Sep 1 2010

Body Like a Carry Out Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Today’s routine is 12 minute long full body workout with only 2 exercises. You will need your Gymboss Interval Timer as always and also the Sandbag if you are interested in taking the intensity of your workout to the next level. Push really hard, try to beat my score (you can find it at the bottom of this post) if it helps and remember that intensity is more important than the length of the workout. The harder the workout feels the better results you can expect. We have an interesting article from Mark Lauren the author of ”You are your own gym” about the effectiveness of short super intense workouts. You can read the article here.

Set your interval timer for 12 rounds of 10 second and 50 second interval. Your goal is to complete as many reps of each exercise as possible during the  50 second intervals. You will repeat this following circuit 4 times:

10 seconds rest

1. Pike Press – Pike Jump – Jump Up / 50 seconds

10 seconds rest

2. Forward – Backward Lunge with Sandbag (left leg) / 50 seconds

10 seconds rest

3. Forward – Backward Lunge with Sandbag (right leg) / 50 seconds

My score:

Pike Press – Pike Jump – Jump Up / 10 reps, 8 reps,  8 reps, 6 reps

Forward – Backward Lunge (left leg) / 18 reps, 16 reps, 14 reps, 12 reps

Forward – Backward Lunge (right leg) / 17 reps, 16reps, 15 reps, 11 reps

*Each lunge counts as 1 rep.

This is the instructional video where I explain the proper form of each exercise.

Pike Press – Pike Jump – Jump Up

Forward – Backward Lunge with Sandbag

We thought it would cool to start sharing the music that we have been listening to lately. This one has been around for a while, but it makes a great workout track :)


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  • Anonymous

    did this one after work tonight. 

    pike press/pike jump/ jump up – 6, 7, 7, 6
    forward/backward lunge L – 10, 11, 9, 9
    forward/backward lunge R – 10, 10, 9, 9

    burpee for erin!

  • Luke Says No

    My Score:
    12 x 10/50
    - Forward – Backward Lunge – left alt back and forward): 27, 22, 26, 20
    - Forward – Backward Lunge – right (alt back and forward): 24, 21, 27, 22
    - Pike Press – Jump Tuck: 8, 11, 12, 13

  • Anonymous

    Hello I know this is older but does anyone know if zuzana had above or under the muscle implants?

    • ZoeRocker

      She had under the muscle.

  • Sarah G

    17 lb back pack:

    Pike stuff: 9/7/8/7
    F/B lunge (L): 20/21/21/19
    F/B lunge (R): 21/20/18/19.5

    My quads started to go numb by the last round! Dayumm! Great workout! :D

  • Isidora

    I just did this,but changed the second and third exercise for another one that i just created. 
    Its quite simple actually, Jump forward + lunge back, always on the same leg. So you jump forward in a squat position, then make a back lunge with ur right or left leg and repeat that on the same leg, switching legs after intervals. I made that exercise with a 3 kg dumbell.

    1. Pike press + pike jump + jump up: 10-8-9-8 (I felt this alot more on my legs rather than  my arms, actually i didnt feel anything in my arms) 
    2. Jump forward + back lunge (3kg) 12-11-11-11
    3. Jump forward + back lunge (3kg) 12-11-11-11

    and then i did 3 rounds of 10 sumo squats (3kg) and 5 one leg squats on each leg in 5 min (from the new What you want workout).. whoa i was actually pretty slow on those. 


  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Oh MY, what a thigh killer when you start off with sore legs!!!
    It was my first attempt with this workout and I used 15 kilos for the lunges:

    My scores:
    1. Pike Combo: 15-12-13-12,5
    2. FW & BW Lunge, 15 kg., Left: 27-25-27-23
    3. FW & BW Lunge, 15 kg., Right: 27-26-24-26

    Have a great weekend :)
    Love, Maria

  • Anonymous

    My Scores: 
    1. Pike Press – Pike Jump – Jump Up: 7,8,7,8 
    2. Forward – Backward Lunge with Sandbag (left leg): 22,18,18,17 
    3. Forward – Backward Lunge with Sandbag (right leg): 18,18,18,18 

    This was my second time to do this. And I beat my old scores with 27 reps! :)

  • abbas

    i want to know to increase the breast size

  • noha

    i respected you for telling about the operation cause honestly i saw a photo of you on the Internet and your boobs wasn;t the same size as now and i was really disappointed coze i thought that u make us think that your boobs look like that now because of the workout……but i own you an apology after i realised how honest you are ….now i trust you hundred percent in any information you will gonna give it to us.and already i am one of your fan since you started bodt rock tv =)

  • Yves

    You’re great Zuzy!!!!
    Please come to visit us, and marry me…!

  • Lucieflo

    i did it today here’s my score:

    Pike Press – Pike Jump – Jump Up / 9reps, 7 reps, 8 reps, 8 reps
    Forward – Backward Lunge (left leg) / 19 reps, 17 reps, 14 reps, 14 reps
    Forward – Backward Lunge (right leg) / 18 reps, 16reps, 15 reps, 14 reps

    Have a nice day! :)

  • Penny

    Pike Press-Pike Jump-Jump ups: 11, 8, 7, 7
    Left Leg Lunges: 22, 20, 20, 18
    Right Leg Lunges: 21, 20, 20, 20

    Of course, I wasn’t using a sandbag. xD Normal lunges are difficult enough.

  • nicole

    Hey zuzana!
    I love your workout outfit! Where did you get those grey pants?? soooo cute!
    please tell me where I need to buy them! :>

  • Nancy

    Hi, Zuu!

    Thank you for sharing so honestly sharing such a personal matter.

    I’m 40 and asian and very fit for asian. Natural slender body but with age… if I don’t workout I get saggy butts and protruding tummy ha ha.

    I’ve workouting for 4 years but following your workout since May this year. Wow, this is just “GREAT WORKOUT”!!!

    I’m fitter than ever. My core muscles are stronger than ever. Now I do it almost everyday although my diet is horrible…

    I’ve done my BJ 3years ago and I must say I’m very happy with it. Sure I went through tramatic experience but with workout I have almost perfectly sculpted body and nice boobs just adds to it. :-)

    Anyways, keep up the good work and inspire all of us!!!

  • Tiffany Stephens

    Hey you guys, I always check to see if you will concider doing a fully continuous workout as you did in your earlier vids. I would give more intensity and more frequent workouts. I know it’s mental but I need it!! I love your color change Z

  • Mark

    Hi Zuzana, I teach a bootcamp class and I love your workouts..How heavy is your sandbag. Thanks, Mark

  • Angie

    Zuzana, so what is your next step? When will you go on tour? People would line up to see you and take a fitness class! Think about it!

  • claudia

    hi zusana!
    i love your plaid shirt, what brand is it? hahaha sorry i just loved it hopefully you can post an answer! u are trully an inspiration
    big hugs from new mexico

  • BIGG

    plz where can i get all ur books

  • ironette

    Thank you so much Zuzanna for your transparency soo many times that does not happen anymore. Keep them coming & I love coffee talk :)

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  • michelle (chicago, IL)

    i am a lil behind on the workouts but i wanted to post my efforts from 9/3

    1) 19,15,17,15
    2) 12,13,12,12

    i am like 4 workouts behind so to get caught up i will do 2 in a day! pray for me b/c these workouts are no joke :0)

  • Daniela

    Ahoj Zuzko, náhodou jsem objevila tvé video. Vypadá to jako super cvičení na doma. Nešlo by to i v češtině? Potřebovala bych trochu zformovat postavu. Začala jsem více jezdit na kole, občas chodím plavat, koupila jsem si eliptický trenažér (to mě moc nebaví). Můžeš mi poradit?
    Daniela (Brno)

  • Lisa D.

    Hi Zuzana! I wanted to thank you for your candid talk on the boob job. Over the last 2 years I have lost about 50 lbs and have gained a lot of confidence that I never had. I had quite large boobs almost a DD. Now they have gone done to very small Cs. I am not used to this since I have had a large boobs all my life. I am really thinking about getting a boob job in the next year or so as I will be 40. Anyway I agree that your confidence has to come within. The rest is just the icing on the cake they say. I have been following you and Freddy and so appreciate all your advice. Although I haven’t tried very many workouts, I am looking to incorporate them on the beginner side of course. I will keep you posted on my progress. Good luck with your new home!

  • aisha

    Hi suzanna, am really inspired by your videos and i have been watching them for months. i just never found time to follow them. do you have any advise?

    and i have cellulite around my thighs, what is the best work out for that?

  • Kelsey

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy,
    You probably get this a lot but I just wanted to let you know how glad I am that I found your site. After going through a schoolwork-overload period during which I became lazy with exercise (and food kept me going during those all-nighters), I gained a lot of weight and lost definition of any curves I ever had before. I decided to start working out on the elliptical for an hour every other day, and that helped my weight problem a little, but then it just stopped working. It was boring and I wasn’t getting results. I stumbled upon not too long ago and I decided to try your workouts. I love them so much. They’re quick, fun, and deliver results. After about a month I already feel stronger, healthier, and in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life. Thank you for coming up with these routines (I could never come up with them on my own, there’s no time!) and constantly posting them, you are both such an inspiration to me :)

  • Lean Fit Body

    Hi Zuzana,

    Anyhow I think that for most girls it’s just a matter of POSTURE. Just keep your back straight and they’ll pop out.
    I’m working on my posture too but I’m still hopless :) Plus, I’ve noticed that by doing loads of push ups they kind of shrunk a little.
    Thanks for sharing like a true friend.

  • Marius

    hi Zuzana, accidentally I saw your work out on You Tube, and I fell in love with your determination of working out ;) LOL. That is insane. God bless you for what you are and what you are doing… Take care.
    PS: how many hours are you working out per day?

  • Windlord

    Luv these simple yet brutal ones!

    (BW only for the MetCon)
    1. Pike push-up/pike jump/jump up: 11/9/8/10.5
    2. Fore/Back Lunge Left leg: 28/26/26/24
    3. Fore/Back Lunge Right leg: 27/26/26/28

  • Ken

    What a great site and what a cool girl!

  • Karen

    Just read this article in the NYTimes. How timely again??? :)
    For any other fellow flat-chested gals out there, you might find this interesting…..

    Karen :)

  • David L.

    I love brunettes !

  • Pikmin

    Hi Zuzana,
    the self-confidence part about the BJ talk really hit me.
    I have an A cup or less, a small frame and my BF and friends don’t mind, they might make fun of me, but in a good way. I love my job, my life, my family and myself, but then why I still feel the pressure?

    Anyhow I think that for most girls it’s just a matter of POSTURE. Just keep your back straight and they’ll pop out.
    I’m working on my posture too but I’m still hopless :) Plus, I’ve noticed that by doing loads of push ups they kind of shrunk a little.
    Thanks for sharing like a true friend.

  • Cheryl

    Hi Zuzan,

    I’m 44 and i actually use your workouts but i also do my own stuff with weights. I have been working out for a little over a year. Fell off track for a few months, ate horribly and wasn’t consistent with the working out. So gained about five pounds but a lot of mushy fat. Yuck! I always get compliments on my abs and biceps and am very happy that your workouts got me motivated to get me back on track. About the boob issue, i have always wanted to have a boob job, but could never afford it. Being fit i have very little boobs, lol I don’t mind , but think i could use a little bit more boobage. The advice i have gotten from family and friends is to “not workout” doesn’t sound like very good advice to me at all.

  • monicanelsonfitness

    You are so great to share such a personal matter, you certainly did not have to and I think you are so correct about getting others to really understand that LONG LASTING confidance comes from within! Not something you can buy!

  • Bodyrocker Melanie from Peru

    Hi Zuzana,
    I always admired your beautiful chest and wondered about it but never thought of asking such a personal question. I find it really cool that you shared your experience so naturally.
    I have tried attaching a video response on your youtube channel, let’s see how that works out.
    I also sent you my workout pics a couple of weeks ago.
    Thank again for your wonderful workouts, cheers!

    • Frederick

      Hi Melanie – please send us the link to your youtube video. We don’t check all of the video responses on youtube because we get so much spam there. We will be posting another BodyRockers soon!

      • Bodyrocker Melanie from Peru

        Thanks Frederick,
        I just sent you an email. Congratulations on the new it looks great and seems more functional.

  • prisila

    Hi Zuzana ,im prisila from peru,i have 1 question. did you do machine to work legs? or just all these work out that you show in your web, and do the pike press ,how many libs or kgr has this thing to do it?
    thank you very much ffor all your exercice i will do in this month againf coz i lef the gym for 3 months and i feel so bad and tired but i will try to star :) thank you i wait for your reply

    • Frederick

      Hi Prisila, we don’t use any gym machines at all :)

  • Stephanie Rucker

    p.s…i’m diggin the new “Bootie” shot!

  • Kitty

    Just finished this workout.
    What can I say…my legs are vibrating…I really wanted to quit after the second round but I pushed through.

    Oh and I just realized that I did the first exercise wrong which would explain my numbers…oops! And I was so looking forward to this combo, duh! Distracted by kids arguing, had to put on a DVD for them to get some quiet!

    Did a monkey push up and jump squat: 16-14-11-14
    (Right)forward/ Backward Lunge with 10lb. dumbells in each hand(held one at my shoulder and the other hanging down by my working leg): 25-23-18-16
    Same on left side just switched positions of the weights:

    looking forward to getting it right next time!

  • MC

    Pike Press – Pike Jump – Jump Up 8,7,7,5
    Forward – Backward Lunge (left leg) 20,21,20,20
    Forward – Backward Lunge (right leg) 22,21,23,20

    Thats without the sandbag though – I gotta get one of those, they look great!

    Thanks again for another intense workout! :)

  • BG

    I enjoyed your coffee talk that day. I too got breast implants when my 2nd child was 6 months old. It was very painful but I do have to say that it was worth every penny spent. I wasn’t even an A before and now I am a small C. It did take a while to workout out on my upper body but the lower body wasn’t an issue.
    Thanks so much for your workouts and your time you spend explaining and getting them to the website.

  • bella

    I had to take my ARD a day early because I was sooo sore! Thanks for these great workouts again. You’re doing a great job explaining and your personality really helps motivate people. Enjoy your ARD!

  • Karen

    Wow. What a timely post! My husband and I have just been talking about my getting a breast augmentation. I wanted to do it for my 40th birthday but with the economy the way it is, it just wasn’t in the cards. I’m almost 41 with 2 children, 5 and 7. I breast fed both of them which I’m really happy I was able to do. I was really small before, but after breast feeding- I swear they are now just mosquito bites! ;) At 41, I’m pretty self-confident; however as a personal trainer, I am always wearing workout clothes, workout bras which tend to make you even flatter! I didn’t realize the recover period would be so long. This might prove to be a problem since I train people and teach classes for a living! Hmmmm…
    Oh well. I may have to rethink this and stick with my chicken cutlets (those horrible things you stuff in a bra to make you look bigger) for awhile!
    I’m with Barbara G. I love doing these workouts with my 24lb. kettlebell- which is PLENTY of weight for me!!
    Thanks again for the great workouts!

    • lisa

      Karen, i think that it’s different for everyone. I got a boob job and to be honest with you, it was awful the first night but after the first night i was fine, the meds def. helped. within a month i was able to workout, just no arm exercises. i love my boob job and i’d do it again in a heart beat!!!!!

      people asks me if it hurts a lot. and seriously i felt like my root canal hurt more hahhaa. i think my surgery was nothing really. again the first night was bad, but after that the pain lessened significantly every day.

      just keep in mind that everyone has a different experience. you won’t know until you’ve done it. some people’s bodies recover quicker and others have a higher pain tolerance. =) good luck

  • Mickela

    I seriously don’t understand the breast obsession, so it is hard for me to comment. I personally think that we should work with what we have, and like Zuzana said find the love for yourself within.

    I did a short workout I named it “13 minute muscle curse”

    3 rounds of the following sequence no breaks and pushing as hard as I could

    mountain climbers 30

    toe touch crunch (same as leg lift toe touch) 25

    push ups close grip 15

    side lunges 20

    I broke a serous sweat

  • Jenny

    Thanks for this workout, Zuz and Freddy!

    1.) 8 9 8 8

    2.) 15 15 14 14

    3.) 15 15 14 14

  • Nikki

    Well I just finished this workout and I love, love, loved it!!!!! Here’s my scores…

    Pike Press-Pike Jump-Jump Up: 6, 6, 6, 7
    Forward-Backward Lunge with 20lbs Right leg: 10, 9, 9, 8
    Forward-Backward Lunge with 20lbs Left Leg: 11, 10, 10, 10

  • Helena

    Hi Zuzana

    Yesterday was my free day,me and my husband ride a bike 33Km, in a very beautiful and big park, it has an island of birds, we did walk in this island because it cannot bikes.
    In the end of the day we were completely tired but totaly relexed the tranquillity of the place it is fantastica.
    Today was normal training.
    that is it

  • Jenn

    Zuzana! I have become a huge advocate of yours! I am 22 and I live in Nebraska and poeple are constantly asking me where I get my workouts and I tell them about your site! You are amazing and after only a month of your workouts I can see body compositioon changes, as well as keep up with you in number of reps regularly. I wanted to share with you an eccentric hamstring workout that gets me everytime!

    It is the last video on the right side. PLEASE WATCH IT and tell me what you think!!!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Jenn,

      That last exercise for hamstrings looks really hard – I must try it sometime. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Rob and Victoria

    We Love you Zuzana. Well, I got my Boobs done for my 40th Birthday. I had a much better experience than you did. I was Shopping about 2 hours after recovery.. the next day it felt like I did a real hard chest workout.. and that was it… waited a couple of weeks before I started training again… I really like my shape now (it is so much easier to find clothes that fit right)
    I’m sorry you had a bad recovery…


  • mackenzie

    10 9 8 7
    14 14 15 15
    16 15 15 16

  • gogo

    Hey, does 1 lunge forward count as 1 rep and then the lunge back count as another? Or is the whole forward then back counted as 1 rep? I counted forward and back as 1 rep and could come no where near as close to your reps with weight, my standing leg turned to noodle….girl you are strong in the legs!!! Great workout :)

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    For the lunges on the 1st round I used no weight for a warm-up set. Then the 2nd round I used 40LBs, 3rd round 30LBs, and the last round no weight, kind of like a drop-set. Here are my numbers:

    PikePress-PikeJump-JumpUp: 7/8/8/6
    Swing Lunge(L): 21/16/17/19
    Swing Lunge(R): 21/14/17/20

    It was torture…

  • Alicia

    Oh Zuzana, I LOVE your coffee talks :)

    And yes, I have also considered breast augmentation myself. I mean, I am small, especially now that I am exercising with you, and when I lose more weight (20 pounds lost so far, and i am struggling to lose that “last stubborn 10″) I expect them to get a little smaller. I have been made fun of through out my life by people for having small breasts. Strange that a 23 year old woman has to say that huh? That people these days are still picking on you for small breast size, even adults! I even have a friend who constantly likes to pick on girls who have small breasts, although she has never said anything to me, I am sure she picks fun of me in her head to herself (or maybe even others) because of what I have heard her say about woman with small breasts… this is REALLY disheartening… I mean, it REALLY hurts. I have always been trying to find ways of coming to terms with my breasts and loving my body the way it is… but when people are constantly making fun of small breasts, I feel so… small… on the inside ):

    I have a friend who has had breast augmentation, and she basically said ALL the same things you have said about getting your boobs done… I still don’t know if it is something I won’t ever do, because I admit, I still am strongly considering it, but I do think about what it says about a person: insecure… and yes I am… but can you blame some one who is constantly under pressure for having small breasts for being insecure?…

    I still don’t know what to do :/

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Hi Alicia,

      If someone is commenting about your breasts than you have to realize that this person is probably not intelligent, so don’t think that there is something wrong with you or your body. I went through the same thing. People who want to hurt you by stupid comments will always find something so even if you get your breast augmentation their comments will change, but not towards positive. What is better, if people are making fun of ”small boobs” or ”fake boobs”? In either case those people just want to bug you and if you had perfect natural big breasts, they would make fun of your nose, hips, ears, etc.
      You know who you are and who you are not, you know what is good for you and what isn’t. You have to decide, don’t let others decide for you.

  • Jessica

    Hi! I recently have found your blog, and I love it. I follow your workout, I think it’s the perfect way for starting a day. But there’s something I haven’t found in your blog. Look, I’d like you to tell me how to do legs stretching exercises. I hope you can help me with my little problem, because I’m not flexible at all.

    Thank you very much!

    Hve a nice day

    p.d.: Sorry for my horrible English, but I’m from Spain and I don’t practise too much.

  • Tanja

    I like your honesty and appreciate you as a person very much. Thank you. I am not considering getting my boobs done or anything else by now, and I was wondering what you think or what has driven you to do it. So thanks for your comment on that. I find that very good. Kind regards from Germany, Tanja

  • Nikki

    I’m so glad you shared your story about self confidence and breast implants. I’ve always wanted breast implants, not just because I though it would raise my self confidence level, but for a more simpler reason…I want bigger boobs! I’ve told myself over and over again, that having larger boobs will not make me more of a woman than I already am, nor will it make my fiance’ love me more than he already does. I found a great way to build self confidence and it may seem weird but it works and I got this advice from one of my previous class instructors who is a psychologist. Strip down until you are wearing nothing! Stand in front of a mirror and just look at yourself. Tell yourself that this is your body, and that you can make it look as good as you want it to. Pin-point everything you love about the way you look, and than pin-point things you want to improve on. When I say pin-point the things you want to improve on, that doesn’t mean criticize yourself on those areas, I mean tell yourself what you are going to do to help your body look better in those areas. I guess what I’m trying to say is in order to build self confidence, you need to feel comfortable in your own skin no matter how it looks. You have to love yourself and everything about you, and it takes time to learn to do that, but when you do…it’s amazing the self confidence you build!

  • Nelya


    I wanted to ask fellow bodyrockers… how long did it take you to see results with these workouts?

    Thank you in advance to anyone who responds!!


    • JC

      Hi Nelya!

      I started feeling differently a couple weeks into doing the workouts (I try do 5 workouts a week). I started noticing body changes within the first couple months! Pay attention to what you eat and how much effort you put in to each workout! Give it your all… make it a lifestyle choice! :)


    • Andrea

      I try to workout 5 times a week though i usually only manage 3x and some bellydance. I saw results within the 1st month of doing htese workouts. :)

  • Tiago

    Hello, I’m from Portugal. I am an athlete and coach of young athletes in track and field. In search of new dynamic muscular exercises by Youtube. I discovered your site, which made me very happy. I hope you continue the great work and thank you for the site.



  • ashleymarie

    I had a hard time yesterday! I ate well all day and when I came home my boyfriend had bad food around! I find it hard to say no to food :(

  • Anna

    Hey Z!

    Just solved the workout:

    1) 9 8 8 8
    2) 24 21 23 25
    3) 23 23 21 26

    I´m so glad that I had no sugar for this week and it´s much easier than I expected.

    Cu tomorrow!

  • Brooke

    So I did Hot Quickie workout last night, and I cant believe that taking time off really effected my strength. Its very discouraging and I am very unhappy with myself. I am trying not to be but its very hard. I am hoping someone can share some secrets with me to help. I just cant get past that sluggish feeling I am having. Zuzana, I am not in shape like I used to be but I was wondering if there is anything that can help me with energy before a workout? When I did my workout last night I just feel like I couldn’t push hard. Zuzana, anyone, please help with suggestions. Thank you

  • Luciana

    Ohoh I forgot I will send picture soon before and after… :)

  • Luciana

    I’m always thinking about get my boobies cause I really don’t have any and is really hard to me even find shirts to wear since all them are for girls with boobies. But I’m so scared of do a surgery that I believe I will be like that forever.
    I’m doing your workout since end of March and I for a junk food and sugar person to a super healthy one. I got all the books you post here and I’m became a vegetarian too. I lost 15 pounds till now and I have more definitions and muscles. I am really happy and I know I will never stop workout again. I always wanted to start running but I was so weak for that, well I’m running now two times a week and I feel great.
    Thank you so much for all the workout, healthy tips and recipes (I tried almost all them already).
    I think you are really cute, hot and have a amazing body…thanks a lot…

  • Johnny

    Pls help me. What I have to do when I don’t have gymboss interval timer and I have no place to buy it.
    Can you advise me?
    and one more question…Do you have any place to talk about your workout and about bodybuilding(rock body)

    • Josefine

      Hello Johnny, I also don’t have a gymboss interval timer so right now I am using this site.

      It works great for now!

      • Johnny

        thanks but please help me One more time…because I found it what you link me but I don’t know how I set it up…please advise me

        • Josefine

          Hi, I also had difficulties at first…
          Okay so the round length is how long one round is for example, this workout is 10sec. rest and 50sec. maximum effort. Therefore you would set the round length for 60sec. (1min.) High Intensity Interval would be 50sec. Low Intesity Interval would be 10sec. Rest length would be 0sec. Stop after 12 rounds. Oh and don’t forget to click “Low” on the Start with Interval so you start with your rest first.

          I hope you could understand what I wrote. Good Luck!

        • Johnny

          thanks much Josefine…but I still have a problem… it doesn’t work for me…the timer lagg, low intensinty and high intensity don’t change continual. I must push pause/start button after each low intensity interval…to start high intensity interval..It’s terrible…I am really harassed from it. Please do you any other workout timer…please I need something other. please help :)

      • Johnny

        thanks but help me one more time…because I found it what you link me but I don’t know how I set it up…

  • JackCY

    Thank you, I especially like the “Do your workout!” title :D
    It worked on me.

    Here is an online interval timer for this workout:

    About the lunge, each forward count as 1 and backward count as 1 or forward + backward is 1 rep?

  • Juany

    Hi Zuzana,

    I appreciate the breast implant talk since I have been thinking about doing it myself. I know all about the recovery of a surgery but I really thought that the breast implant recovery was shorter. OMG…I do not want to go through a painful recovery again. I am now having second thoughts. I am 38 years old and had twins when I was 31. My twin pregnancy destroyed my stomach in so many ways. I had tore muscles and several hernias…not to mention the extra lose skin. I am only 5 feet tall and weighed 125 when I got pregnant with the boys. I had two big babies, 5 lbs 11 oz and 6 lbs 1 oz. I actually had the surgery 2 years after the boys were born because I could not stand the pain on my stomach due to the hernias and tore muscles. I could not even workout so I gained a lot of weight. I finally did the surgery and the recovery period was so painful and long. It was all worth it because I am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight and fit. The only thing now that I hate about my body are my breast…but just the thought of going through pain again scares me…:-|

    Thank you again for sharing all your workouts with us.

  • Adela

    “*Each lunge counts as 1 rep.”

    Wow :O I’m confused!!! :)

    Is it the backw+forw mean 2 or only one lunge?

    I modified the workout. Made it a time challenge and it looked like this:

    10 pike pres-pike jump-iump up
    20 backw+forw lunge/leg (backw and forw counting as 1)

    X 4rounds and i scored 16′some”. And I was kind of “why 16 instead of 12?” So was I doing more lunges than you or the same? (i really want to find out the truth, because in the last time i neglected the leg training and it is really sad if i lost so much strength)

    Please, pls answer! Or someone that got it.


    • Josefine

      Hello Adela, The backward and forward lunge would count as 2 reps so yes you did more lunges.

      Take care!

  • lisa

    love the way this video is put together … lovely !!

    Can’t wait to try it Z !!


  • Natasya

    The headline picture is total perfection.

    Have fun,

  • Lari

    Hi Zuzana & Freddy!
    I know that this following question might come a bit late but I wondered if there is any honey allowed in your/our no sugar challenge??
    You guys rock!!!

  • Tali R.

    i forgot to write my numbers:

  • Tali R.

    hey zuzana, wow wow wow, that was a killer. i just finish, the lunges with the weights were brutal.
    about what you asked: when you get 28-31 its a perfect time to have kids. your body is healthy by Dr. standard and you have enough time to have 2 or 3 kids before 36-7. i had my first one at 31 than at 33.5 and last at 36. – im 37 years old right now.
    im working out for years now(11+=) but with you since 10/09
    and i have to tell you since i found you im in the best shape of my life.i can do thing i never could do before and my muscles tone is the best ever

    thank you have a great day

  • Krys

    Thanks for sharing your experience in self confidence. Your very much so an inspiration and its wonderful to hear your true thoughts about yourself. Way to go!!

  • yayeri

    took my rest day today because i was worn out from the week with work prep…plus my woman’s deal. will do today’s workout tomortow…thanks so much zuzana…

  • michelle

    Thank you for sharing about the augmentation, but I was hoping you would answer one question about it, which I was considering, and anyone who has experience can answer as well.

    Is going under the muscle better appearance wise, or does it have any other benefit?
    And on the incision. Is there more benefit for Under the br**st or the next to the areola?…Thank you. Loving the new formats, ideas and challenges :) Glad you didn’t say..”.no coffee” challenge:)

  • Shawna

    Hey Zuzanna, I have been studying breast implants for years with my clients, I am a hairdresser. I have heard it all and my co-worker just got her’s done. I have great self confidence, however, the leaner I get, the smaller the boobs. I am not feeling feminine at all these days. It isn’t a confidence thing, as much as an appealing to the eye. I need balance. I am not excited about many aspects of it, pain, being cut open, recovery, years later etc… but I think about it all of the time. I am still on the fence but appreciate your awesome information on it. Having something foreign in the body doesn’t sound great either when you are a health buff. It is a hard decision it just looks so amazing. As you can see, I am on the fence, picking between saline and silcone, where to put them in and have a scar, and the size!!! AHHHH it is all a lot to think about when you know you will look different forever.
    Keep up the awesome workouts.

  • Kitty

    My scheduled active rest day was today: Thursday; walked/ jogged the dogs -with kids on bikes through trails and pretty much was moving non-stop just being a mom! And I have two different hight intensity sports sessions on Wednesdays so I don’t BodyRock on Wednesdays.
    So I’ll be doing this workout tomorrow.
    I’ll let you know how I do.

    When to have kids…hmmm. Babies don’t stay babies for long. Babies and kids are like apples and oranges; completely different worlds.
    Helpful to be near family…I wasn’t so it was really tough. Even though my husband was super helpful, (I imagine Freddy will be the same) but we were wiped out, but wouldn’t trade it for anything. Fantastic memories and moments. But IF you have a choice and your family wants to be involved, take it by all means.
    AND you should consider the future…what community you like, meaning schools because that will be your life. Not all school communities are created equal.
    We didn’t think about this at all and flew by the seat of our pants and just let the wind stear us…causes a lot of stress at the last minute…however, all’s fine now!
    Generally, it all works out with a few bumps in the road…but isn’t that what makes for a good life story anyhow.

    Regarding pregnancy and tight abs. I read someone’s comment to you about that…
    I was in good shape before I had kids (better now because of you!!) and it is true it hurt a lot when my ribs cage started to expand due to the expanding fetus, but really nothing in the scheme of things.
    If you suffered post-breast augmentation and you can push yourself through these High Intensity sessions clearly you’ve got what it takes.
    However, having said that, I gave birth to both my babies at home, naturally without any medication and it hurt like hell! But I loved it. But twice was enough for me and I knew the moment my second was born that I would never willingly feel that pain again!!

    You are very maternal. It’s so clear the way you are with your pups. It won’t be long. My biological pretty much blew up at 30. Birthed my first at 31. Second at 33.

    Are you spending time with young families to watch all the chaos? Take notes! Or don’t and fly by the seat of your pants…you’ll still land on your feet…you always have.

  • Heather

    hey, loved the workout for today….but really, why would you post that music video with all the cake and cupcakes and ice cream for me to watch when this week’s challenge is no sugar!!! aahhhhhh! i resisted though! and the song was great too…. :) thanks for all you do! i’m starting to see some results after 2 weeks of following closely!

  • KC:)



  • Buffy

    Thanks for the great work out! It has been a few weeks since I have done an intense work out because of my back. I have to WAAAAAY modify this so thanks so much for the beginners tips, but I feel great and I don’t think I hurt my back any further…

    1. modified pike push up on the lounge, touch the floor, reach the sky. no jumping for me, for now.
    2. I alternated the lunges for squat kicks and added
    3. squat with a butterfly lat raise (with 1.5lbs) ? I think this might be called a cheerleader squat?? Anyway, I had to stop doing these when my back got twingy and I just did the shoulder raise.

    it just goes to show that no matter what is going on when there is a will, there is a way!

    I have failed miserably on the sugar challange…PMS!
    Next time.

    PS Some folks might not know that they can get the Gymboss app for the Iphone for free!

  • Marta

    I just recently found your site and this week is the first week I started working out with you. While I didn’t think I was out of shape, I just wanted to tone up a little, after doing your first workout, I realized that I’m in worse shape than I thought. But, I’m not quitting!! Thank you sooo much for making tutorials for the workouts with tips for beginners. Also, thank you soo much for your motivation. Eventhough the beginner modifications can still be challanging, I loved how you said that beginners have the most room for improvement! So even when I feel like I’m dying and not getting the form exactly right, I just hear you saying “keep moving, aslong as you keep moving and do something”. Keep up the good work because im planning on being a long time follower and most importantly, THANKS!

  • Luis Garcia

    Hi , im a truck driver and im going to try this excersices mostly in night time specially when im sleepy and for once get on shape thanks for the tips maybe later i will send some picture of my huge belly hahaha!!! see yaaa!!!!!

  • M

    Hello Zuzana! YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION! THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEOS! I am trying to improve my fitness level day by day and seeing your videos inspire me! YOu have an amazingggg body! GREAT JOB!! How many times do you work out in a day?
    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  • Ana J

    yesterday was the second day of using the sandbag and I am not sure if I hurt myself doing the reps of sandbag clean, I suppossed not because my arm didn’t start hurting until late at night, so I figured must have been something else..thankfully for me today was ARD. but tomorrow I will do this one..Love you guys..

  • Michelle

    Hello Zuzana and Freddy, I’m a high school student without a job and I live with my family (parents & siblings). I cannot afford to buy healthy foods and my family do not believe in eating only healthy foods all the time everyday. Do you think I can lose weight by still eating what is cooked in my house and trying my best to find the healthiest options, eating in moderation, drinking plenty of water and doing your amazing workouts with you everyday?? Any advise would be great!

    • Frederick

      Hi guys – does anyone have any advice for Michelle?

      • Naimah

        Hey Girl!

        I just want to offer that it may not be true that eating better costs more than eating the unhealthy food you’ve been served. Eating healthy can mean growing your own produce (for almost free, plus the great experience of working the land), or buying grains, beans, and meats in bulk (freezing as necessary) and keeping fresh produce on hand. I don’t know where you live and I’m here in California. I have heard that we’re pretty spoiled here in the produce department. Anyway, it would honestly be cheaper in the long run to convert your whole family to a healthier lifestyle. Even if it really is more expensive to buy the cheap fake food, health costs and other bad health related items will cost you. Help them to live longer. You don’t want to be the last one standing with all your loved ones in the dust, right?

        But…. if you really can’t afford to change, I’d say eat small portions of the healthiest stuff you’re served, and supplement with little snacks of your own. Try to keep nuts, dried fruit, chopped veggies, un-molested grains, etc. on hand to keep you regular and up your vitamin and mineral intake.

        Geez, Michelle, that was a toughie. I hope I helped and I can’t wait for you to establish your finances so you can lead the healthiest life possible.

        P.S. You could suck up your pride and go eat at a shelter for fresh fruits and veggies. Also, most areas have foragable foods growing everywhere. In San Francisco, a group of chefs have a bi-monthly foraged meal (cost – $80 a plate) in which wild artichoke, mushrooms, dandelion leaves, etc. combine with wild or free-range meats. Sounds amazing. Maybe you could look up the local foods that grow in your area and take some gathering journeys of your own.

  • Lindsay

    I love the short 12 minute workouts, so there really is no excuse about not having time! And the explanations for beginner modifications are really helpful. I like your hair darker, looks great!

  • AnnaSirena

    Hi guys)
    I’m with you with our challenge!(day 4) This is hard, because my teeth are very sweet ;) But I have a trick – fresh sweety fruits))
    Good luck to all of you!

    P.S. – nice pants :)

  • Julie B.

    Hi! I taught you might want to know that i made publicity for you on my blog (in french) and your kind of training. Dont give the adress. It is juste for you to laugh…

  • Liana

    Hey Zuzana & Freddy,

    Today for my ARD I did a 20-minute circuit training session with one of my standby workout DVDs. It uses five-pound weights and you do a few minutes of compound strengthening exercises followed by a few minutes of intense cardio, cycling back and forth for the 20 minutes.

    I followed that with a brisk walk and then some yoga to stretch my body. I always feel so serene after that. :)

  • Annie

    Thank you for giving your advice on Breast implants. I appreciate you sharing your honest opinion on the subject and hope young women everywhere will continue to find other ways to improve their self confidence (working out with you! =D) and understand that surgery will not fix the scar on their heart. Thanks again for having this wonderful website. I always look forward to working out with you! =) Keep up the fantastic work!

  • becca

    this is for anyone ADVANCED W/O SANDABAG wanting to do this

    i replaced the lunges with foward/back lunge and jump ups
    this was rly intense loved this

    pike exercise- 7,6,5,7
    f/b lunge jump up left- 21,20,18,18

  • Katie

    Whew, this one was a killer on the legs! I think tomorrow I’m just doing yoga or a hike for my active rest day. I’ll be on my feet for most of my work day, so that should keep me active for most of the day.

    Great thoughts on self-confidence – I appreciate your honesty!

  • Judith

    Oh! and here is the link of an amazing dancer that I follow…She is sooo HOT and she`s dancing on Carry Out! You have to watch this!!!

    Much love judith

  • Judith

    Just finish the workout!!! I`m a little behind you guys but I did it!

    Pike Press-PikeJump / 8-6-5-4
    Formard-backward Lunges L / 15-15-12-10
    R / 17-15-13-10
    I really enjoy this simple workout!!! It kick my ass!!! :)
    I promess you yesterday on your facebook that I will leave one comment per day from now on. It`s the least I can do to Thank you for everything! :)

    Thanks Zuzana

  • Ann

    I am not considering any plastic surgery. I have always been a scaredy cat when it comes to pain. My insecurity stemmed from social anxiety. I was worried about what people thought. Luckily I grew out of it.I realized that people may look cool but many of them are lacking substance and they can be quite boring. I an also working through the nervousness that comes with performing. I was fortunate enough to find out that most of my idols are just as insecure when it comes to performing so it takes a little bit of the edge off. Great topic!

    1. Pike Press – Pike Jump – Jump Up: 7, 7, 6, 6
    2. Forward – Backward Lunge (Left): 22, 18, 20, 20
    3. Forward – Backward Lunge (Right): 24, 20, 20, 20

  • brittany

    Does anybody know where the grey and white pants are from in the first picture?? I wish Zuzana would post more info about her workout clothes!!

  • Bibi

    3 days of camping in the woods, wearing Middle Age / fantasy type clothes, fighting with fake sword and other weapons (magical powers being also a weapon) :D

  • Kik

    I’m a day behind so here are my scores:
    Pike: 7,7,7,8
    Lunge rt: 22,22,23,20
    Lunge lft: 21,22,22,20
    Took a break from using weights on the lunges today. Glad I did!

  • Monika-super mom

    Hey… I just wanted to remind everyone about the importance of the warm up. If you do not get your heart rate up prior to the 12 min workout you will not see good results….
    An example of what i do before the work outs is 200 jumping jacks some stretching and then one round of zuzanas routine slowly emphasizing on good form. Then I begin the the 12 min workout with intensity to get the results I expect! After I stretch and cool down as zuzanas recommends.

  • Micky H Corbett

    Zuzana and Freddy

    Because you guys move around a lot, I’m thinking there might be way to combine the workouts with interior design.
    Seriously, the backgrounds are changing all the time.

    You could be hired to vet someone’s house to see if it meets your workout standard…the Bodyrock Seal of Approval!

    Anyway great stuff as ever.


  • Bobbi K.

    Also here is a inspiring story for you two. Today I was at work and got into a conversation with an older woman in her 40′s who is desperate to get into shape again. She isn’t bad looking or overweight or anything. She’s just had kids and never quite got back into shape each time..
    She told me she had a bad meth addiction that she battled for a long time but that she has been clean for almost 4 years now. She told me she did it because she wanted to be girls like me… I told her that was not the way to go about losing weight. She said she knew that but had no idea where to start so I gave her this website and told her what it has done for me. She’s promised to try and stick with this and I am the person who is going to keep her at it. She’s doing the first workout tonight! <3

  • Bobbi K.

    I love that you say to look for you self confidence some place other than the mirror. I am happy you said it because it took me a very long time to learn to love my body. If you saw me you would say “What were you worried about?! Your so tiny!” I am 5″4″ and weigh 108. I have very small boobs though. I thought that big boobs would make me feel great but the truth is .. big boobs just aren’t for my body. I had DD’s when I was pregnant and afterward I breast fed so they stayed pretty large for about a year. I couldn’t even jog without pain. It was so painful I had to wait until they shrank about 2 cups sizes before I could exercise properly.
    But on the other had your workouts have gotten me back in shape and just from being is such great shape I feel beautiful. ^_^ I am so inspired by you and Freddy. Thanks so much.

  • yg

    Question about no sugar diet…does this include cereals which contain some sugar, potatoe salads, or just food in general that contain sugar? Or does this just apply to added sugar “stuff”? I reply would be much appreciated even from you awesome guys out there. This is a great place to learn and motivate one another. This world really needs this type of mentality. Thanks to all.

  • Ashley D

    Hi Zuzanna thank u so much for that coffee talk.I have one question though is there anythinbg i can do to improve my pike jump, so that i stay in the air a bit longer cause i can’t stay up

  • cutie

    nice workout video ;)

    Thanks to u bothhh !!!!! :D

  • Izzy

    Hi Zuzana: I am a former body builder and I switched to your workouts in July. What a difference it’s made. I am usually about two reps behind you even though I’m almost 20 years older than you!

    I’ve decided that I’m doing the original challenge, and that is working out every day, not just 5 days. I have a super clean diet anyway, so giving up sugar isn’t really a sacrifice. So far working out daily is an awesome undertaking but I’m seeing great changes from bulk to ripped, especially in the core. I’ve had two children (have at least one by 30 because it’s much easier on the body and recovery time is quick. The longer you wait the harder it gets in every respect.) and while I’ve been lean all along, I’m now getting a washboard again. Finally! Thank you for putting the time and effort into these workouts and know that you’re inspiring so many people. You rock!

  • Holly

    Zuzana, I love everything about your website! I share the same passion you have for exercise and healthy eating. Thanks for being so honest in all you say. Your coffee talk was just what I needed today, since I had BA a little over a week ago…so I now watch your great workouts!! I’m a little emotional and uncertain if I made the right choice, but I hear it only gets better. I work hard to keep my body in shape. I’m only 36 and have 5 kids (BTW-the best blessings in my life) and no matter how hard I worked out I couldn’t change my chest! So I’m hoping I like them several months from now. Thanks for your inspiration!

  • JO


    I am not against any boob jobs but I dont support them either… I would never do this to myself but probably it is because my boobs are quite all right.

    Dont get me wrong Zuz-I quite like your but since I remember I never wanted to have my boobs grown (my mum tells me that when I was a kid I kept repeating I would cut them off if they grow hehehe).. Now I think it I was really odd..

    I would like to focus on motivation: I am 29 now and in my early 20ies (when I was doing my undergraduate degree) I was just like you: perfect body, lots of fitness and swimmimg. When I missed my pool session I was dreaming about it at night. I loved myself… I loved my springy way of walking…

    Then my life has changed a bit, I moved to another country, started doing my postgratuate studies and had to establish a list of priorities … fitness came as second on the list (number one was research!). I was still in the gym 3-4 times per week nevertheless something has changed. I started loosing my shape and my mental approach to fitness has changed too.

    Once I got my degree I thought to myself: yes, now I will start my daily routine at work and fitness would become first on my list…. It never happened!!!! I am still focused on work! I come back home late and feel like doing nothing…

    I found your website when I was looking for some motivation … I am watching your workouts and started getting tuned into getting back to shape…

    but I need a stronger kick!!!

    I really need help – and I know that I need to find a switch in my own head…


  • Samantha R

    I made my own bag up today but lordie was it heavy, the lunges nearly finished me off. Here’s my scores:

    Pike Press: 9, 11, 9, 10
    For/Back Lunge Left: 19, 18, 20, 17
    For/Back Lunge Right: 20, 17, 16, 14

    I’m saving for breast re-augmentation as mine have suffered somewhat after having my second child:( Not looking forward to going through the pain again….

  • Cricket

    How is Charlie?
    Give him a big hug.

    Cali’s not ‘couching’ and coaching you from the couch these days?

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  • grace

    I was just wondering if my little girls (9 and 13) can do these too. They need to build muscle for sports training. Will they be injured ? :) thx

  • Rachel

    Just did this work out and my legs and ass are on FIRE! Sweating like a stuck pig too, so i guess thats a good thing.

    My lunge reps slightly improved through the circuits so im guessing my form got worse. =P haha

    My Score:
    Pike Press/Pike jump/jump up: 9,8,7,5
    Forward/Backward lunge (right): 22,22,21,24
    Forward/Backward lunge (left): 22,23,23,22

    I’m a noob so, not to shabby =D

  • Rachel

    Just did this work out and my legs and ass are on FIRE! Sweating like a stuck pig too, so i guess thats a good thing.

    My lunge reps slightly improved through the circuits so im guessing my form got worse. =P haha

    My Score:
    Pike Press/Pike jump/jump up: 9,8,7,5
    Forward/Backward lunge (right): 22,22,21,24
    Forward/Backward lunge (left): 22,23,23,22

  • Amy

    Thanks for being such and inspiration! I really enjoy doing these workouts, and with them being only 12 minutes long, it makes it easy to put in a busy schedule! Also, keep posting the bodyrockers pictures! They are very motivational as well!

  • Cricket

    Smart girl. Honesty is golden.

  • Moooingcow

    Wow, love the coffee talk! You are so candid about surgery. My sister had the breast surgery and she said it was so painful that she could not stand up straight. I’m way tooooooo chicken. You look great. I’m certain you looked great pre-op as well. Good advice about confidence. Nice job!

    C’ya soon!

  • Sandy

    I am doing these great workouts and I burn about 300 calories does that sound about right??? I want to make sure I am intense enough to get the benefits. Please respond xo

  • Naomi

    It buuuurns. lol. Absolutely brutal, as always. Thank you so much again for these workouts. You could be making so much money if you made all of us pay to access this site, but the fact that you continue to post these vids for free really shows what incredible people you and Freddie are =]

  • tiffany


    with 20lb sandbag

  • Dragire

    Zuzana, you look so much better than the girls in that video :) Just had to say it.

  • Isabelle from Canada

    LOVE the new way you explain the exercises in your videos. Very effective, instructive and clear :) Thanks !!

  • NatashaVancouver

    I couldn’t agree more about the boob talk. I had them before and just had surgery to get them bigger. The recovery is much shorter than the first time but I won;t be able to do a push-up for a while. This has me really bummed cause most of your workouts have pushups in them. I have gone back to regular weight training just until I am ready for yours again. Confidence does come from within for sure, I love the way the look but they didn’t improve my self esteem anymore. Thanks for being you and I still check in with you everyday to see your smiling face. You are my inspiration Zuzana.

  • Nicha

    Hi Zuzana.

    My name is Nicha, I’m 24 year old and from bangkok,Thailand.
    I have been watching your website for a week only but I totally in love with your couple and bodyrock.

    My english is not really good, I really want to write more but may be I will make many mistake, so all of my mind is just want to tell you that I will watching you everyday to exercise and have a good body, thank you for what you did….you are so cute!!


  • Nadya

    Hi, its very brave of you to put yourself out there with such intimate subjects with such honesty. I am happy with my natural modest sized boobs as I am very tall and have long, narrow frame. But its an individual choise and everything is good in harmony. Also I do believe that only those who did not have experienced real physical pain would go under knife without any real necessity (I mean some real disfigurement) It also happened that you discussed this right after the child dilema and getting old. So these are my two questions: Are women with boob job able to breasfeed in the future? I heard not then were you thinking about your future childs well being while making this choise? Second question: related to getting old- While making this choice were you thinking of being a seventy year old grandma with BOOBYROCK melons?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Yes you can breast feed if you had an augmentation – I asked that question before I got the operation and I don’t see the problem being a 70 years old grandma with a nice boob job :) that’s probably the last thing I am concerned about.

  • Zonular

    I see the note that states that one lunge equals one rep, however; do we count the forward and backward motion of the lunge as one rep or count the forward motion as one rep and backward motion as one rep?

    In the last couple of years my ARD activities include hiking up mountains, biking, and swimming in the warm months or ice skating, snow shoeing, and sledding in the winter with my children, yoga, mowing the lawn with a push mower,and shoveling snow (which also happens on regular workout days too, of course). Shoveling snow is hard work which I’m sure Freddy knows well since he’s from O Canada!

    I used to Spin, circuit train, and “drool with boredom” on the Elliptical. But, no more of that now that I found BodyRock! Love, love, love you guys!!

    Now regarding your question about when to have children, I wholeheartedly agree with a previous comment about waiting a couple more years to begin a family. Enjoy being childless for at least two more years. Keep traveling and searching for your identity in the greater context of life. Having children will contribute to that search in many wondrous and frightening ways which are more fulfilling than words can say. However, try to achieve as many dreams and goals before children because there is a considerable lack of time after them!(And a major change in priorities.)

    By the way, what is a Carry Out??? I hope it’s not a body bag for the deceased (aka cadaver pouch). Don’t really want a body like that!

  • Kayla

    Thanks for your workouts Zuzana! Thanks to you I’ve *finally* gotten my bf (who’s put on some weight…) to workout. We’re long-distance, but we can do these “together” and compare reps/difficulty. It’s another great thing to share.

    As for the boobs, I’ve been thinking about getting a reduction, but haven’t due to complications and recovery time. They cause me back problems and often make me feel worse–not better–about who I am due to difficulties fitting into shirts, dresses, even swimsuits. One of my goals with your workouts is to reduce their size.

  • Janet

    This was kinda gnarly on the legs! Plus I recall how much my butt hurt after these lunges, but that is ALL GOOD! No flubber butt or jello thighs..

    1 8-9-9-10
    2 16-13-15-15
    3 15-15-14-16
    I used two 20 lb dumbells…wish I could throw em on the floor at the end but don’t need a hole in my living room.

    I appreciated your candor on the BJ. That took some guts to tell it like it is. I am a 36AAAAA and it works fine for me and those I love, but of course I have always wondered…

    Also, on the food subject, I am taking my birthday month to just eat live fresh food to see if I can tell a difference. I always eat well, but I like my cheeses, fats, crackers, and occasional pints of Haagen Dazs peanut butter and chocolate ice cream (all in one sitting, please). Besides the great variety of tastes I am enjoying I notice I feel less of an urge to stuff myself. I definitely feel the difference. I am making a couple of vegetarian mealsin the morning that I can nibble on during the day and have ready when the urge strikes (helps on the binge issue). I am also growing a variety of sprouts and juicing fruits and vegetables. Getting more and more into this vegetarian thing all the time, thanks to you, Zuzana!! Avoiding Costco like the plague. I started really looking at the Costco shoppers and decided it wasn’t a look I wanted to follow :)

  • julien

    hi zuzana ahd freddy,

    i’m doing your workout and follow you on every day to see new videos.
    I have a question and want to know your opinion about product we can find eery where like protein ( whey,…) and other nutrition complement.
    I want to know if it can help for have a good shape more qiuckly or do you think it can be dangerous and it’s better doing workout without any product like that ???

    I’m really waiting for your answer thanks and keep doing all your videos because you’re both too cool and really appreciate that you share with us moment of life like your travels,…. and not only workout ;-)

  • Lish

    I’m glad you decided to talk about BJ’s for your coffee talk today! I have to say, my hubby thankfully is more of a “butt” guy too, and doesn’t find it necessary for me to get an enhancement. Since I’ve had my kids and don’t plan on anymore, I thought about treating myself to one cup size larger. Since I’ve leaned up I got even smaller and would love to fill out my outfits a little nicer :) That’s it in a nutshell. Boobs don’t make or break you! I feel confident as I am, and I agree with you about finding your inner strength away from the mirror, but it has crossed my mind. My hubby says it’s okay if I want to, but is afraid for my pain…and I have two energetic boys! So, the timing would have to be right and the surgeon a very reputable one. Yours look great, I just don’t know whether to get them above or below the muscle..Can you please tell me which yours are?? I have heard if you’re active they should go under? Thanks!!! Really inspired each day when I hear these coffee talks…and I am usually sipping on a little bit myself :) Lish

  • Georgia

    In your coffee talk you mentioned that when you got your surgery that your diet was not as great as it is now how long did it take you to get you diet under control? When you said that you were not able to fully exercise for six month does that mean you had to completly stop for six months or were you able to exercise some just low intensity and no upper body weights? I would have a hard time quitting completly.

  • Laura

    Hey guys,

    I’m a Registered Nurse and I worked as a Recovery Room nurse for a brief period of time.
    Zuzana, your coffee talk brought back so many memories for me.. Haha! I remember having the “boob list” quite often (meaning for the day I would be receiving and recovering all of the augmentations and reductions, anything to do with boobs). I have to say, from my experiences there, the girls who chose to get augmentations were in more pain than pretty much anyone. I’m not just talking about boob surgeries. These girls serious had more pain than most of the general surgeries, ortho, etc.
    So yeah, just my little addition to Zuzana’s coffee talk :)

  • sonal

    This is the great site for exercise I have ever come across. My search is over after finding
    I m following ur workouts since may, but never had courage to follow it. I really like ur new format of explaining modifications for beginners. Now I’m confidently doing ur exercises and feeling really great.

    Thank You very much. God bless u.

  • Carla

    Love your video on the boob stuff. I used to dream about having a little bit more but have never considered a boob job cos I wouldn’t want to be out of the (sports) game for such a long time.

    Yes you are right. getting new boobs does not automatically help in the confidence department. It has to come from within.

    Big hug from your fan :) )

  • Andrea Dre Dog

    Holy crap-o-la, that was tuff. I did:
    16lbs in my camelpack dont have a sandbag. Still working on that one.
    I didn’t do the weights with the lunges for the last set.
    my score
    1. 9, 10, 9, 8
    2. 22, 18, 16, (20 no weight here)
    3. 22, 20, 24, (20 no weight here)

    Can’t waite till I figure out a sandbag. Thinking of getting some ankle weights and putting velcrow on them and velcrow in a gym bag. So I can add and subtract weight when needed. Its cheaper. Wow sweat is pouring out of me like a fountain.

  • Brian


    I am looking into getting a new video camera. What you use seems to do a great job and you have some experience. What do you recommend? What do you use or wish you had?

  • Jeff

    First I want to say, I love your exercises. I love the name and I love the videos and explanations. OK, I was first brought on because I saw a pretty petite athletic girl in a video but I was hooked when I found out I couldn’t match your score…
    So, although the video went girl, when you started talking about a ‘boob job’…it was like when my daughter took me through walgreens and asked which ‘box’ is better…HOW SHOULD I KNOW, I DON’T CARE!??
    Anyway, love your videos. Thank you Freddy and Zuzana for helping to create a healthier world! If you are ever in Vero Beach, Florida maybe my wife and I could take you out to dinner?? (smirk)
    Thank you!

  • Noriko

    Hi Zuzanz and Fredy!
    I love your workout and coffee talk. You are my inspiration. Thank you very much.
    I started one month ago. I already have noticed the change in my body. Today’s my scores are
    1) 5, 4, 4, 5
    2) 20, 17, 19, 18
    3) 17, 17, 18, 18
    The tutorial helps me a lot. I have to practice Pike Jump.

    I had my first son when I was 34. My second son, 36. Now they are 19 and 17. I do exercise regularly and I am in good health. I am 5’1″and 100 lb. My sons have kept me going and young. I have enjoyed being with them very much. For me 34 years old was the ideal time to have a baby.

    Have a great day!

  • Tania Rehman

    Hi Zuzana,

    THANK YOU!!! Your coffee talk was just another validation that all the cosmetics in the world will not change the way you feel about yourself. I am a healthy, athletic female who is rather small chested. I have never felt the need to enlarge my breast because I did not feel it would be right for me. As the saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I had a friend who dabbles in botox procedures along with having had breast implants. When encountering this friend, the only comment she ever made was a suggestion that I get a boob job because it would really improve my look. My answer has always been “I don’t need large breast to feel better about myself.” Needless to say this is a friendship I have decided to end. I don’t believe we should keep negative influences around us who try to create insecurities for others so that they can feel better about theirs. What I am trying to say is that I am glad to touched upon this topic because you have influenced so many of us. I admire you for your sincerity. Thanks again!

  • Slavka

    Zuzana, the coffe talk was what i needed to hear. I’m the type of Kate Hudson kind a girl. I like to exercise because it makes me mentally stable,…when i feel down, i work out and then i feel great. Thank you for your honesty and the guts to share your experience…. I don’t think you even realize how much you helped ton of girls today….I’m very touched, all the best to you!!!!

  • Karen

    GREAT coffee talk!

  • Naimah

    great workout! something simple like this is really nice to zone into. i abandonned counting my reps this time and it was so nice to just go through to moves and concentrate on my form. i’m dripping sweat right now and i feel amazing. i did a few punches, kicks, and knee highs to cool down. i’m about to stretch and shower. thanks zuzana!

  • Tina

    Thanks for your honesty about breast augmentation! I am also considering it. As I continue to loose weight, my breast are becoming no longer. I want to look fit and trim but not with the chest like that of a 12yr. old boy. LOL!

    use pure coconut oil as a moisturizer at night especially around the eyes. You only need to use a little bit and it is easily absorbed by the skin unlike so many over the counter creams and moisturizers. Tried olive oil before, but it was just too heavy. Been doing this for a year now and I just turned 34 and have no lines around my eyes- nor do I want any – ever! : )

    Hope this helps.



  • Mickela

    thanks for your honesty Zuzana and thanks for the new workout I will try this one tonite.

    my active rest day was yesterday. I raced a sailboat, my team did great, we won and we had a spectacular sunset.

  • Nina from Czech Republic

    Great one again!
    1) 7 – 4 – 7 – 8 (first 2 rounds regular, second 2 rounds with a chair -> still being a beginner in progress)
    2) 25 – 21 – 19 – 20 (no sandbag)
    3) 22 – 19 – 16 – 20 (no sandbag)

    Sweating like a pig :D
    Gonna go shower myself and finish making my homemade sandbag :) Thanks again Zuzanka :)

  • Marie

    I really feel I need to comment a bit more on the boobs topic. I have always had rather small breasts, and at some point when I was teenage I hoped they would have been larger.
    When people are concidering surgery I have always wondered that are they really thinking ahead.. I mean, in my understanding, the implants need to be changed every now and then, and so anyone who has them has basically signed up for multiple surgeries in their lifetime. I know that ten years may seem like a long time but really it passes quite quickly and as we age, the healing takes more time anyways.. (I might be wrong here?)
    Also I totally agree with Zuzana about the selfconfidence part. All of us have some areas in appearance that “bother” us and usually we think that if just didn’t have that (small boobs, big nose, chin..whatever) we would feel better inside but it really does not work like that at all. I know it is a cliche but beauty really comes from inside first.
    The last thing that puzzles me is that more and more we seem to forget that as we age, gravity and time do their share and our bodies change. And that it is really fine and beautiful!
    I think Zuzana looks great, but I am sure you looked great with smaller breasts too! It is a always a personal decicion but what really matters is that the person is happy. I think there is too many women who put all this effort in looking a certain way, and yet their personality does not shine at all. I think Zuzanna is a great example that ok, you had breast surgery, but really it is about being enthusiastic and comfortable in your own skin. (so lame, I know ;-) Big boobs or small boobs! And sure many people notice or are drawn here because there is a pretty girl and so on blaa blaa, but what keeps people here is the inspiration.
    (sorry for the bad english!)

  • Brooke

    Really like the dark hair. Looks great!

  • Marina

    yeah this workout was cool. I’m totally sweating right now. Thank for saving my money by not going to a gym =)

  • Maria

    where can i write to Zuzana?

  • Rachelle

    GREAT workouts this week! I am feeling tight, yet very refreshed! I love love love your workouts!

    As far as breast implants go…I have always played around with the idea since I was 18 (i’m 26 now. Two of my very close girlfriends got them done, and they look amazing. I just have never really made the commitment…partly becuase my husband is applying to med school and the funds just are not there.

    If this isn’t too personal, I was wondering how Freddie feels about the implants? My husband has made the said he has concerns about the feeling of the implant compaired to the natrual breast. Is there a major difference? I have felt my girlfriends, but that was 3 weeks after sugery. I’m sure they change.

    So, I am very curious as to Freddies opinion on the matter….as a husband do you like them as much as Zuzana’a natural breasts?

    Ps – one of my girlfriends had a baby, and her boobs still look amazing! This is sorta related to your previous coffee talk… lol.

  • Karmen

    ZUZANA DO YOU EAT FROM microwawe?

  • RN

    Why would any woman think that boobs would give them confidence anyway? I would think that it would make a man more interested in your body than yourself. It would most likely attract a lot of losers. Why would any woman want that?

  • Arvejita

    Hi Zu,
    Id like you to recomend us some Česko music, or maybe some bands that you like. Just an idea.
    Kss from Argentina

  • Ashley

    I loved your coffee talk today!
    I had my breast done just this past June. I am very happy with the results and I was lucky enough to have rather pain free recovery. I must say though that I totally agree with you though. Some days I love mine others I stand there stareing at myself thinking ‘what did you do’ … I was so sure that I would look in the mirror and suddenly love everything I once hated about myself … But unfortunatly that was not the case. I can honestly say all I gained from the procedure is bigger boobs and the luxury of going braless :)

  • Catherine

    THANKS ZUZI!!!!!!! You are my inspiration EVERYDAY….When I am working out I’m thinking about getting your abs and body haha, it’s true. THANK YOY SOOOO MUCH! A hug to you and Freddy…

  • TraceyW

    I took my active rest day yesterday, sort of. I did an interval session with my exercise ball and weights. Ball crunches/ with extra weight, side crunches with weights, reverse crunches with….you get the idea. Did some pelvic crunches, planks and vacuums as well. I find a work out in the evening helps me to get to sleep as I am working too many hours in a day to have a fun/active time right now. But Winter is coming! Hurray!!

    I’ll do Sept 1st workout tonight!

  • Janandra

    Your new style is really great.

  • Kelly

    Just wanted to say i like how your doing the coffee talk everyday!! :) And i was woundering those dark grey work out pants with the light pink, where did u get them?? They look awesome on you.

  • Barbara

    Thank you for these videos, you help so many people and I love the way you explain everything, again thank you.

  • Codie


    I honeslty didnt know you got a boobs job! But honestly ive wanted one for a really long time. I have come to terms with the rest of my body and i like the rest of it even though i have scars form a c seation and surgery. But i am an A cup. A small A cup. Like a kid in 5th grade small. I believe i am pretty and look good and eveyrthing but i think i would be a little happier with bigger boobs. I dunno if you would be willing to tell me what size you were before but that may help me. I dont want super big just a B maybe a C..

  • http://mybodyishurting7outof10 Luba Lee


    What draws me to your blog is not only workout inspiration but also sincerity. Soulfulness & realness is what all of us “dig.” When people are genuine, their message really hits the spot. I am sure took some guts on your part to be so personal & talk about breast implants.

    Keep up your good work! BTW I could not fulfill the no sugar challenge… actually I indulged myself with glass of wine & piece of dark chocolate every day in the past 3 days… but no moment is too late, so I resolved my no sugar attempt 2 hours ago :) Luba Lee, FNP

  • Frédie

    RESPECT! A lot of respect for what you said in your coffee talk!
    You have a lot of courage and honesty.
    My daughter who’s 6 asked me why someone would change their breasts to be big and hard (because she feels breasts are meant to rest her head on when she needs a hug, therefor should be soft and comfortable…:-). And my answer was that women always feel that they are not good enough and they need to ameliorate something about themselves. The hardest thing in life is to learn to love yourself with what you have, the way you are.
    She will learn and hopefully become as wise as you :-) .
    I love you brunette, keep your good work!


    p.s. you should come to Montreal and do a workout on the stairs of the Mont Royal, they are killer!

  • ALL1E

    ARDs: I especially love rock climbing, mt.& road biking, real hiking, swimming laps & kayaking–soon, I hope to add surfing to this list. Playing hard keeps me fit, but is also great motivation for getting stronger & doing HIIT!

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  • Aromee


    Yeah.. You rock!! so cute that you a little bit shyly share your experience with the world. (i felt that you were shy at the beginning.. but i think you decided to share the truth and your candid opinion because you really care about your fans!!! soo nice)

    put me a big smile..;)

    Always appreciate your creative and fun work out!!!
    and creative ideas on challenging goals!

    <3 <3 <3

  • Pure2raw twins

    Zuzana thank you for sharing this, my sister and I always talk about getting a boob job, but after hearing you talk about self confidence we are re-thinking. Actually we are gaining more self confidence from your workouts…so maybe later on we will get our bigger boobs, haha. But for now we want a strong body and gain self confidence inside and out!!

    Thank you for being honest and open, we love you for that!!

  • http://rathernotsat Sabrina

    Zuzana thank you so much for this coffee talk today, girls really struggle with this issue and I would expect your going to get alot more questions but its really good to hear someone with experience share their thoughts. I think it is also important to mention that small breast can also be very beautiful and I am often sad that they dont get more attention. Its so important that women stop thinking that they can achieve some level of ideal beauty through surgery and just be happy with themselves and their lives! That said I think yours turned out really nicely, not everyones do, so I just want to mention that if you are going to do it please please find a good doctor, dont just see one and dont try to get a cheap job. if its 6 months of pain and slow recovery with a good job imagine if something goes wrong!

  • ladydominicana


    How are you able to go so high in the pike jumps? I see you go really high–do you practice handstands to go so high?

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzi and Fredi
    Hi I have enjoy this workout
    My score:Pike-9,8,8,7
    Lunge left-16,12,10,11 8kg kettlebell
    lunge Right-15,11.12,10 8kg kettlebell
    I like how you did the new video all we need to know.pleas you .
    First time I continu working out constanly may be becouse is not the same boring things all the time.
    I am workin out every day past two week and whit out any problems and I thing my string are better.
    Thank you very much
    Enjoy yours live before you have family you then will have fun to but diferent.

  • Michael

    Zuzana, thanks for your message today.

    Yesterday my wife started doing your workouts with me! We are excited to continue to following your workouts together. My six year old daughter sees us working out together (she even joined us for a few situps and high knee lifts)!

    You and Freddy are indirectly motivating people that don’t even see these great videos!

    Keep us the great work! You are beautiful (on the inside, where it counts!).

  • Chrissy

    I have to agree about the implants, I got them at a very young age (20) and although I do love them, you can not rely on them to bring you confidence or a fix all solution cause than there will always be something else!

  • Marie

    I love the way you’ve been doing your videos recently with the quick explanation as the exercises are being shown.

    Suz, will you be adding the chin up and pull up back into your workout soon?


  • Kate

    I have been following your blog for a few months now and I really appreciate all the wonderful exercise ideas that you share with us. I don’t get bored exercising! Please keep up the great work :) .

    I have never really considered getting a breast augmentation as I know my self-esteem needs to be based internally (and not come from external features). I’m so pleased that you shared your reasons for getting the surgery and the fact that it didn’t improve your self-confidence. It’s so important to talk about these kinds of things in our increasingly superficial world.

    P.S. (in contradiction to my prior statement) I really like the stripey top you had on in the workout lol

  • Dakota

    I encourage my wife always to be content with herself and edify her confidence whenever I feel she is doubtful of herself. I believe confidence is in your heart and soul not your appearance. Appearance is good and in your case, I think your boob job is great. You seem to be real proud of those puppies so go with it. I’m sure Freddy agrees. Anyhoo, I’m on a sensitive issue. Just trying to give a man’s perspective. I think you made a solid decision and it works for you. However, I agree with you don’t do it to please others. Do it to please yourself. BTW. Great workout!

  • Kat

    Hey guys!

    I just wanted to let you know that I watched your videos for quite a while, but I never actually did one of the workouts. I just did one or the other exercise to spice up my workout.
    But today I tried this and also another one of your workouts and it was definitely more that “incredible”.
    I felt so exhausted but so freaking good after the workout. I would consider myself a really fit person and finding challenging workouts is not easy BUT your workouts are really rough! I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us!

    Maybe an idea for your coffeetalk: (very girly I know, but still) I just got my period and I always eat a lot of bad stuff at that time of the month. I just feel so exhausted and really down and unmotivated. I am craving for sugarbombs … I eat lots of chocolate and candy – stuff. I tried to only eat “healthy stuff” during that time, like your apple on the wholewheat bread(because it’s also sweet and really delicious), but I feel like not being a whole person for the whole day if I don’t give in and eat chocolate or something alike. Practically I eat throughout the whole day. I always feel really guilty afterwards or the day after.
    My question is: shall I just give in and eat and exercise a lot more the next day or do you have any advise how to avoid those attacks? –> I really tried a lot,… like relaxing, taking a bath, meet friends and stuff like that, but I really feel like crap, when I don’t get the sugar.

    Well, keep up the great work. Your husband is the luckiest guy to have you! :) I really admire you for your motivation and for your energy!!!
    I feel a lot more energetic since I work out on a regular basis, but still, I often feel really weak.

    Greetings from Austria!!!

  • Alana

    I just want to say that I dont have a sand bag so I use my kiplin bag and fill it up with big books, makes agreat alternative for people without a sand bag :)

  • http://[email protected] Bethany

    Hey Z- Maybe you have answered this already! I was curious to know why you switched from 25-35 minute work outs to 12 minute work outs? Isn’t the cliche atleast 30 minutes of work out per day? I still love your work outs and do them all the time! Thanks!

  • Nina

    Zuzana, I really like that you post your scores, and other people too. I think that also add pressure and desire to compete, which of course make you give more of yourself. I always wanna do more, and better everytime I see someone that have great scores :) )) I’ve been athelete all my life and posting scores really gives me a push!
    Thanks for the great workouts!

    And here is my scores:

    1. Pike press- pike jump- jump squat- 10; 9; 8; 8

    2. Forward-backward lunge L- 24;24; 19; 20

    3. Backward- forward lunge R- 22; 24; 24; 20

    Don’t have a sandbag, but I used 12kg dumbell

  • Laura Lynch

    Hi Zuzana … First of all, I have to tell you that you never cease to impress me. You are so transparent and so down to earth. I so enjoy following your workouts and your coffee talks. I wanted to just underscore what you spoke about today regarding getting your breasts done. I had mine done several years ago. I was going through a total midlife crisis and thought I needed this to feel better and look younger. WRONG !! You are so right when you say you can’t find your sense of self-confidence, etc., through these ways. I applaud your honesty and transparency in sharing. Thank you. Also, wanted to say that I’ve been following along with the workouts this week and they are killers, but I LOVE them and I feel so strong. Thanks.

  • Dawn

    *sigh* I feel like a 12 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert….. I just LOVE Justin Timberlake. That man can move so well:)

    I think if YOU have suffered from low self confidence, that is 100% proof that it comes from the inside, not the mirror. You really are one of the most physically flawless women I have seen. Really, Z, you are stunning:) I will say also, that I am MORE confident now, in my older, had 3 kids/breastfed 3 kids, body than I was as a young girl. I may have looked much better back then, but I was lacking so much more on the inside that I have found since becoming a mother. I still want a boob job though…. I will never have the money for one.

    There is a song by India Arie that says
    “Don’t need your silicone, I prefer my own
    What God gave me is just fine
    I’m not the average girl from your video
    and I ain’t built like a supermodel
    But, I learned to love myself unconditionally
    Because I am a queen”

    I try to keep that in my head…..I think it’s so inspirational. But sometimes when I hear it I think she can only say that because she hasn’t breastfed 3 children. LOL.. Still, I strive fot that confidence.
    That is how I prey my daughter feels as she grows up.

  • Milena

    These workouts are absoltely awesome!!! I’ve been training for about 6 months before,doing a normal fitness with a tape in home,and saw your workouts in Youtube and went to your site and decided to give it a try,i did crazy bootcamp and perfect butt for 3 days and now iam sore as i’ve never been before!!!!!!i love it!!
    Thank You!!!!!!!

  • Red Fox

    This was awesome! My legs begged for mercy. They are still trembling. :D

  • Roberta

    Thank you for keeping it real.

  • Maya

    I love these kind of videos!
    I will maybe get a boob job. Just because boobs were included in the picture in my head I saw when I started working out. My husband doesn’t carres, and he is not for a boob job. He thinks it’s risky. But I think I look like a man with muscles and no boobs, and I really like the way fake boobs look. It’s really funny but scary as well when you say that you’re not sure you would do it again if you knew how much it’s going to hurt and you do these crazy workouts daily. I was like ‘my god, it hurts!’

  • Miss_P

    Hi Zuzanna

    I’m really loving your workouts,lately,keep up the great work!!

    I can totally relate to the “boob job” experience.I had mine done nearly 5 years ago and am so glad that I had it done.It was very difficult for the first week,it was painful and I couldn’t lift up my arms because if the muscle being too tight.My implants are placed under my pectoral muscles so I had to take a muscle relaxent for the first week.It took me 6 weeks to get back into working out which I was only doing cardio for the first few weeks.

    Quite honestly,it is something I would do again!But you’re right,you must do these things for the right reasons and don’t expect self confidence from them.I got my implants because it’s something that I personally wanted for myself.I wanted to be able to fit into bikini tops and wanted my figure to look more balanced(since I’m a little bottom heavy).

    I love my boobs so much but only wish they were bigger :)
    I thought it would be easier finding bras that fit but I was wrong,I wear a small band with a big cup size which many brands don’t seem to make!lol

  • Cassie

    i just wanted to let you know that today’s coffee talk was truly inspirational. thank you so much for that. you are amazing zuzana! i am such a huge fan of your videos.

    i also want to thank you so much for helping me reach new fitness levels. i am so much stronger now than i have ever been before in my life! i will continue on with each challenge and your videos are helping me achieve so much! i realize now how hard i can push myself and how much more i can achieve as a result.

    you have done so much for me! thank you thank you thank you!

  • Anita

    I’m a fitness instructor and I’m absolutely loving your workouts! I currently have a very swollen hand from a wasp sting! As soon as it is better and my Gymboss timer arrives I’m going to do one of your workouts and see just how far I am off your fitness level!!!

    I’m a competitive triathlete but I think over the winter months I’m going to add your workouts into my training plan and see just how much stronger I can become.

    I’m also going cold turkey on the sugar with you from today :)

    Keep up the great inspirational work

  • Martha

    Hey Zuzanna =)
    I was just wondering, you got your boobs done and they do look fab, I would never get mine done , because they are already a D cup, and I’m happy with them =) I was just wondering, If you could tell me excercises that would tone them more =) They are firm, I was wondering, well press ups, don’t they tone your chest? =P
    I am really liking the Pike Press/Pike Jump =D It’s different ;D I love that Timberland and J.T song =)
    All the Best Zuzanna and Freddy =)

    Martha x

  • Camille

    I love how you stand for who you are in your videosreally, because I know a lot of people (girls actually) who are pretty judgy when it comes to physical appearance, they don’t even know you and yet they think you’re superficial because you care about your appearance.
    Caring about my appearance makes me feel good because I’m the one in control and I can make my body look like I want to. It feels incredible and there’s nothing wrong about that.
    Some days ago I was telling my mother that I noticedd changes in my arms and stomach and she was like “this is superficial”. Just because you feel good about yourself doesn’t mean you’re superficial and if some people would try this lifestyle (eating healthy and exercising) they would understand. It’s not just about appearance it’s also about chosing to live your life the best way you can.
    I have a friend in bad shape, she doesn’t get any exercise and she eat basically just junk food and sometimes she makes me mad because she says nasty things about girls wearing low-cut tops or shorts. The truth is if she could wear them then she would do it too.

    Anyway, your breasts look hot just like the rest of your body. You work hard to getthe body you want and it shows just how much willpower and confidence you have.
    Keep bodyrockin’ !

    I was wondering though if the regular exercise and the small portions diet can make my breasts smaller since they are made of fat ? Does anyone know about that ?

  • Nataly

    Zuzana, thank u so much for being so real!!!U’re great person!!!

  • stratosphere

    Hey there yeah that looks great but unfortunately I have to have my break today because my butt and legs are way to sore…and I don’t wanna damage any muscle….. Anyways its quite good because than I will be able to do this workout on friday and it fits with the time difference to europe haha…. I will go walking today and take it easy….. :-)
    I love this weeks challenge….I ate no sugar or substitutes until now and It think I will keep that up even after this week….I feel so great and not tired anymore… :-) …I don’t have a sandbag but I use a rucksack with 11lbs dumbbell in it… ;-) ..I think I will make some sandbag on my own soon….
    thanks for your coffee-talk…I always thought that I have to have a BJ but now I’m 28 and I realized that your B always change depending on your lifestyle, pregnancy etc. and you can get them in shape with simple weight lifting…..I agree self confidence comes from the inner peace and happiness….not from the outer look :-)

  • Penny

    The song takes me back to when my husband and I were dating… not that long ago but yeah lol.

    I like to listen to Angelspit when I work out. Black Kingdom Red Kingdom is a really good workout CD.

  • Eva

    Hi Zuz,

    (Referring to the yesterdays post): I can’t tell you when is the best time to have kids – I guess when you and your husband are ready :)
    Also, I’m only 19 now but I’ve always dreamed about having kids and family one day. As soon as possible. Of course, I’m still to immature for that, but I understand you feelings..
    And I’m sure that your kids will be in wonderful shape, with you teaching them for the start how important it is to have a healthy body, and to live a healthy, fulfilled life.
    So, enough chatting for today. Have to go to study for my exams and then do the new workout!

    All the best,

  • Rachel

    I have kind of an off the wall question for anyone I guess. I need new workout shoes mine are killing my feet. What kind of shoes are best – walking, running, cross training – for our workouts? I know Zuzana you prefer Nike so what type of Nike are you wearing? Any ideas would be helpful.

    Thank you.

  • Karmen

    I love the grey pants! where did you get them?????

  • Alexandra

    I love how you it was only two exercises and it worked your entire body! It makes it easy to follow and remember for other times.

    I was wondering what your height and weight is? If you are willing to share.. Because people, like me, who obsess over weight need to realize muscle weighs more than fat..

  • Malin


    your workouts are awesome! Just started doing them for real so it will be interesting to see the result by october. I was just wondering if you could post a good and effective programme for stretching? Unfortunately I have a tendency to skip the stretching after working out because I dont know any fun ways to do it in. Its bad…i know…

    Take care! Ciao

  • Trista

    I just wanted to say thank you for this coffee talk.

    I have the zero elf confidence when it comes to my boobs – or as I like to say lack-there-of. They are super small and i am always complaining to my husband. He says that he loves them and they are perfect. Ive always thought having at least a full A cup would make me feel more feminine, but after today’s coffee talk and everyone’s posts I have a slightly different feeling. I hope I can keep this feeling and help it develop into part of my good body confidence image!

    When it come to ARD I like to wake up with a bit of energy yoga. Nothing intense just a quick sequence. Then we often play badminton, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee. Sometimes we go on a bike trip with friend. Sports are great for ARD because they are fun and you dont feel like youre working out.

  • sarah martin

    hi Zuzana and freddie
    this was a killer workout! wow
    on the challenge end i cheated by accident, i got starbucks and completely forgot about the sugar in the latte but i had no whip and it was small, but i was doing so well!!! :( for the rest of the week i will be on 100% i even turned down chocolate and i love chocolate!
    anyways here are my scores and hopefully my neighbours beneath me dont complain to my landlord about the noise at 1 am!!! :P
    1. pike press-pike jump-jump 8 7 7 8
    2. forward-backwar lunge left 22 20 20 20 (10lbs as i dont have a sand bag or heavier weights)
    3. forward-backward lunge right 22 21 19 20
    cant wait for fridays routine!
    sarah (bc canada)

  • Chrissy

    Thank you for talking about your breast augmentation, it is something I have been considering as my boobs shrunk when I lost weight through being ill and when the weight came back the boobs didn’t! The only thing that worries me is the fact that they don’t last forever and the thought of having to go back under the knife in 5-10 years seems abit daunting :P your’s look amazing though :)

    ..oh and thanks for making me feel REALLY guilty :P I just put sugar in my coffee and sat down to watch this video. I failed! hehe xx

  • suzzzy!!

    ideas: sandbag substitution…you can go to any online site and buy a small gym bag and then stuff it with 20lbs 25lbs of beach sand, or rice, or even dog food lol. of course place these within a plastic bag before inserting into gym bag. that way we can save some money and still get the workout.
    love your guts!!

  • Shannon L.

    Im 26 years old and have never had kids. Im a B cup and have always thought about going a little bigger but I have always been told that I don’t need it and I shouldn’t worry about changing my body “in that way”.
    Also, it will probably cost me $4000 to get it done and I don’t have that kind of money to be spending on breasts.
    I agree with you that it will not help with your self confidence because that needs to come from within. I am already confident with the size and shape of my breasts and that is one of the reasons why I have not gotten them bigger.
    I figure that once I have kids, and my breasts become saggy, then I might get an augmentation, but that won’t be for a long while :-)

  • Anita

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us Zuzana. I’ve not had mine done, but I totally agree that the inner confidence has to come from the mind. That’s why whenever I talk to people about losing weight I always make sure that they aim to first come to terms with loving themselves – the weight loss is a secondary effect.

    I think you made a very important point :)

    Also – I love the Pike Press – Pike Jump – Jump Up. I just know it’s the type of exercise that if done in propper form it just rocks.

    Tomorrow I’m off to Barcelona and will try and squeeze in 12 minutes of BodyRocking ;)

    Have an awesome day.

  • Zebie

    I took my ARD yesterday because I had already planned to go hiking with a friends children…we live in a really mountanious region so I rode my bike to meet them we hiked to the top of one, played tag rode home and then did about 30 minutes of yoga and 15 min of handstands later that evening :) My legs loved the stretch, my mind loved the sun and all in all it was a great day. On other ARD’s I either swim, cycle, run, hike…anything to not be stationary! Thanks again for the great example you two are living in front of everyone~ cheers

  • BarbaraG

    New idea for a coffee talk – quiting moking…
    I thin you mentioned a while ago that you used to smoke, so could you share your experience?
    I do your workouts every day (my septembers challenge is 7 workouts per week!), but still didn’t quit the cigarette…
    It’s horrible, I know…

    • Polina

      Zuzana smoked cuz she is from Europe where everybody smocked. I am russian and i use to smoke to. Now I am smoke free for 2 years and happy about it! My metabolism is faster and my skin is looking very clear and healthy. I read the book called “easy way to quit smoking” by Allen Carr and it helped me.

    • Kasia

      A coffee talk about smoking is a great idea ! I recently quit, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought but I still tend to smoke socially as a lot of my friends are smokers. Kicking the habit is the worst part, you just miss having that cigarette between your fingers.
      But truly, smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your body.

      xoxo, Kasia

    • Rachel

      I am right there with you. Smoking and doing these workouts is quite the challange, but im just not quite ready to give up my nicotine! haha

  • BarbaraG

    About getting extra challenge without the sandbag…
    Since I bought the kettlebell a while ago and really love it, so i just change your sandbag workouts for some with kettlebell.
    Yesterday instead of sandbag clean and front squats, I did kettlebell swings and squats with holding the kettlebell
    Thats whats great about Zuzanas site – it motivates you to find your own way!
    Still I can’t imagine being without this site – for motivation and for new ideas…
    Thank you guys and keep up the good work!

  • Monika

    Zuzan ! You’re fantastic ! I love YOU !!! :) ))) Thank You so much !!!!!!!!! :**** Kiss for You and Freddy :)

  • Josefine

    These exercises in this workout are very basic and simple, but don’t let the simple fool your… boy are they ever a killer. MY LEGS!!! It was all good fun… great burn! After I cooled down and did my stretching I could still feel the burn. ;)
    Let see for my ARD tomorrow… I was thinking about going for a jog or something but now I think I will do some belly dancing, stretching, and or yoga!
    Great coffee talk. I sometimes feel a little self-conscious about not having big boobs. So when you said “You have to look for your self-confidense and your inner strength somewhere else, don’t try to find it in a mirror” it really put me back on track. Thanks.

    I really admire you Zuzana. I really admire you for your openness, your honesty, and just being yourself! Your a great role model to follow!

    Have an excellent day tomorrow Zuzana and Freddy! I look forward to seeing what you guys did for your ARD.

  • Marcela

    Hi, I just wanted to ask about your pre-workout cofee… Is there any special reason for that or it´s just your habbit? :) thanks…

  • Heidi

    I love the instructional video add for proper form and modifications! So, So helpful…much appreciated!

    Your coffee talk today was very fitting in my life… I am 31 and had a baby 15 months ago.. I have been doing your workouts now for 2 or 3 months, as consistently as possible and have noticed fantastic results! I love that they are quick and I can do them with or without baby running around…he laughs and thinks all the jumping is hilarious and sometimes adds extra weight to my crunches… ha ha… anyway, boobs after baby are very different and I have been seriously contemplating what I want to do… I am happy with my body and am still breast feeding and don’t want to do anything until I have one more child… but wow…6 months recovery??? and the fact that you say it doesn’t fix the insecurities in your head…your coffee talk gave me a lot to think about…

    Thank you for all you do… you help my physical state and refresh my mental state…

    oh, so your thought on kids… 30 is a great time… live and travel first cuz trying to do that with car seats and strollers and diaper bags isn’t all that relaxing or enjoyable… as far as health …. you don’t have to worry or get extra tests until after 35… but considering your body is so fit and you eat so well I don’t think you will have any problems or anything to worry about…I kept exercising…although a lot differently while pregnant and I had a 4 hour drug free labor… I thank exercise and good eating for helping me deliver a healthy, happy 8lb 13oz baby boy!

    ok…sorry about the novel…


  • Evelina from Finland

    Zuzana, how on earth did you get your amazing abs?! I’m so jealous!

    • http://rathernotsat Sabrina

      she gets those abs from doing these workouts everyday or at least 5 days a week. The key to having them show is low body fat and that coms from eatting small portions 5 to 6 times a day and keeping active. Explore the site you will see she mentions it alot! :D

  • raeNYC

    I have to say thank you for the pike tutorial! And I love your coffee talks. This may be late but I had my daughter at 30. Now that I look back I would recommend 30 and above. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to have a child before 30 because after you have the baby your life changes, not a lot of spontaneity. Its the greatest responsibility in life and most rewarding. Breastfeeding is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done(it gets easier with time) and she will be 2 in Nov and isn’t showing any signs of quitting, lol. I’ve noticed that having kids nowadays is almost “in fashion”, at least here in NYC, so don’t feel pressured. I remember you doing a coffee talk about celebrities and was wondering if you would do one about celebrity trainers. I know you mentioned Tracy Anderson in one of your older videos and I was wondering if her method could be incorporated into HIIT, just a thought. I know she is coming out with a book that may already be out. Thank you for your time and I really do appreciate you and all that you do.

  • Iris

    Hi ohhhh that cut me to the quick!!!!I can’t workout since Monday cause someone infected me with a cold….I didn’t thought it would be so hard to not be able to workout for a while….grrrr and I was so proud of my strenght in the last few weeks….but I will get there again!!!!!To all of you out there: enjoy your health and have fun with your workouts!!!!

    • Gwen

      i have the same story :due to some problems I haven’t done my workouts for ONE WEEK!!!! and it feels so miserable!!!Lost all my strength and my muscle weight has disappeared at once :( ((( But I’m starting today again, hope one week is not a very big period of time (in spite of the fact that I know that it is reaaly a big time-out!)Anyway, hope I’ll get into previous shape soon :) Thank you Zuzana for you inspiration and support!
      All the best,

  • Courtney

    Hey Z :D
    i’m an avid follower of you since Jan. 2010 and i’m only 16. I wanted to find a way to keep myself active during the transition from the volleyball to basketball to soccer seasons, and i found your workouts =)From the beginning of my journey, i’ve gone down 3 pant sizes and have gotten a load of compliments. Much thanks to your awesome home workouts – not to mention finally learning how to eat healthy clean food frequently. I dont drink anything other than water anymore, because i find nothing quenches your thirst quite like the good ol’ H2O. You’re my inspiration to keep active my entire life even if my sports career might not last that long. From doing your workouts i find i’ve gotten more strength and endurance from them than i have playing on my sports teams x]

    As for the coffee talk, i agree with you completely. The only thing that scares me would be the months of no workout time to recover… months without a bodyrock workout?!! Insanity. Did you do any sorts of physical activities other than walking during your down time? How come it took 6 months to recover; i’ve heard people have gotten back to their routines in a much shorter time frame? I was also wondering, how long did it take you to build up your muscles again and get back in shape after the surgery?
    All in all, i’m pretty neutral on the topic; a little boost is okay but women shouldn’t go overboard with them. But controversely, i think a BA would possibly be a promising reward in regards for hardwork and committment paying off. As for other plastic surgery, would you ever get your hips realigned after you had kids? I’ve heard some people do that O_o

    • PF

      Woo hoo for the teenagers on Bodyrock :) I’m 16, too!

      Zuzana you’re such an inspiration!
      and i know you get that A LOT.
      But I can’t believe the results I’ve gained from May to now! I’ve received so many compliments about my physique within 2 weeks of following you guys. Now I can’t wait to go back to school :) Not just for the physical aspects though. Overall, these intense workouts make me feel light-hearted and high spirited. I just feel like having fun more often.
      ANDDD my coach is talking about making me race for varsity on cross country!!!
      Usually I run 26 minute 5Ks, which wasn’t that special… but I’ve shaved off 3 minutes! do you know what kind of achievement that is?!?! and I hope my next race I will race even faster!
      It’s so exciting, along with a fit body I am just excelling at everything I’m setting my mind to. It’s so incredible.
      And you know what? Who needs a boob job when you can feel like that? I think women desperately need to take their minds OUT of their bodies and focus about the inside including their brains. I’m a sophomore and I’m taking classes at the college, along with one AP class (because that’s the only one they have available for sophomores), and I feel really accomplished because I’ve worked really hard to get there. I want to be successful and I am, WITHOUT a man. and I hope more women catch on to that, because I’m so sick of these sexist comments that I hear from guys at my school (they’re all mormon too…). But despite the sexism, we should try to be successful anyway.
      and I think God has blessed me so much in this life, sometimes we have to think about that before we decide to make drastic changes (and I’m not talking specifically about boob jobs, since there are other kinds of plastic surgery out there).
      Along with exercising, my confidence and personality has been shining through x1000 better. When I was younger I was really outgoing but as I got older I became stupid :D to put it frankly. I became worried about these stupid things.
      It’s all about the inner beauty. The inner beauty helps influence the outer beauty.
      There are people out there that wouldn’t be considered traditionally “beautiful” but when you meet them, they seem to be the most beautiful person you’ve ever met.
      And some of the beautiful people turn out to be either really boring/dull, or mean, which makes them seem that much uglier.

      I love how these coffee talks spur up good conversation. haha


  • Elizabeth

    Oh, and 1 more thing true beauty really does come from within and Zuzana, you are a true beauty!

    • Rachelle

      Oh- I couldn’t agree more! Personally I think that is why they are so amazing. She is such a joy to watch.

  • Elizabeth

    You rock girl!!! To be in front of the world and say what you’ve just said is so amazing. So many women belive implants will change there life (really all plastic surgery) but the reality is when it’s all over your still just you. The fact that you, such a pretty girl can actually say that you needed more self confidence, I’m sure has helped many to think it’s normal to not always feel super confident. Thanks for that.

  • Christie

    I was not able to workout Monday so I will be doing this one tomorrow, Ok I know you always get questions like this but what brand are the gray pants during the instruction part, I checked the Lululemon and Bohno sites and couldn’t find them.

    • Vera

      I think that’s because Lululemon models are horrible! The pants are there, you just don’t recognize them anymore lol

    • Sharon

      I love the gray pants too! Please tell us what brand they are.

    • Svetlana007

      Yes, Zuzana, please please please tell us about your grey cropped pants!!! LOVE THEM!!!!

  • Ashley

    I love you Zuzana, You are truly an inspiration. I love listening to your coffee talks. I never feel more confident than when I’m doing your workouts! I was in the the gym the other day doing your suicidal sweat workout (one of my favorites) and I mixed in some one legged getups and divebombers and this guy came over and said how impressed he was and that he sees me all the time doing these workouts and hes gone home and tried some of the things I’ve done and he said how dificult it was(he was embarrassed to try them in the gym because he felt that he would bust his butt) and it is but I have just ripped my body up since I began your workouts. I am so strong and I look better than I ever have in my life. When I run stadiums at the local university. Girls stop me and ask me what I do because they want to look like me and I recommend you! Youre my hero and you’ve helped me build my once suffering self esteem. Thank you!

    • Euthie

      Awww, that’s so cool to hear from someone else. It’s silly to say you’re happy for someone you don’t know, but congratulations!

    • Nat

      I wanted to say something similar. I have just met one nice and handsome ;) guy (that I would never probably have the chance of meeting) just because he noticed me doing the workouts and he came up and said that he’s really impressed, that he has never seen a girl doing such hard workouts and that it was pleasure to watch this and then we exchanged e-mails on the pretext of sending each other some workouts but I think it’s going into some other direction too…

      So thanks, Zuzana & Freddy ;)

    • ND

      Wow, thanks for sharing your story with us Ashley! :)

  • Mindy Kaae

    I just did a hydrostatic weigh in and was at 11.6% (extremly low) I am 28 years old 5’10″ and weigh 130. How can I increase my muscle mass. I seem to have a hard time getting “cut”. I eat very clean and execise 6 times a week, usually mt. bike twice a week and Zu 4x. Should I switch to more weigh lifting and what about protein powders?

    • Sali

      Hi Mindy,

      I saw your comment and thought I would chime in on your question. To create more muscle mass you will certainly need to lift weights. It sounds like you’re doing a lot of cardio but it’s important to implement more resistance training in order to build your muscles like it sounds like you want to do. Consuming protein powders pre and post workouts are great if you want that quick and easy drink to supplement before and after your lifting sessions. A combination of protein and carbs such as a banana is the best thing post workout. The combination of the carbs with the protein help to replenish your muscles after a tough weight lifting session. But, you can always eat whole foods…you don’t necessarily need to supplement with protein powders such as eating oatmeal and egg whites after your workout. Hope that helps!

  • Marie

    I think I’m going to write a longer comment tomorrow ;-) but just wanted to say that I really loved your openness. That is what beauty is, self confidence. The mirror tells us very little of true beauty. I think everytime I see a person who is in tune with who she is, with her age, her past, her dreams, and the challenges she has lived through I can see that person as truly beautiful, almost like radiating from the inside out.

  • Tam

    I am really enjoying the new format! It was a perfect beginning on my birthday. I must say, I have failed at the sugar challenge :( You don’t really realize how much you consume until you make a concerted effort to stop using it. And I think that I eat fairly healthy, but this has shown me that I need to tune up my diet. Zus, what are your favorite tennis shoes, or what shoes do you recommend with your format?

  • mag

    hi guys!! I can’t workout this week because i have been so buzy on college :( , thats sucks, but I am keeping the challenge! I have a question , can I eat granolla bars and cereals this week?
    thank you, next week I will do all this amazing workout thanks!

  • Dana

    Mum and I will go out on our second annual bike ride to Kleinburg (leaving from Toronto), which will give us about 80KM of nice biking! :-) ))

  • gaby.san

    you are one cool and unusual lady for telling about your boobs. btw, they’re gorgeous!

    that workout looks like I’m going to hurt something. I need to find a workout for tomorrow that doesn’t emphasize legs as much (those are the ones I seek the most after, but I’m feeling this weird twinge in my knee today that I don’t like one bit. I want to give it a little break but still train hard tomorrow!).
    so off to look at the archives now…

    • Nicole D Lopez


      I totally understand your whole “knee issue”. I have a crooked knee cap and before doing physical therapy for it, I would have a lot of pain and not feel comfortable doing some of these workouts.
      Something I do sometimes is take Zuzana’s workouts and use them as guidelines. For example, if the workout says to do 24 rounds of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds work, I’ll put in my own exercises that I want to do. So, since your knees hurt right now (and assuming you have a Gymboss lol) then you could just make up some exercises that don’t mess with your knees, like push-ups, toe touches, and so on. I do this sometimes when she hasn’t posted a new workout and I don’t feel like resting or if she is repeating one of her old workouts that I don’t feel like doing that day. Or, if I’m just too lazy to look through the Archives lol.
      Anyway though, I just wanted to put my two cents out there in case it could help you or another fellow Bodyrocker :)

  • Zac

    Zuzzana!!! That “carryout” song is catchy and a fun song to wokout too!! BUUTT it’s about carryout junck food!!

    Are you listen to songs about junckfood because your secretly having some cravings!?!? LOL

    I’m really loving the challenge!! :)

    Thanks for the motivation and the kind words during the coffee talk!! I like how you mentioned confidence and inner strength can not be in a mirror. . so true

  • Lauren

    Glad you shared the coffee talk, as I am one of those weighing it back and forth.

    WHy’d you change pants? lol. I love the gray ones, they look amazing on you!

  • chelsey

    you’re coffee talks are great i agree with you on self confidence! i have a random question for you, how do you keep your teeth so pretty and white since your drink coffee before all your workouts? =D
    hope to hear from you!

  • chely

    ….before you met freddy

  • Kateri

    I’m sore but it is a good sore :) I have not felt this sore lately the last time I was this sore I was working out with a personal trainer but these workouts are shorter and free! Thank you for your encouragement and motivation.

  • chely

    how old were you when you got your boobs? did you not have breast at all? did freddy want you to get them or you got them after you met him?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I was already saving money for the operation before I met Freddy. He is more of a butt guy :) he was neutral about my decision.

      • Reetta

        Hahaa, butt guy! Just like my boyfriend. The worst part of exercising hard is loosing your boobs. But as long as you have a great bottom, it doesn’t matter! Thank’s for your great workouts, you’re inspirational!!

  • Ebony

    What do you suggest for a replacement of the sand bag. Because I cannot come up with anything and the bag is out of my price range for now! :-)

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      You can still get a great workout with just your own bodyweight. You just have to be creative and come up with modifications to make the exercises more challenging. I kept myself in shape throughout almost the entire year with just bodyweight workouts, but the extra weight is a nice way to up the challenge.

  • Candy

    I think I’ll go for a walk and play in the park with the kids.

  • Lacey

    Interesting coffee talk :D , Im glad you shared.
    oh and I love this song, I worked out this morning and its kinda late now to workout so I will do this tommorow morning. Thanks again for being amazing :P

  • Naimah

    I recently enrolled my 2.5 year old in karate classes twice a week. Parents of newcomers are encouraged to do the class with their children to help them stay focused and motivated. So, I will be doing that for my ARD. Also, I have been one day behind on the workouts (I re-did one of the recent routines and found I was slower this time – maybe because those muscles had already been trained) so I will do the Carry Out workout early tomorrow morning before anyone else is up. My next ARD will probably be a long walk with the stroller plus playing at the park. If it’s too hot for that, maybe we’ll dance around indoors or something fun like that.

    Thank you so much for telling us about your breast augmentation. You really seemed to be opening up to us about that. I have gotten so much confidence in my outward appearance and physical strength since I started working out in March. I started in June and my results and physical confidence have soared. I used to want fake boobs because I thought I needed something to make me look more feminine. Now, after deflating from pregnancy and breastfeeding and then beginning a whole new life routine with working out and eating better, I’ve been riding the fence on augmentation. I feel that if I got them, then it would be a reward for having gotten so much stronger and faster. But, my confidence is so good and I honestly look more feminine (more curves, more of a booty, more cleavage, sharper facial features) and maybe I don’t need the reward. Also, it’s super expensive and there’s the recovery time during which I couldn’t Bodyrock my heart out! Right now, it’s a “no” for me. But, I’m still thinking about it. Once the area under my belly button flattens out a bit more, my mind could change again. ;)

    Thanks again, Zuzana, for sharing your story with us.

  • Ash

    Wow I’m totally shocked. I had no idea that you had that done. I just thought you were blessed.

    It does ease my mind about what it would be like to have a more fuller chest. I thought if I had bigger boobs it’d be more pleasing for a mate, but in reality doesn’t matter.

    Thanks for the insight on the matter.

  • Hajar

    I am Saudi Girl
    You are my inspiration
    This Exercise is very difficult Is there a special exercise for beginners?…Thank you

  • MiAe

    Looks like a simple great workout. I will try tomorrow and post my score.

  • michelle

    wow-just finished day 3!!! those pike press/pike jump/jump ups are not as easy as they look!!

    thanks so much for posting!!!

    ps–i finally programmed the gymboss just right!!

  • Kristina

    Hi! I just found you and cannot wait to try a workout (probably tomorrow, tonight was Spin and Yoga). I really liked your “Coffee Talk” – I have been going back and forth about my boobs for almost 6 yrs… I’m glad you were honest about the recovery because everyone seems to leave that bit out.

  • http://Rifleman11000 Rifleman11000

    Great coffee talk. Confidence and self-esteem comes from within not your pyshical appearence. Thanks for your honesty and good advice.

  • Gemz

    Hi Zuzana, I like your colorful graphic pants today. It’s a nice splash of colors/designs from the monotone Lululemon workout gear. Not many people can pull off something like that, because if you have big flabby thighs, it’s not going to rock on you.

    I’m so glad you talk about boobs and confidence today. You are so right about being confidence from within. I am a small size and always wanted more. BA is the last thing on my mind because I was too chicken to go under the knife.

    I have managed to grow it naturally by about 2″, meaning to load up on food and gain weight. But I was not prepared to accept myself being out of shape, so I did not let myself go far enough to grow more. Lucky I found you or else I won’t know if I would ever lose those extra inches in the mid section. Right now I just work on keeping my boobs healthy, in shape and not sag. Small can be beautiful too.

    Recently I saw an ad on the papers about a kind of filler for breasts enlargement without having to go under the knife. I thought it’s a brilliant idea. So for those who are interested, you may like to google for it.

    • Euthie

      Thanks so much for this info, it helps a lot. I never knew they were looking into non-surgical breast fillers now. This will help me loads in the future, hopefully. Thank you.

  • Lia

    Hi! When do you usually workout? I always seems to have issues finding the right time: just ate = too full, or too late and have no energy.
    workout looks great! XD

  • Vivian

    Hi Zuzanna! Thank you for sharing your experience about your breast augmentation. I breast feed 4 children each for over a year. My beautiful C cup breast have drastically deflated. Although I am toned everywhere else my breast are a real disappointment when I look in the mirror. How did find a surgeon that you could trust? I am very nervous at the thought of letting somebody cut on my body.

  • Virginea

    Love the new format with quick, precise directions!!

  • Tegan

    Amazing workout! Could only squeeze out 3 cycles cause my legs are literally jelly and not doing anything I tell them too! Love the coffee talks! I’m going to make saturday (or your friday) my day off however I play social soccer on that day so I’ll get a good run around for 40min :)

  • Klaudia

    Hi everyone.
    I have a quick question. I dont have a sandbag but i still want to increase the difficulty of the lunges. What can i use instead of a sandbang?

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      This exercise is actually already challenging and if you try for maximum reps, you will get all of the benefits from this exercise.

    • Starla

      I’ve been using my kettle ball in place of the sandbag. It’s been working great but I plan to make my own sandbag soon too so we’ll see how that goes.

    • Victoria

      I use my dog to do the reaching toe touch ab crunches. But if your not fortunate enough to have a 12 lb chihuahua available a sack of rice will do. If its not in a burlap sack throw it in a pillow case, tie it off with a rubber band! Shazam! You have a weight bad :)

      • Aphrodite

        HAHAH thats the funiest thing ive heard so far.

    • Marcela

      Hi! I used a rucksack with three two-litre bottles of water on my back… It worked well :)

      • becca

        do forward/backward lunges and JUMP UPS
        its super intense
        you lunge foward with your right leg, then bring your right knee up and jump up with your left leg only, then drop your right leg to back lunge, then bring right knee up and jump with left leg… repeat and same except opposite for other side

  • Christine M.

    LOVE J.T. and Timbaland! I workout to my Lady Gaga channel on Pandora and it’s the best when Justin T. pops up. Going to stick with the schedule this week even though my arse is sooo sore. The sandbag workouts are a killer; I don’t have one, but I’ve been using 16 lbs. in handweights.

    You both are doing such a wonderful job! High five!

  • mél

    Me for my ARD, I work!! :S

  • M-Pi

    I think this coffee talk was very courageous of you. It was a very positive and powerful message. Thank you

  • Carmen

    Can’t see the music video either… It’s not available in my country (Germany), but I know the song anyway and I like it :)

    I just wanted to say Hi and thank you for the workouts and tips you share with us! And mainly I wanted to thank you for being such a great inspiration!!!
    I study sports at the Uni and am therefore pretty active, well… usually.. but I have some very important exams in a few weeks and have been at home for about 6 weeks now to study. I haven’t had the time to go to the gym or do anything else to stay in shape, so I was very happy when I found your side.

    I just love your workouts!!! Not only because they are time-saving and I can do them at home, it’s totally effective! I never had a sore like this for years… and I never had so much fun doing strength workouts!!!

    Your challenge this week is awesome and I can’t wait to see what’s next!!! :)

    So thanks a lot for doing what you do and especially being the person you are!!! :)

    Best, Carmen

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’m gonna save this workout for Friday since I do a heavy leg workout on that day so perfect timing! :) Speaking of self-confidence, I want to credit you for giving me mine through this awesome website you provide. I’ve been able to keep 20LBs off my body since beginning this adventure with you last November. My body looks better than it did back in high school. What a difference some muscular curves does to ones’ self esteem ;) Are you gonna do a house tour anytime soon?

  • Devery Andrews

    Your outfit changes during todays workout video :) I really enjoy the thorough descriptions of how to perform the exercises properly.

  • Nicole D Lopez

    Wow Zuzana, this Coffee Talk really hit the spot. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting a BJ, but I remember you saying in a comment a while back about how terribly painful it was and how you couldn’t workout properly for the longest time. I think I am less than an A-cup (I wear only sports bras) and I’ve never had problems with guys liking me, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to look a little more feminine and fill out my clothes. I am on my way to looking like you with your big beautiful muscles, but I am a little nervous about people not being able to see that I’m a girl lol. I’ve actually talked to some guys about this briefly and all of the athletic ones are totally against it. They think that natural is the way to go. It’s usually only the more out-of-shape guys who would want bigger boobs for a girl. I’ve noticed this pattern since middle school and I am now in my 4th year of college.
    I really really like that you mentioned the self-esteem aspect. You are so influential and so incredible that I’m sure if you told us all to get boob jobs, we would lol. It means a lot to me that you would be so honest and not shy away from the pain you had and the fact that you were wrong when you thought it would help your confidence. I feel like getting a BJ would be as fun as dying my hair a new color. I don’t feel ugly being flat-chested at all, but having bigger breasts might be a fun change. I’m just afraid I would want to go back and forth lol.
    Anyway, I really appreciate this Coffee Talk and you putting in your own personal experience. It really helped me out :)

    P.S. 3:41 in the video is really funny with Cali just staring at you and I am on my way to try this one out now :)

    • Janet

      I agree with you on the back and forth…I always like being able to switch my mind when I am over something. I could just envision me waking up with monster boobs one morning and feeling like they were OMG foreign objects. Or worse, loving them to death and feeling like I needed more and more enhancing and plastic surgery! So I just wear pads when I get the urge to look busty in some outfit…then when I do sports I am so happy to be flat! Cheaper and less painfu, too. Plus now BJs are commonplace…and everyone can tell whether they are real or not. And at my ripe old age it would look strange to have anti gravity boobs when the rest of me has succumbed to gravity more or less :)

  • Euthie

    About the Coffee Talk…I am losing a great deal of weight, and my ultimate goal will probably leave me with either very small boobs, or very deflated ones, lol. I wanted implants to boost them…or even just a reduction/lift, but am scared about the down time. The idea of not being able to do my choice of workouts would really bother me, but I think the excess skin will probably bother me more. We will see. I’d really like a lift, but it’s not only the downtime, but the cost as well. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have read on other sites where the women were sneaking in their workouts 4-6 WEEKS after the surgery, and going at it full steam…I’d probably want to do the same, but would be scared shitless to try it.

    • Sally

      I have gotten two bra sizes smaller from these workout. I now realize just how much far are in breast.

  • Pamela

    I am planning a four mile walk for ARD.

  • Cortney

    Next Monday, Labor Day, I’m hoping to go tubing and kneeboarding out on the lake! I did tubing on Sunday and my arms and chest are STILL sore..and that’s just from about 20 minutes total! I’m hoping to do some kneeboarding so I can incorporate a total body workout just to keep balanced!

    Great workouts by the way…12 minutes goes by so fast when you’re jamming to good music while working out so hard and fast. Love it!

  • Pamela

    I love your coffee talks. I hope you continue them.

  • Devery Andrews

    Great coffee talk today, couldn’t agree more regarding your thoughts on self-confidence.

    • Lucka

      Agreed! Z, you are a special lady to me, even though I have not met you personally! Yes, you have my dream body, but Iam not following this blog just because of that.
      It is your Self Confidence and Passion for what you do that keeps me captivated and inspired!
      There are many women out there with great boobs, but that is really irrelevant unless you are shining beauty from inside, as you do so well!
      Cheers to you Zuzana and all of us out there who are doing the hard work of taking care of their bodies, which in turn produces TRUE Self Confidence :)

  • Valerie

    The music video isnt available :(

  • Nicole D Lopez

    The video is set to “private” :(

  • Leah

    Hello. I was wondering how to view the video since it is private and I do not have a youtube account. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Rachel

    Hi Suzann i am trying to view the new workout for today but when i click on play it says that it is can i do it to see video thanks i am a very big fan before i found your site i never liked to workout but now i enjoy it you are a great inspiration to young women thanks.

  • Juany

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’m unable to see the video. Its giving me a private video message.

  • audrey

    workouts are great..but please remember that some of us can’t jump (not cuz we’re not fit enough..but we have knees that just don’t like it)
    i had my active day off today and went for an awesome bike ride all along the water front…beach drive and beyond.

    • Gemz

      Hey Audrey, my knees are like that too. Recently I had to rest 6 weeks to get the sore out of the way completely. I have recently put on sneakers and thick socks but I still take it easy with the jumps. Definitely improved the situation, but I’m still careful not to hurt my knees again.

    • Kayla

      I’ve been having issues with shinsplints, so I’ve simply been modifying the exercises to include squats instead of jumps. The intensity isn’t exactly the same, but it’s still quite close and my heart rate is up and I’m sweating no matter what.

  • Julie

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  • michelle taylor

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  • Emilie

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  • Megan

    I can’T view your video. It says it’s a private video…Can you change the settings?!
    Zuzana I just wanted to say you are awesome and you make it easier for us to keep in shape and you make it fun that even those who don’t like to workout keep coming back to try out a new workout. You inspire me!

    • Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      Sorry guys my mistake – you should be able to watch the video now.

      • Devery Andrews

        Working great now, thxs!

      • Sunshine

        Zuzana, you are such an inspiring, encouraging, truthful, positive person.. What you have is rare… I just wanted to cry when you had your coffee talk because that is “real talk” not telling someone what they want to hear. I think I connect with you so much because I have a similar spirit, temperament, and outlook… It’s always encouraging to see others who possess this as well because often times you can feel alone or misunderstood or that others just dont “get it” or “get YOU” (where your heart, truth, and empathy come from). Thanks for telling the truth Zuzana and just being you!