Aug 15 2010

Sexy Body Breakdown Workout

Hi BodyRockers!

I had an amazing workout in Sault St. Marie right on the water front and during the sunset. It’s been a while since I did my workout outside so I really enjoyed it and I hope that I will have another opportunity to do my training outside at our next stop.

This workout is a time challenge which means that you will use your Gymboss Interval Timer as a stop watch and your goal is to complete this routine as fast as possible. I completed only 8 rounds out of 10 and it took me 17 minutes. You can try to beat my time or at least try to make it through all of the 10 rounds. My Sandbag weighs about 35 pounds so it is quite heavy, however one of the things that I love you about this equipment is that you can adjust the weight to your own strength and fitness level. If you don’t have the Sandbag, you can still do this workout with your own bodyweight and add some extra rounds for more challenge.

Try to complete 10 rounds of the 3 following exercises as fast as possible.

1. Backward lunge knee up  with Sandbag on your shoulder / 15 reps (switch sides for each round)

2. Dynamic Squat With Sandbag on your shoulder / 10 reps (switch sides for each round)

3. Dynamic Push Up / 5 reps

Don’t have a Sandbag?

If you don’t have the Sandbag, try to complete 20 rounds of the same exercises with just your own bodyweight.

Tips for beginners:

If you are a complete beginner, try to complete only as many rounds as you can keeping proper form. You can use a chair for support when you are doing the backward lunges and squats. The Dynamic Squat might be too challenging for beginners – skip the jump if you have to and just do regular squats.

Dynamic push ups are not an exercise for beginners so you will have to choose an easier version of push ups – wall push ups or push ups from your knees are the easiest. Write down your score (rounds, reps and time) and the next time you do this workout, you will try to beat those numbers.

We will be hitting the road and continuing our drive across Canada – having a great workout makes those hours on our butts in the car a lot easier to take.

Talk to you guys on our next stop :)


Zuzana & Frederick

Backward Lunge with Sandbag

This is the first exercise so start standing with the Sandbag on the ground next to your right foot. Squat down and pick up the Sandbag and bring it up across your body and mount it over your left shoulder (picture 1). This cross body motion will work the muscles on the side of your body including your obliques.

Keeping your left hand on the Sandbag, lunge backwards with your right leg until your knee almost touches the ground (picture 2).

Bring your back knee forward and up as far as you can (picture 3). Keep your abs tight, shoulders back and down and your chest up.

Dynamic Squat with Sandbag

Keep the Sandbag on your left shoulder and stand tall with your feet together (picture 1). Jump your feet apart as you squat down and then jump your feet back together as you rise up. Try to bring your hips below your knees as you squat down – your knees and feet should be pointing slightly outwards.

After completing all of the reps, drop the Sandbag right next to your left foot so that you have to pick it up again across your body in the next round. This way you will always know which side to work in the next round.

Dynamic Push Up

Start in a plank and bent your elbows to bring your chest as close to the ground as possible keeping your body in one straight line. Push up off of the ground with as much force as you can jumping your feet forward at the same time. You will land in a half squat position with your hands out in front of you ready for the next rep as shown in picture 2.


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  • Alejandra

    Forgot to put, with 14 kg sand bag ouch!!

  • Alejandra

    Love this one!!! it was so hard… i did 8 rounds in 14:14 min and then completed the 10 rounds in 17:39, it was great and i push really hard!!
    In the Dynamic Push Up, at the end of the push up, was difficult for me to maintain balance.Ale

  • Anonymous

    why do you remove some of the videos?? this makes me really mad, argh.. i just don’t get it..

  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    OUCH!  That was fantastic!  I used my 35lb sandbag and it took me 20:17 to do 10 rounds.  towards the end I had to take the bag down between exercises.  A GREAT sweat before I go off to job #2!  I started out with 1000 high knee skips with jump rope in 6:50, a PR for me!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it sounds lame, I think it sounds sweet! wish my husband would workout with me!

  • Luke Says No

    My Score:
    Time Challenge: 20 minutes
    - High Knees / 20 reps
    - Backward lunge knee up / 15 reps (switch sides for each round)
    - Dynamic Squat / 10 reps
    - Dive Bombers / 5 reps
    - Knee Raises / 10 reps

    Total Sets: 11

  • Luke Says No

    My Score:
    Time Challenge: 20 minutes
    - High Knees / 20 reps
    - Backward lunge knee up / 15 reps (switch sides for each round)
    - Dynamic Squat / 10 reps
    - Dive Bombers / 5 reps
    - Knee Raises / 10 reps

    Total Sets: 11

  • Luke Says No

    Sexy Body breakdown / We found Love Mash up

    My Score:1. Backward lunge knee up with 30 lb (15 x 2) Dumbbells  / 15 reps (switch sides for each round)2. Dynamic Squat with 30 lb (15 x 2) Dumbbells / 10 reps (switch sides for each round)3. Dive Bombers / 5 reps4. Knee Raises / 5 repsTotal Sets: 10!

  • Miss Rebecca

    I changed this one up a little bit:

    1.  Backward lunge w/kick up (left leg) (15 reps)
    2.  Backward lunge w/kick up (right leg) (15 reps)
    3.  Dynamic squats (20 reps)
    4.  Dynamic push-up half burpee* (10 reps)

    I did the workout with bodyweight only, so I had initially set out to complete 10 rounds, but after just two rounds, I realized that five was going to be enough!!  You could also set a timer to count down 30 minutes and just see how many rounds you can complete in that time.

    *The last exercise (I wasn’t sure what to call it), but I was doing a push-up where you jump your feet wide apart on the way down and then jump them back together again as you’re straightening your arms on the way up; then jump your feet close to your hands and then jump them back into the plank position, so it’s like a burpee without the jump-up.  This is one rep.  Of course, you could also do regular burpees here…

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  • Luke Says No

    My Scores:
    12 x 10/50
    1. Backward lunge knee up with 2 x 5 lb dumbbells: 17, 13, 15, 14
    2. Dynamic Squat With with 2 x 5 lb dumbbells: 14, 12, 14, 13
    3. Dynamic Push Up: 9, 9, 9, 11

  • Luke Says No

    My Scores:
    12 x 10/50
    1. Backward lunge knee up with 2 x 5 lb dumbbells: 17, 13, 15, 14
    2. Dynamic Squat With with 2 x 5 lb dumbbells: 14, 12, 14, 13
    3. Dynamic Push Up: 9, 9, 9, 11

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  • Amanda (Maryland)

    I did this one yesterday and only got to 7 rounds. I used an 8 pound dummbell for the first exercise and no weight for the second. I attempted to fill a bag with 30 pounds of dumbbells to see if I could do it like you…not a chance lol. Kudos to you and your 35 lbs. This is definitely one of the most intense ones you’ve posted.

  • Michelle

    Awsome workout, definatly doing this one again soon. I did 10 rounds in 15:28 with a 34lbs sandbag. I was completely wiped out at the end, I loved it!!!

  • Chris K.

    Ha, the old guy walking by towards the end of the video was like “what the heck…”

    I love the sandbag workouts. At first I was dissapointed you were starting to use it because there was no way I was going to fork out $100 for the thing. After some searching around the house, I found a small military duffelish bag that I had which is similar to the sandbag you got. I was able to stuff 60lbs worth of weights in it and it’s working out great.
    I’ve been following you guys since December ’09 and so far these sandbag workouts are my favorite! (a lot more comfortable than running around with dumbells -.-)

  • Nikki

    This was an awesome, killer workout!!! It took me way too long to complete just 5 rounds, and I’m thinking it is because I wrapped two 10lb weights in a towel to throw over my shoulders and the towel kept on coming undone. So I had to keep re-wrapping the towel each time. But here’s my score…I completed 5 rounds in 24:49. I can’t believe it took me this long, when I compared it to the others’ scores. I’m in shape and everything so I’m not sure why. I’m going to redo this workout every so often until I can complete 10 rounds in a decent time. And than I’m going to keep challenging myself with it until I can do it in an even better time. Thank you for this workout!

    • Nikki

      Ok, I know what I did wrong. For the backward lunges, I did both the right and the left in one round instead of just doing the left for one round than the right for the other round. I did the same thing with the squats. I’m going to re-do this workout tomorrow!

  • Natalie

    Hey, I’m 16 years old, gonna be 17 in december : ) and i do one of your workouts every day! i absolutely love them! They’re SO challenging, and I feel great after. I don’t have the sandbag, but I’m working on getting one! So for this workout, I just used my body weight, and I tried to do 20 rounds, but I could only do 15, and I completed those 15 rounds in 21 minutes. I don’t know if that’s good or not.. but my legs were BURING! haha I’m trying to improve every time. Thanks SO much!

  • AnitaT

    I did this workout yesterday, it was so hard but i like it. I Did it in 20min. Today i realy feel my legs. I can’t going, but i did the psychopath workout and i feel miraculously. Thank you Zuzana so much. I did 3 workout and i believ a will be with you in your september challenge. I will do your workouts everyday. I apologize for my mistakes, my English is weak. Once again, thank Zuzana I’m ready for this challenge.

  • Athena

    So I did not get answer to my question from older posts. how to go back and find the workout that was from youtube called ”hard body workout” I need to know the reps of jumo tuck and so on. please someone help me. i did this workout I need to do another from older ones.

    • Natalie

      You can just go to the Home Workouts tab at the top of the screen, and hit the previous button at the bottom of the page to view the older workouts she has done in the past, and keep searching until you find the one you’re looking for. It might take a long time though, haha.

  • FlaviaRJ

    Hello!! I didn’t forget you guys!! I’m always looking your site, and I’m glad to see you are always better and better! I was sick for some time but I’m recovered now and I’m going to back to workout! But I don’t have any equipment anymore so I’ll have to do only bodyweights exercises… as soon as I can I’ll buy some stuff, but litlle, I preffer to do free exercises! ^^
    I only miss the weights for my legs, but anyway I’ll exercise!! I’ll send you pics soon!! Congratz!

  • Jessica

    10 lbs, 6 rounds, 12 minutes. Holy moly! First workout back in about 9 days. Went to Rome! My new favorite city! My hotel was too tiny to work out and no gym. But here I am! Back again! Any other workout and 9 days off would have been enough for me to feel like I had fallen off the bandwagon and couldn’t get back on. Thank you both for all your wisdom and sharing!

  • squirrel

    awesome workout.
    I did 10 rounds in 23’49″ (33 pounds/15kg sandbag)
    Just killed my legs and butt!

  • Athena

    Hay guys I have a question and please answer me. I found a workout in youtube Hard body workout. and i want to find it in body how to do it? i need to know how many reps each exercise. Please answer me. and i did alread this week workout it was intence but because I just bought the timer i did something wrong.Anyway I am happy even now without knowing my time in 10 reps.

  • Kayla

    Wow, I thought your 600 reps workout was killer! I used only my own bodyweight. I only made it through 10 rounds before I start losing my form. It took me 24 minutes and 5 seconds. I just started your workouts last week, so I expect some big improvements to come. I’m currently between jobs, and your workouts have been a great way to keep busy and burn off some stress. I’m really excited about making working out almost every day a habit. Your workouts make it so fun and easy to do things from home!

  • amanda boyd

    i just love your workouts-so simple yet challenging to the MAX!
    thank you so much!

  • Charlie

    What a killer workout! I’m an absolute beginner, I managed 4 rounds before I collapsed. Felt so good to do something for my body again though!

  • http://[email protected] Cindy Pinckard

    Please come back to us bodyrock my memory is starting to fade me. I miss yuu. Its been a long time. I know yuu have other workouts, lots of them, but my attraction to your site is the here and now of it all. Please hurry back. We need you. Thanks a million, a devoted fan.

  • ana from Croatia

    hey – saw you a month ago while browsing for some interesting workouts – and you got some really great ones not boring but challenging and its great you do it in small home space so i cannot make an excuse that i don’t have the space – your body definition is to die for – really great muscles – is it seriously just daily workout and watching your food or some supplements as well??? just jealousy talking out of me, sorryyy – i recently lost 13kg with daily exercise and watching quality of my food but had to take some fat burners because my body is too slow, anyway not too bore you no more just one more question- why dont you release a dvd with yr workouts????? or if there is one already tell me how to buy it – i dont have internet all the time and it would be great just to pop a dvd in….
    thanks all the best guys!!

  • maria de los angeles

    hello zuzana my name is Maria and I am of Venezuela, enchants your page to me of Internet, I am your fan. I write to you because not that exercises to make to go down (desire to lower 20 kilos) of weight, mainly the arms, (your arms enchant to me) I have flacidos fat people. my physical cintextura is athletic, tapeworm the defined muscles but now they estan covered in fat. please s.o.s

  • Suzanna

    Ahhh.. Zuzana, been doing some of your routines for a few weeks now.
    I need some thigh trimming..Im noticing that without my usual 40 min cardio machine workout, my thighs are beefin up and having cellulite return to me!
    I eat very lean and clean. My glutes are harder but my thighs are not coming around.
    I usually jog to keep my thighs trim….any suggestions on how much to incorporate legs???? Suggestion: It would be great if you suggested a good week long series combo. :) Thanks for all your hard work to share these great videos!

  • haitham27

    thank you so much .

  • Jessica NL

    Hi Frederick and Zuzana,

    I finished 10 rounds with my “heaviest” dumbbell I own at the moment 5 kg, so 10 pounds, in 20.45 minutes.

    It was so hard and my parents just tried to talk to me, every little while, so talking and beginning to be out of breath doesn’t justify any of the effort I put into it. The sandbag is too expensive for me, maybe when I will work later (still a student), I can buy one.

    All your workouts are good, heavy, breathtaking, dynamic and so on. Thanks for sharing, because the gym became to expensive, I searched on YT and came across your vids, their the best of almost all the vids. Most of them are just not good enough and do not push any limits, yours do! The workouts are challenging, that’s exactly what I need(ed).

    Hope you’re doing great.

    Thanks and greetings from the Netherlands.

    Kind regards!

  • Natalie

    heyy i lovee your workouts! about how many calories do you burn during these workouts? i’m trying to track how many calories i burn and consume during each day. thanks!
    -Natalie : )

  • gemma

    o man!!!!!! This was Hard! My legs have been sore for 2 days and i only did 5 rounds and only used weight the first 2! I went bike riding later after the work out and i think that made my legs even more sore, especially cuz my boyfriends bike broke so i toed him back with my bike and i all ready had sore legs!!! Killer one Zuzana! Thanks!!

  • Moana

    Hi, I’m a fairly recent convert to, and loving it! I used to spend hours in the gym: I had the time, enjoyed the socializing aspect, and liked the results. Then I became a mum and got promoted at work, and the demands on my time increased exponentially. I couldn’t fit in my old workouts and became more and more desperate and unhappy as my weight crept up. Exercise has an amazing ability to both stimulate and relax people–mentally and physically. Without it, I was finding that I was worse at everything, including work and motherhood. I found your site a few weeks ago and it has provided such hope, inspiration, and motivation. My GymBoss arrived two weeks ago. The very next day I took my “before” photo and have being tackling the workout archives regularly since. Tomorrow will be the first progress photo, and I am so looking forward to tracking the fortnightly results of my hard work! Thank you for demonstrating that almost anyone has the time and space to get fit.

  • Naomi

    Brutal, brutal, brutal!
    I only managed 4 rounds with my makeshift sandbag before I had to ditch it and complete the last 6 with just my body weight. But holy crap, that was one nasty (and I mean that in a good way, of course!) workout. The sweat is pouring off of me! Thank you again, Zuzanna and Freddie, for helping me stay in great shape! :D

  • Kitty

    Just finished this workout. Could not even conceive doing my 10 pistols afterwards, my legs are still vibrating!
    I did 8 rounds in 18:41, but I misunderstood and did 15 Reps Right Side Backward Lunge/ Knee up AND 15 Reps Left Side Backward Lunge/ Knee up, each round! I held 10 pound dumbells in each hand for the Backward Lunges and the Dynamic Squat.

    Thanks again for the workout and the motivation to get it done!

  • Nata

    Hi Guys. I put 25lbs weights in a bag for the lunges, but I couldn’t use that same bag for the squats because it would hurt me when I jumped, so after the first 2 rounds, I switched to 2 15Lbs dumbells for the squats. I almost died, but I did 10 rounds in 22:47mins.

  • Andrea

    Hi guys. I found your blog when I was looking for some exercises on youtube and I completely adore it! You’re such an inspiration to me, and not a day goes by without visiting your blog

    I have a some questions and hope you answer them :)

    1. Could you recomend some good exercise music? A list perhaps?
    2.Zuzana: What brand do you recomend on running-tights, that flaunts the butt?
    3. What motivates you to exercise through the whole year?

    Xoxo Andrea

  • Jen

    On the Back Lunge… is it 15 reps each leg?

  • http://[email protected] Chantal

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick I wanted your opinion on these workouts called Insanity have you heard about them A friend suggested I try them I feel it’s resembles a bit your workouts but not as versatile as yours and longer Please give me your feedback.
    Thanks Chantal

  • Carla

    Hi Zuzana and Freddie! I’ve doing your workouts for over a month now and let me tell you, I’ve seen and felt more results than 6 months of going to the gym and running 5-10 kilometers every other day. I do your home workouts 4-5 times a week and I get anxious when I skip a day because I know that’s setting me back one day of looking my absolute best. I did this workout yesterday without any extra weight and before I started I psyched myself up that I can easily do more than 10 rounds. Let me tell you, 5 rounds into it my legs were shaking so bad I could only finish half in the 6th round. And you did this with the sandbag?! You are insanely strong!

  • Lori

    Hey Zuzana! I had a quick question. Where did you buy your gloves? I have been getting blisters on my palms and they hurt D: Thanks!

  • Rachel

    I just started doing your workouts and I absolutely LOVE them, though I have to say that I am extremely out of shape. I weigh around 52kg (115 lbs). I used only my body weight and I could only do 3 rounds. :/ Yes, it’s sad.

    I will keep trying! I can’t wait until I am able to do these workouts without wanting to throw up at the end haha.

  • http://... lucie

    can you explain us some kinds od push ups? and which is good for each muscles?thanks zuzi, greetings from prague kočko

  • Brian

    Canceled my gym membership last week.

    8 rounds in 15:38

    BUT… I dropped the weight half way through. Walking up the stairs after this was a killer.
    PS. There’s a gymboss interval timer app for the iPhone.

    • Amanda

      Thanks for the app info! Have you used it yet? I just downloaded, it would be great if you are out of town and forget your timer! Thanks again Brian!

  • Chrissy

    What a great work-out!! I felt so energized after, can’t walk today though! hehe Thanks Zuzana xx

  • Katie from Colorado

    I am pretty sure I can see more fat on my left leg that my right. I am right handed and sure that my right side is stronger… more reps on the left side for a while??

    Just finished Fat loss and Butt workout. I did Fat loss and Butt week three weeks ago, then abs week, then a week of random cardio ones, now I am going back to butt and fat loss week, going to try to beat my old times and reps, with a little special attention to my left side!

    Thanks Zuzana!


  • Jayne

    Wow Zuzana, 8 rounds and only 17 minutes? I hope that I get this strong as you at least. I am really trying and want to lose 10 more pounds of fat recently I gained 5 pounds but lost it again in the past week So back to start. This workout seems really intense I am happy for the added weight. Last two workouts were great and had my quads a bit sore which for me is awesome because I want a little more growth in my legs. Thank you so much Zuzana and Freddy.

  • Karrie

    Hey, Zuzana,
    I have to say that I’m loving these workouts so much! I’ve been doing them three to four times a week now for a month and have already seen such a huge difference in my definition. I’m currently working towards a new career in policing, so these workouts are perfect. The last time I did a physical test I ran almost a minute faster than the previous test (it’s 1.5 miles), and it’s all due to Tabata!

    I was introduced to Tabata intervals last fall when I was taking Muay Thai classes here in Vermont. Love them!!! Since I do not have a sandbag I have been using my rolled up Aerobed. It works for now, but I could use something a bit heavier. I’m going to try this workout tomorrow. Looking forward to new workouts!! Thanks so much.

  • Odalie Bustamante

    hi Z, here I’m out of breath after finishing this new training, I made 10 laps in 19 minutes! as I have the sandbag used two dumbbells that were total of 8 kilos. I love your challenges, I’m enraged and every day I check your training tips, once again thanks!

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  • Cindy

    Hey Zuzana & Freddie, I see Zuzana is still wearing her Skechers how are they working for you? Have you seen a difference or felt a difference while working out in them?

  • Claudie

    Wow I am so pumped to try this workout after everyone is saying that it smashed them… :) I know it been up for a few days but I have been obsessed with a few of Z’s other routines, but yes will definitely do this one tomorrow..

    Zuzana everyone says it but its so true- you are an absolute inspiration. Thank you for your dedication, your energy, and congratulations on your amazing body. Anyone who works this hard, so consistently, deserves it!

    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, hard work and experience so freely. You are sewing a lot of very good karmic seeds :)

    Looking forward to training my ass off tomorrow!
    Take care

  • Lisa

    Hey, Zuzana. That was an isane workout! It took me 30:35 minutes to do 10 rounds. I didn’t have a sandbag so I used an 8KG Kettlebell. I also used the kettlebell every other round. My legs were killing me. Thank you so much for the great workouts.

  • Romy

    im totally new to this and, any kind of sport for that matter :P im trying alot of sport because im 9kg overweight still. i did aerobic, aerodance, zumba, fitness in a gym, biking so i thought i was ready for this stuff:P.

    i could only manage 4 rounds, my time was 7min. first time i tried it , two days ago i only managed 1,5 rounds haha. i really like these work outs, they are very challeging and make me unable to walk next day :p i hope i can give better results next videos :$:$:$

  • Nikki

    Hi Zuzana,

    I love all your workouts and I love to watch all the great places you travel to. Your new Sketchers are cute on you, I normally workout in Nike Shocks, but now I want to buy some sketchers:)

    You keep me motivated to train hard!

    p.s. how funny, your in Sault St. Marie, and my last name is

  • Louise Maloney

    Oh my gosh, what a killer of a workout. I regularly do your workouts but this totally wiped me. I improvised by using a 10kg medicine ball. I completed 10 rounds in 22mins, panting like a dog and legs shaking like a crazy. Good workout!!!

  • Azier-’di

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy, continue to be safe on your journey. Zuzana you always make these workouts look so easy. I stopped at 17min’s 30 sec’s with only 4 rounds, I was pouring sweat. I don’t have a sandbag but I used a 25 pound weight from my weight lifting bar. This was a challenge and I see I’m not as strong as I thought I was…which leaves me no choice but to do this workout again. My legs are literally burning. Great workout,
    Have a great day :-)

  • Mickela

    Hi my beloved bodyrockers. I had to modify this one because I don’t have the the weights I have 2 8 lb dumbells i actually did an intervals 1:50 3 rounds

    500 skips as fast as I could go

    the backward lunge with weights both legs

    then an explosive squat

    elevated push ups

    tricep dip on the chair with legs extended all the way out

    it was pretty brutal. I would like to try your work out, but want to do it with at least 30 lbs.
    hope your journey is going well.

  • Iris Collado

    I did it last night. I put my two 5-pounds Dumbbells inside my gym bag. I did 10 rounds in 22 minutes. I was sweating like crazy. I love this short and intense workout.

    Thank you!

  • Katarína

    Ahoj Zuzana.Si úplne úžastná a inak prepáč,že ti píšem po slovensky,dúfam,že ti to nevadí:D Mňa by zaujímalo, že či cvičíš len sama pre seba alebo aj robíš v obore fitnessu. A si fakt úúplne skvelá:D S pozdravom tvoja obdivovateľka:D

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  • Nicole

    Thanks for posting ways to modify this for “complete” beginners. LOL. I like to try the exercises at least one or 2 reps @ “Zuzana Level” but then bump down to intermediate or beginner level, depending on what feels right. So thanks for posting those little notes.

    I’m curious if holding a 5 or 8 lb dumbbell on my shoulder would have a similar sandbag effect….esp since I’m a beginner….anyone try this?

  • Ashlynn


  • Melissa

    Hey, Zuzana. I just want to say how grateful I am for this site and for the workouts you show us. Before I started these workouts, I got bored with exercise easily and wasn’t consistent. But now I am leaner, stronger and healthier because I have stuck with this and have experienced great results. Thank you so much.

  • Lori

    Hi Zuzana! I have been following your diet and exercise routines for two months now. I used to be more skinny but now I am starting to see muscle definition in my abs, legs, butt, arms, you name it! I haven’t bought your interval timer so I just used a stop watch online and pushed myself really hard to complete the exercises with maximum effort. I have decided to reward myself and bought the interval timer! I might get it on Friday so I will have it for my next week’s workout. Yay! I am so excited! Thank you for posting these workouts and helping us change our lifestyles to a whole new approach!

  • Lena

    I did this workout today and I am so proud of myself for finishing it. I don’t have any weights at home so I did the workout with just bodyweight. I also had to do the the push ups from my knees, but I still got the dynamic part in there. It took me 40 minutes to finish all 20 rounds. I definitely wanted to quit a couple times but there was a little Zuzana angel sitting on my shoulder saying, “Give it your maximum effort.” I’m glad I listened to her. Thanks for the great workout!

  • Martha

    Hi Zuzana & Frederick! You guys are absolutely amaizing! I’ve been following you for a while and decided to try one of your workouts over the weekend (Sexy Pain Train Workout) and MAN, Zuzana, you make the workouts look so easy! It was really tough, but very challenging and FUN to do something different! Zuzana you are very beautiful inside and out, and I am very inspired by you and all of the fantastic information that you provide! Thanks to both of you!!

  • Silvana

    Hello Zuzana,
    I just did this workout, it was amazing, i sweat like a pig, wishing you a safe trip.

  • Katie

    I did this workout this morning in 19:23. I don’t have a sandbag, so I used a 10-pound dumbbell, and whew – I am SO impressed that you could do 8 rounds with 35 pounds!

    I wanted to quit at 6 actually. I kept thinking ‘if Zuzana can do 8 rounds with 35 pounds, then doggonit, surely I can do 10 rounds with my itty bitty 10 pounder!’ Thanks for the killer workout and motivation! I hope the rest of your travels are fun and go smoothly.

  • Kamillzyna

    I liked this one, it was really intense. I managed to get through the 10 rounds in 18 minutes when I did it earlier this morning. I can’t wait for the next one(:

  • Carina

    Hi Zuzana.
    Ive been visiting your site for one week and im so into you and your workouts! I really like the way you put the different moves together. I think there is more behind than just some various moves. I think its just the best way to shape body. Ive done this workout 5 minutes ago and Im still sweating :-) What a great feeling!!
    I notice a lot of similarities between us when im watching your videos and it makes me really happy getting a smile over my whole face!!!
    I wish i could meet you one day i think you are a gorgeous person!
    Best wishes and a lot of positiv energy! Keen on cutting your own path!

    PS: I hope you wont mind my English and understand the main evidence…
    Im from Germany, SORRY :-)

  • Janet

    And I have to add that this by far the sorest I have been in the hamstrings and ass since I started with Bodyrock last November…it was the extra weight that did it (handweights, 15 lb each hand). I seldom get sore since the first few weeks in the beginning, so I am excited to see what a difference this will bring about (and for no less time invested!) Cool!

    • Frederick

      Hi Janet,
      hahaha – nice to hear that even the long time BodyRockers can still get their asses kicked :)

      • Polona

        Well Janet’s post is exactly what I have been doing. I’m also here from last end of the year and I’m doing one to three exercises per week (I also run, cycling etc. in the meantime), and I have done this exercise with one handweight and I don’t remember when I felt that kind of pain in muscles the day after. I can really feel the hamstrings and ass today, and I think this will last for day or two. Uff really great workout – I will mark it as hard one – those I realy like to repeating them.

        I’m here to check on you daily and I note all workouts in my notebook (it’s already full, I have to start noting in another one).

        Really happy to find you and I don’t need to pay for fitness anymore. I can do all these workouts in my small room!

        Greetings from Slovenia!!!

      • Janet

        yeah, I guess I’ll have to keep repeating this workout until you post a new one or until I don’t get sore—hahaha

  • Jonny

    Zuzana – this was a killer workout (my third one with you). Whilst I am waiting for my sandbag to get shipped down to South Africa – I was scrounging around the house for something weighing 15kg that I could throw over my shoulder. First the only thing that came to mind was one of my three kids but one too big, one too small… one just right – but just got him to sleep… and you know what they say “let sleeping babies lie!”.

    Then your travel mode gave me an idea… whipped out the old backpack from my early 20s (had to just dust it off) and packed it with clothes till I had approximately the correct weight. (a bit cumbersome but far quicker than any of the other options suggested by the other bodyrockers). Anyway 8 rounds – 16m00s, 9 rounds – 18m40s, 10 rounds – 21m00s, managed to get up off the floor 28m00s. Unbelievable workout!!! Keep ‘em coming.

    Please note: Just kidding about trying this with the kids… not everyone gets the South African sarcastic humour :)

    • Nina

      That’s funny :) ) I am sure though that your kids would’ve love it!

  • Bohdana

    This was something.
    Hardest one ever!!!!!
    Finished only 6 rounds and had to stop.
    Two days later and still sore legs>
    Will try again.
    I try so hard never let you beat me in time or rounds.
    But I did loose this time.
    Love the challenge!

  • Ash

    Hey Zuzanna, I was just wondering if you could make a new routine using tabata? I just thought it would be to use the sand bag with it. : )

  • Thuy

    Hi Z :)
    I am new to your website and I love watching all the workouts that you have done. I’m starting to get back into working out again but sometimes I don’t feel the motivation to workout. What keeps you motivated or what makes you motivated to train everyday? Also, is there anyway you can post before pictures of what you used to look like before you started working out so we all can see your progress. You look amazing and I hope to get to your level one day soon. Thank you for all the great videos! Keep them coming.

  • Charlie D.

    I am kind of a mess right now – I had a really bad accident a few days ago and have a lot of injuries and breaks. My goal while I’m recovering is to do your workouts with whatever modifications I need over the course of a day at least every other day. So I just did two rounds of this, minus the pushups, minus the sandbag, and I really need a rest. I’ll do a few more after lunch, etc. Thanks for keeping me motivated through my recovery.

    • Chris L

      Hi Charlie D,

      Sorry to hear about the accident and I’m sure everyone here wishes you a speedy recovery.

      I was hit by a car in March. Though I wasn’t really hurt (bruises mostly) my accident made me realize how sudden it could all end and how we need to take every minute as a gift and not waste it!

      Take care,

  • Christine L.

    OMG! That was an amazing workout! Thank you Zuzana & Frederick for all the hard work you put into this website. It has changed my life because now, I can workout at home, no more excuses! I get up in the morning, put my workout clothes on, get my son (he is 4) breakfast and while he is eating, I workout. I love that I don’t need equipment either.
    I did 8 rounds in 22 minutes. I did 4 rounds with my home made sandbag (an old backpack w/some baseballs inside, it’s about 10-12lbs.) and the other 4 rounds were without weight. I tried to go for 10 rounds but couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to sacrifice good form just to get through another 2 rounds!

    It can be really hard to find the motivation to workout on your own, has changed that! Now have the tools to make amazing changes in my body. :)

    San Diego, CA

  • rene

    I’m starting to notice a bit of bulkiness in my legs since the addition of all this weight and I’m not into it. Anyone else? I will keep pushing on! My body stores all of it’s excess in my legs, so its probably just new muscle pushing out the last bits of existing fat and will look better when the flab goes away. I don’t want bulky legs, that’s for sure!

  • gogo

    This was really tough. I only used a 15 pound weight and my legs are done!

    I also forgot to turn off the timer, but it took me somewhere around 20 minutes to do the 10 rounds.

  • dakota

    Can you use a kettle bell instead of the sandbag for this exercise? I don’t have a sandbag yet :-( . “Z” you look great! Out of Energy…Done that many times…Bummer! Ya did great! Love the video’s…

  • Mike

    U did great baby, keep on going.

    Wish u all the best beauty,

  • Blond girl

    Hi Zuzana
    This is my first post. I have been following you since February of this year and at the time I thought I was pretty fit and could perform some pretty amazing feats, but then I saw the amazing things you were doing (i.e. pistol squats!) and I thought ‘no way will I ever be able to do what this chick is doing, she’s crazy!’ The first workout I did I had to stop half way through because I was smoked. I felt so discouraged and disappointed, but it put me in my place and made me face the fact that I had gotten comfortable at a plateau. After that workout I realized I was still on a journey and even though I had achieved a lot, I still have so much further to go. I did yesterday’s workout today, and I was able to complete all 10 rounds in 21:07 with a 35lb. dumbbell. I wanted to quit after 8 rounds too, but for all the times that you inspired me to keep pushing even though it felt impossible to keep going, I felt I owed you those last two rounds. Can’t wait to see you complete this workout in like 19 mins next time! :)
    Best always.

  • VikSil

    You are being hard on yourself, Zuzana. I did only 8 rounds of this workout, without any weights, and half of the push ups from my knees. After that I could go on for another round emotionally (with that I mean- there was no “Oh, why do I have to do this” whining thing in my head, I love working out) and I could go on intellectually (with this I mean- I fully understand all the benefits), but my muscles just refused. In the middle of the 9th round I collapsed on the floor. Literally. Btw, eight rounds took me about 12 and a half minutes. Thank you for another terrific workout!!!

  • raeNYC

    I bumped into this article about you guys by accident this morning, very cool and exciting.

    • Carrie

      I love the bit at the end where Zuzana says she used to work at MacDonald’s – no wonder you turned vegetarian!!

  • Carol S.

    So this morning I so tried doing a tenth of this workout! Considering I only did about 1 set plus and minus some, but I did do a pre warm up (took 20 min). I did not have a sandbag. Instead I used a hand towel on my shoulder then a 15 pound weight. It worked pretty well. It was interesting doing the Dynamic Squat with it.
    OH BOY … this morning I also tried doing Ninja Tucks. I went back to your previous video and watched over and over I DID ONE!! Tried again and busted my knee on the floor On a different note…
    Hope your drive is going good, Glad to see your foot is better Freddy! Also how are your “kids” doing? (doggies) Are they with you in the car enjoying the wind on their faces.
    My workout:
    Pre warm up 20 min
    Step Ups :15 lb R20| L20
    Dynamic Squat : 15 lb R12| L12
    Lunges : 30lb 33
    Skaters : R20| L20
    ONE ninja tuck
    Inner Thigh : 50lb R25| L25
    … only took 10 min…

    p.s. I also purchased my GYMBOSS yesterday… SO EXCITED!

  • Dominique

    HI. this made we sweat like crazy. This was an awesome workout. I was wondering if we do this workout everyday, will i get the results soon. I want to tone up and get some muscles like you… You’re an inspiration to get the body i’ve been dying to get. That’s for your vids!!!

  • Michael

    Hey Zuzana,

    was looking around on youtube…seen your work outs…really AMAZING !!!
    You’ve got the looks ,voice and body to become the next best thing!!!
    Wish you all the best and keep up the good work!!


  • Irene

    Hi Zuzana!
    What size do you have in your lululemon crops?

    • Frederick

      Hi Irene – Zuzi wears “S” or “XS”

  • Yaneth

    I did this workout yesterday..OMG today my legs and ass are soo sore and I didnt use a sandbag!
    I made 20 rounds and Im so proud, a was so close giving up after 15 rounds but I manage to push through :)

    Love your workout Z :) I even made my blog built on your exercises so I promote you round my friends and blog-readers!

    grettings from Sweden.

  • M.M.

    Hey there, that was one kick-ass workout. Since I don’t have a sandbag, i did it with a 12 kg (26.5 pounds) dumbbell and my time was 17.46. I almost gave up on the 4th round but somehow I managed to get through the rest of the workout – I don’t have a clear memory how :D , I just remember having very hard time catching my breath after it was over. Great workout, I will definitely try to do it again, but only after the painful memory of this one disappears :) )

  • Sandra from Dublin

    HI Zuzana,

    I have a question for you.

    All your workouts as you said are about 12-15 minutes long and you push yourself as hard as you can. So you’re fit now, but what about your heart? Is it good to put your heart on such pressure? Would it not be better to extend the excersising time to 30 minutes and reduce the pressure by half?

    Please let me know what’s your opinion about it?



  • Sabrina P

    This was such a good workout! I did switch up the Push ups and did alternations within each round(Dive bombers, elbows in, clap pushups, one leg up.) It was so much fun. I didn’t want to stop doing the push-ups.

    10 rounds in 21:09 (four more just for kicks 6:05)

    Hope you guys are having a wonderful time!

  • Ryugen

    It looks hard.
    but Zuzana you execised in beautiful senset.

  • jodi

    hi madama zuzana, watch u nearly every day luv ur workouts and the fact u givin back!
    little off topic u luv fitness gear n sexi sassy gear at that rite? well u needa hit up the site called (BODY BY BRAZIL) its got fantastic gear that u do not need to “roll” onto ur hips as u have been doing and it fits n makes the booty look great! im a dance teacher, and im half blk n latin mix n u know that spells ‘big booty’ so sassy gear is always my must n i jst luv the sexi fitness gear they have…fun shopping!!

  • Dani

    hi guys! i didnt actually think i would be able to complete the 20 rounds without a sandbag, but i pushed myself and completed it in 30 minutes and 53 seconds! hahahah!
    i hope you guys are having a great trip :)
    dani xxx

  • Imaria

    Hi!! I love your videos I think they’re great, I just don’t know how to follow them, how do I create a routine from your videos? Thank You!!:)

  • LolitaSkiBunny

    Well, I fell off my routine lately, and now I’m determined this week to get my 5 workouts in and get back on track. I’ve got the workouts already picked out for the week.

    For extra motivation, before going to sleep tonight I’ve been clicking around the site. Now I’ve got that boost I need for tomorrow morning’s killer massacre of a workout.

    Thanks for the motivation and inspiration! How do the two of you stay so motivated?

    Much Love and Respect.

  • Kate M

    This one burned! I did 10 rounds in 28 minutes with a 15kg (roughly 35lb) dumbbell but it was really awkward with the dumbbell so I spent ages trying to balance it which wasted a lot of time, so I’m not too concerned over how long it took. I’ve got some nice bruises on my shoulders and collar bones from it too :(

    Next time I’ll try the 20 rounds with no weight I think! Or invest in a sandbag…

  • Squirrel

    Great one again! It did it in 23’49″ (10 rounds and a 33pound sandbag)
    Thank you for taking the time to explain the workout in details. You’re the best!

  • Kei

    Just did this workout and I don’t think I’ve sweat this much with any of your other workouts! I used my backpack with 16 pounds in it and I have to say I don’t know how you did it with the 35 pound sandbag! You’re a rock star. And I could only get through 5 rounds before I had to stop. I’m shooting for 8 next time around.

    You’re so right about being incredibly energized after these short intense workouts. I was doing P90X before I discovered your workouts and I have to say after an hour of that workout I’d be completely wiped out and I wouldn’t get that energized feeling afterward like I do yours. I think your workouts are so much better. It’s only a matter of time before the world catches on to you guys!

  • RayRay

    Hi Zuzana,thank you for a fantastic workout. I just found your website this weekend and I love it! You are such an inspiration!! I set your page to the top of my favorites and I am looking forward to continuing to workout with you.

  • Micahlene

    Phew! This is no workout to mess with!

  • SG

    Wow this work out was tough!!!
    I used a sandbag substitute with a kettle ball and two dumb bells in a bag equaling a total of 25lbs. It was hard to balance on my shoulder so i was careful and put a towel to cushion it a bit.

    I completed 8 in 18min flat and 10 in 23.57min. I am still shaking haha

    Weee endorphins!! now time for a shower

  • Lvette #1

    ps. I used a 25lb dumbbell in place of bag.

  • Lvette #1

    What a routine. We must have had tougher routines, but I can recollect them. This felt like the toughest so far. I complete 8 rounds in 18:13:80. My legs buckled under me walking down a stair after my workout. Thanks, Zuz and Freddy for a great routine.

    Question for bodyrockers: Is anyone have difficulties logging onto this site. Its take about 20 mins for the page to load up for me and when its does, I’ve problem moving up and down through the page with my mouse. This issued started last week.

  • Andrea

    Thanks so much for posting all these videos they’re really great and I do feel the changes in my body! :D

  • Dwayne/Shan

    Hey guys just noticed you are traveling across Canada and wondered if you would like to stop in for dinner in Calgary? We are avid fans and really enjoy what you guys have done!

    Dwayne and Shan
    Calgary, Alberta Canada

  • becca c.

    ok this was brutal… rly

    i used 2 15lb dumbells instead of the sandbag. I completed 8 rounds in 18:12, about 4 of the rounds i used only 1 15lb dumbell for the dynamic squats, but 2 for the lunges still. I was dead after this and was about to puke lol but after i went outside to cool off, i got a rly stupid urge. I knew i couldnt let it go only doing 8 rounds when i planned on 10, i was going by your record not listening to my own body. I knew i could do two more, and if i didn’t it would eat at me all day. so i did, and i started the timer again and ended up doing 10 rounds in 22:23. it was brutal, i had to say it again

    keep the updates coming i love your workouts

  • Autumn

    hey:) this looks like a great workout! I’m very excited to try it:) Thank you!

  • Sagittarianox

    Hi Z..

    You r the anwser to my prayer :) …I’ve been looking for a High Intensity Interval Training program that is going to motivate me, u r such an inspiration…..I found your website by accident and I’m setting a year to lose this 80lbs of my extra weight by using your program..I will keep u guys updated on my progress..thx Zuzana & Fredric..

  • Roq

    Loved it! I had intended to do one of my own workouts today, but this looked fun so I did it instead. It was the perfect combination of strength training and endurance. Like you, I only completed 8 rounds. The bag I used is just about 20 kg which is plenty for me. I’m drenched! Thanks guys!! :-D

  • Marion

    I did this yesterday…man was it crazy.
    I’d just come off an hour hills run and right into this one after a little Fat Ass Burn Off (for the wonderful cardio of it), and I did all exercises without extra weight, with extra reps (20-20-5, like proposed) and all 10 rounds. Reasonably, because I focused on doing them well, it took an inordinate amount of time. I finished after 27 mins, and the last 2 rounds accounted for about 6 of them, but I was so determined to finish this beast!!

    I’ll say now, like everyone else is saying… I’ve been watching you for some time now (maybe even 2 years…) after having found you on youtube by stroke of luck, and had really only watched for a few good ideas on new exercises and not really followed your program.
    I’ve been really faithful on actually DOING them for the last few weeks, and can I tell you- I’ve not been more sore now than when I started working out regularly. :)
    The idea of intervals and timing is new to my routines, and I really feel like they’re super effective!
    You have some really great ideas, and I really appreciate what an effort you both make in keeping this site. It’s apparent that you care, and it’s such an encouragement to see the hard work. If you can do it, so can we! ;)

    Warm regards- Marion
    ps, I LOVED the dynamic squat! It’s my new fave.

  • Rachel

    I am really into your workouts because they make me feel like I’ve accomplished a lot of calorie burning/muscle toning in a short amount of time. I am having a problem with stamina through out the work out and frankly, motivation to do it in the first place. I have been working out since about 8 weeks after my son was born so…about 4 months. This is my first time to do consistent workout out in my life EVER so I’m just wondering if I am not making much headway at this point, how do i keep myself motivated?

    You are awesome. Teach me your awesomeness. haha =D

  • Ashley

    I just did 5 rounds in 14 minutes, it was so hard and i couldn’t go anymore.But i felt the BURN!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Awesome workout Zuzanna, loved it

  • aaliyah

    hey guys
    You must visit banff or jasper national parks. its beautiful. Have a safe trip.

  • Silver

    What a great site! I’m so glad that I found it. The workouts are perfect for me to use when I’m travelling. They are hard training without the need for much equipment or space.

    The two of you (and the dogs!) have a very natural, charming style that’s really appealing.

    And Zuzana, finally, a workout video where the trainer actually looks like she’s training hard! Most of them are too worried about messing up their make-up to actually break a sweat!

    You provide knowledge and inspiration to a lot of people – what a great gift!

    Enjoy your road trip and keep training!

  • J.Lynn

    I… can’t… breathe! :) And my legs feel like jello. Awesome&intense workout!

    Hope you two are enjoying your roadtrip!

  • Nicole

    So sorry to hear of Charlies skin problem. Alot of times its due to food allergies. I don’t know if you have heard of Nutripet, but its a very high quality pet food that does miracles so I hear. I have clients that have pet allergies, and when their pets got on this pet food, the dander and loss of fur went away (same went for cats). Anyway, all of the nutrients and vitamins in the pet food are all organic, so you know its not going to be the crapy man made stuff. Let me know if this is something that might interest you…might save you a trip to the vet, and some money as well. Take care! Thanks for your workouts!

  • Sharon

    Hey guys! I hope your trip is going well. I saw your interview on!!!! I was so excited to see it. It’s like everyone here says, you and Freddie are like our friends, and it makes me happy to see you guys so successful (and mentioned in the news!) So anyway, I’ve gotta get ready for the workout today and just wanted to share the link for the news article with other Bodyrockers :-) .

    • Stephenie

      Congratulations guys!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!

  • Carrie

    This was a funny one as I had the breath to continue but my legs gave up on me! Managed 10 rounds, but only five with my homemade 5kg sandbag. Had to do regular squats throughout as my knees were doing an odd clicking thing with the jumps (god, I sound about 80!!) and couldn’t do power push ups, but the great thing was that prior to starting your workouts, I could only do push ups from the knees. Decided to do full ones for this workout.. and managed five for each round! So thanks Zuzana for encouraging us to push ourselves that little bit further each time and to try all the exercises without skipping them. Felt a bit rubbish about not using the sandbag throughout, but discovering the full push up strength made me feel better

  • gylda

    hello zuzana.i loooove your work and i try every day to make some exercieses.recently i started to make sauna and jacuzzi and i enjoy it.i want to ask you something…can you try to post some photos with you before starting this amazing work out(like one year ago or something like this).i was curios to see how your body changed in this time(changed in a good way)and i think that it will make many girls to start to do exercises when they will see how good it is for our body.thank you very much.

  • Martina Staňková

    Ahoj Zuzano,dnes fakt nářez jako prase.Děkuji Martina z Prahy :-)

  • Martina Staňková

    Ahoj Zuzano,byl to nářez!Udělala jsem 9 kol a to jen proto abych byla alespoň o 1 kolo lepší.Je to vždy pro mě velký hec :-) :-) :-) Opatrujte se

  • Buffy

    Hi Zuzana

    I can’t wait to try this work out, modified for my very beginner level, after my kids go to bed!

    I recently had the same experience, not being able to complete a work out. I was on Pender Island, on the coast of Vancouver (you and Freddy must do some day trips to the islands before sommer is out!) and there is a huge hill leading down to the marina. I decided to run it 10 times. I only managed to run it 6 times and walk the rest. I could barely walk when I finished. Since then my knees have been bothering me. Or it could be the king squats I did the day after, not sure.
    Anyway, I am wondering, this knee pain starts when I squat down and it feels a little different then muscle pain.
    Do you think I should push thru it or take a break for a while?

    • Frederick

      Hi Buffy – sit out any pain and make sure you are ok before resuming !!!

  • AKH

    My husband had to fix his homemade sandbag because I had a shower of top soil all over my face yesterday during my workout ha ha ha!!! Can’t you tell I’m really into your workout!!
    Bon Boyage!!

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I used a 35lb barbell and could only finish 8 rounds as well, in 17:11. My form was beginning to suffer. Maybe next time I can actually finish 10 rounds so, that said, it was still a kick a$$ workout. There’s something about doing a heavy legs routine and always feeling like I’m gonna puke. Loved it tho!

  • monifah

    Hope you are having a great trip!!

    I have aquestion for all BodyRockers; Does anybody here have experience with the Paleo diet (caveman diet) ?????

    I would really like to hear some other opinions about this diet combined with HIIT bodyweight or crossfit exercises. Anyone anyone???

    Thanks :o )

  • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

    Wow! Okay I did 10 rounds in 31 mins using a duffel bag with two filled water bottles in it.

    I realize 31 mins is not impressive but I want others who might have been slow like me to see that not everyone who starts these is in killer shape. I expected to do better then that but using some weight really slowed me down especially on those last two round. I honestly dont know where I got the strength from cause my energy was zapped at round 8. I was at 21 mins at round 8 :D Still my form was really tight and I also thought I was going to puke at the end. Great work out Zuzana!

  • Raquel

    Zuzana & Frederick,
    looveeddd how you put the beginner variations at the end of your entry. I definetly need to get back into an amazing figure, and by far idolize your motivation and success. Aiming for a sexy body that i know i can acheive using your site helps me get through my workouts. Now that i can actually begin my journey using your methods but with variations helps soooo much.
    thanks tons:)

  • Will P.

    Well, Day 2. On sat 5/14 i started with zuzanna with:

    today (2days later) i did this. By round 4 my legs felt like rocks, and my heart was gone. I was just about to start breaking a sweat, but my cardio is so bad, i was having to take long breaks between rounds 2 and 3 and 3 and 4 of about 30-46 sec. After round 4 i could not go on.

    I forgot to start the gymboss timer. but it was probably about 6 minuetes for 4 rounds.

    I will say i was eating heavily while waiting for the gymboss timer to arrive becuz i knew i would have to slow down once it came and i started the workouts. But i will now add, that when you work this hard, you don’t want to screw it up by going and getting Big Macs. So i have been able to keep my calories about 1200 for the past 3 days,

    Like she says, trying to raise my metabolism, gain strength, endurance, and cario, but shed that fat by eating less calories than i consume. I don’t want to gain a lot of big muscle mass. stay lean, trim and fit. Just get off the layer of fat.

    I don’t expect to see a real change for at least 6 weeks. I will keep telling myself that so i don’t get discouraged. Because when you only exercise for 6 or 11 minutes, you don’t feel like ur gonna change that much. But it is only the beginning and thats all i can do right now. Patience and consistency, patience and consistency i tell myself.


  • Danica

    Are those Sketchers Shape Ups? I thought you were sold on the benefits of flat-soled shoes and minimum padding to strengthen your feet and align your body naturally. I’m curious to know why you changed your mind, or if you did. Cool colors, though…I’m a sucker for pink and black

  • Tania Rehman

    Hi Zuzana,

    I wanted to inquire about your choice of equipment “sandbag”. What prompted you to choose this specific accesory? I was wondering if your choice was based on research or convenience and portability. I only ask because the equipment you have chosen in past and present is unique. Who can forget those club bells : ) Knowing that you are a certified trainer I value your opinion. Enjoy your travels.

    PS- How is Frederick’s foot?

  • Myns

    btw, It’s cute how you say “incredible!”

  • Jennifer

    HI Zuana,
    Quick off topic question, what is the name of your sports bra, I see it’s from Nike but I like the cut and I need full coverage because of being really heavy chested.

  • Myns

    Hi z, great workout.I will do this workout tomorrow.Finally finished my homemade sand bag.I used a rice sack to make small bags for the sand.And sew the edges using nylon threads(strong enough to keep the sand in).And I have eco bag and put the sand in and roll it then I tie the sides with rope which act as a handle as well.It looks pretty cool and I’m excited to use it tomorrow to add some kick to my workout. I am so loving the changes in my body!!!Thanks guys!

    • Juli

      thats a really good idea! ive been trying to think of how to make my own at home but been at a lose lol do you think that you could post a link to some pics of the bag you made? that would be extremly helpful :)

    • gina

      how innovative of you!!! thanks a lot… i’m gonna try this today!!!!

  • Elli

    Hi Zuzana
    I have an important question
    I’m doing now for almost a year your workouts (by the way congratulation you both do it really good)
    in the last days I´ve decided to keep a diet bur this time its not a diet to lose weight
    i´m by natur already very slim and i would like to increase some weight with my diet
    And my question is is it worth to do your workouts while my diet because i don´t want to loose some weight with it.
    I wanted to build some muskel with your workout but not to loose wait because its realy not necessary for me hehehe.

    So wath do you think about it :)
    i hope you will answer me quickly
    I´m waiting :)

    • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

      Hey Elli I thought i would reply. Dont stop the work outs just eat more food. I am also very slim but I have big boobs and if I lose to much weight they look flat!! So I work out to stay toned and healthy but I eat just a bit more then Zuzana would to keep my boobs big. The important thing is your health and these workouts will insure your in tip top shape.

    • Aphrodite

      sry i know im not zuzana heh.. You asked if its worth to do zuzanas workout while diet..

      OF COURSE! you should never stop working out! for losing or gaining weight its essential!

      You just keep doing the workouts and start eating just like zuzana says every 2-3 hours eating lots of veggies, fruits, whole wheat bread, pasta, nuts and just eat bigger portions..

      as long as u eat well and workout u shouldnt lose weight and if u do then increase the portions, as simple as that.

    • Marion

      In order to gain, you need to consume major calories (from good sources, of course: brown rice, quinoa, beans, meats, dairy, frtuits and veggies high in phytochemicals) and take on stregth training high in weight and low in rep (as in, take a bicep curl for example: to make that muscle grow, you’d need to take a bar/dumbbell/kettlebell that’s slightly uncomfortable so you can only raise it a few times, as opposed to a comfortable one where you can raise it many times. And remember form- that curl only counts when it’s just your bicep working, not when your back gets involved to power it up!). For bodyweight only workouts, I’d say you need to focus more on the power strength moves (push ups, squats, pull ups, etc) that are more muscularly taxing and stay more away from strict cardio moves (high knees, mountain climbers, plyometric type movements, etc; while they are worthwhile, they won’t actually build muscle, they’ll only define muscle by consuming calories).

      I hope Zu or Freddy can comment further, if they’d like, but until then I hope this helps. :)

  • MrsNaughtywed

    I’m so jealous you are driving through all of Canada. That would be an awesome drive. I’m in Hamilton and your probably going to drive by my home town, Thunder Bay. If you do I know a couple a good place for you to workout and make videos. Try the Terry Fox monument! You will get a nice view of the ‘Sleeping Giant’.

  • Nina

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,

    that was really brutal workout, but I loved it. I don’t have the sandbag so I used 20kg bar, I did 10 rounds in 23:18 min. Thanks to you of course :) You ROCK keep up the great work!

    Enjoy your trip!

  • Michelle from Ontario

    Hey Guys,

    Nice to see you in my hometown! Hope you enjoyed your brief stay in the “Soo”.

    Safe travels!


  • Mike

    Sault St. Marie looks gorgeous. That workout looks absolutly brutal!

  • sofia

    Great workout !!!!
    thank u very muchhh
    have a nice trip !!!

  • Gaby

    Hi Zu and Fredrik,
    I loved this workout, I was so afraid to try it but I am so glad I did, it was incredibly challenging althought I did it with two 15 pound dumbells I only was able to complete 8 rounds too in 16:11.
    Thank you guys and good luck in your trip!!


    Oh man, oh brother! That was one of the most intensive workouts so far, i did 9 rounds in 17:45sec
    big sweaty hugs @ zuzana :d

  • Nadine

    Hey Zu, Hey Frederick!!
    I’ve been doing your workouts for a few months, 4-5 times a week and I still get sore muscles sometimes. Do you think it’s better to skip the workout for 1 or 2 days so that the muscles can relax or doesn’t it get worse if I do sports though?
    I’m looking forward to your reply! :) Thanks a lot and keep going on, you guys are the best!!^^

  • Ellie

    Thanks again Z+F for another tough one – I’ve ran 3 miles before breakfast today so I will try this one after lunch I think!

    You have endless patience answering the same questions over and over – I am sure everyone really appreciates it. I have a question about the Sandbag though – Is it safe to do these exercises with the sandbag over the one shoulder? Zuzanna is very balanced completing the moves, but surely there is a potential for an imbalance if she always rests 35lb on the same shoulder? Would it not be advisable to switch shoulders from time to time?

    Thanks again guys for a great new challenge,
    Ellie x

  • Stacey

    Hey Zuzana & Frederick,

    I love your website!!! Ever since I saw your videos, it has inspired me to get back into shape again!!!
    Thank you so much for your great videos!!! Keep the great videos coming!!!
    I usually to don’t write comments, too shy but my BF said since you guys are coming to Vancouver, B.C., that I should write to you and ask to meet you!!! I would like to take you and your husband out for lunch or dinner when you get to Vancouver, B.C.
    If your interested please let me know!!! Thank you, Stacey
    Have a Great and Safe trip cross Canada!!

  • RockClimber

    thanxs Z
    done 10 reps in 15 min with the help of the gymboss :
    I made the assuption that each exercise is 30′

    I program first interval : 20′ to do the reps,
    and the last interval 10′ : speed-up to complete the missing reps , or recup

    btw, I spend 5-10 min of warm-up tu understand the right rythm/position/balance before being able to do faster the Numb 1. (Backward) ….and without falling. This one seems basic but in fact, is it a little bit technical

    have funs guys

  • Évy

    I’m starting my 5e week training with you, and I’m prouf of the results! :)

    Have fun in your trip! ;)

  • antonia

    Even though I havent been doing the workouts …I did get the gymboss and youre the only one that has inspired me , besides myself, to keep going. I do plan on doing a full workout that you present though it has just been the timer I have not fully understood.

    Are you comming to las vegas for a minute? Pweez come to las vegas for a minute I have to meet you in real life! I will not be like all the other calm cool and collected ones who have met you though …i will prolly scream. I will be like the lady on I LOVE LUCY when she meets the movie stars! I will not be able to believe it! If you dont come here I will petition to have that broken down lounge you call a bowling alley renovated!!QOUQ@) lol!

    And I have incited others to become bodyrockers like jason at anytime who just got the timer and is thrilled to use it in his boot camp along with some of your work outs that he ACUALLY does! And I am one of the older ones so I am to be RESPECTED!

  • Sally

    A downloadable pdf. of the photos and instructions that could be printed out in booklet form would make learning these workouts super easy. I hope that will be coming with the new site! Love you F & Z!!!

    Love, Sally : )

  • stephanie

    I am a beginner so I completed 8 rounds and did regular push ups.

  • Tiffany Stephens

    fantastic!! I’m going for it in the afternoon tomorrow. Thanks!

  • Lorena

    When i squat and my hips go lower than my knees my knees really start to ache the next day. Why?

  • Karen

    Hi Zuzana,

    Great workout! I did this today with a 18 lb. kettlebell since I don’t have a sandbag. I was able to get through 7 rounds before I felt like I was going to collapse. I think the extra weight is a lot more challenging that it seems like it would be! Also, I am a bit sleep deprived after camping with my daughter for two nights, so I’m sure that had an effect of my energy level. I can’t imagine that you got much quality sleep the night before in your car!!! You two really are gypsies!!! :)
    Thanks for the great workout posts! You’ve really made exercising so much more fun and challenging for me!

    Take care and get some sleep!!
    Karen :)

  • May

    Great workout Zuzana! I’ll try it today. Just a simple request : can you have some videos focusing on stretching exercises please? Thanks

    • Ashley

      she already has two

  • raffaele

    Hey guys, make sure you do the grouse grind in north vancouver. It’s the most popular hike in town!!

  • Sunshine

    That was 8 regular and the last 2 (to make 10 rounds) with bodyweight :^7

    • Sunshine

      Also, I loved the sunset Freddy and the lighting when it got dark! So so cool and inspiring… that no matter what time it is, you have to be dedicated and do your workouts!

  • Sunshine

    Now ZUZANA!…That workout was absolutely BRUTAL. OMG! If you had not said you did 8 I would have been so tempted to stop at 6 rounds but I pushed through and even did the last 2 with bodyweight only. And I only used a 30 lb weight. Took me about 21 mins. Thanks for pushing us. My legs are shaking! I’m so pooped and sweaty galore! WHEW! #:’o/


    Zuzana this looks like an amazing workout!! You and your husband have changed my life today, because just about 4 hours ago and went onto youtube and happened to see your workout video and so I clicked on it. And now you have inspired me, because my weight has always been a battle and I have been trying really hard to lose it, and so now im starting your workout routine right now!! After I finish leaving you this comment, and because of the vegetarian video I am now becoming one myself starting right NOW as well!! THANK YOU FOR EVYTHING YOU TWO DO TO MAKE THESE AMAZING VIDEOS!!

    • gina

      you can do it…i lost 15 lbs just doing cardio zuzanas workouts and small portions

  • Amanda

    “one of the things that I love you about this equipment…”

    I love you too!

    All kidding aside, this looks intense! Gonna give it a try.

  • Ashley

    How many reps of each plz

    • Ashley

      oh sorry i see it :)

  • Cassie

    This looks like a great intense workout! I can’t wait to try it soon!

    Beautiful scenery!

  • Denise

    I forgot, since this is my first time telling of my time: 22min for 10 rounds, but I was only using 20lbs for first 5 rounds and then 10lbs for second 5 rounds. This was hard.

  • Rea

    This was brutal!

    15 rounds, bodyweight only, 17:26:28, 100% effort, almost puked at the end, legs are still burning.

    Hope you guys are enjoying your traveling. How are the dogs BTW?

  • ~Andreea~

    Hi Guys!!!

    I wrote a comment on the Bodyrockers theme and so many people replied to me and gave me pieces of advice and i just wanted to say a big THANKS to everyone as in CANADIAN, ANNA CAROLINA, SABRINA, ANNA, ANDREA,ROQ, GINA M., GOGO,CHRIS L., BODYROCK.SAVVY, MIKE,.

    TO ALL OF YOU :I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR GESTIORE , AND THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR ADVICE,…i just wanted to reply to all of you to your questions…i stopped taking birth controls, i do know that starvation is not the way, and the way my muscles look is a lot better than when i used to go to the gym ,….i do have muscles, as in yes i do weigh 70kg but i have muscles and fat ,…i was just trying to say that to a normal people the intensity that i do Z’s workouts is maximum and somebody would have lost weight 5 times at least much faster that me …i think there might be something wrong with my hormones ,or my thyroid activity ,…

    i will never give up….and nor will you because we are all bodyrockers , Zuzana’s kids beside Charlie and Callie !!!!…and we help eachother no matter in what corner of this world we are…!!!so keep up the good work!!!!

    • http://rathernotsay Sabrina

      I was thinking thyroid too before I finished your post :D I guess were on the same wave length!! I really hope u get it sorted Andreea I would hate u to feel frustrated from not seeing the results u want. Keep us posted okay.

  • Akulas

    Great routine… Nice sandbag I use 20lb Kettle bell or go heavier w/bar-bells

  • Crystal Lyn

    could anyone direct me to a video or blog post where Zuzana talks about cool down and stretching? thank you!

    • ~Andreea~

      Hi Crystal

      go to the workout archives area you will find there 2 different streching routines….just look for them …good luck!

  • Deja

    I had been studying for upcoming exam all day long and in the evening I did this workout and it was really a highlight of my day :D
    I don’t own a sand bag … maybe I’ll buy it someday when I get stronger :) So I did without it and the only modification were regular push ups. I completed 8 rounds in 16.02.
    It’s really an awesome workout! Have a nice journey!
    Greetings from Slovenia :)

  • Eva Evelina

    Hi Zuzana and Frederic,

    keep the great job up!!! We just returned from travels around Canada and Alaska and managed to do your workouts 5 times a week in the mornings before we hit the road at various pull outs, parking lots and so on:-)We drove over 14 thousand KM so we know what its like to sit long and long hours in a car for 2 months in our case! On the other hand, others can see that if you really want to, you can keep on working out regularly without making any excuses – it simply is a part of your life style and daily routine, just like brushing your teeth every morning:-)

    Have fun and drive safe,

    Eva Evelina

  • Bohdana

    So I measured how long you talked after you finished your exercise (28 sec), that means it took you 16min 32 sec! not 17 min:)
    Have fun traveling. Going for a trip to CZ and some smaller trip while there ( may be Croatia and Budapest….) I can’t wait!!!!

  • Asianfc78

    Thank you for returning to the old format with descriptions and pictures. Love this so much more cuz I can print it out and take it to the gym. Love Vancouver! Glad to hear that you’re going back (I think). Rock on!

  • Elena

    Hi Zu and Freddie,

    first of all i must express a big thanx for changing my life, i’ve been with u for more than half year now. My life has changed significantly in positive way.
    Secondly i’d like to ask if u post some workouts without the sandbag, i don’t like it at all, i’d love all Zu’s bodyweight series. I miss it so much :(
    Wish u all best, u’re the best !!

    • Frederick

      Hi Elena,
      You can still do these workouts without the weight :)

  • Johanna

    I did 10 reps in 22 min!
    I was had about a 5 kg handle but I scipt it the last 2 reps, and I was still almost screaming in the end!
    My legs will feel nice and sore in the morning.

    Great work Zus! <3

  • Ashley

    You are Inspirational. =]

  • Ashley P

    Be sure to do burbees when you get to a nice scene.

  • Kari

    Hi Zuz and Freddy!
    Is the website still going to have a makeover? I was just wondering. I hope you include sort of a biography section, I’d love to learn more about the people who have helped change my life for the better :)
    Thanks so much and enjoy your road trip to your new home!

    • Frederick

      It’s on the way we promise…

  • Michelle

    Quick question:
    For the backward lunge is it 15 reps per leg in each round and switch the sandbag sides
    or is it only 15 reps in one round and switch the legs the next round??


  • Janet

    Took the dogs for a slog (very slow jog) up the hill, did the mandatory 14 pistols and came home to find your new posting–oh no!–, so, of course, duty beckons.
    I used two 15 pound dumbells in place of the sandbag, mostly because the thought of 20 bodyweight reps was definitely NOT a stoke. I managed to eeeeek out 10 reps in 19:35 before collapsing in a soggy heap. I am going to wallow in the ocean now…gnarly, gnarly, gnarly.

  • Alex

    So what about your shoes?

  • Kevin

    Be gentle with yourself. After such a long drive it is hard for anyone to do a workout. Good for you!

  • Denise

    Thank you…I’ve been dying without you! This is SUPER tough-super burn!

  • Wendy

    OMFG!!!! That workout was brutal i just finished and i am soooo super sweaty and shaky. Zuzanna you are crazy. I was able to complete all 10 sets, but i don’t have a sandbag so i just used a 20lb weight. I did it in 21:14. That was a deliciouse workout. I like when i sweat alot it makes me feel good!!!
    Thanks Zuzanna,


  • Kayla

    hey Zuzana and Freddy!
    I just did this workout and I did 6 rounds then I did 30 minutes of cardio and then did the last 4 was very intense I used a 30 pound kettle bell and I deff felt the burn i used my stop watch and I also forgot to stop it so I dont know exactly how long it took me but after 4 rounds I was at 7 minutes…thank you again for another great workout! cant wait for the next one!

  • Squirrel

    A big thank you for this detailed explanation.
    I really appreciate that you tell us the weight of the sandbag and the different tips if we don’t have one or if we are beginners!!
    Thank you so much again!

  • Vene


    You guys are incredible!!! I love how you are so original and down to earth! Love how you said we slept in the car the first nite. So not superficial! Wow thats uncommon nowadays.Love what you guys do! Much respect! Have a safe journey!

  • Steffanie

    Hi Zuzana,
    I think your amazing…i’m really trying to follow you..but I’m a little overwhelmed. I have watched hours of video. Does everyone play your videos on the computer and workout in front..hope I dont sound silly but I dont know where to start and how to:(

    • Kate M

      Hi Steffanie,

      I generally type it into a word document with a brief description in my own words of what each exercise looks like plus the times and reps required. Then when I’ve finished I make a note of my reps/time and print it off again and file it so when I go back to it and i can compare results!

      Hope this helps!

    • Ashley

      start from begineer workouts and truat me i do it too lol everyday i workout with zuzana infront of my computer and always looking for a work out to do the next day lol.
      Love u Zuzanna <3 :) and have fun on ur trip

    • Chris

      Hello !
      Personnaly, I choose the workout I want to do, I write it down on my execrcice log : title, intervals, numbers of reps, name of the different excercices ( and a quick description of the excercices ), and then I do it, without the video ( but with my interval timer ), so I can focus on the workout and not on the video … My excercice log is close to my bottle of water . That’s the way I do . If it can help you ;-) )
      Chris ( from France )

    • Samantha R

      Hi Steffanie

      Pick a workout (preferably one where you are happy that you can perform all the exercises with good form), write the workout out so you can see what you have to do at a quick glance and then go for it (max effort every time). You will need some sort of timer – a Gymboss is the best but most mobiles have timers/stopwatches and there’s a Gymboss App I seem to remember someone saying. Another good tip is to get a diary and write in it which workout you’ve done and what your scores/time was so that you can come back and try and beat your scores. I hope this helps, I’ve been following these workouts 5/6 times per week for nearly a year now – they’re excellent. Sam x

    • Chantelle

      Hey Steffanie,
      I started doing Zuzanas workout in December and I was similar to you didnt know where to start. What I did was right down what the workout was in my log book. How long the intervals are and the amount of rounds. Then I watched Zuzana do the workout to make sure I would have the proper form. Then I would start the workout!
      Hope that helps

    • CanadaRules

      Hi Steffanie

      Don’t feel the whole process is a journey..start by maybe vieweing the older videos that are for beginners, watch the video, write it down and find a nice space to try it out. Have water on hand and just give it your best effort. Everyone started somewhere, and like Zuzana said…she couldn’t do even a single push up when she started! And look at her now :)

      Push through it, and take it day by day!

    • Marion

      What I like to do, if I’m not actually right in front of my computer to do the work out, is watch the video first then take notes on the exercise (if it’s too complicated to remember), then write down what to do in order and to what time and reps. That way, I have it all written out so I can do it where ever and record the reps and/or times.
      Hope that helps. :)
      Good luck!

    • Pati

      Steffanie, to give you an example of what works for me; I watch Zuzana’s video for the day carefully to see her complete the workout first. (I have been following the site for a while now so I’m familiar with some of the exercises, but with ones that are new, I pause the video, get on the floor and repeat Zuzana’s moves). Then, I write down the workout with reps, time, and rounds in my notebook, set my timer and attempt the workout! (I also write down the description for exercises that are more complicated so I can glance at it if I forget how to do it, or if I ever wanna do the workout again, but it’s so complex that I might not remember how to do it). Good luck!

    • Marie

      i usally write down the exercises and the rounds or intervals so i can do her workout at the gym after my cardio routine!!and if you cant remember what a burpee is or high knees than discribe the exercise in your own words;)

    • Holly


      Not sure if this will help you but I put all of her workouts into a spreadsheet. That way I can print off a workout and take it with me when I’m traveling or going to the Cross Fit gym with my husband. If i’m home I pull the sheet up and follow it so that I can have my music up! Design the spreadsheet so it’s easy for you to understand. Good Luck!

    • Carol S.

      what I do: get some 3×5 cards or just some papers. If you dont know the exercise by name.. draw a picture with it. ie.. burpees= standing stick man, man touching toes, man in push up position, man to toes, and standing.
      took me a little time, but now i know them by the name…
      Then if she has intervals 10 to 30.. either you can get a timmer or just try to look at her score and do that yourself. If your a total beginner, just try and do HALF of all she does.. day by day add more, by the time you know it.. you’ll be where she is :)

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzi and Frederick
    I did 8 rounds and I thing it will be enough
    my time is 18:04 and I am still sweating
    I haven’t got the sandback so I use weighs(kettlebell and dumbells)and it do the job.Can await for next workout.
    Have a nice trip.

  • Ida

    Great workout, Zuzana!

  • JC

    Hey guys!

    Amazing effort and PUSH Zuzana!!! That looks like an incredibly difficult workout! I cant wait to try it out. Thank you for posting and keeping us up to date while travelling across the country… especially given the long days of driving and the sleep I am sure you’re lacking.
    With you throughout this journey, Jess

  • haitham27

    too much

  • Stephanie

    Hey there,

    I just want to say, I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba which is west of where you are now. I hope you’ll stop in Winnipeg on your travels. The Forks Market is a really beautiful place that I think you’d love to do your workout at. There is a lot of shops too and if you want a treat, we have our famous little cinnamon and sugar donuts here. But the forks is right by the river and you can even do the river walk. Anyways, it would be neat to see a video from Winnipeg and see how you like it here.

    Well, good luck in your travels!

    Oh here’s the website for the forks in Winnipeg:


  • Mindy

    Hello. I would like to follow the challenge. You put out 1 workout per week. Are you doing this workout every day or 3x per week? Thanks for your help.

    • Carrie

      Hi Mindy, they try to put the videos out most days but it’s quite a job editing them and all, so on the days when there’s no video is to go to the ‘home workouts’ section and pick any one of them (there’s about two years’ worth of workouts!!), or take one from the ‘archives’ page – I like to do the 20 min cardio or full body workout at least once a week between my other bodyrock workouts. Zuzana has mentioned on her website that she aims to do 5-6 workouts per week if that’s any help. Good luck!

    • Rebecca Kettmann

      Hi Mindy,

      Zuzanna usually has a workout for everyday. Whatever workout she posts is the only exercise for that day. She has often said that if after one of her workouts, you feel you can do more, then you are probably not pushing yourself to your max during the workout. If you notice she hasn’t posted a new workout for each day(which sometimes happens when they travel, like now) then you can do one of her old workouts. I sometimes go to the workout archives or home workouts and complete older ones to try to beat my personal best. Hope this challenge goes well for you.

      • Mindy

        Thanks so much Rebecca. This helps a bunch. I have only done one so far. I will attempt another tomorrow.

  • Dawn

    I LOVE the videos where Z is REALLY pushing herself. They really inspire me so much. Even though she ended at 8 rounds, you can tell she pushed herself to exhaustion. So…. she didn’t ‘give up’. She kicked her own ass! LOL GO Z!! You ROCK!!! When I first found bodyrock I thought I couldn’t do these workouts. I thought, “Look how fit she is, if it’s hard on her, I shouldn’t even try!” But like you said, modify! These workouts are all about your own abilities and strengths. You may only do 4 burpees in a 50 sec interval while Z is doing 8, but you are doing it and you will get there. It may take you 30 min to complete a time challenge that only takes her 17 min, but you will get there. I went from a 30 yr old mom of 3 who has never been active (never into fitness or sports) to (after 5 months of training with Z) a 30 yr old that you would assume has always had fitness as a part of her life. I SOOO wish I had b4 and after shots. I have totally made a ‘p90X’ transformation with this site. LOL It feels so amazing to say that. I AM PROUD! To any beginner reading this….. you will feel that way!! You also go from ” I hate my *insert flaw here*” to “I love my biceps!” LOL You stop focusing on your negative things and learn to appreciate your body for what it is. I will never have a body like Zuzana, it’s just not in my genes. But I still love my body. :) It is strong and I can do anything I want to with it:) I can hike 30 miles or play for 2 hours at the playground with my kids non stop.

    • Leah

      Wow Dawn, that’s inspiring.
      I found this website some time ago, and have watched Zuzana work so hard, and participated on and off a bit, but now I really want to get into it.
      Last week I tried the Burn Some More Fat workout, and had to stop, it was killing me, I felt like I failed, but like you say, if I keep doing it, I’ll get there (I hope) I just need to make time for it, and keep on doing the workouts.
      Question, when you started, did you do a different workout each day, or stick with one for a period of time??
      I’m a bit confused on how to build up strength, with all the new workouts coming in…I get excited and want to do them all :-)

      • Dawn

        I did a different workout each day. I just looked through the ‘home workouts’ section and picked one. I did about 4-5 a week when I first started. I liked the interval workouts best when I first started also. (the ones where you work for so many seconds and then rest for so many seconds)
        I promise you will get there. I was a previous smoker who got winded going up the stairs and thought that running a mile was impossible for me. I still have my days where Z totally kicks my ass, but other days I am right up there with her. I am also to the point that I feel better after my workout. I am energized and ready to go after I cool down.
        Hope you stick with it!!!!!!