Sep 5 2010

Smoking Hot Body Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Unfortunately we are having technical problems with our site since yesterday which has really slowed everything down. I have a workout for you that you were suppose to do on Saturday, however if you do it on Sunday, the world won’t collapse. Right now it’s 11.40pm and I can’t believe that we are still working on this post and waiting for the videos to be ready. Our goal for the next week is to have these workouts ready and posted for you guys before 12pm of PDT (pacific daylight time). Hopefully the site will be fixed and running like an Omega watch.

Today’s workout was a 300 rep time challenge. There are 6 exercises and you will be doing 50 reps for each exercise. I managed to complete this workout in 29 minutes and 33 seconds – it was a really long workout compared to most of my routines, but it doesn’t hurt to shake things up a little every once in a while ;)

You will need your Gymboss Interval Timer and if you are looking for an extra boost in intensity, you can use the Sandbag. I was using my 35 pound Sandbag for some of the exercises which made the entire workout a lot harder. Watch my workout video above to see the intensity and how hard I was pushing myself. I want you to push yourself just as hard and I don’t care if you hate me for this. I want to see results BodyRockers!

Workout Breakdown

Time: ?min.Workout Type: Time ChallengeExercises: 5
  • Prisoner Jump Lunge50 reps
  • One Leg Push Up25 reps each leg
  • Sandbag Mini Squats50 reps
  • Reptile On The Run50 reps
  • One Arm Press Up25 reps each arm

Get your gear for this workout here:


Set your Gymboss Interval Timer as a stop watch – your goal is to complete this workout as fast as you can. You will be doing these 6 exercises in this exact order:

1. Prisoner Jump Lunge – 50 reps

2. One Leg Push Up – 25 reps on each leg

3. Mini Squats (with or without Sandbag) – 50 reps

4. Reptile On The Run – 50 reps

5. Get Up (with or without Sandbag) – 25 reps on each side

6. One Arm Press Up – 25 reps on each arm

Watch my instructional video to see the proper form of each exercise and modifications for beginners.


Zuzana and Freddy.


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  • Lucy gray

    Thank you so much for such a great blog.

    aspire nautilus

  • Mollie Vita

    24:59 with a 40 pound sandbag!!!!!

  • Mollie Vita

    27:13 first time!! 40 pound sandbag for everything!

  • Brittany verner

    My time was 10 minutes and 52 seconds but I couldn’t do the one arm press ups fully. I just pushed my upper body up with one hand. Great workout though. I can’t wait to work up my strength to do the last exercise.

  • Jeeplover01

    I completed this beast of a workout in 23.32 min with a 40 lbs sb!! I beat my old score which was 27 min with a 30 lbs bag! Awesome workout!!! I recently quit smoking too, its been 3 months, it was the hardest but most satisfying thing i have ever done!!!! The cravings are all mental, just busy yourself with something else! Good luck to anyone out there quitting!!!!

  • Annebelwind

    Finished it in 28.05 min. Used about 13 kg sandbag for all weighted exercises.. The get ups were the hardest…

  • Anonymous

    hey!  just finished this one in 21 min 56 sec!  the one arm press ups took me the longest!  I did the pushups alternating in bunches rather than all on one side then the other.  I had 16 lbs in my “sandbag” for the mini squats only.  no weight on get ups, still have to use my hands slightly.  jump lunges I also hold on to a desk. and my reptiles aren’t very low! lol

    also did a burpee for erin!

  • Anonymous

    hey!  just finished this one in 21 min 56 sec!  the one arm press ups took me the longest!  I did the pushups alternating in bunches rather than all on one side then the other.  I had 16 lbs in my “sandbag” for the mini squats only.  no weight on get ups, still have to use my hands slightly.  jump lunges I also hold on to a desk. and my reptiles aren’t very low! lol

    also did a burpee for erin!

  • Anonymous

    hey!  just finished this one in 21 min 56 sec!  the one arm press ups took me the longest!  I did the pushups alternating in bunches rather than all on one side then the other.  I had 16 lbs in my “sandbag” for the mini squats only.  no weight on get ups, still have to use my hands slightly.  jump lunges I also hold on to a desk. and my reptiles aren’t very low! lol

    also did a burpee for erin!

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      nice time Tee…this is a real hard one…I remember feeling like a turtle stuck on my back trying to get up with a 25 lb SB….LOL

      • Anonymous

        that’s why I didn’t use weight lol, help me I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          yes, the first couple of times I did it I didn’t use weight, and then I thought, well if that skinny little thing can do it with a 35 lb bag, I’ll give it a go too…wanted to drop it, but pride is so damn strong…LOL…I used 25 lb I think….and I still need a hand assist to get up, my body just doesn’t fold up like it used to

          • Anonymous

            my trouble is the last couple inches down, I have to put my hand down as otherwise I drop on my tailbone, and also have to push at the same point up. I guess it’s a flexibility issue. I might get there yet!

            • Gerri Lee Schafer

              I’m ok getting down, but up….I can’t fold my legs under enough to get leverage….flexibility issue for sure…LOL…can’t even blame that one on age…I’ve never been that flexible

  • petra

    i done it,but just 290x time about 35min………………………… hard petra london

  • JessJN

    I repeated this tonight, but subbed dumbbells for the sandbag.  I walked to the farthest gym at our apartment & thought it might rain on the way back…I didn’t want to get drenched with the bag on a long cold walk!

    I did this in Sept in 28:25.  I beat my time tonight with 23:51, BUT I did most of the 1-leg push-ups off my knees (all but 8).  In Sept I did more of them full.  I used a 5# DB for the get ups & a set of 15# (30# total) for the mini squats.

    Followed with 51min run/walk.

  • Kay

    had to cut the workout short today. its now 12:20am and thats way too late to be working out. 

    I did everything full except for the 1 leg pushups (did 25 only), the 1 arm pushups (did 25 only), get ups (25 only)

    • Kay

      oops forgot my time. time for 225 reps 12 mins 50 secs. 

  • Hannah

    I’m a super new beginner and have a fair amount of weight to lose. I only managed the first 4 exercises and in just under 10 mins. But I’m not giving up on it already, helllll nooo!! I’m trying it again on Wednesday… it won’t defeat me :p Love this site already xx

  • Larism Mrgc

    just completed this workout in 16 minutes and DIED. you guys I showered and IM STILL SWEATING! I had to cheat and complete the last exercise using both my arms ’cause I felt a little bit of pain on my lower back. apart from that great great workout. 

  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    I did this yesterday before my Thanksgiving meal!  the first time I did this I got 31:31; the second, 26:12, and yesterday, 24:30!  I’m totally excited about my score.  Also, on the get ups I made sure to only hold one hand on the sandbag, and very minimally–if at all–use my other hand to get up.  Once my leg got into position, no more help from my hands.

    Great pre-turkey feast workout!  :)

  • Ms.Giginka

    I enjoyed this workout as never before any of I have done… Now I’m after that and I feel so so amazing!! :) my time is 28:26 my first time :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi there

    today I did this workout and it took me 21:32 minutes…but I didn’t do all my get ups with sandbag, only first 5 and last 5 on both sides..but still I am very happy with my score…I was wet wet wet wet…
    thanks again for everything…

    kisses to you all

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi guys,

    My score from this one yesterday… time: 28.56 minutes.. Feel proud.. Only used much lighter weight.. Used 10kg for the mini squats, and only 5 kg for the get ups.. I never did get ups with a weight before, so it is an improvement.. thanx guys.. Great workout.. As allways..

  • Mary Lou

    I did this one yesterday in 25:25! :35 seconds faster than last time on 9/24. 20 lbs in my sandbag and man those get ups are killer. I looked like a lobster by the time I was done with those 1 arm press ups and felt like jello. Happy Thanksgiving Bodyrockers! I’m taking the day off but will be right back at it with ya tomorrow!

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    19:22 w/ 32.5 SB for squats and 22.5 SB for the get ups.  I was at 5 minutes until I got to the get ups….they took me about 10 minutes…the one arm press is really hard too

  • Mmghia

    My time for this was 23:39.  I had a devil of a time with the One Arm Press Up.  My back is not very flexable so it’s like Im pushing up a board.  Need to work on those.

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    If even @d7086caed004c5dcd963452cb7f1e9c5:disqus says that the one arm press ups are hard, what can we say?
    I was quite proud of myself finishing the first “half” of the workout within about 5 minutes but oh boy, I slowed down at the reptiles, I had to take mini breaks after the first 20, at the 30th and the 40th rep. The sandbag get ups were fine, I really like them, but the one armers were utter hell. After the first 10 I literally collapsed after ever second press up.

    Still I did an OK time with 22:26.

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    If even @d7086caed004c5dcd963452cb7f1e9c5:disqus says that the one arm press ups are hard, what can we say?
    I was quite proud of myself finishing the first “half” of the workout within about 5 minutes but oh boy, I slowed down at the reptiles, I had to take mini breaks after the first 20, at the 30th and the 40th rep. The sandbag get ups were fine, I really like them, but the one armers were utter hell. After the first 10 I literally collapsed after ever second press up.

    Still I did an OK time with 22:26.

    • Lenka Slovakia

      Love your coment even if Maria says :} LOL….

      • Anonymous it is like…”ok, first I am going to see what Maria is saying, or her scores and then I will know what to expect”..she is like our own star here on the side..(if we are not talking about our great hosts)…we will have to have Maria fun club…:)))
        Seriously I think you are all great…
        and of course,as always–kisses to you all!!!…:))))

        • MariaBjørgJepsen

          It is much too much, you girls are so incredible I can’t even describe it. You make me feel so lucky every day, and truly greatful from my heart that I have met you here <3 I can just feel we will be friends, motivators and supporters on forever!
          All my Love, Maria

          • Anonymous

   is not so much when you think about that..your scores are soooooo incredible that we are just blown away every time…
            we’ll stop when you stop…that means never..:)))

            but, I really hope that one day in our lives we will meet,all together…!!

            • MariaBjørgJepsen

              ME TOO!!!! One of my biggest dreams, sweetie :) Will you write me an e-mail when you get time? No stress, I would just love to hear more from you.
              Have a GREAT weekend!!!
              Love, Maria

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      You are the dearest :) Very funny!
      Much Love!

      • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

        And you are the BEST!
        Your truly inspired fan

        • MariaBjørgJepsen

          NO, you are the best for even refering to me in your personal update, Sunci! I am so moved, thrilled and happy, words can’t desripe it. I hope we will be friends and Bodyrock supporters for life :)
          Love, Maria

          • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

            You can count on me, I’m hooked for life. Hey, next time there is no new workout posted on the site, would you like to check out my 1001 abs workout I posted on I wonder how long (how short) it would take you to race through it. I think you might like it, I truly had a great time doing it.

          • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

            You can count on me, I’m hooked for life. Hey, next time there is no new workout posted on the site, would you like to check out my 1001 abs workout I posted on I wonder how long (how short) it would take you to race through it. I think you might like it, I truly had a great time doing it.

  • Terrylillyd

    Wow, brutal! I have to admit, when I first watched the video, I was really scared! And rightly so, because ouch! Lol. But it was so worth it! :) :)

    I finished exactly 25:00 on the dot! For me, that was good :)
    Plus a burpee for Erin!

    I’m full of energy now! Thank you so much!

  • Tori Larson Bradford

    I finished in 21 :12.  I had to do about 15 of the one leg pushups on one knee and on the prisioneer get ups I only used a sandbag on 10 of them (I was in a time crunch and needed to get done fast).  I also used my other arm for balance on the one arm pushups.

  • Cindy

    28 minutes for me. KIller workout! I did 5 HEALING Burpees for Erin.

  • Ashes45

    This work out was so much work but I loved it!! I was wondering if you do more workouts on top of the daily workout????

  • Submarinehomesickblues

    Just nailed this badboy in 15:12.  One for Team GB.  Post some Life & Travel news soon, Zuzka, we miss you!  xx Michael

    • Submarinehomesickblues

      Scratch that, I missed out the Sandbag Get Ups (because it wasn’t on the Breakdown).  Damnit!  Oh well, it was a solid 15-minute workout anyway…

  • Anonymous

    I finished this workout in 13:34.
    For the Get Ups I used 35 pounds for half and a 2 liter water bottle for the rest.

    Plus 20 min interval skip and 10 Burpees for Erin!
    Tomorrow (Thanksgiving) I’m looking forward to do the “Try this at Home” workout before I enjoy the day with my family :)

  • Anonymous

    hey guys i just did this
    my last time in the end of september was 23:51 without sandbag, this time with a 5kg sandbag i did it in 22:10 woot woot! Tho i still had to finish the last 10 one leg pushups from my knees. :( but still. I improved! 

  • Anonymous

    omg – my shoulders burn so much *haha* greeeeat!

    I am so happy – I beat the last time from sept.24,2011 (=21:15min) … today this workout took me 17:15 min *yeeeah* (i used my 11kg SB)! I am so proud and thankful!! thank you so much, guys!!!!

    + Burpee for Erin!<3

    nice day bodyrockers!!!


    What a great workout Zuz!!!!   I thought I did this one back in September but I can’t find my records in my journal so I guess I didn’t…?? lol

    5 Daily Burpees!

    My time was= 25:40  (25 lbs SB)
    I was only at 7 minutes half way through the workout (I found the first half easy).  Most of my time was DEF spent on the “Get Ups”…..I not only find those a little tough but oh my gosh SOOOO BORING! lol That is defs where I lost my time…… 
    I luv’d the One Arm Press Ups!!  

    Have a great day BODYROCKERS!  
    I look forward to seeing Kyla for tomorrow’s workout!!!
    CHEERS!  :)

  • Bohdanam

    18:38 min ( 35.6 lbs bag)
    25:50 min  sept. 5th/’10
    5 B’s for all

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been doing the same thing! today I did 2 of the workouts and then went for a short 15 min jog and when i got back I had burned 605 calories! :-0 And that’s why i love body rock lol

  • Anonymous

    Just did this for the first time. Did the hot body workout right before it too. I thought for sure this would tak me an hour lol but my time surprisingly was 26:04! Not bad for the first time! I loved the one arm press ups.  I never in a million years thought I’d be able to do those and yet I did!  I felt so powerful! this workout was so SICK!

  • Anonymous

    ok, i wasn’t paying attention–i did prisoner get-ups, no hands (soooo hard!)

    and i beat my time!
    last time: 22:46
    this time: 18:31!!

    plus five burpees for erin and co :) )

  • Samanthina

    Hi,guys i did this about half an hour ago in 17:53 min. unfortunately i had forgotten to write my old score from 5th sept. :( And of course at the end i did a burpee for Erin.

    Thanks a lot,Zuzka and Freddy!
    Good night,guys! :)

  • GoustiFruit

    20’25. I spent an incredible time on the One Arm Press Up *right* arm, every two reps I had a cramp in my butt that made me jump all around trying to make it go away ! I was laughing as I couldn’t do anything else ! Strangely, after that I had no problem with the left arm.

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      That sounds so hilarious, ha ha ha :) Hope your butt is fine now :D

  • Lenka Slovakia

    23:18- on get ups just plain
    The last time i did this 21.9.2011 an i manage to do it in 26 min

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    11:37 with my 15 kilo sandbag in the squats. I held my 5 kilo Gymball in all the Get-Ups. Those One Arm Press Ups were really hard after 15 reps on each arm!

    Love, Maria

    • Anonymous

      Jeah..really hard for you…I mean really..11 minutes????????????????

      I have a song for you my friend,hope you will enjoy it.. (it is kind of funny..but you know me:))))

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        HA HA HAAAA, Thank you SO MUCH, sweetheart!!! Love, love, love your great humour :)

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi everyone,

    Wil do this one tonight.. Most of the time I am slow.. So I will see what it’s going to be tonight.. Will post my scores aswell…

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      Are you okay, Annebel? you sound sad, in some kind of way. I never see you as being “slow”, you often make great scores!!!
      Cheer up!
      Love, Maria

      • Annebel Wind

        Thanx Maria,

        I am not sad, but maybe a bit hard on myself.. Wil try to be a bit nicer to myself.. thanx for reminding me.. Love Annebel.

      • Annebel Wind

        Thanx Maria,

        I am not sad, but maybe a bit hard on myself.. Wil try to be a bit nicer to myself.. thanx for reminding me.. Love Annebel.

  • Mmghia

    This is a training question. If I take this workout and cut the reps in half for the first round and then do a second round  is it just as benefical as doing the workout just like it is?  

    • GoustiFruit

      I think it’s not the same: I can easily do 5×10 lunges if I do something else in between; but doing 50 lunges in a row is way harder, even with small breaks… You’re not pushing the same way, so considering this is a time challenge, it is important to do it the way it is meant to be.
      But you should not worry about your time, what’s important is to give your max effort, even if you can’t finish it, and next time you’ll try to do better.

  • Angel S.

    When I did this workout for the first time back in September of 2010 my time was 36:42.  I just completed this workout tonight and my new time is…..wait for it…..27:12 with a 35lb sandbag!!!!!!  Holy Smokes!  I am so amazed at the improvement!  Thank you Zuzana, you’re the reason I have not wavered a single day in my commitment to a healthier life in the last 18 months!  I found you on May 12, 2010 and I am a devoted BodyRocker!

    • Mmghia

      Awesome time and with that weight in your sandbag GREAT JOB! 

  • Sarah G

    22:27, I beat my old PB’s! Yaaaaay! :D I did my best form, with 20 lbs in my sandbag, all toe push ups (with some breaks of course ;P), and did 12-13 get ups with my sandbag on each side, so I did about half of them with extra weight. After that, I felt like a turtle trying to get off of it’s back. lol Hence the modification. For the one arm press ups, I was doing good until the last 10. I was taking breaks again, and did them in chunks per arm, starting with 10, then 5, then another 5, etc. The final 10 though I did with 2 arms :( Maybe next time I will be able to power on through! :) Thanks for the killer workout! I felt soooo good after completing that!

  • Welbeloved Akulas

    Great workout Z! Is there anyway we can download these vids?

  • Anonymous

    Great workout! Really challenging. I did it in about 34 minutes. Thanks a lot:)

  • Stephanie Casey

    I always find it hard to workout with my 18 month old, but then i was like wait i will somehow add him in , and since i don’t have a sand bag…. bingo he became my “sandbag”.  he got his mommy baby time uninterrupted and in return my work out became a lil more difficult with the squirming… :)  

  • Miss Rebecca

    Two words:  F***ING BRUTAL!!  I’m still shaking…  :-)

  • Luke Says No

    my Score:
    Time Challenge
    ONE LEG PUSH UP – 25 reps each leg
    REPTILE ON THE RUN – 50 reps
    ONE ARM PRESS UP – 25 reps each arm
    Total Time: 19m37s

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  • Gerrilee Schafer

    Watch out for the pool of sweat after this one!!!!!  I used 30 lb for the squats and 20 lb for the get ups.  The first 4 exercises I didn’t any problem with, but the get ups…, after lying on my back like a turtle trying to get up….finally got the form down so I could get up, wanted to quit using the SB after 10 reps, but pushed through and finished both sides using it……the one arm PU were OK for the first 10-12, then a real killer, but did the whole thing with proper form.  24:22

  • V.I.G.

    20,13  9 kg Sandbag, Push Up on my knees, and not reptile, but plank position( straight arms….it was tuff for me today, but I’m happy cause I did it:)

    Wish you  all amazing Bodyrocker’s a  fantastic weekend!


  • V.I.G.

    I used to smoke, and drink at parties when i was in my twenties, it was something “everybody” did. Then  I  meet some very cool  witch did not drink or smoke at all. I was so impressed by that,  I wanted to be like that too.  I wanted to be smart, independent about my choices, and do what was best for me. No matter what other people did, or thought of me. I did slip, I wasn’t a straight road, but like you Zuzana I also realised it did not go well with the lifestyle, and training habits that I was developing, so I manage to quit completely.   

  • ulla

    I. HATE. One-arm-press ups.
    Completed the first five exercices in 21.07 reasonable minutes. The entire workout took me 34.44 minutes. So what’s wrong with this picture?

  • Anonymous

    I was doing pretty good on time until the one arm press ups. Wow, those killed me and really slowed me down. And apparently my left arm is quite weaker than my right as I had to “modify” by helping myself come down each time with the use of a finger (was trying my hardest to use as little support as possible). Well at least I didn’t have to modify with the right. And so I ended up with a time of 31.54 with a 30lb sandbag for the mini squats and get ups (not great, but not bad either). Thanks as always.

  • Anonymous

    9/25/11: 28:35 + 4 min 10/20 skipping.

    I used 20 # DB for the mini squats (40# total), my 8# dynamax ball for the jump lunges, & the same ball for the get ups.


  • Courtney

    This may sound weird, but I really love the workout videos where you struggle. It shows that you’re human and really pushing hard. Sometimes the workouts look really easy, and then when I start them I find that I’m struggling, and collapsing and swearing about how hard they are. It’s more real to me to see you struggle too. Plus I find it more motivating, because like you I mumble to myself about how hard it is, and then I pick myself back up and keep going. But I just think, in general, its really awesome to see that you collapse, or lose your balance, too.

  • Hal

    Great workout.  Mt time 25:19 so I was pleased.  35 lb. sandbag used as well.  The get ups were incredibly hard.  I didn’t expect that but I hit the Brutus wall at that point.  Kept pushing through though.

    Thanks again for a great workout.


  • Anonymous

    I used 40 pounds for the squats and 30 for the get ups…I though they were the most time consuming but the one arm press ups killed me!:)

  • Samantha R

    I finished in 21:15 today and my previous time was 28:35.  Used my sandbag which is between 12 and 13 kilos.  My reptile on the run was like 100% compared to last year when I couldn’t really bend my elbows – they were at 90 degrees today so I’m well chuffed.  Sx

  • Мария Давлеева

    18:03. Used 10kg for mini squats & get ups. 

  • Sara_hare

     Good job – this is a particularly brutal one!

  • Sara_hare

    21:50 bodyweight only. I did prisoner get-ups. Man they took a long time. And the one-armed press-ups almost had me in tears…. I am DRENCHED in sweat.

    • Sara_hare

      And one burpee for Erin – almost face-planted in the push up because my arms are like jelly now. :)

  • ZoeRocker

    This was brutal!!! I finished it in 22:16. I don’t have a sandbag so I used two 5lb free weights on each shoulder and did prisoner get ups which were super hard! I felt like a wimp after watching Zuz do it with 35lbs!! The press ups are so slow at the end. My arms are jelly. Thanks for a wicked routine as always.

  • Anonymous

    I’m my own wet t-shirt contest.  Gross.  Finished in 20:50 with a 15kg (33#) sb.  i knew the get-ups and the press-ups were going to be hard, but I wasn’t prepared for the reptile on the run.  Thank god I was only about 6″ off the ground, because I kept face-planting toward the end.  That exersize was KILLER!

    I was a heavy smoker for 11 years from 1987-1998.  I smoked at least a pack a day, more if I was going out with friends, but I was never a smoker in the mornings.  For some reason I just couldn’t do it.  I more than made up for it in the afternoons, but wierd, right?  I met a girl (now my wife) in ’95 at a new years party.  She wasn’t (and still isn’t) smoker.  I didn’t quit for her, but she was really supportive when I did quit, and according to her, I wasn’t much fun to be around for a couple of months.  But she stood by me and apart from a few drags at the beginning, I never smoked again.  Funny thing is, even after 13 years, I still miss it sometimes.  Pretty powerful addiction, isn’t it?  Bottom line is that if you’re going to quit, you have to be really determined to do it, and it really helps to surround yourself with people who support you.

    I think my inspiration was my grandmother.  She was one of the strongest people I have ever known.  She emigrated from China when she was a baby, never learned to read or write in any languaage, but managed to raise 5 kids and run 3 successful restaurants (my grandfather passed away when my dad was a kid).  She was a smoker for almost 60 years and quit cold tukey in her 70s.  She was completely independent and lived in her own apartment until she had to be hospitalized.  She died of lung cancer when she was 88.

  • Cindy

    I did it in 27 minutes but for the get ups, I only did with weight the first 10 rep. I just used my bodyweight  to complete the rest. This workout was like a mental and strength test for me because I feel like quitting at the end of the workout. This is the main reason I love these type of workouts that make you a better person mentally and physically. You become strong as a rock!
    I did 5 HEALING Burpees for Erin

  • Mary Lou

    26 minutes even and drenched. I used only 20 lbs so kudos to you guys who can do it with 35, I would never get off the floor…  And now 60 Get Ups? Maybe I’ll drop it to 15 lbs to maintain better form as I was trying to do it without touching the floor with my arm or hand.

  • Zoe Quixote

    for some reason (???), i thought this one wasn’t going to be that hard! wow.
    and i still don’t have a mat, so it didn’t feel great, but i did it: 22:46
    plus a burpee for erin and 10 lunges for kristin!
    thanks, guys!

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  • Nina_CZ

    Once again this was super brutal!!! First 4 exercises were over super fast (I was only 9:40 in when I finished Reptile on the run), but Sandbag Getups and One Arm PressUps were NEVER ENDING!!!! My final time is 31:55. After Sandbag Getups I was 21 minutes, so it means that those getups took me OVER 10 minutes!!! It was brutal, I did this one before but I found out that I skipped the getups (they are not included in the Workout Breakdown), so that’s why my last score was so good. Oh I have one arm pressups!!! :D Great pre-lunch workout, guys! :)

    • Zoe Quixote

      i know, the get-ups are awful, right?? and look what she loaded for today :P

      • Nina_CZ

        LOL I don’t wanna do them AGAIN!!! :D My body still hurts and it is already been 5 hours :D I am gonna pick another one for this evening I think and I will do these getups possibly tomorrow morning :)  

  • Tara Fox

    dont be displeased you did your very best and thats what counts :)

  • Tara Fox

    I finished with a time of 17:35 I did as follows

    prisoner jump scissors
    one leg pushups on knees
    mini sandbag squats 10kgs
    reptile on the run with straight arms
    get up without sandbag
    one arm press ups – i love these but due to my baby belly i cant do them so i did 1 arm pushups from a seated knee position

    great workout
    burpee for erin

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    OK, got it!  You are so sweet.  Thanks a bunch, Paola.

  • Arika

    This was my first time doing this workout! And I completed it in 13:38. Half that time was spent doing the one-arm press up but I was not about to quit on the last exercise. Always good to know that even though I’m in shape, I still have things to work on. ;)

  • ♥ BodyRocker Rachel ♥

    Zuzana and Freddy,

    Fantastic workout!!

    I couldn’t do the Reptile-on-the-Run exercise… my bad knee wasn’t having it. :(

    The Get-Ups with my 12lbs sandbag were surprisingly hard… and you were right, they seemed never-ending!!

    Total time: 33:30 

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Tech question:  I’m just curious how do people add attachments when posting a comment?  I like seeing the pictures that people sometimes add, but I can’t figure out how they do it.

  • Kat

    Completed the workout in 16:11
    Prisoner jumplunge 50 reps
    One leg push UPS 25 @ leg
    SB mini square 50 reps
    Reptile on the run 50 reps
    Prisoner get UPS 50 reps
    One ARM press up 25 @ arm

  • Christine Bastien

    I have heard things about rest like that also. But then I told myself if I can move my body I will move it. But I also listen to it. I don’t use as much weight as Zuzana does. My max weight would be about 16lbs in two dumbells. I don’t own a sandbag. In the beginning, with squats and lunges I was so sored and even streched ligaments. So I would rest. But the more I did these exercises combined with 10-15 min of streching afterwards, the more I could push myself to the limit without being sore nor hurt the next days! This is another reason why diet is so important to support your training. You need all the good stuff (vitamins, minerals, good fats, good sugars and protein, etc.) to make your body strong and able to repair, construct itself fast and efficiently. In conclusion, they may be some “rules” about rest, but in the end you are the one that will really know when to rest. I think discovering our limits and pushing them is rewarding. hope that helps!

  • Menia Hondroudi

    5 burpees for Erin

  • Menia Hondroudi

    22:47 and it’s too hard!The last exercise sandbag 5kg(i can’t do with 10kg)
    Kisses Z&F!!

  • Nevaeh Light

    I remember doing this one not to long ago but…. again couldn’t find it. Anywho I did it this time in 18:59 with 30 IBS, no Mods. It was goooooood :) Thanks guys. And don’t give up on those push ups, i stayed in plank at least when I needed a rest. If anything do them from your knees and try again from plank. They were awesome and made the press ups really challenging. 

  • Samantha Robinson

    I just finished this one. I did do a lot of the modified versions of the moves but I did it and I am SO happy I finished! I could only do 15 reps on each arm of the 1 leg push ups (from my knees) so I moved on to the next exercise but at the end I finished the last 10 on each arm and feel really good about it! =D 

    I finished in 42:20

    This was Day 3 of my 50 day challenge I made for myself. I gotta get in shape for Disneyland so I can Burpee the hell out of it! =P

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    I did this one today (Thurs) instead of Friday since I had to take my window of opportunity and the new workout wasn’t up yet..and when I finished, it was up, so now I’m stoked to do it tomorrow. 

    I never thought I could do some of the exercises in here (22lb SB get ups and the one arm press up).  I don’t have the euphoric “yay, I did it feelng!” yet but just giving myself a pat on the back will do for now:)  I finished in 32:50.

  • michelle

    one word…. jeez

  • Vivi

    I tried to beat my old time but not.
    14.35 min today. But I really havt to find a solution for these get ups, because with a dumbbell it’s very painfull on the shoulders!! So i can’t go faster …:(
    The One arm press up are still killer !!!

  • Sherice Potter

    I was watching your older workouts and you had a video called “hardest push ups ever” and they were the  1 leg push ups.. I think you could only do like 4 or 5 maybe.. It was very inspiring for me to see you struggle and to see how good you are at them now.. I love doing these.. they make me feel really strong and people at the gym look at me like WTH is she doing!! I love it! I quit smoking almost 9 yrs ago and it’s the best thing I ever did.. for all those trying to quit remember that the nicotine is out of your system in 3 days and it take something like 28 days to break a habit.. I think that is the hardest part (for me anyway) the habit and all the triggers.. when I quit I started doing Taekwondo a Korean martial art and I haven’t looked back since!!

  • Jessica Carrie Flick

    That was Killer

    1. Prisoner Jump Lunge – 50 reps (2:40)
    2. One Leg Push Up (on knees) – 25 reps on each leg (5.09)
    3. Mini Squats (without Sandbag but with sleeping bag) – 50 reps (6.27)
    4. Reptile On The Run – 50 reps (9:38)
    5. Get Up (without Sandbag) – 25 reps on each side  (16.27)
    6. One Arm Press Up – 25 reps on each arm
    Burpee for Erin :)
    Total Time =24min 11 seconds 

  • Annie_B

    I did this workout first time on Sep 6,2010. Took me 29:54 mins to complete. I started with 20 lbs.on Get up.Only 10 reps in ,I had to reduce the weight to 10 lbs the last 15 reps ( on each side). I also had to modified One Arm Press Up. I did from my knees.

    Today, 1 year later, I revisited this workout. 40 lbs.barbell on Mini Squats and 25 lbs. bag for Get Up. I complete the whole routine in 27:13 mins :D I could do all 50 reps One Arm Press Up without modification!! Although, they’re still HARD. I’m sooo happy with my result. Thank you Z&F!!

  • Vivi

    I did this one for the first time. And the 2 last exercises are very hard for me !
    I used a dumbbell of 10kg, and to get up it ‘s not easy at all with the weight of course, but with the dumbbell too!!!!
    And the one arm press up still to be hard for me, not enough triceps :’(

    My time is 14.06min

  • Anonymous

    Awsome workout! Did this one in 27:24min with a 30lbs sb….those get ups were BRUTAL!!! Every time I laid down “Brutus” was over me saying “Just stay there” but I told him in some very unkind words to buzz off…lol. loved how hard this one was mentally too. AWSOME!! Feel pumped now! Thanks again!

  • Kendra

    Great workout!  I did it in 31:31.  My “sandbag” is actually really dangerous and awkward–it’s some weights wrapped in a towel in a bag, and it took me a while to get it in a good position to do the getups.  I felt like I had fallen asleep with a sleeping child on my shoulder, adn now had to get up, LOL.  

    • Kendra

      oh yeah, sandbag 30lb, no mods for anything.

  • Anonymous

    This was my second time to do this workout. My old time was 18:42, and now I did this in 17:36 mins! :)  
    I did the one leg push ups by my knee. Good workout. ♥ 

  • Erika

    Ahh! Found another favorite!!! ^.^ This workout was incredible!!! My time was 25:53. I realllllly slowed down when it came to the Get Ups and One Arm Press Up – I was DYING! It was FANTASTIC!! I don’t have a sandbag so I just used the only weight I have, a 10 lb kettle bell, for the squats. And then for the Get Ups I used the kettle bell, but didn’t use my hands at all and added a shoulder press. I did have to go down to my knees though for some of the push-ups. I need to keep working on those though so I can do it without having to go to my knees! 


  • Sarah Bowie Catto

    I did this one for the first time today- I wanted a longer workout that was tough and this one hit the spot. It took me a really long time- 39:12 but I almost quit 10 times- the get ups with 30 lbs of weight were especially brutal. I was almost crying by the end of the one arm pushups but I am proud to say I finished the entire workout. Even if it took me FOREVER…I’m proud I kept with it. Thanks!

  • KatieGoneFit

    I think this workout should be called Blood,Sweat and Tears:)
    Boy oh boy those sandbag get ups were really hard, who else here hates there sandbag?:D
    I did this workout in 26:17.

  • Anonymous

    yay! 22’14″ (I did it in 25’31″ last time) ;)

  • Luke Says No

    My Scores:
    18 x 30/10
    1. Prisoner Jump Lunge: 19, 16, 17
    2. One Leg Push Up – Alt Legs: 12, 8, 13
    3. Mini Squats (with or without Sandbag): 27, 30, 31
    4. Reptile On The Run: 23, 37, 43
    5. Get Up (with or without Sandbag) – Alt Sides: 4, 4, 5
    6. One Arm Press Up – Alt Arms: 4, 5, 6

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  • Isidora

    i did this today with no equipment meaning no sandbag or extra weight… i finished in 23:02 min… :D

  • Mighty Mouse

    6 Days Later I did this workout again and beat my previous time with 25:06 :D

  • Sasha (from Russia)

    Zuzana! This workout was very challening for me! I sweated a lot! You and Frederick both are amazing!!! I follow you since november 2009. And I’m happy!

  • http://yes anderson lopes

    sou brasileiro e vejo teus videos todos os dias em casa adoro e pratico.bjs bjs bjs…

  • Bohdana

    I was stalling with this one till october , I was too afraid of it.
    It took 25min 50s

  • emmanuel

    “6. One Arm Press Up – 25 reps on each arm”
    hey i have a question i have a back opperation and i have something call a rod in my lower back and i try this step but i cant do it with one arms but i could do it with both arms i felt the burn i had my operation when i was 11 year old so its prety old stuff but i think i am so ( what is call weak lol) for today ill try with both hand and a week form know ill try the one arms =D thank you for this help it mean alot to me and my wife

  • Alyssa

    Hey, Z, your workouts are inspiring as well as your body. i want a abs! Unfortunately there is currently a layer of skin and fat in the way of the muscle, but i feel the muscles and i know they are there. I like how your workouts don’t involve a monstrous amount of running, because at the moment, running isn’t really in my books–too time consuming. your workouts however, can be quick or long, depending on the level i suppose, but they are done in one room. I have done a portion of one of your ab workouts and already i have lost a couple pounds (i have also cut back on sugar, i couldn’t unfortunately delete it from my entire diet) but it has been working and i am on my way.

    Words from a Wisconsin Girl.

  • Penny

    I’m wondering how I did this in only 20 minutes… I feel like I did something wrong. I probably shouldn’t have done the easier variation of the reptile on the run… I did that and the squats really fast. Also I should have added weight for the get ups… I thought I was weaker. xD

    But oh well. Next time I do this workout I will know better. I was still sweating really hard. ^_^

  • marco olivares

    hello Zuzana

    I just found you on youtube and I was shocked your routines are great and something I was looking for.

    can you tell me where to start, I would like to challenge you and send you a before and after myself.

    I like your body, strong, marked and with much less volume, that’s what I want and not how.

    I hope you answer me and tell me where to start, I send a greeting from afar. (Monterrey, Mexico).

  • Maddy

    wow i am so impressed with the fitness and eating tips you are doing. I am very much looking forward to learning new things from you day by day and i am hoping i can get a body as great as yours. i just need some motivation and inspiration. i am so glad i have found your website. i am hoping this will achieve my goals for the future. Thankyou and your doing a great job!

  • Stacey

    WOW! I am a seasoned fitness specialist with over 20 years working out and training clients and this one got me sweating in no time! Didn’t think it would be that tough but, I took 35 minutes to complete. I used a weight vest instead of the sandbag and threw it over my shoulder for the Get Ups.
    Nice workouts, I will use some of these exercises with my training clients. Thanks for the ideas and great workout.

  • Twinn

    This is the first workout I have done. It took me 46 minutes!!! And I could even finish the One Arm Press Up, because I don’t have the strength for it!! I am super sore, because I really pushed myself! BUT I FEEL GREAT!! Can’t wait to do more!! Thanks again! And I hope you and Freddy keep posting videos for a long time!!

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  • Tara (colorado girl)

    I don’t know how but I did it in 21:33. I used 20lbs dumb bells for the mini squats and get ups. Not to ergonomically correct but I wanted to add some extra weight. I honestly thought I would quite at 30 reps but I pushed through! So glad I did and I feel great and accomplished. Thank you!!!

  • Mickela

    I did this workout last night, and finished in 33 minutes. the toughest part was the get up, I don’t have a sand bag and filled a sack with some weights and a few other things the bag weighed around 30 Lbs but the stuff was moving around in it and made my workout especially tough.
    I really really enjoyed the last exercise, it was tough but it gave me such a high.
    I hope you continue to challenge us with these type of workouts.
    My core is quite strong now and I can see a difference when I race on the sailboat, I don’t feel as sore after being tossed around and also when hoisting sails etc.
    diet wise I have to say I am lucky that I have an excellent diet and eating 6 meals a day is not so hard for me, I carry a bag with snacks etc. and I make most of my own food from scratch.
    My challenge is to lay off the wine, today is my 3dr day with no wine.

  • Heidie

    So I’m new to the site and I really love it so far. I use to work out all the time and I was in great shape and then I started a new job and lost my routine and stopped working out for over a year. These workouts are fantastic and challenging and I find myself using all of the easier variations. My problem is that my knees are sore and achy and I’m not sure if this is from having bad form or just the result of aches from finally working out again and building up my strength again. Any suggestions? I’m trying to listen to my body and not “push through the pain” and just do the reps until I start to feel the ache.

  • sonic

    hey baby your smokin hot !!!!!!

  • sonic

    hey zuzana your smokin hot do you mind if i makeout with you???

  • Aphrodite

    Did this today… 27:41 min..
    Modified the mini squats instead i did 1 jump squat and 1 leg side to side squat x 50. and on the get ups i used something that weighted like 5kg only lol…..
    The one leg push ups i dunno why but i felt them more on my legs!
    loved the exercises tho it wasnt intense but u could feel ur muscles working.

    thank u!

  • Odoaker

    Hi, guys! This is my first comment on this blog, although I’ve been working out with Zuzka more than half a year now. I don’t do it regularly, though. I know I know, I SHOULD, but I am not a man of ordnung :-)
    Today I decided to post, because this time it was really something. I don’t remember tougher workout.

    In the Reptile on the run I wasn’t even able to do the exercise properly because my feet (I wear shoes for volleyball) were slipping on my sweat on the lino. And I realized that you really have to have got strong arms, Zuzana! Until today I thought that I can beat you when it comes to the strength of arms. Never mind.
    From the Reptile to the end I counted every rep and especially the get up with a bag (I have got a homemade one, weighs about 20kg) was a real hard labour – I spent there almost half the time of the workout.

    To summarize it, I am trashed and scattered
    (just like in the song by A7x), thank you for that, it was sweet of you.

  • Elizabeth M.i.a.m.i

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW WOW I just did this workout and wow the last two I had to drop the sets to 10 each and my time was 18 min and 4 secs but my shoulder could not take the BURN!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  • Juan Manuel

    Hello Zuzana and Freddy, I want to thank you for your amazing videos, workouts and tips! My girlfriend Carolina and I have always enjoyed working out, I’m 33 yrs old, she’s 29 and we have just recently come upon your blog from watching youTube videos. We are both hard at work at keeping our bodies hard and I must say that these work outs are strenuous and pretty hard sometimes. I really enjoyed this workout as it was intense. I did it in 22 minutes but instead of a sandbag for the “get up” exercise I used a 15 pound dumbbell. Zuzana, you are so strong you seem like a machine! it’s really amazing! Thank you for your dedication, it’s really inspirational and helpful You always throw in some new exercises and I think that is great, variety is the best thing to work the body from all possible angles. I just love BodyRock.Tv!

  • M. Dubbs

    20 minutes and 24 seconds, though I’m worried that I didn’t do Reptile on the Run quite right. :-/ I had no way to look in the mirror and check my form, but I didn’t feel very low to the ground.

    The Get Ups took me FOREVER. I seriously felt like those were half the time. And the one arm push-ups were absolutely killing me by the end.

    Thanks for another great workout!

  • michelle (chicago, IL)

    i am pretty bum’d about not being able to finish this workout. my wrists began to hurt especially with the press’ i did 30:07:81 the get ups is what got me go’n really slow. i will do this workout again to not only finish but to better my time. thanks for a gr8 workout as always u ROCK!

    now on to the next ones (almost caught up)

  • http://[email protected] chamy


  • Bella

    I haven’t done this yet but I hate you already after watching the video haha.. this is going to kick my butt! Thanks in advance :)

    p.s. love the cameo by the deer lol

  • Sass

    I completed this workout today in 43 minutes. I found the reptile exercise very challenging. Getting up and down starts getting tough after several reps which is nice. I felt a lot of the workout in my hammies and in my core/abs area. The workout is excellent and I enjoyed performing it. I do your workouts on my dynamic workout days alternating yours and Crossfit – Thursdays and Sundays…it’s well worth it! Thanks for your wisdom and workouts…I love them all!


  • http://egypt ahmed

    hey suzana i like ur exercises and i made it in 17 mins :D is that good?

  • Paula From Oz

    Well I stumbled across this website at the beginning of the week and found myself following the workouts each day. I love them! They are quick and followed up by a nice walk I feel that they beat my 50 mins run on the treadmill and I’m not bored:) Today, however, I completed the 300 rep time challenge which took me 35mins and48 sec. I thought I could throw up!! I made it tho and I am More determined to reduce my time! So excited!!
    Can’t find a sandbag in Australia like the ones in the US?

  • mf

    Most difficult workout for me so far.

  • Pablo Garin

    Well, I’m writing here to tell you how I quited smoking.

    I used to smoke a lot, and i mean A LOT… I even smoked in the shower a couple of times, until, one time, the steam mixed with the smoke made me faint… thats how adicted i was… Sometimes I would came back from the gym feeling like hell, and i would tell to myself “i’ll never workout in my life again” and all that… well, to make the story short, one day I just decided to really taste a cigarret… and I mean relly taste it, every bit of smoke… and the only thing that i tasted was smoke and cinder… it was disgusting… after that everytime I smoked a cigarret, it pop in my mind this image of an ashtray with saliva in it… I couldnt even finish the pack before I quited… and after that I asked myself “what was the reason for smoking? why did I get started?” and I came to realize that it was just me trying to be cool, and that I’ve never liked the taste of a cigarret (not the smell, the taste)…

    Its been 2 years (give or take) since my last smoke, and i don’t even miss it… i hope this story will help to all that people who’s looking for a reason to stop smoking… its easy, the reason is: its not good, and its not tasty, you smoke cause you don’t have a reason not to, but if you really want to quit, there you have one… it’s been determined that, working out, before 3 months your body becomes nicotine free, so you shouldnt be adicted anymore…
    at least not quimically… you just have to forget the idea that smoking is cool, or sexy, cause theres nothing worst that kissing someone that tastes like that…

    If you really wanto to stop, you can stop at any moment… you just have to do it… no regrets, no looking back… just stop.

    I apologize for my writing, i’m in a hurry, but the idea is all there…


  • Elisa

    Hi Zuzana!

    Just want to let you know that I am a newcomer to your site. I am in my late 40s and have just started your workouts. You’re an inspiration to all generations. Thank you for sharing with us!


  • Sam

    What is that timer she wears called and where can I get one?

  • Eric Moss

    That’s part of the beauty of sandbags. Drop em and it doesn’t matter.


  • Charlene

    Johnny… I downloaded an Interval Timer App onto my phone!! Works great!

    Zuzanna! Thank you so much for making these videos. I just moved from Southern Cali to North Carolina AHHH I was so worried about finding a good workout out here that would compare to my bootcamp class back home. This is perfect! The only thing I ask, is could you please show your count for each excercise? Sometimes I finish with way more reps than you or way shorter so I know I must be counting each rep wrong.

    Thanks alot : )

  • http://facebook Wendy

    Holy monkey! That workout kicked my butt.
    Just when i feel like i’ve grown used to your workouts, you come up with something even more crazy. I love it!!!!!!!!! My time was awsome 24:31. But ill have to beat that time later. Yikes!! Well Zuzanna i love you even more now. I am still shaking as im typing this.
    Wendy :}

  • Amanda (Maryland)

    I must have not done this one right because it took me 15 minutes and 46 seconds. I alternated the one leg push ups for 25 total push ups. I also did 25 standard Get Ups. I had limited internet access so I had to write down quickly. Next time, I’ll be sure to do it right. :)

  • Rachel

    I know im a little late to the party here, but i just wanted to put in my 2 cents about this Coffee talk. I am currently a smoker but not a heavy one. I probably have 5 cigarettes a day (depending on the day. haha) The work outs dont hurt my lungs really till the cool down where im trying to catch my breath and i can tell they’re hindering my stamina. I have quit before a few times just going cold turkey and quit for the longest when i got pregnant with my son. I recently picked it back up partly because im just an idiot and partly because my husband is a smoker. Its just hard to avoid for me i guess. One of these days, im just going to decide to quit and it will probably be soon, but….i dunno. im just not ready yet. Although i hate doing it because its such a pain in the ass to go outside to smoke (I obviously dont smoke in my house with the kiddo)

    Anyways, wish me luck on my future quitting endeavors. haha

  • Ifka

    I just did this workout and I feel completely done… thanks a ton! Without you I would never try to push myself so far.
    Anyway, I only did modified beginner versions of all excercises… for the last one I even simplified it with both hands on the ground, because I was too tired to use just one. But it took me 26 minutes to complete this workout.
    Looking forward for next workout!
    Ifka from Slovakia

  • Audra

    I’m looking forward to seeing your new place. How long do you plan on staying?

  • Squirrel

    25’31″! Done! Great workout – shower time…
    Love you guys ;)

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I finished this workout in 21:26.
    I used 35LB barbell for the Mini Squats but not the Get-ups for more of a cardio burn. I honestly don’t know how you did the Get-ups with 35LBs. Your a monster!

  • Lisa

    OMG! I just finished this workout, and my arms and legs are still shaking. Keep up the good work.

  • arya

    I love the site look and feel.. it’s so much better.. thank you guys

  • Tereza CZ

    Hi guys:)

    So I did this workout yesterday, I didn’t use the sandbag and I didn’t bend my arms in Reptiles On The Run (it was intensive enough for me as well, and I didn’t have any energy for that after the Push Ups anyways), my time was 24:45.
    It was really nice workout, regardless the regardless the endlessness of the Get Ups. I would say it was more intensive workout for muscles than the cardio. By the end I was waped out in the meaning of physical strengh but there were some lungs capacity reserves:)

    Thanks for the workout and I hope you’ll manage to fix the website properly soon, it’s my everyday addiction:)


  • Ashley

    Hi Zuz, I used to be a chain smoker as well. I used to go through at least two packs a day. My first step to quitting was i stopped buying them, and i was just bumming them all the time, and it made me feel so petty that in the end i got sick of hearing myself say “do you have an extra smoke?” and i just quit.
    I’ve also heard that you can try starting out by writing down all of your major smoking habits like smoking with your coffee, smoking everytime your on the phone, or every time you get into your car. Pick one of those major events, and stop smoking everytime you have a coffee. Then when you dont miss it anymore, pick another one to give up, eventually you will be down to two or three smokes a day and you can just say screw it!!!

  • Jen


    I am excited to try this workout today! I just got my Gymboss in the mail so I am glad I caught up. I am trying a Carb-free week this week… We will see how it goes!!! Glad the site is back in action!


  • Lvette #1

    Hi guys,

    I go away for a few days and things fall apart. Hallelujah! the site is back up. I love this old layout better.

    I completed this routine in 29:51:33 this morning. My plan is to do Monday’s routine tomorrow.

  • Kik

    Finished this yesterday in 28:55. I only modified the one leg push-ups on my knees. Stoked about my new found upper body strength on the other exercises. Good luck with your site repairs.

  • Nicole D Lopez

    So, I shouldn’t have submitted my post without watching the video first. Sorry.
    Regarding the Coffee Talk:
    I am only 21, but when I was 15 I used to smoke cigarettes. This is really embarrassing for me to admit because I am now so completely against smoking. This Coffee Talk topic was so ideal for today because my friend and I just had a discussion/productive argument about smoking not too long ago that had to do with whether or not smoking was right or wrong. When I was 15 and smoking, I did it for other people, not my own pleasure. I would do it to piss off my parents, fit in with the crowd, and make myself feel “cool”. I was an accomplished athlete back then, but I did it despite my goals for distance running because of my ignorance. I didn’t smoke for very long, but I was definitely weaker while I was.
    On quitting:
    I quit on April 4th, 2005 because I saw some other people smoking and drinking and carrying on and I saw just how stupid they looked. I swear, it was like someone gave me “True Life Goggles” and I saw everything so clearly that day. I thought to myself “holy cow, I don’t want to be like this. I don’t want to ruin my health and my future.” So, I literally walked away from that life and have never gone back. I’ve never had an addictive personality, so I understand that not everyone can quit “Cold Turkey”, but that’s how it worked for me. The “benefits” of smoking were just so outweighed by not smoking. I wasn’t happy with that lifestyle and the possibility of what it could do to me or the crowd that it classified me with. Still, to this day, I hold my breath or completely detour from smokers. For me, all it took was thinking about the future and realizing that smoking would compromise my happiness which includes everything from health to friends to jobs and everything else in between.

    On the Bright Side:
    9:10 in the video cracked me up. You looked so stressed and ready to be done with the Get Ups and instead of hearing a number I expected, (a number closer to 50) you just look at the camera and go: “ONE.” LOL That was Fantastic!

    I’m very glad you quit smoking and I am glad that you are so capable of inspiring other people to quit. Thank you, once again, for touching on these important topics, yet keeping it light, yet personal. Hearing your own experiences help tremendously, and asking for ours makes it that much more grand. I read other people’s comments and they often help me out.

    And the workout title is so fitting! Nice work :)

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzi and Fredi
    I dont know if this is my pc or your side but the background of the side is dark(black) and I can’t see anything part of video and pictures.Can you please up-
    Thank you Stanadate your other side to please thank you.

  • Nina from Czech Republic

    Thanks for another great workout Zuzi, I am gonna do this one today (finally finished my home-made sandbag, yay!)

    I stopped smoking 6 months ago (8th March 2010, I wanted to stop before I turn 25, I was smoking like a chimney since i was 14). I tried to quit a few times, but no succes, I always missed the cigarette and I felt like I am setting myself aside from many occasions, like morning chats with my boss, before we stepped in the building where we work, we had 2 cigarettes and talked, and situations like that. Then my friend lend me a book by Allen Carr, I read it and IMMEDIATELY quitted! The book will not tell you: STOP, YOU ARE GONNA DIE! SMOKING IS SO BAD, YOU ARE GONNA GET CANCER, YOUR BREATH WILL STINK, YOUR HAIR WILL FALL OFF. This book is gonna explain to you how GREAT you gonna feel without a cigarette. It explains things you already know, but you are not able to fully realize them, because you are blinded by a nikotin addiction. It is a very thin book, easy to read and it really helps. The author guarantees 99% succes of this method, and I already met a few people who stopped thank to this method. If you are a smoker and wanna quit – TRY IT! You have nothing to loose – it is called Allen Carr’s Easy way To stop smoking, and it was released in many languages (Czech Included). (Sorry if this sounds like I am selling this book :D I am not, it is just that it really works and I wanna share it)

    I started working out after I stopped smoking, before, I would never even think about that. :D And I am so happy I did! (Happy that I stopped and happy that I found you guys,!) :)

    Keep on going, you are inspiring me so much!

  • Johnny

    Hi Zuzana, please do you know any interval timer(no gymboss or – it doesn’t work for me) I mean something on net or some software.
    I hope you help me because I really want to start doing your exercises…

    I’m thank you before,

    • Adela

      Hi Johnny,

      If speedbagforum’s timer does not work for you I don’t know what will work. It is pretty much, the best free workout timer on the internet.

      After some research I did, I found only one another site ( ) of a free timer. It worked for me, but to be honest I didn’t like it as much as the speedbagforum one, and, also it seems that their link is broken. (the last time I visited it, it was broke, they needed some financial support). If it does not work I’m sorry.

      But you can download the speedbagforum timer and use it offline. If you don’t like that it misses or adds some seconds, then all you need to do is download it and use it like that. Offline it is 100% accurate. It does not miss anything. Just go on their site, and down, really low, you’ll see some links. From there you get on their forum and I think the first topic in the forum is downloading their software. It takes less than 5 min, from getting on their site, to using the timer offline.

      Hope it helped.

    • Roq

      I think you have to be more specific if you don’t want another recommendation that doesn’t work for you. I for one can’t for the life of me understand why the gymboss or the internet interval timer does not work for you. What sets you apart from everyone else?

    • RockClimber

      hi johnny
      on my pc I use sweatShop timer 1.1

    • Diana

      You can get the Gymboss interval trainer app for your iPod touch or iPhone if you have one, and it’s free!

    • Marie-Josée

      there is A Gymboss app for Ipod toutch and I phone I don’t know if they have it for Android but it’s realy good an free

    • AnnaSirena

      Hello)) I found exellent timer)
      Check it out)

  • Nicole D Lopez

    Holy Cow, Z.
    I just finished doing a homemade workout of my own. I have been checking the site almost every 30 minutes today to see if the kinks had been worked out or if you were even just able to post. Finally, I decided that I should just go ahead and make up my own workout because I figured that’s what you’d want me to do. I did this:

    Gymboss: 12 Minutes/ 24 Rounds/ 10 Rest/ 20 Work
    1) Forward/Backward Lunges
    2) Tapping Push Ups
    3) Frog Hops
    4) Tricep Dips

    My friend was over and asked if he could film me and I figured it would be fun to watch. I’m really glad he did because I could see what I need to work on as far as form and flexibility. I’m going to have him film me more often so I can improve more. One day, I’ll send you a before and after video :)
    Anyway, thank you so much for posting a workout for us, but more than that, thank you for putting it deep in my mind that we need to take the initiative and roll with things and modify our lives to be active. I am quite proud of myself, because of you, for thinking of our weekly Game Plan and sticking with it and doing a workout on Saturday even though I didn’t see your post in time. You are great for posting workouts for us, but you are even better for putting the thought in my head that I shouldn’t wait around for something to come easy and instead modify my life to make things work for me.
    Thanks guys :)