May 21 2010

Hard Core Abs Workout

Hi Guys,

Todays workout is a mix of interval training and strength training with your own bodyweight. The extra slow negative movement in some of the exercises is a great opportunity to practice proper form and will activate and ignite the core muscles. The slow star pushups will blast your triceps and chest while the slow pull ups will hit your biceps, back and both of these exercises will reduce your core muscles to a quivering slab of fat burning jelly :) Sean added an extra core challenge to the pull ups by extending his legs out on the way down. This extra move will really light up your abs. For these slow down exercises be sure and count to 5 and don’t rush or drop down fast. For this workout an Gymboss Interval Timer like the one we use is a must. It allows you to focus 100% on your workout without getting distracted by trying to keep track of your time. Sean and Zuzana are using the Ultimate Body Press combo for this workout that we got here. Sean found this workout particularly difficult because he has been neglecting his stretching after his weight training for so long. I started Sean on my stretching routine that you can find here.

Tomorrow we are going to be back with an absolutely BRUTAL, FILTHY cardio and core workout. There will be tears – that we promise :)

Enjoy your workout,


P.S. I apologize to everyone who did this workout before May 22. I couldn’t find my blog with our stats just before I wrote this post and I also gave you wrong information about the intervals and rounds. My mistake, sorry guys. I corrected everything so the informations below is accurate and now you can check out our scores.

Half Burpee Reptile

Start in plank position keeping your body tight and in one straight line. Jump your feet forward driving your hips up towards the sky. Jump back into the plank and bring your knee as close  towards your elbow as possible. This is one rep. Switch the legs for each rep.

Set your timer for 6 rounds of 10 second and 30 second intervals. 10 second is the rest interval and your goal is to do maximum reps for each 30 second interval. This sequence is only 4 minutes long.

Our Scores:

Zuzana – 1st round 19 reps, 2nd round 17 reps, 3rd round 13 reps, 4th 9reps, 5th 10 reps, 6th 9 reps

Sean – 1st round 9 reps, 2nd round 8 reps, 3rd round 7 reps, 4th 8reps, 5th 6 reps, 6th 6 reps

Freddy – 1st round 7 reps, 2nd round 7 reps, 3rd round 6 reps, 4th round 6 reps, 5th round 6reps, 6th round 6reps

Slown Down Star Push Ups

Start in plank with your hands close together – index fingers and thumbs connecting as shown in the picture. Lower your body very slowly counting to 5  and get as close to the ground as possible keeping your body in one straight line and all the muscles in your body tight. Explode up with all the power that you have. Complete 5 reps.

Leg Lift Toe Touch

Lay on your exercise mat and press your lower back into the ground. Squeeze your abs, activate your core and lift your legs straight up towards the sky. Lift your shoulders off of the ground and try to touch your toes. This is one rep. Do as many reps as you can during each interval.

Set your timer for 6 rounds of 10 second and 30 second intervals. 10 second is the rest interval and your goal is to do maximum reps for each 30 second interval. This sequence is only 4 minutes long.

Zuzana – 1st round 10 reps, 2nd round 9 reps, 3rd round 8 reps, 4th round 8 reps, 5th round 8 reps, 6th round 8 reps

Sean – 1st round 8reps, 2nd round 6 reps, 3rd round 8 reps, 4th round 7 reps, 5th round 4 reps, 6th round 7 reps

Freddy – 1st round 8 reps, 2nd round 8 reps, 3rd round 8 reps, 4th round 6 reps, 5th round 6 reps, 6th round 6 reps

Slow Down Pull Ups

Grab the pull up bar and hand with your arms fully extended. Power up as hard as you can. Pause at the top and start lowering yourself down slowly counting to 5. Do 5 reps.

If regular pull ups are too challenging for you, try the modification of this exercise that I did in the video.

Half Squat Leg Lift

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and squat only half way down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Shift your weight towards one leg and lift the other leg up towards the side. Keep the knee of the standing leg slightly bent. Switch the legs for each rep. Complete as many reps as you can.

Set your timer for 6 rounds of 10 second and 30 second intervals. 10 second is the rest interval and your goal is to do maximum reps for each 30 second interval. This sequence is only 4 minutes long.

Zuzana – 1st round 20 reps, 2nd round 22 reps, 3rd round 22 reps, 4th round 22 reps, 5th round 23 reps, 6th round 21 reps

Sean – 1st round 19 reps, 2nd round 18 reps, 3rd round 18 reps, 4th round 21 reps, 5th round 20 reps, 6th round 20 reps

Freddy – 1st round 17 reps, 2nd round 19 reps, 3rd round 18 reps, 4th round 20 reps, 5th round 20 reps, 6th round 18 reps


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  • Anonymous

    Hi!  did this one today!  messed up a little as I didn’t watch it first! lol first round thought the reptiles were with the pushups! oops and thought leg lifts were to the front!  oh well good sweat anyway!
    half burpee reptile – 9, 6, 6
    pushup – 5each
    leg lift toe touch (one leg at a time) – 13, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12
    pullup 5
    half squat leg lift – 14, 10, 8, 9, 9, 11

    burpee for erin!

  • Anonymous

    Hi!  did this one today!  messed up a little as I didn’t watch it first! lol first round thought the reptiles were with the pushups! oops and thought leg lifts were to the front!  oh well good sweat anyway!
    half burpee reptile – 9, 6, 6
    pushup – 5each
    leg lift toe touch (one leg at a time) – 13, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12
    pullup 5
    half squat leg lift – 14, 10, 8, 9, 9, 11

    burpee for erin!

  • Anonymous

    Sean is doing great! He is BodyRocking as well :)

  • Deanna Sarkar

    I shocked myself silly by being able to do the slow-down-fast-up “Star” push ups!! In P90X they’re called Diamond Push-ups, and I always had to have my hands a little bit apart or do them from my knees. But today I just did them no problem, on toes, hands touching, chest touching the floor each rep. I feel like a superhero! Thank you Zuzana! :-D :-D :-D

    Half Burpee Reptile: 12-17-17-16-17-15
    Leg Lift Toe Touch: 10-11-9-8-8-9
    Half Squat Leg Lift: 29-28-21-23-21-22

  • Kay

    was fine until the leg lift toe touches. started feeling dizzy. too much head movement I guess. (still recovering from vertigo)
    1. 1/2 burpee reptile 12/8/5/6/7/8
    3. Leg lift toe touch 8/8/8/9/9/6
    5. 1/2 squat leg lift 14/11/14/8/10/12

  • ALL1E

    I really like this workout but added a bit to it to really feel it the next day. I do x10 of the negative exercises (star p.up on knees) & added Negative Hanging Knee Raises after Part III. I also tagged on my own interval IV: Planted Russian(ObliqueTwist)Jabs with light weights.

  • Sky

    14 this year and really love your workouts! Did this exercise after the “Keep It Hard For 12 Minutes”

    Half Burpee Reptile : [17,16,14,12,12,11]
    Leg Lift Toe Touch : [9,8,8,7,8,8,9]
    Half Squat Leg Lift : [20,19,19,20,19,18]

    It was really fun! Thanks!

  • Windlord

    Half Burpee Reptile : [15,15,14,13,13,12]
    Leg lift toe Touch : [14,13,11,12,11,11]
    Half Squat leg Lift: [25,25,26,27,28,28]

    whole WO = about [15:15 of effort]

  • Abdullaah


    I just found out about this today and was wondering that do these ab excersizes cover all the Abs areas such as Upper abs area, middle and lower abs ?

    And I was wondering I do each of these excersizes 10 reps each, so that is 30 reps in one day and continue it all the time, will these decrease my tummy fat?

  • Augustina

    Hello, I did your leg workout. OUCH! I am on day two and still have a hard time doing the stairs. Thanks! Really I was doing legs at the gym twice a week and one day with you and I feel nothing but pain. LOL I am very glad I stumbled on you and watched your 3 minute videos.

  • Cathy

    Hi Zusana,

    I just found you and wanted to say Thank You soo much. I’m an 80hr a month volunteer, and it is so nice to find someone that says “Here cathy this is just for you”. You have no idea what you guys do for me. After watching just a few videos I could see how lovely you guys really are.

    It’s wonderful what you do for all of us. You helped me find my motorvation:) rather quickly I might add. OK I looked a little retarded doing your workouts for it’s been quit sometime for me but I Will get there. This is the first time in my life that I actually look forward to my workouts with someone, YOU! I think about it everyday and I Thank You, truly, truly..yay! 4 me!! Thanks to you.


  • Adriano

    Hi Guys :)

    You know what ? I am already looked almost at all your videos, and every time when i´m look at your videos and think how strong you are really good job, Respect ya !

    And when i see in this video Sean i think ok lets try to beat all you guys :) And today i tried this workout , but about this a little bit later, at the first time i think wooah it is easy bleeze for me because i training almost everyday, i use many good workouts, endurance my muscles, speed training, core , Tabata, and many many more different good excercises which makes me stronger :)

    And what can i say about this workout it´s not so easy at seems :) quite good for me and the results below :

    Half Burpee Reptile : 1st round 16 reps, 2nd round 16 reps, 3rd round 13 reps, 4th 12 reps, 5th 11 reps, 6th 13 reps.
    Then Those Easy 5 slow diamond pushups done without problems.
    Leg lift toe Touch : This is nice excercise (Y) 1st round 11 reps, 2nd round 9 reps, 3rd round 8 reps, 4th 7 reps, 5th 8 reps, 6th 8 reps. To be honest not very easy excercise.
    5 Slow down Pullups: Easy to me ! Done Without problems.
    And the Last
    Half Squat leg Lift: ooh i like this excercise =)
    1st round 20 reps, 2nd round 22 reps, 3rd round 22 reps, 4th 22 reps, 5th 22 reps, 6th 21 reps.

    Thats it what can i say good Cardio workout (Y)


  • ale

    hey i have been doing your workouts for months now and i have not changed a bit all i got was the top two pack and i still have my blubby fat at the bottom of my stomach.Why do you suppose that is?

    • Adriano

      What about your nutrion habits ? :)

    • Debonaire

      Yeah, you could workout all you want…and still not get results without the proper eating habits and nutrition. Can’t just diet either, because dieting means that you’re only doing it temporarily. Gotta have great eating habits practically all the time.

      Another reasons is, like myself, you lose body fat in other places before you even start skimming the surface of your belly fat. Last late September I was just under 190 lbs and you could barely notice (6ft. male). I started doing a lot of these kinds of workouts and now I’m floating around 170lbs, and still, I LOOKED the same. Your body might be losing fat and increasing muscle so it might seem like nothing is happening when you weigh yourself or look at yourself in the mirror…

      I finally started getting that definition in these last few months. I do still have a very tiny belly, but I haven’t toned down on carbs as much as I should.

      Hope you found this helpful!

    • joao monteiro

      Try eat better and stop eating crap!

  • Augustina

    Well, today I did three of your exercises and if you could give examples of a other exercises that could still work the same muscle that would be nice. I am recovery from a shoulder injury and seven months ago I could use my own body weight but today I am working my way back to that it has been a slow process but I am doing it. I am at the gym using weights because I am unable to do my own weight. If you could give suggest other ways when giving a demist ration that would be most helpful. I love the way I feel today. After watching you and inputting those three exercises I had lots of energy so I went for a jog, a walk, cleaned the house, and I am still awake. I have to say I never have had these before so again I thank you for being on the web were I can learn and see results you make a difference for me. Thanks

  • Courtney

    Awesome!!! Awesome!!! Awesome… I just had my daughter 9mos ago and doing these wrkouts has really helped me drop the baby weight. i have to admit that I am addicted :) I can’t wait to actually see where I will be by my daughter first birthday

  • Augustina

    I just wanted to share that I stumbled on your website from youtube. I am going to the gym now and I am going to introduce myself to some of these exercises I watched here today. I want to say thank you now because seeing the results I will get later gives me intensive to work really hard. I will continue to watch you.

  • Erika

    14- 14- 13- 14- 12- 8
    5 star push ups
    10- 9- 8- 8- 8- 8
    5 pull ups
    16- 15- 15- 16- 15- 14

    Thank u!

  • Chris

    Hey Guys,
    Think about this,how about a grab bag workout!!!
    Put all the different exercise in a couple of different bowls like a
    60sec bowl,50 sec bowl,30 sec bowl, 100 rep bowl and so on then pick one exercise from each and create a workout or two from each bowl.Do you know what I mean?

  • Mél

    I did this workout 2d and seriously your right Z…it’s so easy! :P I would like to do a workouts for abs very hard! bUT…THANK YOU FOR YOUR WEB SITE! :p

  • Kitty

    5 reps star push ups
    5 reps slow down pull up

    Was hard work and I pushed it, but wasn’t as hard as some of the other workouts. I know this sounds strange to say. And of course easier to say once it’s all said and done. I think Zuzana said the same. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Variety is essential.

    thanks again.

  • Amy

    Zuzana, it always looks like you make a funny face at Sean’s form :) ha. You guys are terrific! Keep it up, I’m trying the 12 minute workout workout today!

  • Brie

    Did it before the update with 20 secs work 10 secs rest, but I got close to your scores guys with less time ;-)

    1. half burpee reptile 11, 12, 12, 12, 11, 11, 10, 9 and a half
    2. slow down star push ups 5
    3. leg lift toe touch 9, 10, 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 8
    4. slow down pull ups 5
    5. half squat leg lift 19, 17, 19, 18, 19, 17, 19, 18

    Great workout!


    what exercise can I do instead of Pullups??? I dont have a pullup bar//pull up stand… I need a variation!!! =)
    gonna do this workout in a bit!!

  • Janet

    I wrote this one down when you first posted it, and didn’t review it again, so I got the 8 round version (when I reread it today after the workout I thought my eyesight must be going bad to read 6 as 8!!) Then I found your correction (phew!) and am relieved my vision is still good.
    5 star push ups
    5 Sean pull ups with leg lifts
    It was nice to have an easier day. (I’d done an easy 45 minute hill jog with my dogs and a little paddleboarding first.)
    I am really going to work on the lighter eating with the frequent meals, which is my weakness. Usually I do two or three meals/day, so it has been a struggle to adjust to “eating all the time”, which is how it feels to me. I eat soooo much less than I ate decades ago it is not funny….not fair!!!!

  • Angela

    intense strength training!!!
    i love seeing all 3 (sean freddy and zuzana) of your workout times
    now we need video or pics of freddy too

    you all are such an inspiration:)

  • James

    Hi guys, I love your workouts but could you please tell me where you got your dip stand, as all the ones I have been looking at on the are unnecessarily sturdy and rather expensive.

    Thank you

  • Mona

    Hi Zuzana!~
    And hi guys;)

    For me better is your training Abs Attack from WORKOUT ARCHIWES. I make it 2-3 times a week and I love my six-pack ;)
    I really like when you doing your workouts outside-is it cold in your town now?Becouse in Poland it is rain every day and we have got a flood…


  • Carla

    Oh, I totally enjoyed this one :) did it yesterday and it was so much fun to see that my own capacity to move slowly and controlled has improved.

    Half burpees are evil! :)

    I look forward to doing the new workout tomorrow!
    Thumbs up you guys!

  • Gabija

    My results:
    Half Burpee Reptile 13-10-10-12-12-12
    Leg Lift Toe Touch 8-9-9-6-7-8
    Half Squat Leg Lift 20-21-22-23-22-26 (I was going crazy!!!)
    Thank you for the workout!

    I spent all weekend working out in nature a.k.a. gardening so I’m a bit tired from that already but your workouts are to irresistible :P

  • Rob

    Does anyone know the name of the timer she uses?

    • Liz


      • Rob

        Thanks for the help Liz, and you wouldn’t happen to know the company to get the dip and pull up bars do you?

        • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

          Hey Rob, if you notice in all the blogs about her workouts (written below the video) the timer and the equipment she speaks of are written in blue. Those blue words mean that its also a link to the website where u can purchase the timer or equipment. Just put your cursor on the blue words and click!!! Good luck.

        • Jenny

          The link to get the gymboss, dip station, chin up bar etc. is all on the site. In the instructions paragraph of how to do the workouts

  • Iesha

    It’s been almost half an hour and I’m still shaking ;) . I did the best I could with the slow/fast part but I just have too much weight and not enough strength to do it like you guys do in the video…

  • bohdana

    14 14 14 14 13 14
    11 11 11 11 11 11
    22 24 26 25 26 26
    thank you

  • Erick

    Sean, stretch more often. You seem to have a very tight lower back/hamstrings. :)
    Great effort.
    Hang in there!
    Suzannah, awesome as always.
    Thank you guys for inspiring us.

  • Tina M

    thanks for the info Chris.. good to know :)

    • Chris L

      Hi Tina M,

      You know after I wrote than I checked what Pavel Tsatsouline says in “The N a k e d Warrior” and he has you work everything each time. Zuzana’s workouts usually work the whole body as well.

      In the real world at work people don’t stop using some part of their body because it’ needs a 48 hour recovery. Like a Bicycle messengers doesn’t stop for two days because they used their legs! 8-)


  • Magalie

    Wow I just recieved my gymboss timer last friday!!! soooo cool!! So I did these exercises yesterday and i can feel today that my muscles really worked!! I have to get a pull up bar though.. So here’s my score
    Half burpees Reptile: 11 – 11 – 8 – 7 – 8 – 6
    Leg Lift Toe Touch: 9 – 8 – 8 – 8 – 8 – 7 (I need to work stretching…)
    Half Squat Leg lift: 16 – 16 – 18 – 18 – 17 – 21
    Thanks for these great workouts!

  • Lvette #1

    I will definitely attend a Bootcamp if one is ever organized. Zuzana and Frederick, would you guys consider doing one or a event once a year?

    Another way to say thanks to Zuzana and Frederick could be for them to pick a charitable organization each year and we donate whatever amount we can afford to that charity on behalf of

    • rose

      THAT’S a great idea lvette#1!! i would donate to a charity for sure!

    • Rea

      Great ideas!

  • rose

    hey!!!great workout!!nice to see sean on here with you!!why not grab that camera one day zuzana and frederick and sean could have a “sweat-off”…..haha……would be nice to see the boys competing against each other!!!
    just a question……what else are you guys doing?not exercise and diet-wise.i already know that.i mean work-wise.what kind of work are you doing that allows you to also have time to do this site fulltime?are you working somewhere as a trainer?is frederick working somewhere as a cameraman?haha…..or just doing this site???the site itself must take up alot of your time.i just cant imagine that you would both have fulltime jobs outside of doing this.
    just curious!(sorry its in my nature!;)

  • Jaz

    When I first started with Zuzana’s vids a month ago, I was like Sean when I tried the Leg Lift Toe Touch. After I saw this vid, I straight away roll over to my back and try it and now I can touch my toes; I’m so happy :D I didn’t even train this exercise since I first tried it, but I guess all the other exercises have paid off. So Go Sean!

  • Nicoleta

    HY Zuzana’s sad that your new workouts in my country “ROMANIA” actualize almous in two days… :( Anyway…i love your workouts and you are my role model..and pleaseee tell me an advice to sag my candy appetite :( beacause is killing my workout effort :D … kisses Bye..

  • james

    Zuzana, Have you ever thought of a TRX suspension trainer? If you’ve never heard of it look it up on youtube…When I first heard of it I thought they were a joke, they are NOT. They would fit you and your apartment lifestyle perfectly, especially since you do go outdoors too. Good Luck and I do enjoy your workouts.

  • Megan

    This workout was tough you guys! I was sore all day and I love those half burpee knee tucks. Keep up all the great work and good luck on the website.

  • E

    About how many calories do you think you burn with these routines? I know everyone will be different based on how much effort they put in.

  • Amy

    I just found your site and I think it’s great! I am trying to get in better shape and lose weight (about 5-10 pounds). I currently work out but I need to kick it up a notch. I eat ok but need to eat less and more healthfully. Zuzana how often do you work out? Also, how do you know what the right portions for snacks and meals? I seem to be hungry quite a bit. Thanks for the help!

  • Steve

    Well nobody mentioned it I think but – I got the joke of Sean having the timer on his crotch…ha ha

    • rose

      well i was GONNA mention that too…….haha…….very CANADIAN sense of humor sean!!

  • Jamie

    Hey guys :) . Haha, hey sean, your clock is hanging out! Thanks for another good workout guys, here’s how I did, :) .

    1- 11,14,10,12,11,12
    2- 5 (could’ve done more, but meh)
    3- 8,7,8,7,7,7
    4- 5 (could not have done more with good form)
    5- 12,12,12,12,12,13

  • Kalli

    Suzana you are a great inspiration.thanks for everything!well,i was an athlete of 100 m. at school and very dedicated coz i loved it.I was eating chicken,no salt,eggwhites,etc,pretty much only clean i am 19 yrs old i finished high school a year ago.and i started doing weight lifting also.i stopped doing only cardio.I saw many results on my body.muscles bigger,skin toned,etc,I was doing 3 sets of 15 reps with normal kilos on of every body part everyday,exept sunday.But the question that i have is that:the last month i am doing everyday whole body(upper n down) BUT only 1 SET OF 20 REPS but with so many kilos.i heard it has same results as 3sets of 15 reps with less this good for a woman?or shall i prefer 3 sets of 15 reps with the normal kilos?

  • Maryam

    cant wait for today’s workout!


  • Cece

    Hey great job Zuzana & Sean!!!!

  •!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

    Hello funny people,

    thanks for the lovely workout! I did really well but I can’t wait for tomorrow’s brutal cardio workout if it’s available by then!

    Off for a shower and then dinner – courgette and tuna frittata and fresh salad. Yum!

  • Tina M

    I’m starting to get into the bodyweight exercises now and have a question. Can I do bodyweight moves every day? I know with regular weights there is a 48hr recovery time. Is it the same with bodyweight? and also can I change the moves each day I do it or should I stick with the same bodyweight moves and change it every four weeks like I do with weights? appreciate any answers/help thanks!

    • Chris L

      Hi Tina M,

      My understanding about the 48 hour recovery time is it’s for small muscle groups like the Biceps not Abs or Thigh muscles. So unless you feel I’m wrong you could do Zuzana’s workouts almost everyday. Still we all need an active rest day or two a week. 8-)

      Take care,

  • Sara Couto

    Hello, There are already eight months, every day I visit bodyrock tv. It is without doubt an inspiration and an incredible help to improve in every way.
    I’m used to go your place, and do all the exercises, but lately I felt tired and found I’m pregnant!
    Now I do not know what exercises can I do if you can help me or show me exercises, I will thank you!
    Keep up with your extreme determination …
    See you soon …

    • Janet

      Everyone feels pregnancy so differently; you really have to listen to your body very carefully. Just don’t overeat or you will be miserable and really tired!

    • Ann

      Congrats! Have you got prenatal care yet? Your OB will tell you what kind of exercise is good for a mom-to-be.When I was pregnant, my doctor told me to do light activities like prenatal yoga,stretching, walking or swimming. Fatigue is common symptom.Try to rest,drink plenty of water,eat healthy and small meal. Good luck and take care :)

    • Samantha R

      Hi Sara

      You need to visit your doctor (you might have already done this sorry) and speak to them to double check everything. The general rule of thumb is if you were active before then you can usually carry on with your exercise regime. BUT – Zuzanna’s workouts are anaerobic which I’m almost positive is not good for you when you’re pregnant as it involves your heart rate being high. I trained until I was 36 weeks pregnant and used an exercise bike, cross trainer and runner (I was running a lot before my pregnancy so this was considered ok for me), pilates along with using very light weights. Swimming is also good. I hope this helps you, unfortunately you should probs leave the hiit stuff til after your baby has arrived. Congratulations by the way! :) xxx

    • Alisia

      I worked out until I was ready to deliver my second baby and it was so much easier to recover from the pregnancy and c-section than it was with my first and I literally only gained 17 lbs during the pregnancy and my baby weigh about 8 lbs during delivery. The doctor was impressed that I only gained what I needed to; I was all baby and I had a very healthy and amazingly strong little girl. :) During my pregnancy I did a lot of cardio, not hard-core cardio but I made sure that I walked fast paced every day or some light elliptical workout, and I did simple weight lifting (like curls) and wall push ups. My doctor approved because I worked out very regularly before I got pregnant. Just listen to your body and don’t overwork yourself, eat healthy and stay active. Being pregnant isn’t an opportunity to eat whatever you want and be lazy. Staying active and eating healthy during your pregnancy are just some of the ways to have a healthy baby and bounce back easily. My baby is 1 year old now and she is very strong and healthy and I’m one happy momma!

  • Shayna

    Hahahahahah Thats awesome Sean! Nice place for your timer!! Love the workouts guys!

  • Simone

    Hey Z,

    I’ve been 1 week in Rome on holiday and I wasn’t able to exercise the whole week. So, today I was so glad to see that you have posted two new workouts during those days and I did both of them today.

    First, I did the “Sexy Body Beater Workout” and this is my score:

    Push Ups 12,5 – 12,5 – 12,5

    Flying Crunches 32 – 30 – 32

    L-Lunges left 14,5 – 14 – 16

    L-Lunges right 14 – 15 – 14,5

    Pull Ups (chair) 19 – 22 – 23

    Dancing Frog Squats 23 – 21 – 18

    Second, I did your “Hot Hard Core Abs”- Workout and here is my score for this one:

    Half Burpee Reptile 6 – 9 – 7 – 5 – 6 – 6 – 7 – 8

    Leg Lift Toe Touch 5 – 6 – 6 – 6 – 5,5 – 5 – 6 – 6

    Half Squat Leg Lift 12 – 12 – 13 – 12,5 – 13 – 12 – 10 – 12

    It took me all together about 38 min and I enjoyed working out after this big break.

    Thanks for the workouts again!

    Best wishes!

    • Simone

      I forgot to mention that I did 8 rounds of 10s/20s interval ;-)

  • Mickela

    I loved this workout. the burpee is a mad mad idea. I had to modify the pull up I did a normal one and slowly came down then I did leg lifts to get the full effect 5 each total.
    I also added a tricep dip on chair, super slow 5 reps
    I finished off by adding one more interval 4 total skipping rope.
    the slow push ups are awesome I feel like I lifted heavy weights.

    charlie D I feel the same as you. you guys are a gift. and I feel that I have changed my outlook on life just by simply being active and positive, and it’s thank to your inspiring and innovative work. much love from NYC.
    yous are beautiful people 100%.

    • Janet

      I agree with both of you on being grateful. It makes such a difference to have someone walk the road in front of you, especially on a daily basis. When people see the changes they can make in their bodies and consequently their lives, (then others’ lives!) it is a powerful thing. Thank you for your continually inspiring example to us not to settle for second best!!

  • Charlie D.

    This workout wasn’t bad at all – although the half burpee/reptiles were harder than I expected. Nice to have a “light” workout before the wailing and the gnashing of teeth tomorrow. I can’t wait.

    So rewarding – someone saw me changing the other day and spontaneously asked: “I really want to know what you do for your workouts”. I feel like I want to do something nice for you guys – I have no idea what besides telling people about this site, but if you have any ideas, please let us know – I think a lot of us out here feel really grateful and would love to be able to do something in return.

    • Chris L

      Hi Charlie D.,

      Something similar happened to me with my neighbor. I was working on my garden and he was working on his and he saw great improvement in my health and strength. The skinny is he asked if he could workout with me. I pointed him to and told him Zuzana really rocks. If he just did some of these routines I think Cesar would see fantastic results.

      I have a huge amount of respect for both Zuzana and Frederick. I don’t often say how much, but I would hope they know without me saying it in every post.

      Anyway, I use to send each month a small sum of money ($25) to them, but stopped around the time of my Mom’s death. I feel a bit guilty about that. A gym charges hundreds a month and Zuzana doesn’t change anything for her workouts! True they get money for the ads, but I think they should also recieve something from us as well.

      I mean Zuzana and Frederick deserve to be millionaires as far as I’m concerned and if they ever did a Bootcamp I would hope to attend.

      They had for a short time Tank Tops for women for sale here, but I think a fear of the possibility of someone needing to ordering a XXXXXL stopped that. Still, I wish they would make Women’s and Men’s Tank Tops available for the summer.

      Take care,

      • Antonia

        Hi Chris,

        I dont have money to send my biggest fear is not being able to pay my bills sometimes like the computer! I totally agree with you about this channel, I love it and I dont have a tv or cable but I dont even watch anyone else…I just watch music videos at times and google stuff. I get the news from my yahoo page and watch tv at the gym when I go on the bike or do free wieghts in front of it. I FEEL thea even though I have not keep up with doing the workouts yet she inspires me to continue my fitness program I have already had many many times I have felt what is the use. THE channel is also fun and not boring at all. I have looked other people up but I wouldnt be inclined to view them again as people are just boring-I just think for some reason its just natural with her and Freddy AND that is why it comes out like this. Its one of a kind. BUT if I had something sometime I may like to send it but wouldnt know the address, how would I send it? THANKS.

        • Antonia

          By the way I live in vegas and have for years since I wa 11. I dont gamble at all not even one nickel, not because I wouldnt like too but I was taught since I was young it was like a sin. But truthfully I have been thinking about it latley, to give it a shot, not to do it all the time but I could win a bit and get ahead and I dont feel like it is the same as stealing. So my opinions are not as the same so much as they used to be-could send a bit if I hit the jackpot-ha ha- really I know this is not a moral site but I would like your opinion and especially Freddys because I think he has a way he looks a things as a entire picture, he has a good grasp on life and understanding…I am glad our Zuzie has a good husband even though he bugs her sometimes … (brownie etc..)

  • Brian

    This workout was so much fun

  • Nidia

    awesome!! and your diet realy works, your body is more thin but stil have your muscles. I like how you look ;D thank you so much for share all the videos and some of your life with us. Is very inspiring to know that there are very good people in the world.
    Some hugs for you and fredy and sean!
    and the mexican caribbean is waiting for you gays :D
    i live in cancun, mexico, and when you want to know my country i gona be very happy to take you for the caribbean :D
    kisses and very much love! and sorry if my english sounds (reads) bad i don’t take any clases :P


  • Gabbie

    Hey what’s the best thing to eat and do to mark up your abs and gain muscle mass?.i’m 17 years and i have been doing weights for 5 months…Please answers :)

  • Lvette

    I usually workout in the early mornings, but I slept in this morning so I did this around 4pm. I did the whole routine twice because I wanted to push myself(just coming off a rest day). Now that I think about it maybe I didn’t push enough the first time that why I still had energy for a second try. I know I will be feeling my shoulders tomorrow.

    1.Half burpees – 4-5-4-4-3-3-3-3 /4-3-3-3-2-3-2-1
    2.Slow down star- 5 / 4 (could not go all the way down, just half way but I held for 5 counts before coming back up
    3.Leg lift touch toe – 9-7-7-7-7-7-8-6 / 12-10-8-7-8-7-4
    4.slow pull up – 3 / 1 (assisted)
    5.Half squats w side kick – 6-7-6-7-7-6-5-5

    This was a great routine. Thanks to the three of yous.

  • Luisa of LA

    I haven’t seen the video yet. I’m excited reading blogs here and how people did this workout. Now, I’m going to see it, learn and maybe do this tomorrow (as I already did one today). Just one question – if I do 6x a week workout, is that ok? Or should I just stick to 5x/wk? Thanks again for all kicking workouts. I’m building few definition in my body now because of you. :) Love ya all! :X

  • Dulce R

    hey i just turned 16 and i was planning to get in really good shape for the summer i weight 105lbs and i’m 5’1 ft tall. i really want a work out that works out my thighs & stomach i Love zuzanas abs their soo sexy and i wish i had a workout routine that allows me to look toned but with out any weights please please please help :] -thank you

  • Lena

    Awesome! Just finished.
    Half Burpees 8/8/8/8/6/7/7/7
    Lef Lift 7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7
    Half squat 9/9/9/9/9/9/9/9
    I really dont know why my half squats are so low. I have some issues with hip flexers so this exercise is somewhat uncomfortable for me, but overall pretty cool ;)
    Its really cool that you guys do it together. My boyfriend can relate, we usually do these together.
    Anyways keep up with great work!

  • astrothsknot

    Poor Sean! He looks like he’s about to die!

    I finally started doing your workouts and my God, they’re killer, but I’m already noticing changes. A centimetre off my hips and waist in just 10 days!

  • Jon

    I’m very impressed that you can do diamond pushups especially with a negative.

  • Lance

    Hi Zuzana, Frederic and Shaun

    I have been following your blog since you started.
    I have been doing BW workouts on and off for several years and am always curious why more people don’t think they can get in great shape without investing a lot of time or money… You are proof that if you train smart- with short but intense sessions and eat small frequent healthy meals you can change you mind and body into the strong energetic being it desires.

    Also. Zuzana could you please tell me what certification you have? I have decided to become a personal trainer and want to know what course is credible in Canada and the US.


  • Rodrigo

    I’ll name the half squat leg lift “Sumo Squats” because it looks just like the movements the sumo wrestlers do.

  • maria

    Thanks guys for the lessons you give me, you are professional.
    I’m from ROMANIA. My strange feeling is that you (Zuzana e Sean) are from Romania too,… I could be wrong, anyway your english it’s not original.
    with all my respect, SALUT.

  • Andreea

    Hi Zuzana

    today i did your butter chicken recipe and let me tell you something:IT’S THE MOST DELICIOUS MEAL I HAVE EVER HAD…it’s so good….!!!!please post meals and delicious recipes…like these…i have a question about this workout how many times did you do the hall routine?!!…only once right?!!

    and blondy you are gorgeous…i absolutely adore you guys…you are my real life models…especially you Zuzana…:*:)

    when will the new image of the site will be ready?

  • Steve O

    So with a Big smile, i’m gonna say this is the easiest workout i’ve done on this site. Years ago i used to workout with an older guy and he told me the only push ups worth doing are Star ones. So i have to admit that was particularly easy for me

  • Dorina

    Hi Zuzana,

    I am new to your blog. I’m like 5’4 and weight about 127 and I started working out for the last 3 months, and I was wondering if I workout every day and rest on the weekend, will this affect me in any way? What’s your opinion?

  • Kevin

    Z -
    With the star push-ups, is there a difference whether you bring your chest (solar-plexus) to the star or your nose? I have seen them done both ways.
    Keep up the great workouts!

  • Rob

    Amazing work out and it was great having a guy in this one. So many times I felt my form was off but seeing him now I know I wasn’t so bad after all.

  •!/photo.php?pid=638462&id=678365922 Sheila – Toronto

    Thanks guys! That was a great workout and it just so happened I had a tight schedule today so that fact that it was short was a bonus. Intense! But short :)

    My counts:
    Half Burpee Reptile (loved these!): 8,7,7,7,7,7,7,6
    Slow star push ups – did all 5 but had to go on knees for the last two power ups
    Leg Lift Toe Touch: 6,6,7,6,7,6,6,6
    Slow down pull ups – did all 5 – Sean style!
    Half Squat leg lift (really felt these in the butt): 13,13,14,13,14,13,13,13

    I’m looking forward to the workout tomorrow!

    Happy May 2-4 to all the Canadians on the site :)

    Thanks again Zuzanna, Freddie and Sean!

  • Cinthya

    I can’t wait for what’s instored for tomorrow!!!

    How long will Sean be staying with you?

    My boyfriend has the same build as Sean, he has trouble with his flexibility also, if not worse. Any pointers?

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Cinthya,

      Yes he should do a good warm up before he starts and a stretching routine after he is done his weights and cardio. Zuzana has a stretching routine on the website you can check out.


  • Ann

    Short,intense and great workout! I couldn’t do star push up from toes so I did on knees and still find it really tough though.I’m going to practice this everyday before I go to bed, that’s my new goal :)
    And Sean…you are so hilarious!Hahaha…thank you guys! and see you all tomorrow!!

  • Janandra

    You guys are too funny. Thanks for another great workout.

  • Ariana

    I did this workout today and compared with your other workouts it was really easy ;-) I missed the jumps. But maybe I was just to slow :-p

    I managed to do the following repetitions:
    Half Burpees: 10/10/9/10/9/10/10/9
    5 Push ups (but on my knees)
    Core Exercise 6/7/6/7/6/6/6/7
    5 Pullups between two chairs as you showed in Malta
    Half Squat 12 12 13 14 13 15 16 16

    And as a women it’s great to watch your videos, but it’s even better if there is a man in them as well ;-) You both look gorgeous!

  • Betta

    Zuzana please reply to me , I have some strech marks because im losing weight will they go by time? ..

    Regards , Betta

  • lauria

    Can’t wait to do this tomorrow! By the way, today I made your recipe for quinoa chicken salad…so delicious! Perfect for hot New Orleans summer days after a hard ass sweaty workout, I love it.

  • Niko

    Sean’s a comedy genius. :D It was a nice quick blast today, looking forward to tomorrow.

  • Jen

    I liked how you showed doing varying speeds for some of the exercises. From my point of view it’s harder to go slower in some cases because you’re forced to really focus on your form and the muscles you’re working. I’ll actually sometimes go through a new exercise slowly at first so I understand what I’m doing with my body. Plus it gives me a chance to figure out how I’ll be breathing for it. Breathing is just as important as form! : )

  • Nicoleta

    HY ZUZANA!!! KISSES FROM ROMANIA :) …. i have eighteen years old…and i love candies :( i can t stop eating …every day i have appetite for candies..and i eat chocollate or honey…anything sweet …i rezerv myself from fats or frieds…but that is not enought to be skinny… im not fat at all ! but i have cellulite :( …psychological- i have a “fat girl inside me” :) … what should i do to not eat candies??? P.S : YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL NICE ..AND YOU LOOK GREAT !sorry if i make some mistakes writtening this..BYE

  • Mickela

    you 3 are one heck of a team. I can’t wait to try this. love the slow pull up and push ups.
    yes yes stretching is really important. I feel sore after the workouts but it isn’t extreme and I can keep myself active almost every day.

    Sean I hope you will explain the timer location. I could tell you were about to bust out laughing. It is also cute that you stick your tongue out while working out.

    Love you guys, and you are such a fun positive influence and everyone who comes to this site also seems to be very cool and focused on being healthy.

    Cheers all

  • Janelle

    i am curious to see what a regular routine looks like for sean. what he usually does. and his physique. i would also like to know if his routines will change, and if he finds he gets better results for perhaps goals he has for his body. Perhaps, now shots and shots after a few months of Zuzus training.

  • Hula Mama

    I am loving your workouts! Thank you so much for your site. Please keep it going

  • lisa-marie

    Well done for keeping a straight face :D ….. very funny! …

    Yet Another great workout for us all to do. Can’t wait :)

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    These were my average reps/round:

    8 Half Burpee Reptiles
    7 Leg Lift Toe Touches
    14 Half Squat Leg Lifts

    I was able to do the pullups with no assistance & the Diamond pushups are always a great tricep burner. It was a nice break from your intense workouts but I have a feeling your not kidding about tomorrows torture session. Can you some put pistols in it because I love the burn my bum gets from that exercise.

  • Jess

    I love this workout! It was fun because of the different moves, plus switching up interval training with regular bodyweight training keeps me from getting bored.

    I can’t wait to see this brutal, filthy cardio workout you speak of. I really need something seriously brutal for a weekend workout!
    thanks guys :)

  • Lisa

    I don’t know which is funnier, where Sean has his timer, or the fact that I didn’t see it until I read the other posts!! Too funny! You guys are great!

  • Ashley S.

    ps. I got the camo interval timer, and am about to try it for the first time. I fell in love with circuit training and took 2 weeks off of it to shock my body again, and did more running/interval running and strength training in those two weeks. I can’t wait to get that natural, sweating high today. Looking forward to using the timer too! Thanks for the great, unique workouts.

  • Ashley S.

    Hi Zuzana. I love doing cardio/strength circuits and have never been through as much he$$ as they give me, which I love! I love anything that challenges my body and doing something that benefits you cardiovascularly & strength wise, how can you want more. My question is: what do you eat post circuit. When weight training, you are supposed to eat more carbs/sugars and tiny amount of protein so your muscles repair but cardio, I stay away from fat afterwards and carbs/sugars and usually just eat a meal higher in protein and some green veggies an hour after, so it gives your body more time to burn more fat off. I know you are already to where you want to be with fat loss, but for those of us out there, how did you get there with food? I believe diet is 80% of the battle to lose, even gain, and maintain. What do you eat post these type of circuit workouts? Thanks!

  • Razvan

    Thank you for all you share with us, guys!

  • ~Mary Liz~

    Great workout… I thought the push-ups & pull-ups would be more upper body excersises but after the leg lift/ toe touches I could really feel my abs working. Can’t wait until tomorrow’s workout :)

    Thank You!!

  • Samantha R

    Oooo I say….did he have it on vibrate? ;) I really enjoyed this workout thank you and am so pleased with how much I’ve progressed with my push and pull ups. I did the intervals tabata based (20/10 x 8) hope this was correct.

  • Moooingcow

    Wonderful you guys just wonderful. You’re kicking my arse. I am 49 and thought I would be able to keep up, but my wind isn’t what it used to be. Keep up the great work. We all love you guys!

  • Brie

    Aww, where are the scores for each of you guys? :)

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv


      We will be posting them soon.



  • Steph

    Thanks for the awesome workout! I have made a total body transformation in 4 months with your workouts.
    Zuzana, you are looking thinner! Even in your arms. Has your diet changed?

    • Krista

      Zuzana said in one of her recent posts that she is eating fruit for breakfasts and big salad with lunch in addition to salads with dinner… did I get that right?

      It was not too long ago that she talked about it, either right after she got back to working out after her wisdom tooth healed or before sometime in there :)

  • Scar

    Thanks for posting the interval time! You guys must be sick of hearing how awesome and inspirational you are…but you really are!! You’re helping so many people in so many different ways. It’s amazing. Thank you for this site. I’ve never been on a “blog” before until yours…and I’m hooked. It’s just awesome! Your workouts are awesome…and you guys are awesome! Hope it never changes :) THANK YOU!

  • Scar

    Hi! What is the interval timer set at?

  • Mandy M.M

    today it was hard ! and fun :)

  • Stania

    I have one more thing to ask is ok to do the push-up on my knee I know I can’t do 5 of these

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzan<Frederick and Sean
    I start again follow you workout and it take lot of encouragement but after I start then is good.
    I saw Sean today workout and I think in one point Zuzi said to him Breath and thru the workout I have watch him and he hold his breath and this make him more tired if you watch back how Zuzi breath she look like she didn't have problems(difficulty)at all.And I know breath is very important I have sometimes problems to breath so fast but I thing more training and I get in ther.
    Thank you

  • Jenny

    Hey guys! What’s the set up for the interval timer?

  • EB

    ok… thanks.. have seen it now! great.. so looking forward to to this one!

  • Ashley in Sweden

    Hey Z/F/S,

    First, awesome Gym Boss Timer placement Sean ;) It didn’t seem like Zuzana even noticed. lol.

    Second, what were all of your scores?

    Third, can you give us information on the GB timing of each exercise for this workout?

    Take care!

  • Charmaine

    That was not fun!! Well, it was, but in a sick self harm sort of way … The slow down diamond press ups were mental, but I feel totally buff now ;o)

  • EB

    How long are your time intervals?

  • Lara

    how long is each interval . i think you forgot to write that.

  • D

    hehe Sean is really all smiley today :) but why (why?!) he has an interval timer, ekhm…between his legs? haha you guys make me smile, you are so funny and positive!! :) :):)

  • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

    I noticed that Sean prefered the pink interval timer today. What really stuck me though was the location he clipped it to :D What a nut!

    • Carla

      hahahaha i only noticed in now! a day after the actual workout :) )

  • Moulsari

    I’m loving the new workouts! They are a great change of pace and a new challenge.

    Thanks guys!

  • Gaby

    Hi guys, thank you for the workout but I can’t find the set up for the interval timer.. pls help!!
    BTW funny spot for the timer Sean ;) lol

    • Wendy

      you have to turn on then hold next and change button at same time when it changes press next and you can set things up.

    • Antonia

      Hi Gaby-

      go to the gymboss link and on the page they have a link to utube and they show you how to do it-

  • SM

    Looks great! are the 4 min intervals you mentioned in the video 10sec rest and 20 sec for 8 rounds?? I don’t think you mentioned in your description…


    • Stania

      Hi it is under the first exercise pictures

    • Adriana

      it’s called tabata….it’s 20sec work 10sec rest…the routine should last 4 min so keep on going on that pase till u finish 8 rounds :)

  • Dom

    Sean, what’s up with the timer?