Oct 8 2010

Jacked Up Chick Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Today Freddy and I were watching some of our earliest videos from when we first started BodyRock.Tv just over 2 years ago. It has been a really long time since we have looked back like this, and we were both amazed how much I have changed since those early days. It struck me how different my energy was back then, and that is when I realized that the transformative power of exercise is capable of not only reshaping your body, but also every aspect of who you are inside and out. I barely recognize the person that I was when I started this journey. It’s like I was asleep in that video – there is just no energy, no sparkle of life and wonder behind my eyes. It was a very powerful and moving experience for me to see the side by side comparison – not of the physical but of the emotional energy inside me. I know that so many of you have written to me over the last 2 years to share your own transformations, and I just want to encourage those of you who are taking your first steps on your fitness journeys to stick with it and follow along with us so that you can experience this as well. It is truly miraculous.



Workout Breakdown:

Today’s workout is made up of 3 parts. The first part of this workout is an interval training and you will need your Gymboss Interval Timer as always. Set your timer for 6 rounds and two different intervals. The first interval is 10 seconds and the second interval is 30 seconds long just like it’s shown in the picture below.

You will be doing only one exercise and your goal is to complete as many reps as you can during each 30 second interval. Use the 10 seconds of rest to write your reps down so that we can compete. My score for this exercise is as follows: round 1 – 17 reps, round 2 – 11 reps, round 3 – 9 reps, round 4 – 11 reps, round 5 – 10 reps, round 6 – 9 reps

Vertical Leap

You can see your starting position in the first picture. Your feet are about hip width apart, push your hips back keeping your back straight and abs tight. Try to get your thighs parallel to the ground before you power up. Your body should be almost like a bow. You have to stretch your body as much as you can when you jump up and really squeeze your butt. Land back into the starting position.

The second part of this workout is a time challenge so set your Gymboss Interval Timer as a stop watch. You will be doing 3 rounds of two exercises back to back. Your goal is to complete the 3 rounds as fast as you can. My time was 5 minutes and 28 seconds, so try to beat my score. You will be doing 5 reps of One Arm Press Up on each arm and 10 reps of Reverse Push Up with Kick Up alternating the legs. See the pictures and descriptions below.

One Arm Press Up

You can see what the starting position looks like in the first picture. Lay on your belly with your feet wider apart and place one hand right underneath your shoulder. The other hand goes on your butt. Push off of the ground with your arm and squeeze your butt to bring your chest up first – see the second picture. Bring your hips up as shown in picture 3 keeping your back straight and abs tight. Reverse the movement and bring your hips down first and then your chest. This was 1 rep and you will do 5 reps on each arm.

Reverse Push Up with Kick Up

For this exercise I was using my dip station which is a great piece of equipment for bodyweight exercises, but if you are creative you can come up with a way to do this exercise using two chairs and a broom stick. In the starting position you will be tensing your abs, butt and keeping your body in one straight line from your shoulders to your knees – see picture 1. Pull yourself up as far as you can still keeping everything tight and lined up. It is only when you kick up that you drop your hips down – see picture 3. Alternate legs after each rep and complete 10 reps total.

The third and the last part of this workout is an interval training and this time you will set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 12 rounds of  10 second and 30 second intervals. See the picture below.

You will be going back and forth between High Knees and the Bicycle exercise. Your goal is to complete as many reps as you can for each exercise during each 30 second interval.

High Knees

Keep your chest up, core tight and don’t shrug your shoulders. Try to bring your knees up as high as you can. Each jump counts as 1 rep. Write your reps down after each interval.

My score:

round 1 – 94 reps, round 2 – 91 reps, round 3 – 89 reps, round 4 – 93 reps, round 5 – 86 reps, round 6 – 88 reps

Drop down on your belly.

Turn over onto your back.


Keep your lower back pressed into your exercise mat and try to keep your legs off of the ground the entire time. Always keep one elbow on the ground and bring the other one as close to the opposite knee as you can. Each switch counts as 1 rep.

My score:

round 1 – 34 reps, round 2 – 33 reps, round 3 – 36 reps, round 4 – 34 reps, round 5 – 34 reps, round 6 – 35 reps


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  • Kay

    improvement! Here’s today’s score. what a big difference!:
    part 1: vertical leap – 19/13/11/14/13/13
    part 2: 4 mins 10 seconds
    part 3: hi knee – 72/79/66/60/68/64
    bicycle – 49/38/49/48/39/42

    LAST TIME i did this..
    part 1: vertical leap – 14/10/10/10/9/9
    part 2: 8 mins
    part 3: hi knee – 28/12 .. bicycle: 42/14 . i had to stop because I had to go out. 

  • Maria Sweden

    I did this one today. :)
    My scores:
    Part 1: 17, 15, 12, 14, 13, 12
    part 2: 5:48
    part 3: (HK) 98, 90, 92, 90, 94, 93 (BC) 35, 33, 30, 30, 30, 25 
    Amazing workout! Thank you. :)

  • http://www.highimpactfitness.ca marti

    Hey guys!
    Ur looking back was very interesting,see how much u evolved,but u never looked sad,or someone who’s is going to cry (ur so funny)) don’t worry :)
    I love the dark hair! I did the same from blonde to brown,makes us look yonger after awhile:)
    Don’t forget u always looked great and there is always room for better,and improvement I guess,u thought me that!Still half way there for the one legged squat lol, but I also have a knee problem..:(
    Can’t believe how u never stop with the ideas!
    Love it!
    I need to get the interval timer,using the iPhone is not the same!
    Going to do the 600 rep workout now,to look good for the trip,in the bikini


  • Aphrodite

    I loved this workout!! did a few modifications tho….

    part 1: 17-15-14-13-13-13 OUCHHH

    part 2: 6:47(instead of pushups in the dip station i did your switching push ups from suicidal sweat workout first round i did 10 but then lowered to 6)

    part 3: (did 8 rounds of 20/10 high knees-mountain climber)
    high knees: 78-78-77-82
    m climber: 40-41-42-42

    The other day i had a great workout i did one of your older routines fat exorcism workout but with interval timer, 18 rounds 50/10 seconds. it was intense! :D

  • Dalyn

    Making the decision each and every day to treat our bodies right does make such a transformation from the inside out! I have loved you sharing the difference so much that I’ve shown all my family and friends because to my eyes it is a complete 360 degree turnaround. Absolutely InCrEdIbLe!!! What I’ve found though, is to people not into fitness and that kind of thing its not apparent to them. Weird. The only thing they notice is your hair color change. I find it kinda disturbing that its become so common place to look the way you did when you started this journey that people are blind to what real health looks like. The lack luster of your hair, skin, eyes, and energy is so obvious but they can’t see that. I’m so grateful and so fully support what you guys are doing. You’re changing not just a handful of people’s lives but many many people all around the world. You guys are an inspiration. Thank you.

    Here’s my scores for my workout today:
    Part 1: 19, 16, 15, 14, 16, 16
    Part 2: 4:52 (Had to do the modified version cause of my shoulder injury. But it is getting better! Yay!!!)
    Part 3: 90, 82, 80, 80 ,80, 88
    67, 58, 59, 52, 56, 58

    My legs and abs are getting SO strong. Hope my arms can catch up! :P

  • Jill

    I have been working out for 2 weeks now with your videos. I used to be very vibrant, confident and alive… and then 2 years ago it was as if I started some mental and emotional winter sleep. I was overworked, and stopped doing the stuff I loved doing (going outside, meeting people). Instead I spent a majority of my time inside, at home, in front of the computer. The home workouts I have been doing are some of the several things I have been doing to get in touch with material and physical life again… Fitness, basic skin, body and face care, diet, housecleaning routines, even financial routines… but they all are part of the physical life, and I do know that in order to be emotionally and mentally balanced, you also need to be physically balanced. You can’t make any dream come true, unless you get grounded, and have both feet on the ground, and the best way to get grounded is by exercising.

  • Renee

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    Today is my first day trying your workouts and it kicked my butt :)
    Part 1: 16,18,20,17,16,13
    Part 2: 9:25 :( I need a dip station, I used upside down stools with a metal bar and it didn’t work that well, next time will be better.
    Part 3: 80,80,80,80,84,80
    Can’t wait till tomorrow, by the way I also loved the warm up video.

  • Noel

    Thank you guys so much for what you are doing! Having workouts planned our for me and nutritional advice has taken so much stress off of my shoulders and has made working out enjoyable again. I look forward to checking out your website everyday and I’m telling everyone I know about it :-)
    My times for workout:
    1. 20, 14, 15, 14, 13, 12
    2. 6 min 5 sec
    3. 88, 86, 86, 90, 89, 86
    4. 35, 28, 30, 26, 30, 30

  • http://www.wildyetzenful.blogspot.com Jessica

    I so needed this! I feel great Z and Fred, thanks :)

    My Score:

    Part 1- 22/12/11/14/16/16

    Part 2- 4 min 43 sec

    Part 3- 80/79/88/86/89/90

  • Sister.Anna

    Ahoj Zuzana!

    Finally got my timer, so much easier to record my scores now.
    1) Reps: 21-21-14-14-17-13 ( heart nearly jumped off my chest!)
    2) 3:58 – must have done something wrong though..
    3) High Knees: 82-78-78-70-56-73
    4) Bicycles: 32-25-28-30-30-35

    It feels really good and finding time is really not an issue. Love those work outs, love the challenge.

    All the best to all Bodyrockers :*

  • Lvette #1

    I completed this on Oct 14th. I am trying to catch up since my Real Hot Girl Workout on Oct 6th … took the thanksgiving weekend off.

    1. 17-13-15-16-12-15
    2. 5:53:45
    3. High Knees 90-77-80-64-72-73
    Bicycle 28-25-27-20-23-17

  • Diamond

    My baby loved watching me do this one. My 3 year old did press ups and high knees with me, and sat on my chair to hold it for the reverse push up with kick up.

    15 – 10 – 10 – 9 – 9 – 12
    80 – 84 – 84 – 80 – 76 – 78
    31 – 30 – 28 – 27 – 26 – 30; or should I have counted both legs? Actually I lost form and forgot to “Always keep one elbow on the ground” so that will probably be less next time.

  • http://www.pure2raw.com Pure2raw twins

    Off to go to this workout!!! Looks like a good one!!

    I think you are right about how exercise can change you. We have been doing your workouts for about 2 months now and already see changes, we cannot wait to see what we look like in 2 years ; )
    Thanks for being an inspiration!!!

  • Sasha

    Hello Zuzana, I love your workouts and your energy. Thank you again for sharing with us.
    I have something to tell you. It is very bad to make interval traning before usual training, because it is not burning fat, but burning your muscules. Interval training should be done straight after usual training, it would be the best way burn fat and make muscules.
    Best wishes for you guys!

  • http://www.stuffedashes.com Darleya

    Your workouts are so great! I only recently discovered your videos. They are tough yet awesome, and are the extra push I need to gain strength. Thank you!

  • Allie

    Your skin always looks so perfect. Do you tan or use fake tanner? Or are you just naturally bronzed? I am very light skinned and I am always trying different products to give myself some color with out going to a tanning bed. I also just wanted to say that I love your work outs! Watching you motivates me and I have finally made exercise a part of my life on a regular basis. Thank YOU!!!!

  • http://Vitsaveja.com Bbln

    Hey Zuzana, I would like to share my transformation too :)
    Two and a half years ago I had a baby and while I was breastfeeding I got really fat, like almost 80kg, and I’m 164cm high.

    Anw, I stumbled upon your site at March, and since than, my body changed so much, that I was able to continue my belly dance career and yesterday I had a photo shoot with some new car. That is, I get payed for looking good, that’s how much your workouts are effective ;)

    Big thanx :*

  • Hanna

    Great, cannot move my finger.

  • Jason T

    When I looked up Zuzana in the dictionary I found this:

    bru·tal·i·ty (br-tl-t)
    n. pl. bru·tal·i·ties
    1. The state or quality of being ruthless, cruel, harsh, or unrelentingly worked out by Zuzana.
    2. A ruthless, cruel, harsh, or unrelenting workout.

  • http://www.designerchaircoverstogo.com wedding chair covers

    im really slow
    but seeing changes now

  • teisha


  • http://www.bodyrock.tv teisha

    Hi Suzana! My name is Tatia. I’m 17. I like you very very much!You’re so beautiful, attractive.I like your speach, your smile… so everything.
    In my childhood i was really a fat girl. Then, at the age of 13 i disided to lose some weight. i started to eat fresh food and started to do some exercises every day. i managed to lose 15 kilos. everybody was telling me that i was cool. but than , i had stress in my life so i afer being a thin girl during the 2 years,i had to take some medicine and started to put on weight. now i’m not fat but i can lose weight easily to have a beautiful body. i can’t manage it because i don’t have motivation.Once i achieved it and now i’m not so interested in losing weight as i was years ago. Although i feel that i need it for my selfconfidence.please try to persuade me that health and appearance is very important. i love you so much SuZi :* thanks

  • teisha

    Hi Suzana! My name is Tatia. I’m 17. I like you very very much!You’re so beautiful, attractive.I like your speach, your smile… so everything.
    In my childhood i was really a fat girl. Then, at the age of 13 i disided to lose some weight. i started to eat fresh food and started to do some exercises every day. i managed to lose 15 kilos. everybody was telling me that i was cool. but than , i had stress in my life so i afer being a thin girl during the 2 years,i had to take some medicine and started to put on weight. now i’m not fat but i can lose weight easily to have a beautiful body. i can’t manage it because i don’t have motivation.Once i achieved it and now i’m not so interested in losing weight as i was years ago. Although i feel that i need it for my selfconfidence.please try to persuade me that health and appearance is very important. i love you so much SuZi :*

  • http://myspace.com/akulas Akulas

    Amen to that Zuzana, God is good & your exercise programs are great. I use to over-look them thinking they were easy & weak (from my gym experience), but I’ve added & utilize them every-time I workout now. ;D

    Thx “Z”

  • gaby.san

    hey suze, just wanted to let you know I’ve killed three brooms since I started doing reverse pushups. lol. I’m not taking it personally, they were really crappy brooms.

    I also think you’re looking better and happier as time goes by, and I’m your fan. not only for your workouts but for everything else behind the scenes I know you anre freddie are doing. thanks again!

  • Lina

    Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you how thankful i am for you guys! You are probably the best motivation i have! Those killer abs are hard to get my eyes off! I WANT THEM!
    i just wanted to ask how your workout plans work…
    do you ever go to the gym or do you literally workout at home everyday? because i really wanna get in shape and if i could be like you by just doing your workouts at home then thats great!
    are your workouts just 12-20 minutes long all the time? do you do something extra?
    do you take one workout and dedicate yourself to it for one week then switch with another workout or do you change workouts everyday?
    sorry bout all the questions its just that i just found out about you through youtube and it isnt so clear as to what you’re projecting =] thanks so much! good luck with your website! hope you can reply soon!
    take care!

  • Sunny Mary

    Zuzana you are the best! I was absolutely shocked by watching your 2 years earlier video. You absolutely looked like a different person, and I don’t mean to offend you, but my husband said you looked like a zombie back then, and now you look so full of life! And I think about myself, and I probably look like a zombie too…so I’m really exited to see how I’m going to look 2 years from now!
    Thanks so much to both of you! You are amazing!

  • http://alignmentislife.blogspot.com Brandon Schultz, D.C.

    Great concept Zuzana, that exercise is transformational from the inside-out. From increased mitochondrial density and activity (increased energy), improved physique (outside appearance) and to feeling like you are stronger and can achieve more in life (psychological). All these changes add up to an amazing experience of personal transformation for those sticking with a long term exercise program.
    I applaud you for inspiring so many and showing people what is possible with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

    In health,

  • Kik

    Part I: 13,12,10,10,10,11
    Part II: 5:10
    Part III: High knees 88,87,93,87,81,80
    Bicycle: 28,28,29,27,27,26

  • http://ashtangayogaduesseldorf.de Annika

    Dear Zuzana,

    i find your side a few weeks ago and was fascinated. And today I watch your review.
    I discovered similar when I went to the ballett and later I searched for what it is, what makes the change inside me, what makes me so happy. And if you are interested in the answers look at the philosophy of Yoga. This old method is the scince of how to become a happy person. It is no religion as many people think. It took me 10 years to find out :-)
    Thank´s for your inspirations, go on and good luck, greatings from germany Annika

  • Filippo


    thank you for the new workout, vertical leap looks by far among the most challenging ever workout. I like suffering as far as the fitness is concerned.
    I agree with you, compared to yourself two years ago you look by far better from any point of view, just for the hair. Much better bonde than brunette.


  • Sára

    Ahoj Zuzko:-) Píšu česky protože anglicky moc dobře neumím…Chci ti poblahopřát a taky poděkovat za tvou práci jsi úžasná!Sleduji tvá videa už dlouho a každý den jdu na web abych zjistila jestli máš něco nového:-D Musím se přiznat že s tebou necvičím:-D Jednou jsem to zkoušela a po třech minutách jsem byla k.o. :-) Musím uznat že tvá změna osobnosti je ohromná o proti začátečním videu je to krásné a ohromující jak se člověk dokáže změnit srší z tebe energie a radost.Strašně moc ti děkuji za videa a přeji ti spoustu úspěchu protože si ho právem zasloužíš.Měj se krásně Sára

  • Martin, Denmaek

    Ok this one i could not finish…I am feeling slightly queasy so im gonna stop after 2 rounds of knees/bicycle and go rest up….not happy about that at all, but i think its due to the wedding i attended this weekend, my body just isnt fueled right today with all that food and alchohol in my system

  • Confused?

    I must be crazy…?!?!? Seems like I remember that bathing suit being one that you bought not that long ago? This past spring??? Sometime during 2010? Are those photos really from 2 years ago? Either way, there have been noticeable changes in your physique. Lookin’ good, Zuzana! :)

  • sheila

    i no doubt may raise controversy with my request charlie, but love the fashion haul videos more than I can say. I wish you could, would you please do one on lingerie?? bc my bf has his eye on your body when we are together I just want to buy what you have! it will be really fun for us I owe my body rocked body to you btw! thank you more than you know!!! oooxxx

  • Gigi76

    Part 1: 13,10,11,10,10,11
    Part 2: 5:47
    Part 3: 88, 84, 85, 86, 84, 88
    51, 45, 46, 48, 48, 54

  • Nathalie

    Good morning Bodyrockers. I did this workout this morning in lovely S. Korea. Here are my scores,
    1. 9,10,12,12,9,11
    2. 4:22:95-modified
    3. 77,71,72,71,61,70
    4. 47,49,49,49,54,56

    This was a sweat-fest for me. I left a puddle on the floor, that’s how crazy good this one was. Zuzana you are completely right, there is so much more energy and vibrancy in you now than that clip. And its a true miracle that any and all of us can do for ourselves.
    OK, Have a wonderful day everyone. See you tomorrow :)

  • blowsfire

    it’s so cool to see a woman with so much strength, it inspires me to go out there and get to work-!

  • maggie

    1. 17-16-13-17-13-15
    2. 7.23
    3. 78-70-75-70-72-77
    3. 34-40-33-31-33-36
    loved it. i love all your workouts =)

  • Florence

    Are you naturally an Exomorph? Or do you put on weight when/if you eat badly? :) x

  • Anne

    Hi Z and F, Would you mind giving us the name of the original workouts when you go back and do older ones? This would make it easier for me to go find my older results.

  • Juliana

    I brazilian girl and my english is terrible!
    So my question is…don’t you have a dvd our something to look not necessary in internet?!
    And videos step for step, where you learn and make a progress.
    Take you and a really hope your answer!
    by by

  • Tali R.

    Hey Guys
    thank you for this great workout. i love it. this is the 4th time im doing it, im happy to say im getting better. my numbers:
    Part 1: 20-12-9-10-11-9
    part 2: 6:00
    part 3: 100-8-90-90-100-8-

    now i can go on with the rest of my day- happy too/
    have a great day to you both; and to all of you bodyrockers

  • Monika

    Hi Zuza and Freddy,

    I have a quastion. What do you think about workouts without meal – before breakfest ? It will be better effecs ?


  • LARA

    New to bodyrock. Just started the workouts and highly motivated by your website. Waiting for my gymboss and dip stand to arrive. Thanks for all your insight to fitness. Too kind!
    San Antonio, TX

  • Rihab

    I really love your coffee talk! I’ve stopped training for months now because I was traveling and not having any home, but watching this video… I’m starting again tomorrow!!! How do you manage to do all these jumping if you have neighbors downstairs???

    And please, continue to be such a positive power ball!

  • Anna Carolina

    No reason to be angry with you:

    In the last Part, I wanted to give up earlier ( 8th Round)!
    But anythink let me go on. Times when I push hard I think of your words and this challenge. I remember that you said to the beginners to give it a try and the importance is, to move also you do less repetitions.

    On that way a beginner become an advanced:)

  • LaChief


    First of all go out there and kick that bear’s butt… you look like you can lol. As for the workout, it was great! Another amazing challenge for me. I did pretty good- My scores were : I) 21,17,13,13,14,15 II) My times was 7:13 III) High Knees = 90,90,78,74,65,77 Bicycles = 37,34,32,36,37,43.
    Keep bringing them, I am so ready.

    A million thanks.

  • adam (australia)

    Hi Zuzana,

    I have recently started your workout regime as I have currently retired from competitive sport but wanted something to maintain my body and well being. Your workouts are the perfect answer. I achieved a world championship medal in my chosen sport and cannot remember training harder than you workouts. Keep punishing us Zuzana, we love it!.. P.S you have beaten me in every challenge so far but I am catching you..

  • Julia


    Zuzana, I have been following you on bodyrock.tv for three years now and have enjoyed the evolution of your website. You really offer some very challenging workouts, and I use variations of them in my weightlifting routine.

    I really appreciate that you’ve begun posting still photos of the exercise form–this is VERY helpful! Good form is an essential component to a successful workout and at times during the videos it can be difficult to see.

    I noticed that the access to archive videos has changed, and I would like to make a suggestion. It would be so easy to use the material on your website to build comprehensive, self-tailored workouts if all of your videos were categorized by body-type worked (full-body, legs, abs, etc.). Even better would be if they were all indexed on a single page, for ease of access. The only reason I mention this is that I’m re-vamping my workout routing to be all body weight circuits, and am having a difficult time going through your archives with the current format. Also, some of the workout names have become a bit cryptic and categorization by body-type would resolve this.

    Thanks for being an inspiration to me and many others out there! Your positive personality, tough workouts, and beauty combine to make this a website to which I will always return.

    I appreciate your time and consideration, and for allowing the videos to be free to viewers. You are doing a FANTASTIC job!


  • Katarina

    I discovered this site few weeks ago. I was browsing for fitness tips on different sites but all of them seem to give same advices, same workouts and boring routines. The first video I saw was Zuzana’s homemade protein shake…I supose it is an older video. I got interested and went on BodyRock. I can proudly say that BodyRock is the ONLY fitness site I visit now. The workouts are different, more fun and more effective than all the workout routines I ever did. Zuzana, thanks for all the advices, diet recepies, videos and everything that this site contains. You truly are an inspiration to me and you’ve taught me how to be consistant and I thank you for that.

    Best wishes:)

  • Steve

    Just came across this site a couple days ago and I have to say, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thanks so much:) I have been losing weight for about 3 months (about 34 pounds so far and have a goal to lose about 16 more). I have hit a horrible plateau and after reading/watching your videos I found that it’s probably because I’ve been trying to cut too far back on my caloric intake! My body is basically trying to hang on to every little thing. Also, I’ve noticed that have been losing some muscle mass. I was so glad to hear that I can keep that around and not have to spend a lot of time in the weight room; just do exercises with my own weight, which is what I prefer; lord knows that I have plenty of it! I was so happy to hear that I get to eat 5 meals a day- ha ha ha! What can I say, I love to eat; don’t we all? It’s really tough to do! Anyway, I have done one of the workouts and I’m so sore now;) I’m going to hit the 5 week diet challenge running and follow each workout. I love it. I can feel where each one of my muscles are and look forward to breaking through this horrible 2-week plateau while eating MORE;) I’ll keep you posted. Thank you so much for having this site for all of us!!!

  • Nattilie-Wa. State, USA


    Your site is an inspiration to me. I’am newer to your site so today was my first attept to finish one of your workouts. I’m sweating, tired and proud. I don’t have a gymboss so I used a kitchen timer for 30 sec and counted my 10 sec breaks. I used by own warm up and cool down. Do you have your own suggestions that you use? I will continue to check out your site daily and can’t wait to be as toned as you!

    • Llysta

      Before I bought my Gymboss, I used this website. http://www.speedbagforum.com/timer.html if you can do your workouts near a computer (I had a laptop), then it will be very helpful.

    • Stephan

      Nattilie, I don’t have a Gymboss either, but Gymboss makes a free iPhone app that does everything the timer does– if you have an iPhone just search for it in the App Store. ;-)

  • Petra

    I need help for my friend. Thank you.
    Ahoj Zuzanka. Chcela by som Ta poprosit o radu pre moju kamaratku. Ma 28 rokov, meria 171 cm a vazi 63 kil. Pomaly, ale isto zacina priberat.Ma nejake problemy-depky a tak sa stale napchava cokoladou a zhorsila sa jej tym vyrazne aj plet.Po dnesnom Tvojom videu som sa rozhodla ze jej pomozem,hadam aj po psychickej stranke. Chcem jej poradit Tvoju stranku, len neviem kde by mala zacat cvicit. Ci ma zacat od starsich videi z archivu alebo hned od najnovsieho. Ona kedysi sportovala aktivne, ale poslednych par rokov sa uz velmi nehybe. Myslis ze by jej cvicenie pomohlo aj na plet? Mala si aj nejake coffee talk o prekonani depky alebo zlepseni pleti?
    Dakujem vopred za radu. Petra.

  • Andre Weekes

    Awesome! I did this first thing this morning b/c I love the challenge your workouts give me, my scores:
    1. Vert Leap: 12, 11, 5, 11, 9, 7
    2. One Arm Lift/Rev Push Leg Lift: 11:56
    3. High Knees: 80, 87, 90, 90, 73, 60
    Bicycle: 30, 24, 20, 16, 20, 20
    on the one arm lift, i did one arm push ups instead, thats why the time is so long

  • Noriko

    Today’s my scores are
    1, 12-12-12-12-13-13
    2, 5:39
    3. 1) 90-91-84-86-72-82
    2) 22-22-20-18-19-18

    It’s true that physical exercise can change not only our bodies but also inside of us. Zuzana and Freddy, you are doing a great job to encourage us to achieve it. Thank you very much for your hard work! I’m looking forward to your new site. And good luck for your bear situation. I’ve never lived with or near a bear before!
    BTW it’s very difficult for me to stick to the new diet challenge. I belong to the eat-every 2-hours-type. I started it but the middle of the day I’ve already lost. I don’t have suitable recipe for it.

  • Cristina

    Hi Zuzana! I am very excited about the new diet challenge. I try to follow step by step!!!Thank you for sharing with us all these things!!! this is my score for this workout:
    1) vertical leap: 21,17,18,19,17,17
    2) One Arm Lift/Rev Push Leg Lift:4:28
    3) High Knees: 75,75,72,75,80,74
    4) Bicycle: 50,56,52,52,50,48


  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I surprised myself with these results:

    Part 1: Vertical Leap

    Part 2: 4:10

    Part 3: High Knees & Bicycle

    Another Great Workout!
    Thanks Zuzana!

  • frumpygirl

    Hi Zuzana,

    You’re workouts kick ass! I try to follow them as precise as possible, but I can’t seem to burn the fat as fast as I would like. If I follow your exercise routines as you post them, should I also be doing cardio such as jogging on off days, or is interval and circuit training be sufficient? Also, can you tell me how long it took you to look the way you do now? Meaning, how long before you started sporting that six pack?

    I appreciate your help, and wish you guys the best!

  • Anna


    here’s my score:

    1) part: 10 – 9 – 10 – 10 – 9 – 10
    2) part: 6:59 min.
    3) part: High Knees: 94 – 74 – 64 – 72 -70 – 78
    bicycle: 17 – 17 – 18 – 18 -20 – 19

    Go on – you’re a tough girl!

  • Daniela(svunk)

    Hi Zuzi,I am following you for about 10 months and I can say I’m happier then 10 months ago,so IT DOES WORK!!!!!!!!!!
    All my comments what I am sending are awaiting for moderation for a week time or longer,can you do something with that please??I would send to you all of my goal but this makes me upset:((
    my score for this workout:
    Part 1)17,13,11,12,12,11
    Part 2)4:56
    Part 3)High knees-90,78,88,85,84,80

    Hug and kisses:-****

  • Ese

    Another amazing workout!!! Thanks! Your workouts make me feel so sexy afterward!! I can’t explain it!
    There’s nothing like pushing yourself to no end, sweating like crazy only to get an amazing energy rush, and feel so fantastic afterward!!

    Yes-I will admit, I am addicted to working out really hard and eating clean. The results always speak for themselves…:)

    Thanks again!

  • Nicole Lee

    Hi Zuzana

    what is the brand of your workout tights in this video? thank you!


  • antonia

    Yes I can totally see the transformation! You physically look different. Even your skin looks like silk on tv. I see the emotionally side too and wow! Its is like you have come to life. the first thing I saw was the eyes. A deep sadness I think. and luster in comparison to now. So alive and vibrant in every single way! You have BECOME ZUZANA! You have emerged! You are a ball of fire!

  • micor

    Oh!Can you get some punch on your 6-pack abs?

  • christina

    suzana u r amazing!!!! but i m so confused!!!!!!!!!!! i m a begginer.. where to start from??? please please respond!!!

  • Christina

    Wow, I can hardly believe the difference between your old videos and recent ones! I’ve been following your site for over a year now and didn’t even realize the change over time. You’ve got so much more spunk and energy now – this is really encouraging for me to work out harder and more consistently. Thanks for being such an incredible motivator!

  • olya

    I like you with short hair and minimal make-up!!! You looked great, but you WERE actually sleep-walking comparing to now.. I think it has something to do with you being better in front of the camera because you connected with your fans, you know now that there is a great support out there, you opened up to us cuz we want to know more about you, your life and what is it that makes you look the way you do, not only fit and healthy but also a happy human being :)
    good luck, imaging whats gonna happen in two more years!!! :) )

  • James

    Yay! First time I have ever completed even the easy version of your routines. Exhausted!

    Vert Leap: 16,13,10,11,14,13
    One arm life/rev pushup: 8:12
    High Knees: 64,35,30,37,28,27
    Bicycle: 16,18,20,21,20,20

    I’m so unfit but can actually see differences in the one month or so I have been trying to follow you. Feel better too :-) Thanks guys!

  • Lyssa

    To Karine: If you go to the gymboss timer website http://www.gymboss.com you will see a tab labeled set up. If you click on it you will get the instructions for setting up the timer and they offer a pdf format print out so that you can save it on your computer or print it out. I lost the instructions to my gymboss timer shortly after I bought it because I was using it so much (thanks Zuzana :) )so I had to print another copy. Hope this helps…

  • Brenlee

    AMEN TO THAT ZUZANA! The change in happiness and joy after working is unexplainable! So true! I have been thinking that myself lately thinking back to myself even a year ago how much I have change in my mentality and perspectives on life! You are so right! I love it!!! :)

  • squirrel

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pants! I saw the little logo on them so no need to ask where they are from lululemon ;) Lululemon girl!

  • squirrel

    Hello Z. and F.
    That’s so funny that you mentioned this video because to be honest, I never tried your workout archive because I was depressed by your video. But now your videos are just so motivating because of the sparkle you bring to it!! Your smile and vitality make us want to work out…Keep the hard work!!
    Love you so much

  • http://n/a flane


    I watched the old stuff. A wrong guess I might have made was that you were high. You’ve always been beautiful and I like your new energy levels. They keep me uplifted.

    It’s also interesting (as in the older stills today) to see how your production equipment has changed (the lighting system in particular).

    I’m dripping wet with sweat so going to stop there and go shower.

    My pathetic numbers (although i just enjoy the workouts):

    1. 17, 10, 7, 7, 9, 7
    2. 8:55:09
    3. HK: 75 49 50 47 48 46
    Bike: 23 33 24 35 26 27

    As always your workouts are the best!


  • Gemz

    Opps, I meant to say the sparkle in your eyes is NOT all about the workout, but the positive gains you got from hosting bodyrock.tv I gained so much from the workouts with you and I’m so happy that I can be consistent now and when I get lazy I felt that I’ll let you down if I don’t get on it :D I am going through some rough patches in my life now and I’m working on making it better so I get my sparkle back but in the mean time, the daily workout is the highlight of my day. It’s the only thing that makes me happy, for now. Thanks for your works, you rock!!!

  • Gemz

    Hi Zuzana, I don’t think the glow & sparkle in your eye now is all about the workout because you already have a nice physique that you can be proud of then. I believe it’s the positive gains and responses you got from hosting bodyrock.tv that makes you really happy. You know you are helping so many people and so many people fed back that they have gained so much from your work and that is a very powerful source of happiness. When you have done something this great, you can be even more proud than having a nice body. You were not even as enthusiastic when I joined you in March. You are definitely on a roll. So, Go Zu!

  • susan

    zuzana, your talking and workout have being changed my life too. now/today I have more energy and strength to get over tough situation. I have more self-confident to face all of problems and difficult people. I will never give up fitness. thank you so much. you are God for me.

    with love

  • meny
  • Pamela

    Thanks Zuzana for another great workout. I went back and watched some of your old video too. As you said not only has your body changed but the way you interact in front of the camera has changed. You’re more confident and mature…which comes with time and patience.
    Just as change will come in each of us as we continue to eat better and workout. You and Freddy are doing a lot of good for a lot of people. Continued success and happiness to you both.

  • Grace Janowiak

    Round 1:
    Round 2:
    Round 3:
    Round 4:
    Round 5:
    Round 6: 17

    Time : 4:49

    Round 1:
    Round 2:
    Round 3:
    Round 4:
    Round 5:
    Round 6:
    Round 1:
    Round 2:
    Round 3:
    Round 4:
    Round 5:
    Round 6:

  • Stephanie

    Oh my god! That is so amazing! Zuzana….that is totally what I noticed first. You seemed so sad, unlike now, you are so Vibrant and energized and positive!!

    I have noticed a change in my mood as well doing your workouts!

    I love this, thank you for sharing. :D

    Steph in Winnipeg

  • Courtney

    Verticle Leaps:
    Round 1: 19
    Round 2: 16
    Round 3: 15
    Round 4: 15
    Round 5: 15
    Round 6: 15

    Time Challenge: 4:36

    High Knees:
    Round 1: 95
    Round 2: 75
    Round 3: 75
    Round 4: 75
    Round 5: 97
    Round 6: 97

    Round 1: 65
    Round 2: 54
    Round 3: 60
    Round 4: 60
    Round 5: 64
    Round 6: 67

    Thanks Zuzana! Another fabulous work out!!


  • Melissa

    Hi Zuzana,
    I absolutely love your workouts and have been seeing amazing results since 2 months ago when I started training with you!
    I just have a question for you about knee soreness. I’m 26, in pretty good shape and I don’t think I have an injury but lately my knees have been really sore which I guess has to do with a lot of the jumping involved in your workouts. Did you ever suffer from this? I am trying to push through hoping my body gets used to it but I’m just worried I may be doing some damage. Any advice?
    P.S. Thanks for being so positive and motivating, you’ve really inspired me :)

  • Danna St.Lawrence

    Hello. I am from Canada but in New Zealand. I have called everywhere to try and find that gymboss timer. Do you know where I can order one?
    I just saw your one month challenge. I need something like that at the moment. Are you going to be doing anything like that again soon??
    I am a trainer, LOVE your site! Need a change though so I’m coming to you for inspiration. You have my goal body!!


  • Katie

    hey zuzana, I badly sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago and i’m starting to run out of ideas on how to continue to workout and keep up my strength and cardio while i’m injured… I was wondering if you had any ideas or modifications on your moves that i can do…

  • Tina

    I have so much respect for you now that I tried the reverse push ups…. I think I got through 1 before I realized it was time to modify. So much upper body strength… I am officially in competition with myself to do the complete reps for that exercise. Someday soon ;)

    Otherwise, this was a great workout and I was sweating my butt off at the end. I have been following you for almost 3 months, and I can’t wait to see what 3 more is going to look like. I take my Gymboss Timer everywhere now. Please don’t ever stop the incredible work that you both do! You have started a revolution!!!

  • Sunshine

    Whew! Brutal

  • New BodyRocker!

    Hi there!
    I’ve been following your diet challenge (eatting every 3 hours) from january to october and it does work!
    I talked about you with my nutriologyst and now she bacame a fan of you as I did!
    Just georgeous had found your web!
    Regards to you, Fred, Chalie and Kelly!!


  • Penny

    I had to do two-arm press and reverse push-ups against the wall. Also, I chugged a glass of iced coffee before my workout. xD

    Vertical leaps: 19, 14, 15, 14, 15, 12 (god DAMN my thighs were hurting… and I was so tired that I could barely write down my reps correctly)

    Round 2 (with the modifications): 4:14 (My poor little baby triceps hurt)

    HKs: 69, 61, 55, 59, 57, 64 ; Bicycles: 48, 41, 39, 43, 42, 50
    I get to a point (usually after about 40) when I simply can’t do any more high knees.. So I march in place as needed and squeeze out any last bit of energy to try and start jumping again.

  • Irene

    Hi Zuzana,

    I completely know what you are talking about. Have been a proffesional trainer for many years, and use to love to work out for hours…so did not practise what I preached. I was exhausted, even if I wanted to exercise I was draining my body. This Autumn I have started to follow your regime, and skip the gym more and more. I can feel my energy is slowly getting back. I am so greatful that I “found” you. Thank you so much.You rock :o ))

  • maren

    oh I am so happy to see that you realized my suggestion to show a picture of your timer settings…a few days ago I thought you´d just forgotten it…but surprise surprise! There it is! Thanks a million!
    I love you guys – not only for that!

  • http://ww.beachfitness.com Barb

    As always loved the workout today (jacked up chick)! But really loving those grey crop pants you are wearing… I checked your latest fashion haul, but they aren’t mentioned… Are they Lululemon? or another brand?

    you amaze and inspire daily, thank you!

  • betuk

    Hi again,

    Thank you but I still kindly request you to put your older workout videos to your new web site… ı am still using them. they are basics. thnaks anyway and off course you do not have to post this comment either.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Zuzana,

    I don’t know if you respond back to questions but i’ll ask anyway!

    Did you get this body by just doing your own training with no gym help at all? Or do you really just ONLY do the trainings you show us for about 10-20 minutes a day?

    I am a gym rat! And it seems like your trainings alone isnt the only thing that will help me develop your amazing body! So i was just wondering if all you really do is the workouts you show us.

    Thanks! You’re an inspiration!

  • Koi

    Luv your workout tops! I dont know if it would be an IP issue for you to put the brand name on your site- but it would be great to know where you get them! (especially this purple one!)

    Kickin’ butt in Austin, TX!!

  • Dimples

    Hello Again, I did my eexercises for today and I feel amazing. As for the 1 legged squats, I have been doing them for 5 secs ea leg throu out the day give or take about 6 to 10x a day, and this is my sec day and I am already amazed at the results. I can already see the changes and it has only been my second day. Thank you for the pointers.

    Dimples :)

  • marino

    Hy zuzana, how can i order this gymboss timer but camo color? im personal trainer, and i can say that u have very good training!

    • Wiwi

      I would like to have a Camo too actually, too bad I couldn’t find it in Gymboss website…

    • Tiara Hines

      I just ordered/received my Gymboss Interval Timer, too. But to answer your question, they have discontinued the camo color but they still have it in black, gray and pink.

    • Tammy

      Go to gymboss.com. During the ordering process you will be able to choose the colour you want…I origionally wanted the camo colour, but opted for the pink one instead. This is a great tool that everyone should have to assist them with their workouts! Good luck!

    • Nicole

      Amazon.com has all the colors!

  • Anna Carolina

    Yeah, that´s true.

    Zu, you simply have had the spirit to work hard and share your workouts with us.

    But in past you´ve sometimes been not you. It seemed you were another person or such one you might built up years ago.
    Now/Today you are more selfconfident and passionated. Your found/accept yourself with every blemish.
    You are pure!And that´s what makes you so sympathetic and authentic.

    Go on girl!

    Never give up yourself! And when you forget it any time- there are people who believe in YOU!You are special.

    Love, Carol

  • mandy

    You don’t take any supplements what so ever right? No Protein powder or anything? Just coffee and good clean eating? :) Truely my idol Zuzana, I’m working hard everyday to get to a better and better me and you’re so right that exercise really transforms you emotionally and spiritually. I feel so in control and full of life as I really make my health my first priority in life. You’re touching a lot of people out there, don’t stop doing exactly what you’re doing for people who need it as well as yourself.

  • Karine

    Hi Zuzana,

    I love your new approach.
    Easier to follow and so clear…
    2 things i have to ask you.
    How to set the Rounds on the gymboss ( i know how to set the time but not the rounds.
    My second question is that i am wondering were to start since i am back from a long summer. Were did you start your challenge? Wich wourkout should i start with?
    I bit confused..
    thanks :-)

    • Nathalie

      I had to google it to get the instructions. But once you get it, it’s so easy.

    • riotgrrll

      hey Karine,
      check out this youtube video that i’ve learn how to use Gymboss from

      any video on the right panel would help as well ;
      and i’d say that you can choose any of the workout the Home Workouts Zuzana has prepared for us or any archive.. hard or not, push it, you’ll catch up eventually :D cheers..!

    • Jen

      The rounds are changed in the same way as the time. You hit select till you see the square with the number in it then you hit change till you hit the number you want. If you pass the square you have to start over.

      Hope that helps :)

    • Anna

      Hi Karine,

      after you set your times on the gymboss you press next. On the next station you can set your rounds. You see : Man , or Auto or Auto with a box. You choose Auto with box and press next. After you pressed the figure in the little box blink. This figure is the number of your rounds.

      I hope my little advice could help you.


    • astrothsknot

      gymboss have instructions on their site and on youtube on how to set the timer

  • Samantha R

    Hi Both

    The new diet challenge sound great – I’m going to be following but two weeks late as we have a family weekend away (my family don’t understand my diet & exercise regime so its not worth the hassle for the sake of three days away). I beat my previous scores for this workout so I’m well chuffed with my performance today…..can’t quite catch you on the high knees though;)

    1. Vert Leap: 21, 17, 16, 14, 14, 14
    2. One Arm Lift/Rev Push Leg Lift: 4:18
    3. High Knees: 91, 90, 88, 88, 87, 88
    Bicycle: 49, 46, 44, 42, 41, 42