded like you, in my bikini. Only 10 more stubborn pounds to go so it’s time to tighten up on my diet. Kisses 8-)

  • maria

    Hi Zuz and Fred!!!
    The island on which that music video was shooted reminds me of Greek islands, especialy of Mykonos. Am I right???

    • Frederick

      I’m not sure where it was shot, but it gives me the feeling of being somewhere warm on the Mediterranean.

    • Mindfreak

      Yes, you are right. It was filmed on that island.

  • Dave O

    I’ve been looking everywhere for the name of this song!
    Thanx so much!

    The workout I’ll be trying as soon as I warm up with this song.

  • Erika

    Hi Zuzana,

    I can’t wait to do this workout. Now I’m the one that can’t excercise because I’ve been sick ;( but I’m just dying to start working out, it’s like your body becomes addicted.

    Thank u for another cool one!

  • Liz

    Hi guys

    going to try this one later!!!
    Freddy the last 3 videos on my side Are very blurry… I can’t just see pixels etc…? Any idea why that could be?

    • Frederick

      No idea Liz – they seem to be playing ok… although when we first put them up on YouTube they are blurry until they fully process. It takes about an hour ;)

      • Liz

        Ok thanks

  • angelica

    Dear Zuzana,
    First of all many compliments for yr workout! I like them a lot !!!! I have one question for you: during yr circuit training you are using a little timer that you put on yr dresses. May I know which kind of timer is? I cannot find it and I think it is very usuful.
    Thanks and regards, Angelica ITALY

    • Frederick

      Hi Angelica – just click on the blue link under the video and it will take you directly to the timer’s site :)

  • Monifah

    Yay a new workout :o ), already did the Body On fire workout today but now I know what i’ll be doing tomorrow before my oral exam (!) Have to exercise before that so i will be totally ready to go to my exam and rock!! Thanks again Zuzana :o )

  • ALL1E

    Few things are as centering for me as rock climbing & bouldering. It’s amazing to watch my body transform into a sleeker, fitter, stronger form; but more importantly, it helps me focus & live in the present. Those moments are amazing when nothing else exists but my mind, body & the rock…when it all becomes one, & I just send. This is a great lesson, because when I live like this (embracing the present), I’m happier & enjoy life.

    Zuzanna~ We are Always looking for new places to visit on rocking climbing trips. Is there great outdoor climbing you’ve experienced in your travels?

    • Frederick

      So far we have just climbed in Malta :)