May 13 2010

Sexy Summer Body Workout

Hi guys,

So Freddy’s little brother Sean is visiting us for a while from Canada, and we put him through our new workout today. Sean trains on a regular basis at the gym doing very standard exercises that you see guys doing in the weight room – bench press, free weights etc. He already has a pretty outstanding physique – nice muscle definition and strength, and he also runs and pays attention to his cardio by running on the treadmill and using the elliptical trainer. Most of the exercises in todays workout were completely new for him and the intensity of the workout was something that he is not used to.

As you can see in the video, this workout cleaned Sean’s clock. He went in with doubts, and after about 3 minutes reality came crashing down. He had a lot of difficulty with stability and core strength because that is just not something that your standard weight room workout will prepares you for. We get asked constantly if the workouts on BodyRock.Tv are just for girls – and as Sean learned quite painfully these workouts are for anyone who is serious about building functional strength, flexibility, balance  and having a serious cardio workout. These workouts are short and will shred fat and get you lean or ripped – whatever your goal is.

Sean will be working out with us, and showing his progress and demonstrating modifications for some  of the exercises that are too difficult for me to perform. It felt really good to beat a gym guy :) but I am happy to have a workout partner who likes these workouts just as much as I do.

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Today’s workout was 20 minutes long and we were using our Gymboss Interval Timer
to keep track of the rounds. You will also need a
pull up bar and a dip station.Each minute represents one round and your goal is to complete as many reps as you can during each minute. This workout is brutal due it’s high intensity and no rest in between rounds. All of the exercises in this workout have been explained in previous workouts on the site.

1. Prisoner Squat and Front Kick ( Zuzana – 35 reps, Sean – 32 reps, Frederick – 32 reps)

2. One Leg Elevated Push Up – Switching legs (Zuzana – 19 reps from ground, Sean – 19 reps from chair, Frederick – 27 reps from chair)

3. Bicycle (Zuzana – 59 reps, Sean – 24 reps, Frederick – 19 reps)

4. One Leg Dead Lift – left or right leg (Zuzana – 20 reps, Sean – 12 reps with  8kg kettlebell, Frederick  - 16 reps with 8kg kettlebell)

5. One Leg Dead Lift – left or right leg (Zuzana – 23 reps, Sean – 14 reps with  8kg kettlebell, Frederick – 16 reps with  8kg kettlebell)

6. Tricep dip – (Zuzana – 15 reps of leg assisted dips, Sean – 27 reps standard dips, Frederick – 17 standard dips)

7. Side Lunge Jump – left or right leg (Zuzana – 21 reps, Sean – 15 reps, Frederick – 18 reps)

8. Side Lunge Jump – left or right leg (Zuzana – 23 reps, Sean – 17 reps, Frederick – 18 reps)

9. Pull Up  (Zuzana – 3 reps, Sean – 9 reps, Frederick – 7 reps)

10. Get Up (Zuzana – 10 reps, Sean – 5 reps, Frederick – 9 reps)

11. Side Crunch – left or right side (Zuzana – 20 reps, Sean – 0 reps, Frederick – 12 reps)

12. Side Crunch – left or right side (Zuzana – 20 reps, Sean – 0 reps, Frederick – 11 reps)

13. Dive Bombers  (Zuzana – 11 reps, Sean – 9 reps, Frederick – 13 reps)

14. Jump Lunges ( Zuzana – 36 reps, Sean – 27 reps, Frederick – 22 reps)

15. Knee Tucks (Zuzana – 33 reps, Sean – 24 reps, Frederick – 24 reps)

16. Pike Press (Zuzana – 12 reps, Sean – 9 reps, Frederick – 12 reps)

17. Knee Raises (Zuzana – 13 reps, Sean – 16 reps, Frederick – 8 reps)

18. Reverse Push Up (Zuzana – 13 reps, Sean – 15 reps, Frederick – 14 reps)

19. Side Knee Raises on Dip Station (Zuzana – 16 reps, Sean – 9 reps, Frederick – 12 reps)

20. Santana Push Up (Zuzana – 8reps, Sean – 7 reps, Frederick – 7 reps)

Try to beat our scores! :)


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  • Isidora

    Here are my scoreees!! changed some exercises, i beat some of my old scores and some not. 

    1. Prisoner squat & front kick: 31
    2. One leg push ups: 25
    3. Bycyle: dunno
    4. One leg deadlift R 25
    5. One leg deadlift L 25
    6. Tricep dips (first 14 unassisted) 21
    7. Side lunge jump right: 32
    8. Side lunge jump left: 29
    9. Elevated plank hip circles: 29
    10. Get ups: 10
    11. Single knee hugs: 25
    12. Pass the pillow abs: 8 
    13. Dive bombers: 9
    14. Jump lunges: 40
    15. Knee tucks: 48
    16. Pike press: 28
    17. Knee raises: 21
    18. Tricep dips kick ups: 40
    19. Low jacks: 40
    20. Santana push ups: 11

    +burpee for erin! 

  • Kay

    recovering from vertigo. been resting for 2 weeks. so I took it easy with these exercises
    1. prisoner squat & kick: 26
    2. 1 leg elevated pushups: 10
    3. bicycle: 45
    4. 1 leg dead lift: 17
    5. 1 leg dead lift: 14
    6. tricep dip: 17
    7. side lunge jump (side lunge and leg raise instead of jump): 13
    8. side lunge jump (side lunge leg raise): 14
    9. pull up: 16
    10. get ups: 9
    11. side crunch: 20
    12. side cruch: 20
    13. dive bomber: 8
    14. jump lunge (alternated lunges w/no jump): 25
    15. knee tucks: 22
    16. pike press: 10
    17. knee raises: 13
    18. reverse pushup: 10
    19. side knee raise on dip stn: 12
    20. santana pushups: 8

  • Miss Rebecca
  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    I had a very strong feeling that this routine would be easier …I mean, less torturous, if I did the exercises in reverse order. Apparently I was correct, my scores were much better today:

    Santana Push up: 18 (10)
    Side Knee Raises: 29 (15)
    Reverse push ups: 29 (21)
    Knee Raises on pull up bar: 23 (17)
    Pike presses: 24 (15)
    Knee tucks: 58 (46)
    Jump lunges: 44 (38)
    Dive Bombers: 11 (11)
    Side crunch L: 37 (35)
    Side crunch R: 34 (35)
    Prisoner get ups: 12 (12)
    Pull ups (with leg support): 7 (7)
    Side lunge jump L: 27 (31)
    Side lunge jump R: 28 (30)
    Triceps dips (with leg support): 17 (18)
    One leg dead lift, L: 23 (24)
    One leg dead lift, R : 23 (26)
    Bicycle: 104 (96)
    One leg elevated push up: 18 (21)
    Prisoner Squat + front kick: 29 (31)

  • Kendra

    Greaet workout!!

    prisoner squat and kick: 34one leg pu (NOT elevated): 22bicycle: 55one leg dead lift R: 19one leg dead lift L: 20tricep dip (3 unassisted, the rest with just enough help from one leg): 12side lunge jump R: 23side lunge jump L: 24pull up (4 unassisted, the last 3 negative pull ups): 7get up (with 20lb weight): 7side crunch R: 28side cruch L: 31dive bombers: 9jump lunges: 34knee tucks: 29pike press; 14knee raises: 22reverse pu: 19side knee raises: 21santana pu: 12

  • Vivi

    I did it for the second time, because the first time I had a spasm on my butt!
    So today my score is:
    Prisoner squat & Front kick : 39
    One leg elevated PU : 39
    bicycle : 138
    One leg dead lift L : 32 / R : 39
    triceps dips (with a chair): 30
    Side lung jump L : 41 / R :41
    Pull up: 11 (unassisted)
    Get up: 16
    Side crunch L : 48 / R: 45
    Dive bombers : 15
    Jump lunges : 48
    Knee tucks : 94
    Pike press: 37
    Knee raises : 31
    reverse PU : 30
    side knee raises: 34
    Santana PU : 22

    very good one…very hard at the end !!

    • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

      Jeezoo, Vivi, what did you take before your workout? Your scores made my jaw drop.
      I didn’t have time to research your own workout’s unknown elements, so I decided to just copy you in doing this one with a bit of delay. I’ll catch up with you next time there is a day off. My scores are far-far away from yours, but I pushed really hard, so no shame.

      1. Prisoner Squat + front kick: 31
      2. One leg elevated push up: 21
      3. Bicycle: 96
      4. One leg dead lift, L: 24
      5. One leg dead lift,R : 26
      6. Triceps dips (leg assisted): 18
      7. Side lunge jump L: 31
      8. Side lunge jump R: 30
      9. Pull ups (leg assisted): 7
      10. Prisoner get ups (my favs): 12
      11. Side crunch L: 35
      12. Side crunch R: 35
      13. Dive Bombers: 11
      14. Jump lunges: 38
      15. Knee tucks: 46
      16. Pike presses: 15
      17. Knee Raises on pull up bar: 17
      18. Reverse push ups: 21
      19. Side Knee Raises (I was dying by this time): 15
      20. Santana Push up (I was dead): 10

      BTW I did 20 reps of 10-50 intervals to be able to record my reps, so my total workout time was 23.3 mins – I cannot even imagine how dead I would have been without these …should I call them mini breaks? I don’t think 10 seconds are enough to take even a deep breath.

  • Felisha

    20R 10/50
    1. Prisoner Squat + front kick: 25
    2. One leg elevated push up: 13
    3. Bicycle: 56
    4. One leg dead lift, L: 18
    5. One leg dead lift,R : 19
    6. Diamond push ups: 16
    7. Side lunge jump (right): 21
    8. Side lunge jump (left): 22
    9. Bent over rows with 50lbs:13
    10. Get up: 8
    11. Side crunch (right): 19
    12. Side crunch (left): 19
    13. Dive Bombers: 8
    14. Jump lunges: 29
    15. Knee tucks: 31
    16. Pike press: 17
    17. Knee Raises on pull up bar: 14
    18. Reverse push up on broom stick with chairs: 14
    19. Side Knee Raises: 12
    20. Santana Push up: 10

    My upper body was TOAST by the end. Loved it :)

  • Anonymous

    I love this workout – this is one of my favourite workout :) And I did it today.

    My scores:
    20 rounds, 5 sec rest, 1min max effort
    1. Prisoner Squat + front kick w/ 9kg Sandbag: 27
    2. One leg elevated push up: 14
    3. Bicycle: 66
    4. One leg dead lift w/ 9 kg SB (right): 20
    5. One leg dead lift w/ 9kg SB (left): 22
    6. Tricep dip (leg assisted): 22
    7. Side lunge jump (right): 24
    8. Side lunge jump (left): 24
    9. Pull ups: 6
    10. Get up: 11
    11. Side crunch (right): 19
    12. Side crunch (left): 20
    13. Dive Bombers: 9
    14. Jump lunges: 33
    15. Knee tucks: 44
    16. Pike press: 18
    17. Knee Raises on pull up bar: 16
    18. Reverse push up: 22
    19. Side Knee Raises: 22
    20. Santana Push up: 12

    Sweat like crazy and out of breath *haha*
    gooood! :) )))
    nice friday!!

  • Anonymous
  • Lisa

    Happened upon this workout, so I thought I’d try it. Very cool that Freddy’s brother did it with you back in May of last year. Has he continued following your workouts along with his gym routine?

    So I could write down my scores, I set my timer for 20 rounds of 5 sec/1:00 min. intervals:

    1. Prisoner Squat/Front Kick: 31
    2. One Leg Pushup (on ground): 19
    3. Bicycle: 103
    4. One Leg Dead Lift (L) 20lb weight: 22
    5. One Leg Dead Lift (R) 20lb weight: 22
    6. Tricep Dip (assisted): 26
    7. Side Lunge Jump (L): 31
    8. Side Lunge Jump (R): 30
    9. Pull Up (no bar, so I did straight leg reverse pushups with dip station): 11
    10. Get Up: 10
    11. Side Crunch (L): 33
    12. Side Crunch (R): 31
    13. Dive Bombers: 11
    14. Jump Lunges: 35
    15. Knee Tucks: 27
    16. Pike Press: 13
    17. Knee Raises (I did the same as #19 side knee raises on dip): 15
    18. Reverse Pushups: 19
    19. Side Knee Raises on Dip: 19.5
    20. Santana Pushup: 10

    Wow. That was really hard! I can see why Sean felt like he was going to puke!!
    Thanks for a great workout!

  • Lisa

    Happened upon this workout, so I thought I’d try it. Very cool that Freddy’s brother did it with you back in May of last year. Has he continued following your workouts along with his gym routine?

    So I could write down my scores, I set my timer for 20 rounds of 5 sec/1:00 min. intervals:

    1. Prisoner Squat/Front Kick: 31
    2. One Leg Pushup (on ground): 19
    3. Bicycle: 103
    4. One Leg Dead Lift (L) 20lb weight: 22
    5. One Leg Dead Lift (R) 20lb weight: 22
    6. Tricep Dip (assisted): 26
    7. Side Lunge Jump (L): 31
    8. Side Lunge Jump (R): 30
    9. Pull Up (no bar, so I did straight leg reverse pushups with dip station): 11
    10. Get Up: 10
    11. Side Crunch (L): 33
    12. Side Crunch (R): 31
    13. Dive Bombers: 11
    14. Jump Lunges: 35
    15. Knee Tucks: 27
    16. Pike Press: 13
    17. Knee Raises (I did the same as #19 side knee raises on dip): 15
    18. Reverse Pushups: 19
    19. Side Knee Raises on Dip: 19.5
    20. Santana Pushup: 10

    Wow. That was really hard! I can see why Sean felt like he was going to puke!!
    Thanks for a great workout!

  • Vivi

    I did it today, but with a lot of pain because I was made a spasm in the buttock by ……..putting my shoes!! No but I swear you, it more stupid there than that !! So I felt my spasm during each exercises !
    My score is
    Prisoner squat front kick : 35
    One leg elevated PU : 30
    bicycle : 156
    one leg dead lift R : 29
    one leg dead lift L : 34
    Triceps dips (unassisted) : 15
    side lunge jump R : 40
    side lunge jump L : 40
    Pull up (assisted) : 11
    get up : 7 (I had to stop to painful for my spasm!)
    Side crunch L : 45
    side crunch R : 43
    Dive bombers : 12
    Scissors : 120 (jump lunges impossible too with my spasm)
    knee tuck : 84
    Pike press : 22
    Knee raises : 27
    reverse PU : 25
    side knee raises : 30
    santana PU  : 18
    Very very complete workout !

    • PreciousMoon

      Love it when one manages to use the word ‘buttock’ in a sentence without being a comedian. And yet, this is the best comedy, the unintended kind, the kind where we can laugh together in appreciation and empathy regarding spasmodic buttocks during a bodyrock workout.

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Loved this intense workout!!!
    My scores:

    1. Prisoner Squat & Front Kick: 40
    2. One Leg Elevated Push-Ups: 38
    3. Bicycle: 116
    4. One Leg Dead Lift, 15 kg., Right Leg: 25
    5. One Leg Dead Lift, 15 kg., Left Leg: 26
    6. Triceps Dips: 34
    7. Side Jump Lunges: 93
    8. Side Jump Lunges: 91 (Didn’t know how to do one-side jump lunges!)
    9. Pull-Ups: 8 (unassi., half way up)
    10. Get-Ups (Prisoner Style): 18
    11. Side Crunch, Right: 34
    12. Side Crunch, Left: 38
    13. Dive Bombers: 12
    14. Jump Lunges: 68
    15. Knee Tucks: 50
    16. Pike Press: 38
    17. Knee Raises (pull-up bar): 40
    18. Reverse Push-ups: 20
    19. Side Knee Raises (pull-up bar): 35
    20. Santana Push-Ups: 18

    Very hard to keep up the reps at the end :D
    Thanks, guys!
    Love, Maria

    • Vivi

      to write your score, you put 10s rest between each exercise or not?
      I’m looking for a today’s workout, perhaps this one !!!

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        I did put 5 sec. in between :)

        • Vivi

          OK ;) I would like to do it but I’m always sore !!

  • Anonymous

    I did this workout today, added 5 sec rest… It was hard because i didnt have time to BREATHE lol ,

    1. 35
    2. 25
    3. 50 someething
    4. 25
    5. 26
    6. 22 assisted
    9. elevated push ups : 15
    10. 8
    11. flying crunches 19
    12. leg lifts 24
    13. 10
    14. 30
    15. 31
    16. 20
    17. 15
    18. tricep dip kick ups: 37
    19. star crunch 30
    20. 12

    + 5 min headstand on a wall

  • Tarrah

    Hey there!
    Anyone have any advice on what to do if you don’t have a dip station (ie what type of exercise to do in place of the dip station side knee raises)?

  • Isidora

    second try on this workout…

    1. 34
    2. 22
    3. 70
    4. 26
    5. 25
    6. 26 (changed for dips on chair)
    7. 32
    8. 34
    9. 17 (did explosive push ups instead)
    10. 11
    11. 30 (did star crunches)
    12. 27 (leg extension crunches)
    13. 11/2
    14. 37
    15. 50
    16. 22
    17. 22 (did leg lifts)
    18. 13 (did push ups)
    19. 30 (did knee tucks but looking up)
    20. 12

    i added 10 sec rest between each exercise and changed the ones with dip station pull up bar :)

  • Squirrel

    Hey Freddie and Zuzana!

    I am so proud of myself and I want to hare my progress with you to show how effective your workouts are!!
    So I did this workout a month ago and again today and here are my scores (the first one is my score a month ago)

    Prisoner Squat and Front Kick

    One Leg Elevated Push Up
    (On ground for both – I am still trying to figure out why such a difference ;) – anyways next time I will do them from the chair)


    One Leg Dead Lift
    11/18 (with 10kg free weight in hands)-left
    11/18 (with 10kg free weight in hands)-right

    Bench presses (no dip station for me :(

    Side Lunge Jump
    31/34 (right)
    31/34 (left)

    Pull Up
    12 (assisted)/9 (slightly assisted)

    Get Up
    11 (5kg in hand and help with hand)/10 (5kg in hand and no help with hand to get up)

    Side Crunch
    34/34 (right)
    34/35 (left)

    Dive Bombers

    Jump Lunges

    Knee Tucks

    Pike Press

    Knee Raises

    Burpee with push up and jump (instead of Reverse Push Up)

    19. Side Knee Raises on Dip Station
    I did a totally different each time so I can’t really compare
    1st time: 14 butt lift/toe touch – 2nd time: 96 jump front kick (brutal after the burpee and at the end of the workout)

    Santana Push Up

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your awesome workouts

  • Matt

    Hi Zuzana, Frederick, and Sean. : )

    I just completed this workout, and I must say it’s the most intense one I’ve found so far. I felt almost sick by the end (like Sean I guess) and after stretching and a cold shower I still feel shredded. I’m not necessarily disappointed in my results, but I know where I need to improve.

    1. Prisoner Squat and Front Kick – 26

    2. One Leg Elevated Push Up – Switching legs – 31 from ground (next time I’ll move to the chair. I was afraid I’d not make it this time if I did)

    3. Bicycle – 36

    4. One Leg Dead Lift – left 18

    5. One Leg Dead Lift – right 19

    6. Tricep dip – 23

    7. Side Lunge Jump – left 23

    8. Side Lunge Jump – right 27

    9. Pull Up – 11

    10. Get Up – 10

    11. Side Crunch – left 23

    12. Side Crunch – right 23

    13. Dive Bombers – 8

    14. Jump Lunges – 27

    15. Knee Tucks – 26

    16. Pike Press – 14

    17. Knee Raises – 22

    18. Reverse Push Up – 24 (by the way, I believe these would just be called Body-weight Rows)

    19. Side Knee Raises on Dip Station – 11

    20. Santana Push Up – 8

    Thanks again. I’m going to go die now. ^_^

    Oh, and I laughed out loud at the end of the video when it says “Zuzana will make you puke… then cry.”

  • Anna

    Hi Zuzana,

    Just a quick tip that may be helpful to your fans, I know that you indicate first what type of exercise you will be performing, but could you please show the name of the exercise on the screen? It will be helpful to those that are hearing impaired and for those who would like to know exactly what the name of the exercise they are learning is called.

    Love your website and exercises!!! You are amazing!
    Big hugs and Kisses

  • Brent

    Wow, amazing workout! I’ll do this 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) for 2 weeks and see how I feel. It’s a nice break from lifting weights (i.e bench press) and a great way to shock my muscles. Here’s what I did on my first try:

    1. Prisoner Squat and Front Kick – 31
    2. One Leg Push Up (Not Elevated) – Switching legs 40
    3. Bicycle – 80
    4. One Leg Dead Lift (left leg) – 20 (20lb weight)
    5. One Leg Dead Lift (right leg) – 20 (20lb weight)
    6. Triceps dip – 30
    7. Side Lunge Jump – 26
    8. Side Lunge Jump – 26
    9. Pull Up – 8
    10. Get Up – 9
    11. Side Crunch – 24
    12. Side Crunch – 24
    13. Dive Bombers – 14
    14. Jump Lunges – 36
    15. Knee Tucks – 32
    16. Pike Press – 21
    17. Knee Raises – 31
    18. Reverse Push Up – 17
    19. Side Knee Raises on Dip Station – 20
    20. Santana Push Up – 10

    I added a 15 second break between each exercise to write down my results and get ready for the next movement. As I get more efficient I’ll keep the break as I was dying of thirst right away – I thought I wouldn’t need a water bottle for such a “short” workout!

  • Fernanda

    Zuzana…I am one of your newest fans!

    I got my boyfriend to try this workout with me yesterday and we worked so hard! Feeling a bit sore this morning but its a good feeling. Way to strenghten our relationship too its our bonding moment! :)

  • Victoria

    Hi Zuzana,
    I have tried your workouts for some weeks, but somewhere for 5 days I have no sweat. Is that ok? Should I increase effort?
    Thank you

  • http://Amazingjob! Roxy

    Hi Zuzana, fantastic job. You got me off my couch. Thank you and wanted to ask you a question that I can’t post on this website. I live in vancouver Canada and if you would like to answer please let me know by emailing me to the email address I am sure you can see. Many thanks and keep on going. I hope you become a World Champion ( in case you already are not).
    All the best,

  • AnnaSirena

    Wow! I just finished this workout! =))
    And – my results:
    1 – 31
    2 – 16
    3 – 80
    4 – 30
    5 – 30
    6 – 20
    7 – 31
    8 – 30
    9 – 1
    10 – 12
    11 – 25
    12 – 25
    13 – 5
    14 – 26
    15 – 55
    16 – 20
    17 – 15
    18 – 25
    19 – 17
    20 – 10

    Welcome Sean!=)
    And Zu – you are THE BEST trainer;))))

    I didn’t post any comments for long time – I was afraid, that they would be deleted…
    Hope, my comment would not be deleted after awating moderation…..(oO,)

  • Carla

    Right! So I did this one today (25 May 2010) I died a few times but these are my scores:

    1. 31
    2. elevated push up on chair 17
    3. 50
    4. with 8 kg dumbbell 29
    5. with 8 kg db 32
    6. tricep dips (no assistance) 13
    7. Side lunge jumps 33 (OUCH!!!)
    8. 34 (OUCH 2x!!!)
    9. pull ups (unassisted) 10
    10. with a 8kg dumbbell (forgot to count!)
    11. 35
    12. 38
    13. 10 (at some stage the body just wouldn’t obey)
    14. 30
    15 42
    16. 24
    17. 17
    18. 20 (no arms left!)
    19. 22
    20. 14

  • Chris

    Oh – the results. Stupid me.

    1. 32
    2. 23
    3. 24
    4. 21 (5kg)
    5. 22 (5kg)
    6. 26
    7. 29
    8. 29
    9. 12
    10. 11
    11. 27
    12. 27
    13. 14
    14. 34
    15. 34
    16. 14
    17. 20
    18. 14
    19. 10
    20. 10

    I don’t count them as high as yours even if I exceeded them as I’m sure my form wasn’t as good as yours and the note time and moving to other equipment gave me more rest than you, so it’s not entirely fair.

  • Chris


    Just a quick twofold note :)

    First, I am hugely impressed with the workouts and the bodies you guys have as a result. I’ve done a lot of martial arts and fitness in my time and these not only promote strength, speed, stamina, and power, but flexibility too! Something I need to regain desperately… But I see these as extremely functional, not just “gym body” exercises.

    Second, I get bored of the same old routine, and I’ve been very ill recently (gallstones of all things, believe they are stress related). Rather than drop back into lifting and demotivating routines that take a long time to show results, I am hitting one of these evry single day for the next several weeks and I already feel far more like my old self after 4 days; I feel fitter and might even see abs again very soon. Maybe. The routines you guys have are excellent and I know how hard it can be to string it all together coherently – these are concise, hard, and quick to show results.

    The only thing is (I know, everyone says it!) that the database error comes up a lot!

    Thanks again, and congratulations, on the hard work and love you’ve put into this. I’ll post my results below – hopefully I will get into the same shape as you guys one day soon. Looks like you inspire a lot of people, and far better than the hollywoodised “professionals”, so keep up the good work!

  • Amy

    I did not keep score but I pretty sure I could have pushed my self harder! I changed it a bit though in between each exercise I did one minute of jump roping!

  • Amelie

    I’m 17 :)
    My arm strength it awful but here is my score
    1. Prisoner Squat and Front Kick 29
    2. One Leg Elevated Push Up – Switching legs 10
    3. Bicycle 76
    4. One Leg Dead Lift – left or right leg 18 (no weight)
    5. One Leg Dead Lift – left or right leg 18 (no weight)
    6. Triceps dip- (I did push ups on knees instead) 30
    7. Side Lunge Jump – 24
    8. Side Lunge Jump – 25
    9. Pull Up 3
    10. Get Up 9
    11. Side Crunch – 36
    12. Side Crunch – 36
    13. Dive Bombers 7
    14. Jump Lunges 25
    15. Knee Tucks 46
    16. Pike Press 9
    17. Knee Raises (did high knees) 154
    18. Reverse Push Up (did reverse pushup) 23
    19. Side Knee Raises on Dip Station (did tricep dips) 21
    20. Santana Push Up (without pushup) 16

  • Natalie sweden


    It’s very fun to see someone else do the workouts, and that Sean is one sexy man =D hahah

    Great workouts, keep up the good job!

  • Amber T

    1. Prisoner Squat and Front Kick…. 39
    2. One Leg Elevated Push Up – Switching legs 29
    3. Bicycle 77
    4. One Leg Dead Lift – left leg 28
    5. One Leg Dead Lift – right leg 30
    6. Tricep dip – 23
    7. Side Lunge Jump – left or right leg 25 right leg
    8. Side Lunge Jump – left leg 23 (these make my butt sore for days)
    9. Pull Up 5
    10. Get Up 10
    11. Side Crunch – 26
    12. Side Crunch – 26
    13. Dive Bombers 10
    14. Jump Lunges 42
    15. Knee Tucks 32
    16. Pike Press 9
    17. Knee Raises 13
    18. Reverse Push Up 11
    19. Side Knee Raises on Dip Station 18
    20. Santana Push Up 10

    • Amber T

      I forgot to add that i did 1 min of jump rope between each exercise, so the workout took 40 min. It was amazing. my fav bodyrock workout so far.

  • Pedro

    Really nice workout!
    I’m a gym guy like Sean and I bet I wouldn’t be able to do this as good as Zuzana.

    Keep up the excelent workouts!

  • linlou

    I love working out at home and not the gym. Too much time setting up. I LOVE just getting it done! I only do yours about once a week. But just watching you inspires me sooooo much. You are awesome!!!!

  • Yuri Elkaim

    That’s an incredible workout Zuzana. Well done on kicking butt! I’ll be giving this one a shot for sure.

  • Hblock

    I want to see Frederick workout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colin

    That is an absolutely sick workout! Will be trying this out for preseason training for Rugby. I will definitely puke!!

  • Stephen from Calgary

    Zuzana makes it look easy. Sean way to give it your all. You inspire guys like me! haha

  • Erik (New York)

    I tried this workout and almost puked several times. Sean i felt worse then you did the first time you tried it. lol, my heart is still pounding. thanx guys – great workout.

  • The Jeff

    First time trying your workouts. Substituted pulls ups with reverse curls due to gym being closed! Going to try them out for 4 weeks, quite enjoyable so far :)


  • greendrummer

    yeah this thing is no joke…
    got through it twice now, my core is pretty fried

  • Gane’

    Sean it was awesome to see a guy on camera give this a try and show it’s a workout not just for women and sweet to see someone from close to home!

  • V.


    • V.

      also I gave myself a 5 second break between each one so that I could write down my scores and see which exercise to do next, and then still have a full minute to do each exercise.

  • Simon

    Nice Workout, Thx

  • Eunice

    Wow!!! im really excited!!! i cant wait to do this workout!!!
    But, i must change the pull up bar and dip station exercices, i dont have them but definitely i have to do this! Thank u so much!!

  • maelene

    i love your site i cant wait to a hot body this summer thank u!

  • christine

    Hi suzana. whats the matter with you. are you ok?
    i missed new workouts for two days. i hope you feel fine.

    see you

    christine from germany

  • Malin

    Great workout!
    it was really great that you did this and showed everyone how hard your workout really is!
    and its a good push for you guys to compete ;)

    i will wait to do this workout because i dont think im gonna make it :P
    my first gole is to do your 500 rep workout.
    im really trying to do your workouts and also lift heavy weight in the gym.
    i get really easy medial tibial (stress) syndrome and its killing me.
    you guys dont have any tip that can make this stop?
    i have good shoes and im trying to do balance on half-round balls to stimulate the muscles.

    i love this blog and i love you for being you!
    keep it up!


  • Luisa of LA

    here’s my score too:
    1. 30
    2. 14
    3. 58
    4. 16
    5. 19
    6. 19
    7. 20
    8. 19
    9. 8 (with chair support. can’t do without, for now. :P )
    10. 6
    11. 19
    12. 20
    13. 8
    14. 17
    15. 32
    16. 7
    17. 10
    18. 8
    19. 11
    20. 7

    After few minutes of this workout I did my 20 lbs kettlebell (KB). I dropped the KB when I was doing half turkish get up… Guess, my muscles were still tired so I did only 2 sets of my KB routines. :P Sexy Summer workouts is really intense but love it. :)

  • Anita

    That was an awesome post Zuzana. Thanks for creating a kick butt workout, and nice of the men to join in.

    I can see Sean really ‘enjoyed’ the drill :o ) But in all fairness maybe you should do one of his routines to see how it compares…

    Jokes aside though thanks for showing the guys they can join in. My husband’s never braved it yet, but maybe one day…

    Anyway, here are my stats from the workout. Needless to say I gave it my all, and I’ll be paying for it with pain tomorrow. Totally worth it tho.

    1. Prisoner Squat and Front Kick (34 reps)
    2. One Leg Elevated Push Up – Switching legs (21 reps from ground)
    3. Bicycle (58 reps)
    4. One Leg Dead Lift – left or right leg (15 reps with 8kg kettlebell)
    5. One Leg Dead Lift – left or right leg (14 reps with 8kg kettlebell)
    6. Triceps dip – (10 reps of leg assisted dips)
    7. Side Lunge Jump – left or right leg (29 reps)
    8. Side Lunge Jump – left or right leg (25 reps)
    9. Pull Up (11 reps slightly assisted)
    10. Get Up (14 reps)
    11. Side Crunch – left or right side (24 reps)
    12. Side Crunch – left or right side (25 reps)
    13. Dive Bombers (12 reps)
    14. Jump Lunges ( 28 reps)
    15. Knee Tucks (42 reps)
    16. Pike Press (12 reps)
    17. Knee Raises (18 reps)
    18. Reverse Push Up (22 reps)
    19. Side Knee Raises on Dip Station (22 reps)
    20. Santana Push Up (13 reps)

  • grock

    Great routine…Great site…How much rest do you average between moves?

  • Marzy

    What a workout!! works every single fiber in your body! woke up with a sore Butt

    feels good :D

  • Noelia Mwakitwile

    I was shocked my own android managed to view this kind of article, magnificent job.

  • Jean-Sébastien

    Hey back, im not dead, but after this workout I am, here what I did
    1. 42
    2. 34
    3. 39
    4. 24
    5. 25
    6. 27
    7. 32
    8. 34
    9. 10
    10. 9
    11. 29
    12. 26
    13. 10
    14. 35
    15. 30
    16. 10
    17. 10
    18. 14
    19. 18
    20. 14

    And wow Im gonna puke. Got to go shower ! Thanks for everything guys, and welcome Sean


  • Chelle

    You are amazing!! I am a runner and this was way intense. Where do I start if I am just beginning your workouts? Thanks guys!

  • Garrett

    I live in Prague and would love to get a set of kettlebells. Do you know where I can buy them?

    I enjoy your workouts. I teach PE at an international school in Prague and occasionally use your workouts with my students.


  • Windlord

    You folks were fortunate to be able to count each others reps and not waste time writing; still a great burn tho :)

    1. Prisoner Squat and Front Kick [33]
    2. One Leg Elevated Push Up [23]
    3. Bicycle [72]
    4. One Leg Dead Lift, R, 25lb DB [19]
    5. One Leg Dead Lift, L 25lb DB [19]
    6. Tricep dip [10] (Strong, Sean!)
    7. Side Lunge Jump, R [25]
    8. Side Lunge Jump, L [24]
    9. Pull Up (chin grip for me) [7]
    10. Get Up [10]
    11. Side Crunch, R [28]
    12. Side Crunch, L [30]
    13. Dive Bombers [12]
    14. Jump Lunges [33] (muffed the order here, so actually did 60r Knee Tuck both before and after this)
    15. Knee Tucks [60 (120 actually)]
    16. Pike Press [30]
    17. Knee Raises [16]
    18. Reverse Push Up [12]
    19. Side Knee Raises on Dip Station [14]
    20. Santana Push Up [14]

  • Renee

    Dear Zuzana,
    I love your site. I’ve been checking it out for the past few weeks and think what you’re doing is great. However, only the other day I was wishing you could find a way to film both you and Frederick doing the exercises. Yes, Zuzana, you are incredibly inspirational, but I love watching hot guys work out really hard too! And then what do you know, but I checked your site today and there is Sean. You must’ve read my mind! Please keep up the fantasic work and I hope Sean plans on staying with you guys for a while ;) Thanks

  • Birkan Genç

    I m from Turkey and you can be sure I m starting this tranings I sould do this traning slowly and I m 15 years old you guys you have good muscles (I can’t speak English very good, but I think you can understand me.)

  • Janina

    ha ha… that’s awesome, you kicked his butt Zuzana!!

  • Joy

    I didn’t know that Canada guys are so good looking.

  • Rogi

    Hey there!

    It really is a great workout. I tend not to change my routine so often as you do but change is good from time to time! I believe this is the first video where you (Zuzana) are not the only instructor, which I find refreshing.

    I have this opinion that fitness is generally a unisex activity, but I think you’ll agree with me that some exercises and routines are leaning a bit towards the men while others tend to be more for the ladies. Having said this I think that this website will be even better if Freddy or Sean (or someone else) make some videos as well. Something “advanced” directed to the male visitors! (not that we mind seeing you in the videos ;) )

    Anyway, keep up the good work. Your videos and articles are quite a motivator!

  • Wow

    I’m a 32 year old man… This workout probably burns as many calories as running 3000 meters in 15 minutes and it hits many body areas. This is the kind of workout that will improve strength, flexibility, and stamina. This type of workout will make you better at any sport. Just for girls? Yeah, right.

  • Roberta

    Hello Zuzana. I’m so pleased with your website. I love the excercises. I’ve excercised all my life, and am excited to have started training with you. You bring a fresh new page to excercising for me. Thank you for being you.

  • Helena

    Thank you Zuzana for your workouts! Have done your workouts now for about 2 weeks, besides my indoorbandy, and I really enjoy your workouts. After this one, that I loved very much, made me all shaky. Good work girl =)

  • Cassie

    I’m so excited for this workout. I’ve been looking for something intense that would compliment my training for my upcoming half marathon in July. This will be great for muscle strength two or three days a week paired with my running. Thanks!

  • Ghazi

    Hi Zuzana can you give me a workout that can fit in my schedule because im a busy student..

  • DBlunt

    Wow! Outstanding!! I thought I was a buff dude until I saw this vid. You have truly inspired me to take my workout to the next level.


  • MD

    I too wanted to vomit when I initially watched the video but I gave it a try anyway. Keep ‘em coming.

  • Alicja

    O boy:D I saw this vid on youtube channel and I was convinced that this is Frederic:)
    Very good workout. I will try today. I have huge new plan for my new workouts…thanks to you guys!
    You really great inspiration for me and my body, expecially those part wchich doesnt look as I wish them to look.
    But the summer is comming, I will have more time, no studies, so everything gonna be ok:)
    Once again thank You for everything and this gorgeos recipes! I’ve recently done for breakfast with banana , oal with milk, some nuts, dry raspberries(or sth like that, forget the name, sorry :) ) and it was delicious!

  • Tamara

    Awesome quick workout :-) A+

  • Cindy

    Funny….as I was watching the intensity, I felt sick like I wanted to vomit myself! And I wasn’t even working out!

  • Karen

    Fantastic set, guys! Loved seeing the split between Sean and Zuzana doing the same sets, and the scores for all three of you! This is definitely a challenge, and a solid full-body workout. I’ll definitely take this one on the road with me when I can’t hit the gym.

  • Emmanuelle

    hi zuzana! im watching ur video for 3 days now i would love to do your workout but im not really sure how it work did a have to do a different work out every day??? because i already do 3 times a week spinning course(i absoluty in love with spinning a lot of pain and sweat :P )can you juste reply to say how i can start with ur type of work out?? thank you :)

  • Ralph

    Hi Zuzanna,

    first I would like to congratulate you on these great workouts and amazing physique. This workout looks absolutely brutal. One thing that I always wonder about your workouts is where did you learn those and how is this “non-stop” technique is called. Because I’m use to do workouts in a gym with pauses and so on and usually takes no less than 1 hour and a half. So I’m very curious and impressed about it because I would like to understand more, how it works, because seeing how it works for you, it’s an amazing and fast workout!

    Congrats and keep up the good work! ;)

  •!/photo.php?pid=638462&id=678365922 Sheila

    1. Prisoner Squat and Front Kick – 42
    2. One Leg Elevated Push Up – Switching legs – 17
    3. Bicycle – 63
    4. One Leg Dead Lift – left or right leg – 22
    5. One Leg Dead Lift – left or right leg – 21
    6. Tricep dip – 17
    7. Side Lunge Jump – left or right leg – 24
    8. Side Lunge Jump – left or right leg – 20
    9. Pull Up 10 (assisted)
    10. Get Up – 8
    11. Side Crunch – left or right side – 30
    12. Side Crunch – left or right side – 31
    13. Dive Bombers – 11
    14. Jump Lunges – 32
    15. Knee Tucks – 31
    16. Pike Press – 17
    17. Knee Raises – 17
    18. Reverse Push Up – 13
    19. Side Knee Raises on Dip Station – 17
    20. Santana Push Up – 5, then 5 Santana only (no push up)

    I did this work out yesterday. I also felt like I was going to be sick by about the 15th exercise. This was a really challenging workout. I’m feeling it today! Feels good :) Thanks Zuzana and Freddy for another great workout.

  • Yen

    Hi Zuzana!

    I just ordered a pink interval timer. I’m excited for it’s arrival! How are you doing? Hello to the community!

  • Bart

    OMG! Sean…you will be sore bro! :-) Love those type of workouts! I gotta get me that dipstation – really cool!

  • Nigel

    Hey Zuzana and Freddie, I loved this routine so much I had to post a comment. I did it this morning in the gym and couldn’t move for a few minutes at the end. I used intervals of 70 seconds to allow for writing down the numbers and running between bits if kit in the gym, so the numbers are a bit elevated. Anyway, the numbers are:
    1: 28
    2: 25 (on floor)
    3: 31
    4: 17 (8kg weight)
    5: 21 (8kg weight and improving balance!)
    6: 27 (on bench)
    7: 18
    8: 19
    9: 7
    10: 10
    11: 35
    12: 30 (nearly lost my breakfast at this point)
    13: 8
    14: 38
    15: 32 (flagging)
    16: 12 (really flagging)
    17: 14 (running on fumes)
    18: 14
    19: 15
    20: 10 (is there a doctor in the house?)

    Brilliant routine, wonderful site. Keep ‘em coming!

  • Brenda

    I love your workouts! your awesome.

  • Janet

    I am back home and in the groove! :) I did a 50 minute hill run as warm up, then dove into this
    1. 30
    2. 27 on floor
    3. 82
    4. 23
    5. 23
    6. 23 slight assist near end
    7. 23
    8. 23
    9. 8
    10. 9
    11. 35 left
    12. 39 right
    13. 11
    14. 23
    15. 22 hanging
    16. 19
    17. 20 on chairs
    18. 22
    19. 16
    20. 12

    I couldn’t remember the difference between knee tucks and knee raises, so I did one set hanging and one set balanced on two chairs.
    Glad this is over for the day! Off to go paddleboarding to cool down!

  • Amanda

    Sean, wow! Good job! I’ve been doing her workouts for a while (sorta… still can’t get all the way through one), and I STILL look how you look in the video. These workouts kick my ass every time.

    Zuzana, my muscles HATE you, however my body image loves you. Haha. You never really realize how intense the workouts are until you put someone like Sean next to you. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  •!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

    Dear Sean,

    thank you for showing us your real face while doing these type of workouts, it’s tough, it hurts and it’s such a relief to see an expression other than Zuzi’s always smiling perverted face! LOL.

    Seriously guys, I had super fun today and I didn’t do too bad either, considering I had to modify some of the exercises :)

  • Vash

    Awesome workout! I especially like the way it focuses on balance, co-ordination and endurance, as well as building.

  • xio

    It was a great work out! I loved it and could not complete all of them but did about 75% of it. Thank you Zuzana!

  • Beginner

    Hi Zuzana & co. Can you please please please show some exercise that is good for the lower stomach muscles? And bum also?

  • Lubica

    you go guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sean goooooood luck!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rita

    This makes perfect cardio :) I’ve been a runner for 2 years now, but I recently became injured and have been trying to find a substitute for it, your daily workouts are great. Thank you BodyRock team!

  • Reetta

    Hi Zuzana,

    I would like to know how many times you managed to do your older Summer fit- circuit (seven different exercises)in 30 minutes?

  • Armen

    Hi, tell me please how many times a week you are training?

  • hipretty

    when he said he’s gonna be sick…holy crap!
    zuzana your abs on that pullup bar….holy crap!

    OMG!!! I cannot believe it!!!

  • Kristtie

    i’m from canada!! :) that’s so cool!

    For a while now, I’ve noticed that you guys (you, Zuzana and Freddie) have been travelling a lot – that’s my ideal lifestyle (I’d like to travel plenty, see the world, before I settle down) and one of my questions is how do you guys do financially? (I’ve been saving for a while but I know it won’t be enough) Do you do odd jobs or have you simply saved for a very long time? I hope to hear from you back!

    much love :) -Kristtie

  • Lale

    always a big fan of zuzanna’s workouts, this one seems highly effective as always, and so on..

    Well my comment’s on Sean this time. I think he suits very well with the concept of this exercise since he’s a hottie himself!

    keep up with the good work continously adding attractive features on your site:)

  • Michael

    Thanks a lot for posting these routines…I’m enjoying mixing these sort of circuit routines into my workouts 2 or 3 times per week.

    One suggestion…it would be good is to clearly define what you call a “rep” for some of the exercises. Like is 1 rep for the santana push-up doing it for each arm, or each L-R (or R-L) pair? This makes it ambiguous how to compare our numbers to yours.


  • Isidora

    THAT WAS INTENSE! i had to change the exercises of the pull bar and dip station.

    keep up the good work!

  • Andrea

    HAHAHA! The look on Sean’s face reminded me so much of how I must have looked the first 3 months I was doing your workouts! :)

    On a sad note, I won’t be able to do your workouts for a few months…I have badly broken my fibula and tibia in my lower leg.

    I am so disapointed not to be able to look totally hot for the summer…and to lose all the progress I made.

    I guess I will have to focus on weight lifting for my arms, while bedridden.

  • Carly

    hehe! you kick their ass zuzana, go girl!
    that work out looks amazing. im going to try this after im finished with my power90 program. right now im in very bad shape (not overweight…”skinnyfat”! lol)
    zuzana you are an inspiration for all girls that want to be very strong and fit. thankyou

  • Raymundo Villarreal Perez

    Muy buenos videos, wow
    Saludos, monterrey, Mexico

  • anna

    what a brutal workout!I just complete it!Oh guys I feel so bad and I would like to share my feelings with you.The last 2 days I went out of my eating habits and I ate fried potatoes with my meal and after that I had an ice cream(omg so delicious…)but I feel guilty about it.I know I have to push my self harder in order to resist.But I haven’t eaten like that since a long time.You are my source of courage for everything and I’d like to thank you for that.Keep up the great work!Can’t wait for the next workout!!!

  • Mickela

    Saturday 14:52 in NYC. Hey Zuzana I am catching up to you, you are a lot stronger than me with lunges squats etc. (lower body stuff) I am going to be 46 this year and can keep up with you young ones :-) here is my score, I had to modify some of the exercises due to lack of dip station, I really want to get one.

    1. 32
    2. 18 I did the ones Sean did on the chair. i almost died
    3. 60
    4. 18
    5. 19
    6. 14 on chair with legs extended ouch
    7. 19
    8. 19
    9. 6
    10. 9
    11. 23
    12. 25
    13. 14 these really kicked my ass I was hyperventilating
    14. 21 ouch
    15. 30
    16. 14
    17. 13
    18 burpee 6
    19.crab dance 30
    20 8

    I am still shaking after warm up etc. I would not suggest this to anyone who hasn’t been working out consistently for a while, these are not beginner exercises, I would suggest cutting the time down if you are a beginner and really watch your form.
    Sean it is great to have you as an addition to the Freddie Zuzana team.
    thanks I feel really energized.

  • Wendy

    That was SUPER hard, but I feel fantastic. I have the same question as Natalie…what can I use in place of the dipping station?

  • D

    haha you guys are so funny! i must say…you “kicked his ass” hehe well done :)

  • Janet

    This underscores what a balanced workout bodyweight exercises can be and how a gym membership is not a requirement!! I was a bit skeptical about the effectiveness when I first saw your website back in Nov because some of the exercises you do seem girlie (judging by my observing boyfriend starts chuckling from his chair as he eats his ice cream). However, once I discovered how sore I got the first week, I realized you were adding in balance and flexibility and agility, not to mention the obvious strength. Doing your workouts – with good form- is awesome for anyone. You moved through this like a well oiled machine, Zuzana. I am assuming Sean must’ve asked for you to “bring it all on” to be dished out such a brutal first test in the public arena. Looking at the number of responses you received on this video, you two hit a nerve! Well done, both of you! Thanks, Sean, for being a such a sport!

  • Natalie

    holy crap!! that was ridiculoussss, but i loved it :D
    i have a question though, what can you use instead of you don’t have a dip station? or are there alternatives in exercises if you don’t have one? =/

    • Linn

      Use a chair or a bench for example

  • Lightening

    Hey Guys
    I just finished this workout and I am finished! I went for a 30 min run this morning, then had breakfast and got back to work! Here are my numbers
    Prisoner squat and front kick- 21 (knees don’t love this one but practicing!)
    One leg elevated push up – 22 all but last 8 were elevated!
    Bicycle – 71
    One leg dead lift with 20lb Kbell – Right – 16
    One leg dead lift with 20lb Kbel– Left – 19
    Tricep dip – 21 (leg assisted dips)
    Side lunge jump – Right – 26
    Side lunge jump – Left – 26
    Pull up – 7 jumping, last 3 I had to jump from a short box
    Get up with 20lb Kbell– 4
    Side crunch – Right – 21
    Side crunch – Left – 23
    Dive bomber – 10
    Jump lunges – 30
    Knee tucks – 39
    Pike press – 19
    Knee raise – 16
    Reverse push up – 13
    Side knee raises on dip station – 22
    Santana push up – 12
    Not too bad!
    Thanks for the great workout!

  • Erik

    awesome!!!! bruuuutal!!
    I’m actually without words for this work out.
    no words… just sweat
    thank you :)
    and good luck for Sean

  • Claudiu

    This is a complete body training. Real hard. Some of the exercises I do regularly.

  • Brenda

    Great workout.. really hard! Hi Sean i’m from Quebec City, Canada. How do you like it there? Hope to see you in more workouts.. i want to get my boyfriend in these workouts with me.


    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      I love it! It’s great. Ya your boyfriend should really try the workouts. They are very different from the traditional gym workout…..and the sense of accomplishment when I’m done the workout is an awesome feeling.


      • Cassie (From Toronto )

        Well sean,
        I must say you did a great job. You focused on the journey not the end result…getting up during your stumbles is a real representation of true sportsmanship. I admired your determination and persistent throughout the workout…Zuzana’s workouts don’t discriminate.

        Thank you for representing that and showing that we don’t give up in tough times!

        Yayyyyy for Canada…..

        • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

          Thanks for the vote of confidence!! Much needed;)

  • kat

    That’s amazing! Poor Sean!! I am totally doing this workout this morning because it looks like it will kick my booty and if a body building guy has a difficult time doing it, it’s gotta be awesome!


    helloo zuzana!

    I just wanna ask about your height and wieght,, Iam just curious.

  • barbaraG

    Great one!
    I’m so proud to have similar scores like Zuzana!
    yeeeeahhhh :) ))

    About getting sick – I had that feeling couple of times, it’s all about finding your own rhythm and tempo, sometimes it’s hard cause you push over your limits…
    Keep it up Sean, it will get under your skin too :) )

  • Tony

    That was intense. It’s funny that you can work out at home, in less time, with no fancy equipment, and get in way better shape than doing the standard workout in a gym (as proven here). Odd to me that anyone would think it’s just for girls. Never crossed my mind. Anyhow, I think they missed out on casting you as some superwoman in Iron Man 2.

  • Rea

    Hi Z, F & S!

    Z: You go girl!

    S: That was awesome. I can tell you will get better at this very fast…

    and to everyone who keeps asking to see Frederick workout: who will be behind the camera then??

    I would love to see that too, and i’m sure Z is quite skilled with the camera as well, but I think his work with the camera is what makes these videos so great (besides you Z!)

    Keep it up guys,


  • Lynn

    I loved this workout. It was very intense, but very effective. I moved out of my house today and it was a very stressful day and, as such, I almost skipped my workout. But instead, I said, OK just to 20 minutes! And sure enough, I felt amazing after this workout. The pull-ups were hard (as usual), but I used a bench to assist me after 3 real pull-ups. This workout will definitely be one of my go-to workouts. LOVED IT!!

    Also, Zuzanna……where did you get that Nike sports bra. it’s fabulous. Is there a specific name/style for it?

  • Olla NY/USA KZ

    i guess my question was how Freddy finds it living in Prague?? cause visiting and travelling is one thing but living in the country which language you don’t know – is completly different experience!!! :)

  • Olla NY/USA KZ

    hey, Zuzana!! loved to watch u side by side , NOONE ever doubted ur workouts too brutal!! but i wanted to say something else – noticed ur english is getting worse??! talking too much to ur girlfriends?? :) that happens easyly! i started working with my native language speakers – and just like that!! three months – and my tongue doesn’t want to listen!!!!! I guess ur next move will be to english speaking environment?? by the way, being married to american, wanted to ask u -how is Freddy doing in that kind of atmoshere where everyone speaks different language ??? u should do a video telling what he thinks about that! :) and how to get used to that! – could be ur new colomn – traveling and cultural shock or something like that! :)
    thanks, best for u!!
    p.s. going to try hot steam bikram yoga!! :)

  • Lydia

    This was great make him wear a lighter colored shirt next time so we can see how much he’s sweating. My fiance is an gym junkie and since we came across your site he’s still trying to perfect his one leg squat. Bodyrock… definitely not just for girls…

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  • Ivette

    Oh, he is too cute! I love your outfit today – my favorite pants of yours and I really like the top (new?) – it is really simple and classy. Awesome workout, as usual.

  • Luisa of LA

    This video and workout is freaking AWESOME! Love it. Hi Sean, you did good for the 1st time with Zuzana. Wish there will be next one with Zuzana + Sean + Frederick. I can’t wait to do this workout tonight. I love the challenge. It’s fun!

  • Nadya

    I think you should put Sean in some sexy skin tight outfit as well ;) Or better bare chested :O Do not get me wrong we (girls) like to watch you Zuzana as well, but some male eye candy would be nice for a change :D We should get some reward too for working out hard with you :D

  • Lisa

    Hey Zuzana firstly I have to say thank you, thank you thank you. Your down to earth way of doing these videos really help me to do a daily workout, even on those days when its hard to get motivated….Secondly Sean is hot, hot,hot but I was happy that u showed him who is boss.

  • Shannon L.

    Dude, you busted out your whole arsenal! LOL It was quite interesting to see such a buff guy barely able to do your workouts.
    You go Zuzana!

  • razzi

    Just want to say. Youre workouts and mind set about excercise is definetly my inspiration to get more in shape. Please never stop posting these videos! >.<

  • ozziepossum

    Hey guys,

    Firstly, Sean, great job completing the workout. Most guys might have pulled out when they felt unwell.

    I showed the video to my fella. He always says he HATES cardio, so I’ve suggested that he try these workouts. No luck so far, but now that he has seen a guy give it a go, his interest has increased a little. No enough yet, but I’m working on it!

    Have a great weekend!

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Oy Oy!

    • Rea

      Same thing with my guy…

      Zuzana and Frederick have set such a beautiful example of leading a healthy lifestyle together, it makes me want to live the same way.

      My guy is more conscious about eating than other guys, and he’s naturally fit and lean (maybe that’s why he cant be bothered about it…?) but I really wish he would get active with me and start eating smaller portions.

      We take long walks with the dog together and sometimes ride mountain bicycle, but that’s about it.

      Well, good luck getting your fella to do the workouts :)

  • Nicole D. Lopez

    Zuzana and Frederick,

    You two are really great, but I’d like to direct this comment more to Sean.


    Thank you so much for being in the video and showing everyone that it’s not just a “women’s” workout. This is such a big step for the site, and I am very glad that you were up to the challenge. You did really great and are helping Zuzana and Frederick to set a wonderful example to everyone. This means A LOT to me because I am a girl with three best friends that are guys and I really don’t think they understand how hard I really work.

    P.S. I just got my wisdom teeth out this morning, so I can’t do this workout yet, but come next week, I am on it! It looks tortuously fun!

    Take care, and thanks again to everyone!

  • Copland

    I tried this workout today but I added 1 minute jump rope between each exercise for a killer 40 minutes. Thanks for keeping this 42 year old mom motivated

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  • Corneilius

    Wow!!!! Nice to see some “Beef Cake” on the show. Any chance we can get Hunky Sean to take his shirt off for the next show.


  • luis

    Do you have any workout for your sides or what people call it love handles

  • ana

    I can’t wait to do this workout!!! It was really nice to watch you guys working out and I’m gonna see if I’ll be laughing as much when I’ll be the one doing it:))

  • impressed

    Hi Zuzanna,

    After watching your videos for a few weeks I have made the decision to start working out. The problem is that I don’t know how. I think that your work outs are going to be too hard for me. Any advice?


    • Chelsea Rodgers

      Impressed: I can promise you know how! Everyone does, maybe you are just intimidated and that’s okay. The exercises can be hard depending on your physical level right now but the more you do it and make a regular commitment the easier it will become and the better you’ll feel. It’s important to work within your zone, but push yourself. If it starts to hurt really badly, change it up. Take breaks but don’t stop. It may take longer in the beginning but it will pay off in the end. We crawl before we walk. The best advice I can give you is making a promise to yourself and keep it. You’ll be so…well, impressed

  • Dani

    it’s nice to see more of your family :) i think its great that you showed us freddy’s brother :)

    i just completed this workout before and it was a killer! the minutes went for so long and i poured with sweat which means i was working really hard :) my arms are still abit shakey!

    :) thanks heaps xoxoxo

  • Mary

    Okay I’m so surprise.. for the first time I did more reps than you in almost all the exercices… which means that your workouts really works! Thank you Zuzana!

  • Ann

    And thumb ups for Sean!! You did great job!!

  • Ann

    Hi Zuzana,Freddy & Sean,
    I showed this one to my husband last night and he was amazed!! He’s never thought this workout will be tough enough for a guy.LOL,now he has no doubt. Go Zuzana ^_^ Keep up good work!!

    I did this workout this morning .It was brutal!!I was going to post the result soon I was done but my hands were still shaking.

    Prisoner squat and front kick- 31

    One leg elevated push up – 18 (from ground)

    Bicycle – 60

    One leg dead lift – Right – 26

    One leg dead lift – Left – 25

    Tricep dip – 15 (leg assisted dips)

    Side lunge jump – Right – 25

    Side lunge jump – Left – 26

    Pull up – 5

    Get up – 11

    Side crunch – Right – 25

    Side crunch – Left – 23

    Dive bomber – 10

    Jump lunges – 28

    Knee tucks – 46

    Pike press – 13

    Knee raise – 19

    Reverse push up – 15

    Side knee raises on dip station – 20

    Santana push up – 6

    I’m feeling it right now…see you tomorrow ( I hope!)

  • Mary

    You kick ass Zuzana! I’m always impress by you. Before, I was like Sean, doing regular workout at the gym.. but since I know your website I only do your workouts and I get soooo much results! I can understand him.. he’s like me at my beginning with you :) And I can say like Sueann, he’s cute! And he did his best which is really something!

  • Masha

    Great experiment and idea! I like it!

  • Sarah

    Yeah, go Zuzana! haha and yay for Canada! I’m going to be going to the gym in a little while and I’m going to try this workout but I can already anticipate taking several breaks in between! Thanks so much Zuzana for all you do and this was awesome to see someone else (especially a guy) try to do what you do! It’s motivating to watch someone else get through the challenge of your workouts!

  • darina


  • Slavek

    Go Sean!!
    Good workout.

    I did:

    I am looking forward to new workout.
    Sooner or later Sean will strikes back

  • Sookie

    Hey i have a quick question…
    By doing your workouts, one can definately burn fat?


    You totally rocked,Zuzana! Sean wiped out at the bicycles and was obviously having difficulty using those muscles in this workout. You need to teach him how to breathe and he won’t feel so nauseous. I bet when he saw the workout list he thought it was for sissy’s and was just gonna whiz through it all. Who’s laughing now, Sean? LOL. I sure was,watching you try to beat Zuzana. But, hey you did great for a first timer with BODYROCKTV. Sean, are you going to utilize Zuzana’s exercises in your workout routine now?

  • Chris

    Nice w/o
    I used to be a gym rat until my mid thirties and figured I had the drive to workout at home and I did I’m 47 now and train at my home gym. I’m always looking for new workouts. I tried it today, really brings sweat out of you ha! anyway I am going to add them into my regular regimen of training for a spark!! So keep the workouts coming Rude boy tomorrow. Her are my #’s
    1) 38
    2) 31
    3) 55
    4) 24
    5) 25
    6) 26
    7) 25
    8) 22
    9) 19 my strong point
    10) 15
    11) 32
    12) 34
    13) 19
    14) 40 total
    15) 32 total
    16) 19
    17) 26
    18) 19
    19) 33 total
    20) 16 total

    Thanks Again
    Thanks again!

  • Lila

    Wow!!!! I am very impressed. Zuzana you were awsome… way to go girl!! And Sean, congrats! You did your best effort and you did it really well. As Zuzana said, it’s just a diferent way of training. I had lot’s of fun with this video, seeing you challange each other. I bet this motivates us much more…One day not so far I’ll get to where you guys are and then I’ll challange you! LOL
    Best video ever!

    Besos y abrazos from Mexico!!

  • Roxy

    Honestly…. after seeing Sean, I got intimitated ( I’m almost 50 after all!!!) so I decided to change it to 20 rounds of 30 secs. But I repeated the whole sequence one more time. I guess the volume is the same just lower intensity and I can make sure my form is control. I didn’t count because I didn’t take any writing break.
    I am so proud of you guys, most people your age don’t work so hard because they are beautiful anyway!

  • Chelsea Rodgers

    Great job Sean!! I still feel like I’m going to be sick with some of the workouts and I’ve been doing them for 3 months. It was great to see another persons persepective because Zuzana is so ripped sometimes she makes it look too easy. Thanks for being a good sport.
    On that note I have a question for you Zuzana: As a woman, once a month my food cravings spiral out of control and I dont want to eat anything healthy. This is my greatest down fall. Any advice on healthy ways to curb my craving for peanut butter sandwiches and pancakes?

  • Margaret

    I was super excited watching this video. I had been hoping that at some point we would get to see Freddy do the workout, but his brother will do. They sound so much alike.

    Zuzana your abs look amazing! It inspires me to try eating fruits and veggies for the first 2 meals of the day too. It certainly is paying off for you.

    I am a rock climber, and I spent the other night training at the gym, so my whole body was hurting going into this workout. Even with that, I feel like I rocked this one out. Doing your workouts has also made me a stronger climber, and the guys at the gym are really impressed by the things I can do now, thanks to you.

    Keep up the awesome workouts! You guys are great!

  • LisaG

    hey zuzanna,

    remember me???
    so here is my problem, i ve benne in south africa for 4 and a half month and i haven’t been working out at all. first my excuse was that i didn’t have decent shoes to work in and that there wasn’t enought space in my house. but now i just moved to a new house, where there is space, now my excuse was that i didn’t have internet and that i couldn’t look at your workouts at all. i struggled to get the videos working because everywhere i tried to go on your website, the videos were not available (south africa is definitly a third world country, LOL). now i have internet at home so i’m gonna start working out again from tomorrow morning. i have to say that when i came to south africa, my abs were starting to stick out a bit, and i was really proud of me, but now there is f*** all left on my tummy!!!! :-(
    anyways, everyday though i ket looking at a picture of you, where you are on the beach in your blue bikini, and everyday i thought to myself that i just want that body. so that still makes you my roal model i guess.

    well i also wnated to say that you look so beautiful in these new outfits you got, i think you should keep shopping. loool

    thanks for that website once again, you really are amazing.

    lots of love, LisaG

  • Lvette #1

    OMG!!! Thank goodness yesterday was my rest day, which is why I was able to do this today. Everything but the kitchen sink was in this one. Sean, welcome to our world. After such long journey I’m sure you wouldn’t have mind a baked cake, not the potential puke feast in front of the world. I was laughing with you, okay no I was laughing at you when you wave the white flag by stating “I don’t feel good” then you apologized for placing the kettlebell too hard on the hardwood floor (nice manners), I was rolling on the floor.

    Here are my scores: I lost a few seconds on each rounds because I just needed to write down my score. There was no way I could remember if I didn’t write it after each round.
    6)14 – assisted dips
    9)10 – assisted pull ups

    My motivation all through this routine was the imprinted image of Zuzana’s stomach muscles as she did the reverse push ups. I went to that sequence more than 10 times. Best stomach EVER 

  • Heezer

    Good job to you and Sean! I can’t wait to try this workout.

  • Mohamad

    Hello Zuzana,

    First of all I would like to say what a BEAUTIFUL and STRONG body you have and also keep up the amazing work, you are a true inspiration! Now, I am writing to you because I am curious to know what kind of timer you are using during your workouts. I have a Polar HR watch that I use during my training but it does not have an interval timer. It would be greatly appreciated if you would inform me of a quality timer, I am very interested in incorporating some of your exercises into my training routines. Thank you for your time and training videos!

    “A strong outside, equals a strong inside”

  • Mickela

    Carla females dropping their body fat to 10% or 12% is a bit dangerous. 14% is fine.

  • Mire

    Hi guys!… Sean.. i think you did it very well. :D Zuzana.. you choosed a really hard workout to start with your little brother! maybe a less intense workout would helped. :D

  • Razyel

    Hi Zuzana ! this is a really hard workout :) …i’ve done it this evening and it took me 25 min. I have to ask you…do you take nutritive supplements or stuff like this, maybe some fat burners ? You’re the best ! ;) Thanks

    • La

      in the past she has mentioned that she does not take any of those things, just eats healthy, frequent small portions and does these workouts:)

  • jen

    Love the workouts! My husband and I stumbled upon your website last night and I can’t stop watching. I love my boot camp class at my gym, and now I found something I can do at home. I am going to get a gymboss timer right now. Question, though. Can you improvise the dips/pull ups if you don’t have that equipment?

  • Lizze

    visit library today and logged onto your web site Zuzanna lot of new great things have been happining
    I am looking forward to this workout tonight ganna sweat and burn in all right places
    this workout looks amazing it will clear my head for sure and pretty neat see men try keep up with your stamina personaly I been working on upper body strength to do 1 hand push ups and flexability to do splits
    I can’t wait for this particular workout
    thank you for sharing

  • lee

    That’s one hell of a workout i felt sorry for that guy
    maybe next time he would do better????

  • James

    I found your workouts by accident a few weeks ago while searching for a photoshop tutorial on youtube. I started your workout instead of my P90X and Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Loser trainer) because it was a change of pace, and you nearly killed me with the first workout I did. It was great. I’ve been telling my friends about your workouts but most of them think it’s a girls workout too. I’m really proud of Sean for taking your workout and proving this isn’t a girly workout.

    My roommate now does your workout too, and she’s been telling her friends.

    Keep up the awesome workouts.

  • raeNYC

    Hello Bodyrock,
    Its so nice to see someone else trying the workout, I think its great for us because we get a different perspective on the workouts for “new beginners”! Maybe we can address breathing while performing an exercise. I think it will help Sean and myself. Thank you Sean for being such a great sport! We look forward to your progress (and mine too:)!

  • Rach

    Hiya, cant wait to do this workout.

    I take my other half out for a run, half way through we stop by the water on a patch of grass then we do one of your workouts and he is just like Sean! He weight trains and is big and muscle, but trying to do something like this, he has alot of trouble and I end up having to cut the session in half!!! Its fun to watch him suffer!

    Cant wait for the next one


  • Kaitlyn

    Amazing workout! Thanks as always Zuzana! You guys all did amazing:)

  • Sandra

    i had to add..SEAN is hot!
    i am a canadian….what part is he from? I guess that makes frederick a canadian too eh….

  • Sandra

    Hi Zu,

    Must first say, your body rocks, and i love incorporating your workouts into mine.
    I do soemthing over here in canada called crossfit, not sure if they have them in Malta or Praugue or whereever you are. but basically they follow same principle, but with some olympic lifting, and then a metabolic conditioning workout.
    I have to ask, do you just do these body weight workouts?
    or are you doing some weight training on your own time, to get that ripped?

    I think you look absolutely stunning!

  • Will

    Z and Sean,
    You both did excellent.
    I thought Sean did really well for not having done Z’s program before.
    I expect that if he continues he will improve very quickly.
    Z – You are Right – Your workouts are for Everyone.
    Really enjoyed Sean – he put a “human” face on how difficult are these workouts.
    I am pretty good but then I have been doing them for a while.
    Looking forward to seeing Sean’s progress.
    Z and Freddy – You guys have a GREAT wholesome and informative web site.

  • Natasya

    Hehehe the first 14 days I was doing your workouts I had the same problem with my stomache. I was sitting in the bathroom with a bottle of water and magazine waiting if maybe “something” happens…. :) )) But now there are no problems and am enjoying the workouts.

    Have fun,

  • Kristi

    Great workout once again!

    Sean is really cute ;-) Is he taken?
    Anyways I hope he will enjoy his stay here in CZ!

  • Regan

    poor sean! but what a great sport!

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    This workout was complete from top to bottom. It hit all my muscles from every angle while being short & sweet:) Thanks for posting your results guys :) Here are my numbers:

    Pris.SquatFrontKick: 30
    1LegEl.Pushup: 14
    Bicycle: 60
    1LegDeadLift: 23 R&L
    TricepDip: 11
    SideLungeJump: 28 R&L
    Pullup: 6
    Getup: 11
    SideCrunch: 21 R&L
    DiveBomber: 9
    JumpLunge: 30
    KneeTuck: 40
    PikePress: 14
    KneeRaise: 18
    Rev.Pushup: 15
    SideKneeRaise: 15
    SantanaPushup: 10

  • isabellaok

    Hi Zuza…
    Yesterday I saw your video. I was so exited that I could not sleep! Finally, I got a proof of your powerfull training and I relised that I am on the right path. This video gave me the power for another year.
    Thank you and all the best from Poland.

  • Lady Che

    Zu ur the best! love ya, keep inspiring us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sueann Sherwood

    this is so funny, i luv his facial expression! Its like he is on the verge of death! Good job Sean! (PS- he is very cute, is he on facebook?)

  • Glitter

    Great workout! Glad to see a guy join in – Sean was a great sport! It will fun watching him progress.

  • Stephenie

    P.S. I also love how brutal the workouts are getting…BRING IT ON!!!!

  • Stephenie

    Great work Sean! I remember the first workout I did, “Death by Workout,” and I couldn’t even finish it…I thought I was in shape because I ran intensely, etc, but nothing prepared me for the brutality of these workouts :) But they are phenomenally effective. You do get stronger, leaner, and more symmetrical. A girl at my grocery store asked me, “What kind of sport do you do, because I like the look of your…” Even before she was done with the question, I said “BODYROCK DOT TV!”

    Zuzana, you keep BodyRockin’ my world!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!



  • DK Stangeland

    Loved it! Thanks for a great Friday workout. just what I needed for today and before going out to play water polo tonight.

  • julie

    zuzana….loved this post you kicked his ass! Good work! He did excellent as well. ;)

  • Lauren

    Awesome workout! Love it! You both kicked ass and kudos to Sean for having the balls to try this AND publicize it! It is definitely much different than traditional training and will give you a real challenge from what most people are used to!

    Great Job Guys!

  • mariam

    Hi! Who said girls are weak? Go GIRL!!!

  • Paula

    Excelent workout!!!

  • Isabelle from Canada

    That brutal 20 minutes FLEW BY !! :) Great work out once again!

  • tara

    naturally these workouts are harder for sean not only because hes not used to them but he has to lift more weight right zana?



  • Mickela

    poor Sean he comes to vacation in Prague and gets tortured by you Zuzana.
    I have to say this was a great video, pretty amazing to watch you and Sean push the limits.
    I will definitely try this one tonite. I am feeling competitive I will have to substitute the dip station exercises I don’t have one of those, but I am tempted to buy one. whew I can’t wait for Zuzana’s brutal punishment.

  • Dipanjan Mitra

    man!!!now m really scared doin those workouts…nywz i’ll definately try…amazin exercise thow…seemed prety hard on sean for a moment…but he carried out well…hopin to finish this workout in 20 mins or so…lets c :-)

  • Amanda

    Hey Zuzana-
    This workout looks super intense. I’ll try it one of these days! haha :-)

    I made up a workout I thought you may like to try someday. It is called “Prime 23.” I based the reps on prime numbers, which (in case you don’t know) are numbers divisible by 1 and itself. Since they’re completely random and there’s no pattern to them, I thought the “chaos” of it would keep your body guessing. Since most reps are 5, 10, 15, 20, etc, the randomness of the prime numbers may add an extra challenge. Here it is:

    Set your timer for 23 minutes (my lucky number and a prime) Do as many rounds of the workout as you can within the 23 minutes.

    2 Burpees with leg lifts (each leg once), jump ups
    3 Pull Ups
    5 Reverse Pull Ups
    7 Push Ups
    11 Low Jacks
    13 Jump Lunges
    17 Hanging Leg Raises
    19 Prisoner Squats
    23 Mountain Climbers

    Let me know what you think!
    Great workouts. I gave all of yours to my younger brother to do. He’s enjoying them!

  • Gaby

    Hi guys, thank you so much for this workout, I still haven’t try it because I am kind of scared lol it looks brutal,, but I will do it for sure this weekend and let you know how I did.
    I really enjoyed watching Sean doing it too, it is great to know I am not the only one strugling with your workouts =) of course it is harder for him because he is lifting more body weight than I am..I am only 115 pounds..
    By the way Sean is hot..;).
    Have a great weekend!!

  • Burgen

    Excellent! I have been inspired by your workouts, they certainly keep me motivated, and I am getting stronger and faster everyday (pretty good for an old mom!) I know guys like Sean…. gym guys, heavy weights, low reps, bulk. It’s good to see that the body strength workouts are a challenge for these types! Way to go Zuzana! You kicked his butt, and I can’t hold a candle to either of you, so, way to go Sean! Keep up the fantastic workouts!

  • Kristina

    Freaking intense, just when I thought I’ve seen it all… you go and figured out another super awesome way to kick everyones butt :) !
    PS. Sean, from my own experience… depending what Zuzana has planned, the feeling of nausea will go away within next few exercises ;) , for me it was when I learned to control my breathing.

  • Anne

    Looks really intense!! :) Definately trying this workout today!!

  • Holly

    Thank you Zuzana! I’m trying so hard to be fit. I’m naturally slim, but I want muscle. I’m tired of being weak. I will be 30 this July, am 5ft & 97lbs & trying to gain muscle & strength.
    Thank you so much for your videos, especially this one. I went through this one (had to give up after #16), but from going along with your videos I now have muscle definition in my shoulders, biceps, & upper abs.
    Thank you sooooo much! I love watching you workout & I’m hoping that by doing your videos that I can at least look half as good as you!
    Thanks again! You’re fantastic!

  • Bob Moon

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have to imagine that you have been asked this before so please forgive me. How much time do you spend working out in the course of an average month?

    Thanks, Bob

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Bob,

      I try to do my workouts 5 times a week.

      • Shanny

        Do you ever do any other weight training at all?


  • danielle

    Hi everyone,it was nice to see tht I am not the only one almost dying during the workout! hihi..:-)
    Here are my scores:
    9)i did reversed push up 14
    14)17 (oups..did not go too well there)
    I really enjoyed the work out a lot!! I did not feel the 20 minutes passing by..I loved it! :-)
    I wish Sean a lot of courage, because I think he can use it ;-)
    Never the less I think it is really cute to see him pushing himself hard..
    Thanks again for the nice workout!!

  • Jess

    Wow this workout is going to be brutal. I can’t wait to try it!
    I workout with Zuzana EVERY DAY with the exception of my active rest days, and my boyfriend is very impressed with the workouts. He can’t believe some of the stuff I can do now, thanks to Zuzana. I even went to the gym for the first time a couple days ago, and I was doing some of Zuzana’s bodyweight moves, some guys came to me amazed at what I was doing (ninja jumps, reverse push ups, one hand push up, stuff like that). They were like “Were did you learn to do those exercises? I’ve never seen them before!” They were seriously impressed, and my boyfriend even went on to tell them how insane my workouts are and how he’d have a very hard time doing them if he tried. Well, I am still trying to get him to try at least one with me cause these workouts really do KICK ASS!! I can’t wait to jump into today’s workout, I’ll comment back with how I did when I’m done.

    • Canadian Chic

      How long have you been doing Z’s workouts? Hearing your story is inspiring! Thanks for sharing your comment :)

      • Jess

        I’ve been following Zuzana since January, and I’ve been logging my workouts since February. I’m 5’3″ and 105 lbs, so I’m pretty small to begin with. Now it’s may and I’m finally starting to see some serious muscle tone in my upper abs and my arms,back, and shoulders. On an average workout day I actually do 2 of Zuzana’s workouts, and have recently started weight training 2 times a week. I can see by my workout log, and my body that my body is greatly improving! I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I never found Zuzana. :)
        I finally got around to doing this workout. I had to wait til a time that the boyfriend could write my reps for me. It killed me! But I had fun with it. Thanks for the brutal workout Z!
        1.33 6.21 11.15 16.10 20.8
        2.13 7.25 12.18 17.19
        3.35 8.25 13.11 18.15
        4.16 9.6 14.22 19.I skipped cause I don’t have a
        5.20 10.10 15.31 dip station and I found it way
        too difficult for the pull up bar

        This workout was hard work! jumping right from one exercise to another was kinda difficult, but I was definitely NOT bored doing it! Thanks again Zuzana :)

      • Jess

        I’ve been following Zuzana since January, and I’ve been logging my workouts since February. I’m 5’3″ and 105 lbs, so I’m pretty small to begin with. Now it’s may and I’m finally starting to see some serious muscle tone in my upper abs and my arms,back, and shoulders. On an average workout day I actually do 2 of Zuzana’s workouts, and have recently started weight training 2 times a week. I can see by my workout log, and my body that my body is greatly improving! I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I never found Zuzana. :)
        I finally got around to doing this workout. I had to wait til a time that the boyfriend could write my reps for me. It killed me! But I had fun with it. Thanks for the brutal workout Z!
        1.33 6.21 11.15 16.10 20.8
        2.13 7.25 12.18 17.19
        3.35 8.25 13.11 18.15
        4.16 9.6 14.22 19.I skipped cause I don’t have a
        5.20 10.10 15.31 dip station and I found it way
        too difficult for the pull up bar

        (I used a 10 lb kettlebell for the deadlifts,& one leg tricep dips cause I have no dip station)

        This workout was hard work! jumping right from one exercise to another was kinda difficult, but I was definitely NOT bored doing it! Thanks again Zuzana :)

  • Shanny

    Not gunna lie, I laughed while watching Sean suffer :)
    It just goes to show that even though men are physically stronger doesn’t mean they will always beat the girls!

    Loved today’s workout…I am going to attempt it at the gym after I do shoulder’s and back…gotta rip it up since summer is so near! Have a great weekend guys! xo

  • Alexis

    This one was intense. awesome workout

  • MikeM

    Well done Zuz! Core strength all the way vs the beach body meatheads @ the gym!

    Your workouts are on point and you look amazing!


  • Tania

    Hey Guys,

    Truly entertaining! Sean you are a trooper. Good Job:) Thanks Zuzana for the comparison workout and thanks Sean for trying it for the first time in front of a camera. Kudos to you.

    Have a great visit with your family!

  • Sherry

    First of all, kudos to you, Sean, for completing this workout and being willing to show it on video in front of everybody. That takes courage.
    I was surprised to see that such a buffed guy had problems with the Dive Bombers and Pike Press. I thought he’d do them with no problem because his upper body looks very, very strong with all those muscles.
    Z., you make the exercises look so easy because you perform them with such ease and elegance.
    Thank you guys for this video! I loved it.

  • me

    Hard workout! Thanks and Thumb up :)

  • Nancy

    I agree with the others, it is great seeing Sean in these, I may challenge my 20 year old gym rat son with this video. BTW Freddy, as the older brother it looks as though you might have enjoyed posting the worst of Sean’s clips. Ah, brotherly love!

  • Andrea

    Wow, you whipped his arse!!! Lol!

  • JoséLuis

    I’ve never thought that the workouts from this site were just for girls, in fact I always thought they were for everyone since they are really intense (looking at a hot chick is just a plus for us males). Anyway I just love this workouts that use body-weight and the variety you give. Thanks a lot!

  • Samantha

    Looks SO awesome!! How do I set-up my Gymboss timer for 20 1 min intervals with no rest?? It keeps defaulting to 2:00 min rest periods. Weird. THANKS!! YOU’RE THE BEST!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Samantha,

      set your Gymboss for 10 rounds of 1 minute and 1 minute interval. This way your timer will beep every minute.

      • Samantha

        Thanks for taking the time to respond! Will do the workout tonight! :) Can’t wait to see what other hard-core workouts you’ll post next. Have a fantastic weekend!

  • Cheryl

    That was the best video yet!! I keep telling guys that I know, about this site and they think it is for girls. I was very happy to see Sean doing this and the looks that he would give made me laugh so hard!! Thank you again for another exciting and motivating workout!!!

  • Alina

    Way to go Suzana! I am proud of you. And by the way thank you so much for this site, and helping me get over my platoue, I’ve exercised for a year and a half and reached climax in my progress and wasn’t getting past it to reach my goal of having a nice flat stomach with six pack. But after watching you and my routines together I am getting there. Thank you so much.

  • Lupi

    Good job Zuzana. I have to admit I’m impressed and it doesn’t happen often.

  • rose

    oh my goodness!!!haha…..poor sean looks P.O.’d!!!!haha……poor guy!you kicked his butt zuzana!!!as a trainer i can see that sean needs to most importantly work on his BREATHING as well as FLEXIBILITY-two things that are very commonly overlooked by people that usually do a standard gym workout with weights and machines.i feel for you sean!!…it reminded me of when my husband said he wanted to work out with me……..well…….one workout like this one and he couldnt walk the next few days……its funny though that working out with a partner really pushes you to work harder doesnt it? it even looked like you kicked your OWN butt zuzana!!!!nice workout and nice job.nice to see frederick’s brother a fellow canadian!!……

  • luzana

    Loved the workout!
    Nice to see a male on the site working out!
    You should keep him. You’ll probably gain a lot more viewers. You guys are always thinking : )

    Keep the workouts coming.
    Can’t wait to see the new site!

  • Tanyshka

    Hi Zuzana,

    I don’t have enough discipline to do your workouts at home, so I write them down and take them to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. I feel like the peering eyes are an extra incentive to push myself as hard as I can, possibly the same way you do when in from of the camera.
    People at the gym keep coming up to me, asking where I get these workouts from, and the guys have even mentioned that the workout looks intimidating. :D
    I’ve told a few people at the gym about your site, and I’m getting dirty looks from the trainers because they are losing clientele.
    I’m trying to convert as many people as I can.
    Great job and I can’t wait to go try this one out tonight!

  • pam

    Your workouts are definitely not just for girls. I’ve been doing them for about 2 weeks and I can already see my abs! Your exercises are so intense that when I go to bed I just pass out haha I don’t remember ever falling asleep!
    I love it though! The more intense the better. It’s really the challenge that keeps me going. I like how you always try to do it so that we can improve with you and challenge us. It just never gets old haha

  • Maria

    Haha, he is cute. This was a fun, nice, refreshing change! Thanks guys!

  • soulfuldreamer

    I really loved this video. I posted on Youtube thinking it was your husband. Now I see it’s your BIL.

    Look forward to seeing how things progress and you whip these guys who only want to stare at your videos into shape.

  • kristal

    Sean did great. I liked that he kept going and didn’t start laughing when he lost his balance. Go go Sean!

  • Sarah

    Sean is cute!

  • Zoe

    Love your brother in law…..what a good sport & what a cutie – definitely looks like Freddy. So glad he did the workout with you – it’s nice to see someone struggle a little with your workouts – that’s almost exactly the way I felt when I first tried one of your workouts (except I can’t even do one unassisted tricep dip)………Great video…looking forward to doing this workout…Thanks guys!

  • Philippe

    Hi zuzana,

    Very nice workout, i’m not sure i’ll be able to go through my day after this, it was very intense. I had to take breaks between some of them, took me 40 minutes (1 minute break each time)

    Still, it worked well

    1. Prisoner Squat and Front Kick – 30
    2. One Leg Elevated Push Up – 20
    3. Bicycle – 34
    4. One Leg Dead Lift – 19
    5. One Leg Dead Lift – 22
    6. Tricep dip – 3
    7. Side Lunge Jump – 24
    8. Side Lunge Jump – 27
    9. Pull Up – 4
    10. Get Up – 8
    11. Side Crunch – 25
    12. Side Crunch – 21
    13. Dive Bombers – 10
    14. Jump Lunges – 22
    15. Knee Tucks – 30
    16. Pike Press – 6
    17. Knee Raises – 13
    18. Reverse Push Up – 0 (didn’t have something to do it)
    19. Side Knee Raises – 16
    20. Santana Push Up – 8

    You’re the best!

  • Brian

    This workout segment helps put things into perspective. I know a lot of people that think they are “tough guys” but I would like to seem them try one of these workouts. Thanks again for helping keep things in perspective and promoting healthy, fun (difficult), easy to do at home workouts.

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzi,Frederick and Sean
    I like to said is big inspiration to se good looking(phisical To)men have problem (small)whit this workout Zuzi look so relax.Ja sem si musela uz koupit ten gymboss bez nej tvoje cviceni neni ono porad se jinak musim zamnerovat na hodinky a ne na cviceni.Today workout I try but I haven’t got gymboss so I did as much I could it but I have much more work a head.Ale ty si nazorny priklad toho ze fizycka je dulezitejsi nez posilovani uz se tesim na ten Gymboss a snad se moje kvalita a cas zlepsi.Bylo mi ho lito ale snazilse a nevzdal to ale nandala si mu to trochu radsi to pisu casky aby ho to neurazilo a treba uz se nebude chtit zucastnit ale ono se vic ceni snaha nez kdyby to nedokoncil.
    I hope Sean like Prague and have good time.
    Thank you

  • Zehnab

    Hey guys,

    I just completed yuor workout. To start off, my arms feel like jelly , my abs are burning and my legs ache in places I didnt think they could. despite all that I loved the workout.

    Before the only online workout that I followed was on However, after a while his workout’s became too boring and repetitve and made me feel that my workouts were more of a chore. I came across your site about 2 months ago and by completing your 30 day challenge as well as adopting your workout routines into my own I have lost around 5kgs (with I am sooooo happy with btw). Thank you so much for posting these videos.

    Anyway here are my results (I think I did pretty well):


  • stacey

    Oh Sean…that was good stuff! I’m not laughing AT you…well, yes I am, but only because that’s exactly how I look/feel doing these workouts. Good job! Excited to see your progress.

    Thanks Zuzana and Freddy for the daily inspiration and the hard work you put into the site!

  • Ellie

    haha – poor Sean. I did laugh though!

  • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

    My husband has never understood your method of working out and is always telling me that he doesnt understand me wanting to beat or match your time. Im emailing this video for him to watch right now it really does explain alot about how and why your workout are so efficacious.

    All day now I am singing “Anything boys can do girls can do better” lol Sean is a great sport I hope he has a great time in Czech!

  • Reetta

    Hi Zuzana!

    My friend and I are doing your older Summer Fit-6 weeks programm. We started last Monday and today was time for circuit. It was a good workout. I was wondering how many times you have managed to do the circuit in 30 minutes?
    Thank you for your videos!

  • Madann

    Hi Zuzana,

    This is going to be my favorite of your workouts. I like variety in a workout, and its killer. As I watched the video, I smiled to myself, because I was thinking about how exhausted I’m gonna be when I try it.

    This guy, Sean is hot, hot, hot! Thanks for sharing him with us girls.
    This really was a sexy workout.

    Thanks again, love from Hungary

  • Paula

    Send Sean big hugs from us, because he seemed to need them;)
    It was a good workout and super idea to show Sean doing it, It will motivate my male friends for sure;)

  • anna

    lol… how sweet. . are u working out all together. .? that would be fun. . we still havent seen freddy working out alone.sometime

  • Suzanne

    You are extremely fit. I admire your workouts and love the way you train. Did you train like that to get that body or did you do bodybuilding style training followed by a bodybuilding style diet. You are very lean do you eat extremely clean all year round. You are a great inspiration and I often turn to your website when I fall off the wagon – which is often. How do you stay focused?
    Yours is the best website I have come across and I look at heaps. Thanks Suzanne

  • Sarah

    Your workouts are getting really intense lately!! bring it on!

  • Michelle Fourie

    you kicked his trash! haha, my husband thought it was all girly to do Yoga with me at the gym one night when I was pregnant. The next day he had a new found respect for women who do yoga, and men too. He was hurting all over. Your routines are fantastic, thank you.

  • Amanda

    Zuzana, you kicked his ass.

  • Jason


  • deni

    I don’t even have the courage to try this workout… :-ss
    Seems really really REALLY brutal..

  • Paulina

    I really enjoyed this video. It’s good to see someone who is not used to Zuzana’s intensity of exercises do it as Zuzana alsways makes it look so easy ;)

    And I really like the fact that you don’t use almost any equipment at all as it makes it easier for me to follow your videos because I usually excercise at the gym but I’ve not yet seen the results I expected so I’ll follow your routines now as they seem to have an amazing results!

    All the best and keep up the good work! x

  •!/carlanunesdacosta Carla

    Zuzu your brother in law is a hotty and thumbs up to him for being such a good sports :) )

    I am so glad you have actualy done this video with him (not because he is eye candy, that too) but people very often assume that this is a workout for girls. Ha!!!!

    I very often do your workouts after my weight training sessions and have NOT sat on a stationary bike, rowing machine or anything else for my cardio.

    When people ask me what I am doing and why I am doing it? I tell them what but suggest that they experience it for themselves.

    Clean eating, consistent training and my body fat had dropped to 14%. My next goal is to get it down to 10-12.

    Greets from your fan and supporter here in The Netherlands.


    • DORIS

      i am not so sure if a bodyfat percentage of 10-12 % is exactly what you should be aiming for as a woman. from a medical point of view it just doesnt seem healthy at all.

      • Carla

        My dear Doris,

        With all due respect, has it occurred to you that Zuzana has a much lower body fat percentage than I do? :-)

        She looks very healthy to me don’t you think?

  • Samantha R

    I’m going to have a rest day tomorrow….I’m still shaking.

    1. Prisoner Squat and Front Kick – 34
    2. One Leg Elevated Push Up – 22
    3. Bicycle – 54
    4. One Leg Dead Lift – 26
    5. One Leg Dead Lift – 27
    6. Tricep dip – 4 unass 14 leg ass
    7. Side Lunge Jump – 33
    8. Side Lunge Jump – 32
    9. Pull Up 6
    10. Get Up 12
    11. Side Crunch – 31
    12. Side Crunch – 30
    13. Dive Bombers – 10
    14. Jump Lunges – 33
    15. Knee Tucks – 48
    16. Pike Press – 18
    17. Knee Raises – 19
    18. Reverse Push Up – 20
    19. Side Knee Raises – 24
    20. Santana Push Up – 10

    Thank you all – and hello to Sean, he didn’t look like enjoyed that bless him.

    • Erika

      Hi Samantha,
      noone else posted their score, here is mine:

      1. 27
      2. 19
      3. 68
      4. 13
      5. 16
      6. 23
      7. 32
      8. 32
      9. 18
      10. 9
      11. 19
      12. 37
      13. – (lost track)
      14. 20
      15. 35
      16. 17
      17. 22
      18. 24
      19. 30
      20. 12

  • Marina

    Hello, friends! You are done!! Are your family )))))) Exercise is really heavy and very complicated .. now try too go through these ordeals )))))))…………. Always be with you!

  • Runya

    haha Freddy Are you teasing,right? I don’t think he was trying very hard like this video.

    It was so much fun.
    Anyway, he is sexy too.

    Thank you guys.

  • Lucie

    Ahoj Zuzi, bydlím kousek od Brna a už asi půl roku sleduju tvůj web :-) jsem instruktorka aerobicu, do toho zhruba pětkrát týdně chodím do posilovny a u tebe nacházím hodně inspirací, jak ve cvičení, tak i ve stravování. A tvoje kalhoty s kytičkou nemají chybu :-) v ČR je asi neseženu, že? :-) Jinak doufám, že nevadí, že píšu česky, ale mám zrovna před zkouškovým a než bych to sesmolila v AJ, tak bych tady seděla hodně dlouho :-)

  • Rebecca

    Awesome! can’t wait to try this one! you all did such a great job, i like how there is 20 different exercises in the one workout also, variety is the key.

  • Eric

    Wow! Sean flew from Canada to be tortured.

    I like your training Zuzana! You kick ass. :)

    Good job Sean. It is really tough to go from a conventional routine to this kind of intense circuit training.

    You should show Freddy training too.

  • mausyo

    oh wow. They look exactly the same. If I didn’t read what you wrote I’d still thought it was Freddy who made the exercises.
    The workouts are harder for him because he has more body weight.

  • Sean


    OK, this video has made me a believer in your system! I’m kind of like your Sean, doing regular weight/aerobic-type training. I never tried short intensive, body-weight exercises that you have on your site – but now I’m going to try! :)

  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana, Frederick and Sean;

    There is something seriously wrong with your left channel om the Video up till Sean starts talking!

    It’s clear that Sean is just not as flexibly as you are. Besides there is a big difference between weight lifting and bodyweight workouts. As he points out the numbers of reps are much lower. But, you note on several exercises he kicked your butt, but over all you beat him.

    Anyway, you sure can tell Frederick and Sean are related!

    You all have a nice one,

  • Maya

    That’s how my husband looked like when he did your workout with me…but he still sticks to his running, gym and yoga. Hahaha,think you’re tough guy? hahahaha, Zuzana rocks!
    I wanted to thank you guys, I look so much better already, I feel great for the whole day because of these workouts, I just LOVE YOU! :)
    Also, I think you should make more diet videos..

  • Beth

    That was fun to watch. Zuzana > Sean. ;)

  • Emiliano

    Hi Zuzana,
    I forgot to mention that our film or video maker Frederick( invisible man o;) was very good at this workout.
    Wouah ,i got a long way to go to catch up with you guys!
    I like to be challenged though.


  • http://N/A Jason

    Could’ve done without the last comment about puking…

  • felipe

    I looooved the end message! I totally agree, gym’s are just beauty contests, not fun at all, and not even that effective, however you make good muscle mass out of it.
    I do some gymnastics, martial arts, break dance, tricking and stuff like that, really those activities are fun! not running on a treadmill like a hamster. the last time I was at a weights gym everyone was kind of amased about some exercises I was doing (like pull ups in L sit position while touching my toes at the top of the movement), even I don’t look big or that strong.
    ZUZ! just as a suggestion try some gymnastics, I believe you’ll kill at it.
    good effort from your fellas, but they should keep trining

    it seems human body has no limits
    peace from mexico

  • Emi

    and there’s a nice addition to your workouts…! he’s really cute :-)

  • Emiliano

    Hi Zuzana,
    I am here to confirm that your workouts which emphasise on bodyweight training are the best for MEN and WOMEN.
    I used to do them 15 years ago.
    But since i moved to Canada i started training in a gym with dumbbells and barbells and lost all my bodyweight ability flexibility.
    Watching your videos few weeks agos,gave me the incentives to come back to the basics: bodyweight training.
    Doing just some of the exercises that you recommend,I was just devasted to see that i do not master my body anymore.

    Zuzana,let me tell you something: you are physically very strong because when you perform the workout,it seems easy and when i try it, i get exhausted within the following minutes.
    Doing your workout is my new challenge in order to better master my body.
    Zuzana thanks again for your dedication and your natural kindness.
    My wife and I are your fans and we love the variety in the daily training.
    For the time being i am taking one exercise at a time in order to master it before doing them in circuit training in 20 min or less.
    Keep up the good work.
    p.s.:Sean,:o)) don’t tell me that it’s the first time you are doing Zuzana’s workout,because despite the pain,the suffering ,you looked good and far better than me.

  • Mona

    Hi Zuzana! You are amazing,my husband don’t want do this exercises becouse he say-this is for girls…I must show him your video! You are great trainer;)

  • Ali

    Hi zuzana,
    Great workout! Thanks for these original rutine, good for body confussion and for work all the body with cardio and streght.

    I missed more recipes. I like your czech republic recipes, i live in Mexico and are really great for having variety (my family likes a lot, i also give you credit haha! i fell so good when i say is a czech republic dish hahaha! it sound so fancy hahaha!). And also fits my goal about eating habits EASY, HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS! If doesnt have the three, i just dont cook it…and your recipes! are just perfect… so hope you soon post another one.

    Also i didnt told you before, but i like a lot the last messages of your workouts (posts) are really funny!

  • Stacy

    you looks totaly different without black glasses, what you wearing in most of videos. Without glasses, you are different man, simply you looks much different

    • Stania

      Hi you didn’t listen he look like Fredi but is hes younger brother at first I assume the same but then I listen what Zuzana said look like twins.

  • Human

    great workout! for me is wery hard but very interesting.thank you guys!

  • Langly

    heheh, looks like a pretty intense work out. I’ll definitely give it a go.

    I must say, it was great seeing a guy do these workout…No offense Zuza, I love watching you work out, but being a guy myself, it’s good to see the form and look of these workouts as a guy does it.
    p.s. I’m sure in a few days Sean will be out performing you :P , heheh. Don’t let the girl show you up Sean! Do it for us males here.

    Sean looks a lot like Fredrick, and I almost thought it was Fredrick as first.

    Next we have to see Fredrick working out.

    • Anicka

      no way forget that… he aint gonna be beating zuzana like that in a few days…
      go zuzana!!!! keep it up for us girls, you ARE girlpower! you are too badass… keep on keepin on girl! :) heh heh heh…

  • Nikol

    Zuzi ale jednoznačně vedeš :) ale neříkej jim to, ať jim to není líto

  • Nikol

    Jupíí, nic proti tvému krásnému tělu Zuzanko, ale se Seanem to vypadá moc dobře. :) Pěkné podívání hned po ránu. Děkuji

  • http://N/A Steve Earls – Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Good one Z! Beat a lot of your reps girl, but you got some strong legs! Couldn’t beat them. Did the other stuff like the other guys did. Great work out, tell Sean, thats why we come to your site Z, these workouts beat guys or girls alike, that’s why its so good. If I can only get my wife to try….Thanks as always Z! love the pain, Steve

  • TheoCoach

    It was brutal!

    1. Prisoner Squat and Front Kick – 28
    2. One Leg Elevated Push Up – Switching legs – 19
    3. Bicycle – 50
    4. One Leg Dead Lift – left leg – 20
    5. One Leg Dead Lift – right leg – 20
    6. Tricep dip – 17
    7. Side Lunge Jump – left leg – 26
    8. Side Lunge Jump – right leg – 26
    9. Pull Up – 18
    10. Get Up – 9
    11. Side Crunch – left side – 22
    12. Side Crunch – right side – 25
    13. Dive Bombers – 9
    14. Jump Lunges – 24
    15. Knee Tucks – 30
    16. Pike Press – 11
    17. Knee Raises – 15
    18. Reverse Push Up – 17
    19. Side Knee Raises on Dip Station – 15
    20. Santana Push Up – 8

    Thanks again

    Theodore from Greece

  • Audra

    I could tell by the look on his face that he was ready to give up but he pushed himself and thats all that matters :) A great comparison of strength, endurance, & perseverance from Zuzana & Sean :) Great job you two!

  • Fleur

    Great work guys. I am looking forward to do it. This is a quite challenging workout I already can figure out me puking while trying to beat my best at doing dive bombers.
    Thank you Sean :) you did great, hope you will improve your obliques.
    And as usual thank you Zuzana and Freddy :)

  • Meg

    Awesome! I absolutely love seeing Frederick’s younger brother exercise! It’s great to see a man doing these exercises! I can’t wait to try this routine out!
    This is my first post, but I’ve been following your exercises for 2 months and I’m loving how much stronger I’ve become since. I’m a yoga teacher and a marathon runner but felt something was missing. Now that I’ve combined all 3 (Zuzana’s workouts being the 3rd) together I feel more balanced. I used to have a very weak wrist and thought I’d never be able to do a yoga handstand for more then a few seconds, but with Zuzana’s never ending push ups and weight baring exercises, my wrist can handle a lot more weight now and I can hold a handstand much longer.
    Thank you so much! Keep up the good work and my hats off to Sean for being such a good sport! Now I’m going to try to get my husband to compete with me ha.

  • Shawna

    HAyloooooo Brother in law is cute!!! Anyway, that workout kicks ass! I am going to try it for sure. Ripped abs here I come!!! Good work Zuzana! and Freddie and Sean…:)

  • jessi

    so, today was my first official day starting your workouts, im not in anykind of shape at all, so its gonna be a long journey, but, i just want to thank you for inspiring me and for your videos. :D

  • EB

    I LOOOOOVE this video!!! thanks for sharing with us! I follow your videos every day and do the workouts at home. My boyfriend goes to the gym regularly and I can’t motivate him to do some exercises for his core strenght with me… but maybe this video can change his mind. Thank you Sean for sharing with us how you did and I think you did well because most important thing is to never give up!!

  • Krys

    I weight train regularly and I find that your interval training is a whole new world. I thought I was fit and in great shape turns out I have a long ways to go! Thx for the workouts Zuzana love them, always an inspiration!!

  • brittney

    nice i loved it it just shows that different types of training can strengthen you in different ways. keep up the good work sean.;)

  • Mariam

    Zuzana and Frederick, if you guys were anywhere near me, I would totally take you guys out to dinner as a “thank you” gesture.

    My boyfriend complained today that my lovehandles are gone and there is nothing to grab onto lol..That sounded like heaven to me, and it’s all because of your workouts :)

    I didn’t do this workout yet, but first thing tomorrow I am going to try this as well.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • d

    That was so great. Sean is cute and so determined. i couldn’t help but have a few giggles while watching. But don’t be upset, i know i won’t be giggling when i attempt this workout later on this evening :o ) i am grateful for this site. Zuzana, i enjoy just watching you and listening to you talk. My butt is looking better than ever, too. Thanks!!

  • Kindra


  • Lucka

    HAAHAAHAAA! I love it!!! I cant believe this workout, the exercises just kept coming and coming, this is like crazy Zuzana marathon training. BodyRock till you puke!

  • Lucka

    HAAHAAHAAA! I love it!!! I cant believe this workout, the exercises just kept coming and coming, this is like crazy Zuzana marathon training. You rock!

  • Ru

    jeez, poor guy, you really put him through the ringer! can’t wait to try this…

  • Noemi

    Hi…we had our fourth child last year in April and I wanted to keep up with my shape. I decided to leave out the gym for a number of reasons for the time being and planned to search for and find some good workouts online later due to some back issues. I curiously came across your website anyhow and I knew I didn’t have to look any further…not to mention that I later learned that you are Czech, just as my husband and I are, and that Freddy is from Canada where we now live. What a fit, right? If you’re ever in Alberta, you are so welcome to visit us. The sound on today’s post is really bad…can’t make out what anyone is saying until 10 minutes into it when Sean and Zuzana are talking together at the end of the workout; then it’s okay. Take care…Noemi

  • Regular follower

    This was great! I’m looking forward to completing this workout (as I have been doing with most of your other routines). It would be neat to see you go head to head with Frederick though ;)

  • RN

    Hi Zuzana,

    I absolutely love your workouts. They are fun to do and make you feel really good. I am finally seeing results too. I’m curious though, how did you develop these types of workouts? They are nothing like any of the workouts of regular fitness gurus. Is there any research on your kinds of workouts, I mean regarding how effective they are in terms of fat loss and muscle building, etc?

  • caroline

    Go Zuanna
    your inspirational !!!!! GR8 TO SEE – it looked such fun tks for your motavation. Please do a dvd or smtg your amazing xxx

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    This looks killer. Fun to watch Sean do the work out too. Hang in there!

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    Hi Zuzana,
    Go girl! Go girl!
    You’re amaizing!! I watch your workouts every day. I’ll try this one and let you know how it was.

    best regards
    Sandra :)

  • La

    oops nevermind, there it is:)

  • MIKI

    hey, Zuzana i just want to say that you have been like a huge inspiration. I have always wanted to get in shape but never had the time or patience to do it. Im guy and i was just stunned by your work outs sooo.. i started to keep up with your videos and it has been helping! soo thank you !!!

  • Zebie

    love love love this workout…but where’s frederick!?!? ;)

  • Laurinsh

    This was awesome,you guys!!!! I do your workouts myself and with my clients! I NOW FOR SURE how intense and hard they are!!! Thanks again!
    personal trainer from Latvia

  • Franzi

    Sean has the same exprescion in his face like I had when I was doing your workouts for the first time: Something between fun, strain and realizing that going to the gym and doing regular workout isn’t a guarantee to solve this kind of workouts :-)

    You both did a great job because this seems to be on of the hardest workouts.

  • MsL-Arizona

    I warmed up with the jump rope and then hit it. I started out wanting to at least keep up,at the end I’m just glad I was able to finish!! I was sweating all over the place!

    Here’s my numbers.

    1)Prisoner Squats w/kick 32
    2)One Leg Elevated Push Up 16
    3)Bicycle 49
    4)One Leg Dead Lift 23
    5)One Leg Dead Lift 24
    6)Triceps Dip (on chair)20
    7)Side Lunge Jump 32 (okay my jumps were actually hops):D
    8)Side Lunge Jump 29
    9)Shoulder Press w/10#dumbbells 25 (no pull up bar)
    10)Get Up 8
    11)Side Crunch 20
    12)Side Crunch 20
    13)Dive Bombers 9(left shoulder was clicking alot)
    14)Jump Lunges 30
    15)Knee Tucks 20
    16)Pike Press 15
    17)Reverse Curls 20 (no pull up bar for the knee raises)
    18)Reverse Push Up 12 (used husband’s bench press area)
    19)V-Sits with Oblique Twist 20 (I had planned to do the Side Knee Raises on my kitchen counter but the kitchen was in use by the time I got to this exercise so I changed it)
    20)Santana Push Ups 6

    Thanks you 3! Great work out!

    I improvised but I will go get a Pull Up Bar because I really want to be strong enough to do the Pull Ups.

    BTW, Handsome brother-in-law, he looks like his big bro Freddy!

  • susay

    I LOVED this video!
    You and freddy should do this more often!
    Looks like a hard one. I may have to modify

  • Mimi


    I was just wondering, when you first started your videos, you were still very skinny and fairly fit. What made you decide to start working out and pushed you to do it everyday? How did you stay skinny before?


  • La


  • Steph

    Hahaha!! 0 side crunches
    sorry, not to come off like I’m all strong or anything but I thought it was really funny.

  • Sandy

    At first I was like, who’s this guy that’s gonna give Z. a new butt kicking type of workout, then I was like wait, who’s this guy whose butt Z. is kicking! You did great Sean. I had the same experience when I got back into the gym and had a training session. I knew that I kicked butt at home, so I thought the session would be cake walk- not so…it was something new again to my body so it was more like a walk thru dried, stiff mud.

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    Can’t wait to try this on for size!

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  • Tiffany Stephens (Day 23) SENSEI =)

    WOW >>> My stamina is no where near yours Zuzana but I have to wait for my hubby when we go running, and I’m the one with the two kid stroller going up hills. I could never run like this prior to adding your workouts. And as you said “it’s different than just strength training”. The hubby can lift more weight, but I do more push up reps. My strength is paired with endurance, my legs are very strong and everything together makes me more physically rounded. My husband was floored today during our run. THANK YOU SENSEI =) Grrrrrr!!!!

  • Alisia

    Wow. I can’t wait to try this out tomorrow!

  • chely

    hahaha=) i totally loved this!! i have been wanting to see you and freddy doing the same workouts but seeing sean was just as good! Zuzanna you totally rocked seans body! haha…. THANK YOU!!!! next time fredrick……

  • Amanda

    I did it!!! This is the first real workout of yours I tried (I did the beginners ones a couple of times) and what really pushed me to do it was that I liked how it went by time rather than reps. I admit some I was not able to do (those knee raises–ahh! but I did some pull-up like thingies to still try) and I couldn’t really make a dip station but I still did almost all of them. Oftentimes I get intimidated making the jump from my workouts (I am a runner) to your workouts so the time thing really made me feel like I could do it.

    I used to be overweight as a child but in high school I started counting my calories/portion control and exercising and lost a lot of weight the healthy way, and I am an athletic person now. I was never quite able though to lose those last few pounds and just be able to tone up, but with summer coming up and me cutting back on processed foods and now with the addition of your workouts, I could not be happier or more optimistic with my look at the future.

    Thanks Zuzana (and Frederick and Sean),

  • Antonia

    Hi Shawn nice to meet you!

    This is great to see you here because you can see your in great shape and go to the gym but if this is hard for you even then It ok for me then to and not feel bad if I am starting small.

    Your going to have a ball with your brother and sis Im sure cant wait to keep up with what is going on.

    ps. Shh ..dont tell them but if you see that they are making fun of me in any way or talking about me please let me know..I worry I am not parinoid :) ))

  • denise

    Hey zuzanna!!! i can tell this workout its a kick ass!!!! but, maybe Sean is still jet lagged and tired coz the long flight from Canada and it could influence in his perfomance… also, he does another kind of training at the gym, and he is not used to this kind of movements..well, that’s what i felt when i saw him doing the workout, and he is really cute! ;) anyways, congrats Sean for doing this and for finishing it!! (coz u felt sick in some point, right?) anyways greetings from Japan! and keep going!!!

  • Marianita

    you are incredible!! i do your workouts 5 days per week, cause i didn’t have enough time. last month i showed to a friend (boy) one of your workouts and we compete… i won him almost by 10 minutes!! XD i am really fat and slow next to you but i’m working on it. by the way my friend, he does your workouts since that day!! you are my idol!! i love you!! wishing you the best;
    Mariana :D (from Mexico City)

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    hi zuzanna the workout was killer!Wow great lookin little brother freddie!heehee…..

  • Eren M.

    Wow, this was quite intense, and funny at the same time. Suzanna you rock!I have been following your videos and fitness tips for a little while and I tell my friends about your site whenever I get the chance. You are a true inspiration, thank you.

  • Jaz

    Hi Zuzana, your workout is brutal, period. I’ve been following you for almost two months now & I think I can say that. Many of your moves look easy, but it takes coordination to get it right, so I usually have a round of practice before I start the workout. A modification of the workout for us less fit folks would be nice, but I would also like to share with everyone my way of modification.

    I just picked some moves & do it as many as I can. If I need to take longer breaks than 10sec, I do that. Like yesterday, I picked 3 for arms, 3 for abs & 3 for thighs & split them into 3 sets & do as many as I can. I get results too this way. Now I think I’m ready to try O Face. Don’t beat yourself up if you can only do one set of each to start with or need to take a day break, the key is to be consistent & not kill yourself. Hope this helps.

    As always, Zuzana is the best, YOU ROCK!!! BTW, it’s nice to have Sean in the vid, some eye candy is always welcome :D

  • Rocker Chick (Debbie)

    You smoked him big time….
    Nahh nahhh Girls can do it better!!!! Kidding…

    Zuzana you so ROck!!!!

  • Shawn

    So I am a guy and have been having a great time doing your workouts or variations of them. I love the variety and I don’t think I have done the same workout for the last few weeks since I started following your site. By the way, I really appreciate what you guys are doing and I am already seeing results.

    Anyway, when I saw the workout that you put together, all I could think was “that is a KILLER workout!” I had a feeling Sean would have a hard time with it. I am going to give it a shot in the next day or so, and I hope I get a few reps of all the exercises in! I’ll try and come back and post results.

    Looking forward to seeing what else you put Sean through! Hang in there Sean!

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    Introduction to BodyRock 101…….Zuzana-style :)

    You rock!

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    So fun to watch this! Zuzana you kicked *** : ) Can’t wait to try this one tomorrow, looks like a killer.. ouch. Can never thank you enough for the incredible motivation and super fun workouts!

  • Kay

    That was really hard…D:
    I don’t have the dip station so I skipped the Reverse pushups and side knee raises.
    Prisoner Squats+Front Kick – 27
    One leg elevated pushup – 16
    Bicycle – 31
    One Legged deadlift – Right 17, left 17
    Tricep dip, improvised using two pieces of furniture- 5
    Side lunge jump – Left 20, Right 23
    Pull up – 1 (haha, total failure D: )
    Get up – 10
    Side crunch – Left 19, Right 20
    Dive Bombers – 9
    Jump Lunge – 24
    Knee Tucks – 30
    Pike press – 5
    Knee Raises – 7
    -skipped Reverse Pushups and Side Knee raises-
    Santana Pushups – 12

    Oh gosh, my arms almost died and I skipped two of them. I’m surprised I can still type. Great workout! :]

  • sisy

    hi guys!!

    I think this kind of workouts are muuuuuch better than gym equipment, it gives you agility, definition, strength,flexibility etc etc. Well done Zuzana for showing us that our own body is the best gym!

    Sisy ( Monterrey,Mexico)

  • Jiffy Pop

    Wow…I’m a relatively active outgoing guy with daily workouts under his belt…But just like Sean, I got my butt whupped. I had a tough time matching Zuz’s crazy reps! Well done with another killer workout =)

    With respect from a newly devoted fan of, thanks a million!

  • Ashley


    This has been one of my favourite videos thus far.

    Is Sean single??? :)

    • Frederick

      Yes :)

      •!/carlanunesdacosta Carla

        Really?!! what’s wrong with the girls (I am assuming girls) in Canada?! :) )

        hahaha here goes a boost for you Seanny!

  • Joe

    Hi Zuzana. I have done a few of your workouts with my wife. She is completely addicted to you. Your workouts are great. A few years ago, I used to compete in power lifting. More recently I have been doing traditional body building, probably similar to Sean’s training. I have to admit that I feel healthier, stronger and leaner following your program. I hope to get in as good of shape as you with dedication to your workouts. Thanks for the inspiration and showing a male ‘body builder’ perspective. It was something I could really relate to. Keep up the hard work!

  • PhilLinda

    Sean I feel for you when I started Zuzana’s workouts out April 1. I felt like you did. Since March of 2009 I was doing regular weights in the gym too, like you. I weight around 115 and can bench press about 95 lbs. These work outs are hard. I had reached a plateau and wasn’t losing any more fat. With these work outs I’ve started losing the fat again. You should incorporate ZuZana’s workout in at least I think 5 times a month minimum. FYI, I’ve quit my gym.

  • Katie

    Sean is very cute!

  • Cinthya

    Way to go Zuzana!!!! I love watching a girl kick someboy booty!!

    Great workout! will try tomorrow, I am sore from doing an older workout and going too the gym. Today is my ARD. Will hit it hard tomorrow!!

    Go girl!

  • SG

    Haha oh my Freddy’s lil bro had a look like “Oh my god what did I get myself into”

    At 5:45 he sounded like a deflating balloon.

    Great job though I cant wait to get into this work out. Of course you guys have way better condition than I!!

    Thanks Zuzana Freddy and Freddy’s lil bro

  • http://none Javier

    I felt sooooo identified with the poor Sean…

  • Jemma

    Well hello Sean! Not even there a few days and you are earning your keep eh ;) I have to say there is such a strong resemblance between you and Freddy it’s amazing – even down to your voice!

    It was really great to see you do your workout with Zuzana and it will be good to see you in future – I like the mini competition between the three of you. I think it will definitely motivate me and others at home as the three of you seem to have different endurance levels and gender roles (i.e. increased strength in the guys to do certain upper body and increased strength in some lower body moves for Zuzana) in these exercises according to the reps.

    I think there’s something for everyone to try to beat in this mix :)

    Keep up the good work Zuzana! Thanks for all the great workouts for posting new stuff all the time – I appreciate the extra push as summer approaches!

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    It’s very interesting to see the score of the three of you too.

    And Sean is really cute … :)

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    Nice to see that Canadians are being represented…hahaha. I live in Toronto! Canada’s a great country!

    Thanks for all your workouts.

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    Awesome workout!! I love that you had Fredricks brother do the workout as well. Your workouts are super intense and it’s great that they don’t take as much time as going to the gym!! Keep them coming!!! Oh, I can’t wait till your next recipe! :)

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    This song is absolutely perfect for your workouts….wow….hahaha…You have to find it and listen to it Zuzanna. You can probably find it on

    Filly – Sweat (The Drip Drop Song) (Wide Boys House Mix Radio Edit)

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    I cannot WAIT to do this workout. It looks like some seriously sick fun. Nice creativity, and I’ll be glad to show this video to my (naturally skeptical) boyfriend too ;) Sean was definitely a good sport!

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    It’s really great to get to see someone else do these workouts! I often do Zuzana’s workouts or something very similar and my boyfriend doesn’t really take them seriously and says that I need to work harder. He’s a body builder so he has a completely different training style, but I’ve always known that he wouldn’t be able to do my workouts! This proves it!!

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    Wow, you just proved how effective your workouts really are! :)
    Keep it up guys! :)

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    lol, kick ass workout even for a guy. gonna do it 2morrow, its definitely a different type of training but u work up a sweat faster and train the body all over. Thanks for posting

  • Stephanie Talbot

    This looks tough!! I”m gonna go home and try it, I was an avid gym girl for a while, doing mainly muscle training and a bit of cardio, but I found in the beginning I could barely do your work outs! Now I’ve been doing them for a while, and my cardio and strength have drastically improved, and I’m now dragging my friends into doing this with me and they hate me for it haha! Cant wait to try this one, and I’m glad you beat the tough guy! :)

  • Jax

    Ha brilliant,
    He wasn’t laughing…or is he always this serious?!!
    Love to see women kicking butt. I wear yoga like clothes at the gym, but love to see guys faces when I pump out my push ups (I do at least one, 100 pushup workout once a week…not all at one time, but over 45 minutes, hitting my shoulders at all angles.Love to drop and pump out 20 for a warm up then do burpees just for fun beside a muscle head who’s giving me looks because a female is in the “free weight zone…” :-)

  • Leigh-Anne

    Simply awesome! I have already done my workout for today but I will try this tomorrow. Sean is a real trooper!

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    Great workout. Sean, you did a good job trying to keep up with Zuzana. This was a wonderful example of how the effects of cardiovascular training differ from weight training.

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  • rachael

    I have a question about your form on the one leg dead lifts. I’ve heard that you should not have any bend in your knees and I’ve also heard to have a slight bend. When I do them I have a natural tiny bit of a bend and I do what feels comfortable making sure I feel my hamstrings doing most of the work and if I feel it in my lower back I try to make adjustments. What is your take on this? Is it different if you are using a weight or not?

    Love the workout, can’t wait to try it. Ever since using your workouts regularly my body has completely transformed. Thank you!!!

  • Moooingcow

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    Great workout. I’ll try it later on.

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    WOW! Zuzana this is brutal! I love it! I know for anyone who isn’t sure Zuzana’s workouts are intense and they are the best. You should see the results I get and I feel great the next day. Hey, thanks so much to Sean for being a sport. UMM, little brother? I think you mean younger brother cause he doesn’t look very little. I hope I don’t offend anyone but Sean is HOT! Nice work. Zuzana thanks for letting him join you, you are so sweet. Again thanks to Fredrick for his support and everything. Hey Sean and Frederick sound a lot alike. I am going to do this workout but I can’t beat you guys yet.

  • Valérie from Quebec

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    Well have a great day, all three of you!

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    Looks like the workout I shared with you this week! It was funny to see Sean working out with you. I’ll try this tomorrow and sure try to beat the brothers!

    Have a nice day!

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    Extra lol!!!!!
    i did the same experiment at my gym with a circuit of me own with a guy that was looking me work out. He wanted to try… he got the same surprise has Sean did…Yeah! Girl power! I am really happy that Sean is willing to do Zuzana work out. Very interesting for us to compare the score…I hope he will continue…Good Luck man!

  • michelle

    yay..i love it. ive probably lost 10lbs since i started these workouts. EVERYONE notices! the best thing is that i wasnt even trying. i was already inshape but these workouts have taken me to a new level of fitness. they are not easy. the intensity will absolutely get you into shape..good job guys

  • Kelly

    Awwww…I felt Sean’s pain for sure! Love the workout…will try it out tomorrow…minus the dips and pull ups because I don’t have the right equipment (lucky me ;)


  • Dory


    Where did you buy your pants from? They are so cute :)

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    Awesome workout. Thanks Sean for being such a great sport. Freddy does the workouts, but he is never video’ed. Enjoy your weekend!!!

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    I love it! The sound wasn’t working but I had to check out how Sean did. It’s amazing how Zuzana’s workouts look relatively easy, but they seemed to kick Sean’s ass (No offense to Sean, I think he did a great job working out) I just think that this proves the fact that these workouts are not “girlie” workouts, and they will work for men as well!

    and P.S. I think Sean is just as cute as Freddie!

  • ily


    I am speechless! Seriously, you are the strongest women who I have ever seen. NICE!!!

  • Neala

    This video had me laughing the whole way through (sorry Sean!). But hat’s off for the effort…I’m a long way from being able to attempt this one. Keep up the great work!

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    zuzana i love u lol u rock
    its so cool to see you kick his butt at these workouts haaaha (no offense sean) But you are so agile and strong with so much endurance. You can really see the difference between the two, he reminds me of what i was like when i first started your workouts. You make it look like there is so much less gravity haah this was such a cool workout and thanks sean for sharing:)