May 19 2010

Sexy Body Beater Workout

Hi guys,

Today’s workout will be high intensity interval training so you will need your Gymboss Interval Timer to keep track of you intervals, exercise mat, and a pull up bar from Ultimate Body Press for one of the exercises. This is another bodyweight only torture session that will bring you maximum results in terms of your strength, cardio and endurance. This workout is short but super intensive so you will burn a maximum amount of calories and  boost your metabolism for hours and hours after the workout. Your body will turn into fat burning engine which is exactly what we need before the summer. To make this workout more fun you can try to beat our personal scores. You can try to compete with me, Sean or Freddy and others who are posting their score in the comments below.

Enjoy your workout,


You will be doing 3 rounds of the following sequence:

Sean’s Push Ups :)

Start in the plank position, lower yourself as close to the ground as possible keeping your body rigid and in one straight line. Press only half way up, lower your body to the ground again and then press all the way up into the plank (this was one rep). Walk over to the side and repeat.

These push ups are designed for extra challenge. They force your muscle to spend more time in the loading phase making your muscles work harder.

Do as many reps as you can during one minute. Now you have only 10 seconds to get ready for the next exercise.

Zuzana – 1st round 13 reps, 2nd round 12 reps, 3rd round 10 reps.

Sean – 1st round 14 reps, 2nd round 14 reps, 3rd round 11 reps.

Freddy – 1st round 16 reps, 2nd round 15 reps, 3rd round 14 reps.

Fly Crunches

Lay on your exercise mat keeping your lower back pressed into the ground and your feet just a few inches off of the floor. Spread your arms, contract the muscles in your abs and core, and sit up to hug your knees. This was one rep. Do as many reps as you can during the one minute interval. You have only 10 seconds to get into the position for the next exercise.

Zuzana – 1st round 33 reps, 2nd round 25 reps, 3rd round 23 reps.

Sean – 1st round 23 reps, 2nd round 19 reps, 3rd round 16 reps.

Freddy – 1st round 27 reps, 2nd round 23 reps, 3rd round 20 reps.

L – Lunges

Lunge forward with your right leg keeping your abs tight,  chest up, and your shoulders back and down. Touch the ground slightly with the back knee before you rise up. From the standing position lung to the right side pushing your hips back. Make sure that your left leg is fully extended. Do not lift your heels off of the ground when you are in the lunge position and keep your shin vertical.  Rise up to the standing position again (this was one rep). Do as many reps as you can during one minute. Rest for 10 seconds and now do the same exercise on the other side for another 1 minute interval. After 10 second rest interval move on to the following exercise.

Zuzana – 1st round 14 and 17 reps, 2nd round 15 and 14  reps, 3rd round 15 and 13 reps.

Sean – 1st round 11 and 12 reps, 2nd round 13 and 13 reps, 3rd round 12 1/2 and 12 reps.

Freddy – 1st round 14 1/2 and 14 reps, 2nd round 15 1/2 and 15 reps, 3rd round 14 and 15 reps.

Sean’s Pull Ups

These pull ups are based on the same principle as the push ups. Half way up, down, all the way up – this is one rep.

If this exercise is too challenging for you, you can always use chair for assistance just like I did. Do as many reps as you can during the one minute interval and after 10 seconds of rest move on directly to the last exercise.

Zuzana – 1st round 11 1/2, 2nd round 11 reps, 3rd round 10 reps. (chair assisted)

Sean – 1st round 9 reps, 2nd round 8 reps, 3rd round 6 reps.

Freddy – 1st round 8 reps, 2nd round 4 reps, 3rd round 0 reps (almost lost his lunch)

Dancing Frog Squats

Squat all the way down keeping a good form. Jump up to get your feet just a few inches off of the ground and land into a half squat with your thighs parallel to the floor. Rise up and bring one knee up shifting your weight towards the standing leg. This counts as one rep. Keep going and do as many reps as you can switching leg for each knee up.

Repeat this whole sequence 3 times.

Zuzana – 1sr round 17 reps, 2nd round 18 reps, 3rd round 18 reps.

Sean – 1st round 14 reps, 2nd round 14 reps, 3rd round 15 reps.

Freddy – 1st round 14 reps, 2nd round 14 reps, 3rd round 13 reps.


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  • Menia Hondroudi

    Amazing workout!!!Sweat sweat sweat!!!!
    1.13 13 11
    2.27 22 25
    3.16 16 16(L)
    4.17 16 16(R)
    5.9 9 7
    6.27 24 20

  • Menia Hondroudi

    Amazing workout!!!Sweat sweat sweat!!!!
    1.13 13 11
    2.27 22 25
    3.16 16 16(L)
    4.17 16 16(R)
    5.9 9 7
    6.27 24 20

  • Anonymous

    first time i did this

    seans push ups: 9 | 10 (from knees) | 9 (from knees)
    Fly Crunches: 24 | 23 | 23
    L-Lunges (R/L) : 12/12 | 12/12 | 11/10
    Pull Ups (on Desk..): 8 | 9 | 9
    Dancing Frog Squats: 16 | 13 | 13

    now, i’m sweating as hell ^^

  • Kay

    assisted pull ups. still recovering.. trying to take it easy and not push too hard
    1. seans push ups:8/8/7
    2. Fly crunches: 13/14/13
    3. L Lunges: 13/13/11
    4. Seans pull ups (assisted): 9/10/8
    5. Dancing frog squats: 10/11/11.5

  • Annie_B

    I picked this one for my workout of the day. I beat my PB on May 20th, 2010 :D I did Pull ups today with band assisted. Lst time, I did Reverse Push ups. I used 10 lbs. medicine ball on Dancing Frog Squats…really feel the BURN!! My core  and upper body strength definitely improved so I’m really happy with my result :)  Here is how I did ;
    The old score is in (…)
    Sean’s Push up : 12(6) / 10(9-on knees) / 9(8-on knees)
    Fly Crunches : 34(23) / 27(22) / 25(17)
    L-Lunges (L) : 19(14) / 16(14) / 17(14)
    L-Lunges (R) : 19(13) / 18(13) / 16(14)
    Sean’s Pull up : 6.5 / 5/ 5…..It was HARD!!!
    Dancing Frog Squats with med. ball  : 13 / 18 / 16

    I LOVE Sean’s Push ups, please mix them into your new routines Zuzana :D Thanks!!!

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  • Squirrel

    This was my workout for today. Great one as usual!
    I wanted to do the hot mess workout but I lend my sandbag to a friend. I recommended your website and convinced her to do some routines with the sandbag. I should get it back before this weekend and do the hot mess workout!
    I adapted the workout a little bit to make it a little bit less challenging. I replaced the fly crunches by V-sits. I go pretty fast doing the crunches, but struggle a little bit more doing the V-sits do I decided to practice them. Besides I read that crunch is not one of the best workout for abs. What do you think?
    Instead of the L lunges, I did side jump lunges and forward lunges. I did not touch the ground between each lunge but did a small jump instead to switch from forward to side.

    Here is my score
    double low PU: 14/13/13
    V sits: 20/20/22
    L jump lunges (right): 17/16/16 – (left): 17/16/16
    double low pull up: 8/7/9
    dancing frog squats (staying low entire time): 20/18/24

    Have a great day!

  • Zealot

    You haven’t posted the intervals, how much rest, how much workout on any of the exercices. I know it is 10 with 60, but let other people know.

  • Tarrah

    Hi Zuzana!
    I am on vacation and wanted to re challenge myself with this workout but the place I am staying at does not have a pull up bar or a sturdy enough broom (only a swiffer broom) to do ‘Sean’s pull ups’. Any recommendations on alternate exercies I could do for this one? Something that would have some of the same benefits as the pull ups? What would you do in this situation?
    -Tarrah :)

  • Windlord

    Sean’s push ups: 16/12/12 (these are great, MORE!)
    Fly Crunches: 26/25/25 (often micro rested legs on floor)
    L-Lunges: R/14 L/12 – R/13 L/14 – R/14.5 L/14.5
    Sean’s Pull ups: 4/5/5 (quickly switched to chinup grip)
    Dancing Frog: 18/18/20

  • Geapet

    This was a real sweat buster,
    Push Ups:10,11,13
    Fly Crunches:27,25,25
    L Lunges:15,15,13
    Pull Ups:15,14,11
    Dancing Frog Squat:20,20,15

    When I was done, all my clothes was socking wet through and through. I love it.


  • Steve

    Hi Guys,

    Another great video, my only problem is i cant have/use a pull up bar anywhere so prefer workouts without these elements in.


  • helena

    Hello I really like your work outs.I regularly work out but I’m not the advanced level. How would you adjusted your work outs to intermediate level or even for beginner? I tried your work outs and it is very challenging some times I found it too hard for me.I think that would be good idea if you can mention the adjustments to other levels. Zuzko, I really adore you.. you the first person I’ve ever seen work so hard and so precision:))))guys keep going you are very good team.

  • Erica

    OMG you guys had me cracking up at the first 70sec of this video!!! TOo funny!! Keep up the great work!!!

  • alejandra

    hi how can I make muscle in mi butt and my thights please show me how

  • Carolyn Pilates

    Sean’s versions were intimidating!

    Sean’s PU (on bench): 7.6.7
    Fly Crunches: 25.31.30
    L Lunges: R: 10.10.10, L: 11.11.10
    Sean’s PU (on chair): 8.8.9
    Dancing Frog Squats: 12.16.18

    Hint: On L lunges, really press your bent side back and press chest to leg for maximum gluteal work. Lowers the reps but reaps results.

  • Kat

    Did this workout Monday night and I am still in pain! A good pain though. It hurts to hold up my arms blowdrying my hair and my arm pits hurt putting on deoderant! Lol. Thanks for the great workout!

  • Yobi

    what do u mean they are not your teeth? you have fake teeth?

  • Brandon Hirsch

    hey guys i’m a united states marine so i work out all the time i’ve been looking for something n and i think i found it can’t wait to start your workouts :)

  • Elly Crome

    Hi! am a mum of five kids, my little one is just 4 months and ihave been exercising for 2 months now, ia m so happy and inspired when i see your workouts, i am a healt freak and exercise freak, but i believe there is so much to learn, my height is 5 feet and my weight is 118lbs, do you think thats okay for my stature and age am 27!
    i would like to get a nice flat belly, but am not sure if i should work out my abs or for how long, some ppl said i shouldn’t work on them at all! is that true?
    anyhow i love your workouts they make me sweat super quick and leave me dead in the floor after doing all the repetitions ha!
    i also like P90X but sometimes i found it boring and dont have time to do it, but ur routines are good and fun!
    ok hope you get this fine,
    take care, you guys rock!

    • Carolyn Pilates

      “i would like to get a nice flat belly, but am not sure if i should work out my abs or for how long, some ppl said i shouldn’t work on them at all! is that true?”


      Your abs, along with the rest of your core muscles do need to be worked – an anybody that tells you otherwise is ignorant about the body. Your abs help to hold up your upper body. Without strong abs, back pain and dysfunction ensues. A flat belly equates to a healthy back.

      If you don’t maintain your abs as you age, you lose functional movement…do yourself a favor and volunteer at a senior facility. Notice that they can’t bend fully forward (rectus ab.), can’t rotate without moving their whole body (obliques), pee on themselves when they cough or sneeze (core/pelvic floor), their bellies distend with their organs and intestines spilling forward (transverse abs), have shallow breath (transverse abs) and their spines are mildly to extremely deformed (all).

      Please work you abs. As to how often, just follow Z’s workouts and you’ll be fine.


  • Carlos G.


    I am a 23 year old male. This is the first of your workouts I try, I was able to complete the whole thing, unfortunately it was so intense it made me puke. Can’t wait to do your workouts with out throwing up.

    Keep them coming.

    Thanks for the workout.

  • The Jeff

    Thanks for the workout, quite exhausting!

    Sean’s push ups: 16-15-14
    Fly Crunches: 22-15-12
    L-Lunges: R/17.5 L/17.5 – R/19 L/18 – R/18 L/16
    Sean’s Pull ups: 15(No Assist)- 13(No Assist)- 9(No Assist)
    Dancing Frog: 24-23-22

    Quick tip for everyone: To increase Pull/Chin ups, train eccentrically, assist yourself up, then come down with a count of 4-5 seconds and repeat.

  • Kitty

    Did this one yesterday (May 22).
    Sean’s push ups: 11-10-10
    Fly Crunches: 25-25-25
    L-Lunges: R/12 L/13 – R/13 L/13 – R/14 L/14
    Sean’s Pull ups: 5(No Assist)- 5(No Assist)- 5(No Assist)
    Dancing Frog: 17-16-16

    My inner thighs are feeling it today, thank you very much to those L-Lunges!
    Looking forward to seeing the next challenge.

    Thanks a lot you guys.

    By the way Sean, I could see a difference in your arms (may 23 video) from the first time you graced the screen. Things are a changin’.

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      Thanks! It’s hard to see changes when you see yourself everyday! ;) I hope to see a real changes in about 6 weeks.


  • Kelly

    hello, how long do we rest between the 3 repitions of workouts? thx!

  • Ashley

    I can’t wait to try this workout!
    Also, the end of this video was hilarious. :)

  • Ben

    Wow guys, this was really, really hard. I’m not much of an aerobics guy, and feeling out of breath is usually hell for me, but I gotta hand it to you – your workouts really make me want to do the work, and afterwards I feel more AWAKE than I ordinarily do after a workout. Or anytime, for that matter!

    But I noticed something – you guys keep holding your breath during your exercises! Zuzana, when you do it it sounds kinda hot ;) but when Sean does it it’s good for nothing! It makes me think you’re exerting in a way you’re not supposed to…

    Anyhoo, to my stats -
    Push ups – 18, 11, 8
    sit ups – 22, 15, 11
    Lunges – 19, 15, 12 (same stats for both legs! I’m sooo symmetrical!)
    Pull ups – 7 (+1 assisted), 3 (3), 0 (4)
    frog leaps – 12, 11, 11

  • aleksandra

    hi Zuzana, I just did this workout early this morning, and I feel great,thanks for keeping me motivated!!!!

  • Megan

    That was really hard you guys! You all beat me, lol:)

  • Leslie

    i love you guys! lol

  • Sean H

    I have started doing some of your work outs and I must say that I have never felt my hear pound so hard. I like it!
    I am used to jogging and stationary weights. Your methods are practical and easy to understand. I am a believer.

  • Gabija

    Sean’s Push ups 9-7-11
    Fly Crunches 20-20-16
    L-Lunges 13,12-12,13-16-15
    Sean’s Pull ups 5-4-6 assisted, first time doing pull ups in years
    Dancing Frog Squats 11-14-10

    Thank you!

  • yumyumb

    Hi, i like your website and do my daily workout mixing severals of your videos.
    It’s really good because it’s allow me to work 5to6 days on week without get bored physically or mentally and get real results by the diversity of your propositions.
    Any way, i been wondering if you could propose a new warm up session, different from the 2 on the website. im not lazy doing my workout but i admit your made me lazy for look somewhere else.
    wish you to keap that up for long time again

  • ozziepossum

    Ooh, I forgot to ask, does anyone else out there have one of those pull up bars you guys use? I have one of those adjustable ones which tighten into the door frame but had to take it down. It was damaging the door frame. I was wondering whether you pull up bar is safe (no damage?)

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Oy Oy!

    • Pikmin

      To ozziepossum: I’ve just mounted a bar like Zusana’s and to my disappointment it does not look as stable as the top part of my doorframe, is not as deep as the main black thingy bar.

      There’s a hook coming with it but doesn’t seem to help.

      Anyway I’ll give it some other try as I’ve watched Z’s doorframe closely and it doesn’t seem much thicker than mine, I guess the tool works more on weight balance than supporting surfaces.

      My boyfriend is concerned about damange too… so if anyone else has experience to share, thanks in andvance.

      My score:
      Sean’s Push Ups: 11-11-11
      Fly Crunches: 30-29-29
      L – Lunges (R): 14-13-12
      L – Lunges (L): 11-11-12
      Sean’s Pull Ups: #HALF#
      Dancing Frog Squats: 18-20-20


  • ozziepossum

    I am totally hanging out to get back into your workouts, I feel like I’m going stir crazy! I’ve been sick for over a week now, chills, sweats, headaches, which then developed into a nasty chest infection. I have zero energy and am super depressed. Even walking to the shops is exhausting for me :(

    So I’m rugged up, eating my veges and praying I can muster some energy some time soon!

    Keep up the great work guys. This video gave me the laugh I was needing. I’ve always said that laughter is the best medicine!

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, cough cough cough

  • Andreea


    oh my scores for this workout..
    Sean’s push up: 12-9-9
    Fly Crunches 22-29-28
    L-Lunges 15-12-14
    Sean’s pull ups 10-8-8
    Dancing frog Squats 14-13-13 these were killing my legs…

    last night my internet didn’t work so i did a workout taking different exercises from your workout:
    1.prisoner squat and front kick up-20-20 leg elevated push up:10-10
    3.bicycle :30-30
    4.pull ups:7-7
    5.side crunch: 20-20
    6.dive bombers:10-10 crunch:25-25
    8.knee tucks: 30-30
    9.ab exercise: 15-15

    there are 2 rounds i did it at 12 pm…that late it was.but i did my workout…

  • Andreea

    Hi Zuzana,

    i have a question for you: why can’t i lose weight?…i eat healthy food, 6 meals per day workout 6 times per week,drink only water…i’m 1,68 cm tall and 74 kg…i see results as in the shape of my body is different…i used to go to the gym,i also did martial arts and dance for 4 years…and that’s when i gained weight….because of some vitamins that i took when i was 13,now i’m 19 i will 20 in october….could you tell me what to do…please….today i’m going to try your butter chicken recipe…

    oh and your abs are leaner than before….nice job!!!

  • Rea

    I was told by my chiropractor to take it easy on my shoulders for a few days, so I took it down a notch with this workout.

    I had to get the hang of some of the exercises and as you can see I actually got a few more reps in rounds 2 & 3…

    Pushups: 7, 11, 8
    Fly crunches: 14, 17, 18
    Lunges L: 11, 10, 11
    Lunges R: 10, 11, 11
    Pullups (assisted): 9, 9, 9 (wide grip was hard)
    Dancing Frog: 12, 13, 15

    I noticed my comment about Sean’s laughter disappeared… I didn’t mean that as an insult or anything…


  • Klarusha

    Hi Zuzana,
    In some of your videos you have really nice sports bra’s and I was wondering about where you get them?If you know of any good stores in Prague that might sell such sporty but nice looking ones?Usually they are so plain and white and boring :-D
    Would appriciate if you’d let me know.Thanks love ur work outs doing a great job!!

  • SM


    I’m a little confused on how each workout is 7 mins long? So there are 5 exercises 1 min per exercise and 10 sec rest? then you repeat the whole circuit 2 more times? Just want to make sure I got it right…thanks for the great workout!


  • Human

    great workout and very funny=)
    learned many new things for myself.
    thank you guys!

  • Maria

    Hey guys!

    Why isn’t freddy in the workout videos?? well yea he probably records all the videos, but I’ve seen the results that you’ve posted zuzana, and freddy seems like a guy version of you zuzana! Let freddy be in one of your workout videos!! please XD
    thanks for all the workouts, I have left weights for this!!


  • Akulas

    Great job! Yo Shawn set your footing up much wider than Zuzana’s set-up should feel much better on the knees. Also what was the meal at the end? I missed it…

  • Kate

    That was a good one!
    My score:
    Sean’s Push Ups – 11,12,12
    Fly Crunches – 29,25,31
    L-Lunges – 12/12,14/14,14/14
    Sean’s Pull Ups (nowhere to do them so I did lat-pull downs instead) – 12,14,14
    Dancing Frog Squats – 16,16,16

    I would have liked to do more lunges but I was kind of pressed for space. I ended up lunge forward down the hallway and to the side into the spare room :P

  • Taurus Female


    All three of you are kick ass individuals. My kind of people!

    Sean is Sexy. Ohh La La. LOL

    Great Job on the workouts, keep it up!

    Michelle from Canada.

  •!/photo.php?pid=638462&id=678365922 Sheila – Toronto

    Here I was thinking all that belly laughing was part of the training routine to target the abs =)

    Great workout Zuzana and Sean. It really is great to see you laughing together. I could even sense Freddie was laughing behind the camera =D

    My scores:

    Sean’s push ups:9 -8-7
    Fly crunches:22-22-21
    L lunges: 12-11, 12-10, 11-11
    Sean’s pull ups: 9-9-10 (assisted)
    Dancing frogs: 16-13-14

    Not my strongest workout but I felt a real sense of accomplishment when I was done.

    Thank you for another great workout!

  • lizze

    yeah for goofing off
    your laughing made me laugh
    very cool
    looks like you guys have fun!
    so did this workout in morning after training my mom she is 55 and wants to feel better and be in shape for my brothers wedding =0 =) sharing with here the beginners workout in archives mixed with little sumein somein for spice like more squats
    Sean thanks for sharing extra challenge with half up principle in push ups\pull ups your so attractive it is a treat to see you!
    I hope you all have a lovely fun filled week

  • Luisa of LA

    I love the L Lunges but I think I did it wrong. I did alternate legs. This is my workout again tomorrow… It hurts I thought I would not be able to finish but I did. Tomorrow again. Thank you for fun ‘coz I laughed when you, Zuzana and Sean laughing though I don’t know why. Hehehehe… Plus, Freddy doing workout on the bus.. good idea. hehehehe.. Thanks for wonderful workout as always. :)

  • Lvette #1

    I set my timer for 18 rounds of 10sec/ 1 min interval.

    Here are my scores:


    I struggled with Sean’s push ups this morning, not too sure why.

  • Mickela

    yikes it is hot in my apartment. I am dripping sweat.
    I am a bit disappointed in my score
    1. 8 10 9 I was in full plank position, legs together
    2. 20 20 20
    3. 16 17 18
    4. 16 18 18
    5. 7 6 10 I did regular pull ups and the last set assisted Sean pull ups
    6. 13 13 14 crazy sweaty frog I am
    warmed up with 100 skips plus jumping around and making my neighbor crazy maybe she’ll join me
    oh go team brown bring on the pain!

  • Teri

    I can’t wait to try this workout, but right now, I’m too sore! been doing cardio intervals the last couple days until the pain subsides. I killed my shoulders with waaaay too many pushups! lol I’ve been trying to lose 10 lbs (of fat) for 5 yrs and dangit, I’m going to do it! I just got my interval timer in the mail and I love it :)

    You guys are inspiring! Go Team Brown!

  • Amanda

    i cant enough of your videos they make me happy and workout! :)

  • Silje

    Hi guys! I just found youre site and I love it! Keep up the good work. Love that you r so natural on youre videos, not afraid to show bloobers and mistakes.
    Started today and man was it hard! But I love it:) Thank you!

  • Mily M.

    Hello everyone,

    I want to do this workout this weekend, is there a problem if i don´t have the bar to do the pull ups? Can i skip that part?

    Please, please let me know,
    Thanks in advance.

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv


      If you don’t have a pull up bar just pick another exercise.



  • Antonia

    Go team Brownie, Go team Brownie! The scene where you are waiting for the bus is priceless. I played it back in frames…the expressions are hillarious! Zuzana If your not kidding about your teeth its so funny you mentioned it since I have had “teeth” on my mind lately because I have some issues and it was the exact thing on my mind most of the last week. you are humble with that impish smile…no one like team brownie, what glee , what satire!!! ha ha ha..

  • Gaby

    Thank you for the workout, I enjoyed every bit of the torture =)
    Here are my scores:
    Sean’s push ups:11-11-12
    Fly crunches:25-23-22
    L lunges: 12-12, 12-13, 12-12
    Sean’s pull ups: 14-14-15 (assisted)
    Dancing frogs: 20-21-20
    Thank yo Sean for comming up with this modifications for pull ups and push ups they were very challenging for me.

  • Janet

    push ups 11-11-13
    fly crunch 34-33-35
    l lunge 12-12-13
    r lunge 12-12-13
    pull ups unassisted but standing (gasping) in between 7-7-7
    squat 13-14-15

    I felt this was a bit of a reprieve from the last two workouts. Just before this I did a hour plus straight up the West Maui mountains (they get a lot steeper at the top) and down before this, plus 14 pistols at the turnaround. I felt really strong today but will probably be a mess tomorrow but who cares? The bikini is ready for action!

  • Michelle

    I’ll marry Sean! Send him to California, and I’ll be here waiting =] Zuzana, you and I will be workout partners in no time!

    Seriously though, thanks so much for this site, and the time you guys put into it. These are by far the best routines for fast results that last; even better than crossfit. I apprecitate it very much; keep up the good work you two!

    Michelle (northern California, Sean….)

  • Bob Moon

    Great intro!

    I just tried out my new Gymboss. This was my first experiment with the Tabata protocol,too. As a baseline I performed a workout that I use often, just to see how different the training effect would be using the 20sec. max, 10sec. rest. It was more challenging to be sure, but what was more interesting is how much more I felt the effect of the workout the next day, in spite of the fact that I used a well worn routine. Thanks for the Gymboss/Tabata introduction!

    Best, Bob

  • Tiff

    Oh, my you guys made me laugh. :) Thanks!

    Hey, no mom shots? She cooked all the food and didn’t show her face?

    It’s been fun to see Sean do your workouts. Tell him thanks.

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      No problem…its’ been fun!

  • Frédie

    push up: 15-12-12
    lunge:14,12- 15,16- 20,16
    pull ups (I did reverse push ups):21-26-21
    Felt great!

  • Ann

    Hi guys :)
    You all made me laugh so hard.Especially see Sean’s face when Zuzana and Freddy were in the train,doing funny workout..haha.
    I did this workout this morning and almost lost my breakfast at 2nd round doing flying crunches…here’s my score:
    Sean’s push up : 9,8,9
    Flying crunches : 23,22,21
    L-Lunges : 14,13 14,13 16,14
    Sean’s pull up(chair assisted) : 10,13,11
    Dancing frog squat : 16,17,17
    It was very intense.Thank you so much for keeping up a great,kick butt workout.I’d better go get shower now.See ya tomorrow!

  • Aby

    I LOVE this video, u all super funny!!!

  • Paula

    Hi, Zusana!
    I have been doing your workout routines since January! But i have a BIG problem right now. You see, i am 1m and 80cm long, my bone structure ( big hips, sholders ets.) So, i am looking pretty bulky or big…i have muscles, but i cannot see them, just when i tense. I was 61kg, but now almost 68kg!!! The main thing i really do not eat more, actually i am eating less then before. My butt and thight looks really big ( because of muscles and long bones). I do not know what to do – go further or stop & just run, swim…i love those workouts, but when i look in mirror it is not what i want to see….but you look gorgeous! How can it be?

  • Melissa Mommy of 4

    Dear Zuzana and Frederick,

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have 4 kids ages 8, 7, 6, 3 and I THANK YOU for getting me into bathing suit readiness by summer…I hope!

    I really appreciate that you give me so much information and workouts to follow. I am very excited to change my body.

    My goal is to see my ab muscles, do 10 pulls up (I can do 0) and get rid of leg fat!

    Thank you for all of your hard work, time and effort to help people around the world!

    Melissa, Camarillo, California

  • Tania


    I wanted to ask you the following question. You are definitely in much better shape now than all previous videos although I thought you were pretty awesome before. I have however noticed that you have weakened some in your ability to do pull ups. No offense intended. I ask because although I know my strength has improved where I can now perform 15 straight leg push-ups where I couldn’t do even one before, my pull-ups have weakened. What’s your take on that?

  • Tania

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to ask Sean if he has seen any changes or improvement to his physique since he started these workouts. Please reply.


    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      Well my range of motion is getting better. I have a long way to go. It’s been a real eye opener for me and I know my weak spots now. As for changes in my body…its hard to say at this point since it’s only been 10 days so to be honest I can’t say yes or no at this point. If you ask me the same question in a couple of weeks I may have a better answer for you. I will keep you posted!

  • ~Mary Liz~

    Ya’ll are hilarious! It was a blast, Thank You for the new workout!!

    Sean’s Push-ups 9-10-10
    Fly Crunches 23-29-31
    L-lunges (9/10)-(10/10)-(11/12)
    Sean’s Pull-ups 6.5-7-6 (assisted)
    Dancing Frogs 16-18-19

    Mary Liz

  • Carla

    Hi I’m new and I love your site and trainings! This one in particular was very funny!!!

    My score is:
    Sean’s Push ups 18-16-14
    Fly Crunches 23-22-21
    L-Lunges (11-10 1/2)-(11-11)-(13,13)
    Sean’s Pull ups 8-7-7
    Dancing Frog Squats 18-19-19

    One question: Between one round and another there is only 10 sec rest? So I finish 1 round and begin immediately 2 round and so the third?

  • Lish Weese

    This was a riot! Glad to see all the laughing, see that Sean really is enjoying his stay ;) And I am doing this workout sometime today, looks a bit challenging just like most all of your wkts! Love them and love you guys~you keep me always on a good path, thank you!!!! Lish

  • AnnaSirena

    PH-ha-ha!!! =)))

  • MJ

    What a great video!!! You look so happy! Keep up the good work!

  • Samantha R

    Awesome video and workout, its the best feeling laughing like that and not being able to stop. Another brutal workout – still feeling a bit light headed after my cool down. Here’s my scores:

    1. S’s Push Ups: 10, 12, 11
    2. Flys: 27, 26, 24
    3/4. L Lunges: 16 & 17, 18 & 19, 16 & 17
    5. S’s Pull Ups:@ 11, 8, 8 (assisted)
    6. Dancing Frogs: 19, 18, 18

  • Natasha

    Thanks so much for the butter chicken recipe! I tried it last night and my husband and my mom visiting from england loved it. I did the perverted punisher yesterday and just about died. I did ninja jump tucks for the first time!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t able to before. I love your workouts, keep it up! Love the giggle session by the way…..

  • AA

    zuzana y u were laughtying so much and sean laugh so funny..hahha..good work keeep it up/.

  • Lubica

    I did this workout an hour ago and the biggest challenge was to wash my hair:))) my arm were so shaking:D

    I feel good!!!!!!

    Go team Brownie!

  • Zoe

    Great video! – thanks for the laughs – I agree with above comments – you can’t let Sean leave – you 3 make a wonderful team.

  • Charlie D.

    Today was one of those days where I had a hard time convincing myself to work out. But I did – here are my scores:

    pushups: 18, 17, 15
    fly crunches: 20, 21, 21
    lunges R: 16, 12.5, 13.5
    Lunges L: 14.5, 14.5, 12
    pullups: 9, 7, 9
    frogs: 15, 16, 17

    This was good – I really could feel all of my muscles working. Thanks for those pushups Sean – they are so much harder than normal pushups it’s hard to believe!

    It’s fun watching you guys have fun together – again, just another facet of your admirable selves: fit, generous, thoughtful, and good to your family as well. Thanks for the inspiration on so many fronts.

  • Hayley

    hahahahahaha……thanks for the laughs :) …..put a smile on my dial :)

  • cat

    bloomin heck this video has had me laughing out loud…..funny!!!….had my ab workout hahaha!!!
    Great workout..tough but felt ace!! cheers guys

  • Mona

    I must say that!Sean is sooooooo sexy :D
    I cannot do my workout when I see him ;)

  • Marion


    velmi som sa pobavila!!! cviky v metre do popukania…a na zaver vepro-knedlo-zeli uplne najlepsie!!!

    len tak dalej!

  • marilyn

    I thought the workout was so funny –i realy enjoyed it
    your work out was great –i think you are on to something
    keep it up -people can see more of your personalities and i am sure they will like you all -it seems so by the coments

  • Shayne{Rick]

    Awesome video guys!

  • Erick

    Bravo! Big improvement Sean.
    Keep it up.
    You are much nicer to watch now.
    You look more focused and your tolerance for the pain
    seems to be increasing.
    Great job!
    Suzannah, exceptional workout as always.
    Keep the workouts coming!

  • barbaraG

    Great one today! it passed by in a second…
    I will write my results next time when I beat today’s score :)

  • Tamin

    Hi Zuzana, Freddy, and Sean,
    This workout looks like a killer!!
    Just thought I’d let you know your meal looks alot like our favourite meal from New Zealand…Boil up!! It’s usually boiled meat with watercress and we call dumplings ‘doughboys’ and yes it is fatty but delicious just like your meal there, and no we don’t have it all the time ( It is officially a TREAT meal since I started working out) . Oh no!! now I’m hungry for a ‘Boil Up’. I’ve done my workout for today but will TRY this one tomorrow. Thanks

  • MsL-Arizona

    Wow & whew!!I had to really talk to myself & keep the vision of my goal in the forefront, Zuzuna you did give us fair warning and this one was intense. Thanks for inspiring me to push through.
    Here’s my numbers:

    Sean’s Push ups 9,7,6
    Fly Crunches 21,20,16
    L-Lunges 11,12, 11,13 11,12
    Sean’s Pull ups 10, 7, 7
    Dancing Frog Squats 16, 16, 16

    Awesome workout!Thanks guys.

  • Laura

    Sean!!!, please stay and live with Freddy and Zuzie, you guys are perfect, you cant go back to Canada and abandon us just like that!!!,

    Go team Brownie =)

  • Jaz

    First time in over a month since I follow your vids that I’ve been able to get on with one of your workout, but I am still not able to do 3 rounds, so I did just two. I haven’t yet got a gymboss, so I just try & meet Zuzanna’s score as fast as I can. And I also don’t have a pull up bar, so I replace with burpees. Here’s my humble score…

    Push Up – 10, 10
    Fly Crunches – 30, 30
    L-Lunges – R(20)/L(20, R(20)/L(20
    Burpees – 10, 10
    Dancing Frog – 20, 20

    Feels good to be able to keep score, but I also hurt my inner right thigh while doing the L-Lunges.

    Thanks for the great workouts, team Bodyrock!

  • Lindsey

    that was tough. looks like i lost some strength in my arms recently! here’s what i got:

    1) 9, 8, 9
    2) 26, 28, 29
    3) left- 14, 17, 16
    right- 16, 16, 16
    4) 8, 9, 8.5
    5) 18, 17, 16

    that was fun!

  • Kasia

    i think i got more of a workout laughing today then anything else…sean’s face, everytime he burst into laughter, absolutely killed me hahah

  • Arron Stanley

    Wanted to say thank you! I have been following your workouts for awhile and love them. I am an instructor in the U.S Air Force and introduced a few of your workouts in a gym session with some trainees. When I told them what we would be doing they kinda laughed, five minutes in they were sweating and crying. Thanks for the great inspiration.
    1) 13,11,10

    2) 20,20,18

    3) 17,16,18 right leg
    19, 16, 17 left leg

    5) 16,13,15

  • DJonas

    That meal does look good!

  • Brittany

    You three are so beautiful, inside and out!

  • jess

    Hey Zuzana,
    some questions for you…
    Is this your only workout of the day? Do you get hungry with your usual small meal portions? Lastly, what do you do about muscle soreness the day after a hard workout?
    Thanks guys!

    • Marie-Josée

      My best trick is!
      1 cup of milk
      1 tea spoon of coaco powder disolve in 1 table spoon in realy hot water(if you don’t do it you have problem disolving the coacoa in the milk)
      ans 1 banana.Blend all the ingedient together.
      Bon Apétit!!!

      The secret is in the coaco it help healing the muscle, and the soarness.

      • jess

        very interesting… thanks!

  • heather

    Zuzanna, what do you mean those are temporary teeth? Are you having veneers made? I am confused. Great workout by the way! You guys are adorable.

  • Sophia

    I tried ur work outs and my body is shaking everytime i walk i tumble coz my legs are weak! Very careful going down the stairs lol.

  • Marie-Josée

    this one is realy good when you work for it i’m still chaking for it (I did 4 round just rea;ize it was 3 ;P). that’s my score:

    no pull up instead 1 min of plank eatch time

    Damm… I’m still shaking….DAMM I’m GOOD!!!!!! ^_^

  • Shannon L.

    Hi Zuzana, Frederick and Sean
    This is the funniest video ive seen yet from you guys. I love it! Sean definately needs to open up a little more but I think he will all in due time.
    I thought it was so funny when you guys were trying to do excercises on the train or bus you were on, I couldn’t stop laughing! hahahaha!!!

  • http://none Audrey Mc

    Oh my gosh, i just finished the workout, i loved it!! It was brutal but great!
    Here are my scores:
    1) Pushups 7-6-7
    2) Fly crunches 20-23-22
    3) L-lunges 10-9-10
    4) Pull-ups 8-9-8
    5) Dancing frog squats 10-11-10

  • Mandi

    Found your site by accident but hooked on it! I love how real you are it makes it only that much better! Going to try at the gym…maybe it will help get the last 15lbs gone. Sean is such a cutie love the humor! Keep up the great work.

  • Dee

    I plan to try this on Saturday

  • Nicole D Lopez

    So funny!

    Looks like a great workout.

    I’m still out from my wisdom teeth surgery.

    How did you keep from going insane?

    All I want to do is workout and eat right…

    Please make more funny videos, it’s great entertainment :)

  • http://none Audrey Mc

    Hey guys!! Just wanted to know where in Canada Sean comes from :) LOL

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv


  • James Hankins

    You guys are insane LOL! I swear, I had tears running down my face.

  • hoa

    please please please tell us where you got your pants – they are amazing and look comfy~!

  • Dayami

    This was my first time ever doing one of your workouts. My boyfriend told me about this website today.. this is was an awesome workout.

    Thanks alot!

  • Carrie

    Oh my, this was a difficult workout… My arms were like Jello.

    Sean…. I’m from Denver Colorado. I am pretty sure we would make a really good looking couple! I understand you are from our Friends up North, but I am willing to overlook our distance problem, and the fact your Hockey Team took Gold. Take some time to think about this and ruminate over this. The sooner you come to the same conclusion that I have, the faster we can get you moved to Colorado.

    P.S. This was all in good fun, I am not a Psycho Stalker lol. I am so blessed by this website and follow it, and now that I have seen You Sean, it’s like Zuzana says she has “Crushes” on movie stars, I now have a “crush” on you! Great Smile.

    Peace and Love,

  • lena

    here our my scores.. and by the way I loved this
    16 and 15 – 17 and 17 – 21 and 21
    I’m really pleased with my scores

  • Ariana

    Oh my gosh, this video was so much fun – you made me laughing out loud :-) Really :-D
    All of you guys are soooo cool, I love to watch (and of course to train) your workouts!

  • Diana Y.

    going to mexico packed my skimpiest bikinis thanks to you guys would like to really burn some xtra fat and caories this week any suggestions i can throw in?
    xtra cardio and or weight routines please!!!!!!!! reply
    i have a week to tweek my physique!
    help me knock my husbands socks off
    have a great day

    • Tania

      Hey Diana,

      Thought I could help you. Up your cardio by maybe adding one minute of jump ropes or jumping jacks in between Zuzana’s kick ass workout intervals. If there are 3 sets up it to 4. Also, eliminate your carbs (bread, rice, pasta, dairy, fruits and definitely sugar)for the week before you go to Mexico. Drink lots of water and stick to lean proteins, veggies that are leafy especially asparagus which will reduce puffiness and bloat. You will be amazed at how this changes your appearance. Have fun on vacation and WOW your hubby ;)

      • Diana Y.

        thanks tania
        i already add jump rope to them and have been doing xtra sprints on an incline been eating lots of veggies and water this past month. i am 45 and have hypothyroidism that being said i have to work a little harder than everybody else it seems. glad to hear that im doing it right has helped alot lost another 2 lbs this last week maybe ill add a little cardio in the afternoon if possible what do you think another sweatfest later in the day maybe
        thanks diana

  • La

    I did it,here are results. It was crazy hard:

    Push ups- Round 1- 9 Round 2- 10 Round 3- 8
    Abs- Round 1- 21 Round 2- 25 Round 3- 25
    Lunges- Round 1- 14,15 Round 2- 15,15 Round 3- 14,15
    Pull ups- Round 1- 10 Round 2- 10 Round 3- 7 (def chair assisted)
    Squats- Round 1- 20 Round 2- 17 Round 3- 18

    The word round starts looking like it is spelled wrong after typing it that many times.

  • Najeeb

    nice workout very very gooooooooooood!!!!!!

  • ASIA


  • Jessica V.

    LOL! This video started out my morning with laughter–a perfect way to get the day going! I’ve been following your site for a few months and consistently doing the workouts, which have converted me from a runner (which had very nearly ruined my knees and made me borrreed 8P) and weight lifter to an interval training monster! I love it! They’ve helped me with my bicycle training as well– my boyfriend won’t bike with me anymore because I’m always waaaayyyyyy ahead of him! The workouts are always interesting and challenging, which is something I’ve been missing for a long time. They make me feel energized and on-track for the rest of the day. I love that I don’t even have to use weights if I don’t want to–mine have been sadly forgotten in the closet for the past two months! The short sessions are great too–this way, if I don’t feel like I’ve gotten quite the workout I wanted for the day, I can just add another 15 or 20 minutes of intervals, which is usually the extra push I need AND saves me so much time. But today’s session was brutal enough (I was panting away by the end of round 2)–I don’t think I need to add another 20 minutes, plus the biking I’m going to be doing later!

    My scores:

    1. 8, 9, 8 (these turned out to be the hardest for me!)

    2. 20, 21, 21

    3. Right: 14, 13, 13
    Left: 13, 13, 13

    4. 15, 12, 15 (I couldn’t find a good place to do pull-ups today, so I did some of my favorite upper-body exercises: pike presses, with the pulses like in the push-ups)

    5. 16, 18, 18

    I obviously need to work on my upper-body strength! 8O

    Thanks for the daily brutality, haha! =D You guys are simply amazing, keep up the great work!



    Je suis âgée de 40 ans française et j’ai découvert votre site il y a 1 mois. Je fais les exercices tous les jours. Dur dur à mon âge mais je ne veux pas voir mon corps vieillir donc je fonce. Le plus pour moi c’est le chocolat avez vous un moyen pour freiner les envies. Merci pour ces exercices dynamiques. Je n’ai pas pu faire cet séance car 3 enfants aujourd’hui à la maison

  • David

    This video made my day! You guys seem like so much fun, would love to train with you one time! I am going to go try this workout and it’ll probably kick my butt!

  • Juliana

    awesome workout! made me break a huge sweat!
    Plank- 10,9,11
    fly crunches- 30,24,27
    lunges- (20,16),(14,14),(17,16)
    pull ups-11,10,11
    Dance squat- 21,21,23

  • Meghan

    Cannot wait to try the whole workout at home tonight! I just got up and did the Dancing Frog Squats right next to my desk b/c they looked like fun (lol they were) :) Thanks for another great workout! Keep them coming!!!

  • Dayna

    Eh? Not to sure on how to set up my interval timer for the exercises today, just picked-up a Gymboss. It takes a little to get used to. Is it 3 rounds, 1 minutes each for 5 exercises? How do I put in the 10 second rest. ’cause I’m gonna Need that.

    Keep up the good work Sean !!!

  • Brianna

    Sexy Body is right! Rock on Zuzana!!!

  • Randi

    Oh my! Sean & Freddy look like twins.

  • maelene

    i loved this workout i was sore for days!

  • Lucka

    It was great to see Shawn laugh today! ;)
    You guys have the best blog ever!!!

  • Lisa g

    Love these workouts! Have been doing a workout a day for three weeks with one day off a week. I haven’t done two workouts twice yet. Plus I am teaching and practicing yoga. I like the intensity and shortness of the workout. Don’t have too much time with three kids. I have lost 3 lbs and the muscle tone is really peaking out of the fat. Can’t wait for bathing suit season!

    Keep the workouts coming!

  • cs2010

    So funny! It’s great watching Sean workout too. He’s hot and seems like a nice guy. He fits in really well. I can’t wait to try this workout.

  • Iris

    GGGGGGGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr WOW you’re all great!!!Thank youuuuuu!


    ok, I just have 2 post this recipe here… I just made those delicious healthy cookies and they are amazing!! found the recipe this morning online and just had 2 make them right away (instead of studying for my final exam… always nice :) )

    - 2 cups of oats
    - 3 ripe bananas
    - 1 cup dates (chopped)
    - 1/3 oil (I substituted it with apple sauce to make it healthier!!!)
    - 1 tsp vanilla extract

    i got the vanilla extract 2day at the health food store, because real bourbon vanilla extract is so hard to get here in Austria!!!!

    also I added goji berries, chopped walnuts, chopped plums

    mash the bananas, then mix everything else together, let it sit for 15 minutes so the oats get kind of soft from the banana-mush..
    350 F for 20 min and you got some delicious cookies without added sugar, oil or butter!!!


  • La

    oh my gosh you guys cracked me up on this one with your giggle attacks! Looks like a great and challenging workout which I am going to try today. I have to say I get so excited every day to check out the site and see if something new is up, especially now that you have Sean visiting there is a new element of excitement. You guys are all awesome and Zuzana you have some very cute boys to hang with;) If I were single, I would say let’s have a dating show and see who gets to join your group and be the sister in law to workout with. I’ll fly out from Florida! BTW I can do pull ups now!! This is a huge accomplishment for me cause I have never been able to do them before. I can usually do 3 at a time now, so thank you. I have been working out with you and Freddie since January. Love you guys!

    Best regards,

  • Charlie D.

    You guys are goofballs. I can’t wait to try this tomorrow.

  • Marieke

    Hi Zuzana!

    Great video’s and exercises! Do you have any exercises that work your forearm muscles? I mean the ones that go to your wrist and that you use to make a tight fist. I’m a windsurfer and after the winter they hurt sooooo much after a few hours surfing! And I don’t really know any good exercises to work them… Hope you can help!

    And do you also know exercises for the lats?

    Thanks anyway for your videos!

  • Justin

    Hey team,

    After I spent my first 20 years of my life eating bad stuff, drinking alcohol, smoking and the occasional drugs I thought it would be nice to start excercising. I just wanted to let you know that your site is deffinately helping me and everytime I feel like going back to my old habits I do one of your workouts (not as intensive as you do, though :P ) and after I’m not even able to go out the door for the next 30 minutes and I just want to relax. :P I feel better than I’ve ever felt, thank you for that.

    Good luck with the site and keep ‘em coming!

    Justin from the Netherlands

  • Rachel

    Hello Zuzana,

    I love your workouts. However, I do not have access to a pull up bar or a ledge to complete the exercise. Do you have any alternative suggestions for working the same muscle groups?

  • Heather

    You guys are too funny ! And I’m getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out next Tuesday so my chipmunk face will be worse than your ‘yellow teeth’ .. btw, imo they weren’t really even that bad! I’m going to go do this workout now, going to try my best at the pull-ups without the chair. I’ll post my score after.

  • Gabija

    I’ll try this workout later because I already did a workout today and for the last three days I’ve been doing really brutal workouts so I’m pretty sore.
    when I do it I promise to post my score :)

    I’ve been doing your workouts for almost tree months and I have to point out that even though my metabolism has always been very slow, now it’s much faster! Also I’ve grown to like my body much more than I used to.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Ellie

    HAHAHA excellent – absolutely hilarious :) Sean should be a permanent feature!

  • Maria


    I have a problem, I’m a student and I have so little time to do anything that not involve studying, i start my day in 6 am when i wake up and get ready for school and come home around 19:00-20:00(pm), when i come home i’m so tired that the only thing i want to do is to eat and go to sleep but i want to do my workout and i need to finish me homework, (i even dont talk about resting or hanging out with friends), i missed so many workouts, I just dont know what to do.
    (i do them at the evening but it’s really hard to do them 5 times a weak).

    can you give me an advise? how can i still do my workouts regularly?
    by the way, i dont mean that i’m in high-school, i study for my first degree

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    Great vid guys! It’s nice to see the playful side of you because we don’t get see that often. The food looks heavenly Zuzana:) It’s definately worth the bigger cheat meal portion because you work your ass off for it. I was glad to get this workout over with:

    1) 12-11-11
    2) 31-29-28
    3) 13 (all 3 rounds)
    4) 9-10-9 (chair assisted)
    5) 19 (all 3 rounds)

  • Mickela

    Ha ha you guys know that laughter burns a lot of calories and it makes you produce endorphins.
    You guys are the best, you make my day, Sean you can’t leave, the 3 of you are a perfect team.
    I am smiling. Those pull ups are a killer. will try this workout after sailing.

  • Mar

    I’m with you guys during 5 months and I really enjoy your workouts, so thank you very much))
    I just wanted to ask you, Zuzana, how do you invent your exercises and combinations?

  • Sofia

    Hi Zuzana
    I adore your workout:)and i have one question for you
    I start to get cellulite and with your experience what is best workout to get rid of it?

  • Eva Millei

    So, now it is 17:25… I have just finished with the workout. I do not have pull up bar at home so I have left out that exercise. My horrible scores are:

    Push ups: 11, 8, 7
    Fly crunches: 28, 27, 26
    L-lunges: 11-11, 12-12, 14-14 (it was more and more every time, I do not know how its managed)
    Pull ups: -, -, -
    Squats: 7, 7, 8

  • RN

    Hi Zuzana,

    Do you ever get knee pains when doing lunges? What do you do about it?

  • Evelina from Finland

    Oh, so funny :D Good workout to! Love it!

  • Stephanie

    OMG!! This is fricken Hilarious!!!

  • Sofia

    Hi Zuzana
    I adore your workout;) and i have one question for you
    I start to get cellulite and with your experience what is best workout to get rid of it?

  • lyd

    contagious laugh !! u guys make me laugh so bad!! jaaja :D

  • Adelina

    I absolutely love this one!!
    Zuzana you are my inspiration!!!

  • chely

    and freddy almost lost his lunch….lol

    do more videos of prague!! it looks beautiful. i miss your home videos. you did more when you were in malta. where are you guys going next? why is it that you move around a lot? kinda curious

  • Ariana O.

    I do want to ask a question. Are there any alternatives instead of the pull up bar? I don’t have one and don’t want to skip out on the exercise due to not having one. Let me know please! Thanks!

  • Emma

    Ha, ha! Glad you managed to pull it together in the end, guys! Could you recommend an alternative exercise for me to do instead of the pull-ups please? I don’t have a pull-up bar at home and don’t want to miss out on two complete exercises.

    Many thanks & thanks for the EXCELLENT workouts!! xx

  • Monifah

    Hahahaha, you guys are hilarious.. Great workout too ;o)

  • renee

    I have been watching this site for a few day s now. I have started working out yesterday by just using the moves that I feel I can accomplish for now. Zuzana you are my inspiration. I for some reason when i have five minutes to spare i am watching all the wonderful information that you have on this site. I want to thank you for all the great information you have provided us with. I will continue watching and trying to beat all my past personal best.
    This is an amazing workout!!

  • GloryGirl

    Love it, love it, love it!

  • Eva Millei

    It is really funny video.
    I am going to start the workout now!
    Everyday I arrive home from work I am very curious what kind of workout have you posted and I am trying to fulfil. :-)

  • http://[email protected] MINNIE V.

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      Hey Susay,

      Eating well is really, really hard. (Or it is if you grew up on a diet of junk food and/or bad eating habits, like I did.)
      I’ve just finished a 12-week (3-month) challenge with my gym, which included meeting one-on-one with a food expert every week. It has revolutionised my life and most especially my eating habits. (My credentials – I lost 9.4kg in that 12 weeks. And I’m still losing a bit every week. :)
      So these are the things I learned about eating healthy: –

      1. Plan Ahead. You need to already have something healthy to eat in your kitchen cupboard BEFORE you get hungry. This means you’ll have to take an hour or so out of your week somewhere, think about what healthy meals/snacks you’re going to eat during the week, write a shopping list, and then go to the shops and get the things on your list. ONLY the things on your list. If you’re not prepared to take time out and do this – then forget about eating well. It will never happen for you.

      2. Start the Day Well. Breakfast is my biggest and most important meal of the day. It gets my metabolism firing, and sets the tone for how I’m going to eat for the rest of the day. I always find that if I start the day off with chocolate or pizza for breakfast, I then throw my hands up and say, “Well I’ve already had crap for breakfast – might as well have it for lunch and dinner as too!” I always have a piece of fruit with my breakfast, because the natural sugar in the fruit satisfies my sweet cravings and stops me reaching for the candy at morning tea time. ;)

      3. Eat Regularly – 5 Times A Day and Preferably Before You Are Starving Hungry. It’s much easier to convince yourself to eat something healthy if you eat it just before you start to get hungry. If you leave it too long between meals (this will happen if you “skip” meals and only eat 2 or 3 times a day, instead of 5 times a day) so that you become starving hungry, you will end up craving something bad, usually foods high in fat and salt, because your body is telling you that it is starving. And it will be so, SO much harder to make the right choice and eat something healthy (like salad).

      Hope this information is useful to you. I paid $600 to my gym to learn these things, so I’m trying to share with as many people as I can. :)