May 23 2010

Get Hot Cardio Workout

Hi guys,

Today’s workout is one of the most brutal cardio routines that we have ever put together. The key here is to push at your maximum effort which is not as easy as it sounds. I use to think that I pushed hard in my workouts until Sean came on board and started to compete with us. Even Freddy has admitted that he has never pushed this hard in his entire life. If you have a workout buddy to compete with you can take your training to a whole new level and if you don’t, you should try to compete with us. Remember that these workouts are short but to be effective – to make the incredible changes to your body – they have to be VERY INTENSIVE. The harder the workout is, the stronger you will get and the faster you will burn fat. Your metabolism will speed up and your body will be burning calories like a nuclear reactor.

I have noticed in some comments that people said they have gained weight since they started these workouts. Please use your common sense. Working out at this level of intensity will absolutely help you to loose weight, burn fat and build muscles. The only thing that will cause you to gain weight is excessive eating. You have to watch your diet and how much you are eating. If your goal is to loose fat, you have to eat small portions often. I eat small portions 5 to 8 times a day. This doesn’t mean that you have to cook this many times. I eat a lot of fruit and veggies. There is a lot of information on my approach to eating in the DIET category so please check it out.

For this workout you need your Gymboss Interval Timer and a pull up bar from  Ultimate Body Press. This entire workout is bodyweight training that focuses on cardio and core strength. Sean has mentioned before that he is lacking core strength, because the workouts that he was doing in the gym on the bench and with the machines was basically useless for developing functional strength. Many guys you see in the gym have muscles just for show, which is not what you want if your goal is to have not only an outstanding physique, but also strength and agility that you can use in any sport or every day life in general.

Enjoy your workout and let us know how you did in the comments below.


Our scores:

Zuzana – 19 minutes and 51 seconds

Sean – 25 minutes and 17 seconds

Freddy – 20 minutes and 6 seconds

High Knees – 500 reps

Leg Lift, Star Crunch and Butt lift as one exercise – 30 reps

Low Jacks – 500 reps

Remember that these are not regular jumping jacks so keep your knees bent to stay low at all times.

Side Plank Lift – 25 reps on each side

Keep your body in a straight line without turning your hips. This is a great exercise for your core and obliques so make sure to use those muscles to bring your hips up into the side plank.

Scissors – 500 reps (each jump counts as 1 rep)

Hanging Knee Raises – 25 reps

No swinging or momentum


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  • Annebel Wind

    I can not believe the times I am seeing… I am a bodyrocker for about 2 years and can not do 500 high knees, 500 low jacks or 500 scissers in one straight row.. My time was 28.25.. Had to stop after 100 or 150 of all those exersices, take a 20 sec break and go on… it took forever.. So respect for all of you who can do this so fast.. Think I need some more praktice on these cardio exercises.. :D

  • Sandytoesh2o

    Frankie please keep these old videos up. They are motivation for both my boyfriend and I! Thank you for keeping them up. We are starting from the beginning so long as the videos stay up! :) Love ya and the new people on Body Rock!

  • Sandytoesh2o

    Frankie please keep these old videos up. They are motivation for both my boyfriend and I! Thank you for keeping them up. We are starting from the beginning so long as the videos stay up! :) Love ya and the new people on Body Rock!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think they are taking them down. It looks like there was a crash or something because only random pics and videos are missing.

    • Anonymous

      You can still find lost videos on Youtube.  This one’s actually kind of funny with Sean.

    • Anonymous

      You can still find lost videos on Youtube.  This one’s actually kind of funny with Sean.

  • Janessa Reimer

    i did this one today and it was great! 17:55min! I am slowly getting back into the workouts again yay! Thanks for another great one!

  • Vivi

    I beat my time !!
    14.32 min, 3 min less !! Old one was 17.56min.
    But always hard for calfs with low jacks for me !!!

  • Vivi

    I beat my time !!
    14.32 min, 3 min less !! Old one was 17.56min.
    But always hard for calfs with low jacks for me !!!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    13:20 – What a cardio sweat fest :)  
    My calfs were burning at the last 100′s of Scissors!

    • Vivi

      Unmistakably you are the best! You put me 4 min in the view!!!!

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        You still did amazing, sweety!!!

    • Donna

      Who felt bad about not using a jump rope for cardio legs and core workout???

  • Vivi

    500 low jacks are killers for my calfs !!
    My time is 17.56 min.

    • Donna

      Great time Vivi this one looks brutal:) You sure know how to pick them…lol

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  • Chelsea Schuur

    This workout took me 20min and 56sec :) Pretty good
    compared to Zuzanas 19min and 51sec I would say haha! It’s nice knowing
    I’m so up to par with her fitness level. Too bad I don’t look that
    ripped hahah.

  • Anonymous

    I’m obsessed with this workout!  The first time I did it about 4 months ago, my time was 27:43.  I tried it about a month later and got down to 26:23.  Then went back a month after that and finished in 25:22.  Today I did it again – about 2 months since the last time – and my time was 23:42!  So I’ve shaved about 4 minutes total off this super-brutal workout.  I won’t be truly happy until I do it under 20 like Zuzana though :)

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm… sorry to say, you only did 1/2 the amount of low jacks.  Think about how you would count regular jumping jacks – out & in = 1 rep.  Not 2.  Consider trying it again doing the full amount.  The low jacks are what KILL ME every time!

  • Jos

    I did this today and my time was 24:10

  • ange

    Went back to try this monster again. It leaves such a wonderful sense of accomplishment to get through it b/c wow… it’s a lot of work. Finished in 26:23, so beat my time from a month ago by 1:20. I was hoping for 2, but at least I improved.

    Those low jacks are what kill me. They seem to go on FOREVER and they really get my legs burning. I’m already sore and it’s only been four hours since I finished.

    I love this workout. I’ll keep coming back to it to see how much time I can continue shaving off.

  • ange

    Went back to try this monster again. It leaves such a wonderful sense of accomplishment to get through it b/c wow… it’s a lot of work. Finished in 26:23, so beat my time from a month ago by 1:20. I was hoping for 2, but at least I improved.

    Those low jacks are what kill me. They seem to go on FOREVER and they really get my legs burning. I’m already sore and it’s only been four hours since I finished.

    I love this workout. I’ll keep coming back to it to see how much time I can continue shaving off.

  • ange

    This workout kicked my a*s!!! And I mean that in the best way possible. Just finished and I feel amazing – blood is pumping, endorphins are rushing through. Amazing.
    I completed it in 27:43. My goal was to do it in under 30 so I’m satisfied with that. Plenty of room for improvement though :) Also, I did 500 TRUE low jacks. Come one, people. When do you count 2 jumps as one rep? Each time you bring your legs together = 1 rep.
    Will definitely tackle this one again. Thanks for all you do!

  • ken

    hi, i came across you website and i find ur workout great! i used to do cardio for an hour however i dun ache as much as i do after doing ur workout… so i think ur workout maximizes my time…

    however i m wondering whether im doing it right…
    (HIGH KNEE) is lifting both knees considered 1 rep or 2?
    (LOW JACKS) is going in and out considered 1 rep or 2?

    • Andrea

      just did this workout today…took me about 23 mins. I was wondering the same thing as ken though. I counted each knee as 1 rep…and each jump for the low jacks as 1 (so in & out is 2 reps)…but I’m not sure if I was cheating or not, haha.

      It would be awesome if you could include little details like that in your exercise description like you did for the scissor jumps…cause I’ve wondered this for a bunch of exercises. You sometimes say it in the tutorial, but its a pain to have to sit through it when I know how to do the exercises! Otherwise…I freaking LOVE your site :)

  • MindaG

    question here…so the high knees of 500 reps, are those all done in one shot or do you alternate the exercises? What I understand is that you do all 500 reps in one shot rather than a bit here and then switch to the next exercise, etc… pls let me know. thanks!

  • AnnaG

    i just did this and cant walk anymore!just kidding but it was still hard:)

  • Sammy

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy! I’m a softball player getting ready for college in the next month. I found your website a few months ago, and i’ve done a few workouts but being a senior in high school with a lot going on it was tough to keep up. But now im really focusing hard on working out around 5 to 6 times a week, and having a better diet for the rest of the summer and hopefully keep up throughout college. I hope your workouts will help me get ready for our college softball workouts! I just now tried this workout^ and it was very hard.. i did high knees 300 reps, the low jacks 150 reps, scissors 105 reps.. and the rest of the exercises the same amount of reps. i was very disppointed with myself but i know i tried hard. I also took your advice of taking a picture and not looking at it for 30-60-90 days hopefully ill keeep up with that and see results! :) Thanks for all your workouts, I’m really looking forward to feeling a change with my body and feeling better!


  • Melinda

    My first time was 23:15 (2 months ago). Today was 22:01. Can’t wait to see my time the next time I do it :)

  • Jessica

    Omgsh so i just tried a few of the things on this video and i am wiped out! I havent worked out like this since 4 yrs ago in basketball practice!
    i did 200 of the high knees
    tried to do 12 on each side of the butt crunch things
    200 low jacks and
    100 scissors…
    wow haha i guess its a good start for now! hope to get better and at least complete everything on this vid or others!


  • Frankie

    actually, its is very possible to be gaining weight when starting a new fitness routine. its not absurd at all. if someone is not accustomed to working out, he or she might be gaining muscle mass, and as we all know, muscle weighs quite a bit. if you are gaining weight, eating healthfully, then you are gaining muscle mass. if you did an body composition analysis before you started these workouts and now, you would probably see decreased body fat and increased muscle ratios. also, often with a new fitness lifestyle, we can often initially become hungrier than usual in the start. we can eat more food, and even if that food is wholesome, a calorie is a calorie, and if you eat more than you expend, you will gain weight. are you eating a bit more because you’re more active? if so, then you should try to break your meals up into small meals throughout the day so that you have a constant supply of glucose in your bloodstream that large meals cannot give you. if you are keeping the fire stoked, you will not feel that constant hunger that happens when you have low blood sugar, and low blood sugar occurs when there are huge gaps between large meals or if your diet is predominantly refined carb based (pasta, white bread, starchy things like potatoes). watch what you eat, even if you’re feeling hungrier after your new workouts. increase your protein, preferably eggs, beans and lean meat like chicken, throughout the day to combat hunger. your body takes longer to burn through protein than carbs, and the biggest mistake that people make when they’re ravenous after a workout is to grab carbs. excess carbs will be stored as fat more readily than any other energy source. so yes, more fruits and vegetables (the good carbs), less bread, pasta, potatoes. more whole grains, more lean protein and more water. which brings up my last point. many people are living in a state of perpetual dehydration. if you increase your workout and don’t drink enough water, it can be detrimental. you need water to regulate your metabolism, your body temperature, and to ‘keep things moving along’, so to speak. the odd thing about dehydration is that feeling dehydrated, especially if you live in a state of perpetual dehydration, can mimic feelings of hunger. when we feel hungry, we eat. thats why its important to keep yourself hydrated. it lessens the chance that you will feel that ‘false hunger’ motivated by dehydration. if youre hungry and you know you’ve just eaten something, have a glass of water and notice your hunger disappear. its not because you feel full (though that helps too), but because your body is now hydrated and that feeling of false hunger dissipates.

    so, if you are gaining weight after your new workout routines, check yourself. 1) are you dehydrated 2) are you eating excess carbs because you feel ‘ravenous’ 3) are you eating a bit more because you’re more active? 4) could you really be gaining muscle mass because you really don’t work out very much and this is all new to you?

    so, keep working out STAY OFF OF THE SCALE. the thing about scales is that they lie. i bet dollars to doughnuts that zuzana weighs more than you all think that she does because she’s essentially all muscle. and muscle weighs more than fat. who cares if you weigh more than a supermodel, if you have some muscle definition that would make even an athlete envious.

    workout as often as your body will let you. and trust that when you are serious about your workouts, your body will let you know when it needs a days rest. you might be surprised how often it wants to be worked out. there is a a difference between mental fatigue and physical fatigue. you know when you don’t feel like working out because you’re being lazy, opposed to your body saying ‘hey, um, yeah, not today.’

    eat small frequent meals comprised of whole foods, mostly fruits and vegetables. fruits and vegetables should be the mainstay of your diet, and meat and dairy an accent in small quantity. not the other way around. don’t have a cheese sandwich, have a whole grained, open faced sandwich piled high with sprouts, veggies, avocado, perhaps a small piece of cheese…on the side. drink enough water, get enough protein, watch your refined carb and alcohol! alcohol is the devil for a pot belly prone person. you will never have a wash board stomach if you have a penchant for alcohol. the two just do not go hand in hand. not only that, if you drink a lot, there is no way that you are giving 100% to these workouts. your body is in a constant state of dehydration and ‘repair’ because you are constantly damaging it with alcohol. a glass of red wine is fine a couple of nights a week, but not the whole bottle…every night.

    so, just some thoughts from someone whose weight has not fluctuated much since i was 17 years old. im 40 now. i still fit the same old clothes that i’ve had for too many years than i care to admit. sad, i know, but a testament to what a sound lifestyle of devoted fitness and whole food eating can do. i wonder how many people can say they still have and fit their 501s from when they were 18, at 40?

    and no, it never gets boring to feel great about yourself. so get sweatin!

  • Karen W. (

    Hello Zuzana and Freddy!

    I am a new viewer, and now am a new participant! I am a 33 y/o female who is once and for all determined to create a physical body I am proud of. I am a practitioner of Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbal medicine) in L.A., and I am a total believer in clean eating and living. Now I want my physical health to match my mental and emotional health, and I have been SO INSPIRED by you Zuzana (and Freddy for his camera and website skills!). I cannot believe this is free for us- I have referred several of my friends to your website.

    All that said, I also wanted to share about my first workout with you. I am a beginner- the only exercise I get is yoga and random hiking/walking.

    I chose this workout because it is straight forward, modifiable, and I really need to build my cardio strength. Here is what I did:

    High knees- 400
    Star crunches- 30
    Low Jacks- 200
    Side plank lift- 20 each side
    Scissors- 200
    (Hanging leg lifts- I changed these to another abdominal exercise I call ‘superman sit ups’. You begin laying down, arms out to the sides shoulder level, legs and feet pressed together. You sit up reaching to your feet then extend arms overhead sitting up tall, then reverse the motion to the starting position, making sure your neck muscles relax when you lay down)
    Superman sit-ups- 50

    Time: 27:30
    I did half of these totals in two rounds.

    I feel great! I am going to do this workout once a week with the goal being able to do this unscaled. Overall I will do 4 Zuzana workouts a week and 3-4 yoga sessions a week, with walking and hiking.

    Diet wise I say I am 80% vegetarian- the meat I eat is some fish and a little chicken, only several times a week. I only eat natural and organic, no soda or juices. The places I am focusing on changing is sugar intake and portion/frequency. I eat only 2-3 times a day, but I get too hungry then eat too much. Then of course I want sugar! Well, that’s over now! I am also going to implement only eating sweet things I have made myself-nothing store bought, so I can control the ingredients!

    I love how you are always bringing things back to common sense and basic principals. I agree we get too caught up in science and theories and forget to listen to our own empirical self-evidence.

    I love you sense of humor and strong dedication. You help me see that I am so much more comfortable helping others than myself, but without my own health and discipline I am not the best role model for my patients, friends and family.

    Thank you!!!!

    • Frederick

      Hi Karen, we are very happy that you found us :) welcome!

  • Sen


    I gave this a try today and i have to tell you WOOOWW that was really hard. I pushed my self through. I had to laugh also because when i did the leg lift, star crunch and butt lift…i couldn’t lift my butt anymore:)) butt i pushed myself and did it in 29:55. I’m gonna do this once a week between my interval and strenght training and gonna try to beat my own time everytime. I will subrice every wensday after my workout. Thanks zuzana for your hard work….

  • Geapet



  • Ravi

    how many times do you do this a week if more than one?

  • Barbara

    ok did that wow! took me 34 min but i did it YES!


  • Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey

    Seems like such a strenuous work out. Charlie you are very ripped. I commend you guys, this is a very hard workout!

  • Bdb

    Hi, can you tell me which interval timer you use and where you got it?

  • Michelle G.

    Wow that was tough….22:01 and I pushed it but couldn’t catch you Zuzana or Freddy!!

  • Nicky

    absolutely love this workout, worth doing it ;) btw, my newest time 18,37 :)

  • Rosette Luve

    this workouts are amazing. thankyou for posting them up and making this website :)

  • Windlord

    low jax were tougher than expected, but all cardio segments unbroken


  • Susie

    I finished the workout in 38.24, not bad considering the fact that I didn’t even think I would be able to complete the entire exercise. I must be getting into better shape than I thought! Thanks Zuzana for the brutal workouts, I don’t think I have ever sweated this much even when working out with weights for 45 minutes!

  • Red Fox

    Great workout! My time was 19:57 but I did 200 reps instead of 500. :)

  • Andrea

    I completed this in 19:20. Not sure why it was so fast seeing as I had to stop a few times and I’m still quite unfit. I’ll have to watch my form I think.

  • duh

    actually the reason why people are gaining weight is because they are building muscle and muscle actually weighs more than fat. but weight shouldn’t matter because the issue is whether or not your body LOOKS good..
    zuzanna is right, though if you were over weight… maybe you’re getting hungrier because of these workouts and therefor eating more or maybe it doesnt even have anything to do with your new routine.
    hope this answers most people’s questions!

    • bond, james bond (haha)

      correction, muscle does not weigh more than fat. Indeed, they weigh the same; a pound is a pound, hence, a pound of muscle equates to a pound of fat. Please, error proof your stuff because there are many spurious information on the net already.

      • Juany

        The difference between muscle weight and fat weight is significant. Of course, a pound weighs a pound, but muscle is much more compact. Fat takes up more room, and moves more, giving that characteristic jiggle.

        People have trouble understanding how different they will look if they lose just ten pounds. They look at two bags of sugar and don’t think that much weight will make any difference. Ten pounds of fat, however, takes up much more room than ten pounds of sugar. If you lose ten pounds, you will probably go down a full clothing size.

        Muscle weight is very compact. One pound of muscle does not take up much room. Many people who have a great deal of weight to lose are reluctant to begin lifting weights. They are concerned that they will put on muscle weight and look even heavier than they currently do.

        If you are in this situation, with a great deal of weight to lose, it makes sense to begin lifting weights right away. Certainly the pounds may drop a little slower than they would if you only dieted, but the muscle weight that you gain will give you a sleek and trim look. Even before muscle definition is visible you will see differences in your posture and way of carrying yourself.

      • Pam

        fat takes up more space…
        Muscle is more dense but it takes up less space that fat.
        So side by side, A pound of muscle and a pound of fat, fat takes up a lot more space than muscle.

  • Dasa

    gret warm up before our training :) . my time is 17:10, next time it will be under 16
    thanks ;)

  • Talal

    hi …i want some exercise for my abs only .so how can you do that ?

    • Roshae

      Some of her previous workout video are just for abs. Also, you can take some of her ab exercises and eliminate those that do not focus totally on abs.

  • DK Stangeland

    loved it. can’t wait to improve my time!!

  • Ivan*

    Hiii Zuzana,
    i’ve watched your program for a long time but only recently found the courage to join in!
    I finished this excercise in 23:09
    the hardest part were the leglift/crunch/buttlift, it took most of my time.. ^^;
    Thanks for everything and i hope i will be able to keep it up with you!
    p.s. i love your style/looks and the way your workouts consist mostly on bodyweight!

    xoxoxo, Ivan

  • Jennifer

    Oh wow I did this workout in 28.44 it was brutal. I did this workout on tuesday and it’s Friday and my calves are still sore. It is so hard to walk around especially getting out of bed in the morning when your sore. :)

  • Johan

    Hi Zuzana!

    Is the lowjacks in and out counted as one rep or not?!?!

    Did it in 18:21 i am not in as good shape as I use to be, so I suspect the lowjacks count as 1 on in AND out.

    Cheers J

  • Krys

    This workout kicked my butt big time did it in 25:55 better than I thought I would do, thx again for the workouts Zuzana there awsome keep em coming!!

  • Brianna


  • Ellen

    14:34! I definitely “got hot”… I was dripping sweat! I counted the low jacks as in-out being one rep, because I wasn’t sure. I think this workout would have been even better with more upper body stuff.

    Thanks for the great workouts!

  • Karen Canuck

    Get hot – and dripping and sweaty! Finished in 19:31 and can barely type. Counting by tens and using my fingers to track to 100 each time with a quick ‘tick’ on paper to track counts to 500 helped a lot – thanks for the suggestions from others! By the knee raises even my arms were shot and I could only squeeze out about 3 at a time. Damn good cardio! 500 sets were brutal, but feel so good! Couldn’t believe how much my core hurt and tensed even through those sets.WOW – bikini, here I come! At this rate, this will be my fittest summer to date. Thanks guys! Loving seeing Zuzana compete with the guys!

  • Stephanie

    Hi Zuzana!
    I just had a thought…maybe when these people who talk about weight gain, its actually the increase in muscle? Muscle weights more than fat, so if they are going strictly by the scale, their improvement would be very inacurate, you have to do an actual bodyfat test to determine the results (or try on an old pair of jeans ;) Many people get discouraged when they see the scale go up a pound or two, but really whats happening is they have lost bodyfat and just gained some muscle :)
    Hopefully that clears up some confusion! :)
    Awesome work outs by the way! My cardio has improved drastically as well as my muscle tone :)

  • becca

    zuzu, sean, and freddy,

    were your calves extremely sore after this workout?
    I pushed so hard (17;40) and my calves were even sore that day. Now, three days later, I am just barely able to walk without limping lmfao they are just so sore i cant put any stress on them- its great:D

  • Tara

    18:23!~ I loved it! I started counting in tens and keeping track of it that way because it was to hard once I got into the high numbers that didn’t roll off the tongue so easily.

    I did mine low jacks and counted each jump as a rep. I hope that was the right way to do it.

  • Kitty

    Glad I read some of the posts before I did this one…
    I definitely would have counted the jacks wrong.

    Did the workout in 21:06:59
    It was really hard. I could have done the cardio components a wee bit faster but was pacing myself. Will look forward to beating my time.

    Zuzana, your obliques are freakin’ amazing!!

  • Cindy

    This is an awsome workout!! What do you eat for breakfast to give you enough energy to make it through the rest of the day ? :) … What time do you usually start your work outs( time of day)?

  • cricri

    Hello !
    I’m french, sorry my english is not so good !
    it was my first time with you !
    it was very hard but i’m finish this workout in 27’10!
    Every day I have a look on your website, and I decide to start during my lunch time today!
    thamks Zuzanna

  • V.


  • Sarah

    Hey guys, I have a concern with this workout :\
    I really was looking forward to doing it, and I tried it a couple of times, but I get a pain in the left side of my chest when I’m doing the high knees (usually past 100 reps the pain starts). I have no clue what this is, I’m still young- I’m not supposed to have pain! lol
    I’ve been following your workouts for over 2 months now, so I don’t know why the high knees were a problem. I’ve done them before, in your other workouts :S
    So maybe it’s just due to the fact that in this workout, the high-knees are continuous and you do 500 reps altogether, rather than mixing it up with a different excercise. I’m pretty active and do a lot of walking/jogging, so I have no clue why the high-knees bothered my chest! :S I may just have to work up to doing that many! I finished this workout, though! I took a little breather, and kept going. I had 33 mins, which wasn’t the best time, but like I said, I needed a little break when I started to feel the pain :(
    You guys do such a good job :)

  • Shan

    Incomplete. I hardly finish the low jacks at 25mins.
    I have 1 question to ask is that i felt like vomit so i stopped the exercise. Is there any reason that I feel like tat?
    And the day after i feel that my calves r killing me.
    Anyway TQ for the uploading video.

  • Chris

    27:10…WOW that was hard! I think my door is too low because for the leg raises I was touching the ground. I went to the hallway in my apartment and sat on the top of the steps and kicked out down the steps and it really worked my abs!

  • Isabella

    19:39! My calves are going to be sore.. wait, going? They already are! Blah! Love it.

  • Jenna

    I did this workout yesterday and it was great! I did it in 28:22! I love your workouts! I have really been bored with my cardio and have been mainly doing just weight training and pilates. Your workouts have really helped me a great deal!! Thank you so much Zuzana and Fredrick!

  • Emily

    Love love LOVE you guys!!! Will be going after this one tomorrow for sure :)

  • Lexy


    First workout of yours that I tried. Holy crap I’m dying! But, I read the comments and apparently I counted lowjacks wrong and did 1,000…no wonder my feet were hurting! Don’t have a pull up bar so I did reverse crunches – pulling my knees up to my chest. Awesome workout, thanks!

  •!/photo.php?pid=638462&id=678365922 Sheila – Toronto

    I completed this workout in 35:40. For the high knees I counted one for everytime my one of my knees hit my hand, for the low jacks I count one for everytime my feet came inward and the scissors I counted one for every leg switch. Is that correct?

    I had to swtich from low jacks to high jacks at every 50 count and I did the side planks from the elbow.

    Damn near killed me! It was nice doing it on my roof top early in the morning.

    Thanks for another fabulous workout.

  • http://[email protected] MINNIE V.

    Zuzana, OMG! GIRL,my calves are killing me. (good pain)I could barely walk today. Describing the workout as brutal is an understatement. Thank you for that. Really was a beastly workout.

    • Morris

      My calves are so sore too, feel almost crippled! I’m hoping the pain starts to go away soon…it’s only been 24 hours since the workout though :/

      • Chris L

        Hi Morris and MINNIE V,

        You might make sure your hydrated and have some raisins or a banana with your water.

        And it’s really important to stretch after these workouts.


      • Eden

        Haha. I did the workout two days ago, and I’ve been working out on top of it (twice since this one). It gets UNBEARABLE. Make sure you don’t sit around and wait for the lactic acid buildup to go away; it’s best to try another of their workouts. Even if it hurts a bit in the beginning, keep going with it. Your calves loosen up over time, and stretching afterwards and walking around definitely helps.

        But I am still walking around like a mummy. The price to get back in shape. -sigh-

  • Canadian Chic

    I completed this in 19:04 but I didn’t have the equipment to do the hanging knee raises. Thankyou Z, Sean and Freddy for everything. You guys are amazing individuals, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! xoxo

  • Wendy78

    I did this workout the other day and finished in 33m. I was so sore the next day that I had to rest. I was pretty disappointed because I only did 317 jumping jacks and then I read sean’s comment and realized I counted the reps wrong. I ended up doing 634… doh! No wonder I was so out of energy towards the end. The jjacks killed me. This is by far one of the hardest workouts for me. Thanks!

  • Christine

    21:27 but had to do knee raises holding on to the door frame. I had to take frequent breaks to give my hands a break and to make sure I didn’t slip and fall on my butt! I counted the low jacks as 2 when jumping out and then in. Hope that was right! I did the Sexy Summer Body Workout yesterday and I’m feeling sore today! I’m convinced that Zuzana will bring out the six-pack that is eluding me! Looking at photos of her six-pack keeps me motivated!

  • Tracey

    This was an amazing workout! I had to stop after 250 high knees to find my lungs! I thought the low jacks were esp. hard on my knees by the end but completed all 500. The scissors by far were the easiest and the abs were pretty easy (I’m a Pilates instructor so my core is very strong). Awesome workout and will do again. My time was 18:43.

  • Saskia

    oh gooooooood this was killing me…

    40 min 48 sek

    and I couldn’t do the Side Plank Lift, i did it on my elbows an with a little help o O (never did that exercise in any way) and only 25

    and I don’t have a pullupbar, so i did push ups, but also the ladyversion…

    it always looks so easy on you zusana, but it’s sooo hard o O

    thanks a lot :)

  • Peter

    I did it in 29:18. As I’m just starting out again after a long layoff I had to modify some exercises to get through it – like the plank which I had to do from the elbow – and also decrease the reps to 15.
    Same with the Leg Lift, Star Crunch and Butt lift, (abs aren’t strong enough for the butt lift), and dropped the reps to 15.
    I tried to do the Hanging Knee Raises but my shoulders couldn’t support me. I have some ab straps I’ll need to get out of storage to get through this exercise for now.
    Outstanding workout and you guys provide great motivation. Thanks.

  • Nat

    I’m going to try this workout today. Can’t wait!

    Zuzana, as for gaining weight that some people have mentioned , maybe they mean that their muscle weight have increased?

    I’ve heard that muscles weigh much more than fat and I think it’s possible that a person looses a lot of fat but also gains some muscles. This is what I have noticed. I’ve been doing your workouts for about 4 months now and I see incredible results. My body “mass” have decreased (I can see it clearly in the mirror, my clothes are smaller) and everyday my body looks slimmer, although my weight (as for the number of kilos I weigh) is about 1 kg higher. This must be the muscles which “replaced” my fat.

    But I have to admit that during the first 2 months I only worked out, without any major changes in the diet and now I both work out and eat, as you advice, many small portions a day and I see even better results. That’s the best dietary advice I’ve heard in years. I think now I eat the same amount of calories as before, but I divide them into smaller portions. It works wonders!

    • Juany


      I agree with Nat. I have been doing your workouts 6 days a week for the past 2 months and have noticed inches off but my weight is the same. I am getting compliments from people that are noticing those inches off and the difference in my body. My stomach is looking amazin! Thank you so much for sharing all your workouts with us. I have not tried this workout yet but I will tomorrow.


      • Juany

        Hi Zuzana,

        I did the workout today and my time is 28:10. I think that I would have done better but I was interrepted by my twin boys a few times during the workout. The jumping jacks were the hardest for me. These are the type of workouts that I love to do…thank you again for sharing!

  • Tanyshka

    The hanging knee raises were so hard after sweating so much, I kept slipping… I really need to get myself some training gloves.

    Loved it and can’t wait to do your 12 minute workout tonight!
    Thanks a million!

  • Nina

    great work out :D :D :D can wait to do it :D Nina

  • Gabija

    I did this in 26:07

    Hardest part – side lifts.
    And I almost lost my lunch doing Scissors. The last 300 were a pure torture.

  • Natasya

    22:22 :/

  • Anna

    22:40 :-) )

  • ilynna

    hi zuzana, freddy, and sean,

    i was so excited to try this workout and i finally did it today.. i completed it in 32:10.. didn’t beat any of you guys but holy crap was this workout ever brutal! pushed to the point where i thought i was going to see my lunch again hahaha but it was very well worth it. i started following your workouts in feb and i absolutely love them and the way they make me feel after! =0D it’s so interesting to see how the people around me at the gym who pays person trainers aren’t sweating or getting as intense of a workout as i am by simply following your workouts.. hahahaha i’ve even seen some of them look over and wonder what workout i’m doing. anyway, thank you for providing such great work guys, keep it up! =0D

    ilynna =0)

  • http://facebook Larry

    24:58 was my time it was freaking hard i am trying to get people at work to do it to be in better shape when i tell them what im doing they look at me crazy! o well i have fun gettin in shape

  • Chris

    … 27.23.

    Rubbish! But I feel pretty good, so I expect it to improve.

    Great workout, and good job on your times!

    I am curious as others asked above though – on the jacks, is each jump a rep or is it two complete jumps (in and out) for a rep? I found that really hard and time consuming.


    • Wendy

      I think that they counted each jump as a count so jump out and count then in and count, but we did it wrong. I jumped out and in then counted that as one. Thats why are times were up. That means we actually did 1000 instead of 500!!!

      • TheoCoach

        I counted them wrong as well. Oh man they were really hard. I did the whole workout at 30:10.

        • Gordo

          Ugghhhh!!! That means I counted wrong too! 28:41 counting just the “out” jump on the Jacks…killer workout, aging rugby player feels like I just found the ultimate off season training on this site!! Looking forward to keeping it hard for 12 mins tomorrow!

  • Wendy

    OMG!!!!!!!!! This workout sooo kicked my ass. I had a hard time with the lowjacks. It was tuff. My time was bad 28:20, but im just happy i finished it. Thanks Zuzana. Keep up the great workouts.

  • Dali

    YES!!!!! I did it ….. in 28 min, but i did it…… i need a long cold shower now….. thanx a lot Zuzana, Sean and Freddy!
    Tomorrow i will continue my summer fit circuit!
    Good night

  • Sam

    21:00… that was tough… thanks

  • Kamila

    hey – I just want to say that it was really brutal workout..I was dead yesterday, today:-)but I like your workouts:-)

  • Brie

    Nice workout, I did it after a day-long hike and my calves being sore, pushed through the 500 reps anyway, though my calves were screaming. Time 20:18, almost got you Frederick :-)

  • Liana

    Hey guys,

    I did this workout today for the first time. My total time was 26:12. I had to stop quite a bit in between, even if it was just a few seconds, because of my stupid asthma! But I kept going and didn’t stop until the workout was over. :)

    Thanks for the workouts!


  • http://[email protected] MINNIE V.

    Hi Zuzana,
    What a workout!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was going to die. My time 50:24. Alot of breaks. I must say that I can consistantly do a Hiit workout on the thread mill where I’m doing 30 sec. run(all out sprint) and 10 sec. rest. 8 rounds 5 intervals. I’m dying but I can do it. YOUR WORKOUT WHEW!!!!!!!!! What a difference. I’m not down about the time,I’ll do this again and do better. I was drenched in sweat,my calves are killing me. It was such a challenge. I finished it which is very important. I did think of quitting but I’d feel like such a loser . It’s just not an option. I have to give it effort otherwise the results would be ZERO! I have lost weight, I am stronger,my abs look better, my happiness level is 10+. I have to keep challenging my self and your website does it for me. Thank you sooooooooo much. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! lOVE THE OTHER BLOGGERS TOO! THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE POSITIVE THOUGHTS. MINNIEV. NY

  • Andzia

    OMG! I did that workout yesterday and it took me 27 min. I made a couple of breakes during the low jacks and couldn’t really keep track on my reps. So I tried that workout today andI was reaaaally eager to do better cause I saw that others did way better than me. Someone posted a trick to drop pens to make the counting easier and i did that too.

    And know what??Today,I completed this workout in 23 min 40 sec !!
    almost 3 min less than yesterday!! I’m soo happy! Thank you all for pushing me and make my lungs burn!!!


  • Britannia

    Greetings from the UK!

    Wow…what a workout! I only managed to do it in 27:52 though. I found the pull ups the most challenging.

    Oh well, maybe next time I can beat it!

    Thanks Zuzana for this wonderful workout!

  • Mickela

    I wanted to know if people here stop their watches when taking breaks from these tough workouts?, or do you keep it on throughout the workout whether you are resting or not.

    • Rea

      Hi Mickela,

      No stopping the watch – it misses the whole purpose of the timing of the workout!

      The goal is to take as little rest/breaks as possible.

      Think of the seconds you rest as “penalty” time you get in the end.

      The fitter you get, the shorter your breaks will be and also your time.


    you are wonderful people !!! i only have 20 minute to train a day, some just 3 days a week, here a found what i need !! than a looooot!

  • Barbora

    19:05 :) . but could be better… next time :)

  • Martin

    Hello Zuzana,
    this was my second workout and i did it in 21:01 :-)
    Really nice videos!!!

    Thanks from Germany

  • bohdana


  • Melissa

    Hey Z – I wanted to report on my progress. Take the “Fat Exorcism Workout” for example: December 9th – 24 minutes; Jan. 26th – 18 minutes; May 23rd – 15:57!!!!!! Thank you so much for helping me get faster, stronger and more confident. I love this feeling! I’m training for a marathon and your workouts are perfect for my “off” days from running. Blessings! Melissa

  • Sharrynuk

    I have a question for Zuzana, Sean, or Freddy:

    When Zuzana does the star crunch/leg lift, she can get her knees a lot straighter than Sean. I assume that’s because Sean’s not used to these kinds of exercises. But Freddy’s been doing the same workouts as Zuzana every day for years. So how far can Freddy straighten his leg? Is this kind of flexibility something you can develop, or are some people just born with it?


    • Jess

      I’m curious about this too. When I’m sitting down with my legs straight I’m able to reach out and grab the bottom of my feet, but when I’m on my back I can’t stick my legs straight up …? I’m sure it has to do with flexibility. I think this means I need to do some new leg stretches while on my back, maybe? Zuzana, do you know??

    • Teresita Fresita

      I have heard and seen that men have less flexibility than women. It usually takes more effort for them to do abs work than women.

  • Laura S

    i LOVED this workout. I actually had a nightmare about it last night because I had planned on doing it today! It looked SO intense, and it was! I loved it!

    I feel bad though, everyone who posted times seemed to complete it around 20 minutes.. I completed it in 30:23, my entire body was covered in sweat! (I can’t figure out how everyone did it 10 minutes faster than me! But, no excuses!)
    I will have to keep this one around and get my time way way down to try and beat everyone else!

  • Sarah

    I didn’t push as hard as I could’ve, because I had just gone for a walk/jog and it was boiling out! So I was sweating buckets and pretty pooped already xD
    Anywho, I finished the workout in 33 minutes, so y’all beat me ;D
    I’ll try harder next time, I promise!
    I hit a major plateau and had some random chest pain, which slowed me down a lot.. but than I took a breather, and got over it! :)
    Thanks for helping me kicking my own butt ;P
    It’s never felt better!

  • Diana

    Hi Zuzana, I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your site with us. Its such a gift. I have to say I am so happy with your workouts, I love them. I have been doing them for about two or more months now and I got a compliment today on how toned my legs looked now then before and all I do are your workouts so thanks you again!!!! I had been trying to get big legs using weights in the past and not until doing your workouts did i notice a difference. Anywho, this workout was killer! My time was not that great….30 minutes but man the low jacks were hard for me. Yet another great workout!

  • Mickela

    just finished this diabolical punishment, I was surprised that i finished it. I made it in 27:42 for the high knees I skipped rope, those jacks are like a night in the devils dungeon.
    I did scissors with the rope. my cardio ha seriously improved. I still prefer to run at top speed on the bridge though.
    I got a lot of compliments last night after sailing people really notice I think it is not just the look but a certain energy, can’t describe it, maybe this could be one of our new topics.
    One question, are you 2 counting your rest period?, or do you stop the watch? because I added 4 minutes of rest in that time I listed above.

  • Miranda

    I was in a three hour bike race on Sunday, but told myself that I was not going to slack off on Monday. I decided to attempt this workout, it took me 24:07. I really, really struggled with the jacks and scissors because my quads and calves are so freakin’ sore…but I FINISHED! Whoop whoop! Keep ‘em coming. (On a side note, I am an English teacher and complete one of your workouts every day after school right in my classroom. Thanks for making this so convenient. I have no excuse!)

  • becca

    lol i miss zuzana talking to us as much as she used too:(

  • Katie

    Just wanted to say to the folks that gained weight while doing the work outs that muscle weighs more than fat. So don’t go by weight – go by how your clothes fit & how you feel.

    I started Zuzana’s workouts 5 months ago & weigh pretty much the same as when I started BUT I have lost SO MANY inches (about 2″ on arms, 4″ belly & 3″ on legs). I have more muscle now that I ever have too!!!

    Thanks much Z!


    hi zuzana i was wondering if u know any good workouts to get rid of arm fat

    • Ariana

      I know you addressed Zuzana here, but I thought I’d chime in…it’s not possible to “spot reduce” fat. However, if you keep up with these workouts that strip fat and build muscle while watching your diet, you will lose body fat which will in turn show off definition in your arms.

      Good luck!

  • becca

    ooo zuzana ur not going to believe this, my time was 17:40!!
    I took no breaks during the 500 reps of jumping, and by the end i could feel my calves. I took extra care with form for the ab exercises, and i was shocked at my time. I got my cool pink gymboss finally and it is soooooooooooo amazing and so much easier especially for interval training. Anyway, my calves im starting to feel more and more, about two hours later now. Im sure they will be dead tomorrow, i just hope i can walk

    Lmfao thank you!!

    and sean good job too!! I remember this was like the 3rd of Zuzanas workouts i did, the ab blitz, and my time was 28 minutes a few months ago so great job for just beginning:)

  • Nadia

    Question for the Ladies Only:

    Since starting these workouts 3 months ago I’ve lost a ton of body weight…yay! But my periods have stopped. No I’m not pregnant. Has anyone else had her period stopped?

  • Satricia

    First off, I LOVE your workouts, I train braziallian jui jitsu and got injured in april, so I havent been able to lift weights and I found your site, LOVE like IN lOVE with the intensity! I recommend you to lots of ppl and as a hairstylist thats a lot!!.. Im on the path to training for worlds as well as hopefulLy a firefighter..I know with your workouts and amazing advice youll be one very important step to reaching those goals! Thank you! time today was 19:10.3 hehe love the number goal was 18:55 but I got damn close! I yoyoed with my weight all last year but I know this year thanks to your advice and workouts and constant support and effort Ill lose and stay steady! I train Bjj almosy everyday so Im trying to balance that with your workouts, if you could please message back so I could maybe get some advice personally I would greatly appreciate it, I know your time is valuable. That said! THANK YOU!, its great to see a diff face..nice work sean keeping up to these crazies:P This site helps me feel at home! YOU guys are great keep it up!…please:P ~Satricia from CANADA:)~

  • Dakota D.

    Hi Zuzana, Frederick, and Sean,

    I woke up this morning with extremely sore calves! The workout was definitely a B R U T A L

    It was one of the hardest I’ve ever done, but not the hardest. The hardest workout, for me, was the FIRST workout of yours that I did; it pushed me way past my limits and that’s when I knew that I wanted to change.

    Thank you Zuzana, Frederick, and Sean,
    P.S. I’m going to do this workout again sometime soon in the future to beat my old time. And this time I’m not going to do 1000 reps of the jacks!

  • Mayra

    Hi Zuzana,
    I was wondering can you lose weight by doing a different workout everyday or should I still with one for a period of time? I noticed that you have daily workouts should i follow your daily routine?
    Thank you

  • Elliott

    No other way to put it, this workout Kicked My Ass!!!

  • Kristina

    I finished in 35:27, I guess I didn’t beat anyone ;( struggled with side plank and trying to keep form, found it difficult to do hip touch… anyway ABSOLUTELY LOVED this workout because it was hard and challenging, my favorite was 500 reps of cardio style jumps… it nearly made me pass out… Thank you!

    • Tanyshka

      You might not have beaten any one who posted their score today, but keep it up and you’ll be stunned how fast you will see far more important results!


  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    My calves were sore when I woke up this moring from your workout yesterday. Must have been the high knees, low jacks, & scissors.

  • Mari

    I miss the lists of exercises you used to post (in addition to having each named after the corresponding pictures). I used to just print the list out at work and take it home, now I have to type it all up!

  • Florence

    Hey Zuzana, great workout as per ususal. I love all your workouts and the amazing body you have achieved!
    I was wondering what you could do to work biceps without a pull up bar? Are weights the only way or are there any body weight exercises you can do, because I can only think of ones for triceps :S.
    Thankyou! xxxx

  • Isabella

    w00T! 19:39… that kicked my booty. However, that booty kickin’ felt oober nice. Hehe. Gotta continue doing these workouts again. I stopped for a while and I regret it now.

  • Laura

    I agree with Jess. I would really like to see what you are consuming on a day to day basis and how much. Would you keep a log for all of us followers for a week?

    • Laura

      And my time was 16.45
      those leglift, star crunch, butt lift were SO SO hard.
      I run and bike alot so the cardio portion wasn’t so hard, it was doing the strength training right after intense cardio! Great workout! Will definatly do again.

  • gemma

    hey guys!! THANK YOU SOOO FREAKING MUCH for this site! I started sugar fasting 2 weeks ago, along with doing these workouts and sprinting before i do them as a warm up for 10 min. I have lost a total of 2.8 lbs so far. I know not a lot but I am at that point where it is suppper hard to loose weight so anything I can get is good!! I have had to take a lot of days off from the workouts though recently because I twisted my ankle and now I have a slight cold NOOOO!!! My ankle is finally better and now I’m sick, so I’m bummed because I have missed a few days! But I’m going to rest and get right back on track and basically I wanted to say thanks for the site!!! I got my gymboss in the mail last week, love it!!

  • Mackenzie


  • Carrie

    My time was 22:49! I have been doing these workouts 4x/week for the last 8 weeks and have noticed a HUGE difference in my cardio, ability, stability and muscle tone. I teach at the medical school here in Portland and I tell ALL my students about your site and interval training. thanks!

    • sarah

      Portland Oregon? Are you at OHSU? I am in Oregon, on the coast,(about to go to nursing school) and i am an LMT, I tell all my clients about the site too, the one’s that are interested in fitness that is.. this one looks brutal. I will be hittin it hard after class tonight, i ate too much at lunch so i have to wait :(

  • petra

    Hi Zuzana,
    I love your website, its awesome!!
    I usually do workouts..i have a lot of fitness-dvd, but these are not as cool as your program !
    In addition i love running.. I want to try your workout program,but there’s a little problame..:S
    I havent got a laptop, just a computer in downstair, but I usually do workouts on upstair and I couldnt download your videos to save them on a dvd..:(
    Is there any resolution for that, so maybe I can put your videos to a dvd?
    Thanks a lot and keep it up!!

    • Nefertary

      Hey, i ve written down all the workouts in a ”ringed” book…. ;)

      • Melissa

        Me too :) I print them out at work and paste them into a binder. Then I can Zuzana with me to the living room or when I travel :)

  • Jana

    I can’t wait to do this workout, I’ve been so busy the last two weeks with work and weddings, that I haven’t had time to even breathe. I didn’t even get a single workout in….I feel so lazy, but I have a physical labor job so it’s not too bad. But I have noticed that my breathing was getting harder when I went up some stairs the other day! I guess it doesn’t take long to get out of shape! So thanks for keeping my in shape! I never realized how much it had helped me!

  • ☆ann

    Wooah it took me 28:24 to complete without THE pull-up thingy (I do not have one) and i almost got à pool of sweat on my floor … If you take too long to complete this does that mean it’s too much? Im thinking about slowing down because i almost cant keep it up :(
    but awesome workout :) i love all your tips :) i Hope i can look just as good as you in à month or 3 :3

  • Lizette

    Oh my goodness! crazy! im so proud i did the 30 star crunches.. so hard! thanks for the workouts you’re such an inspiration Zuzana! i did it in 30:32 although I skipped out the knee raises (I have no pull-up bar)
    I’ve been watching you since march and so i’m still a beginner but I have seen strength gained!thanks a lot!

    • Zsuzsi

      I don’t have a pull up bar either, but I always use two chairs instead. I place them side by side and use them like the dip station.
      They work quite good.

      • Lizette

        ooh thanks for the tip! Im gonna try it whenever a pull- bar is needed!

  • Ru

    ummm, kind of ashamed of my score…28mins06secs. I am kind of confused because i am always either faster or a minute or two slower than Zu’s time but i was 8 mins slower today. I am wondering if i simply didn’t push hard enough or if i counted the jumping jacks wrong. I counted the jump out and jump in as 1 rep. is that how everybody else did it? or did you count the jump out as one rep and the jump in as another rep and so on?

    • Rick Rivas

      Hi, I just wanted to reply to your concern about your time. Like you, I’m usually at the same time as Zuzana or better. I haven’t tried this work out yet but am planning to do it with a partner tomorrow. If you notice in the video, each excercise was done with each person alternating turns and jotting down the time for the excercise, so each person had rest time to regroup and get energized for the next one. If you’re just pushing through each one without rest, you may getting whipped towards the end. This could be the reason for your time??

    • Amy

      Just wondering if you got an answer for this. I had the exact same thing…I’m usually around her time (though definitely don’t look at good doing it) but this time I was way off. Something to work for, I guess

  • Kristin

    For the high knees–does 500 reps mean each individual knee raise counts as 1 rep, or is one full stride (thus 2 knee raises) equal 1 rep? That’s a big difference so just wanted to clarify. Thanks!

    • gmak

      I did them as 1 count for each knee raise. i.e. 500 knee raises = 250 complete sets.

      I’m wondering though if the same applies to the lo-jacks. It took a long time to do 500 complete jumping jacks – Do you think that they count legs out as 1 rep and legs back in as the 2nd rep – or is that 1 rep in total?

  • Roxy

    It was the Brutal workout of the century…. I had to take a couple of deep breath after each 100s…..
    My Stat wasn’t so bad though ….22min 32sec.
    The hardest part for me the 500 Low Jack definitly.


  • PhilLinda

    This workout kicked my ass. I was kinda slow 27.21.
    I can honestly say I’ve been doing your workouts since April 1, and I have lost a lot of body fat. Even though I was trying to lose weight, I went from 119lbs to 113lbs.
    Everyone is telling me is I look leaner. Thanks.

  • paula

    hello everyone,

    I dit it in 31 minutes.. quite slow :)

  • Jessica V.

    Wow wow!! I’m always impressed by how much sweat these workouts conjure up within 25 minutes, and I usually do them outside in the cool morning air!

    My goal is to always do a workout in under 25 minutes, and I made it by one minute, yess! Well, actually, my goal is usually to match up with or close to Zuzana’s time, but if I end up going past it, then I make it my goal to finish under 25 minutes.

    24:07–it would seem I’ve got some catching up to do!

    Woohoo, thanks! =)


  • chely

    i think sean should pose in a sexy picture to open up the video like zuzanna! O.o

  • Corinna

    very good training :-)
    20:46 s

  • Erika

    The star crunches slowed me down, they were hard!!!

    Great workout Z!!!

  • emma

    well, i can definitely see how someone could gain weight from these workouts – in muscle weight. if you increase your muscle volume it is very common to gain weight because of the density of muscle mass (depending on what weight you started on of course). loose the scale.

  • ~Somer~

    Hey Guys – I am a group fitness instructor and have always lead an active lifestyle. I love getting my a** kicked and I tried implementing some of your stuff last week and can’t remember the last time I was so sore. So, Thank You. Keep up the good work.

  • CdnGurl

    Hi I love your site. I do a lot of heavy bag work but I also fit in interval exercises and use some of yours. I would like to know if Sean notices a difference in his body since he started doing the workouts with you. I know he goes to the gym all the time but these exercises hit you in a different way :-) Where in Canada is Freddy from??

    Thanks from Nova Scotia :-)

  • John

    Sean already looks leaner.

  • Rosie

    Great workout!! I had to do only 300 of each of the cardio parts and it took me longer, because I’m 7 months pregnant, but it still BURNED!! Thanks!

  • Theodora

    Hi there,
    that was a killer workout,thanks for sharing it with us.
    I watched yesterday a video of yours doing yoga but I can not find the whole staff anywhere on your site…please give me a link and if you are still keen on yoga try doing any new yoga workout for us!I belive our bodies will appreciate it…
    Thanks again for all the presious help you are giving, I really feel like you are friends of mine…
    love xxx

  • Gaby

    Hey guys.. this almost killed me but I managed to finish it in 22:53, I feel like a champ, I thought I was going to give up half way but i finished it all :)
    Thank you!!!!!!…
    Have a great week !

  • Vegan_Laura

    Wow I haven’t worked out in a week besides some treadmill walking & this is extreme. Took me 38 minutes including breaks in between & the low jacks did me in. Glad to have actually completed this workout because that is an accomplishment in itself!!!

  • ~Andreea~

    Hy guys,

    i did this workout in 23:07 sec….so ….Sean i beat you…:P….i have a question though: at the low jacks do you count eat jump as in 1-jumping with feet together,2-jumping with feet spread…????

  • marisa

    hey! quick question, I just started some of your workouts and was wondering, I know these are full body workouts, but do you really get your arms that ripped without lifting weights everyday? like do you do other things besides the workouts you post? Just wanted to know in case I need to do these workouts and others outside of what you post! thank you so much! you guys are such inspirations!

  • Cassidy

    Hi Zuzana, question… how do you count your low jack reps?
    Do you count every time your feet hit the ground? or every time your feet are out wide as one rep?

    Thanks for giving me a workout that really kicked my butt :D
    I hated it while I was doing it (obviously)… but felt so proud when I finished :D

    xo Cass

  • shobo

    I jest finished he workout! so hard!
    my time is 17:20, but I wasnt able to do all the star crunch and the side lift.

  • Chris


    thank you very very much for that great workout, but also thank you a lot for the other staff as well. I love your workouts, so I started since one week to work on my shape as you poposed. It is very hard for sure, but it is also fun!

    Just a short question: how often should I do these workouts? Every seven days of a week or just every two days (when you are piosting new staff =))? How do you design your workout weekß

    THANKS AGAIN and warm regards, Chris

  • shobo

    hi’ I jest finished the workout, and I’m realy exosted.
    my time was 17:20, but I did not do all the 30 star crunch, only about 10, and not in the right way. also the side plank lift was very hard.
    thank for the workout.
    waiting for nore,

  • Niko


    Fantastic workout again – thanks!

    I have a question though. For the low jacks is every jump a rep or is it every time you put your feet wide?

    24.59 for me, but I may have made a mistake and scored a low jack rep every time I put my feet wide. Could you tell me if I did to many jacks please?


  • David

    Assuming you’re pretty new to this kind of workout it can make sense to gain some weight temporarily.
    Besides the fact that you will be more hungry and probably eat more exessively if you don’t watch it you will start to build up muscles and muscles weigh more than fat. So this means even if you lose fat you actually gain weight.
    As noted though over time you will lose more weight than you had when started but it will not happen in just a few days of exercise.

  • EB

    20:39… and don’t know what to say!!! brain is empty!

    … this is my Brain Killer Workout :-)

  • erin

    21:52!! loved it!

    the only thing that really got me was the side plank lift. i do them with other workouts but the medial side of my right knee always hurts when i’m lifting my body. i think i’m putting to much weight on it instead of keeping my weight centered.

  • Moooingcow

    We love you guys!! You too Freddie, even if we cannot see U!

  • Jamie

    Wow! Just finished behind Sean at 25:45. That was tough. Especially when you”re in a room all by yourself! I struggled big-time with the leg raise/star crunch/feet to the ceiling. I think it’s harder for men to do that exercise then it is for women to do :P . So yeah, that really slowed me down, aswell as the 500 knee-ups. I hated every second of those knee-ups lol. However, I’m glad it’s over and I made it through it all on my own!

  • Dakota

    “The Battle Of The Sexes” Zuzana you are the workout warrior! I will be doing this this afternoon. I hope I can keep pace. You both did great. Makes me wonder what you’ll muster up next. I think I lost weight and gained muscle from just watching the video :-)

  • Charmaine

    I’m a little late doing this one, but here goes. My time: 25:01:15. I think 500 low jacks were quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever done. And since summer is making an appearance in England, I’m not sure about my metabolism, but I certainly feel like I did that in a blast furnace or nuclear reactor! So get hot in more ways than one. Thanks guys ;)

  • Param

    This was a tough workout.I took almost 57 minutes to complete this even after pushing my limits.

    Can you guys tell me of how many calories do i burn with this workout..

    Thank you.


    I did this workout today in 25 min and 35sec.I feel amaizing.
    Well can u answer me please what can i do for my thighs-they are big(with fat)actually.And i have the calves big too.Can i make them thiny or extend them.
    Other thing that confuse me is about the training.Some said that u start to burn fat after the 30 min of ur workout.What do u think is that true?I really hope to get some news from u guys.Thanks anyway

  • SM

    WoW! That was a tough one! Finished in 18:54!!! I got you all beat hehe! Zuzana, I had your time written in front of me the whole time haha! Now you have a new girl time to beat…I don’t think the boys are giving you enough competition ;)

    Thank you for the awesome workout!!


    P.S. those star crunch, leg left lift & hip lift were evil!!

  • Razvan

    This is almost the Abs Assassin Workout :) Now being alone, no one to count my reps (and at this intensity I tend to forget my name too, I can’t count for myself) I made tabata high knees, low jacks and scissors. Almost the same thing no? I just wanted to ask that at high knees what does one rep mean, a knee raising, or both left and right knee jump?

  • Karla

    Hey Zuzana,

    Me and my husband have been following your site and doing the workouts for the past 3 weeks and we really like them

    We wanted to ask if this workouts is all you do during the day, or if you complement it with a jogging session, or swimming or some other sport.

    It would be really nice to hear back from you, since we both are fans of your site.

    Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Laura

      I have see her respond to this question before so I thought I would jump in. She has said that she only does these workouts and nothing more. She does them every day with I think 1 or 2 active rest days during the week (I forget). she has always said that combining correct portions of eating and having a clean diet with high intensity workouts will help to burn fat and raise your metabolism. And I believe her! It’s true!
      Hope this helps!

  • Charlie D.

    OMG – I beat you all!! 18:13:21! Ok – a confession – I swung on the last hanging knee raise. Only a little, but still…I was so proud that I didn’t stop AT ALL during any of the 500 rep cardio bits!

    Seriously though, without the competition, I bet this would have taken me 3 weeks or something. You guys 100% rock!

    Mmm…salty pints of sweat…

    Has anyone else noticed that since being more confident with their body, they are more confident overall? I mean, at work, with family, in relationships, trying new activities, etc.? I’d love to hear some stories so that Z and Freddy (and now you too, Sean) can know what a difference they make in our lives!


    ps – Thanks again for the portion reminder. It’s always good to have a reality check in that department.

  • Pernille

    Hi Zuzana

    I´m quite new on your site, but I´ve been working out since I was 18. I´m now almost 40.
    I really want to thank you for given me an oppotunity to workout in a way I have never tried it before. Usually I use around an hour or so in the gym and the transportation included I use almost 1½ hours. With your exercises I have been so inspired, and I can really feel that my motivation is back.
    Of course it always helps, when I look at your amazingly strong and lean body :-)
    In august I´m turning 40 and my goal is to have some fatloss before then. I want to look my best that day.
    In Denmark we have a quote that goes like this:
    “40, fat, finished!”
    That´s not gonna be me, thanks to you.
    Well, I dont know if you read all you mails/comments, but I hope you do, so you know, how importent you actually are for other people around the world. Well done, and I look forward to all of you workouts to come.
    By the way. I did todays workout in 21:09 min. I had problems with the hanging knee raises…swinging… is that ok? Maybe I´m not quite strong enough yet …hm..

  • Ashley in Sweden

    Hey guys!

    I finished this workout in 19:38! I beat all of you! I skip a lot so maybe that’s why the cardio wasn’t too bad for me. High knees were the hardest. I definitely feel like I’m getting stronger at side plank lifts.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout!

  • louie

    hey i think your workouts are fab as a gyminstructor i get great ideas for my classes adn 1to1 training.
    Had a go of your new workout definite for fat burning. really enjoyed it.
    Also if ya like try this: 10 burpees 10 v-ups repeated 10 times no rest just beat your time. Sweat breaking stuff.

  • mladen

    Hi Zuzana
    first i want to thank you for this site,and everything that you’re doing
    i have a problem
    whole my life i was skiny,not a bag of bones but below average,i started working out when i was 14 y.o. only exercises which i can do only with my own weight,i have gained some mass,but not much,got wider,and after two years i stopped,until recenly i saw your site,and i started working out again…
    i have beaten you in most of your workouts i’ve done,im ripped,toned,whatever but i want to get bigger,especialy in chest area while not using weights,what should i do?
    sory for my english
    thanks in advance

    17 y.o male
    btw il do this workout now,and post my result :)

  • Nam Nguyen

    I’ve just completed this workout.


    Will visit this workout again in 2 weeks and will beat Zuzana!!!

  • Yazmin

    This workout looks awesome!! i cant wait to try it tomorrow morning!! Zuzana you go girl! your score was the shortest!!!! and you are right in the gym you dont get to work out your core as much!

    is Sean Freddy’s brother? He looks like him!

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv


      Yes I am.


  • Tali R

    Hi Guys,

    so i just finished the workout and OMG, this was brutul – i love it.
    my time 21:30 and i think its pretty good. the hardest for me was the Side Plank Lift.

    thank you have a good day

  • Simone

    Great workout! I sweated like I’ve never sweated before in my life =). I finished this workout in 22 min although I still had muscle ache ;-) .

    And it would be great to see Frederick doing these workouts as well ;-) . Maybe you two can bet and if he loses he will be shooted.

  • Dagmar

    Great workout! I’ve been training for several years and have been following you en using you’re workouts from the beginning of your posts. I am now training for my first marathon and my trainer said that I have to reduce my daily trainings because I have to much muscles and that could slow me down trying to run below the 4 hours. Ofcourse I didn’t, I love the way my body looks right now and I think that I can profit from it. I believe that a strong core, strong leggs and a strong back helps with my running. And ofcourse i would probably run faster with a few pounds of muscles less but I’m not a professional sporter, I don’t make money with it and I like looking lean, fit and muscular.
    Anyway, I’ve been training for 2 months and now my trainer starts to believe that some of the training I do is actually helping me perform with the running. Recently i’ve run my fastest half marathon of my life (1 hour and 39 minutes). I was so proud of myself and I do believe that is thanks to you guys that my body is so strong.
    Ow and my trainer is now using some of your training for other runners for strenghtening the core haha so he is now becoming a fan of your site also!
    So thank you guys (including Sean) for being such an inspiration, I am working my butt of and i am loving it!

  • Dani

    21 mins and 1 second! i’m pretty proud of that :) l

  • Jodi

    sean, i was looking forward to laughing at where you put your timer this time! next video i dare ya to clip it to the front of your hair! just for the intro at least! PLEEEEASE haha

  • Katie

    Hi.. This was a great cardio and ab routine! I did it in 27:31… I don’t have anything for the hanging knee raises so I did V-ups. I have a bit of work to catch up with you guys. Great motivation! Thanks :)

  • shorts

    hi zuzana
    new poster to your blog, thanks for the workout it took me 24:51

    I wanted to ask if you have noticed improvement in skin tone through exercise?

  • Krista

    I gained about six pounds when I started working out every day doing Zuzana’s routines. I lost major inches though, and I gained major major muscle. I have a 6 pack now!! I still have fat, but I didn’t really follow Zuzana’s diet tips, and I still saw these huge changes, so if I had really applied what she is saying, think of what could have been accomplished ;)

    After 2 months of working out I did lose about 3 of those lbs I gained. I am 5’7″ and was 112 and went up to 118. Now back down to 115. Not one person commented on my gain, in fact everyone told me I was getting too skinny and needed to eat more. (I attribute this to I have no boobs so when I lose weight I just look like a boy lol, which makes people think I am skinnier than I actually am)

    SO moral of the story…. don’t go by the scale, go by how clothes look, how many inches lost, and most importantly how awesome you feel!!!!

    hugs and kisses!

  • Brianna

    Zuzana, you’re a true athlete. OMG, you’re good!

  • denise

    29.04…:( it was haaaaaard!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lena

    Great Cardio Workout. Congratulations Sean on surviving it :) We finished it at 21.smth :) Btw Sean looks quite a bit leaner than on the first video you guys made.
    This was a really good workout, but i personally prefer tabata style. Seems more intensive even though you jump less. I feel more exhausted from them. 1600 reps seemed really wild at first, but I made it. Yay :)

  • Lucie

    Zuzi, super workout, asi ho vyzkouším někdy v týdnu, Já dělám crossfit 4x týdně, ale na tvé cvičení se dívám religiously, je to super inspirace a cvičím podle tebe když zmeškám crossfit.
    Also for those of you guys who have mentioned that you have gained weight since starting this workout=Well I have started crossfit workouts which is very similar to what Zuzka is doing, and I have also gained 1,5 kg even though I keep the same eating habits. It is because once you start working regularly, your body builds muscles which weighs more than fat so it is normal that you may be a bit heavier because your muscle is growing in size thus weight. SO no worries. And also you can exercise as much you want but if you eat more calories than your body burns, you can still gain weight even though you are actively working out.

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      You can get heavier on a scale but you shouldn’t get bigger unless you eat too much :)

  • MoMo

    By’s this’s absolutely one of my fav workouts :D
    16:03 and I’m sweating like I was jogging for an hr lol
    Suzana, you’re a hero :)

  • Jess

    I just realized that this is almost exactly like Ab blitz! just done without the skipping rope, and knee lifts instead of one leg bridge. !!?? I was really looking forward to a NEW workout! I did Ab Blitz on May 18th and finished in 30:43. I’m already betting I’ll get this one done faster just because it’s done without the rope, but that also means I won’t be getting as good of a burn. So, really, this isn’t the hardest cardio you guys have come up with :(
    Can’t wait for a NEW workout!

  • d

    wow what an incredible workout!! i loved it!! <3 and my time…


    i beat zuzana! only by 4 seconds, but if you didn't post your time i probably wouldn't push myself and took twice as long, so thanks for that :)

    i fricken love this site!!


  • Jess

    Hi Zuzana!
    Maybe you could help clear up some confusion about eating by logging everything you eat daily for a couple days or a week then post it so we can see! I think it’d give us all an idea of what a good diet looks like, plus I’d love to see some new ideas for ‘small’ meals. When I eat a lot of fruits and veggies I tend to become bored, so I’m really interested to see what you or other people eat for small meals :)

    • Monica

      I feel the same way as you, Jess
      it really would help a lot if you did that, Zuzana, because I feel that I’m always eating moreless the same food…

    • ALL1E

      It seems like she eats whole, clean, fresh foods–mostly vegetables. She said she’s been eating only fruit in the morning. Have you checked out the grocery haul? Maybe that would give you a general idea; I think she might mention what she eats. It would be great to get more ideas for small, clean meals though from Zuzana to add variety.

    • Chris L

      Hi Jess,

      You honestly would like Zuzana to log everything she eats? Why not do the reverse and tell us the weight in grams and volume in liters and any other details you feel make sense of everything you ingest in a week. Include everything!

      This way we can tell you what might be best removed from your diet.


  • Jennifer

    I can’t believe it, I bet Seaaaan!!!

  • Angelica

    Hi Zuzana, can you direct me to the videos that you have made that will help me target some trouble areas that I have and most women also have. I can’t lose the flap underneath my arm, lower part of my abdomen/obliques, the fat bubble right under the glutes and it also comes around the outer part of the thigh.


  • Jenny

    29:04 :( Oh well, ill do better next time!! Thanks for the workout, you guys rock!! Thanks for making us all hot for the summer :D

  • desiree

    Sean is such a hottie, oh thanks for the workout

  • Mark V

    First and foremost, thank you Zuzana. I was looking for that something “extra” in my soccer workouts that would translate to success on the field. I’m 49 and compete with player less than 1/2 my age. These workouts have helped immensely.

    Tonight I did this workout after my game. My legs were already sore but I gave it a go. My time was 20:40.

    I could use one bit of advice. I do my workouts at the park and get people stopping by asking me questions all the time. I think I did about 700 scissors from losing track of my count. Any suggestions how to deal with these people without being rude?

  • L

    23:59… on a gorgeous spring day with the wind howling beautifully through my house. FUN!!!

  • Leticia

    you are mad guys!! the only thing i know is that i went straight to take a shower… swet to head to toe..!
    your rutines are great, my body is getting really nice, thanks !!! :)

  • Chris R

    This workout sucked! In a good way! I am sweating SOOO bad and I am SOO hungry!

    Great addition to an 8 hour work day! Thank you for doing this and great job being a good sport Sean.

  • Max

    very good workout.
    Did it in 21,39.

  • Maryam

    man! i did it in 30:06! but i wasnt pushing to the max. and those leg lift-star crunch-butt lift exercises hurt so much! they slowed me down :(

    better luck next time

  • Gina Marie

    Hola Zuzana & Gang =)
    I am a 41 yr Old Mom of a 24 yr Old VERY athletic daughter & a 22 yr Old Son , A Marine In Afghanistan. I started watching ur vids on youtube over 3 mo.ago and introduced them to my daughter, Lacey. She was IMMEDIATELY Amazed at what she saw & we decide to dedicate out time to working out together. I have lost 18 lbs , 5 pant sizes, and built incrdible muscle I never knew I had under my 5ft 4 frame! I’ve always been very muscular & athletic, But I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THE CHANGE I HAVE SEEN IN MY BODY & MY MIND & SPIRIT!! My daughter has toned her all over muscles to that of a fine tuned athlelete, and she now has an “elite” perfect 8 pack! We wake up at 5am and look forward to starting our day with a new workout routine for AM and PM, and we have NEVER had SO much energy! We rest on Sunday, & sometimes can only fit half a routine in, But just 2 get those Endorphines going …FEELS GREAT!!!, YOUR RECIPES & FOOD TIPS RAWK <3…THANK U 4 EVERYTHING YOU DO TO HELP US GET AND STAY FIT!! WE SINCERELY APPRECAITE YOUR TEAMS DEDICATION AND HARD WORK …THANK YOU-THANKYOU-THANK YOU : )… GINA & LACEY, DAYTON, OHIO

  • Amanda

    i feel like jello lol after that.

  • Brianna

    I’ve gained weight since starting your workouts, but I KNOW it’s because I’ve gained muscle. I used to work out at a planet fitness on those machines and whatnot, never seeing ANY results.. after the first 2 days of starting your workouts, man I was sore! and I like that because I know that it means it’s working :]
    The only thing holding me back now is my eating habits. I have verryy bad self control, but I’ve heard many a times that eating 5 small portions a day is better for you, and I’m going to try harder to do it. Also I’ve been trying to eat fruit for breakfast more often. but how much fruit do you mean? like, a whole fruit salad or just an apple or a peach?

  • Naomi

    Hi Zuz, Sean,

    Thanks for the workout! I love how this one doesn’t have any “daunting” exercizes… I was really tired today (I walked around Paris for 8+ hours and didn’t sleep enough the day before) but this workout seemed do-able as a pre-sleep exercise. I’m glad I did! I’m sweating like a fountain now so it’s probably just as effective for me! I suppose most of it was just mental.. I thought it wasn’t gonna be TOO BAD so I did it! 22:17 – however I didn’t have a pull-up bar so I did slowwwww leg lifts on my back without letting my heels touch the ground. Thanks again!

  • http://www.groundwatergallery.comandlwasylutube lwasyl

    Loved this round! Love the ‘competition’ lol. :) Keeps things interesting.


  • Elle

    Hi Everyone,
    This is a general question, can you suggest an alternative or modification for moves involving the pull up bar?

  • Michelle

    i love this workout! its designed for burning, and best of all, it doesn’t require much equipment!
    these type of exercises are my favorite, because your using your own body weight
    thank you!

  • Amanda

    Haha, well not quite up to par (yet!). I took about 45 minutes to complete the workout, but I am just really glad I did it and I feel really good right now. I also think it’s so much easier to stay focused on eating right when you exercise hard, I think you really feel what’s in your system.

    Thanks to all of you, you’re in great shape and keep the workouts coming!

    ps- Do you ever have dietary “relapses” where you just overindulge on junk food? If so let me know how you recover from those. Thanks.

  • Reagan

    Hey Zuzana, I just started doing your workouts and this one was intense! I completed it in 24:56 which i WILL improve! I aspire to have a body like yours! Thank you for all these great workouts!!!!!!

  • Marketa.Fry

    Hey Zuzana, you should do some ice hockey inspired workout tomorrow :) )

  • Stacey

    This was a really tough workout and the first one that I have tried to do. I can’t even really post a time bc I could not to 500 scissors or low jacks. I consider myself a fit person, but this is a whole new level of fit, and I love the challenge! Hopefully I will be able to actually complete your exercises in the near future!
    Thank you for the awesome workout- and happy sweating to all!

  • Rita

    Hi Zuzana ,
    First of all I Just want to say Thank you! It’s really awesome that you are giving free tip about loosing weight and great workout videos by da way! I just want to tell you that ever since I have started your workout I have seen alot difference on my arm. I can see muscle on my arm. I am so happy but my tummy area is the same I have losen an inch near my tummy area. Can you give any tip for losing belly fat?

    • ~Andreea~

      Hi Rita,

      Zuzana did give some tips under the video….eat small meals 5-8 per day,drink plenty of water, and workout…these are the most important tips…eat veggies and fruit…it really helps..

  • Carolyn Pilates


    Studies show that we commonly:

    A. Underestimate how many calories we are eating. We also remember the times we comply to meal plans and selectively forget when we don’t.

    B. Overestimate how many calories we are burning. It’s like 7-9 per minute at high exertion. And someone like Sean will burn more than Zuzana simply because he is heavier. (As much exertion this workout demanded, I burned only 225 or so calories…hell, I can consume that with a handful of nuts).

    C. Combination of both.

    D. Compliance…we blow a week’s work on a weekend cheat meal, we reward ourselves for compliance with treats, under 90%, etc.

    ‘Even the best workout can’t compensate for a lousy diet.” – Tom Venuto

  • Nicole D. Lopez

    This workout looks AMAZING!

    Tomorrow I’m going to back to the dentist to hopefully get cleared to workout again after my wisdom teeth extraction.

    ***DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY ADVISE ON HOW TO KEEP TRACK OF THE COUNTING?*** All of my friends moved away for the summer, so I don’t have anyone to help me out with counting all the reps. And I’m not very good at keeping track when I’m bouncing up and down lol.

    Someone, Please help me out :)

    • d

      well for this workout i counted by 2′s, but i felt that at times i lost track so i added ten more reps to the end of the 500 reps, just to be on the safe side :) but yeah your definatly not the only one that can’t keep track counting that high!lol


    • Lena

      Try to split it into equal pieces. Like for this workout i split it in to 5 pieces 100 each. and then i split 100 into 30 or 20reps pieces each as well. So all you do is count to 20 (1(20),2(40),3(60),4(80),5(100). Works for me :) If you forget how many you did, you can mark it in your log.
      Hopefully this was helful

    • ~Andreea~

      Hi Nicole,

      i don’t have also someone to keep track with the counting,,,so i think that you count on the same time that you breath out the air when you bring your knees up….of course if do this everytime you workout and you already are used to it..take care!!!

    • Charlie D.

      Find a number that’s low enough that you’ll never lose track of it (this could be 10 or 25 or 50 or whatever) and then divide the big number (like the 500 reps of high knees, for example) by that number and then hold that many things (paper clips, socks, hair ties, etc.) and drop them as you go (so you take 20 hairpins in your hand and every time you do do 25 high knees, you drop one). Once you’re empty handed, you’re done.

      • jo

        hi, i counted with my fingers 20 reps for each finger, boath hand make it 200 reps, then write them down and do another 200 and so on…
        workd good for me :-)

    • Lisa-Marie

      This may sound weird, but I count ten reps (or knees) then put one finger out … go through all my fingers :D 10 fingers = 100 reps, then depending on how u split ur reps up, either take a little rest & pop a line on a piece of paper, or just start again and remember 1,2,3,4,5 rounds… :) … It can still go wrong tho :/ as it did for me this morning.. :D

      killer workout!


    • Jayne

      Sort of what lena said. I split up the counting into 1-100. I do not split the workout reps up although you can do that. I just count 1-100 than start over 1-100 but the second time I know I counted 100 already so I just say 99, 200 and so on. Hope that helps but yeah it is really hard to keep track of reps when you count them yourself. Sometimes I jump back by mistake like 89,90,91,82,83 and all of a sudden I am like wait didn’t I already count 80′s. lol

  • Jayne

    I LOVE IT! So doing this one tonight 1600 reps Awesome. Zuzana I am never going to beat you time but I am going to try. Man! Frederick missed you by 16 seconds wow. You all are great thanks so much. We have four weeks until Summer officially begins and I am going to add this one to my list of daily routines. I wish you would have take some before picture of Sean because probably there will be a big change for him.

  • Laura

    I cant hold my body weight, on pull up bars, how can i train myself to do this?
    Love this site it keeps me motivated to go to the gym every day!

    • Carolyn Pilates

      Laura, you may want to try:

      1. Hanging, building up to 30 seconds. Work both underhand grip, which is more biceps, and overhand grip, which is more lats and back.

      2. Once you can hang for 30 seconds, use a chair to bring yourself to the top with bent arms. Work the negative phase by slowly lowering and extending the arms (5-10 ct). Work with 3 reps, up to 3 rounds.

      3. Get into bent arm position half way from top of bar and bottom of your capability. Pull up and return to half way. Use same rep/rounds as above.

      Bent over rows with weights will build the movement fundamentals off the bar.

  • lizze

    before your site Zuzana i was bored
    a runner who’s body became used to running really hadn’t the chance to push and grow
    so I hate goin to the local gym for one reason
    always some guy trying to strike conversation, interrupting me
    but lately I’ve been helping full heatedly with my mom at the gym
    in turn she times me and no one really bothers us
    now to wait till were done with here routine so I can then start mine is a small test of my patience
    It’s all new to me having a “partner” but I think it is all very good
    In the end we both have fun and feel on top of the world!
    thank you
    for bring inspiration for us all

    • Mark V

      Hi Lizze,
      I think it’s great you are helping your mom. I have a workout partner and it make such a big difference. We push each other through the hard parts for each of us. We do the workouts at the same time so we don’t count for each other but no waiting either. :) Best of luck to you.

  • Ann

    I’ve been anticipating this workout since you mentioned in the last one.Holy Canoli!! I’m glad I’m still survive. This time,I pushed myself as hard as I could and 20:05 minutes was my time!! Hooray!!!I beat the guys too :)

    About weight issue.I totally agree with you. When I started working out with your website, I was 119 lbs.I didn’t expect to lose weight because I was happy about it. Instead, I focus on improving my physical strenght and flexibility.I follow your diet tips,eat more often,eat less meat but more fruit,veggies,other protien source like legume,beans and tofu.I swear off from sugar and drink plenty of water.Water can curb your craving too. It’s been almost 2 months and I am down to 115 lbs.!! This is my pre-pregnancy weight :) But I look more tone and even better than 4 years ago.

    All of you have changed my life… in a good way :) You are my role model.I’ve never been so determined in my life like I am right now.It also affects people around me too.My husband starts to exercise again. My children are eating healthier. I’m thanksful that I found your website and you do this without asking us to pay any dime.I believe people who visit your website feel the same.

    Sorry for a long post and thank you for being our inspiration :)


    hey guys this workout looks crazy im going to try it tonight wish me luck : )

  • Andrea

    Hey Zuzanna!

    This is my first time leaving you a post but is most certainly not my first time on the site. I’ve been visiting your website daily for since the fall and what can I say other then I love love love you!
    I’m a total fitness junkie and you give my body the workout it craves.
    Today’s workout was stellar. I completed it in 24:48 and only did 250 Low Jacks but….in my defence I ran 10k in 52 min right before doing your workout.
    I was gassed just from the run, and it was +28 when I ran, so when I walked into the nice air conditioned gym all I wanted to do was collapse on my mat and take a little nap!
    I felt great once I was done, it was two thumbs up all the way.
    Cheers to you, Freddy, and newcomer Sean! Your website is, “The Bomb!!!” haha.

    Thank you for provided such solid workouts and sound advice.


  • Megan

    Wow you guys! That was really hard. I only got 35 minutes, so you all beat me. It was the low jacks that slowed me down, I thought those were harder than all of the other stuff combined! Thanks though, it was great and I feel great:)

  • Marie-Josée

    ok ok.I did it in 30 min 50 sec but dammm You Feel good after!!!! I hope tomorow will be ok for my legs ;)

  • Zehnab

    I just this workout and it was insane!!

    I completed it in 26 mins. Personally I stuggled with the core exercises so Im gonna try and work on that and attempt it again and hopfully get a beat my time.

    Also, I just wanted to say thank you for posting these workouts so frequently. To date, I have lost around 5kgs from doing these workouts as well as maintaining a heatlhy diet. So I just wanted to say thank you for the workouts, there is just something about them that gets me excited about working out; it keeps me inspired. I have never felt like that before with the other routines I have tried.

    Again thank you

  • Danie

    Can I do these workouts when I’m pregnant?

    • Janet

      I didn’t find bouncing up and down that pleasant when I was pregnant but everyone is different!

    • hA.D.

      absolutely not! Your heart rate should Not be higher than 140,otherwise you can hurt your child. And besides you can get stretchmarks on your tummy and breasts because of all the bouncing. Also you should NOT be doing any abs exercises after 5 month pregnancy.

  • Brian

    oh man… this was tough, sooo sore :)

  • somaya

    i had just finished this torture and it took from me 48:19
    sooo long time i know but it was the first time for me to do a realy hard workout like this. but i wanna ask u: i don’t have this pull up bar so instead of doing the last workout i did more 30 reps of the second one ( leg lift, star crunch and butt lift) is that work?
    i hope u will understand me my english is not so good

  • Safiyyah

    yall should have freddy do a workout video to!

  • http://n/a Tanya

    Hmmm… I’ve been thinking what workout to take tomorrow – now I know. Wonder how good can I be :-) This looks like ‘total annihilation’ to me, since I know what 200 high knees mean. At first, I thought you’d be doing it non-stop – ain’t I crazy??? :-) If I survive, I’ll let you know my time.
    And it’s a great observation about competition – nothing motivates you more that a good old ‘try to beat me’ thing.
    And, Sean, it’s incredible to observe how quickly you gain that endurance – remember your first workout with Zuzana? You have definitely improved. Keep it up!
    Cheers, guy!

    • http://n/a Tanya

      THAT WAS SOMETHING… Honest, guys – this was BRUTAL-BRUTAL-BRUTAL. I wanted to go jogging afterwards, but I don’t think I can right now.
      My time is 22 minutes and 36 secs. Not bad at all for an amateur! :-)

  • Marinaki

    Zuzana i just want to share with you what i & my husband doing with push ups if you want to try it now that you are with Sean in your side… i sit on my husbands back and believe me is so funny & challenging… also many other moves we are doing them together which is more difficult…

    love you

  • Shannon

    Hi Zuzana
    I wanted to know if you had any hip workouts. I’d like to target my hip and thigh areas.

    • Sharryn

      Hi Shannon,

      It’s a myth that you can spot-reduce areas such as hips and thighs or stomachs by specifically training these areas – your fat distribution is a complex combination of factors including genetics, hormones and diet. The good news is, these interval training workouts are the best way to burn fat and you will naturally get leaner and firmer all over. Train hard, eat clean and stay motivated!


    Wow,great job guys.Zuzana what do you recomend me for loose that fat on my thighs and calves,my calves are big.I start to loose weight first on my core.I do HIIT,Bodyattack and bodycombat.
    I love the world of fitness and i have read( is a web for musculation and weight loss) that u start to loose fat after the 30 min of ur workout.Is that true?What do u think?Please answer me.
    I.m sorry for my english thats becouse i.m spanish.

  • Sarah_Joss23

    not as good but still I did fine
    with a fine posture
    I actually didnt push mysef
    I just did on my on paste
    Day after tomorow Ill push myself and then ill see.

    My face is red red red
    like a 1 hour run red

    instead of high knee pull up bAR I was on the flor lifting but and cramped legs – a bit of cheating but I don’t have a pull up bar

  • olasonn

    I’m a long-distance runner that have been thinking about doing more core-strength-workouts. Having watched your videos for pleasure, I decided to try todays workout.

    It fit me well, since it had a lot of leg work involved, and I think that’s why I beat your times today, 19.20.
    Those parts weren’t too hard for me, but the ab-work almost killed me. :o ) In a good way.

    Thanks for posting these, I will continue doing them several times a week.

  • becca

    hey what do you think about using a jump rope for the high knees and jumping jax?

  • audrey

    i don’t have a pull up bar or the other piece of equipment you use.
    could you please give an alternative exercise for those ones?

    • astrothsknot

      I can’t help with the pull ups, but I did see Jeff Caviliere on youtube use his kitchen cabinets for dips. He used a bit where his units made a corner and did the dips that way, facing into the corner.

      Oh, I just thought! For the pull-ups, if you have a staircase with open spindles or if the bannister is raised off the floor by a few inches, you could use those if you think it could take it – like Zuzana doing pull-ups on the wall of the roof in Malta.

      If you don’t have a staircase, then I’m out of ideas.

    • Ann

      If I am not wrong, I think Zuzana mentioned before that you can lie down on exercise mat and do reverse crunches,leg lift instead of hanging knee raises/hanging leg raises but it won’t be as affective as using pull up bar.
      For reverse push ups, you can do plank row with dumbells.

      • audrey


    • Maurice

      try standing with your back to a wall (roughly 3cm taller than you). lift your arms and grab the top of the wall. this should give you enough leverage to lift your legs. zuzana does it in one of the malta videos.

      • audrey

        and thanks to you to!!

    • Sabine

      This! The pull up bar seems great but I don’t have one (yet) and I can’t come up with a replacement exercise for pull ups or knee raises on the bar… please give some alternatives :) !

  • http://none Audrey Mc

    Ohh geez this was a brrruutal workout!! I didnt beat you guys this time, but i will next time :-P .31:57.

  • michelle

    thank you for your reminders to eat food…not too much..and to work out well..

    Could it be possible that one could just be more thirsty..and
    .consume extra calories…
    (hunger mistaken for thirst?)
    You all are doing a great job! Thank you for your investment and example.
    Oh, and I am leaving for Malta/Gozo at the end of the week, found a place to stay..any great places to eat….would really be appreciated :) thanks..
    You all can feel like your still there…knowing a web-friend is in a place you love :)

  • Janet

    PHEW!!! Yes, this gets the old ticker pumping! I think this is harder overall than the jump rope version. I finished in 16:59 with a huge moan of relief. I increased the challenge by doing a hard 50 minute hill run with 14 pistols at the end, then I tackled this. I think it actually helped to be really warmed up for this as it heads into cardic arrest zone pretty fast. Love this stuff!! Bring it on!!!

  • Tom W’s “lose” fat–not “Loose” fat, which is on the redundant side
    since tight fat wouldn’t seem to be much of a problem…

  • Alicja

    Ok. I’m going to try this workout today! Wish me luck!

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      Good Luck!!

  • Martha

    Hey Zuzana, Sean
    This workout looks really awesome,I will try it soon, I broke my big toe last night and can’t do this workout, but I’m not going to let a broken toe stop me from working out =)
    I actually have never been so determined in my life than I am now, I guess the broken toe does have some good points..mentally anyway =)
    So I’m looking through all of you workouts and picking out everything that does’nt involve using my foot, I think I will focus alot on my upper body, and do some leg raises etc. =)
    You really are inspiring =) Love all your workouts =)
    Martha x)

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      Thanks Martha! Hope you have a fast recovery.


      • Martha

        =) thanks a million =)

    • astrothsknot

      I have to ask – how did you manage to break your toe?

  • Jared Kimball

    This looks like a great cardio/ab workout. I think i’ll squeeze this one in tomorrow since I’ve already worked out once today.

    In regards to those that say they’ve gained weight since they started working out. I think they need to realize that when they start building muscle they could gain weight simply because muscle weighs more than fat. But the great thing about having more muscle is that it burns more calories. I suggest they focus on losing inches and getting healthier.

    Weight fluctuates throughout the day but as soon as you can fit into those jeans you used to where in highschool that’s what really counts. Not the weight.

    Great post.

    • Brenda


      Just a side note: a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat. They both weigh a pound. Your statement that muscle weighs more than fat is incorrect. Muscle is however more dense than fat, therefore it takes less room (hence less inches for the same weight). This is a common misconception that needs to be corrected!!!

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    20:20 was my time :{ I did not beat you this time but I’m happy with the outcome since I’m pretty close to you guys. If only I didn’t take a few seconds break between the 200 & 400 marks… It was a great fat burner though and thanks for the competition. I love this stuff!

  •!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

    25min 12sec

    OMG I can’t believe it, I bet Seaaaan!!! I’m expecting an olympic medal now hehe

    Thanks for the superb workout guys, if Zuzi gives pints of her sweat away then I must be a brewery :)

  • justine

    hey!I just finised your (oh my god) workout, I try to stop sweating…what’s a hard work!^^” I did 24 min i beat Sean!:)
    My body and I would like to congratulate you for your great site, your exercices are all very intensive and short an it’s suit me because of my lack of time for this kind of thing…
    I don’t know if I’m clear enough because I’m french and my english still need practise (I’m 14-.-”)
    Thanks for all!

  • Marianne

    LOL. Loved the quote at the end. That was super hilarious/clever. Whoever made that up, props! haha

  • Jodie from Saskatchewan

    24:37…that was crazy! Can’t wait till tomorrow :)

  • mag

    21 minutes and 42 seconds!!!
    Hanging Knee Raises I did it on the floor because I don’t have a bar in the dor :)

  • Vicky

    Thanks for a great workout guys..very brutal especially the high knees!!! :) my time = 25 minutes

  • Lvette #1

    Hi Guys,

    Finished doing this 10 minutes ago in 23:25. I counted my low jacks spread and back as one rep, but Sean is counting this as two. Sean,I think you might be wrong on this. If Sean is correct then I’m extremely proud of my finish time. I’m 99% sure Sean is wrong.

    Also, I think Sean is starting to look leaner. Zuzana you’re still the warrior at this. Frederick, as usual great camera and editing job. I know your work has doubled now that you’ve to shoot and edit two workouts into one.

    Thanks a bunch guys.

    p.s. is a good website for menu ideas and plan

  • Bri

    Oh no!!! I just read some of the other posts and i did 1000 reps of the low jacks too!!!! LOL! NO wonder they were killing me!

  • Sade

    tu vyššie niekto písal, že či sa nedá nejako nahradiť pull-up bar, no, keďže ja ho doma nemôžem mať, tak by ma zaujímalo tiež či sa to nedá niečím nahradiť.

  • Marinaki

    Hi F+Z & S

    This is the first time that i send you my score it is because i didnt & dont like to show my self i did 18:33 (btw i do very hard training in martial arts…) also my husband did it in 18:19

    i wish some day meet you & beat you… :)

    love you
    many thanks

    • Dakota D.

      Your time was amazing!!!!

      Great job!

      What kind of martial arts do you do?

  • Bri

    This was such an awesome workout! There were some tears after about half the low jacks lol!!! gotta go shower now haha!!! Thanks for the great workout!!

  • Tammy

    I am definitely not one that is gaining weight doing these exercises. I think sometimes people can workout hard and then think in the back of their mind they can eat bigger portions and if you avoid that you will lose weight. I was already a good weight but now I am becoming leaner and cut. Love your workouts. They are great for a working mom who cannot carve out an hour a day to workout.

  • razzi

    I looove this workout. It was so fun lol ^^
    My time was 23 minutes and some seconds.
    Now to go shower =P

  • Will

    Amaizing workout!It’s the next one im doing.
    I want to see Freddy doing some workouts!! :D
    Sean, no offence your good too.

  • Nelson

    I’m gonna do this work out monday morning this looks like a great one to do I will time myself with my own gymboss timer also and let u know my time ok. Oh can freddy should start being on the video also so the three of u together

  • KBell

    SEAN- You beat me!! 26mins

    Thanks for encouraging me to push hard!

  • valen

    Yay, I did it! It took me some time though. I have to watch it because of my shin splints. Took me 30 minutes. It only gets better from here. I had to take a 20 sec break after every 100-200 reps. I can’t usually complete your workouts, but today I was really determined. I almost backed out at the last minute, glad I stuck with it.

  • Marz

    I beat Sean…hehe, completed it in 22:50 …hardest for me was the hanging knee raises. I sweat like a pig its 30 degrees here…ahhhhhh killer but awesome. Cheers..wish i had someone to workout with.sob

  • Amber frm Canada

    Zuzana….I loved your reaction when you read your time….It was like ‘Thank god, i pushed that hard’

  • Maria

    I just got back form a week and a half of being in bed. I fell better now but this workouts are gonna kill me, any advise to get back in?

    • Janet

      I would go back to bed for one more day so you can avoid this one!!!

  • David Sanction

    Great workout. I love the look you give the camera at around 5:30! lol :]

  • ~Mary Liz~


    I’m so proud!! Time: 20:26 – This was an insane workout. I didn’t puke (Yay!) but I did lose my shirt durring the low jacks and was drenched in sweat by the time I was done… Awesome workout, Thank You!

    P.S. I beat you Sean :P

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      Mary Liz

      Yes you did!! lol

  • Mandy M.M

    I will try tomorrow ! But nice workout you guys even Sean :)

  • Mary

    Great workoout! I’ve jaust done it and i’m still sweating:)
    I dont have that bar, so i did legs lift 25 + 15 pushups.
    And my score was 18 min. 54 sec

  • Zsofia

    20 minutes and 20 seconds in hell! Amazing workout.

    • Dakota D.

      Your comment just gave me a workout name idea!

      “20 minutes in hell Workout” or
      “20 minutes of hell Workout”

      The number of minutes can be changed :)

  • anna

    I’m so proud of myself!I completed this workout in 19′ 17”! Thank you for everything guys!For every single body is in a really good shape thanks to you!(and of course my try).I would like you post a workout especially for the arms.I have to strengthen them more!Thank you in advance.
    ps sean!welcome to our world!!!

  • Daniel

    Hey I just did this workout in 22:11. Very very awesome, i had to substitue hanging knee raise with laying half leg raise.. i find the full one isnèt working abs past 45 degrees. Awesome like all the rest.

  • jennifer

    Hey everyone! i have been doing yr exercises since Oct of 09″i have done yr workouts everyday giving myself 1 day break eating very healthy and only drinking water coffee and tea i recently just finished my last day of boot camp that was 2months long and 3 days aweek on my off days i did 45 min slow jog keeping my heart rate in my loosing fat zone.thats what i call it.I have seen a Huge change in my body since day one..Im Very Lean . i showed the trainer yr pic and said this is what my goal is to look like how much longer do you think. He told my 3months but now i would have to do weight lifting and cut my cardio in half.So i guess what im asking is now that im lean and have gottin alot stronger and in better shape to build up my muscles more do i continue to do yr workouts to build up or start weight training? i do use my body weight and my kettle bells is that enough to build up to where yr at? im almost to that level now.

  • mariam

    You are right 100% and if the people out there need to understand it, they must do the math: In a weight loss program, 60-70% is diet(that means to watch portions, the way you cook your meals and what you realy eat) and the rest is work out. As long as you start and it comes to FOOD, the first week is always the most hard.
    Ta, taaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    Thank you

  • Tanya

    Brutal…yes, hammered with sweat.

  • Audra

    Hi Roubi,

    My breasts have also shrunk. In fact they are down from a D cup to a B cup. I have also lost 20Lbs since November working out with Zuzana’s workouts 5X/week. This is gonna happen when your body fat percentage goes down and your lean body mass (increase in muscle) goes up from these workouts and clean eating combined. Breasts are fatty tissue so, they are the first thing to go, no matter what, unfortunately. Now I have to buy push-up bras which I’ve never needed before. It’s worth it considering a tight, muscley curvy body that I now have compared to what was once a fluffy, overweight, tired, weak, etc. person that I once was. I’m ok with sacrificing my breast size for that hot fitness body. I’m 30 now & never thought I’d ever consider breast enhancement because I’ve been a D cup since my teens. It’s an interesting topic. In fact my husband nicknamed mine “Flapjacks!” LOL

  • Melanie

    This is a great workout! I did this one this morning before my breakfast and I completed it in under 20 minutes. I had the most difficulty with the leg lift combo , as I have never done it before… This was amazing tho , I really enjoyed doing it and I look forward to trying to beat my time:)
    Thank you Zuzana so much for making this whole website and videos possible and of course we can’t forget Freddy.:)
    Thank you. I look up to you guys allot and you keep me motivated to strive harder. Thank you:)

  • Rika

    Just a quick question concerning the jumping jacks: does it count for one rep. for each time you jump or is it one rep. for each time you spread the legs?

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv


      Each time you spread is counted as one. Then when your feet come together that is counted as one.

      Hope this helps!


      • Samantha R

        I might be being a bit dense here (its not uncommon for me;) so a spread and then back would then be two. This means I completed 1000 reps of this!! Arghhhh, I thought it was going on for a long long time. I only counted each spread.

        • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

          Yes that’s correct once you spread your legs and bring them back that would be counted as two.


          • Sonia

            I also did the same mistake so my time was 31:05.
            Zuzana you are a workout machine, maybe in another live I can do your time. Beijinhos!!

          •!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

            Ha, it means I did 1000 as well! No wonder I was worring it took me that long :)

          • Dakota D.

            I did 1000 reps of the low jacks as well!

            I was getting discouraged because it took me so long to do the jacks. The whole time I was thinking “They must be super humans to be able to do this workout so damn fast!!”

            Someday….someday….I will be a super human too!

            P.S. I must say, it’s not that much of a bad thing, I did 1000 Jacks!!!! It was killing me, but I did them! Yayyyyy

            However, I can’t post how long exactly it took me to finish this. I do know that it was 30:something. I didn’t save the time because I was kind of mad at myself for taking so long to complete the jacks

        • Stania

          Good point I did the same way.My time was 25:22 so not to bad.

          • ana

            OHHH, the same for me too, that’s why I was so confused why it was 25:45 when I almost didn’t take any breaks,
            okay I got it now, let’s see what my score is gonna be the next time!

    • Charlie D.

      I’m so glad I checked on this! I would have done 1000 too!

  • Aby

    My breasts are reducing too!! :( But our breasts are made up of adipose tissue, which is a type of fat, and fat is burned with exercise. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about it. However, I have an exercise accessory that has a spring that works-out the muscles around the breast and helps them perk up more, and it HAS worked. It’s like that thing in the commercial, same idea, but different. Anyways, I thought I’d let you know about that idea. :)

  • Audra

    Go Zuzana, you crushed the guys! Frederick wasn’t too far behind you, though. Now it’s my turn and hopefully my time will be near yours because I’d love to beat their times as well. Women Power!

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      lol ;)

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzi,Sean and Frederick
    I can’t understand how Zuzan do this looking so relax and easy.But I thing is make as more willing to do it.
    And she show all that women can be strong.
    Nadala si jim to OPET
    THank you

  • ana

    YAAYYY, I just did it in 25:44, but I had to go to the bathroom:)) This was such an a amazing cardiooo, LOVED IT!!!

    • d

      haha that’s why i always make sure to go to the bathroom before my workout ;)

  • Arielle

    you go girl!

    (just don’t go over your limit!)

    I have been wanting to ask you this for a long time:
    I cannot do hanging knee raises because I don’t have the bar and no other equipment… are there body weight exercises that target the same muscles that I can do instead? preferably an exercise that is exactly as difficult as the hanging knee raises :)

    You rock my world !!!
    Love from

    • d

      hey arielle i don’t have any equipment to do the hanging knee raises on either so i use the back of my bathroom door :) plus you don’t start swinging back and forth like if you do it on a pull-up bar.. give it a try.


    • Amber frm Canada

      Arielle….when I do the workouts at home and not at the gym, I lay on my coffee table and do straight leg lifts and butt lift to replace the hanging knee raises…

  • Lauri Watkins

    I couldn’t finish all of the scissors before my leg started cramping!! Of course, my right leg is affected by cerebral palsy, so no one else can make exscuses!! ;) This is a tough workout if you push yourself! I love you Zuzana!

  • Hanne

    I did it in 23:10

  • Jan

    I’m a 48 year old guy who works out sporadically. I got inspired by you to go out and hurt myself with this workout. I have never done any of this stuff before and was only able to do 50% f the indicated reps, and it took just under 16 minutes(except for the star crunches (nine)). Between the burn and the standard poodle bouncing all over me, this was a pretty brutal workout. Having had my reality check, I am going to look up the beginners’ exercises. Brutal, but fun. Thanks!

  • Laurinsh

    Super hard workout! I’m gonna try it tom morning! Thank you so much for this site and your positive energy!!!! YOU guys ROCK!!!

  • Samantha R

    Thank you for another fab workout. Finished in 22:59

  • DD

    lol “as fast as possible”

    “im gonna show him that girls are strong(er)”

    really wanna see freddy do the workouts with you guys.

  • Agata

    I’m your big fun Zuzana!!!

    great workout!

    Every of my friends know that you are my personal virtual trainer;)

  • KRS

    This looks like fun! What would be a good alternative for knee-raises for those of us without pull-up bars? Also, for your other exercises that include pull-ups, is there anything that has a similar effect without the bar? Thanks for all of the innovative workouts.

  • DD

    i love this imma do it today!!!!

  • ana

    I can’t wait to try it and post the scores. Zuzana you are amazingg, the role model for all of us,girls. My body has changed alot since I started doing your wokouts, and everybody is telling me that, so thank you so much!

  • Andreea

    Go Zuzana go!!!BEat the boys..i’m going to do this workout today as well so….i’ll post my time later …

    you are so funny you guys!!!! you should make a workout with you zuzana,sean and freddy see you all in action…working out

  • Reelika

    Hi ,
    Thanks for the exellent brudal workout – its just what i needed .

  • Cassidy

    Hi Z!
    I totally agree with you about the eating part – I’ve recently changed my diet… excessively. I eat very well to begin with, very clean. However, I’ve changed it and cut back drastically for summer… my last 5 pounds are coming off!
    I too will vouch that, Zuzana is right! It is all about clean eating, and increasing the number of SMALL meals you eat a day.

    Next to that, people also have to remember (and I don’t know if you have mentioned this in other articles, so I’ll mention it here for people to read.) but muscle weighs a lot more than fat; and your workouts so require a lot of muscular strength, even though you are not using additional weight.

    This means, people, that while Zuzana is helping you lose incredible amounts of fat – you are increasing your lean muscle mass as well! which also means, that your weight is going up!

    The best way to track your progress is by watching the way your clothes fit and by measuring your body – watch for those inches to disappear.

    Don’t focus solely on the scale – it will drive you insane.

    Love your site Z – keep up the great work!

    • Andrea

      I second Cassidy’s comment about the muscle-mass! I remember when I first started going to the gym, I gained way before I lost, but I started LOOKING better a lot quicker.

      Little portions, no crap food and regular exercise, you’ll see the difference!

    • ~Mary Liz~

      So true! I was eating clean, but way too much. I found out I was at 29% body fat about 7 weeks ago. I cut back portions and continued working out at home (we don’t have a gym out here). I did do Zuzana’s kettle bell workouts 2-3 times a week :D those are weighted but oh so fun! I just had an updated full body composition done and my results are crazy. I gained almost 2lbs but because the composition gives you water-fat-muscle in each limb-and core info I could see where I was making changes. You can definately lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. I lost almost 5lbs of fat and gained almost 6lbs of muscle. There was one lb of water weight too. I feel great and am now at 26% body fat so far… can’t trust the scale :)

  • Miri

    This workout is ineresting, congratz Zuzana for winning the challenge, you guys were great:)<3

  • Marketa.Fry

    Wow, this is almost the same as the Ab Blitz Workout, that I did this morning before you posted this one :) The difference is that today there is no use of skipping rope and also the last exersise is different. Anyway I beated my old PB by 6 minutes which is pretty cool, but still my time was 34 minutes :D Have to improve myself a lot :)
    Thanks and have a great day

  • Monika

    Yea Zuzana…GIRLS ROCK ;) !

  • tina

    awsome workout

  • Dani

    omg wow this looks like a killer workout!
    i’m gonna do this first thing tomoro morning :)