Jun 12 2010

Suicidal Sweat Workout

Hi guys,

This was day 4 of my 5 day workout challenge and I think that this workout was the hardest so far. It took me only 15 minutes and 15 seconds (I wasn’t counting the short breaks in between the combos), but it was hell. My buns still hurt from this workout and it’s been two days already :)

I think that it’s amazing what you can accomplish without any fitness equipment using just your own bodyweight. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy cool things like pull up bars, dip stations, and other equipment that you can use at home, but knowing that you can have a great workout without it, is liberating. We both love traveling and if you have been following us for some time, you know that we lived in Malta for a few months and I didn’t have anything except my gymnastic rings. Then we went to Prague for about 3 months and we were using a pull up bar, dip station, and kettlebells, but we had to leave it all behind, because it would be just too expensive to travel with all of the equipment. I am still planning on using different pieces of bodyweight equipment in the future, and we have a new dip station and pull up bar on the way.

In today’s workout you will need only your timer to keep track of your score. I was using my new camouflage Gymboss Interval Timer (click the blue link for more info). This timer is the only thing that I am using in every one of my workouts.


Combo 1

Jump Squats and Push Ups - Do two jump squats and 1 jump tuck, than get immediately into the plank and do 2 half way down push ups and for the 3rd one power up and jump your feet forward into a squat. Complete 15 sets of this combo as fast as you can. My score was 3 minutes and 16 seconds.

Combo 2

Do 10 Kick Ups, turn over and do 10 Mountain Climber Peaks. Complete 6 sets of this combo as fast as possible. My score was 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

Combo 3

Do 10 reps of One Leg Pike Press, than jump your foot forward and get immediately into the One Leg Squat position. Do 10 One Leg Jump Squats. Complete 4 sets of this combo on one leg and then complete another 4 sets of this combo on the other leg. My score was 7 minutes and 12 seconds

Last Exercise

20 reps of My Push Ups. Alternate the sides and count each push up as one rep. My score was 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

I have explained  all of the exercises at the end of the video. Enjoy your workout and I’ll be  back soon with another torture.




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  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Aaaahhhh, I love this workout.  It’s a beautiful day out, so I did this one because it’s all bodyweight and it’s one of the best bodyweight workouts there is.  I did not beat my former best time, but I was outside underneath the sun, instead of down in a cool basement like last time.  

    I did the whole thing in 18:26.  
    part 1: 3:01
    part 2: 2:23
    part 3: 8:50
    part 4: 2:06

    Because I’m crazy, I then did ZWOW #11, which remains one of my favorite ZWOW’s.  The first time I did it, I got 5.5 rounds, which I haven’t been able to beat since, however, I’ve always done it as an add-on.  I was DYING this time–I almost thought I should stop for my own well-being, but I decided to keep going, even if my score wasn’t stellar.  So I completed 4.5 rounds–4 rounds plus 10 mule kicks and 8 sumo push ups.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    This workout REALLY ROCKS!  I have to keep on myself to keep time for the whole thing, otherwise I get lazy, so I did time for each section and all together, which includes teh breaks between the parts.  That way, I don’t wait for 3 min between.  

    jump squats and push up combo (15): 2:59
    10 kick ups and 10 mountain climber peaks (6): 2:09
    10 one leg pike press and 10 one leg jump squats (4 ea leg): 9:00
    breakdancer push ups (20): 2:01

    total time: 18:12
    total time of parts: 16:09

    This was very sweaty, very cardio-pushing, and very strength-building!  Oh–on the first exercise I did full push ups, and on the breakdancer push ups I did close arms, i.e., tricep push ups.  

    I have a hard time on my left leg because my ankle is stiff, so one leg jump squats or push ups are a challenge for me, but I pushed through!  I actually think I should do more because I think they may help strengthen the ankle, my balance on that leg, and possibly help with flushing out the scar tissue.

    Now, I’m at my parents’ house for the week and a multiple of factors have made me work out much longer than usual–I think my hormones are out of whack, which makes me feel bloated, plus I was eating heavily before I came, so I need to reverse that, plus I’m not working and moving around all day, and on top of that, working out for 20-45 min a day is 100% honest to goodness ME time, and visiting after a long hiatus means I’ve been wiped out visiting lots of friends and relatives, as wonderful as that has been.  So…I did this workout twice.  You REALLY don’t need to–I just have the time and energy and feel like I need to catch up.  Only I knew I couldn’t make it through another round of those one leg jump squats, so I did 4 one leg pike press on each leg nad then 10 plyo jump squats (2 mini squats and one squat jump = 1 rep) instead.  This time I did the whole thing for time and I got 18:32.  

    So a good 36+ min of BodyRocking today!  I really am going to miss having a place to be able to do jump tucks!  I’ve kind of fallen in love with them. :)

  • sselcann

    this is an awesome workout! it was amazing. my scores:
    1) 03:07
    2) 01:58
    3) 05:59
    4) 01:26

  • JessJN

    I thought I posted my lunchtime workout today, but I must not have.  So, the last time I did this, I did the pike press 1-leg squats wrong.  I make the same mistake again today!!  What I am happy about is that last time, I caught my error halfway through, & my time for that part was 10:58.  Today I didn’t realize until now, & I beat my last time doing what I think is a more challenging variation (1-leg pike press –>hop foot in to 1-leg squat –> power up & pump from there = 1rep)

    jump squat combo:  3:14 today (40 sec faster)
    kick up combo: 1:53 (13 sec slower)
    pike press combo: 10:15 (43 sec faster)
    breakdance pushups, all from knees: 2:20 (9 sec faster, but last time I did 7 full push-ups)

    total time = 17:42 (1:19 faster)

    repeated the 3 min ab bonus from x-mas workout #1 (10/50sec)
    side plank bicycle RT 21  LT 20
    Lying leg lifts 22

    + 4 min 10/30 sec skipping, becuase that’s all there was time for.

    (I am push-uped OUT!)


  • Anonymous

    This was fun, & another workout where I should have reviewed the video first…

    jump squat combo 3:54
    kick up combo 1:40

    pike press combo first two sets, I did pick press to full 1-leg squat…8:45
    when I saw how off pace I was to Z’s time, I checked my instructions & realized I was doing it wrong.  the second two sets, too less time, for a total of 10:58

    breakdance pushup 2:29

    total = 19:01

    Followed with 6 min 10/20 skipping…that’s all we had time for.  Awesome workout!

  • Kay

    15 mins and 40 seconds! I found the “my pushups” confusing :-S . nevertheless i am sweating and loving it. 
    1. jump squats & pushups 3:06
    2. kickups and mtn climbers 2:41
    3. 1 leg pike press, 1 leg squats 8:07
    4. my pushups 3:46
    now i’m going to do 10 mins of hula hoop. i’ve been doing the hula hoop after my workouts for maybe a month or so.. but i’m not finding its making my waist smaller.. just a little self experiment. what can i do to make my waist smaller?

  • Kay

    about to do this workout.. but I’m seeing this was a 5 day challenge, which leads me to believe we should not be doing these workouts every day consecutively? Can you please tell me how often and at what interval we should be doing these workouts? that would be greatly appreciated!!! 

  • Kaleigh M

    This was intense! My arms feel like jelly :)
    The second combo was brutal.

    1. 3:16
    2. 2:49
    3. 9:05
    4. 2:46

    You’re always such motivation Zuzana. Please keep doing what you’re doing :)

    - Kaleigh M

  • Jill Hobbs

    I’ve been Body Rocking for about 5 months and have been going through all the workouts on the website. I knew this workout would be tough but wasn’t prepared for how tough! This certainly one of the most challenging BR workouts!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I did this workout very long time ago and didn’t have time to search for my old scores today. Still a great, short sweat :)
    Combo 1: 01:47Combo 2: 01:32Combo 3: 04:31Combo 4: 02:01Total: 09:52I added 100 Bicycles and 100 Ab Pulses.Have a great weekend, all!Love, Maria

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  • sabrina glauser


    How long did it take u to get a 6 pack and from what state did u start working out where u already fit or were u over weight etc thanks keep doing what your doing x

  • Julie

    Love the pants you wore in this one! I can never find capris to work out in. Where did you get these? Love your workouts, keep ‘em coming! And when do we get to see Freddie try to keep up with you???? :)

  • Aphrodite

    i dont know what happened to me today but i completely kicked my old PB.

    Combo 1 – 3:35 (old 4:15)
    Combo 2 – 2:40 (old 3:09)
    Combo 3 – 5:18 (old 7:19)
    Combo 4 – 2:47 (old 3:18)


  • Barbara W

    My time:

    1) 6:02
    2) 4:44
    3) 10:19
    4) 3:48

    It is week since I started to do Your workouts, Zuza. I still feel very weak, exercises are still hard for me, but I already noticed changes in my body.
    Best regards from Poland!


    • Kate

      Wciąż zadziwia mnie jak wielu Polaków tu spotykam :) )
      (It still amazes me how many Polish people i stumble accross here)

  • Eden

    Combo 1 – 3:08
    Combo 2 – 1:30
    Combo 3 – 4:10
    Combo 4 – 2:23

    Loved the push ups at the end! :)

  • Angtela

    :( Didn’t make it. I feel out of shape… I’ll keep trying.

  • http://bodyrock.tv Emily

    Hey Zuzana:)
    Im 15, and i really need to workout(im on the overweight side) and i stumbled across one of your videos on youtube and w-o-w, i was impressed. You have an incredible body and it inspires me to try one of your workouts cuz if you can do it, with hard work and determination, why cant i? haha well anyways i just wanted to say thanks for your website and for posting videos that help so many ppl, hopefully me too soon!

  • Marianne

    Thought I’d give one of your workouts ago :)

    Here’s my times, In combo 1 I elbowed meself in the knee during a jump tuck which hurt like hell, and combo 3 burned like mad!! What a killer LOL

    Combo 1 – 3 mins 28 secs
    Combo 2 – 1 min 57 secs
    Combo 3 – 7 mins 17 secs
    Combo 4 – 1 min 49secs

    And I have a dead knee to prove it lol

  • Caroline

    Oh mah-goodnesss! I gave this one a go and I couldn’t even finish the last combo. x_x all the more reason to keep trying! Thanks for the awesome website and great ways to stay in shape at home in little time, you rock!

  • Barbara

    Hi guys,

    Today I did this workout again, but adapted it a little bit to be able to do it interval-style. Here’s what I did:

    4 parts, 6 rounds of 10″ rest and 30″ activity for each part (i tried 5″/35″ but that was too hard for me :-) )

    1st part
    - jump squats (like original) but I added a half burpee after each knee tuck
    - push up (like original) but I added a jump up after I jumped into the squat position

    2nd part
    - kick ups
    - mounain peak climbers

    3rd part
    - pike press
    - one leg jump squat: like original but to balance it out I alternated sides after each jump. So jump up off right leg and land on left leg and so on. Because the one leg jump squat one targets one side at the time I either had to adjust the exercise or use different intervals like 5″/25″ or 10″/20″ but I decided to alter the exercise a little bit, so I wouldn’t lose time resetting the timer.

    4th part
    - my push ups
    - super low squat hops(the ones you do in the 5th part of your challenge)

    Obviously for each part you alternate the exercises after each interval.

    I thought this was a very hard work out, but that could be just me! :-)

    I just thought I’d share this with you…



  • Manapatricia

    Zuzana, your workouts are fast, hard and high intensity. I love them and have been seeing fantastic results in 2 weeks. I have been doing different workouts 5 days per week from your website. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. You are a true role model.

  • Daniel

    I have been doing this workout along with jogging and I have seen some amazing results. I am 5’8″ and weigh 215 lbs. I dropped down to 205 and I feel great. Thank you so much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    Hmm didnt do too well on this one! Maybe I need a few days off!
    My scores this morning (3 july 2010)

    I – 4:10
    II -2:24
    III – R leg 2:30 L leg: 2:29
    IV 1:51

    And now it is time for a shower!
    this kicked my butt!

  • Gemz

    My second attempt of this workout and I can’t believe I can actually finished Combo 3. I love that I almost died, weird!

    This is the second day of my 5 day workout challenge. Hopefully I can actually follow thru this time. Got too much distractions recently.

  • Yeritza



    I’ve done this workout before but I had to ask, do we go through this workout just once?

    • Eden

      I believe you do. In the intro, she said it only took her 15 min. and 15 sec. to finish the workout, and if you add up all the times from her breakdown of the workout, it adds up appropriately!

  • Tali R.

    Hye Guys,

    so i did this workout today for the second time and i am so happy for my time. last time the all workout took me 23 minutes and today 15:25!!!! so happy, that is a big differnt in time.

    good day

  • Heidi

    Love the workouts! You Rock… I only have one request if I may….

    Please, if you could continue to include the still photos/pictures with the videos because it makes it easier to check my form during the workouts, especially when I’m doing a new one because I am not able to see the computer where I workout!

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    Much appreciation for all you do!

  • Amy N. From California

    Day Three!

    Suicidal Sweat Workout
    Combo 1: 3Min 41 Sec
    Combo 2: 3:49
    Combe 3: 7:02
    Combo 4: 2:56

  • drajce

    sry i jut found them :)

  • drajce

    hi i just join ur website and i am very interested in this 5day challenge…but the problem is that i found only 4th and fifth day program….can u help me to get 3rd,2nd, 1st day too? :)

  • Halvard

    I almost gave up, but I took my time.
    I’m not up to this consistent level yet!

  • susu

    My time :
    1= 4:16
    2= 3:35

    all= 22:9 m

    thx =) enjoyed it v.much

  • PJ

    Zuzana… for guy who thinks he is in pretty good shape, this workout just punched a whole in that theory. Crazy workout, at 7 sets of the 1st combo I thought my quads were going to pop. When I first saw you on Youtube, my first inclination was not to do the workout. But putting it to test, this was great. I will try other workouts now for sure. Thanks for the posts….

  • Alexandra

    Hi! First of all thank you for sharing ur workout with us. And as a request…can u post a little schedule for beginners? Warm out…diet, timing, exercises. How can i work out my lower abs and also the pelvis area?
    Thnx a lot!

  • Christine

    One…this workout was amazing :)

    Two…Zuzana, you always look great in your workout cloths but I love this outfit in particular…makes you look super tan haha I’m a pale red head so all I notice come summer is how tan everyone is haha

    Thanks for the workout, certainly kicked my butt :)

  • http://n/a Natalie

    Hi Zunana,

    this was another awesome workout. It took me about 25 minutes and was really hard but I got through it and I feel amazing after! Thank you for you great workout outs! You and Fedrick are the Best!


  • Isidora

    i loved this workout! those pike killed my shoulders!

    1. 4:15
    2. 3:09
    3. 7:19
    4. 3:18

    total 18 min :) thank u guys!!

  • Elise

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have been done every one of your workouts since January. I love the variety and challenge that you present. However, I hated this one! These compound exercises are a bit much – especially the Jump Squat/Push Up – too many different parts that don’t really flow well into each other, in my opinion. I found the Push Up at the end to be nearly impossible to coordinate. Considering the other positive comments here, a different conclusion might be that I’m just uncoordinated!

    Just thought you might want to know.

  • Estela from WI


    your exercises are awesome! I’ve been following your exercises for about a month now and I have really started to see results. I am so excited!!!

  • Paula – from Brazil

    hi Zuzana and Freddy!!

    I really love ur exercises. I’ve been followin u for 2 months. I admire your creative workouts! Thank u so much for share it!!

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,
    Here are my times,
    Combo 1: 2:52
    Combo 2: 3:44
    Combo 3: 4:29
    Zuzana Pushups: 2:24
    I loved the flow of your pushup combo Zuzana!

  • Goonie

    gah! that killed me… Anyway that was great!

    Although my ass doesn’t burn, my calves do…

    My time:

    Combo 1: 4min21 and I haven’t been able to finish it just done 10 sets (bad me)

    Combo 2: 2:43

    Combo 3: 6:45 WTF? It was hard as hell, I almost died, how can I do a better time? I must have done something wrong, but I was struggling, I swear…

    Combo 4: 2:46 I’ve been practicing modern jazz for a few years and we often did that kind of move, so I’m rather used to it. But I’ve never seen used for fitness

    My shoulders are shaking, but my legs feel ok, I just don’t understand why… Maybe I didn’t pushed myself enough.

  • Lori

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,

    I just wanted to say thanks for all of the great workouts! You guys rock! Have you ever tried the Spartacus workout from Men’s Health mag? It’s a great routine. Here is the link if you want to check it out.


    • Angtela

      OMG! I’m hundred percent sure I’ve seen this ‘spartacus workout’ here in BodyRockTV, with some little variations, santana push ups included…

  • Ewa

    badass workout. those pushups killed me, maybe I was just tired. it was rough on my wrists too, so I switched it up, did a pushup and then went into side plank pose and v.v.

    thanks SO much.

  • Je’taime

    Hi guys!
    Here’s my times:
    Combo 1: 4 minutes, 33 seconds
    Combo 2: 3 minutes, 10 seconds
    Combo 3: 9 minutes, 32 seconds
    Last: 3 minutes, 43 seconds

    This was a killer workout and I was sweating like crazy!

  • Vegan_Laura

    p/s the shape you are in inspired me to work out today. have to get back on the wagon here!

  • Vegan_Laura

    omg this thing is crazy. dripping sweat & have to type on laptop on the tile b/c sweating & trembling lol shower time.

  • Feather (South Carolina)

    Wow!!!! I almost lost my lunch!!! This was tough!

    Round 1 3:35:26
    Round 2 4:26
    Round 3 10:01:31 (those one leg squats were tough)
    Round 4 4:21:78 ( I was struggling by this time)

    I’m loving all the new workouts! Thanks :)

  • Moooingcow

    Zu and Federick,
    Nicely done as always. Love those spin pushups. That is a new exercise that I have not seen and I have been in the industry for years. Very nice. I do have a question for you. How often do you have to do the workout that you create for the videos (meaning, how often do you have to go through the routine before you decide you will film), and and how often do you have to do it to get it on video for view. You may have had to repeat this routine 100 times to get it on video. How much time do you really put into each workout daily? How do you prevent over use injury? I sometimes thing people don’t understand how much work goes in to creating just 1 simple looking routine. It takes a lot of thought and effort not just to crush someone as you have done, but to have balance on different muscles groups, which you guys try to do. Very Very good!!! Kudos. I don’t think I could be this creative for a camera this often. It’s much harder than one thinks! Keep up the wonderful job!



    • http://www.epicbeautyguide.com Stephanie

      Hey Laura, I’m pretty sure Zus just films it on the first try (they just film her work out as-is). I really doubt they’re doing multiple takes of her routine, otherwise she’d tell us she was working out more than once a day (technically). But I definitely agree, I’m amazed at the creativity and effort they both put in!


      • Frederick

        Hi Stephanie – you are right. We shoot the routine as Zuzana does it in real time and then we cut it down for time during the edit :)

  • jessica neri


  • jessica neri


  • Renee

    Great Workout and the pants are very cute!

  • Rick New York

    Hey is that the moon coming thru on your window?
    Just kidding :) On a serious note u hav such deep cuts on your deltoids. I have workout for many years and not able to attain the muscularity that you have. I notice you do plenty of pushups. I wonder if thats how you have such beautiful deltoids ‘by doing plenty of pushups’?

  • Liana

    I took last week off from exercising, but I’ve been doing your five day challenge everyday this week starting from Sunday. I did this one today and finished in just 12:16:03! I was really surprised I was able to do it that quickly.

    Thanks again for continuing to kick our butts with your workouts! :D

  • Ariana O.

    I loved this workout. I like warming up by running and then doing your workouts because I tend to push myself more and this was so much fun! I struggled with the push ups because my upper body strength isn’t up to par but I am trying to work on it!
    I love your videos and exercises, keep up the great work!

  • Bobby

    I don’t know what’s going to kill me more… you or your workouts…=OP I love the intensity & variety in your workouts. It forces you to really work on your core for balance. Keep them coming!

  • Irena

    Ahoj Zuza,
    Děkujeme vám za sdílení tohoto poznání se každý z nás! Mám čtyři dívky a bál bych se nikdy dostat fit a zdravá znovu, ale s vaší trénink, vidím rozdíl již, a to zejména v pažích a ramenou! Máte mé nejhlubší díky.
    Hodně lásky,

  • Miesha

    Please add the photos back at the end- I usually print those out to help me remember the moves.

  • Laura S

    this is wicket!
    combo 1- 4:46
    combo 2 – 2:34
    combo 3- 7.34 (i thought it was only x4 altogether, so i had to do it twice and add my times together!)
    combo 4- 3.35

    excellent workout :) my wrists hurt by the end of it from all the pushups and holding myself up! haha

    Thank you!

  • ewelina

    SupeR ;)

  • Beverly

    Just came across your site and here is my score…
    combo 1 – 20 minutes
    combo 2 – 3 minutes
    combo 3 – 11 minutes
    last exercise – could not finish to dizzy


  • http://2lola.over-blog.com/ zorobabel

    Again ,great workout.
    I had a mild headache and nausea, before working out and i knew it would go away by working out, because it’s only due to menstruation.
    The headache and nausea went away for sure, but then i had terrible belly contractions at the end of the workout.
    There is always something wrong during that period.
    But without exercising it would be worse.

  • Iris Collado

    I am going to try this workout tomorrow. It looks like a real killer workout.

    I love you guys!

  • Arya

    Zu, you look amazing.. You have a body of a godess and the good is thing we can see the progress and the hardwork and disclipine that goes behind it unlike the plastic models who go for lipo just before their photo shoots!!

    You make it seem real and not a fairy tale .. it’s possible to look like this with workout and diet!! Thanks!

  • Lvette #1

    Combo 1: 5:16
    Combo 2: 3:11
    Combo 3: 4:45
    Last exercise: 3:45

  • Ricky

    Wow what a great workout, I couldn’t finish up the 20 reps of “my push ups” though, my arms kept on giving out but next time i’m definitely gonna do finish them up!

  • Bobby

    Wow is all I have to say :P
    THis was the first of your workouts I decided to try and I couldnt finish this time lol

  • http://www.wix.com/spiralia85/My-Work Spiralia

    Hi Zuzana

    I suggest you to name “My push ups”, “the break dance push up” cause they look like you’re break dancing :D
    Great work out I love your workouts!

  • Parsa

    It is my first time watching your videos. I really enjoyed it and the energy is also great. Just wondering why a few videos was not opening. such as the diet approach.

    and what is the order of your videos?

  • http://www.immixproductions.com Alfiya

    This one was so brutal.
    I did this workout during lunch time and in 90 degrees F.
    It was so hot and I was sweating like a horse :) )
    I did 5 out of 20 push ups only. I was so exhausted and
    couldn’t talk for a second.
    Thank you so much.
    I would love to try it again to beat my personal best :) )

  • Mickela

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 13, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    hello thanks Freddie and Zuzana for using my name suggestion for this exercise. it is truly suicidal.
    here I go. It is muggy and wet outside, lets see if I survive.
    That was hard. there is sweat all over the place. I’d say that if you don’t stretch after this workout, you will be sore tomorrow.
    2:38 don’t know how that happened
    3:00 7:17
    for the last set. this was incredibly hard on both mind and body.

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

    Damn, that was brutal! I went for a run earlier and I must admit these workouts have helped me improved my time considerably! I’m really chuffed about this :)

    1. 3min 30sec
    2 .2min 03sec
    3. 9min 53sec
    4. 2min 42sec

    Some workout names ideas:

  • Brwnshgr

    Good morning Zuzana. Let me just share that I failed the workout challenge. BUT…I am really (REALLY) looking forward to doing the Suicidal Sweat. That’s on my agenda for 0930 this morning. The last exercise looks brutal but then again, the entire workout looks like it’s going to demolish me. BRING IT! Thank you for continuing to inspire, motivate, and sculpt my body! You totally ROCK!

  • Troy

    I wish i could find a girl that was as into the gym as you, i like your discipline. i might use some of this stuff in my everyday workouts.

  • Camille

    Hi Zuzana !

    I did your suicidal sweat workout today and I suffered a lot because I’m almost a total beginner. I’ve been doing your beginner workout but after some time I thought it was too slow and not intensive enough. I needed to take a new step by trying something more intense and also shorter.

    But this one is still too much for me, and I couldn’t do the pike press thing because of my wrists.

    So here is my question, is it normal that my wrists hurt when I use them for support ?

    Hope you’ll have time to answer.

  • cease

    Jumps squat/ push-up…………………………………2:06
    Kick-ups/ Mountain Climbers………………………..1:38
    one-leg pike-press/ one leg jump-squat………..3:00
    20 of your push-ups……………………………………1:18

    total time (including rests………………………………8:48

  • Chelsea

    Hi guys! random question sometimes when i click to go onto a page other than the home page, it says error establishing a database connection…….i didnt know if you all were still experiencing technological problems….you did mention that in your last video, thank you!

  • Brooke

    Hello Zuzana and Frederick!! Thanks for all you do on your website, you guys are my personal trainers, I have one question, are you going to be posting pictures at the end of the workouts? I print them out and put in my Zuzana binder, I do not have internet access where I work out, I hope you will continue on posting pictures, it really helps! Lots of love ~ Brooke


    I’m dripping in sweat!!! :) Excellent!

  • Alexandra

    Wow, I love watchign you, THE most amazing body ever!

    I was just wondering how many calories you have roughly in a day. I have cut mine down by a lot but wanted to know your daily intake.

    Keep up the good work, definetly my inspiration!

    Alexandra :)

  • Samantha R

    Another fab one:

    1. 3:23

    2. 3:05

    3. 6:45

    4. 2:25

    Thank you once again both.

  • jennamaria

    Wow! just finished thid workout and I’m just feeling it everywhere :D my total time was 15 min 51 s..

  • Kate

    Definitely nearly lost my stomach on this one… was fantastic!
    1. 3.10
    2. 2.05
    3. 7.14
    4. 3.10
    Loved it!

    How did you find the 5 straight workout days Zuzana? I normally work out this way (Monday to Friday then the weekend is active rest) so I’m curious to know how you went/what you thought?

    Take care and thank you as always!

  • Monica

    I love your workouts! I’m also getting the error messages though any time I try to go back to look at archive videos. Would love to know if you can fix this as some of them look like they would be killer as well.

    Thanks as always for the inspiration and for kicking our butts!

  • Kris

    Amazing. I can no longer afford a personal trainer in the gym so I am now following you an doing your workouts plus Power Yoga . I feel better and better everyday. I do however have some extreme tightness in my hips…any suggestions?

  • Sarah

    Wow. I could barely think straight after I was done this one! Altogether, it took me 27:42, not including breaks :P
    I know, kinda sad, but I tried to do as many “proper” versions as I could, and than when I had no more strength left, I did modified versions.
    I was so tempted to give up during your “my push ups”!
    This workout definitley lives up to the name!
    That was the most I’ve sweated in a while!! I feel absolutley wiped – but I like it ;)

    Thanks for keeping me in good shape, guys :)

  • Lee

    Hey Zuzana! I love your workouts, clothes, hair, everything! Quick question. I realized that I’m just not able to squat as low as you. Is it even possible? What are some ways to work up to a full squat?

  • bodyrock rules

    this workout is appropriately named! I had sweat dripping off of my nose for the last exercise! (gross, but in a good way!)

    Combo 1- 4.13
    Combo 2- 3.01
    Combo 3- 7.37
    Pushups- 2.59

    I don’t have a whole lot of upper body strength yet…but I’m working on it! Thank you for this site!

  • Rob

    Wow, just like the name said I was sweating hard. It took me just under 25 minuts to complete, that included my break times.

  • Luz

    Hi Guys,

    I notice that you guys didn’t post any pictures of this workout or the one from yesterday.. It really helps when you post pictures cuz that way i remember what i have to do since the video is short and i dont have to go back and forth to see what the nexxt exersice looks like.. Hope you keep posting pictures of every workout :)


  • Mickela

    the v neck lululemon bras called lift and separate are no longer made by lululemon. I have been asking them to bring them back. I have 3 of them and I love them. They look great on you Zuzana.

  • Adela

    Before trying this workout i was thinking why do so many workouts have to have the word “sweat” in the title. And after doing it i understood. :)

    Thank you for the torture!

  • Mackenzie

    Seriously almost tossed my lunch. But I finished!
    Here’s my scores….


  • Kitty

    Just did this workout…having difficulty typing now, arms are fried!

    Combo 1:

    Combo 2:

    Combo 3:
    the irony…I looked forward to the pike press just to get away from the one leg squat jump! Those were brutal!

    Combo 4:

    I will definitely revisit this workout regularly. I like the challenge of adding in these balance and coordination combos into the workouts.


  • Jenella

    I love your workouts! One problem though; I can’t do any workout that stretches my shoulders behind me (kick ups), or they will dislocate. This also happens if I put them straight forward with weight (like putting my niece in her crib). My shoulders are my only weak spot… >=[ Any advice for building the muscles around my shoulders, without putting too much stress on them???

  • Yvette

    I started bodyrock workouts 3 weeks ago :)

    Combo 1

    Combo 2

    Combo 3

    Combo 4

  • Katie

    Great workout. I’m 17 and have been a workout addict since I was 14. Running 3 miles a day and joined power lifting. I love your workouts, not only are they fast and effective but in my sick mind I find them fun. :)
    Here are my times:
    combo 1- 2:30
    combo 2-3:09
    combo 3-4:28
    last- 2:58

  • http://Bodyrock.tv Zana


    I am a 21 yrs old female with 5′3″ tall n 140 pounds. My cousins wedding is coming up on July 9th which is only about 3 weeks from today. I was wondering if you could tell me which exersises I should do n what type of diet I should follow. I am a veggitarian. Also, do you think I can accomplish anything in 3 weeks? I mean is it too late for me to start since I have only 3 weeks? Wat are some of the workouts that I can follow to get the best result? I will really appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

  • Rosie

    You were right. This workout was brutal! I loved it, though. Thanks!

  • name

    Zuzana those are really PRECISE and excellent exercises. Congratulations.
    Look, I have experience that your excercises use a lot the knees because you jump a lot, is it ok for the knees? is there a way to make the impact softer?


  • http://www.aimeecollections.com Tanyshka

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,
    I wasn’t going to workout yesterday, but my hubby ditched me at 8 pm to go play with his cars in the garage.

    So instead of watching TV like I would of 2 months ago, I went to the kitchen, made a nice lentil salade and a tofu and veggie soup four our lunches the next day. (we are trying to go vegan)

    Once that was done I went on your site and wrote down this workout and did it right away… Brutal!!!

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • Gaby

    Thank you for this workout, I did it today as soon as I woke up and I was drenched in sweat by the end.
    I can’t come up with new ideas for workouts yet, but I have thought of a couple of workout names if it helps ;)
    1) Smooth criminal
    2) No Mercy
    3) Killing me softly… lol I think names of songs are good inspiration.
    have a great day!

  • Anna

    This workout was a killer,especially combo 3

  • http://webbadoption.blogspot.com Stephanie


    Thank you so much for your workouts. My exercize routine has been totally rejuvenated! I love waking up and doing the latest workout.

    Question about this one: Is it OK to rest your non-working leg on the working leg while doing the pike pushups, or is that cheating? I like to cross my ankles for more stability, but didn’t know if I was just making it easier for myself :) .

  • Paula

    Combo 1- 4:00
    Combo 2- 3:04
    Combo 3- 5:38
    Push ups 3:50 (one leg)

    Total- 16:32

    I bought myself some new fitness clothes,and just as You’ve once said, it makes one push harder and feel better:D

    Great workout:D

  • Imaz

    Hi Suzana =)
    I weigh 49 and is 161st.

    I want to train for 33 days and get a result. Is it possible?

    Can you tell me what exercises I should train?

  • Mina from Belgium

    Great workouts as always! But please don’t skip the pictures: I print them to have an easy to follow plan of the workouts (I can’t follow the videos ’cause the computer is in the leaving room, not in the exercise room).
    Thanks for not forgeting. Enjoy a fit summer!

  • esmeralda

    hi Zuzana & Fred

    sorry but i re

    a question: i can’t go anymore on the previous pages??? previous error message + sometimes a data error message is also coming when i want to look a workout!

    any idea?

    bye bye from France

  • rose

    hi guys!!!
    a suggestion………you said you were melting…..change the name of the workout to MELTED ICECREAM!!!haha :)

  • Tegan

    Awesome workout…again!! My total was 16:17 and the breakdown was:

    Combo 1: 3:07
    Combo 2: 2:41
    Combo 3: 7:44
    Zuzana’s Push ups: 3:25

    Not quite as good as yours Zuzana but there’s always next time. Just want to say thank you for the bodyweight workouts. I’m travelling in France and only brought my timer with me and these workouts have been perfect! Keep up the great work!!


  • rose

    hi zuzana!!this one was intense!thanks!!as for your “my pushups” exercise, i actually do a similar version.its the same but with 4 dips with alternating kickups in between the pushup and reverse plank.so, its not EXACTLY the same,….so i guess you DID invent YOUR version……and i’ll just say that I invented MY version!!haha…….so cute…..i always come up with exercises and wonder if they’ve been done before……
    this workout kicked my butt!!! i kick my clients’ butts with my workouts and then i really do look forward to someone ELSE (ie; YOU!) kicking MINE!!!!!
    love u guys!!
    ps.-sean????,,,,hope u didnt burn him out permanently!!

  • Mary13

    Your last ex.looks realy beautiful, its pleasure to wacth it!!!! I guess i never saw it before:)
    I waanna try this workout today!
    Thank you guys!

  • http://firebrunette.wordpress.com Chauntel

    Wow. This one made me sweat like I haven’t sweat in a long time! Awesome! I have been doing at least 5 of your workouts a week for the last 2 months and love them! Totally addicted, trying to get everyone I know hooked.
    I usually do workouts with new exercises to me two days in a row so I get the rhythm down. Today was day 1 for this workout, here are my times:
    Combo 1~ 3:40
    Combo 2~ 2:10
    Combo 3~ 6:57
    Combo 4~ 3:11

    Thanks again for all your hard work to make us work hard ;o)

  • Jazmin

    hiii zu¡¡ thanks for your great workouts¡¡ my body have changed a lot..and im really happy, this workout is awesomE¡¡¿

  • Annabelle

    Hi guys!

    I see a lot of questions about your clothes and I had also wondered where you get the v-neck sport bras? I have been searching everywhere I can think online…. please please let me know where I can get them?


    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv


      • holla

        zuzana, you really inspired me!
        here’s my question.. how long have you been working out, so it started showing results. i’ve been doing some random workouts and 500 sit-ups (not all at once but 50 at a time) for two months..and i lost motivation to continue, cos it didnt show results..
        oh and how long should i work out per day? is it really neccessary to do it at least about an hour? or would be a half of an hour enough (per day).. please help (and motivate) me. i need to get in shape VERY bad.


    • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

      Those ones are the lift and seperate sports bras from Lululemon but they have been discontinued. I do see them on ebay so you can check there I found two here http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_trkparms=65%253A12%257C66%253A2%257C39%253A1%257C72%253A3018&_nkw=lululemon%20bra&_dmd=1&_dmpt=US_Women_s_Athletic_Apparel&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14.l1513&_pgn=3 you will want to limit your search cause there is alot of lulu stuff on ebay! Lululemon will bring back retired designs if there is a demand so please go to their site and tell them u want this bra back. If enough of us go they will relaunch it!

  • http://30bananasaday.com Windlord

    Combo 1
    Combo 2
    Combo 3
    Bonus Exercise

    Nice job, Z; you tied/nipped me on those last two!

    Would it be possible, even if we can’t view him, to post Freddy’s scores alongside yours each WO? The competition factor means alot to me, as it keeps me focused on matching/surpassing a target.
    Plus I’ve heard more than one lady here mention that her male significant other takes more notice of these killer WO’s when another guy is obviously participating.

  • Pilar Monsalve


    I love your workouts and thanks to you I am more fit than ever (I’m 42). I was wondering if you still have the application for the iphone. I am addicted to your exercises and I would love to take them everywhere I go.
    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  • Benjamin

    I have been training p90x and running long distance, and procured a case of runners knee….I will no longer be able to run long distance anytime soon! I am replacing my run with you work out for the the cal burn…I have monitored your site and taking other suggestions as far as diet. Just wanted to thank you for your dedication and inspiration!

    Hope i can cope! cheers!

  • BodyRock-Savvy

    I just did this training. It’s really suicidal. I blew in my combo 3 but it doesn’t stop me. I continued as my timer was still running. Here’s my score:
    Combo 1 – 5:06
    Combo 2 – 2:26.13
    Combo 3 – 9:29.65 (blew on my 3rd set :P )
    My Push Up – 2:22.36 (on knees :P )

    Oh, by the way, I did the 5 days challenge – Monday to Friday. :P This training is actually my 6th day. :) Thanks for a great workout. :)

  • Shawna

    Hi Zuzanna, I wondered if I sould ask kind of a personal question, and please feel free to email me the answer if you want. I am looking into going off of birth control pills because I have a feeling they might be inhibiting my fitness goals. Have you had experience with this situation? I appreciate any info at all. Thanks.

  • Susie

    That was a brutal workout! I wasn’t able to do the full 10 Pike Presses as my upper body strength isnt that great yet, but I am working on it =-) Zuzana I was just wondering if your wrists ever hurt after your workouts?

    Thanks for the awesome workout!

  • Stephanie

    Once again Amazing!!

    I agree…when I don’t feel like working out, I just go on your site and it’s instant motivation. I LOVE THOSE PANTS too! Going to get them! Lulu Lemon should pay you for promoting them so much…ehehe

    Thanks guys!

  • Kelly

    Great, brutal workout! The third exercise was hard for me because I’m still trying to build up my arm strength enough to do any other type of push-up than the type on my knees, so I had to substitute the one leg pike presses for knee push-ups. I managed to do a lot of the one leg squats, though, even though at the last two sets my legs felt too much like jelly to be able to do them anymore and I finished off with regular squats. Hopefully with your future workouts I’ll be able to do at least one regular push-up and build up enough strength to do one leg squats.

    Thanks again! :D

  • becca

    hey zuzana!

    so im starting a summer “fat” camp for my family and a couple friends. haha none of them are fat its just fun to call it that, but none of them ever exercise and want to get in shape. I have been doing your workouts for 6 months now and I can’t wait to spread the love/pain.

    I am wondering what do you suggest me to make them do instead of pushups because they have never done one in their lives lol. I know you can do it from your knees during the workout, but that may even be to hard. What should i have them practice to build up a little strength? Do you remember how you started when you couldn’t even do one push up?

    any tips would be great on how to start them out, i already did two workouts for them and it went very well

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Becca,

      I remember the time when I couldn’t do even one push up very well. I practiced the push ups from my knees and I bent my elbows only as much as my strength allowed me to. It worked great for me so I can recommend the same strategy for your family and friends. By the way, I would rather call it Summer Fat Fighter Camp just to make it sound little more attractive ;)

      • becca

        thanks for the tips:) haha nd i will def. use that name lmfao

      • insanity

        zuzana, you really inspired me!
        here’s my question.. how long have you been working out, so it started showing results. i’ve been doing some random workouts and 500 sit-ups (not all at once but 50 at a time) for two months..and i lost motivation to continue, cos it didnt show results..
        oh and how long should i work out per day? is it really neccessary to do it at least about an hour? or would be a half of an hour enough (per day).. please help (and motivate) me. i need to get in shape VERY bad.


      • insanity

        wooow and you got your body this good? now i am truly inspired. thank you zuzana!!!!

    • Diana Y.

      hi becca
      just wanted to reply i couldnt do even one and hated them even though i do some kind of exercise everyday just could not do even 5 just started making myself do them everyday as many as i could 1,5,10. before i went to work now i can usually do them right along with zuzana
      and i love them nowthey feel great to stretch my back if i dont have time for a workout i do about 20- 25 and jumprope for 15 min and thats it

    • Beto

      Hi. After I broke my arm like a month ago and began exercising again, I did my first pushups standing up, like “vertical pushups”. I started arm length apart from a wall and facing it with my palms on it, then leaning towards it and pushing myself back to a normal standing position. The more separated your feet are from the wall the harder it gets. I did this util I had the strength to do a normal pushup. I hope this helps. :)

    • Jean-Philippe

      Hi Beca, for your family and friends, they can do a push up on the wall.

    • holla

      hello. you said you’ve been doing zuzana’s workouts for 6months now.
      how are the results? i am dying to find myself some cool workouts and inspiration to start doing it, cos i need to get my body in shape cos currently-i hate it.

      have a nice day

      • Emily B.


        I’ve been working out with Zuzana for several months now and I started to see progress about 2 weeks in. After a week, I started feeling better all around, but physically my progress started showing in only 2 short weeks. She’ll get you in shape in no time, lemme tell ya :)

        Don’t be so hard on your body-it’s the only one you’ll ever have. You have an entire lifetime to mold it into what you want, and I can assure you that once you start a fitness plan-whether it be Zuzana’s or anyone else’s-you will soon love your body :)

        • insanity

          thank you for your answer.
          the only thing i want to know is..how long are you working out per day?
          is it really neccessary to do it about and hour or more??

          • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

            No. I workout once a day and my workouts are short.

  • Asa

    combo 1: 3:11

    Conbo 2: oops, forgot to set timer

    Combo 3: 3:59

    Combo 4: 4:30

    Your workouts are so creative! I like how all your exercises work my core. Thanks!

  • Tess

    Thank you for the torture!!! I love it! Switched to two legged squat jumps…thank you for helping me drop to 189.

  • Aubry

    THIS ONE KICKED MY BUTT!! I was sweating so much! loved it!

  • Joy

    OMG! This work out was brutal. Looking forward to your next piece of torture!

  • GJ

    You are great as a person and physical!
    Now I just have to find a way to check out your video’s without my girlfriend getting angry hahah!
    Keep up the good work and uploading the vid’s!

    how do you stay in your bms rate so well while training so extensive?
    I have got a really fast metabolism, so i got to eat A LOT to stay in shape instead of breaking my body down.
    having 2 work outs a week (minimal 1 our), and 2 times a week i run 3 to 6 kilometers, fast.

  • Dani

    dear zuzana and freddy,
    this morning i tried a slightly different style of workout just to try it! it was a combination of cardio exercise and a toning exercise. it was only meant to be 20 minutes long but it definitely wasn’t enough for me so i repeated the workout 3 times which took about an hour.
    i must say after i fnished, i felt like i went for a walk around the block. i was not puffing, not sweating alot and i definitely didn’t feel like i had a fantastic workout. On the other hand, whenever i do your workouts in only 20 minutes, i’m huffing and puffing, sweating and my muscles are burning!

    It’s pretty obvious that your workouts are more effective and save much more time BUT they also have really made me fitter and so much stronger. My current fitness level is so advanced because of your workouts and that is why i found the workout i did today really easy. it just shows how much i have progressed. An average person would find that workout quite challenging but it was so easy for me and thanks to you guys, my fitness level is super high :)

    love you guys xoxoxox

  • http://none veronique

    I love this workout
    you are right Zuzana, its one of the hardest and I loved it!
    the combo 3 was the hardest of the combo
    you look always in better shape, you look leaner and you look like you gain mass in the upper body, you look just amazing!
    thanks so much for the inspiration
    I don’t leave a reply each time but I check your website every day in case there is a new workout, I wish one day will look just as amazing that you
    thanks again

  • Dawid


    I have been watching your workouts since I found your vid on youtube a 1.5 years ago. And I just would like to say: OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE! Your body changed so much since that time and its just incredible. First time in my life I can see so much passion and determination – thats really something unusual for a girl. Good job seriously. Never give up.

  • Mickela

    hello thanks Freddie and Zuzana for using my name suggestion for this exercise. it is truly suicidal.
    here I go. It is muggy and wet outside, lets see if I survive.
    That was hard. there is sweat all over the place. I’d say that if you don’t stretch after this workout, you will be sore tomorrow.
    2:38 don’t know how that happened
    3:00 7:17
    for the last set. this was incredibly hard on both mind and body.

  • Mia

    Hey Zuzana, I wanted to ask you how much calories do you approximately lose when you workout? Because you said you workout only the time you do in the video and that’s not long but it’s intense….because you have the perfect body and is it really possible to accomplish that kind of body by working out only 20 minutes a day? (ok sometimes longer but you know what i mean)…..and also how much calories do you take in with food during the day? I would really appreciate if you could answer… thanks =)

  • Wendy78

    This workout was tough! Your workouts keep getting harder and harder. I still have weak upper body strength so that could be why I’m struggling. I can’t even do a pull up yet. This one took me around 22 minutes to complete. I’m glad I finished it though. And as always, you look fantastic!

  • http://www.bodyrock.tv/2010/06/12/suicidal-sweat-workout/ anna

    u are just awesome.. thank u so much. . my body has become really sexy. . with your workouts.. thanks again

  • Amanda

    wow that was so brutal!! and it’s really hot here in Montreal today so I’m sweating like craaaazy!! shower time :) ))
    here are my times:
    combo 1 = 2:55, combo 2 = 2:00, combo 3 = 4:47, last= 1:55
    thanks for posting these amazing workouts!!
    also, check out the following blogs for vegetarian food and cooking tips: fitnessista.com, ohsheglows.com and greenmonstermovement.com
    best of luck with your new veg diet, I think you’ll find it amazing :)

  • Cinthya

    Hey BodyRock Family,

    Has anyone been experiencing problems with the youtube channel. I have been having issues seeing all the uploads through the gridview screen (where it displays all the videos in one screen). I like referring to older videos that way, and it is making it impossible to view. Some show up and some and the the screen goes white. Anyone else having this problem??



  • Shawna

    Nice and innovative. The move that you ask where it may have came from, type in Capoeira in you tube and you will see a ton of very similar movements. It is an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art. I am a professora in this art and what you did is a mix of a few different names.
    Love this workout, I am going to try it tomorrow morning. I am also going to get a few small kettlebells later. Woohoo..

  • Carrie

    That last push-up is such a great exercise! I’ve been in the fitness industry for 10 years and have never seen that one. I think you should name it the “Zuzana”.

  • Michelle G.

    Loved this workout, so innovative and fun!! Combo 2 and 3 were my favorites. Here were my times:

    Combo 1: 3:02
    Combo 2: 2:42
    Combo 3: 6:57
    Combo 4: 2:15

    Total time: 14: 56 (not counting the tiny breaks between the combos)

    Cant wait to see what you came up with for the 5th day!!

  • ALČA

    Ahoj Zuzko,

    našla jsem Tě před pár týdny na Youtube, když jsem hledala nějakou inspiraci na cvičení. Nejdřív jsem se divila, co to je za podivínku, že furt skáče a dělá kliky a stránku jsem zavřela. Pak jsem ale shlédla víc tvých cvičení a obdivovala při tom, jakou máš skvělou postavu! ;) A tak jsem jedno z tvých cvičení vyzkoušela a nestačila jsem se divit, jak je to náročné a také jak při tom čas utíká a já se u toho bavila a byla úplně promočená dřinou. ALE BYLO TO SUPER a hlavně velice EFEKTNÍ!! A tak jsem navštívila tvé stránky a cvičím s Tebou druhý den, přičemž vyzkouším alespoň 2 cvičení, která jsi vymyslela. Ale tvou praxi ještě nedostihuji, takže si cvičím zatím jen pro sebe a nic nepočítám. Ale až se mi začne vést lépe, určitě přidám i nějaké cvé osobní úspěchy. :)
    Cvič dál, jsi skvělá! Tvé cvičení je mi inspirací. Moc děkuji! ;)

  • Bill

    Hi! great stuff…Allyson and I tried the hot to trot work out today and loved it.
    How do i find the first 3 days of the 5 day challenge and will you put all five days in a section were we can print the exersices?

  • Salma

    I can’t wait to try this one tomorrow…I did your sexy pain train one today and it was awesome!

    I love the last push-up exercise, I think you should call it the “Bodyrock Push-ups”!


  • esmeralda

    hi Zuzana & Fred

    a question: i can’t go anymore on the previous pages??? previous error message + sometimes a data error message is also coming when i want to look a workout!

    any idea?

    bye bye from France

  • Jin

    Hello Zuzana ! :) Thank you for your website, iv been working out most of my exercises through your videos and iv found that im slowly gaining more strength, stability, increase in my cardio and tone in my muscles. These are my scores:
    Combo 1: 4:19
    2: 2:14
    3: 6:01
    4: 4:03

    this workout really got my arms pumped up and i felt my shoulders burn more than anything else.

  • Zonular

    Hey Z,
    Love this workout! I’m half blind from the stinging sweat that flowed non-stop into my eyeballs! I added a triceps dip to the crab twist to 1 leg push up by accident, but it went with the flow of the exercise so I kept doing it. :)
    I have some names for you to consider for one of your workouts– Muscle Exploitation, Fat Exploitation, Fat Desecration, Sluice Gate…or Stinging Sweat in Eyeballs Exercise (haha).

  • Antonia

    I never seen that excersize at all. I think it looks like a spider-web. Maybe you should name it, spider-web pushups.

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    I fell behind a day last week, and I fell strong today, so I got caught up. Warmed up with a 50 minute run up the hill. Then tackled this workout:
    1 2:52
    2 2:26
    3 5:11
    4 3:11 I couldn’t quite get the hang of this

    Then I went into yesterday’s challenge:
    Part 1:
    1 9-9-9
    2 14-14-13
    3 7-7-8
    Part 2:
    1 13-13-14R
    2 14-14-14L
    3 20-22-25 I counted every time I passed center position

    I am really enjoying the variety, although I am afraid my (minimal) jump rope skills are going to be lost forever! I miss the cardio boost of the jump rope between the strength exercises. I think it made for a more rounded, high intensity workout.

  • Claudia

    Zuzana, this workout was soooooo good, thank you.
    My time was 16 min. 00 sec.
    I just want to thank you because I haven´t been in this kind of shape in some time. Before my five kids, no problem. I was in some pretty good shape, I´ve alsways been very active. But having 5 kids in a row took its toll on my fitness level. I just could not get back to the shape I was in no matter how hard I tried, but these workouts that you have, (I´ve been following you for about 3 months now) have gotten me to be in the best shape ¨post-mommy¨ ever. Thank you, because it is so much more difficult to get in shape after having children plus not to mention growing older (39yrs old). Just so many good things about your workouts.
    2)Minimal time involved
    3)Don´t need to go to the gym
    I feel so strong and fit in such a short period of time. Thanks again and keep up the GREAT WORK, all you effort really shows!!!!

  • Claudia – mother of five

    Zuzana, this workout was soooooo good, thank you.
    My time was 16 min. 00 sec.
    I just want to thank you because I haven´t been in this kind of shape in some time. Before my five kids, no problem. I was in some pretty good shape, I´ve alsways been very active. But having 5 kids in a row took its toll on my fitness level. I just could not get back to the shape I was in no matter how hard I tried, but these workouts that you have, (I´ve been following you for about 3 months now) have gotten me to be in the best shape ¨post-mommy¨ ever. Thank you, because it is so much more difficult to get in shape after having children plus not to mention growing older (39yrs old). Just so many good things about your workouts.
    2)Minimal time involved
    3)Don´t need to go to the gym
    I feel so strong and fit in such a short period of time. Thanks again and keep up the GREAT WORK, all you effort really shows!!!!

  • http://abworkoutroutines.org/ markleob

    wow, it is great but after a year of that exercise,the house will collapse..haha lol…. you are hot girl..

  • Wendy

    That workout was sooo freakn hard!!! OMG. Im dying. I almost puked. Thanks Zuzana, you rule! Keep up the brutal workouts.

  • Sara

    What happened to the tattoo you wanted awhile ago?

    • Mark

      Please god don’t get a tattoo.


  • Joe


    This error has been showing up over and over on your page. All white page with the message below. You may already be aware of this. Great site, thanks!

    “Error establishing a database connection”

  • Amanda

    Workout suggestion name:

    Beg Zuzana For Mercy


    • Joy

      Amanda, That is an understatement!

  • Laurent


    I wanted you two to know that your website is very nice. I added your workout sessions to my usual training and I can measure the benefit of them. I’ll tell more and more friends about Bodyrock TV in the future.
    By the way, I’m living near Brussels (Belgium, Europe)!
    Merci et à bientôt ; )


    • Katie

      Hey I love these workouts and I also live in Brussels for the time being. Great to see that I’m not the only one here spreading the work about Bodyrock.TV :)

      Also as my first comment on the page even though I have been doing these for 3 months. I wanted to let everyone know that I am a United States Marine and these workouts kick my butt some days.

      Thank you Zuzana!!

      P.S. I bought a gymboss and gave you the credit :) Thanks!!

  • jenny

    ps – where did you get your grey workout pants in the suicidal sweat workout? they look so cosy!

    also, do you eat before you workout and does it matter if you do?

  • Sandra

    First off I just want to say that watching these videos are truly inspiring. On days that I don’t feel like working out ~ all I have to do is go on this website.
    It inspires me to push my body to the max, to feel the burn and get great results. I must say, some of the exercises Zuzanna makes look easy but it’s super hard!!
    These workouts allllways kick my butt! I love em!
    I do have one question tho ~ I was wondering what you guys do to warm up? I’m not too sure if there is a vid somewhere that shows this or not. But I’d love to know.

    Thanks Zuzanna & Freddy! You guys are an inspiration!

    • Frederick

      Hi Sandra – there are some warm up videos and a stretching routine video on the site :)

  • Dawn

    So there is a total of 80 one leg pike presses in combo 3? Am i getting that right?

    • ALL1E

      Yes–that’s what I understood also–40 per each leg.

  • Claudia – mother of five

    Couple of things:

    1) you are sick, this is a crazy workout…love it
    2) that outfit is AWESOME!!!
    3) YOU LOOK SHREDDED!!! I admire you dedication.

    Can´t wait to do this one, it looks BRUTAL!!

    • Rea

      Hey Claudia :D

      This could be a cool workout name “Sick, Crazy Workout”

  • Tania

    Hey Zuzana,

    I have to admit that I am the first to critque you when I think your exercises aren’t hard enough but girl you are making me eat my words. I am almost afraid to try this one. I will struggle through it and post my results. Good job! BTW where did Sean go? I enjoyed the competition between the two of you. Zuzana if you could post the brand of pants you are wearing that would be fantastic. I am taking a vacation and your pants would be ideal for hiking. Love your work. Thanks.

    • Frederick

      Hi Tania – they are from lululemon :)

  • Cherry

    Hi Zuzana, I haven’t tried this workout just yet plan to on Monday but I just wanted to let you know that everytime I try to go back to your previous workouts I keep getting an error message say I was looking for your 550 rep workout and I could get to go back to do it is there anything you can do on your side to fix that problem.

    Cherry your fan

  • Arya

    Z & F, OMG OMG!!! i almost fainted on this one :)
    was fantastic..

    A suggestion, when you explain the workouts, can you also tell us what that exercise targets? For eg – Jump squats – targetted to increase heart rate and tone legs.. this will help us know what body part we’ve worked that day..

    thanks! as always, you guys are amazing! x x x x

    • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

      I just figure the part of my body that doesn’t work any more after the workout is the part that got targeted!

    • http://linamarquez.com lina marquez

      that’s a great suggestion. i would also like to know what muscles target each exercise.
      i’ve been doing your exercises using my arms too (i fractured my elbow and could not do push ups for two months) for two weeks now, and i’m already seeing results specially in my core area.
      looking forward to future routines.
      thanks suzana.

  • http://www.fit.pl/fitness-instruktorzy/dolnoslaskie/golebiowska_marta,152.html Marta

    i LOVE your new ideas and this pants!!! I have to have it, where they come from? xxxx

    • Charlie D.

      I second that emotion.

    • Chris K.

      I think they’re from lululemon. I know a lot of her stuff is.

  • Cesar Salinas

    Excelentes tus ejercicios, te agradesco por compartir tu concomiento con nosotros. Soy un fiel seguidor que cada dia esta pendiente de tus enseñanzas.

    Zusana muchas gracias.

  • Rude Girl

    You guys are amazing!
    I can’t wait to start doing these workouts when I get my little gymboss timer, the online timer isn’t making the cut.
    Also, I’m digging how you explain the exercises. Mucho helpful.

    Much love to Zuzana & Frederick

  • Somi

    i hve many questions relate to workouts,but dont know how to know the answers,once i read in comments about fitness FAQ section,but tell me where i can find this section????????plz tell me should we do workouts in periods days???????///bcz in periods i hve cramps and those 7 days for me like hell.plz also tell me is that true that if we used to workouts and for some reason if we cant workout for some long period then we will start gaining weight too much????????plz also guide me what kinda workouts we should do during pregnency????????????????
    will w8 for ur reply

    • Roq

      Hi Somi,

      There is no FAQ link. I think they are working on a new website. Maybe they will have a FAQ link there. Would probably be helpful for them as well, since the same questions keep popping up.

      Regarding working out while having your period. Listen to your body!!! It seems that some find the cramps actually get better if they work out. That is not what everyone experience though. Also, you don’t have to do a high intensity workout every time you work out. There are other alternatives which are very good as well. I’ve heard that you should never do exercises where your body is upside down when you have your periods.

      You don’t have to gain weight if you stop working out. As long as you don’t eat as much as you did when you worked out. You don’t need as much food when you’re inactive. You will definitely loose strength and muscle mass if you stop for a long period of time. Actually you loose strength quite fast….and endurance as well. Which is a bummer!!

  • Somi

    hi zuzana
    u really great,am 25 years old girl and new in workouts and really want to be slim and strong,but i dont know much about ur site,plz help me and tell me how to be in touch with u,

  • Roberto

    love your workouts. However, instead of buying a pull up bar, a dip station, and all sort of things, I bought a TRX. It’s very versatile, I can do so many bodyweight exercises, and my small apartment is not cluttered by many items.

  • justme

    Good sweat but my arms gave in at the last exercise..really need to do something for my triceps :)

  • Tiffany

    Aloha Zuzana & Frederick,

    I just found your web-site and totally LOVE IT! Would it be possible for you to maybe label each of your workout videos with beginner, intermediate, or Advanced… just based on your opinion? I have done a few of your workouts and I feel like some of the exercises are to advanced for me at this point.


  • Kristyna cz

    Hi guys,

    today is Sunday and I have my 5 day challenge done. I dont know why, but the word ” challenge” really makes me do what you say to do. The same was sugar challenge. Its kind of game for me and Im very happy to comlete it! Workouts this week were quite short (felt I could do longer)but very good.
    Please make more challenges (games) like this one and sugar one. Im very excited about that :-)

  • Roq

    This workout is great :-) I definitely will give it a try! I love how creative you guys are!!

    The last exercise in your workout is very similar to the Lawnmower Extensions done on some kind of suspension apparatus (rings, TRX etc) You hang onto one ring with both arms. Start to pull yourself up to one side of the ring, which means you mostly use one arm (similar movement as when you start a lawnmower, hence the name) – twist the body and thread one foot under the other (the same way you do in your exercise). Pushing yourself up with one arm (if you pulled with the left arm you push with the right arm) at the same time and extending the other arm up (the arm that you used for pulling before) so your body forms a T. Then you go back down to the starting position and repeat. Not exactly the same exercise as there is a pulling movement as well as pushing, but similar. I’ve also seen this twist in some “flow” videos done on the floor. I don’t remember if it had a pushup at the end though and I don’t know what it’s called there.

    The guys in the following video are doing a more advanced version of the Lawnmower exercise then described above:

    By the way – check out this ginastica natural video:

    I really like some of the moves on that video :-)

  • Marija

    Sorry me again. :D I just read in your post that you said you’ve bought a new Gymboss, so never mind my comment! :)

  • Marija

    Hi Z,
    this exercise is a killer!! The weather is too hot here in Serbia, so I have to do my workouts in the evening, and I cannot wait to do this tonight!!
    Am I wrong, or did you buy new Camo Gymboss? :D
    I’m ordering a black one, so I hope I’ll get it soon! :)

    All the best to you guys,
    Marija! :o )

    • Marija

      Oh, I forgot, could you pleeeaaase post the pictures explaining the exercises, it makes it so much easier!
      I know, I’m spoiled :) , but the pictures are really helping a lot.
      Thanks! ;)

  • Becca

    Hey guys,

    if you have time, could you still post the photos to accompany each of these workouts? I’m accessing your site from China where the videos and youtube are blocked, and it’s hard to imagine the exact exercises from the names and brief description only. Massive thanks if you can do this…

    Also greatly support your diet change. I’ve been vegetarian, prettymuch vegan for 17 years and would always encourage others to give it a go and see how much better you can feel.

    Much appreciation for your great site!

  • Raina

    hi Zuzana & Frederick,
    I just wanna tell that i finished my 5day challenge on Friday by doing 5 of your workouts every day and also i worked out on saturday and I’m gonna do the same today, so it will be my 7day challenge:)
    Anyway, thanks a lot for this because i have seen changes to my body and i’m really happy that it really works! I actually am in the best shape of my life now by working out at home (as you say):)

    I also have some workout names (just ideas)
    1) Bodyrock your body
    2) Mission: Super hero body
    3) Body Big Bang workout
    4) The omg workout
    5) Ready for hottie body workout

    I hope u like them:)
    And i hope that you get my comment because most times they say “awaiting moderation” :(
    I love you and can’t wait to see your last day workout!

    PS How is Sean??? I missed him:)

    • Frederick

      Hi Raina,
      We are just a little bit behind with the comments at the moment – working to catch up to you guys :) Thanks for the names they are awesome! New workout is on the way!

  • Sarah_Joss23

    I love the fact that you go trough every exercise because for us who weren’t here with you from the beginning we don’t know all the exercises.

  • Charlie D.

    Combo 1 I got 3:02:54
    Combo 2, 2:02:68
    Combo 3, ok, 8:34:72 – you ate me alive on this one. In my defense, I stopped to get a mirror to make sure I was going down far enough and didn’t stop the timer. But in *your* defense, I bet it didn’t take me a minute twenty.
    pushups: 2:28:21 – so close!!! I should have pushed harder. I’ll get you next time, Gadget.

    These are awesome. I keep thinking I’ve skipped my workout because they’re so short and then I remember how much my bum hurts and it all comes back to me…

    • Frederick


    • Charlie D.

      I totally beat my own times – and yours – by a ton today!

      Combo 1: 2:47
      Combo 2: 1:35
      Combo 3: 7:17 (still killed me!)
      pushups: 1:52

      I’m so sweaty and so happy and so proud of myself! I hope you two are still really enjoying your vacation.

  • Brittany

    This workout challenged me.

    And to all who ask “How many calories will this workout burn?” and “How many calories do you eat per day?”, this is for you.

    You should not work out for the sake of “burning calories”. You should work out because you like the feeling of being healthy and strong, and because you like the feeling of movement and rhythm that you get when you exercise. This may be an acquired taste (some people don’t enjoy exercise in the beginning), but over time it gets to the point that you can’t even picture your life without exercising and you love it. It gets bothersome and annoying to worry about burning calories. After all, how are you sure that those calories-burned calculators are accurate?

    Same thing goes for eating well. Eat healthy because it’s good for your body and mind, not because you want to lose those extra pounds. This will bring you to a much healthier mindset and prepare you for a healthy lifestyle LONG-TERM (a.k.a the rest of your life) instead of throwing you back into the cycle of “losing those last 10 pounds”.

    And Zuzana, those pushups you created made me dizzy! Haha.

    • ALL1E

      Bravo Brittany

  • karen

    Love it! Love the outfit! Yes; I have never seen your new move, so name it after you!!!! Go Zuzana pushups!

  • Minka

    Hi Zuzana,

    Could you make a video of your warm-up and cool down routine before each workout? That would be so great and helpful if you could!


  • http://www.jesusdiaz.usana.com Jesus Diaz

    Ok Zuzana this workout was really hard I liked this one a lot. The first 2 workouts were a bit easy.
    1. 2min 50sec
    2. 2min 9sec.
    but the 3rd workout was like magic, my arms hurt but i like the burn
    3. 7min 40sec.
    the last workout was hard since my arms were burn out from the 3rd workout.
    4. 2min 11sec.
    This workout was my favorite from the others in this challenge cant wait to see what you have on the tomorrows workout.
    My score
    1. 2min. 50sec.
    2. 2min. 9sec.
    3. 7min. 40sec.
    4. 2min. 11sec.

  • Fleur

    I love your outfit :)

  • Fleur

    I love you outfit :)

  • alicia

    THANK YOU ZUZANA! this workout really kicked my butt. I feel much better though =)

  • Kristin

    I think you should call your new push-ups “Spicy crab roll push-ups”! :) I know you are always looking for names for your workouts and those look pretty fun/brutal. Cant wait to try this out, I will post my time asap

  • d.

    i loved the outfit ;)


  • C.C.

    I love the new workout cant wait to try it!

    In reguards to your new diet approach,
    would it be possible for you to post what you eat during a whole day once in a while? The 5-8 meals a day?
    I think that would help to get a better understanding on healthy eating and small portions.

    Thank you! :)

  • http://[email protected] Chantal

    Hi Zuzana, I am so exited to have found your web site I am waiting for my new timer to arrive I love that your workouts are intense, original and creative and can all be done at home. Now I due have a question do you only due these workouts once a day? You are an inspiration keep on going.
    Merci, Chantal

  • Dani

    i just did this workout in exactly 20 minutes
    it was really hard it gave my legs a good burn but i feel like i wasnt sweating as much. i was outdoors and i have a cold which made me stop a few times to blow my nose… great workout though :)

  • jenny

    Hi Z,

    I’ve said this before but, thank you for your site. It is so fun and challenging and I can’t wait to see what the next day’s workout is. I am amazed that it is so hard since I am a runner (with good time).
    Anyway, I have a few dietary questions -
    1. Can you post what you eat for a week? Do you measure your food or count calories?
    2. How do these workout burn enough calories to lose weight as opposed to long runs?
    3. The only way I seem to shrink is if I eat about 1,000 calories a day and run a lot. (Did I mention running? ha ha ha)

    Thanks so very much for your time, dedication and spirit you put out into the world.
    All the best, Jenny

    • ALL1E

      Running is great, if you want to be a runner. If you want strength…definition…balance…long-term weight maintenance…not so much. I have ultra-marathoner friends who can no longer count on their training runs to maintain their weight. Our bodies are amazingly efficient & adapt…if we do the same thing consistently. THIS is only One of the reasons why Zuzana’s workouts are great: her workouts keep your body guessing, so it doesn’t become accustomed. Short, intense bursts have also shown to be more efficient than long, slow burns for burning fat. As for counting calories (Brittany has a great response below), there is no need when you are eating nourishing, whole foods (& no processed junk), especially a lot of vegetables & fruit. Also, by 40 or so, from what I’ve read, women have to reduce caloric intake or amp up physical exercise to maintain weight. If we extremely restrict our calories now…think how much more we’ll have to by 40.

    • Rea

      I have to comment about one thing which is really important about question number 3:
      “Calorie restricting” diets cause your body to get into “starvation mode”, which slows down your metabolism (so you actually burn less calories) and makes your body store more fat.
      You will lose weight in the beginning, but soon your body will adapt to the lower calorie intake and learn how to keep its calories and fat.

  • eziekle

    Do you Have FaceBook page to show updates?

    • Fleur

      Hello Eziekle,

      I remember I saw some tweets but I am not sure you can still follow updates on twitter.
      As for Facebook, Zuzana and Fred have tried it last winter. Turned out that Facebook is a “No Respect land”, surprising, hum? No really.
      So I would advise you to add Bodyrock.Tv to your favorite websites. And check updates everyday. :)
      Beside our two favorites hosts always do reply to our questions here so there is no reason to go somewhere else to check them out.

      Have a good day :)

      • BodyRock-Savvy

        I saw their facebook, I agree too. People there are disrespectful and they’re not into fitness. You want to be motivated and stay focus, stay in this website. We’re all here saying our experiences, comments or even encourage each other. This site is our PORTAL OF HEALTHY AND FITNESS! :)

  • Michelle

    Hi Zuzana,

    I watched many of your videos, I know it would help me out, among other people, if you expressed what body parts each workout was building/toning.

    I look forward to more of you.


  • mohammed salem

    Great workout, great motivation.
    i don’t want to be mean , but i have seen half of your invented exercise, the first time i encountered it was the 6steps in breakdance they go the sliding way but they don’t go back. they finish it in the same way, the second time i encountered it was in BJJ training they do the same slide and back right and left leg but they don’t do the push up and they don’t hang one leg in the air also , so in way or another u r creative because u added something…

    thank u again susana

  • Ruth

    Hi Z&F,

    I’ve really been enjoying these workouts! Very inventive and fun, as always. Sorry I haven’t posted lately, I was doing some other stuff to vary things up but I’m back to your routines :) I like your variation of a one-leg push up, I haven’t seen it before and I’m looking forward to monday so I can try it out…

    btw, love your capris :)



  • oidigo1

    wow, u looked exhausted from start to finish. Great job sticking to the plan. I motivate myself on the days i don’t want to workout be saying, “the days i don’t feel like are the days that count.” This is when it counts. One more day to go.

  • David777

    I did those push up before; :(

    :) ) well done with the spike press push up mix with squat`s!!!

    Hey I`m a guy, am I the only one?


  • RN

    For some reason the video quality seems poor.

    • aspired

      I think it’s because they usually do their workouts during the day, and this one was at night so the lighting looks different. Looks like the same quality to me.

  • Dakota D.

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!

    I just completed this workout (my hands are shaking as I type this) and I have to say that is was good.

    I completed it in 11 minutes and 33 seconds with no breaks in between (I didn’t stop the stopwatch during the whole workout)

    I’m saying that because I’m not sure if you stopped your timer after each combo.

    Thanks for the amazing workout!

  • Quigi

    I did really good today. My goal was to do this as fast as possible, without losing form, and I think I acomplished just that. Out of all the workouts this week, I started sweating and breathing heavy really early. During the 2nd combo I was pushing air out really loudly instead of counting like usual.

    Combo 1: 2:10

    Combo 2: 1:27

    Combo 3: 2:57

    Last Execise: 1:57, I can do pushups rather easy but YOUR pushups were really challenging, the only problem I had was remembering to switch legs and count at the same time because I was doing the pushups so fast.

    Thanks alot for the workout, I’m seeing great cardio results.

  • Mike

    Your my workout hero Zuzana!

  • Emily B.

    I’ve missed you so much Zuzana!!

    Ok, So My Grandparents decided that they wanted to take a 9 day trip around the US, to Colorado and Jackson Hole, Wyoming (one of my favorite places :) But, because of the crazy driving schedule we were on-most nights we didn’t stop til 9-I didn’t get to workout ;( combined with unhealthy foods (they are really old fashioned beans-and-potatoes kind of people) I felt like i had lost so much progress. It really upset me because I was at that pinnacle moment where I was seeing more and more definition with every workout….Which is where you come in :) I’m 17 years old, and for the past year or so, I have worked on eating healthier and working out. It has been an enlightening, amazing journey that I hope more people will go down with the help of your site.
    You are an amazing person to me, Zuzana. I know people tell you all the time (including myself) that you are such an inspiration, but to me you are more: You are my idol. I see your physique and it lets me know what i can achieve-what i WILL achieve.
    I wanted to thank you and your husband again for everything you guys put into this website. I really can’t imagine life without Bodyrock :)


    I work for the newspaper at my school, usually writing health and fitness related articles, and I was wondering if you would mind me recommending your site in one of the articles..? :)

  • Bridget

    Hey Guys,

    I remember you mentioning that you were in need of some new names for your workouts. I thought of a few if you were interested:

    - Total body shredder
    - Body Battle Workout
    - Core Cruelty
    - Ripped and Rockin’ Workout
    - Tone trim and tight

    Some are kinda lame, but they’re just ideas :)

    • Frederick

      These are awesome thanks so much – love all of them !!!!

      • Jayne

        Here are a few thought about: If they help.
        - Workout: Fat Demolition
        -Sweat it Proper
        -Sweat on the mat, and on the floor, and on the chair….
        -Mission abs possible

  • AnnaSirena

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!
    I think that your workouts are effective, interesting, and popular, because each of them are completly DIFFERENT=)
    And it’s so great! =)))
    Thank you for all of your work with this site!!!!!!!
    (I love you, guys=))

    • AnnaSirena

      P.S. – Very nice exercise by the way! ))
      I haven’t seen it before))

  • Katia

    Woah! This looks incredibly challenging, but I will definitely try it. I really like the last one that you said you invented. I’ve never seen it before and it definitely looks good..

    On another note, I wanted to ask you if one of these workouts is all you do all day.. is this all the cardio/workout you get during the day? no running outside?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Frederick

      Hi Katia – the workouts that we post here are the only ones that we do – and one a day is enough for us believe me :)

  • http://www.sisygarza.com sisy

    awesome workout guys!!! your push up is amazing susana!! keep inspiring us!!! :o )

  • Kala

    Hi Zuzana,

    I just tought of a way to add a little difficulty to a couple of the excercises:

    Combo 1. You power up the 3rd jumping squat, but a way to power up the the 3rd push up would be to do a clapping push up (only for those who have the strengh, cause those are really hard!).

    And for the last excercises you do the push up and then you turn, you could add a tricep dip there and make it more challenging.

    Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys put into this site, I love it!!!.


    • Lauren

      I have done the workout I loved it but trust me it does not need to be any more challenging!!!!

  • http://bodyrock Terry

    Hi Zuzana love this latest workout! I wanted to share with you a new trainer that I just found out about. Her method is innovative…take a look at her sight….her approach is quite interesting….she trains people like shakira,and
    Courtney Cox. Perhaps you have already heard about her, but in case you haven’t here is her info. tracyandersonmethod.com….take a look and see what you think…..

    • ks

      @ terry:
      tracy anderson is not a new trainer, she has been well-known for working with gwyneth paltrow and madonna for years.
      if you want to look like this:
      it might be a good idea to follow her regimen, otherwise just stick with zuzana.

      tracy anderson is a dance instructor, not a certified trainer and she does recommend to work out for 1-2 hours a day for six days a week. lunacy!!!!
      look at what zuzana does and how she looks. tracy anderson promotes standards that were popular in the eighties and were replaced by safer low impact workouts that are way more effective.
      she is completely unqualifies and even does stuff that can harm your body.
      and what’s that bullshit about “no woman should be lifting more than 3lbs because it creates bulk”??? look at madonna’s arms, that’s not the best reference for not looking “bulky”, right?

      • Antonia

        HI ks,

        You did that to scare us! I thought it was a coarpse. Was that really the one time famed Madonna. And people are worried about Z not eating enough..good lord! I think its not right about the 3 lb thing, women need to lift and carry heavy wieght in just life. Ew. ;p

        • Antonia

          Sorry maybe you shouldnt post my comment about madonna, it wasnt nice or good :(

      • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet


      • Melissa

        And I promise you Madonna did not get THOSE arms from doing Tracy’s (no more than 3lb. weight) workouts. Those arms come from years of heavy lifting. I wouldn’t doubt she can maintain them via Tracy’s workout but personally, I am so totally passing on the long, boring workouts. That idea that you need 1-2 hours 6 days a week is enough to make me pass. Not necessary. Plus she suggests to Jennifer Aniston that she use a baby-food diet. Hmmm..not real healthy, eh?

      • BodyRock-Savvy

        I saw Tracy Anderson workouts, I love Zuzana’s training better because it’s more challenging and really effective. :) I have all kind of stuffs for workouts, dance workout, aerobics, taebo but since I found bodyrock, I love Zuzana, Frederick and Sean workout, I’m not gonna change. It’s short and yet effective. Thanks BodyRock!!! It will make our body ROCK!!! :)

  • Dakota D.

    Zuzana, I think it’s time for you to get your roots done (and possibly make a hair video hehe)

    & I can’t wait to try this workout! It definitely looks like it will leave me mopping up my puddles of sweat.

    • http://asugarhigh.blogspot.com Jess

      who pays attention to her roots?

      • Tiffany

        I love your natural color that is coming out, I think you should let it grow all the way out, or bring in some low lights until it grows out, that darker color is looking good on you. =)


    • aspired

      They live out in the middle of no where, I can only imagine how many miles they would have to travel to go to a proper salon!

    • Scar

      Really – her roots? Are you serious? Guess I’m to busy paying attention to her awesome workouts and inspiring body to notice when her roots need touch up.

    • Dakota D.

      I’m sorry if that came off a little rude, I didn’t mean it that way.

      I just thought that I would give a tip! There’s nothing wrong with that, especially when I respect Zuzana and love what her and Frederick are doing.

      Zuzana, I hope that you know that! :)

      • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

        I do, no worries :)

      • Scar

        I’m sorry if I can across rude myself – I actually just thought it was funny about the hair comment but didn’t think you were being rude. But I realized afterwards when I read my post, that my reply may have sounded rude. sorry. :( Didn’t mean to come across that way. :( Cheers!

  • Jayne

    Zuzana I love the outfit that you wore this workout really cool and looks good on you. This exercise looks great really brutal can’t wait to try it. I like the little push-up flip over you did at the end I think I will add to it by lifting one leg and my hips after turning over. It looks really fun like the walking push-up only it is a flipping push-up. Thanks again and good luck on your new diet.

  • michelle

    love it..

  • Kindra

    YOU ARE LOOKING INCREDIBLY LEAN! I am always amazed at how you continue to improve. You always look great but I admire you for always pushing yourself further to be your best. Most people would just say to themselves,
    ‘I look great so I can chill a little bit.’ But not you! You are not the average person and I admire you for it!

    Thank you,
    Dedicated watcher

  • becca

    hey zuzana or frederick,

    for combo 3, the pike press and 1 leg jump squats,
    can you explain how many rounds there are?
    It says four sets per leg, but do we alternate legs for every other set? Is it 8 sets in all, like pikes, left leg, pikes, right leg- counts as two sets? or we do all 4 per leg then four for the other.

    sry for the confusion lol

    • Frederick

      adjusting the description now – hope it is more clear :)

      • becca

        thank you! i get it now

  • Alu

    I completely love your workouts, but I have one little suggestion about the videos. It’s great how you now explain each exercise at the end, but I was thinking it would be better (and possibly make the videos shorter for those w/ short attention spans haha) if you explained each exercise before you began doing each one (or edit it that way later for us).

    Love you Zuzana (and Freddy)!


    • Barbarita

      I agree, explain as you do each one not wait till the end.

      Thanks. Stay beautiful!

      • Frederick

        Zuzi can’t explain the exercises as she does them because those shots are of her actually doing the workout – most of the time she is going so hard and is so winded that talking would be a serious challenge :)

        • Melissa

          Wait..I am laughing at your response to this:)..and please don’t take that wrong;) I think what people are asking for is to have each move described and displayed by Zuzana before she begins the entire actual workout. If a person thinks they can get it by taking a look at the written word and still photos then they could skip to where the actual workout begins. It just seems very backwards to have the entire workout shown and then have to fast forward to see each particular move shown in detail.
          Another suggestion I might make is to provide a still photo of what the interval timer should read/be set up to look like. I am so clueless about this and sometimes wonder if I have mine set properly (based on your suggested routine) so I just wing it!;)
          Thanks for considering these suggestions:)

        • BodyRock-Savvy

          I agree with Frederick. If Zuzi’s doing it in actual not just to show us, it’ll be difficult to explain before the training. Well, I would suggest, she can make a list first then show it in details per exercise before she start the actual training.