Jun 19 2010

Power Girl (or Boy) Workout

Hi everyone,

I found today’s workout both challenging and fun. There are a few exercises in it that were completely new for me, and I got to work on my balance and agility while trying to maintain proper form. I really want to stress that even tho you are aiming for speed and maximum reps, it is far more important to actually do these exercises properly. Think about it – you are going to push hard for 12 minutes – but let’s make sure that we are hitting the muscles that we are aiming for. Stay on form and push hard and you will get the maximum benefits from your workouts.

Workout Break down:

1) Surfer

My score was 9 reps in the first round and 8 reps in the second round.

2) Beach Scissors – Left Leg

I did 20 reps in the first round and 19 in the second round

3) Beach Scissors – Right Leg

I completed 20 reps in the first round and 18 reps in the second round.

4) Fighter Lunges – Left Leg

My score was 20 reps in the first round and 17 reps in the second round.

5) Fighter Lunges – Right Leg

I did 20 reps in the first round and 16 reps in the second round.

6) 1-2-3 Push Up

I completed 11 reps in both rounds.

You will go through the sequence of the exercises above twice. Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 12 rounds of 10 second and 50 second intervals. The entire workout will take you only 12 minutes and this is how you set your timer:
1. Hold ‘next’ button to switch the timer on.
2. Hold ‘next’ and ‘change’ button.
3. Choose 2 intervals with the ‘change’ button. The first interval is 10 seconds and the second interval is 50 seconds.
4. Set the timer for 12 rounds. On the picture below you can see what will the display of your timer look like when it’s set properly.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bre-Rock/504871758 Bre Rock

    I really enjoyed this workout, but I think I could have worked harder (bad, bad bodyrocker). :/

    Surfer: 6/6.5
    Beach Scissor L: 16/13 (I really struggle with these)
    Beach Scissor R: 13/10
    Fighter Lunge L: 15/13
    Fighter Lunge R: 15/15
    1-2-3 Push up: 7/6 (not sure my form was completely correct on these)

    Afterwards I did

    10 ab lifts + oblique lifts using two chairs
    10 fly crunches
    20 crazy crabs

    I was sweatin’ :)

    Happy Monday!

  • Charlie D.

    I forgot about this one!  I love it.  

  • Anonymous


    did this one this morning

    surfer – 7, 6
    beach scissors L – 18, 17
    beach scissors R – 17, 15
    fighter lunges L – 15, 12
    fighter lunges R – 14, 11
    1-2-3 pushup – 7, 7

    burpee for erin!

  • Anonymous

    I did this yesterday. My FIRST workout it about 3 months. Seriously slacking after my wedding. My scores are proof!

    surfer: 5/4
    beach scissor right: 12/12
    beach scissor left: 12/10
    fighter lunge right: 11/12
    fighter lunge left: 11/14
    123 pushup: 8/9

    It was fun, Im just a slow poke. loved the 123 push ups.

  • Kay

    morning! i decided trying to workout early morning for a change. no idea how this affects my energy/strength level.. but ah well! i’m glad I worked out nonetheless!

    1. surfer: 7/7
    2. beach scissors (L): 12/12
    3. beach scissors (R): 14/12
    4. fighter lunges (L): 14/13
    5. fighter lunges (R): 20/12
    6. 1-2-3 pushup: 8/8

  • Sarah G

    Surfers: 10.5/8
    Beach Scissors (L): 22/19
    “                    ” (R): 22/19
    Fighter Lunges (L): 22/20
    “                   ” (R): 22/20
    123 Push ups: 10/10
    Phew, great quick but effective workout! :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U3TJHFDETUEFHQHSYSSNQ5O5B4 brettm

    okay, i loved this one!!
    here are my scores:

    1. Surfer: 8,7
    2. Beach scissors L: 23, 21
    3. Beach scissors R: 18, 18
    4. Fighter lunges L: 18, 19
    5. Fighter lunges R: 19, 20
    6. 1-2-3 pushup: 13, 14

  • Anonymous

    8/23/11 lunch workout
    This workout was so much more difficult than it looked.  I really should know by now that that NO bodyrock workout is “easier” than another.

    Surfer + chest lift 8-7
    Beach Scissors (ouch)
    RT 17-21
    Fighter Lunges
    LT 17-16
    RT 16-16
    123 PU 12-11

    Followed with
    4 min tabata skipping interval & 4 rounds 10/50 of:
    maltese sit up ?-15
    1-leg bridge leg lift + toe touch, alt ?-14


  • Vivi

    I tryed to beat my PB but I’m again very bad with beach scissors(mainly on the second time) !!
    Surfer : 12.11
    Beach scissors L : 32.46 / R : 19.26 (hum hum….)
    Fighter lunches L : 27.32 / R : 30.35
    123 PU : 19.20

  • http://delightfultastebuds.com Jos

    I did this today and it was my second time doing this workout. The first I did it was about a year ago, which I couldn’t even do Beach Scissors, surfer and 123 push up in proper forms, not sure why my Fighter’s Lunge old numbers were high (I bet I didn’t do the lunge, only scissors). Anyway here’s my new scores.
    Surfer 7.5 – 6.5 (old 6-5)
    Beach Scissors (R) 17-15 (old – modified 14-11)
    Beach Scissors (L) 12-12 (old- modified 15-15)
    Fighter’s Lunge (L) 22-18 (old 26-28)
    Fighter’s Lunge (R) 17-16 (old 26-27)
    1-2-3 Push Ups 11 -10 (old 7-8)

    I’m pretty happy with them.

    The fun didn’t stop there though. After a little break, I did 15 minute Upper body Training using my Dip station.
    10 reverse push up
    5 seated pull up
    5 one leg assisted triceps dips
    5 leg raises

    After completing one round, reverse the order and so on until the timer ends. Each round count as 1 set. I think I completed about 4 sets total. I’m planning to do this challenge every other day as I want to increase my upper body strength.

    Then I did 10 sets of pistols for each leg.

    • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

      I feel so extremely confused about my score in this today! Today is my 1 year anniversary and I did attack this workout, because I did this exactly one year ago (haha, seems like FOREVER) and I am so upset about those Beach Scissors! Last time I did these modified on an elbow, today I did proper form, but I was SO SLOPPY and unable to keep my balance! I kept falling all the time!
      My new score (vs. old score)
      1) Surfer 8-6 (old 6-4)
      2) Scissors R 12-12 (old 14-21, modified)
      3) Scissors L 11-11 (old 17-27, modified)
      4) Figher L 19-20 (old 15-16)
      5) Figher R 19-20 (old 18-17)
      6) 1-2-3 Pushup 10-8 (old 6-5, tiny pushup, not low, was too weak for that)

      • http://delightfultastebuds.com Jos

        Don’t feel bad…Beach Scissors are totally EVIL. I also struggled a lot with my balance, especially on the left side. Your new scores are great overall :) Congrats on your 1 Year Bodyrocking Anniversary

  • Cindy

    I revisited this workout today at the gym. This is an excellent short workout that can be used as a warm-up. I followed this by 7 treadmill sprints and 10 minutes of inclined treadmill walking. My time for both workouts 35 minutes.
    Surfer 13-12
    Beach scissors L 21-21
    Beach scissors R 21-20
    Fighter lunges with ball 25-28
    1-2-3 Push Up 13-12

  • Cindy

    I did this great bodyweight workout today.

    Surfer 12-11
    Beach scissors L 20-20
    Beach scissors R 20-20
    Fighter LUnges 23-23
    1-2-3 push up 12-11

  • Felisha

    My legs are dead after yesterday’s squats! I know my numbers would be better on fresh legs. I was still swimming in sweat though.

    Surfer: 6, 6
    Beach scissors L: 17, 20
    Beach scissors R: 17, 20
    Fighter lunges L : 17, 17
    Fighter lunges R: 17, 17
    1-2-3-push up: 8, 10

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Beach Scissors are MEAN :)  A great older workout, much harder than it looks!I did it right after “Give me a Reason”, so I guess my legs were a bit worn out from all the Jump Lunges.Scores:-1. Surfer: 13-12-2. Beach Scissors, R: 23-24-3. Beach Scissors, L: 27-32-4. Fighter Lunges, R: 25-26-5. Fighter Lunges, L: 29-26-6. 1-2-3-Push-ups: 19-18,5HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!Much love, Maria

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Beach Scissors are MEAN :)  A great older workout, much harder than it looks!I did it right after “Give me a Reason”, so I guess my legs were a bit worn out from all the Jump Lunges.Scores:-1. Surfer: 13-12-2. Beach Scissors, R: 23-24-3. Beach Scissors, L: 27-32-4. Fighter Lunges, R: 25-26-5. Fighter Lunges, L: 29-26-6. 1-2-3-Push-ups: 19-18,5HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!Much love, Maria

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Beach Scissors are MEAN :)  A great older workout, much harder than it looks!I did it right after “Give me a Reason”, so I guess my legs were a bit worn out from all the Jump Lunges.Scores:1. Surfer: 13-122. Beach Scissors, R: 23-243. Beach Scissors, L: 27-324. Fighter Lunges, R: 25-265. Fighter Lunges, L: 29-266. 1-2-3-Push-ups: 19-18,5HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!Much love, Maria

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Beach Scissors are MEAN :) A great older workout, much harder than it looks!
    I did it right after “Give me a Reason”, so I guess my legs were a bit worn out from all the Jump Lunges.Scores:1. Surfer: 13-122. Beach Scissors, R: 23-243. Beach Scissors, L: 27-324. Fighter Lunges, R: 25-265. Fighter Lunges, L: 29-266. 1-2-3-Push-ups: 19-18,5HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!Much love, Maria

  • Vivi

    I did it today, and I agree with you beach scissors are killers !! And I had difficulty finding my balance !!
    More difficult than we think !

    My score

    1/ Surfer : 11.10
    2 -3/ Beach scissors L : 22.30 / R : 24.32
    4-5/ Fighter Lunge L : 27.30 / R : 30.31
    6/ 123 Push up : 16.18

    Great !

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      Okay, this is freaky!!! Of ALL the workouts, I also just finished this one. So funny :)
      Great scores! Did you enjoy your weekend?
      Love, Maria

      • Vivi

        Very funny !!! We chose th esame !! hahaha
        With this one I didBest ripped Abs ;D
        I did give me a reason 2 days ago, i’m going to see your result ! If I ‘m far behind !  :p

        Yes nice week end! It’s very hot here so yesterday we made a picnic with our children in a Park of inflatable structure. Very funny ! We had to go to the beach after but my daughter was to tired for. So we came back at home and I could do a little of exercise (elliptical and abs exercises)
        And today my sister is at the hospital…….her fist baby borned !!! A little girl !!! I’m so excited to go to see her !! Baby make me crazy !! lol
        My daughter sleeps yet so I have to wait that she wakes up !!!

        And you ???

        • MariaBjørgJepsen

          I am enjoying the BodyRocker Broccoli right now, it is SO good, mmm :)
          That sounds like the nicest weekend possible! You have 2 children, right? How old is your sister? Congratulations with your aunt status now, sweetie! That is so exciting. I hope she and the baby girl is alright. Friday I worked and had a relaxing evening with my twin sister. We enjoyed some beers and watched some horror movies, very cozy ;) Saturday I served at my boss’ sons wedding, which was great and very beautiful! They were all so happy and thankful for our service. I love my job, so that makes me very happy. Sunday I had brunch with my mother and sisters and stayed with them all day. So comfortable. Do you know what she will name the baby girl?
          Much love, Maria

  • Catherine McGuckin

    OMG! This one was a killer for my legs! I really struggled on the Beach Scissors and had to do a modified version on my elbow – even then it was really tough!

    Surfer: 5/6
    Beach Scissors (L): 13/15 
    Beach Scissors (R): 13/14
    Fighter Lunges (L): 17/18
    Fighter Lunges (R): 15/17
    1-2-3 Push Up: 7/5

    I did slightly better on the second round as I adjusted to the moves and moved around the room to use the space better.

  • sselcann

    beach scissors are killer. i had to modify them and i m upset w myself :(

    surfer: 9 – 8
    beach scissors (R): 20 – 26     (modified)
    beach scissors (L): 21 – 26     (modified)
    fighter lunges (R): 22 – 21
    fighter lunges (L): 19 – 23
    1-2-3 push-up: 14 – 13

  • http://aphrodiitee.deviantart.com/ Isidora

    i did 12 rounds of 59/10

    The scissor were soooo hard for balance!! on the left side i couldnt get myself to balance well :S

    1. surfer: 10-8
    2.beach scissors right: 26-23
    3.beach scissors left: 20-18
    4.fighter lunge right: 26-25
    5.fighter lunge left: 25-23
    6.1-2-3 push up: 16-17

    + 5 min headstand after stretching…

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  • Riley


    I don’t have a sandbag yet, so I went through your older workouts and decided to do this one today. It was great! I found it challenging, but was able to do the whole thing. When it was over I really started to breath heavy. With weather so cold it’t hard to know if I’m pushing hard enough if I’m not sweating a lot.

    My score:
    Surfer 9, 7
    Beach scissors left 30, 31
    Beach scissors right 30, 29
    Fighter lunges left 28, 29
    Fighter lunges right 24, 23
    1-2-3 push up 12, 13

    Could you tell me which sandbag you use, power, strength, advanced or burly?


    • Anonymous

      we use the one that can hold up to 35lbs.

  • Marie

    I’m new here and looking to start easy so what kinds of exercises should i be doing right now since i’m just a beginer and i want to be in shape badly.

  • Jarda


    vypadá to jednoduše, ale pro začátečníka je to fuška. Kombinace cviků jsou nápadité a prověrí celé tělo.

    těším se na další


  • Greg

    Hi Zuzana (and Frederick),

    I just found your videos yesterday and just did this workout this morning – but I prefer to call it the “Power Dude Workout” :) . Wow, it’s pretty tough. Why don’t we ever get to know Fredrick’s reps/time?

    My reps:
    (I rested for 3 minutes then did a 3rd round)
    Surfer – 8, 7, (8)
    Beach L – 20, 14, (14)
    Beach R – 18, 14, (14)
    Fighter L – 22, 18, (23)
    Fighter R – 26, 22, (25)
    123 Push – 11, 10, (8)

    I’m looking forward to some of your other workouts!

  • Carolina

    Hi Zuzana!

    I stumbled across Body Rock Tv about a month ago on You Tube and I just wanted to say that you are absolutely AMAZING!

    Also, I have been doing your workouts since I stumbled across them i.e. 1 month; along with eating properly (smaller portions and more frequent meals) and I have lost 2 dress sizes!

    You’re a sweetie! Keep up the great work!


  • Jessica

    I have a pretty decent background in fitness. I have graduated in Kinesiology, and now work in a gym. I have to give to total props for your workouts. Must online workout programs are total junk (no offense to anyone out there). So when I came across your website, I have to say that I expected the same outcome. However, your workouts are completely legitimate. Interval training is by far one of toughest styles of workouts, and you have by far some of the toughest intervals I have ever done. I just wanted to thank to for putting some real, intense, hard workouts out there for people to see. So many people want results, but go looking for them in the wrong places. They want the easy way out, and I want to congratulate you on not falling into the corporate trap of trying to tell people that you can get them there without them having to work for it.
    Amazing job, amazing workouts, and p.s. you have an amazing bod!
    I plan on telling as many people as I can about your workouts, and I hope you keep this up! Job well done ! :)

  • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates

    I’m hoopdancing tonight so I thought “Power Girl” would be a great choice because it is a multiplane workout and somewhat shorter. Loved each exercise, especially Surfer and 123 Push Ups. Struggled to balance thru the fighter lunges.

    Surfer: 6.6
    Beach L: 22.17
    Beach R: 20.16
    Fighter L: 21.18
    Fighter R: 22.20
    123 PU: 9.10

    Warm Up
    I performed each exercise for 8 reps aka “rehearsal” warm-up, giving myself a practice run thru the new exercises.

    Runner’s lunge – hamstring stretch (flex front foot/straighten front knee) – runner’s lunge w/ rotation (hand parallel to foot, rotate other to ceiling) – quad stretch (runner’s lunge w/ forward foot slightly more forward, pull foot to buttocks) – forward splits. Repeat series to other side.

  • kerstin

    wow! i am loving all of these! i just got my timer in the mail! and loving it! thank you so much, for posting these, they are hard but i can already see the differance, in one week!

  • Rebecca

    I just started watching your videos and I love them! I’m so excited to go buy my interval timer and try them out for myself :) I was wondering, where do you get your excersize clothes? Especially sports bras? Your outfits are always really cute :) Thanks!

  • iris

    another great workout! This one was so much fun, but OMG I couldn´t do the beach scissors without changing them…
    Where would I be without bodyrock tv!!!

  • idorotka

    Zuz, could U tell me if you REALLY do only this on one day? I can’t believe in this ^^ only 12 mins? Please, reply. :)

    • Frederick

      Hi – yes that’s it :)

      • idorotka

        Incredible. :) Gratz!

  • dakota

    Z I’m still trying to recover from an over-exerted shoulder damage. Still in the recovery stage tho. At least I can watch the video and enjoy the enthusiasm you exhibit. Makes me want to jump in and go. Freddy what do you think about world cup? Brazil and Argentina are both out. It makes it really interesting. I’m pulling for Germany and the Netherlands now. Who are you pulling for? Z, Keep up the fantastic job! :-)

  • Anna

    ha i loved this workout, because its an EXCELLENT cardio blast, and plus the fighter lunges gave me a bit of technique practice for me, I’m in muay thai. love itt ! :)

  • http://Idonothaveawebsite Kristin

    My question may sound intrusive, but I promise I am NOT some kind of perfert….. I got breast implants 3 years ago and I can not do any kind of chest exercises without causing breast deformity, I can not do pushups or dips at all. I was woundering if you have breast implants and if so, where did the doctor place the implants. I am currently looking into subfacial placement, if I have revision surgery done, as I have heard that body builders are know having this NEW procedure done to prevent deformity of the breast. Once again I really hope that you are not offended by my question. Thank you very much for any information you may be able to provide to me. Very best regards, Kristin

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Kristin,

      I have my implants placed under the muscle and I am very happy with them :) I haven’t heard about such thing as breast deformity.

  • Sean

    LOL Because you only need one chin! EPIC

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  • Shawn

    Not only are the workouts fantastic but showing how to set up the Gmyboss is super helpful. Thanks for turning on to the Gymboss. I really hated having to count in my head while trying to workout. Hope you and Freddy are enjoying your new home. Díky!

  • Cveta

    Hi Susan!

    My name is Cveta and I come from Macedonia, I was lucky that I found after a coincidence of the net and am very happy, have no great words I have something vaguely about such intervals interval of 10 seconds for the first exercise, you have a little more detail on these intervals that exercise many times to do it.
    Greetings and best!

  • Íris

    Hi Zuzana and Freddie !
    I am a personal trainer from Iceland and I just visited your web site few weeks ago and I LOVE it.
    I have 1 question, do you dont have pictures of the workout anymore ?
    Keep up the good work.

    • Frederick

      Hi Iris, we started to put together much more detailed video tutorials for each workout so that Zuzana can walk you through each workout and provide modifications for beginners etc. We can provide more tips, coaching and information with a video then is possible with photos.

  • http://www.thetastyspot.com/ Cleone

    Hi Zuzana! I went on a very difficult hike on Sunday and had a rest day on Monday so I knew I had to work out today. I wasn’t feeling it after work today because 2 unfortunate events happened which made me upset and ruined my day. I really didn’t feel like exercising but in the back of my mind I knew I had to. Luckily I visited your website today because this 12 minute killer workout really inspired me and I did the work out! THANK YOU!!! for being an inspiration. My numbers…(close to yours but I took longer breaks in between and my form could probably use some improvement!)

    Surfer: 7, 6
    Beach scissors (L): 20, 19
    Beach scissors (R): 20, 20
    Fighter lunges (L): 18, 18
    Fighter lunges (R): 18, 19
    123 push ups: 12, 12

    Mahalo! (that’s “Thank You” in Hawaiian)

  • Lorenza

    Hi everybody,
    do you know why the website is not yet adjourned from Friday?
    Let me know thanks a lot
    With Love

  • Crystal

    I have tried for the last month to view your videos and they will not pop up? Any suggestions on what to do?

    And thank you for this awesome site! I love the 550 rep workout!

  • Ana J

    Hello Suzana and Freddy; this workout was amazing I was soaked by the 1st round here are my number…

    surfer 7,6
    beach scissor right 22, 24
    beach scissor left 22,22
    fighter lunges right 21,22
    fighter lunges left 23,22
    123 push up 13,10
    thank you for an amazing work out..

  • http://bodyrock.tv Tania

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy

    Just wanted to comment on the site. Although I really appreciate that Zuzana is doing an instructional section to the daily workouts, I really miss the pictures with descriptions. I watch your video every morning and print out the workout so that I can do it in the afternoon. Without the pictures I forget how to perform some exercises. Please bring this feature back! Thank you for all of your workouts.

  • kattia

    hi i want to ask something. i from to costa rica i am a girl. i have 21 years old and i have the CINTURA 85CM so you thing that i can to make a work my body and to be like you.
    help me asnwer please

  • Lilly

    Hello Zuzannah,

    Thanks for the great workouts

    i only just discovered your site and tried out the first exercise today, however i am a bit confused about the intervals etc

    i don’t have the interval timer, is there ways to do the exercise without it?

    also i try to follow the videos, but i am not sure how long to keep going for each exercise? how do i make it last for the 12 minutes?

    if you or anyone else on the site could explain that i would be very grateful! i have never done anything like this and don’t understand!



  • Dakota

    I’ll do this exercise later today. I have to finish work first. Just got back from Florida scuba diving. Anyhoo, I already know I’m not as coordinating as you Z. I will do my best. I love the way your explaining and demonstrating the exercises now. Especially the ones that need to focus on balance. It makes it so much easier for us difficult learners :-) BTW…Go USA in world cup!

  • Kimberly

    I just discovered you today and watched your 5 day workout video, I must say I am so stoked to try them out!! Not only do they look intense, but I feel like if I do them, I’ll be killer sore the next day and too lazy to workout for the next couple of days. It would really help if you could make a stretching video to show us what stretches you do before/after. Thank you! And please NEVER STOP MAKING VIDEOS!!

  • V.

    I really like the new way you guys are doing the videos. Showing the workout and then explaining the moves afterwards. The only thing is that sometimes when I am in a rush I can only get on and have enough time to look at the pictures and write down the reps or sets or whatever. It’s especially hard bc I will be in a rush and it takes so long to even get into the website and see the workouts so the pictures are there for me to just glance at quickly and get to my workout.

  • Kate

    So, this was the second time I did this workout but I didn’t write down my scores, so here they are for this time around.

    Surfer: 8/6
    Beach scissors R: (So HARD!) 20/17
    Beach scissors L: 27/26 (this side was easier)
    Fighter Lunges R: 19/20
    Fighter lunges L: 21/20
    1-2-3 push up: 9/11

    Good workout!

  • Camsi

    Hello, I just visited your web site for the first time and it seems great. I usually train in the gym every day with handles and machines- but Im gonna try this for sure :)
    Just one q- do you EVER train with weights/handles to enlarge your muscles?? Is this the only training you do?

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

    Thing is, every time before I workout I remind myself of all the things I want to share with you and then after I finish with the daily workout I forget everything!

    My results are:

    1. 8-7
    2. 21-18
    3. 21-18
    4. 20-20
    5. 20-20
    6. 9-11

  • mag

    i love making this workout!

  • sokki

    It hurts so much when I workout during my menstruation, what should I do? Should I avoid working out or are there any specific workouts? Like easier?:P If so I would love to get some tips!

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana, it feels great to see my rep range close to yours ;0

    Surfer: 10-7
    BeachScissors(L): 25-19
    Beach cissors(R): 25-20
    FighterLunges(L): 18-16
    FighterLunges(R): 20-19
    1-2-3 Push Up: 11 for both

  • http://www.Peacefulbend.com/kT Katie

    I’m finally getting over a pulled muscle in my shoulder and neck, so I tried this workout this morning. Wow, 5 days off and my balance was absolutely shot! I had a really tough time on the beach sissors and even some difficulty with the fighter lunges which I didn’t anticipate. I’m so glad to be back though! Thanks for posting up these workouts!

  • http://www.idreamoflabels.blogspot.com NaTasha

    I Agree!! Pictures please!!
    Love your site…keep up the good work.


  • Kevin Decoteau

    Just curious, do you use cruelty free cosmetics?

  • mom

    Hi Suzana

    I just love your sight. I have been a follower for about six months and thank you for coming up with workouts for those who have a very busy schedule and still want to keep in shape. It totally works without having to step foot in the gym. You give so much inspiration!! :)

    I have a question about your 5 day workout plan you presented about 2 weeks ago. Do you get the results by doing the 1 week cycle once or Do you need to repeat it for about 2/3 weeks? I know you say to change your workouts but it is a different workout every day. How long do I do the 5 workouts for????????

    Please reply

    • Frederick

      It’s really up to you – you can cycle them through until you start to feel that you would like to change things up :)

  • Fatema

    Hi Zuzana..
    first I wanna say I’m a big fan of yours,, I find your workouts AMAZING.. and whats even more amazing is YOU doing them every day..!
    My name is Fatema and I’m 19 years old.. I’m a gymnastic player.. or.. I used to be.. for the last 12 years !!
    I stoped playing after high school when I got busy as I became a medical student..
    I realy want to get that sexy shape again… I need some exercises to shape my body and tighten it… which of your exercises you advice me to do ??
    I realy hope you reply me soon..

    • Fatema

      :( Hello there again ..
      pllllz reply my comment :( ..
      m goin back home in 2 weeks n I want to start my workoust directly….
      plz plz :(

  • Leah

    Hi guys
    I did this workout today (well tried) as I am new to this site, and OMG killer!!!
    I almost wanted to quit after the first round! (couldn’t even do beach scissors…so I held a side plank to try and build up strength) I was sweaty and puffy…WOW
    Can’t wait to try another workout tomorrow!
    PS How do you suggest we build up to this level? Is holidng a side plank a good start, cos I could do that, just couldn’t maintain lifting my leg for the scissors part. And should I continue to do this workout each day for a while until my form gets better? Or on a regular basis, say once a week or something like that?
    Thanks for an awesome website with awesome workouts!!!

    • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates


      You have several options, one of which you did, hold the side plank line. This helps you develop the shoulder stability and strength necessary for this advanced exercise.

      Try lowering on to your elbow, stabilize with top hand forward on the floor, then do leg lifts.

      Or kneel, lower hand to floor under shoulder and extend leg in line with the body. You can place top hand behind head. Lift and lower the leg.

  • Amy N. From California

    Day Two Tuesday!

    Power Girl Workout!

    Surfer: 7, 7
    Beach Scissors- left: 18, 17
    Beach Scissors- Right: 21, 17
    Fighter Lunges- Left: 13, 15
    Fighter Lunges- Right: 17, 17
    1-2-3 Push Up: 6, 7

    I know kind of low but I was trying to focus on form…

  • Sam

    Hi Z, Have you got any pictures coming for this workoout please? I travel alot for work and stay in hotels, seeing as i dont like missing my workouts i prefer to print out your workout (after watching them of course!) and then i can take it with me.
    Thanks xxx

    Strong is the new skinny!!!

  • Jerry Carathers

    That Gymboss, like the Annoy-A-Tron, can also serve up a lot of fun. Set it up at its longest internal and hide it in a friend’s house. Under their sofa, etc. My best friend is going crazy trying to figure out why he hears a beep in his house every half hour or so! All night, of course. Best $19.00 ever spent.

    • http://naomi-tsang.blogspot.com Naomi

      HAHAHA!!!! You’re evil! :)

  • Cassidy

    Hey Z & F
    Thanks for the awesome workouts!

    I’m heading to Mexico with my Fiance in just over a week and I’m doing my own workout challenge now!

    I’m working out with your workout every day before we leave (12 days total), and then doing outside activities with my fiance every night (like playing fisbee or soccer or hiking etc)
    I’m already starting to see my upper abs coming in nicely!

    I love how your workouts give you the ability to work out every day because they are only as intense as you make them to be!

    Anyways – keep up the great work! and keep those awesome workouts coming :D

    Cass. <3

  • Ola


    I m new so i have a question as well :) You mentioned stretching after you did a workout. How important is it and how and what should be streched? Thanks in advance.

    • Cassidy

      Hi Ola,

      (thought I’d help out with this answer)

      this is a popular question on the site – if you scroll to the top of the screen there is a button that says Workout Archives. You’ll see a link to pictures titled “Stretching”.

      I personally stretch after every workout… and I also try really hard to stay moving for hours following my workout, I find that if I do not stretch after my workout that I become stiff and quite sore for the following day.

      As for what should be stretched, I do full body stretching. I stretch every muscle that I can think of and I generally follow the same stretching routine after every workout (the duration of the stretch is what I change as per how my body feels).

      I follow different yoga stretches and they seem to work quite well for me.

      Just always remember! Stretch to the point of tension! not pain.

      Hope this helps :)

  • Mizz Understood

    I just wanted to write to tell you that I loved this workout sooo much!! It was fun and challenging, and I liked it so much I did a third round because I had more energy. When I was doing the beach scissors, I could actually see my ab muscles in the mirror!! A minor miracle! I will definitely do this one again. Thanks for the break from those awful jump squats. Those kill me.

  • jasmin

    Zuzana,ncould you write somewhere what size of lululemon do you wear?I would like to buy a bra but have no idea which size is for me.. btw you look great in lululemon, this brand is perfect!! (still I can only buy it online so I have no idea about the sizing..)

  • hi Zuzana

    I love working out. last year i hired a personal trainer for whole year straight and he was AMAZING but unfortunately i can not afford him any more. He pushed me to the limits and i looked fantastic. Now since im on my own, i have difficulties to motivate myself. eventhough i hate the fact that i spend all the money and it went to waste is not enougt motivation for me to start all over on my own.how do one motivate him or herself.. please give me something…


    hi zuzana, do you ever check your facebook?

    what is your day to day motivation?

  • http://josephineso.webng.com/ Josephine So

    Dearest Suzana and Frederick

    I just want to let you know how grateful and proud to say that you have made dreams come true. Since October, 2009 and at my age 48, I am able to continue accomplishing a legacy to helping people live healthy at their best with Bodyrock by my side. My house is already up this time after the fire broke last Feb 6, 2010 that brought down everything including my gym place. Because of Bodyrock’s existence, I am able to surpass the challenges to keep up best in my craft I had during these times. Bodyweight it is and good food like you do that are really worth working for life. I have been applying your workouts to myself and also to a student whom I have been training for 2 years (her goal to lose weight and get pregnant). Yes it’s been a long journey yet you have helped made this person achieved the goals and successfully conceive right now after 7 years of wait (she’s on 6 weeks and 3 days). Hope and Faith made this happened. You guys have helped me made that person self fulfilled. I will keep BodyRock my best friend and by my side.

    I am taking this current workout for today.

    Thank you and always keep the strength. May The Force Be with you always. love, Josephine

  • thalia

    hi zuzana!! I´m thalía…well I do not know where to start the training.. I´m fat and I think I need to burn fat, so where can I start?? all the workouts are great! but please help me!

    good luck! thnks°!

  • Squirrel

    I just noticed that even the bottleneck is from Lululemon ;)

  • jenny Grant

    OMG Beach Scissors.. SO HARD… Thanks again ZuZanna and team xx

  • BodyRock-Savvy

    hey all, I missed my workouts this weekend. Me and my husband was too busy fixing our friend’s computer. Today, need to go the dentist… Friends, please push me today to do this workouts… Looks like everybody’s enjoying this one… I don’t wanna miss the fun! I’ll come back later and maybe post my numbers…

  • Squirrel

    Fun workout!
    My score:
    - Surfer: 8/8
    - Beach Scissors: 27/25 (left) and 25/26 (right)
    - Fighter Lunges: 25/26 (left) and 23/25 (right) => great for balance (and the scissors too!)
    - 1-2-3 Push Up: 13/13

    I have 1 question and 1 request for you Zuzana and Freddie
    Zuzana: could you do a kind of fashion haul in which you show how to do this nice haircut (I always tried to do a nice thing with my bangs but it nevers ended up being very pretty…)

    Zuzana and Freddie: should the warm up be different whether you are doing a 12 min interval training or 600 reps workout? I am always watching the same video whatever the workout is, and it may seem ridiculous to warm up for 10-15 min for a 12 min workout!!

    Thank you guys so much
    Love, love, love!!

  • http://happytexasfarm.wordpress.com Sandra

    I notice you using a stainless steel water bottle in your videos recently. I have one of these too. It is a great way to carry water around and bypass using plastic bottles. Yall seem to take a 360 degree approach to living healthy. Part of that is definitely making choices in living life that you can feel good about. Skipping plastic water bottles is definitely a good thing. For anyone who is interested in seeing a well done short video that demonstrates how such things are effecting our world I’ve posted a link: http://www.storyofstuff.com/ Thanks for all the great workouts and info.

    • http://www.clearwateroutdoor.com Brian

      There are TONS of great new water bottle options, stainless steel being one of them. Last year most manufacturers recalled and stopped producing the type that contained BPA. So if you stick with a major brand that carries a guarantee you’ll be in good shape. I have stainless steel and plastic depending on what I’m doing and what type of liquid is going inside. If you mix sports drink powders with water, I find that using stainless steel is better as they tend to wash out easier and don’t hold the smell/taste of the sports drink. But for plain water I tend to use plastic (lighter, won’t dent, cheaper, and I just like drinking out of them). Plus if you use ice plastic insulates a bit better. But then they do make insulated stainless steel bottles too… so try both and see what you like.

    • d.

      My math teacher once told me too that if you drink out of a frozen water bottle(like if you put it in the freezer overnight) a chemical is released from the plastic because of the extreme drop in temperature. Anyways it’s preetty much bad to drink out of a water bottle like that.. but stainless steel doesnt do this ;P.


  • Melissa

    I’ve been following your site for about 2 weeks now and I LOVE what you two are doing! I live in the country, far far away from any type of gym. I am also a motorcycle accident survivor. I love how your workouts are super short and yet very affective … and I can do them at home! Thank you for taking time to show modifications as well. Before my accident I was very active and it’s been hard to get back into the swing of things. I find that your workout (for the most part) I can do! There are a few that I have had some problems with but it’s encouraging to me that I am making the right steps forward! I have been telling everyone I know about your site!! Thank you so much!! You are inspirational!!

  • Erin

    Thanks Zuzana for another great workout!! Not gonna post my scores cuz I don’t have a timer, I just do as many as you do and if it takes me longer, so be it. I’m definitely not as in shape as you are.. :P . Loved the 1 2 3 pushups. They were fun. The beach scissors KILLED me lol. Thanks again!!

  • Michaela

    Hi Zuzana,
    i know you said you didn’t really care about the calories, but out of curiosity, how many calories do you burn doing one of your workouts ?

  • http://www.bodyrock.tv Karii

    2 questions: if i do the 5 day workout every 5 days for 2 months will i be able to gain muscle?and also does this workout help me lose fat and gain muscle, lose fat, or gain muscle only??? hmmm hahah just wondering

  • Liz

    You really are an inspiration! I truly love your workouts and am telling everyone I know about them. I train in the mornings – usually with a friend – she comes along and I just tell her what to do! It’s great that I can do a lot of the workouts at home although I do like going to the gym too. Keep up the good work and thanks for your dedication, it really is appreciated.

  • Gaby

    Hi guys,
    thank you for the workout, here are my results
    Have a great day!

  • ZedaGlam

    Hey Zuzana,
    I originally found your videos on youtube, finally decided to check out the website! I just have one question for you about the timer..the 10 second interval is the resting period, right?
    Thanks for the videos!! Already did a few, but just now got a real timer to really start doing everything how you do it.. :)

  • Charlene

    I just want to say that I’ve been doing your workouts pretty regularly since January and I do an hour long intense boot camp twice a month or so. On Saturday we went for the first time after missing over a month of boot camp and to my amazement I was able to really kick up my intensity for the full hour! My trainer was super impressed with my intensity and form throughout : ) Thanks again for the regular butt kickings!!

  • Tracy

    Okay, I needed a lot more coordination for this workout than I realized!

    1. 6/8
    2. 13/15
    3. 13/15
    4. 15/19
    5. 19/21
    6. 8.5/11

    I had to really focus on keeping form on this workout. I also tried hard to beat my reps from the first round.
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into these workouts! So greatly appreciated by many.

  • relle

    Hi Guys
    you may have been asked before… but what do you do for a warmup Zuzana?

    Relle :)

  • cris

    Love the new explanation section you’ve been adding at the ends of your workouts lately. Helps me get more out of the workouts.

  • Gabrielle

    To Zuzana and Frederick,

    Thanks for all that you do. My stepsister introduced me to bodyrock.tv just by a post on facebook. I try to do a workout everyday (I have my favorites). Now, I tell EVERYBODY about bodyrock.tv. My coworkers are just about sick of hearing it. I got one coworker started on it – she comes to work and says, “So, I was at home, and I was bodyrocking…”. Love it. Love you guys. Love what you have done for my body. Keep up the good work.


  • Christyne

    Wow! This workout was amazing! I did it yesterday and I just wanted to die after… in a good way! I really had a lot of difficulties doing the Beach Scissors probably because I’m not used to work those muscles… BUT, I loved the 123 Push ups!
    1/ 7-6
    2/ 9-12 (I did the easier way… with the elbow for the second round…)
    3/ 14-13
    4/ 19-18
    5/ 21-21
    6/ 10-8

    Thank you Zuzana for all the great workouts you put there! You motivated me to start working for real. You really inspire me and I’m always thinking about what I’m gonna do each night for my workout. It helps me to be creative and to be better each time… and I only started working intensively (6 days/7) 2 weeks ago.

    I created a workout today including the 123 Push-ups. It was really fun to do! It’s 10-50 secs, 12 rounds too :
    1. Burpees / 2. Leg lift toe touch / 3. Scissor lunges / 4. 123 Push-ups / 5. Strong core abs / 6. Pike leg switch


  • Asa

    Wow, those beach scissors are hard!

    I also really like the 1-2-3 pushups… will have to make that one of my regular exerises.

  • Fleur

    Yesterday was my active rest day,
    I went jogging for an hour.
    Then I made a peach clafoutis with
    5 peaches or cherries or plums cut them in half or quarters
    1 cup of soy milk ( or milk or rice milk )
    1 egg+ 1 egg’s white ( if you don’t eat eggs you can use half a cup of corn or rice flour instead )
    3 table spoons of honey
    2 table spoons of grounded almonds
    and 2 table spoons whole flour
    2 drops of vanilla extract

    Turn the oven on at 356 degrees F or 180 degrees celsius.
    Place the fruits round side up in an oven pan – make sure that it won’t stick to the pan after cooking by using cooking paper or spraying a little bit of oil and sprinkle with flour-
    In a bowl mix all ingredients together. Pour the preparation on the top of the fruits.
    Bake for 30 mins to 35 mins. when backed well you shouldn’t have liquid parts anymore. If you like it moist – like me- you should take the cake out of the oven an cover it up to let it cool down without drying anymore. I eate it cold. :)

    It is heaven and so healthy. I enjoyed it with tea while doing my crochet bag :)

    I am looking forward for doing this cool workout today.

    Thanks for the good stuff.


  • Fleur

    Yesterday was my active rest day,
    I went jogging for an hour.
    Then I made a peach clafoutis with
    5 peaches or cherries or plums cut them in half or quarters
    1 cup of soy milk ( or milk or rice milk )
    1 egg+ 1 egg’s white ( if you don’t eat eggs you can use half a cup of corn or rice flour instead )
    3 table spoons of honey
    2 table spoons of grounded almonds
    and 2 table spoons whole flour
    2 drops of vanilla extract

    Turn the oven on at 356 degrees F or 180 degrees celsius.
    Place the fruits round side up in an oven pan – make sure that it won’t stick to the pan after cooking by using cooking paper or spraying a little bit of oil and sprinkle with flour-
    In a bowl mix all ingredients together. Pour the preparation on the top of the fruits.
    Bake for 30 mins to 35 mins. when backed well you shouldn’t have liquid parts anymore. If you like it moist – like me- you should take the cake out of the oven an cover it up to let it cool down without drying anymore.

    It is heaven and so healthy. I enjoyed it with tea while doing my crochet bag :)

    I am looking forward for doing this cool workout today.
    Thanks for the good stuff.


    • Stania

      Hi it sound very good I will try it for my kinds alway looking for somthing nice(sweet) and healthy.
      Thank you Stania

      • Fleur

        You’re welcomed :)

  • Rafael

    I’m happy that you are enjoying your new gadget but something you said got me worried, You said that you don’t have to get out of your house for anytihng anymore, that’s not healthy dear. Technology is good but it’s managing a way to lock us at home, try not to surrender to all that, it’s really healthy to go out to do things besides exercises, buy some books, see a movie, meet new people, get human contact. Sorry if I’ve got the wrong idea but the message is out for every one, and please go out more, otherwise how am I going to meet you?

    You are an inspiration for all of us!

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Ha :) I guess you misunderstood my message – my bad. I meant that I don’t have to go to library or bank to waste my time anymore. I love being out, but doing things that I enjoy – not shopping for books. I would be always the first one to encourage people to go out and be active.

  • http://30bananasaday.com Windlord

    I dig these short ‘uns–makes it easy to summon the courage. “It’s just a little one; I’ve got time, and after all, how hard could it be?!?”

    1) Surfer
    [8,7 ehem]

    2) Beach Scissors – Left Leg
    [28, 28]

    3) Beach Scissors – Right Leg
    [25, 23]

    4) Fighter Lunges – Left Leg
    (the first rule of Bodyrock–don’t talk about Bodyrock! ;)

    5) Fighter Lunges – Right Leg

    6) 1-2-3 Push Up

    Perhaps this could be another new site feature–gymboss setup. These vids are great!:


  • alisa

    Hi,Zuzana! I wanna ask u,for how many years u got like this body? Its amazing! I love ur arms……
    Thank u!

  • nicole

    Hi Zuzana,

    I began using your workouts since the beginning of this year and I have definitely noticed that I have more muscle tone and strength. I really needed workouts like these that really pushed me. I was used to running almost everyday and doing weight exercises, but these really helped me get over the rut I was in. Now I’m almost bikini ready haha. I love these workouts and I as a girl, I’m glad they create lean and not bulky muscle! Thank you for sharing, you and Freddy seem like great ppl. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead for your site in the future!

  • Kimberly

    Starting your work-outs tomorrow! Received my Gymboss yesterday (hot pink)and really looking forward to the amazing results I know will follow!…I have one question, though…before you begin, you always say you have “warmed up”…what does your warm-up routine consist of? is it high intensity cardio or just stretching?


  • Razyel

    Hi Zuzana !
    Do you mind if I ask how old are u ? :P I’m just curious. :D 25-26…am I right? :P
    All the best !

  • bodyrock rules

    I loved this workout! The beach scissors were really challenging.


  • Victoria

    seeing how fit you are, i have to wonder/ask, when was the last time you ever had fastfood?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I eat subway every once in a while but that is the only fast food I eat.

  • David777


  • Rachelle

    I have the “SWEAT once a day” water bottle from lululemon too! love it : ) fun new workout! THaNx again!!

  • http://[email protected] Chantal

    I Zuzana killer workout I just wanted to make sure I am doing this right as it is new to me,each exercise we had to du it for 50 sec. and 10 sec.rest in between each right?


  • jessica

    hi zuzana
    your workouts are great…thank you so much. i am trying it every day..i am able to everything execpt those pushups, they are very intense or may be i dont have strong arms.

    • Tammy

      Keep at the pushups and you will get better. My shoulders were injured for some time and pushups inflamed my condition though I would do them here and there as I could. 9 months ago I recognized the pain was gone so I have been very happy that I can now do pushups, though they are hard. However, to my joy I tested myself today and was able to do 26 pushups, full pushups not going to my knees. I am 47 and of small frame, and yet excitedly look forward to the day I can do 30, 40 or 50 pushups.

  • Corinne

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick! Thanks for another fantastic workout. The exercises and combos you come up with are the best. I could sing your praises all day long. I love the short, intense workouts. They truly kick my butt. I listen to what you say and try to stay at my max effort, and I am physically wiped out at the end (in a good way!) of these workouts. I love the way my body looks and feels now, and I attribute it to this website and you guys. Than YOU!!!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!!

  • Yobi

    Zuzana I think you’re a super cool chick! Keep on hitting it hard for us muscle gals :-)

  • Roq

    Actually, the lunge knee up does not represent two separate movements (i.e. kneeing someone in front of you and elbowing someone behind you). What it does represent is you clasping your hands behind someone’s neck/head and then driving it onto your knee. Sweet huh?? LOL

  • Sinan

    Hi ZuZu

    We Missed Your fashion taste , we wana see your Costumes outdoor in parties and picnics


  • Stania

    Hi Zuzi and Frederick
    Ihave finish this work out it was good
    1) 8,9
    I’ve problem whit the scissors to keep the foot on the top the other one I perhaps change my shoes.Other then this it was cool.Thank you
    PS:Will you do yoga work-out to please.

  • anna

    nice workout zuzana!thanx!!!

  • Chris

    Thanks for this so nice website ! I’m doing the 6 weeks Fit For Summer Program ( started 2 weeks ago ) and I watch your daily workout every day ! You motive/inspire me very much ! I hope my husband will appreciate the benefits ! ( he already appreciates the happiness and energy that the workouts give to me )
    Chris ( from France )

  • d.

    ughh i didn’t keep good form! i tried, but i forgot some parts too. oh well, maybe i’ll do this tomorrow morning if there isn’t another workout.. haha and it was soo uncomfortable to do the beach scissors. but it’s late so i’m going to head off to bed :)

    thanks guys,

  • Tali R.

    Hey Guys,
    that was fun workout. time finish sooooo fast.
    this is my numbers:
    1/ 8–6
    2/ 18–16
    3/ 19–20
    4/ 18–16
    5/ 15–15
    6/ 9–11

    have a great day, and one again thank you soooooo much for your workouts

  • mag

    hey zuzana and frederick, I wasn’t in town las week and the last thing I saw was the video about being vegetarian, and I am a little lost, what happen finally? are you vegetarian?, are you drinking milk?, please I would like you to share your current diet and help us with vegetarian recipes if you are, and I never saw the recipe when the water cut :)
    and what happen about the 5 wokouts per week? are you continue with the challenge?

    thanks! and please answer to me, I admire you and would like to know if you eat meat or not =)

  • Jayne

    Aw Man! This workout looks awesome the beach scissors might end up being a new favorite of mine. I can’t wait to try this one tomorrow. Thanks Zuzana and lol @freddy “because you only need one shine” Good one.

    • Jayne

      oops!;P I mean shin, no “e” sorry.

  • Julia

    Mmmm… Zuzanna and Frederick, maybe that would be interesting for everyone and you too to know, where are your “students” from. Maybe you should add this question in the leave a reply form? And than make a report about your global reigning?

    • Babalina

      Awesome idea! I’ll start – I’m from Switzerland. I’ve been a devotee to Zuzana & co’s workouts for a month now and am very happy to report that I see results and definitively feel better! From the bottom of my heart: thank you so very much Zuzana and Freddy!


  • Lauren

    “Because you only need one chin.”


  • Julia

    Wow! Just finished! I can’t breathe, I can’t talk, I’m sweating like a rain!!! My score:
    1. 6/6
    2. 21/15
    3. 21/20
    4. 17/16
    5. 16/15
    6. 6/6

    P.S. Those push ups in the end completely killed me!!!

  • Ann

    I like how you mix in little kickboxing routine in this workout!!Awesome :) My calves are getting sore now. Beach scissors are hell for me,LOL. I could do one side better than the other side, is that normal? Very intense and tons of sweat for me :)
    Surfers- 7, 7
    Beach Scissors(L)- 19,17
    Beach Scissors(R)- 14,12
    Fighter Lunges(L)- 13,16
    Fighter Lunges(R)- 18,16
    1-2-3 P.U.- 11, 11

    Also I just want to tell you(actually Thank you :) ) that lately there are so much going on in my life.I’m stressed out a lot .If it was before, I probably sit on the couch and shovel down a carton of icecream.But now I’ve learned that your workout is the ONLY thing keeps my head up,melts my stress away and make me think in positive way. Thank you so much Zuzana&Freddy :)

  • Juan


    Browse around the net for Tabata Protocol invented by Izumi Tabata. You will find plenty of information of how lower length of time but higher intensity workouts are just as beneficial if not better than the usual cardio routines.


  • Cathy

    I love this one! I’ll do it for tomorrows workout.


  • alina celac

    i like ur workouts alot and when will i see the results???? my family will go to the ocean and i want to look my best im not really fat people say im normal but i want to have a body like u got so then i can be more happy of what i see…hope u’ll reply back

  • kat

    what are the rounds this that how you count the workout?
    iam going to do the workout right now thank for all your help and have a great father’s day with dad

    roll tide kat

  • jason

    hi zuzana,
    i was wondering if you got these exercises from your new book, the one by the special ops dude?

    and i love your accent when you say “beach” it sounds like “bitch”…”bitch scissors”…painful.

    take care, thx

    • Valerie

      haha love that, bitch scissors, sounds painful XD

      • Frederick

        she meant beach but it came out sounding like b#tch … haha

        • lisa

          yes, frederick we know what she “meant”…
          we’re just saying we love zuzana’s accent.
          i love the way you say comfortable!
          please do not try to perfect your english Z!
          you are a strong, sexy, INSPIRATIONAL woman…
          with a super awesome accent! Don’t go changin’

        • http://BodyRock.tv Angel

          Hi Frederick I want to ask you a question is this workouts will help me in lossing fats

        • BodyRock-Savvy

          Yes, we all understand what she meant. Typos is not a big deal. What matters most is all your workouts/trainings that you posted here and we are all benefited from it. We love you, Zuzie and Frederick, for changing our lives!!! :)

  • Lvette #1


    1. 6 reps / 7 reps
    2. 18 reps/ 17 reps
    3. 20 reps / 18 reps
    4. 19 reps / 17 reps
    5. 17 reps / 15 reps
    6. 8 reps / 7 reps

    I’m off to a cold shower. I hope everyone is having a joyous weekend.

  • nidzrulz4va

    and i forgot to thank you for uploading all your workouts and sharing your fitness secrets with us all. I really respect you for working so hard and being so committed to working out regularly. Thanks so much for sharing and letting us all be a part of your success :)

  • nidzrulz4va


    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi, my workouts are not suppose to be in some particular order. Choose any workout you want to start with and vary the workouts from one day to another. Write down your times and scores and try to beat your persona bests every once in a while. These workouts are good even for beginners because you can modify the exercises and also you will be in control of the intensity of your workouts.

      • nidzrulz4va

        so i guess you dont believe in giving muscle groups 24 hours of rest? hmmm so we can work on arms, chest, legs, abs EVERYDAY? im assuming if you do that then it definitely works!could you please confirm its ok to work the same muscle groups everyday. thanks for replying to my questions btw. :)

        • Roq


          This is not bodybuilding. Of course you can work your muscles every day if you don’t overdo it. Think about it. A lot of people work hard labour every day. Working the same muscles over and over again. Even at hours at a time. It’s something humans have done for ages. The body is a lot more capable then people seem to think. Of course you have to be careful about not overtraining. I hope Zuzana and Frederick will post information soon about the signs of overtraining. But actually, if people are not doing anything other then the workouts on this site 4-5 days a week and eating properly, I would be surprised if that was an issue.

          That said, I really do believe people should train with varying intensity throughout the week. Not always high intensity. Then the body has a better chance of responding positively to the workouts. I personally cycle low intensity, moderate intensity and high intensity days. Often using the workouts on this site for the high intensity days.

          By the way, if you work out the same time every day then you are giving your body 24 hours of rest. Of course some people need a lot more rest. It all depends on how fit you are.

          • Tanyab


            This is a great response, Rob. Thanks!

          • sarah

            thank you so much for saying this! i hate how people go crazy over taking a “rest day”. humans are an evolutionary adaptive species – we are designed to hunt and fight and run NOT to sit at a desk all day. i rarely take a day off, maybe one or two a month. i do high and low intensity days and have great results!

          • Tammy

            I agree, modern man is very sheltered from labor as a regular part of their day. For me, I listen to my body. Though I am fit there is no doubt these workouts make me sore, so when I feel one area is too sore to maintain proper form, and also possibly cause me injury, I look for a workout that focuses on other parts of the body. They are on here. You can find workouts that don’t have much upper body, for example. Or, I create my own custom workout. Having seen enough of the workout videos here and finding some exercises more readily memorable, I have done things like mix in jump rope, or more core work (which is one of my strengths) and give my arms (usually my weaker point) a break for a day or two. For me it is about common sense so that I avoid injury.

    • marisa

      dont worry your not alone if you need to modify the exercises to be able to do them! normally i need to modify and maybe cut down on reps to complete a workout. Its all about pushing yourself to your personal level of highest intensity :) and you’ll start to get stronger with time

      • Marie L.

        Yes, me too. I just started on february and wasn’t able to complete the work-outs. So I used to vary the exercices and do less reps. Now I am completing them! Still that I need to adjust oome exercices -like dive bombers push up for example – haha, but one day, I’ll get it :P

  • Sandra

    my scores:

    Surfer: 7 – 8
    Beach Scissors- Left leg: 7 – 11
    Beach Scissors- Right leg: 7 – 8
    Fighter Lunges- Left leg: 20 – 22
    Fighter Lunges- Right leg: 20 – 22
    1-2-3 Push up: 12 – 13

    :) keep up the good work guys!

  • Leslie-Anne

    I had my gymboss timer clipped on my waist and went to use the restroom and accidentally flushed it down the toilet! Sad day for me!!

  • Sandra

    Great workout! I loved it :) !

  • Tamarah

    Hello Z&F

    Looks like a good workout. Will look forward to doing it soon. Would again like to request for the photos to continue on your profile as they are really helpful especially when you dont have a computer nearby when exercising.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Take care and thank you for all your hard and good work.


  • stacey

    please bring back the still pictures. I print them all off an put in a binder. They are great to refer to.

  • Sarah

    Haha I like the “(or Boy)” added in there! Good stuff!

  • Jelena, Latvija

    Hi Dear Zuzana :) )
    This was realy cool workout!
    My score:
    1) 8 / 7
    2) 22/ 20
    3) 19/ 18 very hard exercise
    4) 22 / 22
    5) 20 / 20
    6) 13 / 14
    Thank you a lot….

  • Assia

    Hi Zuzana!
    You’re saying that your workouts are lots more intense than 1 hour of running. But we know that fat begins to burn only after 30 min of training, so the hour of running is more intense than 12 min of workout. Your workouts are great for people who would like to keep their fit, but it’s not enough for those who would like to loss weight. So, what should the last do? Maybe they should increase the time of your exercises and do them at least 40 min?

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Assia,

      you are wrong. I will explain why in my next post.

      • http://BodyRock.tv Angel

        Hi Zuzana that’s the best workout I have been seen and I asked you is this workout will help me in burn my stomach fats , please answer me

    • Audra

      Hi Assia,

      I’m gonna have to disagree with you. I’ve lost 20Lbs (9kg) all while building lean muscle mass and going from a 23% body fat to a 17% body fat doing Zuzana’s workouts alone 4-5 days/week only. I’m 5’3″ (160cm) and started in November weighing in at a chubby 148Lbs (66kg) and now at 128Lbs (57kg) I’m a believer in her HIIT workouts. I tried P90X, my own treadmill, and even a gym membership and have never came close to a 10Lb weightloss. Did I eat right? Not all the time but, I now eat clean and that will even give you DOUBLE the results. Most if not some of the posts here are from people who are getting real results from Zuzana’s training techniques. Have you given these workouts a try for yourself yet? Do them for at least 2 months and you’ll see what all the rave is. In fact if you tried them for a week I bet you’ll see and feel the difference. Zuzana has done her research and is sharing with us this unique tool(obviously, Bodyrock.tv) for FREE to apply to our daily routine. I trust in Zuzana’s training method because I’m getting the results.

      • Assia

        I have a reason of asking this question: I’m a track and field athlete. So I have to run about 12-15 km per day for my training and it was fine, but a month ago my season was over and I decided to change my workouts for something more interesting and hard. So I began to do my interval training for 30-40 min a day. And I put on weight for 2 or 3 kilo! It was very strange cauze I found interval training lots more intense than running.

        • Fleur

          As a runner myself I know that when running you are only working a minimum muscles.
          When I started bodyweight training back in september, I put on 4 kgs, But guess what: I actually look leaner. I was building muscles such as hamstrings, arms muscles biceps triceps, chest muscles.
          When you are a long distance runner, you not only bun fat, you actually reduce your muscles size to the strict minimum. Once your energy, fat stored is burned, your body is going to take energy from your muscles.
          With bodyweight trainings you build strong groups of muscles so for long distance runners that means you will build groups of muscles that usually used to be the “energy stock” for when you are running.
          I build up muscles, I gain weight but it is muscles, I now look leaner my body looks stronger.
          I keep running but I couldn’t stop bodyweight training as I would loose my muscles if I was only running long distances.
          Hope this helps you.


          • Assia

            I don’t care about figures on my weighs at all, but the problem is I see that it is not muscles grows – I see some fat on my stomach. and I don’t compromise my sports diet, so I think, that it could be a regress for me – I decided to do about 60 min of interval training and may be I’ll add some running. thank you)

    • Kraker

      I have been working out for years and watching my diet. I used to do cardio 5 days a week along with strength training. I was very dedicated and strict with my diet. Ever since I started following Zuzana I have seen an amazing change in my body that I have never seen before. I follow her workouts 5 days a week and eat a clean and frequently throughout the day. Many people expect the workouts alone to give the same results. The diet portion is the other half to obtaining your desired body transformation!

    • Jayne

      Do a little research on interval training to see for yourself. Yes you have to run 30min to 1hour to get in that zone and burn fat but it is not that way for interval training. You build more lactic acid quicker when interval training. When you are a little out of shape or more than you start smaller with less reps but you have to push yourself when you feel ready to do more reps in less time. However the 12minutes for Zuzana may be more intense because she is use to pushing herself through. If you feel like you did’t push hard enough in the first 12 minutes I say go another 12 until you feel you really pushed or until you get use to more reps in less time. Hope that helps explain a bit. Zuzana will explain maybe better.

    • Ann

      Hi Assia,
      First of all your body burns fat all the time no matter when you’re sitting on the couch or even when you’re sleeping. I truely believe in Zuzana’s training method, High-Intensity Interval Training.This kind of training promotes fat loss,boost your metabolism and tone up your entire body. There are many studies that show HIIT burns more fat than a moderate 40 minutes training. Before I found out Bodyrock.TV, I used to do cardio(run,workout DVDs)and strength training 5 days/week for years. I’d lost my post pregnancy weight but I didn’t look toned up.

      Until 2 months ago, I stumbled on Zuzana’s website and started following her daily workouts and healthy,clean eating habbit. I’ve shedded last 10 pounds and I can now see definitions in my abs and my upper body which I’ve never thought I’d see the result this quick! Give these workouts a try for couple weeks, you will feel the difference.

  • Melissa

    Hey Zuzana-

    I’ve been following your site for a few months now and I just love the high intensity and short duration of your workouts. Also the variety is really great. Wondering for newbies if you post an area of your workouts that are just body weight workouts only with a timer. Great way to get started with no pull up bar or equipment necessary. Also seems like the search functionality seems to miss things. Sometimes I will search your site based on the name of the workout on YouTube and it can’t find it.

    Thanks so much for your positive attitude and creative workout philosophy!

  • Maria

    Hi, just wanted to let everyone know that there is a free version of the gymboss interval timer for ipod touch and iphone :)

  • Weronika

    New Names?

    Beat your Fat Ass
    Beat your idleness/laziness
    Work your muscles
    Slim your waist workout
    Overcome yout inner tenptations: Fun Workout
    Strengthen and gym your back

    !!!Loose Your Fat 30 min. Cardio Workout (please do something like this)!!!

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    I did a couple hours surfing as warm up and was glad the challenge wasn’t too long today! Balance gets really hard when the muscles are tired!
    1. 7-7
    2. 23-27 these were HARD
    3. 22-27
    4. 16-16
    5. 17-18 I think both this exercise and the previous would’ve been easier in shoes
    6. 14-13

  • susan

    thank you for showing this Gymboss Interval Timer image, honestly, I didn’t know how to use it for a while. anyway, thank you for everything you and your husband. with love

  • Vicky

    Hi Zuzana and Fedrick,

    Just did this workout, and I a still sweating :) Awsome workout, the beach scissors were really hard !! I had a lot of difficulty balancing myself while lifting the other leg..but i didn’t give up !!!!

    Looking forward to more challenging workouts :)
    Ps. Today is my 2 month anniversary following bodyrock.tv!!

  • http://www.bodyrock.tv ~Andreea~

    i think i’m going to starve myself for weeks because nothing works on me…NOTHING…is driving me crazy….

    • Jayne

      Hi Andreea, I have been following Zuzana and like others have gotten great results. Let me ask you have you changed your diet are you eating at least 5-6 meals a day. I couldn’t loose weight either and so I stopped eating and lost weight but I looked so terrible that I got depressed and started eating again and gained all the weight back. Starving yourself only works for a VERY short time, the either you die or start eating again. You have to commit to eating smaller portions more often of healthier foods. Zuzana also has a great diet section on her site and videos on youtube. Please, give it another try. Don’t give up. I am still trying to lose that last 10 pounds but it is hard because I can’t stand drinking water and I love Chocolate ice cream. But I am going to give it up and I already started drinking 8 glasses of water a day 3 days ago. And when your doing the exercises with Zuzana really try to push for that next rep or warm up with some jump rope or jog in place to get to that fatigue state quicker where the body really starts to burn fat. Hope this helps, good luck Andreea.

      • d.

        andrea, jayne is right. i kno if i comitted to small portions i would be smaller again :$ but it will happen.. someday. still enjoying the fast metabolism young people have, and i’m not minding my weight as it is right now i guess.

        and jayne, good luck losing that last ten pounds!! maybe every time you have a seriouus craving for chocolate ice cream you can try chocolate milk, a chocolate covered strawberry, etc.. haha hope that settles the cravings :)


        • Karina

          For those chocolate cravings i LOVE swiss miss diet hot chocolate (25 calories). it looks weak but it has a good chocolate flavor. For everyone with cravings check out the HungryGirl website. Full of recipes to make good tasting food better for you. good ideas for the sweet tooth with low calories and sugar :)

  • Theresa

    I really enjoy your inventiveness Zuzanna. I use a lot of your exercises for my advanced clients. Thank you!

  • jack

    wonderful exercices. started 2 months ago.
    great results.
    but since you dont put the pictures at the end of your workout its a bit more difficult to remember the execices when you have no wifi to re-watch it.

    So please post the pics again.
    thank you

  • http://www.bodyrock.tv ~Andreea~

    hi zuzana,

    i have a really big problem….i can’t lose weight …even if i do your workouts 5 -6 times per week and i also go and run…i eat small meals mostly of fruit and veggies or l-carnitina bars…..please help me….no sugar,no sweats,….what is going on cause i’m swetting like crazy and not losing much weight…i.ve been doing your workouts for 4 months…this kills me,…i.ve struggeled for years and i just can’t lose it…please reply…

    • Marianne

      Have your doctor check you out for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Elevated insulin levels with this condition make it impossible for affected women to lose weight.

      There is no cure, but there are treatments to lower insulin.

    • Audra

      Try an Endocrinologist to have your Thyroid checked too.

  • caroline

    thanku again such a fun and very appropriate workout for the coming months – ur such an inspiration tku xxxxxx

  • becca c.

    hey zuzana,

    do you take a hot or cold shower after workouts?

  • RN

    Hi Zuzana,

    Do you think a warmup is really necessary?

  • BarbaraG

    Great one – what impact can only 12 minutes of work have on your body, it’s unbeliavable!!

  • Nicole D. Lopez


    I love this workout, but even more than that, I love your NEW REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE!

    I’m so glad you have one now. I think it’s a great thing also because you are such an influence to so many people and if they see you using a reusable water bottle, then I bet they will do the same.

    Congrats on yet another awesome thing!

  • Carolina

    Nice workout! I just couldn’t do that well the beach scissors. They were hard on my knees. The rest was great! Thanks!

  • JC

    Killer killer workout! Thank you so much for always pushing me to the next level. Those beach scissors were really hard. Im seeing some great physical results, getting tons of compliments, and feeling wonderful on the inside! Thank you Z & F!! :)

    Maybe some day you can incorporate a section for before and after photos for your followers. I would love to share with you the difference you are making in my life.

    Have a beautiful day.

  • Alison

    I recently found your videos on YouTube and wanted to say thank you! I love that your workouts are challenging and fun at the same time and don’t require you to go to the gym or a lot of other equipment.

    By the way, where do you get your workout clothes (especially the halter style sports bras/tops, like the one you’re wearing in this video!)? I LOVE them!

  • Dawn

    Your workouts challenge me in ways my normal workouts don’t, and have added some excitement to my same boring routines. I usually use my palm to follow the workouts and it really helps when you have the pictures showing the form for each exercise. Thanks again for keeping it fresh and challenging!

  • Iris Collado

    I did this workout this morning.
    Firtst 8 minutes Jumping Rope Warm-up.
    Surfer–9, 8 reps.
    Beach Scissors-right leg 22-23
    Beach Scissors-left leg 22-22
    Fighter Lunges-left leg 23-23
    Fighter Lunges-right leg 23-23
    1-2-3 Push Up 11-7
    I finished with 8 minutes Jumping Rope. I was dripping like crazy.

    Thank you so much!


  • Mac

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have an observation to make. I think you’re doing a wonderful job with these workout videos, I’ve scoped through them all and the after-burn is phenomenal. I’m also vegetarian and I know that it is possible to have a great physique and awesome muscle tone while on a vegetarian diet. However, I’ve noticed, just by scoping through the most recent videos, you may not be eating enough plant proteins to maintain your muscle mass as it appears as though you may have lost some definition in your abdominal muscles. Lentils,beans, nuts and tofu are all great ways to fulfill your daily protein requirements.
    You have a drop dead gorgeous physique in my opinion. Knowing how much discipline it takes to maintain it, I am not trying to offend you. I would want to know the same things if I was losing a bit of hard earned muscle.

    Kind regards, Mac

  • Ashley P

    I know this sounds like a stupid question, but I’m a beginner. How come you need to keep your abs tight and contracted when working-out?

    • Marianne

      Ashley, you need to keep your abs tight during any exercise to engage your core stabilising muscles for your back, giving you proper posture during movements. A strong core is essential to preventing injury during exercise as it assists good form.

      • Ashley P

        Thank you Marianne.

  • Muriel

    Hi Zuzanna!
    It is amazing how one can see your oblique abdominal muscels work at the Beach Scissors!! Great for every Physician!! ;-)
    Always a (new) pleasure working out with you!
    Hugs from Germany,

  • Quigi

    Hello guys! These workouts seem to be uploaded at the exact moment I’m eating junk food haha. Making me feel guilty for eating it but also motivated to work harder to burn the calories off. These new exercises are really hard but fun and the keep my body thinking “yesterday was hard but atleast I know I can do it…what?…new exercises?! noooo!”. I love keeping my body guessing.

    8 reps first round, 5 reps second round

    Bench Scissors
    Right leg 5 reps for both rounds
    Left leg 15 reps first round, 12 reps second round.
    Not sure why I am stronger on my left then right, when doing sports my right side is usually dominate, such as throwing footballs and boxing.

    Fighter Lunges
    Right side 12 reps 1st round 15 reps second
    Left side 17 reps 1st round 16 reps second

    1-2-3 Pushups
    13 reps 1st round, 10 reps second round
    These pushups are really difficult but only second to “My pushups” Maybe we should call your pushups “Windmill pushups” or simply “Zuzana Pushups”

    Have a nice day,

  • Lindsey

    Thank you so much for taking the time to show variations of the different exercises. This looks like a fun workout and can’t wait to do it.

  • Amanda

    I’ve been liking your workout hairstyle in the latest videos. :) Keep it! hehe.
    I did the 600 rep workout yesterday in 28 minutes.

  • Amy

    Good stuff guys!! I did this exercise outside on my patio in the sun. Great summer workout :) and your really opening up to a wider market now that you are starting to add mods. and detailed instructions. Very Best, Amy

  • Pabs

    Hi, Zuzana and Fredrick! Great work, as always! Always helpful and always inspirational…both in terms of its technical suggestions and the joy it conveys in incorporating fitness into your lifestyle (the Fashion Hauls are fun)! Everyone to whom I’ve recommended your site (boys and girls), love it. May I make a couple of quick suggestions…first, for the exercise portion, maybe you could impose a musical “overlay”. It would aid in providing continuity to the edited segments; enhance the “fun factor”; dispense with all the heavy breathing (which, while appealing in own way =) can be a bit awkward); and (probably most importantly for you) would allow you to further monetize your growing appeal by, say, featuring new music that you’d like to introduce to your viewership (for which you would be remunerated by those acts, of course). i bet, Zuzana, that music is very important when you work out privately. No reason not to convey that in your videos. Also, and less significantly, how about a video on using the Gymboss most effectively? In all cases, continue the great work! =)

    • Frederick

      Hi Pabs,
      We would love to have music in the videos but
      1) There are serious copyright issues at play which prevent us from uploading popular music (we could use royalty free, but we just don’t find it inspiring).
      2) The heavy breathing is important because it actually serves as a cue for properer breathing which is a hugely important factor.

      • Euthie

        Completely agree there. If I didn’t hear Zuzana breathing I would just hold my breath (not even intentionally) during the really intense moves.

  • Vicky_

    Thanks for the workout today! My balance on the Fighter Lunges was really bad, I was wobbling all over hee, hee!

    Just wanted to say, I really love the format of the newer videos. I like it when you explain the exercises after your workout and find it really helpful.

    Just an update from me too. Since starting back following your exercises, after a few months off, I have already noticed that my clothes feel more loose, and I seem to be improving in strength in just a couple of weeks, so thank you Zuzi and Freddy!

  • Kate

    I did this one tonight and like you said Zuzana, it was challenging but great fun! Thanks as always!

  • Lets

    For the people writting comments: where are you all from? i start, i am from Argentina.
    Here in my city i didnt get the gymboss interval timer :( so, i´ll try to do this workout with more or less the same reps that did zuzanna although i know that will take me more than 12´´.
    Great jobs Zu and Fred! i always follow your rutine

    • Karina

      before i recieved my timer i found one online. I have a laptop so I can put it in the room i’m working out in and it works just as well. Jsut search for online interval timer and I think it was from a boxing forum site. hope it helps!

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  • DD

    love you love you love you

  • connie

    I really miss the pictures of each exercise when you explain the workout.

  • Cowgirl

    Hi guys, I love your workouts and I have been following along for a few months. I was just wondering why you weren’t putting the photos up now? I found it so much easier when I could print the photos out when I do a workout so that I don’t forget how to do the moves. Any chance you can start putting the photos back up on site????

  • Monifah

    I miss the picures!!! Are they back soon??? Have a nice weekend you two, love all the work you put in BodyRock.tv!!

  • Ames

    Hi Zuzana.

    I’m so addicted to your workoutsand find it hard to actually have rest days. I know you need to rest and so I ask you how often dhould I take a rest day?

    Thanks, you rock :)

  • Samantha R

    Morning All

    Funny how some of these don’t look hard until you’re in it;) Here’s my scores

    1. Surfer – 23, 26
    2. Beach S Left – 23, 26
    3. Beach S Right – 22, 21
    4. Fighter left – 20, 22
    5. Fighter Right – 21, 22
    6. 1-2-3 Push Up – 12, 12

    Thanks for a good start to my day. Sx

    • Samantha R

      Ooops – I meant 8, 7 for the surfers!!

  • Ryan

    I’m 31 and out of shape. Boooo!!!
    I don’t know how I found you but i’m sure glad I did. I’ve worked out 3 days in a row now with your website and I can barely walk. I’ve done little to no excersise in the past 10 years. I find you very inspiring as you don’t make it look easy but show great results. I hope I’ll also get great results and i’m sure I will. I think you’re the best thing since…I don’t know, You just rock(bodyrock). You keep posting and I’ll keep watching and be sure to pass it along to everyone.
    Thanks again.


  • EB

    Hi Z,
    I am a lot at home now because I have to get ready for a big exam and your workouts are just PERFECT to empty my brain. I feel tired sometimes and than I just get into my trainers and do one of your workouts and after I just feel great without having lost a lot of my precious study time :-) and every morning before I start doing my work I watch your video and that gives me a great motivation because I can reward myself with a great workout after sitting so long in front of my books!!! (and I hate sitting!!) :-)

    thanks for helping me study so good :-D

  • Charlie D.

    Oh, wow. I felt totally wasted – rough time of month for a hard workout. I think I wasn’t working as hard as I could have another day, but I think this was it for today. I’d like to try this one again when I’m more on my game.

    surfers: 8, 6.5
    scissors: R: 21, 14 L: 14, 15 (these were HARD!)
    lunges: R: 21, 15.5 L: 17, 16
    pushups: 10, 10

    You totally won today. Well done.

  • Evička

    Ahoj Zuzi,
    ráda bych se Tě zeptala, kde nakupuješ sportovní podprsenky. Všimla jsem si, že někdy používáš vršek do plavek a jednou jsi říkala, že nakupuješ v obchodě Lululemon, který však v ČR není a já bych si sportovní podprsenku přes internet bez vyzkoušení nekoupila. Mám konfekční velikost 36 a velikost podprsenky 70D, což celke problém. Má úzký obvod hrudníku a ve velikosti D se většinou tak úzké sport. podprsenky nedělají.
    Kdybys mi poradila byla bych moc ráda. Jinak Tvoje stránky se mi moc líbí. Fandím Ti. Jsi super, taky moc ráda cvičím a vždycky si do svého cvičebního programu zahrnu nějaký Tvůj nový cvik, který mě zaujme.
    Děkuji za odpověď a přeju pěkný den.

  • Sharon

    I love these new exercises. They look cool. Did you get these from the new book you are reading? I also love the message at the end. I definitely need to workout, because I only need one chin. Those messages at the end make me laugh.

    • Sharon

      I forgot to ask two things. When is your next fashion haul? And where has Sean been?