May 29 2010

Kiss My Tight Ass Workout

Hi guys,

For today’s workout you will need an exercise mat and your Gymboss Interval Timer.  Set your timer for 24 rounds and 2 intervals of 5 seconds and 40 seconds. The 5 second interval is obviously your rest period, but lets face it – it will give you only enough time to move on to the next exercise. Your goal is to complete as many reps as you can during each 40 second interval. This entire workout is exactly 18 minutes long. It is a short, but brutally intensive home bodyweight workout. You will be doing 3 rounds of the following exercises in this exact order:

1. Dynamic Squat

2. Sumo Push Up

3. One Leg Bridge (left leg)

4. One Leg Bridge (right leg)

5. One Leg Burpee (left leg)

6. One Leg Burpee (right leg)

7. Prisoner Get Up

8. Tricep Leg Lift

You can check our scores below. Try to beat us :)

Dynamic Squat


Round 1 – 29 reps, Round 2 – 24 reps, Round 3 – 23 reps


Round 1 – 29 reps, Round 2 – 25 reps, Round 3 – 20 reps

Sumo Push Ups


Round 1 – 26 reps, Round 2 – 16 reps, Round 3 – 15 reps


Round 1 – 18 reps, Round 2 – 8 reps, Round 3 – 8 reps

One Leg Bridge


Round 1 – 22/24 reps, Round 2 – 19/21 reps, Round 3 – 18/19 reps


Round 1 – 32/34 reps, Round 2 – 24/26 reps, Round 3 – 22/22 reps

One Leg Burpee


Round 1 – 9/9 reps, Round 2 – 6/6 reps, Round 3 – 6/5 reps


Round 1 – 6/6 reps, Round 2 – 6/5 reps, Round 3 – 5/5 reps

Prisoner Get Up


Round 1 – 5 reps, Round 2 – 6 reps, Round 3 – 5 reps


Round 1 – 8 reps, Round 2 – 7 reps, Round 3 – 7 reps

Tricep Leg Lift


Round 1 – 21 reps, Round 2 – 17 reps, Round 3 – 20 reps


Round 1 – 27 reps, Round 2 – 27 reps, Round 3 – 29 reps


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  • Leah West

    Looks intense! I’m going to give that a try on tomorrow’s work out. My goal is to have a tight ass by spring. :-) So I can wear one of those up your hiny bikini bottoms. Half way to goal… I need to be strength training more. The more muscle – the more calories you burn throughout the day!

  • Jordi

    Wow! Bodyrocking at its best! This was brutal and with the tiny rest between sets I really had to keep focused from beginning to end. It is very interesting to see Zuzana and Sean doing the exercises side by side. I think that women are always going to be faster at dynamic squats because of their increased flexibility in their hips. I feel that my legs are strong enough to perform well in that exercise, but my hips lack the flexibility to allow for a fluid movement. I don’t think I agree with the form that Sean used for the prisoner get ups. It doesn’t look healthy for the knees. I prefer Zuzana’s from, using the side of one bent leg on the floor, right under the hips, as support and to push the body up. I found that on this one, technique really makes the difference. Thanks again for a great workout! Sweaty greetings :)

  • Luke Says No

    My Score:
    24 x 10/40 – 20 mins
    1. Dynamic Squat: 30, 24, 31
    2. Sumo Push Up: 16, 12, 10
    3. One Leg Bridge (left leg): 17, 21, 19
    4. One Leg Bridge (right leg): 17, 25, 20
    5. One Leg Burpee (left leg): 8, 6, 6
    6. One Leg Burpee (right leg): 6, 5, 6
    7. Prisoner Get Up: 8, 7, 7
    8. Tricep Leg Lift: 25, 21, 24

  • Kay

    1. Dynamic Squats: 24/24/25
    2. Sumo Pushups: 13/13/10
    3. 1 leg bridge (L): 20/21/20
    4. 1 leg bridge (R): 20/21/19
    5. 1 leg burpee (R): 6/6/6
    6. 1 leg burpee (L): 5/6/6
    7. Prisoner getup: 8/6/7
    8. Tricep leg lift: 23/23/25
    + 5 mins of hula hoop

    its gross how sweaty I am.. but i LOVE it. :)

  • Cindy

    I did this brutal bodyweight workoout today at the gym. Wow, it is going to make you sweat like crazy.
    MY scores:
    Dynamic Squat 35-35-30
    Sumo Push Ups 18-13-10
    One Leg Bridge L-32-33-33
    One Leg BridgeR 32-33-28
    One Leg Brupee L 6-6-4 (very brutal exercise)
    One Leg Burpee R-6-6-4
    Prisoner get up 8-8-7
    Tricep Leg Lift 20-20-20

  • Vivi

    Very fast to write the score!!
    My score for today :
    1/ 39.40.38
    2/ 27.19.20
    3/ 43.39.39
    4/ 41.35.35
    5/ 11.9.10
    6/ 10.10.10
    7/ 11.11.11
    8/ 38.40.42

    I didn’t remember that the one leg bridge was so killer for butt !!! I didn’t beat my score for this exercise !!
    But very good sweat !!

  • Luke Says No

    My Score:
    16 x 5/40
    1. Dynamic Squat: 23, 20
    2. Sumo Push Up: 14, 12
    3. One Leg Bridge (left leg): 17, 21
    4. One Leg Bridge (right leg): 15, 18
    5. One Leg Burpee (left leg): 6, 6
    6. One Leg Burpee (right leg): 5, 6
    7. Prisoner Get Up: 6, 4.5
    8. Tricep Leg Lift: 24, 24

  • Kendra

    Good workout!  I like the bodyweight ones.  I’m going on a camping trip so I’m stocking up on those…

    dynamic squat: 30-31-32
    sumo push up: 18-15-15
    one leg bridge L: 31-34-35
    one leg bridge R: 31-34-37
    one leg burpee L: 7-8-7
    one leg burpee R: 8-8-7
    prisoner get up: 8-8-8.5
    tricep leg lift:  22-25-25

    Fun workout!  Goes by fast!

  • Anonymous

    great results!!!
    have you changed your eating habit too?

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    MAN! I did this workout on a fasting stomach (more than 30 hours) and boy, did I feel a huge lack of energy and muscle power. I had no idea it would affect my results that much.

    1/ 41-37-39
    2/ 22-18-19
    3/  40-43-43
    4/  45-46-47
    5/  9-8-8,5
    6/  9-8-8
    7/  9-9-10
    8/  34-31-34
    But thanks for another killer sweat!!!
    Love, Maria

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Wow, this one looks SO BRUTAL :) You sure look like you are suffering in the video – big time, ha ha! I can’t wait to try it, but my sore legs will hate me for it! I dread those one-leg-burpees the most!!!

  • Vivi

    It was so hard !!!! So cardio, so sweaty workout !!
    My score is

    1/ 36.66.36
    2/ 26.20.22
    3/ 46.42.43
    4/ 42.37.45
    5/ 10.9.8
    6/ 9,5.10.9
    7/ 11.11.11
    8/ 37.35.40

    My body was in pain with workouts of the week, so My arms cried from first round sumo push up, and the same for my butt with one leg bridge !
    And I don’t even speak of one leg burpees !!

    Be sure to be in shape for this one, believe me !!! AWESOME !!

  • Anonymous

    This one is brutal but I love it – I love the variety of the exercises and how it targets different parts of the body even if they belong to the same category of muscles (upper body category or lower body one)
    It is the 7th time I am doing it and I improved my PB by a few reps for all of them except tricep leg lift and one leg bridge (for which I plateaued)
    My score:
    squat: 30/26/26
    sumo PU: 16/14/14
    one leg bridge – R: 36/34/34 / L: 36/34/34
    one leg burpee – R: 8/8/8 / L: 8/7/8
    prisoner get up (with a 20 lb kettlebell): 6/6/6
    tricep leg lift: 32/32/36 – I cheated a bit for this one because I had my chin against the mat :S

  • Kay

    I put the boys I work with through this workout on Wednesday and they’re still complaining about it! I had to increase the rest period between the circuits to 2 minutes and they only managed 3 circuits in total.

    I haven’t had that much fun in a workout for ages, thank you. The boys also have a lot more respect for me and none of them are brave enough to train with me again!

    Girls 1 Boys 0 ;o)

  • Jessica NL

    Probably not a good time, but I did this exercise one hour after my dinner, I could taste everything I ate one hour ago. I will try it later on again, because I had to give up (during the last round), otherwise I would be puking during some exercises.

    Dynamic Squat 21 | 17 | 15
    Sumo Push Ups 21 | 16 | 15
    One Leg Bridge (left) 28 | 20 | 26
    One Leg Bridge (right) 25 | 20 | 27
    One Leg Burpee (left) 08 | 07 | 04 (moment to give up in the third round)
    One Leg Burpee (right) 08 | 07 | 00 (couldn’t take it anymore)
    Prisoner Get Up 06 | 07 | 07 (after some rest during the last round I could do it)
    Tricep Leg Lift 28 | 15 | 28 (cheated during the last round by standing on my forearms)

  • Lauren

    Oh my gosh Zuzana, another ass-kicking workout! I am so thankful for this website! My boyfriend of a year and I broke up about a week ago and I’ve been pretty depressed about it, but every time I feel down I just pull up this site and do one of your workouts and 20 minutes later I feel SOOOO much better! And I’m REALLY starting to see a difference in how lean my body looks and also the muscle tone in my thighs and stomach. Thanks again!

  • Liza

    Right after this workout I just lay down on my mat for a few minutes, panting and sweating. I was so wiped out! :) Great workout. I think I really pushed it today.

    Tricep leg lifts killed me! I had to stop a couple of times and I still wasn’t able to whack out as much as you guys. :P

    dynamic squat 36 35 28
    sumo push-up 15 15 11
    one leg bridge (LEFT) 22 23 20
    one leg bridge (RIGHT) 20 20 18
    one leg burpee (LEFT) 7 9 6
    one leg burpee (RIGHT) 7 6 5
    prisoner get up 6 6 6
    tricep leg lift 16 19 12

  • Erin

    Great workout! I can’t move:)) I usually do your workouts in the stretching area at my gym and I always have guys coming up and asking me about the exercises I’m doing… and I’m always happy to recommend your site! I know they won’t be disappointed when they visit it:)

    I love the dynamics between all of you:)) Very motivating! Oh, and if Sean is single, I live in Toronto but I’d be happy to make the commute;))

  • lina marquez

    just finished this workout. i’m delirious. i am so exhausted, but in a few minutes, i’ll feel great.
    1. 28-27-25
    2. 10-9-8
    3. 32-30-30
    4. 29-30-27
    5. 7-6-5
    6. 6-5-5
    7. 7-6-6
    8. 29-29-30
    zuzana, thank you so much! i’ve got my whole family and a few friends doing these workouts. hehe!

  • Jill

    I’m creating a puddle as I sit here to write my scores…

    1. 29/21/20
    2. 16/12/9
    3. 22/25/21
    4. 24/24/21
    5. 10/8/7
    6. 9/7/7
    7. 8/6/5 (my least favorite-so brutal)
    8. 46(yes, it’s true!)/40/28

    giddy up!!!

    oh, here are some workout name ideas.
    1.Heart Attacker
    2.Eat my Dust Workout
    3.Glutalicious Workout
    4.Plump my Bum Workout
    5.Throw in the Towel, or use it to Wipe the Sweat off your Face Workout

  • PF

    I did this workout for today :)
    but Dude, DUDE! ZUZANA! I can see a six pack!!!! well, more like a 4-pack-showing-6-pack-peekin-through.
    WOW. I haven’t had packs since 5th grade from Tae Kwon Do!
    I’m a sophomore now… another 5 years later and here they are :D
    My arms are WAY more defined. My mom has really good genetics, and I inherited them for the most part… and everything is looking great! I feel very blessed to have stumbled upon your site. I’ve been following your exercises and tips since May or June.. and I’ve lost 10 pounds, and lost 3 inches all over (avg.)
    Yes, your exercises will always work. WHo ever is skeptical out there… actually TRY the workouts and you’ll be crying.
    I think I surpassed sweating in this workout. It was more like melting!

    I wasn’t able to write down my scores =/ all I know is that for some of them I got between 20-25 reps, and on average I got 12 sumo push ups. 5 reps for burpees & the get abouts, and about 200 liters of sweat :)

    THANK YOUU. I can’t wait for your Italy-inspired brand new workouts. I bet they are brutal…..
    Is Sean ever coming back?

  • Ashley

    This is my kind of kick ass workout! I will have to modify the one leg burpee into a regular burpee though. Well let me try it one leg first.

  • Diana

    I’ve finished this workout and still feeling sick…… It’s been 10 minutes since then.Very intensive and breath taking workout.So,here is my score:
    Dynamic Squat: 31-31-30
    Sumo Push Up : 17-16-20
    One Leg Bridge(left leg): 38-40-39
    One Leg Bridge(right leg): 37-40-40
    One Leg Burpee(left leg): 6-7-5
    One Leg Burpee(right leg): 6-6-5
    Prisoner Get Up : 5-6-5
    Tricep Leg Lift : 35-37-36
    Thank you for helping us with your daily workouts ! I hope some day i will have a body almost like yours ;p
    God bless you all !

  • Tom and Amy

    My wife and i just done our first workout with you guys and we are so hooked.Thanx a ton!YOU ROCK!

  • Carol Strange

    HAHA I have never heard Freddy be a “drill sargent” before.. I will do this workout 1st thing tomorrow morning.. in about 15 hours! How come its just Sean & Zuzana… I would LOVE to see Freddy also part of the competition!… but we ALL love you Zuzana. If it wasnt for you NONE of us would be here.
    Hearts & Hugs,
    Carol S. from TEXAS

  • jenny Grant

    GOOD I LOVE THIS WORKOUT.. You guys are AMAZING.. xxxxxx

  • Windlord

    Dynamic Squat 31| 24| 25
    Sumo Push Ups 18| 13 | 12
    One Leg Bridge (left) 38| 35| 35
    One Leg Bridge (right) 38| 35| 36
    One Leg Burpee (left) 7| 6| 7
    One Leg Burpee (right) 6| 6| 6
    Prisoner Get Up 7| 7| 7
    Tricep Leg Lift 52| 60| 68 (assuming each leg lift counts as one)

  • Carla

    Did this today 8 June 2010 it is 22:40 and I am not used to training in the evening.

    I am sweating my butt off!!! yeah this was a good one!
    my scores:

    1. 27/23/23
    2. 15/15/15
    3. 31/27/33
    4. 31/36/32
    5. 11/11/11
    6. 10/10/11
    7. 6/6/6 shameful!! :) )
    8. 20/32/28 the last set was pathetic!

    but hey, I did it!!! not for a shower and a well deserved night rest.

  • Carolyn Pilates

    Traveling so no timer, clock etc. I elected to take Z’s rep for each exercise and complete the sequence 4 times.

    Those One Leg Burpees kill.

    I got to do my workout outside in the Texas hill country heat!

  • Borge

    Hi guys! Great fun to watch you again – I’ve been mostly revisiting old workouts and also doing some spinning and regular weight lifting lately.

    Here are my stats for today’s workout:
    Dynamic Squat 27 | 23 | 25
    Sumo Push Ups 17 | 13 | 11
    One Leg Bridge (left) 22 | 22 | 19
    One Leg Bridge (right) 22 | 22 | 19
    One Leg Burpee (left) 10 | 09 | 10
    One Leg Burpee (right) 10 | 09 | 07
    Prisoner Get Up 06 | 08 | 08
    Tricep Leg Lift 26 | 28 | 32


    Børge-Are, Norway

  • justme

    Dear Lord – I can’t describe how much I’m sweating right now and the Tricep Leg Lift is a nightmare at the end…insane workout as usual :)

  • vincenzosk8

    Hi instructors ! ;)

    Thank you very much for your great website.
    I discovered it one month ago by chance with one of your workout on Youtube. My first reaction was : “Wow ! Zuzana really roxxx !”. Your workouts remind me some reinforcement exercises I did when I practiced Kung-Fu Wushu, when I was younger (17-18, I’m 28.). You remind me what is “suffer for pleasure” ! ^^

    Your exercises, your videos, your explanations, your devices, your spirit… all your blog is very professional. Immediately, in my mind : “Okay ! I will buy a Gymboss too and I will train with them. It’s time to get the rust off !!!” It’s really a pleasure to read you every day.

    Since Sean joined your team, it’s even funnier ! Having two comparative base (women & guy) on the same workout is a very plus. ^^

    This workout was very hard… In particular for the One Leg Burpees and Prisoner Get Ups… And 5s of rest is pure torture… No time to drink a little…

    Here my result :

    1. 27, 25, 25
    2. 20, 15, 14
    3. 28, 26, 24
    4. 26, 27, 24
    5. 7, 5, 5 (Ouch !)
    6. 6, 5, 5 (AOow !)
    7. 4, 3, 3 (Argh !)
    8. 28, 27, 30

    Thank you very much guys, keep roxing ! ^^

    Salutations from France.

  • Isidora

    very exhausting.. i cheated a bit with the rest period.. 5 sec… seriously?

    squat 29,26,28
    sumo 16,11,11
    bridge 26-24,26-26,27-27 this one hurt badly
    burpees 6-6,6-6,6-4
    Get up 7,6,3
    tricep 26,28,20

    in the last set i started feeling bad and wanted to puke specially after the burpees! do u know why this happens??

  • Lenka

    Dobrý den,chtěla jsem ze zeptat jestli nemůžete nějaké video natočit v češtině ….děkuji!

  • Miss May

    I just wanted to tell you that your workouts are great!!! I am owner/operator of a personal training studio and have put my clients through many of your workouts and they absolutely love it (after they finished telling me how much they hate me for putting them through it!!) :)

    I usually try your workouts first to get a feel of the workout and this is one of the more brutal ones. I love it!!!

    Here is my first go around at this one:
    Dynamic Squat 23 | 20 | 19
    Sumo Push Ups 15 | 09 | 10
    One Leg Bridge (left) 25 | 30 | 30
    One Leg Bridge (right) 26 | 30 | 24
    One Leg Burpee (left) 06 | 04 | 04
    One Leg Burpee (right) 05 | 04 | 04
    Prisoner Get Up 07 | 08 | 08
    Tricep Leg Lift 25 | 15 | 16

    Thanks for the inspiration! I look forward to your workouts and always have a library to refer back to. Keep up the great work and congratulations on your 2yrs online!

  • Elpapi_vladi


    Fantastic workout….

  • Jah

    I love how Sean is taking part in your exercises! Now I can get my husband to try your wonderful workouts without him saying “they are for girls!”

  • Charlie D.

    Rough! I was so so lightheaded afterward, but I was pretty proud of my scores:

    1: 30, 26, 28
    2: 21, 16, 17
    3/4: 29/33, 31/31, 31/29
    5/6: 6.5/7, 7/7, 7/5
    7: 8, 8.5, 8
    8: 28, 25, 22

    What a good way to kick off the weekend! I can’t wait for the new workout. How come we didn’t see Freddy’s scores in this one? Thanks guys – Sean – wow – you’re really making crazy progress, don’t you think? You looked so tired and crabby in the first workout and now you rock! Maybe it helps being back in your “home and native land”, eh?

  • Tali R.

    Hi Guys,

    so i just did this workout again today, i was hoping for a new workout yesterday or today ,but you are probably working on it now. so i did this one again and i got better numbers then few days ago when you post it. i feel soooooo good rith now.

    have a good week end.

  • Rachel

    Ok…so a friend told me about your guys site..and let me just say there is not turning back….you guys rock…please don’t go away!!!! I tried this workout for the first time along with my 1 1/2 year old trying to get in on the action which made it a little harder to keep with the time…Thanks so much for posting your videos…I love trying the new stuff all the time!!!!

  • zorobabel

    Ho no, instead of doing each exercices on a row, i did exercise number one 3 times in a row, and then switched to the other, and also i switched legs for the one leg bridge,the one leg burpee and triceps leg lift.
    I still had a good workout though, but maybe not as intensive as you.

    Most difficult, the one leg burpee,

  • Taryn

    I know people have suggested this before, but it would be great if we could buy a dvd of selected workouts. Of course I would still follow your site daily, but to have an archive of favourites would be excellent to have. We pay a lot for downloads in South Africa so I have to be selective about which workouts I download from your site. A dvd would help as a reference to make sure the exercise is performed correctly. Maybe you could just do a dvd of you performing popular exercises?

    Anyway, I hope you are enjoying life in Canada, you have a great energy between you which seems to work really well… Thanks for sharing!

  • Taryn

    Wow! I can see that Zuzana is very competitive, since Sean has joined in there is definitely a new vibe, a will to do even more… Its really great to hear Freddy making encouraging comments. Its clear that you take what you are doing seriously and that is a very motivating thing to see. I cant tell you how much your site has motivated me, and continues to do so.

    Thank you!

  • Selina

    Hey guys,

    This workout was brutal…I was in a puddle of sweat in the end. Here are my scores

    DS – 29,27,27
    SP – 14,14,14
    OLB- 21/23,20/25,21/25
    OLBurpee- 6/6,6/6,6/5
    PGU – 5,6,5
    TLL – 35,29,29

    Thanks for everything and hope you enjoy your stay in Canada :)

    Selina, Nova Scotia

  • shorts

    Hi guys killer workout this one.. the one legged burpees were a killer!
    1. 21/21/21
    2. 11/13/14
    3. 21-21/22-20/19-21
    4. 5-5/5-5/5-5
    5. 5/6/6
    6. 23/18/24

    Freddy, where are your scores?

  • Rob

    So I tried this workout today and it was brutal. Afterwards I went to SanFran for dinner and going up and down those hill was brutal on my already jello legs. Thanks again for the pain!

  • Taurus Girl

    WHEN can we see your husband do some workouts???

  • Taurus Girl

    Superb job!

    Will try this out later!

    Zuzana, please when you get the chance to, get those hair roots taken care of ; )

    You’re sexy. Sean is sexy. Freddy is sexy.

  • Mike

    Killer. I have to remodel my house so it’s like your’s so I can do these workouts. That’s today’s excuse. Thanks!

  • Staci

    1. 12,18,17
    2. 11, 13, 10
    3. 27, 22, 24
    4. 27, 27, 27
    5. 7, 5, 4
    6. 5,4,3
    7. 2,4,3
    8. 10, 10 (These don’t even count. I didn’t do them right either time…omg, I could not even do ONE!!!)

    BTW, on those prisoner situps, you’re not allowed to swing your legs up and propel your upper body, are you? I wasn’t doing them that way, but when I told my family how hard they were, they all got up from the dinner table to show me how easy they were, by lifting their legs and throwing them down so they could use that force to get up. Cheaters is what I call them, but I’ll let you decide.

  • Canadian Chic

    Here are my results, this workout was awesome!

    1. Dynamic Squats 28/31/27
    2. Sumo Push Up 14 /10/ 9
    3. One Leg Bridge 21/23/27 and 22/25/27
    4. One Leg Burpee 5/5/4 and 5/5/4
    5. Prisoner Get up —–
    6. Tricep leg lifts 22/30/30

    Great workout, was dripping in sweat! I got my boyfriend to do this workout also, he only managed 2 rounds but he really pushed himself and enjoyed the challenge.

    Thanks for all that you 3 do, you are amazing!


  • Alexander Grochowalski Silveira

    Hi anyone, well i live in Brazil and i was play GYM scince 16 years old. But the program workout BODYROCK is very, very strong and killer!

    COngratulations for yours iniciatives and good job.

    Excuse me my english poor.

    See you later.

  • Kari

    I just got done doing your “Kiss My Tight Ass workout”…WOW! I think this is by far one of the hardest you have posted to date!

    Keep the Intensity coming! I am addicted!!!!!!!

    Love from Las Vegas!!!!!!


  • Staci

    Getting psyched to do this in a few minutes… . Everyone here is amazing. My kids are going to think I’m insane, but I don’t have my timer yet so I’m going to have them take turns timing me!

  • burgen

    My favorite so far… well maybe not, I can’t decide! Great one, love the one leg burpees! Even though I suck at them! Still getting stronger and faster!
    Thanks, keep them coming!

  • Bridget

    I’m running a marathon this weekend so have had to cut back on my Bodyrock workouts… so disappointing! I can’t wait to be done with my run and come back full force.
    Question: Do you guys eat dairy? I have heard so many mixed things. I currently eat low-fat and non-fat dairy products and count them into my daily calories; however, I am considering cutting dairy from my diet completely. Any thoughts?

    • Frederick

      Hi Bridget – we both eat dairy – skim milk, cheese etc but just not huge quantities of it.

  • Jennifer, East Coast

    All I can say is huff and puff…that was a killer workout. I could not figure out the tricep leg lift, so I just tried hopeing I was doing it right. My triceps are really weak. I am still working on doing a pull up. I keep blaming it on my height, saying its harder since I am lower to the ground…haha…Thanks for putting together another great workout.

  • zebie

    Freddy, Freddy, Freddy!!!! Show us some Freddy! lol, He’s like the elusive character in a story that you’re never really certain exists even though he seems to be a vital aspect of it all ;) These latest workouts -rock-. Congrats on yet another move!

  • FluidFreedom

    Okay here are my stats for today:

    Dynamic Squats R1:15 R2:11 R3:12

    Sumo Pushups R1:9 R2:8 R3:8

    One Leg Bridge (L) R1:22 R2:23 R3:15

    One Leg Bridge (R) R1:18 R2:22 R3:12

    One Leg Burpee (L) R1:4 R2:3 R3:3

    One Leg Burpee (R) R1:4 R2:3 R3:3

    Prisoner Getup R1:4 R2:2 R3:2

    Tricep Leg Lift R1:7 R2:18 R3:11

    This was really hard for me. I know my stats are not as impressive as some of yours but man I tried hard. Burpees are so hard for me and the prisoner Getup was beyond difficult, but I kept at it.

    Thanks for a great workout! I really look forward to working out every day with you all!

  • Vilivil

    oh, sumo push up not on knees, I did regular sumo push ups :D

  • Vilivil

    Dynamic Squats: 28/31/30
    Sumo Pushups (on knees): 16/16/14 :S arms still weak because of the sexy hot cool workout
    One Leg Bridge(left): 25/30/31
    One Leg Bridge(right): 32/32/29
    One Leg Burpee(left): 6/7/6
    One Leg Burpee(right): 6/6 and a half/6
    Prisoner Getups: 6/6 and a half/6
    Tricep Leg Lifts: 27/26/30

    But I’ve cheated a little, I did take a little longer pause between rounds (10-15 sec) because I had to drink water and I had to wipe off the sweat, and 5 sec is just not enough :D

  • Yayeri

    Dynamic squats 21-21-25
    Sumo Push-ups 10-6-10
    One leg Bridge (r) 18-18-19
    One leg Bridge (l) 18-21-18
    One leg burpee (r) 5-3-3 (lots of room to improve
    One leg burpee (l) 4-2-3
    Prisoner 4-3-3 ( I forgot the first time and did two rounds back to back
    Tricep leg lift 15-12-20
    Sweating like crazy and looking forward to being a bit sore…
    Thanks for the awesome workout -I’m so psyched I did it at 10:20 tonight..

  • fabiola

    I really like watching the work outs. I had a question, im 22 yrs old and i used to run track and field in in high school. when i do squats i have really bad knee pain. Is there any way to make it go away?

  • Rod

    1. 26-24-23
    2. 21-18-19
    3. 25-26-30
    4. 26-30-23
    5. 9-9-8
    6. 6-7-8
    7. 8-9-7
    8. 47-55-31

    Now, this was a whip-ass workout. Keep ‘em up!!!

  • Steve

    Hi Zuzanna and Sean! I am a really big fan of your workouts and exercises. I think I’ve seen all your workout videos and now I’m getting better. And I have one request. Can you guys do some partner exercises such as squats with partner on shoulders, pony raises, push-ups with partner on back, etc. So that I can compare your results with me and my partner’s results. Much love! You guys are awesome!

  • Stephanie

    Zuzana Kicks ASS in this workout ( well in all of her workouts)! Your AMAZING girl! Keep up the hard work. Sean had some trouble keeping up, lol. Just Kidding! Good work!

  • Lightening

    Hey Guys

    Cool that you are back in Canada! If you were working out yesterday in the heat you were crazy… assuming you are in Ontario! I did my workout in the basement yesterday but did this one outside on the deck this morning. Nice cool breeze for a killer workout!
    Prior: 10 Min TGU with 16/12kg KBell, then:
    Dynamic squats : 25/22/18
    Sumo Push Up :13/14/12
    One Leg Bridge : 25/28, 22/22, 22/22
    One Leg Burpee : 8/7, 6/6, 6/7 OUCH!!!!
    Prisoner Get Up : 6/6/6 – Had to keep my hands down for momentum
    Tricep Leg Lift : 26/24/30 Last two I had to do with knees on ground and leg lift.
    After I did some plank work for 4 min!

    Thanks again!

  • Amandafit

    My goodness!! I think this one was one of the toughest..practically NO REST!!!! My results are as follows:

    1) Dynamic Squat 30 22 25
    2) Sumo Push Up 14 14 14
    3) One Leg Bride (L) 18 17 17
    4) One Leg Bridge (R) 19 17 19
    5) One Leg Burpee (L) 8 8 9
    6) One Leg Burpee (R) 8 8 8
    7) Prisoner Squat Get Up 6 8 8
    8) Tricep Leg Lift 18 17 19

    Accidental Bonus Round
    9) One Leg Bridge (L) 26
    10) One Leg Bridge (R) 22

    I can’t thank you enough Zuzana, Freddy and Sean!! I seriously tell everyone about your site…My Doctor said I should be a spokesperson for you guys!!!! I guess I already am!

    I also had a thought, Have you ever considered doing before and after pics from all your followers? I think it could even be private just for you so you can see our progress and hard work! Just a thought!


  • Ann

    Hi :)
    I did this workout yesterday.This morning I felt like I got beaten by a baseball bat.I’m sore(actually I’m sore everytime I do your workout :D ) all over so today will be my rest day. Here is how I did it.

    Dynamic squats : 26/27/27
    Sumo Push Up :10/11(had to do from my knees)/10
    One Leg Bridge : 30/30, 34/32, 37/38
    One Leg Burpee : 5/6, 6/5, 5/5…This one is very brutal!
    Prisoner Get Up : 8/10/9
    Tricep Leg Lift : 29/27/28

    Thank you for all of you :) I’ll be working out with you tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening!

  • Adela

    I have to say that YOU KILL ME! But i like it :D

    This workout was brutal. Right now i am gasping.

    GREAT! 5*****

  • Jenna

    This workout was a killer but so awesome!!
    These were my reps:
    1. 26-20-19
    2. 15-10-10
    3. 22-28-29
    4. 19-28-29
    5. 6-5-5
    6. 6-5-4
    7. 8-7-6
    8. 26-36-40
    I found that my first round I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough with some of the exercises so I tried my best to step it up.
    I even got my fiancee to do this workout with me!!! He thought this workout was killer too!
    These are his reps:
    1. 22-12-13
    2. 19-13-11
    3. 30-32-31
    4. 32-34-38
    5. 7-5-4
    6. 6-5-4
    7. 4-4-4
    8. 27-19-21
    I asked him what he thought was the hardest exercise was in this workout and he said it was the Prisoner get ups and the one leg burpee’s.

    Thanks guys for another awesome workout!!!!!

  • Devon

    Devon Jamie
    Dynamic Squat 27 | 26 | 20 29 | 23 | 21
    Sumo Push Ups 15 | 06 | 06 15 | 08 | 09
    One Leg Bridge (left) 21 | 37 | 31 40 | 35 | 31
    One Leg Bridge (right) 30 | 34 | 30 43 |30 | 33
    One Leg Burpee (left) 06 | 05 | 05 04 | 04 | 03
    One Leg Burpee (right) 05 | 04 | 04 04 | 03 | 03
    Prisoner Get Up 05 | 04 | 04 05 | 05 | 05
    Tricep Leg Lift 21 | 20 | 20 31 | 25 | 30

    • d.

      why did you do 6 rounds for each exercise?

      • Devon

        There were two of us doing the workout… I posted both our results, but they got jumbled in the posting…. the first 3 in each line are mine, the second 3 are Jamie’s.

  • Nicole

    You guys are amazing the motivational support that you guys give each other is phenomenal.

    • Nicole

      Also I’m pretty new to your channel and I must say I have been playing sports my whole life and I have never done anything quite like the prisoner get ups. I got rocked thought they were going to be!

  • Maryam

    i have a request zuzana, frederick, and sean…

    can u guys makes a post on ‘ask us anything’. there you can give us all like 3 days to post any questions we have for each or all of you and maybe u guys can make a vid answering the questions. i know zuzana did a FAQ vid a while back but since then i believe many things have changed. i usually go through all of the comments under each post so i can read all the questions u have answered already, and they are always very informative or just nice to know.

    plus, it could be a nice coffee talk kinda video. i hope you all give some thought to this.

    thanks :)

  • Yaya

    Hi guys,

    Thanks much for everything you do – you are the best inspiration!

    I need to get back in shape after graduating from school, so I decided to spend this summer working on my body with you guys. I was thinking about buying p90x set of videos, but figured it will be more interesting to see where 90 days of training with you will take me. So I will start my Z90x program instead tomorrow, on the 1st of June, and we shall see what happens by September 1st.:-)

    I am thinking about blogging about the experience – there are lots of people who after school are a physical mess, and it is very difficult to get back on track – but I am not sure if I will do it yet. I will keep you updated, though!

    Thanks again,


  • Yaz

    Crazy intense workout! Tried this workout with a friend, and we both nearly passed out afterwards :)

    Dynamic Squats: 32/28/26
    Sumo Pushups (on knees): 25/21/15
    One Leg Bridge(left): 24/25/28
    One Leg Bridge(right): 29/29/29
    One Leg Burpee(left): 7/8/6
    One Leg Burpee(right): 8/8/8
    Prisoner Getups: 6/6/5
    Tricep Leg Lifts: 17/20/20


    Hi guys,


    I broke a bone in my foot this morning. I cried mostly because I know its detrimental to my workouts. :( And I had accomplished so much in three weeks.

    Anybody have any ideas on what I can do to stay active on a broken foot? I can tell ya, the one legged jump rope came in handy– whew! thank God I had been working out with bodyrock!

    I know cardio is out of the question, but any ideas would be nice. Also, should I take it easier on eating until I recover?
    thanks guys

    • Jenya

      Alicia, you should still be able to swim (cardio) and do chin-ups and push-ups – albeit from your knees.
      Don’t despair! I had a broken calcaneus (heel bone) about a year ago – after a couple of weeks after I was even able to play soccer (on the beach and in socks, but still).
      What part of your foot did you break?

      • ALICIA

        Thanks, I’ll have to hit the Y for a swim.
        The cuboid tarsal is fractured and broke the 5th metatarsal

    • d.

      i think maybe ab exercises would be ok, can’t really think of any off the top of my head at the moment but there are a lot of them on this site. but this would probaby be a good time to focus on your diet, by eating smaller portions and eating healythy food. i don’t really know anything about what to do while being injured, but just use your time off working out wisely and focus on other goals you want to work toward. this time off will be over before you know it, so i hope you feel better and recover soon!

      • ALICIA

        Thanks for your help guys, I’m feeling much better about it all today.

        • Charlie D.

          Depending on what your doctors say and how you feel, you might be able to swim (or aquajog) and bike (probably stationary bike) for cardio. The thing about all of those is that it is easy to take it easy. Maybe try a tabata-style regimen and then just do plenty of one-legged pushups, crunches, dips, pullups, one-legged bridges, one-legged burpees, etc. All the best.

  • Siobhan

    I soo love your workouts! i mix them up a bit and do a couple at a time when I feel like a change from my gym routine. i still love the gym it’s just a good environment to be in but i love mixing it up so I don’t get bored

    Zuzana i was wondering If you have any Exercise training qualifications or it’s out of pure passion and you’re just a fitness enthusiast?

    I’m currently doing a BBs in Sports Management and Marketing and I just got accepted into an elite college for fitness professionals to do my PT certificate and a business adn advanced business diploma over my summer break! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to be in the fitness industry and influence people like you do! anyway i was just wondering how you got started with this site? what motivated you and why did you decide to pursue this? Do you have another job?

    Any I’m off to do one of your workouts! Thankyou so much for this site! I even steal exercises and use them in my gym routine :) x x

  • Jordan

    Does anyone know if the REALLY old workouts are posted somewhere? LIke from the very beginning when they started this a couple of years ago? I haven’t found them in the archives. Thanks for the help!

    • d.

      i think that they deleted those posts from this websites, but you can find them on youtube and google. but they don’t give a description of the workouts like this one does.. these workouts are WAY better anyways ;)

    • Siobhan

      try Their youtube site…not sure if the are there but could be :)

      Theres some old looking workouts in workout archives i’m sure but I’m not sure if they are from the beginning?

    • NovaScott

      Under “Workout Archives” there are a series of videos called Workout for Absolute Beginners – I think there are five parts that make up one workout.

  • Katrina

    wow….I’m knocked out. i couldn’t even do all of it but it kicked my butt. Its really good to see a women being healthy and a role model!
    Thanks Zuzana.

    By the way, you said in your prev. videos that it took you years to get your body, how did you keep motivated to stay fit?

  • Claudia

    where exactly in Canada are you living now??

  • Sara

    Ideas for workout names:

    Juicy tooshie workout
    Go ham my strings workout
    Work it bootylicious
    Dear sweet agony workout
    We’ll get you delirious workout

    Thanks for all your workouts! I’m loving the new intensity! Good work Sean! And Freddy, when are we going to get to see you workout!?!?

    Oh and one more thing… I was wondering, Zuzanna, if you could have a blog entry with “one photo every hour”. Your daily life is like a mystery apart from the workouts, and you said earlier that you lead an active lifestyle, so it would be fun to see how your days look like in general, for instance how you manage your eating hours in between everything else you need to do.

    Lots of love,
    Sara, Sweden.

  • Nicki

    Wow my head is spinning after this workout! After 2 rounds I was ready to quit but I had your voices in my head telling me to push through and I actually beat the first 2 rounds on most of the exercises! So thanks for really kicking our butts!

    Dynamic Squats: 29/26/31
    Sumo Pushups: 17/13/16
    One Leg Bridge(Right, Left): 22,25/24,26/25,27
    One Leg Burpee(Right, Left): 7,6/7,6/8,6
    Prisoner Get Ups: 6/7/6
    Tricep Leg Lifts: 26/27/27

  • OaklandSharksFan

    I wasn’t able to get my numbers (long story) but I have to say, you guys make it look so easy in the videos but I am finding out that these are not easy at all. This is coming from a 28 year old guy who considers himself to be in pretty good shape. All I have to say is one legged burpees right after leg bridges, OH MY GOD! I love how you always have it set up like that in the workout plan. Thanks again!

  • Lvette #1

    Completed in 20:08

    1. 30-25-27
    2. 12-9-9
    3. 20-19-16
    4. 24-22-20
    5. 6-7-5
    6. 8-7-6
    7. 6-6-6
    8. 20-21-23

  • Janet

    1 32-27-27
    2 11-12-14
    3 25-28-30
    4 26-30-34
    5 9-9-10
    6 9-9-9
    7 7-7-7
    8 30-39-41
    I was having a hard time scribbling down my numbers in the 5 second interval! Almost need the 10 seconds rest period just to make the full “on” interval. I need a training buddy to jot it all down and tell me to “do it”!!
    Yesterday I had to squeeze in the Sexy Hot Cool Workout before dashing off to work, so without time to warm up or cool down (not counting the cold shower) and I would like to report I would not recommend doing these workouts that way! Not only is the workout less effective, but the risk of being tight and sore the next day is pretty high. My hamstrings paid the price as I sat for 11 hours after the workout. I felt like a rusty VW this morning!!!

  • Ale Basualdo

    Hola, i’m Alejandro from Argentina Bs.As. i’m just say the interval training its magnific!!! write very poor in English Sorry!!! i love this work. me parece muy entretenido y very difficult.
    enjoy this work!!! bye bye from Argentine!!!!

  • Anon.

    Hi guys,

    I just wondered if anyone (Zuzanna included) has a problem with being cold? Since losing lots of body fat I have felt much colder a lot of the time – even when my friends are in shorts and t-shirts! (Although I do live in the UK, so it’s not exactly *that* warm). I imagine Canada isn’t the warmest of places to live either! Anyone else had this problem?

    • Audra

      Hi Anon,

      I also noticed since dropping 20 lbs & 7% body fat (from 23%-16%) that I get cold easier which is nice because in Arizona the summer temps get up to 110 degrees. It’s worth shedding that winter coat though ;)

      • Rea

        How did you drop to 16% bodyfat?
        My diet is very clean and it always has been quite clean (not a junk food or sugar person, though I did eat a lot of fat from peanut butter and tehina and big portions) I workout 4-5 times a week at max effort (for the past year) and I have gone from 23% to about 20% during that time.
        I have no idea what I can do to drop any lower (wanna get better definition) I already look quite slim and I have lost my boobs… dont want to lose my ass too! :)

    • Kezza

      Hello, Yeah I get cold and even when the sun is out ( which here in the UK is not often) if there is a breeze I soon cool down. But if your worried I always think it is best to see your GP best to be safe then sorry.

      Hope this helps x

      P.S Another fab workout guys keep em coming.

  • Mickela

    incredibly brutal. I am shaking like crazy. and seriously dripping. it is also super hot in my apartment. so add 85 degrees to this hell and oh my god!
    1. 26,17,14
    2. 16,21,14
    3. 10,27,25
    4. 25,28,25
    5. 7,4,4
    6. 5,4,2
    7. 4,5,5
    8. 25 for all
    i wish I had someone to take my score, 5 sec rest is not enough to grab a pen when in the middle of such evil Zuzi and Sean punishment.

    I still love you guys even if you hurt me ;-)

  • ike

    Dynamic Squat 28-24-24
    Sumo Pushup 29-14-12
    One Leg Bridge (L) 20-18-23
    One Leg Bridge (R) 29/15/20
    One Leg Burpee (L) 11-7-7
    One Leg Burpee (R) 9-8-7
    Prisoner Getup 4-5-5
    Tricept Leg Lift 27-23-25

    Wow what a workout! I wish I had better motivation then my mom telling me to do one more!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Def woulda done better if you were with me Zuzana!!

  • Samantha R

    I’m on Day 50 of no sugar or rubbish… I can hardly believe I’ve managed to do it – even swerved my mother-in-laws bread and butter pudding on Saturday (the best pudding ever). We’re off to Portugal for a week in the morning so I’ll be in my bikini tomorrow (complete with six pack I might add) – the Gymboss is hidden in my case too;)). Thank you all for the fab website – see you in a week if I can stop myself logging on to BRock. Here’s my scores for this brutal beating….

    Dyanmic squats – 29, 23, 23
    Sumo Push ups – 17, 13, 11
    One leg bridge – 29/31, 33/30, 31/27
    One leg burpees – 8/7, 7/7, 6/6
    Prisoner get ups – 8, 8, 9
    Tricep leg lifts – 26, 24, 22

    • becca

      omg 50 days? You did so good :) I can’t go a few without over eating when im not hungry, have fun u deserve it

  • Vasil

    Hi guys, I’m following your videos on a regular basis but really didn’t have the time to catch up. In my best weeks I was doing like 2 times tops. You know … work familly and stuff. And I lost the edge. Actually this is my first post. I was only taking without giving any actual feedback…and recently after re-discovering ( the turbo-max workouts got me back ) you guys I just feel like writing a few words. Even though you’ll most probably not read it, I’d really feel good. So I would like to say a big THANKS for bringing me back to the game. Me and my wife started doing the combo-workouts together. And we’re more than happy. Well after the second set I can barely breathe but damn, I’m not breathing happily. So here it is, there was a lot of sweat there was a lot of swearing but in the end after a nice cool bath I felt what I had before.

    Bestest of regards,



  • cease

    Dyn. Squat……………. 38,36,32
    Sumo Push-up………. 26,24,18
    One Leg Bridge (L)….. 40,42,36
    One Leg Bridge (R)….. 39,42,36
    One Leg Burpee (L)…. 10,9,8
    One Leg Bupree (R)…. 9,9,8
    Prisoner Get-up……… 8,8,7
    Tricep Leg Lift………… 35,39,38

  • Kitty

    BUSH WHACKED WORKOUT, that’s what this was!!

    I made my rest interval 10 seconds becuase I knew I’d need it just to write down my reps and read my notes to remember what came next! I kept the effort interval at 40 seconds.
    1. 31/28/25
    2. 16/12/10
    3. 32/29/30
    4. 32/29/30
    5. 9/6/6
    6. 8/6/6
    7. 7/7/7/
    8. 30/20/30

    Thanks again!

  • http://none Marios

    And just to make sure u dont get confused i am 75kgs(just saying coz i gave my weight in pounds and the weight i lost in kgs,stupid me :D )

  • Ocelan


    First of all I’m going to make excuses and say that I haven’t been working out so much lately and I hate myself for it. I’ve been really busy and slacking already since the end of march. Before that I worked out with you guys 5 or 6 times a week.
    One of the reasons that made me slack was the fact that I didn’t have the new equipment you guys got and so I wasn’t able to do all the excersises you did. So I always had to try to find some old workout for me to do and it took a lot of time to find something (cos the site works really slow for me) from the archives.

    But now I’ve been trying to get back on the horse. I want to get in shape, I really do. I think it would help my self confidense a lot, since I’ve always felt ugly and been a social outcast.

    I’ve worked hard to change things since last year. I started off with working out in october which I had never done before and by doing something new every day. I’ve made some new friends outside my normal circle and I’ve started again some of my old creative hobbies.

    Now my goal is to start trying to feel better about myself. All my life I’ve been told I’m no good and that I’m ugly. I’m Finnish, so people here don’t say anything nice unless if they really have to. We only say bad things, and I’m not going to take that anymore. Starting from this day I’m going to try and stop beating myself up on top of others and say something positive about myself each day. This is a promise. Also I’m going to try to be a non traditional Finn and say something nice about someone else each day. People will be confused, but I won’t care.

    I finished this workout with these results:
    1. Dynamic Squat 31 – 29 – 30
    2. Sumo Push Up 15 – 15 – 16
    3. One Leg Bridge (left leg) 27 – 27 – 31
    4. One Leg Bridge (right leg) 30 – 28 – 29
    5. One Leg Burpee (left leg) 7 – 6 – 6
    6. One Leg Burpee (right leg) 6 1/2 – 5 – 6
    7. Prisoner Get Up 6 1/2 – 6 – 6 1/2
    8. Tricep Leg Lift 31 – 38 – 32

    I don’t know if anyone reads this (this is me depressing myself again, thinking nobody notices), but I hope someone does.

    Zuzana I have a question for you! I hope you read this and reply.

    I wanted to know about weight gain and working out. I’ve always been quite slim, skinny even people say. They’ve called me twig and all sorts of names. I’ve liked the weight I’ve been. I’ve been about the same weight for years.

    But now after starting to work out more I’ve noticed I’ve been gaining weight. Well we all know they say muscle weighs more than fat. I haven’t had that much fat to lose ..or well if I have some, atleast I haven’t changed my appearance fat-wise so much.

    So my question is, have you gained some weight since you started working out? Or only lost? I worry since when I look into the mirror I don’t see myself being more fat or anything, about the same, but a bit more toned. But for the first time in life I’ve been over 60 kg, when before I’ve been 55ish. I don’t like passing new ten kilo markers, cos if I’m allowed to cross this one, it comes easy that I would be allowed to cross another one aswell… I don’t want that.

    So how much does working out affect weight in this way? Have I just been gaining weight and not noticed?

    Thanks if anyone had the patience to read my babbling. I wish I could express myself with just a few words, but I can’t.

    Your eternal pessimist

    P.S. Thanks again for your excellent workouts and support to us, the people you haven’t even met. You guys are an inspiration to so many and have no idea.

    And hi to Sean aswell. You’re a great addition to the forces of :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Ocelan,

      If you gain weight or loose weight depends on how much do you actually eat. Working out can speed up the process of loosing weight or gaining lean muscle.

  • SpanishGirl

    Hey guys, what do you think about going vegetarian? Thanks!

  • http://none Marios

    Hey zuzanna and fredderick,i recently found out about a NEW DIET METHOD CALLED INTERMITTENT FASTING.It has you fast(not eat anything exept water) for 14-36 hours depending on your condition goals etc.,and gives you an “eating window” of 2-8 hours where you eat(what you eat depends on your goals).This diet is claimed to have lots of health benefits and be better then the classic 6-8 small meals a day.Im 16 years old male,160 pounds and 6.1 ft tall,im not overweight neither fat.My body looks athletic but i dont have much muscle definition(i have been weight training and strength training for about 2 years which got me only gaining muscle mass without losing fat because i didnt really have a good diet on the periods i was training,which is why now i am dieting and doing HIIT cardio 5 times a week to get the lean-defined look i want.

    So far i have lost about 3 kgs in 1,5 month of steady pace cardio and dieting acoording to your tips given on this site(eating clean and 6 meals a day,drinking lots of water etc.)
    Now,should i continue this way?OR is the intermittent fast program more beneficial and faster for fat loss?


    Thanks in advance. :D

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Marios,

      I have never tried intermittent fasting method so I can’t give you any insight. I believe in individual approach and learning from our own experiences, so why don’t you give that method a try for a few weeks and see for yourself if it’s something that gives you more benefits than eating small portions? Many professional athletes and their trainers are often experimenting with new methods. If we wont give it a try than how do we know for sure if it works or not? I personally tried fasting before and it just made me feel sick and incredibly weak so I don’t do that anymore.

  • Katie

    I tried this workout this morning and was sweating worse than a pig at the end of it! Thanks to your workouts and a much improved diet, I’ve been able to lose 16 pounds since February, plus I’ve gained so much strength. Thanks for all your time!

  • Mauv

    Hi Zuzana! I’d like to know if you still have your pull-up bar, your dip-station and your kettlebell? I ask the question because after your move, you could be obliged to leave your equipment behind you.

    Thank you so much for your trainings!

  • Stefania

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to thank you for all these workouts in your website, i’ve followed you since the last year and since then i’ve had very good results. Although, I try my best to work out every week because I work and study at the same time. I was wondering if it was posible for you to build a routine that could be done at least twice a week but as effective as the other routines you already have.



  • Naomi

    Oh wow this was REALLY brutal… Sweat was dripping down my chin and running into my eyes.

    Dynamic Squat: 27,26,26
    Sumo Push Up: 14, 15.5, 15
    One leg bridge: 21/24, 23/24, 27/29
    One leg burpee: 6/6, 6/7, 6/6
    Prisoner get up: 8, 8, 8
    Tricep leg left: I wasn’t quite sure how to do this and I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it right; 21, 25, 28

    Thanks for the work out! I’m gonna shower and have dinner (homemade sushi!) :)

  •!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

    I’m loving it!

    I did the burpees before the leg bridges but I suppose that’s not a big deal considering I can’t remember my name?

    My results, in the right order as instructed on the website:

    1) 26/23/22
    2) 12/7/8
    3) 21/22/21
    4) 22/21/21
    5) 5/4/5 (crap)
    6) 5/4/5 (same)
    7) 8/8/8
    8) 20/16/18

  • http://n/a Tanya

    Wow, that was a hell of a workout. As usual, I was sweating like hell (wonder every day where do I keep all that water:-))
    One-leg Burpees in the middle of the round was quite a challenge. Also I did the one-leg bridge without extending the leg up ’cause I couldn’t access your website till evening, so I did this exercise the way I saw it on the picture. Hope that counts!
    My score:
    1. 28/25/25
    2. 15/9/8
    3. 35/30/34
    4. 34/35/34
    5. 6/5/5
    6. 5/5/5
    7. 5/6/7
    8. 24/24/28
    With the last exercise in the last round I sort of got ‘stuck’ – couldn’t extend my arms to get out of the dip :-) Had to roll over. My son was laughing nuts.
    BTW, what can you suggest to work on those spine muscles around your lower back? These are not exactly love handles, ’cause they are closer to the spine. They look fat to me.
    Take care and keep up the good work(outs)! :-)

  • JT

    Hey guys,
    Here are some possible workout names.

    Tear Jerker
    Annihilation workout
    Sudden Death
    Pain is Sexy
    Cry Baby

    You guys are so awesome. Thanks for all the variety and unique exercises. Great stuff.

  • Jayne

    You guys are great. I love these workouts just before summer I really feel like I will be in the best shape of my life working out at home with all of you. I love that Freddy talks because it is funny and to me it makes the workouts that much more real. I am like Sean in that I sweat during the workout and then during cool down it is like I am melting. lol I wish I had someone to workout with but it is just as motivating to watch you guys workout and then do the workout myself. Thanks

  • becca

    hey zuzu i have a workout idea for you guys
    its called THE BEST REVENGE(a hot body is the best revenge)

    10 reps of {10 high-knees, burpee, pushup, jump up}
    10 reps of {10 high-knees, 1 leg squat down(alt legs), roll back, and 20 bicyles, prisoner get up}
    10 reps of {10 prisoner squats w alt knee ups, 12 reps of crunches (alt. left side crunch, v-crunch, and right side crunch, each crunch=1 rep)}

    Feel free to make changes and thanx for reading, hope you enjoy:)

  • Isabella

    I did the Perverted Punisher in a ridiculously fast time (for myself) and then with a workout high I did some Muy Thai training right after… I murdered my muscles! So freaking sore! I was starting to do this workout but I couldn’t put my all in it. I’m going to have to do some active rest today. =/ Bada-bah-bah-bah! I’m lovin’ it! (Ew. lol.)

  • MB

    Another great workout. I can definitely see a difference in Shawn’s definition and strenght. Good work you guys.

    Shawn, are you single? lol What’s the age difference between you and Freddie?

  • ari

    i just want to say that i’m loving these workouts in your new space because they don’t require any equipment, so they can be done anywhere! i have very limited resources, so workouts done with just your body and a timer are the best.

  • Audra

    Hi guys,

    This one was tough after a 12 hour work day yesterday but I managed to survive, so here are my numbers:

    DynSquat: 30-29-29
    SumoPushUp: 13-11-9
    OneLegBridge: 30/30-28/28-27/26
    OneLegBurpee: 7/7-5/5-6/6
    PrisGetUp: 7-6-5
    TriLegLift: 29-25-29

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been sore and today I’m feelin it. So kudos to you Zuzana for bringin on the muscle confusion :) Oh, & I thought of these workout names with Zuzana in mind:

    Ultimate Burn
    Crazy Sexy Strength
    Beautiful Muscle

  • Henry

    Not sure if you read my last post from your “perverted punishment workout” on body-weight exercises vs weights, and guys doing them…

    There is a great interval workout, derived from the TV show Spartacus for the actors. It’s essentially high intensity circuit-training with body weight and free weights/kettle bells. However, someone pushed it a step further, all advance body weight exercise, but keeping the same time frame. This is what I usually do (I modified it as well):

    10 exercises, 60 sec for each exercise, 15 sec rest, 3 sets with 1-2 minute break in between each set.

    1: one leg burpee (switch sides after 30 sec)
    2: Assisted one arm push ups (switch sides after 30 sec) (you do this with one hand in the regualar pushup position and the other straight out for balance)
    3: Jumping scissors
    4: 12 clapping pushups, 10 regular pushups, 1-5 clapping pushups (depending how much time is left or endurance)
    5: one leg squat (switch at 30 sec)
    6: Bear walk (walk on hands and feet forward and backwards)
    7: Ice skate (jump left to right)
    8: hand mountain climbers with your legs together shifting left to right
    9: Regular hand mountain climbers
    10: Either abs like Russian twists or high knees

    Take a 1-2 minute break and repeat for 2 more sets.

    Takes around 42-45 minutes, depending on your rest breaks in between sets. This is hard and will test your endurance. But it’s a great challenge and you will feel great afterward. If you want to try it out and need more explanation on the exercises, let me know.

  • Caroline

    Hey guys!
    Your workouts are great! I’m working on my abs, butt and legs for 5 days and my belly is disapearing! But there’s something – i eat so much more than before and I can’t control myself because I need energy for workouts. What are you doing if you’re really hungry or maybe you have special diet. I want to start eating only fruits and veggies (now I’m vegetarian) but sweets won’t let me do it :(
    Thanks a lot!

    PS. Sorry for my english if it isn’t correct :P

  • Jodie

    This workout was brutal! I had left a message about a month ago about a my friend and I. She is getting in crazy shape for her wedding, and around a month ago I introduced her to your site. We’ve been pounding away with the workouts and she is looking great! We have 40 days till her wedding….keep up with the high intensity, I’m loving it …and she’s starting to!

  • Nina

    heej :) today’s workout was totaly brutal. i wrealy push my self hard! But this new work outs with u and Sean are great. It’s soo great that u put exercise to the next level. no we can wrealy see how far we can put our self!! :) i like it :) just keep it that way :) TNX

    best regards, Nina

  • Anita

    Awesome workout again guys.
    Three questions:
    1. When are we going to see Freddy workout with you and Sean?
    2. Does anyone live underneath your place? Those wooden floors can’t be doing a good job of muffling the jumps ;o)
    3. Zuzana, have you thought of creating a video/DVD compilation product out of your workouts?

  • Stania

    HI Zuzi,Fredi and Sean
    Good work out.
    Chtela bych se zeptat Zuzko co je to na youtube za stranku CharleiJames1975 ja sem dneska nemohla otevrit tvoji stranku tak sem sla youtube a zniceho nic se tam ukazalo tohle trochu me to zmatlo je to tam vsechno o tobe ale lidi tam komentujou vsechno.
    Ale jinak uz na sobe vidim zlepseni a nemuzu se dockat na dalsi cviceni je to super ze muzu cvicit kazdy den neco jinyho a moc se mi libi jakou potporu a jeky vliv ma tvoje stranka na nas vsechny.
    Zavidim vam vas styl zivota nenito nic stereotipniho.
    Moc krat dekuju.

  • Lil

    Thank you for this workout! I’ve been doing your workouts most days of the week and this is my favorite one so far. I only had one problem…I couldn’t do the tricep leg lifts because I’m not strong enough to do so. what’s a good substitute exercise that will get my triceps up to par with the rest of my upper body?

  • Alexandre Alves

    Hey guys,

    Your workouts is very very very cool, I see you site every day.
    Congratulations for the work!!! :-)

    And… today I’m happy to say that I did your workout:

    “mannn… its was evil!!”
    (but, exercise is like medicines: if it goes bitter you know that will work)

    my scores:
    1. Dynamic Squat 27 – 22 – 23

    2. Sumo Push Up 17 – 15 – 10

    3. One Leg Bridge (left leg) 35 – 30 – 25

    4. One Leg Bridge (right leg) 35 – 30 – 25

    5. One Leg Burpee (left leg) 11 – 7 – 3 (this is horrible, kill me)

    6. One Leg Burpee (right leg) 5 – 5 – 3

    7. Prisoner Get Up 7 – 7 – 7

    8. Tricep Leg Lift 30 – 17 – 28 (on the second set I lost attention, and lost count)

    You are a very good inspiration!
    Keep going :)

    Big, big hugs

  • carlos & ina

    I’m scare my girlfriend is going to make me do this tomorrow,i don’t want to weak up tomorrow.

  • Dr. Kurt Meininger

    I have a challenge for the prisioner get up. Here it is: Instead of standing up… get up onto your knees and do a ninja jump and tuck… while in the prisioner position! I was able to do it and it made a big difference!

  • Julia T

    Hey guys! You guys should totally do a “behind the scenes” video on all the things you have to do to get ready, film, and edit a workout. :) Thanks for the inspiration!


    OK, not quite strong enough to pull this one off but I will be trying it again about two weeks to gauge my strength.

    Well, today was supposed to be my day off, but I was so sore and my energy was low, so I decided to do a short workout using several of my favorites exercises from bodyrock. I felt sooo much better and worked out alot of the soreness.

    Thanks so much Zuzana, Frederick, and Sean. You have been so inspiring to me. My husband is so impressed with the changes in my body that he has decided to gruel it out with me too! This is amazing because he has always been in such good shape and never exercised.
    Guess he doesn’t want me to make him look weak!

    Thanks again for all you do, I know it’s probably a pain in the ass to deal with cameras, lights, and technical difficulties, but you are inspiring and changing the lives of many people out there.

  • susan

    please have some cof-talk zusa!

  • mag

    great workout I enjoy it I almost die haha:D
    Zu! I have a questiooon, you said that in your breackfast, now you are eating fruits and no more oatmeal, almonds, or bread but how much fruits are you eating? like one banana?, or maybe 2 fruits?

    how many fruits do you eat in one day?

    and in your others meals you said that now you are eating less meat, and more veggies and salad, but for example in you lunch the portion of some veggie is bigger than the portion that you used to eat about I don’t know maybe chicken?. do you understand me?,

    and guys are you working out everyday now?

    thank you so much guys!

    and SEAN i love your laughter ! haha is highly contagious haha =)

  • Tough cookie

    Great workout! loved it!

    I prefer to have a 10s break between exercises to a least have a chance to grab a sip of water…

    Keep up the good work!


    I know this YOUR SITE, Zuzana, but how about one day you man the camera and let Frederick and Sean do the work out?

  • http://Amazingjob! Roxy

    Oh my Gosh! You guys are amazing! Zuzanam from a EU chick to another one! Thank you :-) !

  • Nik

    Hey, I dont know if this could work but I live in an apartment, upstairs, so I have next to no space for excersises, I dont have anytime to go on runs or workout at the gym and I like your excersises, do you think you could come up with a routine thats still intensive but with almost no jumping and no pull ups? ( I dont have one of those bar things and I cant afford one).
    If you could it would be great,

    • Amy

      Hi Nik,
      I see a lot of people running into the same problem of apartment living. I also live in an apartment but workout outside or even in my apartment gym, which I am fortunate to have access to. However, one of the workouts I have done from the archive lately when I want to avoid jumping and making noise is the Bootcamp Circuit Workout. No jumping involved, and it’s a great workout. I hope Zuzana will create new ones as well! :)

      • Nik

        Thanks very much I’ll give it a try :)

  • Niki

    Thanks for letting us hear the coaching. This helped pre-empt mistakes in form!

    Also, here are some title ideas for you:

    Full Throttle
    Burn it out
    Lactic Bath
    Body Shredder
    Summer Scourge
    Kick it into 5th Gear

    Thanks for all you do guys!

    • Susan

      Niki, I’ve been trying to think of names and here you come up with a long list and they are all awesome….good work!!!

  • Shay

    I must say…this is the MOST brutal workout I have ever done. I follow and do all of your workouts, and this is, by far, the hardest. I have never breathed so hard during a workout, and those one-legged burpees were CRAZY! But thank you so much for all of your amazing videos and the effort you put into them. You have truly transformed my body. =)

  • Ashley

    I think this is my favorite workout name you’ve chosen thus far. ;)

  • Laurinsh

    I love you guys so much! You are developing new FITNESS ERA!!! Are you aware of that? You guys ROCK BIG TIME!!!
    Love the new videos where Sean is sweating too!!! Keep it up you guys! Oh, that could go for a name too (workout name)-KEEP IT UP! :)

  • Sabine

    Haha aww you both look very worn out at the end, good job though!

  •!/photo.php?pid=502989&id=678365922&fbid=7225675922 Sheila – Toronto

    I love that I could do this workout in the setting of a beautiful park on a sunny summer day under a shady tree.

    It was challenging that’s for sure. Here’s how I faired…
    Dynamic squat – 24/17/15
    Sumo pushups – 13/19/9
    One Legged bridge (L) – 22/26/27
    One Legged bridge (R) – 24/26/26
    One Legged burpee (L) – 7/5/5
    One Legged burpee (R) – 5/5/5
    Ticep leg life – 17/17/17

    I’m really getting a lot out of these workouts and starting to see the physical benefits of doing them.

    Thanks!! Keep it coming!

  • E

    How about some more arm and shoulder strengthening/toning exercises?

  • Brecht

    Hey there Zuzanna,

    Just curious; how do you come up with the exercises? And do you always make sure all muscle groups will be used? Sorry if my english isn’t correct!

    Thank you for inspiring me! I just started and iam hoping to see the results soon!


  • Brie

    Yet another great workout from team brownie :-)
    So here’s how I did:

    1. Dynamic Squat 30, 24, 24

    2. Sumo Push Up 13, 10, 6

    3. One Leg Bridge (left leg) 37, 28, 24

    4. One Leg Bridge (right leg) 37, 27, 24

    5. One Leg Burpee (left leg) 6, 5, 4

    6. One Leg Burpee (right leg) 6, 5, 4

    7. Prisoner Get Up 7, 7, 7

    8. Tricep Leg Lift 29, 22, 20

    Teach Sean the correct way to do those Prisoner Get Ups, his score would improve ;-)

  • Vicky

    Hi Guys, just did your workout. This is way more brutal than the last one :) My scores:

    Dyanmic squats 26/21/21
    Sumo Push ups 12/8/8
    One leg bridge 31/27/34
    One leg bridge 37/36/36
    One leg burpees 5/4/4
    One leg burpees 5/4/4
    Prisoner get ups 4/4.5/5
    Tricep leg lifts 12/21/28

    Keep the brutal workouts comin!!!

  • Angela

    Hey i have a question for Zuzana
    When did you get your belly button pierced and did it effect your workouts?
    ‘Cause i am planning to get mine pierced soon but im worried how much it will hold up my workouts

    • ari

      it shouldn’t affect your workouts at all. at least it didn’t for me. just make sure you clean it after cause all the dirty sweat could cause an infection :)

  • Even

    Hi Fred, Zuzanna and Sean,

    It’s great to follow your workouts. I always struggle along but I feel great afterwards. But since I don’t have a workout buddy or trainer, very often I wonder if I’m doing the workouts the right way, and if I could injure myself doing it wrong.

    Just for workout dummies like me, is it possible for you to share some tips to the correct form (which part/muscle should be forced when), and also how to stretch after the workouts?

    Thanks again for these amazing workouts. You guys rock!!!

    • Canadian Chic

      I believe Z has posted her stretching routine before…look back in the archives for it :)

  • Amanda

    Hey Zuzana, Freddy, and Sean,

    I just wanted to let you know that before I found your website my family did not do exercise. At all. I kept trying to come up with ways to motivate them, but I didn’t know the vast amount of exercises that you do!

    Now, I do two sets of your exercises almost every day with my parents. We try to beat each other and we get that family time we just haven’t had for years. We are also trying to eat better and be more focused on our health as a family instead of just one of us.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for putting up your challenges and bringing our family back together through fun and exercise.

    - Amanda

    • Sabine

      wow you do two routines a day?! for how long have you been doing that? you guys must see some amazing difference already I bet.

    • Naomi

      Wow! That’s pretty inspiring, thanks for sharing :)


    i think zuzii mentioned a couple of times she’s having her morning coffee right before she works out. I am wondering if she drinks it black or has it with milk?? does it have a negative effect if I put soy milk in mine?? doesnt the sugar inhibit fat burning or something?? just wondering.. hope someone can help me out here

  • Moooingcow

    We’ve noticed changes in your body too Sean (for the better). Zuzanna, you are sooooooo fit, it’s hard to detect changes, but you are awesome. And Freddie, you already have amazing body as well. These work outs are so fun. Kick ass, but fun! Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Simone

    GREAT workout!
    I enjoyed it and here’s my score:

    1. Dynamic Squats 35 – 28 – 25
    2. Sumo Push Ups 14 – 14 – 13
    3. One leg Bridge left 31 – 34 – 34
    4. One leg Bridge right 34 – 34 – 34
    5. One leg Burpees left 6 – 5 – 5
    6. One leg Burpees right 6 – 5 – 5
    7. Prisoner Get Ups 5 1/2 – 6 1/2 – 6 1/2
    8. Triceps leg lift 25 – 24 – 25
    + 140 High knees/ 57 low jacks/ 114 Scissors and 65 Jumping Jacks in intervals of 10s/50s =)

    All together I worked out for 22 min! Super!

  • Alexandre Vizcaino

    Hello Zuzana, Fredy and Sean … Greetings! Sean, you with the classically trained in gym won a good physique … Bodyrock training with the course you will gain a lot of definition, but at the same time you do not fear losing much muscle mass and decrease its measures of chest, back, arms, finally … getting too thin?? Thankful … will visit Brazil!

  • Elle

    Dymanic Squat 28, 25, 23
    Sumo Push up 14, 12, 13
    One Leg Bridge: left: 34, 30, 36; right: 34, 27, 34
    One Leg Burpee: left: 6, 6, 6; right: 6, 6, 5
    Prisoner get up: 6, 6, 6
    Tricep Leg Lift: 33, 25, 20

    Awesome workout! I love your website. Thanks!!

  • Rebecca

    Intense! Pretty sure the one legged burpee’s are what will make my legs look amazing for my fall vacation!

  • Andie

    Tried this after MONTHS of breaking (yeah i know… bad idea). I have plenty of “excuses” for that.

    Anyhow, my boyfriend convinced me to work out last night and I convinced him this would be it. I ended up only doing 2 rounds and my boyfriend ended up puking before getting to the end of the first!
    I think he was secretly doubting the effectiveness of the workout and well… ate soup right before.

    Next time I WILL finish it!

  • SG

    Coolio I loove that sean joined the gang (for the meanwhile). Gives us a different perspective. BTW great job Sean!

    I have a question for Zuzana or anyone, I can’t seem to loose that last bit of fat on my belly! I do notice results with ur workouts but that darn stubborn belly fat, I attribute it to my eating but its hard for me to eat healthy. I am lacto-ovo vegetarian and of course my family isn’t. I don’t want to be pickier than I already am so I just eat what is around like quesadillas n bread n cereal lots of cereal with soy milk =P. I don’t know what to do, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • Micky C

    Hi guys

    I’ll pencil this workout in to try very soon. I actually do some of the older workouts like the Strength and Agility one (the one with the hop kicks) and keep track of my times and reps. It’s Psychopath again today.

    In general, I guess that sometimes people don’t feel motivated to workout, something I’ve seen you guys blog about. The ‘putting it off til tomorrow’ because there’s this irrational idea of not having enough time today.

    I found a neat solution to this. Instead of focusing on doing the workout and trying to find a whole half hour or hour of time, focus just on the next thing to do in a plan that you have written down (which takes about a minute). Only focus on the next few minutes.
    For example: for this workout, write down the exercise sequence in your journal/log, then focus just on getting changed, then focus just on laying out the equipment, then warming up. You will then find yourself doing the workout naturally. Just get into the routine of preparation and the time will appear as if by magic, at any time in the day.

  • Greg

    Hi – just stumbled across your videos last week on YouTube, and I subscribed. I’m loving your approach to workouts – my gym workouts are getting stale.
    Do you guys warm up before working out? If so, what’s your warmup routine?

    • Frederick

      Hi Greg – We have a warm up on the site that we do :)

  • kat

    Have you ever thought of using resistance bands with your workouts? Would that even be possible? haha. Just curious. I’ve been trying to get into the band, doing my research, but can’t find a good full body workout that I feel would give me results. If you got into bands like you used your kettle bell, that’d be awesome. :)
    Just sayin ;)

  • tara

    I love you ZANA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah

    Hi guys, great workout. My question is that I feel like just doing this workout during the day isn’t burning enough calories. I’m not sure if it is or isn’t but a 20 minute workout doesn’t seem enough. Zuzana, have you been doing short but intense workouts like these ever since you started workoing out to get to where you are now? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!

  • Ashley

    Hi Guys!
    I just wanted to let you know of the amazing benefits of your workouts. I am a runner and thought your workouts would make me a better runner. Well, it worked! After following a long with you guys for about a month, I ran in a 5k race and not only did I shave over a minute off my 5k time (which hadn’t changed in three years), setting a new personal record, but I placed second in my age group! Something I never thought I’d do : ) And I know my extra speed and endurance was all because of your workouts.


  • Dawn

    Sean, if I wasn’t married I would come to Canada and snatch you up:)
    You guys are doing awesome!!

  • Gabija

    For me the hardest part was the Sumo Push Up and the Tricep Leg Lift and the easiest part – One Leg Bridge.

    * Dynamic Squat – 29,27,22
    * Sumo Push Up – 11,10,5
    * One Leg Bridge (left leg) – 30,32,30
    * One Leg Bridge (right leg) – 33,29,33
    * One Leg Burpee (left leg) – 3,3,2
    * One Leg Burpee (right leg) – 4,3,3
    * Prisoner Get Up – 7,6,7
    * Tricep Leg Lift – 11,8,7

  • Eleanor

    Damn that looks exhausting!

  • Romienca

    Guys listen,
    next time you will move- would you be so kind and move to our house? I wanna someone to yell at me “PUSH!” too :-) )

  • tina

    love ur workouts

  • Andrea

    I struggled with this workout, especially the one leg burpees.

    * Dynamic Squat – 23, 19, 20
    * Sumo Push Up – 9, 8, 6
    * One Leg Bridge (left leg) – 25, 25, 20
    * One Leg Bridge (right leg) – 21, 22, 20
    * One Leg Burpee (left leg) – 3, 3, 3
    * One Leg Burpee (right leg) – 3, 3, 3
    * Prisoner Get Up – 5, 5, 5
    * Tricep Leg Lift – 8, 16, 16

  • Rosa

    Sean, I read your early post in regards to your gym workouts cardio/weight. I’m having a hard time giving up the gym workouts I feel like I would’nt burn enough calories in a day and was wondering now that you only do
    BR is your body requiring less calories, and are you eating less giving you better results?

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Rosa,

      No I wouldn’t say my body isn’t requiring less calories. I am eating a lot more throughout the day but in smaller portions. To be perfectly honest I’m actually eating 5 to 6 times a day. I wouldn’t say I’m eating less I’m eating with smarter. Before I would eat around 3 times a day.

  • Karine

    Hi Guys,

    I am a starting personal trainer in Canada. I found Bodyrock about 8 months ago and cant get my eyes off you guys. I think that having Sean makes people want to know even more about your training Zuzana.
    I still do my workouts but a add yours every 2 days.
    My first question is for Zuzana: do you do only those workouts or do you add something to your routine?
    My second is for Sean: do you see the changes already? What is your goal?

    Zuzana: i would like to see changes in my muscles. I am small and tight but no muscle definition like i would like to. Just a little right now. To bulk more my shoulders like yours, how often should i wourkout my arms?

    Thanks Guys. Go see my website. I can wait to hear from you..

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv


      Yes I am seeing changes already that is why I haven’t had the urge to go back to the gym. I look leaner in the stomach that’s the biggest change I’m seeing already. Not only that I’m wiped after the workout cause I try and push as hard as I can for the time I’m working with Zuzana and feel like I’ve already done a great workout. My goal is to get as cut as possible with significant amount of muscle mass. I’m not looking for the skinny look but the lean look with good abs. I hope this makes sense.

  • SM

    Hi Zuzana,

    I just wanted to give you a tip with the triceps leg lifts. You can seriously injure your shoulders the way you’re dipping them in below the elbows. The shoulders should stay in line with the elbows so it’s a 90 degree angle and the elbows should hug your sides. Sean actually had a perfect form in that exercise. You’ll notice that you’re working the triceps more without pressuring the shoulders.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for the great workout…can’t wait to try it!!


    • SM

      I just noticed that in the picture Sean has his shoulders dipped also…he had it right in the video ;)

      By the way, this applies to the triceps dips also. You should never go past 90 degrees.

      • Cricket

        Actually your body will respond to whatever you ask of it and will strengthen accordingly.
        These types of rules (never go past 90) do not allow the body to strengthen within its full range of possible motion. If you only train to 90 degrees, then that will be your muscles’ limit that you have set and decided. The first time a real life activity pushes you to extend past 90 degrees, you’ll probably hurt yourself.
        Limitations on training contribute to limitations in real life activities/sports.
        For example, the person who does sit-ups, but never ever does a twisting motion in order to strengthen their core, can put their back out when twisting to reach into a lower kitchen cupboard.
        A body can and will adapt and strengthen to the level it is challenged. Proper form is definitely important, but so is training a full range of muscle motion and using a variety of movements. The more adaptable you haved trained your body, the less chance their is of injury. Same goes for stretching, if you never stretch just past your limit, your flexibility will never improve.

        • Cricket

          spelling, oops – “there” is of injury…
          anyway, SM, just some food for thought…

          • SM

            Hi Cricket,

            Thank you for your response. I actually used to the think the way you do until I tore my rotator cuff. Here is the problem, there is a difference between pushing a full range of motion for a muscle with proper alignment and pushing the range of motion of a ligament. Ligament tears are no joke and the shoulders are very sensitive in that area. If what you’re saying is true then why not do lunges with the knee dipping in, why does the knee always have to look forward in the same direction as the toes? Just like the knees, the shoulders are very sensitive. My rotator cuff injury was from my yoga practice which requires lots of those triceps push-ups called “Chaturanga Dandasana”. I’m actually a certified power yoga instructor and have attended many many anatomy workshops over the years. I’m also a triathlete and have injured my shoulder ALOT from swimming! Here is a a text from the Yoga Journal:

            “Of any yoga pose, Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose; exemplifies this—if you’re not strong enough to keep your shoulders in their proper place, you leave yourself wide open to injury. The most common misalignment is to collapse the chest and allow the heads of arm bones to drop forward toward the floor. You’ll know this is happening if your shoulder blades poke out instead of lying flat on your back, or if the fronts of your shoulders are sore the next day. This can strain the front of the rotator cuff and can also build strength unevenly, making the front of the rotator cuff stronger than the back. Over time this imbalance will pull the arm bone forward, contributing to a vicious cycle of misalignment. To counteract this, start in Plank Pose, and as you move into Chaturanga Dandasana, see that the heads of the arm bones stay level with the elbows. Try not to let them dip down. (Practice at home in front of a mirror.) If they drop, you need to build more strength around the whole rotator cuff. To do that, practice Chaturanga with your knees on the floor and the Supine Sleepwalker Pose.”

            Proper alignment is always key, especially when dealing with ligaments and joints.


          • Danica

            Why aren’t my comments showing? In response to SM’s comment:
            “why does the knee always have to look forward in the same direction as the toes? Just like the knees, the shoulders are very sensitive.”

            Because the knee is a hinge joint and the shoulder is not and relies on lots of soft tissues to keep it in place, is more flexible and intricate

  • Martha

    This looks like a really awesome work out =) I’m going to try it before I study for my exams..get the blood flowing =)
    I love the title ;-) It makes me laugh xD It certainly stands cause that workout sure will give you a tight ass =)
    Love the workouts =) …and Zuzana your socks ain’t nerdy xD You should wear really colourful ones next time :-) Only you can pull off the socks ;-) lol

  • Daniela(svunk)

    Hi guys,
    hope you good,nice to see Sean doing workouts,I think is very good compare for everybody and good show too…lol:))
    To be serious I was little bit lazy last time,but I did workouts at least 3 times a week but it’s just like maintance for my body I think,becasuse nothing is changed,so I vowed myself I realy need to push harder again.Yours last 3 workouts are realy brutal:))keep it up!!!I need it!!!We need it!!LOVE YOU GUYS AND TAKE CARE….KISSES to KALI and CHARLIE TOO!!

  • Mandy

    Sean is doing great! this is better than gym is it sean?

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      I’m enjoying the workouts because they are different and giving me results. Is this what you mean?


  • sunny

    Hi, guys. I just wanted to share with you how incredibly effective results I’ve been getting by following your work-outs daily and how much more energy I get throughout the day. I’ve been following Zuzana’s work-outs for about a month and a half now and I could notice that my body is getting firmer, stronger, and tighter. And the most amazing thing out of the work-outs is that I feel positive energy inside of my body which puts me in good mood through out the day. So, I really want to thank you Zuzana, Freddy, and Sean (another great new addition to your wonderful team) for all your efforts to share with so many people including myself on how to stay fit and healthy. Please, keep up the good work!! :)

  • Rika

    I have a question: I really want to do all your exercises at home, but my problem is, that if I jump, the people living underneath me might complain.

    Do you think that I can get good results even by doing only exercises where I won’t make jumps? or for example doing some of the exercises slowly enough to be able to land silently on the forefoot or something?

    I just realized that it’s limited, if I have to be careful of not making any noise. like I can’t do burpees, or dynamic push ups or mountain climbers… jump squats are all right, if I do it slowly, because then I can land on the forefoot, but it will slow down the pace a lot… will I then not get enough cardio work?

    I have really tried to figure this out, but I kind of ran out of inspiration, how to get around this problem…

    • Michelle G.

      I live above people too, but I jsut do my thing and dont really worry about it, I dont workout super late or super early and it only last like 20 minutes or so. So far no complaints and I have been living here for over a month and workout almost daily.

      Im sure it would be fine in your position too.

  • Elena

    Thank you very much for SUPER workout!!!!!! <3
    Zuzana breathes correctly – it seems to me you should teach Sean to breath.
    You web-site is Great!!!!! I do it for 4 months and THANK YOU very very very much!!!!!!!
    Love it <3

  • Eva

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    You are the best! ;)

  • Marzy

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    funny to see Sean do them because his legs are really long!!!!

  • James Hankins

    This is for John: If these routines aren’t giving you the pump you crave, try doing them with a 20 lb. weighted vest like I do on many of the exercises. On timed exercises, you can also increase the length of the work interval and/or just eliminate the rest interval. Not only will that eliminate your craving for the gym, I guarantee that if you do go there you won’t be able to get out of the car ;)

    • DORIS

      hahahahaa “John”

  • Mandy

    Can you keep Sean forever?? It’s so fun to see a guy doing the workouts! Also, he’s super cute.

  • Tali R.

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    another amazing workout. i was sure today i will have a day off after yesterday workout, but first thing this morning i saw this one and i had to do it. it was brutal i think more than yesterday workout.

    this is my No.
    1) 30-20-18
    2) 13-10-9

    have a good day

  • ivy

    hey great workout!
    but recently i’ve been using you’re search bar to find your workouts faster, but it doesn’t seem to be working. just wanted to let you guys know.

    hope you guys are loving canada!

  • Isabella

    Oooh. Am I ever looking forward to this workout tomorrow. Yummy. Sheesh, I need to work on my diet though. I can do the workouts but when it comes to eating I fail at keeping discipline in portions.

  • Vladimir Levin

    You guys are just brilliant, though I liked the Prague locations a lot more. Still the exercises are awesome and the low-fidelity do-it-yourself vibe is just great. I am so tired of all those annoying glossy workout videos, so it’s actually the simplicity that makes it great. That and Zuzana’s impish glee when she beats Sean :)

  • Elizabeth

    I love the new set up with Sean. It’s good to see ones strength might be the others weakness. LOVE how you all push each other through the excersizes!!!

  • Antonia

    I LOVE the new Its seems like what we could expect, ever changing and always going forward in the future…good example to set…you both look so great, we need to see Freddy one day soon! I have two questions. I always think of your name as Z sound but thought i heard sean say it with an s as in susana, which way too pronounce it? You are so very pretty and now I know the word that makes you different…exotic looking. Would you be willing to do a close up picture your teeth and smile are gorgeous and I would like to show my dentist what I like, if you dont mind that is and if its rude to ask, I didnt know so pardon my error pleasse. :)

  • ingrid

    I’m a bit confused about Mags comment. She said you are eating only fruits for breakfast and not oatmeal,nuts or bread. Isn’t oatmeal good in the morning as your body is starving for carbs in the morning as you have gone the whole night without food? Also i eat really healthy Bread in the morning most days with as much fiber i can find in it.I use to eat two slices with Natural peanut butter and no added sugar jam, lately i cut that down to one slice. My question is my portion to much and can you give me a idea on breakfast size as i am sooooo hungry in the morning. And how much fruit is to much in a day?

  • John

    Question for Sean. Do you find that these workouts you are doing with Zuzana are replacing the gym workouts you were doing before or do you feel that you still need to hit the gym? The reason I ask is that I was a gym rat before I found Zuzana’s workouts and still feel the need to hit the gym.

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi John,

      No I haven’t been to the gym since I have done the workouts. I feel like these workouts are giving me faster results than I was getting when I was going to the gym. Before I was on Body Rock I was doing 1 hour of weights and 50 minutes of cardio. The results I’m seeing doing the BR program is more definition and a leaner look. Where I can see a big change is through my mid section. I’m seeing these results in a short time only 3 weeks. I’ve got some goals where I would like to be in a 6 to 8 week time frame. For most people thats where many would start to see significant change. I’m excited the progress I have made in this short time cause I never trained like this before. Do I feel the need to go to the gym when I’m done? No because I’m being pushed to my max when I’m working with Fred and Zuzana that I feel like I’ve done a full weight and cardio workout when I’m finished my 20 minute workout with them. If you have any other questions please feel free to write!

      • Amy Strong

        Sean, I can see the leaner, tighter results already! Glad to have you on board. It’s been fun to see you push Zuzana even harder.

        Many thanks to all of you. You’re helping me reach my goals as well and people are starting to ask “what’s your secret?”. I keep spreading the word, hope it helps you guys to be able to keep doing what you’re doing.

        • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

          Secret? Don’t have any secrets. lol Just trying to eat right and work as hard as I can when I’m doing the workouts.


  • John

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    I thought i wasnt gonna be able to do more than one round of those…
    I did two
    if i did the last one, i’d puke. Im pretty dizzy but i feel so good!!!
    I’m loving the intensity!!

    Thanks a bunch!

    By the way your house is so charming! I love the furniture =)

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    Awesome work! You guys are inspiring me! I did some of your exercises today. I could only do a partial workout but I am going to keep trying. Please keep the good work coming!

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    today i did the Sexy Hot Cool Workout, and it was absolutely brutal. Loved it!

    Thank you Zuzana, Sean and Frederick for motivating the rest of us :)

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    Can’t wait to try this one out tomorrow! Have it all printed out and raring to go! I’d like to make a request for a tricep focused workout. I have found that I have troubles with the one armed close pushups (weaker tricpes). Would love one that put more focus on this small muscle. =) Also, glad to have you on the team, Sean! Love the diversity. I can already see the difference in your muscle definition from the short time you’ve been doing these intense workouts.

  • autumn

    im trying this workout first thing tommrow morning..and a random question…have you or Freddy or Sean saw that movie “The Hangover”.?..THAT MOVIE WAS FUNNI IT TOPS SUPERBAD BY LIKE 1 MILLION.!..plz answer if u have the time 2!! thankz
    -Autumn..i have recommended like 10 ppl to your site..because its GREAT!!!!!

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      yes i watched it on my flight to Prague.

      • autumn thankz i was just wonderin!

  • Vivian

    You guys ROCK!!! I have a question for your brother n love…. Have you noticed any changes to your body since you have been doing the body rock workouts?

    Peace and blessings,

    • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

      yes ive noticed changes already. Especially this past week.

      • Lisa C

        Are the changes to your body solely due to the new workout routines or have you also tweaked your diet since you have been living with Zuzana and Freddy?


        • Sean – BodyRock.Tv

          I’ve tweaked the diet as well. Way more fruits and veggies as my snacks in the daytime. Making sure I get ample amount of protein well. I need to keep my energy levels up for the workouts.


  • mag

    and the workout it is just GREAT, i will do it in a minute :D
    Zu! I have a questiooon, you said that in your breackfast, now you are eating fruits and no more oatmeal, almonds, or bread but how much fruits are you eating? like one banana?, or maybe 2 fruits?

    how many fruits do you eat in one day?

    and in your others meals you said that now you are eating less meat, and more veggies and salad, but for example in you lunch the portion of some veggie is bigger than the portion that you used to eat about I don’t know maybe chicken?. do you understand me?,

    and guys are you working out everyday now?

    thank you so much guys!

    and SEAN i love your laughter ! haha is highly contagious haha =)