Sep 15 2010

Gaga For Tight Booty

Hi BodyRockers,

Today I have for you 12 minute of interval training. There are 4 bodyweight exercises so the only equipment that you need for this workout is your Gymboss Interval Timer. You will also need a step or a chair, but I assume that everyone has a chair at home so I don’t really count that as an equipment :) I found a little kitchen step that I used for the Step Up exercise and it worked great for me. You just have to find something that will support your weight and is stable enough so that you won’t be sliding all over the place in your attempt to complete as many Step Ups as possible. You can also put the chair against a wall and use the wall for your support. I went over each exercise in the instructional video and shared some modifications for beginners. If you feel discouraged by some of the exercises, than try the easier variations that I have shown in the video and you will see that this workout is for everyone. The important thing is that you start moving and exercising on a regular basis.

Set your interval timer for 18 rounds of 2 intervals. The first interval is 10 seconds and the second interval is 30 seconds long. Your goal is to do as many reps as you can for each exercise during the 30 second intervals. The 10 seconds of rest in between each exercise will give you enough time to write down your reps and get ready to move on.

You will be go through the following circuit of exercises 3 times:

10 seconds rest

1. Side Burpee

10 seconds rest

2. Mountain Climber

10 seconds rest

3. Ninja Jump Tuck

10 seconds rest

4. Mountain Climber

10 seconds rest

5. Step Up

10 seconds rest

6. Mountain Climber

Enjoy your workout!


Side Burpee – Alternating sides

My score:

round 1 – 6reps, round 2 – 4reps, round 3 – 4 reps

Mountain Climber

My score:

round 1 – 56, 50, 52 reps

round 2 – 50, 46, 51 reps

round 3 – 51, 47, 50 reps

Ninja Jump Tuck

My Score:

round 1 – 5 reps, round 2 – 4 reps, round 3 – 4 reps

Step Up – Alternating Legs

My score:

round 1 – 18 reps, round 2 – 16 reps, round 3 – 16 reps


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  • Mindy McT

    Leave it up to me to set my timer wrong. I set it for 18-10/50. But I managed to get through it!
    My Scores:
    side burpee: 7/6/6
    mountain climber: 99/80/70
    ninja jump tuck: 5/4/3
    mountain climber: 100/90/ 84
    step up: 29/25/24
    mountain climber: 97/85/83

  • Kay

    i used a pretty high bench so there’s my excuse. 

  • Kay

    i feel like i’ve done this before but i dont see it in my notes, so i guess i havent.

    1. side burpee: 5/4/4
    2. mtn climber: 41/32/33
    3. ninja jumptuck: 5/5/4
    4. mtn climber: 44/18 (stopped to itch! lol)/ 32
    5. step up: 11/12/10
    6. mtn climber: 39/40/35

    • Kay

      working out pretty late today. :( 12:07am

  • sselcann

    mountain climbers killed me this time but it was a great workout!! :) )

    side burpee: 6-5-5
    mountain climbers: 54-45-40
    ninja jump-tuck: 5-4-4
    mountain climbers: 48-48-49
    mountain climbers: 52-48-50

  • You As A Machine

    Just did this 12 minute Bodyweight workout. Last time I did it was exactly one year ago to the day!
    In my notes from last time I wrote: Very Tough! Great Cardio! 
    The workout definitely lived up to its reputation!
                                 19 Sept. 2010   Vs.  19 Sept. 2011
    1. Side Burpee:             6 – 6 – 5               7 – 6 – 5  
    2. Mountain Climbers:  68 – 65 – 62          72 – 75 – 77
    3. Ninja Jump Tuck:      6 – 6 – 6               7 – 6 – 6 
    4. Mountain Climbers:  64 – 65 – 63           72 – 77 – 79
    5. Step Up Switch:       23 – 23 – 22           25 – 23 – 22
    6. Mountain Climbers:   65 – 66 – 63          77 – 80 – 83

    I played a little mind game with myself during Mountain Climbers…goal was to match the previous number; if I matched it before the timer went off then I would get however many seconds extra rest during my 10 second rest break.  This mind game actually made me go faster, with the reward being a longer break! But of course by the time I matched the same number, I was then game to see how many more reps I could squeeze out.  It worked every time.

  • Annie_B

    Hi Zuzana ,Freddy & Bodyrockers!! Happy Friday everyone :) I did this workout this morning and SMASHED my PB on September 22 ,2010 :D Here is how I did.
    - Instead of 18 rounds , I did 36 rounds.So, it was a pure brutality 24 mins.- I used 10 lbs. medicine ball for Side Burpee.
    - For Step Up, I did Box Jump with 20 ” table in my living room.
    Side Burpee with 10 lbs. ball : 6/5/5/5/5/5Mountain Climber : 68/68/64/74/66/72
    Ninja Jump Tuck : 6/7/7/6/6/6.5
    Mountain Climber : 68/64/64/70/74/63
    20″ Box Jump : 14/12/13/13/13/13
    Mountain Climber : 69/67/60/77/70/66

    I pushed hard and didn’t hold back. I felt so awesome to finished it :)

  • Anonymous

    Choose this for todays workout. Happy about that I beat my old scores with 31,5 reps! ;D 

    My scores:
    Side burpees: 6-6-6 
    M. climbers: 40-42-48 
    Ninja j. tuck: 8-8-8 
    M. climbers: 45-45-48 
    Step up: 11-13-12 
    M. climbers: 46-50-53 

  • Luke Says No

    My Scores:
    18 x 30/10
    1. Side Burpee: 5, 4, 4
    2. Mountain Climber: 45, 50, 44
    3. Ninja Jump Tuck: 3, 4, 5
    4. Mountain Climber: 45, 45, 45
    5. Step Up: 12, 11, 11
    6. Mountain Climber: 54, 60, 55

  • Oksanak

    hahhaha i have to agree with Nina on this one, i officially hate mountain climbers as well after this one!!! but the workout was great-total wipe out :D AWESOME!!!!!!!! just after 2-3 workouts I could already see and feel the difference!!! thank you so much guys!! your workouts ROCK!!! :)

  • Oksanak

    hahhaha i have to agree with Nina on this one, i officially hate mountain climbers as well after this one!!! but the workout was great-total wipe out :D AWESOME!!!!!!!! just after 2-3 workouts I could already see and feel the difference!!! thank you so much guys!! your workouts ROCK!!! :)

  • ashley

    Awesome workout !!

  • vanessa


    so hard! thanks!

  • annoula

    great workout!thx…

  • Nathalie

    Hi Bodyrockers,
    my score for this brutally good workout is…
    1. 4/4/3
    2. 45/42/45
    3. 3/4/4
    4. 34/40/43
    5. 13/13/13
    6. 47/37/44

    Wonderful workout. How do you come up with these? They are so hard and yet so good. And we keep coming back for more:)

  • Tereza CZ

    I’m affraid I’ll never be able to do proper Ninja Jump Tucks..I’m not affraid of falling on my mouth, I just don’t seem to have the momentum for that. Where does the tuck come from – odkud vychází ten odraz? Maybe I’m too heavy? Or I have different centre of gravity? I definitely must be doing something wrong. I do as a Jump Tuck something similar, which looks more like getting on toes first and then jump forward but I just do it so fast that it reminds ninja jump tuck a bit:) Anyways, here’s my today’s score:

    1. 8-6-6 (I forgot to do the push up so I did some extra push ups afterwards)
    2. 40-36-34
    3. 4-3-4
    4. 42-40-40
    5. 8-9-11 (it took me a while before I figured out how the legs follow)
    6. 46-42-50

    Thanks for great workout!

  • chair cover hire

    ninja jumps are scary dont think im ready for that
    very high impact on the knees but i guess its porbably better than jogging!

  • maria

    Hi Zuzana, do you think it’s okay for beginners to change the time intervals?! 10 seconds and 20 seconds was a little bit too much for me. I modified it to 40-40, as i thought i needed some extra time to breath!!!!

  • Crystal (Dallas)

    Jeez, this one almost makes me sea sick. lol Great work out tho.

  • shirley

    hi zuzana
    maybe you know this already, but your you tube video’s featured in an article in the sun newspaper this week, check out


  • Janet

    I did this workout with you the other day, i did not however record anything! But it was a great workout. I have only been working out for about a month now.. to get fit, def not to lose weight. I am a very small woman and have tried other workouts in the past that included weight lifting, i always got so discouraged b/c it was so hard and so hard on my body… i would just give up. So, 1 month ago i thought i would give it another shot.. started real easy on the wii fit (extremely out of shape lol) And a couple weeks ago i found you! I have been doing your workouts every day now and actually look forward to doing them!! Thankyou so much, for being an inspiration!!

  • Airy

    Okay, so I might’ve skimmed on the exercises like not doing a full tuck jump – but my scores:

    burpees- 6,4,4
    mountain- 45,36,30
    ninja/tuck- 5,4,5
    mountain- 40,41,43
    stair- 13,11,13 (mighta done them a little differently)
    mountain- 49,47,52

    As far as what I’ve read/heard by going through her past blog posts, these are the only exercises (apart from active rest days) that she does to get into her shape. Pretty amazing eh?

    I love your no-equipment exercises and coffee talks. Please keep them coming and doing what you’ve been doing.

  • Fred River

    Nice workout!… nice website….nice body…. funny english…


    :o )

  • Jean-Sebastien

    Hi Guys, back to work, i was on an professional training for 8 months so Ive been lazy but still I was active every day. And, back to school mean back to training with zuzana because it helps me to concentrate in class. So for this one, I did:


    Oh Btw, you guys share your life with us. So I guess you are interested to know that now my sister, by girlfriend and I are following you on a almost daily basis !


  • Milica

    Hi Suzana,
    I think it’s wonderful that you are so generous and providing variations for beginers. Thank you so much! It makes it easier to follow and stay motivated:)I hope you will continue to do that or maybe have a subsection of variations to your most common excercises on your new website.

  • Sergey

    I died after 2nd rond, very intensive and it’s cool! I’m from Russia, Moscow.

  • Сергей

    Сдох после третьего подхода, очень понравилось!! Я из России.

  • الين

    انا الين وعمري 18 سنة وبدي انزل 10 كيلو لو سمحتي لانو عندي كرش وكمان خواصر وفخدات

  • Lissy

    can i subscribe youre blog?? Like google burnsfeed?

  • Sherrodie Cook

    I really like your videos,and it has inspired me to tone up my body. I am not over weight, but not in the best shape either. How often should i work out? Should i eat before or after i work out?

  • http://deleted ahamn

    I want exercises for breast enlargement

  • ahamn

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  • Brittney

    Hey My right knee is weaker and hurt but i love doing your workouts do you have any suggestions for something that would replace the ninja jump tucks. It is too hard on my knee. (specifically the jump from my knees to feet hurts) I wear a brace but i still need to be easy on my knee.

  • Marian

    Did this one 6am, bright this morning:

    1) 5/4/4
    2) 46/50/47
    3) 3/4/5
    4) 54/53/49
    5) 12/13/13
    6) 54/55/57

    Phew! I’m ready to begin my day! :)

  • Pernille from Denmark :-)

    Great workout… nice detail doing mountain climbers in between…
    I did the ninja jump tuck for the first time… it has really been a challenge for me… to get the courage to jump into squat.
    The side burpee I also have had a bit of a struggle with, but now I´ve got it.

    My scores:

    1. 6-6-6
    2. 55-53-56
    3. 5-6-6
    4. 57-49-49
    5. 9-11-12
    6. 57-56-54

    I have been doing the workouts for four months now, and what a huge difference it has made on my body.
    Now I need the strength to stop eating fast and too much… Not that I´m overweight, but it would give me the results that I want….more lean !!!

  • Jennifer

    Hi Everyone! Zuzana, I love your workouts!! Don’t stop doing them!
    I just want to throw out there if you’re new to be very careful at first…I tried a workout for the first time and had terrible pain in my left hand the next day, I got back from the Dr just now and I actually tore the ligament on my middle finger from doing all the floor exersises. And I’m not new to doing mountain climbers and things like that…. so just be careful everyone!! I think it was from doing the extended exersising using my hands like that that actually tore it.

  • val

    wow this looks intense,like hard core
    but ima try it of course

    and thanks!
    you really see/feel results with these workouts!

  • Yajaira


    Zuzana,I love your intense workouts!!
    I’m a mom of twins of 5 years old, I’m not fat but, since I had the twin I had problems with my belly, it was not hard as before, I did a lot of cardio, 40 min. 5 times a week for 5 years, with a lot of sit up,I had never seen results like this!…. I have muscles in my belly!… in just 3 weeks, that I started working out with you!!! Thank you so much! You are my motivation, my personal trainer!! One more time thank you for your effort to keep us with motivation!
    (I’m sorry if I have errors, I’m hispanic and I’m learning english.) :0}

  • Zel

    Hi Zuzana! You are my idol… I worked out since I was 16 years of age and I convinced that for a good results you don’t have to spend a lot of money on gym or exercise equipment- You just need a motivation and a floor.. You proved it. I still think that incorporating occasional weight lifting is important for a bone strengh. Most of the daily workout thou can be done at home, as on your videos. I’m pregnant now, but trust me after March 2011 I will be on your website every day rebuilding my post-partum body. Best of luck to you…Thank you for all you do…

  • HannahHan

    1. 12/8/10 modified
    2. 33/25/25
    3. 3/3/3 modified
    4. 33/30/30
    5. 13/10/9
    6. 35/35/30

    Next time I’m going to look at your scores as I do the workout to help motivate me!

  • Kitty

    This was so tough, I wanted to quit after the second round. But pushed through and am glad I did…as always! 12 minutes and done for the day! Did my 5 chin ups after I cooled down, and my 5 pistols on each leg then stretched out.

    1. 6-6-5
    2. 68-65-62
    3. 6-6-6
    4. 64-65-63
    5. 23-23-22
    6. 65-66-62

    Thank you guys!

  • LaChief

    Nice Zuzana… I did it and felt great!! Damn mountain climbers are no joke!!! Hoorah! I have told so many people about this site because they keep asking me why I have not been going to the gym. I tell them that I have been getting more results from these short workout sessions than in the hours I used to spend at the gym. My core is getting RIDICULOUS… and I mean that in a positive way. Thank you so much.

  • Lucilla

    I did this workout after my weights routine it was heart pumping and challenging. Thank you for this awesome routine :)

  • Janet

    I see I omitted the push ups on the burpees, darnit!
    I hit a hard 45 minute hill run first so I am really happy with this! Off to paddlesurf! Fun never ends! :) )

  • Jamie

    Hello Frederick and Zuzana,

    I found your website the other day and I just want to thank you for offering the exact kind of work-outs I like. They are short, aerobic, intense, and fun. I have always loved working out but get bored easily. I found that your work-outs offer variety and creativity. I am also a personal trainer so it is nice to see different work-outs. I will definitely follow your website and eagerly wait for new exercises. Thanks again.

    For this work-out my numbers were:

    1. 7, 7, 7
    2. 61, 60, 63
    3. 5, 5, 6
    4. 62, 69, 66
    5. 14, 13, 14
    6. 55, 69, 69

  • kim

    I would like to ask a few questions:-

    How many times do you work out a week?
    How long do you work out for each session?
    Do you ever use weights for the upper body?

    I have a weak upper body and would like to improve my push-ups and side push-ups. What exercise do you suggest that could help?

  • carmen

    Dear Zuzana,

    Love your workouts,

    On the old site you had some new workoutpants from a different site/brand than lulumon.
    I can’t find the link anymore. Could you provide me with the link or brand of the new pants??

    regards Carmen.

  • elise

    i did an amazing workout today, it was a time challenge and it goes like this:
    1. 100 squats
    2. 25 push ups
    3. 100 squats
    4. 25 hanging leg raises
    5. 100 squats
    6. 25 pull ups
    it nearly killed me and i loved it. :)

  • Jean-Paul

    I love the coffee talks. I hope she keeps doing them.

  • Tina Di Leo


    I want to thank you for the great work you are both doing!! I am Personal Trainer and Mother of one amazing little boy!! Prior to becoming a Mom, I was training daily in Martial arts, Yoga, Strength and Cardiovascular Fitness. I loved it!! My priorities change once I became a Mom and my time was dedicated to my son and family. I still workout but I was looking for something … a new source of inspiration!! Then I came across BodyRocktv and I was sooo happy!! What made it better was the fact that Zuzana is a strong, beautiful women and it kept me inspired, motivated and training in a whole new dimension. Time is not a factor anymore, I don’t have to travel anywhere to workout and I am in amazing shape!! Much gratitude to both of you…. keep doing what you do!!


  • Tina Louise


    This was a great workout. I was sweating like crazy. The Mountain Climbers were no joke. 5 star workout. Thanks.

  • Julia

    It’s a total crazyness!!!! Those mountaim climbers… I have no words!!! Only sweating!!!
    My score is:
    1 – 6/4/4
    2 – 75/40/40
    3 – 8/8/8
    4 – 74/40/40
    5 – 19/20/20
    6 – 40/40/40
    I thought that this workout will be easy, but I was wrong!
    Thank you!
    Waiting for working out next time!

  • mag

    a) 6 6 6
    b) 45 35 40
    c) 4 5 5
    d) 37 40 48
    e) 10 9 13
    f) 48 52 46

    sooooo many mountain climbers! amazing!! thanks! and share with us that incredible recipe of pasta in a diet video :) I love them!

  • Monica

    Those mountain climbers were really intense. I tried the ninja jumps for the first time… a little wobbly but I managed to get 3 in.

    Thanks for all these great workouts! I’ve been following faithfully for a few weeks now and I’m completely hooked.

  • michelle

    hi guys-

    i’ve been doing the workouts for about two weeks now. today i decided i would start logging my results. even though i’m still a newbie, i thought i should log them so i can see where i was and track improvements!!! the past 2 weeks, just feeling like going through the workouts and trying to maintain best form i possibly can, i didn’t feel it was too important to record my numbers – now i see where it is beneficial!


    thanks for posting this workout!!

    • Oksanak

      you totally beat me :( but i’m working on it, so it’s all good ;)

    • Oksanak

      you totally beat me :( but i’m working on it, so it’s all good ;)

  • Cam

    I am a huge fan of the simplicity and intensity of your workouts.
    Amongst my peers, some do Crossfit or P90 but yours are way more effective for fitness.
    Keep up the posts!

  • Anastasiya

    Hi Zuzana! I discoverd you website this week and wow you look amazing!Your really built.I have just one question for you did you get your body with all these workouts? Because im not really that much over weight but I have fat in really bad places like legs and tummy. I really want to be built and strong. Do you have any sujdestions for me?

    • mag

      yes! she just do this workouts of intensive short intervals :)

  • Julia

    For some reason I got got sore muscles in my back today (after doing this workout yesterday). And actually this is what I like about your workouts: before I do them I never know which bodypart will be strained the most and often I realize, oh! there must me some underdeveloped muscle groups in my body which respond to exercises which are actually meant to strain other bodyparts… an other explanation would be that I don’t do the workouts in proper form (but I really try hard!) so that other musclegroups are charged additionally. But anyway – you manage it that I feel stiff after every workout I do. And for me that’s a really good sign of development and it’s also the reason why I can’t follow your workouts everyday. Not yet.

    :) Take care and thanks for your good advice and the great diet challenges!

  • Nova – Home Workout Routines Rock!

    Agreed – Brutal! I was dripping sweat everywhere!!!

  • fatima

    me encanto yo sigo tu pagina gracias desde USA !! :) mexican girl

  • Bailey

    wow! Landon this is what I call working out!

  • Michelle

    Awsome workout, Im sore today from this one yesterday!!
    I was wondering why dont you use a jump rope or your pullup bar or dip station anymore. I love jump rope and miss the exericses done on the equipment.

  • Miss Sandra D

    my first post, but I’ve been watching and following you and Freddy for a couple of months now… I love your perspective on maintaining a healthy lifestyle without spending the cash… makes my life so much easier… so thanks and keep the videos coming… I love them and it’s all I can do to keep myself from talking about you guys and showing people some of the awesome moves I’ve learned :)

    Miss Sandra D

    Would have love to run into you guys while you were here in Toronto… have an awesome day!

  • Nata from Ukraine =)

    It was very hard, Zuzana =))))

    Mountain Climber
    My score:
    round 1 – 47, 40, 37 reps
    round 2 – 30, 39, 36 reps
    round 3 – 29, 33, 33 reps

    Ninja Jump Tuck
    My Score:
    round 1 – 2 reps
    round 2 – 2 reps
    round 3 – 2 reps
    Still scary to do this exercise =))

    Step Up – Alternating Legs
    My score:
    round 1 – 17 reps
    round 2 – 16 reps
    round 3 – 15 reps

    Thank you!!

    I’ve started doing hatha yoga in my active rest day! and i really enjoy it!! Yoga gives me so many positive feelings… and streching is very nice!

  • alondra

    Hello, I love this challenge.

    Has something happened with the new video? not find it. Regards

  • Sébastien

    Is it better to do the workout in the morning or in the evening? I saw on your video that it was dakr outside.
    Buy the way do you like you new house?.

  • gogo

    Intense…thanks guys!
    6 6 5
    54 63 68
    5 5 5
    58 62 57
    12 13 13
    58 60 63

    Last night I had half an apple and peanut butter for a snack and as soon as I was finished I couldn’t stop thinking about the other half. I gave in, not a big deal because it really wasn’t that much but I think it was about half for hunger and half greed/pleasure. That’s the problem with eating really delicious food, it’s so good it’s hard to stop sometimes!

  • Lef

    You were more beautiful with blond hair

  • Jennifer

    Hi, Ninja Jump Tuck affect varicose veins?

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    Don’t know if this will post but here goes…

    1) 6/5/6
    2) 61/55/51
    3) 5/4/4
    4) 49/48/50
    5) 14/13/11
    6) 50/51/51

    On one of my ninja jump tucks I actually push so hard on the take off that my feet landed too far forward and I fell on my butt! LOL Has that ever happened to you?

  • Amanda

    Wow, this was so brutal….but I FINISHED it. i don’t want to do anything more today now…lol….which sucks b/c I have to work this afternoon…ugh :)

  • ~marOs~

    **PHEW!!** WOW! Im a beginner and this was my FIRST workout EVER!! Feels great thou! But obviously I cudnt even come close to those huge numbers of reps!! So here is mine:

    1, 3/2/2

    2, 20/20/16

    3, 3/2/2

    4, 20/18/12

    5, 18/16/15

    6, 20/18/21

    SideBurpee was a killer!!! Hopefully I did fine for a beginner, and I didnt use the alternatives :)

  • Stephanie

    Great workout!

    1. 5/4/3
    2. 30/34/46
    3. 5/6/6
    4. 35/40/42
    5. 10/14/12
    6. 33/39/47

    Thanks for the great workout. I agree with EE, the # of mountain climbers makes it tough!

  • Sally

    I have gone vegetarian ever since you posted that eye opening video. No meat, No dairy and a lot more vegetables. My portions are a little bigger than your are. I follow your workout religiously 5 to 6 days a week depending on how many you have. The one thing that I have noticed is that I have shrunk in size, weigh less but I now have gone from 11% body fat to 14% since then. I have loose skin all over my stomach for the first time and it’s driving me nuts. I also have noticed that allow I have more energy throughout the day, I have less in my workouts and can’t push myself as hard. I am curious as to what positive and negative changes you have had since your diet change.

  • Nenya

    1. 7-7-7
    2. 59-36-33
    3. 5-6-4
    4. 46-43-46
    5. 17-18-18
    6. 48-46-49

    cool~Mountain Climber is so tired~ha~

  • melanie

    Oh my gosh Zuzana!!!! I’m still a beginner so mountain climbers kill and I can’t do no where near as many as you at least not yet. I really want to stick with your routines and hope that I will continue to get stronger. My ninja jumps have gotten better so that’s a start.

    Thanks so much for your videos!!!!!!

  • Bibi

    I was wondering if you had some exercices which target the love handles ? Since it’s my biggest problem, and a lot of people have it too, it would be great to know one or two things that could help.

    For when is the next recipe ? :D I feel like it’s been a year (eventhough it’s not) ! A super non-fat non-sugar cookie ? another snack ? pasta ?

    Thanks for all you do for us ^^

  • Anna

    1: 6 4 4
    2: 48 30 25
    3: 4 4 4
    4: 40 32 32
    5: 12 12 12
    6: 39 46 36

    So hard, incredible but great kicking my ass! Thank you!!!

  • Jessica

    ZUZANA! My feet were killing me after all those Mountain Climbers! Excellent workout!
    My Score:
    52/46/74 – haha, i was pushing hard on the last round of those! Thanks again for all you do!

  • Elizabeth M.i.a.m.i

    Thank you ZUZANA!!! Really awesome it’s been an hour a shower and breakfast and I am still sweating!!! You are too good!!!

  • Nina

    Gonna do this one today, I am really scared of this many mountain climbers, they are always killing me :D

    Cally is so sweet at the end of the video :D

  • Rea

    From some reason I had terrible muscle pain in my legs yesterday and I noticed it right after the first Mountain Climber exercise. Here are my scores:

    Side Burpee 6, 4 , 4
    Mountain Climber 52, 36, 20
    Ninja Jump Tuck 4, 3, 4
    Mountain Climber 26, 36, 38 (took a couple of breaks here because of the pain)
    Step ups 13, 16, 17
    Mountain Climber 44, 42, 46

    Thank you for another great workout

    P.S. I am kinda feeling like i’m slacking off when i’m not working out everyday and my body is also showing negative changes.
    After the hardest workout, when I really put my max effort in it, the recovery time for me is somewhere between 12 to 24 hours. So i dont always need a break the next day.

  • Tina

    Hi Zuzie and Freddy,

    Long time no hearing from me…
    Thanks for all you have done for me, stay amazing.
    I am a good girl and staying in shape all the time. Still following your routines and I haven`t miss a week without doing at leat 3 workouts. My average is 5 workouts per week. Sometimes more, but only 2 weeks in a whole year, I did only 3, and neves less. I am very proud and feel amazing in my skin. It`s been a little over a year now from the day I have found you and never looked away :) . I have my whole fitness log – a whole book now! :D , write it every day…I have very little body fat, my body changed a lot, I look really good now all thanks to you and your site, your routines and diet approach. I love my life now.

    I wish you all the best with your site, I can see that you are going through some difficult times now, I wish everything will settle down for you just perfect!!! I really wish you that, from the bottom of my heart.

    I am not writing my results here on your comments anymore, but I can tell you that I am pretty good! :D But…I must keep on going like all of us…we are really all the same, human beings. Never give up, Zuzie, you are The inspiration for all of us…I hope you have inspiration for yourself too, cause we all need one…Just remember: we should always fell great about ouselves & love ourselves; cause WE ARE ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL, ALWAYS PERFECT, EVER-CHANGING…love you guys,


  • cynthia


    just did this workout. i did it with modifications, but anyways it was brutal. but i’m still alive:)

  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy,

    The site seems incredibly slow and I note you have few comments, which seems unimaginable. What’s up? I thought this “new” version was a little more robust that the old and now dead build.

    I hope you are enjoying the liquid sun of the Pacific Northwest. It’s this time of the year my thoughts turn to desert climes like Arizona. I’m seriously thinking of moving to Lake Havasu City! 8-)

    You two take care,

  • Kelly

    Hey great workout!..
    one thing i thought it would be nice to know are your measurements zuzana — sort of like a goal :)

  • Rhayna

    HI! Great workout! I just wanted to ask you about the ninja jumps. I do them in another way but i don’t know if it’s wrong, it’s just that i don’t want to use any chair for support.
    When i take the position on the floor, i have my feet on my toes. And then i do the jump. It’s easier for me and i feel like i’m more close to the original form of the exercise. I don’t know if it would be better to do the variation with the one leg in front for support or this….
    I thought you are the one to help me:) So i hope you see my message and answer me….
    Thank you zuzana & freddie,
    you are the best:) really:)

    ps i loved the chiuaua squats too, i’m gonna try them, lol…
    but i have a bigger dog so it will be more challenging haha:)

  • Évy

    Oh cool! I like this workout :)

    Zuzana, it is really nice from you to explain all those tips each time for beginners :) (but I’m no more…got muscles now! hihi)

    I’m going to try this tomorrow and will come back with scores! :)

    Nice place you got guys by the way ;)


  • David


    hee… Im trying to catch all of your video.. you do great Zuzanna.. !!!:)!!!

    I`m personaly into military! Its for me personal and greatfull trainning tricks, I use for workout afther work ..and ..before work day! I like what you suggest, and whant to thank you!

    My careere just go better with all trainning I do and help me, to reach more opportunities|

    excuse my english! lol

  • Iris

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy,

    I will do this workout this evening.
    I have a question.When I saw you doing your Ninja Jump Tucks I realized that you have the perfect mat for it.What kind of mat is it?Cause mine is always slipping on the floor.And yours really stick to the floor.

  • Ann

    I am enjoying the monthly challenge. I hope there will be more. I have had issues with over eating and sometimes I struggle but I have been better at it because the challenge has made me more conscious. My trouble is working at a retail store and not being able to eat when I am hungry. Its really annoying because I want the physical and physiological benefits of eating many small meals and paying attention to my body. I think that I may need to add extra cardio back into my routine to see the results that I would like. I think I am building muscle that is pretty much lean. I really don’t want any bulk. I am not seeing the fat loss though. And until I can scrap this retail job for a better one, I think I have to do the extra work to see the results I would like.

    This workout was tough but fun. You can clearly see where I felt the hurt. lol

    1. 5, 5, 4
    2. 60, 53, 53
    3. 5, 3, 4
    4. 57 69, 41
    5. 14, 13, 13
    6. 49, 64, 56

  • CaseyC

    I know this blog is about fitness. However, I just wanted to tell you guys how cute your house is. Well, from what I can see. I love that armoire as well as the openness of the living room area with the kitchen. Beautiful!

  • David

    please!!! listen to my “point of view”… Ok I`m a guy :)
    ..but seriously I`ve been into crazy workout`s (thank you for all tricks or workout techniques) + I do bicking allot! alright, I have not bicking from a good time; (weater and time) well, my point is.. over that, You need those extra`s sometime, where I`m going is simple… Seriously! If you follow a good workout during week and weekend. My point is, life is enjoyable, and your body will say tanks, to be free to enjoy good things once in a will…. what is good for your spirit also, for your moral. manage the thing as well! over eating can be great and healtfull.. eaven, can make you performe or lose “weight”, (((you will need calories to burn fat))) plus.. if you do strong workout, Its in need for your body somewhere hels. Afther all.. life is to be enjoy! your body will thank you

    I would say dont be shy but concern!

    Always be thankfull for all your workout. Thank you

  • Quinn

    New to these workouts but I’m enjoying them. Ninja Jump Trick is crazy but yes, very rewarding once figuring out how not to fall over. Guess I’m the only one without a step stool in my house, so I did crunches instead.

    Thanks for the kick in the butt!

    Have to share so I don’t lie to myself…
    1. 6/6/6
    2. 42/44/40
    3. 5/6/7
    4. 40/40/42
    5. 21/22/20
    6. 38/42/40

  • Megan


    I wanted to thank you for the tutorial videos. They are so helpful especially for those of us who are beginners or intermediates! Your workouts are incredible. I have three children ages 5, 3 and 3. The younger ones are boy-girl twins, and ever since they were born I have had a hard time getting in shape. I can definitely tell that I am beginning to build strength all over my body and you have motivated me to reach for a fitness level I never thought possible. My goal is to do the pushups like you do. Also, I’ve really been enjoying the challenges. Especially the one this week on overeating. Thanks again!

  • Kiki

    1: 13/4/2
    2: 32/46/42
    3: 6/5/4
    4: 60/37/43
    5: 13/13/13

  • Stew

    Nice website you sexy thang! So my comment is really just an injury prevention FYI. Just read article about impact and training and bodies natural suspension. I only comment because you train a lot and this might help you/someone avoid injury down the road. Basically, I noticed that you land hard when you jump or run. This causes the tendons to receive high pounds per square inch impact. The muscle systems combined with controlled landings allow the energy to be spread and absorbed over a larger muscle group instead of tendon and bone structure.

    Basically, try doing a bunny hop and landing without making a sound, then do reps in same manner, it actually makes simple workouts mentally tougher having to focus more on landing. I got lucky and always workout like this, the same speed just more graceful with the landing, like ninjas and ballet, or gymnastics, or something. In summary, the bodies movement should be fluid minimizing high impacts. Like when you stomp your feet versus dancing, one is is high impact, the other is graceful, but both can accomplish the same movement.

    Thanks for the motivation hope I made sense and I’d probably go find more credible sources than me. PS your website probably lowers world wide health care costs at least a little, so your like a hero too.


  • Shannon L.

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick.
    I have my days when I eat very little and I can eat just small amounts all day and then I have my days when I can pack it in like a champ and not even feel too full! Im 5’6″ 133 lbs which is normal but I do want to drop about 5-10 lbs which would be so nice. I have to keep reminding myself not to over eat but it’s so hard.
    I know I can do it… I don’t have far to go.
    I also don’t do the workouts as often as you do so I KNOW for a fact that if I can workout at least 4-5 times out of the week that I can reach my goal.
    I also want to start eating less meat and more veggies to see if that will help, which im pretty sure it will!

  • Devery

    Unfortunately I’m suffering from a head cold this week so trying to listen to my body and rest this week :-( I also went back for a second serving of pasta this evening, then I watched coffee talk :-(

  • nena

    Guys excellent way to explain the exercise, I would like to know what is the exercise for?,…like side burpees are good for…

    So if you can say that, that woulb be great

    Thank you guys

    1. 2/3/2

    I most say that my times had improuve before I was doing half of Zuzana now I am doing a little bit more than half.

    Thank you Guys Love you

  • http://n/a flane

    This is the first of your workouts that I was sorta able to do. I can’t do the Ninja Jump Tucks, in my case it’s because I’m too heavy to generate enough torque to get my lard butt off the ground. I’m looking forward to the day I can do them like you do. I was covered in sweat, even with the little bit I did. Before doing this I wouldn’t have believed how sore quads get doing the mountain climbers. I was actually having to stop at times because of the pain, it was great.

    Totally unrelated, I miss the old coffee cup.

    Thank you for doing this for BodyRockers, I really appreciate it.

    All the best!!!!!

    1. 4/3/3
    2. 25/20/15
    3. 3/3/3
    4. 20/15/15
    5. 4/4/4
    6. 20/15/10

  • wilson

    could let me know how I can bay all your workout in 1 book

  • J.F.

    Wow Zuzana, love your workouts. Very intense and so brutal! With all these leg exercises I gained so much muscle in my legs i actually have to up a pant size! I was a size 3 (I have a small muscular build) and am now a size 5. I was never the athletic type and never did one amount of exercise until I started watching your videos. Very inspiring! Keep it up!

  • Tanya

    This was a great cardio workout today. The mountain climbers kicked my butt!

  • Christina Taylor

    I think I sweat 2 lbs

    1] 7,7,6
    2] 55,63,57
    3] 3 (I fell flat on my face)… 7,7
    4] 62,60,63
    5] 12,13,13
    6] 62,63,62

    Great stuff keep it coming!!

  • Leslie-Anne

    Thank you Z…. for kicking my a** every time! Love you!

  • http://gheefyhf huhugih

    ummmm it worked im sexy

  • Laura

    can’t wait to try this one. Callie is so cute at the end ….she’s adorable.

  • michelle

    I like how this was formatted today, so I could print the plan off. That works great for my daughter and I, who both do your workouts.
    Great job!
    Thank you

  • Danielle R.

    What happened to your Shape Ups?

  • Sandy

    Zuzana my hubby and I are doing the workout tonight but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy you and your videos you are so darn adorable…… Thank you for the motivation.

  • Carla

    Hey Zuzana, hope you and Freddy are doing great. I loved the workout. I did it today, Thursday.
    I want to give you props, you are awesome. Your body is what gives me motivation everyday. I do have a question about my triceps. I really want very defined arms and your triceps are like freakin’ awesome but my triceps are just getting flabby again not fat or anything just soft so I want to know if you can incorporate more workouts for that or give tips on how to get them more defined.
    Your arms are wonderful and I do the same workouts as you so I must be doing something wrong for my triceps to be getting soft.

    Thanks in advance


  • Bobbi Kaye

    I ended up doing this workout in 16:06. It took me a little longer than I was expecting but that’s okay. Thanks as always!

  • tara d

    3 rounds would only be 9 minutes. So should we do 9 mins or 4 rounds, for 12 minutes?? thanks

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  • EE Energy

    1, 7/6/6
    2, 60/50/50
    3, 6/6/6
    4, 55/61/50
    5, 11/11/11
    6, 55/61/57

    So many Mountain Climbers!!! Really hard and Thank you

    • Elizabeth M.i.a.m.i

      WOW EE ENERGY 11 ninja’s thats crazy!!!

  • EE Energy

    1, 7/6/6

    2, 60/50/50

    3, 6/6/6

    4, 55/61/50

    5, 11/11/11

    6, 55/61/57

    So many Mountain Climbers!!! Really hard and Thank you

  • caizer

    really brutal

  • Ash

    Hi Zuzanna I used wanted to let you know that I am a beginner and although these workouts can at times seem really hard at times I going to keep trying. I can do it I know I can, because a Bodyrocker never gives up.

    I know they won’t always be a struggle and I will have the strength and power to complete them the way you do. I just fill blessed and thankful that you’re around to help and share all of you’re knowledge with us.

  • katerina

    Zuzana! You are amazing! Last workout was very hot!!! I feeling my muscles!

  • Malaise

    Hey Zuzana!

    First of all, Zuzana, thanks for being such a great person and doing this amazing thing! You look like a million dollars and I’ve never kinda appreciated just skinny people
    I found your page by accident last week and I’m soooo hooked. I’ve been too heavy already for almost 10 years now (after an active childhood with running, athletics, skiing, swimming, and quitting a national levels floorball “career” – it was more like a good start for a career. SO the last 8 years have passed concentrating more on being lazy, going to bars, chainsmoking, cooking, EATING, reading, internetsurfing, watching tv… The result is that I run out of breath quite easily, but I still have muscless which are kinda in a good shape, you just can’t see them underneath all the fat! :) I concider myself as a strong girl, lifting heavy stuff is not a problem, and my wor is quite physical, it’s hot almost always, I do walk around 2-5 miles every day just at work and lift/carry a lot of things, mostly light stuff, but sometimes heavier. In my opinion my muscless still do work, but I’m stiff (always been), feeling achy – muscles/joints, getting my limbs/fingers/feet numb, gained weight way too much and hating myself for the last two years pretty much (I’m around 5’3 short and weighed almost 79 kilos at my worst like a year ago, now 73. Not a huge change yet, just tried to think of what I ate, and the amounts/portions..) Right, hated myself only because I haven’t been like this always. I know I looked totally fine younger and simply was so stupid to let this happen to myself. Now starting the exercising is SO damn revolting because all that I used to do quite easily before has gotten a lot more harder during the years that I just sat on my bottom stuffing **it down my throat. So actually doing your exercise ( sexy fit beast ) firts time today made me almost cry because I couldn’t even finish it. I was so dissapointed in me, all the years which took my relatively good condition so easily – by itself. I’ve always hated push ups even when I was capable to do those but now they felt so disgusting that I would almost get beaten insted of doing a single push up…. :D And I though my legs were the strongest part of my body – maybe just to get the dissapointment to the max- my legs were actually the first thing that started shaking and hurting. I did only 7 laps and got so scared of tomorrow (I really need to be able to walk and lift my arms all the time) that I decided to start a little lighter… So, now I feel totally fine, as Zuzana promised after the workout will happen. I was SO determined to finish the exercise even if it took me 1,5 hour. Next week maybe? Yeah..

    I wrote to tell you how unbelievable, endless resource of motivation you are!! It’s incredible that it took me two years of self-loathing and only a week of just watching you to actually start DOING something. Even though all the exercising feels now dislikeable I WILL continue doing these routines of yours. If you managed to look like that by doing these 15mins to 1-hour workouts, it has to be worth for trying.. And doing nothing will never make me thinner again. Loosing weight by walking I would need at least 5 extra hours everyday to have time for everything.

    Zuzana, thank you thank yu thank you! You’re such a pretty person from inside out! And I love your coffee talks, and the fact that drinking coffee can always be my bad habit, if I manage to get rid of smoking some year. Not this one, probably not the next five either.. But later. :D I’d love to have you as my personal trainer. You make miracles happen!

    • Malaise

      OH! I forgot to add the rest of the sentence in the beginning of my comment.. I’ve never appreciated just plain skinny people, but a body that is fit, which shows that it’s a reslt of hours and hours of training, managing to handle all aspects of your life concidering eating, sleeping, emotions, all… a lot of sweat, maybe tears too. It’s great to have these lovely looking girly fit girls who don’t have to be ashaimed of wearing tank tops or no sleeves. :)

  • Melissa

    Something that always helps me to resist overeating is to eat slowly. I don’t always do this, especially when the food is delicious, but it’s easier to limit my portions when I do. This way, your body can more easily detect that you’re full.

  • squirrel

    Chihuahua-Training is the cutest thing ever!!! ;)

  • karla

    by minute 3 the yoga mat was sweaty! awesome workout. the ninja jumps are like riding a bike, once you learn how to do them they are fun, no easy, but very fun. I was involved in a severe car acccident 2 years ago and had serious trauma to the rt arm, but i’m starting to notice definition with your work outs, so many many thanks.

  • Jonelle

    I sweat so hard doing your workouts. It’s ridiculous. I get so motivated watching you that I can’t wait to go home and do my workout. The challenge this week is challenging but I’m trying. And I’ve lost some inches not sure how much weight but I can see a difference in my clothes, and I thank you. I’ve been keeping a notebook but I have to take the time to record my scores so I can share them with you. Thank you so much.

  • asiye

    Do you eat before your workout in the morning?

  • Christina

    Do you have a video about how you warm up? I couldn’t find one in your archives. Thanks so much for these exercises!! So far I have lost 6 pounds and feeling so much better!!

  • Natalie

    Hi Zuzanna, I wanted to ask you if its okay to do this workout, or any of your workouts for that matter, 2 times a day?

  • Euthie

    Oh man, Zuzi, those Chihuahua Squats look brutal. LOL

  • Sara

    Zusana, thank you for all of your updates! What you mentioned about being discouraged, I notice that when I am first trying an exercise it tends to take a lot longer just to get my body used to it the movements and sometimes I have to modify it. However, if I try it again within a week I can often do it correctly and much more quickly.
    I think a lot of it really is mental, and something that looks or seems difficult at first might not be difficult because of a lack of strength alone, but just because your body/mind is not familiar with the movements.

    I just wanted to reinforce that idea to just try all the movements, or even modifications, because you WILL get it as long as you keep trying!

    This is the middle of my 6th week doing your workouts and I feel absolutely great! It seems like the weeks have gone by fast and my body has changed so much in this time.

  • TraceyW

    I thought this wouldn’t be too bad, but the intense Mountain Climbers kicked my butt. Made it through, even able to do the proper Ninja Jump tuck most of the time.

  • Zazu

    I just had a question regarding the positioning of the legs in the side burpees. Does the upper leg have to be the one in front? Or, does it not matter? I did this workout yesterday, but I think I had the lower leg in front.

  • Amanda

    I don’t know if it was just me today, but this one kicked my butt! I love mountain climbers, but today I had to stop a couple of times. Great workout as always!

  • Kik

    Scores for today:
    Side burpee: 6,6,6
    Mtn climb: 62,59,59
    Ninja: 4,5,5 (modified with chair)
    Mtn climb: 61,58,59
    Step up: 12,15,16 (switched to lower chair after 1st round)
    Mtn climb: 59,57,59

  • Lauren Newburg

    I liked this workout. The side burpees were definitely the hardest for me, and the step ups were a nice active break, they weren’t mentally as hard. I found the mountain climbers to be a nice cardio. It’s a little tricky to stay in good form when you wear out though. I love that you do short and intense workouts Zuzana, it really helps me be able to keep up the workouts every day!

  • Upenya

    Hey Zuzana!

    Luv ur workouts… U have a perfect body! Please could you do a workout for only the inner and outer thighs to be toned?

    Thanks alot

    <3 Upenya

  • Michaela

    Great workout, Zuzana ! What I really like about you is that you have such a nice waist line, very feminine, unlike other women fitness instructors who have almost a manly waist. So, even if you’re so lean and toned you still have an hourglass figure, which is very very nice and sexy :) .

  • Lvette #1

    Good Morning Zuzana & Frederick,

    Thanks for the routine. This was hard, but can still be done without the video. I finished 1 hour ago. I am so looking forward to the new site.

    1. 6-5-4
    2. 64-51-42
    3. 6-6-6
    4. 53-42-57
    5. 12-14-13
    6. 50-57-52

    You guys have a wonderful day. I am off to my desk to start my paid work hours.

  • Charlene

    Zuzanna : )

    I miss the little picture that you posted a few times of your notebook where you wrote your reps down. Sometimes if I dont understand the proper order of the workout, seeing how you wrote it down makes it click.


  • Erin

    I was so super excited to do this workout yesterday, but unfortunately I ended up going to the hospital and getting some stitches after falling through my glass table. As soon as I’m able, I’m jumping back into the workouts because I love them. I haven’t even been down for 24 hours and I’m already wanting to do the workouts badly! =) Doing your workouts is something I look forward to doing everyday.

  • Dana

    348 climbers opposed to your 453 climbers in the 4.5 minutes…of climbers :)

    Tough workout, but with a perfect pace! Only miss your videos for how it pumps me up to watch you go at it while I’m still at work, or just after work before my workouts…


  • krista

    Hey guys,
    I need some positive feedback. I have been so, SO sick for almost a week now….haven’t worked out since Friday. Six days!
    I have no energy, and no appetite, but I am just so down because I feel like my hard work is going to waste. Cheer me up :(

  • Analia

    Hi Zuzana,
    I am following your rutines, not as strictly as I should but I am loving body weight rutines more than doing weights. I think they are fantastic for overall fitness level (cardio and strenght) plus they are safer regarding the fact that if someone does not know how to work out with weights correctly may be at risk of an unbalanced result, overtrainning, undertrainning, etc where using your body weight cant go wrong, am I right?

  • Valerie Paul

    4 exercises or 6? Your instructions list 6 exercises 3 times. Confused

  • Carla

    totally love your new look.

  • Renae

    Thank you for being an inspiration. I love your workouts even though it kicks my butt. I have seen a difference in my body after only a week.

  • vanessa

    Hi Guys
    I noticed you can no longer access old workout videos. I am not sure whether this is because you are still working on your site or whether you are now blocking them off for the future? Please let us know if this is temporary and not something to worry about-you have some great older videos that we all revisit from time to time! thanks and great new house: where in Vancouver is it? V

  • Stania

    Hi Zuzi ther is not video :( I hope the new side will be soon and you do’t have to deal whit this problems.
    Thank you Stania

  • patricia

    Oh no.. I hate Mountain Climber.. but I’ll do my best! :)

  • Sxean Lee-David

    YaY, for a workout video !

  • Jen


    This one was pretty tough!! Still loved it!

    Thanks :)

  • Brigitte

    Greetins from Canada :D Thank you very much for sharing your work outs with us. I mix and match them with other exercises and it definitively helps me staying motivated.

  • Sandra

    Love your workouts!!! Thank you so much for it!

  • Heather

    wow….never thought that the mountain climbers worked my inner thighs…..but i guess after yesterday’s 400 rep workout i can definitely feel them in a whole new way! thanks!
    my score:
    side burpees 5, 5, 5
    mc 50, 39, 44
    ninja jump tucks (can’t do so did deep squat jumps) 10, 16, 18
    mc 35, 50, 55
    step up 11, 13, 14
    mc 45, 51, 50
    ***and now i’m dripping sweat so bad my kids said it looked like i was crying!! hahaha…my muscles sure are!

  • Hajar




  • Nikki

    This was a good one! I still needed to modify the ninja jump tuck one. I knelt down in front of my bed and just barely put my hands on the edge of the bed. When I jumped up I put some weight on my hands but nothing more than that. I will get the hang of it one day haha. Here’s my scores…

    Side burpee: 4, 4, 4
    Mountain Climber: 52, 31, 34
    Ninja Jump Tuck: 5, 4, 4
    MC: 48, 31, 34
    Step Up: 9, 8, 9
    MC: 43, 28, 36

  • Dorothy

    I was wondering if I could ask you a personal question…first of all, i have never looked as good as when i started your workouts in May.I’m just loving it!i can’t get enough.As for the questions…the other day you were talking about breast implants.I am researching it because i want mine done.did you get them over the muscle or underneath?and did you get silicone or sailine?and is there anything you would do differently to improve on your results?not that you need to you look fantastic!just wanted some info since i don’t know someone personally who has them. thank you thank you. you inspire me to do better everyday, not just in my workouts, but everything

  • michelle from chicago, il

    o yeah baby this was a gr8 one to do. i added 5 sec on my interval with added 3# ankle wts
    1) 7 5 6
    2) 26 23 24 (my counts were every other one)
    3) 9 6 8 (jump squats with a hop)
    4) 27 25 27
    5) 17 17 18
    6) 30 29 32 (i really pushed hard)

    thanks for all that u do – i’m lov’n it!!

  • Rhea (Greek Feaster)

    Ha, the third Ninja Jump Tuck photo is so great. Weeeeeeeee!
    I may have to swing by the hardware store for one of those fancy step thangs. I was just pining for step-ups today!

  • CM

    Honestly your booabs (boobs/abs) initially caught my attention, but I read more and listened to a couple of your sweet pre-workout pep talks and was determined to try out your exercises. My wife, however, is still convinced I am just mesmerized by your booabs! Anyway, I did the workout for today and even accomplished the ninja jump tucks without breaking my neck or any of our furniture. Your workouts rock and I am a believer. And yes, you have nice booabs!

  • judith

    This is gonna be my workout for tommorow!!!! Looks awesome like always!!

  • Mohani

    I’ve noticed that if i wear baggy clothes,i don’t give my attention to how i’m carrying my body. if i expose my abs…then i tend to concentrate more on holding in my stomach muscles.

  • Charmaine

    Thanks! This will be my workout tomorrow morning :) I love the bra you have on, it looks like a dragonfly wing. very pretty. Where is it from?

  • Rachel

    just did this work out, its killer! I think interval training is my favorite, but i also like when its interval/time challange, the massive rep ones are my least favorite, but i do them anyways. haha Thanks for kicking my ass!

    My score:
    side burpee: 5,4,5
    Mountain Climber: 55,50,43
    Ninja jump tuck (mod): 4,5,5
    Mountain climber: 57,48,50
    Step up (used mini ladder): 9,11,11
    Mountain climber: 56,38,48

    Now time for stretching, thanks again! =D

  • Alisia

    This one looks great! Can’t wait to try it tomorrow.

  • Carolyn

    I have been doing your workouts now for six days and I already feel my legs getting stronger and it has been easier to hold my body weight. Maybe you can help me I am 160 pounds and stand 5′ 7” what do you think should be my weight actually be? In high school I was 200 plus pounds. Thank you for this great page I am so happy to find this!!!

  • Lorena

    Zuzana I need advice!! I’m 5’7 140lbs and 17% bodyfat. I want to lower my bodyfat to get it to where yours is now (around 13%). I want to see my abs! Only thing is I am scared I will stop getting my monthly period. What do you recommend??

  • DD

    how tall are you zuzana?

  • hayley

    I’ve done your wow booty workout already today, but I think I’ll do this one too!! :D

  • susy

    Please Zuzy and fredy!!!!..I really really need your old workouts..Im so frustraded I cant live without them :(

  • Franzi

    Great workout as allways :) this is going to be my workout for tomorrow morning.