Jul 7 2010

Workout Before Travel

Hi guys,

I decided that I didn’t want to skip my workout even tho Freddy and I had a long trip ahead of us. We had to leave our house at 8am so we got up at 6am and did this workout first. I was very happy that we took the time to do it, because it gave me an energy boost at the start of what would end up being 15 hours of straight travel. After sitting for this many hours in a car, bus, plane and train and eating really bad airplane food loaded with sugar and god knows what else, I felt some relief thanks to my early morning workout. I also managed to beat my personal best for this workout and completed it in only 13 minutes and 22 seconds.

This bodyweight workout is made up of only 3 pretty intense exercises and the only thing that you will need is your Gymboss Interval Timer.

Here is the break down:

1. Reptile Push Up – 10 reps

2. One Jump Forward and 2 back – 30 reps (the combo of one jump forward and two back counts as 1 rep)

3. Side V- crunch – 20 reps on each side

See the pictures with descriptions for this workout here.

Complete this sequence 3 times as fast as you can and write down your time so that you can try to beat your own record the next time you do this workout.

Writing down your personal best is really the key to avoiding plateau. It really helps to have a goal, because suddenly it’s not just another workout, but a challenge to set your new record. Once you get into it, you will start to take your trainings very seriously and your workouts will become your hobby, and a game. I am always impressed when you guys post your numbers in the comments. It gives me a shove and I find that knowing that you guys are pushing hard motivates me to try even harder.

Enjoy your workout. We are going to be traveling in Italy for the next 2 weeks so we will be sharing our trip and workouts with you along the way.


Zuzana and Freddy.


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  • Lenka Slovakia

    Its x mas:) i manage to do this in 13.35 but change
    50 High knees
    10 Reptile
    30 jump foward 2 back
    20 each side V crunch
    plus 8 rounds 10,10 High knees Mountin climber

  • Kay

    I’ve done this one before, but I can’t find it in my notebook to compare scores :(

    1. backward lunge jump up (alt legs) 13/11/9/8/10/10

    time challenge: 14:22

  • Anonymous

    I managed to beat my old personal best from last year. From 13min44sec to 13min11sec. It’s enough for now. :) But I must confess that my reptile push ups were more like “a half way push ups”.
    Ok tnx for this workout, tomorrow I will do 600 rep workout. I must (mentally) prepare myself before that challenge! :) This workout will be brutal. I can feel it! :) )

  • Cassie

    I love this workout! It was super brutal, and the lunges in the first part were intense!

    I just wanted to say that since I have been following your workouts, I have started to see results. I was not able to do a regular push-up and now I can even do a one-legged push-up. It’s amazing! Thank you so much Zuzana! I really couldn’t have accomplished all of this so quickly without your help!

  • Monika

    Ahoj Zuzi,
    tvoje cvičení je super..moc ti fandím :o ) Začala jsem cvičit teprve nedávno, ale věřím v brzké výsledky :o )
    Měj hezký den


  • Sage

    That was a great workout! I was just wondering.. what do you do to warm up and cool down? Will you make a video of you doing that soon?

  • maria

    I completed this workout in 11:38 (I can’t believe it!!!)

  • Sara

    Brutal! I’ve been following you for a while and this is the second workout I’ve done. The first one with my new (pink) gymboss interval timer :) I actually prefer to do it in the gym, since I also take fitness lessons there. I train a lot and find the grouplessons in my gym not challenging enough sometimes, so this is a nice addition to get even fitter. My scores:
    part 2: 11:24

  • Kristine

    Saw you in Yorkville on Saturday afternoon! I was like “hey, I know that girl…” and then I remembered from where. By the time I realized we had already passed each other and I was talking with my sister.

    Sorry I missed saying hi in person!

    I will have to keep up to date.

    Let me know if you need any good places for food or fun and welcome to my city!

    Kristine (in Toronto)

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Kristine,

      if you have any good tips for what to see in Toronto, feel free to share.

      See you next time ;)

  • Cassidy

    Hi im 14. I love watching your videos because they are so inspirational and I had a question about diet. During the school year I tend to not eat breakfast or lunch and eat a lot a dinner and in the summer I eat normal amounts throughout the day. Is my diet schedule during the school year very bad and what about it should I change.
    I’m 5’1″ i believe and weigh around 110 lbs so im not overweight but i was wondering if you could help me

  • Mel

    Hi Guys,

    I’m back! I had knee surgery on June 8th and haven’t been able to work out. I tore my miniscus on my right knee. It’s been so frustrating not being able to do all the active things I like to do. I’m looking forward to getting back in shape and doing your workouts!

    Thanks, Mel

  • http://www.trackfitness.com Larry

    hi Zuzanna
    you still in toronto?
    you should come by my gym and check it out. Maybe you would like to teach a special one day ab class. http://www.trackfitness.com
    great job with your site and workouts
    Larry Track.

  • http://www.OptimisticJourney.com Jarrod – Inspirational Words

    Great workout Zuzanna! I admire your efforts for working out even when you’re traveling. Very commendable. Keep up the great work!

  • Sher

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy!!
    I am a huge fan, I came across your website back in Sept of 2009. I started to follow your workouts and did them pretty well until December 2009 I found out I was pregnant which explained a lot of things, like my fatique and not doing the best I could have done.
    I love your site so much that I passed it on to my sisters. One of my sister’s actually has gotten amazing results and takes your website wherever she goes even on her vacations like Las Vegas! Her husband started to do your workouts with her in the last couple of months and he too has made major improvements!
    My boyfriend who owns his own Personal Training Studio loves your workouts and a little bit obessed with you as well. But, what guy isn’t? ;)
    Which is fine with me. Your very pretty and I love your personality.

    Anyways, my question is how long will it take for me to start back up again with your workouts and how far back in your archives should I go back? I was also into fitness (12 years)
    I am mostly all baby, 5″2 and before baby, I weighed 118 and now I weigh 155 (very swollen) as I am due on Tuesday August 10th. I miss my body and I miss doing your workouts. Help!
    I still watch your every day workouts for that motivation. Can you give me some recommendations.
    Thanks so much Zuzanna.

    Sher (Canada hometow Girl!)

  • Lei

    11:53!!! I’m sweating like crazy and my muscles are starting to spasm a bit. But it’s okay. I love the burn! Thank you so much for such great quick and hard core workouts!!

  • Mark V

    Hi Zuzana,
    I hope you both are having a great time. Thanks for the amazing site and the great workouts. This is bringing my fitness to another level.

    I did this routine twice because I couldn’t believe the first time. I watched the videos and make sure I checked my form on the exercises.
    My results for 7/9/2010 were:
    left – 15,14,15
    right – 141,14,14
    Part 2 time: 9:41

    I tried it again on July 12 to make sure I didn’t skip anything and that I was using correct form.
    left: 15, 15.5, 14.5
    right: 15,14,14
    Part 2 time: 9:26

    It just doesn’t seem right compared to your time and the other times I’m seeing posted. I did 3 rounds of all 3 exercises. Is there something I’m missing?

  • http://www.bodyrock.tv Michael

    Hi Zuzanna,
    Outstanding site. I really enjoy your workouts, keep up the great work. I’m cooling off as I’m typing but I will tell my friends.

  • Isidora

    I did this workout today! My quadriceps were burning in the first part! I didnt write my scores but they were between 11-15

    the second part i did it in 10:37 tho i changed the side crunches cuz i dunno why i cant do those, i cant get the form right and my hips hurt. I did 40 knee tucks instead.

    Thank u! and have a great time at rome!

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  • Nikki

    I’m not sure what my time was in the first, second, or third round, but I completed all three sets in about 35 mins. I did take some breaks inbetween, but only when I felt like I couldn’t breath very good lol.

  • Amy N. From CA

    Hi guys!

    First let me say that I fell off the wagon for about a week and haven’t exercised and have been eating extra terrible :( S this was my first workout back and I did not have that much energy. I felt Iike I was going to throw up three different times! So here is my scores and my I never fall off the wagon again!

    Part 1: 17, 17, 16, 14, 14, 14
    Part 2: 12min 50sec but my push ups were more like 1/2 push ups and 1 jump forward and 2 backs were modified

  • Lvette #1

    I was going to do this routine yesterday, but it was my day off work so I decided to also have a break from exercising.

    Part 1: 4mins

    Part 2: I blew mind off with my time. My neighbors probably thought I just won the Canada lotto price. I was screaming my lungs out, I couldn’t believe I finished in 12:30:33.

    On April 17 my time for part 2 was exactly 15mins. My last 4 rounds scores(14-14-15-15-16-16) of part 1 were better than today’s. I guess I can’t win it all.

    p.s. Great to see how much fun the both of you are having in Italy. The joy on your faces drinking vino at the square with the locals is priceless.

  • Tara (colorado girl)

    YEAH!! 11:53 I really pushed hard! Thanks so much, great sweat and hard work! WAHOO!

  • Inès

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy,

    I really love your website! I travel a lot, and it’s like taking always with me my gym club :p

    However, due to all my travelling, I never bring fitness material with me.

    It would be awesome if you could classify the workouts depending on if they need any material or if they are only bodyweight trainings.

    I like to dig in in your archives, but sometimes I have to open several trainings until I find one without any material (besides the Interval Timer, of course ;) )

    Hope you’re enjoying Roma!!

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  • Andre


    I felt kinda sore from those one armed pushups you guys had me do the other day, (thanks to you, I’m now strong enough to do them in regular plank form!), so I took a day of rest and came back to do this one. I never knew I could sweat so much! I will follow to the heights of physical fitness and beyond :)

  • Sony

    Fantastic! Your workouts, I’m trying fazer.Estou me inspiring them, and it gives me great motivation.Thanks!

  • Kitty

    I did this today and beat my personal best time. Yay!
    Surprised by it actually, because I dind’t really feel like I was going any faster, I guess all this training is paying off in more subtle ways.
    Part 1: 15/15/15/15/17/17
    Part 2 = 9:59:81

    (compared to April 16, Part 2 was 12:15:09 and April 27, Part 2 was 11:29:63)

    Thanks again you two!

  • Tameshia

    I will do this workout tomorrow morning. I hurt my hip Thursday doing the “Fat Fighter Workout” so I decided to take today off because I didn’t want to hurt it more. I will see how it feels tomorrow :) Safe travels to you and Freddie!! Have a wonderful trip…Can’t wait to see some video/pics!!!

    • Nerdgirl

      Hi. I hurt my hip doing jump lunges in another workout. I had to go to physical therapy. basically, my core muscles were too weak to “jump” into any workout. I had to work on a lot of planks for about 6 weeks. Now I am back to these workouts but have to modify some of the exercises to reduce the impact on my legs/hips. Gotta have a strong base core in order to get through these workouts without injury, that is what I learned. Best wishes.

      • Nerdgirl

        Also, these workouts rule, of course! would not trade them for anything else! : ) just want to clarify that. basically, for everyone out there: make sure you work your core independently of these workouts to avoid injury. It’s up to you to make up for where your strength might be lacking. These workout are awesome. Thanks!!!!

  • http://teacherslife-kate.blogspot.com/ Kate


    I did this one in 12 min. 24 sec. The jump forward and then back were the hardest. Also, I don’t think I went down as far as you do Zuzana on the push ups. Great workout! Hope you are having a fun trip!

  • Lenka

    Ahoj Zuzano.
    Strasne se mi libi tvoje webovky a take se mi libi styl tveho cviceni. Vim,ze ti to tu rika asi kazdy. Ale je to opravdu tak.
    Chtela jsem se s tebou poradit nebo zeptat. Mam 164 a 66Kg. Rada bych shodila behem 2-3 mesicu 6kg. Myslis si, ze to jde? Moje telo je zvykle na pohyb,ale ne asi ten spravny…jenom behani a inline mi nepomaha. Mas nejaky svuj jidelnicek, ktery bych mohla vzit treba jako inspiraci? A kolikrat v tydnu by mi stacilo cvicit?

    Moc dekuji za odpoved. Ses skvela.

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/Pisana?ref=profile Pavlina

    The first time I did the second part of the workout I completed it in 15min 08sec. I bet my PB today by nearly 4 minutes!!! I completed it in over 11min, unfortunately didn’t manage to remember how many seconds as I pressed ‘clear’ on my stopwatch grrrr… :)

    I’m suuuper happy, that’s excellent progression!

    P.S. Looking forward to a ‘Rome-warrior style workout’ :)

  • http://30bananasaday.com Windlord

    1st part: [17,17,15,14,15,15 reps]
    2nd part: [12:20]

  • susab

    Hello,Zuzanna hope you and your husband have a wonderful trip. also, hope the love you and your husband lasts forever, don’t let the third person mixed up.

    with love

  • http://www.carolynbellpilates.com Carolyn Pilates

    Warmed up with get ups front and back mixed in with bridges.

    BL JU: 15.12.12 L & R
    II: 14:36

    Still rehabing my right shoulder from April injury…can really see a difference in push up depth and shoulder girth. Accepting it’s a process.

    It felt good to do a Z workout today!


  • Kim

    great workout!
    I did the 2nd part in 11 minutes. Feels great.
    I have followed your site for 3 weeks now. I can really feel the difference in cardio. My soccer performance has really become better =). Also I’m starting to see improvements in my definitions, very good complement to the gym.

  • Kelly

    Hi Zuzanna,

    Hope your having a great trip in Rome. I have a question for you. If you get a moment to answer, that would be much appreciated. I am slim build and never really done much exercise until recently. I am currently doing your summer fit program and eating small portion sizes and more regularly. I have already seen an improvement in my body tone. There is one thing that bothers me. Quite a few years back, i had my appendix removed, there were complications, and now I’m left with quite a deep scar. When i look from my right side profile, i have a small over hang, and I am flatter and toned on the left side. Do you have any advice on how I can reduce the over hang it really bugs me. Sorry for the long message.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip, Ciao!

  • http://myspace.com/akulas Akulas

    Nice lil wrkout going to do it now….

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I beat my old PB by 1min & 7sec for a new PB of 11:44…:D

    Hey Z, can you find a place or a park to add pullups to a workout cuz I’m missing them from your routines ;) Just a thought…. Enjoy the scenery!

  • Milykonijntje

    13 minutes 12 seconds. i did it without any stops, OMG i think i will never be able to do it this short. It is the second time i do it but the first one i didnt write my time, probably half an hour….

    Now i just have to close my mouth to junk and it will be perfect.

  • http://www.myspace.com/heathyrblack Heathyr

    Zuzana – You are my biggest inspiration to get fit. You have changed my life so much with your videos and smiles and happiness. I am a 19 year old girl.. 5″3 and was 205 lbs 2 weeks ago.
    I found your videos on youtube and started watching, and then ended up at your site and I was so happy that you had so many workouts that I could do at home because I’m so self concious to go to the gym.. Because of your inspiration to me, I’ve been doing your exercises and eating your recipes! (Cauliflower brain is yummy!) And so far I’ve lost 5.8lbs in 2 weeks!!! You are such a great role model, I hope one day I can be as fit and healthy and energetic as you.
    Thank you so much for your videos

  • Nicole

    This video makes me happy!
    At the end, where you are getting distracted by the noise and the city, made me giggle with self recognition. I do that all the time.
    Also I loved the “duh” smile and shrug after “pay attention to your diet…if you overeat…your workout will be for nothing”. LOL I think sometimes we need to hear it the way it really is.
    I caught myself at the end of this video giggling in agreement and saying (out loud….to the computer) “I love her” :)

    Thank you for being an inspiration, a role model, and a friend. Thank you for showing us your stumbles, and guilty pleasures, as well as your achievements and strengths.

    All the Best,

  • Bobbi Kaye

    I left a comment earlier today before I did this workout but I don’t see it posted…..hmmm…
    well anyway the whole workout took me a total of 16:24 The second part of the workout took me 12:24. I know I could have done better on time. I didn’t think that jump squat move would be that hard but my legs were shaking by the time I was done. lol I didn’t keep a count on my interval excercises though…I forgot to count hahah! I did a few minutes extra of some arm exercises because I just didn’t feel like it was quite enough but I didn’t add that into my time. I did that separate.
    This workout was great though! and I can’t wait to see more of you guys’ trip! The place I want to go the most is Japan. <3

  • Vee

    Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to say thanks for posting pictures…they help when i’m on the go and still want to workout…oh and by the way I did my first set of pull ups all on my own…which is huge :) …i couldnt lift my own weight when i first started…THANKS!!! Your site is amazing and so inspirational!!!

  • Marcela

    where is the first part of it with the lunges?

  • Bobbi Kaye

    wow this workout is gonna be great! I’m excited! You have me motivated girl. I’ve completely changed the way I eat and how I go about being active. I ride my bike to work on nice days and I catch some heat over it but I love it. Like you said getting a workout in early gives a pretty good energy boost for the day. lol And the other day I bought a mountain dew and it tasted terrible to me…..I haven’t been drinking much soda. I started drinking a lot of water and juice. Well anyways thanks for being inspiring you two! and I love how you post videos on your little adventures. I have the same love of travel. <3

  • Charlie D.

    I got 16 for 4 of the lunge sets and 17 for the other two. The rest I got 10:02:12. I’m totally in a better mood than I was 15 minutes ago – thanks so much for continuing to keep us posted even when you’re so busy.


  • kerstin

    Thank you for all the tips, and work out videos! You are inspiring! I was looking into getting back into shape. And i came across your site! thank you so much for putting time into doing this all, for us! and keep rocking!

  • Lvette #1

    If I had a say in your hair color, I will definitely pick brunette. I think its shows the beauty of your face.

    I will be doing this routine tomorrow since I did Ab Assassin today. The write up for this routine states three intense exercises.Is the backward lunge jump missing on purpose because the sweet punishment workout had it.

    • Mark V

      I’ll have to try that Ab Assassin. Sounds fun. :)

  • Aeran

    Can’t believe you are here in Toronto.
    It’s crazy hot and humid.

    Have fun!!

  • http://[email protected] Cindy Pinckard

    Have fun on your trip and thanks for working out with us before you left. I always enjoy all your workouts, what you eat in a whole day, portions, shopping trips all of it. Your site is very addictive. I absolutly love it and you guys. Your the best. Hey, where did you and Freddy meet. thanks again for all you do.


  • http://totum.ca S

    just searching around and found your site, i run a training studio in toronto if your still here and need a place to shoot your video while on vacation, let me know

  • Sonia Pt

    Great workout!!
    I did this one the first time in 22 April and my score was:
    1º part –
    2º part – 15:36min
    And today..
    1º part –
    2º part – 12:20min (it’s a miracle…)
    I feel so great, thank you Zuzana and Frederick

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    I did this in 9:50, so I think I did something wrong! I did three rounds….? Then I watched example video afterwards it also listed some lunges. (Hehe–stoked I missed that). I added a few other things afterwards to make it more like 15 minutes. Still a great little workout.

    Recently I have had trouble getting the videos to load. They go a couple of seconds and stall for 10 seconds, etc. It means I rely on the written descriptions and photos. It is nice when both options are provided in these situations as I can strike while the enthusiasm is flowing instead of bogging in cyberspace.

    You are going to love Italy…safe travels!!

  • Brittney

    Zuzana please help me Im slow. I am not really understanding how the interval workouts work. You wrote how many reps to do so why do we need the gymboss timer? And can you explain how to use the timer? I really need to lose weight and I want to do your workouts but Im confused. Please help!!

  • mickela

    Oh I remember this workout. the first part (lunge) is an interval and then you move on to the next 3 exercises.

    I will see if I can beat my PB tonite in the heat of NYC.

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  • Andrea Dre Dog

    The backwards lunch is on there its on the second link that you see the pics. This was a tuff one. My friend and I completed it in 15 mins. The Lunge jumps were hard to start out with but it warmed us up definately. I found the 1 jump forwar 2 back was really tuff yikes. And the reptile pushups but it was all worth it. Felt really sore this morning. And now I am ready to rock and roll. Thanks for the great workout.

  • Amanda

    I hope you have a great Holiday/vacation! My legs was sore from yesterday’s workout (500 knee ups/500 sumo/500 scissors, etc) so this was rough! I completed it in 14:07. Whew!!! Enjoy yourselves!


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  • pstania

    Hi Zuzi and Frederick
    Have nice relaxation trip.
    I have finish in 13:29:79 and I can’t believe so I have waching the video again and I did all the exercises the right way so I am very happy whit my resuld.
    Have good time and post some video when you are there enjoyin the holiday we can jealously waching.HEHE

  • http://www.peacefulbend.com/kT Katie

    You are so right about recording how you do on these workouts. Last time I did this was back in April and I wrote down that I had to do baby pushups in place of the reptile pushups and that it took me 29.5 minutes to finish the second part.

    This morning, I finished in 20 minutes and 46 seconds! I’m so excited that I dropped 9 minutes off my time. And while I’m still not strong enough for the reptile pushups, I substituted 1-2 reptiles with standard pushup in between and was able to do all the reps that way. It is so much fun to see this improvement and I know I’ll be able to do a real reptile pushup before too long!

    Thank you for all you do…and have a great time in Italy!

  • Katie

    Great workout, nearly killed myself there but great burn =]
    Time: 9 minutes and 52 seconds.

  • Cricket

    Have fun, stay cool,
    looking forward to seeing more.
    Freeeeedom and happiness written on your face…

    P.S. Beat ya!

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  • Nicky

    The shoes can be allies improving performance in practice? Show us the best options that you wear shoes in every sport.


  • http://www.notyouraverageskinnychicks.blogspot.com Emily

    Have fun on your trip!!

    I don’t think you guys have ever spoken about your history or background with fitness, etc. Although I’m sure you both have other passions, I’m very curious to hear about how you both came to dedicate your lives to fitness and health. I hope you guys can share that with us sometime!

  • Sarah

    Yeah does anyone know what to do for the backward lunges? interval time/reps?

  • http://www.pulchratunes.com Squirrelicious

    I love your approach to fitness, diet and lifestyle. You work together as one unit focused helping people be their best.

    Your workouts are the most exciting, affordable and efficient way to stay in shape. When I was 17, my mother encouraged me to hit the gym and its been a habit ever since. Up until recently, my routine has been [insert boring steady-state cardio here] some plyo and a mix of lifting heavy and light.

    After downloading a FREE timer for HIIT to my Android phone, I’ve been doing your timed plyo/bodyweight workouts and have a tighter, more defined stomach, tighter legs (my biiiig challenging area) and the beginnings of some nice posterior deltoids. I’ve evidently put on a lot of muscle in my legs, my abs, my back because when I swim, I don’t float easily. :)

    Can you point me to some videos that will show me how to put on size my shoulders, tris and bis? I’m a 27 year old female with a very slow metabolism. I get most of my protein from yogurt, eggs, nuts and the occasional piece of fish. I infrequently eat carbs like wheat, rice or fruit because I don’t like how they make me feel.

    I know saying “my body wasn’t meant to build big muscles” is a total cop-out. I know that with the right advice, I’ll be able to balance things out.

    Love from NY!

  • colleen

    so is this all that you do for your workouts per day the 20 mins? I know you have 40 min workouts. could you maybe give me a break down on your week. also what size weights you use mostly? thanks

  • Nick

    Love your vids… but, can i ask for a certain type of workout for an upcoming vid?

    Hey charlie

    I must first state that due to you i have almost hit my goal of 170 pound (from 260 pounds) and in full healthy shape for a guy of my size (5’9′). im at the final home stretch of getting there and i added a new weapon into my arsenal of working out… Kettlebells

    Only issue im having is making the perfect circuit of kettlebell workouts

    meaning… when i pick up my kettlebells, what moves should i be doing for X amount minutes and then taking an X amount minute break and then starting that circuit over again???

    i guess what im asking is for you to help show me what is the most effective routine to have with kettlebells and to make a simple circuit routine that will then not only kick my ass, but make me stronger, push my heart rate up to the 180′s and be the hardest cardio routine in the world that i can do everyday with simple kettlebells

    Thanks and i seriously owe you soooooo much!!!!!

  • Gaby

    Have a wonderful trip guys…. I am all excited for you!! I wish I could pack my bags and go somewhere too… but my job doesn’t let me..

  • Lilly

    Hi there
    Great workout! If I herd correctly you are in Toronto? If so that’s where I am from. You have to go to Second City. It’s a comedy production put on live by a few people at the same time. Go check it out it’s a lot of fun.

  • becca c.

    you forgot to explain the first part of this workout, the interval part. You do back lunge and jump up for 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest. you do 6 rounds of that for a total of 4 minutes then u move on to the time challenge. switch legs each 30 sec. interval

  • becca c.

    nooooo waaaaayyy lmfao i just picked this workout to do yesterday to beat my old personal best (which i beat by 1 min 32 sec!!) thats so weird our minds must be on the same frequency :) enjoy your trip!!

  • B.M

    One of my favorite workouts to date:) Those side V-crunches are killer!

    Shout out to my fellow Canadians! Woohoo!

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  • Patbull

    Hello Zuzana & Frederic!!!

    My girl friend and I have been following your site for about 1 year. She just looove your workout and she is training with you everyday she can and even if she`s on a bodybuilding program, she find a way to do your workout like a cardio!!! :)

    Now, I have a question for you that my girlfriend didn`t want to ask you because she said that it`s not of our business… but I`m to curious!
    How do you finance all your traveling? You`re doing something more than only your site, right?

    Thanks for your honesty and I wish you and Frederic a very nice trip!!!! =)

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  • http://bodyblog.tv Lish Weese

    Yes, have a wonderful trip. And thanks to both of you for always faithfully giving us updates and new workouts and other fab information!!! Take care Lish

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  • lisa-marie

    Huurrryyyyyy the website works for me today !! yey !!

    Can’t wait to give this a go, have an amazing time:).

    Looking forward to seeing you burpee your way across Italy :D


  • Victoria

    That’s great! Almost a whole minute.

    I have to thank you, guys, because of your care for the site and all the people who follow your workouts. Even in your holidays, you keep giving us your help. Other people would close the site with “see you soon” or similar.

    And thank you again for letting us know about your trip. It’s going to be fantastic travelng to Rome with you without leaving my house :D

    Have fun!

  • http://www.smilewithtulip.co.uk Kezza


    Again fab workout… I didn’t record my workout last time but they are getting easier the fitter I get.

    I have been working out 4-5 days a week since January and have lost 14 lbs.I was not huge to start with but did want to tone up and feel healthier. It seems to have worked I feel so much fitter, my jeans are fitting really well I am even starting to get some definition.

    The problem is I seem to sweat much more then in the past. I take another dance class as well as doing these workouts and I seem to sweat more then the other women.
    Not just on my back and chest but even my fore arms get wet. Has anyone else had anything like this or know why its happening?

    I drink about 2 liters of water plus tea, coffee and fresh juices in the morning. So i don’t ever feel thirsty so I don’t think it is causing any damage.

    I hope someone can help or give advice or even just let me know if this is normal.

    Thanks guys.

    • Victoria

      I’ve read somewhere that is totally normal. The more you get fit and the more you improve your shape, the more you sweat when you do any kind of workout. It’s because your body also improves the way to stay with a good temperature. And the way is sweating.

      I also suffer this “problem”, don’t worry. You only have to drink enough after your workouts and along the day, like you’re doing now.

    • John M

      Maybe you are drinking more fluids now and your body can perspire more, whereas before you body was conserving fluids to avoid dehydration.

      Also, if you are wearing cotton or another fabric that holds onto sweat, it might appear that you are sweating more than if you were wearing polyester, for example. The weave of the fabric also affects how much sweat it collects.

      Some people need to perspire more in order to cool off. Maybe due to differences in the solute concentration of the sweat which affects the amount of heat it absorbs per unit of measure. Differences in the thickness of skin, metabolism, circulation needs, also affect how much we sweat.

      Also some people maybe sweat more in the groin, and that is not as noticeable as the upper body and arms, making it appear that the person is sweating less.

      You might have less sweat glands on average (some people are born w/o sweat glands, or they are defective, in one or both armpits, for example). Maybe your body is utilizing glands in different parts of the body to compensate for a deficiency in the concentration and efficiency of high usage sweat gland areas.

      If I didn’t feel sick or dehydrated I wouldn’t worry.

    • Megan


      It happens to me too. As soon as I start working out more my metabolism goes up and my normal body temp seems to get a little hotter and I get to be a sweaty beast. Shouldn’t really be an issue as long as you’re staying hydrated and keeping your electrolytes balanced.

    • maylin

      That’s normal when you’re building muscle your body tends to be burning a lot faster and it’s a sign for fast metabolism.

    • Euthie

      I sweat a lot too–I used to sweat a lot before I started getting fit, but you’re right it has gotten a lot worse now (glad it’s not only me, I felt like a freak! lol) I just take it as a sign that my body is running more efficiently? I dunno? Maybe someone has a more scientific explanation.

    • Charlie D.

      Don’t worry about it – it’s just your body getting more efficient. Sweating is the way it knows best to cool you down and now that you put it through its paces more often, it reacts more quickly. Think of it as cleansing your pores and you’ll feel much better about it.

    • http://teacherslife-kate.blogspot.com/ Kate


      I sweat a lot too! I drink a lot of liquids as well, so I am guessing I am sweating them all out. I once heard, don’t know if it is true, the more you sweat the more fit you are… but who knows?

      Just a few thoughts! :)

      • http://www.smilewithtulip.co.uk Kezza

        Aww thanks guys I feel much better knowing I am not the only one. And your right I guess if I’m not feeling sick or ill after then there is nothing to worry about.

        Thanks for all your kind words and useful information. I hope Zuzana knows what a good job she is doing not only putting all the amazing work outs up on here but also creating a good community or like minded people who can ask questions and share advice.


  • Tali R.

    hey guys,

    another great workout.

    this my second time im doing this workout, and the first time the second part took me 15:53
    TODAY I DID IT IN 13:20!!!! i feel so strong and fast – thank you, for your workout.
    i hope both of you will have a great time on your vacation.
    and don’t forget us :-)

  • Sharon

    i’ve been following you guys for a while now, and i love how you’re so motivated to become healthy and not be one of those sticks. you’re motivated to exercise because you want to live a healthy life and not because you want to lose weight. you really inspire me to get up and exercise. you’re recipes look delicious although i haven’t tried any yet :( i’m only 15 so i don’t cook around the house…

    anyway, thank you for always posting and keeping us up to date, even when on vacation!

  • abhi

    great one,zuzana.

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  • John M


  • Arielle

    Is it just me or is the workout in the video not the one you posted?

    • pstania

      Ther is missing only the firs part it is backward lunge jump 10sec.rest 30sec.workout 6 rounds.

    • Amanda


      They just forgot the 4 minute interval 10 sec/30 sec of the backward jump lunge. You can look at the older video and it has it correctly. I am sure it was just an oversight!


  • ReD3sign

    Woo!! If I knew you were in Toronto, I would’ve loved to meet u!! (for an autograph) I look up to you a lot and see you as a great role model! A healthy lifestyle is #1!

  • Raina

    Oh zuzana i’m so jealous! Have a nice trip to rome! I’m so glad for you and also excited to see your italian adventures and workouts:)
    I noticed that you became brunette! You look a lot younger! But i think whatever color you choose would look great on you:)
    Kisses from Greece!

  • Euthie

    Thanks for the new workout Zuz! I did the Best Ripped Abs one again tonight and really feel like I’m getting stronger! I get so excited for your new workouts even though they always kick my ass, LOL. I love the workout top you had on today, by the way. And it’s really cool that you always find time to exercise even if you have a big day ahead–something I will have to do myself. TTYL

  • ruben hernandez

    hola., mi nombre es ruben y quisiera decirte que te felicito por tu pagina.
    a mi me gusta correr y creo que tus ejercicios me ayudaran mucho a tener mas fuerza porque soy muy delgado y aveces creo que necesito mas fuerza en mis musculos.
    disculpa por no escribir en ingles.

    gracias y te mando saludos

  • Esthela

    Have a safe flight and a great trip in Italy. Enjoy it a lot you both deserve it.
    Greetings from México!!!

  • http://n/a Tanya

    Oh, Backward Lunge is missing,..

  • http://n/a Tanya

    Oops, this is another workout…
    Have a nice trip and enjoy it!

  • Charnell

    I must say, ive seen a structural difference in my body now that i’ve started eating right + your workouts. Thanks so much and dont ever stop making workouts. You inspire me so deeply. Thanks =)

  • mag

    enjoy your travel !! the city looks awsome!
    Guys could you help me please?
    I was doing “the clean diet” about tiny portions many times during the day, but I lost some weight that I didn’t want. So now my portions are bigger and still many during the day, but after my biggers meals, I feel extremely full and I hate that feeling because I think that my stomach got used to small portions, but I think that this is the way to gain some weight, it’s that ok? But, is better if I keep my smalls portions and eat more times during the day than eat some meal that really let me tired?
    what do you think that I have to do? please help me :D I don’t know if eat more than 6 “small portions”meals during the day?, ore eat 4 big meals that get my tired, please answer to me, thanks! my goal is gain weight in muscle, not fat , please answer
    lucky!! I want to see more videos and see the beatifull places!

  • d.

    i think you guys forgot to post the first part of the workout that had the one leg jump lunges?? hehe..


  • Keri

    Hey Zuzana,

    I recently found your site and have been catching up on all the posts! I have learned a lot already and look forward to trying you your methods vs. what I use now.

    I am from Hamilton Ontairo, but am living in Montreal for a year. Where in Canada are you guys now?

    Looking forward to trying your workouts and recipes!

    Addicted already!

  • Sunshine

    Awesome! Can’t wait to do this workout! I was just thinking how much we’d miss you guys! Have fuuuunnn! Peace and Love :)

  • Meg

    Ha, what a coincidence! I just did this workout today and was hoping I’d see a post from you!
    By the way, did you dye your hair redish? It looks good!

    I hope you’re having a great holiday!