Sep 17 2010

Boom Boom Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

In today’s coffee talk I mentioned how important it is to be consistent. It’s much harder to try and get in shape for special occasions, because you have to suddenly start working out 3 or 4 times harder than you would if you were exercising on a regular basis – not to mention that it’s a mental and emotional drain. If you can find 20 minutes 4 times a week for our short and super intense home workouts, than you will never have to struggle to look great for life’s important events. If you can start to establish this routine, exercise will eventually become as natural to you as your hygiene. Consistency is important when it comes to your eating habits as well, otherwise you will be jeopardizing the effort that you put into your workouts.

Today’s workout  is a combination of interval training and a time challenge. All of the exercises in this workout are bodyweight exercises so the only equipment that you will need is your Gymboss Interval Timer. This workout is made up of 3 parts which you will do back to back with a very short break in between. I completed today’s workout in 12 minutes, so if you can beat me in the time challenge, you can be done with this workout even faster. Remember that the intensity is more important than the length of the workout. It has to feel really hard and intense. If you feel like you gave your training all of your energy, then you will get all of the great benefits right back.

Part 1 – 4 minutes of Interval Training

Set your Interval Timer for 6 rounds and two intervals. The first interval is 10 seconds and the second interval is 30 seconds long. You will be exercises during the longer interval and your goal is to complete as many reps of The Triple Sumo Squat (Jump Squat, Jump Tuck, Side to Side Knee Up) as you can. During the 10 seconds of the rest interval try to write down your reps so that you can compare it with my score. Add all of the reps for this part and check if you managed to beat me. I completed 27 and 1/2 reps.

Part 2 – Time Challenge

Set up your timer as  a stop watch. Your goal is to complete 6 rounds of the two exercises as fast as you can. Write down your time and compare it with my score (4 minutes and 5 seconds).

Plank Side Jump – 10 reps (each jump counts as one rep)

Roll Over and do

One Leg Toe Touch – 10 reps (each toe touch counts as one rep)

I went over the proper form for each exercise in the workout tutorial where I also shared some tips and modifications for beginners. The instructional video is on it’s way and will be embeded here as soon as it’s processed, so please be patient.

Part3 – 4 minutes of Interval Training

Set your timer again for 6 rounds and 2 intervals of 10 seconds and 30 seconds (the same as part 1).

You will be doing Side Burpees with Push Up and Knee Tuck. I completed 27 reps total so try to beat my score ;)

P.S. It seems that the comments and everything else that is currently not working on this blog will stay this way until we have the new design. It’s kind of frustrating right now, but lets be optimistic – the new BodyRock.Tv design will be amazing and it’s only a few weeks away.  I hope that you guys will be patient until then.

Sumo Tripple Squat

Start standing with your feet wide apart. Do a jump squat, then jump tuck and then knee up on each side. This counts as 1 rep. Do as many reps as you can during each 30 second interval.

Plank Side Jump

Start in the plank position and jump forward towards one side. Jump your feet back into the plank and then jump forward towards the opposite side. Each jump counts as 1 rep. Complete 10 reps and then lower your body on the ground.

Roll Over

Side Burpees with Push Up and Knee Tuck

Your goal is to complete as many reps as you can in each 30 second interval. Do the Side Burpees towards one side and switch sides for each interval.


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  • Maria Böhme

    Part 1: 7/6/6/6/3/7 = 25
    Part 2: 3min52sec
    Part 3: 4/5/6/6/5/4 = 30

  • Maria Böhme

    Part 1: 7/6/6/6/3/7 = 25
    Part 2: 3min52sec
    Part 3: 4/5/6/6/5/4 = 30

  • JessJN

    1/10/12  lunchtime workout

    I actually has time for a workout at lunch..last week was brutal!  I think I did a few things wrong in this workout, but was still a challenge.
    Part 1 (after 3rd round, modified to 2 sumo jumps squats near the end of each round) 5  4  4+2squat jumps  5  4  4 (total 26 +2 jump squats)Part 23:13I did side to side pike jumps instead of plank jumps.Part 34  5  4.5  5  4.5  4 (total = 27)I did the knee tuck after each pushup, not with it.Followed with 4 min 10/20 & this 10/50 3 min bonus:russian twist with leg extension: 49plank toe touch: 20+ …lost count leg lift/butt lift: 17

  • Kay

    HOLY DEATH. but I’m done!
    Part 1: triple sumo squat 6/5.5/5/5/4/3.5
    Part 2: plank side jump, 1 leg toe touch: time: 4:46
    Part 3: side burpee w/ pushup & knee tuck: 4/4/4/4/3.5/3

  • AnnaSirena

    Woow! Thank you for that workout – I enjoed it)))

    My scores:
    Part 1 – 25 total
    Part 2 – 2:49 (yohoo=)
    Part 3 – 22 total

  • Janet

    You workouts are AMAZING hun. I love you voice too. LOL

  • Ashley


    What was your original goal? the one that made you begin working out?

  • Kamal

    Hi Z&F, we’ve been doing your workouts in our lunch-break for a couple of months now, we managed to clear an old store-room and sneak off at 1200 almost every day!! I have also started to incorporate some of your circuits into kids soccer sessions and martial arts training sessions that I teach! Your good work is touching a lot of people and I’m telling them about your site for fresh workout ideas. Keep up the great work – I really needed a kick up the butt and you guys have helped a lot!! Now i just gotta get my wife & kids doing it!!! ;-)

  • Canarioca

    Wow!!! I have just started and did this workout. Started strong with the modified beginner sumo squats,did the side to side jumps with the abs but died out after the third interval of the side burpees. Still sweating and heart rate is up…but feel awesome!!!
    I love the fact that it is very short and intense. Time is short when you are a single mom with two boys!!!

  • marissa

    i’m good at the side burpees i can go lower on the side burpees rather than the normal ones. :D thanks for the workouts.

  • Jamig12

    I’ve been a fan of your site for about 4 or 5 months now and I tried a couple of workouts some months back, but never to the specifications you stated. Today I tried this Boom Boom workout and it kick my ass as usually, but I did everything to the set specifications – timing (10/30 intervals). I’m not completely new to working out, but I have not been consistent since the birth of my baby boy last November. So I was really surprised and proud of myself. THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING POSITIVE AND A GREAT MOTIVATOR :)
    Scores: Part 1 – 22 reps, Part 2 – 7:01, Part 3 – 19 reps (with modifications on the last 3 intervals)

  • Jessica NL

    A couple of days ago I tried this workout, I am this time close to your time. (since I just started a month ago with your workouts, I guess that’s good).

    Part 1: 29
    Part 2: 4.06 minutes
    Part 3: 26.5

    Great great exercise!

  • jose

    …i forgot to mention, keep up the amazing work because your body… wow! haha

  • jose

    hey zuzana! thnx 4 all your tips! I just found a new favorite site haha! Take care and keep it up, maybe someday I’ll beat your record!

  • http://- fla

    hello I love your workouts! as I do to make your abs? routine? … I lose a little on how to follow …. … as empiesa? q I? thanks! you can respond to my email

  • Lloyd


    I was wondering if these workouts are also for male in order to create a healthy/sixpack body.
    If not, could you give exercises which you can do every day? or even make a video about it?

    Thank you in advance

  • maria

    i did this workout and enjoyed it. it’s my first workout with bodyrock so i really took my time. next time i think i will watch the videos before to make sure i know the position well and go from there. i did the exercise once. then i watched the beginners video and did some more to make sure im doing them right!!! I’ll get better with time! :)

  • leanna

    Consistency is key. I think my biggest hurdle with getting fit was NOT dreading my workout. It’s just become a part of my day. Like you said, it feels like a hygiene issue like brushing your teeth. I feel very strange if I take more than one day off. Thanks!

  • Jobie V

    Simply Amazing!!!!!!!!!


  • ammi

    hi i m big fan of yours zuzana i want to be look like you how long u r doing these workouts??? i have some problem plz help me out give me some good advice plz i have lots of fat around my waist line i want to look slim like u as u r zuzana i love ur body alot which exercise is good for me and for my outer thighs out of shape and my lower abs tell me some good exercise plz plz plz plz plz……

  • Helena

    Zusana, this type of workouts is soo great!
    i love it!It`s my favourite! Just 2 Parts and the short intervall trainings with just one exercise and without any equipment are the best!Please do more of these workouts, which contain only two exercises! The best!!

  • http://no Konstantin*

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    Для Солнца облаком скользящий
    И шепот листьев повторяет: ^”Ты-ы-ы”
    И птицы вторят: ” Как ВЫ так могли?”
    Осенний лист упал и умирает,
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    В “сон” погружаясь говорит:” Он…он…ОН…
    ВАМ не врёт…”

  • Nicole

    I really, really love your tutorials+beginner alternatives. Thank you! =D

  • Justin

    Hey Zuzana,

    Those triple sumo squats had me shakin :) And I really enjoyed the push up + knee tuck combination.


  • GiGi

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a question, it’s been a while since I’ve been on this site. Is Zuzana still doing the videos?


  • claudia


  • caizer

    great workout.. i did it in 16 minutes… took a little longer brake between the parts, but still sweating a lot,.

  • Blond girl

    Side burpees with knee tuck! Always a challenge, but I love it! :)

    Part I
    31 reps total

    Part II

    Part III
    29 reps total

    Best always

  • cynthia

    loved this workout, but hate burpees:( i’m a beginner and even the modified version seems tough and impossible…

  • Zonular

    I looked at my timer, saw that it was set up for the correct interval times and bodyrocked away. Half way through part 1, I was sweatin’ like a pig-hog! But I kept thinking, I can do it, I can do it (gasppantgasppant). Finally, I finished. I beat Zuzanna’s time for part 2 (can’t believe it) and totally walloped her for reps in part 1 & 2. I thought, that isn’t possible. How did that happen? As it turns out, my timer was set for 12 rounds!! Zoinks!

  • telv

    Thanks, Zuzana! You are my inspiration!

    Finished this workout 10 minutes ago, so yaaay for me!

    Did 25 triple sumo squats, finished 2nd part in 4 min 45 sec, and did 21 reps in the third part.

    Halfway through the second part I felt really weak, so I switched to an easier modification because I did not want to give up (I could not jump anymore, so I started stepping with one foot at a time).

    The third part was just merciless – I felt super weak and had to slow down a bit to be able to finish it, but still, the whole thing took me no more than 20 minutes.

    I haven’t been so sweaty, out-of-breath and light-headed in years! But now that I took my shower I feel refreshed and my blood is moving again.

    I haven’t worked out ever before, because I thought it would be hard and boring, but it’s actually quite fun to do your excercises (still very hard though!)

    I can already feel that my body likes this very much, and I can’t wait to grow a bit stronger!

    Regards from Bulgaria

  • Bellz

    Omg Zuzana,
    I am so glad that I found your site, all thanks to my iphone =). You are such an inspiration to my friend and I. We have been following these work outs and absolutely LOVE them! You are amazing =).

  • Mac

    Stage 1 Triple Sumo Squat – 18.5 reps
    Stage 2 – 4:17
    Stage 3 Side Burpees – 18

    This workout was AWEsome . . . awesomely difficult. Every time I do one of these workouts I send prayers you guys’ way! Thanks so much for keeping me accountable, the consistency coffee talk really spoke to me today :D .


  • Dulce

    I like your new place =)

  • Sindy

    I absolutely love your outfit in this post. Could you reveal where you got it from? I tried getting the ‘Free to Be’ sports bra that you recommended in one of the other post, but unfortunately lululemon doesn’t seem to do that model any more.

    And hey you have an *amazing* body!

  • Nata

    Hi, Zuz!

    Here is my score:
    Part I – 28 reps total
    Part II – 6 min and 33 sec
    Part III – 22 reps total

    Imagining in the best shape myself =)))))
    Thanks and have a nice time, guys!!

  • Mickela

    My take is that human being like to procastinate and make excuses, it is also very hard to break bad habits.
    I think am in the same place as you where my body needs to work out at least 5 days a week I really try for no less than 20 minutes regularly and sometimes I push it. I also don’t consider going up 4 flights of stairs and walking 2 to 3 miles a day exercise, that is just what happens everyday due to where I live. There are always obstacle and distractions, that is just part of the challenge.

    looking forward to this exercise.


  • Yajaira

    Hi Zuzana!

    Good workout! Very intense!

    I did, 28 1\2, 4 mins and 45 seconds… [you beat me there! ;0)] and the last one I did 30! Thank you! It was not easy, but it was good anyway! ;0)

  • Svetlana

    Your workout was just what I needed before starting my day. It was definitely intense and I was really sweating, breathing deep, and had my heart rate pumping. I completed this workout in 17 minutes. Short, but very effective.

    I’m relatively new to your workouts and this is probably the 3rd one I’ve followed, but I am seeing awesome results. I love following your diet challenges, they keep me aware of what I’m eating, and I feel better overall.

  • Melany

    I see you’re workouts later on the internet then the day you post it.
    Maybe because I live in Holland.
    But I liked this workout very much. I did it a few minutes ago and I sweat a lot :D .
    My score:
    - Part 1: 34 1/2 Reps.
    - Part 2: 3 min and 43 sec.
    - Part 3: 27 reps.

  • Jenny$1983

    I love this workout so much! I beat my old time and reps too, I was very happy :)

  • Anca

    Hey, i have been doing your exercises since this summer. I saw you on you tube first time and you are great. I somehow have a problem with my ass :) ) it is funny, but i always find it to small, to flat or with a bad shape. If you can help me somehow? PS: i am from Romania

  • Rich

    Co delate na teto strance je fakt vyborne – jednoduche cviceny co jsou taky rychly, a nepotrebuju vystroji! Opravdu ted’ mam vic motivace cvicit – a to bude brzy leto tady (bydlim v Argentine), tak to je urcite v casu! Dekuju znovou!

  • Rachel

    Just finished, the blurpees were killer! Thx again!

  • the boyfriend

    Woowww She is so Beauty!!!

  • Camila Murrell

    ops, sorry about that, I meant Zuzana! Rgs

  • Camila Murrell

    Dear Suzana,

    I really love your exercises! Since I start following your routines noticed lots of changes on my body and fitness that I’ve been tring to achieve way long ago.
    Just have one question if you can answer. Why the duration of your workouts are around 12/16 min long? To get results faster, could I push it and prolong the workout duration? If yes how should I plan my intervals?

    Many thanks,

  • Ann

    Part 1: 29
    Part 2: 4:05
    Part 3: 26

    I was amazed that I could do the full push up with my knee up at all for the side burpees! I did regular pushups for 4 rounds and then modified on my knee for 2 rounds because my arms couldn’t hang. I feel myself getting stronger though; physically and mentally!

  • luke

    this girl is so hot i could watch her workout for days

  • Marina


  • Andrea

    Hei guys!

    There is a public personality in Romania who copies your workouts , see

  • Jen


    This one was tough… Burpee’s are my enemy :)
    I had the exact same time on the second part.

    Thanks so much!

    :) Jen

  • Sharon

    Wow! I just saw this video on youtube & by the looks of Zuzana I thought it would be something only extreme fitness buffs could do. I was really impressed with how down-to-earth & positive she seemed & I think it’s great they she explains how to modify each exercise for beginners. :)

    I look forward to seeing more of her videos & hope I can integrate them into my week. Take care! :)

  • LaChief

    Truly another fantastic session… I have not done one routine where I can say “that was too easy or not enough” thank you so much for your challenges.

  • Bea_Spain

    Hi zuzana,

    i’m a 28 years old girl and i have been going to the gym since i was 22. i used to enjoy my gym workouts but now im little bit older and since i have more job i dont be able to go at the gym as usually ( i get up at 6 am for that because in the afternoon i am very tired to workout and in the gym there are lot of people..)
    so i was very sad because i had to quit my gym workout…since i discovered your web and now i am illusionated because its gonna take me less time to be fit and im gonna save loads of money and sleep hours….
    yours workouts are very shorts but intensive but maybe im gonna do some cardio in the afternoon just to feel my concience ok.
    thanks so much
    maybe you can make podcast for itunes just to keep you with me anywhere…and if you need a spanish translator let me know

  • Lucilla

    Awesome routine I really broke a sweat and heart rate must have 200! Love it :)

  • rebecca

    Hi, I’m from sweden, but i just wanna thank you! your exercises(spelling?) has made me lost weight :D i relly hope that you gonna keep on with this, you help people. in sweden it’s so hard to find a good trainer/coaches(bad at english)so when i found your home exiercises i got very happy :D
    thank you!

  • Stephanie

    Hey there,

    Yes, I am so guilty of doing just that. There is an event or summertime and then I’m all motivated…but it’s so hard to keep it up. Or else I’m working out and then I Plateau.

    How do we get past a plateau?? Do you know anything about that or have you gone through the same thing. Where it feels like, your body is no longer burning as much calories or your endurance is so high up it takes more and more to get a great workout happening? Not sure if that makes sense…but that’s how I feel sometimes.

    I’m going to really aim for consistency though. I have a pair of pants that I want to fit into and I figure if I try those pants on everyday and I alway fit in them then I’m on the right track. If they start feeling tight that means I need to step it up again. I think that way it won’t let me slack off. lol

    Okay, talk to you guys later! Can’t wait to do this workout!


    Steph in Winnipeg

  • michelle

    wow- just completed the workout w/ hubby…

    i thought sumo squats would not be too hard, they’re fine when you first start out, but (as with everything…the more I do, the more weak (?) I get and i have to allow modifications) i had to stop jump/tuck and just jump squat, but if i felt i had another jump/tuck in me, i’d slip as many as i could in…

    then the side burpee/knee tuck…i had to put my hip down on the ground to do the knee part! i can’t wait until i’m strong enough and balanced enough to do a full set of those!!! side burpee push up is enough of a challenge, but you make it look soooo easy!!!

    thanks for the sweaty workout!!!

  • michelle

    wow- just completed the workout w/ hubby…

    i thought sumo squats would not be too hard, they’re fine when you first start out, but (as with everything…the more I do, the more weak (?) I get) i had to stop jump/tuck and just jump squat, but if i felt i had another jump/tuck in me, i’d slip as many as i could in…

    then the side burpee/knee tuck…i had to put my hip down on the ground to do the knee part! i can’t wait until i’m strong enough and balanced enough to do a full set of those!!! side burppe push up is enough of a challenge, but you make it look soooo easy!!!

    thanks for the sweaty workout!!!

  • mahadi

    i like your site so much and now giving your videos in my site.

  • Jenn

    My scores:

    24 reps total for part one, 5:41 for part two, and 17.5 reps total for part three.

    The side burpees with pushup and knee tuck were really hard!


  • Nikki

    Hi Zusane,

    I’m from Germany and I’m still going to the academic high school. (17 years old) Today I practised your workout for the first time and it was really hard work. :p

    I want to do this regulary to get a better shape. I also tested your healthy snacks. Now I’m planning to eat more healthy. My only problem is that I am addicted to chocolate. xD

    Love your videos

    Take care,

  • Stephanie

    Really hard, great workout. 33, 5:18, 28

  • michelle from chicago, il

    good workout this AM – winded which is really nice.

    1) 29 reps
    2) 4:35
    3) forgot to the knee tuck so it was just a side burpee 31 reps

  • Nancy

    I’ve got to say this.
    Zuzana, you look so beautiful with dark hair.
    It’s amazing what hair color can do to woman.
    You look totally different. :-)

  • Laura

    Hey Zuzana!
    I’m so excited to complete this workout today. I wanted to mention that I noticed that your elbows hyper-extend. Mine do too! I learned in yoga class that when I hyper-extend them in a plank position that I’m taking a lot of work out of my arms. My yogi instructed that I always focus on keeping my elbows just slightly bent so that my muscles, and not my joints are working harder to keep me up in plank. It has really helped tone and define my arms much more than usual.

  • Megan

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have been doing your workout for a month now and I have noticed my strength has increased tremendously. Even though I am in shape but I want to get leaner and less body fat. Could you help me reach my goal!? By the way I love all your workout routines, some are really hard but I still love the burn.(:

    With much love,

  • mag

    part 1: 27 1/2
    part 2: 4:31
    part 3: 24

    you beat me!
    I can’t did so perfectly side burpees with push up but I try my best, thanks for the video and the cofee talk!, everyday you look better Zu.

  • Munir

    Hi Zuzanna..Sincerly want ur exercise,food tips posted like this forever..urs big fan-Munir

  • Log

    I’ve been following you for a few days now and I really enjoy the workouts. I’m hoping I can get into the loop and do your workouts on a daily basis.

  • Tali R.

    Hey Zuzana,
    so i just finished the workout and it was a killer. the first 2 parts were okay, the 3rd part was BRUTAL!!!!!!
    here are my numbers:
    part 1: 28
    part 2: 3:40
    part 3: 26
    not bad at all i think!!
    thank you sooooo much
    have a great day you two

  • body

    why u change ur hair color plz return ur blond hair back

  • Lisabelle

    This one was hard. I pushed myself and didn’t leave hardly any rest time between sections just enough to grab a drink and catch my breath a bit. So when I was done I was was huffing and puffing and just bombed out on the floor haha.

    For section 1 I did 18 reps, although I think I may have done a few more because almost everytime I lost track of how many I had done haha.

    For section 2 I did it in 3 mins 41 secs. I really had to push through the pain to do it this quick!

    For section 3 I did 22.5 reps, but those side push ups with the raised leg were really…awkward haha.

    My favourite section was the first I would have to say, really made my legs burn!

    Thanks :)

  • Constance

    Dear Zuzana – Thank you so much for doing the modifications for beginners. I was bed bound for over 6 months & am rehabbing a bad ankle (still need a cane to walk), so I’m horribly out of shape, over weight & all the muscle mass I had is gone.

    But, with your mods, I don’t feel intimidated and I can do the work outs!!! I’ve been doing them for a little while now & there is a difference in my body (I’ve lost inches).

    Again, thanks for the mods for beginners!! And thank you for helping me get my health back. Your an insperation.


  • jgfd

    Nipples at 6:14

  • Mallory

    Hi, Zuzana.

    I have been following this week’s workouts and diet challenge. I have a question regarding portion sizes.

    My question is, if we ate the right portion size of a meal, but we are still hungry, is it okay to indulge in vegetables? Should we limit our intake on vegetables too? Or can we eat as much as we want?

    Thanks. :-)

  • Mika

    Hi Zuzana!
    i just wanted to thank you so much for all these workouts! i’m still kind of a beginner so i only manage 2 a week so far. but i have seen an improvement in my energy level. I’m a student and after doing your workouts somehow i can even focus more on my studying, which is very good news for me considering i have major exams coming up in a month! ^^

  • Jennifer

    Ok, just did workout…I just thought I would share to other bodyrockers that you should try video taping yourself, not only for later entertainment, but to watch your form. I thought I was doing ok, until I saw myself. What feels right, doesn’t always look right. I don’t have a mirror, but the video definitely helped. Great workout though. Thanks again.

  • BaDer means in English (Full moon) :}

    Hi ZuZaNa,

    I am from K.S.A(KINGDOM of SAUDI ARABIA)

    I enjoy this workout.

    My score :

    Part 1 / 20 reps
    Part 2 / 4 minutes and 1 seconds
    Part 3 / 34 reps ((It Has been very difficult..And I used the beginners modification))

    ZuZaNa .. Thanks.

  • Nati

    I love side bur pees
    too bad i can’t do the first exercise(due to the fact that i cant do so much noise because the 2nd floor will complain) so instead i do 1 sumo squat and then build it up from there and jump to the bed in the same squat position and the bed is like up to my chest almost but a little lower, and tada~ Anyways thank you so much

  • Rita

    I just love that your videos don’t have annoying music :-)

    Awesome work out.

  • Jennifer

    This pertains nothing to today’s workout, but just thought I would mention that I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and there is a yoga studio literally within a few miles of my house and is the only one here in Tulsa that carries Lulumon gear! I was super thrilled! My only other option is Dallas, TX which is 6hrs away! So Yay, Tulsa!! By the way Suzana…love the orange color on you. You look awesome in everything, but liked the orange today. Also I think they should consider you modeling for them because the models they have on the website look like poop! hahah Have a great weekend!

  • M

    Zuzana and Freddy, I saw your nice interview on I was so happy like my buddies are on air!-Yes, I’m a BodyRock junkie :-D Congrats! You guys are getting more famous.

  • Mila

    Zuzana,Zuzana,Zuzana,Zuzana… You look Wonderfull! :) )))

    • Mila

      P.S You must watch Cop Out with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan…:)))Crazy Movie :D …Enjoy!

  • Sofia

    My scores:

    PART 1.- 31
    PART 2.- 3:50
    PART 3.- 26

  • Michelle

    Hi Zuzana,

    First of all I want to say that I love your new hair. You look like sunshine with blonde, however the dark hair makes all of your wonderful features pop out!

    I took a few months off from your website, due to some depression. I peaked in, and watched a couple of your videos. I can’t tell you how much you inspire me to continue to push on and move forward. I am not one to give up on anything, I am getting myself back on track. You remind me a lot of myself, I am 22, and I feel like I am going through a lot of what you had gone through in your earlier years.

    So, thank you for being a top of the line role model, and sharing your world and what moves you with everyone else.

    I have a new love affair with the sumo squats!

  • Linda

    I’m obsessed with writing down your workouts. My husband found your workout video on youtube the other day and now I’m freakin nut’s about it. Have done several of your workouts in just a few day’s and tried to watch as much as I can in the evenings to write down. I feel so inspired by you! Wow, this is just what I have been looking for! I had the best ‘running summer’ ever and aiming for a marathon, but no that the winter darkness is here and it’s cold outside I’m not so eager to go out in the evenings- so I can do this when time or weather is stopping me. LOVE IT! Thanx// Linda

  • EE Energy

    My 1st Try: 29th June 10

    Part 1: 25.5 reps
    Part 2: 4:41
    Part 3: 27.5

    My 2nd Try: 18th Sep 10 BEATED MY OWN BEST:-)

    Part 1: 31 reps
    Part 2: 3:10
    Part 3: 31 reps

    Getting and feeling better – Thank you!!!

  • caci

    you are the best!! but I wanted to do one off your older workouts but there are no videos… Is it going to stay his way or???
    keep it up with the good work
    all the best

  • michelle

    1 – 36 reps
    2 – 4:21
    3 – 30 reps

    was brilliant thanks! more please u r addictive!

  • paula

    fantastick workout;-}

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  • Donna Prasad

    Hi Zuzana!! I just wanna say that I love your coffee talks!! Its nice to be reminded on being consistent and giving it all on our workouts!!

    Thank you both so much for trying to make people fit!! You are making me fit too!! :)


  • Elizabeth M.i.a.m.i

    I am sooooooo excited I just got my sandbag and I can’t to repeat the hottie body (300 rep) I am soooooo dying to try doing the stand up with the sandbag because with a 15Ib dumbbell I was crying this is going to kick my butt… as you tell the more intense the more I love it!!! Thank you so much. It’s incredible that you guys take the time to make this videos and on top of that to break it down so everyone can them is amazing!!! SO PLEASE never excuse yourself for taking long with the videos…. We are luckily to even get all these amazing workouts.

  • nelly

    Hi! zuz i just want tell you that i loved chihuahuas training jaja so cute…kisses from Mexico

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    Here are my results:

    Part 1: 30 & 1/2 reps
    Part 2: 3:42
    Part 3: 32 reps

    Thank you Zuzana! A year ago I could not do one pushup and now I’m banging out 32 side burpee reptile pushups! It would totally be a dream for me to workout with you one day ;)

  • Andyfeelgood

    Hi Zusanna & Fred,

    I´ve got a “pre- workout topic” for you.
    I would like to which sports you guys are into.
    And which sports u think are really cool and you wanna try out in future.
    (I thought about that when i was doing you´re “snowboarder” exercise)

    P.S If you really like good food check out Gordon Ramsay ( I think you´ll love his attidude)

    hugs and kisses
    from Germany

  • Kathleen

    As always, you are an inspiration to women everywhere! I love your workouts.
    But, the important thing here, where did you get that sports bra? I love it. The side burpees kill me, but at least, I can look good trying. ;)

  • monicanelsonfitness

    boom boom is right! loved it- I added parts of this into my usual training at my gym. Thanks for the switch up I got today. :)

    • monicanelsonfitness

      Also, to me that is the best advice yet- you are helping so many people to understand. I could not agree more with consistancey and making a lifestyle change for success!:)

  • Marian

    Zuzana! I just bought a new pair of jeans last month and they’re already too big because of your workouts. Not that I’m complaining…

    My scores/times for this workout today were:

    Part I: 21 reps
    Part II: 6min 11sec
    Part III: 25 reps

    I find it really hard to convince myself that doing these workouts every other day is enough. But being a busy student, that is all I have time for.

    Take care!

  • Pavlina

    Hi all!

    I totally agree that we should consistently and mindfully take responsibility for our health (be active, eat clean, think positively). For beginners it’s not always easy to shred off bad habits but practising your new habits (consistently!) will soon feel like a second nature to you.

    Right, my results for today’s workout are:

    Part 1 – 26 reps total
    Part 2 – 4min 12sec
    Part 3 – 27 reps total (side burpees+push ups are NO joke!)

  • Gina

    Thank you for your work outs. I’m also not a big fan of side burpees but you just have to keep doing them and you will get it. I did this workout in 12 minutes too, it was freaking hard but it was great. Because, of your workouts I am seeing more definition in the past two months than in the past two years of working out at the gym.

  • Ali

    I can’t wait for the day when a side burpee doesn’t make me want to murder :)

  • Anne-Marie

    You look fantastic! As usual, I had to say it!! :P

  • Deanna

    Love it all, Zuzana & Freddy! I started following you just this week, and have been sharing with everyone I know! can’t wait to see the new website!


  • jenny Grant

    Thanks Guys.. another sweat popping, ab crunching, body exhausting workout!!!!! xx Jenny G

  • lina

    Hello Zuzana! Im really excted about your new website and i absolutely adore your work outs! i just wanted to know if you incorporate your workouts with some cardio or gym workouts because im sure to get a body like that you worked a little more than 12-20 minutes a day.. can you help me?! thanks so much!

  • Nina

    Done! This was a tough one :D
    Part one: 5-4-4-3-3-3 (no jump tucks in the last interval)
    Part two: 05:09
    Part three: 4-2-3-4-3-3 (only twice I did a side burpees, from 3rd interval I switched to regular burpees) :( but on the other side: I CAN DO BURPEE!!! I could not do burpee a month ago (well, a month ago I didn’t even know what a burpee is)

    Swimming in a sweat, thanks again Zuzi :)

  • Lvette #1

    The truth is we’ve to be consistent in all aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, when it comes to fitness and eating habit people tend to look for the quick fix (eat all you want and loss 20lbs in 1 week scheme.) Exercising becomes just a thing to do while trying to fit into our skinning jean or wedding dress.

    The short term goal is in our sight but we completed lost sight of the long term goal of having a body which sustains us through our whole lives. Most people do not act this carelessly with other aspect of their lives, but somehow are able to act carelessly with the most important thing which is needed for survive, our body. Even the cavemen would shake their head to this.

    Thanks Zuzana for telling the truth about exercising and being a great example of that truth.

    Here are my score from this morning.
    Part 1. 43.5. On Jun 18/10 I did 32
    Part 2. 7:02:31. my time in Jun was 5:60, I’m way slower today and had to take 2mins break before moving to part 3.
    Part 3. 23 compare to 17 in Jun

  • Laurie

    Zuzana…I want to let you know that I am a faithful follower that has been greatly benefiting from your workouts for a little more than a year with incredible results…I am stronger and have more endurance than I ever have even though I have been working out with weights and step aerobics since I was 20…currently going strong at 43..two kids… and taking your workout ideas to the gym in the circuit/plyometric classes that I teach at the YMCA. I found your website searching for ideas when I decided to start teaching fitness classes… I want to personally thank you for all your hard work and for sharing it with us….and assure you that while it is not as easy for you to witness your results in the people you “teach”…that the results are amazing…you would be proud… I note an incredible change in the members who come to my class on a consistant basis directly due to the information you provide….I have made many people aware of your website in hopes to continue to enhance the wellness of others lives…and when they are all complaining during the burpee and plank variations dont worry I give you all the credit :) …..I love your coffee talks and the challenges you have incorportated recently…enjoy your new home …didnt realize you were in my neck of the woods until you moved west….I live in northern new york right near the thousands bridge….watertown….enduring the winters here for 43 years is a challenge..your workouts help keep us warm…best wishes…and thank you more than words can say ….Laurie and her Y members

  • Devery

    You are so motivating to watch. Freddy does an exceptional job with the video (I really enjoy the different angles and the ability to watch you sweat). There is no doubt in my mind that you’ve uncovered some of the best overall body exercises that can be done in the shortest amount of time. My butt muscles ached for a week after one of your workouts which told me I was hitting muscle groups that hadn’t been hit before. Now if I can just kick this head cold and get back to 100% so I can jump back in with both feet. Thanks for all you provide to us viewers for free!

  • Uyanga (from London)

    Hi Z&F,

    My fitness level has become so much better since I started, it just empowers me now. I went for a run today and I could run longer without heavy breathing. I feel soooooo good. My eating portions have become smaller and i eat less sugar whenever possible. I can see & feel the benefits.

    BTW, I have trouble doing ‘Side Burpee’ so i do just ‘Burpee’ instead. Is that Ok? I’ll start doing side burpee when I become more advanced :-)

    Thank you for all your help Z&F

  • Ashley

    Hey Zuzana,
    I’ve been doing your workouts, I want to say half a year to a year, and there is a lot of Plyometrics involved. I love these workouts! They’re really enjoyable and they make me look forward to exercising! I’m 20 years old, I run as well, and recently my knees have been irritating me. I was just wondering if you iced your knees after these workouts or if you’ve had any pain or irritation? I want to take care of my knees and I just wanted your point of view and if you believe these workouts are wearing on your own knees.

  • Natalie

    great coffee talk today! Thanks…it is a great thing to focus on!

  • Laury

    Hello, I like your routines but, I have 20 pounds of extra weigth, So I don’t know if I can do it, What’s your recomendation for a begginer? cheers!!

  • Marcos

    I don’t like you brunette…

  • MrsNaughtywed

    Drinking my pre coffee workout now. LOL! I love my coffee. But you are right about being consistent. I know many people to do crash diets for events. I’ve been pretty consistent for quite a few years now and it’s paid off. I find that when I don’t have any junk in my diet for a couple weeks, I don’t crave it anymore. As soon as I have a lil, I start craving junk food. I tell anyone if they just tried eating healthy with no junk for a couple weeks, the cravings leave the body and you stop missing it. Every day I bring healthy food to work and it drives my coworkers crazy because they always tempt me with junk food and they never win. :)

  • Lauren

    Great workout! Even my kids did a little with me. Thanks for your website. I really enjoy ALL your workouts and your “Coffee Talk”. :)

  • ahmed from egypt

    1st i did 63 reps
    2nd finished in 3:55
    3rd 21 reps it was VERY hard

  • Suzanne

    does anything funny or unexpected ever happen when you are doing these work-outs , it must because stuff happens to me, like your boob pops out or you fart. Yesterday I closed my office door , took my dress off and did one of your work-outs. Kind of risky, need to bring something to wear that can be put on and off fast . the only problem was the sweat and what it did to my hair.Otherwise it was great to get this work-out in before going out with work people to the bar to celebrate TGIF. Thanks Zuz.

  • Zora

    love the modifications for beginners

  • Ese

    This week’s challenge was so awesome! At 30, I’ve never looked and or felt so much better thanks to you and Franky! Sometimes, it’s about hearing it from someone else, and always trying to push yourself to the next level.
    Zuzana and Franky, you both inspire some of us to go even that much further. Your work outs help break up the cycle of doing the same exercises over and over again. Your workouts keep our bodies guessing-hence results when diet and your work outs are combined together!

    So today’s workout kicked my butt, I really focused on having good form.

    The second round I actually modified just a tad more, instead of doing it as a time challenge (part of it was because my timer wouldn’t work when I wanted it to), I decided to do in a 6 interval 30 second for both the two exercises. It just so happened that by the time I counted to ten, the timer was already buzzing and time for me to go the next exercise.

    I know sounds really slow, but I really wanted to do the movement correctly with no modifications to the exercise and boy, I’ll tell you , not only was I sweating but I felt the burn in my legs and my core like crazy!!
    Part three of the workout I was able to get in 18 total reps with good form!

    Thanks for everything guys!!

    I’m a fan for life..:)

  • elise

    zuzana, i have been doing your workouts for around 4 months and my arms and abs are showing definition. however, my thighs, hips and ass look like i sit around all day eating chocolate. this is very discouraging, and i was wondering if you have any advice you could give me?

  • May

    Hi Zuzana, i am still trying to do the side burpees (the beginner’s style) but i still CAN’T do it! Every time i lower my side to the floor, it hurts when my side bone touches the floor. I don’t know why.

  • Chris L

    Hi Zuzana,

    This one hits a cord with me! I mean consistency is core to everything on this fitness journey. Even if a person only does a couple dozen push ups, squats and sit ups in a day it is far better than not working out that day at all! But, your workouts are so short often don’t require much in the way of equipment…how could someone not be able to do one? Okay some of us have issues with such things as Pistols (one legged squats), but I find with my bad knee if I use my DIY Dip Station I can take just enough load up to do them. Hopefully eventually with out this sort of crutch.

    That is another thing! Always have fitness goals beyond being able to fit in a smaller jean size and you will be at it till you die. I think a good thing and hopefully a long ways away! 8-)

    Take care,

  • Penny

    Lol that’s what I usually look like when I go to write down reps or whatever… crawling desperately over to my notebook… so exhausted xD

    • Melanie

      lol Penny I know what you mean, I crawl to my notebook too and collapse on top of it. lol
      That last round was brutal.

  • Krys

    Your knew place looks amazing guys. Looks cozy and very beautiful at the same time:}

  • suhail

    simply super ..tried it.Ofcourse cant beat your time,but it is simply full of power.

  • Morgan

    I hate side burpees so much. No matter what I do, I just can’t get it right. :(

    • Nina

      I agree, classic burpees are OK, but I suck at side burpees too :(

    • Lisa G

      I hate them with a passion, too! I suck at side burpees, but hopefully, if I keep trying I’ll eventually get better. Although, right now, it feels like it will take 100 years!

    • Lauren

      My feet never fall into position like Zuzana’s i have to step into the position.

    • Anon

      Not to be off topic from working out, but 6:14 in the first video. That’s a delightful little surprise.