Jun 11 2010

Fat Fighter Workout

Hi guys,

This is my 3 rd workout for this week. As I mentioned in the last post, we are one day behind with the videos so I just wanted to let you know that this was my workout from yesterday. I kept it short and intense as always. This workout is 12 minutes long and it’s made up of 5 bodyweight exercises. I didn’t use any fitness equipment except of my Gymboss Interval Timer (click the blue link for more info on the timer) which I set for 9 rounds of 10 seconds and 30 second long intervals (6 minutes total). Your goal is to do as many reps as you can during the 30 seconds and you always have 10 seconds of rest between the exercises. There are 2 parts in this workout and each of them is 6 minutes long.

The title of this workout is not a joke by the way. All you need to get in shape or stay in shape is regular exercise and healthy eating habits. You will make much better and faster progress with short intense workouts that you do on a daily basis than 3 long workouts a week. My workouts are a combination of cardio and strength training which gives you the benefits of both, plus these workouts will save you an incredible amount of time especially if you have the option of doing them at home.

Remember that exercise by itself won’t help you to loose weight. Exercise will shape up your body and speed up the process of loosing fat, but your DIET will play a major role in helping you lose the extra pounds. It is common sense that the more you eat the bigger you get. That’s why I eat small portions, 5 to 8 times a day.

This is the workout break down:

Part 1

Set your timer for 9 rounds and two different intervals – 10 seconds and 30 seconds.

Start with 10 seconds of rest

1. 30 seconds of PIKE JUMP SQUATS

10 seconds of rest

2. 30 seconds of STRONG CORE EXERCISE

10 seconds of rest

3. 3o seconds of PLANK JUMP PUSH UPS

You will go through this sequence 3 times.

Take a short break, sip of water and move on directly to the second part of this workout.

Part 2

Your timer is already pre-set and all you have to do is to press START.

10 seconds of rest

1. 30 seconds of Side Lunge Jump with Oblique Twist (left leg)

10 seconds of rest

2. 30 seconds of Side Lunge Jump with Oblique Twist (right leg)

10 seconds of rest

3. 30 seconds of Elbow Plank Hops

You will repeat this sequence 3 times.

Enjoy your workout and I will see you tomorrow with the 4th routine.



Part 1

Pike Jump /Squat Jump

Strong Core Exercise

Plank Jump Push Up

Part 2

Side Lunge Jump with Oblique Twist

Elbow Plank Hops


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1090268823 Menia Hondroudi

    part 1
    1.9 8 7
    2.10 8 9(in&out=1 rep)
    3.7 7 7(in&out=1 rep)
    part 2
    1.18 16 14(L)
    2.18 17 16(R)
    3.25 27 29

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1090268823 Menia Hondroudi

    part 1
    1.9 8 7
    2.10 8 9(in&out=1 rep)
    3.7 7 7(in&out=1 rep)
    part 2
    1.18 16 14(L)
    2.18 17 16(R)
    3.25 27 29

  • sselcann

    Part 1:
     1) 9-7-8
     2) 11-12-13
     3) 14-13-12

    Part 2:
     1) 13-12-13
     2) 13-14-14
     3) 20-24-30

  • Anonymous

    hi guys!  did this workout tonight at work!

    pike jump/squat jumps – 6, 5, 4
    core – 8, 7, 7 (had to put my feet down)
    plank jump pushups – 8, 8, 6
    side jump lunge twist L – 12, 11, 11
    side jump lunge twist R – 13, 12, 11
    elbow plank side hops – 11, 10, 10

    and 2 burpees for erin!

  • Lizzygw123

    I love your workouts! I have really bad hip joints, and am recovering from surgery from a tear in my hip joint.  My other hip is not feeling so great either.  How can I do these intense interval workouts without injuring myself any further.  My hips will not allow me to jump around like crazy and I’m limited on anything that uses to much of my hip flexor muscle.  HELP!

  • http://exercisefoodpoo.wordpress.com Luke Says No

    My Score:
    2 Laps 

    Part I: 15 X 10/30
    - Pike Jump Squat: 7, 6, 5, 5, 5
    - Strong Core Exercise (Seated V Split): 16, 16, 12, 16, 14
    - Plank Jump Push Ups: 11, 9, 7.5, 9, 8

    2 laps

    Part II: 15 X 10/30
    - Side Jump Lunge with Oblique Twist – Left: 11, 14, 11, 11, 12
    - Side Jump Lunge with Oblique Twist – Right: 16, 15, 15, ?, 14
    - Elbow Plank Hops: 63, 58, 42, ?, 61

    1 lap

  • Kay

    not sure if i counted right but here’s my score
    1. pike jump squat (counted pike and jump squat=1): 6/6/6
    2. strong core exercise (legs closed and legs open=1) 10/9/9
    3. plank jump pushups (legs closed and legs open=1) 7/10/9

    1. side lunge jump w/ oblique twist (L): 16/16/14
    2. “” “” “” (R): 14/15/14
    3. elbow plank hops (L, Mid, R=1) 9/8/8
    + 5 mins hula hoop 

  • Anonymous

    Part 1
    Pike jump squat jump 9/9/9
    Knee tuck split 11/12/11
    Plank jump PU 12/12/10
    Part 2
    SJL twist Lt 15/11/12 RT 15.5 /13/14
    Elbow plank hops 35/40/41

    Followed with 10 min skipping.


    WOW!  These ones from the good ol’ Archives are a killer!!!!  Thanks Zuz and Freddy!

    I did my 5K Run plus my 5 daily Burpees!  {E, J, A, A, Extra!}  :)Again, not sure about my results……feel like I’m wiped out and I’m not sure if it’s cause of the run beforehand or not but I’m not impressed with them :/PART 1:  Pike Jump Squats= 10/8/8Strong Core Exercise= 12/11/10Plank Jump Push Ups= 12/9/10PART 2:Side Jump Lunge w Oblique Twist L Leg= 11/8/10Side Jump Lunge w Oblique Twist R Leg= 14/11/13Elbow Plank Hops= 23/22/17Have a fantastic day BodyRockers!  :)

  • http://aphrodiitee.deviantart.com/ Isidora

    Last time did this workout was on march 2011: It soooo intense! specially the second round, i hate those side lunge jumps!! My reps were mostly the same, a bit more on some and a bit less in others.
    I did 12 rounds instead of 9 in each part. And i changed the elbow jumps with knee tucks (first 2 rounds side knee tucks and 3rd and 4rd round front knee tucks, cuz last time i did the jumps my toes burned alot more than my abs lol!

    Pike jump squat: 8-7-7-7
    Strong core exercise: 10-11-11-11
    Split push up: 13-12-11-11

    Side jump lunge twist R: 18-17-16-17
    Side jump lunge twist L: 17-17-16-16
    Elbow knee tucks: 19-20-23-25

    then after some mins i did 100 side to side jump with side kick, i didnt rush and i didnt count my time. :)

  • Felisha

    Pike Jump Squats : 10, 9, 10
    Strong Core Exercise: 16, 18, 16
    Plank Jump Push Ups: 10, 10, 9
    Side Jump R: 16, 15, 16
    Side Jump L: 16, 17, 16
    Elbow Jumps:48, 49, 49

    I worked up a ridiculous sweat with this one today. What a workout!

  • Felisha

    Pike Jump Squats : 10, 9, 10
    Strong Core Exercise: 16, 18, 16
    Plank Jump Push Ups: 10, 10, 9
    Side Jump R: 16, 15, 16
    Side Jump L: 16, 17, 16
    Elbow Jumps:48, 49, 49

    I worked up a ridiculous sweat with this one today. What a workout!

  • http://exercisefoodpoo.wordpress.com Luke Says No

    My Score:
    Part 1: 9 rounds, 10 and 30 second intervals.
    1. PIKE JUMP SQUATS: 7, 7, 7
    2. STRONG CORE EXERCISE: 16, 14, 14
    3. PLANK JUMP PUSH UPS: 7, 7, 8
    Part 2: 9 rounds, 10 and 30 second intervals.
    1. Side Lunge Jump with Oblique Twist (left leg): 15, 14, 16
    2. Side Lunge Jump with Oblique Twist (right leg): 14, 14 ,14
    3. Elbow Plank Hops: 33, 31, 67!

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  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    My scores on July 10th:

    Pike Jump Squat: 14-14-14
    Strong Core Exercise: 19-20-20
    Plank Push-Ups: 18-21-20Side Lunge Jump With Oblique (Left): 26-27-26Side Lunge Jump With Oblique (Right): 26-24-26 (Harder on the thighs than they look!)Elbow Plank Hops: 33-34-33 (I counted every 2. hop as 1 rep)

    Great short in-a-hurry-sweat :)
    Love, Maria

  • http://www.facebook.com/Zealot70 Zealot Protoss

    I did 7 rounds (28 min.)

    Pike Jump /Squat Jump: 11, 9, 8, 7, 7, 6, 6
    Strong Core Exercise: 16, 14, 14, 14, 14, 13, 12
    Plank Jump Push Up: 18, 15, 14, 14, 13, 13, 13
    Side Lunge Jump with Oblique Twist L: 15, 15, 14, 13, 13, 13, 12
    Side Lunge Jump with Oblique Twist R: 15, 15, 14, 13, 13, 13, 12
    Elbow Plank Hops: 37, 35, 35, 34, 32, 29, 26

  • Felisha

    Pike Jump Squat: 8, 7, 8
    Strong Core Exercise: 13, 15, 15
    Blaster Push Ups: 11, 8, 10 (I wanted a little extra core work)

    Side Lunge Jump With Oblique (Left): 15, 15, 15
    Side Lunge Jump With Oblique (Right): 15, 15, 16
    Elbow Plank Hops: 12.5, 12, 13.5

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  • steff

    i want to say thank u. i can not thank you enough for how much of an inspiration you are and how nice it is that you make your videos so readily available. I was over weight as a child, i finally lost it through tons of cardio work and now i just do cardio for hours without getting any results. I think it will be a little difficult to learn the balance of cardio and your workouts because i’m afriad if i give up cardio i’ll go back to my old size. but this defiantly will start me on the right track to results. thank you.
    oh.. do you do any cardio on your rest days like running?

  • Samantha R

    Hello both – just wanted to say a quick hello and hope your move is going smoothly (hope the pooches are ok too;). I did the fat fighter workout again today and beat my previous scores so I’m mega pleased with that especially since I’ve got a cold.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon, can’t wait to see where you’ve chosen to live – my hubby and I are so envious of your travels. Sx

  • http://www.javiquil.com javiquil

    I’m beginning today with your workout… I’ll let you know how it’s going… after some years at the gym… I’m going to train at home now… let’s see ;)

  • http://wwwbodyrocktv steve

    any dvd workout video for sale. steve.

  • Tiffany

    Thanks for the workout! I feel like I have worked out so much harder than my usual gym routine and in less than half the time. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • Nelli

    do you do strethching exercises?

  • Anthony


    I just joined Livestrong.com as I am interested in starting a healthier lifestyle and one of the members posted bodyrock.tv as a resource for workingout… but so far I’ve noticed only woman post and not knowing too much about workingout I was just wondering if these workouts are appropriate for men as well? Hope that isn’t silly question. Thanks

    • Lily

      Hi Anthony…im one of the “woman” who has successfuly changed her body and finally built the abs i have ALWAYS wanted by following zuzana and her workouts. if you look at her more recent videos, she mentions her husband doing the workouts too and sweating like crazy. these workouts are for everyone from what ive seen. In fact one of my REALLY fit and good looking buddies did one of her workouts and sweat was literally flying off of him, no exageration. He loved the workout and has come back to doing them quite often.
      Good luck – Lily

  • http://www.myspace.com/warrior_of_othin Ryan

    I might be a guy and all, but, I am very fond of Zunzana’s methods. As well, I’ve applied several of her exercise methods into my own exercise routines, they work, they are astounding and I am very glad that she began posting on youtube.

    Fitness is a glorious thing, everyone should get into bettering themselves. Anyways, just thought I’d say that I love reading the articles, the knowledge is priceless.

    Thanks Zuzana!


  • Lydia

    awww i cant see what to set my timer to…

  • beata

    love the bra ! where is it from ?

  • Jennifer

    I just found your videos on YouTube last week and you have already inspired me to begin eating better and I have ordered the Gymboss timer to start your workouts.
    I just wanted to say that I’ve always had problems with my weight, when I was 18 I was 235 pounds. It was so terrible and miserable. I mananged to get down to 170 and I’m 25. I’ve4 been at a plateu doing my normal workouts and no matter what I do I can’t lose any more weight! I think your workouts is just what I need.
    I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. You are such an inspiration to me. This means so much to me….hopefully I’ll be sending you a before and after picture showing off my hot new body soon :)
    Thank you so much

  • Carla

    Something funny happened to me when I did those elbow plank hops, I ended up with my right elbow hurt, kinda scratched LOL I supposed it was because of the mat friction or something but the funny thing was that only my right elbow was hurt, LOL

    Oh I want to comment that since I’m doing the workouts I really forgot about loosing a couple of puonds, because I have such great time diong the workouts that I feel so good about myself that everything else is just secondary, ohhh and also I really feel stronger!

  • Mia

    Hi Zuzanna!

    I did you workout for the first time today. It was very good but i need some practis with the diffrent exercises. I wounder if you can take a picture of you Gymboss for every workout? That would help me alot. I have a hard time to understand how to set my Gymboss.
    I love you workouts and thinks you are amasing!

    Best wishes from Sweden!

  • Maysam

    Hi Zuzanna!!
    I’ve just finished this workout, it was my first to try and it’s really amazing thank you!!
    I’m 21 yrs old n i weigh 52 kg, I usually walk or run 4 to 5 times a week and do some strength exercises as well, I wonder if i should completely change my routine and depend on these workouts instead? I really want to get more muscle mass, shape my body and get rid of some tiny stubborn fat on my belly!

    Thanks for being a great inspiration!!
    Best wishes from Dubai,

  • Tristin

    that was a great workout! those pike jumps are pretty hard!

  • Jonny

    HOLY COW! Are you bionic or something! I’ve been addicted to your site since I stumbled onto it a few weeks ago and have replaced at least 3 or 4 of my regular cardio workouts per week with your sessions. I am not in bad shape at all but this one killed my legs. Funny all those leg press and extensions etc from gym did nothing to help. I’ve realised that as age creeps in (I’m 35) and life gets more hectic with kids and work, one stops being able to attend team type sports or even regular aerobics/martial arts classes etc and you end up working out at gym by yourself. Interesting thing is that generally at gym you focus on isolating one or two muscles in an exercise and your body forgets how to act as a unit. I realised this after I was invited to play in a soccer tournament and I accepted (got caught up in the soccer fever in South Africa from the World Cup). Notwithstanding that I was one of the few players on the over 30s team (most other guys were btw 18-22) that managed to last without being carried off the field… I had never been so stiff the next few days afterwards. I couldn’t work it out… I have been training no stop since I was 16… I can run at a decent pace for 1-2 hours without much difficult, I train 5 times per week cardio and weights… I couldn’t figure it out. Then I saw your site and penny dropped… seeing your exercises and how they engage the entire body at once – I realised this is exactly what I have been missing for the last few years. Well you have another addict! One question – some of these exercises eg one leg squats are hectic – how long did it take you to perfect this… do you have a background in gymnastics or dancing? Otherwise you must be bionic!

  • http://None Kat

    I am a Division 1 collegiate Track & Field athlete. I’m injured so I’m unable to do much running, so I’ve been following your fantastic workouts.

    I just finished this full workout and found it quite tiring! The side oblique lunge hops were a lot harder then I thought. Thanks for the great, quick workout! I’ll definitely keep checking your stuff out.

    My goal is to look just like you when I get back to school in a month!

  • Sara

    Oh my god! I’m so tired right now!! Thank you for this intense but wonderful workout!

    Part 1
    1) 13-11-9
    2) 19-19-19
    3) 20-17-14

    Part 2
    1) 19-13-12
    2) 19-15-12
    3) 23-20-20

  • Tam

    I’ve discovered you from the makeupalley website and I’ve watched you for about 2 weeks. Just watched. Can you believe that? I feel intimidated for some reason, but I am just like you, kinda getting over the gym. I do classes like spinning, kickboxing and group strength training. I never have worked out independently because of boredom. I rarely work out on my own, but when I can’t get to a class (can you imagine planning your life around workout classes?) I need to continue my workouts, but I didn’t know what to do. Running seems to be a injury causing and machines bore the *&^% out of me. I have purchased the timer and one day I will get up the courage to train using your site. Thank you so much for this. You seem to be the real deal.

  • Tam

    Z and F,

    I have been watching you and viewing the website for about 2 weeks. Just watching it. Although I exercise at t

  • Ani

    Hi guys,this workout is something incredible…Thank you for the great work!!!

    love this site))))))

  • Nikki

    Hey! What is the new monthly challenge? :)

  • http://fithappyhealthy.com Anita

    Phew just finished the workout – and I must say you make the exercises look so easy. When I watched the video it seemed fun and as always very interesting exercise variations.

    But when it came to doing them myself.. well let’s just say my body didn’t move as gracefully – hhaha.

    But here are my scores:
    Part 1:
    9 8 8
    10 10 9
    12 12 12

    Part 2:
    10 11 13
    12 12 12
    25 25 27

    Thanks for making this fun Zuzana.
    P.S. the afterburn is awesome.

  • idorotka

    Great workout! I very like it :)

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  • Rachel

    OMG…now I know why the gymboss interval timer is a NECESSITY…I just got mine :) I did this workout when you first posted it with just my stopwatch and then again today with the gymboss and I can tell a difference in how hard I am pushing. This little thing is amazing…thanks for all the AWESOME information on your site..YOU ROCK ZUZANA!!!!

  • Andrea

    Revisited this one today. Killer.

    Part 1
    Pike Jump Squats 8 7 7
    Strong Core Exercise 15 13 12
    Plank Jump push ups 8 7 6

    Part 2
    Side Lunge w oblique twist L 12 9 10
    Side Lunge w oblique twist R 12 10 11
    Elbow Plank Hops 29 30 28

    I find side lunges really difficult to do. So i was really having to concentrate om form there however the elbow plank hop was really easy.

  • Eeva Sivula

    Hello Suzanna and greetings from Finland! Thank you for very good and interesting website, just love it. Had to try this work out and yes I’m swetting like pig too :)

  • Kroll

    Salut Suzanna,
    Je te remercie pour ces super séances de sport.
    Partie 1

    Partie 2

    Maintenant je pars à la douche.Bizzzzz. Bonne vacances.

  • Letty

    Hi Zuzana,
    I love your workouts. I have been following your workouts since September 2009 and I’m in better shape than I have ever been in my life. Thanks for all the tips and challenging workouts. Keep up the good work.

  • Kileen

    wow, what a great workout. thanks for helping me work up a good sweat!

  • PANG

    Zuzana, your workout routine is awesome. This is the first time that I tried this routine, it definitely kills me. I usually do your 20 minutes cardio workout, but never had I sweat this much after 12 minutes.

    Thank you so much for being part of my daily routines, I always fell great after doing your brutal exercises.

  • jlynn

    my first time doing any sort of workout in a long time! I couldn’t even finish this routine. OMG

  • JET

    YOUR BODY IS AMAZING! I’ve just started following some of your exercises, I hope I can get results like yours!!

  • Yannita

    Hi guys, I have big troubles lately to connect to your website. Usually it was just impossible at night, but now it is impossible during the whole day. I am from the Czech republic. Would be really grateful if you checked out the connection (the hosting)… I am addicted:) Thanx!

  • Dimitry

    I have a long way to go. I wasn’t even able to complete this routine today. Kicked my butt. I look forward to completing it soon. Thank you for the great sweat!

  • Cristina

    Ciao. Oh mamma!!! my legs is diang…but is very god for them…:) If i can do this!!! I am italian….I.m not fat…35 years, 52 kg.

    I liked this exercise!!! Ciao! Kiss

  • Kurt

    I’m a classical ballet dancer and just love these workouts…keep up the great work…!!!

  • http://anza.blox.pl/html Anza

    My score for third day of challenge:

    Part 1:
    1. 8, 7, 8,
    2. 14, 17, 17,
    3. 8, 8, 8, (push ups on knees)

    Part 2:
    1. 16, 11, 14,
    2. 16, 14, 12,
    3. 8, 8, 12,

    I don’t know why but the last exercise was just so hard – I thought it will be the easiest but after all other I just felt like I don’t have any more power left for those hops.

  • Samantha R

    I found this so hard this morning…no strength today, perhaps I need a day off. Here’s my scores

    Pt 1
    1. 9, 6, 7
    2. 10, 12, 12
    3. 9, 10, 9

    Pt 2
    1. 16, 17, 15
    2. 16, 16, 15
    3. 13, 14, 14

    Thank you once again. Sx

  • http://www.makerealmoneyonline.biz Sue

    These are awesome workouts. I tried only part of the suicide one yesterday – wow Great stuff!

  • Christopher

    wow your awsome never seen exercises like this before

    your english is awsome and you are a cutie but overall you have ambition and I like that

    well thanks for the new tips and have a wonderfull day

  • Andrée

    hi i’m 16 and i wanted to know how to lose strech marks … i’ve got a lots and it’s very ugly… is there any workout i could do to lose them and alsao i’d like to lose weight can you help me please? thanks =)

  • Luis

    I love u

  • Luis

    Is great all u do…………..

  • Lea

    i recently have been certified for group fitness instructing and am in week two of teaching my first bootcamp. i do a morning and evening class on mon wed and fridays! i go to your website often now when planning my workouts. zuzana you have helped me so much coming up with differ3ent exercises for my class! i love it! and i love you- your body rocks!!!

  • insanity

    is it really neccessary to use the timer.. i dont quite get it why it is so important.. could i the workouts by myself? and how long shoul i do it?

    your site is AMAZING.

    thank you

    • Wendy

      insanity, the timer is a huge tool in these workouts. It makes you keep up the intensity. This is very important. I noticed a huge difference when i got my timer. I go as fast as i can so i can beat my time and Zuzanas. Also when your doing the intervals it realllly helps. Get one their very cheap.

    • Chris R

      The timer is not essential but it is helpful. If you are serious about Interval training, but it! It is very simple to use and lets you focus on your workout instead of timing.

  • Erica

    Do you do more than just these workouts during the day, or are the workouts that you post daily the only thing you do that day? I know that they are difficult workouts, but I need to loose weight in the hip area and feel that I should be running also. Do you run or just do the workout posted? Thanks for creating challenging workouts.

    • Holly

      :) I’m not Zuzanna, but I know from some posts that all she does is these workouts 6x a week. I’ve been doing them since May and I lost all the fat off my thighs and butt, I’m still waiting on the lovehandles though, sigh.

  • Vicky

    Hey Zuzanna,

    I really like you hair do! Can you show how u did it?

    Great work out btw!!!

    Take care!!!

  • Goonie


    Wow, I just finished it, it was intense! I push myself harder than before!

    And I wanted to say you a big THANK YOU for your exercises! I got stronger than I’ve ever been! Two month ago I’d never thought I could be able to stay on plank 30 secs, or do real push ups and lunges!

    I’v done my first real push ups today, I still do not go all the way down but that’s a great improvement for me!

    So an big big BIG THANK YOU!!!

  • Endorphin Junkie

    Your torso is ridiculously ripped. I give up. No more resistance, I will do your workouts…

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’ve decided also to try the Vegetarian route too. I’ve noticed though that I’ve lost some strength from not eating any meat and dairy. Have you noticed any difference strength-wise? Maybe it was my week long vacation in Mexico hhhmmmmm… I just finished this workout today as I am currently trying to catch up with you and I struggled a bit with it so here are my numbers:

    Part 1
    1) 11-10-10
    2) 11-11-9
    3) 6-8-9

    Part 2
    1) 17-19-16
    2) 16-17-18
    3) 13-12-13

    • Wendy

      Audra, i was just wondering if you’ve seen a big difference in your body trying the vegy thing. Hows your body look? I have trouble with the tummy area and if this helps maybe ill do it.


  • J

    Practice is the way of life.

  • ~Somer~

    Did another one of your workouts today…had a hard time carrying my son out to the car when I was done. Thank you. (Although, I might be cursing your name tomorrow;-)

  • http://vonhearse.com Chris

    Wow, for 12 minutes that is a hell of a workout. I just finished my first round of P90X and planned on doing round 2 of that. The only thing being that I work out at night. Some nights household duties run a little long to where I don’t want to spend the hour or hour and a half working out.

    Let me tell you, I have a pool of sweat on the floor after this, I am pleasantly surprised. I may just have to skip this round of the X and follow these workouts daily. Keep up the good work.

  • Iris Collado

    I did the Fat Fighter Workout today. I also did jumping rope.

  • newbie

    Hi just came across your site, its brilliant well done!!! and thank you!! Would love to try to work out with ye… don’t know where to start… Im fit enuf… do a god bit of road running, but your training videos I know would push me, if you could direct me to which ones i should start with it’d be great!!!
    Thanks a million!!!

  • Tara

    Wow, you’ve given me the inspiration I need to start working out. I have a question though and it may sound foolish. I’m not exactly sure how to breathe properly when I’m working out. Is there a set way to do it?

    One more question: How long did it take you to get the abs you have now?

  • petra

    ahoj,nasla jsem tvuj website,tak jse snazim cvicit,ale chtela bych schodit asi 5kg a ovsem i zpevnit,nemohla by jsi my poradit,co by my vyhovovalo.ty vipadas super diky petra london

  • Todd

    Im going to try your workout, i will do whatever you say, WOW!!!!!! YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL with an incredible body.

  • http://OuchandWOW Roxy

    That hurt My Goodness! Keep on keeping us motivated. Love from Vancouver, BC

  • Carmen R.

    Hi there!

    I am amaze how quick you did your move, it took me a lot more mine, and you also are changing countries!!!!!!!!!
    Please keep going, you keep my motivation, I am doing everyday your workouts with you and I love that I can go on vacation and I can follow you everywhere with this shorts, effective, bodyweight workouts. My goal is to look like you Zuzana, since I started I am looking much better, I would look good this summer in my bikini!!!!!!!!!Please keep going!!!!And many, many thanks for this great inspiration and help! Regards

  • Celina

    Zuz, I tried answering your question 3 days ago but my comment never got posted so I’m trying again.

    Healthy body fat percentages vary slightly depending on the source but generally for women, a body fat percentage between 20%-30% is considered healthy. Going above or below that range negatively affects your hormone levels and if fertility is a concern for you, staying in the lower end of the healthy range is optimal. 10%-13% is essential body fat for women and going below that can seriously affects normal body functions.

  • Wez

    Hi Zuzana, I am 42, and trying to get in shape, your workouts are very intense but you look like you are enjoying it.
    You are very humble and honest and thats why people respect you so much.

    I am seeing a six pack for the first time in 20 years!!!

    Thank you

  • Jennifer

    Zuzana, I stumbled upon your videos on YouTube one day as I was searching for new ideas for workouts. I am a personal trainer and group exercise instructor and at times when I am in a rut and can’t come up with new exercises, I always find that your creative, motivating and energizing workouts do the trick! I have even begun logging on to your site daily to see the daily workouts so I can perform for my own workouts! As fitness Professionals we love what we do, and you look great doing it as well. Thank you for providing such a great site which not only teaches people new exercises, but focuses on the correct form and nutrition as well. Keep up the great work!

  • Tina


  • http://2lola.over-blog.com/ zorobabel

    hoohoo! your imagination is off limit. Thanks for putting the pictures.I’m about to do this workout, and i’m excited to try this , it’s totally new.

    Last week i did 4 workouts in a row, but then had my menstruations and could’nt do the fifth workout (nausea, muscle pain, stomach pain, dizziness etc…)
    So now it’s monday, and as my legs are still weak and shaky, i want to try five workouts this week.

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    I did a three part workout today.
    50 minute hill run

    Suicidal Sweat

    Then this workout was part 3:
    First half
    Second half
    L14-14-14 (I alternated left and right legs each time)
    20-22-25 (each return to center I counted as one rep)

    Then the final part was a little surf to cool down…I was really loose by then…pretty much jell-o!!! :)

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    I got behind a day so I combined this with your next posting, Suicidal Sweat…

  • http://abworkoutroutines.org/ markleob

    wow, this lady has more muscle than me and i am man..i guess this is the time for me to start working out..

  • Joe Chen

    Dear Zuzana,

    Hi, i’m from Malaysia, do all these workouts are suitable for men? or just for ladies only
    Please advise

    Thank you
    Best Regards

  • Tico

    Zuzana you are my inspiration. There aren’t too many women out there who take such a serious and disciplined approach to fitness, so when I found your site I was thrilled.

    I’ve been exercising for three years now and I thought I was disciplined and fit, until I started doing your workouts. (I have been doing some pretty intense full multi-joint type of superset exercises with heavy weights, and have been pretty happy with the results.) But wow, now I have a new goal, and that’s to be as lean and fit as you.

    I just have to know Zuzana, how long did it take you to get in such great shape? I mean aside from having an amazing body you are strong!

    And like you and Frederick, I believe eating healthy and exercising is a lifestyle. And thanks to you two, I am even more committed than ever before. You guys are great for providing such an excellent forum.

  • Andrea

    Dear Zuzana,

    I have been eating fruit for breakfast for several years and my lower body and abs have really tightened up. Starchy carbs always bloat me I don’t need them in my diet. Dark leafy greens are my friends in the fight against fat! Did two rounds of this workout yesterday, my legs were shaking near the end! My scores for the first round:
    Part one:
    Part two:
    13-13-12(Great butt & thigh move!)

    • insanity

      see? these numbers
      part one:
      … etc

      call me stupid but im not sure i know what this is about..help me


  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    did this one yesterday 13 June 2010 after I had just given a body attack class for a friend who could not make it.

    Crazy me decided “what the heck let me do Zuzana’s 12 min workout.” yeah, it was a sweaty mess and every muscle in this body knew about it. A FUN MOMENT!! haha

    My scores:
    1. 9/8/7
    2. 19/22/24
    3. 13/13/14

    1. 19/19/19 aaaaaaaauuuu!!!
    2. 18/20/20 aaaauuuuuuuuu!!
    3. 23/23/23 )ouchhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • Marinaki

    What can I say for both of you guys?? I have no words to describe you, my feelings about you are so strong… thank you so much for sharing all those exercises with us…

    I was smiling with the pike jump, I believe that you had to name it “DONKEY or HORSE KIKC” :p its worth it…

    I love you guys so much!!!
    Marinaki :)

  • http://www.jesusdiaz.usana.com Jesus Diaz

    Part 1
    1. 8, 9, 11
    2. 12, 12, 16
    3. 7, 9, 10

    Part 2
    1. 16, 19, 18
    2. 14, 16, 17
    3. 16, 15, 19

  • becca

    where is todays workout?? actually it is yesterdays, will it be up tonight?

  • Rachel

    Just finished my workout for today three words Sweat City Babe!! Of course all of the workouts are that way:) I tend to be very lazy so for me to look forward to working out is quite a change. I love these workouts. I am doing the older workouts from 2009 and kind of working my way up. Good luck on your new diet and keep the workouts coming.

  • Jennifer from Rochester, NY

    I found your videos on YouTube and I have just started following your workouts!!!! I hope you are making some serious dough. LOL Anyway, the best part about this blog is that your routines are always hard, yet easy enough to do inside or out in the back yard. My biggest problem with exercise is that it gets to be too much of a production and not to mention gets boring as hell. Your’s kick ass!!! You rock on, and I hope you become a millionaire from this, you deserve it!!! I have started some of the routines and feel great!!!! Personally, this is the best motivational material I’ve seen ever. I like how you are not afraid to show how hard it is, and you exercise like a normal person and not a nut job like jillian micheals. (I feel too intimidated by her)

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing your workouts!!!

    Rochester, NY

    • Frederick

      Hi Jennifer, thanks we both really loved reading this :) Glad you found us!

    • d.

      haha i agree with your input on jillian michaels :) even though i bet that she is a good person and all, she almost makes exercising seem like torture, while it’s just supposed to be an unconfortable but rewarding experience. haha idk, maybe that’s what it takes for some people to workout, but i like this environment on bodyrock, it’s rejuvenating :)

  • Arya

    Thanks Z & F..

    you guys are such an inspiration, Z yr body is looking better than ever!!! your a star!!

    I am signing up for the 5 day challenge.. I am struggling with my diet. I am quite petite 5 feet 2 and 48kgs but eat 3 hearty meals a day.. I am 31 so my metabolic rate will finally catch up and I wont be lucky any more..

    anyone else struggling with eating small portions a day, please help, how do I start considering, 9 – 6 job and the time it takes to cook and everthing ( nor am I a great cook and not a big fan of fruits and veggies :(

    I am going to try my hardest and disclipine myself to your workouts.. it’s looks hard and it’s so much harder for something who is just starting to workout!!!

    • Taryn

      I started eating more meals by taking a portion out of what I would normally have for dinner and saving that for a meal for the next day. It looks like such a small amount but it really works. Take about a third out of what you would normally have for dinner. Then, I would have a sandwich for lunch normally – instead, I now have half a sandwich with a side salad at about 10, my leftovers at about 12.30 and the other half of the sandwich with salad at about 2.30. I snack on fruit salad with yoghurt (or yoghurt with nuts, or provitas with cottage cheese, or an egg, tomato and lettuce salad, etc) at about 4.30 and then dinner. Make sure you plan your meals well in advance. (Oh and breakfast is usually a poached egg on a slice of rye with sliced tomato, or a banana smoothie with soy milk).

      I just stick to the same meals most of the time because it is easiest. Eating so many times a day doesn’t make it boring at all.

      Force yourself to eat whatever fruit and veg you can, its the only way!!

  • Theresa

    My 20 yr old son introduced me to your site and i gave him a BIG HUG AND KISS for doing so! I will be 40 this year and have tried going to the gym (i lose focus there) and the P90X videos (very long and uninspiring). Let me say i love your workouts! My plan is to lose 30 lbs before my birthday and become much more fit! I have Never sweat this much in such a workable amount of time than i have with your workouts! I promise I am going to look amazing with your help and when my friends ask me how i did it, I will point them in the direction of BODY ROCK.TV



  • http://www.bodyup.com Fitness Fanatic

    I tried this out just now. Nice post. Will be eyeing for more. thanks

  • Kitty

    Did this workout today. Was great. Wasn’t exactly sure how you counted reps. Not that it should really matter, working at max. effort is the main thing.
    Part 1
    Pike Jump/Squat Jump 11-10-10
    Strong core Exercise 16-17-16 (counted the full sequence as one rep)
    Plank/ Jack Push Up 14-14-12 (counted each push up)

    Part 2
    Side Lunge Jump Oblique Twist Left 15-14-12
    Side Lunge Jump Oblique Twist Right 15-14-12
    Elbow Plank hops 19-20-28 (counted each hop out to the side Not back to centre)

    Tomorrow I do my sport so I will join you again on Monday.
    Thanks for the motivation and the inspiration.

  • Sidra

    hey Zuzana!
    I have a question for you, i was going through your old videos in which you mentioned eating psyllium fiber that you have it 30mins before your meal,so do you still take it before each of your meal? n if yes then has it shown it’s benefits?

  • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates

    I admire the BodyRockers that can keep count with a 10 sec transition!

    This workouts contains everything I love in a BodyRock workout: heart pounding pace, creative combinations and balance between saggital/coronaltranverse planes.

    I’m not sure I have the hang of the Pike/Jump Squats. The oblique twist with the Side Lunge Jump added new intensity. My new favorite move may be the Elbow Plank Hops!

    Substituted a diamond push up hand position for the Plank Jump Push Ups.

    Thanks for the fun and challenging experience…now to cool off with fresh jicama and watermelon juice.

  • Viola

    I am 17 years old and i used to participate in track and field. I would like to be fit again and does it really matter if i were to start this workout without beforehand experience??? and slso should i do cardio(jogging)first?
    I really love you website.Thanks

  • RN

    Zuzana, you always say listen to your body with regard to eating, exercise and everything else. I recently begun eating small portions frequently but some days I feel famished on this approach. Should I listen to my body and eat more (clean foods of course)? I’m not a vegetarian but the problem is when I feel the need to eat more, I don’t know what to eat. I don’t feel like eating more meat and too many vegetables make me bloated, gaseous, etc. Too many grains increase my calorie content and I tend to put on weight. Anyone have any ideas on what to eat when you are feeling so hungry, but don’t feel like eating more meat or fish?

    • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates

      RN, have you tried a vegetable broth? The one I use is for alkalizing the body but also helps me with my appetite.

      ALKALINE BROTH (Source: Designs For Health)

      Choose a combination of the following vegetables equaling approximately 1 ½ – 2 cups: celery, green beans, zucchini, spinach, parsley. Place vegetables in a soup pot with a significant amount of filtered water (More than enough to cover). Bring to boil and then let simmer for 45 minutes. Strain and keep the broth. This recipe will keep in the refrigerator for 3 days. Please do not freeze and defrost. Make fresh as needed. If you do not have a sensitive system you may puree the vegetables and broth together in a blender and take as a heartier soup.

      I go easy on the celery and parsley because these aren’t my most favorite flavors. Green beans are strong so I use more zucchini or spinach.

      I hope this helps!

    • Jemma

      Hi RN

      I’ve run into the same issues so maybe these thoughts might help you. First, are you drinking enough? sometimes if you feel hungry you should try drinking a glass of water and then waiting 5-10 minutes and see if you’re still hungry. The body doesn’t really know the difference between hunger and thirst so resort to thirst if it’s not a scheduled meal time. Second, Try eating slowly and very deliberately, there are schools of thought that say the longer you take to eat your meal the fuller you will feel. You can try combining your snacks/small meals with some more dense foods like nuts (even peanut butter) to help balance out hunger.
      Good luck!

    • Liz

      Hi, I have always eaten many small meals but now that I am exercising more I am more hungry. My meals consist of oatmeal, lots of fruit, like bananas or oranges, watermelon. If I dont eat them on an empty stomach then I get bloated or a tummyache, so then what I do is make a shake. Strawberries, milk, bananas flax seed and wheatgerm. Nuts are great too. I love to eat sunflower seeds. I also have 2 or 3 slices of fresh mozz cheese with crackers. Yogurts are good,super nutty peanut butter and jelly with wheat bread is great too. Tuna fish and wheat pita pockets with black olives and lots of lettuce and mustard. Egg salad. I really like rice cakes with strawberry jam. I make my food as healthy as possible but I do indulge sometimes. My helpings are the appropiate size and I don’t eat unless I’m hungry. I also drink ALOT of water.
      I hope this gives you some ideas:) Oh I also watch alot of cooking shows and a great cookbook is cook yourself thin.

  • raeNYC


    Wow… Thank you both for all of your hard work! I really do appreciate it. And I hope that we can show our support to bodyrock sometime soon. Anything you sell, I will buy :)
    Love you guys!!

  • Louise

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy, I have been gone for a while; I travel for work. But, I have been trying to keep up my workouts. As always you two absolutely rock!!!

    I just became aware of this promotion where Oprah Winfrey is looking for people who want their own show to premier on her new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). I don’t know if this is a direction the two of you would be willing to explore (or if another bodyrocker has suggested it?) but I would definitely vote for you guys:). Maybe you can go to her website and check it out.

    Thanks again for changing my approach to diet and exercise my body loves you for it!!!

    • Frederick

      Hi Louise – thanks for thinking about us for this :)

      • d.

        are you and zuzana considering this though?

  • may

    hi zuzana, do u still workout when you are sore? because i tried one of your workouts yesterday and now im a little sore today but i do want to workout. Do you suggest me to rest or do it anyway?

  • Mickela

    hi all I just finished this workout
    it is not an easy one at all the elbow plank hops are super brutal, I can tell they do their job though I mean I can feel my core right now.
    i totally lost count since I was so focused on just being fast and paying a lot of attention to my breathing and posture.
    my inner upper calf still hurts a bit so i had to be careful with the pike jumps and side lunge, for some reason I can run and skip rope without a problem.

    thanks for the burn guys. it is shower time.

  • yvonne

    i cantwait to do this work out:) thank you guys for all you do .
    also since you guys are going vegiterian i was gonna try and do it this comming week and i was wondering if you guys had any good vegi recipies.

    also i have only been following your workouts for two weeks but iam already starting to feel more active and energetic i just hope i can lose the weight i want.
    thanks guys

  • Emily L.

    Hi Zuzana,
    Thanks for posting another great workout!
    I have a question that I hope you may have time to answer.
    I saw an older video of you showing how far you improved in doing your splits. This is a goal of mine too! But, I can’t seem to find the info that you mention in that video. Could you please let me know how you were able to improve your splits? I would be very grateful. I’m already doing longer held stretches after my workouts (about a min each), but, I still seem so far above the ground. Please help.
    Thanks so much,

  • Edward

    I just would like to say that I find you very inspiring. I love your abs and shoulders. Thanks to you I’ve been concentrating more on my core which, caused me to trim down a lot. I also want to get my shoulders to ripple like yours. Very HOT. Well thanks for the inspiration and I hope your doing well. Bye

  • Gerri

    Your latest workouts are killer!! Love them and the eating, I had been on the no sugar since you asked, way back when, succumbed at a work related conference, restarting today, feel so much better without it!! Was reading your blog on changing over to vegetarian, I don’t eat alot of meat, but sometimes still crave it. My naturopath recently told me about hemp hearts and have starting eating those instead. Freddy since you are from Cananda, wondered if you guys eat them, I love them, great meat substitute, taste like sunflower seeds and well it lives up to its reputation. Just wondering thanks again for all your hard work!!

  • Diana

    Mila Zuzka :)
    v prvom rade by som sa ti chcela podakovat za vsetky videa ktore tu uverejnujes :) cvicim podla teba zatial len druhy mesiac, ale citim sa omnoho lepsie a aj moje okolie mi potvrdilo ze to ma na mna pozitivny efekt :)
    rada by som sa ta opytala na nejake cvicenia na nohy..z vnutornej strany kolien mam ulozeny tuk ktoreho sa neviem zbavit..nohy mam vcelku stihle, len tie kolena mi robia starost lebo celkovo vyzeraju moje nohy uplne rovne, proste kolena mi splyvaju so stehnami..ak by si mi poradila na ake cviky sa mam zamerat bola by som ti velmi vdacna :) ))

  • Marie-Josée

    I loved this one I gave it my all and was seating a lot tan’k guys just cant wait till the next one come out

  • Christine

    As always, I LOVE all of your workouts! I thrive on them and love how they have allowed me to have a 20 year old body at 43!! I am however still patiently waiting on another iphone app! I enjoy your workouts daily, but many times, with my military career, my iphone is the only way I can travel and have your excercises available. Your application on the iphone provided me with your workouts no matter where I was deployed! Any word on when your amazing and motivating workouts will be back on my iphone?

    Patiently Waiting,

  • Charlie D.

    That was good, although I was not really very focused today – I’ll have to try that one again when I’m more on my game. I’m glad I did something though.

    • Charlie D.

      Again, not my finest. I did a quick 2 or 2.5 mile run to warm up, but I didn’t take into account the incredible heat and humidity today – I was really tired and sweaty going into this and especially on the first part, didn’t feel like I was working as hard as I could have otherwise. I’m proud that I finished though – it was tempting not to. But 12 minutes – you can’t argue with that, right?


  • Jenna

    This workout was a killer! The Pike Jump squats and Plank Jumps were very challenging!!!

    Zuzanna where did you get your necklace that you are wearing in this video? I love it! If you can let me know that would be awesome!


    • Frederick

      Hi Jenna, It was a gift from my mom. Not sure where she got it tho …

  • justme

    Sweating like a pig…and I can’t still figure out how all u guys can do this with only a 10 second pause – I think would collapse…

  • lukindre

    hei guys..
    this site is amazing..as i am mother of two..4.5year old boy and 2months baby girl..of course i do not have time to go to a gym..but these short and intensive workouts are just perfect for me..im over the moon that i found u..im following u for the last week..i hope i have strenght to keep doing this..got to go and do some sweating guys while my baby is still having her morning nap..thanks again ;)

  • http://www.jesusdiaz.usana.com Jesus Diaz

    ok ok this workout was great :) I did more sweating this time. here is my score
    Part 1
    1. 8-9-11
    2. 12-12-16
    3. 7-9-10
    Part 2
    1. 16-19-18
    2. 14-16-17
    3. 16-15-19
    Can wait for the next video update.

  • Cledson

    Hi Zuzana,
    Thank you for all your videos and tips. Maybe it’s a dumb question, but all daily workouts that you publish here works for man and woman?
    Keep posting more updates for us. Kisses from Brazil.

  • Susan

    Hi guys, fun workout today. Zuzanna, when you do your push ups, your elbows point back, closer to your body. Mine are always pointed more out to the side. Is it more effective your way, harder to do, better for triceps?? Just wondering about my technique is all…..thanks!!

  • d.

    please guys, i really need your help.

    does anyone have a success story or some positive feedback from getting the Depo Provera shot? My sister got the shot and it’s killing her.. shes gained 15 pounds in 2 months, and she was at an ideal weight too! i just hope that it doesn’t mess her up forever, because i look this stuff up and there is NO ONE that says good stuff on it, and she’s afraid that it will be stored in her tissue and that she will always have a weight struggle. i’m really scared because i worry about her, it’s really making her depressed and there is nothing i can do about it :(

    what can she do?? please help, i’m really scared about this.

    thanks a million,

    • aspired

      Hey d,

      As someone who has personally had depo, unless she can’t handle the pill (like she would forget…etc), I would stay away from it. It really does a lot to your body and I would say it is comparable to farmers pumping cows with hormones to get more milk. It does the same thing to your body, but instead of producing milk, it eliminates the ability to get pregnant.

      I’m no expert, but in my personal experience, once I gained the pounds from depo, my weight stayed consistent. (Presuming I wasn’t overeating and was not under a lot of stress). Perhaps it’s still in my tissues, perhaps not…even if it was, it is probably a really really small amount. For me, Depo caused a lot of emotional up and downs, and that may be causing her to eat more, which is quite possible. Recently I’ve been eating right and exercising and the weight has gone in the opposite direction. The best thing for her to do is to have her get off the depo, but once she gets off the depo…she needs to get on the pill immediately! If she doesn’t, what will happen is she will have a continuous period for TWO TO THREE MONTHS! The pill helps to regulate her period. Hope that helps!

      • d

        thank you so much for your help! but does she REALLY need to take the pill right after she gets off the shot? because she isn’t even having sex or anything.. i would also like to know how long it took you to be off the shot and start seeing weight loss and getting back into shape. She’s really worried that it will mess up her metabolism for the rest of her life after getting this one shot.. thanks for the advice, but if you could answer these questions i would be REALLYY grateful..

        thannk you :)


    • Elle

      The depo is suuuper evil!!! soo soo bad for your body not just in weight gain!! I was on it, I also gained almost 15kg from it, and now that I got married and we are trying to have a baby we found out I am not ovulating anymore… :-( ( so now I am on loads of different hormones like primolut and clomids, which stimulates your appetite and body to store fat (same as the depo btw…) and started gaining again.. but this time all for a good cause.. my bundle of joy.!! and the reason for me not ovulating anymore…. guess?? the DePO!! Get your sister off it if she still wants to have a healthy life in the future!! I will never in my life use the depo or the pill again. take her to the dr for the loop, you get one that gives off hormones automatically and it does not mess up your system at all!! and it stays in for max 5 years, so it is all worth it!! Good luck!!

      • d.

        thank you Elle :) i just hope that it doesn’t ruin my sister’s body forever :( and that she WILL lose the weight..

        but i’m really happy for you and your pregnancy! take care <3

        much appreciation,

    • Liana


      Oh, no! Depo provera is widely known as being a terrible, terrible thing and is actually banned in certain parts of the world (including areas in the U.S. and Canada) due to its horrible side effects.

      Along with the weight gain, some of the MINOR side effects are hair loss, body aches (including non-severe to severe migraines), and heart palpitations. Those are just the minor side effects.

      In almost every instance in a study of women who were put on the shot, there was a drastic decrease in their bone density and mass, which puts them at a huge risk for developing osteoporosis.

      While there is a small likelihood of encountering any sort of blood clots when on any form of birth control, Depo provera has shown to be the worst culprit.

      In one of the worst scenarios possible, some patients on Depo provera have suffered from pulmonary embolisms (blockage in an artery or lung).

      Here is what a quick search in Google will turn up about it:


      • d

        thanks for being honest :*(
        this is so unfair!! i just want her to have a good life, and everything just keeps getting worse! :(

        i would just love a glimpse of hope that she will lose all this weight that she gained in three months(!) and be happy again.

        please, i’m so sad from this. i feel like her life is ruined now!!

        d. :(

  • pam

    Are you guys completely eliminating meat?
    Man… I can’t do that. I do way too many things throughout the day. I’d turn into a stick.
    I hope you don’t turn into one too, zuzana =/ I like how your body was before.. with a little bit more muscle. I’m not sure why. It just looked better. However, good luck transitioning into your new diet routine :) Unfortunately Im in my teens and going veg is not an option because i’ve tried it before and my life felt like hell. I had no energy whatsoever. Basketball, cross country, and your workouts plus home duties adds up. But being on your routine with my same diet has caused me to lose 10 pounds. I eat healthy, and i eat small portions. I don’t think it’s necessary to cut out any food groups..

    Anyway, I hope your switch doesn’t do the same thing it did to me! right now it seems like your doing ok. and I thank you soooooo much for your workouts! They’ve worked wonders on me :)

    Off to my workout! (just came back from a basketball tourney too ;) )

    • Antonia

      Hi pam,

      I think they will do fine on it. They are eliminating certain food but remember they are adding alot of foods too. I am sure though if they feel later it is not for them they will change it and move on. The idea of 4 food groups is a balanced idea for the general public. In reality though there are literally thousands of types of food on the planet avalible to live on.

  • http://30bananasaday.com Windlord

    presuming each sequence of moves = 1 rep
    pike + SQ jump = 1r
    both tuck and leg spread of Strong Core = 1r)

    Pike Jump Squats 9.5/8.5/8.5
    Strong Core 18/15.5/15.5
    Plank Jump Pushups 20/18/16

    Side Jump Oblique (L) 17/15/15
    Side Jump Oblique (R) 16/15/15
    Elbow Plank 21/23/24

  • Ixita

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy.. I have a suggestion for your website, but I dont know if its easy to make or not, It would be a good idea that each member had a profile page or something like that on your website, where each member could log in an upload the scores on their workouts, or even pictures of their progress, that way everyone would be motivated to show their progress and we coul keep building a community of fitness and tips. I think its a good idea hope its doable…


  • Marita

    Hello Zuzana

    I am a new fan of yours :)

    I came across your website and started following your workouts about a month ago – they are “great” workouts. I workout Monday to Saturday and rest on Sundays…You are a very motivating person and I working towards abs as close to yours :) ….I am currently in Bogota, Colombia but, lived in Toronto the past 23yrs…I am actually going back next weekend.

    Question…What else can I do to get rid of my gut ? I drink a lot of green tea but, my weakness is sweets (breads and cookies ) I guess is all about mental challenge and what you want to achieve.

    Thank you and always looking forward to your next workout…..

  • http://[email protected] MINNIE V.

    Hi Zuzana & Frederick,
    Didn’t follow your workout today but worked out nonetheless. I’m the proceastination queen sometimes, didn’t actually start until 3PM.but……….. I did it!!!! I thought of all kinds of excuses to put it off,but the discipline prevails. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll try this last one you posted tomorrow. Looks like alot of fun. Thanks again. My best to Sean. :)
    Minnie V.
    IN NY

  • Niki

    Great workout as always!! Would you please give us some examples of your new eating habits- perhaps a 2-3 day food diary? Thanks so much for all you do!!!

  • Nicole D Lopez

    Hey Zuzana,

    I really appreciate the new exercises you’ve been using. I’ve had so much fun with them!
    Also, I really love the pure body-weight workouts.

    Regarding your diet: Are you guys going to be vegetarians or are you doing the whole full-on vegan deal?

    And, lastly, what time zone are you in in Canada now and when do you upload the videos usually? I’d like to know so that I can check the videos right away when you guys put them up. I know that when you were in Malta, they came on around 5pm or so for me.


    • Frederick

      Hi Nicole,
      We upload as soon as they are ready – no set time. We are in the EST time zone – it takes about 6 hours minimum from start to finish to make an update so it all depends on when we can get started :)

      • Michelle G.

        I had no idea it would take that long….I feel I owe you for all the you do. This site has changed my life in a huge way. I have always had self esteem issues and while I did workout before, I have never felt so confident in my life.

        Thank you so much!!!

      • Nicole D Lopez

        Wow, 6 hours. You guys are too nice for words for taking all that time to help us out by making this blog. Especially since you do it for free. You guys are so great. Thank you infinity times :)

  • GaNe

    Omgsh….I have followed your site for a while and tried a few workouts but usually end up going back to the gym…I guess because I was lazy. I’m on track with following you every day right now and I’ve never felt so out of shape. I guess I was not doing anything at the gym to challenge myself….I never sweat there in a 60 min workout….these 12 min. kick my ass!! Thanks…I’m looking forward to wearing a bikini over the 4th with abs you can see and I’ve never done that before. Wish me luck! Thanks again so so much.

  • becca

    Hey Zuzu,

    I found a really amazing exercise that sets your lower abs on fire. You need a chin up bar tho. You hold hour knees up like as if you were in the middle of a hanging knee raise. Hold this position with your thighs parallel to the ground and knees bent at a 90 degree angle, for like 10 or 20 seconds. Then, while keeping your thighs parallel to the ground, straighten the bottom of your leg out so that your whole legs are parallel to the ground and straight. Do so many reps of this 90 degree to straight leg back to 90 degree for as many reps as you can. all the time keeping your upper thighs parallel to the ground. This isolates your lower abs so good, probably the best i have ever felt.

    This workout was great. lol but in my excitement i forgot how to do the first exercise and was doing a half burpee and jump squat instead. I knew something was off but couldnt remember what until i looked back at the site. haha. But something interesting, did you know that the more in shape you are the faster you sweat? This is because your body is so used to getting hot from working out, it has developed a more efficient system of colling- sweating faster. 12 minutes is just enough to get a nice sweat for me, but 17 minutes is enough to get me dripping like crazy.

    I hope you find my lower abs exercise useful:)

    • Sónia PT

      that explains why 12 min isn’t enough for me

  • Tom W

    …I don’t want to set my fat loose, I want to lose it…

  • Lvette #1

    part 2

    3. I counted centre-right-centre-left-centre as 1 rep. I see I’m incorrect so my score is actually 12-14-14

    Zuzanna, I love your current look. I think I refer you with dark hair. when you pull your hair back, the darker hair colour in your root is more prominent and that makes your face so exotic. Do you think you would ever go back to brunette.

  • Steve O

    Dude you should have just said HI. I think u weren’t totally sure if it was them. Anyway that IS awesome if i ever run into them, i’m gonna ask for a pic def…thank God for Camera phones!

  • Jess

    I love your workouts and your diet ideas! This site is fantastic, keep up the good work!!
    My score:
    1) 10, 8, 8
    2) 12, 13, 12
    3) 10, 11, 10
    4) 15, 11, 12
    5) 12, 14, 12
    6) 23, 21, 20

  • Iris Collado

    Many thanks to Zuzana and Frederick for this great and brutal workout. I tried to do it after running for 30 minutes and I could not do the second part. I was sweating like a horse. I want to know if you also do weight lifting or only bodyweight workout. Do you think bodyweight is enought to have a fit and ripped body like you.


    • Antonia

      This is how she got ripped!

  • Lvette #1

    Hello guys,

    Here are my scores..

    Part one

    1. 7-7-5
    2. 8-8-8
    3. 6-7-6

    Part two

    1. 18-12-13
    2. 15-12-14
    3. 6-7-7

    For anyone have trouble logging onto videos here, go to youtube and type in the name of the exercise in the search engine and you will be able to play the video there. That’s what I did this morning because I could not get the video to play here

  • BodyRock-Savvy

    I love this one too. I did it today. I’ll post my numbers later when I get home.
    Yes, Zuzie and Frederick, how long should we do warm up and cool down? Can we make it interval to so we don’t need to mind the time?
    We always salute you two. Thanks alot! :)

  • http://bodyrock.tv lee

    That was a good workout for me, I’m sweeting from head to toe.

  • elise

    this was brutal, as always. i am so in love with you and your site…why do only a five day challenge, why not a month challenge? i got my 54-year-old mother to do some of your workouts,(she is trying to loose weight)and she’s lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks! i am so greatful for bodyrock.tv, you’ve changed my life. never ever ever stop! (oh and by the way, you are so pretty, make a video of your makeup routine!)

  • Ryan

    where can i fint a print of that fool pic on your wall, its one of the best i’ve seen.

    the hanging fool.

    you are stunning and your workouts inspire most.


    • Frederick

      Hi Ryan – not sure if there are prints or not – the artist is a guy named Toby Anderson… here is the link to his site: http://www.tobeycanderson.com/

  • Michelle G.

    This workout was fun! I like the pike jumps, when I first saw them, I thought how in the hell am I going to be able to do that, but I did em. lol.

    You inspired me Zuzana to do alittle challenge on my own, which is for the next three days (today is day 1) to do two workouts on each day.

    So today I did this workout in the am.

    And then I did the Perverted Punishment workout (OMG that is hard!!!, I couldnt catch your time, came in at 25:20)

    Looking forward to the next workout, I always get so excited when a new one is posted.

  • Kristina

    What a great workout, completed and feel sooo energized!!! Really love these workouts, they totally kick my butt EVERYTIME in such a ‘special’ way that I want more the next day :)

  • Azier-’di

    Oh How I sweat….{lol}

    Once again, it looked easy but it was such a killer!!!
    loved it

    1st part
    S.J.S: 8-8-8
    C.E: 15-14-15
    P.P.U: 6-6-6 (could have done better)

    2nd part
    S.L.O.T(left): 17-15-12
    S.L.O.T(right): 16-16-16
    E.P.H: 5-5-6 with this..were we suppose to count each hop or counted in the middle when we did both sides? I did the latter.

    Thanks you guy’s…Hope you had a wonderful and blessed day :-)

  • Jennifer

    Just an after-thought, have you had your sugars tested? you could be border line diabetic, if so you can still stave off becoming fully diabetic through your diet and excercise. If that doesn’t help and you are still having the same symptoms, you could be allergic to gluten.


    • cs2010

      Hi Jennifer… Yes, I’ve had blood tests done and everything checks out fine. I’m super healthy, but diabetes does run in my family. That’s why I monitor myself so closely. I’ve also done a lot of research on gluten and it’s possible I’m sensitive to it, but I’ve determined I’m not allergic to it. Keeping the portions tiny have helped my energy skyrocket, plus these workouts. I’m just going to focus on the quality of the fiber more, and make sure I’m getting enough protein. Thanks for your help :)

  • Nancy

    Hi Zuzana,

    How do you warm up before your work-out?? Running??


    • Magalie


      if you go in the workout archives, the one before last is 2 videos of warmup routine!!

    • Nicole D Lopez

      She has a warm-up routine on the site :)
      And a stretching one for that matter.

  • La Bruja Nica


    I love the Pike Jumps! I almost flipped like 2 times..! (lol)those side Leg Jumps are killers, and the plank hops were very fun x me!,I was still sweating a lot when I was stretching! It’s like having my own personal rain-cloud sweat…;)

    My scores:
    5,10,8 and a half.

    2nd part


  • cutie

    your hair looks very nice like that :) Nice workout :)
    take care :)

  • audrey

    please show us low impact versions of your exercises.
    thanks alot!

  • Tough cookie

    Hi guys!

    I LOOOOOOOVE your workouts! Keep it up!

    A lot of the exercises chosen work the front of the body. I suggest a few exercises for the upper back, low back and back of the shoulders for example : dancing crab, superwoman done on the belly, reverse plank, butterfly, etc. in order to keep good posture.

    Thank you for keeping us in great shape and challenged!

    • Melissa

      So timely you mention this! I was just looking at my upper back and back of shoulders and thinking..I need to do something more for these areas (outside of my Zuzana/ bodyrock routines)as they are not being addressed enough. Would love to know what some of these exercises are that you mentioned: superwoman, butterfly?? Zuzana maybe consider some of these areas in future routines?

      Also..would love alternative exercises in the case of not being able to complete the exercise enough times for it to really count. For example, pullups. Do__________, instead. Much appreciated..as always:)

  • ari

    i’m scared to do this workout. the pike jump squats look so intense.

  • Niko

    Another awesome workout. I took note when you said be careful not to jump too much and overbalance on the pike jump squats as I’m a bit clumsy, but on the very last of those I almost did a somersault!

    I’ll repeat what others have said. Thanks so much for your generosity in posting these great workouts. The money people spend on gym subscriptions is such a waste when having you as a virtual personal trainer is so much better.

    I liked what you said about actual time in an hour’s gym session only really having 15 minutes or so of real intensity. Now with your site there’s no excuse not to workout and feel the burn.

    Big up yourselves Zuzana and the team! You guys are awesome : )

  • Charmaine

    Brilliant workout! The no equipment needed bodyweight workouts are absolutely fantastic. Thank you for kicking my Friday evening up a gear ;)

  • Johnny


    why do you set the timer for 9 rounds, when there are 5 exercises?

    • Johnny

      nevermind, I didn’t see its a two part workout ;-)

  • Euthie

    Hi! I’ve been without the net for a while and have missed your site so much! Being back has definitely reignited my motivation! I had enough extra money to order my interval timer and should get it soon! I can’t wait to do your interval workouts instead of just the rep ones! (Not that those aren’t awesome as well.) With such a long journey it helps to have someone to not only keep you interested/motivated, but to show you so many different ways to keep moving towards better fitness. Thank you, much love! ~Euthie

    P.S. Some workout names I’ve come up with are “Nuclear Reactor Fat Blaster” for a cardio and “BodyRock Booty Rock” for a lower body/glutes workout. Hope you like, will try to come up with more!

  • Brigita

    It is always pointed out that the most important thing is eating habits and small portions. I wonder how does small portion look like? A banana, an apple? How many grams of vegetables? Meat? I am confused…

  • Stephanie

    Amazing!! I repeat….your workouts are so easy to follow. I love that you have pictures and explanations it really helps…..I LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS and I’m seeing results in my body from the great cardio workouts that you have.

    Thank you so much!

  • Razzi

    Phew, nice workout. =D Just got done … Here’s my score :
    Part 1
    1) 5,6,6
    2) 7,8,6
    3) 11,11,11
    Part 2
    1) 14,10,10
    2) 12,11,10
    3) 7,6,7

    I must say, doing all your workouts … my bum muscles sure are feeling it. Makes me happy ^^ Can’t wait for tomorrows workout! =D

  • Emma

    Love, love, loving the workouts this week! Really useful having the explanations at the end as well to make sure my form is correct. Thanks ever so much for all the effort you put in to making these videos for us. Bisous

  • Em

    Hey, I really like that you’re explaining each exercise after your workout. I was wondering if you could go into the benefits of each exercise more when you explain them. Like what muscles each one is good for.

  • fabiana

    I love the idea of using you own body weight, also I have a school and I always used some of your tips thank you and you are my inspiration thank you I have 2 kids I can way to look in a better shape keep up the good work…God bless you

  • fabiana

    You looks great in anything I love you new pants
    great work outs thanks you for posting….I have a Questions Where do you live?

  • Cathy

    Hi Zuzana,

    Does this mean you will be working out 5 days a week and active-rest on the weekends? Cuz that would be soo great. That’s just a greater motivation, I don’t mean to be selfish:) Thank you for the demonstrations after, it is so helpful. You are so sweet!

  • Kelly

    hello! i find your workouts fun to do, thx for making exercise interesting as well :)

  • Alisia

    What a great way to start my Friday. Another excellent workout. I love what happening to my body. Thank you!

  • Virginia

    Just wanted to say that your site has reignited passion in my fitness routine. I look forward everyday to see what challenges you have instore for us to follow. By the way, I love how you started incorporating modifications and detailed explanations about your exercises. Many thanks!!!

  • Nick

    Hi Zuzana and Fred,

    Your exercises and workouts are really inspiring. As an avid surfer and fitness person, I’m constantly looking for ways to challenge myself and progress as an athlete. I rely on a lot of calisthenics, kettle bells, and TRX training, and I have to say your workouts are really SMART and tough. Great work!

    Please do post info about your transition to a vegetarian diet, btw. I’d love to know about things like food ratios (protein, carbs, fat), and what sources you’re using to make it work.

    Thanks for all the great material!

  • Mickela

    cs2010 I have a similar problem, mostly with refined wheat flour and white starchy rice.
    I stick to brown and wild rice and quinoa, spelt pasta doesn’t seem to bother me, but the large servings of any refined flour make me bloated and stupid.
    I mostly eat lots of vegetables and fruit as well as beans and nuts and eggs and fish, small portions like Zuzana.
    I used to have a globby belly and now it is gone.
    that has nothing to do with age either.

  • misstizz

    ahoj Zuzano, nechtěla bys někdy třeba udělat video, kde budeš mluvit jen česky a pozdravit své české fanoušky ? myslím, že by to bylo hezké :) )

  • Lil-Z

    Just done the workout and it was sooooooooo much fun. Please post the nxt one as soon as you can. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Here are my stats:

    part 1
    1. 6,6,6

    3.22,20,31( I pushed really hard on the last set)

  • Jenna

    Hiiiii, Zuzana! My name is Jenna and I currently have just finished ninth grade. I am using your workouts to keep in shape for track and cross country..and just because I like challenging myself to something new all the time :) They are surely very tough workouts, but I push myself to maximum effort and make it through each one!

    Thanks for helping me stay in shape!
    -Jenna :)

  • ironette

    Zuzana, u r truly the best dear. I love your workouts!!! I tell everyone I can about your site & all the info that you have on here. Thank you soo much for all your inspiration & help.

  • joe mc

    Hua nice. this lady and this boy are my inspiration . nice work ! peace….!

  • Nancy

    Hi Zuzan
    I a huge an of yours, love your workouts, love you spirit too.
    I see that you like burgle and it is originally from the middle east, I am from there, so I thought of sharing this recipe with you that is also popular and healthy
    Couscous with Seven Vegetables


  • ryguy

    Hi Zuzana, I have a question about injuries. From time to time through exercise and sports I’ll sustain an injury that sets back my fitness routine. Do you have any tips on how to work out through injury or how to train to avoid injuries? Also any diet and lifestyle tips to help prevent and heal from injuries would be appreciated too. If you’ve already made a video about this subject and I missed it please direct me to it. Thanks!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi ryguy,

      I don’t have any tips on how to workout through injury. I am not a physician. It is important to know everything about the injury, including the nature and severity. Your doctor will tell you about precautions that should be taken during the recovery stage. You shouldn’t be doing any exercise that is causing you pain or making the existing pain worse. Personal trainer is not the person you should go to when you have an injury unless he or she has a health care license of some kind. I can recommend my workouts only to healthy individuals who don’t suffer from any health problems or injuries.

  • Douglas

    I’m really liking the new video routines. ;) There was a exercise from yesterday called the one leg squat and I could not do that for the life of me. I’m thinking my balance is a little off but that was hard.

    Thanks again guys for being here for a lot of people, it means a lot!

  • Ana

    Just wanted to tell you guys that I’m really enjoying these body weight workouts, because this way even who doesn’t have any fitness equipment (like me) can do these at home.
    Thanks a lot! And keep up the great work you’re doing with the blog! =)

  • cs2010

    I get so excited to do these workouts whenever I see a new exercise….like a little kid on x-mas morning.

    About diet, has anyone else experienced this: I can only eat about 1/3 cup of starches or grains once per day. If I eat more than that, it saps my energy and I get very, very tired, and the following day when I wake up I’ll feel bloated. I’m okay if I eat a sweet potato or quinoa. I notice it happens more with rice or pasta or bread.

    I’m thinking glycemic index has something to do with it. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Jennifer

      It does have to do with the glycemic index. White rice, pasta, white bread, and any refined carbs hae a high glycemic index, which means it will spike your insulin levels, then crash an hour or two later making you feel yucky and tired. A good rule of thumb is to eat oats, high fiber breads, high protein pastas, brown, long grain, or wild rice, etc. always look at the protein and fiber content. The higher the protein and fiber content, the longer it takes for your body to break down and absorb the complex carbs, thus, your insulin levels stay level, and you end up having an even amount of energy throughout the day. You should always mix in another whole protein source like fish, tofu,etc. with your complex carb as this will give you more protein, it evens out the process even more, and is less taxing on your insulin levels, it also lessens your hunger and/or cravings, and you end up feeling fuller longer.
      I hope this helps,

  • http://www.30bananasaday.com/ Brie

    What were your scores Zuzana? :-)

  • FluidFreedom

    What a great workout! I feel so good having just completed it. I am on day 5 of my challenge and here are my stats:

    Pike Jump Squats R1:5 R2:4 R3:4

    Strong Core R1:5 R2:9 R3:7

    Plank Jump Pushups r1:7 R2;7 R3:6

    Side Jump Oblique (L) R1:10 R2;12 R3;9

    Side Jump Oblique (R) R1;10 R2:10 R3:13

    Elbow Plank R1:21 R2:17 R2:22

    This past April I had a health assesment at work and I weighed 176.2lbs. Since I started an active routine with BodyRockTv I am now down to 162.2lbs. My husband is currently doing Power90x and is doing fantaastic and really looking great. We have both started eating much healthier and are currently looking at changing up our diet to reduce meat/animal biproducts from it.

    Thanks again for this wonderful website!

    • ALL1E

      Good for you! Keep it up!

      • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates

        Congrats as well on your progress..14 lbs!

  • Teri

    My quads are killing me from the WO with jump squats. I must have pushed WAAAY too hard?! Can I workout with this muscle pain or should I take a rest? I think if I have to do another squat, I won’t be able to walk…lol

    Pls let me know…anyone! :)

    • ALL1E

      Listen to your body–what kind of pain is it? Regular soreness…specific pain that could develop into something worse…muscle fatigue? Also, are you cooling down & stretching after each workout? Maybe your body needs a recovery day–make it an ACTIVE REST day so you keep the muscles warm & blood flowing which will speed healing–& drink plenty of water.

      • Teri

        It’s only muscle soreness. It’s only my left leg today because I favor my (previously shattered) right ankle when I workout so I “push off” stronger on my stronger leg. I’m sooo trying not to do that!! I’ll drink more water and stretch more and make sure I get my recovery drinks afterwards moving forward..
        Today I think I’ll modify a bit :) arms and abs perhaps.

  • DREA

    Hi, Zuzana
    so im only 21 and i used to work out a lot when i was in high school due to playing many sports but since have just given up! i recently came across ur site and u have been just what i’ve been lookin for! thank you so much for inspiring me and so many other people i have been running daily and then do one of ur great workouts ever since I LOVE IT!! i feel great and really look forward to following u for a long time to come!!

  • Iwona

    Hey Zuzana!
    Your hair is sooo cute. You need to make a video on how to do that hairstyle (maybe in a fashion video). Love your workouts!

  • Marketa

    Great! Another “killing” workout :o ). There is finally beautifull weather in the Czech Republic. Unfortunatelly it is so hot in here, that I can practise only at night – is that ok? (At night means after 11.00 p.m. – that is the time when I can breathe)

  • Lisa

    Hi guys I have been doing your workouts for months now and I’m definitely getting stronger and have lost weight. I thank you for that and for showing the way to do the excersises at the end. I am literally about 5lbs maybe from looking super lean and shredded like you and the only thing I think needs to be further tweaked is my diet. It’s already pretty clean but can you please post a meal by meal layout of exactly what you eat in a 24hr period so thati can follow it and see if I can’t shred this last bit of bodyfat. Hey if you could do like a week that’d be great but please at least a day like you know 8am had ….. Whatever you ate right up until your last meal. I haven’t found anything like that yet on this site there are lost of great tips about what to eat but I would literally like to see precisely what you do as your body is simply phenomenal!!! Thanks again for the incredible time saving workouts!!!

  • Shanny

    Hey Zu,

    Just wondered how you put your routines together? How do you choose each exercise and time for the intervals? Or, why do you sometimes chose a time challenge over interval training?



    • ALL1E

      I’ve wondered this same thing & would love to know this as well, because you are utterly amazing at constructing workouts!

  • Klara

    Great and fast workout! I just finished and im feeling amazing! Thanks Zuzana:)
    My score
    Part 1
    1. 9,9,8
    2. 10,10,10
    3. 8,7,7
    Part 2
    1. 14,11,10
    2. 13,10,10
    3. 10,10,10

  • Verena

    hi zuzana

    can you tell me your high und your weight??

    Thanks for this

    • Antonia

      Zuzana is 166 cm 5foot 5 and about 54k which is aprox 118 .

      • Frederick

        167cm :) and it’s been a very very long time since she weighed herself – we don’t keep a scale at home :)

  • http://jlromeroars.blogspot.com/ JoseLuis Romero

    Great Workouts this week! I´ve been doing them and they are hell. Never thought 12 minutes could last that long XD Thanks so much again. PS By the way, where’s Sean?

  • Nicole

    Hi Zuzana,

    Thanks for sharing your workouts. I have been following your workouts for the past week and have started using my new gymboss. I like the intensity during the 20 seconds and the 10 seconds break. Time just fly by really quickly. Keep up the good work.

  • Sandra


    The bodyweight alone exercises are the best. Please keep it up! Your abs look fantastic and I think you have leaned out some more.

  • Sabine

    Hi Zuzana, I have been doing some back reading and I ordered two of Tosca Reno’s books of the eating clean diet. I have two questions for you (and freddy): which do you think is healthier, quinoa or bulgur? and do you still drink coffee?

    love, sabine

    • Frederick

      Hi Sabine, we eat both quinoa and bulgur – not sure at all which is more healthy… and yes we still drink coffee :)

      • Kate


        How do you cook your quinoa? I tried it once and I don’t think I did it correctly. Maybe Zuzana could post a recipe using it?


      • napoelono

        Quinoa is one of the few grains that is a complete protein (has all the essential amino acids the body needs). Bulgur is not a complete protein, though if you supplement it can be. I eat quinoa as a substitute for rice.

        • Anna Carolina

          The Comparison

          100g Amaranth : 100g Quinoa : 100g Bulgur :
          (365 kcal) (343 kcal) (343 kcal)

          Protein 15,8 g 14,8 g 12,5 g
          - Lysine 847 mg 860 mg
          Fat 8,81 g 5,04 g 1,75 g
          Carbs 56,8 g 58,5 g 69 g

          Fibers 2,9 g 4,8 g 8,0 g

          - Calcium 214 mg 80 mg 30 mg
          - Magnesium 308 mg 276 mg 140 mg
          - Potassium 484 mg 804 mg 262 mg
          - Iron 9,0 mg 8,0 mg 4,7 mg
          - Zinc 4,0 mg 2,5 mg 3,0 mg
          - Vitamin B1 0,8 mg 0,17 mg 0,30 mg
          - Vitamin B2 0,25 mg 0,36 mg 0,10 mg

      • Stania

        Hi Zuzi and Frederick
        I like to ask do you plan to do some recipe whit Quinoa and Bulgur please I have bought Quinoa while-go but I don’t know many recipe.
        Thank you

  • Lour

    Zuzana you’re looking better than ever!!!!

  • lisa-marie

    Hay *wave*

    I am a huge fan of the site, and I have a question regs ur new diet – which I am also going to try after watching the amazing video u shared with us :) !!

    You have said in a previous video (with regs to a question on how you looked before you started training as you do now) that a few years ago u felt to ‘small?’ (sorry if this is the wrong word.. but didnt know how to explain it) and u prefer ur body now as you have more muscle definition etc.. ( your body is an inspiration to us all BTW – just amazing!! ) but I wondered if you worry that changing your diet will effect the muscle and definition you have worked so hard to achieve with your current diet??

    Lisa xx

  • Nathalie

    Love your new house guys ! I hope you will enjoy your stay in Canada :)

    Just wanted to say I really appreciate those extended videos where you explain the proper forms and technics of each exercice.

    Have a lovely day !

    ~ Nathalie ~
    another Canadian follower :)

  • Stania

    And my score are:
    Part 1)11,13,6,9,7,12,8,11,7
    Part 2)13,14,14,12,12,14,11,12,14
    And stiil sweating.

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzi and Frederick
    Ahojky ja sem akorat dodelala tohle work out a porad mi neco nesedelo podle videa tam delas push up ale pritom kdys sem delela to cviceni tak sem je nedelala( ja sem si potom opsala postup nad tema fotkama)a tam jsou v te druhe casti tri cviky ale NE PUSH UP tak sem se ted podivala znovu na to video a mas je tam ale nevesli se do toho asi.Mne to stacilo i bez tech push up jenom ze lidi budou asi taky zmateny.
    Ale jinak super paleli mne stehna jak kdyz do nih bodas jehlicky super pocit ze delat asi neco dobre moc moc dekuju.
    Jses velka inspirace Stana

    • Stania

      Sorry my mistake not concentrating.

  • Yasmeen

    Heya guys! Hope you’re both well. Many thanks for all your hard work. You guys are such an inspiration and I really cannot wait to get a body like yours Zuzana! I wanted to ask you, when you do your workout in the mornings do you have breakfast first? I’ve been told you shouldn’t eat anything until after your workout! Your advice is much appreciated! Cheers guys!

  • Kaye- Maryland, USA

    Just when I think you have shown us every possible body weight exercise, you surprise me with something new. I love that you are creative with new moves because changing things ups all the time keeps me motivated. Thanks!

  • lola

    I Zuzana, I’m a french fan and I don’t speek english very well so I hope my comment will be understandabe for you.

    Because I really want to thank you, thank you so much!

    I just follow your workouts since two weeks, but you totaly change something in my life. I’m not a very fat person, and I already have a good diet, very “oranic” kind of diet. But I wasn’t totaly satisfied by myself, by my body and by my (in french we say “volonté”, I don’t know if I use the good english word) willpower. And you show us so much willpower, so much determination, and it’s really inspire me, it push me to pick myself up and it’s amazing how you change something in my life with just a website and your amazing generosity!

    Hope you could understand my comment, I wish you the best!
    thanks again!!


  • Steve O

    Thank You So much For Using Only Bodyweight Exercises!! Cos i’m also committed to bodyweight and yoga since April! All i need is my Gymboss timer which i should have in another month or two….Till then i’ll just keep repeating the exercises that just need a timer (of which there are enough)

  • Tom

    Keep the hard workouts coming Zuzana! Now that I got laid off from work, it’s great stress relief! and I personally love the stability ball. but my favorite workouts with you are using your own body weight and I find myself using the ball less and less and feeling stronger and stronger!
    I hope that you run for “Minister of Health” in Canada’s Parliament! I know we would all petition for you !! Good luck with day # 5 :) I’ll need a bit of luck too :)

  • Sidra

    hy Z!! that lil spoof hairstyle looks so cute on u,pls do a tutorial vid of ur hair do or attach it the end of any of ur workout vid =)))

  • Weronika

    3. 30 seconds of Elbow Plank Hops 12-12-14

    The 12-12-14 means: right-middle as ONE Rep.
    right-middle-left-middle as TWO Rep.

  • Weronika

    oh my god. I was sweating like a pig. It was soooo good.
    But I have to train more, because I was very slowely:

    Part 1

    1. 30 seconds of PIKE JUMP SQUATS 7-6-8

    2. 30 seconds of STRONG CORE EXERCISE 14-16-13

    3. 3o seconds of PLANK JUMP PUSH UPS 9-7-6 (but half ones, because I am a beginner in push-ups)

    Part 2

    1. 30 seconds of Side Lunge Jump with Oblique Twist (left leg) 16-12-14

    2. 30 seconds of Side Lunge Jump with Oblique Twist (right leg) 15-16-14

    3. 30 seconds of Elbow Plank Hops 12-12-14

  • Mimi

    Dear Zuzana, Thank you so much for such a great and intensive work out, I have a question about how many reps you completed during each exersice. Thank you

  • Alicja

    DefinitelyI’m going to try this workout. Looks really good and very intensive and it’s for body weight!
    Zuzanna thank you for huge inspiration!
    You really make that I want to go to my gym :)

  • Zuz

    Zuzi, looking at you, I have to say you look fabulous. But I can’t stop wondering about one thing, maybe you could clear it up a little for me, or everyone for that matter.

    How little fat is too little?

    As I’m working out on a regular basis, and my goal too is to lose fat and build lean mass, this concerns me greatly. I’ve gone through a variety of articles stating that too little fat in women is not healthy at all because then they lose their “female functions”, i.e. stop menstruating. It is seen in women and girls with eating disorders. My sister had such a period in her life. I love working out, I love to see my body shape up and lose the fat, but this is something that seems to keep me from trying harder. :(
    What is your opinion about this? Your response is much appreciated.


    • Shariberry

      Hi Zuza (this is per Zuza’s post June 11, 2010 at 4:08 am):

      Women should not aim for lower than 18% body fat. I know this sounds high considering that mens’ percentages can drop down into the single digits, but it is essential for us to have higher percentages because of our potential to bear children. Obviously we need it for protecting our internal organs, but once we drop down below 18% (some sources list the number as low as 17%) our menstruation ceases and our body, more or less, goes into “survival mode”. Our bodies pull calcium from our bones, our hormones are not regulated (which also increases our chances of developing osteoporosis), and our bodies try to store as much fat as possible and growth can even be stunted (i.e. Olympmic gymnasts–many grow a few inches once they quit competition). The only way a female should have body fat lower than 18% is if she is under strict supervision of her physician and a nutritionist. It can be incredibly dangerous and detrimental to one’s body to do so without medical supervision.

      Best of luck with your weight loss goals and exercise goals. Just remember, if you keep eating healthfully and your goal is to be healthy and fit (instead of thin or skinny) your body will take care of itself and the results will show. :)

    • Celina

      Hi Zuz,

      Healthy body fat percentages vary slightly depending on the source but generally for women, a body fat percentage between 20%-30% is considered healthy. Going above or below that range negatively affects your hormone levels and if fertility is a concern for you staying in the lower end of the healthy range is optimal. 10%-13% is essential body fat for women and going below that can seriously affects normal body functions.

    • Antonia

      Sorry I know you want zuzanas opinion, but I want to tell you you will not have to worry about that and you should not worry.

      You would have to be starving yourself for a legnth of time for that to happen 6 months to a year. This only occurs in girls with eating disorder 99.9 percent of the time. not people who excersise and who are on a low fat diet. by the time this does happen they have hair loss first and you would not even be able to handle near this type of excersise.

      If you have such an eating disorder now this is the only logical reason you should have to worry. ‘)

      • Zuz

        Thank you, Antonia!
        I asked for Zuzana’s opinion because she is the prime example of what constitutes a healthy, fit and experienced woman (in the fitness department I mean), and because her body fat levels are what I consider quite low.
        I guess I’m oversensitive about this matter because of the experience I had with my sister. Thank you.

  • Cinthya

    Hi Zuzana & Freddy,

    The workout looks great!!! Out of curiosity, what was your first BodyRock.tv video you posted??????



    • Frederick

      Hi Cinthya, if you go into the archives section there are some of our earliest videos going back 2 years :)

  • Babywife

    Hi Zuzana,
    I just wanted to tell you that I love your workouts and I don’t think you need to change a thing. I think it’s very good that you are eating more fruits and veggies but I don’t think you need to get any slimmer. I think everyone agrees, that you are perfect the way you are. Keep up the good work and stay true to yourself.
    Thank you, Zuzana.

  • Noa

    Great workout, as always!

    I love your site, it’s so helpful.

    can you please tell us which muscles we target in each exercise?

    thanks a lot.

  • Joanne

    Dear Zuzana and Fred

    I have been following you since a few months and I have to say that I absolutely love your workouts. You are a great source of “fit-spiration” for me.

    But I have a question (probably a stupid one): I often read that you have to change regularly your workouts if you don’t want your body to get used to them. But you are always doing the same kind of training (short interval training workouts). Is it good? Don’t you think that it might be good to sometimes switch to something else?

    Thank you for reading me and keep up the good work! Good luck with your challenge and new diet!

    • Ann

      I’ve been working out with Zuzana for the past 2 months and I can tell you that my body never gets used to this brutal workout :)
      High-Intensity Interval Training is definitely a great way to promote fat loss, boost your metabolism. Speed and explosiveness are the keys to build a lean, shapely body.
      You’ll have to change your routine once a month if you’ve been doing the same thing everyday.But Zuzana’s daily workout changes consistenly.So it really challenges your body and prevents plateaus.

  • BodyRock-Savvy

    I’ve been waiting for this since last night and all day today. So, I just did the Hot to Rot Workout. I’ll be doing this one tomorrow.
    Thanks. Like what other says, I love this body weight training. We don’t need anything except Gymboss. :)
    Thanks a million Frederick and Zuzana. :)

  • Allison

    Hey Zuzana,

    I can’t wait to start using your workouts!

    I noticed that you mentioned you’ve started eating more fruits and veggies… and that you staretd eating fruit for breakfast? How much? Would you say a single apple would suffice or do you mix it and have maybe an apple and a handful of grapes? Trying to get an idea of your average portion size!

  • d.

    well thanks for the workout.. ha idk if it’s alright to workout at around midnight. it’s just that i prefer to do it when it’s late, it’s more soothing.haha i’m weird like that :P but i hope sean comes back soon (?) the competition was way higher!!!good luck though, your definitaly going to make it through the five days of exercising. sometimes i’ll workout almost two weeks straight just because i don’t want to be feeling lazy on my day off. so i think that i’ll switch to 6 days a week :) ok i’ll get off now. haha i also wanted to know if you hang around with frederick when hes working out, and kind of push him.. i want to get my sister into fitness, but i think that it will be a little uncomfortable at first. idk, was i ever a little akward for either one of you when you guys started getting into shape? what are YOUR thoughts on it?

    oh and btw i have been seeing a lot of new members to your site :) best workout group EVER, lol .. it’s like our own fitness gym, with all the different personalities. soo interesting :)


  • http://www.bodyrock.tv ~Andreea~

    Hi Zuzana,

    these workouts for the last 3 weeks that you have put are amazing,i’m sweating everytime as i never have,…i am completely soaked….please keep up with these kind of workouts they are a lot more fun to do…and really hard….

  • Valerie

    I like your top :)
    Do you happen to know if it’s still available?

  • Rosario

    Hi Zuzana, I`ve just notice that you look much more lean and ripped, since you start eating more fruits and vegies. It only seems like it or did you lose some weight to? I know that you said in the past that your weight was 54 kgs. ;)

    • deni

      yeah, could you tell us your weight and your height? just to make an ideea.. you look stunning by the way!
      kisses :*

      • http://www.bodyrock.tv ~Andreea~

        Zuzana is about 1,66 cm high and 54 kg….last time she said…as about 2-3 months ago..

  • Minka

    Zuzana thank you so much for using only body weight exercises and that you show us how to do each exercise at the end of each workout. Also that video was very interesting and I am going to try what Dr. Klaper suggests.