Aug 10 2010

Beg for Mercy Workout

Hi BodyRockers!

This workout is an interval strength training routine which will give you the benefits of both strength training and cardio.

You will need your Gymboss Interval Timer to keep track of the intervals and rounds. Set your timer for 15 rounds and two intervals. The first interval is 10 seconds and the second interval is 50 seconds long. Your goal is to push as hard as you can during each 50 second interval. The 10 seconds is just enough time to write down your reps and move on to the next exercise. You really won’t have any time for walking around and sipping your water, so make sure everything you need is set up and within easy reach.

Remember that the intensity is very important and you should be aiming for maximum reps for each exercise. You should push so hard that even counting your reps out loud becomes extremely difficult. I am using my Ultimate Sandbag in this workout to add an extra challenge, but it can still be done with just your own bodyweight. I have been doing bodyweight workouts for the past 2 years and I have made incredible progress – so I know that it works. Now I am incorporating the Sandbag in some of my routines to keep things fresh and to modify the intensity level. I like to do one of my older bodyweight workouts one day and workout with the sandbag the next day – so far this strategy is working very well for me.

This is the workout breakdown:

10 seconds of rest / 50 seconds of maximum effort

x 15 rounds = 15 minutes of intense interval workout

You will go 3 times through the following exercises in this exact order:

1. Plank Jumps over the Sandbag (or anything that can be used as an obstacle) / My Score: 15 reps, 11 reps, 11 reps

2. Get Up (with Sandbag, dumbbell, kettlebel, or just your own bodyweight) / My Score: 4 reps, 3 reps, 4 reps

3. Elevated Push Up with Knee Tucks / My Score: 9 reps, 8 reps, 8 reps

4. Side Step Up with Sandbag or your own bodyweight – Left Side / My Score : 22 reps, 15 reps, 13 reps

5. Side Step Up – Right Side / My Score: 20 reps, 15 reps, 15 reps

Notice from my records that I was trying to push really hard in the last round. You should push hard right from the beginning instead of saving your energy for later. This is something that I have to work on as well, so let this be our challenge together.

Plank Jumps over the Sandbag

Keep your knees bent throughout this exercise. Start standing on one side of the Sandbag (picture 1), squat down, put your hands on the floor in front of you and jump your feet back into a plank (picture 2). Immediately jump your feet forward towards your hands keeping your hips up (picture 3) and jump sideways over the Sandbag (picture 4). This is one rep. Continue this exercise in this exact order and try to do as many reps as you can.

Get Up with Sandbag

Make sure to keep your arms extended, shoulders back and down away from your ears, abs tight and don’t bend your wrists.

If you are not using the Sandbag, you can try a Prisoner Get Up which is a great bodyweight exercise.

If you are a beginner then don’t hesitate you use your hands to help yourself up.

Elevated Push Ups with Knee Tucks

Put your feet up on a chair or step. You will do one knee tuck from the outside on the left, then on the right and then one push up – this counts as 1 rep. Keep your body tight and in one straight line and don’t drop your hips. You will feel it in your abs so really focus on keeping that area tight. Squeezing your glutes is also very important so be focused.

Don’t get discouraged by this challenging exercise if you are a complete beginner. I couldn’t do a single push up when I started either. If you will work hard and be consistent with your workouts, you will eventually be able to do those elevated push ups as well. It is important to start at your own fitness level with modified exercises that you can actually do with proper form.

Side Step Up with Sandbag

I think that it is totally insane to do this exercise with a heavy sandbag over your shoulder and that’s why I like it so much.

If you don’t have the sandbag you can still get a lot out of this exercise with just your own bodyweight. Just aim for maximum reps – you will feel the burn in your legs.


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  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    This. Workout. Rocks.  Very high on the strength training and the cardio benefits.  Brutus almost got me.  35lb sandbag–this was very hard to hold up above my head on the get ups, so sometimes I brought it down and then up again at the top.

    plank jump and jump over: 18-14-14
    get up with sandbag: 4-4.5-4
    elevated push up and reptiles: 9-10-9
    side step up w/sb L: 13-16-14
    side step up w/sb R: 14-14-13

    Warmed up with 500 high knees with jump rope in 2:58 for my PR!!!

  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    This. Workout. Rocks.  Very high on the strength training and the cardio benefits.  Brutus almost got me.  35lb sandbag–this was very hard to hold up above my head on the get ups, so sometimes I brought it down and then up again at the top.

    plank jump and jump over: 18-14-14
    get up with sandbag: 4-4.5-4
    elevated push up and reptiles: 9-10-9
    side step up w/sb L: 13-16-14
    side step up w/sb R: 14-14-13

    Warmed up with 500 high knees with jump rope in 2:58 for my PR!!!

  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    This. Workout. Rocks.  Very high on the strength training and the cardio benefits.  Brutus almost got me.  35lb sandbag–this was very hard to hold up above my head on the get ups, so sometimes I brought it down and then up again at the top.

    plank jump and jump over: 18-14-14
    get up with sandbag: 4-4.5-4
    elevated push up and reptiles: 9-10-9
    side step up w/sb L: 13-16-14
    side step up w/sb R: 14-14-13

    Warmed up with 500 high knees with jump rope in 2:58 for my PR!!!

  • Gabija D.C.

    Just finished this – I did this workout 14 months ago too!

    My scores now (vs 14 months ago):

    Plank jumps w.sandbag 14/11/10 (10/8/3)
    Prisoner get ups 4(with sandbag only one round)/8/6 (10/7/5-all with no sandbag)
    Elevated push ups 8/7/7 (10/5/6-from knees on floor)
    Side step up w. sandbag l 13/15/11 (21/18/19-all with no sandbag)
    Side step up w. sandbag r 15/15/16 (19/18/X-with no sandbag)

    My arms are shaking and I’m soaking wet! Thanks!!! <3

  • lala

    i’m sitting on the sofa right after that workout, and i’m sure it’s will be soaked with my sweat.

    plank jump over sandbag : 11/10/13
    get up: (this one was really tough) 5/5/6
    elevated pups with knee tuck: 7/6/6
    side step up left: 20/19/19
    side step up right: 15/19/21

    thanks again

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Holy C…, this workout was KILLER!!! I loved the intensity and almost cried because of the burn in my poor thighs. I do NOT recommend trying this one the day after some heavy weight leg training, because it hurts from the very first exercise :)

    I added an extra exercise: Ugi Squeeze (with a 5 kilo gymball) for an 18 minute workout. Brutal!!! 

    My scores:
    1) Plank Jumps over Sandbag: 18-19-21.
    2) Sandbag Get Up: 13-12,5-11,5 (with a 5 kilo gymball).
    3) Legs Elevated Push Up & Knee Tucks: 17-16-17.
    4) Sandbag Step Up (15 kilos), Left: 30-27-30.
    5) Sandbag Step Up (15 kilos), Right: 29-27-27.
    6) Ugi Squeeze: 80-80-80 (5 kilo gymball).

    Thanks guys!

    Love, Maria

  • Lisa

    Tough workout today!  My scores:
    Plank Jumps Over Sandbag: 17, 14.5, 13
    Get Ups (holding 6lb hand weights): 4, 5, 5.5
    Elevated Pushup w Knee Tucks: 8, 7, 5 (really hard!)
    Side Step Up w) 20lb Sandbag (L): 24, 22, 24
    Side Step Up w) Sandbag (R): 24, 21, 22

    Plus a burpee for Erin.
    Now, snack time then shower! Gotta love the post workout feeling, eh?

  • Anna Carolina F

    My score:
    1) PlankJ+ jump over SB : 17-14-8
    2) Prisoner get up (5,5kg Ball): 4-5-6
    3) Elevated Push up knee tuck : 7-6-6
    4) Step ups +SB R: 17-20-16
    5) Step ups+ SB L: 15-14-14


    workout [3]->

  • Vivi

    I didi it today in second workout.
    My scor ei s:
    Plank jump jump side : 19.17.19
    Prisoner get up (10kg)7.8.8 (folded arms ….)
    Elevated PU knee tusck : 12.13.15
    Step ups R : 16.17.17 / L : 17.18.18 (That a chair can seem high in these moments there!!! )

    Good one for legs !

    • Vivi

      Step ups with 10kg too

  • Maria Sweden

    I did this workout yesterday. My scores:

    Plank Jumps: 15, 13, 10
    Prisoner Get Up: 8, 8, 8
    Push up with Knee Tuck: 11, 10, 8
    Step up (9 kg) – Left: 25, 26, 23 – Right: 24, 23, 23
    Thank you! :)

  • Andreas Schüttler

    My scores:

    1. Plank Jumps over the Sandbag: 14, 10, 9

    2. Get Up with 14.5 kg Sandbag: 4, 3, 3

    3. Elevated Push Up with Knee Tucks: 6, 6, 6

    4. Side Step Up with Sandbag Left Side: 15, 13, 15

    5. Side Step Up with Sandbag Right Side: 15, 15, 14

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    Funny, that I identified the same workout for today as @FatBGone:disqus  :-) .
    I only did a slight modification and inserted a 6th element into the routine, I did knee raises on my walking frame (dip station substituent) between the plank jumps and prisoner get ups. …already after the first round I realised that it was an insane idea but I kept at it and now I’m pooped. My scores are good though, I did push hard.
    1. Plank jumps: 16, 14, 14
    2. Knee raises: 27, 26, 23
    3. Sandbag get ups: 6, 6, 5.5
    4. Elevated PUs with knee tucks: 10, 9, 9.5
    5. Side step ups with sandbag (L): 23, 20, 20
    6. Side step ups with sandbag (R): 24, 22, 21

  • Anonymous

    This is today’s workout for me, since there wasn’t one posted when I was free to workout (July 19th, 2011).
    1: 6, 4, 5
    2: 3, 4, 3 (prisoner get ups instead of sandbag)
    3: 5, 6, 6 (It was so hard to keep my hips from dropping because my butt is so big, lol).
    4: 8, 9, 10 (no sandbag, added a knee tuck)
    5: 9, 10, 10 (no sandbag, added a knee tuck)

    Not the best scores (by far), but it kicked my butt!! :)

  • Catherine

    Whoa! That workout was amazing! My legs were tried after a run from earlier but I did the best I could!!

    Plank jumps over obstacle: 9 10 8
    Get up: 5 6 6
    Elevated push ups + knee tucks: 12 13 12
    Side step up right: 13 14 14
    Side step up left: 15 16 14

  • Luke Says No

    My Scores:
    12 x 10/50
    1. Plank Jumps over the Sandbag (or anything that can be used as an obstacle): 15, 10, 9
    2. Get Up (with Sandbag, dumbbell, kettlebel, or just your own bodyweight): 5, 6, 6
    3. Elevated Push Up with Knee Tucks: 10, 10, 8
    4. Side Step Up with Sandbag or your own bodyweight – Alt Sides: 15, 17, 15

  • Anonymous

    I did this one this morning and beat my PB by 2 reps for the plank jump (1st round) and 1 rep for the get up (for 2 rounds). Otherwise my score is the same
    I used a 33lb sandbag for the get up and step up
    Here is my score
    plank jump: 18/16/16
    prisoner get up (33lb bag): 5/5/4
    elevated PU/reptile: 10/10/10
    Step up (33lb bag) – R: 18/16/18 – L: 18/16/18

    I hesitated between this one and the booty firm up so I guess the booty firm up will be for next week!
    Have a great weekend

  • Kobra

    great workout. I did it this morning at my gym. I feel really good. I did with much smaller sandbag and step platform which is lower.

  • Teresa

    I am looking forward to this challenge in the morning! Tomorrow will be my 100th workout with BodyrockTV! I love you guy’s! I have been working out for 10 years and your workouts have taken me farther physically than any workouts I’ve done in the past!
    Keep up the great work!
    bodyrocker Teresa

  • Nina

    This workout stands for its name a 100% :D I was beging my Gymboss to beep already :D

    1. 10-8-8
    2. 6-7-8 (half filled sandbag, I am not sure how much weight is in it, but it kinda feels the same as my 6kg kettlebell, so it may be 5-6kg…)
    3. 8-8-8 (hands on elevated platform – chair)
    4. 18-19-18 (the same sandbag weight as 2.)
    5. 18-18-18 (the same sandbag weight as 2.)

    I cant wait already to do this workout again in the future and compare with todays score :)
    Thank you as always :)

  • yota

    Mercyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..!!!! :p

    My scores

    1) 14, 14, 13
    2) 5, 4, 4
    3) 12, 12, 13
    4) 19, 20, 20
    5) 19, 20, 20

    Im doing your older workouts since you are in your trip to europe, im working out every day because i want to be in good shape like you very fast jejeje… hope you guys have a very good trip.. :)

  • gaby.san

    I did this workout today again, 12 days later. I was actually able to put in maximum effort so I felt pretty wiped after three rounds (last time I still had pump at the end so I did a fourth one). here are the scores:

    1. 11 . 9 . 9
    2. 6 . 5 . 5 (with 10lb kettlebell)
    3. 10 . 8 . 8
    4. 17 . 17.13 (with 15lb kettlebell)
    5. 18 . 17.18

    again a huge improvement!

  • Juanita

    Hi! I did this workout today, here are my results:

    1. Plank Jumps over obstacle – 14/12/13
    2. Get Up with 10lb dumbbell – 5/7/8
    3. Flat Push Up with Knee Tucks – 12/13/13
    4. Side Step Up with 20lbs of dumbells – 24/27/24
    5. Side Step Up – Right Side – 26/27/24

    It was the second time I was doing this workout, I had given it a try before. I felt tired today and did less reps than my first time, but at least I did it! Tomorrow, I might try the fat fighter workout you reposted today, even though I’m pretty sure I’ll fall flat on my face when I try the pike jumps!!

    All the best!

  • sano

    what weight is your sandbag?

  • Gianna

    hey z,

    i loved this wk!!
    and one maore thing, i was wondering if i could eat right after a do a workout or if i have to wait?
    and what should i eat??

  • Tia

    Hi Zuzana,

    Your shoes look really supportive with a hard toe. What kind are they?



  • Ven

    I love this exercise!! This was very challenging and I loved it! I was sweating after few mins of doing this exercise and it felt awsome! Thank you soo much for this workout. I will definately do this thousands of times.

  • Ruthy

    Hi Zuzana,
    I am a mom with little time on my hands, so these workouts are perfect for me. I’ve lost 3 inches around my waist, and I’m beginning to see muscle definition EVERYWHERE!
    I don’t even have a duffel bag lying around, so what I do is fill the diaper bag with the large packs of baby wipes, I use my baby for some of the exercises (she’s one and loves being thrown around. haha!) or water jugs or something like that.
    Get creative, Zuzana fans! There’s LOTS of “equipment” lying around that you probably didn’t know you had!

  • Rhino

    Loved the workout! Did it with just my body weight, and with maximum effort, it was killer! I am always very pleased when i sweat a ton like i did throughout and after this workout or any of your workouts. Without it i don’t feel like i did anything ;) . Plus, i am sure that i am getting rid of tons of toxins!

    Thanks for the great workout! Once a Bodyrocker, always a Bodyrocker!!!

  • William P
  • William P

    needed a 2.5 day recovery on my legs after mondays workout. could have done it yesterday, but i got distracted.

    So its been 7 days, i’ve done 3 workouts. Todays was tough but i got through it. I don’t know if its because it worked me out differently than the other two so i just was able to handle it more, or if the other two workouts this week helped me, and i am showing signs of improvement. I’m anxious to get to next week and start repeating the 3 workouts i’ve done just to see how they feel.

    I also took some “now”/”before” pictures this week, so we can see what happens 6 months from now. Right now i am just focusing on consistency and gradual increase of days during week i work out and only doing zuzanna workouts. I like them cause they’re short and intense, and i want to see what their effect alone is on me (combined with eating fairly health but more imporantly watch my caloric intake of rougly 12-1300 cal/day).

    Goal….To look like Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) in Smallville. Ha!

    i did break a real sweat this time, cuz i was able to get through it without having to take extended breaks. ha!
    used my gymboss interval timer, no sandbag, yoga mat for the GetUp, and knee pads fort he GetUp.
    PJ: 12,12,10
    GU: 5, 5, 5
    PU/KT: 12, 6,12
    L SSU: 20,21,23
    R SSU: 26,26,23

  • Lisa

    OMG! (WTF!) I did this workout this evening and it kicked my butt. I could only do 2 elavated push ups the rest were modified, the get ups are still challenging with body weight alone and I used a 15 lb hand weight for the step ups. It took me 15 minutes before I was back to breathing normal.
    P.S. I did the Burn your Ass off workout this morning.

  • nichole

    Just had to say I did this workout using my children instead of a sandbag. They are about the same weight (I have 3 and used one for each set- 40 lbs, 30 lbs, and 25 lbs) and it made me be extra careful when i was jumping over them for planks! haha. Not to mention they love being involved with exercise and are usually climbing all over me as my resistance anyways, so this worked out great! Although I had to say I could NOT hold them over my head for the get ups. lol. Thanks again for a great way to mix things up. I’ll send pix soon if you’d like a laugh! :)

    • gaby.san

      I’ve been tempted to use my baby as a weight (he’s about 20 lbs now), but I have like this nightmare vision of me accidentally throwing him out of the window while losing my grip in the throes of round four of babybell swings. or smacking him against the ground while doing a clean. LOL.

      when I feel a bit more steady doing the exercises I might do it. and he looooves watching me work out.

  • Ese

    Awesome!! How can we post pictures to show you our results since we’ve been following you? I’ve tried a while ago, but no luck!

  • gaby.san

    hello, this is my first time posting scores!
    I consider myself a wary intermediate because I need to push myself while I’m also very cautious of my back and core, which after my pregnancy have tended to painfully knot up a lot if I do the wrong exercises or if I try to do too much too soon.
    so now I’m trying to concentrate on achieving a good form and mind my core muscles a lot while I still squeeze in a good workout.
    I used a small kettlebell for these exercises (it’s really tiny, I don’t know how much it weighs probably 6 lb), and at the end I still felt strong so I did a fourth round. here are my scores:

    1. 16 — 9 — 7 — 10
    2. 5 — 4 — 4 — 4
    3. 12 — 9 — 11– 11
    4. 23 — 24 — 22– 25
    5. 23 — 23 — 23– 23

    thanks for the workouts, I love them!

  • Iris Collado

    I did again this workout and it took me about 22 minutes to do it. The turkish get-up is the most difficult exercise to do it with proper form. I used a 5-pound dumbbel.

  • HJC


    You always mention in your workouts that you’re going to go warm-up. What exactly do you do for your warm up and how long does it take?


  • Ash

    1. 11, 9, 12
    2. 5, 9, 4
    3. 6, 6, 6
    4. 37, 42, 30
    5. 21, 39, 34

    I loved this workout although I didn’t like doing the baby push-ups. I thought they were too easy. Next time I think I will do regular push-ups to make it more of a challenge.

    Still loved the workout.

  • michelle

    what sneakers do you have?

  • Kitty

    I just did this workout.
    I used my 15 pound kettlebell which still remains nameless.
    By the end of round 2 I was ready to throw in the towel…
    This is how I did:

    Plank Jumps over a bolster: 20-19-15
    Get up (with Kettlebell); 8-8-7
    Elevated Push up: 12-10-9
    Side Step up with kettlebell (Left): 20-21-18
    Side Step up with Kettlebell(Right): 22-22-20

    Another great one! Keep ‘em coming!

    • Kitty

      Forgot to mention that lately I’ve added 10 pistols (alternating sides) after I’ve cooled down and stretched out. They are still so difficult but I’ve made so much progress with them compared to not being able to do even one three months ago! Thanks again!

  • Nikki

    I found this workout to be extremely hard and make you sweat bullets. I loved it! I had to modify the first exercise though because where I was, I didn’t have enough room to jump from side to side, so I did one jump forward, and one jump backward than did my plank.

    For the get up exercise. I tried it with two 10lb dumbells, and my shoulders couldn’t hold the weight with my arms straight up so I switched to my own body weight. I also modified the push up with knee tucks after I did about 5 the regular way. Here’s my scores:

    Plank Jump Over Obstacle: 7, 8, 7
    Get Up (without weight): 7, 7, 7
    Pushup w/ Knee Tucks: 10, 9, 8
    Side Step Up Left (with weight): 13, 14, 14
    Side Step Up Right (With weight): 15, 15, 13

  • Q

    Did it with only body weight. I had a little more resting time because I had to rearrange my room for some of the exercises.
    1 and 3 really burnt up my abs and arms.

    1. 21/28/20
    2. 10/13/13
    3. 20/17/20
    4. 28/29/30
    5. 27/32/34

  • Cassie


    I really just want to say how much you are inspiring me to work hard to achieve my fitness goals. This workout (and the others) have pushed me to my limit, of course in a good way. I am also starting to eat healthier and with smaller portions more often. My body feels so much better and I have been seeing results! Thank you again for inspiring me!

  • Samantha R

    Hi – did this the other day, here’s my scores:

    1. Plank Jumps: 15, 15, 14
    2. Get Up: 8, 8, 6
    3. Elevated Reptile PU: 9, 8, 7
    4. Side Step Up L: 20, 25, 25
    5. Side Step Up R: 23, 27, 27

  • Straws

    Thank you Zuzana – You are so inspirational. I am no where near your fitness level but you do keep me moving. Since working out with you, I have noticed that I have have lost inches. Oh yes, your meal plans have helped too. Again, thank you for the inspiration.

  • Gwen

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!
    I know you get thousand of comments each day of this kind, but anyway I wanted to express my huge gratitude to the work that you are doing!!!Zuzan, I have found your workouts on Youtube and thought – no way, I can never do that :D :D But now I have started your workouts (this one is my first!) and as I am a complete begiinner I manage to do only 2 rounds, not three (yet!) BUT I ALREADY SEE THE RESULTS!!!!! :D :D:D
    I used to be doing different exercises for my abs, but they were useless, until these workouts! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME!I hope I won’t give up and beat it to the very end!And if I do – I’ll send my transformation pics undoubtedly :) )))
    I think I’ll shift your various workouts per week – will it be ok? I workout 5 times a week.
    wish you all the best!!!!!You are the best couple!!!

  • Elena

    Your workout is amazing, extremely intense and I would die for a body like yours but the whole routine seems really stressful for your knees. So is the workout safe? Do you ever get knee pain or anything like that?

  • Najeeb&Mala

    nice i like your workout!!!!!!!
    every day i see your workout and i have allot of energy to help me for my workout thanx to you alooooooooooooooot.

  • jus

    red looks fantastic on you!

  • Alex

    Just ordered my interval timer! So excited for it to get here so I can do these exercises without having to worry about resetting the timer after every interval :)

  • Nitin Sharma

    Hey, i have a question. i dont have enough fat and i weigh just 55kg n i m 21 yrs old. if i do this exercise can i still get perfect abd coz as far as i know you have to be fat to get abs (maybe i m wrong coz i dnt know much) still i m curious so it wont effect me in a bad way

    • Trini

      Nitin, the lower your bodyfat, the more defined your muscles will look. Most people have issues getting great abs, because their bodyfat covers the muscle. If your bodyfat is low, you should be fine.

    • Suzanne

      Hi, the opposite is true. you must have very LOW body fat to see definition in ab muscles. If you have fat covering them, they won’t be visible. may i ask how tall you are ?
      Hope this helps. x

  • Kristen

    Is there any way of downloading these videos so that they can be put onto like a phone or ipod for taking them to the gym? i can do them in my living room but feel it would be nice to be able to have them saved or arranged in my own order to make like playlists or my favorites lists :) Love your video. they kick my ass lol :D

    • Maarija

      Hi Kirsten,
      you can download them from YouTube. All you need is YouTube Downloader or TubeTilla. That’s what I did, and now I have all Zuzana’s workouts on my computer. :)
      I don’t know whether this applies to Ipod or Iphone, you probably need to convert the videos into the appropriate format for your phone or Ipod. The good thing is that you can do that with these two programs as well.
      Hope this helps! ;)

  • Mickela

    here is my score I used 2 8 lb dumbells. and jumped over an apple box which is a bit taller than the bag. my elevated push ups were done with a chair
    8 7 9
    3 3 7 these are brutal brutal I was cussing

    11 12 7

    16 16 12

    17 17 18
    used apple box for the step ups. didn’t eat so well so my energy was down a bit. I had also take a 4 day break. I was sailing (racing) so I was active, but obviously not enough.
    That is the longest break I have had since I started your work outs, I never go more than 2 days. I really saw a difference in my power.

  • SCM

    I’ve been doing workouts from for about a month now and I just wanted to say how much of an inspiration you are. I have always been interested in fitness because I want to be healthy and look my best, but I find I get so bored if I join a gym or do the same weight training at home every time. These short but brutal work outs are just perfect!

  • Annie

    Hi guys! I’ve been following your site for a while, and it’s fantastic! I do the workouts at home, I’ve set up a little station and filled my a dufflebag up with winterclothes to use as a sandbag :)

    I love the simplicity of your attitude towards fitness – like you said once Zuzana, “the gym costs money, but your sweat is free!”

    I do have a question though. How often do you move (low-impact) besides these daily workouts? Do you do the workout in the morning, then sit a lot? On average, how much are you walking, cooking, grocery shopping, etc., besides your daily workouts?

    Thanks for another kick-ass workout!!! Can’t wait for what you think up next.

  • AMY

    I’m a beginner, and just used my bodyweight but these our my scores! i felt wiped


    I’m gunna do this work-out again tomorrow, hopefully i’ll get my score up

  • Tameka

    Hello, i am so ampe about this workout and was woundering where i could get a sandbag from?

    • Lisa

      Tameka, Zuzana has this link above in blue for the website that you can purchase the sandbag from. If you read some of the comments many have made them from duffle bags. My thought is to purchase a weighted vest and put it in a duffle bag, that way the vest can be used for other things as well.
      Good luck.

  • GigGi

    Hi Z and F, this workout was one of my favorites. Used my 6kg kettle-bell (Donny) and it really kicked my arse! Keep up the great work, can’t wait till your next workout. PS. can you touch your toes?

    Gigi :D

  • Alyssa

    I’ve never left a comment before but I wanted to thank you for this workout Zuzana!! I’ve been following your workouts since about February but this was the first one that left my abs sore the next day and I’m totally loving it!
    I also have a question for any BodyRocker who can help me. I’m 5’6″, 21 yo, and 95 lbs. I want to gain weight because I usually don’t have enough energy to keep up with Zuzana’s workouts, but I also want to be able to continue eating clean. Should I just increase my food intake?
    Thanks again!!

  • Victoria

    oh I would also like to add your workouts are so fun and challengeing ;)

  • Victoria

    I have a question about your workouts. what workouts should you do first? I mean like are two of your workouts good for a day or should you take it slow with just one workout and then try another one? and also what is the best time of day to workout?

  • Rachel

    Have been watching you guys for the last 3 months and do your workouts 5 times a week, can’t get enough of them. I’m from Australia. I don’t have the sandbag so am using own body weight. My results.
    1. 14, 12, 12
    2. 8, 8, 8
    3. 11, 12, 13
    4. 24, 23, 22
    5. 24, 23, 24

    P.S. I thought I would mention that if you don’t have a gymboss timer but you do have an iphone you can download the gymboss timer as a free app.

    • jussa

      …or workout muse, absolutely love it, it is paid app, not expensive thou

    • DiDi

      Girl! You made my day! I was soo in need of the proper timer on my iPhone especially now when I’m waiting for my home broadband to be installed. Thank God there’s the iPhone and the wi-fi ;-) you save me from doing my workouts and keeping an eye on the clock all the time!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Iris Collado

    Wow! I did this workout today.

    1 Jump 15 15 14
    2 Seated bicycle 35 35 35
    3 Reg. push up with knee tuck 10 10 10
    4 Side Step L 20 18 17
    5 Side Step R 20 18 19
    Athe end, I was begging for mercy!

  • MarkV

    Do you only do home workouts like you show on your videos or do you do cardio or weights at a gym also?

  • Mickela

    yes I also wanted to know how much weight you are lifting am guessing 15 LBS. Please let us know Zuzana.

    • Frederick

      I think that the sandbag can load up to 45lbs if I’m not mistaken – this one is not full all the way. I am guessing 35 lbs? but it is just a wild guess. I will weight it and get back to you.

  • Ashley in Sweden

    Hey Zuzana!

    Thanks for another incredible workout! It feels amazing using extra weight again. I haven’t posted any results in a while. I did the get ups and side step ups with an 8kg kettlebell.


  • Tali R.

    Hey Zuzana
    i was waiting for a new workout today and you did not post one, so i did this one again today. it was great as always, but today i did it with out the sandbag and i did 4 round 10/50 20 rounds = 20 minutes. believe me even without the sandbag after 3 round i wanted to stop. I DID NOT . but 4 round of maximum effort was so brutal.
    Thank you, love you guys. have a wonderful day

  • RockClimber

    hi guys

    very good workout. I did it without sandbag, to be more “cardio” and “speed execution” oriented.
    Anyway, during the 15 min, my cardio is always bewteen 160 and 170 ( my FCMax si 174).
    The combination 1+2 is killing me…

    Thx Zusana

    warmup 7km of bicycle + 2 min of very high knee( up to shoulders)

    1.Plank Jumps / My Score: 19 reps, 15 reps, 11 reps
    2. Get Up ( own bodyweight) / My Score: 15 reps, 13 reps, 11 reps
    3. Elevated Push Up with Knee Tucks / My Score: 25 reps, 22 reps, 19 reps
    4. Side Step Up (own bodyweight) – Left Side / My Score : 50 reps, 54 reps, 58 reps
    5. Side Step Up – Right Side / My Score: 48 reps, 50 reps, 56 reps

    Need to try it with the sandbag, especially for side step up( for trained bikers, it’s too easy without sandbag)

  • ashley

    my name is ashley and i’m 18 years old, i’m not in great shape but i really want to start working out, i absolutely love your videos but for a beginner like me they are a little too intense, i was wondering if you could do a set of videos for beginners and intermediate levels for cardio and exercises to slim down as much as possible, just a few videos to get me up to your level one day.
                        thank you,

  • Holly

    Hey Zuzana,
    I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your workouts. I started exercising with you in May after about a year or two of complete inactivity. I can honestly say, you kicked my butt. I try to do your workouts every day and I enjoy them a thousand times more than running on a treadmill or using the rowing machines. I always felt bored and could never burn the calories I was hoping to.
    Now, just by doing 12-20 minutes every morning I’m burning off my whole breakfast and I’m not bored for a minute. Thank you so much!
    I’m also commenting to let you know about a study I read on recently. Apparently, when you’re exercising, your brain will make you feel fatigued far before your muscles run out of oxygen. It does this to protect the muscle from injury, which makes perfect sense but also compliments your theory of “push your absolute hardest.” The study said if you can visualize yourself in the motion it becomes a lot easier. Apparently, it’s also easier if you visualize something helping you with the exercise (e.g. springs on your feet in jump squats). Thought you might be interested.
    Thanks so much for your amazing workouts,
    Holly :)

  • Martin F.

    Another inspiring workout.. I’m trying this one tomorrow =)

  • Lvette #1

    1. 9-8-7
    2. 5-5-5
    3. 7-9-8
    4. 18-17-19
    5. 19-18-16

  • Brianna Marie

    Your body is so amazing. I’m a fitness model, but you’re body is so inspiring!

  • Sasha

    I know Zuzana is a big fan of small portions, but I just can’t seem to switch myself from the usual 3 meals a day plus a few small snacks. When I eat small portions, I feel deprived and find myself “snacking” alot more, which then I feel I take in more calories than if I just ate my regular portioned 3 meals a day. I do eat a mostly healthy, low fat diet. Do you think I can still lose weight/body fat sticking with these routines and my meal plan?? Would love some feedback on my dilemma:)

    • V.

      There was a study done with a woman who only burned 700 calories a day..the doctors couldnt believe was terrible..they put her on a workout schedule with weights and they made her eat somewhere between 1200 and 1600 calories a day I believe..probably 1600 but im not 100% sure..and she had to eat every 2.5-3 first she gained weight bc her body was still in starvation mode from eating only 3 meals a day and nothing inbetween but after a couple weeks her body got used to it and realized it was being fueled properly..after 3 months she had lost a significant amount of weight and her calories burned per day more than doubled. This is the science of the body. You must fuel your body every 2.5-3 hours and cut down your portions. Getting through the first few days is rough, but after that your body gets used to it and you will become fuller faster and hungry every 3 hours. The first couple days is all a test of your will, but if you really stick to it you will be so happy with the results! Drink plenty of water, especially before your meals, eat foods with fiber, apples, healthy carbs. Just keep telling yourself that you feel perfectly fine eating this way and imagine what you will look like after this eating style becomes your permanent eating style. This is how I lost the last 10 pounds and I really didnt think I had that much to lose and I didnt change my calories either, just when I ate and how much each meal. Good luck!!

  • Mel

    I must say what an awesome workout this was. The only problem I had was limited space today so my plank jump over sandbags weren’t as fast as they could have been.. But I will deffinetly try this workout again in a few weeks / months and see the improvement, along with more space:)

    1. 9 , 5 , 6
    2. 7 , 6 , 5
    3. 8 , 9 , 8
    4. 28 , 22 , 23
    5. 25 , 24 , 30

  • DD

    i just did this workout about half an hour ago….it was a kick ass by the way.

    ive got a question.
    Sometimes after high intensity workouts i cramp really bad when i finish and it takes about 15 mins until it gets to normal.
    do you have any idea what this means?

    thank you…. I love what you are wearing today unfortunately we dont have lululemon here in thailand :(


  • Jill

    This workout was intense! …and i did not use weights for the step ups and subbed prisoner get ups. the 10 second rest period was barely enough time for me to just get my props ready for the next exercise. a great push!! i was whooped.

  • Kathy

    Hy, this was a great workout, love it!

    My scors:
    1. 10/10/11
    2. 8/8/7
    3. 7/8/10
    4. 17/18/18
    5. 19/17/21

    Now, I am going to do the Sexy Pain Train Workout!!

    Thanks guys!

    hope freddy gets well soon!!

  • Ginn

    This is my first time doing one of your workouts. I think I’m going to incorporate them into my other routine. I do other programs and run as well. But these looks fun and challenging so I’m gonna go for it.

    I have a few modifications. I used my own body weight.

    For the push ups and step ups I didn’t have a step stool or stepper so I did deep lunges and regular push ups. I still felt it. I pushed it. :P

    My scores:

    Plank Jumps – 15-15-16
    Get Up – 6-6-6
    Push Ups with Knee Tucks – 15-19-17
    Step Up L – 22-20-20
    Step Up R – 21-19-19

    Also, I don’t know if everyone knows of this. There is an online timer if you don’t have one at home. You can set it for rounds and times. I had no problem using it with his. I set it for 15 rounds, 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off. The timer counts up to 15 minutes but gives you a buzzer at 50 seconds, then again 10 seconds later. Or whatever increment of time you set it for.

    I also tried your apple wheat bread snack today. I used natural PB instead of nuts because… I didn’t have any nuts. It’s very yummy. Thanks!

  • lena

    after completing this workout, my stomach really hurts and i have to sit down because i can’t even do my cool down stretch it hurts so much. is this normal? i ate breakfast, an apple with peanut butter 2 hours before the workout. was that the wrong thing to eat? what should i eat?

  • Martina

    hlf sllgl pppw jjk…

    I was just trying to make it look like Czech because when I saw that Zuzana replied to Lucka I was a bit jealous so I thought that maybe if I wrote my question in her language she would reply to me too.
    I am obviously joking :) ))))))))
    I love your workouts Zuzana and my body looks more amazing everyday. I am super super super thin, I am starting to see a lot of muscles and I feel stronger and stronger!! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Nina from BG

    Great name :) perfect match for the workout! Thanks for the awesome workouts!
    Here is my score: I don’t have the sandbag so used 11 pound dumbell instead

    1. 15, 13, 12
    2. 8, 6, 6
    3. 10, 10, 11
    4. 27, 23, 25
    5. 27, 24, 25

  • Aby

    Yes! I begged for mercy! This was a great workout. It was intense especially after eating a 2,000 calorie burger at Chili’s! :/
    But here are my scores, done with a 12 lb dumbbell:

    1. 15-11-11
    2. 3-4.5-5
    3. 9-9-9
    4. 15-17-18
    5. 16-16-16

  • Morena

    In addition to my regular 4x per week spinning exercise, I have been doing Zuzana exercises for about two weeks now, and I’m already seeing the differences in my body — ken doll lines are coming back, abs are feeling tighter, and my arms look strong!

  • michelle frm Chicago, IL

    ok this was a gr8 title for such a brutal workout – ur ideas of torture WONDERFUL i’m always dripping w/sweat. i used my 20 kettlebell as rnd 2 KICKED MY BUTT lol – thanks Z u ROCK~!!!

    plank jumps w/push up 12, 5, 6
    get ups 4, 5, 5
    elvated p/u w/knee tuck 6, 7, 7
    side step L 16, 18, 18
    side step R 18, 18, 18

  • Christie

    How much weight is in your sandbag for this workout?

  • Elinec63

    Fantastic workout (as usual !) !!!
    I did it this morning and I felt so great after, just like you said : full of energy and ready to face the day ;)

    I’ve been following your workouts for nearly 4 months now and I love them !
    Thank you for all your videos and tips, it has helped me to stay consistent and motivated…

    I am so happy that I found your website; your workouts really changed my life. I live in France (I’m French) and everyday I have a look at your website just to see the latest videos and get news (Hope Freddy get well soon :) )

    Congratulations to you both : you guys rock !!!

  • mila

    hey I have doing your workouts since march and I`m loving it:) first workout what I did was the hard rock abs and my time was 24min and then I did it again in may and my time was 17min and something,and now I did it again and the chainges was huge my time was 12,40min,I pushed really hard and I was melting,but I really recomenned that everyone try to beat they personal best because I was shock

  • Erick

    Thank you so much for this video!
    I have just started working out again 2 weeks ago, and i think it’s time to level things up a little bit, and this exercice is excellent!
    Once again, thank you so so much! I really admire you!

  • Hannah

    Good advice Zuzana! What you say is so true. People beleive that you need to commit yourself to one or two hour workouts everyday to get in shap – it’s a lie! 15 minutes is all you need – BUT people shouldn’t forget that they will not lose the weight if their your diet is bad. Exercise is step up on good diet, not the other way around. If your diet is bad, the exercise won’t work. You will get fitter, but not leaner!

  • Anna Carolina

    This workout burn!

    I´ve got a aching muscules, now :P .

  • TheOtherMarkV

    Are these the only workouts you do or do you do other cardio or weights at the gym?

  • Kei

    Great workout! Just finished it and am sweating like a pig. I don’t have a sandbag so I put an 8lb dumbbell into my backpack and held it atop my shoulder and that worked fine. It’s crazy that I can do the elevated push up no problem but have to use my hands to help myself up in the “Get up” exercise. It’s funny, the exercises that I always think are going to be hard turn out OK and the ones I think I won’t have a problem with turn out to be the ones I struggle with!

  • Amanda

    Hey! I feel so much better and healthier and more confident since I started doing your workouts. I am so pleased with all the results! Thanks SO much for keeping everything updated and adding food tips as well.
    The only thing is, my wrists are in quite a lot of pain when I do push ups or plank or anything like that, I’m just wondering if there is a better way to hold your hands when you’re doing exercises like that. I tried using fists instead of a flat palm and it was better, but I’m just wondering if you have any suggestions.
    Thanks :)

  • Tania

    Hey Z,

    Answer this one question please. Are you working out during the day or night. It looks like nightime out your window. Just wanted to know because you are also drinking coffee. Won’t that keep you up all night because of the stimulus? I drink my coffee before working out too but haven’t done it at night for fear of not sleeping. What’s the scoop :)

  • angel

    hi zuzana, im using your workout and is very useful for me, i used to do a lot of bodyweight but for may job that requires a lot o f traveling, i can’t go to the gym animore, and your workout are great for me because im training at hotel and its really good to get training without any equipment thanks for your blog!!!!

  • becca c.

    Awesome workout- the pike jumps were intense and so were the step ups, and push ups lol
    my scores
    pike- 13,11,11
    pushups- 8,7,7
    prisoner getups- 6,5,5
    stepups(no weight)L- 34,31,36
    R- 33,35,41

    I really have to push on the step ups to keep going, but this workout was amazing! very chanllenging but an awesome workout.

    Please tell me Zuzana, is it ok to work out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach? or should u eat a light snack or breakfast first? idk i always read u should eat breakfast as soon as u get up cuz its good for ur metabolism.

  • Bobbi Kaye

    Do you guys have a set time that you do your workouts? Would you receommend mornings or evenings? I have been doing evenings for about 6 months now but I’m wondering if I worked out in the morning if it would help jump start my day. What do you think?

  • Judy Bug

    Are these workouts you post the only workouts you do? Or do you also do weight training at a gym?

    Just wondered if you achieved your figure purely from these workouts (which are brutal) or if you do anything additional.

    Thanks and great vids!


  • RDH

    1. Plank Jumps over the Sandbag 14, 12, 11
    2. Get Up 5, 5, 3\3 Prisoner get-ups
    3. Push Up with Knee Tucks 5 (elevated), 4\5 knees, 3\4knees
    4. Side Step Up with Sandbag R side 12, 15, 14
    5. Side Step Up with Sandbag L side 12, 15, 13

  • Lucka

    Hodne stasti na tvuj svatek dneska Zuzano :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Dekuji :)

  • Nicole

    This was a great workout! I’m having a 3 week challenge for myself, and when its over, I’ll show you some before and after pics. Im already seeing a great improvement, but I’m trying to shed that last pinch of loose skin around my belly and hips. Thanks so much for the workouts and all your inspiration!

  • Gemma

    Loving your workouts! Thanks heaps!! i’ve been running morning workouts for a group of people and doing some of your stuff and everyone is finding it very hard which is great!

  • Stephanie


    This workout is brutal…I’m not even going to share my numbers with you, lol, I’m so embarrassed. Oh boy…going to have to work on that one.

    Thanks Zuzanna!

  • luis

    can you make a video for love handles please

    • becca c.

      already happened, check back in the home workouts section around january. she did 3 workouts for abs/ love handles

    • Kamil/ Poland

      I don’t understand You. I speak some english, I from Poland in Europe. I training in power gym, I 16 years. Food… i don’t understand diet, i eat whanever. Please send me massages.

  • gogo

    Elevated push ups were killer! Thanks as usual!

  • Milykonijtnje

    I like the workout a lot!
    I am still waiting for the confirmation of an email my boyfriend sent to a store in Italy so I can buy the sandbag without the horrible taxes.

    My score…without sandbag and without elevated push ups (I still think I need to work out on my push ups, I feel I don’t get low enough)

    1. 14, 12, 11
    2. 7, 7, 6
    3. 10, 11 and a half, 9
    4. 14, 15, 15 (my chair is too tall!!)
    5. 19, 16, 16

    This is the second time i do the “get up” in your workouts and I must say it always leaves below my right knee with a horrible purple spot, obviously because I am putting all my weight there when i get up, so i don’t know… a few tips could be useful :S

    I hope your husband gets well soon!!
    bye :)

    • nicole

      I got a bruise around my knee too! It was after I did the get ups (in a different workout). I don’t know for sure if that was what gave me the bruise, but I didn’t hit my knee on anything. yes, tips on the prisoner get ups would be appreciated!

    • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

      what store in italy? I am also in Italy and dont want to pay the taxes when I order the sand bag. Could you please tell me where you emailed to? I was going to order it when I am in America next month and bring it back with me but I would rather have it now. Please let me know. Thanks
      Sabrina :D

  • Diane M

    Good title, I was DYING during this workout.

  • Lada – cz

    Today is 11th August and in the Czech republic Zuzana celebrate nameday:) So HAPPY NAMEDAY our great supergirl:)

  • Sabrina

    This was tough. I loved it!
    1. Plank Jump over object: 10-8-8
    2. Get ups (prisoner style): 7-10-7.5
    3. Elevated Push Ups w/ knee tuck: 7-7.5-9
    4. Side Steps w/ optional weight (L): 21-20-19
    5. Side Steps w/ optional weight (R): 21-19-21

    I love that hair style on you!

  • http://Iloveyourwebsiteandyourworkout Eirin

    I have to thank you so much for doing this for us.
    When I fist saw your video on youtube, and saw your incredible body, I changed may life. I have done every workouts of you and changed my food habits, and even eat as small portions as you do.
    I have lost about 6 kg and I have received muscles in my body that i did thought i had. But know every things stop, my weight stop, and the portions get more difficult to hold. Do you have some advice to me, so every thing is back at track again??

    Thank you for every thing, I look up to you and I admirer your setting!

    Keep up the good work

    Thank you again, big hugs from Norway

  • stephanie

    WOW this workout looks really easy but after a minute it’s really hard. Thank you for your workouts. I love that I can do these in my home….And you look amazing!!!

  • Tough cookie

    Ouch!!!! That workout was a tough one!

  • Sasha

    I agree…Love the outifit! I am really curious…Where do you come up with all your exercise moves and routines? How do you know what moves to put together to make a great workout and for how long the time should be? Please answer!:) Thank you, Sasha

  • Jelena, Latvija

    Hi Dear Zuzana1
    Thank you for this workout! It was realy good.:)
    I visit your site every day, and i am very hapy about it!!!!!!

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzi and Frederick
    I have finish this workout and I use kettlebell as weight.It is good work out and I like your philosophy about the high intensive wour-out and the time.I have been doing this way work-out for the past 5 mouths and I can se the diferents more then I did whit othere work-out which I did for one hour.
    Thank you

  • Adela

    Well, right now i have to clean that puddle of sweat, sitting in the middle of the room.

    Great workout.

    BTW…if you had drunk smth, before the time you want to start the workout…wait a couple of mins. I drank half a liter of water before starting it, and while i was doin the plank jumps over the obstacle, i heard strange noises comin; from my belly (as my granny calls them: Frogs, croacking frogs).

    And..ohh…beat you at most of the exercises, if not, i got the same score as you. And this is strange.

    Can someone explain me why when i do HIIT with Zuzana i beat her almost always, and when i do a “beat the clock challenge” a timed workout i am usually 5 mins slower than her. And this did not happen to me only once, but repeatedly.

    Thanks for the explanation if someone bothers to give me one.

    Love, hugs and a great workout to all you BodyRockers and Zuzana and Freddy!


  • AKH

    Zuzana, I posted as above that I did this work out this morning. Since then I have NO, ZERO, NADA energy and I am tired.
    Can you please tell me what should I eat right after the workout. I have been draging myself to do my daily routine. I do your workout every other day and I eat clean. Please give me some tips!!!

  • candie

    oops! meant to leave the above message to you zuzana not miss kiss :)

  • Chris A

    I like the pep-talk. This is getting posted on facebook.

  • candie

    Hey Zu love these workouts girl. They kick my butt! How much weight is in your sandbag? I’m gona improvise with hand weights.

  • Miney

    Hi Zuzana!
    I just finished the workout for absolute beginners and I like to continue to do exercise with you. I wanted to fortify my ass and my boops, whta kind of workout you suggested for me?
    I’m waiting for your answer.


    • Frederick

      Hi Miney,
      Just jump right in and choose a routine – they are mostly all full body!

      • Miney

        Thank you Frederick!

  • aylin

    Dear zuzana, (sounds formal right)
    i have a problem. i keep getting spider viens and they say the reason is because i force my body to workout too hard sometimes. I am just 15 years old. but i believe hard workouts will make my legs look toner and it will also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Yes i have stretch marks its horrible and my grandma(she is a nurs) said i must have also got them for making my legs do too intense workouts which really stetched the skin. I am so confused. if i keep following your exercises will these two horrible things(spider viens and stretch marks ) fade away or what advice do you have for me?thank you zuzana.

  • KBell

    this workout was aptly named! I pushed really, really hard….absoloutely dripping with sweat by the second round. The elevated pushups were the worst! (In a good way).

    Thanks for all the time you both dedicate towards your website & creating new workouts. I’ve developed a six pack from following your program and I feel so energized. Thanks for being such a positive influence.

    Kylah from St. Catharines ON

  • Peta

    Ahoj Zuzko!
    doufam, ze neva, ze pisu cesky.. chci ti jen podekovat jakou delas uzasnou praci, jsem uz na tvejch strankach docela zavisla, vzdycky juknu co je novyho a uz tak pulroku s tebou pravidelne (zatim jen tak 3x tydne) cvicim.. musim rict, ze sem zatim neshodila, ale citim se lip a mam rozhodne lepsi fyzicku a silu.. uz mam doma i timer, takze se tesim na dalsi a dalsi workouts:)
    Jeste jednou diky za to co delas a jinak preju VSE NEJLEPSI k svatku, co mas tady v CR:)

  • Katie

    Wow, was this a tough workout! I substituted a 10 pound dumbbell for the sandbag and it really, really challenged me.

    I also wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing your workouts since April, plus I cleaned up my eating habits quite a bit since March. Between the two I have lost 23 pounds. Which might not sound like much, but I’ve also lost SIX dress sizes!

    I’m much stronger, my back doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it used to, and I’ve actually got energy after dinner on most days. So thank you for all the effort you put into this site – you’ve made a difference in my life!

  • Marian

    Hi Zuzana

    I really really love your workouts, I’ve been doing them for a while and they’re just awesome, not only they are challenging but also fun and dynamic, so I’m in love whit them :)

    Also I would like to ask you, Do you have an specific hour to do your workouts, I mean in the morning or the afternoon?

    I usually do them in the morning but I’ve seen that you also do workouts when it’s dark, so, Do you recommend an hour or it’s just fine at any time?

    Thanks a lot, you’re the best. :D

  • Mickela

    Hi guys I think this layout is by far the best, I think the pictures showing the beginner and advanced methods are great.

    I have been a little down the last couple of days and when I saw this post, it lifted my spirits.
    I am so glad Freddie is back and so are you. can’t wait to try this, after sailing.

    Love you guys for bringing a smile to my face.

  • Amanda

    Holy crap, just finished this workout an hour ago and i’m still tired…..ahhh. Great Work-out!

  • emleigh

    I love all your workouts and I’ve been trying to do them every day but how many calories would you say are being burned in your workouts? I’m trying to burn more calories then i take in.

  • Tracey:)

    Great workout! Got it done last night without weights. The elevated pushups/knee tucks were tough!!

    Your an inspiration! Thanks for keeping this website going!! :D

  • Val

    Thank you for the motivation to try harder

  • IsABEL

    I love your outfit, i want to lose more weight, and you are my inspiration, i am loosing weight and i am loving how i look in my clothe..step by step. i have a goal, and i hope to finish it.
    bigg kiss for u and i hope ur husband be better..nice couple..good luck in everything!!

  • Rhayna

    One more killer and meltdown workout:) It really feels amazing when you just have your shower after you have pushed really hard in your workout.
    once again i have to say i love your outfit!
    my reps for this workout were:
    in the first exercise i was jumping over my pillow and instead of a sandback i was using two dumbells 2kg each. And also i noticed the same as you from my reps, i was saving energy for the last round maybe:)
    I’m happy that freddie is well again:)
    And one last thing, i would like to see the recipe with the eggplants, looks delicious!
    With love,

  • Anita

    Excellent workout Zuzana. Love the variation on the “Elevated Push Ups with Knee Tucks”. The Lizard is one of my favorite exercises and this just takes it a level up.

    BTW – the Sandbag getup must have been a killer – as you can’t use an arm to push yourself up – awesome!

  • Kim

    Miss Kiss
    If you have an active lifestyle outside of your workout routines and/or you have a fast metabolism, you may need more calories in your diet. Add them in the form of one or two in between meal snacks. Everyone is different, the same diet does not fit everyone.

  • rachael

    Looks intense, cant wait to try it. Quick question, would a weighted vest work in place of the sand bag? I don’t know why it wouldn’t, just would like your opinion.

    Thanks Z&F for keeping all of us “bodyrockers” motivated and inspired to be fit and healthy.

    ~rachael :]

  • Barbara

    Wow, this was one hard workout! Incredible! It makes me better understand the issues overweight people have to face when working out. The plank jumps and get ups (with 2 10lbs dumbells in my case) were killers!

    I keep trying to work out at my maximum effort, but if I want to make it to the end of the workout I have to pace myself somewhat throughout. But at the end of the torture I’m wiped out, so i must be doing something right. :-)

    Love it!

  • Alexandra

    Hello Zuzana & Freddy,

    You guys always gives us tips on workouts, how to eat, where to travel etc etc. But you guys never gives ups LOVE tips, you guys have more than 3 years together, if I’m not mistaken, how do you guys do it????????? what tips would you give the single ones outhere?
    I’m a very shy person and can’t even get close to the guy I like because i’ll start shaking loool, I get really, really, nervious….

    hope to read from u’s!


  • Aga

    Hello Zuzana,

    I love your workouts, your dedication and hard work that reflects in your body. I wish I was able to push myself so hard as you do and I used to till my lower back started to hurt me. Gone through lots of doctors and shots, but nobody knows what’s going on. Doctors think that I overloaded my back with exercises. Do you think you could dedicate one workout to people like me with a lower back problem.
    Thank You again for being such an inspiration to all of us.

  • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

    PJOSB 12.9.9
    GU 5.4.4
    EPUw/KT 6.6.5
    SSUw/SB 15.13.13
    SSUw/SB 13.14.13

    This was wicked! (in the real sense of the word) I used a canvas bag with two lrg. filled water bottles in it, so it wasnt as much weight as the sandbag. Thanks Zuzana :D

  • Iris Collado

    Idid last night Sexy Pain Train Workout. This is a great workout. I was out breath by my second round. I will do The Beg for Mercy Workout tomorrow.

    Thank you

  • Tough cookie


    Can you tell us how much you put into your sandbag for each exercise?


  • Sarah

    Holy Crap, this workout looked ‘easy’ at first…but when I got to the 3rd round I almost passed out.

  • Shanna

    To Miss Kate: I have found that when I slowly cut back, and give my body time to get used to portions a bit smaller than what I am accustomed to, it becomes easier to eat smaller portion sizes. I am not a professional, but I have heard, and read that your body really shouldn’t be hungry throughout the day – you should feel satisfied, not stuffed. So if you are hungry, then eat – but healthy meals. So, I’m not sure if you’ve tried this – but if you haven’t try cutting back slowly and give your body time to adjust.

  • Galea 21 (Russia)

    They Rock!!!

  • AKH

    FAB workout as usuall!!
    I did it in 18 min just followed your reps x3.
    Have a super day!

  • Alexa

    Hello Zuzana,
    I just want to thank you for making your cool workouts for all kind of people: beginners and good body shaped. I am not healthy person but I can still follow your programms with beginner version. My Gymboss just arrived and I am so glad now. Thank you again and again for sharing this wonderfull things!

  • Monika

    Ahoj, přeju všechno nejlepší k svátku z České Republiky a děkuji za skvělé Workouty…tvoje stránka pro mě nemá konkurenci ;-)

  • Elinec63

    Fantastic workout (as usual !) !!!
    I did it this morning and I felt so great after, just like you said : full of energy and ready to face the day ;)

    I’ve been following your workouts for nearly 4 months now and I love them !
    Thank you for all your videos and tips, it has helped me to stay consistent and motivated…

    I am so happy that I found your website; your workouts really changed my life. I live in France (I’m French) and everyday I have a look at your website just to see the latest videos and get news (Hope Freddy get well soon :) )

    Congratulations to you both : you guys rock !!!

  • lise

    - Plank jumps over an obstacle : 9-7-7
    - Get ups bodyweight only : 7-8-8
    - Elevated P.U Knee Tucks : 10-12-10
    - Side step up body weight only (left) : 21-19-19
    - Side step up.. (right) : 22-22-21
    Great workout. Thanks.

  • Gaby

    Hey Zuzana,
    I am so glad Frederik is feeling better =). I loved this workout, I don’t have a sandbag so I did it with a 15 pound dumbell, I was wondering how much weight you use? in you sandbag?
    My numbers are:
    I gave it my all… and I had no energy left at the end like you said.. but it feels great!!

  • Galea 21 (Russia)

    Thanks for your workout’s !!!!We are doing them with my boyfriend)))I was excited then I found your bodyrock)))It’s a lot of god exersises)))They Work))))

  • Marius

    What do you mean by “getting in shape” ? I’m a thin guy and I’m trying to gain muscle mass. Hope the exercises are good and are not going make me even skinnier than I am. To avoid that I’m eating as much as possible. Hope you won’t laugh because you are used to talk about diets where you eat no more than you need.

    Keep updating the channel everyday with workouts because you motivate me to exercise more.

  • Kája

    Opravdu krásný oufit a náročný workout jako vždy, asi budu muset využít variantu pro začátečníky :-)
    A hlavně Zuzko přeji vše nejlepší k svátku, ať se ti daří jako dosud. Jsi inspirací pro hodně lidí a taky pro mě. Díky za to, co děláš.

  • Jo

    p.s I dont have a sandbag but i do have a 20lb weighted vest so i used that instead.

  • Jo

    Hi guys ;-) Just comleted this workout and I have to say this was THE MOST BRUTAL WORKOUT!!!!! I’m literally dripping with sweat – The title sum’s it up perfectly Beg For Mercy (I think i said the F word more times than i care 2 remember during this workout ;-) haha). Keep up the good work (outs) xjo

  • Jeny

    Hello, Zuzanna!
    I would like to asking you about the exact weight of the sandbag that you used in this workout? This is just for my information. I follow your workouts from about 4 months and I need to say that my body looks so good like never before. So, thanks in advance for your answer and thanks for whole information that you shared with us.

  • Sandra

    Hi Zuzzana,

    I really enjoy watching your videos. Actually ever since i discovered this website, i became obsessed with it. You’re great and you inspire me!

    Anyways, I always wondered what’s the sercret with your breathing? When you exhale – you make this sound like ‘shoooo…’ or something :) are you doing this on purpose and if yes, then why? Is it beneficial to breath like that when excercising?



  • Brian

    I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for posting this workouts. I’ve been following this site rigidly for the last two weeks and I’ve lost a solid 8lbs!!

  • Victoria

    Hi, Zuzana. I finally took courage to write something to you :) I have been doing your workouts for more than six months and when I have free time I love to cook your meals. I find your 12 or 15 minutes workouts for really brutal, but I try to give everything from myself(as you always say). But my upper body looks very skinny though I do more exercises. I don`t know what more do I have to do… Finally, thanks for being so radiant and don`t stop inspiring so many people, including me :) ))

  • Sarah

    Awesome workout. And what you say is really true. All the other fitness trainers that have you running on a treadmill or working out for up to 6 hrs a day, or at least 2 hrs a day, don’t really think that you will get bored with it and so will your body to the point where you HAVE to workout 2 or more hrs a day just to get results. I used to workout an hr 2 daily and I was a semi-vegetarian (ate only fish, turkey and chicken.) It worked, but my body got tired of it and I found myself needing to go more hrs just to get my desired results. And your short but powerful workouts make true the cliche, “big booms often come in very small packages! I absolutely love your workouts and would love them even more when I’m able to do some of the exercises! Keep it up!

  • bernard

    Dear Suzanna,
    How can you do such a workout with a coffee still in your stomach?

  • angie

    Hi Zuz, you should consider setting up a merchandise area that sells sports bras/teeshirts that says ‘BodyRockers’.
    It would help to motivate all of us to do your workouts!

  • Cinthya

    Great workout Zuzie!!!!!! i made my own sandbag without sand because I am a starving college student :)

    I found a great site for vegetarians or people interested in yummy meals:

    Also follow this great health counselor via facebook, she posts great health tips, recipes, and fantastic articles:

    check it out BodyRockers!!!

    Thanks for the hard work Zuzie and Freddy!I love Bodyrock!!


  • Kelly

    Hi Zuzana,

    I totally love your workouts ive been doing them for 2 weeks and seeing results already after being at the gym for 5 months doing cardio and weights to tone up and have seen no results at all.. so your workouts are great..

    I want to push as hard as you, and as hard as you say to push but when i do exercises such as mountain climbers, half burpees, crunches or ab work I can hear and feel all the water in my stomach moving around and it puts me off and i cant complete all the 20 or 30 seconds. i do drink a fair bit of water during the day but i dont eat or drink anything else at least an hour or 2 before my workout, and im not fat and i have a small stomach. Do you know of anything that it could be?

    PLease help?

    Thanks so much
    Kel :)

  • Bohdana

    Hi Zuzana , how heavy is your bag in this workout?

  • Jenny

    What a great outfit, you have excellent taste! Also, I know your hair is simply clipped to the side but I think it really suits you like that :)

    This workout was so much fun, it went so quickly! I improvised a sandbag by putting two 4kg weights (in their original box) in a square jute bag: it didn’t work too well and took up a little time manoeuvring it into place to start each exercise, lowering my reps, but I viewed it as part of the challenge and still ended up sweaty as hell and wiped out! Thank you :)

  • Squirrel

    I LOVE your pants so much…i’ll go to lulu tomorrow and get them ;)
    Zuzana, I was wondering, how much weight do you put in your sandbag? I know it can vary depending on the exercises. Would you mind specifying the weight you put for each exercise in your next workouts?

    Thanks guys!!

  • PF

    wow. that. was something. I had to stop using weights half way through the second round before i hurt myself haha.
    wow. yikes.

  • SQ


    How much weight are you using in your sandbag? Can you post that on the workouts with sandbags? it would just be helpful for a reference.

    Thank you!

  • Tameshia

    Love the Lululemon outfits!! I wish I could afford to buy workout clothes as often as you ;) My personal favorite workout brands are Champion & Nike!! Thanks for showing alternative workouts for the sandbag they really help. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get one. :( I’m cheering for Freddy’s speedy recovery!!!!!

    Much love from Atlanta, GA!!

  • Jamie

    wow Z you really pushed it today, well done
    I watch how much effort you put in and how positive you are and you’re such an inspiration
    your videos really help get my psyched to work out myself and I love the pictures of each exercise – thank you so much

  • Ash

    Thank you for modifying these workouts Zuzanna. Very appreciated.

  • Miss Kiss

    Love your outfit! Love Lululemon!

    Thanks for your blog. I’ve really adopted your habits, and it’s so far working out great. However, I feel like my body needs more food than what your portions sizes look like. Which is confusing because I’m probably about your size/frame. Weird question, but… how hungry are you supposed to feel during the day? Is it possible that I plain just need a little extra food?

    Thanks again, much love from Calgary :)

    • RN

      I’ve been struggling with hunger on Zuzana’s diet plan too. Her portion sizes are so small, it leaves you in constant hunger. My approach has been to stop exercising for about two weeks and get used to the really small portions. Your appetite does adjust after sometime. Then I started to slowly incorporate the workouts again and now I’m back to exercising everyday practically. The reason I stopped the workouts altogether is because exercising makes you insanely hungry so if you drastically reduce your food intake as well, you’re very likely to start pigging out. If you train your body to eat very little, it will eventually get used to it.

      • RN

        By the way, I forgot to mention that I did manage to lose fat while stopping the exercises altogether and trying out small portions of food. So you don’t have to worry about stepping back on your fitness goals while holding back on exercises for a while.

    • nicole

      hey i was the same i felt hungry but try drinking a glass of water before and after your meal. You should feel ok after your meal not starving but not full, also i eat some dried cranberries and raisins and drink a lot of water with it, for some reason it keeps me full. i think its because the raisins expand in my stomach

    • d

      hey :)
      i’ve learned from zuzana that it’s important to listen to your body. you shouldn’t feel that you have to feel hungry just because someone portion sizes are what you think you need to eat. you might have more muscles to feed than zuzana also, there are a lot of factors.. just listen to your body, and if it’s hungry then feed it :)
      hope this helps you out.


    • candie

      Hey Zu love these workouts girl. They kick my butt! How much weight is in your sandbag? I’m gona improvise with hand weights.

    • Leo

      Hello Miss Kiss. I feel hungry a lot throughout the day too. I often hear “Leo you eat so much” But I really don’t. I eat small tiny portions of snacks throughout my day, which keeps me going, and feeling good. When you do eat, it’s important you don’t eat too much, if you do, you will have excess calories and the extra food your body doesn’t need, it’ll be stored for fat. So if you break down your day, and throw in some healthy snacks, you should be good to go! :D And I agree, lululemon rocks!

      One Love

      • Anita

        Miss Kiss – the easiest way to know if you’re eating enough is to calculate your TDEE – which is the estimated total calories your body needs to sustain life. You have to factor in your activity level on top of that too otherwise you would be eating less than you need to – i.e. you’d feel hungry. So it’s about calculating your BMR (basal metabolic rate) times your activity level…

        Leo makes a good point that regardless of how many meals you eat you should not exceed your specific TDEE by a lot.

    • Micahlene

      I suppose it all depends on your output throughout the day… Also, it depends on your body… I have tried to get to Zuzana’s low fat content, but I end up feeling weak and faint. I even go through what is called amenorrhea, which is the cessation of my menstrual cycle… And I was eating HEALTHY foods… I am 5′ 6″ and I can’t go below 122, and there’s no way my abs can show through when I am 122… So, I think you should listen to your body.. But, if you start gaining weight, then you know that your stomach just needs to get used to smaller portions.

  • Nancy

    I had to put this comment before I I even saw the video.
    so lovely

  • nicole

    hey Zuzana
    please answer me.. where do you get your shorter tanks tops (the one you wore on your trip) i find lulu lemon’s top all very long and i like them a bit shorter so it shows my stomach.. so where do you get yours from ?? please tell meeeeeeeeeeeee i have looked every where but they are all just so long..
    ok now i am off to do ur work out

  • Karen

    very hard!

    : )

  • nicole

    Omg i went and bought the two pants u bought from lulu lemon today eek 200 down the drain lol…

    PS. if you like guess try Marciano . i am not sure if they have one in Kingston, but Marciano is the high end of Guess. I like their stuff especially their jeans, it makes ur butt look awesome. and they have such nice dresses.

  • Alecia

    Hi Zuzana, I have some quick questions for you. I am 20 years old(female)5’6 and have currently gained 30 pounds since high school which is rediculous, i guess it was just stress, no more sports and a few other reasons. I really want to get back to 120, i am finding it really hard to get motivated and lose the weight. I’ve been working out for about 3 weeks now on and off, i feel as though im getting bulky instead of thinner. I dont want to bulk up i just want to tone and get rid of fat. Most of my problem areas are obliques,glutes and i just need to tone up. Hoping you could give me some suggestions. Im trying to incorporate a lot of cardio, but like i said i need to some how get motivated :/ Please help me.

  • Athena

    Please post
    How many minutes are each exercise? Each onelasts 10 seconds? I donot have the timeri do haveonly simple watch anD I am confused. Thanks

  • RockChick

    Wow!! Quite a workout! I could really feel it in my abs with the Get Up exercise.

  • Jenna

    Can’t wait to try this one tomorrow!! Looks like a hard one!!! Love the workouts!!!

  • Amy B

    How much weight is in your sandbag for this workout. Thank you for sharing your diet with us. I love that you are listening and helping us out here- it shows how much you care.

  • Christine

    What an amazing workout! I was exhausted afterwards and it felt incredibly good. I do have a question about the sandbag. There are times when I do the exercises with the sandbag and my back really hurts. It happened when I was doing this workout during Get Up. I decided during round two that I would change to tricep dips, since that’s my biggest problem area.

    Is anyone else experiencing back pain when they use a sandbag?

  • AKH

    Hi Zuzana,
    My husband has gout as a result of living in Argentina for 4 years (Red meat diet is to blame in this case). He used to take colchicine (prescription) one a day but over the years he has been cut down to take colchicine one a month. I just want to share this just for your information.

    By the way Z, what time of the day are you working out it looks dark out side ?!!
    Is it ok to work out at night before the bed time, I mean your body can get to excited… No!!

  • tiana

    i love your website!i mist ask though how can you have a coffee before a workout? it doesn’t mess with your stomach?

  • Janet

    Phew…I did a couple hours of stand up paddlesurfing first and I didn’t think my legs would be sooo tired! I don’t have a sandbag handy, so I went for bodyweight only prisoner get ups and bodyweight step up with knee lift up to 90 degrees each step up. Great workout without the sandbags!
    1. 16.5-15-15
    2. 7.5-7-8
    3. 12-13-15
    4. left 21-21-22
    5. right 21-23-24

  • Crystle

    Hey there,

    You’ve got a lot of amazing circuits. I was just curious as to how many days a week you repeat the same circuits?

    For example: If I were to do your “Beg for Mercy Workout”, would I do the same workout the day after the next? And how often do you change your workouts?


  • Jodi

    i LOVE the insanity!!

  • Jodi

    ive never seen you suffer like this before! cant wait to put MYSELF through it lol :)

  • Bobbi K.

    What time of the day do you usually do your workouts? I’ve been doing mine in the afternoons but is it better to do it in the morning and sort of …kick start your day?
    Today I looked at my very first before picture from back in december and man I had no idea I looked that bad!lol I mean I’m skinny but I had that winter chub thing going on with my belly and your workouts have changed my life. lol Really! As soon as I find my damn USB cord for my cell phone I’ll show you two. lol
    This was a great workout btw!

  • ebere

    just did this workout and it kicked my ass. im dripping sweat every where and i am completely exhausted. great workout:)

  • Svetlana007

    Love love love your website!!! (old news? well, forgive me!). Sorry about Frederick’s foot, hope he’s getting better!!!

    On a good note, it’s awesome how you’re actually showing variations to sandbag exercises without the sandbag and also modifications for beginners. I’d like to think of myself as an intermediate by now but I remember when I just started following your workouts and I had to come up with some modifications myself to keep up with you. It’s so much easier for new-comers to follow your workouts these days! :) Keep up the good work!

  • Charlene

    Thank you for the workout talk…because you are right. I used to do 1 hour of bootcamp or some other exercise video about 5 days a week but my strength never increased. Since doing your workouts, now I AM stronger, leaner and have the strength and stamina to do things that I couldn’t before, all because of these “burst” type exercises. We just need to change our thinking about working out! The results will prove it!

  • KulfiMan

    This is an awesome workout. I’ll try to give this a go soon… 15 minutes! 1 hour workout is for suckers!

  • IrisCh.

    Thanks for another great workout!! They are all so amazing and work really well!! I can see such a change on my body and I got stronger and more energetic. And the best thing: they are much fun (while I`m working out, I hate it ;-) ) but afterwards you feel great).

    Thanks for all the workouts and tips you gave and give! Please hold on! :-)

    I`m glad Freddy is doing better!
    All the best!

  • Renee

    Hi guys,
    I’m so happy that you posted a new workout. I love your site and I think both of you are absolutely great. I just tried this workout without the weight and boy oh boy, what a wipeout session! Thanks for all your inspiration and please keep up the excellent work.

    p.s. Zuzana, as always, you looked beautiful in this video, but don’t you think you need a larger sized sport bra? It looks like it would be incredibly uncomfortable. Ouch! But maybe that’s just me, since I can’t stand sports bras that are so fresh they pinch me :0

  • ebere

    when i eat my stomach gets bigger and it looks like im out of shape wat should i do?

  • Jade

    Hello Zuzana and freddy (hope your foots ok)

    i have just got my PINK!!!! gymboss timer and cannot wait to try out all your workouts (abit scared to) will hopefully post my results on here but will no way be up to your standard but as you said i WILL put MAX effort in it. thanks for you all your inspiration i have taken up running and so far lost 4 pounds

    thanks again

  • Tanyshka

    Hi Zuzana and Fred,

    This looks awesome, I’m waitting for my sandbag to arive, can’t wait!!
    How long did it take to get yours?

    Anyways, I wanted to let you know about the bet I made with my husband (we did this instead of the 2 month chalenge)

    it’s the 6 pak pact… first one to get a six pak wins! We’ve posted this all over the house, on the fridge and in our offices.

    I was in the lead untill recently… I really need to kick it up a knotch and hope the sand bag will help, I seem to have hit a plateau.

    A little friendly competition is an awesome way to get fit!

    In a month or so I’ll be able to let you know who won!

    Have a good day!!

  • Pati

    Your workouts have made me so much more toned, and helped me become so much stronger, and I never get bored b/c they’re different each time. I found your website in December of 2009, and I have been visiting daily since. I love what you and Frederick are doing, Zuzana. I never question whether I’m going to complete your workout today or not, like I questioned whether I should get ready and drive to the gym or not when I had a membership. I ALWAYS look forward to your workouts. I love the convenience they provide, love the high intensity, variety, and little time needed to complete them. You and Frederick ROCK! I hope he’s doing much better!

  • Pavlina

    Absolutely great workout, Zuzana. I started following your workouts about 4 months ago and it is really visible how much has my body changed eventough I am not following your excercises in the exact way as they are published. But I am getting a great inspiration here and seeing you sweating and breathing hard reasures me that I am not the only one and that it is absolutely normal to do it even for a man in a perfect shape like you.
    I was trying many types of sport – running, gym, aerobic and nothing has brought me so much fun and fast and visible changes as your interval and bodyweight workouts. I am just that type of person who needs to be sweating and pushing really hard to feel the tension in my muscles. Thank you for all this! Keep your energy and your smile:)

  • Alicia

    I’m glad Freddy feels better! And this workout looks delightfully painful! :)

  • ilynna

    i just got back from completing this workout… it was brutal.. i took your advice about pushing hard and giving my maximum effort from first exercise to the last… wow, it kicked my butt in the first round lol… thanks for the reminder =0)

  • Samantha

    Looks great! How heavy is the sandbag?

  • soni

    ur the best, love u

  • Geneva

    Hi Zuzana!

    I want to thank you so much for everything that you are doing on your web site. Recently I went on a backpacking trip and hiked 32 miles (w a 20 pnd pack, 18 miles the first day) at Mammoth lakes in California. We climbed from 6,000 ft elevation to 10,800 ft elevation in the first 5 miles. We covered snow, hail, marshes, huge river crossings… anywho it was insane and pushed everyones limits.

    Before the hike I started your workouts. I began feeling stronger right away. If it wasn’t for the ‘jump-lunges’ that u posted on u-tube I would not have been as fast and fit on the trail. Now I am a Zuzana junky ;-) and I do your workouts about 5 days a week. I hook’d my Mom and my sister too!

    Thank you for the positive message and motivation. The backpacking trip really showed me just how effective your work outs are. <3 Geneva

  • Sandra from Montreal

    I was afraid you would always use the sandbag and that it would be a must in your workouts, but nstead you’re using it to increase the level of intensity of some exercises.


    This workout loooks amazing, I can’t wait to do it !! !! Before I used to do all my push ups from the knees. . . and now I can do 10 reps from my feet, I’m so proud. Next Goal: Elevated push ups !
    Thank you for everything.

  • Elisa

    Thank you so much for taking extra pictures for beginners, i’ll try this out tomorrow, can’t wait!
    And thank you for pushing me this much… I’m looking forward to your workouts every single day… who would have thought! I’ve never even liked exercising!

  • Charlotte Elkari

    Wow, I can’t wait to try this new workout. It was good of you to make a work out that works with the sandbag and with just your own body weight. I think I am gonna do a mix of body weight and use some hand weights for this. It’s week 4 of Bodyrock workouts for me and I look forward to working out everyday because I know the harder I push the better I will feel when I complete the workout. Your really very talented Zuzanna and Fredrick thank you for all your hard work and inspirational workouts. :o )

  • Georgia1

    Hey guys!

    I think there is something wrong with the comments. I am not able to view them. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for everything!

  • Carrie

    Great workout – thanks guys. Had to make some amendments, such as prisoner get up instead of using the bag (the straps on my homemade bag were too long so it kept knocking my head!) and doing the push-ups from my knees, but it still worked well and was challenging enough to leave me sweating buckets. You’re so right – after a shower and chill out these workouts really make make you feel good. I now see my 25-minute hilly cycle home from work as a warm-up to your challenges!

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I used a 20LB dumbbell and it worked perfectly. Here are my results:

    PlankJumpOver: 12/13/13
    GetUp(20LB): 5/3/4
    ElPushupKneeTuck: 10/8/8
    SideStepUp(L)20LB: 16/20/17
    SideStepUp(R)20LB: 18/17/18

    I’m curious about how much weight was in your sandbag?

  • Surishta

    :’( I am sick and on antibiotics for the next four days! My doctor advised me not to work for the next four days cause my resistance is down right now. This really sucks!! I remember watching one of Zuzanna’s past video in which she was also sick and not working out. Then she said that not exercising makes her feel like she has not taken a shower or she feels dirty or something like. Back then when I watched the video I thought it was funny to feel dirty just because you can’t work out but now I know what she meant. The feeling of not working is more unbearable than the sickness itself. I just can’t wait for the next 4 days to be over so that I can work out again and feel great and CLEAN! ;)

  • TJay

    I LOVED THIS! Thank you! My heart was going crazy!
    Plank Jump over sandbag #1-15, #2-12, #3-11.5
    Get up (15lb bell): #1-7, #2-5, #3-6
    Push-up/knee tuck on workout bench: #1-13, #2-9, #3- 8
    Step up on workout bench (20lb bar) L: #1-19, #2-15, #3-13
    Step up on workout bench (20lb bar) R: #1-17, #2-15, #3-14

  • Stacey B

    You said you pushed hard your last rounds-so are you writing your reps from last to first(ex.plank jumps-15r, 11r, 11r)? Just wondering cause I was reading it as 15 is your first round. If you have a chance to clarify it would be great.

  • Leo

    Zuzana y Freddy,
    Hey hey :D Freddy it’s good to see your foot is doing better! And Zuzana, your new outfit looks nice. Great workout video, I’m looking forward to doing this. Looks challenging! Really looked like you pushed it too, so good work Zuzana! I think it’s a really good thing that you show modifications, I know for my sister that most of the exercises are difficult for her, so modifications keep her attitude positive. Can’t get to the top, without steps! Pictures are a real asset. Have a great day!

    One Love.

  • Moooingcow

    Welcome back from vacation guys. Loved the videos and all the recent stuff. Also, creative stuff with workout clothing. I love it.

    I hope that the foot feels better soon. Keep up the great work!

  • pheonix

    OMG!!! That was absolutely torturous Zuzana. But I loved every minute of it. Wooohooo

  • Elena

    Love it already! can’t wait to try it out tomorrow! :)

  • Marianne

    Great workout, looked tough! What weight did you use in the sandbag?

  • Tomás

    Ey espero esten super bien soy fan de su pagina
    I love your page and your exercises
    i´m from Monterrey Mexico
    Zuzana you are lovely
    continue as before

    Take care
    un saludo desde monterrey mexico

  • Jess

    Great workout! I would be stuck in such a rut if I didn’t have you.

  • ilynna

    hi zuzana and frederick,

    very happy to hear you’re doing better freddy =0D can’t wait to try this workout today.

    just wanted to share a little story with you guys. i was at the gym the other day doing one of your previous workouts and afterwards, a stranger who goes to the same gym as i, came up to me and told me she’s seen me for quite a while now doing all these different workouts and she told me she’s noticed so much change in my body.. she told me i looked really good.. hahahaha it was such an uplifting compliment and it was inspiring.. i went on to show her my little notebook where i write down all your workouts in and i told her about the gymboss timer i had and how there’s interval training and timed workouts and how most of the workouts were body weight exercises… i told her about your site lol.. =0D i am glad i got to share what i love doing to someone else =0)

    anyway, thanks for all the great workouts zuzana and freddy =0)

    ilynna =0)

  • Fallon

    looks intense i must try it!