Sep 19 2010

Sexy Shape Shifter Workout & happy 500 :)

Hi BodyRockers,

This post is actually a bit of a milestone for Freddy and I – this is our 500th published post here on BodyRock.Tv :) We just wanted to start off by saying thank you for all of your support and being part of this great little community of fitness enthusiasts that are following the workouts and diet challenges with us each week. We have just been so psyched to share each one of these posts and all of the videos over the last two and a half years – it’s just amazing to be part of this home workout movement that we have going here. It’s a great feeling to know that we can all be completely independent when it comes to our fitness – that essentially everything we need to get into great shape is provided by our own bodies. With just a few square feet of space around you it’s possible to get in the best shape of your life. I think that this is a very powerful idea that we are proving true – each and everyone of us, with every workout that we take on. What Freddy and I absolutely marvel at, is that you guys are following these workouts with us from basically every country around the world. Imagine all of us sweating through burpees together – across every boarder, every time zone, in dozens of different cultures – all pushing our bodies to be the best that we can be as individuals and all of us united by our independence. It’s something to feel good about and it makes us feel extremely grateful and fulfilled inside.

Wow – sometimes it just feels damn fine to be a BodyRocker :) Anyway, We just wanted to let you know that we have another meeting with our web design company this week, and the new site is moving forward. We have some basic mockups of the new design that we are working with and the project is taking shape. The comments are still not working, but we are reading every single one of them so please keep writing :) Once we get the new site up they will all be posted.

Today’s workout is a Time Challenge which means that your goal is to complete this workout as fast as you can. You will need your Gymboss Interval Timer
and if you are looking for an extra challenge, than I can recommend the Sandbag.

Workout Breakdown:

You will do 4 rounds of the following 4 exercises:

1. Sandbag Squat Jump Up – 20 reps

2. Reptile – 20 reps (each knee tuck counts as 1 rep)

3. One Leg Squat Jump Up – 20 reps on each leg

4. Side Plank Lift Cross Over – 15 reps on each side

I will post my workout and score later today so check back if you want to see me sweating and begging for mercy :)


Zuzana & Freddy

Sandbag Squat Jump Up


One Leg Squat Jump Up


Around The Web
  • Mollie Vita

    41:00 first time. Used a 40lb sandbag and did reptile push ups instead of just reptile plank. Death.

  • Kay

    25 mins! man those 1 legged jump squats are hard!!!

  • Miss Rebecca

    It took me over an hour, but I finished all four rounds, with the sandbag!!  It became less about the time for me and more about just getting through all four rounds.  I am so happy it’s over!!  :-)

  • Peta

    Shape shifting into having a wonderful toned body.  Bahahaha!!!  Eventually….My time 34:48 with 12.5kg weight then 20min interval skipping and a nice long cool down gives my my hour today :)

  • Vivi

    I did this one for the first tme and these side plank lift cross over are killers !!!!
    My time is 25.49 min with 10kg for squat.

  • Annie_B

    I did this workout first time September 23, 2010 and still remembered how brutal it was. I started with 26 lbs. bag first round, then had to drop the weight to 10 lbs. on 2nd and 3rd round.4th round, I did bodyweight only. I had to modifiy Side Plank Lift Crossovers.My time was 34:13 mins.

    Then today, I revisit this one again. I managed to CRASH my PB !!! I used 25 lbs.bag and did all exercise without modifications :D My time for today was 30:15 mins. I felt so friggin’ awesome knowing that I’ve improved a lot during 1 year of Bodyrocking with you guys :) Thank you so much!!! Enjoy your trip Z &F!!

  • Luke Says No

    My Score:
    16 x 10/35
    1. Sandbag Squat Jump Up (no sanbag): 17, 15, 15, 15
    2. Reptile (each knee tuck counts as 1 rep):28, 29, 31, 38
    3. One Leg Squat Jump Up: 10, 12, 14, 11
    4. Side Plank Lift Cross Over: 7, 7, 9, 9

  • Kelly :}

    Just finished my post-workout stretching, (and I finally have my froggy back comfortbly! now just working on getting my splits again) and can I say… OUCH! This is the most brutal workout I’ve ever done from you, and I didn’t even finish the most recent 600 rep workout. This is even worse! haha, but I’m so happy and feel so good because I pushed through. Halfway through the Side Plank Lift Crossovers in the first round, I decided I was going to do half. I started making excuses that I would be too sore to run with my soccer team tomorrow, or tht I’d do the other half later today (which I wouldn’t have). BUT I PUSHED THROUGH! I feel great!

    Here’s my time: 29:04 :}

  • Dheana

    Alright, I know this is out of sequence, but Z & F must be taking a break, so I decided to go back and find a workout I hadn’t done yet. Little did I know I was picking one of the most brutal, toughest workouts here!

    I just finished all 4 rounds and it took me 52 min and 41 sweaty seconds. Brutal! I started out with 27 lb in my sandbag, but had to pull out a bladder and make it 13 lb – and still it was tough! I also made a mistake and thought it was 20 Side Plank Cross Lift per side! So I did 10 from the hand and 10 from the elbow. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was only 15! LOL 

    Look forward to coming back to this in a few months to try again. Such a good feeling on the other side of such a tough workout! Thanks Z & F !!!

  • Anonymous

    Did this one today. My time was 28:40. :) Sweat! ;)  

  • Isidora

    I did this workout today…. i had no idea i would sweat that much! definitely the hardest one and more than harder, longer, was the side plank lift cross over ! 

    I did it without a sandbag so i did 1 side squat jump up and 1 front squat = 1 rep 
    4 rounds took me 31:42 min :)  

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  • Anonymous

    MAN this workout is hard!!! :) I loved it, but hated it at the same time! :D Unfortunately, I managed to do only 3 rounds in 31 minutes and 54 seconds. Not that bad, but still I haven’t been able to do all 4, which I’m definitely going to do next time! Thanks for the torture! ;)

  • Bohdana

    31min 20 sec
    35 lb all through 3 rounds

  • Bill

    Thank you for the beginnner versions. Just coming out of a knee injury so those help out quite a bit.

  • Annemarie

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy,
    Thank you so much for all the effort you put into helping people pursue their goals. The amount of time you put into this this site and everything that goes along with it must be overwhelming at times, to say the least.
    I am currently in college studying nutrition, yet I still struggle daily with food choices, temptations, knowing what to eat and when and why. Sports nutrition is fascinating, so I can’t wait to hear what you learn from the ISSA course!
    You have completely transformed my idea of fitness. I actually get excited to workout because of the variety, imagination, and sweat you put in every time! You are truly an inspiration. Thank you both for all you do :)

    p.s. this workout kicked my ass. 27:40

  • Wubbaducka

    I’m really glad that I found your website. I haven’t had access to a gym since I graduated from college so I have been extremely depressed about not keeping my body in shape. Gym memberships are too expensive and running is incredibly boring for me. I had no idea that I could use my own weights to train my muscles effectively. I tried out a few techniques from your videos and I could feel my whole body aching. I never felt so good in a workout before! Thank you for passing the knowledge!

    Also, thank you for your nurturing and empathetic attitude! I find it extremely comforting when I’m getting frustrated with my form.

    Thank you both so much for making this website and for making my day! :) I don’t feel so shitty about not belonging to a gym or hating running anymore!

    Rock on!

    - Wubbaducka

  • Tammy

    Love this workout! Also, loving the outfit! Where did you get it and what is the brand???
    Keep doing what you do. You are an inspiration.

  • Tehsina

    Wow, this one was so hard! I still loved it and I’m sure my body will feel it tomorrow!

  • Jose Antonio Curiel Chavez

    Hpla Zuzana,esta intensoo este circuito solo que no tengo bolsa de arena y lo hago con un garrafon de agua,tu que piensas de eso???…muchas gracias y hasta pronto.

  • Alice Bellia

    I finally got my Ultimate Sandbag soon as I’m healed from hand tendinitis, I’m ready to use it!!

    Can’t wait to do all the workouts :D

    Keep up the good work and thanks for existing ^^

  • Kim marie

    OMG did this work out yesterday it was really intense, I used my 21lbs home made sandbag :-) I could only do 3 rounds & it took 36 mins I was melting soooo bad I had nothing left to give, and today my sides are really sore, those side lift cross overs are killers :-) .
    Thanks for another great workout Zuzana & Freddie, can’t wait for the new site x x

  • lisa

    This would have been a good day to do a 500 rep workout to celebrate your 500th video.

  • Mark

    It would be great if you had a video for each type of work out, and how to do them properly, step by step. :)

    I was getting tired of my old routine and I love the new ideas.

  • Neala

    Congratulations on your 500th video! My gym membership was up for renewal last week and I decided to cancel it. I feel great about my decision and I thank you for being the proof that you don’t have to spend countless hours in the gym to look and feel great!

    Your Newfoundland Fan :)

  • Shannon

    Do you do more than just these work outs to get your fit body? I have been doing your workouts for the past 3 weeks and I already feel a lot different then when I was working out differently. I never did interval training I would always just do an hour or a little less of cardio at the same pace. I have noticed a huge difference doing your stuff the past three weeks but was wondering if you do more also? I really want to get rid of my unwanted love handles and my little pouch on my belly. Thanks for your inspiration this is great!!! My husband loves that I am enjoying working out again!!!!! :)


  • Frank

    Look out Cali!! hahahha. Great workouts. I’ve been doing them for a couple weeks now and they are TOUGH. Love feeling the soreness the next day. Keep it up.

  • michelle from chicago, il

    ok i wasn’t able to do the entire 4 rounds i did 2 in 24:29. due to my wrists beginning to hurt i tried do’n them on my forewarm and it didn’t seem to be the same. suggestions anyone!!

    i will come back and do the entire 4 rounds – off to work.

  • ciro

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy,

    I’ve been following for year and two months, its been shape and mind changeing. ya’ll do such a great job – from the workouts, coffee talks, video, food recipes,etc. thanks.
    Seems like you and Freddy are my friends.
    Congratulations on 500!

  • celeste

    Any recs for s subsitute sandbag..other than that i love doing all of the workouts.

  • Kate

    Wow, I’ve done this workout twice so far just because I haven’t managed to nail it yet! The first time I only managed 1 and a half rounds, but I felt quite sick at the time. Yesterday, I managed 3 rounds! 4 is the goal!

    I substituted the sandbag with my 8kg kettlebell. :) Fantastic workout – my time for the 3 rounds was about 31 minutes!

  • Sissygiir

    New bodyrocker and I completed this in 30min 20sec first time through (no sandbag), at the end I had to keep telling myself I can do this, once I completed this killer routine I felt awsome. Thank you

  • Jamie

    26 minutes, 5 seconds. BAMM!!

  • Jamie

    26 minutes, 5 seconds. BAMM!

  • Jamie

    I’m going to annhilate this workout! GRRRR!!

  • Babs

    Congrats on 500th !
    I love your site.
    Thanks !!!

    Regards from Germany

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  • Samantha R

    This took me 37:11 yesterday – I used a 35lb dumbbell so I had to squat again each time to put it down as I couldn’t just drop it. Honestly this is the first time I’ve contemplated giving up after three rounds, I found it so hard.

  • http://facebook Wendy

    That workout was really hard! I use a 20lb weight because i dont have the sandbag yet. It was pretty hard to finish:( But i did, my time was 39:10. Thanks Zuzana your the best. Congrats on the 500!!!!!!

  • Blond girl

    The sandbag squat jumps were so tough to make it through! I completed all 4 rounds with a 35lb. dumbbell in 41:02:23.
    Best always

  • Tanya L.

    I’m just starting the month challenge, and wanted to say thank you for offering “beginner” modifications ;) .Tough workout. I can already feel how sore I will be. Congrats on 500!

  • William Clarke

    Nice job. I really like the one legged squat. That is what I want to learn how to do. To squat down all the way to the ground on one leg. That is where my legs and knees are very weak.

  • Chris

    Hi Zuzana. I’ve been very down and have possessed a negative attitude for several months now, due to a very difficult situation in my life. I stumbled across one of your YouTube postings and after viewing it I was very refreshed and felt a sense of optimism that I hadn’t felt in a while. Your energy, optimism and good nature is truly inspiring. I have begun using some of your techniques and I’m feeling more like my former self once again. I’ve always been athletic and am not particularly in bad shape, but its been your enthusiasm, advice and general outlook that have really helped. Killer workouts as well! I thank you and your husband for putting bodyrock together. Keep up the good work.

  • Amanda (Maryland)

    I got through only 3 rounds in 21:56 before I was wiped out. :-) I didn’t use a sandbag or any weights.

  • Annelyse

    This was the first official bodyrock workout I did. It was so challenging for me because I haven’t worked out in such a long time, that I got up to only 2 rounds out of 4. So instead of timing myself I’m just going to see how far I can push myself so hopefully when I do it the next time I can get past 2 rounds. Thanks again for doing what you do! :D

  • Maurice Lacerda

    Try VP2 Whey Protein by AST Sports Science.

    It’s really good, and considered the best by many proffessional personal treiners and bodybuilders.

    Check out their web site and read a bit about it. They have great supplements to preserve lean muscle, like Glutamine, Creatine and BCAA.(

    Also the VP2 vanilla flavour is absolutly dellicious!!!

    Good luck!

    Best regards.

  • Benji

    Just curious what ya’ll do for a living that allows for such travel around the globe?

    I definately envy the flexibility u and freddy have to move around so much! Cheers and thanks for everything, love your site!

  • Monica

    Wow that was brutal. It took me 25:55 but I subbed the first exercise for 20 burpees in the 1st round, 2nd-5 high knees & lie down 20 times, 60 mountain climber in 3rd round and finally 20 dynamic push ups for variety. The side plank lift cross over was the hardest. thanks for making my day!!

  • darina

    zuzana you are amazing what you doing for us, thank you

    my clothes gone to big :-) ))))))))))))

  • Fiona

    Thanks for this workout, had me sweating like crazy after the first round. Took me nearly 45 mins to complete :(

  • Kate M

    I loved this one! Since I haven’t got a sandbag I did a normal squat and then squat down to touch the ground next to my foot and jump up (to make it as close to the sandbag exercise as possible). I did the 4 rounds in 31.05. Those Side Plank Lift Cross Overs were burning at the end!!!

  • Hannah

    I bought a Polar FT60 heart rate monitor which arrived yesterday and I used it to track this workout. 3 rounds took me 33 minutes – in that time I burnt over 300 calories and my average heart rate was 145bpm. 300 calories in 30 minutes is an amazing burn (10 calories per minute)!! It was so interesting to finally see how hard my body is actually working during your workouts – it’s great! Keep posting! :)

  • Val Dantzler

    You know, I was feeling kind of down today. Then, I came across your website and decided to try your workout. I really loved your “Coffee Talk”, so inspirational, and I did the whole workout in 19 mins (beginner level). Now, I feel GREAT!!! The sweat was just dripping all over me!!! It’s a really great feeling when you know you have accomplished something!!


  • Anna Carolina

    I was glad to know your time because this workout took me 41min to finish.
    Really intense one, Zu!

    Anyway, a different workout every day keeps my body “awake”.thx

    Last week I followed yI was glad to know your time because this workout took me 41min to finish.
    Really intense one, Zu!

    Anyway, a different workout every day keeps my body “awake”.thx

    Last week I followed your videos and diet challenge without working out these type of workouts. I did a lot of jogging,cycling and swimming.
    I promised to fit in my jeans already, because my legs got big.
    Now I’m already in this week and can’t believe how hard it is to be back on track:P.

    Hmm… really interesting that you got leaner ,days before!
    I have to check this out and hopefully fit in my jeans again!?
    Love, Carol

    • Carlo

      I was glad to know Zuzana’s time too!

      It took me 44min 44sec, 11 min per round and I was on the brink of giving up.

      I kept wondering what instruction I had got wrong because it was sooo damn long and exhausting.
      Now I’m certain I did everything the right way.

      I would like to cut some minutes in the mid term and I’m sure I will, because in 4 months I went from 38 to 24 min doing the 600 rep wo.


  • Courtney

    23:59 – Another amazing workout! Thanks! And congrats on 500!

  • diana

    Wow this workout was killer. I feel kinda sad cuz i could not get to the last round. I was gone by that time. I feel so out of shape…

  • Lily

    Zuzana!! This one is a KILLER!!
    I attempted it yesterday but only completed two rounds in 30:09 and that is with jump roping before & after the workout: 4mins cardio = 6 rounds (10sec rest/30sec jump roping)
    So, I decided to attempt this workout today again. This time around I pushed through and did all 4 rounds in 62:18!! It was a loooong workout but I did it!! And I used a 25 lbs duffel bag filled with dumbbells. Note: For sandbag squat jump up – I did 10x with bag & 10x without. Also, on the one leg squat – this is the 1st time I was able to do this exercise without touching my other foot to the ground :D And of course I did 4mins cardio Jump roping ^^ before & after workout too.

  • teresa


  • Aysh

    Thank you for inspiring me, and undoubtedly thousands of others.

    Your openness and willingness to share, is a rare quality not often seen.

    I will keep on working out to you, and keep on spreading the word to anybody who will listen about what an amazing concept you have developed.


  • Bodyrocker Melanie from Peru

    I am always mesmerized by the wonderful photography an how good Zuzana looks from EVERY angle.
    Thank you!

  • camille

    I really liked the workout but I almost injured myself doing it ! I’m still a beginner, it’s been about 2 months since I started practising these workouts and I did progress but I still haven’t a lot of strenght in my arms and I almost dislodged my right shoulder doing the side plank lifts ! So I finished it on my elbows.

    I’ll be more careful next time don’t wanna injure myself and be unable to keep working out !

  • camille

    I really liked the workout but I almost injured myself doing it ! I’m still a beginner, it’s been about 2 months since I started practising these workouts and I did progress but I still haven’t a lot of strenght in my arms and I almost dislodged my right shoulder doing the side plank lifts ! So I finished it on my elbows.

    I’ll be more careful next time don’t wanna injure myself and be unable to keep working out !

  • Mery Leon

    Hi Zuzana!! Just want to say that I LOVE your new apartment!!! so spacious! so much natural light!! the videos look awesome with that background! and of course.. Love your workouts us usual. I have to tell you that I prefer when you don’t use any props -even when I have soem at home- but that is what alwys made your workouts different from all the other work-outs routines I’ve ever been engaged with. You actually made myself work with my own body and that totally change my philosophy about work-out routines! I don’t need to hit the gym any more and I’m looking at my best!! of course I did bought the GYMBOSS!!


  • Taramatie

    I just happen to come accross your video and loved you from the moment I watched your home video.
    You have that down to earth nature about you and you seem so genuine.
    You look so great.
    I would love to make it my goal to look as lean as you do.

  • R

    this was the hardest workout ever! i couldn’t do the lot. you have to be an animal to finish this one

  • Katie

    Hey guys! I lovee lovee loveee your workouts and Zuzanna, you are such an inspiration! :) I recently stopped eating bad foods, and now only eat whole foods in the correct portions just like you guys said. I love how I feel and I would love to do your workouts too, im just not sure where to start! I am pretty fit but not to the level that you are, and I would just like to know where a good starting point would be? You both are so amazing and please get back to me so I can come with you guys on this journey of fitness!! Much love :)

  • Katharina

    Hello you two,
    I just started working out with you some weeks ago, but am addicted already.
    I love not only yoour workouts ( they are fun!), but also the wisdom you share in your coffe talks! And, I love your flower outfit from today!!! Where did you get it?
    Love and Sunshine

  • Echo

    Zuzana? Seriously? Why haven’t u published a book or put out a DVD….or have I just not found it? U are a true goddess! I know plenty of women with amazing bodies, but u are the epitome of what we all want to look and be like! U truly inspire us all! Keep going girl! U are going to change the world! Much love and respect! MUAH!

  • Mellisa

    Did you get in shape by doing the workouts that you provide, or have you always been in shape?

    Do you have a specific diet?

  • Christina

    I just want to express my gratitude for all of your work here. I have lost 6 pounds so far and am feeling so much happier and tighter! Thank you for helping me know that I don’t need to be a gym member to get fit! These workouts are amazing!!!!

  • liz

    Hi Zuzana – love your workouts – you are an inspiration!!! One question – I have always heard not to lower your butt below the knee line when doing squats – bad for knees – have you heard conflicting reports? Thank you so much for your website!!

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    We definately bit off more than we could chew with this workout ;) I finished only 3 rounds also with a time of 28:42. I only used my 35LB barbbell for the 1st & 3rd round and did the side to side squat jumps for the 2nd round. I’m sure we would have been quicker without the weight and completed the whole 4 rounds but there’s room for improvement now at least:) For now, I’m pooped and time for a shower. Til tomorrow XOXO!

  • achim

    i am from germany.and bodyrokk is hot and rokkz.itz really hard,i´ve tried it.youve got a lot of respect from me zuzanna,(kool name)..i just really want to know how hard your body really is.i mean itz hardrokk^^..
    this workoutz are really intressting and brutal sexy too ^^..i like there anywhere a pic from freddy??i think he is metal too ^^..
    hope for answer
    nice GreetZzz..acHIM

  • Audrey

    gonna do this workout right now!!! :x without that 35 pound weight tho !! :D haha wish me luck!

  • Isabelle from Canada

    This was, by far, one of the hardest work out I have done from your site. Loved it though :) Thanks!

  • Nata

    I did the workout before you posted your actual workout video, and I completed the 4 rounds in 39:24, but I almost died. This workout was way to hard. I used 2 15 Lbs dumbbells for the squats.

  • David

    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering if you do the same type of exercise 4 times or once then go on to the next one and back to the first?

    I’ve been following the exercises for about a week, so I’ve been doing beginner variations and I am sore! Thanks for the inspiration for working out at home!

  • Mickela

    Hi Zuzana I love watching you kick your own ass.
    My turn this is another challenging work out. I will try this one tonight.
    Congratulations on number 500.

  • sanne

    it might not fit in here but I’m looking for the description of the “500 hundred rep workout”. i just found the names of the exercises:
    thanks a lot!

  • Alexander

    Zuzana, great workout it kicked my butt….. Thanks!

  • Wendolyn

    Congrats on the 500th! I’m so glad that you are in it for the long run with all of us and that you always keep it new and exciting! Thank you for your commitment to improving our fitness goals. You’re amazing!


  • Lindsey

    Wow, this was a good one!
    Time: 25 minutes (not much of a jump left at the end)

  • La Bruja Nica

    Felicidades! I like your black hair and Cali on the picture, did you see him before you dropped the sandbag? is funny how he’s looking up, then down..;)later on, he is like..nah..too much work, going to nap…jiijiji

    Felicidades otra vez!

  • JessicaEntrekin

    I actually feel so much less “ashamed” to having done only 3 rounds myself. I do my workouts in the morning before work, so not only was I running out of time, I also just simply could not do another round. But it was very intensive, I went as fast as I could, using weight, and I still felt very accomplished afterward even though I didn’t finish the 4th round. PS) I’ve been doing the food diary, and I have to say it definitely helps me be even more “body aware” – I’m writing down exactly what I’m eating, and I’m able to say, “Ok, am I full now? Satisfied but not heavy?” or “Ok, it’s been a while since my last “snack” or meal, how am I feeling? Fine? A little hungry?” This isn’t to say I’m always obsessing about it or it’s on my mind every minute, but it’s nice to stay aware so I don’t wait until I’m just ravenously hungry amidst being busy at work, running errands or busy at home. Thanks again guys!

  • Julia

    wow…. I never quitted one of your workouts yet… but as I had doupts that I should train at all because I felt as if I wouldn’t have any power, yesterday it was probably not the best idea to do this workout… it was definetly too much for me. Even though I did it only with my own bodyweight I stopped after one and a half rounds, which was already exhausting… but as you, my goal is to complete the full 4 rounds next time. But perhaps one must really catch a good day for this workout – otherwise it is nearly impossible to complete…

  • Zara

    Hi guys! love your workouts but I find it hard to stay motivated to lose weight.

    I’ve lost 7 kilos so far but I feel like I can’t tell a difference and no one else really has commented apart from a few people.

    I’ve got a cruise vacation coming up, my boyfriends 21st birthday and then my 21st birthday! I’ve got to lose at least 10 kilos! Let’s see =[

    Do you think that with every workout you could quickly say which parts of the body it is impacting?

  • jus

    congrats on your 500th post!
    i just did the workout without a sandbag in 24minutes and 53 seconds and i’m exhausted!! i totally loved it anyway and can really feel where i am going to feel sour tomorrow ;)

  • Jan Sauerbier

    Dear Zuzana,

    I’d like to thank you for sharing your workouts, since I started to do them regularly 2-3 months ago I lost over 20 pounds and feel so much fitter. And the best thing is, working out is fun again.
    But I have a question, since I seem to be unable to complete any of the time challenges since they just take too long, I was wondering if I could just do the exercises with one of the usual intervals like 10/50. Kind regards,


  • Mia

    I love you outfit here. Where have you found it?
    Love your work out as well. You make me go on with my workout!

  • Stania

    Hi zuzi and Fredy
    I have finish this work out I did the same yesterday becouse I try work out every day.I am happy to tell you I have better time today then yesterday time 12:09 today 11:10
    The hard things is the one leg squat jump and the side plank cross my legs and the side round my ribcage I feel that.Can wait for next work out thank you for yours time very happy to be part of this all.And happy 500 published post I am sure it will be more to come.
    Thank you Stania and family

  • Juany

    Okay….cannot stop sweating!!! My time is 24 mins and 44 secs.

  • Traci

    These exercises are increidble! I love them all! I have been following the video’s for awhile now and I just can’t get enough! I am really just looking to get toned and in shape. I can’t wait to keep following along!

  • Laurinsh

    Zuzanna!You are one incredible fitness enthusiast! I love you for sharing this! Before u I was in the dark in the means of fitness possibilities! Keep it up always! Wish u all the best!

  • Stephenie

    That workout was RIDICULOUS. I could not finish it – I did three rounds. And I only used a 9 lb kettlebell. I did run though beforehand…I cannot imagine what kind of hell you went through…props, girl.

  • yoyo

    So I almost died doing this. I only made 2 rounds in 33 minutes. The killer was the side plank lift cross over. I might have made a 3rd round but I really didn’t want to try the side planks agian. I was only using 10 pounds since I don’t have a sandbag, I was slugging my leg weight over my shoulder :) .
    This is my second time doing one of your workouts. Am loving it & looking forward to more. thanks

  • Karthik Kura

    Congratulations on your 500th post! I’ve enjoyed all of the exercises I’ve learned on here and plan on continuing to follow y’alls excellent regimen!

  • Lisabelle

    i did all four rounds in 36.39mins, but i did it without a sandbag because i don’t have one yet
    that would have added a fair bit of time to it

    the hardest part was the side plank lift cross over, i found it quite awkward on my left side

    i very much liked the other three exercises though
    feels good to do a longer work out like this – i feel like i’ve worked extra hard :)

  • Liz

    This kicked my butt! I am so glad I found this website. I have a 6-week-old and was looking for something to get me back in shape without having to go back to my gym.
    I was only able to get through half of this workout, but I definitely felt it. Your coffee talk struck quite a chord with me. For every time I’ve actually gone to the gym, there’s another 5 times at least that I don’t just because I don’t feel like driving. Even with a newborn, I can ALWAYS find 15-20 minutes. You are my inspiration! THANK YOU!

  • lori

    thank you so much for inspiring me, i just had my second baby and trying desperatly to lose weight…its soooo hard! i get so hungry with breastfeeding!!!!. but you really help inspire me! thank you Zuzana! please dont stop posting stuff, i really apprecaite it!

  • Becki

    Zuzana, I just found your site two weeks ago and have been doing your work outs and LOVE them! They were just the change I needed to renew my motivation and get past the plateau I had reached. They are the most intense, effective workouts I have ever done-and I’ve done a lot of workouts. :) Your coffee talk is so inspiring, and I’m so happy to know that there’s someone else out there who loves coffee as much as I do! Thanks Zuzana and Freddy. Please keep the workouts coming!

  • Shsnnon Tinney

    Ok, I will feel this one tomorrow! Thanks for a great workout.
    Also My baby girl (1 year old) was lifting a little bag over her shoulder as her own ‘sand bag’! So adorable!

    Thanks again, Teamtinney

  • Nicole D Lopez

    I love when Calli makes her way into the photos :)

    • JelaS

      Me to =)))

  • Kasia

    bodyrockers ROCK !!
    congrats on the 500th post and i just wanted to genuinely thank u zuzana and freddy for sharing all this wonderful information and creating this incredible space. but i think your enthusiasm is what really keeps all of us going. i’m looking forward the 1000th post :D

  • becca

    where is your workout? we missed the sweat

  • Joanna

    I just bought a gymboss timer so I can follow all your workouts! But what should I set the timer to for this workout?

  • cj

    Is this workout for tuesday’s workout?

  • Carolyn

    Zuzana & Freddy,

    I just found your site last week and am so happy I did! You are so encouraging and have such great workouts. Thanks for sharing your fitness and coffee talks with all of us!

  • cris

    Don’t thank us, we all thank you for doing what you do. Bodyrock inspires me to move & push myself everyday. Your challenges keep me focused on on track with my health. I couldn’t thank you enough. This site has now become such a part of my life I don’t know what I would do without it. I just want you guys (Zuzana & Freddy) to understand how grateful I am for what you do! Thank you!!!

  • Magalie

    4 ROUNDS!!!! I’m halfway through it… needed a little break… OMG let’s go!!

    • Magalie

      This is absolutely insane, I only did 3 rounds, and for the last round, I didn’t jump the squats this workout was just so intense. I don’t have a sandbag, but I use a 5kg medicine ball. I completed my 3 rounds in 29 min 37 sec, completely exhausted.

  • Nathalie

    OMG!!!What a brutally sweat induced workout. I have a love/hate relationship with your workouts. Right now I live it beacuse its over. But thank you as always for the kick in the butt. BTW, your new place looks great.

  • LaChief

    This workout was tough… but doable. I completed it in 35:02 but I only used a 12 lb body bar. It was still challenging but I could imagine with a 35 lb sand bag how much tougher it would be. I feel great!! thanks Zuzana

  • Noriko

    Hi zuzana,
    I could do two rounds and it took 16:50. I loved it. Next time I’ll do it more rounds.

  • Shiny

    Thank you for your efforts and focus. Bodyrock was exactly what I was looking for since I truly believe in interval training. I’ve been doing the workouts for about 7 months now and women are surprised that I have so much tone when I tell them that I only use my own bodyweight for most of the exercises. I share about the website all the time. It’s inspiring to see that so many people around the world are also enjoying the workouts, and understanding the huge benefits.

  • Martha

    LOVE your workouts! Thanks so much guys!

  • Clara

    I just love your work more and more, every day!
    Thanks for all and just keep in mind the feedback you get from all of us is by far the one you should get: much more people love you, are watching you and following your workouts than those who post a comment, here and there!
    Thank you both, guys! Keep up the great (and blessed) job!

  • Brandi

    I love the new workout outfit! Also there has been no news on how your dog is doing. He was sick right before you moved and you went to the vet. Maybe I missed it though. I am just starting out to follow you and I love the workouts. I haven’t been able to do as may rounds sometimes but I make sure to do good form and even with less that is more than what I was doing before, so its good.

  • Amanda

    Okay, anyone else find the the side plank life cross over CRAZY….OMG. I loved this workout, even though I could only do 2 rounds in 18:09. I didn’t finish it all *head hanging down* but I worked my butt off because the sweat was pouring off of me. Definitely looking forward to beating my personal best next time :)

  • Nele

    Dear Zuzana,

    I just wanna let you know that even in Belgium people are working out with you.

    Two years ago my husband and I had a very active life with intensive salsa dancing but due to our working carreers there is little time left for intensive salsa training.

    Just 4 weeks ago I’ve started your training and it’s perfect for me. Challenging and addictive! Much more fun than a boring fitness room. I also see some small changes yet and I feel much stronger again.

    Keep up the great work! (and thanks for the beginner modifications ;-)

  • C Rodgers

    WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO Sweet buckets of sweat!

  • Asma

    It is a great work out, I will try to do it after having my baby, keep the good work.

  • Marie

    congrats on 500 posted video’s..i loved every single one of them:)

  • Cynthia


    You are crazy!! (in a good way) :) May I tell you something? YOU are my inspiration. The biggest ever!

    I used to live in USA once. I was fit and healthy. And then some things happened, as they always do, but somehow I found it hard to cope, and I ended up with nagging depression following me around like some dirty dog. And over time that dog was living my life. I got fat, unhealthy and started enjoying junk food for first time in my life. I’m still that black dog over four years down the line… but you know what, dear Zuzana, you are my shining star. I saw you on YouTube by chance but I’d like to believe it was meant to be. I have decided to get back my ‘old’ body and sharp muscle tone, I will exercise with you as much as I can. I want to feel beautiful again… I’m tired to be black. You are gorgeous! Not just outside. So, Zuzzi, you’ll be my big sis’ walking me through the road of recovery. :)

    Keep on doing what you’re doing. You’re inspiring MILLIONS!!! It just might be the case that you’ve saved my life. And I want to say a BIG thank you…


  • Bill

    Cali is a scene stealer!

  • Janet

    This one cleaned my clock and I didn’t even use a sandbag, just did the squat/twist/jump variation. Hoo boy! 28:20 I confess my hops turned into something way less, more along the lines of soggy-limp-flop-shuffle. I managed all the planks and reptiles okay with good form, but the planks were pretty gruesome! I think I need a rest day :) Thanks for the gnarly one!!

  • Martin, Denmark

    Fist up, big congratz on the 500 posts…thats awesome :)

    Just finished the Sexy Shape Shifter Workout, I used the beginner mods in parts 1,3 and 4…quite chuffed that i could do part 2 (almost) as Zuzana.

    My time is 20:43…and i feel energized…but my muscles are so used up…could barely lift my legs out of my pants to take a shower…awesome workout

  • haitham27

    Thanks so much for your wonderful workouts and advice

  • Tracey

    500 post that’s fantastic!!!! I know I’ve benefited from it. I LOVE THIS SITE!!! It will be a year of working out for me this December and I can’t believe the changes I’ve made to my body…thanks to you both! Thank You So Much!!!!!
    When I first started I couldn’t even do one push up now I’m a rock star at them!

    It does take time, consistency and eating right but all the hard work is worth it and now it’s part of my everyday life…Whoo Hoo!!!

    Congrats on the site!!

    ps…OMG how cute is little Calli in the workout photos…soooo sweet


  • Deanna

    Holy man, that was killer, especially the one-leg squat, with a jump just for the fun of it, and the side plank with the funky leg lift cross-over. No wonder you look like you do, girl! It took me 26 minutes, and I had to modify a lot, and only did 3 rounds… but I’ll get there! Thanks for the motivation, you’re awesome!

  • stephanie

    I have NEVER sweat so much in my entire life. Great workout Zuzy :)

    I love how Cali is whatching you workout in the photos, she is sooo cute.

    I’m glad this weeks challenge is to do a diary….it gives you a real good objective look at what you are really consuming. I wouldn’t do it all the time though :P

    Looking forward to the next workout

  • ramesh

    you guys ,so awesome.i am compleletly your fan,and your workouts motivate me to work harder.recently i have hd a surgery on my feeth and i had to stop my training,i acnt wait to get back to mission again,thank you again.

  • Karen

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy,

    Really loving the workout outfit today! It doesn’t look like Lululemon. Can you let me (us) know the brand?
    So are you now living in Victoria permanently? I was sad to see you leave that adorable farmhouse after it was all renovated and everything!:( However, the West Coast is fabulous- I must admit!
    I can’t wait to see the new website! Thanks so much for your wonderful workouts and advice!

    • Eden

      I don’t know so much about her pants, although I thought I saw a little Lululemon symbol on her bum, but the bra has the silver Lululemon label right on the front. :)

    • Christine

      Lulu top, margarita pants <3

    • Bodyrocker Melanie from Peru

      Hi Karen,
      The pants are by “Margarita”. I just looked it up and they are sold in Canada by:


  • Melinda

    I love this work out!!!!

    • Andrea

      wow, this one was a killer! Normally I am right on par with you for time, but it ended up taking me about 40 mins, and I was only using a 20lb kettleball!
      I’ve never posted before, so I just wanted to say that you are absolutely amazing – I found this site about a month ago, and just LOVE these workouts!!!

  • Anita

    Happy 500th post you guys!!! Definitely glad you’re sticking with it. Glad I found You’ve helped me a lot to get more out of my workouts :o )

    Not long left until the new site – it’s a bit of a pity the comments aren’t working properly on such a happy occasion…

  • michelle

    OH!!! and congratulations on the 500th published post!!!!

  • maren

    oh I love your trousers so much…where did you get them?

  • michelle

    wow-this was brutal!!! especially the side plank crossover lift!! hubby was able to do all of them, no modifications…i had to modify everything!!

    but i stuck with it even though i wanted to stop…i just took my time and did every last rep…i took a little longer than hubby, so he just used the time to towel off and drink some water in between the exercises…

    on these time challenge, i don’t time myself..i don’t want to feel ‘rushed’ through the exercise, i would rather take the extra time to focus on form and counting out the reps. once i have them down, then i will focus on speed.

    thanks for another incredible work out!! how do you think up this stuff??? especially the side plank crossover??? that was crazy!! you and freddy are out of control!!!

    take care-


  • Kaz

    Hi guys,
    I’ve been following your site for a while now and I’m completely addicted and love everything you do and the messages you send us. I’m just off to the gym now to do this workout (so i can use a 15 kg weight instead of a sandbag) then I am off to Las Vegas for 8 nights so I’m hoping to continue your workouts while I’m away but not sure about the food diary as I don’t know if I can be that disciplined on holiday. We shall see…Love you guys and thanks for everthing

  • nitsuah

    I discovered your Boom Boom video on You Tube this weekend and then connected to your website this morning to learn more. I did my first workout (Boom Boom) this morning and it kicked my butt! Of course being the first time I was only able to do half as many rounds, but I still was sweating!!!! I am now a devoted follower due to your charisma and gentle nature and your motivating body. I am probably 10-20 pounds over weight, mostly in my belly due to having my second child in the last couple years and changes in hormones due to getting older. I also am a stay at home mom now coming from teaching full time, mom of two and getting my master’s degree and then some. Staying home has been great for I now have the time to take care of my family, home, schooling and myself and not be maxed out. Now I just need to make some personal lifestyle changes (diet/exercise) so that I can finally shed my belly. I will be signing in every morning. Thank you again for everything you do. I am loving being a Body Rocker!!!!

  • Kik

    Wow! Just finished in 43:32. Used my 20lb rice duffel until it exploded on the third round. Side plank lifts were super hard – slow going.

  • JC

    Hey Guys! Zuzana do you mind sharing your time with us for this workout when you get a chance? I found this to be very difficult and it took me forever. How did you do with this one? Im usually pretty on par with you, so Im just wondering how I did. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication! :)

  • Catherine

    Hi Zuzi! Let me tell you: I’m starting your workouts today. I am getting married in december (the 18th) and I would LOOOVE to be in the best shape of my life by then, so my question is: by doing ONLY your workouts I can achieve this goal? Because I feel that working out 15 minutes a day is not enough. I don’t know, I’m scared…please let me know. THANKS :) You both are wonderful!

  • Bob

    your workouts are alway tougher then others. you work on the core in ways that others can’t even come close to, and i even like watching your travel videos…you’re so interesting and the camera loves you. i was in a rut (moving) and working so much i missed many of your previous videos (since august), but i’m catching up now. i hope it was youtube that stopped sending me updates on you’re new videos and not someone in your company. i’m going to try to subscribe again.

  • Pavlina

    Hi all!

    What a killer workout! I am a bit apprehensive sharing my result without knowing Zuzi’s result or any of yours as I don’t have a basis for comparison… but managed to complete the workout in 31min 37sec. I also managed to flood the floor (with sweat!) :) )

  • http://www.bodyrockchallenge,com Jovana

    I’ve been sick the last week and haven’t been able to exercise so I’m looking forward to doing this.

  • Lvette #1

    Wow! 500th post, that is a lot. Congratulations on a job well done. My only regret is that I’d only discover you guys this February.

    35:20:95 of being drenched in sweat, eyes stinging from sweat and I loved it all. I used 301bs bag for the squats. On my last round I only did 10 reps each of the side plank lift. I wanted to have proper form and it was impossible by the 10th rep.


  • Laura S

    you havent put up the side plank lift cross over pictures

  • Ernesto

    Hola Z & F.
    Congratulatios, 500 is a big number. Thanks for every tip and all your knoleage you share with us.
    Ernesto, It’s rainig here in Guadalajara, Mexico and I like it.

  • lina

    i love you ! =]

  • a/k

    cool pants

  • Cait

    Congratulations on number 500!!
    I have been loving the month of september challenges. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!

  • http://n/a flane

    Errr, After working out last night I was drained. At least that’s true and I want to use it as an excuse for being boorish. I forgot to send congratulations and best wishes on the Happy 500!!!!!!! So, congratulations and best wishes!!!!!!!:-)

  • Lauren

    You dog is so cute! Great workout, too! Thanks:-)

  • BodyRock Addict

    Hi Zuzana!
    OMG that was your hardest workout ever!!! Took me 49:23min.. I kept getting confused with the 1st exercise so I think I did a million of them! My squats aren’t as low down as yours…otherwise I need to go onto my toes or I’ll fall over :-) . Still it was a very good workout and just what I needed after the weekend! Looking forward to seeing your workout and results!
    luv ya

  • Monika-super mom

    Congratulations on 500!!!

  • Sophie

    I was just putting on my workout clothes before my workout when I looked up at the mirror and suddenly realized I had a sixpack!!! All the brutal workouts have finally paid off!!! I could’nt have done it without you so thank you and keep doing what you are doing cuz its amazing!

  • Monika

    hi Zuza, I’m sorry :) I bad understand you :P

  • iGNACIO ( FROM spain)

    hi Susana ( is your spanish name):in five days i receive the gymboss and i will try to follow you.i think is difficult but will try. thanks a lot for your web ,its very very interesting ( some things i dont understand but is for mi bad english). thanks again.Ignacio

  • Chase Hill

    This workout is amazing :)
    Your creative ability is second to none.
    I use many of your exercises of my women clients.
    Keep up the the Greatness.

  • Valerie

    I just found this website tonight, and I am so excited. I am going to start with the 400 rep workout tomorrow, and the portion control. I just had my 2nd child, and have been working out, but not getting the results that I want. I feel like I am in good shape, but not very toned. I am so excited to find something new. Something to get me excited again to workout, and I think that this is it. Thank you so much for all of the your information, and inspiration. Tomorrow I am going to log my weight, and measurments and try this for 30 days along with all of your eating goals, and see how it works. Thanks you again, and keep up the good work.

  • Vene

    You Are My HERO!!! :)

    Love all your workouts! Thank you guys!

  • Dánika

    LoL your dog in the photos hahaha!!!…Such a nice workout Thanks Zuzan Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • majoo_stafford

    Hi zuzi, my name is majo and i’m from slovakia, i have a question and little beg/advice for you, ya will understand it below.. So, eventual is your training nearly flawless and i just become a fan, but i wanna ask you if you can set up some more acrobatic exercises, some, where you are using kind of mixed speed, stamina and strenght at once… …I call it 3S, but its only just an idea of mine, so you mustn’t try it… …And the thing i want to wrote is an little example, or inspiration or whatever you call it, so now you will need some wall, the best type of wall you can get is 5 ft(1.5 metra) tall wall with railing on top of it, the rail is have to be tall half of the wall so 0.75 meter, and the exercise is time challange…
    …now, you have to stand straight against the wall cca 3 meters away from the wall, run against the wall, near the wall jump up and put your foot on the wall, because of physics will be your foot in the speed sticked for maybe half of second to the wall, (this can take you a few more minutes to train it)in the moment when you touch the wall you put all weight on the foot and push yourself straight up, that can help you jump up higher and save some seconds, now, when you jump up high enough to touch the railing, just catch on the railing and just jump trough it… …on the begining the challange lies on how fast you can do this one time, and often you can set your timer on 60 seconds and go on and on , or how long will take to make 5 times in a row but after you climb up, you will make some too interesting way down… …my solution is 1,8m high wall, the first railing in 2m height, second 2,3m, and third something about 2,5m… …at this state im able to touch the third railing, but i get soon exhausted so on 3 – 4 jump up i jump only on first rail and thats slow me down very much because i must climb it up with hands on the third railing, and it hurts a lot, so its very very difficult exercise, because you may use very much of energy and you must move very wise and fast, but the results are very impressive as like better agility, higher strenght, longer stamina plus you learn som getaway tricks and is lot of fun few times faster than on the exercises on bodyrock… …maybe little dangerous but with your body training experience it dont have to be so hard, thank you for reading this and sorry about my english but im only 17 years old…
    I believe that my advice will help you in the future, and believe that you like it, so if you really like it and you can use it, make it big because you are able to, and sorry it has a sea of bugs…:DD …thanks a maj sa dobre

  • EE Energy


    This workout was super hard. In fact it seemed to be more challenging mentally then physically.
    The first ex. turned out to be more a tripple squat and I could only do 10 reps with my 8kg kettle and finish off with my bodyweight. Got some strenght back at the last round and did all 20 reps with my kettle “Julca” :-) Still very hard. In general, I didnt fly through this workout as smoothly and quickly as I usually do but dont get me wrong, I do make sure to keep my form and intensity up to my best everytime or at least I try so. But as you say, we must stay positive and this workout is now over and I cant wait for my favourite intense, super hard, 12-15 min max!!:-) workouts:-) It also says a lot about me, I just love to throw myself into all kind of stuff, with great focus and energy but only for a short period of time. I just enjoy change, change, change in very quick intervals:-)

    Thank you

  • Nina

    Yay, congratulations on 500th post! :)
    I am currently celebrating 196 days since I quit smoking and working out with you for 19 days straight :D

    I wish you 500 more and after that much and much more! :) Keep doing it the way you do now, you are both great people, very inspiring and motivating! :)

    Thank you both :-*

  • Beth

    Uh oh– Just noticed that there’s no pictures for the Side Plank Lift Cross Over!

  • Beth


    I love that you have been giving us Bodyrockers a weekly schedule to follow, providing explanations of the exercises in the videos, and including “beginner versions” of exercises. Just wanted to give you some positive feedback!

    I hope these are permanent changes :)

    Great stuff!

  • Axel

    marry me!!! I love u!!!!

  • Yeimy

    Hi this is my first day trying ur workouts I hope it work for me plz help me with motivation

  • gaby.san

    happy 500. that’s quite an accomplishment.

    I am on a temporary hiatus from the bodyrocking because my back is definitely aching and I don’t want to become impaired again. I did a 90 min class of yoga yesterday and it didn’t help much, though getting my body warm did seem to help a bit, better than today that I was still hurting and did nothing.

    I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can do my bodyrock workout and not fall behind on myself. I realize nothing will happen if I rest for a week and start again right after, but I’m so afraid I’ll lose my motivation.


  • Mary Peters

    This videos are great. I will join the rest of the world community and start getting in shape.

  • Foujan


    Please tell us which sandbag you have bought???? There are many different one at the ultimate sandbags.


  • renee

    Zuzanna, you are amazing. Seriously you are beautiful inside and out- I have just started trying your workouts and I love the philosophy and hope I can someday be in a fraction of the shape you are in!! Are you ever going to release a DVD? I think you would have lots of buyers. Keep up the great work

  • Akulas

    I love those one legged jump squats “Z”! Killer. I was wondering do you have a facebook? This site is the best source for your vids, I will admit.

    Everything looks great keep up the good work.


  • Zazu

    LOL at Cali in the pics!

  • Priscilla

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy! I have been following your program for about 2 years, but I have a problem… I live in a very small studio, so small there isn’t even a bathroom, it’s about 8 feet wide and 14 feet long. I live on the 6 th floor and everytime I try these workouts my neighbor starts banging on his ceiling from all the jumping. I don’t want to get kicked out because I’m a nosy neighbor, any suggestions? I live in downtown San Francisco, so there is no recreational space around, just skyscrapers and concrete. maybe I should just keep going with the workout and see what happens? Or maybe a modification that is still intense yet quiet? I just really want to start as dedicated as I can be but things like this are getting in the way…help!

    - Priscilla

  • http://n/a flane


    Sweat city again. I had to cheat two ways to get through this one. My counts were half for the squats and beginner mods on cross-over leg lift. As always a great workout!


    Hope ya’ll know we love you all, Zuzana, Freddy, Charlie, and the little dog that appeared in the stills whose name I don’t know.


  • Jenny$1983

    Happy 500th post! I think it’s amazing (and so much fun!) that the world of BodyRockers is connected across the continents, no matter how far: I live in North Manchester in the north west of England and I converted to your workouts about four months ago after years of long boring cardio and you and Freddy have changed my life :)

    You, Freddie, and of course Cali and Charlie have achieved something wonderful, beautiful, and truly awe-inspiring, and I’m sure all of us BodyRockers just can’t thank you enough :)

  • Rodrigo

    Hey!! Congratulations on the 500th post!!
    Keep the good job.

  • Adam

    Zuzana for president!!!!!!

  • Ali

    Congratulation!! Felicidades! Auguri!

    Im following you guys i guess almost a year… and since then you guys are my homepage. Im really glad i find you blog, that now i see isnt so hard to find because youre in yo tube, twitter, facebook everything thats making echo on internet…so anyways back then i was really excited and i share your webpage with my family and friends…even with some models…

    And again thanks for all the fitness posts!and never quit posting because i will miss sweating with your workouts so much! :)

  • mark rodriguez

    You look great!! I will use your advise, I could really use this information and all without equipment!!

  • Valerie

    Cali is in some of the photos. :)

  • Jen

    HAPPY 500th!!!!


    Maybe 500 burpee’s :)

  • Samantha

    I was wondering if I would be over training if I do two of your workout a day and take one day off.

  • Janet Ann Smythers

    I really loved this workout. It was so much fun! Happy 500th!!! Please keep the workouts coming! They add so much to my workout routine.(And,…your pink flower pants are so cute!)
    I hope, you and Freddy are enjoying your new home. :)

  • Amy in Atlanta

    heh congrats Zuzana and Freddy-
    You are correct that it is cool we are doing these workouts everywhere! Empowerment is key and we each hold that power inside to be better at fitness lifestyle. Thanks for making it easier for me. I do appreciate your work as a newbie- but wow 500 that is something to celebrate.
    What I came to write about was my little friend (homer- peikenese/beagle mix 10lbs) he is often right with me during my workouts like Callie sp? is in this one- sooo cute- I think homer has a crush on her by the way- got to send in a pic.
    wish you all well!

  • Danielle

    I know you can’t respond to this zuzana but thankyou so much for posting these workouts!! I’m 17 and I just ordered a gym boss interval timer because of you. What you’ve been saying this week reminded me of a saying about getting started. “the journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” – Chinese proverb and it’s so true! I also found it amusing that there is a question when you order the timer about how you found out about it and YOU zuzana are one of the options :) I thought that was cute. You inspire me in many ways and I’m glad I found this site because I want to be fit and healthy starting when I’m young and make it a lifelong habit. Thankyou too Freddy for filming!! I hope your leg is better :) okay well Thankyou for sharing your knowledge with us! Toodleoo!

  • May

    Congratulations on reaching 500 post you two =) Keep up the great work on this site of yours.

  • Olla NY/USA KZ

    congrats!!!!! 100 more times to go!! :)

  • Rhea (Greek Feaster)

    Awwwww the pup!!
    Congrats, guys. Keep up the good (inspiring) work.

  • Cheryl

    Happy 500th Guys!!! So grateful and happy that you are keeping the workouts coming despite the website challenges.

    Just wanted to let you know that I started a mother/daughter “fit class” with my daughter today for one of my weekly ARDs. My 10-year-old sees how much I sweat doing Z’s workouts, so I think she was a little worried when I told her we were going to do a fitness class for fun together. The class itself was fun — we did sweat a little bit and had some fun on the BOSU, but certainly NOTHING as intense or as crazy as the stuff that I do at home. However, my daughter was so cute! At the end of the M&D workout she complained that it wasn’t “hard” enough! Can you believe it?! Crazy kid.

  • Mary

    Cali wants to workout too!!!

  • Holli

    I just came across your website today…thank goodness! I am excited to start exercising with your workouts and looking forward to getting fit. Thanks very much!

  • Perry

    Hi Zuzana, I enjoy your workouts and readings,
    You have incredible looking abs I get motivated by how awesome you look!! Thanks …..Perry

  • Perry

    Hi Zuzana, I love your workouts, and your readings, I love your awesome abs I get motivated just looking at you Thanks……..Perry

  • Giselle Yannelli

    Hi Zuzana,

    Don’t know if it’s my computer but I seem to be missing the pictures for the last part of this workout.

    Thank you,


  • Sharon

    Congratulations on your 500th post!!! Here’s to many more years of Bodyrock workouts with you and Freddy.

    P.S. I love how Callie is just chilling out in your demonstration pics :-D

  • Marcelia N.

    Hello Zuzana & Freddy,
    I just would like to congratulate you both on all your achievements. I can’t thank you enough for what you do and how much you both inspire me.
    Thank you again and many many more to come,

    Marcelia in South Florida

  • Cassie

    where did you get your pants zuzana? i love them! the flower is so cute!!

  • Monika

    Hi Zuzan. If i havent Sandbag, what i should to do ? If I should exercises without sandbag ?

    Kiss for You :)

  • Kristy Joudrey

    WOW! I’ve been working out for about two years now and I’m not in the worst shape but clearly have improvement to make after just doing this work out! Sweat was pouring off me! This is the first time I’ve seen your blog and after looking at the videos and reading your posts, I wanted to give it a try. I am shocked at how tired I was. I plan on following your routine because I can tell, being consistent with it will definately whip my butt into shape. Thanks so much!

  • Natalia (from Argentina)

    Hola Guys, these excercises are really great and I know we are moving the entire body but… is there any chance you could post something specifically for arms? Thank you so much!!!
    PS: Your rock =)

  • Josefine

    Congratulations Zuzana and Freddy/Body Rock.Tv! 500th post! WOW!That’s amazing!
    I haven’t been writing comments because I wasn’t sure that you could still read them. But I still have been following each weeks diet challenge and doing the workouts. :)
    I have to say that the best thing that has happened to me this year… is finding your site! I am on the ongoing journey to getting in the best shape ever. Following your workouts just feels so right. I am proud and so happy to be a BodyRocker!
    Thank you so much you guys for what you are doing here!

    I’ll post my score after I do the workout! ;)

    • Josefine

      This workout when I did it took me 30 min and 24 sec.
      I did the regular squats jump up though instead of the sandbag squat jump up. I could really feel the burn in each exercise! It really got me sweating…

      I really enjoyed that coffee talk. I never went to the gym, but I wanted to really work hard on getting my body fit. Home workouts were what I was looking for so I am so glad that I found your site back in July!

  • Scott

    The dog is wondering what’s up… lol

  • Bee

    Hi Zuzana!!!
    Hi it’s your Mexican-American fan, by the way my husband loves the way my body is reshaping. I just love your ruttiness thank you thank you… I cant thank you enough I used to work 2 hrs at the gym and nothing and this has worked wonders. I love it.
    I have always been very active but I don’t know my body just got stuck and this really turned a new page in my all around well being.
    I was a swimmer, ballet dancer and abed gym enthusiast since 5 years old, yes still am. But nothing was working. so… this is my way of showing my appreciation.

    I love your workouts, how ever the feed’s on the web page are loading really late almost by the end of the day. I am doing theme as they come how ever yesterday’s showed up around 11:30 p.m. mountain time USA. And I was not able to do the routine. It is 4:37 p.m. at the moment and I just got the video feed. I thought to let you know if it’s part of the technical difficulty of the web site.
    Well have a great Sunday and God Bless you.
    Bee Munoz.

  • Wammes

    when you are doing your workouts you should pay some more attention to your breathing. at a lot of excercises you hold your breath while doing a movement, and when the movement is complete you breath out. and sometimes you hold your breath for more than one movement (I know you have to explain what your doing sometimes for the vid. but I noticed this at every vid of yours when you are not talking.)

  • Ali

    Happy 500 posts! :) I’ve been following you for a little over a month now and have been telling everyone I know how amazing the site is, and how great the workouts are. So far I’ve lost weight, I feel better, and I actually look forward to working out every day versus dreading it like I used to. Thank you guys for doing an amazing thing. Can’t wait to see the new site.