Sep 29 2010

Bubble Butt Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Today we will be doing one of my older workout routines. There are 10 bodyweight exercises and your goal is to go through them back to back without any break and complete this workout as fast as you can. I was using my Gymboss Interval Timer as always to keep track of my time. I didn’t manage to beat my personal record today, because I added an extra challenge for myself and used my Sandbag that weighs 30 pounds. I also increased the amount of forward/backward lunges which slowed me down a little bit, but I am still very happy with my time – 17 minutes and 32 seconds. My old record was 16 minutes and 46 seconds. You can compete with me and try to beat my time. You will see that this little game will make you push a lot harder which is exactly what you need. As you can see in the video, I was using chair for dips in the older workout and my Dip Station in today’s workout. Both is fine, but the dip station is a great exercise equipment for home and more convenient than a furniture.

Workout Breakdown:

1. Sumo Jump Squats (plie jump squats) – 30 reps

2. Taping Push Ups – 26 reps

3. Lunge Forward/Back – 15 reps on each leg

4. V-ups – 25 reps

5. Get Ups and High Knees – 30 reps (5 high knees, drop down and get up as 1 rep)

6. Leg Lifts – 25 reps

7. Mountain Runner – 60 reps

8. Tricep Dip – 25 reps

9. Skater Jump Lunge – 30 reps

10. One Arm Push Up – 26 reps alternating arms after each rep

Plie Jump Squat

Taping Push Up

Lunge Forward/Back


Get Ups and High Knees

Leg Lifts

Mountain Runner



One Arm Push Up


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  • Ginger Snaps

    OMG Killer! Took 18:07 and did some modifying and used a 23lb sandbag! :D

  • TanMich

    Yikes! I thought I was in pretty good shape until I did this!  Cant wait to not have to take breaks!

  • Sean

    This is a great workout!  Thanks Zuzana!  You are so personable and genuine that it truly motivates me to do the workouts.  Your amazing body also shows the results of your hard work.  I hope to see you more!

  • Annebelwind

    My time was 23.59 seconds.. Do not feel great about it.. The high knees and get ups and te V ups killed me… so room for improvement.. Still my form was good and used 15 kg weight for the lunges.. 

  • Indira

    This was one tough work out but I did it!!

  • Anonymous

    good job adela!

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys!
    did this one today!  loved it!  this time all tapping pushups full! and tricep dips on dip station first 5 unassisted after that just a little toe at the bottom! last time I did this workout was april 20/11
    time 20 min 43 sec  today 20 min 15 sec  but check this out – (old) new

    sumo squat jumps – (:54sec) :47 sec
    tapping pushups – (2:04) 3:20
    lunge forward/back – (5:31) 6:33
    v-sit - (6:44) 8:27 (this time I layed back down between, last time I stayed up)
    get-ups/high knees – (12:50) 13:22
    leg lifts – (14:09) 14:53  oooh almost caught myself!
    mountain runner – (15:48) 15:40  passed myself!
    tricep dip – (17:28) 17:11  these are much harder in dip station so impressed with this!
    skater jump lunge – (19:15) 18:36
    one arm pushup – (20:43) 20:15

    last time I wrote down that this workout was very aerobic today it wasn’t so bad!

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

       great job Tee……I’ve been trying to kill my legs and butt this week…LOL…gonna do Z #7 in the am, then Z # 8 on Sunday

      • Anonymous

        I actually found #7 kind of easy (except trying to skip for 2 min straight! LOL), I used it as a warmup for another workout. I’m probably doing #8 this weekend, I’m dreading it though as it has some of my worst exercises in it! Side plank lifts, killer, & somehow I find it really difficult to jump forward and back! ha ha! and the toe touch thing is like a burpee! aaahhh! I have the feeling I won’t beat her time this one!

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          if you were my legs you’d understand why I want an easier one for tomorrow…LOL…leg death by Zuzanna and my weighted tomorrow is PU day and want to get some skipping in

  • Kay

    wow! you’re strong! 

  • Kay

    PHEW! Took me around 17-18 mins this time. Last time I did this, it took me 19 mins. so I’ve improved!! yayyyyy!

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    I can’t control myself anymore. I have to say it. Im so jealous of you. I just can’t understand why Im not having any progress, I even track everything comes into my mouth. Im so depressed. can only wish to get better/near your level :::(((

  • Luke Says No

    My Score:
    Time Challenge
    1. Sumo Jump Squats (plie jump squats) – 30 reps
    2. Taping Push Ups – 26 reps
    3. Lunge Forward/Back – 15 reps on each leg
    4. V-ups – 25 reps
    5. Get Ups and High Knees – 30 reps (5 high knees, drop down and get up as 1 rep)
    6. Leg Lifts – 25 reps
    7. Mountain Runner – 60 reps
    8. Tricep Dip – 25 reps
    9. Skater Jump Lunge – 30 reps
    10. One Arm Push Up – 26 reps alternating arms after each rep
    Total time: 18m57s

  • Vivi

    So I redid it today to have a score.
    My time is 9.19 min Yeahh !!!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    10:33 :)

    • Vivi

      Grr Because of my bad manipulation with my gymboss I can’t compare my score with you…I have to redo it to know now!! hahaha

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        Take it easy, sweetie pie :)

  • Vivi

    I did 3 workouts today and this one was the second one.
    I pushed hard, and was proud of me…but when I would stop my gymboss I saw that I made a mistake at the beginning so it doesn’t go ! So no time for this workout ! Grrrr
    I think around 10 min in comparaison of the first one, but I coulnd’t be sure fortunatly !
    I would have to redo it !

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been bodyrocking for a while now and yet I did this in 20:47. Not pleased. :( The leg lifts and one arm pushups really slowed me down, I wanted to keep proper form without any modifications. But it was a great sweat and I finished myself off with 12 minutes of 30/10 interval skipping. Then a very slow stretching with nice music and I’m already feeling better, at peace with my result if I can say so :) )

    Thank you Zuzi and Freddy for all you do, you have changed my life.

  • Anonymous

    My time: 18:48. First time i did this workout..i’m pretty pleased. Thought it was going to take me longer than that. Really have to work on those one-arm push up..i only bended my elbow a little bit each time. But my core is what i have the most problems form with the v-ups were dreadful.

  • Anonymous

    I just did this in 20min…not happy with that.

    Having some problems with my “circulation” (don’t know if this is what i mean..don’t really know if this is the right english word) the last week. This time the high knees& get ups were the problem…I did 10 of them, and then I thought i’d pass out o_O but when I lay on the ground for a minute or 2 it was getting better…then I was doing them: 5 reps in a row, break, 5 reps, break…that took me some time then :D I don’t know whats wrong with me at the moment..maybe it’s the weather…

  • Anonymous

    I did this one today – I love knowing that once I am done with one exercise I won’t have to go back on it (versus when we have rounds) – I think it may help me push harder as well…
    Anyways, I beat my PB my more than 3 minutes today (23’23″) and did the following modifications to increase the challenge:
    - back and forth lunges: 33lb sandbag – 15 on each leg (one lunge back and forth = 1 rep)
    - hanging knee raises on dip station (instead of leg lift) – 25 reps
    - 120 mountain runners (instead of 60)
    - elevated bench presses (instead of standard ones) – 25 reps
    - elevated lunges – 30 reps on each leg (instead of 30 skaters)
    - elevated PU – 30 reps (instead of 26 one arm PU)

    Loved it!
    I hope you’ll be back soon with new workouts! We miss you!

  • Andressa

    Wow that was some good workout! I’m feeling my muscles everywhere on my arms, legs and abs
    I really like your websites and workouts, I’ve known your website for a while but I didn’t have the time to do some workout but now that I don’t have to work for a while I’ll certainly try the workouts! =^^=

  • Bohdana

    16 min
    with 35 lb on walking lunges

  • Ivona

    Oh and I just saw that I forgot to so exercise no. 9.

  • Ivona

    I just finished this workout in 17 Minute. But don’t get to excited. I am a total beginner, so I did it the easiest way and the high knee exercise I could just do 15 reps. But I am totally sweating and I was really pushing.

  • Diamond

    15:49!! Although, like others, my V-Ups and One Arm Push Ups leave a lot to be desired.

  • Ashley

    I was only able to get through half of this workout but thats better than my last one and better than I thought I would do ;) I worked out to exaustion so I also know I did my very best ;)

  • Jessica

    I’m 13. Been doing this work out for a while but multiplying the reps by 2. Luv it. I feel so fabulose and my thighs and butt is so tight!! Yay thank you. Anyone in doubt of results shouldn’t be. I’m an ex gymnast and this is so much easier on your bones and joints than the gymnastics conditioning. But it burns more with none of the joint back and leg pain!! Yay I luv luv luv this!!!

  • Meshia


    This is the second time I did this workout. I absolutely LOVE this workout. I’m a complete beginner so right now I’m focused on doing every rep instead of timing. The first time I did it I did not do every rep or workout. But today I did every rep. Me and a friend is competing with each other by doing your workouts… Will your workouts increase endurance? I would love to run one day, I’m hoping this will help me.

    Thank you so much,

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  • roxana hayes

    Hi ZUZANA!!! Your nose looks BIGGER with blond hair.. I think you did the correct thing when you dyed your hair!!! Congrats!!!


  • Grace Janowiak

    21:44:42 was my time. Such a good workout!!
    I am still sweating and dripping while I type this.

  • Aphrodite

    this used to be one of my fav workouts.. 15:31 (without the modifications u did)

    i finally realized why it was so hard to do the one arm push ups.. I had the form wrong!


  • Светлана

    Hi Zuzana & Freddy!!!
    Excuse me for my English language. I do not speak in English)))
    I too with you soul, but cannot force do workout on 100 %, but also a diet. I am upset)))
    You the best!!!

  • Kiy

    Wow! These vids are super amazing – I love your arms and abs!

    I can’t wait to get started – I have sent this link to many friends and family.

    Thanks again!

  • michelle – chicago, il

    i got behind again but i’m still with u guys this was pretty hard for me. i got hung up w/the pushup b/c of my writsts. but i managed to do the workout w/o the weights in 17:27

  • Silvia

    Hello Zuzana!

    I am a total beginer at this and today I did your B.B.W. and it was butt kicker!! My time was 19min and 10sec. It felt really good to finish my first Zuzana workout and I feel proud to finally put me first.

    I have been off of work for almost two years because of an injury and unfortunately I gained 30 pounds. So right now I’m trying to get back in shape for my health and to regain my self esteem.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of fitness and your true concern for the heath of humanity.


  • Nika

    Hello Zuzana,

    thanks for this workout, it was really hard and I need to be honest I did not manage to do all the excercises :) Anyway I did my personal best as newcomer here :) )
    Would you mind also give me some tips for warm up excercise?

    Thanks Niki.

  • Shiho

    Hi Zuzana, you look so great and i am so inspired by you. I would like to have the body you have. I am 43 and do you think I can achive if I follow your workout?

  • stephanie

    Finished this workout in 35 mins. Still shaking from the one arm pushups!! Even though I couldn’t go all the way down on the push ups I did my best. Thanks for all your workouts. Love ya!!!!

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I the lost some of my workout journal from last November and December whan I began this journey with you so I don’t know my time on this one from December 09 but I can bet you that I crushed my personal best with a new time of 14:43 and I used 24LBs for the lunges. This was my second workout so I’m gonna take it easy for the rest of the day. Thanks for all you do and I’m looking forward to another double tomorrow.

  • Julie

    oops! i missed the skater lunges… next time :)

  • Julie

    13:15 but i did the tap pushups on my knees. great workout! i’m sweating my a$$ off!! :)

  • gemma

    That was hard!! Really good one. I was not able to do the 1 arm push ups though, those r to tough I cant go all the way down. But man i am still shaking from this workout! Thanks Z!

  • Kimberly

    Hi Zuzana :) . If you ever have a moment to reply I would appreciate it incredibly! I’m turning 21 next month and I really want to get a kick on making myself stronger. I was sick for about 10 years and I’m now finally healthy on the inside. BUT I’ve been left small and probably as weak as I could get. Would trying a protein powder in a shake everyday and slowly working up power wise in your workouts probably be the best way for me to start?

  • philipp

    Thanks for these workouts ! You website is inspiring.

    We do exactly the same kind of workout at my boxing gym. We dont use any weights. Here is a workout :

    100 jumps rope
    10 burpees
    10 clap push up
    20 lateral jumps (over a medecine ball or anything else)

    10 rounds

    Its called the Mike Tyson workout lol. :) ))

  • Tess

    Hi Zuzana,
    Firstly a huge fan of your site! Love your workouts! Did this one in 15:45, however no sandbag :) . Definately hit the bubble butt!

  • Jamilag

    WOW,I can’t believe I finished this workout. Only modification for the last exercise – One Arm Push Up. I was only able to do 4 then switched to knee push-up for the rest. Time 27:30. THANKS AGAIN for a great workout.

  • Yowza

    I’ve been following this website for weeks now but 1st time posting. I absolutely love your workouts; today is no exception, I definitely got a great workout. It took me 18:58 to complete, I was huffing and puffing the whole time and had a very difficult time catching my breath especially during the lunges w/ my 30lb sandbag and the knee highs and get-ups; everything else I seemed to get thru without much pause. I might not post every day but I will be following every day. Great work out! Thank you!

  • Monika

    so long…

  • Brenda

    Shoot 19:10… ouf that was hard.. i will catch up to you soon

  • Annie

    This is my birthday workout! :) Still had to do most of the easy variation exercises, but I’m proud! My time was 19:25!

  • Polly

    Wow, I just did this and is totally brutal for me, especially the One arm push up. Thank again that you are able to motivated me so well!

  • Gavin

    Hi Guys!!
    i did it in 20mins 19secs..
    keep posting these amazing workouts!
    im addicted!

  • Cecilia

    My time is 25.25. But I have not done some of the exercises before and I wanted to do them right. But my god I was sweating! =D

  • Sandra from Montréal

    I loved ittttt!!!!! It was the best workout ever!!!!!! Moreeeee we want more !!!!

    We love you!!!

  • Lulu

    Your workouts are the best. I really love them. U ROCK girl..and thank you for sharing them with us.

  • James

    Thank you so much for the inspiration. I’m doing heavily modified beginner versions of your workouts. Awesome. I’m completely dead at the end of each one. Sometimes it takes days to recover. As in, I can’t move for days without razor blades in my muscles.

    One question: when are you bringing out an Apple iPod App so I can track my progress?

    Haha… hey, it would be great but I know perhaps just on a wish list.

    Thank you again. I’m quitting my gym and just working out at home now. Killer workouts! Keep up the great work!


  • Rico

    Hey, I was wondering, do you have a facebook account?
    It would be nice to c u in it
    BTW. I been exercising with your programm and I tell u, I cant feel it burning every morning lol.
    C ya!

  • Marina

    hi zuzanna!!!! iv been following you for the past month, and finally got the guts to comment. :) I love your workouts!!!! all the workouts are great, and challenging, and i enjoy it so much. i did this workout yesturday, and i finished it in 14 min and 52 sec, but thats only because im 16. i wish that by the time i hit my adulthood, i will look as great as you are!!!!

  • costiie

    hey Zuzanna i am a fan of your videos. i have 2 questions how many times we need to do this or is only a BIG set with the whole exercises you post? anda the other one is… i was fat when i have 15 i lose around 83 pounds and i do to much exercise i am an aerobics instructor and i lift weights my problem here is im still flaccid in my waist and belly section i have tone my arms chest and even my glutes and legs i have a flat belly but is still flaccid and i have a little love handles in my lower back and is too dificcult to get rid of them… Please i begging you can you help me with some diet or body cream or something PLEASEE!!

  • Judith

    I just finished this workout in 19min.14sec. I used 20p. in my sandbag for the lunges and I`m glade to consider how stronger I am with the One Arm Push Ups!! :) I was earing Zuzana`s voice in my head with the little accent while I was working out: -You have to push really hard and make it really intense.-
    I`ll do The Tear it up Workout tommorrow!!! :)

    Thanks xo

  • Victoria

    I want to make a request if I can. Do you have a workout idea for like kickboxing or something? High interval training I guess its called. anyways your workouts are awesome!!!!

  • Courtney

    18:10 This one was great. I am confused though, were there supposed to be one-legged squats in this one? Anyway, thanks again for a great one!

  • Rita

    Hello Zuzanna

    This workout was really challenging. It was the first time i tried one of your workouts and i loved it. Short and intense, and i am sweating like a pig :) I am really surprised with the effort i had to put it. Will start following your routines, hope to see really good results.
    One request: it is possible to add the number of reps by the name of the exercise on the pictures?

    Thanks a lot, you website is great and you look fantastic, truly an inspiration.

    Rita – London

  • Jenn

    I finished the workout in 18:42. I didn’t use a sandbag, and I had to use a seat edge for the tricep dips. I also can’t do the one arm pushups with my arm near my side, I can only do them with my arm out (like in the sumo pushups- which are the easiest pushups for me).


  • Vanessa

    Great workout! Two questions please: for the mountain climber, do you count each foot hitting as one rep or every time your left foot hits (eg left, right, left again is one rep). Also, for the leg lifts and scissor lifts, I have trouble keeping my lower back on the floor even if I concentrate on my lower abs and pushing my back in. Is there any way I can reduce the strain eg is it cheating to put a towel under my lower back? Many thanks for the great workouts!

  • pimni

    I feel so great after exercise ,i was very tired .I couldnt do like you all ,adapt some exercise coz’ it’s very tough for me^^(21 mins)

  • idreamoflabels

    This workout was a killer. I have been spoiled by the 12 minute workouts, so I really had to push hard on this. It took me 24 minutes to complete, but I can really see how my strength is improving.
    The one-arm pushups are still waaay too hard for me though, even on my knees. I substituted SUMO pushups instead for that part.
    Please keep the great workouts coming Zuzanna and Freddie! ;o)

  • squirrel08

    Did the whole thing in 22:30.
    I had to modify some of the excercises, but I’m surprised – this was the first time challenge workout that I did without cutting down on reps!
    Thank you so much, keep feeling better and better following your workouts!
    Went for a hike in the Alps last week and while everyone else was breathing very hard I walked up the mountain like it was nothing :) )))

  • Michelle

    Hi Z,

    I just started working out with you a week and a half ago but I’m definitely seeing some results already. I have a few old injuries that make modifications of some exercises necessary but I try to hang in there. I’ve had 3 surgeries on my knees so I cut the get-ups and high knees in half (my knee started making funny noises) and I have a bad right shoulder so I do half knee push-ups and half wall push-ups.

    Thanks so much for this site!

  • Steven

    Hey Zuzana, I think you’re fantastic doing what you’re doing. I’ve been popping by every so often check on your workouts and have not posted anything until now.

    I’m a personal trainer here in London and always on a lookout for different variations of exercises to keep my clients interested and ensure progression and I love the fact that your workouts are all bodyweight compound exercises without using much equipment and is always different. I can already see how your followers can get great results with your training. Keep up the amazing work!

    P:S: Are you guys really twins?!?! or did you just dyed your hair!? I can’t tell the difference!

  • Anthony

    Your workouts are the bomb! I train Pro Boxers and MMA fighters and I implement your workouts with my fighters. They swear by it! At first I thought your site was some Girly type exercises enticing men. Boy was I wrong! You are sexy, no doubt. But your knowledge overall is the best. Your workouts are very challenging and demanding. I’ve seen paid sites and they cannot compare. I thank you for your passion. You help many fighters and workout artist alike! Peace.
    Philly Gym

  • vale

    Finished IT! Embarresed to say it took me about 30min to complete, and that’s with no sandbag. But I did sweat and feel everyone, need to stretch out in the beginning. Thanks for the time you invest in your routines, to the both of you! Keep them coming, still need to loose those last 10!!:)

  • Sophia

    Hi Zusana – FANTASTIC workout – thanks! I did it in 19 mins 58 secs although I have to say the one armed push-ups at the end were not so deep! My arms were dead by then! Will definitely be trying this one again! x

  • Lily

    Zuzana!!! This workout kicked my butt…I REALLY felt it in my abs and butt. Felt good to do exercises I hadn’t done since i started following your workouts and I am now officially able to keep up with you and attempt your elite level versions of the exercises :D :D I’m extremely grateful that you post videos on you tube – it changes peoples lives and definitely changed mine. I did this workout with a 25 lbs. duffel bag (filled with dumb bells) and did the extra lunges like you and completed it in 19:45!!! :D
    P.S. im doing the “one leg squats” of course and daily I do quite a bit… I range from 20 to 35 a day. although i can only bend almost 90 degrees – not quite as deep of a squat as you.

  • Chelsea

    Gah I always sweat like a pig after your workouts, I love it! I feel like I got so much done and so much accomplished in such little time. I feel as though I should run like 2 miles after though to get more of an all over workout.

    I completed this in 15min and 45 seconds. I didn’t use any weights though and did the dips on the edge of my bed because I don’t have your dip station sadly it’s too far out of my price range. I guess I finished it so quickly because lack of equipment.

    Those one handed push ups killlled me at the end! I do the taping push ups when coaching (I coach gymnastics) with my girls so those weren’t to bad for me because I’m used to them.

  • Carrie


    You can TOTALLY tell how much you have leaned out since that Malta video. You look much leaner and longer. What do you contribute it to more you think, your vegetarian diet? And your hair is gorgeous dark. Fred is a lucky man! You look great. Keep it up, you are an inspiration.

    Carrie from Colorado

  • mag

    hi guys!
    could you keep posting your journal food of the last week?
    please I just saw one day! please post the entire week thanks!

  • Mai

    Hi Zuzana, nice and hard works!
    I wan to know how can I chooce my daily workout. I should focus 3 days a week in legs and 2 days focus in arms??
    I can do daily any routine from ‘home workout’?

    I’ll be waiting for your help. :) thanks!

  • Penny

    No sandbag or dip station.. and of course I had to do the one-arm push-ups on my knees. xD
    I’m so proud of myself for being able to do the tapping push-ups.. my improvements are quite noteable, and I commend you for it. :)

    My triceps are also stronger! Wow. I seriously came into this with some of the weakest, flabbiest triceps… I couldn’t even do diamond tricep push-ups on my knees and now I can do them on my toes! I did the first ten tricep dips, then had to take a breathe after ever five.. but that is WAY better than the last time I did tricep dips.

    Anyway, I really liked this workout.. I’m sorry for being so wordy but it’s because I am so enthusiastic. I love these workouts… and for some reason I always like the ones that involve the high knee + get ups even more… so I’ll be doing this one again soon.

  • Chanel R.

    I love completing your workouts! I even use them with some of my clients. The way you combine strength, explosive, and unilateral movements are very creative and will keep my EPOC increased for the rest of the day! Thank you again :)

  • kyoko

    It took me 19’27” and Im feeling sooo great! Im so determine to lose weight Im eating very healthy hope soon I can share some recipes with you guys :)
    take care kisses

  • Svetlana

    Just did the workout. Took me 23:13. The V-ups and one-arm push-ups I had to use the modified versions. But other than that, it was a great workout!

  • Bryan

    That was tough! Just need to get used to them. Thanks!

  • Lvette #1

    On Mar 11, 2010 1 completed this in 23mins. Today, my total time is 19:19:50. I used a 30lb bag for the deep lunges. You had to move like the energizer bunny to get to the end of the Get Ups.

  • Melanie

    It took me 24 minutes to do this workout. It was a tough one.

  • FitMom

    I did this one today: 15 min 48 seconds using a 28-pound bag for the lunges and a chair for the dips. I don’t think that I looked as good as Z does while sweating through this workout, though.

    And my legs almost gave out on me doing the lunges because my legs are tired and my butt is sore from the 1-legged squats already!

  • Erin

    Hi Zuzanna i can’t do the one armed pushups do you have an alternate for beginners?

    • Jodie

      Hi Erin,

      I have been training for years and was really disappointed yesterday when I found I couldn’t for the life of me lower myself to the floor during the 1 arm pushup. So I came back on here today to have another look at teh way Z was doing it just to double check and noticed that she is sitting with her bum just behind her knees, not in front or in line with her knees the way I originally thought.

      So I tried to do it again and even though I am fatigued from the workout yesterday I managed to do it this time.

      So maybe give it another go and make sure you feel supported by your legs and bum, not like you are trying to support your entire torso with 1 arm. Your centre of gravity should fall just behind your knees.

      Good luck!

    • Estefanía

      The workout took me 20 minutes. it was great. Thanks, Zuzana

    • Crystal

      This is the one for beginers. She mentions it in the video.

  • Joana

    Hello ZUZANA,

    I have just found your blog. I am really out of shape and your bog is an inspiration to me. As you say I am a complete beginner and I really appreciate the variations that you show. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Dusk

    You photograph very nicely i might add :) Very pretty.

  • Dusk

    Hey! I did this workout last night and completed it in about 20 mins with the exception of the “high knee/Get ups” and the “Mountain Runners” because it was late and our walls are very thin( I have 3, 5 week old kittens sleeping in the next room at the time and its really hared to get them to sleep so i didn’t want to wake them :) I was afraid to try your workouts at first because I’m really out of shape and have occasional back and knee issues. But i tried it and really concentrated on keeping proper form so i wouldn’t hurt myself and was surprised i finished as quickly as I did. Go Me!YAY!I was also surprised to learn that I’m not as out of shape as I thought I was. It was challenging and i was sweating a lot but i wasn’t sore after and I’m still not sore today. I look forward to doing your workouts now!

  • Bree

    Zuzana and Freddie,

    I just found your site a week ago, and I have to say, you’re kicking my butt! That being said, I’m addicted. I’ve been a fan of High Intensity Intervals for a while now, but find the 45 minute workouts so daunting (although effective) that I end up not doing them, or worse, hating them all together. I think you’ve done something really special here. You’ve taken an effective and difficult routine and made it manageable and interesting for every person. When I know it will only take me only 20 minutes, I’m much more willing to try. In addition, you too are so incredibly endearing and Zuzana, you’re so wonderfully sweet in your videos, that I feel welcome and accomplished each and every time. And, every day it’s something new, so I’m never bored, which, truly, makes all the difference. I think you two are doing something really great and I’m eager to continue tuning in and doing your workouts! Thanks for all of your hard work!


  • Andrea

    Good workout. Not the most intense thoughg. I did it in 14:57

  • Jess

    Hi Zuzi!
    First off, I would just like to say I LOVE your workouts and definately love this weeks challange, I’m very excited for my new butt :-P
    There is one thing that catches my attention all the time though…
    you say that in order to have optimal health there are a few things you have to do such as a healthy diet and work out but you also said to never do any drugs but all the time I see you start off your videos with what you call a pre-workout coffee.
    The definition of drug is: any article, other than food, intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of humans or other animals.
    Caffeine is a huge addiction and in fact is the addiction that affects most people today. People dont see it as a drug though because it is so accepted everywhere, but what it comes down to is that a drug is a drug is a drug. No way around it. I’m not saying not to drink coffee but I just think its a little backwards that you say dont do drugs, yet i see you doing them in front of the camera all the time.
    Thanks again for the awesome workouts!

  • Elena

    Hey Zuzana! Thank you so much for this workout! Keep making these amazing videos, and writing these posts :) xoxo Elena

  • Judith

    I forgot to say that I`m continuing with the challenge anyways! I already did 1 set this morning and the day is not done… :)

  • Judith


    So I was suppose to do this workout today, but I`m feeling to sore… I did the -Buns and Fat Loss Week- workout yesterday instead because, like I said in my other comment, I had to leave for work and I was waiting for you guys post, so I had to pick one. It was great :) I just had a good stretch and I`ll go for a walk with my dog, but that`s it for today.
    I`ll be back tommorow stronger then ever to hit this workout and share my score ;)

    Thanks xo

  • pave

    Hi, I really love the way you exercise. I think you are the most beautiful woman of the world. you should open a tab with just pictures of you. that would be so amazing.

  • ashley marie

    P.S. How many Cals do you think you would burn in 17 min???

  • ashley marie

    I loved this workout!!! I did 17 min and 51 sec. The one arm push ups are so hard!!! Thanks Zuzana :)

  • Florence

    You can see a big difference in your body from then and now! You definitely look skinnier now – I can tell you’ve lost muscle like you said a few days back. I think you look healthier before (with a bit more muslce) but you still look great now :) x

  • Noriko

    I finished this workout for 21:30. I liked one arm push up very much. I was hit by a car 5 years ago. I broke many bones then. The worst ones were on the hip and pelvis. Since then I’ve had problem opening hips. My daily exercise routine has helped me a lot. When I did one arm push up, I felt nice tention around my hip. I thought I could use this exercise as my hip opening daily exercise! Thanks!
    By the way, since I started following your site this August, I have exercised everyday usein your new and ole videoes. My abs look great! I’ll send you my phote some day.

  • http://facebook Wendy

    Holy Moly! That was an awsome workout. Im breathing pretty hard. I beat your time Zuzana. Mine was 16:32!! Plus i added 5 more leg ups and 10 more skaters. So i am definitely getting stronger. Keep up the week schedules and if you could please add a weeks worth of eating. That would really help.

    Wendy :)

  • werenka

    Hello Zuzka, I was wondering – I just finished this work out, I am a beginner so I did much easier version :-) . It was great but I felt very dizzy afterwards. Is it common?
    And also I would like to know how you started working out? Was it difficult for you?
    Thanx and all the best :)

  • Melody

    My goal is to have my body exactly like yours! I want to gain weight, muscle, and tone. These exercise tutorials will help me tremendously!

  • Samantha R

    Hi again, I completed this in 14:30 today (no weight with the lunges) and it took me 14:35 last time……how close..?! Thank you. sx

  • Kik

    Finished in 18:07. Used 20 lbs for lunges and modified push ups on knees, tricep dips using chair.

  • Lindah

    Love it! Thanks for new ideas for my training! Do you have a sertain diet that you follow? You look like you could go up on stage and win a bodyfitness competition everyday. Wish you all the best =)

  • Natasya

    When I have a really bad day and am so tired i just come home site down and watch your video. U just shine so much energy. I love it. Thankyu so much your the sunshine of most of the days.

    Have fun,

  • Lesley Ann

    I’m taking notes and doing your bubble butt workout while we go on Vacation for our FIRST CRUISE to Mexico! Thank you so much for sharing your work outs. My bum bum is a punk and even though I’m athletic, I can’t get rid of my butt’s double chin! LOL Love you guys! xoxox Lesley Ann Baldwin

  • mél

    Hi zuzana! I did this workouts tomorrow and i did 17,01 min. without sandbag! Thanks for your websites! I love that!

  • Jeroen

    Very nice routine! I really liked the variation in the exercises. I’m gonna be sore tomorrow (and the day after….) but it was fun! Thank you for showing me working out doesn’t have to be repetitive and boring :-)

  • smitha

    U have a amazing figure!!! Keep it up..i tried doing the one leg dips..i couldnt do even one..i’m gonna keep a food journal n an excercie journal and monitor the difference..will let u know.thank u so much.

  • Jacey

    Hi Zuzana,
    I wanted to see yoru warm up routine ( as I am new) and it does not apear to be there. How can I see it? Maybe you could talk about that again and show us the warm up video? Aswell as stretching.
    Thnak you

  • Tali R.

    please can you write the name of the workout that you did months ago. i want to go back and see my time but i do not remember the old name you gave it the first time you did this workout.
    thank you, good day

  • Lucia

    ahoj Zuzi, chcem ti povedat obrovske diky! Za tvoju snahu podat vsetky tvoje cviky a tvoje recepty dalej.. Cvicim s tebou uz asi mesiac a uplne som si tvoje cviky zamilovala. Je super, ze to vsetko sa da cvicit doma, resp. hoci kde. Myslim, ze prave chodenie do posilovne vela ludi odradza, pretoze to vyzaduje podstatne viac casu.
    Si super a velmi ti fandim! este raz Dakujem za to, co pre nas bodyrockerov robis :-)

  • Martin, Denmark

    This took me 22:58 to complete…i am surprised that i was able to complete the dips wihtout pauses, i am defo getting stronger arms.

    The 5 knee drop down felt like it went on forever.

    Oh and i did 40 on legged squats yesterday:)

    Thanks for everything!!

  • Anna

    The workout took me 26:45. I’m getting better. Thanks!!!


  • Sebastian

    It shows you’re fitter now.

  • Megan

    i LOVED this workout! I like it when you just have to go through the exercises once…and no repeats. :)
    I completed this workout in 14’36…but I guess that’s because I didn’t have a sandbag to use and I also didn’t have a dip station …so I did the chair workout instead…but!! I feel awesome! Thanks Zuzanna for the awesome workouts! Looking forward to the next one!!

  • Courtney

    Do you do any other exercises/workouts during the day, such as jogging? This would be aside from your daily workouts posted here and the weekly challenges of course :)

  • Rebecca Harnack

    Hey zuzana! I have been following your workouts for a few months now and they are great. your really inspiring. I was just wondering if you have ever thought about starting yoga, and maybe having that as a new section. Thanks for all the great workouts.

  • Cynthia

    This workout took me 12:56 , mind you , I used a 20pd dumbell for lunges (gotta get a sandbag, Santa please!!,LOL) and a stool for dips (no dip station yet either). I am so loving every workout can hardly wait for the next . Yes, I am addicted :) , thank you so very much . I even have my Husband BodyRockin now, you guys are just awesome!

  • http://n/a flane


    I’m smiling to mask my embarassment but what the hey.

    This one took me 29:51:83, used beginner mods all the way through. It’s awesome to read some of these reports and of course to watch Zuzana do these. I may be slow but I’m doing everything I can to stay determined.

    Great workout!!! As always thanks much!!!


  • Shiny

    This is a good one! I’ll do it tomorrow and check back first to see what my old time was and then try to beat it. Thanks!

    (Have to say, I’m glad you don’t ‘pose’ anymore…lol, I like the new look of your pictures better. You come across more natural, strong, and focused. Like a leader. Authentic.)

  • Nicole Tunstall

    Hey Zuzana!
    Thanks for the Bubble Butt Workout. It really helped me to get better at doing the one-legged squats… They are still tough and I still tend to tip toe a little but they are helpful and I am getting better. I will continue to practice! You look great and are my inspiration!

  • Yota

    i cant believe it i did it in 15:19 minutes, maybe not in the perfect perfect form but i was close i did all the reps and im all sweating.. i used 20 lbs dumbbell for the lunge foward back… excellent excersise for all the body thank you! :)

  • Samantha S.

    This workout was a killer!!!! I completed it in 15:46, but I didn’t use weights with the lunges. Great workout! Also, I’v been trying to do at least 10 sets of the single leg a day. I can feel myself getting stronger with each set =))

  • Natalie

    Hi there, I am fairly new to your website and I must say you are a true motivator!!! keep it up

  • mag

    great workout!
    hey guys what happen about the last challenge, about posting all your jounal food durind the day, all the week? I just saw one post of that :( , could you share that please, thanks!
    I am still waiting the recipe about tomatoes ans cheese and I can’t rememeber what else bit it sounds good!

  • Dani

    OMGGG i did this workout last nightt!
    Instead of using the sandbag for extra weight i decided to do 100 high knees with the jump rope in between each exercise in order to boost the cardio burn. it was crazy ;)

    I still havn’t perfected the one leg squats yet because im simply not flexible enough. do you think regular hamstring stretches will help?? im working very hard because i want to be able to do them!

  • LaChief

    This workout took me 16:55 to complete… I have to say that I only used 12 lbs for the lunges because I don’t have a sandbag. It took me a while to recover and to stop sweating… I could not believe my endurance though. I’m getting better and better with her workouts. I feel so much stronger, it’s truly amazing.

    Thank you so much!!

  • Nadia

    How do I get an invitation as the video says this is a private video?

    Love working out with you from home~ These workouts are tough but not impossible and you can really feel the difference.


    • Nadia

      It is working now! May have been something with my computer.

      Please keep up the phenomenal job!

  • Candace

    The video states that it is a private video, and I cannot access it. BTW I’m a newbie and I have just gotten by gymboss interval timer started my first workout yesterday and was unable to finish the workout :( it was really tough with the endurance. Thanks for all the tips, and btw which style of the lulu pants are those?

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    why is it that whenever i click to watch the Bubble Butt workout video it says “This video is private. If you’ve been sent this video, please make sure that you accept the sender’s friend request”? Is this something new, are we supposed to be members or something like that? :(

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    I am a dedicated follower and literally do only your workouts every day. Im very exited to give this one a shot – my sisters and I thank you a bunch! keep up the phenomenal job! :D

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    Best regards

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  • SM

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  • Tali R.

    hello there, i can not see the video, HELP, PLEASE FIX IT. I WANT TO DO THE WORKOUT

  • Tali R.

    hello there, i can not see the video, HELP, PLEASE FIX IT. I WANT TO DO THE WORKOUT

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    You’re shooting some extremely seductive looks in the black and white photos! We want more of that!

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    I have to say i love this week’s challenge. My buns feel sore”ish” but it’s soo good eh eh. I’ve been finding time to do the squats about 7times a day at minimum and I tell you all it SO works!
    It’s only the 3rd day and i can already sgo so much deeper into the squat. I just tried it without help and i can almost get all the way only 3 days, it’s amazing!!
    I will keep doing this exercise for ever and ever, this will become my lifetime challenge :) Everyday after getting up and before going to bed at least eh eh

    I like the diet challenges too, bu this one is really surprising me for the rather quick results. Keep’em coming, keep’em coming!

    Cheers Y’all

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    First of all, let me say that you are really doing an amazing job here! You really motivate me to try harder every time I do your workouts!

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