Aug 3 2010

Sexiest Abs Workout

Hi guys,

Before we get started with todays workout (which is a killer btw) I just wanted to say that I was really impressed by how many of you made your own modified sandbags or used other weights to complete the last workout. I have absolutely fallen in love with my sandbag and it will be a regular addition to my new workout routines.

Mark V posted this question in the comments:

“Can you give me a guide as to which sandbag would be the best for me? Also, is there something that I can use temporarily until I get one?”

I am using the power sandbag in my workouts. This is the package that they recommend for women. For men, you can start with the strength sandbag package. The thing that makes these sandbags great is that you can adjust the weight to whatever level works for you – this is a real plus. It also has multiple grips and handles which allows you to perform different exercises. If you don’t want to go the sandbag route, you can try using different free weights, a duffle bag full of laundry – get creative and find something that works. If you have any suggestions please post them in the comments below.

Alicia also left this question:

“Do you do your workouts everyday, or every other day? Or a certain number of times a week?”

I aim to do a workout 6x per week. These workouts are a super intense 12 minutes long – even when my days and weeks are super busy I make it a priority to find these 12 minutes for myself to keep myself healthy, fit and strong. The way we are updating right now, we are trying to share a workout one day, and a diet video the next. On the days when we don’t update with a new workout, you can either repeat the most recent one, or you can dig through the home workouts section and find one of my older routines. The main point is to be consistent and give it everything you have. Even if I don’t post a new workout that day, I usually let you guys know what workout I did in the diet post. On a side note, a lot of the newbies have been asking if I can suggest an exercise for this problem area or what to do about that problem area. The best answer that I can give is that the workouts I do are full body – I put them together to cover as much of the body as possible. I believe that this is the best approach to achieving overall head to toe results.

Today’s workout really wound me up. I was dripping with sweat and breathing hard right out of the gate. Before I started I gave myself a little reminder to just attack this routine – I went into it keyed up with a take no prisoners attitude. Take a minute before you start your workout and get yourself pumped up. Get fierce. 12 minutes of sweat dripping whoop ass awaits – walk away from it proud that you gave it your all and did your very best. As always I am keeping automatic track of my time and intervals with my favourite workout gadget – my beautiful and precious Gymboss Interval Timer.

Set your timer for 24 rounds and 2 intervals. The first interval is 10 seconds and the second interval is 20 seconds long. Your goal is to do as many reps as you can for each exercise during the 20 second interval. The 10 seconds is just enough time to write down your reps and get into position for the next exercise – but you will have to move fast.

I really enjoyed this workout so I hope that you will have a lot of fun with it as well. Make it a game and try to beat my reps for each exercise.

This is the order of the exercises and you will do 2 rounds of this entire circuit (that’s why you have to set your interval timer for 24 rounds)

1. Side Lunge Jump – I completed 17 reps in the first in the first round and 14 reps in the second round.

2. Shouldering Sandbag – My score: 5 reps in the first round and 5 in the second round.

3. Side Lunge Jump – 17 reps, 16 reps.

4. Dive Bomber – 5 reps, 4 reps.

5. Side Lunge Jump – 17 reps, 16 reps.

6. Cleaning Sandbag – 5 reps, 5 reps.

7. Side Lunge Jump – 15 reps, 14 reps.

8. Pike Jump – 21 reps, 17 reps.

9. Side Lunge Jump – 15 reps, 14 reps.

10. Sandbag Sit Up – 5 reps, 4 reps.

11. Side Lunge Jump – 15 reps, 14 reps.

12. Slide Under with Sandbag – 9 reps, 8 reps.

The photo tutorial and complete exercise descriptions for this workout can be found on my personal blog Zuzana by clicking here.

Enjoy your workout!



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  • Anonymous

    hey!  did this one this morning!  really enjoyed it!  and cool I even beat zuzana!  I know she was using more weight! but still! lol
    side lunge jump – 18, 19
    shouldering sandbag – 5, 6
    side lunge jump – 21, 20
    dive bomber – 5, 5
    side lunge jump – 19, 20
    sandbag clean – 6, 7
    side lunge jump – 19, 19
    pike jump side to side – 29, 25
    side lunge jump- 19, 15
    sit up (no sandbag)- 7, 7
    side lunge jump – 19, 19
    slide under with sandbag – 8, 9
    used 14lbs in my “sandbag”

    plus burpee for erin!

  • You As A Machine

    Warmed up with vacuuming – I’m getting way behind on my house cleaning; a true holiday, which only means I’ll have more work to do later…go figure.

    Chose this workout for today since it’s pretty straight forward and well rounded – I seem to like it enough to keep coming back to it.

    10x stairs by two’s for warm up + light stretches.

    1. Side Jump Lunges: 20 – 21 
    2. Shouldering Sandbag: 8 – 7
    3. Side Jump Lunges: 21 – 20
    4. Dive Bombers: 7 – 6
    5. Side Jump Lunges: 20 – 19
    6. Cleaning Sandbag: 7 – 7
    7. Side Jump Lunges: 21 – 21
    8. Pike Jump over mid-line: 23 – 23
    9.Side Jump Lunges: 20 – 20
    10. Sandbag Sit Up: 6 – 6
    11. Side Jump Lunges: 21 – 20
    12. Slide Under w/Sandbag: 11 – 11

    1×100 skips with rope to cool down.
    +45 minutes Ashtanga Yoga Standing series: including first 12 seated postures + 3 backbends + close (no inversions).
    Happy a fun & safe New Years Eve!

  • You As A Machine

    Well, I just revisited this workout, it’s been about a month. I see I was the last one to post my scores!
    10x stairs by two’s for warm up + light stretches.

    1. Side Jump Lunges: 20 – 20 
    2. Shouldering Sandbag: 7 – 7
    3. Side Jump Lunges: 20 – 20
    4. Dive Bombers: 6 – 7
    5. Side Jump Lunges: 20 – 20
    6. Cleaning Sandbag: 6 – 7
    7. Side Jump Lunges: 20 – 18
    8. Pike Jump over mid-line: 23 – 28
    9.Side Jump Lunges: 20 – 19
    10. Sandbag Sit Up: 6 – 6
    11. Side Jump Lunges: 20 – 20
    12. Slide Under w/Sandbag: 11 – 12

    went right into 4×100 skips
    +45 minutes Ashtanga Yoga Standing series: including first 12 seated postures + backbends + close (no inversions).

    Thanks again!

  • You As A Machine

    Did this workout today, warmed up with tidying the house (usual chores, laundry, kitchen, kids toys) then 10x stairs (by two’s)

    1. Side Jump Lunges: 18-19
    2. Shouldering Sandbag: 7-7
    3. Side Jump Lunges: 19-18
    4. Dive Bombers: 7-7
    5. Side Jump Lunges: 18-18
    6. Cleaning Sandbag: 7-7
    7. Side Jump Lunges: 19-17
    8. Pike Jump over Mid-Line: 24-29
    9. Side Jump Lunges: 19-18
    10. Sandbag Sit Up: 6-7
    11. Side Jump Lunges: 19-18
    12. Slide Under w/Sandbag: 12-12

    went right into 4×100 skips
    +45 minutes Ashtanga Yoga Standing series + first 12 seated postures + backbends + close (no inversions).
    Seeing my RMT today so wanted to really prep my body for the release work.

    Thanks for another great 12 minutes of Body Maintenance.

  • Vivi

    I redid it today but with different intervals ;I did 12 round of 10x50s to push longer.
    So my score is with 10kg:
    Side lunge : 70
    Shouldering : 15
    Side lunge : 72
    Dive bombers : 12
    Side lunge : 75
    Cleaning sandbag : 15
    Side lunge : 75
    Pike jump : 60
    Side lunge : 65
    Sandbag sit up 14
    Side lunge : 80
    Slide under : 30

  • Vivi

    I did it today in first one (the second was “Enjoy your burn wo”)
    My score is:

    Side lunge : 31.36
    Shouldering sandbag : 7.7
    Side lunge : 31.36
    Dive bombers : 7.7
    Side lunge : 33.36
    Cleaning sandbag : 9.9
    Side lunge: 35.35
    Pike jump : 37.42
    side lunge : 36.38
    Sandbag sit up : 6.8
    Side lunge : 37.39
    Slide under sandbag : 14.14

    Good for cardio.

  • Teryn J

    I just did this one for the first time today, I used 2 of my homemade sandbags which are 7lbs each. Here was my score:
    1. jump lunge: 12, 12,
    2. Shouldering: 4, 5,
    3. jump lunge: 12, 12
    4. Dive Bomber: 4, 5
    5. Jump Lunge: 12, 12
    6. Cleaning: 6, 6
    7. Jump Lunge: 12, 12
    8. Pike: 20, 28
    9. Jump Lunge: 12, 12
    10. Sit-up: 4, 5
    11. Jump Lunge: 12, 12
    12. Slide under: 9, 11
    Im feeling good, I think I should have pushed harder with the jump lunges though…

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Great sweat! I have no Sandbag right now, so I modified a few exercises!
    My scores:
    1: 32-32
    2: Sump Squats: 16-18
    3: 32-33
    4: Dive Bombers: 6-6,5
    5: 33-33
    6: Squat & Jump Tucks: 10-14
    7: 32-30
    8: Pike Jumps: 34-37
    9: 33-33
    10: Sit-Ups: 13-14,5
    11: 32-36
    12: Slide Under: 19-20
    Thanks <3

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      I mean SUMO squats, ha ha ;)

  • Maria

    Just finished :)
    I used a backpack with some stuff in it and a gallon of water. I also did some jump lunges going all the way down and some I did half way down. I did mods here and there. fun workout!

    my reps:
    1. 19, 18
    2. 7 , 6
    3. 19, 19
    4. 4, 4
    5. 17, 17
    6. 7, 8
    7. 18, 19
    8. 14, 12
    9. 17, 18
    10. 5, 5
    11. 17, 17
    12. 14, 21

  • Dalyn

    I’m dripping sweat! love it!!!

    1. 29, 28
    2. 7, 9 (I used a bag of laundry like you suggested! Worked, but wish I had a sand bag)
    3. 26, 31
    4. I did plank with hip dips on this one.
    5. 28, 31
    6. 12, 13 (I just did dead lifts with 15 lb weights)
    7. 29, 28
    8. 28, 31
    9. 25, 26
    10. 9, 13 (I used a 15 lb. dumbbell)
    11. 27,28
    12. 13, 15
    I’m so addicted to you guys!!! Thanks! ;)

  • nehuu

    whr r d videos???? ol vanished… cnt find thm… not good modification of the site…. gt back to normal…the previous waz awsum wid updates on d front page… gt back to normal !!1

  • Ifka

    Hey, Zuzana,
    I just did this workout and I am completely finished, all muscles on my body burn, but it feels so good…
    I did a bit modified version of this workout, with 40 skips instead of Side Lunge Jumps (I am not so fit to do it), but hopefully I will one day be as fit as you are.
    Looking for next workout tomorrow.

  • Lindsey

    Just finished the sweaty one. I’m on the bike spinning my legs for a cool down. Here’s how it went…
    Body squat with a Press (chained this ex)-10/10
    Cleans with 20lbs db-5/5
    Sit ups with med ball-8/8

  • Samantha R

    Hi both, I did this one today and used a 10k dumbbell – the design of them means they were ok for everything except the clean so I did a kettlebell swing instead.

    1. Side Jump Lunges 19/19
    2. Shouldering Sandbag 5/5
    3. Side Jump Lunges 18/19
    4. Dive Bombers 6/6
    5. Side Jump Lunges 19/20
    6. Dumbbell Swing 11/12
    7. Side Jump Lunges 18/18
    8. Pike Jump 22/27
    9. Side Jump Lunges 18/19
    10. Sandbag sit up 5/7
    11. Side Jump Lunges 18/20
    12. Slide under w sandbag 6/8

    Really enjoyed this workout today thank you both. Glad Freddie is better.

  • hana

    hi Z i am from morocco and i love u sooooooo much

  • Cassie

    this workout really worked by but!! i am still feeling it the next day. and i am sure i’ll probably feel it tomorrow too.

    i am sure i am going to do this again and try to beat my reps. another GREAT workout zuzana. :) this one made the sweat pour!

  • Kitty

    I’m a few days behind you…
    I did this workout this morning! Loved it!
    Since I don’t have a sandbag I used my lonly 15 pound kettlebell which has been quietly waiting for a turn!
    I shouldered my Kettlebell for exercise #2.
    Did one arm Kettlebell swings for #6.
    And held my Kettlebell for exercise #10 and 12.

    So this is how I did:
    1. Side Jump Lunge 27 / 25
    2. Shouldering Kettlebell 8 / 8
    3. Side Jump Lunge 23 / 26
    4. Dive Bomber 7 / 6
    5. SJL 23 /25
    6. one arm kettelbell swings 15 /16
    7. SJL 23 /28
    8. Pike Jump over midline 27 / 30
    9. SJL 25 / 24
    10. Kettlebell Sit up 7 / 8
    11. SJL 26 / 26
    12. Slide under with Kettlebell 16/ 16

    By the way when you get to Vancouver (not sure if anyone gave you some tips on where you can take your dogs)…
    Check out Spanish Banks during low tide…check out the tide tables and you can walk out super far and the dogs can run around off leash. Not all the beaches are off leash so make sure you look for signs.
    Also, there is a great little dog beach at kits beach close to the maritime museum…it’s a great little area where the dogs can socialize and swim.

    Also, you may want to check out the Endowment Lands (Pacific Spirit Park) off 16th and Blanca or enter from West 29th and Imperial Drive. Lots of off leash trails and on leash trails in the woods…breathtakingly beautiful.

  • Andre

    used old back pack with a couple of dumbbells inside, and it made for a great workout, thank you.

  • Lour

    ahhh excellent workout!!! thank you!!!!!!!! :) xxx

  • Samantha

    I did this work out friday.. My butt was so SORE saturday and yesterday I did another one of the workouts and now it’s just added to it! Great workouts!

  • RDH

    Hi, I used my yoga mat bag, with my yoga mat in it. I can add weights in next time.

    1. Side Jump Lunges 20, 21
    2. Shouldering Sandbag 7, 9
    3. Side Jump Lunges 21, 22
    4. Dive Bombers 4, 4
    5. Side Jump Lunges 20, 21
    6. Cleaning w Sandbag 5, 9
    7. Side Jump Lunges 21, 22
    8. Pike Jump 12, 16
    9. Side Jump Lunges 21, 21
    10. Sandbag sit up 5, 6
    11. Side Jump Lunges 22, 23
    12. Slide under w sandbag 10, 12

  • Ashley


  • Ashley


  • AKH

    I just finished in 14’35″.
    I am still dripping… am using homemade sandbag, which is brillient.
    Later today I have yoga class, hope this work out would not affect. Thx again. AKH

  • Mickela

    this work out was brutal i changed things up a bit. because my challenge is to work out no less than 20 mins 5 days a week.

    so my interval went like this: it was 10 rest and 50 work.
    I used my dumbells a total of 16 lbs that was quite tough.
    this is a full body work out for sure and it hurts.

    for the second round I skipped rope, I think those jump lunges are OK for the 20 sec duration but for almost one minute they are pure torture.

    I also want to warn anyone who’s core is not strong, to really be careful when doing side jump lunges, really watch your form and posture or you will end up with a really bad back ache the next few days.
    that happened to me at the beginning of the year when I first started working out with Zuzana’s evil ideas for a work out.
    My ass hates me right now oh well
    thank you Zuzana and Freddie.

  • Veronika

    1. Side Lunge Jump – 20/18

    2. Shouldering Sandbag – 5/5

    3. Side Lunge Jump – 19/19

    4. Dive Bomber – 4/4

    5. Side Lunge Jump – 19/19

    6. Cleaning Sandbag – 5/5

    7. Side Lunge Jump – 19/19

    8. Pike Jump – 19/24

    9. Side Lunge Jump – 18/18

    10. Sandbag Sit Up – 6/7

    11. Side Lunge Jump – 19/19

    12. Slide Under with Sandbag – 10/10

  • Iris Collado

    I forgot that I did the Megan Fox Workout after doing the Sexiest Abs Workout. This workout took me about 22 minutes to do it.

  • Iris Collado

    I did it today but it took me 19 minutes to compltet it. I was trying to keep focused on proper form.
    SJL 20 20
    SS 8 8
    SJL 20 15
    DB 8 7
    SJL 18 15
    CS 7 7
    SJL 12 15
    PJ 22 22
    SJL 21 18
    S Sit 10 10
    SJL 22 22
    Slide 23 24

  • Roq

    I just completed this workout which is a killer. I have two different size sandbags and I used the bigger bag in all SB exercises except the sit ups and slide unders. It really drained my energy. I might have to lighten the load a little bit next time. My score is:

    Side Lunge Jump (SLJ) 20-17
    Shouldering SB 6-6
    SLJ 18-17
    Dive Bomber 5-4
    SLJ 18-18
    Cleaning SB 5-5
    SLJ 16-10
    Pike Jump 10-10
    SLJ 16-11
    SB Sit Up 5-3 (the SB was teasing me the second round)
    SLJ 18-15
    Slide Under 9-8

    • Roq

      Darn it. I just checked out your workout video again to see if my form was as good and I see that I have to modify my form on the SLJ just a little bit. The problem is adjusting just a little bit might result in a way lower score :-(

  • Erin

    Where is your workout top from!? It is so cute!!

  • becca c.

    ahh my butt is killing me from this workout yesterday!! like crazy different than usual. who’d a thunk that 12 minutes would leave u sore like this– amazing!!

  • Adriana

    Hey Z

    How do you find working out in those shoes?

    I haven’t heard of many people doing much other than walking in them… something about instability… But I would think that it would force you to use your stabilizer muscles more?

    Either way – maybe your butt hurts from the shoes too!

    Do you recommend them?


  • Milykonijtnje

    Hello everyone.

    I hope you can help me. I would like to buy the sandbag, but the link bodyrock has put i believe it is from the USA. I live in Europe and I do not want to pay taxes, it is so unfair to pay more for something you just cannot get in Europe!! So i was wondering…

    Does anyone know a site from europe where I can buy the sandbag?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Krys

    Hello! I have been doing your workouts for awhile and I have to say that I love them!! I was just wondering how do you avoid plateaus?

  • AnnaO


    I love this workout!! I wonder if you could please add the name of each movement to your videos while Zuzana is doing them? It helps to remember, especially when there are so many different moves.

    Thanks for the great website :) )

  • Tanyshka

    For those who don’t want to buy the sand bag, here is an inexpensive way to make your own quite easily:

    1. Go buy a tube like pillow at walmart with a zipper where they put in the stuffing = 10 $

    2. Buy Sand and fill 3 garbage bags with the sand to make small poutches you can insert into the pillow case = 4$

    3. Use Duck Tape to take the 3 sand bags up so they do not leak (the bags should be about 12 inches by 6 inches) = 0 $ who doesn’t have duck tape

    So for less then 15$ you’ve got a sandbag that you can adjust the weight on.

    • Adriana


      I haven’t made the sand bag because, well I just can’t afford to spend over $100 on something like that!

      Thank you very much for your tips for making one. :)


    • Christie

      Hey that’s a good idea, I just used a king sized pillow case full of blue jeans for the time being, worked ok but i like your idea!

    • Athena

      Gosh. to everyone. HOW TO MAKE A SANDBAG?

    • Carrie

      Hi Tanyshka, thanks for this great idea. I went out to buy the relevant bits today, but couldn’t get a particularly cheap pillow – or the sand – so instead I bought a 5kg bag of sugar for about six euro (enough weight for me for now!), then wrapped that in bin bags and duct tape as you suggest. I’ll probably put it in a backpack to avoid sugar explosion, and am hoping it will mimick the sand effect.

      • sano

        careful, if it does explode you could ruin your diet

    • Katia

      Great idea Tanyshka, i actually considered buying the sandbag trainer. Thank you

  • Timea

    I just finished this workout and I loved it. I used a 30 lb dumbell(15 for the sit ups) and a 45 lb barbell.
    Thanks for these great workouts!

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  • Andrea

    1. Side Jump Lunges 13 18
    2. Shouldering Sandbag 6 9
    3. Side Jump Lunges 13 14
    4. Dive Bombers 4 6
    5. Side Jump Lunges 11 17
    6. Cleaning w Sandbag 6 9
    7. Side Jump Lunges 16 11
    8. Pike Jump 13 23
    9. Side Jump Lunges 10 12
    10. Sandbag sit up 5 7
    11. Side Jump Lunges 14 15
    12. Slide under w sandbag 7 11

    I’m very proud of the second round. Thanks for another killer coma enducing workout.

  • Ashley

    Hi! :) So I tried this workout this morning but I didn’t have a sandbag and pretty much everything I own is in moving boxes so I just did it free hand. I wasn’t sure if it would be anygood without weight but to be honest my abs, legs and arms are on fire! So it must have done some good! The Dive Bomber was my favorite!!!

  • Sonia Pt

    I Zuzana, I’m curious when you changed your diet to vegetarian, you started to do only 12 min workout, are this facts related? Do you feel less energie?

  • Olga

    Hello. Thanks for the great workout. I want to ask you. When a better deal. Morning? Day? Evening? And say what to do consistently at one time. What do you say? Thank you for your reply.

  • Claudia

    Zuzana, did this workout yesterday with 20 lb. sandbag and I am sore from my lower back and gluets. You really have to be careful with your form in these exercises especially with regard to the weight. But I have to say that I totally loved it!!! Way to mix it up. I don´t know if you have answered this question, but what weight were you using in your sandbag?
    Next time you workout with the sandbag, could you please tell us how much weight went into your sandbag, just to compare because for example if it´s 45 lbs, I won´t go there yet…

    Bodyrock junckie

  • Hiromi

    I love all your workout. They are absolutely fab !
    just wanted to ask you, what weight do you use for Shouldering Sandbag, Cleaning Sandbag, Slide Under with Sandbag,Sandbag Sit Ups?

  • kat

    I’m sure its been asked already, but do you think it is possible to replace the sandbag with a medicine ball or free weights and get the same workout?

  • http://. Fab.

    I think it’s really great what you are doing. U ROCK !!

  • Laura

    Hey Zuzana,
    What exercises would you say are your favorites for abs.

  • Tali R.

    Hey there,
    amazing workout. thank you. i using a backpack with some wights inside 11 kilo.
    this is my numbers:

    hope you have a wonderful day

  • Ruth

    I’ve been coming to this site for about 3 months now and I LOVE all these workouts! You are so creative with the moves and you always deliver a great workout! Thank you so much!
    I did half of this workout yesterday, but I couldnt get all the way through it. Today I’m going to push through it and get it all done, even if I have to take a break halfway through.(and even though my legs and bum are still sore from yesterdays, even though it wasnt a full workout!)
    I dont have a sandbag, so I just took a small duffel and wrapped some weights in a fluffy blanket and put them in it. Haha. whatever works, right?

  • Jitka

    Ahoj Zuzano,
    dekuji za tvoje stranky, ktere pravidelne sleduji a snazim se cvicit i dle tvych videi. Musim uznat, ze tvoje cviceni jsou sice namahava, ale lze je skutecne delat i doma, jsem z nich naprosto nadsena.
    A tvoje nove videa a komentare ohledne jidla jsou take naprosto super.. Sama se ted snazim kompletne zmenit svoje stravovaci zvyklosti a tvoje rady a recepty jsou k nezaplaceni :-) )
    Chtela jsem se te jen zeptat, zda mas nejakou oblibenou znacku na topy, ktere pri cviceni nosis.. priznam se, ze bych si chtela take nejaky poridit, ale zatim jsem nemela stesti na znacku, ktera by se alespon podobala tvym topum. Hlavne se me libi ty na zadech vykrojene a zapinani vepredu.. mohla by jsi me a spouste ostatnim poradit, kde by se daly podobne topy sehnat? Predem moc dekuji za odpoved.
    Moc vam fandim a tesim se na dalsi videa a informace..

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  • abhi

    awesome workout.i did all with sweat and realy big cheer.thanks z and freddy.

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  • Amanda

    This workout was awesome…..I pushed myself really hard and the sweat just poured off of me. :)

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  • Chris

    This workout kicks ass! I can tell my legs will be sore tomorrow because they already feel weak! I don’t have a sandbag so I used a medicine ball in its place. I was DRENCHED after the first round and people were watching me kick my own ass at the gym… love it!! Thank you, Zuzana and Freddy!

  • Alishia

    Dear god i just finished the bast ripped abbs workout yesterday and half way through during the squat side hop and side lunge my leg completely gave out on me and i fell on my face lol but that didn’t stop me from finishing the workout i just got back up and kept going after wards it took me a whole 12 minn just to get off the floor lol but I’m so proud of myself because I have never been able to get myself motivated enough to complete a whole workout. and i woke up the morning and i saw the actual results!
    In just one workout!! and i was so happy that i went to the store and bought myself a new outfit (that ive been putting off because i didn’t think i deserved it) and came home and did another of your workouts. Total success!
    Thank you so much for the awesome vids

  • alisia

    What do you do for your warm-ups?

  • Lvette #1

    hi guys,

    I’m finally able to do a complete workout since my cold. I did Fat Ass and Fcuk The gym the past two days but I needed to moderate them. I did push hard to day with the Sexiest Ab. My score for Sexiest Ab

    1. 25 & 20
    2. 9 & 8 (used a 6kg medicine ball)
    3. 25 & 27
    4. 7 & 6
    5. 26 & 27
    6. 5 & 4 (used a 301b barbell)
    7. 28 & 25
    8. 23 & 26
    9. 24 & 25
    10. 6 & 5 (used a 6kg medicine ball)
    11. 28 & 24
    12. 7 & 6

    The pasta dish was delicious. I used wholewheat rotini, even my meat loving husband loved it.

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  • Sally

    I come here every day, if I can to see what the latest workout is! I LOVE your interesting and original moves! My dream is now that you are posting picture tutorials with the workouts, that they could be posted in pdf so that I could print them out in booklet form to easily carry with me as I learn and do the moves in whatever position that requires.

    This is the first time I have left a note though I have been visiting you since I first got internet August of 2008. I found you on You Tube and fell in love with the workouts! Thank you both for being so generous with your knowledge. Your relationship is lovely to watch, too! : )

    Love, Sally : )

  • C

    Can you say which exercises are working the muscle groups in your body??

    Thanks :)

  • mackenzie

    put 15lbs in a duffel bag

  • Timea

    Are you going to use just the Sandbag from now on? :(

  • Sara

    Well, I think these exercises are hard without the sandbag or you could use a dumbell or something else that is heavy ^^ For example, tomorrow when I do this workout I will replace the “Shouldering Sandbag” with a modified Turkish Get Up. I think some variation(meaning the sandbag/weights) is very important and Zuzana’s workouts do offer some great variation!

    Love Sara

  • Lisa in the SE

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy! This is my first time posting a comment! I just want you to know I LOVED this workout!! I don’t have a sandbag (yet!) so I used my kettlebells.

    Also, your workouts got me into the best shape of my life after having my baby – she turns two in a couple of weeks! And now, we are expecting baby #2 in February 2011! I had to take about two weeks off due to morning sickness but I am back to doing your style of workouts about 3 days a week – I strength train at the gym 2 days a week. I am able to keep a healthy diet -I am adding in more grains (brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc) compared to what I normally eat (Precision Nutrition plan).

    I am looking forward to continuing your workouts throughout this pregnancy! By the way, I didn’t do these types of bodyweight workouts during my first pregnancy, I focused mainly on light jogging/running and let my strength go! I paid for that after having my baby, as it took me longer to get my strength back. That was difficult for me as I was able to pump out 8 pullups and 20+ pushups at a time pre-pregnancy!! This time around, I am focusing on eating healthier (and not giving in to those cravings every time they hit!) and bodyweight exercises, such as bodyrock and turbulence training. Anyway, you are an inspiration! I wish you the best on all your endeavors and THANKS FOR MAKING THIS FREE!! Best, Lisa in the SE

  • Jenn

    Wow, I just did this workout; here are my scores:
    1. Side Lunge Jump – 18 reps, 19 reps.
    2. Shouldering Sandbag – 6 reps, 7 reps.
    3. Side Lunge Jump – 18 reps, 18 reps.
    4. Dive Bomber – 4 reps, 3.5 reps.
    5. Side Lunge Jump – 18 reps, 17 reps.
    6. Cleaning Sandbag – 5 reps, 5 reps.
    7. Side Lunge Jump – 19 reps, 18 reps.
    8. Pike Jump – 14 reps, 17 reps.
    9. Side Lunge Jump – 18 reps, 17 reps.
    10. Sandbag Sit Up – 4 reps, 4 reps.
    11. Side Lunge Jump – 19 reps, 17 reps.
    12. Slide Under with Sandbag – 10 reps, 11 reps.

    Now I’m dripping with sweat! My chest is so weak, any kind of push up exercise is so hard. I really hope to cover my bony chest with some muscle!

    I didn’t have my sandbag very heavy today because I already spent an hour horseback riding (jumping) in the Florida heat.


  • Josefine

    Hey! I just wanted to say that I really enjoying this workout. Thanks!
    I have so recipes that I think you might like, but I am not sure where to post them. Should I email them to you??

    Have a wonderful day!


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  • liz

    Hey Z,
    love your workouts have been doing them for 4-5 weeks now and seen improvements, a lot more toned than ever before. I am 5’2 and weigh 113, I don’t want to lose weight but get toned like you. how much exercise do I need to do a week, I cut back on fatty food also.

  • Stephanie

    Hey Zuzanna!

    I was wondering if you could post more before and after photos of yourself….it’s hard to imagine what you looked like before when you look so good now.

    I just want to tell you…I’ve gotten compliments on my figure ever since I started your workouts and training with you…it’s been a couple months and it’s amazing. The interval training with the gymboss and your own bodyweight…is AMAZING!! I’m in the best shape of my life right now.

    I am so thankful for your site and all of what you guys do.

    Your workouts are simple and they work…like nothing else I’ve ever done. And best part is you don’t have crazy fancy equipment or you don’t have to spend tons of money on a gym membership!

    Thanks so much!

    LOOOOVE all your recipes by the way! Keep em coming!


  • CharlieBorro

    Hi Zuzana, I’m really impressed by these workout! Next week i’m going to the beach to build my own sandbag… and my own sand-backpack as well (it will do wonders for increase intensity of my pushups/pullups! :) ). I’ll try some of these routines with these toys…Surely they will help me in combat conditioning! thank you!!

  • Rose

    I kinda wanted to share with you guys how much I LOVE your site. I have ADD and I used to workout in random unreliable bursts because it was too boring or repetitive to maintain. But your workouts require concentration to perform, are always changing, and are too short for me to get bored of them. They’ve really changed my life. I feel amazing compared to how I used to feel. I eat better because I feel better, I consequently look better, and amazingly enough, my ADD feels more manageable.
    So a thousand thanks you Zuzana and Fredrick :)

  • Patrizia

    I agree with most, that your old workouts are better, not crazy about these new sandbag routines…

  • Jill

    Awesome workout as usual!! i do not have a sandbag and haven’t made one, so i substituted ‘kettlebell squat thrusts’ for ‘shouldering sandbag’ and ‘cleaning sandbag’ and used my kettlebell for the situps. i did this workout twice (24 min) all the way through and i feel destroyed!!! thank you Zuzana. my body thanks you too!

  • carolyn

    hi Zusanna and Frederick, can u please explain as I think i may be doing this wrong, are you doing the 12 exercises for 10 secs each exercise and then starting all over and doing the 12 exercises for the 20 seconds? Or is it go thru the exercises doing 10 sec, then 20 sec, and then starting the 12 exercises all over and doing another 10 sec and then 20 sec each? sorry, i’m confused LOL

  • alex

    Hey zuzana i don’t have a sandbag and just wanted to let everyone know what i did to replace it! for shouldering sandbag i did a medicine ball chop, for the sandbag clean I did kettlebell swings and for the slide under, i did the same move just using dumbells for weight.

    thanks for your inspiration :)

    • Marianne

      Alex, why not just do Kettlebell Cleans in place of the sandbag clean. Then it’s Like for like? Just curious :)

  • bridget

    Good morning! I love and very much appreciate the workouts you post; however, are you planning to stick with 12 minute routines long term? I am constantly challenged but am sometimes unable to feel the work until the end of the workout. Would you recommend longer intervals or attempting to do it twice (I fear two times through may lead to poor form!)?

  • haitham27


  • Mickela

    Ok you are convincing me with the sandbag thing. I have a big ass bag of dirty laundry that I will use for this workout and am looking to kick my own ass silly.

    Hi cascade I think the questions that you posted are very good questions, this is my answer to some of them I am not an expert but I do have some experience.

    I think that if you are not in good shape physically, that means toned and also have a strong heart muscle and lungs.

    These short workouts will not work as well, Interval workouts are to be done after you reach a certain level of fitness. (but a short work out is always better than none). if you want to lose weight and get a strong heart, you need to start with traditional training until you gain stamina and strength, yep, lots of cardio and strength training on a very regular basis and a good clean diet.

    unfortunately your breast size will be the first to go (on average) when losing fat. belly, ass and thighs always last.

    I think Zuzana mentioned that she had the 15-45lb bag.

  • Carrie

    I was thinking of getting a medicine ball of about 5kg (and using this in place of the sandbag – would that be as effective in terms of using the same muscles during these exercises? Also, someone mentioned adding workout tutorials at the end of the video again – I would second that, if only for exercises like the ‘shouldering sandbag’ as although the pictures are great, I’m a bit worried about doing my back in if I don’t have the correct stance, etc. Thanks for all the inspiration and workout ideas!

  • Aby


    I just got done with this great workout! I don’t have a sandbag, but used a sack of 12 lbs, which might be why my numbers are high. Here are my results:
    1. 21-22
    2. 5-5
    3. 21-22
    4. 4-5
    5. 21-21
    6. 5-5
    7. 21-22
    8. 24-26
    9. 21-21
    10. 4-4
    11. 20-22
    12. 8-9

  • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

    Damn, here it is again
    SL. 16.12 SHOULDERING SB. 7.8
    SL. 17.15 DIVE BOMBERS 3.4
    SL. 16.14 CLEANING SB 8.9
    SL. 16.13 PIKE JUMP 12.13
    SL. 16.8 SANDBAG SIT UP 5.5
    SL. 14.10 SLIDE W/ SB 6.8

    I used a duffle bag with three large filled waterbottles in it so it was alot less weight then Zuzanna. at the end of the workout I did 10 reps of the sandbag sit ups cause I really liked those and I lost time setting up for them during the workout. You really kicked my ass today Zuzanna! thank you :D

  • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

    SL. 16.12 SHOULDERING SB. 7.8
    SL. 17.15 DIVE BOMBERS 3.4
    SL. 16.14

  • Evelina from Finland

    Hi Zuzana! Loving your workout-outfit for to day! Clean and simple.
    Yesterday I was out buying new workout-clothes for myself, and shoes to, just to treath myself to start doing my best, strating to day!

    Thank you for inspiring me!

  • Suzanne


    I am wondering the same question as cascade. If we are trying to lose weight will 12 min be sufficient or should we be doing a longer workout?
    Thanks for all the workouts! I am soo sore from doing your workouts the past 3 days. So glad I found your site! Seeing you do the workouts daily has really motivated me to get back in shape.


    • Tanyshka

      If you eat clean, small portions many times a day, avoid junk food and alchool, and give your maximum during those 12 minutes you’ll lose weight.

      If you feel like you could workout some more after those 12 minutes, you didn’t push hard enough!

  • Chantelle

    Hey Zuzana and Frederick,
    I think your workouts are absolutely amazing. I love how you are incorporating new equipment into the workouts. Especially the sandbag. It is such a versitile piece that is great for so many different exercises. I have been following your workouts now since Christmas 2009.
    I am pregnant now though and these workouts are still awesome and I am doing them everyday, (want to be able to bounce back quick after).
    Please tell me you guys will be here in the new year????? I am gunna need all the motivation to back to my pre baby weight!!!!
    Love what you do for all of us!!!!!

    P.S. It is hard to not have any negative comments on here, but I guess you cant please everyone! Keep up what you guys are doing to vast majority appreciates every bit of it!!!!!

    Chantelle from Canada!!!! BC

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  • dmrc

    Z~ you may have addressed this already elsewhere but are those shoes the Tubes runners from Kswiss? I’m curious to know what kind of shoes you wear. I’m due for a new pair and I’m not sure if runners will cut it for these types of work outs. Any suggestions?
    Many thanks!

  • Criri from the French Riviera

    hi !

    thanks for this workout !
    17,6 pounds in my “home made” sandbag….

    1/ 17-20
    2/ 8-8
    3/ 19-20
    4/ 4-4
    5/ 21-19
    6/ 8-7
    7/ 23-18
    8/ 14-12
    9/ 20-16
    10/ 4-4
    11/ 20-16
    12/ 12-11

  • Becky Jane

    Hi there, thank you for the motivation to get back in to shape.
    I turn 30 this month which has not bothered me till now.
    Im usually fit cycle to work (4x per wk which took 45minutes!) went to gym twice a week etc…
    In January I moved town and in with my partner and all this stopped! I have put on a stone (which is good as I was a bit underwaight at 8 stone).
    The weight does not bother me its the shape I have become!
    I will take a pic of myself now and again in four weeks to see what a difference to my body shape this makes.
    Becky Jane

  • Jennifer

    Hi Guys,

    Is there an alternative way to use dumbells for the Pike Jump exercise since I don’t have a sandbag yet.

  • gogo

    This was brutal, but went by really fast! I used a 12 pound dumbbell instead of the sandbag. Thanks again lady, keep up the fantastic work!

  • suzan

    Hey suzana ,

    I Agree on what Chris R said.. body weight workout really helped me lose weight, shape and tone my body.. and it they were easy to follow and do any where because they dont require equipments..

    Q: Can we use dumbbells instead of sand bang ??

    Thanks for your efforts

  • Cloey

    How much does your sand bag weigh?

  • DD

    Hey zuzana
    just wanna say that i love all your video’s!!!!
    im only 13 (im pretty strong for my age)and i really enjoy them.
    I found your website about 5 months ago but i only did your workouts for about 3 months because i didnt have an interval timer and my parents have been so busy so i didnt get a chance to order them.
    But I just ordered the timer the last few days and im super excited about it. it should be here in about a week. Ill be doing your older workouts just to warm my self up and i will try to keep up with your new challenge. I have a few of very important tennis tournaments comming along and i wanna look and perform my absolute best.
    So excited about your trip to spain ill be looking forward to that!!!!
    Just cant wait hitting those workouts as hard as ever!!!!!!!
    love you so so so so much you are my no.1 idol….
    kisses from Phuket, Thailand!!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3
    I will definately send a before and after picture to you!(after i look good)

  • Sunshine

    great workout!!! did it last night… so…sore :)

  • Niko

    I use a 20 kilo grain sack with a couple of extra small weights, wrapped in a plastic compost bag so it all stays together and doesn’t split.

    Another great workout, and thanks for inspiring us all to workout at home with whatever we’ve got around us. :)

  • knowles51

    For those who would appreciate only doing bodyweight exercises…find a workout that she has already done that doesn’t use equipment. You can’t expect Z to stop challenging herself and others simply bc you don’t want to use a sandbag or a pull up bar. If this program isnt’ right for you, find one that is.

  • leanna

    Hello, Zuzanna and Freddy!
    This workout was absolutely brutal. I don’t think I could have taken one more minute!

    I wanted to tell you my story. Over the past year and a half, I have lost 55 pounds. I went from a size 16 to a size 8 and I couldn’t be happier. Before I found your site I was running 5 days a week, and although I was maintaining 160 pounds, I felt sloppy and had very little muscle definition. I didn’t look how I truly felt-like a fit person.
    After I started doing your Summer Fit workouts 3-4 days a week, I lost 15 more pounds and I went from a size 10 to a size 8. The physical work I had been doing for over a year finally started to show. People started commenting on how good I looked. I now only run 2-3 days a week, and I mainly use your workouts to keep muscle definition. Thank you so much for your help!

    With much love,


  • IrisCh.

    I also prefer just bodyweight exercises.
    I don`t have enough space nor the money for these equipments.
    I love your website and bodyweight exercises. They are hard, but work :-)

  • Thomas S. Moore

    Hello Zuzana and Freddie,

    Another killer workout as usual. I have been watching and doing some of the videos for the past few weeks and the are great! I like the change of pace withe the sandbag. Change up is great it keeps the body working and not getting use to the some old things.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Roxanne

    I just purchaed the sandbag and can’t wait until I get it! The workout looksbrutal. So keep the sandbag workouts coming! I’ll let you know how i do. Thanks for all that you and Freddie do!

  • Veron

    Greetings from Singapore! I found your site a month ago and absolutely love it! You are right, the Gymboss Interval Timer is an essential. I ordered mine from US and the folks have a wonderful delivery system in place – got mine in a week! I am using a 10kg free-weight now as a substitute for the sandbag. Am planning to create a homemade version with an old duffel bag and clean cat litter (!) – I can’t slam free-weights the way you did with the Shouldering Sandbag exercise!

    Thanks so much for sharing your workouts! Here’s to Endorphins!


  • Liza

    Thanks for the workout, Zuzana. I love dive bombers especially, and I haven’t seen these in your recent videos in a while! :)

    I have the same question as Cascade – since you’re already very fit, would you consider your daily workouts more of maintenance workouts, or are they sufficient for people trying to shape up too? I’m not fat but I’d like to get more toned and all.

    Much love,

  • lise

    hey zuzana! I really love your bodyweight workouts because we don’t need any equipment to do them except the gymboss. But now it looks really different since u used the sandbag and i was wondering about the price (it’s really expensive) and the results… What’s the difference between using a sandbag and using weights for example? Is it possible to create my own sandbag and how much is the weight you put inside?
    Never mind. I will try to follow your exercices even if i have to modify them a little!

  • Anca

    Hi Z&F,

    Your workouts are extraordinary. I have a 1 year old son and I have so little time for me…:) Two months ago I had 68 kg (at 172 cm height), a lot of belly fat and low self esteem. Now, after eating right, nursing and 3 times per week your workouts I lost 6 kg!! Thank you!! My husband has started your workouts and now we encourage each other. I still have to regain my tonus and my strenght but for the first time, I know I’m on the right track. Lots of hugs from Romania.

  • Sabrina

    I really pushed myself on this one. I was so proud of myself. :) This has become one of my favorite workouts!! All my favorite exercises in one workout, can’t beat that. :D I even loved the new ones.
    1. 17-19
    2. 8-9
    3. 18-18
    4. 6-5
    5. 18-19
    6. 6-6
    7. 18-19
    8. 16-19
    9. 17-18
    10. 5-5
    11. 17-17
    12. 9-12

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  • BodyRock-Savvy

    In FCUK THE GYM workout, I used kettlebell that I put in my lunch box as my sandbag but with this new sandbag routines, I don’t think I can do the same for my kettlebell. I might use 2 free weights (8 lbs each).
    Thanks again for another great training.

  • Cassandra

    Hey Z&F!

    First I would like to say, you are an incredible inspiration to me. I check back here almost everyday!

    My issue is that it’s hard to develop lean muscles for me. My muscles like to bulk up really quickly when I work them super hard. Is there something that I can do to help prevent that?


  • Ale

    I still love your workouts but I can’t bring with me a sandbag during my business travel or holidays… is impossible…and I tkink that you know this…

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      ok :)

  • Victoria

    Hi, Zuzana :) you and your workouts look amazing! Greetings from Lithuania :) I’m trying to put myself into your workout routines step by step, and for me it’s quite hard. But i’m keep trying, want to thank you and Freddy for all this work, inspiration and this website :) thank you! p.s. the last phrase of this video make me laugh :D

  • Anita

    Zuzana – I’ve been exercising for a VERY long time, and as you’d know keeping the results coming, and the motivation going becomes a lot harder as time goes by.

    So I just wanted to THANK you for mentioning just one little sentence that for some reason resonated with me and is now firing up my workouts. You said this again in your post now:

    ” Before I started I gave myself a little reminder to just attack this routine – I went into it keyed up with a take no prisoners attitude.”

    This has made a lot of difference for me! Not only for my attitude but for my results too – there’s just so much more satisfaction when finished now :)


  • Marcela

    I will fill up a random backpack that I dont really use with some dumbbells.

  • Great Workout!

    Great workout-thanks so much! I agree with Chris R. Using my bodyweight is the most ideal workout situation for me.


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  • Al

    Hi, Zuzana!
    I’m a little disappointed…Please, don’t take me wrong )
    I fell in love with your workouts because you didn’t use any equipment and just worked with your own body. I think that it is the healthiest approach to the workouts.
    Could you please sometimes post some bodyweight workouts without any equipment? Or now you will use your sandbag every time? And can these workouts without the sandbag be still effective? Could your show some modifications for those who don’t want to work with any equipment except their own body?
    Thanks in advance )

  • Ruby

    Hi!! Just want to say that I love the workouts very much. You are very inspiring and I thank you for it! :) I know that a lot of people like the pictures for the exercises , but I personally liked it better when you explained it because I learned to do the exercises so much faster.

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  • Ana J

    OMG.. the truth is that no matter how much a person does there is always will be a negative response from so many people out there.. I am so proud of you Zuzana and Frederick that don’t get discourage with the people that the more they get the more they want I love your excercises that are only body weight but if you feel like you are in a higher level like I believe Zuzana is then go head and use the other equipment and if a person don’t want to use it then don’t, what’s the big deal.. I know I am not going to get the sandbag its a little to pricey for me but I am modifying with other weights..

    Thanks Suzana and Frederick..

  • Bonny

    what exercises do you do for warming up now? I only found warm ups posted long ago on your site. Could you maybe do an update? Thx!

  • Mandy

    Hey Zuzana and Fredrick

    You asked us to show you before and after pictures but I have a great idea…you should show us your before and after pictures. Like before you started exercising regularly. I would very much enjoy it!

    I wish I could show you before and after but…

    1.I don’t have a camera
    2.I worked out and I got little changes but I cheated on diets and stuff so its not really much to see.

  • Pati

    I have to say that I do not like the fact that the new workouts require a sandbag b/c I don’t have one at home, but I must also say that using additional weight is a nice change to the body weight only exercises. I don’t plan on purchasing a sandbag, but I’m hoping to be able to substitute with heavy dumbbells. I loved the old workouts where you incorporated the pull up bar, but no matter what equipment you decide to use next, I’ll always be working out with you guys! <3

  • Alicia

    Thanks for answering my question! I truly appreciate it! :) I’m not quite as strong as you, so I need more days of rest a week, but hopefully I can work myself up to where you are, Zuzana. :D

  • Tanya

    Does “regular addition” mean you will be using the sandbag in every workout?

  • Ash

    Hey Zuzanna and Freddie. I have a serious question to ask you guys. Every since I starting working out with the daily workouts I started to notice my clothes are looser. (from size 4 to 3) Then I eventually changed over to the 4-6 small meals a day, but now I feel like I’m starving all the time even after I eat. I’m worried and scared I’ll pick up weight or bulk up. I’ve been eating cheerio’s ,crackers or chewing gum like crazy to feel to hunger.

    Is there a reason that I’m hungry all the time? Is my body just craving water or is it a hormone thing? Does it take time to adjust to the small meals?

    Please help me, I’m afraid I’m doing something wrong with my meal planning.

  • Jamie

    Hey Zuzana I don’t think anyone’s mentioned it before so I just wanted to let you know that part of what makes your videos so enjoyable to watch is that you smile so much – it really makes me feel good and positive so thank you

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  • cascade

    Hi Z and F,

    I had a question — how did you decide that 12 mins was enough for a workout ? You are already very fit and so 12 mins of intense workout may be sufficient for you to maintain your fitness levels. But how about for folks trying to lose weight and get fit ? Will 12 mins intense exercise be sufficient for that purpose ?

    Also, can you please post the weights u are using in the sandbag for each exercise ?

    Another important q — do women lose breast fat before losing belly fat ? I am losing fat where I DONT want to !! I am trying hard to lose belly fat !!! Is there a way to prevent breasts from reducing in size ? Help me !!!!

    Thanks for sharing another awesome workout,

    Hugs !

    • Alicia

      Hi Cascade, I can probably answer the Breast fat question. As we work out and eat healthy, our body will shed the fat evenly through out. It is not completely possible for the body to shed the fat in one place more than another (spot reducing, which is a myth). As you work out, the belly fat will begin to reduce, but remember belly fat is a big problem area for most people, so don’t feel alone! Naturally, as we lose body fat %, our breasts will reduce in size, and honestly, don’t worry about it! You will make up for it with a great body. Be happy with your body and don’t let breast size determine whether or not you should lose weight. :)

    • Salma

      Hi Cascade,

      I’m not Zuzana but I can answer your questions based on my experience. When I started doing Zuzana’s workouts they were longer about 20 mins some were 15. I wanted to to loose weight so I always warmed up and stuck to the 20 mins or more workouts and I did them 6 days/week. I lost the 15 pounds I’ve been trying to loose within 2 months which was amazingly quick for me since I was trying my hardest to loose them! I also had to change my diet completely. I started eating whole clean foods and small portions.

      Currently, I feel very fit and I tried just doing the 12 mins for a whole week and I just didn’t feel like it was enough…I started loosing muscle so now I do two 12 min workouts right after each other and that’s super intense for me! I have been doing this for the past 6 days and I notice a huge change in my body already. Some days I’ll do easier workouts if I’m feeling tired.

      Finally, regarding the breast fat…that was the first place I lost my fat also haha! There is no way around that. I lost a full cup size which sucks but at least I feel healthy and fit. I’m sure you noticed that most athlete women have very small breasts unless they went the plastic surgery route. Unfortunately, the body stores most of its fat in the lower belly so it will be the hardest place to get rid of the fat and it requires a lot of dedication. You just have to be patient and your will eventually loose the belly fat.

      Try Zuzana’s older workouts…they will do wonders with the right diet of course ;)

      Hope that helps!

    • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

      hi cascade, Zuzanna answered your first question here or just look under the tab “fitness tips” its the first one listed. As for your boobies, I also struggle with losing breast fat. I dont think Zuzanna can really relate to that and sadly there is no simple answer unless your the sort of person who would consider having a breast augmentation dont (I am not one of those people). I am going to do some reasearch on line and see what other people say about it it, we cant be the only ones who fear losing our boobies!! :D

    • Tania

      Hi Cascade,

      Thought I help you out with your questions. Zuzana is at an extremely fit level therefore her 12 minute routine is performed with perfect form and intensity. Those 12 minutes are sufficient for her accompanied by a healthy diet and portion control. I speak from experience when I say that for the other folks who are striving to lose a greater amount of weight you need to do more than 12 minutes. Perhaps you can do several of Zuzana’s workouts back to back or break them up to 2 or 3 workouts during the day. However, if you have not exercised in sometime any movement and change in diet will produce immediate results. As for spot reducing, it does not exist. You cannot choose what part of your body will lose fat and what part will retain fat. For the majority of women the breast are the first to go mainly because breast tissue is mostly composed of fat. You can see that most professional female athletes and fitness models have breat implants because they have significantly reduce their breast size from dieting and exercising. It is the price you pay for being fit :( Although their are very few lucky ones out there that lose very little breast fat.

      Good luck!

    • Kim

      Hi Cascade-

      I feel the same way. After 12 minutes I am tired, but I am completely whopped after 20 minutes. I usually will do an extra couple rounds to make the workout 20 minutes instead of 12.

    • RN

      Read through Zuzana’s previous posts. She addressed this issue some time ago. The fact is that shorter bursts of intense and very intense exercise is far more beneficial for fat loss and overall strength, health and performance than less intense longer workouts.

      As for losing breast fat, you are the first woman I’ve heard of that is losing breast fat before belly fat. Usually only lean women start to lose their breast fat but I’d like to hear from others too where they lose their fat first. For me it tends to come off the butt first, then belly, then thighs and arms.

    • Lynda

      When you lose fat, you will lose fat from your whole body not one area. There is no way to prevent loss from your breasts as they are made of fat (that is why fitness models sometimes get breast implants as they lose too much breast tissue). It also depends on how you body loses fat/size of your breasts to start with as some people once they reach their desired body fat still remain curvy and lean while others are lean but lack curves. Good luck with your weight loss!

      • Athena

        Reply to everyone. Fat tessues never get less , it just losses it’s size. Everyhuman beeing is born with certain amount of body cells including certain amount of fat tissues. So conclusion. we just loozing the size. it depends from the person’s body shape.

    • Kristina

      Hi cascade,

      well, I did lose breast fat while getting smaller. I can’t tell you exact numbers because I’m not friends with the scale :) , but I wear clothes 2 sizes smaller than I used to (from 38 to 34 – European sizing), and it also means a whole cup size loss. Sad news, as I never had big ones. :(

    • Christine

      Hey Cascade,

      My suggestion is to try to beat Zuzana’s time as she has it posted (aka do more reps in the same amount of time or less). If you beat or complete her time and feel like “Wow! That was intense but a really good workout” then I think you be good and be surprised how much 12 minutes can hurt. Also, look at how quickly she is transitioning from one exercise right into the next-she has no rest, which makes it even more intense (more out of shape people may not be able to do without rest periods).

      As you’re working out, you want to push hard enough or long enough or with enough weight/resistance that the last 3 reps of your last set are HARD, so hard you think you may not be able to push 3 more out.

      So, like I said, do her workout like it’s posted now and see where to go from there.

      If you do just as many reps in the same amount of time as Zuzana and feel like that was an OK workout, you should either do more reps in less time or maybe even add another whole set.

      If, however, you get started and this workout is very challenging for you, do what YOU can do and what YOU feel comfortable doing. A good place to start would be to allow yourself rest periods between exercises-your overall time will be longer but hopefully a 15-20 sec rest will allow you to push out more reps in your sets, ultimately accomplishing more work and a better workout.

      Hope that helps :)

      • cascade

        Thanks, everyone, for all your input !
        Really appreciate it :-)
        Good luck to all of you to acheive your fitness goals !
        and Thanks to Z and F for what they are doing to help us all :-) :-)
        Cascade !

  • B

    Absolute misery. That is all I have to say about this workout.

  • Kim

    I was just wondering if u ever worry about over working your muscles because you do total body workouts 6 days a week?
    Thanks :)

    • AKH

      That’s exactly what I thought.
      As far as I’m concern, muscles needs rest at least 24 hrs to 48 hrs after the hard work out like Zuzana’s.
      Wondering what Zuzana’s thoughts. Thx

  • Diane M

    I really like that you included new equipment in this workout. Although I am a big fan of body-weight exercises, it is nice to change it up a bit sometimes and keep it fresh.
    I made my own sandbag which was fairly easy to do. The one you have is just a bit pricey for me.
    Thanks for posting your scores too. It is a great motivator.

    • cascade


      How did you make your own sandbag ?
      Do let us know !
      Thanks in advance !

      • Diane M

        Hey Cascade,

        I’m replying to your question. I made a sandbag two ways:

        1. CHEAP WAY!

        – Get large sandwich bags and put them on a scale, fill bag with sand and write weight on bag in magic markers (ex: 10 lbs, 20 lbs, 50 lbs). Seal bag and then put it inside another sandwich bag so openings are facing opposite directions. SEAL WITH DUCT-TAPE!
        -Place inside small duffle bag. DONE!

        2. Most expensive ($40) less work way:

        -On amazon/yoga supply store purchase small yoga sand pouches/bags (these close securely so the sand won’t spill) They are around $5 each. VERY EASY TO FIND!!!!
        -After you fill the bags put them in a small duffle bag. (I used an old adidas one I had) DONE!

        I hope this is helpful for anyone who is interested.

  • amanda

    I really enjoy the detail and responses on your posts lately. it really helps and keeps me motivated to see how much u care about all of us. Your workouts have changed my body and strength. Thank you

  • Chris R

    I appreciate you wanting to use different things like the sandbag in your workouts, but I can probably speak for many of your fans that appreciate workouts that require no equipment besides your interval timer.

    If possible, I would prefer we stick to the traditional body weight only exercises you have done thus far!

    Not to end on a bad note, good news!

    Over the last 6 months of doing your workouts 4-6 days a week I have gone from 200 lbs to 175 lbs and from a 34 inch waist to a 30 inch waist! 4 inches and 25 lbs disappeared! Your workouts rock and keep up the motivation!

    • Canadian

      I have to agree with Chris R, I really enjoyed the fact that we didn’t need equipment before. The last couple workouts I’ve been watching the videos and not actually DOING them afterwards, since I don’t have weights/sandbag etc…I understand it’s your website and your fitness that is on the table..just know that us followers can’t really follow this all that well!

    • Elisa

      I agree with Chris, bodyweight exercises worked better for me too. You myt could include modification for doing these exercises with no equipment but still keeping them challenging. I’m a beginner so everything is challenging for me but some of the exercises seem thought only for people who use the sandbag…. maybe I just need to try them (I will do the workout this evening)… anyways I was just saying….
      btw I’ve been doing your exercises only for a short while but for now I see pounds coming off like crazy and I’m loving it! Thank you guys so much!

    • astrothsknot

      That’s fantastic!

    • Sandra from Montreal

      I completly agree, it’s the first time in the last 4 months that I have to skip 2 workouts in a row because I don’t have the equipment to do them.
      I’ll try to modify the exercices so I can do them with weights.

    • Jessy

      I absolutely agree with Chris R on the sandbag thing!
      The special thing about your workouts was that you were only using bodyweight and it was really brutal. I´d really appreciate if you could show modifications for people who don´t have a sandbag.

      Best wishes!

  • jessika

    hi zuzanna and freddie!

    i was wondering if there was a way to modify exercises for poeple that have back pain issues….some of the exercises in the workout videos are giving me a hard time…

    I dont want to hurt myself but i dont want to sit down and get fat either….

  • Ewa

    I think I’ll have to improvise with the sandbag… what is the weight inside it? The website mentioned it can fill anywhere from 15 to 35 lbs… Thanks!

  • Aphrodite

    hey zuzana i have a question regarding to the sandbag.. How much does the one YOU use weight??? wanna know so i can replace it by something lol

    thanks :)

  • Fallon

    Hi zuzana, i love your workouts and i was wondering how long you have been doing body weight training and how you got started! thanks for the great tips!

  • Sunshine

    Yay!!! I have been waiting for this. I am about to do it in a few…improvising since I don’t have a SB. :( Looks really intense! Thanks guys!

  • Cricket

    P.S. Since you’re still eating vegetarian, you might want to try some high quality hemp protein (eg. Manitoba Harvest brand) or brown rice protein in a smoothie to replenish yourself, keep your energy (blood sugar level) even, and speed recovery, since the added weight of the sandbag is going to give your muscles an extra kick.

    Ten years from now, your body will thank you for maintaining a solid supply of various proteins to give it enough fuel to support these workouts.
    I agree that the protein doesn’t need to be meat. I only eat it about 4 times a week in total, mostly fish and poultry.

    Anyway, I find either one of these choices (hemp or b.r.) really easy to digest, full of important amino acids, and really just tasty and satisfying as a mid-morning or late afternoon snack smoothie (only blend fresh/frozen fruit, water, protein, and usually a Tbsp of Udo’s oil – oils like this one help keep the joints healthy, help digest the protein properly, combat inflammation, and have a nice slow release of energy.)

  • Cricket

    Looks excellent! Can’t wait to try it tomorrow. I’ll have to check out the blog for some creative sandbag ideas.
    Repeated the ‘Suicidal Sweat’ today, it always kicks my butt.

    Thanks for listing the workout (and your reps) on this page.

    It’s really important to not go into these workouts in a half-ass, dragging ass, sorry ass, lazy ass way!

    I agree, give it or go home. Sweat, push, trust in your efforts, make good food choices and the results will appear.


  • lisa malenfant

    that was a crazy amazing workout. my baby is almost alseep and im ready to tackle it as soon as she falls alseep

  • Priscila

    Hi Zuz…awesome workout…how many lbs is your sand bag??