Sep 14 2010

Sweat Is Sexy Workout – 400 reps routine

Hi guys,

Here is the workout that I did today.

It was one of the longest routines that I have ever done  and it made me sweat like crazy. The Sandbag exercise and the Crossed Leg Push Ups with Jump  were the most challenging exercises that slowed me down, but I pushed through and finished all of the 400 reps. This workout is a time challenge so your goal is to complete it as fast as you can. If you are a beginner, you can start with 200 reps and cut the workout in half, use the easier modifications for each exercise and focus on your form. The only thing you need for this workout is your Gymboss Interval Timer and if you are looking for an extra boost in intensity than I suggest you check out the Sandbag that I am using. This workout is a circuit of 5 exercises that you will go through 4 times. There are 20 reps for each exercise.

Enjoy your workout and let me know how you did.

P.S. We have been having a bad luck lately with shooting,uploading and updating. I had to do this entire workout twice today, because the first time I did it, the footage got somehow deleted and I had to take some time between the two workouts so that’s why we are so late again with this update. The instructional video is still being processed. I am seriously thinking about getting a day ahead of you guys so that you can get these workouts in the mornings instead of nights. On another note, we are still having problems with posting your comments, however we are reading them so please don’t stop writing :) it will be eventually fixed. One last thing, we saw the first mock up of our new web-design this morning and it looks good. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are very happy that things are moving forward. We are having a nice pasta dinner tonight that I cooked and we will be watching The Solitary Man movie with Michael Douglas. That’s all the news I can think of. Good night and thanks for stoping by BodyRockers ;)

Keep on rocking,

Zuzana and Freddy

One Leg Jump Up - 10 reps on each leg

Sandbag Full Body Exercise – 20 reps

Crossed Leg Push Up and Jump – 20 reps (alternating legs)

Snowboarder – 20 reps

One Leg Bridge and Star Crunch – 20 reps (alternating legs)


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  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Whew! This was harder than it looked.  Zuzana’s workouts are often exercises that don’t seem hard until halfway through and then they’re BRUTAL.  32:29 for me, 35lb sandbag.  I changed the star crunches to V-ups (legs straight, arms straight over head, lift both legs and arms until balancing on tailbone in a V) because they were more challenging.  

  • Vivi

    I did this one in second workout. (first one was “Butt buster workout”)
    My time is 19.14 min with 10kg. more difficult that I thought because the first workout killed my legs !
    Great one !! I like it !

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  • Alana

    Oh boo.. I thought I’d be able to do this one a lot quicker than I did… :/ 25:11. I’ll try again in a couple weeks and try to finish by the 20 minute mark. :)

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  • Stacey

    I have been doing your workouts since May 19th 2010. I can’t believe the way your site has changed the way that I think about food, hunger, and health. Before I began your workouts I was unhappy with the way that I looked (even though I was only 10lbs over my ideal weight), to the point of where I would say destructive things to myself in my head, and it turned into a cycle. A very unhealthy cycle, and almost lead to an eating disorder. I just realized, 5 months later, that I no longer say these things to myself! I no longer look in the mirror, grab a small pinch of fat, and stress about it for the rest of the day. I just want to say thanks for doing this. After I finish your workouts I feel really good, and I have noticed amazing results and my weight is no longer a burden. I can’t wait to go swimming to show off my results. And I can’t wait to do another workout, and continue this HEALTHY, and POSITIVE journey. Thank you <3

  • Lori

    Hey Zuzanna -

    Can’t wait to do this workout tomorrow! Thanks for all the great workouts and “coffee talks”. Love your site!

  • Beth

    Hi Zuzanna!
    I’m becoming a fast fan of your blog and your youtube channel. Your body shape is incredible, amazing, and inspiring! I’ve been a Zumba instructor for going on three years now, and been into fitness my whole life, but your approach to bodyweight exercises have been the most motivating for me to get more toned! Going off right now to do this workout! Thanks! :)

  • theosisgirl

    LOVE this coffee talk session!

  • Johnny Besa

    I’m a freelance personal trainer coming off of a mild burnout and I must say that your routines have been a great help to me in getting back into the groove again. I’ve been following your blog and your YouTube channel for three or four months now and my clients and I are very greatful for your creativity and dedication. If ever you and Charlie are in Manila (Philippines), please look me up to say hello. Thank you, thank you!

  • Jessyka

    Hey Zuzana,

    I just discovered your workouts on Youtube, and I’m eager to give them a try! They are simple yet intimidating and I’m excited to find out how well I can handle them.

    The only thing that could make me love your videos and workouts more is if you had the entire workout taped so that I could do the exercises with you. Also, please no fancy angles and panning shots, I would benefit the most from a straight on shot and side shot so that I can always have a form reference and inspiration throughout the workout.

    Thank you for your videos, and for taking the time to read my suggestion.


  • Tiffany

    Zuzana… GREAT workouts! Get online everyday to check out what you have. these workouts have helped me in modifying my workouts and achieving more of my goals. THANKS!!!

    I know off topic but I have asked this on previous videos and you are wearing these pants again and I am really hoping you can tell me where to get a pair. Thanks.

  • Tiffany

    Zuzana… GREAT workouts! Get online everyday to check out what you have. these workouts have helped me in modifying my workouts and achieving more of my goals. THANKS!!!

    I know off topic but I have asked this on previous videos and you are wearing these pants again and I am really hoping you can tell me where to get a pair. Thanks.

  • http://daum namyoonhyck

    your nery nice body and i like same you help me i want a nice body
    nowdays i’ve got a diet

  • michelle

    This was awesome and i totally LOVE my sandbag! It took me 27:47 to do the 4 rounds with my 35 lb sandbag and it was BRUTAL!

    thanks Zuzana, you ROCK!

  • Tiffany

    Zuzana…. GREAT WORKOUT! Thanks. I love using the moves that you give us incorporated into my routine. You do a great job.

    I think I asked in a previous posting where you are wearing these pants but I am curious where you got these pants.


  • Jose Anonio Curiel Chavez

    Bendiciones y muchas gracias por tus sistema de entrenamiento….tengo años en el acondicionamiento fisico y artes marciales y tu eres zuzana la mejor y mas completa entrenadora que conosco…tu forma de entrenar a mejorado y perfeccionado completamente mi entrenamiento…te agradezco con todo el corazon que compartas tus conocimientos…muchisimas gracias….saludos desde mexicali baja california mexico…y un gran saludo a freddy.

  • Huda

    Wowww so challenging but Im going to stick with it until I can do 400! keep posting :)

  • naile

    hi Zuzanna
    i found your workout great i love it
    i just turned 40 this year and i have 3 children i am 106lbs but i have some problems with my ABS so iam going to star doining some of your abs workout.


  • tinkerella


    I’ve accidently discovered your website and OMG I’m in love….not that way. :) You look incredible and such an inspiration. What I most loved about your videos is the simplicity of exercises, your acute instructions and most of all your humbleness. Tonight, I am going to choose one of your workouts and hopefully it will be a beginning to a happy me….I’ll try to convince my boyfriend to join me. :)
    Thank you so much for creting this website, sharing your workouts, diet tips and movitation. You’re making a real difference in many people’s lives. :)

    Ola, New York, NY

  • ali

    i want Like that body sexy and man
    I want my stomach very small, large
    please help me
    how that

  • balabushka

    Rita, workout is only 20% – 80% is nutrition – get that right, and you ll be happy.

  • dana

    can you tell us more about the sandbag,how much it weighs and where or how to make one,thanks for everything you have given all of us hope!!!! louisiana…USA!!!!!

  • Rose

    Hi Zuzanna,

    Absolutely love your 400 rep workout! I’m a competitive swimmer looking to shave off even more body fat so this workout is perfect! Tough but not painful and boy does it make you sweat!

    Brilliant workout, keep up the good work!

    Rose, London, United Kingdom

  • Brwnshgr

    Zuzana, I haven’t been on in a while but I just had to say that I LOVE the darker color on you. You look incredible as always! Looking forward to hitting up the workouts this Fall. Keep up the sensational work!

  • Maria

    Can’t wait to do this one. Looks really hard. I’ll be having fun again for pain. Thanks.
    Zuzie and Freddy, do we have challenge for this week?

  • http://NA Tony

    Rita, you can do it!!!!!!!!!! The path has been laid before you by Zuzanna.

    JUST DO IT!!!

  • prisila

    Hi Zuzana ,im your fan from Peru. i have a question and i hope you can understand my bad english, i run tree times a week and then i do some resistent exercise from your videos ,so i want muscle no big but i want be in good shape like you jijijij. so i want know if i have to make pesas? do you do pesas for legs? THANK YOUUUUUUU

  • Zazu

    Where is your time? I like to know how long it took you so I can try to ‘beat you’ (so far I have not been able to do so, but one day I will!).

  • ironette

    Zuzanna & Frederick,
    I must say that these tutorials are awesome. Thank you so much for the encouragement in your videos & the modifications. I don’t know what I am most thankful for, The modifications or the encouragement LOL. Anyway thnx & Be Blessed you 2.

  • dani

    heyy i love all you videos this one looks kinda hard but i no i can do it.

  • unqa

    i love u zuzan u r really rock . my english is very weak .my brest size is A , meanz nothing , is workout good for me or my small brest ? i am afraid that workout decrese my brest size , is that right ? plz help me zuzan , iam really hardworking and just waiting for ur advise . urs student . UNQA

  • sakshi

    i was planning to go according to ur wee schedule but i cud not find the video for interval training and time challenge work out.
    pls help

  • jazino

    hi, I just went to boot camp today and it was similar to what you do in your video. Thanks, I will try these workouts at home where I can take my time and challenge myself on my own pace.
    Happy work out.
    San diego CA

  • odette

    those shoes are amazing! where did you get them? how are they called?

  • Barbarita

    I’m trying to keep up with the new workouts, but I have to be honest, there are so many changes with the blog and site. I am having problems viewing sometimes. Is this just my search engineer? Also, I don’t have the sandbag; any tips on modifications because I want to feel the benefits as well without it.

    Let me know and thank you so much for the hard work and dedication daily…you really have inspired me to change my lifestyle on so many levels. You are so encouraging, eventhough you look like a model, I see your genuineness so clearly! You make me feel like I can conquer anything!

    You are part of my family already! I brag about you so much to anyone I get a chance to tell about healthy lifestyles and stuff
    Love ya, ,
    Barbarita (Puerto Rico)

  • Bodyrocker Melanie from Peru

    Love your Nike trainers. Would you recommend them?

  • Courtney

    41:10 — This was KILlER! I loved it! Well I hated it in the middle but I love it now. Wow.

  • Sam

    Your stunning body is distracting me from getting in shape!!

  • Sumittra

    Hei Zuzane,
    I just want to say that your workout is great and you are awesome! I’m a 27 years old mom of 2 children living in Norway. I did your workout yesterday. As a beginner, I couldn’t do the 400 reps, just did it as many reps as I could, but it was really effective! At night I almost couldn’t get asleep because my body got so warm and in the morning I could feel the pain (the nice one:)) all over my body! I’m so lucky to find your website, I’ve finally found the workout I’v been always looking for, short but super effective! Love it! I’ll keep following your work out routine ’cause I have a good feeling that this is gonna work! Just ordered the gymboss interval timer from your link and I’ll maybe receive it in a week :) Well, keep up with the good work, you’re my inspiration. Love ya !

  • Аня

    Очень хорошие упражнения и диеты. Спосибо большое!

  • Jon

    Fantastic, and inspiring workout! :)

    The new site looks great so far too – best of luck with the finishing touches!

  • celeste

    I don’t have a sandbag! What can i use as a subsitute?

    I love your workouts btw.

  • Rita

    Hi Zuzanna,

    Love your blog and videos. I’m 250lbs and have two little kids. I love that you do your workouts at home and minimal equipment is needed.

    I have a russian Friend, Shenia and you remind me of her. :-)

    I really appreciate your attention to beginners – although I’m not really a beginner, but rather an out of shape intermediate. LOL

    I’m planning on doing your workout tomorrow for the first time and I’m exited, because it looks really challenging but awesome.

    Thanks again,

    Rita, Thunder Bay, Canada

  • Windlord

    {35# DB}

    Oy, by the end of just the 2nd circuit, this one had me wanting to cry for mommy!
    Whoever dreams these things up is a sicko! ;/)

  • Kitty

    Just did this workout. 24:23
    I used a 15 lb. kettlebell in place of the sandbag.
    Great routine. Loved the combos.

  • rina

    hi, i saw your lots of workout and i m very very impressed. you are the one and only who made me motivated to consious about my body. but the truth is i can not proceed more. and thats why i hate myself. why i can not do as like you. i am very upset with my body. anyways you are really real beautiful in every sense. you are lucky. thank you. and love you.

  • Jen

    I just found your website would like to start the workouts. I don’t have a Sandbag, but I’m not a beginner to the workout world. What would you suggest that I use for a substitute?

  • standa

    Prosim potrebuji s vama mluvit jestli muzete tak odpoveste. Ja potrebuji pomoct ohledne cviceni. Taky jsem cvicil v posilovne, ale tet mam pauzu a jsem v depresi protoze jsem pribral a nemohu to shodit a vasemu cviceni vubec nerozumim tak vas prosim o pomoc a jestli vam to nevadi tak v cestine. Dekuji Standa z Berouna. budu cekat na kazdou informaci.

  • Maria

    Hi there!
    I would be nice for you to post a weekly workout schedule like they do at the gym, for example. This way we can have a visual schedule and know what to expect each week.
    Ex: Monday: 400 reps
    Tuesday: ….
    You can also include the weekly food goal. This will give us a really clear picture as to what the week will look like!

    Thanks for all your great work and advice!

  • FlaviaRJ

    great routine for today!! But I’ll only be able to do it tomorrow, I’ll let you know my time!! ^^

  • betty

    The girl’s body is so healthy and sexy…

  • Randy

    Hey Z…

    Thanks for these! They are great!

  • http://bodyrock Adriana

    You are awesome.
    I am just starting out and I know I have a long way to go but I know I will look like you in the end.
    Thanks for your inspiration.
    Its nice to see what hard work can do.

    Thanks again,

    Adriana Callahan

  • Katka

    Hello Zuzana, this looks like a great workout. Is is possible to do this with music? Personally I think that it might be a bit more motivating for me so I´m gonna try this for sure :-)

  • Mary

    Hi Zuzana, Wow this was a hard workout! I have been following your twelve minute workouts for a few weeks now. I just got my sandbag filled too, so this was a challenge! I only got half the workout done, but you are right. Everybody is asking me what I am doing to look so much more slim and fit. Thank you and Freddy! You are my friend for life! God bless you, Mary

  • Miranda

    You were not kidding when you put ‘sweat’ in the name of this workout. It was brutal. For me the pushups were the most difficult, I have always struggled with my upper body strength. Thank you so much for what you are doing Zuzanna and Freddy!

  • Alejandra

    Hi im i was just wondering of how i can make a schedle to start working out what exercise i should do day by day can you really healp me i want to be healthy and i want to start working out i need your healp i have never work out before!

  • shaelee

    I love the workouts you show because I can feel the burn I and I know that I’m getting a great workout compared to other videos that don’t tell you to sqeeze your abs or butt! I love what your doing and want to let you know thanks for all you do!! I LOVE IT!!

  • shaelee

    I love the workouts you give because I can actually feel the burn and I know that I’m getting a great workout compared to other videos I see where they just do it and don’t really tell you to sqeeze your butt or abs and I think that your doing a great job and I LOVE IT!!!

  • http://mybodyishurting7outof10 Luba Lee


    You put together a great workout, but the site takes forever to load… :(


  • Baska

    Hi Zuzana,

    I just discovered your website.

    I’m from the Basque Country of Spain but live in the U.S. I absolutely love your workout videos but I particularly enjoyed your European common sense approach to eating and the eternal “how many calories are right for me?” and “what do you eat?” questions.

    I’m 46 years old and recently got certified as a personal trainer through ACE. All my clients right now are overweight and they keep asking me the same questions.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that you are adorable, gorgeously beautiful, and I love your website, videos, and advice.

  • Kristi

    Z! I just love your workouts. I love the pep-talks you give before most of them too. The whole reason I started watching your workouts and working along with you was because of one of the “coffee” talks you had about wanting to sit with your puppy on the couch. Lol! Not only are your workouts SHORT! (for the busy life-on-the-move person) but they are intense and always leave me feeling strengthened and accomplished.

    I wanted to write you and encourage you to keep it up!

    Oh. Besides your workouts – I absolutely adore the dark brown that your hair is right now. Great color. Simply breathtaking.

  • Andrea


    Great workout thanks! I had aa lot of pent up negative energy when i started this. It really helped relieve it. :)

  • Ashley

    Zuzana and Freddy-

    You two and your site are the most inspirational and, therefore, useful resource on weight loss and exercise that I have ever encountered!

    I have set your site as my home page so that I will be reminded every time I log onto the internet of my obligation to myself each day– to eat well and get the exercise I need to stay healthy and maintain my figure.

    I know you’ve heard it a million times, but thank you so much!

    Best wishes from Florida,

  • Oscar

    Pretty good, I will try it.

  • J-pop

    Wow, you have my full attention. I wanna treat you like a bud light… i mean TO a bud light.

  • Janet

    Got through this in 33:01 using two 15 pound dumbbells as a 30 lb sandbag. Surf has been up so I have been lagging a day behind you but I will catch up :) Hope all’s well with you!

  • Selvie

    Hi Zuzana,
    Thanks for the great workout. I did this 400 reps this morning and I was using 33 lbs sandbag. I finished this workout in 32 min 5 seconds!!!

  • tarun singhal

    i must complement you on your body.

  • Adam

    Could you please take wider, more stable shots? It’s kinda hard to understand what the moves are exactly when you can see only close ups and the camera is moving constantly. I’m sure the cameraman can find other means of expression ;)

  • Emily

    love this workout!! i usually get so bored with normal routines but girl you keep my attention with the change-ups! i used two 4-pound weights instead of the sandbag which worked really well for me.

    also i’m so glad you’re discussing portion sizes. it’s something i finally caught on to over the past year or so and it makes a noticeable difference around my belly. everyone should try it!

    keep up the great work!! :)

  • Melody


    I simply love your work outs! You are very motivating :D

    Keep up the good work! :D

    Love Melody

  • Julia

    Wow! This was something unbelievable!!! Cold shower was the only salvation! Though I did only half of this workout… It took me 21 min!!! Thank you for everything you do for us, Zuzanna and Freddy!!! Love you!

  • gg

    your boobs have to be fake right?
    nice workout though

  • Triin

    Hi, i’m girl who just started training wiht you and i love it:) I do my taining much easier than you do,i choose exercises which are suitable for me, because i havent trained for 3 months, i just walk every day 45- 50 minutes. Now i have used your exercises for 5 days and i can see differences, my body loses fat, muscels and strenght are goming back, i have much more energy. Yesterday when i did my push-ups i never thought that i cant do them but i did and it was easy.
    Thanks for your guidance:)
    (Sry if i have mistakes in my post, english is not my native language)

  • Alisa

    I like your coffee talk and I completely agree, but don’t you think it may be difficult for some who have developed a mental habit, or addiction, towards certain foods? I know that you saying this to me before I made the decision to change my diet would have meant a completely different thing to me than it does now. What do you think?

  • Al

    This is one simple but incredibly effective complete workout. Try it.

  • nicole

    i did this work out i was only able to do it 3 times.. i felt very disappointed but i was about to die. i am going to try it again on saturday. Also i have been feeling weak i dont know why.. like my workouts i recently feel i cant keep up and in the past i was…
    i have chnaged my diet i eat vegetarian during weekedays and meat during weekends only

  • sanhita


    I am a big fan of ur workouts and the way u present them.But I always wonder there so many different style u project in ur exercise, where a beginner should start. I have a suggestion if you can guide through ur videos for the beginners as well who r new to exercises routine, a separete platform where all beginner can also get into challenges to start working out with you.T.C

  • Christie

    OMG! This one was rough for me to finish, I did 200 reps and I’ll do the other 200 later.

  • Lvette #1

    Completed this in 31:24:08 on September 14.

  • Amanda (Maryland)

    “I am seriously thinking about getting a day ahead of you guys so that you can get these workouts in the mornings instead of nights.”
    Great idea! :)

  • Tascha

    Hi Zuzana,
    i really admire you. I started with your workout one week ago and since then i feel really better, i feel energized!
    About this week’s workout I did only 200 reps today in 30 mn :( …hope I’ll do better tomorrow ;)

  • judith


    I did this workout yesterday in 38min.12. The Sandbag FullBody Exercise was really hard, and I`m sooo sore today!!! I`ll have a good active rest day!!!

    Have a good night everybody!! xo

  • Melanie

    This was very hard. It took me 42 minutes to do, and I could only go 3 instead of 4. I feel bad about that but my body was screaming STOP!!! I’ll be very proud of myself when I can go all 4. Thank you for a great workout and I’m so glad your still putting up workouts. I’ll be a life long bodyrocker.

  • sandra

    i want to get this sandbag but its way to much money, im using a 10 lb dumbbell wish i could afford a bag of sand :\

  • Laura

    Hey Zuzana!
    I just completed half of this workout as I am a beginner. I don’t have a sandbag but I used 2 5lb weights for the sandbag lunge. I also had to modify the cross-legged pushup by going down on my knees. My time was 27:56. I really wish I could have completed the entire thing but my body is already exhausted and my shoulder muscles are getting a little sore from all the pushups.

    I’m a little late in starting this week but I am gonna stick with you and reach my goal of losing 20lbs!


  • EE Energy

    29:40 – used 8kg Kettle Bell

    Very hard workout – Thank you

  • Juliana

    Hey Zuzi! could you please post a workout with squads with one leg and some modifications for beginners? I think it´s such a good exercise! but I am afraid I am not capable yet of doing it correctly could you please help?
    Thank you so much for everything!!
    Have you ever thought of doing a DVD? I would be the 1° to buy it:)
    regards from Germany

  • Becca H.

    I can’t believe you did this workout twice! If that’s not inspiration, then I don’t know what is :)

    Thanks for everything you guys do. I know it makes a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives (including mine!)

  • mf

    33 minutes, 50 seconds

    But used only 10 lbs of weight for the sandbag exercise and my technique needs improvement. Got through the whole thing, though!

    Can’t wait to do it again and push harder.

  • scarlett

    hello Zuzan,
    Do you think is very important to buy the bossgym clock to be able to get good results? i have a timer, do you think that will work?

  • Cacee

    This is my first time to see Zuzana and i think she does an amazing job! Aside from the fact that her body is amazing, she does a great job teaching you how to do the positions correctly and i love the fact that she gives tips on eating! My biggest problem is when i get done eating i feel huge and bloated. I will start listening to my body to know when i’m ‘FULL’ Thanks so much, i love her blog and i will definitely keep watching!!

  • Ash

    I just discovered this your site yesterday & I love it so far! I tried this workout today, but only did 200 reps. It kicked my butt to say the least & took me 26 mins (I had to pause a couple of times!) I hope to up my reps & also try the other workouts you have on here. Thanks for sharing them!

  • Bil

    Hi Zuz,
    I love your hard work. I wish I will have a wife like you. So, wish me luck
    love you

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  • susy

    PLeaseeeee susy,I really really need your old workouts :(

  • lina marquez

    i just did this workout. i had to omit the sandbag exercise since without any weights, it just wasn’t challenging enough.
    it took me a long time, but i feel good.
    28m & 12s.

  • Salina

    Hi Zuzana & Frederick,

    Hope you both are well. I just wanted to respond to your idea of getting your workouts in a day earlier so that those of us who work out in the mornings can stay on track with you throughout the week. I would absolutely love it if you did that because as you know…you seem to bring us much motivation and I’d have to add that you bring me a lot of motivation during those sluggish days. So, I just wanted to let you know that getting a workout in a day early would benefit many of us! It would most certainly help me to see you in the mornings to help me get a work out in before attacking my busy day. Thank you both for all that you do for us BodyRockers!

  • gogo


  • Sarah

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy,

    I have been following your workouts for a while now and as a complete beginner I really enjoy the modifications you show. I have lost a stone and a half now and I am at the stage where I start off doing the full exercise and drop down to an easier style when I start to flag.

    I knew that 400 reps would be too hard for me, so I decided to do this as a 200 rep workout as you suggested. I really pushed hard and managed to complete it in 18:58, which I was really chuffed with!

    Can’t wait for the next workout!

    Sarah xxx

  • Hope

    This photo breakdown is such great help. I can go to the exercise as I am doing it to keep focused. I’m halfway done so far, catching my breath. Another awesome workout… thank you!!

  • Sandy

    Yes! I did it! I only did 200 reps because I’m so out of shape. It took me 45 mins to finish. WHew, I feel like I just showered in sweat :D

  • http://[email protected] Chantal

    wow, this is your hardeous workout ever for me, but so much fun,most admit started with one round of the hardest version and did only 2 more rounds of the modified version and 2 hundred, but hey my excuse is I am getting over the flu wanted to swaet it out and I am 47. Keep it up guys love your challenging workouts.
    Chantal from Montreal

  • sebastian

    great workout…

  • Luis Salgado

    Excelent work! Thanks

  • Pop Popič

    Uff, what a hard work! 26:41 – this´s my time. Next time I´ll be better…

  • Desiray

    I was just wondering what size sandbag you use? Or what size would you recommend for smaller framed females?

  • Carrie

    Great idea to post a day early so we have the workouts in the morning…and we can have our morning coffee with you too!

  • Samantha R

    Arrrrghhhh….this had me in agony!!! Finished in 31:11.

  • GinaM

    Hi Zuzana

    First i would really like to thank you for this website :) You and Freddy take up your personal time to help / asssit people like us to focus on a healthier lifestyle. I am so greatful.

    One thing i would like to ask you is if you could pls tell me how you pick out your trainers? Does it matter what shoes you workout in?

  • Claudie

    Hi Zuzana,

    You are amazing and so dedicated to your training and health (both mind and body). Your fitness is extraordinary and this 400 rep workout is tough! But not only that, your times are so fast, you must maintain such a good pace the whole way through.

    You make all of us want to be better athletes- congratulations on your contribution to the masses and thank you very much.

    Loving it all…

  • Bogi

    HMM. This workout was crazy, and sweat was really sexy;) My score:31 min. This was the longest from you. thanks..but i like to do 12 min ‘hit’ training better:)/less brain work../
    Have a nice day!

  • Jabba

    Zuzanna & Freddy

    Hi from Australia. Have been watching the different workouts over the past 16 months. Sometimes you think thats easy, then you do it – what a reality check.

    Keep it going – great fitness site


  • Alina

    Hi, great workout. so right and left cross lunge appears to be one rep- 40 rows all together?

  • Lily

    Thankyou Zuzana!!! I did this workout and absolutely thought I wouldnt make it! Probably the hardest workout since I started following your workouts several months back – when i was hardly able to do 10 knee pushups…Now im able to do any sort of pushup; elevated, reptile, leg crossed, one leg, etc…all thanks to YOU! In this workout, those pushups were the hardest because of the powering up and jumping up. I sweated like crazy but enjoyed it so much I want to come back to it soon to beat my time. Thankyou for all you do!

  • Kristi

    I was wondering if I need to be doing a warm up routine before the exercises and stretching after? Or is the exercise enough? I’m looking forward to trying your videos for the first time tomorrow. I’m a beginner with a lot of weight to lose. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

  • Kathy

    OMG – the workout was brutal, especially the push ups – I couldn´t stop sweating and this workout took me 27:38! Zuzana, thank you for this great workout!!! :)

    Cheers, Kathy

  • Sarah

    Your houses that you’ve lived in are just beautiful!

  • gaby.san

    I was typing the whole story of my life, but it was boring.

    suffice it to say, I was a bad bodyrocker today. I pulled a muscle on monday with the Wow Bootie workout, I was hurting and I knew I should rest and skip the 400 rep today. I had a bad day overall and I had a mini-meltdown, causing me to break my sugarfast and have three huge coffee mugs with lots of sugar and cream.

    but that’s it. in the evening I looked and did a core yoga workout and felt better after that. tomorrow will be another day and I have picked another workout already.

    anyway thanks again. I guess I just needed to share that.

  • Kate M

    Quick question – with the sandbag exercise, does each lunge back count as 1 rep (so left lunge back with row etc = 1 rep) or do we need to do both sides as 1 rep (so left lunge, row, right lunge, row = 1 rep)?
    Thanks! x

    • Kate M

      hang on, nevermind, it’s 1 lunge = 1 rep otherwise it would be more than a 400 rep workout wouldn’t it? duh :)

  • audrey

    so, i did the workout…took me 45:28…wondered why the heck it took me so long, then realized i can’t count and did it 5 times through…oops!!
    love this workout!!!!

  • Mickela

    Hi Bodyrockers. my workout today was hot yoga. I was so happy to be able to go through the whole hot sequence and felt strong and really focused, and I am so grateful for having kept up with all of your body weight exercises. I feel great and at peace and ready to try this workout on Thursday.
    It works, just stay focused like Zuzana says.


  • Jaque

    Such an incredible feeling, a motivational high when you are feeling in shape and on top of it.
    I am sure you know what it is I am speaking of. It’s been a year to get my endurance back, (had my large intestine removed) and now focused on training for bikini comps.(as my focus) I am very excited to use what you have to offer and I really love you drive.
    I would like to share so more about me, and what you may have to offer for tips, but as we all know you seem very busy.
    Just thought I would give you a “thanks” as its always nice to hear :)

  • Rachel

    Did it, felt great! I had to do the begginer versions as this is only my 4th workout from you guys. Thaky you!

  • JoeyJoeJoeJuniorShabadoo

    Hi all !

    I did this workout last night and I feel great today ! :-) The sandbag exercise was really tough going but I was so glad I got through it all.

    Thanks Zuzana and Freddy for this website. You guys have done a great job and your videos and articles really motivate me to keep going. It’s great to have everything I need when I get home to do a quick workout before dinner. The harder I train, the better I enjoy my dinner and my sleeping patterns have improved too !

    Only 4 sleeps for me until the Sydney Marathon so I’m hoping for a good time.

    Have a great day !


  • claudia


  • Yota

    Hello.. this work out took me.. 37 minutes :p

  • Bobbi Kaye

    28:54 was my time for this workout. I agree with you on the title too cus I was sweating my ass off but after my shower I felt sexy lol
    I wanted to tell you though, on the snowboarder squats I lean back a little bit and use my obliques and core to swing my hips around and sort of do a little kick before I squat added an extra level of burn to it. lol You may already have figured this out but if not I thought maybe you would like to try it sometime.

    I went ahead and did a different exercise yesterday since you guys had a delay on your newest one. I did one for abs that just about killed me. haha =)I can’t remember what it was called off the top of my head though. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Kacy Celeste

    I absolutly loved this workout!! It was very intense and since I am still new to your I could only complete 300 reps instead of 400. I am already noticing my body getting stonger and my stomach tightning up. I have been following your recipes and so far I love them all. Thank you so much for setting aside your time to show us your workouts, food recipes, and daily life. I love your site and have been telling everyone I know to check it out.

  • LaChief

    This workout was kickass…. I finished it in 33 min 18 sec. I must confess that I only used 12 lbs because that’s all I have. It was still hard so I could imagine doing it with a 35 lb sandbag. I’m getting such great results with the workouts that I’m always excited to see what Zuzana has next for us who are following her. Thanks a million Zuzana and Freddy.

  • I_AM_HERe

    Climbing a mountain is easier than doing your workouts!

    i was always last to get up a mountain on my geology field trips in Colorado for class. But now that ive been doing your workouts i feel stronger, faster, and less out of breath. I have to wait for the class to catch up to me. haha everyone is surprised and amazed on how fast i can do it. Also i don’t have any pain like i always did. I don’t feel like a skinny weak girl anymore. I am more out of breath doing your workouts then climbing mountains also, i feel much more pain the next day after doing ur crazy extersizes.

    Thank u for making me feel stronger.

  • Eliza

    I feel like such a moron! I just saw that you do have a weekly schedule up already, it’s just not in a calendar form like I was expecting. Please ignore my other comment!

  • traci

    Hi Zuzana:

    Your workouts are awesome and so are you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Could you explain the number of reps better though. I’m confused on 20 reps. Is that 20 each side? Or 10 each for a total of 20?

  • Eliza

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have recently begun to work out with you by way of watching your videos. Maybe it is because I’m new to the site, but it seems very confusing. Not the actual workouts, but the schedule of what’s being done. I can’t tell which day of the week that the workout/diet starts on. I wasn’t sure if it was the same day of the week food challenges start (like every Monday, or something like that). And I always feel like I’m somehow behind on the workouts that the bodyrockers are doing. In this post you mention that you will start uploading vids to where they show up in the morning; that’s a good idea. Also, if you could maybe put some sort of a calendar on this site that shows what food challenge is happening as well as which days of the week will be workout/active rest. I know that you do a lot already, so this is only a suggestion. I just think it would be easier to follow along that way. For me, it’s hard because I do not have internet at my apartment, so I’ll go to a cafe or somewhere to see if the vids are up and know what I should be doing, and it’s kind of disappointing when they’re not there. It would be nice to kind of know in advance which day to expect the workouts.
    I know that I can obviously work out on my own, but it’s fun to feel like you’re doing it with all the bodyrockers. Oh, and also, it seems like sometimes you post 2 videos on the same workout – one with instructions and one without. I think it might be better if they either all had instructions or all didn’t (and the instructions were just on the blog). Hopefully you take these criticisms nicely like I meant them to be. I’m really happy I started watching your videos/coming to your site, and I don’t want you to feel like I am discouraging you. Have a great day!

  • Krysten

    Hello Zuzana! I just found you and I am OBSESSED! I love your approach to working out, dieting, and healthy living. I had a question for you. After working out like this do you have a stretching routine? I would love to see what you do and your approach to staying loose and limber in between workouts.

    All love,

  • Jillian

    holy sh*t!!! kicked my butt!!! great workout guys, you are the best! keep them coming!

  • Jacey

    Hey Z

    I wanted to tell you that you are so motivating for all levels of fitness. Thank you for sharing and motivating, I am so happy I found your website and have been telling my friends. Also, I am a Canadian living live in Bermuda and I don’t know if I can get a sandbag shipped here. Do you have any suggestions? I just ordered the timer on the weekend and can’t wait to get it.

  • kool

    I zuzana you were looking great today. I wish I look like you. I have two kids ,they are teenage. I do workout lot at 5 to 6 days a week.Iam 5’6inches tall 150lb . I wonder if after the pregnancy you can have even and toned skin on your tummy or not. thanks.

  • Nicole

    For some reason I am not able to post:( It says my post is awaiting moderation? I also tried to post on one of the diet sections and it’s been there for two days and still says awaiting moderation:(

  • Kirsten

    Hi-my sister introduced me to you last week, so this was my first workout and yes it was very difficult. I am doing great with my eating, it is the exercise part I am struggling with. Thank you for this- I am trying my best!

  • laura

    Hey guys! just finished the workout!! amazing!! i couldnt even breathe within the first 10 min. im just starting, but ill keep pushing harder thanks!!

  • Nicole

    Just did this workout and as usual it kicked my butt!! I loved it!! I did however have to take a few breaks to get my breathing in check but I still kept my timer running:)

    I also don’t have a sandbag so I used 10 lb. weights in each hand and that worked just fine!

    I absolutely LOVED these push ups! They were so awesome!

    My total time was 46:10.

    I love being a bodyrocker! Zuzana and Freddy, you guys rock!

  • Emilie

    How long did it this workout took you ?
    That is so true about the portion sizes in restaurants. I mean, your at the restaurant because you are hungry, so you order, and you wait sometimes it cant be 15/20 minutes and I get kinda really hungry! So when I get my food I don’t really listen to my body because I eat faster, so that means more! I’m really into this week challenge, I will not fail this one!
    Both of you are awesome!

  • Mire

    Hi, i din’t get how long did it take you! :D just to have a parameter :D

  • Carmalita

    1 cup of food plus 2 glasses (16 oz) of water, I started with that every 2 to 3 hours, and added an extra half cup of food according to how hungry I was at each meal. I did this until I got a better sense of what my body really needed to function at an optimum level. This may not be enough for most people, but it worked for me:)

  • Laura Lynch

    I’m sorry but I had to add one more thing. After I sent my comment I realized you did that workout twice because of the problem you had. I gotta give it up for you… you are my true inspiration. THANK YOU for all the work you put into all this for all of us. I’m sure we have no idea the amount of time and energy that goes into this. Please know it is truly appreciated. You are awesome! :D

  • Aubrey

    Hi Zuzana,

    Thank you and Freddy for all the wonderful information and all the examples you set on your website. I am a follower of bodyrock now! I used to be a treadmill, aerobics, free-weights girl, but I have officially been converted to short, intense, body-weight workouts. They kick my butt way harder than any workout I’ve had in my life!

    Would you consider posting some photos of yourself before you got in such incredible shape? I would love to see the progress you have made personally over the years. It would really inspire me, and possibly others.

    Thank you again for your program!



    Hi Zuzana … I’m kind of excited because I completed the whole 400 workout and I beat your time by 5 seconds. YAYYY!!! Intense is an understatement but I felt so good after completing it. I love the challenges you set for us every day. It keeps me so motivated. I look in my email everyday for your workouts because I can’t wait to find out what’s next. THANKS SO MUCH !!!!

  • Lubica

    Hey guys,

    I found it hard to get back to do even careful work out after my knee surgery, but I check your web site every day:))))
    By the way: good idea to get rid off the high stools and rug…the “exercise” area looks much better.



  • Axeb

    To Zuzana, what size sandbag are you using, and how much weight is in it?

  • Olivia

    I think you should definitely get a day ahead of us. I always get the workouts at night so I don’t do them until the next day. It would be perfect if they were uploaded in the mornings. I love your videos by the way! (:

  • Nikki

    hi zuzana!
    quick question: i don’t own a sandbag, i honestly can’t afford to buy one, and crafting my own makeshift one every time i want to do a workout honestly has become kind of a hassle. and although i’m not an expert or anything, i also don’t consider myself a beginner. all i have 10 lb free weights, will i get the same effect using those for moves that are better with a sandbag?? or would it be better to do it with my own bodyweight?

    by the way you guys are amazing! thanks for all the hard work you do on this site! :)

  • Michelle

    Wow, just when I think I have done your hardest workout you come out with something like this. This workout was AMAZINGLY INTENSE I loved it. I finished in 31:27, with no modifications!!! So proud of that I did 80 full pushups all together!!

    Thanks again for everything. I am really trying with the portion control and am finding its not as hard as I thought it would be. I just love this site, never stop it!!!!

  • Lindsey

    Yes, this was a sweaty one! Really good full body work out.
    Time: 27:30

  • Katie

    I like your idea of feeling satisfied and light after you eat, not tired and heavy. Sometimes a food just tastes so good, I want to eat more, but when I do I just feel weighed down. I think the key will be to ask myself when I’m tempted to eat a little more whether the flavor is really worth how I’ll feel later on.

    I tried this workout this morning and finished in 34 minutes and 34 seconds – haha, I couldn’t have planned that! I’ve been experiencing some knee pains lately, so I took out the actual jumping portion on the exercises. Even with the decrease in difficulty, the workout still had me breathing hard and sweating at the end (plus my knee didn’t hurt so badly either)! I’m so glad these workouts can be altered so easily -thanks so much for all your efforts!

  • Caleb

    Zuzana’s time = 35 minutes and 29 seconds
    Caleb’s time = 43 minutes and 23 seconds

    I feel great after this workout, because my muscles feel more tone throughout my whole body.
    Zuzana is an amazing fitness instructor. You to will benefit. You just have to do it!

    Thanks Zuzana and Freddy : )

  • Michael (Sweden)

    Great workout! Thanks for being amazing! Love your food tips too! Keep up the great work!

  • michelle

    Hi Z&F!
    So on saturday night i did Fit Hotties Rock and Fitness is Sexy after one another…i was exhausted and couldnt walk on sunday! Being sore never felt so good!

    Just did the 400 rep workout in 24:09 min – although i didnt use 35 pound bag…only 20 pounds…im sweating – was amazing! Thank you for all the great workouts and coffee talks…you are the highlight of my daY! see you tomorrow!

  • gogo

    Hi! This came late so I’m going to have this be my wednesday workout, I repeated another one on monday and am taking ARD tuesday as scheduled.

    I think it’s a brilliant idea for you to be a day ahead of us, because right now it seems like most people are a day off from you :) This one looks brutal, can’t wait…Thanks guys!

    PS I am loving the small portions every 2-3 hours, I’ve been doing it about 2 months and I’m getting fabulous results. It requires taking alot of food to work though, I had to get a bigger purse :)

  • Kik

    I had a stomach virus all weekend so I only did 1/2 the workout in 17:17. Used a 20 lb duffel but that didn’t seem challenging enough so I’ll have to cram some more in next time. No push up modifications either :) Really enjoyed the workout and I can’t wait to do the whole thing when I’m feeling better.

  • Juliana

    Hey Zuzi! Thank you so much for your workouts!!
    I would like to ask you for the tutorial for this workout and some modifications for people that still don´t have the sand bag…
    thanks for everything
    keep rocking!

  • HaleBop

    Hey Freddy and Zuzana.
    I was searching for…’something’, to give me direction in getting my 28yr-old, mom of three body, into the best shape possible and I am so grateful for you two! I’ve been a “bodyrocker” for a week now, and I wanted to say ‘thank-you’ for a completely FREE website, that has it all; a super-hot trainer that motivates the heck out of me, short and effective work-outs (that I have yet to make all the way through without collapsing), training schedules (for those unable to schedule anything) and diet tips that just make sense. You guys ROCK!
    Keep you posted on my progress once the new site is up.
    ~Cheers from Chilliwack, B.C

  • wendyteasley

    Love your new house it is beyond beautiful, and love the new workout

  • Julie

    Hello Zuzana,

    You are the biggest source of inspiration to me, ever!
    I am 23 years old and my body is changing rappidly.
    When I was younger, my digestive system run very fast and I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I am very tall and I was always very slim. But I started gaining weight when I got 18 (5 kilo’s in 2 years). And my body did not have enough skin, so my thighs and butt are covered with white stripes. My belly and thighs were the only parts of my body to gain fat. For 1 year I’ve been working out 2-3 hours a week. And I cycle 30 min a day. All my life I’ve been eating healthy and I have not eaten sugar for 4 months. But I just can’t get rid of the loose fat and make my belly and thighs look tighter.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you for your time,


  • Ali

    thanks for keeping us updated. your site issues sound like a nightmare so i hope you get them resolved soon. i was totally depressed when i didn’t see the workout yesterday so i hope you do find a way to post in the earlier hours of the day. you’ve spoiled me rotten, because your workouts are the only thing i get excited about seeing daily. :) thanks as always!

  • Surishta

    What do you mean by ‘alternating’ legs or ‘switching sides’? I kinda confused

    For example in the 400 rep workout, for the one leg bridge and star crunch exercise,

    Does one leg bridge (right side) + star crunch + one leg bridge (left side) + star crunch = one rep
    Does one leg bridge (right side) + one star crunch = one rep and hence one leg bridge (left side) + star crunch = 2nd rep ????????

    I know you may find it a stupid question but I can’t get the count properly……

  • http://N/A Liam O’Flaherty

    Sweat IS sexy on a lady, my favourite videos on YouTube are yours and I can even enjoy them with the screen turned off just listening to the puffing and panting :p

  • haitham27

    Hi Zu
    How do i can tight up the skin flabbiness ?

  • haitham27

    In the beginning I would like to thank you for your wonderful efforts with us
    After exercise and following up on the date of 7/7/2010 so far lost a lot of weight and I was very satisfied with myself and the testimony of many friends (with some regulation in eating, not diet full)
    Now there are some flabbiness in my body, especially in my stomach, arms and thighs
    Although I have become stronger and I have muscles unlike the previous time.
    How do I tighten these flabbiness?
    Are there any exercises dedicated to it?
    I hope you answer that please

  • Natalie

    Hi Zuzana! Just wanted to say I think its a great workout…but a little long for me and I’m not a big fan of the sand bag. I prefer your workouts without any equipment.

    On a different note, it took me a few weeks to get used to, but I think I prefer your hair colored brown versus blond now…!! It really look great!

    Keep up the great inspirational work! It’s become my favorite site!! Thanks for everything!

  • Victoria

    Oh my! That was capital B-rutal. I did not have the sandbag, I used 1 30-lb weight instead. It took me 33.05 mins to complete this exercise with perfect form. Pure Excellence.

  • Ty

    34:04 was my time. I pushed really hard in the 4th round to get in under 35 mins:)

    Very happy with today’s workout. Thanks!

  • Barbara

    WOW – that was a workout, I am so slow I only had time for 2 rounds! But I am shaky and tired so I think I had a very good workout! Thank you so much, love your workouts they inspire me. I still have 30 lbs to lose but I am really starting to see definition in my body especially my abs so I am very excited. You are the greatest, thank you thank you! Have a great day.

  • Rubina

    I just want to let you know that the video does not show for the 400 rep workout. Thanks!

  • http://facebook Wendy

    Zuzanna, i hate and love you. This workout was brutal. It was soooo hard to finish. My time was 37:09. I so wanted to beat your time, but i missed it:( damn!!!!
    I feel great though after everyone of your workouts. So thanks!

  • abhi

    i mean washboard abs.

  • abhi

    kickass workout,just torn me apart.but u know i have lost 2kg in just 14days of september challenge workouts.

    its realy hard to loose last 5-6 kgs to get ashboard abs,i feel till u get ur new website,i’ll get my abs:)

  • Jennifer

    This workout looks amazing! I did your fat fighter workout yesterday! It was my first workout of yours I have tried and it was really fun and hard! I love that by the time I get bored with the exercise it’s time to move to the next one.
    You’re such an inspiration!
    Thank you Zuzana and Freddy!
    You’ve changed my life so much, I’ve been following your diest tips for two weeks straight now and I’m feeling light and GREAT!!!
    Thank you!

  • BK82

    Hey Zuzana, thanks for doing the workout twice just of us! Anyhow, I am just now getting the hang of this eating challenge, started to eat large salads for my meals and I have never felt better and slowly taking off some weight! It’s funny as I was eating portions recommended in a book and not losing weight, and now once I just listen to my own body I am averaging one pound of weight loss per week which is perfect! Thanks for the advices.

  • Rachelle

    eek! I am so excited to try this!
    I love how much you are switching up the workouts. These time challenges remind me of your first “home workouts” when you first started updating almost daily. I love the variety of the weeks workouts.
    I am so grateful for you, you are simply amazing. I can not express my gratitude fully, you have changed my life!
    I hope good fortune rains, pours down on you and Freddy for all the good you do around the WORLD!

  • Diana

    I think is great your idea of posting the videos ahead!

  • razzi

    I just started getting back into working out, so I only did the whole circuit twice. But it was a great workout! I really liked it. =) I completed it in 17 minutes. lol :S
    I will definitely be doing this one again. =) Thanks.

  • Tina

    waaaaaa! can’t wait to do this, looking forward for instructions.
    i think your idea of posting exercises in the morning (America time) would also work for us europeans, so we’d be able to do them in the evening on the same day. at least i’d like to keep my ARD on sundays ;)
    greetings fom Slovenia and thank you!

  • C Rodgers

    Hmmm, Hope it’s just my computer, but the video doesnt load

  • Chantelle

    Hey Zuzana,
    I was just wondering what skin products you use for your body? Wht moisturizers do you use?

  • Carmen

    I just finished this workout and in deed is very intense. Intense!!!! I couldn’t do it on Monday but I did it today(Tuesday). My time was 32:15 some rounds I couldn’t do the full 20 reps. I felt very strong and satisfied at the end and ofcourse very out of breath.

  • NatashaVancouver

    Hi zuzana! great to see you in our beautiful province. I live in Port Moody which is 30 min outside Vancouver. I have been following you since you were in Malta. I had by breasts done again so I haven;t been able to do the workouts for about a month now. I really miss doing pushups but I have to heal properly. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your pants in this workout. They look so comfortable. Are they Puma? Thanks


  • Ash

    Hey Zuzanna would it be alright if one of us sent you a workout to try?

    Btw thanks for keepign up with and helping out in our fitness.

  • Mandy

    Im with this challange!.. i did this workout in 36 minutes :D it was pretty intense Zuz!

    take a very good care x.x.x


  • Renee

    Hi guys!
    OK, I only watched this so far, I’m looking forward to trying it out later today, after work.
    Sorry to hear you’re still having technical problems but just know how much all of us out here in BodyRockTV Land are cheering you on. Keep up the great work. We appreciate all your efforts!
    P.S. I hope I’m not being too forward here, but Zuzana, you look different in this video. A certain glow…’re not pregnant, are you?!?!?!??

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I used two 20LB dumbbells for the sandbag exercise and it was a killer! I can’t believe you had to go thru this workout twice, ouch. Anyways, my time for this workout was 29:28 and I feel energized:)

  • Kiki

    my friend showed me your link and suggested to try out your workout. This is my first tie to do the kind of workout you’re doing, and this is way intense for a beginner like me. But I like that you can modify the workout into an easier mode, thank you for providing this. And wow! I sweat a lot, but felt good at the same time. I will try to follow your workout according to the schedule and I hope I can commit with this. And hopefully achieve the body I’m envisioning. Thanks again =)

    That was a great workout!

  • Jon

    Getting a day ahead of us would be great. I have wondered about for me to just stay a day behind you. But that kinda messes things up. I’m new to your site, so just trying to figure things out. Thanks.

  • Nicol

    Ahoj zuzi, musim rict, ze tenhle workout byl jeden z nejlepsich :D malem jsem se pozvracela, SUPER ! :D :D Obdivuju tvoje odhodlání :) , jen chci popřát, aby se Ti nadále dařilo a měla čím dál bodyrockers fanoušků :) Posílám pozdrav z Česka :)

  • Josh

    Another great workout, keep up the good work!

  • Dalyn

    Hi Zuzana!
    I haven’t done this workout yet. Can’t wait to do it!!! But, I have a question that i’m hoping maybe others have asked you before about diet that you might answer on. I do fine all throughout the day until evening/nighttime hits. I feel really hungry especially an hour or so before i go to bed. I’ve always tried to just eat something really light but protein based. (example would be, mozzarella cheese-stick or Maybe a 90 calorie protein shake) But, with your eating vegan what do you eat??? I’m afraid of carbs that late at night right before bed but don’t want to starve my metabolism. Or is it ok to just go without entirely???
    Thanks for all you guys do for the world at large! You Rock!!! Dalyn

  • audrey

    isn’t the world of computers great! UGH!!
    thanks for all your efforts.
    if it is possible for you to post the routines in the morning (earlier the better..haha) that would be fab!
    this one looks like a killer…will be doing it shortly. yahooo!!!!, but first my pre-workout coffee…..

  • Pure2raw twins

    Off to go do our workout. This one looks intense, but great!!

    I think eating smaller portions is a great idea for everyone. But agree that each person has to find what works best for them. Not only in terms of how much to eat, but what they are eating.

    Good luck with the new site!

  • ana

    This was brutal!Damn!I manage to do it in 41 min 28 sec,although I am folowing your workouts for almost a year now…But as Zuzana said I have to listen to my body and it keeps telling to take it easy…unfortunately I am like your friend,I eat big portion of food at 3-4 hours interval and I don’t gain weight…
    In this year I tried everything to gain a few kilos but I did’t succed,I am happy although cause I am feeling very healthy and I am in a good shape..:))

    Thanks a lot…keep it going!

  • Coach Chrissy

    Don’t feel bad about all the issues you seem to be having. It just shows that you are real people…just like the rest of us…and that’s what makes us like you more!

  • Michaela

    Hi Zuzana,
    I noticed my messages don’t get posted and I wondered what was going on…on the other hand, you probably get hundreds of messages daily.
    I do my workouts in the morning, it just feels better that way and it’s out of the way. For me it doesn’t really matter when you post your workouts, I think the most important thing is to exercise, so if you post it sooner or later, I believe everybody would be just as happy, there are hundreds of workouts to choose from :) .
    You two have a lot to figure out right now with the new house and the new website, so don’t beat yourself up !
    Thank you for your great workouts and for being such an inspiration !

  • Audra

    Oooo I can’t wait to do this workout. Gonna have my pre-workout coffee and will return with my results. I have not been posting as many comments because I figured the website was giving you trouble. Your popularity has exploded and site must be overwhelmed with comments so congrats to you two and I just can’t wait til the new site is up. Keep up the good work and thanks for updating us and it’s ok if the schedule gets messed up because of the website acting up or any other unexpected delay because we are human and sometimes things happen for a reason and we can’t control every aspect of our life. What I’m trying to say is I’m thankful that you and Freddie are busting ass to get these videos up and it’s still for free. Thanks you two! Bodyrocker since November, 2009 :)

  • Naila


    Thank you for your motivational talks, they really really help me stay focused on my goal :)

    I wanted to ask if you guys can give us a tour of your new home! I am sure everyone would love to see!

    Take care,


  • Euthie

    Wow that workout looks brutal yet somehow very fun. When I first started following your blog back in March or so one of the first things I did was cut back on my portion sizes. I was going to the gym at first and thought that I was really doing an intense workout (HA!) but I didn’t still want to stall that progress with eating like an ogre.

    Your site helped me determine portion sizes for protein and veggies, and here is a TIP (the one that helped me the most) for BodyRockers. I spent a day off one day, not really being picky or crazy, but eating every 2-3 hours tiny portions. Just so I could get used to how my body would feel, and I knew I would have time that day to not skip a meal. That helped me so much, I felt armed with knowledge the next day–taking my breaks at work so I could eat (because I was hungry) and making sure to eat a tiny portion that made me feel energized and strong and able to go back to work. Since the portions were so small, I knew that in order for me to feel like I ate something I had to chew very slowly, but it made me enjoy the tasty food even more.

    I was so proud when I went to a restaurant a few weeks later and halved my plate as soon as it came out and didn’t even feel like I COULD eat any more.

    This week will be a nice–and always needed–refresher course. I haven’t gone back to my old ways of eating until I was sloppy full (so full where you feel sloppy and like you may actually be sick) but I should still remember even if the food is really good, and I don’t NEED those extra bites–don’t take them. :)

  • mag

    I really love this challenge, but I don’t know if I can’t do it, because I always keep with a good portion size for me, but when I am with my mother (I am 18 years old) she forces me to eat a big big plate and I really can’t eat more! the other day she maked me eat 2 big plates of potatoes I was crying actually :( , so when I am with her just for not fight because she does’nt understand this kind of diet, I am just eat all the food :( , but I promess that when she will go I can I will do it. I will do the workout in a little bit and then I will share my score! thanks!!!

  • Micole

    Wow! All I can say is what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! and I’m not dead yet.

  • Cecilia Cimionatto

    Very challenging… I’ve been working out watching your videos for a week now, and I see a dramatic difference in my body and mind… I feel much more energetic!

  • darina

    brutallllll!!!!!never ever :-) )) 46:47
    need good shower

  • Galina

    Hi Zuzana, you rock! :-)
    Can you please tell me how many Kg is your sand bag?
    I have been doing more weights training as I would like to get more definition but I have never really achieve what I expect. You have great body, lean and defined. From what I see with your workouts, you get high intensity strength training, using just your body weight, combined with cardio in same time. Do you ever do weights? If yes, can you please post some workouts or link where I can find it on your website?
    Thank you,

  • Juany

    I did the workout today…Tuesday in Indonesia. My time is 37 mins and 13 secs.
    This is a hard workout…love it! I am still super sore from all of last week’s workouts. Thank you Zuzana!!!!

  • haitham27

    plzzz replay 4 my comment in
    Portion sizes and this week’s workout schedule

  • Anu


    You haven’t mentioned how much time it took for you to complete this workout? Please let us know so that we have a standard to compare. Thanks.
    By the way, your new hair color looks great!


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  • Sally

    I don’t get how this is 400 Reps unless I am not understanding the directions right.??

    • Sally

      Lol, I got it!

  • Charmaine

    Selfishly, I think you being a day ahead of us is a FANTASTIC idea! Being in the UK I am always a day behind you because I only get to see the new workouts quite late in the evening or the next day, so I’d love to be more in time with everyone else. I will do this one tomorrow morning :)

  • Gabriella

    Hello! And thank you for all the videos and this month’s challenge. It has truly helped me with my own difficulties about handling emotional eating. I never really tried to end the habit of eating even though I’m not really hungry. But now I’m aware and thinking about it, though it is difficult at times NOT to eat, I haven’t slipped so far. Eating only when I’m hungry and with smaller portions. :-) This has helped me a lot!

    Also a comment on this workout, it was awesome!! Was sweating so hard and pushing myself as much as I could. I don’t have a sandbag, but i had 2,5kg weights in either hand to have some weight at least. My time was 31:36. At the end I just lay there on the floor, too tired and sweaty to get up! Thank you for yet another great workout :-)

  • Crystle

    I just bought an ultimate sandbag about 2 weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. I haven’t sweat so much as I have been by doing your workouts. Thanks for the insane challenges! Keep ‘em coming! :)

  • Raven White

    I love this…it is just clear to see the layouts well. Thank you…you are my exercise hero.

  • Jason

    Looks like a sweet workout! I’m all over it tomorrow morning

  • Ese

    Zuzana and Freddy,

    So I couldn’t wait for the tutorial and decided to do the workout this morning at 430am EST time. OMG, this work was brutal but so freaking amazing!!
    I’m not going to lie, it kicked my butt and it took me 38 minutes, but I pushed through it focused on having good form, and now after the workout I have soo much energy ready to go to work pumped!!
    Thanks a million as I am proud to be a body rocker!!
    I just turned 30 two months ago, and have an 8 month old daughter and look better than I ever have!!! Who ever said that you can’t look hot and lean after children has no idea what they’re talking about. Will power and determination goes along way!!!!!!!

    Keep inspiring us, and thanks for all that you guys do!! I LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m a fan for life..Pics coming soon!!

  • Marie L.

    Hi Zuzana n Freddy :)

    Zuzu: (that’s how my boyfriend and I used to call you hihi Hope you don’t mind, it is just really cute in fact)

    Would like to know… not to compare what you look like with what I look like, but to compare your strenght with mine:
    Can you tell us your height and weight? or maybe just size of your lulu’s. It’s just because I’m a long way far away the 35lbs sand bag you know lol (I’m like using 10lbs maybe 15lbs) And I was wondering if I could reach it. If you’re much taller than me, then I’ll fix a goal I can reach (like maybe 20lbs). I hope you see what I mean.

    So, maybe you don’t want to share this with us. If not, Do you think that no matter the height or weight, everyone can fix the same goals? or no matter what others are able to lift, I have to follow my body :P

    Thanks for your answer!

    Freddy: Are we going to see you doing one of these super intense work-out one day?? :P or will Sean come back maybe? My boyfriend really appreciated it ’cause he could compare his scores etc :)

    Ciao Xx

    P.s. You didn’t answer yet concerning the french translations (still offering my help) or still asking if you see an objection at me doing this for my friends.

  • Mike

    Long time follower, first time commenting; I do the workouts before I go to work; Personally, I would love if Zuzana or Freddy would do the workout day ahead of time; I know that is asking a lot; but Freddy or Zuzana could be giving us a pep talk to start our day…personally, i would love it.

    P.S. I was also just thinking that if the workouts were uploaded ahead of time that everyone could do them whether their workout preference was day or evening

    Mike “Loves to Stay in Shape” Wawrzyniak

    • Mike

      Sorry, forgot to add that…competing with the workout instructor always gives me motivation for the day. I guess the best way to explain it is that Working out before I go to work rocks…BODYROCK.TV style:)

  • Kobenhavn Kristina

    Freakin AWESOME workout!!! My clients and my aerobic class loved it=0) I keep bragging about you..passing your website around. Thank you once again!

  • Hannah

    I just did this workout and really enjoyed it! I only had an 8kg kettle bell so used that instead of the sand bag and did the workout in 30 mins and 5 seconds. The pushup’s were definitely the worse part! I look forward to trying to beat my score next time! Thanks for another great workout!

  • Kasia

    I’ve just finished this workout… really hard!
    I did it in 35 minutes 22 seconds…
    Zuzana, please post your time :)

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzi and Fredy
    Once again SUPER workout I am sweating(burn) my fat and I am happy then ever I look like I have had bath.My time was littel longe then yours but still good 35:34 I am proud.I can’t wait for tomorrow for me I do some of your old workout.
    Thank you very much I do follow your changes and I will let you know how it go but I see diference already just whit the HIIT.

    • Stania

      I have check the video again and I realize tha my time was not bad I assume your tima was 34min so I am very very heppy.
      PS: I did use instead of the sandbag 15kg kettlebell that one was very heard.

  • Henriette

    Can’t wait for the new and improved BodyRock site :D
    Love the updates and the recent coffee talks, as I love love love coffee (and talking), and you always have some insight that makes my day somehow :)

    About the workouts, I would love it if you’d get them up in the mornings. Being all the way in Norway, means that I get the workouts a day behind, so I always feel really behind, even on the challenges and stuff.
    So, morning updates would be greatly appreciated ;)

    Love from Norway :)

  • Elise

    Hello Zuzana & Frederick,
    from my little french village (Victoriaville, Quebec), I read and I do EVERYTHING you post on your site….thanks for sharing with us the real you. I turned 30 this summer and I’m a mother of 4 amazing kids (also fans of your videos ;) When I get up from bed, the first thing I do is to put my workout clothes on and wear like this until I have done my workout with you….even if the timing happen only in the afternoon…. Then I have a great shower and I feel accomplish. Now it’s 4h30 in the morning, I woke up an hour ago for no reasons, put my workout clothes on like a ritual and I already did this amazing workout! OuF! Feel so great now!!!!
    I have one request if it’s possible for you to post the streching routine (not all the time) at the end just to make it easier (I know the new web site is coming, I can’t wait to see it)…I would appreciate…thank you for everything, I hope to see you soon and wish you a great day ;) Élise xX

  • Pavlina

    That workout looks like absolute killer! Mind you, my ass has still been hurting from the past two workouts. I don’t even remember when was the last time it’s been so sore… I’ve been cursing Zuzi (lovingly, of course lol) all day yesterday! :)

    P.S. Thanks for including the workout name suggestion.

    :) )

  • Anita

    Hello Zuzana!

    I have a question for you: what is more important or gives better results – if you do a workout as fast as you can but not totally correct or if you do a workout (all the exercises) correct just not as fast as you are able to do?
    I hope you understand my question and thank you for your answer :)

  • Tali R.

    im still catching my breath…… are you trying to kill us??????? i all most gave up after the 3 round. i wroth my time because i did not know if i can finish 4 rounds. i did but it was so brutal. my time was 35:59!!!! i hope i did all the exercises the right way.
    thank you
    see you tomorrow

  • Tali R.

    Hey Zuzana, so im about to do this workout right now and i hope to do it right and fast as you. the video was not so clear this time so it was hard to see how you did the exercises 100% hope i got it right. i will write again when i finish with the result.


  • Lina

    really great,i’m going to try it immediately,thanks so much,Zuzana!

  • NGPower

    I loved your coffee talk today. Listen to your body … So great. As I’m coping with my mom’s death a month ago, I found myself in the ER with abnormal EKG on Sat(!) .. Me, 39 yr old, 3rd degree black belt, miss bodyroker fan and addict … I turned out to be ok, but the stress and fatigue from ten months of taking care of a sick parent really got to me. My lesson? We are all mortal, and kind of on “borrowed” time. We have to listen to our inner voice and our body … If it says rest like mine did, then give it rest. BTW my body also said stop the coffee; I thought I’d never be able to do that but it’s working fine. I love that you are keeping it real for all of us! With much appreciation!

  • silvia

    Hi F & Z!

    I love your workout!!

    You’re crazy like me with fitness.. and I enjoy everyday with your routines… XD

    Thank’s for all you do for us!

  • Di

    Loving the site, I am learning so much. Really liking the concept of listening to your body with the food, pushing yourself constantly with the workouts and the challenges are great fun and make things interesting. Also love the coffee talks. The one that has stuck most is not to beat yourself up over things. Your inspiring and motivating, and what you and Freddy have created is incredible. AND you don’t let us down!!!! :-)
    Thank you so much you are changing my life.

  • May

    Hi Zuzana, I’ve been following your workouts for 3 months now. Yes! I feel a lot better working out again. Also I would like to ask you about taking Hydroxycut Advanced pill to help me in losing weight. Should I take it before meals or before a workout? Thanks

  • moana

    Look forward to doing this one tonight! You don’t need to post this comment up–it’s just a suggestion for you that you should get a day ahead of us (like you indicate you might) but…just don’t tell us LOL. I personally don’t care either way, but I sense some of your really ardent followers like the “real time” aspect and the sense that they are following your exact schedule on the day you do it. As for me, I’m on the other side of the dateline and so far away that I’m always on another day already anyway :)

  • nelly

    thank you Zuz i’m gonna do my workout tomorrow it looks very intense yeah!!! i am from Veracruz Mexico and i love your workouts.

  • Betty

    Hi Zuzana and Freddie. First off i want to say that you guys have changed my life and my attitude towards food and excercise. I now look forward to working out and i lovee the challenge. I wanted to share with you a great workout i did the other day. I hope you try it its AMAZING :) )) I would love to see you make a video of it!

    Interval training

    8 rounds.
    30 seconds work
    5 seconds rest

    (4 excercises)– Squats, mountain climbers,burpee pushups, jumping jacks.

    Also, i want to lose about 10 pounds and plan to do about a 20 minute intesne workout every other day. How long do you think it will take for me to reach my goal ? assuming i was eating healthy. 5-6 small meals a day. Lots of water and natural foods. I want to stay away from junk foods and stick to whole natural foods.

    Thanks for being a great motivaation

    P.s- I am your # 1 fan. NOt a day goes by without me looking to see if you added another video. I have seen all your videos start to finish and watched most of them more than once. I LOVE YOU ZUZANA AND FREDDIE :)



  • Evi

    How funny that you mentioned maybe being a day ahead of us because my sister and I do your workouts and we were just talking about being a day behind so we could do the workouts in the mornings :P

    Love your workouts!

  • Maria Anaya

    hi my name is maria and i am 19 years old i am over weight have to loose more than 100 pounds i might not look like it but i am very true. i would like to see where i can find ur diets and also i know i can do these workouts my weight does not hold me back ive had problems all my life and i would love it if i could get ur help ive searched for help my only option is bypass and i dont over eat at all i just retain a lot of water weight ive had personal trainer and i worked out none stop for a year and bearly lost 20 pounds im hoping u can help me to succeed my goal. thank u for doing this by the way.

  • Victoria

    Very intense! Im going to be sore for days and didnt even get to 200 reps….
    hope you guys love your new place!
    Coffee talk was great but….ah…it was kind of hard to under stand what some of the moves were due to the “camera mans” love of the “work out girl”….Freddie was ‘All up in your Grill!’ hahha

  • Georgia1

    My husband and I saw Solitary man the other night it was ok …. kind of depressing but it was the only thing we had not seen at our local Redbox! I did the 12 min torture workout and for my ARD I am going to do the 400 rep workout!

  • Lvette #1

    Hi Zuzana & Frederick,

    I’ll be doing this routine in about 6 hours time Tuesday morning. I stayed up way passed my bed time just for it. Thanks to the both of you for all the hard work. Zuz, I hope you’re not too sore tomorrow for doing this routine twice.

    I’m off to bed, I will be posting my time Tuesday evening after work.

  • TraceyW

    I have been working out one day behind you from the very beginning as I don’t have internet at home (I know, crazy in this day and age!). So your Monday is my Tuesday, etc. It has worked great for me. I have several of your workouts written down so if I can’t get internet for a couple of days I fill it in with an older workout.

    I also had major fatigue last week, mostly in my legs, so I had one rest day and did only stretching, then the next day I did a bit of weights and exercise ball work. Then I was good to go again. I learned it was important to listen to my body…. :Have a great day!

  • Rachelle Denaro

    Hey guys I’ve been following up with your workouts for the past few days and I’m hooked. I play professional water polo and your workouts are some of the most challenging I have ever done, I LOVE IT!! I was wondering how you made your sandbag?? I can’t wait to do the 400 rep workout, I have a feeling there is no way I will finish in 30 minutes!! Thanks for the amazing work outs!

  • Ann

    Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with the videos. I personally would love it if you were a day ahead so that the workouts would be ready in the mornings. I dislike being a day behind on the challenge or letting a day go by not knowing if a workout is coming or if I should have had an ARD, thereby missing a workout/activity.

    I cant wait to give this a try tomorrow though! I love the 300 rep workout and am looking forward to the burn.