Aug 30 2010

Crazy Home Bootcamp Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

This is our first day of this weeks challenge. Before we get started with the workout I wanted to spend a minute having a coffee talk with you about inspiration. As I mention in today’s workout video, I find myself inspired more and more by women in their 40′s and 50′s and beyond who have managed through dedication and consistent hard work to keep themselves fit, strong and sexy. These women radiate a confidence and beauty that shines from within. There are many examples from the world of celebrities, but I am talking more about the real life women you can see on the street or while you are shopping for groceries. They are so remarkable that they stand out almost as if they were celebrities. There are a few BodyRockers who have sent me their pictures that fall into this category, and I will be posting more of them today. The question that I pose in my coffee talk is, do you see yourself as someone who is going to keeping going with your fitness into your 40′s, 50′s and beyond? What does keeping up your fitness mean to you?

Today’s Workout Challenge:

You will be doing high intensity interval strength training. Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 18 rounds and two intervals of 10 seconds and 30 seconds. See the picture below and set your timer exactly like that. The 10 second interval will give you enough time to write down your reps and get ready for the next  exercise. Your goal is to do as many reps as you can during each 30 second interval. The entire workout will take only 12 minutes so you really have to push hard and go for maximum reps.

There are 6 exercises in this workout and you will go through the sequence 3 times.

10 seconds of rest

1. Flying Jump Lunges30 seconds

10 seconds of rest

2. Side Burpees – 30 seconds

10 seconds of rest

3. Side Lunge Touch Down - 30 seconds

10 seconds of rest

4. Squat and Leg Lift30 seconds (I was using my Ultimate Sandbag for this exercise which is 35 pounds, but you can adjust the weight as you need to)

10 seconds of rest

5. Leg Lift and Toe Touch30 seconds

10 seconds of rest

6. Crazy Bootcamp Exercise30 seconds

10 seconds of rest

The instructional video where I explain each exercise and show modifications for beginners is here.

Flying Jump Lunges

Side Burpees

Side Lunge Touch Down

Squat and Leg Lift

Leg Lift Toe Touch

Crazy Bootcamp Exercise

My Score for this workout

This weeks workout schedule and No Sugar challenge info can be found here:

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  • Melody

    How come these videos were removed?

  • Brittany verner

    Great workout. I like switching it up from 50 second intervals to 30 second intervals from to,e to to,e

  • GinaNYC

    I understand that you two are no longer together and that lisa is the new host but I still like going back to the older workouts put together by zuzana. Is there any way that you could post this workout back up I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  • GinaNYC

    why have the videos been removed

  • Anonymous


    did this one tonight, was fun!

    flying jump lunge – 12, 13, 12
    side burpee – 5, 5, 4
    side lunge touchdown – 26, 26, 30
    squat & leg lift – 8, 9, 8
    one leg toe touch – 11, 10, 10
    crazy bootcamp exercise – 5, 4, 6

    plus burpee for erin & anyone else needing good vibes!  I really enjoyed the crazy bootcamp exercise!  getting better at get ups!

  • Anonymous


    did this one tonight, was fun!

    flying jump lunge – 12, 13, 12
    side burpee – 5, 5, 4
    side lunge touchdown – 26, 26, 30
    squat & leg lift – 8, 9, 8
    one leg toe touch – 11, 10, 10
    crazy bootcamp exercise – 5, 4, 6

    plus burpee for erin & anyone else needing good vibes!  I really enjoyed the crazy bootcamp exercise!  getting better at get ups!

  • Anonymous


    did this one tonight, was fun!

    flying jump lunge – 12, 13, 12
    side burpee – 5, 5, 4
    side lunge touchdown – 26, 26, 30
    squat & leg lift – 8, 9, 8
    one leg toe touch – 11, 10, 10
    crazy bootcamp exercise – 5, 4, 6

    plus burpee for erin & anyone else needing good vibes!  I really enjoyed the crazy bootcamp exercise!  getting better at get ups!

  • Anonymous


    did this one tonight, was fun!

    flying jump lunge – 12, 13, 12
    side burpee – 5, 5, 4
    side lunge touchdown – 26, 26, 30
    squat & leg lift – 8, 9, 8
    one leg toe touch – 11, 10, 10
    crazy bootcamp exercise – 5, 4, 6

    plus burpee for erin & anyone else needing good vibes!  I really enjoyed the crazy bootcamp exercise!  getting better at get ups!

  • Anonymous

    I just did this. And I really love it! Crazy Bootcamp Exercise is the best!! :D

  • Kay

    took me a second to figure out the moves for the first round but.. 
    1. flying jump lunges: 18/16/15
    2. side burpee: 4/5/5
    3. side lunge touch down: 11/22/22
    4. squat & leg lift: 14/14/15
    5. leg lift & toe touch: 12/11/10
    6. crazy bootcamp exercise: 4/6/6

  • Luke Says No

    My Score: 
    1. Flying Jump Lunges: 21, 15, 10
    2. Side Burpees: 5, 4, 5
    3. Side Lunge Touch Down: 16, 13, 18
    4. Squat and Leg Lift: 15, 15, 15
    5. Leg Lift and Toe Touch: 16, 15, 16
    6. Crazy Bootcamp Exercise: 7, 5?, 5?

  • Luke Says No

    My Score: 
    1. Flying Jump Lunges: 21, 15, 10
    2. Side Burpees: 5, 4, 5
    3. Side Lunge Touch Down: 16, 13, 18
    4. Squat and Leg Lift: 15, 15, 15
    5. Leg Lift and Toe Touch: 16, 15, 16
    6. Crazy Bootcamp Exercise: 7, 5?, 5?

  • Mary Lou

    I did this way back on 3/7 so here are my new scores, with improvements!
    25, 23, 23  +10
    5, 5, 5        +2
    20, 20, 21   +4
    15, 15, 15   +10
    15, 16, 17   +2
    5, 6, 6        +8
    And a regular burpee for Erin!

  • Charlie D.

    Did it.  Man, I had a tough time convincing myself.  I’ve been trying to work out every day but Sunday and I didn’t yesterday, but I think it was the right choice – I only had a tiny amount of time and I’d been racing all day.  I think it made me more sane to just sit and have a healthy snack and think my own little thoughts for a second.  But back to it today.  Thanks, guys.  Interesting new idea, by the way.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my scores: 
    new (old) 

    1. 30,28,28 (15-17-20)  
    2. 7,8,7 (4-5-5) 
    3. 20,24,22 (22-21-22)  
    4. 17,21,22 (17-18-20)  
    5. 15,17,17 (16-18-19)  
    6. 7,6,7 (5-6-7) 

    Getting better – feel so great !!! :)

  • Carmen

    This was a great one……here are my scores
    Flying jump lunges: 30/30/31
    Side burpees: 6/6/7
    Side lunges touch down: 18/22/22
    Squats & leg lift: 20/22/23
    Leg lift & toe touch: 18/19/20
    Crazy bootcamp exercise: 5/5/5

  • Anonymous

    I did this one also today. This was fun! :)  

    Here’s my scores: 
    1. 15-17-20 
    2. 4-5-5 
    3. 22-21-22 
    4. 17-18-20 
    5. 16-18-19 
    6. 5-6-7 

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  • miglena

    I want to look like you, but here there is nobody to make my program so that it is efektiv. help me only you were my hopes

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  • Jos

    1. Flying Jump Lunge (21/13/10)
    2. Side Burpees (4/3/4) – I did side step to the side plank instead of jump and skipped the push ups at the 3rd round after I twisted my right elbow :(

    3. Side Lunge Touch down (23/25/26)
    4. Squat and Leg Lift (18/16/16)
    5. Leg Lift and Touch (16/17/17)
    6. Crazy bootcamp (5/6/5)

  • Ash

    Hey Zuzanna
    Where did you get the top from. I thought you mentioned before, but I don’t remember.

  • yota

    this workout its very hard… my heart is beating so fast!!.. :)

    my scores:

    1) 31, 36, 39
    2) 6, 7, 7
    3) 21, 24, 26
    4) 22, 24, 26
    5) 19, 22, 22
    6) 5, 7, 7

  • suzzzy!!

    THis 1 is GRRRRRREEEEAAAATTTT. ‘N so much FUN!!!

  • Judith


    I decided to do this workout today because I like being a day or 2 behind you…It`s giving me more time to check out the video and really understand the proper form of each new exercises. So I`ll do the Jacked up chicks Workout tommorow!!! :)
    I`m letting you know my score for this great workout;
    FJL-20-13-12 (had hard time)
    Side B.-4 1/2-5-4
    Leg L. & Toe T.-17-16-16
    Crazy BC E.- 4-4-3
    Next time, I`ll push harder! ;)

    Thanks xo

  • alexa first workout ever from bodyrock ..and ofcourse i only did the circuit once cos i.m daydreaming way too much…anyway:) here are my sucky scores:)) hopefully i’ll get better..
    1. 15
    2. 3
    3. 7
    4. 14
    5. 10
    6. 1 and a half :) )))

    i was wondering…i have some wrist injuries and i can’t really put all my weight on them(the side burpees and the crazy bootcamp exercise where i had to like lean on my wrists to pull my body up were really tough) do u have any ideea what i could do?…i can bend them but not all the way cos it hurts….and as i said i can’t really put much pressure on them :( …maybe with training they will give out aswell…. hoping for the best..and see you tomorrow(next workout!)
    thank you for posting these:) i’d probablly never have started working out if it weren’t for this site:)

  • Liza

    Just finished this great workout! I feel really energized right now!
    I’m just starting the first weekly challenge! hope i can make it!
    Love you guys!

  • Aphrodite

    did 40 sec instead of 30 so 15 min total workout :)
    my scores:
    1. flying jump lunges 29,23,22
    2. side burpees 7,6,6
    3. side lunge 34,31,31
    4. (Changed exercise for Pike jumps) 10,9,8
    5. leg lift toe touch 21,22,22
    6. bootcamp exercise 7,7,7


  • Karen

    Hi Zuzana,

    I am 40 next year and mother to three children (13, 10, 5). I am also a single parent and I run a very busy PT business from home.

    I can honestly say that I am in better shape physically now than when I was in my 20′s. I am stronger, leaner, fitter and healthier.

    Being this way is a decision, one that I take seriously EVERY day. I have made a HABIT of exercising everyday except Sundays. I have made it a HABIT to push myself to my maximum at every training session. I have made it a HABIT to eat a healthy ‘clean’ diet, but also to enjoy some indulgences along the way. I am a strong believer in the 80/20 rule.

    Having children and being in great shape is totally achievable if you believe it can be that way.

    Best of luck with your decision as to when to have kids. I personally think that you will both instinctively know when the time is right, just trust your instincts.

    Karen x

  • Anita

    I hope you are more settled in your new home :)
    Just did this workout as I am a day behind here in the UK and I needed my Bodyrock fix :) Phew it was tougher than I thought! I’m not too bad on the aerobic stuff but the strength well I have you to inspire me to get stronger!!!
    Jump Lunges 21,21,19
    Side Burpees 4,6,6
    Side Touchdowns 21,21,24
    Squat & Leg Lift 15,14,14
    Crazy Bootcamp Exercise 4,3,4
    Crazy bootcamp took a few goes to get it right! Aiming for more next time!!!

    Anita x

  • heartysolitary

    Greetings Zuzana
    You’ve become a great source of inspiration to me.I’m 50 and your site has become my health bible.

    Thank you for everything

    PS: I’m calling upon all your fans to start a club of Zuzana’s “disciples”

  • Ana

    Hi zuzana!! hope you are well. just to let you know i have mentioned you and included your video on my blog with links of course!

    i havent done any exercise for about a year. and this workout has left me dead for 2 days! Im gonna move on to the next work out now :D

    thank you for the amazing posts

  • SSgirl

    I am 44 (almost 45) and feel like I’m 24. I used to work out and do yoga a lot when I was in my 20′s & early 30′s, but I let things like work take me away from that and before I knew it, several years passed. I ended up out of shape, gaining a bit of weight, not eating well (skipping breakfast, fast food, processed foods), stressed and smoking.

    The year I turned 40, things changed. I started hiking and working out. I remembered how much I loved being outside and being active. I also really started to change my diet and how I approached life in general. No more endless days of work and no time for me. No more fast food and processed food. I quit smoking. Now I mountain bike, weight train, do yoga, hike and whatever I can find that I love that keeps me going.

    I have recently come across your website (thanks to my workout/biking partner) and LOVE your workouts!!! This is what I have been looking for. THANK YOU for your inspiration and challenging workouts!!

    My 40′s have been my best years – and yes, I will be keeping it all up into my 50′s, 60′s and way beyond. I always want to keep my body strong. I believe that if we feed it well (with good, real food) and use it the way it was designed to be used, we can keep on going strong for a long time.

  • Lydia

    I just wanted to point out that putting your little workpad on line is a great idea, personnally I print it and then just add my own scores which saves me to write it all over again like I used to.
    Also I’ve just read what you said about women in their 40′ and 50 ‘staying fit and I must say that I myself am 52 and (without any bragging of course and with all the humility of the word…blablabla !) people usually tell me I don’t look my age and I do feel fit compared to some women of my age….THANKS TO U ,
    For about 5 years I went to fitness clubs but I got tired of it and anyway I now live up there in the mountains of French southers alps so I had to find something else and your site is JUST PERFECT…SO THANK U AGAIN!

  • michelle (chicago, IL)

    this was really something (confession – i had a rice krispy treat the other day so i am adding extra workouts everyday for my cheat)

    1) 25,22,23
    2) 5,6,5
    3) 22,14,23 couldn’t get the rhythme on 2nd round lol
    4) 14,14,14
    6) 4,5,5

    gr8 workout keep the hits com’n :D

  • Bella V

    Zuzana, I love you and your videos, you are amazing!
    Oh, and you look very pretty brunette! :)

  • Jenny

    Thanks for this workout, Zuz and Freddy! I really enjoyed it. I did this one this afternoon after my daily 30 min power walk. The squat with leg lift was my favorite!
    And Zuz, i am also inspired by older women who stay in great shape. I also liked your question about having kids. I’m 24, and my husband (who is 29) have been married for 2 years, and we are definitely not ready for kids anytime soon (or ever…I feeling like I’m missing the “mom” gene because I really have no desire for kids…makes me feel like a bad person sometimes!). Are you and Freddy both 28? The way you guys are disciplined and fun and loving makes me think you guys would be AWESOME parents! My mom had my brother, sister, and me all after the age of 32, and she said she liked it that way. It gave her and my dad a lot of years alone together. :)

    Anyway! Score:

    1.) 26 26 27
    2.) 6 6 6
    3.) 21 24 25
    4.) 18 19 19
    5.) 17 18 18
    6.) 6 6 7

    Thanks for all you guys do. :) Love!

  • Ennio

    Hi Zuzana,

    i’ll try to do this workout today at 12:00pm

    thank you for your website.




    Hi Zuzana … I have a question/suggestion. I have so many questions I would like to ask you, but obviously I can’t. But, I’m sure I’m not the only one. Would you consider collecting questions from your Subscribers and doing an “interview” of sorts? Some examples of questions I would have range from: Are you a certified instructor? What are your thoughts on traditional cardio (running, walking, etc.)? Are the workouts here on your site the only thing you do to stay in the ridiculously unbelievable shape you’re in? I don’t know … It would just be great to kind of interview you if you will. I love you (sometimes I wish we could be friends … LOL). I love your site and your workouts are about the best I’ve ever seen and performed. Thanks. (BTW … Thanks for the wonderful words regarding the 40+ crowd. I’m in that group and I see myself staying in shape until I’m in the grave. Why stop? It’s fun. It keeps you strong, healthy, and feeling young.)

  • Suecia

    I think like you Zuzana, that I want to grow old and be very fit for as long as I can! It’s a blessing. I think Sharon Stone has a good physique for her age.

    Your site is so good because it does not only inspire me to be healthy and defined but also helps me if im sad for some other reason, like today that I found out I didnt pass that economics maths exam ..again. Thankyou for everything xo Ines

  • shawnie

    Wow! Thank you for these tutorials. Y’all could not make this any easier unless you physically came to my house and walked me thru these! What a blessing you both are.

    I am not quite ready to send a pic, (I have no camera!)
    I can tell you though that I am 43, married & I gave birth to 3 kids (18 year old daughter, 17 year old son and 12 year old son). For so many years I have given my all to my family, losing site of myself in the mix. I have home schooled for the past 10 years and I must say now that 2 of my kids have graduated (the 12 year old begged to go to public school this year) I have dedicated this year to “rebuilding the temple”! My body is my temple right?!?!

    Anyway, you have made this challenge so do-able for me…Thank you!

  • Lisa

    Whew! Great workout. Thanks

  • Tara (colorado girl)

    Wahoo! Great workout! I love that you are completely beat after but then like you say, once you take your shower you feel much better and have a lot more energy!
    My score:

    1. 21,19,17 I hate lunge jumps they always kill me! :)
    2. 6,6,6 eek
    3. 22,22,20
    4. 14,14,13 20lbs weight
    5. 23,22,23
    6. 6,6,7 I don’t know how I got to 7 on my very last one! but I am happy I finished strong!

    Thanks Suzana!

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  • LaShae

    Sooo… I just noticed today the shoes you are wearing. They look like the new toning shoe. Since you have been wearing them do you find a difference in how you feel/look? Just wondering. I’m still a little skeptical about them. Thanks! :)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Actually I didn’t notice any difference or changes, but it is more challenging to workout in them. If there have been any positive changes happening, than they must be so minor that I can’t really tell you if it’s worth buying these shoes or not.

  • Blond girl

    Loved this workout! Especially the Crazy Bootcamp Exercise. I got inspired by it and created another exercise from it. Here is the description: facing away from the mat, jump squat, lay back, roll on to your stomach, roll on to your back, leg lift with reverse crunch (or toe touch), roll on to your stomach, get up, jump squat, down onto your stomach, roll on to your back, get up, repeat the entire sequence. I call this exercise Tomb Raider and I hope to see them in a future BodyRock workout :)
    1. 33, 33, 28
    2. 6, 5, 6
    3. 31, 29, 27
    4. 15, 13, 13
    5. 21, 19, 18
    6. 5, 6, 5

  • http://[email protected] Nikol

    Super workout. Svoje skore sem radeji davat nebudu, nicmene mimo to, ze ze me opet totalne lilo, byla to neskutecna zabava:)

    Uz se tesim na zitra na dalsi!

  • krista

    Hey guys! I am so happy to be starting fresh again! I took a week off, then ended up getting sick over the weekend, so today (Tuesday) is my first day back! I am using September 1st as the first day of the ‘new me.’

    I am moving to New Zealand, from the East coast of Canada on November 29th, so my goal is to be in the best shape, and living the most healthy lifestyle I can!

    Thank you for your great new workouts….I will be pushing hard for the rest of the week with your new workouts, as I had to take Monday and Tuesday off! Thanks again, you guys rock!!

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  • Hannah

    Hello Zuzana + Freddy

    I loved this workout! I’ve been following your workouts for about 9 days and I already feel so much better. I’ve noticed my flabby arms starting to tone up and I’ve lost about 5 pounds already. I’m eating healthier, too, and have been eating mostly vegetarian dishes which isn’t too hard for me because I like meat, but I can live without it. I love how your website has helped me chnage my lifestyle. I’ve never been able to make a big change and stick to it for more than a couple of days. My boyfriend was so impressed by my lifestyle change that we’ve started doing your workouts together! Hopefully I’ll be able to send a before and after picture to you in the future that shows how much my body has improved!

    After trying your workouts and your recipes and health advice, I know I will never go back to the way I was before! Thanks for creating this wonderful site!

  • stephanie

    1) 25 25 20
    2) 4 5 4
    3) 17 22 19
    4) 12 13 13
    5) 16 12 14
    6) 4 4 4

    Sweated my butt off!!! Thank you!!!

  • Susie

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy! I have been a bad bodrock follower I recently took a 3 month hiatus from working out. I immediately notice how much tired I felt and I lost a lot of my confidence. So I am starting over again =) I loved this exercise! Thank you so much for adding the video for beginners it was awesome! Hopefully one day I will be advanced enough to do them right along with you. Until then thanks for all the help and support!

  • Mickela

    Hi bodyrockers. I finished my work out for today.
    I used some of the exercises from this work out but did change a lot, it is almost a whole new work out.

    I first did 6x 3 minute rope skipping with a 45 sec in between each interval a total of 18 killer minutes.

    then I did 3 rounds of this

    flying jump lunges 15

    leg lift toe touch 26

    boot camp crazy thinghy (fun) 5

    pull ups 5

    pistol squat 5 each leg\

    i finished the second part in 17 minutes

    it wasn’t easy i was already pretty tired from the cardio with skipping rope, but I am glad I did this, I feel much better and my cramps are gone.

    cheers bodyrockers

  • nicole

    Zuzana, I love your website and all your workout videos. I’m on an intermediate to advanced fitness level and can keep up with many of your videos, which I believe is no small accomplishment as you are in phenomenal shape. I was wondering if there was any chance you could post a cool down or more importantly stretch video. I just have a hard time getting ideas for stretches, and I feel I do the same ones over and over. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for all the great workouts and inspiration!

    • Arkansas

      I think a cool down video is a good idea

  • Alan

    Did my push workout in the morning and I thought I would try your workout in the afternoon instead of ordinary cardio. Here are my numbers

    1. 18 18 19
    2. 6 6 6
    3. 12 14 22
    4. 13 14 15
    5. 15 16 18 (no weight added)
    6. 5 6 4

    Nice workout. Thanks.

  • Ariana

    I just wanted to say once more that your detailed workout descriptions are fantastic! 2 videos, pictures – it’s simply amazing – thank you so so so much for your efforts!

    I love the new workout clothes and luckily it looks as if they do also deliver to Switzerland. I am just wondering whether those short tops do really give the support needed? If I buy sport bras they look always really big and solid and so on – so I am not sure whether this one is really good while jumping and so on? Especially because it’s one size?

    Would be great if you could give me some more information ;-)

  • Victoria

    Greetings from California!
    I love your workouts and have been doing them every night with my hubbie for the past week. I have to modify some to suit him, but just glad that were able to work out together.Getting him to the middle of the living room is a lot easier than getting him to the gym!
    Went to look at Bohos site and I think your link is blowing up their site. Their Bandwidth cant take all the people your sending to them, haha.
    Cant wait for tonights work out!

  • Maja

    1. 25 26 28
    2.7 6 6
    3. 22 23 23
    4. 14 19 20
    5. 13 13 14
    6. 4 6 6

    thank u. lots of fun!

  • Tereza CZ

    Hi Zuzana,

    I envy you the clothes for free:) I’m going to do this workout tomorrow. As I’m on a diet right now (I need to lose some more kilos before Run to the Beat – half marathon in London) so the No Sugar Challenge is no problem for me. You were asking us about another challenge ideas, so how about No Coffee Challenge?:)) That would be probably too cruel for you, but it just came on my mind when watching you enjoying your pre-workout cup:)

    Today I was unfortunately unable to do any exercise because I had an exam at school, I slept for about 4 hours maximum, then 5 hours way back home in train and then solving some technical problems with my car and food shopping. I hope you don’t take these arguments as a pretext and I could get your absolution:) Tomorrow I have 40 min steady run + this workout so I hope I will find my atonement in that.

    Thank you so much for inventing new exercises and workouts, it’s sooo useful! By the way, do you have an idea if it’s possible to buy the sandbag in Czech Republic or even Europe? Google isn’t much helpful in this…thanks


  • Lauren

    Ok, so I wasn’t able to start with you guys the past couple days because of some physical issues. But now I’m medicated and almost back to normal, so I am jumping in tomorrow! I missed the first couple days, but at least I will get in the whole month of Septmber and it’s even better this way because I can work off the day before’s workouts so I won’t have to wait for the new posts to get my workout for the day. So excited and can’t wait to start. Thanks for being such a great motivator and amazing inspiration!

    Much Love!!

  • Squirrel

    Hello Z. and F.

    Great workout! I realized that a workout get harder for me when I do the rounds of one exercise in a row and move on to the next one rather than do the X exercises back to back and repeat it X times. I’ll try again this one by doing the 3 rounds of an exercise in a row…but this time I did it as you did (6 exercises back to back x 3 tines)
    Here is my score
    Flying Jump Lunges – 27/27/27
    Side Burpees – 7/6/7
    Side Lunge Touch Down – 27/25/27
    Squat & Leg Lift – 12/14/16 (33 lbs)- not proud of myself :(
    Leg Lift & Toe Touch – 17/16/18
    Bootcamp Exercise – 6/7/7

    Have a great and dynamic day!

  • Ali

    Hi guys!
    Today i am sad, because i cant workout…im sick so i have to take a break…but im with the no sugar challenge.

    About the topic…i think that we have to be always better with ages..knowledge, experience, confidence, and also with the exterior the looks you can know what goes better in you and what not, of course, i want to be fit and strong. Working out, eating well, think clean and being healthy is a style of life not a moment or procedure for some goal…this is for me and forever.

    I admire too, all those women that care for themselves and give a great example with that. I want to be like that to.

    • Frederick

      hope you get feeling better!

  • Bella

    Thanks for all these workouts! I will be starting nursing school in January so these are great time-savers! Looking forward to a new one every day. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep up as well. :)

  • becca

    Hey zu these are my scores
    flying lunges- 24,22,22
    side burpees- 5,5,5
    side lunge TD- 14,13,13
    side squats (no weight)- 15,14,14
    1 leg toe touches- 15,14,14
    Bootcamp exercise- 4,4,5

    awesome workout

  • Carrie

    This was a really nice workout – even just using bodyweight, and after a week’s break. My sugar challenge has failed today, and I fear it’s not going to get much better as I’m going on holiday tomorrow for two weeks, but I’ve printed off some of your workouts and am hoping to turn them all into ‘hotel room workouts’ (provided the floors aren’t too thin!!). Looking forward to having lots of new workouts to catch up on when I’m back.

  • Dayna

    Hi ya, Zuzana and Fredie
    Hope your enjoying the west coast and it’s not too rainy here for you. You should try a day kayaking on the ocean it’s one of the best things you can do on the island and such a great arm workout !! anyways, I am here to ask a small favor,,, can you Please put up your Stretching Routine (the one you used yesterday) on your WA (older routine tab) as I am always trying to find it on your site I go there often for the warm up routines and find this would be most helpful,….as we all know stretching is just as important as the workout it’s self.
    Thanks, Vancouver Rocker !!!

  • Kathy

    Hy Zuzana and Freddy!

    Wow, thanks for the great workout!

    My scores:
    1.) 22, 20, 24
    2.) 4, 5, 5
    3.) 14, 18, 18
    4.) 16, 16, 19
    5.) 14, 16, 16
    6.) 4, 4, 4

    I am excited about the next workout!

    Don´t forget: NO SUGAR!! :)

    Nice day, greets, Kathy

  • Jasmine

    i have been doing your exercises for about 3 months, and i see alot of improvement! except for in my arms. they are bearly toned and my triceps are flabby:( i do your full body exercises but i dont see improvement in my arms! what am i doing wrong?:(

  • Samantha R

    I turned 40 this year and feel as fit as I ever have done, I will keep up with my fitness for as long as my body will let me I think. Here’s my scores (I loved this workout):

    1. Flying J Lunges: 28, 26, 22
    2. Side Burpees: 6, 6, 6
    3. Side Lunge TDown: 23, 24, 25
    4. Squat & Leg Lift with 16k: 15, 17, 15
    5. Leg lift/T Touch: 16, 18, 18
    6. Crazy Bootcamp Exercise: 6, 7, 7

  • Emily

    Just finished this one – started sweating immediately. Thanks guys!! I LOVE Body Rock :)

  • Nikki from Jersey

    Hi Zuzana! This is the first time I’m leaving a comment on one of your videos, but i watch your blog all of the time and try to do one of your workouts as often as possible. I’m only 17 and I’ve only started these workouts a few months ago but I’ve actually noticed a change in how I feel and also how I look. You’re actually helping me get in shape for college so thank you!:)

    I actually have a question/suggestion for you: in this video you talked about your cool downs, and I always do the same type of stretching and it’s getting to the point where I’m not getting as much out of it as I can. The same goes for my warm ups, which I fear I may not be doing enough with. Do you think in one of your upcoming videos you could incorporate one of your warm ups and cool downs and show us the type of stretching and stuff that you do and how to do it right? I think it would be really beneficial to overall training to see that part of the work out.

  • Amanda

    Thank you Zuzana and Freddy for a brand-new, kick-ass workout! I agree with your opening speech, about working out as long as you can. I will be 38 in December and have been working out for 17 years. I started 8 months ago. It is the best most effective workout I have ever done. Not only does is get you in great shape, it’s fun and challenging! No boring workouts here! I really appreciate you two for all your inspiration and motivation. I tell everyone I meet to go to I will try to send a pic in soon! Thank you again for changing my life for the better!


  • Ana J

    WOW this workout was awesome..just finished and it was amazing..LOVE IT..Thank you guys I can’t post scores because I actually give everything in me to the point that counting is just too much….

  • tiffany

    Flying Jump Lunges – 20,21,18
    Side Burpees – 5,4,5
    Side Lunge Touch Down – 12,12,12
    Squat & Leg Lift – 12,13,13
    Leg Lift & Toe Touch – 9,12,12
    Bootcamp Exercise – 3,5,4

  • Meghan

    Hi guys! Ok, I’ll admit I have so slacked off the last week with my workouts so I was convinced I was definitely going to feel this w/o in the morning and be super sore . . . but the workout was awesome and I did the Zuz’s stretching routine afterwards and woke up feeling like a million bucks! Just wanted to say thanks & I love love love the workouts!

  • krishni

    Hi Zuzana,

    I did your this weeks day 1 workout and this is my results
    Flying Jump Lunges – 31,28,30
    Side Burpees – 6,6,6
    Side Lunge Touch Down – 23,26,27
    Squat & Leg Lift – 16,13,11
    Leg Lift & Toe Touch – 16,16,20
    Bootcamp Exercise – 5,5,5.

    I really enjoy all your workouts. the last round I have to push myself really hard. Cannot wait to see day 2 routine.

  • Agata

    cool workout!I’m gonna deal with it this evening:)

  • Rebecca Kettmann

    Zuzana and Frederick,

    Where are you guys in your recent videos? Have you moved to another location or are you still travelling? Nice place. Love the blue!

  • Mel


    Hi Guys,
    I can’t do a nice full deep squat with a straight back like Zuzana does unless i’m like holding onto something in front of me. Otherwise, I can only go so far down. How can I improve this?

  • Evgeny

    Hi! I love your new hair color! It’s beautiful.

  • TraceyW

    Did a workout at 10:00 last night. I knew I could find time!
    Zuzana, you encourage me everyday, you make me smile, and to hear the older people inspire you gave me a real boost.
    The young inspire the “old”, the “old” inspire the young. That’s the way it should be. In my 40′s I don’t think of myself as old, hence the ” ” !!!!
    Bodyrock on!!

    ps. on track with the sugar challenge!!

  • Robyn

    Quick question, do you work out the rest of the day or just for 12 minutes a day? I mean, do you go for runs and bike rides or do you think this is enough of a workout? I’m just about to do it for the first time so maybe my question will be answered afterwards :)

    • Frederick

      Hi Robyn – this the only “workout” that we do. We try and keep active and moving as much as possible tho.

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  • Audra

    Just finished this workout using a 35LB barbell for the squats:

    FlyingJumpLunges: 26-21-19
    SideBurpee: 7-6-6
    SideLungeTouchdown: 21-19-21
    Squat/LegLift: 16 for all
    LegLiftToeTouch: 16-15-16
    CrazyBootcampEx: 7-6-6

    Thanks for posting your results. It’s an awesome motivator!

  • Lada – cz

    Great workout, thanks guys!

  • GG

    hey Z,
    Good workout!!
    Speaking of age, I am in 40′s and I love my body better than when I was 20′s. I always been thin but now I am stronger and FITter!!!
    Most importantly, I really don’t know what feels like 40+, if you know what I mean).. if 40+ makes feel this good I can’t wait to be 50… ha ha ha..
    I love my life, I love what I do!! and I love you Z.. just to have you in my life is a special bonus!!
    Thank you for making me so happy and strong!!

  • DIANA Y.

    i just turned 45 and feel great workout almost everyday with you or weight training changed my diet
    i would like a little more definition in my abs not just flat please reply
    love ya di.

  • Cassandra

    I love that you’re giving us beginner modifications. I love doing your workouts, but at my fitness level some of the exercises were so tough that I simply couldn’t do them, and I felt discouraged and I guess doubted that I could ever get to a fitness level like yours. Now that I can get through a whole workout, I feel like I can attain my goals and am beginning to enjoy them again. Thank you!

  • Anna


    I`ve just solved the workout, I can´t wait for tomorrow!!
    I´m so happy that I solved it.

    1. 23 22 22
    2. 5 6 6
    3. 20 21 21
    4. 15 16 16
    5. 14 14 14
    6. 5 5 5

    CU tomorrow, x-) Anna (Germany)

  • Anka

    Hello you two!
    I follow you for about half a year by now. I don’t do your workouts as often as I would like but I try to do no less than 4 per week. Although I’ve been doing some kind of sports ever since I can remember, after two pregnancies in a row, I thought I could never go back to my old self again. That was until I found a video of you Zuzana on Youtube, I got on you site and started doing your workouts. It was hard at the beginning, still is, but now I can keep up with you which counts for something…
    My point is that fitness should be a very important part in anybody’s life if you want to stay young and healthy (whoever says they don’t care how they age, is either too lazy or too stupid). Of course just the workouts, without the right nutrition and the right mental attitude, dont count for much in the long run.

    And yes, it matters how you look when you’re 50 or more! Because when you reach that age looking good it is certainly not by chance! Most of the times you’re there because you’ve worked hard at it – body and mind. But my guess is that it’s worth it. I’ll let you know when I get there!

  • DD

    im loving what you are wearing.

    i will be flying tomorrow and ill do this workout before i leave! yay

  • Lvette #1

    Another great routine from Zuzana and Frederick.

    1. 26-21-20
    2. 6-5-5
    3. 20-22-24
    4. 10-8-7 (35lb bag)
    5. 14-15-15
    6. 4-5-4

    I am off to work now. I wish all you bodyrockers a wonderful day.

  • Anita

    Awesome workout. LOVE “6. Crazy Bootcamp Exercise” it’s a killer.

    Zuzana – I get bored easily with workouts – but you are so creative and dearing with your combos that I find that I can’t wait to try them out.

    I’ve wanted to ask you – do you fit in yoga into your week. I know you used to do it, but do you still do, and how often do you feel works for you?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      HI Anita,

      I do yoga very little, usually just one exercise and I focus on breathing and relaxing my mind. I don’t use yoga for stretching, but rather for meditating.

  • Pure2raw twins

    Great workout!! And love the challenge. Thanks for sharing your plan for the week! And we want to be hot older ladies too…you inspire us to workout everyday!!! Hopefully we will look like you one day ; ) So we thank you!!!!

  • Gosia

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy,

    I have just finished the workout above… :-) It’s awesome as all your workouts!!!!! Really challenging-I love it! Do you think 30 mins of low/medium intensity cardio added after your workouts is a good idea to maximize the results? I’m not a beginner and when I do cardio my workouts feel more complete…What do you guys think?

    Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done so far – you are the best!!!!!!!


  • Dani

    you are amazing zuzana
    simply amazing and inspiring


  • Beni

    I love it!!! First round was fine but the second and third ones were very very hard!!!! I am following Zuzana`s workouts for a while and wow! It has more effect than anything I have tried and trust me I1ve tried lots of things! But the best of all is how I feel! Happy and stronger!THANK YOU ZUZANA!

  • bine

    Hi Zuzana, in an older post someone asked you for pagination have you considered it? It would be a lot easier to find older workouts again or maybe you can add some place for searching for the vids by typing in the name.

    thanks a lot

  • Lily

    I just completed the workout:

    Flying Jump Lunges – 22, 16, 18
    Side Burpees – 4, 6, 5
    Side Lunge Touch Down – 17, 15, 16
    Squat & Leg Lift – 20, 20, 20
    Leg Lift & Toe Touch – 15, 15, 18
    Bootcamp Exercise – 7, 6, 7

    I hadnt worked out for a while and was cruising youtube for interval/circuit training workout ideas – and found Suzanna.
    This was just about 3 and a 1/2 months back. I was hardly able to do 10-15 push-ups off my knees & now im easily able to perform at max level. I do push-ups daily and do elevated lizard push-ups & able to do these side-burpees no problem.
    My little sister is a personal trainer & she is in awe of my results & apparently absolutely LOVES my back muscles.
    All thanks to you two and what you do. I love pushing myself & having a constant challange. I look forward to building my body into a fraction of how Suzanna’s looks. You have changed my life – THANK YOU!!!

    • Lily

      By the way: I have absolutely ALWAYS said I will be that “Fit Grandma” who you will see snow boarding in the winter – water skiing in the summer :D And just like you ive been in awe of the older ladies anywhere ive seen them – they inspire me more than young fit girls my age.

  • Mike

    Your vblog from today reminds me of a story about a chiseled old-timer in the gym. A young buck comes up to him and says, “You look great! How long have you been working out?”

    The old-timer shouts, “My whole @$%@#$%@ life!”

    Working out is a lifestyle and your body will reflect this in old age!

    You seem so intense during your workouts. What are you thinking about? Have you ever done a blog on the mental self-talk you use while working out?

  • Kezza


    Super workout today. I was wondering how you have your coffee and how many cups you have a day. I am a coffee fan myself and its my only regular bad habit but I try to have espresso and hot water with a little skimmed milk instead of milky cappuccinos or lattes and I really hate instant coffee… it just worries me the amount of processing it must go through. I have 2-3 cups a day do you think this is to much? Maybe we could take a caffeine free week challenge.



  • Gemz

    Hi Zuzana, your workout keeps me fit so that I can continue to enjoy my sugar, haha. I only consume good sugar like honey & dark chocolate, so I allow myself the treat :D I really like your new outfit. The tie dye top & the pants looks like it’s felt even though I know it’s not. I hope it’s as functional as your fav Lululemon. I think you should get a sponsorship from Lulu. Going to get on this workout tomorrow.

  • Tali R.

    hey you two,
    the name of this workout is perfect for it. crazy crazy crazy, workout. i loved it.
    my numbers:
    have a great day

  • Evelina from Finland

    Hi Zuzana, I just have a random question.. What’s your favorite bodypart ( of your own body) ? I myself like my waist, it gives me nice shape.


  • Tegan

    Done! Amazing workout thanks guys! First time doing one of your workouts and I thought I’d have to hit the gym for a spin session afterwards…how wrong I was!

  • RockClimber

    About 350 cal burned in 15 ‘: perfect workout, very “legs” oriented.
    I Tried a last run, in () but numbers show I was completly “out” .

    Flying Jump Lunges – 38, 30, 24, (20)
    Side Burpees – 12, 10, 6, (6)
    Side Lunge Touch Down – 28, 28, 25, (20)
    Squat & Leg Lift – 22, 22, 20, (15)
    Leg Lift & Toe Touch – 24, 25, 20, (20)
    Bootcamp Exercise – 8, 6, 4 , (4)

    Wait for the next “push-up killer”.
    Regards from Paris

  • mila

    hello zuzana,

    i asked this question while you were on the vacation, but i think my words were lost.
    at first i want to say you are the cutest girl with muscles ever. thank you so much for all the power and inspiration you give to me. if you ever have a child it will be happy with such a patient mother.
    so here is my question. should i eat before wordout or not?
    at the moment i prefere to do my (your) workouts empty-stomached in the morning so that i burn more fat.
    when i do workout “just“ with weights and less reps i for example eat some curd cheese and oats with a bit banana for not to attack my muscles. but does it makes sense?
    i really feel a difference in working out (cardio) with an empty stomach or not. but in this case i am afraid of loosing muscles because there is no energy. i also wait after a workout maybe 1h before i eat something to loose even more fat. you see i´m a bit confunsed at the moment. maybe you can help me. :)
    ps: my gymboss timer will arrive at the end of the week and this morning a made my own sandbag with flour. power up!

    • Aby

      Mila! I am confused on this too, but i’m also doing them on empty stomach. Freddy and Zuzana could you please advice us here?? :)

      • http://rathernotsat Sabrina

        Hey Aby and Mila I though I could help u a bit here cause Zuzana wrote a blog about this way way back you can find it here
        You might also find this one she wrote about eatting right after a work out its at I often get the sense that Zuzana wants us to figure out whats good for us by ourselves, that is to say that what works for one might not work for another so u just have to test it out for yourself and decide what feels good for you in the end. I am pretty sure that Zuzana has said in he past that she doesnt eat before a morning workout, she just has coffee and I believe she waits at least an hour after eatting to do workouts later in the day. All her blogs about food are listed in the tab above and I recommend reading through them cause there is alot of good info there and its interesting to see how she herself has changed with regards to food in the last 2 years. I hope that helps! :D

      • audrey

        eat before a workout, especially if you train in the morning..think about it…when did you eat last…say get up at 7am..that’s 11hrs of fasting…you can’t expect your body to perform to it’s best after it’s been fasting. even if you only eat a banana or an apple with some almond butter. but do eat some sort of easily digestable carb. protein doesn’t give you instant energy, but aids in muscle recovery post workout.

  • Aus


    where did you get your top form? i love it! i love the tye die looks great! :)


  • Emma

    Sooo, I already broke the no-sugar challenge – I know, I AM WEAK!!! But this is why I love doing your workouts as it enables me to be a bit naughty ;) Loved doing this workout and love the new idea of weekly challenges AND I really, really love your new hair colour! Thanks as always for the great workouts!

    • Laura

      Hey Emma,

      Don’t feel bad, because I already broke the “no sugar challenge” as well! I figured I could at least last a couple days.. I guess not! :)
      Oh well, I’ll try it again tomorrow!

      • Michelle

        I broke it already too, went to my moms for dinner and she had fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies and I couldnt resist!

        Starting again today…!

  • Josefine

    Yes!! I think about it quite often and I definitely see myself in the future as being the fit grandma! For me… it’s so important. I want to stay active and fit. I don’t think there is any reason why you should give it up just because you have reached a certain age. I have a grandpa who is 73, and in the summer he plays soccer with all the young guys. Amazing! I also, am inspired by the women in their 40′s, 50′s and beyond who are in such an incredible shape, they truly glow. For me, Zuzana you are in incredible shape, your gorgeous, your radiant, you shine, you have such great energy, your encouraging, (I could go on… there are more things that I would like to say but can’t find the words to) and your very inspiring to me.

    Day 1 of this weeks challenge is all done!! Can’t wait to see what you have for tomorrow!

    You guys are the best!

  • Sara

    This workout was a wonderful way to start this day! My scores:

    Flying Jump Lunges – 35, 30, 31
    Side Burpees – 6, 6, 6
    Side Lunge Touch Down – 20, 18, 18
    Squat & Leg Lift – 20, 20, 21 (15 lbs)
    Leg Lift & Toe Touch – 20, 21, 20
    Bootcamp Exercise – 7, 7, 7

  • Audra

    I can definately see myself doing these types of workouts well into my 50′s and hopefully 60′s. If not for looks at least for health. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and the like, they all terrify me enough to get up off my ass every day and train hard because I don’t ever want to have to worry about it. I’ll be 31 in October and in I’m the best shape of my life and I don’t intend to slow down anytime soon just because another year goes by. Heck, I wanna be like Janet and blow everyone out of the water when I’m her age. She’s tough as nails. That’s inspiring :)

  • Sarah Martin

    Hi Zuzanna and Fredrick!!
    I have been following your exercises for a couple months and LOVE them! I havent been able to check your site for the past week or so (I have been doing your older exercises) so I was really excited to see the new challenge and the new exercises! I did the routine from yesterday last night and tonight I did todays.
    here are my scores :)
    1. 30 25 23
    2. 6 6 5
    3. 22 27 26
    4. 13 15 15
    5. 14 17 15
    6. 5 5 5
    cant wait for tomorrows!!
    thanks have a great night :)
    Sarah Martin (BC, Canada)

    • Bella

      wow! nice scores!

  • Penny

    I feel the same way, Zuzana! I look at Madonna, her arm muscles and whatnot, and think that I want to look that good when I’m her age.
    My other motives for working out are overall health, stress relief, and the fact that I actually enjoy doing your workouts.

    Also, another important thing for me is self defence. My dad hit me when I was little and too weak to defend myself. I still constantly have nightmares about things like that. I would always have dreams about not being strong or fast enough to protect myself. After weeks of following your workouts, I had another one of those nightmares, only this time I DEFENDED myself. =) It made me feel really good.

  • Tammy

    I am 47 and fitter than ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the most fit I have been. I have always been slim and energetic but now my muscles show so much more, especially my abs. I need to have someone help take a picture so I can send it in.

    I think it is sad when people just give up on themselves or think that the only good times they will have are in their 20′s. It just isn’t true. I love to live life, be very active and have fun. Because I have taken care of myself, I have the energy to keep up with my career, my daughter (9 years old), go out with friends and travel. Thank you for these workouts!

  • AtalantaRunning

    Hi Zuzanna!

    Here’s another inspiration – not sure if you heard of the Iron Nun. She’s a triathlete NUN who has finished quite a number of Ironman (half AND full). She keeps breaking her own record. Last year she broke her own record of being the oldest woman to finish an Ironman at the age of 79. Yes, seventy nine! She training for another one this year, hope she breaks her record again this time she’ll be aged 80. Triathlete! Wow a marathon alone is difficult enough. And she just started running at the age of 50+. Amazing huh! ;)

  • Kaki

    I love your new hair! just did your 600 reps work out. I took so many breaks…and took like an hour to finish everything…but at least i finished every single rep. LOVE YOUR WORK OUT! hehe : ) have a nice day! xx

  • K

    Freddy and Z,

    Like most Americans, it’s hard for me to accept that I can become fit without heading to the gym. I’ve noticed that working out outdoors or even in my living room makes me happier. Why is that? The problem, though, is that it feels like my body will never change even though I know it will. Is that normal?

    PS – I’m doing this one tomorrow!

    - K

    • ND


      I feel like I have the same issue — I feel like working out at home I won’t get at fit as if I go to a dumbbell based weight training/cardio class at the Im trying to incoporate more Zuzana workouts, and less gym time..but it’s a hard habit to break!

      • K

        I know, it’s tough! I’m learning that it doesn’t have to be about ‘quick’ results. It’s about feeling good, and let’s be honest.. waking up and dreading going to the gym every morning was definitely not making me feel good. I like to start the day with yoga (jillian michael’s is amazing) and then go on a thirty minute run.(intervals of course.) I alternate between running and Z’s workouts. I’m seeing results but I wish it would speed up.

        Hey, it saves money as well!

  • Haridevi Sathasivam

    Hi Zuzanna and Freddy,

    Thank you very much for this useful website as it keeps me motivated in my workouts and made me realised that we can do this right at home(with your creative ways of using the tools/equipments) or anywhere for that matter as I’m currently making a transition of doing my workouts in gym to home.

    Looking forward to your future workouts…



    PS Please add me in your Facebook page, thanks

  • Paula.

    I couldn’t do any of these with the jump, because of my knee so I modified it quiet a bit.

    Lunges- 17 17 18
    Jackknife- 27 15 12
    ( I switched this because I cound’t support my weight with the injury)
    Side Lung Touch Down 20 22 21
    Squat with side leg lift 22 24 25
    Leg lift toe touch 20 19 20
    Crazy bootcamp 4 8 11
    ( I had to modify this a great deal by totally getting rid of the get up because I twinged my knee the first time through. So instead I did a roll over sit up, roll over cobra, roll over sit up etc)

    Not as good as I’d like to be, but I’m trying to be lenient and just remind myself I will get back in shape.
    Thanks for the workout!

    Day 1 = complete.

  • Andreja

    Hello Suzana. I agree with women looking good in the 40′s and 50′s. Is there any possibility that you can also post some pictures of these women?TIt would be such a great inspiration.

  • Miranda

    Flying Jump Lunge – 20, 19, 15
    Half Side Burpees (no pushup) – 4, 4, 4
    Side Lunge Touchdown – 14, 16, 15
    Squat & Leg Lift (no sandbag) – 18, 15, 16
    Leg Lift & Toe Touch – 17, 19, 17
    Crazy Boot Camp Exercise – 5, 4, 5

  • Courtney Martin

    Flying Jump Lunges – 30, 29, 24
    Side Burpees – 8, 6, 8
    Side Lunge Touch Down – 16, 17, 18
    Squat & Leg Lift – 21, 18, 16
    Leg Lift & Toe Touch – 16, 16, 15
    Bootcamp Exercise – 7, 7, 6

    I think drinking coffee before does the trick I was really energized (like the energizer bunny) except workout was still brutal and challenging. Loved it!

  • Catherine

    Thanks for making the No Sugar challenge! What you said helped me say no to some junk food today.

  • MiAe

    1. 30-27-24
    2. 5-5-5
    3. 18-17-21
    4. 19-20-18
    5. 14-14-15
    6. 6-7-8
    I feel my usual 15 lbs sandbag lighter. Maybe I should add more. Zuzi, how can you manage 35 lbs? You are incredible!!

  • Kateri

    I just got done doing this workout and I’m exhausted. I thought 12 minutes thats nothing….I was wrong!

  • Sally

    My grandma is 74 and she is a hot grandma. She super walks 4 miles everyday and does a ton of squats not to mention that she is always on the move. Her legs are amazing and I know I will work just as hard as she does until I can’t move anymore. Getting older doesn’t mean you stop caring about yourself. Thanks for all you do for us body rockers!

  • amy

    I am a newbie bodyrocker- this was my first workout with you all- I did it! Yeah! I have to say I did really enjoy it and here are my scores (I have been working out, just not here and this is refreshihg)
    flying lunges- 28,28.30
    side burpees- 8,8,8
    side lunge touch down (I did extra shuffle to side by accident) – 12,16,16
    squat and leg lift (also did step squat together step then lift- also by mistake)- 14,12,14
    leg lift and toe touch- 12,14,14
    crazy boot camp- 6,6,8
    didn’t get them all perfect but I was definently moving and got a great sweat! thank you zuzana! can’t wait until tomorrow, I am up for the challenge and no sugar as well!

  • Vivian

    Hi guys, you were talking about getting to your 40′s and 50′s and keeping up the healthy lifestyle and fitness levels. Well I am 46 and I am and have been able to do your workouts 5-6 days a week, play squash and train with weights twice a week. I am 5 ft 3 in and weight 114 lbs. I think it does get easier as you become more disciplined and the fact that many people cannot get over my age and how great I look. My youngest daughter is 16 and does the workouts twice a week and really is awesome at it. I cannot imagine not working out and I know I will continue to keep going well into my senior years. Thank you for introducing me to your website and keep up the great, innovative workouts.

  • mag

    and please I want to see the video recipe of that vegetarian dish made up of tomatoes, egg plant, onion, garlic, herbs and mozzarella cheese, because it looks great!!

  • mag

    cool workout!
    guys can you told us what have you eat today? please just mention it, that could be very helpful.
    heeey! cereals and granolla bars counts like sugar?? yes or not??
    thanks you!!!!!!!!

  • debbie

    Love the new hair

  • Maja

    Hey. great workout. I like the boot camp exercise!
    ireally like the clothing cut of ur top & bottom. how do you feel bohno compares to lululemon? i’ve been a big fan of lulu lemon and havne’t found a brand comparable to it.

  • karen


    can you please give me tips for belly fat burning.

    i do lot of abs but i dont see any change on my body thank you

  • Melanie

    1. 25,15,16
    2. 6,6,5
    Thank you a million times for your workouts. I work out with u everyday, and I will continue to workout untill my body cant move anymore. I will always push hard to look to best and if I can still do burpees at 80 years old then thats what i’ll be doing in between knitting and going to bingo of course. :)

  • Suzi Willpower

    Hello Zuzana! You have inspired me to workout with you. I have been in a funk due to an operation in late October, and have lost an ovary. I am in my mid-40′s, and you just made my day with your coffee talk. Thank you so much.

    I will be coming to work out with you every day (the best I can).

    Thank you so much for your inspiration.



  • sarah

    i love the bra top that you are wearing for this workout – the straps in the back are so unique! where did you get it? thanks!

  • Pamela

    Okay I pushed as hard as I could and it kick my butt! Love it!

  • Zac

    I really enjoyed doing todays workout! “Side Lunge Touch Down” was my favorite out of all the intervals. . I used an EX bar weighted at 40lbs in place of teh sandbag && #6 “Crazy Bootcamp Exercise” was a lot more exhausting then it appeared on the video.

    PS I did without sugar the whole entire day!! :) I got by without any cravings (knock on wood) BUT. I felt like my energy was a lot lower through out the day . . Any tips??

    I’m really looking forward to tomorrows wrkout!!


  • William in Georgia USA

    Hi Zuzana! I’m a 48 year old male. My 14 year old son and I have been working out together. We have been doing a combination of dumbbell exercises and some body weight floor exercises. You have inspired me to pattern the workouts with the Gymboss. We are both in pretty good shape and have goals to be in the best shape of our lives this year. I love the new way you are spelling everything out for even beginners. Plus, I think you are so stunning keep up the good work!! xoxo

  • Anita Ramsdale

    Hi Zuzana

    I live the life with the motto that everything in moderation. I have a 3 & 5 yr old that keep me busy.
    I’m turning 40 next year, I have trained with weights since I was 25 and only now I am HATING the HORMONES! My body fat is 12% but I need to throw those bathroom scales away or they will do my head in ! But never do :-(

    Just wanted to say that i’m stoked that I have discovered you and I love your workouts the intesity and time effiecency. Everything that a busy mum needs.

    p.s and when your 40 you will still be stunning xx

  • Jo Anne

    I just finished this workout and I feel invigorated and empowered. I’m also doing the no junk food/sugar challenge with you. My first day on this diet made a huge difference on my day, I didn’t feel groggy nor sluggish I felt very energized the whole day. I’m glad that I’m doing this to make a better change in my lifestyle. Thank you!


    • Jo Anne

      oh. here is my numbers. hehehe.

      Flying Jump Lunges- 22,15,15
      Side Burpees- 6,9,7
      Side Lunge Touch Down- 10,16,12
      Squat and Leg Lift- 12,12,14
      Leg Lift and Toe Touch-12,12,13
      Boot Camp Excercize- 4,5,4

  • Lizette Lopez

    sweating like a pig! loved it! so ready for tomorrow!

  • Cheryl

    Hi Zuzanna, I don’t normally post on websites because I am a very private person. However, I wanted to thank you so much for mentioning what you find to be inspiring because it meant a lot to me personally.

    I have continued to work out even after having my beautiful daughter almost 11 yrs ago, but I have been trying to find more efficient ways of doing this because I certainly don’t have a lot of time to waste! (I was actually looking for a gym interval timer, and that is how I found you, through Gymboss!) I wasn’t really able to find any other workouts that were challenging enough and short enough for me, but I have been doing your kick-butt workouts now for about a month and absolutely LOVE them.

    I also find YOU to be incredibly inspiring (and I love competing against your time and reps), so it was really amazing for me to read that you think that someone like me (a busy, working mom who is turning 43 next month) is inspiring to you!

    I plan to continue to work out hard for the rest of my life and be a “fit granny” who can do push-ups and pull-ups when I am in my 80s! While being strong and healthy and slim enough to being able to fit into size 00 Gap jeans is certainly a bonus, the main reason that I continue to be active and fit and eat well is because I want to model these habits to my daughter so that she can see firsthand how important it is to be strong and active. My hope is that when she grows to become a young woman herself, she will take the time (all 12 minutes!) to make sure that she keeps herself strong and healthy. I even plan to get her her own Gymboss timer when she gets a little older. :)

    Thanks again for your sharing your thoughts. They truly made my day!

  • Elizabeth M.i.a.m.i

    by the way I love the outfit!! I love the top…

    Thank you to the both of you for taking time to not only make the workout and tape it but to show step by step how to perform them and take pictures to break it down. You guys have really out done yourself from the first beginning videos to now AMAZING work. You can see the hard work and effect to make this The best workout experience. THANK YOU!

  • Lex

    I loved this workout!! I pushed hard, but still didn’t come close to you…oh well, it’s all about the progress, right?
    1. 25/23/26
    2. 4/4/4
    3. 14/17/18
    4. 10/11/9 (used 25lb kettle bell)
    5. 14/14/14
    6. i was confused on how to count these
    Thank you so much for the new material and the workout plan. I must confess that when you post new material, I’m so excited and fit the workout in no matter what. but when it’s up to me to revisit old workouts in the archive and get one in for the day, I’m more apt to skip my workout. it makes no sense to me, but I guess it’s proof that YOU guys are the magic, not just the workouts.
    in fitness and health,

  • Windlord

    1. Flying Jump Lunges – 28/22/20

    2. Side Burpees – 7/7/7

    3. Side Lunge Touch Down – 17/18/17

    4. Squat and Leg Lift (35# DB on shoulder)– 21/22/23

    5. Leg Lift and Toe Touch – 20/20/21

    6. Crazy Bootcamp Exercise – 5/6/5
    [best guess as I was confused about what exactly constituted a rep. It's very helpful on these multi-moves, Z, when you say "That's one rep"]

    Thx for the burn! :)

  • Madej

    Wow! I can’t wait for tomorrows workout! you are my inspiration!

  • funkybumpkin

    Hey, are you guys going to try the Grouse Grind?? It’s definitely an ass-kicker!

    You should check out the PNE as well. It ends on labour day. It’s fun (esp. the roller coaster)!

  • Sunshine

    By the way, Zuzana, I LOVE your outfit! It fits perfect and is very flattering. I was wondering where you got it, and I looked again at this page and noticed you posted where. Thx

  • Jen

    I’m one of the 50 year olds who think it is very important to my self esteem and outlook on life to maintain a certain level of fitness. I will never look like a 20 year old again, but I know I should strive to be as fit as I can be. It’s funny, even though I’ve had 2 children who are grown and fabulous,it doesn’t feel like I’m as old as I am therefore there is no reason I can’t work on myself and look and feel the best I can. Thanks for making it fun and different every day…it’s a great website and it fits my life style perfectly as I travel and don’t have a hour a day to work out. Thanks again.

  • Katie

    I love the workouts and do them almost daily, but I’m still in high school and my dad won’t stop bringing home the junk food! Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can re-enforce my will power against my dad’s sugary treats???!!!

    • Cait

      Hi Katie-
      When I was in high school, my mom decided that my sister and I would each be responsible for cooking dinner one night each week… she wanted us to learn how to cook and get some practice before we left the house. This also meant that we also got to influence the choice of foods our family ate on a regular basis.

      My suggestion for you is to volunteer to do the grocery shopping once a week (if you have a drivers license). It will help you learn to budget your (parent’s) money, think about what meals your family will have in advance, and find healthy alternatives to the treats your dad is bringing home.

      If this doesn’t work out, then at least try to accompany your parent to the grocery store and ask for healthy items that you know will curb your cravings for junk food.

      I find that it is much easier to say “no” to a box of cookies at the grocery store. When they are open at my house I tend to say “just one more”, which gets me in trouble. Try to recognize this behavior when you do it, so that you can prevent eating out of boredom and overeating.

      If you are around family members that are eating treats, make sure you have a stash of healthy alternatives that you can go to.
      For example, I love ice cream… but I realized that it is the cold sensation that I really like, and I don’t have to have high fat/high sugar to enjoy it. You can freeze just about any fruit in bite sized pieces and then pour a half cup of skim milk over it. Let the milk sit in the cup with the frozen fruit for about 5 minutes and it will be a delicious treat that is much healthier than ice cream. you can also put this mixture in the blender and make soft serve…
      Next time your family gets out ice cream for dessert, you can get our your frozen berries, mangoes, grapes, peaches or whatever you like and enjoy dessert with them.

      Wow, this is a long message… hope it helps. Good luck.

  • Shelli

    Just wanted to share:
    There is an iPhone app for Gymboss you can download. Works great… I use it for all the bodyrock workouts!

  • Shelli

    My scores for the day:

    Flying lunges: 22,20,18
    Side burpee: 5,4,5
    Lunge touches: 19,22,25
    Squat and lift: 16,17,15
    Leg lift toe touch: 15,14,18
    Bootcamp: 5,5,5

    Great workout! I have been doing your workouts since December and LOVE them. I have shared with about 5 other friends who are now addicted too. They are so fun and quick… but I see results! I am toned and strong. I also run 3 times a week but I don’t pretend to have a good diet :) So, I can’t give up the sweets for a week :(
    I am getting ready to move from the US to Haiti and am so excited that all I need is a workout mat, my computer, and myself to keep in shape! Keep up the great work!

  • Laura

    I love the workouts on this site, and I’m happy to report that at 42 I can keep up. I’m fitter now than I ever have been and I plan to stay that way as long as I can. I hope to be a fit, sexy grandma someday too. Keep rockin’ Zuzana!

  • Becca

    Hey guys,
    I’d never tried one of your workouts before this one, and man–they’re effective
    I changed the bootcamp exercise to a regular burpee because I couldn’t seem to do it where it felt more difficult than silly

    Flying Jump Lunges – 28, 24, 16
    Side Burpees – 6, 5, 5
    Side Lunge w/ Touch – 14, 17, 19
    Squat w/ 35lbs + leg lift – 10, 11, 9
    Crunch thing – 10, 11, 10
    Reg. Burpees – 8, 8, 5

    what kind of exercises besides these 15 minute ones do you guys do? I’m going to go run a few miles later tonight, wondering if you do the same?

    • Sunshine

      Nope these are the only workouts that she does Becca! Amazing right?

  • Carm

    I just tried this workout today…so intense. I love your workouts. I feel like it is a real workout not something i have to build up to. Thanks. But i’m too embarasses to out my results up. I’m just a beginner.

  • LolitaSkiBunny

    What helps me stay consistent with these daily workout challenges as far as soreness or lack of energy: One day I do an a.m. workout. The next day I do a p.m. workout. I alternate a.m. and p.m. every day. 2 active rest days this week will be tennis one day, and then jump rope and intense stretches another day, or a walk/hike after dinner one night.

    • LolitaSkiBunny

      Oh, and CHEESE is my downfall. Just an idea for you guys. I could probably try to give that up for a week, but I would suffer immensely.

  • Candy

    Just turned 40 this year. I do this in the driveway while my 3 kids are playing outside. If it’s too late, I do it in the house. It is so fun for me. I’m addicted now. The neighbors think I’m crazy. Thanks for inspiring me to do this. I intend to stay fit until the day I die. Here’s my scores.

    1. 21-14-13
    2. 05-05-05
    3. 17-13-17
    4. 14-15-15
    5. 13-12-12
    6. 04-03-03

    Eat fruit when you want sugar. Bananas will really kill the sugar craving.

  • BodyRock-Savvy

    WaaAAAHHHhh!!! I just saw this new workout. I already did mine earlier since this one is not posted yet. I picked “S&M Workout” for today. I’ll just do this tomorrow. Thanks as always… :)

  • Miney

    I’m done for today!
    I’m exhausted..!
    The secund exercise I couldn’t do very well.
    And about ‘No Sugar’, I have to eat ice-cream because my doctor ordered me to eat medicinal supplements with ice-cream. :S

    Here are my score:
    1) 34, 20, 20
    2) 8, 9, 6
    3)22, 20, 25
    4) 15,17,14
    5) 13, 17, 15
    6)7, 5, 5

    XOXO from Portugal! :D

  • Lizzy

    Flying Jump Lunges – 24, 27, 28
    Side Burpees – 8, 9, 9 [I forgot to do the jump squat at the end of each rep, which is why my score is so high haha]
    Side Lunge Touchdown – 18, 16, 18
    Squat and Leg Lift – 17, 18, 15 [I felt like a sumo wrestler while doing these!]
    Leg Lift and Toe Touch – 17, 18, 17 [I love doing these :) ]
    Crazy Bootcamp Exercise – 6, 6, 8 [I did NOT enjoy doing these! Sooo hard!]

    Great workout! I did the Booty Fat Meltdown workout yesterday before you told us about the challenge so my legs were already hurting, but I stuck it out with you! I actually did great on the no sugar thing today. I’ve been cutting back on sugar for awhile and now I don’t even crave soda and I’d much rather have a fresh fruit or veggie than cake or ice cream. Weird but it’s true. :)

    Thank you and I look forward to seeing the workout for tomorrow!

  • Ana J

    love this workout..I will do it tonight because I like to workout in the morning and I already did the Epic sexy abs workout..but this one looks like a butt kicking workout..what am I saying they all are…Thank you Suzanna and Freddy..
    Love you guys..

  • Claudia

    So I´ll be doing this workout tomorrow, it looks great. I workout in the morning so today I did the ¨Beg for Mercy Workout¨ and I was begging for Mercy, again….
    So I´m always a day behind with you workouts because morning is what works for me. Can´t wait to try it, well maybe I can…..

    Bodyrock junckie

  • mél

    How many years you works on your body??

  • Arkansas

    Hey Z
    Thanks for the new challenge! I look forward to trying the new workouts everyday.
    I was wondering if it would be possible for you to keep a food diary of what you have had for the day.
    I’ve tried all your recipes and loved them! I do have problems staying consistent with my diet and I’m sure I’m not alone!

    Keep up the good work

  • Kelsey

    I totally agree with you Zuzana cause i want to look hot and sexy when im older… not the cougar sexy but i want my boyfriend (who i hope i marry) to always think i look sexy not just cause he loves me but cause i actually do. lol guess im an attention hog sometimes but i want to feel awesome inside and out. Mirrors are all around lol they watch us lol

  • Tameshia

    Hi Zuzanna & Freddie,

    I’m gonna have to start my week challenge tomorrow with the new exercise workouts because we’ve been having internet problems and I haven’t been able to get workouts. However, I did bodyrock today so can what I did today count? Also, what can you recommend I use in the place of the sandbag because I’ve tried weights and they are a little uncomfortable on my shoulder (ouch!) and dumbells are too thin to rest on my shoulder. I’ve been looking for an alternative for it. Any suggestions???

    Can’t wait to do this workout tomorrow!!!!

    • Frederick

      Hi Tameshia – people have been using all kinds of creative solutions – duffle bags, bags of rice etc

      • Georgia

        Thats a good idea!

  • Emilie

    Ho my god !!! I did the version with alternatives for beginner, and with the 3 first exercises I thought my legs where doing to let me down. LOL I did it my go damn it was a hard one =) but I’m still loving it !!
    Thank you !! Looking forward for tomorrow, im all in with you guys !! ;)

  • Elle

    I love these workouts so much. They are very intense and I love a good challenge. When are you going to get your own show? You really should have one!

  • monicanelsonfitness

    Awesome Workout! I got my Gymboss yesterday too! Good luck with the no sugar, of course You both will do great!:)Gotta love any 12 min workout.

  • SisterWorks

    I’m in for this challenge. I’m giving up wine for the week. It’s my favorite sugar. I’ll post my numbers after the workout tonight.

  • Janet

    Hi Zuzana!
    You look fabulous, as usual, and I love the hair. I have one question for you. I noticed that even when you are working out in the evening or late at night (a few times in Ontario), you still had the same flat abs and no bloating or anything. I am very lean and have good, visible abs, but even if I eat clean all day, no salt, and drink tons of water I still find my abs disappearing by night-time. Do you have a secret?

  • mzslyde

    Came home from work and did the workout.
    It rocked – I am sweating and shaking like crazy.
    1. 27, 20, 20
    2. 9, 9, 9
    3. 22, 24, 22
    4. 20, 18, 17
    5. 14, 17, 14
    6. 6, 5, 5

    I think I am a little sick to my stomach – LOL

  • Leah

    Hello! My name is Leah. I’ve never commented before. I found you guys back in March, but I slacked off for a while until June when I started to take working out seriously. I haven’t missed many days since then, and I feel great. :]

    My scores for today’s workout:
    1. 29-29-22
    2. 5-5-5
    3. 23-24-24
    4. 17-18-17
    5. 15-13-13
    6. 8-6-5

    Thanks! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout. :]

  • Zuzzzzy!

    Suggestion: Would you consider adding workouts with resistance bands? I love your workout and thought that we might have fun with this equipment.

  • V.

    I’m going to try this workout on thursday bc I already have other workouts planned for the days before that. I am going to do jump squat leg lift instead of using weights and doing a regular squat with leg lifts, bc I do weight lifting on my other days and I think the plyometrics on my cardio days have really helped to shape my bum even more. I have read that the twitch muscles that are put to use during plyometrics are bigger than the muscles used to lift weights.? I am not sure if that is correct but I have notices a nice change in my bum bum ever since I started doing your workouts. I was already very fit when I started following you guys, but after I started doing your workouts I saw the biggest changes in my abs and my bum! I love it! Thanx so much!

  • Rachel

    Hi Zuzana! You are awesome! I am a new mom to a 6 month old and am trying to get into shape. BRTV is my salvation. haha. Just got my interval timer in the mail today so this is my first exercise with a time limit. haha Dont think i did so hot, but at least i did it, right?
    Flying Jump lunges : 30,18,16
    Side Burpies : 6,6,6 =p
    Side Lunge Touchdown : 13,12,12
    Squat & Leg lifts : 18,17,18
    Leg lift & toe touch : 11,11,8
    Crazy bootcamp exercise : 5, 5, 4

    Excited about tomorrows exercise! Thanks for motivating me! =D

  • Jamie

    …..but I like them.

  • Jamie

    Zuzana’s pants are very retro today, lol

  • Kitty

    Just finished!

    Flying Jump Lunges: 27-25-20
    Side Burpees: 6-6-6
    Side Lunge Touch Down: 20-21-19
    Squat & Leg Lift (10lb. dumbells in each hand): 16-16-16
    Leg Lift & Toe Touch: 19-24-23
    Bootcamp Exercise: 6-6-6

    Very tough!
    Nice outfit.

  • cat

    hey Zuzana and Federick :)
    i am addicted to your workouts. i stumbled across your site about a year ago and have been doing your workouts about 5 days a week since june. i am a junior in college and do the workouts in our shcools tiny gym and my friend always makes fun of me because he thinks the exsercises i do look odd. i really dont care though because i am in way better shape than he is ;)
    and to chime in on your coffee talk, i do have such great admiration for women who remain fit into their fifties and beyond. it shows such self control, dedication, pride in their appearnce and a general kick ass attitude lol
    well thanks and i can’t wait to try this workout!

  • Gina

    Have you ever looked into Vibram Five Finger shoes? I’ve been wearing them while doing your workouts and they add a challenge! A large portion of the time, the shoes will almost force you to stay on the pads of your feet, especially during cardio (running being the best example). I love being barefoot and these are as close as I can get to running barefoot without tearing my feet up. You’d be amazed at how much it helps you with balance as well.

    Awesome workouts as usual!

  • Charlotte

    I am committing to this workout, and NO SUGAR!
    Will be hard, but looking forward to it.

    My scores


  • nas_10

    i feel very good, doing this workouts.. thanks for de inspiration zuzana.

    1. 28.25.20
    2. 8. 8. 7
    3. 19.20.20
    4. 16.14.19
    5. 14.16.18
    6. 6. 6. 7

  • Michelle

    What a crazy workout!!!
    Here are my scores:

    Flying Jump Lunges – 25, 20, 23
    Side Burpees – 6, 6, 6
    Side Lunge Touch Down – 22, 22, 25
    Squat & Leg Lift – 16, 17, 16
    Leg Lift & Toe Touch – 17, 18, 18
    Bootcamp Exercise – 5, 5, 5

    Thank you so much for posting this so early, that was awsome!!

    See you tommorrow!

  • Janet

    A 6 mile hill run and rake the front yard for an hour then this.
    1. 21-19-18
    2. 6-7-7
    3. 22-18-19
    4. 15-15-17
    5. 15-16-18
    6. 5-5-6
    On the side lunges I wasn’t sure if there was a step in between or not, so I spazzed around a bit trying both ways. No sandbag yet so tried #4 with two 15 pound wts (total 30). Another spaz exercise as I tried to hold them in front and then to the sides. Felt like a preying mantis :) . Finished off my spaz workout with the crazy rolls on the floor. Good fun; glad nobody watching! No sugar–yeah!!!

  • Jenaé Plymale

    Zuzana, please tell us what brand of pants you’re wearing in this workout. I REALLY love them! is it Lululemon? Please tell!

  • Claire

    Awesome workout today!

    1) Flying Jump Lunges – 27 20 16
    2) Side Burpees – 4 6 6
    3) Side Lunge Touch Down – 15 16 16
    4) Squat and Leg Lift – 16 16 15
    5) Leg Lift and Toe Touch – 17 16 15
    6) Crazy Bootcamp Exercise – 5 4 4

  • Luna

    Hi Zuzana,
    I am 41 years young, have two kids (6 & 8) and work full time. I am a cancer survivor as well. It is not easy to find the time to work out. Two years ago i got very sick by a simple flu. After that i promised myself i will find time…and i do. Every day. So, thank you for recognizing “older” and fit :) . My satisfaction comes from my kids telling me how they are having a ‘fit mom’ or by strangers paying me a compliment on my physic or by younger generation i am seeing in the gym who call me ‘fitness freak’ and are not able to do half of the work out i go through. But the most of all, it is a pure joy to know that i have “forced” my body to perform and change in every single workout.
    Thank you for your daily inspiration. You are amazing person inside and out and pure joy to watch.

  • Jill

    LOVE the new workout clothes! …and the hair!! and sooo glad to have new workouts. they are getting more and more challenging and i LOVE it!

  • Mickela

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick
    what a treat to see 2 videos in a row. I really like this sequence of exercises I will do those tomorrow I am sailing this evening it is sort of a rest day for me.

    In regards to the older woman thing, staying fit starts when you are young, that is what keeps us people in our 40′s looking healthy and young I also think that if you live a life feeling guilty and not positive about life, you will age faster. No ever guesses my age they think I am at least 15 years younger, it is a little strange when younger men approach me thinking I am younger.

  • Anna Carolina

    1) Flying Jump Lunges: 21/21/21
    2)Side Burbees: 4/4/4
    3)Side Lunge Touch Down: 12/16/16
    4)Squat and Leg Lift (+15kg): 7/8/9
    5)Leg Lift Toe Touch: 14/8/13
    6)Crazy Boot Camp Excercise: 4/4/4

    Every day excellent variarity of excercises- Keep going!
    Love, Carol

    • Anna Carolina

      Oh I forgot to say that you workout clothes looks wonderful crazy a little bit :P

      Perhaps there will excist a “Zusana-Workout-Clothes” in future – you really have a good taste on many things.

  • Heidi

    Loooooooooooooove the new way you’re doing things(with pictures and a video with easier variations and a shorter workout video) :D I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and I’ve done a few work outs, but after having my daughter the workouts were really hard, so the easier variations are awesome. I’ve already lost almost all the baby weight and I’m still so motivated every time I visit your site. Thanks so much guys, keep it up! Oh, and Zuzana, I think your hair looks great :D Hope you guys are enjoying it here in beautiful British Columbia!

  • elise

    ok. zuzana you are an inspiration, but i have a question that i am surprised nobody asked. so i am just going to come out with it. did you get breast augmentation?

  • Sarah

    Okay I am in! I have been following you guys for over a year now and have incorporated a lot of your training into my routines. I haven’t been consistant though.
    My husband (he doesn’t know it yet!) and I will do this routine tonight. Can’t wait to tell you our scores. Thank you both for the great vlog.

    Oh, and Zuzana, the big 40 crept up this year and surprised me. The age bothers me only because I don’t feel 40. I workout at least 3 times a week, I do a lot of distance cycling, hiking and am generally physically active. I have to boys 6 & 9 years old, and we very happy that they enjoy going on bike rides and doing things they see us doing. Our 9 year old even competed in his first Duathlon last year, because he thought it was so cool that his Mom and Dad had.
    So, bring on the 40′s and 50′s….I don’t plan on stopping til I drop. :)

  • Gabriella

    I’m turning 21 in October, and I’m planning on keeping my healthy lifestyle for as long as I live. As it is called “lifestyle”, I think of it not only as a way of living NOW, but from this moment and on. I’ve been through a deep, unhealthy depression in the past (even though I’m young) and I will do everything I can to keep it from happening again. I’m not only exercising, I stay positive and see the good things in life. Keeping my mind busy too by reading and studying. :-)

    I’ve already started to think about what sort of exercise I can do when I get pregnant. Maybe you have some ideas about what is good to keep your fitness, but not overdoing your body?

    My mother is 50 years old now and she is a beautiful woman! She has kept herself healthy enough, which has resulted in good skin (barely any wrinkles!) and ongoing exercise! She too is inspiring for me.

  • Naimah

    As for your questions about getting older (in terms of number of years on this earth) and I have realized since having a child that I want to live as long and as healthily as humanly possible. There are stories of people thousands of years ago who lived for hundreds of years. I think that with all of our technology and other gains in knowledge and awareness, we should be on our way to living like that, as a people, again. This site is surely one of the ways to get there!

    I really want my family to be healthier, too. If we met for holidays and shared good habits rather than indulging because we never see one another and feel we are allowed to take that time to treat our bodies badly, then that would be the start of a new tradition. Maybe it should be a national thing (I’m American) to eat healthier for holidays, revamping old recipes to make them better for us… I’m ranting. But what I mean to get at is that bad habits are ingrained within so many ways that we live. I imagine that if we changed some of our traditions, we could change our life expectancies.

    I want to be fit forever.

    Okay. One more thing. I spoke to my grandmother last night and she was telling me that her good leg (she’s had a brace all her life because of a bout with polio as a child) is getting weaker. I told her she needs to work out. I know she doesn’t and probably honestly never has besides walking around town. She said that it wouldn’t help. But, something about all of that made me disbelieve her. I got to thinking, “If I keep this up forever, forever combating the aging process with activity and good food, will I prevent myself from breaking down and becoming crippled, “old” and weak?”

    It’s worth a try when it’s a race for death!

  • Sara

    Hi Zuzana!
    I have a question: I am trying to do your workouts, sometimes I have to modify the exercises because I’m not strong enough to make them as you do…
    I noticed that doing the “original” exercise (the one you do in the video) in the most correct form (not dropping the hips, mantaining abs tight, and so on), I use a lot of energy and I can do just few repetitions.
    so my question is: shall I try to do the original exercises but with a little number of reps or shall I go down to the simplified way that allows me to do a lot of reps in the interval?
    Which way is more effective?

    • Frederick

      Hi Sara – I would take the approach of working my way up to it, but the key here is pushing with as much intensity as possible – anyone else have any thoughts?

      • becca

        do as many with proper form than move to the modified version, always proper form. push yourself because thats the only way you get better

      • Jen

        I’ve been working my way up to it, instead of timing myself with the Gymboss I have been doing a set of reps that I know I can do. Then of course I always tack on two or three more when I think I can not do any more. I’m not crunched on time. I’m more focused on the burn and the thought of pushing further.

    • Barbara W

      At the beginning I did as many original exercises as I could – it was really hard, I was sweating badly. When I had no power I was continuing easer mods of those exercises. This way I was doing reps during the whole workout. With time I was able to do more and more original exercises and now I practically stopped doing easer modifications (sometimes when workout is really brutal I do these mods during last intervals).

      Best regards!

  • Jenn

    I already did a workout today (the Booty Firm Up Workout), so I will do this one tomorrow.

    I see myself as a person that will keep up my fitness as I age. I exercised regularly in my teens and early 20′s, in my mid 20′s I somehow got it in my head that I naturally looked good and didn’t need to exercise (I wasn’t totally sedentary, I did rock climbing and martial arts at the time). By my late 20′s I realized I was deluding myself and began exercising again, but not consistently. I did great until the day my daughter was born (I stayed fit during the pregnancy and only had 10 excess pounds, which quickly came off. Exercising with a baby and then a toddler was hard. When I went to graduate school exercise took a back seat to everything else I had to do). I found this website just before my 35th birthday, and I am happy with this- and it will do me better than simply going running every week. I intend to increase my strength, flexibility, balance, etc. through exercising; and looking better is a pleasant side effect.

    Keeping up my fitness…to me that means that I stay in good enough shape to do things like pushups, and to hike up mountains when I am old. When my grandma was 75 she could do better situps than I can at 35, and she’s started lifting weights in the gym now, at 90. She has never been that into fitness, but she still inspires me to take good care of myself.

    I am also getting my husband back into exercise, and our 4 year old daughter enjoys your workouts (if she’s home while I’m exercising she will try to copy what I’m doing, and now she even makes up exercises for me to try). Hopefully if the whole family is exercising it will be even easier to keep it up.


  • Paola

    Why i can’t open the video???? please help!!!!

  • ADJ

    zuza & freddy

    I was wondering, is there a way for me to save the workout video in my laptop so I can replay it while I’m at another location that doesn’t have wi-fi internet? I guess I could just spend time to study and memorize the exercise routine then try to do them at my local gym. The reason being is I don’t have the ideal space at home to do the workout except in a gym. I was hoping to mirror and execute the moves while I watch the replay and maybe save on time. Or am I just being too lazy? hehe.

    But seriously, can I? If not possible its perfectly fine.

    Just want you to know you are such an excellent teacher and athlete.. (you remind me of one of my favorite teacher in junior high) while Freddie is an excellent videographer, editor and web master (I’m sure he can handle the same workouts as you if he were not always stuck behind the camera) ;)

    PS: who is ‘charliejames1975′?

    • Frederick

      charlie is our dog, james is my middle name and I was born in 75 :)

  • Kik

    Today’s scores:
    Flying jump lunges 21,23,19
    Side burpees 5,5,6
    Side lunge touch 24,25,24
    Squat and leg lift 12,11,12 (used 10 lb. on ea. shoulder)
    Leg lift and toe touch 16,20,20
    Crazy boot camp 5,5,5

    10 seconds rest felt positively luxurious after the last workout :)

  • Naimah

    1. Flying Jump Lunges – 30/26/26
    2. Side Burpees – 3/4.5/3.5
    3. Side Lunge Touch Down – 18/18/18
    4. Squat and Leg Lift – 9/7/7
    5. Leg Lift and Toe Touch – 14/14/14
    6. Crazy Bootcamp Exercise – 6.5/4.5/5

    Thanks Zuzana. And, why don’t you slow down a bit so I can catch up to you! :)

  • Kik

    Funny you mention fitness and age. My sister and I just had this conversation. She’s 41 and I’m about to turn 39. We both have two young children but they are now old enough for us to “come up for air” so to speak. We have never had problems with weight but now see our current age and situation as a great opportunity to become our healthiest, sexiest selves. So, as I approach 40, I plan on streamlining my diet more, continuing to teach yoga, doing your workouts, traveling and maintaining a positive attitude. I feel like these are the things within my control that I can do to set myself up for good health for (hopefully) decades to come.

  • IrisCh.

    Wow, you did a great job! Your site is easy to follow. The warm up and stretching routines and the pictures are very helpful. The modification for beginners too. I just have to say: I love it :-)

  • Caity

    Hi Zuzana! Loved this workout! Here are my scores:

    Flying Jump Lunges – 28, 14, 20
    Side Burpees – 6, 6, 4
    Side Lunge Touch Down – 21, 23, 25
    Squat & Leg Lift – 17, 22, 18
    Leg Lift & Toe Touch – 15, 15, 16
    Bootcamp Exercise – 7, 5, 4

    Looking forward to tomorrow! =]

    • Frederick

      Wow – that was seriously fast!

  • Skinny Fat Girl

    Hi Zuzana and Fredy,

    I appreciate your effort and dedication in putting this amazing workouts and fitness advices for all of us. I just have a concern that maybe you or anyone here can help me to resolve. I’ve been exercising since I was a teenager (im 29 now) and love it, I’m thin but I think I have a high fat percentage because despite of my exerciwse, it’s difficult for me to tone up (i think I’m skinny fat :( )… I try to eat healthy but my major problem is that I feel that on weekends I can indulge on my fav foods (i.e. pizza, hamburgers, etc) as a reward…. I know they are super bad for my body but I can’t help it! I also think that going out with my boyfriend has helped me to eat like a pig because when I see what he’s eating I just want it too! I feel very sad on sundays when I make a list of all the bad stuff that I ate… and I know that it’s the big cause for me not to tone up as a should. I don’t know if its emotional eating because everything in my life it’s fine right now… I don’t like myself like this… because it’s useless to eat healthy and workout from monday to friday and pig-out on weekend… it’s absurd…it’s like a fatty girl inside tells me to eat everything around…
    :( what can I do??

    • Jill

      all i can say…is you are NOT ALONE. i constantly self-sabotage myself. Just keep working out whatever you do; dont let your shame kick you into a spiral of making more bad decisions. Try not eating out or maybe rewarding yourself in a way that is not related to food. Try working out on the weekends and taking a day off during the week maybe so that the weekends dont feel like a total free-for-all.

    • Nova Scotia Woman

      I too felt the same way…my body screams at me for those types of food. For pizza, make your own crust so you can limit the sugar in it and make it a thin crust, use whole wheat flour instead of white, low fat mozza cheese instead of full fat, and use veggies instead of pepperoni. For burgers, I use veggie burgers or extra lean ground beef or chicken and make them smaller. Also scoop out the inside of the burger bun so you can add more veggies or just use lettuce leaves instead of a bun all together. There are lots of ways to modify all of your favorite foods to make them low fat, low calorie and delicious. You just have to be willing to cook them yourself.

    • Janet

      you could try to limit the indulgences to just Sunday for a 50% improvement :) It would still be progress

    • Arkansas

      Dear skinny fat girl-
      I’m not sure if what I have to say will help but I’ll try.
      I’m one of those people that have tried every diet there is. I would be so harsh on myself and feel depressed when I’d have one bite of bread or pasta. I would feel like I was starving myself ALL week and when a slice of pizza would be in front of me I couldn’t help but to engulf it.
      I decided at the beginning of this year I would quit punishing myself.
      I have researched endocrinology and how food fuels our body and have learned that when you deprive yourself of the things your body needs then the minute you do eat- your body stores it. That’s why I’d gain 5 lbs over the weekend.
      Long story short- stop starving yourself and eat every few hours. Look at the ingredients and if you can’t pronounce it- don’t eat it. Don’t eat/drink anything that has a sugar substitute. Eat raw foods and decrease your red meats. Start looking into what you put in your body. If you do this the weight will fall off. And as Z says- make everything you eat taste great lol. I’ve lost ten pounds that I didn’t know I had to loose by doing this.
      Sorry- I know I wrote a book but I hope it helped.

    • Emilie

      I understand you totally! You need to have some “control” on the food you put in your mouth. What I mean is,I try to eat smaller portion but more often, I will plan 3 small meals and 2 snacks for the day (for the week-end I can have for lunch or diner time something less healthy, breakfast is the most important meal of the day). I do a list of what I enjoy to eat that is healthy and eat only that for the day. Don’t waist your money in those too much sugar/fat snacks. For breakfast I will have a big glass of a green smoothie (Google it), for snack I enjoy some fruits and nuts (with fruits I don’t get bad sugar cravings). Then maybe a nice cucumber/tomatoes/green peppers/spinach salad with my favorite dressing..
      Try different fruits ans vegetables, be creative with your recipes, avoid restaurant.
      This is what I do, I hope it will help you ;)

    • BodyRock-Savvy

      Hi Skinny Fat Girl,
      I would suggest start with this challenge for this week, no sweet… You are right, your effort from Monday to Friday will be useless if you pig out yourself over the weekend. You need to change your lifestyle (eating habit on weekend). Before you eat, try to ask yourself, “If I eat this bad/greasy food, what will happen?” We need determination and discipline if we want to stay fit or get like Zuzie’s body (even little). Stay focus, dear, everyday… Goodluck! :)

    • PF

      Try working out with weights
      I’m the same as you
      once I started picking up some 8-15 lb weights I lost a bunch of inches and toned up a lot :)

      hope that helps!

      btw, it’s ok to indulge every once in a while ;) it’s bad when it’s a habit to eat poor.

    • Elizabeth M.i.a.m.i

      I don’t what your workout looks like but if it involves allllllll cardio for an hour or hours a day you losing muscle. The body can only burn so much fat and when it those it starts to burn the muscle for fuel. Try to eat good I think if you eat good all week and have your cheap meals here and there it won’t effect you in get tone. But just take it one day at a time don’t go nuts and don’t feel guilty just see what you could of done better and next time follow through. That’s my advice :)

    • Bruno

      Perhaps you shold reward yourself more regularily. At the moment you seem to be strong during the week but on weekend the suppressed lust for Pizza, Burger, etc. comes through.

      So make yourself a Pizza during the week, but don’t take the >1000kcal monster with double cheese. Try some of the recipes on

      Even a hamburger can be made healthy if you don’t just go to the next fast-food restaurant, but make it yourself (there are also tons of recipes out there).

      So don’t think about how to leave things away you like and get kicked back on the weekend, but how to incorporate those things into your diet.

      • Skinny Fat Girl

        Thank you guys for all of your advices!! I really appreciate them and I’ll do my best putting them on practice and change my weekends wrong habits and keep working out, including those “free” dayssss… :)

    • Barbara W

      I think that Your weekend “reward” ruins all effort You put into Your workouts during whole week. On Monday Your body is still full of all this junk and next two days it will fight to get rid of it. That leaves only three days of burning Your fat and then You eat this junk again. You have to make decision to break this bad habit – it is simple! This is not reward – this is punishment for Your body!
      Talk to Your boyfriend that You don’t want to eat that way – go to some vegetarian restaurant, or make healthy dinner for Your own. I bet he will understand.
      And stop writing down those food – feeling guilty will make things worse. Just don’t eat this anymore.

      Oh, and don’t drink beer. For me it was toughest to stop drink beer. I love beer… beer is bad… :)

      Best regards!

  • Robert Brewer

    What is the name of the timer that you are using? Where can I get one?


    • Frederick

      Hi Robert – there is a blue link to the timer under the video.

      • S.B.

        Just FYI, that Gymboss link not working for me, not this time anyway. The gymboss links on other pages work, but not this one, for me. Just thought I’d let you know.

  • Edmunds

    I’ll do it!

  • joanna

    1) 18,15,16
    2) 4,4,4
    3) 30,28,25
    4) 21,20,19
    5) 15,16,17
    6) 5,5,5
    I have my workout with you since May; my shape is better and better ;)
    THX Zuzanna :)

  • Ania

    I wish I could do this workout…it looks great and seems an ass kicker :) . Unfortunately I have a cold and I feel like a bus had just run over me :/…
    As for the weeks challenge I’m in :) When I get better I’m going to be back with you once again, because You have really changed my life and me. Now I’m in my twenties and I try to exercise 4-5 times a week, I hope when I’ll be older I would be as active and fit as I’m now- it feels so great and I’m full of energy after my workouts.

    Thanks a lot. Love You :)

  • Meiran chang

    You are a great inspiration to me. I love your body i want it so bad!! But, i dont think i can ever have your body, i am 4 feet and 10 inches tall, i weight 113lb… tried to losr weight, but i dont think i ever can. I do admire u so ^_^.

    • Barbara

      Of course you can!!! Just give all you’ve got during the workouts, make modifications if you have to, but still push as hard as YOU can. Don’t worry about how fast, strong,… anybody else is. You will get there!

    • d.

      Meiran, why can’t you lose weight? Did you do something that now prevents you from losing it or something?

    • Elizabeth M.i.a.m.i

      You can say that I am 5’6 and use to weigh 186 I was a size 13 most of my young adult life and I thought I could never when I would lose weight I wouldn’t go pass a size 9 and about 170 pounds I decide to get into completing my first show was March of this year I went from a size 13 to a size 0 I never thought in my life I would ever be a size 0 my goal has also been to be a 6 and I passed that goal. So if you set your mind and energy into you can achieve anything you just need to want it bad enough!!! I love Zuzana body and I wish it was possible for me to maintain a 0 but I know where I failed and now thanks to BodyRock.Tv I am committed to change my body again and I have my 6 pack all year around and not just when I decided to get on stage again you just have to be ready to put the work in.

  • Stephenie

    I absolutely agree with you on being inspired by women in their 40s and 50s who look amazing. I work out at an aquatics center with a gym, and some women there have bodies that women in their 20s would envy. I ALWAYS complement them, and tell them they inspire me more than anyone else (besides you, of course :) ) I think that they are sexier than anyone in their 20s with a great body, because theirs are bodies that they have had to WORK for, not only through exercise, but through disciplined eating, for a VERY long time. Way, way, WAY hotter…those women bodyrock my world, too!



  • Christina T

    AWRESOME WORKOUT!!!! I am doing this!

  • http://n/a Kate Justice

    May I ask seriously, is a 12 minute workout going to do anything for me? I want to lose 15 lbs. Should I be adding some cardio or something? I just can’t believe 12 minutes is going to do anything for me. I’m jaded, I know, but I had to ask.

  • Rhayna

    hi zuzana and freddie!
    i will try this workout tomorrow first thing in the morning! it looks enjoyable!
    it is truth that inspiration is very important. I get more inspired by people around me too, not that much by celebrities. And my ultimate inspiration is zuzana of course:) i’m not saying this to be kind to you but because it is the truth, not only to me but to everyone i think:)
    I have to lose 5kg more (i’ve already lost some weight) and it’s hard sometimes to keep up. Then i watch at your videos and i try to control myself. I just wanna say to you congratulations for this body:)
    Thanx for everything!
    with love,

    ps. zuzana i love your outfit! is it lululemon? where did you buy it??? i was looking for this kind of bra… nice color:)

  • ilana

    you’re definitely an inspiration to many of us, so keep up the good work zuzana! oh and by the way i LOVE your hair this color. suits you well.

  • joanna

    Crazy Bootcamp Exercise is THE BEST !!! :)