Sep 27 2010

I Want Your Sweat Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Today’s workout is a circuit of 4 different exercises and your goal is to complete 3 rounds as fast as you can. You will need your Gymboss Interval Timer
to keep track of your time. I was using my Sandbag and Dip Station, but I have included some tips and variations for those who don’t have this exercise equipment at home in the workout tutorial. Don’t get discouraged by any exercise even if you are a complete beginner.

I have completed this workout in 22 minutes and 2 seconds. Try to beat my time ;)

Complete 3 rounds of the following exercises:

1. Sandbag Clean and Side to Side Half Squat as one rep – clean the sandbag and than take one step to the side pushing your hips back. Step back to the middle and now take a step towards the other side and push your hips back again until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Step back to the middle and place the Sandbag on the ground. Complete 20 reps total and then move on without any break to the second exercise

2. Break Dance Push Up - each push up counts as 1 rep. Start in the crab position, slide one leg underneath the other and turn over so that you end up in one leg elevated plank position. Do one leg push up and then reverse the movement and get to the starting position. Alternate sides. Complete 20 reps and move on without taking a break.

3. Side to Side Knee Raises – raise your knees as high up towards your chest as you can and then extend your legs towards one side. Alternate sides. Each knee raise counts as 1 rep. complete 20 reps total and move on without taking a break.

4. Twist Jump Squat – Start standing with your feet and knees pointing slightly outwards. Push your hips back and squat down until your butt is below your knees and close to the ground. Jump up and twist so that you land facing the opposite direction. Get into a deep squat as soon as you land and keep going until you complete 20 reps.

Enjoy your workout and don’t forget to do our exercise challenge for this week!

In this workout tutorial I am going over each exercise and the proper form. I’m also showing you guys some modifications for beginners to make each exercise much easier and friendly for those of you who are new to working out at home with us.

Sandbag Cleand and Side to Side Half Squat

Break Dance Push Up

Side to Side Knee Raises

Twist Jump Squat


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  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Ha! I was the last one to post here.  Well, it’s a great workout–one that actually seems a lot longer than 20 minutes, lol.  I beat my old time! Yeah! I did this after ZWOW #17 and still beat it by almost 2 minutes.  I got 21:11 this time (1: 6:10, 2: 13:44, 3: 21:11).  Those sandbag clean and squats are much more brutal than they seem.

  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    This workout was great!  I thought the first exercise was for the legs but nooooo–I really felt it in my core, plus it got really tough in the second and third rounds just getting through it as a cardio exercise.  35 lb sandbag, walker for a dip station.

    22:56. (1: 6:24, 2: 14:07, 3: 22:56)

    I started out warming up with 1000 high knee skips with jump rope in 7:15 (PR!).  Closed out with 500 skips in 3:33.

  • Isidora

    You will be able to see your 6 pack if you lose fat. ALL the workouts in this site will help you to lose fat and gain muscle and finally get ur six pack. So its better to do different workouts instead of doing only this workout. 
    And remember diet is the most important part. 80% diet 20% exercise to see your six pack. 

  • Isidora

    Great sweat i got today with this!  
    Since i dont have a sandbag and i like doing only bodyweight i changed the first exercise to Get up + chin up.. OMG. killer.. It was def the exercise that took me the most. so 4 rounds of:1. Get up + chin up: 20 (did the chin up jumping up :)  ) 2. Breakdance push ups: 203. Side to side knee raises: 204. Twist jump squat: 201st round: 7:18 min2nd round: 8:45 min3rd round: 9:18 min4th round: 10:14 mintotal time: 35:37 min . 

    • Isidora

      *Next day* ouchhh upper body is sore!! a bit of back and biceps but mostly elbows and chest! Yesterday i had a really weird pain in only one area in my chest and i thought it was a knot in my back but then i realized it was soreness lol!

  • kat

    just completed this workout :) completed it 3x in 20:48 also did 10 Burpees for Erin thank you Zuzka and Freddy

  • Annie_B

    I did this workout today while waiting for your new one :) Last time I did this one was on Oct 3rd, 2010. I used 20 lbs. barbell and my time was 24:58 mins.
    Today, with 30 lbs. I managed to beat my PB!!!  I completed all 3 rounds in 22:19 mins. Didn’t beat you Zuzi but I made sure I didn’t sacrifice my form for time :) Thank you guys!!

  • Zoe Quixote

    22:43. :) ))))  thanks! hope you’re enjoying LA!

  • Alana

    This is the second workout for me today. I went out for dinner with my mom and the portions were HUGE! We went to this awesome Greek place in town called Theos. I had the Moussaka and she had the Souvlaki. There was so much I barely got through half my meal! But it was sooo good!

    Anyways, now that its been almost 2 hours, I’m going to do this; my plan is to beat you Zuzana! I hope to do this in 20 minutes flat!

    Wahoo! I managed this one 15:47! Thats fricken awesome for me! I did have to mod the break-dance pushups last round, but I still did it. I feel great! Thank you!

  • Tdman321

    i want to see you sweat like uv never sweated b4

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes we get to them faster – other times they take longer. Comments from before the new site was launched are still waiting, because keeping up with the recent comments has kept us really on our toes.

  • Savagegirl

    23:17.04 wow, that was great! Thanks =D

  • Bohdana


  • Ashley

    wow thats hard…or im out of shape… I was only able to get the first third done before I wore out so much I was seeing stars !

  • s0adpony

    27 minutes and 9 seconds!!! I did beginner modifications, but it was still ultra tough! :D

  • arodn

    Can you get a bellypunch by your 6-pack abs?

  • Rachel

    ahhhh just finished..I did it in 18 min but all the moves were modified except for the twist jump squats which killed me!!! Thx!

  • mariam garcia

    Hey Zuzana I love your workouts, were can I get the calorie counter the one you have in pink i love it and i want one just like that.

  • Tony

    Hey there…
    Your workouts have helped me tremendously. The exercises you perform are the ultimate from beginner to most advanced. This is what I have been looking for for over 30 years. The body responds well to these exercises and benefits are immediate. You have got to be one of the best fit women that I have ever seen. Keep more video coming.


  • Charlene

    I’ve just gotta say good job Stephanie!!!! Thats awesome that you kept going and didnt give up !!!!! This is my workout for later today. And I to will have to do the variations cuz I dont have the equipment.

  • M. Dubbs

    This workout seriously kicked my @$$. I saved this workout until I got sand for my sandbag, so I just completed it today. Of all the things I expected to get fatigued during the cleans, my abs weren’t one of them.

    22:01:13 — pretty much a tie, Zuzana! Thanks for another great workout!

  • Thomas (20yr)

    Hey Zuzana, first of all: thank you for all the exercises. You’re the best.
    Nevertheless I have a question. Isn’t the first exercise (with the sandbag) very bad for your back?






  • stephanie

    This workout was sooo tough for me put I pulled myself thru it and did every single rep!! It took me 42 mins but I am proud of myself that I completed it thank you so much for your workouts love them!!

  • Ann

    Hi Zuzana :) You kicked my butt today! Whoa! I’ve completed this one in 24:58. I didn’t have sandbag so I use 20 lbs. barbell instead. My legs and arms are still shaking,lol. I love how you’re so creative, mix things up in your workout…like break dance push up :)
    And yep…you already have me sweated!! Thank you :)

  • alejandro Hernandez

    please let me know where I can buy your videos. I think is a nice B-day present for my wife. she loves your videos. let me know. Ps nice body:) to bud I’m married. lol jk.

  • Sara

    Thank you so much for all the modifications Zuzana! It really helps me be able to participate in the workouts especially since I’m lacking a lot of the equipment and fitness.


    you should show your thong in routines please

    gonratulations you re cool

  • socalsahm

    I just wanted to say I love your posts! I find the pictures you put up make learning the workouts so much easier for me. Thanks!

    • Bohdana

      hi to you from socal lag.b

  • Mari

    I was doing your workouts religiously 5 times a week for months and was loving the results (I’m naturally slender and your workouts really toned me up, making me look and feel great!). This lasted until I got a job one hour away from the city. The back and forth commute is killing me; making me feel tired and unmotivated to do anything. This week, I noticed a flab under my arms that was NOT there before… it was not a good feeling. I decided to get my lazy and unmotivated ass off the couch and back into the bodyrock groove.

    This was my first workout since my 4 month hiatus and all I can say is… It was a KICK IN THE ASS! I was only able to complete 2 rounds and it took me 30 minutes… absolutely horrible! I’m very unhappy with myself (and my body) right now. Do you have any suggestions on how to stay motivated given my hectic, crazy, no-time-for-anything day?

    You are AWESOME, btw!


  • Marina

    what is the name of the equipment that u used in the side to side knee raises, and where can i buy it???

  • EE Energy

    20:07 – my shoulders are just burning!!!

    Thank You X

  • Dana

    Here, here’s my sweat!!! I wrung the rug out for you *proudly hands over full bucket* :-p

  • Joey

    I was just notified of your website today so I thought I’d give it a shot! I can’t stop sweating!! Great workout, cardio as well as full body! You’re great motivation as I workout! Just wanted to say thanks from Minneapolis!


  • Hamza

    Hello Zuzana. First things first, I love your exercices, your courage and your endurance, I keep watching your videos everyday since the day I discover them. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your effort and time, to share with people around the world, the best ways to be healthy and fit.

    I am a Morrocan boy teeanger, I am about 1m75 tall, and I weigh 95 kilo. Yes, I know, I am overweighted for my lenth. I have also a light belly and fat around my pecs, hips and thighs. I am completely ready to any challenge, I will do anything to keep my body in shape. What do you recommend me, which of your videos is the best for me? As I wanna lose fat around the abdomen first…
    I will also follow a diet, I will eat anything, but in small portions and with moderation, although, I am not a fan of Ice cream, soda, or even candies. I just love cheese =).

    I hope you answer me one day, because I really want to take some advice from you, and to help me build a healthier body.
    Keep doing such an amazing videos, your body is awesome.



  • Chrisitne

    Good Morning Zuzana,
    I have been watching your videos and reading your blog for about a week now. I purchased the gymboss timer and am ready to get to work! Now, My challenge is that I am almost 40 years old and 50lbs over weight. My body wants to be a lean, fit, fat burnig machine but it doesnt know where to start. I have all day to work out and HAD no motivation untill I saw you. I want to be fit again. Please help me get started. I cant even work out intensely for 5 min. How do I get to 15?

  • Svenja

    it took me 29 minutes and 11 seconds -.- i’m a little depressed by my time :D but also proud that i could finished this workout :)
    it was great!!!

  • Tara Guthrie

    omg. I didn’t think I was going to make it through this one, after being on a hiatus for one week. I pushed through though and managed a shameful time of 26:46… though I am so proud of myself for finishing! Thank you for your amazing generosity. you are incredible.

    -Tara (Calgary)

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I missed you by 27 seconds for time of 22:29. I found myself taking a lot of breaks and the extra 35LBS slowed me down but I pushed myself thru it and just feel wiped out. Time for a shower :)

  • JC

    Hi Zuz and Freddie!

    Amazing workout guys! Thank you so much. I didn’t manage to beat your time… but I am pretty happy with my 23:33. The breakdance push-ups definitely slow me down… but I got through them! :) I am dripping with sweat as I write this. I cant wait to get on with my day refreshed and energized!! Love you both!

    your friend and dedicated follower,

  • idreamoflabels

    For some reason I feel the burn of the break-dance pushups in my inner thighs as well as my arms. An unexpected plus!
    I know you were trying to find a name for “your push-ups” and what a great name! I do feel like a break dancer. haha ;o)

  • Mayzie

    WOW! Just completed this workout and I must say I’m dripping of sweat! Really brutal workout! I’m planning on following all your home workouts! Keep ‘em coming! Absolutely LOVE your website, tips and workouts! You are truly an inspiration to me :)

  • Guiseppe

    Wheew! Just did this workout and man you definitely got your wish Zuzana, you got my sweat!!

    Those break dance push-ups are KILLER! By the time I was done with each round of those my triceps were shot for those dips, aahhhh.

    I didn’t have the sandbag nor the dip machine bar so I had to do with the modifications (much appreciated that you consciously don’t leave ANYbody out).

    I turned in a time of 20 minutes 31 seconds but I don’t think it’s fair to count against yours because of the modifications. I’m sure with the sandbag I would have been slower :)

    Great total body workout, I’m already feelin’ the results.


  • magda

    Hi Gyus,

    I’ve been watching your workouts for few weeks now. I am an IFBB Pro athlete and I was looking for something fun and fresh…and there!!! I found you. You saved me from countless hours of cardio on my stationary bike. I incorporate your workouts with mine.and love it. Great moves , good motivation on. Suzana I have personal question is there a way to ask or contact you? you can respond to my e-mail maybe?? Anyways you guys are awesome..keep up the great work::))


  • Eva

    Started your workouts this week; I’ve been on a workout hiatus and it’s good to be back. Love the variety in your workouts and the time frame! BTW, what is your background…I’m guessing but we’ll see. Dorou noc!

    • Stania

      Hi Zuzka is from Czech and Freddy from Canada.

    • Lily

      She is Czech or however you spell it…my friends n I suspected she was Russian but apparently not :D

  • Leann

    what is the stand like thing you are using to do your dips on?

    • Chris L

      Hi Leann,

      Zuzana has a link to it and it’s called a Dip Station


  • nike

    You rock……keep up the good work….how do you stay so interested everyday?

  • Michelle

    24:25! But I had to do hanging knee raises with the side to side which was hard. The sandbag exercise was brutal. I dont know if I love or hate this workout. lol.

  • Jorge Numata

    Dear Zuzana, I just see you on youtube today, I’m from Mexico, I’m a black belt first dan in Tae kwon do, but I’d been without exercise my body for the last 6 years, I gain weight and lost shape, but when I see you, I inmediatly remembered what I use to be that way and the way you feel when you are healtly and strong, as you say the best reason to exercise you body is you own health, your website is great and you are in great shape your system is incredible, I will start to exercise tonight. thanks and by the way you are so pretty. best regards. Jorge

  • Marina

    All videos are missing music ,it would be more interesting to watch and follow exercises with a music ,then listen oh…and ahhh…:-)

  • B.Capers


    Awesome workout! I’ve been training in a bootcamp class for a year, and I would love to incorporate some of your workouts in the class. What you’re doing is amazing for tons of people. I will try to get my wife to view your website, and start doing some of your exercises. Again, great job and keep up the good work.

  • Monika

    hi Zuza !
    for me this exercie was very hard !! After exercise I wanted vomit. It isn’t good ? or it mean that I well done this exercise ?


    • Monika

      hi Zuza,
      in a previous post, you can understand me wrong. Because my English is not good.

      For me the exercise was difficult. After exercise, I wanted to vomit! Does this mean that a well done exercise?

  • Jay 206

    I did this workout tonight and it kicked my butt. I can’t believe how much more difficult this type of excercise is compared to lifting and running or even spin class.

  • Bavel

    This one was hard, dripping sweat after but felt phenomenal.

    Took me 28 minutes to complete.

    Thank you for an amazing workout!

  • Lisabelle

    I was so looking forward to my workout today! I got half way through the second round and I had to stop because I was worried about throwing up. :(

    It’s because I have chest infection which I am seeing the doctor about this afternoon, and will hopefully clear up super fast so I can get back into the workouts! :D

    I did manage to get 10 reps into the third exercise of the second round in 19.06 mins, but I was moving slowly because I felt woozy.

    I might come back and do this one when I’m better. :)

    -Lisa xx

  • Svetlana

    So, I set up my stopwatch, water bottle and weights and began my exercise. I did this in my backyard, in 50F degree weather and I was still sweating! Of course, breathing as if my life depended on it, and I could feel my pulse racing. I struggled really hard on this exercise, but I found it fun to do, especially the ‘Break dance push up’!
    Anyway,I finally managed to crawl my way to the stopwatch to stop it and record my time. And when I reach it, I realized I never pressed “start”. Needless to say, I was extremely angry with myself, but proud at the same time that I was able to fully complete one of your workouts.
    This is my fifth one, following you ^.^)

  • Marilyn

    Hi Zuzana,

    I’m back. I’m feeling much better and stronger. I had a sciatic nerve problem. How do you like those new execrise tennis shoes? Are they worth the money? Also, I’ve seen all your new execrises I better get started now that I’m better. I’ve been running 3 miles a day, for the past week, but I still need to do that body weight execrise, no one can do it like you girlfriend! keep up the excellent work. I love your hair. Hope Freddy & Charlie I forgot the little one’s name sorry all are doing well.

  • AE

    I just stumbled onto your age through a youtube video I accedentally clicked on… and I’m so glad I did :D
    Your so upbeat and inspiring that despite being a complete beginner I ended up shoving back my deskchair back and compleating three exhausing rounds of this very sweaty workout.
    I wont reveal just how embarrasingly long it took me, but my point is I felt compelled to join you and subscribe to this blog.

  • Bekah

    I Love your workout philosophy, as well as your interval training routines! I never knew about interval training until I stumbled upon your site (I call it fate). I have been following your routines for 3 days now, and I must say I am really enjoying every minute of it (-=
    I hope in the coming months I will be able to do ALL of the intervals without having to stop and take a breather…lol

  • Javier Franco

    Really nice workout, and the last joke!
    Thanks to give us that routines. I just discover this site and i love you… i meant i love it ;-)

  • Shelli

    Great workout! My time was 24:26 but I could only do half the pushups as “breakdance style” and the other half were normal ones. And I don’t have a dip station so I did the modified exercise of triceps dip and knee raises off the chair. This was great! Keep them coming.

  • Lvette #1

    I’m a day behind, yesterday was suppose to be my first day of this week workout.

    I completed the routine in 25:55:50. I used a 30lb bag and did the dip with leg raises in place of side to side knee raises. I did my workout at home today not the gym and I don’t have a dip station.

  • Denise

    In case you forgot-ya’ll are AWESOME!!!

    Thank you Freddy: for not leaving us behind with the chair tutorial!

    I’m so excited for this week-the challenge is a big challenge for me because I can’t get all the way down!! Scared about my knees!

    Thank you sooo sooo much!

    Your Florida Bodyrocker!

  • Mark

    I completed it in 31 minutes. Still too weak.
    Respect Zuz

  • Lisa

    22 minutes 7 seconds… but…
    - I didn’t have a sandbag, so I used the two 8lb weights that I do have.
    - Better than half the break dance push-ups I did were done from one knee (with one leg extended).
    - I don’t have a tricep dip bar or any other apparatus to do knee raises, so I did v-up sit-ups instead.

    It was challenging and I was definitely sweating.


  • Kayla

    Hey Zuzana!

    I have a question for you. I just found out I am pregnant and I am still planning on working out throughout my pregnancy, I am a very active person but I was wondering If you think these workouts are okay for people who are pregnant? And if not, what types of workouts would you consider?

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it =D

  • Judy

    Just sharing my gratitud with both of you. I had knee surgery 7 months a go and was looking for an obtion for exercising. I found your workout in the internet. It is been a blessing since I starting doing your training one month ago. It doesn’t bother my knee,it had been the oposite (sure always avoiding exercises that will jeopardise my recuperation) I even can flex more my knee I feel them lubricated……… like an old car that needs oil. I am 43 so guess I’m not that young either.

    I know I will never be able to do everything I used to, but I still have obtions.
    I am a day behind with the workout so that way I can do it in the morning.

    My time was 29 using the chair for dips. In my first circuit I only manage to do 15 break dancing pushups and 15 dips but pushed my self and in the 2nd and 3rd I manage to do the 20 reps………..yeah.

  • Nicole

    Hi Zuzana

    I want to thank you for this website. For giving me inspiration to keep on fighting. I have a lot of weigth to loose after giving birth to my babyboy. Need to lose about 25-30 kg. (think its about 55-66 pounds)

    Started following your workout yesterday and boy i feel it in my arms, abs and thighs. The one leg squat is a huge challenge but I modified it and is giving it my all.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Chrisitne

    Good Morning Zuzana,
    I have been watching your videos and reading your blog for about a week now. I purchased the gymboss timer and am ready to get to work! Now, My challenge is that I am almost 40 and 50lbs over weight. My body wants to be a lean, fit, fat burnig machine but it doesnt know where to start. I have all day to work out and HAD no motivation untill I saw you. I want to be fit again. Please help me get started. I cant even work out intensely for 5 min. How do I get to 15?

  • Susana

    Good morning, Zuzana & Freddie,

    I have so much desire to do your excercises and i noticed that i dont have enough energy to complete the rounds / sets. i do as much as i can, which i dont feel is enough. I am working out in the morning and all i am having beforehand is a shot of cuban expresso coffee. Do you recommend that i take / drink anything or do something prior to a workout to give me the energy that i need in order to get the most of my workout? If so, what do you recommend? Thanks!!!

  • Noriko

    Yesterday I did 2 rounds, so I did it this morning again. I finished 3 rounds for 21:30!! Wow!! I did not use sandbag. I did squat jump. Anyway I’m happy with it!

  • Chelsea

    42:27! Excellent workout, Zuzana! :D

  • alexamel

    Hi Zuzana

    I am from Belgium(a little country in Brussels), I’ve discovered your workouts few weeks ago, and I am just crazy aboout them.
    Have you ever thought to develop an iphone apple application and commercialize it by creating a partnership? This will certainly work!
    You’re doing great job!Thanks for giving the best of you.

  • RJ

    6:31-6:34…. hilarious finish!

  • Samantha R

    I completed this in 23:53 yesterday, I managed to do dumbbell cleans as a sub for the sandbag – wanted to give in after round 2!! Fab workout ta both. Sx

  • Anna

    I forgot:

    Little tip for those who are not strong enough doing the replacement of exercise 3 (chair-ex.):


    The exercise is more effective doing it with legs extended, certainly, but with bend knees, its more easy and for total beginners its a good variation.


  • Bonny


    What can you do as an alternative if you don’t have a cool little Dip Station?

  • Claudio

    Hi Zuzana.

    I’m Claudio from Chile (South America) and I follow your workouts about a week. I usually ran, but now I haven’t time to do it, so that your workouts are perfect for me. In addition, any child is motivated to a beautiful woman like you. I am very interested in seeing the results in the near future I’ll tell you soon. Best regards (sorry, but my English is not good, I am also working on it ;) )

  • Kristi

    Well, I’m a beginner and gave it my best shot! I could only make it through 2 rounds but I can already see a difference from what I was able to do just last week. I’ve only been doing the videos for a couple weeks and people are already starting to notice that I’ve lost weight. Thanks for the workouts!

  • Elli

    Hi Suzana and Fredy, I looove your site. Thank you soo much for sharing with us all your workouts. It’s an amazing site. I love it. We miss you cooking videos. Will you post more cooking videos. They are a lot of fun and It give us more ideas of healthy food.

    Your new house looks amazing you should also give us a tour of the house and your trips in Victoria. It keeps your site even much more interesting and more fun since. I love your site and have told all of my friends about it. The best exercises routine I have seen.

    Thanks a lot….

  • Samantha

    I like the way JensPeter volunteered to keep you posted on his progress. Maybe you can create a member’s forum for us to report on our changes? That’d be SO great. I’ve been doing your workouts forever and I’ve seen great results; my problem is still eating until I’m light and satisfied. If it’s okay with you, I’d also like to keep you posted on how I’m faring with your challenges. It makes me feel connected to someone who has the same ambitions…I’m not getting any love from the people in my immediate circle. Hahaha.

  • C Rodgers

    25mL’s of sweat…c/o Freddy & Zuzana

  • Klara

    Nazdarek Zuzko, fakt skvely sestavy. Zkusila jsem si to a uplne jsem se rozlozila. Mas super postavu a ty videa jsou dokonaly. Preji hodne zdaru.

  • http://n/a flane

    Hi Zuzana, Freddy, and BodyRockers,

    Okay, I got out of sync again. I want to say something that’s not a complaint but more of a whine (I guess I’m looking for sympathy or something). I’ve noticed a humongous lag between the time you post and the time my ISP makes the videos available from our servers. I mean it’s like four hours. I might call the ISP and complain. I keep checking for new stuff and then it will post and the post time is marked as four hours old.

    Okay, I managed to do three of each exercise with the form you used, then went with beginner mods.

    Time: 45:03 (I should prolly be ashamed but I’m not, it was a great workout)

    All the best,

  • New BodyRocker!

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick!

    I think is a big challege to beat your time on this work out (of course in the other ones).

    I have completed this workout in 31 minutes and 07 seconds! I sweat a lot!!! =)

    I’m very tired but much more motivated by doing every day your work outs and our exercise challenge for this week!

    This is the score so far:
    Sep 27th: 112 one leg squat (over the day)
    Sep 28th: 124 one leg squat (over the day)

    I’ve being watching we’re you’ve been to and I’ve enjoyed very much, Italy, Rome, Canada…you’re an amazing couple!
    Keep loving each other!

    Congratulations guys!!!

  • Annie G

    I stumbled upon your site completely randomly… because some of my guy friends thought you were pretty! (You are!)

    I am so happy that I found your site! I am in grad school and I was so excited to be close to a school gym again, but I don’t even have time to ride my bike up there lately. These are super tough workouts that I can just get done at home. I think this will be a lifesaver this semester!

    I was in the best shape of my life about a month ago before school, and I am happy to see you as an inspiration to get even stronger and better :) This workout was awesome. I used two chairs for the dip.

  • James

    Your pants are awesome! Abs aren’t bad either. Like your workouts because they are good for us military personnel when we’re on the go a lot. Thanks!

  • Ashlie

    OMG! First workout in about a year… only got through 1 1/2 sets. Never been fit, but I’m looking forward to getting there…still a ways to go 5’6” 135(no muscle yet). I want Zusanas muscles!

  • Koki

    Hi Suzana, thanks for the workouts, I’m doing my best to keep on track with mu execises. Thanks for all your support. Love

  • Zac

    Did this workout today. I used an EZ Bar weighted at 40lbs in place of the Sandbag & did a Reverse EZ Bar Bicep Curl instead of the Clean Sweep Lift.
    I pushed really hard and finished with the time of 23:13!

  • Sofia

    I don’t know why i beat you (20:45) and still looking not like you :( I want to be more lean.. I guess I’ll have to work harder. Keep up the good work!

  • Pati

    Oh Zuzana, how I miss you workouts… I am a committed follower, or once were… I have been very sick and have not worked out in weeks, I can’t wait til’ the day when I can complete one of your workouts again, I am so behind :( .

  • LaChief

    Zuzana, I just wanted to add to my comment a bit on the challenge for this week (one leg squat). I’m having a hard time with this move. What I do to modify it is that I place my hands on the two sides of a door frame and I stand in the middle. As I go down for the squat I slide my hands down along the frame for support just in case I lose balance. It’s still hard because I don’t really use the door frame to lift me up, I use my core. Believe me I still struggle a bit. I doing pretty good with the daily reps… thanks for the challenge.

  • Susana

    Hi Zuzana & Freddie,

    OMG!!! This was my very first day following your program. It was very challenging, but as you say, Zuzana, i will not get discouraged. On the contrary, I REALLY want to get better. I know that it will take time to reach you, but that is ok. The best thing about following your program is that you dont make me feel like i cannot do it. On the contrary, you will push me to try harder. Anyway, i just wanted you guys to know that your work is definitely being put to use in my house. Keep these excercises coming. See you tomorrow!!

  • gaby.san

    I am doing my one-legged squats! I’m doing the modification with a kitchen stool, and falling all over the place but I’m keeping at it!

  • LaChief

    I have to say that I’m addicted to the workouts. Today I thought I would skip the workout because I have a cold…..but as I watched Zuzana do the workout I thought to myself, can I do this one? So I set my timer and just began doing it until I finished my 3 rounds…. It was amazing!! Talk about sweating. I did not beat Zuzana but my time was still good (27:44).. I’m loving this.

    Thanks Zuzana.

  • Margot

    Hi Zuzana,
    I’ve been trying your workouts for a couple of weeks right now, and I think they’re great. I love that the exercises get switched up and I feel really great after completing a workout. Thanks so much for your posts.

  • Bobbi Kaye

    Oh also I have been doing your one leg squat challenge and let me tell you after what seems like forever, I finally got it!! Haha I was doing one leg squats in the bathroom at work today hoping that no one would walk in and wonder what the heck I was doing. ^_^ lol In your own words ” Let’s do this!”

  • Bobbi Kaye

    I have a quick question for you….

    How many reps should I do using the chair instead of the dip station? It looks like it may not be quite as hard so should I do more reps to get the same difficulty?

  • Melanie

    Hi Zuzana!
    Thank you for not leaving anyone behind! You and Freddy Rock!! :)

  • Noriko

    I could do today’s workout two rounds for 16:42. It was tough. I liked side to side knee raises. I used my heavy dining chairs for it, and it worked! I did one leged squat 5 times today. Zuzana, you do them so easily! I wish I could do them like you!

  • Melanie

    This workout took me 13 minutes. I used the chair because I dont have a dip station yet, and for the first exercise I just used 2 dumbbells in place of the sand bag. Thank you for the workout!!!

  • Krisitn

    WOW!! I just did this workout and it was hard core. I was sweating bullets and by the 3 round my muscle were fatigued. Those break dance push ups are brutal, but I love them. Took me 30 minutes. This was great! I just found your site today…your amazing and an inspiration.

  • maria


    I haven’t been here in a while, and i cant find the warm up video, as well as the stretching.
    can you guide me to them?

  • denise

    hi zuzana, i had recently displaced a bone in my hand and i have been doing your workouts for about a year and its very unfortunate that i cannot do most of the exercises you demonstrate. If you could suggest a new way of doing pushups like these or such i would be more than happy to participate in your workouts again. i appreciate your time thank you so much.

  • haitham27

    i did it in 25.59m
    p.s. I am 85kg

  • Judith

    I`m finally back after a week, and this workout was really hard. I received my Sandbag last week and I was happy to try it today. I had to change 30 to 15p in the middle of the workout, cause it was to heavy for the last round. So I did 28.14. :)
    Can`t wait for tommorow`s workout!! Oh and I did 1 set of One Leg Squat right after my workout and a second one while I was cooking my vegetables soup!!! :) I`ll do another one right aways!! ;)

    Have a nice day guys!! xo

  • Jasmine

    when i did this exercise, i found myself to be so exhausted at the end of the second round, that i had to stop, and couldnt finish the whole workout. i put so much effort into each exercise that i had no energy left to finish the third round…is that ok? should i exert less energy so i can finish 3 rounds?

  • Vasti

    Hi Zuzana
    I discovered your site and workouts this weekend and I love it! But I’m very curious to find out how you started doing push-ups as I have trouble doing 1:/ Any moves I can do to start out with?


  • Frank

    The kick at the end made me laugh out loud. Very funny.

  • AlliRoss

    Hey just wondering which sandbag you recommend? Do you have the Power (15-45lbs) or the Strength (35-85lbs). Also do you know if you can just get a bag instead of the weights.
    Love your workouts, I’m a personal trainer and I follow you every day for my own personal motivation!

    Alli Ross

  • Martin, Denmark

    OK this was a hard one. Both physicaly and technicaly.

    I had trouble getting my body to coorperate to do the breakdance pushup, but i managed.

    That and my feeble armstr on the dips (used a chair) slowed me down.

    This past week of training has been the most intense of my life, although im nor sure it shows…i feel alot different, i have a spring in my step i havnt had since i was a teen.

    My time was: 23:56

    The one legged squats are a killer to get rigth, a balance thing i think. Today i managed 25 of them.

    Ty for the sweating :)

  • Margaux

    I have issues with two exercises; the dive bomber push ups and the one leg squat. The dive bombers put way too much strain on my shoulders and the one leg squats put too much strain on my knees. I’m not sure if I’m just doing them wrong(a definite possibility), or if I’m just not strong enough yet(also very likely). Either way I would like to see some modifications that I can use to work up to being able to do these exercises properly. Keep up the amazing work! :)

  • Courtney

    I also had a hard time with the one leg squat As an alternative I put my exercise ball between me and a wall and did them like that I was ablle to get 5 sets in thruout my day and man my glutes are sore today :)

    • Courtney

      oh and I don’t have a sand bag yet Hoping to get one for Christmas so I used dumbells

  • cutie

    We loveee u zuzaaaaaa!!!!!

    Take care guyzzzzz!!!

    Thanksss to both of u, guyzz!!

  • Matthew

    First workout of yours that I’ve tried, it kicked my ass, I’m gonna go eat some humble pie now.

  • alkemia

    thank you for your challenges and wonderful approach to training. Your workouts are inspiring and

  • Aby

    This workout was brutal! I took 26:18! So slow, but I finished it. Thank you so much for the explanation after each workout on the list too!!

  • Kik

    Finished in 23:27.

    In the third set, I had to abandon my 20 lb rice bag due to exploding rice issues. I also switched to knee push ups at that time because my arms were wasted.

    I’m still enjoying my food diary. I’m way more mindful of what I eat when I have to confess it to my notebook. That being said, I find I enjoy my few indulgences more because I plan them in advance and make something so fantastic that it’s worth it. Anyway, I plan to keep going with the diary for a while.

  • mag

    hi guys!
    I did the Sandbag Clean and Side to Side Half Squat without the sandbag because I don’t have but I did the version that you showed, I did 18:44 min.
    Hey guys what happen with your food journal? don’t you show your list of your meals every day? please the last post about that was incredible so please share with us the last week where the challenge was write our foods! thanks!
    see you in the next video, and it was hilarious when zuzana kicks frederick’s camera! :D

  • Dalyn

    I gotta say that I love your pigtails!!! They are so cute on you! I finished this challenge in 19:43. I didn’t have a sandbag however. My hubby didn’t get my hint about wanting one for my birthday. ;) Maybe Christmas. Lol! I also used the sides of my treadmill to do the knee raises. Hope that was ok. I could tell it put my arms further out then your dip station, so more pressure was created on my shoulders. I didn’t feel any pain except from the exercise itself though.;) Those are SO hard! Awesome workout!!! Thanks!

  • Cris Flores

    Hi Suzanne,
    I’m 40 years old, live in Brazil, Goiania-Goias.
    I’m doing the 20 Minute Cardio Interval Workout one month ago and am
    loving the result. I follow the diet of 6 hours, many fruits, vegetables,
    soy, a bit of carbohydrate, protein.
    I think you’re pretty blonde and brunette. Have you figured redhead?
    You’ve been my inspiration, I admire you greatly.

    A big hug and the best positive energy for you, Fred and
    their dogs.

    Cris Flores.

  • Lissette

    Hi zuzana, can you do one leg squat with high heel shoe.


  • Paula

    Hello! I’m from Argentina, I discovered on internet and I love the site. Yesterday I did my second workout with variations for beginners and I feel really good. I look forward to getting in shape.
    thanks for the commitment and dedication. kisses!

  • Anna

    Shit….this one was really hard.
    But I almost beaten your time. I was only 16 minutes 34 seconds behind you. ;-)

    So I finished the workout in 38:36.
    But I am happy managing it anyway…

    Have a good one!


  • Euthie

    I love you Zuzi and Freddy! Finally a nice mod for those of us who can’t get the dip station yet. Thank you!

  • jus

    love the workout! did you change the light? you look so pale!!

  • Belle

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have been following your workouts since Feb. 2010. I have seen amazing results, results that I was never able to accomplish before, even when I was spending 2 hours a day in the gym. I just want you to know that you are amazing inspiration and I appreciate the hard work that you and Freddie put into this website. You two are so amazingly kind, intelligent and genuine.

    Thank you so much for helping me to change not only my body and eating habits but also my outlook on life.

  • rawan

    hi zuzana

    i really like ur exercises and i cant wait to start doing it . but i really need ur advice on what should i do first since i have never exercises that much . the only exercise i have been doing was jumping the rope for 10 minute

  • Nancy

    I was so glad to see that you brought the dip station with you. Any plans to incorporate suspension straps at some point? (much easier to pack!) Thanks for all the inspiration.

  • Bill

    Zuzi –

    Noticed the water bottle. Do you refill rom the tap, or use a water filter? If not, read on…

    Bottled water: 4,000% markup

    When the business of bottled water has a documentary film made about it, you know something’s awry. Estimates are all over the place for how much more bottled water costs than tap water from home. The web site Twilight Earth puts it at a 4,000% markup, partly based on the fact that it takes five bottles of water to make the plastic for one bottle of water. Blogger Jeff Berndt points out that water that is prepackaged is more expensive than a gallon of gas.

    Since about 40% of bottled water comes from municipal taps, you’re better off refilling that plastic bottle at home and toting it around. (Just be sure to clean it in between uses).

  • Josette and Seth

    26 m 3 sec, dang it!

  • Chelsea

    Dear Zuzana,

    This is an update on the comment I sent you a few days ago (I know it was much too long to post!).

    I have challenged my skeptical boyfriend to a fitness test. Really, I’m the only one doing it, but at least I’ll have a record of my improvement! In this test, I’ve incorporated push-ups, pull-ups, wide pull-ups, sit-ups, and one timed lap around our entire neighborhood. I have 4 weeks to train with your routine of workouts and active rest days. I’m going to work really hard to beat my scores!

    I’ll be sure to post my scores at the end of the month, and I will also have some before/after pictures (though, I’m not sure where to send those). I’m very excited and ready for the challenge!

    Thank you again for all you do! :)

  • Lene Nielsen


    I am finding it hard to work out and look at my itty bitty computer screen at the same time. I am no computer whiz who can burn my own DVD’d etc. so if you have a DVD out, how can I buy it?

    Thanks, Lene.

  • Stania

    Hi I finish this one and for me was the Break Dance Push Up the hardes I can feel my shoulders and round lopatek I dont know how you call them in english.And I didn’t have breath left after this one.My time is 22:98 min
    and I did last 5 Break Dance Push Up whit knee support it is very changing and I do tri do this week change to.Thank you

  • Sébastien


    In first, don’t be carefull with the quality of my english because we aven’t got in France a good learning of foreign languages.

    I was a gymnast and boxer and now practising Marathon. I was looking for something new to progress.

    I think that i find it whith this website.

    Thanks for the quality of the exercices.

    To finish in french :

    Bisous !

  • Kayla

    Hey Zuzana!
    I have a question for you. I just found out that I am pregnant and I still intend on working out, I am a very active person so working out throughout my pregnancy is very important to me. My doctor said I can still workout but my heart rate has to be below 150. Do you think your workouts are safe for pregnant women? if not, what types of workouts would you recommend?

  • Kayla

    Hey Zuzana!
    I have a question for you. I just found out I’m pregnant and I intend on still working out throughout my pregnancy, My doctor said I can still workout but my heart rate has to be below 150. Do you think that your workouts will still be okay for me to do? If not, what types of workouts do you think would be best?

    thank you so much!

  • IrisCh.

    Thanks for not leaving us behind, who don`t have a sandbag or a dip station :-) )))))

  • Amazonia

    Hey Zuzu!
    This looks like a great work out, Im on my way to try it right now! I couldn’t help but notice your plastic water bottle at the end of the workout! I wanted to mention that at our university we are working to get water-bottle free zones, stating that water is a right, not a commodity! It would be GREAT if you could support our movement, but using a re-usable waterbottle on your show/blog! You are a huge inspiration to so many people, and this would be an incredible act of social justice and peace!
    Thank you again, so much for everything

  • Waigwa

    Oh my goodness..I can’t breath…This is amazing.I think i took 45 minutes to do this.Its my first time to do a complete work out.Thankyou sooooo much….

  • michelle

    pretty intense! 24:19min….im dead! loving it!!!

  • Pavlina

    Ahhhaha that kick in the face was so hilarious!! I bet you guys didn’t stop laughing afterwards!

  • Ilona

    Hi Zusana,

    I’m form Germany and I’ve been following your videos since one week. I guess :) But today was my first “intense” workout. It was so hard for me :D I guess I’m the most unathletic beginner *haha*

    see you tomorrow

  • Oliver

    Shot Freddie! I probably wouldn’t have done this workout if you didn’t mention the dips with the chair.

    That was a good workout, my arms and legs are wasted now :)

  • Sportler

    Thank you for this page, i do kickboxing and look for new exercises for my training. You’re exercises is great and i try to keep it in my plan with running training and so on. Thank you very much for this page and best wishes from Germany

  • ganymede

    Hi, I wonder if you could comment on proper breathing more often when doing those exercises. Are there any rules? I know the rules from the gym, but here it is sometimes different, e.g. when you do knee raises.
    Btw, those one leg squats are great! Although I do them from the sitting position since I am pregnant, it still works really well.



  • Jasmine

    HAHA that kick in the camera was so funny!

  • Aia

    Wow! This was an incredible workout.

    I had to modify it a bit since I didn’t have a sandbag, I used a 15 ib bag of rice.

    Also, I didn’t have two chairs I could use for the knee raises so I used my kitchen counter and a table of the same height instead.

    Completed in 37.32 min.

  • Chad Keck

    This one looks tough — I’m gonna give it a shot though. Will let you know how it goes!

  • Lauren

    Girl, I don’t know how you don’t make yourself dizzy with all that spinning around! lol =)

  • Anuta

    Ponytails are back! So cute!

    • Isabella

      LOVE the workouts! Love the new dark hair on you! But . . . Ahh! (and I know people are going to hate me) But please, please, please leave the cute pigtails for the 5 year olds. You are a beautiful woman with an amazing outlook on life and a great person for helping people the way you do . . . and so to me they look a little silly. I was so happy when you stopped wearing them in your videos and now they are back! I really, really don’t want to hurt your feelings, but most women our age would not be caught wearing pigtails. Eek don’t hate me!

    • Lucka

      I think your hair looks really cute in this video too :)

  • Audra

    Hehe ;) The camera kick made me giggle. So you found a name for your Zuzana pushups and it fits well. It does look like funky breakdance move :)

  • Tam


    As always, I am really enjoying the workouts. Oh wait, I meant I am enjoying the benefits of your workouts. Ha! For those of us who don’t have a dip station, or the types of chairs for the homemade version, what exercise do you recommend as a substitute?

  • Isis

    Hi Suzana,

    Love your hair! I have started training for a 1/2 marathon and i would like your advice. How should I incorporate your workouts with
    my running?

    • cascade

      Hi Isis,

      I just did a half marathon, while doing Zuzana’s exercise plan. I walk or run on alternating days with Z’s exercise plan –ie., mon, wed, fri — do Z’s execises (12-15 mins);
      tues, thurs– got for a 3 mile run or walk and then sat, do an extra longer walk or run…
      and take a break on sunday..

      This worked out really well …
      good luck for your Half !

  • JensPeter Barynin

    I just stumbled on your site last week in search of something new. At first I was confused with what your ‘product’ is. After an hour looking at your site, I got it, and I’m increasingly excited. I have started integrating your exercises and feel like I am reclaiming my health and mind spirit. You’re daily attention and phylosophy is entirely motivating. So I introduce myself today to you and hope to live up to your challenges. I don’t want to be impulsive, and be all talk, so I’m starting slow, hoping to build the bodyrock addiction. But I thought I should first announce that you have more company now. For the record: male, 6 feet, 208lbs (shame), strong heart, weak muscles. I’ll make sure I keep you up to speed on my progress intermittantly, if that is fine with you.

  • Cody Mishler

    Wow what an amazing washboard. I thought my 8-pack was awesome, but it’s very easy to tell you work extremely hard toward your ambitions. How do you carry out your exercises as far as what days you train high intensity/lower weight as compared to low intensity/higher weight? I like to mix it up a lot but lately I feel like I’ve plateaued and all I do is gain more power but no size difference is noticible. For example I created a 4 week deadlift program and increased my max from 225 lbs. for 1 rep in week 1 to 405 lbs. for 3 reps in week 4. But my lower back is still the same size it seems. You have definitely got the definition and weight management down to a T

  • Zac

    Howdy Zuzana!! =D

    I’ve been fallowing your workouts and challenges with dedication the past few weeks! Thanks so much for the support I’m a die hard Bodyrocked at this point! (I’m going to have some serious before and after photo’s as result of fallowing your videos very very soon! I’m excited for the new website too)
    I’m having great difficulty with this week’s exercise challenge. I’m able to fallow along with majority of your exercises the way you do! But I’m truly having difficulty with the One Leg Squat move.

    I’m a guy and workout my legs a lot. I do a lot of weighted squats, sumo kicks and lunges, but I just can’t seem to maneuver myself into the One Leg Squat for the life of me. I guess this is a sign I need to work on my flexibility . . .

    Regardless! I desperately awaiting a modification video! In praticular may I request a male specific modification. I super want to participate in this weeks challenge.

    ZAC, Toronto

    • Surishta

      Use a chair to help you into the one leg squat. I’ve been praticing the squats for three days now and I can assure you that from what i was three days ago, my balance have improve, my flexibility also and so has my strength. Now I think I’m going to use a chair which sits lower than the one i’m using right now in order to challenge myself till i can do the squats without any aid.

    • Denise

      Hey Zak-
      Just to let you know, it’s not just a guy thing!!

      I am having the same problems with the one-legged squat. I have very strong, muscular-horse legs and can’t get all the way down without fear of my knee popping out! And to keep your foot flat too??? Uhh. I guess it is lack of flexibility.

      But good luck-I’m going to see if it becomes better by the end of the week!

  • sarah

    hi! i am looking for some feedback on working out with the sandbag. have you seen a significant increase in strength and muscular development? if so what particular area do you think it has made the most difference in? i’m debating if i should get one!

    haha! love the kick at the end!

  • kristen

    Anybody have any ideas for a sandbag and dip station modification? I dont have either one. I tried the broom stick/chair thing, but that didn’t work too well.

  • Ash

    Hey Zuzanna, I like the challenge for this week. P.S. I missed the ponytails.

  • Marie

    Hi Zuzana!
    I was wondering if you would have any tips on how to get into the one leg squat. I’m in pretty good shape and the beginners version with a chair feels too easy for me, but for some reason I just can’t hold my balance in the “advanced version”. I am pretty tall (6″) and have tight hamstrings, and every time I go down to the one leg squat it feel impossible to balance: I can’t really even put the heel of my standing foot on the ground (to balance I need to be on my toes) and I just can’t hold my leg extended properly. I feel somehow that I’m not flexible enough, it is not about the strenght so much.. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I feel like a crane about to tilt over!

  • Tanya

    Why are you not doing your workouts outside? Your deck/patio looks very inviting!! I like when you do the outdoor workouts. I was tenting around Lake Superior the last couple of weeks and I did your workouts every morning over looking the Lake, great for the soul. Thank you Zuzana, I love your work and the results it gives!